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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 28 of 86
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Page 28 text:

T T T :L 1 0 T mr .3--.P Q Qelfsfi W ffm i ,Rf 59' Att 1 P ,sa g E ev'- SH5: eel .ggjse ::f- 5555255 :fu seed Gg5EE?3:le :::f-- - K--25-,fe ,, if 5- -ec.. 1: X -:-5, 5.5 35255 -.J5555 .Ei K E53 Egg- 5555 55 5 - - 3-55' .. E555 3 , - MACHI NE T OLS Even in the Stone Age,savnges used tools to make things. Early man used hard bits of flint to fashion his stone clubs and arrow heads v Later men made their houses and furn- iture of wood. They developed the sIw,chisel, h2m er,file,nnd plane to shape wood. when man began to work with metal these tools were not hard enough nor powerful enough. Machines of hardened steel or alloys, driven by power,were needed to cut and shape the metal. Such machines were called machine tools. Machine I001B.llk8kth6 presses on which our newspapers are printed,the machines that spin and weave our cloth,grind our flour,turn LUM ERING The first step in lumbering is the selection of the site. This is done by men whose duty it is to survey the for- est from the standpoint of economy in sawing and delivery of logs to the mar- ket. One site is chosen for the camp. A force of men is hired to build roads from the railroad or highway to the camp site. There must be trucks,power-hoists, tractors,teams,wagons,saws,blacksmith and garage equipment,tools,stoves,and cooking utensils and food supplies for the men and operations. All these are needed at the camp which must be built as soon as equipment can be hauled in. There is built an office,bunk-houses, our elctric refrigerators,radios,vncuum cleanraneSS h8l1S,b1aCkSmith Sh0P5, garageS,and ers,telephones,sutomobiles,airplanes,and tractors. There are two main types of machine toolsgthose used for general work and those for one particular job. Richard Filloff,7A. fasaxf' ' Assisi QQ3 SHOP CLASS. Every dey from lo:5O to 11:50 the boys of the seventh and eighth grades have shop. we make many projects such as end tables. cut outs,book shelves,chinese checker boards filing cabinetS,tops,wooden bal1s,wooden bowls,and many other things. We have some bqys who made model airplanes and racers. We get e lot of pleasure running the power tools and learn to do n good job of work if we are willing to be careful and mnke use of our instructions. I believe that we are making a great advance in our shop class. Our shop teacher is Mr.S ellers. Bill Smith SA. as+4use4444s+ssa+aea+e4a++a4aa4aa4a Bill: Buddy,can you spare n dime for a cup of coffee. Merlin:S orry,I haven't a dime. But I could give you some good advice. Bill:No thanks, If you haven't n dime your advice couldn't be worth much. stables,and sometihes there are other buildings. The road into camp is built for hauling large heavy loads, Smaller roads are built from the main road into the cutting areas.On these roads the logg are pulled to the main roads. At certain locations along the main road there are cleared ares called skidwnys. Logs are he here piled up to await the trucks and sleds to take them to the mills. All logs on the skidways are scaled or measured for the number of feet that can be cut from each. The men who do this are called scalers. From this point the logs are sent to the mills. The oldest method of transporting logs is by float- ing them. This is done in the spring when the ice thaws and the freshets fill the rivers. This phase of lumbering has provided experiences that have made backgrounds for interesting stories,of lumbermen of the by-gone days. The lumberjacks wear spiked shoes and carry a peavey which is n long pole with a straight and cur- ved hook,one at each end. When logs jam in the river they are dynamited to break the jam. This movement is called the spring dnmve.When logs get to the mill fcOntinued next pngel

Page 27 text:

' r it , lr-A I 4- F2"'ji-:iwf,v1g5Q7tfQfQ v--7,311 if .N ,irff , .I I " fs, 'FQ '1gfFxfgejffZ.ff:g:, f ,554 2i'h5il?L3:?Pfy'1'3'y1235 ll P v tl T rib' 'ie' ,:f'?1Fff's fill. Qfi-nf: git! ,, ,F ' Fira 1' - f,'-fy-1"' Heisffn . fig ix1 lgfnr'!'4t:A."-:I .F-"flies Y YI' B ' 1 v f 1-C5431 1,7"'L'm Til" Q- 3' 11,-' 1- Faq!! 1-at J, Q' imap' 42'-V 1-lk.-i , l -f ' -1 A I 4.1 :IV J -1.?A3,4ffl.3: . f,f.',4 .At J tdi5?. 44, I fgiiey. ,g'y.1mi' sim- Ftti s?T'e' ni f.,gffrQ5 cams sgwgyngf jrf: '.r'.x p,f!N ON-',!1v,V?' '- 'QS-:jj gui if ,Yf 1 . 'A raw, .Jig " 1' ,pig ii: -I ft?-A',' Q 3, ssl if f , - H ., r is f - I . T-, 5 ,nl vf215,4mee. ffinsgfw ,, ,JS -jg +1-'-E' -4, nfl: iff, .X .. a 'tl'-'1 V r. - , ' ,ff 4" 1 E+, A' .f .Q : 1543 ' jfs " ,,AL:m1, 'i'f.j, 'uffkiy f.kE1Q,: 1 'gig-'J 'mfg' 1,-lf JA 0 5 .4 ' -. -f fore' f L,'1'v'3l,'f.w' gil' 7 ,' -n 'A Din L "HL-1' , 11.1 'Q " 4511! -as JS. 1.liLL3.!-limi! ss:-L a Q4 1.5392 FL:-'rf Lila 'g,,u-5 2 ffl-' I-as fd ' ' Q ' m:.Sellers:Euogene will you explain Ecu you fjf1QMETl0 get that answer. Investigations by teachers and businef' Eugene: Ask Jlmfhe is the ODS I F23 :5 from. men have 5 own that never before has thug ssssswnsswyswwseeaeawAwssuklxees bgcn aqch Nidggpread need of arithmetic: ARlfEMQjQQH because there is no other subject that if Arithmetic is the ssierce of numoersrwe so closely connected with everyday need' use artihmetic constantly in our deily life. and because of widening fields of labor so that is why it is very important that we demand more and more practical understanc learn all the little facts. essssasssssssssssssssssswsssssuss ESTATE? Mr.Sellersg Boo,rhat answer do you have? Poo Ryens 454 miles. IvEr.3ellersKai'ter Bob had changed his ansmeri What ans er have you now? BCD Pyen: 45.4 tents. Nr.Sellers: And how did you get it? Eco Eyre: Bill Smith put a decimal point there for mes aesees:ei-zeaseea-H-res-n-n-referee.-rev.-weasa-re Q13 Milli The moon is about 240,000 miles from the eorth, lt is the nearest of the heavenly Ladies. Its diameter is 2,160 miles which is e little more than one fourth that of the earth. The moon appears to be about the same size as the sun but in reality it is only about one four hundredth the size endhns the appearance since it is only about one four hundredth the distance from the earth that the sun is. , The naked eye sees zany light and dark spots on the moon. Through the telescope the dark nrems seem to be level spices and the light parts are rough! Photographs of the moon through large telescopes show the moon to be very uneven and mountainous. The dark areas are great plains surrounded by mountninsu Some of the mountains are in great chains that have been named after similar chains on the earth,ns the Alps ing of figuring and working with numbers and number relations. What does the vorld demand of boys nbc girls fourteen end sixteen years of nge, who leave school to bccom e workers?The need of employers in every line of work is for employees with n g of arithmetic. enernl knowledge It cannot be too plainly stated that the young person going into the vorking world vill have the best opportunities who can carry vith him a knovledge of erithretic. It is the key problems which confront h We must study erithmet to the ordinar' im diily. ic then,becaus it is a very grnctical subject indeed the most practicul in all school work. You.zmy read scmevhot hnltingly and with out true inflect1en,you.sny be Pnrdoned for occnsitmnl mistakes in speech,but th: exact sc lense of rumbers as developed ir arithmetic demnnds accuracy nnd percisifn This is the reason that most of the pagcs in sets of books :re devoted to a clear and intelligent explanation of every department of arithmetic. Besides the yrncticil vnlue of the there is an vnlue,vEicn it is true is importer sub j o 3' t. ce,but yet xerthy Narlo important cultural secondary in of attention. White,8A. . f .. - X. , X. N. .,- H - -A-"i-D2-5'm-'.i-'.i-iHE-53'?'w-,'i-!'f-J?-,H-nE-.9,E 666.-61-X-,dhdi-,C X X-X-X-vrii . . . . . ER rurrg r and Caucasus. Others raise magesticelly into , -iii-+3-535 the air as isolated peaks. Many of the neun- tains are from l000 to 2000 feet high and some are 25,000 feet high. There are thousands of formations on the moon that resemble volcanic craters on the earth. It is not known if they are of vol- canic origin. The lunar pits vnry in size from one eighth of a miles to more than 100 miles across. Some of the larger craters have surrounding rims with elevations more thin l6000 feet high. Often smaller craters are within the large ones and in many in- stinces high mountains rise from the floor of m lrrge crater David Nesbitt.Sp. crust are accompanied by Sometimes the movement of the enrth'2 sudden slipping of rock. Vibrations are then set up they travel through the earth. These vibra- tions are called earthquakes. Generally these vibrations cause on bling of the earth but oc vibration movement is so cause buildings to tumble city nmy be wrecked in n ly n slight Lrg cnsionnlly tu, intense as to down. An entir few minutes. Earthquakes are studied and recorded oy nn instrument called a se ismogreph, This instrument consists of e heavy pendulum with a pointer which hang s motionless except when the enrth is vibrating.

