Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1959

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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 122 of the 1959 volume:

WAH HOO ALLEGHE Y HIGH SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PA. VOLUME 54 ET 0 Vlggigg-'I ggi" cz-'QM soo 3 'i Elf l 3 E. G.. "':T. 'f-7' 5 1 0 1959 O , Q . Ani' 7 ' l, fr . V-W' " it-515'E,'1:'.'I-tim-1, 4 - B, f-5i4'L'A ' 'MTV , V fi ' - -.:w1ig4'2 ' A Y '. " ff, ., V-'ff-,V 4, awp. , KY V, ' 1' ' - , ' 'J -""'- " "fr ...-ur? .4 1 ,VI :--ga' 'I .,1r.' - , , .T Vg -V V ' V' ""Vi'?:'.V v . lf-r' 4 - ' " i-'PA' N, ' ' VH f"95'a--'H '1 T4 lfzuiw file73r21"'F'L'::i:fQi'f"x diff W " ' - " "'4" sy' A V V' in As' L " 'mflffg' " W4"':Q5-'lT'Jf ' V 1'T"' ai b'r1f'aP71X5-,+3's-Ja M ' 'x 1' ,. 'V-':V, f - ' ' L - V . . -... . sw H'-1. fy -. ,if-a i.g,V1qm,1 ,-24.1, :sf ' .ji-1 A - 1- ,- ' ft? .ily 1-'P "' Wx fg ' . ' te'5fV'47fL'Q'Va,.- 'HBS 'V?12"4l". 'Wvf :aff -is ,V ' F- - y VV " . Q .,,t'f?Z"' ' A ' N w- 7 ' V-' 2 V. " 1 f a ' K - ' E1 ' ' ' 'V39l'3i552 f'V " le. W- ir ' X7f'fK,V fgif-"'UveV. f. V - 'f ' '53 g'ff5gT,Q,.gV.p,,.1 vw fg-mf! ' '- - '-V. ' fVf-i',.'V.'H:Vf41i?.uff-. V' 'J V - 5 H...,. ' ,. V , V-V 1. -V , , V 1 ' jgf ,..J..-5--7133! O V, V i.,.M r .,, V ., V Vxq -' , ' b '-1-,xlffn ' " L51 fy, '1".. '57 .. I h V . 'fait "rLg?i'5. fa ' 5? hx. U, 1 . '-H 'VV 'q 'Q 51?-1 '1:l""1f.A, 'N 'fri ' f'eVf' V:-1 .-. 1 f fish' M., V23 . 7 V., , I jj LQZQWER ,!3yVAWo.' Y 1 ,Vgkg lmr igrl Vg V, ' . fv- V'.V:1rV'-2 V' .xi Jw " 1 '1i+'wAYXx ' ' ME' .'i-F LV1 'A U?- .Jp 15,5 . xl - . V Q - v x mN3?wg,Evt.,K:y :Xb 726 F ,V -' fr., 51 h ' - , ,. ' 4 .. uklv'-M , Q 'H Nix--aj :VV Y..-K r' 5- V - y ' ' 'f n -'-, 15,1 mi:-.ix gipii ','Vg'VQVg:,,' 'f' 'ljff-'I Qi ' 'IVNQQ V FQ A EV ,ri , 'frwqffg'--V? ' , jQiV-' 5fj,:,,VV V25 2 5i M+wV W1 ,-' 255 , V,V,gig 5A , sy. , lit '25 'VV A' f , . V -- -.1 at '- ' VL, . 'V V '.' E135 fwlvff ' Vi O fl V 'fl 13xJ,,9ih7:v-,pk',,-Vi," .V,-V-ei .5 MH , V434 V 36,1 Q V' ,A V f.g'Ii-L,:a-.1 .Lg 1354 1 VV , '-'-331. 'V V ,V -Wg, grfwr gg, :QV g- L j..q'v ,C-Va:-X V VVVVA' ,fr 35,-.V V315 , --V .--- N5 -:.,...-- U-, ...V V -411 A ' 1, -.fsVg24:VJ4:3'-V33 , H!! : Veg, 1 ' CV -:spy ' ff Q. --rj. VVYYJ1 1'3f,3, far' V' if- M V ' nie- ' Q1-,V-1-V Vw 'nf I'-'Iii W f-' 'Y A V4 +-,V A' s,V vw VV,' V I J- V- W1 'V V ...,,. ' .' 'VV -14--V Wu. - -'I - u :lr 'REV -,,,A5??'53QVxV1.fQ?ff-'-:' ggi fr' 4 f -' 3 - f' P Bw, ,, 'QV ' Vs: 735 1 'VV 15.14 .VF In . 5wb'Qj,1f1'aUiV, if i Q. 'HU' E ' 21 'I-'!'!i-sl ghgniaunie E'-QEQW5? .fy ,wr ,Qi - "QL -, ,' QQ" if 6.5 L-'Sg.r3',5,k' :. "5 1,4 I-,, ', , 'U ,H 'af '!fL'!t'f!'?lA"lf'fi'!"5- ,' iff' 'iii' 'CY AF: E Ji. 1- i:5,d432a1HVgm - HL.: 5-a'i.:..QLi libiafzgji uf-zewfzzf V I g,-g 3:91 it with 2 JH, .'1'- fy, ,r ,, ' '-'I , ' 1 'V 'r- , ky ' l. ' 'vm' ' V4 I .. , ., F3 -11357 1 .' - gljglz 1-4 1 1 , ---:. L. .. . " Q ft . ,gl 53 4' Q' nj' ' "MFA L- 5fVKg'gL-gi! 'xt' I if V, f35l5'9-Ln" 1.572 fi! ,ll -,J V l?5:"i':. L'hAA if gif' if-W :U V' . QW . E L ' 'W' , 5'!,.3LCF., J' 'I' ' .AU 4? x iw 53 J !":?!'P':-ewr1s:nn:e:- V,gf'S Vx-ig-.-V-s..V -'2 1s1iV1 V VVS"-1NV .' :- V' 1 qty' -V4 M V . V: 4'--1 1244-.E'f-Vg:-.....,-.vnu 5" f "" V" 1 'V' ' R' 1 1" ' 1' , I gmfivb '- "'1"'-I-'WTIL-:li-Ezflulvzd 17:32 ik Vid ' -V . fir' 'Z-fi'fV.V:2ff3E 'Q ' V f lm -ww V' 1.. '- - V V-VV - V 3, .::V' V- V. 33 V 5KHl5HiW' 1afV iV"V' , 33Qig3MiJ,gfg.,w.m ? -'nj 'figs if "uf, ' ' V V' M-' " ' '.1.V ,, 'V T' 55" 'Q ,.1. 'Hd ...-1 f 3,p,K,,,, rf, 12-tfiiclfgvh it V ,ZA QA , A , Q, I i.j,'3Vy pI'1'fq,v A, I l5,3.Au,.l,:7 A - Zrggtgiaiir,-GF' .? .. 1 C' .QE 2 ,fi ,V . ' 'V Law- , -,F-,zii.'.E.-Q: 'gg af 51,22 gf.. f 2 fi:-f::QV+z' .. .- V' .A ff' 1 ff2+'1fGf,ffQVV'Z.rV '2g V 13.25 mi? if-'V Y"'Vt5.?'f.f-V '?-1 Lv Agfa , ,yt 5"'-'sw '-"VV", V M" y " '.' 9' 3 'Vi-c. JQI:?'T3-" iff? ' 'C my - -C "fn" YQ" V,V.VV-V.-VV1V,,1ff.VV--, L: 'J - AEM m.--win I-'Rx fx Af g ' , ,.V ,' ,rg:iV2.5,?:g .fr 'Mgt V 2t"'-.3-'-Viw 5, 'lli Yi' J, 11 5 V ,Q , 'hx 1 :sVf?w"2'5?5Q?A'-'xiii .-JM" ti it.- " ' Y" ' 1,'a:gV ., A 'REFI- M I 'Y-. yur FOREWORD Wah Hoo. This is not just a name. Wah Hoo is the creed, the cry of Alle- gheny High School. Voiced by the strong lives of its youth, it echoes from the hills and across the three rivers. Determined to be heard, it points to the faces of its young men and Women, its pride and soul. This is our school. This is Where We live: Manchester to Troy Hill, from the peak of Fineview to the Allegheny River. Pittsburgh, look to your left bank. Look Well, and hear our cry, this is Allegheny. CCNTENTS FACULTY 5 SENIORS 13 HOMEROOM 45 ACTIVITIES 57 SPORTS 85 ADVERTISING 97 ,,..g,,5s-1'-sw'-Vn,1'1fI-GQ:fn-55' 7 J: ,-sh ., ..m,b.V4:wzM2-swf-1 1:ffSi""' E 4 V J,-V. . 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X , A , 139.-rl - :ij ' o,uvf4i? e- ' xvwffflgkf, ' gk---.:,13i,,W4gay- --ff . ,W A, ., .V Af, Af ' , , -'- A-rsmxd t 1- , , .g-,r...,f-,Aas.1f- , -Af-,fgf 5-57.f-,a4gP'.,E,1y,,12S-'y..:--fw-vfs. raw, 1 , 16415: '- 1.- 13' W A'- 4-1'X""+vf-7 A ff - AA: 'fins 1+ 1-3'-Wit W,-'mia'11:1-MTF,f"fM"?""5'V'f'-.,wA:f VQEEZA- nf QA ' x A ievffsfq A .FQ "WSG" f- Q ff3:.,,, I f f iggdpff 1 . , vf A 'ff H K if 'V 'E YE-wA22w:.1 ' K ' 1 'f ! '- -f1 'ff-'e,::v2-s:w1.Lx-f mc: 5'-2'-tr'-:L -1-1'?fe,f'5 5- T'-Q1' A1!fv.' 15'5"f" Wl."4-'X y-rf -' " ' 1' - -'fe- 15,0 41' N .4 +1 V If-A ' AA.+'1..AQA if :.-R A I ., .. by 'K 'IHC-'pf 2 , -' A-P,"La'ffg5,, " ' x Ag' I 'V - :'f'N1"1i's4- ' AA ,A H' A. .A..-- -A V .,.,, , A. 9 A. A. A A.,-- A, , , X X' 61 'f.Lf,., A:" - ,I X , .W A X, .pwwv-ff'f-.-ff.A , ' A . ' "4 :'n:T,f,,1-y..:.,,:1,1f.Ahh-:E'.zLrlx0jAf,w YA- .1 .-..,:3 v w 1- AA - , , I A fl Y- f 1 2'--.iillflk-izzf A .9-""1Li? ,:i'-?A:4f-.iQ""f5'1-- V A' I I ' ' I 3 7 I t t t 1 Ar-L" 1"',ff1 "f1"fif5-'jjfE!FQ65fgL. I nl ' ' ' - '- - s- -. an m4 ww.. , A A A '35'57Q95"N-'AA ' l tl l I "if ,,-, A l, 5-1.:yl:1Q15fffo"',7 f u7'Q'1""Fi97tf"'55m??:ffl1f.11 A I . f f --M" A- A A. A,I if . U 'uri A, ' -Q AA I! FACULTY MR. MATTERN MR. WORLEY Principal Vice Principal MISS MCKEOWN MR. HEYNE Counselor Activities Director 6 ADMINISTRATION Allegheny's Administrative Staff has al- Ways Worked hard and earnestly to meet the educational and social needs of our student body. They help us to choose the course which is best suited to our desires and abilities, and one which we will pur- sue after graduation. Aside from instructing, the faculty sponsor dances and clubs. These tasks prove that our administration is con- stantly endeavoring to aid the students at Allegheny in whatever way they can. Miss Kraft, Clothing, Consumer Education, Mr. Deiss, Woodshopg Mrs. Koerner, Foods, Consumer Education. Miss Davey, Wah Hoo, History English, Mrs. Lawson, English Speech, Englishg Mr. Weckerle English. 9 7 Mr. Dickson, Englishg Mrs. Scott, FINE ARTS Carl Heyne, artg Benjamin Phillips, musicg Edith Leonard, Librarian. MATHEMATICS F. Hugh Floyd, geornetryg Inez 0'Donnell, algebrag Herbert Leifer, geometry. SCIENCE J. Frederick Kunze, physicsg Caro- lyn Sink, biologyg Ronald Confer, chemistryg Ned Replogle, automation CQ' SOCIAL STUDIES AND LANGUAGE Harold Hess, Lating Mary Bergen, historyg Harry Snyder, Spanishg Dorothy Marick, history. ' s COMMERCIAL Mabel Griffiths, shorthandg Claude M. Diehl, typingg Geraldine Dickin- son, shorthand. ,.......-,- 'Nr PHYSICAL EDUCATION Agnes M. Flinn, hlary E. Ramsey, Karl Fehrenbach, Bruce Allen. F. Hufhand, M. Nalenz, A. Goyke, H. Ramsey, A. Eads, A. Kasprzyk, A. Smith, E. Salvet, C. Engelmeier, E. Montgomery, L. Van Dyke-Supervisor. TRUANT OFFICERS Although the Workers in the Compulsory Attendance De- partment are seldom seen, Allegheny could never do With- out them. Their main objec- tive is to keep records of the students' attendance and to see that there is no illegal ab- sence. lst Row: H. E. Lindner, A. Louchrey, IC. Fabina, J. Butchko. Qnd Row: T. Martin, R. Reinhart, H. Muchkivch. CAFETERIA STAFF A favorite part of everyone's day at Allegheny was spent in the school cafeteria eating lunch. The cafeteria Workers are responsible for seeing that the cafeteria is kept clean and a variety of well balanced meals are available to the stu- dents each day. A. Hughes, A. Koslow, M. Concannon, S. Gilbert, T. Loukkala. CUSTODIAN STAFF Keeping Allegheny in tiptop shape is the task of Alle- gheny's custodian and his staff. Washing the Windows, scrub- bing the floors, and replacing burned out light bulbs are a few of the many tasks nec- essary to keep the school properly maintained. DOCTOR Sz NURSE Allegheny's visiting doctor and nurse afford to all students physical examinations and ex- pert professional advice to correct any physical defects. Thomas Nichols, M.D., Cathrine Gardini, R.N. Mrs. M. Rodgers, Mrs. B. Karlovich OFFICE STAFF lNIrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Karlo- Vich, the two members of Alleghcny's office staff, do a great deal to keep things run- ning Very efficiently at our school. They are of great value to the principal and vice prin- cipal. 1 2 .45 f..-.5 , ' .L .-.-.Q Q.--f--,1---T Q-L.-. -- .V V-.-, V--.Yr . Vf 51 J X Q , :M in ti. v. 72 V V- - - ,-., - af .-. ' V..:'1---1,45 f-', -1.1 ' f ' ,- -L-4-""..,--',."., L .I ., . . 1 -' 1 'fi-:L fi? ."j-,f'- 4-'?f. 1 S1 :"rj. ' : !t?:'," ""' " Q ,, , qv' , " N "- 'F t..f'ff:z?,25..Z'-3 77:11,- 1' 3 Eh:-':'E?.:.':1 ei ff1.'1ffF . 'I' I- F ,z,1Mii"'.fQ'fi - . I , .F ,a5gi,..L,g..4:,1,21-jg, -54,-. - 3r.i1'v- -' V ' fs 5 1,5 Jag, . 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V. -3 "",V:, . - L . : .. , . .f ' -f.,. V ' fa- - . 3-V- "k"" " -.""' - V14 , ,inf 8 Qs ' .Vf ' I X , s . . I x-, u V- . - 'LQ ,V .a,,-2, , 'E -, . ,ff 1 A V, .. 1, . ,-sa. -5.-,, f 5, V -,- , V 1 -,- - ",,:,.. A V- g. r V V V f .,,,,.f .-,.:f., ..,V.i ,Arg 5. -A, MVT., .Vg . 1. f A A, V- ... - 1-,-:,- -,-'- 85- Q ., . -yrs. .. ' nf h -,'-:sg .. ' . - lg V: Q' P - Q ., --f-, ,. f-f -44 , .- , , 1 ,, ': - ff 'ETP V- "'- ' -'lf 'lY'2Js2"" ' .1 ' 5 'I :QS ' 'i ' Q 'V-.f asia Z -Y '5VSE.l"' J- "" l v 52.3 ?.. '-' ,Z --Q 5 Q --Ewa: .,.. ,V '71 VV i.V - Q- ,X ,VL ' - "Q .-1 '- -2 V-' -'J' :E . X . si '- -155 7 V'f. V '- 1 . ff V-1 3-Vs - sz ,, .V- ga V 1.1 gn ,- .- .- -.-gy -:V -.,,-Q ry -, T . ' "'. - ,, . . - . 2. .f B, -1 4 ' ' 3 2 S: 3 " 1 ' R e X VV 4 'vm it X QV 1' 1 V. - L, I CLASS UF FEBRUARY Class Officers Pictured are the class officers of the Graduating Class of February 1959. They are Bernard Swegman, presidentg Sharon Kaprus, secretaryg Grace Grossman, treasurer Richard Baron, vice president. 14 MARY ABINANTI Mary belonged to Social Danc- ing Club and was on Service Squad and the Wah Hoo typ- ing staff. She served on the Junior and Senior Prom Com- mittees. Since she also managed to make honor roll, Mary was elected to National Honor So- ciety. After graduation she plans to enter the business Held. RICHARD MICHAEL BARON Active Rich belonged to Social Dancing Club and was on Stu- dent Council and stage crew. He has been a Wah Hoo repre- sentative, vice president of his senior class, and a member of National Honor Society. He plans to attend college so that he can enter the Held of nuclear physics. JACQUELINE M. ABIJANAC "Jackie" was in Majorettes, Drama, Social Dancing and Tap Dancing Clubs. She was on Service Squad and also in the Variety Show. Her favor- ite subjects were shorthand and transcription. After graduation Jacqueline plans to enter the secretarial Held. Leo was in the Choir and Chess Clubs, and he participated in the Variety Show and Robed Choir, as well as in the Wah Hoo Skits. His favorite subjects were English and music. Leo plans to attend business school KATHERINE D. ANESTIS Sewing, Dancing and Usher- ettes were some of the clubs to which Kathy belonged. She was on Service Squad and Stu- dent Council. She was a colum- nist for the Wah Hoo, and was a member of National Honor Society. After high school Kathy plans to do secretarial work. Mary was a member of Alle- gheny's Distributive Education Class. She served as secretary and stamp salesman while in her homeroom. Mary was also a member of Social Dancing and Majorettes Clubs, She lans to continue workin at MARGARET M. DEVERTS Margaret was a member of Girls Leaders, Visual Aids and Choir Clubs. Her favorite sub- jects were physical education and math. She was very active in intramural girls sports. Mar- garet's post graduation plans LEONARD J. BLACKWELL Leonard was especially active in both Visual Aids and Choir Clubs, and served as student director of the class play. His favorite subjects were speech, choir and American govern- ment. Len plans to attend col- lege after graduation from Al- legheny. DOROTHY M. COOMBS "Dot," as she is known to her friends, was an active member of Choir Club. Her favorite subjects were speech and Eng- lish. Dot served on various dance committees and was in the Wah Hoo Skits. She plans to enter the business Held after graduation. HELEN MARIE CURRY Although Helen was one of our quieter students, she will be remembered for her pleasing smile. Helen worked very hard on Allegheny's Service Squad where she could be seen every morning collecting the daily bulletins. Her favorite subjects were math and English. Her plans for after graduation are to be a supervisor of foods. Aw..:.m.f..,ne'rwaa.Q fwsfmfw m LAVERNE S. ERNBERGER LaVerne's favorite subjects were English and math, which she took as part of her general course. She has been one of the more quiet students at A.H.S. Her plans after graduation are indefinite. RICHARD GRAYSON Rich was a participant in Alle- gheny's Variety Shows and Choir. He belonged to the Magazine and Yearbook staffs, and was also a member of Band and Service Squad. He enjoyed choir and speech classes very much. Rich plans to further his education at business college. ALEXANDER EFREMENKO During his stay at A.H.S., Alex belonged to the Social Dancing Club. He was especially inter- ested in geometry and history. As a senior, Alex chose to join the Distributive Education Class. He has no definite plans for the future. Milly was a member of Social Dancing, Tap Dancing, Auto Drivers, and Non-Swimmers Clubs. She was a Wah Hoo representative and an honor student. Her plans for after graduation are to be an air PATRICIA ANN GRANDERSON Leaders, Sewing, and Choir Clubs claimed some of Pat's time. She was elected vice pres- ident and president of her homeroom. Pat's favorite sub- jects were history, Latin, and English. Her plans for after graduation are to attend Penn- sylvania State University. Jim was an active member of the Art Club, and his favorite subject was art. Jim served as vice-president of his homeroom for two semesters. Sports were of special interest. After gradu- ation Jim plans to enter Car- negie Instituie of Technology. GRACE ELAINE GROSSMAN Grace was an active member of Social Dancing, Non Swim- mers, and Usherettes Clubs. She was on both the Junior and Senior Prom Committees. She served on the Wah Hoo and Yearbook staffs. Due to her academic standing and many services, Grace was elected to National Honor Society. She plans to do secretarial work. Majorettes, Leaders, Band, and Tap Dancing Clubs, took up Sharon's time. She was on the Wah Hoo staff, and was secre- tary of her senior class. She was also in the orchestra, Variety Show, and Service Squad, and was elected to National Honor Society. She plans to be a FRANK ROBERT HOFFMAN Frank took an active part in the Wah Hoo Skits, and belonged to Chess Club and Marching Band. American Democracy and algebra were Frank's favorite subjects. After graduation he plans to become an interior-exterior decorator. MELVIN E. JORDAN Melvin belonged to Choir and Conditioning Clubs. He was a member of the All-City Orches- tra, the Pittsburgh Junior Sym- phony, and was also in the Allegheny Variety Show. His favorite subjects were sociology and English. Melvin plans to attend college. - ALMA JOANN KENT Alma belonged to Dancing, Auto Drivers, Usherettes, and College Clubs. She was the Wah Hoo statins Person to Per- son columnist, and was a Year- book Associate Editor. She was also a member of the National Honor Society. She plans to enter nurse's training. NORMA JEAN KETTERLE Norma was a member of Col- lege, Usherettes, and Dancing Clubs. She has been in the National Honor Society and on Service Squad. She was Editor of the Wah Hoo and an Associ- ate Yearbook Editor. She plans to attend college after gradua- tion. ROSE MARIE KARANZAS Rose belonged to Leaders and Choir Clubs and enjoyed par- ticipating in girls' sports. Her favorite subjects were physical education and math. She was once a homeroom vice-presi- dent. Rose plans to be a secre- tary after graduation. Diane has enjoyed partici- pating in the Social Dancing Club and was a member for four semesters. Her favorite subjects were history and Eng- lish. After graduation she plans RUTH MARILYN KENT Ruth was a member of Choir and Girls' Leaders Clubs. She has been on the Service Squad, and was on the Wah Hoo News staff. Her favorite subjects were English, math and gym. Ruth plans to work for the Bell Tele- phone Company after gradu- ation. Bob's favorite subjects while at Allegheny were chemistry and history. He enjoyed belonging to Chess Club at A. H. S. His sense of humor was well-known. Bob has no definite plans for after graduation from high THEODORE N. KRANIAK During his stay at Allegheny, Ted's favorite subjects were physical education and history. He belonged to Chess Club and enjoyed the game very much. Ted plans to enter the air force upon graduation from Alle- gheny. FLOYD EUGENE MILLER Floyd was a member of many senior dance committees, and his interest in dancing encour- aged him to join Social Dancing Club. His favorite subject was geometry. He hopes to further his education at night school upon graduation from Alle- JOAN ELLEN MCCLELLAND Joan was a member of the Wah Hoo staff and Social Dancing, Biology, and College Clubs. As a senior she became an usher- ette for Allegheny's Variety Show. She also served as her homeroom stamp salesman. Joan will become a stenogra- pher when she graduates. CLARENCE L. MILLER Clarence, known as "Bud" to all his friends, was a quiet boy who was always ready to help. Because of his avid interest in cars, "Bud" plans to become a mechanic when he graduates. While in school though, "Bud's" favorite subjects were math review and American Democracy. 'WW ERBLE D. MOORE Erble will be remembered by Allegheny students as being on the football, baseball and bas- ketball teams. He belonged to Conditioning, Choir and Col- lege Clubs. His favorite subject was physical education. He plans to enter college to study to be a physical education teacher. Mary Ann, with her friendly personality, will always be remembered as a rather quiet girl. She enjoyed crafts and his- tory While at Allegheny. Mary Ann Was a member of many intramural sports teams. She hopes to enter secretarial work LEONARD H. MOORE Len will always be remembered for his artistic ability. He was president of Art Club and Art Editor of the magazine and yearbook. He produced many very original dance advertise- ments, too. His favorite sub- jects were art and history. Len plans to continue his education for a career as an illustrator. DANIEL A. POWELL Dan was one of the more quiet and very friendly boys in the class. He especially enjoyed machine shop at Allegheny. During his senior year he was active on various dance com- mittees. Upon graduation, Dan plans to enter the air force. A ' T CAROL PRICE If ff: ' ' - Carol belonged to Allegheny's .V Choir for two and a half years, j ' r and also belonged to Choir . RONALD MUNDY Ronald could be seen marching with Allegheny's band at foot- ball games and parades. He was a member of Conditioning Club and also enjoyed belong- ing to Auto Driver's Club. Ron- ald plans to serve his country by entering the service upon graduation. Mary Rose was an active mem- ber of Alleghenyis orchestra and the magazine and yearbook staffs. She belonged to College and Girls' Leaders Clubs. Mary Rose enjoyed music and history while in school. She will further her education at college after Bernie was a very prominent figure at Allegheny. During his senior year, he was president of his class. He belonged to National Honor Society, Serv- ice Squad, Student Council and the Junior and Senior Prom Committees. His favorite sub- jects were physics and math. Bernie will enlist in the navy Club, Social Dancing Club and Service Squad. Her favorite subject was English. Carol will probably succeed in her job as receptionist with her friendly DANIEL ROBERT ROWDA While at Allegheny, Dan belonged to Student Council and Drama Club. During his senior year, he was a member of the Distributive Education Class. Dan's interest in law has persuaded him to enter Penn State as a student of law. SUZANNE CAROLE STROSNIDER Carole was a member of Major- ettes and Social Dancing Clubs at Allegheny. She enjoyed as her favorite subjects, English and choir. Carole likes singing very much and for that reason wishes to become a professional singer. 