Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Ti' :ff ".. T ,Q 2. 5,17 .f'j. Q jf, M5 I 51, Sf!- Q?l'HV'Xx pg , X wf X f ', 'mgxgy-1,4 ' I 'Riff 11, - f X x ivqusv- swung., , MW -.R gl-"""' 45. CLI I .,-r Q1 ..--'lv ,QQ W 5,."'F . I N". Q X -X-cw-1 XXX T 3' N. K X K.- Rx x"' ri' Q 1 . X' ' y X i X--b. . . E. X ,- , p , 1 .-.... , ' Q .5 vg- W. tx? 0 ff Q' 'ii 1 5 Y A, qw. F . 3 8 . W. S 1 s.iR'0 ' . 4 AVA M1 v W. I 'D 'X '74 'P ' . 1 Q s ' -Q , ff' B ' y ' S Q, fx fff!' l 1 J- 478- ' refwi W l . ig' N G 1-:It I' vu, an 2. O I 1 SFA xx 4 I ' Q s . N -ii ' -,Y if 0 . Q ' . 4' , K t 'w ' ' ' x N " ' Q x ,- ' 1, J' -. + sv v r ' kji ll i Ars ' ,jay 6, A N H . fl K' N "' an 0 1' I ' ' .A .' . 11 I ,W ' J- -Q 'A 4. 'sv , . 1 4 l i! X 59 'ti ...W . 9 er - , , I . 4 fr, rj w x3P"!! wk ,W -gag-J Q I 8 . D . NS' x M 'gwx xg '- " f'0 5 fx. ' iff. v X' 1lo,. f wi I 'Hifi .11 5' 175 ,ow-wg' -. 1 . l ' :X , ' ., .Y i ' '59 , -mv! -Q :gli - , 'Q 'x 4-4' fr,,f, . g , ' "xg Q ' u ' -. - 'O' '1- x . 'I 1 'M :Q 1 J .3 we .,W,"V.fgi I R 114 , Ni' . , 'Q .Q if 43 5' 1 QI' '54 'QTWQ' ."1,?'f'f I 1 fi 1. "Q 'gl ' g ff x . ' ' ,0f'! i 'fl' 41 44 ' .7 , A 't 1. Q a ' ' n' f 4 'f gf . '41 4-5 .' 'I Ui 'im 'T 3315 5512 . 5553 I . -? X sg ,.,,.ke.aE. k'?1Wf5LW: E' Y . a 1 -- U. A . QA 0 N .. :gf J A .. ,fn .i H' 1 - . . I -- H .- J-:ff '- . ,Q ' PN K 5? 'T ,. . 1, 5 ,N . Q, 4 i ,. , 1 'i X ,A an. 'A 'ji fi. - ., - , , A. ,-'+..f A., ,-.Lug ' EA aw iii DQf YS' 2 iggwx . G fig AW QAPSSQY QQQAQQ izwawiw 401. Qwvfd . 1 wiv! l www Miw . X . N x x I . -ivy ,-.,,., g I i ,YN .xmkv .. - 'R .. I X X xfx. i mg,w'Qffj55ZffvWmW ,A J' ed W xx Li? YP ,PQ SZ, .. ::' ' , gg . 39 f ?""""3 nl I - :Q C1 mix U x H Hoo U V :I 'I ' . - :l.:v ln ',. Q .HH WSC, 3 ' ,gf w il .. '. AHH0 M'lH ,V ' "' W .au -vu-va n .. '-ggi... 0 VIH UAH IAHH H 0381 ego wmogo wugamw wmnw v .. wmuooyumoow 'f, go' " ' II' 'A --' wu1xoo. -- rv -' W 2. x ' -" -' - w --V - -- mm if -- w um - w .. ., : w oo w vnmoo w .- -. l ,V ', A Q L.. X'1,, agp' , .5 .ggliiy if ,-4' N., 1 ' 'V Au. 091+ 'wmwao Y 19 u N I' 5 " ' w , 5 is Clllegheny Hugh School - A PiTTsbu'rQl'19lOenn57IvcmICL I Q' Volume 48 - Number 6 o 'IQ , dl 'l'Z . "'1'I' 17111, I ff zff' l. 1 ll rho ft' A I ' ' ,QI gi Six ' X Q-I , 7 Dedication NOW'that we seniors have attained our goal and stand ready to graduate. our thoughts turn to one who has played such an important part in our high school lite, but who, cannot be with us to share four ijoy and glory. lt is to Miss Margaret McClure we dedicate our year book. y ' ' ' be ' Into Miss McClure's hands 'Fate delivered us, a group of unruly IOB's, to be moulded into valuable citizens ot Allegheny and citizens ot the world. To our tormer report room teacher go our sincerest gratitude for a good start and tor guidance over the rough spots ot .those tirst semesters. Foreword WHEN we leave these halls ot Allegheny. we leave behind us many things which have played a vital part in our lives, among them, and most important. our friends. It is the sincere hope ot the editors that this book will help in pre- serving the cherished memories of our senior class. ,MQ 72, ,W 61 MJ J' fyff' 319+ CONTENTS 4 Class Activities Athletics Advertisements SARA LANE aww -fx - :MN f, M 'X 1 i QQL-x, kk-Z v RXQXXZ yxxxdx LPAQE L VX AUISREY RIESTER xxx! INK ZEBNISR wxf L71 zbixwx X I X IMUGI ROY T. MATTERN Principal P3 Tn N M R. ISENBERG Vice Principal .02- 1613.39 VK 4474.1-L,-6.-f,k.g ,I . IX X K TWC ,I I 4 'I If 'V . V 1 Q 355' FACULTY A ROY T. MATTERN. Principal CHARLES ISENBERG. Vice Principal W. BRUCE ALLEN HELEN BONSALL PAULINE BOSTON MILDRED McWILLIAM5 ELLA M. MESSEI? GRACE I-I. MILLER MARY I. BOWER AURA MYERS MARY I. CALDWELL ' BENJAMIN s. PHILLIPS ELLEN COLE P P , JOHN ROBE GRA NELIUS Auf, , vuw3U44' MAUDE ROWLEN I E DIEHL ' MARGARET RUTH GEORGE J. EMMINGER ' ALICE M. SCHWARTZ AGNES FLINN 795.7 35' HELEN M. SMITH M RIE E. EALKENHXYGEK q ji I CLARA A. SCOTT E. . ELOYD5' Y ' HARRY M. SPRI J ' 4 ' RM ' HN A. GRUBER 1 I xxx. BROW ER EDNA M. HECK 54144, m. SARA C. TESI-I GERRIT TI-IORNJ, CHARLES P. HETTI GER , .Q OLJI G. HOLE A h EISTER - Iwi MARGARET G. RLINE-'WU-mAuUww SONIA LADOFF ' DOROTHY MARICK AUGUSTA SIPPEL. Book Clerk ' MARGARET MacKINNON. Dietician MARIE Page Twelve SARABELLE TIFFANY CLARENCE WORLEV' ROUMAYNE WORRELL MYRTLE E. WYLIE ' MARY RODGERS, Secreta I' B. DENGLER, Assistant Secretary W fo, G4 L 1 Y , 53'Z+ff5"Z ,Je WL 'C ...QRS A ygwv- I " 1 n AH! OOW OO!! OOWAHHOOW HOD W N n 00 , IHOO AHH W l ' VIAHHOO AHHOO W ii A. 00 H WAHHO 0 NAHH D0 AHH 100 WAHHOO H 0 W V YI vl 'I x 00 v---'Y' WA 00 AHH 0 W 4? . . mists 5, 2 th Q gl 1 r. A alll iiihjiflli Yi ELTQNSGV' star 4 . rlcl g ia -'N ,ij ii M A pil wlilg, 'Q'f'lianiheo .W O is oi bgajltitne his tw u with rid vllflhn aiiglarligjglig hfvrftizfg. HHQXF o e! sub- ject is gstofy. Jw I ' member ' o 5. belongs to l' J, irl Coll e lub. Game A- U ' l o ri Clubi , . Servi e is re time is sp t re . He" favorite subject a bool-- keeping and typin 5 AUDREY 'BETTY BEI LSTEI N Pi y A . cheer- cler two ears. i also a m r F the Ga alrma o h h roo and ajrilembe o 0 ittee. r vorite i es a d clng and im i A ey un- cleci about ost d - ation plans. Page Fourten , ww W nvlllffy Howard. a member of Game Club and Boys Lite Saving Club, was a star tackle for our Football team. Howard. whose 'Favorite subject is math review, plans to join the Navy after graduation. an o s find r lvl r t ees time: b slr ng 'pf an After gradu- ation Doo w go Com tomet School A' db - e - qu -'. - U D - Q t'me I at 5 t' ' -: H v At - ' . . . 1.9 8 ' f . . Ge n Y d ,, .. ' .l l s ill to P 2 - I EUG B I Eugene o g t Boys Gle u . A rive lu nd - r S . as serv 'as pr o is loom ice l-list his f vorite sub- je 1 school. ' slcat' ' is as Fre t r r ,. ne 1' j yi? ll AU: W 4 . ' I 'X ROGER BOLSTER ret and' inds hrs ff, his spare avor ses math d machine 1 If A 4, . 5 Q . 'l ' J ,Zh 5, pf e gr ,., " Club. I r- v '- 1 J' . ' .J ' e pl ' es. I.. I ,f' , f H ' 'he I f ' op. ' NM ' UTH I C school u Q Q . - IRL Ja 'BREZINA A har orki a Q S M Rep nta e r if se- ' m ers.r Sh' y, .slti o'und i e 'for the. Gi ollege' 2 d ' Life Ing ubsl ervice 1 ad: L n and s i 'ng Sak p irl's sp tim 'Fav- orite ects a nglish an rthu 0 secure ecre riel ' is her om- ifaon. X b fa .lily rjfalwfjb ,l gem in :J iriiirsf A an B ife ving clu ? uPar " 05.1 " lisi is H is ht: es m 'a al drawi 9 ud fool: . cel- uf, beslceibal and foo all. Frank was st -e for A. H. S.'s 'footb a ,After receiving his ip Frqnl: will take a b- Uncle Sam's Marines 41 ,I BERR mbituo ar I CK . y A '. f To be e chinisl: l ee C. . h w n t e ' ac . . . . ' ho t at Flei I: Hou e elon ' "Bo Life v' 3 s- s. an ers swi 3 iteam. Shoo '- p and swimmi occ y his ubof-school ours. P CHARLES .CERNY pa w4E!Qfz,zsWF"Z? an rg em? r si o ic xss. l-le h gO4' ketball and base North Side Baro eds. respectively, but still 'found time for the honor roll. 'for -'ALICE CCSRNELL A Page Fifteen O CO R M Sf new our class. eo pl to help out my Surg on his grad ' n ' ining the Arm Nav orgev who i a or s us' t am fo all so as i 'fav ' obbies sp as h 'Favorite su ject. 'N RT RAVE lists as l an tball s hi fa e Qrts ter sc ol, he s KA a par ime j as a. ell- oy. Most hi 1 ure is sp sk n or w ing on stem collec- wcn. ans to become a mot . xPal:. l 'N' itbr e l-'Vinh o :mis m ter.w s 'ffilfll I th ld S 3 . il Q ' . IV n ai ces wr e H intl. X5 aw' attend. Hi Q ' ol- L le e o study .music or '-jou alism. L.-' ,,, fl DARA f Ed d wo mem er can in e ovie ec a. d A v' e enj y o en e t e er ll nm . Q - K I. b , i,. ,c , E e i st 'dh ' SQ8 pro c? O -I su - 1 ff -, - - r . in - m :'- ll alll Upon radu ' e will t s 1 Page Sixteen J. Y, , , ,E ,,,,, 415194, ,,,. ,, ,X I . f'H1i3L SWR il Law 'lf J :M and slvfetff lfirley hcfw DJ bee ia Qqsant m, of Dru and yu ves on he Wa' l-Ginn l er- i vice S a K fm A' r i si' W f spo?s f , sh b Ls Il-s Erwin YQ , . ii es. S ce he! 'x?s shor'- henfihliid 'fran cription, Shir- fxlby will ,make on excellent 7 secretary. ,i EFERGE L dmsing me ager ol O c-rg flnleti,laegxdl:lHi-Y la NDC ' the Wah f ' J Foo ld: es u Dnosl:-of' EC fi time. george li ,fUl!George irhaglfds to-'go we x' ls ' K7-che sry rf' ics. has a iol: i 'a4irugi tore. fo Pitt's Schqdl of' Pharmacy. .r 1 sem ANE y 1 Q i . . r, Bett en- l j 2- ing 'swi ing. i X h , s e e e er X - 2. ers li cl amei i b u'd tool: Xin r m r i Af e rad rl bn 'ple s o l rl: 0 B l o' i, . .' s h Q l vm" ' A F Frien y. li e V' is 1 pr ent L G and ing. c ct' ' tures, an s t p rti i ion her ' e s es. e Ven- En , s .. nd . er l GDS AQirls Co?e?rZcl b . Dani o t t gert . Z , I l f R Fmusv l . . ' .i . y Bob. a k ud -l i ves' tat in an e il in WQEQH rs. A em ri- fha Band si th rade. s o t Ge , n C clu er gr duati n n to wo ncle m e go to I- ues n' Clr. HEN RY GEISSLER . l Iwi Henry has exge iousl ndedhto join P N y. ivi airma o him: r a - ber Lea l . h a n X a s ol r s. . wh e u ts are hist ry V . works as a b r go t Moose. w , v Q WILLIAM GIBBS , Bill, one of the more active ' members of our class. has l planned for himself a career 1 as a radio technician or sailor. An honor student. l Bill is a member of "A" FU Band and Wah Hoo Staff. ' He also participates in after school sports, mainly basket- ball and swimming. i ' Mfinv As. sou? ' 0 as . " but !-' UQ 'C '. f . ' ' - ay r of th I i t i 'fd 0 IS , 2 St I m ' . r ' 9 c ' Y' Y 1' 4 - ' planning ,- g ' o - n office after 1 ,V w'?"'!.,ww , l + R D G - is lr n for hi 1 ' ,i won ' - e3heny's . Cl.- S . een a mem- , er Bo s L ders hd s V . 't .. 1 o -. gxg Q y" , !op" ind' P 1- M in I IW. ke. .Q i I Q Jem ! A .r o n His plans A, thai e e future are undecided. r . s Q 1 1 EUGE E NE ame fha fo nd o xcel WI Eu N -V 1 li - on l. Q f 1 1 A Eulg - e 'i f so u 't hisng a-2: 'i u s l 'He h le en i el. . . .e t.' -tri er'o 4 h l- srgg i me I vi' 6 - I b . 1 1' 2, . a th ' U ' 3 f -Y 'vi , W e ter co e 2 C IOP. - Page Seventeen url,-1 , A i '91, N he i L1 wwwwwahligfbp 1, HA Thelma, a member of Girls Colege and Life Saving clubs. has served on var- ious home room committees. ln addition to working part iime at McCrory's, she still finds time for horse-back riding, swimming. and danc- ing. Thelma would like to cntcr nurses training. M WD f ' ie" er ble rso ' e ' g and mai: as r -ilce sub- . " 1 ' vi reside F ' Co l u d 'ai' be ' Dr' e bs. rking es- girl after scho ta es up most of Margie's ol?