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 - Class of 1968

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SESSA IR TEL ETM OTR ct mae ie Ee ES Sena = oe Sage Sane tee She ee . hs ee Le Ni Ft ine ee ae eile . - te hae " = 7 i = ee By ee ae Sn Sam We “ } - nn aah asin coe rain abicianitchalliacnatrpors i = — Ser j id Twn Boys Into Mon Teach Disceypline and Self Control Instill heademic Honesty dnd AMhlelic Fairness Develop Lorsonal Lrude This has teen the tadilion MMilen heoademy simce 7886... d was the recad of a se year enuched by Sargent Black, the ram, the puychedelc lank, and fierce school freee. Thirty fe college thomoes and fifly-nine thigh schood Bie frees Bf Sraditior PY ig btx hoc of these young poople wil atllend an institution of higher Far those nol veluning , best wishes for every success. Far those relurning as members of next year's student body, the respronsibilily of Micon eademy hhadilion yours lo pepreluale. AMegue lime, neque recede . IN RECOGNITION OF OUR THREE SCORE 4 e ¢ FOREIGN STUDENTS iT VOTO ETN) bigeye ee a ee ne rs x 6 ELLIS Ae hhc aR Pe UI ae 20 OR COMM ert ate hr hie sf lichen yet. gs 32 POLO GOUNCUCCR «acm tari Mee aee ne es tn tere 34 PLR ISG TO LEtemene ? Sipinsis Dutt Rae aeedirre a eee 50 {SIEVE tem A ISEO) Seeeete a cars) 4 ete eae he orien et oot 78 PxCrE MOG te een ae. Petree te ek eee 86 IVS EET Ps 5 edhe 30 0% sav haba 2 Grea a egale ware 102 JM SIAL AGIOS, 5 ee et a ag a ee are cara NRE ge a 132 Sere CHEM il Cee ere fia p ac lagenetaahe “= levine see a ne 160 re SN. o's Pte la 6, 0 a 164 etna Soot OSE eerie ie, Cea. 174 STelaleli: Vo ene enii othe one eemreres © Sd cace 182 ere ernc-SCCCS ain ee. Rae ie de 202 SYOOUWN STS 5 hcg 1 2? ore areas facet: ga 210 WiomenrseOorncinember s.r gee an hk ok 224 PRIS VOU. 5 teas) s ais'6= Se ccny ake ee eit ee 236 Pr ee ey; RN eS Ue tebe og aS sf Vacances ee ae n ee oe pie Robert Wynn Blanton Science Building Administration Building Battalion Walk and Cadet Store ow oe V. R. Hurst Student Center AEA Cb a Das i | , an? i a ATO AFRICA Giamcarlo Bonzi Thomas Jerald Johnson Rickey Blair Kurtz Albert Rea Oberwetter PRESIDENT N. B. ALLEN, JR. Pe VICE-PRESIDENT W. TRAVIS WILLIAMSON er % . = 2 Nat B. Allen, Jr. William N. Blanton, Jr. H. E. Burgess President R. B. Butler Ed Clark Roland Dansby Chairman Lloyd Gregory Cecil Mills Vice-Chairman THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Arthur J. Riedel Secretary A FINAL TRIBUTE IN MEMORIAM .. . To the man who honored the graduate To the man who believed in our school To the man who acted in that belief To our first Chairman of the Board of Directors To WILLIAM NEAL BLANTON DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS W. B. STEPHENSON DEAN BERNARD MASSIE JUNIOR COLLEGE HEADMASTER B. Fab O — O z ja CZ x U 1}. GAYLON R. PRINCE Director of the Junior School ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF SEES JACK STREETMAN Director of Counseling and TRAYMON WATKINS Testing Director of Student Affairs pal toed esere® W. G. ROCKEY HERBIE T. JOHNS Business Manager Accountant THAT EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY MRS. JANE YATES MRS. DOROTHY ENGLEMANN Secretary to Vice-President of Secretary to Accountant Fiscal Affairs eats enionae unwise a MILITARY STAFF CAPTAIN DONALD E. WOLFE Kone tRUTET E€OLONEL TAYLOR WILKINS Commandant COMMANDANT’S STAFF MAJOR J. E. WELLMAN CAPTAIN JAMES R. LOVAN CAPTAIN ROY R. Assistant Commandant Assistant Commandant BERNHARD Assistant Commandant 17 T. A. MOONEY WILLIAM N. REESE JUDGE MITCHELL Maintenance Director Cadet Store Laundry " 4 SPECIAL PERSONNEL DR. HENRY C. McQUAIDE School Physician MRS. HELEN ROSS Head Nurse MRS. JAN LUTHER MRS. LORRAINE JASKA MRS. ANN O'CONNOR Secretary to Preparatory School Secretary to Secretary to the Admissions Office Commandant JACK MITCHELL Food Service LOUIS FELDMAN Student Center SOLVE DAILY PROBLEMS MRS. LENA BRISTOL Assistant Librarian MRS. ANN McLARTY Records Secretary i eel ail MRS. MARGUERITE MITCHE Librarian MRS. GERALDINE RIVERS Secretary to the President LL JUEL FRIEDA Cleaning, Pressing G. M. SKINNER Printing, Photography JOHN LOVE Director of Public Relations ome met pe we Sea Se ahmed sce So oa ORL SGoLe PS ORRSS vsis) Saleh ad EUROPE Edwin Harry Ivey Leonard Chapman Jeffery MRS. MARY STROUD MRS. MARTHA SCHWEIRKERT Spanish MRS. ALAIDE LETBETTER Spanish French FOUR LANGUAGES SOUND IN MRS. FRANCES BRUSSE MRS. LENA BRISTOL English, Speech English “= € oe ett EFSTATHIOS CHRISTODOULIDES (Mr. Chris) Latin, History AMA HALLS MRS. MINNIE LEE KIDD English 5 Dnge pore — 57 Ee s a ie fe Lek ee cca a err : gait = a r Lies x il MRS. MARIE N. HANNA Reading MRS. LOUISE ROTSCH English 748] P. J. LOVE English MRS. CLARA HUGGETT English, Journalism, Public Speaking eh ss Vip Sean o MRS. GWENDOLYN SCOTT English FROM ENGLISH MRS. MARY DIE English CLESTERGE, BRISTOL Chemistry NORMAN L. BEAL Biology KENNETH PATRANELLA Biology, Physical Science HARD ]GURREY: GAYLON R. PRINCE Biology Biology CARROLL B. TAYLOR Biology PtryT 7 Vt. Alam TY rie re RI a SEE HUGH W. SEALE Driver’s Education JOHN N. GREENE History, Mechanical Drawing ROLAND M. SEARCY Government FROM SOCIAL STUDIES CHARLES R. MOORHEAD History BERNARD MASSIE CHARLES BLONDEAU History Choir Director TO ARTS MRS. DIANE LANG Economics, History, Psychology JOHN AMSHOFF Band Director iA ka ot hak plige mo MRS. JENNIE R. WALSH Sociology ee SE the le. WALTER S. LANG, JR. Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Algebra . . . MRS. VIRGINIA BARROW Typing ROY DIE Elementary Analysis, Geometry, Algebra | i iy JACK BORDEN Physics, Algebra, Geometry TEACHERS PREPARE STUDENTS awe © = — -. ae | JOHN SHANAHAN Accounting, General Business MRS. SHARON HUMPHRIES DON MARABLE Algebra Algebra, Geometry 28 W. L. PORTER Business, Mathematics, Accounting FOR BUSINESS WORLD MRS. IRIS L. WARD Junior High Mathematics KEITH WILLS Algebra, Physical Education ! 22 DORM LEND ATTENTION S. Hillhouse Paul Littleton J. Hofmann Gene Love David Jolly Sam Machotka Bill Allen John Godfrey Ken Cantrell Bert Gore R. D. Chaney David Groce 4, 30 COUNSELORS INDIVIDUAL TO CADETS J. B. Mainord Donald Massey George Massey John Newton James Peters Mike Phillips John Schroeder A. C. Stites j rae Ps 4 ‘ Melvin Taylor Larry Wright 31 Perey iets Rearets PTS 32 = a4 Lu = ae: — = O N vu — ° q w vo v 4 Ricky ma MEXICO Rudolfo Bazan Guillermo Federico Briones Manuel Chiu Carlos Garcia Manuel Garza Geoffrey Philip Lord Roberto Jose Lozano Jose Raymundo Ortiz Michael Pangtay Mauro Perez Luis Miguel Quintanilla Roberto Quintanilla Filipe Cuevas Ramirez Rafael Federico Reniu, Jr. Enrique Angel Resendez Pedro Garibay Valenzuela William Meserve White David Charles Wiesley Adams, N. H. Akins, C. S. Allen, A. W. Afolfo, Jol, 3obbitt, R. G. : Bogel, W. W. Breeland, J. M. Bruce, J. M. Burgess, R. M. Cagle; Hy E- Glove Ga ie Cobb, K. W Colley, S. W. Crawley, Mrs. Joanne Cutshall eels Edwards, Carol Edwards, D. V. Edwards, W. J. Fenley, R. L. any Fick, J. D. Goodall, Ann Ivey, E. H. Jackson, Julie Januse, Rosemary JES Aa Lee abe Kalinec, D. Jones, Charlotte ones heals. Kalinec, R. E. Linton, L. W. JosnHaKes Wey Vee Lummis, A. C. Lyne, Elizabeth McDonald, G. Muske, W. H. Lay Woeet yy | Nemec, L. S. Patranella, J. R. Pegelow, E. F. Perrone, M. M. Plagens, E. W. Potter, W. E. Pratka, J. M. Princesa. Le Quintanilla, R. Reniu, R. F. Rodriguez, M. M. Rosa, A. San Angelo, P. A. Scott, F. E. Sierra, W. W. Standridge, D. H Tardan, D. F. Taylor, R. G. Todd, C. E. Warner, J. M. Tomcheck, J. G. Wiedman, J. C. Williamson, M. C. Zweifel, E. L. Zweifel, Eva 40 What time is it??? Arrington, K. R. Arterburn, T. J. Barnes, J. U. Batten Re G- Beal, M. Belloso, R. J. Bledsoe, Mrs. Gwendolyn Bledsoe, O. W. Broughton, T. G. Brusse, D. L. Burkhalter, S. L. Carruth, Mrs. Kathy Lynn Cash, Mrs. Carol Cone; J: Cooper, Mrs. Kathleen Corkern, Mrs. Gail Louise Criswell, R. Dennis, M. G. Drouilhet, Mrs. Lisa Dunham, D. S. Fiedler, A. Files, V. Fisher, R= J- Flechtuer, Mrs. Jane Fullen, Mrs. Marsha Galindo, R. S. Koronka, R. M. Lane. Hes; Lovan, Mrs. Joan Mack, K: W. I hate tests. Maddox, B. Marable, Mrs. Dana Merka, Ella Munson, Mrs. Marilyn Murdock, Mrs. Jane Murphy, T. L. Murray, R. O. Nevue, C. G. Penny, Mrs. Velma Pippin, W. R. Riley, Mrs. Barbara Rodriquez, F. C. Sandner, G. D. Scarmardo, Mrs. P. L. Schrader, Mrs. Judy Schwarze, C. Sifuentez, Josey Skien, Mrs. Janet Skinner, L. M. Todd, R. W. Trejo, Mrs. Alice Marie Vance, Mrs. Carolyn Weekley, J. G. Wentrcek, Mrs. Virginia Wilder, J. E. Williamson, K. R. Young, R. E. Zikero LA. SOME THINGS END TOO SOON... SOME THINGS NEVER END. 42 EL SALVADOR on ran | 24 Dn on b=) ° = a a eS OC u 2 " a 3 Adams, J. P. Alonzo, Genoueva Baldwin, J. D. Baldwin, R. C. Bowen, J. H. Breeland, R. R. Brewer, S. M. Carrington, Brenda Burgos, J. A. Burt, Mrs. Hazel Chaffin, K. W. Chandler, L. L. Burrus, Mrs. Diana Lee Charanza, Yvonne Chesher, A. L. Williams, W. L. Gory, Jet. Croxdale, K. N. Daniel, W. E. Davidson, D. R. Dees, W. L. DeLaney, N. G. DillesGarAt Dobrovolny, Jacqueline Dotson, R. W. Eimann, Sandra Kay Espinoza, Victor, Jr. or Se Garza, P. A. Finnell, D. L. Franklin, Janis Marie Gaston, D. Gilmore, Ray Garrett, H. M., III Glockzin, E. H. Gott, G. O. Griesenbeck, G. G. Green, J. D. Grossman, A. M. Gumfory, Mrs. Saundra Hacker, D. A: Hanson, M. K. Hasty, C. B. Heath, R. G. Heritage, Gorgia Ann Hill, J. K. Hubacek, M. R. Huddleston, S. M. Jeffery, L. C Hughes, J. Hunter, R. W. Kiebler, W. C. Labgrbera, Mrs. Rut! Jacobs, T. M. Lester, D. L Lester, J. W Lew, R. G. Lewis, K. W. Lozano, R. J. Marino, V. S. Marston, J. G. McKinley, R. P. McCoy, Sallye Jo Mitchell, J. C. Moon, R. D. ° Nef . Moore, W. F. Munday, Susan Munion, Mrs. Betty Penney, G. L. Nillen, R. M. Onstott, Linda Piersic sR. pec PitianosSa ck Payne, C. D. Plantt, J. A. Plsek, D. R. Powell ria): Ray, P. M. Reynolds, T. A. Rosser, R. R. | Shaw, G. L. Sifuentez, L. O. Simmons, B. W. Skrhak, J. V. Skrabanek, J. W. Sparks, S. R. Sutherlin, Joel Sutherlin, M. G. WallacesG. L. Tonai, R. L. Tucker, Mrs. Nancy Williams, H. D. Williams, R. O. Van Pelt, Ella Wilson, G. J. Wilsons Jade Ward, Mrs. Shirley Lake Nee Zweifel, L. G. Amis, J. R. Bade, Mrs. Joyce Baker, W. C. Baker, W. P. Barnett, Mrs. Gayle Hefén Batten, G. R. Beal Dy Beal, Mrs. Evelyn Beal, R. A. Beste eee. Blevins, B. R. Boykin, Karen Britton, J. R. Brown, D. R. Buchanan, B. B. Buffington, Mrs. Gladys Clayton, B. R. Copeland, J. F. Decker, F. V. Drews, D. R. Dudley, J. Dudley, Mrs. Margaret Ann Elkins, R. E. Elliot, J. R. Goodwin, W. G. Gray, G. Hargrove, R. L. Higgins, E. D. Hudson, E. C. Irwin, T. W. Jaska, Mrs. Lorraine Jones, Jaro Junek, T. J. IKanidtae jee les Kittrell, Mrs. Norma Leise, R. G. Luce, Doyle Lunasta G McDonald, S. L. Moore, Dana Nash, Dell Norman, G. Pena, R. Perry, Mrs. Carol Peurvardy, G. Platts, P. Rennels, F. Rhodes, Mrs. Mannie Richards, C. D. Rivers, Mrs. Geraldine Ruffino, Carolyn Schwartz, L. S. Shanahan, Mrs. C. Shirley, Mrs. Delores Slater, J. H. Smith, B. W. Stanalan, Mrs. Nancy ‘Thomas, 2 P: Torrano, Mrs. Teresa Marie Tucker, P. D. Valenta, E. W. Ward, Mrs. Ellin bs . b = = = = = CENTRAL AMERICA Acosta, J. A. Adams, S. E. Augspurg, W. G. Baker, D. W. Yessy | Barraco, J. J. Bayless, B. H. Becker, C. K. Bishop, C. E. Blacklock, J. P. Boland, M. G. Brewer, J. L. Buitron, A. Bullard, G. A. Calhoun, R. E. Champagne, G. J. Glarky DAD! Claunch, J. W. Gole, Guile Coston jab. Dickson, C. B. Donelson, G. E. Duce, A. A. Eames, R. D. Fitting, R. K. Hrazictm tne): Freeman, S. J. a ee ——————————— Geeslin, C. B. Glenn, J. B. Goodnight, R. G. Gunter, W. S. Harrell, C. B. Harrell, W. B. Harris, J.D. Hawkins, D. K. Hendrix, D. C. Hotard, K. W. Hughes, J. M. James sGr ky Johnson, W. K. Kruger, W. D. Lewis, M. B. Loper, F. M. Manly, Seal Marek, F. H. Martin, R. L. Marioneaux, L. H. Meisenheimer, C. R. em ia 6) Menden, R. R. : Mire, L. E. Mitchell, S. D. = Moss, J. L. - " és BINS Pom, ) a Fs a” | - ‘ 1 all a a Muerty, E. D. Newton, J. R. Oberwetter, A. Olson, J. M. Pancoast, E. J. Peevy, E. M. Piwonka, D. R. Plum, R. B. p Reid, R. E. Scout eels Shreves, R. E. Shuff, J. R. Vanderlaan, T. R. 1h) Veet Smith, JS: Stephens, ¥. G: Stiles, P. B. Tobin, J. K. Townsend, C. H. Turner, G. E. Ball, J. W. Bazaivehk Ge Buie, J. S: Evans, S. Johnson, T. J. Mancel, R. M. Pangtay, M. Wishcamper, J. E. McGuire, J. M. Ventura, V. C. Vanderlaan, T . R. Werlein, S. H. White, W. M. Whitson, C. A. Williamson, P. K. Young, D. G. Martin, H. J. SL A vid J a) FE IRSG WN var at eb “Gg ORY. and ot COLOMBIA Eugene Douglas Muery Adams, C. W. Ball Werle Bolinger, J. H. Briones, G. F. Broadhurst, J. R. Buddin, F. A. Canada, D. Chewning, R. H. Colon? J. Cooper, M. L. Cude, E. P. Devoll, J. D. Engle, J. M. Evans, G. Fincke, H. Fisher, F. E. Fitzgerald, D. G. 60 Gore, T. N. Gravell; B. R. Halla: Hartman, H. D. Hawn, J. M. Picts Holley, W. E. Hope, M. D. Howland, M. G. Johnson, M. W. Jones, G. ie Kemble, R. N. {i 4 nd} fe 4 Kalen Rao: King, J. R. Kurtz; Re B: Lagares, S. Lee, O. A. Pebey tena iss ¢ 61 Like, L. F. Lowe, C. B. McDonald, J. Miller, S. Norton, R. N. Ortner, J. A. Pickens, A. Reed, G, Hi: Reed, J. W. Rivas, A. PF hee Sk Scalone, J. D. ee Sifontes, R. E. » i a oh 4 d mre Steel, R. E. Stuart je HH. Stumer) DSL: Sweat, A. E. Tannahill, T. A. Valenzuela, P. G. Arnold, R. L. Bonzi, G. Collins, R. W. Griffin, K. P. Hand, M. D. Satterwhite, G. Watson, J. P. Webb, R. M. Weis, J. M. Worthington, J. K. Zimmerman, J. E. VENEZUELA Michael Bryan Baker Ernesto Garcia II Gregory Alan Bullard Ruben Enrique Sifontes Gary Smith Ahrens, R. W. Baird, W. J. Bakouris, S. P. Baldwin, J. Batnetaromc, Baron, C. W. Beck, R. L. Blahnik, R. W. Broadnax, M. Buie, R. C. Bundy, D. G. Burch, W. E. Calhoun, P. J. Catere lives: Cobb, «C. T. Crawford, M. S. Chiu, M. Clark, F. R. Cockrell, S. R. Coleman, R. W. Dantone, W. B. Ellis, R. E. Eppenauer, A. R. Field) (Gr L- Fish, R. N. Flannigan, J. J. Fletcher, J. E. Gage, J. M. cele ee T te — Garcia, C. | KG pr ine Pe y Garza, M. Goldman, G. E. Goldsmith, C. M. Greenburg, D. M. Greeson, J. B. Hainer, J. M. we : J- [ 3 : . mer, + ; VA : k 67 Hargrave, D. G. Hartel yak: Harris, R. K. Hauck. C. W. Heath Rak. Heck, W. P. Hemmingway, R. D. Henning, W. A. Hilborn, D. F. Hodge, W. B. Horton, W. R. Hutchinson, D. L. LF . a m tLe Kefauver, K. S. Kinnan, R. T. Larson, F. N. eS . ‘ rs ee is Lietz Ws Lewis, G. J. Litterer, J. F. Rotline © hk: Lord, G. P. McConnell, S. McCoy, M. D. McDonald, J. R. McGrath, M. B. McGuire, J. L. Macklin, B. K. Marhoffer, M. L. Marks, J. S. Miller, W. F. fa Mitchell, R. R. Moore, R. M. Mossler, C. Newman, J. R. Nichols, R. R. O'Connell, M. R. — 9 Ortiz eRe es , a x 69 Patrick, J. D. Payne, J. R. Perez, M. J. Pollard, J. R. Potter, B. J. Reid, W. P. Resendez, E. A. Rowan, J. T. Restivo, L. J. Rickert, E. V. Saks, S. M. Sargent, J. A. Scarmado, W. C. Sheppard, T. T. Shepple, S. E. Simons, C, J. Simpson, M. W. Skelton, C. F. 70 Smith, W. D. Smither, D. P. Stree, DEG: sLoping Caml Verret, M. M. Beetz JG. Eng, J. A. Hayes, M. P Johnson, K. Jones, R. D Jones, R. C. Norton, D. R. : Nunez, J. A. Whitten, G. E. Wood, D. H. Woody, S. M. Wooten, M. C. Wuershmidt, T. R. Yearwood, B. H. 71 SOS NX eae are Rates ved Ohana aCe MS LSS See yas CONS PERU Mack Daniel Hilton Albert Copland Lummis Joel Dean Sutherlin Martin Gale Sutherlin Akins, M. E. Ash, R. W. Baker, M. B. Baker, T. H. Blocker, J. R. Carnahan, W. G. Gurtyeeet: Dickeson, B. F. as L = y he wn Dickeson, L. F. DeViney, M. S. Ehrman, F. J. Ewing, J. D. Fondeur, E. A. Fraley, D. W. Garcia, E. Gravis, R. M. Green, R. Griffith, J. M. Grim, G. Hawn, E. D. Healy, M. Hilton, M. D. Hines, D. P. Holt, S. M. Hunt, M. W. James, R. B. | Johnson, G. Kennedy, T. W. = t Lawes, S. C. | er Lazok, S. M. = ‘Lies by Luby, S. W. Morgan, R. E. Macklin, B. K. Quintanilla, L. M. Ramariz, F. C. Raney, R. E. 75 Scaff, D. R. Sherrill, C. B. Smith, G. L. Stephens, D. L. Talley, D. Tautenhahn, J. W. Box, G. D. Wilson, G. W. Taylor, ¥ i Wallace, J. R. Western, G. H. Wiesley, D. C. Willis, J. M. x —- ae OQ Z x =o = — WORK, STUDY, aie CTE PUERTO RICO Joaquin Anthony Acosta Jose Ulpiano Barnes Jorge Luis Colon Antonio Rosa William Willis Sierra Abney, J. T. Allison, T. J. Bennett, A. M. Bolinger, M. L. Brown, J. C. Burge, B. C. Castellanos, K. Clayton, M. F. Collins, K. B. Daniel, L. W. Dodd, M. T. Drake, C. T. Draughon, B. D. Friese, K. W. Ghilain, D. B. Lietz, R. C. Lobrano, C. Medlin, J. D. Smith, J. J. Stoma, F., Jr. Sylvester, W. T. Tausch, F. J. Torregrossa, J. J. Wallace, B. A. Westenburg, D. L. White, K. C. Montgomery, C. W. Neunhoffer, J. A. Outwin, T. P. Reid, D. F. Robertson, J. D. Shute jG Holmes, W. H. Kratee) el, Monroe, R. L. Walton, A. J. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Eduardo Arturo Fondeur Socrates Marino Lagares Doyle Kris Hawkins Allison, R. V. Blair, J. F. Blalock, R. B. Cullen, M. A. Fallas, J. A. Flint, D. W. Gentry: Gonzales, R. H. Guarino, D. P. Hargett, M. A. Harmon, R. W. Ones mar. Keen, C. R. Mahoney, C. D. Mahoney, M. B. 84 May, D. D. Miller, W. C. Moncrief, G. B. Perryman, J. L. Pockrass) Jaw ™ i aon ite a % | eS " E = é s oe : 4 od y | “ ee s . , i: ee Ags Sg See SE Sp = me ar me ALA ws Richard, C. W. Riley, W. H. Sherrill, J. Y. Smith, C. W. Tooley, C. L. Criss, H. Tompkins, M. K. Vertel, D. W. 85 : WAT a4h ay MvSAEY 86 PHILIPPINES Conrad Bewley Geeslin Meet the Allenians Informally, and Formally ... This year, the Allenians have had the privilege of being guests in celebrations across the state ... S from the Christmas parade in Bryan .. anan aunt aan 2394 anee aaa peee 2848 naan 1.4 suan Hf Base a” ru Se ee or ore H, ale : = te te HONOR SOCIETY Top Row from Left: LeFevre, J. K.; Mire, L. E.; Reed, C. H.; Acosta, J. A.; Williamson, P. K.;, Buie, J. S.; Boland, M. G.; Pancoast, E J.; Webb, R. M.. Bottom Row from Left: Pangtay, M.; Johnson, T. J.; Mr. John Greene; Devoliaja.D:- bishop oak This year’s advisor was MR. JOHN GREENE, a dedicated teacher whose only interest was the student. METHODIST CHOIR First Row: Sheppard, T. T.; McCoy, M. D.; May, D. D.; Martin, R. L.; Wuerschmidt, T. R. Second Row: Nichols, P. R.; LeFevre, J. K.; Boland, M. G.; Plum, R. B.; Whitten, G. E.; Fraley, D. W.; Third Row: Eppenauer, A. R.; Claunch, R. J.; Hainer, J. M.; Rowan, J. T.; Allison, T.J.; Hughes, J. M. ALLEN CHOIR ROY EVANS, Director 93 SPANISH CLASSES VISIT MEXICO PAN AMERICAN CLUB Members enjoyed the Mexican Supper. MRS. ALAIDE LETBETTER- and MRS. MARTHA SCHWEIRKERT, Sponsors. SSS ———EE—————————————————SS RIFLE TEAM Standing: Mitchell, J. C., Bruce, J. M., Bowen, J. H., SSG. SCHILL, Sponsor. Kneeling: Martin, R., McKinley, R. P., Marioneaux, L. H., Howland, M. G. Marching in Bryan Christmas Parade. v bs i tense ee get testy gg aR © Ps ae 5 — A i eae de a VO we a vv a | WOOLWORTHS we | | a5 Heck, W. P., Outwin, T. P. Rat Rowan, J. T., | eunaneen XXX ey OOOO AL A) KK LYN Wid et i's G. A., Ball, W. L., Shreves, Wiesley, D. C., KAA YY wanna Wy YY YY YX XX) oo Leec uae co = weed U Ladin! ae =e RODEO CLUB D., Draughon, rai eens AARAAKAAA iY lt N AMV . A., Medlin, J. Engel, J. W., Broadhurst, J. R., Bullard, J Neunhoffer, FLYING CLUB Standing from Left: Prince, J. L., Finnell, D. F., Collins, R. W., Jeffe i i i » J. L, eel BY di BARS 3 ty, L. C., Harris, J. D., Baldwin, R. D., Marioneaux, L. H., Holley, W. E.; Kneeling from Left: Mr. Travis W. Williamson, Fenley, R., Chesher, A. L., Major Watkins. The advisor for the Flying Club this year was MAJOR WATKINS. COMBO PLAYS IT SWEET ’N SOFT Z =a omed O a f 4 U O oe Oo O N,%- LA TUNAKS Tag NEEL SEVERE Wve ay ty Rh) aap 2a By Soa ort G Sipe co x [a4 x OQ =) N we cael — p59) 3 oe a pol 3) Q ° aa WAR DEPARTMENT INSIDE i 5 : ; er ee ee Mae Gay CG, q LL Lo — a n ae ae © oe) — Lu a ) onel Steve Akins Major Richard Rosser Major James Jay I Major Larry Skinner Sergeant Major Lyn Jeffery Sergeant Barre Simmons Co A COMPANY Acosta, Joaquin A. Akins, Mike E. Arnold, Richard Ash, Robert W. Augspurg, Walter Baker, William P. Baldwin, Richard C. Barnett, Stephen Craig Beck, Ronald L. Blahnik, Richard W. Broadhurst, John R. Bruns, Thomas C. Bundy, Dennis G. Calhoun, Patrick J. Canada, Danny Champagne, George Colon, Jorge L. Cude, Eddie- P. Devoll, James D. Dickson, Carter Ba Duce, Andrew J. Eng, Jeff A. Engel, John W. Evans, Greer L. Fincke, Howard T. Freeman, Stephen J. Garcia, Ernesto Gore, Thomas N. Gravis, Roger M. Hand, Mickey D. Harrell, Charles B. Harrell, William B. ° Harris, Jimmy D. Harris, Ronald K. Hawkins, Doyal Kris Heck, William P. Hendrix, Danny C. Hotard, Kenneth J ohnson, Michael W. Kinnan, Ronald Larsen, Fred H. Lewis, Kenneth W. Litterer, Jimmy Loper, Frank M. Marioneaux, Lucien H. Marks, Joel S. Martin, Harold J. Mire, Larry E. Moss, Jimmy L. Norton; Raymond N. Nunez, James A. Ortiz, Jose R. Ortner, John A. Payne, James R. Reed, Chris H. Rickert, Eric V. Rowan, Jim T. Scott, Joe L- Sherrill, Chip B. Sifontes, Ruben E. Steel, Robert E. Sweat, Alfred E. Tautenhahn, John W. Taylor, John L. Vanderlaan, Thomas R. Wallace, John R. Weis, Jeffrey N. Wilson, George Woody, Steve M. Yearwood, Brooks H. Captain Richard C. Baldwin First Lieutenant Lucien H. Marioneaux Second Lieutenant Kenneth W. Lewis Second Lieutenant Doyal Chris Hawkins- First Sergeant Jimmy D. Harris COMPANY A i aaenmmttl idan = pee SE a Ye FES Bee a ne ee Fe ee a cteincaaeimieiain | B COMPANY Abney, John T. Baker, Mike B. Bakouris, Steven P. Barraco, Jimmie J. Bayless, Bruce H. Bennett, Arthur M. Blair, Jesse F. Blocker, John R. Bock, James A. Brewer, Justin L. Briones, Guillermo F. Brown, Jim C Burge, Bo C. Castellanos, Kent Cate, Thomas S. Chandler, Leon L. Clayton, Mike F. Cobb, Christopher T. Cole, George L. Cooper, Merrell L. Daniel, Larry W. Dickeson, Bevlyn F. Dickeson, Lynden F. Dodd, Mike T. Draughon, B. Duane Fallas, Joel A. Fisher, Freeman E. Friese, Kip W. Garza, Manuel Gentry, James P. Ghilain, Dan B. Gonzates, Rudy H. Green, Gary H. Grossman, Alan M. Gu arino, Don P. Gunter, W. Steve Hargett, Mike A. Harmon, Richard W. Harrell, Jeffrey K. Hawn, Edwin D. Holley, William E. James, Robert B. Johnson, Gary Jones, Carver H. Keen, Charles R. Kefauver, Kenneth S. Kile, Richard S. King, Johnny R. Lagares, Socrates M. Lietz, Richard C. Lord, Geoffrey P. Lowe, Casey Mahoney, Gerald D. Mahoney, Mike May, Douglas D. McConnell, Steve M. Medlin, Jerry D. Miller, William C. Mossler, Christopher Neunhoffer, John Outwin, Tom P. Peevy, Ernest M. Pickens, Alan M. Quintanilla, Rolando Reid, Davis F. Riley, William H. Scaff, Donald R. Shepple, Scott E. Sherrill, James Y. Skelton, Charles F. Smith, Gary Talley, Dennis J. Tannahill, Tommy A. Tausch, Frank J. Tobin, Jonathan K. Tompkins, Mike K. Torregrossa, Joseph J. Ventura, Vincent C. Vertel, David W. Wallace, Ben A. Watson, John P. Westenburg, Danny L. White, Krich C. Whitson, Cliff A. Wooten, Michael C. Zimmerman, Johnny E. Captain Alan M. Grossman Second Lieutenant Leon L. Chandler Second Lieutenant William E. Holley Second Lieutenant - Clifford A. Whitson First Sergeant Ernest M. Peevy COMPANY B C COMPANY Adams, Charles W. Baldwin, John S. Baldwin, Ricky D. Ball, William