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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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7.."'.V f.f ' .TM , 5.1, F. 21 ' T130 W if 1-"QI ...I .wp wx,-j via' if -,g Fizfwxk i', 'Q 1 W1 " Q.-1'.'H A klf' 1 ,,:v-am, i:,.Q,.g. 'fi' t -,,. .I .A . .1 L. -1 1, I .1 'lfo' , U. ' fl I A A 1 ' Wa f, . f..'-5 H: yn! ez- y . ii 3 11 . , wa wad I' ' '71, . M21 lx 131' 1 557' " U, ,,-. . w, nz,- qn. .M 'x ' ' 1 n .v x 4- ' 4 . u Q - lx., u 4-. 1, ' 4 X . 1 I . , I U ' "W: me We I. 1 1 "W, N u Qiw fa W ' '15-V s Lf .- K A , 1. ,. JL . 1 .ps 1 3 n 1..-. YI 2 MJ L . D4 P -. 'gps 4 ,Q- M ' ,um-f:.'i. , .vgf . ,uf ,Bv" Q K , U... 3+ lf." wi V x I-iqf ., , -Ei4E.xyA fl: , ' "ff " xiii' ' :T q 1. . . 15 R ' ,WT 4-F. ' wr f .f l an .N 1 '- J 'I I 4 ia 5 i E, a H .4 1 p Fl? ' fo: MU Mil WE X i 24714 I V414 in gz- 7121? I 47' 3 ial 1645 -9 ,Nfl I 724 - aff!!! - ff fa!!! I fe iff I 16,4 I ,221 I f ZZ? f- 347 I I 77 !7 -5 ,I - Z VZ, 5, I ZZ, I ,Zig I If 6 I Nag! I Zig, I 7146 I fb!!! I I 724 . ZZ - Z!!! - 4177 I 6 f ZZ I X742 I 11474 I fag? - Z A523 I 9 ,ff I 647 114 Zpfdfgyf X X I f 4 lr!! 6X A, 5 - A I fm , lvefi? -GVIIVVAK :I I le - V H. , lf. 5 A I In If-4 Z! I Q 'I 1 nfl I, A G 7 xl! if 7 ,V 'I 'fl 76' 1 A U A?,l'I., V,-I It UA, 'Ii ly H Av, ZZ g 0 gli? U 7 VI I k I I PIM , ,252 I I A K Avllv ,I if IV il A 2 1,1 H Z' C A Z' V52 5 ij 31: Y A2737 :ZH 5 I A: C 'I' 77 K mmm MT END LM YV DENNXY Ulgjllmf NY Qumzu ME I-ILI M CME JJQJLN ELLE DWTS VDLU ovewovb 35 S WE, the class of Ianuary, 1945, go forth from the nails of Allegheny into a war- torn woricl, we are leaving a record of our school life. It is the hope of the editors that this record, our Yearbook, will through all the years to come recall time memory of our class, its work and play, its friendship with schoolmates, and its respect for and loyalty to principals, sponsors. and all faculty members. ebicafion Am PORTER Boss, for four decades member of the social stuclies depart- ment, retired from active service in Iune, 1944. C. A. Mecitock, mechanical drawing instructor, for thirty-six years, will retire in January, 1945. in gratitude for service of distinction not only in their own departments but throughout the school the class of lanuary, 1945, ciedicates its Year- book. Page Six MARY PORTER Boss In S tlistory instructor. Ma,ry Porter Boss intrortucert many Attegtleny tvoys anct girts to the rictn, pageant of ttie past. The cotorfut illustrative material atways to tae founot on the tzuttetin boards in tier room and tier discriminating interpretations have illuminated for tler pupils great tzistoricat movements. Att the memtners of this class were Miss Boss's pupits. Att prize ,IGF instruction: att witt remember tler as a finely cuttureot and gracious woman, devoted to Attegtleny Higti, to which stie made a rictz con- tritmtion tnottl as student and as teactter. C. A. MEDLOCK R many years C. A. Mediock has taught mechanical drawing at Allegheny Higll. Expert in his field, ine has prepared many of his pupils for responsiimie positions as draftsmen and has directed others into engineering and architecture. As financial sponsor of tile Wah Hoo for more than a ciecade, gate official at bail games, and earnest worker for all Allegheny proiects, Mr. iweciiock has given to Allegheny a fine and friendly school-wide service. PCIQC S8090 1' V . 1 9 Q45 M 1 1 F' . , I I ' F ' I , 121:51 -1 e ' '--as--4.1 '!""" X 1 A E . i . J ,, ...H ,. . .,.., - , .. , ... , ,..,,,,, gp Eight 3 l s aqui--1 n---v---1 TIIIIJZI ? 'V' "- .l.. .... nga Page Ten ROBERT C. MILLIKIN Principal ROY T. MATTERN Vice Principal Page Eleven 'I ROBERT C. MILLIKIN, Principal ROY T. W. BRUCE ALLEN A. DOROTHEA ALSTON ALPH E BLAKESLEE Q . PAULINE BOSTON MARY I. BOWER MARY I. CALDWELL ELLEN COLE M. R. COOLEY GRACE CORNELIUS GEO. J. EMMINGER AGNES M. FLINN F. H. FLOYD ANNE M. GEORGE JOHN A. GRUBER EDNA M. HECK LOUIS G. HOLE W. HOWARD KEISTER MARGARET G. KLINE SONIA LADOEF ROBERT B. MAGILL DOROTHY MARICK MATTERN, Vice Principal MARY S. MAURER MARGARET McCLURE MILDRED MCWILLIAMS C. A. MEDLOCK ELLA M. MESSER GRACE H. MILLER MARTHA MORRISON LAURA M. MYERS JOHN ROBB MAUDE ROWLEY MARGARET RUTH ALICE M. SCHWARTZ CLARA A. SCOTT HELEN M. SMITH HARRY M. SPRINGER W. BROWN STERRETT SARA C. TESH GERRIT THORNE ROUMAYNE WORRELL MYRTLE E. WYLIE AUGUST SIPPEL, Book Clerk MARY GRAEBING, Secretary MARGARET MEJCKINNON, Dietician 'Kon Sublmliml Leave. Page Twelve ,Yi ff W R HQ FELESQE mn llL'JNX it r n IiI: s ym and ' eepi er ind ' Is in hir s rts. 0 'te ecretar' r :ning is h bition WILLIAM ADOMITES Qail teris?n m ai'SO5SZ,fr'b1fifE'fi'I-in SIS g ?iZiIFg.b, 3 'iss his six goes -K in W -N jk BA A E. A G ST rk-haire an I Baba excels i rc stra d Eng- ish. mbe of .iris Ileg Iub he h an e on en tate he is t v' e id of the irIs . Barbards outs' e is the CiviI ' ro . ii, J ,U ..,A ' ' i . I mi if Year nd ZWQXIJ , If 1' .,f..i, .ff if College are onhj' two of po ar W?'s many ac ivi ies. ' H' ame Ss ed fi he ho 4cy'roII requayy. To b an in- teriqr ecorator s his aim. If if ff' . ,jf I ai J J IJ' ,I J ,AJ l ,I I Page Fourteen Q T A R V Pe 9 swi 3 strok ' a rea 'ng re Bet bies. , allcative a witty. makes ef SI: heI i the w effort w ing c ooI. l Iish. etty is af oss 1.9 sEi.Lo I P - se i -I' re'I r of th ' e th rad rama C b,a -,-1" mem- ber of h .2 oo Staff. Her ambition 'co become a teacher. Se ng occupies her Ieisure time. OS 0'-' I L I VEK v ri e b 1 i a ebr o e time evoI:e writin ervice n. Sh p ns o , in 'che Women's Marine Corps. be ome a Wy, ebre grea G- i . - t su , 'c ' Ig st mhz isu ' me Ia t 0, guard on team. His subject is aero- Garry plans to Air Force Wah com- expects GEO E I LA T lc' a g n -A - rse. rge lil: - ' and h cal , r ry' Fo ba - - r 1' e fa orit Q-I , rge op to ' t th h es e e Marine C rps 4 l l I c. s l IJ! eel: a v n is ice esid nt Girls ine Sh Club. Her ' e ntly. He n' re is ' rd d en bo l' and da . s to becom a s e og- r her. I' F l l R N er N r na s n achin a ar o s n s blects - t lbuted ex r in scho aff . becom ra n machi s ' im. name ha een o lfffff ROBERT BLASZAK Vice President of the Senior Class is shy but friendly Bob. His interest is. in sports and mechanical draw- ing. Bob is also an active member of IZA Drama Club. W honor roll ver ' i SHIRLEY CROOKH M T ativ a d ee e my Shir quali s. e ' i n, too f er ex- ent i n eciting in Dfx lub. Sh ey was a Wa Hoo Rep ' e would like to become clothes-designer. Page Fifteen if i r Kfllb for five semestersisgfix 1 gf MARJORIE DAV n-o ' s r orking .att ool and collecii ' , .which ' . eep her b she's not sewing. o be me a tele- phone operator is her de- sire. DOROTHY DENGLER Dorothy's orite ubject ' boolrlree i A be the Sq , plans o a b - lreeper s r. e commercial ur as after school. helped D h ork RUFUS DUNCAN Duncan is a member ot Boys Leaders Club. He enjoys mechanical drawing and machine shop, the sub- ject in which he excels. His ambition is to become a machinist. The Army will soon claim Rufus. MARGARET EBERT Always smiling, Margaret enjoys skating. She is tak- ing commercial subjects but enjoys orchestra more than any other subject, She is a member of Girls Wood Shop Club. She worlrs atter school. Page Sixteen JOSEPH FAFATA iet oe enjoys achine s llrobby, and his es es in ma . a ' g the out-o o team u es is e' ure time. .l reters the avy. MY RTLE FAWCETT Q O ' t . f o e a Engl' ' F ish and typin are h i Col a or s her many hours ot plea ure. WILLIAM ,FKN f 1 o eghen s sw' min a f ' ' " - ge C to - 1' S S ns 1 f' ec a ho bf ' s o ' ' f' Qt hminist a A - enginee. GLEN NA FO RSYTHE Friendly but shy Glenna wants to be a secretary. A member of the Senior Girls Leaders Club, she en- joys skating. l-ler tavorite subject is English. Glenna is frequently on the honor roll. 1 MORRIS GASTON e he I ' , . . . r o - I 1 m n - A av r' e f t - ' ' A cludes me h r wing and craft. 8 ' Koo: .-. ftb - -- vebee b e' - by 't He -' H rj s-- s c , . -. F arqe f en rin A f his I it u I ' ris in MA G CHO a re ary is e's an th ut re4 igb now I ime 1 b I , SWR ming ci a vorit ubject. " ' Y GERAL NE G O I To ' Aeauti ' is m urs oller skat- time when w rlcing a er Qera i e bits eral- ine s in t com- : o ies s es not It school. , JV' 'jj I 1 rl if RAY HORVATH Ray's inter st i . H '5 or the H and u. Upn raua ol- lb d - tion Rey wo i be n ' sc of MAR A Ha o-luc ary ai becom sea . Sh enjoy ing ugh r igh ye rs er sl: ing owl- i nd dan ' g are fav rite p . is a m er Wood lub. ljvg J iw -' NIC'Hd.AS Hunevtya ,i. Ajoba eandymah-r ytzpsl. Nicl? sy aftensoh . is kms e subjec ,ls ch - istr his favo e s or s. wing and ic slrgting. A r graduation Nick will enter the Navy. GLORI LaRUE INMON G y ulcl lilre W 'I urse Q peech e n f r a er favorite su 1 . All sports interest her. Page Seventeen l fj , L. l i I Q A Vid, f " Lf . i ' -, .I , . j lJ ef ' I ,f 71- DORI? JA NXfithJ a Tllard o o d f tu n j . anddafglirls il AIS han -, ' ' fun-Ming na r . She e - joys her English as well as excels in it. Doris works half a day as a stenog- rapher. N ienclly' - ' Y , iv W I -. ' -s ig n an 1 e -. he pro -- '- I or e sc 4 s X ber E rv cellxng s e often wi p onor :Nez 1 NS Quiet b followed ral course Dom stic ome loving Inez li er best liked bi 9 AY 0' SO Q I t O the Ho Xia c M Sh 6 0 a air - th n .Tm e, em -V t e 2 I e ad, an - D a lub. 4 ' ha h 'I a I o the ' . fr' 1: . 