-school time. FRED, Page Eighteen OJ AN Fri Dan on fo A sSavi Au -Drivs rs clu . X ' e in ' nd ec , iv ' ar a sol his av ub- iecis.j,iEZsii is Dan ' tends to g to col- lege but hasn't' definitely decided which one. i I ,jug HD 1 'uLiA ariand od-lo ' V ta iz ' 1 iall c 'activ- ave' ha yed an " or- iti' rurin stay at gheny. w r Wo semes- ters he ld ihei office Q hom r om 'preside ' year- he ' en : cil. a ef am for years nds to join the ser ter graduation. si IQ efoo: .e I LEY HOFFMAN c rrning Shir- y ancmg, ar' ci ' ' J is V ' Game . A O P ow' . a se g ih'h le e 'e. nd" lik fter xool, hi o i n 's. ex s to e nog r er. O TH H. R P sident r seme x.of Girls 3 l Y-- Trish also ' erii: of h me room in IOA. ' 'ou has laid go d n or o cre 1 or f, 'Fu b ' t n s ' nd 5 r in s o . Her e ctivity is bow g. ' X ff fall ifylf if , tive. X Girls M 1 Wah and is tion. English are her She en- at Gvimbels ROSE KAMALICH, BIC DOL IMME ' wim ' 3. sl: tin dana 9 ,along it ers f r school ' tate up f 'c ime f o ol . A form r er o P l b. s now hol ye-, A e of - ' t. Gif in u . With m dint plans in mind or th mule Dolores class speec a crafts as her favorite su - jects. ' RAYMOND A ,g Nineteen e ers as Z 1' ' ' .1 Y I 4 MELVIN -.LEHNER l U SE K' A member of -Lifei Saving ice . O ' 35 'ti' .1 and Boysvieaders clubs. oe C 'K , "- P3 M e l v i n enoys swimming. , " A basketball , a n d baseball. yas b - I: resijln Since Melvin wants to be a YC 'l y intendsc carpenter. it is only natural ' 1 ' doit that his 'favorite subject is h e ' f e ra duat woodshop. His after school t 6 ' ' a er Sm ' time is taken up worlcin at the Moose Lodge. My 4 ' y ' WEW L ST E OS I r ' , S ob e s! -, . y S eworsame of 5 1'. ,,ir'- el t rade r a Club an V er ar ,fl . mite Ov a tive ' terest' in subie 6 ,, E5 gecfe- etbal -baseball. f l l , 4' e room, opular eve.: the "live 0 .ki d em- 'e" our class. inten?sl er a ly , 1- o o ollege or o ' mitt as p ated v ter th e. in a school etball and aseball. Bob orlcs as a stockgboy at present and AMA plans t join the Navy. JA ES McCOUR1l' F Wag! -ai ber Cre always h ping hand. Jap ref rpath t his r s cts a is fa- orite o is a l. in w ' 'he Is. is a ber of ex ub. 5 DW' LI.-UL l L L Q NETTIE LEE,Ml J r s, ,amber-of c, a ! 'QSM me I is lub nd Servi - C inluis 'tivo t - bj i, ' n ers i Ii ip . Q- G a reaters - ' 't ek-up is P after ' atnstit ts 'csz Aof rs. U on.3radu- 'ish are O a ron. plans fo enter,the ,I t - D 5, nit States Navy. skatin bo aka up most of her s are time. Page Twenty Alf, . atba ' ' Ofl ' 1. although ' no cer am one Y 0, ,. N , IKE 5 9 , 4' , E ' 1 c "o f ', 'f ' ' 'f i jl u 1' at ,- rl is . .J fr fgf ' ' r ' - 1 . ns t . ' 1 ho I will e 1 DAVID MILLER e veri t' t t vrou a , able ba . on the membDNcidB ,751 W wo d th ' e anon . . .7 . mg e w mm o th s o x Coun3 lu ayor' BY 5 subject much time at .Z IL I at and s e v g sub - ec I oo - I f sh relei - 1' pld ' i stenogr er. n . Cf er G ' CARL MORRIS fcarl, Wah , o sport ter and er of ' X 'Boys L' si Club, s Basket- ' for th ' orth Side avens. ter graduation, he ' d to join the"Navy ith 5 X Howard Univer: sat stu 1 RALPH MU ROVI H ' . L h mcal i ar on ' lee has olal ,a le- 's t H q d ans ec dr Ft p- ee a iv er of t stag re nd presi- t of I e ro m. A DOROTHY NAPIERIXI' WW ' Quiet Dorot'ljgy,va membeiowk K' 6irls"'College Club.. plahs 0 to attend. the Michigv ,W University' 'wherel she ' 'w become 'either a teachelj. J J or a lawyer. History, sew- ing and,.Spe ish, are harm favoritesubjeas. She likes .4 to boyvl'and"Qlay the,piano. y X ,-. 5 QE o b' a iifities'-al bside sc .Pie lai otb "Aan wl' aX an ac ho a hr t r ne en ky! 'Fav "s'o N ' s 1' - s ' bestl' d su - Nga'-u ' "Sa will ain a o l Bob aduate A fl Page Twenty-one H' 'C f ' cI an the ork as a L SHIRLEY OCHSENHIRT L lLl'c6UI', has ' time . I tdkgsfan Hdme I f I SIIG I7' ' ext she j5I,I.., 1 is a Honor Ro!I. GENO 0 0 RATO eno 'I wa r - 2 e ' aseball . L ' mber of .I-Ie as ed as ' is e roo . v' ne ' ' a u ' . I I d r 'IL on ll tb an s I e Hi- I' Clu Basket- all f s I1 pr I en Ph 4 o t a t d I E 'PA J rene :sts or ame e Irene s n f uc a d ,ommntt Danclng ' R occu K - igure 'I:ime 'I- - ' f xi I G A N I . I ' ' f . !3 4 Mr .m 'M I 3 ur ,s a , , f r Iee II ade 4 I uf - I ' ii mths 3 t i f Ie I - q s In .1 A I' I . Page Twenty-two X p in In us te I sp 'rgnly B Ice aII I I I To el. -'i '! II v 4 ' W: j' 1 I 'H " I ' .Q rj. 4 ,' ,' ' s V " . 4. 9 he or' 1 1 e In IS a ers I ' - . I staurant. he is constantly on the Honor Roll. Mike I hopes to attend college. I GERT UDE PATRICK ' ri rt, of ' I irom o I: I s , cing w a- yorite hob s. utur 're- ceptipn' e Q xooses ng- i sgtsm A ' a 5 fit' L ' s. o 4' I .P aII'dnd o 'y I. I gar- player ' enr I I I I I RICE I AUDREYJ N R STER Pretty popula Audlre ne o p ugs 1 J io c . ' a ass n ho oom ls ret ry. me e Coll Cu . o d s a ver ap j as ito of th an ' m of t gh . from al this, sh still nd time fo her 'Favori sub- ject. English. A ' plans to attend busi school. after graduation. DORQTW DQDM5-:NN Tolls tele op r for,m:iBqlti E rea Ohio ,ligilro 's D' f it, n. lfxihloian in sp ', Dqgq was, shun y membe of tk chool dreams pdl: lists l like hte ub- 5 jNgioys ' H81 , V ' ii CW l 3 ' C so sgfspoum er me o eg c . ary al o in - ' ,gring-, Eehi... -c 'c ia e ' usy C S W-for r hobby.-.readin . 'Mar ristgbili socio ogy n Q 9 n i s . . would like o s udi l- ogy. , VERi UER a member f W,Qodshon Club f. ur W mema , ric i e th y 3 - K e s. V r I miss -,a gem .I exce I' .ing J' akes of her 'ownd clog WI heh intend to cjxl cu f,g,5aduatilan.n 5 wo J Q EKEQHEAHAN L55 anl the oflice ub- after she time O criedil: dande A team. ln 'machine 'hiss 'fa- giad- to go to Page Twenty-three I 1 AYM bie w rc H y, et lr n " ', li Bo e i Cl so e ns vo joi ncl vy. i e h h ap I H n r t. mos Among the sports which Henry ikes, 'football ranks first. K IDA STORK 5 . 1 Viv ious and so ial-mi d. H .'G'ntends t r a a childs ursse. as 9 ined e e , ing ' pital . Sh7e"5elong irls ' od hlsp an9g,Gam club Tig ana bowli 8153 'err hobbies. Ida e o y s c s. spite . , ca tai vo th e perionfgrvbg squad . f b rv A stiff? C b :grins JANE gym A Charming Helen im mem- ber' of' Service anfd Game -Club. Her favorite subjekits are English and shorthand. Dancing' and swimming are her outside- interests. Al- thfiugh she has had experi- ence as a salesgirl. she plans to be a recptionist. MW' by! i FRANQ SZCZURE Q s . ttra Fra es fre- ' ' nu h or cl nt. Aft r Qc ool s rks . a t tai 't a rug re. XS ' es ll he iec ,N pl e , t a ., uation. s X79 ' l s NU 0 Q, ROBRR v x , ele s feta thdah Fri Y' 3 in E l tetmra s ' l FTM: or? es' -.asl b I he- YS . ' . 3, lub. ..' - ot favcar rec . e Hs Woking after. vm. . h. to e 3 ' pap a -,- 'f .i sual ex nce he onen- be lv, . li eu 1 Dair ehind er. A or VI' . V' La . b F I2 , ember of Girls College I fr I, ' 3 , En Q f-31 th , - Club. she also enloys dan- his ' I edt . C Q I i , a .L . r i Cmg' J' ear future h i es to l ecome one of cle Sam's ' soldiers. . l X S o A f 42" ELLE IDMAN' is ni , 1 xx 0 8. T - C C 'n Quiet in Ellen O Zia s .. - haf k l e? eis e -Z her b D u jeati I v ku ys c ing a 0 lu ' X - "'- fer - sports. r is a past mem- l of l B n de 0 th ber 3 am Cuba and . 4.1. n. ' s coming NE' :ix ' 3 fo I t e a steno r after radu . s x a on . i Page Twenty-four . If w X I ly, ' lall 93 lr N ' I 5 JU 'WATT I ' . .IL 4 . . ll- I 5 ef ki Memjber Q. ' uto., iers a Ge e R o to u all Cl .x VIOIIN . she es nd la s este was Or es e P ,of -all her reside clay Glee S cis. e es t sew. To 1 ' e Navy i us- che nd ek After el' mbition an r aps radu I n she like to m t to egg, He go to business s ool and Iso enj 5 ,ns basket. I r secure a 3 rnment ball. ' avorite subjects I ere sociology and economs HELEN WEIDLE I e a si n energetic, en is gi mahy in- r s r ' n , of fer r e. h p ion ecr io -Le ' r- e su er ' at ns. o oo th 9 so I he A be of de Dr , sh Iso ar- tici at in vo ball arid b all att s c: h o o I. H intends t go to col- l and study ICS. ,Rita ' MARV ANN YEUER Charmin ry ,el ngs It ' olle I L n G lub e 's e ltlobe of t ' S v q an wa iv' air ot h ago a a wim ' up t o gre pare e. T at- ten e to cre- r ch is m ion. W' EARL ZENTGRAF Sql: B L i lub Ir h e three s e ern rship s als be- Io ed he a lub. avlllc Pr I e rs home r In I an ex- II nt ' mer. I works s st -io at nclant af r sch I e enjoys sw' ming an basketball. . Y I H 1 Page Twenty-Eve ' Honor Gracluatqsx R 31 1 ,I 1 HIGH HONOR x I PATRICIA DAY , I FRED C. HAUSLER If JAMES GEORGE KALARIS SARA FRANCES LANE X M? RAYMOND A. LE GRAND BIILS wk If I5l"Q2'jK. X REQ A 'Ig SHIRLEY DOROTHY OCH IEQIGLEIIIQI 'ggi HELEN E. WEIDLEI .I IRR MARIE LOUISE WIIQLIAMS I I HONOR Ii' fi! I I NEUQENEZQBLAIR EUGENE ERN 'ISTAXQRQBRNER IN I XVI I RR I I 'CHARLES WILLIAM CERNY DOROTHY NAPIER WILLIAM I-I. GIBBS MICHAEL C-3. PARIS MARY BERINIICE GOLD SARAH LOIS RICE P ge Tweniy-six CLASS OFFICERS President ------ Fred I-Iausler Secretary - - Audrey Riester Vice-President - - - Charles Cerny Sponsors - Mrs. Bonsall. Mr. Keister Page Twe ty Zi HALL CF FAME SHIRLEY oci-isENi-HRT NEEDING no introduction. this semester's Yearbook editor 'Finds herself in the midst ot all important school activities. Popular with teachers and students alike, Shirley, a high honor student, will be one of the prin- cipal speakers at our commencement. Shirley, who has at one timesor another held a position on every home room committee, is also a veteran ot tour radio programs, two ot which were Junior Town Meeting broad- casts. A former member ot Junior Girls College Club and Auto Drivers Club. she now has a role in the Twelfth Grade Drama Club's play. Be- cause ot her journalistic ability, she was chosen to represent Allegheny at the Westminster and W.P.S.P.A. journalism conferences. l-ler part-time job does not prevent her from enjoying her tavorite hobbies which are skating, bowling. and dancing. EUGENE GREBNER HANDSOME and popular, Eugene is well known around Allegheny. l-lis friendly spirit has won him many friends. President-ot his home room tor two semesters, vice-president one semester. and home room treasurer in IZA, Eugene was chairman ot the Scholarship Committee ot Student Council. The orchestra claimed Eugene as a member tor tive semesters, 'Four ot which he was concertmaster. A memberxot Glee Club. Boys College Club. and Chess Club, he also guest-starredsinf the I I2th Grade Drama play in l2A. Serving the Wah l-loo for tojurfsemestefs as advertising manager and a member ot the School Notes Stafff.Euge,ne 'is now a Yearbook Editor. Despite all his school activities.. he still. tindstirne to pursue his two hobbies. tennis and photography-. ,--, On they honof roll since IOth grade. Eugene is graduating with high honor, and is-,a comq mencement speaker. Eugene's tuture plans include college,-Allegheny will miss Eugene's service. 