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 - Class of 1949

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, 'Y W N Vw . K fs 31. 1, 5. 'I M Af f,.. Q 5 Q: 4 ,I YH Q, if " M N! , , ,, mf 1 , Q 7' E5 Q 'W P' W 'iw , Q? .. . Q- 5, I .w 1 i . Alai' , Q ,, .3 ,,:... W3 if ,xi , 3, . 3 K . 4, . ,k ky "' Q - Q lb ff M, f , A-. A 5 '7'T1 ..A 1.' M W iw W- K Pai W 5' if kVLV,, 3, -V -5 it Pl Qi .4 f is -we h I as 'Q Q ,R k 1 ,A F af 5 x, U' ' LU' fx ell N J .' ki A U' wp.. ' s 1 ,M W3 X ffl ' fir?" x "rw f .uf 'vff- .J f. . ig S 'wx X ' ,f 4 Q x V. ,. 4' v y ' yrrxg I, 1 v- . , ,hi f 9 ,L - 0 ms 4' YR 'V X2 Q. 1 W i X ?lvBo' ! Q- , Vg I g K its 5' , Q 3- - nr sh . Q 11: ,6 QV x ' A 7 'wh W' 5 ' YK 4 , U ..... K A -' 1 512'-,M fl , ' 'Qld Q . . , L I Q , Q h ' 2 'X 'na 1 , '1 K " n La J Lf h P mi 3 V . ' m" f m, "05,xi"'ic5" , Y' 4 2:55 A W I, '- 3 A 2, Q lo an W A R QQX 1 I , 4, 2 -. . M 4. E It iff, 1 . . E , :ag ',, ,,,f-2 1 2 . F 0 , fs- -. - 5 ff' , . f , , P - . . '21' rfF l l 3 5 Q A ' 's xigf my ra, Q K vu J dl Q "W ' -.4 ' . ff ' ' - 5 , ' l , A V -vi V . . tj t X- Q J K K , . I ,IQ Q ,, 7 Mm xi l 34' I A A fm A X bg V xg X Q, fill? 3 K 'F 5 3 I' " I . u - .. ..- 'Q , .J ,L '- ' - -1 " J , .- , M . as ,, f V A MQ? ' an .Vg ,, 1 r ' W A 4, M y v N " . 'K , . Q i iffzwsk If , - ,, " ,, 0 "V L 4 - ' " fy, W N .FM ', Wi I . is I Q Q' Y AMA ix , fi K ,A fifii VV. , ., xlx 8 H.qW,.qfw,, . - W' Mi ' . V . 'ar 3 1-A af , -kb, 'J IJ A nm. xA 'K ' -'Q 1 . ' ' 5-. v'-13791?"xr ' .J 7' 1ZTTf'i?Wff mi fm a,,f,,.,4,5 My 'L "vnL f JW Q IX' Lf' 7 'io n I J,.,:r.,+4,...,L..,4,,. -- '5"""' , -aL...J4..G.1.,m.LPof.,., C2..,4,.-.-,C.....,a-..,'5'-v,L- Qawvlordviw cg11,.1-. JIJ-vnu """W""514'f.2"Zf A fJnd'7!2fr E VNS, UWYV 'ffvuu ' .iff -X,, N XAXHUQ .XUQQN qbqq rifflj L'u Pfmma-Vg be ' Youvifboddxi-Max, SHPE HQXJQ KFIKQNI JQKES wlill. X'X-kumiimngcx o' lpn! H r.,N ?11F+I?Hkf,H , f A ff r . Clffg Qzzqff Ld-zffffu ffhfp Wg ff,-g Qjauf mf 4-L4 ,pig Y. . . ' 14 X My fa Aflny faf7lCl33gf F0fldQJ 17fua.f, 7f6!b,7,.f:4ff' A, f Yfff' fa 0 cfv-H. ff 0' ""' CI C15 Off fd gf a hex!! 6604, WA7 he'9'f'!0f' fo 51044 ana! fwanf 5 . . 'fo urls J you Qfffjt Am! 13, 75411 Q QQ-fzruuff9 WN!! y f' I ff "" "M fffffffw '7f7g fx, 'V J X xg E+ 5 I o cm. 'avi-df 9,00 Q J Lbqszx Q S Jim, Jimi .ibvwbfn-W L,"'L:f,W,, ,Vs if ' :Y A P "' GLW-mfr. fufvuwe, 42114400 4462+ :,:fg:"7 2 :N " J- Mmmwm T,p3:Q1w:q0gy" Q gf 51,1 MQW-,L fum ,110-'N' Q9 5 55 if ff ' - ' 4 - S -, U " rv g, EJ"'LoJ'k,o'0 mt E L 2 yi 'xx 0 'J okvdf K1 I 5 v 94 vs' 1 4" lk L-QP rf? - QV' ' PHMMMLKW ggglfi R wwfjfvm jg :ff ' ' 0021 W Sli. 'xm- ETSQAA 70 Mmm 6?5ngZ"X Qfwiffnff R ES ENT S 1 Z2Zj,2fMH E4 ylm 96 ggzlgzw f7A?!jAL ENIXN ,df-'WRX W Q W ff M E 55 ' fi gf i ,, Q3?5if5535 g EQICATICDN ,,,.,l1!,,qu,,,,7-q...,.,- ,. Y.,, , , H .J-u,. ,puny-un-pq To Mr. N. B. Allen Jr. our presidenl, who has combined flue responsibililies of luis office willw a loyal and genial friendship for llwe sludenl body: whose conslanl endeavor has been To improve our sclwool in all ifs deparl- rnenlsp and who has won flue sinceresl adnniralion and regard of all who lcnow him, flue l949 Allenian is lwereby dee dicaled. PRESIDENT N. B. ALLEN JR. WILLIAM DONAI-IOE In memory of one who marched among us Mrs. Jolw O'Cor1r1er Mrs. George Rivers iMrs. R. W. Phillips Sec. +o Presidenl Secrelary Sec. 'ro Headmasler ADMINISTRATIGN Mr. l-l. D. Wilson Mrs. George Yeager Mrs. Marie Ellcins Aucli+or Bookkeeper Nurse ' i ,QW .,,.. . i K- MAJOR H. M. HARRIS Commandanf of Cadefs Major Harris and His Assishanfs LT. COL. C. R. URBAN P M S 84 T MILITARY STAFF OFFICERS ' CAPT. GAYLORD GILMORE CAPT. RALPH GRAHAM Mfser E. HUGHES Mfser A. E. Musa MILITARY STAFF ENLISTED MEN SC-ST. Is+. CLASS FRED WILLARD SGT. W. J. TINNEY, JR, SGT. ELBERT NORRIS I I TO TT-IE 64TH GRADUATING CLASS: I am happy To Take This opporTuniTy To address a Tew words To The young men who are compIeTing Their academic work here aT The Academy This year. We have This year graduaTes in boTh The high school secTion and The junior college secTion oT The school. I arn, ThereTore, addressing This To boTh classes. You young men will soon ioiin The long line oT graduaTes who have gone before you here aT The Academy. From now you will be known as "Allen" men. I expecT each oT you To conducT himselT in such a manner ThaT you will always be a crediT To The school. Allen men have Tor 64 years enjoyed a Tine repuTaTion as clean, honesT, uprighT ciTizens. I sincerely hope ThaT we have prepared each oT you To Take your place among men and conTinue To keep This repuTaTion unTarnished. We have prepared you Tor valuable service To your counTry if and when you should be called. I sincerely TrusT ThaT IT will never be necess- ary Tor you To have To deTend your counTry on The baTTleTield, buT I be lieve ThaT TT ThaT Time should come, you will be beTTer prepared because oT your days here aT The Academy. You will look back on The Triendships and conTacTs which you have made during your sTay here aT The Academy wiTh many happy memories. You have made many liTe-long Triends and have begun To esTabIish your repuTaTion among The young men oT Texas and The UniTed STaTes. I urge each oT you To Take