'l" has r 'favorite s b fying hair. I she will d ea culture ool. JACK KANE .lack is now in the Marines, Well lilced by his class- mates, he was the live- wire of all his classes. .laclc was a member of the Jano Club and the Fort Pitt football team. Collecting half dollars is Jaclfs hobby. Page Eiglntven VALENTINE KAN ' Tobecomeacon isbfsh -' Q -+ - Va '9 , - " w ears , C , , 5 ggrv fl kdm , i Iwf ti '-r f and I- his, a His ' v ' su 1 , I on h . - r l Vl Q e for one seaso MARGARET LUM my and my b c . rgaret i l ng 'to e- cgme mm. Roll I sk ing ' er favori er- . She wifi!! n the C t Cor a gray . . N, atte o ti is taken by or ing n owling. i ' is em of t e ALI E Part as ice'S lc J Chine op ub. ak? y ing h ommer ill rs , s a s to be e df . l ' would like 'si to I e Cadet Nur CATHERINE KING jzndly Catherine enjoys and sewing. She is ' g I: for the war by w ' er sc 0 . a erine is p - RH urse W HLER o. I2 I . t th h s , is re 4 co nize s th g in sth h ll sell iii? DOROTHY A. KLUVO Charming Dorothy will enter Penn State after graduation. Her winning manner will be a great aid in helping her achieve her ambition as an Air Hostess. A member of the Girls Col- lege Club. Dorothy finds dancing her favorite pas- time. THELM KNO DLER e - eas 5 t - ' 'o - - en' s renc n e .- ' f - ' - - 1 or . - i e - . . 1 . occupies of hcr ex ra curricular t' e. s se retar nd trea u c ine d - 9 e e - ing ps. S i an ar asebahb' a a ra fan and would Ii e to be a secretary. KON A T tive Joy winning ys. Hcrf i pastim is danci is er of e ervi quad s se ve ba i. ON he a - S nd r W o r resen a ' for e l st 5 rs. J ' planning 1 " '.Jf5,,, , .., , . .S , 25 ' Q x iff 23 5 ' ,thug wi SAMUEL A. KRAP A' I . ' La-vfom o art andy a ne f co ating, tw all call. He -gzten s t his life w ' s occup gchf his Q, a ' wwe as dramat entertaining. PHILLIP KURTZ Phil ' eni e i istry.p 'c, loving and o spirit. e co to mx a math. 0 ti l possible. plans ten college, where e likes dancin and spor d : take the technical ourse. DWAIN Dwain is very ' ' in sports, both in and of school. ' vice pre dent of the Lead Club and p ' ' ate football, ll baseball. H d like become a dra ts . but the Navy comexsxiirst. FRANK LaBARBERA Jolly Franlr's desire is to become a chemist. for he excels in chemistry. Franlc has held the offices ot president, and vice presi- dent ot his home room and of athletic representative. Franl:'s name always ap- pears on the honor roll. Page Nineteen 5 1 u 'isa W. lb LW Z! As bby, ie likes to cl ct na s ts. Her col- l tion ' e and varied. arie's vorite subjects are English and chorus. This songbird of I25 works and attends school at the same time. W UDREY ANCE Xl f OR . LAMARK I FI pe c president ot W 4. d Shop Club, is a ' il Air Patrol Cadet. his honor student is inter- ested in music n aero- nautics. She pl s to be either a ch stry or an algebrja er. EDWARD SAMUEL LEE Handsome Eddie. star quar- terback of our football team, would like to become an aviator. He is secre- tary of Boys Leaders Club and excels in art. His favor- ite subiect is math review. Ed is known in Allegheny for his ability in athletics. IAM lk WFLLYN ntelligent d " erved. ill is presi t the IZA s, v' pr sident' of ent ou . qnd, 'esi- dent'jhis ' eroo' An aciv er q e ' m b f ii. of hz! tewhelehjoys sir K0 if ejryiky .5 anis Page Twenty I . r ,A-,LIYAJ IQIVJXI, lff"" if 6 L - HAYWARD MARKHAM "Come esta usted. Senor Hayward?" You've prob- ably guessed it. Hayward takes his Spanish very seri- ously and intends to make use ot it in some Latin American country. He is also a drama and a sports fan. LOUIS doesn and After plant. ROSALIEJFQSNER l t .' . . Elheejflgllfhosie, elarjffaners er ' apprn oug J dhsic? She-"'2i1Toy5"l chorus nd intends to a pro- ! essi aliiingqy' Out ot schogjahe isna member of the oundkdlleoples Club. Rosie sends boxes to her friends overseas. T EE C m y o mm' , ska ' 3 p tty y af s l JTO bec e n ir es A is her m 'on n ' 4 and in re h fav e A subj cts 0 'ner works snaps of her perfec- tion as a stenographer is her ambition. X. lap! . K and owl' . Al ugh lil: m h i ' is to com thor. ois' fr dly vi cio man- her wide popu- L s e ler a g n Z lar. NAT ' R r ru gorette She o t ah Hoo a 53 any ongs to the Dra e M c i I ft W C E er ' Nat i reco nized 6 d .x oil n st u n th h n AK! i.. . . eero he v s V ak FW p. ' lei a t rsin 'i adet Corps. ff v MARGARET NOVELLY Margaret, friendly and charming, was with us for just a short while. Her chosen course was the com- mercial one. She excelled in shorthand and typing. Margaret was athletic minded and enjoyed all competitive sports. tg. ii-lsslh WW? it . ii i . t. rJ4'fi.ll.Cf.9- t 'x . in K tj 'O ., . n DP I 4 -xl-P . ' . 'X' .-9' 1 I di BERNICE ltIUSSKERN Jolly Bernice is the secre- tary of her home room. Otten on the honor roll, she enjoys English very much. Bernice is well liked. Making friends and bowling are her hobbies. OHN PALKOT Br ' s and brawn mixed 'th humo are he makeup o Rus . v t our ablet e a a mem r a le s ath tic ams ongs Col Club. hn' mbition to be a che ical engineer. NORMA PESANO Norma is small, but her ability is great. She has talcen the commercial course and would like to become a beauty operator. Her favorite subject is chorus. Tennis is Norma's favorite sport. sem' JE y E a ing cou Bett re u ler slnat to teach in e m - ch o l -l A-1- T lc' e 4' be I: t. hoy em :dltindis g Sp eas i r 4- HS ' : - 1 6 1. l 'D Q H Page Turonlyenne i f ,, B nd i gre Betty's t su . B tt lik ' er r. h l h e I r s d b s t n ak p ZORKA PROTULIPAC ' ' co' kating f- ancing are ' . Zor a belongs to baske ball and volley- ball team . 'r f 60,1 -f 1- rl aders is orka r ". ori e sub- c i t - - , . rn , - . er af i k BET Y RI ARD ON if Z Y e make usrc car In atte c oo ours e an . ee a er po u r. ing, skating, tak- ing pictures of r class- ates are llon" favorite iversions. Il is akin' ans o e nur r oc or. ona is ban asure mber I2th ra e am 5 n fj d o a t Lf V' college pre atory c e n pl b c e a Wah Hoo resent 'l . JANE ROSSI Excelling in clothing and typing, lively Jane is taking the commercial course. An excellent tap dancer she enjoys dancing, sewing, basketball, and football. Her clubs are, Twelfth Grade Drama and Cheer- leaders. Page Twenty-two X RODQERS Z! si-:may N , 5 a enter nera ovplfing yan umm are ,f y, in my te . K i V i. I' if A eriyyte port Eng is an c us are her tawgcyjg s ts. t , V, , -J s E e wi who 'ns t D st a er, lr s ook- 5 excels oods. find reat ple sure in re 'ng. l AN Y CA nd l rlen n o S avo te sybj rs has r ev I er 0 Tony m its onlte a tc er f If FRANCES SEUAK A Sarah Heinz House mem- ber, pretty Frances likes swimming. Excellent in secretarial training, she in- tends to become a secre- tary. Frances' name has ap- peared on the honor ll iany ti . IW i sf 0 lif- WW .W JOSEPH S. SEPAC A member of the e crew and c repe r , an o l es e ' j rawing rcs. His gb zdi and ' ' not for the o 3 tuna collige urse in radio. ELMER SESKY Elmer, a lively member of 424, hopes to join the Navy. Interested in all sports. he is a member ol Boys Life Saving Club. His favorite subjects are aeros nautics and mechanical drawing. GEORGE To com gob p Geo e esi e. m- be oys Club X ad' an rtrst he Wah h-loo sta rge excels in art. He rs alcing a general V course. K Q .EDlT 00,12 I Fri d E hs s t a ,"i ,art Se .l o bln lloweq de- ecome a mem- r the Marine Corps. r h r ambition. She 0592 FRANCIS SPORRER H some Fr excel in 'str . ' v nd d ' . . - .. cla m ris ' ' A V 1 is 1 Q - r on graduati h' '-Y mem- be ing 3 thi Arr Corp PAULINE E. ETAC Pauline, who ' ' a d res ed, finds s ory En he es ' ts. T h r will train for n in the Shadyside ospital School of Nursing. ROBERT 1. THOERNER ' g is h ppy-go-l clcy ob's hobby ber oy e ' io ancinytndge rpo . aim is to e cert' ed public accou ut first comes the v Q! OLIVER THO S N elev on ba s Ol' ir minded. he exc rr rr - n . is extracurricular c avi res rn e e esr resentatrv and of l25. and of Boys College Club. Ollie's interests are sports and college. . ..., Page Turenlyellnrec , fi- W fl ai llfm yr. Editor ot the Wah Hoo, secretary and social chair- man of her home room. stamp and bond salesman, Ann has chosen journalism for her career. Always an honor student, Ann enjoys all subjects, especially Eng- lish. ALBERT WATSON Albert is talcing a college course, excelling in math, although he enjoys chem- istry and physics more. Always on the honor roll, he would like to take a scientific course in college, but upon graduation will enter the Army. WENTIAND Althou r ' t. J k I ' ' ing d b vl- J ing. H i oirj art a oigatt: , er . l tt a u ti ' Jack plans tol Navy. MARCELLA WIKERT Friendly and witty Marcella is the secretary of Girls Machine Shop Club. The subjects she likes best are English and typing. To be- come a salesgirl is her ambition. The Waves have caught Marcella's eye. Page Tlvenly-four LEROY WILLIAMS LeRoy needs no introduc- tion. He has served on the football, the basketball, and the baseball teams: as athletic representative: and as a member of Boys Leaders Club. LeRoy's ex- cellence in art won him a place on the Wah Hoo Art statl. GEORGE WRIGHT Shy and quiclc, George is now in the Army Air Corps. George was manager of the baslcetball team, a member of Boys Leaders, and sports reporter for the Wah I-loo two semesters. George maintained con- sistently honor rank. HE Y YEE ry' ef interest is il ing model airplanes alth he