Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 31 of 86
Page 31 of 86

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Page 31 text:

'f ,- . F' v 'T'T7f'- '-s- , - -. -ff' . -ef. .EYE ,amp ,F A dl Q.. ngemi me y , ff. If:-1 g.'iF'1f'1 .if -". 'Q'-'."'-'K '15 "' -"I ' --' l.- " "flu 'R' 21 ' ju. 'L F-wh ?" ery , .ff-ji? TEM' ihhv ,pg ,H-Eff. fl' f S I ,Q ' ef? 'ar 7,2 .55 'l- ef- Jfe xv- 'sexi '+f1'lf-1.f- fftfgp' 21+ JI 1. I ' - f lbw w.-v fl is 11-sf if ,sf ke- 1 wa el.-H1 ,mn ,mu-. '. sg 1. fr rx' ,Q .E-'5d'..57 if-VQLEI in Ivy jlLii,.,5ix AI.: ,U 5, ms, Y' Il 1.54. .f gr, r.-,Lf ,Jn img? 214,11-A tiff? QL-1: .-3 4 ' 5 x .QMS gli J' V1 lj 'Mo um 5-3:71 viii' Ill!! .Napa .i?f'.'1--" ,' N l',f-vi ll-4,g'1' N1 :fy . er -ite. if-fl ef: his f '-Irv lit' F7 -W 23 J ' he 'ae few' Lk', IE 'nfl L'2-aw J. --f' ZSITES E'TiJf'l'G ' Boys and girls like to fly kites. the Spring will soon be here wind makes them go high in the sky. Tue boys The birds will come back and girls in our room made funny kites. Ne To sing to us m dethem out of all colors we made faces on the kites of pipe. . Then . All the kites are different and have string tails with different colors on them. Wouldn't you like to see our funny kites. Evelyn Beam,4B. 3h16i'l9Aw'?Md?7rEiPk5H9ih'HPi6'ri?'kJk3HPki?'xii'rR-LkXi-K-X . HOLLANQ The windmills are so bright and gay. They are a pretty sight as the wind turns them around so fest. Evelyn Beam,4B w+++weenwwee++a+4++ee++aae+e4+e+ek4 TULIP TIME We reed stories about Holland and then we made pictures. I made a picture of a bowl with different colored tulips. The people raise beautiful hilips.The tulips are bright colored. They make the land look cheerful. I would like to go to Holland sometime and s ee the tulips and the windmills. Joanne Erk,4b. wweaseweeaenwmewaeekeeweeaeHmkie QQ WIND M arch wind will make kites fly Run,Run,Run,little boy See how high The wind will take your kite. E velyn Beem,4B se+e+we44weeseeeeeesweaeweakeeeaai RABBITS Rabbits run,run. Rabbits hop,hop. They run so fast As they scamper past. Robert Arnold, e+++++4+++4+++444ae++++eeaeaeaeesa Egg SNOW MQN Let's make n snow man Make kim big and tell And round and fat S o he will be nice and jolly. Verde Slain,5B. e++e+J , " re44++4+eww++w WHEN I BECOME A MQN would like to be a farmer. I'd like to ride a horse on the farm. 5B. I I'd like to grow And give us cheer. Verda Slain,5B eeeeeeeeeueeeeeeeeeaeeeeeaeeae .IE EAL We nad a story about a seal. It was paws black and had smooth fur. It had no and no tail. Seals have flippers to help them walk. They live in the far north. tedhey live pert of the time on the land but most of the time in the water. Earl Torrence,sp. xi4+++swe+w+++e+s+e+eeeeeeeeee ILQWERS I planted some flower seeds They were tiny and small I hope they all grow Qhuvf To be ovely and tall. Verda Slain, 5B . seenweeeseeeee++e+eee+eenw+weeh APRIL April rains bring wild flowers I like violets abd bluebells I hope you like them too. Violet Warnick,2B 49.4-3HrXJ' ,FAUX-'ls-" 4-1dH'F,1-991-33-'k-XL-LH? FA 2?-73362-.1-59.6-'l'e EEN l 521593122 A IM When I become n man I would like to be an aviator and ride in a big airplane. I people and freight end the country to the would like to serve in would like to carry ridefrom one end of other. If I could I the arm as an aviator. Fey Stephens,Sp. 'WX-Yf"i-X'-X-l.JkJk-X-' H'f'lP.2-YmX-6Hi-i'cii-'Li-H-3'c-3HH1'f'i"3i'X'3i' WHEN I When I grow fermer's wife farm and have GROW -Q13 up I would like best to be a and live out on a nice big a nice big white house and barn. I'd have some pigs,chickens,horses, cows,lambs,and a dog and pony for myself. I'd like to sell my eggs and churn the cream into butter. I would like to have Q great big orchard of apples,peers,peeches, and plum trees. Then I would like to have lots of fresh air,good food and a lovely vegetables and wheat and watch them grow. place to live Blncnche Ramsey,Sp. Iid like to own chickens and gather the eggs 44++v++++++frir4+eHH HHHEHHEHQ every night. It would be hay wagon and help milk the cows. A farmer is out in the air and gets strong. I want to be strong too. Gene Faust,Sp. fun to ride on the When I grow up I would like to be a cir- cus cowboy. I love horses and would rather have them than anything else. Then I would tricks in the circus. All the children would laugh at me and be happy. Tom Stutz.