L. Boland, Michael G. Bonzi, Giancarlo Buitron, Arthur Bullard, Gregory A. Carr, Robert E. Claunch, Ralph J. Collins, Richard W. Coston, James P. Donelson, Gary E. Eames, Richard D. Ellis, Robert E. Eppenauer, Alfred R. Ewing, John D. Field, Charles L. Fletcher, Jimmie E. Frazier, Lorn D. Garcia, Carlos Geeslin, Conrad B. Goldman, George E. Goldsmith, Charles M. Griffith, John M. Hilton, Mack D. Holt, Stephen M. Huddleston, Samuel M. Kemble, Ronald W. Kennedy, Tim W. Krueger, William D. Lawes, Steven C. Lazok, Steve M. Lewis, George J. Lewis, Michael D. Lietz, Lloyd W. Miller, Scott R. Mitchell, Richard R. McGuire, James L. Newton, James R. Nichols, Philip R. Oberwetter, Albert R. Perez, Mauro Plum, Robert B. Powell, Hal J. Reed, John M. Reid, William P. Richard, Curtis W. Shreves, Ronald E. Simons, Charles J. Smith, Joel S. Smither, David P. Stumer, David M. Valenzuela, Pedro G. Webb, Russell M. Williams, Hoyet D. a | Captain Hoyet D. Williams Second Lieutenant Ricky D. Baldwin Second Lieutenant Richard W. Collins Second Lieutenant Lorn D. Frazier First Sergeant Samuel M. Huddleston COMPANY C D COMPANY Adams, Stuart E. Ahrens, Robert W. Ball, John W. Bazan, Rudolfo C. Becker, Carter K. Breeland, Joseph M. Buddin, Francis A. Buie, James Calhoun, Robert E. Chewning, Richard Chiu, Manuel Clark, Frank R. Coleman, Ronald W. Cutty. Letty: Dees, William L. Diefenderfer, Alex Evans, Samuel T. Finnell, Donald L. Fondeur, Edward Fraley, Dennis W. Gravell, Bobby R. Hauck, Cecil Healy, Mark Hemingway, Richard D. Henning, Waverly A. Hilborn, Don F. Howland, Marcus G: James, Clyde L. Johnson, Thomas J. Johnson, Wesley K. Jones, Richard D. Kurtz, Ricky B. LeFevre, John K. Loflin, Oscar Marhofer, Mahlon L. Miller, Raymond McDonald, John R. McGrath, Michael Newman, John O'Connell, Robert Olson, Joseph M. Pangtay, Michael Potter, Bobby J. Raney, Raymond E. Rivas, Armando Saks, Stephen M. Sargent, James A. Satterwhite, Gilbert Scarmardo, William Simpson, Michael W. Stephens, Dennis Stiles, Peter B. Stoma, Fred Street, David . Tardan, Dennis F. Tobin, Chris Townsend, Claude H. Walton, Andrew J. White, William Whitlow, William D. Willis, Jonathon M. Wishcamper, Joe E. Worthington, Jeftery K. Captain Donald L. Finnell a AS) s s) = i) ™ — aS S i) H n v vu Q 4 e 3s Willi ardan Second Lieutenant Dennis F. T: First Sergeant Joseph M. Breeland COMPANY D ania Se tm, 4 ais % os ., Po ote ae a oom er Eis Noe ind E COMPANY Arolfo, John L. Best, Julius L. Bogel, William W. Borroum, Lloyd F. Breeland, Dicky R. Brewer, Steve M. Bruce, John M. Burgess, Roger M. Chaffin, Kenneth W. Chesher, Lem Cloy, Charles L. Colley, Steve W. Corry, John H. Daniel, William E. DeLaney, Neill G. Dille, Charles A. Edwards, David V. Elliott, John R. Fenley, Ronnie Goodnight, Ronnie G. Green, James D. Griesenbeck, George G. Hanson, Mark K. Hasty, Corrin B. Heath, Randy G. Ivey, Ed H. Jacobs, Tommy M. Kiebler, William C. Lester, John W. Liese, Richard G. Lozano, Roberto J. Lummis, Albert C. McGuire, John M. Marston, Jimmy G. Mitchell, John C. Mitchell, Steve D. Murphy, Terry L. Muske, William A. Nillen, Ronnie M. Pegelow, Edwin F. Plsek, David R. Polk, H. Dean Potter, Warren E. Pratka, James M. Quintanilla, Roberto Reid, D. F. Reniu, Rafael F. Reynolds, Tommy A. Rosa, Antonio Sierra, William W. Sparks, Stephen R. Standridge, Daniel H. Tomcheck, James G. Warner, Jack M. Wiedman, John C, Williams, R. O. Wilson, J. T. Captain Antonio Rosa First Lieutenant Chris Mitchell Second Lieutenant Edwin F. Pegelow First Sergeant William W. Bogel a pegs a t i é 1 | a oie Aim ae : iy ts Glockzin, E. H. Lang, Hes: Restivo, L. J. Bowen, J. H. Goodwin, W. G. Marino, V. S. Rodriguez, M. M. Britton, J. R. GottwGaG: Moon, R. D. Scalone, J. D. Brusse, D. L. Halls hen: Muery, E. D. Shaw, G. L. Burch, W. E. -Jones, G. D. Muse, S. W. Sifuentez, L. Q. Garza, P. A. Joa, ks (C: Penney, G. L. Taylor, R. C. Gaston, L. D. Jones, R. L. Perrone, M. M. Onaian Remete Gilbertson, D. R. Kalinec, R. E. Piraino, S. L. Zak, A. A. Glenn, J. R. Kalinec, D. T. Piwonka, D. L. Zikes, L. A. Captain Harry S. Lang Captain John R. Britton Second Lieutenant Gary L. Penney Second Lieutenant David T. Kalinec First Sergeant David R. Gilbertson COMPANY F G COMPANY Allison, Troy J. Baird, William J. Beetz, Jerry C. Bishop, Carlton Blalock, Raymond Box, Gary D. Buie, Randy C. Carnahan, William G. Clark, James F. Cockrell, Scott R. Collins, Kenneth B. Cullen, Michael A. Drake, Curtis T. Ehrman, Frank J. Fish, Ralph N. Fittitg, Richard K. Fitzgerald, Douglas G. Flint, Don W. Greeson, James B. Griffin, Kenneth P. Grim, Gary M. Hainer, John M. Hargrave, David G. Hartman, Harry D. Hearn, Roger L. Hines, Donald P. Hitt, Hilton R. : Hodge, William B. Hope, Michael D. Horton, William R. Hughes, Joseph M. Hunter, Ronald W. Johnson, Keith Lee, Obie A. Lester, Dale L. Luby, Steve W. McCoy, Michael D. Manly, Scott H. Martin, Ronald L. Menden, Richard R. Moncrief, Monty R. Montgomery, Charles W. Norton, Donald R. Pancoast, Ervin J. Patrick, John D. Perryman, James L. Sheppard, Tom T. Shute, Jonathan C. Smith, Charles W. Smith, Jerry J. Smith, Wayne D. Sylvester, William T. Tooley, Charles E. Turner, Gregg E. Verret, Merlin M. Whitten, Gary E. Wiesley, David C. Williamson, Michael C. Williamson, Patrick K. Wuerschmidt, Tom R. Young, Dewey G. Captain Ervin J. Pancoast First Lientenant Richard K. Fitting Second Lieutenant Dale L. Lester Second Lieutenant Ronald L. Martin Second Lieutenant Patrick K. Williamson First Sergeant Carlton E. Bishop COMPANY G = qo i Se ee — ™ , 3 in in, ’ = te ee m, ‘ee = O O ae n n a U Lu ae — Lu (ay a Zz AND OUTSIDE, MILITARY TRAINING IS PUT TO THE TEST “SLRS res bry PS aay he : Sure it’s a Military School, but ... Not my boys, Mother Grossman's. rogeeeeschoOo! eemODT. 1: 566 HO) oon, Wenborbees ALLEN MILITARY ACADEMY DECORATED FOR CAPTAIN DONALD E. WOLF received the Army Commendation Medal for valor. Colonel R. C. Dalrymple made the presentation. eC ee oe ee pial! ste a ig oe eoget OS 128 STAFF MEMBERS ARE OUTSTANDING SERVICE LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT C. DAL- RYMPLE, professor of Military Science, was pre- sented a Joint Services medal for his military service in Germany. Colonel Dalrymple’s wife and son look on as he receives a commendation for his military work. General Elton Murdock presented the medal to Colonel Dalrymple. eel 3 et General Murdock inspected the honor guard. LEATHERWOOD MILITARY SCIENCE EMPHASIZES UNIT TRAINING AND CADET PARTICIPATION | i | ! 131 LEBANON Richard Charles Lietz Donald Ricky Norton Raymond Neal Norton 134 HEAD COACH HUGH SEALE Football and Baseball THESE WERE THE COACHES, KEN PATRANELLA CARROLL TAYLOR Track and Basketball Basketball and Baseball CHARLES BLONDEAU LARRY JORDAN TRAYMON WATKINS Tennis Football Golf DON MARABLE Football 135 SS AS Yeah Coach! You tell ’em! Allright, break it up. Proud parents and an All-Conference end. The worried look of Papa Seal. Hop to it, Coach Seale! Sometimes even parents can be unhappy. FRIDAY AFTERNOON FOOTBALL Will Scott Buie catch it? All-Conference ends seldom drop a pass. 137 FOOTBALL SPRING TRAINING Gimme that ball! Mail Call! A little sideline instruction. PREPARES PLAYERS FOR BIG GAME a 504 fia liiivs Pttin gy HMMM y iq t g ® THE ENTIRE CORPS OF CADETS WENT TO YELL FOR THE TEAM AT SAN MARCOS! JUNIOR HIGH PLAYERS LOOK FORWARD TO A BETTER SEASON NEXT YEAR sina INTRAMURALS FOOTBALL Mehr ee ty Meare PaaS THE MIGHTY COMPANIES D AND E BATTLE IT OUT! Se pee THIS GAME IS THE ONE THAT COST US THE CONFERENCE! - Be : ia Alley-oop! Streeetch! How’s the air up there, boys? Lu U L — oO. = Zz O U Lu TF O pam Zz O Lu nal co = x ae 75) ae Lu = co = x ae Number 20 sends the ball on its way to the basket. Ramblers win again! What place did you say ? Pardon me, Mac! SPIRIT AND SUPPORT SPELL SUCCESS Bewitched ... Bothered that ball.” PBs es eeega he RAMBLERS FIGHT “Reach For The Stars’ A bewildered team. BACK, DESPITE LOSSES ae ae Spa” ni ek ka » te a ae as ee . ag Player watches teammates intently. Here comes the hard fast one. BASEBALL HAS UP-AND-DOWN — 151 A little gum always helps Coach Taylor talks to the team ... and Coach Seal bats to the team. Smile! You’re on Candid ... Othe, ¢ a en wee ae i aang a» OTE as. vows Ors .é p " x ‘ FEIRNE FE ‘ 7 Poe a Pvee oe De : » Rg Jove, SF TAKE ME THE BALL = . 1 ; iia? 1B: PING-PONG TOURNEY paki tel MAS Ibe, s We tf; ese, MAM OWEA WMA 158 + 94 4 : E rE ; Bie a ae ee qauahasaenstes”, eee eee ects ae a H 4 ‘ % 159 1 " PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN WARFARE. The Big Feud. Charge this to Allen Academy. When does Duck season open? ate a. ae oN RE Number 4 shot, 75 yards, Missed! 162 Mr. Travis Williamson, Kelley Williamson, James Jay, Mike Smith, Larry Skinner, Don Hacker, Jed Prince, Ronnie Fenley, Dennis Tardan, Carroll Akins, Edwin Pegelow, John Bruce. Fire Power Demonstration. Don’t shoot ’til you see the whites of ... SDR Neue APD Ue tel MTG serbia aN ds ) cone ay WD ; Wee Pete near GAA ean ere LEAS Dw aies (GOR ASULO res 422 Se AON sy tae ae: Perea SSL Sh, a CERI RAN 4 Abani aes ts meus a Bese Sey Bie: POE Ms Aen Sige! Sys ns haart; Py eikee ON Ovo DIN WEF} REARS z WS u Par TPO te Party ie eI Adee aes . TAME, mS: “ana : VOR? ISON ZN, CEWNSA 51 Ye AA noe BE TPR Ba aw RSS IW Ae yes SASS iy abe Nya resets pie see me Jaa. ayaa OH ie Pn } TEARS WRA ee St rel é (Bee mit SN 7 Ome eS SGar. z ess TIN ENR: ReneS dea sath Onis ie CH Pare . © ATna oye i Ve CON Bag tinie. Poe dr dey MASS red EN EN NZ DAYS Tee EL NSE Ore Lo SOMO RASS Cae BUA raNs + VSS “NENA ages Dera sy NAS ray? Ricata oes Stwacs NS KNIT AS Cae YAP CIES OT NS Oe PSO XIE iy Osea e ‘ AORN. FGA Aa Nae easy wer, Siig: ARSE an ay SRIF ONS © YAN LN yn Fr DNATA Ck NY a NOS SRP 1 tae FSUCEN ISS VASES RA YARG ka lauyé OAL sv Se tay We ISp. Mer 9 On ee) SNS OEE NSRP De TO En LOGE LI od Ah Nereores SP NOTa TR TVA: : =| oN ¥ y S =e TATIONS DN eee Sree re] tas open) bier ise es = fee 7. 