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Togg HOQU 7'Ou,Q TUH' fqlfe Bfbwvx Qoocx Lak ,W QQ hgsrqveq you WLAKS IT QAS7 Lpuaf RSI Q,owvN3TQ mx HPNQS TvVNlCBNX+, ALLEMAN IIIGII SCIIINIL Rock Island, Illinois vfd 'ga'-0" Photographers-Dan Meyer, Tom Vancura Business Managers Jane Freiband, Di Schroeder Accountants-Camilla Malfait, Phyllis Marvin Art and Layout-Joe Kofleba, Mimi Cosgrove 2 ,XS-Q 'XXXX ' 1 -1 Z i 5 a : 1 1 1 r r I pionee 1 Q "HN, -.NNK . ,Q Q, Co-editors - Mark Boulion, Carol Bromley 1964 CONTENTS Introduction Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Classes Activities Organizations Sports Administration Seniors Class lists In Memorium Statistics Patrons page P093 page page page page page page page page page page page P999 4 10 18 28 36 50 64 82 108 118 147 151 152 154 ft s psf r s Q i i 1 2,25 5 MAY 'I963 While students dreamed of vacation days ahead, con- struction started on the new addition, the second in Alle- man's history. When school opened in the fall, crowded conditions made the students look hope- fully to the time when the ad- dition would be completed. WW in yn ,Hal 3 .A Wi V w W' Y A ii' if tcm .st gem fs A K, D' sy H ju s . L. . l.,yzm 1 1 sc . x 2 in if - - 'Lwiff ' 3gf10ws'i,,.!9?n'7vA"fVV'?f'? W .M- Q 'fi it Y at I We The new addition saw use even before it was completed. Cabovej John Paskvan found it was a good place to day-dream of the approaching vacation-time. lleftl John De Greve can iustitiably claim to be the first student to use the new second floor classrooms. fabovej Crowded stairways and hall made everyone hope the construc- tion would be quickly finished. 4 As weeks passed The building grew and grew and grew MM-V Moving started iust be- fore the Christmas holi- days. Students returned to find new schedules and also new classrooms waiting for them. 6 Excitement mounted as the new class- room locations were posted. El Open house was held on January 5 for members of the board and friends. labovej Father O'Connor was on hand to greet visitors touring the new building. fcenterj So were members of the Men's Club. frightj Some ofthe young- er visitors found the flowers more interesting than a bunch of empty rooms. Ellen Klak reads the card for an interested young lady. ii is .. 'iii ws' his 3 Q The public toured the new facilities for the first time on January 12, 1964. , ....i iw t '- . ,L , rg ' f A g -,af , if . ,, ,t . ii E . sig," sg A tfff' "Nw QMS' " ii si, E sf ,g XA FRESHMAN WEEK Faces, Places, . . . So Much to Learn fobovej "30, 7, l2," and frustro- tion wcis the case as the frosh tried their lockers for the first time. Qrightl Mrs. Bcabinski tests Greg BouIion's eyes, one of her many iobs cis infirmorion. The first week of school is a time of change, not only for the annual influx of freshman students, but also for returning upperclassmen as all face new courses and some new teachers. Freshman Week '63 was characterized by a lack of space and an abundance of noise as work progressed on the new addition. On hand to greet the 362 Frosh and 941 returning sopho- mores, juniors and seniors were the 48 members of the faculty, including 10 new teachers. It wasn't long before students employed the :services of Mrs. Clifford Babinski, AHS,s first infirmarian. Upperclassmen found that the change from 7 to 8 periods gave them seemingly longer days. "To step on or not to step on" became the question as students noticed the new "A" in the main lobby. Students became numbers and cards as the IBM system efficiently catalogued everyone. . .V It .... s are f H 1' labovej The giant "A" in Alleman's main lobby symbolizes different ideas to different people - academics, activity, attitudes, achievement - cmd to some "antrance." Cabove leftj Sister Eucharista and her third period Latin class get acquainted fleftj as Father Gildner and aides prepare for the annual rush on the supply store. vw-wh' sf fabovel No Pat Logan didn't lose a contact lens, he found a penny and found himself pushing it across the floor at the Welcome Frosh Dance. Class ol '67 Largest Ever This year's 362 member frosh class was the first to benefit from a reorganized Freshman Representative Committee. Emphasizing par- liamentary procedure, the representatives gave instructions each Wfednesday to prepare The freshmen for their role in student government- Meinbers of the committee were, l. to r., Linda Engels, Peggy O'Neill, Sally Negro, Pam Brady, Barb Robinson Mike Petersmith, Liz Stein - it hauser, Dave Sodac, Nancy Neu, Donna Nagel and Candy iQ fi e Carroll. R X New rf 1' f .N 4 J- uf-gf:-qu, :Q s5,J1sr,,g 1 cg .gt I dv, Q Q- we . HOMEROOM lA - Sister Mary Loyola, O.S.B. row l f- Nancy Mueller, Peggy Lannan, Mary Kay Fecht, Mary Ovendem, Mary Ann Scl'1nell,l.oreHaLit1ig, Diane DeCausen1oker. row 2 fe Jay Wyffels, Gary Brand, Joe VanHoe, Fred Rodts, David Fyfe, Mike Valley, Duane White. row 3 Jeff Schmilz, Roger Lavery, Pa? Arnold, Tom Barnett, Craig VandeMorlell, Don Koster, Pat Clark, Steve Kehoe, row 4 Bill Folk, Linda Schoubroeclc, Linda Young, Joellen Harris, Janet Gang, Janet Hood, Donna Longueville, Sherrie Sleclsel. row 5 - Bill McMillin, John Viren, Janice Vollenweider, Linda Van Opdorp, Torn Geniignoni, Sandy Glaudel, Mary Ellen Nugent, Larry Leahy, John Sundeen lll 'yer 1 s I -Q- r HOMEROOM 1B - Mr. john Cahill row l'OW l'0W YOW YOW Mileen Murphy, Angela Fifield, Linda Schnoebelen, Mary Ellen Viren, Kathy DeGrande, Connie Parkinson, Mary Kay Often Tim Schmeckel, Steve Evans, Mike Finch, Dan Montez, Wayne Vallentine, John McManus, Joe Smith, Jim Schmitz. Julie Van Lancker, Susanne Friedman, Debbie Deel, Maurine Engels, Suzanne Etzel, Jeanine DeBoever, Pat Voss, Judy DeSmet. Jeff MacCall, Mike Terry, Eugene Jones, Terry Breitbach, Mike Johnson, John Sutherland, Greg Sharp. Donald Huffman, John Wright, Bob Aring, Steve Bruyntiens, Mike Fackeldey, Charles VandeVoorde, Tom DeVaney. HOMEROOM lC - Sister Mary Hilaire, B.V.M. TCW YOW TCW TCW TOW Gayl Eng, Jean Davies, Susan Fangman, Margaret Harper, Jean Vensel, Vicki McDonald, Maureen Moseley. Jim Ege, Steve Rolls, Ed Meyer, Phillip Block, Thomas Freund, Mark Nilsson, Gary Schmitt. Cheryl Donahue, Pauline Deisenroth, Rose Reedy, Jill Nyquist, Becky Rodems, Nancy Vandekerckhove, Mike Hughes. Mike Schlindwein, Dee Sturnphy, Kathy Esker, Janice Ebel, Pat Sisk, Kathy Brewers, Greg Boulion. Joe Arnold, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Jae Pollentier, Steve Verstraet, Dick Lootens, Matthew Speltz, Gary Stimpson, ll E14 9 HOMEROOM ID - Miss Audrey McGregor YOW FOW I'OW TCW TOW Nancy Vancura, Kathi Burns, Robert Lehne, Tom Aubry, Pat King, Sue Leherer, Cathy Harmening. Allyn VanDeCasteele, .loan Buban, Lucy Rita, Mary Doran, Kathleen Lueclers, Mary Kay Paskvan, Eileen Ehlers, Rudolph Rickartz, John Flaherty, Tim Nonnenmann, Larry Mistic, Steve Frances, Pat Schaubroeck, James Burke, Mike Ketner Mike Sleger, Theresa Ash, Susan Lerch, Peggy Dougherty, Katherine Rornanowski, Linda Ripperger, Chuck Mulkey. Gary Shaw, Bill Wilson, Mike Borgonjon, Jim Putman, Paul Kness, Darold Vanlele, Mike Southwoocl, Pete Duytschae-ver. HOMEROOM 1E - Sister Mariella, O.S.B. YOW row TOW FOW I'OW Anita Gomez, Lincla Christiansen, Jim Healy, Rudy Ramos, Steve Mills, Jackie Tarpy, Kathy VanAcker. Jim Carter, Mike Ryder, Orilio Nunez, Beverly Tcnlaga, Kay Buranek, Dallas Hoffman, Bob Mosier, Jim Dix. Jean Rowe, Kathy Philiponis, Dianna Regal, Mary Krone, Sandy Kessler, Judy Williams, Pat Bryson, Mike Fisher, Paul VanAsch, Ed Ripley, Dean Schroeder, Dick McGonigle, Dave Jarrin, Mike Edwards, Mike Gano. Doug Pouzar, Dick Egger, Lois Monstrey, Cathy Lievens, Shelugh Furgie, Janet Dasso, Mary Driscoll, Kathy Kale, Joe Woocl. 12 'Q' A l 'I 5 si v HOMEROOM us - Mr. William Galvin TOW TCW YOW TOW VOW Mary Hanegman, Mary Morales, Sally Blancke, Bill Ortman, Dolores Castillo, Judy Nessller, Mary Ann Rutsaort. Bob McDonald, Coleman Collins, John Herbert, Mike Conroy, Vance Eclmundson, Jerry Pollto. Marcia Florescu, Lisa Walzem, Chris DeWitte, June VanAltvorst, Kathy Harris, Maryann Brodell, Joanne Carpenter Mike Lang, Bill Coe, Patty Cappeart, Lynn Powers, Bennet Adlaf, Jim Lawson, Bruce Baldwin. Dennis Miner, Mike DeWitte, Mike DeVolder, Tom Hartman, Jim Sfrandlund, John Shumaker. wzgpawf rm ,K 53 TJ 7? if HOMEROOM IG - Sister Michael M2lfy', B.V.M. I'OW TOW l'0W YOW l'OW Mary Bauwens, Roger Haynes, Mary Bielfeldt, Dennis Quane, Pam DeVolcler, Tim DeJonghe, Barb Brozovich. Keith Schneckloth, Joe DeCosTer, Monroe Aubry, Jim Crowder, Jim Cosgrove, Don Colsyn, Scott Balcan. Mary Jane GeLande, Susan Kale, Marilyn Moseley, Linda Sacco, Lois Mersch, Peggy Vinecore, Barb Ehlers. Steve Parsons, Carol McCabe, Susan Tonn, Janice Poliak, Pat Hannon, Theresa Buranek, Doug Grudzinski, Ferd DeVoss, Charles Arnold, Lee Kimball, Mike Hartman, Bill Sprief, Bob Neville, Jerry Fox. 15 TOW I'OW I'OW TOW YOW -:ki ily -H ima . iw , i ' lil wh' ,, K KG k 9, -3 Qy pm we as-1 .- HOMEROOM IH - Mr. David Kuff Sharon DePaepe, Marsha Goldsberry, Jim Conwell, Mike Penny, Kent Hungerford, Pat Kopp, Erika Bily, Mary Ann DeMeyer. Helen Michels, Mary O'Hern, Deborah Dowdal, Deborah Humphreys, Theresa Layer, Donna Schaner, Sally Barton. Steve Ehlers, Kathleen Sweeney, Phil Hare, Barbara Avila, Kathy Arnett, Janet Johnson, Vicki Podlashes, Debra Talik. Greg Dauw, Mike Rogers, Pat Norton, David DeMuynck, Torn Spielman, Steve Torneoy, Joe Negro. Sam Moreno, Jeff Wolever, Dave Rimkus, Nick Maro, Mike Blondell. fkf f gg ii we f S A. r J -me S ,,.t is Yes, Q1 , g v- . i K , K , 'au 4, 53 sag, 1 ' r .W . -is v- , A in- V ' A ii 4, R yn S- V, fig: 4 'W " 3 in 'iii fy gi 4 lg' HOMEROOM 11 - Sister Mary Madeline, O.S.B. row Pat Fetes, Catherine Jacques, Mary Beth Aring, Joyce Wille, Charlotte Aubry, Kathy VandeVoorde, Judy row Dan Camper, Frank DeCastecker, Mike Nicholson, John Bates, Ross Hall, Rodney Lenger, Joe VqnBunnen, row Margaret Cornelis, Mary Stehle, Brenda Williams, Kathryn Krueger, Margaret O'Brien Susan Rossati Susan YOW TCW Fred Carlson, Bruce Boyd, James Swinburn, Bill Marchese Dave Rogers Bill Gustafsbn Jerr Cox,, , , , y Mark Williams, Mike DeGeeter, Steve Smith, Pat DeMay, Pat VanBruwaene, Ed DeJaegher, Tom Schneider 14 as L., Noppe. Spring. think My K and at 1. ll HOMEROOM IK - Sister Mary Virgina, Cf.H.M. row l f Joe Kelly, Deon Blciclel, Don Meyer, Terry Bender, Mike Gengler, Don Bosold, Tom Feliksiolc. row 2 Mcirie Steirwhciuser, Shelley Phelps, Ncxnette DeCoster, Sheilo Kennedy, Ann Miller, Ccirol Vyncke, Frances DeVilder, row 3 -- Dori Sprint, Tom Slecxd, Mike Zmudo, Don Grchczn, Mike Lencxghczn, Joe Anterein, Dcivid Gannon. row 4 - - Jane Spronger, Karen Buchmeyer, Judy Golz, Maureen Roth, Barb Morford, Chris Fenguson,Jc1nis Shippey. row 5 - Pot Logcin, John Cochuyf, Tom Laing, Mike Welch, Bill Scigon. Missing for homeroom pictures were the following: HOMEROOM I-I2 Congratiiliitcs Allcinzin i l on its Piftepntlt Annivcrsgiry ' l XVc'1l Bc Rising In Fame iinil Fortuna l from HOMEROOM I F Sharon Krush, Vero Metccllf, Tim Moron, Jane Pouwels, Hugh Reilly, Shoron Von Winkle, Chris Wienond, Freshmen enthusiastically joined their representatives in constructing their floot "Strike the Bruins." Cczbovej Dove Sodcic supervises the work. 15 RETREAT . Q ef si. Q Ti Q 151 .5 5 RE TREA T - QF - L M f L: 3-at f 3 fy iggge- ,Mfw wwf--'. M Y f - f 1' 1' A time to withdraw from the complexities of life . . 16 if 5 5 . as E 1 2 f 3 fb , . :ig u . . W ,x , il A e 5 W. Q ' ' 4 1-Niue K 3: . " 2 Q and live with God. This is the time for thinking reading and prayer. This yearys retreat was Conducted by Fathers Richard Means and Edward Buttgen on No- vember 4 - 8. WM,,,..+-W Promise of Things to Come . . . This yearls Sophomore class has shown prom- ise. Promise of what? Well, many things. Scholastic-wise they are coming into their own. A survey after the first semester has shown eleven students on the Principal's listg fifteen attaining first honorsg and forty-eight rating second honors. Their class spirit was evident in their many activities. To start the year off they completed their homecoming float in record time. Election campaign brought out their interest and en- thusiasm in the affairs of the Student Govern- ment. The highlight for the Sophomores was their class assembly. Combining talent and ingenuity, they performed like semi-pros. Group numbers, G- -M and male participation again displayed their 1 spirit and willingness to succeed. All signs tend to point in one direction - next year's j'unior class will be well adjusted and prepared to take on the responsibilities of H H I upperclassmen. Stop! Teacher brings order out of chaos throughout the sopho- more assembly. J .,i. , . - page ,, .J -we' i fgq Trigg 51 r fi. - -- -2413.-is N-,liar . . rf fm me gg, ,r A . T, J ,vigor , ,,,mg,t.' f ' V ,f "U" A L . Reflecting the affluence of their class are sophomore representatives and their M.G. They are seated Rose- ann Lee, secy.-treas., Henry Kacprzyk, vice-president, and Harlan Agnew, president, and standing, John Schul- ler, Rose Viviani, Mary Kay Hendricks, Jackie Evanoff, Willey Mack, Mary Sue Carroll, Jean Wiseley, Marcia Phillips, Joyce Thornton and Jennifer McKenzie. l8 New-1, J ,5 ra is 90 uw HOMEROOM 2A - Sister Mary Thomas Rita, B.V.M. row l - Ruth VanVooren, Sharryn DeVooght, Vicki Stoes, Jane Hitchcock, Linda Schaecher, Marcia Buckley, Linda Hender. row 2 - Cheryl Roudebush, Elizabeth Dunavin, Mary Ann Arnett, Tony Moreno, Marcia Czerwinski, Dianne Stimpson, Donna Jeskie. row 3 - Mike Moore, Janice Scxller, Pam Michels, Melinda Schmitz, Margaret McMillin, Kathy Chinn, Pete Kauzlorich. row 4 - Henry Kacprzyk, Kenny Jaeke, Steve Esker, Jeff Clough, John Schuller, John Babcock, Jim Drish. row 5 - Jim Mizeur, Harlan Agnew, Randy Saelens, Bruce Adams, Dave Mellot, Steve Quilty, Doug Snyder, Walt DePoorter, Tony Vallelo HOMEROOM 2B - Sister Mary Manuel, B.V.lVI. row 'l - Sue Schaecher, Elaine Spalding, Rose Viviani, Barb Heckenkamp, Vicki Menster, Sharon Hoffman, Carol Schneckloth. row 2 - Joe Hansen, Jim Fairman, Terry Bender, John Ropella, Tam Kasenberg, Lauri Bauwens, Dove Martin, Larry VanErt. row 3 - Rose Domyancich, Susan Reeves, Diane Brozovich, Judy Lannoo, Mary Core, Carole Ehlers, Mary Strobbe. row 4 - Paul Nilsson, Jack Spring, Jim Gillman, Kathy Barth, Peggy Kargyl, Tom DeSmet, Larry Mortier. row 5 - Pat Versluis, Phil Colgan, Rod Saelens, Art Ries, Paul Sansale, Dave Kehoe, 19 'mtv Q, , ,,. 1.9 K 4.1-.,fgf: -'1fse,,f4. K as Jive! 1 A',. 4 QF HOMEROOM 2C -W Sister Mary Scholzisticu, O.S.B. row Regina Wilson, Janette Daffara, Marianne Bender, Judy Stehn, Sue Cummins, Karen Hoglund, Mary Sims. l'CW I'0W YOW FOW Bill DePauw, Mike Gilmore, Jim Vile, Jim Fetes, Frank Benac, Mike Smith, Mike Schaubroeck. Jackie Fenner, Mary Lesthaeghe, Mary Ann Wright, Jackie Evanoft, Rose Johannes, Susan Staes, Peggy Miner. Andrea Casillas, Mary Phares, Kathy Johnson, Judy Kimbel, Barb Winterscheid, Charles DeWitte. Walt Carlin, Gary VanCollie, Mike Mortier, Bill Kelly, Wayne Minor, Mike Tvarkunas, Ned Lavell, YHNR HOMEROOM 2D -W Sister Mary Luurcnc, O.S.F. I'0W TOW TOW TCW I'0W Kathy Stock, Mary Talik, Patricia Lehan, Angela Bielefeidt, Jean Murray, Georgene Laurin, Susan DeDoncker. Tom Krol, Rich Hoppe, Irving Bruyntiens, Steve Schatteman, John Esser, Mike Grossell, Gary Nowak, Jim Wilson. Julie Cantrell, Patricia Nunez, Mary Southwood, Sue Goethals, Bev Anderson, Lynda Regal, Diane DeBruyckere. Marcia Phillips, Rita Jones, Ann Holschlag, Barb Crossman, Mary Wilson, Judy Winterscheid, Bill Kenny, Mario Leone, Norm Slead, Todd Crompton, Phil Nonnenman, Dan Campana, Ron Tacey, Dick Wyffels. 20 M 0- fiz w- Q, HOMEROOM 2E - Mr. Thomas Shilgzilis YOW row l'OW YOW I'OW Sharon Tacey, Pat Kelly, Nellie Cash, Linda VanI.erberghe, Jeanette Nicholson, Sandy Haffner, Shari Aversing. Rudy Hernandez, Bob Campana, John Wilson, David Heim, Joe Murphy, Larry Larson, Jeff Perez. Sharon Kepple, Ann TeBockhorst, Jeanene Ruff, Ann Bosold, Rosalie DeCoster, Sue Dalton, Suzanne DeWiIde. Linda Glaudel, Nancy Dobereiner, Susan Balkan, Denise Liehsing, Mary Carroll, Nancy Burmingham. Mark Friedman, Pat Cunningham, Ron Staes, Gary VanZeIe, Dick Carlsten, Bill Weber, Fred Mariin, Mike VanWieI, Organization and efficiency combined to give the sophomores the distinction of being the first class to finish decorating its float, "Like Bede 1En1.!1 C011g1z1!fffuIiw1,i lo Mm Chu of '64 ALIVIQUIST BROTHERS Furniture anal Appliances I 804 V Iorli Avenue, Iiiist Moline O I Compfjm wifi' I VANS LAUNDROIVIAT I ZHIII - l3ni Avciiuu. Moline Sophomore Homeroom Alternotes 1963-1964 QA MELINDA SCHMITZ 2B no aiternate 3C CHARLES DeWITTE QD GARY NOWAK 2E SUE BALKAN QF BETTY BROMLEY 2G DENNIS COLLINS ZH CHRIS POLITO 2.1 GERI CONWAY 2K KAY CORNELIS HOMEROOM 2F - Sister Mary St. Theresa, B.V.M. row I - Regina Cassini, Joyce Thornton, Patsy Lauer, Cindy Maggi, Barbara Bracke, Gloria Griffin, Pat Newlin. row 2 - Frank Cincola, Paul Castillo, Galen Starkweather, Ed Nessler, Pat Bowden, Bob Winter, John Leahy. row 3 - Betty Bromley, Linda Leonard, Sue Thompson, Sue DeWitte, Jane Woeber, Diane DeDoncker, Joann Dasso, Stephanie Sirneones. row 4 - Jeff Winter, Steve Malone, Rose Ann Lee, Louise Meirsonne, Mike Shortall, Tom Cornelis, Steve Nelson. Missing for homeroom pictures were the following: Mary Kay Baker, Lowell Kingsbury, Cecilia Klauer, Alein Maybeien, Steve Metcalf, Tom Moran, Rickey Mosko- witz. www ,lk 'S , if Above, the sophomores prepared their assembly under V- nf-P ' ' the direction of Father Hugh Robbins. Above right, Mr. 3 Shilgalis served as the sophomore class advisor this year. ' " 966m r if- L 5 1966" , 'UZ 22 , , 'le HOMEROOM 2G - Sister Mary Roselina, B.V.M. row - Sharon Clark, Barbara Morgan, Pam Triebel, Cynthia Terroz, Kathy Fisher, Jenifer McKenzie, Diane Pitsch. TOW TOW TCW TCW Larry Peterson, Mike Lahue, Jim Wille, Paul Bleuer, Mike Crowder, Dennis Collins. Beverly Carman, Mary Thornton, Marilyn Admundsen, Jean Perschek, Sheryll Gusse, Kathy Hurley, Cheryl LeVcun. Ralph Bustos, Henry Kowalik, John Ruud, Joyce Norman, Kathy Huber, Marcella Mahieu, Steve Lusson, Harry Reeder. Torn DeWitte, Guy Covemaker, Bob Norton, Bruce Marlier, Chuck Porernba. HRK tt -WA- HOMEROOM ZH - Sister Mary Antoinette, O.S.B. TCW TOW TOW TOW TOW Kristine VanHecke, Chris Polite, Janice Jennings, Kathy Pollard, Maureen Cross, Lynn Verplaetse, Michelle Egger. Mike Pavich, Bill Martens, Willy Mack, Jay Flaherty, Tom Carr, Jim Dowseftt, Augie Perry. Lucille Posateri, Cindy VanHecke, Cathy Hulsbrink, Kathi Noob, Bonnie Sanders, Donna Odendahl, Martha Nelson. Bob Plasschaert, Cheryl DeWulf, Nancy Grenka, Bonnie Stout, Ray Anderson, Lloyd Stenger, Chris Smith. Tom VanderVoorde, Tom Oberg, Mike Grchan, Steve' Dauw, Tim DeRoo. 23 Y. - . rf 7' , ,V Q, " war - ' ff 39 3 HOMEROOM Zj - Sister Anna YOW FOW FOW TOW 'I - Kathy Flynn, Judy Raney, Sandy 2 - 3 - Vicki Bartel, Dawn Hansen, Jean 4 - Jim DeLoose, John Polaschek, John Maria, B.V.M. Flores, Cheryl Hungerford, Linda Ketner,.Susan Harris, Theresa McClellan. Mike Andrews, Dennis Dougherty, Ed DeClercq, Fred Wendi, Jim Gustafson, Steve Sonneville, Greg Terry, Loren Litterst, Wisley, Linda Roelens, Marcia Diedrick, Geraldine Conway, Vicki Willey. Lannan, James Arnold, Larry Foehrkolb, Steve Eagles, Mark McLaughlin, Bill Pysson. QBPLR GMO It took many hours of rehearsal to coordinate the action of Mis- 'K That color is essential to the mood of a production was beautifully demonstrated in the sophomore assembly "Blue Tango." Whether it was the happy "Mississippi Mudn sissi 5 MUd- P t . ,, . . pp inf! ,.., or the breath-taking King and I" trilogy, each rlr , 'W 4,92 in K number was enhanced by the mood co-ordina- ,, ,bl-:N t . . ff Q. - . B L, . I ' " fp - r -J--,il r tion of color and music. .15-It Q, ' 'rn , , . h , , , . . Q , egg. ,ah , T e total effect was an entertaining flow . , ' , I 2 ,Y H: 1 E- . mi f, 5 J- 'S X of comedy, song and dance. -' , ' W . f ns. 1 f gg ' 3 s 53 1 .1 s Q r f 1 . er . 7 , ' , t,, ps s., 1 A Spot Family Rc'6f'6cfliOI2 BOXVLADROME 5050 - Tth Avenue Rock Island 386-i105 o HARRAHS PURE LAKES ,, Szzim in llYyiIf6'1A ., Fif 'lin Drink NA Blue Grass Rd., Davenport, lowai Siamese dancers are ll, to r.j Rose Viviani, Judy Stehn, Sharryn Devooghtl Sgndy Hafner, Terry King, and Chris Polito. 