7l'. ' - JAMES R. TROXELL Jim especially enjoyed mechan- ical drawing and crafts while at Allegheny. Dance committees often took up some of Jim's time. He belonged to Social Dancing Club and Auto Driv- ers Club. Jim plans to enlist in the air force after graduation. 'f,.s,,.il-731k i7'1si g..f,,.,Lg'g., . ff,g.g:..q.',15gz 2 355 5 PATRICIA RUTH R , ' " VOLKMAN K K iffjgig During her stay at A. H. S. Pat 9 A ' belonged to Auto Drivers, Sew- 'F ,LLM ing, and Social Dancing Clubs. 21721 K' "" Her favorite subjects were , shorthand and transcription. , -, . e She served as homeroom secre- A V J 'W tary for a number of semesters. Z-' Pat plans to become a secretary after graduation. A t Sl - RICHARD J. VRANE Rich was an active member of Allegheny's stage crew. He enjoyed being a member of Social Dancing Club, and par- ticipated in many dance com- mittees. Woodshop and algebra proved to be Rich's favorite subjects. He plans to join the air force after graduation. i JOHN THOMAS During his stay at Allegheny, John participated in Art and Conditioning Clubs. John was also seen in the Christmas play. He particularly enjoyed his biology classes. John plans to enter the air force upon gradu- ation. MARGARET WAMBOLDT "Sis" was one of Allegheny's peppy marching majorettes. She also belonged to Social Dancing, Girls' Leaders and Tap Dancing Clubs. She par- ticularly enjoyed shorthand and transcription. Margaret will become a stenographer when she graduates. HELENE BARBARA WEISS Helene rated history as her favorite subject. She was a member of Majorettes and Social Dancing Clubs. During her senior year, Helene belonged to the Distributive Education Class of which she was elected vice president. After graduation Helene plans to enter the women's air force. --313. 'inf JOHN EDWARD WOODSON Iohn s favorite subjects at Alle- OTIS WESLEY, JR. Otis will be remembered as a star football and basketball player. He was chosen as our most valuable football player of the year. He participated in Allegheny's Choir Club and belonged to Sports Lecture Club. After his graduation, Otis plans to enter college. if vi. " ,M or 'aj l S., mga , 2 il SQ W X65 1 . z 5 R sf N 1 Q K is x 'N HH ,Went xhklsiii Jw Ywz... , gheny were art and choir. One of his paintings was exhibited all over the world. He belonged to Student Council and the Wah Hoo staff. John plans to enter the army when he graduates from Allegheny. SALLIE LOUISE MARY ELLEN YDREOS Mary Ellen was a very quiet, but active girl in her years at A. H. S. She was active in Sew- ing and Social Dancing Clubs. Mary Ellen particularly enjoyed shorthand and tran- scription, and for this reason she will enter business school upon graduation. PETERSON Q Sallie came to A. H. S. in her junior year. Being interested in ,1: sports, she joined Non-swim- -' mers Club and played after , school in the girls' sports tour- ' Q V naments. Sallie plans to enter ' a school to train to be a beau- f Heian- . . .... if . ., ,:: -',, er MARY ABINANTI Calm, cool, and collected are the three words which describe Mary. She was a familiar figure at Allegheny and could always be found in her spare time either at committee meetings or typing for the Wah Hoo in 105. She worked for both the yearbook and magazine staffs. Mary also served on the Junior and Senior Prom committees and was chairman of the Senior Dinner Dance committee. Her services to Allegheny were many and varied. She belonged to Service Squad and acted as an usherette for special events. In her last semester she played an important part in the senior class play and the Wah Hoo skits. Mary also found enjoyment as a mem- ber of the Social Dancing Club. In recognition of her many services and her high scholastic standing, she was elected to the National Honor Society. KATHERINE ANESTIS Pert and pretty Kathy was well liked by all her classmates. This was proven when the senior class chose her as their queen. Kathy,s services included usherettes, Serv- ice Squad and dance committees. She was not only a hard working member, but also acted as chairman of several of these dance committees. In her serving as an usher- ette she ushered at many of Alleghenyis special events. Kathy was very active in girls sports. She served as a member of the make-up crew for the senior class play. All of these services, along with her scholastic ability, enabled her to be elected to the National Honor Society. GRACE GROSSMAN Grace was always actively serving her classmates. Her honesty and dependa- bility were proven when she was intrusted with the office of treasurer. She was sec- retary of the Wah Hoo staff, and a typist and copywriter for the yearbook. Much of her originality was shown in the work she did as a member of the Junior and Senior Prom committees and the Senior Dinner Dance committee. Grace was an usher- ette, a member of the Service Squad, participated in the Wah Hoo Skits, was a member of Dancing Club, and also took part in the senior class play. Aside from all the services Grace rendered to Allegheny and her classmates, she devoted time enough to her studies to be a regular member of the honor roll and obtain member- ship to the National Honor Society. SHARON LEE KAPRUS Sharon with her cute looks and sparkling personality will long be remembered for the wonderful performance she gave as "Vicki,u the leading role in the senior class play. As co-head majorette, she performed at pep assemblies, home football games, and Wah Hoo rallies. Sharon not only aided the Wah Hoo by participating in the skits, but edited a column in it. Her little bits of colorful gossip made Snoop one of the best liked sections of the magazine. Her class realized her usefulness and elected her class secretary. She received her own enjoyment by being a member of both the Tap Dancing and Majorette Clubs. She was elected to National Honor Society, gave one of the commencement speeches, and was graduated from Alle- gheny with honor. 20 ALMA KENT Alma was well known for her red hair and willingness to help others at any task that needed to be done. Red, as she was called by her friends, devoted a great deal of time to the magazine and yearbook. She edited the Person to Person column for the magazine. Her contribution to the yearbook as associate editor was invaluable. Red's service to Allegheny did not end with her work on the magazine and yearbook staffs. She was a member of the Service Squad, participated in the Wah Hoo Skits and senior class play, and held several homeroom offices. Alma derived her enjoy- ment from Dancing Club, College Club, and girls' sports, for which she received a chenille A. In recognition of her high scholastic standing plus her many services she was elected to National Honor Society when a junior. NORMA JEAN KETTERLE Norma's live wit and initiative made her one of Allegheny,s top students. Much of her valuable time was spent as editor-in-chief of the Wah Hoo, and associate editor of the yearbook. A few of her clubs were Social Dancing, Auto Drivers, Col- lege and Usherettes. With so much time devoted to school activities, she still found time for her school studies. This was proven by the fact that she maintained a posi- tion on the honor roll during her entire stay at Allegheny. All of her staff work, leadership, and scholastic ability was rewarded by her being elected to the National Honor Society. LEONARD MOORE The work and ideas of Lenny, as his friends called him, can be found on the pre- vious and following pages of this yearbook and the one previous to it. He held the position of art editor on both the yearbook and magazine staffs. Drawing for the staffs did not summarize his services to Allegheny. He was elected president of the Art Club and in this capacity was called upon many times to make up posters an- nouncing dances, school clean up campaigns, and other projects worthy of adver- tising. He participated in the Wah Hoo Skits and was a member of Service Squad. On Awards Day, Lenny was deservingly awarded the Unselfish Service Award. In celebration of the Bicentennial, all of the Pittsburgh schools together published a booklet and the cover was designed by Lenny. BERNARD SWEGMAN Bernie was quiet, active, and friendly while at Allegheny. His classmates' con- fidence in his leadership was shown by electing him class president since entering here in tenth grade, also Senior A class president. He showed his planning ability while serving on the Junior and Senior Prom committees. A few of his clubs were Social Dancing, College and Service Squad. As president of his class he led many assemblies and as a member of National Honor Society he conducted the induction services of new members. Bernie maintained a high standing in leadership and spholarship at Allegheny and his class rewarded him by crowning him king of their c ass. 21 CLASS OF IUNE Class Officers Pictured are the class officers of the Graduating Class of June 1959 They are: Fred Augustyniak, presidentg Joanne Kappeler, secretary Jane Hibler, trea,sure1',' Darrell Bryant, vice president. 22 FREDERICK MICHAEL AMICONE Friendly Fred has played on Allegheny's football team. He has been a member of both the Conditioning Club and the Chess Club. Fredis main inter- est is his car, but in school his favorite subjects were chem- istry and English. Fred also acted in the Wah Hoo Skits. After graduation he plans to go into the navy. JUDY ANN ARMBRUSTER Judy participated in the Robed Choir. She has also been in the Auto Drivers and Tennis Clubs. Judy was a member of National Honor Society. Wah Hoo Skits and Y-Teens also took much of Judy's time. Her favorite subjects were crafts and typing. Judy plans to be married after graduation. f JANET PHYLLIS BAIERL Friendly Janet will long be re- membered for the fine job she did as head Cheerleader. Janet has also worked on the circu- lation staff of both the Wah Hoo and the Yearbook. An honor student, Janet was home room treasurer, and was elected to National Honor Society. Her future plans include going MARY SUSANNE ALLEN As a member of the Robed Choir, Sue sang at many assem- blies here at A.H.S. She was a member of the Cheerleaders and Social Dancing Club. Sue also participated in the Variety Show as an usherette. After graduation Sue is planning to study business machines. LOIS MARIE ANDRE Lois was one of Allegheny's quieter students. She was bet- ter known to her classmates as "Lo." While at Allegheny Lo belonged to the Social Dancing Club. In her spare time she en- joys reading. Among her favor- ite subjects were geometry and typing. After earning her high school diploma she plans to at- tend secretarial school. Ted has been very active at gf, g',. H A.H.S. He was in the Variety ' - 1 Show and also took part in the Wah Hoo Skits. His athletic ability earned a first string position for him on the basket- ball team. Ted was a member of Student Council and be- longed to Spanish Club. His post-graduation plans are in- FREDERICK EDWARD AUGUSTYNIAK Talented Fred has participated in many of Allegheny's activ- ities. He showed his singing ability in the Variety Show and his acting ability in the Wah Hoo Skits. Fred, who has been home room president for 3 years, was also king of the Spanish Fiesta. He is headed 23 for the Pitt School of Account- ing after graduation. As a marching majorette, Mar- ilyn could be seen performing at Allegheny's football games. Drama and Social Dancing Clubs were two of her favorites. Academically, Marilyn achieved the goal of becoming a National Honor Society member. She also participated in the Variety Show and Wah Hoo Skits. Marilyn's future includes a career in secretarial DALE ALAN BAILEY One of Allegheny's quieter students, Dale was in the Auto Drivers Club. History, wood- shop, and mechanical drawing were among Dalels favorite subjects. After graduation Dale plans to become an army engi- neer. THEODORE LEE BARCH Yir ' V .- 51 iff. 7 . H 53191 :Pi I GARY CLARK BARNES Being a member of the Social Dancing Club was one of Gary's activities during his three years at Allegheny. His favorite subjects were me- chanical drawing and algebra. Music-minded Gary hopes to make the grade as a profession- al drummer after graduation. f-f.- - , ..ff:,fwm SANDRA JANE BAUGHMAN Cute little Sandy was one of Allegheny's two co-head major- ettes. Besides being a member of the Social Dancing Club and the secretary of her homeroom, she found time to be in the Variety Show. Typing and shorthand, Sandy's favorite sub'ects should help her in her ALICE CHRISTINA BERGER As a member of the Marching Band Alice could be seen at all home games adding the tone of her clarinet to the festivities. Alice named history and chem- istry as her favorite subjects. Her future plans include secre- tarial work. EILEEN I. BEATTY Eileen has put her quick wit to use as literary editor of the Wah Hoo. A Service Squad member, Eileen was a member of the Yearbook staff and served on Student Council. Eileen's favorite subjects were English and history. She plans to Work after graduation. J Q future job as a secretary. ARVIDS BISERS Arvids has been a member of the Social Dancing Club. The Auto Drivers Club and the Wah Hoo Skits also claimed Arvids' time. His favorite sub- jects were crafts and English. After graduation Arvids plans to enter the armed services. s"f :Q . .....a.m.. ,..: ef' CHARLES BECK 1 BEVERLIE CONSTANCE Friendly Chuck was vice presl- BLACKWELL dent of the Student Council The orchestra would not have 1 .I H and a member of-the All C1tY been the same without the i f . if - Collneil- A National Honor music of Beverlie's violin. As a 'i Society lnernberg Chuck Was member of the orchestra she Q' f , ,, . also in Automation class. I-Ie has played for many activities, I 5 - If "'i' ." s-'.,L 4 . played the Frenen Horn ln Phe including the Variety Show. I ' ' 1.- l i 1 band- He Was 3 literary Wrlter Beverlie's favorite subjects , s-L.-- f . - -:::21:: ',-"" ,ig for the Wah Hoo. Hrs future were Shorthand and transcrip- ::. ,. ..-r 2 "i'-. Q Plans are to Obtain af degree ln tion. She plans to do clerical Z' 'i" f" ' W4 3, L engineering- work after graduation. K .. ywg... k,'.,' siliezis MARY ANN BOELKY Mary Ann was very interested in secretarial work. Her favor- ite subjects were shorthand and transcription. These subjects should be a great help to her, as she is planning to become a private secretary. STANLEY CHRISTOPHER enlef eeeefen BEHON A cjca Stan was an active member of the Social Dancing Club and if was also in the Conditioning ' ' l Club- He Chose mechanical -z o drawing and woodshop as his ' most interesting subjects. An f i gff122-Qjp.Q1 adept accordion player, Stan A i'f1?2f:Q--Q, hopes to become a professional A K sz' k ' accordionist after he graduates. 59 -,.V ,,: J , esec EVELYN BELANSKY Evie was one of Allegheny's cute Cheerleaders. During her three years at Allegheny she has been in both the Wah Hoo Skits and the Variety Show. Evie was also her homeroom Wah Hoo representative. She plans to become a stenographer before getting married. LEONARD M. BORAS Len has served as homeroom president and a member of Stu- dent Council. As "Big Chief Wah Hoo," Allegheny's mas- cot, he has appeared at all our football games. He was a Sports writer for the Wah Hoo. Social Dancing Club was another of Len's activities. He plans to study engineering at college. RAMONA BRAMMER Besides being a high stepping majorette, Ramona has served on the circulation staff of the Wah Hoo. Drama Club, Tap Dancing Club, and the Wah Hoo Skits took the rest of Ramona's time. Nursing school will claim Ramona after gradu- ation. RONALD ANTHONY BRISKEY Ronald's activities here at Alle- gheny included Social Dancing Club. He has also served as a Wah Hoo Representative and homeroom treasurer. Mechan- ical drawing and art were the subjects that appealed most to Ron. After graduation he plans to take up mechanical engi- neering. PANOREA BOURIS Perky Penny has served as cir- culation manager of the Year- book and Wah Hoo staffs. She was in Dancing Club, Girls' Leaders Club, and on Service Squad. She acted in the Wah Hoo Skits and was a member of the National Honor Society. Penny plans to enter the nurs- ing profession when she gradu- ates. Sandra, known as "Sandy," enjoyed Allegheny very much. She was only here one year as she transferred from West View High. Her favorite classes were English and history. "Sandy" plans to attend business school ROSEMARY BRAMMER Rosemary's many activities included the Wah Hoo Skits. As a member of the Tap Danc- ing Club, she performed in the Variety Show. Junior Achieve- ment, Dancing Club and Drama Club occupied the rest of Rosemary's time. Rosemary plans to become a writer or a secretary. Eleanor, along with her clari- net, could be seen marching with the band at all home foot- ball games. She was a member of the Auto Drivers and Social Dancing Clubs. Her favorite subjects were geometry, Latin, and sewing. The nursing pro- fession will probably claim Eleanor when she graduates. FRANK WILLIAM BRITTNER, III Frank has taken an interest in the Wah Hoo and Yearbook by being the business manager. Frank's other interests were Chess, Biology, and Social Dancing Clubs. He was a Wah Hoo Representative and a member of the Junior Prom Committee. Frank plans to study electronics in the air - 25 Congenial Jack was elected to the offices of Student Council and homeroom presidents. He was the sports editor of the Wah Hoo. On the baseball field Jack could be seen playing in the outfield. He was a member of the All-City Council and National Honor Society. VVhile in Allegheny he performed in the Variety Show. Jack plans force after he graduates DARRELL KENNETH BRYANT Along with being quarterback of Allegheny's football team, Darrell also managed to earn a letter in basketball. He belonged to Conditioning Club and Social Dancing Club. Dar- rell also participated in the Variety Show and the Wah Hoo Skits. He plans to enter the air force after he graduates. JANET LEE BUSCH While a member of the Tap Dancing Club, Janet performed in the Variety Show. Her other activities included participa- tion in the Wah Hoo Skits. She also enjoyed the Cheerleaders and Social Dancing Clubs. Be- sides this, Janet was amember of the Wah Hoo staff. She plans to attend business school. ? "ml ' " -A ROBERT SAMUEL CAMMARATA Bob transferred to A. H. S. from North Catholic at the beginning of his senior year. At Allegheny he joined Social Dancing Club. His favorite subject was history. Bob's hob- bies include cars and football. After graduation he plans to enter the Marine Corps. NELSON CLARK Nelson was known to many Allegheny students for his sense of humor. Nelson spent his sen- ior year working half a day and going to school half a day. In his junior year Nelson was a member of Allegheny's Robed Choir. His main interest out- side of school is guns. He plans to continue working after grad- uation. SUSAN CERNY Sue has long been an active member of the Social Dancing Club. While in speech class she performed in the Wah Hoo Skits. Chess Club was another of Sue's activities. English, her favorite subject, may help her in her future job as a real estate agent. PATRICIA ANN COE Pat was a member of the Auto Drivers, Drama, and Spanish Clubs. She also obtained mem- bership in the National Honor Society. Her services included Wah Hoo Representative, Stamp Salesman, Visual Aids, and homeroom treasurer. Pat plans to become an elementary math teacher. JOHN WILLIAM CHIOCCA While in Allegheny John was a member of the Social Dancing and the Chess Clubs. As a member of the Chorus Club John put his voice to good use. English and geometry were John's favorite subjects. His future includes joining the air force. GERTRUDE CORBETT Known as Allegheny's budding artist, Gertrude was an active participant in the Art