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Al-LEMAII UILLPKHIUR N x M. . lm.- ,-....-.... ,---, WV..- .-.-.... . ,- .- - - . ...1 W . - K. --f y. +R: Qidpii P , A f 3' it il2 1 is sf f ,pf .ml ,:xrx4xL i u1ir1IQYi SH 11111 ,xxx Z 3, Q 1 9' 5 I-. 45" I!-I' 8-0 iv' I ! Homecoming '71 33" ,,f'v MARBUN5 yur zz' 'W M - ... -ui il an V N Fx ,fx MM Happenings . . Activities 11 . . . Happening. Jih- ff-N, ww' BE I? , f-vi. X uf ff" I i f ' A 'MM 1, ,M in 4' iw ,gf 4 Q 12 Activities if'f9,4,.fiQ. iifksfmsv iw-W , mlgiiiy ' . .W .qq,g5pw'.t R K 'MM W., WW The crowning of Stu Ebner and Amy Sutterman as the 1971 Homecoming king and queen climaxed a week of float building and other preparations for Homecoming activities. The Seniors enjoyed their first prize-winning float as the parade moved through Moline and Rock Island led by the march- ing band. The disappointment came with the loss of the game to Moline. The Homecoming Dance pro- vided the traditional conclusion to the activities. 1. Teri Humes drove this winning car with the theme "Raid 'Em", in the Homecoming Parade. 2, The Sophomore Float was the classes' first effort for a parade. 3. An enthusiastic crowd ap- plauds the crowning of King, Stu Ebner and Queen, Amy Sutter! man. 4. A group of juniors worked hard on their float entry. 5. Queen, Amy Sutterman and King, Stu Ebner await the start of the parade. 6. A group of seniors folds napkins to begin stuffing their float. Activities 13 All New ALLEMAN HIGH SCHOOL Vol XXIII Rock Island, Illinois, October 22, 1971 N 1 The AllemaNews staff reorganized themselves for the first time as an extra-curricular activity open to all classes. So, with the exception of the co-editors Paula Zerull and Tom Vaccaro, no one had ever worked on a newspaper before. Mrs. Wisely, the new advisor, and the co-editors had a vast job of teaching to do. Eagerness and long hours proved helpful and the staff got them- selves into good shape. They proved that the school paper could be taken as an outside activity and remain the outstanding paper that it has been this year. 904, if 1. The all-volunteer AllemaNews staff includes: First Row, Marilyn Lawrence, Irene Kacprzyk, Carol Kautz, and Melinda Wiggins. Second Row, Kathy Haller, Mary Roach, Becky Evans, Kathy Fout, Kathy Smith and Beth Debrey. Third Row, Debbie Nelson, Sue Drescher, John Flannery, Tom Dougherty, and Mike Glowacki. Fourth Row, Bob Hollope- ter, Dennis Moran, Harry Littig, Don Sutherland, john Fitz- gibbon, jim Meenan and Kent Levan. 2.. Mrs. Wisely, advi- sor, Paula Zerull and Tom Vaccaro, co-editors, observe a re- cent layout. 3. Sara Hanson works overtime to meet a dead- line. 4. Class editors: Kathy Fout, Becky Evans, Kathy Smith, Melinda Wiggins, Sue Drescher and Tom Dougherty examine their combined ideas. 5. Business editor Marilyn Lawrence and page editors Irene Kacprzyk, Beth Debrey, Harry Littig, Carol Kautz, Debbie Nelson and Mike Glowacki review a finished product. Activities in x Assemblies: uve A Change Cf Pace Adding a break in the daily schedule were the wide variety of assemblies presented to the faculty and students this year. The assemblies, more nu- merous than in recent years, were in- formativeeducational, and of high quality. They ranged from a talk by Bishop O'Rourke to the ever-popular pep assemblies. Although some were optional, attendance was always high and the crowd always spirited. 16 Activities 1. Bishop O'Rourl4e visits with a Home Economics class before presenting his assem- bly. 2. Bob Maloney helps with an experiment at the Atomic World assembly, 3. Carolyn Krumdieck, Ioan Hol- land, Sue Block and Sandy Lund surround "old lady", Kathy Larson in a skit from one of the pep assemblies, -sm. 4. Father Foster and Father Dupuis are cele- brants at a student-faculty Mass. 5. Vic Hyde sounds off at an all school assembly. 6. The duo of Mason and Young sing of Ire- land to an attentive audience. I - 1 Activities 17 .A Z g , 5 - 'M M , ,YM-vff? 43 " L.,, A V 5 .G 'Q , 77172-f W gfifgg gi A ia: W 1 M lv nf, i ' li iw 5 'Z Q N - ' ' J I P : I Q ' " N 5 2 f J' "ww , W3 L ,fu gyn f A Q A351 A 'Y I f' Q f ., is ' ,Q 0: th 35 , ,, , if gif ,fm A ' A xg f 3 f x ,X A W i- . M ..0, , , i l M, A 1, 4 : 'Q L, at f f ' 1 4 I A- af Q f 1 H ff' 1 f W5 Y v N . , . Er 7 fr X usmf,-I v:::,M, t g f, ,, 4, in viii-I 1 1 v ,gw"' J ,, gp z. , 1 " X , ,, ,,,, W R A , 1 V' , . I " ' ' ' " .. L. , '-QQSZLZLT i c 1 - ,,,,-...-mg ,A ff , W f A, , it VY K E1 Q L ,,v"""'n"." 1. .'4 ,. , ka YZ, f' ' wwf We 'Vim W 4 W0 f- J' 1533 ff 4 4 , 1 X 4 Q Q 4-vf 5' mm km if ...Nu , R ,Ek 4 ,,,, ' , L g 4 ,, ak M-me W V 1 I f Q .R N J '1 is ,Z . Q . . --p., ,W The theme of this year's Variety Show was "The Wonderful World of TV". On Friday and Saturday, April 21st and 22nd, one hundred students participated in the third annual show. This year's show featured a day in a television station with sign-on, Tromper Room, newSCaStS, soap operas, variety pro- grams, and detective stories. The show was directed by Mr. Gene Saunders who acted as coordinator for the showg Mr. Max Grigsby who directed the stage band, and Miss Audrey Ann Mc Gregor who worked with any of the actors. The show opened to a capacity crowd, but experienced some difficulty in getting off to a strong start. However, second night crowds were treated to a performance equal to anything ever done in an Alleman variety show. t 1. The Stage Band sounds off at one of the working re- hearsals the week of the show. 2. Sue Weishar as Miss jean screams at a bunch of rebellious kids in the Tromper Room sketch. 3. Glenn Gambles, played by Glenn Gray, introduces the full cast before one of their big numbers during the Friday night performance. 4. The full chorus of the show sings the National Anthem for the sign-off of the Variety Show broadcasting day. 5. Myke Luebbers and Laurie Young sing "Two Hangmen" as their portion of the entertainment during the "Mike Duckless Show". 6. Some of the singing chorus get into position for one of their big numbers. 7. Mr. Gene Saunders talks to the cast during the opening night Curtain Talk before the show began. Activities 19 Student Council Reorganizes Student Council was full of change this year. While an interim council took the responsibility of student activity an organized structure was planned for elections. After study of other school governments, the Council formed a new consti- tution. This form of government emphasized simplicity and ability to get work done. In addi- tion to the role in events, the Council became more involved in community affairs. This aspect was highlighted by Alleman's participation in Project Relief. Student involvement was empha- sized with volunteer non-elected members on both the Dress Code and Constitution Commit- tees. The Student Faculty Board was used more effectively as a mediator between the students and the administration in the many policy changes the Council brought about this year. 20 Activities 1. Main Council members Tom Wahlheim, Mary Morris, and Glenn Cray in action at a Council meeting. 2. Senior reps Kathy Hayes, Vernie Neff, Mike Vogel, Mike Meenan, Teri Humes, Jeff Moortel organize their ideas. 3. Students became more involved in community affairs. One example was the fast for Bangladesh. 4. Homeroom representatives for the Iuniors are Sue lNeishar, Chuck Vander Yennet, Linda Biscontine, Mary Sheil, Judy Frances- con, Connie Dowsett, Tim Vogel and jim Meenan. 5. Sister Sandra, council modera- tor, Nancy Schroeder, Tara Stonehouse. Dan Cray, Ann Medhus, Mela Magge, John Fitzgibhon, Mary Vacarro, John Nonnemari and Kathy Weishar pose for their picture as Sophomore representatives. o. Sister Mary Ann the other moderator, explains the Council functions to freshmen council members Tom Otten, Dennis Tragarz, Ka- thy fout, Mary Allbright, Judy Pfanenstiel, Mimi Schelstrate, Becky Evans and Peggy Morris, Activities 21 Morlok and Dawn Vande- 22 Activities The Letterman's Club, again this year, maintained it's ac- tive role in Alleman High School. Led by Terry Ford flaresidentj, Mike Skoglund fVice-Presidentl, Dave Sch- roeder fSecretaryJ, Kevin Herbert QTreasurerJ, and Iohn Peck QSargeant-at-Armsj the club undertook many pro- jects, their largest being the painting of the Athletic Build- ing. Other activities include the Swimming Party, the Fac- ulty-Letterman basketball game, and supplying ushers for the Football and Basket- ball games. Future plans in- clude the purchase of a new wrestling mat so Alleman will never forget the Letterman's Club of 1971-72. Lettermen Make A Big Splash 1. A dedicated letterman paints the Athletic Build- ing. 2. The Letterman Swimming Party went over big as shown by Kclockwise from upper lefty Greg Schneider, Ioe Hayes, Don Vande Walle, Kathy Hayes, Denny Allardyce, Melinda Wiggins, Carol Kautz, Sara Hanson, Bill Cornelis, Kev- in Herbert, and Pete Kale. 3. Officers of the Letter- man's Club, Dave Schroe- der, Terry Ford, Iohn Peck, and Mike Skoglund. lmiss- ing: Kevin Herbertj 4. Mike Skoglund ushers at halftime of the Quincy game. 5. Seniors splash it up. Activities Z3 Mp. r.. . ag. 'HH Hi G A A.. Building Block to the Future The Girl's Athletic Association is an essential part of the development of a girl's life at Alleman. It attempts to provide the outside athletic activity needed by the Alle- man girl. Under the supervision of Miss Maureen Flynn and officers: Rose Pfanestiel, president g Theresa Schmitt, vice-president, Patti Schneider, secretary treasurer, the club sponsors activities such as a car washp basketball, volleyball and ping pong tournaments, as well as the annual skating party. Representing each class are dele- gates, Teri I-Iumes, seniorp Toni Perry, juniorg and Ian Gnidovic, sophomore. 1. Officers Teri Humes, Patti Schneider, Toni Perry, jan Gnidovic and Rose Pfanenstiel plan the next meeting with advisor Miss Flynn. 2. Se- nior girls awaiting their bowling turns are: Ian Colgan, Rose McGuire, Lisa Mart and Vicki Schaecher. 3. Molly March wallops a spike during a friendly game of volleyball. 4. A representative of the recently devel- oped usherettes is Karen Nowak. 5. Initiating a powerful serve at a GAA meeting is Teri Compagno. 