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 - Class of 1941

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Allen County Childrens Home - ACCH Highlights (Lima, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 12 of 86
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Page 12 text:

I 3LUss SING AT TEAcHsR's CONVENI-Q g'C'E'H' L I L 'laik boys and Girls Glee Clubs of ACN STAFF' VOLUM E NC. III -EDITION YF T Published inf ALLEN COUNTY CHILDREN'S Hifi SCHLQI seeee4eaa+++s++e+se+es+aea+ssssfeesseaea E iitOr---- ---------- -Herbert Uernick Assistant Editor----John Schie Sports Editor-------Donald Schie Assistants. Bill Smith Mildred Yarmsn Hazel Lutz I Comics and Jokes. Delma Justice Corrine Lutz William Rhonemus Reporters. Merlin Doud-----Senior Boys James Marshall---Jlmior Boys ' Amy Fett and Erma l Sands----Senior Girls Delma Justice and Mary Bice------Junior Girls Marie White and Hazel Lutz----Intermediate D onald Schie and William Rhonemus-Special Ethel Richardson--Primary News Sponsor----------'-David Sellers 4ifif44++esweeaaa+a4s+4eekHHeeHas+su+a ACCH GIVES SAFETY PROGRAM CVE? ffEC The Girl's Glee Club gave a safety grtgr over Radio Station WOWO Wednesday Evening, November 6th,l94O.The program was made up of songs by the Glee Club and safety talks were invited to take part in the program for the Primary Section of the Northeastz Tevcher's Association. The meeting was in the Luditerium of the Central High School October 25th. The Girl's Glee Club sang the followiuf numbers: Morning Invitations Grrndfatherfs Clockghlexanderg and M S anish Guitar-- College Song. The Soloist,Anna LaMons sang I Love the Merry Sunshine and Ten Little Pumpkins. The boys and girls sang, If You Can't Sing-Whistle, and God Bless America. The girls in the glee club were:Betty Warnick,Corrine Lutz, Delma Justiee,Diana Ferrier,Doris Arnold,Dorothy,LaMons,Ermal Sands,Hazel Lutz,Vera King, Helen Ferrier, Wilma Deltz,Mary Bice, Mildred Petty, and Mildred Yarman. The boys wereg Joe Biggs,James Marshall. LeRoy Snellenberger,Dean High,Dcnald Schie, Bob Fett,John Schie, Homer Johnson,Albert Hall,Richnrd Siebold,James Fagan, Bill Rhon- emus,Rny Stevens,Fay Stevens,Gene Faust, Charles Brown,George Boone,Larence Stippich, Clinton Clark,Norman Doud,Floyd Ferrier, and Elmer Zinn. . Other girls who took part were Ethel Richardson,Am Fett,Marie White,Naomi White, and Anna LeMons. Amy Fett,7A. "4-'A-,c-n-" " ?H ss VENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES PRESENT MILES STANDISH f The seventh find eighth grades Presented mthoir version of Henry Wadsworth Longfel- low's poem,UThe Courtship of Miles Stfndish' Vednesday afternoon,November 20th, in the school auditorium, The entire school was and rules by the boys and girls of the schooinvited to see the playlet. Ethel Richardson was mistress of ceremonies The cast of the playlet was as follows: and was assisted by Hazel Lutz and Dorothy IaMons in reading the scripts. Announcers:Hazel Lutz and Doanld Schie. Miles Standish: Homer Joh son. ' -Q The Glee Club, directed by Mrs Anguish andJohn Alden: John Schie assisted at the piano by Mrs,Brown sang the Priscilla: Dorothy LaMons following songs:My Grandfnther's Clock, In Messenger: Billy Smith the Evening by the Moonlight, and My SpnnishWattaMatt: Robert Fett Guitar-A College Song. Ethel Hichardson,7A iiiiiii4iiiii44iiii44iiiiikkkkiiiiiiii PeeKwat: Eugene Terrence. Other Indians::Corrine Lutz,Delma Justice, William Rhonemus,Merlin Doud Bob Fffenr The rwrwger just rmde me mrwger Elder Brewster: James Marshall. of his doughnut factory. John:Cengratulntions,Are you in chnrge of everything? Bob: ies, the hole wcrks. Singers: Amy Fett,Wilma Deltz,Mildred Yarmnn,Mary Bice,Ermal Sands, Ethel Richardson,Doris Beam, and Helen Ferrier. Mildred Yarman,8A. saaewaaaweaaxwuw " .++a4++iiiii 1

Page 11 text:

..f ,Q 4 'IKQQAIH '-- - Jf"lfd b' V7fX7GxNqNNxx Ai ,x 7-.. , , li--fl 1-f -'F'-1 1- - fir 1111 ff ff RT L I 1l'I: . . ,, ' 5-,, s H H -w -,..:1,w : I ' It " X I . .-tis' x Q f f' 5 fx wi? N A7 FI G! if v Q Ras, NNN X D7 my N, XV, I! Ixljxfl .J. ,xxx X4-3-,YQ WM lj sk ,MD 0 , Q5 ij 'Cac N mg, QEXTEWEH Wu 339935 mm" do at N ff X1 'pw WSWS kxwwi, SGHOQL vw" JCL BKAAQN OOXXSQ Lfw 1 our G-ptuxtfl X-Yoyibgf of plc: .ew 11 mF,'iL7gff53AWQ vgfyg QQHAQQX, SEGA XXCQMS A- V- NT"' 'V EQ, ,1 YYLJ 'J A " K : w :. ' PUMA "Jw.f.L4.f1,fix in vp.-5 umm mm xv- Mug 1'0- 'io'-' A3f"OJ: .5 f"Q'J',f.f 5' vi vxxd undo Ci it YVA5 5399 '5f'W' of it Ve 1O0'!."fO'i-1Cd,T,"CX5 become 00339 'ooff4g,:fed. we-1 "lk T Lux. educygion by 2036102 F in our .lu-Sire? -W, Jlxr?TXSgJi:T5'. if md Qffwfe 11 L- -gf pm X ' Ln .- -- f-' ' ff!!-xx .I .X A X 'UIQ H ,!:,1wfff- XX. XXINXXSN " X X' U x X 'X ,1-I-L -ff,-v",.--' 1,5 NN 2 , ' xx-xxXRx'i NXXXKX HH' Q . ' i ,Jj.L,LL 7,21-ff: " "LL-V ' -15-LL-U -' LU 7 WU ' M4111

