Alleman High School - Pioneer (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1950

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WW fix-M J 'Q' 98.21 wwgg .5 I Q, -M Wg, A f' Cf- B fr- 75 - , . if ' P' jxkvjff M Wf'Ml',1 V W Wwwa j,,,6yfi W ja gf i' ' Www fu! ' 87' 05111 WWWHWQ - Dxfcg if fJyW5fWf QW fwvfwgh 22 W"2,?g'6'M' ' Q 7 4 1 Kv , E PLLEM -WWW 'lm Edifor-in-Chief - Jacqueline Meersman Edi+or - Virginia Grosse-ll Business Manager - David Welsh W..-4 ,-.4 M.. 'rw KK f X me H ..-4-13 , 55555 'Er 5 , Q . in A. f., if 1' Q FZ' A Lifvljf 'WW an K ' U, W ,wag -wr .rv - - gm? . .-21241, Q vs ' :f-w g: A, ff, . 3 f . .wg..,K,. It YY 1, .1 ,- ,A i ,,,..f- ,,-M ,,,,..- ,W .-A . ,TIS A r 2.3 L., rl' I 7 J .,... , -3 5 .LI jzx 4,31 ' a i .F W.-.J ' 5 4 IL .19 'le 9 Q 1 ,Z , , 'Pane Dedication To His Excellency, Bishop Joseph H. Schlarman, D.D., whose zeal for you+h begol' Alleman High: whose pries+ly counsel and maferial assis+ance fosfered +his dream of +he Ca+holic people of +he area: whose ini+ia+ive developed an archi+ec+'s blueprinl in+o a realify, we dedicafe our firsf annual, The Pioneer, in a spiri+ of filial love and obedience. '70 Jfim We fbeaficafe I The Mosf Reverend Joseph H. Schlarman, DD., Ph.D., J.C.D., Bishop of Peoria aaa annual--lfze 195 0 pianeea ,J . ,.,1- 9 4' L , .Q A 0 J ve, . Eff' ,X 'l, Z' ' . ff' fhsf' Q , , vw L: , , 8 , V, E 4 V f A L Q fi ., J . L x x I L 5 14 fy! If ,5 . i' A ' :Q k -15 ff- 1 . Y - . .' f, xx-I ' , ', r 5' Va' ' .. Y Q r L 15' K Ll Q C ' ,I EN 'N faxzf ,z 'X in Q. .. fi' K " if 5- ' 'f . ' ff:iriA' 2 1. I . Q f1 9 X X Lfq fvst '2.B oly gff?' n g,eH' mer Mu M 2, V 5 JN, .. :U-W.-WWW "' -Dani - - .W 9 Qf.UW........,.....,...,....,,, ,I . 1,,AJix Q Cz be if Qmuity apo SSX M w.,.Q.M...,a 2T3:?....M,..w,.,,,.-- ,dwg , , I7 A t of SF2v11Q5Qfl humbly pm-o.str.arf at thcjfd' di yourwdigcsa Zh beg, 1111 , ,L A 'aff I KLM, , ff-A QQ 'X r ' ' ' ' . . V- I 41 ' f " K M 4, ,,.0.,.,,.Iq.Z.,,n -an, A' M! 1' hffivu-sv gnu. Iiyamn - w+cA,v1.1w--'Az 1' f- 'fs Kiev: x V X, , , 'ffvf-1f,. .w. Mr QMyv-64.4 YX51B24fiff, , .,.', . Jw ffl.. V3 'F' JL 4a,3,f , , V' Q ' fifty! ix Q? g J 7 Lf' L, if V ..,'-w A, Ndidwigfgffvri-,ff A Q 5 fi4x,,.,,, 4, 4.44m .,.-g'f"',,.,...:g , , i ..,....i "'M754'1"""f': ezmzmwzmz, efawwpm... make if ftafe iq nigfvll ancf cfaq S 05,9 I .191 L4 E 9 0 Z 7' 0 +1 C' fi? Wfw F Mba Tfnwer O C Q J ' :I 4:a4,., 2 :. ? ,.: , .: :.. - 1 22 ,ix . 2:3-. I .If ,. , g f Q, , , .A . ,..x,Q A 1 will ' 5 1 i i 4 Wilt ' Nahonx 54 Q the Horn! ox kbs Z . A M H QLLMJ-IOPS 010916 XULUPC Q 3 . xi J 1 .1 I-L e 44, z Q 0 Z 14, as Foreword This is our TirsT Holy Year. This is our iniTial annual. BoTh of These "TirsTs" have a proTound significance Tor us, The sTudenTs of Alleman. One is a record of The pasTg The oTher, a promise of The TuTure. The Two combined reTlecT our CaTholic heriTage which we have received: our CaTholic obligaTions To which we musT give ourselves. WiTh our idealism undimmed, we are sTriving To make This yearbook The besTg This Holy Year, The holiesT. The Holy Year will pass wiTh our youTh, buT The eTTecTs oT iT will be wiTh us ThroughouT our lives. TwenTy-Tive years Trom now, in The year l975, There will be, if TradiTion proves True, anoTher Holy Year. Our dreams and hopes oT Today will have been realized Then, and we will look back wiTh nosTalgic remembrance upon our TirsT Holy Year-The year when our Alleman days became acTualiTies, when we prayed Tor The peace +ha+ The world cannoT give, when we Turned our eyes Toward The Holy CiTy and uniTed wiTh Pope Pius XII in pledging our TideliTy To his five maior inTenTions Tor The Holy Year. il-.q 549 ' es, gd ill Elm ZA e walfd. 9 40 ' an ancf dllaul . iq, up GJ- Rf. Rev. Msgr. P. H. Durkin b K, 3: ,,k., f Wyyxxm K. lessee The ground for A A I ' , NQSQF' Q 1 K ,,,,,5w4, Herman High School . . . wan! am! laaailewoi Bishop Schlarman blesses The cornersTone Tor Alleman High School CornersTone Laid An area oT six acres adjoining Lincoln Park and exTending Trom ElevenTh To ThirTeenTh Avenue and Trom ForTieTh To ForTy-second STreeT com- prises The Alleman grounds. The ground was TirsT broken in I948. Upon The TeasT oT The AssumpTion oT Our Blessed MoTher, as Bishop Schlarman blessed and seT in place The cornersTone oT This sTrucTure, The Alleman High School Board voiced Their graTiTude To God and Their deTerminaTion To emulaTe His loving concern Tor The youTh so dear To The HearT oT ChrisT. The consTrucTion conTracT was To be TulTilled by June, I949. The TirsT school year was To be T949-I95O. The cornersTone conTains Bishop Schlarmans address, a sTone Trom The TirsT church oT The area, The names oT The diTTerenT parish churches, and The hisTory OT FaTher Alleman and Alleman High. School DeclicaTed Highly honoring The CaTholic people oT Rock Island CounTy oT The diocese oT Peoria, His Ex- cellency, The lviosT Reverend AmleTo Giovanni Cicognani, fXposTolic DelegaTe To The UniTed STaTes, oTTiciaTed Sunday, AugusT 28, T94-9, aT The colorTul and impressive dedicaTion oT The new Alleman High School. BrighT sunshine and a cooling breeze augmenTed The laTe summer background To Torm a perTecT ouTdoor seTTing Tor The colorTul and impressive ceremony which Took place in TronT oT The school aT The corner oT ElevenTh Avenue .and ForTieTh STreeT, and aTTracTed a crowd oT men, women and children esTimaTed aT nearly seven Thousand persons. Opening The program was The Reverend Enos H. Barnes, pasTor oT ST. lv1ary's Church, Moline, who spoke on The schools hisTory and paid Trib- uTe To Monsignor Durkin, FaTher Culemans, and FaTher Alleman. , 1 1 mm like Ms LMAO- LUG-'lk The MosT Rev. Archbishop Cicognani addresses The people aT The dedicaTion ceremony Dedication Monsignor Durlcin, pasTor OT ST, Joseph's Church, h Rock Island, Then gave a deTailed accounT oT T e early appeals Tor a Rock Island CounTy CaTholic high school and Told of Bishop Schlarman's gen- erosiTy and assisTance in The maTerializaTion OT The school. H ulo ized The eTTorTs oT The laTe FaThcr e e g Culemans in insTigaTing acTion Tor Alleman. Per- ha s more Than anyone else in The viciniTy, Mon- P signor Durlcin, Vicar General oT The diocese, has . . h Tound in The new school The realizaTion oT is d ms, He was one oT The TirsT To see The need rea Tor a cenTral CaTholic high school and was one oT The principal Torces behind The purchase oT The necessary properTy. From The beginning, every . . . h I sTep in The planning and building oT The sc oo has had The beneTiT oT his enThusiasTic supporT and advice. Following Monsignor Durlcin's address, Bishop S hlarman inTroduced The AposTolic DelegaTe. c As a prelude To The inTroducTion, His Excellency ' ' ' II ex ressed his graTiTude To The CaTholics and a T3 oTher residenTs OT The counTy who gave Time and ' ' h w Tinancial aid Toward The erecTion oT T e ne hool Having paid a TribuTe To Monsignor Dur- sc . lcin's eTTorTs, The Bishop sTaTed ThaT The idea Tor The . . d resenT school was originaTed by The lafe Reveren P T S d HearT Parish, Moline. J. B. Culemans o acre The AposTolic DelegaTe Then delivered The dedi- 'T' T caTion address. Discussing The signiicance o d Ti n in The lighT oT The CaTholic Church, e uca o he said: "The Church has always TormulaTed her 'raTio sTudiorum,' her program oT educaTion, on The Two ToundaTions oT TaiTh and reason, because i T his TaiTh and reason have been g.ven To man or Tion, Tor The acguisiTion oT TruTh and Tor The aTTainmenT oT his Tinal end." Torma "The TruThs oT TaiTh and oT moraliTy," he con- Tinued, "Tar Trom clipping TruTh, illuminaTe iT, develop iT, and render iT easier To lcnow. Gne musT noT believe ThaT The principles oT Tailh and oT moraliTy impose a Tyranny oT ThoughT7 on The conTrary, The church condemns any enslavemonT oT mind or ThoughTg only TyranTs make use oT ii To sTrip man oT his liborTy and digniTy. "The church," he wenT on To say, "is promoTing d caTion ThaT Takes man as he is, wiTh inTellecT e u and will, an inTelligenT and spiriTual being wiTh an immorTal soul: all These are comprised in The TormaTion oT man. Man is indivisible . . . we call him an individual . . . and wherever he is oes he carries wiTh him all oT himselTg IT is or g , ThereTore necessary ThaT The same principles direcT, inspire, and animaTe every phase oT his liTe, aT home and in school, in privaTe and in public. Thus . . . . I you have a man who is conTormed To his princip es, a man who is True To himselT." Dedication 'gin x K His Exceliency Hue Mos+ Rev. Amlefo Giovanni Cicognani biesses Nieman High School il. -.1 Q' . . haw, M601 F0146 ancf fue fum 4644 Q Q 5' -x fx 13 be 4, Ee, Oz il-4 'Pb +49 549 ea a .I fa 53 Dedication ATTer his address, Archbishop Cicognani blessed The school. In The blessing riTes he was aTTended by Bishop Schlarman and assisTed by The Reverend W. H. Cleary, deacon: The Reverend J. F. Crowley, sub- deaconp The Reverend L. A. Woiciechowski, censor-bearer: The Reverend John l-T. Cal- lahan, holy waTer-bearer: The Reverend Joseph H. Wolvers, boolc-bearer: and The Reverend Jerome V. Morrissey, candle- bearer. ' Following The program, The members oT The audience enTered The new school To inspecT iTs modern inTerior. IT was more Than Two hours beTore The main crowd had Tinished Touring The building, and oTher visiTors came unTil eighT o'cloclc Sunday evening. Monsignori aTTended The ceremony ..f1 . linux.-4 Wofmfbwmwavw Alleman Chap First Petition The Catholic Church tosters the care ot all men regardless ot color or race. Allernan students unite with Pope Pius Xll in praying and striving "that each one by prayer and pen ance should make expiation tor his sins and should so strive tor a Christian retorm ot morals and tor Christian virtue that this great jubilee shall have as its tinest tlower THE UNIVERSAL RE- TURN OF ALL MEN TO CHRIST." Zfnal' Mu gfzeal fufifee dfzalf fnaae ad, iid, fined' ffawea ffm uniaefzdaf fzefufzn of all men fa efmiftl' Reverend John F. O'Connor Principal Administration Under The able direcTion and leadership oT FaTher John O'Connor, The TaculTy members, re- ligion insTrucTors, and oTTice Torce worked TogeTher in a happy and eTTicienT adminisTraTion. A new- cerTainly a unique-seT-up in This locale was The Teaching sTaTT. Four orders oT sisTers, The SisTers of ST. BenedicT, SisTers oT ChariTy of The Blessed Virgin Mary, SisTers oT ST. Francis, and SisTers oT ST. Dominic combined Their eTTorTs and abiliTies To Torm a lceen, vigorous TaculTy. Working wiTh The sisTers were lay insTrucTors Tor indusTrial arTs and physical educaTion. PriesTs oT The diocese gen- erously gave Their Time To Teaching religion To homeroom groups each Wednesday. In This way sTudenTs were in consTanT and inTormal conTacT wiTh The priesTs who could give Them consTanTly- needed spiriTual direcTion. Homeroom sisTers TaughT religion on The oTher Tour days. AssisTing FaTher O'Connor in The adminisTraTion was FaTher Richard Powers, who was in charge oT The school Tinances and who headed The embryonic music deparTmenT. FaTher direcTed The acTiviTies oT The Home and School AssociaTion, and during FaTher O'Connor's brief sTay in Rome, acTed as principal oT Alleman. Miss Anna Mae l-lollemloaelc and Miss Marjorie Jones were able oTTice assisTanTs To FaTher O'Con- nor, Taking care oT all The ineviTable deTailed lisT- ings, recordings, and correspondence, and The sundry oTher duTies oT an eTTicienT oTTice Torce. A board oT direcTors, composed oT The pasTors oT The area, deTermined The over-all planning oT The school and Toolc on The burden oT The Tinancial responsibiliTy. FaTher Powers and FaTher O'Connor plan The schedule Alleman School Board, lefr +o riqh+: R+. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Jordan, Very Rev. Msqr J.J. Leven, Rev. John O'Connor, R+. Rev. Msgr. P. H. Durkin, Rev. Enos H. Barnes Rev. Wm. Cleary. dmmlstratlon Bishop Schlarman celebrafes Mass in gymnasium m ew Administration Very Rev. Msgr. F. P. Bleclce Due To flue inreresred and expers ienced guidance of Monsignor P. P. Bleclce, diocesan direcior of schools, The Alleman curriculum has been one of lwiglrraiing, iarfranging scholarship. Rev. Richard J. Powers ln addiiion To his supervision oi school finances, Farber Richard Pow- ers also worked wiili Failwer O'Connor in ine adminisiraiion. Office personnel- Miss Anna Mae l-lollernbaelc, Miss Marjorie Jones, Miss Joan De Paepe Facult Sis+er Alexia, O.S.B. Religion, Aff Sisfer M. Annelle, B.V.M, Religion, Malhernalics Sis+er An+oine'He, O.S.B. Religion, English Sisler M, Arlhur, O.S.F. Religion, English Sisfer M. Bernard, O.S.B. Religion, Malhemalics Sislers af lunch 5-we-W Q , It 3-of-fl. ' , 4.-.M 7? i-.L Sis'rer M. Borgia, B.V.M. Religion, Journalism, Englislw Sisfer Celes+ine, O.S.B. Biology Sisfer Clarisse, O.S.B. Religion, World l-lislory, Geography Sis+er M. Emmanuel, O.P. Religion, Cl1emis+ry, General Science Sis+er M. Faber, B.V.M. Religion, General Business, Bookkeeping Facult 'Faculty Sisier Gabriel, O.S.B. Religion, Typing, Slioriliancl x Sisier M. Jean Joseph, B.V.M. Religion, Typing, Slworlliand, Algelnm Sisier Joanna, O.S.F, Religion, English Sisfer M. Juliana, B.V.M, Religion, American Hisiory Sisfer Louise, O.S.B. Religion, Englislw, Lalin Going up Cafeieria line Q mf. wp-'Lf M In conference: Sisler Clarisse, Sisier M. Emmanuel Sisier M. Lucilla, Sisfer Joanna Sisfer M, Lucilla, B.V.M. Religion, Lalin Sisfer M. Renee, B.V.M. Home Economics Sisfer M. S+. Maiella, B.V.M. Religion, English, American l-lislory Sisfer M. Vera, B.V.M. Religion, Mallriemalics, General Science, Spanish Sisfer M, Wilfrid, O.P. Librarian Facult Facult Assisianf Coaches: Roco Carbone, Dale Hughes Miss Timo+hea Vann Girls' Physical Educaiion Mr. Daniel Naeri' lnduslrial Arls Mr. Roberi' Maloney Coach, Boys' Physical Educafion Mr. Louis Di lulio Bancl R+. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J, Jordan Sacred l-learl Church, Roclc lsland Religion IV Rev. John Callahan Special Facult Sl. Ambrose Church, Milan Religion lll Rev. George J, Schroeder Sl. lvlary's Church, Roclc Island Religion lll, Sponsor Camera Club Rev. Joseph Wolvers S+. Anne's Church, Easl Moline Religion l, ll Whal can be so amusing? Facult K, fr' Rev. Willia m Boucher Sr. Josephs Church, Rock Island Religion II Rev, Eugene E. Gould Sl. Josephs Church, Rock Island Religion I, II, Alhleric Direcror Rev. Jerome Morrissey SI. Marys Church, Moline Religion I, II Rev. Berfhold Drendel Sacred I-Iearr Church, Moline Religion I, II l Rev. Nicodemus Russo S+. Marys Church, Easl Moline Religion I, III Bicffogy dams. Clwemisfry Claw Second Petition Wilh lhe advenl of The Holy Year, Alleman gradu- afes loolc Toward Jrhe Elernal Cily for inspiralion and guidance, heeding The Holy Fa+her's inlenlion "'rha+ we insisfenlly beg of God Thai lhe lidelily due lo Our Divine Redeemer and To His Holy Church be mainfained by all wilh an inflexible spiril and an energelic will." HK is X M 12 + + Q ss if JI ,ea + f .2 Y , ,,w,.,,wf , Q , ,Q-Z' -as 3 ' 3 A' ip, M 1 - W - iii , ii, 55 3 3 T 2 9 l E 5+ Q 1 2 ' 1 ZW- ' .qi . X Y 5 ': Q 2 -W L.. 3 21? . 5 ,.wY-fygl.-,M . f nywmggy ,mv The l950 Seniors 1 . X l I l M X IN A I. I. la M A i' . Berl' Weslemeyer, Presidenl Jose h Cl p ar in, Secrelary Michael Corlxen, Treasurer NAl,I.l,MANAIILNANAIIIMKNNIIIMKNA IQSO- y open officially inilialing lhe l-loly Year in Rome, anolher door, less langilole bul e II qua Y signiiicanl, was opening wide To Alleman seniors-The door ol lhe lulure, lhe lhresf hold ol lheir new life. As lhe Holy Door swung slowl Bringing wilh Th i ir diilerenl high schools, The seniors unifed and worked in harmony foward one goal-lhe long awailed and dislinguished privilege of being lhe lirsl Alleman graduales. Number' ing ninely-live, lhe senior class is proud of ils parl in lhe pioneering and lashioning of lhis lirsl year and lhe l bl' ' ' lions of fhe lulure. em lhe besl from line' es a ishing ol lhe Tradi- 4 v wx -v ,v r i 3111 flilvmnriam Lorraine Nelson, Oclober l9, l932 - Augusl l4, l949. A lov- ing memenlo lo The ninery-sixlh member of rhe graclualing class. Lorraine Nelson was lcillecl in an acciclenl while vocalioning wilh her parenls lasl summer. 5 ,K ' . i 1 f- 3? V Lorraine Nelson The I95O Seniors "Open The Door, Richard" L, 1 f ,f X A L II -MANAILEMANA Mary Lou Avila Merlyn Carolan Edward Ballzer Michael Corlcen Mary Calkins Kallwleen Cupp Earl Calkins Norma DeCommer .s N4 I: M NA M A NALIE .Alf M l The I9 O Seniors MAN ALLEMAN LLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMAN Mary Lou Avila Merlyn Carolan SI. Josephs, Rock Island SI. Joseph's, Rock Island Quieily zealous . . , so happy Io help . . . Dance-floor smoolhy . . . woman haler . . Edward Ballzer Michael Corken S+. Ambrose, Milan Sacred I-Iearl, Rock Island NonchaIanI as you please , . . "Diamond" personalify . , . Ambrosian Ierror . famed for sporfs . . Mary Calkins Kalhleen Cupp Sacred I-learl, Roclc Island SI. Marys, Moline Pinch of Ihoughi . . . dash of friendliness . . Self-conlained . , . keen sense of values . Earl Calkins Norma DeCommer Sacred I-Iearl, Rock Island S+. Josephs Roclc Island Exemplary class member . . . Unbounded ambilion . . . Iulure sporlscasier . dependaloiliiy, her proudesi Iooasi . . . "Music, Music, Music" if. The I9 0 Seniors ALLBMANALLIZMANALLHMANAILEMANAILIMANAlLliMANALLl'MKP Duane Donovan Sacred l-leari, Moline Good guy . . . frank and hearly companion Marilyn Hamm S+. Mary's, Moline IO:OO scholar . . . our ideologisi . . Joan Heirlorandi' Sacred l-leari, Moline Eyes alighl . . . ever ready smile and genius for lun Richard Hinds Sacred l-learl, Rock Island Roving cameraman . . . iournalisiic ambiiions 'Undernealh 'rhe Sheliering Palms" Lorraine Landers Sacred l-leari, Roclc Island Charm wilh a praclical louch . . . a hard and sready worlcer William Lang Sacred Heari, Moline Top-nolch funsier . . . big hearled as lhey come Barbara Langan Sacred l-learl, Rock Island Passion for green . . . compeienl iypisl Beverly Lannoo Sl. Mary's, Moline A naiural for friendship . . . iusi righi' AN FMA A I' A A All FN Duane Donovan Lorraine Landers 6 , . i, We We fyfrwgd Mari yn l-lamrn William Lang Joan l-leirbrandl Barbara Langan il :J VIWVQ! My . 1 .-4 'I , I Wi" 'Nw' Lid' '43 jmfW'i,, Richard l-linds Beverly Lannoo e1La 4 Q5 'iw 5 af? '11 Qgygffffwf ALIl'M 1 AN AIIIN XNAILLMAN IIIMANAIIIM A MANAIIIMAN Conslance Leese Mary Poelvoorde Joanne LeRoy Plwilip Riclwerl Kennellw Link Alice Rogers Rosemary Murphy Helene Rue+h .s H4 Q 'lib -,P -I-'X The I950 Seniors LLP A LEMAN LIFMANA LHMA ALLEMANAl.l.liMANALI.FMAN Conslance Leese Mary Poelvoorde Si. JOSepl1'S, Rock Island S+, Marys Eagl Moline Gracious lemperameni . . . A bil Qi Sunshine , , , a smile and a "hi" for everyone . . . 5 power among friends , Philip Richer? Joanne Lelioy Sacred l-leari, Rock island S+. Joseph s, Rock Island P 1: U I d Pleasani in manner . . . will-o'-ihe-wisp . . ro esslona ancer aeisyined for Success Kennelh Link Alice Rogers Sacred l-learl, Rock Island Sacred l-lead' Rock lsland Eins+ein's prolege . . . squinl of lhe eye Qmel' Lmrultlled ' ' ' saluraled wilh common sense . . . Rosemary Murphy Helene iRUe+l'1 Sacred l-learl, Rock Island Sl- JOSGPHS. Rock l5l5nd Youlhlul charm . . . lhal lrish lwinlcle . . . Cafelfee and QGY - - - filled Wifh enemll' - - - "Happy Times" The I9 O Seniors LLEMANALLEMANALLEMANAILFMANAILEMANALLEMA M Bernice Sadniclc Sl. Mary's, Moline Quiel efficiency . punclua Joan Schaefer S+. Mary's, Moline Roberi' Tanghe S+. Mary's, Moline Good nalured lo lhe nlh power led wilh gay humor . a regular guy Maurine VandeMoor1'el Sacred l-learl, Moline Lively good humor . . . a friend indeed . , . Loyal and True . . charming smile Carol Schweslca Henry Verplaefse Sacred l-learl, Moline Sacred l-learl, Moline Genlle goodness . . . singing, her assel . , Life of every parly Oh' lhal brow Jacqueline Sluari' S+. Mary's, Moline Vilalily personified "Fairy Tales" David Welsh S+. Mary's, Moline . . . regal poise . . . Execulive Jrype . . animaled originalily Vl A 'lk 'ik 1' F NAI EM N Bernice Sadniclc Roberf Tanghe Joan Schaefer Maurine Vandefvioorrel Carol Schweslca Henry Verplae+se Jacqueline Sruarf David Welsh ..19U' o WI' -x-ni? '41 5 -A i i 'XLIE i ,MANA .,MANAAI.IiMANA liEMANAlIiEMANALLflVfAlN l,FMA Roberf Bush Joan DePaepe Joseph Carlin Geraldine Fackelde Y Anna Casey Virginia Grosse N. Q -2 x Kni .qf-Roberf Creen JoAnn Heifmann IL 5,6 ree! 3 23' 9 '1q,+qJ- NIAINKIIYMKN KIIPM Rober+ Bush S+. Josephs Roclc Island Fu+ure mas+er mechanic Joseph Carlin S+. Josephs Roclc Island Easy-going "Joe" ...his Anna Casey S+. Mary's, Roclc Island Vibran+ as her red loclcs The I950 Seniors Joan DePaepe S+. Josephs Rock Island , . . congenial . . Always on her +oes . . . o++ice whirl . . Geraldine Faclceldey S+. Mary's, Moline famous Ah-h-h's . . . Twinlcles wi+h +un , . . happies+ when helping . . Virginia Grossell ' . ' S+. Josephs Rock Island eques+rienne en+husias+ . . S+erling charac+er . . .winning personali+y . . Rober+ Creen S+. Mary's, Moline JoAnn Hei+mann S+. Marys Eas+ Moline A demon in +oo+balI . . . E++ervescen+ as ginger-ale . . , always casual and compe+en+ . . yen +or spor+s and +un . "+'Iump+y Dump+y" The I95O Seniors Al.LEMANAI,LEMANAl.LEMANAll.EMANA l.EMANALIEMANALLEM Ronald Hudson Kafhleen King Sf. Mary's, Rock island Sacred l-learf, Moline S. H, Sleeper . . . Whimsical gaify . . . packs a "punch" of personalify . . nimble fingers on fhe 88's . 'loan Kerres Jeanann Liffig Sl- -loseloli 5' Rock lslenol Sf. Josephs Rock Island SWeelne55 Coupled Wllli Cwiefness - - s Alerf and spirifed . . . irreplaceable friend . . . genuine personalify . . Richard Kochuyf Edwincillricailhg k I I d Sacred l-learf, Moline Page' I jar EC San Full of rascalify . , . handsome "Dick" . . Olenlle' Ire, lg lerf ' ' . six feef of quiefness . . James Konifzer Sf. Annes Easf Moline Donna McMillin Refreshing individualify . . . S+- MNYNS' Easf Moline everybody's buddy . , Refreshing personalify . , . l-li-C sfruclc . . "Tell Me A Sfory" l I fn wi l l .1 .W fl I . a A f' Alf h Vmbr L IN! Q14 lb N L ll MXN I ' I a . .9 I rf! LQ ' 1, M F N ll 'll 'Qui V ' i 9 419' surf, J gi, 1. JS, A N A I 1 E A N Ronald Hudson Kafnleen King jibbyaua' 'L S yn! a 5 ,Q J V .' . , f Wi! .I .p,,.f,-' Al I .I I-gif! ,M Joan Kerrcs Jeanann Liffig Richard Kochuyf Edward McCar+hy James Konifzer Donna McMiHIn Jail QB' -1- fx a ' 49, E34 2 eo LILM N LILIS JacqueNine Meersman Marian Parr Murrel Molier Beffy J a me Provoosf Geraid Murrin Richard Rempe Veronica Naab James Rodebush .s W4 4, +9 A LLIEM The I950 Seniors MAN ALLEMAN AILEMAN ALLLMAN ALLEMAN ALLEMANALLEMAN Jacqueline Meersman Marian Parr Sacred Hearl. Moline S+. Josephs, Rock lsland The '50 yearboolc, her specially . , . Never G dull rnomenl - - - par excellence in all her aclions . . leughler +l1a+ lingers . . Murrel Moller Belly Provoosl S+. Josephs, Rock Island Sl. Annes. Easl Moline Full of fun and pleasanlry . . . Qulel Charm . . . gay conversalionalisl , . a lillle sugar dashed wilh spice . . . Gerald Murrin 'Richard Rempe Sacred l-learl, Rock lsland Sl. Josephs Roclc lsland Fulure eleclrician . . . always dependable . . . Jovial ancl good nalured . . . wilh a hearl for anylhing . . Veronica Naab S+. Josephs Rock lsland James Rodebush Elegfrigally Charged I , , Sacred l-learl, Roclc Island personalily radialecl . , . Excuse-experl . . . Bowladrome happy . . "Beyond The Blue Horizon" The I9 0 Seniors ALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALI.EMANA LEMANALLEM Rober+ Rodfs Pafricia VanCamp Sacred l-leari, Moline S+. Alphonsus, Davenpori Masler mechanic . . . Leader in sporls . . . smiles away dillicullies . . combines energy and spirif . . Jane'He VanDeVelde Roberi' Sfaes I Sacred l-leari, Moline S+. Mary's, Easf Moline Quick of grep . 5 . dramahcally inclined Q . i Refreshingly candid . . . bound io succeed . . . John Wells Joan Slrom Sacred I-learlr, Rock Island Sacred l-leari, Moline u Sleep-happy . . . Laughs lllrough llle ' ' ' Q ' a voice as deep as his name . . . cenrer of pep and vrialiiy . . . Beri- Wesfemeyer BernadeH'e Tragarz Sr. Josephs, Rock Island Holy TVIUHY- Moline Characfer sirong . . . Ever-laughing . . . full of 'fun . . . sfeady srudenf, skillful arhlele . . "Open Door, Open Arms" i ii 5,i1 im .f,.2xJ:..a...i.,. -A IEMANALIEMAN X IN A L Roberf Rodfs Pe+ricia Var1Camp Roberf Sfaes Janeffe VanDeVelde Joan S+rom John Wells All W4 1,11 fgiyu M . f ' 'A"Y of '7 V ,, Q' , X1 Digi Xb if fjt fl' ,J I4 1 A Z-' 1 ,tin f, Bernade++e Tre:garz Hffvfwhj 51,25 V, Berf Wesfemeyer Fug" 741.5 ' cfzai N-'ikrv-g Q54 143920. ,, .sue 'I+ 05,416 E0 2 9 AILIMAINAIII-BA Ll.LMANALI.EMANALL Pa+ricia Balcer James Bell Barbara Bonggren Charles Claeys Edmund DeBarre Cecelia DeCosTer Diane DeKeyrel Donald Delles ir. '1f,,+q,A B 4 5.8 0, 6 z 1 9 W ,O L... EB1AN ALLIZMAN AI LE .,.....unj The I95O Seniors MAN AILEMAN LLFIN NA LEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMAN Pairicia Baker Sacred l-learr, Moline A challenge io charm . . . holds las? io ideals Barbara Bonggren Sacred l-learr, Moline Perfecfion al The pallel . . . beauly and brains plus Edmund DeBarre S+. Mary's, Easi Moline Accepls life as he finds il . . . proud of Thai Model-T Diane DeKeyrel Sacred l-learr, Moline Fresh and flowerlilce . . . James Bell Sacred l-learl, Moline Masfer of wil , . . lun io know . . . Charles Claeys Sacred l-learl, Moline Fronfier silence . . . dimpled smile . . . Cecelia DeCos+er Senior opfimisi . . . dispeller of dull momenls . . . Donald Delles S+. Pajrriclcs, Colona Reservoir of lun . . recipe for Youllllul Charm - - - warm and kindly disposilion . . . "Canas+a" The I95O Seniors AI.I.EMANALIAEMANAI.l.EMANALLEMANALLEMANAlII:MANAll.llM Mary Desaunoy Shirley Dopler S+. Ambrose, Milan Sacred l-learl, Moline Quiel buf sweei . . . valued friend . . Clever iournalisl . . . always a slrilcel . . . Pauline Dugan Mary Kay Frommell S+. Josephs Rock Island Sl. Josephs, Rock Island Aloounding wilh a zesl for living . . . Challerbox . . . vim, vigor, viraliiy . . . gaiely of The Emerald lsle . . . Pafriclc Hardy Eleanor Hagan t S+. Josephs Rock Island Sacred Head' Molme Never hurried-never worried . . . Brighi as a pepperminl siiclc . . . designed for Spor-fs U I lhrives on lhrills . . John Lievens Joyce Hunfer Sacred l-leari, Moline Sl- MGVYISI Easl Moline Faces lulure wilh confidence . . . Teems wilh lalenl . . . versalile . . . lop ranking scholar . "All Togelheru MKNAIIFM AN ALLFMANALLFMAN ALIEMANALII- AN ALLE MA Mary Desaunoy Shirley Dopler I M. . I5aXLHinaT Drugan Mary Kay Frommelf Eleanor Hagan Palrrick Hardy QW .y, KD 0 Joyce I-lun+er John Lievens ei'-44, wmv? sl Q 1 I I I I ' .I ni' , a W, 5 , . AILEMANAILIuMANAII.EMANALI.IiMANAI.LEMANALI,EMANAl,l.liM X69 ,...-ui,-Q J E Joan Lower Thomas Mclferriie Francis Macro Beverly Malfliys William lvliclwel V4 Lucille Pauwels I 1. 4 ", ' n , n i ' I -. .k 2 fa 1 V . 