The experience which you have gained here and use iT wisely in deTermining The proper course Tor your TuTure. May you enioy good TorTune and happiness wherever you may go from here. N. B. ALLEN, Jr. SuperinTendenT U., ,, v. ww.. ,,,,.'0u-- TO THE l948-I949 CADET CORPS ln Seplember you arrived al The Academy +o begin anofher school year. For lhe new looys you were enlering a new school. For rhe many old boys who were refurning you were raking up where you leff off in June. Many fhings have laken place since fhe beginning of The school ferm. You have sfudied logefher, played fogefher. worlced +oge+her. and worshipped +oge+her. Oul' of +his associafion has come a single uni? known as The Allen Mililary Academy Cadel' Corps of I948-l949. You will lake wi+h you al' fhe close of +his year fhe many lessons we have afrempled 'ro leach, in academics. in mililary, and in charac+er. The Academy, which is rich in 'rradi+ion and achievement has placed i+s slamp of approval on you. l'r is my sincere hope you will become a credil' 'ro yourself, your facully. and your school. H. Brownlee Clarlc, F. Physics Coleman, A. Main Die, Roy Faculfy Advisor Dumos, C. G. Clwemislry Noi' Available Berry, E. O. Hislory Bond, L. l-l. Main FACU LTY Mrs. L. H. Bond Librarian Borofslcy, H. English agony? f.....,,-gn i K... P 14 1Z'fif? . 5' vii DQCTQQE W Lysek, R. La+in Moore, D. Main Massie, B. Economics McClellan Cnemisfry B. Elder, R. E. Marin Furnace, N. Coach FACULTY Furnace, Mrs. N. 7+I'w. Grade KNO? availabief I-1oqqa++, W. English Robinson, L. Baskefloall Coach Rohr, T. Spanish X Y A Xb akefield, P. Hisfory fNo+ availablej Wallis, T. Band Direcfor Willis J Physxcs Woolum, B Manager of Cade? S+ore FACULTY r+ ,,. k, 42811 nw Y V iv V i 3 CQ LLEG E E D xvxsxcm f fx?-E815 WW 5949 Hg! fClpufrf?" Presidenf ifpafpweuf - KJ ana G. BOND Vice Presidenf Sec. 8: Trees. Sgt af Arms J. IDOUX D. BRIDGES O. T. GOINES ' ' '11 -'1' ' wi - EDWARD CASTILLO-"Ed" Temple, Texas Boxing, Foofball, Traclc. OSCAR TALMADGE GOINES-"Bird-dog" Luflcin, Texas Varsiry Foofball. Full Pack DAVID LEE HUNTER--"Henl1ouse" Oclessa, Texas Assisfanl' Commandanf JACK IDOUX-"Killer" Alvin, Texas Varsify Baslcefball, Varsify Baseball OBERT EDWARD ALLISON-"DacId Dallas, Texas Officers Club, Znd. L+. Co. E. GENE THOMAS BOND-"Lover Bo Livinqslon, Texas Foofball, Capr. Co. C. Officers Club. yBo Y., HARRY WAYNE BOND-"Handsome" Bryan, Texas Baslcefball. DONALD LEON BRIDCSES-"Skinny" l-lousfon, Texas Varsi+y Baslqefball, Varsily Baseball. RAYMOND D. JEFFERS-"Windy" Houslon, Texas Assislanl Commandanl ROBERT C. KEOWN-"Nueces Robslown, Texas De Molay Club. FRED MORALES, JR.-"Axel" Galvesfon, Texas Boxing Team, Capf. Bn. Adfufam' JEFFERY VAN NORDEN MORRIS San Anlonio, Texas Znd. L+. Co. F., Officers Club, Annual Slaff, Fullpack Sfaff Varsily Baseball, Cheerleader WILLIAM PRATT TISDALE-"Tizzie" El Paso. Texas Orclweslra, Glee Club, Full Paclc Slaff, Track. ROBERT EWING WEBER-"Ugly" Galveslon, Texas Foofball ROBERT LEE WIMPEE-"Shor+y" Bryan, Texas Foofball, Baseball HARRY WOOD. JR.-"l-larry" Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma Officer's Club, DeMolay Club, 2nd. L+. Co. D. THOMAS LOUIS WILLS-"Slick Kermif, Texas Baslcefball R. L. PEVEY Bayfown, Texas L. RUIZ Bryan, Texas w0'22w1W0T ff' KN if T f c. R. BAYLESS-"Corky" Housfon, Texas F. P. MASK Orange, Texas CARROL ORRISON Cheyenne, Wyoming S or ,, SHOWN I ffl 0 L I I' fa Q ,xl 4 f.1.: - . , A 1' . ,Q 'fu A . if fl .S Q m n Q. It yuan ' Q ,J 71 ,... AQ, Q '46 fm? . I f . l ,jg W' - A "WW 4 ,h , Q f Qggw. :-fifwzsz - f -.M K -5 i v Y ..,g - gig b M., ' if "i.g,h' M. Y w-:MN ' Rf'-wr Q", ,.. ' ' , 5, ,- M th. H" T,,..,-4 Presidem' B. R. CLEMENTS ' on Q5 Vice Presiden+ Sec. 8: Treas. Sqf. af Arms BRAMBLETT, M. ADDISON, J. FLORES, FREDDIE ' EDWARD MILTON BEHELER-"Mike" Taylor, Texas EARLEY E. BOGAN-"Boggy" Bryan, Texas Foolball, Track MARVIN LEE BRAMBLETT-"Pele" Jonesboro, Texas Baslcelball, Baseball JUSTIN C. BRYANT-"S+up" Foofball, OIficer's Club, Zncl. L+. Co. D., Allenlan Plaloon. JOHN TEAGUE ADDISON--"PucI" Caldwell, Texas Foolball WALTER EARL BAILESS-"Bo" Galena Parlc, Texas Foorball, Baseball ANDREW JACK BARBEE-"Slugger Houslon, Texas Varsily Foolball ROBERT L. BATEMAN-"BaIman" Kirbyville, Texas OfIicer's Club, Capt Co. E. THOMAS WELBA CONWAY-"Tom" Orange, Texas Rifle Team, Full Pack Sfaff JAMES R. CROWDER-"Jimmy" Porf Arflwur, Texas Foofball, Track, Rifle Team HENRY CUMMINS-"BEIoob" Carrier Mills, Illinois Major Bn. Sfaff, Officer's Club C. A. DAVIS-"Cowboy" I-Iousfon, Texas Foofball, Track WE. MW? ARTHUR BUDGE-"BucIqe" Odessa, Texas "B" Team lEoofbaIII JAMES BYERLY-"Bud" Madisonville, Texas Baseball, Baslcefball BILL L. CARTER-"Willie" El Paso, Texas Rifle Team, Band, Officer's Club Isf. Lf. Co. B. BILLY RAY CLEMENTS-"Blackie" Corpus Clwrisfi, Texas Pres. of Freshman Class, Vice Pres. Officer's Club, Eoofball, Baseball, Capf. Co. F. JOE FITZ-"Jo-Jo" Marquez, Texas Track DONALD R. GIBSON-"Hoof" Seabrook, Texas BURGO D GILL "Bur o" - 1 9 Anllwony, New Mexico Track, Rifle Team, Zncl. L+. Officers Club BERT GRAY-"Ber1"' Galena Parlc, Texas Foofball Co. A. T l DON DAVISON-"Do" Dallas, Texas Track LARRY De ZAVALA-"Larry" l-louslon, Texas Baslcelball WAX b:sT 'foo-0 b4-ohl-'nt-71 ,qllfd Hof Jovx xc ALFRED E. ECKARD, Jr.