1, . , SARA LANE SARA, gracious and charming in manner, has taken part in many of Allegheny's activities. She joined the Wah l-loo Literary Staff in IOA: became Literary Editor in I2B, and this semester served as Wah l-loo editor. Sara's part in student government includes home room presi- dent tor three semesters. vice-president two semesters: secretary ot stu- dent council in l IA, and chairman ot the Guidance Committee ot Student Council for three semesters. A member ot orchestra since IOB, Sara is also president ot the Chamber Music Club. A high honor student. she is chairman ot her speech class and is a commencement speaker. She ap- peared on several ot Allegheny's radio programs. Active in the drama clubs, Sara was president of llth Grade Drama Club and appeared in two l2th Grade Drama productions. When Sara isn't busy with school activities or her part-time job, she likes to dance and read poetry. Page Twenty-eight PATRICIA DAY PATRICIA. friendly and attractive, is always on the high honor roll. Active. gay, and full of tun have been her entire three years at Allegheny. Pat has participated in many radio programs. and the Junior Town Meeting of the Air twice. I-ler singing has famed her socially. The Wah I-loo hasimeant a lot to Pat, and she has contributed a great deal to it. Several clubs have claimed her as a member. She has taken part in two drama clubiplays. She was secretary of the -I Ith Grade Drama Club. Singing a solo for the commencement program was Pat's contribution. The song+bird ot the January class can always be counted on for any ser- vice. I-ler plans are still indefinite, yet she would like to attend I-liram College. FRED HAUSLER LIVELY and energetic, Fred is the president ot our senior class. This semester he is also president ot his home room and chairman of the Attendance Committee ot Student Council. Busy Fred, sports editor of the Wah I-loo, likes history and English, A high honor graduate. Fred is a hard working student whose lively wit and pleasing personality have contributed greatly to Allegheny. Atter school, basketball has taken up much o'F Fred's time. Upon graduation he hopes to enter Pitt. JAMES KALARIS INDUSTRIOLJS James has served Allegheny in many ways as home room -' president, 'scholarship chairman, guidance chairman. a member ot the ServicehSquad. Jim's ability in social studies led him to be an Alle- gheny frepresentative in the Sun-Telegraph History Contest. Jim, the possessorot a fine speaking voice has participated in three Junior Town Meetingprograms and tive ot the Democracy In Action series. Although school work keeps him busy. James takes an active part in church work. Since he' hopes to be a Greek Orthodox clergyman, he is very 'interested in the Greek language which he has studied 'For ten years. Jim will attend I-Ioly Cross Seminary after graduation. RAYMOND IJE GRAND WITI-I high honor, and a scholarship coming his way, Ray occupies a prominent position in our senior class. A high ranking orchestra mem- ber, he has been chosen to represent Allegheny's music department at our commencement program by playing a clarinet solo. Although he is kept busy with his studies, he has found ample time to engage in many ot the extra curricular activities. A former member of IOth Grade Drama Club and now in the I2th Grade Drama Club. he has starred in two plays pro- duced by these clubs. I-laving held an otlice in both Math and Chemistry clubs, he adds to his Iaurels with the fact that he spent many weary hours practicing with the marching band of which he was an honorary member. A member ot the School Notes Staff of the Wah I-loo for three semesters, Ray will attend Hiram College in February. Page Twenty-nine MARIE WILLIAMS DAZZLING and energetic Marie, our cashier in the lunch-room, is the author of those exciting stories and wonderful poems which appeared in the Wah I-loo for the past two years. She has really demonstrated her talent in Allegheny by participating in several radio programs. helping in the office. and taking part in a club play every year. I-ler dramatic ability as a mother will always be remembered. A high honor graduate, Marie presents an excellent speech at the commencement program. Marie pos- sesses prophetic abilities. proved at the I-Iallowe'en Dance. I-Ier pleasing manner has won her many friends. She finds great interest in economics and German. At present, Marie is employed as a part-time shoe salesgirl. With all these activities she still has time for music which is her hobby. Marie's plans after graduation are still indefinite. DAVID HILLIARD POPULAR Dave. President of Student Council, has held the presidential office in his home room for the past two semesters. I-lis assembly participation and part in sports will be remembered by the students of Allegheny. Sports are extremely important to Dave since he played on our football team for two years and lists sports as his hobby. Dave has belonged to the Band and Boys Leaders Club. Speech and mathema- tics are Dave's favorite subjects. I-Ie plans to enter service upon graduation. CHARLES CERNY A. CHARLES, the vice-president of our senior class, is an accomplished artist whose cartoons have appeared in so many Wah I-loos. Athletics have been an important part of his life out of school as well as in school. for he has played on several North Side baseball and basketball teams. With all these extra activities, however, he has still found enough time for study. I-le graduates with honor. Charles is gracious and efficient. Page Thirty A HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF I949 AS we, the January Class of l949, assembled in Allegheny l-ligh School three years ago, we felt that the seemingly insurmountable obstacle which lay before us could never be overcome, and that the ultimate goal could never be attained. lt was difficult then for many of us to imagine that we, mere lOB's. just entering Allegheny, would someday be receiving our diplomas in the very auditorium in which we were first gathered. But today we are startled that our years at Allegheny have passed - years that sped all too quickly. Not only are we startled but almost dismayed that the three happiest years of our lives are at an end. Now, as the class is preparing to leave, we take a moment to reminisce. Our thoughts take us back to the first time our group assembled as a class. lt was a proud and happy group that congregated in Allegheny's auditorium that first day, for we were no longer children but high school students. lt was at this meeting that we were first introduced to our present principal, Mr. Mattern, who was vice-principal at the time: and to the rules and customs of Allegheny l-ligh School. It was comforting to meet again our friend, Mr. Millikin, then principal. We all went home that opening day feeling important. Our first edition of the Wah l-loo was truly a work of art, for it had our names and pictures in it. We all felt then that we, too, were a part of the school. Our next treat was our first Allegheny assembly held in honor of the lOB's. But the upper classmen didn't stop with that, in their effort to make us feel at home. Our first introduction to the social life in Allegheny was the big Get- Acquainted Dance held in the gymnasium. lt was there that we learned to know the other 'members of our class as well as the upperclassmen. lt was a rather exciting day when we students held a parade in honor of our basketball team, which had won top city honors. Probably the event which took place that first semester that will be remembered longest and best was the exciting vaudeville show produced by the music department. lt featured skits and acts of every conceivable type from Shakespeare to a wild western, and had a two-night stand in our auditorium. This memorable event brought our first semester of high school to a close. We returned to Allegheny in the fall with renewed zest, ready to tackle any problem which we would encounter. We were all surprised and somewhat saddened to hear that our principal, Mr. Millikin, had left us to take over the position of Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools. But we were also glad for him that he had received such a splendid pro- motion, and we were equally glad to welcome Mr. Mattern as our new principal. Mr. lsenberg, a newcomer to Allegheny then, but now one of us, became our vice-principal. g Page Thirty-one A standout that semester was the exciting l-lallow'en party which. with a brilliant array of costumes brought gaiety and excitement to the whole school. This party over, we found Thanksgiving was upon us and then Christmas. Those of us who were spending our first Christmas in Allegheny were awed by the beautiful and inspiring Christmas tree and bright decorations. We were treated that year to a rendition of a scene from Shake- speare's Romeo and Juliet, which was presented by the Boys College Club. A wonderful concert by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for the students of Allegheny and Oliver in our auditorium. rang down the curtain on our first year at Allegheny. After a brief respite, we took up our duties as Juniors. We all enjoyed meeting the newcomers to our school at the Get-Acquainted Dance and the colorful Saint Patrick's Day Dance. We carried ourselves with a little more pride that semester, and well we could, for our Wah l-loo won the Westminster Press Award of Western Pennsylvania for the outstand- ing school magazine in that area. To add to that. our school had the honor of playing host to the Western Pennsylvania Student Council Conference. This conference was attended by representatives from all schools in Wes- tern Pennsylvania for the purpose of discovering how other student repres- entative bodies worked. The activities which followed brought us to Stunt Day. Senior Assem- bly, and finally Commencement of the June Class of I947. We were amazed to find that half of our three year term was over. We came back in the Fall fired with enthusiasm. for we anticipated a repetition of the previous year when the football team's prowess on the gridiron