Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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13? -. , .. . ..,, .. ..-.....-.v.-. ,. . A -N .. , ..,, -M... 0 ,I ,,,, ,J uv r-I nv- -z40uv9snqak1+.1- 5+ Aw: ss 5- -4..-up - ow:-.-we-.A ,-ff..-5 fn.---Q-1-pf fp-v"'l'lA"0J Q-Jlglqfwf' iz xffw-Af' 'L' iliafa wwf ?5 Q., f .' ,4 K , K . ' .I 9' s uk? ,,,,A, n x.. NYY, L ,I If , , 'G as 5 I 1 5 -:sg 'H iii' ,, ul ""'wu-r Ja K 1 aku UIJIJUII .gm JIJNIZ ,uffj M7-f J J, ff!! I!! .J .Z ,111 lf!! f llElQlJlQNY IJIEIJ SUJUU IUIIIIEIJIQIII-I l3ENNI'lvnNll3 vol um lm E A 11,-5.1 " I -' I" -iiflf' 2- K k.f.3'AiA Q ? r I-1 , 4 N .f - '+'t-"ln ,-v--2,1 .1 ox- . f 'f , - 1: ' ' -V 1 Y.. . . . . "'-- ,.- - - . 1 .r . 1-1 f . .- . - V . ' " A -'z'-f "4 "V "Q " 7' '-- 'wa 'J'.- 74. ff" P'-Sv -. 5- ..-"' .ff q ' 157 - 111- ,zz-1. ..-'47 vi- 6,l'i5,,"1,T'g-. f ' " - y... -' 1. gf- . - , l P 2 'Q -" ' . u. -,JT 'f . ' 1- JJ- - . . ,.' - - .- .Q .,.- ','.,,.- . ' . ' ' ' -.. T. 4. . - ' , ' Q 4 ., f- -,-j ' fri' ' ' ' -vT"'2:, , .. - - ' - 2+ JL. '1- rg E-if 1 '.- ri., ,"' . ,. .4 ffkxh' 155-." , 1!'fi'f lf? Cffi ' .' , . X -- - ,- . fi 3--5,-5 105. , 1, '5-:jj S?-. 5 ' "'-,--" .S3 lj ,. . ,-,.-QQ,-'nf' '. L ft ' 1 ff.. QM ' ' ' .si 'le fi., : ' ,f-:gg 1 , f' , . A .- Af .1-1, V. 1 : TA- 4 f f.l vi. 6 If 3 - Y ' f ' ' V ' V' . '- -Q Ag. ,V Illllll llllllll umm li E Illlilll dllllli mm: , 512' if ,Q p f - --,- ,3-f -yi ,. -2-A-5 ., b , 5-1 --, fv - v sf, f- ,AQ F Y . ' .1 ' 5.51 ' ' 11 P 'r- 3. Q--:xi ' ".V- V . ,Y .:!,f ,I Iv -L-.4 VV -h 'ji A :ua - . ll Q l : V - " --M ' 5 1 ' I ,A , 7 JI' . 4 1, 1,1141 l fr If J I", 1 " ' X f ' f ,. g ' ' , ' . . A ,J ff'-' V , ,I ' 'ff' ' -f " , , X ff ' 4M ,I , ff , ' f , , , , I x FOIQEWUIQD HE days ofcmn wok and phy at AHegheny approach a happy and successfd conclumon As hme heh away each Hmd deed wdl e come less dustmet rn our minds Therefore we the ehss of June 5944 have fmed to record for dituhe our mgmfmant expenences It has peenrmposmbk Unsndude evew dehqhHuland rherhorabfe rnerdent but If years hence +hese pages can wmke the oki Fhegheny day hve agarh the awh ofthe Yearbook edwhbw wHlhave been fmfMed T .. M rbv DEDICATICN C L A I I ACTIVITIEI ATHLETIC! ADVEIDTIIEMENTI CONTENT! DEDICATIUN OR atmost tour oecaoes Verrwow S Beaetwtey served as te che and prmerpit ot Allegheny H gm School Ttese t rt year deyetooed a strong tinovd between twrm and the setwool Mr Beactwley took rrwtrmte paws with us o se that we Started ott on the rgtrt toot Sade y r e Mtn me stuoerw S e Nor e urrr aetw Ouprl na touwd the solution to time poblem Mr Beaetwley as very dea to Attegtwerny Hrgh Atlegtwemy I-trgtw rs also yery r 5 o e as gy to us the studewts more gemerou ty ot tus tame rrore wrsely ot hrs gurdafwee In apprecr mom ot tts long seryrce to Alleqrrermy and ot ts brreter serfree to our Class we deoscate our Year oo 'VN J e ur' Q rrem and e ow trayeter F t ' 4 ,a J ' ' Q E . r tri y-sever 5 t r. ' t C r ." ' b sd r r ' t' t t tw X tc d tt e ' t d V t 4 . - . dear to tum, No omr more ttmarw he twas treasured its time traolt on ' no n tw i en , . .QL Y , I N Q bo f to r r, Beaetwlayfeo sztor, t' d, t tt t. . Page flight EDITOR Mary Scualahha Pete Manesaotns Dorothy Ioyoe fri? Ieanne Ketterer Rnchard Hooper Mary Gordon Charles Mclllssock Ellen Spehar EDIT Mochael Palbus Goldie Comar 3 as f on ,7. 2 A 9-J ' L ' "ff N gg gi I T2 VA ..,, y 36 nil. U Hx Rllihifd RIQKQI' Rgbgl-Q3 Munch Ben' Styne'- Kathcrine McBurney pagan, Mgus Edward Nllson Elizabeth Mciumey Mn Groaizmger ' Page Nine 33 is - C f Rf n 251. PQQT ROBERT C MILLIKIN Principal ll on ROY T MATTERN Vnce Principal Page El ROBERT C MILLIKIN x I I W N lu' ml Prsnupal A NNN ROY T MATTERN Vzcc Prencxpal J 1 F' ., F A ,Nw I !.'fAl- ', '.',AxF 9 A ' V T'--F A A T' 1 , '.', AF'f1AJfET '. 5 LW: 4-HW! '. E,,A-Fifi NWQJPEI 'JfAO.fUl AXJQ ' 5 ECI, A UF, . - wf'A.U11Vv ISGS? 'I. Q,gA rx, 3, "" ,fl UAL. 5.w5,':l, I-,LL I H ag 1,1 MIAA' 1 CAU WE , IALQLAX ',' 3. 'E 1 il r H JAN 3 F -f'A.- "l'!1NLnf r,fA,p',Ag:1 "Ju A '13-'S AJC? -' QCHXL Ai" f1Qw'wf 'J P, NN C.,'3'f1 fi irk ' V " I " "5.:w 'J AJXJNI 'J H, WV-r ,VW-L. V- ,L g' N V f L-'N -1 Ql,5El .nf 54 f ,,.r-Q -QNA " fl KLLA '1- JUIY 1 9 E W, in , x,,f L. g'AL ,lx ,yljh-Ak.-N, ', 'NWA ,fi H Mfffli 5 5"AfEW7 '.'Aiv1'. AUFU'f7A 351 b . '.',f-W' Vi-'AHF "V Y wiv. JAPi,vfXf'WfY 'AMP ' N f ' ,.,, .1 .Mi 5, 'Q' 1' 7 Vjff fy bfjxfpgyfjf in Wffyywf- JV ff' jf! if mlxx---- BETTY Courte e rn n rve m mber uctron rrte past: w r g letters especrUly th army e ty plans to enter the Nl0omen s Marune Corp Reserve HELEN ALTMYER A sweat and gre able person rs Helen: A few notes ot popular musre set er grttelbuggrng almost rmmedrately She excels boolclceepmg and has carved a nrchp for herself rn grrls athletncs Helen belongs to Grrls Go To College and Drama Club ANNE ANDERSON A sweet and charrnrng pcr sonalrty makes Ann out standrng Her ambrtron to be o stenographer but at the present sh rs con slderrng the Cadet Nurse Corps A frequent honor s u ent Ann excels anrsh ncrng er favorrte pastrme A-ewws mshy Har s h wrth the xzlaignetrc sonalrty whrch a tr most rrs A ho r stude lr a h em w nz nt rnusa wrll ever be or gott A member of e t m B C Ho Y I Page Fourteen L- HELEN AMMER T be a secretary f a e rrm b n Helen s arnbrtron she elect cl the commercral course wrth ths rn mrnd Frrendly and charmrng Helen talres r n sports at Hernz House and us a member of Knrttrng and Chorus clubs Helen rs a pranrst ANNA KATHERINE APEL Anna has talren a complete commercral course and ex ces In shorthand She an ardent football tan and engoys sw mr-nrng very much Her name constantly p pears on the Honor Roll After graduatnon Anna plans to be a secretary EDWIN ATWOOD Ed has an untarlrng secret recrpe for malrrng frrends Aong wth a lceen mrnd he enjoys English Lrterature rs a Scout Master and funds trme to worlr after sc ool He plans to be an electrical engrneer MARGIE BAMBACH o ace wor Margles chret ambition Her 'Favorrte subgects are chorus and Englrsh Most ot her spare trme rs talcen up by wrltrng letters She rs a former member of Grrls Leaders Club rn whrch she was very active ,pi-Qty l n trt d 0 0, Pnl! I ' ypi e larg f' or a a lr ls I5 5 e ' " g . ' 1 ' lu . V 3 ' ' - ' rlli' ' I ' ' , ' to ce en, ' ' . pat i ' xl 5 I j l I ,N x ' ' T .,." ' . ' ' ' f 'Ax - l '- - ' l 1 ' . :Q F .. , ,' 4 - f - . In r . . , 5 . . K .. ig I I . I C' V Y . I . ' ' ' ' hy . t d l, in A , ' Sp ' . Da ' is h 1 5':.vJ'UJ S A l T H RX l gl i t e oy , To do ffl is g'l . n nt, ' - he nw s t h - V A ' h' . AH' a e in H - . th ' lac ea . . . C d ' ' lfk f r 4 , M, S A ,. a f ELEANOR BAUCK MAN CVC WCVC O Wa' IS petite memb r of our class wou d like to earn her lrveh hood as a typist however he pres rs C sxderng the Cadet Nurs Corps Although Eleanor is w ng a ter sc oo enioys skating and collect ing souvenirs MQ, BAU ARD re Vw r team Former o l-li Y Club as secretary UCC lS B VT! aval Air Corps a ro ut cs is tops a'no 3 Joes hoob is hunirng CHARLES BECHTOLD ar s sp rr example f prawn an brains A football star or ee years h also n e af m T O a s cal edu at on ac ch fn cal i eer i amorton ek p ns o e ist in the Marin s MARJORIE BECKER iv6CiouF Maryorie member-,of Girls Leaders Club Basketball and volley ball are her favorite sports Sk ting and Swimming tal: mos? pf me ,General math and gym ar he' 'favorite Subjects. T e 9 secreta y is Majories desi e. l 6 EU E EN easa 'Gene sports 656 G G h Gene s war he ho es to e machinist SHIRLEY BERGER Qu et and willing to help rrey a memb school chorus and a glee club that sometimes enter arns at the canteen volleyball player she also likes to swim dance and rs'en to music Shrrleys Favorite subiects are soci ology and music HELEN BERRY Energetic Pat has been on the Honor Roll since IOB She is president of the Pre Induction Club and also be longs to Girls Leaders Club Shorthand and typing are the subgects in which she excels To be an ArrWac after graduation rs Pats ambitlon CO RA BLAKELY Shy but friendly Cora hopes e a nu She wr neatly take her place as a member of the Cadet Nurse Corps upon graduation Drama and Harmony Club m r an ac rv member. C ra finds re- laxation in reading, Page Fifteen K7 YETTA BLATT Yet as hobby as read ng about drtterent countrles ot the world She hopes some day to travel around the w rd and eally e many countrues she has read about She IS a member ot Pre lnductron Club and her tavorrte subjects re gy and toods MARGARET BRA N p ans de rs e 7 o pppu ar mu avorrte J: ject rs sewln rn whrch e e m o t eaderby school sports r as a rfa rs e N rse Co ps J rge e oys 3 he or s oo an WIVT' ec st r e 1 s t e ay ANNA BRAUN rendly and poljte nn rs a member ot Drama Club An expert pang pong player A n llres to watch oot ball and basketball games Her tavonte subject IS typ mg and the hobby that she pursues rs sewjng Anna In tends to become a sten ographer Page Szxleen 5'?7 BRILL become Margnes Dancrng are n foods a mem ber ot Cub m I GY Y bered pr w w m s a untmg su ject fix onaut cs scs and mechanjcal rawlng DOROTHY JEAN BU RRELL Srncerrty rs the keynote to Dorothys pcronalrty She lusts roolcung as her hobby a the subject In w rch she excels Dorothy enjoys secretarral tralnmg an shes to become a sten ographer CSB GJ v nergetrc p son es pa n man :tres a G VON C spor e em er nor Gjrls Lea ers swrmmrng and s a In occupy her leisure trme Frances wishes to be a nurse X EDNA F CALCAGNO Athlete Ed loves volleyball an basl: toall Her 'na ru rnte es les however rn ale ang snorthand drctatron a top speed and typung wth rn um tc e rs ns o e ear l944 Servree S I speech CC S CHARLES CANTELLA o wha an en rnecr res b 9. A o naut a dw Lizh are tried subgee1s H presrde t t Twell h Grade Dram! wb Athletrc Rep re entatrve ot OI an mtag Manager H s hobby s lee Vtfdllwfik .lOSEPHlNE CASILIO S e and pretty Joseph ne C s photographs as h r h y Sh s n and phys cal educatron and an exp rf a vole e suogeet she lres es s 'math revrew Josephn tal: the cofnm r COU S wr '1 a 'YI C C e Mfg? NNTYC CQYC GFI Q Ul l d rn an vm fn spar in secretary of 'mer VOOVTT W5 eF1TusnA rqent Don pl r r ae A ro ut es a d ehamstry ns favorite subjects L, s manager of thexfzfo ball team and traclr team s Secretary of Boys College Club and Stamp Expedt r o 4OI Hrs name rs always on the Honor Roll A o lue n nor C rn ty an a e vor s r'nan ot 4Ol e'nr: oys U lub a b longs rn o'nmr B C C o an ng talre up most ure C Manager of the oot ball and traclr teams JAMES CICHRA F endly and wrtty Jannes a member of B C C rsatrle baslretball p ay r J C a so llres tootba a d dame ng A constant n s u ent e ls m chanreal drawlng and for bby pe rm n s w C'nl YY 'YA S 0 t on s o e draftsrnan Page Sem enleen GLORIA COCHINELLA Steady worlting and willing- ness to help are character- istics that malce little Gloria welcome anywhere. A mem- ber ot the Tweltth Grade Drama Club and Service Squad, she excels in typing and in music, which are her tavorite subjects. A tre- quent member ot the honor roll. DELIA CON NOLLY With the intention ot be- cofnlng a secretary, lovely Delia has pursued com- mercfal courses through school. Seriously interested in typing, she enjoys slrat- ing and sports on the side. MARTIN CONNOLLY Shy Mart-n is a member ot Boys Leaders. I-lis tavor- ite subject is economics, and h.s ambitron is to be a mechanic. His hobby is bu lding airplanes. DOLORES COYLE Pretty and shy "Dee" ardcntly collects records. She enjoys lessons in nutri- tion and cooking. Upon graduaton she wants to be a typ st, Page Eiglzleern 1 I I and rate ' the reside has h Id e B. . tor mischievous. BERNICE VIVIEN CURRY Sweet Bernice is an en- thusiastic record collector, as well as an actfve bowler and dancer. Excelling in typing, she plans to become a business woman. RUTH MARIE DAVIES Quiet but triendly Ruth enjoys tootball and baslcet- ball. She is an active member ot the Service Squad. Ruth excels in art and atter graduation she plans to study art in college and to become a commercial artist. CAROLYN DEBES Carolyn, sweet and triendly, spends her leisure hours slcating and dancing. She elected the commercial course, and the subject she llces best and excels in is transcription. Carolyn's goal is a secretarial position. Q 6 KATHRYN L DE NELLE aut ful Kay s w II kno r 'wer a Hy as dang r m mb r of D a uo an ' es rv oakrng and ga ay ook +l'1e cornmercral cou as preparatron for a ta al posnr n sf D UERLI Ruin tn o of 0 Her na wa p t H or ec ef r or-'se of tne de Dr ma C ur: n u C speak nd Spa om U 5 ros IS ki ambr on VERYL DICKSON To ce a secretary rs V ry s a'nbt1on Her frrendly and o easnng personaluty O S SS U o be w r and S Q. c Very ac de hoo y JOHANNA DOHRING ma cs won u end She enjoys com law and rs a r'n VI Res yes an 'woo spin s N'-n r n an 0 r M r X L MARGARET DOUGHTY caus of H unaf' 2 and 3 acnousfnanner sw e Ma 3 has many francis A rnefnbe f L Sav ng us she sums and o er ska es sixgerily Ma g plans b ka sears: r GLENN C DOW Y consah Hbno stu ent wSenatov A pleasuny per a ty and general e fu ness best descrrbe Frm f5VOfItC sub ect S saess lqw H ns res: dent of Of nrculatzon Editor of Wan Hao a mem ber of Boys CQHCSQZ Cfub and Pr s dent 0fl2A Class JOSEPH A D RAK .Lo unte lgeqte as marked rn phys cs as rnterests are phony y g mnas' cs Wham ra t He n oys 'T an 1 ym G S rn 'nbe Gym T am 'nb tuon o Npnyscal drrector but frrsi: sgong tobeaMa Aux' FIUGERALD Avexs frendy vldyx have 'made hm p9pular wrtn the tujjnts lyiadrahpgzyf draw a'es jf w rn Nex Lkdfspo 's,ond.1::u ds 'ntrde e Hobby? 4-Qpumould b come an rch 'ect but af er, g a qatron he p efers fm n e Navy V 12 I age N muleen FRANCES C FITZPATRICK anny s p easant an agreeable manner has made r a trrend to al S e lS known 'For her outstandrng a mg attersc oo bas etbal teams She rs a membe ot Twelfth Grade Drama Club Her hobby rs collectrng souvenurs Frannys am rtlon s to be a nu se MARGARET FLAHERTY Margaret rs a member ot the Cheerleaders Club S e spends rn st ot her trmc danclng and swmm mrng Math and socrology Interest her more than any o er subleets N rsrng rs the career Margaret has chosen ESTHER FREISMUTH mercral course Typing and shorthand are her favorrte subjects She rs a member of the Pe Inductron Club a lrlres to go camprng E er ould lrlre to enlrst rn the Waves ANN O ee Ann f o Wood C b nn es th Cadet Nurse Corps page Tu enly MARION GAUS Fnendly Marron 15 a 'nem ber of Pre Induct on Club She enpoys roller slratrng and wrr mg le ers Marlon w ud llre to e a se r but because ot w r she h s ch nge r ans lst e Waves IS her ambrtron AGNES GEYER A nes a very attractrve an delrghttul person e cerves her best grades typrng her favorrte suorect She rs an aetrve member of Drama Club Dancrng are erably ,rtterbuggrng takes up most ot he le sure trme DOLORES GLECKNER urse Dee strrv n become n cttrcrent see e tar Speech and Englrsh her tavorrte subjects 2 CSI ns el' own es d llres to sew r mg t servrce m n a es p mos er 2lSUle lT'l ELEANOR GOODEN F endly but quret Eleanor s a member of Sars Col lege Club and Chorus and enroys talcrng prctures Ellen to wng the coe e course her tavonte subject rs ng h She wrshes become a beautrcran L. F' ' l d ' ' 'I 2 ' he ' I. rr ' ' ' ' , .t. tt U . pl y' on h l o l i b cre- k I , ' ta v. the r . . a a a d he . ' pl . To cnl' E ln th bl ' i l r . l I l . r 9, V ' d ' , r - h l o ' . . . ln th ' . u ' ' f It . gt l Esther ls taking a com- Through the commercial ' , ' eo , is A l g to Y . V ali., . nd ' Q Sh d 'g h Stl-, W ' A cloth an 1 . ' , . W rt' o ' e t lr u t ot h l ' ti c. V l L T h an le fl l E ls e. e tes l l ' he oo p Io t s V E E r S ls a e r t th - p U , A is llo 1 II g pref ' r . ' Z I ' , ' ' E Iis . Q to I . . l MARY GORDON ro of the Lterary partment ot the Wah Hoo C ous e a 'n r of tne Gvxrls Leaders CIub and Wah I-Ioo Statt e tavorrte subject ae o nau cs e s ver 'nuch ID AI D anes ROSE GRANA h i e s ca e byh r ertd9'I2 presrdent rama G.: cwc s constantly on e subj e re s S a swyw anus each r Frxendly Roses h Q n stat of cats IMOGENE GRAY weet an charmrng Ifnogene has dreams ot be com ng an an hostess She s an honor student exeeIIrng gr and be ng ar cuIarIy fond ot chermstry A 'nember ot Drama Cluo Imogene tvnds great