Page 30 text:

.fi fx 4 f' P' . i f""Q 3-lf' '.,-:Aft-f L9-5! , ' js- , Q A E :nf-5 ,.": '.'.",: "frJ!Qf IX gf-4? CZ ,lj j-"fs sfo- , sei 1297 f 5. . ga txfnf .-ji y Ii , pf f", ,ttf L,f4 ian. V451 -M If Q 'fxfgv , s 1 , yin? s ci if c?'ffX1,fS .Lynx wig I 'Ax 5 'Ll """' fi fx X V qu:-.4 . - rf -'12 ' "A I fx V." as-hu-f' -..L ,,, -V h-- sunt.. 'fix A I 3 - AI 'T' W "i"x ' I -I ":r' ' I Q vxff xgiffr :lg X xX1'X,---'N-P'2Il,d:l'.O31g2mus X---ik-ff. f ' 3 S :ser f'EI F F' . Y : K 5 1 ! - Q' I E ' xg . iff ,I I E7 4 zu . - Y ,f , :-.59 J I ' XXX-,M "xi Eg-' rg .5 5 'gl I E, s 'g g--..J gg 1155 gr' 9 ti U fisf4e,:.X E95 -5 "' sf e T alle fm.: diy in eleifmember 1950 th.-ing N' 3' ' 0 l' ei.-'ST' ,fee-1557 'I was a group of new interns at the hospital in which I worked. A few weeks later I saw one of these new doctors vhose face looked familiar to me so I went up to him and asked his name. He said it was Bill Smith. I was so as- tonished to see him. We talked quite some time of the good times we hed in the eighth grdde et ACCH. One hot dey I decded to go to the lake. A friend of mine osked me to take their lit- as rhite as d sheet and as pretty as a picture. She fell from n trapeze while do ing an ect for the children at the Home. One dey I was shopping. I was surprised to see Q picture in the window. It was so ist. I inquired where the artist lived. They told me where to find her and that her name was Delme Justice. I had a hard finding her and when I did the maid told me that she was out.AS I Went away I very pretty that I decided to see the arte tle girl tlong ing shopping. I to the lake. Th so I thought she could stay alon tool my c.r ond girl 1 s eleven ve drove out yetrs old e for a lit- whieh I did a s they were go- JH .I 'VfH'1 , I ' V I1 D. tle ehile. I TL t to buy her some ice cream. heard someone singing, It vas Christmas week and I discyvered the voice to be lincoln Tower. I Went old classmates. coming from the there and found tio of ry ,, , .-1 , ,-- 5.-nf F34-, "he were SUI'- Tlzen I ecnue oock she was nowhere to be Wlfma Dcltz mid' M' , 6 V A My - d to p . q , .. . 7 . prised to see I5 PUC DCT? SL-FT1S9 -ound. h ver'on, e:oUno seemed to be very I i,, 1 - - ,A A - 1- - - hear of Delma. Alina to-d me she was much exciton. A loop near me seemed familiar ' , . 