Alleman High School - Pioneer (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1967

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if-MW 1' Xlfggglw .55 aww fi, K WP AW QSZWW if 00 M M5 wiswgwmwww , vig? we 3 N My if W iiigmiiiigf Ofjigbw VW MJ 325 WM QMMWQ Sai WW Mil lip ffggifzfw E W,0MJ X iiifiifwif Kzihggifflif kJVQ?fQ'jQQ,mY4z 322552 fw2 ffifw f7w W WWW W WM A W 1, ff 7355 WQGWW WWJZJHQW W fl W fifm f5f3Q3Qiih0 WM MW ff M WW? M WWW ffl? A Www . s My MW wJ3RQT ww WWW wwfywym ww W fgfwfqfmwmf pionee WW M foiffiw M if LLEMAN HIGH SCIIIHIL Rock Island, lllinois i M ft' - A ,- x r, ' , ii, iizfor' If I H ' I fy L :V , gk 3, , ,, H Q, iz f t f f. fl ' - he iii, E bfi ' f-- .1 K K FX g I V, A' V ii A' -3 rifle aw' ff F , 1 -if lf:-if . ffjiirvy' gi yvtg, 5 Simi., ,g ,gg9?,gg1.s,,q2,y3,:+iL,f, 3-'NL gig: Wfgfngv, A ,1-,alfa ,LEM-X' - N, .t,4s,,w,,,f5-1-5, A Q, ,.,. 3, -g, 913- .-r, 1 -,igM..i jk- kv .K 4 .-Tv ,db er a , -Wzrwm Q-if? 1,1 A !5'2-f'b-fl". 'i ln'354-,gi'iS.' X A r .43 " .Y J-... , A A" " , .G .-gig, L f We ,5 , , 3 QE i..":.t2:'W1:Cfe' xt ' - 1' f.. W, 1 ll 2' . 'A a A XKF , ...JE15 1 4...'. Dedication Gratefully we dedicate this yearbook to Allcmank original Pioneer, Father John F. O'C0nnor. As principal for 18 years Father gave his talents and energies in the role of priest, teacher and administraf tor. 1, 1 Sf Q IJ iiv Q3 T Lp TABLE OF CONTENTS Qfg.,y ids 5':,Jf It if JBA' Ibis W fi .,'A Faculty page 4 ilflj nj, X l is IW 1, , Seniors page 12 GQ' V W 'I' Juniors page 28 , ,XJ M Sophomores page 34 gk N Freshmen page 40 I CICISSBS page 48 Organizations page 60 Activities page 66 Sports page 82 Business Patrons page 97 Personal Patrons page 99 CO-EDITORS PATRICIA DeMAY, BOB McDONALD BUSINESS MANAGERS TOM AUBRY, PEGGY CORNELIS ACCOUNTS KATHY LUEDERS PHOTOGRAPHERS DAROLD VAN ZELE, GREG SHARP, GREG CUNNINGHAM ART WORK MARY ANN BRODELL Ccoverj, TERESA ASH, JOHN VIREN SENIOR SECTION JANET JOHNSON, KATHY BREWERS HOMEROOM SECTION MARIE STEINHAUSER, KATHY SWEENEY SPORTS SECTION BOB McDONALD Qlgv W jj 57 1 b qv fig? fe ff! x xx . g f Q 4.4 xg? PQ mx xf , 'OJ' N? N5 ' Q5 f-X 4 gy j 5 ' I 1-J YC M- 35 .QQ f 1 my y, FN--ff' M, L X xi 1' XXI' Ex PT mf , J' K .,. . 6 'VLQO L72 N,- Rin The Alleman Class of 1967 will always hold a special place in my memory because I feel that I am an adopted member of the class. With graduation on June 2, 1967, I close my career at Alleman, grateful for the experience of eighteen years as principal of the finest Catholic high school in the State of Illinois. Like most graduates, my feelings are ambivalent. At one mo- ment l am exhilarated by the new life that opens out to meg at another, I am reluctant to tear myself away from the people and places that have been the very fabric of my life for almost two decades. W'ith affection and gratitude, I remember some of the great priests and sisters and laypeople, board members and teachers, parents and friends, professionals and non-professionals, living and dead who, by their loyalty, industry and encouragement, have made Alleman a vital, human and Christian reality in our community. With confidence in God who has so richly blessed me in the past, l look forward to playing a new and dynamic role in the renewal of Christ's Church in the Diocese of Peoria. To my many friends among the board, faculty, the staff, the students, the alumni, the parents and the whole Quad-City community, I extend my warmest greetings and sincerest thanks. -Reza john lf. O'Comz0r Administration Each person who has ever lived is like to no one else who has ever lived before him. Each member of the Class of 1967 a unique combination of talents. For this reason the work in this world God has in mind for you can be done in the same way by no one else but you. You stand at the close of a significant segment of your life. You learned to live independently, you learned how to con- trol yourselves unwatchedg you learned how to make decisions on your own. In a word, you matured. Having grown to maturity, you moved so much closer to that point where you could begin to offer to the world what is yours only to give. You stand at the beginning of an even more significant seg- ment of your life. You have received. Now you shall be asked to give. Something of what you learned academically. Some- thing from what your emerging personality and maturity can give. But even more, something that your faith that has deepened and taken root can give. The world needs the testimony of your living faith. It needs the witness of a heart on fire with love for God and love for men. Leaving Alleman, go forth with a conviction that you do not Walk alone. Recognize that this life has to be lived with God, who will give to you vision of life, breath and depth and meaning. You will only co-exist with Christianity - it will never touch you, unless you recognize in the bottom of your heart that you need your God and your unending faith in Him. We wish you success always. We pray for your happiness. But we beg God that the light of your life will so shine before all, that they will inevitably see God in the witness that your life will give. For this is the Christian that Alleman tries to form. -Rev. Robert C. Foster, C. S.V. 4 MR. BRIAN ALM German I, English Il SISTER ANNA MARIA, BVM Spanish I, III, IV SISTER M. ANTOINETTE, OSB Sociology Western Civilization MR. JOHN BAUERSFELD Math IX, Algebra SISTER M. BERNICE, OSF Religion I, II f Miss Junmi BosroN if , 432 Q ' I Russian, Geometry j , 5 SMSG Algebra i . vff 5, ,i l , .gf 5 MR. DONALD CAPES Junior, Sophomore Boys' Counselor Non-Western Civilization MR. ROBERT CARROLL Physical Education SISTER M. CATHERINE, Spanish I, II OSF SISTER M. CHRYSOSTOM, OP BSCS Biology SISTER M. CLARE, OSB Art MRS. GEORGE CURTIS Librarian BROTHER JAMES DUNN CSV IBM REV. JOHN ECK, CSV SMSG Geometry Elem. Functions SISTER M. EUSTELLA, B Spanish I, II SISTER M, FLORENCE, Typing I I . ,f T ' I-1 - ,L I X 1 -M - . .g, MISS MAUREEN FLYNN Physical Education Mus. Jessie FREDERICK English ui, iv I E, VM OSB V-:Xi4.,1 MR. JAMES GALVIN American History Western Civilization MRS. CATHERINE GAMBLE Algebra, Adv, Algebro, Trigonometry MR. DONALD GEORGE Western Civilization MR. GENE HENZE Mechanical Arts REV. ROBERT HOFFMANN IQIOH, I, MISS CATHERINE HOFMANN MISS MARY ALICE LEE Senior, Junior Girls' Counselor SISTER M. LORETTA CECILE BVM Home Economics Western Civilization SISTER M, LOYOLA, OSB English I, Il Bookkeeping Stenography-Transcription 'f'i. SISTER JANE FRANCES, , A r CHEM Study fr ' ' I chpmamy 'ii slsrek M. MADELINE, oss A 2 cy Band, Chorus sisrsn M. JOHN LAURIAN, avM I' English IV l SISTER M, .IUDITH TERESE, BVM Latin, Sociology MRS. JOHN KEALEY English I, II SISTER M. KEVIN, BVM English IV SISTER M. Luurene, OSF PlonefSoIid Geometry 6 SISTER M. MATTHIAS, CHM English III MR. RALPH McGRATH American History Government P MISS AUDREY A. McGREGOR English I, Speech, Drama SISTER MICHAEL MARY, BVM Religion I III REV. DANIEL MIRABELLI,CSV Financial Manager .4'Wf MR. DONALD MORRIS Physical Education MR JOSEPH MURRAY Algebra PlanefSolid Geometry SISTER M. PATRICK, OSB BSCS Biology 7 MISS DIXIE PIERCE BSCS Biology MRS. CAROL PODLASHES Shorthand, General Business Typing II MRS. ALFRED RASHID French I, Il REV. JOHN REAL Religion I, II MISS RUTH RINK Sophomore Girls' Counselor MRS. THEODORE RIPLEY French I, II Rev. HUGH Roasms, csv English ii, iv MR. SIMON ROBERTS Sociology Political Science MR. PHILIP SAILER American Hislory MRS.GEORGE SAINICK Freshman Boys', Girls' Counselor SISTER M, SCHOLASTICA, OSB Algebra, Advanced Algebra Trigonometry MR. CARL SAUNDERS English I, Il SISTER M. THOMAS AQUINAS, BVM Spanish I, Il MR. BEN TIETJENS Highway Safety MR. GARY VAN GOETI Physics SISTER M. VIRGINA, CHM Shorthand, Typing I REV. WILLIAM WATSON Religion I, II JOAN WILLIAMS Physical Education MISS DIANA WOLFF French II, III, IV German ll MR. DONALD WOOTEN English lll REV. GEORGE WUELLNER Religion I, II MRS. HARRY ADLFINGER Business Office MRS. CLIFFORD BABINSKI Infirmarian MRS. RALPH BREUWET Business Office 8 MRS. HELEN JOERN Study Hall Monitor MRS. HENRY MORTIER Library Monitor MRS, CLARENCE REDECKER Visual Aids MRS. EDWARD SUTTERMAN Attendance Office MRS. LUCILLE WINKLER Study Hall Monitor MRS. DANIEL RAFFERTY Substitute Teacher 6 2-4 ' i ,K ff? yi .. ine-,V I , ' ' 3 M itrr f " 'r f i it gygig 'S A 6 at A . S - A -.... My S if ,. 3 " f p tiiicc I , S E E Y I , I t I :'. . f,' 1. S f.: I 3' I "hf 2 , , LW'A-- I. ,, Q. 33 K .. :. ,,,, In 2525 5: A at .. . T 'k-- 1, I K I S W Q .. A WW X Rl ' Ql, . it if ix 3 '.1.':,v-f .1,. asf If W ' ' L ,, - M L ' A I IP. Doing their part to keep Allemanites healthy are the cafeteria ' staff including Miss Mary DeKeyreI, manager, Csittingj and I. to r. Mesdames Nora O'Brien, Julia Ferkel, Madeline Van Den Hende, Margaret Dasso, Ann Huber, Irene DeWiIde, Henrietta Schmitt and Milly Sheil. Faculty Changes Compfimenty of COULTER EQUIPMENT CO. 4606 - 23rd Avenue Moline, Illinois Complimenif of IOWA' n.L1No1s Gas and Electric Compan .Y Mas. ROSALIND cunns SISTER SHAWN MAINE, Librarian BVM English III " t H1 at . ,N ft .,,,. ,. , , K Ps ,nm fi it W " 'iifii-Stifffr I f rr -'PSX 'SK N., an ':'21i .i-tux' I ' 'iffvf-:E E'ffi'.e-fish K - i ff ' K ' K' , I ,SW K kg , , jf ' MISS CATHERINE COI-LIGAN MRS. MARY BRAVARD REV. THOMAS KIMBALL Cafeteria English I, II Religion I, II 9 Sounds of Silence 5, Rig 'af pu- A 10 Mm ? Sounds of Silence M4 gf Valedictorian Salutatorian Top Ten ROBERT LEHNE DONNA SCHANER THOMAS FREUND JAMES Dlx DAVID FYFE JANET JOHNSON MARY KAY PASKVAN CAROL MCCABE WI'LLlAM DURRENBERGER KATHRYN BURNS 12 BENNETT ADLAF NANCY ALLBRIGHT JOSEPH AMEREIN MARY ELIZABETH ARING ROBERT ARING KATHLEEN ARNETT JOSEPH ARNOLD i?1fi', ' BRUCE BALDWI N CHARLES ARNOLD TERESA ASH CHARLOTTE AUBRY SCOTT BALKAN THOMAS BARN ETT MONROE AUBRY THOMAS AUBRY SARA ANN BARTON J. BRADLEY BATES MARY BAUWENS BARBARA AVILA MARION BELL GERALD BENDER SANDRA BEST MARY K. BIELEFELDT MICHAEL BLONDELL MICHAEL BORGONJON DONALD BOSOLD ERIKA BILY DEAN BLADEL SALLY BLANCKE PHILLIP BLOCK DONALD CALSYN DANIEL CAMPER PATRICIA CAPPAERT FRED CARLSON KAY BURANEK THERESE BURANEK KATHRYN BURNS MARY ANN BRODELL BARBARA BROZOVICH GREG BOULJON TERRY BREITBACH KATHLEEN BREWERS JOAN BUBON KAREN BUCHMEYER PATRICIA BRYSON 14 JAMES CARTER WILLIAM CHEESEMAN LINDA CHRISTIANSEN WILLIAM CLARK WILLIAM COE COLEMAN COLLINS MICHAEL CONROY JEAN DAVIES JAMES CONWELL MARY COPELAND MARGARET CORNELIS I .,,I , ffyzswsg 1 1 A VPMEIQ "T 1 E? :mm - V .. .