Page 29 text:

mus asked Mr.Spencer if he was going to the Qcontinued from last pagel .hey are p t in the mill pond. They will elack or check if they are not kept there vntil they are sawed. The logs are hauled fp to the platform of a ear where they are sawed. All of the tools are driven by steam or electricity. Bill Smith,8A. 9?-G-X-X-Bl-99.4-li-94-X-X-6 Hi-X 91-if-IH'4.1-Z-Y:-I 1-'14 HH dt QHF1-' 1- THE CIRCUS Tuesday Morning,Uay 15,1941 ?iQ1 Rhoneh pieces could by cut to shape on the jii saw and sanded on the disk sander. The is worked out in a beautiful geometric design in different colored woods. The pieces are glued in place with airplane cement so that there is no danger of tr , being pulled loose. The finish is of sk lac and varnish. There are about seven coats on now. Each have been rubbed and polished and several will still be put e before it is really finished. The desk Circus. Mr.Spencer said,U I look at you and - ' hhell d ' 'd d t d th drr:f by the News Sentinel photographer and it will be seen in the Passing Youth Page of the News Sentinel. - and I see a baboon,and I look at Floyd Fer- rier and I see a monkey so I see enough circus for me out here.W Donald Schie,8A. XJHHHii+WPHPkxH4Z4+?+PH 6Hii ART The boys and girls in the seventh and eighth grades are doing very lovely work in their Art Projects. Some of them ahve drawn John schie, BA . -X-'li-Ye-X131-X-lP'.c-'k6P.E-X-X-ki-3 HH'rX-X-7H2-!i'1'c-1H2-i2-5i-K-J'.c-31'-T1-Ii-!1-X' CROCHETING WORK I have just learned how to crochet nnc is it ever fun. First my stitches are all wrong and then I pul too tight. I get my very pretty pictures on pieces of linen cloth thread all mixcd up in my hands. SO the and have painted them with beautifull.: colors of show card paints. Others have made reciepe books which are designed and painted on the covers. They are very pretty. - We like art work very much and always try to do our very best and to make as many different kinds of articles as possible. Ethel Richardson,7A. sw+wmeses++++feeeesee+++maHwem4 ARITHMETIC Arithmetic is m very best subject. I cannot always get the problems but someone will always come to my recuse with help if it is necessary. There is only one thing that I don't like about arithmetic and that is when I get started and get interest- ed in the problems a nd we have to quit and go to something else. When I graduate I want to take mathematics in m first year high school. If it is as much fu as now it will be my very best subject. Marie White,8A. iE961W4iJX- H?K-X-l-3?i?-.?Jki6HHH?KJf6y44hT-Z?fvJ.9kX-8kfc Mg.SELLERS DESK Five years ago two boys started on this desk. They did most of the frame work and the side panels. Each of the following years there was a little done as boys camefalong who wished to work on it. Now it ishabout ready to be finished up. The real thing about this desk is that it was all put together by hand. As needed the power saw and jig saw were used. The legs were turned on the lathe. The real beauty of the desk is in the hand shaped inlay which goes to make the top design. It was all done by hand except Where the little only thing to do is try again. Of course it is more fun pulling it out so it doesn not matter how many mistakes I make. But I em sure that I will learn someday. Delma Justice,8A. sssseeeeseeeeesseeee eeeeeenswsweees GODD ENGLISH VIR! FEW people use good English. They should not only write good English but th they should speak it as well. Man say Unin't2 instead of Wisn'tU or Uaren'tU an Ugitu for Ugetu. They also use many other words wrongly. Sometimes people call other by the last name which is not very court- eous. E very child should learn how to speak good English while they are young- Eugene Terrence RWEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH44ii HOW DC BACTERIA ENTER Bacteria may enter the body through ti digestive tract. They may be inothG foof we eat. They sometimes come with milk OT water. Drinking cups,penCilS,t0YS,0P QVCV our ovn hands may have them on and bo Plf ed in the mouth. X 3 N n , .QNX 2 5 5,25 ,R "IN 59 Q A Kg Fbfkpr fl 'if 1 h m' ?1"Y2ff1JX wang right SNEEZING HABITS Another common avenue of invasion for bacteria is through the nose. Droplets of sputum are thrown into the air when peopl fccntinued next pagel

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