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5 1 Y r Q. l I fl 5 s ,P 17 91 - s 1 -v L ? r -. f X .- ' i 5 . 'x W ' 'N 'A Q ff t.. . N. f . .- 'ix' L' ff ft-' Q: TM a " ,V WAH HOC ANNUAL OF THE CLASS CDF JANUARY 1 - 9 - 3 - 8 ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL Foreword OCIHE graduating class of February, i938 edits this year bool: in memory of Allegheny l-ligh School lite and tradition. The former we must leave behind tor- ever: the latter we can never leave. Time flies, and with it flies things we once held dear and sacred. Only things ot the soul remain-forever pure and stable. In such a classification we seniors must always consider that higher ethics which has become so vital a part ot us in Alle- gheny. l-lere, in our last etiort as Alleghenians, we can only request that those traditions we hold so dear be tor- ever on your lips and in your hearts. Class Aciivifies Aizhleiics Adveriisemenis ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL I 888- I 937 5 ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL l938 I , I K 1 i I 1 1 I . 1 - GRADUATING MEMBERS of the WAH HOO STAFF Thelma Bauer Alex Berger Roy Colt Henry Eidenmuller John Fulmer Thomas Gloth Dorothy Gunther Ruth Steiner WHEN WE LEFT OCIHE road lay open-armed before: The morning slry was blue: The breeze that met us as we lett r Sang lceenly ot the new. We watched the slowly closing door, Sighed then, then briskly stept To where our favorite shading tree lts lonely outpost lcept. And then as it some voice within Us spoke. we turned and toolc At that place left torevermore One last, remembrant loolc. A glance-our paths must sever here: We firmly said goodbye. My hand shoolc treacherously, though: A tear was in your eye. Roy Colt. James t-lawley Roberta l-lunt Norman Kehrli Matilda Keller Lena Luzzo Alice Martin Tillie Seltzer VERNON S. BEACHLEY Principal TO THE JANUARY I938 GRADUATES: go your class will come the honor ot being the tirst class to be graduated from the newer Allegheny. During your progress through class atter class ot your high school journey you have lived step by step with the new developments in the erection of the new building. As you now approach the goal of graduation. so too does the new building come to its completion. As you go forth to serve more effectively in a larger sphere ot lite, so may our school with its newer equipment minister better to a greater and greater number ot young people. My sincere good wishes go with you. Your successes shall be my pleasures. GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: S you go 'Iorth from Allegheny I-ligh, I hope that you , will be of service, whether in high or in humble station. To be a real help. you will be obliged to talce responsibilities. ln your experience in high school, you should have learned this-I mean not only to take the responsibility for your own acts, which is your first duty. but the responsibility to help others who have needed both your example and your encouragement. It you have done your share, or more than your share, I believe that you have enjoyed lite in Allegheny. May you, in the outside world, continue your growth in the ideals which your school has tried to set before you. That you will have success and enjoyment of lite in whatever vocation you may choose to follow is my sincere wish tor all ot you. I l CI-IAS. R. FISHER Vice Principal Faculty V. S. BEACHLEY, Princrpal CHAS. R. FISHER. Vice Principal RALPH E. BLAKESLEE MARY P. BOSS PAULINE L. BOSTON MARY ISABEL BOWER RUTH C. BOYD ARTHUR E. COLE ELLEN COLE M. R. COOLEY GRACE E. CORNELIUS ELIZABETH B. COWLEY GRACE C. DICKEY ISABELLA P. DOW EMMA I. ECKE GEORGE J. EMMINGER RAYMOND P. FARRELL EVELYN M. FREY. Secretary MARY GRAEBING, Secretary JOHN A. GRUBER OLIVE M. GUNN LOUISE HAZLETT ELLA M. HAZLEWOOD EDNA M. HECK WM. P. HENNING LOUIS G. HOLE H. H. HOLMES ELIZABETH HOWE RUSSELL L. HUNTER HOWARD KEISTER LULU E. KISTLER ROUMAYNE WORRELL MYRTLE E. WYLIE . MARGARET KLINE SONIA LADOFF HAMILTON LYON ROBERT B. MAGILI. ROY T. MATTERN MARY S. MAURER FRANK T. MCCLURE MARGARET McCLURE ANNA M MCKIRDY C. A. MEDLOCK ELLA M. MESSER GRACE H. MILLER NELSON T. MILLER DORIS H. MOORE KATHERINE MOORE MARY R. MOORHEAD N. ANNE