- .. aww wg - 1: 5 we wi-sgfgg 1 1: ffl Spf: -f -' f . JEANNINE DeBOEVER FRANK DeCASTECKER JAMES CROWDER JANET DASSO DIANA DeCAUSEMAKER JOSEPH DeCOSTER NANETTE DeCOSTER GREGORY DAUW MICHAEL DeGEETER CHRISTINE DeGRANDE KATHLEEN DeGRANDE PAULINE DEISENROTH 15 ff LN' SHARON JUDITH Rudi IF FRANCES TIMOTHY X C MARGARET DOUGHERTY PAMELA DeVOLDER FERDINAND DeVOSS CHRISTINA DeWITTE DEBORAH DOWDAL MARY DRISCOLL MICHAEL DeWITTE JAMES DIX MARY DORAN WILLIAM DURRENBERGER PETER DUYTSCHAEVER JAN ICE EBEL VANCE EDMONDSON MICHAEL EDWARDS RICHARD EGGER BARBARA EHLERS 16 EDWARD DeJAEGHER PATRICIA DeMAY MARY ANN DeMEYERE DAVID DeMUYNCK DePAEPE DeSMET DeVILDER DeJONGHE 1'-ow Lk ""' 'Fr EILEEN EHLERS STEVEN EHLERS GAYL ENG JOSEPH ENGELS MAURINE ENGELS KATHRYN ESKER SUSAN ETZEL W ANGELA FIFIELD STEVEN EVANS MICHAEL FACKELDEY .- MARY KAY FECHT MICHAEL FINCH MICHAEL FISHER THOMAS FELIKSIAK CHRISTINE FERGUSON DENNIS FITZPATRICK JOHN FLAHERTY MARCIA FLORESCU PATRICIA FETES 17 WILLIAM FOULK GERALD FOX STEPHEN FRANCES THOMAS FREUND DAVID GANNON MARY JANE GELANDE , THOMAS GEMIGNANI SUZANNE FRIEDMAN SHELAGH FU RGIE DAVID FYFE JANET GANG MICHAEL GENGLER SANDRA GLAUDEL JUDITH GOLZ ROSS HALL MARY HANEGMON PATRICIA HANNON AN ITA GOMEZ DONALD GRCHAN MARY LOU HANSEN PHILIP HARE CATHERINE HARMENING WILLIAM GUSTAFSON MARGARET HARPER JO ELLEN HARRIS KATHALEEN HARRIS MICHAEL HARTMAN 18 Kg KI -I 'Q I 1 w Q 21: 'Q de 'ai 'QI 1, f, .mx 15, zIfwf5:f5Im I - ii -. 12, , 2sm?ff1,sH -' I .I+ f .,f,mw' A' a 1 THOMAS HARTMAN JAMES HEALY CATHY HELENTHAL JOHN HERBERT THERESA HERRING GARY HOEGNER DALLAS HOFFMAN DAVID JARRIN JANET HOOD DONNA HOWE MICHAEL HUGHES CYNTHIA JOHNSON JANET JOHNSON DEBORAH HUMPHREYS PAMELA HUNT W fx EUGENE JONES KATHERINE KALE SUSAN KALE KAREN JACQUES 19 STEPHEN KEHOE SANDRA KESLER SH EILA KENNEDY MICHAEL KETNER l LEE KIMBALL PATRICK KING JOYCE KINSEY I M, PAUL KN ESS PATRICK KOPP MARY E. KRONE V KATHRYN KRUEGER LAWRENCE LEAHY SHARON KRUSH MICHAEL LANG THOMAS LANG PEGGY LANNAN ROGER LAVERY SUZANN LEHNERER ROBERT LEHNE RODNEY LENGER SUSAN LERCH CATHERINE LIEVENS TH ERESA LAYER LORETTA LITTIG PATRICK LOGAN DONNA LONGUEVILLE RICHARD LOOTENS 20 KATHLEEN LUEDERJS ANGELA MACHADO WILLIAM MARCHESE NICHOLAS MARO JUDY ANN ME SUSAN MASENGARB GARY MATTIS CAROL McCABE NANCY MCCUMBER ROBERT MCDONALD VICTORIA MCDONALD LOIS MERSCH DANIEL MEYER RICHARD MCGONIGLE JOHN MCMANUS HELEN MICHELS ANN MILLER EDWARD MEYERS WILLIAM McMILLIN ,f 21 DENNIS MINER LAWRENCE MISTIC LOIS MONSTREY DANIEL MONTEZ MARILYN MOSELEY MAUREEN MOSELEY ROBERT MOSIER MARY MORALES TIMOTHY MORAN SAMUEL MORENO BARBARA MORFORD PA CHARLES MULKEY MILEEN MURPHY JUDITH NESSELER TRICK NORTON MARY ELLEN NUGENT JILL NYQUIST MICHAEL NICHOLSON TIMOTHY NONNENMANN JUDITH NOPPE CONSTANCE PARKINSON MARY KAY PASKVAN JANE PAUWELS MICHAEL PENNY WILLIAM ORTMAN MARY KAY OTTEN MARY OVENDEN 22 MICHAEL PETRICK VINCENT PEREZ SHELLEY PHELPS RUDOLPH PICKARTZ VICTORIA PODLASHES KATHLEEN PILIPONIS GERALD POLITO DENNIS QUANE JANI.CE POUAK JOSEPH POLLENTIER DOUGLAS POUZAR RUDOLPH RAMOS ROSE REEDY JOSEPH PUSKOWSKI LYNN POWERS DIANA REGAL HUGH REILLY EDWARD RIPLEY JAMES PUTNAM 23 LINDA RIPPERGER REBECCA RODEMIS FRED RODTS STEPHEN ROELL QP' . MARIANNE RUTSAERT MICHAEL RYDER DONNA SCHANER DAVID ROGERS KATHERINE ROMANOWSKI SUSAN ROSSATI JEAN ROWE LINDA SCHAUBROECK THOMAS SCHNEIDER MARIANNE SCHNI:LL JOHN SHUMAKER PATRICIA SISK THOMAS SLEAD LINDA SCHNOEBELEN DEAN SCHROEDER JOSEPH SMITH STEPHEN SMITH MICHAEL SOUTHWOOD GREGORY SHARP MATTHEW SPELTZ THOMAS SPIELMAN JANE SPRANGER WILLIAM SPRIET 24 SUSAN SPRING SYLVIA STANDAERT MARY STEHLE MARIE STEINHAUSER GARY STIMPSON DEE STUMPHY JOHN SUNDEEN STEVEN Teimo JOHN SUTHERLAND KATHLEEN SWEENEY JAMES SWINBURN MICHAEL TERRY SUSAN TONN BEVERLY TALAGA ,f DEBRA TAL!K LAWRENCE TRIMBLE WAYNE VALENTINE MICHAEL VALLEY JACQUELYN TARPY 25 JUNE VAN ALTVORST KATHLEEN VAN ACKER PAUL VAN ASCH JOSEPH VAN BUNNEN 'X PATRICIA VOSS JULIE VAN LANCKER LINDA VAN OPDORP DAROLD VAN ZELE JEAN VENSEL STEPHAN VERSTRAETE PENNY VINECORE NANCY VANCURA CRAIG VANDE MOORTEL KATHLEEN VAN DeVEI.DE KATHLEEN VcnDeVOORDE JOHN VIREN MARY ELLEN VIREN LISA WALZEM MICHAEL WELCH JOYCE WILLE JUDITH WILLIAMS JEFFREY WOLEVER JANICE VOLLENWEIDER JOSEPH WOOD JOHN WRIGHT LINDA YOUNG MICHAEL ZMUDA , 26 A? Q i : . "k' ' I " 'CT "1 Y , ,aw 1 I s - HQ ' ' , A A ,CYA X-8 A-4 ,f PROBATIONARY MEMBERS OF THE HONOR SOCIETY include lfirst row, I. to r.l Mary Kay Paskvan, Mary Hanegman, Kathy Van Acker, Kathy Burns fsecreiaryl, Sharon Krush and Lisa Walzen. ISecondQ Joyce Wille, Jean Davies, Donna Schaner, Vickie McDonald, Kathy Arnett, Mary Copeland, Janet Johnson and Pat DeMay. lThirdJ Kathy Esker, Mary Stehle, Donna Howe, Lois Mersch and Sandy Glaudel. Cliourthj Sue Kale and Mary Ann Brodell. lliifthl Linda Schaubroeck, Carol McCabe, Shelagh Furgie, Connie Parkinson Ctreasurerl, and Jane Pauwels. lSixthj Penny Vinecore, Kathy DeGrande and Brad Bates. CSeventhJ Dean Bladel, Bob McDonald and Dee Stumphy. KEighthJ David Fyfe, Tom Freund, Dan Calsyn, Matt Speltz and Bob Lehne lvice-presidentl. lNinthJ Greg Dauw, Doug Pouzar, Darold Van Zele, Roger Lavery and John Wright.- Absent from the picture is James Dix, president. The group advisor is Sister Jane Frances, OP, Aside from the fact that they've just received their CREST report, the senior class officers make senior activities sparkle. L. to r., Greg Sharp, vice-president, Kathy Kale, secretary-treasurer, Ed Meyers, president. Honor Society GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK BAKER'S DAIRY Phonc: 1808 - 54th Street 764-2451 Moline, Illinois GLN? is. 3 i s 5 Q E E 2 ar? '1 , Ss S ,V I ss ' H1 ff 0 1 ut s TCW I'OW TCW YOW I"0W HOMEROOM SA - Mr. john Bauersfeld 'I - Bill Brust, Mike Stock, Paul Dempsey, Paul Conwell, Gene Mizeur. - Marcia Dauw, Cheryl Williams, Judy Evans, Marsha McKinney, Sharon Bibee, Rose Fetes, Kathy Egan, Pat Block. -Lupe Hernandez, Marsha Tomatich, Jody Rogers, Debra Powers, Barb Hansen, Bonnie Aubrey. - Mary Durr, Corrine Cook, Ann Plasschaert, Juanita Widdel, Sharon Whisler, Kathleen Montgomery, Cathy Lemon. - Dan Meiresonne, Mike Kinney, Chris Kennedy, Tom Burgmeier, Kevin Zerull, Roy Plcisschaert. Hociii'5'sf"ff"ii'iaieiiSF?fiJ 3' Bos TON an ' 4i-, if HOMEROOM 3B - Miss Judy Boston ' 'I FOW YOW TCW TOW I'OW Bob Thornton, John Kinser, Bill Walzem, Jim Puskowski, Robert Sprung, Daniel Lievens. Pam Hannon, Lucia Pickens, Ramona Bustos, Shirley Van Acker, Anita Fifield, Noreen Quane, Cindy Brown. Karen Hendricks, Linda Springsteen, Carolyn DeMay, Mary Murphy, Lois Odendahl, Rose Erickson, Valerie James Brady, Stephanie Schild, Michele Marlaire, Connie Bauwens, Judy Williams, John Kimball. Daniel Mortier, Michael Cornelius, Steve Zerull, Steve Meiresonne, Charles Wise, Jim Briggs. , 1l, W TE RFUER5 Florescu. if , . ,amp itw 4" ill 'mee 4, ,ff-A A. Wm 'HCUWQF 28 ny,- L LA, Class ol '68 Junior Homeroom Alternates 3A - SHARON BIBEE as - sos SPRUNG ac - KRISTINE WOZNIAK an - PETER BORSZCZ 3E - KAREN HowE 3F - HELEN soNNEviLLE ao- CHARLES ORTMAN 3H - JIM ALBRACHT 3J - ELLEN PEIRCE sic - JANE ErzEL "We like our jobs this year," assert the junior officers Mark Hoppe, vice-president, Jackie Creen, sec'y.-treasurer, Joe Miller, president. Emor 'rue C'-scAPE WITH HOMEROOM 3C - Mr. Gary VanGoethem C row 1 -- Bob Bleuer, Jim Horton, Phil Mosley, David DeBoover, Jack Fennessey, Mike Ziegler, Mario Terronez, Mike Christiansen, row 2 - Corrine Banaszek, Joline Martin, Cathy Cahill, Terri Aversing, Mary Holgate, Rita Forwinkle, Marietta Wilson, Theresa Dunavin row 3 -Judy Bivins, Debbie Ferrarini, Marylynn Fontenoy, Debbie Schaecher, Kristine Wozniak, Pat Minor. row 4 - Bill Madison, John Welling, Pam Schneider, Sue VandeVoorde, Pam Colman, Therese O'Halloran, Jim Cross. row 5 -Jim Kiesow, Terry Cumberworth, Harlan Lemon, Tom Widdel, Mike Vermeulen, Bob Krush, Tom Wessel. ill 495 .J 29 J .:.. 'CW KNEW were ie as w I 2,1 T153 A HOMEROOM SD - Sister Michael Mary, B.V.M. row 'I - Kenneth Krazewski, Diane Jeskie, Nancy Carroll, Beverly Shelangowski, Debbie Freiburg, Judy Fargo, Peggy Christensen, Marie Pareigis. row 2 - Mary Moseley, Margaret Adams, Kathy Knupp, Pam Colman, Sally Seiler, Anita Van Lancker, Janice Gemignani, row 3 - Michael Caffery, Bob Neyens, Kathy Nelson, Marilyn Bein, Sally Engels, Tom Burns, Charles Collins. row 4 - Dwight DeDoncker, Ed Finn, Darrel Kinder, Pete Borszcz, Steve VanHooreweghe, Pat Lenaghan, John Coats. IHKI A lftf WVH7 Con,ra'l'mdai'n'ons .Seniors L 1 IJ A Stud ie u 3 E 1 HOMEROOM SE - Sister M. Thomas Aquinas, B.V.M. row 'l - Steve Bowen, Mike Duyveionck, Dave Circello, Steve Mills, Steve Becker, Bob Vanclegeiuchte, Terry Otten, John Viviani, William Walters. row 2 - Cathy Beuselinck, Kerry Boyce, Sue Kropp, Jackie DeWitte, Melanie Hartman, Jody Pecaut, Mary Jean Kotleba. row 3 - Karen Howe, Kathy Godfrey, Barb Jones, Nancy Armetta, Susan Hernandez, Rita Walheim, Therese Hardi, row 4 - Colleen Nelsen, Rose Ann DeCastaker, Julie Cornelis, Mary Cunningham, Carolyn VanNatta, Barb Quilty, Mary Kay Schmitt. row 5 - Tim Moore, David Fobert, Joel Young, Jim Dugan, Jack Lampo, John Cate, Bob Conroy. iii? Mi 30 HOMEROOM 3F - Father Robert Hoffmann row 'l Steve Vercautren, Charles Meier, Daniel Schnell, Frank Poma, Dennis, Kennedy, Bill Flaherty. row 2 Sandy King, Joan Bruyntiens, Carol Mader, Marie Cirivello, Debbie Polito, Jill Hoener, Mary Perry, Rene Just. row 3 Mary Jane Elder, Linda DePaepe, Coralie VanVooren, Jackie Creen, Lela Fyfe, Irene LeSage, Pat Cusick, row 4 Robert Dowdal, Karen Meiresonne, Vicki Neuerburg, Helen Sonneville, Janice Wilde, Lorrie Riordan, Joe Frerkes. row 5 John Saucedo, Joe Lampo, Ted Vytlacil, Stan Nelson, Tim Ziegler, William Foley, John Delaeger, Charles Egger. ' - comphmems otfthe MAD g homeroom J 9 01 on Tiers, is still 4nme,'JQepEi-Lg A B z Z T ig F if 2 HOMEROOM SG -- Sister jane Frances, O.P. row 1 Dave Polka, James Schnell, Rich Poleski, Sieve Runde, Charles Ortman, John Goetzman, Bill BQ,-ren, row 2 Elaine Majestic, Pat Krueger, Mary O'Brien, Kathy Vermillion, Kathy Grossell, Nancy Hauser, Rose Danay. row 3 Nancy Wood, Deborah DeSmet, Sue Gcethals, Joyce Vcm Vooren, Gloria Valleio, Sandra Schaecher, Sandy Mowder. - nurqqvagfum row 4 " "fl I fL'r5gj,2gggm.,,Q5 " xiii' QQ, ff, V My ng, - , ,H .ngufr-E Q' auf O S ui iv' 1? I new Rita DeClercq, Sandy De Schepper, Cindy Roels, Paula Lesthaeghe, Pat Hughes, Liz Canute, Pat O'Hare. Dennis Hancq, Bob Welvaert, Ron Langdon, Tim Granet, Craig Babinski, Scott Kimbell, Greg Endress. .Missa me L.: 31 .Ill HOMEROOM 3H -- Sister Mary Patrick, O.S.B. row 1 -Lynn Fyfe, Steve Polito, Jim Ruud, Bob Cowden, Jim Albrecht. row 2 - Lynn Chambers, Teresa Carton, Marlene Messmer, Linda Delp, Jeannette Patterson, Diane Kerckhove, Debbie Moreno, Colleen VanHecke. row 3 - Debra Grudzinski, Sandy Roney, Gerry O'Dowd, Mary Lacaeyse, Linda Picon, Paula Jones, Pat Welch, Louise Shenone, row 4 -- Rene Segura, Lynn Downey, Linda Gomez, Gail Ziegler, Susie Ebel, Chris Sacco, Terry Vytlacil. row 5 - David Polka, Bob Thornton, Greg Grudfirnigefont Jackson, Tom Hender, Andy Herrerra, Galen Zerull. - - CON piimenfS of rt udzth 'S - - oily HOMEROOM 31 - Sister M. Judith Terese, B.V.M. row Jeff Young, Frank Solis, John Gustafson, Dan Lawrence. row Vicki Mills, Colleen Pavich, Therese Wood, Kathy Adams, Carol row Cindy Starkweather, Becky McDonald, Sandra Hahn, Linda Sisk, row Ellen Peirce, Debbie Doehler, Catherine Meincke, Connie Greubel, row Mike Hartman, Greg Vogele, Mike Baker, Gerald Gomez, Ricky ungors Peterson, Sue Zaleski, Tony Christensen, Colette VanHecke. Sue Eisentrager, Jackie Downing, Sue Maynard, Kathy Sinksen, Connie Coppens, Rita Trant. Jones, Pat Cavanaugh. 