del ght n OIIersI1atrng MAE GROETZI GER a get w S w an Incer Mae I kmdsx pe' ,rt 1 W a capan S .f Squad L orty as he e wre es Club actve oo :ports S f a eeg oes e USSEL HXHAL us este In s b er e e q a S tr a Ianned e nment b n w he ws r the A RusseII mtereste hrstory ELIZABETH HAM RS Frendly and easy gonng rs soclal chanvnan GrIs Leaders and plays on a basketball and volleyball m L s In her gIory art but her tavorrte pernod as gy'T1 Always ready for a laugh she enjoys swrm mrng and play ng the p ano An honor student Luz pIans to become a sculp ess ,JIM RLES HARDING e ge and 'wrtty Charles ex eIs Chemrstry s he Ixlres best of the t n er' the Army A Cops Page 'I uenly one 7 L I A Edt Y E De- Y Sh I t Inv l of . , ' II 1 d e ,s 5 Meg as talrrng a oIIege ff ., . C: ff. Sh is me be ' I' I A In 1 subj ts. he is Iso . I . is ' f y AI R ' fl tl 4 Sh Q Y L , p of :st I :th Interest I'I . Ia, I ' f " Isl " as s, I II d Sak W is Eg d I 'e rl ' . , ' b th rv S H ' ' an I Z' I-II bby is h .'ng. HE :I . h d t or I . Z n ' th . u 0 Ro Th t p . Tak! L? 6 i. n II I ms ' ing genera ouaz ta ' x 74-Q9 . Q V 5 f s d ' I ' I ' ' ' N Liz ' ' ', of I y . ' I Im En ysh I p - tea . iz i ' ' 'at tt I . - I A i .I . ' I A I I ' WA s J E sy 5 aI lth I , ls I d ' k . J , ' e f r ' tt e t ' 2. .' e is n tt f of I his G II ge to be C an Ik I Ip L , EI ss b s he I I 1 ' but ' t., 'da V of Ita' off. I ' ' rd t I the '3'vI'. . pd ELLEN MARIE HARPER cndIy EII n reeerve r s marks rn speech a d ee'nsty Shersarnm be ot n Woodshop C uo and enyoys workrng atte SC OOI ursrng e care r EIIen chooses atte graduatron JOE HARRIS Pa rng for the sold ers 1 the Canteen grves shy Jr ance a musreal abrlty A member ot the band orchestra and c orus he Iongs to toIow hrs hobby but for the dura n he Q Q Ar Corps RUTH HARRIS Frendly R th IS known o e a neat owler e ng the eoIIege eous whreh s absoIuteIy neeess n aehrevrng her oa nurse She s a mem e Grrls Go To CoIIege Club After graduatron she eontrnue her chmb success a a Cadet Nurse BETTY HARTUNG Pretty and eharmnng Betty a mernb r ot Lute In an Cheer Lea u Betty who takes a H V15 Or the Ien rcparat on t her a r CVCYY ITIOYTTITTQ CVIIOYS SW 'TT mrng and d nerng d an expert skater. Page Twenty- two JAMES HAYSON arr 'n n ed a James Aeronautres avorrte subject owr and tootbaII a e the sports h h nter s James had planned to b a eornmereral prIot o Ieetrng stamps rs hs hobby mes IS serv ng wth he Unrted Stat s Marrne Corps CHLORIS HELD Smrrng and gay Chlorrs a former se retary ot her room Irkes to swrrn owl and golf Chlo who hopes somewhere sornetrme t make the honor roll excets rn math revrew I-Ier hobby know gorng wr Lorra Chios arnbr ron rs to become a hte guard HEN rn e o e ollege w he I Z I V rn and II'1 OI S LORETTA HEURICH retta r bu tremely trendly pe on Bookkeeprng and soero ogy are her fayorrte subyeets r Iersure e as spe bowlrng dane g and swrrn mrng Loretta wrshes to D6 an ottiee worker. I 1 VIRGINIA HILLENBRAND a 'nemo v o Tw 4'-1 Grad D awa Cum stamp ex d es a s H U Sl pertfdan d an a scbalfan JnnywHs 'Yoo y S sfwgyng pans Lcqh nu Cad FC rr: FRED HIRT en a ws es 'O cow Navy w a er a uaton Ageba am fav su jects Fe e ti- : to n t c Nc y DOROTHY HOFMANN Forcve oww ng an fa d rw MG YSGOTOCOI 3 u S C gr Cs 'most If eao C c VTTCVC 7716852 V1 SWN'Y1VT1 V19 G7 dam: n Hcbb es o w weakness JANE HOHMAN G FWS cou s me ex es n sewmng a e onofn cs SH 5 aders C uo an ac v rw sc'1 of S ONS Wo 1 ng af e s 'mcol i es up mos -1 'ne one at Janes a'-wp X if QM HARRY R HOOPFR oop r +ve an SH s a mem o Wa Hoo Stag and H T If H G ade Dravva C'ub s favorte D1 ct ar wmdx C C S constantly talung p ctur f a scHoo1 act vwbes Ma' n YOL.3'10lJt A AUDREY HOSACK My bu math 5 Ku a teletypsst takes up of her Mme re HI y is 6w'?'f S'OflCS danygfond bow nn Swe t be n automat opera DOME-WIC? IANNELLK Frefrdly D6 b-thegcap ble prog am 'wagrman of tnc Hu Y .'Po selsmg Hare fog math He enyoysf boo epmg afd algebra H s snappyxbow tes wuW b uw e I unusuai Maunei M E R JOH ON ree mem of Ma op and n n pf yer n a vo Il HA avo ' s e an Page Twenly three 0 f DOROfHY OY ottr P sd ot urls egel Club m er o vrce Squad of e Speech rs e t a o Beautufu y a d racrous hi! t sure crng sw m J bo mn an s a ta e um e eve Hin 5 Q WOU C b recep rlonrst ANIADAKIS ata lrlces to dan: wl an Now wor a ter s e 5, t e mteredtrng hobby colectung war ctures l-ler tavorrte subjects are boolclceeprng and mathc ma rcs She plans to go to college and to become a boolrlcecptr LOUISE KANTZ Steady and dependable s Lou se Her charmrng man ner and pleasant smrle wrn rrends for her Speech rs er avorrte subject an c w she execs us s tak ng the gener course and as yet has not 3 c clcd lust what profess on s rts to en e REGINA KARCZ A coope a nge: ffugent R grna Ntjsfcohscre nous ervrce S A ttentlve spectqjbr t ts Rggreg 5 n or swrmmmg and roller at g Sh ffxcelsr ifecch a her tbvorrt bcct ns typ g c rs plannrng to b conf J fyps luge lumnly four wi S HELN T I Z! 5 Hd S read collec records apd y the prano l-leen pret speech and y mg S w u rlxe o attend P tt IRENE FLORENCE KENNA Thoughtful and ambrtrous lene s an honor stu ent Her commerelal course wall ot an xnvaluable d her future career as a secre tary or stenographer She rs a member ot a volleyball team and Drama ub owrng and readmg ta e upmchofhr rme NELDA KENNING Neldas funny remarks and trrendly drsposrtlon help to e her he rt ot party Bowlrng and movies occupy her spare ours e as a member ot lncluctron Club ancl Servrce quad er name as been on the Honor Roll otten JEANNE KETTERER o ulaf and s yllsh Jeanhe h y has rerved talttrtully qs a ember o the Wah Hoo St Je nne athltztrca y rlnclutrid b c ve member ot Grs lglders Club and parttclpatrngkm mv: oratr sports qllpon graduatr n w leavg tor Ca Nurse Corps I MARION KINSER 'n Ma on as s 'I Mach ne Coll ct ng photographs and 'r-Ing he avo a a asu 'I s to b a ty I ROTHY KIRKBAUM g popular 'nusc o IO and add n nc e 'I re and tnere ecIal hobby ot Dotty also LVIIOYS SWI'T'II'7'IlfI d bowlmg A me'nber ot rls Go To College Club ard the Serv ce Squad h lIk s speech est CLIFFORD H KREY od an AIr Cadet s S Igeant atA ms of Drafna Cub A wItty and good matured person Chtt plays on a basketball and foot ball team OUfSld6 of school C FI whose hobby IS any thng connected Ith dl panes lS a chermstry an NARCISS S KRIST , nf' Mathe'n tflt lly ""FPfrI'Hed N rqsu a Ing dosebot an 29A af es 'mm fl as 'nan pa'Strr'5AFI,e pda s o th N y tw rn mths aI? ga uaI ra 41 LARRAINE KRUGER erful Larrame a rnern o orcn s ra n oy sw frm-IIrIg hkng and bow Larry whos favor' sub ect s transcnpt on ha made tne honor roll severa IIFVIZS I-Ier hobby s omg WI Clo rrame as s oal a s C e GENEVIEVE KUBECKER Sl-Iy 3 us Genewev nan ent com-me al course and el hlevemm epmg rthand or IL31. I a ION 4, 00 ,ggn un em U J ILLIAM KUDES Qky 5 nn I9 a mem e I-I wears snappy as a ta made ml BII hopes t becovrc ja trayelmg sal S man He IIke9bDoIiIl PWS and vnachme Shop REC-JIS A KULWICKI mIIng R QIS a mern ber of Servmte Squad and Drama CIub A consIster1 member of the honor rol wc 12 els In rn and aeronautucs a CI IIKZS work WI gasome PHO 'JIS e I2 es bu d 'nodel aIrplanes and o 'rIovI Page fu nnly five S 'Img 'Q h a keen Che ' . H - I'IfC'i1 t I. I Shop. be' I 'Cf I C I -5 e I I , I. . ' , I I , W- sw'n f a'e r Q A Ing. . I 6 I-C tlon I ple res. She In- I I I 1 I ter d e p'st. I . I y i g , 'th . La ' - h -:t her 9 as e r tary. QI ste In I I Q y I 5 rf t r . 3 5 I5 " V CI ' A de p le ' I , ' I ' U ,.- n . . IV' S , ' ' o o. - C . -c , D I I . ' X 9 , , I I . A - O ,. t' ,,' . :I I I 5, r- 'f' a ' I' l b I C b ' 0 pn...-. - K', . 'J . 3 . . 1' II' . CMF I I , 5 I' Easir-going Qilll, a happy-ggof G , , , I X v g e ' I l I , ' I- ff, Aw. Ohh W ,Q 5 I 3 a 6 IS IO? ' v , -If CI? L n, ,I b o I' - ' I 4 ' e 'Iv ,III I E WA -7: I .1 W- So y I . . f A Ix X . . Ip 5-I I I ' -I tl' 'I ' lx? , JV A- ,,v Y . A I I V Is ' S 'I' e A is f a I r A ' 5 see: if ' k , s tie .U 'S I' II I,!?,IIIS 2. ' I A n' t , "K I k' " exc ' ath enter .e Aacy, AU e g , n I IO I 2' r to .' , I to th I' -' , I . R 3' III to ' golt I, 'es. KYNE Smr ng Mary a partcrpant n baslcetball and vollcybal eycung cnthus ast ar as an honor stu nt A transplanted Kentuclcran who enloys bowlrng danc :ng and gonna to movres Her tayorrte subjects are n rsh and Spanrsh e plans to be a lawyer vi J ff LOUIS LAKES Louus e cels Q ,Bos etba rs t C 0 port Jffalrung COME he hopes eeome a C Wflical ed rneer ter the war'-life sgplanrvn o fake we Vl2jQs1'P'n oder en r t Cgc e er the S rv: e quad PETER LAKES Quiet and trrendly Peter exees rn Spanrsh He as en on the nor rol tew trmes Savrng elrpprngg YOVT1 newspapers o y It there were no war Peter would Ike to e r o t c nrc plans to enter the A my GH e'nber College sportsmen he e o Phys Page Twenty sux HELEN LARK Lar s truly pleasant and wtty drsposton has won ner seo cs trren s Folowrng the commereral urse he xecls e a member ot S rvrce Squad and Waves Cu Helens arm lS to e a beautrelan dlVCfl tu ns erle W DOLORES M LEONARD Popular Dolores has been secretary ot her homeroom ee sem st s e s member ot Drama Club lres t n a r school sports Her hobby S ancrng and snngrng er n to the uture ms be a sweet lttle housewrte DOLORES LHOTA Courteous and shy Dell en joys collectlng records Buy :ng war stamps and savlng sc ap are two thrngs s e does to tne war e ort Talrrng a college course she lrlces Latin best ot any sub rect She lS also a mem er ot the Twelfth Grade Drama C ub rnc w i'K A s ar I an tr MARGA ET L HART asu an an H J? WSU 5 on wi Wa Cup j and a Eng shs a d fnd golf an OLORES LODER an grae ous a m mbe n whCl'1 she plays Dolores en oys s lmmmg ar' ether c: Cpu a s o cn er e stud o cc DO HY ORENZ s o ou to a rn ' C S ces co mat rcvl r ses are g an Dowlr g VIOLA LORENZ ry n an trnen y Vrola has an unusual hoboy ot col ct ng poems 1 sp tual 'neon n e s a m m ot Drama u and S J ce Squ He tavo .J y s oas ot on e NUYSZ RAY LOSACCO 'mdy and he ptul Ray a d nt mechanrcal draw n f An after school w h goes ln tor ow rng swrmmung and oot l ea y my l es bu Id model an a as a hobby ty 1 h w n of a cr ANGELO LOZITO Angle nown as Haqy mv-W jreayr res wife K sp s e m s bo eip' an CX whzch h e s to and bccom aw HELEN LUKAS Good natured e en m 'nber of Servace Squad engoys watchung sports and gorng to the movres O casronally on the honor roll als Irkes to read an slrate A sewlng hoboylst Helen s tavorlte subjects a e sho thand and typing She plans to becofne a sece a Y ANNE LYLES Por and gracuous Anne s a 'nember ot Chorus and G s College Club Anne Ilres o dance and co ec photographs besudes bow rng and wrrtxng to servc men She us especna ly tone 'n sc and malres o st marks an that su 4 c A ne would ke to et the protesslon of teachmng Page Twenty seven ssGym s e ang socrology EVELYN LYNE A seamstress rn the malr ng Evelyn has earned spendrng money by malclng clothes Sewrng coolrrng and vorce o cupy first place mrnd An honor student Eve yns arm IS to work for Bell Telephone , f WW Jean am rtron dl name s w S mid the H own an 9 y mos ,nf h r :me rs mem r mi Pe rnddflfon Club and lshe enjoys buyrng war ps regularly PETE MANESIOTIS e rs known for hs cellent work on the Wah oo Staff H IS Er ot the Year Boolc and rs an actlve member ot Boys Col lege Club Talrrng a college course Pete excels rn Eng lush and publlc spealrrng T 3 t Othcers Trarnrng School rs Petes ambrtron SIDNEY MARCUS loyf' OEJRSR deserp ron good natzsd Sldney l-4lqM4ll4berecall'ed crafly for h lO1l manner and oraiorr 9604. rty dn speech elas I and assemblies H ar tl uarly I d o Englrsh r erature be the Marrtrme Servrce to Srdney Page Twenty ezgh! J' foxy , MARY MAROHNIC Pretty and gracrous Mary has a slncere yearnlng to enter some branch of the serv ce Thus honor student o s ar hrstory an socrology as her tavorrte su ects M ry fnds ex 'creme pleasure rn lreeprng a drary bowlrng and danc DONALD MA RQ UARDT Handsome Donald wlll b remembered tor h out standrng basketball abrllty A H S s team letrc representatrve of 204 and sports mrnded Donald plans to enter the Navy Ar Corps l-lrs tavorrte su gccts are mechanmcal draw ng and chemlstry WILLIAM MARRON lc u a Brlls descrrptron of hrmself Murph rs secretary f H Y A smoothre on the dance floor Thus popular t burlds model arrplanes and holds aeronautrcs as favorrte subrect P R R Commando SEM A Wm a the Ge ourse a her rrte subjec s I N a ber o rftlfa CA shepaifho 2 3 mme Physrcal Ecfpcatlglff' Vw -I xl l rng En rs ores u New W H rves ocral com rttee c ix rng er favorrte sport In prepara r n for career s a m trcran ELIZABETH McBURNEY n e lgent an frren y ony ne bus est gurls at Allegheny She wrrtes for the Alleghen Journal s Exchange Edrtor of the Wah Hoo tatf mernber of Twelfth Grade Drama Club and captaln o fourth perrod servrce student KATHERINE McB NEY th ne J oo She pdf C O an 6 YTIZVTI in Grade b rs C 5 FI even O serfy h or en xcers rn a an Eng rs Lr en r o recordrng and rrg p c ures are her hobb es HERSCHEL McILWAINE Herschel rs happy go luclry aways smlrng an FII lte Fo 'ner presrdent v esd n and secretay o re Say ng lub h rne'nber of the track and Samson A C teams H s gh fel sports gar mg huntn rurrn ng as rx hobo es Arrrry A Fo c s I-lerscrrel S oblectv MAIDA McKEE ssess cl of a cha mr sm :ng vorce at as rr ed er hom oorn many turnes Manda 'ropes ontrnue src career urphy a lrnown for her dra'natrc abrlrty rn Drama Club and speech class A me'nber o the servrce squad she rn s ro er s a n er favorrte past me RICHARD F MCKIMIEY a Iof fun rarryybn H In Smat a type me ber of :bc c Ba Rrc oted fhrsf e er at the dru ac team rn el he :hes bowl dance 'At hernrs ren pla s rn a an CHARLES E McKISSOCK Frrendly and wrtty Charlre an honor student serves the Wah Hoo on the art statl A wor er at avo te sto f ther hs ao ry as an artrst and hrs pleasure an electrrcr C uc whose tavorlte subrects are m n and art hopes 0 e a do or ALICE MEISER Frendly and llceable Auf: s talrng the co'n'nercra' C use excellng rn Engl h Berng partrcularly fond f mg he hopes t e an accurate typst ho es are bowlng and danc ng Page Tu enly nine h e rn a merely f sc ol a me she s a es her S are trne e hopes to becom an lnterror Decorator MA GARET MESSNER t P engrgetrc Tr se rce esr nt Leade T b gSh jp uay wrth th -'BOYS and G rn :S the su ec rlre est C ' 9 ho T le expresses a wrsh ROBERTA MUNCH re 'cy t , Nyfrffed W rr rn us ousness member 6 H att rc est an 5 jf? Su C S Honor u ngsh , m to at en s ess sc ol DOROTHY MUSHYNSKI Tallcatrye and gay Dorotny ex es In shorthand She r secretary ot the Pre lnduc ron Cluo At r gre ua n D t pans o o Cadet Nus Corps Page Thirty A VERA MUTHLER Happy go luclcy Vera plans to be a secretary Buyrng war oncls an wr rn es to rv ce men are ehret ho es Volley bal and basketball take up St t er rmc tavorrte sublect rs typ ng ALBERTA MUZYK Alberta plans to enter cor lege and study law At the sent she talcrng college course excellrng rn nrstory Englrsh and pan rsh are tops among her sub jects Swrrnmrng and bowl rn occupy rn st ot h HELEN NEUBAUER Helen rs quret but tr end y She rs a member ot Servrce Squad and rs also Attend anc Cha rrnan o 4 Englrsh rs her tavorrte sub n has been onor o s vera tmes RAY NIEMC J' y mds gyat nl Mx vaifon l-l ongs to anc ng d JH Y u H s tavorrte subjec ers r-aut cs hon adet A 'ny Corps dear r rr ly after gre ua 0 E L ut oys ' g nd - - I rt I in ho ,. . . ' d t. lc t b d Vt' 3 a d o ls in p lett r se I E , I e her ' bbi . - - r mo o h t' . Her I V. . A X . fl K r , f ,, I ' A lrlS l . . r Jffu . 'r Op- pre rs ' T We Lflsf., mf . ' f' 1' . " s - 1 ,Tl fjflfesy b . ect- - .Pifprrs rs her r bbv, f ' . ' A - , r . . if ioirr the Waves. 