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 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 35 of 86
Page 35 of 86

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Page 35 text:

AT nf? r Every year th girl scouts go to camp. Our camp is at Ty utuse Indinnn,nenr Dewart Lake. Our camp is dividfH'intoKthree dif- ferent units. The unit for the smell girls is called the NTree Topsn. The unit for the older girls is called Hwhistle WingT. The Il,l u and pwldle around the rnf . yil' about one hundred fifty shore. It was about six- U around. Some of the girlsk balance and tipped the r would fill with water and, would have to empty then one for the oldest girls is ccllci, YW, wif- . den. The girls in Kee-sway'-daejlgge-to . . -,L - the T"'-CCQ , .V night hikes and cane is every wc Pi. 'ine I Wmf' ln 3 mee of bu W Kee-way-dens are e ledNIndinnsU,TheNVhi3tle and mfklng Q can of Soa Windersu Fira ,and the "Tree Toppers" WCP' Tha? f'l-'Te was a hp' Q Gypsies, it was raining reel har ' E very night . rs take turns rid- WGS TQther Wet' It dld N to rein until we were fv ing the boats. There are always four people rowing e bo:1t,one for ea oo.r,r:nd e life saver who guides the bon . Our lake is seven miles long end very clear Every Friday night we eve some kind of entertainment. One year the gave an Indian play. It w.s thing. They gave the play ut night around the camp fire. All the Ke way-den girls hed balnkets around them - d Indian head- bands. One of the girls g WSShmnQ.nmSm1WB A8 the Sun sank and the cn girls sang Hlndien Love Ca in the canoe answered. Last year they gave nn place in Japan. It was very had to make a scroll to tel and drifted off into the .ke en O6 ll! start the fire. The ches we used the harder CAt least it seemed th' other ones looking onkf Kee-way-dens ing. end jumping' I I 4 . if Z1 A one of us used abou 'Q' ches apiece. Finflly 1 HN the prettiest burned and the water if Winders at that time. J we had a big -mrtyf men took cord and am fl spiderweb hanging K, the ceiling to the table. On each web there was a paper glial into a canoe as the sun with the water. drifted the and the girl eretta. It took pretty too. I the other girls spider. On each ' persons place there were three paper bugsflvux boil. I was with the 4 Ki! which VHS ds from the teen yards lost their cnnoe.They the girls and continue lding n fire weter boil job because T and the wood not start Xxrendy to more mat- itwhm. way.J The were yell- think each xxx sixty maid K A.the vood Xqxbegen to H Whistle a big lk Xxqhat ingh K' Theino ,X X x about the party. At we have me th' gs to do. Each FOI' the 18512 ffm day each tent has di erent things to do. YCQTS I.weS at Cf ' We go swimming twic a dey, nee in the mor-E O11 my blrthdfly, A ning and again in t e nfte oon. One summer Iflllgust 26' they had races f fferen kinds. Canoe Wilma Deltz- I 1 races was one. er were girls in each A canoe. The girl to da d on the side I ' Y , Z . Il Ii W' ' ,J 'ff I I - LX 1 X ,1 r" I 5. XX Aggdie ,ff' iif, 'Ny,1fLg, A LVL, cf. g Q K 4 ii T ifi.-13 , ,-l1,Q: ' K X 111 1 '., -ef le- ,,,..----- V rx X I . f f'.'l7'T-.3jfX X Qt M "ye-'15-V 161. , if ' , !5F .gif ',f'f 'f:l"A A' -:M -.l fl L..f7:4.- 'T ,. - e D -2, r'-" f' ,fjlf ,!f' ' ..- ff -ff W2 iQQ," fff' frrrf477pi,f"',Q CT,,j6Tim::fU-M. -,MWA Z fi'-e MV' ..f" 1 i xf

Page 34 text:

Z AV CE:.c2?L: gs' g .v 'f""C.! X" QQ? , i S ON MY HONOR 1 WILL 'my fur 1 g To do my duty to God and m Country qf,-ex my and a boy scout ran out to hglgf To help other people at all times ,f,.,.+ -B hm. He.put hm in the boat .ee I To obey the girl scout laws. 'A' yy rowed hlm T13 Saiityiam ' , "' haf I U oro y ons.8A. y Be wee f W m?Zdmk?-FWM I SLOGAN: Do a good turn daily v ............... Xt . T' 'i' l On Thursdays after school we I GIRL SCOUT LAW -I I have our scout meetings in the' L. A girl scout's honor is to be i 305' 'Seri 23313955935 P3-25' if tru3ted, N I 8 SC O0 lng. 6 are , 2. A girl scout le loyal. I legrnine some very intereetinsf 5. A girl scout's duty is to be usef thlngfvtand ife aii? doing Somw and to help others. I l Very Ln efee 1118 mae' ' 4. A girl scout is e. friend to all If Recently We eteffed 'Mies and n sister to every other scou . V 36125 from lit?1i glockihgf Woq 5. A girl scout is courteous. 95 SUS are Paln e OD WOOQ 6. A girl scout is a firend to animals. yy Litind theglege Strgnihtogithir' Q 7. A girl scout obeys ord rs. I a Cor eme C e Oc S I 3, A girl Scout is cheerfil, ,Val th have different names painted on A 9. A girl scout is thrifty. em' - l0.A girl scout is clean in thought,word, t t Af Qhe bgiieeeei ef the ifnrtwi meds and d d, o em po es. e plc ure was lrs racel 44432444iqageainnsgngggqqqgqqqgg on the WOOd. It was then cut into the wod THE FOUNDE R or GIRL scouls. with e knife- I , , ! In-e.Julliette Lew,ef Savnnnm,Georgia, We e-Fe HOW Studylns fleet Md' We i organized the f United S totes irst girl guides in the e in l872. The movement grew rapidly. The name was changed to girl scouts and the 280,000 active group now numbers over members in the United S totes and its possessions. Through an International 0ouncil,the national groups are affiliated and although they maintain separate organizations they have the sane laws and purposes. The movement was first intended for girls 10 to l8 years of gae. Wilma Deltz,8A. -K'iP'.r-X-'r'.H1-X-'f?r'n-'sJ'x4A-,2ek6'.-"aJ'4JA-12-',i-'A-i-l'JA-i-'x-k-6S5 5 GOOD SCOUT Once there was n house beside the river A terrible storm blew it into the river. A boy scout was passing and saw the house. He went in and found a little girl and her to his boat. BoB Fett,8A. 4444an444444++444aesaa++ae++4++44 THE RED LETTE R DAY. The river was over flowing. People were needing help. Babies who had lived their few moments were rying. Children who were old enough to talk were crying for help. What a day. What n terrible day. Boy S couts were doing the best they could. Red Cross nurses were trying to - keep people comfortable. A fter the main excitement was over there was one little baby crying for help Qcontinued next column, have learned how to take ous bites and how to take care of a perse who has taken poison. We have learned many other interesting first aid ideas tc Ethel Richerdson,7A. 4eseseeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ' WHAT I LIKED BE ST ABOUT CAMP ' The best thing at camp for me was the swimming. I learned to do many things in the water and passed man tests. The firm test I passed was to swim around the rafy twice which made a distance of about 100 feet. The water w s tn to fifteen feet deep there. Then I would have to swim awa! from the raft and at a signal from the whistle turn over on m back and stay in f a motionless position for one minute. The I could turn over and come back to the care of poison-i kitten. He picked them up ond carried them tcnft. The next test was dive in and go as far the bottom, and bring if I could find it. I my back and float on m ! for diving. I had tQ' as possible toward 1 up a weed or sometin, then had to swim on 3 back. After I had passed the tests I receiver another cap. Now I started diving. This I 5 could do even before I knew how to swim. ' However I had trouble learning to take steps and get the hop to spring me off thei spring board. I would get on the board,waLn part way and run the rest. When I got to nl end of the board I did not stop but fell 2 Wilma De1tz,8A.