also enjoys foo I , baseball. and s ll. A member of Leaders and stamp pediter of his home room, he hopes to enter the Army Signal Corps. MARIA ZAFFORA The Lily Pons of the class is small and attractive Mary. A member of Girls Machine Shop, of the volleyball and of the basketball teams, Mary plans to become a sales- girl. She enjoys all her subjects, especially chorus n is in y's E gI h d h I d 5. He Irlres to play I tb II H h t k S U6 W XJECIJJW KENNETH DANDRIDGE mer coo. en is. a States Army. GRADUATING WITH HONOR WILLIAM JOSEPH ADOMITES DORIS JEAN JACK VALENTINE KANTZ, JR. THELMA JEAN KNOEDLER FLORENCE H. KOHLER JOY KONSTAN PHILLIP I. KURTZ FLORENCE J. LAMARK BERNICE MATHILDA NUSSKERN JOHN S. PALKOT HEDWIG SAFTNER FRANCES C. SELJAK OLIVER JOSEPH THOMS ANN WAROBLAK ALBERT WATSON GEORGE WRIGHT Page Twenty-five Ken, with his pleasing smile and gracious personality, has taken a general course. Although not with us in IZA, he completed his necessary credits in Sum- Sh I K t present. in the United CLASS OFFICERS President - ---- William Llwellyn Vice President ----- Robert Blaszak Secretary - Florence Koliler Treasurer - Thelma Knoedler Sponsor - Mr. Sterrett Page Twenty-s Hall o'F Fame OLIVER THOMS YOU don't have to be good at riddles to uncover the identity ot this able graduate. l-le was president ot Boys College Club. guard on the 'First string ot Allegheny's tootball team. business manager ot the XXfah Hoo. president ot his home room. president ot Student Council. You've guessed it. Oliver Thoms. These responsibilities did not prevent his being active in social events. Studies took up a great part of his time. Aeronautics and mathematics are Oliver's tavorite subjects. When the list ot accomplishments is added up. the result is an energetic. un- seltish leader-Oliver Thoms. ANN WAROBLAK ANN has made a lasting name tor herselt in Allegheny through her excellent work as editor of the Wah l-loo. That Ann is Allegheny's Dorothy Thompson. is plainly evident in her tree-Flowing thought-provok- ing editorials. Journalism at Pitt is to be Ann's next venture. Outstand- ing in public speaking. play writing. play producing. and acting. Ann balances her program by selling stamps and bonds. As a business woman she has no superior. Prominent in both social and scholastic activities. Ann always attains honor rating. Ann's bright smile. triendly disposition. efficiency. and perseverance-she always sees things through -assure her success. WALTER ARMSTEAD HARD work. socials. and Walter Armstead just naturally mix. Capable. well rounded Walt is our Yearbook Editor. l-lis etticiency was tested by the many handicaps set him by a class numbering 'Fewer than one hundred. Patient photographer, persistent tollow-up man tor club con- tracts. able diplomat with engraver and printer. Walter carried his re- sponsibilities well. Popular dancing partner. loyal supporter of football teams. active member ot Boys College Club. and clever master ot ceremonies. Walter lent his jovial spirit to all activities. The l-lallowe'en Masquerade Ball. the great success ot the year. was initiated by Walter Armstead and Oliver Thoms. Walter's boundless energy and sparkling wit have won him many triends in Allegheny. Page Twenty- KAY JOHNSON ATTRACTIVE, stylish Kay Johnson will long be remembered at Alle- gheny as a sparkling mistress of ceremonies at many lively and entertaining floor shows. Our class dances and socials were always pepped up by her resourcefulness and talent. Kay, herself. an ac- complished musician, makes piano playing her hobby. A portfolio of music, both classic and popular, is always within her reach. Kay's versatility found expression on the Circulation Staff of the Wah I-loo: in the captaincy of the third period Service Squad: and in acting in Twelfth Grade Drama. I-ler ambition is to become a dress designer. WILLIAM LLEWELLYN WELL did William Llewellyn deserve the offices he held-president of the senior class, vice president of Student Council. and president of 424. Quiet, but at the same time jovial, Bill was on the track team for two years, where he majored in high jumping. Although the various offices which he held took much time, he found hours, too, for dancing and bowling. The class appreciates his leadership in the solution of many perplexing problems. William is an all-round good student. t-Iis college plans have been set aside until the close of the war. William prefers the Navy. GEORGE WRIGHT REMEMBER the busy fellow with the notebook and pencil who caught every play at our football games-George Wright, our Wah I-loo sports writer. This popular section of the school publication has long been under George's keen supervision. Quiet and reserved George laid down his notebook and pencil to join the ranks in Uncle Sam's Air Corps. There is no doubt that he will establish a record there as enviable as the one he made in Allegheny. While in Allegheny, he always held a place on the I-lonor Roll. Intelligent and efficient, George is just an all-round nice fellow with many, many friends. FLORENCE KOHLER WI-IEN it comes to selling bonds and writing shorthand, the versatile secretary of the senior class, Florence Kohler. takes top honors. Florence with her pleasing smile and manners, has fairly magnetized dollars for Uncle Sam's cause. She spent a year as an Allegheny repre- sentative of the Government. She is continuously on the I-Ionor Roll. Florence was indispensable in many school activities. Page Twenty-eight ROBERT BLASZAK ROBERT BLASZAK. reserved and intelligent. was a model student at Allegheny. Knowledge and Bob naturally go together. Frequently attaining a place on the honor roll, he claims as his favorite subject history. with physics a close second. Very popular in the senior class. Bob is noted for his versatility. l-le displayed his leadership as vice president of 424. ln order to enjoy more fully his hobby. dancing. Bob belonged to an after-school pre-prom dancing group. Bob is sedate and mannerly. and his lively sense of humor makes him a jovial companion. l-le would like to become a metallurgist. THELMA KNOEDLER YOU have all heard the song, "Sweet and Lovely." Well the composer must have had some one like our class treasurer in mind. Thelma Knoedler. For sweet and lovely she is indeed. Thelma was an honor student throughout her course. She has a knack for asking for money in such a gracious way that even the hardest senior surrendered promptly to her appeals. Thelma impresses us all by her friendliness and her knowledge for bookkeeping and shorthand. JOHN PALKOT JOHN PALKOT, better known as "Russian," is an all-round student. l-le turned to sports. study, and extra-curricular events with an "l'll do my best" attitude. Most people know "Russian" because of his participation in football and basketball. l-lis closer friends know him for and enjoy his humorous quips and bits of philosophy. One of his favorite sayings is: "Poverty is no disgrace, but it's an awful incon- venience." The title "Mad Chemist" was bestowed upon John not without reason. for mathematics and chemistry are no sticklers for him. Those subjects are likely to be the foundation of a successful career- a career delayed by the war. BETTY BLAHA SMILING. dance happy Betty Blaha was responsible for the success of many of our school social events. "Betz" was also a conscientious student. l-ler untiring spirit in the Girls Leaders Club. the Wah l-loo Book Shelf, and dancing was marked. l-ler joy in dancing is contagious as shown in the l-lallowe'en Dance when "Betz" led some mem- bers of the Girls Leaders Club in a country tap dance and later joined the audience in "cutting a mean rug". English is her favorite subject. but typing and shorthand are close seconds. Betty plans to enter business school next fall. Page Twenty-nine Looking Back September 5-On the calendar it's Tuesday. ln our minds it's 'the first day of school. We return after a glorious summer vacation. Oh, how good everybody looks! September 7-Books all ready. Oh well, we're seniors, now. l guess we can take a little bit of work with our fun. September 8-Allegheny plays Bellevue in a scrimmage game. Score is 20-6. Bellevue just isn't competition to us. Watch our smoke when we play league games. September I2-Tuesday is the new day on which we purchase bonds and stamps.'s all back the attack! Buying bonds will bring back our boys sooner. September I5-Why all the Red and Blue? Are all these the backer- ups of-our fighting eleven? South l-lills bows to Allegheny, 20-7. That eleventh-hour rally pepped our spirits. September 2 I-l-low good we feel up front in senior seats. Today was our first assembly. Our own class participated in it. September 22-Peabody also takes a back seat. Score is I2-6. Didn't we say that our team was sure-fire? September 28-l-lip, hip and pass that ball! Our dance was today. What a success! A pep-rally-get-acquainted dance with over six hundred people all dancing and watching the wonderful floor show of singing. dancing, and even the football squad. Some show, some dance! We want more. September 29-Allegheny shows Langley who is boss as we trim them, I3-7. Section ll, here we come. as champs again. October 5-Allegheny meets Perry today. Well, maybe we didn't want to be City Champions. What if we do lose one game! We'll beat ' Carrick next week. October 9-Today we learn that five of our best men are hurt. What luck! lt never rains but it pours. Drip, drip, drip. October I I--The class decides on its photographer. We go to Strem's for the first time. l-lere's hoping! Page Thirty October I2-Columbus' birthday. What thanks we owe to him tor dis- covering this wondertul country ot ours. We should all be grateful that we are citizens in these United States. October I3-Today is Friday the thirteenth. Carrick ruins Allegheny's plans. 