Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 54 of 86
Page 54 of 86

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Page 54 text:

Study,Study,Study. It's driving me quite nutty But I cenft study all the time So I thought I would drop a line. English,Msth,and Spelling, Three su jecta of poor tanto, But that don't stop q varling. I think they're just time waste. Recess,Gym,and Art, Three subjects I adore. I never hesitate to start And in the end I want more. M aybe I should have been born a cat Or even a dog or maybe a rat, Or any other animal with fearful looks. For,Lord knows, I'd never have to study Doris Beam,7A S p. '2i-F:?,-X-X-7v6.LX-R4'.3-Z-k1-'1-R-X'fH'c-2."3w-L42J,9?Sii?K'36-kiwi'-2h'i-51'li' 32129212 Cod'made the birds that sing He made their cheerful songs ring God made you,God made me, He made the children dance with glee The Lord God made them all. Ermal Sands.7A eeseese4asseaaeeeeeeeeuweeeeweeeeee LITTLE BIRBS I am a little bird Sitting in a tree, D on't know what to do But just sing to fhee. I sing from morn till night I sing for everyone. I make them happy Just with my little song. No one fights Then they hear my song Becvuse I brightn the mir and make the trees ring. Mary BiCe,7A. eeefeeeefunue+wkwsesaaHaaeeHwaez OUR SAIIOR It is He who made the day. It is He who takes sins away. It is he who died on the cross It is he who bore the sinful loss. 'Twms our Savior. E rmnl Snnds,7A, eeewzaawaaeeeaaeseeewaseeeeeeaae see the little eirds up in the sky sown they come end flutter by Tveet,tweet, they flit from tee to tree Tuch hwppy crevturee I never did See. Jemes M1rshnll,7A. id! L? -, -'J-3111?-Z-ii-PAA?-,r-I?-L3-I lil 22-,??LH8H2'X'?'rii"-iii I T -1 HEAVEN IH IEE SKY Above the grqy coulds passing by There is a Heaven in the sky. A Heaven where all the epople meet To place their sins at Jesus' feet. The golden streets up there above Where everybody thinks of love They think of love so kind and true, Andy up there in the Heaven so bl e, up there whereh usea are made of gold, The sad story of Jesus is told, So thnt's the end of myystory,passer by Of the Heuven in the Sky. Bill Smith,8A. nv 'eeeeeeeeeeeesmeeeeee MX ORIGINAL POEM Hwrite an or ginal poem,n Wes my assignment teddy, And you can bet you boots and conb bQ0k3My pencil is on its why. But really, I don't know what to write Or really what to say. Shell it be about dau or night? Is the question that seems to stay. Or about both,maybe. Oh,uell,wnit and we shall see. Delmn Justice,8A. ueesweeeeeeeswmeseeeHeeesewaeesee JESUS. Jesus is the one I love. He came down from up above. He my Savior wants to be, Becnuse,I tell you, He really loves me. Jesus will hear me when I pray, And will take my sins away. He took my Sins so fir away, That if I looked, I could not see them today. Jesus is you Savior too, He is very kind to you, If you let Him come into your heart, Then you know will never part. He is the One who died on the cross And since that our sins were lost. Now let me tell you one thing OPS That he is the One That I really adore. Marie Thite,8A

Page 53 text:

Qgjf f Sig? il - THE ENGLASH LANQUAGEHQQE-X ss sf me ve AN We fs -A1125 -QQ-' 'E THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ,Lim Deltz LITERATURE Language,written and spoken, is man's most valuable asset. How language first ar arose has long been a matter of debate,but it it is certain that it was originally much simpler than at present and that it develop- ed from groups of body movements and from sounds which had certain meanings abbitraril ly associated. As man's experience became more varied and complex,such gestures and sounds were elaborated and multiplied until there arose what might be called spoken language. Writ- ten language followed,when an ingenious man thought of making marks to represent spoken words. By writing a symbol for each sound an alphabet was devised and written speech was simplified. Thus communications could be sent long distances and thoughts could be recorded and preserved for later use. Each generation was thereby able to in struct the next and rapid progress in know- ledge and in skills became possible. Wilma Deltz,8A. if - f+s4+a+++a+s44aaa++4a+ WH I WOULD RATHER LIVE IN THE 'ITT. I would much rather live in the clqy than in the country for the simple reason that there are more things to do. You learn to know more about people because you live so close to them. There is a large variety of places to go and many people to go with. I think it is easier to keep a home nice in the outskirts of a city that entire- ly out in the country. The lawns can be kept pretty and green all summer and there can be a great variety of flowers. Mildred Yarman,8A. 44ss+w+s++a+aa4E+aaassaawaaawaaasaaa WHY I WOULD RATHER LIVE IN THE COUNTRY The reason I would rather live in the country than in the city is that I would much rather live on the farm where there are chickens,goats,horses,and cows and every- thing on that order. In addition to form,literature must have significant content. A statement of .tha rulesinf Latin grammar in perfect verse will not be great poetry. Without form a work is not leterature at allgwith out significance it cannot be great liter ature. If,then,we assume that the form is adequate,work of literature will be entit tled to a higher ranking in proportion as the truths with which it deals are of greater significance to h manity. Wilma Deltz,8A. xaawaaaaawwaaaaawaaa+4+w+44+w++4+a AMERICAN LITERATURE American literature,like,the litera- ture of all people who have migrated from lands already in an advanced stage of cul- ture,is not an original native growth. On the contrary,from the very first,American writers began with a long tradition be- hind them. They brought with them an intim ate familiarity with a rich literature and a deep interest in certain burning prob- lems of religion and conduct. Faced with a new and stubborn land to conquer,they had at best,little leisure to write,and even when the leisure was present,it was before they wrote with the confidence that they belonged to a people having an indi- viduality and a life of its own. Wilma Deltz,8A. a444wassaaaaaawaasaaasmaaaaaaasasa WHY I WOULD RATHER LIVE ON A FARM I would rather live on a farm be- cause I was brought up on one and like it very much. I love to ride the horses and feed the pigs. I have a favorite him when I go to When I come Mike me. I have a very and she always horse and always ride my grandfather's farm. is always glad to see good friend out there comes to see me. Helen Ferr1er,7A. iB'dHr 2FHHri4- Hk4rK+'kX- In the country there are trees and shade Jimi J0G,h0W do YOU like YO'-11' NSW 5t0T'? There are orchards and gardens and a great many things. One can have much more fun in the country than in the city. Marie White,8A. d?Hii4JA+X-X+?kPPHd4?kX4PHH4.ki41-R teeth? Joe: Well,at least I have something tc rattle when I get scared. Jd4-Hrk3HFA+i4rR