Club. Her brush helped make many signs seen around Allegheny. Her favorite subject was art followed by history and sewing. Gertrude plans to become an artist. DENNIS EDWARD CLADY Dennis has taken an active interest in the Visual Aids Club. He was also in the Drama Club and the Wah Hoo Skits. The Social Dancing Club was another of Dennis's interests. His favorite subjects were chemistry and mechanical drawing. Dennis plans to become a maintenance man for I. B. M. after graduation. JOSEPHINE ANN COWLEY Josephine was known to all her friends as "Josie.U She spent her senior year in D. E. Class. Her favorite interest outside of school was dancing. Josie plans to continue her job at Jonas- son's after graduation. ABBIE JEANNETTE CLAPPERTON Smiling Abbie was an active member of the Girls' Leaders Club. Her favorite subjects were shorthand and transcrip- tion. Abbie will undoubtedly find them useful in her future secretarial work. VVILLIAM A. CRAVEN Bing enjoyed speech, and took part in the Wah Hoo Skits. He enjoyed Social Dancing, Auto Drivers and Drama Clubs while in school. Bing's favorite activ- ity was dancing, and he could be seen at many of Allegheny's dances. After graduation he plans to join the coast guard. GWENDOLYN DAVIS Gwen has shown her talents in the Wah Hoo Skits. Among her interests were Sewing Club and Spanish Club. Gwen listed his- tory and sewing as her favorite subjects. After graduation she plans to become an elementary school teacher. FRANK DENNLER Frank was another student who came to Allegheny from North Catholic in his senior year. He enjoyed being a member of our Social Dancing Club and liked his mechanical drawing and chemistry classes best. After graduation he would like to enter the Held of drafting. BARBARA ANN CUNNINGHAM Along with being on the Wah Hoo News Staff, Barbara was the advertising manager of the yearbook. She was secretary of her homeroom and a member of the Tennis Club. Being con- sistently on the honor roll, she was elected to National Honor Society. She is planning to go on to college. EILEEN M. DAY Eileen was an active member of Auto Drivers and Chess Clubs during her three years at Alle- gheny. She said that she had enjoyed her typing and cooking classes most. After graduation Eileen plans to get a position doing ofiice work. VIRGINIA DIXON Virginia was one of Allegheny's quieter students. "Jinnie" enjoys reading in her leisure time. She listed math as her favorite subject. Her future plans include college. BERNICE ANN DRECHSEL Bernice will be well remem- bered for her graceful acrobatic routines in the Variety Shows. She enjoyed participating in after school sports, too. Bernice made use of her favorite sub- ject, typing, by typing for the Wah Hoo. Her future includes office work and a career in dancing. is ess iecgee e.f,l.. 2 sfo LINDA EGGERS Linda made many friends dur- ing her stay at Allegheny. She was a member of Majorettes Club and Dancing Club, as well as the Service Squad. After graduation she plans to become a stenographer. MARILYN LOUISE FAVERS Marilyn served as vice presi- dent of All-City Girls' Leaders and president of the Allegheny Chapter. She sang in the Vari- ety Show with the "Tri Teens." In her leisure time Marilyn pre- ferred to participate in sports and to make use of her speech ability. She also enjoyed sing- ing with the school choir. HOWARD CHARLES EBERT Howard had a very active three years at Allegheny. He belonged to Band, Drama, and Chess Clubs. His services included being homeroom pres- ident and being on the Wah Hoo staff. The school baseball team used him as a catcher. After graduation he intends to enter the coast guard then become an architectural drafts- man. NANCY GAYL EWIN G Nancy was the first and only girl to take automation at Alle- gheny. Among the many clubs Nancy participated in were Tennis, Visual Aids, and Girls' Leaders. She also served as assistant editor of the Wah Hoo. In the future Nancy plans to attend college. ...-. er.. .,.f M.. MARLENE M. FAVERS Marlene was one of Allegheny's Distributive Education stu- dents. Marlene enjoyed cooking classes very much and helped the cooking teacher plan the luncheons and dinners. Among her activities were Chess Club, Non-Swimmers Club, Girls' Leaders, and Orchestra. Busi- ness school is in Marlene's future. RICHARD EDWIN GERST Richard was very active in all phases of activities at Alle- gheny. Dick was known on the football and swimming teams. He was a member of Dancing, College, Condition- ing, and Swimming Clubs. After graduation Dick intends to enter college. LAWRENCE FILKOSKI Lawrence had an active three years at Allegheny. He was a member of Social Dancing and Band Clubs. Larry also took part in the Wah Hoo Skits in the llth grade. After gradua- tion he is planning to enter the navy. s 5 ii at . . Q 3 an K f ,ji 5 X gg , , U, . . . . j,,,,,,?.i,5g gas 1355. M x Q '-V L r' va N FRANCES B. GIBSON Frances was a member of Alle- gheny's Distributive Education Class. While at Allegheny Fran participated in many clubs, such as: Tennis, Chorus, and Social Dancing. She was a member of the Robed Choir. Outside of school Fran enjoyed all sports. After graduation she plans to continue working at McCrorys. JOHN C. FLINNER John played for the orchestra and belonged to Auto Drivers Club. His favorite subject was history. Outside of school John spent his time at his job and working on his car. After grad- uation he intends to enlist in the navy. JOHN WILBERT GIERL John enjoyed mechanical draw- ing and math as his favorite classes. One of the clubs he par- ticipated in was Chess Club. Included in John's immediate future is the desire to become a draftsman. ELMER CONRAD GASSNER Elmer was on Allegheny's base- ball team at first base and as pitcher. Elmer, known as "Buddy,', was a member of Social Dancing and Auto Driv- ers Clubs. In his spare time, he attended Heinz House and Troy Hill Recreation Center. His favorite subjects were physics and mechanical draw- NANCY ANN GONCAR Nancy has enjoyed her stay at Allegheny as she showed in her active participation in Major- ettes, Cheerleaders, and Tap Dancing Clubs, Bookkeeping and English were among her favorite subjects. She plans to work for the Bell Telephone Company after graduation. ing. Miles? A r a d i i 1 . - , fq 5' ' 'L A - T. je . K . 5 ...pggfj ,, ,- ' Br iar-ifi-,Q - B -5, ROBERT PAUL GEETING Robert enjoyed participating in the Distributive Education Class in the twelfth grade. Bob was also a member of Auto Drivers Club. Among his favor- ite subjects were mechanical dra.wing and geometry. Bob intends to enter the service in the future. FRANCIS JOHN GONDELL Francis entered Allegheny as a 12B from North Catholic. Fran, as he is better known, served as Stamp Salesman alld was on the advertising staff of Wah Hoo. Among his favorite subjects were mechanical draw- ing and bookkeeping. After graduation Fran plans to enlist in the army. MATTHEW N. GUARINO Matt was an active member of the Band Club and Swimming Team. He especially enjoyed speech class at Allegheny. Because of his interest in music, Matt plans to become a pro- fessional musician. ELAINE MARIE HAYES Elaine took the commercial course and enjoyed typing and foods. Elaine was a member of Cheerleaders, Tennis and Girls' Leaders Clubs. She also enjoyed helping to sell the Wah Hoo by being in the Wah Hoo Skits. In the future she plans to train at Irwin Ave. Voca- tional School to become a food supervisor in a hospital. KMALIJL vi fo. "T J SANDRA LEE HEFRIGHT Sandra, better known as Sandy, is one of Allegheny's proud marching majorettes. Sandy was secretary of her Latin class and president of her homeroom. She also enjoyed being part of the Variety Show and Wah Hoo Skits. In the future Sandy intends to become an airline JAMES W. GRIESER James especially enjoyed his bookkeeping class and was an active member of the Dancing Club, while at Allegheny. His interest in sports led him to attend many of the football games. Working on automo- biles took up his spare time. When James graduates, he plans to enlist in the marines. JOANNE THERESA HARPER Joanne, known as "Jo," played a part in the Christmas Play "Little Women." English and gym were her favorite subjects. Among the clubs she joined before entering the Distributive Education Class were Social Dancing and Drama. Jo's future plans are to enter the retailing field. Irene enjoyed most of her classes at Allegheny especially gym and Latin classes. "Rene" participated in Majorettes Club. Distributive Education was a large part of her senior year. After graduation she intends to enlist in the air force. MAXINE HEARD KATHLEEN ELIZABETH Maxine was one of our high stepping majorettes. For two semesters she served as secre- tary of Girls' Leaders Club. Among her other activities were Service Squad, Variety Show, and Wah Hoo StaH. In the future Maxine intends to train I to become a surgical nurse. Kathy will be remembered by all students for her Record Column in the Wah Hoo, and for her oflice as Student Coun- cil Secretary. Kathy managed to find time for the Junior Prom Committee, Social Dancing Club, and Service Squad. She Was elected to National Honor 29 Society, Kathy plans to enter WILLIAM HELT Bill was a friend of many of the students at Allegheny. He liked woodshop and machine shop better than any of his other classes. Bill plans to enlist in the army after he leaves Alle- gheny. JANE HIBLER Jane served her homeroom as treasurer, secretary, and vice president, and enjoyed partici- pation in Biology and Dancing Clubs. Of all her classes Jane preferred typing. She will make use of her typing in the future as she plans to become a secre- tary. I M M """W"'9WW DANIEL G. HOLECY Daniel played bass violin in the school orchestra. He also acted as homeroom president. Danc- ing Club and Wah Hoo skits were enjoyed very much by Dan. Biology and chemistry were his favorite subjects. After graduation Dan plans to enter college. PATRICIA KADER Pat was an active member of the Art Club for two years. She listed crafts as one of her favor- ite subjeets, because she enjoyed working with her hands. Pat's future plans after graduating include marriage. JAMES F. HOPKINS James served his homeroom as both president and Wah Hoo representative. He was an active member of Student Council, and the Social Dancing Club. Besides these activities, James also served on the Junior Prom Committee.The navy will prob- ably claim James as a jet mechanic. SHIRLEY ANN KALBAUGH Shirley enjoyed her speech and English classes very much. She listed her clubs as Social Danc- ing and Drama. Shirley took part in the Wah Hoo skits, and has taken dramatic lessons at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. She hopes to continue in dramatics after graduation. WILLIAM E. ILGENFRITZ VVilliam was one of Alleghenyls automation students. Billis fa- vorite subjects were physics and automation. In past semesters Bill was a member of College Club, Swimming Club, and homeroom vice president. Di- planning to enter college. JOANNE LEE KAPPELER Joanne received the well- earned honor of being elected to National Honor Society in 1lA. Among the many activi- ties she participated in were business secretary of the Wah Hoo, College Club, Tap Danc- ing Club, and the Variety Show. Joanne's future includes work as a private secretary or receptionist. W R . C . - 4 rectly after graduation Bill is ada ,X W is Esta '11, sg? es? .f Q 55 nz E ' 3 EDWARD E. JESEK Edward was a member of Alle- gheny's football team and a member of Conditioning Club. Ed, as he is usually called, likes to spend his leisure time at Cowley Recreation Center where he participates in many sports. In the future Ed plans to enter the coast guard and to DONALD KARANZAS Don enjoyed his part in helping to sell the Wah Hoo by being part of the Wah Hoo skits. Among his clubs were Dancing and Chess. Of all his subjects Don liked speech best. In the future Don will enlist in the air force. if ' ' 12-.iyfaw -X later attend college. K' f .1 ,. ,K R' 5 H L 5 . F ,iv 2 5 -mm P? sawing 'K sw Wage-.agl .. 'K RICHARD MICHAEL KACZMAREK "Kaz," as he was better known, was one of Allegheny's quieter students. He was a member of Social Dancing Club. His fa- vorite subject was math. Out- side of school he collects coins and stamps and works on cars. Entering the service is included after graduation. ARLENE DIANA KARNER Arlene was one of our Distrib- utive Education students dur- ing her senior year and could always be found somewhere on the second floor. She worked after school at Wyman's Phar- macy and after graduation she plans to continue working there. RICHARD E. KELLO Richard has gained many new friends while at Allegheny. He had good times in the Social Dancing Club and liked his algebra and history classes best. He plans to enter the air force after graduation. RONALD KUTCHER Ronald was one of Allegheny's home-bound students, who received his diploma in the commercial course. He worked on the Home School Reporter in his spare time. Ronald's fa- vorite subjects were history and bookkeeping. His future plans are to continue his schooling. FREDERICK JAMES LEWIS Frederick enjoyed his stay at Allegheny very much, even though he entered as a 12B from North Catholic. He was known to most students by his nickname Fred. The classes he enjoyed most were American History and English. After graduation Fred hopes to have his own stamp business. IRENE KILANTONIS Irene maintained a positionon P ,H 1 the Honor Roll, yet she parga- s 1 pated in many activities. e ,V 'J was a stamp collector and one of our energetic majorettes. 53" 'L Spanish and Majorettes Clubs . 4. ,,t. fig were enjoyed by her. Irene ii-E'1fVVfi'Q.'E intends to further her education :gp .i eyy.. by attending a business school. I., '.p- ig., gjivpifi. V .. M I in 771 i Q, ff' r' 2 . - 'M if xi JOYCE ANN KINDER Joyce listed shorthand and his- tory as her most-enjoyed sub- jects. She entered Allegheny as an eleventh grader. Her plans after graduation are to enter the secretarial field. JOSEPH LOVERTI Joseph, better known as Joe, liked chemistry and history. Joe was an active member of Dancing Club and Chess Club. He played in the Marching Band and Orchestra. Joe was also a member of the D. E. Class. After graduation he plans to enlist in the navy to study electronics. MARLENE R. KIRIN Marlene's favorite subjects were art and biology. During her stay at Allegheny, she was a member of Cheerleaders Club, Tennis Club and Art Club. Marlene also took part in the Wah Hoo skits in her senior year. After graduation she would like to enter the business field. WILLIAM JAMES LUFF EY William, better known as "Luf'f," enjoyed being a mem- ber of Allegheny's Robed Choir. His favorite subjects were chemistry, English and Ameri- can Democracy. In and out of school Luff's keen sense of humor is known by all of his friends. His future plans include the armed forces. ALPHONSE LOUIS KOVACIK Alphonse, or "Buddy,l' as he is called by his friends, came to Allegheny in his senior year. Because of his interest in sports, you could always find him at Allegheny's football and basketball games, cheering our boys to victory. Buddy is inter- ested in cars. He plans to attend college. WILLIAM JOSEPH LUKITSCH William was a member of Alle- gheny's football team for three years. He did a fine job as the Junior Ball Chairman and was vice president of his home- room. Bill was also a member of the Conditioning Club and served on the stage crew. His future plans include college or the service. MARY CHARLOTTE MANOS Mary's greatest honor came to her in her junior year when she became a member of the National Honor Society. Besides serving on both the Yearbook and Wah Hoo staffs, Chickie was a member of the Spanish Club and was vice president of her homeroom. Mary plans to make teaching her career. JANICE I. MAURER Janice's aim is to attend nurs- ing school after graduation. She belonged to the Biology Club and Chess Club and also served as her homeroom's stamp salesman. Janice chose history as her favorite subject. ANTHONY MAIHAN Anthony was his homeroom's vice president and a frequent member of the honor roll. Tony really enjoyed being in the Wah Hoo skits and liked history and gym classes best. After gradu- ation he would like to attend a business school and then go into the service. Lawrence joined Chess Club and Band Club. "Larry" was vice president of his homeroom, and played the clarinet in the Orchestra and Marching Band. Among his favorite subjects he included English and speech. In the future Larry would like to enter college to become an DOLORES MARTIN Dolores was an active member of both the Majorettes Club and the Girls' Leaders Club. Since speech was her favorite subject she enjoyed partici- pating in the Wah H00 skits. After graduation she plans to be married. Carol worked hard at Alle- gheny to prepare herself for a career as a bookkeeper. She spent much of her time serving on different committees in her homeroom and enjoyed taking part in the Wah Hoo skits in VINCENT S. MAZZA Vince was a member of Alle- gheny's football team and a member of the Conditioning Club. He also enjoyed being a member of the Social Dancing Club. Vince chose mechanical drawing and history as his fa- vorite subjects. After graduation he plans to enter the service. Charles enjoyed taking part in the Wah Hoo skits in his senior year. He was an active member of the Chess Club and spent his most enjoyed class hours in his- tory. After graduation, he plans SANDRA ELAINE McCULLOCH Sandy was another member of the Service Squad. The class that she enjoyed most at Alle- gheny was English. Sandy plans to enter the business field after graduation. THOMAS E. MCGREGOR Tom's keen interest in sports led him to become a member of Allegheny's baseball team. Outside of school he liked to play basketball. Tom listed his favorite subjects as Spanish and physics. After graduation he would like to become a con- struction worker. N rxjgr CLINTON F. McKERNAN Clinton, known to all his friends as "Jerry" has enjoyed belonging to the Social Dancing Club and the Conditioning Club. He also served as his homeroom's vice president and participated in the Wah Hoo skits. Clint liked speech and algebra better than his other subjects. His future plans may include the marines. BESSIE HOPE MILLER Hope, a late comer to Alle- gheny, could usually be seen on the fourth floor. Shorthand and English were her favorite sub- jects, while art and drawing took up much of her leisure time. After graduation she plans to enter a business school and then the secretarial field. wmmwmmaimmmaaauamavxmsmwmazawamais-M Y GEORGE WILLIAM McKEE Being editor of our yearbook kept George busy at all times, but he still managed to serve on the Wah Hoo staff and be an active member of the Con- ditioning Club. In his senior year, George took advantage of Allegheny's automation class. After graduation he plans to study engineering. After graduating from Alle- gheny, Mary plans to work, attend business school, and then marry. Her favorite sub- jects were English and choir. Mary also enjoyed being a member of the Choir Club and the Distributive Education LOIS F. MEDINGER Lois has served as her home- room's secretary for three semesters. Besides belonging to the Chess Club, she also was a member of the Service Squad. Lois chose English and short- hand as her favorite subjects. After graduation she plans to be married or to enter the busi- nessv field. Katina, known to all as "Tina," enjoyed being a member of Allegheny's excellent orchestra. Besides this, she was a member of the Band Club and the Social Dancing Club. "Tina,' also took part in the Wah Hoo skits in her senior year. She would like to become a beautician BARBARA JEAN MISIAK Barbara was a member of the Movie Club and Art Club while attending Allegheny. She en- joyed her bookkeeping, chem- istry and craft classes more than her other classes. Barbara would like to work for the Bell Tele- phone Company as an operator after graduation. While in Allegheny, pretty Nedra was a member of the Service Squad. She also enjoyed participating in the College Club and Social Dancing Club. Her favorite subjects included bookkeeping and sewing. After she graduates, Nedra would like to attend a business school. JAMES C. MOOK Jim enjoyed his machine shop and chemistry classes more than any others. He made many friends during his three years at Allegheny. He plans to enter