Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 59 of 86
Page 59 of 86

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Page 59 text:

.Nl HOBBY ' I ' I I p My hobby is gathering jewelery. I f ...J I ,- X I D ii find it a very interesting one. I have s ,-- Dj , D quite a number of pieces collected now if-5 L- v. see L-- 5 and I hope to get more. Mary Bice.7A. iii W I i I , . -,HHrWMV, . is lots of fun to collect them. I Q- M! HOBBY Kk+ii I Just recently I received a T ' --- stamp from Indian, and another i Everyone should have a hobby. I have two and think they are a lot of fun. One of my hobbies is keeping er sito- from Hawaii, So if you run out , of things to do just start a I I collecting hobby of your own. H graph book. In this book I keep the auto- graphs of m teachers,classmates,and friends 4,igggiinyyyyiggipkyypnyggi y This will be a good way for me to remember HOBBIES I D m friends as I grow older. lc O C- a Ing J My second hobby is collecting pictures . and photographs. This too helps to remember friends and events. I think m hobbies are a lot of fun. Ermal Sands.7A ssassswssesseeeeeeeseeaswe+++aa+e4 MX HOBBY M hobby is collecting trinkets. I have quite a few and hope in the to get many more. I receive girls and other friends who in helping me keep m hobby have this coming months them from the are interested going. I now about seventy nine trinkets. I hope hobby never grows old to me. Dorothy LaMons.8A. -ZH?-'X-X-Di-Ye-?J'4-'la-E-X-' MEDALS M hobby is saving medals. I have medals from several ports of the United States. There are two from Fort Wayne. I now have thirty six altogether. The oldest one I have is from San Diego and is duted 1789 edge nnny keep able It has German signs all around its and an old fort in the middle. I feel that I am fortunate to have is as I now have. I nm told to be sure to all that I have and add to as I an for they may be valuable some dey. My grnndfather trfveled all over the United States and secured many. Then he died my grandmother gave his collection to me. Bill Smith,8A. iii!- ?WFHk?2?'x+X+yHH?HHHn+ii GET Q HOBBY. Get a hobby. Keep at it. Let it grow up with you. Some day it may earn for you or make you famous. Joe Biggs.7A. 4i-7c-5.i-'i-'.H6-i?Ji4A-X-62'3i'!2'X'-S?.3-!i-X'6?-X-Ji-9.2-9HFABHHS-'.c-EJ:-H' STANP COLLECTING My hobby is a very interesting one.It Corrine Lutz,8A. I D' k Fill ff S v' 'unk H David Nesbittppingpong Mary Bice----gathering jewelryl Ehhel Richardson-addresses I Bill Rhonemus-addresses Bob Fett----Basket Ball Eugene Terrence-sports Neel Hagan---Basket Ball I James Marshall-swimming I I Omie Brown---football Q I , , Bill Smith---Brsket Ball Merlin Doud--collecting skulls Delma Justice--Celling people names Marie Thite---collecting handkies John Schie-collecting match folders Homer Johnson--collecting photographs Herbert Wnrniok-carving Dnonald Sghie-bdsket ball Wilma Deltz---swimming Doris Bfam----collecting stamps Corrine Lutz--collecting stamps Hazel Lutz---collecting stemps and cards Mildred Yarman--collecting stamps and cards Dorothy LeMons--collecting stamps and cards Amy Fett--collecting photographs and singi Ermal Sands--collecting photographs Mildred YrrmanyErmsl Sends, and Am Fett it-"4-'fc-'i-'K'-X11-d'ffi2-it-9'r!H P's-lP'.c-'fdi-75i?4 Hd?-X-2-X-'Li-ii-EHR H1-k-Ya-E Q! HOBBY I have a very interesting hobby 'hich perhaps is unusual with most people. It started vhen I was at my brother-in-laws before Christmas. The idea was given to me when my bro- ther'in-law showed e new 1959 quarter. It occured to me that collecting coins vould be very interesting for n hobby. Of course I started it with pleasure. To date I have quite 2 number of coins. I have several from Spnin,two from Cmneda,one from Chinn is collecting stamps and cencclotions from gfffegent piaceS'tI have J?St S?aiEed lt ??g I om-in hopes of getting more and more as ave OT Y our S agps so ar' bop my 9"'t' nlo . I ho ou will et n stamps in a book which I made. All m stamps lne goes . ?g ?e ya g. kr are different. Some are from Fort We e hobby' It IS lnterestlng 'nd you X111 li ' yn 3 New York, Indianapolis, Chicago,Baton Rouge,Dayton,Syracuse,Lefeyette, and Grand Rapids. I hope to get many more. I think it Qcontinue next culumnl and quite a number from the United States. it for it is an easy to learn. Joh Schie.8A. -'rl-' 74-fx-X-'kd.1"'.i'1"rJ,1-T:-X-4-'lt 'fir-X-26-'li'-X-K-1954.-' -22-71-K-TH!-li-124.1-v'E-?'4-'Yr