1 V leiure time. O A be C z i FT t ' ,'l 'Yr an 'HY ' ' , Q 5. - ob ' as s n h - ' d L, . - 0 .fb O St ,- -, I 1 rs 20 h K 4 VdG' Le f y Q A T - Q Cl ll n E ' ject. Hele on rs are ta rrt b- the H R ll 2 l R S H n ' . e s t d ho , . l mf R tr A t C l E 4 .5 r l A . ehgflf y V ' ' ' ann I- l bs. t' 'r ' ' d an L A 1,534 A O G 1 n t c I ' I 5, ' ' K ' 9 A c L nited, S' tes r , Ili begin hr tr ' . edl- atc tion. We EDWARD NILSON v an d p n a V FI O S fOO'Yl L O un n o I9 an a poet on tlw Wan I-loo all A rn mb rof lu baske a squad lw also plays yo ey D Always on th ono U l Volfl an concutmasfu of tn orchestra GIN N ygf A I 0 s ce vs o gf ge nes tons gfo tp w my Ver 'I kaeqg member of ij 7' ldvvnng rca oursc eluabl gg e member of I1 rv: e Squad and enjoys bowlrng and danclng B 01 tous 4 room CX A 'nes n s asu e sw mmang slung Maflw an band Ins favorl e sub ects T a e Q eng H ber MICHAEL PALIS Casn p sdent of 'rome oom m 'n e w'n'n ng lu an ner ' u n ec' ng o ns fom varous coun dan ng and stu n 0 a O cupy 'nost of w n A 'ny MIHAE Af WI r 6 ECO ELLEN PALMIERI S 2' cn erful and clmam I e s 'a tlxe commerc al course ex ces In booklceepmg and lwopes Io wok In an offs E len funds Interest nn scwrng and playxng on aft r school teams JEAN PAPPERT a ng pe I e an fr endly Jean s hobby She rs a 'ne'nber of Srl Lead and IS an hon u '1 snot I-I r ambmon s to b come a secr a y ROBERT PHILLIPS u e Boo s u vo n maanlams Honor s'and ng and wor a ' r Des awye I: In 'nan 3 cassmat s stu y n I-I nmmeda amo n Am Page Tlnrls one 5 JAMES POFFENBERGER Jrm makes has best grades an aeronaut cs whlcn nold t ace among studres A member of tne band and a natural sports man he rated lwonor several trfnes Hrs background aeronautrcs together wrttr rs pleasrng clrsposrtron e turn f r e Army Ar Corps ROSE POPOVICH Quiet but Helpful Rose rs aways le dung a he rg an e rs a mem ot the Twelfth Grade Drama u and Pre Induc ron Club Slne excels rn lnrs ory and 'foods To be a typrst lS Rose s arnbrtron ROBERT PO RTER FIELD rvey B always on e loo tor some tun excels hunting and carnprng and cn oys s ng ng bowlmg an golfrng 'nas e nt rest ng Hobby ot ra s ng rabbrts He now works e P ttsburg ost Gazette f euznrser Poscr-rem ly on the m gracrous n S a mem ot arrnony an servrc s u A 'lorrner res: r r o an onor as eare m ence en s cw pran cornpanr z sports an enroys Ge snwrn s VT1USlC Page Tlurly Iwo 6 J -Q, AZ do ds the Qlitrcre pres: RUTH REITER Dancrng sw:-'nmrng and ennrs occupy most O Rutlns tune Vrvacrous and trrendly Rutlw spends rnucln tme wrrtrng to boys rn tlwe servrce She excels ln craft and lrlres coolrrng best To u er a de ar ment store rs Rutns arnb Ion IOLE abrlrty an epend are e qua es Have rn o e or A act m e 5 er u e oy Vroe t e Army a et C r S Ju AR pneuc ma trend sa es fr o se'll ng WF otbElJ4lSgOr Tas Ll oest TR sacn en suent HELEN RICHARDSON Frrendly Hhlu. 'member ,ot S4rlq4yGd'l'lege ub par r r gifs n all an XbQongs to E655 eball a cl vbll khmieam A honor stldent she enjoys sewrng and ako lrkes- to wrrte to men Yrfyservlce Helens tawarke subjecs are speecn and Eng s s U 1 R f KJ . C . I . I 3 W t - ' ' ' f tirs I pl lnls I I '- - r I U ' 'm be a b y in t- malr V' able o th 'C' . 1 . Q' S' ' H R - y . 'A , sri ray , d l n ' lp'n N tY ' I Ill rr d, slr - ber fl " as S 6 r t nd an tr '- C' b I T b r rrls I V e s l b, s j t r ' - . 'ng ' l r be S 8 d rs p . f. l f Q ' rl t 1' 1' V L l O. th ' Pghlfr DRA A' , k 1 .' I ' - '. ' H. ln , H dent -the Hi- A supef ln vmvac me sl op E el goes , 1 ,gtk Wh M101 J, I , , I I t n act 1 e d ' . Bo . th f 95 Jll ' , 'f - if ' lv r, , r . tcf d b lc b ll. ' r C , . ik f. ,Q wh ol. at th r H P - 7' tho fd ' l . I' . . if 5 fo' y ' Tru, c f ost 'N 0. fin-, ll if ' s lor, Liz rs A NH -, ' d tcp i sp , . q dl -X p ' nt ,ma O d H 2 X - '- ' an ud sh ln I ' 1 V OJ ! . a d a - 4 , E t ' ac- V Q 2 y - ' . l.r lrlr s all , I I 5 , . r - r V , .1 n. KAI Us , RICHARD RIEKER Goplrer one of th most rn e :gent sensors member of Drama Club and Edrtor of the a O and runner for C traclr team A sincere frrend Dc excels rn all subye ks Ik s Engrslw and ar honor student an holder of a sclwolarslmp VIRGINIA ROETTER Gay and Humorous Vnrg ma retary of e Reserves Club Danerng and slratrng are Her lrobbres he Rand Warden The Cad t rse C fps Vrrgrnras ambutron after graduatron INE R SSINO gy love! of slcatng n angnn ngrmal She e ber o Go To C ll e u lkly n ngln ln er Q e g hc px! and w y rem rks hav won I1 vcr las bg lrnendshrps ay pla if we to ol eg PAUL ROSENBERGER Quret composed an ant as Excelrng be lnas a a sound foundatron for 'ws chosen career a rovmg porer and rsearch man He rs a consrs ent membe of the lwono rel and lects stamps and corns as a hobby I MATT RUBCICH A hand omg nappy go lucky Ma't enyoys radrng and agronautrcs The attarn m nt of nsjrnbrtron aero naulral engmecrrng mu I Ill w rs w Mr-anwm Matt plans to Qrrter tlwe Navy V I2 ISABEL RUBINO ougw qurer Isabel lr nd y Slwc s lo ow ng I c'bmmercraI cours r gardrng 'math as ber b sf C sub! member Ol Drama Club sh devot muclw ol 'mer tme to work ng, I C ool lsy mds BSUIC IU SLWIU USLRCUSZCZYNSKI cl' loxgly wztlnout C BERTHA SABOLOVIC A parlrl o c o Bern Sne ran s lrrletc a mo ,of rls ead ers s pa Wave Page Thirty three Mvmosle' sol-4 XA R y e prou ears Fzj work A eg en athletjc record tor b tootball an track Vrce Pre den? Sf Boys Leaders h s d physncs taco e woul I ke to be a physxcal ed atnon nnstructor ELAINE Z SCHNITZER A member ot senior band and orchestra Schnltzue a s the carunet lnce e xcels n her muslca s ects t js only na url th she hopes to carve out a career as a muslcuan Elajne works atter school and enjoys swnmmrng and dancjng MAR ABB r e dmjra capabr p eas an use a e we CT p j ot Edutor a Hoo T rer Glrs u res: o r ome r for tve consecutive semes ers ALBERT SCIBETTA Frlendlrness makes AI a well liked tellow The subject he enjoys most rs orchestra hrs hobby pla mg the clarxnet Out of school A partrclpates In spots especially football e vrce AI prefers Navy Page Tfurly four NANCY SCOTT Pretty sweet and charm mg Nancy as Treasurer ot Grrls College Club and 204 e excels Engljsh an anjsh h er her the tavorlte of all er subjects Nancy has taken the College Course and expresses the wjsh to enter Pjtt atter graduation CECELIA SED jn m cslf 2 jvc asju ar ar 3 forms sports a pastrmes Cecelua the Waves DOROT SELINSHICK a un u u D o exce s wan an socxo gy mes o uncle er u ure rothy pans to be ettlclent secretary JOHN SHICK n E S havnn ready been cluscharged from the Navy because ot physx cal detects Jock plans to study medlcjne Hrs tavor subject s Englsh C a member ot the Dra atlc C ub ww' lfjgs ANNA H SHILKUN Img o scrv Annas am ItIon s to become a Wac She I5 followmg the general course and cIaIms hrstory as her most lrlreable subject Although her hobby IS ernbroIderIng Anna also enjoys playmg tennIs and lIstenIng to the radIo RALPH F SrILVfR'ISE ompetItIon tor andy qlamour boy comes from Allegheny IH the person lot alpn Snlverrse Popular and vor s e Buht was VIC presId'ent of B Qff o two years A-qaluable rnepn be of the SwImmIng Team Ice OB RaIphs'NaIm thexNavaI Alf Corps HARRY SINGER Tallratlve and wltty Harry IS very popular among hs classmates Outstandmg machIrIe shop he aIms to be orne an archItect I-IIs y s hs Harry p ns to enter the avy alter graduatIon ,IREN JANE IRBAUG rene has fpleasmg Z scfna She I a member of GIr ollege Club a CYVI uad rene x Eng IS an oys s eech d muslc er obb IS sIngIn She Ioolrs torw rd t ec m fl V' cfm JOHN SLEMENDA andsom a didoluigpc d 41' amber t ICC u tory 'II e sennestc nny W OSC VOYI Q: p VVICZ excel ICQ a d ItIOn IS t enter C SCYVICC Johns hobby s motors WALTER yqoogsmss The cfar ma e a d pu ty t alt malre e Ile of any par ogmzedf chIefIy for hIs out stanclmg work on th football team Remember Iygr7I hcrnor student member It I'-II Y Club and Wah Hoo Reprcsentatwe and o TTTVVTY IYS c ah I-loo 04 IV he raws cpr oons to he Wah I-Ioo er 'favonte ect 2' JAMES MARVIN STALEY Handsome and wtty JI'T1 enjoys all sports especIaIly traclc and football Mechan Ical drawmg IS hIs tavornte u ,ect Jen states t hcs shy about women Jrn plans after graduahon 'np e he as passed tne examInatIon and Is In the Navy V 5 Page Tfurty five ' It I. W'Il' t 2, l - . ef ' ' U b' ' I E E 3' S ' no . q v ' . .I , h I . ya . I, . I ' g I I rv' , n his ' E ' ' . ambm ' o th I . , I , i I I as N I 9 I ,A ll nl' I ,II I J ' I y I Af F y yy' , x xx' ul l - X' lqyfrhee ' 'I n . f , or K, L fpo I 0 AA , I t, It v hi ,lilly 1 I I ty. aiill " " I f: I 5 I . - I 2 1 " ' I-l 1 Q I, X ,I V ' . . ' OI' . , he, IS also an s'n I , ' ' Is -- ' I O ' ' of 422. , r E SPE R I , C' er ul pu SIGN , .' mn , ef I d- J . ' . In I rs, an ' Y A F ' . . se e of - 04. Ig saab I ' hing. O- ' Ia y N Ar , . bi I - I I 3 a r s tl . I E I y I J I I , K Iitr. 'J f CI - I I ' I n ' . ' SQ . I e s - ' ' 'A ' IH d- IH 5 , I, fI'1d D V1 I I- " X I, - - , .' I ' Ax I 5 .O II? Ny, 'I' 5 are col let , tor I h - I J' I9 I I I JJ MARCEY STALTER Sweet and pretty Marcey rs a member of Drama and Cheer Leaders Clubs She c ptarn of her a er school teams and oves basketball She enjoys typ a d rs on the Honor Roll occasronally Marceys hob y at present wr: mg letters to servrcemen LAUR ST lnt ested on c n s a an w lcee y JEAN STEPNICK u rous and rntellr en J an rs talcrng the CO Q 6 course tavorrng chemrstry e rs an honor stu e a member of Go To College Club Col 6 mg souvenrrs gr O Y ursrng er chosen protessron XJETH ERNER n rs Be hs e soera G 4OI and e t Wah Hoo a t v tc subrec s are lush and French ter Xb aduatnon Bei plans to s udy labora wor t mbalmrn Crrcr gr Qchool f Page Tturty sux e- .IM - y ' 1 ,rv J W! STEPHANIE STEINER Q ret and very trren ly Stephanre lrsts slratlng and ncrng as her tavorx e o res She lrkes ma revrew best ot all her sub gg s r t e me ent n wrrtrng le ers Stephanre looks forward to clorng ottlce work CLAIRE SIWINSKI Etlrcrent and rntellrgent arse b en o e Honor Roll frequently Her o y s bowlrng She the reasurer ot 204 Clarre has talren the commercral course and the subgect she es est nd xcels transcrrptron Her ambltron rs to be a secretary PAUL UTHMRI,yd Pau Hap dp d wgll 5 TGS! if AR team :ng sch J gyvgrgmrng fT bf ertrtred u I U 5 9 f Pg Jfxrm rr Corps R rve and prefers the r y Arr Corps other s v WALTER VIDUSECK Woodshop rs Walters tav orrte subpect and auto re rr w rk hs specra rntcrest Hrs amoton rs o be an auto mechanic H belongs to Prelnductron Club sa es Auto ab e enter a ts as ea clerk tor Western Stores Thus trrendly young man plans to the Navy HELEN M VITUNIC HI ha th unter IH o oy ma an trends anclng an to lowrng promrnent sport rvltr s ta much O er lersure tum A good typnst Helen plans to bs come an oft ee worlr DOLORES VULAKOVIC l-lanlc trnendly and laughing a jo e good or bad a member ot Drama Club h ps at tn cate err or s o llk s cool and boolrlr pnng and enloys nerng cyclung and rn o artres r o l ewnng er to .2 a s ere A nd y Gul ac e e oot al team berts o s rnusrc d bur IU a a C senror an W ae w njoys geometry an h stry plans to e com a ehanlealengrneer ELLEN WALSH en s s era a en slceten ng wh ch accounts her ln Ar a most enloyabl subject She s lrnown for her unse Ish se wee an th lbrary Re :ng darerng and sports ot are greatly preerat d by Ellen L-.LLL- LOUISE L WESLEY Loulse rs an aetlve member of tne service squad and exces In Spamsh Bas et and bo lung are her hobbres A member ot Glrls College Club she would lrlre to be a stenographer JANIE WISNIEWSKI P e ty Janne IS a popular ember ot Drama Club ow talcung the commercial course s e counts er taworlte subpect secretarral trarnrng Jane s actnvutles IH elucle slcatnng dancnng and bowlrng After graduation II be a ty DONALD WOESSNER Cur y red tQ Il J lS favorite su ees ar o n or nn o u ra anamals an do anything else MARGARET WOLF Pretty stylish and tnendly rs olt e serves stamp expedrter and treas urer tor her home room Interested an sports she en joys swummung basketball and roller sliatrng Wolf IS a member ot Grrls Go To College and Drama Clubs Page Thlrly seven N Q Shy e en 4 s r e ' est- ' ' ' ' g h b' ot lb g I ' l, I ball wt aet' e ke f h ' I ' I . at l' lr , , is V ss l t t 1 and r el ' e t 'a. Q t V Dol e ' est e lr'ng I ' hy da ' , LL ' , go- V I ' , l U D ' ' g t p ' . l-le h y , ' ' , 's s ' , d h d ' , QS bv arg tary' 6 she wa prst. l E T L DE Il us trl ' , C V I A l I ' H, 0 I1 4, - I IS a lf bgl n I i t ' merggg 0 t rack and h b' ' 'ldt 9, , G ' m l - lil ISI- mi Z I aallll u ep essi a or tom t ' I k is ll t clu n b - d 8 5 V b A Q V a s A g. o 's CC Q I A r y A h as n , he ld th unt l ' th l , Ell ' pe ' l t l t is I I . . tor . l tat' gl t s her V W ' Sll af a L 'lf . Q r c 1 . ad- ' . . . ' all lhlndls, l lap- V I .' - .- l L L I I ,s-,a-s,sis,,s ' x. rf L.. ff' LOQM weans Smrlfffgfuw Interested studentgqk-Machrne shop s a m mbe1ci,Q4s Col .2453 Club- lmbg! '1owlrng cl I crng who works ool and t Terv ns to t If the Cade Co ps and ft"-'vmalre a career ursrng if HOWARD ZEH Colorful and wrtty Com radc rs a member of l-le nz H use and h a tlare oo ball and baslcrt a Howa ds h bby s coll ct :ng stamps and eorns and :ng thers wr h homework A advanced Chemrstry student EUNICE ZOTTER Eunree rs mor'e at, Home on G dana floor tan wr cle sroom excels xrnath and mwrng ember o Gvrl Reserves umie hopes to become e stenog rapher alt r qraduaton Gowns zuvsgp Gol re wears a constant sd: e a d rs always v y helpful She, rs a member o Gul Reserves and I s rnalrrng nev1,th G m and fogda a her favorlte subgedts Golclre rs known for her wonderful abulrty to dance WITHIN these pages are the lrlcenesses of those ot the class of June. l944 who have stayed the course untrl gracluatron Some are mrssrng tor a few have because ot war servrce or servrce rn lndustry re qurred by war, wrthdrawn from Allegheny To round out our roll ot classmates we honor them here Page Tfhlrty-aight Anne C Anderson Harvey C Ander on Jr Anna Katlnenne Abel l-lelen Ratrrela Be ff Ctlarles M Cantella Donald Dale Ctrrrstran Ronald Robert Glwrrstlan James Celwra J Rutlw Marre Dawes Glenn C Downey Mary E Gordon Rose Mane Grana Imogene L Gray Elrzabettu l-lampers Loretta M l-leurretw lren Eorenee Kenna HONOR GRADUATES JUNE IQ44 Geneyreye Kubeelcer lnlrgb l-loner Mary Rose Kyne Margaret Dolores Loclclrart Peter G Manesrotrs Ellzabetlw Ann MeBurne, Katlwenne Nora lMeBurney Roberta Jane Munelw l-lelen A Neubauer Edward Ernest Nrlson Mrelwael Basal Ralbus E Rap Robert Artnur Rh Ilps Elrzabetlw Rfrtr Posetwen Vrolet Yvonne Relae Rretrard All n Rre er Raul Eredererc Rosenberser Mary Ann Selalaboa en K Sp Page Thirty . s , . 5 sf . . M K D V . I l l l , r. c ' . . ,K . . Ruth Mary Deuerlrng Jean . e bert . J ll' r J 3 1 . l ' e ' R , y y J , ,y . , e l Ell . ebar , . 