28-I3. This just isn't our year. Let's give somebody else a chance at the title. We had it last year. Darn those black cats! October I8-The tirst edition ot the Wah l-loo goes to the printer's. The Circulation statt goes way over the quota set. Today every- one's a-twitter. We can hardly wait tor the Wah l-loo distribution. October I9-At last the much talked about report cards. Everything seems to be on the cards except what we had tor breakfast. October 20-The game with Millvale postponed on account ot rain. We can wait till Monday to beat them. October 23-A busy day. Pictures are to be taken. That is why the seniors are all sharped up in suits. ties. and high-heels. Allegheny comes back atter losing two games. We beat Millvale, I3-O. l-lot dog! lwith mustardl. October 25-First edition ot the Wah l-loo is distributed today. Those bright covers make everyone's eyes pop. Boy, is it neat and is the statf proud! Just watch them strut. October 26-Why are there clowns, witches and devils in the lunch- room? Oh, I know, advertising the l-lallowe'en Masquerade Ball tomorrow night. Seems as it everyone is going. October 27-Are we seniors busy today. The gym is being decorated. Leaves and corn stalks are brought in and pumpkins dressed up. What's the occasion? Why it's the l-lallowe'en Masquerade Ball. This. the tirst all-school night dance Allegheny has had tor many years. At the dance all sorts ot dignitied and tunny costumes. Even a tew teachers come in costume. By the way, Oliver again took the high light as they beat us by the score ot I3-7. Page Tl y October 30-3 l-Today and tomorrow the classes are interrupted by the colhstant going and coming ot pupils who are having club pictures ta en. November 3-Allegheny finishes her season by taking Fitth Avenue. 48-I3. Why couldn't we have beaten the other teams as we did Fifth Avenue! November 8-Why are the seniors so excited? lt's just that the proots are here. In general, not bad. By the way, tonight's the night our parents meet our teachers. Brrrrrr. November IO-Today is Friday betore Armistice Day. Just our luck! That means no Armistice Day vacation. November I7-The last ot the club pictures were taken today. Now the question is when will they be back. l-lo hum! November 21-Those big beautitul books are distributed. All yellow and brown, the Wah l-loo otters enjoyment tor all. November 22-Bulletin says we are to be dismissed early. What's the big occasion? Oh, gobble. tomorrow's Thanksgiving. November 27-Today we return to school atter a glorious 'Festive Thanks- giving. Who said turkeys were scarce? December I-My. my. only twenty-tour more days until Christmas! I hope St. Nick isn't late. December 4-Once more those dreaded report cards. Still they don't record what we had tor breaktast. Maybe next time. Anyhow, the third time is the charm. December 7-Three years ago today the infamous attack on Pearl l-larbor rocked the world. We are "celebrating" the day by buy- ing bonds to wipe the Nips into eternity. December ll-I2-I3-Do you know what happens when you sing "White Christmas" too much? Only a mere eighteen inches do we have ot snow as a result. At least we had a two-days vacation. What fun! My back still aches from shoveling snow. December I5-Are you wondering why there are Christmas trees and decorations in the Arch Street hall? l'll let you in on a secret. lt's tor the IZA Social. You can bet your boots land they are so hard to getl that everything will turn out super. December I9-Santa, you're so early. Why? lt's the big all-school Christmas Party with a tloor show, decorations, music. and all sorts Page Thirty-Iwo ot fun. The real Christmas spirit is going to be portrayed with a really live Santa and a huge tree. December 2l-Yum, yum! Don't you just love those nice home room Christmas parties complete with ice cream, candy, and all sorts ot goodies. December 22-The traditional Allegheny Christmas program. Again we are put in the true holiday mood with a beautitul pageant and the singing ot carols. This year the Boys College and the Girls Go-To College Clubs are responsible tor the program. Aren't you just thrilled by the tact that Monday is the great day? Well, Merry Christmas and a l-lappy New Year, alll See you next year. January 2-Well, here we are again after a glorious vacation. Let's malce a resolution that this year will be better than any we have ever had, and that peace shall reign throughout the entire world. January I5-Oh, happy dayl Stunt Day. You know, the day that the seniors pretend that they are youngsters once more. January lo-At long last, Senior Day. Our memories ot you, Lady Allegheny, will always be cherished. We, the seniors, present you underclassmen, with the lcey that was bequeathed us by all the preceding graduating classes. Talre care ot it, future seniors, and ot all the traditions it symbolizes. Farewell, Allegheny. We do not regret leaving because you have prepared us well for the tuture. January 24-A big night tor all ot the Class ot January, l945. Com- mencement Day is here. We are the proud possessors ot A.l-l.S. diplomas. l-lail and tarewelll Pugr- Tliirly Illrifr- SENIOR DAY Tuesday. January I6, I945 Orchestra March-Class ot January, I945 Salute to the Flag Star-Spangled Banner Bible Reading - - l-lymn-Onward Christia 'Welcom e--- Class History Chorus Yearbook Announcement Stamps and Bonds - Presentation ot Key Acceptance of Key - Presentation ot Athletic Farewell - Allegheny l-lymn Page Thirty-four n Soldiers Letters Betty Blaha William Llewellyn, President William L Frances Seljak Walter Armstead Florence Kohler Oliver Thoms William Petterman - Mr. Millilcin lewellyn, President COMMENCEMENT CLASS OF FEBRUARY, l945 January 24. l945 Theme-Post-War Pittsburgh Presentation of the Flag and Flag Salute The Star-Spangled Banner - - - Class and Audience lnvocation 'Welcome Address-The Future of Pittsburgh - Joy Konstan Transportation Facilities ---- Bernice Nusslcern "Le Pere de la Victoire" - - Ganne Orchestra Recreation Projects - - - - John Pallcot "The Smiling Dawn" ltrom Jephetal - - - - Handel Choral Grou Betty Blaha Dorothy Dengiler Florence Kohler Margaret Kellum Shirley Roth Norma Pesano Natalie Miller Lois Novak Mary Zatfora Bernice Nusslcern Marie Lance Pauline Stack New Industrial Developments ----- Philip Kurtz Selection-Entrance of the Sirdar from "Caucasian Sketches" , lppolitow-lwanow Orchestra Violin Duet, - - - Valentine Kantz and Louis Martin Farewell Address-Greater Educational Opportunities Anne Waroblak Presentation of Diplomas Allegheny l-lymn Retiring of the Flag-America - Class and Audience "The Rainbow Division"-March - - - D. Nirella Orchestra Benediction Page Thirty-five APPRECIATION WE. the Graduating Class ot January, l945, and the Yearbook Statf, wish to express our deepest appreciation to Mr. Millikin, Mr. Mattern, members ot the taculty, and underclassmen. Xlffe appreciate the generous cooperation ot our associates in publication: John Crawford Park, printerg Strem Studios, photographer: and John C. Bragdon. engraver. Finally we give a note ot thanks to the business men, our advertisers. who have given us their loyal support. We are proud ot our Advertising Section and urge all readers to patronize our advertisers taithtully. Page Thirty-si fly M ZW! K F -'xx Q Ye X N E? 3 J Q ' 3 x lb I X ll 4 ff ? !JllHlWHllHLLXX THE Vol. 44 Editors - Literary School Notes Book Shelf - About Town Athletics Ar: Humor ' Business Advertising - Circulation - Alumni - Typing - Exchange Staff - Typing - General Adviser Pago Tllirty-vigllt THE WAH HOO Published by STUDENTS OF THE ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHCOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA January, 1945 THE STAFF ANN WAROBLAK - ETHEL MARTIN - PAT O'TooLE - FRED MELIONITIS INA CJIIESTNUT - CATHERINE VEY JUNE CAssEY - EVELYN BESTIL GEORGE WRIGHT - GEORGE SEIFFERT LEROY WILLIAMS KENNETH LIPPERT HARRIET HODDER WILLIAM HUNZEKER KAY JoHNsoN - GEORGE MARTIN - MARY JANE PAPPAS WILLIAM KELLER ANGELA PUSATERI - FACULTY ADVISERS - MARY S. MAURER Art - - M. R. COOLEY Finance - CLARA A. SCOTT No. 6 WALTER ARMSTEAD - ELNA TUOMELA - PAUL FAETH - ROBERT KNOCH A .JAMES WYLLIE - KATHLEEN ZIEGLER - - SANDRA SHINE BETTY SETZENEAND A - BETTY BLAHA BETTY MCCORMICK - FLORENCE I.0RlTZ - RAY HORVATH - PAUL CARLSON - DONALD CROFT MARY Lou RICHEY - PEGGY HoI.LuRoER - - OLIVER THoMs RosE MARIE ILWNDES - - HAROLD DAHL - NATALIE MILLER NORMA BERARDINELLI - - RUTH DUVALL - - ALLEN KRUPP LOULA CHERPES - MILDRED HLAwATI - LORRAINE VESELY Ross MARIE BELLO A. DOROTHEA ALSTON - C. A. MEDLOCK FORREST H. FLOYD ' r WAH HOO STAFF Mary Lou Richey, Ethel Martin, Catherine Vey, Betty Setzentand, Rose Marie Bello, Norma Berardinelli, Mildred l-llawati, Florence Loritz, Natalie Miller, Betty Blaha, Peggy l-lollinger, Ruth Du Vall. lna Chestnut, Evelyn Bestic, Kathleen Ziegler, Pat O"l'oole, Betty Mc- Cormick, Ann Waroblak, Walt Armstead, Kay