-"Eck" Corpus Chrisfi, Texas Officers Club, Zncl. L+. Co. C. FREDDIE FLORES--"Gugulis" Galveslon, Texas Boxing WILLIAM EDWARD JENKINS- "Li++Ie Dog" Bayfown, Texas Officer's Club, Capf. Co. D, Baslcefball Mgr. Cheerleader, Allenian Plafoon, Annual Sfaff. HARLAN R. JOHNSON--"Chief" Tulsa, Oklahoma ROBERT F. JOHNSON-"Nigger" Phoenix, Arizona Lf. Col. Bn. Sfaff, Officer's Club, Foofball, Baseball ROBERT EARL JONES-"Shorfy" Kirbyville, Texas Baslcefball HECTOR GERARDO GUERRA-"Ruso' Monferrey N. L. Mexico Soccer, Foofball Team, Allenian Plafoon Baseball. JAMES EUGENE HAMBRICK--"Gene' Galena Park, Texas Eoofball CORNELIOUS MICHAELLOU HEAD -"Corny" Kemah, Texas Band JAMES WALTER JARVIS--"Nose" FT. Worfh, Texas Traclc, Rifle Team, Officers Club, Capf. Co. A. Mm OSCAR EDWIN LUNSFORD-"Ping" Galena Park, Texas Band GENE AUSTIN MCWHORTER-"Mac" Pasadena, Texas Foo'rbaII JERRY DEAN MAYS-"Windy" Bay Cify, Texas Band, Orclwesfra, Baseball, Officers CIub, Capf. Co. B. ALVIS VINCENT MELCHOI R-"PineappIe" Henderson, Texas EooI'baII, BasIceI'baII, Baseball RICHARD A. KEOWN-"Dickie Robsfown, Texas De Molay CIub. JACK KEARBY-"Killer" College Sfafion, Texas MAURICE I'I. LERIVIAN-"Buze" Texas Cify, Texas Vice Presidenf DeMoIay Club BERNARD LEVY-"Big Hunk" Waco, Texas FRANK NEWI-IOUSE-"Frank' Charlesfon, Wes'r Virginia WILLIAM NEWTON PARR JR.-"Bill" WILLIAM S. MILES-"Red" Texas Cily, Texas De Malay Club . BEN ALLEN MOSLEY-"PeaPaI'Cl1" Joinerville, Texas Foofball, Baslceiball, Baseball ,g ff af HOf RLING mRDOCK 4"Holly Darling" Nashville, Tenn. Fooiball, Baslcefball, Track ELLIOTT RAYMOND NULL-"Woodie Houslon, Texas Full Pack Slaif, 2nd LI. Co. C. Officers Club. Robslown, Texas ERNEST PEREZ-"Cuero" Cuero. Texas JOHN RUSSELL PRICE-"Jr" Bremerfon, Waslwingion 2nd, L+. Co. F. Officers Club, Plafoon, Honor Sociefy Allenian CLAYTON A. UMBACH-"Woody" Housfon, Texas Orclwesfra, Rifle Team, Allenian Plafoon, Full Pack Sfaff, Officer's Club, Znd. Lf. Co. E. FRANCISCO VELEZ-"Pancho" Mexico Cify, Mexico Honor Sociefy, Vice Presiclenfp Allenian Plafoon, Officer's Club, Isf. Lf. Co. E, Annual Sfaff. FRANK VI LLALOVAS-"Frankie" Alvin, Texas Baslcefball PHILIP DAVID WALLACE-"P, D." Tyler, Texas De Molay Club, All Company Foofball Team, Officer's Club, Isf. Lf. Co. C. I STADTLER PRUITT-"Pruif'r" Housfon, Texas JAMES THOMAS SMITH-"Smiffy" Tyler, Texas -4Zfo252,tZ" v THED O. THORNHILL-"Liquor" Dallas, Texas Rifle Team, Officer's Club, Band, Orchesfra 2nd, Lf. Co. B. CLEVELAND CORTEZ TURNER-"CocIcy" Galena Park, Texas Boxing, Foofball M I I af' 0 Q, GEORGE EDWIN WALTERS-"Long John' Lalce Forest Ill. Oflicefs Club, Rifle Team. Zncl. L+. Co. B JAMES EDWARD WARREN-"Red" McAllen, Texas DOUGLAS HOLCOMB WHERRY-"Doug" Tyler, Texas DeMolay, Rifle Team, Officefs Club, Znd. L+. Co. A. BILL WEGENHOFT-"Bill" Eagle Lake, Texas PAYTON BARBEE-"Pay+on" Housfon. Texas Foofball T. M. CRISWELL Bryan. Texas Phofo nof availabfe A. RUIZ Bryan, Texas Phofo no+ available J. BEACH Housfon, Texas C. W. BENSON-' Galves+on, Texas Boxing Coach gym-.-. 1. ,W-.-...wif - -.-r-vs-r-1-r,-N ,W iv-.-.1 V.-. -.-f-we--,H , . C , , f 7. .. ,.,...,,.,Q,,--. -. -,H-Y ,--- ef-Swv-wa-wr www- 'Coa ch ' ' For 2 , SHOWN T E ' C. CORDERO I Bryan, Texas Q, ,, Phofo r1o+ available 5 6 :41 ' , x , f,' 44,-1 f 'F 2, 191 "V Y ' 2 1' Wfglwn xx!! ..-Wiz-' H. ,,Z?:f',M:'..4 mi? +15 'Q Q I A ,,v , 4 L Q QQ Z. JD as M ,aw is ff It 6? s 5 if , ,Q f -e if 'V ,g K 1 Q wit X. K W i Ig. !! 35:93, f 4, v Q Q? 'W 1' pg if 1 Xu. : new .W,g ,R . kim! iii M-Q 3:-.. V, sag. we WWW? Ze l vpn g A ,, M A I 'Wh W 5 MW35 L f tg' N QTQRE SENICDIQS sssvulll' X GV 7 0 rf is 5 "- 01' I p g I egg ffA 6 :fd A W 4 f 215 ,, Q53 X949 Presidenf GEORGE CLEMENTS Vice Presiden+ Sec. 81 Trees. Sqf. af Arms JACK STU BBS R. S. STEELE MELVIN ALLISON JACK ASA BALLAS-"Puncl1ey" Cleburne, Texas Boxing Team JESSE LEE BEATY-"Burl" Albany, Texas Band GUS ALDER BECKER, JR.-"Smiley" Mirando Cily, Texas Glee Club, Rifle Team ZACH LeROY BOOTH-"Suicide Kidd" Bayfown, Texas Rifle Team, Library Assisfanf ROY l-l. AKRIDGE JR.--"Curly" Dallas, Texas B Team lFoo'rballl, Senior Honor Sociefy Boxing, Allenian Plafoon, Officers Club. M-Sql. Bn. Sfaff. MELVIN H. ALLISON-"Gordo" Dallas, Texas "B" Team lFoofballl,AIlenian Pla+oon. SENIORS RAYMOND S. ALLRED-"Sonny" Odessa, Texas Allenian Plaloon, Senior Honor Sociefy, Boxing WILLIAM V. ATKINS-"Curly" Houslon, Texas 4121 . I ALLEN HOWARD BRAND-"The Nose" Housfon, Texas ...Ei all-'v U' GEORGE H. CLEMENTS-"Baby" El Paso, Texas B Team lFoo+ballj All Company Foofball, Allenian Plaloon, Officer's Club, I-Sgt "D" Co. WAYNE TELFORD CURLING-"Brain" Houslon, Texas Honor Society RAMON E. DIAZ--"Cascari+a" Chifre Cify, Rep. of Panama Lalin America Orclwesfraf Foolball Soccer. M. EVERARDO DUOUE. JR.-"Elegan+e" Senior Honor Sociely DICK CAMERON-"Slim" Dallas, Texas Annual S+aff, Full Pack Slaff. SENIORS PATRICK HENRY CASANOVER-"Cas" Housfon, Texas Allenian Plaloon. WILLIAM LEONARD CHAMPION Henderson, Texas Band. Full Paclc Sfaff, Annual Sfaff jlee Club 501-Vg C4 if kv-nw . Lv-75'-f7'5' 'fy JI I. 3'1- "Champ 75 Panama Cify, Panama Foofball, Soccer, Allenian Plafoon. wi ALFONSO GARCIA, JR.