24 E 1 ' A-use i s-4 C .eiikzm .,,,. .,JA-s.,, U. . i, W. , , ,fear , H ,. aaa, sz 'Q' Q n ga is rv- -,-- Y .Q A wi 1 sw . .J , ' M - - 2 - sg J , I I K J I 4 .. , ,A,. i, Q f mg uf is ,. .. , J 1 ' 2 J Q J ,M HOMEROOM 2K - Mr. Herman Miskowicz row l - Betty Sereg, Margo Gard, Terry King, Susan Ryder, Mary Sparacio, Carmen MacFarlancl, Regina Williams. row 2 - Steve Huffman, Jim Quaintance, Joe VanVooren, Ed Ramos, Louie Montez, Gary Gallens, Mike Dougherty, Ron Stritesky. row 3 - Ann Dix, Jean VanAltvorst, Mary Fenimore, Janet Jensen, Peggy VanHoe, Kathy Payne, Kay Cornelis. row 4 - Mike McNulty, Joe DeGreve, Dave DeSchepper, Linda Bein, Mary Kay Hendricks, Donna Neary, Mary Price, Jim Carr. row 5 - Dick Schroeder, Bill Albrachf, Tom Rasmussen, Harry Hansen, Congrutlzlatiam' to the Gradmztei CENTRAL BOWL -1500 Blackhawk Road, Rock Island o C!17llf7Zi77ZE7ll.t' of FLYNN BEVERAGE COMPANY 4600 Blackhawk Rd, Rock Island-Phone 786-5411 .sg ,.,, ,. Q Lam., Dancing and singing showed the talent of members ofthe sopho more class in their assembly "Blue Tango." ll. to r.l,Parn Triebe and Harlan Agnew, Galen Starkweather and Cindy Maggi Kathy Pollard and Theresa McClellan, Joyce Thornton, Marilyn Amundsen and Linda Glaudel. STUDY 4.5 I-IALL ,xi W c , 5 7- f. ' U , A it f Y me l if 4! Bored with study? If you've had it, try the favorite pastime of little Wifi' old grandmothers and bored girls - knit. Although Paul Castillo labovel finds he needs the time to study, Gail Harper frightl finds the time perfect to "knit and purl." i Knitting doesn't appeal? Then find excitement and adventure in the attendance office. Enioy life, trace a truant. fabovej Margo Mclntosh checks out the attendance lists. Sylvia Jesuit fleftb finds her time best spent in the traditional way. gm- 26 gps- I There are many ways to spend a study hall. By far the most common is to settle down and do the homework you should have finished the night before. At Alleman there are other means of passing this assigned hour if the student has a decent grade average, good character and a desire to help others. This year at A.H.S. 99 girls and boys volunteered study hours to serve on switchboard, in the attendance office, in lost and found, with the Visual Aids de- partment, and in the library. af "Hm, it looks like she's doing Physics and l thought we didn't have an assignment." Carmen Marchese finds study hall very informative. "Z Z Z Z z z z z z" There are times when the night before catches up with the day atter, and eyelids droop, heads bow and Allemanites iourney to the land of Nod, 27 In order of preference, the following is a summary of how Alleman students spent their study halls this year. l. Studying 2. Sleeping 3. Volunteer service 4. Reading 5. Writing letters 6. Sewing Cespecially around assembly timej 7. Knitting 8. Miscellaneous .gf "Eeny meeny miney mo, to which college will I go" Terry Payne finds that study hall is a good time to use the library's college catalogue. "Good afternoon, Alleman High School" Diane Smith is one of the girls who mann the switchboard during school hours. Float, Play, Class of '65 Activities Junior Homeroom Alternates 1963-1964 3A JEFF BLACKWELL 3B CELIA CORNELIS 3C BILL MARSOUN 3D IRENE ELDER 3E JUDY LAMBERT 3F DAN MINER 3G JIM DAXON 3H GARY ROWE 3J SUSAN HEIM 3K ANN BURGMEIER The class of '65 once again broke all prec- edents by presenting a play in place of the tradi- tional class assembly. "The Ticket of Leave Manf' a melo-drama, exhibited both individual talent, and class participation. Under the leadership of Father Calkins, their faculty advisor, the juniors constructed the winning Homecoming float. In student government, the juniors once again proved themselves. Besides taking care of the business in their own class, the juniors watched over freshman proceedings. They in- structed future officer holders as to their duties, and prepared them to take over. After three years of being underclassmen, the juniors can now look forward to being the top men on the totem pole. Next year should prove interesting. Finishing the year with a bang is the iunior class council. Front fl. To r.D Gail Hoffman, Kathy Lootens Sue Sunderland, Jerry Kelly, and Rich Patrei. On the cannon Jerry Logan, Dan Fefes, Barb Murrin, Joe Lacaese Roberta Humbersione, Jim Goethals, Bonnie Claeys and Dick Farrell. 28 1' Va. Uk-551 vw mn HOMEROOM SA - Mr. Gene Henze FOW I'OW l'OW l'OW l'0W Linda Moss, Phyllis Schwartz, Margaret Knupp, Barbara Robinson, Kathy DeWispelaere, Candy Carroll, Janis Normoyle. Mike Meyer, Bill MacDonald, John Liske, Lenny Heydeman, John Walsh, Steve Reyes, Orville Fargo. Barbara Carton, Judy Tank, Kathy Sonneville, Margaret Dunavin, Theresa Ceurvorst, Elizabeth Steinhauser, Dorothy Dougherty. John Vercourtere, Greg MacCall, Jack Strandlund, Marilyn Hancq, Frances Pierce, Tom Flaherty, Steve Circello, Jeff Blackwell. Dick Farrell, Dave Sodac, Greg Lenaghan. qs 'Rakf le HOMEROOM 5B - Father Earl Calkins TCW l'OW FOW row TOW Ann Tarpy, Debbie Starkweather, Barb Heiman, Mary Johannes, Carolyn Faoro, Peggy O'Neill, Sharon Fisher. Larry Loftquist, Dennis Maenhout, Pat Colgan, Ron Camper, Chuck Gleason, Dave Just. ' U I I Chris Duyveionck, Connie Osbourne, Debbie Dowdal, Eileen Desherow, Maureen'Romont, Louise Harris, Vicki Phelps. Bonnie Claeys, Regina Trant, Lura Barret, Mary Kay Lauer, Margaret Jones, Cecilia Cornelis. v Mike Brodell, Alan Freece, John Amoni, Tom Tady, Dennis Kaesbauer, Dan Thornbloom, Pat Loeffler, Lenny Leppo, Mike N0nner1r'r1C1r1. 29 -'ai W , - . a t-, . H ,, U , .1 . I U . ,,- y V E?,J l V , w 5' ff . 9 ku if X g A 2 ' 1' ' , .A p .1 'Uv' . of lx u 1 1 2, 4 t , X ., 8 K. N 2 1 PM xx I . 'RU' , A155 ii- mp- .mag HOMEROOM SC - Mrs. janet Van Heule row l f Suzanne Mueck, Vicki Saiak, Jan Rumler, Mary Ann Leuck, Elaine Thompson, Kathy Eechaute, Santha Frances. row 2 - Mike Petersmith, Tom Hennessey, Steve Conwell, Mike VandeVelde, Mike Mowder, Tom Bull. row 3 f Linda Engels, Charlotte Flake, Mary Ann Davis, Becky Coussens, Rita Kitt, Linda Wussenhove, Carol Rosemiller. row 4 - John Thornbloom, Steve Deffastecker, Mike DeSchinckel, Mary Ann Sweeney, Jim Golz, Steve Baltzell. row 5 Y Jim Goethals, Bill Marsoun, Pat O'Brien, Dennis Blondell, Frank Ovenclen. X SGW mp K , W 415155 3... ,M , axe Missing for the homeroom pictures were the following: Steve Grchan, Nancy Neu, Nadine Williams. .. in. 2 5. J, Q . yt, if ,g..fgt11-. K I Q 4 15. , 1' 1.5 Half the fun of having a first place float is building it. Cabovej The Rock Island Armory was the scene as the iuniors built and stuffed their float Crightl "Somethin's Brewin'." 50 CLASS OF '65 1 . xii HO YOW FOW l'OW YOW www it W i,,,r,.1,a.. X '-1' ,lm Y w an ,X N W yflis-SRVM ,SM be gquwwf 7' 2' .. ' ' 5- 1,27 '31,-' 5-lia,fg35sjff Q 0 el' 1 Q, , K V , A Qu t V we Q Q .3592 ,af p Q.. X MEROOM SD -- Sister Mary Florence, O.S.B. 1 - Pam Hennessey Barb Talik, Julie Johnson, Brenda Summers, Donna Nagel, Kathy Lootens, Kathy Vensel, 2 - Bm Edmonds Cggfy Gugse, Sam Scott, Tom Hclwotte, Greg Hendricks, Dave Coene, Travis Brown. 3 - Diane Saelenls Barb Kline, Jan Ehlers, Judy Gang, Freda Rosemiller, Monique Covemaker, Irene Elder. 4 H Dun Fines Chfris Vonmuwel Mike Brewers, Lois Geiger, Jim Hawkins, Rodney Hirst, Steve Reeves. ole HOMEROOM 3E - Miss Rita Miller row l - Mary Cummins, Sue Molinelli, Amelia Posateri, Carole Fetzner, Kayleen Hein-iann, Maria Trejo, Mary Ann Lueders. row 2 i Sandy Murphy, Helen Byrne, Rita Gierlus, Judy Montgomery, Lucille Woodard, Judy Schcitterman, Jan Sisk. row 3 v Kathy Tonn, Kathy Kropp, Ron Segura, Marce Palos, Jack Garrison, Connie Schaefer, Judy Lambert, Maryann Breda row 4 - Bill Healy, Larry Fetes, Pete Colehour, Dick VandeWaIle, Mike Cole, Bob Bustos, Craig Ireland. row 5 - Dick Rodts, Wayne Rotenberry, Tim Meier, Kent Herbert, Greg Witte. 51 :Ns Lv Q.. , , M, HOMEROOM 3F - Sister Mary Bernice, O.S.F. row 'I - Pam Selhost, Jackie Krause, Joan Tumlin, Kathy Ross, Rosellen Moseley, Judy Vinecore, Mary Lou Lehnerer. row 2 - Diane Dailing, Dolores Caholan, Carmen Castillo, Pat Jacques, Julie Jeffers, Susan Mahieu, Toni Mosley. row 3 - Dan Miner, John Cecil, Gary Dyar, Mariette Van Lancker, Carla Cantrell, Kathy Wangeline, Larry Holgafe, Stan Arnold. row 4 - Sam Ryckaert, Terry Carlson, Joe lacaeyse, Phillip Slawson, Booker Walker, Butch Collins, Bob Jackson. row 5 - Paul Coppens, John Soeder, Jack Grant, Terry Moran. The Ticket ol Leave Man 5 5 5 A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K "Irs Wharis Up Front Thur Counts" HOMEROOM SA Chris Duyveionck, victim of two amateur hairdressers, Mary Ann Sweeney and Carla Cantrell, gazes uncertainly into the mirror, while fabove rightj Kathy Tonn, heroine of the melodrama, nervously applies her make-up. ' 3E's A Real Thriller Thanks to Miss Miller 32 J yr, Z , W J i. il -if-r if We .151 MN HCJMIZROOM 5G 1 Mr. Philip Sailer row row I'OW YOW FDW f Carolyn DePauw, Mary Ann VanderGinst, Mary Walheim, Cecilia Olvera, Marita VanVooren Christine Marzetta Carol Hitchcock f lla Rae Kessler, Helen Kehoe, Janis Lemon, Sue Viviani, Lilian Hurtado, Barb Murrm Janus Christensen f Jim Daxon, Jim Summers, Mike Hahn, Diane Smith, Jerry Johnson, Ken Darras, Joe Henseler f Bob Rockwell, Steve Ryckaert, Mike Cross, Larry DeWitte, Larry Ochs, Torn Sable -- Rich Patrei, Torn Cobert, Tim Rodems, Dave Watts, Steve Spring. behind the scenes R, Cabove rightj Looking at home in their bartender roles are Cl. to r.D John Thornbloom, Bob Jackson, Bob Schaecher and Dick Farrell. Cabovej Mary Ann DeWilcle wonders what they did without zippers in the old days as the girls prepare for the assembly. 5 5 'WLYI -up 'Yann HOMEROOM SH - Mrs. Jessie Frederick fOW VOW YOW row Marlene Michels, Sandy Ortiz, Gail Hoffman, Lucille Mauch, Jane Sales, Chris Egger, Peggy Lenaghan. Mary Zarnl, Mary Kay Malaya, Mary Naugle, Linda DeGrande, Janis Walzem, Barb Taylor, Mary Ann DeWilde, Marcia McLaughlin, Tim Kasielic, Tony Pauwels, Gary Rowe, John Wille, Brian Hall, Larry Johnson, Dick Hughes. Dick DeCapp, Larry DeBoo, Dan Schaecher, Gary Overclier, John Barneti, Marty Dauw, Tom Cunningham, John Strupp, Steve Spanich, Y 1 as 1 We 5 we Zum .nm fm+'f xi' ,.,. 'L S .au arf? i EW. HOMEROOM SJ - Sister Mary Kenneth, B.V.M. FOW TCW TOW YOW Kathy Thorpe, Carol Anderson, Suzeite Ponseiro, Phoebe Block, Roseann Posaferi, Mary Jane Carmack, Wanda Miller, Barb Buranek, Sue Heim, Sue Sfeckel, Virginia Mehall, Margo Mclntosh, Roberla Hurnberslone, Mary Ann Minor. Rick Viren, Dan Theus, Dan Turf, Becky Carmack, John Davies, Bob Schaecher, Jerry Logan. Tim Cumberwodh, James DeLiIle, Mike Kerckhove, Jerry Klaffke, Ed Kiely, Henry Sundeen. 54 as f.,Q wwf 3' ig! . .. ' , "' 1 ' - ', Q Q f ., - 'A 2' " 1 if ... -ef, fe , . 7 .glial 'W . si qt, - ,.f"T,.,s.,. .W X ya- I . K, , r.4gz.1.: mffw' ' fi I Q, A- f Q- 1, ri, -, - - sa.. ,. . ,N .,Q, -W . .. , I , .Y , ' . - N ----J J- 4 . if 'R Qi W. N li . 'l . K A i. ,f-. V M V . 1 A ,Q Q M ,.. .F . , Q s 'P' - r- ,M . pg. .l"'w5A ui ' uv Q-' ' 1 n- 7,3 l 'Cn Y , 7' N ,Q Ol, K K : - , -V ,-uf, , 1 X 6- 'ffl .. i y . fo Q, 6 .1 E, Q .ar- HOMEROOM SK -- Mr. Donald Capes IOW YOW YOW FOW YOW - Sue Johnson, Sandy Carr, Virginia Glaub, Mary Ann Reyes, Gloria Green, Nancy Fangmann, Mary Ryan. - Barb Clouw, Sally Negro, Pam Brady, Don Welch, Joyce Loele, Ann Burgmeier, Evelyn Moseley, - Larry Koteski, Vic Endress, Linda Baldwin, Sue Sunderland, Karen DeWulf, John Fowler. - Greg Marlin, Tom Gilmore, Bob Vallejo, Donna Hurley, Sharon Rofenberry, Denny Schlindwein, Monie Hines, - Dennis Barron, Jim VanVooren, Mike Kargyl, Mike Durr, Phil Schwartz, Duane Beclchart. Ill! SALUTATIONS to the CLASS of 'G-'l HOMEROOM .shy "But Father, you said to sit down slowly." Mary Jane Carmack follows directions of Father Earl Calkins, class advisor, during 4 rehearsals for the iunior assembly. ,P 4 5' HOMEROOM 3K 55 il 1... ,M I , 3 ,511 gs 4 55,1 classes 3 7 The Alleman Noon Lunch period arrives at last! Hungry students rush to the cafeteria or lunch rooms to refuel after a grueling morning of classes. Recreation in the form of ping pong or conversations about sur- prise tests, which aren't surprises to the afternoon classes, marks the time be- tween lunch and homeroom. Q 2 Ls M1391-...,.,,hm Scene - Morning Arriving by foot, bus or car, Allemanites converge at our school between 6:30 and 8:29M. The ones who come early have a variety of places to converse, pray, play or study. After a visit to the student's locker one can attend Mass in the chapel, after which homework can be completed or one can have a last minute to cram for a test. The halls are usually crowded before school with a certain restlessness in the air. This increases as the 8:28 bell rings. Then Iohnny says so long to Susie and the halls are deserted as period l begins. And After School 2:45 - "Is it finally over?" sigh seniors and some priveleged juniors after a weary day of hard book-learnin'g a refreshing stop at the Supply Store uplifts upperclassmen before heading for work, practice or home. The stillness of 8th period is broken by the last bell and a rush of elated underclassmen fills the halls. "What do we have for homework?", is frequently heard among the shouts of joy that the day is finally over - over for everyone except the ones with fughh detentions! 58 3 0 0 it Rel'9'0f1 i S W E'2 ' ,,, is 'yy P Q 1' I1 9 S Cl i m b i 1' V ,- l 6 -Q i a 'I' C An awareness of the responsibilities in- . herent in an attempt at spiritual formation I X h gives pause for reflection. Above is Sr. e MlCl"lC19l MGVY, B.V.M. e Father Watson and Father Bader were one of the four sets of team teachers who S r taught religion classes this year. S W6 Religion classes always place a weight of responsibility on the shoulders of the teacher for the spiritual formation of students. Team teachers, an innovation this year, take advantage of the teaching abilities of many of the area's parish assistants, and at the same time relieves the pressure of too many classes from the full time faculty. is-cf f W 'E i V K M 4' 9 l ,. .. .,,. my -is - is ' i'i' i if l HARRB MZZA s in the rest of lite, all is not serious in religion classes - 5905 ' Mill AVCUUQ Rfffk lslaml demonstrated by Father Calkins and his camera shy Dial 7gg3-5,j.1g, niors. I Bran' llVi,fbef frmu MARIJN WHOl.ESAl,E El.ECTRlC lilo- Sul Avenue, Rock lsland 59 l e I ix--15:5 tx. V' 42 .Y,, l it ky f v 'ss f sssus B ls kig' i ,f - 'gig Art is a medium that appeals to the young and old. Seven-year-old Hans Van Heule, a frequent iih' visitor, enjoys himself nearly as much as his L older "classmates." :Y - Pi: , Z s,,g+s,:e,Asff -- . .... .,,,.,,,... f 5 . T - ' ' ' . Q A t V ,ti .,,i. ,IWW-MW-f .. t '-""".nL K rf- 9 , .Vyk K V all F.. are 5 X' m e i ..,.. V, .. 1 l , N , . e -We .. Frank Deflastaker, freshman, works on his giraffe as part of a unique art program. i 2 ii iiiixi 1 sg ,K .vip Tim Kargl, Sister Alexia and an assorted collection of art lovers worked diligently during the summer to finish the stained glass windows in the chapel. 40 t V li ,ff 1 in also ' R I3 A sf 1 . ' 43' ii in ,Z .fix aa ' ,Q a js, .Ag rr .J ,Ms , Q, .ty Joe Kotleba, Frannie Woeber, and Bob Jackson display their award-winning art pieces shown at the Rock Island County Town and Country Art Show, iunior division. Bob took two first places, Frannie had one first, and Joe had two pieces place second. Q ,ff -sim, S mn- 'L ' Sister Alexia points out details in a Byzantine Madonna form in colored ink by Bob Jackson l-lome Economics Examining some ofthe many articles in the Homemaking exhibit are Cl. to r.J Marian Garrison, Dianne Himbert, Pam McGonigle, Sue Mahieu, Debby Starkweather and Geraldine Griffin. I V,ri,A, W ' , li II, . 54. " we ff -A A -.f..- I GI lwissz Sister Roselina and her 7th period class gather to discuss the Home Economics exhibit. ln the fore- ground is a table showing many of the items on display. yy l G I y,y I E C... rw-s....WA, Gym Whether it was "'steal the bacon," leg lifts, sit-ups, or the trampoline, the girls found their gym classes varied this year. Complimenm of IDEAL MILLING COMPANY 1101-16th Avenue, East Moline Lawn Seeds Fertilizers Garden Seeds Dog Food Bird Feed O PIETCHERS ICE CREAM Truly Homemade Angel Cake and Specialiief 1729-30th Street, Rock Island - 788-6726 1 , t BAND FIRST PERIOD f Y ngzga a s if ' R' fi fx i n it wisp " . J! 3 l COII!jJZl7UL'11f,l wj I own I 1.1.1 N0 I S Gas and Electric Company ?s1sss- - -s....?.l stef? - 'fn --1 - is- , fic- " l t The band and mixed and girls' choruses under the direc- tion of Sister Madeline lead the students in singing yuletide favorites during the Christmas Assembly. ,JW One ot the most unusual activities of the chorus was their fall weiner roast. The Alleman sisters were guests. at Q Long hours of practice pay off for band and iancerette mem- bers as they perform, bathed in l at the A iff H S home CAbovej Members of Mrs. Van Heule's fifth per- iod French class gather around a replica of the famed Eiffel Tower. fBelowJ New to Allemon's faculty this year is French instructor Mrs. Janet Van Heule, a native of Belgium. Wi These students in Sister Anna Maria's Spanish class take advantage of the facilities in Alleman's lan- guage lab. HELEN 'S CHILDREN 'S WEAR Infants, Boys and Girls l-14, Subteens, Ladies Dresses, Sportswear 6-Z0 922 - 16th Avenue, East Moline I C0r1gnzt14lalior1.t to the Clan of 1964 MCHUGH PHARMACY 3822-lllth Avenue, Rock Island - 788-3821 A typical scene in Father Anderson's first period Latin class shows students discussing the translation for the day. Language Classes Languages always play a big part in the curriculum of a college-bound student and pupils at Alleman are no exceptions. The classical language, Latin, and the modern Romance langu- ages of Spanish and French are the three offered to Allemanites. Latin, which is taught by Rev. Edward Anderson and Sister Mary Eucharista, is offered all four years. The third and fourth year classes combine and a cycle course consisting of the writings of Cicero and Virgil is offered to them. Spanish is also taught all four years and students are aided in their study through the use of Allernanls Spanish lab. For the first time the Audio-Lingual Method CALMJ Spanish course was used at Alleman. This year French classes were turned over to Belgium-born Mrs. janet Van Heule, who formerly taught at St. Katherine's High School in Davenport. Three years of French are offered to Pioneers. 43 -pg..-nun Father Gild ner teaches sociology to his senior boys during third period. Social Sciences Jim' T-nl Mr. Philip Sailer teaches history to his sixth period history class. Sister Antoinette, senior girls' sociology teacher, instructs the girls about todciy's social problems. ,N ,W 8' -...R F a th e r O'Connor in- structs a senior sociology class as part ot the plan for a priest to teach once a week. COENES PLUMBING and HEATING 1354-15th Street, Moline - 764-8858 Remodeling, New Construction, Repairs Residential - Commercial VAN DE VOORDE JEWELERS "The Home of Qualify" 1511- 7th Street, East Moline A new course was introduced this year under the instruction of Mr. Donald Wooten. Due to Mr. Wooten's versatility, the class is one of the most enjoyed and talked about. y it M ' :" H it we l 5 . i K 1 wli, Xi lm . e j I eps, f sr' ll" , F Z-' R ' a Mr. Shilgalis explains an analytic geometry prob- lem to his first period class. I Sister Laurene, O.5.F., if .6 61 -Q ff -q Math Demonstrating the rule to an interested pu- pil is Mr. Kurt. slide Sister Kenneth, B.V.M., head of the math de- partment, carries a full schedule of SMSG class- es. JOES MIDWAY SERVICE Your Local Ciljer Service Dealer Dial 786-9115 0 Beit lVi5f9e.r ROCK RIVER PLUMBING 81 HEATING teaches geometry to an CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION er1l'l'1USlC1SllC sophomore Local Union No. 25 - Plumbers 84 Stcamfitcrs class. 45 W.- Whatis new in Alleman's world of science? BSCS for one thing. The Biological Scientists Curriculum Study is a new method for teaching biology employed at Alleman in the past year. It requires twice as much laboratory timeas the traditional course, placing emphasis on life at the molecular level. In the biology classes as a whole there has been far greater stress placed on experimentation and investigation rather than book work. In the field of chemistry a special course preparatory for nurses' training has been introduced. It contains much the same material in the line of elementary chem- istry as does the traditional. There is, however, an added emphasis on the biological aspects of chemistry. Conventional physics is a "used to bei' at Alleman. It has been replaced by Physical Science Study Committee materials, consisting of a four part text, laboratory manu- al and materials, and accompanying films. The number of teachers adopting this new method has increased from eight in 1957 to approximately 4,000 in 1963. " If Bert lWi.rhe,i TOBACCO 84 SPECIALTY CO. 2015 -4th Avenue, Rock Island Dial 788-0606 O Q ART mi jACK'S PACKAGE Gooos -H08 Bridge Lane. Moline ,Q-ft. This is physics class, need we say more? -l. to r. Don Anderson, Jim Hughes, Pat McManus. l ! Mr. Shilgalis fabovel demonstrates the wave machin to senior Jim Spranger in 3rd period physics. A vital part of the learning process is concentration. Sharon 46 Rotenberry Ccenterl observes closely as Sr. Jane Frances demon- Tom Gilmore, iunior performs a chemistry experi strates an experiment. I A M9 I Q ..