1 Q IU Z S ll 3: President Vrce Presrdent Treasurer Sponsor Pgffy Y-Y CLASS OFFICERS Glenn Downey Edward Nrlson Nancy Scott Mrss Caldwell Secretary -------- Goldie Canjar Hall of Fame GLENN DOWNEY T would be tutrle to attempt wrrtrng an accurate account ot the abrlrtres achrevements or trrends ot handsome Glenn l-las Interests rn hrgh school vary trom berng an actrve member ot Boys College Club t crrculatron manager ot the Wah Eloo Glenn has been presrdent ot hrs home room tor three years rs presrdent ot the senror class and an honor student The Senators key to popularrty rs that locund smrle plus the gatt ot gab lrrsh eyed Glenn a sports enthusrast has been ob erved wartrng durrng rmpregnable snow sleet and raun tor the team to come trottrng out onto the held Nothrng rs more rmportant to Glenn than grvrng Allegheny the highest place ot honor rn every treld A side light on Glenn s lute whrch otten takes the lrmelnght rs the trmely lyncs fhrch he composes Atter graduatron he wrll become a Marrne l-le plans on has return to study law and enter polrtrcs MARY SCIALABBA OVELY charmung Mary as a posrtrve selection tor anyones hall ot tame Errendly courteous always wrllrng to help she rs modest a lrttle concert Mary rs surely the one tor she possesses an unusually keen Intellect Wrnner ot a Crvrc Club award and a scholarshrp to Putt she rs as a matter ot course always on the honor roll and a stand out member ot her class As tor extra currrcular actrvrtres Mary was secretary ot Student Councrl last semester rs the edrtor ot the Wah l-loo us the perennral presrdent ot her home room rs a member ot Grrls Leaders Club rs rnterested rn all sports and reads wrdely Mary expects to use her cholarshrp at Putt tor a Lrberal Arts course not benng decided as yet on a lrtetrme vocatron Whatever her chorce may be her Intelligence and personal charm are assurances that she wnll wrn a really tune success PETER MANESIOTIS REMEMBER the tellow wrth the pleasant smrle qurck wrt friendly manner and good nature Pete Manesrotrs our Yearbook Edntor All these trarts make up a pleasrng personalrty ln addrtron Pete possesses a drstrnct sense ot busrness values Popular Pete has been a member ot Boys College Club tor three semesters and rs a member ot l2A Drama Pete also trnds much enjoyment rn readeng and musrc Contrnually on the honor roll rntellrgent Pete rs the owner ot a scholarshrp to Putt l-le wrshes to enter the treld ot Publrc Relatrons and later the Drplomatuc Servrce FMF!! . , . I O almost to the poinlt ot reticenlce. It anyone ever deserved the luxury ot . of 'DRI MARY GORDON ARY GORDON S contrrbutrons to Allegheny have been many but she wrll be remembered most tor her excellent and outstandrng work on the Wah l-loo l-lavrng served on the Lrterary Department tor two years and having wrrtten regularly an rnterestrng and rnspurrng story essay or poem she has contrrbuted greatly to the excellence ot that department Durrng her sensor year she has served capably as head ot the lrterary statt Although she plans to be a journalrst she rs also greatly rnterested rn aeronautrcs has been an actrve member ot the aeronautrcs class and hopes to do some tlyrng In the tuture As a member ot the Grrls Leaders Club she enjoys sports and has partncrpated rn all ot the gurls athletrc events Busy but tun lovmg Meg besrdes berng so actrve rn extra currrcular actrvrtres rs an honor student her name has appeared every report perrod on the honor roll PAUL CUMMINC-55 ALL blond Paul Cummrngs has establrshed an outstanding record In athletucs havrng been an actrve member ot the tootball team for two years and ot the swrmmrng team tor three Popular with the student body Joe showed hrs leadershrp as presrdent ot hrs home room and vrce presrdent ot the Student Representatrve Body As presrdent ot Boys College Club he has talcen a major part an the grand and hrlarrous programs presented by B C C ln hrs spare tame Paul especrally enjoys swrmmrng Enlrstment rn one ot the armed servrces as Paul s rmmeduate post graduatron program ROBERTA MUNCH 'BOBBIE rs the type ot person we all like quiet but lrvely when e occasron requires rt shy and yet trrendly A reporter tor the School Notes Department she has penned many artrcles that have con trrbuted to our pleasure nn readrng the Wah l-loo Musrcally rnclrned she rs a member ot Sensor Orchestra As a member ot Girls Leaders Club good natured Bobble has entered unto athletrc events whole heartedly she has a drstrnct lrlcrng tor sports Wrth all these actrvrtres Bobble trnds tame to be a member ot the Tau Eta Srgma at the YMCA A bug smile and a happy drsposrtron wrll help Bobble to be a successful ottrce worlcer Pug F tylw M . ' C' -. ' '-qs th EDWARD NILSON l-lEN goodloolcrng Ed tuclrs hr yrolln beneath hrs chln the lnstrument srngs ot hs musrcal abrlrtres As concert maestro ot the orchestra Ed has drsplayed hrs talent many tlme He not only nas a musical ear but also creates tor the rnner rye be uty rn the torm ot poetry A honor student vrce presrd nt o the cn or rlas member ot the baslcet ba team and pre rdcnt ot hrs home room he barely has trme to rathe Ed wrll n uc c n 9 rner lrrm ot engrneerrn In e armed forces VIOLET RELAC l RELAC a charmrng manner Thwt s a condensatron ot Vl s pleasant personalrty and the rmpressron she has made with her classmates She as a member ot Glrls Lewders Cluo nd ot the Gul Reserves at the Y Under her able sup rynsron the School Notes Department ot the Wah Hoo has lent to us a h ppy resprte trom more tedrous dutres An honor student wrth Engllsh and speech her tayonte subjects Vu has decsded her goal to be surgrcal nursrng Cooperatlve Vr has talcen part rn many assembly programs rn her lc: ur she trnds swrmmrng and bowl fng tavonte sports GOLDIE CANJAR ATTRACTIVE vrvacrous Goldie rs class secretary and secretary ot the Wah l-loo Statt tultrllrng her dutres an each wrth her charactenstrc ettrcrency and tact Goldre s rnnat abrlrty to go places and meet people made her a natural chorce tor the XY!oman About Town column which she wntes wrth the treedom and unrcstrarnt ot a born journalist Such an exuberant sprrrt as Goldre s could not be content wrth lust one or two actuyltres l-lers range from Draml Club and speeches rn assembly to dlncrng readrng swrmmrng and lrstenrng to good musrc A consrstent honor student her mann ambrtron rs to be a successtul busrnesswoman A stenographrc posrtron awarts her atter graduatson Just to round out her post graduatron actuvrtles Goldre expects to wnte an her spare trme Many are the students and taculty it Allegheny who will mrss Goldie Canjars bubblrng yltalty but they wrll lrnow that they have ent a loyely gracrous and extrrmelf capable person rnto the business world Pug f ny Ihre W . X .S . . I 'A , ry , . A . I A LL . . T . IS., , . I ' ' 3 pe' ' . n . , F . , A e rr,,ss: ra , s, - ll , s' a ' , v , ' be ,. ' ' be id tel i tc rs, lf A , ' ' g ' th I 1 A s , 1 . C U a X 1 " ' ' . ' Q It u is ry e ' ' ' - l . e . , c ' . - I .. 4 I . . v C . l I S , .,c 1 f' 8 :U ' 2 GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS ' ALL darlc and handsome rs George Lamprrnalc presrdent o Student Representatrve Body Ouret and reserved yet extremely popular wrth both boys and grrls George has led hrs home room as presrdent for trve semesters George also boasts an excellent record rn athletrcs He served actrvely and capably tor two years on both the tootball and the traclc teams George enjoys swrmmrng rn hrs spare trme The Army Arr Corps rs George s destrnatron MICHAEL PALBUS OOD LOOKING debonarr Arbre the If ot all hrs classes l-lrs happy go luclcy sprrrt sparlclrng wrth downrrght zest tor learn rng have brought hrm rnnumerable trrends rn Allegheny One can not help lrlnng Mrlce tor he rs one ot those rare rndrvrduals who com brne a lrght hearted personalrty wrth a brrllrant mrnd Among hrs school actrvrtres Mrchael numbers the dramatrc arts havrng appeared success on whrch he has long been one ot the marn stays ot the lrterary depart ment An ardent athlete Mrlce rs protrcrent rn almost all sports and enjoys all ot them Wrth all hrs actrvrtres he strll rs able wrth ease to remarn constantly on the l-lonor Roll Atter graduatron Nlrchael wrshes to go to college to study mrnrng engrneerrng but he wrll probably heed hrs country s call to arms trrst NANCY SCOTT SWEET demure Nancy rs the young lady who holds rn her pretty head the secrets ot the trnancral machrnatrons ot the IZA class srnce she acts as rts treasurer An energetrc and playtul drsposrtron grves character to her actrvrtres around school whrch rnclude membershrp rn Grrls College Club and rn Servrce Sojuad and the vrce presrdency ot 204 Actrve physrcally as well as mentally Nancy lrlces to play badmrnton and trnds much enjoyment rn watchrng tootball games l-ler tavorrte subject rs mathematrcs though she excels rn all studres She relaxes trom school worlc by worlcrng rn her garden Nancy plans to enter Prtt she has not yet decrded upon a vocatron In whatever vocatron she chooses her excellent record both scholastrc and socral here at Allegheny promrses a trne achrevement Pf1aeFHv-fo ' T , , " ' ' os, ' rf the 6 - , A " ' " is r e ' . tully in various Spanish and Drama Club playsg and the Wah l-loot RICHARD RIEKER RILLIANT would be the best ward to descrIbe RIchard In many actIvItIes he has served the school wIth devotIon and really creatIve GDIIIIICS I-IIs chIet Interests are art drama wrItIng I-IIs worlc on the Wah I-loo Statt shows unusual merIt I-Ie has a wIde range ot Interests readIng paIntIng dancIng bowlIng table tennIs but hIs most hrghly developed talent IS wrItIng Rrchard says he wants to wrIte and travel A scholarshIp In IournaIIsm to PItt whIch he hopes to use tor a year may prove a steppIng stone to wrItIng as a protessIon At the end ot the year he wIlI enlIst IU the Naval AvIatIon Reserve KATHERINE McBURNEY IBRARIAINI assrstant tor three years boolc revIewer tor the Wah Hoo and member ot IZA Drama lovely Kay IS well lcnown In Allegheny She has the great dIstInctIon ot beIng one ot the tew whom youll tInd lways eager to help lend or soothe Kay has an honor record tor three years I-IavIng majored In commercIal subgects she plans to become a secretary I-Ier tnendly dIsposItIon as well as her abIlIty IS assurance that she Wlll succeed CHARLES CANTELLA DMIRABLE Intellngent Chuclc longs to enter some torm ot engIneerIng Thrs no doubt IS an outgrowth ot hIs tInlcerIng wrth gadgets and swItches tor as long as Chuclc IS deeply engrossed In some contusIng electrIcal equIpment he IS exuberantly happy I-le dIsplays thIs Gblllty In school as manager ot the stage crew Chuclc also tmds pleasure doIng hIs homework and beIng an honor student Always cheerful he IS presIdent ot the Tweltth Grade Drama athletIc representatIve ot hIs homeroom and one ot the BCC gang ELIZABETH McBURNEY S Exchange EdItor Ehzabeth McBurney capably supervrsed the send Ing ot the Wah Hoo to SCIVICQ men thIs semester ThIs however was only one ot her many SQIVICZS to the school Elrzabeth has talcen part ID many actIvItIes and In all ot them she has done an excellent Iob She served three semesters on the Wah I-loo was an Industnous and ettrcrent secretary In the ACIIVIIIQS Qthce and captaIned the Servrce Squad durIng the tourth perIod She also has been an actIve member ot the Tweltth Grade Drama Club Out ot school Tony IS Interested bowlIng and dancIng All ot these extracurrIcular actIvItIes however do not lceep ElIzabeth trom beIng an outstandIng and excellent student Her Fame has always had a place on the I-Ionor Roll Paafyfi . , , . I I I I T l L I I ' , G , , . ' . ' In ' I I ' . ' Il 'II - ' ' I I e 'orI'- vv nqr' forts su THE RESTING PLACE 'OV I C QP our Wdho J ,f Ju U SfO 'Wx Hem def-M010 ci t r ci f Ll W P rue VPS an f I f U L NJVTNP Uffllfl I 'Vt HW Vfm I F w S r Crc F CV hcllfifd C G ffm Q v L N V T N O' C wo f jus than old ll"1 O J C JQQH' LJ Ecivf d NIS m AT C w fa' fqc,-"H mi Mai, 'Wa fi' lf: tru M Mui UM :umm muy l ' xl FO' U , 'ffw TNQUTJV Hx' Vyffwf, lrgi :U 'A , t X! P PV' y'j:f,.ff mo Q fQfVfNCX Q TF T Furl-mm wr- HW, qlwry C u dc'f:i', ,T ld. W, PQ Billy Sify, rv f .' up.fff 'd f, ml, TO f, Cf r'fL1l5 wif . f.f' 1' MUJCC Jim ' lm Uv- y-'jim Um! Fwy- 'lf My, fur 71, rcHf3d my ,A-JW! 'U plfm ful WN- frwg H41 ' if f,',r'mi, V jf My WH' Mm flmfu fn: ',', mluffifj Hi TH C !CfiVTNV'1f5 iff, 5, rv f'Tf3if'., X MM' UUWCV, WW ff r' m'!' f rw V ncaa TN' '15 fifwwd, To UMW: on Um' fr 11 img? L:wo.' f af gqv l. " .,. T563 WPS gm OH ifinfft' 5 Iffxf Th pvlrf of Huw ',i'1,f.31.11fQ 'r' Iifr' VXWW ' irsi Hwy fri Um f' gcuw-.ffgrfwx Hwy QMS, VW' ch WU 'rvff U'w'r'f ' ff' LIS? , 21:1 uf Bluff. O! T Q f1H'r H1,'1r': NNY! Nw-if rfifclw Th 1 i 'i QW11 'mf'-" firm: Pay ZJJQJCH. LOOKING BACK !94I 42 September 3 l-low thrrlled we are today' Yes at last we are Alle ghenrans Everyone malfes us l0Bs teel rrght at home The sensors are so wondertul Shall we ever become sensors' September lo Frrst assembly at Allegheny How rmpressed we are rth the wondertul audrtorlum' eptember I9 l-low we cheer at the tlrst tootball game ot the season' We are prouder than ever to be Alleghenlans Allegheny wrns Allegheny I9 Baldwrn O October I6 The turst Issue ot the Wah l-loo IS out today What a wonderful magazine' Qctober Zl Were atrard to look Well the marlcs are not so bad atter all Yes report card day IS here December 7 We are all stunned bf the news ot the treacherous bomb rng ot Pearl Harbor by the Japanese They started t b t v Il as We trnd that Allegheny has nts own unuque way ot celebratrng Chnstmas and we are proud to be a part ot that celebratron We llsten to Mr l-lolmes chorus groups as they go through the halls snglng Chnstmas songs then we vrew the splendld Chrnstmas masoue and trnally we gather around the Chrrstmas tree and sung carols b tor we are dlsml sed at noon January 20 Well what do you lcnow' A name band rn Allegheny' Baron Ellrot an Allegheny graduate gracrously plays tor the benetnt ot the Student And Fund Fe ruary 4 The trrst ay ot the new semester' Were lOAs now February I6 Regrstratron Day No school' pg f ly W. , . I I S - ' . - . , . X. 4 5 T . i , u fe' tin' h lt. December 23+The last day ot school before our Christmas vacation. Q - .' X , , I . f we e l ' 1 's . . V l X 1 . , X - . b X - ' d , . ' ' . March 3 Today IS an :deal school day Why2 Well only a very tew teachers are present there rs no partrcular order dancrng us held rn the gym tor all who vvush to attend and vle are sent home at noon The reason7 The worst snow tall rn the hrstory ot Prttsourgh Aprrl IO The audrtorrum us packed as the Wah I-loo statt shows rts apprecratron to subscribers by presentrng the movre thrrller The Last ot the Mohrcans Apnl 27 No schooll The older men are trooprng to regrster tor the Draft May 4 5 6 Again no school Thus time the cause rs reglstratlon tor sugar ratronrng June 26 The last day ot our trrst year at Allegheny Were ott tor our summer vacatron I942 43 September 8 Were juniors now and rann to go atter the summer vacatlon We hear that Mr Pusher has retired Well mls trrendshrp and guldance November I3 I4 I5 Allegheny rs deserted as taculty members and students engage IH gas ratronrng regrstratlon December 23 Christmas Masque Allegheny agarn celebrated Chnst m s ID her own glorlous manner C rolsrngrng the halls and around the tree too February 8 We teel pretty Important today Were IIAs nowl February 22 26 A whole weelc s vacation We are helping to register crvllrans tor War Ratron Boolc 2 March 22 Everybody today went Into hrs poclret to gave to the tund tor marlrng the Wah I-loo to our men rn servrce Axpnl I9 Allegheny has a nght to be proud today We have purchased ten yeeps Congratulatrons' Keep up the good worlq June 30 Agarn It rs tume to say goodbye to Allegheny as we are ott tor another summer vacation Igrly . . Y 1 , . . I I I T - ' I I - . 