PETTY EVELYN RIDDLE MAUDE ROWLEY MARGARET RUTH ALICE M. SCHWARTZ CLARA A. SCOTT AUGUSTA M. SIPPEL HELEN M. SMITH OLGA E. SOLBERG HENRIETTA E. SPELKER HARRY M. SPRINGER W. BROWN STERRETT GERRIT THORNE NAOMI WHITE H. S. WIEAND is Q 2, N . XY' XX ff N, W MES fi Alex Derger -L 4 Q LUCY ALIMENA Lucy has a beautiful voice. She is happy, pretty. and magnetic. She wishes to become a nurse. An honor student is Lucy. Music and physical geography are her tavor- ite subjects. CHARLES ANDON A versatile youth with time aspira- tions. Although a second Fritz Kreisler, Chuclc hopes to find his lite work in aeronautics. l-le is a real trooper as drum major tor Allegheny's band. EVELYN BARB Dramatizing poetry gives Evelyn something in common with Miss Howe. She is a good sport and is always ready to cooperate. She is a member ot Service Squad and Literary Society. WILLIAM BATTAGLIA Member ot Lit and a heads-up baseballer. Bill wants to become a gym teacher. At present he is home room secretary and a mem- ber of Service Squad. Battaglia's grin and cocksure air are a certain "come-on" for friends. THELMA BAUER Tall and friendly, Thelma is seldom heard out ot turn. An industrious worker with a 'hne record as WAH HOO typist. One honor student whose ambition is to be a private secretary. She belongs to Lit and is a member ot the WAH HOO Statt. NORMA BAUMANN Quiet, shy, but friendly, Norma's ambition is to become a steno- grapher. Her favorite sport is swimming. Norma is a member ot Literary Society and helps the thritt committee ot her home room. RUSSELL BAUMBAUC-JH Russ hopes to use his grand spealc- ing voice as a radio announcer. He is a popular member ot Lit and Unison Club and excels in O. E. Very tun-loving and full ot pep is Russ. RUTH BEATTIE Happy-go-lucky Ruth! Always on the go. but never too busy to help someone else. Ruth's leisure time is spent in dancing. Her favorite subject is arts and crafts. ROBERT BECKER A good dancer. a member of Lit and ot Unison Club. ot the best actors in O. E. Bob is an energetic lad. His ambition is to be an electrical engineer. ALEX BERGER A gentleman and a scholar is Alex. Always ready and willing to accept any duty. As WAH HOO artist he delighted us with his cover designs. He is president of Student Council and a consist- ent honor student. VERA BOTT Wherever there is a basketball game. there is Vera. She is a member ot Girls Leaders and ot Lit. At football games Vera can be heard above all others with her. "C'mon team!" ANTHONY BRUNO Tony is the liveewire of the class. Captain of the Cheer Leaders. too. Musically-inclined. he is a member of the senior orchestra, and he has an orchestra ot his own. Football is his hobby. GEORGE BURLAND George is Allegheny's Pinlcy Tom- lin. ln spare moments he com- poses popular music. His vocal ability is marked. George is a member ot the Boys College Club. His ambition is to become a lawyer. EDWARD BUTKOVIC Handsome and witty is Abe. A powertul baclstielder, quiclc thinker, and basketball player. His ambi- tion is to coach athletics. Mem- ber ot Lit and athletic representa- tive ot his home room. MARIE CANDIOTO Quiet, pretty. stylish, gracious Marie wants to be a stenographer. Her hobbies are reading and play- ing tennis. Her tavorite subiecte are English and shorthand. She is a member ot the Literary Society. RALPH W. CH EETHAM Silent as Sunday is Ralph. This 3OI-er, whose hobby is wood- working. is a member ot the Serv- ice Squad. Seldom heard. Ralph 'is always a courteous and industri- ous gentleman. VICTOR COCCIMIGLIO A silent man from 30I. with a tricky sense of humor. Vic enjoys O. E. best ot all his subjects: basketball is his tavorite sport. l-le has a wealth ot general in- tormation and a grin that "mows 'em down." ANGELIN E CODAN Service Squad. Girl Reserves, sew- ing, basketball and football games are Angie's chief interests. Angie is thoughtful. kind, and helpful. WILLIAM L. COLLINS Tall and handsome William wears a "Dutchie" haircut. I-Ie is inter- ested in basketball and Ding pong. I-lis best subject is machine shop. Active as a squad member and in the past as Athletic and WAH HOC Representative. ROY COLT Editor ot the Year Book, staff poet. a member ot Boys College Club, and a high