-"Ponciana" Mon'rerrey, Mexico FooIbaII, Soccer. MARVIN GARDNER-"Marvin" Waco, Texas AIIenian PIaIoon, 2nd, LI. Co. D, Officens Club. GALE A. GAYNOR, JR.-"Blondie" I'IoIIiday, Texas PATRICK B. GEE-"S'rinIcy" San An+onio, Texas Annual Staff, Full Pack Phofoqrapher ARMSTRONG VICTOR EMMOTT-"CurIy" I'IousIon, Texas All Company FooIbaII, I'Ionor Sociefy Boxing, Officens Club, I-Sgt Co. C. DANIEL FABELA-"Danny" Mexico Cify, Mexico Foo+IoaII, Soccer, Spanish Orchesfra FuII Pack Sfaff. SENICDRS JAMES FITZGERALD -"Jim" Midland, Texas CLIFFORD ELLSWORTH FLORENCE- "Buddy" I-IonoIuIu, T. H. I-Sgt Co. "F" .5 ISAAC I-IAMUI-"Tony" Mexico, D.F. Soccer Team. JOE WILLIAM I'IATCI'IETT-"Ax" I-Iouslon, Texas "B" Team Ilzoolballl Firsl Sql. Co. A. Officeris Club. ROBERT EUGENE I-IODGES-"Blonde" Dallas, Texas Baseball, All Company Foofloall. WILLIAM WESLEY I-IOOVER-"Billy" Fabens, Texas Allenian Plaloon JOI-IN WILLIAM GEORGE-"JacIcI' Corpus Clirisli, Texas Band, Rifle Team ABEL MARCUS GONZALES-"Abel" Corpus Chrisli, Texas SENIORS SIM WILLIAM OOODALL-I'WoodaII" Mempliis, Texas Full Paclc SIaTT, Annual SI'aTT, Secrelary DeMoIay Clulo. CARLOS JESUS GUERRA Monlerrey N.L. Mexico Soccer Team. I I fa, f - N 15.41 'lofi FLETCHER RYAN JONES-"Deals" Highland Parlc lDallasl Texas Rifle Team, Allenian Plaloon Honor Sociely, "B" Team lFoo'rballl. CONWAY F. JORDAN, JR.-"Junior" Kemalw, Texas Sql.-al-Arms, Honor Socieiy, Allenian Plaloon, Officers Club, Full Pack Slaff, ls+ L+. Co. F. VIGHT KING-"Deke" yler, Texas Band JOHNNY NICHOLAS KRITICOS-"Greek" Housfon, Texas Band SAM HOUSTON-"General Sam" Houslon, Texas Honor Sociely DOUGLAS J. HOWARD-"Dugge" Camp Hood, Texas Honor Sociely, Allenian Plaloon, Bugler, Orclfxeslra. SENIORS Jllvllv1lE LON HUDDLESTON-"Jimmie Wicluila Falls, Texas Honor Sociely, Rifle Team. JAMES H. JARRELL-"Jimmy" Housfon, Texas Track , f M Emo H L43Ns,UR.-"skimmer Vinfon, L mana Baseball THOMAS MCCHESNEY-"Mac" Housfon, Texas "B" Team lEoo'rballl Honor Sociely SENIORS JAMES GEORGE MACOUBRAY--"Mac" Rousseau, Canal Zone Annual Sfafl, Honor Sociely, Officers Club, Masf.-Sgr. Bn. Slaff GEORGE MARTINEZ-"Campa" Durango Dgo Mexico Orclwesfra lSpanisl1 Americanl l l ' ,U l gg! ' . lg A - FRANK JOE MATOUS-"Smoe" V..-G 'ffl Bryan, Texas Mm. .. 1 A' SIMON MEXIC- S , New Orleans, La. I Band wm?m17dlf2 OVID ADDISON MOORE-"Burb" Bryan, Texas ROGER MORGAN-"Tulle Terror Tulia, Texas HARRY S. RANSOM-"Shade" Por+ Arflwur, Texas Allenian Plafoon, B Team IFooIbaIII WALTER RAY REASONOVER-"Reasy" Henderson, Texas Glee Club J. V. REDICK-"Boog" New Orleans, La. Band, OTTicer's Club Isl-Sql. Co. B. IKEY HAMILTON SMITH-"I+cI1y" Beaumont Texas B Team IFooIbaII.I SIDNEY MOSS-"Moose Dallas, Texas Annual Slaff JOSEPH GOIE MARTIN-"Joe" Plwoloqraplwer Annual, DeMoIay Club. SENIORS WILLIAM VIVIAN NICHOLS-"Nick" Big Spring, Texas Allenian Plafoon, Rifle Team, Color Guard RICHARD LAFAYETTE PARTEN-"Dick Madisonville, Texas DALE EARNEST WOOD, JR.-"Bu Dickenson, Texas Rifle Team JOHN BILLY WOODWARD-"Woody" Buenos Aires, Argeniina Track, Foolball, Soccer, Library Assis+anl. ROBERT S. STEELE-"Clwaparro" l-lousion, Texas Rifle Team, Sec. and Treas. Sr, Class Officers Club, Isl.-L+. Co. F. Allenian Plafoon JACK ELVAN STUBBS-"S+ubby" l'lous+on, Texas Officers Club, B Team llioolballl Rifle Team, All Co. Foolball, Cheerleader, lsf-L+. Bn. Sfall. SENIORS CHARLES TERRAZAS-"Trasbes" El Paso, Texas Delvlolay Club OSUALDO G, VASQUEZ-"Ova" Panama Ciiy, Panama Lafin American Orclweslra, Fooiball Soccer. JUNICDR . U 0 0233 ENE I X XV 9 v , 'iff 'QE J.- ,-ff 5 fX :QQ 'W I949 w-'Hn' 1' : ww-fqqm.-v .fr -w 1, ,,,7,-7, I-W Presidenf 1 1 W. JOHNSTONE I x7 V, X, 2 f H? Vice Presideni' D gif Sec. 81 Treas. Sqf. a+ Arms 3? F. A. MOORE D. HARRINGTON R. STONE 1nnnu---- A " ' --------1--A A V ,1:t- ..,,,HA1,, , A, 77777777 Hz- 19'-Q. Campbell, W. Canfwell, R. Crowder, T. Dieseldorff, F. Dominguez, J. DuBose, R. W lunar' Hhs-if Absfon, J. Adams, G. Andrau, W. ,nf JUNIORS Benfley, B. Bowman, G. Burks, H. 'Z' K. Haferlcamp, G. Harrinqfon, D. I-larrison, J. lrlinson, J. Howard, C. lngersoll, D. Edwards, J. Emmoll, K. Florence, W. l-l. JUNIORS Garcia, l-l. Gonzales, V. Gullwridqe. E. '?""""'s "1-a-. Marshall, F. Mullennex, J. Moore, F. Nance. M. Nunez, R. Pesses, H. JarreTl, J. H. Jolwnsfone, W. Klrlcsey, T. J U N I 0 R S Lewis, J. Liffon, R. Lopez-Mendez, R. ...."'.t:iy V "IU-f' if Tw? Thompson, D. Tovar, V. Turner, T. Weiser, M. Williams, B. Wood, W. ' v T' Pumarino, C. Reyes, M. Robinson, L. J U N I O R S Smifn, G. Sfark, R. Sfone, R. D. - if' -. l. ,....., .,., SCDPHCDMCDIQE ll If xxx ..,:'. XXX-qv , J X ., ,f it X N., V N-X.. , 1 W 7'0P,V - Presidenlr B. SCOTT Vice Presidenf Sec. 81 Treas. Sqf. a+ Arms J. BRASWELL F. C. DEZENDORF J. D 1 1 1' Craven, T. Crawford, J. Deliqanes, J. Dezendorf, F. Dickey, F. O. Enriquez, R. HY' Q Q5-gy Baqby, R. Bowden, J. Bowen, J. Braswell, J. Briggs, J. Carr, J. WSH an-.-Q, Hayes, J. Hoffman, J. Jarrell, J. W. Kenyon, F. Krum, P. Lara, A. Everefh C. Fernandez, R. Fle+cner, S. S O P H O M O R E S Foslrer, A. French, J. Hamui, Alberf ..' Mills, R. Murdock, L. Morrison, B. Nelson, W. Odom, K. Ogburn, B. 5 , ' Lee, F. Marquarf, D. Marfin, W. SOPHOMORES Mafflwias, R. Medina, L. Mierzwik, T. FX "5"' PuzIn, R. Schuller, R. Sco++, W. Serrano, J. Sfanley, B. Sfafon, J. Q -'Nl -q-an M. OH, D. AMC! Parower. S. Peirce, J. P. SOPHOMORES X Prewiff. G. K. Pmce. B. F. Procfor, J. Villarreal, P. Ward, J. Yeager, J. P. Sweet R. Turpin, W. Upchurch, F, SOP!