4 I Y 4 . . A A . I D S .TQ X 4 ,S a ' ' ,- a - ' ' in , . f iT h 4 - In e 'or '-eight I943 44 September 8 We start our senror year today We re only senror Bs but Its a grand teelrng just the same September I7 We all go to the trrst tootball game ot the season I-Iurrahl Our team comes through wrth a I3 O wan over Perry september 28 Alleghenrans are proud but mrsty eyed today our I-Iero Day Proud because we have gone over the top In the sale ot War Bonds and 5tamps by rars ng I3 375 60 Mrsty eyed when we thrnlc ot all our boys whom we are honorrng trghtrng tor us October I5 Three cheers tor our boys They wrn over Frtth Avenue Qctober 22 The teachers go to school today but we dont It s Teachers Instrtute ay October 25 No school agarn today and tomorrow Teachers have to gave out Ratuon Boolcs Cctober 29 Do we teel happy today' Yes at last we have deteated our old rrval Olrver The score Allegheny 6 Clrver O That score rs sweet musrc to our ears November 5 Really a red letter day tor Allegheny today Our toot ball team rs vrctorrous agarn Thus trme over Carrrclc Thats not all though we re Sectron II Champs now November I3 Just about the whole school turns out today to see Allegheny play Schenley tor the crty trtle No we don t wrn but we re proud ot our boys They play a wondertul game December I4 We tend we have some excellent actors and actresses rn Allegheny The I2A Drama Club play Trral by Moonlrght rs a huge success We pay to see rt and the proceeds go to the Servrcemen s MaIIIng Fund December 20 Our Chrrstmas tree rs magnrtrcent thus year We shall always remember It and all the other thrngs that are a part ot thus last Chrrstmas rn Allegheny December 23 We all sang carols around the Chrrstmas tree today tor the last trme Yes ths rs our last Chrrstmas In Allegheny How w shall mass rtl Pg Fly . I - 1 l 1 I C- . . I I S , . . - I I - , . Z ' V I . "x , . I . . . , . - J - I I I - II 4 I II I - I I . , 5 . , ,. . , I , 6 . ll or 'nine January I9 Senror Day Today we talce those coveted tront seats just vacated by the I2A s We are so proud February 4-We are tulltledged I2As today Yes the long awarted day has come I-Iow Important we teell Responsrble too February I8 The Prttsburgh Symphony Orchestra today grves an ex cellent concert We are all deeply moved Once more we are judged the most attentrve hugh school audience rn the crty February 25 Why are all the sensors prrmprng combrng therr harr and trxrng therr tres7 Well todays an Important day tor us Were havrng our prctures talcen February 29 We are sad today as we brd goodbye to our beloved prrncrpal Mr Beachley who retrres after thrrty seven years ot servrce Well mrss you Mr Beachley and well never torget you March 2 Our trrst day wrth our new prrncrpal We couldnt have a better person to talce Mr Beachleys place Its Mr Mllrlcrn who so wondertully led and gurded many ot us at Latrmer Welcome to Allegheny Mr Mllrlcrnl the halls Yes we sensors trnally have our prctures March 24 Todays a brg day We have our trrst rssue ot the Wah I-loo and nts a grand one too Also thus rs the trrst report card day ot the semester Aprrl I Today we began our Faster vacatron We get a whole weel ott thus year and we all apprecrate It Are we gorng to enjoy our selves thus week' Aprrl IO Our Faster vacatron over we re trudgrng baclc to school today We ve had our rest now we re ready to get baclc to worlc Aprrl I8 Today we see the tourth annual program on the Pan Amerrcan Unron grven by the Spanrsh classes A wondertul program We all enjoy rt rmmensely Aprru 25 Yes belreve rt or not we have a crrcus rn Allegheny today We are stall Iaughrng at Mary The Wonder I-Iorse and at the clowns and the grrls swoonrng when they heard Franlc Srnatra Yes the Grrls Leaders Clubs crrcus the Down Beat Orchestra s musrc and the Boys College Clubs slcrt together made up one ot the best programs ot the semester We pard an admrssron tee wrth proceeds to go to the Servrcemens Marlrng Fund pg Fffy . ' 1 I , I ' A . March I7-22-During these days we hear many "oh's" and "ah's" through Aprul 26 It seems as It the whole school as out un the park today II tryrng to look their prettlest Todays the day the club puctures are taken tor the Yearbook Aprul 28 You wouldnt know our gym tonnght It looks just luke a ball room wnth decoratrons sott Irghts and couples dancung happily Its the mght ot our Sensor Dance May 9 Today we see tor the last trme a Boys College Club program I-Iow we have looked torward to them each semester and how we shall mrss the hrlarlous dramas the musrc and the slngung ot the boys' May I6 As part ot Natsonal Physrcal Futness Week Allegheny stuoents demonstrate thus afternoon on Monument I-IIII some ot the thrngs they do In their physlcal education classes May 25 There are no I2A honor students ln school today Why They re all takmg the honor test at Schenley June 2 The most Important social event ot our school days our Prom' Starry eyed grrls rn tlowang gowns and dressed up boys wrth polrshed manners make a beautrtul snght The settrng IS the Shannoprn Country Club une I4 Our last hrlaruous tlung as a class Stunt Day We senrors cer tarnly arent drgnrtued thus attemoon une I6 We are sad today as we bud tarewell to our beloved Alle gheny The sensor day program rs nmpressave We receave our yearbooks too and a case ot wnters cramp as we autograph one book atter another une 22 The end ot the three happzest years ot our Irves Commence ment As we proudly walk away with our diplomas we look back to say Thanks Allegheny It s been wondertul every mrnute ot It Well always go Onward and pward Pg FI! ' n- . . . I ia - ' . 7 J - ' - J - ' ' . - a e i x' onu SENIOR DAY Frclay June I6 4 Allegheny Hrgh School Audrtorrum Processronal Class ot June I9-44 Ralcoczy March l-lungarran Melody Orchestra Salute to the Flag The StarSpangled Banner Scnpture l-lymn Welcome l-lrstory ot Class A Cappella b Bendemeers Stream Mrxed Presentatron ot Key Goldre Canjar Glenn Downey Presrclent ot Class ot June I944 Rose Grana SUlllVal'l The Lost Chord Grrls lrrsh ollc Ruth Deuerlrng President ot Class ot January l945 Poem Mrchael Palbus Dresentatron ot Athletrc Letters M Mrllrlcrn prrncrpal Farewell Charles Cantella Allegheny l-lymn Class and Auclrence Recessronal Knrghtshndge March Coates Qrchestra Promotnon ot l2Bs Mrllrlc The Stars and Strrpes Sousa Pg Flnyrw Crchestra V l , , l94 Kal l ' l r l ' r S 1 ffff ' P Acceptance ot Key ffffff Oliver Thoms ' l ffff ' Mr. C ' in COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM CLASS OF JUNE IQ44 HEINZ AUDITORIUM June 22 4 Theme Pennsylvania Tercentenary Presentatron ot the Flag and Flag Salute The StarSpangled Banner Class and Audrence lnvocatlon Welcome Address Scenrc Pennsylvanra Mary Scralabba Early Settlers Glenn Downey A Cappella Chorus Lu a Brahms to Saul On G Shrp ot ate Coe Ave Verum Mozart Pennsylvanra rn the Natron Vrolet Relac Vocal Solo Mornrng Speaks Shrrley Berger Accompanrst l-tarvey Anderson Vrolrn Solo Czardas V Montr Edward Nrlson Pennsylvanra and the Arts Mary Gordon lntermezzo Brzet Orchestra Poem Pennsylvanra yte Mary Rose Kyne Prano Solo Waltz rn fC Sharpl Manor Choprn Flrzabeth Poschen Farewell Address The Future Rrchard Rrelrer Presentation ot Drplomas Allegheny l-lymn Graduating Class Harvey Anderson drrectrng Retrrrng ot the Flag Amerrca Class and Audrence Stars and Strrpes Forever Sousa Orchestra B d to ene rcs n PW Fmdv , l94 a-" ll by" f f 1 f I f -H ' . ' St " f f f l Pennsylvania in lndustry ffffff Pete Manesiotis ' ' ll YI ' IV ll ' -N ' " ,,,, , , L e i - ee APPRECIATION Ill-l the growrng drtlrcultres ot peace trme projects our class nas needed much support from the sclrool and the busrness groups assocrated wrtlw us rn publrstnng our boolr ln tlwerr understandrng ot our problems M Mrllrlqrn Mr Mattern and taculty members as well as underclassmen have made valuable contrrbutrons Ttrerr We aclcnowledge also the cooperatron ot the en graver Jolwn C Bragdon tlwe John Crawtord Park Prrnt rng Company and the plwotograplwers ot tlwe Clwesslwrre Studro By no means least among our assocrate groups are our adyertrsers busrness men ot the communrty For tlwerr patronage we are gratetul Pig I lyf , ' ' , r. support never tailed us. 1 e our ,A bv UNIV? X km' "xl A g, ' A 1 4 X ,I III IIIIK N -i , .L - I U I gg- ,L - 1, 1 ' nv 4 11' IE- 2' ' L ' J . :. N 5 I.. -,5 42 Hb- ,.,v.. ', M l-.f?.:. 3 tl ,QI ., C ,1 A -'-. I V .. .L . 7. ' rn 1 I 4 , - V I 1 -1' L ' , - ' V' 'Q - 'i- ' if A , W - - ,A 1. ,, JKT- , , A . - . . - -- , -:1 ,. 1' .. M- . .45 3 . -,fn - . - qi-'5 : 5.1.52 I-. ,L - ' -3" -i ,, 'Q ' -F - 'a if-1 iv Il'-'T 11' . "1 - i' --1' L " ""':.l., U W . ' .g??5T", . M- il' ' ."" '. : ,hir-v' ' l.. . f Hg '- N A' bf' . ,. .-I ,,.,, - 3 - 4-. ., -:V : . .. I till." i I ' . ' ,, . - LQ, , -f ' Q +L , - -. A , ' 4-' . . 1 Q "-.1 ' 1 f 13.4455 lb - - , ' ff, A- -. .,.-H '1 ' ' . ,: ,. A fn? 'gf 'ff -N. ' 'E ,f A fs. r,, , 5955 Y V ' 1551 . if,--f ' W Ti: i' ' A I Q - ' - Q52 ' b 55' ' , . 1 5-, .l ' , A ' 'I " -'df' ' - T414 -V7 "'i 'i 14" I : t' 5 'xi-'I AT -' :if , "'+k- "', A ':- 'A 1 ' I! ff . fi , ' 5 . .sf-' 39. .'. 14. lil ' :.ll'- 'A '. 7 lf -", fy 'T , . 'Q ' 'I 3 5- t I ' '-rx 'I 55,1 ' in J F I 'f ".- his 1 A, -11 ' I i t -+3 ' " '., . . ' ' .. - 1 - ' ' " ' - S we go torth unto a world at war we are gratetul that we go torth equrpped not only with the tools ot learnlng and an abzluty to thunlc problems through but also with pleasant memories ot Allegheny aetuvltles For to those who have known them these clubs and aetlvltles are not only what thelr names rmply They have revealed la ent abrlrtues tu nushed us a stnmulus and given us a eontldence and a determrnatlon that have ottentumes carried over Into our regular work From them too have grown many tune student and taculty tnendshrps We count them an Important part ot our rich Allegheny hentage A l r t . . . y r . . X 5 , P g lfty six I I THE WAI-I HOO X X I I NN XXX j x X N I I xx x x II x I I I XNNI X I I III I en I'II3III-IIIII III VIIII 5I 'IIIxIx III Itlll .XIIII.IIIxw IIIIIII FIIIIIIII I'II IsIsI'IzI,II, I'I x XI II XIII, Il ll XIII IIIII XII. I IIIIIII 5 IfXI I" IIIIIIIIN XIxI:I XIIxIxI.I1x IIIII XI IsIIIIIx IIIIII In XIxf:x IIIII: II x I Im uf' YI ww XIIIII I I'xIIIx II-XI. IIIINIIIx XXIIIIXI IXII-II! NIIIIIII XIII. I XVIIII I ' ICI I I IQIII1- X XII XI II IXXIIN XX III' I IIIININII II xl ' xx I Xxx lsx ,'IIIxI IIIIII XIIIIIxIII Xx XX xIz I::xI IIIIIIII XX :IIIIII IIIIII X-IIIIIIMIIIIX I'II I I x III IIIIIII- XIIIII I III -I: XII I'II IA., IH' I III xI'x I III x III XII IIIIIIII I-IIIII lIIIII'I l'xNIxII XIIIIIIIIIN fIIIII.I XXII III' III ICII IIII' IUIIIIII- III:x NI-IIIIII 'IIIII X XII IXINXII I IIIIII- XIxxIIII IIIIIIIIII IHIIIIIII- IIIIII:III XIIIIII-'I I'xII IXIQINIA IIIIIHII ' I IIIII' KI I 4III'I f IX XXII I IIl'I': III XIIIIIII-III IIxI:I: IIIII-IIIII' II: II NIIIINIII IWIIIII- X XIxIx IIXI-IIIII IJXHI IUIINI NIXII't I Ivxx X. I 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIII III I xx III-I. x I IxI III III Il XIIX. IX-IIIII X'xIIxIIxI K xIf IIIIIIIIIIIII IIII-I IIIIII III XIII III.I-I IINIIIII I IIIIIIIIIII I II! XII' III XII ISI Ie-.I I I'I,,,y,,,,,.I,.I,I ICI, III I IIIIIII-II IJIIIIIIII XVI Mm IIIXCII 'lfl X .XI X'I5IfI3f XIIIII Xlxrcx X XIxI IIII- III X IIIII-IIIIIIx X NIIIN IXIIIIIII XI II' III-.III IIIIIIII I' X KIIIIIIII IX IIIII.IIII IIII -II I IxI:x X XIIIII ' I.I Vnfy wx- 1-U! V51 H, fn W 'A..' ? SGC f, Tfii" X I 7 V N 1 N r ' N , - 1: : 1 3 LH : BLW X f' r- 'X- ' W' f,E ' 'Q - V f J l."P','1EeTSIf A+ M 1 ' ' ' ' ,. -- f , r ey ' , , 4 , -mx 1 'E - M fl. 'A ,-wx" , ' ' ,far .. .. K. , M , , ,V 1 - 1. n . ' V .T .U , , 'Lf ' 'f GJQE, J 1,tlJ'Q W9 . M" I ' u 2.5, L' STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE BODY Lucrlle Nrgrellr Glenn Downey Fred Melronrotrs Charles Yeager George Lamprrnalcos Paul Cummrngs Rosernarre Lowndes 'ohn Funtar Ruta Romano Lrllran Yoclcel Shrrley Kohler Bob Mclienzre Herbert Ott Wrllram Jones Charles Wrllrams Wrllram Llewellyn Edward Nrlson Mrchael Palrs Robert Eber l-larold Aust Larry l-laser Sponsors Mrss Bower Mass Cooley Mr l-lole Mr Mattern Mrss Scott P-nsbffy Jack Beclc, Edna l-lelm, Lois Timmins, Dolores Jelacic. WAH HOO REPRESENTATIVES Ellen Spehar Edrth Stack Loss Kornrck Ann Grover Dorothy Eatata Duck Jung Ruth Rosen Ed Andolrna Loula Cherpes Dons Vickers Geraldrne Coomes Chans Valreska Jean Rrchard Peggy Lockhart l-lelen l-lollenbaugh Anthony Russo Joseph Paulrne George Martrn Chrnst Polrtos Ray Schlerden Walter Snodgrass Pg br! Page Sixty-two BOY CCDLI GIRLS FRIDAY WOODSHOP Rita Fablclc Bertha Sabolovrc Katherlne Yalcsrclc Ellen Spehar I-Ielen Rlchardson Dorothy Pearlstone Marge Messener Marjorre Beclcer I-Ielen Whrtmore Alrce Allen Grace Davrs Rosemary Berger Betty I-lershey Nora Bradley Joy Goldrnger Ellen I-larper F I-I Floyd Marjorre Johnson Lois Pierce Betty Burns Bcatrrce Nye, Frances Butjageslcu Natahe Mrller Sponsor Mr Floyd P119 Svffvf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' I I I I I - ' 1 1 1 1 -'I , . e ' -our ff' GIRLS MONDAY WOODSHOP Naomr Busse Dorothy Fafata Thelma Rent lrma Dlnter F l-l Floyd Beatrice Muller Jean Pace Rose Mane Buchman Audrey l-losaclc Sarah Carrol Mercedes Brber Erleen Gratz Johanna Dohnng Regina Ochocrnslcr Norma Ashbaugh Evelyn Lyne Sponsor Mr Floyd Page Sixty-five 5 fff Page Sixty six ww' SENIOR ORCHESTRA Vw V 4 C Hx Rlx :' 1' R P' V-', ' Srl 1 51. ': .'. " 3 I " ' -'V' :QW ' fl XX 1 '. ' 1' -' 5 'V .7 'sap f 'VY' Fw, F' .IVY ' L r"1sr'v V-'r ' k V .. ' .I t1.,f'i V ' R sr' 1- V- .dry , ,ff ,, Q. L 1, Juli' " RJ' ' I-'T I Bm "-' f 1' 1 I. 1 ' i , 1 5, ' . 1!4fr' A. ' ,x , f 51", Eff' Jffil E':.',:'i1Qf X 1'- GIRLS LIFE SAVING CLUB Ruth Rouda Sandra Shine Loss Hartung Betty Hartung Kathernne Yaksuck Loss Kormck Margaret Doughty Frreda Dohrmg Rose Marne Berger Armella Hahn Mary Draganjac Dappert Margaret Sknrtsch Gloria Johnson Sponsor Mass Fllnn Pg5ly Grace Marquardt, Anne Giovanelli, Betty Hershey, Pauline Stack, Ruth a e fix -eight PRE INDUCTION SERVICE CLUB Esther Frersmuth l-lelen Berry Presrdent Edna Jaclcson Audrey l-losack Yetta Blatt Betty Aloyr Irene Srmrlr May Laslavrc Rose Popovrch Nelda Kennrng .lean Madder Sponsor A Dorothea Alston l g I Dorothy Mushynslci, Ellen Walsh, Marion Gaus, l-lelen Alexander, Anna Page qevenfy CHEER LFNDEQ I N14 , 'I' 1. , -,I x-1-,,, I Y' X ' . 'ff 1 1'-'V.'1'Y-' . 1 f T rw' pf n F9 ,flf We ' ' 11 i ' A in , '- ,- F ' X, N Hvyif-4 nw , M331 izvii xml F r " f we sf M Cm -fr-33' Af! V' Jmlletr P w ' Q -4w .'1: pfrfmff 'Mm 1 ' '1-- UL" 5 1:f U '- f , Q 4 , 'l 1' ? 1' fi' f 1 V 'YW .N ,.,, , V , +V V . b V, ' gf 7 w - '11 N' 1, Aff, "1., " Af 1' ' : "' 'f - BM 'mf' .O'w GIRLS LEADERS Flame Louis Edna Mae Rrebold Betty Blaha Mary Scralabba Rosemarre Mascara Lors Duck Catherine Vey Ruth Hood Jean Pappert Martha Protrowskl Dorothy Scheutz Luch Ruszczynskr Margaret Messner Mane Bubash Helen Kastanrs Francrs Butgajeskr Margaret Bracken Mary Rose Kyne Betty Setzantand Rnta Fabrch Florence Frb Wilma Uttenweuler Loss Lang Marcella Hnrce Bertha Sabolovrc Marjorue Becker Ann Grover Vrolet Relac Jeanne Ketterer Ellen Spehar Jane Hohman Mary Gordon Frances Adams Helen Berry Zorka Protulrpac Helen Frances Glenna Forsythe Clara Mae Muller Geraldine Goomes Mary Jane Pappas Dons Mackie Irene Krust Armada Angaran Flrzabeth Hampers Roberta Munch Grace Frtzpatrrck Sponsor Mass Rowley l g Q fy! BOYS LIFE SAVING CLUB Robert Bennet Clyde Bohn Herschel Mcllwanne Chrustopher Leuba Elmer Seskey John Shlarph George Catalano Cloyd l-letrnght Paul Uthman Donald Woessner John Mntchell Kenneth SIII James Levendos Edward Euchleman Mnchael Palms Ed Rabold George Rozalcns James Selly Edward Matz Wllluam Sestruc 'ohn Durler Wnlluam Hooks Tom Camarda Robert Hurt Jack Roadman Coach Bruce Allen George Gubush Eutaw Blaur John Flnngan Robert Blaszalc Alan Krupp Don Crott Vernon l-larvey Robert Barrow Frank I-luqo Stanley Beattre Wnlluam Slownclc Andrew Peschlca John Funtar Robert McKenzIe Albert Peschlca Davnd Watson Robert Kozaclc Carl Wenssbart Walt Snodgrass Sponsor Coach Allen P g S ly! I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I J I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I . . . . L I I I I I I I I . U e even ' ,ITEC Page CP! enlx four f ,X 1 K . r U 7 1 .' . -, 1 HY J f fi , 5: tv , " M, ::,:, xg. 5 wc, A - f fn 5 ,fx ' 'Q -V f' ,V :'- , f 1 V' ' 1" f'1r'I ,B Tw lu ,fi 'V I. A ,fm 'lil , , ' 111 I E 3 , ,1- 4, If BOYS LEADERS Raymond Schlelden Dwaune Kutes Wnlluam Petferman Kenneth Geyer Frederuclc Bernet Franlc Caputo Robert l-llrt Rachard Muclcle Paul Uthman l-lenry Yee Raymond Lenehan Wulluam SZSLFIC Carl Strolc Clyde Bohn Gilbert Wade Olrver Thoms .laclc Sneqlen Frederaclc Bechtold Edward Ober Edward Lee Raymond l-lorvath Leroy Wnlluams George Wrnght Sandy champlaln Davld Moser Fredersclc l-lurt Martin Connolly Thomas Camarda Sponsor Mr Sprunger Igg ly 1 I - I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I ' I I I I , . I I ' 3 . ll 0 LPUPTI " A CAPPELLA CHORUS Eleanor Gooden Anne Lyles Jean Jordan .lay Bartlmolemew Mary Cogar Mrldred Franlwauser Slnrley Berger Joan Berger Lors Novan Norman Tlwornlley Betty Coclmeres l-lelen Ammer Erma Ramsey Laura Arrnenno Mary Kettalrs Boelcly .loan Bond: Lors Prerce Sponsor Muss George P q I . , . Betty McCormick, Jack Slcigen, LaVerne Gagan, Merle Sclwartl, Louise Page Sevenly vigil! ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL BAND 1 v V, ,MJT ' V -g- 'xi D0 " 'V' gf'-" gidff' , 1 1" v F 1" ' 1: 1r V' i' rp: 'QKN W v A' ,Y rwxwf :.r,-' P' Ulfww UMW' YW r .v 1 ', V :V 11 1 ' V- E 1 -' if , b' 1 ' X f , ' " ' V' iff Fl!-"'l C L "" ' ' wif' V' 8' Jwfriiii N V11 Y' A '54 f ,J ' V I - , 1 DOWN BEAT ORCHESTRA Tony Grovengo lconcluctorl Sam Zollrnger Robert Nrlson John Grubbs James Rrnclmuso George Bradel Fred Holler Charles Wrllrams Vogel Harry Lrttle Sponsor Mrss George pq Egfr! William Merlaclc, Robert Wallace, Santo Marclmese, Harold Aust, Eugene GIRL RESERVES Qhrrley Bergman Lrllran Yoclcel Evelyn Lyne Johanna Dohrlng Olga Thomas Rosemarie Zupsle Ceeelra Starexenlc l-lelen Lazar Patrrcra Oloole Angela Pusaten l-lelen Cemas unrce Zotter Alnee Kelly Goldre Zupsrc Sponsor Mrss Schwartz pg I ghly Zorlca Protulipac, Eileen Wolte, Betty Lightner, Lois Belo, Alice Meiser E . 