0 r l 'A Maw misdwuxrrl - Jac:kjSevGnar1d+ .A 1, .,' ls . SILA ' Ss i 63 i QL ,W r i , O dgnida The I9 Seniors IIIMKTNKIIIMKNXIIIMXN IxlmxxALLLMANAl.l,11MA1x.xl.l.EMAN Joan Lower Sacred Heart Moline Charming lass . . . glimpses of gaiely . Francis Maere Sacred Heart Moline Quiet unassuming chap . . . impromlolu William Michel Sacred Heart Moline Universal lavorile . . . our original surprise package Mary Jo Schell Sacred Heart Moline Newsy . . . lull ol deleclable nonsense and lun r i Thomas McKernie St Mary's, Moline Tremendous roar. . , drives famous ialope . . . Beverly MaH'hys St Annes, Easl Moline Casual as a coke . . . dislinclively individual . . Lucille Pauwels Sacred Heart Moline Angells lcin . . . quiel wilh a pleasing way . . Jack Sevenandl Sacred Heart Moline Slurdv lillle alhlele . . . moving spiril . . l'lI Be Down To Gel You in a Wheelbarrown The I950 Seniors ALLEMAN ALLEMANALLEI'-IAN ALLEMANALLEMAN AL Mariorie ValiqueHe S+. Mary's, Rock lsland Charming execulive lype . . . welcome in every circle . . . Bonnie VanHyHe S+. Mary's, Moline Failhful friend . . . quiel loul deferrnined . . . Glenn Wells Sacred l-learl, Rock Island Quiel fellow . . . man of his word . . . Arlene Zahn Sacred l-learl, Moline Barbara VandeVoorde S+. Mary's, Easl Moline Dynamic personalily . . . reqislers endless energy Donald Vermeulen S+. Mary's, Easl Moline Amiable disposilion . . . genllemanly ways Barbara Wilson Sacred Hearl, Moline Full ol life . . . a dash of Thai cerlain sornelhing Slalely bearing . . . bundle ol popularily . . "Si+ling By The Window" ms .l4 l-.. A1 - ,. :M1 LEMANALLEMAT AN ALLEMA A A AN ALLEMA lvl a rjorie Va liq uelle Barbara VancleVoorde Bonnie Van l-lyfle Donald Vermeulen Glenn Wells .Barbara uWilson . I ,1 A . R , y .f va Arlene Zahn .PIL 05'-:fx NAILI-IM A 'le lib " 0 Z 7- 4 QQ Typing ll Class T ping Sisler Gabriel and The lirsf group ol' Typing l class lo receive cerlificafes: lsealeidl Jeanine Mascala, Phyllis Bul linclc, Evelyn Newberry, Alice Moran, Phyllis l-laerliens, Jackie Whilacre: lslanclinql Jean Behrens, Rosalyn Carolan lvlarlelyri Miller, Anila Mirr, Joyce Balcer, Charles Claeys, Melvin Schaubroeclc, Dick Campana, Connie Jenninqs Jean Mcersrnan, Dolores Coopman, Mary Ann Larnpo. Sarah lvlcginly, Sisler Gabriel. Qur Library Third Petition Confidence born of Jrhe sure knowledge of right securify founded on ine acceplance of basic con- cepfs-Jrlwese are The lwerifage of a young Alleman Jrlwal prays wi+l'1 +l'ie Holy Fallier Mihai all Jrliose who are noi illumined by llie liglwf of Callwolic lruflw buf wander from Jrlwe riglnl road, llwal even +l'iose who lwafe and deny God, be enliglwiened by liglwf from above, enfolded by divine grace, and led back lo obedience, +o llwe precepfs of Hwe Gospel." ww fi., K- ws QQ '-,fm-.Lgsf - wx ,,: -, 5 wwktif , . I K- Q has v. Hai' J "' F ' M::gfw,wx.r . 5.. , ., ,, fsfaif 35 r , , tis M, W , . W .. .,A.,.., MM, ...H ..h, M . A, k.., W :ww Qs af .2 Ji Q .Amy .L,. , W Junior oTTicers: Neva Murphy, secreTaryg Bob Hollembaek, Treasurer: Jack Collins, presidenT STricTly upper class, The iuniors Tempered Their viTaliTy wiTh a new digniTy and sTrengTh. In The classroom, on The aThleTic Tield, abouT The dance Tloor-here was a group To assimilaTe all The viriliTy and promise oT The new Pxlleman and radiaTe iTs viTal CaTholiciTyfThe youTh oT Today, The hope oT Tomorrow. The iunior girls loowl The Juniors gif!--RN ,Fl an-f I 61 '7 ,, . 'wi 'gi vm ll fl" ' 'J W0 EXIT wuBB4 F 391' 1 .J Y -V, - - t The STudenT Council saw iTs advanced move- rnenTs when The iuniors sTudied, discussed, sug- gesTed and carried iT Through in a limiTed buT very deTiniTe Tield. AcTing wiTh The seniors as guides, They pioneered in This iniTial sTudenT venTure. gp ,jig I DF' ff W ,U wi: lo 'CQ mixer' ,N My A Jyp 1 xpmliv ,' 5 ,Vg ,,-v Ll, . IJUDAF 2' Jim .' Ui. .A I i, ff' U,4,a-605-0' Uwe, Jffvydfv 1 Wmfw 7 . ,gf,f:f ff I' '3.H'Pw1wiC,f1"5f, 1 E fr K C I1 F r Vw? va 1 Ai raw, JL-fm Cfmsii Nf1.l ' C1"X,5' 'IVY mywzf-L31-, R' rn'-r' LF-i-bw-v 1 SC'VPr1fx':, KEVFM-rr l,wr"wz':f'S .Wynn "V Hfr 1 'L Swv: ',1- Bvffwnrw Q Y r rA1'Hf-rfbfwk, Neve Mm givy Cwfarxf-S Prwgox, Phyh' HW-ryzyns, .MW H Bruker FX su 4-, 3- mm, P-'sux . L- ., Vw .15 FW-1 wwy C101 r' i W, wr ""' MW- HP za' PW' V Bw 'X K wr", L Hvf- S FX N2 M my VVN G, R Qfzw' ff-1' .iw JIML MQCN Fav" M '-vs: fvf C-1 "S JM H F9 32 Th ,PW-1 Wiflii' c ff' :G-,fam Vw' EHVVFN " A 2: L' yd C fxrfen Ew 'W " SVV"'H Lf' yr NU-cm' VW? 'farm Huw L'Hvrq TP' 'wi N N ww-f F 1' Qf-'WHr'wT1My L w Nflfr B-W" 'Eng ---1 y,,,,, gun Hn - , as Row 3: Terry He-wiff, Alan Lo- rgar, Anfhony Voqele, Eugene Slwpson, Jarnes Bush, Thornas Vahquerfe Joseph Corlenr Mefyin Schauhroerk Row 2: Carmen Wiorlespach. Archie Berr, Leah Carron, Ani'a M5rr, MadeJyn MH!-nr, Jean Ladk'n, Rifhard Lopez, Uorard Srcfzzer Rf I: Sara M:G'n+y, Mar3an PauweNs, Marquerife Mack, Doris Marfcns, Rifa Hines, Mary Kay GJynn Row 3: Roberr DeSmer, Jerry Forsrund, Chades Conover, Joseph Drefchinski, Vernon Soker Joseph Mendoza, Thomas Kharkowskl, Sfepher- Sprzhz Rrfw 2: Manyn Nerf, Lorrafne Javrssens, Mary C. Redecker, Marie Bfhesbach, Mary Ann Morris. Dadene Cc++er, Loh'a W'Wsor Y: Jean Moscoro, CMM Wesfenneyer, Par Hurfon, Rich' ard Shafer, Anna Mae Vrorn- hour, Vivian Mure-r+ Row 3: Robert Verbeke, Jerry Srnef, Roberr Lonqcor, William Wirson Row 2: Pau! Marfin, Ahce Moran, Monlca Milrer, Eve-Nyn Nor ,-,' berry, Ambrose FeYdhake Dorao Sfephans Qff. N: Mary Ann Larrpo, Cf-wsfarce Jernlnos, Jeanne Meersnnar, Joyce Pufrnan, Wanne Ruff, Jacquehne Whir- ,1 rc- !Xbsen'1 Pafnia Edmonds. Pep mee-Ting Barbara Bongqren, Diane Ruff, Joyce Baker show now fhey did ir Taking if easy Neva Murphy, vocalisjr Junior panel FMR Sd ophomores Eg! Typically sophomores, buT never sophomoric were members of The class oT '52. ViTaliTy and iniTiaTive combined in These lads and lasses re- sulTing in a TerriTic surge oT compeTence on The aThleTic Tield, gridiron, baslceTball courT, bowling alley, Tennis courT and swimming pool, while a spiriTed round oT social evenTs ranging from The Fall Frolic To The Shamrock ShuTFle lcepT The In The library Sophomore oTTicers: Louise Cassini, Treasurer, Mary Jo Dauw, secreTaryg Phil MiTchell, presidenT Tempo TasT and The Tune True. This was Alleman in acTion. Dull momenTs were rare when The sophs came TogeTher. Even inTo rouTine school days, They iniecTed a degree oT exciTemenT and aTomic liv- ing. TalenT-especially The musical varieTy- raTed high among Their numerous accomplishmenTs. D 'Vu-M. ,gi f,, T ,f,5sEZwM,,..u.,.i' 'Y'-,ML , Q5 . Row 3: Joe Wood, Donald George, James Hunler, Robert Wilkinson Row 2: Donald Boolcrnan, Mary Ann l-leydernan, lrene Meers- man, Ursula Traqarz, Palrlcla Nelll, Peler Marlin Row I: Joan Scheuerrnan, Mary Jo Johnson, Philip Clarlc, Louise Cassini, David Mlller, Palrlcla Emery Row 3: Ronald Creen, Law- rence Depoorler, Joe Ryclceq- hem, Bill Sullerer Row 2: Mary L. Reldy, Mary L. MQEnany, Bernard Klelber, Roberla Graves, Elaine l-lunl Row I: Theresa Parrnenlier, Mary Crossrnan, Mary C. Sl. Onqe. Mary Kerres, Palricia McGuire, Palricia Wallcer Row 3: James Sanlry, Dorald Rernpe, Joe Gende Row 2: Lawrence VandeMaele, Richard Hyleclc, Jean Welsh, Nancy Hiclcerson, John Bosso, Ronald Deliudder Row l: Joan Frornrnell, Calh- erine Cafhelyn, Carolyn Valcu- Iis, Frances Trurnble, Ann Richards, Bernadine Czupka Row 3: Peler Lullch, John Brandrneyer Row 2: Rlchard hlewifly Fred Wallace, Valarle Neubauer, James Collins, Guy Neumann Row I: Dorothy Sr. John, Mar- qarel Delacluyse, Joan Griflln, Barbara Plsman, Marilyn Maere, Lois Llndell Row 3: Richard Juzek, William Lavery, Joseph Bush, Richard Colman Row 2: Williarn Dale, Donna Liske, Joyce Grihfin, Mary Belh Vermeulen, Marlene McCar+hy, Joan Moral, Franli DeWaelo Row I: Ann Browder, Mary Cervanles, Joseph Norrnoyle. Mary Jo Dauw, James Breuwel, Janef Depaepe Row 3: Virginia Johnson, An- nelle Sladelc, Mary Elizabelh Neville, Darlene Rrovoosl Row 2: Virgil Morrissey, Helen Wilson, Marilyn Konilzer, Anna- belle Rockwell, Geraldine Hunl, Joan VandeCasleele, LaWanna Sullerer, Peler Rimlcus Row I: Kennelh Slaes, Richard Bell, Roberl McKernie, James Hubbs, Gregory Vanl-lylfle Row 3: William Dye, Kennelh Bush, Jerry Conner, Keilh Howard Row 2: Paul Crouch, Ray l'lubbs, Valerie DeBel, Janel Anderson, Gayle'Gaspar, l'lialmer Blaid Row l: Gayle Coolc, Elsie Huy- vaerl, Palricia Kellard, Roberl VanParys, Janice Hendriclcs, Beverly Durham Row 3: Donald Sfone, Marion Rogers, Leonard Osborn Richard Mehuys Row 2: Chrislopher Peppinq. Donna Vrornboul, Marian Mad- den, Colelle Morlell. Edward Rodls, Arlhur Leernans Row l: Jo Lane Sweeney, Jean Purcell, Gloria Nonnernann. Mary Lou Weber, Diane Lopez, Joyce VandeCasleele In Jo Row 3: Arnoid Kiauer, Donaid Sfrorn, Edward Ganq, James Bonne Row 2: Mary J, Redinqion, Karhleen Rosernboorn, Char rnaine Johnson, Mariha Tonic, Jo Ann Mossaqe Row ii Marha Kerker. Made- iine Lannoo, Jack Michalsifi, Judy Hendricks, Philip Iviircheii, Rozanna Ludwig Row 3: Richard Pinqei, Michaei Decosier Row 2: Jerry i'iun'1phrey,Jarnes Marrens, Donna McGuire, Dar- iene Sfifrer, Richard Vinceni, George Ruerh Row iz Lorraine Decornnfier, Lois Eberhardr, iris Nuqenl, Barbara X'Voeclcener, Laurefra VandeMaeie, Theresa Banazeic Absenf: Jarnes Crupi, Richard iverson, Jacqueiine Kiyber. Shaiaine Johnson, Audrey Gei- qer, Virqinia Soiis, Pafricfa Wake, James Mercer, Richard Myers The caiereria e Normoyle srudies i 1 L i Sisrer Ceiesrine and bioiogy srudenrs inspecr Jrhe new Seoscope Freshmen X -1' 52 YY T 1 , j Si XT iimifrx Freshman oTTicers Dick DeWiTTe secreTary Dick Freshmen weren'T iniTiaTed This year. They didn'T need To be. They befong To Allernan. They are a parT oT iTs embryonic hisTory even as The younger generaTion is always The hope and assurance oT The TuTure. DominaTinq Third Tloor wiTh Their six hornerooms, They seT a swiTT pace in scholasTic and aThleTic compeTiTion. Row 3: Eugene DeBo, Tom Bush, Torn Hibbs, John Dunbar Row 2: Joe DeMeyer, Belly Depoorler, Gayle I-Iewill, Geraldine Juzelc, Cecelia Fow- Ier, Mariel DeRoo, Joyce Cady, George Baumgarn Row I: Palricia Anderson, Frank I-Ierman, Danny Simcox, Dick Filzpalriclc, Kay Coyle, Margie Grillin Row 3: Florencio Romirez, Ar- lhurSleinbaugh, John Mossage, Raymond Wells Row 2: Charles Lalzounlain, Larry Lopez, June Koos, Luella Vynclce, Shirley Williams, Bill Schmid, Tom Yeager Row I: Marlene Pauwels, Donna Modcle, Palricia Todd, Lois Malh, Nancy Sandler, Peggie Warren Row 3: George Lerch, Richard Oslrowslci, Jim Sheil, Jerry Kavanaugh Row 2: Michael Milchell, Bar- bara Miller, Janel Koering, I-Ielen Condo, Jaclc Baker Row I: Marqarel' Verslype, Nancy Sleezer, Diclc DeWille, Joanne Brilz, Bob Brown, Mari- anne Duylschaver Row 3: Franlc Saelens, Bob Coopman, Gerard Nobiling Row 2: Carl Willeyrongel, Sharon Sullivan. Layonne Hamm, Palricia Janssens, Mary Marl, John Vanldoe Row I: James Wells, Alice Wilcox, Palricia Ross, Darlene Dewaele, Edwin Slapp Row 3: Paul Fischer, Joseph Loonliens, Palrick Burke, Ken- nelh Daxon Row 2: Viclor Van I-lylle, James Klarkowski, Peggy Will- hile. Lois Konilzer, Marie Tanqhe, Joseph Slehle, Thomas Sheley Row I: Emma Webb, Mary Grenenger, Mildred Viviani, Lucrese BuIlynck,Palricia Covemaker, Sandra I-lenry Row 3: Morris Link, Donald Balliu, John Schleich, Gerald Parkinson Row 2: David De Marlelaere, Roberl Correll, Barbara Jinkin- son, Judilh Anderson, Madelyn Smilh. Darlene Dhaenens, Joseph Wells, Don Hendricks Row I: Palricia I'-lainy, Palricia Sacco, Janel Mirr, Belly De Capp, Jean O'Neil, Veronica Marlin Row 3: James Ruberq, Dale Roseman, Charles'While Row 2: Weslly Miller, Cecelia Van Thournoul, Lou Rae Col- man, Marian Michel, Barbara Slromberq, Pamela Glynn, Sid- ney Sheels Row I: Joyce De Smel, Lor- raine Redecker, Jane Kinney, Sharon O'Brien, Calherine Bileddo, Anila Solis Row 3: Edmund Navrol, Ro- berl Garrison, Richard Weaver Richard I-louriqan Row 2: Charles Lievens, James Van De Wiele, Joseph Bredar, Jack Slacey, Richard Orlscheid, Lawrence Van Raes, Dennis Emerson, Ronald Lelevre Richard De Wispelaire Row I: Jean Claeys, Dolores Wiellespach, Donna De Bo, Donna Schnoebelen, Carol Hamillon, Mary L. Loolens Row 3: James Meaqlner, Francis Frakes, Wayne Srnaq- lik, David Mourisse, Donald Allard, Jean Scliolles Row 2: James Farralwer, Mary Pecoraro, Jacqueline Darnell, Doroflwy Wilson, Arlene Beli- rens, Bernadefle Niebur, Ro- land Lee Row li Belly Slaudulwar, Frank Carpio, Bonnie Lievens, James Hickerson, Conslance Vander Vennel, Carol DeRoo Row 3: Allen Deporler, Jolwn Reislrorler, Joseph Si. Cnqe, Don Beaify, Billy Becker, Bob Eckland Row 2: James Welvaeri, Bar- bara Vanl'leede, Nancy Walil- qren, Euqene Oliver, Rulli Carolan, Pafricia Donnelly, James Decker, Alfred Wanne- pain Row I: Palricia l-lill, Anlonia Sierra, Julia Sanialucia, Pairi- cia Kerwin, Elaine Larson, Tina Guzzo Row 3: Terrance Voqele, Larry VanderVennel, Pal Elliol, Pal Smifli Row 2: Bill O'Malley, Mary Behrens, Barbara Van Meig- l'1em, James Blaser, Joyce War- zinski, Trudie Wriqlii, James Gallagher Row l: Jacqueline Liske, David Wesferneyer, Louis DePorler, Barbara Noppe, Lucy Medina, Rila Dreicninski Row 3: Ronald Mulcahy, Fred DeCosler, Tom l-looqerwerl, Leonard Sclwlle Row 2: Jack Robyi, Kenneflw Miller, Shirley Sirobbe, Louise King, Jean Peire, Eugene Le- mans, Robe-rl Claeys Row l: Margarel Carpio, Denise Hagan, Margarel Des- aunoy, Barbara Hobari, Donna Gasper, Mary Sanfry Absenl: Marilyn Daxon, Mari- an Dobbels, l-larry Hamer Things are liTerally "cooking" in