6. Kim Konzen, Mary Beth Wahlheim and Marcia Dufour volunteer to assist Teri Humes in an upcoming project. . 1 26 Activities Clubs Are Enterprismg The purpose of the 3 language clubs of Alleman is to increase and broaden the student's knowledge and interest in his particular field This is accomplished through regu lar meetings and excursions to points of interest. Funds for these trips are raised by the members through bake sales, dinners, and even the sale of fire extinguishers These clubs successfully place stu dents with others of their particular interest. ,TI .qw 1, Officers of the French Club: Mary Carton, President, Ann Weishar, Sec- retary, and Pat Mrazek, Vice-president, are directing their attention to suggestions from the other members. 2. Art Club adviser, Mrs. Williams, and Connie Polito admire a finished product. 3. The German Club mem- bers, First Rowg Mrs. Minot, Kathy Weishar, Chris Paregis, Tina Viaene, Martha Clark, Second Rowp Gary Gnidovic, Mike Viaene, President, Mike Coyle, Kent Le Van, and Eugene Kowalik, Third Rowp Gerry Voss, Al- phonse Paregis, john Riddel, Ann Weishar, and john Banick strike a pose during a meeting. 4. Bob Miletich and Judy Francescan, officers of the Spanish Club, get together after one of their meetings. 5. Art Club mem- bers, Mrs. Williams, Connie Polito, Iudy Pfanenstiel, Michelle Bousson, Mike Lingner, Theresa Armetta, Denise DeRuyck, Mary VandeVoorde, Judy Jacques, jane Arnold, and Eva Ortscheid are talking about their up- coming project. 6. Dawn Vande Moortel, President of the Spanish Club, consults with the club's advisor, Sister Loretta Marie, about the Christmas Party. fu- Activities 27 Seniors Attain Academic Recognition Being ranked in the top ten percent of the class, showing leader- ship and providing services for the school are three requirements tor membership to the National Honor Societv. The candidates work together throughout the vear to provide the much-needed services at Allernan which include helping with parent-teacher nights, card parties and the Pancake Breakfast. The National Honor jocietv was led this vear bv president, C-reg Schneider, vice-president, Marv Carton and secretary-treasurer, Monica DeCrauwe. bister lane Frances, OP., is the advisor for the club. 225 Activities 1. Members of NHS caught reflecting which door to utilize during a tire drill are: First Row, Monica DeGrauwe, Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, Patti Posa- teri, Diane DePorter, Mike Kiss, jim Hartwig, advisor Sister lane Frances, Tim Ducey, jim DeWult, Second Row: Greg Schneider, Cindy Compton, Dawn VandeMoortel, Debbie Barbour, Paula Zerull, Dan Frett, Kathy Hayes: Third Row: Marian Goetzmann, Yernie Neff, Melinda W'iggins, Barb Bender, Tina Viaene, Mary Carton, lim Claseman, Fourth Row: Pete Kale, Sara Hanson, Ann lNeishar, Amy Sutterman, Debbie Quinni Last Row: Ann Kerschieter, Bill Prebil, Donna Danay and Bob Miletich. 2. NHS Officers Greg Schneider, President, Monica DeGrauwe, Secretary-Trem surer: and Mary Carton, Vice-President, review the minutes of a recent meeting. 3. Ranking as the Top Ten in the senior class are: Seated: Debbie Barbour, Debbie Quinn, Amy Sutterman, Bob Miletich, Kathy Hayes, Standing: Tina Yiaene, Mary Carton, Bill Prebil, Diane DePorter, and Greg Schneider. 4. National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation winners, Vernie Neff, Tina Yiaene, and Sara Hanson, express their opinions about the test. 5. Yaledictorian Mary Carton and Salutatorian Bob Miletich con- template the future, There are two special groups of students who have achieved special academic recognition. These are the members of the top ten and Nation- al Merit Scholars. The top ten ex- plains iust what it is - the top ten ranked people in the class. The Na- tional Merit Scholars are those who showed exceptional academic promise on the qualifying test they took as iuniors. D . Attixit L 30 Activities Honors Are Bestowecl -at in 1. Cecilia Knupp exhibits the tal- ent which enabled her to be eligi- ble for a Betty Crocker Future Homemaker scholarship. 2. Pre- paring another essay is Ioe Hayes, a winner in the Moline Optimist Club sponsored "Youth Appre- ciation Weeldf along with Debbie Nelson, who was absent for the picture, 3. Displaying her oratory skills is Elizabeth Fitzgibbons, a winner in a recent speech workshop, 'S-.M W 'kg- -0 A.. ,fi-.0 Af,-C431 + f -- - S-5 ,.,s"""Qr v ,.,.k-ws-1-WU' There are students each year from Alleman distin- guished apart from the others for their outstanding actions or performances in oratorical, culinary, or just general fields. Speech and art contests are but couple of the events frequented by Alleman High students, while others are busy composing papers for essay contests. However, the most popular hon- or is by far to be named as a Junior Rotarian. To be chosen to participate in Rotary, a senior boy must have performed those services deemed meritable by these Quint-City businessmen. 5. Rock Island Optimist Award winners are Mike Meenan and Dawn VandeMoortel, o. The real men at Alleman are the junior Rotarians. Playing it cool are the Rock Island members: First row, Jeff Feeney, Mike Meenan, Mike Kiss, Bill Prebil, Chuck Burgmeier, jim DeWulf, Iim Hartwig, Tom Vaccarog Second row: john Peck, Bill Lenger, Pete Kale, Greg Schneider, jim Clasemen, Glenn Cray, Third row: Tim Ducey. Activities 31 Q05 II? 2 Q 'ijt Q '?...,,qorl-- '75 'D+ 3 56, 4 I 0 Ts'-N.. ., ,ffnup YEARBOOK STAFF 1972: advisor, Gene Saunders, co-editors, Kathy Hayes, Bill Prebil, photographers, jeff Gustafson, Bob Hollopeter, 1. Busi- ness staff, Diane Deporter, Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, co-editors, Mary Schen- one, Vernie Neff. 2. Index staff, Kathy McFate, Mary Morris, co-editors 3. Sports staff: Mike Meenan, editor, Pete Kale, assistant editor, john Peck, Chuck Burgmeier, Mike Skoglund and Don VanDeWalle. 4. Advertisment and Art: Glenn Gray, ad. editor, Bill Schelstrate, Theresa Southwood, art co-editors, Marian Goetzmann, 5. People staff: Debbie Quinn, Tina Viaene, co-editors, Debbie Barbour, Mary Williams. 6. Activities staff: Ann Weis- harg editor, Paula Ze-rull, assistant editor, Tom Wahlheim, Cindy Compton, Bill Covey, Teri Humes, Tim Vogel, Lisa Mart, Rick Peterson, Sue Weishar. 7. Faculty staff: Mary Carton, Dawn VanDe Mortel, editors: joe Hayes, Carol Kautz, Mary Sheil, Chris Baker, Kris Ridder, Melinda Wiggins. Thanks to: Greg Lievens, Theresa Schmitt, Connie Dowsett, joan Lambert, Marilyn Lawrence, Cecilia Knupp, Chuck VanderVennet, Amy Sutterman who helped solicit ads during the summer. Tr It ........... . . . . You'll Like lt! Try It . ............ . . . . . You'll Like It! Try lt .. ........... .. ..... .. You'll Like It! So We Tried It . . . 1. Co-editors, Bill Prebil and Kathy Hayes, hunt furiously through the stacks for picture possibilities. Z. After his encounter with year- book, Advisor, Gene Saunders, recovers in a hospital bed. 3. Jeff Gustafson prepares for another busy day as the "Pioneer" photographer, Thought We Were Gonna Die! 34 Activities WN .5 ,. ,..raiF4!5m3r' E- 'x A Week-End of Memories The Holiday Inn provided the atmosphere, Next To None pro- vided the music and the Alleman students provided the senti- ment for this year's junior-senior prom. It was held on May 20 and the beautiful evening was highlighted with the announce- ment of the king and queen. After their late evening out, many of the weary couples rose early the next day to take off on a picnic to end a week-end like no other week-end could be. 1. Marilyn Parisot and Dennis Allardyce watch all the couples coming to the dance. 2. A few of the couples take time out to relax from an evening of dancing. 3. l.uAnn Downey and David Requet share a private joke together. 4. Mary Carton sits impatiently awaiting the announcement of the queen and king. 54- Activities 3 36 Activities The Annual Pancake Breakfast, sale of Pioneer hats, Las Vegas Night, and card parties prove that dedication and hard work are a couple of the determinants of the successful Pioneer booster organizations. Involvement in the Booster Club, Home and School Association, and Alumni Association are ways concerned individuals show their support. The spirit produced by these clubs makes Alleman a great place with which to be associated. Pioneer Parents Contribute 1. The Alleman Booster Boys fight it out on the gridiron. 2. Booster Club President, Bill Smith, exhibits equipment the Booster Club purchased for the football team. 3. Mrs. Joyce DeGrauwe and Mrs. Pat Schneider, Vice-President and Treasurer of the Alleman Home and School Associa- tion, head up their last meeting. 4. Mrs. Gerry Hendrick- son, President of the Alleman Home and School Associa- tion, sizes up her plans for the future. 5. Fr. ' Casey, Presi- dent of the Alleman Alumni Association, poses with two of his young assistants, Mary Morris and Debbie Quinn. Activities 37 g X Y I Q 19' 2' I i E Q 13 14 E 5 35 QQ 1: K f 5 Y g X 3 5 5 5 - N AN S' k5.Kzf.jf '13-4aQ,!"' W Ygyfufq ., V-a.k3gjig,a!s3Q,JfS?gL?-gui 6:49 ..r-311233 ,iw . I y',51?2,5--ilu - - v 1- - 4? :Q 2g.5,gm,xA 414, ,AA .5465 , y , , ' ' , fri . 0. -., - 'W+w A ' ff- ik s n Www 1. Y f l 4 1 . ,. . -..k, wry in ?ff""'W13 f" I ' S4 Q' m' we.: 1 A Q a- vg,Q1V .vi 'Q V- R ,Nm 'Mg 78' J 5 " ,ss " ' l 'F nQ5yHA? M ' ,eww swim, av The sophomore football team suffered through a heart- breaking, winless season this year. With a small squad and facing heavier opponents, the little Pioneers gained recogni- tion as being hard hitters. Each week they came back and practiced with the determination and enthusiasm to win. But it wasn't in the cards, one bad play would thwart their efforts. Hopefully the little Pioneers will keep thispositive attitude because they do possess the potential to form with the tough juniors a nucleus for a good competitive football team next year. 42 Sports 1. Sophomore Football Team members are, Front Row, Randy Norin, Mike Wiggins, Gary Laurin, Lanty McGuire, Paul Meenan, Chris Dilulio, james Terry, jim Holland, Tony Armetta, Ron Czupka, Mark Picon, Row Two: Terry Harris, Paul Prebil, Mike Schaecher, Dan Gusse, Mark Burgmeier, jim Cerchan, Larry Peck, Dave Burton, Tom Arnett, jeff McCarthy, Joe Guzzo, Tom Moore. Back Row: Coaches, Bob Carroll, Mark Cast, and Don Verstraete, Pat McGuinty, Tom Garvey, Chris Wells, Mike Ziegler, Drew Varga, Steve Hansen, Mick Verschorre, Paul Carton, Bob Leonard, and manager, Ted Clegg. 