4 . . TENTH GRADE DRAMA Desprna Zatleropoulls Esther Martrg Marranne Subotlch Dorothy Vogel Lourse Boellry Betty Albert Laura Armenro Mona Werner Loula Cherpes Rosemary Selcera Avrs Clyde Elrzabeth Artrnger Evelyn Sosrnslcr Wanda Walsh Ernestrne Lrllr Jean Brxler Evelyn Eoon Jean Arbogast Ruth DeVall George Martrn Dolores Gausman Margaret Dalton Kathryn Erb Mary Lou Peppel Beverly LaSeola lrene Ellenberger Errna Ramsey Mary Schmrtt Dorothy Patterson Fern Mulgrew Audrey Reynolds Clara Muller Grace Ertzpatrrclc Leroy Blarr Sponsor Mrss Frey fag Eghtyl I I I I I I I I I I I I ' . I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I ' 'ei -wo N . I I ' I "X AST CLUB Margaret Brill Ruth Deuerlrng Charles Cantella Imogene Gray Isabel Rubrno Vrola Lorenz Margaret Wolfe Manda McKee Margaret Loclchart Dolores Lhota Jane Wrsnrewskl Goldie Canjar Katherine McBurney Elrzabeth McBurney Katherrne Kanardalcrs Gloria Cochunella Dolores Gleclcner Shirley Croolcharn Kay Johnson Rrchard Mc:Kunney Norma Berarclrnellr l-layward Marlcharn Della Connelly Dolores Leonard lrene Kenna Cponsor Mass l-leclc Pg Eghbihr . . . . Q . I . I I U I , . I . I I I . . . .I l . ' . Y I. ' . ' I I ' . I . I D A I . .I 1 1 I ' v l . . ae i '- ee N X. Ng Xx, f TWELFTH GRA DE DR AMA pmtrm fllgllf HAI " - ' ll ' ,' xJM?:f'f . ' ' ' ' . V ? U"-1"-1, .u f zz, f - U ww, ' .' , F Q fx. S-'tztff 'x iiylf: V fl -W. 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H.. fi GIRLS GO TO COLLEGE CLUB lrene Srrbaugh Mary Frances Duncan Margaret Karnpas Evelyn Bestrc Dorothy l-lotmann Dorothy Joyce Mae Groetzrnger Anclnana Antonopoulos Sue Mehl Lors Trmrnons Auclrey Davrclson Dorothy Barers Florence Lorrtz Mary Ann Blasco Margaret Wolfe Dorothy Kluvo Anna Lang Marne Weber Barbara Kraus Arlene Smltll Nancy Scott Anna L Myers GJOVIG lnmon Jean Stepnlclc Barbara Malezu Florence La Marlc lna Chestnut LoIs Schloesslln Genevleve Cotton Lorrarne Schloesslen Jean Bondn Esther Elzer Kay Rossrno l-lelen Altmeyer Dorothy KIflibGUl'T1 Rosela Osterleder Sponsor Mrss Cornelrus P q fgJly I I I I I - I I I I f I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I - I I I I I v 'ANA r5 Q :f i Q llIlJllIllX ,' ' ws.: r- ---4 -.- -1- . ,-U. . 7. .. . - ,U .r , A Q 1? 1 A .V- -Q - ' - , .- gl 'Kr " f - ,.., - Q hz- uk.-LN' IL: 'I . ., A 5 ,-.- .ff , ,' ' ' ' ' Q, Ay" I' i -1 .f-faq.. x sf f' ' 1 1 b- as -. -1 ' . .. ,A i ' M ,, 1 5, A - N , B U 1.1, .3 I 1 nh In . ,- ,:. I xg If A. L. Q,-1 . v ' -fry- :Ill x iii- , ., Z. , 1 : Y , -'4 nj, Q ,. 25. . X I ' 1 . .lf f ' ' 'YE , Z ' V ' I H A Q 1' V ,. ' A A , A ' ' :J , 1 , 5. .En , V . zfffqig- .32 Q H, , X . .-u - . ,-- - ' . , 1-11 -. -' '.i.f'Eg-.-' ,:,, 3 1. ' -3 1 ' 1f,,"2w .. T ,, X , fs-P-. ' . , 5 ,lei . ." .55-.f N 'rig Lis., - .- - , V Ji. f Z 1' l ' lf, '.E" '.i.l if-. .lg , N +1 S . .5 4- 'f if 1. I' . 7 . .V -ff.-1' 1 ' 'T' -'-5 . . 5 ,V-'I - F? :iii :I . :lv .,V,. Y 3 .A , Fl. , " :""" f . ' 2" ff?--V ' 51 .5 F ' gf' ' . -,.-'l' ' . 1 EYE T Y .4 Z K , .., .yn .. .. is A 1- f - r I . A I rv 4 v,l.T:.L ' i A' 9Q"5?l5 'sir fQEWflqrr-Q PH? SUE Ah BASKETBALL TEAM Franlc l-lugo Wrllram Sestruc Wxlluam Percferman Albert Schmrttlem Coach Sprmger Charles Yeager Don Marquardt Coach Mr Sprmger PagNty l 0 Ed Lee, Dwairme Justus, John Pallcot, Ed Nilson. Leroy Williams. REMINISCING EBRUARY l944 tound the basketball campaugn comung to a close ln the eyes ot the sports world ut had been what us termed a hot nd cold season The boys looked luke sure wunners un some games whule on other occasuons they couldnt seem to hut theur strude Coach Sprungers hoopsters were otl to a splendud start atter wunnung all exhubu tuon games but one the Avalon encounter The turst tuve league games tound the Red and Blue rudung the top unoeteated then the mughty Bears wuth a seasoned outtut knocked Allegheny trom theur hugh perch un a hard tought game 38 23 Thus unutual setback tued up the Sectuon II tutle race at tuve wuns and one loss tor both Allegheny and Oluver as the race hut mud season Vuctory dud not smule upon us as otten un the econd halt as South l-lulls revenged uts turst halt shellacung by deteatung Allegheny 42 38 For the turst tume Allegheny had lost uts honored post as sectuonal pace setters reluncuuushung the lead to Oluver Carruck munus the servuces ot theur star added unsult to unuury by deteatung Alle gheny on the home court un an overtume thruller 32 30 It was butter meducune to swallow two d Teats trom two teams over whuch the Crumson Tude had rolled un the turst halt The dark clouds rolled by at last and the Red and Blue courtmen took a new lease on vuctory by de teatung Allegheny Vocatuonal 44 I6 Lwngle, a cletunutely underrated team tell betore a sensatuonal scorung onslaught by the Crumson Tude headed by Eddue Lee who racked up 24 pounts the score readung Allegheny 68 Langley 56 Thus us one ot the hughest scores ever made by an Allegheny team un thurty two munutes ot basketball Our ancuent ruval Perry dropped by the waysud un the wude open home stretch druve the Allegheny boys were stagung lt was Allegheny 33 Perry 3I nd the all umportant Oluver game comung up lt was do or due wuth Oluver holdung a one game edge The boys came through un tune style lookung unbeatable wunnung 29 26 lt was a great exhubutuon ot team play and school spurut as the Allegheny rooters turned out un tull torce to urge the boys on South l-lulls stopped Langley to throw the race unto a three way tue The Tunnelutes drew tte bye leavung the Bears to tace us tor the second tume un a week That tunal game whuch spelled dusaster to our tutle chances took place on North Qatholuc s tloor The Bears came through un the over tume atter Allegheny had led 28 27 wuth but tutteen seconds to play to Nun 34 28 The boys trudged woetully nome to hang up theur unutorms It was the end ot the traul All n II the boys need not teel too bad tor they showed a detunute umprovement over last years team and well there us always a next year to make amends South l-lulls copped the Sectuon by deteatung Oluver I5 I4 but Westunghouse easuly vanquushed South l-lulls 38 23 tor the cuty fgNly F . . . u - - uu - uu - . - C . , . . , . . . . , . . . . . , . . . I . , u , ' . C . . . - . . -1 u 1 , ' . ' ' u - u u S ' C ' - , i 2 u ' - C Wu . . I . . u - u u u , . . . . 0 . . - - u u v u - u u G . - . ' , ' . L . u ' . 1 , . , . . . . . , , . . x T - I . . I . . . . l 6 , X . . . , - u ' I u ' u 1 . uv llle ne tutle Atter such a spectacular begunnung we can only otter our condol ences to Coach Springer Coach Allen was indeed tortunate un having several holdover senior tank stars on his swummung team Joe Paul Cummings Tommy l-lennon Ralph Sulveruse and the endurance man Ed Bruener these boys made up the backbone ot the swimming team whuch so ably detended the waters ot the Red and Blue Defeated only un their turst meet by a rugged South l-lulls outtut un the Tunnelutes undersuzed pool the score 44 34 the Crimson Mermen went on to rack up tuve straight vuctorues lt was Allegheny 53 Carrick 25 un our pool Cummings and Bruener starred as the Red and Blue subdued a determined Langley team t Sherudan by the same score 53 25 Coach Allen s tankers kept rught on the victory path by drowning the Dragons ot Allderduce 45 33 Victory number tour was registered over our tootball playmates from Schenley 46 32 The regular season was brought to a close un tune style as the Allegheny mermen walloped our ancient Perry ruvals 52 26 a pertect ending Thus marked the sixth consecutive 400 yard tree style tor Ed Bruener and also vuctory number sux un the back stroking event tor Joe Cummings Tom l-lennon also chalked up his straight un the 50 yard treestyle Tough breaks ensued as Allegheny water dogs lost the cham Ouonshup meet halt a point to South l-lulls 22l 2 to 22 Tommy t-lennon was the only tanker to emerge trom that meet with his strung ot vuctorues stull intact l-lowever everything considered ut was a great season tor the mermen season on May 4 Such notables as Clubber Boy Ray Schlueden l-lome Run Bechtold and Speed Ball Christian were out to add power to the diamond outlook Atter droppung the opener 87 to Peabody Allegheny surged back to whute wash Allegheny Vocational 5 0 un a practice tult Ronald Chrustuan pitched beaututul ball allowing only tour huts Home Run Bechtold broke the uce un league competutuon by setting the Belletueld trom Schenley back on their heels 5 4 Wash ungton Vocational proved too much as they defeated Allegheny 46 and Schenley came trom behind to revenge the earlier deteat I2 to 6 on the home treld Three more games remain to be played these wull be the deciding engagements Allegheny must wun all ot them to remain un the running Under Coach Sprungers clever tutelage and wth all the pitchers steadily gaining experuence the day can yet be ours Thus draws our athletics up to date Year atter year teams are turned out Some outstandung some who wull not tare so well but no matter how they tare un the won and lost column the unduvuduals played The experuence and Sportsman luke nature whuch us developed un hum from active competutuon and that counts and from the way our boys struve tor Allegheny we need have no tears about how they wull fight un that aul umportant struggle tor Ameruca fgxlyt I ' . G Baseball atter a two year playott again took the spotlight this . . . . , SWIMMING TEAM Charles Levandos Edward Enchelman Carl Wenssbart John Funfar Stanley Beattie Coach Bruce Allen Bob Kosalc John Durler Tom l-lennon Ralph Srlverrse Ed Bruener Paul Cummmgs Ron Chrrstuan George Gubrsh Harold Dahl Wrllram Slowlclc Managers Joseph Baumgard Make Palbus - L.. 8, 7-.. 7-A as I 4 .1 .5 .F j ,,4"xN K , ' N af' - , , A ' QR . 4 Y I , ' ' X' 1 C' ' I I I I I I I , . I I I ' I , . Page Ninety-lhrce 'Q N 5X Q5 FOOTBALL TEAM Andy held man Walter Snodgrass Grlbert Wade Paul Cu mrngs George Lamprrnalcos Charles Bechtold Elmo Gonano Franlcre Byrnes Ldward Lee Melvrn Martrn Leroy Wrllrams Raymond Eberhardt Andrew Peschlca Manager l-loward Caslcy John Starlcs George Bradel James Staley James Brennan Dwarne Kustes Robert Lebo Ray Schlerden Olrver Thoms Ray Wolber Robert Nrlson Moms Gaston Coach Bruce Allen Donald Chrrstran Wnllram Powell Donald Woessner Robert Eber Valentrne Kantz Paul Carlson Larry l-laser Charles Yeager Paul Uthman Edward Erchelman Clyde Dunson Carl Stroh Ronald Chrrstran Sponsor Mr Allen Pg IN QI x A -A N -Q . N N t x I . If I I I I I I I I I - I I I I , . I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' a e vinely-four Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Charnplonshlp Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Alleghenv Allegheny Allegneny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny A leg eny Allegheny 4 Non Leagu G Alegheny 42 Allegheny 64 A eg eny 20 Troe Meet Game I943 FOOTBALL SCORES Af on P v Peaeody L3 gley Roen stef Flth Avenue ini Qlyer Carnek Sch nley BASKETBALL SEASON SCORES GVTC TRACK SCORES 6 o Alumni Avalon Wash ngton Mlllwale Mlllyale Sou n Elnlls Carnck Langley Vow lllOlWT W PS D Souh l-lllls Car Cl Q wer C wer Cp h nts Q VQY Sou h hl lle T N I 4 50 fff,, ,,,,,,x X gl 6 4 I3 f,f,ffff f err 6 'V 0 ,,,,f, f f 'ffl O Q ,,,,ff,f f f fn O I3 ,,,,,,,,, Q I2 ffffffff 0 6 ffffff"f ' f E C G . A 6 ffffff f f f ll f 0 I3 ,,,,,,, ,,,, ' 7 7 ,,ff,,,,,f Q y 34 ,,,,,,,,ff , ' 29 ZQ ,,,,,,,,f, 4Q 36 fffffffff ll 3l 39 ffffffffff ' T Y 20 53 ffffff,fff A 27 S4 fffffffff fl T l 36 46 ffffefffff ' 45 42 , ,,,,,,f, 4Q ,g K 30 fffffff Allf-ghffhf pl , fl 25 Allgghgny 20 ffffffff' ' ' Qllveir l . 40 fffffffff X... . 36 39 fffffffff L ' 44 ll 26 ffffffffff ,ff Ck 28 l 44 fffffff Alleglnenf Von lwnal I6 l 63 ffffffl Afff L fangley S6 4 4 33 fffffflfff Perry El V 29 fffffff'ff ' 26 ll F, 28 ,,,,,,,,,, ' 34 l 7 9 po ,e 6 2 ll l A fffff'f lfff P efry S3 X ,,,,,,,l T , , li 32 ll h f f Af ler Yee 65 f f tl Q 42 xml' 4 ' lllg, x lf ,. Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Alleghenx Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny I 1 X I SWIMMING TEAM SCORES , , , , , , f f South I-Iills 44 , , , f f Carrick 25 , ,,,f f Langley 25 f f f f Allclerdiee 32 f f f f Sehenley 33 f f f f Perry 26 Qpponents I85 BASEBALL SCGRES Peabody Allegheny oe Shadyslde Sehenley Sehenley Washlngton Voc Washlngton Voc Peibooy Opponents I ,I I lime. Il' l" lf" Il' l" ' X, - 7 I 2 2 A - 8 m 3 2 Q 5 A V . O I - I 2 3 ' - 3 4 2 , - 5 6 3 A A - 4 5 I A 6 I O 5 A A A I 2 6 I A 2 6 3 I . 4 6 4 1 A I 6 5 C f , O 2 I - I 4 I Q l - - 4 9 O A - 2 8 46 2 2 - 3 5 45 I I ,lx I tmp ,I A , I ' f in h, flag 'rx I , Q l ,sk A fl ' If 2, W 1 'X llsffffvgfy . ' V? ,- fl ,. . . ,Q l y ,VA I, L,'i.'?,:,i.f., X -my I i ' fs -wh Y, ' V I I5'V ' ?v3'IQi-l Athletic Honor Roll CHARLES BECHTOLD STARDOM on the grrdrron IS not easrly achreved lt rs a long grrnd full ot hard knocks but three year letterman Charley Bechtold was one ot the boys who made the grade Bech s swrttness a toot hrs de ceptrveness rn eludrng opposrng tacklers hrs courage rn borrng through no matter the odds made hrm one ot Allegheny s greatest grrd stars An educated toe In gettrng ott long punts was another ot hrs assets Bech was also a trrst class prtcher on Coach Sprrngers baseball team besrdes holdrng the crty Champronshrp tor one year rn the 220 whrch rs by no means a lrttle track teat RAYMOND SCHLIEDEN "BABY RAY Alleghenys versron ot Atlas hrmselt was tor three years the bulwark ot the grrdnron detense rust as Bech was the stalwart ot the ottense The torcetulness ot hrs tacklrng was renowned around the crrcurt The whole hearted earnestness wrth which he enters a game ot tootball rs present rn whatever he does whether rt be boxrng wrestlrng werghtlrttrng anythrng whrch recrurres physrcal stamrna Be srdes berng a three year letterman rn tootball Ray joined the baseball team as an outtrelder thus season l-lrs hrttrng prowess leaves little to be desired Yes Allegheny rs rndeed proud to have the name ot Ray Schlreden on rts athletrc l-lonor Roll GILBERT WADE GILBERT rs one ot the largest tootball players Allegheny ever boasted three hundred torty pounds ot detensrve brawn A rugged lane man he was who thought nothrng ot bowlrng over three or tour players to get at the ball carrrer Although slow a toot Grlbert made up tor that slowness by hrs sure handed tacklrng WALTER SNODGRASS WHENEVER anyone mentrons Snoddy he automatrcally thrnks ot the Olrver game tor rt was there that Walter Snodgrass played a starrrng role With the score O O and the sectronal champronshrp restrng rn the balance Eddre Lee taded on the Olrver 30 and let that prgskrn tly Racrng down the srdelrnes was an Allegheny end As the end crossed the goal lrne unto the end zone he leaped unto the arr to corral hat prgskrn and provrde the wrnnrng tally That end was Snoddy It was a great day tor Allegheny and a strll greater day tor Snoddy I 1 J . . r I - , . . . - I - r r . . . , . . . . , ' 1 I rr r - - I I r . r I - it ' - - 1 ' I I - ' I . rr rr - . r I I r L , . . . . L . . 