-IOMORES Van Sclwellenloeclc, l-l 1 nuns 1:1 -lb , ,Tn , .,., A v,,k ,Mk ,... . N.,L ,,,...,-WA ff y..,Mwp...QmwWm-- lf ,N , ,Wmww,gyQm.A A ,f y A-.9 ...,A .-, W..-.,N,,,. f .ww-Q, Wmmmw-...ww-yn - A.... M-....,.,. ,, an . , wmv,-v,....,,,,,,,,u uf. XM C3 PS W 9 C gh n'. L .. , f .9 Sy W if X Q B PQESHMAN QM ..- . -,WL ,. . V Presidervr S. ROBINSON Vice Presiden+ Sec. 81 Treas. Sgt af Arms r"'Y F. BEBENSEE R. ALEXANDER K. LLOYD Burieson, J. Bingham, C. Callaway, D. Casas, R. Caslreei, T. R. Cervo, L. Adams, G. Alexander, R. Bebensee, F. FRESHMEN Bobbifh R. Bundrick, E. BuHe-r, C. Day, S. Garcirner, G. Garza, M. George, H. Gray, I.. Griffin, H. Ciiariesworiiw, L. Church, J. Corbin, J. F R E S H M E N Crapanzano, T. Daley, M. Dascomb, G. numb 5?me4ssa+. - ' Johnson, J. Jones, R. D. Kelley, W. Llewellyn, R. McWnor+er, W. Monier, J. M .,,, Hamui, A. Hedrick, J. Hicks, B. FRESHMEN Hill, H. Hyndman, R. lmlwofl, C. vnu,-f 3, an-..,. Uhr RGIS, C. Reis, F. Pisclw, C. Robinson, S. Sade, l. Shearn, M. 5 Novoa, E, Orr, W, Pearce, W. FRESI-IMEN Pipkfn, A. Pope, J. Pounds, S. Vance, R. Vasquez, R. Willis, W. Wilson, J. Wood, G. Wilkerson, V. ' K. Silva, l-l. Sfeplwens. Taylor, J. FRE SHMEN Teague, J. Tlweclford, J. Valdez, A. fi' uno' TNQ' 9' A f W my i KM: w, I: 1 Yxiz K sm ' . .Vi 1 ,i Y if X a. , . ,Q 3 asia W5i QQ .3 if k 76 - Mala-sl, M Q'-ff L A x Y I x an -D' "lf- JR HIGH SCHQQI. DIVISICDIXI X x I ,,.. X 7 L3 Q , gill I .sPeL.c1NZfi , X ,i..1......--- f 7 ,a"' R , , .5 -:ijiliiiii-ii ' mm , 1: I, , j -EEE x L i i ? Bowen, R. L. Brulon, T. J. Bulloclc, J. S. Canlerbury, W. E. Clwesser, B. l'l. Clwrlslianson, D. E. Aquayo, H. A Allen, M, E, Barnes, D. M, BenneH, A. G. Blaclc, C. V. Black, T, B. 'iv Graciweic, T. F. Griffin, J. M. Guy, G. D. Haugiw, F. L. Hawkins, W. C. Hill, D. J. iw, fill' Nita' if as-Y' ' QQ Collum, J. C. Coury, M. S. Davis, T. P. Ferguson, J. Fosfer, M. Goodner, 6. G. G. up-a-.--nf 'Qi ,--.r"' . yuan.. iff Marmem, J. H. Miller, G. E. Nobie, H. S. Parke, T. E. Parks, J. Pipkim, R, L. Wf"'f" W1 HGH. F. Jcifnzilll Jefer, C. R. Uewellym, W. E Uoyd, K. Mafome, M. E. '54 Sfarnes, B. R. Suffon, J. G. Von Baden, L. Walkarf, L. J Whi+e, K. Wooley, J. D. Reichardf, B. Richardson, G Roberfs, J. Shrake, G. W. Shrake, W. B. Slcelfon, J. M. 'rf-+V' ,vw fax fu ...,. A 1 A ,Eiga 7 W . WY a HS? Q, S isa . 2, I --1 w 'x J I -A 4 4 wk . 3' ,..,.,, v W ,f ' xg, , F, V X , f' " , f .f'f'f MIP: 1' 2 ,4P' -f f -6 Ns E 3 A 1 1 f , , 3' ,Q 'ir . 1-1,4-"V . VV. Qf ,'iK,..., 6. C5 y 3 S? . If x ' 1, .- f' x Q, ..4..l 7 ' ' J . f"m'1,. L 2 k i fi, , . Q? H f gg - ., f ,g ,FA A ...Q A gy 'ly M 'A 5 , 1 V 1 Y f r ,A I ig .93 LZ . K ' R Qs? ' 4' ' 3" - s Y ' 5' , K 'Q I A Q 'Wm E Q' 4f""V The Presen+a+ion of The Texas Flag To The Cadef Corps of Ailen Academy By Mrs. Donna Carnes of The D. A. R 'Wal 00 Sufi' Kami' ' WM, Lo-uf ffl-' GL CTNBYYD WTXQHF "Wii0a'5N" Cardenas Corfez, P Garcia, J Garcia, R. G. Gomez, .C. Hoffman, R. fNo+ available, Hurley, W. Mariinez, G. E. Sade, P. Trevino, F. Trevino, R. Ramos, V. M. Mele, J. I. Pene-do, J. R. Pourroy, G. I Q, ' S .W , 'A' t Q pi 3 -X -4, 9... - ,W . A, , YA gal ,. av '34 .I 3 QE? N' is 1 1 4 F' 59 -xi, f drf' I mm' ri 1 Wh. 'S .1 i Q ,., ,V . , .- ..,.. , . M - , Y V , V. . L W-ww.. ..,,.- .,-wfrl-:er 1-e-.W , - 4.1, ,..rX,Wm'nfw,L,,. i Q' r l' 9 li 4-1 FP V3 We xxsisa, 3 A Group of The D. A. R. Ladies Wilh Presiden+ Allen and L+. Colonel Urban Wirlm flue Colors in llme Background Bray, W. S. Brelsford, G. Crews, C. A. Davidson, A. Acoclc, R. H. Alexander, D Bar+on, V. A. Bell, R. E. WWW rf. 9' if ""G' gi? Huff ian-3' 1-uv' Davis, J. C. Ehrensberger, K Ferguson, J. C. Harper, D. R. Hoffman, D. G. Huqqs, J. Kessler, B. Kraffr, D. C. Maruq1es, S. Tayfor, B. J. Thompson, W. R. Marin, E. Qwlbonnell, J. Rocha, J. Salazar I V, JW! w'2z55a,44 . J Tralwan Zi v N P'+ + 'u bl 1 ' - x Q IC ure no avala el ,Q Young, N. W. E 11' fig? MILITARY DIVISICDN ALLEN id 5?- QQ 2332? Capt Morales, F. Baffalion Acliufanf Capt Jeffers, R. D. Assisfanf Commanclanf MfSgt Alcridge, R. Sgt Maior M-Sgt Brelsford, G. Range Sgt BATTALION STAFF Lt Col. Johnson, R. F. Baffalion Commander Maior H. Cummins Execufive Officer lst Lt Sfubbs, J. Range Officer 2nd, Lt Null, E. R. Public Relafions Officer Sgt Goodall, S. W. Baffalion Clerk Capt Parker, R. Assisfanf Commandanf Sgt Ifcl. Goines, O. T Senior Color Sgt Sgt McChesney. T. Junior Color Sgt Capt l-lunfer, D. L. Assisfanf Commandanf Arkins, W. Bagby. R. J. Bailess, W. E. Ballas, J. Becker, G. A. Bell, R. BobbiH, R. Bowen, J. A. Bramleff, M. L. Burleson, J. D. Campbell, W. R. Carr, J. E. Casfillo, Ed. COMPANY "A" Caplain J. Jarvis Znd. L+. B. D. Gill Znd. L+. Wlwerry, D. Crowder, J. Dickey, F. O. Elwrensburger, K. Everefr, G. E. French, J. I. Gardner, G. R. Gaynor, G. A. Gonzales. A. M. Goodner, G. G. Griffin, H. R. Gulhridge, E. Hafcherf, J. W. Hicks, B. R. Hoover, W. Parr, W. N. Houslon, S. Pearce, J. P. Huddlesfon, J. L. Perez, E. Johnson, H. R. Pounds, S. R. Kenyon, F. N. Scorl. W. J. Keown, R. C. Slwearn, M. S. Kearby, J. S+a+on, J. W