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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 43 of 86
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Page 43 text:

MX QQHNZBX 2115 23 IF'1 My Country T'is of Thee,sweet lfnd of liWl.iy,of Thee I Sing' Land where m Fathers died,Lvnd of the PiLgrim's pride From every mountain side,Let freedom ring. aauwsweemeeaeeemasexeeeeessssmaehuseas+ws+wHesHsaeeeHw+ee+ THE PBESIIQQTLIQT The President of the United St tes f the highest representftive ef t He is elected by the suifrffe X of all the states for n fix-d .. .L L u . , , 1- x A N - r . 1,s,1 L. 5- . He is independent of Congrcss,tne :ourst and sectional demands. In spite of the theory of the spenration of powers, in sccordnnce with which the Consitutition nkers created the office, the President has immense influence over legislation and is held responsible to the people for the work of Congress. The President's influence springs from his power of vetog from his constitution- fyzgl practice of submitting recom endetions I .1 to Congress,which he may do either oral- ij ly or by written nessngeg and his vast it influence with the nations molders of public opinion. His power of appoint- ment with his a bility to distribute patronage among members of Congress I serves to keep the members who are 55 of his party in accord with his N policies. Mildred Yarman.8A. 4+++swmseam++esm' ' ' fs 1 Hekionaga,the principal village of t 7 the Miami Indians,was formerlly with in the limits of Fort Wayne. A Stockade Fort,now the site of Old Fort Park was fm built by had Anthony wayne. In 1815 it 1 was besieged by the Indians who were routed after e hard fight. Six years V later the fort was abandoned? A permanent M settlement was made in 1815 and it became FORT WAYNE?INDIANA Fort Wnyn ,the county seat of Alle 'eunty is the second elif up Lhe State 1 railroad center,and'a manufacturing center. It is located in the north- efstern pert of Indiana. It is lo2 miles from Indianapolis and 156 miles from Chicago. The St.Joseph and StMary rivers unite within its boundaries to form the Maumee River. Its population in 1940 is about 125.000, Six impor- tant tru k lines serve the city, the Fort Weyne,Cincinnntti and St.Louis, Wnbnsh,Pennsylvnnin, NewYork,Chicago,and StLouis5 and the New York Central. There nreialso interurbnn electric railrdhdg and more than fifteen motor bus Fort Wayne is the distributing cen ter for nn xtensive agricultural l lid ' district end the city has many I wholesale and jobbing houses. It y has large shops of the Pennsylva- nia and Wabash railroads. :und 4 N among the important manufacturer 1 of gasoline pumps,car wheels,co l wire,motor trucks, electrical I machinery,fittings,fixtrues,nnJ ' 1 I ! pianos. V The educational institutions,A include Concordia College,Fort l' :1 Wayne Bible Institute, A Conser lk 1 vntory of music,end ArtSchool if School of oratory,expression,and yl physical culture. The Indiana y H School for feeble mdnded youth and- 1 ggvefgl schools for orphans aret H h,s bading post in 1850. It became the city y 1 yt of Fort Wayne in 1840 loccted here' Vi Bill S ith 85. If ikkwkHHHHHHHHHHHHHQMMNM44iMW44wHHHHHHHHHHH6HHH? m , m 1 V , m '??ha ki' il k xidl- 6, ' 'f' 4' I M. r 61- as-sl-,.sL -fr- --. - . 4" .g.'i.,',j+, X Q--.--5 --Mfgilf . x gg J ,.. ., ,f , 8 er . "- .W -r ,f , X . .iz -Az , W .. Q " 1--2' Q l H r'JfJ mf f" w' "'Fif' rtuqgyf - 3 M 1+ ,Al 'f A ik- . 5 . .x XA I f I!! !, A. au u It X 5 I 1' ,fl ' f" M t ' ' , f a . f is ef- I x I ,Q"f Q , f 1' SL f 'L fE?' 'Y R XL J 1 X , f ' g! 'q ,- XX X N l 2 l v 5- '1 ' . v3 flair' X 1 g A ' 1 ri Q DTRWI1 x Y' ' ,K J 4 es, y Wilma Don 'x - il 1 N gxlio -I xx