enabled it to seize Section ll Championship. We cheered our- selves hoarse at our first pep rally. The team got off to a victorious start. but Carrick's victory ruined Allegheny's chances and left the Red Devil fans somewhat disappointed.'The Christmas celebration delighted us. We were all somewhat moved by the resumption of the old Allegheny tradition of singing around the-Christmas tree. We enjoyed, too. the Christmas program in the auditorium. a Something very important occured this semester -- we got our rings. There was no doubt about it, we were moving on! With rings a symbol of our achievement. we left the rank of Juniors. As Seniors. we began to feel the responsibility of promotion. We were to serve as models for the underclassmen. The highlight of our l2B semester was the production of Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew," presented by the drama department of CarnegieiTech. "But what's this, the time couldn't'have gone so fast," were thoughts stirred by the l2A Senior Dance and Stunt' Day Programs. As we stood and watched the passing parade, we realized that the semester had marched also. in an unfaltering tempo with Father Time, and slipped through our lax, Page Thirty-two W unwary grasp. We found ourselves accepting the challenge and best wishes from the graduating seniors. We accepted the responsibility gravely, and in our hearts' we all resolved to live up to the expectations of the l2A's. gThe Fall of I948 came. With a sense of elation upon us, we took up the reinsias leaders of the school. determined to get the last full measure of enjoyment' from this, our last semester. But, as usual, the time escaped us. By the time we had our pictures taken, name cards ordered, prom dates arranged. and had been measured for caps and gowns. Christmas. our last at Allegheny, was upon us. The carolers in the halls. the fine program in the auditorium. and the singing around the Christmas tree left in our minds a cherished life- time memory. A Senior day arrived. With pride but also with reluctance we passed the key to the new l2A's. ' ' i Our task accomplished, we make our exit. the night of January 26. l949 from Allegheny l-ligh School. As we walk the path trod by so many before us. we turn for one last look through the halls wherein we experienced our greatest joys and ac- complishments. We wave goodbye to friends whose companionship can never be equaled: we turn, and to the nostalgic strains of our Allegheny Hymn. cross the threshold. and step out into the world -- Allegheny A umni. Page' Thirty-three Chronicle September 7-It was with mingled emotions of joy and regret that we entered our newly-painted Allegheny to begin our final semester. We found that there were to be only two report rooms. but this brought us closer together to take up our task as school leaders. September 8-It seemed like old times to welcome back to school Robert Clark. Marlene Eberhardt. Joan Pearson, Ronald Williams, and Robert Stoehr. all June graduates. who repeated the panel discussion on the Freedom Train given at their commencement. September I4-We were excused from afternoon classes to attend a Rededication Program at Flagstaff l-lill. September I5-I7-The long awaited Freedom Train arrived in town. The huge lines of people coming from miles around and waiting for hours to see the famous documents, showed us just how much America values her freedom. September 29-Pennsylvania Week and the Keystone Ouiz. We discov- ered many facts about our state and its famous citizens. September 30--The gym was the scene of the Get-Acquainted Dance. We wore gay namecards. got acquainted, and enjoyed the entertain- ing floor show. October 7-Playingin a sea of mud, our Allegheny eleven won its first :league game from Oliver. Score 26-6. October I4-The eagerly awaited first issue of the Wah l-loo, with 'its usually fine content was distributed today. We read the book from cover to cover. admiring the IOB pictures. The Wah l-loo will be one of the best reminders of our life at Allegheny. October I4-Again Allegheny is triumphant. Under the lights at Monu- ment l-lill. Perry fell with a score of I9-6. With our two traditional rivals defeated. we wonder if the rest of Section ll will follow in the same path. October I5-It was off to school for our teachers as the faculty attends institute. and we have a day of vacation. October 20-2I-Does my hair look all right? ls my tie straight? Should I smile? - Yes, this is the day we get our pictures taken at Strems. - Everyone has a feeling the proofs will be terrible. Peg e Thirty-four October 2 I-This is indeed a busy day. The tension of receiving our first report cards was broken by a novel assembly that featured every- thing from a talk by Mr. Mattern and a special arrangement of the Allegheny Hymn to a majorette number and cheerleading. Again Allegheny is the gridiron victor. Score Allegheny I3. Fifth Avenue O. October 27--The annual l-lallowe'en Dance. sponsored by Student Council and the Yearbook. is held in the gym. Home room -jack-o-lanterns help to complete the gay decorations. Fortune telling and games are featured in the Arch Street Hall. Colorful and original costumes add a perfect touch to a perfect evening. October 29--Carrick outscored Allegheny at Philips November 4-The Mixed Chorus and the Orchestra assembly. lt is a preview of their performance School dismissed at l:3O for a special teachers Field. Score 27-6. give a concert in on Parents Night. meeting. November S-The Red Devils bring to a close a fine football season by defeating Langley. I3-l2. November 9-"Smile Now! l-lold it! Steady!" Yes. today-the group pic- A tures for the Yearbook are talcen with the weatherman on our side. Several of the senior boys gave the photographer a lift. November IO-Tonight is Open l-louse. the night our parents meet the the faculty. A program. featuring the speech. music. and clothing departments-and also the majorettes conclude the evening's activities. November ll-Another day off. This time it's Armistice Day. Page Thirty-five November I8-The second issue of the Wah l-loo is out today. We read tit with a bit of regret knowing that only one more issue will mark our " stay at Allegheny. NovemberR25-26-Thanksgiving is here. It is a clay to thank God for our many blessings. It also means two days vacation. December 2-The lOth Grade Drama Club gave an hilarious assembly program consisting of five short plays. lt was a fine performance with plenty of talent. , December 3-The reason the seniors rushed to the cafeteria today is that our pictures arrived from Strems. Everyone is secretly pleased with the results and flattered by the "ah's" and "oh's" of their classmates. ' December 9-The l2th Grade Drama Club present two plays in assembly. Again the rollicking experiences of the Jones family keep us rocking with laughter. December I4-Today we receive our second report cards and find out our standing for graduation. The first event of the Yuletide season is here. We hold our home room Christmas party. December I6-The Christmas issue of the Wah l-loo is distributed today. We'll treasure this last issue forever. and look forward to the Yearbook which is now being composed. - December I7-Deadline for the Yearbook. Editors, typists, advertisers work fast and long in the Activities Office to meet the line before three o'clock. ' Page Thirty-six December I7-Tonight is the l2th grade social. Dancing in the Arch Street hall, a tloor show. and games on the balcony highlight the gay evening. December 23-The annual caroling around the Christmas tree and as- sembly program mark our last Christmas together at Allegheny After graduation, we shall miss the traditional Christmas Celebration at Allegheny. January 6-The llth Grade Drama Club gave us an unusually good as- sembly program. January I3-lt's our big night. At last we're at the prom. The Colonial is the place where handsome boys and pretty girls 'dance to the music of Walt's " Knights ot Music". The rainbow-hued gowns arellovely. ' f A ' January 2l-Stunt Day! We 'play host to the l2B's and show them that we -are really "kids" at heart. January 24-To-day is our last day at Allegheny. With pride -andsorrow ' ' we 'march into the auditorium for our last assembly. We feel that weiare leaving behind the best time of our lives, but-we know Allegheny has prepared us to accept the challenge of the world. January 26--Commencement is here. We are no longer Allegheny stu- dents but alumni. We'll miss Allegheny. our home 'for three years. but we shall try to make her proud of us and we shall keep her stan- J J idards in our struggle Onward and Upward. X. , J i. - ' I Page' Thirty-seven Senior Assembly Monday. January 24, l949 Processional Flag Salute I Star Spangled Banner Presiding - - - ---- Fredl-lausler President of the Class of January. 1949 Welcome - ---- Charles Cerny Vice President of the Class of January. I949 Scripture - ---- Audrey Riester Secretary of the Class of January, I949 Hymn - - - - "Come Thou Almighty King" History ot the Class - - - Mary Gold and Sarah Rice Awards - - - Scholastic, Athletic. Miscellaneous Orchestra Presentation of the Key Michael Paris Acceptance ot- the Key - - Anthony Simile V President of the Class of June, I949 Farewell - - - - Fred l-lausler Allegheny l-lymn ' Recessional Page Thirty-eight i Commencement Allegheny I-Iigh School Auditorium January 26. I949 Theme: The Spirit of Pittsburgh Presentation of the Flag The Star Spangled Banner Class and Audience Invocation Welcome - - Shirley Ochsenhirt Libraries and Museums - - Eugene Grebner Concerto No. I - Q 10591-711 Paulson - Ray LeC5rand Clarinet Solo acco mpanied by Ben Akerley Music and Theaters - ----- Sara Lane Social Settlements A - - - Marie Williams A Brown Bird Singing - Haydn Wood - Patricia Day Alto Solo acco mpanied by Ben Afzerley Architecture ------- James Kalaris Presentation of Class to Board ot Education - Roy T. Mattern, Principal Presentation ot Diplomas - Representative of the Board of Education ' assisted by Fred l-lausler. president ot the Class Allegheny Hymn V Retiring of the Flag America - - Class and Audience Benediction Page Thirty-nine EW "UWA W A EMM M uqufograplg Muff! Sw J 'x Vx ge Forty IH 00 HAHHOO AHH -' - 1- -- -- -- I -- --car-my mum 'll ll ' I 0 I ' 0 I ..:5iu MM AH 0? . W I- u H H V 0 I.. W 'UWA W I. W um g, WA IA O0 1 0 w m ., W PH lo' W I 1. -I W , 00 I OW , .n H n H W QQ HOU O0 I OD W 00 las W D Q In .HH .n gg 0 Mm Q Ol I w H N f do . -'a Mm , I I 00 HAH I u .L Q v' Ziff 7 if I f l N VI' 1 'X Vi OOWAHHOO W NW I ll I ' I I V I I' VI 1 A53 -an W 1' nu 'T' I 1 OGHAHHOO . -I .4 Q0 AHH ' 'r H W "f HAHH '-100 W .. . J... .,., U K ,. I I 'Q 0 ff-YW? . .