1 J - 'rd I o shed her thot 'os 1'ronE5 The l dv Worki-Tig ln 5' ECU'-7" F373 Dr me dung Well :'. urn, li fl. .1 , -Il d Q , T' ., . - 1 -f - - - ' H o d vtnt I ms ecing and I told hrptenee to er- 1-Hfrie White I ffnet neeror U13-mi' H5196 ' ' . - .Ah , , no I . U U - nn? G I ,Zh A + 4 eww the like and eau that it was the little girl her that I MT' isp? lufg In Jni,i+Qc1fo1 U' ,A , I I , ,,-- stage. I invited ti W to e pit J e.e ' .ho h!i come .onthe like oitn me. 1 ,avr v iqw whip mf, put Gif until ,hen the life sever Drought her in I OV'-'5 evmj' ' ,:ii"tOIm1,C :t H - "'-.H--' 0 'V 'f ""'- --I - -J - :., :ent to him :nd explained whot had hoppencd DHT 'MQY gnu IC o" " I 1 ., . . I -. . N. W , I ' - 1--f -, 9 ' ja L IQ-5 Q NC l94i. nt 'hire telging to him I HOt1CCG that I had ff'QH'E tor all WLC Alf S :H L, , ,T rt seen him before. I asked his name :md fotmd AI""5'L' rail Widui',,gm'..,f?gQ ubeg-lzgifliel T- . . rr , if-. 1 f- f ' " 1 --'U ' C . . him to he Ier'ir Dowd Nffw-Q 1 one Lfdl-1 rim' ' ' 'L r "I" ' 4' ' L " ' fe. I. r- 1-.- -'JM - 'V ' Liter I lookin? for fl new home I Lu.nzrE"J'C" ed Yf'1'1-"TH Jfflvf-TY L'L'N.'iD,7t""' - 7 - . ' .IJ I . , ' Gfqfq Mqyig shite.Amv Foto. Merlin Joni. looked end rookie for three weeks with no Ui ' 9'C dhC'rrQL yr .7 'JOEY cchae ' - vw- 'A . ' -" 7"' I ' I 1, -r- Ju I, 1. L.' .- sneehss. :1niIlT I cane across n home 11th gig ??I2'an d E'ffI61UL4.C- we Led -, the Hfor rontu sign, I vrnt to the house and 9 39 Q In loser ""r L' " U . . . . f L' . - -nn +-'v - ons- ' c t xfnoeicco. The no you mpptsf. came to the door'?WfmdC1f'1l tum T"'fiE+u'g in "1 tue Ven S - Q . .e f' fri, 'JFS It was none other than Amy ELIE. .hut a pl,fsure Ot 194l' Q ' , Q50 in Lutz sure it vis to see her. Eut I just obout hdZGllfBO err! e AJQL , A 1 , , Q .y.yrvX.1'1.x1.,2.:,:..x...zH5.vX-4,Q'LX"ALl-5'1-I5-1?.C-l1wl- .Hx-,f-X'X :G- ilzmted 3.12 introduced me to nor hus- 'F F In 'W' band, John Senie. Billfwriting ax letter to his grandmother Some time ,fter I 1' 3 on n vacation. asked Mrs Bolinger how to spellfpudding, I decided to :pond it in Floride..I wanted putting. When the letter was continued to tvke an girpinne for Qfme rc syn or other, it read as follows: I want to th, field ond was panning on when I efme Dear Grandmother: Thanks for the I como across Dfneld Zghie. It 3115 happened he w money you gave me, I an pudding it he nf: going to tn, sfme pL1ec fn:1g'self. in the bank. With love, Later I beyfn tu xtwry the pilot, Ur looked Bill, f'Lji1i!,1', I f'f,1mfl him -L., be R551-t Ryf-rl, weree4eeHH-u-n-n-H-xJ.-n-x-x-:-rfn-rex+:-.'ex-u-n+n-1'-x-se I vfs rgnin working in 1 hogpitnl in New York. I uns called to rodm 205 ind to my amazement Mildred Ytrmnn urs lying on her If-,-..-.+4Y..1,.f1 N v+ fm11m..X