32 L s fr rf" wwf 'iz 5,31 Q Y gi? Linda Edmundson, Amaria ett, Sue Duyveionck, Mary Nancy Rinell, Chuck Kasal , I i N. ,:.f: 1 HOMEROOM SK -- Mrs. Catherine Gamble row 1 - Franz Bender, Mike Ryan, Jim Herbert. row 2 - Darlene Woodard, Nadine Cunningham, row 3 -Jane Etzel, Paula Penny, Kathy Benn row 4 - Jerry Tholl, Ron Petersmiih, Jane Minor, row 5 - Jim Kehoe, George Birmingham, Mark Hoppe, Terry LeVan, Steve Directing iunior activities as homeroom repre- sentatives are Ctop, downj Pot O'Hare, Sue Ebel, Kathy Godfrey, Linda DePaepe, Shirley Van Acker. lWolll John Welling, Kevin Zerull, Jeff A Young and Ken Kraiewski. Missing from the pic- ture is Jerry Tholl. g Parents' Night 1--"TNQ ,.," ' 7 o APB L D Q bHM5L'fl9" Montecino, Dolores Atchison, Terry Vensel, Helen Wright. Thomas, Roseonna Pizzuto, Abby Downing. , Bob DeDoncker, Dave Stimpson. Koteski, Steve Young, Mark Robertson. ,,, gs- ' Q31'37"::. 33 nn at 'Wie JS L. Class ol '69 Sophomore Homeroom Alfernates 2A - JAY LEPPO 2B - MIKE DeGRANDE 2C - JOAN FITZGERALD 2D - KITTY KASENBERG 2E - PAT STAES 2F - LINDA WILLIAMSON 2G- JEAN LAMBERT 2H - CINDEE BRENNAN 2J - JIM WELLING 2K - PAT HANEGMON HOMEROOM 2A -- Mrs. Theodore Ripley 5 I Pushing the sophomore class on to big and better things are officers Rick Jones, vice-presi- dent, Steve Van Speybroeck, president, and Kathy Bromley, sec'y.-treasurer. IRI IIPJILIEIWS EQLEIEEEQEDQ row I - Bill Otten, Dan DeWitte, Jerry Ochs, Mark Czerwinski, Dennis Lannan, John Debuysere, Larry Gustafson, David Monstrey. row 2 - Kathy King, Corene Laurin, Pat Soseman, Angela Molina, Susan Hauser, Gloria Schnell, Kathy Nonnemann, Genniene Billiet. row 3 - Jody Gusso, Linda Miller, Theresa DeRuyck, Denise Deluna, Chris Hughes, Frances Thorpe, Kathy Rogers. row 4 - Joe Widdel, Sue Henderson, Kathy Bromley, Rita Carton, Maureen Mahieu, Richard DeWitte. row 5 - Pat DeCaster, Jim VandeCasteele, Kurt Johnson, Bob Payne, Dennis Ferrarini, Dave Frances, Mike Aldene. 34 HOMEROOM 2B Mr joseph Murray YOW YOW YOW YOW YOW - Steve Doran Tom Polrto Pat Lerschen Steve Gusse Fran c ra yea - Deanna Hoffman Rose Kennedy Linda B - Cathy Kluck Jane! Nesseler Jams Allardyce Jan Leemans Sue Lenaghan Terry Shrel Jean Dlx - Bill Brune Mike DeGrande Carolyn McMillan Mary Shmpson an e y - Scott Lenger Charles Downlng Mike Green Rlchard Gelonde Chrus Norton Anthony Paslnvan Bob Lemon 2 In 2 S 2 navrmess MK G in ,,.. rf HOMEROOM 2C Slster Anna Marla B VM TCW l'0W YOW YOW YOW Mfggaf g 1 sei! xii gt ,, HOMEROOM 2D - Sister M. Antoinette, O.S.B. row l - Tracey Finch, Fred Flores, Raymond Piclcartz, Dan Walheim, Robert row 2 - Karen Mellot, Judy Wagoner, Judy Tenk, Rosemary Hernandez, row 3 - Sue Zumslxi, Cindy Milan, Mariann Nagel, Kathy Turnbull, Shirley row 4 - Mike Lusson, Becky Driscoll, Therese Sedam, Linda McCabe, Ken row 5 - Vernon Heires, Joe Hines, John Loete, Bill Gard, Bernard, Sundeen, We ARE eQ.D"'l.l6HTFUL I Strabley, Tom McGonigle, Bob Parkinson. Therese Baldwin, Laurie Flynn, Diana Klak, Mary Zerull. Danay, Ginny Marchese, Kitty Kasenberg. UI-'H Ill UUAFFV Saller, Terry Schaecher. Robert Vize. U - i I - - HOMEROOM 2E - Miss Kay Hofmann row I - Tim VanHecke, John Neubauer, Chris Moore, Greg Schulte, Cletus Kinsey, Chuck Walzem, Dan Caffery. row 2 - Pam Bartel, Sheryl Ketner, Karen Theus, Sue Fecht, Mary Lou Bender, Mary Moore, Debbie Murphy, C0f0lYn Klesow. row 3 - Sarah VanOoteghem, Mary Kay Ambre, Kathy Dougherty, Colleen, Roach, Kathy Hartwig, Mary Beth Lagomarcino, Therese Poelvoorde row 4 - Bob Rettig, Ken Ferguson, Tom Hartman, Kevin Hill, David Wooten, John Marshall. row 5 - Phil Terronez, Bob Ford, Jim Hoogerwerf, Alan Vyncke. I Xu! wp? iii milf :PF ffw 3 36 "9':F"' 'sw .13 Steve VanSpeybroeck, Tom Wallace, Tim Wietlespach, John Lower, Mike Moore, Ralph Galvan, Mike Eberhardt, Mike Ague, Mark Roelens. Chris Benson, Colette Carter, Margaret Herron, Monica Montez, Linda Williamson, Beverly Bohnert, Ruth Viren, Dave Kent. Debbie Roudebush, Karen Arndt, Nancy Morris, Kathy Bladel, Wanda Earle, Linda Noppe, John Arth. Charlie Johannes, Debbie Baden, Nancy Taghon, Chris Krumdieck, Cheryl Miletich, Ray VanAsch, Chris Carmack. HOMEROOM 2F - Sister M. Bernice, O.S.F. row 'l row 2 row 3 row 4 row 5 Eugene Delfino, Jerry Danay, Tom Layer, Dan Wood, Keith Nowak, Greg Golz, Greg Bush. f-ii A sf NUBBlN 5 9 MNWWI wi l3ll7sU3 25 HOMEROOM 2G - Father Hugh Robbins, C.S.V. FOW FOW TCW YOW YOW Stan Bousson, Ed Jacques, Mike Leuck, Don Jones, Tom O'Connor, Lois Nuessli, Natalie Borszcz, Toni DeFrieze, Rita Gochanous, Sue Jill Blackwell, Mary Morford, Lois Core, Jane Lampo, Jean Lambert, Mike Goethals, Dave Clough, Audrey Nelson, Teresa Walter, Linda Steve Sansale, Darrell VanHulle, Pete Mueller, Jim Warlop, Bill 37 Jeff Cottingham, Mike Miner. Sinksen, Sheila Feeney, Sue Mummert. Vanessa Hudson. Newlin, Dave Cross, Tom Likely. Logan, Robert Fox, Bernie Barrett. wh My 'Wm row 'I - row2- row3- row4- raw5- - HOMEROOM ZH - Miss Dixie Pierce Mike Jones, John Forest, Dan Spielman, Steve Perez, Wes Barker, John Kelly, Larry Daffara, John Halbur, Regina Brodell, Kathy Ford, Lynne DeGeeter, Mary Kopp, Kathy Lang, Chris Youd, Kathy Nowak. Donna Hagerman, Diane DeSmet, Cindee Brennan, Kathy Polaschek, Ann O'Brien, Sharon Steiner. Steve Brinn, Greg Cunningham, Kerrie Tonn, Penny Powers, Curt Edmundson, Mike Dasso, Bill Lofquist. Mike Markell, Tom Aring, Bill Calloway, Mike Musick, Al DeWitte, Mike Menting, Mike Webb. THE SENIQRS JS .za cousmruuares HOMEROOM 21 -- Mrs. Richard Podlashes 1 l'OW TCW FOW YOW TOW - Jim Welling, Joe Strandlund, Jim Feuerbach, Dave Dinneen, Dan Newman, Dennis Klauer, Tom DeCoster. - Judy Wolverton, Mary Erhart, Valerie Robb, Charmiann Hernandez, Linda Edmundson, Kathy Sobel, Pat Hahn - Mary Galusha, Jeanette Brown, Kathy Krone, Therese Gilroy, Trudi Claeys, Reba Copeland, Peggy Galos. - Dale Bender, John Brown, Charles Kluck, Tom DeBourcy, Don Howarth, Randy Mowder. Roger Fetes, Mike McCarthy, Bernard Zerull, Jim DeDecker, Bob Nelson, Bob Chinn, Dennis DeSmet. 38 5 HOMEROOM 2K - Mr. Brian Alm row 1 - Richard Dobbeleare, Mike Neary, Jim Krol, George Johnson, Bob Cumberworth, Richard VanAcker, Mike Armetta, Fred Myer, Tom Klawon, row 2 - Kathy Lang, Diane Cortez, Pam Harter, Michelle McKenzie, Pam German, Pam Hare, Barb Madison, row 3 - Mary Cappaert, Pam Vaughn, Martha Rowe, Linda Cornelius, Mary Schaecher, Jane Holland. row 4 - Tom Trimble, Jim DeSmet, Mary Jo Poremba, Pat Hanegmon, Leeann Robertson, Don Welvaert, Bill Lindell, row 5 -- Joe DeBisschop, Greg Deschepper, Kenneth Roberts, Mike Carr, Mark Fisher, Mike Garvis, Greg Nugent. -li -!"'l WJ- - IN THB E' 1'lE,K UF -rm 5 - Ei. it . ii - fffgii ,, ., y , wg Vi' tn. -we in ,,. , Freshman Gary Franc- que gets some guidance from counselor Mrs. Grace Sainick. EXp.Sriencing their first year in representative positions are sophomores Cleft, downj Laurie l:lYnnf Pam Doyle, Kathy Krone, Chris Youd, Rose Kennedy, Corinne Laurin. fWall, downt Mary K. Ambre, Keith Nowak, Bernard Barrett and Jim Krol. 39 '42 fi if . . ff' kwa HOMEROOM 1A - Mr. Carl Saunders velde, Bob Evans, Mark Barreto, Tom Rodems, Tom Brozovich, Ned MCKSHHG, -lim EQCIH, -lim AlCl1lS0f'- row Rick VanPuy row Polly Ann Marr, Margaret VanCura, Teresa Mack, Jean Van Vooren, Amalia Reyes, Janice Diedrick, Pom Hauser. row Ann Nugent, Daniele Martin, Julie Boulion, Mary Bates, Carolyn Bybee, Jean Dassa. row Lynn VandeMoortel, Terri Dugan, Sue Tilp, Ellie Van Lancker, Teresa Ege, Joan Lamps, Rita Dinneen. row Terry Quinn, Charles Strobbe, Leonard Bullock, Mike Zerull, Gerald Nicholson, Tom Strupp, Rick DeSmet. -..- -NVQ nv-Hr, E My WE FORE SEE JHE C 0 g N - ' ' W FORESEEING r x "A X 4 cz HOMEROOM IB - Sister Mary Clare, O.S.B. row 'l -- Pat Mclaughlin, Bob DeDoncker, Jim Brozovich, Tom Gilroy, Mike Wulgaert, Jim VanOoteghem, Mike Morrissey, Tim Ford, row 2 - Yolando Lopez, Pat Trcgarz, Cindy Olvera, Dolores Jones, Bonnie Stewart, Claire Williams, Sandra Olvera, Debbie Bloc row 3 - Cathie Broclell, Diane Yoclts, Kathy O'Brien, Jackie Engels, Joan Helenthal, Mary Jo Meier, Colette Vogele. row 4 - Jim Fox, April Battin, Debbie Dobbels, Cheryl Marshall, Jim DeClerck, Joe Kerschieter. row 5 - John Kotleba, Jim Moran, Roger Schaaf, Bruce Buckrop. fb' Q , fg!5isg.a l yr! 52 Jr 5' 31? 31,55 40 Jo, Calling the signals for the frosH homerooms are representatives from the iunior class fTop, l. to r.J Michele Marlaire, Ted Vytlacil, Jody Pecauf, Tony Carton, Pat Krueger, Mary A. Murphy, Nancy Hauser, Cindy Brown, Linda Delp and Marlene Messmer. 