-- The Hands of Science Kay Cornelis and Harlan - 1, MILAN STAINED GLASS STUDIO 555 Holmes Avcuuc, Milan, Illinois Repair iWork Om' Spefiaflri' loc gl. Dominic Phone 787-1205 Agnew trace radi oactive P-32 in plants with a geiger counter in G DEW biology experiment. i J f f as R, .di km 1 4238 , 'H ' xv ix Don Sliumaker, Dan Viren, Ralph Ramos and Ron Shumaker perform a lab exercise in physical science class. Sr. Kevin, O.S.B., demon- strates the fine art of frog cutting to sopho- more Joyce Thornton. 47 ' -its .gulf Maw ENGLISH ACTICDN F,,,..-er 'F Av' 1 Part of the training of English classes is speaking in front of an audience. Sophomore Mary Kay Baker shows the city layout of Stratford on Avon. Y' 1 ,- I 1 I Allemans representatives at the district speech meet gather to discuss their pieces. ll. to r.J Linda Maenhout, .lan DeRoo, Brian Ternoey Deanne South and Margaret Kerschieter. Missing was Liz Steinhauser ,ff psi is Bob Gemignani presents one of his assignments as Miss McGreg- or looks on. Mrs. Frederick teaches English to her fourth period junior class. 48 ln studying the influence of India on Kipling, Miss Miller's English class was interested in the points presented by Mr. Jerome Diniz, a native of that country. The Bank of Serricc' ROCK ISLAND BANK and TRUST COMPANY Rock Island, Illinois W I T 1 'Wi ws. at es 1 A er' Sister Virginia instructs girls in the art of taking dictation in Personal typing, semester course introduced this year, Shorlhond' Q provides proficient skill for college bound students. Good Lack from Is 8 W' ELECTRIC 223 -18th Street, Rock Island 786-2619 o Crnlgmlzzfalimtt lo the Cftm' of 1964 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of MOLINE 501 -15th Street, Moline '64-7431 Camilla Malfait and Alice Fultyn use the mimeograph in the business department. Instruction in practical arts is an important part of the curricu- lum at Alleman. Courses are offered in mechanical drawing, architectural drawing, shorthand, general business, transcription, personal typing, bookkeeping, and stenography. Mechanical drawing room is the scene of intense concentration. 49 A KQOQPWXQ YK 0 XS N Q BN' N U., Q ou W- 5 Q3 ,X I QA XX X CU n X -fxvfcbcf BQNQJNJ P GQ, S.,-M' activities Cleft to rightl HOMECOMING 1963 One Day Week-end Destroys Tradition Somehow Homecoming '65 seemed different. It was. A schedule mix-up neces- sitated rescheduling the times of traditional events. The week before disintegrated into a hectic marathon of float building and plan- ning for Saturday - the day of the parade, game, dance, and post-dance activities. There was no denying it, homecoming was in the air. Candidates smiled at everyone, platonic relationships took on new dimensions as the dance approached, teachers kept their patience with distinterested students and the time flew. Night after night students congregated at Consumerys, the Armory and Lohse's for fun, foolishness and occasional moments of work on the class floats. The climatic moment would be hard to pinpoint. For some it was the dance, for others the game and parade, but for all the assembly on Fri- day was one high point as Mike Ryan and jean Simmons were crowned king and queen of the festivities. THE CANDIDATES Senior girls, unwittingly bringing to mind a seated kickline, diligently fold napkins for their float. Mike Ryan John MCG-onigle Rich Parsons Mark Lampe Paul Leahy Jean Simmons Jan Shuda Judy Shuda Jan De Roo Kathy Cowden me 1-.s l N , ,.. ,F ' A Vu is jr Mis? labovel lf happiness were money, Queen Jean Simmons, shown during her coronation, would be a millionaire. Cabove leftl With concentration making up for any lack of ex- perience, freshmen "twist and stuff" and occasionally cut their fingers as they work to make their float deadline. Cleftl "l'm twisting more now and enjoying it less," seems to be the dis- gruntled comment of sophomore Bill Kelly as pauses in his work. Cbelowl Coach Mislcowicz, the cheerleaders and the Alleman band whip up spirit in the Homecoming kick-oft assembly Friday. 55 The senior boys above are about to lose their head as they put their float together. Saturday morning groggy students climhed out of hed early enough to get the floats into their starting positions for the parade at ten. The traditional spirit was found in ahundance here as the line of decorated cars and floats wound its way from River- side park, along the parade route and hack to Alleman for judging hy a panel of teachers. The junior class took top honors with its float, "Some- rhinfs Brewin '." The prize for the most cleverly decorated car went to Sandy Ortiz for her theme of Hcheckmatef' Then as the girls scurried to the hairdressers, the floats were dismantled and thoughts turned to the evenings football contest against St. Bede's. The final score was 27-7 as happy Allemanites left the stadium to dash home for a quick change and then hack to the ivvmnasium for the dance. 23.1 , Scott Clark and his orchestra provided the music for the event. As the state-provided witching hour drew near. AHS students rounded up parents and chaperones and started for varied post-dance activities. Monday and school came all too soon. Homecoming '65, like its predessors, now takes its place among everyonels high school memories. ' ' 3 - . eu, ---e5..v.r:.,.e f .. M. .V rsrs K v 5 T 'S' WM 1 i Al M: ' 1 -fr: , at 'T . i ,,-- 'rn yi g my l M4 f . ,..., ....r 5' tl- Q f - 1 5 ,L he f v '23 T ' so .4y. 4 . ,. ,pgs p ,, VV , . N M M, ' if V 5 .. ,. ' M, - ' 'QI , L F r llsssl ee f " 1 r rt. , ci i...-e ,129 t rtrl i " J 9 ' Eg 3 1' . . . , fu -, K ii in l' - .yll is K KJVK VKKJ ,K 45 ' 'er , .l. S sa: .1 ,.... A EE' - i . .it ., X iff A W- V "" erls S 1 mfr? t ,,. A r S v ' fi' V' ' y if as . , V' - . fi' Afkf AVV i V fr Yr by in k, , V K RQT 1 V ..L -- Q., ' . -r -- 19 Marauders show their Pioneer spirit with their stylized "hangin' tree.' ' 54 Anxiously surveying their works of art, A.H.S. students await the outcome of the float judging. l Q She's g flowers I, Ls, t Q 'hi ot it, he sees it . . . a handful of 3 I .ge Some seniors will remember the gaity, some the quiet happi- ness of the '63 Homecoming dance. Shown above are Joe Cervantes, Rosemary Schild, Jean Simmons, and Mike Ryan. g ,mzl , ,,,M,i, ' 5 H ji , if -. A "1 , ' QTY , l , MQ fr.,- tl 'dig D is -if . -I sr 7 4' 5 A' A h ' as l - i ,, , - V iff V' --si. 5 Wall 'Flowers and their escorts pass the time with a sophis- ticated parlor game - musical chairs - during a lull in the dance. THE GARDEN SHOPS and GREENHOUSES l 1850 - Brel Avenue Green Houses S. Rock Island, Illinois Carbon Cliff, lllinois For 'lean lmmons Fine Flowers Since l925 and Mike Ryan, l5 . H Cory1fuf1ffr1li0m' to flue Gmdmzfei' H .lOSEPHSON,S JEXWELERS l4 - 5th Avenue, Moline 762-5525 appiness WCIS X omecoming. 4 5 5 1 l STANDup comedy V ouTSTANDINe .W V1, Old STANDc1rds New STANDords A standing ovation was the usual reaction of Alleman stu- dents to the assemblies presented this year. The assemblies were many and diversified. The Homecoming assembly provided happy memories and everyone got a big "bang', out of the fire assembly. The Alleman chorus once again furnished the students with Christmas cheer, while East Moline and Rock Island gave fine exchange assemblies. The Student Council assemblies consisted of the monthly open meeting as well as the annual campaign assembly. There were the scheduled pep rallies as well as those emer- gency rallies called when our basketball team decided to keep on winning. Class assemblies were given by the senior, junior, and sopho- more classes, and the Christian Brothers and the Belgian consul provided lecture assemblies. 56 InSTAND1oneous reaction Merit STANDing For the first time Alleman students witnessed something new in assemblies - the departmental assembly. The journalism department got the ball rolling when they quizzed Father O'Connor about school policy early in the year. They later sought the opinions of the main council candidates during the Student Council press assembly. Sister Kenneth's junior mathematicians ex- hibited the intricracies of a computer, while the Debate Club demonstrated the fine points of de- bating to the student body. The Drama Club presented "The Rented Tuxedo," a light comedy and students were en- O f Th H hl- h f h . tertained by the Pan .american songs and dances ne o e IQ IQ ts o 1 e Spanish assembly was a Mexican hat dance done by Maria Treio and Cecilia Presented by the Spanish department' Olvera. "What does your daddy do here?" "l don't know." Few could resist the charm ot Jimmy Morris as he helped Father Gild- ner distribute Christmas Cheer- "The girls have all the answers," at least in the computer assembly pre- sented by Sister Kenneth B.V.M. and her iunior math students. -v sd 'WF' One ofthe most unusual assem- blies this year was the speech on Belgium given by that coun- try's consul in the Midwest, Mr. Boelaerts. The "Calkin Pickinn juniors from 5B O Compfinzefztt of Rock Island County's Sellingest Dealer BOB ERIKSEN CHEVROLET, INC. Milan, Illinois Y Q T 4' C H 1 A P E R O N E 5 L iii? Dances Are For Everyone B A N D S N O l S 5 f T O eee s u N 4.4. s x i4 TALK With the ratification of the revised constitution, the change in delegate committee election and a renewed effort to improve leadership, the Student Government this year made further steps toward increased individual student responsibility. Under the direction of Mr. Al Loete, Father Frank Wtiellner, and Juliann Scott, leadership workshops were offered on six consecutive Saturdays during October and November and again during january and February. In the first semester the open assembly became a thing of the past as students refused to take any interest in it. In February, the annual campaigns were again in full swing. Assemblies were set up to present class-office and Main-Council candidates. TALK .. r..,r ,, --ff ,QM . .5,:,::..?i, . . Z .Q yutu s 'mt .M f A, A -. .. .,- - r'r'- f .f f ff, ':'-1 ills' 5 1:4225 TALK TALK . . .sa . QE' X up L .1 N 'ts f Q F Ml in A N The Main Council officers are sitting on ci rocket. Rockets mean progress. Color them progressive. Cl. to r.J Roseanne Posateri, treasurer, Mike Petersmith, Vice President, Julianne Scott, secre- tary, and Brian Ternoey, president. bers ofthe delegate committee fl to r J exchange student Carmen t MawMamm Bridging the gaps between Quad-City schools are these mem- BORED TO DEATH Kreft, Jan De Roo, Linda Adams, and D1 Schroeder. Missing was Brian Ternoey. "Building for tomorrow" are, above and below, students sup- porting their candidates with posters, and sometimes a strong arm. Surrounding Mrs. Vande Voorde as they wait their turn to vote are patient students Gary Rowe, Mike Durr, Art De Vooght, and Joyce Loete. af "and if l'm elected . . . " Thoughts and speeches of the candidates run along these lines during the student council campaign assembly. Behind the scenes, thinking and plan- ning and policy-making go on. 60 Before the school, results of the care- ful planning are seen . . . sometimes , I 1 Colle Q Da i.1I.'L?57 ....'1""""'llI'---t "How far is it from this area?" "Are scholarships available?" "Do I have to take the S.A.T.'s?" Students bombarded col- lege representatives with questions during the annual col- lege day. A vt fyfm 2 ANTSL4 A fabovej Alleman art students at Turnstyle. PETERSEN HARNED VQN MAUR DEPARTNIENT STORE Second and Main Davenport, Iowa o Compliments of BLACKHAXW K STATE BANK 3rd Avenue 4th Street West, Milan Member Fctlcral Deposit Insurance Corporation gb game' 55 Hs it "Ouch!" "You said this wouldn't hurt." And it clicln't, although students sion was the annual Heath tests given to juniors and freshmen. 1 ll We i L .M tried to convince everyone it did. The occas- N. This year sophomores participated in a two part driving course consisting of classroom driver ed- ucation given during homeroom, and behind the wheel training given by Mr. Donald DeTaeye. f A l I . V ' 5 . If ft I r A 5 L 4 f lf' .J e , V lm,..s..l,m. lv? Swv A ' Q -tm.. ,, - . I A K iw.. i www tw . V L. . c.., -- f, Q W, 1- .,, f , L 'L ., ' i 'f I l I W X fx- . ,, I ,. A, , 5 ri',-in 1.1. .' Qvxif. QA A . -3 f ' M ' Qne of the most awaited days-the day the lumor rings arrive. fleftj Father Gildner dis- tributes the rings at the supply store, 'Ein if 41" A little bit of Chilean sunshine invaded Alle- man this year in the person of Carmen Kreft. A native of Santiago, Chile, Carmen resided in the home of the William Walzem family. Her bubbly personality endeared her to the hearts of all. 62 ,ft l Father Anderson talks with parents during the annual parents' night. l Seniors battle it out for the class title during the ping- pong tournament held this spring. "DONT THINK IT I-IASN'T BEEN FUN" HOMEROOM 4B 0 Cozzgramlaliorzt Z0 the Clan of '64 HAROLD W. SCHROEDER Real Estate - Insurance - Appraiser - 786-0144 "There l've almost got it," says Mike Ryan to Coach Carroll as he comes down with an- other rebound during the student-faculty bas- ketball game. Terry Payne looks on. Mr. Morris stands help student-faculty volley less as Mr. Cahill trys r for another during the A' Q ball game. WWE Q, "Ah money," say the Bishops Relief volunteers. They are Cl. to r.D first row, Greg Boulion and Jerry Logan. Second row, Mark Boulion and Sharon Van Opdorp. Third row, Barb Murrin, Joe Kotleba and Roseanna Posateri. l Q Star! Saving Syytemalically FIRST NVATIONAL BANK OF ROCK ISLAND 1700 Blk. 2nd Avenue, Rock Island - 786-7714 i 63 organizations Cn Xu Bi Allenmlxl 2 if Rounding out the staff of the AllemaNews are ll. to r. around the tablej Carol Mizeur, Gloria Young, circulation, Andy Larson, reporter, Joyce Van Zele, Kathy Barnett, G.A.A., Janet DeKeyrel, Mary Beth Van Lancker, advertising, Marilyn Pouzar, Joan Jeffers, circulation, Sharon Polito, ac- counts, Mary Jo Bleuer, Kerry Flynn, Di Schroeder, Bill Ingogly, Terry Payne, reporters. ,W 5 f is Q fam, 1. bv.. The paper's out! Staff members scatter to distribute the latest edition, and then return to told, staple and pack the 380 exchange papers. Qlettj Paula Miller passes out the papers. Ccenterj Di Schroeder, Carol Mizeur, Joan Jeffers and Kerry Flynn fold the papers. While Crightj Steve State and Jim Fehl sort. 66 , s we 1-40' Working from the old adage "Time is money," these million- is aire journalists spend some on newspaper distribution. 'ii' Bw! ll"'i,vl2eJ In Ilia Cfuipi' of 464 MODEL PRINTERS ff' asif , i H? A ssicwiifli Srrccr,Muline ee -fi-1-2221 .....f'-:-3.23 i o Cozzgz-4111zlizzio11,i' MOLINE DAILY DISPATCH 1720 - Sth Avenue, Moline 1 Dial 76-'l-454-1 Page editors of the AlIemaNews gather to plan another edition. Left to right around the table they are Bonnie Strabley, Marcia Moore, Irene Kale, Marguerite Downing, Steve State, Mark Boulion, Denny Carr, Bob Calsyn, Linda Adams, Mimi Cosgrove, Diane Vande Voorde, and Paula Miller. 67 afieafgtia H1 'wr ldiocy runs rampant as the deadlines approach, but what else would yg expect on an average of tour hours sleep? Qtrontj Phyllis Marvin, Camilla M fait, and Gloria Young, Ctar backj Steve State and Denny Carr hold staff mott Qmiddle messl Joan Jeffers, Ildiko Yuhash, Jim Fehl, Tom Vancura, Kathy Barne Sharon Polito, Bill lngogly, Carol Bromley, Di Schroeder, Mark Boulion, Jar Freiband, Dan Meyer's eyes, Mag Downing, Joe Kotleba, Mimi Cosgrove, lrer Kale, and Carol Mizeur. No matter what the time of day or night, some member of the staff could always be found in the journalism headquarters. tleft abovel "I didn't do my physics." "lt's simple." "For geni- uses like you, maybe, but not for me." "What was the assignment?" Dan Meyer and Tom Van- cura typify the daily dialogue of the staff room. Qleftl Wheii things really got hectic, business manager Di Schroeder sought room to work un- der the nearest table. liar leftl "Oh, goody! Another layout!" Such joy, such anticipation is exhibited by chief photographer Dan Meyer. Cleftl "I think some things about existentialism are intriguing." - Layout editor Mimi Cosgrove. Conversation at paste-up meetings covered all topics, and the staff rom was a sounding board for newly discovered ideas and theories. I BROOKS JEWELRY loli -,ird Avenue, Rock lsland ' I HOLMES SHOE COMPANY S25 - lith Avenue. East Moline i "llama of Fimf Foo! ll"wr"' W Florsheim --fi- - Red Cross - Buster Brown 63 "Home Sweet Home" A Room 305. There we studied, worked, played. Our attire was varied, our activities even more so. Qabovej Kathy Bar- nett, Steve State, and Di Schroeder. Cur Leaders We have loved them during life . . . The gentle, mild-mannered exterior Concealed a man completely superior. He never worried about deadlines and such, Layouts and cuts never bothered him much. The lazy dog deserved what he got We struck him too when the fire was hot. Now, relaxed, he lies in his grave, So richly deserving the fate that we gave. What is a yearbook? The following recipe might be helpful if you're planning on cooking one up. Mix together one class determined to have a hardcover year- book, principal's permission, and advisor's misgivings. Carefully select staff members and stir in large portions of satire, generosity, long hours, Henri-burgers, frayed nerves, ruined film and good shots. Let mixture age at least seven months, and then throw in impatient editors, patient printers, missed deadlines, lollipops and piggy banks. If things all go wrong, you should produce a yearbook, one resembling the '64 Pioneer. "THE THREE RATTPHYNQUES" o Good Wi.n'l0 cal' LUCIEN CALBRECHT STUDIOS 172-1 - ith Street Moline, illinois 762-5326 How did we love thee? Let us count the ways: Midst copy and glue and a thousand mistakes, And pictures and prints and a million retakesg We drove you slowly out of your mind, We kept you up nights till you nearly went blind. Then, one day, you finally collapsed, The drive was gone, the energy snapped. You lay like a puddle of melted tar There was no mourning when you crossed the bar. "I will return" you bravely said. But by the next morning they found you . . 69 President .1 Jean Simmons Gfficers Advisor Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Junior Representative i If Sophomore Representative al Kathy Tady ,. - we nal., .M J-I 1 i Miss Maureen Flynn Pam Brady ,,,...f4--no 'MM 'Maw Cindi Van Hedge Sitzinf the area for 93 years Chris Duyveionck A wi S Rock 1XllI7ld'S F01'eu1o,vl Department Sl0i'e Santa Claus, Monet DeKeyi'eiD made his annual visit to the G.A.A. Christmas party and enioyed the hilarity created by the senior skit "Char- octors Personifiedf' M 'xx Parties Sandy Hafner, ping pong cham- pion, grins after successfully beating her last opponent. GlR,LS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Who says girls are the weaker sex? Looking over the activities of the Girls' Athletic Association of Alleman, it would be hard to prove. Besides giving the girls a chance to get together once a month and fur- thering their athletic interests, the GAA is an organization which accomplishes many things during the year. To get into the swing of things in the fall, GAA takes over the respon- sibility of the concession stands at the football games. When homecoming time rolls around plans are made for the coronation assembly under the direction of GAA girls. Corsages are purchased, the agenda drawn up, and general preparations completed. During the year the GAA is exactly what its name implies - athletics. Each class has several bowling teams which compete for the high team average at the end of the season. A fall activity day, commonly called the "weiner boilf' is held in Novem- ber. The girls decided it would be a fallacy to call it a weiner roast because the hot dogs are cooked in the cafeteria. After a day of vigorous exercises ranging from volleyball to kickball, the girls lineup, winning teams first, and bunny-hop to the cafeteria where sustenance awaits them. Various tournaments are scheduled throughout the year. At Christmas vaca- tion the girls participate in the basketball tournament. Class eliminations are held, and then the sophomores, juniors and seniors battle it out for the cham- pionship. The volleyball tournament, held during the Easter holidays, is run on a similar basis. To climax an eventful year, award night is held in May. Special recognition is given to the winning participants of each event, and numerals and letters are awarded to those girls who have earned these honors. Many tears of joy are shed by melancholy seniors as they realize this memory filled year is draw- ing to a close. Bowling .W vu .,,.r,,k by -H-, '71 No matter how they do it, the aim of the girls 'S the some ' help get a high team score More Tournaments , 4 ,,g it All eyes follow the ball during tense moments in the Christmas basketball tourney. Qabovej Sophomores tight for their class title while Cbelowl senior Jane Freiband goes high in the air for two. Y ,ff is ., K Fl':1f61'1ZdZ Life Ifimmzzaf Since 1895 ROYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERICA Supreme Office - Rock Island, Illinois in-v"N Guess whose expert advice helped the seniors win the basketball tournament Shown below with varsity players Mike Ryan, Terry Payne, John McGonigle and Mark Lampe are the members of the championship basketball team. Cfror rowj Mag Downing, captain, Judy Shuda, Di Schroeder, Cloack rowl Marily Pouzar, Jeanalee Julius, Diane VancleVoorde, Pat Buchmeyer, and Nanc Southwood. Still More Tournaments The second senior team to win in the GAA tournaments is the volleyball team consisting of the following members. Cl. to r.i standing, Camilla Maltait, Carole Voss, Kay Quilty, Kathy Tady, and Linda Maenhout. Sitting, Maureen Pavich, Mary Beth Van Lancker, captain, and Theresa Stimpson. 