the armed forces upon graduating. TERESA MROCZKOWSKI Teresa is known to all for the wonderful job she did as head majorette. Terry's other activi- ties included Majorettes Club, Social Dancing Club and Serv- ice Squad. In her senior year, she served as her homeroom's vice president. She chose crafts as her favorite subject. After graduation Terry plans to attend business school. JEAN F. PAVLIS Jean was president of her home- room in her sophomore and sen- ior years. Among the clubs that she was a member of, were Spanish Club, Cheerleaders Club, and Tap Dancing Club. Jean also was a constant mem- ber of the honor roll, which led to her becoming a member of National Honor Society. Her ambition is to become a teacher. JOHN A. PRIBIK To keep fit for Alleghenyis ter- rific football team, Jack was a constant member of the Condi- tioning Club. Outside of school he was a member of Sarah Heinz House for ten years. Jack has enjoyed his mechanical drawing classes better than any others, and would like to enter the army after gradua- tion. PARKS M. OSSMAN Parks was another student who took advantage of Allegheny's D. E. class in his senior year. He was a member of the Social Dancing Club, and enjoyed his history and art classes the most. After graduation he plans to work for the Post Office. CLIFFORD A. QUIGLEY Splash! There goes CliPf, a member of our swimming team. While in Allegheny, Cliff belonged to the Band and Social Dancing Club. He was in the Wah Hoo skits, and enjoyed speech class. Upon graduating, Cliff plans to join GREGORY PEREZ, JR. Gregory, known to all as "Greg," will perhaps be best remembered for the fine job he did on Allegheny's baseball team. He spends many of his after school hours at Heinz House, where he has been a member for four years. After graduation, Greg would like to attend a technical school to prepare for his career as a draftsman. Diane enjoyed being a member of the Distributive Education class during her senior year. She was a member of the Social Dancing Club and the Cheer- leaders Club. Diane liked his- tory and English better than any of her other subjects. She plans to do office work after Besides belonging to both Drama Club and Girls' Leaders Club, Lynn participated in the Wah Hoo skits, and worked on the Wah Hoo Staff. During her senior year she was elected to National Honor Society. Out- side of school she was very active in the Y. F. C. Club. Speech and English were Lynn's favorite subjects. After graduation she plans to attend a nurses' college and then go on JAY LAWRENCE PRIDGEON, JR. Larry will always be remem- bered for the fine job he did on Alleghenyls football team. He also participated in the Wah Hoo skits and was a member of the Marching Band and Con- ditioning Club. After gradua- tion Larry plans to enter college and study business adminis- tration. EVALYN REIF Evalyn, known to all her class- mates as "Eve,,' was a member of the Distributive Education class in her senior year. During her three years at Allegheny, Eve was a member of thc Majorettes Club, and in the Girls' Leaders Club. After grad- uation she plans to become a salesgirl. JAN GEORGE RICHTER Although Jan was a very quiet person, l1e gained many friends during his three years at Alle- gheny. He was another one of the students who really enjoyed taking part in the Wah Hoo skits. Jan was a member of the Chess Club, and has been col- lecting old coins as a hobby. f2ik:1-QE31iU'2L'i6dGszH , L , lag: -4, v a. 5 1 .f 5? X is-7 3-f 1, j 4 ti L . 4 .Wig it r1ee?:fzi22Ysii'wgLt' fr '-. is 1 ii lids si -. K-2' ti ,ggi 5 Q gi M352 Q L 5 1 I :QL if xx , GERALD JOHN ROPER Gerald, known to everyone as "Chook,'y was another one of Allegheny's outstanding foot- ball players. Besides having been a member of Conditioning Club and Drama Club he was both president and vice pr dent of his homeroom. In junior year he enjoyed partici- pating in Allegheny's Variety Show. After graduation "Chook" plans to join the ma- rines. DOROTHY ANN SADOWSKI "Dot,, was a member of Robed Choir for two years, and took part in many of our assem- blies. She was a member of Choir Club. Her favorite s jects were English and book- keeping. Being a salesgirl takes up her spare time, and after graduation she hopes to enter business college. FRANK RODRIGUES No one will ever forget the wonderful job Frank did on Allegheny's football team. Since he enjoyed speech class so much, he was happy to partici- pate in the Wah Hoo Skits. After graduation he plans to enter the service. esi- his HARRY A. RUCKEL During his three years at Alle- gheny, Harry was an active member of the Chess Club, Bi- ology Club, and the Social Dancing Club. He was also kept busy serving on different committees in his homeroom. After graduation Harry would like to enter the field of I.B.M. Olll' the ub- CLARENCE E. SCHAFER Clarence was a well known fig- ure in Allegl1eny's fine March- ing Band, Visual Aids and So- cial Dancing Clubs. He was Wah Hoo representative for his homeroom. A member of the Naval Reserves now, he plans to enter the navy after graduating. "Bill" will long be remembered for his quiet attitude and pleas- ant smile. He enjoyed art and biology class, and in the future hopes to become a jazz musi- cian. Immediately upon grad- uating he would like to attend the J uliard Music College in John will always be remem- bered for his outstanding work in English class, and for his fine personality. Art and Spanish were two of his activities, and English and history were his favorite subjects. His plans in- "A. G." was president of the Distributive Education class during his senior year at Alle- gheny. His favorite subjects were art and English. He plans to enter the retailing business JOANN MARGARET SCHOEPPNER Joanne will always be remem- bered for her wonderful person- ality, and for being a cheerlead- er. Drama, Dancing and Cheer- leading Clubs kept her busy most of the time. She held sev- eral class offices, and partici- pated in the Wah Hoo Skits and the Junior Prom Commit- tee. Secretarial work and busi- ness school are included in her plans after graduation. ANNA MARIE SEMINELLI Anna Marie was a member of the Distributive Education class, and works at McCrory,s Five and Ten. She was a mem- ber of the Non-Swimmers, Sew- ing and Tennis Clubs, and her favorite subjects were history and sewing. She plans to con- tinue saleswork after gradua- tion. .realy V, 35595995925 5"D'93gK'Em'D1Opo :gvh,.....,, ...ED-02 D-,lg-gn-QNFDPF' Q42---v-:wUQmQ4mwE fe an SME' E'-Qgswfbii 55gQ,Q.5-oz:-'FU 5'g':0S-' 535' Z qq9'G5'fDgg5f:: P g'.3"cu mmgdm Dj : . D' .rm me-Eagle? is-ms-S9 :ro-I mor-'-'-'wp -4 'D--Q4 ITF" Co 0 cum Eaisssf-E rn- :I-n ,O EFQQSEFE MARJORIE ANN SOMMERS Margie is one of the quieter students from Allegheny, and a very pleasant person to know. She has been a member of Y-Teens, Non-Swimmers, and Sewing Clubs. Her favorite subjects were shorthand and typing. After graduation she plans to enter the secretarial field. DANIEL EDWARD SMITH Danny will best be remem- bered for his outstanding swim- ming ability, which he dis- played as a member of our swimming team for two years. He has been a member of Stu- dent Council ever since enter- ing Allegheny. After gradua- tion Danny would like to enter college. s Q . P :, P if K REGINA VICTORIA SPEHAR "Jeanie" has been seen in many different activities at Alle- gheny, including the Wah Hoo Skits. She has also been a mem- ber of Cheerleaders, Y-Teens, Majorettes and Auto Drivers Clubs. Her favorite subjects were shorthand and transcrip- tion. After graduating she hopes to enter the business world. LAWRENCE J. SMITH Lawrence came to Allegheny in his senior year, but he gained many friends in that short time. Since Larry was a mem- ber of North Catholic's basket- ball team, he became very in- terested in our fine team. He listed chemistry and history as his favorite subjects. Larryis future plans possibly will in- clude the navy. FERNETTE FLORENCE STACKLIN "Fern" has been one of our fine vocalists in the Robed Choir while here at Allegheny, and has participated in the Wah Hoo Skits. Y-Teens, Auto Drivers, and Tennis Clubs, and being homeroom treasurer have taken up much of her time. She enjoyed geometry and English especially, and wants to enter nurses, training after gradua- tion. PATRICIA KATHLEEN SNYDER Pat will be remembered by many Allegheny students for her fine acting job in the Christmas play. Besides acting, she also enjoyed Social Danc- ing Club. Pat is headed for Dufi"s Business School, fol- lowed by stenographic work, after graduation. In her senior year, Pat could be found in the Distributive Education class. CAROLYN SUE STARCHER Carol, one of our quieter stu- dents at Allegheny, took an in- terest in secretarial work, her favorite subject being tran- scription. Upon graduating she plans to enter the service or the secretarial field. JOHN EUGENE SOLTSICK, JR. "Snook" as his friends know him best, took a great interest in art while at Allegheny. His favorite subjects included art and mechanical drawing and he enjoyed ice skating as a hobby. College is included in his im- mediate future. LORETTA MAE STEINMETZ Loretta was a fine student at Allegheny, and has been a member of many different clubs, including our orchestra. She belonged to Social Danc- ing, Auto Drivers, College and Girls' Leaders Clubs. Among her favorite subjects, were his- tory and physics. Upon gradu- ating she plans to enter college for nurses' training. DOROTHY JEAN STEWART "Dot" was one of our quieter students, but was quite active after school at the Community House, where she worked and spent most of her evenings par- ticipating in different sports. Her favorite subject was Eng- lish, and her future plans in- clude going to college, and be- coming an English teacher. ffssissifsisy 'evans --.sfez1m1arm7s , .,,.., Q...-a,.a.a '45 RAYMOND MICHAEL 'W if ii STINGER . as M aaisiieq -aww .me eggs so BERNARD PATRICK STEIN "Bernie" was a well-known fig- ure on the football Held and at school. Besides football, he has been a member of the baseball and basketball teams, and par- ticipated in the Golden Gloves Tournament for two years. He has been in the Spanish and Conditioning Clubs, and his plans after graduation include college and more athletics. WILLIAM JOSEPH SUKITCH "Bill," as he was best known, had a great interest in sports. He was a member of the Heinz House, where he played basket- ball. His favorite subject was mechanical drawing. Joining the air force is what he plans after graduation. Raymond, who is known to . , .. K, :awe , a..-V.. . . everyone as Ray, was a pitcher ' ig' ' sffs 'n for Allegheny's baseball team ,swf f-f-f 3 ...aa ge ' i Zigi " 315355 , Hg, H for two seasons. Sports was his -. , ... - main interest. Ray also be- : :--L longed to the Social Dancing . .. -- -- -' Club while at A. H. S. He chose 1 '... - to take the academic course of ' iii' study and plans to further his 22 I education after graduation. M, V. 1 on ,L .. ..- fia ii em K ig? .5 M. eg H -fi Kass? 2 ' i fe... rt i L A . K mr 35 7 X f az. 1 . of , a,.2,WA . 2. , .... Qs' w X25 ,fgkmi- ' :s3,sg,XwfEi5gf,il5 . sw. .f Q.. ,,- CLYDE F. STONE Clyde was well-known and liked in his three years at Alle- gheny. He was a member of the Visual Aids Squad, and was also on the Stage Crew. His fa- vorite subjects were physics and trigonometry. In the future he plans to work as a draftsman and attend college at night. t5E ,,,, iii Q, if is if GLORIA OLIVIA TEETS Gloria was another active member of our Robed Choir, and has participated in many of our assemblies in the past three years. She was a member of the Service Squad. Her fa- vorite subjects included Eng- lish and choir. In the future she plans to enter a business school. gigs. . 3 x .5 is 2 fiffyf- lgftviffif 'a-is ig. Q I il if if ff ,, E E .aft 1 51 ,slr it W 8 Fw, M if? ,, ,. I E E Y was , i .1 P 1 E 4MWw 'awww avril "' 'N , . QW ff Z.. is fave 4 Mvway -fs I 3, b is 2 .. jj, HARRY GARFIELD STROTHERS Harry will long be remem- bered for his position in our Robed Choir and the many as- semblies in which he partici- pated. The basketball team took up much of his after- school time. History and cho- rus were his favorite subjects. Harry plans to enter the air force after graduation. ,..s.,,,,..,., ,- W KENNETH JOHN SWANWICK "Kenny" entered Allegheny in l1is junior year, and was quick- ly accepted by his fellow stu- dents. His sports activities in- cluded football and swimming. His favorite subjects were physics and mechanical draw- ing. Kenny's future plans in- clude entering the service. DONALD CHARLES THOMSON Don is one of the quieter stu- dents at Allegheny, but one with a fine personality. His clubs included Chess and Span- ish, and his main sports inter- est was baseball. Physics and Spanish were his favorite sub- jects. After graduation he hopes to either enter college or play major league baseball. KEITH ROBERT THOMSON Keith was very popular at A. H. S. His time was taken up by being on the swimming team and belonging to Spanish and Social Dancing Clubs. Since he was also consistently on the honor roll, he was elected to National Honor So- ciety. His favorite subjects in- cluded automation and Span- ish. Keith's future plans center around a college education. FEE' . .2 ,s .0 -. tr DWL .Mg-,.,'. ' g it 'ilk ima. :i.d"'Q5 ,. 145.1 ANTHONY CHARLES TUMINELLO Tony was very active while in Allegheny. He was on the foot- ball team, swimming team and in Conditioning Club. Tony al- so served on the Visual Aids Crew. He enjoyed Dancing Club and being in the Variety Show. During his senior year he became a member of Nation- al Honor Society. His favorite subjects, math and science, should help when he goes to college to study engineering. JOAN MILDRED WALDSCHMIDT Joan was a girl of many talents. An active member of thejband and orchestra, Joan also found time for the Wah Hoo staff. A member of National Honor So- ciety since 11A, she enjoyed American history and biology. Reading was one of Joan's hob- bies. Joan plans to become a secretary after graduation. VIRGINIA LEE USSACK Virginia will long be remem- bered for her good humor. Her favorite subjects were sewing and chorus, and her hobbies in- cluded dancing and reading. Virginia could be seen at all of Allegheny's football games. After graduation Virginia would like to work in the sec- retarial Held. ANDREW RAYMOND WEBER Friendly Andy belonged to Spanish and Social Dancing Clubs. He was a member of automation class and listed it as his favorite subject. A con- stant member of the honor roll, he still found time to be on the basketball team. He became a member of National Honor So- ciety as a IQB. Andy was a member of Student Council for four semesters. His future in- cludes college. JOSEPHINE L. VALERIO Pretty Jo has been the secre- tary of her homeroom since IOB. She was a typist and ex- change editor for the Wah Hoo, and also was on the year- book staff. Jo was in the Vari- ety Show and was a member of the Robed Choir. Jo enjoyed dancing and swimming, and was seen at many of Alleghe- ny's dances. After graduation she hopes to attend business school. JANICE ANN WEBSTER While in school Janice was in the Wah Hoo skits. Her favor- ite clubs were Non-Swimmers, and Sewing Clubs. Janieelen- joyed watching boxing and football games. Her favorite subject was speech and she en- joyed dancing. Janice plans to become a nurse after gradua- tion. RICHARD H. WADE Richie was known to everyone at Allegheny for his wonderful sense of humor and the terrific job he did on our football team. He has been an active member of the Conditioning- Club and has served as his homeroom's Wah Hoo Representative and Season Pass Salesman. Richie enjoyed his math, science, and Latin classes better than any others. After graduation he would like to go to college to study engineering. ADELIA WIECZORKOWSKI Adelia was known as "Dillie" to her friends. While in Alle- gheny Dillie belonged to the Majorettes Club and the Cheer- leaders Club. Her favorite sub- ject was crafts. Dillie's hobbies included dancing and swim- ming. After graduation she would like to go to work in the secretarial Held. J UDITH ANN WALSH Pretty and popular Judy listed geometry and history as her fa- vorite subjects. She was a mem- ber of the Robed Choir and also helped the Variety Show reach success. Her favorite activities were dancing and swimming. Judy also served as secretary of the Drama Club. She plans to attend either college or mod- eling school after graduation. JOAN M. WIEGAND Friendly and active "Wiggles' listed typing and history as her favorite subjects. She was sec- retary of the Y-Teens and in Girls' Leaders Club. Joan served on the Junior Prom Committee and the social committee of her homeroom. After graduation she plans to be a secretary, then marry. CAROL FRANCIS WOCKENFUSS Carol enjoyed being a member of the Majorettes Club in her junior year at Allegheny. She listed her favorite subjects as English and history. After graduation Carol would like to acquire a job as a secretary. FRANK YURKOVICH, JR. Frank took an active interest in sports, and attended all the games whether football, bas- ketball, or baseball. The class he most enjoyed was gym. For two years Frank was in the So- cial Dancing Club. After grad- uation, he plans to enlist in the marine corps. JANET WOZNIAK Pretty and popular Jan listed crafts and speech as her favor- ite subjects. Always smiling, Jan could be seen at all our football games. She was a mem- ber of Majorettes Club and took part in the Wah Hoo skits. She enjoyed dancing and swim- ming. Jan plans to become a secretary, then marry. 