4 1 .9 an Nui ' - n Class ol: '70 Freshman Homeroom Alfernafes SALLY ENGLES KAREN HENDRICKS MICHELE MARLAIRE MARCY DAUW JUANITA WIDDEL SHARON WHISLER LORRIE RIORDAN JODY PECAUT KATHY EGAN MARY K. SCHMITT HOMEROOM 1C - Sister Mary Catherine, O.S.F. row 'l - Ralph Segura, Gary Francque, Robert Madison, Dennis Moseley, Dan Creen, John Vinecore, Pa! Lage. row 2 - Ruth Fiems, Sue Fackeldey, Sue Orlman, Pam Cassini, Carolyn Hoffman, Marlina Dufour, Nicki Jones, Chrisline Terronez row 3 - Ellie Meyer, Joni Blondell, Jay Viren, Mary Ann Morck, Peggy O'Neill, Margaret King, Sandy Yeager. row 4 - Bill Burgmeier, Charles Ulfig, Theresa Rutsaeri, Grace Rubalcava, Pa1Car1on, Tom Arnold, Dominic Dilulio. row 5 - Sid Granel, Kevin Musick, Mike Murrin, Dan Ryder, Jerry Fisher, Tom Erps. fa is i N,-,gy 1' as wsu I-IOMEROOM ID - Mr. Ralph McGrath row - Mark Adams, Ray Versluys, Bob Boden, Bill Dowsett, Steve Dolph, Steve Glaudel. row - Annette Stohl, Rita Fabert, Sue Hulsbrink, Becky Johnson, Khris Wilson, Pam Welvaert, Kathy Urbain. row - Mary Schoubroeck, Cathie Cray, Barbara Deschinckel, Jane Kale, Vicki Bissel, Janet Smith, Eileen Mowder. row - John Neary, Rick Tomosaitis, Pat Covents, Mary Lee Peirce, Chuck Sand, James Nonnenmann. row f Steve Gannon, Kim Eastland, Joe Aring, Jeff Marlier, David Nelson, Steve Ebner, Tom Amoni. is ' '."" PvREAT Bliwlmism I-IOMEROOM IE - Mr. James Galvin FOW YOW YOW row I'OW Mark Dowdcul, Jeff Normoyle, Dave Penny, Gary Briggs, Phillip Bra-et, Mike Boyle, Stephen Brune, Mike Gochanour, Steve Lois Brozovich, Cora Wood, Donna Miner, Denise Cross, Mary Conroy, Bernadette Vallejo, Ann O'DoWd. Elizabeth Hardy, Helen Kingsbury, Jacquelyn Dasso, Paula Wilson, Ellen Marie Feltes, Mary Moran. Mike Friedman, Jerry Miller, Jane Kelly, Connie Moran, Debbie Smith, Tim Conroy, Pat MaCarthy. Richard Prebil, Steve Hendrickson, Dennis Vande Putte, Douglas Meyer, Thomas DeBisschop, John Cornelis, Tom Scavuzzo. .eww Bopes 42 ' 1 1 HOMEROOM 1F - Miss Audrey McGregor row YOW YOW l'OW Steve Cusick, Dean Edmondson, Dennis Buchmeyer, Chris Otten, Chris Vercautren, Marty Barnett. Cheryl DeWitte, Mary Wolters, Connie Reischling, Christina Crupi, Teresa Carlson, Chris Harris. Carolyn Tambaro, Mary Zmuda, Cindy Parks, Carol Schaner, Margo Lannoo, Debbie Tarogowski, Kathy Montz. Don Harmening, John Hartman, Marilyn Mierzwa, Kathy Willaert, Joan Feuerbach, Jerry McGuire, Ron Sedam. row - Jeff Schneider, Mike Galassi, Ray Roman, Fenn Kimbell, Dennis Schatti, Jeff Schatteman, Bill Coulter. r0rnpl1mEntS of the INEALDINES Fill V HOMEROOM 1G - Mr. Donald Wooten I'OW YOW YOW TCW FOW Tony Carmack, Matt Lavery, Dave Schoonbaert, Pat Fennesy, Jeff Bostrom, Jack Schnell, Tom Lagomarcino. Denise Roels, Jeri Jawoisz, Mary Hartman, Carol Triebel, Eileen Quane, Marcia Shelangouski, Michelle Wilson, Kathy Cunningham, Cindy Doran, Diane DeBacker, Linda Parks, Terese Almquist, Mary Foulk, Laura Saller. Steve DeGraeve, Ronny Plasschaert, Pat Leahy, Kathy DeDecker, Gloria Kargl, Bob Bockewitz, Gene McHenry, Dale Schnell, Mark Buranek, Bill Pfanenstiel, Tom Wolever, Doug Scovil, John Hahn, Jerry McMilIin. e iii? 43 3 AJULLY GUUD Kathy Bridges 45 M H 1 hh! YOW POW POW FOW l'OW .494-Q HOMEROOM 1H -- Mrs. Alfred Rashid Mark Jasper, Bill Vollenweider, Tim Southwood, Greg Steckel, Thomas McGonigle, Tom McLaughlin. Trudy Lower, Jane DeMeyere, Pam Brown, Kathy Bivins, Debbie Kellard, Alice Sahel, Pat Saelens. Margaret Koloseus, Debbie Gemignani, Linda Smith, Nancy Ebel, Peggy Cunningham, Robyn Parsons, Patsy Schneider. Jim Cornelis, Michael Doyle, Tim Flaherty, Ben Rogers, James Bracke, John Schroeder. Michael DeFauw, Tom Skorepa, Bill Humes, Tom Hendrickx, John Berry. Agvrgz the BRAD5 cfm: won EATHCRID me nest O HOMEROOM lj - Sister M. Loretta Cecile, B.V.M. row l - Roger Freiburg, Mike Soen, Lynn Woodard, Doug Kroeger, Mike VanAcker, Dave Duyveionck, Kirk Runde, John Vensel. row 2 -Sylvia Kerker, Cheryl Campagna, Roxanne Etzel, Mary Delp, Linda Bladel, Kathy VanderVennet, Sandy Perez. row 3 - Chris Wooten, Joanne Sims, Peggy Hansen, Kathy McDonald, Shirley Ryckaert, Marie Deluna, Sue Sperger. row 4 - Herman Perez, Mike Murphy, Mary Davis, Sue DePorter, Tom Ceurvorst, Steve Hyleck, Bob Durrenberger. row 5 - Chuck Stark, Darren Saelens, Paul Meiresonne, Mike Cunningham, Kim Lofquist, James Maloney. ,na- 4 we fn.- B K 44 4 One of the most popular men in 'the Alleman's Jack of All Trades., Maintenance K? F .,, , . Vfvxl TAKING A BREATHER from their task of keeping - the school spic and span are, l. to r., Mrs. S. Nielson, Mrs. Helen Hendricks, Mrs. Alice Waline, Mrs. Marie Wells and Mrs. Ida Vershaw. ' 3 school is Mr. Glenn Wells HOMEROOM IK - Sister M. Madeline, O.S.B. I row 'I - Ned McKenna, Victor Williams, Ed Lehans, Bill Murray, George Brown. row 2 - Kathy VanHoo1eghem, Paiiy Borgonion, Terry Klugger, Diane DeVoss, Jack Neuerburg, Kathy Feies, Judy Soseman. row 3 - Kathy Phillips, Karen Anderson, Clarice Duyveionck, Lisa Sutterman, Roxanne Tacey, Rochelle Thornbloom, row 4 - Joe Solis, Bob Segura, Vicky Lopez, Carol Hanegmon, Mary DeWi1te, Jim Kopatich, Dan Aubry. row -Jim Pauwels, Mike Versiraete, Steve Kelly, Jim Barneti, Mike Strupp, Tom DeVolder. al lil 16391: if Ag! ,, .f "W, , QM X.-3'!vg.,., lk 3- E51 45 4 l , Alleman Scene - fa ,..A-f-ff" i9 ,V L,-' f 46 wg' ff' x xy, X5- Sw edt W, Q, 47 'Ml ,,.-N s.. .,,.z mga 1' ' Complimezzty of WILLIAM R. YVANDREY, JR. oline National Bank Religion Senior Lois Mersch displays some of the per- sonality profiles popular in religion classes this year. i . i, .c if , .. A I Sji W wi, ' - f-i s , pn 9 it 7 ' ' -Q I A 4 .,,, ,. , , f -.251 i, r . X? - it il r i Q X 3 0' ui ii ri ,A i i ii lf -X if I jxiw V' 1 ...,. lil HW L' ' i " 'xp 'gag '. shi. fi g .nfl fn 'VX Q gi TM' . . " i 1 55,9 'il' or RS, ff' . .yi I f' -' 1 'f v- : -Z 4 , M I , ' ' ' . ," Q , , ' , xy, f 1 iii, W fx... Z. K K 7 Y . vt my A-Z: A0 E ,Tx My A if i , ' v " W ' f , Q . -Q., X .- I J Xf, 'lf . ' 'fg' ' ff- K' fi V. K 2 i ztlsfihzs rr'i A i ,ai Q we i 12. 48 QF Social Science Mr. Simon Roberts gets his sociology class primed to listen to a tape. fu.. y .. V g R 5 'ii I ii inf' W Y f , :asv f As part of ci religion class activity, ci group of sophomores enjoy ci Passover dinner in the Alleman cafeteria. Math Sister Laurene, Pam Hare, Gloria Schnell, Larry Daf- fara and Bob Chinn form an excellent background for i1L it rei the "extra research" being done by Mike Jarvis, ill' 1 Q W I I Bernard Zerull and Mike Webb in geometry. Father John Eck em- phasizes a point for his advanced math class. Cozzgmmlgfjom I0 the Clam of 1967 STATE BANK OF EAST MOLINE ON SAVINGS CORNER Member F.D.I.C. , , . . C 1 Zz' f nh Pj Looking in amazement at his 7th Period fmgmllglom 0 e longer! freshman algebra class is Mr. John Bauers- ELLIS DRUGS feld' 5850 - 11th street Rock Island, Illinois lVr1tfln Tower Pfam 788-4504 49 , Vi' -A ' .,,,6" ,,. 'Q TAA, Q Engllsh tid. Jfweii fi I-' K Quarter exams! A senior English class tries to come up with the answers. Two teachers who ioin- ed the English depart- ment in January are Mr. Don Wooten and Mr. Carl Saunders. Waiting to help Sister Loyola pass out papers are l. to r., Teresa Rutsaert, Jean Dasso and Chris Terronez. 50 08. SKATELAN-D THE LARGEST SK,lTI.X'G CENTER IN THE IIIIDIIVES7' iril Struct and Colcnu Avenue Iiiist Moline, Illinois . C0 77lf7!fUl C7115 of SCHNEIDERS DRUG STORE, INC. 1801 - 38th Street Rock Island, Ill PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS J . l. F 1 of 1 gi Fl ff - . -E, , -ww f K K i f 8 V T .L .il ft a 7 ' YY ' Mi -i P 'V I ,I V V 'f ..., ' ' ,f 3 'jf'fT4'g - .f .Q , , Z N f L my 5 '-'- Y' , A ' " x i .f Q ' ' K K 'J A 'Pi I wr -F .fkgfg :',k - 'A If . '--we-l-LJ., V . f X 2 1 as i is 24545. tg - 2 M-. . Z. I ,K : - ten ,w- ap-- , 'Q Q35 W 'K ' ', -sei." , K if I Ii fi 4 . ,, I k i Q- gp , , .5 wr I ii 1 " J gays sw , e is X fs ' I I 1 , ' uw- li ' . ., . W? I V Q K A Q '-" 9 F . 5 . I , Barb Madison and Bob Aring lan a Charle P Brown Christmas in the art room. --. QT in A Y fBelowD Sister M. Clare kibitzes as Frank Schradeya and Ruth Ann Viren play chess with ceramic pieces made by the art class. Frank made the chess board by weaving pieces of colored paper. IBottom left! Dis- playing their oil paintings are John Viren, Chris Ferguson and Sue Tonn. fRightD All wrapped up in their Halloween poster are Jill Hoener, Cindy Starkweather and Jackie DeWitte. RIDGEWOOD VARIETY, INC. 623 - 42nd Avenue East Moline, I PHONE: 755-2661 . Batt llvifbcr 20 the Cfan of '67 MOSENFELDERS INC. KING PLAZA, INIOLINE DOWNTOWN ROCK ISLAND Art i S ! f -, Lodi Xxiuf N' ' 41, ., V fs mlm ,,,,-w-1-0" - ""' ' ' ' fl E mi """' Language lLeftJ "If l am elected to the Roman Senate, you will have free bread and circuses," asserts Latin Scholar Jeff Young. CRightJ Stephen Dolph fl.J and Dennis Vande Putte check over their Russian assignment. L .,,., 1 fwwum A Www, Q? , ., f .W - ,Ms ff if A fit'-isfisa-f,, , , , 1 A' 2 ri is ff 4, - 4 ' i A -,, tk,. . 4 'elf ,. an , ,iw 5 gs ,.,,W:i15,AJ T5 . ,1 g , . swing-g. 1- A fl ,,g, O: N' , ' I - T: 5, 3 Hvfri V H99 3 liifjffg 9,2 5 irq My 'PEI :Eg i ' ' - i - is :Q fy- ' ff-:f:f,5f::,Z9gff3:fi::FQ Complimentf of JERCO, INC. Milan, Illinois Cmlom Alllmiflilfil Sami Caving BEFORE or AFTER the GAME, DANCE or DATE, Y0u'll make a hit at the Hurry-Taffy . . . For Dinners, Lure Evening Snacks or Fountain Specialties. HASTY-TASTY FOOD SHOP 2526 - 16th Srrcer Moline This is the first year language lab. Using method, Mike Lusson, Cunningham listen to 52 for the use of the new the texts for the AL-M Chris Benson and Greg a tape. Business 'lf - . 'ig ,jj ' Q Y 52- f Ei 5.54 i 'if CTop, leftl Miss Kay Hof- mann and a bookkeep- ing class. lTop, rightl Cindy Johnson ffromj and Judy Noppe work on a bookkeeping test. lMiddleJ Mrs. Richard Podlashes, Marilyn Mo- seley and Joe Arnold concentrate on iyping. lBottom:j Mary Morales and Pot Sisk take a time test. Www.. .-a f Ben Wiihex HARRIS PIZZA Rock Island, Illinois DIAL: 788-3446 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES De-ROO FUNERAL HOME F' HJ 161 1 - 7th Strgct Moline, Illinois 53 Q, 2, L wi, I L I, 93,-f WM-xffili 4 m"m'iLQi,f m .. -f M1 Science fRightD Bob Lehne, Greg Dauw, Pam Hunt and Lois Mersch conduct an experiment in the advanced chemistry course: Cmiddle, leftl Mr. Van Goethem points out some pertinent facts in physics to Steve Ternoeyp Cmiddle, rightl a chemistry experiment claims the full attention of Jim Cross and Bill Barrett. KMiddlel AHS representative to the Iowa-Illinois Atomic Youth Conference was Don Calsyn. QBottom, leftl Tracy Finch, Greg DeSchepper and Joe DeBischop track a biological specimen: Krightl John Neu- bauer is diligently at work on a biology experiment. 3 N! .As i . ,tif 5. K 1 ,of 5' 'G a - K 1 Nc f ffm g .W V, a da S , 52 'L ' , sl 'of 2 hx, I sc. Social Science A yi. gi L A . K H 5 fl: Li if e ' '-Qf1L4,c-, L. cc,c., cc,..c if J' 4 ,BUF 'M M0,,,f""' ,W Members of Mr. McGrath's American History class listen attentively 'to a group of panelists. Mechanical Drawing S h peec 'bi Chris Lipovac exams the en- J groving on the first place trophy i liil . he won in the oratorical contest y sponsored by the Rock lsland ,Lt.s Am-v" ,l,l A Optimist Club. s N Complimenty of C.J.'s ,,, fftjchffen dftjlxjjggwcffgliu on C' diagram in his THE JAMES A. MORAN AGENCY "Writing Imumme Riglatf' INSURORS 1705 Second Ave. Rock Island Room 603 Phone 788-1821 55 CAbove, leftl One portion of the brass section consists of Sid Granet, Allen Vynclce, Linda Smith, Ben Rogers, Judy Soseman, Pat Soseman and Ramona Bustos, fmiddlel Steve Hendrickson, Dar- rell Van Hulle and Steve Hyleck. CBottomj Saxophone players are Dennis Schulte, Nancy Armetta, Ed Jacques and Rita Fobert. C0mpfi111c11f5 of ROCK ISLAND GLASS CO., INC. PO. Box 22 5 1615 - 5rd Avenue Rock Island, Illinois Band The clarinet section includes Cbackl Gene Mizeur, Greg Steckel, Bob Vize and Joe Kerschieter. Girls, l. to r., Kathy Willaert, Terry Herring, Wanda Earel, Rita For- winkel, Kathy Sable, Polly Marr, Jill Hood and Mary Gelande. , A ' Q, . fIai??"" " 1 Y 'lf' 'Wm f Q .. - QW-W we-1 ' . . ,,,,.,,,f ,LV,, J , gms u , L, , K .Q asf ix ff f ,J v ,V. Gqxrzjyxyg , J 'ff' if J rl T . ft . fi!