164 Nard Pees) WESTERN UNITED STATES I'll be X’s and you can be O's. BEGINNING OF Buy it at... Reese’s bargain basement! Refitting of the old, outfitting of the new. A NEW YEAR If I can sew, you can sew. Well, it’s not exactly like mother used to make. WITH THE RETU Would you trade for two frogs and a marble? sein ONT ae patentee | aaa Simon says lift your right leg. OF THE CADETS The Peace Conference When the saints come marching in. Burn, Baby, Burn! THE ALLEN BONFIRE IS ONE x = x j—- x N Z O = a o bees a Lt} = O — ae N Ltd co Lut} ac Joma Lads O een OR ered The great Pumpkin will All he did Don't look now, but How 3) § =i con os vv oc uU rea: = oo et - ww 2G RS, US oe - YU ae =F was skip hear of this. squad. “—-—D” HALLOWEEN WITCHERY BREWS A Don’t worry, I once saw my father do it. kissing booth. In and OUT of the A wave and a set will do. sir, no counts for married men! CARNIVAL TO REMEMBER No dis So oan ir CN SLST liicnm He has his faults ... gotten 49 shaves out of this blade REPS oa alee SRS Wee CENTRAL UNITED STATES TOM I wish that fly would land Sure You've got a headache. MERRY “Off we go into the wild blue yonder... ee ; Pa } denn, re é Where are the bubbles ? CHRISTMAS Let’s see your ID Giftwrapped! I've gotta do something about that hangnail. STUDENTS’ VERSATILITY FEATURED AT TALENT SHOW Would you believe Peter, Paul and Mary? 178 Agerns axis Pechkmrst84 ¥ -w Bs aye What's Twiggy got that I don’t have. M ] C K E Y M O U S E . a a) 4 | q It’s the first door on your right. Would someone please get my braces untangled from mike? COUPLES DANCE IN A VALENTINE WONDERLAND Hearts and flowers. N LL x jms N QO — = Z — Z (a4 | jm N x LL PSYCHEDELIC Soft lights, sweet .. music, cha-cha-cha. Tambourine. I wonder what's in the punch. Gee, I wish that man with the beard would ask me to dance. Her daddy got my brother drafted! pred Pek tinbte PT ceagcs | ; 189 Cia 3 eel FL - laa uh Who's taking this test anyway? MORNING, NOON, AND NIGHT. How to succeed in English without really trying. How many shall we fail this quarter? You do the even ones and I’ll do the odd. FROM BEGINNING TO END — 9 N coal = Laden Az eZ (@) SE S D 42 Ze OU = = =) a N Egg tossers toss eggs! Which one is the horse? RAH! SPLAT! OOPS! Before and after. (Fea Pate onion y Fc Missed!!! IT’S FIELD DAY! Off to the races. like this. ou caf” as a, al Jad = 7) a4 Lu Z = Lu U ms O. a) Z x 9 Reveille was ... PULLERS, POPPERS 0 A a 8 aR i tt Who’s house is it anyway? Surveying the grounds. They sure work you hard around here. 1 ) +4 | : } baeddhdd343)45 A fella has to catch up on his sleep. PPSPOPT OPER ET . Beautiful people? Festivities. imal os yn “yy cB) ee je) oe a Vv ww os a uw vo Gc ao 2 G vo nn vu yy Oy bas} (2) o —Q cq oO -Q 3 mS ra ss ia] Wy BORO Maes oxen - hy - a yt A% a, ae » vag Fenced in. Grooming. a. f, INTRODUCIN OUR NEW UNIFORM Pe Laugh on. It’s not as funny as yours! Semetttg S NYT eres i ee SO = te Q Z = a N — LJ a) U =e Lab Ltd =e ot 7h ih O ea N ye Lu cS QO. Zz x O Zz Z. x Lu =r U OQ Lu Te Nn Lu) ate OQ — =) Lu = = x at O Z z a ad Ltd VU Z x Z Lt} = ee l = “HAMBURGER HAVEN” THE SHACK 2 , 4 a Sse The judging ... The rehearsal ... Z O — ae aN Lu (a4 eu bess Z x Lj 9 oO = — x 7 co Cr QUEEN OF 1968 CORPS OF CADETS BERNICE ATKINSON Escorted by Mike Hope br. ANITA ASHLEY REDA BARNETT CAROL BAYLESS sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Mike Olson Richard Eames Jim Moss r YVON BISNETT BELINDA BULLARD sponsored by sponsored by Robert Ash Bill Ball BARBARA BURKHART MARY BUTLER JESSICA CAFARELLI sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Gary Whit ten Dale Lester Bill Baird ae ; SUZANNE CALDWELL KAREN CAMPBELL BRENDA CARRINGTON sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Vincent Ventura John Engel Mike Perrone DIANE DOEHNE PATTI ECHOLS sponsored by sponsored by Mike McQuire John Hainer CYD ELLIS GWEN FLAGER- REBECCA FUTRELL sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Harry Hartman Dean Baker Chuck Becker 215 CINDY GARMON CHERYL GATES SUSAN GODWIN sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Russell Webb John Broadhurst Gary Penney a ANN GOODALL LORAINE GOTT sponsored by sponsored by Jose Barnes James Hall CHRIS GROVER IRENE HACKLER JUDY HAYES sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Bill Miller Don Finnell John Glenn DEBBIE HOOPER sponsored by Perry Gentry wae SUSAN JOSEPH sponsored by John Reed MARY ELLEN HUDDLESTON sponsored by Steve Woody JULIE JACKSON sponsored by Kenneth Lewis LINDA KRAUSE sponsored by Stuart Adams CARMEN HUGHES sponsored by Roger Burgess SUSAN JONES sponsored by Gary Gott NANCY LETHCO sponsored by John Patrick 217 SUZANNE MASSEY PAT McMILLAN KATHLYNN MODISETTE sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by James Green Chris Mitchell Danny Hendrix DEBBIE PEELER MRS. JUDY PRINCE sponsored by sponsored by Craig Barnett Jed Prince A he | MARY ANN PRINCE KAREN ROGERSON CAROL QUINDLEY sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Jimmy Barraco Bruce Bayless Ronald Hunter DORINDA SAULSBURY JANE VAN DEVER CINDY VENTURA sponsored by sponsored by sponsored by Leon Chandler Tom Gore Joe Wishcamper | PATTY WARREN PATTI WARRICK | sponsored by sponsored by Rick Liese Gregg Turner 3 | | ANGEL WHITE , : ) sponsored by Ben Wallace Moments of anticipation ... 219 BRIGADE BALL QUEEN’S COURT 1968 — = — Lub co O = LL = =) — N A real smash! t dance like that! q as) 3 v B BRIGADE I wish he could dance. Weird Beard goes ape. That’s a lot of money to give a little boy. He: Oh! No! ALL I did it again! She: That's the last time, big boy! Quiet time. ve MONA LALLA ALLL ALANA PROUD PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND VISITORS HEAR PRIZE- “The Huddle” Mr. Carrington; Mr. Prince, Master of Ceremonies, “What do you mean you forgot your lines?” and Mrs. Brusse. “I Can,” was the topic of Danny Wood's declamation. Tension mounts as cadets await their turn. Tom Outwin, Eduardo Fondeur, and Joel Marks were the winners in the Sub-Junior, Junior, and Foreign Cadet Divisions. WINNING DECLAMATIONS + mee | i Mr. Michael Hairgrove, English Department, Texas A M University Mr. Brooks Cofer, Miss Mae District Attorney Goodlet, Speech and Drama Rey. Posse S.F.A. High School AWARDS The Mayor’s Medal (Senior Scholarship Medal) James E. Buie The Caldwell Medal (Junior Scholarship Medal) Richard C. Lietz The Summey Medal (The English Medal) Thomas J. Johnson The Gregory Journalism Award Miss Ella Van Pelt The Library Medal Jeffery A. Eng Aguilar Medal (The Spanish Medal) William L. Ball The Latin Medal Dennis L. Stephens The Lockart Medal (The Chemistry Medal) Robert J. Fisher The Scribe Shop Medal (The Science Medal) James S. Bute The Beal Medal (The Math Medal) James S. Buie The Barron Senior Declaimer’s Medal James S. Bute Dansby Junior DeClaimer’s Medal Joel S. Marks Brownlee Sub-Junior Declaimer’s Medal Thomas P. Outwin Allen Foreign Cadet Declaimer’s Medal Eduardo A. Fondeur The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States the President’s Medal Carroll S. Akins Association of the United States Army Medal Richard C. Baldwin James D. DeVoll PMS Proficiency Medal Ervin J. Pancoast AWARDS Assistant PMS Medal John C. Mitchell First National Bank Rifle Medal John M. Bruce Company Rifle Team Medals William P. Baker Richard C. Baldwin Charles B. Harrell Doyle K. Hawkins Larry E. Mire A. M. Waldrop Off-Hand Medals (gold) 1st place Ervin J. Pancoast (silver) 2nd place Charles B. Harrell (bronze) 3rd place William C. Keibler The Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizenship Medal Harry S. Lang The Allen Neatness Medal Raymond E. Raney Waldrop Athletic Medal Larry E. Mire Band Merit Medal Ervin J. Pancoast Cadets of the Month Carroll S. Akins Joseph M. Breeland Michael A. Cullen Leonard C. Jeffery Steven M. Lazok John K. LeFevre Ervin J. Pancoast William M. White Military Sponsor's Medal Joseph M. Breeland Military Staff Medal Steven M. Lazok Military Department Tyro Medals (gold) 1st place Sheppard H. Werlein (silver) 2nd place Jonathan K. Tobin (bronze) 3rd place Johnnie N. Reed 229 AWARDS The Captain Adrian Miller Memorial Award Richard R. Breeland John K. LeFevre John C. Mitchell Superior Junior Cadet Ribbon Stephen M. Lazok Joe E. Wishcamper Superior Military Schools Ribbon John R. Britton James D. DeVoll Ervin J. Pancoast Dennis F. Tardan The Caldwell Watch (Distinguished Service Award) Carroll S. Akins The Mark Ellison Allen Watch (Distinguished Service Award) Ervin J. Pancoast The Blanton Watch (Senior Valedictorian) James S. Buie Senior Honor Society Freeman E. Fisher Peter B. Stiles Junior Honor Society William E. Burch Bo C. Burge The Waldrop Flag A Company (Richard C. Baldwin, commander) Military Department Blanket Carroll S. Akins Military Department Trophy Richard C. Baldwin Junior Rifle Team Trophies Jack H. Bowen John M. Bruce Marcus G. Howland Lucien H. Marioneaux Ronald L. Martin Ronald P. McKinley John C. Mitchell Pes ease y, RaSh RE pial ee {eye OLN’ f + | 4 eo es» ac dopebbea sb F { i Award Capiain Adrian Miller Memorial The Daneshy Meda Minature a Teeerea naan ites aed HERG THE WHITEHOUSE WASHINGTON TO THE 1968 GRADUATING CLASS THE ALLEN MILITARY ACADEMY Let me extend to each of you the warm congratulations of a former teacher who, in spirit, shares vour sense of achievement. You have laid a foundation for useful and satisfying lives. Before you get on with the work, I would like to offer a few thoughts that you may find useful. The passion to succeed, to achieve great things, is strongest in youth. Heed it. Do not squander your lives in petty pursuits. Commit your- selves now to a course that will strengthen you for the trials and oppor- tunities of life. Prize your individuality always. Whatever your place in society, what- ever your work, do not surrender your self-reliance or compromise your independence. Liberty is and always will be your most precious posses- sion. Guard it well. Direct your energies, your talents, and your desires to what is best for yourselves and best for your country. We look to you to redeem what is wrong in our national past and to build what will be great in our national future. Let this be your wish: that you may look back upon this graduation— from no matter how many years hence—with the conviction that you have treated all men with honesty and goodwill, that you have put your heart into your work, that you have done your best. BACCALAUREATE Rev. Morris House, pastor of the First Metho- dist Church of Bryan, spoke at Allen Academy Baccalaureate Services May 19. Rev. House attended SFA State Teachers Col- lege, Sam Houston State College, and SMU where he did his theological studies. He joined the . Texas Methodist Conference in 1938. Rev. House is a member of the Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bryan-College Station Ministerial Association and a board mem- ber of the Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center. His baccalaureate address, entitled “You Are Somebody,” came from the text of John. In summary, he said, “We come from God, serve God, and will return to God.” GRADUATION M. J. Neeley, former student, noted business- man, and civic leader in Fort Worth, addressed the 82nd Graduating Class of Allen Academy May 20. After graduating from Allen in 1918 and from Texas A M in 1922, he embarked on a career in business, becoming president and owner of the Hobbs Manufacturing Company. Neeley is also president of the M. J. Neeley and Company, Inc., a director of the Continental Life Insurance Company, the University State Bank, the Fort Worth Steel and Machinery Com- pany and the Savings and Loan Association which he founded. He is vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees for TCU, where the School of Business is named for him. 233 sa: Choir members perform together for the last time this year. 4 § Si iaehicn oh eS CED, ae LP Mats Lae bon fa Nog GOAT RS OL Sop The high echelon gather for graduation. The Honorable M. J. Neeley delivers commence- Mr. Nat Allen, President, | ment address. welcomes parents. JUBILATION = GRADUATION Mr. Allen welcomed Mr. Neeley and Mr. Arthur Riedel, Secretary JAMES SCOTT BUIE JOE EDWARD to the Board of Trustees. Valedictorian. WISHCAMPER Salutatorian. Mr. Fred Fox presented the Fox Platoon Commander’s Cup. Mr. Mr. Blanton presented the Blanton Watch. Nick Furnace presented the Furnace Company Conduct Cup. Lieutenant Colonel Carroll S. Akins received the Association of Military Schools, Allen Blanket, Junior College Diploma, and Caldwell Watch. ca! KINt A. Boeke FA: % 9 +s c. BRITISH ISLES Lynden Finnis Dickeson Bevlyn Finnis Dickeson CONWAY CO. CORRECT MEN'S WEAR Dial 822-1919 Bryan, Texas MIKE RUFFINO’S CITY FOOD MARKET 706 E. 23rd 822-1650 Bryan, Texas NAN’‘S BLOSSOM SHOP 1105 South College Ave. Bryan, Texas Phone 822-1658 NAN THOMPSON CADE MOTOR COMPANY Ford Dealer 1309 Texas 822-1333 Bryan, Texas JACOB BEAL REAL ESTATE CITY BARBER SHOP f ; 4 Residential 107 S. Main and Bryan 823-6024 Texas Commercial 1313 Texas Ave. 823-5469 Bryan, Texas IVA STARNES MEN'S WEAR 100 North Main 846-2706 Bryan, Texas COLSON’S CORNER 108 W. 26th 822-3318 Bryan, Texas Men's Clothing Since 1896 Bryan, Texas SHOE SHOP 204 E. 23rd 822-0233 Bryan, Texas MIONIMAS FH) THE SWINGER Main at 26th | JARROTT'S PHARMACY. Phone Townshire BRYAN, TEXAS 822-1551 SCHULMAN THEATERS PALACE THEATER QUEEN THEATER Main Street Bryan, Texas e TENS S: YAP PN AT APD EAS, oy a oo ety’ y rai Sd pets £ a Ra , aD nk ene 4 og , » NORTH AMERICA | 967- 1968 STUDENT DIRECTORY oer Aa ABNEY, JOHN TIMOTHY 8th Grade Hillsboro, Texas ACOSTA, JOAQUIN ANTHONY San Juan, Puerto Rico ADAMS, CHARLES WILLIAM Austin, Texas ADAMS, JAMES PATRICK Bryan, Texas ADAMS, NEAL HOWELL Bryan, Texas ADAMS, PETER LEE College Station, Texas ADAMS, STUART EDWARD Albuquerque, New Mexico AHRENS, ROBERT WILLIAM Beaumont, Texas AKINS, CARROLL STEPHEN Fort Worth, Texas AKINS, MICHAEL ELWIN Fort Worth, Texas ALLEN, ALEXANDER WAYNE Bryan, Texas ALLISON, RICHARD VERNON Brady, Texas ALLISON, TROY JAMES Houston, Texas ALONZO, MISS GENOUEVA Bryan, Texas ALVEREZ, FERNANDO College Station, Texas AMIS, JOHN RICHARD Bryan, Texas ANDERSON, JESSE JAMES Bryan, Texas ARNOLD, RICKY LEE Suriname, South America AROLFO? JOHNNIESLOUIS.5 |Reee ee Sophomore League City, Texas ARRINGTON, KENNETH RONALD Bryan, Texas " ARTERBURN, TERRY JAMES Bryan, Texas ASH, ROBERT WESTFALL Watsonville, California AUGSPURG, WALTER GUILLERMO San Salvador, El Salvador 12th Grade 11th Grade Sophomore Sophomore Freshman 12th Grade 9th Grade Sophomore 9th Grade Sophomore 7th Grade 9th Grade Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman 11th Grade Sophomore Sophomore 9th Grade 12th Grade Be nn. BADE, MRS. JOYCE ANNETTE Freshman College Station, Texas BADGEFET, RICHARD “H2. .214.