'Viv -E DIANE LEE ZEBO Quick-witted and popular, Di- ane was a member of Drama Club and acted in the club's skits. The Wah Hoo and year- book also took up Dianeis time. Her favorite subjects were his- tory and English. Diane would like to further her education by going to college upon grad- uation. iiee l we A r PATRICIA A. WRAY Pat was on the Wah Hoo News Staff and in Girls, Leaders Club while in Allegheny. She served the school on the Service Squad. Pat enjoyed speech class, and working on the Wah Hoo skits. After graduation she would like to go into nursing school to be a nurse or X-ray technician. STEPHEN ZORICH Steve was one of Allegheny's automation students and listed it as his favorite subject. He belonged to the Spanish Club and helped make the first fiesta a success. Chess Club also took up much of his time. After graduation, Steve would like to enter college or join the air force. JUNE ANN WUKOSON Pretty June has been an Alle- gheny majorette for two and a half years. Very active in her homeroom, she held the otlices of president, vice president and secretary. June was in the Va- riety Show, and Drama Club. Upon graduation she would like to become a secretary. DANIEL LIEBMAN Dan's favorite subject at Alle- gheny was automation. He chose to take the science-math option course. Dan was also a member of National Honor Society. Upon graduation, Dan plans to further his education at college. RONALD FRANK GOMERICK "Commie" has made many friends while at Allegheny. His favorite subject was machine shop and his hobbies after school were hunting and Hsh- mg. As yet, there are no definite plans for the future. RUDOLPH LOUIS KOCIAN Rudolph preferred English and woodshop classes. He enjoyed his part in the Wah Hoo skits and Was an active member of Social Dancing Club. After graduation from Allegheny Rudy intends to enlist in the army. 39 CAROL LEE GIBSON Carol joined many clubs While at Allegheny, among them were Majorettes, Cheerleaders, Auto Drivers, and Y-Teens. She enjoyed her shorthand and history classes most. After graduation Carol intends to become a secretary. ROBERT D. SERVATIUS "Bob," as he is better known, has made many friends while here at Allegheny. He be- longed to Social Dancing Club for several semesters. English and history were his favorite subjects. After graduation, he plans to become a game warden. THOMAS R. ESSIG Tom was a transfer from North Catholic in his senior year. Oil painting, sports, and stock car racing take up most of his lei- sure time, while chemistry and English were his favorite sub- jects at Allegheny. After grad- uation Tom plans to enter college. FRED AUGUSTYNIAK When there was a song to be sung or a job to be done you could count on Fred. For five semesters he presided as homeroom president. His active leadership helped him to be elected Senior A Class President in which office he did a commendable job. He sang in Allegheny's Variety Shows in his junior and senior years. Fred's good looks and friendly personality led him to be elected King of Allegheny's first annual Spanish Fiesta in 1958. He was an active club member also. He participated in Social Dancing, and Spanish Clubs, and aided his school by his membership on the Service Squad. He capably qualified in scholarship, Character, leadership, and service to be elected into the membership of National Honor Society. JANET BAIERL Janet, who was well known by Allegheny students as head cheerleader, did a terrific job in cheering the team to victory both at pep assemblies and at the games. She Was always on the honor roll and in 12B was rewarded by being chosen for Na- tional Honor Society. Along with holding the office of homeroom treasurer for three years, she worked hard on the circulation staff of the VVah Hoo, and as a copywriter for the yearbook. She was also a member of Usherette Club and president of her Latin class. Janet plans to go to college and become a social worker. CHARLES BECK Friendly and intelligent Chuck was very active in every segment of school life. He was honored by being elected to the Student Council where he held the office of vice president. Chuck was also Allegheny's representative to the All City Student Council. In his sophomore and junior years he participated in the Marching Band while his writing ability was displayed in the school magazine where he wrote both humorous and dramatic stories as a member of the literary staff. Social Dancing and Band Clubs were also among his extra curricular activities. Chuck managed a constant standing on the Honor Roll which enabled him to be elected to National Honor Society in his junior year. LEONARD BORAS "Lenny" was our quiet and good looking school mascot. Dressed in his Indian costume he assisted the cheerleaders at the pep assemblies and football games as "Big Chief Wah Hoo." The school magazine made use of his services on the sports staff, and his classmates elected him president and vice president of his homeroom. Lenny was a very active member of the Student Council and of its various com- mittees. Planning for the Junior Ball was also enjoyed by him. For several consecu- tive semesters he enjoyed his hobby of dancing by joining Miss O'Donnell,s Social Dancing Club. 40 PENNY BOURIS A smile and a friendly personality always accompanied Penny. She was gay, lively and well liked by all. Her work in the Wah Hoo Skits and as editor of circula- tion staff was a credit to the school publications. Penny held membership in Girls' Leaders, Cheerleaders, Social Dancing, and Usherettes Clubs. She took great inter- est in girls, sports and participated in them regularly. The many extra curricular activities of Penny never once interfered with the work she did on her studies. She held a constant position on the Honor Roll and was rewarded for this and her many services by being elected to the National Honor Society. JACK BUTLER Jack was elected to the highest office in the school, that of Student Council Pres- ident. He served as such for two consecutive semesters and was also a member of All City Student Council. Other extra activities included in his free time were paint- ing posters, selling sweatshirts and serving on numerous committees. His club mem- bership included Social Dancing and Drama Clubs. The yearbook used his services as copywriter and he also served as editor of the sports staff of the magazine. A few of Jack's other interests included the Junior and Senior Prom Committees, Wah Hoo Skits, and the baseball team. He was an honor student and a member of Na- tional Honor Society. BARBARA CUNNINGHAM Quick, capable "Barb" was very active in school life. She wrote for the news staff of the Wah Hoo and then was chosen advertising manager. In this position she col- lected booster money and sold ads to support the magazine and yearbook. Barb participated in the many girls sports and was rewarded for her effort by receiving the red and blue Allegheny K'A.,' She was elected treasurer of the Girls' Leaders Club. Her other interests included playing in the school orchestra and active par- ticipation in Allegheny's Variety Shows. She was also elected homeroom oHicer. Her high scholastic standing and unselfish service made her eligible for the Na- tional Honor Society. KATHLEEN HOFFMAN "Kathy's,, warm friendly personality and quick Wit won her many friends at Allegheny. She did commendable work as a homeroom oliicer and also as secretary of Student Council. The Wah Hoo made use of her writing ability. She was on the literary staff, helped write Snoop, and also created the popular Record Column. She also acted as Copywriter for the yearbook. Kathy participated in many dance committee meetings, as well as being a member of the Junior and. Senior Prom Com- mittees. The Variety Show and Social Dancing were also a part of her extra curric- ular activities. All of Kathy's many unselfish services and high scholastic standing led her to be chosen for National Honor Society. 41 JOAN NE LEE KAPPELER Joanne, both capable and likable, made many friends and achieved many accom- plishments while at Allegheny. She was elected to the high position of Secretary of the Senior A Class, and she actively participated in Alleghenyis Wah Hoo Skits. For the Senior Class play she acted as an usherette. Joanne participated in two Variety Shows, one as a member of a tap dancing routine and the other in an Hellenic dance. The Wah Hoo was rendered her service, where she held position as secretary of the business staff. In her free time Joanne held membership in Tap Dancing, and Social Dancing Clubs. As a reward she was one of the few who re- ceived the highest honor the school has to offer, that of National Honor Society. MARY MANOS Cute, capable, Chickie was one of Allegheny's most dependable students. She was friendlyg she was popular, and she was very active in school activities. She worked hard as editor of the Wah Hoo in her Senior A semester and was also on the year- book staff. She served her homeroom as president several times and was an active member of our Student Council. Serving on both the junior and senior prom com- mittees, Mary was able to show her originality and leadership ability. Chickie was in the Wah Hoo skits, Was queen of the Spanish Fiesta, won the Betty Crocker Homemaking Award, won the D.A.R. Award and maintained a high scholastic standing which brought her membership in the National Honor Society. GEORGE McKEE Friendly and witty George could always be found running between classes and meetings. Much of his spare time was taken up with the important position of ed- itor of the yearbook. Along with this he wrote for the literary staff of the school magazine. He was elected as homeroom oflicer where he carried out the duties of vice-president. Student Council also received his services. George was a member of Allegheny's football team in his sophomore year. His high scholastic ability and keen interest in math and science led him to be chosen as a member of the auto- mation class. TERESA MROCZKOWSKI Friendly, pretty "Terry,' will be best remembered for her outstanding leadership as head majorette during her senior year. She, along with the other majorettes, dis- played marching ability in parades, football games, and at one of Pittsburgh's Bi- centennial programs at the Pitt Field House. Terry was elected vice president of her homeroom and also served as a Stamp salesman. She was a member of Service Squad, Majorette Club, and Social Dancing Club. The Wah Hoo Skits and Variety Shows were included in her extra curricular activities. Terry also made Allegheny's Honor Roll. 42 BERNARD STEIN Popular, congenial "Bernie,, is best remembered for his outstanding ability in athletics. Three years of active participation in football was concluded with Bernie being a member of the Section Championship team in the 1958 season. Aside from excelling in football Bernie showed his skill on the baseball and basketball teams. Outside of school he fought his way to the A.M.A.A.U. Golden Gloves Boxing Championship two consecutive years. In his free time he enjoyed Spanish and Social Dancing Clubs. He was also a Hmajorettei' in the Wah Hoo Skits. Bernie served his homeroom as Wah Hoo representative and as secretary. ANTHONY TUMINELLO Personality, intelligence and an all-round friendly attitude towards everyone, won Tony a first class position with his classmates. One of his outstanding feats at Allegheny was accomplished as a member of the championship football squad. Along with the football enthusiasts, Allegheny's swimming fans will remember him for his performances at the meets. Tony's services to his school were not limited to athletics alone. Often he gave up valuable class time so other students might have a visual aids program. Tony found Social Dancing and Conditioning Clubs pleasing pastimes. With so much time devoted to sports and clubs he still maintained a steady position on the Honor Roll and in his senior year was chosen for National Honor Society. JO VALERIO Jo, a sweet, friendly person served her school, homeroom, and fellow students while at Allegheny. She was a typist for the yearbook and Exchange editor for the Wah Hoo. She kept complete accurate minutes for five semesters as homeroom sec- retary. Jo showed her versatility as a member of Social Dancing, Drama, and Choir Clubs. She participated in the Wah Hoo Skits, danced in the Variety Shows, and sang in the many assemblies as a member of the Robed Choir. DIANE ZEBO Diane, friendly, clever, and witty was able to turn any gathering into a good time for all. She made great use of her writing ability on the literary staff of the Wah Hoo and as the "Snoop,' columnist. Much of her time was devoted to the school yearbook, doing work as a copywriter. She participated in two of Allegheny's Va- riety Shows, and in the Wah Hoo Skits. Her homeroom elected her Wah Hoo Rep- resentative. She was a member of Service Squad. Frequently her name appeared on the Honor Roll, even though she kept busy with extra curricular activities. 43 HOMEROOMS " 1: 4 .,,,,,. 'H -4, . 1. f v . 344 xx. , .f .. -I .1 ' -'V. Z. ,,.N:f'L7,g 2:-'Cv , . - ' - ' sway, .L ,.,, . 1 ,-,IQ 5v,,.7r, .,,,,. ' -4.,,. ,. W., -:fan-w 4 '-- - '+-v" NZJIJ. -.,11.-.r , -A. , ' 5, Q W.. R ,,J nw ,Jn A, . ,algg if ,. ,.. : 1. f 'Q -' N J, 5 ,, , vga,- .?, ,, 54" QL, new 1,.-:Irv-.,1-11. 1 ' ' -' x :Pri .gt .-.354 9.1 1-73.- Qvq? QL -1 ' 'C '03 f, v. s Mig qamiew, .4 , - i' 'Din' I ... Q ,J ..-., , I, 5 .. .xp 11.1.4 , '- 5"-.,.1z1 Q -vin.. 4.-"rg ,- Vi . eff fi-1: . ., ti"'i'9f'5,?? ' ',?Qi-if? 1 -' fiffflg " Q- a ' 9 J..-15r'g..j,'g.riu QI ,. an 1 ',..sf'L'?t-Q B., 'I Ar' Q L A 'Y " f A 1 I A A-'CLL 31 9 , ' , , 1 C 10,12 ,,.,.j HH ,.- ., x-vm , f .. J., ,.,, .. .442-A U . 2 : V5-.,5!-a:-'td' .Q . --". --.:- 4 :'- - '.j 15524. , V-, '- 'af .J I gp-?I':5,?a .g3AQ..:5 gpg .1 a ' . 'Vx' -"- "3 .""'3'x"-'-' -.I '- :"' 14I3...' .SN ' .' 'r' ' 5' - 1.1,:g..! "'??:v.:fr "aw e N 'pi' .ll-.A ,- -'1 W. 'A J ,," , vp, ...Fr 12 B 122 Ist Row: W. Hamilton, J. Bundick, C. Haberstich, K. Smith, P. Cunningham, V. Ussack. Qnd Row: B. Adams, M. Sells, BI. Moore, Nl. Anderson, C. Trammell, V. Dixon. 3rd Row: W. DeSilvey, R. Reich, R. Azzarello, R. Bivins, V. Williams. Lth Row: C. ShaHer, C. Joneikis, E. Hohmann, S. Smith, H. Ruckel. 12 B 123 Ist Row: F. Pegues, B. Murphy, P. Seelnacht, G. Cunningham, M. Timcho, D. Greene, C. VVl1ite, V. Pres.: R. Kearney Pres., D. Kudrey, Sec., B. Bowman, Treas.,' M. Hintemeyer, M. VVilson. Qnd Row: C. Kelly, M. Morris, E. Wiebster, N Russell, H. Clary, M. Kamalieh. 3rd Row: A. Blake, D. Wood, R. Stepp, L. Minor. Lth Row: R. Servatius, D. Duncan, V. Mamich, J. Uber, J. Graviano, R. Beers, H. Rein. 46 11 A 124 ,, .gn - nfl ,,e-N Q? , S. .- . x, Q t,if .. ji ., -.. ,,.-.-M., Ist Row: P. Pobojeski, Pres., E. Bardiovsky, V. Pres.g C. Scibert, Treas. Qncl Row: M. Anderson, J. Greiner, H. Novak R. Mitchell, S. Christopher, R. Bowers, M. Faulkner, S. Robbibaro, R. Burleigh, F. Chmiclcwski. 3rd Row: A. Szewczk, R. Costello, R. Jost, J. Andolina, J. Beck, J. Biel, J. Bashline, R. Flickinger, W. Ammon, D. Dorben. 4th Row: G. Hartung E. Killingsworth, J. Bouloubasis, J. Simms, J. Lozos, G. Stewart, E. Metz, J. Thompson, J. Schad, R. Bucher, A. Polo vich, R. Harrington. 11 A 309 .8436 'T Ist Row: E. Burkholder, Pres., G. Grayson, V. Pres., S. Flynn, Sec., J. Kosik, Treas. Qnd Row: R. Gunniers, D. Morris, J. Cislon, J. Reihart, D. Griffin, I. Fields, J. Slobodnik, R. Hopf, N. Frisco, R. Mall. 3'rd Row: R. Cooley, J. Bittner, M. Baumgartner, A. Kaminski, B. Hika, M. Lang, V. Rodrigues, C. Gairdo, J. Hollinger. .ith Row: F. Ribar, J. Bakunas, J. Schloer, E. Merlo, M. Knabe, D. Cummins, D. Dobis, C. Iarussi, B. Rosenberger, A. Dorsch. 47 11 A 324 "Hn H Qwig, jryfvg Syggffllh lst Row: J. Ford, D. Blyshak, Pres., T. Janosik, V. Pres., J. Tremontin, Sec., C. Barker. Qnd Row: A. Roberts, P. Micelll J. Stahlman, C. Cizek, M. Hosek, D. Hapsic, S. Schaub. 3rd Row: M. Swartz, J. Thompson, B. Draskovic, J. Pflueger S. Swegman, V. Csupak, C. Burleigh. ldh Row: B. Valentine, J. Shellaby, C. Knupfer, S. Christodoulou, R. Leonard, B Thomas, E. Shearer, G. Meyers, R. Vangenewitt. 11 A 328 Manksk ' X .k..f...J.f2 ,-S 1st Row: A. Veverka, Pres., A. Rodgers, V. Pres.: B. Grabowski, Sec., M. Wesley, Treas. Qnd Row: S. Coe, J. Bolin, E Walsh, F. Judge, J. Kosher, J. Wolter, J. Baumgartner, B. Ziegler, J. Crotzer, B. Fromlak. 3rd Row: R. Busino, H. Mo- retsky, A. Efremenko, L. Loughery, M. Naatz, G. Koehler, K. Lane, S. Rider, M. Hester, J. Burke. 4th Row: T. Brehm, E. Shiring, C. Hunt, B. Mayolo, R. Zack, B. Zukausky, J. Kestner, G. Pittman, B. McMillian, J. Frawley, J. Zorich, D. Goettman. 48 11 A 427 4' ' 3 C QQ Ist Row: L. Puz, Pres., G. Schmitt, V. Pres., D. Simone, Treas. Qnd Row: S. Kilantonis, L. Mitchell, K. Johnson, M Bryant, M. Blackwell, J. Skinner, R. McCray, J. Carr, H. Winer, J. Stayduhar. 3rd Row: J. Thornton, W. Numer, P Pliskaner, J. Hunt, J. Smith, M. Seeke, D. Rimkus, D. Stoner, M. Poznik, B. Brant, DI. Morrissey. Lth Row: J. Cullen J. Nist, A. Robson, R. Shaffer, J. Stockman, R. Boss, G. Eiler, A. Zuratovic, D. Sabo, L. Loverti, G. Hausmann, M Snyder, R. McClellan, L. Summers, R. Gebhardt. 11 B 301 lst Row: S. Schuman, Pres., S. Turner, V. Pres., E. Hasko, Sec. 2nd Row: E. King, A. Barksdalc, L. Henson, G. Ritson, A. Williams, A. Wolcott, M. Thornton, C. Newsom, A. Ussack, E. Weidaw, P. Schmidt. 3rd Row: C. Matter, R. Lubitz, J. Caskey, E. Smith, B. Arras, P. Geeting, J. Pozega, G. Klaes, M. Keast, F. Kuzia. Lth Row: T. Neill, J. Tuminello, H Campbell, L. Pegues, L. Bourquin, W. Hulme, H. Wehner, P. Williams, R. Campbell, S. Richie, J. Zern, W. Strater 49 s 11 B 402 lst Row: D. Atkins, J. Altman, Pres., R. Tempert, V. Pres.: J. Carlowski, Sec., R. Wade, J. Baker. Qnd Row: J. Boyle, S. Ketterer, Ella Mae Head, Treas.g B. Nock, J. Hinderliter, R. Puccinelli, V. Nussbaum. 3rd Row: D. Panagiotis, W. Lisk, I. Schreiber, M. A. Sistek, B. Keillor, E. Clark, M. Hayes, A. McAllister, C. Jakene, N. Lorenz. 4th Row: J. Lu- kaszewicz, G. Mahofski, C. Currington, T. Curry, D. Barron, E. Pfeiffer, C. Bauer, G. Coennen. 10 A 204 lst Row: R. Snyder, N. Sigwart, J. Muschar, C. Ilgenfritz, C. Grundler, S. Kasakevics, Pres., S. Yurkovich, V. Pres., B. McGowan, Sec., N. Klingensxnith, E. Dorninek, J. Szymanski, Bl. Papania, J. VVclkcr, R. Kcrshner. Qnd Row: W. Erskine, C. Grier, D. Pace, J. Voegler, R. Brown, K. Hibler, S. Durnin, V. Mook, M. Allen, B. Jusar, S. Woodson, R. Swain, B. Zadrowski, R. Merlo. 3rd Row: J. Colt, P. White, L. Ragin, T. Tebroski, E. Lynch, T. Oborysko, W. Frederick, L. Heckman, C. Jones, R. Boss, C. Nicholson, D. Cirocco, D. Sample, P. Warren, E. Vogler. 10 A 227 lst Row: S. Moore, E. Cooper, M. Jeter, T. Cunningham, J. Johnson, V. Pres.: M. Abijanac, Pres.,' S. Obricki, Sec.,' C. Vrane, I. Burton, R. Macon, J. Bulik. Qnd Row: K. Henderson, F. Kapolka, C. Freshwater, J. McKenzie, M. Heinlein, J. Schlarp, L. Sinemus, A. Cuttman, M. Koch, L. Cascone, H. Smith, BI. Mazza, C. Ridenour. 3rd Row: L. Ward, C. Lang, W. Faith, C. Penland, C. Cox, A. White, D. Staranic, D. Dennler. 10 A 229 Ist Row: H. Austin, P. Wisloski, S. Proctor, F. White, 0. Oree, R. Gassner, Pres., W. Kappler, V. Pres, T. Lapinto, Sec.g F. Holecy, E. Kidwell, G. Bungarda, W. Fennell, E. Banovatz, VV. Sloan. Qnd Row: M. Pluto, C. Petrack, C. Baird, C. Wilson, E. Thomasick, C. Layne, M. Palmer, J. Weiss, M. Harper, J. Adametz, K. Miovas, C. Mann, S. Schmitt. 3rd Row: J. Johnson, J. Corcoran, T. Trazil, W. Kocher, R. Morris, S. Dean, L, Hardwood, D. Ehrenberger, E. Starcher, T. Tucke, B. Coyle, L. Wagner, M. McQuillan, D. Weber. 10 A 329 1stRow: B. Smith, L. Buzza, B. Kardell, D. Srnigiel, P. Hatherley, Pres., K. Huber, V. Pres., R. Mitchell, Sec.,' S. Fette J. Lawrence, A. Turopolec, J. Sclxar. Qnd Row: H. Brahler, R. Johnson, J. Harris, D. Downey, B. Meadows, S. Seals, J King, R. Welsh, A. Eichenberg, B. Poth, J. Mazza, P. Giovenco. 3rd Row: E. Lee, F. Rodgers, D. Stipetich, A. Adams W. Cullen, T. Krance, H. Sernick, V. Belansky, B. Nagy. 10 A 424 lst Row: G. Gullo, S. Kardell, A. Prescott, M. Mantel, C. Kirin, S. Downing, Pres., B. Bright, V. Pres., K. Senules, Sec., K. McAllister, B. Masterino, J. Stull, K. Mohrdard, R. Paisley. Qnd Row: O. Wilson, R. Wright, P. Kaye, J. Foertsch, W. Dayton, A. Nussar, K. Vistein, L. Williams, E. Jones, H. Wamboldt, J. Waters, F. Atwater. 3rd Row: T. Cerny, A. Grote, W. McKenna, G. Schuchrnan, D. Elias, D. Bergman, L. Tolomeo, E. Adams, H. Richard, S. Harris, T. McCants, J. White, R. Liberty, R. Weidaw. 52 10 A 429 Ist Row: B. Marconi, D. Guest, F. Wieczorkowski, J. Geary, T1-eas.g L. McKee, V. P'res.,' L. Armbruster, Sec., J. llfacey H. Iarussi, C. Geyer. Qnd Row: H. Ohrman, D. Obrycki, P. Figurski, E. Galuska, K. Weston, D. Ziski, S. Turninello, S Sauer, T. Sham, R. Barkey. 3rd Row: G. Beck, B. Karner, B. Heller, E. Zawrotny, G. Katry, D. Volkman, J. Ladesic, B. Warrene, L. Eshenbaugh, D. Clifford. 10 B 124 f 1st Row: V. Hayson, C. Graham, C. Wolfe, E. Eyler, E. Sabolovic, J. Kirch, M. Townes, V. Curington, J. Johnson. Qnd Row: C. Nicholson, C. Donnelly, V. Hall, H. Pozega, M. Bishop, B. Brittner, L. Aymar, C. Freid, N. Newman, H. Lee. 3711 Row: C. Mitsch, D. Downey, R. Crooks, R. Lipp, P. Smith, C. Lutz, G. Baird, D. Manuel. 53 10 B 125 . ' an 7 fi: as L we L A gdig 1 B lst Row: B. J. Bucher, F. Dobis, A. Hazlett, R. Bowe, L. Adams, G. Oree, R. Ragin, P. Turner, J. Louden, K. Schoeppner. Qnd Row: B. Elkins, B. Wydrenski, J. Voegler, J. Bates, J. DeArmit, J. Gaertner, C. Fearbry, L. Eshenbaugh, C. Metz, C. Cox. 3rd Row: D. Hrabik, W. Lee, W. Spearman, E. Starcher, J. Kemmler, T. Greeeh, E. Krapfi. 10 B 401 1st Row: B. A. Pauley, P. VVislaski, C. Degenhardt, C. Smith, C. Tlxorhavrer, L. Gordon, B. Chappel, A. Hill, P. Crooks D. Leicher. Qnd Row: J. Duda, T. VVoodhall, N. Frederick, H. Baust, L. Buy, C. Andre, S. Hirt, D. Greene, F. Robinson 3rd Row: R. Kauffman, E. Blyshak, K. Sutton, J. Kyle, R. Mikesell, J. Neill, C. Lozos, T. ESl19Hb3Ugh, E. Lee. 54 ALMA MATER Down where Allegheny,s waters, Flow on to the sea, Stands a school above all others, Very dear to me. Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Raise a mighty cry, Hail, all hail to Allegheny, Hail to thee, dear High. When with moments swiftly fleeting, Ages shall roll by, Thousands yet unborn shall praise thee Allegheny High. Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Raise a mighty cry, Hail, all hail to Allegheny, Hail to thee, dear High. 55 Nuxggg 'uuvxn mu- "Ns, .--..L. UIDU QU SSID DU CTU CU-1 QD CIC! Cm CHI! EIU D C3 M fjlil T A L f N ,v-.Q V I Y ,A v , I ji . - 4, " HN 'fu FFUE5 nm Q UH 1 A .rn WM h D V 4 1 ' I wwpx 'du' It - V Iii: , - I B :g'c.z,f: - ' 5 gg In I " BA 4 A' ' 'P' Q na f - vi,:,.f,i-if ,AE J' A ' ' ' ' 4 ' 4 ff? 44 . I 4 - I A, .A-- .gf-gg' x 'ri 4. - 1 W. . A . 1.-14. M 4.2: 6:1 111 533: A ,ll l n " 4 - . ' 9 QQQ .12 -,f " 'N " 43 ia. Q Q 'fi-w " ' - un L .4 nw' A ,nw 'W QT I1 I I fwaivz- 4 Lf. JF U U5 - ' jg p.f2Y:-:Q:+,Ag.,A-- -wfrfffw - pe U F ' A! 