The home eco- nomics lab, buT This deparTmenT has The proper TaciliTies To be coolced in. The valuable eguipmenT and appliances used in The home economics course play an imporTanT parT in The chance oT each sTudenT To learn The arT oT homemalcing and The sense oT well-being which good Tood and cloThing lend To The daily liTe oT each individual. Home Economics The Toods classes have compleTed Their sTudy on The preparaTion and serving oT meals. CloTh- ing classes concenTraTed Their eTTorTs on learning To make aTTracTive cloThes and on The sTudy and analysis oT The TexTiles used in dressmaking. These sTudenTs worlced in anoTher secTion oT The home economics deparTmenT where They used To ad- vanTage Their ToTe Trays, cuTTing Tables, and sewing machines. Ursula Tragarz and Bonnie Vanl'TyTTe prepare Tor The ST. PaTriclc's Day Tea 4' L... all Sewing class Cooking class Home Economics if i ' 1 in Li Art Painr everywhere, and our of The melee ol colors emerge Allemarfs polenlial lvlichelangelos, Ralohaels, and Dalis . . . Wha+'s lhis? Sisler lvlary Alexia's arf classes. The arr room ilself is lurnishf ed wilh very lalesl eguipmenl. Everylhing from lluorescenr lighls ro specially designed drawing fables aid lhe arrisls in Their worlc. Our of lhese predominenlly "beginner" classes, have come high-raling conlesl' winners-window Ioainling, parade lloar, and posrer. Clayworlr, charcoal drawing, posrer worlc, learher rooling, and puppel making are bur a few of lhe proiecls offered ro Jrhe arf classes by Sisrer Alexia. Masrers in +he making The arl Class i 'Y iT 0.3, f l illg I l E Ariisls ar worlc Firsl-place honors in fhe annual diocesan posler coniesl, sponsored by lhe Peoria Regisfer, were caplured by William Michel, senior a+ Allernan. Enfries were submilled by almosl every parochial school in +he diocese, malcing 'rhis year's conresl lhe largesf yel held. The poinl slressed in Bills t , pos+er was lhalr 'I'rufh can always be found in Calholic lileralure. The olrher Alleman sludenls who enlered Jrhe conlesls received honorable men+ion. They were Joyce Baker, junior, and Don Bookman, sophomore. Joyce Baker, Honorable lvlenlion Bill Michel, Firsl Prize Prize-winning posiers ndustrial Arts Class in wood work Machine shop 5 qliiramw Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts lndusTrial arTs is one of The pracTical arTs wiTh characTer and purpose. ln The indusTrial-arTs Tield, youTh receives The inTormaTion and exper- ience which will inTeresT him in indusTrial life and enable him To do eTlecTively The Things ThaT mosT boys and men are called upon To do regardless oT vocaTion. During The course oT The hisTory oT indusTrial arTs, The name and Teaching obiecTives have changed considerably. ln The beginning iT was called craTTs, and laTer The name manual arTs was adopTed due To The TacT ThaT The craTT work was done by hand. As The years progressed and The nineTeenTh cenTury advanced, The name manual arTs was re- placed by manual Training. The principal purpose oT manual Training was To enable boys To go To The various shops and develop skill by making ioinTs. ln ThaT ouTmoded Training, boys made complicaTed ioinTs which were never used. WiTh The TwenTieTh cenTury, The name inclus- Trial arTs gained a TooThold. lT was ThoughT- as iT sTill is-ThaT indusTrial arTs should be a course in The pracTical arTs where knowledge, skills and apTiTudes help inTegraTed individuals live more usefully and happily in home, shop, and socieTy. AT Alleman l-ligh, The indusTrial arTs program consisTs oT Two courses: mechanical drawing and woodworking. lT is TelT ThaT These are Two basic and mosT imporTanT courses in The Tield. Man in in- dusTry needed a meThod oT collecTing his ideas and revising Them. The Task was accomplished by mechanical drawing. ATTer an idea, plan, or blueprinT is adopTed, The immediaTe sTep is The consTrucTion oT The obiecT. All in all, indusTrial arTs means The science OT indusTry. Fourth Petition In a world whose sense ot values seems to be so unbalanced, Catholic students depend on the Holy Father in this Holy Year to adjust the scales ot right and wrong, ot justice and prejudice. Youth tinds the answer in the l-loly Father's "that everywhere, but especially in Palestine, tranquility reign through a just solution ot problems, so that diverse social classes, smothering hatreds and putting aside disputes, may join together in justice and traternal concord . . . that the impoverished may obtain wherewithal to live decently trom their own labors, and when these tail, may receive the necessities ot lite and suitable assistance trom the liberality and charity ot those who are better ott." The Fifth Petition ot our l-loly Father was tor peace. The otticial holy year seal is the symbol ot peace. ,M 3 4 5 X 5 M5 v , gs., f if T 5 'ffl , , www fwwmgeg-'Q A. A. arm, QM. 5 25. v,,., , -Q 3 ? 2 9' Y W, a I-1 ,l X 'Y - ve ' 4 Q 1 K X 5 E --ik X . K 5? ew N 2,5 Tlflli F99 Afhlelic Board: The Rev. E. E. Gould, Direclorg Bob Maloney, Coach: Roco Carbone, Line Coachg Dale Hughes, Coach FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Alleman Qlop. 7 Roclc Falls 6 20 6 Morrison 6 33 Geneseo 7 33 S+. lvlary's ol Clinlon O 48 Corpus Chrisli O I4 lvlarquelle 40 26 Roosevell I8 6 S+. Ambrose ' 7 82 .ll S i Joe Creen piclcs up yardage T BALL SEASO LEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMANALLEMA During fhe pasf year of Alleman afhlefics, fhe local sporfs enfhusiasfs came upon one of fhe big- gesf and yef one of fhe mosf pleasanf surprises of fhe year when fhe Pioneer's firsf foofball squad furned in a season 'af amazing and wholly unex- pecfed performances on fhe field of pigskin com- pefifion. They posfed a respecfable 6-won and 2-losf record, and gained fhe hearfs of many fans during fhe lasf confesf of fhe campaign when a fough Sf. Ambrose academy eleven was forced fo come from behind fo eke ouf a narrow 7-6 verdicf. The work done by l-lead Coach Bob Maloney wifh fhe boys could be seen fhroughouf fhe season as fhey progressed from game fo game wifh ever-increasing finesse. Maloney, aided by fhe capable assisfance of Line Coach Roc Carbone, changed a gang of Alleman Team unfried buf willing boys info a feam which was forced fo fake a back seaf for no one. The loyal followers of fhe Green and Whife saw fheir feam progress from a narrow 7-6 de- cision over a Rock Falls high ouffif in fhe season's opener fo fhe moral vicfory gained af fhe hands of fhe fough Ambrosians. The acfual progress of fhe squad mighf be realized fo a higher de- gree if one remembers fhaf a week affer fhe Ambrose game, fhe same Ambrose feam defeaf- ed a perennial powerhouse, Davenporf high, by a fwo-fouchdown margin. The imporfance of fhaf firsf win over Rock Falls can hardly be oversfressed, however, since fhe experience and fhe confidence gained by such a green feam in fhe game lafer proved fo be invaluable. Fronf row, leff fo righf: Dick Shafer, manager, Tony Vogele, Gene Oliver, Dave Wesfemeyer, Cork Wieflespach, AI Logan, .Franc-is Adlfinger, Joe Corken and Dick Campana, manager. Second row: Dale Hughes, assisfanf coach, Jerry Forslund, Bob Degen, Dick Lopez, Clinf Wesfemeyer, Jack Collins, Tom i Flafley, Tom Klarkowski, Chuck Frizol, Jerry l-lourigan, Bob l-lollembaek and Gerald Murrin, manager. Back row: The Rev. E. E, Gould, afhlefic direcfor, l-lead Manager Earl Calkins, Ed Balfzer, Joe Carlin, Ed McCarfhy, Mike Corken, Don Rempe, manager, Joe Creen, Jim Breuweff, Berf Wesfemeyer, Jerry Conners, Paf Hardy, John Wells, Jack Michalski, Line Coach Rocco Carbone and Head Coach Bob Maloney, Berl' WesTemeyer Tom Klarkowslci Mike Corlcen Bob Hollembaelc Joe Creen The squad iTselT was guiTe green Trom aT leasT one sTandpoinT. For The mosT parT iT was composed oT Two separaTe groups, Those who had gained a liTTle experience wiTh ST. Jo- seph's high The year before, and Those who had absoluTely no TooTball experience The year beTore aT ST. lVlary's high in Moline. IT was TorTunaTe ThaT These Two groups blended To- geTher so well aTTer a relaTively shorT Time in each oTher's company, because iT was prob- ably This TacT alone which assured lVlaloney's success. FirsT Tall pracTice session Tor The new Alleman l-ligh School Chuck Frizol Joe Carlin Bob Degen One llwing was evidenr aflrer llie close of Jrlwe season. The squad worked one hundred percenlr befler al niglwl llian lliey did during +l'1e daylirne as was proved in llweir only Jrwo aflernoon oulings of llwe year. In llme lirsf sunny encounler, +l'1e Pioneers were swamped under a 40-6 score by llwe lvlarquelle liiglw Crusaders, wliile llwe following week +l'1ey pul up a poor showing in conquering a Roosevell lvlililary academy eleven, 2648. Jaclc Collins lfiifs paydirl in lirsf liorne con+es'r vs Morrison Football Ed BalTzer -an Joe Carlin l2Il closes in on Qeneseos speedy Bob Duncan Jerry Hourigan The Pioneers more Than made up Tor The MarqueTTe blernlsh in Their encounTer wlTh ST. Ambrose. AT The llrne when The Allernan club was llTerally murdering such Teams as Corpus Chrlsh and ST. lVlary's oT ClinTon, many peo- ple were oT The oplnion ThaT Alleman was wln- nlng only because oT a soTT schedule. When The resulT OT The lVlarqueTTe garne came Through, They were more sure Than ever, lauT aTTer ThaT Tlnal game of The season The slrepf Tlcisrn was washed away ln a Tloocl OT praise. Cork Wie+lespach Merf Rogers Football Allhough Maloney will lose lwo or lhree liey men lhrouqh gradualion lhis year, he is lell wilh an unusually slrong nucleus of relurning lellerrnen. He should have good reserve slrenglh furnished by 'rhe members ol lhe freshman-sophomore squad of lhis year, and he should have a much easier lime wilh lhe relurnees who have served lheir apprenliceships lhis year. ln all, live seniors were used on lhe lirsl slring of This year's edilion. They were guard, Joe Carlin: Tackle, Berl Weslemeyerg end, Pal l-lardy: hall- back, Joe Creeng and quarlerbaclc, Mike Corlcen. Joe Mendoza Alleman regulars walch final minules from lhe bench Jack Collins Clinl' Weslemeyer " .lil Ai im'1iiAs'i0QaJ'wT.lL,Y.immoI.i2L ,L fYff5f'?27K'YifYEf7SSHm.4.C,4ii -QM ffii, .? , FT as , 'fl ' ' Nfl Tom Klarlcowski slopped aller lalcing a pass from lvlilce Corlcen Each one of lhese men played an imporfanl parl for Maloney dur- ing 'rhe pasl season, and lhere is no doubl lhal lhey will be missed. Coach Maloney does have a good crew relurning, and il will probably be bolsfered by such lelrlermen as Jerry Forslund, Bob Degen, Clinl Weslemeyer, Bob I-lollembaelc, and Jaclc Collins. These boys will have Their worlc cul' oul' for lhem, because lhe schedule will be by no means easy. Alle- man will play such Jreams as Cham-- paign High, S+. Ambrose Acad- emy, Spalding lnslilule, and Bur- linglon High. Joyce Baker, Mary K. Glynn, Jackie S+uar+, Joan Sirom, Diane DeKeyrel Cheerleaders Uffreen and Whiie, iiqhi, iighiiw Leadf inq ihe Pioneers io a successiui iooibail and baskeibail season were Joan Sirorn, Jackie Siuari, Joyce Baker, Diane DeKeyrei, and Mary Kay Giynn. Taking Joan Siromis place for ihe baskerbaii season was Jackie Whiiacre. They cheered wiih pep, insiaiied new cheers, and wifh a ilash of green and whife led Jrhe Team io rnany viciories. V Jackie Whifacre 1 .Hain A W F . gum. ,N A f ' ' ., e., 89 Football Banquet The members OT The TirsT Team To wear The green and whiTe colors oT an Alleman high varsiTy TooTball squad were given a banqueT on November 27 by The Alleman AThleTic fXssociaTion. The TeasT was held aT The Slci-l-li ballroom oT The LeClaire l-loTel in Moline, The players, sTill hoT over Their near-vicTory in The November I I con- Joe Creen, Moose Krause and Tom Klarkowski TesT wiTh Their rivals, The ST. Ambrose Acad- emy KnighTs, TogeTher wiTh a number oT Triends, relaTions, and loyal Tollowers, were TreaTed To a Turkey dinner wiTh all The Trim- mings. "Moose" Krause, The aThleTic direc- Tor oT The UniversiTy OT NoTre Dame, was The principal speaker oT The evening. Mike Corlcen, Coach Maloney, Moose Krause, BerT WesTemeyer G mnasium RaTed by boys and girls alilce as "The besT place in Allemanu is The school gymnasium. One of The TinesT in The sTaTe, This gym aT- Tords ample room Tor boTh boys' and girls' classes. A parTiTioning panel, which Tolds inTo The wall, divides The Tloor inTo Two secTions so ThaT classes Tor boys and girls may be held simulTaneously. The hardwood Tloors, Tile walls and porTable bleachers malce iT an ideal sporTs cenTer Tor The home games of The Alleman Pioneers. To TabulaTe The correcT scores and To keep The crowd inTormed on The sTaTus oT The game, The new and modern scoreboard was erecTed in The wesT end of The gym. This scoreboard noT only records poinTs buT also lisTs The Team members wiTh indicaTions as To wheTher or noT They are on The Tloor and how many Touls are againsT Them. The gym aT Alleman also acTs as an audi- Torium in which The assemblies Tor The sTudenT body are held. For school dances iT is con- verTed inTo a ballroom where sTudenTs dance To The Tunes oT The besT orchesTras via The iulce box and P.A. sysTem. During The noon hour iT is a recreaTion cenTer Tor unoTTicial baskeTball and baseball pracTice sessions. .ll Mike Corken l23l Taking iT easy K in Orion Tourney 3:1 M- The I949-50 baskeTball season Tor Alleman was noT as specTacular as The TooTball season. In TacT, The Pioneers were able To posT only an eighT-won, ThirTeen-losT record Tor The sea- son. BuT There was one Thing oT which The Pioneer dribblers