-4Q,.s"2gs,zfa Q 'itil 3' . ti-aQfg'l?2, ' '? M' fa . Fl-it 5 353 gf? ' 4 - ss Q- .V ,legmwgmgg . 5 gig . Drum major Gene Mizeur lBelowJ Drummers include Cl. to r.D Jim Krol, Joe Hines, John Forrest, Jim Van Acker and Mike Vermeulen. lBackD Bob Chinn, Judy Wagoner and Vanessa Hudson. fAboveJ With o toot of the flute go Bev Shelan- gouski, Anita Gomez, Milene Murphy, Kathy Hortwig and Therese O'Holloran. lAbovej Trumpet players are ll. to r.J Tim Moore, Dave Sacco, John Coats, Dom Dilulio, Charles Ul- fig and Fred Flores. Chorus One section of the girls' chorus includes Cat pianoj Debbie Murphy, row 1, Sue Hauser, Linda Noppe, Vanessa Hudson, Kitty Kasenberg, Mary Zerull, Linda Cornelius, Mary Stimpson. Row 2, Sue Zumski, Diane Klak, Theresa DeRuyck, Therese Gilroy, Denise De- luna. Row 3, Mary Kay Willaert, Mary A. Erhart, Diane Cortez and Sheila Feeney. The Junior girls' chorus consists of fat pianoj Kathy Bennetg row 1, Marie Cirvello, Rose Fetes, Theresa Wood, Dolores Atchison, Melania Hartman, Debbie Moreno. Row 2, Jill Hoener, Liz Canute, Nancy Rinell, Theresa Dunavin, Marlene Messmer. Row 3, Jackie Downing, Joyce VanVooren, Jane Etzel, Theresa Hardi, Gail Ziegler, Cindy Starkweather. Forming the Freshman girls' chorus are, row 1, Terry Klueger, Sandy Perez, Sandy Yeager, Theresa Mack, Kathy Urbain, Carol Triebel. Row 2, Cynthia Olvera, Martina Dufour, Joyce Mizeur, Carolyn Bybee, Pam Hauser, Michelle Wilson. Row 3, Lisa Sutterman, Maria DeLuna, Debbie Taragowski, Mary Foulk, Jean Zum- ski, Clarice Duyvejonck, Row 4, Sue DePorter, Pat Covents, Kathy De- Decker, Lynne VandeMoortel, Pat Carton, Becky Dalton, Lisa Hardi. The Boys' chorus is composed of the following mem- bers, row 'l, Ramon Bustos, Steve Van Speybroeck, Lynn Woodard, John Marshall. Row 2, Jerome Tholl, Charles Ortman, Ronald Langdon, Ronald Petersmith, Dave Stimpson. Row 3, Jerry McGuire, Gerald Nicholson, Charles Strobbe. Row 4, Herman Perez, Dennis Schatti, John Neary, Bob Bockewitz. 58 wif' -I 1 I 1, I-lome Economics Participating in a tupperware demonstration N -'v- I .vl given by Mrs. Webb fcenter are l. to r. Linda 'I'i H Parks, Pat Schneider, Sandra DeSchepper, Mrs. fy "' ' ' + ' Webb, Sister M. Loretta Cecile, Sue Ortman and mf iiii i'f"1i Pat Borgonjon. 1 Clettl Food experts are Jill Hood and Wanda 3 Earel, Cdownl gathered around the sewing ma- chine are Carol Schaner, Pam German, Jeri 5 tt'tt at Jawoisz and Sue Ortman. Q A Ps s I I Mg. 'gh n ' H L. g E in ij ., Lkr i k K I Q. Qi! 4 K M R: ,S - ii A s e elm ' f 5 -15, , U my LN, Various stages interest are evident in this XE. X picture ot driver education students viewing a safety film supplied by state trooper Schmitt. tv-55" t Driver's Education 5-5. 59 Senior Homeroom Alternates 4A - DIANE DeCAUSEMAKER 4B - JULIE VAN LANCKER 4C - JOYCE KINSEY 4D - none 4E -MARY DRISCOLL 4F - PAT CAPPAERT 4G- JAN POLJAK AH - KATHY SWEENEY 4J - KATHY VANDE VOORDE 4K - MARIE STEINHAUSER Tim DeJonghe doesn't mind being the only boy homeroom representativep the scenery is so re- freshing. Other senior representatives are fleft, downj Janice Vollenweider, Donna Schaner, Maurine Engelsy fIMiddIeJ Kathy Brewers, Chris DeWitte, Mary Kay Paskvcmp QWGID Pat DeMay, Shelagh Furgie, Barb Morford. President Roger Lavery conducts an open as sembly. CONGRATULATIONS COMMUNITY SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 15th Avenue at 7th Street East Moline, Illinois 4 MW Dividend i' Bef! Wixbex to the Clan of '67 MR. and MRS. E. BREWERS Campaigns CRightJ Campaigning for Ron Petersmith are all the exemplary "girls" of the neighbor- hood, l. to r., Ron Langdon, Mike Leuck, Jim Brady, Bill Spriet, Ron Petersmith, Joe Pollentier, Mike Hughes, Pat Lenaghan and Tim Moore, fdownl Phil Terronez has a hard time holding the attention of Stan Nelson, Jim DeDecker and Ed Jaegher in another campaign skit. Assemblies fBottom, lefty Joe Miller exercises 'Freedom of speech in an open assembly, Crightj the "good guys" and the "bad guys" battle about issues during Cindy Starkweather's campaign, I. to r., Janet Dasson, Jim Healey, Mary Kay Fecht and Dean Schroed er. s VOSS BROS. EXPRESS 8: STORAGE 2125 - 5rd Avenue Rock Island, Illinois Phone: 788-5691 Agent of Allied Van Liner, Inc. - -The lW01fZd'J N0-. Z Moverx AllemaNews in I 1 ,gs M Q N'-W xxx ff?" ws gi, V g K "Stop the presses, we want to get off!" are the sentiments of senior newspaper editors, U. to r. seatedj Kathy Arnett, Dee Stumphy, Carol McCabe, Jim Dix, Mary Kay Paskvan, Lois Mersch and Shelagh Furgie. fStandingJ Doug Pouzar, Ed Meyers, Greg Dauw, Don Calsyn and Sharon Krush. Bef! Wzihcr BEAR SERVICE GARAGE 2105 ' 5th Avenue Rock Island Illinois Phone: X66-1621 62 fAboveJ Linda Schaubroeck and Donna Schaner confer on ad con- tracts, Cleftj circulation editors Vicki McDonald and Janet Gang chat and fold papers, while accountant Mary Hanegmon check the books. -flffirf' Handling the business end of the yearbook are staff members, l. to r., Peggy Cornelius, Tom Aubry, Pat DeMay, Bob McDonald and Kathy Lueders. a..,,,,, Pioneer Huddled around the final pages of the yearbook preparing them for the printer are Cl. to r.J Mary Ann Brodell, Kathy Sweeney, Kay Esker, Janet Johnson and Marie Steinhauser. Absent is Kathy Brewers. Our generous and competent photog- raphers are Greg Sharp and Darold Van Zele. I Bert Wixlaef HARRELSON MOTORS, INC. .65 701 - 19th Street Moline O Z 85 W REALTY 14th Ave and 55th Sr Rock Island PERIODS 8 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 uns! Assam' 'l 4 .X P19 04111. 9- 6' we 10 X N V O 1 vivovs owe A0966 xen of gfxsexx ' Vee QC ox N66 96009 G CO fl, C070 Of D ble 4 LV,-' 1 X e 'fm , S., . 9 C15 'fe , 2 484- 'W 'veonyou 50,26 "mba COIUD717 ,Bother e 56190: of 8 S ed CO! oppr to ' . l 0515 U"7"s OVW ifl,7l"0l . years Us YOUQ D Q reqbi In So,-sl' Or lbiehbqve Zyd 5 with I' . Ove 01,0 l ken ' S f o WHT' .Xe Q G' ANI xl 5 vo' C 406 Nx QV-0 xsrbxss N, 9 wg X0 exeo C 0 og . In ppfOVyoUf S ' 'O ' "bn BUSEMSM U1 Ur Glo W 'Sars S Sh. bf asf 64 55 .xog W ?'ss 03,0 6 09 SS .KX v GX 0 Q f 9 Q Us so ' S 99 'X Q5 2 'L so 'M fb -xfvvdx u. 9 O n Q b fb 1 65 Business Royalty lvl? 4 ' KING JOHN HERBERT AND QUEEN MARY ELLEN NUGENT are surrounded by their court, l. to r. Larry Leahy, Sam Moreno, Ed DeJaegher, Dick Egger, Pat Hannon, Kathy Piliponis, Judy Noppe and Sheila Kennedy. Giving aid and comfort to the new Homecoming Queen is senior class president Ed Meyers. Newly named King John Herbert is wondering if last year's Queen Mary Southwood wants to comfort him. QTopj King John gets the final sprucing ll ' from Sheila Kennedy, 3 while fbottomj Queen Mary scans her king- dom at half-time. 'g,,. FIRST NATIONAL BANK CF ROCK ISLAND Phone: 794-9500 N 5 , , ' it ' '-" I t ll " 2 START Sffllf'ING SYSTEMATICALLY 5 V E f I 5' Q 1700 Blk. 2nd Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois 66 if .. A Freshman Class Float - 3 -- , as ' f Junior Class Float Sophomore Class Float f' gi f1l1-f-',gf-b:- I it . :3'l""'59"f'izfi5'ifLH?'3 I gs., QM? Q' my ng ,A 'xr First place - Senior Class Float Homecoming Floats 31 QATRFQQV' 'S .4 at U , FRATERNAL LIFE INSURANCE SINCE 1883 MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Home Office Rock Island, Illinois SISTER M. GERMAINE Day ol Renewal Instead of the annual retreat, a day of renewal was held which included panel and group discussions, movies, film slides and a Bible Vigil. Members of the panel included Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lassuy, Rev. Marvin Mottet, Miss Lois Green and Sister M. Kevin, OSB. During the year special assembly speakers were Sister M. Germaine, CHM, Msgr. John Egan and Rabbi Herbert Weinberg. MSGR. JOHN EGAN v AUTO ACRES USED PARTS Milan, Illinois 2 0 g O Athletic Equipment Specialiylf TEMPLE'S te' S SPORTING Gooos il X 1524-6th Avenue Moline X L 68 Part of the group of guitarists who played for the monthly faculty- student Mass are l. to r.ThereseGilroy, Ann Bauwens, Lin- do Noppe, Kathy Bennett and There- sa Wood. ssemblies "Now and Then" traced songs through several his- iorical eras. lLef1, topj Kathy Sweeney rides herd on Mike Blondellp fmiddlej Pat Bryson and Marie Sfeinhauser form part of a kick linegfright, topj Sylvia Standaert performed in a Broadway reviewg lmiddlel Margie Harper ancl Tim DeJonghe prepare for a waltz. fBelow, leftb Bill Dur- renberger and Chuck Mul- key form part of a combog frightl a group sings "The Cruel War." A t ' ' use - 69 A 4,3 . Senior Compliment! of BROOKS JEWELRY 217 - 17th Street Rock Island, Illinois Qmzlily Poflmili for Over 20 Yeary LUCIEN CALBRECI-IT STUDIOS 1724 - 7th Street Moline, Illinois Dial: 762-3326 1. :Wi 3 2. X . E ..:. Q X ,, T , 5 6 6 1 .5 Q,.. M. y 1 y ti g I l , 1 il A . M y 1 ssemblies Dove Stimpson cz "shy servicemen". is the focus of singer Kathy Bennett's song. LANGDON X PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. 3010 - 18th Avenue Rock Island, Illinois 788-1767 DIAL 786-0144 H. W. SCHROEDER REALTOR Safer - lmunznce - Appraisal 2427 - 17th Street Rock Island, Illinois , ,f Nmyf. W , e r Juniors f,,' 1 3 . in I Leading o pock of new recruits in ci scene 'From the junior class assembly Juniors Go To War ore Potrice Hughes ond Tony Egger. Mini-Mikes Oliver Goes Bolero l I . . iz-at Leads in the call-star cost of Oliver Goes Bolero were fl. to r.D Mike VcznAcker, Jeon VcunVooren, Kathy Bennett and Mike Leuck. Ted Vytlocil took the port of Fcigin. HAPPINESS IS GROWING UP was the theme of the sophomore assembly. Characters from the PEANUTS comic strip included fl. to r.D Rick Van Acker CSchroederJ, Kay Ambre CLucyD, Mike Leuck QLinusJ, Mike Jones CCharley Brownj, Ginny Marchese fFreidaJ and Dave Monstrey fSnoopyJ. A M fue . me V T f ,, Q VA Q h 'K Y 5, is .4 A i s g Sophomore ii 'Af www' l E by sv! .. fRightJ Phil Terronez does a take-off on Bill Cosby and kindergarten problemsp lLeftJ Tony Bauwens and Linda Noppe sing a ballad recounting the various O stages of growing up. tl K Sophomores from Mrs. Kealey's English classes gave a choral presentation CREATION for the students at Easter time. Nw g . Compfimenty of STERLING COSMETOLQGY SCHOOL 160716-Sth Avenue Moline, Illinois 71 Clubs Club officers LisaWalzem, Qleftl and Polly Deisenroth surround Father Hugh Rob- bins, CSV, organizer of the Shakespeare ,--ggx Officers for the Future Teachers' of America are lseatedj Kathy Kale, president, CStanding, l. to r.l Karen Howe, vice- resident, Therese O' p - Halloran, treasurer, Therese Hardi, secretary, Marcia McKinney, historian. DESAULNIERS AND COMPANY Moline, Illinois Quality Offset and Letterprefs Printing CONCRETE CONTRACTORS can 786.4905 LEO DASSO 8a CO., INC. Club. L 0 3 xt X sm, 5 ,sk A ivigmx 9 if G o fl l"'-1tl"i"' , Y of' . , Q: 5. Q! has jf f WW AUCll Wnillllcs A Heading up the Lettermen's Club are officers, l. to r., Dick Egger, sergeant-at-arms, John Herbert, vice-president, Sam Moreno, sec'y- treasurer and Larry Leahy, presi- dent. Clubs Keeping the Library Club intact are officers, ll. Drama Club officers, l. to r., Kay Ambre, secretary, Sue Eisentrager, vice-president cmd Kathy Rornanowski, student council representative, surround President Mary Copeland. Phil Terronez, entertainment chairmon, was absent from the picture. to r.D Mary Schaecher, TAB secretary, Helen Son- neville, president, Pam German, vice-president and Kathy Lang, secretary-treasurer. 