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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 14 of 86
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Page 14 text:

A Q99 NAMED EEL Pal was a swell dog.He was white collie. Each evening he bring the cows in to milk. He ful dog. We played together all the time on the green grass in the shade of an old oak tree. One day Pal got into the chicken coop with the chickens. The chickens get all excited and flew everywhere. Some of them got on Pal's back and he became angry and killed some of them. a brown and would help was a faith- TH BOOKOMOBILE Every Wednesday Morningfnow-Monday aftc noonl the bookomobile comes to ou school The books on the truck are reading books from the Allen County Library. If the bee desired in not on the truck,all we have i do is ask for it. It will then be brought out the next week. Reading is a very interesting subject and it is a veny good hobby. Mildred Yarman,8A. When my father found out about it he said 444441 ' 'WNV ' ' that he would h ve to kill Pal. He took his shotgun md Pal out into the barn and lock- ed the door. When he went out he forgot the shells for his gun so he had to return to the house for them. Then he went in I slipped into the barn and let Pnl out. I was going to hide him away so that Dad could not shoot him. Pal slipped away from me and ran toward the road without noticing that a car was coming THE ANNUAL For the last several years we have made up a newspaper and an annual for the end of the year. We collect articles made up in each room. They may be news,jokes,comics,stories,poems or any other subject. Each year we choose an editor,reporters, and others responsible for certain parts The car struck him and he was killed instantof the work. ly. I have another dog now. His name is Penny. I like him very much. Donald Schie,8A. 'A-ii-4-'.4-H-'R-yd'--RJ4-iFA-X-Z-k-"' N-64-E-JA-X-X-Z-X-4.-iPXJ261-:A-XJR!-kr' ,rn-Y" A-'li FREE IRELAND Free Ireland or Eire as it is called end the United States have very much in common. CID The people of both countries have loved liberty enough to fight for it.l2D Both countries have won their independence from Qreat Britain.f5D Both countries want tg stay out of the present war. in Europe. John Schie,8A. eeefseeasseeaesaeaeswmeawmsaaeeeeswse AMERICA have been living far threst of war since are scientists and LITTLE Several hundred men away from war and the early last year. They polar experts belonging to the Byrd Ant- artic Expedition in Little America. They hnve been studying the resources,climate and geography of the section of Antartica claimed by the United States. They hoped to spend several years in this task. How- ever Congress refuses to provide funds for another yerrs work. Admiral Richard Byrd,le-der of the expedition, has sent his ship,the BEAR, to bring the explorers back to the United States. Omie Brown,7A. 'l-'!f".f',C-".:-i-'.rt'-'.r'A-".r'.f-,?s2-1L'.v-'.f".f-2H?-"4-".e-'Z-'A-E-IHi-32-3?-'K-Li-F-71-'k-42'i'l' Wemmtmtwwymrwrmmdmwbe come better than it was the last. We wish to thank each of the teachers and all of boys and girls who had a part in mek- it a success. Seventh and Eighth Grades. eewsesseeneseeeusseasesseseueeesaaeei A GOOD CITIZEN How may I be a good citizen? Here are the ins 2 few of the characteristics of a good cit- izcnzfll HONESTY. This is the first and most important.Q2l CIVIC SPIRITED. One must be interested in the welfare of the school, community,and the nation. C51 Have a RES5 .EECT FOR LAW. Obedience 6f the rules must must become second nature. C45 Devoted to DEMOCRACY and AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS?Appre- ciate the rights,privileges,and duties of an American Citizen. Q55 Be JUST. Be fair in play,work,and family,personal,and pub- lic life. KGJ SYMPATHY. Be understanding. C71 Be INDUSTRIOUS. 181 THINK STRAIGHT. C95 Be TOLERANT. This means that we must respect the other fellows opinion.flOD OPEN-M INDED. We do not unke up our minds about a matter until we know both sides of it. Clll CIVIC-PARTICIPATION. We take part in the work of the community about us, doing our very best to help make it a bet- ter community to live in. I Seventh and Eighth Grade Pupils.