could boasT, and ThaT was The TacT ThaT They were able To Throw aT leasT a scare inTo any one oT Their opponenTs. The compleTe season could be divided inTo Two eras. The TirsT era, ThaT period up To The end oT The TirsT semesTer, could adeguaTely be called The Mike-Corken era. The resT oT The season could be called The Bill-Dye era. In The Corken era, Mike scored 219 poinTs ouT oT a Team ToTal oT 555, while in The Dye era, Bill had I2I poinTs ouT oT a Team ToTal oT 270. Corken appeared in I4 games, while Dye ap- peared in 7, and TogeTher The Two Torwards ToTaled 340 poinTs ouT oT a Team ToTal of 825. Along abouT The Time when The TirsT semes- Ter was coming To an end, Coach Bob Ma- loney had a dream. In his dream he had Two Torwards, Mike Corken and Bill Dye, working TogeTher To bring home The bacon aTTer every 5..?x.5..K M AN ALLEMAN ALLEMAN ALLLMAN ALLLMAN ALLEMAN ALLI-M ball game. Dye, a sophomore Tlash, was in- eligible Tor The TirsT semesTer, buT aTTer +ha+ Maloney could use his services indeTiniTeIy. As IT Turned ouT, MaIoney's dream proved To be iusT ThaT and noThing more, because Mike Corken broke a bone in his IeTT elbow in a game wiTh Corpus ChrisTi high. The nexT game Dye became eligible and was Torced To Take on The burden IeTT by Corken, who was ouT OT acTion Tor The resT oT The season. OT course, when Dye Took over, The oTher members oT The Team were Tinally beginning To show some consisTency, and The load car- ried by Corken Tor I4 games was IighTened To a cerTain degree. The TacT remains, however, ThaT a sophomore who is able To Take over a ball club, musT have Tremendous possibiIiTies. The Team as a whole goT oTT To a slow sTarT, and aIThough The boys showed pIenTy oT promise aT Times, The consisTency oT a winner never seemed To maTeriaIize. A N Varsity Row I: Dick Rernpe, Jack Collins, Bob Hollembaek, Frank Cooprnan, Terry He- wiTT, Ed RodTs, Tom Hoo- gerwerT, BerT WesTemeye r. Row 2: Coach Maloney, Torn FIaTIey, Joe Corken, Ed McCarThy, CIin+ Wes- Terneyer, PaT I'-Iaridy, Bill Dye, Mike Corken, Rev. Eugene Gould, Sophomores Row I: Joe Norrnoyle, Ronald Mulcahy, Bob Van Parys, Fred DeCosTer, Don George, Phil MiTcheII, Bob Cooprnan. Row 2: Dale Hughes, coach, Jim Mercer, Dick FiTzpaTrick, Dave WesTe- rneyer, Dick Pingel, Bill Lavery, Jim BreuweT, Dick De WiTTe, Bob Garrison K ILMA Ill-M LI Corlcen really IcepT The Team oTT The ropes during his I4 games, as he showed The poise oT a real courT champion. He did The bulk oT The rebounding and The bulk oT The scoring, and as Team capTain he showed The leadership necessary To keep The spiriT OT a losing club aT The Top. No maTTer whaT Icind oT Team a school has, There musT be Tive members Though, and Alle- man was hardly an excepTion. There were Two oTher seniors on The squad. PaT Hardy, a regular guard, was one, while The oTher was Ed McCarThy, a reserve cenTer whose inex- perience was The only TacTor noT in his Tavor. OTher promising players, ones who will be baclc nexT year, were Frank Coopman, ClinT WesTe- meyer, Ed RodTs, Tom HoogerwerT, Bob Hol- lembaelc, Terry HewiTT, and Bill Dye. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Alleman OpponenT 46 ST. Marys oT CIinTon, Dec. 2 30 33 I3urlingTon CaTholic, Dec. 4 40 30 TriniTy oT BIoomingTon, Dec. 9 43 29 ST. Columblcille, Dec. I2 39 44 ST. Marys oT ClinTon, Dec. I4 39 46 MarqueTTe oT OTTawa, Dec. I8 38 42 Geneseo High, Dec. 22 44 55 Erie High, Dec. 23 38 5I Alumni, Jan. 5 39 34 Corpus ChrisTi, Jan. I0 4I 38 BurIingTon CaThoIic, Jan. I3 29 48 Spalding InsTiTuTe, Jan. I4 60 26 MonmouTh High, Jan. I8 49 33 Corpus ChrisTi, Jan. 24 42 37 Spalding InsTiTuTe, Jan. 29 60 34 ST. Ambrose, Jan. 3l 36 46 ST. Columblcille, Feb. 3 35 38 Loras Academy, Feb. 7 60 38 ST. Ambrose, Feb. I7 54 43 MarqueTTe oT OTTawa, Feb. 24 3I 34 EasT Moline High, Feb. 28 57 Tom FIaTley I2Il in Genesee game AcTion in seasonis opener IIIZINIANAI.I.EMANAI,I.l1MANALLIQMANALLFNIANAl,l.l2MANAl.l.l1MAN Freshman squad Tom Hoogerwerf in acfion Bill Dye scores on fasf break Addon sho? In Corpus Clwrisfl comfesf Pradice session in Nieman gym Girls' Athletics DespiTe The TacT ThaT The Girls' AThleTic Clulo wasn'T sTarTed un+il The laTTer halT oT The year iT is one oT The mosT acTive associaTions aT Alleman. The club oTTered To The girls Their leTTers and numerals Tor parTicipaTion in sporTs. Physical eduf caTion insTrucTor, Miss Timmie Vann, direcTed ac- TiviTies. Under her guidance The oTFicers worked eTTicienTly and well. They were: presidenT, Arlene Zahn, senior: vice presidenT, Joyce Baker, iuniorg and secreTary-Treasurer, Gayle l-lewiTT, Treshman. Some oT The many acTiviTies of The girls were volleyball, baslceTl:nall, bowling, swimming, baseball, and Tennis. ln The near TuTure Alleman will go one sTep TurTher up The ladder oT aThleTics, The Alleman- eTTes will join The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion and enTer inTo naTional compeTiTion. Even The TirsT year a Tull program of sporTs was oTTered any girl who wished To sign up. FaciliTies were excellenT. Square dance Gne loolc aT The viTal, smiling girls ol: Alleman proves how healThTul and invigoraTing gym days are. Miss Vann varied class schedules wiTh calis- Thenics, rope iumping, and square dancing. For a Time, iT loolced as Though The girls were Turning inTo balleT dancers. Gym exhipiTions were held ThroughouT The year, and all pronounced The phys- ical educaTion program highly successTul. l-lomeroom oTTicers in aThleTic clulo LeTT To righT: Jacqueline Liske, Jo- Lane Sweeney, lris Nugent PaT Emery, Carol DeRoo, Carol Hamil- Ton, Lucrese BuTlinclc, Darlene Dee waele, PaT Van Camp, Gayle l-lew- ITT, Lorraine Janssens, Mary BeTh Vermeulen, Joyce Balmer, Joan Miss Vann conducTs a class IS STrom, Jean Behrens, Arlene Zahn. The seniors bowl Jackie Meersman in acTion Winning Team: CenTer, Elsie l'luy- vaerTgleTTTorighT, Mary BeTh Ver- meulen, Theresa Banazek, Darlene ProvoosT, Mary Ann l-leydeman, Ursula Tragarz. N-1 GirI's Bowlin The Allernan keglers were spilling The mayoles on The alleys oT The Bowladrome and Pladium Twice a week This year. As The novices in The game learned To conTrol The curve oT The ball, The experTs worked aT perTecTing The game. Much exciTemenT and conTusion resulTed as over Two hundred girls rolled balls down The alleys. l-laving The highesT average Tor The TirsT Ten weeks, Elsie l-luyvaerT's sophomore Team won The Travelling Trophy. Each meme ber received a bowling pin. Shirley Dopler, who also bowled The high oT I64, received a pin Tor having The high average oT I I9. During The second Ten weeks, over one hun- dred girls concenTraTed on The Tiner poinTs oT bowling. They learned Technical Terms such as iusT whaT The Toul line sTood Tor, and double balling. Many acquired The Tricky arT oT bowling in sTocking TeeT. i i l Alllbl XX I I I M X Xl I F151 KN AI. , f A las? game Freshman and sophomore irls e LEMA1 WAIIIIAINXLIIMA Adeplly The girls volleyed and spiked Jrhe ball over Jrhe nel. Volleyball soon became a popular spor+ al Alleman, being played inside and ou. as lhe wealher permiffed Unlilce +h . e olher seasonal sporls, volleyball was played bolh spring and fall. Tournamenls wer l d e p aye among lhe homerooms in lhe lale spring for Top honors. Special praclices were held To Teach lhe girls lo spilce and serve. Whole gym periods were spenl in erlecl' h ' ' ' ' ' game. p ing eac girl s individual Our in lhe open servin b , g ecame dillicull especially on lhose violenl, windy days. The ball would end up down in Jrhe hollow and am- b.+. . I nous volunleers would begin The descenl in hor pursuil. g nioy an exciling volleyball game INKLLE MA Swimming class A lesson in diving Announcing The Lend-A-T'land Club as Their des- TinaTion Tor swimming, sevenTy girls packed The bridge line bus Tor DavenporT each Wednesday aTTer school. The splash parTies were scenes oT many lively skirmishes as The race To be The Tirsl one "in" began. lnsTrucTors were Miss PaT EngsTrom and Miss Bev Johnson. ln The TirsT lesson The girls were divided inTo Two groups-beginning and advanced. Each Swimming group had The same skills To cover-TloaTing on back and sTomach, kicking TeeT, swimming by arms alone, swimming on The back and Tinally learning To dive. The never-To-be-TorgoTTen drills "one, Two, Three, hold," and llup, ouT, side, resT," were chanTed and engraved so deeply as To be ever-remembered. Fancy Tricks Trom The diving board, Trom swan dives To iackkniTe TwisTs were aTTempTed iT noT masTered by The waTer nymphs. Girls' Basketball f if gllsi. L N f' ,ark lf f 'g"' V V LYW, f U, sr x Climaxing lheir lirsl year ol baskellaall, lhe lady Pioneers played oll games among lhe various homerooms and gym classes. Among lhe seniors, Pal Van Camps 208'ers won: among lhe iuniors, Joyce Baker's 2I6'ers placed lirsl. Winner lor lhe sophomore divi- sion was Mary Belh Vermeulen's leam, and Darlene Dewaele's 306'ers placed lirsl in lhe lreshman division. Grand winner was Pal Van Campls leam. Special releree Sisler Mary Vera assisled Tournamenl game Aclion Miss Vann wilh lhe allerfschool games. Al lhe beginning ol lhe season lhe girls lrequenlly lhrew wild, loul lowards lhe end lhey developed much skill in handling lhe ball. During praclice sessions in gym, leams raced againsl lime making baskels. Poinls lor GAC were given. Black jerseys were used lo dislinf guish lhe learns. Mornenls were lense as scores were lied in lhe linal play-oll games. The shorl lour-minule guarlers were long in lheir inlensily. Interior of Alleman Gymnasium Edifors Dave Welsh, Virginia Grossell, Jackie lvleersrnan Liferary lviurrel Moller, Pauline Dugan, Shirley Dopler, Dick Rernpe Ads THE I9 O Bob Tanglie, Jolin Lievens, Kalrlwle-en Cupp Dick l-lincls, Joyce Hunlrer, Mary Calkins Sporfs J Berlr Wesfemeyer, Earl Calkins, Barbara Wilsam rf Pioneer Staff Bill Michel Barbara Bongqrem, Phil Riclierl Q Subscripfions mais! loan Depaepe, Pal Baker, Barbara Vandelfoorde, Jim Koniizer wb L 04 If! 4,4 X X B fr .gy Im " w 'v .14 XTX' X 4 OI I' A EMANA IIMAN l.I,EMANAI.I.lEMANALILMAN I M NA FM .,....o""" Leif 'ro righl: Dick Rernpe, Mike Corken, Ellie l-lagan, Murrel Moller, Shirley Dopler, and Dick Hinds Forming The slafl for ihe 'lirsl' year of fhe school paper, The AllemaNews, were co-ediiors Murrel Moller and Dick Rempe, Shirley Dopler, Barb Wilson, Joe Creen, Bill Michel, Dick Hinds, Eleanor Hagan, Pauline Dugan, Mike Corken, Joe Carlin, Pal l-lardy, and Bev Mailhys. Earl Calkins and Mary Kay Frornrneli fealured special columns. "Look af The birdie!" was in pholo- graphic-minded Dick l-linds' deparimeni. The monihly paper Jrurned 'lo Jrhe unusual side when if came oul on S+. Pa+rick's Day prin+ed in green ink. A double-page ediforial spread feaiured vocaiions. .m'?"k' as Leif To riqhfz Shirley Dopler, Dick Rempe, Murrel Moller, Barb Wilson, and Bill Michel A l l.eH +o righlz Pauline Dugan, Bill Michel, Joe Creen, Bev Malrlhys, Joe Carlin Barb Wilson, and Pal Hardy ln December, Murrel Moller, Shirley Dopler, Diclc l-linds, Bill Michel, and Diclc Rempe allended fhe Calholic Press Conference in Milwaulcee, Wisconsin. Despile 'rhe relalively small slarl, lhe paper rolled Through The presses each monlh, giving lo ils supporlers lhe news of lhe sludenls and lacully of Alleman, Sisler Mary Borgia, B. V.M., laughl lhe iournalism class and acled as lacully advisor for The publicalion. Slarling oul' as green iournalisls lhe class pul oul a paper hailed by sludenls, facully, and friends as "+ops." Au'u"XANPNj V ul Pal Wallcer names Pxllemahlews 105 Retreat Wiih ihe biggesi sporis season oi ihe year gone and ihe new year srarled, ihere couldn'i have been a beiier way of llcleaning your slaiel' ihan a re- Jrreai, and so Alleman held iis iirsl siudeni relreal February l4, I5, and I6. Conferences were in fhe gymnasium, and siudenis reiurned ro Their homerooms during free inlervals. A special relreai paper, "The Rerreaianrf' pul our by lhe Allema- News' siari, was issued on each oi ihe ihree days ro inform siudenis of school news and io summar- ize conferences. ' In his choice of subiecis for ihe conferences, .Q-.....,.,.. l - A conference in progress Faiher lvlccarrhy seemed lo sirilfe every siudeni wiih his ideas and suggesiions. "Be yourself" was considered by many a Topic ihai hir each siudenr from freshman lo senior as being iusi for him. Lilce soldiers who ai one lime fell discouraged and beaien buf afler relrreaiing and rearming ihemselves wenl baclc inlo baille refreshed, so Alle- man sludenls aiier reirealing, weni back inlo lile's barile wiih renewed courage and srrenglh born of prayer and companionship wiih lhe lvlaior General, God. A sludy in expressions Joan Depaepe, Don Vermeulen, and Beverly Lannoo char wilh Faiher John lVlcCarihy CII O D. DJ L7 f"l' N4 5 .r Q 1, , 35 ii fi Da , W... ..--J -Jn 1 iff! ,veg-Z ,SW My 'A I' ' Sm 1,1 . -.gamma-nam.