- eee Sophomore College Station, Texas BAIRD, WILLIAM JAMES Pasadena, Texas BAKER, DEAN WILBUR Shreveport, Louisiana BAKER, JIMMY DWIGHT Bryan, Texas BAKER, MICHAEL BRYAN Caracas, Venezuela 10th Grade 12th Grade Freshman 9th Grade BAKER, THOMAS HENRY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BAKER, WILLIAM CAMERON Bryan, Texas BAKER, WILLIAM PERRY, JR. Phoenix, Arizona BAKOURIS, STEVEN PAUL Fort Worth, Texas BALDWIN, JOHN SANFORD Houston, Texas BALDWIN, RICHARD CONLEY Channelview, Texas BALDWIN, RICKY DARYL Port Arthur, Texas BALL, JOHN WILTON Shreveport, Louisiana BALL, WILLIAM LEE Houston, Texas BARNES, JOSE ULPIANO Rio Piedras, Puerto Ric o BARNETT, MRS. GAYLA HELEN College Station, Texas BARNETT, STEPHEN CRAIG Odessa, Texas BARON, CHARLES WILLIARD, JR. Bryan, Texas BARRACO, JIMMIE JOHN Dallas, Texas BATTEN, GEORGE ROSIER Bryan, Texas BATTEN, RAYMOND C. Franklin, Texas BAYTLESS, BRUCE HAROLD Fort Worth, Texas BAZAN, RUDOLFO Nuevo Laredo, Mexico BEAL, DONALD LEE Bryan, Texas BEAL, MRS. EVELYN GERTRUDE Brvan, Texas BEAL, MICHAEL MURPHY Bryan, Texas BEAL, NORMAN College Station, Texas BEAL, RONNIE ALLEN Bryan, Texas BECK, RONALD LEE Deer Park, Texas BECKER, CARTER KINCAID Houston, Texas BEETZ, JERRY CARL Hitchcock, Texas BELLOSO, RICARDO JOSE College Station, Texas BENNETT, ARTHUR MICHAEL Killeen, Texas BEST, JULIUS LESTER, JR. Port Arthur, Texas BINFORD, WILLIAM THOMAS Bryan, Texas BISHOP, CARLTON EUGENE Lafayette, Louisiana BLACKLOCK, JAMES PATRICK Wichita Falls, Texas 9th Grade Freshman Freshman 10th Grade 10th Grade Freshman Freshman 12th Grade 11th Grade Sophomore Freshman 10th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade Freshman Sophomore 12th Grade 12th Grade Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman 9th Grade 12th Grade 10th Grade Sophomore 8th Grade Freshman Freshman 12th Grade 12th Grade BLAHNIK, RICHARD WINFRED, III Austin, Texas 9th Grade BLAIR, JESSE FRANK ........0--00sssseeses 7th Grade Fort Bliss, Texas BLALOCK, RAYMOND BUSH, II ............. 7th Grade Huntsville, Texas BLEDSOE, MRS. GWENDOLYN DEE ........ Sophomore Bryan, Texas BLEDSOE, OTIS WAYNE ...-..00205--0--- Sophomore Bryan, Texas IBLE VINS © BILLY BROY iaro crite onic 0 so ie Pe ore ince: 8 Freshman Bryan, Texas BLOCKER JOHN RUFUS | .02 65 26 fone seams 10th Grade Houston, Texas BOBBITT, ROBERT (GLENN “aia... = es. - Sophomore Bryan, Texas BOCK? JAMES ALBERT 2 cote een eins = Oe ... 10th Grade Fort Worth, Texas BOGEL, WILLIAM WOODWORTH .......... Sophomore Houston, Texas BOLAND, MICHAEL GRANT ...........-+- 12th Grade Dallas, Texas BOLINGER, JAMES HOWARD .............. 10th Grade Fort Worth, Texas BOLINGER | MARK: LEROY@ 3 20 vec wire oe oisiel's 8th Grade Fort Worth, Texas BOLI DALEG LEDS eerrwecisen share ve 39s os 9th Grade Duncanville, Texas BONZI, GEANCARLO 2000. 0. Magee cease 10th Grade Damongo, Ghana BORROUMeLEOYD SPOS TER se recctecrsiaterteie = os Freshman Three Rivers, Texas BOWEN, JACK HUSTON, JR. .........-.----- Freshman Bryan, Texas GAR 1 ee eae oe ie oe ome iee a wie's obi0 9th Grade Frisco, Texas BOV KIN MISS KAREN LER Sec 2 c. ote em © Heine Freshman College Station, Texas BRALEY, WILLIAM SPARKS .............---- Freshman Bryan, Texas BREELAND, JOSEPH MARION, III .......--. Sophomore Baytown, Texas BREELAND, RICHARD ROGERS ............-- Freshman Baytown, Texas BREWER, JUSTIN LLOYD ................-. 12th Grade Houston, Texas BREWER, STEPHEN MORGAN ...........---: Freshman Bunkie, Louisiana BRIONES, GUILLERMO FEDERICO .......... 12th Grade Monterrey, Mexico BRISTOL, MRS. ANNETIE . 2... esceencecwise Sophomore Bryan, Texas BRETTON, JOUN ROBERT sire mee tae ste ee ones wens Freshman Richardson, Texas BROADHURST, JOHN RICHARDS, JR. ....... 11th Grade Scottsdale, Arizona UO INV, INUEV.G WG 2 5 cen BoonecooooeooUor 10th Grade Mer Rouge, Louisiana BROUGHTON OMe GEORGES ee erie Sophomore Omaha, Nebraska BROWN UMe GARE © Siterrrerclcrtssteereteet artes) rie 8th Grade Dallas, Texas BROWNE DERREES RONALD. mete clearer: Freshman College Station, Texas BROWN, MRS. SYLVIA SIMPSON ..........- Sophomore Bryan, Texas BRUCE. JOHN i MORRIS an sak eae sein sis 5s Sophomore Fort Worth, Texas IDR Ghee COMIN GARL Malet ieaie ct fone yi e.» 2 12th Grade Marble Falls, Texas BRUSSE, DAVID LAMAR eememertintas. 2... Sophomore College Station, Texas BUCHANAN; BENJAMIN) BEST 3... -..-..... Freshman Bryan, Texas BUCKLEY. GLINTONSLELAND Sec eeeel- 11th Grade Port Arthur, Texas BUDDIN® ERANGISPASBURY,) TIM erie er 11th Grade Dallas, Texas BUIERING TONS MRS a GEAD Y Simeon eerste Freshman Bryan, Texas BUIESIAMES SCOT lero iterate kes ieee ss 12th Grade Hillsboro, Texas BUIEMRAND YaGUAR Kaeeerr ei cietrcrterer ice 10th Grade Fort Worth, Texas BUITRON@ ARTHUR Site teenie atta ores fee 12th Grade Hitchcock, Texas BULELARDS GREGORY ALAN a iacisleeclentr 12th Grade Lagunillas, Venezuela BULTOCK CUR TISSEMO RY sal Ramer tethers hers Freshman Bryan, Texas BUNDY @DENNIS GLENNiea cee sn 10th Grade Mexia, Texas BURGH MWILLIAM® FART eIllee eer eerie i 10th Grade College Station, Texas BURGESS BO {GEC tree inert ect 8th Grade Laredo, Texas BURGESSROGERUMICHART sapere eeitertriias i. Freshman Irving, Texas BURGOS SJ OSERALEJANDRO Rec eecertriiseree ce Freshman College Station, Texas BURKEAT LER eS DEV EN LOUIS meter titers Sophomore Bryan, Texas BURRUSS MRS DIANAT LEER ge rrcrcrcpele ele te steel tes ts) Freshman College, Station, Texas BUR MRS SHA ZELS Ete evar center eet Freshman Bryan, Texas = grees GAGLESU ARR Y SLEES [Ro a .ss cite eicneneey rears Sophomore Bryan, Texas GAINORHARR Ys LEENS Rew rcriereieetteteret oe tate tiers 8th Grade Dallas, Texas CALDWELL, DOYAL ONEAL{)JRi oan snees.= Freshman Franklin, Texas GALHOUNS PATRICKS JOHN secre ee err 10th Grade Houston, Texas GALHOUN, ROBERT, EDWARD Meee eee eae 12th Grade Houston, Texas GANADA DANIELP NEIL eG meee ieee sacs 11th Grade Lancaster, California GANNON! MRS DEBORAH® DEE Mace a: Freshman Bryan, Texas GARNAHAN WW ILLTAMaGRA DY geacisensis) cretetners 9th Grade Houston, Texas GARR BROBER TEDW AR Dis) Remeaertetee tna 11th Grade Fort Worth, Texas CARRINGTON, MISS BRENDA GAIL ......... Freshman Bryan, Texas GARRUIE EI MRS ShcA ERY ae YININ ernerotersielenerennee Sophomore Bryan, Texas GASAREZASMRS2e UTA ms Maeraeiencttei reels terars ;.... Freshman Bryan, Texas GASHeeM RS CARO SAININ gee eter Sophomore Bryan, Texas 245 CASTELLANOS, KENT 7th Grade Houston, Texas CATE, THOMAS SCOTT El Paso, Texas CHAFFIN, KENNETH WAYNE Lubbock, Texas , CHAMPAGNE, GEORGE JOHN, III Lafayette, Louisiana CHANCE, “THOMAS Do 2.0 occas eecce sere Sophomore Bryan, Texas GHANDITER? LEON: La cer eaaicns ae cee eee Freshman Dallas, Texas CHARANZA, MISS YVONNE M. Bryan, Texas CHESHER, ALVIN LEM, JR. Lubbock, Texas CHEWNING, RICHARD HAROLD Plainview, Texas CHIU, MANUEL Panuco, Mexico CHRISTENSEN, WALTER ERIC Fort Worth, Texas CLARK, DENNIS DREXELL Waco, Texas CLARK, FRANK ROBERT Houston, Texas CLARK, JAMES FRANKLIN Shreveport, Louisiana CLAUNCH, RALPH JOHN Fort Worth, Texas CLAYTON, BENNETT RALPH Bryan, Texas CLAYTON, MICHAEL FRANCIS Fort Worth, Texas CLAY, CHARLES LARRY Baton Rouge, Louisiana COBB, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS Dallas, Texas COBB, KENNETH WAYNE Bryan, Texas COCKRELL, SCOTT ROGERS Snyder, Texas COLE, GEORGE LAWRENCE Dallas, Texas COLEMAN, RONALD WAYNE Bossier City, Louisiana COLLEY, STEPHEN WAYNE Fort Worth, Texas COLLINS, KENNETH BRUCE Houston, Texas COLLINS, RICHARD WENDEL Houston, Texas COLON, JORGE LUIS Guaynabo, Puerto Rico CONE, JAMES CECIL, III College Station, Texas MOOPRER: MRS. .KATHLEEN? Ma bec. eo. cca s Sophomore College Station, Texas COOPER, MICHAEL JAMES College Station, Texas COOPER, MERRELL LAWRENCE, JR. Fort Worth, Texas COPELAND, JAMES FRANKLIN Bryan, Texas CORKERN, MRS. GAIL LOUISE College Station, Texas 10th Grade Freshman 12th Grade Freshman Freshman 11th Grade 10th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade 11th Grade Sophomore 12th Grade Freshman 8th Grade Sophomore 10th Grade Sophomore 10th Grade 12th Grade 10th Grade Sophomore 8th Grade 11th Grade 11th Grade Sophomore Freshman 12th Grade Freshman Sophomore CORRY, JOHN HICKMAN Freshman Baton Rouge, Louisiana COSTON, JAMES PRESTON Rocksprings, Texas COVINGTON, MRS. JEWEL M. Bryan, Texas CRAWFORD, MARC STEVEN Houston, Texas CRAWLEY, MRS. JOANNE Bryan, Texas CRISS, HARRIS Bryan, Texas CRISWELL, RAY BARTON, JE: 2..2255-2-2 2 Sophomore Bryan, Texas CROXDALE, KENNETH NOLAN Bryan, Texas CUDE, EDWARD PATTERSON Waco, Texas CULLEN, MICHAEL ANTHONY Houston, Texas CURRY, TERRY RICHARD Arlington, Texas CUTSHALL, JACK LEO Azle, Texas 12th Grade Freshman 10th Grade Sophomore 7th Grade 11th Grade 7th Grade 9th Grade Sophomore DANIEL, LARRY WILLIAM Humble, Texas DANIEL, WILLIAM EDMUND Port Lavaca, Texas DATONE, WILLIAM BRYAN Houston, Texas DAVIDSON, DENNIS RAY Bryan, Texas DEBOARD, DAVID PAUL Hearne, Texas DECKER, FEROL VINCENT Bryan, Texas DEES, WILLIAM LESLIE Dallas, Texas DeLANEY, NEILL GRAHAM, III San Angelo, Texas DENNIS, MICHAEL GENE Bryan, Texas DeVINEY, MARK STEPHEN Odessa, Texas DeVOLL, JAMES DAVID Dallas, Texas DICKESON, BEVLYN FINNIS Buenos Aires, Argentina DICKESON, LYNDEN FINNIS Buenos Aires, Argentina DICKSON, CARTER BICKHAM, III Shreveport, Louisiana DIEFENDERFER, ALEX Phoenix, Arizona DILLE, CHARLES AVERY El! Paso, Texas DOBROVOLNY, MISS JACQUELINE Bryan, Texas DODD, MICHAEL TERRY Fort Worth, Texas DONELSON, GARY EARL Houston, Texas DOTSON, ROBERT WAYNE Bryan, Texas 8th Grade Freshman 10th Grade Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore 9th Grade 11th Grade 9th Grade 9th Grade 12th Grade 11th Grade Freshman Freshman 8th Grade 12th Grade Sophomore DRAKE GURTIS THOMAS? |i eon dees a ee Sth Grade Dallas, Texas DRAUGHON, BEVERLY DUANE ............. 8th Grade Richardson, Texas DREWS” DONALDGRAY. aes 3e..2 ooo ate cee Freshman Bryan, Texas DROUILHET, MRS. LISA N. ................