Kirksey, T. D. Smiflw, J. T. Krall? Tlwedford, T. Levy, B. Turner, C. C Llewellyn, R. Upchurch, F. Lyons, E. H. Villalovas, F. Marquarf, D. Willis, W. R. Nance, M. K. Wimpee, W. Wood, G. Wood, D. E. Yeager, J. P COMPANY "B" Caplain J. Mays Isf. L+. Carfer, B. Znd. L+. Tlwornlwill, O. Znd. L+. Walfers, G. Absfon, J. R. Coury, M. S. Aguayo, H. A. Crews, C. A. Alexander, R. W. Daley, M. B. Beary, J. L. Davis, J. C. Bebensee, F. D. Day, S. L. Black, T. B. Deliganes, J. Braswell, J. B. DuBose, R. L. Briggs, J. H. Flores, A. Canfwell, R. D. Garza, M. L. Casfeel, T. R. George, H. S. Champion, W. L. George, J. W. Clwrislianson, D. G. Head, C. M. Collum, J. C. Haugh, F. L. T. Hoffman, J. D. Howard, D. J. Jones, R. D. Kelley, W. N. King. D. W. Lunsford, O. Marshall, E. L. Mexic, S. Mierzwik, T. Moore, F. A. Puzin, R. L. Redick, J. V. Rodeman, R. G. Sclwuller, R. S. Smifh, G. H. Sfephens, R. E. Sweef, R. E. Taylor, B. J. Teague, J. W. Thompson, R. L Tisclale, W. P. Valdez, A. Wilson, J. M. Wooley, J. D. COMPANY "C" 25.1 45744 " Caplain G. Boncl lsr. L+. Wallace, P. 2nd, L+. Eclcard, A. E. Acoclc Davison, D. G. Marlin, W. B. Parower, S. L. Benlley, B. H. Dezendorf, F. G. Melchior, A. V. Pesses, H. A. Bogen, E. E. Edwards, J. C. Miles, W. S. Ransom, H. Boofh, Z. L. Emmolr. A. V. Monier, J. A. Reasonover, W. Bray Gray, B. E. Mosley, B. A. Robinson, L. D. Callaway, D. M. Harper, D. Moore, O. A. Sfone, R. D. Cameron, R. C. Hambrick, J. E. Mullennex, J. L. Taylor. J. D. Corbin, J. N, Hodges, R. E. Murdock, H. Terrazas, C. R. Casanover, P. H. Hoffman McWhor+er, A. E. Thompson. D. L. Clwarlesworflm, L. E. ldoux, J. Newhouse R. Wilkerson, V. A. Craven, T, lrnl'lO'l:f, NlCl1OlS, W. V. Wills, L. Crowder, Tj B, Jarrell, J. W. Odom, K. F. Wood. W. D. Curling W. T. Jones, F. R. O'Donnald Woodward, J. B Davison. A. H. Marugles. S. L. Ogburn, B. J. Young, N. Hayes, J. P. COMPANY "D" Capfain W. Jenkins Znd. L+. Bryanl, J. C. Znd. Lf. Gardner, M. 2nd, L+. Wood, H. Allred, R. Budge, A. Andrau, W. H. Clemenfs, G. Adams, Gerald Clwurclm, J. Alliosn, M. R. Conway, T. Addison, J. Crapanzano, A. Allen, M. E. Davis, C. A. Builer, R. Dezavala, H. Bond, H. EmrnoH', K. Bowman, G. K. Fihgerald, J. Belweler Ferguson, J. Brand, A. Fifz, J. Burlcs, J. Fle+cl1er, S. Bridges, D. Gibson, D. Barfon, D. Gee, P. Head, F. Hoffman, D. Hill, D. J. Howard, G. Huggs, H. Jones, R. Jarrell, J. H. Krum, P. S. Keown, R. Lewis, J. MaHhias, J. Malone, M. Mills, R. R. Morgan, R. OH, D. Pope, H. Pruiff, S. Procfor, J. Prewift G. K. Poindexler, J. Parfen, A. Sfanley, B. Sfarlc, N. N. Smiflw, l. Turner, T. Turpin, W. J. Weber, R. E. Williams, B. Ward, J. Wieser, M. R Bowclen, J. Bru+on, J. Barbee, J. Bowen, R. L. Black, C. Carclenas. G. Duque. E. M. Dominguez, J. Diaz, R. Dascomb. G. Fabela. D. COMPANY "E' Cap+ain R. Baieman Isl. Ll. Velez, F. Znd. L+. Allison, R. Znd. L+. Umbach, C. Ferguson, J. Griffin, J. Guerra, C. Garcia, R. Grayclnek, T. Gomez, C. Hedrick, J. Haferkamp, G. Hamui, Alberfo Hyndman, O. Hawkins, W. Ingersoll, D. Johnson, J. L. Johnsfone, W. Jamail, R. Jeler, C. Lara, F. Macoubray Marlinez. G. Mar+inez, J. Mannen, J. Orr. W. Pearce, W. Parke, W. Pourroy, G. Pumarino, C. Pipkin, R. Reis, F. Silva. H. Skelion, S. Sfarnes, B. Sulfon, J. Sade, P. Shrake, G. Van Shellenbeck Vasquez, O. Von Baden, L. Waikarl, J. While, K. COMPANY "F" Cap+ain, B. R. Clemenfs ls+. L+. C. F. Jordan 2nd, L+. Morris, J. V. 2nd, L+. Price, J. R. Adarns, George Florence, W. H. Lopez-Mendez, R. Risc+1, C. S. Aguayo, H, A, Garcia, A. H. Lloyd, K. Ramogv V, M, Barnes, D, M, Garcia, H. C. McWl1or+er, W. B. Sade, I, Benne++, A. G, Gonzales, V. F. Medina, L. Serrano, J, L, Bulloclc, J, S. Guerra, H. G. Me-za, J. Shrake, W, B Can+erbury, W. E. Guy, G. Miller, G. F. S+eele, R, S, Casas, R. D. Hamui, Anfonio Noble, N. S. 'lover' V, Cervo, L. E. Hamui, l. F. Novoa, E. P. Trevino, F, l-l, Clwesser, B. H. Harring+on, D. E. Nunez, R. A. Trevino, R, S, Cor+ez, P. J. Hol+, F. Piplcin, J. Vance' R, M, Davis, T. P. Hurley, W. J. Reis, C. L. Vasquez, R, Dieseldorff, F. E. Jordan, C. F. Reyes, M. C. Villarreal, P. Fernandez, R, C. Lerrnan, M. H. Richardson, G. G. Wailcar+, L. J Florence, C. E. Li++on, R. N. Warren, J, E, Llewellyn, W. E. 1 9 543, A ,M W lv INSPECTION OE COLORS AT WAR DEPARTMENT INSPECTION WAR DEPARTMENT Inspectors ,-f"'F BAND IS INSPECTED RIFLE INSPECTION AT WAR DEPARTMENT ,, ,, A X ig , M -1 4 fix, ,Q 4-, ' 'S-M. M BATTALION COLORS s 'xl' 1 . 1 fn - ...ff Q . ,z V X GENERAL I-IANDY VIEWS PARADE WITH PRESIDENT ALLEN AND LT. COL. URBAN GENERAL HANDY MEETS HIS ORDERLY OFFICERS FRONT AND CENTER I STAFF SALUTES THE COLORS H 'N -W YW Q n M' NM!! lv f 0 af 475' Mb . can 1 ,Y ,m: q,!Eh V5 fig, xmfuiif "'Lnf:iL xwN., X ":E1is,"" 'uf 'Liv-945 z- m- J . Q we 'Nl' 41 4' :M 19,4- 5 I 4 f -an 1 Q. his ,kj 1 1 'A Qiwm A f g. ' .."' Iii." 41" H ' . -ym,' QW, 8-'dying' A h ' wr isa 'gfgl ,Q Q.Qg,?:J'gl?j'F 4 4 , ,LA .54 ., ""5"f vlan f 0 ' ' . ,, - f y, .T Q,-. K P ' V QV 3 .g-4, , hw Wu 'X N333 ' a 5. , Q Q "----.....,,,. --,hw ,n W ef Na s Q?- 'P' .4-. mv 99' Vp ps MANUAL OF ARMS P , 0 'Q ' 4, K . V w Pwgi W- Y YW' 47 , 1 Y, l f",Ty,v5J1-'-----.