Johnson, Sandra Shine, Edna Tuomela, Mary Jane Pappas, l-larriet l-lodder, Rose Marie Lowndes, June Cassey. George Seittert, Oliver Thoms, George Martin, Fred Melionitis, l-larold Dahl, Paul Faeth, William l-lunzelcer, James Wyllie, Ray l-lorvath, Allan Krupp, Kenneth Lippert, Robert Knox, George Wright. Sponsors-Mary S. Maurer, M. R. Cooley, Clara A. Scott, A. Dorothea Alston, C. A. Medloclc, F. Fl. Floyd. . l'ugu 'lilnirlv niuv STUDENT COUNCIL Jean Richards, Richard Muclcle, Oliver Thoms, Jane Leech, Bill Llewellyn, Regina Mushynslci. Rita Romano, Ethel Martin, Mary Ellen Stewart, Mary Alice Walsh, Elva Armenia, Lois Timmins, Laura Long, Erma Draiger, Lois Schloesslin, Norma Ashloaugh. Richard Kirmeyer, William Wheeler, Fred Melionitis, Paul Eaeth, Richard Torquato, Frank l-lugo, Bill Slowilc, l-loward Minzenberg, Bon John. Sponsors-Miss Scott, Miss Bower, Miss Cooley, Mr. Mattern. Pugpv ljnrly WAH HOO REPRESENTATIVES Edward Pacey, Leroy Blair, Robert Edmunds, Chris Politis, Ken Lippert, Earl Smith. Donald Keller, llona Rodgers, Dolores Martig, Pete Rinchiuso, Margaret Kampas, Mary Draganjac, Joseph Pauline, Charles Schmidt, Dorothy Krasny. Geraldine Coomes, Mercedes Bir, Doris Scherer, Charis Valieslca, Theodora Neotis, Marge Di Armit, Ann Giovanelli, Joy Konstan. Sponsor-Mr. Medloclc. Priya' Irurlx' mu WW.: CHEER LEADERS Norma Berardinelli, Rose Marie Lowndes. Marie Milligan, Mary Daley, Betty Cocheres, Georgia Rozalcis, Doris Viclcers, Laura Long, Rose Marie Tezalc, Eileen McNally, Frances Kolcinalcis, Virginia Zubic, Georgia Learos, Betty Nedley. Lillian Yoclcel, Arline l-loellerman, Eileen Gratz, Eileen Wolfe, Dvagretta Kress, lrene Massie, Dorothy Milinarcilc-, Ella Snair, Dolores Jelacic, Alice Bradel, Mr. Thorne. Margarite Hamilton, Lorraine Vacelc, Eleanor Whitesell, Beverly Flagel, Peggy l-lollinger, Grace Jameson, Katherine Vey, Marcella l-lirce, Mildred l-llawati, Kathleen Reithmeier, Shirley Kohler. Sponsor-Mr. Thorne. Pugv Forty-ll CHEER LEADERS Laura Long, Rosemarie Lowndes. Rose Marie Tezalc, Norma Berardinelli, Eileen McNally, Doris Vickers Sponsor-Mr. Thorne. We've got the pep, we've got the team We've got the tight, we've got the team, Pep, steam, tight. team, Yeah, Allegheny! Priya' Furry ll 4 if Ya 'bA0,,, A .K ,V Y Page Forly-four XMW-4-4 SERVICE SQUAD ' Q' SERVICE SQUAD Margaret Ebert. Barbara Arbogast, Marian Franlc. Mercedes Biber, Irene Ellenberger, Gloria Ellenberger. Inez Johnson, Willa Mae Childs. June Cassey, Lois Belo. Dolores Bracken, Catherine Esswein, Jean Kenna. Frances Kolcinalcis, Lorraine Vesely, Virginia Zubic, Wanda Walsh, Kit Patterson, Betty Mundeliis, Frances Bozniclc, Alice Bradel. Mary Milligan, Charmaine Schambacher, Mildred Miller, Lois Eberhart. Olga Thomas, Regina Ochscinslci, Irene Podlaselc, -Angela Pusateri. Betty Cocheres. Gladys Snyder, Mary Nugent. Lois Schloesslin. Rose Marie Bello, Elvia Dengler, Kay Johnson, Dorothy Dengler, Leatrice Murovich. Ann Waroblalc, Ilona Rodgers, Florence Kohler. Marcella Wilcert. Thelma Knoedler, I-Ielen Cemas, Alyce Kelly, Kathleen Reithmier. Frances Thompson, Ruth Schattauer, James Kurcina, Walter Armstead, Phillip Kurtz, Pat I-Ianley, Alice Rodgers, Tillie Buzar, Mona Werner, Stella Primola, Doris Viclcers, Georgia Rozalcis, Lorraine Schloesslin. Norma Berardinelli, Dorothy Kluvo, Mildred Franlchauser, Marie LaBeIIa, Natalie Miller, Bernard Cohen, William Paganini, I-Iarold Aust, Ed Kissner, Doris Scherer, Terry Russ. Barbara M'alezi, Lois Novak, Joy Konstan. Mary Inserra. Page Forty-five BOYS LIFE SAVING Bob Bearrow. Tom Camarda, Alan Krupp, Frank l-lugo, Otto Dengler, Bill Baierl, Carl Weissbart, Cloyd l-lefright, Ed Eichelman, Jim Levendos. Ken Sill, Bill Laux. Wally Harding. Ken Geyer, Ed l-loynoslci, Bill Sestric, Howard Link, John Vetter. Jack Durler, Tom McGrath, James Zarbyniclcy, John Grimalfi. Clyde Bohn, Jack Sieglen. Bob Ussaclc. John Funfar. Ronald l-lugus, Richard Kirmeyer, Charles Vistein, Jim Selly, Vernon l-larvy. Ed l-lodglciss. Sam Snaman. Eutuh Blair, Bob MclKennzie, Andy Peschka. Jim Paulat, John Schlereth, Dick Randolph, Ray Bruener. Sponsor-Mr. Allen. Page Fortyasix GIRLS LIFE SAVING Anna M. Dietzel, Arrnella l-lahn, Lois Korniclc, Katherine Yalcsiclc, Rosemary Berger, Sandra Shine, Rose Marie Metz, June Leitch. Frieda Dohring, Margaret Skrtich, Patricia O'Toole, Betty l-lershey. Ann Giovanelli. Pauline Staclc. Anna Fabina, Dorothy l-learne. Eileen McNally, Florence Russ, Mary Draganjac. Nora Bradley, Charmaine Schambaclrer, Alice Zarybiniclcy, Grace Marquarcly, Gloria Johnson, Betty Beers, Edith Brill. Sponsor-Miss Flinn. pugu Fnrly sum' Page Forty-eight ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA First Violin Valintine Kantz. Lorraine Cervenlca. Arline Smith, Howard Linlc, Louise Martin, David Wilson. Theodore Neotes. Merle Shartt. Second Violin Florence Lamarlc, Barbara Arbogast. Ethel Schmale, Margaret Skrtich. Margaret Ebert. Ruth McWhorten, Charles Williams, Anna Salvia. Cello Jerald Weisberg. Robert Kemper, Jean Fitzgerald. Sandra Lee Shine. Viola Pauline Stack, Kitt MacMichael, Marianne Nichel, Josephine Cochinella, Lois Drum, Irene Ellenberger. Woodwind Elvia Dengler. l-larold Aust. Walter Lorenz. Christopher Leuba. Director-Mr. Keister. Page Forty-n of full Yo- il GIRLS LEADERS Lois Diclc. Grace Fitzgerald, Ernestine Lilli, l-larriet I-lodoler, Rosemarie Lowncles. Dorothy Vogel, Clara Mae Miller, Armecla Angaran, Frances Erzen, Lois Murovich, Lois Lang, Wilma Uttenwiller. Edna Mae Riebold, Marie Bubash. Catherine Primrose, Doris Maclcie, Marcella l-lirce, Thelma Donnelly, Betty Mae Hart, Marguerite Hamilton, Dorothy Fatata, Anna Lou Myers, Esther Martig. Josephine Cochinella, Wilma Meiser, Ruth Hood. Dorothy Scheutz, Martha Piotrowslci, Betty Setzentand. Betty Blaha, Geraldine Coomes, Florence Erb, Helen Frances. Zorlca Protulipac. Frances Adams, Irene Krist, Charis Valeslci, Mary Jane Pappas. Sponsor-Miss Rowley. Page Fifty GIRL RESERVES Marie Zellcovich, Betty Burns, Betty Jo Wallace. Roberta Simpson, Patricia O'Toole. l-lelen Lazar, Angela Pusateri, Dolores Marshall, Shirley Markham, Jean Shively. Shirley Bergman, Ida Therisod. Barbara Welsh, Annetta Canatella, Gwendolyn Payne, Olga Thomas, ,lean Reardon, Marjorie Flaherty. Sponsor-Miss Schwartz. Puyc Filly one 9 L I . 4 4' ' 5 Page Fifly-Iwo BOYS COLLEGE BOYS COLLEGE Paul Faeth. Robert Eber, George Sietlert, Angelo Manesiotis. Roy Wolber, Paul Carlson. .lerald Weisberg, l-larold Dahl. Bill l-lunzeker. Fred Melionitis. Oliver Thorns. Frank Byrnes, Gordon l-lartman, Mr. Floyd. Richard Kazena, George Martin, Fred I-loller, William Foon, Christopher Leuba. Donald Blahnilc, Robert Kozalc. Joe Weloer, William Petterman. John Pallcot. Chester Toslci, Richard Muclcle, Ray l-lorvath. Charles Yeager. Stanley Darbut, Walter Armstead. Sponsor-Mr. Floyd. Page Fiflyellurav 51 531' Gfigk xi?- age F if ty- four BAND BAND Jack Weyandt. Donald Timlce. Edwin Martin, Jimmie Nichols, Harry Little. Ilona Rodgers, Harry Bolzert, Joseph Pauline. Betty Richardson, Elvia Dengler, Howard Minzenberg. Robert Boyed, Douglas After. Elmer Mracna. Lawrence Humphries, Dolores Jones, William Merlaclc, Alvin Pinda. Earl McCabe. Betty Prade, Leonard Hendry. Robert Hirt, Edward Ober. Harold Aust, James Palmieri, George Rozalcis. Tony Giovengo, Johnny Grulobs. Jaclc Franklin. Julius Long, Samuel Zollinger, Walter Krist. Drum Majorettes-Natalie Miller llzrontl, Florence Erb lRearl. Director-Mr. Keister. Page Flflysfive DANCE ORCHESTRA Student Director: Eddie Ober. Saxaplwonesz Jolwn Grubbs, James Nichols, Alvin Pinda, Lawrence Humphries. Trombones: l-larry Little, Eugene Vogel. Piano: Lillian Mangold, Gloria Kisslcalt. Trumpets: Albert Kerr, Leonard Hendry, William Merlaclc, James Palmieri. Drums: Sam Zollinger. Sponsor: Mr. Keister. pugr' Filly Six KNITTING CLUB Dorothy Krasny, Elsie Berger, Ruby Longhery, Betty Mundelcis, Theodora Neotes. Lois Montgomery, Mildred l-llawati, Florence Loritz, Evelyn Bestic, lna Chestnut, Gloria Ellenberger, Naomi Bussi. Dolores Harrington, Joan Berger, Rose Marie Yuratovich. Martha Rosison, Mercedes Bir, Anna Fabina, Gloria Ferris, Dorothy Klobucar. Sponsor-Miss Morrison. llrryv lfillv svvvri GIRLS WOOD SHOP Lois Butler, Florence Lamarlc, Barbara Arloogast, Lois Belo. Cecilia Trulli, Kitty Yochem, Maucle Blaclcwell, Ethel Lucas, Lee Anna Clowney, Ruth Clark, Alice Bolster, Dorothy Clark, Betty McCormick, Dolores Miller, Marianne Nickel, Patsy Peitter. Dorothy Reichle. Theresa Jeslcey, Margaret Jackson, Muriel Muthler, Irene Swantex, l-lelen Sacherick, Margaret Ebert. A Ethel Schmale, Lorraine Cervenlco, Francis Seljaclc, Margaret Gocho, Shirley Kocab, La Verne l-leigel, Shirley Klessen. Sponsor-Mr. Emminger. Page Fifty-eight MACHINE SHOP Mary Zattora, Helen Cemas, Hedwig Sattner, Mary Ann Barton, Henrietta Hileman, Mildred Miller. Alyce Kelly, Marcella Wikert, Florence Kohler, Geraldine Gordon, Willa Mae Childs, Thelma Knoedler. Mary Summers, Natalie Miller, Mr. Gruber, Dolores Umptirey, Evelyn Ames. Sponsor-Mr. Gruber. Page' Fifty nina Page Sixty GIRLS COLLEGE GIRLS COLLEGE Billie Jean Doherty. Dolores Bracken. June Cassey. Lois Belo, Ina Chestnut, Mary Schmit, Nell Kunkel. Gladwin Mehl. Margaret Kampus. Lois Schloesslein, Eve Bestic, Adriana Antonopoulos. Barbara Malzei, Genevieve Cotton. Rosella Osterrieder, Dorothy Baiers, Barbara