honor student. Roy has a keen sense of humor. excellent judgment, and splendid executive ability. He is civic and philosophically mincled. CHARLES COURTWRIGHT Thoughtful, tacttul, courteous. and good-looking. A member ot Lit- erary Society and the Service Squad. Fond of ice-skating and swimming. A valuable friend. EDITH CROWLEY Edith is preparing to follow in the toot-steps ot Florence Nightingale. She likes biology and is a member ot the Conservatory Club and the Service Squad. Skating. swim- ming, and basketball are her hobbies. She is talkative. studious, friendly. and happy. CHARLES DAUER Charles is a member of Lit and of Unison Club. I-le is a courte- ous. friendly chap and likes to read and play mushball in his spare time. He wants to be a singer. Y HELEN DOUGH ERTY A songbird ot 227, who aims tor success in singing. I-Ieleri's a Sonja I-lenie on the ice. She is a member of Literary Society. nisonoas sam Teddy has a variety ot interests. He is an honor student. Inter- ested in amateur radio. he wants to be an electrical engineer. Trig and orchestra are his tavorite sub- iects. He belongs to Radio Club. JOHN ECONOMIDAS A member of the basketball team and Service Squad. A consistent honor student Connie has become an esteemed personage in math class. Law is his chosen protes- sion. HENRY EIDENMULLER Debonair Henry, orator in school and salesman after school hours. is an earnest worker in any activ- ity. A member ot the WAH HOO Statf's advertising depart- ment and ot the Unison Club. RICHARD ELIAS Athletic representative. member ot Boys College Club. and second- baseman on the baseball team. Brown-eyed Dick is a very popular member ot the senior class. He excels in Oral English. DOLO RES FAZIO This secretarial-training student gets in practice by taking notes in class meetings. She enjoys dancing and dances very well. Dee is admired because of her gracious ways. ALBERT FEITL An able member of Squad. excels in crafts and math. His hobby is sketching. An excellent speaking voice qualities him tor his chosen profession as a radio announcer. OPAL FERRELL Opal, president of-Girl Reserves, likes English, bookkeepinga and psychology. Collector of news- paper clippings. Wants to be a director of plays. Intelligent. studious, helpful. trustworthy. and dramatic. MICHAEL FRISHKEY President of his home room, mem- ber ot Student Council rand of Service Squad. Mike is itriendly. happy. and willing to'heIp at all times. I I s fi S a 1. S E 5. i it 5. 5, 5 gf g, E ii i 5 I I l i I i i I I ROBERT FULLERTON Squad member and 'twice honor student is Bob. Usually serious and business-like, he aims to be an aeronautical engineer. Trig is his favorite subject, and design- ing planes is his hobby. JOHN E. FULMER Member ot the WAH HOO Staff, Literary Society, and the Service Squad. Favorite subjects are Ger- man, French, and English. Tall and dapper John is a well-intorm- ed honor student. l-lis chosen field is the ministry. ANNA GAERTNER A grin and a giggle characterize Anna. She is the most happy person in 227. She is social chair- man and enjoys swimming and basketball. She is a meifrber of Literary Society and hopesito be- come a secretary. ' RAY GARVIN - Ray's high ambition is to play in a symphony orchestra. He is a member ot the Senior Orchestra and enjoys music of all kinds. A thoughtful, friendly person is Ray. MILDRED GILBERT Thoughtful, industrious. courteous, and friendly. Mildred's interests are book-keeping, sewing. skating, and dancing. She is a member ot Girl Reserves. THOMAS GLOTH Tom's favorite activities are Oral English. history, gymnastics. and tumbling. He is vice president of the IZA class and vice president of the Literary Society. He wants to be a chiropodist. He is friend- ly, brilliant. courteous, and witty. DOROTHY GUNTHER Member of the WAH HOO Staff and of the Literary Society, and an invaluable assistant in the library. Dot lilcessdancing, music, German, and English. Very stylish, pretty, and courteous. WILLIAM GUYTON Very much alive and a great sport enthusiast is Bill. Former president of Hi-Y and a member of the Boys College Club. Even though he is late for O. E. every day. O. E. is still his favorite subject. JEAN HAFFLY Jean is Friendly and