2. Stu Ebner and Russ Engels after the whistle. 3. "Ready . . . go!" iq.---we w,,,..L1".mkp, The Pioneer Freshman Squad showed strong indications that football is once again awakening at Alleman. The frosh rolled up a 7-2 record and tied Edison for the Tri-City title. Possessing good size and exceptional speed, Coach George's frosh out-scored their opponents 172-66. The seven wins is an Alleman freshman record for most games won. This freshman team is the first product of the Booster Boy Pro- gram. Hopefully better things are to come as the frosh move on to Sophomore football and more Booster Boys enter Alleman. 1. Members of the Freshman Football Team are: Front Row, Tom Wood, Ed Mosely, joe Wietlispoch, Dan Vallejo, Mark Meenan, Tom Goetzmann, Ron Rodts, Bill Smith, john Tilp, Jeff Verstraete, Nick Garrison, Marty Dinneen, and lim Wells. Row Two, john Burkhead, Mike Pestle, Tom Gru- newald, Dan Fennesy, Dave Hernandez, Mike VanNatta, Tom Deroo, Dan McGuire, Leo Crisman, Dan Peterson, Keith Ethington, Matt Steen, Mark Koster, and manager, Steve Wykle. Back Row, coaches, Don George and Dennis Schlindwein, Elston Akers, Steve Powell, Terry Egger, Ed Vercau- tren, Steve Kautz, Bob Hartwig, Mark Wells, Dan Forsyth, Dennis Tragarz, Steve McMurray, Bill Dhondt, Bill Heandly and coaches jim Tornabane and Brad Weir. 2. The "Horse" Sprints to the end zone. 3. The aftermath of the final game. Sports 43 ,Sw Q' -WTS - if: f - 1 , ,, .k I M ig, Qi' I, ,J gs YI L.k, S N dh M, L fe W . 1 Q 1 N ' A . 5 gr- 63. x 9211354 E JP' 4 , 7 I 1 , W X, , . , , , Q , 1.724180 31-Qf'5i3i?'71tft'bQgB4,Qi1egg72gv1yi1s. ,."i-je? Ei ?l33 iss itfeittirsts tiezbir tot' 3 12 1 tt? ' if 535 es" -94, Pdf' .U93"f"Q"fL?l4Z-is 51 21312250 29 t'5,1,,g7'f,5,5,E'??1,,,Qggf5ffft JH 't40fiaS'1a'1? 2 J"-'I6,3ii.dtif3.'?5.-Bi qw Q3. '1-A ':1l - 'iel 9k-'. 9 F , l L 1 sssT1f3'1f'f f2M+ T lfaf "'! 5.42 " f ea t . 1W W- "" .i3Z?'7'7f Jii ' 6 f E if ..+ 1 .1 fl-4 f L :211 eff? -1. 1 sees rf: f1Q A f I X Varsity Football Team First Row: Manager Tom Vaccaro, Mark Raskie, Hugh Conwell, Don Albracht, Dave Schroeder, Tom Krone, Boomer Car- bone, Dean Lackey, Kevin Herbert, Jeff DeMaught, Tim Ford, Mike Mc- Ginnis, Rich Leanord, jim Egan, Mike Vallejo, Steve Czupka, Tom Mais, Steve Hirst. Second Row: Brad Buckrop, Mike Meenan, Gary Hulsbrink, Brian Buckrop, Pat VanAcker, Mark Holland, Kevin Sullivan, Pete Kale, Kevin Hughes, Bob Miletich, Mark johnson, Terry Ford, Chuck Burgmeier, What was expected to be Alleman's first winning season since 1965 did not quite materialize as the Pioneers could not put it all together. The Pioneers held the lead at one point in every game except one. After losing close games to Rock Is- land, Central, Quincy, and Moline, and a dissappointing tie with Galesburg, the Pioneers passed their way over 7th ranked Dubuque Wahlert 40-23. The next week the Green Sc White fumbled the game away in a pouring rain, falling to the West Falcons 19-7. The Pioneers finished the season in grand style, stomping the East Moline Panthers 24-7, and nipping Assumption's Knights 20-14 for the first Alleman victory over Assumption in 8 years. Once again the Pioneers were led by All-Metro selection Stu Ebner at defensive half- back while both Ebner and linebaker Dave Requet also re- ceived honorable mention on the All-State squad. Tony Tvarkunas, Randy Brown, Dom Guzzo, Mark Lemon. Back Row: Coaches, Rocco Carbone, Chuck Arnold, Darrel Yodts, jay Cunningham, Pete Dilulio, joe Bush, Stu Ebner, Dave Requet, Mike Skogland, Mike Mill- er, Iohn Peck, Gary Boden, Tim Davis, Ray Burger, Paul Fritch, Chuck Bruyntjens, Russ Engals, Jim Hurley, Coach Paul Terwilliger, Trainer Ben Tietjens, Coach Phil Sailer. 1, Denny DeMaught smashes an Assumption Knight. 2. Hard-working Greg Bell patrols the sidelines. 3. Somersault duet draws a crowd. 4. Iunior flash Wade Branch sweeps right end. 5, A double-team block is exe- cuted by Mark johnson and Gary Hulsbrink. 1971 - Record Alleman 7 Rock Island 21 20 Galesburg 20 12 Central 26 18 Quincy 20 7 Moline 32 40 Wahlert 23 7 West 19 24 East Moline 7 20 Assumption 14 Sports 45 Tennis Team Plays for Winning Tradition The loss by graduation of six top players from an 11-5 sea- son hurt the 1972 fighting Pioneers, but a new coach and enthusiastic players made Alleman an even bet for a win- ning spring season. Coach Leroy Benker guided the inexpe- rienced net stars to a 1-6 fall season. Key players on the squad are Senior Lettermen Bill Prebil and Jim Hartwig, Sophomore Letterman Paul Prebil and the remaining varsity members. 1. 71-72 Tennis Team members are Clst Stepl Bill Bloom and Dan Kennedy, 12nd Stepl Mike Trimble and Bill Covey, 13rd Slepl Bill Prebil and jim Hartwig, fTop Stepl Tim Vogel and Rick Peterson. Missingg Bill Kale and Paul Prebil. 2. Tim Vogel plays an aggressive net game. 3. Showing his lightning overhead is Senior Bill Bloom. 4. Jim Hartwig returns a cannon- ballserve. , , . ,,.. . M. . Q , ' V ' V .K it i .. at Y - X -I ' .. . ,.:,, -ME, . A , Vvgffw -I ' . . , . if ,, ,K L , -, . - A f Q 3 W M -A--W - - .. if i..ii,'1'iffT'. ff" T i ' , . . 7 ,ga t ggi . f., . .1 ' , 4 'I 2 ,. e?i" 5'1 - g f' 2 "ff lf t5lYf?i.'5'ff ffl? , .35 l .Y .fd af ii.tT I . Langheim Directs Harriers The Cross Country Team had a poor season, if winning is the measurement of success. They did not win a meet this year but developed some top runners. This year's team had its best effort at the district meet in Galesburg where it fin- ished 9th out of 16 teams.Next year under head coach Fran- 1. Tom Vize running during practice 2. Cross Country Team lTop Rowj Mike Birmingham, Steve Frels, Don Vande Walle, Jim Fobert, Tom Vize, Chuck VanderVennet, Coach Francis Langheim. QBottom Rowl Larry Ot- ten, Tom Wahlheim, Tom Circello, jim Otten. 3. Cross Country Team prac- ticing in Lincoln Park. cis Langheim the team should be much improved. 1 . , ,ryige-'wHi'v,v.e we Sports 47 gk ,A Q 9 " I Mfg Qiv., ,, The A, gg Q ,J ' A A - ' ' ' K ,ar H, W . - '- W W: 4A f .' X Q,,' ,nr A N 7 -1 , 4 , Ln , wk" 41" ."'k ,, is-. i. 'V A v F' .J ,- - - , W 1 , 4 4. W1 -. 4 'K Q 'Sf - 1 K Ki . K i O A . - 1 A 1 "3 v " Q X. ,gn ,,. K, , . gk. 4 k ,., , 0 f H ff I x 'M WSH f r 'F' 2' f K 2 Q4 " K . :P ,, ' I X L Y it . 4, mm. . ,A 1' 1 Q- f, . Q 1' J w , 7 I 2 , by if 4, g 3155 1 fs if s .AQ if ' x r .qt M.:- 'Q - 9 1 'Q ix, f if. 1- 1, A vyltyl li" .. sf J' ga X , s 'EU' 1 ,fd if I " " 'ww fx 6 .Q f. K ww " 1 ' 5 Q ' , L' fs m . A if ' " ' i P . QA 12 N 3 5 z , V 1' fl ,nv H ,, if ' f .M f gl .1 f- Q . ' ,,L,, ' L fu L , K ,,..: fi Sf' 3' ,., I 1 f A LA if Q Q E In i af 51" .5 A' L H . 4, " , ,, , h K. v K f sm :L 48 S 4, 5' X Of 5 K N 1 w P Y it aiu Q Q R Q A e W f Q V A3 , if if Q 5 f 5 " Q ks? 1 ff 3 J -:fn Girls' Tennis. Experience May Be the Ke There is a possibility of a bright future as girls' tennis enters its second season. Led by Iuniors, Sue Weishar and Theresa Armetta, the team has shown steady improvement. With only two Seniors on the squad Coach Amy Sedory should have plenty of experience to work with in coming years. 1. Freshman Mary Van Aclcer exhibits her forearm smash. 2. Alleman's Amy Sedory is easily the prettiest coach around. 3, Senior Ann Weishar awaits a return volly. 4. The '71-'72 Girls' Tennis Teamg Ann Weishar, Ruth DeMay, Kathy Weishar, lUpper Rowj Sue Weishar, Debbie Barbour, Theresa Armetta, Mary Van Acker, and Barb Cunningham. fi? ...Y r Basketball '72 ,Ihr .5 A Rx ff'-ifj J X R BTV 'MV Sophs Finish 11-11 The Sophomore Basketball team, under the direction of Bob Carroll, had an up and down season. Being 8-8 after 3X4 of the season, the Little Pioneers won 3 our of their last 6 against tough opponents to finish 11-11 on the year. The speed and shooting ofthe sophomores erased the height dis- advantages in just about every game. Highlights of the sea- son were a thrashing of a heralded Quincy club and a triple overtime victory over Galesburg in the East Moline-Holiday Tournament in which they placed fourth. All in all, it was a productive year for the next year's varsity. D2 Sports v 1. The lone light shows that Alleman has won the Pontiac Holiday Tourna- ment. 2.. The members of the Sophomore Basketball are: Front Row: Man- ager Tom Wangler, Paul Prebil, Tom Spaeth, T.I, Krone, Tony Riordan, john VanOoteghem and Ed Vize. Back Row: Paul Peterson, Bob Firth, Chris Wells, Drew Varga, Matt Coulter, Steve Hansen, Tom Moore and Iohn Whistler. 3. Steve Scovil screens out his Rocky foe. ...,,.. Q 7 Dutstanding Year For Frosh The Freshman Green Team, coached b Don Verstaete, had a perfect record with a 16-O slate. wifi their fine shooting, discipline and speed, the cagers won first place in the Junior High league. If they practice hard during the summer, their opponents could be in for a rough Sophomore year. The White Team, under Dennis Schlindwein's guidance, compiled a 11-5 record. The winning season was achieved through running a patterned offense and an alert defense. Sometimes outmanned, but never outgunned, the littlest Pioneers used their sauve and hustle to succeed on the hardcourts. . V we ' , w t' it :,A, ff if . ,. 'S' ,Wi 3.. Z..fz1'?,.'Zl' . E E 1. Members of the Green team are: Front Row: Steve Campos, Ed Vercau- tren, jeff Verstaete, Dan Kennedy, john Akers, Brad Hunt, and Mike Trim- ble. Back Row: Elston Akers, Steve Kautz, Bill Salens, jerry Spranger, Greg Manning, Bob Hartwig, and Pat Trimble. 2. White Basketball Team Mem- bers are, Front Row: joe Wietlispoch, joe Hanson, Ron Rodts, jerry VVah- lheim, jim Logan, Steve Powell, Terry Egger, Back Row: john Burkhead, Steve McMurray, Dan Forsyth, Mark Miresonne, Steve Lemon, Mark Wells, Tom Lawrence, and Coach Denny Schlindwein. Missing are joe Lo- pez and Dennis Tragarz. 3. Super Sub loe Barbour rebounds against West, Sports Vx i 4 1 3 1s 1 5 i 5 3 3 i ex Z w 1 Q E Q 1 E 1 , ll 1 ..., .,.. ............ wiv , ,,,,,,, NYM, ,, , 3 Members of the 1971-72 Varsity Basketball Team include: Front Row: Steve Gasper, Bob Romeo, Mike Kiss, Iohn Brodell, Greg Doyle, Bernie Mack, Rick Peterson, and Bill Cornelis. Back Row: Assistant Coach, Don George, Andy Sottos, Stu Ebner, Steve Scovil, Greg Schneider, Ieff Widdel, George Tometich, joe Barbour, and Head Coach, Don Morris. On page 54: The 1971-72 basketball season was a most successful one as the Pioneers captured the Pontiac, Regional, and the Sec- tional Tournaments, and the Metro Title. Under Metro Coach of the Year, Don Morris, Alleman compiled a 24-5 season record. The team started fast by holding a 4-1 ledger at the Christ- mas break. Included in the wins was a convincing 15 point decision over Moline. The lone loss was a one pointer to Quincy. At Pontiac, after clipping the host school by 10 points, and knocking second ranked Lockport, the Pioneers found themselves two games away from the championship trophy. A close call with U-High sent Alleman into the champion- ship game against Waukegan. A large Alleman crowd wit- nessed a miracle as the hustling Pioneers turned a 4 point deficit with 32 seconds left, into a 1 point victory and the Pontiac Title. Returning home ranked sixth in the state Alle- man ran its victory streak to 12. Quincy ended the skein with another 1 point verdict. The next week a listless Pi- oneer team was no match for sky-high Moline as the Pi- oneers suffered their third loss of the year. Alleman re- grouped and reeled off six straight victories before Gales- burg eaked out a 1 point win in the last game of the year. In the Regional, Alleman came from behind to defeat U.T.I-l.S. by 5. The Pioneers used unbelieveable shots, de- fense, and free throws to hold off Moline, 66-63, and claim the Regional Crown. 1. Greg Schneider grabs a rebound away from a Rock as Rudi, George and Andy watch. 2. I-Ionker pulls down another in a crowd. 3. Playmaker Mike Kiss attempts a pass. 4. Greg Schneider tips to George Tometich. 5. Pour Panthers can't stop the jump shot of George Tometich. Again in Sectional play, PIONEER POWER PREVAILED in defeating Rockford Auburn by 13, and in the championship game by taking Sterling by a 10 point margin. The tourna- ment trail ended at the Supersectional as Peoria Manual slugged out a 61-51 victory over the Pioneers. Alleman Opponent 63 Dav West 57 69 Quincy 70 S0 Moline 65 71 Rock Island 56 76 Dav. Central 62 PONTIAC TOURNAMENT 3 Pontiac 3 1 Lockport 8 oo Normal U-High 4 9 Waukegan 8 73 Assumption -14 76 East Moline 6 S0 Geneseo 55 67 Dav. West 49 68 Galesburg IOTI 6-1 73 Quincv 74 5g Moline 99 50 Rock Island 9 30 Dav. Central 71 Rock Falls 55 72 Dubuque Wahlert 6 54, Assumption 61 55 East Moline 79 70 Galesburg 71 REGIONAL 71 East Moline 60 on Moline 63 SECTIONAI. 78 Rockford Auburn 05 75 Sterling 65 SUPER-SECTIONAL 51 Peoria Manual cl Sports 55 Alleman Claims Regional, Sectional I UNE l S0 ER M, , , .. 5' Sports l ll if' l -s .au x 'J qi.- HL i if 'ia 2 'G 1 Q ,ng ,. V o Grapplers Rule Conferences The wrestling team concluded the season at 13-2-1 for the best dual record in Pioneer history. Losing only one man from last year's team, Head Coach Charlie Arnold had plen- ty of experience to work with. He did his job well as many wrestlers were consistently named to the Wrestling Honor Roll. Ten out of a possible twelve were named to the final list to lead all other area schools. It was this type of team balance that brought the Western Big Six and Quad-City Metro Conference wrestling crowns to Alleman. Costly in- juries late in the year prevented Alleman's first undefeated season. Though not up to the expectations of many, Alle- man placed third in the District Tournament as john Peck took the lone championship at 167 lbs. Advancing to sec- 58 Sports tionals with John were jeff Bloom, lim Fobert, and Mike McGinnis, runners-up at their respective weights. Coupled with five third place finishes, this proved to be the finest district performance in many years. Members of Alleman's Metro and Western Big Six wrestling champs are, First row, Pete Dilulio, Wade Branch, Pat Flaherty, john Peck, Mark Raskie and Brian Buckrop. Middle Row: john Naab, Rocco Carbone, jeff johnson, Chuck Burgmeier, jeff Bloom, Larry Otten, and lim Fobert. Back Row: Head Coach Charlie Arnold, Denny Allardyce, Mark johnson, Mike Mc- Ginnis, FJ. Hayes, Pete Kale, Mike Skoglund, Tom Wahlheim, and Assist- ant Coach, Rocco Carbone. For pictures on page 595 1. Pat Flaherty pins his Geneseo opponent. 2. Working for a takedown is Mike McGinnis. 3. On the top of things is Denny Allardyce. 4. Brian Buckrop punishes his foe. 5. Trying out one of his many dance steps, this time in wrestling, is Chuck Burgmeier. Alleman Opponent .. CAMANCHE MOLINE NEWMAN CENTRAL .. GALESBURG QUINCY EAST MOLINE PROPHETSTOWN GENESEO RIVERDALE .. WEST . ASSUMPTION STERLING .... DIXON ERIE . ROCK ISLAND W .gm A ,LLL Q Sophs Wrestle I-V The Sophomore wrestling team had a good season if all fac- tors are considered. Their record of 7-7 is average but the young grapplers are catching up on their opponents as far as experience goes by also wrestling in I-V matches. Victories during the season came from Assumption, Sterling-New- man, Camanche, Erie, Riverdale, Prophetstown and Cene- seo. Some outstanding individuals will make this team a tournament threat in the next two years. Sports 1. Soph. Wrestling members are, Front: Lanty McGuire, Mike Wiggins, Tony Armetta, Chris Dilulio, jim Holland, jim Otten, Back: Coach Rocco Carbone, Kent Levan, joe Cuzzo, Jim Grchan, Larry Peck. Z. Co-captain lim Fobert, looking for a take down. 3. Wade Branch moves defensively. Freshman Introduced To Wrestling lt is always an uphill battle for Alleman's freshman wres- tlers as they spot their public school peers two years experi- ence. The team took their lumps early losing their first five dual matches, but under Coach Phil Sailers guidance the freshmen closed out their dual season with 3 wins, 3 losses and one tie. Two of the victories came over the always cap- able East Moline Orange 8: Black squads. With the final rec- ord 3-8-1 and the fundamental phase of wrestling under their belts the freshman are ready for next year. 1. Mark johnson rolls his opponent from Rock Island, 2. Attempti ng an escape is co-captain john Peck. 3. Front Row: jon Tilpg, Mark Stehn, Iohn Hines, Mark Wiggins, Mike Schulte, Don Larson, Ioe Brune, Row 2: Mrazek, john McGinnis, Bill Smith, Leo Christman, Dan Vallejo, Meenan, Glenn Klauer, Tom Wood, Back Row: Keith Ethington, Picon, Matt Steen, Bill Hendley, Dan McGuire, Rich Hernandez, Koster. Steve Mark Mark Mark Sports ol Bang!! They're Off!! Following several dismal seasons Alleman's track team is hopefully headed back to respectability under the guidance of super organizer Francis Langheim, After testing the larg- est turnout of boys in a couple of seasons for their strengths, Langheim, along with his assistants, Paul Terwil- liger and lim Tornabane, then relentlessly hounded the boys to work on their weaknesses by running in the halls, weight lifting and practicing field events in the P.E. room during the winter months. With this headstart in conditioning, Coach Langheim hopes to field a team which by season's end can 62 Sports compete with every tough Quad-City team. Also, by next year, the coaches hope the team will reach respectability and win some meets. Strong events for the Pioneers are the dashes, hurdles and high jump. With most of the speed con- centrated in the Freshmen and Sophomores, coaches Langh- eim, Terwilliger and Tornabane have a chance to prove in the next two years that Alleman is big enough to field a re- spectable trackman along with spring baseball, tennis and golf. 1, Practing their starts are dashmen T. 1, Krone. Pete Viren, Spin Akers, Wade Branch, with assistant coach Iim Tornabane, 2. Track members from junior and Senior classes are front: Boomer Carbone, Steve Frels, Larry Schenone, Wade Branch and Pete Viren, middle: Chuck Burgmeier, Mike Skolund, Larry Otten, Dave Hines and Pete Dilulio, back: Don Vandewalle, Tom Wahlheim, Pat Burgrave, Greg Lannan, Mike Taghon, Johnny Peck. 3. Freshmen members are: front, Rick Hernandez, Nick Garrison, jim Dougherty, Tom Circello, Mark Koester, Dan Vallejo, Brian McRae, middle, Steve McMurray, Dave Heranadez, Brad Hunt, Marty Dinneen, Ed Harper, Ed Moesley, top: Steve Powell, Elston Akers, Dan McGuire, Leo Christman, Rick Earel. 4. Sophomore track members are: Chris Diiulio, T. I. Krone, lim Ctten, Carlos Barretto, back: lvan Florescu, Wayne Berryhill, john Riddell, Chris Wells, Tom Vise, Mike Birmingham. 5. Tripping over the bar is john Peck in the old study hall while the nasty March winds howl outside. Sports 63 64 Sports Final Season For "Kiddie Corps" The Alleman baseball hopes were once again placed on the shoulders of the famed "Kiddie Corps". Playing their third and final season for Bob Carroll's white-shoed team were Mike Kiss, George Tometich, Stu Ebner, Dave Requet, while senior lettermen Kevin Herbert, Jim Fobert, Bob Wright, Greg Doyle and Tim Blancke also close out their careers. These returning lettermen, plus sometime varsity performers Gary Boden and John Brodell, should enable Alleman to cop another Metro title. 1. Posing for the yearbook photographer are Dave Requet and Iim Fobert. 2. Warming up For an early practice are Gary Boden and southpaw Bob Wright. 3. Kevin Herbert shows his stance to Coach Bob Carroll, Mike Sut- terman, Assistant Coach Don Verstraete, lim Fobert, Gary Boden, Dave Firth and Tom Schroeder. Another I-lacking Year For A.B.A The Alleman Basketball Association tA.B.A.l had another foul-prone year which kept the large crowds bored to death. The players had fun, got their much needed exercise and also had another excuse for not doing their homework. The lntramural Basketball Program was a success with two teams tying for lst place and two others tying for third place. At the conclusion of the season the annual A.B.A. tourney was held. All eight teams participated with admis- sion charged for the semi-final and final sessions. The pro- ceeds were donated to charity. L 1. A jump ball during the oppening session of the tournament is contested by Steve Casillas and Bob Wright. 2. lim Meenan eyes the basket as the standing room only crowd of Mike Taghon, Chuck Burgmeier, and Darrel Yodts watch. 