7, I A .Q "ls this poster all right?" asks Terry Vy- tlacil, treasurer of the French Club. Ready to answer are Connie Pcarkinson, president, Lorrie Riordan, secretary and Julie Van Lancker, treasurer. SIlCL'C.t'.l to five Clan of '67 CENTRAL BOWL 4500 Blaclchawlc Road Rock Island, Illinois o GODFREYS jEWEI.I?R.S Milan, Illinois Phtne Wfatcla and jezrefry Rapairilzg XV. E. GODFREY, Ozwiez' 787-1158 lt's gab time ata GAA meeting. At this particu- lar one the faculty let the senior, junior and sophomore teams defeat them. Helping Miss Flynn and Mrs. Williams during gym class are assistants, Hop, l. to r.J Linda Young, Deb Talik, Jan Poliak, Lynn Powers, Judy Noppe and Mary Beth Aring. fMiddleJ Kathy Arnett, Mary E. Nugent, Jill Nyquist, Chris De- Witte, Kathy Piliponis, Peggy Cornelius. CFrontl Rene Engels, Pat Fetes, Jackie Tarpy, Kathy Lue- ders and Mary Kay Paskvan. Father Casey in a girls' so- ciology class tells them that life isn't just a game. s gigs 5 Please pardon the interruption. Will the student who drove the car, license QU R 2 LA-Z, please report to the office." This was the year that the discourteous parking habits of the students were checked and parking permis issued. ALLEMAN HIGH SBHUUL PARKING PERMIT 800 When it came to counting the day's collection money for the Bishops' Relief drive in Lent, Pat Hannon, Marcia Florescu, Kathy Kale and Mike Hartman were always on hand. fun hissw,,,w41441f -1 warnin- 75 DIIVIOCK, GOULD 8: CO. BUILDING AIATERIALS Moline Rock Island East Moline 0 Ben Wiihef to the Clan of '67 CHUCK HERIFORD APPLIANCE 4707 - Ilth Street Rock Island, Illinois wifi I MISS DIANE WOLFF 'Vai' 2 7' S 6' Ready to take off to France with Miss Wolff this summer are fleftl Connie Parkinson, Mary Moore and Jody Rogers. fRightJ Mary Davis, Peggy Herrom, Sue Zum- ski and Mileen Murphy. fBelowD Enioying the comments of Shake- spearean actor Mr. Roger Stef- fens is soph. Ray Van Asch. "We iust love to sing, and so we get together every so often and do just that." fl. to r.J Ron Langdon, Ron Petersmith, Charles Ortman, Dave Stimpson and Jerry Tholl. Complimezzti of DePORTER-CORNELIS AGENCY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 1325 - 7th Street Moline, Illinois O CARSON PIRIE SCOTT 8: CO 1520 - Sth Avenue Moline, Illinois PHONE: 764-8334 Carnaby Street and Alleman English Mod fashions hit Alleman. Cleftj Greg Sharp with polka dot shirt and wide leather belt contrasts with Bill Spriet. lBelowJ It's Paisley and polka dot shirts for Steve Sansale, Jim Hoogerwerf and Bill Martin. fAboveJ Joe Smith and John Sutherland were inon the ther- mos bottle crazeg fbelow, leftj what the well-dressed iniured athlete wears is modeled by Dick Egger, QRightJ pierced ears are shown by Sue Ebel and Terry Sheil. BEST WISHES TO T115 GRADUATES DOWNINGS DAIRY INC. 2268 - 2-ith Struct Rock Island, Illinois . I All l22lc1'e.rfif1g Place Z0 Wfork BITUNIINQUS CASUALTY CORPORATION Bituminois Fire and Marine Insurance Company Rock Island. Illinois 77 Parents' Nighi IRigh1J Honor Socieiy members Bob McDonald, Donna Schaner and Lois Mersch help direct a parent to a classroom on Parents' Night. ALLEMAN CHAPTER of thc NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY O Solid Gold Cadillac Ilia CAbovel Practicing for the school play THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC are Jim Dix, Pam DeVolder, Chris Lipovac, Dennis Fitzpatrick and Michael Southwood. fleffl This was the year of the BIG MOVE' for the Library, the physics lab and the A-V room. Helping to move the physics lab is Mike Ryder. 78 Student Faculty Assembly X 'k MMCHAEI. LENAGHAN Bef! Wixbex ALl.EMAN'S LIBRARY CLUB bf Rf lt we , f V . ,if , FQ 0 F 1 " z VV L Keeping physically fit, cn group of Allemcmiles plays volleyball during P.E. class. 79 """"--.. MORAN, KLOCKAU, MCCARTHY SCHUBERT 8c LOUSBERG Attorneys-Ar-Law 1808 - 3rd Avenue Rock Island, Illinois ., ,., , , r at School Services Many students devote time to services that make school life run more smoothly for their fellow students. On switchboard duty and tabulating attendance are ftop, leftj Debbie Boden, Pam Vaughn and Mary Moore, fcenterl Laurie Flynn views the scene at the library check-out desk, fbelowl Chris Lipovac and Terry Otten sell school supplies and soft drinks at the supply store. r funn-of A '- l t 3 33 . 80 Mrs. Margaret Dasso is pleased with the spirit of her crew, l. to r., John Cornelis, Duyveionck, Kelly, John Dave Steve Hahn, Don Harmen- ing, Pat McCarthy, Dean Edmondson and Pat Fennesy. 'rkr ' f-...wwf-M"Wlal x 1' K ev' y 'W X .vw ,K N --as-M , ' :ly 'r "wwf" f.,.Jl,i'33fjfig""1L'?T', L. Wt1':':i" 7 N1 4 A,,w,,,f,e3Q-5,3 7 33"-git. . in I The girls' champion baskelball consists of flop, l. to r.J Jean Davies, Captain Chris DeWitte, Sue Rossati, Rene Engels, Marilyn Moseley, Qfrontj Sally Blancke, Jean Vensel, Sandy Glaudel and Kathy Piliponis. Absent from the picture is Mary Ellen Nugent. Gleeming GAA officers Paula Penny lsec'y- treas.D, Peggy Cornelis ivice-pres.J, Julie Van Lancker Cpres.D surround Miss Maureen Flynn, advisor. Cozzgmmhliom to the Gmdzzatef GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 81 X i X, NN The Name of the Game is Action 82 C300 cbbn 5,1-4 fvsg ' h ' . .51. T sei., , gpgfjf Cheerleaders fi s s. 'r 1: gg Q, ev s E A r X 96,5-odmfmeifoi G o Pioneers .V O xwwf ew, 4851 VARSITY FOOTBALL MEMBERS are: fTop, l. to rl Tom Hartman, Joe Wood, Dave Stimpson, Dan Meyer, Greg Grudzinski, Charley Arnold. fRow 41 Ed DeJaegher, John DeJaegher, Jim Van Acker, Rick Jones, Tim Ziegler, Mike Ketner, Pat Lenagham. CROW 31 Coach Don George, Sam Moreno, Larry Leahy, Dave Jarrin, Pete Duytschaever, John Herbert, Dave Rogers and Mike Lena- ghan. fRow 21 Manager Ken Kariewski, Roger Lavery, Tom Burns, Mario Terronez, Ron Langdon, Denny Miner, Bill Foulk, Mike Hughes and Coach Phil Sailer. iRow 11 Dan Mortier, Terry Cumberworth, Jerry Polito, Neil Rossmiller, Steve Polito, Mike Hartman, Mike Borgonion and Coke Collins. 1966 FOOTBALL RECORD 3 - 4 - 1 Alleman Opponent 13 ....... ..... R ock Island 30 14 ....... ..... R egina 14 26 --..... ...... S T. Bede 0 13 ....... ....... M oline 19 0 --,--.. ............ R egis 20 22 ....... ..... E ast Moline 13 13 ....... .,... A ssumption 27 7 ........ .............. W ahlert 6 eetliil etae, fries fAbove,lPete Duytschaever C691 and Dave Stimp- son i551 combine to bring down a Regis ball carrier from behind, Krightj Tom Burns 1851 holds a tete-a-tete with a Regis player, wc, 85 M .xo . --kc ----Q--W , Members of the sophomore football team include CRow 'IJ Chris Moore, Dan Stehn, Bob Pettit, Mike Jarvis, Dennis Crowler, Ken Ferguson, Chris Carmack, CRow QD Dan Egger, Dan Flaherty, Kevin DeRoo, Dave Kent, Bernie Barrett, Mike DeGrande, Dave Cross, Mike Leuck, Bob Ford. CRow 31 Jim Warlop, Chuck 'lb 11 Kluck, Dan Wood, Greg Nugent, Bob Cumberworth, Tom Hartman, Chuck Downing, John Marshall, Mike Webb, Mark Van Lauwe. CRow 41 Keith Nowak, Darrell Van Hulle, Bozo Zerull, Bernie Sundeen, Greg Cunningham, Greg Bush, Scott Lenger. CMiddleJ Jerry Polito C535 sprints for the sidelines as Pete Duytschaever C691 and T'om Hartman C615 clear the way. CBelow, rightj Officials huddle around injured Pioneer griclder Ed De- .laegherp Cleftl John DeJaegher snares a pass for big yardage. W gat! Getting their first taste of high school football are frosh players Ctop, l. to r.J Dennis Schatti, Terry Quinn, John Berry, Paul Meiresonne, Mike Zerull, Jim Moran, Steve Kelly, Doug Scovil, Bill Pfanenstiel, Tom Erps, Mike Cunningham. fRow 3D Tom Strupp, John Schroe- der, Steve Ebner, Tom DeVolder, Joe Aring, Jerry McGuire, Mark Dowdal, Fenn Kimball, Kevin Musick, John Vinecore, Steve DeGraeve, Bill Murray, lRow 21 Jim Cornelis, Jim Kopatich, Roger Schaaf, Mike Strupp Mike McCarthy, John Neary, Jeff Marlier, Tom Wolever, Jim Egan, Mark Jasper, Jim Brozovich, fRow U Tim Ford, John Hartman, Bill Burgmeier, Dom Di- lulio, Dick Prebil, Pat Fennessy, Jim Barnett, Mark Adams, Rick DeSmet, Tom Brozovich. Absent from the picture is Captain Tom Arnold. "Okay, guys, smash him!" yell Pioneer defenders Joe Wood CSOJ, John Herbert 1685 and Tom Hart- man 1612. Cross Country -.. ,Q "l'l ll.'1 Larry Leahy attempts to avoid a Regis Tackler. an K 4.1, . ' ' V' 'iff' A Key men in the cross-country competition were ffrontl Paul Kness, Joe Pollentier, Dave Fobert. KBackD John Shumaker, Greg Bouljon, Gary Hoegner and Mike All ' ,if fy g Sf , B .sa ,A ,,, ' 1 Cornelius. Basketball O ppone M Jim DeDecker C535 and Pat "Gazelle Logan C335 amble up to help find the basketball while two Pioneers scramble for it on the floor Varsity basketball members are ffrontl Manager John Viviani, Dan Mortier, Jim Albracht, Ed Ripley, Bob DeDoncker, Mike Cornelius, Jim VandeCasteele and manager Steve Polito. fStandingJ Bill Spriet, Pat Logan, Ed DeJaegher, Jim DeDecker, Greg Grudzinski, Stan Nelson, Steve Van Hooreweghe, Dick Egger and Coach Don Morris. K ,,,, The sophomore basketball team, with an outstanding record of 16-3, included lTop, l. to rj Bob Ford, Keith Nowak, Bernard Zerull, Phil Terronez, fMiddlej Greg Nugent, Kevin DeRoo, Bob Payne, Jim Vande Casteele, Tim Van Hecke. CFrontJ Dan Egger, Bill Drish, Mike Leuck, Mike Webb, Ken Saller and Manager Larry Daffara. Im 1 ui!! E 2 li. '-Q' Sl? 'i"""'xi M M- -- ,Z-dl 5. THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT. lLeftJ Sophomore Jim Van DeCasteele "guns" a long one against Moline, while Caboveb Dick Egger lays it in from underneath. f z ,lf ' , fn PEM? neg- . ff 4- V " 0 ' 1 i rw ,l l iii, 25 if 3' . Q l'?ai'ii 1.3 imp 2?