Krausi, Maryanne Blasco. Rose Wiedel, Frieda Dohring, Audrey Davidson, Dorothy Dickson, Martha Reorson. Betty Leisiter. Stella Prirnola. Mary Lou Richey. Lorraine Katzbeclc. Dolores Eichler. Elizabeth Burghart. June Schneider. Florence Loritz. Esther Elzer, Kit Patterson. Marie Weber. Lorraine Schloesslein. Frances Duncan, Mabel Doerr, Anna Fabina. Teddie Neotes. Mariane Subotich. Mary Lou Peppel, Anna Lang. Arline Smith, Lois Timmins, Anna Lou Myers. Dorothy Kluvo. L Sponsor--Miss Kline. Page Sixty 9- Pugc Sixly-hun TWELFTH GRADE DRAMA l2th GRADE DRAMA Mary Cogar. Jean Ward, Frances Kolcinalcis, Ann Nxfaroblak, Rose Marie White, Jean Kenna. Kit Patterson, Mary Lou Ritchie, Gail Tobias, Jean Thunell, Marie Goerl, Ilona Rodgers, l-lelen l-lollenbaugh, Katherine Esswein. Kathleen Ziegler, Gloria Lucarelli, Norma Berarclinelli, Rose Marie Bello, Kay Johnson, Natalie Miller. Hayward Markham, Harold Dahl, Sam Krapp, Robert Blaszak, Merle Shartf. Sponsor-Miss Ruth. OFFICERS President - - Kathleen Ziegler Vice President Norma Berardinelli Secretary Rose Marie Bello Treasurer - - Natalie Miller Page Sixty-three IOB DRAMA CLUB Betty Beers, lrma Weber, l-lelen Lulritsch, Lorraine McCormick, Kathryn McElroy, Alice Oswald, Vivian Maloni, Josephine Russ, Marion l-lartung, Mary Jane Muscia, Dorothy Mathews, Rose Marie Mentz. Verna Marth, Mary Miller, Dorothy Slcevam, Dorothy l-layson, Velma l-lilty, Pauline Goldstrom, Barbara Richey, Dorothy Kobylinslci, Rose Marie Grover, Irene Kallcowslci, Canella Alexander, Jean Freismuth. Elizabeth Csupalr, l-ledwig McCarthy, Madeline Palis, Lois Farnsworth, Betty Moore, Mary Nelson, Betty Marjorie Salcmar, Rose Wickline. l-lope Riesrneyer, Catherine Borgo, Melva l-leidenreich, William Messner, John Urbanic, Alan Lintelman, Phillip Rupp, Sophia Mariade, Catherine Politos, Dolores Martig. Sponsor-M iss Frey. Page Sixly-four BOYS LEADERS Tom Camardo, Charles Dubinslcy, l-lenery Yee. Morris Gaston, Dwaine Kustes, William Petlerman, Edward Lee. Robert McKenzie, George Price. Tom Levendos. Paris Paraslcos. John Strand, Paul Fields. Clyde Bohn, Ray l-lorvath, Leroy Williams, Edward Butor. Calvin Freiss, William Baierl, Paul McCann, Edward Chandler, Coach Springer. Kenneth Geyer. l-lenry Smergalslci, Joseph Covington. Robert Thoerner, Regis Harrington, William Sestric. l-lenry Schnarrenberger, Rufus Duncan, Richard Fisher. Sponsor--Coach Springer. Page Sixty-fiv ROVER BOYS AND GIRLS William Llewellyn, l-lenry Yee. Gary Bennett, Earl Cowan, Louis Martin Norma Berardinelli, Rose Marie Bello. Bob Blaszalc, Betty Blalra. Sam Krapp, Lois Belo. Philip Kurtz, Ilona Rodgers, Joseph Sepae. Sponsor-Miss Ruth. Pugc Sixly x 4 f ei " Z FJ 3 f ,f R5 ki 5 Y Q7 UllU!lllll 3lHMXX FOOTBALL TEAM Lawrence Humphries, James Zarbyniclcy, John Yeter, Eugene Vogel, Eutaw Blair, l-larold Dahl, Walter Marquardt, Robert Guloich. Jay Eieldmar, Robert Eber, Paul Carson, John Pallcot, Ray Wolber, Eranlc Byrnes, LeRoy Williams, Richard Muckles, Edward Chandlers, Charles Yeager, Morris Gaston, l-lenry Schnarrenberger. Sandy Chapnon, Oliver Thoms, Edward Lee, Chester Toslci, Joseph Ferrara, Dwaine Kustes, Stanley Darbut, Carl Stroh, Edward Eichleman, Richard Kermyer, Richard Kazeva, Ronald White, Coach Bruce Allen. Coach-Mr. Allen. Page Sixty-eight FOOTBALL LETTERMEN F. Byrnes E. Lee P. Carlson R. Muclcle E. Chandler J. Pallcot R. Eber C. Stroh E. Eichelman O. Thoms M. Gaston I L. Williams L. I-laser R. Wolber D. Kustes C. Yeager R. Kazeva-Manager S. Champlin-Assistant Manager R. White-Assistant Manager S. Darbut L. Humphries C. Toslci J. Ferrera R. Kirmeyer J. Zarbyniclcy ALLEGHENY'S SEASON RECORD Allegheny 20 ffffffffff South Hills 7 Allegheny I2 ffffffffff Peabody 6 'Allegheny I2 f f Langley 7 Allegheny O f f Perry 25 Allegheny I3 f f Carrick 27 Allegheny I3 f f Millvale O 'Allegheny f f f f f f f Oliver I3 7 Allegheny 48 fffffffff Fifth Avenue I3 The above record is one ot which the squad can well be proud. It was through determination and the will to win that made the fine showing at all possible. Won 5-Lost 3. 'Allegheny tied for third place in the City Senior High Championship. HIGH SCORERS Touchdowns Point After Total Williams f f 6 I 37 Carlson f 3 6 24 Yeager f 3 I I9 Muclcle f f 2 2 I4 Lee f f 2 ' O I2 Gaston f I O 6 Pallcot f I O -6 Kirmeyer f f I O 6 Kustes f O I I Page Sixty-nine N Allegheny 78 f 57 f 20 f I , I I I5 f I42 f 973 f 84 f 35 f I5 f 6I9 f I592 f 35 f 254 f 26 f 23 f I4 f 24 f I2 f I I f Allegheny Opponents Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Page Seventy 43 SEASON STATISTICS Opponents f Total First Downs f f 59 f First Downs Rushing f 45 f First Downs Passing - II f First Downs Penalties f 3 f Yards Gained Rushing f 970 f f Yards Lost Rushing f f 95 f Net Yards Gained Rushing f 875 f f Passes Thrown f f 86 f Passes Completed f 32 f f Passes lntercepted f 6 f Yards Gained Passing f f 426 Net Yards Gained Rushing and Passing f f I3Ol f Number ot Penalties f f 23 f Yards Lost Penalties f f I6O f f Number ot Punts f f 3I Average Distance ot Punts f 32 f Ball Lost on Downs f ' IO f Number ot Fumbles f I4 f Own Fumbles Recovered f 3 Opponents Fumbles Recovered f I2 SCORE BY OUARTERS I 2 3 4 6 52 34 33 f I9 26 27 26 BASKETBALL SCORES December, I944-January 2. I945 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Aliquippa 38 f Washington Vocational I3 1 1 1 1 1 ' I ' 1 Avalon 52 Westinghouse 24 f Millvale I6 Outstanding Athletes DWAINE KUSTES "GLUE-FINGERSH has played football and basketball for three years. At his end position on the football team he has proved himself an agile blocker and ball catcher. As guard on the basketball team. his spirit and good play have helped win many a game. LEROY WILLIAMS LEROY has been a rough and tough player on the gridiron in his two years of play: first as an end and this year as a fast halfback. I-Ie has also been one of Allegheny's basketeers for three years. As forward. lie has been high scorer many times. WILLIAM FOON FOON is one of AIlegheny's fine swimmers. I-Ie held forth in the tired swimmers carry event. A small man out of the water, he has proved himself better than many a big one in it. JOE FAFATA TALL and rangy Joe made his debut as center on Allegheny's basket- ball team this year. I-Iis height and speed have made him a valuable defensive man in the center slot. I-Iis height under the opposition's hoop has given many of Allegheny's opponents a headache. EDWARD LEE EDDIE has played football and basketball for three years. As one of "Springer's Boys" he zipped many a basket from his forward posi- tion. I-Iis opponents have found him a fast and tricky ball player. As quarterback and passer. Eddie finally staggered over for his first touch- down in three years. MORRIS GASTON "MORREY" probably gave his opponents many a laugh when they saw such a small halfback as he. But when play started they've had quite a time catching him. A fast and elusive runner, he has given the fans many a thrill in his fast breaks down the side lines. TI-IE names of Oliver Thoms and John Palkot are included in the I-Iall of Fame, an earlier section of this Year Book: otherwise they would be honored by a special tribute in this group of outstanding athletes. Page Se ly IZA ANC FYKURTZ QW G- B LASZAK HAND5 WHAT CAN I D0 N- 9 ERARDINELLD S.KRAPP """'1 E-LEE 'R-DfL L NIL 1- O.THoMS S wAraMsvsAo ll! E.CCDvJAN xPL K. Jos-4NsoN I. RODGEIQ in y-Iwo CJ RJ KMZARJ D! X il-CY 42-4-PINK SHOES WITH BLUE PQLKA 0oTS IJSEPAC HAND 115- Ye1.L.ow sf-loss BM? eggs ann 5- 4 V i I X QI EV K A35 Q Q NJ Q 5' f " g g!! EX J XX X 53 'V XJ' x W" QM A' Page Seventy-four ROOM 25 ROOM I25 George Catalano. Norma Berardinelli, Mary Zalilora. Barbara Arbogast. Natalie Miller, Mary l-lunneshagen. Mildred Miller, Marie Lance, Myrtle Fawcett, Marcella Wikert. Doris Jack, Rose Marie Bello, George Wright. Joe Sepac, Hedwig Sattner, Frances Adams. Oliver Thoms, Thelma Knoedler, Ann Waroblalc, Robert Blaszak. Rosalie Messner, Florence Kohler, Philip Kurtz, William Adomites, John Pallcot, Walter Armstead. Ilona Rodgers. Lois Belo. Zorka Protulipac, Dolores Belohlavelc, Marjorie Davis. Geraldine Gordon. Edith May Smith, Rufus Duncan. Morris Gaston. William Foon. Earl Cowan. Albert Watson, Louis Martin, Samuel Krapp. George Sietfert, Robert Thoerner. Hayward Markham, l-lenry Yee, Ray l-lorvath. Sponsor-Miss Ruth. page Seventy-five Page Seventy-six ROOM 424 MW . - v, qi- G .. ,I ,,,-,..