Page 13 text:

VALUE OF OUR NEWSPAPER Our newsp per teaches us many different things,which we will need in our daily lives It teaches us to write compositions,devel- ops good handwriting,because if papers are handed in, in a messy condition they are re- turned to be done again, for if they cannot be read it would be better not in f 2 'rit- ten them at all. Our newspaper 'eichrq rs to do things for ourselves, and not to be so dependent. Besides teaching us things it Shows us what we can do for ourselves if we will try. We enjoy to write papers and later enjoy to read them again when they are in print. We believe that our newspaper is very valuable. In future years we may look back on our school and say,HWell we have some- thing to show for it,be it ever so big or small.n Corrine Lutz,8A. , ,..,,...,,t. , , ' 'C-3-1'l?,FA-5?'Xi0'K'if":X'9v'5fi'brir-A4911-lriinmfwnii-JAJ' ,Z-X-ZH H93 VALUE OF A NEWSPAPER TO OUR SCHOOL. It is a great pleasure to us, to put out a newspaper. Each year we have done this. Since 1958 we have put out a big final An- nual edition. We write what we wish and mike headings for the articles. After we have all that done we hand it in. It is typed and made in- to stencils,printed, and made into the book- let which will be handed out. It takes a lot of hard work and also a lot of paper. Each of us and many others look forward to receiving copies of the newspaper end 0 . . . 'E the annual edition. M ry B1ce,7n. -ZHSX-!l.-PHHHHC-BHS-3?".1i3'X'-Lb?SHQ-iFrXr-L1-ZH!-1HB1--1L-'Ai ul-XF. -' OUR SCHOOL NEVSPAPFR To me the school newspaper is important in many ways. I can look up in it and see what has happened in the past, see rhat is going on,and when it happened. It is also very interesting and educational to read and look at it during a past time period,just for pleasure. The paper has a variety of very interesting pictures of the children belong- ing to our school. There are drawings by the children themselves. We have an honor roll that the highest students are on and many trying their best to have their names in- cluded. Mildred Yarman,8A. uehewwksmHawessasssaeeweeuehasshssasa VALUE OF SCHOOL NEWSPAPER TO M E. The value of the is that we may learn which may be good in school newspaper to me to write up an article our older lives. We have to learn to write compositions on many topics. We may work in different jobs such as news- paperswrite books,or be the author of a poem. In order to hold a job, as this one we must be able to think straight and have a clear mind so we can remember the different items that will be needed in the articles. Bill Smi th-8A QUR NEWSPAPER I1 we did not have newspapers we would be about as bad off as the far 9 times of John Gutenburge who was the founder of the modern newspaper. Since his time there have been many differen. kinds in use,but all the time they hevf been improving and getting better. Every person should be interested i nexspnpers. We learn of the various un- usual things that happen all over the world. Our school newspaper is the plan in the mind of our school that centers the thihgs we do. The newspaper is a part of us. We think of improving it from year to year. me are treining our- selves for jobs of this kind or what- .". ever they may be,so that in later years we will be ready when we have our oppor- tunity. We also have art to improve our news- paper. This year originrl pictures are being arranged to put in. To make our articles the best possible we re-write them carefully several times. We have plenty of time to get out articles ready. We check up on our own work regularly. I think we should be proud of our news- peper work and the opportunity it offers us. Joe Biggs,7A. -Haan -za-mex+:ex-ea-Y..-x-.2-x-H-asa,mx-:ea-x-x-eeeg-e'. THE VALUE OF OUR SCHOOL NEWSPAPER All the things which happen et the cottages are made known,by our reporters and other members of the staff. Articles for the ACCH Highlights,n paper which ihich comes out at the end of each month ind at the end of the year are written by the boys and girls. In it there are jokes,comics,health,artihmotic,english, sci:nce,nature study, history, reading, geography,and many others. So now you see what the newspaper can do for you, for us, and for our school, Bob Ryan, BA. V V V' V V X' 'J 'i ' V." xLJL.i'.J1l'.J Jlllll J' XLI .V ',nrfc"n'1c1. frft 15-Yrs 'ns A .X f. A . ,. .. H X, ,. A .. ,rm ,. ,."5'xfc MN SCHOOL NEWSPAPER The school newspaper is a lot of value to me. It helps me in my education and planning for m future life,for I would like to be a newspaper reporter. It give: me a lot of opportunity and gets me inte- ested in different things. We write abou' things right here in our school and I out have to stay awake to get the most of the things that are happening end get all the news possible. John Schie,SA. -'kiPi:if-35,1-'Aiiv'k-Yrlili-294-:is-' ' Ti-X-if? X-lit?-'E-194-rc-' " X-ll-R62-'l'X'

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