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lk 1 1111.11 . qw 13554 1-1 1,11 P ' r t 1 I L -N 1 M "M N 1 1f wa 1 sg. ' 1 1111-11.1 .1- N 1 1 1 Ri ' 'M 1 1.51 V 1 1 i 1 1 . ,1 1 5 1111. ., . 'f 1 ,,,,.+1 . . 111 , . , , I M XA Q YT33571-WWff'-'-'1'i'5fl12fTf5512.1-Qi4255. 1551 'glfi -'if 1 - .. . . Q-11 . . . .. 5 YTIW 2 ' 1 V 1 -V : H,'V.- '1A V V VV I V .V V .V VI, VV V -W '-'LI'-75 A--1" DQ ,Lf J ' J' , ,F l 1 1 11" ,- 1.115 ' ,e,1" ' Y..-1 jf f ,' ,df 114. . g".g'3 4.1 1911" 4,1 5 ,11 MEL Jw 11QVV,,ff 1,1 gf - :1 ,- 1- 151- fV,- AVL, .Lg ,fp H111 2 's,V,,- ,- 1 1 1 1' 1 4,51-1 I1 .1- 1 1 V: -113' , A, A V,1'V,1 .1 .1 V1 Q V, V, V M131 -31 .L iar ,,.. 1.-1 1 A112 1.31.1 VV jf" A " W" f' 4' 5 . 1 . ,V ' VV V ,1L:i1Vf,-5 V, VV V V , V A 3 1 11 .,11" , 1 Y. 1-1 11"1 .J ,L 1' 1f ,.-,' ,1," F 1 1 ,fu W1 Via fl. iv , 1 L' ' V J. K V XXV, ,, ,,,,.. .wh .,,... . V -.VV V V , 1 -1 ' .1 .--' 14 r 'F 1 "-V -' " J' 1 i 1 .mf 1' , , 1 1--1 5 1 .11 1' .QR ,111 . ' , 1. 1. v"' "L .1'kf- ' 4f'i,1f..f' M .1 .1 I F1 1 11" I5 f A,l1+11l.fV1' A V V1 K, 1' ' , A 5 g 55,9 ff 151 'R 5 . V. 1- Q .VV-1,-:,,,,,,.-I Q. V ,Va ...V LV. J Ir. Vw, ,J V1 VV,,,.,1f VV. 4 -I J . 1 Q11 1 1 .11 , A . 5' .Il ,,+ ,ri jf' ,5 gf," ,V. "Vi V51 E.. 7" V15 , ' 1' 1 K 3' 5" 551' 1111... 515,111 1. 1 ' f V V A :hx A VV V 1 I4 R 4' .Q 1. " 1' VV, ..., - .,..,.,.... ,,,MVVl 5 L , V , i 1.1 11, 1 L 11......Y.11-"f11' .1 'Q . " f', . 1, " 51' ' . L H' 1 -J' a' Y 1 ' 1' " 1 , 1 '11 5' ,-1 1 ,1' 1 V 1 XRV - 15-' 1" ,r' 1, ' .1 ' V I' V1 V 1- -.1112 V 1 ' ' L.. Vg, 1 A'1'V1,Vt,V:1 5 NV E V V: ,Q My V If 1 1. - W' eL,,..1' 1 Z 2 J '1 1 X .JV 1 1 11 1 5 1 x Q , ,V 1 : 1 , VF if V1 31 1, V114 , i 11 1.1 1 1, V l 1 , .,,. AV. E , A 12 1 ' 1 Aix W s P 1 'gh 2- tk uf .V ,V 1 s" 1 11--'W 2 ' ' E .H 37 E9 "H '1 115 .- 5 "1 1 1 .5 N L1 7.1 . 'N :L 11.1" ,. X L: ' 1. 1 11 31 1. 11? 1. 1 2 'WJ hr W1 Q k 1 Z '11 1' , 21 Hx ...a '1 Z ,LV V- jug LVL hi 1 1V!IV,V 1 4 V 11 x Egg ,VV 1 11 Qi V, 13 -1 V-J' x 1 1-102. - x 1 ' . , L , .1 -X -1 'mar 1 131 1 .f ' 11 1 ' ,1...,.,V 11 11. .VJ 1 ,V 14 3 2 V11 'Q 3 ' .V 11 1 5, QP 'irq 2- R'-1 NX PL x V, 'Q " -1 ' if V 'Ag fi 51 , , . 1 1 ,' 1 .1 , 11 ' g . . rw ii." We M' :q "ix 5 " W1 1 f" :V ' H Wu'-E' 11' L1 Q1 1 9 E 'g -- M 1, Lf 11.. H,-, 1, ii j 51.4 H- " 1: , 1' E1 w- 11 f 1 ' ' :x" " '5 ' 1 1-1.5" L 1 W A 1 " ,ri 'F .li ' 1 1 ' -1, 1--11 1 x 2V 1. rx f 1 ,- -f 5,1 1 -1-311, x I1-If 1. V ,V gV:..VV I g x tix ,J I IM, J' 1 111' 1 N ' J 11 . 5- ,1 22.2 ,Eg 1 3 11 '1 . - 11 I j1-- 15 1 --A " 1 '11 1 51,1 1, ' ' :mf Q Q 1 5-1. ' 515 , f V ,. 1' E p1VVi1' Y 1.., 1' . 11,7 1' R' L: 11,5 'R V '1'Q 1 VIH-' ,,.. H1 'gg i.V i ,.-"4 ,IL1 ' V, ' T1 1, Vw H-I X :gf 2 V gg, 'mg-1 VV: 1 1 ,1 5 11 '1 1 f 1 .1 f' 11 A 1' 1 V11 x 1 V 1 Hg 1 1 A , 1 , 1: 4 - "1 . 1' "H Lx 371 15 fm! ji' '11,-xh .113 '15 11' E-fig 1' 1 1 5 " ,,, J .V,FX1' ' I 5 2.17 Z V V. 3 1: V1 'I 5 . V1-'W 55 ' .V 5 '-1'. Vg 1 2.- 111 V 1-1 231.1 'r 15 V1.4 1 V 5, 'f --X 2 -,ff :1 5 K Y N- Q11 I 14 H 5. I - E1 'I 131.1355 c? .11 .5 -1f .1 " F111 .V M1 VG, ,V '5 ' x 5 11 1 5' '- . 1 -F : 'li ' lf A ' 1 V1-,mm 1:1 N14 V I ,g ,X V A L -1'.h . xxx -VV ,f E .4 VV1, V3 1 VL. 1 N1 1 1 A '- I 1-. 1 11" 11" 3 '-V -1 - .Va '-QV "kj " " N' ' 3 1141- 1 -11 2 .4-, 'L 1 Q :V u -K '11.V V EV 1 51 1 -.E 'A 'J 1,25 J 1 'T f f' 111.1 , 1 11 ,. . x-111.NV " 51.41 '----J-.V 'K' ' 1 "1 Q "':'-15. 1..1..,V .X ' '1- Ay'--117.1-1.,r'b V aj .E 1 17 '1 U1 '1 , 11.VV fl V my . 112 1 1? 1,,z '1 13 '. 'Y-, Ji T X"h..J 3 ' .1 , K Va V ,V - 1 E, ' , 1 V Q-1 ' 33. V .- 1 -1 , , ' 4 11.1 U - mi.. . 1' V. - F 131 . - ,. ,.. . V VIVVJMN VV , ,11..iVVV.-'Vw 3 1 .X ' 1.,VVh . - " 1 g 111.1 14. 5 11,1 ' 41, ' N 2 "'- . 1 1. ,. 1 ,., 1 gr.. 5 1 '1 X if xf . V 1- 1 YV: -1 ,. 1- Ag, F, 1 H... , L .V V1 Q, 1 1. , -1 1 1-. 1-., . 11 1. 1 ' ' 1- 1-11: -1--11 1 1 ' .Y 1? f 1 15 '1 he ' . 4. ,1 , 2 I ,ITM ' 'X' ---11 Su '1 V 1 ' sf' VI Q, 'uh 'gi ,F E 111 . A. 4 7 'A ,Jil W fl' If 'X ,V vf' fl ,J I I 51.4 " ,4-cf. Q .1 f ,',Z3f'v,V 1 1 ,vw I !1.Y . Zrrcward Playing an important role in the lives of Allegheny students are the instruments of learning - books. Those printed pages of knowledge, with the aid of teachers, help to build the character and intelligence ofevery pupil. We recall the first book presented to us. lt was the little one, packed with traditions, regulations, rules, and other information, called the Handbook. After that, the subjects we chose made a small stack of books. Each semester they were returned with a feeling of accomplish- ment. Every day as we open that history book events gone by are relived, And our literature book takes us around the world in minutes with its collection of interesting reading material. Our stay at Allegheny can be compared toa book with the students as the principal characters. Chapter I we dedicate to the faculty, who have assisted us diligently. They are to be our guides in making us good citizens. The administration keeps our school running smoothly. This is an entrance into Chap- ter ll, where we arrive confused and encompassed by strangeness until we met the shapers of our future - teachers and books. As the newness wears off we are at the peak of ac- tivity in Chapter lll, with clubs, sports and Wahoo. Chapter lV terminates our brief stay with Stunt Day, Senior Day, the Prom,Graduation, and the 1955 Yearbook. Hence we chose books with which we tell you.our story. Every time we pick up this book we will be, in memory, doing all over again the things that brought us pleasure. Zantents Seniors Home Rooms Activities Sports School Calendar T DMINISTRATI hw, ffwaun--f S .Al .3"P"" I. 'Th and Guidance Mr. Roy T. Mattern Principal Mr. Charles Isenberg Vice Principal L. at . ' " w Miss Nora I. Willetts Vocational Counselor The Facult eads 1 I .'Y'f'D'J Mr J Freder1ckKunze science, math Mrs Carolyn Sink biolo and Mr Louis Hole science dis cuss a few scientific problems Miss Lillian Van Dyke dieti tian Miss Laura Myers consumer educationg and Mrs. Lucille Camp- bell, home economics, look over a pattern book with Miss Helen Kraft, clothing. Mr. Carl Heyne, arts and crafts, points out the artistic value ofa bowl while Mr. Benjamin Phillips, band, orchestrag and Miss Jane I-leberling, vocal music, pay close attention. E1 Cf' nf' E , ,ct Mr. Bruce Allen, physical educa- tions, listens with Mrs. Kathryn Schaupp, physical educationg Miss Agnes Flinn, physical educationg and Mrs. Frances Mason, matrong while 'vIr. Carl Fehrenbach, physical ed- ucation, explains some basketball techniques. axe ,fi A , K L44 X N i Miss Dorothy Marick, social studiesg Miss Sarah Davey, soci- ologyg Miss Inez 0'Donnell, mathg and Mr. Gerrit Thorne, history, hold a conversation. Mr. John Dickson, English seems to be the conversationalist as Miss Elizabeth McWilliams, Ger- man, historyg Mrs. Margaret Fisher, Spanish and Mr. John Phil- lips, English, are very interested. Mr. Thomas Stewart, diSifibU' tive educationg Mr. F. H. Floyd! mechanical drawlflgi Mr- John Gruber, industrial artsl MT- Ste' phen Gilbert, Attendance Officerg and Mr, Edward Hinchberger, cus- todian, take time to p0S9 for this faculty picture. e ' ,P 4 337 . 4 Posed comfortably for a picture are Miss Ella Messer, social studies, Englishg Mrs. Edith Leon- ard, librariang Mr. MichaelAccetta, Speech, Englishg and Mr. Cyrus Weckerle, English. X fi f,f' , 127 ,i A! im., Miss Geraldine Dickinson, com- mercialg Miss Roumavne Worrell, commercialg Miss Mabel Griffiths, commercialg and Mr. Claude Diehl, commercial pause fromtheir class- room work for a picture. A faculty meeting. Wu. N l QQIYZ i Teachers Who Have Left MISS MILDRED MCWILLLAMS was 11brar1anatA H S for 14 years Before commg to A H S she wash brarxan at Westlnghouse and a teacher at Latlmer Jumor Hxgh Mlss McWxll1ams expects to travel Durmg her stay at A H S she hked the spxrxt of the MR H M SPRINGER was a coach for 26 years He also taught algebra, geometry, and other mathe matlcs before teachmg physxcal educatxon Mr and Mrs Sprmger plan to travel to the west, thena part tlme Job IS ln v1ew for Mr Sprmger .al MISS MYRTLE WYLIE IS now employed at Allegheny General Hospxtal Durmg her stay at A H S she taught commerctal subJects for many years Mxss Wylxe recelved her Masters Degree from the Um versxty of MlChlgaH MR CLARENCE WORLEY Allegheny salutes Mr Worley now at Latxmer Mr Worley IS actmg vice prlncipal Durmg his stay at A H S he was Wah Hoo advxser for many years X ff! MISS ROWLEY Mxss Rowley sponsored the mayor ettes club and glrls leaders club She also taught physlcal educatlon at A H S for 34 years She plans to take xt easy and relax at home MISS MARGARET KLINE who was ln the Engllsh department at Allegheny Hxgh for many years She lS glvxng volunteer servxce to the Presbyterlan Hospxtal one day a week. She xs catchmg up on her readxng whlle she lS at home and she expects to travel. MRS MARY C JEFFERIES Allegheny wlll mlss Mrs Jefferles for one year She IS talung along deserved vacation She plans to go to Europe ln Aprll and wlll return to A H S ln February, 1956 , . 'W N 4 A .R F I ' if X 1-JI ' 'sly' Y, t . .MQ W-.W A --e...,......,.... students. . ' . I t 'u ' O -- . 'h J 4 . bi ' V f' A f r -- ' 4 ' '54 . . ' B V , . . X Ahggahfx 5 M' 'IK' Mft, 6 LQ? ff ff' W """jI.'f I 5 5 y : Q . X 3 1 A Rx , " ,J 2 . ' 1 N- R, V 4 -2 1 " 13 AA 1 ' .A ve, . 1 b -1 Mx ki '11 . L 3 S ff f X . l Cgi' 'mf G 1 ' ' E 2 " gi' X W ' sf? X: 2 I 2 NN ' , 1 AA' f' , V, . N K ' If-. hx ' ull V N - "' , .1 ,51.fQy 6 W M ' - - , fi-1, ' I N f' Q, Q l A 1+?4TQ?3?ff 2 "-lZLli11,1,Q.,Q,'h,,,' ',,,1,,ff , , A , . - X X -' NW., my , .I .3 Wx NI uv! I 6 X i . , ,L I Y 5 43 V' 1, .M a X , I Q E ml R XV I 2 . Q w....,,. I v X xg' W . Q V x., 5 5 2 N KAR l, , T 4 X ' I A .Nh NK -A ' . Nf'x ' , g- ux X X f E .A i Z4 'M X 4-"MMM I f ,,.. -f J ' - - 11f7', ' , 1 N 1 f Fx . L N x 'M' YY v ' :L 49.31 - ,i yn?-4'x.,-1' A 'I JAMES BATTISTI B6S1d8S belng on the champ1onsh1p swxmmlng team J1n was also presldent and Wah Hoo representat1ve of h1s homeroom Mechamcal drawlng and Enghsh were J1m s favor1te subjects College aW31lS h1m after graduauon ROBERT BAUER a member of the sw1mm1ng team for three seasons plans to be a draftsman or enter the A1r Force after graduat1on Bob s mam xnterest seemed to be glrls 451 1 Mary Wholcy, Margaret Phlllxps, and Nancy Vrane enjoy a Jokr whlle at lunch MAT'llE BLACKWELL was a member of the Ball and Needle Red Cross and Sewlng Clubs Mattle Mae hopes to go to beautlcxan school after graduauon Wll LIAM BUC1-IER B111 whose 'nagnetlc person alxty won h1m many fr1ends wa llah Hoo llterary edltor homeroom pres1dent b0Cl31 chalrman assem blles comm1ttee cha1rman and stage crew and Drama Club member B111 worked at Thorofare JUDY CLEGG Judy s mterest 1n people led her to were volleyball baseball and sw1mm1ng Teletype Opefatlng was her goal DONALD COGSVILLE K11ler COgSVlll6 1ncluded gym and women as h1s favorlte subjects He was a star football player and a member of band and art clubs A college educatlon 1S 1n Don s future MARLENE DRASKOVIC The favorlte subjects of G1ggles were math gym and chorus Marlene was a member of Gxrls Leaders and hopes to be a beau t1c1an after graduat1on DAVID FALLER Em who came to Allegheny asa semor was a member of cho1r s1nce 10A He l1ked basketball huntmg and sw1mm1ng and may attend Penn State Un1vers1ty after graduatxng 1-. , vi O Q""'V E bf 1 ffiixas 1 4- ' ' 11 y11 A V 'S f .. f 1-" 1 - 1 1 take the D. E. course as a senior. Her favorite sports 1 , 1 A R if ' K l V . , - ' , 3. V' A J'11 s 1 Ruin' Qx ig, i iffx 1,1 CATHERINE FASHION S favorite subjects were cloth ing and art Katy enjoyed singing in her church choir She was a member of Art Club After gradua tion she plans to work at the Bell Telephone Company BETTY FAWCETT was a member of Sewing Club during her semor year ln her spare time Betty read and sewed After graduation she plans to be telephone operator or secretary ALLEN FOWKES Math and Physics were A1 s fav orite subjects He belonged to the Chemistry Club in 12B and Basketball Club claimed his time three other semesters A college education IS in Allen s future GEORGE HARMAN Although his plans were indef 1n1te everyone could tell that George s favorite sub ject was marching band when they saw him perform at football games Red also enjoyed speech and math LOUIS HARRISON JR American government swim ming basketball and football took up most of Louis s spare time. Space Cadet as his friends know him hopes to be a United States Paratrooper. GEORGE HOFFMAN JR. plans to join the Navy after graduation Bill a member of the swimming team was also a member of Boys Swimming and Marching Band Clubs. ' 155 Q 75, av" N: ' ' .j.lf1I,,"jg 4, L 'W ".j..,::1j::"'w 0 x A ha. Receiving Wah Hoos from June La debue are Judy Kasten Bill Bucher and Roberta Nutter 'P' surf, ' ,fs rf GERALDINE HUMPHRIES has taken an active part in in- tramural sports while at Allegheny Gerryenjoyed skating and dancing. She plans to enter a business school in New York. HELEN JONES-Secretary of 12A Class belonged to Sewing Club since l0B. Skating and swimming took up Lou s spare time. After graduation she plans to attend Howard University. ,ai 'H in JUDITH KASTEN Assoc1ate yearbook edltor and maga z1ne typ1st belonged to Drama and Fash1ons Club wh1le at A H S Judy w1ll contlnue her busmesstralmng at Robert MOIYIS Busmess School ARTHUR KLUVO Besldes bexng a member oforchestra Art belonged to Auto Drlvers Chem1stry and College Clubs Mechamcal drawmg chemlstry archery and base ball appealed to Arthur H1s future 1ncluded army and college ,QUIK T' Yr:-" Lxt hangmg gossxp bt fore st hool are Bob Baucr, Gtorgt Harman, Xltlna Snalr, Stanlu Manolxs, and Betty Kurtz ef fi JOHN KOE RTS Dude was one of Allegheny s base ball stars John s favorlte subjects were h1story and speech He was employed by Boggs and Buhls and w1ll ertamly succeed IH anythlng he undertakes RUDOLPH KRANYS Bemg a photographer of the Wah Hoo gave Rudy valuable experlence slnce he IS golng to enter thls fxeld after graduatlon Hts other act1v1t1es mcluded band and swtmmmg NANCY KUFNER enjoyed horseback rldmg and volley bal Red a member of Hemz House belonged to Sewmg Club and Glrls Mach1ne Shop Nancy s future mcludes college JUNE LADEBUE plans work then marrlage after graduatxon Machlne Shop G1rls Llfe Savmg and Chemlstry Clubs have occupxed a great deal of Boot s tlme wh1le at A H S ROBERT I ANE Besldes bemg our Semor Class Presldent Tad was on the football and basketball teams Hls plans w1ll take h1m to college after gradu at1on WILLIAM LAZAR Attendlng Carnegle Tech was B1ll's a1m after graduatlon He was Wah Hoo repre sentatlve and a member of the stage crew, and College and Chem1stry Clubs B111 also belonged to Sara Hemz House 'Z W ST K -tj I K L r ry , v 32 J 1 X. ,,l 47 V V at f , yy ivl V v .A V ,, . , J ta e an f at lm, f f J C l'lt1 "QM" Q J 4 I 1 Il I Y - . . - - - - ' ' ' ' . ' , I ' - , . . ' 1 v v ' A U I l . I it I . V . . - ' I I . . . , 2 D I I K . U xt U l lf I ' ,f ' ,ik 1 A Vs l f J I QB AFR' -R 1-, Wll LIAM LEWIS was a true Red and Blue football star Smcere 1n everythlng he d1d he llked speech and sclence best B111 was vlce presldent of 301 1n B STANLEY MANOLIS Stan gave much of hrs txme 1n SGIVICC as an aUdlO v1sual 31dS operator H1s hobbxes were sports and cars He worked after school at the North Slde Market House ANTHONY MARUSIC occupxed h1s t1me 1n the sprlng by playmg baseball Tony espec1ally enjoyed Soclol ogy and Amerlcan HISIOIY After graduatlon Tony plans to go mto buslness for hxmself JAMES MCCLELLAND GUSSIS an ardent football and baseball fan was the athletlc representatlve of hls homeroom for two years SOClOlOgy and math both appealed to .hm HIS future plans 1ncluded the Navy ARTHUR MCKINNEY a member of Swxmmmg Club for three semesters was also homeroom vxce presldent 1n eleventh grade Art enjoyed all sports He plans to enter the Army ROBERT MlTCHELl. Pudgy as h1s frxenas call h1m has been on Allegheny s football team for three years Bob always seemed happxest when maklng a speech 1n class or slnglng ln chorus V-kg, Rclaxlng ln the park durlng lunch tlme are LOUIS Harrlson Don Cogs ville Geraldmc Humphrlcs and Ad ella Swegard 'U 'Yby wh -YQ., -avr E THELMA NESTLER Versatlle Pldge who was Secre tary of Student Councxl and Wah Hoo Buslness Secretary 1ncluded speech and math among her favor1te subjects After graduatlon she w1ll work for the Keystone Reader Servlce JOSEPH NOVAK who was presldent of DISIIIDUIIVC Ed ucatlon class and a past member of Art Decoratlons Club enjoyed SWlmm1Hg archery and baseball He w1ll enter the buslness world after graduatxon fr,?"',Qf T r. 'iv S"-'wg If xt ..f..,' ,Q c N "' , - f X ' 'xl' ' . ,s . ' 1, lv 1 5 -- A-e is A 1 1 X' , H' 3 f am , J x N X X -Ax 4, , X: 4' v ' l U ,I . 