Page 42 text:

Ccontinuod from last pngel I suppose I should also tell about the party we had not long ago. We went to the Wolf and Dessauer store in Fort Wayne and had our dinners. We went to the Palace Th- eatre and saw the picture,WStrike Up The Band,N I enjoyed it very much. Well I do not seem to think of anything more to :ey so I will soon close up this cllrt letter. OLYes, a Sw of our boy scouts had a first aid test. They got a grade B. They lost out on a new blind fold test which they were required to take. The contest was in Chicago. If they would have won they could have gone to Washington D.C. Well I will close for this time and I hope that I will soon hear from you. Your pen pal. Hazel Lutz. i, U ,, V, orgg,uVHMHH, INDIANS Long,long ago before America was known r a race of people known as Indnans lived he e They were of a reddish complexion,brown eyes,black h ir,and high cheek hones. They lived far different than we, They ate from wooden or clay dishes which hey fashioned. They lived in tepees and hunted for their living with the bow and arrow. The wild and dangerous Indiana had no pity on anyone they considered as an enemy. They were free and did as they pleased. They had their own rights and did as they pleased. Then Columbus discovered America. M ore white men came and it became known as America. The Pilgrims came in the Mayflower The place of the Indiana has been token by the white man. However to this day there ar many Indians living here much as any other people might. Helen Ferrier,7A. eefsmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseHesseeeewss PREPARING OUR ANNUAL INDIANS QE AMERICA The North American Indians are a rat of very interesting people. When we tha: of them it is usually as a race of warn like people a nd blood thirsty. But the u til after t When the whi welcomed ther the white mer their supply to fight back Indians were not that way white man came to America. nnn first came the Indians and made friends. But when took their land and killed of wild animals they began They scalped and killed many white men. T ere are only a few Indians today in tht United S tates as compared with the num- ber of whites. Delma Justice,8A. V fsesesssssssssssswssss INDIANS 1 Indians are peaceable people if you are peaceable with them. When the white men first came to America the Indians were peaceable. They thought the white men were angels and were sent from heaven. Then the white men killed them,took their land, and destroyed their game they th ught different and went on the warpath. They had a Great Spirit whom they asked when they wanted rain or anything. If the spirit did not grant their wish they thought the Y had done something wrong and they were bein ing punished. There are man Indians in the Unites States today. Wilma Deltz.8A2 44ses44assaseessseessesssssssssw INDIANA HISTORY There were Indians living on the con- tinent of North America before the white man came here. The Indians lived and did their own way. They caught fish in the lakes,of which there were plenty. There o was gold and man other substances be-' neath the surface. S oil t. d .t. When the white man came civilization The first step is co ec ing an wri ing. H . . . began. Schools were established, and This work is done by the reporters. The secondhmrches built, The Indians taught the step is checking and copy work. The third ...S 5. . step is making the stencils which is fdlloweduhlie men how to raise Corn' The Whites by the printing. The fifth and final step is the assembly. The completed edition is now ready for distribution. William Rhonemus,?A. 44442wewas4+s+444+a444+s++e++e44+44 INDIANA HISTORY Indiana History is a very interesting subject. It goes back many years. Every person sh uld have a good un erstanding og Indiana History. Our book contains many dates of important happeningszwurs, life of individuals, as Washington,Lincoln,etc. Every child should have a good u derstand- ing of the history of his country. Mildred Yarman,8A. men were told to put a fish in each hill that they planted. More and more people were cominz to America. More and more things hHPPeDed T14 until we have the wonderful and m0d6FD things of today and live in a better world. Ermal Sands.7A. assesses: ' eusaiaxssea Eugene: Iv'e called about the job for a smart messenger boy. . Manager: Sorry,my lad, the vacancy was filled yesterday. Euegene: Th6n it's a smart manager you need to take the sign out of the window. kHPA4+ ' i"X"3f"3f'3Hf'

