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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 39 of 86
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Page 39 text:

. 4' 1'- sf' 41?-zz .T s, J-........-ff, w4?'fuf?fxH F?:If 'Tiff' I ,tv . if Q XMB- ' fflffi I e-'U 1,42 'ifgfie 7 .' U .N-Nw' 'lishghgsgfg f I "e:"' I 'TT xxjkiiwfaxl r ""mD -f ,-b- f' ,- Fofesfe rw coefeusseo me.:-.N CE CLUB- Letter writing is a fine Sort uf -vfv.eJquarrels between nations may be avoided time or hobby if one may choose to r'W it such. It is of great value to the trit.r and may be of great interest and equal value to the receiver of the letters. Two girls wer were in the hospital and decided the proper thing to do would be to write a letter to their teacher. The following letters were duly written,posted,carried, and received at the school. They were read and reread by the teacher and then read again before the class. Now they are here,inclosed, to show the value of letter writing.2 A llen County Children Home F ort Wayne,Indiana January 22,l94l.Wednesday Dear Mr.S ellers: Just dropping a few lines and hoping they don't drop off. Hope I'm finding you O.K. I am practically well now,just a slight cold and headache. Mr.Sellers, when I'm not in school, I miss you but not the arithmetic,at all. Helen is writing to you too. Helen says that I am writing more than she can, but don't mind her. Well, Helen si is bothering me now,so I will have to close Goodbye, Corrine Lutz. s+s++++4ss+se+w+waeeHeea masses Dear Mr.Sellers: I am in bed because of my cold. I will be until I get was back at school. don't know how long it out. I sure do wish I Corrine is in here too. She has a cold. I thought I would let you know that I am drop you n line to pretty good. Well I guess that is about all I have to say. Goodbye, Helen Ferrier. P.S .Corrine is Writing too. S he thinks she is smart because she can think of more to write about than I can. axsseasseessmsssaassaassssesssasax NEW FRIENDS Would you like to build up a better understanding of the citizens of other countries by writing to boys a nd girls of your own age in India,China,South America, or some other foreign country. The inter- national friendship league was organized nine years ago to promote better under- standing among young people of the world. in the future. ' The League has lists of students in 86 countries and territorieswho want to write to American boys and girls. Because of the war a number of countrie in E urope cennot take part in the plans now. Fowever,there are thousands of students, gmrticularly in South America, who are eager to tell you about their schools,homes,and communities, and to hear about yours in return. When a class is interested,the Inter- national Freindship League,4l Mt.Vernon Street,Boston,Mass. will gladly make all the arrangements for the correspond- ence. Dr,Joh Stwdebaker,Commissioner of Education at Washington D.C. has approved the League. Euegen Torrence,QA '.'i-K-EH?-'.P.i-332-DH PX-71-X-X-2?X-9.6.1-VH?-31'-'A-X-IA-X-Yr-4 HH?-X -A-it LETTER TO A CORHESPONDFNT I Allen County Children Home Fort Wayhe,Indiana April 28,l94l. Dear Violet: I was very pleased to get your welcome letter and was very glad to hear from you. I would like very much to have your picture and also of the scenes in your town. I am very glad to correspknd with you and since you told me about Wetaskew ewin I suppose I should tell you about Fort Wayne. It is quite large and there ten or eleven theatres but I have never taken the time to go to all of them. So I really don't know the exact nu ber. In the summer we have many things for enjoyment, We sometimes go swimming or go to the ball games or parks where there are many things for the amusemetn. I love to go to the parks because there is so much fu there. I would love to see the little child ren you take care of,especial1y Mary Ann I used to work in the nursery where there are children from three days to six years old. One of the children I liked especially was Mary Ann Dancer. She is not here now. She was really a darling. Some people took her into a home with them to take care of. I don't work there now but I wish I did. Through such understanding,wars and qua rrel Ccontinued next columnl fcontinued next 111895

Page 38 text:

FROM CANADA Killarney,Man. Januray 2O,l94l. Dear Pen Pnl: , I received your letter and was very gf so pleased to get it. I am going to tell you about my imboies I like knitting,chocheting, sn ving :iu,ps and movie stars. I am knitting red e-t:s socks just now. Since you described yourself I will decribe q self also. I have fair hnir, and blue eyesgfair complexion,and weigh about lOO pounds. I am five feet two inches tall. I go to the Killarney High School and have five teachers. I am in the ninth grade and am fifteen years old. I have two sisters and-four brothers. One of my brothers is in the Royal Canad- ian Air Force. I have one sister and two brothers married. I also have my two parents I will send you a picture of m self later on. I haven't a photo of me yet. I will also send you a photo of the Killarney Lake and the Tovm Hall and Monument. The Monument represents the soldiers who died in the World War. The lake is very beauf tiful. In the summer many tourists from all parts of Canada and the United States come down to the lake. I have a pure black cat here at home. It is a great favorite here. We live on main street. My dad is an agent. Well, I m st close now as I hsve to go to bed. Write soon. Your pen pal. Rosella. The above letter was written to Ethel Richardson who secured her Pen Pal's name through the Student Letter Exchange and is enjoying the friendship and acquaintance of another who lives in n foreign country. has4s4444+44eseseseeseaeseeesseaesae CORRESPONDING At the first of the year our teacher fMr.SellersD asked the boys and girls of the seventh and eighth grades if they would correspond with boys and girls in countries ao their names were taken countries they wished. He then sent like to foreign end the to the Student Letter Exchange, Wetseka,Minn. In about two weeks the names arrived and they were distributed. Since there have been many interesting letters received. Sometimes the writer waits a long time for an answer. Uruw FROM CANADA Wetaskiwin,Canada February 25,l94l. Dear Pen Pal: I received your letter a few weeks ago but could not write necauso I had the measles and mr eyes were too sore to do any reading or writing. As in your letter you said you were a Girl Scout. Well I was a Guide two years ago but did not like it. I also went to C.G.I.T. last year. Our teacher's name was Mrs Greig. We went on hikes and had aprties which was great fu . Once we rode on a fourteen mile hike at six oclock in the morining. I will send some pictures of my- self and of some of the around here when I have taken. V I go to the United in M rs Condie's class. practice every Thursday oclock. I listen to the and a m very much interested in music. I was skating today from 2 to 4 and had a great time. Please write again soon. Your pen pal. Violet McDonald. The above letter was received by Hazel Lutz from her pen pal in Canada with whom she has been corresponding important places some good ones Church and am we have choir from 7 to 8 radio very often regularly. seasswassseeseeaaeseeeseeesweseee State of Love City of Kisses Street of Nowhere Dear Small Frye: Are you in the mood for mischief? Between a kiss and sigh,corn picking for you day of Heaven. got to get get me doing could be chmpsticks. I cry after day on the east side They say two sleepy people some shuteye. You know you the nimble symbol,somewhere over the rainbew,we'll roll out the barrel and have lots'a fun. When pa was courtin' ma there was a cancert in the park and "the three little fishes went out to sea. It mad no difference now the two birds said as they flew south. But romance runs in the family so God bless America. llgy hands are tied and something has got o happen soon. Su lots hurry home. Usually good letters get answers but sometin e times for reasons which we do not know,no answer ever comes. Of course this makes the writer feel bad but the best they can do is to try again. eaaeaeaeeseeweeaaaaeaeaaaaameawees '3'tJeepers creepers I'm lonesome and we've come a long way together, so, Thanks for everything, Little Old Lady Wilma Deltz 8A. ' 9 'li-I1-li-ii-!i'l-Bi-if-V

Page 40 text:

l I 4,g:jElEfh5xf, 55.5335 ::- un Q 'UU E -'Q I ,eariggf g he wht e , "P -'ft 2-1:1 I -- , Q of o I '.-I I I T his fe J t.! GIRLS music In music we practice for the various , rd d be tiful har programs which are always being prepared. ggagxgfitiiiing giant 258 Songs fggngiad- Right now we are preparing our Commencement songs. We are learning new songs right - along. It is easy for us to catch on to new zgei theiiigaiivgeg ggwagirxzszisgrgiln songs so we are always glad to hear the new thnmsgives Dgrothy LHMOHLBA ones that Hrs Angusih and Mrs Brown pick out e ' for us. MAKING TOWELS If a new song does not go well we usually """"""' do not go farther than merely to learn it. 'bil' Mrs'Brown h s been sick the Most of the time we like the new ones and can do them in a little while. I think all the girls appreciate singing. Dorothy Lnl0ns.8A 4441 w+4J GI RLS MUSIC CLASS. ALTOS S APRANOES Amy Fett M rcita Stippich Wilma Deltz Nelda Ramsey Marie White Ethel Richardson Vera King Betty Walters Naomi White Blanche Ramsey Diana Ferrier Helen Ferrier M ry Wnlters Doris Beam Jeanette Berg Corrine Lutz Doris Ann Arnold Delma Justice Dorothy LnMons Mildred Yarm n Hazel Lutz Ermal Sands Betty Wnrnick Mildred Petty Mary Bice. We appreciate the vork Mrs Anguish and M rs Brown are doing for us very much and hope that we may succeed. Dorothy LnMons.8A. MUS IC In music we hnve learned two beautiful new songs. They are,nThe Flag Without u StainU,andH Keep on Hopinn. We sang them before e group of tenchers. We are now lerrning HSnnta Lucian and the second verse of nhos of Tra Lee.U These are CContinued next colum l mostly known and used for their 'ihhi untion and have not quite decided which girls of the Glee Club have been mning towels for the Institution. They are very pretty. They are made up of differeni colors. Almost every girl has made two. The girls also do some singing while they are working on the towels,so we have singing while we work on the sewing. Hazel Lutz, A. GOOD Q13 GLEE CLUB The girl's Glee Club has been together four years and it has been veny level to be a part of it. We who will graduate are very sorry to leave and will miss the music very much. Mrs Anguish and M s, Brown are lovely to the girls and have taught us forty or fifty songs. We love to to sing together and will hope to get into glee club work in high school. Anyway we will never forget our school, our teachers and the lovely things they have done for us. Corrine Lutz,8A. i-K-H-i9-X-N-k2JA6PkX-3L-X6'.-kJiS?H'r?1-X-l-X-X4f3!-iJ2-X-'k?r In Music we have learned two beautiful new songs. They are,WThe Flag Without a Stain,W nnd2Keep on Hopin,n We sang both of them before a groups of teachers. We are learning Santa Lucia and the Second verse of Rose of Tra Lee. Dorothy LnM0ns.8A. ..- -......,.,....-1...- .....,.--......l....,, .. . Qs -sl 75 l Q. . W 1

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