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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 46 of 86
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Page 46 text:

A M ERICA-N INDIANS. E very town or family has a chief,uho is distinguished by a particular title,and whom we commonly cell n,VsachemN. The sever- al towns or families that compose a tribe have a chief who presides over it,'ni the several tribes composing a nation 2 f . chief who presides over the whole L L .. These chiefs are usunll men advoxc , is years and distinguished by their puu-,uco The matters which and ability in council. merely regard a town or family are settled by the chief and principal men of the town those which regard a tribe such as the ap- pointment of head warriors or captains,and and settling differences between different towns or families are regulated at a meet- ing of the chiefs and those which regard the whole nation,such as,making war or forming alliances with the neighboring nations. These are usually attended by the head warriors and a number of the chiefs from other towns,who are his councelors. Robert Ryan,8A. +ae+eeswaswasaaaaasesessasssasaseae INDIANA HISTORY Indiana as at one time a place where only Indians lived, However a long time ago when Columbus came to America in l492 he gave this place the nane,Indiana,to go with t e Indie ns. Before that time there was slavery here in Indiana which caused a great war. This war was called the Civil War which 'ns be- tween the North and the South. After tie matter of slavery was settled,our country was divided into forty eight states. Each state has its own laws and may ef running things. Indiana is-a nmnufacturing and food producing state. It has many large rivers sch as the Ohio,Maunee,Wabash,and others. The cities of Indiana are Fort Tayne,Huntertown,Lafayette and Washington. aasaaeeesaaaeeeewaeeeeeknsassseeeeenaaa INDIANA . In 1679 a few Frenchmen under the leader ship of LaSalle came down the St.Joseph River and crossed the South Bend portage to the Kankakee River,nnd half way down the Illinois River. Later on LaSalle reached the mouth of the Mississippi River. For a long time French explorers used these trails and streams of the region that is now Indiana. During that period French trading posts were built at the present site of Fort Wayne,at Ouiatanon a few miles below Laf- ayette, and at Vincennes. Only the last became a real French settlement In 1765 France ceded her possessions in lcontinued next columnl Ncrtl lmericzto England,and Vincen es becime n British military post. General George Rogers Clarke in 1778 led a Smal army of Virginia troops and captu ed Vincennes. Then the land northwest of the Ohiob ecame a colony of Virginia. Inrl7G3H 'it state ceded her claims in the Ohio region to the National Govern- ment. e John Schie,8A. saaasnnsasf 'wiv -.4+ae4aa+4w AMERICAN INDIANS The American Indians furnish us with examples of simple forms of government, The federal government has authority over most of the Indian tribes. One of the projects begun by the Federal Gov- ernment to provide work during the economic crisis was the constuction of schools in Indiana Reservations. The schools were built in the style of the so-called Indiana hogans,of adobe brick and other materials. The need for close supervision of such building projects to prevent waste of the taxpayers money is evident. Robert Ryan,8A. isseaeassaesasasmaaeaaseswseseaese INDIANA Indiana was a part of the Northwest Territory. The Northwest Territory was north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River and south of the Great Lakes. The following states were carved from it: Indiana,Ohio,Illinois,Michigan, Wisconsin and a small part of what is now Minnesota. On the north it is touch- ed by Lake Michigan and is bounded on the south by the Ohio River. William Rhonemus.7A. sswnmaesa Hesaeswsssssssasssws INDIANA Indiana is one of the north central States. It is known as the Hoosier State The Indiana flower is the sennia, and the state song is,VOn The Banks of the Wabesh,H Indiana is almost twice as long as wide. It is about 275 miles long and 145 wide. It it the thirtyseventh state in Size. -. The school system in Indiana is excellent. There are compulsory educa- tion laws demanding attendance of all children between the ages of seven and sixteen yenrs.for at least eight calendar months of each year. High schools form a regular part of the school system and there are more than eight hundred in Indiana o Hazel Lutz

Page 45 text:

INDIAN HISTORY. When the Indians learned that their land west of the Appalachians Mountains had been given to the English they were very much dissatisfied. The Indians had always been friends of the French and enemies of the English. So sow it was only natural that they would do everything in their poser to drive the English out. In this emergency an Indian leader arose and his efforts re- sulted in almost complete disaster for the E nglish in the Northwest Territory. This Indiana leader was a chief of the Ottawa tribe named Pontiac. Pontiac was a very shrewd warrior. Dur- the two years years between 1760-72 he or- ganized almost all the tribes of the north nest to drive out the English. Pbntiac's plans were perfected in 1765 and arrange- ments were made to attack all the English forts and settlements at the same time. Detroit was the most important post but the commander of this post had been warned of the danger,so Pontiac was unable to capture this stronghold. Had he been able to do so it is likely that the Englsh would have been driven out of the entire region. Other forts did not fare so well as Detroit.Hoe- ever,a number of them were suprised and their garrisons killed. Fort Miami where Fort Wayne now stands was aptured and its commander slain. Ouiatanon was surrendeded but no one was killed there. In a short time Vincennes to take possession and rebuild the fort there. Abbott found the fort in a dilapidated condition. He made nn at- tempt to repair the fort and mount some cannon. He remained u til January 1778, and then returned to Detroit for a visit. While he was gone events took place which started the change in the whole history of the Northwest Territory. The Revolutionary War began in 1576 At the beginning of the war the English who were in charge of the forts of the Northwest Territory began to arrouse the Indians against the American settlers who had been bold enough to venture west of the Applachian Mountains. These Eng- lishmen carried on a profitable trade with the Indians and were enven accused of rewarding the red men for bringing in the scalps of American men and women. The fear of being attacked by the Indians cased the Americans from the colonies along the Atlantic Coast to hesitate about going into the Northwest Territory. Richard Filloff,7A. senses ' ' ksssssssssss PROVIDING FOR RECREATION IND AMUSEMENT In order to properly balance his life every person must have a certain mount of recreation and amusement. The age of mach- ines and labor-saving devices has brought reduction in the number of hours an ind- ividual works each day and as a result Dot an Eng1iShm3D WHS left in what is QOW there has been a great increase in the I ndiana. Pontiac's success was short 1ved,, amount of time left for recreation' however. English soldiers crushed the reb- It is the duty of every Community to ellion duflng the Coming Year and the Ind' provide wholesome recreation for its mem- ians were compelled to give up all the tives which they had in their possession. Pontiac mas murdered by a member of his own race, in 1769. At the time of Pontiac's conspiracy the English had not hken control of Vin- cennes. There were several reasons,besides the hostilit of the Indians for the slow- ness of the English in coming in to the Northwest ih any large numbers. One reason wa s that the King of England by the Proc- lamation of 1765 forbade any Englishman to settle west of the Applachians. This was followed by the Quebec Act of 1774 which a nnexed all the Mississippi valley to the Province of Quebec Br the purpose of Gov- ernment. Between 1775 and 1777 there was no of- ficial authority within what is new the cip- State of Indiana. By the Quebec Act Vincen- nes had been placed under the authority of the Governor at Detroit but it was u til 1777 that the Englih Governor,Henry Ham- ilton sent Lietenant Governor Abbott to Qcontinued next columnl bers. The community which provides these extra pleasures and benefits for its res- idents is the one where the citizens are most likely to be healthy,happy,and law- abiding. Doris Beam,7A. 4+s44+++s++++sssswsHHaHseaemass THE FRENCH IN INDIANA The first white men to explore any of the Ngrthwest Territory were French Jesuit Priests from Quebec. The beginning of their labor was probably about l654. The first place they worked was among the Huron Indians on the southern shores of the Great Lakes. These priests came to this region, not from across the great range of mount- ains which shut out the English, but by a much easier route up the StLawrence and the Great Lakes. Delma Justice,8A. sesssssssssssssssasssssssssusssss Mrs Bolinger: Eugene,what have you been doing to the ink? E ugene: I only put water in it, to make it write wet. I'm writing a letter to Mr. Brown and I want to whisper a secret to him.

Page 47 text:

498675 fre- "' ,fix-ff' Y ilelifii In one of the fables of an English Peet, John Gay,may be read these linesg Nor love,nor honor,weelth nor power, Can give the heart a cheerful hour When health is lost. Be timely wiseg With health all taste for pleasure flies Certainly the poet did not over-estimate the worth of the greatest blessing mortals can enjoy-health,which is the condition of well-being. The healthy person is one whose bodily functions are being performed easily and without pain. The physician says that an one who sleeps well,and can digest his food while satisfying a hearty appetite,nay be Considered in a good state of health. Under modern conditions,very few persons enjoy perfect hea1th,but the observance of a few simple rules help to keep one reasonably well. Many of the physical difficulties of the school child are caused by the wrong sort of habits. Habit formation is the basis of health. When bad health habits are formed early in life, it is a very difficult nat- ter to break them later, for they become an almost unconscious part of daily life. On the other hand,sound health habits should be largely a matter of automatic action on our own part. But good health habits can only be acquired through a def inite and conscious action at first and such action must be based on an accurate knowledge of health rules, Wilma'Deltz,8A. sssssssssesssssssa . Billy was in disgrace. He had told an untruth To DR'NK md he had been sent to A PINT' usd to study the lifs of George Wnshington, OF and just to try to fol- low his example. TEETH. In health we have been studying the teeth. This is an interesting topic for it teaches us how best to take care of our teeth. Many people ask how to take care of the teeth. The main way is to keep them well cleaned. It is also im- portant to eat the proper foods. If one keeps the teeth well cleaned and eats the proper foods it helps to keep them white,strong,and from decaying. The im- portant element for strong teeth is cal- cium which is gained in the food. Dorothy LaMons,8A. +sissses4waaeas+4+a+++seres+eeuaw HOW FIRES MAYQQE CAUSED. Once there was a careless janitor who took care of a hotel. This hotel was very well built and beautiful. It was so well liked that people came from other lands to stay in the summer time. The janitor became careless. He threw papers in the corners in the basement in- stead of burning them in the furnace. One evening the janitor went to the basement to fire the furnace. A spark fl flew into the papers and soon there was a teriffic balze. The hotel burned down and all by the carelessness of one man. William Rhonemus.7A. -7-?i'3."'5'f3-',H8'.-i2-3it"f-3i-iH'-",s-3iJ,6 HC-6HHi-Eif':91'X4 -41?-3'c-X' HE ALTH HABITS. health habits you must all the health rules. is to get the right kind is to E To have good know how to keep One of the rules of food. Another J drink at least Six glas D Next morning Billie rushed A person fghmifi get at up to Mr.Bolinger and said,HIv'e started' Iv'e 'L 2- I started. I couldn't find -'Iii ...., 2C3TIJ-,eP5?r- any charry tree,but lLm,MMWgMM4M,W '14 I chopped down all the L Jgple trees. Helen Frrier,7A. es of water each day. For J-3 every person there are certain foods that do no .MD agree. It is necessary 63625 N7 . to learn to leave that 'e'T'c5',.f52. ,57 kind of food alone cgboo least eight hours of sleep each day. The window no shoudl be open enough tra E- RE get fresh many more air. There are EqQ1L2,-r- health rules every person should learn to keep. Herbert Warnick,8A.

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