Page 44 text:

-in .v"'? I Q T.--gi, Q . gf 1t,,,-:E 1 ,aff Ufgug SAE .,, -'-mt1"L331- I H L :"" Q TQ INDIANS The Indian is usually pictured as a sad and gloomy person who seldom smiled. This is not quite true. In important public meetings and when talking with white men he was usually dignified and solemn in appear- encegbut in the Wigwam or by the camp fire he was social and cheery. He smoked his pipe,talked,and joked with his friends much as the white man is accustomed to do. When neing tortured in public he could endure By Richard Filloff. INDIANA ESTORY There are many stories of when the Indians were here when the white men came. The Indians believed the white men were angels but when the supposed angels killec their fellow men they knew better and made war against them. In some cases though,the white men would not kill the Indians and smoked the pipe of peace with them. Wil- liam Penn smoke the peace pipe with the Indians and remained friends with them any kind Of aPiH Wifh0Ui H UUTUUT- His Sight for many years. One wonderful thing about was remarkably keen. This was because his eye and ear were trained by his mode of liv- ing. When hunting,fighting,or fishing,he we s on the lookout constantly for game or for the enem . He was also straining his ear for every sound of the forest. . Herbert Warnick,8A. -K",c'4J'fJ'4-'L-"4-I-Ii-L44-ii-'X4,SL-29354-Y.:-X-'A'-SPI:-ZS-BHS-If-" ,F,i-L-ii.-IJHA-li- THE SETTING FOR INDIANA HISTORX The history of Indiana before its ad- mission into the Union as a state is a part of the history of that region of North Am- erica which has been called the North West Territory. So the study of the earliest Indiana History is a study of the history of the whole Northwest Territory in the da ys of the early white settlers. The Northwest Territory was composed of all the land which is now included in the states of Indiana,Ohio,Michigan,Illin- ois,Wisconsin,and a small part of the state of Minnesota. It is bou ded on the west by the Mississippi Rivcr,on the south by the Ohio River, and on the north by the Great lakes. The rivers were very important to the Indians and to the early white settlers alike, because mater transportation was then much easier than land transportation. Be- sides the rivers mentioned above,others of importance were the Webash,White,Tippecanoe Eel,Whitewater,end Kankakee in Indiana,the Illinois,Fox and Knskaskia in Illinois,the Wisconsin in Wisconsin,nnd the St.Joseph and Detroit in Michigan. Of course the Great Lakes on the north,especiflly Lake Michigan, Huron,nnd Erie played a very prominent part in the early history of the region. , Marie Vhite,8A. -ZH'r'.2-'.2-1559.2-'.G'lk-li-5'4-3? the Indian was that he would never break friendship until the white man did. The white men were always the first to disre- gard the peace pipe. The result was always war with the Indians. ' Corrine Lutz.8A. 4ii+iMN++4i44+kMMii44+h44i4+i4+?N COMMUNITY CIVICS. P When a group of people live together in a certain place it is called a community They are brought together by some common interest and have laws,rules,and regula- tions. Here are some examples of different kinds of communities: a church,school, village,town,city. T ere axe industrial communities,social communities,and reli- gious communities. All people in a com- munity are dependent on the rest of the community. All the members of the commu- nity must learn to be valuable. They must take an active part in all the activities. Mary Bice,7A. waswasee+++n+ss+es+++e+s+s+esseass4 INDIANA I A resolution of Congress formally ad- mitting Indiana into the Union,Dec.ll.l8l6 though the state government actually began November 7th when the new officers were qualified. A Sew weeks after, the consitut tional convention, the first neck in Aug- ust l8l6, a general election was held to fill thc state offices. Thomas Posey, the last Territorial Governor was candidate for Governor against Johnathan Jennings. Jennings von. The population of the whole state was less than one fourth of that of the city of Indianapolis today. The epople were all poor and depneded on the soil for their living. Merlin-Doud,8A.

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