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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 33 of 86
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Page 33 text:

, I - Ihfwf 'L.J "3T ll ilsiwfezi -4fg: c-, Z5 .fig LKQX-J 'A - C21-f i" -' FIRST AQ - HISTORY obj BOY soours The Boy town,and Leo Scouts of ACCH,Wallen,Hunter- had a first aid meet at the Wallen School well prepared Our first aid ,Februa1y'l9th. Our troop was we when we held our lest pwactice team w s made up of Norman The scout movement was founded by Sir RobertKLordlBaden Powell in England ii 1908. Through the good turn of an unknown English scout the idea was brought to the United States by W.D.Boyce of Brown,Charles Smith,Harold Barnhart,Carl Chicago! The Society was incorporated or Filloff,Louis Sm ers, and Robert Fett. If February 8th 1910, a date which has ever we get ass we can go to the G.E. Club Comp- since been celebrated by scouts all over petition America. We have learned how to use a tournequit In 1916 the Boys Scouts of America It is a very dangenous thing to use and must were granted a federal charter by Congress be handled carefully. It may be used to stop It was one of four organizations so char- the flow of bmood from a wound or to stop thetered. Previous to 1910 both Daniel Char- flow of blood snake bite. to the heart as in case of a A tournequit must not be left in place for a long period of time. ter Beard and Ernest Thompson Sexton had done pioneer work for boys along similar lines. The scut membership is in seventy three countries of the world and has more than 2,000,000 members enrolled. 1, g Bill Smith,8A. i ' -B I - .-xi-ra-user-2-:es-as-z.-as-as-He WCW E ,Qi H 2 " 'suxxx If u,,f"." X ' ',,5. QU By Bob Fett 3 '--"' A Tournequet ,-, C::::3 ' .eeiaaieseiaseseaaea gijf' Czzf-7 WHAT I EIKQQPQABOUT SCOUT CAMP by i-into ag Last sum er all of the scouts of the by Bill Smith Allen County Children's Home went to Camp ax-xx N N ,I Big Island for two weeks. we had Q lot of fun iggj i '- - 05 fun there but what I liked most was the nj Swimming. X "' When I went up there I did not know The Scouts Blanket Roll how to swim, Up there you are not considered its4444+4i+itttttiiiirtrfirirrriti as knowing how to swim u til you can swim WHAT I LIKE ABOUT SCOUT CAMP 25 yards. You are a beginner until you can I like swimming about the scout camp go 50 yards. When you can go 75 yards you the most. There are swimming directors are in the advanced class. At the end of thrnshomtry to teach us how to swim. There three da ya I could go 25 yards and 50 by the end of the first week. When I came ba ck at the 75 yards! We and afternoon A end of two weeks I could go went swimming each morning . E ugene Torrence,7A. CAMPING are classes for beginners who cannot swim at all and for those who are more adavanced. At noon there is a general swim period for everyogg. 05231 rown,7A. G ---4 " P.. ... ......., 'i X. ...... .. Q ........,, ,M ' A X ,........ -..-h ix., ..,x 'ii'-P' ghpdgh CANOEING -...,..,.-- I

Page 32 text:

5 oi A-' ' -1 --an N o ge o l :ge thee Tifeesf afaeee' Q3 " x :fb-SE if rg .-.o E 5 ' BY 'sb git' " 1 - 5- BILL Ur 1 . 1 RHONE MUS NN A, and she has become as his own little 3 xxxxx N sister. Corrine Lutz! BA. . swaiaw sex ,' ing Ftoon A HELPFUL SCOUT TROOP Nrxxxx CJ It WHS in the middle O? June when In the little town of James- there WHS 21 high flood ln the state town the p ople expected a flooH,once of Illieels' There lots of 1 each year because the town was on the thlnge were Weshee aWeY'i narrow banks of a river. It was late in the T Peovle Were,dr1Ven winter and just about one week until the from thelr homes spring thaw. It was a neat little town and 'q::::B by the Waters- l the Shoem ck River w s high. Everyone was There Wee e group eel worried about the river. Darkness came and boy Scouts the , Wanted to help everyone went to bed worried about the mor- reovle who were ln need' Some of the boys. ning. With early morning the river banks were flooded and the houses were half cover ed. Therewas a boy scout troop in the town. They got boats and helped to rescue the people from the flooded houses and get them to higher ground. In about two weeks the water was back in the river. The people returned to their homes. They cleaned and fixed them up again to await another flood which was sure to come again with the coming spring. Merlin Doud,8A. KHBHtWk'kHLi-It ik!- A, It was Ohio River ing houses old orphan kitten. Sh TRUE egg s coUT one of the many floods on ine On top of one of the many float- could be seen a little eight year huddled together with her little had no father,mother,brother,or sister. She was a lone except for her little kitten. The little girl was looking into the sky hands folded,and deep in prayer. All of a sudden there was a splash- her prayers had been answered. A short way off could be seen a boy in brown. Who could it be? As he neared she could see that it was someone she did not know. She had never seen a boy scout but she had heard of them and had confidence in them for her mother hnd told her before she died that they helped everyone. found places where it was almost impossibl 1 to rescue anyone They went to ces wher . ple little children were left alone, while ' their parents were in town. Some were with out food and clothing and others were with out shoes. , is carry4 The boy on the 1941 calendar ing o little girl that one left alone with only the black kitten for company. The child had no shoes. The home looked like 1 it was nearly washed away. The windows wen broken. The child does not seem to be frightened at all. The boy is carrying the child to the boat. He is going to take it? to a place where it can be cnrred for, f until a home can be found fer it. I Wilma Deltz,8A. I xii.Mo,,,K.ox,,,,,.,o,,,+4,ng4yirM 1 INSPECTION DAY Fon TROOP 24 ? Inspection day is the last opportunih to earn badges for the year. We are to bring all the things which we did for the: year and put them along the blackboard f to gether. We will stand in front of our ! exhibits. mrs.Pool1ng will go around and F inspect everything carefully. If we receid passing grades we may recieve a badge on A one of the followingzwood Carving,Sewing, or First Aid. Wilma and Corrine will recej ive attendance badges and Mildred and 4 Dorothy will receive Scribe badges. I , think we will all be very happy. 4 Dorothy LaMons.8A. ' He helped the little girl off the roof. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri ' V" I He then put her in e bnlnket and putting her CAMPORE E 1 kitten on his shoulder,carried them to his Each year the boy scouti boat. He paddled away up to the shore hwere go to Camporee. It is n two day affair ' there were many other refugees. with good timGS fOr all' We make many Defi Not only did he Save the little girl's acquaintances. Usually it rains when we life but she was adopted into his family go to camp. This year we go to Pbrtland.l Qcontinued next colum j Joe Biggs.7A. 1