15 'M ti.. to 72 6 o Pioneers G o "Hail Mary, full of grace . . . Please, let it go in." Nobody murmured this phrase more often than this year's A.H.S. cheering squad. Besides enlisting help from above, the traditional five varsity girls were joined by three boys, Alleman's first male cheerleaders. According to Bob Gemignani, Don Anderson, and Tom Brown, the nicest part of their job was meeting the opposing teams' squads, all girls! Training of this talented squad is under the supervision of Miss Maureen Flynn. In an average week the girls practice 7 hours, perfecting their co- ordination and planning new cheers. Although Don, Bob, and Tom donlt perform on the floor, their influence is decidedly noticeable in the increased volume of sound from the boys. . No one disputes that the Alleman school spirit can be measured in terms of the cheerleaders' spirit. That's why it was so outstanding this year. Thanks girls . . . oh, and you, too, fellas! "COINS on, team . . . " Bob Gemignoni adds volume to the cheering squad, '63-'64 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ll. ot r.J Jean Simmons Jan Shuda Linda Engels Judy Shuda Linda DeGrande Bef! llffiilvey from BEN FRANKLIN STORE -1106-llth Street, Rock Island 1 men-sophomore cheerleaders are bottomj Jean Wisley, Bev Ancler-- Joyce Thornton, Kathy Piliponis, and Kennedy. 75 O EAST MOUNE METAL Pkooucrs COMPANY xxxxxxxxxxxxxtlXHXIIXHKXKXIH1IIlllllf Z i - ll' 73.7.13 ?- ' I -lr ..:J4i' 5 -' ' X The increased volume in cheering section was due in larqe pqrf to cheerleaders Don Anderson and Tom Brown. The A.H.S. Club Espanol Ole'. The Spanish Club shared the color and gaity of an old Spanish fiesta with the students on the morning of April 8. Leading off the assembly was a dance comparable to what the teens of the United States do. Following through with the gay feeling, this act was followed by dances, including the Bamba, Samba, and the familiar Mexican Hat dance. Songs that were sung and played included Malaguena, La sorella, La naranjitas, Granada, and Valencia. Another of the groups activities this year as a dinner held at the El Pavito Cafe in Moline. Various faculty members were in attendance. The meal served was termed a Spanish Smar- gasbord. Arrayed in the costume of a Spanish senorita, Frances Hurtado sings Valencia in the Spanish assembly. l"'5,,,L if Maria Treio, Phyllis Marvin, Camilla Malfait, and Sue Sfaes are waiting to order from Cecilia Olvera at the El Pavito Cafe. John Shumciker hits the pinaTa as the res? of the cast of the Spanish as- sembly look on. Carlos Rubalcava '64, dances a Samba with Margaret Knupp '65, in The Spanish assembly. WHEELAN FUNERAL HoMEs Rock Island - Moline o Specializing in Mexican Food EL PAVITO RESTAURANT l5ll - 5th Avenue Moline 3 t fu 3 V' , 'A X Q x I l. to r. Officers of the Lettermen's Club are top John McGonigle, secretary treasurer, Paul Leahy, president, John Barnett, vice-president, and Tim Cumberworth, sergeant-at-arms. in , ff X -,. "Think you're big, don't ya?" says Den- ny Carr, senior, to C011 rifnfzfimzi In flat' C1'1,ff1zftf,i TlflNll-'LE S SPORTHNC COOD9 STORE is MW. 3-fmg 5010 1, - 0 ,I realize clothes don't make the man, but .... Above are Paul Leahy, Coach Carroll, and Steve State. When Allernan's letter- men took on the faculty in the annual basketball game the results were a miraculous, unexplicable surprise. The faculty won 54 to 38. men ll ,P ls it a bird? Is it a plane? No! .... rotten tomatoes ? . Shock and 'fear are registered on the faces of Ron Shumaker, Mr. Shilgalis, and Paul Leahy. Dqy, QUINT-CITIES' SiIy: sy "M Coach Henze. Q Q1 1 N 1 af 4 I: I l T I C FAVORITE DRIVE-INS 75 Under the direction of Mr. Donald Capes, the Debate Club blossomed this year, by par- ticipating in many activities throughout the year. Besides the debates with other schools, the Alleman Debate Club participated in various tournaments and acted as spectators at the state debate tournaments. In the line of assemblies, the Debate Club presented an interesting debate on Federal Aid to Education. They used this topic again in the debates they presented to several grade schools. Upon opening membership to the club, the veteran members taught the novices the pro- cedures and methods of debate. This was known as the training session. DEBATE Members of the debate club are Sue Kale, Liza Walzem. Kathy Lievens, Louise Meiresonne, Brad Bates, Mike Gengler, Pat Doug- Meyers, Henry Kacprzyk, Fred Steve Dauvv, Steve Spring, Ed Meyers, Henry Kacprzk, Fred Martin, Dave Sims, Harlan Ag- new, Phil Schwartz, Mr. Capes, advisor, and Bob Neville, Mr. Donald Capes explains the procedures of debate to the students of St. Mary's grade school. "Thank you!" A.H.S. students watched as clebaters dem- onstrated the ower of words in a .debate on federal P aid to education. il. to r.J Tom Gilmore, Phil Schwartz, Louise Meiresonne, and Pat Dougherty. Q7 fs Q or Sim I . Q t " K ,, Technique and preparation for debate is begun in de ST-.-Dems Wont To if-row HSSOURTION 2 Q 76 bate class - a new addition to the curriculum this year vnnnmmwqg Members of the Honor Society ore CROW lj Jone Freibond, Morsho Lonncin, Morguerite DoWning, Morgciret Kerschieter, Ccirol Bromley, Shciron Von Opdorp, Comillo Mcilfciit, Corol Mizeur, CRoW 22 Dione Vonde Putte, Mimi Cosgrove, Dione Schroeder, Deonne South, Ellen Klok, Joon Jeffers, Morguerite Chinn, CROW 31 lrene Kole, Dione VondeVoorde, Phyllis Morvin, Lindo Adams, Scilly DeKeyrel, CROW 45 Bonnie Strobley, lldiko Yuhosh, Jonet DeKeyrelg CROW 53 Glorio Young, Morcio Moore, Bob Colsyn, CROW ol John Poskvon, Mike Morris, John Kennedy, Dennis Carr, Jim Fehl, CROW 71 Allen Orr, John McGon- igle, Brion Ternoey, Bob Gemignoni ond Mcirk Bouljon. National l-lonor Society Under the leadership of Dennis Carr as president, jim Fehl vice-president, Mag Downing secretary, and jane Frieband treasurer, the Honor Society helped out at various functions. They performed the duties of school hostesses :at such functions as college day and open house. ljnlilte past years, juniors were not inducted into the Alleman chapter this spring. They will instead be installed as probationary members in September, and will become permanent members at graduation. Honor Society members greeted guests arriving for the open house held Jcinuory l2. l l CoHgm!fff.ztjm1.i In f.iCc1.lJ'Uli Citi 3 FRANKS PIZZERIA -l l - lst Avenue. Silyis , '55-S521 'H-0625 l l . 5 U N 1 "The Rented Tux, Drama club assembly. Cast members lift! ll"i-fftt fn Chi.. nf r,, l RIDGEXWUOD VARIETY th Street it Lolona Avenue, lfast Moline l 0 I C.m1,g1't1IlrftfI1r1f1.i sniff Bei! ll" Ll Ll XVHAN ACADENIY of BEAUTY ' mtl KAY XWHAN SCHOOL Oli CIHARNI lfu 5 ltli Street Rank lslfintl TQ6 9116 I M - - 1 "Y t -L' The Allema n Library Club played host to the V DRY convention on April - 7. Clettl While the librar- ians met in the library, Cbelowj the students aides gathered in the gym to hear a speech by Mr. Wooten. Throughout the year student librarians spend their study halls in the library, ,helping Sister Carmelita. Cabovel Cin- dy Maggi, sorts books that students have re- turned. Behind the scenes in the library are the students who give up their daily study halls to work as student librarians to help Sister Carmelita O.P. and to gain experience in library work. One of the club's major activities was a D.R.Y. convention held at Allernan. Other schonl's student librarians attended. The Drama Club is another club which takes up a great portion of its member's time and trouble. The long hours of practice and the many meetings paid off when the Drama Club presented a one act play, The Rented Tux, for an assemhly. Drama club officers Kathy Sonneville, Jerry .F Kelly, Rosemary Schild and Margaret Kerschiet- er with advisor Miss Au- drey Ann McGregor stop during a planning ses- sion tor the play "The Rented Tux" that the club presented for the student body. gw... Q Cyn-'M-ss, i -5 The music of France is varied and interesting. Club members try their vocal talents on "Frere Jacques" as Mrs. Van Huele watches. French Influence At A.l-I.S. This yearis newly organized French Club has been one of the more active organizations at Alleman. In addition to monthly business meetings, Club members have been introduced to the French way of life through various guest speakers. Another meeting featured three films on France. Mrs. Van Heule serves as adivisor for this group. . .,.. . E, Another movie begins, and club members are whisked away to France. l "Felicitations a la classc dc journalisrn 'G-1, pour un I travail magnifiquc avec lc PIONEER tlc Allcman. cn commemoration tic son l5umc iinnivcrsairei Le CLUB FRANCAIS tl'Allcmz1n l l l , ., ,.. . ,M , .,,.,,. V ,W A good way to learn about a country is to hear about it from those who know it. With this idea in mind, the French Club listened to Mr. Jean Jacques LaLe'vee and Miss Lucienne Laleu tell of France. The cuisine may not always be French, but the idea of food with friends is. Mariette Van Lancker and Kathy Sonneville prepare to serve. Members ot the French Club board are Carlos Rubalcava, Theresa Stimpson, Sally DeKeyrel, and Kathy Sonneville. . l Among those still on their feet i ff"'f,Uf1ffffff1ff"ff1 f'ff'llC'fi'!11t' ffl '04 1 Ore these five girls enlOYin9 LAVUNIJER Blllli BLEAUTY SALON I Qleffselves G' the Band Bowers' S922 - l lrli Avunuu, Rock lsliiml O mg pony' ,-Q. X 'x 5 Members ot the Anthonettes are Cl. to r.l first row, Stephanie Simoens, Mary Strobbe, Peggy Kargl, Judy Lam- bert, secretary, Wendy Johnson, lay advisor, Marsha Lannan, president, Susan Steckel, vice president, Regina Cassini, publicity chairman, Gayl Eng, Sue Staes, and Ann TeBockhorst. Second row, Donna Hurley, Maureen Romont, Carol Hitchcock, Mary Erhart, Barbara Heimann, Kay Cornelis, Judy Kimbal, Diane Brozovich, Regina Williams, Mary Ann Arnett, Andrea Casillas, Karen Buckmeyer, Janet Hood, Mary Hanegmon. Third row, Marcia Florescu, Carole Donahue, Barbara Morford, Judy DeSmet, Pat Hannon, Chris Fergeson, Chris DeWitte Mary Kay Baker, Marsha Diedrick, Lois Mersch, Carol McCabe, Ann Miller, Barb Brozovich, and Joyce Wille Fourth row, Shay Furgie, Peggy Dougherty, Barb Avila, Sue Rossati, Sue Lehnerer, Linda Sacco, Nancy Birm- ingham, Peggy Lannan, Kathy Arnett, Kathy Esker, Mary Krone, Janet Gang, Dolores Castillo, Mary O'hern, and Shari Steckel. 1 Pat Wells, Joe Poma and Julie Meysenburg look over returns for the band boosters skating f party. This active organization devotes much time to raising money for the upkeep of the band. ,Mm 11-1.4-., K .,,,,gl!"f are seated fl. to :xl Joan Jeffers, Deanne South, and kneeling Ellen Klak. Standing are fl. to r.j Suzanne De Wilde, Mary Ann De Wilde and Stephanie Simoens. Making nut cups and place mats for the hospital lJRESCRllyl'lUN SHOP llll- lStli S111-ut, Rock lslimil l Diiil 786-5745 Pltom- H86-0359 , l i REFYQE W will safe, 'iii-s udly displaying their new club jackets are these members the Pioneer Craftsmen il. to r.l Ferdinand DeVoss, Bill Gustaf- , Bob Odendahl, Dan VandeVoorde, Mike Johnson, Mike vanagh and Jerry Cox. .NNN 5 Standing in front of the rear view proiector are Mrs. A tense moment. Will novice Betty Bromley de- feat champ Rickie Moskowitz? Chess club mem- bers watching this dramatic contest are Mary Anne Wright, Lisa Walzem, Mark Williams, Tom Vancura. Standing are Mike McNulty, John Cecil, Steve Eagles and Mike La Hue. Extra-curricular activities play a big part in the lives of most Allemanites. Clubs around the school this year ranged from purely social to dedicated service organizations. The industrial art students at Alleman may join the Pioneer Craftsmen Club, under the supervision of Father Hugh Robbins, C.S.V. Every April the Craftsmen journey to Springfield for the two day state convention. The Alleman Chess Club is in its second year and has been gaining popularity with the underclassmen. The club has been discussed in local newspapers and is hailed as a big step toward teenagers' intellectual rebirth. Mrs. Lessner's Visual Aids Group receives a lot less notice and praise than it deserves. The members loyally provide pro- jector and tape recorder operators for the entire school. Alleman has always had its share of Junior Achievement mem- bers. This year the turnout was larger than ever. Moline's new television station, WQAD, sponsored a j.A. group this year. Several Alleman upperclassmen were included in this miniature company, which put on an entire series of entertainment shows this season. George Lessner Cleftl and Karen Drake Crightj. Bef! Wi.i'be.i' B-K DISPOSAL SERVICE 2808-oth Aevnue, Rock Island Q OUTHWIND MCTEL 8: RESTAURANT f 4300- Nth Street Showing their products are Junior Achievers fl. to r.l back row, Ed C I 81 Kiely, Terry Wendell, Mike Kerckhove, Tom Caffery, front row, Don Rock Island Rogers, Willie Mack, Norm Slead, Vickie Bartel, Peggy Miner, John Vize, and Dennis Morgan. athletics eff N BAEKETB LL iii' Q 'ffm 1,5 . , , JZ-XY News-Gazette photo Accepting the fourth ploce trophy from Milt Sprunger ore co-captains Mike Ryan cmd John McGonigle. Pioneers Finish Fourth AI: Stake The 1964 basketball season opened with the Pioneers dropping the first two games to Rock Island and East Moline. The team then took four straight, including a convincing win over Moline. Alleman closed out its regular season with loses to Assumption, East Moline, and Rock Island, finishing with a l2-10 record. In the first game of the Moline Regional, Alle- man escaped with a 54-51 victory over Geneseo, giving the impression that the Pioneer victory trail might be short. But in the next two games Alleman beat the co-holders of the Quad-City and Mississippi Valley championship, East Moline and Rock Island. The Pioneers downed the Panthers 6l-57 to earn a berth in the championship game against Rock Island. Alleman defeated the Rocks 59' 57 I0 Wifi the school's first Regional crown. Tourney action then moved to East Moline with Alleman playing Kewanee. The Pioneers defeated the Boiler-makers 69-36, and then won its second trophy by beating the Galva Wildcats 73-57. With Champaign just one step away, Alleman was not to be denied, and on St. Patrick's Day, the Alleman Irish defeated Rockford Auburn 57-56. The Alleman magicians had one more trick left in their bag. In the first game of their State tournament action, the Pioneers dethroned the first ranked Centralia Orphans 57-56, before 16,000 fans. This was the end of the trail for the Pioneers, who dropped the semifinal game to Pekin and play- off to Decatur. Religious Gifts for all Occasions CATHOLIC SUPPLY CENTER 402-406 Brady, Davenport, Iowa The Larger! Exclmive Religiom Goody Store in lou tl o C0lIg7'!Il7ll!lff0l1.!' Z0 the G7'l1lIlldfc?.Y uPTo N Zia! l . Daily Illini photos, """""-we m...,.., 593 fix ff? ut x 'ht imykvf H gk ..,, WV 1 "-, 53' g 1--f . f get . ., W ,uf Wnk, H -' P' ,Zin iggljf' W - if iiii i ' .1 'FUFWZ ,V ,..,. ' Steve Spanich makes the miracle shot as he drives past Dave Rapp C441 1' W y,1,,g5i' rx: Gnd Cliff Berger CSU to carry Alleman over Centrqliql 57-56. f f DOWN! NGFS "Oh, Please let it go in." Mag Downing found the ex- citement of the tournament games overwhelming. l if ff Q5 PREH5 Finest vw' 4+ A 'H WY" N P 1 Wink?-r 5900 Q l ,sas O , fp Q c.. ff W !,.f"""l Daily Illini photo "Veal Yea! Charles Currie," yells Mike RYG"l l5ll as he snares another rebound in the Decatur game. l E l l l l s l DIMOCK, GOULD 8: COMPANY Lumber, Millwork, Plywood 2-lO5 - Srll Ave.. Rock lsland Call HSS-5615 . l Congrwinfutiom from 61 Champaign-Urbana Courier photo 15th Avc ar fth Sr., East Moline -VI Dividend l Y 4-A I 86 Heros the gym . . . My gosh, - lookit the people! Heres the Steeple . . News-Gazelle photo 'Sterling performance, gentlemen," vociferates Steve Krulik as he casually saunters out io loin the celebration. is ,..--y.!-I , - 7 JW'- --ff 'Q Playing position defense, John Mc- Gonigle 1411 draws a charging foul on Centralia's Cliff Berger. Terry Payne gets off a shot despite the out- stretched arm of Auburn's Seth Miller. 1? W-and ua'-""""i The Duck flies for another rebound against Centralia in the State Tourney. l MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Life Imzzmnre for the Entire Family 1504-3rd Avenue Rock Island, Illinois Dial 786-6481 is, 1963-64 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front l. fo r. manager Mark Bouljon, Mike Ryan, John McGonigle, Greg Lenaghan, Terry Payne, Steve Krulik, Rich Parsons, Bill Healy, ass't. man- ager Henry Sunden. Back 3 Coach Don Morris, Dave Watts, Mark Lampe, Jerry Oberhardt, Jim Hawkins, Steve Spanich, Don Shumaker, Mike Broclell, Mike Brewers, ass't. coach Bob Carroll. The hopes and wishes of all Alleman fans are expressed in the timeless "Good Luck" on this floral wreath- VVOOD win lows 'llli ie, li s i .,si1 ijgis: Lloors, folding doors iinil partitions. PELLA KXXIINDOW7 COMPANY 513- Slsr Avi-niic Rock lsliinil. lllinizis C0z1tgmIf1fi11io11,i 111, ffw Cllizn ul' 'fu-1 lLl.lNUlS-UJXVA Bl,ACK'l'OlJ, lNC. PO. Box 697 Rock lsl.inil. Illinois ss l if Vff:-.X ill Daily Illini photo Veni...Vidi...Vici!!! Jerry Van Dylce H9 .8 A Y fllI1u'fg:Qlfii5s'f ' - :" iz -,. V A 5 ll V-:VV 1 ' f A ,sg afml, .K ay K , ,ge sw' by J 1' - f ,. -Q., f gin M-M, , 1 gi K K"-s..l,, L . -' X A-::.v,,,,,,, i -' f 1 A sq., 14 A 0 W w S flfr I my I W Champaign-Urbana Courier photo A restless nigh? was spent by mony Allemon boys who mode use of the facilities provided by the University of Illinois ot Huff Gym. Cwzglwlfffllfjrflli l SPORTSLAND im. y Moline llist Molim- l l ' l l GYM! ll"i.ilvci Y F. VV. XXlOOl.Wf'OR'l'H S COlNll9ANY lglfu- lull Avenue. Rack lslimil 1 Diiil iSCu-lJHll l Representing Alleman and receiving the East Moline sectional first place trophy is John McGonigle. Unsung Coach Morris argues a technical foul called on Steve Spcmich during East Moline game of the Regional Tourney. 'K i getty? 5? 455 ' is l S ' " X . K Y ' , xi if six.. 8 s ss g 5 ..,. u ' ' Mike Ryan battles for a rebound. l Compljmenlf , C. E. KLINE, MD. I Laurzclefem -- Furrierf HAYMAKER'S CLEANERS Rock Island - Nlolinc - Milan e East Moline l iurnp shot. Argus photo s J ,o af' Emphatically outlining the defensive strategy to Mike Ryan is a worried Coach Morris. M 5 r Terry Payne displays perfect form with his With a right hook to the ball, Rock lslancl's Jerry Sutton loses another re- bound as John McGoni- gle tlinches in disgust. -S 1 ' 'luv I i su siyi as i. M, fi l Z' flu .Num 7 ,-ill fbi 'lime l 4 Q 42' l l M K M ,X 7 THE Aizous l Www- M'-'rr 'ri l i iwmmm, , , X .,, .W A Roplq lslunil. Illinois ll Mm """" i as ssvs so russell 91 Senior cheerleader Jan Shuda holds her breath during tense State Tourney ' 4 1 action' Champaign-Urbana Courier photo M-0 ---"""" S.. Flo, A 9 Dispatch photo Dribbling past Steve Ulis 125D of Rock Island is Jerry Oberhardt f34D, in the Regional Championship. Mike Ryan Cwhite uniforml is fouled by Stan Hall CSU of Galva while at- tempting a jump shot. Cflligfllfflfclfffflll lo if "I7cffgfv!!fff" C,.!cI.l.l CHICKEN DELIGHT STORIES 1900 - 16th Struct. Molina 2790- I Ith Struct. Rock lsltiml 'wp - fi XlxP,! ' 1 .l .fxqgl Steve Spannch f44J stretches for other rebound against Galva. D 1, 'hfg Q Ang, iii 'lit' till I , Dispatch photo Mark Lampe QU steals a rebound from Allen Knott C543 of East Moline in Regional action at Moline. Mike Ryan 1511 and Jerry Oberhardt make a futile attempt to stop Jim Long of Auburn in the Super-Sectional Tourney at Rock Island. All l11le1'e.tli11g Plate In Wrurrk Bituminous Casualty Corporation Bituminous Fire 8: Marine Insurance Co. Rock lslanrl 0 Conzplizzzezzlx of SCOTT STUDIO 320 - l9th Struct, Rock Island 1 788-1412 Nd .gf gf: is . Us .ig " S ff 1 m0NEEne 5 1 Y L I.. tj L 3 P Q P10145-l. gait . isis X. H it XX 0 5 y Sb 'JU gw W . ii ::. Q -21' S 4 '-2 ' l A Sri, ! 