'Hg 0 .Yirwtr -sewn PAUL UTHMAN KNOWN tor hrs consrstent style ot play Paul rs a real sportsman as well as a top tlrght grrdman Servrng on the Sectronal Champronshrp team as a guard thrs past season Paul wrth hrs aggressrve playrng made a trne rmpressron DONALD MARQUARDT WISHING that ball through the hoop was Don Marquardts rob and he trlled the brll trrst rate At 'Forward posrtron along wrth Leroy Wrllrams Dons rob was to malce pornts somethrng whrch he seldom tarled to do Don s brg day was down on Allegheny Voc s tloor where he accounted tor over halt ot Allegheny s pornts by raclcrng up erghteen t-lrs tavorrte shot rs a one hander comrng rn through the lcey hole The rndrvrdual score sheet shows hrs accuracy ED BREUNER NE ot Coach Allen s tanlcmen Ed Breuner rs lcnown tor hrs stamrna l-le had one ot the hardest robs on the swrmmrng team that ot swrmmrng srxteen lengths and he rnvarrably brought home the bacon he swrmmrng team wrll mrss thrs water dog along wrth hrs three team mates Tom Ralph and Paul TOMMY HENNON OMMY HENNONS event requrres speed somethrng that Tommy has rn plenty l-le swam the IOO yard tree style l-lrs brg nrght came when rn the presence ot all schools he copped trrst place rn the champron hrp meet Tom s serrousness rn whatever treld he enters malces hrm a tlrst class wrnner RALPH SILVERISE NOTHER experrenced swrmmer Ralph Srlverrse wrll be sorely mrssed come next season t-le was a consrstent wrnner rn the 50 yard tree style event and hrs good humor and trrendly companronshrp malce hrm an all round swell fellow I I I . I I , . T , ' , . . . S . l , . . . . - Pa! If ,'Vir1rr'l'r -l'f.I bf RONALD AND DONALD CHRISTIAN W0 tuner tellows In athletcs t an Don and Ron would be hard to trnd Iney have been Coach Allen n,ht hand men tor two years s tootball track and swlmmung rranag rs besrdes partnclpatung as mermen Ron also earned hls baseball lett r thus sprung as he came through wlth a tune showlng ot pltcnlng powess Iherr resembance causes much contusron on the held b t therr sportsman luke manner and competitive splnt make them rnduvrdual standouts ROBERT LEBO OB was always a sure polnt getter rn any track and tleld meet Bob developed extra good skull an throwrng the discus and he also threw the twelve pound shot Bob was scheduled to go to the State meets at State College but he couldnt go JAMES STALEY Il-ILETICALLY lnclnned James has proved hrmselt a worthy player I-Ie was a quarterback on thus year s tootball squad and partrclpated rn many rntramural actuvltres such as home room basketball and volley ball teams IM an outtnelder on the baseball team always came through when he was needed I-Ie had a st ady battlng eye and was good at teldung I-le had a knack ot gettrng extra base huts when men were on base a double ID one ganne and a homer wrth the bases loaded another LOUIS LAKES ASKETBALL us just second nature to Lou Lakes Lou learned to play at the Y and he lrves just to play Dnbbllng us Lou s brggest asset I-Ie can elude opposlng detense men wlth the dettness ot a born dr: ler Lou was only a halt year man but he shared In the better halt ot the campargn the wlnnung halt I-Ins tlcor work plus has accuracy at the rlght time made games fall toward vuctory PAUL CUMMINGS GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS ED NILSON AUL CUMMINGS George Lampnnakos Ed Nrlson all round athletes rn hugh school athletncs who would otherwrse be Included on t rs honor roll are honored rn another sectlon the Hall ot Fame fqx IJ T ' ' I lv c f Q S I I l B fi L I . ' - JAMESCICHRA .I I ' I D I ,I I I . ' In B 'A , I 1 , . bb. - ' . ,. , y y I P, I I my , I c hr Athletic Honor Roll LUCY RUSCZYNSKI HARMING Lucy rs presrdent ot Gurls Leaders Club and captaln ot atterschool basketball volleyball and baseball teams Lucy swrms skates and dances A zealous tervor she has tor every sport HELEN AMMER HEN attractuve Helen entered Allegheny she was unable to swim a stroke now however she dlsplays good torm and us capable ot pertormrng every aquatrc truck HELEN BERRY NE would not thunk Pat s lsthe body had the torce to smack home runs But she smacks them Actrve In gym class and atter school games ot all types as lovely Pat VERA MUTHLER ERA always does her part rn any sports actlvuty whether It be catch :ng a hugh tly returnrng a ball or maknng a basket She has een chosen Alleghenys very best baseball player on gurls teams ELLEN PALMIERI lN a quret ettrcrent way Ellen pursues her tavonte pastnme sports Wnllrngness energy and a s nse ot good sportsmanshnp characterize her playrng Ellen lS a ouret but Important member ot a team MARJORIE JOHNSON LWAYS captarn Marr IS constantly wlnnlng laurels to pun beside the tltles ot her athletic teams BETTY ALOYI EING a superdooper player Betty ns always In demand Her capa tres arent however her only asset tor she s the lute ot game Always smulrng and encouraging gayety rn others Betty 1 very popular JEANNE KETTERER RENOWNED tor her abulutues as a swrmmer versatile Jeanne us a tlrst class lute saver She shows good torm and power VIOLET RELAC VIOLET RELAC who otherwise would have been honored ID th: sec tuon us acclaimed IO the Hall ot Fame lllllll W .l Q' .'. A 1 I I . Vs A 1 .A gi th b' Farr' M ' gt , 1 .S the ,HA 'IWW' I A A A 'S D 1 -W. G .- .4- I' 1- 'K 4 L , 9.1 Ll. is DEX o- ,L 1 ,J X f . 3 al P1 , f3?"'gEqzL 'Q ' r . "J 1'-.,. .N 'v-',. 5 , .. . - A' " ff v- - -- if v ,A Q , , . -, , ..,. .' J., , V .J r --- - ,, ,.. 41-' -- 3' x . 1 if a, ,. , 1 K -, .- T1 Z' 1 ' - 5' T ' - " ' .., v- "' ' V ' ' 5 A' in ., ff ' 1 ,K .I , .f ix 'L f I' -E in :U 5 W ff' . .u W p' ' -4545 ,lf - . l. Q, y ' " I 1: -5' N LW-f A 4 . "5 V ' x i ' ' .' ' ' 1 . 3 LA' F ' ' K ,gn -: h . ' - .35 - - - Ag ' .:f,,-J' A f Fr . , .. - 'Pri' ,. , ffl: -'Q ?-2 T - 5 ' ij 3 ' , - ' ' 3' V kg f L 1 Q . ' 4 31 , , . . ,..u 1, --3 5 . ' , f " . .fan ,V U1 -in 4 ,ff . , , U ' ar , . .,..' . :Q I - 111- 1 LIZ,-, ' 1, .- 5' ' , -- .- .5 2 " ' ' ' L V U. 1 .5 4. 51,431 :-LZ, W, ' i X, M- ..-v- , A 5 . . ww: ' '- - , f' ,ggi " 11:3-' ' ja ' - , ' - , ' ,ev ' .V 517. .i ,' 52? . 54,1 .. 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Lv I , I1 . , f '-., ROOM l22 Mary Rose Kyne Elrzabetlw Harnpe s 'vlwrgdrc Loellw rrk Clllord Krey Qrelrard Rrelcer Edward Nrlson Muelwael Polous lolwn Slerrenda l-lelen Kostanrs Katherine Kanladralcs Glona Coe rnella Rrelnord Relae Della Connelly Helen Rlelnardson Murlorne Jolwnsor plwlons l-leld Lorrarne Kruger Charles Mali ssoclq Betty l-lartung Regrs wrelr Slrrlrley Berger l-lelen Lucas Reg ng Karr Anno Broun b rt Wade Ann Lyles Dolores Looe e 1 v ar e W esn ewsm Elrza etlw Posell n Lous K3 Z Los Vfoc lorres Crenra Donald Woessnr Ang out Donn ne Qnn W l one Marron Wullram Kuoes l-l ffgro Eugene efrze Soo sor Mr Tlworne I r ll 1 111 ' r, ' r r I r 7 it J 1 5 , l , l I U I 1 r l - u ' ' 1 Kul ' .L ' , r nl, f Q 1 . Gl e , , 'r Dolerz Vulflo ic, El ln" Sn tzer, Patnela Chance, Virginia Hlllenbrono Rlenard Mel4rnney, Jane llrol ll. A ln e, re fni, ,r ads. r 'E r ' e, . do L, e rlr l' ell -.fjrlb , 'M ' r or f Zen , ' B . 1 n -H . . . 'fr-f rr Hur lllll rw rrrr EOREVER Katherune Kanuadakus Duck Relac Eugene Bencze Full Kudes Angelo Lozuto Regus Kuelwucku Johnny Slemenda Don Woessner Duck Mcliunney Helen Kastanus Maruorue Johnson Lorraune Kruger Helen Lukas Luz Poschen Howard Zeh Ed Nulson Charles lvlcliussock Ann Lyles Luz Hampers Pobert Portertueld Mary Rose Kyne Shurley Berger ane Wusnuewsku Sunny Hullenbrand Dolores Vulokavuc Muchael Palbus Elaune Schnutzer Reguna Karcz Chlorus Held Pat Chance Louuse Kantz Pull Marron James Cuchra Betty Hartung Helen Ruchardson Anna Braun Lous Woods Dolores Loder Gulbert Wade Glorua Cochunella Delua Connelly Dom lanellu Puchard Rueker Peg Lockhart lulllllll ROOM I22 Beung sweet Wearung a sharp bow te Doung hus homework Stayung away trom school Beung pucked up by curtew ottucers W a curl un hus eye Doung algebra A wolt but a cute one Drummung Beung wutty Smulung Wuth Chlorus Beung shy Beung true to Ed Talkung out un class Playung basketball Eatung Arguung wuth Gulbert Playung Boogue Woogue Sleepung Talkung wuth an accent Sungung sweetly Dorothy shorthand Our GlamourGal Beung Eruendly lmutatung Frank Sunatra Beung a cute kud Hayung beaututul haur A sweet kud Receuyung letters Not sayung a word Wuth Kudes Doung Englush Wuth at least one ot her susters Beung sweet Wuth pretty eyelashes Always a tease Dancung Overweught Thunkung ot George Beung seen but not heard Beung one swell guy Havung talents Wuth Beck I ' I 1 A 1 1 l 1 1 1 . 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Bowl tor I-Iealth and Eun AT TI-I Trrangle Recreatlon Center 529 Penn Avenue 27 BRUNSWICK REGULATION A B C ALLEYS COMPLIMENTS MRS GLENN .IAMES Thos A Nardma EARLY FRUITS GTI VEGETABLES 83 84 North Sde Market PHONE FAIRFAX ov-I9 Samuel McKnIght Hardware Co Burlders Hardware Contractors and MIII Supplles Parnt Glass Tools 225227 FEDERAL STREET PITTSBURGH PA g B Theodore J Frank DRUGGIST I4OI FEDERAL STREET COR SAMPSON PITTSBURGH PA HOLLSTEIN MYERS PRESCRIPTION H 81 M DRUGGISTS PITTSBU RGH PA 9484 lfllllll d - I I Effff, ,F-F1 M272 Ic',W'rT'it-'CI IQZO I A--A-A---N H -F -A . . I I . " PT' f I I North Borou h ranch 529 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Pa. , E ' 0 . . . N. S., , . Tl'-IE BEST VXI TOWN OF . Cor. Pennsylvania Ave. and Fulton St. I PHCX-ESI: I I Cl -142' cs 1:45 ce Pour to Six Months War Emergency Eor I-Irgh School Graduates ROCSSICI' MUZIICI' Enter Any Monday FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES DUFFS IRON CITY 'NSURANCE COLLEGE crrwz 6200 CEDAR 6203 ATLANTIC 4875 vos EAST STREET N S PITTSBURGH PA WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Goldre Ganjar were serrous tor a change7 Chuck Mclirssock drdnt have so many gIrl trIends7 ElIzabeth McBurney made a U In shorthand7 Nelda Kennrng dId not have a mIllIon trIends7 James Pottenburger drd hIs math7 Meg Gordon dndnt talk aIrplanes7 I-lelen Berry werent smIlIng7 Bobby Munch dIdnt talk about EddIe7 Pegrna Karcz were sIx teet tall7 Eunrce Zotter drdnt have a man7 Shrrley Berger couldnt sIng7 Dorothy Lorenz got a detentIon7 Jean Pappert got A ID Math7 Chlons I-Ield hated JImmy7 I-lelen Kastanrs werent always gossIpIng7 Ellen Spehar drdnt swoon over Glenn'7 3oldIe Zupsrc couldnt dance7 Pete ManIsIotIs knew hrs SpanIsh thoroughly7 Rose Grana wasnt always thInkIng about Pete W7 Dell Lhota were noIsy7 Glona Cochrnella drdnt have her George7 What Donald and Ronald were I-Ieathen Instead ot Chrrstrar' What Charles were Couldtella Instead ot Cantella7 What Ruth were Physrcal Instead ot Mentel7 What Dorothy were Basket Instead ot Burrell7 What Ered were Well Instead ot I"IIfL7 Xlifhat Pete were WomanesIotIs Instead ot MGHCSIOLIS7 What Ellen were Erddler Instead ot I-larper7 What Anne were Apple Instead ot Apel7 What Ray were Fallrng Instead ot SchlIeden7 What Dolores were Spnngs Instead ot Coyle7 What Imogene were Blue Instead ot Gray7 What Russell were Brauns Instead ot I-Ialler7 What I-lelen were Lemon Instead ot Berry7 What I'-lelen were Crow Instead ot Lark7 What Grlbert were Splash Instead ot Wade What I Kay were Jones Instead ot KanIadakIs7 1 1 U CD ' A I . It ' ' ' .7 It ' . What It Jean were Gladder Instead ot Madder? It ' ' . It ' . It ' ' . if A . . . .. It ' ' . It ' . It ' ' ' . It ' ' . It ' . It ' . It ' . It ' . It A ' . 't ' ' ' . 'II51' III' IlurIrh'uI SLI' Prescriptions CALLED EOR AND DELIVERED ANYTIME We Offer You Service 24 Hours A Day 8 REGISTERED PI-IARMACISTS H TES The Fraendly Drug Store 47 YEARS OE HONEST DRUG STORE MERCI-IANDIZINO WILL NEVER KNOWINGLY BE UNDERSOLD FRESH MERCHANDISE FAIRFAX 2200 EEDERAL AND OHIO STREETS 1 II I 1 ll - ll WE AND MOST IMPORTANT II ll 3- Puye One Ilunrlred Fayhl ROOM 204 nq mm X ll will N ff BUf,1,. W k rw- -1-vm h j , f.. ff Vg S' 'Q M1 I 1 X fir' 'wr L 1 1 fl' x if-'V1 w'vt'1TTf,?T ififpkfm Vw' WWI, 1 T! L1 'mf 11 3 V4 M-"W", lg 1 'f-wwf fl, flu I m 1 ff fm 'fl N lfvlw Nwlf mv: fi M1 RU 1 EJ 6 W 1 Ll1"j ff I ' X! 1' lf. fx! J W 1 1 jfi QWQQ TQ Mr ' 'X A. 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I4 ,I .,,,,. .7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I L, IL. 1111 GV IG CHLQE ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 ' I rl 'fin The I-Iouse ot ReIIabIe Quahty and ServICe STANDARD SCHOOL JEWELERS CLASS RINGS -- PINS -- MEDALS -- AWARDS CLUB PINS -- SPORT CHARMS -- CUPS -- TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS -- BOOKLET DIPLOMAS NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH PA ENTERPRISE BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSN 4 DIvIdends paId on InstaIIm nt Stock 4 DIvIdends paId on FuII paIcI Stock OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH US LET US FINANCE THE HOME YOU PURCHASE Meetmgs Every Thursday NIght 8I9 FuIton BuIIdIng FACTS ABOUT SENIORS Kay MCBurney IS aIways moanmg about Kany Who IS he7 RIChard RIeIcer wntes about the nsect worICI bug' bu3I Meg Gordon and Mary SCIaIabba aIways are seen together Nancy SCott wIII attend PItt tor a CertaIn reason Irene Swbaugh CarrIeS a torCh tor a CertaIn army man Kay DeNeIIe torever IItterbu3s wth WaIt Rose PopovICh wants to be a Nurses AIdI MargIe Wolt worrIes about Ronme RCQIS KUIWICICI has woman troubIe Anna Braun has a beautItuI VOICC Esther Fnesmuth and Manon Gaus are Constant Compamons What It Rosemane VIoIet Ann Meg Imogene James Ehzabeth au Were Maybehne Modern FIeICIer F ash Bac FreshIy Waste Basket GoIng s I Instead ot MasCarI GI ReIaC Grover Gordon Grey Staley Hamper s, Cummmq sI I OXO . . . 2 170 . . . I . ' ' ' T .I . ly ' . . . . I Ralph ---- GoIdIse ----A-- SIIverISe I S S S I ff ,- - - - I P ...., U - - P I PAP- ce PA-AASP .II I llrfnflrffl lQ'll"l'fll ye Una' 1llllllll'l'lI Tu'wlzvf ROOM 4OI Mary Gordon Russell Haller Charles Cantella Lours Lalces Pete Manesuotus Ronald Chrrstlan Thomas H nnon Glenn Downey Charl s Bechtold Donald Chrrstvan Mrlre Pals Martrn Conneuley Fred l-lrrt Margaret Flaherty Ellen l-larper Dorothy Mushynslca Goldre Zups Anna Apel Vnrgrnra Roetter Margre Baumbach Ruth Dayres Dolores Lhota Rose Popovreh Vera Muthler Dolores Gleexner Katherrne MeBurney Esther Frelsrnuth Ann Goyer Lourse Wesley Jane l-lohnnan Vettn Blatt D 'ores Mau Beth Sterner Betty Aloyr l-lelen Berry Dorothy Sellnsehrclc Eunrce Zotter Dorothy Lorenz Elrzabeth MeBurney Jean Madder Sponsor Mrss Cornelrus I llllllf 1 l ll I I r r C , ' , C . .,., I , l , 1 , , , . .. lr . . , V l lvl I . r 1 . . F , . r . . r Marjorie Beelcer. . , F V I rf 1 ' , O. . 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' ' ' 11' ll: I 1 I Fw 'fwfr H NOBLE-THOMPSON INSTITUTE d S retariaI Training Devoted to Essential Business an ec ALEXANDER CAMPBELL THOMPSON ANNE NOBLE THOMPSON SPECIAL 6 WEEKS' SUMMER COURSE SECRETARIAL COURSE THREE MONTHS' OFFICE MACHINE COURSE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES State Theater Building ATLANTIC 2255 335 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh Pa IREAL ESTATE cHAs R VIEITER HAUSEN snic: AGENCY ran 4'-YURA INSURANCE IS THE BEST POLICY PERSONAL LOANS LOANS AVAILABLE FROM SIO0 00 TO SI 000 00 P able In Morithiy Installments Rate 6 Discount ay YOU NEED NOT BE A DEPOSITOR OF THIS BANK WORKINGMANS SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OHIO AND MADISON PITTSBURGH PA 1 II 1 llfr I I ' 0 0 0 o ' g " ' o o ' . ' 0 ' 9 0 0 ' 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 O 0 . 0 O 0 0 0 D U . : -E I 9 O ' . O O 0 ' T O ' 0 . . . ' 0 ' o ' 0 ' 0 O . . ' o 0 T 0 , 0 ' 0 O.Q . , . . of - - ' o . lflr Unrf un: rrr "fl I'l'l cf-as 4143 1595 K fong may lt wave O er t e 0 t e r 4 c t e ome o t e rave FAzrfax 5955 N FORD ARK glgland G I8 70 XX 0 I qtoc ton Alenue North Sz e Pzfkburgh Pa qmluutrons I llc l'c1Q of 1944 P VICTORY ' BUY R f um an STATES WAR , BONDS A D STAMPS 4 nf ,f Q i J X14 A ' if-. 11 land f L fee A nl H I1 f h IJ . RPL N -.. 'V S k k 7 , Ay 'J l'RIYI'lNf3 THA'l' PI.E.'XSlfS Con-' l'.' 0 If 5. 1 ff fa wx r .J .1 ,if N I I f ll f ff 5' l ' JNICHO 5 UNDER MO RAI. Nevea msuwr A LADY N THE LUNCH Room X lNxOTl5 M-A age One Hundred Inrglrtuzz ROOM 422 Ray Nlernczylc Srdney Marcus Paul Rosenberger Joseph W Baumgard Walter Snodgrass Paul Cumrnrngs Mr l-lole Ralph Srlverrse Robert Lebo l-larvey C Anderson James Pottenherger Walter Vrduseclc lsapel Rulorno lrene Kenna Audrey l-losaclc Frances Frtzpatrrclr l-lelen Altmeyer Anne Anderson Ellen Walsh Imogene Gray Mary Marohnrc 'ean Stepnrclc Catherrne Rossrno Cecelra Sedar Agnes Geyer l-lelen Vrtunnc Dorothy Krrlcbaum l-lelen Larlc Dorothy l-lotmann Ann Sant Ruth l-larrrs Mae Groetzrnger Alberta Muzylc Alrce Meuser Genevreve Kubeclcer Anna Shrllcun Margaret Wolf Vrolet Relac: Bertha Saboloyrc Jeanne Ketterer Lucy Ruszczynslqr Eleanor Bauclcrnan Mary Scralabba Sponsor Mr l-lole I 1 rf II I I X I r I r - I I I ' I I I ' I I ' I I I I I I I I I " I I I I I I I I r r I I r . - r r r I , . 'rrr fr nw urn rw . 