63 ' ' l2 . , , j ' ' . ' , A ,A q 4, 1 V X I , 5 l H- l Sf' 4- rw? - " ' ," 1 x w A . Y . . nn- , ': h, ., ' ' Silk I SJ L-QQ, ' A if, A Hp .1 -, in 1' 1 j A X- A - f- cj r e- ta K , if '- ' ' Q -. f , .V , ,L -Q, 'if y 4 I 13 Lia ,J 4299! -nu- QQ? ROBERTA NUTTER S numerous act1v1t1es mcluded serv mg as assoclate yearbook ed1tor Wflllllg for the news staff and Noel Bobble was homeroom presxdent 1n 11A and a member of the Drama and Fashxon Clubs HAZEL PAINTER known as Haz was recogmzed as head majorette Engllsh speech and chorus were her favorlte subjects She enjoyed all sports After graduatlon a job awaxts her and then marrlage lf! ""'1oN-' EDWARD PAZICKY After graduatlon Ed w1ll enter theater work Edd1e belonged to the College and Drama Clubs and the Audlo Vlsual Axds He enjoyed Enghsh and SOClO10gy MARGARET PHILLIPS partlclpated 1n Leaders and Typing Club 'Moge worked at McCrory s part tlme and plans to enter buslness school to contmue her secretarlal traxmng IRENE PLATTER better known as Renee sang ln her church cho1r and plans to be a secretary after graduauon Her favorlte subjects were shorthand and chorus She appreclates all sports and Dave JOYCE POMRENKE who has spent her spare tlme 1n Machme Gxrls Leaders and Sew1ng Clubs smce she arr1ved at A H S llkes sewmg shorthand and transcnptxon She hopes to be a stenographer JOHNNY REMY one of the quleter fellows 1n the class llked math revlew and art He also enjoyed football basketball f1Sh1Dg and swlmmxng John planned to work after graduatlon RICHARD REMY Dancmg bowlmg and swxmmlng of Physlcs Lab He has no lmmedlate plans after graduatlon hx S" Bob Bauer Ed Pazlcky and Bob Mltchell seem engrossed ln the assembly they are attendlng R' vw' Q' V A 4 A I 4. 3 V . ' H yn . L 2: 5 Y ' 4 P' ' ' , ' ' , I I " T 'if' x ' . . ., ' ' , A""mvu I - - l . ' l Z., take up most of Rem's tim'e. Richard was a member V L , 'V ' WA 1 A y,yZ ij . f ' fi ' tw' ' ' Y J J V' . 'I V 3 ' 'rl' L .f ' -A S! X 2 .Ev 1 . Wav- .f Hvzcfqh ' 3, I . tx H353 A . -. , BONITA RICHARDS played in the orchestra besides participating in Ball and Needle and Sewing Clubs. After graduation she planned to attend business school. Bonnie's favorite subjects were typing, history, and sewing. RICHARD RICHARDS - Richard, who enjoyed swim- ming, was an active member of the Y.M.C. A. Dick had a keen interest in history. He will doubtless succeed in any job he chooses. ANTONIA RODRIQUES, very active in girls sports, also has time to serve on Wah Hoo, service, and the stunt day committee. She liked Spanish', gym, and history. Toni plans to go to college. KARL ROEHLICH a long time member of the honor roll, editor of the yearbook and chairman of the prom committee, likes English, math, and speech. Karl is looking forward to college. JACK SELL - A star in football and swimming, Jack was homeroom president in 10A and sports editor of the Wah Hoo as a l2A, Jack enjoyed dancing. He planned to enter the Coast Guard. DOLORES SHELLEY'S many activities at A. H, S, in- cluded editor of Wah Hoo, president and vice-presi- dent of homeroom, intramural sports, and Girls Leader and Drama Clubs. Shelley's future includes a college education. ' Gt: 'F' ' X 165. E, N F73,,v Spending some of their spare time in the library are Joyce Taraso- vich, Thelma Nestler, Nancy Kuf- Jer, and Karl Roliach. 415' 'ik si ALBERT SHORD - Physics, math, and English were among "Shordy's" favorite subjects. He was a member of the Stage Crew, Chemistry and College Clubs, and Wah Hoo. Al planned a Carnegie Tech engineering course. ROBERT SMITH plans to enter the army after graduation. Bob's activities included football, Wah Hoo representative, and Basketball Club. He was very interested in art. t vrffyff ' f n ii . iwv ft' 'Q'f""'w aus..N-" ax I? ALCINA SNAIR was a member of Red Cross Club Al s favorlte subjects were sewmg chlld care math and speech She enjoyed danclng skatmg and swlmmmg Marriage WHIIS for her 1n the future EDWARD SPARROW one of Allegheny s top football players was equally popular for hxs mus1cab1l1t1es Other act1v1t1es 1ncluded sports lecture and marchmg band Ed plans to be a muslc teacher Mx GU? fs W "f""" U .QL l X216 3 Boostxng the morale f our Swlmmlng team are Bill Bucher Dolores Shelley Judy Kasten Mary Wholey and Roberta Nutter , fi, , fu , Q, 'pq , ua. yy "!"f""'7' VM AN Q, RONALD STEVENSON better known as C1sco has been 1n Chemlstry and Physxcs Clubs whlle at Allegheny Ronald served as a member of Servxce squad and plans to enter college after graduatlon ADELLA SWEGARD presldent of homeroom m 12A favorlte subjects were bookkeepxng and speech Del s actxvmes outslde of school lnclude roller skatmg and dancmg After graduatlon she planned to attend x ray technxclan school JAMES THOMAS J1m s plans after graduauon ln cluded a draftmg course H1s favorlte subject was wood shop Jxm was a member of the servlce squad and the sales and dance commxttees LOIS VOGEL served as Staff secretary of the Wah Hoo homeroom secretary and was also a member of Drama Club Splder s future 1ncludes Geneva Col lege NANCY VRANE Cholr and dancmg seem to be the h1gh llghts of Nancy s act1v1t1es w1th Engllsh Math Review and Chlld Care as her favorlte subjects Busmess School wxll clalm her attentlon after graduanon GLENN WALDSCHMIDT Energenc Glen a member of Service Squad band and orchestra was also presxdent career and attend1ng college mght school 4-12. l I ' I , . . ' , , . . - l - ' ' , ' ' I ' I I ' a jj A T ' . . . j 4 ' , ai, , R 'je 1, . , 1. V u - : I - - Nur A I K . 9- . . . . . . - I I I , s ' V. h '15 - I . if . .,.1 f:" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' . fx, V 4 and vice-president of h1s homeroom. He plans a draftlng - 5 jj sf hr , nf" wad 1 K, V y 1 ,-- ns es , , n " -we V 0 ' XX . J f . , b A D ' V' li K Q-Q 4 HUBE por ecture as his fav orite e Stonewall enjoyed danci gan ing gradu tion he splanning to attend Cap Univ ty j gpg! jj fl MARY WHOLEY one of our archingmajorettes en Joyed danclng Intramural sports claimed much ofher time at A H S Business school is in Mary s future WILLIE J WILLIAMS nicknamed The Colonel planned an army career after graduation Willie par ticipated in basketball football and boxing Among his activities were Glee Club homeroom vice presidency and service squad PHYLLIS WOLFORD who was very interested in in tramural sports was a member of Girls Leaders or four semesters Phil enjoyed dancing singing and listening to the radio Bill lewis Helen Jones Adella Swegard Mattie Blackwell wait for their chance for a drink while Don C ogsvillc monopolizes the fountain N X, This is the last time the Senior A's will take advantage of our lib- rary. T'-f In.,' LFF WILLIAM BUCHER Friendly and popular William has earned him self a place in the Hall of Fame with his many activities William could always be found working on some class project He was Chairman of the Social Committee president of his homeroom as well as Chair man of the Assemblies Committee 1n Student Councll Even though William worked at Thorofare during his semor year he found time to be Literary Editor of the Wah Hoo and a member of Stage Crew J UDITH ANN KASTEN is one of the rare persons in the world who can mix work and play together and get them both done well The preced ing pages prove this beyond a doubt for as Associate Yearbook Editor she spent many hours helping to prepare the school annual She finished fourth among seventy in the Board of Education s stenographlc test Judy also bolstered her class s financial status by working for dances and on various other committees ROBERT LANE lne popularity of Bob as a star athlete player for Allegheny since his junior year won him a place 1n the Hall of Fame Playing defensive end in the 53 campaign he helped the team to the section championship Football however did not take up all of Bob s time He still managed to squeeze 1n basketball and boxing lt s no wonder he was quickly chosen class president when election time rolled around His terrific personality and intelligence also made him many friends ROBERTA JEAN NUTTER did not confine her talents to one phase of school life She held homeroom offices four times was an Associate Yearbook Editor and a member of the Service Squad She joined five clubs while at Allegheny and was on the Prom and Social Committees Her assistance aided greatly in class financial matters Everyone acknowledged her helpfulness and consideration Roberta dlsplayed her acting ab1l1ty in the senior dramatic production Nine Girls All these plus her radiant personality obtained for her a membershlpin the National Honor Society KARL FREDERICK ROEHLICH Being Yearbook Edltor and National Honor Society member were not Karl s only means of recognition in scholastic and extra curricular activities The magazine staff presi dency of the Drama Club the Social and Prom Committees and par- ticipation in the School Science Fair also occupied much of Karl s time. Everyone appreciated his wonderful cooperativeness and personality. He was a speaker at several assemblies and at W. P. S. P. A. confer- ence at Pitt. Graduating with high honor Karl was salutatorian of his class and will attend University of Pittsburgh on an Honor Scholorship. 1' fm Ll' -14" I '5- P32 ,if 'Q lr f- 3 '. DOLORES SHELLEY IS one of the glrls 1n her class who has worked hard to keep up the hlgh standards of her school Bexng Magazlne Edx tor Natlonal Honor Soclety Member and a member of the Sen1or Play cast helped to keep Dolores busy durmg her years of Allegheny To help ftnance her college educauon she won S100 ln a W Q E D con test Scholastxcally she ranked fourth ln her class She has beena volunteer worker at W Q E D and a columnxst for the Plttsburgher Magazme ALBERT SHORD as the valedlctorxan of hls class a member of the Natlonal Honor Soclety and a member of the Wah Hoo Staff has rlght fully earned h1s mche ln the Hall of Fame H1s sc1ent1f1c mterests have led h1m to partlclpate ln the School Sclence Falr and to Joln Chem tstry Club As a member of the Stage Crew Al was often found workmg ln the audltorlum 1n h1s spare t1me Carnegle Tech IS the college of Al s cholce he plans to enter 1n September of 1955 EDWARD SPARROW was very popular wxth h1s classmates Apprec1a t1on for h1s fxne servlce and cooperatlon was shown when he was elected vxce presldent of the semor class Playlng both saxophone and clar1net excellently Edward performed 1n three varlety shows was a member of the orchestra and Marchmg Band Club and Cha1rman of the Prom Orchestra Comm1ttee He was one of Allegheny s star football players Bemg very actlve on the sales commlttee Service Squad and as home of Fame fit qt!" bv 'ds 'Irre- ,ggi ,aria ENC . . . ' - Y F 1 ' if I D , , room vice-president and treasurer, Edward earned a place in the Hall S - ff 4 .W H -.M ' af' A ., v r ,, .ix 1 ,, + A l tw 4 -- -1 - we E-v"'m.... wwf Jw MARVA ADAMS plans to become a vocallst Thls ex m found role g fun pla1ns why cholr was one of her favorltes Sportsmmded Bel g me hmnEbsL1Mgst 1 am t1on be Marva rated football and volleyball hlgh A member of ver m body and fender Servlce Squad she enjoyed many outslde act1v1t1es ore longe o Drxvers Club 'V 3 CATHERINE BALSAMO Slnce Carnegle Tech IS 1n Kate s future plans she was a member of the College Club Art Drama and Cheerleader s Clubs Kate was l bowllng dancmg or goxng on hayrldes L BARCH Lee was looklng ahead when k D E She plans to make retall sellmg her ation Playmg basketball at the Y W C A w one of her favorlte pastlmes TTY ART LOMEO Betty w1ll be remembered by all as avt g been one of Allegheny s good major ettes Spor nd dancmg were among her many out Slde actlvmes Betty hopes to enter college after graduauon AUDREY M BAUER Sewmg cook1ng lunch and study were Audrey s favorlte subjects at Allegheny Football Swlmmlng and skatmg were enjoyed by her To enter mto the workmg fleld or marrlage are Audrey s future plans JOHN BEATTY knoum by some as Clyde Beatty that IS belonged to College and Soclal Dancmg Clubs He was presxdent of h1s homeroom 1n 12B College or Bell Telephone IS 1n John s future A'- Ts Vt-,,, Irene Grabowsk1 Y? W 4 N w st- T , ft NQ B t H I . C . . - wo t ' , ' Us - ge 1 'T X f v 1' I RUTH BITTNER Ruth was one of our students who decided to join the Distributive Education Classin her senior vear She enjoyed sports and dancing a great deal outside school Marriage is in Ruth s future BARBARA .I BLACKBURN Barb plans to enter Nurse Training after graduation She has beenamem ber of the Robed Choir She listed as her favorite sports basketball and swimming Barbara enjoved dancing and skating THOMAS E BLEWETT Tom was a member of the Red Cross Club and played football for an outside team Smiling Tom will enter college after he bids his last farewell to Allegheny High School VIOLET M BOWERS V1 was one of our students who took advantage of our D E course She listed shorthand as her favorite subject She plans to con t1nue her saleswork after graduating DAVID L BOWMAN The Marines will have Daxe in their services after graduation He had been in Auto Club Basketball Club and Audio Visual 'xldm His favorite subjects were machine shop and history JEROME BRINCKO - Among Jerry s many activities in and outside Allegheny were class offices Associ- ate Yearbook Editor stagecrew dancing choir and a certain girl. Jerry hopes to become a minister. V3 -gg , I xx-Y f 4 K . Lncouraging the swimmers on to victory arc Catherine Williams l r ncstme C hester and Joe Ross F 'i 'vw' 'QU' JAMES BRINK 'MOOUIE was interested in a variety of fields ranging from football and baseball to girls He was a member of Physics Lab and Chemistry Club He plans to join the Army BETTY BROWN - Typing Choir and Spanish were Betty s favorite subjects. She was a member of the Sewing Club. She enjoyed horseback riding volleyball and swimming. After graduation she plans to attend business college. V".-RP 'f i 'I . X , i i X Q ,Q R A g 4 f .S ,X an N., C WEN. 5 f i 9 VL tl, W I iw JJ a. 1, U A W h' fi . M 'L I ' 'f 2 , '. ' V ff , 'M W' Q X. I, NP MJA! I ' V A I BETTY J. BROWN - Secretarial work is Betty sam ition ,Jr NORMA J, BRYAN - Either marriage or Bell Tele- after graduation. Skating and dancing were her favorite interests outside school. EDNA BRUNNER - Known to everyone as "Blondie,"Edna was one of Allegheny's cute majorettes for three years. Liking to cook will be useful, as Edna plans to marry after graduating from Allegheny. few i '4..', A Jim Brink, JoAnn Lazzara, Carol- ine ldzakovic, and Bob Walker ad- mire and exchange their senior pictures. I fl phone will take up Norma's time after graduation. She belonged to Girls Machine Shop and Sewing Clubs at Allegheny. Football, swimming, and boys heldher out- side interests. JOHN J. BULEVlCH - English and chemistry helped to hold John's interests at school. Swimming and basketball were two of his favorite sports. Like many of our young men, John liws to attend college. l 'V LW? XA 'M A dl' Cifggifrfs atmmsml c 90, ing wood shop as his fgyo i g ' bjeit'J'Ch9cik isigs to do wood work after ef . s lz'Au yi MVisual Aids and Auto Club. Heglayedqfcytfjilirut of school . .1 V DAVID P. BUTLER - Dave was amember ofthe Auto, Bridge, and Basketball Clubs and secretary-treasurer of his class. He was also a writer for the Wah Hoo Staff, Dave's plans include college. BARBARA CAMPBELL - 'Babe' listed basketball as her favorite sport and bookkeeping as her favorite subject. She belonged to Life Saving and Girls Leaders. After graduation she will either go to school or get imarried. REGINA D, CATTERY - Dancing, skating, and swim- ming kept Jean busy outside school. Her ambition is to become a telephone operator after she graduates. 4-" fm fm 'Q'--- 4- T EARNESTINE CHESTER Much ofEarnest1ne sspare tlme was taken up by cholr A member of Drama and Cheerleaders Clubs T1na enjoyed volleyball and basketball She plans to become a creatxve dancer after graduatmg ROBERT CIROCCO who lb better lymown as just pla1n Rocco belonged to Sports 1.35111 ednglub and played on the football team He plans 3 e a raftsman or a mach1n1st afgeryse graduaies N D CHABLENEK CIZEJ- Homgx mlft easurer member ofQG1rls Leader: Cl ndlogl xvers Club were Q0 is C1 IN c llegh nyl Her outs1de IDC?-:S s mcjuded ancm lShe Npl XF o be a e puh open-afor J t AUDRE CMADQL Zooml There goes Speedy Wh1Z zlng down the street on the back of a motorcycle Be s1des cycle r1d1ng Audrey l1kes dancmg and skatmg She plans to become anlBM Operator after graduat1on ANNA MAE COATES Ann enjoyed roller skaung outs1de school She belonged to Auto DTIVGIS Sewlng and Soc1al Danclng Clubs wh1le shorthand and tran scr1pt1ons were her favorlte subjec Secretarnal work IS Ann s amb1t1on X N h dffbeen m r of L1fe avlnga d wege Cl if Ro CQEVIC vpgsldent of her m oom an ews Staff She efloppg t1me ft r graduatxon 26 S-I Carlene Numer W1ll1am Falth and Charles Lazar are engaged 1n the task of cleamng lockers YN DAVID CORSELLO Math was Dave s bxglnterest wh1le at Allegheny He plans to study englneerlng at college after graduatlon Servxce Squad was just one of Dave s many actxvmes KATHLEEN CUSACK Kathy an honor student wants to be a Certlfled Publ1c Accountant She was amember of the Drama Club and Wah Hoo Staff Her favorxte subjects were bookkeeplng and soclology i T' r"' I ' 'P X r S . S ll , W , W sf' 17 C , . nhl fri? by L' nl T- ' UL N wld l L will ' 'me " I 'ltkv ' s. XLJVO 4. . ' ' ll - , n t ky J AA fl U flg T .. , , ID 1 .. . . -. - X A 1 . , ,. I li ' 'l . . 1 N lf , 96 dat- A M Jlfcl 'V e ' - 1, , p to I c e sg ' eh ' ' ' . ' I n 'V , 1 . 