- Sophomore Bryan, Texas PICE ANDERE W 7 POLI 2 cin feces e oe ae 12th Grade Dallas, Texas DUDLEY: JAGK “BENNY? 32 cacg at viccle ob min ee 8 Freshman Bryan, Texas DUDLEY, MRS. MARGARET ANN ............ Freshman Bryan, Texas DUNHAM, DOUGLAS WAYNE Bryan, Texas YD ophomore ais EAMES, RICHARD DENNIS ................ 12th Grade BPE UARRYSDAVID). oo sec es sin sb on yee Sophomore Bryan, Texas EDEN, THOMAS GENE .................... Sophomore ryan, Texas EDWARDS, DAVID VIRGIL, III ............. Sophomore El Centro, California EDWARDS. MISS DELORES M. ..-22..0.5--5% Sophomore Bryan, Texas EDWARDS, WILLIAM J. ..................- Sophomore Bryan, Texas EHRMAN, FRANK JAMES, JR. .........-...-.. 9th Grade ouston, Texas EIMANN, MISS SANDRA KAY .............. Sophomore College Station, Texas ELKINS, RONNIE EUGENE .............-.... Freshman Bryan, Texas ESI OLIN RONALD 2. sean oe oe in es Freshman Palestine, Texas BELISTROBER I BARI 7-0. sccs ck cece. obsess 10th Grade Dhahran, Saudi Arabia HESIK MES. JANICE S- (0.0 5- ccc. == 300s eer Sophomore Bryan, Texas Pia) SePPRey ALAN 25 occa ecwdckec se s'seen 10th Grade Houston, Texas ENGEL, JOHN WHITWORTH .............. 11th Grade Austin, Texas EPPENAUER, ALFRED ROBERT ............. 10th Grade Pecos, Texas HSPINOAAC LV MCLOR © JBncg oe ns weet cc ae 1ith Grade Bryan, Texas SVAN sR EP SLi esac s as en Ueinae eee 11th Grade Corpus Christi, Texas EVANS SAMUEL PHOMAS 2.2 23025052 54h 12th Grade Midland, Texas POOGIING SIOEING D2 TUE oe ros sis mice om ne 9th Grade Shreveport, Louisiana RAELAS' JOELZALEANG@ 3. 56305 tes0 6 eee = 7th Grade Houston, Texas PARREET AR CHUB LER oe oss ceaeane ans = = Freshman Bryan, Texas RENEE RONNIBALER osha ot wisi temien ina Sophomore Slaton, Texas FICK JOHN ORVILLE geaceoeee fees «20s Sophomore College Station, Texas BIRDIE ERs Al eons ae wiciges hime ued ee Sophomore Bryan, Texas SHREDS CHARE US EPR eee ee as a citer 10th Grade Houston, Texas BETES BR IMOWIN oe corse oe rae own mcrae ore Sophomore College Station, Texas FINCKE, HOWARD THOMAS ..........--.-.-- 11th Grade Tyler, Texas FINNEETS DONALD TRIGH) f. ooc oocts os ee Freshman Blum, Texas FISH RALPH NORWOOD fen sc ns ee ee ew 11th Grade Springhill, Louisiana FISHER, FREEMAN, EUGENE .....-..-.-.--.--- 1ith Grade Shreveport, Louisiana FISHER, ROBERT JACK .................... Sophomore Bryan, Texas PTETING? RICHARD REND - cocoa teem es 12th Grade Midland, Texas FITZGERALD, DOUGLAS GEORGE .......... 11th Grade Houston, Texas FLANNIGAN, JOHN VINCENT ............. 10th Grade Dallas, Texas PLBCHINER. MES " JANE ORS fs s 0s seo oe Sophomore College Station, Texas FLETCHER, JIMMIE EARLE, JR. ............. 10th Grade Fort Worth, Texas RETA: DON WESDIY gees. a ae eee 7th Grade Amarillo, Texas FONDEUR, EDUARDO ARTURO ............. 9th Grade Santiago, Dominican Republic FRALEY © DENNIS; WILSON 3-08 =o ees 9th Grade Phoenix, Arizona FRANKLIN, MISS JANIS MARIE .............. Freshman Bryan, Texas FRAZIER LORN;| DANIEL, J 2-5 r ee Freshman Houston, Texas FREEMAN, STEPHEN JOSEPH .............. 12th Grade San Antonio, Texas PRIESE- KIUP WILETAM coon oon nic oe eelaxe Se al 8th Grade Houston, Texas FULLEN, MISS MARSHA ANNE ............ Sophomore Bryan, Texas ae Gee GAEINDO) RICHARD Fo oe ene es lai alec iaae aes Sophomore Bryan, Texas GAGE, JAMES MONROE ..............----- 10th Grade Fort Worth, Texas GARCTA CARLOS (fe oe So On cs ceo ak 10th Grade General Teron, Mexico . GARCIA, ERNESTO, Ul. no. ve maw sane oe 4 anata 9th Grade Caracas, Venezuela GARRETT, HICKMAN NEWTON, III ......... Freshman Bryan, Texas GARZA MANLIEIS 2 coe ee eee 11th Grade Nuevo Laredo, Mexico GARZA, PAUL ALEX Bryan, Texas GASTON, LELAND DENNIS Freshman Bryan, Texas GEESLIN, CONRAD BEWLEY Manila, Philippines GENTRY, JAMES PERRY, III Marshall, Texas GHILAIN, DANIEL BRUCE Port Isabel, Texas GILBERTSON, DAVID RAY Bryan, Texas GILMORE, RAY HENRY Bryan, Texas GLENN, JOHN BRYANT Amarillo, Texas GLOCKZIN, FMANUEL HERBERT, JR. ........ Freshman Bryan, Texas GODFREXA MRS e GATHERINE aera eee Sophomore Bryan, Texas GODWIN, MRS. LINDA WALLIN Bryan, Texas GOLDMAN, GEORGE EDISON Tempe, Arizona GOLDSMITH, CHARLES MICHAEL Houston, Texas GONZALES, RUDOLPH HAROLD El Paso, Texas GOODALL, MISS ANN Bryan, Texas GOODKNIGHT, MRS. ANNETTE SUE College Station, Texas GOODNIGHT, RONALD GENE Killeen, Texas GOODWIN, WALTER GLENN Bryan, Texas GORE, THOMAS NOTLEY, JR. EI] Paso, Texas GOTT, GARY ORLICE Bryan, Texas GOTT, KENNETH RONALD Bryan, Texas GOUGH, MISS SHARON GAIL Bryan, Texas GRAVELL, BOBBY RAY Houston, Texas GRAVIS, ROGER MILTON Stuttgart, Arkansas GRAY, GLENN MORRIS Bryan, Texas GRAYBEAL, MRS. EMILY College Station, Texas GREEN, JAMES DARRELL Channelview, Texas GREEN, RICKY LYNN Cypress, Texas GREENBERG, DAVIDE Ms a. eee ene 10th Grade Dallas, Texas GREESON, JAMES BRADFORD, JR. .......... 10th Grade Rockport, Texas GRIESENBECK, GEORGE GRAY Houston, Texas GRIFFIN, KENNETH PROBY Odessa, Texas 12th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore 10th Grade 10th Grade 7th Grade Sophomore Sophomore 12th Grade Freshman 11th Grade Freshman Sophomore Freshman 11th Grade 9th Grade Freshman Sophomore Freshman 10th Grade Freshman 11th Grade GRIFFITH, JOHN MARK 9th Grade Houston, Texas GRIM, GARY MONROE Houston, Texas GRIMALDO, MISS HORTENSIA M. ........... Freshman Bryan, Texas GROSSENBACHER, MRS. NANCY Bryan, Texas GROSSMAN, ALAN MITCHELL Houston, Texas GUARINO, DON PAUL Houston, Texas GUMFORY, MRS. SAUNDRA KAYE Bryan, Texas GUNTER, WILLIAM STEPHEN Odessa, Texas 9th Grade Sophomore Freshman 7th Grade Sophomore 12th Grade HACKER, DON ALAN Galena Park, Texas HAINER, JOHN EDWARD Dallas, Texas HALSELL, JOHN EDWARD Bryan, Texas HALL, FRANK (BILL) HENRY Bryan, Texas HALL, JAMES PRENTISS Bryan, Texas HAND, MICKEY DARRELL Corsicana, Texas Sophomore 10th Grade Sophomore Sophomore 11th Grade 11th Grade HANSON: MARK. KELLOGG, JR.) 0. ote es Freshman Annandale, Virginia HARGETT, MICHAEL ALLEN Humble, Texas HARGRAVE, DAVID GIBSON Waco, Texas HARGROVE, RICKY LAVON Bryan, Texas HARMON, RICHARD WILLIAM Dumas, Texas HARRELL, CHARLES BRAYTON Lafayette, Louisiana HARRELL; JEFFREY KEITH Lafayette, Louisiana HARRELL, WILLIAM BEDWELL, III Texarkana, Texas HARRIS, JIMMY DEE Abilene, Texas HARRIS, RONALD KENT Houston, Texas HARTMAN, HARRY DOUGLAS Midland, Texas HASTY, CORRIN BRUCE Baytown, Texas HAUCK, CECIL WAYNE Houston, Texas HAWKINS, DOYLE KRIS Washington, D.C. HAWN, EDWIN DAVID Paradise Valley, Arizona 7th Grade 10th Grade Freshman 7th Grade 12th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade Freshman 10th Grade 11th Grade Freshman 10th Grade 12th Grade 9th Grade HAWN? JORN: MILES “52s 6 am witle 50m, « g'e peje Corpus Christi, Texas PA YO SINEI Pe crete ieibaroir acs sore gh orga eas 10th Grade Houston, Texas HEALY, MARK Dallas, Texas 11th Grade 9th Grade HBARN: ROGER@ LEROY 2 o)crer eter oe shel itso 10th Grade Houston, Texas HEARNE, HUBERT WILLIAM ...........---- Sophomore College Station, Texas HEATH, RANDALL GEORGE ............-.-- Sophomore Austin, Texas HECK? WILLIAM PIPES. ..cccasias acs eis ate tg ats 10th Grade Calhoun, Louisiana HEMINGWAY, RICHARD DAVID ..........- 9th Grade Irving, Texas HENDRIX, DANIEL CARL .......0e-s-eeecees Freshman Irving, Texas HENNING, WAVERLY ARCHIBALD, JR. . 10th Grade Gretna, Louisiana HERITAGE, MISS GEORGIA ANN ........---- Freshman College Station, Texas HIGGINS, EDWIN DEAN ......----+eseeeeee: Freshman Bryan, Texas HILBORN, DON FRANKLIN ......--++++-++ 10th Grade Bossier City, Louisiana HILL, JOHN KEITH .........seeeeeeeeeeees Sophomore Moss Point, Mississippi HILTON, MACK DANIEL .........+++++++++: 9th Grade Bryan, Texas HINES, DONALD PATRICK ........-+-++++++- 9th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana HITT, HILTON RAY ......-..0ssceeceeeees 11th Grade Tyler, Texas HODGE, WILLIAM BROWN, III .....---++-- 10th Grade Houston, Texas HOLLAND, MRS. MADELINE L. ......+-++-- Sophomore College Station, Texas HOLLAND, MRS. VELMA DEAN .......----- Sophomore Bryan, Texas HOLLEY, WILLIAM EDMON ........----- - 11th Grade Longview, Texas HOLMES, WILL HERBERT .......--+-++--++0+: 8th Grade Norco, Louisiana HOLT, STEPHEN MICHAEL ......---+++++++: 9th Grade Houston, Texas HOPE, MICHAEL DUANE ........++++++++: 11th Grade Lubbock, Texas HORN, JAMES HOWARD .......---++++++: Sophomore Bryan, Texas HORSAK, RONALD WAYNE .....--+++-++: 12th Grade Bryan Texas HORTON, JACK LINDSEY, JR. ...---+-+-++e: Freshman Bryan, Texas HORTON, RICHARD ZACHARY ......++++++ 7th Grade Bellaire, Texas HORTON, WILLIAM RAY ....---eeeeeeeeees 10th Grade Dallas, Texas HOTARD, KENNETH NORWOOD ........-. 12th Grade Baton Rouge, Louisiana HOWLAND, MARCUS GEORGE .........++-- 11th Grade Irving, Texas HUBACEK, MICHAEL RAY .........-..+-005 Sophomore Bryan, Texas HUDDLESTON, SAMUEL MARK ...........-- Freshman Winnie, Texas HUDSON, EMMETT CORNELIUS ...........+. Freshman Bryan, Texas HUGHES, JOHN ALBERT ..........-e+-ee0 Sophomore Bryan, Texas HUGHES, JOE MICHAEL Midland, Texas 12th Grade CCE CC ea uc) Once ac eee) HUNT, MILTON WALLACE ..........---00+: 9th Grade Houston, Texas HUNTER, RONALD WAYNE ...........--- : Freshman Dallas, Texas HUTCHISON, DANNY LEE ............-.-- 10th Grade Paducah, Texas Leg a IRWIN, THOMAS WILLIAM ............2+5: Freshman College Station, Texas TVEY. EDWIN BARRY, UD soe eins ceric tater = Sophomore Zurich, Switzerland JACKSON, MISS JULIE ANNE ..........+--- Sophomore Bryan, Texas JACKSON, ROOSEVELT ..........-2seeeeeees Freshman Bryan, Texas JACOBS, THOMAS MICHAEL ..........-.+++- Freshman Houston, Texas JAKUBIK, MRS. MARGARET JEAN .......--. Sophomore Bryan, Texas JAMES, CLYDE LEE Gh insole nck sch ne ti eics 12th Grade Mansura, Louisiana JAMES, ROBERT BLAIR .........eeeeeeeeeees 9th Grade Houston, Texas JANUSE, MISS ROSEMARY .....--essee+eee: Sophomore Bryan, Texas JASKA, MRS. LORRAINE A. .....- essere eres Freshman Bryan, Texas JAY, JAMES ALBERT, JR. ....---eeeeereeees Sophomore Baton Rouge, Louisiana JEFFERY, LEONARD GHAPMAN oc ecitencierssteiar Freshman The Hague, Netherlands JOHNSON, GARY .....--.s cee eeee eer eeees 10th Grade Houston, Texas JOHNSON, KEITH ....25..2022eescescweenes 10th Grade Houston, Texas JOHNSON, MICHAEL WHITMON ......---- 11th Grade Mineral Wells, Texas JOHNSON, THOMAS JERALD oi. a0 civics se 12th Grade Tripoli, Libya JOHNSON, WESLEY KARTS WRi cs cars eens 12th Grade Austin, Texas JONES, CARVER je 7 MMOMLIROIN «= ote cero o momo aoe 7th Grade Houston, Texas JONES, MRS. CHARLOTIE LUCILLE. .......: Sophomore College Station, Texas JONES, GLYNN DON ......--:eeseecreeeers 12th Grade College Station, Texas 249 250 JONES SVARO 2 ao: crete on eee eee Freshman Bryan, Texas JONESS MARK MEREDITH ain ee eet oe 7th Grade Artesia, New Mexico JONES, RAYMOND CALLAWAY, JR. .......- 10th Grade Bryan, Texas JONES RICHARD: DONALD: IR. at aa 10th Grade Dallas, Texas JONES ORONIN Ye LE Dregne ae eee ea ee Sophomore Bryan, Texas JONESS THOMAS: WIEDER ee eee 10th Grade Lubbock, Texas JUNER THOMAS’ JOSEPH 1-08, xo eee Freshman Somerville, Texas Pah gi KRALINEC” DAVID 4 i: coee nee Soa cok Ree Sophomore Bryan, Texas KALINEC SROBERT EDWARD 469. cose Sophomore Bryan, Texas BREEN CHARLES RANDALD © cecetleeee ae 7th Grade Shreveport, Louisiana KEFAUVER, KENNETH STEVEN ........... 10th Grade Salt Lake City, Utah KREMBLESRONALD WAYNErcn.( apotecca ca. 11th Grade Houston, Texas KENNEDY OPIN WAYNE. 45,006 ee 9th Grade Alvin, Texas KIEBLER, WILLIAM CHAMPLIN ............. Freshman Dallas, Texas RILE, RICHARD: STANLE C= JR] oon. 12th Grade Amarillo, Texas KINDT ST JERRY LEON po eek a te ee eee Freshman Bryan, Texas BRING JOHNNY RA Yos. ae 11th Grade Pasadena, Texas KINNAN; RONALD TERRY... 