-K I ' ' 5 ' 1 1-'20 4, FI'0Sh basketball players trained by Coach Gene Henze include ltop, l. to r.j Steve Kelly, Jim Moran, Mike Verstraete, Tom Hendricks, fmiddlej Mike Cun- ningham, Don Widdel, Jim Cornelis, Mike DeFauw, Bruce Buckrop, fbottoml Jeff Schneider, Jim Egan, Tom Brozovich and Tom Rodems. Freshmen i ., 5 .. .,, ,, ,I r .. "' ' :f"' ' - li - V Ufvisim J' A L: N J' , iniv Szzccexy 10 the C1451 of '67 ROCK ISLAND BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Rock Island, Illinois l Frosh basketball players coached by Mr. Murray are Cbackj Bill Pfanenstiel, Mike Zerull, Tom Wolever, Jerry Fisher, Mike Galassi, Mike Murrin and John Cornelis, ffrontl Jim Vanooteghem, Tim Ford, Dick Ebel, Ben Carton, Mark Buranek and Chris Vercautren. 1 X I I N my ., M ' 4 fr N....! . I l L him: I' , y 3-me-.1-,-,-:s-' I' A ' ' W "'G""i V Y M f 'si I Vfwwf' J l lgfilglmkx llc? A ' fi I ' il ,,fg'l ig. F , I 2 H . rs A 1 il 'Q' .:.-me f 'I if 1 'V -,X ll 90 CHARLEY ARNOLD Wrestling tn, "'--C, 4th Place in Pat Cavanaugh works free from his opponent State Competition during sectional competition. BEST WIS!-IES TO THE CLASS OF '67 ALLEMAN HIGH SCHOOL BOOKSTORE Here are some of the reasons why Alleman made such a out- standing impact on the state wrestling scene. Varsity players include CTop, l. to r.J Coach Simon Roberts, Dan Meyer, Steve Bruyntiens, Tom Gemignani, Jim Carter and Chuck Arnold. CMiddIeD Don Bosold, Jim Crowder, Jim Conwell, Bill McMillin, John Flaherty and Pat Cavanaugh. lBottomJ Manager Jim Warlop, Mike Borgonjon, Bill Flaherty, Bob Cowden, Dan Montez and Gary Hoegner. E i 91 Q!-1: I 5 429'-'i 'WSLJ Underclassmen on the wrestling squad are lTop, l. to r.J Bob Rettig, Joe Hines, Charlie Johannes, Dan Wood, John Arth, CRow 35 Dan Stehn, Chris Moore, Roger Fetes, Tom DeCoster, Pete Templer, Ken Roberts, lRow 21 Steve Gusse, Cletus Kinsey, Mark Czerwinski, Dave Dinneen, Dave Clough, Steve Doran, lFrontJ Jim Feuer bcich, Dave Cross, Fred Meyer, George Johnson, Steve Perez, Raul Calvcrn. l DAN MONTEZ In Sectional DAN MEYER Tournament PAT CAVANAUGH 129 wEs'r ssccmo sf. 92 lBelowJ Dan Meyer attempts a take-down against his Rock Island opponent,CRightlChuck Arnold rides his man from behind. Freshmen Freshmen who turned out for wrestling this year in- cluded ltop, l. to r.J Tom Arnold, Garry Maguire, Bob Segura, Ray Roman, Joe Kerschieter, Mike Doyle, Rich DeSmet, fRow 4D Coach Phil Sailer, John Vinecore, Mike Freidman, Mike Strupp, Joe Solis, Tom Strupp, Tom Skorepa, Dom Dilulio, lRow 31 Terry Quinn, Bill Murray, Tom Ceurvorst, Dave Nelson, Jim Atchison, Mark Jasper, Tom Erps, lRow 25 Steve Brune, Steve Boyes, Tim Southwood, Dean Edmondson, Pat Fenes- sey, George Brown, Tony Carmack, John Berry, fFrontl Roger Freiburg, Dale Schnell, Jeff Normoyle, Marty Barnett, Jeff Bostrom, Matt Lavery, Kirk Runde, Ed Lehan and John Vensel. 93 l s-if Track it amd, 'Un Varsity track members include fbottom, l. to r.J Steve Y I Gusse, Joe Arnold, Mike Ketner, Mike Hughes, Bill BEST W15HE5T T0 THE CLASS 67 Foulk, Steve Mills and Steve Polito. fMiddleD Mike F'1ff4'l"f'flL1ff'1'W"'f1'fff'Sl'75e1595 Webb, Mark Hoppe, Greg Boulion, John DeJaegher, RKGYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERICA Mario Terronez and Lynn Fyfe. CTopj Coach Phil Sailer, Jerry Nicholson, Tom Burgmeier, Greg Grud- zinski, Paul Kness and Mark Robertson. Supreme Office Rock Island, illinois Other track members are flop, l. to'r.J Dennis Schatti, Dan Ryder, Mike Zerull, Joe Kerschieter, Mike Albene, Tom Aring, Joe Lampo, Bob Ford, Dave Fobert, Dan Wood and Mr. Gary Van Goethem. C3rd rowl Coach Simon Roberts, Tim Southwood, Jeff Marlier, Dan Aubry, Tim Ford, Tom Amoni, Dennis VandePutte, Ron Sedam, Dom Dilulio, Charles Collins, Tom Arnold, Dan Schnell. 12nd rowj Jay Leppo, John DeBuysere, Tom Hendricks, Mark Adams, Ron Plas- chaert, Dennis Moseley, Tom DeBourcy, Roger Freiburg, Dave Dinneen, Greg Bush, Mark Jasper. Clst rowl Doug Minor, Charles Kluck, Steve Bopes, Dave Wooten, Rick DeSmet, George Johnson, Gerry McGuire, Curt Edmondson, Jim Warlop, Tom Lagomarcino. CFrontD Mike Soen, Mike Boyle. 94 Baseball MOLINE DISPATCH When April Showers threaten, the baseball team takes to the gym for practice. lStanding, l. to r.J Dave Gannon, Bob Mosier, All Mike DeWittep Kat basel Tom Hartman and Ed Ripley. Your Family's Newspaper 'W i k ' qxkk J. h 1 g 1 . g ,A H gy ,W e,M ,, A . .I 5 A .r 5 my B C' 91 , 4-4 1' " J ' TRS: H J I K I K" 1- wi xl 1- A,:- A C04 :" gg V vi. kv 3: I. Wk. . 2' ' 's Yeel is ll e Weer J as-...W - Y 4 I J H is with s ' , ,Q L W K , J' ,, h,l, 1 3 Ye . 7""f' , 4 , J , Y -M-L. J e,,'. J . J 5 it ax I A .g n ,Ai A. . A iii . ,Q In Li si. ' A K . K K I , A K iiiwfl XM.: . r'-' ,fy L- ,vvr , X l ' 6 .ag- 5525 -ilk. I: ,f W .fr F gi , , V Anxious to keep up the outstanding work of recent Galen Zerull, Tim Moore, Chris Norton, Mike De- Pioneer baseball teams are members of this year's Witte, Bill Drish, fFrontJ Manager John Viviani, Chris team. CTOPI l- 70 V-l Mike Cornelis, Jim Vandecasteele, Moore, Dave Gannon, Ed Ripley, Bob Mosier, Rich Bill Spriet, Steve Van Hooreweghe, Jim DeDecker, Polesky and Bob Thornton. Coach Gene Henze trains Mike Fisher, Tom Hartman. lMiddleJ Charley Meier, the team, 95 Golf Beit Wifhex to the Clem' of '67 UNITED AMBULANCE SERVICE - 38th SUSE! Rock Islam Milan, Illinois Fighting for the glory of Alleman on the golf courses are Ctopj Ed Meyers, Matt Speltz, Tom McGonigle, Bernie Zerull and Bob Pettit. CFrontD Mike Eberhardt, Chip Dowsett, Bill Brune, Jim Vanooteghem and Tom Aubry. The boys are coached by Mr. Don George. C omplimenix of MCLAUGHLIN BODY COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF COMMERCIAL BODIE Moline, Illinois d S Enthusiasm is the key work for AlIeman's tennis team. Ctop, I. to r.J Ron Petersmith, Jim Horton, Bob Cowden, Ron Langdon, Jim Moran, Bob Dowdal and Manager Tracy Finch. flirontl Jim Welling, Bob Cumberworth, Bill Barrett, Mike Armetta, and Dick Prebil. Absent is Mike Kinney. Coaches for the group are Mr. James Galvin and Mr. Joseph Murray. 2 ,fi fi 5 ig it Tennis Business Patrons EAST MOLINE AGNEW DRUG 8: CAMERA 7th Street 8- 16th Avenue ALMQUIST BROS. FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO. 804- 16th Avenue BIRLEY'S 834 - 15th Avenue DeBLAEY BROS. TV 8- STEREO 839 - 15th Avenue THE HERALD Advertising, Printing, Office Supplies JOHNSON SHEET METAL 627 - 15th Avenue DR. N. .I. KATRANA 601 - 17th Avenue THE NOOK 1823 - 18th Avenue NORLlN'S QUALITY SHOES 830 -15th Avenue DR. HAROLD M. PERLMUTTER 601 - 17th Avenue SABLE'S JEWELRY STORE 908 -15th Avenue TOWN LIQUORS 1026 - 16th Avenue VANDE VOORDE JEWELERS 1511 - 7th Street VAN HOE FUNERAL HOME 1500-6th Street WlLSON'S DX 65.5 - 17th Avenue MOLINE B 84 B GLASS COMPANY 512 - 25th Street BAKER'S DAIRY GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK 1808 - 34th Street BASKINS-ROBBINS ICE CREAM 4209 - 23rd Avenue CHICKEN DELIGHT 1900 - 16th Street FARRELL and FARRELL 1627 - 5th Avenue FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MOLINE Moline, Illinois THE HAYES FAMILY HILAND AUTO SALES INC, 3149 - 23rd Avenue ILLINOIS TOOL AND INSTRUMENT EDMOND E. HARPER LAGOMARCINO'S CONFECTIONERY 1422 - 5th Avenue L 8. L CLOTHING STORE 716 - 15th Avenue WILBUR R. LIEVENS, ADVERTISING ARTIST 2425 - 28th Street LUGGAGE 81 GIFT SHOP 1606 - 5th Avenue POWERS COUNTRY STORE Route 6 RATCLIFFE BEAUTY SALON 1630-5th Avenue, Rm. 215 HOUSE OF RECORDS 844 - 15th Avenue TONY'S BARBER SHOP 1904 - 16th Street TOWER RESTAURANT 30th Avenue 8- 7th Street WlLSON'S APPLIANCES AND TELEVISION 3615 - 23rd Avenue ROCK ISLAND A 8. F MARKET 1700 - 18th Avenue A, M. BLOOD COL 305 - 20th Street School, Church, and Office Equipment BEST-EVER CAFE 300 - 20th Street DR. MARK BUCKROP PODEATRIST - FOOT SPECIALIST 1766-44th Street, Medical Bldg DOTSON JEWELERS 1719-3rd Avenue Phone: 788-6644 DUTCH INN 1700 - 3rd Avenue ELMA BEAUTY SALON 1426 - 6th Avenue ,,i A pa fw- N.. .. I JACK FENNESY THE GARDEN SHOP 1830 -3rd Avenue HOMEROOM I-D HOMEROOM 4H KATHLEEN HARRIS JOHNSON VENDING SERVICE 101 - 18th Street KEN MOORE POTATO COMPANY 532 - 46th Street KEN-TRONICS INC. 4109 - 14th Avenue LOU'S DRIVE-IN 30th Street and 12th Avenue MARTIN DRY GOODS-HARDWARE 3012 -14th Avenue McCABE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1713 - 3rd Avenue MIDWEST CYCLE SUPPLY CO. SALES 8. SERVICES 14th Avenue 8. 37th Street if all , I,-tv firms 'wanna ar I- H51 ' - MEZZ' k ' Q VW. fy is ww, ,,,,,,,.. L.....,a fx? , Y I. rv I 'fn I 98 -My u JOE NONNENMANN BUILDER 8- LAND DEVELOPER C. P. O'NEIL, M.D. 1740 - 9th Avenue THE SERVUS RUBBER CO. READMORE BOOK WORLD 2115 A 4th Avenue Phone: 788-7517 CARBON CLIFF ROYAL BOURBON STABLES Carbon Cliff COAL VALLEY NAGEL'S I G A Coal Valley CORDOVA CORDOVA DRAGSTRIP Cordova MILAN McCULLOUGH'S DEPARTMENT 202 West Fourth Street CARL'S CABINET SHOP 234 -5th Avenue West SILVIS SILVIS AUTO WRECKERS 401 - Ist Avenue DAVENPORT HOWARD STEEL CO, 2343 Rockingham Road STORE Homeroom 'IJ Boys Homeroom 'IJ Girls Homeroom IK Girls I.M.A. Polak In Memory of Almy Irish Hill Irish Inn Isaac Newton Fan Club It's a Bird, It's a plane, He's on LSD J Homeroom 4J Jack and Linda John cmd Sue Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H, Johnson Becky Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harry J, Johannes Janet Johnson Kathy Johnson "66" Joni, Carolyn, Ruth Vicki Jurewicz are rsi L Joe Lacaeyse The Tom Lagomarcino Family Tom lagomarcino Lannoo's Bus Service Judy Lannoo "66" l.auriot's from Peoria Janice Laity Mr. and Mrs. John Layer Lois Mersch Marlene Messmer Dan Meyer Maior J. L. Michalski '52 Rosalie A. Michalski '56 Marilyn Mierzwa - Kathy Willaert The Robert G, Miletich Family Ann Miller Vicki Mills Patricia Miner K Susan Kale Mr. and Mrs. Kealey Mr. and Mrs A. H. Kellard Mr. and Mrs W, J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kent David Kent Nancy McCumber Mr. and Mrs. Jule Kerckhove Joe Kerschieter and Dan Widdel lla Rae Kesler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kimbel Mr. and Mrs. William Kinder Kingsbury's and Lauriots Mr. and Mrs. James Klowon Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Kluck Mr. and Mrs, Harry Knupp Kathy Knupp Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kotleba Ken Kraiewski A Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Kroeger and Family Mr. and Mrs. Don Krolak Mrs. Walter F. Kralak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krone Mr, and Mrs. G. F. Krueger Kathy Krueger Krum and Rum Miss Alice Lee Mr. and Mrs. John Lehan Leonard and Bernard Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lenger Mr. and Mrs Ben Lerschen Mr. and Mrs Frank Lesthaeghe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leppo, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Leuck Catherine M. Lievens '67 Mr. and Mrs J. P. Likely Linda and Eileen Bill Lindell Mr. and Mrs, Ed Lindley Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Loete Lonely Hearts Club of Amferica Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lovell Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lueders Mary Ann Lueders Mike Lusson '69 M Larry Misttic Mogan David and the Grapes of Wrath Combo Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Monstrey Dan Montez Mr. and Mrs. Jess Montez Sam P. Moreno Macbeth and the Drunken Porter Long Live Macbeth Mother MacCree's Meat Market Ruy de Azeuedo Nobre Machado Rev. Denis Mackessy Mr. and Mrs. W, D. Mader Jo Ma rchese Mrs. Margaret Markell Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Marr Mr, and Mrs. Richard Martin "Sweet William" Martin Marv's Standard Service Ellen Marvin Mary, Judy, Pat, Shay Mav Mav Man Mr. and Mrs. Sue Maynard Mr. and Mrs. Me and You Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold May Robert A, McCoy C, Meincke Camiel Meiresonne Stephen Meiresonne 101 Barb Morford Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Morford 3 Cheers for the Moravian Mr. and Mrs.