+ 1f, if . I gk Www 55" If + 'II XXI I 1, - M x ' X, 5 ' 1 , I' '72 , ' ' ,f'f5:i16 . f ! I 'eq J W iff? J I ,gy , J I 'f i ,' W X x . Q5 I -. H Z- V U For UPON GRADUATION Made Williams WE leave behind a part of lite That we shall n'er forget. We leave experience. fun. and work. And many friends we've met. We leave the old familiar halls And things that we've held dear. We leave - a bit afraid to step lnto a coming year. In which the world will change To something that is new, But we leave behind our "green years For another hue. We ascend to our adult life. But in our hearts we know That though we want to grow up, . . . . Reluctantly we grow! ty-two THE WAH HOO Publishedby THE STUDENTS OF THE ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Vol. 48 January, 1949 T H E S T A F F Editor ---- ------ Year Boch Editors - - SHIRLEY Ocx-ISENI-IIR1' - Literary - - - - GEORGE AUER - MARIE WILLIAMS - RosE MARIE PERscI-IY - No. 6 - SARA LANE EUGENE GREBNBR - CHARLES BOYD - IRBNE RozARIs JAMES MCHUGH IRENE POWLBNOK School Notes BEN ARERLEY - - RAY HOFFMAN ANNA GoRMAN - - RAY LE GRAND DONALD BIEER - EDIS Bufcx-IER RABi0NA GONZALFZ - MIRIAM CoDAN SIIIRLEY LURENAS - HELEN RUTNER IVIARY L. KLICIIER - - NANCY CLARK BERNARD SLOVESKY CARLoYN HEURICI-I Sports - FRED HAusLER - - - CARL MORRIS DONALD PAXTON Alumni - - PATRICIA DAY Exchange - AUDREY RIEs'I'ER Snoop - - - - NANCY MILLER Typing - LOIS Scl-IWERER - - - SARAH RICE SHIRLEY FAwcE'r'r - - HELEN SUBOTICH Photography - - ---- RoIsER'r STUART Business - DONALD BERGER MARLANE BAIIER Advertising - GEoRoE FEnEANIs - - RITA FANRELI.. HELEN VAzzANA - WILLIAM Gmns HELEN HAMIIERS - MARIAN ANGARAN Cirmlation - IRENE JOHNSON - NANCY CI-IRIs'roEE KATI-IRYN DICRMAN - PAT LYNCH DOLORBS ENGLAND - DANIEL HILINSRI ROBERT FINLEY Ar' - CI4IARLEs CEKNY - Run-IGAY SI-IERTER JOANNB YAUNT - JoI-IN ALLEN WILLIAM KUSTES - - WAYNE YE'r'I-ER FACULI Y ADVISERS Stuff - I - CLARENCE E. WORLEY Art ---- MARIE E. FALKENHAGEN Finance - - - FORREST H. FLOYD General Adviser - - CLARA A. Scan' Page Forty-three L X1 1 fl :S Q s Q E-I N 5' ' RgcXjL xwffii 2 7 g'421f?11 4441 1, f 1' , A ,44',"4:: N ' QQZLQ4, I ff f Jaw' N X: - x X X sig Ss Q5 v XG Nx X I Y XJ W Y' l'-- 5 X: 1 Page Forty-four WAH HOO STAFF WAH HOO STAFF George Auer, Ben Alcerley, Ray l.eGrand. James McHugh, Don Berger. Fred Hausler. William Kustes. Wayne Yetter. George Fedeanis. Helen Subotich, Sarah Rice, Shirley Ochsenhirt, Sara Lane. Eugene Grebner. Bernard Slovesky, lrene Rozalcis. Rose Marie Perschy. Miriam Codan. Marlane Bauer, Shirley Lukenas. Anna Gorman. Patricia Day. Caroline Heurich, Rita Fankell, Marie Wil- liams, Edis Butcher, lrene Powlenolc, Shirley Fawcett, Audrey Riester. Helen Rutner, Nancy Clark. William Gibbs, Robert Finley, Helen Vazzana, Katherine Dickman, Helen Hampers, Patti Lynch, Nancy Miller. lrene Johnson. Lois Schwerer, Romona Gonzalez. Mary Lou Kucher. Ray Hoffman. Charles Boyd, Donald Biber. Charles Cerny, Carl Morris. Sponsors: Clarence E. Worley, Forrest H. Floyd, Marie E. Fallcenhagen. Clara A. Scott. ' Q Q Peg e Forty-five STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE BODY Walter Krasneslci. Anthony Simile. Rita Newell. David l-lilliard, Joanne Paulat. Vince Murovich. Elaine Kokinalcis. Rosella Chezosky. Doris Mcl-lugh. Dorothy Beck. Flora Tolomeo, Joyce Alder. Naomi Crain. Blanche Jedliclca. Sylvia Ondelc, Rosemary l-lartigan. Richard Facemire. Lawrence Ebert. Louis Haber. Fred l-lausler. Leonard Aftanas. John Maley. Patton Pannier. Frank Lewis. Sponsors: Miss Bower. Miss Scott. Mr. lsenberg. Pag e Forty-six 4 . WAH HOO REPRESENTATIVES Rose Klucszan. Elva Thornily, Nancy Roth. Bob Finley, Pat Lynch, Shirley l-lruby. Barbara Milcan. 4 Helen Rutner. Barbara Wright. Mary .lane Ortlieb, Angela Caltellaro. Ruth Radovic, Nancy Rudolph. Barbara McCalmont. Betty l-luttenlocker. Urania Christy. Marilyn Makoslci. Mary Lois Rebholz, Earleen Eichelman, Arden Barie, Christy Christott, Robert Dick. B Pag e Forty-se Ilth GRADE DRAMA CLUB Rose l-lartigan, Naomi Crain. Anne Lutz, Peggy Figdor, Urania Christy. Shirley Begler, Nancy Christotf. Richard McKee, Edith l-lerron, Rosella Chezosky, Betty O'Keete, Carolyn l-leurich. Frank Louis, Anna Victor. Marjorie Pusateri, Shirley Shelton. Esther Cochi- nella. Betty Anne Schlie, Annamae Schutz, Shirley l-lotfman, Irene Rozakis, Don McKee. Anna Gorman. Ronald Mayers, Joyce Alder, I-lilda Balbach. Dorothy Morris, Marion Angaran, Joan Paulat, Lawrence Biclcel, Shirley Pyndrfws, Frances Ridiclc, Donna Moser, Rosemarie Toski, Delores Yes- c en o. Sponsor: Miss l-leck. ' Page Forty-eight y - -lwwwg wftyifyf HN'-it 91015. .RL Vc,12, ,w RQ? ww fri., - li I2th GRADE DRAMA Mary Sacoulas, Rosemarie Sugrue. Dorothy Taube, Patricia Day, Ray LeGrand, Lorraine Prycl. Rita Fanlcell. Betty Wayman. Jean Krummert, Lois Raclermacher. Helen Weidle. , Steve Levendos, Sara Lane. Marie Williams, Lois Kimmel, Shirley Faw- cett. Ruth Bolzing, Virginia Catalclo, Amelia Debes. Marilyn Koenig. Shirley Ochsenhirt. Dolores Shelbur, Pat Lynch. Rita Newell. Ruthgay Shelcter, Irene Johnson, Dorothy Ebitz, Nancy Miller. George Auer. Ben Alcerley, Helen Zelkovic. Sponsor: Miss Ruth. Page Forty-nin GIRLS COLLEGE CLUB Shirley Ann Lulcenas, Emma Slaughter, Rosella Kuss, Dolores Karanzas Dolores Scarselli, Alice Cornell. Virginia Fichter,' Evelyn Curry, Mary Hart- man.-Mary Kay Frederick. Frances Catherino, Mary Ann Yetter. Betty Taube. Janet Geyer. Shirley Brezina, I-lope Beattie, Mary Capps Cecelia Brennan, Dorothy Napier, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Thelma l-laas Audrey Riester. l-lelen Subotich, Lucille Reagan. Sponsor: Miss Myers. Page Fifty GIRLS LEADERS CLUB Joanne Kohler. Dorothy Tegethoff. Rosemarie Toslci. Nancy Subotich, Patty McTague. Dorothy Comport. Alta Marth. ' Jean Krummert. Shirley Dallmus. Treasurer: Kathryn Dickman. Secretary: Helen l-lampers. President: Rose Kluczan. Vice President: Joanne Wolfe. Rita Fanlcell, Mary Zupsic, Elizabeth Sacherich, Loretta Edmonds, Patti Lynch. X Sponsor: Miss Rowley. Page Fifty-one l MAJORETTES Marian Lunz, Betty Velte. Jean Fatata, Dorothea Daugherty, Barbara Neely, June Burkey. Grace Malara. Joanne Kohler. Jane Montgomery. Patricia McTa9ue. Lillian Man- gieri, Marion Perlilc. Nancy Lusk. Georgiana Michael. Loretta Montgomery. Sponsor: Miss Rowley. Page Fifty-two l Uv Lexi? QQ, ll, , , O20 of J dm WM ll JAM 'V U .1 EPA lj' ,-1 ' ., -ll Ex I, li! Q r I, :V F Jsx Es. ,ll bib . lf ml, l y l Win Ll v' , , .il'y .1 A Q J . J . . 1 , I it ll ,VX I I? L YN v rv' I D . M1 XR f A y?fffWPQ!Zl ' 1 , ff' CHEERLEADERS ll' Nancy Miller, Rita Newell. Patti Lynch, l-lelen Hampers. Ruth Zarybnicky. Audrey Beilstein. Anna Gorman. Pat Cox. E E 'N . X Ml L. n :ff 4 g, I ,5 . '.' 5 ,fl x 1 l 1 vw ,xv L -. N R xN Page Fifty-three ' .1 ll' ll 'H A ka Tggsorwk r. 'lghhorne e l x l x l ll ll l 99 E lllwll E J 5 l Q Pull IN l XG 'pl X lk lm L Q vel fl l 1 Q LSL 1 ll ll L , fw 1 'fx' kr' V04 uf L M CHEMISTRY CLUB Leo McCarthy, Anthony Nauyolcas. Charles Layne, Edward Vogel, Ray LeGrand. . Roy Creek, Bernard Sloveslcy, Eleanor Nye, Mary Catherine. Mary O'Brano- vich, Ginny Rambo, Lil Hartman. 1 Charles Thorniley, Don Berger, Don Biloer. George Auer, Flo Dengler, Mary Kay Frederick. is l l l Sponsor: Mr. l-lole. Page Fifty-'four MATHEMATICS CLUB Shirley Paffle. Bernard Sloveslcy, Ray Hoffman, Pat Bizet, Nancy Lusk Mary Ann Lucas. John Lyons, Ken Hamilton, Eleanor Buechele. Louis Schattauer, William Reiser. l-loward Schlieper. Robert Christopher. Mrs. Bonsall. Jim Shannon. Ludwig Suchacer, James Kalaris. Bernard Kosilc. George l-lolusha, William Keller. Absent: Glenn Hoskins. Sponsor: Mrs. Bonsall. Pa 5 e Fifty-five 5 Peg e Fifty-six D UA Q RVICE S 5 SE ffnW'J, ,dei A C Mirpiwrw . df SERVICE SQUAD Delores Kraus. Virginia Cataldo. lda Stork. Mary Kay Frederick. Peggy Rice Sarah Rice. Ruth Gay Shekter. Dolores Shelbur. Cleo Mears. Dolores Tolbert. Mary Gongas. S Lorraine Harms. Loretta Skadra. Shirley Hotfman. Mary Ann Yetter. Mary Sacherich. Nancy Miller. Rita Newell. Helen Zelkovic Dolores Franz. lrene Johnson. Lois Schwerer. Peggy Rogers. Ben Akerleys Richard Munch. Herman Bott. Fred Hausler. Harry Miller. Leo McCarthy. Mike Paris. Dolores Lutz. Rose Marie Perschy, Claire Balas, Jean Fugent, Lillian Hartman. Helen Mountz.. , rn Marie Williams. Alice Foster. Jacqueline Sheahan. Hope Beattie. Virginia Fichter. Mary Hartman. Dorothy Ebitz. Anna Dax. Helen Subotich. Thelma Humphries. Martha Pridgen. Loretta Edmonds. Eugene Blair. James Aust. Sara Lane. Shirley Ochsenhirt. Pat Day. Mary Sacoulas. Shirley Neill. Shirley Schaefer. Shirley Dallmius. lrene Paganini Shirley Faw- cett. Helen Syka. Dorothy Roadman. Mary Ellen Volkman. Ken Hamilton. William Snodgrass. . . Ray LeGrand. Eugene Greloner. Melvin Lehner. Clifford Brooks. Donald Berger. Paul Gallagher. Donald Humphries.. George Cotter. ' Sponsor: S Miss Scott. it -A Page Fifty-scv W W EQ- 'XX sh 5 ' V , , , , GIRLS WOODSHOP Betty Reitfert. Margaret Lang, Betty Ann Lillico, Dolores 'Krosl1elh...Roberta Fetcenko. Loretta Flis. W U my ' Rosalie Erlo,'Anna Rekasie. lrene Suska, Beverly Navilliat, Martha Priolgeon. Thelma Humphries. Alberta Onopa. Dolores Feitl, Dolores Franz, Lois Schwerer. Joan Lislca, Edith Ligons. Sponsor: Mr. Emminger. Peg e Fifty-eig ht PERSONALITY Janie Simpson. Florence Taylor. Martha Parker. Lucille Simpson. Betty Heard. Janie Pridgen. Thelma l-lumphrey. Edith Ligons. Eloise Gray. Vera Duncan. Chattie Brown. Marie Taylor. Carolyn Weston. Martha Edmunds. Peggy Coles. Euretha l-learcl. Norma Immon, Geraldine Favors. I Annie Humphrey, Mary Midcllebrooks. Mattie Washington. Roberta Willis. Sarah Morgan. Lillie Zellous. Lois Johnson: Shirley Wright. President. Sponsor: Miss Miller. . Page Fifty-nine I0th GRADE DRAMA Monday Group Carol l-lutf. Marylois E. Rebholz, Barbara l-lare. Marjorie Lowe, Shirley Abel. Phyllis Nelson. Joyce Tarasovich, Clara Sullivan, Audrey Knieling. Victor Foster, Lois Mullen, Margaret Jones, Rose Capps, Mary McCloskey, Maryann Wiedenhoter, Ronald Sutherland. Dorothy O'Brien, Marda Kleebanlc. Emilia Olson, Virginia Willoughby. Frances Ward.' ' ' 1 ' Sponsor: Mr. l-lettinger. Pag e Sixty l l0th GRADE DRAMA f Friday Group I-larotnl Rosenberger. Emil Krop. Roy Merwin, Jimmy McKee. Sam Mar- lcovic . Helen Rutner. Barbara Wright. Eloise Webster, Doris Mcl-lugh, Charles Lucci. Mary Anne Fisher. Steve Sutch. Shirley Biernstien. Joan Schmitt. Mary Farr. Jane Montgomery. Blanch Jecllicka. lrene Fanlcell. Sally Metz. Loretta Foon. Beverly Gollins, Betty l-loltelcler. Aydrey Betzold. lcla Riebold. Jerry Stott. Janet l-lensel. Barbara Reiser. Dorothy Comport. Rose Miller.'Betty McC5orty. Mary Castriota. Nancy Clark. Mary Anne Brown. Flora Tolomeo. Lois Lache, Lorraine Stephens. Sponsor: Mr. l-lettinger. Page Sixty-one is x 5 fi 5 Q3 Q 'X w it 555 X 3 5 3515 X Si ES Q m is ix GIRLS LIFE SAVING s' - f is If j Shirley Knox, Mary Farr. Elsie Meiser, Shirley Breeina, Sec'y-Treas.g Dolores Kimmel. Pres.: Nancy Lusk. Nancy Miller. Norma Wagner. Joanne Genter. Mary Kenneweg. Mary Ann Lucas. Pat Pollock. Shirley Jordan. l-lelen Morrow. Lucille Reagan. Beatrice Jamison. Audrey Scott. Geraldine Stott. Marion Miller. Ruth Barnes. X Dorothea,Dau3herty. Lois Kimmel. Lois Milkovic. Ramona Gonzalez. Evelyn Wutter. Grace. Verge. Alice: Schmale. 