5 S ,NR X if px X ,k,f kS,,: .. :M 3 ........ :W f , A: ZW .- ff-i',i'l4f:k-'fl' X P' tv' - li' + ,,,,.---LW, , . f ,wk Ti, ,GMQGW 94 QW? T5 ww fwjw. kyk V k.,LkV g 9 f' Q XS,-7 ' wg, W xg A va, WL Z 5 'A M iw E i E : E 4 W ,fy BLM ffl! gy la fi x. Q if gi Nun 'A ,fl "' ' 1 , i 1 AQ-f E A Y kk V --:. . -I , - f .VQ 1.33 35 t hr N AV . ,,, was ' .," Q, , . ,.L,:,W,' Jerry Oberlwardt, Steve Sponich, and John McGonigle completely surround Centralia's Cliff Berger. l VOSS BRQS. EXPRESS K STORAGE Rock lslaml. illinois Pliiziic 788-5691 Lum! :wif l.m1g Di,rlizfzm .limfffg Agent of Allicil Van Lines. inc. 96 1963-64 BASKETBALL - 19- 12 Alleman Opponent 46 50 Y ,,77, ,, , Rock Island 68 7,,,.,. ,,,.,77 , East Moline 71 60,2 ,,,, 7,.., C ltristian Brothers 45 91 ,,,,,,,, ,Y., .,,, 7,,7, B e t tenclorf 45 65 Y,.,..., .,,, Y ,, Assumption 54 69 ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, , , ,,,.,,, Moline 57 62, ,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,, lPontiacj Bloom 63 53 ,,u,.,,i,7 CPontiacj Bloomington 67 56 ,,,.,,.,.....,.,,,,,, , ,,,.,,,. Wohlert 67 60 ,,,t,.,, ,,,t,,,,,,,,, S treator 59 60 .i,,,,,. ,,,.,, P eorici Central 49 70 .,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,. Wcihlert 45 61 ,,,,,.,t,,,,.ii, U East Moline 70 68 ,,,.,,,,,....i,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bettenclorf 58 572, ,,CDiocesanl St. Poul Odell 56 59 7i,,,.,,,,.i, QDiocesanD St. Beole 63 71 ,,i,,,,. ,,... tt,,, , R ock Falls 58 61 .,YV.,,, W ,,t,.,,e,. Regis 63 52 ,,t,,,,, Assumption 62 57 .sssu ,,,u,, Muscotine 55 40,,, ,,,, ii,,,,,, , Y Rock Island 42 84, ,,,u,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,s Newman 64 54, ,,,,,, ,, CRegionalD Geneseo 51 61 ,,,t,,, ,,t,, , East Moline 57 59 ,t,.t,,,, ,,,,, , Rock Island 57 69, ,,s,, , lSectionall Kewanee 36 702 ,, ,, ,i.,,,, ,,,, Galvci 52 57, CSuper-sectionclj Rockford Auburn ,s,,, ,, 56 57 ,s,,,,, 7, ., lStateD Centralia 56 36 ,,sett,,.,i,,,,,.,,, , ,t,, Pekin 69 54 ,is,,, . Decotur 69 John McGonigle gets off o 20- foot jump-sltot in the Super-Seo tionol game against Rockford Auburn. 1963-64 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM JSM- cl -5' AY 4 ,xref it , 'l s 1 ll K! 1 W1 t A r r-1 - T cf K A Front, l. to r., Chris Smith, Pat Logan, Dick Schroeder, Mike Pavich, Bob Norton, Tom Cornelis, and manager Galen Starkweather. Back, Tom Rasmussen, Harry Hansen, Bill Kelly, Paul Sansale, Jim Mizeur, Larry Mortier, and Phil Colgan. 1963-'I964 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM I Sym! ,Y V F3 FN fix? A lj f lf f l g ,Leg M ggi! T Us A -Q 5 SJ! X533 l A Front row, l. to r., manager Bill Ortman, Jim Healy, Mike Fisher, Greg Sharp, Mike Lenaghan, Mike Hartman, Mike Sleger, Ed Meyers, and Joe Negro. Back row, ass't. coach Dave Kurt, Jim Strandlund, Rich Egger, Ed DeJaegher, Greg Boulion, Gary Stimpson, Sam Moreno, Gerald Fox, Greg Douw, Tom DeVanney, Joe Pollentier, John Shumaker, Chuck Mulkey, Tom Hartman, Bill Spriet, and coach Gene Henze. 97 FGOTBALL Tom Hennessey picks up short yardage against Wahlert before being hauled down from be- hind. FOOTBALL - 1963 Alleman Opponent 13 ....... ........ A ssumption 0 O .....,. ......... M oline 13 14 .,..... ,Yi., E ast Moline 13 27 ,,,,,,, ..,.,... S t.Bede 7 12 ,,,,,,. ,.., R ock Island 13 13 ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,. W ahlert 13 7 ,,,.,,, .,,,,,,,.,, R egis 20 7 ---.f------------"- Bettendorf 14 3-4-1 s ' 4 E , swf' Tim Cumberworth dashes for a score against East Moline. C 0 IZ g Vclflllzllj 0 111 STERLING CQSNIETOLCGY SCHOOL 1608 Lg - 5th Avenue 98 When in doubt - PUNT "Wake up, Farmer, Carr's made the tackle." Rally 'round the ball, boys. Congrarulrztiom to the Claw of 1964 STATE BANK GF EAST MOLINE . Denny Carr C595 makes on Savings Comer a hole for Rich Vallejo , C515 during the East Mo- line game. BIBE'S DRIVE-IN Andalusia Road, Milan - Across from the Memri "Something Superior for Your Interiorw 99 M, - . i L ,jgmg 1963 PIONEER VARSITY Row l -Tom Lowe, Pete Cook, Rick Viren, Tom Hennessey, John Wille, Vic Endress, John Ken- nedy, Don Anderson, Rich Vallejo, ass't. coach Phil Sailer. Row 2 - Ron Segura, John Strupp, Steve State, Sam Scott, Bill Healy, Rich Parsons, Larry Fetes, Bob Gemigncuni, Dave Watts, coach Herm Mis- cowicz. to Row 3 - Ed Schmitt, Greg McKenzie, Greg Lenag- han, Tim Cumberworth, Rod Hirst, Mike Flaherty, Dick McAllister, Denny Carr, John Barnett, Mon- roe Johnson, Mike Nonneman. Row 4-Mike Brewers, Don Shumaker, Dave Lemon, Tim Hufford, Tom Tady, Paul Laity, Paul Leahy, Jack Nugent, Bob Schaecher. Iniury-ProneTeamEnd -ll-I Coach Herm Miskowicz led the 1965 edition of Alleman-'s football team to a 3-4-1 record. The Pioneers opened against Assumption with a 13-0 victory, then lost to Moline the following Friday, 13-O. In the third start of the campaign, the Pio- neers edged East Moline 14-15 for their first win over the Panthers in five seasons. Against St. Bede in the Homecoming game, the Bruins ab- sorbed a 27-7 shellacking, as Alleman came up with their second straight win. City rival Rock lsland ended the two-game winning streak as they stopped the Pioneers 13-12. The following Sunday at Wahlert, the Alleman offense couldn't get rolling in the first half, the defense didnlt click, and Wahlert rolled up a 13-O advantage at intermission. The Pio- neers came back in the second half with two touchdowns but made only one extra point and had to settle for a tie. The longest part of the season was the last two weeks as the Pioneers lost first at Regis, 20-7, and then to Bettendorf 1-i-7. Injuries plagued the team thruout the sea- son. Senior letterman Mike Ryan suffered a punctured lung and never played a game. Iim Hughes injured his kidneys mid-way through the campaign and was out for the duration. Brian Ternoey broke a collarbone, Mike Brewers hurt a shoulder and Paul Leahy never got into top shape due to knee trouble. SCHNEIDERS DRUG STORE, INC. Sfboof Slzjipfiei Co i 111 eticif 7 Gif! t isoi . asm Snr-cf Rock Islam-1 Cfmzgmlfffatm111 C!Ll.l,t of '64 RYAN REALTY CQBIPANY, lNC. 935 - lirlq Axenue liast Moline, lllin Phone: P55-5 1" WRESTLING 1963-64 VARSITY WRESTLERS Bottom, I. to r. Rich Wyffels, Jay Flaherty, Jeff Clouw, Luis Montez, Jim Conwell, Tom Brown, Dan Meyer. Second row, Dick VandeWalle, John Kennedy, Tom Vancura, Pat Wilson, Don Anderson, Mike Crowder. Third row, Tom Flaherty, John Strupp, Vic Endress, Pat Cunningham, Rick Viren. Top, Charlie DeWitte, Bob Gemignoni, Ray Anderson, Steve Grchan, coach Herm Miscowicz. Maimen Malte Name At Sl:al:e It was a tournament year for the Pioneers as the Alleman wrestling squad, after a losing season, placed 15th in the state meet. This, the highest finish since wrestling started at Alleman, was accomplished through the individual efforts of Bob Gemignani and John Ken- nedy. Gemignani placed second in the state meet at 180 pounds compiling an overall record of 23 wins and 2 losses. Kennedy placed a virtual fifth at 133 pounds losing in the state semi-finals and finished with, 19 wins and 4 losses. Perhaps the brightest spot of the 4-7 record for regular season was the big win against East Moline 27-20, thus marking the first Alleman wrestling win over an Illinois Quad-City school. Other wins included Riverdale, Orion, and Newman Sterling. Also strong during tournament matches were Pat Wilson f127J who won the District Crown and Don Anderson 11205 who placed second at the District and Luis Montez 61035 who placed third. HORST-ZIMMERMAN 1740 - 5th Avenue Rock Island, Illinois PONTIAC, CADILLAC, GMC TRUCKS Q COIIgfclflt!dlf0lZJi and Bert Wfitbei' FARRELL 64 FARRELL 1627 - ith Avenue Moline, Illinois 101 Coming from behind, John Ken- nedy, pins his opponent at the Rock Island sectional to advance to STCIle. With the underclassmen filling out the squad in the lower weights, Luis Montez, Soph., sits out in an effort to escape. INJURY - the part of athletics which nobody likes to think about. Here, Coach Herm Mis- cowicz and John Kennedy help Don Anderson after he pinched a nerve in his shoulder and had to default in the first round of the sectional. MOSENFELDERS .-'ff Good Lzfrcla lo tbe C0455 of '64 Downtown and King Plaza Rock Island Molinc I One, two, three, and over we go. Hey, you over there! This boy Gemignoni gets two for his troubles. MGRAN, KLOCKAU, MCCARTHY, SCHUBIHRT X LOUSBERG Attorneys at Law Rock Island, Illinois 0 Pot Wilson lleftl shows the form which eC1l'ned him fourth in the Rock Island Sectional, Cmzgwzlzzffziiolm' lo llae Clair of '64 SILVIS LAUNDRGMAT 708 - Ist Avenue Silvis, Illinois 103 Pat Cunningham at- tempts to move away from his opponent dur- ing the Riverdale meet. I' Ti Seldom behind, Bob Gemignani, advanced through the sectional as he broke down his opponents. 1963-64 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE WRESTLERS i V Lett to right, bottom, Jim Ege, Tim DeJonghe, Rud Ramos D K Fitzpatrick, Mark Nilsson, coach Phil Hoppe, Dan Montez, Dennis Quane row, Bob Winter, Steve Sonneyville, Charles Arnold. Fourth row, Larry y , on oster, Roger Haynes, Dennis Sailer. Second row, mgr. Bill Martins, Joe VanHoe, Rich Mike Blondell, Mike Johnson, mgr. Steve DQUW, Third John Flaherty, James Conwell, Dan Meyer, lrv Bruyntjens, Larson, Mark Friedman Don Grchan Craig VandeM I 1 OOF- tel, Jim Carter, Don Huffman, Tom Gemignani. ROCK ISLAND GLASS CO., INC 1615 -,Grd Avenue, Rock Island, Illinotis Phone 786-2608 Glam For AU Needi 104 BASEBALL V..,. ,,Z' ' ' 'T We 51 - , - V ... - L f L f ' V Z ' X- A 3rwH.nw::?,, W ,s, , we J s,., M LJ .1 1 tk .. I N H 1' G . ,, ,, Vai . may Q sc W N . 4 W i, ' ,, i t A , Zivz if f gi f ' ' tg ig 9 tw t E 'W A k V ,, NJ V V iw i 1 et, we i t 4 an it ' 4' Y' .R ,Q ff ,t ,S AL , G is me f if ' vdhiiln-4 eff , Q, fs J 1 K ' Front l. to r. manager Galen Starkweather, John Liske, Jim Murphy, Larry Ochs, Sam Scott, Larry Johnson Steve Kr l'k R , ui . ow 2, Rich Patrei, Dennis Schlindwein, Greg Lanaghan, Monte Hines, Tim Meier, Steve Spanich. Back, Jim Hawkins, Rodney Hirst, Allen Orr, John McGonigle, Denny Carr, Rich Parsons, coach Gene Henze. illlw 13 Mak.. it Q l Q rrrr 6 s,rr, s , W , 'M G , , One of Baseball s most familiar scenes- an umpire's discussion with the coach. Wflaen in Pfaifudelphia, fall BROMLEY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION Ceeeh Henle teike with his Pitcher, Tim 5226 Maxim sum, Philadelphia 20, Ps. Meier, after getting out of a tough inn- ing. 105 gi s f if TRACK 'I964 VARSITY TRACK TEAM ALLEMAN VARSITY TRACK RECORDS 'l20 Highs ......,.7..... 180 Lows ,,....... 100 ................... 220 lstraightj ,...... 220 icurvel .......,.... 440 .....,.................... 880 .,..,.... ........ Mile .,.,... . Shot .......... . Discus ,,,-,-.,... . High Jump .,..... Broad Jump ..... Pole Vault ......, 440 Relay .....,.....7.. 880 Relay ......44,A.... Mile Relay ....,.. Wayne Robertson Jim Watts ..,....................-7 ...V John Watts J. Martin J. J. Martin ,,..,. Mike Oberhardt Jack Burns ,,.,..... Ted Rogenski Jim Naab ..... .......John Watts Ken Mosely ....... Ted Rogenski .,........... Jim Naab Dick Naab, P. Waters G. Paquette ..,.,............., P. Waters J. Martin, T. Rogenski G. Paquette V. Doak, A. Schnoebelen 2 Mile Relay .......... A. Schnoebelen Mile Medley .... P. Waters, V. Doak Sprint Medley ..,..... D. Bill Lambrecht ...., Vaughn Doak ......... ...... Waters ........................ 4.9 .....20.8 ..,..O9.8 .....22.6 .....22.9 .....52.'l ..2:O3.4 .,4:39.7 52'3M" 148'10" 611 'MII 22'4" .......l0'6" .,...46.'l ..l:34.6 ..3:36.9 ........8:27.7 V. Doak T. Kuberski, P. Waters Naab D. Lievens T. Rogenski J. Naab, G. Paquette Naab ....................... M051 season Pts ...,.,. John Watts ................... :39.8 59 Front, l. to r., Rick Viren, Tom Hennessey, Pat Wilson, Gary Gusse, Jack Strandlund, John Amoni. Row 2, Mike Brodell, Jack Nugent, Dave Watts, Tim Cumberworth, Bill Burghgrave, John Barnett. Row 3, Dan Fetes, Dave Lemon, Mike Durr, John Mortier, Mike Ryan. Top, manager Mike Kerchove, Tom Lowe, Bill Healy, Paul Leahy, Coach Phil Sailer. Cozzgrnlfzlaliom to the Grad11ate,r DEGREVES MARKET 710 - 13th Avenue Moline Dial 762-4362 o Beit Wiifaef from BEN FARRAR and COMPANY l620-llth Avenue Rock Island, Illinois Dial 786-4465 TENNIS f ,, we P 1 i 3 if mf " 1 N Y 2 1 Q if f 1-f Q! f Members of the tennis team are l. to r, Bill Ortman, Tim DeRoo, S ...T John Kennedy, Mike Hibbs, Steve Metcalf. Back - Mike Brewers, Pete Colehour, Tom Moran, Mike Petersmith, Coach William Galvin and Dennis Morgan. Mike Petersmith practices his GOLF MH ,.Js,,,, ...Q serve during afternoon work outs. M li f M Vt if g ia g i ,i,, i V h G-ldnerfs ffngmh period" class. F 'lii K' ' Some members of Fat er I H ,,i:,i,s, H W is,V 3 1 ,Airs "" ' 'i" i"' V in - , V Qfffffifa' 5ff"1'ffr ' Vfffffmf Safe-X Pete K5-manl Cook practices his famous iiiiii Swing SUMPTION FORD SALES ' qw ,,'i', ' . ' 2704-llrh Sfmt, Rock island. Illinois " Phone 788-0651 'ig' I ,, I 0 7 .yi , tfdflf ul you ailliilini tration ...l 4 1, 2-0-W an a 5E2 Q. Ev T5 M :-g K vx x Q,- .., ax LQ ,,-- A" 'I 1 sewn-A i inn-magna I0 9 REV. JOHN F. O'CONNOR Principal Bei! ll7'i5lJei' MOLINE IXIATION AL BANK Alleman High School was the result of the dreams of many men. In 1926, Father Culemans lit the spark when he suggested the idea of a central Catholic high school for Rock Island County to Monsignor Durkin. Wfith this novel idea developing in his mind, Monsignor Durkin urged the bishop of the diocese to purchase the land across from Lincoln Park. Thus, Archbishop Schlarman enters the history of Alleman. He headed the diocesan fund raising campaign which made the dream come true. In 1958, Monsigntbr Durkin turned the first spade of dirt. By August, 1949, the school was dedicated. At this time the legacy of the dream was turned over to Reverend .l'ohn O'CQonnor, our principal. In his fifteen years, he has fulfilled the dream of his predecessors. The name of Father O'Connor has become synonymous with Alleman. Guiding the school and helping it develop has been no easy joh. Father is seen in many ways hy all who come in contact with him. In the eyes of the student hody, he is a stern disciplinarian. To the faculty, he is the general "fix it man." He sees that the school is run smoothly. If anything goes wrong, the administra- tion always has Father to look to for a solution. ln the classes he teaches, the students see him as an open-minded instructor. Parents picture him as the man to yell at when "little johnny is flunkingf' To the school hoard, he is the wonderman who stretches the income to fit the hudget. To all who know him well, this dedicated priest is a friend. Father O'Connor has made Alleman more than a dreamg he has made it a reality. in - .. . .. . . ,M .... , ..,. 'J is lf! QW' we was -pr--sf A, ,gy ,... Q, y , .,., E. . 5 1 .. . . J X ,s X 3 Q , X . 1- , os. ff ui.. gr-A . ' 'vs ti., A gm , , . .1 . ... f ..,..... ,WW Q 1 ' ' fr S 2, r . S ,ir ,......-. r s.. -..W Members of the Alleman board are Qseated, I. to r.J Father Sylvester Jesiolowski, Monsignor F. P. Blecke, Mon- signor T. J. Jordan, Monsignor William Cleary, Father Robert Barnett. fstancling, l. to r.J Father Louis Schaechter, Father George Schroeder, Father T. P. Kelly, Father John Callahan, Father Francis Casey, Father Raymond Lassuy, Father John O'Connor, principal. Missing was Father Richard Moran, llO REV. FRANCIS WUELLNER Boys' Counsellor REV. EARL CALKINS Religion III FATHER GEORGE WUELLNER Religion 'ul' ,ww SISTER MARIELLA, OSB Girls' Counsellor Religion I 'I REV. EDWARD ANDERSON, CSV Lolin ll, Ill Religion ll FATHER BARRY MCDERMOTT Religion A transition took place this year in the counseling depart- ment. Relieved of administrative and disciplinary tasks through the actions of the grievance committee and infirmarian, the counselors turned their energies to two goals - extending their services to more of the students, and providing more informa- tion through homeroom instruction. The two-fold program enabled them to maintain the per- sonal contact so essential to counseling, but still provide mass communication on such matters as college day and registration. REV. HUGH ROBBINS, CSV English IV Mechanical Drawing REV. LEO GILDNER Sociology FATHER WILLIAM WATSON Religion FATHER EDWARD BADER Religion FATHER ROBERT LEE FATHER ARTHUR RYAN FATHER THOMAS sRAJKovlcH FATHER JQHN REAL Religion Religion Religion Religion lll SISTER M. ALEXIA, OSB Arl SISTER ANNA MARIA, BVM ALM Spanish I, II SISTER M. BERNICE OSF English in R , - Religion II gm I. . "" SISTER M. CARMELITA, OP Librarian ,. SISTER M. HILAIRE, BVM ALM Spanish I, III ' iizksff Rf-is .15 f ' I will' 18 1 TM I SISTER M, JANE FRANCES, OP Chemistry Nursing Chemistry Physical Science SISTER ANTOINETTE, OSB Religion II Sociology SISTER M. EUCHARISTA, CHM Latin I, II Religion I SISTER M. KENNETH, BVM SMSG Ma7hemaIics I, Il, III SISTER M. AUGUSTINE, OSF English II, III Religion II SISTER M. FLORENCE, oss Typing I, II ',1If :-,,-: 'CY SISTER M. KEVIN, BVM English lv, III Journalism SISTER M, LAURENE, OSF Geometry SISTER M. MANUEL, BVM English I, II ReIigion I SISTER M, ST. THERESA, BVM Typing I, Personal Typing Stenogrophy, Transcription Religion I SISTER M. LOYOLA, OSB English I, II Religion I SISTER M. MADELINE, OSB Biology Band, Chorus BSCS Bi I gy , 1 Religion I ffm SISTER M. Kev! , oss SISTER M. ROSELINA, BVM Biology Home Economics SISTER M. SCHOLASTICA, OSB EIemenIc1ry Aigebrcx Math X SISTER MICHAEL MARY, BvM Religion I, III SISTER M. VIRGINA, CHM Typing I, Shorthand I Religion I SISTER M. THOMAS RITA, BVM SISTER M. WILLIAM BERNARD, O English I, II Biology ReIigion I BSCS BioIogy 115 MR. JOHN CAHILL Western Civilization Athletics MISS MAUREEN FLYNN Physical Education MISS AUDREY MCGREGOR , Speech, Drama 4. MR. DONALD CAPES MR. Rosem CARROLL Debclfe Physical Education Modern History A11-,lefics Western Civilization Athletics MR. WILLIAM GALVIN American History Western Civilization '-vu--.iv MISS RITA MILLER English l, ll English l , K . K 5231 Iizsiie fi l . . .-- MR. THOMAS SHILGALIS Math IX, SMSG Math IV Analytic Geometry Trigonometry PSSC Physics MR. EUGENE HENZE Machine Drawing Architectural Drawing Mechanical Drawing Athletics MR. HERMAN MISKOWICZ General Business Bookkeeping Athletics . il ,, . .,,,.., . tt' I 'P ' P R' 1 ,..,,. N , ,st . i 1 -r i Q, fi.-ft is J 2 v ...X W" 192. Q Sf' .Qt ye asm 12 H " fa 3 5 A if 'A ff Q as Qi MRS. JESSIE FREDERICK English Ill, IV MR. DAVID KURT Math IX Geometry Elementary Algebra Advanced Algebra Athletics MR. DONALD MORRIS Athletic Director Physical Education 1 Van.. MR. PHILLIP SAILER MRS- JANET VAN HEUI-E American History Ffench lf ll, lll Athletics 114 MR. DONALD WOOTEN Humanities MRS. GEORGE LESSNER Visual Aids MRS. RALPH aRsuwE1 MRS- Wll-HAM JOERN MRS. CLIFFORD BABINSKI . Study Hall Moniior SiudY HGH Momfof Infirmurion MRS. CLARENCE REDECKER Attendance Office MRS. RUTH TARPY MRS. lUCillE WINKLER SfUdY Holi Monitor Siudy Holi Monitor A MRS. HARRY ADLHNGER MRS. EDWARD PENCA, JR. 'VU55 CATHERINE COLLIGAN Secretary Seuemry Cafeteria Mgr. Congnm and Gaod Luck PIONEER '64 ALLEMAN SUPPLY STORE 115 X V 1 Love May Make the World But here at Alleman several different work crews keep the school going. The cafeteria workers under the direction of Miss Catherine Colligan hold the all-im- portant position of keeping the students and faculty well fed. Allemanls devoted bus drivers brave the often inclement Illinois weather to daily bring Alle- manites to school. The fine secretarial staff keeps the business end of the school moving by keeping student records and performing the countless other cleri- cal tasks. Forever dusting, cleaning, polishing, and picking up after us is our excellent janitorial crew. The maintenance staff keeps the school intact by repairing broken Venetian blinds, replacing light fixtures, and taking care of the other numerous emergencies. " Shirley Deschinkel, Mary Coopman, Ann Huber Marie Walsh, Irene DeWilole, Madeleine Van Den Hencle. Complimenly of ANDERSON JEWELERS iformerly WOODSJ J. L. BRADY COMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation Contractor East lWoline, Illinois Beaming members of The cafeteria staff who keep Us well-fed are fl. to r.D Marguerite Billiet . Marie Fitzgerald, Lilian Thompson, Nora O'Br1an l702 - Znd Avenue Rock Island Ill - .stfjr Q, 'Cin , A- y We ' YYAL i s - . 5 5 w e ' J in , LL,A, V if . . 1 , . ' s ,'1-11 W we 3 . . . . 