Page 32 text:

5 oi A-' ' -1 --an N o ge o l :ge thee Tifeesf afaeee' Q3 " x :fb-SE if rg .-.o E 5 ' BY 'sb git' " 1 - 5- BILL Ur 1 . 1 RHONE MUS NN A, and she has become as his own little 3 xxxxx N sister. Corrine Lutz! BA. . swaiaw sex ,' ing Ftoon A HELPFUL SCOUT TROOP Nrxxxx CJ It WHS in the middle O? June when In the little town of James- there WHS 21 high flood ln the state town the p ople expected a flooH,once of Illieels' There lots of 1 each year because the town was on the thlnge were Weshee aWeY'i narrow banks of a river. It was late in the T Peovle Were,dr1Ven winter and just about one week until the from thelr homes spring thaw. It was a neat little town and 'q::::B by the Waters- l the Shoem ck River w s high. Everyone was There Wee e group eel worried about the river. Darkness came and boy Scouts the , Wanted to help everyone went to bed worried about the mor- reovle who were ln need' Some of the boys. ning. With early morning the river banks were flooded and the houses were half cover ed. Therewas a boy scout troop in the town. They got boats and helped to rescue the people from the flooded houses and get them to higher ground. In about two weeks the water was back in the river. The people returned to their homes. They cleaned and fixed them up again to await another flood which was sure to come again with the coming spring. Merlin Doud,8A. KHBHtWk'kHLi-It ik!- A, It was Ohio River ing houses old orphan kitten. Sh TRUE egg s coUT one of the many floods on ine On top of one of the many float- could be seen a little eight year huddled together with her little had no father,mother,brother,or sister. She was a lone except for her little kitten. The little girl was looking into the sky hands folded,and deep in prayer. All of a sudden there was a splash- her prayers had been answered. A short way off could be seen a boy in brown. Who could it be? As he neared she could see that it was someone she did not know. She had never seen a boy scout but she had heard of them and had confidence in them for her mother hnd told her before she died that they helped everyone. found places where it was almost impossibl 1 to rescue anyone They went to ces wher . ple little children were left alone, while ' their parents were in town. Some were with out food and clothing and others were with out shoes. , is carry4 The boy on the 1941 calendar ing o little girl that one left alone with only the black kitten for company. The child had no shoes. The home looked like 1 it was nearly washed away. The windows wen broken. The child does not seem to be frightened at all. The boy is carrying the child to the boat. He is going to take it? to a place where it can be cnrred for, f until a home can be found fer it. I Wilma Deltz,8A. I xii.Mo,,,K.ox,,,,,.,o,,,+4,ng4yirM 1 INSPECTION DAY Fon TROOP 24 ? Inspection day is the last opportunih to earn badges for the year. We are to bring all the things which we did for the: year and put them along the blackboard f to gether. We will stand in front of our ! exhibits. mrs.Pool1ng will go around and F inspect everything carefully. If we receid passing grades we may recieve a badge on A one of the followingzwood Carving,Sewing, or First Aid. Wilma and Corrine will recej ive attendance badges and Mildred and 4 Dorothy will receive Scribe badges. I , think we will all be very happy. 4 Dorothy LaMons.8A. ' He helped the little girl off the roof. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri ' V" I He then put her in e bnlnket and putting her CAMPORE E 1 kitten on his shoulder,carried them to his Each year the boy scouti boat. He paddled away up to the shore hwere go to Camporee. It is n two day affair ' there were many other refugees. with good timGS fOr all' We make many Defi Not only did he Save the little girl's acquaintances. Usually it rains when we life but she was adopted into his family go to camp. This year we go to Pbrtland.l Qcontinued next colum j Joe Biggs.7A. 1

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