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A A, ,Nfl Q , Y A. 45:52-, 4 -52745242 A A 'J ZW" irr .444-3'f35h'4F, f" if . zz. , y- "',Q?,,'l'!"A',f A i'1'.x- 4.1592 441555-17 il 'fi' ' D-fv ffwzgfikff .A . wf' f'f.4f.f,zf-weif?sQsg72- - :FS-Qigfi-,J-3,.,,. U,h:Y,?15gQ ,1..4 ,,,g3Q-.,,? M mf :riftrcga-INA. -4 ,. .f,,4,,:.f M My - A - fm: - H4254 4.7.- U- , YM, gum, in WEL C -.1235 1. g'.a'T' I .wil ' ,4 A I I v I I if Jill.-vb www. fifiaf '955"f- ' ' na-if '5,'15i:"!f"2"if1 ' ,l,qQg,,2 PTQNET' :x :Q-1..'. w.. Qx L w.2,waq2:1-rx-.,-4, . D " 'A ', . '- XA 'Q--F :- c f A 1- - , NP' . a'Jf!,f"'i'Q3 -f LQ, '?iW 1N1uL' Juggw- W Ist Row: J. Hollinger, J. Valerio, A. Kent, Assoc. Ed.: G. McKee, Ed.: N. Ketterle, Assoc. Ed.,' P. Bouris, J. Butler. 22nd Rows M. Manos, D. Zebo, J. Baierl, E. Beatty, J. Kappeler, K. Hoiiman. 3111 Row: F. Brittner, D. Kudrey, M. Kamalich, L. Richter, B. Cunningham, M. Sandoe. lrth Row: G. Grossman, M. Abinanti, R. Grayson, P. Coe. N. Ketterle, Assoc. Ed.g G. McKee, Ed.g A. Kent, Assoc. Ed. YEARBOOK STAFF The Yearbook Staff could often be found in room 105 discussing plans for the yearbook and Work- ing to meet their deadlines. The staff decided on a theme for the book and then divided in- to their separate groups, each striving to develop his idea. The Art StaH experimented with dif- ferent drawings until they pro- duced something suitable for the cover and the division pages. Fi- nancing the yearbook was the task of the Advertising Staff. They sold advertisements to busi- ness men and supervised the sell- ing of the boosters. The copy- Writers kept the typist busy by doing Write-ups of the seniors, clubs, and activity pictures. Be- sides managing the entire staff, the editor organized the layouts, and supervised the picture taking. i . 1 3 , 1st Row: N. Ketterle, Ed.g N. Ewing, Asst. Ed.,' F. Brittner, Bus. Man.g J. Kappeler, Bus. Sec. Qnd Row: R. Grayson, A, Kent, B. Cunningham, K. Hoffman, M. lNIanos, Asst. Ed., J. Butler, P. Bouris, E. Beatty, S. Kaprus, K. Anestis, L. Moore, G. Grossman, J. Valerie, G. McKee. 3rd Row: E. Moore, M. Heard, ill. Sandoe, R. Kent, L. Richter, B. Dreschel, M. Bastl, B. Ziegler, R. Hopf, M. Faulkner, J. Bundick, M. Abinanti, D. Zebo, L. Boras, C. Beck. 4th Row: P. Wray, J. McClelland, J. Ford, C. Barker, A. Rodgers, R. Brammer, J. Vilaldschmidt, R. Mall, H. Moretsky, H. Ebert, P. Coe, J. Baierl. WAH H00 STAFF The staH, supervised by Miss Davey and the editors, worked together to publish three issues of the magazine a semester. Nvhen the February class editor, Norma Ketterle, graduated, Diary Manos and Nancy Ewing, co-editors of the June class, took over the editorial supervision. The organization is divided into staffs, each having an editor to give assignments and see that the deadlines arc met. The news staff endeavored to keep the stu- dents well informed on thc assemblies, club activities, dances, and other school events. All of the swimming meets, foot- ball, basketball and baseball games were covered by the sports staff. The literary staff provided the lvah Hoo with a vari- ety of entertaining and well written sto- ries. Une of the most popular columns was Snoop. Its supply of information proved to be limitless because of Alle- gheny's enrollment of 811 students. Someone was always surprised at finding one of his embarrassing, but funny mo- ments written in this column. Worthy staH members are elected to the Quill and Scroll Honorary Journal- ism Society each semester. This is the highest honor a member of the VVah Hoo Staff can achieve. M. Manos, Asst. Ed.: N. Ketterle, Ed.: N. Ewing, Asst. Ed. CONDITIONING CLUB The boys on the football team join the Conditioning Club to try to improve their game. Mr. Allen, the foot- ball coach and club spon- sor, shows movies of previ- ous games to help the team to understand its mistakes and improve its plays. This method seemed to Work very Well this year, for the team Won the Section II title. Ist Row: R. Wade, E. Moore, R. Wade, L. Williams, L. Hardwick. Qnd Row: V. Ma- mich, F. Amicone, O. Wesley, G. Roper, D. Bryant, W. Lukitsch, R. Gerst, F. Rod- rigues, L. Pridgen. 3rd Row: J. Tremontin, R. Valentine, K. Smith, T. Tuminello, W. Hamilton, M. Wesley, J. Lozos, J. Mazza, T. Cerny. Lth Row: J. Schmitt, E. PfeiHer, J. Tuminello, W. Hulme, L. Peques, R. Snyder, C. Lang, S. Richie. 5th Row: J. Pribik, E. Jesek, L. Bourquin, A. Grote, L. Tolomeo, R. Leonard, B. Stein. AUTO DRIVERS CLUB The Auto Drivers Club is made up of students inter- ested in learning the theory of driving, the make up of an automobile, and the safety precautions they should take When driving. Mr. Floyd, is the sponsor of this club. lst Row: J. Greiner, B. Hika, J. Pflueger, C. Seibert, R. Brammer, M. Rimkus, L. Mitchell, S. Kilantonis, F. Rebar, R. Gunniers, H. Moretsky, D. Dobis. Qnd Row: A. Foertsch, A. Bisers, R. Boss, J. Andolina, J. Bakunas, L. Filkoski. In Car: M. Knabe, Mr. Floyd. 60 Seated: E. Zawrotny, R. Bivins, H. Rein, W. Numer. lst Row: C. Penland, R. Lytle, C. Shafer, C. Quigley, R. Vangenewitt, T. McCants, L. McClain, W. Erskin, H. Kernats, J. Andolina, D. Cirocco, H. Austin. Qnd Row: Mr. Phillips, V. Williams, D Barron, R. Campbell, R. Wright, J. Waldschmidt, C. Haberstich, E. Bungarda, A. Berger, H. Novak, M. Poznik, B. Ziegler, A. Blake, M. Snyder. 3rd Row: E. Liptak, P. Giovenco, D. Dobis, H. Ebert, R. Gebhart, D. Sample, F. Greenlee, S. Simpson, D. Ehrenberger, R. Kershner, J. King. MARCHING BAND Under the able direction of their leader, Mr. Phillips, the members of the March- ing Band practice various routines for exhibition. This year the band marched at our football games and in several parades. Annually there is a concert held by the band for the entire stu- dent body. CHOIR CLUB The Choir Club is open to students in the chorus class- es. Members of this club make up the Robed Choir which sings at assemblies, commencements, and spe- cial programs both in and out of school. Miss Heber- ling is the sponsor of Choir Club. lst Row: H. Lazar, B. Adams, C. Strosnider, M. Jeter, R. Hopf, L. Bryant, R. Grayson, O. Wesley, S. Dean, D. Dorben, J. Johnson, M. Naatz, M. Favers. Qml Row: R. Kent, R. Karanzas, R. Mitchell, B. Draskovic, J . Ford, C. Wicks, L. Wagner, A. Dorsch, D. Volkman, W. Lufley, J. Armbruster, P. Hatherley, M. Deverts. 3rd Row: B. Fromlak, F. Stacklin, D. Coombs, M. Heard, J. Chiocca, C. Grier, W. Hulme, M. Wesley, C. Richardson, G. Teets, M. Blackwell, S. Allen. lpth Row: M. Wilson, J. Walsh, T. Sham, E. King, C. Dick, J. Woodson, E. Moore, H. Strothers, M. Morris, B. Zukausky, J. Bulik, A. Hairston. Ist Row: D. Greene, B. McGowan, B. Kusar. Second Row: J. Hudgkins, A. Walcot, J. Miller. Standing: S. Soltsick, P. Kader, L. Moore, G. Corbett, F. Holecy, I. Freiss, J. Corcoran, E. Killingsworth, R. Mall. ART CLUB Art Club is open to any student with an interest in art. Club members, besides Working on individual projects, pre- sented a Christmas Tableau at an assem- bly. It was the Art Club which designed and made Allegheny's New Christmas tree. Mr. Heyne sponsors the club. GIRLS LEADERS CLUB The Girls Leaders Club was organized for the purpose of training girls to assist in the gym classes and in sports tourna- ments. This year the girls were very ac- tive in city wide Girls Leaders events. Miss Flinn sponsors the club. lst Row: B. Dreschsel, P. Wray, M. Favers, P. Bouris. 2nd Row: H. Novak, E. Hasco, J . Carlowski, E. Hayes, K. Lane D. Stower, J. Wiegand, B. Cunningham, D. Griffith, V. Csupak, B. Grabowski. 3rd Row: R. Karanzas, P. Coe, J. Cislon, J Ford, A. Clapperton, M. Manos, J. Piiueger, J. Griener, A. Veverka, M. Lang, Richter, J. Schrepfer, M. Suke, C Barker, J. Thompson. 1stRow: H. Ebert, M. Koch, J. Thomson, V. Csupak, G. Baird, W. Erskin, O. Wilson, L. Andre. Qnd Row: C. Burleigh R. Crooks, T. McGregor, T. Essig, S. Kasakevics, C. McHenry. 3rd Row: Mr. Weckerle, T. Moskoyes, T. Woodhall, R Kershner, R. Wright, D. Karanzas, L. McClain, L. Steinmetz. CHESS CLUB Allegheny students join Chess Club to learn the fundamentals of the game and to improve their skill. During the club periods they take part in individual games and tournaments. Mr. Weckerle sponsors the Chess Club. DANCING CLUB The Dancing Club is for boys interested in learning the fundamentals of dancing. Instructions cover a variety of dances, The sponsor, Miss O'Donnell, also sees to it that the boys know how to conduct themselves at any social affair. Ist Row: J. Miller, S. Hefright, J. Wukoson, K. Hodman, C. Starcher, L. Lougherty, J. Bolen, C. Omelite, P. Getting, M. Hosak, S. Ketterer, P. Schmidt, R. Stepp, R. Beers, E. Liptak, R. Kearney, V. Mamich, A. Blake, H. Kernats, R. Ser- vatius, D. Cummings, C. Crassi. Qnd Row: E. Scullion, J. Slobonik, S. Cerny, J. Hollinger, J. Caskey, S. Turner, P. Prantel, J. Stayduhar, D. Simone, S. Swegman, J. Crotzer, P. Mullen, E. Peifer, S. Shuman, J. Hopkins, L. Filkoski, K. Smith, J. Tuminello, R. Gerst, A. Tuminello, W. Hamilton. 3rd Row: S. Schmitt, C. Wilson, C. Mann, E. Thomasich, D. Slonaker, J. Hibler, A. Rodgers, S. Obricki, C. Vrane, P. Petrack, C. Quigley, J. Lukaszewicz, C. Bauer, G. Pittman, A. Efremenko, T. Krance, W. Karner, T. Barch, D. Bryant, J. Butler, Miss 0'Donnell. Lth Row: L. Steinmetz, L. Andrea, M. Bastl, S. Baughman, R. Szymanski, S. Yurkowich, C. Price, J. Voegler, L. McKee, L. Boras, W. Lukitsch, E. Gassner, W. Cravin, F. Dennler, C. Shafer, W. Heller, E. Banovantz, D. Sabo, H. Krasney. 5th Row: M. Faulkner, S. Robbibaro, P. Volkman, M. Wamboldt, M. Ydreos, K. Anestis, M. Abinanti, M. Hasko, G. Grossman, J. McClelland, D. Clady, C. McKernan, J. Grieser, D. Dennler, R. Cammarata, C. Nicholson, T. Tucke, H. Ruckel, R. Kacmarek. 6th Row: B. Murphy, P. Cun- ningham, M. Ticho, M. Troplic, R. Baron, T. Janosik, D. Ehrenberger, R. Vrane. 7th Row: M. Anderson, A. Fredrick, J. Bundick, B. Bowman, M. Hintemeyer, C. Scott, M. Penn, B. Knock, H. Clary. SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club is open to mem- bers of the Spanish classes and is under the supervision of Mr. Snyder. The club holds a Fiesta every year. In the club students learn of the customs and costumes of the Spanish speaking people. Ist Row: G. Gullo, B. Zudrowski, E. Lynch, A. Robson, E. Mehot. Qnd Row: J. Colt, H. Brahler, K. Huber, R. Merlo, E. Starcher. Board: D. Wood, H. Rein, K. Thompson, D. Smith. Instructor: Mr. Liefer. e r semi iw .. G. Davis, J. Lozos, E. Merlo, J. Schloer, T. Brehn, J. Bashline, J. Nist, P. Williams, J. Cullen, M. Thornton, R. Tempert, J. Altmen, A. Williams. SWIMMING CLUB The Swimming Club is open to the boys Who want to be on the swimming team. During the club period, the boys practice, analyze their strokes, and gen- erally try to improve their techniques. The purpose of the club is to have a better team. VISUAL AIDS The Visual Aids Club serves the school by showing movies in classes and at assemblies. This club meets every Mon- day under the direction of Mr. Kunze. lNIembers are taught how to run the movie machines and use their study periods to show movies. Ist Row: J. Parr, C. Trammell, W. Strater, W. Warrene. Qnd Row: M. Bryant, J. Wie- czorkowski, S. Christopher, C. Stome, T. Tuminello, R. Shaffer, H. Krasny, F. Green- lee, F. Heckman. 3rd Row: J. Thornton, C. Schafer, M. Snyder, R. Beers. Y-TEENS CLUB Y-Teens is a club for girls which is sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. Miss lNIary Lou Buck of the "Y,,' supervises this club. Girls in the club dis- cuss fashions, personality, and the role of the teen aged girl in society. lst Row: J. Reihart, J. Smith, D. Hapsic, C. Ridenour, C. Ilgenfritz, R. McCray. Qnd Row: K. Hibler, J. Wiegand, M. Morrissey, I. Fields, C. Grundler, N. Frisco, C. Gairdo, D. Morris. 3rd Row: J. Skinner, J. Pozega, A. Guttman, E. Kidwell, C. Gibson, B. Masterino, L. Sinemus, S. Moore, V. Rodrigues, E. Dominek, S. Scharl, J. Musehar, S. Dumin, S. Rider. 4th Row: P. Prantl, J. MeDade, B. Meadows, V. Mook, C. Senules, C. Baird, N. Cooper, R. Swain, W. Fennel, N. Sigwart, J. Adametz, M. Seeke. 65 W. Hamilton, W. Lukitsch, C. Stone. USHERETTES CLUB Girls for the Usherettes Club are chosen by the sponsor, Mrs. Sink. They ushered for Parents, Night, the Variety Show, the Sen- ior Class Play, and the February commencement exercises. Usherettes must have a pleasing personality, and be able to meet people graciously. STAGE CREW No assembly can be pre- sented to the school With- out the assistance of our eliicient Stage Crew. Work- ing with curtains, lights, cameras, and microphones, the crew is responsible for the smooth operations be- hind the scenes. The boys are supervised by Mr. Deiss. 1 st Row: M. Manos, P. Bouris, J. Kappeler. Qnd Row: J. Baierl, A. Berger, G. Grossman, D. Stewart, P. Coe, J. McClelland, L. Richter, B. Drechsel, N. Ketterle, K. Anestis A. Kent, J. Maurer, S. Allen. 3rd Row: J. Spehar, E. Belansky, J. Wozniak, M. Kirin WAH H00 REPRESENTATIVES It is the duty of every Wah Hoo Representative to col- lect the money for our mag- azine and yearbook from the students in his home- room. In order to do this, he often has to "sell" the mag- azine by giving pep talks during the homeroom meet- ings, and soliciting funds daily. lst Row: L. Wagner, D. Bergman, L. Steinmetz, F. Hoffman, S. Christodoulou, N. Clark. 2nd Row: M. Seeke, B. Kusar, D. Obrycki, J. Cislon, J. Greiner, M. Favers, J. Hopkins. Ist Row: D. Morris, H. Novak, J. McClelland, S. Moore, R. Bivins. Qnd Row: P. Coe, J. Maurer, G. Myers, R. Kershner, C. Matter. 3rd Row: W. Numer, R. Beers, L. Filkoski, J. Frawley. STAMP SALESMEN Distributing savings stamps and collecting the money for them, are the two main tasks of the Stamp Sales- men. Working under their supervisor, Miss Worrell, they perform their duties every Tuesday morning. This past year these Stamp Salesmen have performed their services faithfully and well. Isl Row: E. Belansky, D. Kudrey, B. Bowman, J. Schoeppner, J. Baierl, Head. Qnd Row: E. Hasko, K. Johnson, A. Rodgers, B. Draskovic, Subg J. Cislon, Sub. Head, J. Baierl CHEERLEADERS Our football games wouldn't be complete without the peppy cheerleaders. After football sea- son, they can be found cheering at the basketball games. There are eight varsity girls and two substitutes under the direction of Mr. Heyne. MAJORETTES The students of Allegheny are proud of the high stepping ma- jorettes. There are thirteen girls on the squad. The girls march at football games and parades. Miss Ramsey is their sponsor. They meet each week to work out new routines and go over old ones. lst Row: S. Kaprus, T. Mroczkowski, S. Baughman. Qnd Row: M. Wambolt, I. Kilantonis, M. Heard, J. WUk0SOH, S. Hefright. 3rd Row: M. Bastl, M. Kamalich, J. Bundick, R. Hopf, R. Brammer. S. Baughman, T. Mroczkowski S. Kaprus. lst Row: Mr. Phillips, P. Smith, M. Bryant, J. Caskey, S. Robbibaro, D. Downey, G. Myers. Qnd Row: J. Flinner, B. Blackwell, L. Steinmetz, VV. Kocher, T. Woodhall, S. Turner. 3rd Row: F. Dobis, C. Bauer, A. Barksdale, M. Pavers, J. Mitchell, R. Leonard. Seated at Piano: F. Holecy, V. Nussbaum, H. Lazar. Zfth Row: D. Cirocco, H. Ebert, J. Zern, K. Moskoyes, B. Ziegler, L. McClain, H. Novak, R. Gebbhardt, R. Lytle, B. Numer. 5th Row: K. Weston, W. Kemmler, G. Jones, E. Eiler, D. Holecy, T. Cerny, J. Carter, D. Baron. ORCHESTRA SERVICE SQUAD Students at Allegheny are proud of their Members of the SerViee Squad guide Vis' fine 37 piece orchestra. The orchestra, uors through the building and Plot as which is conducted by Mr. Phillips, per- messengers for the faculty and orhee- forms at various assemblies, the Variety They are stationed in the halls during Shgw, and Commencement exercises, school and in the cafeteria during lunch Each member of the orchestra practices Periods- daily during his orchestra period. 1315 Row: M. Abinanti, N. Nutter, G. Grossman. Qnd Row: A. Kent, K. Anestis, K. Hoffman, B. Drechsel, R. Bungarda, S. McCulla, P. Bouris, P. Wray. 3rd Row: M. Sandoe, M. Heard, J. McClelland, L. Medinger, J. Pavlis, C. Price. Ifth Row: S. Hefright, J. Wukoson, T. Mroczkowski, R. Kent, N. Ketterle, E. Beatty, L. Eggers, S. Kaprus, B. Swegman, J. Abi- janac. 5th Row: E. Gassner, A. Dorsch. BIATHEMATICS lVIath courses that are offered at Allegheny include algebra, geometry, solid geometry, trig- onometry, and math review. Students Who are planning to attend college elect the advanced courses. BIUSIC Students at Allegheny who are interested in music can express their interest by joining the choir, orchestra, or band. These three departments play an important part in the extra- curricular activities herc at Allegheny. The music depart- ment offers classes in chorus for both boys and girls. LANGUAGE The languages offered at Alle- gheny are Latin and Spanish. They are designed for the aver- age student in addition to those Who are college-bound. The two year Latin course includes basic grammar, myth- ology, and Roman history. Spanish classes study the dia- lects and traditions of Spanish- speaking peoples. Xu ENGLISH Six semesters of English are required for graduation from Allegheny. Besides these courses, credits are offered in speech. One half of each of the semesters in English is devoted to grammar and the other half to literature. SOCIAL STUDIES Allegheny High School offers, in addition to the basic required credits in history, classes in American Democ- racy. These courses are designed to help the students become better, more informed, American citizens. SCIENCE Biology, chemistry, and phys- ics are the three natural sci- ences that are offered at Alle- gheny. At least two credits in science are required for gradu- ation. In addition to formal lecture periods, the classes see movies and take part in experi- ments during laboratory peri- ods. ART Art classes at Allegheny are divided into two groups. The standard art course and a craft class. Standard art students learn the techniques of using art materials. Among these are water color, charcoal and ink. An opportunity to work in clay sculpture is also available. The students are encouraged to show their own originality. Crafts class is devoted to the designing and making of metal and wooden jewelry. LIBRARY The Library plays an impor- tant part in our school life. An extensive supply of books makes reference material read- ily available to the students. For pleasure reading, the li- brary features a large assort- ment of fiction books and magazines. SHOP Alleghenyis two shops provide a chance to develop skills in wood and metal working. Wood shop teaches the boys the fundamentals of working with wood. Once familiar with these fundamentals the boys make useful and attractive articles from wood. Machine shop is conducted in the same Way. lllachine shop students make tools as part of their course. These courses give boys a chance to develop. their hand skills. OFFICE PRACTICE Allegheny's office practice class is conducted in an unique man- ner. The class is run exactly as an office, with the girls per- forming thc various office du- ties. Typing, filing, and dictation, give the girls practical experi- ence which should prove val- uable to them in their future jobs. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Distributive Education gives the student an opportunity to earn his high school diploma while gaining valuable ex- perience. In the morning students attend classes, discuss prob- lems that arise on the job, or attend a breakfast at which an interesting speaker talks to the students. In the afternoon the stu- dents leave school to go to work. This Way they earn while they learn. si AUTOMATION Automation is a technical course calling for only the eX- ceptional student. F or this reason the students come from a variety of Pittsburgh Schools. Here the students learn fundamentals of electronics. In class the boys build elec- tronic computers and other electronic equipment. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council con- sists of two representatives from each homeroom Who are elected each semester. Requirements for member- ship are passing grades, re- liability, and good citizen- ship. The functions of Stu- dent Council are to exam- ine the problems of the school and take the neces- sary steps to correct them. The group also conducts fund raising projects, su- pervises school activities, and holds social events. Seated: K. Hoffman, Secretary: STUDENT CCUNCIL f K . I-E. '..