7- wa? ' t' Ji Smiling members of our maintenance staff are Cleft to righti Mrs. Helen Hen- fm My . , . , , , , , ' if driclcs, Marcella McKinley, Mrs. Alice Waline, Mrs. Marie Wells and Mrs, lda Vershaw. s .ii 7, , 7 , .1 ,,, , WV, Cashiers Mary De Keyrel and Gayle Ruff are familiar faces to students who buy their lunches every day. s . .. 7""'zw,1,tW V tw? ar 'X QQ' gl 1 f at is an if lr st ra r 9 2 if -7' pi si if has If X 'SQ st 5 W 2 1 E JM , Q' it ' Performing one of his many daily tasks, Mr. The only femme member Of The bus Glenn Wells checks one of the mechanisms in driving Steffi MUVY De Keyrel, Stands 1 he boiler of the new addition. lUeSid9 her l9US. X- . K iss--kyxxk -X Q4 M 4 ' 'Uno GN fiifibitix' final., ...,, ,sw V P ...J W ill - I fin., When emergencies occur, such Male members of the bus driving staff are fleft to rightl Mr. Harry as the dishwasher breaking Johannes, Mr. Arthur De Vooght, Mr. John Showalter, and Mr. Fran- down, a novel solution is paper cis Fobert. plqfes, 117 seniors 119 Moments 'co remember . . . Senior Homeroom Alternates 1963-'I964 4A JIM FEHL 4B JANE FREIBAND 4C RON SCHUMAKER 4D MARK BOULJON 4E CAROL MIZEUR 4F MIMI COSGROVE AG DIANE SCHROEDER 4H SALLY DeKEYREL When the members of the Class of ,64 look back over their four years at Alleman, a treasury of memories awaits them. The telephone conversation in their sopho- more assembly, the Chinese sisters who were stowaway on the Showboat, and the large '64 on the stage curtains during their final class pro- duction provide ample food for reminiscing. Some will recall being one of the 35 mem- bers of the National Honor Society, or one of the two National Merit finalists, or one of the eight Illinois State Scholarship semi-finalists. Most will remember the excitement of the State basketball tournament and 43 boys will remember the thrill of being varsity letter win- ners. Clubs will be thought of and 62 girls will re- member good old GAA days. All will remember different things, but they will never forget the unity that has bound them together these past four years as the Class of I64. itoo I 'I t "I am sophisticated, you are sophisticated, he is sophisticated, we are sophisticated, they are sophisticated or at least trying. Members of the senior class council are Istandingl Diane Vande Putte, Terry Payne, Gloria Young, Margaret Kerschicter, Bob Gemignani, president, Deanne South, Carol Bromley, Bob Calsyn, Sheila Wilson, Qseate-dl John De Greve, vice president, and Mag Downing, secretary-treasurer. 120 A f ,LQ Top Ten CAROL BROMLEY PHYLI-IS MARVIN BONNIE STRABLEY co-wzlediczorimz gowfzledictorian co-wzlediclorian Q51-Q5 zql ' 'rw 1 CAROL MIZEUR mlumtorian 4,-dw .lm ,A fn- LINDA ADAMS MARGARET KERSCHIETER MARCH' MOORE ifth Jixlb .fevefztlo GLORIA YOUNG ROBERT CALSYN Jezfentla Hmm 121 1 1-4' fiif' 'A f mv. aa3EfL::2E::s 'f ' 42 MARGUERITE DOWNING BRIAN TERNOEY tenth tenth JANE BERGER LINDA ADAMS . I LQSEQT11 is, J? 24yffRffsssAf" A-,- AW. WM 3551, f 2 Ie' E slifififgiz .- A EA :fi! ,'Wf'1iF I 'EIEEEE Q ' JUDITH BLANCKE 45 JOSEPH ALONGI DONALD ANDERSON X K . MARY JO BLEUER ROGER ANDERSON DAVID BLOCK 47' WILLIAM BABCOCK PATRICIA BOHN ERT I ---5 1--Q.,, I KATHRYN BARN ETT I MARK BOULJON 1 IEEA A X Q -Tix ,E Fe S2 ,S I I -I' E QE' .A O9 , T, gg E A A. f'f?32NT' I Am ' gli RTW W A 'A 'Y -rw A W K RW WAX I L 'ZR ,J H in nj' L., . ,It . ., ' A at M Q fix N ,pf R A five' ,E . gf ... 5555 3 ,E 3 .am THOMAS BRADLEY - ,A I 7.52 5 5 A "1 f ' . Q ..- 7. 5 7- - if Q "' STEPHEN BEIN .T vi' ., .v'-ffmcf' , '- E ' --1- -R4 122 f -1 QW? ummm 'NIV' CAROL BROMLEY THOMAS CAFFERY ROBERT CALSYN Hyman-W THOMAS BROWN JOHN BROZOVICH PATRICIA BUCHMEYER JOHN CARMAN .M-'4 RAE ANN BULL DENNIS CARR FRANCES CARROLL ROBERT CASILLAS DENNIS BURANEK WILLIAM BU RGHGRAVE MICHAEL CAVANAGH MARGUERITE CHINN LYNN CLAEYS JAMES CUMBERWORTH TIMOTHY CLEGG MARY DMUNG PETER COOK CAROL DASSO ANTHONY COOPMAN JAMES CORE JOYCE DAYTON MOIRA COSGROVE KATHLEEN COWDEN KATHLEEN DeCASTAKER THOMAS CROWDER JUDITH DeCASTECKER 124 i' av'-'V ,. . I E NIH: -M - 3 X wi iii 28" v L mx U Y ,l W Q in Wigs? 955-1 MQ Q If , 1 flwllgl , . ff: 71 Iszwffm .,.,f ,J H" . ' 1, V, J' ' ' 'L -' I -1 'V V595 2f"'fW-32 A :M .A -FQ. J ' ,9 V I Zlliff ' - .Q f 'fnlff-IJ w' L' - 41 I . , .Sv , . WV fi ,r ,lm I I I 1 f' 74495 A155 ,L , 'f f H V, , W 537 J f-wwf NATALIE DeCOSTER LINDA DeDONCKER JOHN DeGREVE JANET DeKEYREL SALLY DeKEYREL JOHN DeLOOSE RONALD DeNEVE JANET DeROO JUDITH DeSMYTER HARLEY DeVILDER ARTHUR DeVOO'GHT JULIE DeWITTE JOSEPH DOBBELEARE THOMAS DOLPH KATHLEEN DOMIN IC 125 Hr-vi f- ---' ,A N Q,Q,QE'q,ffg ,'- -'gz,,,-1 A .b , V,.,., ' f , x ,, M15 1. Si DANIEL EGGER MARK EHLERS PATRICK DOUGHERTY Ikfigws ,:. - ,. .df J Us-.., ,Y L, .V,f T ,-ff -f me :Aids 'f 3431 Wiilk ,fi vh.. 1, ' E -,,f,5,'jrs5g3g?2Q'?iggf Q: .I ,J I I, I A 7,5f:ss?fw'f I mm M 3, 931,021 mg,2Sf2ww,5IrfII fu ESE SY-f' ., - . ,AN ww I QQ I g55'I X55L,, K, -z a .. is mm S K5 WI 3 I ' gs E if Ia' NfQ5g,g?WK,J YP' My sgggwmf r S, 5 I In ,, w I .mtg rg f 5 29 as T S wh Q M 'O gg I 'fc-'FSQE ' : . I ,L M 8 - f:1ml?fIz: fi ' I "'fv1isffs?if2Ie!I55 ,HN - ff2ss.I1aS5'i24 MARGUERITE DOWNING PATRICK DOWSETT JAY ENG KAREN DRAKE MARY ERHART NANCY ESSER JAMES FEHL JAMES FITZPATRICK THOMAS DUMOLIEN JAN EEN DUYTSCHAEVER MICHAEL FLAHERTY CHARLES EBERT 126 KERRY FLYNN JUDITH FOX KATHLEEN GOLDSBERRY JANICE GRAY JANE FREIBAND GERALD FREUND GERALDINE GRIFFIN BARBARA FULSCHER JOAN HANSEN PENNY HARE GAIL HARPER DONALD HARTMAN ALICE FULTYN MARIAN GARRISON LAWRENCE HEIRES ROBERT GEMIGNANI 127 MICHAEL HENDERSON KATHLEEN HENDRICKS DEBORAH HOLLAND TIMOTHY HUFFORD 54. 'YET ir- JAMES HUGHES ANTHONY HENSELER MARY ANN HERNANDEZ FRANCES HURTADO MICHAEL HIBBS WILLIAM INGOGLY HENRY HICKS WAYNE INMAN EEEI EIIIE I IITI I' TERRY HICKS DIANNE HIMBERT JON AS HOLGATE JOAN JEFFERS 128 SYLVIA JESUIT BEREA KELTY JOHN KENNEDY STEVEN JOHANNES MONROE JOHNSON MARGARET KERSCHIETER JEANALEE JULIUS HARLAN KIMBALL IRENE KALE ESIMWX J' ' 'vfajgxzzg fa J ELLEN KLAK ' 5 w g. 2 Y., rw ANTHONY KARGL JOAN KEHOE MICHAEL KELLY 129 DONNA KOSTER JOSEPH KOTLEBA CARMEN KREFT ROBERT KRONFELD MARY ANN KROPP STEVEN KRULIK SUZANNE LAERMANS CATHERINE LANGAN MARSHA LANNAN ANDREW LARSON PAUL LEAHY PAUL LAITY MARK LAMPE 130 JANE LECLEIR JOHN LEHAN DAVID LEMON SALVATORE LEONE MARSHA LEWIS CLARA LITTIG THOMAS LOWE . ,.L, .,,2,:h,..Z,,...f I .i,.VL . ,1:, -:ii 5 I H 1 '- ' J v-"f -- +1 -. I Iwzgva 1 ff f f Q:-1313: , 4,51 I .. ' 5 :mf JUDITH LUSSON LINDA MAENHOUT CAMILLA MALFAIT CARMEN MARCHESE PHYLLIS MARVIN GEORGIA MATAYA JAMES MATTIS 131 RICHARD McALLISTER JOHN MCGONIGLE PAMELA MCGONIGLE I A if ' I , Egfwf I I P I , 2 as mmqwaw Q., WL aw ia I Xen ,iissfaieavgk 5. fY5"f?i'XR5i'1 , ' - 'liilrx I X- - H I- sgigfggxisg . f :sim , 'g hav' . R? 'EPO' mmmw, ..g,m.m -M .dwg -.f I ww VM 1 f swwa? I - -1 . . f1sA,wf2 .. WBA. . f . , . . .. -14 .E . A . .. A M.. wg Fi fi: 45341 A' " . i ,f ', , 'S ' ' " " 1fiiifI?:5IjQ3,ff -. .:1: f. ' - , 'rims-' - Q , ,. H -, mgm .K - I - 7 Si.m:f:A,f . 1' 5 W K we, .- ' Q5--W ROSEMARY McGOVERN GREGORY MCKENZIE PATRICK MCMANUS DANIEL MEYER LARRY MEYER JULIANNE MEYSENBURG PAULA MILLER CAROL MIZEUR FRANCIS MODDE 152 JOHN MOLINELLI MARCIA MOORE DENNIS MORGAN MICHAEL MORRIS JOHN MORTIER ALAN MOSELEY "Q: md' ,,...-sf vw..-f TERRY MOSELEY BONNIE MOSINSKI JAMES MURPHY WILLIAM MURRAY BARBARA MURRIN JERRY NAUGHTON CAROLYN N ICHOLSON JOHN NUGENT GERALD OBERHARDT ROBERT ODENDAHL RICHARD O'NEILL ALLEN ORR EDWARD PANCRAZI0 ALEXANDER PAREIGIS RICHARD PARSONS 133 NA I i I JOHN PASKVAN MARY POLHEMUS KNU' ff""'fP SHARON POLITO JOSEPH POMA MAUREEN PASKVAN I 2 4 3 Q If 9 QB l mx MARILYN POUZAR if fi .. t 5' if 1 5? - Q MAUREEN PAVICH TERENCE PAYNE HENRY PERSCHEK MARGARET PHILLIPS KATHERINE QUILTY VICTORIA RAMIREZ RALPH RAMOS JACQUELINE RANSON LINDA RASMUSSEN -ai' Alf ,pf gd iw if def' Ii M A .- ww w : -- A , " 7 , 5 " ?-!zg3Lssf.5ff?w1 , -fd A , ,, fxxfgsm fbskvigi QW Qgiekgiizvgszig u .M ,Q wif' ff' .?52e?f,1'-fsyfpn ui: 7213- , . Z I, ,gif I 35? RICHARD RETTIG JOSEPH RYAN MICHAEL RYAN JOHN SANT AMOUR STEVEN RETTIG LINDA RIORDAN CARLOS RUBALCAVA LAUREL SCHAECHER CHARLES SCHATTI CAROL ROBERTSON ROSE MARY SCHILD DONALD ROGERS EDWARD SCHMITT RITA ROSS THOMAS SCHNELL 135 I- ' in A I , I I I , -I . - ' K .ff sg ? . . ,. HL I RONALD SHUMAKER PAULETTE SCHNOEBELEN JEAN SIMMONS DIANE SCHROEDER LAURA SCHULTZ CAROL SCOTT JULIANN SCOTT DAVID SI KAREN SMITH MS DANIEL SMOLENSKI JANET SHUDA JUDITH SHUDA DEANNE SOUTH DONALD SH UMAKER 156 NANCY SOUTHWOOD JAMES SPRANGER RONALD TALAGA Haig. T"'frf MARGARET SPRUNG NANCY STAES PATRICIA TALIK ROBERT TAYLOR BRIAN TERNOEY STEPHEN STATE DIANE THORNTON z 2 QI MWSH sv LAWRENCE TU RF THERESA STIMPSON '-9' -.U fm. 3 I Y V V' r n aw! sz- , -,W...,' ap 55 -,M 592 RICHARD VALLEJO BONNIE STRABLEY PATRICIA STRUPP KATHLEEN TADY 137 JANE VAN ALTVORST RICHARD VAN RAES JOYCE VAN ZELE THOMAS VANCURA DIANE VANDE PUTTE DANIEL VANDE VOORDE JUDITH VENSEL PATRICIA VERSTRAETE DIANNE VERVAECKE DIANE VANDE VOORDE .Imam E ' Ex ffvnsgf , iii MARY VAN HECKE DANIEL VIREN MARY BETH VAN LANCKER KAREN VAN OPDORP THOMAS VISCIONI JOHN VIZE CARO-LE VOSS SHARON VAN OPDORP ffl? 138 L., 41? E Q: iss? 322 wt-r ' FSi:'::ZE25Iw:S?.'P:':':::' 'I -'-FfH:f.?f's2f5T'Vi , 2, , 1' w as I 51' - . M K ' , F f .. ZZ. I M2 ' I 1 PATRICK WILSON SHEILA WILSON BENJAMAN VROMAN LINDA WAHLHEIM SHARON WISE CAROLYN WASSENHOVE .IOANN WOCHNER FRANCETTE WOEBER JOHN WEBER WILLIAM WOODARD THOMAS WYFFELS PATRICIA WELLS TERRENCE WEN DL TERRASE WILLEY LAWRENCE YEAGER GLORIA YOUNG ILDIKO YUHASH SHARON WILLIAMS 139 This Was The C ass A We're off to see the Wizard-score-crow Jan Gray and lion duet from the "Wizard of 'Oz." ,.,,.,. ,.........-W. ez i ffl, A , Wim, KH Kes Senior year is like stepping on a roller coaster. Once it starts, you sit back and take the ups with the downs, al- ways anticipating the Whirl- wind finish. In review the ride seems short, but the memory of its thrills lingers on. So it is with senior year. It comes too fast, goes too soon, but leaves many memories. 140 That Was - 64 Broaclway's Favorite Hits time naturally When you walk through a storm . . ." look away.. ." "I can do anything . . ." l l l l ll l P P l Class assembly is That very special "Once a Year Day" 'For seniors Peggy Sprung, Carmen Kreff, Ron Shumaker, Judy Shu- ola, and Rich Parsons. MIDXVEST CYCLE SUPPLY COMPANY P Clfjfilllzlll rllnfm' lfebiL'fe.s. SL'l7Zt'fl1N l3ic3'cfw'. Pfff,l'b!lI'gZ7 Pzljllfj' lalrh Avcuuc at 57111 Street. Rock Island, Illinois L - 1 Cfmzplfzzzefm of l HASTY-TASTY FOOD STORE 2526 - 16th Street. Moline, Illinois 1 ". . . better than you." "Doin' what comes 45? Y P , al' ff I P '- ii , W? is f ' ,V 7k', I, f P 3, A f y ,Ar aff s , f. - I 'JW ! f M 5, ' ' . f Y Kit 1 WK i or lll .ff .M i llsl l . . ' ,fl K TM-1 ,,, wk f I A . ,kri 3 141 Fun jew .,.. . John DeGreve and Mag Down- ing pause to listen to directions commiseration - Senior assem- 'from Miss Audrey Ann McGregor bly rehearsal. during rehearsal for the senior class play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." 5 .t I gl N it 2 .g I wi'-"I af' is N A I .,,.u""' .,,,.,s Chief baby-kissing, vote-catching, back-slapping, hello- waving Senior class officers. lBesides their other attri- butes, they're good guysl. Bef! IWi5he5 for 11 Brigfyl and Happy Flllllff BEAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Rock Island o Congmllzfpztioizi' to the G1'ucf1n1te.i QUINNIS PHARMACY Highway 30, Hampton, Illinois Congregation, conversation, and Jkt Q .,?:vs'i+j'?i,ri fl 1 ,,,, Chicago is not the only city that c boast windy citizens. Rock Island l Alleman's Tim Clegg. ws I ,fmiwi - Ulcer-pampering-gourmet style. D Meyer scivors his . . . yes, baby for Frolic Not 7 little elves, but 7 day wonders kept the seniors in stitches. 142 and Farewell i i t 1 , i i . ge, Fother Anderson, the mon be- hind the senior closs, is shown N obove. ' Sister Kevin, O.S.B., found ci choir neces- i . i scary to meosure the senior boys for their , N cops ond gowns. i i i i t i t if f -i2-r , , lVe Endorse . . fashion New York Store f - - . Qflilfhiiiffef iliLykEfSiEJ1Z5QixfJiTti''iigJfTffZ.G"O" Downtown Mom ft Memories of senior yeor will burn in the heorts of mony e're off to tczce the world!! There moy be mixed emotions ot groduo- 1 time, but one of them is certoinly hoppiness. Cl. to r.D Di Schroeder, in Kennedy, Mczg Downing ond Mork Bouiion. as g nmwv - ,, ,. 1 r H' pw 5 ,"l-V b kwa... ik' , at if 'H i yi ,QQQ 1:',, If vi "' ? A! 4 . J H gf. vw 1. 6 ' ai 1 Q 1. .+ as , . n QW' 'naw ap .Q K! 'w QM , 3551 iz, 2 3 4: 1 ,E 4, 5 X , i ww , Y , .V 3 .Z s Q ? Q 3 li-, 1' , gg Zi, 3 15 an ' ' if 1 iii A it iiiii 3355 2 ill Q gg 23 iiimk iiuiiii .aw paid' ,al ii .vm 1 , MW Q . 2 i aiiimliiiiii li"HH!'Ei iii .num .2 .av ,nnr V fi .nv A wr Q Zi' nasal' Y J P -1 F V., QM.. wr ill 5m713f "" 1 :Y? : fG::: '2'a1 ' 5 ' , .. . , frf' ,,. -. ff ' 5.1 N W - . . A f, .'h , K A- . V .--. , hh L , K A ' A J , . " - -.f - 2' -cz" . ..,. -Q ' ,L . - A W 3 ' A .. asa Q msigm. -. , Ad' ' ' ., , V ' ", A few B K. '- Q ' A-V ' ' .7 . , ,. A Mi .. ' . fr ' 5 94 A +6 ..... . , LK,, K'-- , - ' K, f - . ...,. . ,.,.. F, .. . M. , . V- i m . " H ' 1 .Q gm.. .. Y bk P. My , . ., .4 Hg , K: . Af K 1 gg tw N ff F Lp . , :Q x lf: -"'. wf u -. ' ii LL.. 144 i if , . f -- ' K -Y , -- " h'm'k , R w i .ax H.-3515? ' "" fi? 5 class lists in memoriam statistics patrons .i rf Rflllwalfk! :AM ""! Supporting Organizations Parents and alumni play an important role at Alleman. Besides their moral support, many of them actively support the school through membership in the Men's Club, Home and School Association, Alumni Association, and Band Boosters. In recent years the proceeds from the Home and School Associations card parties have been used to purchase new audio-visual equipment. The current Men's Club project has been installation of a track for the athletic department, and both the Alunmi and Band Boosters have been raising money for various projects. Members of the Mens' Club sold chances: on 3250.00 to raise money for the new cinoler track. . if Officers of the Alumni Association pause during their recent cord party. They are CI. to r.D Mrs. Pat Timmerman, Mr. Joe DeMeyer and Mrs. Betty Hoogerwerf. Officers for the Home and School Association for this year were Cl. to r.J Mrs. Agnes Molinelli, treasurer, Mrs. Mary Jo Trant, president, Mrs. Betty Hoppe, secretaryg and Mrs. Kay Negro, vice-president. Members of the Alleman Band Boosters gather at one of their monthly meet I .i ings. BROOKS JEXVELRY H325 - .Stal Avenue, Rock lslantl o HOLMES SHOE COMPANY S25 - lith Avenue. liast Moline "llama of Fine Foot llvkzlfu Florsheim W Red Cross -A Buster Brown CLASS OF 1960 ACKE, JOHN ALONGI, MARTHA AUBRY, NANCY BABINSKI, KAREN BAKER, KENNETH BARNETT, LAWRENCE BARTz, LYNN BENDER, MICHAEL BERGER, MARY SUSAN BIBEE, WILLIAM BOOKMAN, GEORGE BRAET, DOLORES BRIGGS, JAY BRUST, JOANNE BUCKLEY, DENNIS BURNS, RUTH BUSH, ANGELA CANT, CATHLEEN CARLSON, CAROL CAROLAN, ROSE MARIE CARROLL, BARBARA JO CARTER, RONALD CIRIVELLO, JO ANN COBERT, MARJORIE COE, DONNA CONDON, LEO CONOvER, WILLIAM CONWAY, MARY COOPMAN, CHARLES COOPMAN, WILLIAM COWDEN, PENNY DAEBELLIEHN, JEANINE DARRAS, JOANNE DAUW, BETTY JEAN DAUW, DANIEL DAUW, DENISE DAYTON, CAROL DBBAENE, LAVELLE DBBRUYCKERE, RONALD DECOSTA, DAWN DeLOOSE, JACQUELINE DEMEURISSE, JOHN DeMEYER, NANCY DeNEvE, KAREN DePOORTER, THERESA DEPORTER, MARIKAY DESHEROW, JOHN DeSMET, JAMES DeSMYTER, THOMAS DevETTER, TERRY DeWILDE, JAMES DeWITTE, BARBARA DIETZ, JO ANN DINNEEN, JAMES DOBBELAERE, WILLIAM DOLLOSLAGER, BEVERLEY DONOVAN, GERALD DORBECK, MARK DUFFEY, ELIZABETH EDWARDS, DAVID EDWARDS, PATRICIA EHLERS, JAMES EIHL, TERRY ELDER, THERESA ESSER, SHARON EVERS, PETER FAORO, RICHARD FERKEL, KATHLEEN FLYNN, SALLY FRANCK, SUSAN FRANK, JOYCE FREED, SUZANNE HORAK, VICTORIA HURLEY, PATRICK HYBKE, GERALD JOHNSON, JUDITH JOHNSON, ROGER JUSTICE, JOHN KASENBURG, PATRICIA KASS, WILLIAM KAVANSKI, BARBARA KEEFE, PATRICIA KEHOE, PATRICIA KENNEDY, NORA KENNEDY, TIMOTHY KICK, GEORGE KIELY, KATHLEEN KIES, JAN ELLEN KILCOIN, SHARON KINGSBURY, MARIANNE KOERING, JUDITH KOESTER, EREDRICK KRANN, DAVID KRANTZ, JANICE MARZETTA, PHYLLIS MAUCH, NANCY MCCABE, MICHAEL MCCLAIN, JUDITH MECLEAN, GERALD MEERSMAN, JAMES MICHEL, DAVID MONTEZ, LENORE MORRISON, KATHLEEN MORTIER, JAMES MOSELEY, DONNA MOSELEY, MICHAEL MOSELEY, WILLIAM MUECK, DONNA MULKEY, PATRICIA MURRIN, KATHLEEN NAAB, DAVID NELSON, KAREN NORIN, KENNETH NUGENT, CAROL OBERHARDT, MICHAEL O'BRIEN, PATRICIA T960 - The year The Chorus Cut IIS first record, The Eastern rite Mass. GANNON, JOYCE GARARD, BARBARA GARRISON, DIANE GENDE, RONALD GILLMAN, THOMAS GOETHALS, THERESA GOOSSENS, NORMA GOWDY, EUGENE GRUDZINSKI, PATRICIA GUSTAFSON, PATRICIA GUTIERREZ, REINALDO HAESAERT, RICHARD HARPER, STEPHANY HEITSCH, JULIA HENDERSON, JOSEPH HENSLER, CATHERINE HERBERT, LEO HERBERT, LEORA HEWITT, JUDITH HOLGATE, DONNA HOLUBA, JAMES LAMBRECHT, JUDITH IAMONT, CAROL LAMONY, WILLIAM LAMPE, LLOYD LARSON, ERIC LAVERY, MICHAEL LAWRENCE, LAWRENCE LEANDER, SUSAN LESAGE, JOHN LEWIS, JAMES LINGAFELTER, NEAL LISKE, KATHLEEN LOOTENS, JUDITH LOOTENS, WILLIAM LOUI, KATHLEEN MAHIEU, KATHLEEN MALIN, HENRY MARTENS, JOHN MARTIN, DALE MARTIN, MICHAEL MARXEN, NANCY 147 OCHS, ROBERT ODENDAHL, WILLIAM O'HERN, DANIEL ORTMAN, RICHARD OSTERLINCK, MARILYN OTT, BRIGITTE PASTOREK, RENA PETTIT, CAROLYN PFANENSTIEL, ELIZABETH PHELPS, CAROL PIZZUTO, ANNA POLASCHEK, DENNIS POLITO, CAROL PRUELLAGE, MARILYN QUAINTANCE, MARY QUINN, JAMES RASTETTER, RICHARD REAGAN, TIMOTHY RIPPERGER, LAWRENCE ROGENSKI, MARY ROMEO, SUSAN ROUNDS, ANN RYCKEGHEN, CAROL SAELENS, SHARON SCHACHEL, JOHN SCHELSTRATE, FRANK SCHMELZER, JUDITH SCHNABEL, STEPHEN SCHNEIDER, DENNIS SCHNOEBELEN, ALVIN SCHNOEBELEN, GERALD SCHULTE, VICKI SERGEANT, GERALD SHAMASKO, ELLEN SHELL, EDWINA SHERIDAN, STEPHEN SIMMONS, ROBERT SMITH, EDWIN SMOLENSKI, THERESA SOEDER, BARBARA SONNEVILLE, SHARON SOUTH, STEPHEN STECKEL, GEORGE STEENE, DOLORES STENGER, SUSAN STRITESKY, JUDITH SWINBURN, CAROL TADY, CHARLES TeBOCKHORST, JAMES TERNOEY, KAREN THORPE, CHARLES THORPE, DANIEL TULLY, JAMES UNFERTH, KAREN UNFERTH, BARBARA VALLEY, DONNA VAN ACKER, GRETCHEN VAN COILLIE, DANIEL vANDE KERCKHOVE, MICHAEL VANDE VELDE, JUDITH vANDE vELDE, RONALD VANDE VOORDE, SHARON VANDE VOORT, KENNETH VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN 'VAN ERT, SHIRLEY LANCKER, BARBARA JO LAUWE, JAMES THOURNOUT, MARCELLA VOOREN, JEANINE WIEL, LAWRENCE VERPAELE, JAMES VEYS, MAURICE VYNCKE, MARLENE VYTLACIL, EDWARD WASSENHOVE, JOHN WASSENHOVE, LOGENE WELCH, JAMES WELLMAN, CAROL WESTEMEYER, EDWARD WICH, SUZANNE WILCOX, ALFRED WILDE, DOLORES WILLIAMS, DAVID WILLIAMS, SANDRA WINSTON, MICHAEL WITTE, STEPHANIE WITTEVRONGEL, TWILAH WOOD, JAMES YEAGER, RICHARD ZABER, THOMAS ZERULL, ROBERT ACUPE, JAMES ADLFINGER, GERARDA ALBRACHT, ROBERT ATCHISON, PATRICIA AUBRY, RICHARD BALKAN, DENNIS BARNETT, PATRICIA BARRETT, SEAN BARRON, STEPHEN BEERT, JAMES BELMAN, JULIAN BISANz, JAMES BODEN, CAROLE BOHNERT, BETTY BOMELYN, SANDRA BROQUIST, DOLORES BROWN, ANDREW BUBAN, PATRICIA BURGHGRAVE, DIANA BURNS, PATRICIA BUSH, DENNIS BUSQUART, ANNE BUSTOS, THERESA CALL, RICHARD CANPIELD, BONNIE CARMACK, ROSALIE CARROLL, KATHLEEN CARROLL, LUCINDA CASTILLO, THERESA CECHOVSKY, ELLEN CHRISTENSEN, MARY CLAEYS, DIANE CLARK, JUDITH CLOUW, MICHAEL COBERT, RICHARD COLLINS, CAROLYN CONOVER, MARGARET CONOVER, JEANNE CONWAY, DAVID COOK, GEORGE COULTER, CHRISTINE CREEN, MARILYN CROSS, RITA CZUPKA, DIANE DAILING, JOSEPH DANNER, DIANNA DARGIE, MARGUERITE DASSO, HENRY DAVIS, ROBERT DSBEL, RENEE DSCAPP, LINDA DeCLERCQ, ALBERT DSCOSTER, WILLIAM DSDONCKER, MARTHA De-JAEGHER, DIANE DEJONGHE, LINDA DSLOOSE, GERALD DeMEYER, RONALD DePAEPE, DONALD DSROO, ARLENE DSWITTE, CONNIE DeWITTE, MARY ANN DHUYVETTER, DAVID DOWSETT, NANCY DOYLE, PATRICIA DRISKELL, BETTY EASTLAND, SHARON ENG, GARY ENRIGHT, BARBARA EWERT, THOMAS FACKELDEY, LINDA FARRELL, CAROL FEHL, FRED FISHER, ANTHONY FISHER, MARY FISHER, MICHAEL FOX, DENNIS FREECE, MICHAEL FURLONG, MARJORIE GABBERT, ROSLYN GALUSHA, CAROLYN GIERLUS, TERESA GLYNN, BARBARA GOETHALS, LAWRENCE GOODRUM, BRIAN HAMILTON, ROBERT HARE, PATRICIA HARTMAN, JAMES HAYNES, ROBERT HEDSTROM, TERRY CLASS OF 'I961 LOULA, EUGENIA LYON, BARBARA MARTIN, JAMES MATHERLEY, PATRICIA MEANDREWS, JOHN MEEVOY, CAROLYN MEAGHER, PAUL MELLEY, PATRICIA MESSALL, CHARLES MIER, MANUAL MILLER, MARY ANN MONTEZ, MARINA MINOR, LAWRENCE MOORE, LAWRENCE MORENO, PROCO MOSELEY, LEO MOSELEY, PATRICIA MOSLEY, DWIGHT MUECK, CAROL Chris Krueger ond Tony Jordon, members of the Class Of '61, present can assembly in honor of The Lincoln Centennial. HEBBORN, BERNARD HENDRICKS, DIANE HENDRICKS, LINDA HEWITT, MARGARET HICKEY, MICHAEL HICKMAN, ROBERT HICKS, CAROL HIGGINS, KATHLEEN HOFFMAN, GARY