-.. aft, ..., W. , A. Bishop Schlarman cows for picrure wrrh rhe Alleman group Cn Sunday, November I3, forry eiqhr Nieman homeroom orhcers, who were going ro afrend rhe hrsr Diocesan Sodahry Conyenhon, Nerf in rwo busses enroure ro Peoria, where fhe conyenhon was ro be heNd. Erqhr srsfers rwo from each fiom mamy, and Pafher Qwcofror aho a++erd6d. ShorHy afrer 9:00, fhe Sodallsrs arrended Ma-,fr rr rx mlb P11 - rw 11 1 1 V, denfs. From Jrhe cafhedrai, mhe Sodahsrs waPked to Jrhe Academy of Qur Lady, which was ro be rheir headduarrera for rhe rear of The day. Affer fhe href conference, everyone recned rhe rosary and rhen wenr ro rhe cawfeferia for dinner. Ag, They hnished eahng, rho Sodahsfg drrflred ro rhe recreahon confer adloininq The academy, where M w K W Y I W Y Y , I 3 Music I I I I l I I X N I I I I M I I I I I I I I I X Band Firsi row, lofi Io righiz Joe Loonfiens, BiII I'IumpIircys, Dick Kochuyi, Marjorie Vaiiquofio Virqii Morrissey, Joseph Bredar, Bop Brown Second row, Ioii Io riqiifz Peie I.uIiCIi, Jerry Humphreys, Gien WQIIS, Pai EIIioI Siandinq: Roland Lee, Donaid AIIard, Joe Delvieyer, Mr. Louis Di Iuiio, dire-cior Glee Club LLLN Music AN AILI-MAN LIIMANALLEMANAIII-MANALLEMANALLEMA Sianding, leli +o righlz Jacqueline Whiiacre, Louise Cassini, Neva lvlurphy Kaihleen King, Louis DePor+er, David Miller, Phil Richerl, Carol Schweslca Kafhleen King, Phil Richerl, and Dave lviiller won lirsl-place honors in Jrhe seclional music con- Jresl held in Galeslourg, Illinois, on March 24, I95O. This eniiiled ihem io compefe in +he s+a+e compe- Jrilion which was held in Taylorville, lllinois, on The Sealed ai' Jrhe organ, Diane Ruff. 28+h and 29'rh of April. The Alleman siudenls en- Jrered in lhree classes: piano, medium voice, and low voice. Accompanisi for lhe voice confesianis were Gloria Nonnenmann and Diane Ruff. Kaihleen King praciices for slraie finals wiih Diane Ruill and Joyce Hunier as criiics Speech XILEMANXIIIMANAIILMANALLIZMANAIILMAINAIIIMANAIILW Barbara Wilson, Earl Calkins, and Pai lvlinard prepare lor speech coniesi Alleman l-ligh School had ihree represenlaiives in Jrhe disiricl con- iesi of Jrhe Illinois siafe speech iournameni. They were Roberi Siaes for comedy reading, Joyce l-lunler lor oraiorical declamaiion, and Mary Kay Glynn for serious reading. Two of ihe con+es+an+s, Bob Slaes and Joyce l-lunler, won in boih The disirici and seciional coniesis and en+ered ihe slaie ii- nals held ai The Universiiy of llli- nois, in Champaign. Speech Confesf - Democracy Earl Calkins, Barbara Wilson, and Pairicia Minard were elecied as The Alleman represenialives in ciiy finals of ihe "I Speak for De- mocracy" coniesi. Barbara Wilson won ihe coniesi held in 'rhe Alleman audiiorium, Friday, November I I. ln whai she described as her iirslr public speak! ing ehfori, Barbara won Jrhe lirsi- prize wrisr warch coniribuied by siaiion Wi-lBF, and became Rock Island's eniry in siale coniesl finals. Joyce l-lunier, Bob Siaes, and Mary Kay Glynn who represenied Alleman in ihe disirici speech Jrournameni we V'-..,,,. LLLMAN ALILMAIN ALL MAN ALLEMAN ALLEM N LILMANA L MA Mac .......... Peler ........., Andrew Gillespie . Palher Flaherly .. Annie .......... Canon Geoghegan Falher Malachy .. George Blealer . , Winnie Gideon . Phyllis Holl .... Bessie Blaine . Healher Blue ..,. Grela Slacey .... James Shyman Bell Gerlie Gill ...... The casl rehearses a scene from "Falher Malachy's Miracle." Father lVlalachy's Miracle . . , .Clarence Klauer . . . . . .Dick Shafer . . , . .Philip Richerl . ...Joe Normoyle ...Joyce Hunler . . . .Bill Michel ......Bob Slaes ....Kennelh Slaes . ...,. Mary Calkins .. . .Marian Pauwels ...,.Eleanor Hagan . ,... Jackie Whilacre ..,,..Pal Minard ....Jack Collins .....Joyce Baker Reverend Humphrey Hamillon .,... Dick Kochuyl Casl- Peggy McNalo .,,. .. .Barbara Wilson Conslable ....,... ,........ J im Bell Mrs, Mchlab ....... .....,., P al Hullon Archie MacDonald ....,...,, Richard Campana Nora MacDonald ,....,,...... Mary Kay Glynn Roloerl Gillespie, Bishop ol Milolhian.Dave Miller Timolhy Ballle ,,.. Cardinal Vassena . . Sir James Vickers . . Lady Pamela Vickers Sam Hicks ,..,.... Mary Lou Hicks .... .... Maggie-a Wailress Ellen-a Wailress . . Announcer .....,. ..,.........Bolo Van Parys .......Bill Lang .. ....... Bolo De Brey Lorraine Landers .. .... Jack Michalski .Mary Lou Reidy . Barbara Langan . . ..., Bernie lragarz . . . .Earl Calkins others' Club Officers-sealed: Mrs. Charles King, Mrs. Lloyd Sleezer, Rev. R. J. Powers. Slanding: Mrs. William Mur- phy, Mrs. Vincenl Valiquelle, Mrs. Gregor Ruff. Under lhe able guidance of Falher Powers, a newly organized molhers' club held ils firsl official meeling on Thursday, March 9. A+ lhis inilial meeling lhere were 3I2 molhers presenl. I+ was decided lhal The 'lulure meelings would be held The second Thursday of each monlh. The organizalion, which goes under lhe name "Alleman Home and School Associalionf' was crealecl for a lhreefold purpose: lo oblain a closer relalion belween lhe parenls and lhe lacully, lo aid lhe school in small financial problems, and lo encourage friendship among lhe parenls. Officers for lhe new molhers' club were elecled as lollows: presidenl, Mrs. Floyd Sleezerg vice presidenl, Mrs. Charles King: recording secrelary, Mrs. Gregor Rullg lreasurer, Mrs. Vincenl Valif quelleg hislorian, Mrs. William Murphy. Proiecls for lhe year included a gel-acquainled parly and square dance held in The gym on Friday, April QI, and a Day ol Recolleclion on May 5. Open house for parenls and friends also was held in May. ' ,......-.-M ww -M m,.m,,-,,- , 1 4 V S' WN? , , . . . ...E , 1 . Falher Powers conducls meeling 7 ks. 7 ' ' ' l .A-.,...,,.,.g ,.., M.. .ur V, .. V are ....,. in In The naTion-wide liTerary conTesT sponf sored by The ExTension Magazine, iunior Jace gueline WhiTacre's poem, "The GreaTesT GiTT," was awarded one oT The TirsT prizes, Said ExTension Teen-age ediTor, Eileen O'l'lay- er, "We sTudied each poem over and over, l3uT yours always came up wiTh The besT." Junior PaT lvlinard was selecTed as Alle- man's Teen-board represenTaTive on The Ex- Tension sTaTT when her winning essay, l'Jean,l' was chosen Tor The magazine. The conTesT was open To all iuniors and seniors in English. PaT received The highesT raTing Trom The TaculTy judges. 3 V.1,,,i,.s A gm if? 7 i 'ig lvla-ry MarT, Cecilia Van ThournouT, and BeTTy DeCapp prepare Tor Their puppeT show Extension inners 'Q' .fx ,f"""' PaT lvlinard and Jaclcie WhiTacre, winners in The ExTension conTesT Assembl Hansel and Gre-Tel came To liTe in miniaTure Tor The STudenTs oT Alleman, when SisTer lvlary Alexia produced a marioneTTe play puT on by her Tresh- man girls Trom Room 302. The play 'll-lansel and GreTel" was produced Tor a school assembly. There were exTras in The play which included an ice-slcaTing solo To The "SlcaTers WalTz," an Indian play To The lllndian Love Call," and a monkey perTormance To The Tune oT 'lCivilizaTion." "There's SomeThing AbouT a l-lomeTown Band," and especially an animal band oT marioneTTes such as perTormed on The elecTrically-lighTed puppeT sTage. 113 1. X cing ' ning ixuiiimci GIIU xyuvcii IXIIUSFSOD Socks were To be seen everywhere on The nighT oT December 20, when Alleman held iiTs all- school dance sponsored by The iournalism class. King Jim KoniTzer and Queen JudiTh Anderson were crowned aT 9:30 in TronT oT a huge argyle sock made oT red. green, and whiTe crepe paper, which was highlighTed wiTh colored lighTs. The Goblin Glide, The TirsT school dance, held OcTober 28 in The caTeTeria, was Tor The upper classmen only. wiTh courT, aTTendanTs Crowning ceremony Parties The Treshrnan-sophomore social was held on SaTurday nighT, OcTober 29, and Took a Tall Theme Tor iTs moTiT, Transforming The caTeTeria inTo a medley oT browns, yellows, oranges, russeTs, and reds. The Treshmen and sophomores also danced aT Their Turkey TroT, Friday nighT, Novem- ber 25. The sophomores Then sponsored a Valen- Tine dance Tor The enTire school. The Shamrock ShuTTle on March I7 was also sophomore spon- sored. Cn Friday, November 25, Alleman arf sludenls enlered a ulloal in lhe Roclc lsland 'Chrislrnas on Wheels" parade. The lloal, en+i+led "The True Spiril of Chrislmasf' caplured lourlh- place honors. All ol llue arf sludenls in Sisler Alexia's line aruls and Mr. Naerhs in- duslrial arls classes helped in con- slruculing lhe ufloal. Bill Michel and Shirley Dopler porlrayed S+. Joseph and The Blessed lvlolher. Allernan arf sludenls caplured Two lirisls, a sec- ond, and an honorable rnenlion in lv1oline's an- nual window painling conlesl sponsored loy lhe Jaycees. In The Rock Island painuing conlesul, Alleman loolc a ucirsul in The freshman division. ln lhe iunior-senior division, Class A, out lvloline, 'The l-leadless l'lorsernan" from lhe slory "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was chosen as ufirsl-prize winner. ln The freshman-sophomore Class B division, ulhe painling of ulhe lhree wilches from "lvlacloe+h" came in wilh anolluer ufirsl prize, Prize-winning l-lallowe'en windows Chrisfmas floaf Art Activities Vocation Assemblies Sisler lmmaculala, OSB. and lvliss Theresa Johnigln, O.S.B. wilh academy sludenls. Sisler Madelina, B.V.M. of Munde- lein College and her discussion is group Alleman seniors garbed as Fran- ciscans and Dominicans 116 Climaxing an inlensive vo- calion-monlh program, sislers ol lhe four leaching orders al Alleman presenled pro- grams lealuring each com- munily. The purpose of lhese programs was lo give lhe sludenls a correcl concep- lion of The reguiremenls ol religious life, ils essenlials, aims and molivalion. Though all religious orders are basically lhe same in lheir ideal of a more perlecl love and service ol God, il was poinled oul lhal lhey differ in lhe accidenlals of dress, regulalions, and Types ol worlc. 'R FaTher O'Connor and Two Papal Chamberlains in The VaTican Rome! The cenTer oT The Universal Church lies only a day's TlighT away. FaTher O'Con- nor, principal, made a Two-weelc pilgrimage To The l-loly CiTy, during which Time he visiTed Lourdes and Assisi. Leaving on Monday Trom Chicago, FaTher reached New Yorlc The sarne day. The nexT slops were BosTon, Shannon, Ireland, and Paris. Then on To Rome. Cn Wednesday oT l-loly Week, l3aTher had a privaTe audience wifh The Pope in which he presenTed him wiTh The Alleman high school spiriTual bouqueT. The Pope expressed his Thanks and gave l:aTher The T'loly Year bless- ing To carry baclc To The school. Monsignor P. H. Durlcin blesses The beauTiTul VVur- liTzer organ donaTed To Allennan high school by lvlr, James A, Bahen 5 E E E lifll-39 H H3069 131495 -WPJY flQ.AM 1. 03Jw,t 'LUuw12,W.,,,,6 If Cwwfu 14, M, IIMHV lV p lelfo jV7TfW4WL 5 7 H54 wma 195 round School I I I N K X X I I I NI -K N X I I I NI X X X I I I XI K N X I I I XI 'X N X I I I' M 'X N N I I I M 'K N l.eTT To righT Mrs. RoberTa Depaepe, Mrs. Gayle Ruff, Mrs. Florence LovesTed, Mrs. MarTha Bush, Mrs Mary SmeaTon, Mrs. Irene Logan, Mrs. Mary Young, Mrs. Nora 0'Brien, Mrs. Mary VrombouT, Mrs. Sarah BerTsch Cafeteria The mosT popular spoT aT Alleman, especif ally beTween Twelve and one, is The caTeTeria. Under The direcTion oT Miss Colligan The daily rouTine of serving a varieTy oT nuTriTious and appeTizing meals To The sTudenTs has been a viTal TacTor in making The genial, happy days oT Alleman's TirsT year. AssisTed by an eTlicienT and Triendly sTaTT, Miss Colligan manages To Teed The six hundred hungry Teen-agers in one shorT hour. For The pause ThaT refreshes aTTer lunch, The snaclc bar is a haven Tor The hungry. 4 Freshman lunch hour Miss CaTherine Colligan manager Candidly Speaking Wi1a+'s up? Vanify fair Library period Beri and Pai Marjorie and Punky and Mariel Living founfain ner horn Dennis Emerson, dare-cievii Callahan-Gould Bus Service, Inc. lib Here and There A I. I. IZ NI A N A I. I. I: NI A N .X I. I. F Nl A N I I I BI 'I -K I I I I A X X I I F I X I I I Time 'lor slucly ln The corridor Jim, Gene, and Joe Cn lo Milwaukee Slrikel MA Our Custodlans Mr. Fred Fleminclc, engineer: Mr. Glen Wells, Mrs. Viclor Defllercq 1, I 2,3 fr . r K J ' . ' A , if ' LV N V H fl I lg if , 5. W I kumar, "nu, g.w,Qg.1,.7iwm1aa,,zww:s:1wWBL,imGar:fA - e .:vxu. f r 1 IIINIXXKIIIIKINXIIINIKNX A+ 'rlfme Huber Home Three-eiqhf Props I I I 1 K N K I I Maids In walfinq Sofo fired IIKNXIIIM-XNXlll'MXN A+ lunch Our cheerleaders Smifing Hwru Leap frog In re+rea+ E 1 1 Appreciation The Pioneer Slall ol l95O wishes lo exlend ils deepesl apprecialion and lhanks lo all lhose who have helped make lhis, lhe lirsl yearbook ol Alleman High, a realily. ll could nol have been done wilhoul lheir wholehearled and unsellish inleresl in our ellorls. Special lhanks lo lhe following: Our advisor, Sisler Mary Bernard, OSB. lor her unliring palience and carelul planning. Sisler Alexia and lhe arl sludenls lor giving so generously ol lime and lalenl lo provide our illuslralions. Sisler Borgia and lhe Journalism class lor lheir lilerary conlribulions. Falher O'Conner and lacully for lheir cooperalion and backing. Sisler Joanna and her homeroom group: Maurine Vande Moorlel, and Cecelia DeCosler lor lheir oulslanding work as Pioneer booslers. Mr, Lucian Calbrechl for his excellenl pholographic work. The Rock island Argus and lhe Moline Dispalch, lor giving us lhe righls lo many excellenl prinls. Our palrons and adverlisers lor lheir inleresl and generosily. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Andries Dr. N. C. Barwasser, M. D. Anlhony J. Bell, M. D. Bickels Cleaners Bill Farren 81 Scoll Leonard Bisby, Real Eslale Black Hawk Frozen Food Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blancke Bob Meersman's Service Slalion Harry and Margarel Brady Mrs. H. V. Burl Business Syslems Bud Caldwell and Joe Schneider Mr. Henry Cassini Calholic Women's League Chicago Molor Club Coney Island Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook Coopman's Beauly 81 Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. John Cosgrove Dr. C. S. Cosligan, M. D. Creamland Dairy 81 Feeds John B. Cunningham, Allorney Dahlen's Drug Slores, lnc. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dale Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dauw Mr. and Mrs. James Dauw Johnny Davis Cleaners Dr. Harry C. DeBourcy,' M. D. Augusl DeDoncker, Insurance Dellos Brolhers John DePauw Dr. Edward B. DeSilva, M. D. DeVos Qualily Markel DeWille's Dairy Foresl Dizolell Dr. L. A. Dondanville, M. D. Paul Dugan Dr. S. P. Durr, M. D. Easl Moline Herald lR. M. Harper Easl Moline Home Appliance Co. Easl Moline Ice 81 Coal Co. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Ellioll The Fashion Fillh Avenue Furnilure Flynn Beverage Co. Falwell Crockery Co. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Forle Fowler's Grocery Frank's Ice Cream Bar Richard A. Gilson, OD Eddie Gipperl Garage, Packard B. F. Goodrich Slores Greve 81 Zeiller Gill Shop Halpern's Deparlmenl Slore, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil F. Hamillon Dr. J. K. Hansen, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hempel Eulalia Herrmann Mr and Mrs. Paul Hibbs Highland Dairy lA. Saelens 3: Sonl Hi-Way Super Markel Huber Painl 84 Wallpaper Co. Huber, Reidy 8: Kalz, Allorneys Ideal Milling Company Independenl Service Co. lLoussaerl 31 Pauwels lsabel Gill Shop Patrons Kennelh Johnson, D. D. S. Jud and Joe Y Clifford Kieler IMgr., A 84 P, Roclc Islandl Mr. and Mrs. Charles King Launder-Dorne, Easr Moline Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leenlqnechl Lolgren Disrribuling Co. Bill Loo+en's Garage Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Madden Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McClellan Wm. O. McFaJrridge McPiIce Drug Co. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Meagher Eli A. Meersman Mr. P. J. Meersman Dr. I-I. M. Menlon The Milan Independenlr Dr. and Mrs. H. P. Miller Slephen Miller Model Cleaners Bernard J. Moran Joseph A. Norrnoyle Novelly Shaclc Olson Service Slrafion O-So Grape Bollrling Co. Roberr V. Oslrom R. L. Pearson Decoraring Co. Peerless Millc Producls Co. Judge and Mrs. Lawrence Phar Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Relciere Paul E. Rind, Afforney Roclc Island Fuel Co. Rock Island Tobacco Co. Roclc Island Transfer 8: Slorage GS Neva Murphy and Sara McGin+y Roclc River Dairy Dr, Zachary J. Romeo, M. D. Scheuerman 84 Kempe, Inc. Schwenlcer 81 Mougin, Inc. Shell Super Service Sralion Singer Sewing Machine Co. Thomas P. Sinnell, Allorney Waller Speclor Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Sprangler Sranley Fruil Co. Carl G. S+arIeaI's Servicenler Dr. N. C. Sleele Mr. and Mrs. I-Ienry D. Slelser Toasly Sandwich Shop Mr. and Mrs. C, A. Todd and Parry TopSpo+ Bowling Alley Twin CiI'y Coal Co. IJuIian De Grevel M. J. Valiquerre Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Van Aclcer Van Aclcer I-Iardware Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Coillia Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Van De Voorde Paul Vande Walle Mr. and Mrs. Louis Van Hooreweghe Mr. and Mrs. Rene Van Kerrebroeclc Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Van Lanlcer Verhe+seI's Barber Shop Dr. F. J. Vermeulen, D. D, S. Larry Vervene Vogels Legion Marker Warren Sales Co. Whi+ey's Ice Cream Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williamson Dr. A. Waller Wise, M. D. Young Ladies Sodalify, Sacred I-Iearr, Moline This Ad Compliments ol, KUEHNE LOAN COMPANY 305-First National Bank Bldg. Moline, Illinois Phone M-2114 419 Safety Building Rock Island, Illinois Phone RI-6-6496 'J HELEN POLKA , ,, I igiuau LETTERS lvuMEoenAPHlNc MULTILITHING H' W! , JOHNSON S LETTER sHoP 218 SAFETY BUILDING Cfjafwiczzzifs Qggouzziy flop Specializing in perrnanents for long hair Satisfaction Guaranteed Hair shaped as one prefers Evenings by Appointment Lovejoy's Dealers in Better MEATS and Groceries 2301 - 5th Avenue Phone Mol. 2-8070 za - 19th street 8-4822 MOLINE MAYER 8: JOHNSON Compliments coMPLErELY AIR-coNDmoNED of SERVUS RUBBER CO. WELLS SHELL SERVICE - 38th St. Phone 6-9163 Rock Island, Ill. Tires CS Accessories Batteries GLENN T. WELLS, Propriet STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS PALM BEACH SUITS ALLIGATOR RAINCOATS KUPPENI-IEIMER GOOD CLOTHES KNIT TEX COATS VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES ALLEN EDMONDS SHOES 409 FIFTEENTH STREET MOLINE. ILLINOIS PHONE MOLINE 3574 TRI-CITY BLUE PRINT COMPANY OFFERS THE FINEST DRAWING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES AVAILABLE TO FILL THE NEEDS OF BOTH THE BEGINNER AND THE EXPERIENCED DRAFTSMAN To the young drdttsmoin, it is the qudlity cmd not the cfucintity ot the tools he uses thot determines the ciccurdcy ond nedtness ot his Work. DRAWING SETS DRAFTING MACHINES SCALES ' TEMPLATES DRAWING TABLES RULING PENS TRACING CLOTHS TRACING PAPERS SURVEYING EQUIPMENT BLUE PRINTS PHOTOSTATS OFFSET PRINTING The purchcise ol your first set ot drdtting instruments is dn event . . . cmd cin investment in precision tor yecirs to come, it you mcrke it such by proper selection. 1613-14 Third Avenue, Moline, Illinois Tel. Moline 2620 Th Petersmfs salutes Alleman High! As Alleman High com- pletes its first year, Peter- sen-Harned-Von Maur en- ters its seventy-ninth! May your high honor and scho- lastic aims become as rich with the years as our rec- ord tor service and fair dealing in the community. Best wishes to the class of 1950 and to the future ol Rock Island's Alleman High. e Quad-cities' Senior Department Store Q? 1 1 , , ,'f' Jii2s:3f2iiE5555:i::1 f., "-' -,.i ..:.:fg55e:5Eff,:1jf:fgfff'5 'EEsgzi5iIi1Fz1-fi: ,...Q ggg,,fj fe t a, e,t. la. . A '-::5:iE15i5fiW' "" I --"T"7l"1 -:' id' :. - 22 'Q525E 'i55k.t ' 'FW V: '44,"'f : ':.1 : ::s:f-'---swf 1'-'ft .. :a:1, s: X'A- '. 252321 .4-, '-" 112 .5 j 'Qf 'N 5 E ' git , r eg, 2 All -Q is-its ' , " iiipMigii5 f tiiitlz? if '4'A' - 55 I E if: A i m... ,,,, :ef .4,. .. ,,.,. HJ if QVEA A gg ' . .Z 4,,,A, , ..... J .,,. .-.--- -,-. 1-ff ' .. ., -. I 'ig' A. H., ..-- -.-1-1-14:,:, - -.-A - 'I:::: - 'mf' --,' , j ' 1 51' J. Q: P" 455' V' li 3ii glYi.'i'f 5 3 5?5 QQ. .H as ,J 1 ,,AA-, mln , E. 5 I l -3 Q Q r:2: : ":r -.-A 5. Davenport, Iowa PHONE HL 1141-2-3 Compliments STANLEY FRUIT COMPANY Of CI WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Friend 2408 4th Avenue HERMAN WENGER ROCK ISLAND, ILL. Compliments CO1'l'lP11T1'lG1'11S of Ol CHICAGO BUTCHER MARKET kf1YS hflif SWHHQ SCHOD 1519 6th Ave. Moline 1217 Fifth Avenue M. 768 bo!-1Cro,9 0 Q if M Y M 91, ti F any Cung 911. 'tl lf mag! f 9 QESTV of 0575129 ALLEIVIAN I'IIGI'I SCHOCL Already Belong to the Catholic Order of Foresters If you're not already a Forester, We invite Q your inquiry for membership in this 67-year Do You ' old International Catholic Fraternal Society for men, 16 years of age and over. Established in l833 to promote Spiritual, Social, Athletic CS Financial Benefits. For more details, you are urged to contact the Chief Ranger of the Court in your parish, as follows: Rock Island - Moline East Moline - Rapids City - Genesee - Atkinson - Annawan - St. Mary's, Robt. Wilkens, Rl. 6-0106 Sacred Heart, Robt. Carton, Rl. 6-7l83 -Sacred l-leart, Arnold Rurnler, Mol. 8229-L Anne's, Wrn. Dowsett, E. Mol. 3-l433 St. St. Mary's, Wm. Sergeant, E. Mol. 3-4833 St. lohn the Baptist, Lester O'Connell St. St. Anthony's, Peter Verkruysse Malachy's, Ioseph Lohman Sacred l-leart, Al. DeSplinter -Or Contact- Paul Roels, E. Mol. 3-3273 Ralph DePorter President, High Court Field Representative Associated Forester Courts of Moline 7480 or Mol. 210 Western Illinois L PERMANENT BUILDING MATERIALS PHONE MOLINE 73 E MAI D- R I I E SAN DWICHES IM AI ARE IAIISFVING LAMPS - SHADES LIGHTING FIXTURES LAMP REPAIRING GLASS BOWLS, GLASS SHADES BUFFING AND POLISHING MI-DA-NORA LAMP AND FIXTURE MFG. CO. 3000 - 7th Ave. Phone 6-3413 ROCK ISLAND, ILL. PENNEY'S OF MOLINE We are appreciative and proud to have furnished so many shoe and apparel items to Alleman HPIONEERSH Compliments of RITZ THEATRE MARYCREST COLLEGE Davenport, Iowa Four Year College for Women PLUMBING HEATING VENTILATING POWER PIPIN G elvin McKay PLUMBERS INCORPORATED 517 17th STREET ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS 5 . , SPRINKLER EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING WATER MAINS MUNICIPAL SEWERS Enjoy Our Woods Garage 5: Coal Co. 915 15th Ave. East Moline, Ill. Phone E.M. 3-5261 GENERAL AUTO REPAIR RADIATOR SERVICE Mello-Cream-Do-Nuts Bulk Ice Cream Candies - Homemade Fudge 1VIel1o-Cream Do-Nut Co CLEAN COAL - LUMP - EGG - STOKER GENERAL I-IAULING "DO-Nuts That Are Not Sinks-rs" 712 18t Goethals Bros. Clothing and Shoes h Avenue Phon Moline, Illinois ART GOETHALS, Prop. VAN RAES FOOD MARKET QUALITY GROCERIES AND MEATS e M5181 1504 11:11 Ave. East Moline, Ill. E.M. 3-4501 ENRIGHT COAL CO. FILL Phone 8-1 161 Rock Island. Illinois YOUR BIN WITH GOOD COAL BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GE ALLEMAN HIGH Tri-City Packing Co. 754 - 15th Avenue, Ecrst Moline Phone 3-5229 iririr WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OE FINEST QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES AND ERUITS Compliments of THE CALBRECHT STUDIOS MAKERS OF QUALITY PORTRAITS INDIVIDUALS - GROUPS W WEDDINGS 1724 7th Street, Moline Phone Mol. 805 MARKEE FUEL COMPANY GREENMARKED COAL Telephone Moline 47 319 Sixteenth Street Moline, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF DR. S. ERRICO r . DE GREVE'S 9. qi ,Q Maw 710- 18th Ave.. Moline, I11. Phone Mol. 806 SIX AVENUE RECREATION 1402 6th Avenue Moline, Illinois Corl Wilson, Proprietor The Novelty Shack We Gilt Wrop Your Selection Free ot Clfiorge Phone 6-7417 1211 30th Street Rock Island, Ill. "Gifts For All" BUSINESS SYSTEMS COMPANY "E1'erytlai11g for the Ojficen OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS 0 ADDING MACHINES 6-3309 217 EIGHTEENTH STREET ROCK ISLAND, ILL. HAYMAKERS CLEANERS AND DYERS We Cover the Quod Cities 3009 18th Avenue R.I. 6-2534 316 Ist Ave. West, Milan Phone 35 Ccempfzmenllaf mf BERNARD I. MORAN STATE'S ATTORNEY W. RICHARD STENGEL STATE REPRESENTATIVE VIRGIL BOZEMAN STATE REPRESENTATIVE HOWARD GREGG CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT HARRY GRELL RECORDER OF DEEDS SAMUEL A. MULLINIX COUNTY CLERK FOREST DIZOTELL IUDGE OF THE PROBATE COURT FLOYD A. SHETTER COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS LES BANNING COUNTY CORONER ARVID IOHNSON COUNTY AUDITOR H. W. CRISWELL CHAIRMAN, DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE "ALWAYS ON TOP" READ THE NEWS WHEN IT'S NEWS Moline Daily Dispatch Moline, Illinois For fast, rnodern motor freight transportation to St. Louis and all points south, southeast, southwest and Pacific Coast, use Lee Transportation Company Inc. Moi. 4442 333 - 8th sneer Moline. Ill. "For Freight service thrifty use Lee in l95O" Headquarters tor the High School Crowd Block 8c Kuhl Co. The Friendly Store - Home ot Quality Nationally Advertised Watches, Diamonds and lewelry LORD'S CREDIT IEWELERS 1828 Second Avenue Rock Island, Ill. INSURANCE ALL KINDS AGENT, BROKER AND REALTOR lt is extravagant to to pay less than We are equipped With complete insurance FARM, HOME pay more and dangerous charge tor insurance. We facilities tor rendering a service. AND LOT LISTINGS DE ROO INSURAN'CE AGENCY H. R. DE ROO. MANAGER 29 year service record Phone 7002 Atkinson. Illinois WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AUTO FINANCING PHONE MOLINE 6650 MURRAY AUTO SALES For A Better Used Car 5121 FOURTH AVENUE PAT MURRAY MOLINE, ILLINOIS A F9 HV' QREENHO USES QSC 1 I 510 I M0 P M 089 jf I 0' MARY DE RYCKE PROP 'Z x 1 1' WW ' - fix' ' X f lg., -vx "1 'ag -- ' 7272 SZ Q 'l, ' f :- : AQ, ,14 1' ' 3- '-- F' -. .- on .,4eg'3:.1 It - uAvz. LINE.ILL. non: .1 I rgyqr QQ A ,.-1.9 . - 1 1-ri sl-" AMERICANS ARE 50" nun M mu Americans are born with a wealth that money can't buy. No matter whether we are reared in mansions or log cabins, we inherit man's great- est treasure-the silver spoon of freedom! Freedom is everywhere in America. Poor youngsters can and do become rich and famous men. Folks speak the truth as they see it because opinion is molded by the public rather than by politicians. Freedom of worship and freedom from fear are accepted as a matter of course in a country bossed by the people. Unfortunately, freedom isn't free. General Washington and his men made the down-pay- ment at Valley Forge and Yorktown. For almost two hundred years, brave men have met the installments with sweat and blood. But keeping DEERE JOHN DEERE 0 E i our land free is no task for heroes a1one-"Free- dom is everybody's job!" You strengthen America and make it more productive by mastering your job and giving a few extra licks to your daily tasks. You show your faith in the American way when you take time to vote in local as well as national elections. You make democracy work when you respect your neighborls right not only to disagree with you, but to have his say. Don't be content with flying the colors on Flag Day and parading on the Fourth of July- help to make our democracy a living, working reality 365 days of the year. We have inherited priceless freedomg as long as we keep it, the poorest of us is rich! OLINE 0 ILLINOIS Zmaa 5016415 Phone 6-4433 2754 - 12th St. 6-3441 1812 - 2nd Ave. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Wedding Specialties Corsages ' Plants 0 Cut Flowers ' Baskets Table ancl Party Decorations FLOWERS TELEGRAPI-IED WORLDWIDE ADVANCE HEATING ci Lagomarcino SHEET METAL WoEKs The best in Sweets since 1908 HEATING ENGINEERS Dial 8-1534 1422 - 5th Ave. Moline 3464 315 - 24th Street Rock Island, Illinois LEARN TO PLAY THE BOWLBY WAY Bow1by's Music House 1877 -1950 1623 2nd Avenue ROCK ISLAND RI 6-5489-6-5480 SCHIERBROCK MOTORS, INC. Chrysler f Plymouth Sales and Service 2324 - 3rd Avenue Telephone R.I. 8-5693 DAVENPORT ROCK ISLAND Phone R. I. 8-5526 Brooks Iewelry Store WATCHMAKER AND IEWELER 1625 Third Avenue ROCK ISLAND, ILL. Watches - Diamonds - Iewelry Compliments of EARL F. AUBRY "E1'erytl9ing Plaologmplyicn CAMERAS FILMS SUPPLIES UPTOVVN CAMERA INSURANCE right here Where you con reach us! S1-10p H. H. CLEAVELAND AGENCY 2133 16th STREET IVIOLINE 7250 THIRD AVE. and 18th ST. RI B 3319 OPEN EVENINGS TUE. THURS. FRI. COMPLIMENTS OF DESAULNIERS 8c COMPANY Printers MOLINE, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF 77ZczKZazq Zz Qewelefze 1004 15th Ave. East Moline, Ill. Your "Diamond" Ieweler BAECKE'S DRY A. M. BLOOD CO. Goons 714 15th Avenue East Moline, Ill. Phone 3-5441 LADIES' and CHILDRENS WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIENDLY BUSINESS FIRM "Quad Cities Largest Recreation IN MoLiNE Cemefn Bowladrome 20 Modern Bowling Alleys a ANDY VOSS. Prop. Phone 6-3241 3030 Seventh Avenue Rock Island. Ill. 305 20th St. Phone 6-3361 Rock Island, Ill. Fine and Unusual Foods - Meats - Candies FOOD - FOUNTAIN e DANCING SHUFFLE BOARD - AMUSEMENT GAMES COMPLIMENTS OE CYRIL BLONDELL NEU OLDSMOBILE CO. Sylvester I. Neu, Owner Horne of Famous Kettering Rocket Engine Oldsmoloiles AND N E U U S E D O A R S 2215 4th Dial 6-3377 Rock Island, Ill. Brown Owl TAP 6. RESTAURANT 1500 13th St. East Moline Our Specialty l'Olf1icken in the Basket" DAVENPORT CROCKERY CO. DEALERS lN Tavern, Restaurant CS lanitor Supplies 315 West Third Street Phone Dial 2-3842 DAVENPORT, IOWA MQ! I 310 Fifteenth Street, MOLINE. ILL. Telephone FOR COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Booklets . . Folders . . Pamphlets . . Stationery Office Forms . Brochures . Cards . Announcements SERVICE QUALITY REASONABLE PRICES CONGRATULATIONS, SEN IORS! HAVVKINS STUDIO MOLINE, ILLINOIS C. I. josephson, Jewelers Moline, Illinois When you read . . THE ARGUS you read all the news ol local, state, national and international events I Quad-Cities Oldest Newspaper IN EAST MOLINE IT'S SPEYBROECICS Your Clothier tor 4U Years 1116 Fifteenth Avenue Dial 3-1526 SKAEIDAS ci CARPENTER Attorneys at Law 943 - 15th Ave. 0 Phone 3-3443 East Moline, lll. STINE the TAILOR PAUL G. LANGE Strictly Hand-Tailored Suits 841 Fifteenth Avenue Phone E.M. 3-3823 STOEHR 6 PALMGREN General Contractors Phone Moline 1011 2129 16th Street MOLINE, ILLINOIS DE COMMER'S MARKET VEGETABLES - SOFT DRINKS Freshcgllllllcilelzlzttlg Gardner NOTIONS DRUGS "A Mothers Care To All Your Wear" CANDY Delicatessen CIGARETTES 1124 - 15th Avenue ICE CREAM Open Sundays and Holidays 8 to 12 AM. 723 3rd Avenue Rock Island 6-2822 East Moline F ' i' ' 2 ' COLUMBIA FURNITURE 61 DRAPERY CO. LINCOLN MERCURY Furniture - Slipcovers - Drapery Carpet - Upholstering Lamps 1715 9th St.. Moline. Ill. Phone Moline 9040 Art Sonneville Ioe Sonneville Compliments ot Miller-Piehl, Inc. Compliments oi LE CLAIRE HOTEL Moline, Illinois 526 Twentieth Street Rock Island. Illinois Phone 8-6383 ROY A. FUDE CO. ROYAL CAB COMPANY QUALITY FURNITURE HOME APPLIANCES KIMBALL PIANOS 5th Avenue Phone Moline 536 PHONE 6-2611 RADIO DISPATCH Phone ROCK ISLAND SAND :S GRAVEL CO. 6-4481 118 20th Street ROCK ISLAND. ILL. LIOEN AND SCHULTZ RELIABLE CLOTHIERS DR' M' 521 15th Sheet Chiropractist-Foot Specialist Moline. Ill. Phone Mol. 1123 PHIL LIOEN HARRY SCHULTZ 729 Fifth Ave- Bldg- Mo 5 4th AVENUE A L L E N S FARM EQUIPMENT CO When Hearts are Trump Lead with a Diamond 1501- 4th Ave. Phone 34125 930 Fifteenth Avenue East Moline. Illi Service Transportation Lines, Inc. Peoria Moline Rockford COMPLIMENTS CDF Iack's Standard Service 14th Ave. and 30th Street DIAL 6-2212 ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS CRD De Roo Funeral Home SINCERE AND DISTINCTIVE SERVICE Moline, Illinois E. H. Eckland DRUGS - SUNDRIES ll48 25th Street Moline, Ill. Compliments of RENE VAN DE CASTEEL Meots ond Groceries 1803 4th Street Phone Moline 5352 SQUARE DEAL COAL COMPANY H. VAN MELKEBEKE 6 SON 709 - 15th Avenue Telephone E.M. 3-3525 EAST MOLINE. ILLINOIS A DEALER IN FINE QUALITY COAL Compliments of SCHLEGEL REXALL DRUG STORES EOR BETTER BREAD Zi 1,::i.rZ A rii.,iri A -- 'I-'1' 1 ,gg i-:. ,.r. Zill qt'i, 2 vr., Zlil i"7?i '.:' .,-: vzlzzv, - A In ALWAYS SAY FIVE POINT ROCK ISLAND PRESCRIPTION SHOP R, 1. srooic, R. Ph. 210 Eighteenth St. Dial R.I. 6 ROCK ISLAND, ILL. -5743 e 'O -ly." H? Around the clock 365 days a year Reddy Kilowatt, your electric servant is on the iob in the home making life easier more comfortable and more pleasant. ln the factory the store the office and on the farm too, this versatile helper has brought about a new concept of labor and time saving efficiency. The remarkable thing is that electricity is now available at the lowest price in history in spite of greatly increased costs of providing it And gas also is "at your service" -at equally small cost. IUWA-ILLINOIS GAS AND ELECTRIC 00. "AT voun sERvlcE" . . .NIGHT AND DAY! xr c ci lg g ggg, gg ROSIE'S ICE CREAM SHOP 2715 - 23rd Avenue Moline Dimock Gould Co. 2203 - 3rd Avenue Moline STATE BANK OF EAST MOLTNE LUMBERI MTLLWORK EAST MOLINE. ILLINOIS HARDWARE, Sl-HNGLES AND INSULATION The Rock Is1and Produce Co. SILVER EAGLE BRAND POULTRY PRGDUCTS send greetings to a11 our triends Louis Rich, President 6-6468 P A U L S T U D I O For Better Portraits O Family Groups I Graduation I Communion and Confirmation O Babies and children 0 Wedding portraits 0 Individuals 1229 - 17th Street Phone 8-5961 ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS In Rock Island it's the Rock Island Bank and Trust Company tor the most complete banking service Rock Island Bank and 7za4L' eampcmy Member Federal Reserve System, Feder l D p t I rice Corp. Always Ask For The Best Downing's Homogenized Vitamin D Milk, Ice Cream and all Dairy Products Phone 6-4424 o 3 292 Rock Island, Ill. Compliments Hotel Fort Armstrong 1VIe1vin's PIE Shop 318 Fifteenth Street Rock Island, Ill. Wholesale and Retail Phone 6-2811 RABICHNS OIL 4201 4th Ave., Moline, Ill. 1025 5th Ave., Moline, Ill. 3401 23rd Ave., Moline, Ill. 2641 7th Ave., Our Guarantee - Highe Rock Island, Ill. st Quality Fo CO. r Less we Www Ed Lerch Compliments oi Rock 1s1and Lodge No. 190 Loyal Order oi Moose HILAND HARDWARE CO. 3120 23rd Avenue MOLINE HANK'S USED CARS ALL MAKES or CARS BOUGHT AND soLD 725 15th Avenue Office Phone EM, 3-1022 Residence Phone Silvis 3-2229 HOLST-KAKERT CO. Rug and Furniture Cleaners New Carpets and Rugs 1612 7th Street 1147 16th Avenue Moline, Ill. HOWARD E. DAHLBERG TREVOR HARDWARE, Inc. HARDWARE - APPLIANCES - PAINTS - OILS Lire Underwriter Iobbers of Phone "" 201 Firei National Bank Building DAIRY SUPPLIES Moline 7348 Moline, Illinois 2412 - 14 Sixteenth Street MOLINE, ILLINOIS Phones Mol. 597-Mol. 2-8408-Dav. 2-1642 Phones: Mol. 597-Mol. 2-8408-Dav. 2-1642 'CARLSON CLEANERS TARRELL 6: TARRELL 2109 sin Ave., Moline Mel. 1899 The Merfs ShOP loe Schneider Bud Caldwell 1625 Fifth Avenue Moline, Illinois Keith Biddlecome Phone 1483 Paints - Wallpaper - Art Supplies Compliments of DEVOE PAINT STORE SPIEGEL MOVING AND STORAGE INC. 1406 sin Avenue Moline 308 1140 sin Ave. Meline, nlineie Compliments of RALPH DE PORTER Compliments or lnsurance and Real Estate HAFNER BRQTHERS 1724 7th St. Moline RITZ SANDWICH SHOP Dinners Short Orders Sandwiches Chile Soup French Fries Orders to go Beef Burgers-6 for 51.00 Open 7:30 to 12:30 PM. FOR PREMIUM OR GREEN MARKED COAL DIAL HERB'S MEN'S STORE 6-4417 OR 6-4418 Clothing ond Shoes Buy and Sm Mow, Equator Coal Co., Inc. 114-13th Street Rock Island, I11 HOLLAND IEWELERS 513-515 Fifteenth Street MOLINE, ILLINOIS For Best Hamburgers In Town Visit RAY PYSKAS SANDWICH BAR at 1332 30th Street Phone 8-6641 This is Eost Mo1ine's Newest, Most Modern Deportrnent Store CLOTHES for the who1e Iornily 806-808 FIFTEENTH AVENUE EAST MOLINE DE WITTE IMPLEMENT CO. PHONE 291 MILAN, ILLINOIS ALLIS-CHALMERS ci NEW IDEA FARM IMPLEMENTS 43 PARTS SINCLAIR GAS of OIL IOI-IN BEAN SPRAYERS l.t35iv.'f,X if For 66 Years - '1 v, ff b':, 5. 1 ., ,, N Y g l, ew ork Store has been g g. . 3 Q i the shoppl ng center for . r . . . .g hugh school folks . . . I X .., ul: nilvl . ll .f Through school and on through life, bl: 'vvl :W H our desire is to serve you and this li 1.,, ,uuul C -,,.A. , community to the very best of our ."A Q 5 :AI "-' ability! We know you iully realize V,-, Ma ples.. Iullqq if V ., the value of quality as well as T : :l' H K by :A'.l 'III --A' l 2 '. R I economy and have been striving :li .iff-A' in V through S6 years to give you famous v.444 .jf S3 brand merchandise at prices you like .V V,,V5 1 EAD, 1. " to PGY! ltlnlnl llll V l"" ' fi' ff A . t,,',' if .-'c ,iQ' .... ,rflf A '.-AA ::. :,' WW ' l 3 t i-ff-' ""i ,,.,.' 5 "' ,.,.,. 'WWW , :a f 91011416 1200 . ., e--A . Compliments ot MCRRIE MU1-ILEMAN Rock Island, Ill. Anne M. Coryn STEAMSHIP AGENT Phone Moline 1467 l l Day Time Phone M. 73 l MARTIN DRY GOODS - HARDWARE Rock Island 3012 14th Ave. Phone R.I. 6-2943 For that Certain Cutie Send Her Flowers of Exotic Beauty from MIllERS Fl0RAl GARDENS 401 29th Ave. Moline 2163 Courtesy of ESTERDAHL MORTUARY HULL STUDIO PORTRAIT 6 COML. PHOTOGRAPHER "LIFE-LIKE" PORTRAITS GROUPS f CHILDREN COMMERCIAL WORKS WEDDING PORTRAITS CANDID f FORMAL Ev Tri-Cities Modem Studio enings by Appointment START SAVING TODAY EOR A I-IAPPIER FUTURE TOMORROW Ii IIOINA fc' Bl " lefty I W EE g , ' A mu,,1 5 'fO f"l"'l int I OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW Illimt Natinnal Ignnk OF ROCK ISLAND Second Ave. and Seventeenth St.. Rock Island, Ill EMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYS 561-17th Ave. EM, 3-376l BAKER'S DAIRY PEREECTLY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS TRY OUR I-IOMOGENIZED MILK IT'S RICI-IER 1808 Thirty-Fourth Street, Moline, Illinois Phone Moline 174 GURHAM9 SECOND AVE. PIART SCHAFFNBR TBI EPHONE ATUHH 81 MARX CLOTHES R I 182 HILL TOP CLUB BAECKE FOOD STORE GUNNER 6. FRANK NELSON 718 15th Ave. 3-4574 HORTON FOOD MARKET 310 19th St. 3-1316 . ' ON Q . f . ',,' ' - 0 o ' - s - - . X4 I ' ' . ' I I::l ' Q Q I .II-X 0 1 gn: , g . Stop in Pcxrker's Teen Circle ' I .g:-il :'I.--- ll . . criter school and have cz Q A,.'lg-g- lx . ' ll I "Coke" in our Teen Lounge-cr Q l:li tl Q ' . ' l'll l spot des1gned for your fun! ' . . ' . ' Teen Circle - Second Floor .. .Q '. 9 0 I M. L. PARKER C0 WELLERS DRIVE INN Come in and try lohn DeSchepper's Beetburger in Wellers Tater Patch MILAN, ILLINOIS Airport Road and Route 92 Cameras - Films - Snapshots DON N. WRIGHT PHOTO SUPPLIES 1605 2nd Ave. Rock Island We rent or sell still and movie cameras, pro- jectors, films, both 8 and l6mm, sound or silent. AMBULANCE Serving Private Families, Medical Profession and Emergencies in This Community angie '4 Moline 144 24-HR. SERVICE W. E. FURGIE-BlLL FURGIF, IR, 24th at Sth Av. FOR ALL YOUR SPORT AND HUNTING OR FISHING NEEDS - School Award Sweaters - FreeIand's Sport Center 3737 - 14th Avenue Rock Island When It's Flowers, See Us THE GARDEN SHOPS LEE R. DAVIS Four Handy Busy Places t A mstrong 507 Fifteenth R k Il d Moline Union Arcade Davenport GREENHOUSES - CARBON CLIFF, ILL. G. V. PETTIT, Reynolds. Agent MOLINE UPTOWN MERCHANTS, INC "On The Hill" H1 W MARKET THE ARROW CLUB Phone 30 1712 Third Ave. Builders Lumber Co. LUMBER G BUILDING MATERIALS Office Phone Moline 740 6. Yard: 111 - 17th Street MOLINE, ILLINOIS .e 'ETA Teske Feed and Seed Co. 2423 16th sneer Moline Wtftfyifksmt +011 5" ft 4' WW M A . iiii ? -1.E-:: Q ' ' Comphments of 7444 Nu Icy Company ::1f::::: 1 " :1- f:z::. f :sz -::". ,. .uf-' ilrgi :, :2-f4f- rs:5:ss:ss:e:5:215:212:2:s:2:s:a:ss:z:z:z:s:z:s:s LLL 1848 16th Street Moline Students from the Alleman High area who have chosen St. Ambrose are, left to right: Bob Wells. Joe Bileddo. Tom Hogue, and Verne Starner. all of Rock Island. A liberal arts and pre-professional college for men, St. Ambrose offers . . . facilities for boarding and day students. . . full accreditation to leading agencies and universities. . . a Catholic atmosphere and education. . . Pre-Theological training for students preparing for the priesthood. . . Participation in intercollegiate and intramural sports programs. . . Band, orchestra, choral groups. . . Dramatics, debate, radio production. . . Iob placement and vocational guidance and testing. Before deciding upon the College you Will attend, We suggest you request information and literature from: ST. AMBROSE COLLEGE OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS DAVENPORT, IOWA is 3 ,,XLAL,L1k:W T I ' ' szflgg sei? --sy my 5111 WE f-izrifcia,-if ,V N ,-., , V, 6-Q15fr2fs:e3 2 l 4 5 , K l . El QQ' X x 1 1 E S f.v .. ..., 5,3 With each year of constant progress and faithful adherence 5 5 to the traditions of "Originality and Distinction", Pontiac remains the Master Engravers to America,s Schools. X The Pontiac proven technique of modern methods of reproduction by experienced craftsmeng the employment of 2 the most modern precision equipmentg the artistic abilities 2 of our art and layout departments are Pontiac helps in publishing a successful yearbook. 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