0.0500. 10th Grade Irving, Texas KITTRELL, MRS. NORMA EVANS ............ Freshman Hearne, Texas KORONKA, LOUIS STANLEY «702, une e: Sophomore Bryan, Texas KORONKA, ROBERT MICHAEL ............ Sophomore Bryan, Texas KRAFT JOHN: HENRY go, eee ee, ee 8th Grade Bryan, Texas KRENEK. MRS; BEVERLY 2 ee Sophomore Bryan, Texas KRUEGER, WILLIAM DOUGLAS ............ 12th Grade Houston, Texas KURTEN: JAMES “HENRY s7o5,, oo eee Sophomore Bryan, Texas KURTZ; RICKEY BLAIR: cee ae ee 11th Grade Lagos, Nigeria shy Gr LaBARBERA, MRS. RUTH M. ................ Freshman Bryan, Texas LAGARES, SOCRATES MARINO ............. 11th Grade Barahona, Dominican Republic LANG, HARRY STHART lll). oe ee Sophomore Houston, Texas LARSEN, FREDERICK HARVEY 92.290) ee 9th Grade Baton Rouge, Louisiana LAWES STEVEN CLAY... 3.07. eee 9th Grade Lafayette, Louisiana LAZOK, STEVEN MICHAEL...) 9th Grade Phoenix, Arizona LEE OBIE: ARTHURS Ro... eee 11th Grade Orange, Texas LeFEVRE, JOHN KNOX... pce ee eee 11th Grade Wortham, Texas LEGG, HERBERT LEON, JR, 2200) eee Sophomore Chriesman, Texas LESTER, DALE GLAHOMA: 9) see eee Freshman Dallas, Texas LEW, ROBERT ‘GORDON... +2... ee Freshman Houston, Texas LEWIS, GEORGE JENKINSON, JR. .......... 10th Grade Houston, Texas LEWIS, “KENNETH WAYNE ........2-¢2- ee Freshman San Antonio, Texas LEWIS, ‘MICHIAET” DUANE. 3-000 ocn ee eee 11th Grade Fort Worth, Texas LIESE, RICHARD =GROVERS] see ee eee Freshman San Antonio, Texas ; LIETZ, LLOYD WAYNE (50 eee 10th Grade Stephenville, Texas “LIETZ, RIGHARD CHARLES 2.2, 0 oe ee 8th Grade Beirut, Lebanon LIKE, LEON PRESTON; JR) 4. cl aeccooe eee 11th Grade Arlington, Texas LINTON, LARRY WAYNE.. 3. . 0 ete Sophomore Bryan, Texas LIVIERER, JAMES: FRANCIS (225... 10th Grade Richardson, Texas LITILE? NEAL RUGENE 32... .c. bee Freshman Bryan, Texas LOBRANO, CHARLES MARION .............. 7th Grade West Monroe, Louisiana LOFLIN, OSCAR THOMAS Jl... 10th Grade Natchez, Mississippi LOOP, MRS. JUDELANNE .ce eee ee ee Freshman Bryan, Texas LOPER) FRANK: My ons 32s 0k et nee ee 12th Grade Jacksonville, Texas LORD MGEOFIREVePHILIP. = pete eleee eee 10th Grade Cuernavaca, Mexico LOVANSGMES 3 JOAN 44 sos ce eek ae ae Sophomore Bryan, Texas LOWE? CASHYESRANDOB I) ccs foe ace 11th Grade Lafayette, Louisiana LOWERY: MRS PHYLLIS JEAN ...0 2) ae Freshman College Station, Texas LOZANO? ROBERTO JOSE +2. n.7 ce eee Freshman Guadalajara, Mexico LUBY ASIEVEN WALLACE G .... cece oe 9th Grade Duncanville, Texas EUCES DO Y LE ais cre ere oe ie ein en eer Freshman Bryan, Texas LUMMIS, “ALBERT “COPLAND @ieres eee oe Sophomore Lima, Peru TUNA, EDDIE Cie tees seem aces siren aes Freshman Bryan, Texas EY NE.” MISS: ELIZABETH .5 egies « Sha + = Sophomore Bryan, Texas Me McCATL REX LAYNE scce ns Sanuies ease cw sus Sophomore College Station, Texas McCHAREN, JOE KIMONS Baton Rouge, Louisiana McCONNELL, STEPHEN MICHAEL ........-. 10th Grade Albuquerque, New Mexico McCOY, MICHAEL DOUGLAS ...........-..-- 10th Grade Houston, Texas MCC Yo eSALE CH JO etic a aye deerce se Sab i eee Freshman Bryan, Texas McDOANLD, SAMMY LEWIS .......-+++e005: Freshman Bryan, Texas McDONALD, GEORGE LEE ..........+.+++-- Sophomore Bryan, Texas McDONALD, JOHN RICHARD ........-.+++:: 11th Grade Dallas, Texas McGRATH, MICHAEL BRIAN ........---++: 9th Grade Norman, Oklahoma McGUIRE, JAMES LESTER, JR. .......--++-+: 10th Grade West Monroe, Louisiana McGUIRE, JOHN MICHAEL .........--+++++: 12th Grade Houston, Texas McKINLEY, RONALD PAUL ........--+-+++++: Freshman Houston, Texas ps @ MacFARLANE, MRS. LINDA RUTH .......... Sophomore College Station, Texas IMDAGK EIN BRIAN IKIRK sv oaieistacines eine ees 9th Grade Fort Worth, Texas MACK, KENNETH WAYNE ........++-+++++: Sophomore Bryan, Texas MADDOX, WILLIAM ALLEN ...........----: Sophomore Bryan, Texas MAHONEY, CARLOS WILLIAM .........++++: 7th Grade Hot Springs, Arkansas MAHONEY, GERALD DAVID ........-+++-:: 7th Grade Humble, Texas MAHONEY, MICHAEL BRUCE .........+++++: 7th Grade Humble, Texas MALONE, GLENN ALBERT .......---+++-++5 10th Grade Groves, Texas MANCIL, ROBERT MARTIN ........+-++++++: Freshman College Station, Texas MANLY, SCOTT HUNTER .......-+eeeeeees 12th Grade Odessa, Texas MARABLE, MRS. DANA GENE ........-++++: Sophomore College Station, Texas MAREK, FRANK HENRY, JR. .....--+-ee eee: 12th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana MARHOFER, MAHLON LYNN .......+.++++: 10th Grade Houston, Texas MARINO, VINCENT SAMUEL ........-.++++-- Freshman Bryan, Texas MARKS. (JOBE STEVEN. (is-.23 sm's riuna oO o3% 10th Grade Albuquerque, New Mexico MARSTON, JAMES: GARY, .llTeeapemerer. «2... Freshman East Point, Louisiana MARIN JOB fri Sh awh cts inir eee nee te Warne eye Freshman Bryan, Texas DUARTONEA Wixe LU CTEINM ELAR RY Gis oteetetencteter tte Freshman Shreveport, Louisiana MARTIN, HAROLD! JAMES@x: i. sore miele crs ie 12th Grade Breckenridge, Texas MARACING RONALD IG YININ 25s erteieie ete eteie estes Freshman Dallas, Texas MAY-DOUGLAS DOYLE ia. tacx ritee ws sme tele ms 7th Grade Lancaster, Texas MEDLIN = JERRY DEAN sei ole aos ce ee tants eto 8th Grade Amarillo, Texas MEISENHEIMER, CHARLES RAY ............ 12th Grade Amarillo, Texas MENDEN, RICHARD RONALD ............. 12th Grade Wichita Falls, Texas MER RA MRS mE UCLASGCALIEL greet k ect art Sophomore Bryan, Texas MILEBR= JIM? HALE. 2c saus ws tea ese see 11th Grade Kyle, Texas MITELERSeW TELPAMEGARR ttre te ferterettetia eters 7th Grade Austin, Texas MILLER, RAYMOND FRANK 2.5... 56 2000200: 9th Grade Shreveport, Louisiana MITLEERSISCO Tole RIRVAS winger terete ersiete seek 11th Grade Phoenix, Arizona MIRE CARRY PEDO WIN it cic aigcincutg omer eens 12th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana MITCHELL, JOHN CHRISTIAN ............+5: Freshman Carlsbad, New Mexico MITGHEDRTRIGHARD?: RAY aes: rece 10th Grade New Iberia, Louisiana MITCHELL, STEPHEN DOUGLAS .......%... 12th Grade Dallas, Texas MONCRIEF, GERALD ROBERT ..........-.6.- 7th Grade Lubbock, Texas MONROE TROBERDS LER Me oir errs tit 8th Grade Bryan, Texas MONTGOMERY, CHARLES W., JR. .........: 8th Grade Lawton, Oklahoma MOON, RICHARD DOUGLAS ..........:..... Freshman College Station, Texas MOORE, MISS DANA LOU ........-.eeeeeeees Freshman College Station, Texas MOORE, RANDOLPH MICHAEL ............ 10th Grade Norman, Oklahoma MOORE, JAMES WALLACE, JR. .........--.-- Freshman San Antonio, Texas MOORES SAMMIEGTOIN Wriicte ote etree cies aeiee Freshman Bryan, Texas MOORE, WILLIAM FOWLER, JR. .......--+++- Freshman Bryan, Texas MOORHEAD, CHARLES R., JR. ........+.-45- Sophomore Bryan, Texas MORGAN, RONALD EUGENE .............: Sophomore Garland, Texas MORRIS @ BILE You JOR mcr starter ones reser otetellets Sophomore Bryan, Texas MOSS, JIMMY LEE 12th Grade Fort Worth, Texas MOSSLER, CHRISTOPHER Houston, Texas MUNDAY, MISS SUSAN LOUISE Bryan, Texas MUERY, EUGENE DOUGLAS Bryan, Texas IVUGINTO NSeVCRSS eb Edisl oY aC) eee eee ee ee ee Freshman Bryan, Texas MUNSON, MRS. MARILYN ANNE College Station, Texas MURDOCH, MRS. JANE ANNE College Station, Texas MURPHY, MRS. JAN College Station, Texas MURPHY, TERRY LANN Mineral Wells, Texas MURRAY, ROBERT O.,, III Bryan, Texas MUSE, SAMUEL WAYNE Hearne, Texas MUSKE, WILLIAM ARIE Brookshire, Texas 10th Grade Freshman Freshman . Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore NASH, MISS OMA DELL College Station, Texas NEMEC, LOUIS SIMON Bryan, Texas NEUNHOFFER, JOHN ALBERT Houston, Texas NEVEU, CHARLES GARCIA Bryan, Texas NEWMAN, JOHN ROBERT Houston, Texas NEWTON, JAMES ROBERT Houston, Texas NICHOLS, PHILIP RANDALL Dallas, Texas NILLEN, RONALD MICHAEL Galveston, Texas NORMAN, GEORGE THEOPHILUS, III Bryan, Texas NORTQN, DONALD RICKY Beirut, Lebanon NORTON, RAYMOND NEAL Beirut, Lebanon NUNEZ, JAMES AYLMA Lake Charles, Louisiana Freshman Sophomore 8th Grade Sophomore 10th Grade 12th Grade 10th Grade Freshman Freshman 10th Grade 11th Grade 11th Grade Oe OBERWETTER, ALBERT REA Tripoli, Libya O'CONNELL, MARTIN ROBERT Gainesville, Florida OLIVER, JOHN WALLACE Bryan, Texas OLSON, JOSEPH MICHAEL Cotton Valley, Louisiana 12th Grade 10th Grade Sophomore 12th Grade ONSTOTT, MISS LINDA ELLEN Bryan, Texas ORTNER, JOHN ARNOLD Mead, Washington ORTIZ, JOSE RAYMUNDO Monclova, Mexico OUTWIN, THOMAS PAUL Houston, Texas Freshman 11th Grade 10th Grade 8th Grade PANCOAST, ERVIN JOE Vega, Texas PANGTAY, MICHAEL Tampico, Mexico PARADOWSKI, SAM RICHARD Bryan, Texas PATRANELLA, JOSEPH RAY Bryan, Texas PATRICK, JOHN DENNIS Balmorhea, Texas PAYNE, CHARLES DONALD Bryan, Texas PAYNE, JAMES RICHARD Dallas, Texas PEEVY, ERNEST MICHAEL Dallas, Texas PEGELOW, EDWIN FULTON, Jr. ............ Sophomore Houston, Texas PENE, RICHARD Bryan, Texas PENNEY, GARY LYN Bryan, Texas PENNEY, DIRS VELMA EC Reo een eee Sophomore Bryan, Texas PEREZ, MAURO Monclova, Mexico PERRONE, MICHAEL MARCO, III Bryan, Texas PERRONE, PAUL FRANK Bryan, Texas PERRY, CAROL RUSSELL College Station, Texas PERRYMAN, JAMES LEON Texas City, Texas PEWEWARDY, GARNER Bryan, Texas PICKENS, ALAN MERL Dallas, Texas PIERSIG, RANDOLPH JOHANNES Honolulu, Hawaii PIPPIN, WILLIAM ROBERT Bryan, Texas PIRAINO, SAMMY LEE Bryan, Texas PIWONKA, DENNIS RAY Bryan, Texas PLAGENS, EARL WAYNE Bryan, Texas PLANTT, JIMMY ALAN Bryan, Texas PLOTTS, PETER BREEZE Bryan, Texas 12th Grade 12th Grade Sophomore Sophomore 9th Grade Freshman 10th Grade 12th Grade Freshman 10th Grade Sophomore Freshman 7th Grade Freshman 10th Grade Sophomore Sophomore Freshman 12th Grade Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore PLSEK, DAVID RONALD Orange, Texas PLUME ROBERT eBO YD tere teeters ste or creremeniars 12th Grade Dallas, Texas POCKRUS? JIMMY. WAYNE? Sei cen oes ee 7th Grade Garland, Texas POUR MERELO DEAN «2 acceso © Otc e eee rte ns Sophomore Freeport, Texas POUUARTS mies RICELAR DL ie esinysea iis eee sgerenn 10th. Grade Lubbock, Texas OM IIL Reh eH ASAS oonainnise do o0.o bee Sophomore Bryan, Texas POTTER BOBBY JOE A.2.s Hneed cents sea ws 10th Grade Burleson, Texas POE Ree WAR RIGIN LILES ile paer cure re epatspetetensteile Sophomore Galveston, Texas OMA TL. ISU, (Ube II ne oe cool aaacg ac Freshman Dallas, Texas PRAT KAS JAMES, MICH ABE menses « min sie Sophomore Houston, Texas PREV Bet ENVIERG WEAN IN a same ast estate were ace eter aks Freshman College Station, Texas RRINGEMED SLER OY, tc xcecteieneten sitet 0 ores sede Saphomore Port Arthur, Texas QUINTANILLA, LUIS MIGUEL ....2........- 9th Grade Nuevo Laredo, Mexico QUINTANILLA, ROBERTO .....00.00sevews Sophomore Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Roa UAV EMEA. UIC TEMAS case co cAmee a econ ee Sophomore College Station, Texas RAMIRE ZS UE LP He GUE VAS @ar crate cctietcs ctl: 10th Grade Cuernavaca, Mexico RUAN Ee LAM KOIN ID) TYNES, Bega Sac Cee too. 9th Grade Shreveport, Louisiana PAPEL MCOOY ics cash cra oss inks, mse 9 Freshman Oakdale, Louisiana REED! CHRISTOPHER HOWARD 222: .0;- 2. 11th Grade Dallas, Texas REED SJOHNNIE MILLER, TT ences oe eas « 11th Grade Dallas, Texas REMI MOA VIS POLIRM Os este facies oes cen tes 8th Grade Waco, Texas REMOMROBER Tag bee eevee or ote ciel rete erase: Freshman Carthage, Texas REL WUE MP ACI L sole glen Glare olen 8 She 10th Grade Houston, Texas RENIU; RAFAEL FEDERICO, JRI.. . oosce sees en Sophomore Nueva Laredo, Mexico RENNECSMER ED teehee Sie eae sane. Freshman Bryan, Texas RESENDEZ, ENRIQUE ANGELY 2.50 60.22 e 11th Grade Nuevo Laredo, Mexico RES LIV OM UK Ee AMES syeientyscniaerst ne cease. 10th Grade Caldwell, Texas REYNOLDS, THOMAS ALLISON, II ........