Page 58 text:

.Ld xi 43-'?l3Nf six J fl ffl B' 2 fiiiggipgj Q jfblff, KD V., JY X43 'sez - - J -' 1, ' 5 U f " 'mrfeyyyykl if -G . X -1 1 N Q xX.N was I .1 1 5 - ' . .?.,- Q LiNYi3!,.,m ,,, Ykig?iEZx'i5fi??iiif ' -.gjLl4E? ifgif 41iL254':5ilfEEiEE, cr-Q - .JJ-D. X,,,,,,-.,.-.- """" Q52 XQQ IMAGINE? David Nesbitt being boisterous? Richard Filloff not liking the girls? D oris Beam being tall and skinny? E rmel Sands being dark complexioned and --.1-""',. Diane Ferrier not being an actress Albert Hall not playing car Dick Siebold liking the girls Lee Stillwell not liking-stampsf 4i'Xi46iJi6?'c-i4e-33?kJAJr7rX-X-K6'6'6FkX-X-k?1JA4k?1-K , .-...-..1 not having freckles. A ,ifp ' M ary Bice not wearing make-up to school """'f-sl Ethel Richardson not being crazy about v,11yx,fX' jf AXA Q Rey Stephans. pt ,",9r X 5 Red Rhonemus being dark compleirioned end "Ju h ' ' ' f ,N iE5eQ2Qlyf'7!- X f4 aving dark kair. , gk . , f , Omie Brown reciting in school. l eu, X g,4-7 , Lil Jimie Marshall not being handsome ff?'5 ,fsf 1 l Neal Hagen being right hmded. l fkgfg TJ l Eugene Terrence not getting into mischief. leg? N-fffl ,-s'l Helen Ferrier not talking to Joe Biggs 5Xf?fFf?!l lr eeigss-.Sires A Joe Biggs not making snouts yl1iHnj'N'rs-...Th Bob Fett not laughing and talking 3 if e y Bill Smith not talking to himself , J .,n.f kgglf Merlin Doud not being sleephy 1CCQ,fp5:1'-5 if ' ' A1127 Fett with black hair. 1-JN' 5335 gy Delma Justice being an artist e i i i A l' Marie White being short end fat Q1-Q X-CQ EVER d John Schie with long curly hair. See a fly batting Wilma Deltz being light compleyion I See c hot dog Corrine Lutz being tall and ugly See an ear ring Hazel Lutz writing some one elses book reports See a tree bark Mildred Yermen wearing long dresses See a car truck Dorothy Lahons not putting her hands in See a spider cat-ch n fly the wringer. See a Sreet walk Robert Ryan being a show-off See a dinking glass Lawrence Stippich being a good sport See a jitter bug ' Naomi Thite not being Q good helper See a dar George Boone not being Q good render See 3 big apple dance- Elmer Zinn not being a good boy See n sharp pencil Bob Beam not doing the right thing See A butter fly Betty Wflters not watering the flowers See a pin scratch Floyd Ferrier liking the girls 'Seeea,book study Mildred Petty liking arithmetic See n shoe shine Norman Doud wasting paper Sec Q fox tot Tom Bice not getting an artihmetic problem See Q telephone wire Lloyd Justice not getting his spelling Sec n flag wave Betty Tarnick not being quiet See a tree leave Mnrcite Ctippich not being P good girl we4a+w+ii+e+a4+444i+i+++4 Vern King not kiking to dance Herbert: How did you make out with your Doris Arnold liking arithmetic your school examinations? Billy Coleman not being funny Donald: Oh' Just like Napoleon. Mary Walters liking roller skating Herbert: What do you mean?

