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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 22 of 86
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Page 22 text:

THE STORY OF BASKET BALL The game of basket ball was invented in the year 1892 by Dr.James Maismith at the Y. M.C.A. school in Springfie1d,M ss. It was first played as a boy's game and soon adapt- ed in a modified form for gir1's schcols. It end of the playing court. is a game that is best played indooru, nd should have at least 4000 for playing. The goals are elevated inches in diameter,and ple sq.ft. of space basket eighteen ced on the center line ten feet above the floor, one at each The team consists of a certified list of players of which there may not be more than five on the floor at one time during the game. A round leather ball 50 to 52 inches in circumference is used. At the beginning of the game it is tossed up between two play- ers at the center of the court. When the ball is tossed into the basket it counts two points. When a foul is committed a play- er on the opposing team gets a free throw which counts one point. John Schie,8A. i-4Hi-'f'2+i9kl-xP1J4-2i2'H'dk6G-X4Pkk9k3i-EJA-k'kfri2-E-E4-i4v Mr.Sellers: What inspired the old time poin- eers to set forth in their cpvered uagons? Mildred: Well, maybe they did not want to wait about thirty years for a train. 4+sas+aa+as4ee+aa+aaaaeaaaasaeaaaaaa ACCH EE HOAGLAND The ACCH boys played the first game of the second semester at the Hoagland School Gym. The first half went badly for the ACCH boys. The second half showed added enthus- iasm and Hoagland was outscored by two points for the half. The final score was ACCH 56 and Hoaglrnd 49. The linup was as follows ACCH HOAGLNAD Neal Hagan Tyril Omie Brown Siegers Joe Biggs Reed James Marshall Earlywine Donald Schie Purdue Fay Stevens Weseal Billy Smith Sinroes Donald Schie,8A.Sports Editor ?r?'n+'H4W'HHf?Hk?r?HrkP':k?Fkk Customer: I'd like to buy a hat. Country Store-keeper,rather deaf: Hay? Customer: No, straw, +444444444444a+4++s++4aua+4++4x4+44+ Jemes:A camel can.go eight days without water Donald: S o could I if they would let me. 4PH HHd+?diMy ' T15 EQQET QE BASE BALL A grme played with a round wooden bat end a leather covered ball which weighs five ounces and is nine inches in circun ference is called base ball. There are four bases--home,first,second,and third. The pitcher stands between first and thir bases and sixty and one half feet from the home plate. A base ball team consists of nine play ers and a game regularly continues nine innings. An inning is over when one team puts three outs on the opposing team. Base Ball is the national game of the United States, and was played in somthing like its present form at Cooperstown,New -York in 1859. The ball used was of live- ly rubber covered with yarn and measured ten and one half inches A national association was formed in 1858 and hhe first club was the Red Stockings of Cincinnatti. In their fam- ous tour of 1869 they won all their games The national league was formed in 1876 and the American Association in 1882 and the American League in 1900. John Schie,8A. N44HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH8HHHHH?kkk++4444+44 Bob: I see you hurt your head. Did you have X-rays taken? Joe: Yep. Bob: What did they show? Joe:Nothing. Bob: Sure thing,truth will out. sesssasaaaaesaaeaeeaeseesesaaeeeswsex ACCH vs JAM S SMART The ACCH team met in a teriffic clash Tuesday evening February 11th at the AC Gym and came out on top with a final scor of 27 to 26. AC score ten times from the floor as also did Smart. AC scored seven times at the free throw line and Smart only succeeded six times there. The scorq at he end of the first quarter as 7-5 iT favor of AC and stood 16-10 at the half. In the last half Smart pulled ahead and the score stood 24-22 in their favor fo1 a moment. AC again forged ahead in the last two minutes and ended the game witl a one point lead. Biggs scored 15 points and Brown nine. Allen County James Smart Brown Weissman Fay Stevens Gidlel' Biggs Conser , Schie Bragg Marshall Arnett Subs for AC were Hngnn and for Smart ' were Michline,Agncodf,and Esterline. Donald Schie,8A?Sorts Editog

Page 21 text:

A CCH vs FRANKLIN February 25th we pl yed Franklin School in our own gym. Our boys took the lewd efrly in the game with m score of 5-2 in the first quarter. Then we got hot in the seennd quart er with a score of 11-4 ot the half. In the second half Franklin sent in Q 1H:le 1 n team but our boys kept on until BX-" diese minutes of the third quarter. T'- Yr started scoring end pulled up tr Ti-1q.The . game continued to the lust minrt2 1.'n ith the score standing at 19-21. We started stalling Schie came down through,shot,and missed.It went out of bounds and Franklin passed in. We recovered the bell and stalled again until the whistle sounded the end of the game. Final score was ACCH 21-Franklin 19. ACCH FRANKLIN Hagan Zhan Brown Carpenter Biggs Longley Marshall Yerman Schie Betty Stevens Mahlan Torrence Lana ROPPH Sperling Smith Donald Schie and Bill Smith Sports Editors. asks4+ss4s444+a+s4se+se+sssa++s+s++wa GRADE SCHOOL BLSKET BALL TOURNEI ACCH was defeated by Hnrmar in the first game of the l941 Grade School Brsket Brll Tourney. The games were played in the Cent- ral High School Gym. ACCH was nosed out early in the game by s score of 5-l and con- tinued to lead throughout the half with n QCCH vs HARRISON HILL The ACCH tedm bowed to Harrison H Tuesduy,Fobruwry 18th. It was nn excit? tough, fnd teriffic bettle. The score 1' the end of the AC in the lord Hill hrd piled llfimillld to first quarter was 5-2 tie but at the half Harrison up n score of ll-6 and et 29-21 by the end of the ' Hill made l2 field goals gzme. Hrrrison rnd five fouls . AC made seven field goel and seven fouls. The players were: ACCH HARRISON HILL Brown Berney Schie Hrberscroh Biggs Cowen Terrence McCormick Marshall Joyce Hagan Pajeh Fey StevenS Dislevu Ray Stevens Dodndd Sehie ned Bill Smith Sports Editor S uwsaaie+ssses+a++4++444wwsi+44s ACCH vs FOREST PARK Allen County Home Basket Boll Team plnyed Forest Park in their gyn.Friday evening March 7th. Fore st Park won the game by n score of 25-22. ACCH led at the end of the first quarter 9-5, and the score was tied at ll all for the half. At the third quarter Forest Park led 17- 14. LCCH tied the score at 19 all in the last period and they pulled out ahead to win with e score of 25- was as follows. ACCH F Terrence Hagan good margin. At the half the score nes 14-7. Biggs During the second half ACCH scored rap- Schie idly and closed in to l5-16 at the end of the Marshall third quarter. At the beginning of the last Fay Stevens period ACCH closed in and tied the score at 16 all. Then Biggs and Terrence were retired Ray Stevens The Forest Park grne 22. The line-up OREST PARK Welker Murray Swfrtz Bfstress Vogel Stoots Frazer ended the rcgulm. nd six loses. We to the bench by fouls and Hnrmer forged season uith three wins s ahead to win by a final score of 25-16, The won from Frdnklin,Jefferson,nnd Smart.nno game was hard fought from beginning to the lost to Adems,Hnrrison Hil1,Honglnnd, end. ACCH HARMAR Terrence Meehan Hagan Milton Biggs Pokora Schie M cComb Marshall Fiecher F.Stevens Alexander R.StevenS Smith D onald Schie and Bill Smith,8A Sports Editors. -jg-33-XQ-yi-',f-yi-1.-2" ',,-Q-X-3,-1hH4-5' X' ,bV4JA-ii-'4ii-k4i-'4Jkl-li'li'3i-ii-'3i'l3'bFk-1u-Y1'Ys'75' Forest Park,and Washingt On. Donald Schie and Bill Smith,8A Sports Editors. sasswsswsaaaaensasseseeasaesnahskssws Mildred: A tramp is at the back door and I'm going to give him one of m pies. I feel sorry for him. John: So do I. -361-' If-inf' X-K-is-K-' A .x-If:'.3.-"'.c1f:X' -?'S,v1'P" ,riHHi-'R"'.c4:-H A-K-3" HHS-',6-li-li-iii' Bill:Cen I trust him? Bob: No,even the wool he pulls over your eyes is half cotton 'R-'k4k3P.3-'fc-n-is-H" 44.32-69.3-If.-5H5,c4kJ'

Page 23 text:

Il 1 fl! - ,x.!I1?'1:1,5:'.:i:1:f ofjj -' gy-I -MN i f H fm aw 2 fn . ti' wtf-? f4"'F'tF:"s , gvfmsg -kfxi eulx Q I iii A fi Q I gl'-R 's HpM5i4LNf,!v,,.f ab 5 l'7XV 55? Jf:Qg:'g: 3:hifuorLfd'9gMx '?:iM if V ' RN i -I ' 1 . if 'fl A' : , 'V t , ' '-"H-""x ',x ,' 5'KNV?ffjMwfwJ3LwM33LA!kM'W X R115 -r 'W' l ', J in ,lv io-.4 --. Xllf W 'R 5 ggg, ,LJ J S,ZJ ,AQJ -Q13 e413 T , ----v- By Wilma Deltz. 5 The word gcograph comes from two Greek words,ngeU,and,nGrnphaN,in combination, moan ing description of the earth. Geography dif- fers from geology and other sceinces of the earth in the fact that geography studies the earth as the abode of mankind. It is closely related in certain of its aspects, to the sciences of economics,history,nstronomy,bot- :un ,soology,nnd meteorology. Geography is usually classified on the basis of its subject matterzmathemnticnl ' 1 geogrnphy,ph sicel geogruphy,physiogrophy, and biological geography. Mathematical geog- lrephy concenns the size,shope,end movements of the earth. Physical geography deals with ithe layers of the enrth's surfnce,lnnd,seo, If 'ond air. Biological geography studies the ylife conditions of plants and animals on the one hand and of man on the other. Wilma Doltz,8A. l +4iii4i4ii4kfkkHHHHBHHHHHHHHSHHHHHE y UNSCIENTIFIC FACTS y Plants are thinks like the own glwnet ,which take a cose around the sun. i E uegene Terr '-'e" fce,7A An eclipse is w hen the mo'n D-cl ,rt t ythe sun's rays are where rhin the noon is lin the shadow of the earth. Omie Broun. An eclipse is when the sun goes in be- ,tween the earth and the noon. T Wilma Deltz. h Our source- of energy is the power thouse. Mary Bice. y Planets are hervenly bodies floating laround in space. Neal Hagan. T useaseesssssasaeeaeeeseeeesssseases ROCKS 5 Rock is the solid portion of the earthd surface. The formation of rock from molten materials is still going on and may be seen wherever active volcanoes throw out lava, which solidifies on cooling. The rock enve- lope of the arth contains nearly all the known chemical elements, though only eight of them enter into the composition of rocks in such proportions as to require naming. They are found in approximately the follow- ing proportions: Oxygen.silicon,aluminum, iron,lime,magnesium,sodium,and potassium. Qcontinued on next column.D GEOGRAPHY it W 'iii it . Silicon is the basis of all quartz rock.AluminaQalumina oxidel is the bas, of clqy,limestone,lime,and mngnesia, fmagnesiumoxidel and all the ferro-mag- nesium minerals. As used in geology the term rock means solid poriton of the enrth.Sand and gravel are rock to the geologist. The term stone is applied to detached portions of rock,though very large mass- es are usually called rock. Rounded ftp stones which have been shaped by the action of ice or water are cslled boul- dors or pobbles,depending upon their size. These are frequently found long distances from the mass of rock from which they were twken,hnving been trans- ported by ice or water. According to their formation,rocks are clossidied :sg igneous,sedimentary,end metamorphic, and according to their composition ns gr nite,merble,quartz,nnd slate. r ,. Lonald Scn1e,8A. uaeeeseeseeeeeeeseeeeseeeeeeeeessa PHOFFRTT-Y seem Science is one or the best studies we have. Thcre is very much to be known about science. Ve Pre obout the stars rno the problems of light. We studied roout the big dippcr rnd the little dippsr. Doris Becm.7A. ?',- xr: 41: ,.' ek. . ng 411- -'.4L. Y, , 4 4 :L.K.4-" MODERN QQMIERCE During the l4th and l5th centuries England,end France,and Spain were be- coming nations in which many loosely connected feudal divisions were grad- ually merging under comparatively strong central governments. Then for the first time,the individuel cities of Italy and the weak organization of the Hsnse came into conflict with commercial rivals who had less experience but were more poverful end determined than them selves.Portugnl under the direction of wise rulers had already attfined the leadership in nnvigetion. Out of all these conflicts came the conditions xhich 1.' we see in the uorld today. Wilma Deltz. BA. Az' -L:L4:'-.J-' 4 J JL" Kmzu'..':LJL.4--gufgfgs' 1 U U V A ,CW NM .w .K ., .r 1. .. . y A .rn .X ,- A .1 A A .N A A H. .fi-A'A'K nf- .-1-.xmfxnf.1y.x1.u-1-Annu-vnf . f.ffT1n,x1.7f

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