Page 13 text:

VALUE OF OUR NEWSPAPER Our newsp per teaches us many different things,which we will need in our daily lives It teaches us to write compositions,devel- ops good handwriting,because if papers are handed in, in a messy condition they are re- turned to be done again, for if they cannot be read it would be better not in f 2 'rit- ten them at all. Our newspaper 'eichrq rs to do things for ourselves, and not to be so dependent. Besides teaching us things it Shows us what we can do for ourselves if we will try. We enjoy to write papers and later enjoy to read them again when they are in print. We believe that our newspaper is very valuable. In future years we may look back on our school and say,HWell we have some- thing to show for it,be it ever so big or small.n Corrine Lutz,8A. , ,..,,...,,t. , , ' 'C-3-1'l?,FA-5?'Xi0'K'if":X'9v'5fi'brir-A4911-lriinmfwnii-JAJ' ,Z-X-ZH H93 VALUE OF A NEWSPAPER TO OUR SCHOOL. It is a great pleasure to us, to put out a newspaper. Each year we have done this. Since 1958 we have put out a big final An- nual edition. We write what we wish and mike headings for the articles. After we have all that done we hand it in. It is typed and made in- to stencils,printed, and made into the book- let which will be handed out. It takes a lot of hard work and also a lot of paper. Each of us and many others look forward to receiving copies of the newspaper end 0 . . . 'E the annual edition. M ry B1ce,7n. -ZHSX-!l.-PHHHHC-BHS-3?".1i3'X'-Lb?SHQ-iFrXr-L1-ZH!-1HB1--1L-'Ai ul-XF. -' OUR SCHOOL NEVSPAPFR To me the school newspaper is important in many ways. I can look up in it and see what has happened in the past, see rhat is going on,and when it happened. It is also very interesting and educational to read and look at it during a past time period,just for pleasure. The paper has a variety of very interesting pictures of the children belong- ing to our school. There are drawings by the children themselves. We have an honor roll that the highest students are on and many trying their best to have their names in- cluded. Mildred Yarman,8A. uehewwksmHawessasssaeeweeuehasshssasa VALUE OF SCHOOL NEWSPAPER TO M E. The value of the is that we may learn which may be good in school newspaper to me to write up an article our older lives. We have to learn to write compositions on many topics. We may work in different jobs such as news- paperswrite books,or be the author of a poem. In order to hold a job, as this one we must be able to think straight and have a clear mind so we can remember the different items that will be needed in the articles. Bill Smi th-8A QUR NEWSPAPER I1 we did not have newspapers we would be about as bad off as the far 9 times of John Gutenburge who was the founder of the modern newspaper. Since his time there have been many differen. kinds in use,but all the time they hevf been improving and getting better. Every person should be interested i nexspnpers. We learn of the various un- usual things that happen all over the world. Our school newspaper is the plan in the mind of our school that centers the thihgs we do. The newspaper is a part of us. We think of improving it from year to year. me are treining our- selves for jobs of this kind or what- .". ever they may be,so that in later years we will be ready when we have our oppor- tunity. We also have art to improve our news- paper. This year originrl pictures are being arranged to put in. To make our articles the best possible we re-write them carefully several times. We have plenty of time to get out articles ready. We check up on our own work regularly. I think we should be proud of our news- peper work and the opportunity it offers us. Joe Biggs,7A. -Haan -za-mex+:ex-ea-Y..-x-.2-x-H-asa,mx-:ea-x-x-eeeg-e'. THE VALUE OF OUR SCHOOL NEWSPAPER All the things which happen et the cottages are made known,by our reporters and other members of the staff. Articles for the ACCH Highlights,n paper which ihich comes out at the end of each month ind at the end of the year are written by the boys and girls. In it there are jokes,comics,health,artihmotic,english, sci:nce,nature study, history, reading, geography,and many others. So now you see what the newspaper can do for you, for us, and for our school, Bob Ryan, BA. V V V' V V X' 'J 'i ' V." xLJL.i'.J1l'.J Jlllll J' XLI .V ',nrfc"n'1c1. frft 15-Yrs 'ns A .X f. A . ,. .. H X, ,. A .. ,rm ,. ,."5'xfc MN SCHOOL NEWSPAPER The school newspaper is a lot of value to me. It helps me in my education and planning for m future life,for I would like to be a newspaper reporter. It give: me a lot of opportunity and gets me inte- ested in different things. We write abou' things right here in our school and I out have to stay awake to get the most of the things that are happening end get all the news possible. John Schie,SA. -'kiPi:if-35,1-'Aiiv'k-Yrlili-294-:is-' ' Ti-X-if? X-lit?-'E-194-rc-' " X-ll-R62-'l'X'