'Norma Sevcik. Thelma Haas. Ruth Raclovick. Jeannie.Pearson,Nancy-'Tho,rniley. Nora Stanton. Wilma Scheu- ring. Peggy Scott. -S . 5 'Q " , ' , Sponsor: Miss Flinn. Peg e Sixty-th ree ORCHESTRA ' Violins--Ramona Gonzalez, June Watt, Lawrence Ebert. lrene Powlenok, Marjorie Pusateri, Mary Lou Kucher. Sara Lane. Alice Foster, Audrey Scott, Shirley Shelton, William Neofus, Theresa Boellca. Viola-Margery Neill, Arlene Bailey, Helen Morrow. Piano-Joan Waldau, Pat McTague. A Clarinets-Ray LeG5rand, Robert Leech. Trumpets-Dewey Bryant, James Mall, Donald Humphries. Cello--Joanne Mills, Ferdinand Roehlich. Sara Sault, Mary Kenneweg. Bassoon-James McHugh. Flute--G-race Hartman. Horns--Victor Foster. James Ellenberger. Trombone--George Hornsby. Percussion-William Gibbs. Sponsor: Mr. Phillips. Page Sixty-four A HI-Y Mr. Diehl, George Fedeanis, Louis Schattauer. Philip Murray, Clifford Brooks. Edward Black. Arden Barie, Michael Baehr, Richard Goettman. Thomas Sunday, William Cole. Robert Keener. Roy Ziegler, Earl Williams. Russel Smith. Clitlord Manley, Erwin Gairing, Owen Manley. Elmer l-laas, Steve Lillion, Alfred Zendarski,wLarry Simonovitch, Frank Kosik, William Snodgrass. Jack Kalbtell, George l-lolusha. William Gibbs. Wiliam Keller, Norman Gottron. Absent from picture: Charles Facemire, John Patterson. Oliver Rodgers. Regis Birx. Jack Bunce. Frank Kamalich, Walter Bauer. Sponsor: Mr. Diehl. Page Sixty-tive JZ?-LCLZ J GAME CLUB J , GAME J xx L Nettie Mike, Dolores Lutz. Helen Dinter, Virgi a Fichter, Joseph Liska, Shirley l-lotfman. Irene Paganini. Ida Stork. Marlyn Koenig, James McCourt. Lois Schwerer, Dolores Franz. Mary Hartman, Catherine Heard. l-lope Beattie. Gertrude Patrick, Rose Kamalich, June Watt, Louise Lekinslcy, Dorothy.Stahl, Theresa Boznick. Rose Marie Perschy. Dolores Feitl. Dolores Miller, Helen Zelkovic, Lois Radermaclcer. Frank Buyna, Robert Vandevqrt. ., , -' Charles Nicholas, Jacqueline Sheahanf June Lippert, Bernadette Black. Shirley Neil','Beverly Benz, Nancy Roth. 'Dorothy Ebiti. B' 5 I W Edward Klein. Mary Gold. Earl Zentgraf. 'Mrs.'Bonsall, Paul Gallagher. Doris Markman. Betty 1WaymQan.. Mary Ann Yetter. Audrey Beilstein. Margaret Rice.iSarah'Rice.Q,lglelen Syka. Willlialm Kustes, l-lovirard Bergman. Wayne Yetter, Rodger Bolster. J J' L 'X Absentz' Michael Paris. Sponsor: Mrs. Bonsall. B' Page Sixty-seven i ,,,,,,eLQlQL'g ? nr.-if-Cf Njywb 1 J . BOYS LIFE SAVING CLUB Nelson Nicoletti. John Fiel, John Zang, Bernard Nestler, Victor Zang. William Lieb, William Kelly. James Porter. Joe Kryl. Richard Facemire. Steve Medvan. Charles Lukenas, Robert Vaux. William McClelland, Larry Muschar. Neil Mills, Robert Suto. Earl Lindner, Harry Miller, Larry Lower. Elia lanelli. Casimer Ciply, Joe Alt. Oliver Rodgers, Bernard Freismuth, Frank Kamalich, Orlando Oronato. Tom Manson, Jack Sietz, Pres.: Gerald Krupp. Sec. 81 Treas. Sponsor: Mr. Allen. Page Sixty-eight rxjk' V.. 1... -rv 1,1 L' f yr VG" .. I ' l' L' 4. k,,X:.s ls- t -. - 17 f' . r..., V , -LH..-'iA',l V S' it ' fi. Dewey Bryant. Regis O'Brien. Edward Vogel. Ray Legath. Wm. Kemmler. Robert Lindner. Edward Winters. John Santucci. Harry Thomas. Clitiord Gross. Bob Finley. ' Emma Slaughter. Wm. Stillwell. Arthur Turk. l-lenry Barlcsdale. James Mall. James Mcl-lugh. James Aust. Richard Bindle. Walter Krasneslci. Francis Vicari. Fred Vennie. Barbara McCalmont. N ' Harry Marshall. Charles Boyd. Wm. Jones. Victor Foster. Donald Hum- phries. Lawrence Ebert. Adelbert Tarasovich. Richad Patterson. Richard Gordon. Sponsor: Mr. Phillips. Page Sixty-nine f ' W CHAMBER MUSIC Lawrence Ebert, Shirley Shelton. Marjorie Pusateri. Mary Lou Kucher, Barbara McCalmont, Francis Vicari, Ferdinand Roehlich, James Mcl-lugh, Joanne Mills, Chas. Boyd, Victor Foster. Alice Foster. Sara Lane. Don Biber, Helen Morrow, Theresa Boellcy. . Sponsor: Mr. Phillips. Page Seventy CHESS CLUB Around the table- Lett to right: Jeanette Rosenberger, Charles Thorniley, Celine Yoclwum, Jack Castle- berry. Ray Legath. James Melsoner, Bernard Kunkel. Robert Kirclwer Standing: William Neofes. President: Eugene Grebner. Elaine Friess, Agnes Rafferty. Romona Gonzalez, George l-lornsby, William Shartt. Sal- vatore Proteta. Charles Warrene. Sponsor: Miss Messer. Page Seventy- . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Alice Young, Ruth Jeskey. Mary Tassos, Betty Konopaslci, Jean Schuman. Betty Dempsey, Helen Vazzana. Mary Ann Caliguire, Marlene Bauer Elva Thorniley, Delores Kraus, Joan Krepp. Geraldine Gruen, Dorothy Onopa, Claire Balas, Alberta Miller, Anna Dax Clara Prom. 'Marjorie Ansill, Jean Fugent. Sponsor: Miss Cole. Page Seventy t gg. 00K WAHH HLHH I. AHH ' :f' LHIH ULHHOO "U V- 00 .- . Q0 nu- - QQ w W 00 N YI 00 OU 'O U W W vb ' 00 In QH w I V u WAHHOO H AH n 00W .r I OOW 00 '- VA! .w oow I W WA W OW H In H W 00 O0 00 W .An W WAHHO0 H NAHH OUH O0 0' HAHH H00 Mg WA l 0 LHH 00 ' HAH 00 W Hx W gf H I lu if I O0 vuuguioo wu-uaoo A . H o wumoo wumoo - w l.-.- w H00 1 n 00 I 00 ' oo .n W - v w OO R s AHHO S-iAHI'l ' HAH 0 00 no :il -' - DOW 1 . no .-' OOWAHH 1 5 , , V lv .44 if ,B REX Ki wb 5, ' :iXqxi-- - SJ SQ Y . 451 Q3 X, 1 wi Q, aff' , A 1 Zbqbx ,., J, -J an XL Page Seventy-four X OOTBALL TEAM F L1 '51 5 f Tjx N 2 5 Rx .1 A 'fx XR 3 x X QL ix F X si E 3 iff x N A XNIQQ X3 QQ, Q w FOOTBALL TEAM Andy Metro. George Milliclc, Ralph Murovich. Jack Seitz, Dave Hilliard Joe Liska,sAndy Cotton, August Lang John Ritter, Lawrence Bickel Herman Bott. Dave Miller. Charles Millei, John Johnson, Joseph Alt, Orlando Robbiloaro Dewey Bryant. Russell Willis, Ike Lazar. John Simile, Coach Allen. Dick Schafer. James l-lirsch, Wayne Vetter, Bill Mundy, Robert Suto Ray Fabina. Tony Simile, Clarence Washington. Missing: J. Maley. Coach: Mr. Allen. 2 Page Seventy-five fb 'No 'SD X 'lx 'xg 1.3 fx X BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL TEAM Herman Bott. Manager: Ray Caputo, Ralph Morrow. Geno Onorato, Andy Zarybniclcy, Al Garret. John Johnson. Don Graeb. Ass't Manager Paul Slcupniclc, Tony Simile, Vince Murovich. Charles Westo. Fred Thomas Richard Patterson. Don Bradac, Pai: Pannier. A ' Faculty Manager: Mr. Diehl. Coach: Harry Springer. Page Seventy ty-eight TEAM SWIMMING SWIMMING TEAM l Charles LLrkenas,'Jel'm Zarrgg l-lawarcl Schlieper, Don Black. Victor Zang. Neil Mills. Harry Marshall, 'Charles Thorniley. Oliver Rodgers. Tom Manson. Jack Caatleblerry, Richard Facemire. James Mall,' Larry Muscl'1ar,Q'La'rry Llower. Cl16flCS.Mlll2F, Gerald Krupp.. Coaeh: Mr. Allen. Page Seventy Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny I9 6 6 26 I9 I3 6 I3 SEASON RECORD - Stowe - Mclieesport - Steubenville - Oliver - - Perry - Fifth Avenue - Carrick - - - - - - - Langley The above record is one of which the squad can be wel 7 39 I3 6 6 O 27 I2 proud. It was through determination and the will to win that made the 'fine show- ing at all possible. Simile Lang Bryant Willis Lazar . Liska Millick Page Eighty INDIVIDUAL SCORERS T. D. P. A. T. is 4 4 O 3 I 3 o i o i o o i T. P. .34 24 ' I9 - I8 I 6 . 6 I Allegheny Opponents 38 26 8 4 698 209 907 37 38 I5 5 7 2 3 255 SCORE BY QUARTERS I 2 3 26 36 2I 27 27 I3 LEAGUE GAME STATISTICS First Downs First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing First Downs Penalties Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Yards Gained Average Distance Punts Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Own Fumbles Recovered Opponents Fumbles Recovered Yards Penalized 4 25 30 3 I I7 I2 2 439 225 664 28 50 I6 6 5 2 5 95 Eighty-o ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME GENO oNoRATo A SPEEDY and slick basketball player is Geno Onorator. Geno proved his ability this year when he switched from the guard to the center position, and even though none too large. he outwitted many ot his taller opponents with his crattiness and sharp shooting. s JOSEPH LISKA A GUARD on Allegheny's stalwart wall, Liska is known tor his brilliant defensive work. His competitive spirit and all-round good play made him a major player tor the team. Few people knew that Joe participated in tive games with a broken hand but even with this burden. he was outstanding. JACK CASTLEBERRY I A STAR swimmer in any pool, Jack is known for his speedy swimming in the 200 yard tree style and tree style relay events. Jack has never placed lower than second in any event and has great flexibility as a swimming performer. . RALPH MUROVICH BIG and rugged "Murvo" proved. this past season, to be one of the hardest objects for enemy linemen to move. Always working to win in football. which to Ralph is the only and best liked sport. he will be re- membered by his team mates and classmates tor always having a big smile. DAVID MILLER DAVE is best known tor his capable work as a substitute for .lack Seitz at the guard position. Every year Allegheny has a twelfth man on the team and this past season, Dave proved his worth as that twelfth man. Page Eighty-two - . FRANK BUYNA ' g FRANK. was the regular end tor AIlegheny's eleven tor two seasons and a member ot the basketball team for one. His age made him ineligible in his senior year. but Allegheny will long remember his outstanding performances. A HOWARD BERGMAN FEW students saw "I-Iawk" play ball this year as he played only the exhibition games