- Fad "' ,IQ . gp. . f--W Qi 5 :W A 2 M Q. l " 1 ul A 11, M f - ' nL ,- Q ' A . ' M "" ., I VL": 'f Q Q 3. f ' ' A , :JV 5 Q'-liw mai' m M A A- " ' 4' x urn . 'g w-Hamm l .s ,ff -M- RXNXEE V A-sv'X"f.'ff'1'.Qff""!'YX'y1f?1Yy1l , YA L 7 ,4 ,,,,'l Q if -f .Q Q Lay la 3 R T ' 3 H 'V f sw ' Q , 3, Yin' r sff?-f' f?'5gfV Q .iw 4 'L . , f'3?'f 7 , W., ,v,,..,. J .uw 1 ' - . A, - V . ,PA 2wgn.-41y. if - - 4 ,. M Q" A : , K fi ,ara gfTW.f was X BEAUTIES . 13 QUEEN LOIS JEAN of The HOUSE OE MARTIN n 1 4 "' ill , ax ' Ziff wg f , ,Q 'V r-srzwsdgmziifw fi. L X 1 1- uf - . ,fx viii:-M35 U ww, . . 5 2 1 '21-f!if35SH ,- ff: -..w-f,g'ff:5ka:-- wea',.gv:f- E 'Q Q r- - :,wga,4:g: L, e , M, A, ,,,A. fi Lf fg f em.. ,Q V- b y 'Q ..,- f- 'iii-1. x-Q1 'x PRINCESS ANN of We HOUSE OF PITTS in Www- 51 e 5 'M W V A LL! fr- Ir PRINCESS MARLENE of Hue HOUSE OF SAUNDERS .Sfiff Q XM '-,-f,.fw-- ,W - xv yalfwf'-1 f ,Yrs+ .L y A lf- -:XX A 2 g K ' fzF4sl,:QxgsK I. 1 . I vzfxxfkf 1 fm: .+. mgg' - n- jvgww' Lim ,wgwygiq gg ax gwggkfp-. .w -V-WR' A -J frfgygxw 535 KQQQ, A 1 W , 'K " H a f- f'ffm,v ,- X.g.!,,ww1sia ff-YQITX-zkiisgi " -fefggfsr 9 W. mx-.. In S k .-95518 0 f- .Q A X,--?1+'kfi1 W Q ,K -,. ,AQ R S SX 'F' x A by S ' gmsfw W .. we ,, xg V wb' , we K -Q mf sip 'Sw f., 1- -'V A , vp' A - .Baa .Ct e if E .- fwifs-QF? W.--,1punuu,.,-vw.. Y V Hun---al K -A DUCHESS CAROLINE of fhe HOUSE OE HAUOH DUCHESS PEGGY of Jrhe HOUSE OE ATKINSON DUCHESS SALLY of Hwe HOUSE OEVAUGHAN DUCHESS HELEN of Hwe HOUSE OE HEANEY 'C' -,fr-K. M,,ff'XMZq,-1 vvtwlf mf, "5-1' 1 L . L fl -'fav Aff M i" 1 C ll . ,- ,.rmwv-any,-...,l!.,-. -Ym.Y.,fnvnlw..---V---V---,--V-,---1.-rn fffw-rw ,- . .Z - v r ff- --- -V V --f 0,1 1 'Q if If ,D 2 F3 -L T 5 ' ' sy 4 , W J' 'Nj ..,f'J-'LQ K u C7 x "' a 1' N4 ., 7 ' mama 'I Z '95 aff". Q? T'W" f b j 5 Q 1' 1 7 If W ' Z ' Xu' Q' N -I iff X m ' Q - ll f ' Q X, X x f L' 'C' X35 457 if Q. rf W VQH' .1 All 'R VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM COACH NICK FURNACE COACH DONO MOORE ! l f Q rg in s?g..4 ,gl Addison Barbee, P. End Cenler fi... w 5.4!-5 3.4 ,f Bryanl, J. C. Weber Guard Tackle Mosley Tackle QA aff' ,, J .A .J-rw. ' 4 l-laslings Guard M 14 Johnson, R. Back , f' Fifz End ' 'Mi' ' 3? i 5 vi R , 1 Barbee, J. Guard 'pg' 8 ,f 3' nw fur 5, A vq 71 Clemenfs, G. Cen1'er r, ff,-ff' W I , Davis, C. Tackle Y 4 - 1 . 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E 3: Q x XX N f T ,- , l" -1-" 1 4 f 1 X f 6 W- X O I Q N'-SIN THE ALLENIAN STAFF Jeffery Morris Mr. Berlon Woolum Edilor Facully Advisor William Jenlcins Sim Goodall Diclc Cameron Business Manager Copy Eolilor Ar+is+ Fores+ Dickey John Taylor William Champion Joe Iv1ar+in Co-Sporfs Eclilor Sociely Edifor Co-Sporfs Edifor Phofograplwer "vw wwmii- Q Q'- .- ,wx , - V mf' 9,,,.'f:f,fx f Q W . 1 ' if 3, 1 1 - ' 'Q Kia Q,-Afymyizff if f it ' ' . wr X - X Q W f- W- 3.1. :Nw A A -, fl, www 'NJ H vm: M ,Y ,W , ww, 1 K lrfii -. Ax"3?fA,2,L Q I, X B2 WT' f., . " 1 Ms iwey, ' fg 5' - r x an Q, I L 'W f " Q W ffwx: 4 'y LQUIQT. M W bmw .75 wi 5 Q 1'-aff ' I W in L+'- 4 'WV Q, 1 1 W WSW 1, 'i Aft val 7 k X ' hm K In Q g Q . . ,, . J . . Q 5 4 ' . ' ' if . . m 3 3' . L '? WJ.- 1 " -1-mi 41 Q A 7-.1' z-ali-K 4: W "Q, , WM 1 W lm .g 1- A. - .--T, , . W It - M .9 1 , , , ,A . . X, I I ,A , HV,T,M,, mv -N-A' .3 . M ,gif JL F .:, 4 5,,.l?bf. at A M A 5 tw' M!! . 5 , S i if wfgj ' , V 7 A 'v1ZQEi':1'i? 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Sfockholders provided fhe capifal. Officials provide 'rhe manage- menf. In fhe final analysis, cusfomers make 'rhe bank. We are grafeful for and proud of fhe loyalfy of fhe cusfomers of fhe FIRST NATIONAL BANK during fhe pasf sevenfy-five years of ifs hisfory. We wanf you fo feel fhal' you have a real parf in fhis, your bank. If you are nof a cusfomer, we exfend fo you a cordial invifafion fo become one on fhe basis expressed above so fhaf you may also feel fhaf fhis is your bank. FIRST NATIONAL BANK BRYAN, TEXAS Organized I873 Nafionalized l886 lMember Federal Reserve Sysfeml Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Nighl' Deposil' Service Safe Deposif Box TRAVIS B. BRYAN Presidenf J. Webb Howell, Vice Pres. N. F. Lockerd, Assf. Cashier S. L. Boafwrighf, Vice Pres. Melvin C. Joy, Assf. Cashier M. Linfon Jones, Cashier J. Howard Todd, Assf. Cashier I'L-- --- -ww --me.. -Y V . COMPLIMITNTS OF 2462695 Zifmci "We Serve All ALLEN WiI'I1 A Smile" Bryan, Texas CGLLEG E IN N FUR A fi-'Asr OR A SNACK Sea Foods - Sfeaks - Fried Chicken - Mexican Foods 303 No. College Ave. Bryan Phone 2-5I45 C0,IIPLl,IIlfXY'S Ol-' f flamed? 26I'I1 af Main ' Make Us Your Friendly 'Headquar+ers Camera Supplies Modern Soda Founfain Complete Line of Films COAIPLIAIENTS OF BRYAN AIVIU SENIENT COMPANY Dial 28879 2,1 Bryan, Texas PALACE QUEEN DIXIE Y,,Y .,.J1lIL..l... -Y CONGRATULATIONS tw Qzmdwzfm af 1 Q 4- 9 FRANKS-VINCENT R. C. Franks Joe E. Vinceni' O 207 S. Main Bryan WMM 52 Www Architects Bryan, Texas fy 1 L E P4? BERNATH MOTOR CO., V Phone 2-2345 College Ave. a+ 33rd Bryan, Texas Sales 6' Service "WOODY" The Builders Friend" Meef Me A+ MOWELL ZUMBEP Cpawmlfffwc. Phone 2-i559 203 E. 29+h B R I NT MORRIS IVIGTORS De SOTO - PLYMOUTH SALES 8: SERVICE "Where You Ger Greai' Cars, Fine Service, And A Square Deal" 28+h 81 Main Bryan, Texas Phone 2-I 3I I Yyjcij gmwffbnewz-L if- If JONES SHOE REPAIR gxfellf 109 E. 26+h S+. 