Page 34 text:

Z AV CE:.c2?L: gs' g .v 'f""C.! X" QQ? , i S ON MY HONOR 1 WILL 'my fur 1 g To do my duty to God and m Country qf,-ex my and a boy scout ran out to hglgf To help other people at all times ,f,.,.+ -B hm. He.put hm in the boat .ee I To obey the girl scout laws. 'A' yy rowed hlm T13 Saiityiam ' , "' haf I U oro y ons.8A. y Be wee f W m?Zdmk?-FWM I SLOGAN: Do a good turn daily v ............... Xt . T' 'i' l On Thursdays after school we I GIRL SCOUT LAW -I I have our scout meetings in the' L. A girl scout's honor is to be i 305' 'Seri 23313955935 P3-25' if tru3ted, N I 8 SC O0 lng. 6 are , 2. A girl scout le loyal. I legrnine some very intereetinsf 5. A girl scout's duty is to be usef thlngfvtand ife aii? doing Somw and to help others. I l Very Ln efee 1118 mae' ' 4. A girl scout is e. friend to all If Recently We eteffed 'Mies and n sister to every other scou . V 36125 from lit?1i glockihgf Woq 5. A girl scout is courteous. 95 SUS are Paln e OD WOOQ 6. A girl scout is a firend to animals. yy Litind theglege Strgnihtogithir' Q 7. A girl scout obeys ord rs. I a Cor eme C e Oc S I 3, A girl Scout is cheerfil, ,Val th have different names painted on A 9. A girl scout is thrifty. em' - l0.A girl scout is clean in thought,word, t t Af Qhe bgiieeeei ef the ifnrtwi meds and d d, o em po es. e plc ure was lrs racel 44432444iqageainnsgngggqqqgqqqgg on the WOOd. It was then cut into the wod THE FOUNDE R or GIRL scouls. with e knife- I , , ! In-e.Julliette Lew,ef Savnnnm,Georgia, We e-Fe HOW Studylns fleet Md' We i organized the f United S totes irst girl guides in the e in l872. The movement grew rapidly. The name was changed to girl scouts and the 280,000 active group now numbers over members in the United S totes and its possessions. Through an International 0ouncil,the national groups are affiliated and although they maintain separate organizations they have the sane laws and purposes. The movement was first intended for girls 10 to l8 years of gae. Wilma Deltz,8A. -K'iP'.r-X-'r'.H1-X-'f?r'n-'sJ'x4A-,2ek6'.-"aJ'4JA-12-',i-'A-i-l'JA-i-'x-k-6S5 5 GOOD SCOUT Once there was n house beside the river A terrible storm blew it into the river. A boy scout was passing and saw the house. He went in and found a little girl and her to his boat. BoB Fett,8A. 4444an444444++444aesaa++ae++4++44 THE RED LETTE R DAY. The river was over flowing. People were needing help. Babies who had lived their few moments were rying. Children who were old enough to talk were crying for help. What a day. What n terrible day. Boy S couts were doing the best they could. Red Cross nurses were trying to - keep people comfortable. A fter the main excitement was over there was one little baby crying for help Qcontinued next column, have learned how to take ous bites and how to take care of a perse who has taken poison. We have learned many other interesting first aid ideas tc Ethel Richerdson,7A. 4eseseeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ' WHAT I LIKED BE ST ABOUT CAMP ' The best thing at camp for me was the swimming. I learned to do many things in the water and passed man tests. The firm test I passed was to swim around the rafy twice which made a distance of about 100 feet. The water w s tn to fifteen feet deep there. Then I would have to swim awa! from the raft and at a signal from the whistle turn over on m back and stay in f a motionless position for one minute. The I could turn over and come back to the care of poison-i kitten. He picked them up ond carried them tcnft. The next test was dive in and go as far the bottom, and bring if I could find it. I my back and float on m ! for diving. I had tQ' as possible toward 1 up a weed or sometin, then had to swim on 3 back. After I had passed the tests I receiver another cap. Now I started diving. This I 5 could do even before I knew how to swim. ' However I had trouble learning to take steps and get the hop to spring me off thei spring board. I would get on the board,waLn part way and run the rest. When I got to nl end of the board I did not stop but fell 2 Wilma De1tz,8A.

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