- M, 1- ,MJ .r.l?v' I I I i I I I I I Room 424 I I I Norma Pesano. Betty Ifracle. Gloria lnmon. Shirley Roth. Glenna Forsythe. Betty Blaha. Betty McKee, Dorothy Kluvo. Margaret Kellum. Inez I , Johnson, Catherine King, Betty Richardson. I I Kay Johnson, Paulind Stack, Betty Auer. Margaret Gocho. Frances I Seljalc. Joy Konstan. Btrnice Nusskern. Valentine Kantz. William Llewellyn. Helen Francis. Lois Nbvak, Margaret Ebert. Alyce Kelly. Helen Cemas. I Florence Lamarlc. I I Elmer Seskey, Garry Blannett. .lack Kane. Francis Sporrer. Jaclr Wentland. Joe Fafata., Edward L e. Anthony Scalise. Ted Zorn, Nick Hurey. Frank La Barbera. I I Sponsor-Mr. Sterretll. I I I I I I I I I Page Seventy-seven I I I pw SCHELLHAAS 8: SON Funeral Home FAIRFAX 6063 707 EAST STREET HARMONY DAIRY "COUNTRY FRESH MILK" RETAIL WHOLESALE FA. 7600 PROVIDENT TRUST COMPANY Qoo EAST OHIO STREET MEMBER E.D.I.c. BUY WAR SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS COMPLIMENTS OF Mrs. Frederic Sylvanus Page Seventy-eigI1l On the Road ahead . as on the Road behind Now that you are about to step out of the world of high school into the more exacting world of business and college you look more than ever to the things that have served you well these past years. You are taking a mental inventory of those friends, institutions and practices that you know can help you on the road ahead. Boggs 8: Buhl has always earnestly strived to give the most complete and satisfying serv- ice a department store can give. We hope that in future you will find us a help to you, that our service will con- tinue to progress with your success. INSURED SAVINGS HOME MORTGAGES REPAID LIKE RENT SINCE I88l CEDAR 7297 Workingmens Savings and Loan Association III4 EAST STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. TAKIS N. ANTONOPOULOS Operating Vendors and Music Boxes I32O SHERMAN AVENUE FA. 4284 N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. The I-Iouse of ReIiabIe Quality and Service STANDARD SCHOOL JEWELERS CLASS RINGS -- PINS -- MEDALS -- AWARDS CLUB PINS -- SPORT CHARMS -- CUPS -- TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS -- BOOKLET DIPLOMAS NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. Page Eigilly TO THE CLASS OF JANUARY I945 gut Wisbes FROM YOUR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS Strem Studios Roessler - Mueller REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES INSURANCE CEDAR 6200 708 EAST STREET N. S., PITTSBURGH. PA. Thos. A. Nardina EARLY FRUITS and VEGETABLES 83-84 NORTH SIDE MARKET PHONE: FA. 0949 COMPLIMENTS ,COMPLIMENTS KIRBY's OF SHOE STORE ALLEGHENY 42I Federal Street "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" I944 SEASON Mary BIaI'Ia Campbell Gift Shop EASTERN STAR NOVELTIES WHITE SHRINE NOVELTIES GREETING CARDS 345 UNION TRUST BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. PHONE: ATLANTIC 3238 COM PLIMENTS OF Mrs. Glenn James CGMPUMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF William Adams D. Mamhout CLASS OF '25 Basket Co. Page EigI1Iy4wo 4 2 4 NAME Betty Auer ................. ....... Garry Bennett ......... Betty Blalma ............... ......... DEGREE .. CT. . H.A.S. A.O.D.S. ...... ....... . Helen CCIHBS ............... .......... S . Stxirle Croolclmam Dorotgy Dengler Margaret Ebert ......... ....... .. S.Q. . .. A.S. . ,losepli Fallata ........... ....... N .A.T. Glenna Forsythe Helen Francis ......... ....... .. S.S. . .. A.T. . Margaret Goctlo ....... ....... A .G.S. Niclc Hurey ........... ....... Gloria lnmon lnez Jotmson . Kay Johnson . .laclc Kane ............. ....... Val Kantz ............... Margaret Kellum Alyce Kelly .....,....,., ..,,.., Catherine King ....... ....... Marion Kinser ..... ....... Dorothy Kluvo . Joy Konstan ..... Dwaine Kustes ..... ....... Franlc LaBarlaera Florence Lamarlc Edward Lee ............. ....... Bill Llewellyn ...,... ,,..... Betty McKee ..... l .ois Novalc ........... .....,. Bernice Nusslcern Norma Pesano . Betty Prada ......... ....... Betty Richardson Slmirley Rott: ......... ....... Anttmony Scalise Frances Seljalc .... Elmer Seslcey ....... Francis Sporrer ....... Pauline Staclc .... .laclc Wentland ......... ....... l.eRoy Wi'lliams Teddy Zorn ......... Mr. Sterrett ....... 4 2 4 .. C.1VI. . .. S.L. . .. V.O. . .. HM. . .. Ml. . .. AJ. . .. S.G. . .. PM. . F.O.P. S.A.L. .. F.S. . B.B.S. P.N.S. ..N.W.. .. FH. . .. C.P. . A.S.S. .. P.J. . .. F.M. . .. EL. . .. PN. . .. A.S. . J.O.T. F.A.S. .. B.B. . .. G.I. . ., S.S. . .. QL. . G.F.P. T.A.H. T.B.O.A 424 Fon BEING Champion Tallcer Handsome and Shy An Out-Door Sport So Friendly Noise Malcer So Quiet Always Smiling Nice and Tall So sociable Always Tardy A Good Sport Candy Malcer Sophisticated Lady Very Quiet Out-of-Town Girl 0.0.T.G. ...... ..... . Handsome Marine Musically lnclined Always Jolcing' Sweet Girl Peppy Nliss Full of Pep Sweet and Lovely Forever Smiling Baslcetball Star Pretty Nice Sailor Musical Whiz Football Hero Class President A Swell Slcater Practical Jolcer Friendly Miss Tallcative Energetic Lass Pretty Nice A Singer Just Our Tony Friendly and Sweet Battling Beauty Girls Idol Smart Sclwolar Quiet Lad Great Football Player Tall and Handsome , .,.,,, .......... T lme Best of All 4 2 4 Page Eighty-lflree REGINA CANDY CO. INext To Kenyon TI'1eatreI FAMOUS FOR EVER FRESH HOME MADE CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Open TiII II FCM. PERSONAL LOANS LOANS AVAILABLE FROM SI00.00 TO SI,000.00 Rate: 67, Discount Payable in Monthly InstaIIments YOU NEED NOT BE A DEPOSITOR OF THIS BANK WORKINGMANS SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OHIO AND MADISON PITTSBURGH. PA. PLANETARIUM BARBER SHOP PHONE: FA. 5I24 Jos. A. Lindenfelser REAR BUI-Il. PLANETARIUM FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS IO2-IO3 North Side Market Page EigIl I6 N. Diamond Street W. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. iyffour Bowl tor Health and Fun at the Triangle Recreation Center 529 Penn Avenue 27 BRUNSWICK REGULATION A. B. C. ALLEYS HOLLSTEIN and MYERS PRESCRIPTION H 81 M DRUGGISTS i260 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. AND FULTON ST. PITTSBURGH. PA. "THE BEST IN TOWN" PHONES2 GRANT 2573 CE. 4429 CE. 9848 CE. 9484 Established IB7S Incorporated I920 Samuel McKnight Hardware Co. Builders Hardware Contractors and Mill Supplies Paint, Glass, Tools 225-227 FEDERAL STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. NORTH BOROUGH BRANCH 529 LINCOLN AVENUE BELLEVUE. PA. CLASS OF I945 COMMENCEMENT JANUARY 24, I945 AUDITORIUM ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL WHAT IF? Val were Willing instead ot Kantz. Betty were Minute instead of Auer. Frank were Butcher instead ot La Barloera. Lois were Above instead ot Belo. Jack were Stick instead ot Kane. Doris were Jill instead ot Jack. Walter were Legstead instead ot Armstead. Glenna were Nearsight instead ot Forsythe. Sam were Poker instead ot Krapp. Ilona were Isaly's instead of Rodgers. Rose were Jello instead ot Bello. Hayward were Check'em instead ot Markham. Betty were Concert instead ot Plalrade. Catherine were Queen instead ot King. Nick were Slow instead ot Hurey. Mildred were Moth instead of Miller. Myrtle were Spickot instead ot Fawcett. Jack were Comeland instead of Wentland. Margaret were Groucho instead ot Gocho. George were Dog instead ot Catlalanol. Pauline were Stalk instead ot Stack. Bob were Rose instead ot Thoernlerl. Florence were Warmer instead ot Kohler. John were Caught instead ot lhisl Palkot. Betty were Richardsdaughter instead ot Richardson. Henry were Thou instead ot Yee. page Eighty-Iiliu Res. Ph Bus. Phone WEIIington I855 R FAirtax 6 602 COMPLIMENTS Oscar P. Matous OF A OPTICIAN R 503 Dollar Savings 8: Trust Building F R I E N D 526 FEDERAL ST. N. s., PITTSBURGH, PA Prepare Now For The Opportunities ' BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT S OHM BARBER SHOP DUFFS-IRON CITY I I2 West Robinson Street 424 IDEIQUESNE WAY PITTSBURGH ATLANTIC 4875 FIRST CLASS SERVICE Comphmerits ot The May Lumber Co. I2OI Brighton Road I N. S.. Pittsburgh, Pa. PHONE: FA. 2800 COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH SIDE BEAUTY SHOPPE A-B-C WASHERS PHILCO RADIOS NORTHERN LIGHT CO. Complete Line ot Lighting Fixtures YANKEE SHOE REBUILDER I0 West Robinson EIectricaI Wiring Material COME IN AND. SEE CHARLIE RADIO SERVICE 2I9 EAST oHio STREET FAIRFAX me FOR ALL REPAIRS N. s., PITTSBURGH, PA. Page Ifiglilyvsix ROCMIE Frances Adams Bill Adomitis Balns Arlxogast Vvalt Armstead Rose M. Bello Lois Belo Dee Belohlavelc Norma Berardinelli Bob Blaszalc George Catalano, Earl Cowan Marjorie Davis Rufus Duncan Myrtle Fawcett Vvilliam Foon Morris Gaston Geraldine Gordon Ray Horvath Mary Hunneshagen Doris Jaclc Thelma Knoedler Flo Kohler Sam Krapp Phil Kurtz Marie Lance Hayward Markhilm Louis Martin Rosalie Messner 29. lvlildred Miller 30. Natalie Miller 31. .lohn Pallcot 32. Zorlca Protulipac 33. llona Rodgers 34. Jean Rossi 35. Hedwi Saftner 8 36. Joseph Sepac 37. George Sieflert 58. Edirh May Smith 39. Boln Thoemer 40. Oliver Thoms 41. Ann Vvarohlalc 42. "Doc" Watson 43. Marcy Wikert 44. George Wright 45. Henry Yee 46. 'Nlary Zatfora ROOMIE ROOMIE YOU MATCH 'EM" 10. Our greatest Romeo 5. Tallcative little gal 19. Witty Imle muy 24. Forever appearing on honor roll 30. Who is it this time? 41. Forever lending out money 2. "The Great Jolcern 18. Sports enthusiast 29. Everyhody's pal 26. Chemistry genius 43. Tallcative lout "cute" 1. Forever being quiet 23. Sliclc chiclc 46. Small paclcage of dynamite 3. lloll, .lohnnyn 40. Our friendly president H251 6. Ulncendiary blonde" 4. Dancing and prancing 7. Sharp numher 42. Genius who umalces with the words" 13. Forever studying 8. "Oh, there you are, darling" 16. Bet he'll miss football 15. ls he lyashfull 11. Always decorating lor dances 12. Quite a shy Character 33. Getting out her mirror 20. Short, hut sweet 9. Friendl young chap 32. Good things come in small paclcages 34. The uslitterloug Genius" 21. Most intelligent 14. Gee. she's studious 27. "Yo ho, Lou" 31. The "Mad Russian 22. Everyonels helper 28. "Heap Big House" 23. Mister Know-lt-All 45. Elliicient stamp salesman 35. Great helper at lunch time 36. VVho'll wallc with Shirley? 