'X T 2 f' o l 3 HARRY DANIK Even though Sonny was transferred from a rlval school he was fully accepted by all hls fellow classmates HIS ma1n lnterests were mechamcal drawlng and chemlstry along w1th basketball baseball and foot ba DOROTHY DARR Dot chose art as her favorlte sub ject Tenms and gOlDg wlth a certaln boy were her favor 1te outslde mterests B6COm1Dg a p1an1st or a salesperson IS Dot s hope for the future 7 17' ..x. ggrdx ffl Sellma makers at mt basketball Rams to Robert Jocstlun Norman Bachr Charles Martlg and Alice Lelnwtbcr IS Vladlmlr Spolsky 'vi Tas it gf- I JOSEPHINE D1PRlMA Jo enjoyed records and drlv mg durlng her spare tlme after school She was Wah Hoo Representatlve for a semester and had taken part ln volleyball tournaments Secretarlal work IS her coal MARLENE DOMINEK To become an alrllne hostess IS Marlene s blg ambltlon 1n llfe She enjoyed playlng v1ol1n ln Allegheny sorchestra Basketball swlmmlng and volleyball held Marlene s sports lnterest whlle at Allegheny PATR1ClA DOMKE To acqulre aposltlon ln an offlce IS Pat s ambltlon Pat had belonged to Chess and Auto Drlvers Clubs for two semesters She enjoyed art sewmg and handwork outslde school ROSE M DUNCAN Danclng and swlmmmg were Rose s lnterests OUISld6 school whlle typlng was her favorlte subject She was a member of D E Rose s plans for the future lnclude contlnulng her saleswork MARGARET DUNPHY Margle hopes to study fashxon deS1gn1l'1g after graduatlon Belng Art Edltor of the Wah Hoo Staff and a member of the Art Club kept her busy durlng her three years at Allegheny WILLIAM EARL. Danclng and glrls were B111 SChl6f actlvltles 1n and outslde school He also tooka blg ln terest 1n sports The Armed Forces w1ll recelve Blll s servlces after graduatlon 1 ,Qs is fxfil R' wr- X if 48 ,,. , 1, g 4, 5 4.- 'su 5 , K .45 -H V A YV wa? ll. ' ' ' - , l ' ' I ' v-I I - - - ' ' Q, 41? l y S f Y. I . I , A . Y ' R llll if y , ,. - . .l.,-,7,A,4m,TMN N - ' ' ' ' ' Rm 3 'L ' i SUSANNE EBERT Secretarlal work IS Sue s plan for the future Hxstory was rated as among her av orlte subjects Outslde school her church cholr kept her pretty busy most of the tlme PAUL EFTHlMlADES who was known to have debated on any subject of current 1nterest belonged to Physlcs Lab and College Club Avxatxon School or the Coast Guard are h1s plans after he graduates MARY ERB 'Terry was a member of Art Club for two years at Allegheny She was another of the D E students She plans to contlnue saleswork after grad uaung RONALD ERNBERGER Baseball basketball and football were hlgh among hlS sports favorltes while he rated wood shop and gym as belng tops among h1s favorlte subjects Ronme s plans lnclude enterlng the Armed Forces WILYIAM ILAI gil xiwd y and all of hob S 'He specxa li: y dancln B111 opes tx il kia ulat il A M we X U 7 ROY FARK The school s shops held Roy s interest :lurmg hls three years at Allegheny He was especlally mterested 1n machme shop Roy plans to enter the Armed Forces after graduatlng FI?- Q a 6. ll ig W N 'bv We 1 Nick Borls shows one of our guld ance movles to an mterested group of students M vars, Xxx BARBARA FAVORS To enter Harvard s Coed School of Law IB Barbara s blg ambmon after graduatlon Vlce presldent of her homeroom n the tenth grade Barbara chose bookkeeplng and Spamsn as her favorlte subjects ARLENF. FENRICH Majorettes and typ1ng have been clubs that lnterested Honey She also llked football basketball and bookkeeplng She enjoyed hayrldes and dancmg wxth Wtll Arlene plans to be marrled after graduatlon i sq, G" Ni : 'QS ,.u' I 1 dl Q lf 3 Fx" " l tl 4 1 t ' . - Y . r , ' C Q lfbl 'V S l 1. - A , Q 1 I 7 . f 1 S' ff!-f. ' Ae t 5: 5 A . " 4 GJ RM QL c wr 5 ,H 3 , M . Q At- . . , f - l X gs! H K I . . . . . . A , 1 . x . . 1' . , ' .' ' fi' W . ,X X . O X ly B- of ,f - ff 'V 5 , ' A ig .1 A .253 N' th ' A igl ' xi ' g, , ' " en , U I1 yd . . -. . . . . .X ,I U in U W J JL . X , . D G , - N "J . "A, 3 ' f . .' ' . ' , '. O N' ,ix ,PNK 1 nfl , r d A n ' . K -ov L, t l A b ' X 'El-ff, ,U ' ff ', " l t A gq, , I A 25 'Q-"'f',x PAUL FLICKINGE Paul served s Student Councll Presldent as a semor e Joyed alvl orms of math and hopes to contmue hgizflu IIONRUI FS amember of the Natlonal Honor Sooget 5 A Q V MAEGSQQT ELQINNX AHQIIIOLQQ an or? 'Y-1 two tralts ectegjv M595 es mg hid o t e Wahl-l 1rQul t1oSXStaff,5she Joy xmmmg andskatx Masgigan Qatteiti: egeX4t duat1on N lNXXxr X two Sxxx I'-fx Jw? f wif.,- 1 'rig NPN 1' jon l JAMES FLYNN Art Club and Service Squad were Jlm s favorlte act1v1t1es He was also another of our young men who was greatly mterested ln dancmg College IS ln J1m s future GLORIA FRANK whose nlckname IS Sunny IS a sweet g1r1 who really gets 1nto school actwmes Sunny s been n Leaders Art and Soc1a1Danc1ng lubs and was fin sted ln skatlng and danclng .MANRY UCHS AIYRBT of All gheny s cute neaj l l egaskj ! ye all sport andtfalso d ncl P gwx Tk ofw her falprxt shhjectsl 1le at egh ny Mafrrlage ISID Mary s utune N XM 'L SYLVIA RLICK Whxle at Allegheny sewmg and gym were yl s favorltes She also belonged to Sewlng Club She enjoyed sw1mm1ng outslde school She pl s to enter offlce work after graduatlnggsiom Mle 0 G Vl , er n Ge y wail me r of Decor ons u ermangas her avor e was r asurer of h home duat1 n 1 s mclude Bell Tele R NA L1 s a w nown L f hiplay g of t t Mostof lme was on pla to go e W l3Lgl go hf tbl am f gradul 3 I Recelvmg help from Mxss Messer wlth thexr semor themes are Joe ,',,,.r Zugec, Betty Layne, and W1ll1e Mc Cnts 26 ' P ,f 12. P5-tx' CV-+ ' as Q 2' it , g Q.,-f 1 I 1 tif , A" no 'V ' . t 5 , ,M xxx T, t gh 'Y '5 3 f . I , I . - - ' . x Q N . . . I ' . , s 1 , A so t , 5 Rs psf "9 ' ng. ie. si ' h - ' ' -- . x I ' ' ' ' ' ll I I ' I' , - ' ' . S S ' A . . 1 X! 1 xx X . , ' A , qi I ,uf - x sz -f A .XX 1 f - X I, t If I . X V, ir fx il 32 li: t XX , W tyxxjf , , va' 'S k XJ! xxb 'J .4 XX :J X 'ij wvf' ' kvg N. X Y X . X xl 5 N 1 lx 'YJ K W - ' 'LE Y ' ' 1 X V. - f' t I rx ' V ' , S t ' ' . ,opt Qt: Us A my L , y if Q ,VW 5 its A Q A ,,.,., x I -14 N! K9 :U .J , ff ' XX, ' xx Q. A l of Y yy Y Xl it 2 S 5 3 jj A , - . ' . y 1 A ' 4 l A , . . I . l if L , -Q y - U , - L A ' 'll :U Y- , t 7 , y xg E E RI, , my l a . . 7,1 k Su ' t Q I ' - I. H a er ' fu ' - ,,. I h l' Ly lf! I Q! I W y 7 Z 7' Q4 x I ' L I -u n V' -f . ,N r or p t . Q ' ' gy' t i ' n . at' tr y y t mf l , l 5 I X Z f 1, l V 'X if r X if W1 I my 7 . ' ' . , ' .- l 45 Q l Z l T' CECILE GIBSON Nurse s Tranmng w11l take all of Gees t1me after she graduates She was elected vlce presldent of her homeroom Besxdes dat1ng and danclng she also worked on the Wah Hoo Staff IRENE GRABOWSKI Swlmmmg and basketball were among Irene s many outsxde Interests Her favorxte lxst was topped by sewmg and speech After graduat mg from Allegheny Irene hopes to enter off1ce work NOLA GUARD Nol had belonged to the Art Club all through her years at A H S She plans to be employed by the Bell Telephone Company after graduatlon Bowlmg and hotrods were her specxalues as NTHER +245 Zlgfoods pre ran S favorlte blsfts She plans tg? elep bzrator aft gr dura xo CIIJUISIGG lntere t uded skat nfl softbal and she waf 3 mlrftigr the Cheer leaders Club f MARY ANN GYURIK Dancmg and swxmmmg were Mary s favorlte 8CIlVlI18S She was also one of our majorettes while at Allegheny VIRGINIA HARE plans to be a secretary after gradu at1on therefore shorthand ranks hlgh on her 11st of favorltes A member of Cheerleader and Typmg Clubs Vxcky s OUISld6 BCIIVIIICS conslsted of sw1m m1ng and dancmg 'N is Preparmg to enjoy one of our cafe terla s fme meals are Myrna Heese Margaret jlmn and Regma Cattery 'N Bw filxf nb J xl ffyxxyg ew ,, ""ls, -Q95 JOHN EVA HAYES was aglrl w1th a real lively personallty She s planmng on secretarlal work so naturally shorthand and transcrlptxon were her favorlte subjects She also worked on the Wah Hoo Staff JOHN HAYWOOD JR John enjoyed speech most of all wh1le at Allegheny along wxth mechamcal drawlng He hopes to attend college and become a draftsman Rss Q-W 1" 'C'-QP' T74 nh O-A , j V I X k , 4' S O If-1 1 I , , . . . 9 " , . 1 .. I' . . ' A V . . . I . ' . , fx ft, V 1 - a 1 1 .' ' , ' . 1 't QU' X lg . Llxfjl J - r Xt" V O 'iifx' 'MJ xxx -3 - :Q K- X X ' . . . l O, A up at . . . . 'd In J, wg' , . I 'IX' 4 X .' Q ' -1 I Wa t I N XJ at . - ' j V ff ,, j ff A --I .. j C 1 i ' ' ' 0, rv' ,I ' . ' . ' 5 ', X! ' 1 ' V - K' K gb, X ,t- I fi ,Ia I 1.5 ' J ' 6 I - ' ' ' ,Lf W3 gps I. l I I . . ' l - . . . ' Q ' ' r' t 5 . 1 -vs I .i r N 5 4 K x l -v 'W' an " 1 qaiv . l' N' -Nw, Q x,4T's..,, I MARY HAYWOOD Sewmg and shorthand were Mary s favor1te subjects She enjoyed s1ng1ng 1n her church cho1r outslde school Mary hopes to become a secretary after graduatmg MYR HES! nc1 g and SPIKQ held Myrna terest ut 'li o She njoy g an ec 'Y 1l'l leavmg school after a hard day's work are Elmer lluerbtn, Rose Dun gan, VIOICI Bowers, and Norman Baehr 1 B 'R 3 SN Nun., Win. DONALD HEIN Bemg the Wah Hoo Staff Photog rapher along wtth Asslstant Yearbook Edxtor and stagecrew member took up a lot of Doc s txme Dancmg sw1mm1ng and E held hxs lnterest outslde school MARGARET HEINLEIN Margxe enjoyed basketball swlmmlng and also ICC skatlng OUISIOG school She year Margle hopes to work for Kaufmann s after she graduates from Allegheny CHARLOTTE HENKE Charlotte belonged to D E 1n her semor year at Allegheny Sports and dancmg helped to hold her mterest outsxde school She plans io contlnue saleswork after graduatmg PROVIDENCE HENRY Prudy llsted speech short ,hand and transcrlptxon as her favorlte subjects She also enjoyed dancmg football games and boys She pes to become a PIIVHIC secretary or go to college after graduatmg SHIRLEY HOHN Kaufmann s was Shlrley s place of employment Secretary Wah Hoo Representatlve are the offlces she had held and she lxsted her favor1te subjects as cookmg sewmg and typ1ng She also en joyed danc1ng CARL HOLMES better known as Sherlock was kept busy after school by workmg at Allegheny General Hospltal Machme Shop and Enghsh were his favorlte subjects He hopes to enter the Alr Force iv rv- 7 s Y I I li 4 4' ff to ' ' af Y S' A-. f 1 Y " 'wr- X A j rf S , ' 1 x yjjly l A gi , "'y 1 j I . , X Y A u U vo Q . ' ' ' ' ' 1 cf ' Se ' d ' 17 . . . - . . D ' gtllilg 3 P5 Hefgl' 6 P S ffjif kfied aff Qfigfadu- belonged to Distributive Education during her senior 4. - ' 1' h X - ' I 'Lk' 5' ,' Ut 'Q MJ ' X 1 L 1 A K X, 'E ,of Q X v YY , - ' ' - r .Ju g If t . ' , .. 5 M, ' Y','A+i'e-Q ' S - 0 . U 5 ?f K ' V L. . I A . . ' . I , ' . - . 1 - 1 7 . ' ' ' ' N 95" ELMER HUERBIN Workmg after school kept Elmer s spare t1me well ln hand HISIOFY Spamsh and typmg were h1s favorlte subjects whxle at Allegheny To he come an offxce worker IS Elmer S ambltxon after grad uatlon CAROLINE IDZAKOVIC Shorthand transcrlptlon and bookkeepmg were tops among Carol1ne s favor 1te subjects Her many outslde act1v1t1es lncluded readlng dancmg skaung and also tenms Ida hopes to enter commerclal work after graduatmg from Allegheny TIMOTHY IVEY Tlm was a member of the Sports Lecture durmg h1s three years at Allegheny H1s fav or1te subjects were world hlstory draftmg and gym He hopes to enter college after graduat1ng from Allegheny PATRICIA JARDINE Slnce Pat plans to be a sec retary after graduat1on ll s no wonder her favorlte subjects were shorthand and typmg Pat had been danclng JOANNE JASTREBSKI Swlmmmg tenms and bas ketball were Jo s favorlte sports and she llsted her favorlte subjects as chorus cookmg typmg andD E Joanne wxshes to become a telephone operator after graduat1on ROBERT JOESTLEIN Bobs favorlte subject lxst was topped by Amerlcan government Belng a mem ber of Auto Drlvers Club and homeroom treasurer took up Bob s spare tlme at Allegheny College IS hls future plan I7 AQ 'cz-" Myrtle Mllllgan Charlene ClZlk and Kathleen Cusack slgn thelr year books whlle Jerry Brlncko looks on aa- 'Ox ?"w-gg que- GLADYS JOHNSON havmg been a member of Glrls Leaders Club for f1ve semesters enjoyed playmg tenms and basketball SOC10l0gy and Engllsh are tops on her l1st Gladys plans for the future lnclude college CURTIS JORDAN was a member of Basketball Club H1s favorlte subject was hlstory He also held the posltlon of sergeant at arms Curtls worked after school and plans to enlist after graduatlng l . , 6 6' ' 0. E. , T , ,QE 5, , 'f' ' 4'f4l'f ' ' K . - 1.-461 Q V . . , , - ' . . , 1 is ' I h ' , . v I - . I . - - u I I I AI ' I . . l . . . l I - Q 5? ' '-is 3 A455 7 . . . ' f C' ' -5 1 secretary of her class' and enjoyed swimming and f . Q ' A 5 . A N J J - , I - , . . . I . l . ' . ' t i .A ' A l V - ' Y I - 1 . 1 - . . Q I - . . . . I ' y,.,.,.. , sa- l hr 'Y . 3 1, D ' 1 ,A fl I 71" If X 'bl 3'-29 ,WI LORRAINE JORDAN - Known to her friends as "Rainie," she participated in all girls sports. She was a member of the Girls Life Saving Club for three years. Lorraine plans to become a secretary. HELEN KAPPAS - A Distributive Education student, Helen chose English, history, and chorus as her favorite subjects. Dancing was enjoyed by Helen in her spare time. To be- come a telephone operator is Helen s ambition. ,ag ICN WL.: CUH5 New I2 Lillian Stoecker collects cards for one of our career conferences from Mary Fuchs C arlenc Numer Charles Martig and Don lcathery JOAN KASTNER - Jo enjoyed bowling, skating, swim- ming, listening to records, and basketball. Transcrip- tion, English and home economics were among her favorite subjects. Jo's plans for the future are to be- come a secretary. MARY KELLO- "Sparkey" switched to Distributive Education in the twelfth grade. She enjoyed swimming and skating, but listed dancing as her favorite pastime. Mary intends to become a busy housewife after graduation JACQUELYN KELLY Jackie enjoyed sewing a great deal at A H S She also took a big interest in practically all sports Jackie plans to be married after graduating SHIRLEY KENNEY better known as Dell was a member of the Glrls Leaders Her favorite subjects were choir and speech She also like baseball and swimming Dell plans to be an a1rl1ne hostess MARY KILLEBREW A former member of the Auto Club Hot Rod loved cycle racing and cars Her favorite activities were chorus skating and dancing Jane plans to enter the service after graduation JUNE KNUTH Some of June s outside interests in cluded basketball volleyball dancing and swimming Belonging to the Wah Hoo Staff June was kept busy in her school act1v1t1es June is college bound after graduation 'T 'QD ii: Zn Nr V g A - ig n' - , - , g A . . , A .Lx 5 I , iizfl ii 1 5 'N-1 11 1"""" wr 17 X51 PATRICIA KOCIAN Typlng Club speech and also transcrxptlon held Pats xnterest whxle ln Allegheny H1gh School Among her many outslde actxvmes were swxmmmg and danclng Secretarnal work IS Pat s arnb1t1on after graduatxon DOROTHY KRULICK belonged to the Cheeleaders Gxrls Leaders and Llfe Savxng Clubs Her favorlte subjects were hlstory and Engllsh She llked basket ball volleyball swxmmmg danclng and partles Dot plans to be a secretary BETTY KURTZ Among Betty s favorlte sports were basketball swlmmxng and football Math chorus and lunch headed her favorxte subject l1st She also en joyed skatmg after school S1s hopes to become a telephone operator CATHERINE LAW Cathy was a member of Typlng Club and Servlce Squad durmg her three years at Allegheny Sewmg and speech were among her fav or1te subjects Secretarlal work IS her goal aftqlxpr graduatlon ,ff X L yt? Head Cheerleader a d Ye Y 1I0f S exwas a Trying on thclr taps and gowns ln Hl1IlLlpaIlOl'l of tommcnttmtnt are John NlLhO1dS Mlldrcd Nawrotkl and Davc Bowman 'Q' member of the Nat 0 I I-:mor lety6,,BetW plans J ANN LAZZARA Sports were Jo Ann s b1g mterest 1n to become a Secret ry ter shefgradu S C, mnd outslde school She also enjoyed dancmg Jo Ann also BETTY LAYNE heye :wp lfnporyalhr M-'LIIOAE f CHARLES THOM LAZA BJ Chtlqc the Greek played football t de of l ghenjg, Chuck held the offlces of preslden and v pre ldent of h1s home rooms Chuck who llked pl s to go to College after graduatlon was a member of Servlce Squad DONALD L LEATHERY Splash! lnto the water dove Don a swlmmxng team member Hlsofflceslncluded presl dent v1ce presldent and athletxc representatxve Hxs fav Oflle subject was speech and he plans to attend Capxtal Umverslty if A-21 inn' ..,,,,, A 3 1 Al ' , X Vg f 'W Y -g it L .L 2 ' 63, ' ,ll Q X' f' A ' 1 . '52 x - r Y 1, I - V xp 4 1 . . - , . ' . . X' j fl I . t . . . - xxx' ,N N, M ' . . 