3. Dave Bush harrasses Gary Warlop as Cary hopes the ball will bounce back and not away. 4. Opening tip off has Paul Hender show- ing his best side. rj O ,,,..a..a.wl-at al-"" 3513... 66 Sports Cheerleaders Spark Spirit 1, The Varsity and Sophomore Cheerleaders for 1971-72. are: Patty Posateri, and Renee Van Puyvelde, Claire Kennedy and Marcia Tacey, Toni Cirivello and Margaret Rafferty, Toni Mack and Peggy Kasenberg, Amy Sutterman and Peggy Morris, 2. Patty Posateri seems to have found an admirer from Moline. 3. Smashed cheerleaders pick themselves up. 4. "Wrestlef'. 5. Varsity Cheerleaders fly at a Pep Assembly. 6. The 1971-72 Wrestling Cheerlead- ers are: Chris Herman, Toni Perry, Pam Brozov- ich, Rose Cornelis, and Sue Weishar. . 2 gwzinx -,S .',- Sports 67 C X 2 I fy? 71 52 ff, E Q Q55 56 X Q W 2 ' K FX A V XX Q if 3 1 xxx ' I g-SX ul 'w r "6A'senlves! "fn 51" f4s'si5'Car-rf' Pr-incff2l24l5o U known 26 the zo-1QePer: The strength of any organization de- pends upon the coordination of the ad- ministration. As Alleman has demon- strated in innumerable ways, Fr. Foster Pr. Du Puis and Mr. Carbone are superb- ly smooth managers. One unvaried char- acteristic these men possess, is the genu- ine interest in the students. This is a main reason for A1leman's success. Counselors As People 72 Academics " ,,h, 1:4 The purpose of the Guidance Department is to help each student achieve his highest potential - academically, emo- tionally, socially and morally. The staff is concerned with the student, his strengths and weaknesses, and guides him towards a wise career choice. The counselors work with the student in ways regarding registration, course planning, col- lege, vocations and the Selective Service. By encouraging each student to develop his own unique abilities, he helps to create a world of talented, mature individuals. f ,QE eg' 'fn S: Y: lisilif- Q , . -V, . . , . V.kk ,fiat .f 1152244 in? 'N -ii QQ' 1 al 3 N i'U"'i'k H . 5' . S 3 . . AT- BT.-. S i ru.. 3 t . X . 1 T inr- 3 Y r-L -T-t fj.. Timing Creativity and a freedom of choice are pro- vided for the student in the newly revised Communications department. The Fresh- men and Sophomores, although they have no electives, are given more of a variety than in past years. The Communications Department's Actors: Mr. Tor- nabane, Mrs. Wisely, Sr. Elizabeth Ann, Mr. Schlind- wein, Mr. Weir, Miss McGregor, Mr. Purdue and Mr. Saunders. .4 .Vi "-'9"ll0csQ6.q z , L swf' -u..-......,....... -an .Ma-.V F...-......s.-.---u .........-.,....-..- L,,.,,......-.-.---- ,,,,,....,....--- Hing- t F 2 if 1 W, L K 2 WT 2 . E -L fe ac t i i -'l 1 "'l"""2" t --A--q...T ""?"""" NT-P-hi' W1 The Juniors and Seniors, required to take American and English Literature before graduation, have a wide choice of electives including Film Making, Drama, Shake- speare Reading, Film Study, Practical Eng- lish, Media I and ll, Independent Reading, Mythology, Creative Writing, and Inde- pendent Study. Some classes stress self- expression, opinion making, and even 'basic grammatical Englishf -ogy. ...-.--.-----M ,.,,,,.........---- ,,......qAvw-HU"'d"' 1 Academics ....,...,...,...a...-1.4.0-N .K K . Q V sy, -fy .--at 2 if. 1 2 . I3 - ....w.,.W - 1 1 K -V.: Emphasis Un People . . . 1. Mr. john Perdue prepares for another composition class. 2. Sophomore, common problem. 4. Mr. Dennis Schlindwein leads a discussion in a junior Kathy Pierce, displays her interpretive abilities in one of Miss McGregor's American Literature class. speech classes, 3. Mrs. Marilyn Wisely and Mr. Iohn Perdue discuss a 76 Academics Q .. 5. -1 ,, ,ya A we-Q, m,,s ' 1' i Acdemics 77 Pine Arts Stress Individual Talent 2. Chorus Director Don Wooten, Band Director Max Grigsby, and Art Teacher Mrs. Gloria Williams. 3. The band poses for a formal shot. The goal of any Fine Arts teacher is to implant in the stu- dent a drive for creativity and self-expression. In band and chorus the medium is music, while art classes utilize a varie- ty of forms such as painting, sketching, and sculpture. First year art lays the foundation for all art students, offering the study and application of basic principles and techniques. Advanced students are free to create in the way best suited to their abilities. Band and chorus provide entertainment for both Alleman students and fans as well. The band plays at football and basketball games, while our chorus performs at winter and spring assemblies. 1. Top Row: Mike Mizeur, Steve Poma, Mike Glowat ki, Dave jones, Tom Soseman, Mike Braham, Pat Hayes, Mike Taghon, Second Row: Carl Odendahl, Eugene Kowalik, Dan Ciccomoscolo, Marilyn Lawrence, Chris Lievens, john Lawrence, Tom Roundtree, Chris Dilulio, Third Row: David Hunt, Mark Hoeg, Bruce Vyncke, Tony Brzostowski, Angela Requet, Ian- ice Sweeney, Karen Domeraski, Fourth Row: Tony Tvarkunas, jesse Lo- pez, Cary Dellaert, Bill Dumolien, Fifth Row: Theresa Requet, Therese Armetta, Mary Fobert, Barb Cunningham, Pete Dilulio, Tony Armetta, Darryl Hixon, Sixth Row: Shawn McCormick, Bob Lopez, JoAnn Yyncke, Bill Kale, Darlene Menting, jim Wassenhove, Lawrence Schenone, Bottom Row: Bric Emery, Barb Maynard, lim Dooling, Kathy Denieve, Mary Roach, Mary Dufour, Martha Clark Theresa Hunt. H if l l l V ., if 921- , r A , . i z i iw? ti K' i sms L U 'ff ' P 3 If QA Pine Arts Add That Special Touch Members Of The Chorus Are: Front Row, Gina Rogers, Kathy Enright, Theresa Southwood, Doreen Smith, Anna Ackers, Cindy Compton, Mona Peterson, Debbie Mosely, Cecilia Knupp, Debbie Ybera, Linda Mitchell, Chris Bush, Claire DeDonker, Amy Blackwell, Second Row: Mary Vande Voorde, Helene Wendel, Jayne Evanoff, Sarah Kingsbury, Marcey Egges, Mary Schenone, LuAnn Lund, Kathy Ague, Michele Bousson, Denise, DeRuyck, Betty Mersch, Beth VanderBeke, Lili Puig, Andrea Burgrave, Mary Strabley, Roxane Regal, Ioan Lambrecht, Marianne Bily, Lisa Lavery, 80 Academics Third Row: Chris Otto, Torry Walzem, John Schlegel, Irene Kacprzyk, Dan I-Iendrickx, Top Row: Alphonse Pareigis, Theresa Langheim, Novella Drish, Molly Murphy, Theresa Wooton, Fin Wells, Iay Cunningham, Mar- tin Dineen, Steve Wooten, Greg Neuberg, Russ Dhamers, Keith Collins, Mike Faull, Kathy McGinty, Mike Lingner, Brad Buckrop. 2. Mark Wig- gins demonstates his artistic abilities in linoleum block printing. 3. Mr. Max Grigsby takes a well deserved break. 4. Mrs. Gloria Williams demon- strates the fine techniques involved in art to Don Albrecht. mf!! 2- F """knw.f,Mm-am., I 15, W' 5' :hi ff! L.. ma if N ,479 1, I Q Academics B1 Caring Loving Laughing Crying The religion department plays a vital role in shaping the spiritual life of each Allemanite. During high school years, individuals are flexible and changing in their beliefs of life. Sr. Rosemarie, Sr. Elizabeth Ann and Fr. Eck strive to create and maintain healthy attitudes. New methods are always sought and this year, they opened a new reading room. The staff has collected many paperbacks and magazines which deal with spiritual topics. The room is meant for students who desire to broaden their knowledge or gain insights into religious matters. 1. Sr. Rosemarie prepares her frosh for an in-depth study of awareness. 2. Bishop Edward O'Roulce takes part in an Ameri- can Literature class. 3. Fr. Eck practices several songs with the underclassmen. 4. Sr. Rosemarie Tomlianavich, Fr. john Eck and Sr. Elizabeth Ann Cover discuss the concepts which will be stressed in class. 82. Academics Q 1 E 3 5 f X Q2 Q1 'Hunk' XXX g:::.:-'al i"""', M M AT? Academics 83 84 Academics Languages Challenge Foreign language always presents a challenge to both the experienced upperclassman and the new student. Advanced language classes study novels and the culture of the country while first and second year classes learn grammar and vo- cabulary in dialogues and paragraphs. With the help of their teachers, Spanish, French, and German students are able to understand and converse in their studied language. 1. Members of the Language department are: Mrs. Ripley, Mrs. Smith, Sis- ter Loretta Marie and Mrs. Minot. 2. Mrs. Ripley reads French expertly to her Znd year French class. 3. Mrs. Minot gets her point across to a sopho- more Cerman student. 4. Dave Requet studies while Sister Loretta con- ducts her 4th year Spanish class. l-. , Y, M. -i Sn cees .ti ... Academics 85 New Math With New Paces The Math classes cater to the needs of the students who seek knowledge in the technological field. Practical math courses are also offered which prepare individuals to meet future situations. In many of the classes, the students are allowed to work independently while the teacher helps out on special problems. This helps the student to realize his full mathematical potential. 1. Mr. Benker sympathetically reviews a test with Iim Terry. 2. Individual aid is a part of Fr. Cooper's class, as seen with: Pete Dilulio, Claire Kenne- dy, Tom Walheim, and Connie Dowsett. 3. Sister Sandra uses the overhead projector in her Math class. 4. Mr. Bauersfield gives an indistinguishable look to a student at float-building, 5. Members of the Math Department are: Sister Loretta Ward, Mr. Bauersfield, Mr. Benlcer, Sister Sandra, and Father Cooper. 86 Academics g 1. ' if an 1 ' , . r l x . ,rf ...vw ,fy ,, ,,,,f- :f x ' - ,. M. N. f -.ff ...Z Academics 87 The Social Sciences are designed to pre- sent an accurate account of contempo- rary and past peoples. The department attempts to explain the problems, ad- vancements and cultural differences in the varied societies. Frequently, the classes are able to venture guesses at the future, by studying the difficulties which others have encountered. With this newly gained knowledge, the staff hopes that they are preparing tomor- row's leaders by pointing out present and past faults. This year vast improvements have been made in the history classes. With each quarter the student begins a new phase of history, such as: Wars, Ethnic Groups, Social Reform, and American Civil Liberties. One quarter of Constitu- tional History is the sole requirement. 1. Sister Judith Theresa lectures Seniors about de- veloping a self concept. Z. Mr. Don George shows Brad Buclcrop what page he's on in history. 