17. Keep 'up your letter-writing 39. Slow and quiet-hut effective 38. pleasing personality 37. Miss his art analysis of people 44. Nothing can stop the A.A.F. now ROOMIH Page Eighty-swim IN MEMORY LOUIS G. MANESIOTIS CLASS OF JUNE l928 ALLEGHENY HIC-SH SCHOOL Born June I, I9IO Died November I6. I936 x Age Eighty-eight COMPLlMENTS OF TED McNALLY Tlms ru- ' t ol o WI Q- 6 T0 YOUR FAMILY 6 R nf- ,..,,,.,.,. ,--A N ' .0-fzfues'-msfs M'-Qslr-93 ' ' Y RX' Hfzoryz X Phu. nf,-n,,',. P, gh fGvf '-QV .".m I 11" A Q59 Ysffo' 1 , by 5 vabyx 9 Q 5-f"xH 504 315 ' : Y 1 Q I ,LXR ' ."uJg 'nf - ' 1 -I wiv gm 54 .. wi. ,LJ -9 'I ZiG,v,v.x' ' cs " XG- J Y, H- -- . y'3,V.gWq 'Q Q fQ4C46eQ: 589' QWGT ' 5 . THROUGH ALL THE YEARS 15gSf f5. - U unwavering fidelity Lf f y, to their interests in CC-I ' Y' ,NJ Z caring for the .W RQ ' 5 t A property you leave to -7 them, in our charge ,Was executor and ff' trustee under your win. flDEllTY Tnusr COMPANY 54.-343 FOURTH AVE. PITTSBURGH Member Federal mp osff Im uranfe cafpmffon ,, 1 Y-.,...,,-rTu - ., Y .. ... Pg, ESTABLISHED I907 CONVENIENT CREDIT GR AU'S Jeweler and Optometrist DIAMONDS --- WATCHES Meet Your Friends JEWELRY at the Malce Us Your Gift Headquarters bis EAST OHIO ST. FA. 6545 I734 CARSON ST. HE. I 04 6 CENTRAL DRUC-5 STORE 5 PFENNIG'S Cleaning and Tailoring 800 FEDERAL STREET TWO HOUR SERVICE 600 FORELAND STREET N. S.. PITTSBURGH. PA. TALL TALE WE are gathered here, at this sacred Auer, to unite in marriage lcelMas Helen Francis, and the town Miller, Robert Blaszalc, in a King-size wedding. As yet, no Kantz have been shouted to prevent the joining ot this happy couple. The groom, along with his best man William Llwellyn, Warlolblak suit and Adams' hat. Now tor a little description ot the bride! Kelly green was the color worn by our bride. Her maid of honor, Glenna Forsythe, together with the other bridesmaids, Shirley Roth, Shirley Croolcham, Betty Blaha, and Norma Pesano, spread Joy Konstanltlyl during the celebration. The ushers included Bob's dearest Palllcotl, Oliver Thoms, Walter Armstead, and our own William lBeansiel Adomites. We mustn't forget our minister, the Reverend Dwaine Kustes, who performed the Wrightleousl ceremony. Smartly dressed was the ring bearer, Elmer Seslcey, and Helen's tather, Joe Sepac, as he Hurlrleyldl down the aisle, assisted by his Kane. Belolwl the minister stood our pretty little flower girls, Mary Zatfora and Rose Bello, with a bouquet of lProltuliplacl in their hands. After the great Prade, which, may l add, was not a Messlnerl, the reception tool: place at the bride's home. Among the guests, were Miss Nusslcern, Miss Johnson, and jolly Miss Rodger. l could continue telling you about the wedding ceremony and celebration-and yes, about the specially named ham they had as part ot the feasting-you see, by mistake, Joe Fatata. happened to "swipe" our next door neighbor's ham-Croolchamq but this is enough Blaha tor now. Page Ninety H f NOBLE-THOMPSON INSTITUTE Devoted to Essential Business and Secretarial Training ALEXANDER CAMPBELL THOMPSON ANNE NOBLE THOMPSON SPECIAL SIX WEEKS' SUMMER COURSE SECRETARIAL COURSE THREE MONTHS' OFFICE MACHINE COURSE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES ATLANTIC 2255 STATE THEATER BUILDING 335 FIFTH AVENUE. PITTSBURGH. PA. WINDOW SHADES CURTAINS DRAPERIES VENETIAN BLINDS PITTSBURGH'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF CURTAINS, DRAPERIES, WINDOW SHADES, DRAPERY RODS. DRAPERY MATERIAL CHENILLE SPREADS. BOXED ITEMS. BLANKETS. ETC. A Swell Place to Spend a Few Minutes ot Your Leisure Timc. It's Better Than a Show OVER I,OOO PAIRS OF CURTAINS AND DRAPES ON DISPLAY CORNISH CURTAIN SHOP FAIRFAX 1254 N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. IIO EAST OHIO STREET THE HOME OF BEAUTIFUL CURTAINS COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK OF AMERICA IN PITTSBURGH Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 709-7II East Ohio Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. COMPLIMENTS Compliments ot OF A Dr. Eugene A. Picard OPTOMETRIST F R I E N D 539 EAST OHIO STREET N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. Page Ninety on 10" Nw NCXOY' Q P fmw, HASZA DUNCQN S IQMFP A VAURBUW X THOEQJEIK H Z I Quezon.: R 'vfoafx Ag 951 J OSS! E SPOIKE F 2 lfnoqvqrn ff LSR X x' . X- LJARHSTEQD .THA B. nxuux Puglv NvflI1"j'fIIY0 W. E. Schatzman DRUGGIST IOOB MADISON AVENUE TEL. CE. 6I85 N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. Compliments of NOR'H SIDE FLORAL SHOPPE JOSEPH R. SCHACH, Proprietor For A Delicious Salad Try J E A N N E' S Russian Dressing -- French Dressing Tartar Sauce -- Cocktail Sauce Mayonnaise Jeanne's Products Co. I548 MADISON AVE. CE. 0895 RAY E, SCHNEIDER HARRY I-IEEG NOTARY PUBLIC FAIRFAX sioa Schneider 8: Heeg Fire and Automobile Insurance Rush Service on Auto Licenses. Learners Permits, etc. 406 E. or-uo ST. N. s., PITTSBURGH, PA. soo EAST STREET PHONE: CE. 4375 N. s., PITTSBURGH, PA. Chicago Pittsburgh Associated Freight Forwarders 839-84I Lockhart Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Economy Shoe Store S H O E S FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY WE GIVE AND REDEEM "S 81 H" GREEN TRADING STAMPS 529 E. OHIO ST. N. S., PITTSBURGH. PA FA. 5624 NORTH SIDE MARKET R. J. Vierthaler DEALER HAMILTON -- ELGIN and SWISS WATCHES EXPERT WATCH, JEWELRY AND FOUNTAIN PEN REPAIRING ALPHA DRESS SUIT CO. Complete Rental Service ot Men's Formal Clothes SPECIAL STUDENT RATE PHONE: ATLANTIC I33I 3007 JENKINS ARCADE Pago Nirmly-Illrrw COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH SIDE DEPOSIT BANK W. L . S W A R T Z PHARMACIST COR NORTH AVENUE AND FEDERAL STREET TEL FA. 6600 N S. PITTSBURGH PA ' REAL ESTATE ' cHAs R VIEITERSHAUSEN 6I7 EAST OHIO STREET FA I030 OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT OLBUM-PITT FURNITURE CO. I I3-l I5-I I7 Federal Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. AARON OLBUM PHONE: FAIRFAX 8400 North Side's Finest Men's Store C-3OLDIE'S Featuring Adams Hats --- Arrow Shirts Interwoven Socks --- Hiclrolr Belts Joclrey Underwear 203 EAST OHIO ST. FA. 4556 I B TCI BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE 1-.. -....1..g..p-.....-.- .. BICRITAIIAI. ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSIS AVLANTIG 3678 FULTON BUILDING PUTSBURGH, IL THE STAR STORE WOMEN'S AND CHlILDREN'S WEAR 205 East Ohio Street CAN YOU IMAGINE Oliver Thoms not popular Bill Llewellyn hurrying Bob Blaszalc not acting crazy. Earl Cowan not tallcing about decorations. Walter Armstead not planning a dance. Sunny Forsythe without her records. Dorothy Dengler without Edith Mae l-lelen Francis not teasing the boys. Florence Kohler not selling stamps. Francis Sporrer not wolting. Anne Waroblak not in Miss Scott's Joy Konstan not collecting money. Elmer Seslcey tall. Tony Scalise not talking. Thelma Knoedler boisterous. Valentine Kantz without his fiddle. Norma Pesano not laughing. Eddie Lee without Claire. Shirley Roth not being sweet. Smith. ottice. The IZA girls not hunting tor a prom date. Page Ninety-five HITE'S FRIENDLY DRUG STORES New IQMCJJZWL .Slade AT THE CORNER OF Perrysville Avenue and East S'cree'c OPPOSITE PERRY HIOH SCHOGL -cr W 11' Gag 99,15 I? l Long may it wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave. FAirfax 5955 RD 322221 Petiiicw I8-20 West Stockton Avenue, North Side Pillslzurglr ll, Pu. PRINTING THAT PLIZASHS CONCRA'l'l 'I .ATIONS lo llw JANUARY CLASS OI" 1015 Pug N I ALLEGHENY HYMN gif. it ai it wma mf PEPE5 FF?EVFWf Down where f4!-!e- ghe-nys wa-ters Flow on fo fhe Jen :tiki Qs agli ii Alix 5fdltdJ a Jcheol a- have af! li- fflprs ve? ry dear io me. EPE?F QTVWQQ if ft HHH: LAQIIA1 ia jliix Lift, the rho-rua saved if on-ward rafse a mf'-qhfy cry, iii'fVVFfEFFEf1ELFeH iitilds Jdiriiiiidtif H017 aff A017 fo fi!-fe --qpe-,Fl ffm! fo fheedear High. Down where Aiiegheny's waters when with moments swiftly tieeting, Fiow onto the sea, Ages shali roti by Stands a school ahove aii others Thousands yet unborn shalt praise thee Very dear to me. Allegheny High. Chorus: Lift the chorus, speed it onward Raise a mighty cry, Haii ati hail to Aiiegheny Hail to thee dear Highi i V ty gi 0 Photo-engravings, by ment in industry ond wot. telling the comptete story with "All Out and On to Victory," pictures, work for the V it is the keynote of the men who work For A3 photo-engraver in American achieve- i' 'k the present effort. 'A' -k Pug!! tyillvly I ,J f. , .- W -swf? Cpfjgggs- gwgffijy J fzjflf W' My W W NQWflKV W3 .- 1 , 1. '-.1 -V 1. -qi Y. Y ,. 15, . ' K! U., . in ., . . 'wx'-' .. nh ' jg' .-F., N '4 '5 . igq. .Q .L W. N :S five? 5,1 WAI 'W ! " fy .14 ' .1"3y -1' . mgl, ' N . , r er bf 'TW ,,1.r 511 5 'a n 1 n 5. Q, tw, . x ' Q 1 4 4 - - Q 1 in 1 ' En 'til ' ' M . 1 x w Q 1 r K? A l I. . -.n 41 X 1 Aeuetymz-u 1 5. w . sl rl 1 'Q 1 I 'us P' . .g- X 5, , . . V Q, f .L x -f' g, . Q 1 1 XX L 'A A , fr' . A ia-.. , - 1 w 1 ,Q , . -. 1 5, ,'-w yer- "e .M ' ZWL x ,.,,,, ' V .1 J ' ..-L 1 . -w -, vc 1 Hs' . A ,Cu . ., nw V., g,v 5-.9 v f '-:V+ "J 4..S:? 9 nf'-U, ,.,., -fs . Q .' ,'f" Q- I My 1 f'-,sl -,, , ' +.. - JA 'J ' N-1 ng, - "- A AVS' -1 3. r-X 13 V A fl I 'f."'l-- ' Y -4 .Ap-f -- . Ft- , . ,A - -.M , .e .A ,L ' 1:1 ,, ...1 1 ,, 41" , .A WV K 'ZQYEW MGM 0. WMS? 5, f fjfwwy?2'f'f5 M t xi svn. -sfyk ?,5,g?M?f,,gff 4' M Wybamywgyf y J if F Jiffy? Wig? JJ 2' 'ffm ,M 0 ff' PM

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