'inf rr Amerlcan Formula of 422 HELEN ALTMEYER SWEATER PIN UP GIRL ANNE ANDERSON SPANISH HAPPY KID HARVEY ANDERSON MUSTACHF HARRY JAMES ELEANOR BAUCKMAN I NOISE SURPRISE JOSEPH BAUMGARD I DOGHOUSE HOMESTEAD CORA BELLE BIAKELY I SCHOOL IRA PAUL CUMMINGS GIRLS FISH STORY FRANCES FITZPATRICK BOYS SAD GIRL ANNA GANT HOMEWORK JOY AGNES GEYER I SAILORS HAPPINESS IMOGENE GRAY I HOSPITAL NURS VIAE GROETZING R GIRL FRIENDS LONESOME RUTH HARPIS I DANCING GREAT FUN DOROTHY HOFMANN I SMILES TEARS AUDREY HOZAK I SPIRIT GREAT GIRL IRENE KENNA I SHORTHAND NISERY JEANNE VETT RER SCISSORS NAD BARBER DOROTHY KIRKBAUM HOFIV ANN O T CENEVIEVE KUBECKER I UPSWE P BIG CHANGE HELEN LARK COKES MONEY SIDNEY MARCUS JOKES LOU COSTE O MARY MAROHNIC I LOOKS GINNY S'MMS HERSCHEL M ILWAIN I BRAINS SMART BOY MAIDA McKEE I SONG JENNY LIN' ALICE MEISER I HAIR STRAWBERRY B OND ALBERTA M UZYCI-' MOVIES P' EASURE REGINA NOVAK OFFIC CUTE SECRETARY RAY NIEMCZYK MUS JITTERBUG JAMES POFFENBURG R I JOKE SAD CASE VIOLET RELAC I RALPH SILVERISE THE BLUES PAUL ROSENBERG R I LABORATORY MAD SCIENTIST CATHERINE ROSS NO I SILENCE LAUGHTER GOSSIP C GREAT MISTAKE ISABEL RUBINO -I PICTURES PROUE GIR UCY RUSYCZYNSKI I GYM SUIT THE STAR BERTHA SABOIOVI ERSONALITY TOPS MARY SCIALABBA HOMEWORK I SOCIAI LIFE BUSY GIRL CECILIA SEDAR SCHOOL HAPPY DAYS ANNA SHIIKUN I CALAMITY FALSEHOOD RALPH SILVERISE VIOLET RELAC HAPPIER THAN EVER WALT SNODGRASS I BOOK GIRL TEASING BIG BIG JOKE JEAN STEPNICK BUCK FOR I WALTER VILJUSECK I PROM DATE HELEN VITUNIC APPEARANCE K ELLEN WALSH I CANVAS ARTIST MARGARET WOLF I SWEATER WHIST ROBERT LEBO I SHORTS SUPERMAN MR HOIE I HOME ROOM MADMAN llqf Hu: llllllf ll . I T . L K E EE-E , ' ' I . I II E 1 . - I E3 I - . - M I CLE f Q , 1 ' ' V I L II G 'I E H E L E L E 'C ' ' I 2 LL 1- I I I S ' 1. Q - - I M1 ' L I E ii L L Q YI IC 1 .V 5 f - Y I - 1 . -- f- ET . il V f 1 2 L L if - rx .L 5 -- L C I I L Y L I L I ii JOB LIFE Iv 'I I .. , i RELIEF C I . L V CUTE LID i LE 'I l A 1 ll'I'4l' TTL' 1 III! loneermg lsn t asy 1111111111 11 11 ot n -R 1111 r 1 I 1 I 11' xx n"f"'m- -P' Q A 5 K?- ,1..,,R .s1- JE 1 dralu almns I I r11LI1111lfQ 11 ll x 1 5 1 F0171 BOCJGS 8. BUHI ff' C JHIIIFIU J NC'clfS 0 SIPAC N pmvrf SS 869 944 1 L, 11I1 is L xx 1 x 1 1 11 s 1 nn Ir1gr111Q 11 1x x I one mn 111y1 an: 1 1 11 111 1 x 11 1 1 1 1 wl11111 11 111 1 1 1 1 lllf l 'I I ll I' 0 XII 1 I f ll I' Ilf' If G69 -5 SQ I'1r111 Iflll lIu111l111I I11111lu 11111 fi 'M 0 0 9 , .,v 7 -1X . f A Xxx ., V xl, . - 1 Q, 1 1 I-Im! zts Cl I of fu 1 A X 'T Q3 I E Nu. pi -1 ' ll 11I my Q rt 11-1I11i11Ix' iSfl.I 1-any. IIII11- I x",' ' pi1 -1-ring 1111 A1111-A1111 1Ii1I xxI1-11 hey I11ugIl I ir my , " -T113 fn, V I ' I, 111' -r II11- .-XII1-.'I11-11x' xlllll 1 ins xxa ni -zxsy. II11- joy 11I ". .V 4 x ' 1 1 .1 j11I1 1-II 1I1111--1- i1I1-1111-1I I111I11x' Iry our lI11ix'i111, Cily is - I' ' M ' 1111isIvi1 1: -xs.1r1I I11r II11-ir 111.111v I1:11rI,'I1i1s 1I . -I' ' ll . - -iff 1. . ' ' It 14 II11- 1.1 11- xx. xvilI1 Q1111. I1-5 s, I K I I I . .,.1 L 51 11'g.1I1 N .11 I11 1I1N. II11-1111-4 x' 1 I1.1I1-1I, 1111 II1 II1z1l 111-1pI1-. 1-1I 1 fi fp' 42' I I yr 1-.1II II11-sv 1r11I1I1-1111 11I 11 111 11I'1'11 I1i1.,I1 S1'I11111I , 1 I I 'X vw Q A ,gps 2 1111- Iurg Il' 1111I 1I1-1-1111-1I xx' xx1rII il II14- 1I11x' x'1111 gr-I - 1 ' I x1 1Ii11I1111111. XY1- xx.111l I11 11111.,1I I-11 y ll 1111 V' 111 ' ' - .11111111 :Ii-I1111 -111 Im x11- 1111 I1- fI.1111I lI1e II1riII x11 11111sl , . I . X . -'Y fl Il'4'I :IN lHIllIIl4'l141'lllI'llI IIA, 4I11x1Q I 1 N 1. ' 4 , 5-M Q ,- ' . .1373--Y' ,.,f' .U vw 'Q ,I 4, , -' ' -S- ' - je A. :mv Q 4- . .f . ,gf ',m:i.5- 'K -I ' 1 L I N-11 I 1' . f ii I f' . I -.E 'f .. 1 f'.T2?," ' '. TI -H1 gt-, -. H,f1- I - . 1- f 1 , .vf . , , N , ggi 1, A L I S' I M1 . ' 1.23 'W 5? ,i 1 4 A ., , N? X Q J I X Q . t A gil E7 MI, L X , 53,1 . F L14 A ,nf I V! -:Q:,13 ' 1 215,11 W, ,, 1 ,fy - r 1 '. 2 gyms ., I J J 4,2-f" . - 1 I - 1 , 1 .t":i. 1 , , ' ' - w- - ,,,. .51 , 1 - ' 1 ' 'P ' 'if' 3251, ,. , ' - I . , vig I b 1 ,H v.., ' I '- X . I ' - 3 1 , N' A . f Q 1 A E ,. " 1? 3 . ' 7 Q . . , , ' Q ' 1 ' I O 1 - 5- 1., ' , x ' 'II' I I 1- Q ' 1 ' ' , I! 1 , , ' 4 1 . ff! ' IX 1 ,Z I 3 ' '- ax Q. 1 1 I' 5 if ,- I f 1 C1 IIE ' I ' 3 0 . - Ile CJ ' ' -. I ' , '- AII1-QI xlli' Higl . 1'I 1111I I ' N i' N . .V r -11-,r-, -1.-11, I I 1 1 W I DID YOU KNOW TOM HENNON Icrlls lrttle trogs wrth tree stornps JIM STALEY hares a stooge to carry has paunch home trorn school MARY SCIALABBA specralrzes an 33 blend RUTH DEUERLING has a speclal use tor Dutch Cleanser RICH MCKINNEY trnds other sweets besides ree cream In the Central HARVEY ANDERSON puts Tlea powder on has mustache T907 C NV NI NT CR J C GRAU JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST WATCH JEWELRY GFI OPTICAL REPAIRING I734 C E h PITTSBURGH PA OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT OLBUM PITT FURNITURE CO II3 II5 II7 Federal S r et N S Pnttsburgh Pa AARON OlBLIM PHONE FAIRFAX 8400 PLANETARIUM BARBER SHOP REAR BUHL PLANETARIUM I6 N Diamond Street W N S Pittsburgh Pa I Jos A Lmdentelser FRESH and SMOKED MEATS I02 I03 North Snde Market FAIRFAX 5:24 McCRORY S 5 I0 and 25 Store IO5 East Ohuo Street North Sudes Most Modern FIVE AND TEN GFI LUNCHEONETTE Where All Students Shop North Side s Ernest Mens Store GOLDIE S Featunng Adams Hats Arrow Shirts Interwoven Socks Hrclcok Belts Jockey Underwear 203 EAST OHIO ST FA 4556 IST. D E E EDIT I s d arson St., S. S. 6I3 . O io St., N. S. I' I-Itlrl 'I ICO4 Pwn-' Ffawtix 6545 I l I I - - te d 0 .I I . l I Q . ., , . A ' ' ll l' I 'I'z.':'1:l.f1-lin, MPL ME XM .Z Pulloco X Av mxfw PURCJCO CANDY AND SYRUP CCMPANY PITTSBURGH PA 1 11 1 ll 1,1 C O I N T S Q F G. QTTX6 It 1- ? X CT Q-Il ff HEA RNILSON l my-x 1 wA5 QA 52 as 'ff Zff a-" E1 31 fm! MN D - A 11: xg ff Y f any ezppy relfurhs XRXXXP if R I ' 0 ' ff -if 'Q' te 0 J A .uI.1fni'riQ,'ei'i'A'4pl Z' - l ' .inf , . - z N g -- , 'N 5 ., A R ---n-aoo...:-nano-1' I 412 .. .N ' M' A 9 f A W ' 4:5 -. : A Q v ,' '. " . l 'K' ' . -e t -. , - - ,. s ,L ,I ' 4, 5 . , , I S' .rioyfxge . V, ' 1 I ' s I I, v f W7 L 1 v U 5 .Wil I ,.f 4. A f n -I 'ff fn Q ,Lynx --, .qgfr t, . , , . , , vp ,. 3- ' - 5 N . , if, . - .,-, z.' A ' .A.., vLl,,.v?f"' ... .. Y. .. .Q ,.- ' 4 , Q - -.L ,W we 1-in-r ,.--gk .v",:.w.::::w"" , gl 'a.,, - - in-, f .. - v, gear". M ,-b . ,J ,r V3 5 "" 6 are cs fo Ah zenmual man even z he :J my dad A eomhznatzeh 0 warm hearted Jerztzhzehtalzft and hard headed hzexzrzem man You fee he dzdrzt waht to wazt anlzl he dzed to leave me the :honey S0 he made me zndejrenderzt with a Iran' and Vow regzdarbf ax my hzrfhdey comes around the pomnazz eomef zrz wzth a mee cheek Happy returm nzdeed But th1s young lady hasn t told the half of It that thls llvm trust w111 contmue as long as she 11ves and that her father has glven her the rxght ln the trust agreement to dispose of the prlncmal 1n her ova r vnll any way she thmks best A11 Ih1S tune and IH years to umm Come nelther she nor her father need worry about the careful ln vestment of the fund That IS our responslbxhty Lnxng Trusts have many purposes and many advantages wh: h vvc, should llke to t ll you about EE'l!Q!FR5"1,T9!E?G .Y Hemher I'e fer 11 e,l1os1t lrlslzr IC forpnr lm 1 l,nllll7 N Ar I Q rg A l 6L . ' -w U . , I . . Y , . - - . . , . . . ! . . f I a ' f . A 1 - ' I 1 ,fl . , . . , . . : . . . g . . - , . , , wx: as as A ' , ' 1 ' . Q 'f- V 1 . . . . C I .V . .. - -... - 7 ' ' . . . ' z 1 If ar 4' . 41 2 hu ff nr' un: rw 'ztvfn .1 -fi 111 SENIOR ALPHABET COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK OF AMERICA IN PITTSBURGH Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron 709 7lI EAST OHIO STREET N S PITTSBURGH PA CURTAINS WINDOW SHADES DRAPES VENETIAN BLINDS Pittsburgh s largest and most complete selection ot Curtarns Draperies Wrndow Shades Drapery Rods Drapery Maternal Chenulle Spreads Boxed Items Blanlcets Etc A swell place to spend a tew mrnutes ot your lersure tame Its better than a show Qver IOOO Pairs ot Curtains and Drapes on Display CORNISH CURTAIN SHOP IIO East Ohio Street Faurtax I254 N S Plttsburgh P The I-Iome ot Beautltul Curtains OI' Of OT OI' OI' OI' OV Of OI' OI' OI' Of Of OV OI' Of OI' Of Of Of OI' OI' Of Of W Aloyu quiet In the halls Baumgard haircut and all Cantella a very nrce guy Downey never wrthout a tue Elliot who loves to rest Fltzpatnclc one ot the best Grover small and neat I-lennon wrth dancrng teet Joyce always wrth her crowd Kudes papers and all Lozrto darlc and small Mcllwarne who cant be eat Nrlson tall and neat Ott just a little tot Palbus a tnend ot Miss Scott Quality whrch we sensors own Rrelcer who never goes hom Sterner never wrthout Maus Thoms next year s boss Uthman our grrdrron star Vrduseclc who lllces a car Wot a tnny lrttle lass Xcluslve our graduating class Yetta whose last name IS Blatt Zupslc whose teet are not tlat Ellen Spehar lf!! Illll If and Glenn Downey ' ' . ., ' , a. A is t ' ' ' , B is t ' . C is t A . D is t ' ' . E is t ' , F is t ' ' . G is t , H is t ' ' . I is tor lanelli with coats so loud, .I is 'I ' . K is t , L is t ' . M is t ' ' t3 . N is t ' . O is t , ' ' , P is t , ' ' . Q is t ' ' ' , R is t ' e. S is t ' . T is t ' . U is t ' A , V is t ' ' . is t l , ' ' , X is t ' , ' . Y is T ' . Z is tor ' . U hoto engrovrngs by ment rn lndustry ond wor tellmg the complete story wrth All Out ond On to Vrctory pictures work for the rs the keynote of the men who work for p oto engraver rn American crcrueve 'k 'A' the present effort I 1 'Ill P - , . - - H 4 ll ' I t ' 'A' . . C-YY 1' -W 1. - . . . r .X s i : --I rf, i t 7 3' i ,rlrr 1' Illllrrfrrrf I1,,'rr1f-if-.-:Trl OUR GIRLS IN REVIEW O I-lunters College New York lake It away Wunchell Flash' Sound Well here I am at I-lunters College the traunung center tor the Waves Well what do you know t looks Ike the tde s n I-I come the Waves or rather Waves to be Wuth these tune healthy lookung women uounung the Waves you cant tell how long the war N I t Furst Lueuten nt Clara A Scott ot the U S N approaches the ew recruuts looks them over shrugs her shoulders quuetly tlops on the ground Could It be7 I thunk It us' Lueutenant Scott has recognuzed them as her IZA Speech Class ot 44 Next mornung at 5 A M the recruuts are awakened by the angeluc musuc ot the trumpet and the low sweet vouce ot the Petty Qttucer s she whuspers IH theur ears I-Iut the decks you swabs And so they crawl out ot bed to start theur traunung Watch them crawl back' J ne Rossu us the trst to reuch the showers As she nears te shower room she teps on a puece ot soap and very gracetully talls on ner tace And so we leaf J ne tapprng her tungers on the tloor wuth dusgust We s e Betty Aloyu and I'lelen Kastanus returnrng wth theur new unrtorms and hurryung to put them on Betty seems to be havung trouble drastuc error somewhere as I-Ielen has Bettys unutorm and Betty has en s' Oh well ch lute ID the av The Waves lune up tor unspectuon Margue Becker' The unsugnua on your hat goes IO the ufront not In the back stupud Grover' Ann Grover' Oh there you are Stand up Oh pardon me you are stand Eluzabeth I-Iampers' The toes ot your shoes go In the ront not un the back R pple' Rosemarue Mascaru' Why are you holdung that button'7 Sew It on Now tor breaktast Izurst we see Anna Braun tryung to eat her reaktast betore the other gurls eat It tor her whule I-Ieleru Ammer earches tor the p ce ot toast she had a munute ago Goldue Canuar nas just walked In late as usual and seated herselt at the table Canuar puck your body up trom the Ottucers table and get ut over here where t belongs I 1 O Il fll If Ill I . , 3 I I I ' I . ere I Il las . II I I I A I I I , ' ' 'I II ' I Il G I I ' a S ' ' , It Q . , . h , s Q . ' I rl X3 G . . . Q . . . y . but I-lelen slups Into hers wIth no ettort at all. There seems to be a I-Iel I . , , su Is ' ' N y. f , I 3 ' , I I" . . . H . Ing" . . . H I . I I b 1 J ' I , I s Ie L ' . A I , . . .. I 'ur af ne Illll ru "wr n 'I -1 if I At the beach after some ditticulty we locate Rose Grana having a heart-to-heart tall: with the tish in Spanish. Irene Sirbaugh just tloated by trying to brealc up the conference' but seeing the dice she joined instead. In the tield we see Ellen I-Iarper struggling to Iceep up with the commands but atter some time she pulls out her Iciddy car and we leave her peddling atter her unit Regina Karz is eager tor the exercises to start See how sh is impatiently wallcing around My error she was told sailors pass by here and she is determined to get one Atter a hard day we tind Dolores Gleclcner and Nancy Scott crawling and stumbling to their bunlcs No girls thats the way to the pool Splash Oh welll Live and learn to Iceep your eyes open I always say' Goodnight' COMPLIMENTS OF North Recreation Bowling Alleys I325 Reedsdale Street CEDAR 9535 FAIRFAX 7600 HARMONY DAIRY MILK AND CREAM AND HOMOGENIZED MILK Delivered To All Parts ot City Elizabeth Hampers Mary Rose Kyne M E R C Y BUSINESS SCHOOL SISTLR M PHILIP NERI INDIVIDUAI INSTRUCTION CO LDULA FIONAL O SHORTHAND O TYPEWRITING O TRANSCRIPTION 0 BRUSHUP U SECRETARIAL TRAINING U CIVIL SERVICE TRAINING .COURSES FOR BEGINNERS g C LNROII ANY TIM 'XNITIC I ALPHA DRESS SUIT Complete Rental Service of Men s Formal Clothes SPECIAL STUDENT RATE PHJNE AT ANTIC l33I 3007 JENKINS ARCADE lil! lllll 1, i . I , . . e ' , . l . - A ii - i - i i ii - - I I - - . UritI4urNI'ursiiri.iI Siipcrvisiun uf Day and Evenin Iasses 5 .. E Bigelow Boulevard at Tunnel Street ATI., I ' I 971 fl Y I, I' 'I CO ' ll, 0 "il I I I, ir ' I . . F L 'nr w Hr um l'l'4 ' '7i'4'll -I - i ' Go To lt! AID THE INVASICN WITH PRAYERS LETTERS BONDS STAMPS NEWSPAPERS SCRAP TIN CANS END THE WAR D DAY PROGRAM IN ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL June 6 4 Audrtorrum 2 30 P M Stage ert C Mlllrlrn Prrnel a George Lamprrnalcos Pr soent ot ttme Student Representatrve Body Paul Cummrngs Clwarrman ot Assembly Commlttee Student Repre sentatrve Body Orelwestra Prlgrrms Clworus Wagner Flag Presentation Alex Prtzge ald Salute led by Prryate Henry E Vol man Srgnrtrcanee ot D Day Ml r I-Iymn Onward Clwrrstran Sol rers Serrpture Eplwesrans Crfaot ro Verses IO to I9 Paul Cumm ngs Two fuse Proeessronal to S ag Boys College Club n baelcground on stage1 Poem I Dred Today Vrolet Relae Prayer George Lamprnalfos lBoys Kneelrng Prayer Response e Lords Prayer N l t Orchestra Orelwestraton by Mr Ke ster eal to the Sprrt t oeau Lrvrng Preture Sprt ot Yankee Doodle Orenestra e Srlyer Lrnrng Boys College Club Recessronal Retrrrng ot the Flag Amerrea 1, 11111111 , I94 On Rob . I fl , ' 'pal . A N1 1 . ' . ,lc ' M - I ffff f Mr. 'lllcln - 'I ' to e f f f X 1 lBoys wearing wlwrte unrtorms and carrying srllr Flags: boys remaining I ,I - I fe I ' 1 'lltr I Us ra ot e f f f f f r 1 . 1 1 App 'I I' o 76' 'I'a'l -W " ' " I' 76' MM . . . ,, f I I f H1111 11111 11111 1'1r I Ifrlr-11 We extend our slncere thanks and wash you success CHFSSHIRF Boggs 8: Buhl Photographers on 1 ll 1 , ,I 1 1944 WAH HOO W N x I 1 1, X HIIU IU Of Ill? IPIS 0 :fl-'Z-P -I' f-FLF3' c' ,,i '.lL3'i,TI5'7:': 4 A O X4fi fXQ.i N Nw-X ov11v11Gv1C6v116v1f A45 une, 494-4- eunz ubmfovnuvn une Z 7 0 , Q 4 - 0 7 L 1 1 r V i L f'1'f1f 'MH ffffflfffff Ifff1'f.ljfffff'1r ALLECHENY HYMN H+ 5 Down where A! le ghe nys wa tens Flow on to fha Jen H2 A Stands a school a have af! P fhprs ve ry dear' to fn EWEYVLEJ CHORUS 1 fire dw rua jpeed ff on ward false a mf qhfy cry 55171555 Har aff haf! I A! X qfze ny ffm! fo iflee dear High SG 'EVEN 1 0 1 e 0 a s e Thou CI yet unborn shall p a se y de r Alle-gle y H gh I speed t onwa Rise a mghty cy H11 all 11 I to Allegheny H I to thee dear H gh' Ill! Illllllff thee :t LE lianali 54 ilif ' ' 3 E F? EF F I? x . 4 a 4 f 1 fi 1, f 4 2 an ,Mix . R - Q . -.-. , ji jp - - 1 ' j 5 X Fi E P E P H 3 5313 DowlghxjvherfhiXl:ESlmny's waters XVMK wnh! IHOITICHIIRJ swiftly Heeting, st nds El 01,001 f,i,.ff'a11 Ou, ' Sfnsfm r y ri Ver a m me. . In i . crm f1,S I Lift the moms, i rd N J fy, ,N- 6Lfl Q A E W uf' U if CJ- 0 4' -76,-Jugs! Z xx 4,- : MMM? W' 41 1. ,' , C I ,ui 1 'l'Jn!fNf-, ,f f' 7 I, ,. F If 9,4 - J J 4 yffavff Jiffy D jpdffgljj X.. 'NOALUV' 1 Mya. . M 5 lf- ! JSWA 3 'JW LR., GNC: 'X ' QJQNX lykg-tv: 1'?'c7 , V jvgx X - X ?x3' " 'EX' 705 "' sc Q-. .E QL Lhew - 'x 1 . J 'J www f f mmm.,-f ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL , ,,...' I A '-""Y 141577, ::,., 1 1, h' Q B fffg w 5 ,,.'f.:' ' ':"' ng x ffvlxzzgg ' Lv i 'M R I ev 5 ' 2 A ' nj- N iii A A ' ' f Q , A ' if fi? A. . wi iz, U if A K 1 A 1 1, s 4 4 . .2 4 . Q mf.. 4. , iii : VM 4 2 4 mg w g ' :Pwr W - . f f 1 - '."-: '25 . . ,. 5 Tl . mf .1 . ' n 9 ' ! V fi. -' ' X Q '4 g ,V km ' I' Tj .l ff M 'fLQf,5, I wk x

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Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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