1 f ' X ,X fl Q-U 3 X, ff M m Y' 'JJ if I .0 4 L Y on y' - L 5: M- ,L ' -- T '- jp C V 'J RN ' fl lr f fu HJ f A ., , - '53 Av JW A L T' , E :hi 7 jfs' f f .al ALICE P LEINWEBER mcknamed Blondle rated short hand and transcr1pt1on as her favorltes Swxmmmg and baseball headed her sports HCIIVIIICS Other act1v1t1es mcluded SGTVICG Squad and Cheerleaders Club After' graduatlon plans w1l1 lnclude secretarlal work JEROME M LEONARD Plggy a real popular boy wxth everyone was a fxrst strmg center 1D football for Allegheny as a senlor Hxs future ambltlon IS tobe a mus1c1an wxth a healthy appetlte JA K br 445' rx'--...,,, Q-av' 7' 2 Doris Vetter Mlke Qulncc Rlta V1etme1er and Tom Blewctt leave the audltorlum after enjoylng a fme assembly WK ,JY fn JOAN RUTH L NCH Joame one of Allegheny s cute cheerleaders Chorus and speech were Joan s favorite subjects To work at the Bell Telephone IS Joan s b1g amb1t1on after graduatmg from Allegheny on Allegheny crled BERTHA LYONS Belng a majorette kept Babe pretty busy wh1le at Allegheny Among her many favorlte subjects were shorthand transcrlptlon and sewmg After graduatlng she plans to enter secretar 1al work 1n med1c1ne BARBARA V MAHLER Sxnce she wants to becomea receptlonlst II IS understandable why Barb enjoyed shorthand and transc,r1pt1on h belonged to Cheer leaders and Auto V Y lubs Basketball and footxby eriher favo r s w legheny HIS spare 2 if gl 1 and football were t e plans to become X Q a ys atlo re qljera rgraduatlng MIKE MANCE Mlke enjoyed shop and gym agreat deal durmg h1s three years at Allegheny Gxrls and sports were hxs ma1n outslde xnterests SHIRLEY ANN MANN Tap! Tap! goes Shlrley as she types for the Wah Hoo Gxrls Leaders and typlng were Shlrley s favorlte pastlmes at Allegheny Upon gradu atlon jolmng the Armed Forces IS her ambltlon T vfx' pi Q fr- .. j - I I f H I V 3 Wgg A at In L QM 4 M . I , Q . U I .. .. . j +I H 'j" - A ,mf 2 I. . - ' ' L tx, ' . I I ly be j f- n. A-jd' I Jjjfl. jj W xt I , 'mf I f O A s V ff ldv I RI- "Q u " - 7 NN' I I I . '- I j - . ,V X U ' tl i ' . ' Il N 'ti , a I K , YQI .I . ,r-' Q VII jd ic e ' K ' . S' A . t-X3 Iv- ,aj F 1 N 1 'N tj gx Ii l U N' iff! I lj xi ! . . ' . . . . l . rf rg I ,W 6 j I . . I . , .9 - A ' ' , ' , jani ,- K 'fta 4 'Z' I, 2 CHARLES MARTIG- Dancing and all sports were among Chuck's favorite activities outside school. He also enjoyed shop, art, typing, and marching band white at Allegheny. Chuck plans to attend night school after graduation. WILLIE MCCANTS - History, gym, biology, and art were Willie's favorite subjects. He was a member of the football and basketball teams for his three years at Allegheny. He hopes to enter professional football. ETHEL ANN MEISER- Watching baseball games is Ethel's pastime. Since Ethel plans to become a secre- tary, she names shorthand and transcription as her favorite subjects. Ethel enjoyed dancing and swimm- ing outside school. LOIS MILEWSKI - Lois does a lot of bowling. She would like to be a secretary in the Navy Corps. She belonged to Art and Typing Clubs. DOLORES MARIE MILLER - As a result of "Dolly's" active participation on the Wah Hoo Staff, she rose to columnist. Skating, bowling, and dancing were her outside activities. Dolly hdpes to enter college. MYRTLE MILLIGAN - She belonged to Typing Club and her favorite subject was sociology. Basketball was among her favorite sports. Dancing took up most of her time. She plans to be a telephone operator. U 1-F 1 "I Lost in deep concentration while taking a test are John Beatty, Charles Bummer, Don Hein, Betty Sattler, Carl Holmes, and Pat .lar- dine. 4. .," 1 if 'adv 5 xiii: Kyiv ,., QQ E 'ws if" I PATRICIA MITTERMEIER - Pat plans to go into secre- tarial work after graduation. She was a member of the Circulation Staff for two semesters and then assistant Yearbook Editor. Her favorite subject was speech. LELIA MORGAN will enter Nursing School after gradua- tion. English, history, and bookkeeping were her favorite subjects. Armember of Drama and Sewing Clubs, LeIia's outside activities included attending meetings of the oroover s Club. if 7, " f' I ,- J SIMM' V-Jffiylidk A ' WM ,X '7 V, ral I A' y 'I U' , L, I Q23 , fa. ' .Q .fy X "r J P -9' ' :iffy RUM KAY MOURTACOS Kay bel ed o Typmg Club Her favor1te subjects were s orthclzi IIQHSLTIPIIOD and Span 1sh She enjoyed baske ll Q1 tliall and works part ume at Murphy s S 6 vi' be stenographer after graduatlon N WILLIAM J ,MR K ill mere I as held by shop gYm 3413 ct1c ly all Qpo Hxs f past1me out s1de chool was 1rls 'Bxll ll ter e Armed Forces after graduat-lon. l 'Nb W'-my l-lwood Scott and Robert Cxrocco polnt out some of our manytroph1es to Ldna Brunner and John BUlLVlCh FRED NAATZ A very HCIIVC fellow Fred was a member of the Swlmmlhg team and belonged to Lxfe savlng and Band Clubs Fred s favor1te subject sc1ence may help 1n h1s plans for the Army MILDRED NAWROCKI M1ll1e was a typlst on the Wah Hoo staff Workmg part tlme after school took up M1ll1e s spare txme To become a secretary then marry are her plans after graduatlon ROBERT D NEUDORFER Robert called Bob by most of us was fond of tenms and swlmmlng HIS commerclal tralnlng typmg and bookkeeplng w1ll come 1n handy for Boblntendsto enter bus1ness school JOHN J NICHOLAS John rates math and mecham cal drawmg as h1s favor1te subjects whlch he needs to fulflll h1s amb1t1on of attendmg college after gradu atlon Hls actlvxtxes at Allegheny mcluded sports and homeroom presldent CARLENE J NUMER Shorthand and typmg were Carxlene s favor1te subjects She 'hopes to enter the secretarlal f1eld Lafter graduatmg Dancxng was her most enjoyable acuvxty OUISIGC school GLORIA K OKl ATA Swxmmmg and danclng took up most of Glorla s spare t1me along w1th bexnga major ette She rated Engllsh clothmg and crafts as her favor1te subjects She hopes to become a beautxclan JN 4 7 fx Q A3 :ft X J I 4' frtv 1 . . xl .- N x . . ' . Q 1 l I ' , - Q - A . W 60 J - ' a ' ' A - 4 . Kjljj j t AW . U . . I " A M A .5 . -X1 . ' I . - - -I - 'QW it-jl j . X KX f -,ku b . Tj. J' - 'I .xl QQ A J ur , X I. . 1 . . . -- fl Wzgzhl x w 'f' ,U A X ' an 35 1" 'Q CAROL L PAYNE Whlle at Allegheny Carol sfav orlte subjects were shorthand typlng and cholr e also enjoyed swlmmmg basketball and softball Her outside lnterests mcluded sxnglng and sewlng Marrx age IS 1n Carol s future DOLORES M PFEFFER Babe s outslde lnterests were danclng and typmg She was homeroom Stamp Representatlve and a member of the Art Clubat Alle gheny After graduatlng she hopes to become asecre tary or salesperson JUNE C PIERCE June s outs1de lnterests were held by dancmg and playmg the plano Her favorlte subjects were orchestra speech and sewmg She has been Wah Hoo Representatlve 1n her homeroom THERESA PROHASKA Among Terry s many ac t1v1t1es were skatlng bowlmg football games and hayrldes Shorthand and transcr1pt1on were her vorlte subjects wh1le at Allegheny She would llke to enter the commerclal fleld PETER L PROZA Collectmg records contempo rary musxc and models occupy Pete outslde school Whlle at Allegheny he enjoyed math sclence and machlne shop After gradu hefplans toxmajor 1n electromcs at college q M' W O MICHAEL J QUINCE Alo Vuth Eplagifllg baseball for Allegheny Mlke s IlV 1 cluded Bqys Lxfe Savlng Art and G 'Cl s to nt r the Armed Forces after grgtggf Allegh 3 A l vie. John Haywood Myrna Heese Bob Neudorfcr and Eleanore Yankovlc sausfy thcxr swcct tooth at our candy counter fs-Q49 ,E fqvlfh in C"""' EMMA L REIN Swlmmmg danclng and drlvmg were enjoyed by Emma OUISIQS .of school llfesavlng and Red Cross 'Clubs foods sewmg and Engllsh held her lnterest ln Allegheny Marrlage IS Emma s future plan CAROL ANN RICE Carol hopes toenter bus1ness school after graduatlng Bookkeeplng rates hxgh among her favor lte subjects Swxmmmg and football were among her sports lnterests She also belonged to Fashlon and Typmg Clubs f 'ag' 'ln sn ...fx ' rf' 2 T Us . fr .Y by tg-H' E f x 'V ind' ' xi 5 t p to ,mfg ""- 'Ei-1, . Q l Q1 W . I .- . 15 . - , ' n ish- V .. . U , n ' ' h 'Q ' . ' I' ' ' fa- v W' I -DMA If. .A ,JV - . n - , 4 ,f I I - 7 4. , 7 . . ' 'II my I . . ' -4 . ' 0 '4. . . 'xxx , lx I V Q ., ' , A ' W 1 l l ' . 2 ' g 6 5,45 - . - A ' ci 'M ,N di M V jg , j "' 6 H 1 8. Q , Q' 1 iw 515, D f lgim, , N , W. W-.wr OLA L ROBINSON belonged to the Cheerleaders and Drama Clubs Her favorlte subjects were chorus and speech Ola llked basketball football and baseball She danced sang and skated She wants to become a model JOSEPH B ROSS To enter college are Joe s plans for the future He was a member of marchlng band for four semesters and the physlcs lab Math ranked hlgh among Joe s favorlte subjects t"' l cavxng for another hard dav swork arc JoAnne Jastrebskx Dorothy Darr Mary hrb and Shxrley Hohn who were members of our D E class BETTY SATTLER Betty s ambxtlon after graduatmg IS to be a telephone operator She l1sted her favorlte subjects as Swlmmlng and math Betty had been a mem ber of Sewxng Club for two semesters DQQENAL ISAFFTLER g o e sub e st oxr kejjrnbtus 3 ool b s all The armed r e w1llrece1 sservlc saft radu atxon tv-f BETTY SCHLEGEL Swlmmlng and football were the sports most l1ked by Betty She rated sewmg and Englxsh as her favorlte subjects Her spare txme was spent at theY W C A DARLENE F SCHMIDT Margaret Morrlson College IS xn Darlene s future Her favorlte subject 11st was topped by bookkeepujg Spanlsh and hlstory She also belonged to College Cheerleaders and Sewlng Clubs whxle attendmg Allegheny ELWOOD SCOTT Engllsh and hlstory were among Scotty s favor1tes whlle attendlng A H S He played for the Newell s football team outs1de school H1s ambltlon IS to become a pa1nter upon graduatmg EDNA M SCWEIGER Edna plans to change her name after graduatlon when she plans to become a "Mrs She enjoyed typmg before taking Dxstrlbu uve Educatxon at Allegheny Her favor1te outslde act1v1ty was danclng 4:425- . wg- G 1 my ri! 'iv' - E 1 if Y N , N 4 A 3 Q l - . 1 . . . - A n S ' - . ' j s gl? ed ' s , a n Y 1 E A . ' , . ' O A Y., u . I 020 A - V I MA, . - - I I - . I . .1 W' K K A' S I V ' l ' f I , I A - . ' ' ' K V A. , .I . . U t 'Q ' 'Q T .v t . . ' . ' I 9 V I U . . V. L dj, S h 1 fy - S ' ff' 4 3 . , ' V R ' r s V, ' Ai 4-f if ix, DAVID M SHEKTER Dave was very aLt1ve1n Jewxsh Orgamzatlons Hns mterests 1ncluded all sports ln h1s semor year Dave enjoyed Chess Club HIS future plans are to be a salesman for a wholesal r Y uo an jf T as MM!! WY EYYIIKQ lmme sewj 0 ably have pleasure s1n ffl! rces ROSEBUD L SIMPSON Rosebud enjoye Slnglflg and dantlng a great deal She also took a keen lnterest tn sports while attendlng A H S Vl ADIMIR W SPOI SKY Secretary treasurer v1ce prestdent and presldent these offlces were f1lled by Wallle He was a member of the football team orchestra and Wah Hoo staff He w1ll enter College after graduatlon typ1st after graduatlng Whllt at Allegheny she enjoyed art typmg swxmmmk. and volleyball ANNETTE STEFANOFF Among NlCkle s favorxte subjects were shorthand and transcrlpuon She was employed ln a Bakershop durmg her sparetlme After graduatmg from A H S she plans to enter the Seere tarral f1eld Harry Danxk Gladys Johnson Carl rfyv Holmes Theresa Prohaskx and Charles Martlg are takmg the1r seats for the last tlme at the semor assembly 'll-3. L, LIAR BIJRTH ,srdectcak fsrugem CouncLPTrea Su r Przhndaht an V1 resldcfft of hd'hog1eroom and a Natnonil Honor Samet embefr were L11 s eutstgndmg actfvitxes at A legheny Shorthand yve ,har favorue sub Jedi! BETTY L TAYLOR who enjoyed the D E course plans to enter Busmess College after graduatxon She was a member of Cheerleaders and leaders Club She enjoyed sports and sang 1n her church cholr 'U' ,sv . la 8 'lg S' ' A ' I 4 - , S FS x, . u' l - - ' ' ' t " ,1 S N Y ' . ' XAL l - R7 5 e ta ug a - ' ' ' ' ' 81. t ' , d Cl s. a ' ' 6 0 ' . e ' . W 1 rm , lx L ff . l .I .- :nl - i ., I, ' K , I V K 1 ' W NANCY J, STAMBAUGH - Nancy plans to become a . . . . I 'V i . 1 I L. Q Lp Q , 1 1 . - . . , . ge? S, owl ' p . 4 Q .1 . l , - . 0' . ' 0 1 1 i' I A f.,. A r-J ' 'E ' S V- ' , Y Q l I h A' ' , 1 ,ff P If A . X ,. ,L .Al XX LOIS A THALER llsts German as her favorlte subject along w1th fo'ods She was a member of G1rlsMath1ne Shop Brldge and Canasta C,lub and Fashlon Club lo1s plans to be a nurse e school Afteg U ,K 'WL 7 RITA M VIETMEIER known by some as Dutchxe belonged to Sewmg and Red Cross Clubs She was secretary of her homeroom In 10A and 11A R1ta plans to contlnue workmg after she graduates YK Y'-ui OLIVE M THOMAS Tennls football muslc and Frank were among her favorlte outsxde lnterests Cholr and Engllsh rated h1gh on her favorlte subject 11st Olive plans to be marrled after graduatmg from Allegheny ROSEMARIL TROXELL Dolly asslsted 1n the l1 brary She enjoyed basketball baseball and football Skatmg and T V are her favorxte pasumes After graduauon she plans to enter offlce work or busxness school DORIS R VETTER w1ll alwavs bc remembered for her cheerleadlng After graduatlon she wxll enter busmess school Do was secretarv and vlce presl dent of her homeroom ller favor1te actxvmes were danclng boys and swlmmlng MARY JANE VIDINA belonged to the Sewlng and Typlng Clubs She was a majorettc. and hked base ball and dantlng Her f3VOI'lIL subjctts were short hand and Lngllsh Mary Jane plans to be a secretary ROBERT .I WALKER Along wlth basketball and swlmmmg wood shop hlstory and typlng were the thmgs that attracted Bob to sc ool ev Nagy ob was also a mem ber of Auto Drl A anlgfess Clubs ft NW x HARRY G WENZ Harry layed Ayleghen S band for three e Arnldng h S he algebra and Sp 1 f3VOI'l a r 1 as home ohm secrgzarv and! l s rnegl Ra WRX 'lv' A157 QQ"" I ' , " C 1, Tux Elk X, an ft 1 , IU K f l - I ,S I - ,, ,, .A . .- th . A , . , . V JO 1 . l . . 1 I . . ' f , I . k lx , j- J, ra , j 5 2 'V My' ,K so j LM' "' ll L'-ff VK ' ' ' A ,X L N! . ' ' I v A r 1 ji FW if -1 ' A, B I L L xv Q' t' V- ' K . jk Li 'tj At is L X .LV r '77 In l J ' , N A t, lf A.. I .n s Off l - f JL! , , .h I. I 1 lx- X I A gi ' . . .. . x 1 X , ' , ' I . 3 O ' ' su e c e ' . ' S V QS' ' r sx v . . . I . 1 g A 0 hi . - 'X , N4 XB .4 x I XJ ' Q O' ' , i . tyr i A ,., A 5 l 39 A al A, S ' , ., -S 1 CATHERINE F WILLIAMS History heads Cathy s favorite subject list while basketball rates high a mong her sports interests Her activities included cheerleading and SGIVICC Squad Cathy hopes to attend Burroughs Training School after graduation MARIE WINTERHALTER Typing Club College Club and Service Squad took up Marie s time while in school Swimming and roller skatmg were Marie s main interests outside school She plans to be a bookkeeper PAT WOSNIAK Steve enjoyed swimming and foot ball outslde school She also belonged to the Typing Club Shorthand and transcription were among her favorite subjects Steve hopes to become a secre tary after graduation ROGER C WYCKOFF Physics Laband Auto Drivers Clubs held 'Monk s lnterests He also enjoyed speech class After graduatlon the Navy will mold h1s future Driving baseball football and speech are his ELEANORE J YANKOVIC who was one of our most popular majorettes Ilke typ1ng and bookkeeping She favored swlmming and basketball Ice skating was her pastime Elly plans to work in a bank JANICE A ZACJACKOWSK1 Football games danc mg and bowling took up most of Jan s spare time Whlle in school she enjoyed Typ1ng and Sewing Clubs and Child Care She hopes to become a typist after graduatlon Returning their English books or the last time to Mr Weckcrle are Virginia Hare Dave Butler and Gloria I-rank .2555 JOSEPH R ZUGEC At the Y M C A you would fmd our friend Joe He play on the football team for three years After graduation day Joe will probably go to college STEPHEN ZUNIC Steve s social mterestsmcluded danc mg among others Bucky rated as his favorite subjects chemistry and hlstory He worked at night while he attended Allegheny Steve hopes to enter college after graduating if 4' Q-' 'if 1-. j """ ', A Q ' ti' 1 ' , ' ' -. I 5 or . I ' 'sl - ' ' ' ' ' ' f - , . . . , - , . , 1 1 7 .- A , u n 4 'vis - . . W4 1 n . , f"' 8' favorite activities. rt, F k I I K3 X i I , g,,, I I . . . ' . . . . . . . . - . ' - , ' . u I - - - . . , . , . , . . . . . i ' x ' ' ' . I fu 6- ,Q D' ' ., 4 M , . . 0 . K A I . I U A W0 754 V .J J 40 7 'K l.. 1" 951' 55, if iQ"""'v N-. if f... fvlnq Q""-v-v HLLOFF ME KENNETH ANDERSON Sports rank h1gh 1n Ken s act1v1t1es ln and out of school Swlmmlng and basketball Clubs have taken up most of Ken s tlme ln Club act1v1t1es Although Ken was a star performer for the basketball team h1s senlor year he also swam for the swlmmmg team h1s sophomore and jumor years Ken has beenavery actlve member of the Y M C A for n1ne years and now has become an 1n structor Physlcs IS classlfled as Ken s favor1te subject and he plans elther to attend college or serve Uncle Sam BETTY BARTHOLMEO IS well known to the students of Allegheny as one of our majorettes more recently as head majorette Among her servlces to the school Betty has served on dance commlttees and held such OfflC9S as presldent and v1ce pres1dent of her homeroom Short hand and transcrlptlon are Betty s favorite subjects and after gradu atlon she mtends to become a secretary Durlng her three years at Allegheny Betty has been an actlve partxclpant ln lntramural sports Betty s chlef lnterests outsxde of school are dancmg basketball volley ball and swlmmmg DAVID BUTLER Belng sports ed1tor for the Wah Hoo staff kept Dave busy durmg h1s semor year Even tholgh he was busy attendlng all sport act1v1t1es he st1ll found txme to be secretary and treasurer of h1s homeroom He also was a manager for the basketball team College IS 1n Dave s future plans Dave s frxendly and dellghtful man ner w1ll be remembered by all those who knew hlm ROSEMARIE COBAN Rosle an actlve member of the Wah Hoo staff has been on the honor roll smce she entered Allegheny Bemg a v1ce presldent of homeroom pres1dent of the College Club and a mem ber of the Prom Commxttee has taken up much of her tlme Rosle was Student Counc1l Representatlve for two semesters She plans to go to college 1n the near future to study teachmg Hlstory IS her favorlte subject Some of the art1cles you have no doubt read m the year book have been wr1tten by her PATRICIA DOMKE Secretary to the faculty were the words used to descrlbe one of Pat s act1v1t1es when she was lmtxated mto the Natlonal Honor Soclety Gracious Pat has excelled 1n Commerclal work She IS always busy assxstlng teachers who need some secretarlal work done She was a member of the cho1r for four semesters on the serv1ce squad IH auto drlvers club and m the Chess club She has had perfect attendance smce she entered A H S lt IS only natural that Pat wants to be a secretary or a stenographer ,GW 6' Y... f .rf MARGIE DUNPHY Margle dxsplayed her outstandxng art talent as art edltor of the Wah Hoo Staff She also was a member of the Art Club G1v1ng her help freely she won many frlends All of the art work for the yearbook was done by Margxe Her experxence at Allegheny w1l1 help her as she plans to study fashlon desxgnlng after graduatxon A commerclal course was lncluded ln her sublects Margle certalnly earned her place 1n the Hall of Fame PAUL FLICKINGER Paul IS most deservtng of belng 1n the Hall of Fame because of hxs numerous act1v1t1es and excellent scholast1c record Paul who has a most l1kable personaltty IS a member of the Nat1onal Honor Soclety presldent of Student Councll cha1rman of the Pennsylvan1a Student Councxl Convent1on a Wah Hoo Staff member a malnstay on the sw1mm1ng team and a performer 1n th1s year s var1ety show One of h1s ach1evements IS an honor scholarsh1p to P1tt He lntends to take a pre m1n1ster1al course and get a Bachelor of Arts degree MARY FUCHS Everyone knows Mary as one of the attractlve major ettes of A H S Durxng her three years at Allegheny she has been very act1ve Mary has been a member of the Glrls Leaders Club Bes1des part1c1pat1ng 1n the lntramural sports she has found tlme to be on dance comm1ttees and the prom comm1ttee Mary s hObb16S are danc1ng and sw1mm1ng and more recently she has found a new mterest 1n roller skatlng After graduatlon her amb1t1on IS to become a sec retary JAMES FLYNN Popular J1m IS known for h1s wmmng sm1le and h1s w1ll1ngness to help others Durlng h1s stay at A H S he has been a very busy student He has held the offlce of homeroom presldent 1n 12B and vtce pres1dent of the Student Councll ln 12A Bes1des belng on the prom comm1ttee he has belonged to Auto Drlvers Club and Crafts Club No doubt you know J1m by the contrlbutlon of hrs bass vo1ce 1n our robed choxr 1n whlch he has spent two semesters H1s plans upon graduatlon mclude college RONALD GIALLANARDO Var1ety show band orchestra football team and presldent of the homeroom accounts for popular Ron bemg 1n the Hall of Fame He has taken part ln many of Allegheny s assem blles and has vlslted other s hools as well performlng on the trumpet Of all h1s sublects Engl1sh and HISIOIY are hls favorltes Presxdent and vlce prestdent held h1s mterest 1n the tenth grade Ron was an actlve member of both Jumor and Senlor Prom comm1ttees After graduation he plans to go to college. ":" S' ng Gs Gus Y'-'vi f-an 'W -q- f N'--..