studious. She is an excellent cook which ac- complishment tits in her plan to become a good housekeeper. She is very creative and an active member of Lit and of Unison Club. BETTY HAHN Betty's charming manner will do halt ot the curing when she en- ters the field ot nursing. Betty is versatile, enjoying sports. skat- ing, and studies. She is planning to enter the South Side Hospital. MARY HALLSTEIN lndustrious. gracious Mary is a member of Literary Society and of Unison Club. Very lady-lilre. her ambition is to be a good housekeeper. Sewing and O. E. are her favorite subjects. and reading is her hobby. JAMES HAWLEY Hawley has all it takes. He is a bustling personality, intelligent, cheery, and industrious, Jim is Circulation Manager of the WAH HOO, supervisor of Service Squad, president ot the Hi-Y, and a member of Lit. Automotive engineering is his aim. GERARD HICKEL is very talkative He is popula among the girls whose attention he wins by his witty remarks. Th bond ot friendship between Hic' and Shine cannot be broken. Jerry, the dashing Romeo of 429, ' ' . ' r ' ' s . . . E l NORMA HOLDEN Norma is a grand dancer, a good sport. and an all-around girl. She is willing to cooperate in all ac- tivities ot the school. She is prom chairman ot 227 and a member of Literary Society. MATTIE HUMPHRIES Mattie never loses an opportunity to learn a new dance step. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to a member of her class. She is an excellent seamstress and quite a songbird. She wants to become a nurse. ROBERTA H UNT This peppy honor student spends much of her leisure writing for the XWAH HOO and playing tennis. A member of Gregg Artists. of Literary Society, and of Service Squad. Her chosen workl is that of private secretary. l l LILLJAN JAMISON ome known tor her ability to malce clothes Her friendliness makes her popular. Lillian rs vice president of 227 and wants to be stenographer. This stylish young lady has be- C . . a NORMA JONES A brilliant, courteous, gracious, and very popular girl. She hopes to be a secretary and has pre- pared herself tor this vocation. Member ot Lit and an honor stu- dent. Her favorite subjects are algebra and geometry. EDWARD JUST Ed is a quiet, industrious senior who startles us frequently by his rollicking fun. He plays in the band and his favorite hobby is designing. His aim is to be an engineer. JOHN KATZBECK A lively redhead with a friendly smile and a mind tor athletics. A member ot Lit and several times honor student. Red excels in crattworlc, but aims tor a busi- nessman 's career. l ISABEL KAZEVA Isabel is rightfully popular because ot her friendly attitude toward others. She is always ready with a witty remarlr. She is president of Booster Club and hopes to loe- come a stenographer. NORMAN KEHRLI Kehrli is torever working tor the good ot the school. His work as Business Manager ot the WAH HOO has never been surpassed. He hopes to become a mechanical engineer. Norman is also an honor student. MATILDA KELLER Allegheny's Gracie Allen is very intelligent and a consistent honor student. Alumni editor of the WAH HOO, president of Gregg Artists. and member ot Literary Society. Matilda's application has been accepted by the School ot Nursing at the West Penn Hospi- tal. THEODORE KEY Ted plays a trombone in the band and the piano on the side. His hobbies are swimming and football. His favorite subject is biology. He plans to be a boolr- keeper. JOSEPHINE KING Josephine lilres to dance and skate in her spare time. Her favorite subjects are cooking and O. E. She is a member of Lit and ot Unison Club and hopes to be a stenographer. CHLOE KREDEL An honor student, tond of Eng- lish, typewriting, and roller skat- ing. A member ot Unison Club and the Literary Society. A clever, likable, tacttul, and very gracious girl. ANNA KRIKSTON Anna is truly the life ot a party. To her, Gregg Artist members gladly give their dues. Her hobby is dancing, and her 'favorite sub- jects are shorthand and type. ROSEMARIE LA FRANCA Rosemarie otters Katharine Cornell competition in dramatic ability. Oral English is her favorite sub- ject. Her career lies in the field ot dress designing. HARRIET LIPPOLD l-larriet is a shy, studious person. who is