- mg- if f 'f'--' .1 sz ..., it ' . ''w't'i..2,jiQff'f' If f 'lk 3 "" i '.f, fflzfiffg "Y-fgjwiv, i . ' ii? i E Ist Row: H. Weiss, A. Sharpless, B. Bright, T. Janosik, E. Bardiovsky, D. Blyshak Qnd Row: T. Barch, A. Rodgers, M. Manos, F. Augustyniak, J. Pavlis, J. Johnson 3rd Row: S. Kasakevics, L. Puz, T. Mroczkowski, R. Kearney, S. Shuman, L. McKee .Gth Row: J. Bundick, J. Hollinger, M. Abijanac, S. Yurkoviclx. Standing: C. McKernan A. Veverka, L. Armbruster, C. White, D. Smith, L. Boras, B. Swegman. OFFICERS The functions of an officer of stu- dent council are many and var- ied. It could mean putting up posters expressing the desire to keep our school clean or partici- pating as a representative in all City Council. The vice president is the formal delegate to All City Council. Another delegate is elected and is usually the pres- ident. We are also represented at many important conferences by our officers. J. Butler, President. Standing: J. Biel, Treasurer: C. Beck, Vice President: W. N umer, Sergeant-at-Arms. 74 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lst Row: P. Bouris, G. Grossman, L. Richter, K. Hoffman, S. Kaprus, K. Anestis. Qnd Row: M. Bastl, J. Armbruster, P. Coe, A. Tuminello, F. Augustyniak, J. Butler, B. Cunningham, M. Abinanti. 3rd Row: J. Baierl, D. Kudrey, R. Baron, R. Kearney, A. Weber, K. Thomson, B. Bowman, J. Pavlis. .Qth Row: C. Beck, M. Manos, J. Kap- peler, J. Waldschmidt, N. Ketterle, A. Kent, D. Liebman, B. Swegman. CEREMONY After the candidates are carefully and secretly se- lected by the faculty, they are tapped by the present members at an assembly. Later, at a formal assem- bly, they are inducted with an impressive ceremony. During the induction, the qualities of service, scholar- ship, leadership, and char- acter are presented through speeches by the members. Formal induction entitles the students to wear the gold keystone and flaming torch emblem which sym- bolizes their status as mem- bers of the National Honor Society. REQUIREMENTS Belonging to National Hon- or Society is the highest award for achievement in high school. Only those who are outstanding in scholar- ship, leadership, character, and service are considered for membership. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes twice a year by the faculty. Due to the high ideals and stand- ards of this society, only a limited number of students attain membership. Mary Manos gives lighted candles to Dolores Kudrey and Janet Baierl. DANCES During the school year, the senior class sponsors several dances. Many of these dances have become traditions which are eagerly looked forward to each year. Such traditional dances are the Get-Acquainted Dance, the Halloween Dance and the Christmas Dance. In addition, a football dance hon- oring Alleghenyls football team is usually held in mid- season. The proceeds from the ma- jority of the dances is desig- nated for use by the school publications. The scenery for the Radiation Romp consisted of 2 visitors from outer space and their rocket ship. R, Bickel and G. Ole-ch, two of Alleghenyls alumni are pictured with P. Mullen and C. Quigley, two students at the Radiation Romp. Looking cheerful are two of our students, F. Augustyniak and J. Valerio. R. Beers, T. Tuminello, G. Mc- Kee, and J. Chiocca are pictured with their partners enjoying the dance honoring the football team. L. Boras was glad to smile for the photographer While dancing with J. Slobodnik. C. Beck was in the background. Mr. Mattern opening an assembly. ASSEMBLIES Allegheny's students view many assemblies presented for the purpose of broadening their Cultural interests and providing them with good entertainment. Some of the many different types of assemblies are: Senior Day Program, pep as- semblies for the various sports, National Honor Society Tapping and Induction, guest speakers, entertaining, educational movies, program of his- torical significance, and humorous programs pre- sented by the students. Assemblies usually begin with the presentation of the flag and singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and end with the sing- ing of the Alma Mater. Bernard Swegman giving a speech at the National Honor Society induction. One of our homeroorus standing around the tree during the Christ- mas festivities. Janet Baierl and the Cheerleaders cheering the team to victory at one of our pre-game pep assemblies. S. Baughman, T. Mroczowski, S. Kaprus lead the majorettes in a precision routine. A. Kent announcing za skit. J. Bundick, BI. Faulkner, P. Bouris, R. Hopf, J. Baierl, R. Brammer, B. Ziegler giving the homeroom standings in the pub- lieations campaign. WAH H00 Every semester the students in Allegheny's speech classes put on a number of skits to promote the sales of the Wah Hoo and entertain the students. This yearis classes divided into small groups and then with the help of the speech teacher, Mrs. Scott, each Wrote and di- rected his own skit. The skits are presented during the first period of a day and usually last for about 45 minutes. The circulation staH, who has charge of the selling of the VVah Hoo, gave a sales promotion speech and a report on how many students had bought the magazine. A band of unidentified seniors in the Tvllll Hoo Jungle. SKITS F. Hoffman and J. Woodson as hero and scenery of the Wah Hoo jungle. F. Augustyniak giving orders to E. Hayes, D. Zebo, J. Kappeler, J. Hibler, and J. Schoeppner, players on his team. T. Barch and L. Filkowski being interviewed by K. Moskoyes. Howard Ebert DLC. announcing an act. F. Amicone, VV. Lukitsch, J. Pribik, K. Thomson and W. Hamilton displaying their talent doing the Can-Can. ARIETY SHOWS One of the biggest events at Allegheny is the annual Variety Show. Under the supervision of the Orchestra Leader and the Activities Director, the students help plan and participate in the show. The show offers an opportunity for participation by any student. The acts are of a great variety calling in the students' musical talents, ability to speak to a large gathering, and a knack for being witty. However, the participation of students does not end there. Usherettes, prop men, make-up artists and scenery artists are also important positions which must be filled if the show is to be a success. F. Greenlee, R. Lytle, M. Guarino look on. G. Johnson, and R. Leonard pro- duce some wonderful sounds while S. Robbibaro and F. Augustyniak Doing their version of an Indian Dance arc, in the front, C. Kirin, J, Pflueger, J. Greiner and, in the rear, S. Kilantonis, C. Seibert and H. Novak. E. Hasko, B. Bowman, D. Ku- drey, B. Draskovic, J. Schoeppner, K, Johnson, J. Baierl, A. Rodgers perform an Irish lilt as good as any lass from the isle. R. Hopf, B. Zeigler, P. Petrach, M. Abijanic, J. Walsh, T. Mrocz- kowski, S. Baughman, M. Faulk- ner, J. Valerio, S. Hefright and M. Bastl upholding the French tra- dition with their version of the Can-Can. W M X ,gy f ffif X iii , 4, ,Q A.. . 1 f .I fl NE? -sig Lip-1 fu. ,b ' if 3 17- - r? 4 :C ,wifi A, . 'se CVGJSIH k wa. , f -5191, 20.5 if 5-fl .ZF fu LTIUS15 , fl, .15 ,V f 1, l..,.q1,V, .,r',,.A- A y . ..1.. .LZ '-A Vx if 4.. 1 A .1 K". .Y - J x.-A 7' :xi 4.11 Y': SE A :X 1413 ,,gg5:13".f f. iv-fff. . L ....,-:fn--3. - f f f V . , .- Q. j,1':.u,yrg:.:1 g - gn,-. .5 .- ,f ' -- Q,-,..'g.. ' :-aLif"J:.Q: if -v Q3-.1-N - 'f :.3-Mead xl: ' fi . 52 ffi'?f.fZ35li'l ffyfifsx. if g+5'15,-. -' 'i 4 1 ' P i - ,TL 1:34.-.' 2211- his-1. . P if: f, - I -eff '-5-5 ' r A fN"'fx'?le2-.-L-.:2: "' 2'!?f?"7.f:" L' "'- , 'HIC 'Jain 1: - W- J . -'iff--f.. :Fiat 1 K ' T 3,3 . 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'f - ws, -1 ..,.- 1 it ,,, ..4.?5., Qi. , . 41:11-1.,5i? pl 4 i T' we . ff wygveigf. .,a 2 '4791' ,v-f' . rw' f3,:r:s4 Hi 1 5 ww xg gr. . .. N ' ,, ,.-- '-- .g-- . . ,,-gh-'Hhs . 1-.:5g,3f'g?"' .. n'gf +1 ' 1 3 ' . , ffE,:.. fs.:-ff-fgr 54. , 'r 'f -JC .. -- fini-T ' - L 1' ,gym . .M 1-1-V . he-' :. - +4 ' 'JE 3.-5: -, . 'fi Q inf' -- 3- 149. 1 f ' ip.-. 7" -mf.-.. - - .'.. mfg: Hi?" "4 ' ' 'aff ?'.1e 9,122 ,452-af: 44, dine-' .rw ,gg iv- f-., 4354: 1'-ag' 'Elm ,:-2-r.,-.gdQ."f""" .1-F, QQ-94,13 ' 5, 3,-q:'fP:!"... 35, iw ,gg-5425. .sjijfj ff ' .?'7"'-I' ' ' u ww . fs: - . f'L+:2g,i'4:sag- 4' "X -Lair. TH FOOTBALL lst Row: E. Webster, E. Moore, V. lllamick, G. Roper, R. Gerst, F. Rodrigues, VV. Lukitsch, J. Pribik, R. Wade, J. Thorn- ton. Qnd Row: T. Tuminello, O. VVesley, B. Stein, D. Bryant, E. Jesek, M. Wesley, J. Schmitt, A. Efremenko, W. Ammon. 3rd Row: Mr. Fehrenbach, L. Pridgen, L. VVilliams, R. Leonard, VV. Hamilton, L. Pegues, J. Lozos, L. Bourquin, J. Mazza, A. Grote, R. Valentine, J. Tremontin, Mr. Allen. 4th How: E. Eiler, W. Hulme, R. Snyder, E. Pfeiffer, C. Lang, L. Hard- Wick, S. Richie, R. Wade, J. Cullen. The 1958 football season ended in a grueling, hard fought duel with the Westinghouse Bulldogs for the city championship. Although the Red and Blue lost, they have reason to be proud. Their final record through eleven exciting games was Won 7, lost 3, and tied 1. Injuries plagued the squad this year, leaving several players ineligible for league competition. For two years Coach Allen built up his squad to this Section Championship team which brilliantly pounded the turf for the glory of their school. gt . ,f 355- ' ,f'!,,'fftW J A .... V, ..,, 1 . ' 1 e ,i N45 Sept. Oct. Nov. RESULTS 1959 AHS OPP Stowe 6 '7 Charleroi 7 19 Ambridge 26 15 Langley 39 19 Perry 14 0 Oliver 12 7 Turtle Creek 19 13 Carrick 13 0 Fifth Avenue 13 13 Fifth Avenue 19 13 Westinghouse 0 38 irr Andy Metro F. Amicone B- Stein F ield Caretaker Tackle 86 H alf 1911016 On this page and the next are snapshots of our grad- uating seniors of the Sec- tion Q Championship team. W. Lukitsch-Tackle F. Rodrigues-Guard D. Gerst-Center G. Roper-Guard ' " 1 -' fu ,. X .... I by M' 1 S, 1 A--'fQ in My at E KE.. 3 .. 2 - 3, - ng k . " Q ., Ng, .. A K . ,k 29 4 3, P LM,,.. 4,3 MK : .. f fx., -. - f,. 4- f. Lk- ., , R . , Q W we ' 1 x Q -Q Y' f W. .. M45-gg .. --" 1 ' V A fm .Maw r , Q1 3, ' ' V ' "fu : V '- , . V : ,L gf -. A B Q , H V. .,- i A "Vz'f5k"T1'f'- -nfg"f- 1Q,.,,f:ve-fgifz ' , yi, .V V... rv. ggq- K x Q., ,kfgif L. Pridgen-End E. Jesek-Fullback 0. Wesley-Halfback J. Pribik-End 7 i n "-2-'.2 p---.....-. . . X 1 .W 4.3 ,Y 4, , 45, 'Mm -WA if Ju 5 gl 4 A 1. Q si' - f Q E -K 2 .1 5 K 1 M M F' V L may Ewzemqz wa.. . -. V lmfy- fg s 'V .,.,,q. W , y fy :jfyjff Q. ' I , I .1 ,I ' Y, Eg ? 'ff ,. A 'f 5f'i?Wifl :",gLQ?5C5g '- : 'z-,f..f'f. ww .2 M . Y' 1 'ff f -rgwf gf' 4- .ff ffm .2 '- ' 153' ' x "HY, :. A " "'- . 1 . D. Bryant-Quarterback R. Wade-Halfback T. Tuminello-Halfback E. Moore-End 87 Bernard Stein was sprinting for the goal line with a Langley player hot in pursuit. Otis Wesley was preparing to aid an unidentified Allegheny player in bringing down an opponent. Darrell Bryant was set up for an option play by a hard hitting line. Otis Wesley in an end run side stepped an attempted cross body block. Richard Wade is out-running three opponents in a perfectly executed end run. A group of Allegheny and Langley players prepared to grapple for a pass. Ist Row: E. Jost, J. Biel, D. Bryant, VV. Faith, L. Williams. Qnd Row: Mr. Fehrenbach, T. Barcli, D, Blyshak, R. Beers, A. VVeber, M. Wesley, E. Webster. Dec. Jan. Feb. 9 12 6 9 16 20 23 27 6 10 17 20 24 27 BASKETBALL RESULTS 1 95 8-5 9 Washington Vo. Rankin Carrick Allegheny Vo. South Hills At Perry Oliver At Langley At Carrick At Allegheny Vo. At South Hills Perry At Oliver Langley R. Beers rebounded an opponents shot. AHS 41 42 49 44 43 60 48 58 62 83 44 46 37 63 OPP 36 36 44 18 55 45 67 54 66 27 91 44 72 58 A. VVeber and D. Blyshak fol- lowed thru on a lay up shot by R. Beers. D. Bryant and A. Wleber posi- tioned themselves to assist R. Beers in obtaining a rebound. ff-w This year Alleghenyis hard- wood pounders fought their Way into third place in Sec- tion Q. Paced by several fine juniors, the Indians succeeded in winning seven and losing five. Several times the Red and Blue came from behind to overload the hoop with game Winning points. A strong nu- cleus for next year's squad will return to try and better this year's Well earned record. Strong arms, sure eyes, and a willingness to win made Alle- gheny a constant threat throughout the season. BASEBALL Ist Row: H. Ebert, R. Stinger, J. Butler, T. McGregor, E. Gassner, B. Stein, G. Perez, D. Thomson, J. Turninello, J. Schmidt. Qnd Row: R. Yost, M. Wesley, J. Ycdlica, L. Bourquin, D. Hogel, D. Blyshak, V. Mazza, Mr. Fehrenbach, E. Webster. Last year an energetic nine fought their Way through a rough season and closed with a 4 Won 8 lost record. So keen was the competition in the league race that several of the games were Won and lost by narrow margins. Backed by experience, this season six letterrnen returned to try and upset last year's league lead- ers. A well balanced infield and a solid outfield posed a serious threat to any championship hope.- ful. Pictured below are 3 of this year's starting players. April May June 15 17 24 28 1 5 8 19 QQ 29 2 Langley At Oliver At Westinghouse At Washington Vo. Schenley At Peabody Connelley Westinghouse Washington Vo. Peabody At Connelley AHS 0 1 6 El Q 2 11 Q 8 6 17 B. Stein E. Gassner G. Perez OPP 13 5 8 1 3 8 1 4 11 8 1 SWIMMING 1st Row: K. Huber, C. Metz, B. Rosenberg, P. Williams. Qnd Row: W. Ilgenfritz, J. Kestner, A. Dorsch, D. Wood. 3rd Row: C. Quigley, K. Thomson, R. Busino, R. Stepp, H. Rein, R. Gerst. This year's swimming team finished the season with a 5 won 5 lost record. Daniel Smith and Richard Busino represented Allegheny High School in the All City qualifications meet. There will be one letterman returning for next year,s contests, which leaves a lot of rebuilding for Coach Allen to do. Next year's season will hold many pitfalls unless several new and promising swimmers enlighten the scene. Jan. Feb 8 12 15 19 QQ Q6 5 9 12 16 SWIMMING '59 Westinghouse At Butler South Hills Perry At Oliver Connelley Langley At Carrick South Catholic South Catholic H. Rein and South Hills swimmer. AHS 50 28 Q4 43 31 65 36 42 56 50 OPP 36 58 62 43 54 17 50 41 34 Q8 GIRLS' TENNEQUOIT CHAMPIONS Qnd Row: A. Kent, K. Anestis, M. Rimkus, S. Peterson. 1st Row: N. Ketterle, R. Karanzas, M. Deverets. Three hundred athletic points entitle a girl to receive an athletic "A," These points are earned by participation in the various tournaments. Win- ning teams receive 10 points for each girl on the team. Five points are given to each girl on the losing team. A team that Wins a tournament is given fifty athletic points, While the runner-up team receives twen- ty-five athletic points. Each tournament needs many managers, referees, score keepers and point keep- ers. For these services the girls receive fifty points for each tournament in which they participate. GIRLS Girls have the opportunity to partici- pate in four intramural sports, volley- ball, softball, basketball and tennequoit. Tournaments are held for each sport. The teams, composed of girls in the same grade, compete in an elimination tourna- ment to determine the champion team for each grade. Then the champion teams compete for the tournament cham- pionship. Ht. . ,:, ,. fs 1 li'-L GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS lst Row: B. lNTcGowan, C. Vrane, P. Petrack. Qnd Row: C. VVilson, K. VVeston, B. Kusor, M. Abijanac. The Girls' intramural volleyball league consists of fourteen teams of eight play- ers. An elimination tournament decides the grade and league volleyball cham- pions. Tennequoit is conducted in the same manner, with teams of seven players each battling to become the tournament champions. Softball teams of nine girls each com- pete for the softball championship. -1 I V , J' 1 - -' 1 A xv X X 6 A X X ' f, K v' Q l W . Ky 5 3' f I f ' A ' ' :H ' - 'W W 1' X 4 Q 6 U ,ffm X W I r K ff' H W it 9 W -dk W W W X W W W W N W L ' , W ' - 5 f , L W L P :ZA K ' ! W X W , N X 1 1 , , ' ' W ' W W A, I ' L W 4, ' -' Q . f Y V .f 1 f X P i XX RX L W F Q W W X ' 1 W W W W W W W M K2 K ,Q , Q W ,W :ff 1 N W W W W W 2 W f X W I Y i ' L W ' bf' '71 A ,' X Nl 'X W- W I W W W W ' ,...,-- W Zi . NX Y l XJ W, 1 W W 'H' ' ,..-f"" W W Y X - x " i xg - . ' W 'ff ' X f 'W W ' W ' W W W' WERWWTHG W 1 4... I f' 5 E W W X- WQ1 Q Wm W W W www. f - f W U LW f W Y L11 W ' -'W 1 -I J X N , U Ziff' i W, i W aawig H -f' f 5fcZffWL I W W W FW " --- C X 1 W v- ' ' I 1 ,,...-'uv W1 , fr A," W f MW W, , Q :W Vw-may 1 K " W , L ' W--N , ' E T' Y , x W - Q X, A X , , K - -f 1-Luisa ,.,.W-3 'W-vm ,M W Q L-fs5g.ggQ:w..imi.5?ifgfl5,51., f law i k... Q 4- L ff- uv , i Y . s -:nj V. .V:L,i.hp.'5.y-Lf,-,,.,J g e ff K '- f ' ' 4. N W, , - ' , " .s-Q,-qw. ,ilfzfff-755'-"UQ 'ff'-au ', "' l X- r - , 1. 4 Ln A, -f :."f w .. ,. 1 A f zsy- W1 f S T -f Tl ,I 24" -SN'-E592-7'?b59:3'fwfpf-ilfxif' -+'53'?.5?i5i"53'5f gf:?'5m5"'?'-'4'5?-:-' ' 'T 1 . A, ax?-2:1 3-'f-..fL"'fFf'2f1?f+.f,.r.s5g,g.,g?g.'e:fa4:2fgf ,:5gJjf5.f?:Lg:J..,-r.:f,: -24 A' 5, . A .M +11-, - -'LSB-iv-frJ25'2'f?'zP:"1'4?.i"f,v +5.Z'5"'?w'9,f-fm5."5'f'5'-'5."'2 4434, aw Hgff' L.-f,zQ?'-fig-ilfwff 'fm J - 3355 - - 1 ,fzg-:wi-Y9"'5??'W' 1 -. :'W3W'1'?Xef.?'f3g!4"fJ5'!?fQ,fl'1l4?-f?,,,"W:fr3A43"f'2W't'ff'f--1"'" "f'1"i1 " .39S'f-f,:?Z. 5? 'P-fe -k,-i5afT"'lf1-Lw!-f'gri'5'5?a,nf-i1f?L'fff'7v'7.f'I:-fA- 1-- V K 7- ,W ,,,,4.Y'1,l.1:,3 f.-H r . ,Lg axnygfg-5-nom. NN,-? fl--,rg it fc- ,'I,. at ,v -15 if 1 h . ,, if-.-Y-'.E.?,qy::,,q23'g 7z,,,1g:??'S' I ,..E,..,1,,.:5,7' Vi. ge: A. Y""" f ---Q. .4-",2L7:f",'-R-feyiS"-F112 W- 3'.-'-- -QL.:-2 "f"-'jj-wit" ' CH - Q .-L nw-W -- 1-.Q-em' I H . -fp 2i'4'?.,3i?,'ii4555f'K:-!" Ps: Ayub --.?i,.fIW'-Qgnzlgffaf-,M-4'H"i ,TSW.?fL'fh--.'fW'?'73?1ff'fE"'!Q'1!' 5"7"??W5'?:-"'-iii? A .-.. -FT!" mir ..,gx-112 1 Q -'tak-.3 -"S2f1"1,fci'g,.,- ff "ggf'21'14-f4.,'-,l'f'54.,g-.,. f 'M ' ' 4112-+f?f'.-liitrw23-Ls!ifg.5'S?'?i?nQ7:1'?2a'1A55,i'5IA'.y'15jir4?','J!'S"hwx'P'lTWxf1,'2irf2w'2A4'4f:":7'zFf-wav J" 'Ji !'Sff-4.5: iw,,.:,s':,?,Q,'f,s::,-AfP,.i, "--"fi'j'.2,': -L --. , .Hg e..P,:,v:'gq 33. f.,:-iff-jf-?f1f'5?'2f"-i-'35539-db-.5.:pfyfW'f -Q--.H-gg.: ,.,.,., ., .-1- j - ,,g'b,3 ' f,.f1L1eg3g4- :Q I 4 V Q-.m.k- ,L : gg, A -. -,i 0-Lv ,vu X:-,-H5A.4i ?'-- hw? . gg- LA, . A , 2' f ,,., f2-i"E..zzg4-'ggi F95 .Jr v A Gifs 1 ,sf -'F' f A cj ., n I ' AD ERTISIN K gg iqi ini i Hx' v' ' 'Q , g5I'gQjL:..3'5-'5'+'5?L3sr 91559 ' fzfif Yriw ' '.1 L- Y - -- .J 1 ,f i..i: ,. .V -5. Q L, 1'-H' " ,Af LA.. Q .7 ,xv fl, ,.T?f+?Tff7ififQ? L"vQg?i,L'1 fi! di' ,.-J-1 -lp!! . ' ' r 5 u - - ,- - , V f .-Ji .. 1 4'- 1 f f 'f ' W h W I? N x'1-gifaiwivi ...,. . 54QPi17'g'-.5'75" f" . . ' A' SL :'f'z'5':-'lil 'ma' 'L'1,2,..'-f:"' 3 . . x 1... .. H' nllif-1 l Rf!ii.EBi"?i:3f 'xi-Milf if -'V f N A i'?ffgl'5:'- :J-f2e"?1,gA - Wi, fp -il! 'L 1,4 gfigF't"'f'5gLE 4 Mies' ,- A ifff? 0" ilbf 1 X Q i? 'Elk QE dis li,-1.11 3 I X M ,,4f:s,2 , ,i ,, 'fam'-" A JL r W f f i' ' Q- W , -V , A ."fwp,I f1'f.. ' A ,Jfhvl 'f ' 015, , -PV I 1 1 Z ' if 52, f ff 'J A 1 L ' ' . 'l2:g:2'Q1E,,+g'-V 3' KMt ""' l ' l 'f 1 -' ' -'H , ... ii' mSiS i5p.5!4 5 Dum W i ' Q 'HaF'E'W ' '.' ff- 13 l ' . .. E. ' li Y 4 f I 3 " E -365545 EXV Q V F 3 F li 1 a , -X ' nl .-Fi V ,"1 M15 fi ' 1 MP5 sill!!! . 3 ,gesff-fag . , Q! - .Q , ,, 4 .-'. ,I V' 7 17 ' fi' , .i 1- ' I K' li? Q'-ak.-' , I f'-'YQ ' '51 A L, V' A., " . ' , fgfg gm 551552 ',.,.q, L Aa-41:1-1-,Q 1 L + M' if QM' H 'J ' , u n.. H :qt , , Mm U, ., 5.51, 4- ,, ' ,'.. , ., -,-rv, 4 A ,,,q,?,,, f Q55 qgasfl-fifi'-3 0 .-2- 33 mf g, :gf with X: :g-Iggy. 7 o sz S- is I " " ' E23 if "V'5'4.:-Zia-if 1 -- -Lf A Q -,-f f 00'- 1' f T5 7 L 1 - 2-fy-A f ' PFNS . --A ,. M, v v .,3, Q sy fl 2 f." ' . ' f 'li MA "" "1 f M 0 'E'1E353 EE.'2fz5N A, ' ' adv L 6 ' ga Y 1 fi 3. 1.1 'fig ' 'E A f Q' "1 1' '..' 1 f-, D Q , g, 152.1-f :gf-2 "M I 5-f?'1s:5 " f 9' fig? 