HOLUBA, JANE HOOGERWERF, BARBARA HORTON, GERALD HOWARD, PHILLIP HOYLE, JAMES HUGART, GARY HUNTER, JON IMMESOETE, PHILLIP JACK, RICHARD JACKSON, WILLIAM JOHNSON, JOHN JONES, GARY JONES, SHARON JORDAN, TONY JUSTICE, LORAE KANE, PAULA KARHOFF, BARBARA KAUZLARICH, ELAINE KELLY, LORETTA KELLY, RAYMOND KERCKHOVE, DENNIS KERRES, RICHARD KERSCHIETER, KAROLYN KINGSBURY, JUDY KLAFFKE, MARY KLAK, MICHAEL KLAUER, MARY KAY KOCH, MICHAEL KOTLEBA, JAMES KRUEGER, CHRISTINE KUHN, MARY LOCROSSE, ROSE ANN LAITY, LOIS LALEMAN, ROBERT LANGDON, RUTH LANNOO, JANICE LARSON, DAVID LAVELL, JAMES LEE, MARY LEHAN, DIANE LEHAN, ROBERT LERCH, JOHN LEWIS, MARTIN LIEVEN, KATHLEEN LISKE, PATRICIA LOETE, JAMES LOETE, JEAN ANN LORENSEN, DELIA LOWE, BONNIE 148 MURRIN, MARY LOU NAGEL, BARBARA NEAVINS, THOMAS NEGRO, KATHLEEN NEWMAN, RICHARD NINER, JOHN NOE, PAUL NOPPE, ROBERT NORIN, GARY NYQUIST, JOANN OBERHARDT, TERRANCE O'DEAN, HOWARD O'LEARY, PATRICIA ORTMAN, MARY KAY PAQUETTE, AGNES PARK, GARY PASKVAN, PRANCINE PASKVAN, MARGARET PASKVAN, SANDRA PASTOREK, JOSEPH PATTERSON, DIANE PAUWELS, JOHN PECK, PATRICIA PETTIT, LYNDA PFANENSTIEL, ROBERT PHARES, ROBERT PHARES, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, DEAN PLUDE JOHNNA POLICH, PATRICIA PYSZKA, MARY LOU RAFFERTY, DANIEL RASTETTER, MARGARET RAY, BEVERLY REESE, WILLIAM ROBY, DIANE ROCHOW, MARGEE ROCKWELL, VERNA RODTS, JOHN ROEGIERS, JOHN ROSSMILLER, JANICE RUPE, ELIZABETH RUMLER, DOROTHY SANTAMOUR, MICHELE SCHAECHER, RONALD SCHATTERMAN, THOMAS SCHMITT, DONALD SCHOONBAERT, KAREN SCHULTE, LARRY SIEBERT, MARILYN SENGER, LAWRENCE SHELL, BARBARA SIKORSKI, JUDIE SIMOENS, SANDRA SLADEK, MARY BETH SMET MERRILL SMITH, CONNIE SOLDATI, DORIS' SOLIS, DONALD SONNEVILLE, CAROLE SPANICH, MICHAEL SPRUNG, BETTY STATE, PETER STRUPP, ROBERT TADY, RONALD TARPY, PAM THOMAS, CAROLYN THORNTON, DOLORES THORPE, WILLIAM TIMM, RITA TIMMERMAN, THOMAS TRUMBLE, JOAN VALLEJO, ANGELINA VAN ALTVORST, JOAN VANDE MAELE, SHIRLEY VANDERBEKE, SYBIL VANDE VOORDE, JERRY VAN HOOREWEGHE, CAROL VAN LANDSHOOT, ANITA VENSEL, WILLIAM VERCOUTERE, JANE VERSCHOORE, PATRICK VERSHAW, CAROLE VERSLUIS, MICHAEL VERSTRAETE, GABRIEL VERSTRAETE, JUDITH VOGELE, MARY VROMAN, DIANE VROMAN, DONNA WAHE, ROSEMARY WANGELINE, CHESTER WATTS, JAMES WELLS, GERALD WELLS, JEANNE WELSH, DIANE WILDE, DONNA WILKINS, SANDRA WILSON, JOSEPH WITTEVRONGEL, ROSE MARIE ZERULL, JOSETTA ADI-FINGER' VERNON DEBRUYCKERE, CAROL CLASS OF 1962 Remember the senior Cor wash? Members of the Class of '62 work on Their CIOss proiect. HULSBRINK, KARYL HYDAHL, THOMAS JARRIN, ANTHONY JOHNSON, JAMES JOHNSON, PATRICIA JOHNSON, ROSANN JONES, JUDITH JONES, LINDA KAUZLARICH, JEAN KEHOE, DANIEL KELLY, JOHN KENNEDY, MARY KIELY, SHEILA KITT, KAREN KLAUER, BERNARD KLINE, MYRA KLING, CAROL KOLLS, WANDA KROPP, JANET LAMPE, MARY LEE LANNOO, JANET LARSON, MELVIN LeCLEIR, MARY LENGER, BARBARA LIEVENS, DIANE LINDLEY, CAROL LOFQUIST, LINDA MACK, DANIEL MACK, PAUL MALIN, JOHN MARHOEFER, THOMAS MARSHALL, JOAN PAVICH, PATRICK PECAUT, JOHN PETERS, SUSAN PHILLIPS, MARY RITA POLICH, FRED POSATERI, FRANK QUINN, SUZANNE RAEBEL, KAREN RAES, ROBERT RASMUSSEN, ROBERT RETTIG, MARY JO RETTIG, SANDRA REYES, ANDREA RODTS, ROSEMARY ROGERS, MARY RUFF, BONNIE RUMLER, JOSEPH RUSSELL, KATHLEEN RUUD, JOAN SANDERS, CHARLES SCHAUBROECK, JAMES SCHULLER, SUSAN SENGER, KENNETH SHOTH, BARBARA SHORT, BEVERLY SHOWALTER, THOMAIS SIEBERT, JAMES SIMMONS, DEAN SIMMONS, KAYE SINKSEN, ALBERT SLOCK, JAMES AGULLO, FRANCISCO ALONGI, PHYLLIS AMUNDSEN, KATHLEEN ANDERSON, KENNETH AUBRY, JAMES AUBRY, WILLIAM BARTON, STEPHANIE BARTON, THOMAS BAETTY, MARY KAY BENDER, CHARLENE BENNETT, BRUCE BENNETT, DALE BENNETT, GARY BLEUR, PATRICK BOOSTROM, ROGER BRECHT, GARY BRIETBACH, SANDRA BROWN, THOMAS BRUST, EDWARD BUCKLEY, DONNA BUCKLEY, LORRAINE BURANEK, CONSTANCE BUSH, DARREL BUSTOS, MARIA CALLAWAY, KAREN ICAMPAGNA, CARMELLA ICARLIN, FRANK CARROLL, JANICE ICIRIVELLO, CAROL CLAEYS, DONAILD CLAEYS, MARILU COCHUYT, ROSITA COLE, DIANE COLLINS, RONALD CONICELLA, ELISA CONRAD, KATHLEEN COPELAND, GEORGIA CORBY, PETER CORNELIUS, MARY ANN COWDEN, CONSTANCE DAVIES, MARY SUE DAXON, KATHLEEN DBCASTAKER, MARY ELLEN DeCLERCQ, MARY ANN DBFAUW, MARILYN DeKAzEL, BERNARD DEKEYREL, SUSANNE DELACLUYSE, ELIZABETH DSPORTER, EUGENE DBROO, KATHERINE DBSMET, ANDREA DevOOGHT, DENNIS DBWAELE, JOAN DOSSCHE, JUDY DRISKELL, DONNA DUGAN, MARY EDWARDS, CAROLYN EDWARDS, KATHLEEN EHLERS, SHIRLEY EMERSON, RUTH ANN ENG, EUGENE ENGELS, DANIEL FARRELL, sUzANNE FLYNN, BARBARA FRANCK, KATHLEEN FREED, BARBARA FREIBAND, JAMES FRITZ, SUSAN FULLER, MICHAEL FURLONG, STEPHEN GARD, GARY GASPER, LAWRENCE GIANOTTI, MARY BETH GOCHEE, ROBERT GOLDSBERRY, TED GOTTSCHE, JUDITH GRANUM, MAUREEN GRAY, ROBERTA GRENIER, DUANE HAERTJENS, PAULA HARDI, PEGGY HEIRES, ROBERT HOLMQUIST, MICHAEL HUGHES, CONNIE MART, CHERYL MARTENS, JOSEPH MARTENS, JUDITH MARTIN, NORMAN MARTIN, RICHARD MARxEN, DONALD MEALLISTER, MARTIN MECABE, RONALD MEGINN, DANIEL MCHUGH, MARTHA MELAUGHLIN, BARBARA MELAUGHLIN, DANIEL MEMANUS, NANCY MEERSMAN, NANCY MEYER, MICHAEL MICHELET, EMIEL MONTEz, ALFRED MORAN, JANICE MOREL, FRANK MOSLEY, KATHLEEN MOSELEY, KENNETH MOSLEY, VIRGINIA MOSKOWITZ, ANNA MARIE MOSS, PATRICK MOSSAGE, DAVID MUECK, PATRICIA MUELLER, CAROL MULKEY, DIANE MURDY, DWIGHT NAERT, LAWRENCE NEUBAUER, RICHARD NIELSON, ROBERT O'BRIEN, MICHAEL O'HARA, SALLY OLSEN, ROSEDE O'NEILL, KATHLEEN ORTIZ, PETER OSSOWSKI, ROGER PAYNE, MICHAEL PANCRAZIO, MICHAEL PAUWELS, GRACE SMITH, DONALD STARKOVICH, ROSE ANN STRABLEY, ROBERT TADY, DIANE TeBOCKHORST, JEROME THOMPSON, GORDON TREGER, MICHAEL TSANGOURAS, DINA TURNBULL, GUY UNFERTH, DEBORAH VALLEY, DAVID VANDEKERCKHOVE, PATRICK VANDEKERCKHOVE, ROBERT VANDE HENDE, JULIE VANDER GINST, DIANE VANDE VOORDE, WILLIAM VANDEWOESTYNE, MARGARET VAN LANCKER, ZOE ANN VAN WIEL, MARJORIE VAN ZELE, ROGER VAN ZUYT, RICHARD VERBEKE, THOMAS VERHETSEL, RAEDENE VERSCHOORE, LORETTA VOSS, DELBERT WAGNER, DEAN WAGELINE, THOMAS WASSENHOVE, JUDITH WATERSTREET, WILLIAM WATTS, JOHN WEAVER, MARGARET WHITNEY, MARCIA WILDE, GERALDINE WILLIAMS, GARY WISELY, STEPHEN WOCHNER, JOHN YEAGER, THOMAS YOUD, MARY JO YOUNG, MICHAEL ZERULL, JOYCE ZERULL, LANETA ZIMMERMAN, SANDRA ABBEY, MARY KAY ANDERSON, LAWRENCE ARNOLD, PAUL ATCHISON, THOMAS BABINSKI, CLIFFORD BABINSKI, SHARON BAHAN, JAMES BAKER, JOANNE BARNETT, JAY BARRETT, SHARON BEAM, WILLIAM BEERT, KAREN BEIERMANN, LINDA BERGER, MARJORIE BERRY, WILLIAM BOHNERT, JOHN BREDAR, STEPHEN BRITz, MARJORIE BROZOVICH, LINDA BRUCHMANN, THOMAS BURKE, EDWARD BURNS, HENRY BURNS, JOHN BUSTOS, RAYMOND BUYSSE, KATHLEEN BYRNE, RALPH CARMACK, CATHERINE CARMACK, SANDRA CASSLING, WILLIAM CAVANAUGH, LOIS COATS, JULIE COBERT, JOSEPH COCHUYT, JULIA COENE, DIANE COLGAN, MICHAEL CORNELIS, ELIZABETH COURI, GERALD DASSO, MARY ANN DBCOSTER, DANIEL DE-COSTER, GAIL DeJAEGER, DAVID DEJONGHE, ROBERT DeLILLE, THOMAS DBMEYER, BETTY JEAN DePORTER, DENNIS DEVETTER, ANNE DIEDRICK, GARY DOBBLAERE, DIANE DOKAS, RICHARD DRISH, CHRISTIE DUDEK, JAMES DUFFY, JAMEEN DUNAVIN, KATHLEEN DUNBAR, KARYNE EGE, FRANK ELDER, PAUL FAIRMAN, WILLIAM FECHT, JUDITH FETzNER, FRANCES FISHER, MARTHA FISHER, RICHARD FITZPATRICK, KAREN FLANAGAN, JOHN GARRISON, JAMES GOBER, BRUCE GOLz, JOHN GRAEFSCHEEP, BONNIE GRAY, MARY JANE GRUDZINSKI, ROSALEE HAESAERT, BARBARA HAESAERT, WILLIAM HAFNER, ROBERT HAYES, ALICE HEIMANN, KENNETH HEINZ, CHARLES HEYDEMAN, JOANN HICKMAN, PAUL HICKS, LINDA HOFFMAN, RUSSELL HOLLAND, MICHAEL HULSBRINK, JEROME HULSBRINK, LAWRENCE HUMBERSTONE, SANDRA HURLEY, BERNARD JENSEN, BRIAN JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JOHNSON, JUDITH JOHNSON TIMOTHY JOHNSON, WENDY JONES, WAYNE JUSTICE, JAMES KAPPES, SUSAIN KASENBERG, JAMES KELLY, ALLEN KELLY, CHERYL KERRES, SUSAN KICK, ELAINE KIES, JOHN KINGSBURY, LAUREL KLAFFKE, RONALD KLUGGER, SHARON KNESS, MARY RITA KOPP, MICHAEL KRAAN, PAUL KRANTz, DENNIS KRAUS, JUDITH KRON, PATRICIA KRUEGER, JAN LAERMENS, RONALD LALEMAN, THOMAS LAMBRECHT, WILLIAM LANG, STEPHEN LAURIN, ANNETTE LAYER, KATHLEEN LEAHY, WALTER LEHAN, JANET LESAGE, MICHAEL LEWIS, GREGORY LITTIG, EDWARD LOETE, JANICE LOOTIENS, PATRICIA LORENSEN, SUSAN LOUSSAERT, KATHLEEN MACK, DAVID MADUZIA, GERALD MAHIEU, LAWRENCE MARLAIRE, MARK MARLIER, STEVEN MARTENS, THOMAS MARTIN, GARY MASENGARB, THOMAS MEFARLAND, RITA MCGUIRE, MICHAEL MCLAUGLIN, MICHAEL MCMANUS, THERESA METTEPENNINGEN, MARGCI CLASS OF 'I963 MEYER, MICHAEL MILLER, DANIEL MIZEUR, THOMAS MOORE, TIMOTHY MOSELEY, MARGARET NAGEL, GARY NEYENS, RICHARD NICHOLS, JILL NOPPE, RENE NORMAN, WILLIAM O'HALLORAN, MARY BETH O'HARA, MARY O'HERN, MICHAEL O'LEARY, MATHERINE OLVERA, CARMEN ORTMAN, MARJORIE PAUWELS, EDWARD PAVICH, CATHERINE PENCA, JACK PHELPS, PATRICIA POREMBA, CHESTER POWERS, TIMOTHY REGAN, TERRENCE RINK, THOMAS RITA, JOSEPH ROBERTSON, WAYNE ROBINSON, ROBERTA RODTS, FRANK ROGERS, PAMELA RUMLER, HENRY RUMLER, SUZANNE SANDERS, BLANCHE SANTRY, DANIEL SCHWARTz, JEAN SCHWARTz, JOSEPH SISK, KENNETH SLEEZER, SHERRLYN SMITH, GEORGIA SMITH, ROBERT SONNEVILLE, DAVID SOUTHWOOD, DIANA STAES, DAWN STAMBURSKI, FRANCINE STIMPSON, DENNIS STIMPSON, DOUGLAS SWEENEY, SHARIN TADY, STEPHEN TAGHON, PATRICIA TARPY, SHARON THEUS, GREGORY THORPE, MARGARET TIERNAN, LAWRENCE TORPI, LINDA TVARKUNAS, MARY ANN VANDE KERCKHOVE, SUZANNE VANDE VELDE, SANDRA VANDE VOORDE, LINDA VANDE VOORT, RICHARD VAN LANCKER, BEVERLY VAN SEVERN, GERALD VAN THORNOUT, JOSEPH VAN VAN TUYL, MARY ANN ZELE, WAYNE VERHETSEL, MARY VERPAELE, LINDA VEYS, MARY VIREN, JACK VIREN, JEAN WALINE, DANIEL WALINE, DAVID WELCH, THOMAS WELLS, JOAN WHEELAN, JOHN WHITCANACK, GARY WILSON, CRAIG WOOD, MARY WULF, KATHLEEN ZIPPAY, ROBERT Members of the class of I963 presented "Seventeenth Summer" for their class ploy. II- 10 I'-J KCIIIWY Wulf, PCWT1 Rogers, Gary Moriin, Kitty Povich, cmd Don DeCos'rer, 150 I AIIeman Joins Nation In Mourning Loss of President H if 4, r A Q. V , X , 'R A .1 if ,...- fixgi I I GARY ROSSMILLER November 11, 1962 Alleman Deceased FACULTY REV. SYLVESTER PALACZ 1950-54 REV.JOHN HUNT 195160 SISTER MARY IGNATIUS, CHM 1951-55 STUDENTS JAMES BLASER '56 WILLIAM BECKER '53 LEO BRANDMEYER '57 ANNA CASEY 50 CHARLES CLAEYS '50 ROBERT CLAEYS '53 DAVD DAUW 55 JOYCE DeSME1 '53 JEAN GREEN '53 MARHYN HAMM 50 JOHN HENSELER '61 RICHARD JUZEK '52 LORETTA KELLY '61 DIANE KETNER ex'63 THOMAS LQCROSSE '55 FRED LEROY '56 JOSEPH LOONTIENS f53 JUDHH LUCAS '61 MARCIA MILLER '58 LORRAINE NELSON '50 DONALD NEWMAN '55 THOMAS NEU 52 LEONARD OSBORNE 53 THOMAS POWERS '60 CHEUERROMANOWSM 55 GARY ROSSMIMER 54 BARBARA STROMBERG 53 EUGENE VAN DALE '59 HENRY VERPLAETSE '50 BARBARA YARRHJGTON 56 1956 1961 1958 1956 1960 1958 1954 1953 1954 1952 1958 1950 1958 1957 1952 1963 1963 1961 1956 1958 1960 1962 1952 1954 1959 1959 1960 1954 1962 1961 1959 1953 1954 It was fifth period, Friday, November 22, 1963. Classes were in session as usual when the loudspeakers suddenly blurred, "We repeat, Mrs. Connolly and the First Lady are unharmedf' Students stared at the speakers. Then, as our dying President was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, classes ceased and reaction set in. "Oh, God, flOt our President," sobbed one girl as she numbly fingered her rosary. A boy clenched, then unclenched his fists and buried his head in his arms. Thirty minutes later the final announcement came, reverberating down the silent halls, mingling with the sounds of crying and prayers. "john Fitz- gerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, is dead." Alleman students joined the nation in the following three days of mourning and then returned to school to jioin in offering a memorial Mass. Few, if any, will forget this man and the brief impact he had on our lives. His words live after him. "Fellow Americans - ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." He gave his life. .,..t.,r .dbz 1--..q. m FRIDA NOV 22, I963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy The Day 'H' - I Memorial Mass 151 VOCATIONS VOCATIONS TO THE PRIESTHOOD REV. EARL CALKINS REV. ARNOLD KLAUER REV. JOHN PODLASHES GEORGE BOYLE TOM MORTIER DALE WELLMAN DUANE JACK EDWARD LITTIG JAMES MOORE '50-Alleman '52eLInEoIn, I 51-Danville, '58-St. Paul ex'55-St. Paul ex'55-St. Paul '59-St. Bede' '63-St. Bede' '60-St. Becle' High School Ilinois Illinois Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. s Prep. Seminary 5 Prep. Seminary s Prep. Seminary City HAROLD BERJOHN '59-Viatorian Seminary DONALD DAEBELLIEHN '57-Viatorian Seminary WILLIAM HAESART '63-Viatorian Seminary ARTHUR LOPEZ '59-Viatorian Seminary GARY NAGEL '63-Viatorian Seminary LINNUS PECAUT '57-Victorian Seminary JACK PENCA '63-Viatorian Seminary ROY SHELANGOWSKI '55-Viatorian Seminary DAN WARLOP '56-Viatorian Seminary JOHN WESTEMEYER '57-Viatorian Seminary RICHARD VANDE VOORT '63-Viatorian Seminary JOHN VAN WEIL '57-Viatorian Seminary MIKE HANNON ex'59-St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein DAN SIEBERT ex'55-St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein RONALD SIEBERT ex'54-St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein RONALD LIEVENS '56-St. Meinrad, Indiana PAUL SHOWALTER ex'58-St. Meinrad, Indiana REV. TOM VALIQUETTE '5I-Society of Jesus, Rockhurst High, Kansas TOM MIZEUR '63-St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa PAT WATERS '59-Jesuits VOCATIONS TO THE BROTHERHOOD GARY WILLIAMS '62-Franciscan Monastary, Eureka, Missouri EUGENE SIMPSON '5l-Brother Joseph, Alexian Brothers, ROBERT MAHIEU ex'53-Brother Giles, Benedictine Brothers JOISEPH FELLMAN '55-Brother Joseph, Holy Cross Brothers JOSEPH DAILING '6IfBrother Joseph, Holy Cross Brothers, FRANK CARPIO 'SI-Franciscan Brothers, Rome, Italy I VINCENT MC CLEAN '58-Christian Brothers RONALD WIETLISPACH '55-Dominican Brothers, Winona, Minnesota LARRY MERCIER ex'59-Sacred Heart Seminary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin VOCATIONS TO THE SISTERHOOD . SISTERS or sr BENEDICT, NAuvo0, ILLINOIS I JACQUELINE MEERSMAN I DIANE RUFF DONNA VROMBOUT W ANN AUBRY I RAMONA BARGOS I DIANE BENNETT VICKIE DAUW MARY BETH O'HALLORAN ' I '50-Sister Mary Gerald '50-Sister Mary Regis '52-Sister Mary Denise '55-Sister Mary Richard '54-Sister '59-Sister ex'62-Sister Margaret Mary Mary Lawrence Mary Michaela 63vPostuIant 152 In the fifteen years of her operation, Alleman has seen twenty-nine of her boys study for the priesthood. Nine have entered religious life as brothers, and twenty-eight girls have entered fourteen different religious orders. SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS, PEORIA MARJORIE VALIQUETTE '5OvSister Mary Veronica CECILIA DE COSTER '50-Sister Mary Jude ALICE ROGERS ISO-Sister Mary David LUCILLE PAUWELS '50-Sister Mary Anita LOLITA WILSON '5I-Sister Mary Christopher PHYLLIS HAERTJENS ex'5I-Sister Mary Elaine SHIRLEY SHERIDAN ex'54-Sister Mary Grace MARY ANN MEHUYS ex'56-Sister Mary Dominic NANCY HIBBS '57-Sister Mary Philip NANCY HUGHES '57-Sister Mary Matthew MARY VEYS '63-Postulant SISTERS OF CHARITY, BVM, DUBUQUE, IOWA PEGGY MAUCH '55-Sister Mary Petronelle JOANNE DE PORTER '55-Sister Mary St. George DONNA TOBIN '57-Sister Madonna Mary THERESE MC ALLISTER '57-Sister Mary Irene Therese JOAN MAUCH '57eSister Mary St. Paula BONNIA O'MEARA '58-Sister Mary Thea SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS, JOLIET, ILLINOIS MARY ANN TULLY '54-Sister Thomas Mary SISTERS OF ST. DOMINIC, SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS DALE MARTIN '60-Sister Mary Thoma MARYKNOLL SISTERS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI JANE TULLY '56fSister Ancilla Mary CHRISTINE KRUEGER 'ol-Sister Maura Christine SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH, STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN KAY SANT AMOUR '56-Sister Mary Rachel VISITATION SISTERS, ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS CLAUDETTE YOUNGER '55-Sister Mary Gemma POOR CLARE SISTERS, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS DOROTHEA CTIMMIEJ FRANCISCAN SISTERS, SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS PATRICIA MULKEY HUMILITY OF MARY, OTTUMWA, IOWA JOANNE BRUST JOSETTA ZERULL FRANCISCAN SISTERS, CLINTON, IOWA CAROL NUGENT VAN WONTERGHEM Physical Education Teacher I950-52 -Sister Mary Lucy '60-Sister Mary Analise '60-Sister Mary Theophane '6I-Postul ant '60-eSister Mary Laurent FRANCISCAN SISTERS, ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS DIANE VALIQUETTE '59-Sister Mary Therese GRAIL LAY APOSTOLATE, BRAZIL ALICE DREFCHINSKKI '53 SISTERS OF LORETTA MELANIE DE PORTER '59 FACULTY PAST AND PRESENT DIOCESAN PRIESTS REV, JOHN O'CONNOR REV. WILLIAM BASSETT REV. EARL CALKINS REV, LEO GILDNER REV, EUGENE GOULD REV. JOHN HUNT RT. REV. MSGR. JOSEPH KAPALA REV. CHARLES KELLY REV REV REV REV REV STANLEY MALINOWSKI SYLVESTER PALACZ RICHARD POWERS RICHARD WILSON FRANCIS WUELLNER VIATORIANS - CSV REV. REV. REV. REV. REV REV. REV. REV REV REV. EDWARD ANDERSON WILLIAM ANSON JOHN BEATTY NORBERT BIBEAULT EDWARD CHAREST ROBERT COONEY JOHN CUSACK THOMAS MCCARTHY JOHN SHIELS HUGH ROBBBINS BENEDICTINES - OSB SISTER M. ALEXIA SISTER M. ANTOINETTE SISTER M. BERNARD SISTER M. CELESTINE SISTER M. CLARISSE SISTER M. DOLORES SISTER M. FLORENCE SISTER M. GABRIEL SISTER M. IMELDA SISTER M. KEVIN SISTER M. LOUISE SISTER M. LOYOLA SISTER M. MADELINE SISTER MARIELLA SISTER M. SCHOLASTICA 1949- 1960-62 1962- 1959- 1949-50 1957-60 1954-56 1957-59 1956-57 1950-54 1949-53 1956-61 1953- 1959- 1955-62 1962-63 1959-62 1953-55 1959-61 1957-59 1953-59 1953-59 1960- 1949- 1949-51 1959- 1949-52 1949-58 1949-51 1951-53 1954-58 1959- 1949-54 1958-59 1951-57 1958- 1949-59 1952- 1950- 1962- 1958- SISTERS OF CHARITY - BVM SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER ANNA MARIA M. ANNELLE M. ANN GERALDINE M. BENEDICTA M. BORGIA M. CARLOS M, CECIL M, CORONA M. ELIZABETH M. EVANGELA M. FABER 1962- 1949-52 1958-61 1958-60 1949-53 1953-57 1957-58 1954-58 1960-63 1952-54 1949-54 1957-60 SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER FELICITE FRANCILE HELEN REGINE HILAIRE JEAN JOSEPH JULIANA KENNETH KEVIN LEONARDA LUCILLA MANUEL 153 1950-57 1950-58 1956-58 1959- 1949-50 1949-57 1963- 1957- 1954-56 1949-56 1961- SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER M. MARIELLA MICHAEL MARY MIGUELA MILDRED ANN PATRICK RENE ROSELINA ROSINA ST. MAJELLA ST. THERESA THOMAS RITA VERA 1962-63 1963- 1956-62 1958-59 1958-62 1949-50 1963- 1959-63 1949-62 1961 - 1962- 1949-51 DOMINICANS - OP SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER M. CARMELITA M. EMMANUEL JANE FRANCES JANET RACHEL WILFRED WILLIAM BERNARD 1952- 1949-53 1953- 1951-60 1960-63 1949-53 1963- 1 5 Sister Alexia, AlIeman's 15-year veteran, shows her puppeteering dexterity tO a rapt audience. BUSINESS PATRONS ROCK ISLAND ALLEMAN HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELING STAFF ALLEMAN RED CROSS CLUB A 8- L GLASS COMPANY 1418 - 4th Avenue A 81 R YOUR FRIENDLY STORE 1818-3rd Avenue AVENUE CLOTHING STORE 1232-3OtI1 Street BEST EVER CAFE 300-20tI1 Street BILL'S MOVING 8- STORAGE 2022 - 3rd Avenue CARDLAND, U.S.A. 1920 - 3rd Avenue PETER CASSINI TILE 8- MARBLE COMPANY 1513 - 3rd Avenue CUNNINGHAM'S RELIGIOUS ART 8. CHURCH GOODS 3920 - 14th Avenue LEO A. DASSO 8- CO., INC., CEMENT CONTRACTOR 2414 -10th Street THE FASHION Rock Island, Moline Davenport JOLIET FRANCISCANS - OSF LAY TEACHERS SISTER M. ADELINE 1954-55 JOHN CAHILL 1962. SISTER M. ELAINE 1951-57 DONALD CAPES 1961- SISTER M. LAURENE 1957. ROCCO CARBONE 1949.50 SISTER M. LILIAN 1956-61 ROBERT CARROLL 1953- SISTER M. MARGARET 1951-54 LOUIS DIIULIO 1949-50 MARY ENSENBERGE 1953.54 PEORIA FRANCISCANS - OSF MAUREEN FLYNN 1954- SISTER M. AMATA 1951-54 JESSE EREDRJCK l962' SISTER M. ARTHUR 1949-51 WMIAM GALVIN l963' 1957458 DONALD GEORGE 1958-61 SISTER M. AUGUSTINE 1962- JOHN GIEEEN l95I'53 SISTER M. BERNICE 1961- EUGENE HENZE WM' SISTER M. CATHERINE 1955-57 DALE HUGHES 194950 SISTER M. CORNELIA 1957-62 LAVERNE KEENEY 1952954 SISTER M. JOANNA 1949-61 ERANK KOZEE l954'59 SISTER JOSE MARIA 1954-55 DAVID KURT I963' FRANCIS LANGHEIM 1956-62 JOSEPH LUCAS 1950-54 HUMIEITIES ' CHM EUGENE MCCARTER 1954-58 SISTER M. EUCHARISTA 1958- AUDREY ANN MCGREGQR 1961. SISTER MARIE ELEURETTE 1951-52 ROBERT MALONEY 1949-50 SISTER M. IGNATIUS 1951-55 JOAN MERKEL 195-I-53 SISTER'M. JANE 1959-60 RLTA ,AIU-ER 1963- SISTER M, JANE FRANCES 1951-53 HERMAN MLSKQWLCZ 1961. SISTER M. JOANNE 1952-55 DONALD MQRR15 1950. SISTER MARIA LUISA 1957-58 DANIEL NAERT 1949.5-I SISTER MARIA TRINITAS 1957-58 WLLLIAM QILEARY 1962-63 SISTER M. PATRICK 1953-55 THOMAS 51-111-C,A1,15 1961. SISTER RUTH MARY 1958-59 pH1L1p SALLER 1963- SISTER VIRGINA 1960- ROBERT TIMMERMAN 1961-63 EDWARD URANICH 1958.61 I-AY TEACHERS JANET VAN HUELE 1963. NORBERT ALLEN 1961-62 TIMOTI-IEA vANN 1949-51 WILLIAM BALTZEL 1951f52 DONALD WOOTEN 1954.59 1962- I JOE NONNENMANN, HOME BUILDER 