-f sg-f 1'7- 'Sui- Ffwwmji MARY ANNE GYURIK Mary has become popular because she always has a smlle for everyone Durmg her three years stay at Allegheny she has held the offxces of v1ce presldent and presldent of her home room vxce presldent of Student Counc1l and secretary of the Semor class Mary Anne has served on dance commxttees and on the prom commlttee Besxdes her many other actxvmes she has been a mayor ette and a member of the Gxrls Leaders and Drama Club After gradu at1on Mary Anne plans to become a secretary CECILE GIBSON Cec1le who lS Magaz1ne Edxtor has earned her place 1n the Hall of Fame through her part1c1pat1on1n Allegheny s many act1v1t1es She has glven freely of her tlme on the Wah Hoo as v1ce presldent of her home room and ln programs put on for her fellow students Ce wxll always be remembered for her frlendly smlle and wxlllngness to help She was cons1der1ng nurses Irallllllg but has de c1ded on offlce work wxth the Bell Telephone Company Allegheny w1l1 lose an able and ambmous student when Ceclle leaves DON HEIN Don certaxnly deserves a place ln the Hall of Fame for h1S outstand1ng work on the Wah Hoo He has not only achleved the pos1t1on of Staff Photographer but also that of ASSISIBHI Yearbook Ed1tor H1s other tlme IS taken up as a member of the stage crew Don IS also partly responslble for our new darkroom and for the new plc ture scheme 1n the yearbook After graduauon Don plans to go on to study photography and hopes someday to become a professlonal pho tographer JUNE KNUTH June was a very act1ve partlclpant xn Glrls Sports at Allegheny She was a member of the Glrls Lxfesavmg Club and Trea surer of Gxrls Leaders She was also amember of Arts 81 Crafts Club She has been at varlous txmes pres1dent secretary and treasurer of her homeroom Sports and danclng rank f1rst as her hobbles She gave unself1sh serv1ce as advertlslng manager of the Wah Hoo She became a member of the Natlonal Honor Soclety ln her Semor year After grad uatlon she plans to go to work YN Be ty qu1 an actxv student n gheny In h mo ear he be h o 1 o Q y ocxety n reac n r 'V ar e be e he chee 3, Cheer a ng dld m com1 he a s , r June 9 af r 81 0 he W Hoo aff f f r sem ers Betty alia X - ea a t m e atten 1 er ac't1v1t1es an sses She ook t com erclal co 4' e durmg her three v rs an opes to atten college to stu y educat1o aw. vb F "wbX Q--8.7 cv., to ' . l . ' . .. I , - f vs - S I - 5.-.4 khfvfw . - . . , 'f-' , ' . . ., . 1 ,ar 'X , - , . . , . . SWWW y I. ' ' ' - l . BE E , ' ' ' ' ' . ew' - a ft 'Y-,- - ' '. f , -1 ' tl- - I A av ' ' t er p 0 ' I 1' -Q muse , 55 a-- ,t . 'f- . -Z . ,,,H9wi5A l . . X ,? A ,s af " , 1 5' v ., K We f N' 1 I' 5' 1: 1 W f" X' f f Y DON LEATHERY Energetlc Don never seems to ure Durmg h1S stay at Allegheny he has partlclpated 1n many dlfferent aCIlVlIl6S A few of these were the prom commxttee boys llfe savmg basketball and col lege clubs Don also holds h1s own on the swlmmmg team of whlch he IS captam Holdlng the offlce of presldent of h1s homeroom for two semesters took up part of h1s tlme Strange as II may seem Don has spare ume whxch he spends dancmg After graduanon he plans to attend Capltal Umverslty JOAN LYNCH Never wlthout a smlle for everyone Joan was probably best known to Alleghemans as one ofour cute and splrlted cheerleaders For th1s she certamly deserves a place ln the Hall of Fame But her servxce to the school IS not l1m1ted to boostlng our boys on to vxctory at the games She xs also a member of our chorus Joan s blg amb1t1on after graduauon IS to work at the Bell Telephone Company If she con IIUUCS to do as well as she has done at Allegheny success has a deflnlte place ln her future LILLIAN STOECKER Popular and frlendly L11 wxll always be re membered by everyone Her abxlxty to make frlends and to keep them has long been proven ln her three years at A H S she has leda very actlve hfe She was a member of the Natlonal Honor SOCIEIY varlous Clubs the Servlce Squad and served as an Axd m Mxss Wlllet s offlce Her wmmng personalxty has added greatly to our class and school VLADIMIR SPOLSKY Vladlmlr held one of the hlghest posltlons ln the school by belng Presldent of the Senlor Class However Ih1SlS not the only attamment he has made He was Busmess Manager for the Wah Hoo Staff and also wrote a column for the Magazme Muslcally talented Vlad1m1r also was m the orchestra H1s ab1l1ty to play the pl3nO was shown 1n the Varlety Shows 1n whxch he took part MARY JANE VlDlNA Another member of the Natlonal Honor SOCICIY who has won a place 1n the Hall of Fame IS Mary Jane Sewlng and Typxng club were among her act1v1t1es at Allegheny Bemg elected Vlce Presldent of the Semor Class proved Mary Jane s popularlty She was also one of Allegheny s marchxng majorettes at the football games and pep rallles Mary Jane has taken a commerclal course to prepare her for a secretarxal posmon f QI! qlg .F ,N 'fl Y'--'Y 1... ,f ,Z Nu A 45- 'Q Q-...fy if 'CVS 101' vm -ww ff "" . .I ..,, f ' r . . . .' ' ., ' - 5' . . . ' N iffy? ' J -y .A I - . , l . . . - H A 'J ' MN5 l I ,WA - . .. . ., . D . . . . Wi . U u ' . V I.. . .',' vi . qc-1 ,., . if , ' A U V . l . A I.. .Haw fn ....--' X l I, - LY Y fyjn Ml K A fLf f,QD Q , - 1 X A 1 J -T, . 'wr 'I 'xl fi Lfk' Sf' 2 ' E : I A "",'4.. Va' 41. L! ' . 1- im X f I V ' J VL l , -f A H! I Y V , " 5' , :V C fffff-D A-V 43 2 C114 5 INUI 'Q' X .ff"',1 xff! iff pf' xx ' ff I M ' 1' .ff J' If I f Fx 1 V 2 pr Q he 'T' ,S f'f T5 . 8 A D Ll Homeroom Officers: Wil- liam Bucher, President: Marlene Drascovic, Trea- surer: Phylis Wolford, Secretaryg and Glenn Wald- schmidt, Vice President. Class of June, I955 1st Row, Left to Right: M. Fuchs, G. Johnson, K. Balsamo, P. Wozniak, E. Hayes, T. Prohaska, A. Lazarra, M. Milligan, M. Gyurik, J. Knuth, B. Lyons, M. Beatty: 2nd Row: Mr. Heyne, R. Troxell, M. Winterhalter, C. Idzakovic, D. Vetter, A. Fenrich, M. Dunphy E. Brunner, C. Martig, P. Flickinger: 3rd Row: S. Zunic, F. Naatz, E. Scott, R. Walker R. Cirocco, J. Bulevich, H. Boehmig, R. Giallonardog Sponsor: Mr. Heyne 4 fi, lst Row, Left to Right: N. Ku.fner, M. Phillips, H. Painter, I. Platter, J. Pomrenke, R Nutter, M. Draskovic, N. Vrane, M. Wholey, A. Snairg 2nd Row: J. Kasten, A. Kluvo, R Smith, P. Wolford, A. Rodrigues, K. Roehlich, J. Battisti, S. Manolis, G. Waldschmidt 3rd Row: R. Richards, J. Remy, R. Remy, J. Koerts, A. Fowkes, R. Lane, J. Sell, J Ladabue, D. Shelley: Absent from picture: M. Blackwell, L. Harrison, J. McClelland, Sponsor: Mr. Hole. Class of February, I955 Homeroom Officers: Prudy Henry, Secretary: James Flynn, Presidentg and Ce- cile Gibson, Vice Presi- dent. .Q A x Q.-f " YU, w 5 ia is Jil lst Row, Left to Right: V. Grimm, N. Bryan, T. Nestler, A. Swegard, H. Jones, B. Rich- ards, B. Fawcett, L. Vogel, C. Fashion, G. Humphries: 2nd Row: G. Hoffman, E. Pazicky, A. Shord, W. Lewis, R. Kranys, D. Faller, W. Mrazek, H. Walker, W. Williams: 3rd Row: G. Harman, A. Marusic, R. Mitchell, E. Sparrow, D. Cogsville, R. Stevenson, J. Thomas, W. Lazarg Absent from picture: R. Bauer, A. McKinney, B. Kurtz: Sponsor: Miss Messer. Class of February, I955 Homerooni Officers: Joe Mamich, Homeroom Officers: William Lewis, Vice President: Lois Vogel, Secre tary: Adella Swegard, President, Willie Williams, President. Class of June, I955 dent' Patricia Kocian Treasurer lst Row, Left to Right: B. Sattler, M. Dominek, B. Layne, B. Blackburn, R. Cattery, A. ' ' 'C1ady, M. J. Killebrew, M. Flinn, S. Ebert, R. Coban, M. Nawrocki, P. Kociang 2nd Row: L. Milewski, A. Bauer, O. Robinson, P. Domke, B. Brown, M. J. Vidina, N. Guard, B. Bartolomeo, J. Ross, C. Bummer, J. Mamich: 3rd Row: D. Hein, D. Butler, C. Holmes, M. Quince, J. Zugec, D. Sattler, T. Blewett, W. Faith, V. Spoisky, J. Leonard: Absent from picture: D. Bowman, M. Mance: Sponsor: Miss Heberling. Vice President: Betty Bartolomeo, Secretary: Vladimir Spolsky, Presi- lg L.-. L-11 A -A9 . , w , fx., t, Y" '-asf pa vv' "" vi 973 .fn fx ' Q' f vw 'ive 1st Row, Left to Right: D. Schmidt, C. Williams, E. Chester, I. Grabouski, S. Garlick, D. Pfeffer, C. Payne, M. Haywood, N. Stambaugh, C. Law, M. Heeseg 2nd Row: Eleanore Yankovic, L. Jordan, L. Thaler, G. Gehlert, A. Stefanoff, J. DiPrima, J. Kastner, P. Mittermeir, V. Hare: 3rd Row: H. Danik, H. Wenzel, P. Efthimiades, T. Ivey, R. Ern- berger, C. Jordan, P. Proza, D. Leathery, R. Lenig, J. Haywoodg Absent from picture: E. Hartman, P. Jardine: Sponsor: Miss Dickinson. Homeroom Officers : Charlene Cizek, Treasurerg Robert Neudor- fer, President: Dorothy Krulick, Secretaryg David Corsello, Vice C I a S S J U n e I 9 5 5 President. , C I a S S b Iv u a r I 9 5 Homeroom Officers: William Hoe- yi 6 gel, Vice President: Carol Sue 1st Row, Left ro Right. N. King, F. Laaarbera, L. chi-isioff, B. Fein, M. Teeis, M. Kirk- giifggeggtlziui?:i'j,iCr patrick, P. win, N. Jacoby, E. Markovich, M. Mcci-am, A. Koska, A. Mcwiuiams, D. ' ' ' ' ' Kasenic: 2nd Row: S. Grayson, G. Faulkner, G. Bittner, J. Lippert, H. Wach, V. Angell, T. Rocha, W. Earl, R. McDowell: 3rd Riow:Mr. Floyd, R. Fark, D. Fink, W. Mahofski, K. Snyder, G. Wade, C. Paoliyva, T. Kennedy: Absent from picture: L. Butler, C. S. Chutko, J. Hall, W. Hogel, J. Kelly, W. Madara, E. Robson: Sponsor: Mr. Floyd. TN 44, ,II I 1-J f fx f V w ,.-... , - , bk ' as 5 , -M Vg Y? ,lx P+ 'L' to Qi N4 1 K 3 ' s lst Row, Left to Right: S. Kenny, K. Cusack, J. Lynch, S. Mann, G. Frank, F. Guenther, ,, L. Stoecker, A. Coates, D. Miller, B. Campbellg 2nd Row: J. Pierce, J. Tobasco, B. Mahler, K. Mourtacos, C. Rice, C. Numer, B. Brown, L. Morgan, M. Adams, B. Favors: 3rd Row: A. Leinweber, E. Huerbin, N. Baehr, C. Lazar, J. Brink, E. Meiser, J. Nich- olas, R. Short, J. Brincko, R. Wycoff, E. Reing Absent from picture: B. Clark, R. Joest- leing Sponsor: Miss O'Donnell. H President: Olive Thomas, Trea surerg Willie YVIcCants, Vice Presi C I a S S J u n e , N 9 5 5 dentg and Kenneth Anderson, Sec retary. Homeroom Officers: William Mar- shall, Treasurer: Walter Butler, f F b I 9 5 6 Secretary: and Helen Jakubaitis, a S S O e r u a r , President. lst Row, Left to Right: H. Couts, A.Ka1lams, S. Fulton, M. Eisengart, A. Feil, B. Kecks, J. DeAugustine, P. Kelly, J. Redman: 2nd Row: J. Feitt, R. Minucci, P. Ussack, G. Ben- 'j nett, P. Sarver, R. Grimes, J. Margone, J. Houptg 3rd Row: T. Clifford, J. Geimer, J. . ., Hpaglnv. R Hnmmnnd. I TaQfrnhcki. A Flisae' Qnnnenr- Mice Niarir-lr 2 Q H K l f .em sq Y 2 5 ffl 4 7 Ni..- 1' Q 4 , '1 ,wt . omeroom Officers: John Beatty Homeroom Officers: Seated: Janice Skinner, Secretary: Standing: Janet Durst, Vice Presidentg Calvin Peterka, President, and Lois Knupfer, Treasurer. 1st Row, Left to Right: M. Giovenco, H. Griffith, R. Rouse, M. Carpenter, L. Griffin, G. gl vw, ,qw- .L 'T' .L lst Row, Left to Right: A. Foertsch, J. Hunter, A. Buchignani, M. Hastings, R. Mooney, D. Lowe, J. Cunninglharn, C. Askey, A. Skoch, M. Webster, B. Ziegler: 2nd Row: F. Kruse, R. Marsh, J. Wright, M. Wyllie, L. Hoffman, B. Brennan, M. Windisch, K. Dumin, J. Durst, M. Pattersong 3rd Row: A. Belansky, W. Caskey, D. Spivey, L. Sauers, D. U1- rich, J. Greiner, D. Jordan, C. Liptak, D. Kaylor, C. Hand, E. Helgerman, D. Giorgi- annig Absent from picture: D. Pazicky, C. Peterka, L. Knupfer, J. Sldnner, D. Swart- worth, B. Vogt, M. Williams: Sponsor: Mr. Kunze. Homeroom Officers: Lois Duse Presidentg Doris Eads, ' Gail Barie, Treasurer: and Ketterer, President. Ungerman, C. Metzger, B. Jacke, D. Clary, M. Runskig 2nd Row: G. Miller, C. Foreman, D. Dombert, L. Hill, D. Buchman, J. Karanzas, D. Koerts, B. Meyer, D. Petrackg 3rd Row: J. Kurtz, G. Iverson, G. Andrews, M. Smith, J. Slat, A. Kline, J. Polaski, J. Hajdu- kovichg Absent from picture: C. Ashbaugh, G. Barie, L. Dusek, D. Eads, N. Greiner, C. Ketterer, M. Light, M. Schweitzer, M. Zingaro, H. Lisk, W. Wade, D. Frangos, D. Demasog ' 1 Sponsor: Mrs. Campbell. IW Tm? N54 , x,--4' , x , -. -a on L W . I' J 5 T .311 u 'h HQ 'V ' ., ' saw if i 1 l Q... L-1 aff Y LVSQA YG' Ch I iff?- ,1 .sq fuzz: ,gp '::::: -2 ::: fi .' lst Row, Left to Right: J. Lorey, V. Ewing, P. Phillips, K. Benz, M. Kappler, P. Kudery, R. Backara, L. Wagner, L. Maskayes, R. Kasherg 2nd Row: L. Fuchs, J. Alexander, L. Meyers, E. Haws, J. Robinson, P. Wyskawski, N. Grillette, J. Dassarg 3rd Row: M. Lewis, G. Killeen, J. Barr, B. Wackley, T. Russell, W. Vangenewitt, J. Straka, J. Wilson' Absent from picture: J. Barnes, K. Daly, H. Diaz, V. Eberhart, B. Graty, R. Heckman, M. Jefferson, G. Pfeifer, M. Rall, E. Shuetz, D. Tharnton, A. Wehner, F. Pappasg Spon- Homeroom Officers: Elizabeth Sheets, Secretary: Jacqueline Barnes, Vice President, and Gordon C I a S f J Pfeifer, Treasurer. s o u n e, I 9 5 6 sor: Mrs. Jeffries. meroom Officers: President, lst Row, Left to Right: D. Dietz, M. Guarino, R. Miovas, D. Taylor, J. Hurley, M. Metz, ncv Smithg and Trgagurer Hal-Old C. Romeo, L. Vitoris, J. Exler, E. Humphries, M. Gray, E. Heaton, C. Walshg 2nd Row: nders. N. Lightower, P. Dombert, J. Jesek, A. Franklin, E. Plummer, A. Sells, R. Riley, P. Weigand, M. Harper, G. Noel: 3rd Row: G. Titonis, R. Poslik, R. Appel, J. McKinney, J. K Schmidt, A. Cotsanasn, E. Mikan, J. Alexander, W. Wolvertong Absent from picture: M. Borland, I. Davidbon, J. Gassner, R. Hintemeyer, M. Katie, H. Sanders, M. Smith, C. I A 1- L cClellandg Sponsor: Mr. Dickson. l . -'-- v-F-+1 .'. 3-f , 1,-, 'X 52 fx "X 4 YA y--A 1st Row, Left to Right: E. Geeting, C. Crawford, I. Jeermeyer, C. Guenther, M. Buerkle, F. Parson, E. Warrick, E. Johnson, R.Sieg, R. Sinwell, E. Limberis, G. Dunayg 2nd Row: J. Fette, L. Williams, R. Burke, N. G. Bradford, D. Sutton, E. Kropf, A. Robertson, A. Wright, L. Zern, B. McClaron, E. Walters: 3rd Row: R. Helbling, R. Coquet, F. Balsamo, Homeroom Officers: Seated: Eliza- T. Pomiatowski, E. Jeletic, C. Abinante, J. Humphries, T. Carbins, H. Mike, D. Mitchell beth Andes, Secretaryg Standing: S. Bear: Absent from picture: E. Andes, F. Jackson, R. Katic, B. Weber, C. Williams, Carol Williams, President: and J. Yedlickag Sponsor: Miss S. Elizabeth McWilliams. Class of June, I956 James Yedlicka, Vice President. Class of June, I95 lst Row, Left to Right: W. Mitchell, J. Bouloubasis, H. Stright, R. Bougles, A Spagnoia, Homeroom officers Seated: R. Woloszyk, R. Kirch, A. Seeke, N. Valeriog 2nd Row: R. Regatuso, C. Mroczkowski, R. Reams' .Secretary Standing: Wade, E. Daly, G. Harkness, S. Robinson, D. Snyder, M. Wenzel, V. Hiscox, M, Engel, B, FOX' Vice. Presldeml and Rhodes, A. C . 3 d R0 . . Lenz, President. arr, I' w. G. Reams, H. Lenz, R. Boscardia, R. Kurtz, J. Kollar, M. Coates, R. Hunt, B. Riosenberger, C. Altman, C. Heungyeeg 4th Row: D. Vogel, S. Pfeffer M. Titons, H. Fox, T. Martens, L. Kaminski, J. Shaheaiv, J. Novakovic, G. Rebel, R Lorey, R. Hanna: Sponsor: Mrs. Sink. 3 ST U' an Guam I --eff 'f-v. Z i i 'U 1stR.ow Left to Ri ht' J Eckhardt J Velicoff, S Brown C Hathaway M Huttenlocher !'z'f'l if 1 S - - , - . , . , . , I. Gschwind, M. Timcho, P. White, A. Adomaitis, C. Schlarp: 2nd Row: P. Lambert, H. , Chatella, M. Craig, P. McCalmont, N. Bouris, R. Blackburn, N. Ggeen, D. Porter, G. . 