3. Mr. Phil Sailer, Mr. Don George, Fr. Thomas Long, Sr. Leoda, Sr. Judith Therese, and Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, gravely reflect on the world situation. Innovations With Quarter History Classes Teachers Do Homework Too! 1 . sf ,ft "'L E K -:la LF' , ' .Z 1 . .F fs , W1 mn' 'N'-s fwktr iiilgiiyidiiif-i A 4 1. Mr. Sailer is preparing a future lecture. 2. With book in hand and maps surrounding her, Sister Leoda begins her class in Western Civilization, 3. Organizing his desk after class, Fr, Mirabelli consults Melinda Wiggins. 4. Studying after school, Sister Judith Therese catches up on sociology. 5. Caught in the middle of an argument is Mr. George. 6. Fr. Long relaxes af- ter a hard day. - w---+-............,, A Q...e,,,,.,,M, k mfs f-s,, U r.3!VA,x A V fi 5 i 7 x .V , . .113 ggi! 3 ii Y 5 f In 5 f 'i s EE"".........""":.:+'.:--..... Fx sa Q 'ii I K win' Academics 91 Science: From DNA To Dynamics Student independence was stressed again this year. In Biology, there have been extensive changes made. Al- though the successful team teaching system has been continued, the stu- dents were given more projects to do on their own. Health was an added course for the members of the junior class this year. For one day each week, the students went to health class and discussed such topics as mental health, drugs, and alcoholism. In Chemistry and Physics, the discov- eries of molecules and dynamics pre- sent a new world of challenge to both beginning and advanced students as well. For success in our science-ori- ented world, first hand knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics is a great asset. 1. Physics teacher and proud papa Charley Arnold, with daughter Becky. 2. Sister Jane Francis guides a discussion in Chemistry. 3. The Science Staff: Mr. Gary Van Goethem, Sr. Jane Francis OP., Mr. Charles Arnold, Miss Dixie Pierce, and Miss Amy Sedory. 4, Miss Amy Sedory demonstrates the way to do it in Biology, 'HHGQ-ei wx RXODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS wha.,-vp' Academics 93 RE TES a 5 Health Staggers Un Health was introduced at Alleman this year and immediately became the most unpopular subject on the curriculum for Juniors. Mr. Gary Van Goethem and Miss Dixie Pierce were faced with the almost-impossible task of teaching to five different classes in as many days each week, each class with its own unique problems. The task was enormous, and though their efforts were not always totally successful, Health will not soon be forgotten by those who took it. 1. Miss Dixie Pierce begins yet another class in Health. Z. The rigors of teaching Health begin to tell on Mr. Gary Van Goethem. Alleman's excellent library became an even more important a reference and study area, in the last few years the library part of student life this year, as increased facilities were add- has become a complete audio-visual center, encompassing ed to absorb the impact of greater student use. Traditionally all phases of human endeavor in the arts and sciences. 1. Mrs, Rose Fullerton and Mrs. jean Deisenroth shelve books. Academics 95 Creativity And Perfection are Goals of Pr ac tic al Arts Q . - ag! , rv . . Drafting and Home Economics provide the training for it trade and vocational work, as well as home life. Students of drafting receive a background for understanding me- chanics, machines, and construction. Precision is empha- sized and perfection is a goal strived for. New interest E was revived in home economics due to the sunny new 5 wallpaper and paint. With these renovated facilities the department hopes to call the student's attention to its 2 creative program. ' li l ttataetta tt, . ,ee . at at 'P t s at .Wh if i f i f ' 't V art,r. -P my P ' Wx 1 .al 1. Diane Conwell models an original. 2. Women's Lib spreads to Me- chanical Drawing as one lone girl practices drafting skills. 3. As Patty Cotton illustrates, pinning and cutting the pattern often take the most time. 4. Mrs. Katherine Larson shows Mr, Franicis Langheim another aspect of Practical Arts. Q -'-' 2 H " ' 96 Academics -511, A . SP- .' . .x ,. Q u S . . , fr'1"'55fL 9 X r ,, 't 0, I ,Hx A- ' a k 'Z"57?fs1... iw' QQFKLS5-mf' , , 6' O -01' W . A f , . ' k .flwizffow , i1 K+ " A my-,x 5i1f'1,i,.1f-Q 'Zig ff-5, "0 ' Vs.. - - - Q. 3 A ..., 1 krzi V - . np- -v' i . i ' +2 98 Academics 1. Dean Lackey is tuning up a used car engine. 2. Angie Wood, Vicki Schaecher, Terri Morrissey, Rose Tragarz, and Vicki Verschoore enjoy gaining the skills of a beautician. Practical Experience Experience is the key to understand- ing and the U.T.l-1.5. vocational center provides the experience. The students receive valuable training in the field of their choice under actual working conditions. The hard work needed to build a car, construct a house, or be- come a beautician is readily 8: willing- ly given by the students. From this hard work a feeling of accomplish- ment is obtained. The vocational cen- ter is an opportunity not to be over- looked. Driver's Education, both in the classroom and behind the wheel, is of grave importance. 3. Ben Tietjens shows Harry Littig how to start the Driver's Education car. 4. Electronics is Iohn Schradeyafs trade. Academics 99 P.E. Builds for Tomorrow An unsuspecting visitor to Alleman who happens to look into the gym during the school day might be endan- gering his life without knowing it. Although boys' P.E. classes are usual- ly well under the control of Mr. Don George, Mr. Robert Carroll, or Mr. Don Morris, at times even they are unable to maintain order, and an occa- sional free-for-all is practically inevi- table. Meanwhile, girls' P.E. instruc- tors Miss Maureen Flynn and Miss Amy Sedory continue to expand the range of activities for girls, which now include track, outdoor sports, and even an occasional bounce on the trampoline. 1. The Physical Education Department staff: Mr, Don Morris, Mr. Robert Carroll, and Miss Maureen Flynn. 2. Miss Amy Sedory referees a tense game. 3. A favorite in girls' gym is basket- ball. 4. Killball is very popular in boys' P.E. Academics 101 Pave Way For Student Business Tycoons 4 s , f U ' -Wim xx teeeeee ee 0000 060 9 0 if Z' A greater knowledge of the economic system is necessary for the student who is planning a career in today's business world. A practical application of typing, shorthand and bookkeeping is taught in the classroom, along with the ne- cessity for hard work and a will to learn. Personal typing and shorthand can be useful in and out of college. Although not the largest department, it is fast becoming a very impor- it tant part of today's business world. 1. Linda O'Melia listens attentively as Fr. Lane explains one ofthe concepts of typing to her. 2. Mr. Terwilliger points out a problem in bookkeeping to Colette Poma. 3. Typing Class is one of the busiest classes in the school. 4, Members of the Business Department are Mr. Terwilliger, Sr. Mary Ann and Fr. Lane. Academics 103 l I I L Y Y Til I L18 IKM 3 .il 'iff " 'W L f sitt .".' 1 - , .... 1 r M ffice Exhibits Teamwork The office opens it's doors bright and early, awaiting the steady stream of students anxious to start their day. The growing demand for tardy slips and admits are taken care of smoothly by Sr. Lucilla and Mrs. Mortier. The infirmary provides a popular place for the ailing student who keeps Mrs. Babinski company. The task of Study Hall monitor is not easy, especially for a rookie like Mrs. Block. Without the cheerful efficiency which prevails in the study hall, office, and infirmary, Alleman would never function as well as it does. 104 Academics ,QQ mf .uw K 'ff , ,W .aww -- fs K wa s ks Meal! gg-.:..,.f 1 Mrs Babinski works diligently in her office. 2. Mrs. Mortier and Sister Lucilla hand out admits before school. 3. Mrs. Block reigns over her king- dom of study hall 4 With much enthusiasm, Mrs. Breuwet, Mrs, Babinski, Mrs Sutterrnan Mrs Block, Mrs. Acllfinger, and Mrs. Mortier run an effi- i cient office. VR Academics 105 106 Academics 1. The 'Cooks' areg Irene Bratton, Ann Huber, Mary De- Keryl, Margaret Dasso, Henrietta Schmitt and Madeline Van Den Hende. 2. Henrietta Schmitt stands ready to help hungry students. Behind the Scenes: I 4 i 3 z vim at. ,, Active Staffs Teamwork is the theme of the mainte- nance and Cafeteria staffs. Under the supervision of Mr. Wells, the Custodial staff tidies the halls of Alleman with dili- gent efforts. Much credit must go to Mr. Wells for his painstaking attempts to keep our school in excellent shape. This group has earned for Alleman a reputa- tion of neat appearance. 1. Mr. Wells has a night off from routine chores. 2. Mr. Wells helpers are: Marie Wells, Alice Walline, Florence Louck, and Kathryn Nelson. ticc t Academics 107 W Qigfig XRi S WFS X Q h Qi Z3 JARQ N K ff Cxfyf 3 X ,H Q . . Seniors 72. KATHY AGUE MARY ALBERT DON ALBRACHT DENNY ALLARDYCE DENNY ANDERSON KATHY ARNDT IANE ARNOLD Diversified Seniors Take Charge Diversified is surely the word to describe this year's seniors. They are toally unpre- dictable and have provided Alleman with some of its greatest jokesters and impres- sionists during the last four years. There is never a dull moment when the seniors are around. They are their own men and are not afraid to express their individuality. Whether it be causing disturbances during class prayer, tipping desk over backwards, or just plain not going to class, the seniors enjoy every minute of school life. Despite the uniqueness of the seniors, there is a strong class unity. Whenever there is a need, someone is waiting with a helping hand. The seniors seem to have an answer for everything. Nothing could ever be too serious, too dangerous, or too weird for this year's class of seniors not to get tangled up with. Iust challenge a senior to anything and you'll get the show of your life. High performance is the goal of every project undertaken. After all you're only a senior at Alleman High once in your life, and that experience is one that you'll never forget. 