'll U ,.P?A1A"' A Y'-'A' '- vi, Q-, I'Q'lXn'axkwxw5L '?"f' F'v' - f i t ' gg ll.I -In-K KQHQ ,.?'Qiw29f'Fe.w,f.PWh-, fwax,,,4a'rx. ! I-3.31- 'S 1'-vw. GCOD LUCK SENIORS! FRCM STUDENT COUNCIL CANTELLA'S FOOD MARKET We aim to please 1406 Federal Street Pittsburgh 12, Pa. CE 1-9430 Free Delivery Poultry for all occasions Weddings Banquets Dinners QUAKER FARM POULTRY Grimm Bros. DELNEYS . AL 1-1639 7703 McKnight Road North Side Compliments of a Friend Compliments of PENNSYLVANIA SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASS'N OF PITTSBURGH 860 Spring Garden Avenue Pittsburgh 12, Pa. NEWELL'S PHARMACY 1501 Buena Vista Street First Row: R. Karanzas, A. Kent, P. Volkman, L. Ernberger, S. Peterson, H Curry, M. Abinanti, M. Rimkus, G. Grossman, K. Anestis, D. Coombs, R. Kent Second Row: M. Deverts, S. Kaprus, C. Price, M. Wamboldt, M. Hasko, M Sandoe, N. Ketterle, R. Vrane, R. Baron. Third Row: J. Abijanac, D. Powell J. McCelland, M. Ydreos, C. Strosnider, P. Granderson, D. Rowda, E. Moore B. Swegman, L. Moore. Fourth Row: R. Grayson, T. Kraniak, J. Woodson, F Hoffman, L. Bryant, C. Miller, M. jordan, J. Troxell, O. Wesley, L. Blackwell R. Mundy, J. Hudgins, E. Miller. BEST WISHES TO ALL THE INDIANS 125 GRADUATING CLASS FEBRUARY 1959 100 For the best in homemade pizza PERRY PIZZA Across from Perry High 3876 Perrysville Avenue Pittsburgh 14, Pa. Compliments of AUGIE'S BARBER SHOP Two locations 1402 Western Avenue CE 1-0043 2 Freedom Road MANESIOTIS, INC. Commercial and Industrial Painting Contractors GOOD LUCK SENIORS FROM 324 104 West Erie Street Pittsburgh 12, Pa. GERBER'S PEARSONS SERVICE SUPER FRUIT STORES 1011 West North Avenue North Side North Hills Pittsburgh, Pa. Open every evening until 9:00 p.m. THE AL1egheny 1-4776 MARY LOUISE BOYD ALDERMAN 1515 Federal Street Pittsburgh 12, Pa. ROBERT BRAUN PRESS "Printing that pleases-Prices too!" 726 Avery Street CE 1-3695 Pittsburgh 12, Pa. We specialize in church and school printing I , 'I -?. First Row.' J. Walsh, J. Waldschmidt, J. Kappeler, R. Brammer, J. Baierl, P Bouris, G. Roper, T. Tuminello, E. Beatty, M. Heard, P. Wray, M. Favers Second Row: G. McKee, V. Mazza, F. Augustyniak, A. Weber, A. Berger, G Teets, A. Clapperton, D. Zebo, B. Stein. Third Row: M. Guarino, C. Stone, R Stinger, L. Pridgen, F. Amicone, B. Helt, R. Kello, J. Sebyanics, J. Richter Mr. Floyd. DEDICATED TO ONE OF THE BEST TEACHERS IN A.H.S. MR. FLOYD 128 GRADUATING CLASS JUNE 1959 102 1901 - Our 58th Year - 1959 ALLEGHENY REAL ESTATE CO. FRED HOLLER Custom Tailor Tailor - Furrier - Cleaner 1128 Spring Garden Avenue Pittsburgh 12, Pa. CE 1-5407 402 Federal Street FA 1-2100 Complete Real Estate and Insurance service CAVANAUGH'S john A. Albrecht-Class of '30 l u 5103 PENN AVENUE VICE Pres1dent 8a Treaurer EM 1-9219 Pat Kader Muriel Moore C Janet Baierl Barb Adams Marion Sells H JoAnn Shoeppner Joyce Lake Kathy Warnick joan Bundick Marge Anderson E Evelyn Belansky Pat Cunningham Virginia Dixon E Barbara Bowman Arlene Frederick R Dee Kudrey Mrs. M. A. Bergen L E TAORMINA'S BARBER SHOP 1202 Federal Street AL1egheny 1-8122 Manager - Joe Enzerra -Iudy Cislon A Eileen Hasko D Annora Rodgers E Kay Johnson R Brenda Draskovic S First Row: E. Bungarda, R. Brammer, L. Andre, L. Steinmetz, L. Richter, P Coe, J. Hibler, L. Eggers, M. Bastl, J. Armbruster, B. Cunningham, S. Baugh- man. Second Row: G. Corbett, G. Davis, J. Webster, D. Liebman, H. Ebert, J Chiocca, B. Cammarata, R. Gerst, J. Grieser, C. McKernan, L. Boras, B. Lukitsch C. Beck. Third Row: J. Gierl, J. Butler, D. Bailey, L. McClain, B. Sukitsch, A Bisers, D. Thomson, R. Kaczmarck, T. Essig, D. Karanzas, D. Clady. CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR A'S 222 GRADUATING CLASS JUNE 1959 104 HAUCK'S Beauty Salon N.S. Deposit Bank Building 516 Federal Street CE 1-5455 Idiot, Cobra, 8a Detroit Haircuts As advertised on K.Q. V. R and R PHARMACY 112 East Ohio Corner Sandusky Pittsburgh 12, Pa. Phone CEdar 1-5012 Bernard B. Devlin DEVLIN FUNEILAL HOME 602 Sherman Avenue Pittsburgh 12, Pa. FAirfax 1-2578 Thomas B. Devlin PAUL STEPHENS successor to E. Lovrencic F. H. 860 Lockhart Street Pittsburgh 12, Pa. Phone CEdar 1-1285 ADA'S 905 Federal Street Clldar 1-9888 Dancing - Wed., Fri., 8a Sat. Orchestra 9:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. NORTHERN LIGHT COMPANY Complete Line of Lighting Fixtures Radio Service 219 East Ohio Street ELLEN MONPER RESTAURANT 2300 Babcock Boulevard Near McKnight Road Dine Dance Open Sundays TAylor 1-9842 Compliments of Charles F. Slemenda, Jr. Reserve Township Treasurer First Row: J. Pavlis, T. Barch, L. Medinger, R. Briskey. Second Row: N. Ewing S. McCulloch, C. Gibson, J. Weigand, B. Drechsel, S. Hefright, J. Wukoson Third Row: S. Kalbaugh, N. Goncar, N. Nutter, B. Blackwell, C. Starcher, E Day, M. Sommers, B. Ilgenfrirz, K. Thomson. Fourth Row: J. Hopkins, L. Filko- ski, C. Quigley, D. Holecy, C. McHenry, D. Bryant, A. Kovacik, T. Maihan, B Craven. NOW THAT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS ARE DONE, CONGRATULATIONS FROM 331 GRADUATING CLASS JUNE 1959 106 MATOUS OPTICIANS Dollar Savings 8a Trust Bldg. Room 609 526 Federal Street Bus. phone FAirfax 1-6602 Res. phone Wlistmore 5-2170 Compliments Of Manchester A.C. Football Team Coaches Andy Cotton Vince Zavarella C OM PLI M EN TS OF STREM STUDIOS Picture Corner 900 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh 22, Pa. Our Yearbook Photographer WE SALUTE Frank Hoffman-Class of '59 Kathleen Hoffman-Class of '59 Grandma and Grandpa Fowler Mother and Dad Hoffman Aunt Hazel Fowler Aunt Lois and Uncle Harry Fowler Aunt Ethel and Uncle John Simpson Aunt Betty and Uncle Jack Fowler Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Jim Fowler Brother Bill Hoffman Sister Barbara Meadors and husband Bob Cousins: Ronald, Marilyn Lu, Betty Jane, Chipper, Jack, Keith, Jim, Wayne, Tom Nieces: Kathleen and Cindy ANN'S 1423 Beaver Avenue Pittsburgh 33, Pa. CE 1-9080 Hof Lunches Beverages of all kind WEILANDS DAIRY Chateau St. 8a Sheffield St. Manchester N.S. FA 1-5647 Pizza, Milkshakes, Sundaes, Soft Ice Cream and Footlong Hot Dogs First Rowf J. WVozniak, J. Spehar, E. Hayes, J. Schoeppner, M. Manos, S. Cerney, S. Brown, S. Allen, J. Maurer, D. Stewart. Second Row: A. Wieczorkowski, F Stacklin, R. Wade, K. Hoffman, H. Miller, C. McGrath, J. Kinder, I. Kilantonis M. Boelky. Third Row: G. Barnes, G. Perez, T. McGregor, F. Condell, J. Pribik F. Brittner, S. Zorich, S. Behon. ' WE MADE IT! THANKS MR. WECKERLE 401 GRADUATING CLASS JUNE 1959 108 THRIFT DRUG COMPANY East Ohio 8c Nash Sts. Pittsburgh 12, Pa. Phone AL 1-1566 Manager - Joseph Shirnkus C. PANAGULIAS Sc COMPANY 300 West North Avenue Pittsburgh 12, Pa. FAirfax 1-9428 GEORGE E. THOMSON Dry Cleaning FA 2-7679 SlNGER'S 529 East Ohio Street FA 1-9037 LIBRARY CIGAR STORE 801 Federal Street ANDY TAORMINA'S GROCERY 1204 Federal Street AL 1-7898 KOCH BROS. Real Estate - Insurance 1610 Lowrie Street Pittsburgh 12, Pa-. Phone CE 1-3354 LOU KIMMEL Quality Fresh and Smoked Meats We Deliver Phone FA 1-0340 Stand No. 44 N.S. Market Pittsburgh 12, Pa. SENIOR A'S SIGNATURES 2fJwi"' Www M WW' W il? QEQWQSWVQQN 3533! www SLS Oifiy fffwifi aff ffm fm s W Wa LMJJKOZVUF S N Q62 S SM ALLSTATE ROOFING AND SHEET METAL COMPANY 1401 Sedgwick Street Pittsburgh 33, Pennsylvania All Types of Roofing Slate Tile Asbestos Shingles Sheet Metal Built up Roofing FAirfclx 2-8274 Specialties In All Types of Sheet Metal D0n't WISH for it SA VE for if AMOCO STATION TROY HILL FEDERAL Beech Sc Brighton Road SAVINGS 3, LQAN Pittsburgh 3313. CE 1-8925 Car Washing 1706 Lowrie Street afld l Lubrzcatzon CE 1-8238 111 ARCH PHARMACY Corner Arch Sc West Ohio ARRAS COFFEE SHOP Federal Street Best Wishes From MARY ROSE SANDOE BEST VVISHES FROM 324 Best Wishes To Class Of '59 FROM 11A, 122 Best Wishes To Faculty Sc Students FROM No. 12 POLICE STATION BIG 4-ELEANOR, DAVE, JIM, TONY GEOMETRY CLASS 4th PERIOD BURKE, MRS. OLIVE 2149 Straubs Lane Congratulations Class of '59 FROM GEORGE'S-TROY HILL DORSCH BARBER SHOP 1006 Madison Avenue DOSCH, HILDA 2149 Straubs Lane FEDERAL CLEANERS - ONE HOUR SERVICE, CE 1-9704 G FUTURE GOOD TO ALL OF YOU FROM THE SANDOE FAMILY G 8c R AUTO REPAIR SERVICE AUTO 8c TRUCK REPAIR, FA 2-6646 GIALLONARDO, MR. 8a MRS. M. R. Good Luck From RHEA'S DONUT HUSTLER BUSINESS PATRONS Good Luck Seniors From SMITTY'S FEDERAL STREET Good Luck To All l0B's From A FEB. '59 GRADUATE Good Luck From JAN, JO, PEN, SHEP, LAINE, ZEBO, CHICK, JEAN HEIN, DON 8a ELAINE Best Wishes in '59 JOHN'S CLOVER FARM STORE 1242 Palo Alto Street KEYSTONE PAINTING COMPANY 1215 Palo Alto Street LEWIS, BILL-Class of June '33 METROPOLITAN DISTRIBUTORS 1209 Federal Street 123 Wishes the Class of '59 LUCK AND SUCCESS PATTER, MR. Sc MRS. CHARLES 1235 Ridge Avenue PHILLIP'S DRUG STORE 1400 Beaver Avenue POPFINGER'S MEAT MARKET Our Specialty - Homemade Baloni REPAIRS? FIX-IT!-604 EMLIN ST. SEE LOUIS-SMALL JOBS WELDING SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF FEBRUARY '59 TAORMINA'S BARBER SHOP JOE ENZERRA-MANAGER WE'LL MISS YOU A.H.S.-JAN, PEN, CHICK LAINE, JO, ZEBO, SHEP, MO PERSONAL PATRONS A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND' A FRIEND' A FRIEND-GOOD LUCK A FUTURE 10B-BUTCH A 1937 ALUMNUS ABIJANAC, JACKIE-JANUARY '59 ABINANTI, MR. Sc MRS. CARL ABINANTI, MARY-JANUARY '59 ADAMETZ. MARY ADAMS, JOHN AL LOVERTIAS BARBER SHOP AL ULRICH Sc BERNICE DRECHSEL ALBERTI, SHIRLEY ALESSIO, FRANK, JR. '47 ALLEN, MR. R MRS. JOHN ALLEN, SUE-401 ANDREOZZI, MRS. RITA ANN'S FISH HOUSE-SEA FOODS ANN sf JIM, BETTY Sc JIM ANN'S PLACE ANNA Zc CHUCK ANNE, MRS. ROSE sf TINY ANGIE'S BEAUTY SALON AQUADRO, ALVIN A. AUNT DOT AVONWORTH SENIORS SAY GOOD LUCK BACVAR, ANN BACVAR, MRSXXC MRS. Sc SONS BAIER, DON-CLASS OF '54 BAIERL, GRETCHEN-CLASS OF '57 BAIERL, MR. sa MRS. H. BAKER, MR. WALLACE BALZER, VIOLET C. BARB, DEE, MAL, HELEN-123 BARBARA sf MELVIN BARKER, MR. R MRS. ROBERT-GRACE BARKUS BAKERY BARON, MR. R MRS. BASTL FAMILY BAUMCARTNER, MR. Sc MRS. JOHN A. BE KIND TO CHILDREN BEGGAN, PATTY BEHON, MR. Sc MRS. S. Sc FAMILY BERGEN, MARY A. BESS'S GROCERY STORE BEST, DINA, SHIRLEY, WENDY, ANN BEST OF LUCK-CLASS OF '59 BEST TO ALLEGHENY'S YEARBOOK BEST WISHES BEST WISHES-ARCH PHARMACY BEST WISHES-BILL BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES WISHES -EVELYN SHAFFER FROM ANN Sc HENRY FROM CAROL WILSON FROM ED Sc KATHY FROM HENRY FROM MR. LEIFER-329 FROM 10B-124 FROM THE POZNIKS FROM TILLY WILSON -JACK -JUDY FROM WAYNE -JUNE WUKOSON-331 FROM MR. MILLER -MRS. H. E. KENT -PAT Sc BILL -RIMKUS FAMILY -SANDY Sc PETE -T. MARTIN TO SENIORS-JAN TO GRADUATES-A. R. TO THE l2A'S-125 TO YOU -WILSON FAMILY BEV, LINDA, sc KITTY BIONTA, MR. Sc MRS. FRANK BOB gl! MARY BODNAR, WALTER-GRAFTON H. S. BORAS, JENNIE BORAS, MARTIN BOULOUBASIS, JOHN Sc JUDY BOURIS, MR. sf MRS. LOUIS BOURIS, NICHOLAS-FEBRUARY '57 BOWERS, J. BOWMAN, CAROL Sc DAVE BOY'S ON CORNER OF TAYLOR AVE. BRITTNER, FRANK R MARIE BROWN, F. MAXINE BROZEWICZ, MR. Sc MRS. ROBERT BRUBACH, MR. sf MRS. EDWIN BUCH-JANUARY '36 BUCHER, JOANNE-JANUARY '57 BUCHER, MR. Sc MRS. RICHEY BUCHMANN, MR. Sc MRS. FRANK BUCSEK, MRS. G. BUD '57 Sc GRACE '59 BUNDICK, JOAN BUNDICK, MR. Sc MRS. MICHAEL BUNGARDA, ELEANOR LOUISE BUNGARDA, MR. sf MRS. GEORGE BURKE, MR. sf MRS. JOHN BURKE, MARY ANN BURTON, BETSY sc PAUL BUSCH, JANET BUTLER, DAVE-CLASS OF '55 BUTLER, MR. Sc MRS. PAUL Sc NEAL BYE FROM 128-BEST IN A.H.S. CAREY, EILEEN 8c BOOT CAROL, HEATHER, DIANA-402 CAROLE 8c GARY-5TH AVENUE CARUSO, SAM CASKEY, WAYNE R. '58 CERNY, HELEN-JANUARY '58 CHAPACHARIS, MR. 8: MRS. STEVE CHARLOTTE 8c JIM '58 CLADY, MR. EDWARD CLADY, MRS. HELEN CLAPPERTON, LOUISE CLARK, NELSON-CLASS OF JUNE '59 CLASS OF '33 CLASS OF '36 CLASS OF '39 CLASS OF '39 CLASS OF '59-STAN Sc JOANN CLIFF E MARILYN CLYDE STONE Sc JOAN HAMMEL COCHRAN, FLOYD V. COCHRAN, MARJORIE ARTHUR COMPLIMENTS OF JACKIE GLEASON COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH CATHOLIC CONGRATULATIONS FROM KNIFE CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! CONGRATULATIONS MARY ELLEN CONNELLY, BETTY CONNIE Bc TONY CORNELL, GEORGE ALBERT CORNELL, MR. WILLIAM GOULTER, MR. JOHN f-CRICKETg' EUCENIA MCCLELLAND CUDA'S LINCOLN MERCURY INC. GUNNINGHAM, ELEANOR '54 CUNNINGHAM, MR. Kc MRS. JAMES GUNNINGHAM, JUDY sc BILL CURRY, HELEN MARIE-125 DAVID B. OLIVER IS THE BEST! DCARMIT, LINDA KATHLEEN DEARMIT, MARGARET DeARMIT, MR. sf MRS. NELSON DENNIE sf LOIS DESCH, MARILYN-JUNE '54 DICK sf JOANNA DIPRIMA, EDDIE DOT STEWART gl CRAIG MARSHALL DRECHSEL, MR. sc MRS. DUMRAUF, MRS. MARGARET EARLY'S PIZZA EBERT, BUDDY EBERT, HOWARD-CLASS OF '59 EBERT, MR. sf MRS., JIM Sc CINDY . ECONOMY SPORTSWEAR ED, BING, TONY '59 ED ROBSON Sc GRETCHEN BAIERL EIDENSCHENK, ANNA MAE ELKINS, BRENDA LEE-125 ERB, BERNIE Sc DAVEY ESTHER Xc JACK, THE LOVERS FANNICK GROCERY FARLEY, MR. FAVERS, GWEN Sc FAMILY FEILING, ED-U.S. COAST GUARD FIEDLER, "BIG BOB" FIGGINS, RON FISHER, LEROY FLIS, KATHY, RANDY, sf JOEY FORT WAYNE BARBER SHOP 4+1:MO, ZE, PEN, HAZ, LAIN FOWLER, MRS. HARRY D. FOWLER, HAZEL B.-CLERK, TYPIST FRANK DUGO SHOE SERVICE FRANK TIMPANI SUNOCO SERVICE FRANZ, JOHN FRED Sc CI-IICKIE FREID, MRS. CARL E. AN EXFIGHTER MICKEY TO EVA-402 ONE GRAD TO ANOTHER THE PLAYBOYS AT JANDA'S FROSTY sf RUTH G. W. LEACH COMPANY GAERTNER, MRS. LUCY GALUSKA, MRS. THERESA GEIGER, MR. xc MRS., SANDY Sc JOEY GEORGEANN sf BUTCH GIERL, MR. Sc MRS. JOHN GO A.H.S. GO GONCAR, NANCY-331 FROM FROM FROM FROM GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK ! A.H.S. -BOB GOLD -BOB, NORMA, JOE, MARY -DON Sc DIANE -ED, SAM, CARL, JERRY FROM ALICE 8: BOB FROM GINNY Sc LOU -CLARENCE HIBLER -GEORGE HIBLER GRADS! -KAY 8: HANK -MARLENE 8: BILL -MARTHA MUDLER -MARY ANN STUGAN '58 -MRS. A. RODENBECK -MRS. I. MORRIS Sc SON PEN, FROM FONDA DOBIS GOOD LUCK SENIORS-SAM'S STORE GOOD LUCK SRS.-STEVE TALAVICH GOOD LUCK TO LEO sf FRAN GOOD LUCK TO NORMA FROM BOB GOOD LUCK TONY, FROM CONNIE GRAHAM'S VARIETY STORE GRAVIANO, JOHN-123 GREINER, MR. Sc MRS. ALBERT GREINER, KOBY, BUDDY, GUY, GREG GRIFFITH, MR. sf MRS. GEO. E. GRIMM, MILDRED GROSSMAN, MR. 8a MRS. C. H. GROSSMAN, COLLEEN GUCKERT, JAMES GUENTHER, MR. Sc MRS. HOWARD GUY, GAIL, LYNN, Sc KAREN HAMILL, MARY HAMM, MRS. LEO J. HANK sf AG HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES HARRIS, ROBERT P. HEASLEY, JIM HELEN Sc MIKE HELEN sf RON '59 HELEN xc TOM-125 HEMKE, ROBERT-CLASS OF '45 HENNIQUAN, BERTH P. HENRY, MR. Sc MRS. WILLIAM HERMIE HERMIE'S HESHLER, C. P. sf SONS HESS, MR. Sc MRS. HAROLD K. HILDENBRAND, EMMA CASKEY '31 HILDENBRAND, JOAN LEE HILDENBRAND, LEE HINTEMEYER, MR. Xa MRS. FRED HNATOW, MR. sf MRS. EDW. T. HOLLERAN, JOSEPH P. HOLLERAN, MRS. MARIE HOPF, MR. sf MRS. EARL HULME, BARBARA '58 HULME, MR. sf MRS. LEROY R., SR. HYDINGER, CATHARYN I LIKE PERRY! M. E. C. IDE, EVELYN Xa EARL IHNAT, MR. Sc MRS. JOSEPH JACKSON, MRS. ANNA JACOB'S MARKET JAMES, MR. sc MRS. ROBERT JAN sf GEORGE JANCZEK, MRS. HELEN 8c JOE JEANIE Sc JIMMY JERRY, ED WESLEY, LARRY JIM JO '55 JOAN SCHREPSFER sc RICK BUCHER JOE, BOB, JIM, CHUCK-402 JOE STANIONIS Xc MELVA GIESE jOHN'S CLEANERS JOHNNY sf NANCY JOHN NOVAK 8c JUDY HAGELE JUDY sf WAYNE ,59 KALAS, ANNA-CLASS OF JUNE '58 KALAS, MRS. vIvI KALB, MR. sf MRS. WILLIAM '42 KALLER, MR, Sc MRS. HARRY J. KAPRUS, MR. sf MRS. LEO KARDELL, JUDY Sc JIM KARNER, EDDIE, BILL, DAVE KARNER, MR. sf MRS. EDW. KARUZIS, IRENE KATHRYN, BETTY, MARY-A.G.H. KATHY, JAMES, ELAINE, SANDY KEEP THEM SMILINGI KELLAR CLEANERS-FEDERAL STREET KELLO, RICHARD-JUNE '59 KELLY, HARRY KELLY, MR. Xc MRS. HARRY J. KENT, RUTH-CLASS OF JANUARY '59 KERNATS, MR. sf MRS. HOWARD KERON gl KIPPIE KETTERLE FAMILY KETTERLE, NORMA KILANTONIS, MR. J. Sc FAMILY KINSLOW, ED-LIGHT HAULING KLINE, MRS. NATHAN KLINGENSMITH, MRS. HELEN KLOSKY, MR. Sc MRS. STANLEY KOZAR'S MARKET-CHOICE MEATS KRAEMER, DON-CENTRAL CATHOLIC KRISKO, MR. Sc MRS. KROME, R. J.-PHARMACIST KUNKEL, J. F. KWIATEK, SHIRLEY sf CAROL LACHOWSKI, BLANCHE LADAKOS, PETER sf DESPINA LANDEFELD, MR. Sc MRS. LADESIC, MRS. H. LANG, HAROLD W.-CLASS OF '47 LAQUATRA, JOE-JUNE '33 LEDRICK, MR. sf MRS. WILBERT LEINDECKER, MR. Sc MRS. REGIS LEMA, SAMUEL LEVY, NORA LIBERTY CLEANERS LIPPOLD, HERMAN C. LITTLE CAESAR LOADS OF LUCK-MARY LOU '50 LOEFFLER'S LORENZ, MRS. CARSTEN LORRAINE Sc MIKE LOUIE sf ELEANOR LUCK-FRAN sf SONNY LUCK-JOHN, VIV, JOE, JUDY, BAzY LUST, MARGARET-JUNE '53 LYNN Sc VINCE '59 LYTLE, RITA MINUCCI '56 MACK'S MARKET-735 E. OHIO ST. MAHANEY, DON MAHON, TOM-NORTH CATHOLIC '54 MALLOY, BUD Sc MARIE MANOS, CHRISTINA MANOS, MARY MANOS, MR. 8c MRS. GUS MARCUS, ELAINE Sc JOHNNY MARGARET Sc TERRY MARGIE H. Xc ELLA M. H.-402 MARSH, JOHN D. '47 MARSH WHEELING CIGARS MARSHALL, MRS. HAZEL MARTIN, JACK MARTIN, KAY "SPARKER" MARTIN, MILDRED MARUSIC, ANTHON'S M. MARY LOU, BARBARA, BOB, NANCY MATT MAURER, IRENE sc KENNETH MCAULIFFE, JIM Sc CECELIA MCCLELLAND, MRS. EUGENIA MCCOY, JACK, DOT, JOHNNY, JACKIE MCDONOUGH, STANLEY-PAPERHANGER MCFADDEN FAMILY MCGUIGAN, MR. Sc MRS. LEE McKEE, MRS. ROSE M. MCKERNAN, MR. sc MRS. F. J. MCMARLIN, MR. R MRS. J. W. MEDINGER, MR. HARRY Kc FAMILY MICHALSKI, MR. sf MRS. WALTER MICOLUCCI, VICTOR MIHALIC, NICK MICKEY DARPINO STORE MIKE'S MILES, GEORGE MILLER, BOB MILLER HOMER Sc ELIA MILLER MILLER, MILLER, MISIAK, MISIAK, MOORE, MOORE, HONEY Sc WILMA MR. Sc MRS. M. C. PAT '58 ALOYSIOUS BARBARA JEAN MR. CARTER MILTON MR. CEPHUS MORETSKY, EMANUEL MOSES, MR. 8c MRS. WILLIAM MOSKOYES, MR. 8a MRS. MROCZKOYVSKI, ANITA '58 MROCZKOWSKI, JOEY-FROM OLIVER MURPHY, LAUREN sf BEVERLY MURPHY, MR. Bc MRS. THOMAS J. MUTSCHLER, BERNICE C. NAGY, JOE-FAMOUS HOT RODDER NAGY, MR. Bc MRS. JOSEPH NANCY, BILL, Xc JOHN NANCY, REGINA, BERNICE, JOANN NARDINA'S FRUIT MARKET NARDINA-NORTH SIDE MARKET NICE TO KNOW, WELL TO DANCE NORTH SIDE DRAGONS, BUD MILLER NURSECRAFT UNIFORMS NUSSBAUM, MR. sc MRS. HERBERT OEHMLER, MR. Sc MRS. OESTE, GIL OLIVER'S BEAR IS TOUGH: OLIVER SHOPS-JENKINS ARCADE ONE EXCOMRADE OF ALLEGHENY OSTERRIEDER, MRS. ROBERT PADOL, MR. Xc MRS. ED PARRISH, ROBERT PAT POBOJESKI xc LOUISE MITCHEL PATERAKIS, MR. R MRS. ANTHONY PATTERSON, CATHERINE PATTON, MR. Sc MRS. RALPH PAVLIS, MR. Sc MRS. WILLIAM PEGGY PINTER si BOB WEST PENN FAMILY PETRACK DOREE '55 PFEIFFER, BETTY PFEIFFER, CHARLES PFEIFFER, EDDIE PFLUEGER, MR. sf MRS. WM. O. PLANETARIUM BARBER SHOP PLISKANER, MR. sf MRS. JOHN A. PLISKANER, MR. sf MRS. JOHN R. POMRENKE, JOYCE '55 POZEGA, JUDY POZEGA, MR, R MRS. WILLIAM PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PRESIDENT sf VICE PRESIDENT-329 RAFFERTY, JIM REGAS, JOHN Sc MARTHA REMEMBER THY CREATOR-E. DIGGS RENNER, MR. Sc MRS. FRANK RETEER-HYDE DRUG STORE RIBAR, FRANK RIBAR, MR. gl MRS. FRANK RICHTER, MR. Xa MRS. ELMER G. RIEGNER, NANCY ANN RITA '58 Sc LUFF '59 ROBERT Sc RUTH RODGERS, MR. S: MRS. WILLIAM ERODRIGUES, TONI '55 ROHM, THEODORE L., DR. ROMANIAS FAMILY RUSS S: PAT RUSSELL, BILL RUSSELL, MARGARET S: GERRY RUSSELL, MR. sf MRS. TED RUTH, SHEILA, Xc PHYLLIS SABOLOVIC, MR. Sc MRS. JOHN SANDER, MR. sc MRS. GENE SANDY sc JACK SANDY, NANCY, JUDY, RUTH-402 SCALISE, ANTHONY SCARFF, JESSE SCARFF, MARGARET SCHATTAUER, RICHARD SCHILLING, KATHY SCHILLING, MR. gc MRS. SCHMIDT, ELMER-BIG GAME HUNTER SCHOEPPNER, MARGARET SCHRADER, DON L. SCIALAEBA-1307 FEDERAL ST. SECTION CHAMPS SELL, CHUCK, MARY Sc FAMILY SELLS, EDDIE CHARLES SELLS, RAYMOND J. SELLS, WILLIAM JAMES SENIOR SALES CORPORATION SHALER HIGH-CLASS OF 'SI SHEFFIELD AUTO SERVICE-T. RANDA SHIELDS, BILL SIS S: JOE SMITH, DOROTHY '58 SNYDER, DOROTHY SNYDER, H. A. SOL MINTZ MEN'S WEAR SOLTSICK, MR. Xa MRS. JOHN E. SOLTSICK, MR. JOHN E,, JR.-'59 SOUTH HILLS HIGH SPANGNOLO'S SUPER MARKET SPEEDY LAUNDRY-S01 E. OHIO ST. SPEHAR, MR. sf MRS. VICTOR SPERANDEOS SUNOCO SERVICE SPRING GARDEN BOWLING ALLEYS STAN'S ATLANTIC STATION STAN Sc JOANN-JUNE '59 STANLEY, HERBERT, ANDY, WALT STEPHAN'S MARKET STERRITT, DAVE sc MARION STICKLER, MRS. MARY STRAUSS, RONALD-701 RIDGE AVE. STRUHAR, DOLORES STRUHAR, MR. S: MRS. FRANK SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE SUCCESS-MRS. MILDRED ADAMS SUCCESS '59 SUCCESS-MRS. THERESA NOE SUCCESS TO TERESA MROCZKOWSKI SUTTON, MRS. ANN TED'S DAIRY TED, DOLORES, PHILIP, RUTH THE FARLEYS THE JOHN BEATTY FAMILY THE LEROY CAINS-MARANATHA THE T.A.P.'S FROM PERRY HIGH THOMSON, KEITH, JIMMY, 8: EILEEN THOMSON, MR. 8: MRS. GEORGE E. THRIFTVVAY MRKT., MORE FOR LESS TINA LOVES EUGENE TISKA, MR. 8: MRS. TONY TO JUDY WITH ALL MY LOVE-TONY TO MY MARINE JIM, 10f3f58-BETS TO MY MARINE REGE-LOVE CAROL TO OUR MARINES-REGE 8: JIM TOM 8: ARLENE TOM 8: DOLORAS TONY 8: JUDY TRISH 8: EDDIE UNCLE BOB UNCLE R. U.S.C.G. CENTER, GROTON, CONN. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS URSCHLER, PAT USSACK, MR. 8: MRS. A. L. VAUGHN OPTICIANS-5 FEDERAL ST. VIDT, HELEN 8: MART VIRGINIA, CAROL, SUE, BOB VOELKER, MR. ROBERT WAGNER, MRS. THERESA WALDSCHMIDT, GLENN-FEB. '55 WALDSCHMIDT, JOAN-128 JUNE '59 WALDSCHMIDT, MR. 8: MRS. W. WALLACE, C. L.-PERRY WAMBOLDT, MR. 8: MRS. WANKER, JOHN X: CLARA WAYNE X: CAROL WALDORE, REGE 8: CAROL WEBER, GAIL, KENNETH, MARLENE WVEISS, MR. LEONARD WEISS, MRS. LEONARD WEISSBART, CARL-CLASS OF '46 WERNER, MR. 8: MRS. H. 8: FAMILY WHEELER'S PAINT STORE WIECZORKOWSKI, MRS. ANNA WVILHELM, MRS. ELEANOR WORLEY, RALPH WYATT, ROCKY, YOGIE, 8: YANCY ZEKOS, GEORGIA ZUNIC, MARLENE-FEBRUARY '58

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