Page 60 text:

M! HOBBY I have quite n few hobbieS.lIy most int- eresting one is eollecting stamps. I start- ed my stamp collection Februwry 22,l94l end have about one hundred sttmps now. I like. my hobby and think that it is hell to have one. S one of my other hobbies ere as fol- lows: Collecting hnndkerchie?s,hgi3,eUt:- graphs,and pictures. I like my Q-Ldfis ipry much. Marie vhite.55. -H-as-sa-.-x-x-r-ra-' x-u-z-x-:sez-r.-x.x w,s4ee , ,t , . I have three hobbies which I enjoy doing very much. The first is autographs. This is e very interesting hobby. Ones friends can be remembered by their autographs. I have ' three books almost filled with the names of friends and teachers. Collecting photographs and other things is dlos an interesting hobby, Most people like to remember their friends. This is one way to remember them. Collecting clippings from newspapers is interesting. This helps to remember friends and events. Ermnl Sands.7A . 'I-'A-i?.4-K-X-IHS-as-' " I2-X-'X-'kdi-'.2-Y.-'Ye-31-'X-in-if-" ' ' -BHK' if Horsey I have quite a number of hobbies which are interesting as well as educational for me. I take considerable interest in all of them, but to me collecting stamps seems to be the most important. Along with my stamps I keep as men cancelations as possible. From this Ielenrn many states and townS.I non have epproxim tely four hundred differ- ent stamps and canceletiens. I hope to have a very large collection some time. My other hobbies are collectng pest- cards,photographs,outographs,and handker- chiefs. They are all very interesting. Mildred Yarman.8A. -. H2'.i-'lri-24:52 44.5-'A-X-V4-'li' gy- HOBBY I now have four hobbies which I like very much. They are stamp collecting,pic- ture postcnrds,autogrephs,cnd pictures. The one I enjoy most is picture postcards. I have cfrds from almost all the states. I have quite r fem from Canada e nd some from South America. I like to ccllect picture postcards because it is so much fun. The next most interesting one is autographs. When I meet someone I think I will like I ask them to give me their auto- graph. I new have five autographs Books and they ure all full. I nm going to get a new one soon. Hazel Lutz,8A. 4444ee4+++e+e44eeeeeeseewsesweeesa QQQQECTTNG If abby is collecting animal skulls, I get started on my hobby while helping to tear down the old shop. Under the shej we'found the skeleton of a cat. I took the skull off of it and cleaned it out. New I bury squirrel heads and any other animals I find and when there is nothing left I dig them out. I have quite a col- lection of skulls now. I could have had the skull of a skunk and one of an oppos- um up at Big Island Camp but they smelled so had I let them alone. Merlin Doud,8A. S'c-!-1H'a-'HI-XJk41-5i-Y1-KJn-!i'-E-X4i-'A-'.9X-?'H.?-76H 2-T2 -'.2-'k'k-12-61-X'-X HGBBIES Lloyd Justice--------hiking Lawrence Stippich ------ -fishing Naomi White ----- ------dancing George Boone------- Elmer Zinn--- ---basket bell -----------airplanes Bob BGam-----------postcnrds Betty Wolters Floyd Ferrier Mildred Petty --------skating ------basket belll ---dancing Tom Bice-----------sports Norman Doud-- Lee Stillwell Billy Coleman --------badges - ---- ---stamps -------football Marcitn Stippich--O----dancing Albert Hall---------writing Mary Walters--------dancing LeRoy Snellenberger-----airplanes Dick Seabold--------airplanes James Fagan----------h nting Allen Muuary---------drawing Diana Ferrier--------actress John Rhonemus--------sports eeesees+sseeeeeeememeseeseeaeese Professori Why don't you answer me? Freshman: I did,I skook my head. Professor: Did you expect me to hear it rattle way up here? -Yr-Z2-'.F.1-X-'.P'.c-L-X?-"' .di-Ye-BHS-is-3s-Fi-' ' -X-rHi-R-'X' ' -Yr-' "rn-V 7'x-5.14-H-!r"" fc Neal: I only got thirty five in 'rith- metic and forty in spelling but I sure knocked 'em cold in geography. Jim: What did you get? Neel: Zero. ?HHv'.dJHPA+'K'HHk54dFHFHH d+ Bob: Why do you cell this enthusiastic stew? Herb: Beacnuse the cook put everything She had into it. -R-52-R-W ' AJ.:-li-" fi-X-',+-ii-lr-' '22-".f-li-as-BW ' "Y.4'xJrF'k'W ' -X44-7-!Hi-6'r Joe: There was a worm in the apple I just ate. Helen: Take e drink and wash it down. JOB: Aw! Let the old thing Walk! 'd+' 29.1-I3-Y:-I-XJ' .1-F4-K'-ld?-rr" ' 'A-li-li-li-bi-li-X-!i'l'

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