5 H O E R E P-Al RING Hz? Wmmff KW MEMBER F. D. I. C. Bryan, Texas ,nun IL.. Q CH l M-.1 ORBUSIER QOMPANV First In Service Because . . . We Put Service First. Bryan Texas Ervnv1Ei.'s PHMQMACY "Your Dependable Druggist" Tourer Anncies AND RUBBER eooos FOR FXNE JEWELRY F ,Mx fVQ4?. . . . .. GA L D W E L L qi 154,62 ,ffcifce Home of Your Bryan' Texas Senior Ring Phone 2-2435 BRYAN IVIUSIC CO. 402 Main S+. USED RECORDS 20 Records 53.00 I2 Records 2.00 Singles 25c NEW RECORDS a+ POPULAR PRICES Xiiiiffo 0 gmwlea W' RADIO SI-IOP I Block Wes+ of Posf Office on 26'rh New 8: Used Radios Elecfrical Appliances ,NZM AII The Lafesf Magazines JQNESIPHARNIAQY IK,Wm1LmNS Eu-egpfxnrmsur srous T OF BRYAN, TEXAS Serving Texans For Over 50 Years , -,,, Best Wishes For Success mggz. 5,5331 JZ-'Q 'K 5 ts1?C'd A v iii? . - TEQ iffmkw l..L..lIVlZC1l'K KJLJQ 7Za4L ZML MIT llff AND CD. 27+h and Bryan Bryan, Texas Ph. 2-6l59 SALQES 8: SERVICE HUMBLE PRODUCTS J f If it's ff soon Foon You want vlslT ' 1 g HO nz ,PDS mfg TFADXA 5 Ac "For Gracious Goodness" I H ' ' " 'Y7' ' flknfaa Hulk-ST Smwm: gl3AN,Kk ZB'3zfa 1431430 . Q, P"4 M'flfi'7ll 'lun II" Q if Bryan, Texas N , Cn' Q Ati' fa- Mom A ' f "Bryan's Main S+ree+ Floris+" Phone 2-I658 l02 So. Main S+ree+ Phonograph Records yuh Bryan, Texas Gigs ffvx We Telegraph Flowers BeH'er For 5 LESS MOTOR 5216 PA if Z CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE X SALES 8. sERvlcE 4 Bryan, Texas 7 gil! GZ., Men's Clothing Since l896 awww' 'Doi wif io PERIQY 131205. Q 5- l 0-25c Sfores S C H00 L Bryan, Texas S U P P U E S ToPs IN i aggafyka Mexican Foods P I ES Plale Lunches my Daly' l H Fried Chicken F f --.9-- . 1 2- ' QQ my gage Y -K I 27l'h 8: College Ave. 4-' 1 1 l mf' D ,...-.1 .f -I Iv See Our Ou+s+anding For All Around Assor+men+ of Fine Drinking Pleasure SUITS AND SPORTSWEAR Drink +he Drink Firs'r wi+i1 Hwe Na'rion my "Your Clo+hing S+ore" XM! JOAN Z QO1445OZZf' 1 I rFlJl7NI7'L!Plj?flZ? Brya n, Texas Id E RIGIDAIRE H M W u V , . --'--- 4, --M f fl FRIGIDAIRE fmlca aff W APPll8.Y'1CeS gpffffffffzfcrkfc 60. Frigidaire Sales 8: Services Since l925 Russell Bldg. Zli N' Bryan Sl' Soulhside-College P one 24423 Phone 4-9876 WWMWXMMW WW Home Builders - Quality Service Phone 2-6055 ll06 College Ave. Bryan, Texas CONFECTIONERY LU7.. Nexl' Door To The Firsl Nalional Bank "'NAvAsoT coFFEE" QM WL WMM Of 'DAIQYCDUEEN "A Real Trea+" CON MALTS SHAKES SUN OUR I5 OUR BUSINES5 gpm EWZKWQZM CONGRATULATIONS 246 fkf ALLEN Cl-XDET CORPS Dis+ribu+or of Tom's Toas+ed Peanufs , C A 2 S XQWI X n E N 4' VARNER JEWELRY STCRE 4'.-, or Summer . . . if lif Make Way 5 f 1' X X I 1. Good-bye li +o boolcs ancl uniforms. We're up lo our ears in new Young Men's Summer Fixings +o dress you smar+ly from head +o ioe. . . Suils, Sporf Clolhes, Hafs, Shirls, and a grand colleclion of new sparkling furnishings +o ou+fi+ you for all season. MJ' T? IQR W1 Bunk A ans TO EAT , ,fa 1 iillla nl.. Q, go 'S DA? PEPPER EOTTUNG CO. 302 Wesf 28141 S+. S BRYAN MOTOR CO. , my ml... Ln-... XV V. ,V , or 'X Q . k 1 4,,ff+ 'E PHONES 2-1333 8: row! lAL,' .Q ,klr - K I : ,,A'k ,?,4 'I 2, y. o ne 2 Q N z-1207 BRYAN. TEXAS 415 N. MAIN ST. up -0 daft! 4 JU' N . . , --- l!l.-V- PQNNEVK Xie "Values Are Always Dependable" Bryan, Texas Complimenls ol 6009 Vf-14147 .Sf-Aplffff 570,475 Tire Service Headquarrers General Elec+ric Radios 81 Appliances 2- I 200 B,y,,,,' Texas 200 E. 2b+h CREAM "A Nutritious Food" Bryan, Texas Q LA R W5 D R IV E - I N Ie MOTOR c:oMPANY, INC. "Your Dodge Dealer Since I922" Main a+ Twen+y-Third Telephone 2-I55I Bryan, Texas v f A I iisgiacilimiqin HQMIQQS ' 3 f,f'f ,. "For BeH'er Living" 15,7 W BRYAN, TEXAS 3I4 N. Main Phone 2-I642 KKSH OP RECORDS APPLIANCES COMPLIMENTS OF D wa? 5 A 14255 BRYAN, TEXAS 54 fo S129 sz-wee WM WMM fab Awwfuoifi-Q A xmxxwx wx xxwxxms S,,a3'esl Gifts of Jewelry Q X, q4,,xfN"5" vlslT obs! WML! lll N. Main G U V l-l. D E ATO N TVPEWPITER EXCHANGE For Typewrilers, Dicfaphones ancl Adding Machines Also SALES 81 SERVICE Office Supplies 0 0 r I.. Your Comforf - And Good Will - Comes Firsl' Wirh Us 2 'Q rr i l' j B R Y A N . T E X A S M. "Don" Donovifz i Manager l s Bryan's Only Complete I as f X l CAMERA STORE WVWZIZW7 . . 'G Q fr Phofographlc Supplies of f.: g 5 ff ia ga O I x i? H6 :Vw firm 1 Across Sfreel From LaSalle l'lo'rel - i Q Q 0 6001? PQYKS Ps X we YS W , il E 2 ki iffy! Gig CH!-XRl.lE CADE? JR. l309 Sou+l1 Highway Six W Bryan, Texas Telephone 2-l605 SALES at SERVICE ' Cong rafulufions Compliments of fa QW YWW CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE CO. VV.C.MITCl-IELL O INSURANCE AGENCY JW ?Mmog91p1w2ma' B T lKGEH1T:- SCJU114VVEiS1'EI2f4 l.lF4E Ph 2 I388 Varisco Bldg. 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Suggestions in the Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) collection:

Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Allen Academy - Allenian Yearbook (Bryan, TX) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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