0 Kllantonisg 3rd Row: H. Gilmore, W. Painter, H. Ragin, C. Alston, R. Penland, E. Felling, F. Castriota, J. Colley, C. Marshall: Sponsor: Mr. Thorne. Class of February, I95 Homeroom Officers: John Panagio- tis, President: and Opal Lee Albee, Sec retary. I. Homeroom Officers: Joan Gongolsl-ci President. Edith Lugaila, Vice Presidentg and Arlene Heif, Secre- tary. Class of February, l95 lst Row, Left to Right: L. Marshall, A. McClelland, S. Guttman, C. Wolter, M. Karanzas, P. Grundza, G. Boehmig, O. Patterson, B. Ertl, R. Lang, J. Bucher, L. Smithg 2nd Row: M. A. Bittner, R. Dlckman, E. Koslk, A. Beck, J. Brown, M. Coffey, L. Moore, J. Mor- rison, G. Patterson, R. Hagerich, E. Puharicg 3rd Row: J. Novak, W. Varassa, R. Romic, A. Conti, E. Werner, C. Kosak, R. Holtz, T. Hoburg, P. Smith, A. Yonickg Absent from picture: O. L. Albee, T. Butler, B. Gralish, J. larussi, D. Johnson, L. Mann, T. Mc- Mlllen, H. Stright, E. Clay, J. Panogiotisg Sponsor: Miss Myers. I, 1- ! 4 al 1 L et i ,nr Ffa" A 3 X 1st Row, Left to Right: H. Parker, P. Lux, E. Moretsky, W. Robson, B. Jenkins, C. i x' Smith, R. Tonzo, M. McCarthy, D.Mawrowki, J. Hayson, N. Daniels: 2nd Row: J. Wagner, W - P. Filkoske, J. Duttine, J. Lee, A. Kruzer, M. Basey, J. Sparrow, B. Zapf, R. Kay, G. Baierlg 3rd Row: M. Adametz, L.Ivey,A. Vogel, S. Kirk, J. Watson, P. Savoca, W. Pocega, E. Stager, S. Lindner, J. Schiederg 4th Row: R. Dickson, W. Bush, H. Winter, H. Clark, T. Tambolis, C. Boelky, J. Fosbring, E. Mathews: Sponsor: Miss Worrell. Homeroom Officers: Gretchen Baierl, Secretaryg Margie Adametz, Vice Presidentg and Lenora Ivey, President. Homeroom Officers: Vice Pr C I a S S J U I1 Q , I 9 5 dent, Clifford McCalmontg Edwa Spearline, Presidentg Ritter, Secretaryg and lst Row, Left to Right: E. Buechele, W. Kantz, E. Spearline, W. Rodger, S. Geithner, D. Habbert, Treasurer. Yost, R. Durlerg 2nd Row: H. Path, J. Wagner, L. Williams, N. Drechsel, E. Manuel, L. Mueller, D. Heinlein, J. Kobet, G.Weideman, M. O'Brien, M. Lesher, S. Coffey, M. Houphg 3rd Row: G. Sevcik, S. Walker, J. Janecek, M. Leaks, E. Ambrose, S. Mizak, R. Mc- Donough, M. Haws, M. Sadowski, M. Ritterg 4th Row: M. Trimble, C. Louden, R. Adams, G. Kustes, R. Biegenwald, E. Grohregin, D. Chavarrie, D. Geyer, P. Stone, C. McCal- montg Absent from picture: D. Habbertg Sponsor: Miss Kraft. , F93 k 54 ,. 5 .,.., wa., , unix if ' 'P' N-4 lst Row, Left to Right: R. Zotter, M. Kealy, G. Helgerman, R. Lemman, C. Newman, Caine, C. Pullen, H. Edmunds: 2nd Row: R. Dixon, J. Lindsy, M. Keller, V. Laierina, M. Woollen, R. Meyer, D. Shepperd, R. Reljac, S. Schoenfeld, Y. Webster, S. Graham: 3rd Row: C. Standfast, C. Laramince, R. Vogt, G. Paulat, R. Gordan, N. Harper, E. Reynolds, D. Chatham, C. Snyder, J. Carter: 4th Row: G. Volkman, M. Claysmith, J. Morgan, B. Miller, W. Schiefelbein, P. Steele, D. MacAllister, K. Jacob, A. Romanias, F. Flickingerg Homeroom Officers: Front: Sally Absent from picture: C. Duncan: Sponsor: Mr. Weckerle. Graham, SSCFGUWYS and Webster, Treasurer. Rear: Carl Pullen, President: and Larry Ed- C I a Ju n e , I 9 5 monds, Vice President. Homeroom Officers: Seated: Nancy Ague, Treasurer: Standing: Secre- tary, Pat Calderarro and John Vrana, President. lst Row, Left to Right: T. Moiras, E. Mzarek, F. Jacob, R. Page, C. Hartman, J. Thomp- son, D. Neely, E. Foley: 2nd Row: M. Eani, V. Mall, M. Colombo, R. M. Sosiwslci, P. SCh!I1iii, R. M. Morio, T. Wright, D. Lenhart, R. Boris, M. Nistg 3rd Row: G. Pappert, E. Belansky, A. Lintelman, J. Dischman, J. Welker, J. Quinn, A. Clyde, R. Thompson, P. Calperaro, N. Agueg 4th Row: R. Cronin, H. Huerbin, J. Kaiser, M. Romeres, C -L Stephens, B. Pfeifer, A. Kois, N. Griess, S. Hennon, J. Vrana: Absent from picture: J Momper, H. Reich, D. Ullman. Sponsor: Miss Davey. Y7 . f f wif: .- . 11' 'f . New lynn'-q,.+.fa.4 . i ... .tg o '.' Luv- , 0 '54 lst Row, Left to right: M. Trybus, B. Wilson, N. Wilson, E. Karner, G. Georgakakos . Naatz, S. Lieb. 2nd Row: J. Biel, P. Samuel, P. McClanwahan, R. Poslusney, C. Daley, . Skowran, T. Dunphy, P. Durst, C. Abijanac, B. Shubeck, N. Schwartz. 3rd Row A. Fearby, M. Jefferson, M. Overbeckd, R. Huff, F. Warrene, B. Dillingham, M. Bandi, Homeroom Officers: MargaretTry- bus, Treasurer: Pat Samuel, Vice President: Judy Hagele, Secretary, and James Biel, President. i' J. Smalstig, M. Leagle. 4th Row: J. Powell, M. Brown, L. Lubomski, R. Robson, J. Mook, S. Chmeleski, C. Lynn, L. Krasny, B. Hoff, M. Spearline. Absent from Picture R. Remaley, J. Edmond, Ft. Shaffer, J. Straub. Sponsor: Miss Griffiths Class of June, I957 Class of February, I958 lst Row, Left to right: M. McGowan, M. Sailey, P. Herndon, K. Sarver, C. Kaiser, p ' . 1 . , ' ' V azicky 2nd Row C Hayes G. Corbine, W. Taylor, G. Miller, G. Toplis, R. Mundy. Row: F. Klein, W. Williams, J. Conley, H. Garrett, D. Weilersbacher, D. Draskovic. Row: S. Geithner, G. Foster, A. Baier, L. Miller, H. Leicher. Absent from Picture: Ambrose, M. Banks, W. Horn, R. Poslusney,J. Wagner, S. Lie0, .E. Manue, L. Stevens, Trimble, R. Shumacher, E. Bretzine, A. Devert s, L. Krasny. Sponsor: Miss Messer Homeroom Officers: Joseph Conley, President: Lohna Stevens, Secre- tary, and William Williams, Vice President. H" 'J K .JV v i ' 'N 'I' 'T il l!, N-f lung Y 4-Y 1st Row: Left to right: B. Kranys, B. Tetts, M. Haywood, R. Timko, M. Mitchell, Bukovan. 2nd Row: G. Pelos, R. Strosnider, E. Ricchiuto, J. Harms, P. Loughery, -A- D' H J ' , . , ,fy , .," fi sf ' , ,. - , G4 A Meese. 3rd Row: W. Caskey, P. Elphinstone, C. Schlarp, M. Weston, M. Miovas, A. Romanis. 4th Row: R. La Bella, R.Remaly, J. Cox, S. Smalley, J. KAappeler, C. Hika. Ab B. sent from Picture: R. De Woehrel, N. Freiss, M. Noe, Zapf, A. Zack, l. Smith, V. Beck, K. Jacob. Sponsor: Homeroom Officers: Shirltey Mike, Secretaryg Tom Schmidt, Presidentg and Joyce Wieczorkowski, Vice President. I Q D. Skowran, F. Wade, K. Pullen, Mrs. Fisher. Class of February, I958 ' Homeroom Officers: Vice Presi- dent, Carl Pulleng Betty Lou Kranys and Marlene Weston, Secretary. Qvnn rx lst Row, Left to right: D. Wambold, B. Dumin, W. Morris, M. Kaprus, IL P. Lake, R. Dinkel. 2nd Row: R. Lubitz, J. Quinn, P. Sacoulas, C. Favors, S. N. Humphries, J. Wieczorkowski, B. Fulton. 3rd Row: B. Heese, R. Hunt, H C s. ammon, M. Zunic, R. Terle, J. Numer, 4th Row: O. Desch, J. Gange, J. C. Harrison, T. Schmidt. Absent from Picture: D. Snyder, A. Boles, F. Jacob, R. l b. Campbell, B. Rosenberger, R. Thompson, B. Pavlinovic, T. Miovas. Sponsor: Mr. Hole NJ kdm QRSQKXX fiixm ,4-'J 1 'WX 5? 5 4 , 1 1 ' - M," life- W-NW . J! Q I ,J, A 5 5 L I Q X MQ S J j 5 :.a ,f ,f l Pg A ,,, 1 Z f.. . ff5 L " W' K yi K-' - L ' X , A 5 5 XX 5 1 A 'X A 5 5 -1 3 i 1 i ? I f 'f 'Rr ig Q Student Council Officers: Mary Anne Gyrick, Vice President, Paul Flickinger, Presidentg Thelma Nest- ler, Secretary, J e r r y Brincko, Sergeant at Armsg and Lillian Sto e c ke r, Treasurer, hold a meeting to discuss future plans for the Student Council. Student Council First Semester XJ The Student-Faculty Representative Body has been active this past year. This organization, which composed council from September of 1954 to January of 1955 set up th new way of presenting the school flag at the beginning of asse bly programs. They also undertook the business part of Winter Musicale, a program given by the band and to start a fund for repairing band uniforms. The business art ofthem ster la entitled, "Nine Girl P Y YPY which was presented in February, was also undertaken by council. The planning of the annual convention ofthe stude of Western Pennsylvania was begun by the council of 1954 to January, 1955. Even though some of the planning been done by the previous council, a tremendous amount work was completed before the convention took place on 23, 1955. The two councils of the past year have been mor than previous ones, mostly because the students of A were willing to try new things, and because Allegheny elected the presiding body of Student Councils of Viester Pennsylvania. 5 T '- I Every the fifth period, a Student Council meeting is held to take care of all the business of the student body. Old business and new business are taken care of during the weekly meeting of the Student Council Student Council Second Semester The President of Student Council Paul Flickinger, points out some details and the Secretarx Carol Sue Chutkoi records them while Lillian Stoecker, Treasurer James Flynn, and Jerry Brincko Sergeant at Arms, watches. Meeting of Members of Convention Committee, Carol Williams John Vrana, Vladimir Spolsky and Ron ald Giallonardo, hold a meeting under the direction of Nancy Smith Chairman. lst Row, Leftto right: W. Lazar, L. Vitus, D. Petrack, M. Patterson, M Haws L Chr1Si0ff, N. Bouris, R. Minucci, J. Novack. 2nd Row: P. Wolford, J Novakovic, P Schmidt E. Brunner, E. Kroft, J. Pierce, C. Termino, J. DiPrima, M. Vidma Flrst Semester Wah Hoo Representatlves and Service Squad lst Row, Left to right: B. Mahler, M. Adams, A. Swegard, M. Flinn, D. Schmidt, V. Hare, Law, H. Jones, C. Williams, J. Tobasco, P. Domke. 2nd Row: P. Henry, A. Leinweber, Favors, N. Kufner, A. Snair, R. Nutter, A. Coates, L. Stoecker, R. Troxell, J. Lynch, Coban. 3rd Row: C. Gibson, K. Mourtacas, J. Lazzara, M. Winterhalter, C. Rice, Efthimiades, D. Corsello, G. Waldeschmidt, R. Stevenson. 4th Row: G. Harman, Williams, E.Pazicky,J. Thomas, E.Sparrow,J. Zugec, C. Lazar, W. Faith, E. Huerbin 4 I 5' 5 1 S 7 1st Row, Left to right: E. Kroft, E. Lugalia, P. Schmidt, A. Buchignani, L. Vitus, Houpt, N. Daniels, S. Guttman, F. Labarbera. 2nd Row: C. Termlno, M. Vidina, J. Ammon, G. Barie, E. Brunner, J. Lynch, J. DiPrima, J. Houpt. Second Semester Wah Hoo Representatives and Service Squad lst Row, Left to right: S. Kenny, E. Robson, F. Labarbera, O Thomas, P Henry, C Law, B. Brown, L. Morgan, C. Williams, M. Adams, G. Johnson, J Hayes 2nd Row J Lynch, R. Coban, J. Hall, J. DeAugustine, C. Rice, B. Feltt, B Favors, M Flxnn R Troxell, L. Stoecker, J. Lazzara, K. Cusack. 3rd Row: J. Plerce J Tobasco, O Rohm son, E. Chester, P. Kocian, P. Domke, M. Winterha.lter,D Mlller, J D1Pr1ma, L Milewski, L. Leinweber. 4th Row: J. Leonard, C. Martig, I. Flymi J Beatty, G Gehlert K. Mourtacas, R. Minucci, M. Vidina, S. Grayson. 5th Row R Cxrocco, J Bunk, P Efthimiades, E. Scott, E. Huerbin. bv Ja J xve- x9 as th-QV learn if N X A i an auf 31 , . s in Cheermg e features OK' x ' Vx 1 P basic Step , out Som , tu , v t i fh arn the d Pomts lub. I il' V ' Girls le is MI F H- Fw? Drivers C ' w - f , hee ' - ' - ,Au 0 M . ' i new C Qi NS N .L berff K , . 'xy t , X' ' T Yi, qv' I t it T N i i Lost! Blue Mondaysl There are no dull, dreary days at A.H.S. The various clubs are brimming with activity on this otherwise gloomy day. Consider, for example, the Cheerleaders Club. "Pep" is the keyword for success to the girl who desires to be a school cheerleaker. Practicing school cheers enables a girl in this club to fill someday the vacancyleft bya former cheerleader. The tap-tap-tap of a speeding typewriter breaks the lull of a Monday. The Typing Club is designed for the ambitious student wanting to improve his speed and accuracy. To make the day "gleeful", the harmonious voices of boys can be heard in the Glee Club. "Check-mate". This is a term frequently used in Chess, the food-for-thought game. Learners and players of Chess join the club to use and to sharpen their wits, Skill counts in the game of basketball. Boys wanting to develop these skills can do so in the Basketball Club. A student who joins a club of his choice learns the difference between a drab day and an enjoyable one. Interesting clubs change the day from a blue one to a look-forward-to day. mf' If! Members of the Typing Club Workhafdjto inwcfeasff their speed and attain greater accuracy.-u , X Art Club is enjoyed by many students because ofthe work that they do. y T I r . x T OxwQefKk!' C X BAA - I ' f'l::: Y -Q-...' 5- T their . 5' Club D, . Mem he Sewm X 3 'tt 3 Q N Vw is s 'ph ber pfolefrrs. OWUGS an ideal tim . U-Sherettss gl the mosr r 1 e fOr girls to ub, pose i ecefltly for Wofk on H mei' go med Club WHS fOI' 3 -, The DlC1uI-eu These senior irls find Leaders Clubasource of extra Girls in Lifesaving Club receive more instructions in g , . physical enjoyment. the methods of lifesaving. s.-a4.... an ,Kiwi - .. .....AS..... 1 ,....s., 'Q .VI N Students in Chess Club have anoth boys in Glee Club. er battle of wus Another day of harmonizing is enjoyed by some of the 65 during a game. - A ,, .-4 4 .' 1 3-Q X . V- 2 R L 2 5 2 f - tudents a . rse for One 0 Th se chemxstry S I The Drama Club gals rehea dufing their club Peflod- their PHYS' Band Club offers extra hours of practice to members of the Band, and these fellows are taking advantage of it. Friday Clubs i re experimenting d K!-anys demonstrate t he A,-my t examine a few of the pam s d Ru Y den Eglrarlzillg trocess to the members of the Siilggtissgdx in College Club P photographv Club W.. -U . - ""T Members of the Red Cross Club look through one of their exchange albums. 197' -44' As Friday rolls around many of us look forward to the fifth period which means clubs Some of the girls may be going to Sewing Club where they acquire better sewing skills A few of these members appeared in a style show pre sented in our auditorium A new club which is of special interest to boys 1S the Photography Club The boys in this club are developing an interest and skill in photography Already a darkroom has been 1n stalled in Practice Room C and equipment will be added piece by piece The purpose of the Drama Club 1S to train students in stage techniques and to present plays This club has produced two plays for the student body and has given some training in make-up. A club which is a real help to those who are college-bound is the College Club. Students be- longing to this club have gained information and experience valuable for college life Another girls -only club is Girls Leaders which trains its members to be leaders in the physical education department and throughout the school. The Chemistry Club is the club for those interested in experimenting with mixtures - dangerous and otherwise With all these clubs to ohoose from it s no wonder we look forward so much to Friday Ronald Giallonardo 5 . r if .vs AA, l Drchestra Without a doubt, everyone agrees that A1legheny's orchestra did a splendid job of performing at all formal assemblies. In addition to this service, the orchestra also performed at such functions as its evening concert, and assisted vocalists and instru- mentalists in Allegheny's annual variety show. The orchestra has reached such popular heights because of enthusiastic cooperation and outstanding conductorship. These are but a few reasons why Allegheny students are proud of their orchestra. I u . . - z , x W L T7 Betty Bartolo meo hoir The robed choir is another asset to Allegheny's music department. During the Christmas season their voices were heard caroling through the halls. The choir sang for the Rotary Club at Boggs and Buhl'sg for Fairyland, a project of the North Side Business Men's Chamber of Commerceg and for the Y.W.C.A. A group also parti- cipated in a celebration at the Foster Memorial. The robed choir is accompanied on the piano by Maxine Brown. ia iii is if .1 3 X, ' 'fi zu. ' ' lo Q1 W, 'F A . One of our most interesting classes is Speech. Dr. Accetta helps students correct their speech er- rors, and he also gives instruction in making better speeches. D' S 5 'N 'Q' l l 4" GSS Machine Shop is one of our popular shops at Allegheny. Mr. Gruber teaches the boys the funda- mental use of some of the machines such as the lathe. Busy at work becoming better skilled in the use of the typewriter are some of our students. This subject is taught by Miss Worrell, Miss Dickinson, Miss Griffiths, and Mr. Diehl. l l 0 I I 5 5 , , 7 , 2 a 5 2 S .rss 5 I., 1 v-M' Activitie These girls are very busy as they work on their sewing under the guidance of Miss Kraft. They will later help to balance their budgets by making their own clothes. Mathematics is a very important subject to these seniors. Mr. Floyd, Mr. Kunze, and Miss Bonnell I X K aid them with their expert teaching. They seem to be working very hard. E-I WWW in Pk 1, 3 . : ', J' ll ,. ,ff -4 Whether college or employment is their future, these students realize that good English is important to them. With the help of Miss Messer and Mr. Accetta they strive to im- prove themselves. Distributive Education ' ,,,- V7 11 Qu V. Bowers, S. Hohn, J. Novack, M. Heinline, and B. Taylor look over a "D. E." book. The distributive education is one of Allegheny's special training classes. ln this class students learn retailing and also purchasing. They are shown the correct methods of selling and buying. Class time is spent in practicing the things they learn, and they also have a job in the afternoon. Some students are employed by department stores and others by smaller retail stores. Correct grooming and pleasant personal- ities are essential for good salesmanship, and students learn how to develop these qualities. The other subjects needed for graduation are taken up in class too. By the time a student graduates from his "D, E." course, he is prepared to continue working in the same field. ' ' -41 