- Arthur Mortier Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mortier Marilyn Moseley Martha Moseley Eileen Mowder Randy Mowder Bill Murray 'IK the boy honest Pat Staes and Debbie Murphy Mr. John F, Musick Carol McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Don McCabe Mr. and Mrs. V. R. McCumber Mr. and Mrs. William H. McDonald , Mrs. Mary McElhinny Harry McGoIdreck Miss Audrey Ann McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Fred J, McKinney Mr. and Mrs. H. McNamara N National Committeee for the Extermination of Yearbooks Mike Neary Nel Jack Neuerburg Tim Nonnenmann Mr. and Mrs. Neuerburg The Newlyweds Judy Noppe Mr. and Mrs. Rene Noppe Norts and Nancy Gary Nowak '66 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nowak Mr. and Mrs. L, J. Nugent Mr. and Mrs Vt . 445:-M Donna Odendahl '66 Mr. and Mrs. George Odendahl Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. O'Brien Kathryn E. O'Connor Dr. and Mrs. O'Halloran Therese O'Halloran Mr, and Mrs. C. W. O'Hara Cynthia Olvera Orvelle and Wilbur Connie Osbourne Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Otten Our Squirrel, Fred Overby Overby ll P Dr. and Mrs. Pareigis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Parker Parkers Refuse Removal Connie Parkinson '67 Bob Parkinson Robyn Parsons Mr. and Mrs. John F. Paskvan Mary Kay Paskvan '67 Mr. and Mrs. William I. Patterson Paula and Greg Mr, Robert Pauwels Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Pecaut Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pecon Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Penny Sandy Perez Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Petersen Larry Petersen and Linda Miller Michael Petrick Bob Pettit Phyllis Raymond Pickartz '69 Rudolph Pickartz "Pil" and "Tarp" Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plasschaert, The Killer Plum Podinkers Club Mr. and Mrs. Sam Polesky Mrs. Dorothy Podlashes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Podlashes John Polaschek Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pouzar Mr. and Mrs. William J, Powers Jim Putnam CPUHJ '67 Mrs. Ann Pynckel Sr Q Barb Quilty v 1 A men Mr. and Mrs. Perry Quick Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Schneider Pamela .Schneider Marianne Schnell Dennis Schulte Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sedam Theresa Sedam Greg Sharp Mr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Sheil Mrs, Edward Shelangouski Rev. Roy Shelangouski, CSV Beverly Shelangouski Mr. .and Mrs. Louis Shelangouski Mr. Samson Shillitoe John Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Shumaker Peter Shunning Mr. and Mrs. Milton Sims Bob Simon Susan K. Sinksen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sisk Ken Sisk The Midnight Sulker Mr, and Mrsi. Fred B. Smith Mrs. Dan Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Rashid ll Mr. and Mrs Wm. C. Smith Ross Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Reasoner Clarence Redecker Nicholas D, Reem RH2 Miss R. C. Rink Mrs. Theodora Ripley Linda Ripperger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ripperger Ben Roach Sandy River and Jackie Engels Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Roell Dave Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Albert Roelens Roell '67 Fred J, Rogers Mr. Albin Rossati Mr. and Mrs. Jean Rowe Grace Rubalc Dotty Rumler Leonas Rusen Mr. and Mrs. George Rossati ava '61 as and Carlos de la Rionda John Rosmiller Theresa Rutsaert Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ruud Shirley Ryckaert S S. E.H, S.E.M.P. '68 Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Sabel Darren Saelens Mr. and Mrs. Saintly George Sainick Sandy and Sue Roger Schaaf and Jim Fox Matt Speltz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Speltz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Spriet and Hspyderff Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Staes Pat Staes Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Standaert Mr. and Mrs. James Standaert Sylvia Standaert '67 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Standaert Mr. C. G. Starkweather George Steckel Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Steckel Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Stehle Annette Stahl We Love To Study Charles Strobbe Mike Strupp the Great Mr. and Mrs. Dean Styx Sue and Linda Mr. Edward Sutterman Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sweeney and Family Sons Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schaecher Jon Schaecher Mr. and Mrs, Frances Schaner and Jett Schatteman Linda Schaubroeck Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schaubroeck The Schenone Family Steph Schild 102 Family i Roy Plasschaert displays a Chickenman original. . Robert Williamson T Miss Mary Tagge Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taghon Deb Talik Carolyn Tambaro Jackie Tambaro Jackie Tarpy Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tobbe Tex-Rudy-Ryder This Cost Me 52.00 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tholl and Son Michael Patrick Thomas Gerald Thornbloom Bob Thornton Mr, and Mrs. A. M. Tragarz Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Trant Mr. Arbarthnot Trebish Triple Hollow Farm Ken Tronics Inc. To Be Free Turtle Two of Father Foster's Fans U United Wallflowers of America V Mr. and Mrs. John J. Valentine Wayne A. Valentine Bernie Vallejo Mr. and Mrs. John J. Vallejo Mr. and Mrs, Jos. Vancura Nancy Vancuro Frank VanAcker Mr. and Mrs. Frank VanAcker Mr. and Mrs. Victor VanAcker June VanAltvorst John D. VanNatta Mr. and Mrs. Robert VandeMoortel Mr. and Mrs. Edward VanHooteghem Mr. and Mrs. Albert VanDeVelde Mike VanDeVelde '65 Mr. and Mrs, Philip VanDeVelde Mr. and Mrs. Walter VanderVennet Julie Van Lancker Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Lancker Mr. and Mrs. Charles VanOoteghem Sarah and .lim VanOoteghem Mr. and Mrs. Joseph VonVooren Darold VanZele Kathy Verbain Mr. and Mrs. Ray Versluysi Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Viviani Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Vyncke E. J, Vytlacil, W David Vercautren Elmer Verstraete Jack P. Viren Richard Viren Family Joseph A. Vogele Bernard L. Voss '67 Jr. Frank Wahlheim Family Eloise Warren Gift Shop Quad-City Airport Water Buffalo Society Top man on the totem pole is senior Tom Feliksiak. Getting in trim to have their graduation pictures taken are l. to r. Ferdinand DeVoss, Eugene Jones, Bill Cheeseman and Steve Kehoe. We Gave - Smith and Sutherland We Love Mrs. Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Welch Vern Welling Ray Welvaert Mr. and Mrs. Juanita Widdel '68 Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wilds and Family Mary Kay Willaert Mr. and Mrs, J. E. Williams Mrs. Joan Williams Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Miss Joan E. Mr. and Mrs. . Everette Wilson Harry L. Wilson, Jr. Wilson John L, Wilson Kris Wilson Mrs. Lucille Winkler Stephen E. Witte Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood Loren Wolever . George Wolters' Ken Wolverton E. J, Wood Glenn Wood Miss Diana Wolff Don Wooten and Family John Wright 103 ill 4. Y Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yodts Z Z-Z-Zeke Association 'lim Zel9le" - Home Builder Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zerull Mrs. Mary Zerull Foreign Exchange Student Angie i N A i ' , :I lllll ongmtulmfions. You've successfully achieved another goal. You're ready to begin reaching for future successes. But . . . how do you measure success? Not with a caliper or a yardstick or a stopwatch . . . not by the acre or the ounce or the cubic foot. Success is intangible . . . it is the sum of your personal goals and aspirations, sorted into positions of relative importance. Whatever you establish as your criteria of success,' you will need to exercise self discipline. Ambition alone is not enough . . even coupled with intelligence and talent. Self discipline is essential to direct your energies and abilities into productive channels . . . to provide you with initiative and perserverance. Develop this quality . . . you will enjoy a more rewarding life, a more successful life. "Ambition is just the desire I0 succeed. Tlze 'world is full of ambitious failures-all desire and no discipline. Sebfdiseipline is perhaps the most important qualify an intelligent person can develop in order to reach his goalsfl From an address by William A. Hewitt, Chairman, Deere 84 Company. JOHN 104 MOIWIE, IIIIIIDNS Qgeseru Q 022 aww, l Df0lV'7'fLf"0"U 'fw 07044 FW' L44 6404.0 35 C7766 'tv-ws Lfffm, 1 lfffof'-J ffgzrz, wzcl, Afcfwsys Svfwf Mf my mura Ag '17-ig Beg-r 68 my Lf-66 I Ee-:pc ffowZS 'Z"0- II 60015 'F7-lfn-'r' '17-HS S f6 1779460 H44-Bo gffove-I+ 160050 '7-QL L you gow KVIOCA' 1 "rHfffW4 26 you. 8 o'7' T46 only bulky 3,61-Pr mm IS, ,,, 'I-o'1'4+e 0416 wi-405 gafnfqp TU 117,415 my Ffrroegf COmf667Z 440 w+Hf'S Semf fz-oo iQ0 'fro me- L o ug Afcwdfyg S-6605, M f v J VA-f Il X , Cp " ,LVM I vw, V I - ,.y',LU' , 1 X r N MMM !l,,f.l"!i9l b Uiwp W Q31 W?ZCMfWWf W J W M E WY! SJ TY X? b X, QQ , .N . Ogg EQ? ASQ Ag? ig? w . ' QR 699 3? 652 AMW 6? WQXf5? Q w RN . . QQ, Q vs- Q Xb Q X W AGED 2f 555 f 4 iimi wigjw 5315 '1iff5ff'5g ffifffg 5 Af if k Q C ik ' elif? Q51 .G T? 3 Eifgii il ?ifQ.f 5-2 if 22 2 - if Q 'Q 9 V -Qf' in K- YN-,- kg if f ff 1 J' J' K

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