1220 - 21st Street 788-3179 THE F. J. HAYES FAMILY I'IUNTER'S CAMERA SHOP 1619 - 2nd Avenue LAMPS FLOWER SHOP 3901 - 14th Avenue LARSON'S CONFECTIONARY B32 - 14V2 Stre-et MCPIKE DRUG CO. 1804-3rd Avenue MI-PA-NORA LAMPS 8: SHADES 1714 - 3rd Avenue MODEL SHOE REBUILDERS 311 - 17th Street MOKE'S DELIGHT 2516 -18th Avenue MULKEY'S RESTAURANT and CARRY-OUT 3810 - 14tI'1 Avenue RUTH PURCELL 1819 and 1823 - 3rd Avenue NEU OLDSMOBILE CO. 2215 - 4th Avenue 786-3377 9111 STREET SUPERETTE 601 - 9th Street NIXALITE COMPANY of AMERICA 1722 -Ist Avenue 788-8721 154 NOVAK'S HOME TV and APPLIANCE CENTER 1409 - 30tI1 Street PIZZA 8. SPAGHETTI HOUSE 330- 20111 Street RANEY'S MARKET 2429 - 9th Street ROCK ISLAND COUNTY SCHOOL OF PRACTICAL NURSING ROCK ISLAND TYPEWRITER CO. 1608 - 2nd Avenue SANITARY FARM DAIRIES 1325 - 2nd Avenue SENIOR JOURNALISM CLASS SWAN-BAHNSEN DRUG Downtown Rock Island 3rd Avenue and 19tI1 Street UNITED AMBULANCE SERVICE 1445 - 38th Street VAN EPPS AGENCY General Insurance 423 - 17tl1 Street MR. and MRS. ALBERT VAN HOE JACK VIVIANI GROCERY 600 - 23rd Street ROBERT WELLS rm. , ,C , C . , A X , ,, Barb Winterscheicl was one of the girls who volunteered to staff the refreshment booths at home games during the football season. MOLINE AMERICAN LEGION Moline Post 246 ART'S MISSILE, gas, tires, batteries 450T - 23rd Avenue, Moline BRIDGEWAY AUTO PARTS 3900 Bridge Lane, Moline 762-944T CONN'S TOWN 81 COUNTRY FURNITURE 4TT4A23rd Avenue, Moline COUNTRY STYLE 2T40 - T6th Street, Moline JIM DE DECKER, MASON CONTRACTOR T507 - 38th Avenue, Moline 764-0407 DE PORTER - CORNELIS AGENCY T825 - 7th Street, Moline 7648373 DEVOE-RAYNOLDS COMPANY, INC. T406 v 5th Avenue, Moline DeWITTEiS DAIRY 2409 - 23rcI Avenue, Moline ELLIOTT CAMERA SHOP 508-T6th Street, Moline FINANCIAL SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY T4T7 - 6th Avenue, Moline FLOORCRAFTERS T305 - 5th Avenue, Moline GENGLER 8. GENGLER, GENERAL CONTRACTORS 950 - 24th Street, Moline GOLDSMITHIS Moline HICKS BODY SHOP 223 - 48th Street, Moline HILAND HARDWARE and APPLIANCE 3T20 - 23rd Avenue, Moline HOLLAND JEWELERS T602 - 5th Avenue, Moline ILLINOIS TOOL 81 INSTRUMENT 2905 - I3th Avenue, Moline 764-0633 KNEES FLORISTS, INC. T829 - T5th Street Place, Mol. LAERMANfS MARKET 403 -37th Street, Moline WILBUR R. LIEVENS, ADVERTISING ARTIST 2425 A 28th Street, Moline 764-8946 MAYER Si JOHNSON MEN'S CLOTHING 409- T5th Street, Moline Typewriter MIDWEST Company Service T520 - 6th Avenue, Moline 762-9425 MARSHALL A. MINNER, M.D. T410-7th Street, Moline MOLINE BEAR CLUB ALINEMENT 3720 - 4th Avenue, Moline MOLINE WELDING SERVICE T80T - 2nd Avenue, Moline POWER'S COUNTRY STORE Route 6, Moline QUALITY FUEL COMPANY Lyle Harris, Owner 4900- 7th Street, Moline 762-77T2 LOU RUDY'S WASH 81 KLEEN Blackhawk Rcl. 8- Hwy. T50 764-93l0 SANDY'S OF MOLINE, INC. 425f55th Street, Moline TRI-CITY SUPER VALU 42T2 - 23rd Avenue, Moline AL TRIEBEL CONTRACTING CUSTOM KITCHEN SPECIALTY T503 - 38th Avenue, Moline 764-2962 WEBER'S JEWELRY and GIFT STORE T5C5- T5th Street, Moline 762-3323 WHEELOCK'S DRUG STORE T5T7 - T5th Street, Moline WHITEY'S ICE CREAM T6TT-23rd Avenue, Moline ROBERT WOLFE HAIRDRESSERS 4I6-T6th Street, Moline 762-6558 EAST MOLINE AGNEW'S DRUG STORES Prescription Specialists BAECKE'S DRY GOODS 714-T5th Avenue SENATOR DONALD D. CARPENTIER COBERTHS MENLS WEAR 844 A T5th Avenue DALE'S CLOTHING B32 - T5th Avenue DE BLAEY BROS, Zenith TV, Radio, Stereo 839 - T5th Avenue 755-2334 FEDERATED STORE 806 - T5th Avenue GARDNER DRIVE-IN CLEANERS Moline and East Moline L 8- L CLOTHING CO. 7I6 f T5th Avenue MUNOS BARBER SHOP 836 - T6th Avenue REYNOLDS MOTOR CO. T025 - T6th Avenue 755-4536 SABLE'S JEWELRY 908 - T5th Avenue SKATELAND 3rd St. and Colona Avenue STATE BANK OF EAST MOLINE 'IOn Savings Corner!! T523 - Sth Street VANDER BEKE CLEANERS 81 FURRIERS TT52- T5th Avenue VAN HOE FUNERAL HOME T500-6th Street WALKER INSURANCE SERVICE 9T0 Y T6th Avenue WARREN SALES CO. 734 - T5th Avenue WENDT BROS. FUNERAL HOME 609 - T5th Avenue DAVENPORT SAME DUPLICATING SERVICE A.B. DICK DISTRIBUTOR T20 Harrison St., Davenport MILAN MCCULLOUGH'S DEPARTMENT STORE 202 -4th St. West, Milan SMITH'S FURNITURE 208 West 4th Street, Milan SILVIS CLEARFIELD ALL STAR DAIRY 802 - Ist Avenue, Silvis 755-2725 COSGRAVE PHARMACY 908 A Ist Avenue, Silvis EMERY'S CLEANERS 8I4- Tst Avenue, Silvis 755-T504 SILVIS BUDDY BOY CAB CO. 755-5266 755-5235 GREEN ROCK LEE'S MARKET SALLY'S GLAMOUR SALON A Homeroom IA Boys Homeroom IA Girls Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Agnew Alleman Debate Club Alumicandle J. A. Company Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Amundsen Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Anderson Mr.and Mrs. Gale W. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Victor Arnett Dr. A. Henry Arp Mr. Richard W. Aubry, Sr. '65 B Homeroom IB Homeroom 2B Homeroom 2B Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Boys Girls Babcock Glendon J. Baldwin Clifford Babinski r nA PERSONAL . 51 5, I... i PAT RoNs I y .. y ' sr- sa' -- f 1. . - -- f ml, .f . ,, '- To P j , " A . A ,,,. .... -. . J D 4 , Homeroom ID i I - ' J ' J' Homeroom 2D Boys A Homeroom 2D GMS "I know I have my l.D. in here someplace, Mrs. Redecker Homeroom 3D Boys Homeroom 3D Girls Diane Dailing The Freiband Family A Friend Mr. Robert Bauwens Linda Bein '66 Bender '67 Marianne Bender '66 Jerry Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Dauw Debby and Ron Mr. and Mrs. David De Doncker Mr. and Mrs. Don De Grande Mrs. William A. Deisenroth Mr. and Mrs. George M. De Jonghe John Demeurisse Richard De Muynck Mr. and Mrs. Larry Denhardt Mr. and Mrs. Laurence De Poorter Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bladel Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bleuer Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Block The Boot Hobby Shop Don Bosold '67 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bosold Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Boulion Mr. and Mrs. Bracke Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Breuwet Mr. and Mrs. Emil Brewers Betty Bromley '66 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bromley Mr. and Mrs C. B. Buckley Mr. and Mrs Joseph Buranek Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burghgrave Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burgmeier C Homeroom IC Homeroom 2C Homeroom 3C Boys Homeroom 3C Girls Daniel De Schepper Mr. and Mrs. James T. Devaney Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Vooght Ferdinand De Voss '67 Mr. and Mrs. Paul De Wilde Mr. and Mrs. Don De Wulf Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dhondt Mr. and Mrs. James Dix Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Dobereiner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dominic Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Downing Jim Dowsett '66 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Dunavin Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Dunne Pete Duytschaever '67 E Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fultyn G "Galvin's Girls" IG Boys IG Girls Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gallens Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gelande Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glaudel Mike Grossell '66 Bill Gustafson '67 H Homeroom IH Homeroom 2H Dr. J. K. Hanson Ruth Harmening Jim Hawkins '65 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hawkins Thomas Hawotte '65 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Haynes Mr. and Mrs. William J. Heatherly Barb Hechenkamp '66 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hender Morikay Hendricks '66 "The Caesars" '66 Mr. Charles Caffery Mrs. Charles Caffery Danny Campana '66 Mrs. Irma Carmack Beverly Carman '66 Norman Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Verl Carter Peter J. Cassini Paul R. Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Metal Products Robert C. Chinn Central Wood Mr. and Mrs. Homeroom 2E Boys Homeroom 2E Girls Kenneth L. Eakin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckert Mr. and Mrs. Armand Eechaute Mr. and Mrs. Charles Egger Jr. Mr. Charles S. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. H. Thos. Eng Mrs. Nettie Engelhardt 4JsAJerry Jeane, Jackie, Jayne Evanoff Mr. and Mrs. The Hicks' Frank Herman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Hazel Cly J. Clegg mer Butch "Merwin" Collins '65 Dennis Collins Mr. and Mrs. '66 C. E. Coppens Mary Core '66 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Cornelis P. Coussens Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Covemaker Jerry Cox '67 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Crompton Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Czerwingki Mr. and Mrs. William Evans F Homeroom 2F Mrs. Fred J, Fehl Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fenimore Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fetzner Mr. Francis Fisher Mr. and Mrs. James E. Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. L. Flake Maureen A. Flynn Freshman and Sophomore Cheerleaders Mrs. Frederick 156 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hibbs Mr. and Mrs. Arthur "Bud" Hill Mr. and Mrs. Walter Himbert Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Hines Mr. and Mrs. H. Hitchcock Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hull Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Humberstone Donna Hurley '65 Mrs. Patrick Hurley J Homeroom IJ Boys Homeroom IJ Girls Homeroom 2J Boys Homeroom 2J Girls Pat Jacques '65 Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Jensen Robin C. Jersild, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jesuit Journalism Boys Journalism Girls K Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kale Pat King '67 Mr. and Mrs. M. Kettering Kathleen Pollard '66 Charles V. Poremba '66 Mr. cmd Mrs. Joseph Pouzar Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pratt Mary Price '66 Darold Van Zele '67 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kiely Mr. Charles King Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Klauer, Sf- Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Krueger L Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lannan Lannoo Brothers Ned Lovell '66 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Le Clair Mr. and Mrs. John Lehan Mr. and Mrs. Benny Pulley R Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Rafferty Mrs. James Rasmussen Lynda Regal '66 and Diane Regal '67 Mr. and Mrs. Regal Mr. and Mrs. Marcell Ripperger Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Rolziert Roell Maureen Romont '65 Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lerch Mrs. Frank Lesthaeghe Catherine Marie Lievens Dr. John T. Solis, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. Loete Mr. and Mrs. Al. W. Lootens Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Lueders M Cindy Maggi '66 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Malfait Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Martens Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Marzetta Mrs. Nellie J. Mauch Mrs. Marie McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Harold McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mclntosh Margaret McMillin '66 Michael McNulty '66 Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. McNulty Louise Meiresonne '66 Mellow Fellows' Gals Bernice Meyer Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Meyer Loretta Meyer Ed Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Emiel J. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. David Michalek Mr. and Mrs. Norman Michels Miss Rita Miller Ropella Family Freda Rosemiller '65 Mr. R. W. Roth John and Paul Rumler Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Ruud S Paul Sansale '66 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sax Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schaecker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schaecker Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Schatterman Mike Schaubroeck '66 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schaubroeck Mr. and Mrs. Murray Scheer Miss Emma Schneider Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Rolph Show Mr. and Mrs. Dorvin L. Shepherd Mr. Thomas W. Shilgalis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sisk Norm Slead '66 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith Mike Smith '66 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Smith Elaine Spalding '66 Spanish Club Mr. and Mrs. George Sparcio Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spranger Jack Spring '66 Vicki Staes '66 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Miller Mr. Jack Miller Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Monstrey Mr. and Mrs. Clark Moore Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mortier Mr. and Mrs. Al Mosinski Toni Mosley '65 N Mr. and Mrs. Willy N09El Mr. and Mrs. Michael NDWCILC O Mr. and Mrs. Max O'Clock George Odendahl Mr. and Mrs. Harold Odendahl Maria Olvera Dr. and Mrs. C. P. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Orr Mr. and Mrs. Owens P Mr. and Mrs. Staes National Council of Catholic Nurses Mr. and Mrs. R. Steckel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stimpson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sudano Sue and Jim Mr. and Mrs. Dee M. Stumphy Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Summers Mayme Schartz Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sweeney T Mr. and Mrs. Chester Talik Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tarpy Charles Thorn Mrs. Ina Mae Tony's Barber Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. W. Tu Charles Tuna V Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. t on Thornton Shop Robert W. Trant mlin A. Van Bruvaene Joseph Vancura Voorde '67 Mrs. Christina Van Hoorbscke Kathy Vande Mariette Van Lancker '65 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Van Opdorp Linus Van Pel t Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Veranda Mr. and Mrs. Walter Verplaetse Pat Versluis '66 Elmer Verstraete Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Verstraete Francis Vervaecke Jerry Viaene Judy Vinecore '65 Joe Viren '67 Mr. and Mrs. Rose Viviani Richard Viren '66 Mr. and Mrs. Barth Vogel W Mr. and Mrs. Ira Weindruch Mike Welch '67 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George C. Williams Robert Williams John L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wilson Regina Wilso Mrs. William n '66 and Sue Balkan 66 Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Winter Mr. and Mrs. David Wisley W.I.T.H.A.Y. Club Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jane Woeber John Wright ' Mr. and Mrs. Y Earl Witte James Wochner George Woeber Hugh Woeber '66 67 Marvin Wyttels Raymond Yohn, Optometrist Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Taylor Dr, and Mrs. Alfonse Pareigis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parkinson Kathy Payne '66 . , Q MTA and Mrs- Arthur F. Petersmhh Tlgink megs losing your identity? Could be that the Rudolph Pickcm .67 0 0Ve - - .- Installation is responsible for the num Mr. Melvin Pitsch Mrs. Margaret Polaschek Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Polito berecl" feeling. 157 1 Al-UMNl 81 SENIOR Personal Patrons A Linda Adams Pat Alongi Don Anderson Mary Catherine Anderson '56 B Kathy Barnett Sharon Barrett '63 Stephen Bein Judy Blancke Mary Jo Bleuer David O. Block Carol Bromley Tom Brown Pat Buchmeyer Rae Anne Bull C Tom Catfery Denny Carr Nancy Cirivello Lynn Claeys Tim Clegg Pete Cook 81 Gregg McKenzie Jim Core Kathy Cowden D Mary Dailing Carol Dasso Mary Sue Davies '62 Joyce Dayton Natalie De Coster Janet De Keyrel Sally De Keyrel Jan De Roo Judy De Smyter and Jane Harley De Vilder Art De Vooght Julie De Witte Joseph Dobbelaere Kathy Dominic Mag Downing Pat Dowsett Karen Drake Kathleen Dunavin '63 Janeen Duytschaever E Jay Eng F Jim Fehl Jane Freiband Judy Fox Alice Fultyn G Marian Garrison Bob Gemignani Kathy Goldsberry Geraldene Griffin Berger H Joan Hansen Penny Hare Gail Harper "Bugs" Hartman Larry Heires Mike Henderson Kathy Hendricks and Barb Fulscher Tony Henseler Mike Hibbs Henry Hicks Dianne Hirnbert Deborah Holland Ron Hudson '50 "Diego" Hughes Sandra Humberstone '63 Frances Hurtado Dave Lemon Sally Ann Lessner '59 Marsha Lewis Tom Lowe M Linda Maenhout Cam Maltait Phyllis Marvin Dick McAllister John McGonigle Pam McGonigle Paula Miller Dan Meyer Mike Meyer '63 Julianne Meysenburg Rosalie A. Micholski '56 Carol Mizeur This was the year that it was popular to be on the sick and injured list, whether it was with broken or sprained arms or measles. fl. to r.J Bob Gemignani, Jan Shuda and Brian Ternoey were three of the Allemanites sporting slings. .I Joannie Jeffers Sylvia Jesuit Monroe Johnson K Irene Kale Anthony Kargl ll Joan Kehoe Mike Kelly Mary Kennedy '62 Ellen Klak Donna Koster Carmen Kreft I. Sue Laermans Mark Lampe Marsha Lannan Andy Larson Jane Le Cleir Mary Le Cleir '62 John Lehan Frank Modde John Molinelli Marcia Moore Mike Morris William Murray Barbara C. Murrin N Jerry Naughton Jack Nugent 0 Robert Odendahl Dick O'Neill Allen Orr P Ed Pancrazio Rich Parsons John Paskvan Maureen Pavich Terry Payne Henry Perscheck and Bill lngogly Sharon Polito Mary Polhemus Joe Poma Marilyn Pouzar Q Kay Quilty R Linda Riordon Jacque Ranson Linda Rasmussen Richard Rettig Janice Rossmiller '6l S John Sant Amour Laurel Schaecker Charles Schatti Paulett Schnoebelen Diane Schroeder Laura Schultz Janet and Judy Shuda Jean Simmons Karen Smith Dan Smolenski Deanne South Nancy Southwood Peggy Sprung Nancy Staes Theresa Stimpson Pat Strupp T Kathy Tady Bob Taylor Brian Ternoey Diane E, Thornton Larry Turf V Jane Von Altvorst Thomas Vancura Diane Vande Putte Dan Vande Voorde Diane Vande Voorde Mary Beth Van Lancker Karen Van Opdorp Sharon Van Opdorp Joyce Van Zele Judie Vensel Pat Verstraete Diane Vervaecke Jean Viren '63 Tom Viscioni Carole Voss W John Weber Pat Wells' Terrose Willey Sharon Williams Jo Ann Wochner Y Gloria Young Our Advisor SISTER M. KEVIN One of the first prerequisites for a successful yearbook is a well-fed staff. CI. to r.j Di Schroeder, Mimi Cosgrove, Terry Payne, Steve State and Jim Fehl's head. I f 1 S wi 1 ,s,is l l l.lli,5, gli! X R, 5 re in 3 . We iitffw ' .wx ff ef -W we f 1 Llp K A.: -' i .V f . i ' i QNX X 4-ss. N 1 1 ,. fs all i i it Li. ,ml N 2 l i 2 - r ini Greater love hath no photographer than Mr. Calbrecht who risked his neck to take the homeroom pictures from the scaffolding. Acleno led ments The job of editing this book isn't finished until our thanks is given to the many, many people who made this anniversary edition possible. First we thank Father O'Connor who gave us permission to begin work on a hardcover yearbook. Special thanks must go to Sister Kevin, our advisor, who began this task against all her better wishes. Mr. Art Van Lancker of Model Printers and Mr. Lucien Calbrecht of Calbrecht studios both deserve recognition for their patience and aid. Financially the book would have been an impossibility with- out the support of all our advertisers. We also want to thank the Quad-City newspapermen, as well as those in Champaign, who sent pictures for our use. To the members of the faculty who endured our class inter- ruptions and unexpected cameras, we extend a thank you, and the support we received from the student body is worthy of recognition here. Your interest made our job much easier. On behalf of the entire staff, we want to say "thank you" to our parents who suffered through these months of having "home again, gone again" children. We owe the biggest debt of gratitude, however to our staff, especially to Tom Vancura, joe Kotleba, and Marian Garrison, who, though they weren't members of our contributed as much and more than we did to this book. journalism class, to those who Words can't really give enough thanks worked on the PIONEER. For them we can only say that in striving to present the best yearbook possible, they sought the impossible, found it, and didn't yield until they finished the job, one we're proud of. mm! Qgowf .wffdfg Co-editors '64 PIONEER Congmtzzlatiom to the Clary of '64 HOMEROOM 313 O Bet! Wfishes HOMEROOM 4H 159 I , , V -- V yu -in 291 ' f 1 1 1' MsFf::fz:1.gs11 f11iQ 11 mm Q9 51 f CV 1 0 W 1 M X ,4lfLf0glf'6LlO 55 Grade "A" Dairy Pmdzfctx 1 1 BAKER S DAIRY 1808 - 34th Street, Moline - 764-2451 160 fi, 1. 1 fn A 1 f Q fx, K 'W i -7"f':.w" Si g?" 'KTM ta f 1-532113, W A 1 iigfgg wszff 55252 f K Wh 'H 'f'1iif?ff?s? "H 'L ,K . af, Nigga WWA I A 'M H 1 viffw Q0

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