K. at i- gfg QM National Honor Soclet Front Row New members are Johanna DeAugust1ne, Roberta Nutter, June Knuth Carol Sue Chutko, Pat rxcta Domke, and Mary Jane Vxdma Back Row Old members are Paul Flickmger, Betty Layne, Albert Shord, Wxlllam Lazar, Lxlltan Stoecker, Karl Roehltch, and Dolores Shelley QV! N 'XT ONAL l N39 SOCIETY KJ fill an A tea IS held for the new and old members and thetr parents after the installatton assembly The hlghest honor obtalnable at Allegheny lb to be elected a member of the Natlonal Honor Soclety The qual1f1cat1ons are few but hlgh All members must recelve top ratmgs tn Scholarshlp Leadersh1p Character and Servlce Scholarshlp lS lmportant for wxthout xt a person cannot atta1n membershlp 1n the Natlonal Honor Socxety Leadersh1p accompanles scholarshlp 1n that a good scholar Wlll set an example for others to follow He w1ll also lead others outside the classroom Good Character IS perhaps one of the most virtuous assets a person can have Wlthout II a person lS nothlng ltlsalsoasteppmg stone to a happter lxfe and a more lnsplrxng leadership Serv1ce IS a necess1ty 1n everyone s l1fe To glve part of one s tlme lS essenual to becomlng a good c1t1zen The 1n1t1a1s representlng these four vxtal qualltles S L C S are found on the seal of the soclety a keystone bearxng the letters and a flamlng torch The flamxng torch Slgl'llfl6S a llght leadlng to the path of a better l1fe and a broader lntellect Membershtp to this SOCICIY ns needless to say a real honor and an advantage worth SII'lVlng for A board of faculty members vote on who shall be admxtted to thxs orgamzatlon lf a person IS consnstently on the honor roll, he IS automatlcally a candldate, but scholarshxp ns not enough He must also have the other qualxfyxng tralts Leadershxp, Character, and Servxce to the school of whlch he IS a member These qual1t1es are needed to be a good c1t1zen and a member of the Natxonal Honor Socxety , o I I , ' l " ,xr ,4 ax- A A -Q' I , - ' - as f' -. - Ng " .7 -rg ,I , Vx' - VY, '. .. . .V 1 L s T Q . ,I , 5 I .W ' T T ,ix Q A bl rv 1 ' ' P F-lp - T T e , C f 'V The Magazine Editors, Cecile Gib- son and Dolores Shelley, admire a copy of the Wah Hoo Magazine. The writing and art staff members are' A. Rodriques, J. Sell, B. Bucher, D. Shelley, D. Miller, C. Gibson, M. Dunphy, J. Hayes, N- Griuetter R- CODHII, M. Giovenco, T. Knupfefi J- Durst, M. Titoms, J. Yedncka, rl LaBarbara, C. Chutkn, N.Smith, P, Flick- Inger, M. Smith, C. Peterka, A. Shord, E- fit0r1iS, D. Butler, and E. Helgerman. The business, typing, and photography staff members are: D. Hein, M.. Flinn, L. Vogel V. Spolsky, J.Knuth, B. Faith, D. Petrack, R. Kranys, M. Haywood, S. Mann, J. Lynch N. Prantl, M. Kirkpatrick, E. Haws, G. Danay E. Yankovic, M. Nawroclci, N. Booris, and K. Snyder. Magazin Yearbook Staff W Q txt K r 5 t we Sitka -' 5 4' -' . JJ! 1 4 1 1 9 1 1 Q " - malta K I X - The Yearbook Editors, Betty Layne, and Karl Roehlich, examine last year's Yearbook. The Yearbook staff members: Karl Roehlick, Patricia Mittermeier, Jerry Brincko, Judy Kasten, Don Hein, Roberta Nutter, and Betty Layne look over their plans for the Yearbook. Mernbe-rs of the Yearbook staff do their various jobs in order to meet the deadlines set up by the yearbook company. x ff I -,Q M- A I is' I ' b"' V N, .. gf f , fi' x ,f f f X ge XEEXLIW 4 3 4 If f .mg L 4' . V X fv! A J f Km' N qxx Xu. .Xxx V f .V q ,f",,.x 1 1 ! 5 ! IAF." I K V 'J 'V K f V my x . AV if Q ' Q Q! Q Vx 1,-'ig I! x E f' f- f gm! 14' .f qs ,N ,ff f Q -f .ci I W ,ff xy H ,fn k 4 V , pg KN X! XZW ,f x'h"'93 ,ffl-ss 'WSWXM MZ, SCC? MJ? N XR ff QR ff ff W il W, gb "A, x X XL, ll gf .A.,. - f , M l xg L' XX X 'J Band members in complete unifor m but without instruments take time from playing marches and songs to pose fOr this Band picture. Among the many activities at A.H.S, is the Band and Majorettes. Although they are mostly noted for their precise playing and marchin E at football games, they do many other things Besides playing for football games and parades, the band has held two concerts. The majorettes also proved to be hard workers. Every Wednes- day morning is devoted to practicing, The Can Can and Hernando's Hideaway were two of their outstanding routines. They are also noted for their flashy performances at variety shows and "pep" assemblies. The fine reputation of these two activities has been brought about by the hardwork and understanding of two able tea- chers, Miss M. Rowley and Mr. B. Phillips. Our high stepping Miilofettes look very attractive in their Allegheflb' uniforms. f gf-3? . c -.i r . l Rx uf ,W A V 4 . Xe, f!NX' X N Y ', einy . sf., We W G lst Row, Left to right: J. Gange iManagerJ, J. Zugec, W. McCants, W. Lewis, R. Giallonardo, J. Sell, R. fManagerJ. 2nd Row: T. Ivey, E. Sparrow, R. Lane, J. Leonard, R. Cirrocco, C. Paolino, D. Cogsville, R. Mitchell, I. Heasley, P. Elphinstone QManagerJ. 3rd Row: D. Kaylor iManagerJ, J. Slat, C. Daley, J. Yedlicka, G. Wade, G. Stager, H. Gilmore, T. Kemmedy, D. Panagiotis, R. Smith. 4th Row: A. Spagnola, J. Novak, M. Lewis, R. Reljac, E. Buechele, V. Spolsky, J. Man- gone, C. Standfast, W. Marshall, S. Bear. Unknown Allegheny player stops this play for no gain. Bob Lane and Joe Zugec come to offer their assistance. Joe Mamich makes an all important tackle. Cogsville is thrown out of bounds in Oliver game. l!U3v'!ewf Robert Cirocco Donald Cogsville The high point of Allegheny's grid season came with a 26-7 victory over Oliver in its second league game. This was followed by a 25-7 triumph against Fifth Avenue which raised the Red and Blue's hopes for a three way tie in the Section 2 race. Since A,H.S, lost its league opener to a good Perry team 26-13, a triple tie involving Carrick, Perry, and Allegheny would have been possible. Carrick quickly erased the chance of this, however, as they humbled the Red Devils 35-0. The league final saw A. H. S. go down to defeat again as they were nipped by Langley 7-6. In pre-season encounters Allegheny was beaten by Stowe 25-0, McKees Rocks 12-0 and Clark 27-13. Robert Mitchell Ca,-1 paouno ff ,gf . .nin- W mv URL. 9-" I ' in .ix 40' slr 4-'lan rr tts Robert Lane Jerome Leonard William Lewis Willie McCants nf . gi fy Wisl . 5: V 'W tx 2 .. i WK, 1 Q F W I l -Q . N s f X, , " ., W 6' .Q ' wx A l'! , Wm, N X K, X - Q95 xii R0b9l'i SUN'-h Edward Sparrow Vladimir Spolsky Joe Zugec br .1 .,,. ,. Varsity Squad First Row, Left to Right: D. Finke, K. Anderson, A McKinney, W. Hoegel, G. Pfeifer. Second Row: R Short, A. Fowkes, M. Harper, J. Mamich, R. Lane, B. Hammond. Absent from Picture: W. McCants CAGERS FINISH IN THIRD PLACE Allegheny's basketball team completed the 1954-55 season with a record of ll wins and 7 losses. The Red and Blue broke even in their exhibition schedule by registering victories over the Alumni, Washington Vocational, and Peabody while losing to Butler, W.P.S,D,, and Westinghouse. A. H. S, opened their league schedule with five straight victories. Allegheny hreezed past Perry 58-39 and Langley 55-48. In their next two encounters A, H, S. romped over Allegheny Vocational 64-24 and Oliver 65-42. Then the Indians managed to squeeze past South Hills 61-55. Allegheny's only defeat during the first half came by way of a 53-40 setback by Carrick. The second half opened with A.H. S. trounc- ing Perry again 60-34. Langley, however, up- ended Coach Fehrenbach's boys in a 55-53 thriller. Next the dribblers easily outpointed Allegheny Vocational 67-43, Then came the game that ruined Allegheny's title hopes. Meet- ing a rejuvenated Oliver team, they suffered a 58-49 loss, However, they recovered and rolled to a decisive 56-40 victory over South Hills, but returned to their losing ways dropping a wild 55-40 contest with Carrick, Kenneth Anderson shows form on the foul line. Anderson hits on a jump shot. Joe Mamich dribbles out of the Gordon Pfiefer appears danger zone. completely surrounded. Swimmers break even , V t i , The Allegheny swimming team won five to post an even record and and lost five finish third in the Section ll racethis season. The mermen schedule and met with a tough exhibition were only able to win their first and last games with Vandergrift and Butler while losing three very close contests to Peabody Schenley and Central Catholic Allegheny opened its league schedule by whipping Langley 51 24 and followed Wlth a 54 21 vlctory over Carrick South Hills the section champ trounced Allegheny 47 28 An outstanding feature was the 54 21 lacing the A H S handed Perry This was only the fourth time in history that Allegheny defeated Perry in swimming In the final game Allegheny met one of its great sports nemesis Oliver and were set back by a humillatlng 55 20 score Leathery gets 2. good start in the 50 yard free style ff' ff If Coach of the swimming team Mr Bruce Allen. jf Jim Battisti ' E 4'-'rt U 4 M E 1 N' . sf , f 'Nw ' ""' f 6 if '55 7 L1 4 , 5 9, A 'FQ my ta R :QQ . Swlmmers urge our backstrokers on. D Leathery, Kranys, J Battisti, B. Bauer. 'ew 'W relay. 1 ll! Sli-I sri' ' 1 E Watson performs a back dive. V A' SENIOR MEMBERS OF TEAM W XT 1st Row, Left to Rlght J Nlcholas lMa.nagerJ, M. Qumce, P Fhckmger, F Naatz. 2nd Row: if 5 My wr - f f '-x Qlmutq F QU Panaglotls awaits the gun. M if 2 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 . 1 ' 4 1 A 'x- ' le X i I L f A n 1 4 1 , v Washington Voc's batter gets set await- ing the pitch that might break the game wide open. Chuck Chezosky signals for a curve. Rain halts the season's opener. TEAM- First Row, Left to Right: "G, Pfeifer, W. Thomas, "J, Yedlicka, 'M, Quince, B. Beam, 'J. Straka, 'W. Hoegel, 'B. Hammond. Second Row: R. Cir- rocco QManagerJ, 'L Zugec, 'R. Short, G. Achilles, C. Clark, J. Koerts, J. Hulick, C. Chezosky, 'G. Andrews, G. Murlis, V. Spolsky QManagerJ. 'LDenotes players of 1955 Team. Captaing of Ba sketbau teams. Girls' Sports K E.,-fu-"A u KA , 1 I , X 5 ---15--W '-'-H ' f 4 ME The volley ball games prove to be interesting and exciting. Scene from tenekiout games. Girls interested in athletics generally join leaders club- here are a few of the mem- bers: P. Wolford, D. Krulick, M. Draskovic, N. Vrane, J. Knuth, G. Johnson. 1" :Ni fl . .J . ,ML .. M- is ' A f -, 'P my 4 X . - I -, ,051 4., A 90" ' If 5, EV .1 ', 5,1 ' Q fy Nay, 20" ,, f, .u , , x 1 , W H xx K ,X ' f.. " 1 , ii - fx . Fai' Q- .X Lx ., fl H il 'Vg' 1, -A , 54, M "' A Q Eff ,jj V ' A-l F W xl liEs..,,"hJ hr. A ,f .- 217: , ' if '25 ,Q f - ' fifq 45 'N-' f ,. ., -A ., Q M 1' .y - 'JM' SS. V 'ix 4 'R Q U V ' , If A ffl LQ- Q ,, ' ., ' ff' " fl, 'X ' , . 1, 1 - - .-' '-..' f 1' 'V V- fkif - J 1 .fir '? ' . ff-hi? , ff I , . - 1 ' 1 -4 H 1, 1. ' lf f ff ' R X ', w--' ',-'fn Al, 'H' A ' 1 . My M- , , I y I V. I X , My , , N H .. W . rx I f' K, f . t- .- 5 is ' .V il V gf lux f . 'Mis - ' A a nf X ' f-- p ix . Q ' J R ' NGS e Wah Hoo Wah Hoo Beauty Contest wah H00 xsland This Is Y0ur Life N483 UTS Lxberace and G90fge Wah H00 Robbery Ge: ACQUHU-ned D ance Senior prom I7 KH 'P' Semor Prom Show at Halloween D 81169 Side Pr - epanng Gym for Dance om wwf PY ...J-"' Assemblie Dr. Bernice Clifton and her seeing eye dog, Karla, meet some Allegheny students after the assembly program. The Student Body enjoyed the interest- ing and inspiring talk given by Dr. Clifton. General Motors and The Fisher Body Corporation had an assembly for the young men of A. H.S. lt showed some of the new ideas for the automotive field along with de- tailed description of the famed 'La Sabre.' All the boys at the assem- bly were enrolled inthe 1954-1955 model car competition of the Fisher Body Cra.ftsman's. if Pitt and Notre Dame compete off the field as they hold a debate on the proposition, 'Re- solved, That the United States should institute a strict naval blockade of Communist China." Notre Dame had the affirma- tive, and Pitt had the negative. 5, an A- lf. - Y ,,,,.,, NN-,, : , 5 S , , .. fa . ff' E Y Q Senior Activities Officers of the February, 1955 class are Edsparrow, Vice Presidentg Helen Jones, Secretaryg and Rob- ert Lane, President. Mr. Mattern, Prmclpal of Allegheny, presents award to Albert Shord tn the Awards Day Assembly Rudy Kranys, Jim Battisti, and Robert Bauer portray A 3 O C the Andrew Sisters in the Senior Stunt Day Program. fi' xxx Officers of the June, 1955 class are Mary Anne Gyu- rik, Secretaryg Vladimir Spolsky, Presidentg and Mary Jane Vidina, Vice President. 4 . Vladimir Spolsky, President of June, 1955 Class receives the key to the School from Robert Lane, President I Q of February, 1955 Class. , 1' 1 I L l . ' The Stunt Day King and Queen, with their Court, are ' presented to the 12B Class. sa' Y Q T 2 I Us l V. 5 . 1 0' n 1 Q- Business Ads ABBOTT SALES 8: SERVICE INC 900 26 W North Avenue Al 1 7400 AIRLINE RESTAURANT ALLEGHENY AUTO WREC KING CO 825 Jacksoma Street Fa 1 1744 ALS MARKET ALT MYERS STORE AMERICAN SHADE CO Golf Venetlan B11nd Laundry and Manufactures ANDY'S PET SHOP North Slde Market House ANNE'S CHILDRENS SHOP ARBOGAST'S PHARMACY 1524 Rhme Street Prescnptlon Soecxahsts ARCH PHARMACY OLIVER BADER MEATS RED BARR gl HIS ORCHESTRA Church1l12 3188 Court 1 2066 BASSIC KS FOOD MARKET BERGER'S BAKERY 2016 Mt Troy Road Ce 1 6388 L H BERGMAN CANVAS AWNINGS 1023 Peralta Street Ce 1 0144 C E BLOSAT,CHIROPRACTOR 10 East North Ave A1 1 3545 BREDLS SERVICE STATION 1231 Sprmg Garden Ave Ce 1 9539 BILL BRUNN'S BARBER SHOP Q BRUNO'S MARKET X 1237 Pennsylvama Ave Ce 1 0128 W A BURGUNDER INC 1002 Chartlers Ave Fe 1 3636 CHARLES J BURKS 1109 Federal Street Ce 1 1246 BUSCETTA S MARKET 518 East Oh1o Street SHOP AT BUSCETTA'S CALDERARO M.E EXCAVATING-TRENCHING-BACKFILL ING GRADING, FULLY INSURED Ce 1 4081 1261 Hlgh Street Pgh 12, Pa CALDERONE DISTRIBUTING CO 1420 Beaver Ave Ce 1 1077 CALDERONES MARKET 1418 Beaver Ave A1 1 0834 WHY WONDER WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE ANSWERS? CEN-PGH R P CHURCH UNION AT PARK WA Y CHRYSLER AIRT EMP I-leatmg 8: Alr COl'ldIIlOI1lI1g For the Home Products of CHRYSLER MOTOR CORP CHUCK'S BARBER SHOP CLIFTON BUILDING Sz LOAN ASSOC IATION OF ALLEGHENY 2519 Perrysv1I1e Ave Ce 1 2414 O X i X i DR. . 2 Bird-Dog-Fish-Supplies 7 n 7 DR. . . ' THE COLOR SHOP 1521 Beaver Avenue Fa 1 2112 J H. CRUNKLETON S FUNERAL HOME 1108 Llverpool Street Fa 1 4089 ALICE DAGGS NOVELTIES GIFTS DEL S MARKET 1301 Sheffleld Street QUALITY 8: QUANTITY DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME 602 Sherman Ave Fa 1 2578 DIPRJMA S FOOD MARKET 1601 Federal Street Ce 1 9891 DORSCH'S BARBER SHOP DORSCH'S MARKET 1900 Rockledge Street Ce 1 2252 GEORGE S DOULOS RESTAURANT 410 East Ohlo Street DUSEK'S MARKET EVERLASTING RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES 810 East Ohlo Street Fa 2 2881 EIC HELMAN'S STORE ELMER'S BARBER SHOP EMMA'S MARKET 1401 Page Street Ce 1 9052 FAMOUS FOOD MARKET 1601 East Oh1o Street Ce 1 7832 FEDERAL CLEANERS 1207 Federal Street Ce 1 9704 FRANKLIN CLEANERS 1712 Lowrxe Street FRANK'S BARBER SHOP 910 Western Avenue Ce 1 7523 JOHN M FLAVIN 1711 Marmaduke St Po 6 6662 FLORSHEIM SHOE STORE 200 F1fth Avenue At 1 0313 FORT WAYNE RESTAURANT 303 Federal Street Ce 1 7879 FOSTER FOOD SALES CO FOSTER FOOD SALES C0 901 Madison Ave A1 1 8562 GARDEN BAKERY 1252 Sprnng Garden Ave Fresh bread rolls cakes every day GARDEN GATE FLORAL Sl-IOPPE 135 Grant Ave Mlllvale 9 Pa M1 1 2958 GEISELHART FUNERAL HOME GOODMAN MFG COMPANY 1714 Lnverpool St Pgh 36 Perma Ce 1 1356 809 Bell St Carnegle Pa Wal 1 1103 GREB'S BAKERY 1703 Lowrle St Troy H111 Ce 1 0999 HAHN'S FLOWER SHOP North Snde Market House Fa 1 6565 Bouquets Orchxds Corsages HAMM S MARKET HARMONY DAIRY 800 Fulton St Pgh 33 Pa Electro Pure M1lk HARRY'S FISH 8: CHIPS HARTLEY CLEANERS Same Day Serv1ce 805 East Street Ce 1 3749 I-IEPP'S CONFECTIONERY Lowrle Street HIPWELL MANUFACTURING CO 825 W North Avenue Ce 1 7310 Ce 145953 R. s. GORMAN GEORGE HOCHDOERFER 2234 Sprlng Garden Ave Fa 1 5345 BILL HYNES AMOCO SERVICE 940 Manchester Blvd Ce 1 9223 JANDA'S DRUG STORE 739 East Ohlo Street Ce 1 1567 J 8: A MARKET 1109 Federal Street Fa 1 6830 JOHN'S RADIO 8: T V SERVICE 707 Mlddle St A1 1 7042 Same Locatzon Since 49 J OHNNY'S DAIRY BAR 922 Middle Street Cel 9138 MARTY JOYCE CITIES SERVICE 01 Jacksoma Street JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL Best Wxshes Jumor Red Cross KAMMIUR H G BIGILOW APTS Gr 1 7222 KAMPAS, EDGAR A 520 Foreland Street Al 1 2762 HARRY KART GROCERIES 601 Madxson Ave Ce 1 9515 KELLAR'S DRY CLEANING 1106 Federal Street Ce 1 9515 KELLAR'S DRY CLEANING 1106 Federal Street Ce 1 0911 KELLEHER STEEL ERECTION ENG 232 Marshall Ave A1 1 3589 K1NNEY'S SHOE STORE 111 East Ohio Street KR.AL'S MARKET KRAMER, A EXPRESS 1417 Beaver Avenue Ce 1 3575 KR.ASON'S CREDIT JEWELERS 733 East Ohlo Street OUR 35TH YEAR OF SERVICE LOUIS KUPINA'S SHOE REPAIR 706 East Street Ce 1 9021 LACKNER, VINCENT F KING MERRITT 8: CO INVESTMENTS AT 1 3993 LAZZARA'S QUALITY MARKET 508 Taylor Avenue Al 1 5984 LIPTAK, CHARLES J 1219 Sprlng Garden Ave Ce 1 0906 LOUGHERY, M J 1805 Beaver Ave 33, Pa. LUDWIG FLORAL COMPANY 502 Federal Street WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS MACK'S 735 East Oh1o Street QUALITY SERVICE, ECONOMY Meat Poultry 8: Dalry Prod MACK'S MARKET MANCHESTER'S 5 10 2515 STORE 1729 31 Beaver Ave Ce 1 6483 MARGARETS LUNCH COUNTER NORTH SIDE MARKET HOUSE LUNCHES OF ALL KINDS MARSHALL HAULING CONT 3612 Baytree Street Fa 1 0897 MAX MITTERMEIER PAINTING 8: DECORATING 1214 Sherman Avenue Ce 1 4013 MAYER PRINTERY 817 East Street Fa 1 5146 ME LODY MART Its not T. V. Its "5D' I u u . , - I Q I I MEYER'S DRUG STORE 601 Taylor Ave. Ce 1-1569 MICHAELS DEP'T STORE 1718-1720 Lowrie Street Ce 1-3910 MIC KEY'S GROCERY STORE MILLER, HOWARD STAND 79 North Side Market House MOCK'S CAFE 601 East Ohio Street Ce 1-9858 MOM'S RESTAURANT 1100 Galveston Ave. Ce 1-9833 MONAHAN RUG SHOP J. J. MULVIHILL 914 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. NORTH AVENUE SAVINGS 8: LOAN ESTB. 1882 812 East Street Ce 1-6017 Ferd. J. Ley, Sec. NORTH SIDE AUTO BODY 185 Ohio Street Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mi 1-2830 NORTH SIDE AUTO SERVICE Charles Pfeiffer 8: John Pfeiffer 835 Spring Garden Avenue Ce 1-7321 COMPLIMENTS OF A N. S. BUSINESS FIRM N. S. SILVER LEAF CLUB BILL NOVOSEL-VOGUE CLEANERS R. J. ONSLAER WRECKING CO. 600 Allegheny Ave. 33 Ce 1-4100 OSCAR P. MATOUS-OPTICIAN 526 Federal St. Room 610 Fa 1-6602 FINER MEAT PRODUCTS OSWALD 81 HESS CO. 1550 Spring Garden Ave. Ce 1-4800 PACE'S DAIRY 1300 Federal St. Pgh. 12, Pa. PENN BARBER SHOP FRANK PETERKA 2800 Houston Street PAINTING CONTRACTOR Ce 1-2363 PHILA-PGH CARRIERS INC. 1438 High St. N. S. Pgh. 12, Pa. OVERNIGHT FREIGHT SERVICE TO PHILA. Ce. l-7190-1-2-3 PHG. TERMINAL MGR., ROBERT MOULIS PINE MOTOR SALES Sz SERVICE WILLYS, JEEPS, CARS, TRUCKS Wexford, Pa. We 5-3300 POSTAL RESTAURANT POZNIK, STEPHEN J. 926 Spring Garden Ave. PROFESSIONAL MUSIC SCHOOL 207 East Ohio Street Fa 1-9059 PUSATERI, THOMAS FOOD MKT. 908 Western Ave. Fa 1-3565 Allegheny Orchestra performs at the Musicale RAYMOND SOSINSKI, RADIO SALES 900 Madison Ave. A1 1-6312 SC HAA LS CONF. SC HATTAUER, THOS. 907 Western Avenue Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing SC HATZ MAN DRUG STORE RAUCH'S GROCERY 1602 Spring Garden Ave. Fa 1-1161 REG, JOHN MEAT Kz GROCERIES 911Chestnut Street Ce 1-5229 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COME AND JOIN US ON WEDNESDAY RIPLEY CLOTHES ROCHE JOE ROESSLER 8: MUELLER 708 East Street Ce 1 6200 ROHSNER S GROCERY ROWENES BEAUTY SHOP 801 Madison Ave Ce 1 0899 Rudy Kranys assisting one of Strems Photographers in taking pictures for the Yearbook. 