Page 55 text:

- - gL . ,- f- lr 2 rv--'S ,. M ,.. E? g lla nys , rf .-1, ,NTT Q, w- - c. .. semen f413,'.g2f'v ff: . I. ig3CQi ,ef IQQQ Eff' 'r egLfA.g1Jf njiugg N .',' ye -Eli' at ,sJaH'f ii?E?f" 1 ' ,iff img H-Q" ,life If i'-nj pijfgflf -Al l 2-T' fm? Lkl 'lf Q .-J '22-fw f J?-i 135:55 El 1404 'gd I.:-E-52 c g-fig. Rigid 'fx 1 Amy Fett-----Poil-Cutie Ethel Richardson-Echo-Fillv-Goefv - . .,, Ermal Sands-.---ulrmalsevpgSuguf- 1'm21t1me there was a Scotchman 5 3.51 Dgris Beam-.-.---not i qty dt Y :no thought he would come to An- g,' 5 R. I d . , Z 'ciuli T fricl. On the way over he met an isfffi Disid Neggiizfi--UiuarerL9?G'MfvV9bW' American friend. The American gif M, s.. i' . ' X' - 0 . "VW Omie Brown TS 'dvle told him that if he wanted good ale.- Jenes Marshall J?'1eJ' " luck all the way he Should throw Aggl Neal Ha' an 13 , lmjue 1 a penny away every time the train g "'C01'I11e"fmSe blew the whistle. He did ns he Eugene Terrence--Gene-Tuny Wag told 5,51 5 J H -W-W-J ' " ' ifusn BSE Fgiis Oiefmlngn c When he went bnck home he met Helen Fern FDu.C13g" 13319 the American. He asked if he did willia Rh er -" alg-Y Oat--Babe f he was told. The Scotchman C? Eifvlf ' n . . f u, . .f 1 H B?C onemus-igse 1 replied that he did but that the ggxifyvf -'fy C WBYQCYC 3.f0P7ZW iast time the whistle blew the ,251 if .ary -1ce, . strin brok d h l t ' ' 'reez-xJxe4-vfx-u-rfe' y,5+H,AieEsir2X+4isEl ,igEenn e ' TQ Mildred Yarman---Vind ill-Tomat0BeQt Dorothy LeMnns---Dottie-Tuby Corrine Lutz---Tiny--Peewee Wilma Deltz-----Browniey-Tat-Dopie Donald Schie----Don-Donnie Herbert Warnick--Musels-Tarzan John Schie--Q---Jonie Marie White-----Minny Merlin Doud----Sleepy-Dopey Bill Smith-----Smitty--Executioner Delma Justice---Sisie-Susie-Icie By Ethel Richardson,7A. Corinne Lutz,8A Helen Ferrier,7A Bob Ryan-------Chicken Hazel Lutz-----Nursie ki-X+J6HiJAK-?k4PHiFk-?XJ dH?Ki 11 . 5 . of 7' tiqzkx jxfif Af N 1' Q31,Qe.,'Q: 1 if f 't M f-its y VXX, 3 y, ' J f L, 1...- '1- .31 .iWiY. E .E .LT "QE . Joe Biggs is always caught taItkinQj.Q"" Mildred Yarnnn alvmys dresses up on Sundays. E'B'5'5'.i Ethel Richardson always uses her biggest words in front of Ray Stephnns. Hazel Lutz is always talking about Bill. Eugene Terrence is always trying to get out of work. amsaaaesuea eaeeeeseeae s aaeserses SCIENCE During the past centruy nuny scientists have devoted their lives to s'study of the heavenly bodies,the rocks of the earth, :1 the processes by which it was formed. As J it is not knonn certainly just how old the earth is or the various stages of its dev- elopment. About the beginning of the nincm teenth century a mathematician and scien- tist,LaPlace, conceived the idea that our earth and the other planets were formed by rings of gases thrown off from parent mass l fl of gas! The gas forming our erwrth cooled my became a liquid rnd finally the outer sur- face cooled sufficiently to form the socnl ed surface of the earth. While there is considerrble uncertainty about the age of the earth and the method of its formation there is one thing about which hey are positive gnrunely that its sur face has been for a long time,snd is con- stantly changing. Agents of erosicngwind, wnter,and moving ice a higher elevations, transport the materials to lower elevntie tions. Robert Rnynn,8A. 4?-XJk-,'5-X-H-X+5i-i-X4?'r'i-H?H?A-5'rK-4f-5JiHHH2-K-l-l-X' l

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