Page 36 text:

Ccontinued from last pagej Tune-year I didn't stsnd up then they sang its me, so someone came up behind me and ,blindfolded -and down to -where I was water. They on and took -came up to my shoulders. After I got out .of the water I had to take my shoes off .a.nd empty the water out of them. W bile wiping my feet the girls hid my me and took me down some stairs the beach. I did not realize until after I landed in the made me leave the blinidold me out in the wvtor nah . Lt ,I was Ashees. Ives till blindfolded. Then they on the ground and hit me and every put me thing else. After a while they took me to the tent and took the blindfold baock off. I was just covered with mud. I sure needed plenty of water too. I never got up or out of my tent for the rest of that -day. I sure was sore too. The thing I enjoyed most at camp was the swimming. Outdoor cooking was interesting -too. Wilma Deltz.8A. - ' ' 44+++44+ie+ew++i+++wx s coujlj mugs. -A-ss com: is THUs1woRTHrgHELPFUL,FR1r3 ND! tr, comms oUs,Knm ,oss DIENT,CHEERFUI., JIT-IRIFTY,BRAVE,CLE AN,:fmvsRsNT. ' i?c4+tkX+HJrYd9H6r'?PHf ki9?HHxi --H 5.QQ!I Q3iEQ On my HONOR,I will do my best to do my -DUTY to GOD and my COUNTRY. To obey the SCOUT LAW,to help others at all times. To keep myself pgysically strong,metalyy awake,and morally straight. aseaeseaasaassmeeeeesaesssasaeass N - OOCKIYG CUTMQF DOORS. .I like to cook out of doors because it is fun. Last summer at camp the boy scouts cocked out of doors. We had to cook stew, cocoa,pudding,and pork. I cooked the cocoa gnc pudding and my buddy cooked the pork and stew. When we were about through we sat down and ate our dinners. The cocoa was still cooking so we ate it later. When we were ready to drink it, it was still very hot and I burned my tongue,so I gave the rest away. When you cook out of doors it is nec- -essnry to put the fire out and cover the ashes before leaving. Any left over food a long or buried. Robert Fett,8A. 'A 4+4+4444++4ea4a+a+4wwwsa+4+++++w44 IN THE OUTDOOR LIFE. ,should be tiken " SCWFUE V Qcontinued from last columnl have checked in and seen he doctor wc are permitted to join in all the actiof ties of the camp. The first thing is to show the swimming instructor if you can swim a 1 n After the first swimming lessen is over each one is on his own.The next day we start passing the scout tests. ' There are rewards for the ones that pas: their tests. Each day we follow about the same routine but it does not seem to get old. There are evening. games in the Once each week we cook our own meals. The best thing is the election of O.A. y members. O.A.means Arrow Order. It is I made up of the outstanding members of ' the troop. Each one must pass tests. Hea must sleep out on the island all night.: We own a ion to the Rotary Club for ' making it possinle for us to attend cann Joe Biggs,7A. x4444+4sees4++++s++++++++e+44++4e+ y 5- SMALL HOUSE There is a small house in the picture on the January calendar. It is green and has a broken window. It is on a smell I hill at the edge of the river. Q The river is slowly washing away thef banks house has fallen right down water. There is no one at house except a little She is about seven ye curly ha r,blue eyes, of the river and the little greene is going with it. The little housd to the edge of the home in the littld girl and her kitty rs old and has I 4 l I 4 and a pretty com- j plezion. i A boy scout has come along in a boat! and is carrying the little girl Y?I'T1PP9dN in a blanket from the house to his boaty He is csrrying the kitten on his should! I do not know for sure what is going toy happen but I think they will get safelyy to the dry land. Mary Bice,7A. I asssawsssawk V vfwwwwesas 1 A HELPFUL SCOUT ' In the southern port of Indiana than was e terrible flood. It took everythinp in its way along the Ohio River. The 1 rescue parties were able to save almostf ull the people but there was a terrible loss of property. I In many places the scouts were ablej to help save the people. In the picture? "U The bor: hrve Q wonderful time at camp. . We have our choice of the two weeks we the S?Out thought he could Save tie igtk will spend at cimp. When the time rolls arouhle glrl and her kitten' H9,Went 0 ei - house and carried them to his boat. . around we are ready. Our camp is about thr three miles north of Kendalville. Whenwe Ccontinued next colum l All the people were glad to see him do it. tt BA. y Bob Fe , I 4-

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