1 I H 2 SCHELLHAAS AND SON FUNERAL HOME FA 1-6063 SCHLOSSER, A. J. MEATS NORTH SIDE MARKET HOUSE CE 1-5452 SCHUETZ'S CONFECTIONARY STORE 1609 Soring Garden Ave. SCIALABBA, FRANK 1307 Federal St. SHOE SERVICE SCOTT'S VARIETY STORE 1213 Spring Garden Ave. Fa 1-8660 SEVCIK, ELMER-CONFECTIONERY SEVENTH STREET MOTOR CO MERCURY SALES Sz SERVICES 815-17 Seventh Street Fe 1-5799 SEYMOUR MARKET SHAY GROCERY 1209 Laurel Street Fa 1 4679 SOKATCH JOHN SILVER WALLPAPER 8: PAINT SKEELS JACK MOTOR 18 Ingram Ave Wa 1 4800 SNYDER S STORE SOBIEN GROCERY SPERANDEO'S PRODUCE SPERANDEO SUNOCO SERVICE Federal Parkhurst Sta Ce 1 9137 STERNS 805 East Ohio St SPRING GARDEN BOWLING ALLEYS A1 1 1859 SPOLSKY WALTER S WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR PURE FOOD PASTRY A1 1 8144 STEFANOFF BAKERY . N x I I I ,A - 'I IDM ' . 1569 Spring Garden Ave. n , A , Q . I 0 1 x . STREM STUDIOS 900 Penn Avenue Comphments to Your Year Book Photographer STEPI-1AN'S MARKET 833 Tr1po11 Street A1 1 3137 STRAHLER'S GROCERY 809 Madlson Ave A1 1 2709 TAORMINA'S BARBER SHOP 1202 Federal St TAORMINA S GROCERY 1204 Federal Street TERRY'S CAFE TOWNSEND BILL MEATS UNGERMAN'S CAFE 1354 Goettman Street VEHRI SUNOCO STA MCKNIGHT RD PE 4 3044 V1C'S MARKET 1000 Chateau Street Ce 1 9344 VICTAIN JEWELERS 819 East Street A1 1 6737 VICTORY FISH MARKET NORTH SIDE MARKET HOUSE FA 1 3595 VIDINA, FRANK MEATS AND GROCERIES CE 1 1041 WALLECK FURS 414 Federal Street Fa 1 5349 WEIMER FURNITURE SUPPLY INC 918 East Street 3 Room Outfit S379 WEIMER TIRE CO CORNER EAST Kc SUISMON ST CE 1 4060 WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO 917 Federal Street Fa 1 1316 WESTERN SHOE REPAIR WRIGHT'S STORE YEAGER, CON COMPANY SPICES AND CASINGS YEE DlCK'S LAUNDRY ZELKOVIC, NICKOLAS I PI-IARMACIST 924 East Street Ce 1 0195 Scenes from Wah 1-Ioo Sluts - A 1, " Ce 1-9818 fx ' if ,V 1 - A A at ,hi ' tw 'W' I . MMU ABERS-C OMPLIMIE NTS OF AGUE, MARIE-COMPLIMENTS AGUE, WM. R.-BEST WISHES AHERN, H. R. AHLERS, WALTER E. ALBEE, WILLIAM E. ALCINA AND BILL ALDERMAN, DR. M. R. ALEXANDER, MR. GROVER ALLISON, MISS CORA B. ALTMEYER, EDDIE 8: RICKY AMICONE, JOHN J. ANDERSON, MRS. H. C. OF ANDERSON, HARVEY-COMPLIMENTS ANDERSON, KENNY, 125 ANNA MAE AND LARRY ARNSTRONG, LYNDEL AUSTIN AND PEGGY "B", MR. AND MRS. BABE AND HANK BADALI, ANTHONY J. BADGIS, JEAN 81 STAN BAIER, DON-'54' BALSAMO, MR. AND MRS. JAMES BANAVATZ, PAT BARB MARTH MARG BARB VERE DER HAPPY DUTCHMEN 4 VE HAIL FROM 424 BARTLETT, DR. LESTER L. THE 5 BEANIES AND WILLIE BEATTY, MR. 8: MRS.,JOI-IN 1910 CROFT ST. BEATTY, JOHN - 125 BEDECK, TERRY Students book by boosters. Personal support the year becoming personal A d S BEGGS, BETTY BELANSKY, ELAINE BELSTERLING, BUCK BENTON, MR. AND MRS. DONALD BENTON, LOIS JUNE 54 BERARD, JANET BERGMAN, MRS. MARGARET C. BERNIE 8: DONALD S. BEST OF LUCK FROM THE SENIOR CLASS JAN--1955 BETTY AND BONITA, BETTY AND REX BETTY, ANN, VELMA, ROSE 301 BIEL, MR. 8: MRS. JOSEPH AND S BILL AND ALICE BILL AND CONNIE BINGEL, MISS OLGA BITTNER, HARRY L. BIXLER, JOANNE BLUM, MR. AND MRS. T. D. BOB 1461 Sz CAROLE C532 BOBBY AND ANNA MARIE BOLTZ, WM. J. BONA, LIZO BOOSTER, 29 CHESTNUT ST. BOSS, ESTER BRAHLER, WALTER--FA 1-0150 BRAUNUM, MR. DEMPSY BRENNAN, JAMES Cz DOLORES E. BRENNEUN, HUGH- 1939 CURRY, AUSTIN TO A FINE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BRENNAN, JOHN Sz JUDY Sz MARY LOU ONS BRENNAN, JACK - COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF 1939 BRESCIA, MARIO A. BRESKOVICH, FRANK A. BRINK, JIMMY 125 BROSENITCH, MR. Sz MRS. ANDY BROWN, BETTY JOEANN BROWN, CARL A. BROWN, JAMES PVT. U.S.M.C. BRUNGO, JOE BRUNNER, MR. 8: MRS. CALDERARO, MICHAEL E. CAMPBELL, MRS. HELEN CARL AND BETTY CASSEY, JUNE Sz GAIL CASSEY MR Sz MRS RALPH CASTELLANO SAMUEL J CHEERLEADERS Strong man in a Wah Hoo Skit ,.1v"""-'- slut ff' Scene from Christmas play W X Q' 2 li'-:Inf I 1... CHRISTINE, MRS. SOPHIE 8: FAMILY CHECK 8: PAT '54' CLARK, MR. RAY CIROCCO Sz SCOTT CLASS OF '55' COBAN, MARY COHEN, MRS. HELEN COHAN, MARY ANN COLEMAN, MRS. COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES SMITH 1940 GEORGE SMITH 1948 REX SMITH 1952 COMPLIMENTS OF 223 COMPLIMENTS OF 10B 402 COMPLIMENTS OF ROOM 424 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 FROM CLASS OF 1925 CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR DENTIST CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATING CLASS FROM ROOM 429 CONTI, MR 8: MRS VINCENT CACICIA MISS 8: JOHN COQUET COVETRO NICK COX DONALD CRO.WLEY, ELIZABETH D'ANDREO EMRICO DANKESREITER MR Kz MRS JOSEPH DANNHARDT BERT AND JACK DANNY DORPINO, MICKEY DE ARMIT MARGARET DEANE JOE KQV DETISCH GEORGE DICK RICH TONY DORIS AND JACK DORMAN T E COO DONATELLI FRANK DRASKOVIC MRS EDNA DULGEROFF MICHELE 8: MARY DUMIN MR 8: MRS A DUNPHY MRS BETTY DUSEK MR 8: MRS CHARLES DUSTY AND KEL DYE MISS BETTY I l I x . , we - '55, . - xl , , Q ' L1 9 f' , 9 X , A 1 n . . 1,2 , J the . y .' .' Q V -.-as 2 , " uk . 3 I 1. ' V6 'lu 1 J Arn- l ' , A 12- . . . 1 , , . . r Pi ' .-. - Q: S ,7l 1 . . , .fl , 'E , fu , ,:, Q A '. 1: ,I , in-J V: I J . A 4-. ff ' ' f It :-f"f "". ' A 5 f'?' r, 9 - . . ' l A mf' - . .1 - V f' J . 9 . 1 fi" X . px. - ' I 1 .. Q :V :I W7 , V V: :A A -. j1.3sgAl:LSg4.,-. is -Q EBERT, MR. LAWRENCE E. EBERT, MR. AND MRS. HARRY J. EBERT, MR. AND MRS. HARRY J. EBERT, SUSANNE EDNA AND SAM EFTHIMIADES, MR. Sz MRS. EHRENFELD, JOHN ELLIOTT, RAYMOND P. ELLY YANKOVIC Sz SONNY RYAN ELSIE AND TONY ENAL, BOB Sz ANONYMOUS ERMOND, MARY AND ANDREA FARANTINO, PAUL FERRARO, MARIAN FERRIS, BARRY FERRIS, MR. ELLSWORTH FETCENKO, JUDY FIEDLER, FREDERIC K. FICHTER, MIL AND VIC FIRE FIGHTER CITY FISCHER, MR. Sz MRS. D.A. FLANICK, MR. MICHAEL FLEGAL, BEVERLY AND NORMA FLEMING, DR. O. R. FLINN, MARGARET 429 FLINN, MR. Sz MRS.H. W. FLOYD, F. H. 128 FOREMAN, MR. HERMAN FOX, MR. Sz MRS. RAYIVKJND FRAN AND MIKE FRAN, SHIRL, JO, LIL IN 128 FRANKLIN, MR. FRIEND, COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND, COURTESY OF A FRIEND, COURTESY OF A FRIEND THREE FRIENDS A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND 1947 A FRIEND FROM A FRIEND FRIEND A FRIEND FULTON, GAIL FULTZ, VIRGINIA GANDY, MR. QUERELL GARAGE, S. W. GEIMER, WALTER ERNEST GENNY, PAT, JO, JUNE '55' GEORGE, MR. Sz MRS. W. C. GERRY AND PEE WEE GIBSON, MR. ROBERT GILBERT, MR. Sz MRS. STEPHEN GIOTIS, ANTHONY GIOVENCO, JOHN GIOVENCO FAMILY GLENN - 428 GLINIECKA, TIMMY GOLDIE, PHIL GOG GONGOLSKI, JOAN GONGOLSKI, MILDRED GONGOLSKI, MR. PETER GOOD, JOHN G. SR. GOOD, JOHN G. JR. GORDAN, MRS. LOUISE GORDAN, RULEY GREBB, ANN AND TED GRIFFITHS, MABEL GSCHWEND, MR.S. EDITH GSCHWEND, IDA A History Class display Qi GUTTMAN, MR. AND MRS. HALLSTEIN FAMILY HAMMERS, JACK E. HAREM, KING LOUIE'S HARRY, MARY, BABY NANCY HAWS, MARGIE AND EVELYN HAYES, RUTH AND JOE GEIGER HELEN, NESZ, PAUL HENDRICKSON, HILDA HENRY, ANTHONY J. HENRY, ROSE HERP, MRS. ELEANORE HEUBER, MR. PAUL HEYL, BUD HOEGEL, NASTY BILL - 128 HOLE, MR. LOUIS G. -- CHEM. DEPT. HOOD, MR. COMPLIMENTS OF HORNE, MR. AND MRS. J. R. AND SONS HORN, MR. AND MRS. W. L. SR. HORR, MICHAEL AND COLEEN HRDLICKA, BOB N. C.--M53' HUGNEY, EDWARD HULINGS, VIOLA HUNT, MR. AND MRS. CHRIST HUNT, ELDRIDGE HUNT, EUNICE INIVINW JOHN H. A. H. S. '1913' IVANCIK, MR. AND MRS. PETER ISENBERG, C. I. 'C. J.' JACKSON, MRS. MARGARET JANKE, MR. HENRY JAMES, MRS. H. N. JAVORSKY, JEAN AND FRANK JELETIC, COMPLIMENTS OF ED JICHA, HUEY AND PATTIE , JIM AND MARY ANNE JOAN COMPLIMENTS OF JOAN AND BILL JOAN AND JOE, FOREVER JOAN, RENEE, RAY, AND PETE Students participating in a radio program. JOANNE AND FRITZ JOCKEL, PAUL AND NANCY AGUE '54' JOHNNY N. AND MARIA M. JOHNSON AND HAYES CLASS OF "55" JORDON, CONGRATULATIONS MRS. JOYCE, ALCINA, PIDGE, NANCY JOYCE, JUDY AND MARY LOU JUNE AND JOHN JUDGE, MR. AND MRS. KA MPAS, C HAS. KASTEN, MRS. DOROT HY KATHY KELLER, MARLENE KELLEY, MR. AND MRS. JACK KENDS, ALBERT KENNEDY, MR. ROBERT KERR, EDITH A. KING, MRS. GEORGE KING, MRS. SAMUEL KINKLE, JOHN-JUNE KLINGENSMITH, JAN KLUVO, JOSEPH ROSS KNAUSS, DONALD R. KOCOY, DOROTHY KOKINAKIS, GEORGE KONE, MR. AND MRS. KRAH, MR. AND MRS. 54" ARTHUR FRANK EDWARD KRAMER, MRS. HELEN J. KREDEL, MR. 8: MRS. ROLAND KROPE, MR. AND MRS. FRANK KRULICK, DOT AND CATHY LAW KRULICK, MRS. ANNA 8: DOT KUDREY, MRS, X fi s V, w f -W' fyifqfv K ,. l X30 '! X JU fy nw It UM f My X054 K 1 1 I uri r ervi Iodstu do i h w k,and k each? , ,LJ f f' I f I 'f I VQNJJ L I 1 n L j fy M W' J KUFNER, MR. AND MRS. G RG KUFNER, GEORGE JR. KUFNER, NANCY HELEN KUNZE, J. F. LANE, LEE - JUNE "54" LANG, WILLIAM BILLY LAROCCA, TONY LARRY AND BETTY LASCHER, A. T. LAYNE, BETTY AND CHUCKIE LEACH, MRS. HELEN LEE AND GERRY "54' LEONARD, MR. AND MRS. MILTON LIMBERIS, ERNIE LINTELMAN, ALAN LINTELMAN, ANN LIVINGSTON, JOHN A. LOCKHART, RUTH LOCOCO, MR. ANTHONY LOCOCO, MR. JOSEPH LOCOCO, MARION LOIS AND ED LOIS-MARGY-JEAN-MARY JANE LORRAINE AND MICKEY LUCILLE AND ANNA LUPPINO, MR. AND MRS. JOHN LYNCH, MR. AND MRS. E. F. LYNCH, JOAN AND SHIRLEY MANN LYONS, MRS. BETTY 2 if wJ M GIRLS DAVE - 1949 MARY ALICE, JANICE AND NORMA MARY AND KENNY NIEDT MCGANN, MR. AND MRS. PAUL MCGENNIS, MR. AND MRS. CLAIR MCGOVERN FAMILY MCDONOUGH, EDWARD J. MCKENAHAN, NRS. LILLIAN MCKNIGHT, MR. AND MRS. C. MCMILLEN, H. AND SON MCTAGUE, VINCE MEISER, THE FAMILY MERHOUTS, THE METXLER, ROY E. MICHAELS, CAROLINE MICHAELS, JACK MICHEL, MR. LOUIS MINEAR, O. AND FAMILY MINUCCI, MR. AND MRS. F. MISENCIK, MR. AND MRS. R. AND JR MOCK, MR. AND MRS. R. LW' MOGE-TAD-NANCY-PUNCHY MOHR, RON AND ANN SCHMIDT MONNA RAE MOONEY, PIERRE MOORE, BUBBER MORAN FAMILY MORIARTY, JOHN MORROW, DR. STANLEY D. MOSALLEM, M. J. MUEHLBAUER, JO AND ANDY MUNDY, MUNDY, MURLIS MURLIS, RAMON - CLASS OF 1952 WILLIAM GEORGE - BOB JOHN MYERS, LAURA M. MYRNA AND SPIKE NANCY AND LEETY NANCY'S, FROM AUNT ELSA NOEL, AGNES NOEL,ELVA M. NOEL, JAMES NOL AND DAVE - LOIS AND TOM NOLAN, ROWLAND NORM BAEI-IR AND BOB WOCKLEY NUMER, MR. AND MRS. CARL NUMER, MR. AND MRS. WM. OBRIN, ANN OKLOTA, GLORIA OKLOTA, MR. AND MRS. SIGMUND OLIVE T. AND FRANK G. Daring their lunch period students take advantage of the fresh air and SUD. OLIVER, JAKE AND BILL OLIVERIO, JOHN O'MALLER, NANCY O'SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY J. PAGE, RONALD PACE, WILLIAM A. PALMER, TERRY PALUMBO, MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH PAT 8: MILLIE, GOOD LUCK PATTON, FLORENCE PEARL AND ED PEARL AND NORM PENROSE, MRS. R. C. PETERSON, HELEN 81 ED PI-IILLIPPS, MR. AND MRS. A. E. PHILLIPS, MR. PIERCE, MRS. IDA M. PIERCE, MR. AND MRS. W. R. PIETRUSU, MISS MARY PLATTER, MR. AND MRS. RAY PODANY, MR. CHARLES E. POLITOWSKI, MR. AND MRS. A. POLLEN, MR. AND MRS. C. 8: JACKIE POPE, BOBBY Sz ERIC POPE, KATHY AND BILLY PRIDDY, MR. LES PROIE, MR. JAMES PRUDY, PAUL, 8: STEVE PUNZINA, CHARLES 2L':-- QUATCHAK, BUTCH QUINCE, MR. MICKEY 8: FAMILY RADACK, RITA "54" RANDAZZO FAMILY RECE, MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH RAY AND NATCH REDFOOT FLEANOR REIDENBACH, LAURA E REILLY MR PAUL T RELJAC MRS MICHAEL R.ICH Sz JOAN OF 123 RICHTER MR AND MRS LOLIS RITA 8: FREDDIE FOREVER RITA AND GEORGE RITCHEY MR AND MRS JAMES E RODRIGUES MR AND MRS FRANK ROEHLICH ROEHLICH KARL F ROEHLICH MRS NATALIE ROGER NICK AND BILL ROGERS MR AND MRS FRANK RONNIE 8: JIMMY ROOM 331 ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL NOTHING BUT THE BEST ROOM 406 ROSA BROWNE 8: LAURA COLES ROSE ANN 8: BOB RUTHIE AND DON SAM KENNY AND TURNER SAND MR 8: MRS HAROLD J SANFILIPPO SAM SAPIENZA JOSEPH SATTLER FAMILY SAUNDERS MR AND MRS ROLAND SCHAFFER MRS ALVINA SCHELL JACLINBOB SCHIEFELBEIN BILLY 401 SCHIEFELBEIN FAMILY SCHIEFELBEIN MR AND MRS SCHMITT PHYLLIS SCHMITT, MR. AND MRS.PI-IIL SCHNEIDER,ALICE SCHOENIG, MRS. EMMA SCHWEIGER, DOLLY SCHWEIGER, MR., AND MRS. JOHN SCOTT, GEORGE SEVCIK MR AND MRS FRANK SHANNON JIM BETTY JOANN SHELLY, GEORGE W SHIRLEY AND KENNY 125 SHORT, JAMES A SIGNS JOHN 407 OSBORNE AL 1 7533 Art Class offers amusmg moments for members QS' 1 Interesting experxments are con ducted in Chemlstry Class . , I 0 I A-I 1 7 f J y . , ' J - 0 , . Y I , I 0 , I Q I Q I I ' , . I I J I , . . M. ' A f " " af' 'J X 5. N , L A 5 4' , 5 I - 1 I I 3 . .1 V ,JI 2 ,hgffw I A X ROWDA, DANNY ,,.- If xr Ffa I , 4 r,,, H , I Y y q a a - . , . 7 A 7 J 1 - . Y 0. I l 4 ' .- , Q x I I ? 7 - u I , A SILL, KENNETH 1461 sII.vA THOMAS SIMMONS FAMILY SKIPPY el JERRY SLOWIK FRED SMITH EDWARD SMITH, GEORGE SMITH MR AND MRS A SMITH MR AND MRS A B SNAIR MR AND MRS O w SNYDER, ANN w SNYDE,OLGA SOMMERS, HENRY J AND FAMILY A girl takes a speed test whxle bemg timed. SOMMERS WM L AND FAMILY SPONSKY ALICE SPIDER DALE MATTIE SPILL DOCTOR WALTER P SPOLSKY MR KI MRS WALTER S SPRACALE STEVE STELMACK MR Sz MRS I STEVE EDDIE AND ALBERT STEVENSON MR 81 MRS R L STOGDEN, MR Sz MRS P STONE, SAUL SUCHACEK WILLIAM SUPPER DAVID 8: RUTH SWEGMAN FAMILY SAM AND SALLY SYE TAUBER BEN THOMAS FAMILY TIMMY RICKY 8: MONICA TOAL, WM N TOKARSKI, MISS MARY TOM AND JOHNNY TONI AND MARIE TONY TREMEL, BABE THE TRIO HATTIE ANNAMAE, NANCY URBAN, MR 8: MRS WALTER VELICOFF FAMILY VERBANAC E L VERBANET ANNA VETTER, MISS CARYLE FEB 53 VETTER MR THORN OLIVER 1930 VICKI VICTOR FAMILY VIETMEIER, MRS CATHERINE VRANA MR Q MRS ALFRED VUNAK4 MRS FRANCES WALDSCHMIDT, RALPH 2903 Sprmg Garden Ave Fa 1 9384 WATSON JOE M. WAYNE 8: JO ANN WEBER VAUGHAN WEIDENHOF, MR EDMOND WENZEL MR HARRY G WENZEL HARRY AND ROBERT WENZEL, WILMA A WERL MR AND MRS GEORGE WERNER MR 81 MRS CARLA WERNER FRANK WIEGAND, MRS RICHARD WILL gl ARLENE WILLIANB WILLIE JOHNELL WILSON, WILLIAMS WINDISCH MARGARET WOCIGJEY, BILL JUNE 47 WOCKLEY, PVT HARRY J 5 WOLCOTT MR WOLFIEL THEODORE P WRIGHT THERESA COMPLIMENTS .msn-s1Hi01is -an las'-ff"-H--'1'1av We want to thank all faculty members and students who have contrlbuted of thelr nme and effort to make th1s yearbook POSSIDIG Our smcere grautude IS extended to all those who had a part ln deve1op1ng our year book from the theme Books The 1955 Yearbook Staff WYCKOFF ROGER WOZNIAK THE FAMILY YAROMEY MR AND MRS YAROMEY MR JOSEPH YOLANDA MARLENE MICKEY 54 YORKUVICH JUDY YOUNG MR AND MRS MASON YURETICH RUDY AND NAOMI ZAK MR AND MRS AL ZEIS MR WILLIAM ZIG AL CHARLIE GEORGE ZUNIC JOSEPH J 81 FAMILY ZUNIC MARLENE A ZUNIC STEPHEN ZUTTS N C 55 Yearbook Edltor Karl Roehllch Betty Layne Assocxates Judlth Kasten Patr1c1a Mlttermeler Roberta Nutter Jerome Brlnko Don Hem Advert1s1ng June Knuth B111 Falth Busmess Vlad1m1r Spolsky Kathleen Cusak Sports Edltor Davld Butler Art Edltor Margaret Dunphy C1rcul.1t1on Manager Margaret Flmn Photography Rudy Kranys Don Hem Typlng Lois Vogel Mlldred lwawrockl Elean wr X 1 POVIC Evelen Robson Shlrley Mann Mary Haywood TH w,,,,,M,w END I ,-..-4, '-I'-A """ 'QT l 1 . 1 1 0 ' 1 - . 1 . . . , ' 1 I 1 ' ' 7 . ! Q 0 , 1 . ! n n , i s as n , , , u l , . . 1 1 1 . ' ' 1 . ' K ll , 3 s 4 -1 " ' 'q.,..-x,, --rf U I.. V' W -.. N VW ' ' - --...-................n--f-"' . ' ' ' 'uf-gtgqv-' nf'r.w.ef-ah--as-wn,4.-.'-Q-we-sawn 1-itll.. N""'--- ..- ' ' -' .- ,af l 'Sn'-.-,,-.,.,-.....L,:.::" 'E wi I l ....... .. .... .... I . ..... .......... ..... .... U fl oonnosolnu ... ..... ... ............. ' '- - 1 - ... , 1 ,I . Q cflt , I

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