Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 50 of 86
Page 50 of 86

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Page 50 text:

I ' -:'Kf'?"""'+n" '3' cv, -J' T" - f SL if-?:.4ffs-ssff:xf'f3 ' A SQ-ixibq' 'sea ,. fs:..f: 2 AX ff- ffgwao.,-:f.,"'-fe N---.GIuRs,,,.-,Q-A Q ...A- M 1531 zo, ,Q 9 Ki his if it 'fYf: ff" . ,ESI-e,eh.w....i-f::'ff f 5 331:-'35 -efglsez il, -1 1'i?iir'z,:?'ff,Z,a.ff:'gQg-Q '.',.. V----.5 ,wg-P' --"' ,,,.v1""""' THQ LINE D POEMS. In conversation if you mumble, What you say becomes a jumble. They say that even if you practice, You never learn to sit on a cactus. Don't think that your'e a saint, Because you don't say hain't. There's a cowboy riding over the plain But he will soon come back again. 5. Little robin red breast sits in a tree. Cheep,cheep,cheep,cheep he says to me. infix: A.4+++sav , Q MARY QE MINE. Day dawns over m way, Your smile sheds a bright ray, To rouse me and restore me. Breeding clouds may hang o'er me, Still your bright lght goes before me, O Mary of mine. L. 2. 5. 4. Night comes bringing anew Memories,Many,of you And though the dark enfold me, Every truth you have told me,. Will help me and uphold me, O Mary of mine. Bob Ryan,8A. ii44i4ii+i4i44HHHHHhHHHHHHHHHHHbk5ki L12 LAND Q3 . A sad little girl was sitting alone, Her fond ones forsaken hor and true friends had gone, But very deep in her thoughts was she, Thinking of things true and lovely. With her thoughts so deeply she seemed to stray In her dreams to a land which is dar away, Where in that land all is free, Where life knows no death on land or sea. The streets are paved in glittering gold Where the shepherds stand waiting for young and old. But now this dear girl has gone far a way some day. And we may go too and meet her We will se- the shepherds there by the gate And bid us come in,there is no Now if you are good you m'y go need to wait to see The land where that girl has longed to be, Where in that land all is free And life knows no death on land or sea. Ccontinued next colum l Drawn by--Wilma Deltz. The streets are all paved in gold, W ere the shepherds stand waiting for - young and old. Corrine Lutz,8A. xaxaieeia444aseeassaa++++es+++4++e+i POEMS . ' At eight oclock I have to go to bed. I jump right in and cover up,my head. M slippers are waiting for,me to wear, They are a nice warm pair. 4a4newness4s44++e4+u++i+www+we4+a++ I hear an airplane way up in the sky. It is up above the cloud, And even though it is up so high, The noise is very loud. nanseweeseaeeeeeeeeaa44ea++a+44++s The flag of our country, With its red,white,and blue Was made by Betsy Ross For her nation brave and new. nsseaesaame+++++4aes+e+4sa+snx+ee+4 QQQLQ-STARS When you're in bed and look into the sky, Have you ever wondered,ever wondered why God made stars so beautiful,so beautiful to see? Well, one night I was looking,and it occured to me, God put them there on purpcse,away up there to see. Don't you think We would'nt look away up there at night Unless they were so beautiful,and their light so bright. Corrine Lutz,8A. wwwweeeeeeaee eeeeeeeaaammaeaswse Poemg Oh! Love ees grand And so I Stand "f'f:4f By your lattice and Ask,please, take my hand Delma Justice. Of course I will Upon this hill, You cast a dollar bill, . And we'll live in a mill. Corrine Lutz. Corrine Lutz 1

Page 49 text:

It is some dream,that on the deck, -..V .H I K V 4, .,f. .. A , IP vw' W g .H .-Nfcvngfw 'fn J Q ff .. g acne F .,x f If-1l!ff:ff:"12jT,.'25-1,1-Easy 5 ml Z . L-57,1-:EXOTVIQ-1: si fl' 'S' I. ...fa 'fn f X P ILL f .n isfle.-reef: 5' 525 ' '1'ZCff3"!.!5g- ' .N 4 J Y ,V i :NI pfX,N-.. ,Inf QEEEESEQU 5' 0?kqdO' l'T iL,n? I' . 0 iii. ' '5Qig? ? 11'-5,445-'ef 'E ' By Wilma deltz. IE FLAG Oh! CAPTAIN?MY CAPTAIN. The stars on the background,the red and Oh! captain-My Capffalfl- white Stripes, Our fearful trip is done. It is for this in war our country fights. The glory,the freedom,the liberty,the death Is circled around the flag like a wreath. The sta rs and the stripes,the red,white Just and blue, see them all and ever be true. The flag in its glory and beauty behold, In rain or sunshine or in the cold, This flag waves on and on again. To the battleships its soldiers may send. Just And to the red and see the stars on the background of blue white stripes ever be true Corrine Lutz,8A. as4+as4w+seaseea+++s+a+seessw++es+++aa I WOULD RATH R LIVE IN THE CITY THAN IQ THE COUNTRY. I would rather live in the city because I am not used to being alone. I can not stand for it to be quiet around me. I like to be where there are noises. If you live in the City walk it isn't far from down town. You can down town whenever you want to. It is a loy of fun to go down town and look in all the store windows and you don't even have to ride when you are only eight blocks away from it. I don't like the long rides in a ear like some people do. If I had to take n trip like some people do I would die before I got there. I don't think you would ever see me living in the country. Amy Fett,8A. 4eaaeaiaeeawaaaeeesaaasmeeaeeewaeaa S OM E PEOPLE ARE VERY SUPERSTITIOUS. Some people are very superstitious. Abraham Lincoln was one of them. One time he was about to fight a man he thought could lick him. On the way to meet him he saw a four leafed clover. He picked it and put it in his pocket. When he got there he gave the other man an awful beating. Whether the four leafed clover had anything to do with it or or not we do not know but he carried it for about forty years and then lost it. He went to a show without it and there was assassin- ated. James Marshall,7A. ship has weathered every rack, prize we sought is won. port is near, bells I hear,the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, The vessel grim and daringg But Oh! Heart! Heart! Oh! The bleeding drops of red, Where on the deck my captain lies Fallen cold and dead. The The The The Oh! Cnptain,my Captain! Rise up and hear the bellsg Rise up! For you the flag is flung, For you the bugle trills, For you boquets and ribboned wreaths, For you the shores a crowding, the call,the swaying mass, For you Their eager faces turning. Here Captain,dear father This arm beneath your head. You've fallen cold and dead. My Baptain does not answer, ' His lips are pale and still, M y father does not feel my arm, He has no pulse nor will. The ship is anchored,safe and sound, Its voyage closed and done, From fearful trip,the victor ship Gomes in with object won. Exult! O Shores,and ring,O bells. But I with fearful tread Walk the deck my Captain lies Fallen cold and dead. By,Walt Whitman,American Literature. Handed in by Wilma Deltz. saeeseewasseassasesaseaaseesssaeaas There was a storm on the sea. A week or so after, a man picked up his paper an Said,HTell it looks like there has been Q terrible storm at sea,this book is upsid dorm in the water." Then the other man looked at the paper and said,UWhy no,you have the paper upside down.n

Page 51 text:':o..., '--Q. ,Tp. gffrifb .Jjijl 'xsex 1' ' ill CX I "J X. -1' Q x y ll ' t tx I , f f'f if ' 1 fr .21 3 , ' z N-.-4' 1 Q"-" fy...i!I Y. s. K tr-,rf Wifi 9 HJ? E """".- L -1-1 1 . : ' W sf -r-,nfs----,r....f1eQ,2-l ,.-et y '-,3::....:r ts- or zej.......T1 fs Iwi., v lzjlgzj Cl T M Q ENRY WAD"'OPH'H LONGFELLOF7 One day a little boy was wandering up and down the stree with his little he looked as if Finally he passed e policeman who hnd a lit- nnd knew how to handle chil- tle boy himself dren. He watched the little boy for a while and then seid,nUhnt is the mntter,Buddy? Are you lost?H The little boy looked up higher and high er until his eyes met the eyes of the police man. He was frightened at first, but soon saw the friendly look on the policemen's face. Then he enswered,WNo,I'm not lost,home is lost.U With that he began to cry.The policeman tried to comfort him. Seen His mother who had been window shopping cure up to him. She was very glad to find her lost Son. Don't you think the little boy gave a good answer when he told the policeman that he wnsn't lost but that heme was lost.He must have loved heme very much to have said, WHome is lost,H Ethel Richurdson,7A . 444444k44bkikHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH4i+kki READI NG. There frm two ways of wasting time when reading. One is to read wild stories and the funny books. In the seventh ind eighth years we are required to read five books each sem- ester, We must make a report on each bvok read, Funny paper books are barred from our room They do not teoch rnything end it is a waste of time to read then. Gnngster und wild west stories are the vorst, M est peo- ple who read too many of this kind of stor- ies find themselves behind bars sometime in their lives. Get a book you think you will like and spend your time reading. Joe Biggs,7A. Longfellot was n great Amer- , icin poet. He was born in Port- heed bored down ond - .f'fend,Maine in 1867. At eighteen year he was about to cry. of age he was graduated from Bowdoin Col- lege. He began his career at the age of nineteen, and was made professor of leng- uages in his alma meter. He held this cha chair from 1850 to 1855. When he was 26 he translated the Spanish elegy of Copla- side Monrigue. His first poem was written and signed when he was thirteen yerrs old Following the publication of Outre- Mer and more yeors of study in Europe,he accepted the choir of literature nt Her- vnrd with incrccsing distinction from 1856 to 1854. During this period he pub- lished Hyperirn Uiices of the Night, The Spmnish Student, end the Belfery of Bong. He died in 1882 ond was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1900. Hnzcl Lutz,8A. eeeeeeeeseeeeeeeseeeeeseweeeeeeewsse EVANGELINE This is the story of Evengeline. She was the diughter of Benedict Belfountgir NmylhmdinGNmmzHe.Hmzwsvmy Beautiful and all the villoge loved her, Benedict had a good home end he loved hi heme and daughter. He had large hecrds ci cettle.Although he had little of riches he was happy vith his dnughter. Basil th blncksmith was n friend and neighbor of Benedict obd Bmsil,his son, was Evangel? line's very good friend. They went to school together and were taught from the scme book. The years went by end they grew up together. The king's soldiers cnme in boats to the harbour where they stfyed for four days. The men were told to meet in the Church house. They were anxious for the- fcontinued next pagel 5

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