112. People BERNIE BAHEN DEBBIE BARBOUR BARB BENDER MARK BENNETT RAY BERGER MARY BERRYHILL TIM BLANCKE BILL BLOOM TOM BOSOLD MICHELE BOUSSON DENNIS BOYLE ROBBY BOYLE DEBBIE BROZOVICI-I Chuck Burgmeier, Terry Ford, Mike Skoglund and Greg Schneider take up exterior decorating. BRIAN BUCKROP MIKE BULENS PAT BURGHCRAVE CHUCK BURGMEIER THERESA BURNS IOE BUSH MARK CAI-IILL SANDY CARLSTEN STEVE CARRON MARY CARTON DEBBIE CAUGHEY IOHN CAVINS DAVE CHRISTENSEN DAN CICCOMOSCOLO IIM CLASEMAN IANET COLGAN People 113 KEITH COLLINS TI-IERESA COMPAGNO CINDY COMPTON GREG CONROY BILL CORNELI5 MIKE COYLE BOB CUNNINGI-IAM DONNA DANAY FII M IVAN DANAY RUTH DASSO CLARA DeDONCKER MONICA DeGRAUWE DIANE DePORTER DENISE DeRUYCK Vickie Schaecher practices styling hair. DEBBIE DeSCI-IEPPER BOB DQWITTE JIM DeWULI3 114 People l LUANN DOWNEY GREG DOYLE U5 ,T 2 'H 21 if-,. . mm., lu 'llllllnnug ROBERTA DUCEY . 'i f 1. Tom Mais and Bill Cornelis hamming it up. Z. Another day in soc. class. TIM DUCEY DAN DUNAVIN JIM EAREI. IODY EBERHARDT STU EBNER PEGGY EDWARDS MARCI EGGES KEVIN ERHART CAROL ERIKSEN I W5 DAVE PAUST JEFF FEENEY IOANN FETES ELIZABETH FITZGIBBON JIM FOBERT People 115 TERRY FORD MIKE FORE DAN FRETT GARY GNIDOVIC MARIAN GOETZMAN GLENN GRAY LINDA GROTHUSEN THERESE CUSSE IEFF CUSTAFSON SARA HANSON .W .4--1 , 1- . IIM HARTWIC D KATHY HAYES Mary VandeVoorde and Denise DeRuyck mix up a delicious brew in class. DEBBIE HAVENER DAN HEIM PAUL HENDER DAN I-IENDRICKX VINCE HENSELER KEVIN HERBERT 116 People DAVE HERRERA MAUREEN HINES STEVE HIRST Greg Conroy enjoys one of those few moments of relaxation during the school day. DARRYYL HIXON MARK HOLLAND ,fir BOB HOLLOPETER DIANE HUBBS KEVIN HUGHES GARY HULSBRINK BOB HUMES TERRI HUMES IIM HURLEY JOHN HUYTEN MURRELL JACKSON KRIS JONES IRENE KACPRZYK ROD KAISER PETE KALE NANCY KASENBERG CAROL KAUTZ People 117 I TOM KENNEY ANN KERSCI-IIETER MIKE KISS And there are always those assemblies that just no one wants to go to. TERRY KLAUER CECILIA KNUPP GARY KOLLS ELIZABETH KOPP DEAN LACKEY IOAN LAMBERT JOAN LAMBRECI-IT GAIL LAMONT DENNIS LANG GREG LANNAN MICHELE LARSON PATTY LARSON MARIANNE LEMON BILL LENGER DEBBIE LIEVENS TIM LIEVENS 118 People HARRY LITTIC TIM LOGAN MIKE LUEBBERS DAVE LUND LUANN LUND L, f I TONI MACK TOM MAIS BOB MALONEY KATHY MIRANDA MIKE MARLAIRE LISA MART A CINDY MARTIN Tom Kenney sleeps off the excitement of another long, hard weekend. MONA MATTICK5 KATHY MCFATE ED MCGRAW ROSEANN MCGUIRE MOLLY MCKENZIE People 119 MIKE MCLAUGHLIN MIKE MEENAN GREG MEIRESONNE MARIA MEIRESONNE BETTY MERSCH IT! 1 BOB MILETICH MIKE MILLER RON MINER Glen Gray and accomplice Mike Skoglund escape from JEFF MORLOK MARY MORRIS TERRI MORRISSEY class. PAULINE MOSELEY CHRIS MUELLER KATHI MURPHY MIKE MURPHY VERNIE NEFF JEFF NESSELER JUDY NICHOLSON CARL ODENDAHL RAY O'DOWD LARRY OTTEN 120 People 1 ALPHONSE PAREIGIS MARILYN PARISOT VICKIE PARKS JOHN PECK ROSE PFANENSTIEL COLETTE POMA PATTY POSATERI BILL PREBIL DEBBIE QUINN JAN RADOSEVICH wh 3.7.1 Gary Kolls lies down from exhaustion after another grueling day at Alleman High. JAN SANTAMOUR JOE RADOSEVICH EILEEN RAFFERTY ROXANNE REGAL DAVE REQUET ROSIE RIVERA People 121 KAREN ROBINSON SUE ROELL E- E I sw TOM RQGER5 Mike Slcoglund takes care of a little lost puppy. ANNETTE SACCQ VICKIE SCI-IAECI-IER BILL SCI-IELSTRATE MARY SCHENONE TI-IERESA SCI-IMITT MARY KAY SCI-IMITZ ,- fm., GREG SCHNEIDER CAROLYN SCHNELL JOHN SCI-IRADEYA K,-ng , Aw ,M- rs' DAVE SCI-IROEDER MARY SCHROEDER IONI SCHULTE Greg Schnieder takes a snooze. 122 People VICKIE SCOVII. DEBBIE SHELANGOUSKI RAMON SINGH MIKE SKOGLUND TOM SOSEMAN THERESA SOUTHWOOD MARY STARKWEATHER MARY STRUPP KEVIN SULLIVAN SUE SUTHERLAND AMY SUTTERMAN KAREN TAC EY MIKE TAGHON Senior girls enjoy a leisurely lunch. CIL TERRONEZ GEORGE TOMETICH ROSIE TRAGARZ TONY TVARKUNAS TOM VACCARO PAT VANACKER People 123 I Members of the Senior class watch another Alleman victory in progress. MELINDA WIGGINS MARY WILLIAMS THERESA WOEBER ANGELA WOOD MIMI WOOD 3 ,o. Y x, 3 L , W STEVE WOOTEN BOB WRIGHT RUSSELL WYKLE DARRELL YODTS LAURIE YOUNG NANCY ZERULL PAULA ZERULL CONNIE ZIEGLER LARY ZIEGLER JAYNE ZIMMER People 125 IUNIGRS 72 if 'ik Sie 71., ,, Jeff Allardyce Peggy Allbright Linda Anderson jean Aring Theresa Armetta Chris Baker Rox Balcaen Joe Barbour Annette Beckman Dave Belville Bill Bergeron Rose Beu selinck f' We :r,: f . -. if ' ' , K .k,k 53 SYM, ,, ,.,. ,. lim Bielefeldt it Mary Bily Linda Biscontine Jeff Bloom Gary Boden Wade Branch X Vkl K Q X 1 3 re .. .... :X as -9. S K ik W it S rf ug, Johnaroddi 5535 Blll in Randy Brown Pam Brozovich Chuck Bruyntjens Brad Buckrop Kathy Bulens SSR S si ,em ? B' 1 ash wa., tgp'-sg 1 r..,. Y A ' ri ,SN S A S s X in ara , L T235 Juniors: Three Years Down, One To 128 People Go. .-I H ,iw 'W sf K aw ek S kg 5 RX 'fx 5 ef' isa 5 We e Bfiaiiiff' aaa" ,1 AEM, rrea e B337 5 eil V ,xr Qfpw , -I -L ,Sf ,K ' 11 or tes- f ' , Q had R , VI-: WN 'V ' S it :gg ,.,,Q 4 Q LH fr fe Eeraaa 3 Andrea Burghgrave Dave Bush Tim Caffery .. t 9 , 1 5 - Q, .M fw .' J . v - 3 hw .4 f 4:-1915938 .s'f:':, ' -f awfw-V ,I .f . .--wwfr , 5, :Minh 5274. ni f 5 .:- , ' . A -, 'gf . -v21j5::s5f29?a' E:-'xiZ,Tk:71-5 C Q A 5 .. V W, f .ug,:- :L K- K I , Q . 'awww ewme H 5 i -' --'- , ,Q ' Ea iff' i f Yiswi' wwf Wml awwww + '- "Iii five wifi ., . ,V,: , .,:.,., , . , ,,kk M.. , . , .L t1isi3'.:r'E." f. a "'fz'.'i-M51 X ' i:e'w..'-" ' , ay .. f 'Lai gf' 2 wk- .W Nw., ,r QM AL V., ,K . E, , .sf E f-S ,mg -Aw. N Hsifzfffi 5 ' A 1 is -M me -t .Z - X f .- Rose Cornelis, Theresa Freiburg and Mary Wessel support Alleman basketball , F' r -2 l -fx Darlene Terry and her cohorts film the action at the bottom ofthe stairs. .Ms-, . 1 fe Zf bl .. My ,. 1 I I -- k,r fk.. ...L K 'VS C' :" N' Wx -A My 1- as img? is t 5 in h 5. 'A A 5 Qi a ESS' ' sa, 19" Q, J ff! mirage M 'UQ 15, .ny 4 lk Sheila Cappaert Boomer Carbone Debbie Carson Steve Casillas Mike Chilla Dave Chovanec Toni Cirvello Bonnie Claeys Martha Clark George Claseman Hugh Conwell Gina Corelis Rose Cornelis Bill Covey Paula Coyle Beth Cross Barb Cunningham Steve Czupka Iaclc Dalton Tim Davis Beth DeBrey Mary DeDoncker jim DeGreve Gary Dellaert Dennis DeMaught jeff DeSmet Bill DeWitte Russ Dhamers Pete Dilulio Barb Doehler People 129 Q is , i . E ' , VRSQEYL:-1.129-v - T ' 1.3,--iT':' -'iiwliz E-511671 - ' K' W eu-f.sam.f:-wars My Kk,V E, .,k. L, VIK . - ' ' wa r P S N Q' 2? -' f'iL,.-F, f fr i 3711!- H524 4, ff, ,.,, W - W1 i A -5 E 2 Q f 'auf . ,wsu - - . i gsggggg .LL 9 ,ff . ,i Theresa Freiburg Theresa Frett Steve Casper Nancy Gillman Marianne Gilroy Mike Glowacki Theresa Grchan Mary Io Grothusen Domenic Cuzzo Eda Hanson Jim Harl Virginia Harper Bridget Hartman Tom Haskins 130 People gsiiirfsziiszvzig xiffgesiifizm' ,- . ,- ,. gm-I , H Va ' 'N ' E5 4 leg 1 gf fe 1 I 26 4 .i G se Q 11+ 'Y' d , ,5 Q i, ,ig I f Doug Doran Tim Dougherty Connie Dowsett Sue Drescher Diane Ducey Marcia Dufour E ,. . .. my .1 r SS XP, Q A ttf, 1 " ' i n T Sam Duff A ' h,,, John Egan , In ,,.. at R Eatty Egg? ' V All I W ef uss ng es , 'ggi , 1' 'T y , Bill Ethington :ff fi: I ., ,gi t-1Z, , -' fx' f ig, Jane Evanoff 3 F f V " w e T! T- f L M ' -ya.. . lQ,,jfffM-,ji ' if YM-ae Us ,ir 'KF we , siege Y-9ffZ1s,Wf' Wg, , e Da... A 1 Pm af ,. .e Q- N is -ng, , 'P he Mike Faull Dave Firth Pat Flaherty Theresa Fobert Rick Ford 3' iam H , gli a C"w"si'fE1!5: ififld Wiifbk - 5 M! Wwlhfiilii 'lj Q5l15ig5E' T' 37.755517 . S W y , Ms5iT?b:Qk5.e ' . -f ,.,,, M, I Q , A Q I saga at 5 Wal--.IW 'mf . " , , ' 73 it --,,. :-,. . Q, . - A5 ,V ,V L . W 5 ., ir F ti' " t , , , : jj ' 5 g- vw 'ef sy . M e i s, , 45 it -K . .V Sf .-,Q M1 , .L at W 6 I A . ft -T , a1f,, f, f 'Q H if '- 1 ,-34335, glfufr- ,I ,J 31, ' ' X ' if A , if fl' gaze: a ,Q fb vo- 'sf f t F if 4 I , H - -1, ,, Q ' , S .. .Q e .. X , ww- . Eff - a . - - .1 f Vuil s ic fqiv ' .1.,.,.fi3sTk.-x. ' i 'L S -emfzsff--,1 f. f- . ,.2-,mm ,D'91'l!vi. Q 1 K ,. ,, , .,, , .. 1 V V, .W-is 2 -if Hilhmaw -WML:-Wes, W, H me , - ' r LK 2- L1-.eff f- , ' sem--2.1M f 5 Q w SSG M Judy Francescon 1, .F 2? Q M5 2? Q-Q iv' ' A 1fffif:asi..,4 M413-i1'9f ,, - ' K. Q x , 15 . , 3' U- i 3. WSE' Steve Frels Paul Fritch Msg. rviggif ,W 9 4 1 -V n-.J L vw 1 c 51: 4, Q 't ir , ri Q, lr SVVI XJR l N il Ice Hayes Sue Hendrickson jeff Herbert Chris Herman Joyce Herman Bob Higareda Dave Hines Mark Hoeg Dave Hubbs Cindy Humes Patti Humes Therese Hunt Kathy las per Beth Ieskie jeff johnson Mark Johnson Dave jones Joyce Kelly Claire Kennedy Theresa Kenney Barb Kerker Hugh Conwell plans his escape .1 if il' 4 ii 1 SS. ii Sarah Kingsbury X LUVLLY V Tim Kloppenborg gf john Kluck Kim Konzen Becky Koster Paula Kroeger are M as Q . HE f,ieiiim'fsiff7 . Y wig-1fgA1,k:, - . Gary Krumdieck Barb Krush Vic Laermans Carol Lauer Marilyn Lawrence Marc Lemon Rich Leonard Tracey Lerch Chris Lievens Greg Lievens Jesse Lopez Dave Lucas Kareen Lund Bernie Mack Ed Manley Michele Mapes Molly March Joyce Martinez x r E iii QV! All KX ,ii his K ff ' ' A V, Y we ig, A 3 5 'W ,1 we, lf- Sz .K A my, . , ,!kr,, swam V ., m A - . ,ii,. ,i-iw , A ' 2."7f7T'N' 'L P wif'-'-'iii ffl ' isigmmvisi' - r'- ir -1 sz . k. 1, i., W, . 2. .. , , K 2 ' I 1 mfeif' A "Wy ,Q fi iisjggg ' 3, if MQ 5 i r I , ' i'Hf1'?l"f' fr fi , , L A fra! 2 , f 3 . 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K X ' in the hall. ,ef .8 , I ii ,. g Q 'THQ iti 593 ' ii f W r S A A figs Kathy Pierce Mike Poelvoorde Steve Poma Paul Prebil Lili Puig Margaret Rafferty Richard Rasmussen Theresa Requet Mary Ricaurte Iohn Riddell Tony Riordan Mary Roach Cindy Robbins jack Rodems Dave Rodts Diana Rodts Melinda Roels Tom Roundtree People 143 Tom Ryckeghem Robert Sabbe Tom Saelens Terry Salmonson Mike Schaecher Diane Schafer Gary Schrempp Nancy Schroeder Debbie Scranton Theresa Segura Jeff Sergeant Anita Shelangouski Mike Sherwin Sharon Sidders Kathy Smith Rick Sonnevlle John South' od Tom Spaetl Chrys Spielman Richard Stark Dave Stewart Tara Stonehouse Mike Suess Gayle Sullivan Don Sutherland Mike Sutterman Marcia Tacey Diane Taghon Barbara Terrill Kathy Terronez Steve Terry Mary Vaccaro Beth Vanderbeke Bonnie VandeSampel Mary VandeVoorde Ron Vandewalle 144 People rg ., H st it We 'st is Q, is tg .WW T l, at +1 5 5 li ig N ,ga ref gs, . wwff- - ,f Emma' ., . 