-. Freshman El Dorado, Arkansas RHODES AIER RVG Ad eye errras remota tet tarde avi Sophomore Hearne, Texas RHODES, MRS. NANNIES Wegeeeeireette. 2. oe, Freshman Lyons, Texas RIGHARDS CURTISS WIAYINE Sere ere rer 7th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana RIGHARDS® CEIEFORD DOUGLAS Mae. areal Freshman Bryan, Texas RICKERT, ERIC VAN Houston, Texas PUNE. IMIS) BYWAY 2 booodn eee cl o0c0n ce Sophomore College Station, Texas RECEY SW LOC TAM® EI BINIRY get r irre eraser aerate 7th Grade Woodville, Texas REVAS Se RMEAIN LO aenegetrrsy ae ok) sete este yore ree 11th Grade Donna, Texas RIVERS SMRSAGERALDINE) Wa archon sistclenarieen Freshman Bryan, Texas ROAGH aa) © LUNI aI ICA Mir renee tenet rriciar yeas Houston, Texas 12th Grade ROBERUSONSOSE EHIME AIN Berrie teae cine nere: 8th Grade Bossier City, Louisiana ROGKENZeMRSS GER RWID Hee sete oh Sophomore Bryan, Texas ROGKEY WALTERS GLENDONM eee tet Sophomore Bryan, Texas RODRIGUEZ FAR GENIOA Re marci citar. 12th Grade Bryan, Texas RODRIGUEZ, FRANK CHARLES ............ Sophomore Bryan, Texas RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL MONCIVAIS ........ Sophomore Bryan, Texas ROSASPAN TONIO Mapai cia cies ceteberterenetere bre Sophomore San Juan, Puerto Rico ROSSER RICHARD: RAT CGEIEE aera ve cireteraeren Freshman Lafayette, Louisiana ROWAN. JAMES TERRELL. 4c. nccsegnes ser 10th Grade Houston, Texas RUFFINO, MISS CAROLYN LOUISE 22.2. ..500% Freshman Bryan, Texas RUFFINO PRESTON POSER see etter rete is Sophomore Bryan, Texas ee SAKS, STHPHEN “MARK Ois..c5 cc oc ds wes totes 9th Grade Dallas, Texas SAMANIEGO, MRS. GLORIA .........+--+++5: Freshman College Station, Texas SANDNERS GLENN DAVIS Sareatenist toler nsustel Sophomore Bryan, Texas SAN ANGELO, PHIL) ANTHONY +2. 3.026055) Sophomore Bryan, Texas SARGENT, JAMES ALLEN, ID 2... 2... 200504 10th Grade Orange, Texas ARE RN EE aL EB ER dum Rats etek rereten lft Fort Worth, Texas 11th Grade SCAFF, DONALD REVIS ........-+-eseeeeees 9th Grade Monahans, Texas SCALONE, JOHN DOUGLAS ........+-+++++ 10th Grade Hearne, Texas SGARMARDO: MRS. Po Le osc cece cece Sophomore Bryan, Texas 253 SCARMARDO, WILLIAM CARL, JR. ......... 10th Grade Caldwell, Texas SCHRADER? MRS. JUDITH) 4 see cebu sea Sophomore Bryan, Texas SGHRULTZ,, RUDOLPH WILLIAM. JRA... 56.8 Sophomore Bryan, Texas SOEIW ART Ze TOMMY RA Views Senn oe Freshman Bryan, Texas SCHWARZ ES GATEVAN Rewer rer eraser ane Sophomore Bryan, Texas SCOLEAFRANK. EVERELT. (eto. . ota tee se Sophomore Bryan, Texas SCOT WOE” LEROY, Mantas eiareietects a oer 12th Grade Abilene, Texas STEGER Te PAU Teel oc LA Migr oe) eee Freshman Bryan, Texas SHANAHAN @MERS CABROL ha e..d5e ee + oie Freshman College Station, Texas SEA WintGAR Ve AINING ov. acters teens aes Freshman Bryan, Texas SHEPPARD. " THOMAS “TURNER: asavi. ce se gee 10th Grade El Dorado, Arkansas SPEPFLE. “SCOTIMEVAN) hasan sexs ose oeke 9th Grade Houston, Texas SHERRILL CHARLES: BARNARD. JR. 4.c20. 508. 9th Grade Phoenix, Arizona SHERRILL JAMES YOUNG: =. esse neanoeue een 7th Grade Phoenix, Arizona DIRE MRS DELORES «245 0 sitios esice te Freshman Bryan, Texas SHREVES RONALD EDWARD 44:24 c5s ar002 12th Grade Houston, Texas SHUPE, TORN RUSSELL " ho paan pred ane ee ae 11th Grade Houston, Texas SEAT ONAL CLAD Goo okt olen rs ON ea 8th Grade Shreveport, Louisiana SIERRAGS WILBIAM. WILLIS ote ok bhaeie s oe ee Sophomore Santurce, Puerto Rico SIFONTES, RUBEN ENRIQUE ............... 11th Grade Caracas, Venezuela SIFUENTEZ. MISS JOSEPHINE «=. ¢.4450450008- Sophomore Bryan, Texas SLFUENTEZ «LEON: Cen: gereeeey San de ee ake Freshman Bryan, Texas SIMMONS“ BARREAWALION@ (7.2 phe eee Freshman Orange, Texas SIMMONS? CHARERS |= |AY seus eee eee 10th Grade Canyon, Texas SIMPSON, «-MICHABLGWAY NE) wn oe ee 10th Grade Channelview, Texas SKELTON, CHAREES FOX. eee Sneeee ae 10th Grade Houston, Texas SKIENS MRS, JANET 23.4 ogee ieee Sophomore Bryan, Texas SrUNINER, LARRY MARSHALL, 3a ee Sophomore Bryan, Texas SKERABANEK, JOHN’ WILLIAM 2.a5h 34: 00c0s Sophomore College Station, Texas Sire ieee AMES Vio esc... dum ce doe e ee ae Freshman Bryan, Texas SEA TER ran HENRY. giana ta mcy oso ee Freshman Sarita, Texas SMITHS BRUCE. WILLIAM’ ...2 sees eee Freshman College Station, Texas SMITH CHARLES “WAYNE. oxcsa cee eee ete 7th Grade Pasadena, Texas SMITH ZAGARY 1.5 Paluch. cc See eee ee 9th Grade El Tigre, Venezuela SMITH SJERRY JORDAN «7... 20 ae eee eee 8th Grade Houston, Texas SMITH, JOEL STEVEN? i. vs. 50 tee eee 12th Grade Dalhart, Texas SMITH a WAYNE DENT? a0.) ae De san SENT 10th Grade Eola, Louisiana SMITH, WILLIAM) GARY ..77..) see Sophomore College Station, Texas SMITHER, DAVID; PAUL a: 2005 et eee 10th Grade Austin, Texas SPARKS; STEPHEN RANDALL:., 74550002 tee Freshman San Augustine, Texas STANALAND, MRS. NANCY KAY ............ Freshman Bryan, Texas STANDRIDGE, DANIEL HAROLD ........... Sophomore Houston, Texas STEEL “ROBERT HARD ei cachet ee ee 11th Grade Chilton, Texas STEPHENS, DENNIS LEON: 2.2.5 2204s ee 9th Grade Woodville, Texas STEPHENS, ELMORE CALVIN .............. 12th Grade Galveston, Texas STEWART; DAVID ALAN, ..¥a3e eee Sophomore Washington, D.C. STEWART) JOHN «is cn.dens caer eee 11th Grade Houston, Texas STTENS,” PETER: BRADLEY «. 430-70 ee 12th Grade Tallahassee, Florida SIOMA; FRED. JR: coud eae ee eee 8th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana STREET? DAVID CHARLES... eee ee 10th Grade Littlefield, Texas STUMER, ‘DAVID MICHAEL |... Ueeannee 11th Grade Michigan City, Indiana SUTHERLIN, JOEL DEAN %.2.. eee Freshman Tacna, Peru SUTHERLIN, MARTIN GALE «,... 3466.0. Freshman Tacna, Peru SWEAT OALPORD BARL = wae eee 11th Grade Abadon, Iran SYLVESTER, WILLIAM THOMAS ............ 8th Grade Dallas, Texas os poet SALLEYS DENNIS JAMES 2). h coset ee 9th Grade Metairie, Louisiana TANNAHILL, THOMAS ALLEN ............ 11th Grade Houston, Texas TANNER CHARLES: PRENTISS» 2)..00- ee Sophomore Bryan, Texas TARDAN, DENNIS ‘FABIAN 7) 3.04 20). ute Sophomore McFaddin, Texas TAUSCH; FRANK: JOSEPH’... ... een 8th Grade Houston, Texas TAUTENHAHN, JOHN WILLIAM ........... 9th Grade Westfield, Texas TAYLOR, MRS: CORRRI (MILLERS A: suc oes te Freshman College Station, Texas TAYLOR, JOHN LOGAN 1202 ecstatic cress: 9th Grade Thorean, New Mexico TAY LORM ROBERT GLEVELAND Saye ae eee et Sophomore Bryan, Texas PTET OMA Sie Te YONIN A YIN, oon se cohol atte rye otto atlosin et arell Freshman Bryan, Texas TOBIN, CHRISTOPHER JAY: su. .50cteece ee 10th Grade Dallas, Texas TOBIN, JONATHAN KAY: css casas set mimes 12th Grade Dallas, Texas ODD: (GCHARTESSELBERD (265 vereaisle esis 3 Sophomore Bryan, Texas TODD eeROBER ls WA YINE eo crce tote aisteiers) = oes Sophomore Bryan, Texas TOMGHECK. JAMES GUY) ccccte ia wie es wre eon Freshman Scottsdale, Arizona TONMALVEOY. TADASHI 2, cas cee an ee eelew ess Freshman Bryan, Texas TOOLEY, CHARLES EDWARD, JR. ........... 7th Grade Fort Worth, Texas TORRANO, MISS TERESA MARIE ............- Freshman Bryan, Texas TORREGROSSA, JOSEPH JOHN, JR. ........--. 8th Grade Houston, Texas TOWNSEND, CLAUDE HORTMAN Pasadena, Texas THY AINE. Fe PoW KO) De SEs SEs conic rio OA Or Sophomore Iola, Texas TREJO, MRS. ALICE MARIE 12th Grade Sophomore Bryan, Texas 193) (Pt 070 ee Ce Freshman Bryan, Texas TRUITT, MRS. MARGARET JANET .........- Sophomore Bryan, Texas TRUSLER, MICHAEL LLOYD ............ ,.. Sophomore San Angelo, Texas TUCKER, DONALD JOE .........eeeeeeeeees Sophomore Bryan, Texas TUCKER, MRS. NANCY McINTIRE ....-..---- Freshman Bryan, Texas TUCKER, PAUL DOUGLAS .......-+-++++e05: Freshman Bryan, Texas TURELLA, SSG JOSEPH ANTHONY ........-.- Freshman College Station, Texas TURNER, GREGG ELDON ......-+++++e+ee5: Freshman Dallas, Texas ah ak VALENTA, EDWARD WILLE .........--+++-- Freshman Bryan, Texas VALENZUELA, PEDRO GARIBAY ........--: 10th Grade Matamoros, Mexico VANCE, MRS. CAROLYN GRACE ..........-. Sophomore Bryan, Texas VANDERLAAN, THOMAS RICHARD .......-. 12th Grade Amarillo, Texas VAN PELT, MISS ELLA LOUISE ..........---- Freshman Bryan, Texas VAVRA, MISS FRANKIE L. .....-- eee eeeeeeees Freshman Somerville, Texas VENTURA, VINCENT CHARLES 12th Grade Dallas, Texas VERRET, MERLIN MADISON ........+..---: 10th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana VERTEL, DAVID WADE 2.502.505 we- 2th 7th Grade Dallas, Texas = a WADE, MRS. SHIRLEY S. ......------eeeeees Sophomore College Station, Texas WAGERS, MRS. VIRGINIA ANN ........---: Sophofhore College Station, Texas AWALBER” RONALD) JOR 6 ci criew ciel = 'n)« sieratels Sophomore Bryan, Texas WALLACE BEN ALLEN x sla senn te eins emer 8th Grade Houston, Texas WALLACE, JOHN RICHARD, III ............ 9th Grade Houston, Texas WALLACE, GLEN LUTHER College Station, Texas 12th Grade WALTON, ANDREW JACK ........-0---002- 8th Grade Houston, Texas WAR I UICIING | Wie ae rain eeteneetetie otek cete ios neta Freshman College Station WARNER, JACK MALCOLM ........-.+++5-: Sophomore Fort Bliss, Texas WATSON; JOHN PHILLIP... 20. tna cere es 12th Grade Fort Worth, Texas WEBB, RUSSELL MARTIN El! Paso, Texas 11th Grade WEEKLEY, JAMES GERALD ...........+.--: Sophomore College Station, Texas WEIR, ROBERT GEORGE ......-.5+2-00-- 00% Sophomore Bryan, Texas WEIS, JEFFERY NEIL. . ca. cesses eas 11th Grade Dallas, Texas WENTRICK, ERNEST, JR. .......--+-+0000%- Sophomore Bryan, Texas WENTRCEK, MRS. VIRGINIA ANN .......-- Sophomore Bryan, Texas WERLEIN, SHEPPARD HALSEY, JR. ......-.-- 12th Grade Bryan, Texas WESTENBURG, DANIEL LEE ..............+- 8th Grade Childress, Texas WESTERN, GARY WADE 450.0020 8 ese ea 9th Grade Fort Worth, Texas WHITE, LELAND CRAWFORD .........-...-- 8th Gade Commerce, Texas WHITE, WILLIAM MESERVE ........-.-+++: 12th Grade Mexico City, Mexico WHITLOW, WILLIAM DALE .........--+-+. 10th Grade Happy, Texas WHITSON, CLIFF ALEXANDER .........--- 12th Grade New Orleans, Louisiana WHITTEN, GARY EDWARD ........--+-++- 10th Grade Houston, Texas WIEDMAN, JOHN CLARENCE .......-++++++- Sophomore Scottsdale, Arizona WIESLEY, DAVID CHARLES ........-+-++++: 9th Grade Mexico City, Mexico WILDER, JOHNNY EARL .......-.+-++eeee Sophomore , Bryan, Texas 255 WILLIAMS, HOYET DAVIS Beaumont, Texas WILLIAMS, ROBERT OWEN Houston, Texas WILLIAMS, WALLACE LEONARD College Station, Texas WILLIAMSON, KENNETH RAY Bryan, Texas WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER Bryan, Texas WILLIAMSON, PATRICK KELLY Bryan, Texas WILLIS, JONATHON MARSHALL Eagle Lake, Texas WILSON, GILBERT JOSEPH Bryan, Texas WILSON, GEORGE NATHANIEL Irving, Texas WILSON, JAMES ‘TURNER, JRo scales he wed ws Coushatta, Louisiana WISHCAMPER, JOE EDWARD Abilene, Texas WOLTERS, TIMOTHY MARK Bryan, Texas WOOD, DANNY HOWARD Grand Prairie, Texas WOODY, GEORGIA KAY Hilltop Lakes, Texas WOODY, STEPHEN MARK Marshall, Texas Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore . Sophomore 12th Grade 9th Grade Freshman 9th Grade ... Freshman 12th Grade Sophomore 10th Grade Sophomore 10th Grade WOOTEN, MICHAEL COEL Houston, Texas WORTHINGTON, JEFFERY KEITH Lake Charles, Louisiana WUERSCHMIDT, TOM ROGER El Paso, Texas ca YEARWOOD, BROOKS HENRY Shreveport, Louisiana YOUNG, DEWEY GORDON Dallas, Texas YOUNG, RONALD EARL Bryan, Texas LE ty pws ZAK, ALPHONSE ANTON Bryan, Texas ZIKES, LARRY ALAN Bryan, Texas ZIMMERMAN, JOHN EDWARD Dallas, Texas ZWEIFEL, EDWARD LEROY Bryan, Texas ZWEIFEL, MISS EVA LOUISE Bryan, Texas ZWEIFEL, LARYY GENE Bryan, Texas 10th Grade 11th Grade 10th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade Sophomore Freshman Sophomore 11th Grade Freshman Sophomore Freshman UTION KuCD °C) SEE YOU NEXT YEAR pais a a le OR pee EE ea ee RE TO Pin

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