Page 15 text:

QLQ QQQQ ANIMALS. Big game animals are increasing in this country-thanks to the care taken in recent years to preserve them. A survey made by the Department of Interior in Dec- ember,l958 shows a million more of those animals than there were in 1957. The count included elk,moose,bears,end buffaloes. David Nesbitt,7A. 'nannies HOW TO FIND YOUR JOB. Read books and magazine articles. 2.Visit offices,factories,and shops. 5.Talk to workers in various fields. 4.Start work in a vocational guidance 1. club. 5.Listen to speakers in various fields. 6.See movies of various kinds of work. 7.Try out different kinds of work during vacations. Joe Biggs,7A. X441 V fsuesswv ' 5 CITIZEN what is a good citizen? It is a per- son who is kind and a friend to all. In m opinion it is a person who is helpful and is always there in case of touble. A good citizen is fair in play and is willing to take part in anything he or she is asked. If you see anyone fighting,it would be only fair to interfere and if any- one is hurt you should help them, and be - kind to them. A person who is asked to do something worthwhile doing and refuses is not a good citizen. Are you a good citizen? Check your self and see if you are a good citizen. Dorothy LaMons.8A. eeaeeeeeeeeeeeeresmseeeeaeeeeeeasesef . TQ SAFETY LINE. Experts say that forty five million people in America live below the safety line because they do not get the food they need. These Americans are below the safety line because: l.Some of them do not earn enough. They must be taught. 2.Some do not know what foods they need They must be hekped. 5.Some live on land that can not support their families. They must learn how. 4. Some of them do not care enough. They must be aroused. A p Doris Beam.7A. it-LHHH?-IL-X-V lk-ki' IC-Z2-X-X-'39-32-'4-ar' " .r-Za-N' ' 3Hi:-L2-'.fr1L-1? .G Bill: What is a samehorse? Omie: Wh ,Bill, Don't you know? It is the past tense for.sea-horse. L i?n'X'99i1Fn-L-:faint 'ngftifiid :tw z:"s1'1"R-.-33-3-'11-.l".fl1 . 1113336 Qin HOVEMBER CALENDAR H L,' calendar placed on the board the month of November was very pretty, the bottom below the dates there was Q ture of the Pilgrims waving farewell t the ship. There was a Pilgrim maiden ex a man standing on the seashore waving g bye 1 The picture is made with colored chalk and is in man pretty colors. The man and woman are dressed in black and white and have light hair. The ship is black and white with red and blue banners The ocean is in shades of blue and purple The rocks are gray and the grass in shadc of green. The sky was pointed light blue Corrine Lutz,8A. eaaeeasseweeseaeeseeeseeeesrewx A oooh CITIZEN. I think I know a good citizen. He lS a boy aged fourteen, and in the Allen County Children's Home School. He obeys the rules and regulations cheerfully. He will help in the right way when it is needed. He is always ready to help the supervisors when they call him or tell him what to do. He has been taught to stay out of trouble and to mind his own business. I think he is a good citizen Billy Smith,8A. 4444365saaeaaaaeeeaaeeeeeaesrrsu y APPERRANCES. I think a persons appearances are just as important in their life as the nay they act. One does not need to be rich to have a good eppenrance. If you keep what clothes you have in good con- dition and if you do all the little things for good appenrunces,such as, your shoes, hair,and all the other little necessaries, it becomes simple to appear well. Then you will be welcomed by other people. Delmn Mae Justicc,8A ' ?WiP24iii wmcs 9,13 DIMES. The annual,NMARCH OF DIM SU, by which the nation celebrates President Roose- velt's birthday on Jrnuray 5Oth,is now under way. All over the country,as a tribute to the President,Americnns are asked to contribute their dimes or dol lnrs for the treatment and prevention of Infnntile Paralysis. Most of the money is used to fight the disease in the local community. The rest gays for lab- pratories in vhich the scientists are trying to find ways of preventing and curing the disease. , James Mmrshall,7A -Xie!-X-?k-N-li'-1Fi-28,2-2-X-4335632-IHS-9961632-71-Ye-ZH H244-F

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