and then was declared ineligible to xplay in the league games. It was at this time that he was reaching the peak ot his playing ability. and it is only right that he should be acclaimed in the Athletic Hall ot Fame. DAVID Hilliard. who merits characterization in this section. is acclaimed in The I-Iall ot Fame. GIRLS ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME HELEN WEIDLE I HELEN, who participated in-all athletic activities, has the highest num- ber ot' athletic points. She has been captain ot many after school volleyball and basketball teams. Helen is also an excellent swimmer. I SHIRLEY BREZINA s SHIRLEY is an expert and enthusiastic swimmer. She is the treasurer ot Girls Lite Saving Club. AUDREY BEILSTIEN AUDREY has helped cheer our teams to victory tor three semesters. She will be remembered tor her energy and enthusiasm in leading Allegheny in cheering football and basketball games. Page Eighty-three ALLECHENY I-IYMN - mcaroao A :t fi E+ is JH: H :llflzf Down where Al- le- ghe-nys wa-ters Flow on to the .5ea i hEPE9EFF?EFFl1g: gt Ii E15 a a M252 ll dijgxse 5fdlidJ ga .schhol a-bore all F-thprs ve- ry dear to me. iEPEi' 5i"El7l'lPf li ig ALL fa ddr 5 Liff, file rho-ras speed i 1' on-ward raise 4 mi-qfzfy cry, 'P' YVVH' EFF? EF F5821 CHORUL Jx A J :tfifi:JJ JAH? :lil dtix Har? aff bw! to A! -le --gps-ny fluff fo fhee dear High. Down where Allegheny's waters When with moments swiftly fleeting, Flow on to the sea. Ages shall roll by Stands a school above all others Thousands yet unborn shall praise thee Very dear to me. Allegheny High. Chorus: Lift the chorus. speed it onward Raise a mighty cry , Hail all hail to Allegheny Hail to thee dear High. P g Eghtyf ' W 00 W .l oo AH!-IOO WAHHO0 I W HH00 AHH00 WAHH HAI-IH WAHH00 W - WAHH WAHH 'H no W O0 W 00 A!-IH AHH 00 O0 V 00 00 O0 I '1 un I W I V W . no W H00 H W AHB H WAHHOOW I- ng . a.a , .en- I I AHHODW I . . 00 HW 1 WAHH WAHHOOW ll W A I H - ' VAHH ll! 00 IO T i-HV ROOM 205 James McCourt. Jack Shepherd, Eugene Blair, Steve Levendos, Russell Willis, Carl Morris. Shirley Fawcett. Mary Gold, Mary Conley, Fred Hausler, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Charles Cerny. Virginia Fichter, Margie Hartman. Peggy Rice. Pat Day, Sara Rice. Joe Liska. Shirley Brezina, Helen Syka, Mary Ellen Volkman. Dorothy Road- man. Alice Cornell, Helen Subotich, Mary Sacherich. Theresa Holler, Hope Beattie. Marie Williams. Dolores Miller, Shirley Hotliman, Mrs. Bonsall. David Miller, Robert Finley, Audrey Beilstein, Mary Ann Yetter, Dolores Biernstein, Jackie Sheahan, Alice Foster, Nettie Mike. Dorothy Napier, Mike Qbranovich Geno Onorato. V Nick Radecic. Robert Naughton. Roger Bolster, George Little. Mike Paris. Sponsor: Mrs. Bonsall. Page Eighty-six W ESTABLISHED I907 CONVENIENT CREDIT COMPLIMENTS OF e R A u ' S Jeweler and Optometrist DIAMONDS --- WATCHES WILLIAM R. A JEWELRY CLASS OF .125 Make Us Your Gift Headquarters 6l3 EAST ol-no ST. PA. 6545 cedar 5234 ' M. Beniaman. Prop. WHITE FRONT MEAT MARKET HOME DRESSED, FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS 720 - 22 EAST OHIO STREET N. S., PITTSBURGH. PA. INSURED SAVINGS HOME MORTGAGES REPAID LIKE RENT WORKINGMENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SINCE I88I A CEDAR 7297 I I I4 EAST STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. I734 CARSON ST. HE. 1604 1 COMP'-IMENTS b NORTHERN LIGHT ' OF CO. , Complete Line of Lighting Fixtures Dr' Eugene A' Picard EiCCfI'iC6i Wirihg Mafefiai O P T O M E T R I S T Radio Service 2:9 EAST or-no STREET FAIRFAX 3366 NEW LOCATION-708 EAST STREET N, 5,, Pmsguker-1, pp., N. S.. PITTSBURGH. PA. Page Eighty-Seve ROOM 429 George Cotter, Robert Vaux, Robert Llewellyn, Richard Gordon, Robert Craven. Sara Lane, Shirley Ochsenhirt, Helen Weidle, June Watt, Bernadette Black, lrene Paganini, lda Stork, Rose Kamalich, Dolores Kimmel, Mary Sacoulas, Frances Szczurelc. Catherine Heard, Audrey Riester, Shirley Hruby, Thelma Haas, Frank Buyna. Jack Castleberry, George Fedeanis, Thomas Sunday, Gertrude Patrick, Ruth Bolzing. June Lippert, Mary Adams, Earl Zentgrat. Donald Humphries, Thomas Mike, Melvin Lehner, Edward Draganjac, Henry Stewart, David Hilliard, Daniel Hilinslci, Howard Bergman, Henry Geissler, Donald Miller. William Gibbs. g James Kalaris, Ray LeGrand, Eugene Grebner, Jack Allman, Ralph Murovich. ' Sponsor: Mr. Keister. Page Eighty-eight RAY E. SCHNEIDER HARRY HEEG NOTARY PUBLIC FAIRFAX 5I08 f COMPLIMENTS SCHNEIDER 8: HEEG Fire and Auiomobiie Insurance OF A Rush Service on Ante Licenses earners Permits, etc. 406 E. OHIO ST. N. S., PITTSBURGH. PA. COMPLIMENTS 0 P NORTH SIDE DEPOSIT BANK 5I4-I6-I8 FEDERAL STREET PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA MEMBER: FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEGHENY CHEERLEADERS SEASON OF I948 - I949 I HELEN RUTH AUDREY ANNA PAT NANCY PAT RITA Schellhaas and 'Son - COMPUMENT5 OF FUNERAL HOME FAIRFAX 6063 707 EAST STREET Airline ResI:auranI: . CEDAR 9457 OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Page Eighty-n DEFENDENT Hope Beatle - Auclrey Beilstein Eugene -Blair - Roger Bolster - Shirley Brezina Charles Cerny - Mary Conley - Alice Cornell - Pat Day - - - - Shirley Fawcett Virginia Fic-hter Robert Finley - 205 ON TRML ACCUSED OF K PLEA Always collecting money - Nly one foots in the poor house Flirting with ULU' Abner" - Iust call me "Daisy Niue" Having Be-hop glasses - - They fit my complexion Being quiet - Being in love - Being a cartoonist - - - Giving plus points in gym - - - I haven,t any teeth - How did you lznow - I trace all my copies - i - - - Thafs my job Having various colors of hair - -- It isn't easy to do Singing in speech class - - Nly throat neecls the exercise Being caltecl uspichetn - - - Fm not all wet though Acting crazy - Laughing like ci hyena - - Nlary Jane Fitz ralcl Usin bi words ' , 2' Alice Foster - Mary Gold - - - MaryHartn1an - - Fred Hausler - Shirley Hoffnlan Theresa Holler - - Steve Levencios Joe Lislca - George Little - James Nlccourt Nettie Mike - David Nliller - Delores Nliller - - Carl Nlorris - - Dorothy Napier Robert Naugliton Mike O'Branovich Geno Onorato - - Mike Paris - - Nlilce Raciecic Peggy Rice - - Sarah Rice - - Dorothy Roactman lvlary Sacherich Vera Schattaur Jacqueline Sheahan Jack Shepherd - Helen Suhotich Helen Syka - - - Nlary Ellen Voncman Nlarie Williams Russell Willis - - Mary Ann Yetter Mrs. Bonsall - Page Ninety C 9 9 Loving music - Being a good student - Being cute - - Being a Big wheel Being friendly ---- - - - It comes natural Somebody tickles my feet - - - I swallowed a dictionary - - - - That's not all I love - - Work! Work! VVorteI Oh! You maize me blush - You should see me roll - - - I like people Being with George --------- Who else? Vvalking home with Mike Paris - - - I get lost easily Having coal black hair - - - Anna paints it every night Having service in the lunch room - I like the smell offoocl Being a small fellow ---- Somebody cut off my feet Sewing in English class - - Don't have to tell everyone Being the other twin ------ XVasn't my fault Going steady --------- All ,the time Vvriting sports for the Wah Hoo - - 1 see every game Always reading ------ Books are interesting Always handing out money - Fm close to bankruptcy Never doing his homework - - I haven't enough time Playing Basketball in his sleep - - It's easier that way Being shy with girls ---- 1t's my inferiority complex Having curly hair - ------ I have a Toni Being a cooh - - - - - Thanks Miss Cole Giggting in Nfath Class - It's not my fault Working in Art class ----- How can I? Chewing gum -------- I get it for nothing Being quiet ----- You alon't imow me very well Vtfriting to service men ------ Fm patriotic Not having 5th, 6th, and 7th periods - School sure is easy Being sweet ----------- - I eat candy Vvriting letters ---- - - He's in the army now Being a Bookworm - - - - - Are you kidding? Being an actress -------- I can't help it Playing football like Buddy Young - That's my miclclle name Not getting to school ------- I tive too far Calling us l2A's ----- You are, aren't you? ECONOMY 'PANTS STORE ' SPORTSWEAR SHIRTS SWEATERS JACKETS TROUSERS 505 EAST OHIO STREET The Knights Lite Insurance Co. Of America I "Faithful Protector of Your FamiIy" em tm Ranks in fourth place in Pennsylvania for ag weekly premium insurance in force. Thirty-Eight Districts in this State induding 'f' Executive Office. 852 Ridge Avenue . .Joseph H. Reiman "fi g: N. S., Pittsburgh I2, Pa. President r PFENNIG'Si ODORLESS DUPONT CREDIT JEWELERS DRY Cf,f"N'NG TAILORING Distributors of Bulova Watches 600 Foreland Street North Side FAirtax 5862 RELINING AND REMODELING 729 EAST OHIO STREET DONE By EXPERTS Member Pittsburgh Real Estate Board ALLEGHENY REAL ESTATE CO. A CORPORATION slNcE moi SALES - RENTALS - MORTGAGES Complete Property Management Service FIRE - CASUALTY - LIFE INSURANCE Hover R. Greene - President Laurence L. Gaertner - V. President John A. Albercht - Sec.. Treas. 402 FEDERAL STREET I FA. 2I00 Page Ninety-one CAN YOU IMAGINE Page Ninety-two ROOM 429 Mary Adams getting an A. in English Iacta Allman grounded I Howard Bergman with a tenor voice Bernadette Black missing Religious Education Ruth Botzing listening to symphonies Frank Buyna working X lash Castleherry not on the balcony with Celine Goerge Coffer with Mach hair Robert Craven stuctying Eclflie Draganiac not giving orders to the stage crew George Fecteanis without Theresa Betty Ferrara not being nice to everyone Henry Geisster in home room Xvitliam Gibbs without hooks Robert Gortlan without ctimptes Eugene Gretmer a. math teacher Thelma Haas without Shirley Catherine Heard listening Dan Hilinshi being aggressive Dave Hittiarci without friends Shirley Hrlihy without her glasses Donald Hurriphries without his music Rose Kamalich agreeing with everyone Iames Kalaris without his tie Leo Katie with a wave in his hair Delores Kimmel being afraid of water Sam Lane without her Vvah Hoo Ray LeGrand without his clarinet Ntelvin Lehner always talking Iune Lippert being on time Robert Llewellyn with straight hair Don Miller living in Nfanchester Thomas Mike without Jetentions for heing la Ralph Murovictl being 5' 2" Shirley Ochsenhirt knowing shorthand Irene Paganini playing a violin Gertrude Patrick without Frances and Iune Audrey Riester without Helen and quiet Mary' Sacoutas not working at the "YP Henry Stewart talkative Tom Sunday Being a pate face Ido Stork not on service - Frances Siczurete without her boyfriend Robert Vauz ectitor of the Press Iune Watt without Rose te YL, Norm-I SIDES FINEST MEN'S STORE G O L D I E' S Featuring ADAM HATS --- ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOCKS -- HICKOK BELTS JOCKEY UNDERWEAR 203 EAST OHIO STREET FAIRFAX 4556 SAVAGE AMOCO SERVICE STATION Corner of - Grant and Blvd. of Allies PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 24 Hour Service WINDOW SHADES CURTAINS DRAPERIES VENETIAN BLINDS PITTSBUR-GH'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF CURTAINS, DRAPERIES, WINDOW SHADES, DRAPERY RODS, DRAPERY MATERIAL. CHENILLE SPREADS, BOXED ITEMS, BLANKETS, ETC. A Swell PIace I:o,Spend a Few Minutes of Your Leisure Time. IFS Better Than ca Show. OVER l,00O PAIRS OF CURTAINS AND DRAPES ON DISPLAY CORNISH CURTAIN SHOP IIO EAST OHIO STREET FAIRFAX l254 N. S.. PITTSBURGH. PA. TI-IE HOME OF BEAUTIFUL CURTAINS Page Ninety-three ,CN , , C -A ""W5LER Hmm n moe:-non f , '1 WIN '- ' 1 U x X x wnwl Q f k "' I amz: . fm- f r .