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Lrxv. 1 a ax av fi 1? i 151 People Ioe Lopez Mike Lopez Rhonda Lopez Traudel Luebbers jim Maca Chuck Malmstrom Mike Maloney Gregg Mannins Karen Marshall Michelle Martin Pat McAllister Sean McCormick Karen McFate Iohn McGinnis Dan McGuire Steve McMurray Brian McRae Mark Meenan Nancy Meier Mark Meiresonne Sue Mersch Steve Meyer Tom Minet Linda Mitchell -im. 1 f ,X W Y ff M I If ' 1 if ,N wiisifiiii 5: Fi' ' ' 9 if Wgjgfyt' A' f 5 , at 1 I 1 in f ,i M2 y fr 1 ' ff "l' f """" 1 4? , " 1 f' ,f , 1 f f 0 f 1 ,4 ff , 4 z f ' ' .ba f Lv V . ff ,sf fy J-.L 4 Z 1 , wqgwf Wx J 1 , F 5 M wif L 'K Q ? fa YQ' an , - H Q tg, V , h f ' , w ' " ' kP 5, , 'V V 'Z Al 2 wwf 2,5 f 4 f , . 's g, W 'N iff ii 'I 1 f me in 5 44,13 f 7 5: ! ia 2 2 .f ,V 14251 , 'fir ' z- ,.f:,-, f A tai: ,ar,r.. I K 1? 'Hi' 1 . ,W H A a My ' w 0 +2 z 5 f W 1 7 S f' ff aff' w fi w yy Wu ff ,Zf X f 5 fi W -'ifi -I : 'row 14.--0 ' QL if f ,Y ,ia,,, 2 A , r f Y -f, 1' -V ' GW' 1 H V ff VW ' 'sw ,f . 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Member F.D.I.C. 2.75 6 ji? X 5 U i t :ref 1 xi: . Im! Dotson's Jewelers 1710 - 3rd Ave, R.I. Advertising Q' gi , k KL vt, X 4 wif if 'Q if Vi 4 H 57' Q 1 it qi! Prix - 5 ez' 3. .. Q Q2 Q, A ,V sa vs fa ' k V. , a3Q'il"3'H qi E435 -,. - - 5 A 14, if , 1 . ,Q :H w. EXE, eh-5552! :Qi vm 1- ' M'- Q "h 55 . W Q .gy .QQ ,L ol Ek JE If N A 5 2 ' A t few tg fi k - fp, X A -1 Q :vga , 7 vw ' "'f:1:f:f:1S:1' eisifiezr... zseafzfsfzfsezfssai.. -1 1---1 V.:-1 1.:-1-:-:-1 :-..:-: -- :,:.:-:tg-:14.1.,.:-1.--:-:-:-:-:-:.:-mv:-.,:-:.,,:1t:-:11::1:,:::,:,::::1,1f1::::5,:Vz::,:,:i:-:-f-:-1-:-:-:+:-1,1-s::1,:::,:,:g- Downtown Davenport Downtown Clinton Orchard Center, Moline PETERSEN HARNED VON MAUR Adver VAN HOE FUNERAL HOME East Moline, Illinois 1500 16th Street Member l5.D.I.C. ' Congratulations To The Class Of '72! Mid-Con Supply, Inc. Construction Equipment And Supplies 3033 - 55tl'1 St. P.O. BOX 1086 Rock Island, Ill. Advertising 165 Wi? L C, f rg L ml urv2'w,xraHf.N fx A Q F525 f2 s2ez?gz:e at fWr1ff?:e4nrk,S'fref5ff 4 Mfalzing, Ifiirfgqzlv I2wf55 1 166 Advertising N --EA no INE I lo or i.i Quang I03In lInTH Ava. Rott PPG UCI-5 1 Y EAST MQLINE S- 'viola Ilhnots 1 tv 1' 755 Iqlalo J cbmpusra QA ZS' IVI1dWeSJCF1bFS A ' ' l FHATERNALISM IS MORE THAN A WORD TO US IT'S A HELPING HAND FOR PEOPLE IN NEED Royal Neighbors of America com- bines its life insurance services with fraternal concern for the needs of its members of all ages, Modern plans of life insurance are issued for men, women, and children from birth to age 70. Fraternal benefits include adult and juvenile lodge ac- tivities, the Royal Neighbor National Home for aged members, an Orphan Benefit to give added security to eligible Ftoyal Neighbor orphans, fra- ternal college scholarships for young adult Floyal Neighbors, help for the hearing handicapped, and a free health service. 'ffllllll A Kaya! WflyA!0f5 or A M E C suwizms office noon istAND, iiurvois FRATERNAL LIFE INSURANCE SINCE I895 I3 'ul XXO-"A U SJ I-EV IS QILUINE .iw rsffilrnf ft. R SE Rdax and read -the H u 5 55 RGJK Argus -M 173-4 --'f Ave. S hera'iOI1 ONE SHERATON P 4 4 RQQK. Q s QQ, Mag? I sl and Motor Inn Advertising 4613! wwe E. M. METAL EAST MOLINE METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY 808 13th Street East Mo Metal Stamping And Fabrication W. I. Dowsett, President Qka 'Kfi Sf! Do nut Qowgraiwlaf fe A5 f S fag-X x35 'ff Q25 'fini Congratulations ll Q Class ni 1972 A lon -31-'7Aue . P-:ck Island UPTUWN , lmfmmuus Duuauy Dm-pm-nfnn 1 lnummaus Fira and Marin: lruuranu Dump A good place to work with mang career opportunities NATIONAL BANK 1601 15th Street M0l1'ne,Ill. Member P.D.I.C. Ad g Discover the san if earth if air S lc ee people fi places that smile Understand yoarsehf fd tomorrow Because thats what its all ahoat. National egood bank togrow with 5 Moline .lim 8. Jackie , 0 0 722444, Ax 2900 Blackhawk Road R k I I d Ill' ' DINING - C'OCKTAILS 091111 El. illflnrlnk 9 Roszsivies Bffnfmins BANQUETS U' FOR Rssilggffigcirgs 1.- 5" s' D1 1 vas 2902 C MFLIMENT 0? . ? Congratulauons Class of 1972 Pia ER pan Qggtj ma 1 keg. Painting and Decorating Contractors o America VENDOR 6onRs'H55?g .W W 25f,l 965 . 'tS steak 8 spift 3915' lBt"5t, Mol. J-."'Q Advertising 172 A Nike. 'Rim Ele.c+rmfCS Ye ur Hezdxuf-'tens For Shree Comfmenfg Md Ellcfrvnic R143 Sansa' .F'5hg I, IJ! ry MZLA VIH -SWA ve .R.I, 188 -'isis im S , ,, DEB S RIVE-IN XVX LX IOQ EAST 1" HVE. A WL N Rockl Mohne, Ill dvertising CONGRATULATIONS 33-Tir ALLEMAN CLASS of 1972 Hmmm SALES CQMPANY ELEc1'Rlcm. ws-uoLESAL.E 0lSTRlBUTOR 5:2-as sn Qocx xsumo, ILL. I 0 I CM' W! 14514, M Q 0: gf a I X 'Sp' W- al L2 T I Cex 2.70 255m Ave,1 Rock sNo.ndf Watchtower Plaza -7 S 6 - 2 2 2 2 Adver ' ' Sellnai de.r's D'-eg Size re. Inc.. K8 hAve,.? 3 81m ST. 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Serving you during your student days with de- pendable gas and electricity has been our pleas- ure . . . and will be in the future if you make your home in the Iowa-Illinois service area. yours for better living IOWA I ILLINOIS Gas and Electric Company 176 Advertisi JKWWSKQDU Q . SHEET METAL wolucs, INC. 1 A 617-631 FIFTEENTH A VE. L. GK Q MQ Qiwgf E fu-A mv35g :aloe sawviskfifdwilxda :sm-.A CH RYS ,ff ffl McDONALD'S DRIVE-IN Moline, Illinois lllll ll IILIII THEY Love 6 sagem lANo wgllell my bllyloll P, XAMAHA B owlloy Music, lloxjise, xr YAMAHA pilfmos 8523 :ma Ave,Qoc'w Islam! Wilson Vlumldlng ' lu lLll3 will Awe. Rock ISlanci,'S'.ll. Bw' ' RDLSCREEN 00. Phone 788-7489 513 31 Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois S1201 CONGRATULATIGNS CLASS OP '72 DQ5GulnlEF5 S Compdliy COlTlVTTEVClC1l Prmlers - L5 N:-11 MOlll'lE5JIHlt'lol5 GZ 747-1241! 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RTTITDTGEWOO D A I TY The Place To Shop In The Quint- Cities 623 - 42nd Ave East Moline I3 Best Wishes by 7bA' 35' Bordner's Texaco 7th St. and 16th Ave. '131 339 'WE- East Moline, Illinois HULINE l TT T N i K :rag op naw NATU RAL H A SUPC-ffmafkfff 0f1Hea1fh " i' l i 1 lls ii ' 1 A Vifamirw H - - - Oi S - F OMS - T685 Hl'5Pfln8 Distillers Sunflower Seeds l l tier eesfslse , 517 - 15th Sf- - Moline lll s ll l - 764-1912 5 OK S, 1--i ,- IFB arf' ms B' L 1 f Z .Dmeu ma - Mor-'NE FOO? tofu, s 5H0p HHSTY-TASTY BREAKFAST ' LUNCH DIL OWNER- l 9 ASM 10" ST Container Corporation ,f K Z mauve l' 27 A f' PHGNE' Cf Amerie a ff V 690 Mill Street Rock Island - Phone 788-6343 3D means - Denny S Dastardly TRUNS 3B Today, and Tomorrow, there was, is, and will be homeroom than 3B. for 3C xciting, Experienced An empty line Sr. Loretta The hounds of Deb B l Mary bara an Bo jeff, jay, Joe, julie, up, and at the opposite Spiff, Mary Lou, Mary, T lack, Terry, Karen, Mike, C we will be 4D time Pete M this t doesn , alias fine stock n ean 8: Mrs 6: Mrs. H. P. Gr. Mrs. Mrs. Cappaert Carr r -,Lk ' sw gqlftl. Na+ it ,V . all' f. f..-,-u+- .mi Q .file-' 3'1rtsr - . . AL P TRONS Mr. Gr Mrs. Clem Gasper German Class, period two Mr. Jr Mrs. Bernard Cillman Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Goetzman Marian Goetzman Mr. 8: Mrs. Keith Grothusen Mr. D. J. Hartman Mr. 6: Mrs. Douglas Hender S kr. 4r.Mrs. C. A. Hendrickson A ,Asha 5+ 1 f 1- ' if Henseler .'-', 1 ll...Zf"f l-A' i h"H'1""Sl'- tx ' . :' ff: , '--'- i v' : ' R. Family J ' ' rr 2 8: Archie from St. Mary's Podunk am... Q .T Jerry Gr Sue Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Johannes Mr. Sr. Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr. h Mrs. Richard Johnson The Three J's Jeane, Jerry 6: Jayne Evanoff Mr. Ar. Mrs. Harry J. Jurewicz Miss Vicki Jurewicz Mr. dz Mrs. A. Kelly Gr Corky Mr. lv. Mrs. Ed Kenney 8: Family Mr. Gr Mrs. Francis Kennedy Mr. Gr Mrs. Leo Kerker Ann Kerschieter Mr. Gr. Mrs. R. M. Kiss Don Klarkowski Masonry, lnc. Mr. 5: Mrs. Vincent Klauer, Jr. Mr. 61. Mrs. Lloyd Kluck Cecelia Knupp '72 Mr. dz Mrs. Joseph Kowalik Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Krone Mr. 6: Mrs. Krumdieck The Robert Lambert Family Barbara Larson Gr, Family Laughing, Weeping, Wanting, Weeping Mike Lazoen 6: Tina Viane Greg Lievens "73" Mrs. Virginia M. Lievens Rev. Thomas Long Lou's Drive-ln Mr. Gr Mrs. William R. March Mark Construction Equipment Inc, Mr. 6: Mrs. Bernard A. Mart Mr. Ar Mrs. Richard Maynard Miss Audrey Ann McGregor Mr. Gr Mrs. C.P. Meiresonne Maria Meiresonne Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert L. O'Co Mr. Gr Mrs. George Odendahl ,.f. 3 The O'Melia Family Mr. 5: Mrs. William Otten Mr- if Mfr' Robert L- Sfsfliirwlffji Mr. k Mrs. John F. Paskvarf r"i' 1 The Clair L. Peterson Family Mr. Gr Mrs. Andrew Polito Jerry Polito ' Za Mr. kills.-Louis Prebil f i l 2'. . as L 5' 'f .. .am a ' s-l . sa12-:S . . , 1 as Y m ai rainny a Ron Gr Diana Rodts Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert Roell Mr. A. Mrs. Joe Roels Mr. 5: Mrs. Sam Romeo Mr. Ar. Mrs. Keith L. Rueckert Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Ryckeghem fl Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Sacco Sag Butch Sr Fat Posi Mr. William Salmonson 'lg' Gene Saunders Mimi Schelstrate Carol F. Schneider Family Bob Searcy 8: Family Mr. Gr. Mrs. David Sedam Mr. Sr Mrs. J. Glen Sheil, Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. E. Tacey Mr. dv. Mrs. Ben Tietjens Mr. 6: Mrs. Gary Tilp Mr. 6: Mrs. Joe Tometich Mr. Gr Mrs. James Mr. Gr Mrs. A.M. Mr. Sr Mrs. Charles The Tvarkunas Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Mr. 6: Mrs. J Mr. Gr Mrs. Mr. Gr Mrs. Mr. Charles Van Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert Mr. Av. Mrs. Gary Joseph Van Hr Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur r 8: Mrs. Don Mrs. Charles Rene Meiresonne Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Mersch , Lt. Col. John L. Michalski "52" Miss Rosalie A. Michalski "Sb" Mr. in Mrs. E. Miller Mr. at Mrs. James W. Miller Daniel Mirabelli Jo seph Joe Voge VandeVoorde Flaherty t Ride Mrk .e .smsgwme ff ua Aw ca DUPUI B.S Freshman Girls' Law, 103 Driverfs ' E 5 i A 2 Ducey,Timj.29, 115 Dufour, Mania L. 25, 130 Dufour, Mary L. '79, 139 Dumolic-:n,Wm.j,79,139 Dunavin, Daniel L. 115 Durr,5amI.130 O Hansen, Steven P. 42, 52, 140 45 113 45,58,61, 79 151 D 141 4 118 95? W sw f , NNN-as 12.0 120 33,12 133 P 152 119 11 Momca Teresa E Payne MaryL 143 Peck, Iohn C. 45, x -A .N X X N Peck, Lawrence R 5 2 ., if X Q . f .75 . X .. .Mg 'L S0 U . R. .. QS? Xb X ski- X X X , S 1 5 wif Xwx , V s S 'N A if 3 ei RUSTRATI ONS T P THIS UR Ct

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