- u I ' 'W I 1 f ? x 7 . '4"'1 Lf Q n w , ff' 1 ' 4 L N . ' ',. ' 1- - 'fl W 3 " ' , hlvt . ' -in! I ' " . - l' rr' ' ll 4 ,,, , Y , AWGETT Nl Q i Q 'l' an ' 9 .. -- '- f F In 1 1 SA' 'W X J a Q ,E 3 I I I 6 M 6 ' 1 MXSXEV4 ' jg X1 44 Ki W X an . uw' Eg' I , 1 ll N Wu 'I P ', F 2 Mx ju'QbQ'I1llll :'xWv V !" 41 ,5 ' Q ':'f t' ' y 'EW W f ' f e 2' f 5 'I rx? W fd fx " 'I TER ,fc TURK I ' , AA "1,, . ' u g, HIT f 1 uislsh 1 gx on f- L all Q N J 23 ii? X - j I my r Xxx l .. ' L4 v - F09 N WILLI A W 3 " Ama. 'I u ar ,. IDOQKIEQ ZW V Fm h4z"' 4:RADEUC W ' ' Yg W QL Za 34 rrzofxonn is I in as 1 W '. 4 0 S Q ,,i, 4- 6ONLE H A' . "' . c g 'Q m.,.,u'g I r MIKE N IE ua VV-'mx A V, I ' .Fax rv VE "' ll U . 1 ' I 0 K- , , 1 I '5 I, ' ' Q 32552 4' 0 ., I 5 'mf 55525 PM Z 'VAA Z Hom - 1 I ' if . mme A 1 a AQ? ig 15 ' I Ove 1-' x , I , O ff BLM J ' f 1 f Q 5 , I! ll!! R HEAHAN 44 we 1 LGE.: Mun V .,,- WVIIIW: , I 4 tj: ,wx Di -"- 1 I m, E YICE X 0 IQ IJ v mam X . Q + 5 " XL' W S 23? A Y R L M! J .. g 42 w 4 W ps, N N I ' sumo . zAA,I lx . g W iz K xx K ! og b " M P ge Ninety-four 1 E Bus PHONE Res. PHON . and WE. l885-R ' FA. 6602 MUELLER OSCAR P. MATOUS ' Real Estafze - Mortgages OPTICIAN ' . lnsul-ance Room 4I4 Dollar Savings and Trust Buildinoi CEclar 6200 ' 526 Federal Street N. S., Pittsburgh. Pa. I08 EAST STREET N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. CEdar 2425 Joseph A. Papperl: 8: Sons ' ' FUNERAL SERVICE 7II Lockhart Street N. S.. Pittsburgh. Pa. I Frank Scialabba I EXPERT SHO-E REPAIR l307 Federal Skreef N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa FA. 9452 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS I CEdar 09I I KELLAR'S DRY CLEANERS William' Kellar, Prop. HIGH GRADE WORK You might not notice it but others do Garments cleaned and. pressed look like new All kinds of hatxd cleaned and blocked th Y o or ess wa bII06 Federal Streei K N. S.. Pittsburgh. P Q Commencement of ' CLASS 'OF JANUARY I94? ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORILIM January 26 Eight O'cloclc ADMISSION BY INVITATION I , . Fog e N i nety-fiv C-ABBS GEXSSLEVL C AST LE BERRY " wot lx STEWART fy .K Q .Ee Q, mxnmus BLACK Ft DEkNx3 HILINSKH 1 I GRE' 25 X5 GORDGN LXDDERT A C L W Q HE X numvnmzs I lrm,-J Q -. 4 Szezv lull 1 5 ' V jx REK l I -'im H Q , L HAWK Mme gb em. A - ADAMS 0V'c:MM f 'X W BOL'LlNG , wax - 'L ' l 1X A ' Y - 7" A f ' meexev. . ..1...x HMS ,.,f::' LLEMlELLYN 1i 'E OQASENWW' mlivalv .K . I' I V 0 I' j,w42' I..l 'X' K ' 7, NWC ' PAqAN Nx 5 SXNM ,Q X 1 ,,-- "'- M I , X NV www VA-YRXLK BUYNA 7 ' , hu ' . X Quan , HKQBQ ,-Q. ...,. ,.,4 I KEXSTEQ I .. , - A rkubmf, L-QSQANQK N-,N ' L 1 A .JI - 1 ' :WI KAYWLXQM - 'mu h My N wmw I' - dl gy,x,VXPx l lp Qovven. f-I - - A-SPX X XX VAU1. J X, ,2- um LABXY. I NS . , MIUHN NCLQV if P692 Ninety-six CHAS R WEITERSHAU SEN smc: AG ENCY :sn I 2 'S 'X' I r I .45 .-nl --I'. qi 2g:g:5:5:p-2: -x:5:g:g:5:5:Q '-:g:1:5:-: -- 5 A I 1553525 ':555g5:5E5E5E5:, 'i55:5g5E5E5E5:, 15:52:52-5 i5555g5:5E555: IvI:2:Cx'm v'-:5::.f:f, A 435:55 S 5525252155: -. S:2:1:lE15:3: C5:I:3:2g25. Z-1 -Z-'-:-:-1332-. I-.-I-:-:Ig :si 5521515525111 -':::5:z:z:1 553 E2:s:f25EE5: :iff-Szfz 1:55 s252:2:2s:s:. 5555555535 :kb izitiitfzfz 'E2E:t -. ,-3.-.-I-:-1-1 -g.-:- -:':2:2p -:5:1. . . 2E:5:2:!:2g 5133332331 13123531115 225513:- .-.2E5E5:S f:2E1E3fE152Er. 235255535- :,5:5:gE5Q ?:::a:sEsE:E:1 '12:5:s:sE5 :-:-11325:-: 5 '2'1,'g!gI2:f:- 3:3S:1:2:b ::E:5:2:2:1Sf-1 '3E:I:2E:2:2 21:35:2- '2':2:1:2E1E1ER 12:1:'f" 1"'2:2:2' E:E:g:555555551 555555.53 "" ' 1-1-2f:E:5:5:5:- 51E1ErE:g:3:5.. 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I Qofcvcr un N ',:5:5:5:555g: Illu- S T u n I o s Bgffsbugiudfwfwnt ' , Affbmgh - East Libzz-ig' ,Luc ICHUJZIIZ 0 ' oonm New Kensington, 1,3 3 P E N N 0 I tall' A 955. ' AV E N U E --5-.5 r5:::5:r::::-:, 0 ATL '2s2as5zfsSi5f5 fsfsfs:s:s:f:5 ANTH: 4575 'E2E:5E5SE5E:5 E53E:E:5:5E5E- 2r3:5E5E1E1E:5E5 'E5EgE2E:5:5E5: E5EgE:E:5:5:5:5 5 '-5-5.5. gZ5:3:::-5:25. -:35Ig:::::-S, Ig:3::32gIg:5:: '-:-g3g2::::-g- -g.g:g:::::::., g:gIgZg:3::::-I 3-3:p:3:3:3g , ' ' ' 2:2::5:E:ii:5 ' -I-lc-:2:2:1:' .2:1gtE:E:f:5:- SflldCnl5 n - cccl no - staff is alwa S aPl9fJ1nlmenks. Our ab' student I I X - Niennve and th ' S ee Hi' home" kyour O . . C ats I at Srremf' Swim? Excxal School Phomgr A apher Pa 812 Ninx Cty-nin C O FAirfax 5955 N OI'-D ggwd RINTING 18-20 West Stockton Avenue, North Side ' Pittsburgh 12, Pa. PRINTING THAT PLEASES 1 W Q I ' V Y I if 'A Congratulations X to The Graduating Clas Prescriptions CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ANYTIME ' HITE S 3 FRIENDLY DRUG STORES EXPRESS 0322 I26 STANWIX STREET FAIRFAX 2200 FEDERAL AND OHIO STREETS CEDAR 8300 COR. PERRYSVILLE AVE. AND EAST ST. Page One Hundred One COMPLIMENTS OF MODERNISTIC Barber Shop HOME MADE BAKED GOODS MARY'S BAKERY NORTH SIDE MARKET NO. 75 Serving Since l867V Let Us Serve You DAUM 8: HELM A HARDWARE CO. EVERYTHING TO REPAIR AND IMPROVE YOUR HOME UNIVERSAL GAS RANGES NORGE APPLIANCES BENDIX XXIASI-IERS "FAMOUS FOR PERFECT DIAMONDS FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY" KRASOQN'S YOUR FRIENDLY FAMILY CREDIT JEWELERS 623-25 EAST OHIO ST- FAIRFAX 36'0 733 EAST or-no STREET CEDAR z4sa N. s.. PITTSBURGH. PA. OLBUM - PITT SOL MINTZ FURNITURE co. I I3-I I 5-I I 7 FEDERAL STREET N. S.. PITTSBURGH. PA. AARON OLBUM Phone: FA. 8400 Page One Hundred Two QUALITY MENS WEAR 4l0 FEDERAL STREET N. S., PITTSBURGH, FA. Clothing 8: Sportswear OR 1'l'lE x fi 19 th YE X x 1-1 Ns ,, AR .sn A2 5, Q .sk -- .. .. 'L 11 ' .QQ ' S I . sis XSQXSQ 25 ., I fs ez 'f if S2 4 Wu N N Xxff .XXx Qs .- H. as g E sears' 2- -W. ' X 'TN Af- ' vm rx ' E5 X 'NY KN X N 9 Q EX EX x "W 'QXX s ., s1.sNS.-Sift? ' -N ff' ff: X s Q .ni Ms K X :ff I Y Q' X ,- X u -- A xs X 1 .-faq: --' XXXSXQXQ N Xb x X 2 QS M 3223- -21:6 X X s SEMA2sQeiS'.2ss2,ws'isEfiw . --x-' . ss sb -s - N , X X -s N N N w X -1.-Q-gm Ska, xsbssixssix xxxsss w .N NX X X S . vs - we , X Rr ts:::aXElS::NaixxM-Ns.: sxtxssgsgsx sex xx s xl X ,X Q Ns s . s ss ss s Wsswimxx ss X .X t X X E 'Esjfi' A, QT 5 ss 5 N x n xx? X x x sf" X X CX V ss 33 xgSfsXg.yi -X Nw? ' lxxgsx mg sgsss Q W x -wif-.I ' -S .ix if X NX RXNXQT WX,NSsXXXXSs59 X NSH Q-'fr-V-:r XSNXASQN XX X X s kxwxss -J.:sQEfsffsf' -2q:Qg:5rQafe 5:35 :-' :1e3:a2:::- X4-yr X N Z- nmolre than just business . . .We like te woi-k with the Allegheny students and, faculty and after all these years we feel quite a part of the Wah-Hoo. When we say "it has been a pleasure to work with you" we're being modest. XWWNXRPAY XWXN wx X xx iss SK S xx XX mi 'S ll QQ X s X X with us A grlnhie display showing 1 of photo- available upon ugh the courts- tllo PIOCCI engraving is nqunt tlmro sy of the Pittsburgh Photo Eng raven Auociatinn. s5,.Mws3X as 4. is rf 1 1 2 b - x QQXX Ms V Kgs Qs, 5 xxx. FX iiq AN 35fQ ,N Q I xv? .N ss . ew X ss srsxof X Q5 X bx ss XXX' NX BX JOHN C. BRAGDON BLD' o mmuucrunens noe., rmsauncn 22, lm. Page One Hundred Three APPRECIATION ALTHOUGH it is always said that the production of a yearbook is the sole responsibility and creation ot the students, we. the editors, as well as the Statt and school. know and realize how little can be accom- plished without the wholehearted cooperation ot all those who are in any way connected with its publication. So, with this thought in mind. we would like to express our most enthusiastic appreciation to: Our printer, the John Crawford Park Printing Company, for its patience and promptnesslin helping us meet our deadlines. Our engraver. the John C. Bragdon and Son Company, for their invaluable advice and gracious consideration when dealing with matters which were both puzzling and perplexing to us. Our photographer. Strem Studios, tor arranging the schedule so that it would be available when needed, and tor prompt and - 1 efficient service. ' advertisers. tor their cordial reception of our Static. and for their loyal support. We. ot Allegheny, like to think of these people as a part of Alle- gheny. and we consider it an honor to have been associated with them. Our 'final vote ot thanks goes to our principals and faculty members. our statf advisors. and the underclassmen, who. through their willing co- operation and loyal support throughout, made it possible for this book to be assembled. THE EDITORS Page One Hundred Four 'I Y' H ,,f. q D Q. J M. HW F' 'mf'flffkfiQftaaxxwiwfiwfkiwviwx-wu,4QQwbimwyw ' .s .501 5- 'M ,Q , , -. Q. U, L1 ,, Jlf 3 w XM.: , rg , I A EX ' , 'A 1 X 'f ' 'V fzfeffjf , , Alixf ' 5 xiii' if Fqrq . -', s:5H fA if h..u K 11 42 F ,.,,, '4,. we, ff. E. fin F Y' eg, :X ELT 5 ' . Ygfil .134 , ,Li 17' 1' ing fb i ' gf 43. HQQE j ,aff qjggi' fbi fy QQ - Q '51 I . , 'R :rg . '5 We ff? g h: gH,v J Tftffi ' va :im 5Mm,, :gg iisjijfv , " "S: -2913, ' 1 , waiw' ,, A 3.3 wt , Y- xwif, .a1' 1,lA3x:?,j . , . 'A fyin. - 'f 'F ' ' YF. ' .I 1 " W V2.1 . 15? ,' ix- ' x ' , :gift if ' AQ I , ' '3ijf f . ' , I ji, 5 1 M l,,pf - I , ,sn ZK5- , ':LiY3'f L , V wg- W 5' , 4 fff ik ' 5' I i' l I - .mf fi Q si A 5 ' ifyi , Q X I, W. xlt5i. .W I I D - 1, : f . A ,Vx,ff 4 Z, : ' 5,53 1 ' ' - . XT:-' v i' ' .E , ' , f , " 14?- V - A V ' Ajfffl X - Q - . j '.,gj?' 'f,'t'2., i ' 'I 1 .' 1 . 'ffm . . , , X A fn 0. ,J X H Q K l rv ,

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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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