quite capable with a recipe and a 'Few ingredients. A member of Literary Society. Her hobby is adventuring in books. LENA LUZZO Luscious is the word for Lee, who is one ot the most active mem- bers ot the class. She is a mem- ber ot the WAH HOO Statt and of Lit, vice president ot Student Council, and an honor student. too. FRANK MAGUIRE Franlr is one ot the handsomest boys ot the senior class. As WAH HOO representative, he always brings in a percentage ot one hundred per cent. He belongs to Lit and is on the Service Squad. HENRY MAITZ Henry's two activities this semes- ter were tullbaclc on the football team and president ot Unison Club: he did a fine job in eaehl He is an active member of Lit and is well-lilced by his class- mates. ' DRAGATINE MAMICH Known to his friends as "Draggy" of Miss Dressy or "Dolly," he is one I-lowe's star O. E. pupils. belongs to Lit and uses his dramatic ability by appearing frequently in the programs. His favorite sports are swimming and baslretball. MICHAEL MANOS A dark-eyed, curly-topped Greek with a figure like Apollo Belve- dere's. He has a fertile imagina- tion and reads Poe. Boxing is his favorite sport, and law is his ambition. HARRY MARKOS Tall, dark, and very friendly. Member of Lit and of Service Squad and Junior partner in the Marlcos-McVey Corporation. One of Harry's most distinguishing qualities is courtesy. WILLIAM MARSHALL Bill is tall. husky. and handsome. "The Perfect Specimen" has many ardent admirers, especially among the girls. When it comes to 'foot- ball. Bill is always there. He shows personality in the class room. too. ALICE MARTIN Alice. an active member of the WAH HOO Staff, fairly sparkles with the joy of living. She excels in German and English and enjoys motoring and dancing. She is an honor student and a member of Gregg Artists and of Lit. ROBERT MARTIN Bob is an all-round athlete. Tall and broad-shouldered. he goes in for football, baseball, and boxing. He has been home room vice president for three semesters and is a second Will Rogers at class meeting. JOSEPH J. McVEY Joe has the right formula for liv- ing-malring money and being happy. A smile always adorns his face: snappy remarks, always original and witty. account for his wide range of friends. He is a member of the Service Squad and of Lit. WILBUR MELLOTT Architecture is WiIIie's interest. He is a member and officer of the Senior Band and a member of Lit. Football is his favorite sport. JOSEPH MESSNER Our Joe is triendly and witty. His happy-go-lucky attitude wins him numerous friends. He is a mem- ber ol: Lit and Architecture clubs. Some clay he hopes to be a suc- cessful draftsman. ALYS M EY ERS Blonde, blue-eyed. pretty, vivaci- ous. and winsome-what could better describe our I2A social chairman? A willing worlzer in Lit and a member of Service Squad. JEAN MEYERS .lean is the little blonde WAH I-IOO representative ot 227. She has held this position tor three years because of her ability to collect money. She collects dogs as a hobby. Secretarial worlc is her field. ANN MILECKI Ann is quiet: yet she has an admirable sense ot humor. She has earned a reputation for al- ways being helpful. I-Ier favorite subjects are shorthand and law. which she will need when she be- comes a stenographer. MARY mites Mary's happy. carefree manner would cheer the gloomiest person. To be a stenographer is-hei'ambi- tion. Mary belongs to Literary Society. She is an excellent swimmer. FREDERICK MILLER Friendly Fred, who is an energetic member of Literary Society, sel- ects O. E. as his favorite subject. I-Iis favorite sports are swimming and ice skating. Another strong. silent man. DAVID MORGAN A red-headed Welshman with a triendly grin. With his aim set as being a head bool:-lceeper. Morgan stars in the commercial course. He serves as home room banker tor variety. He is seldom heard but Iilres O. E. ROY MORROW Roy wishes to become a dentist. He is very fond of English and French: is a member of Lit and ot the French Club. His hobbies are basketball and football. His very pleasing personality wins him many friends. HOWARD MOSER Although Howard is rather small, he has a great big smile which certainly wins friends. Mechanical drawing is one of his favorite subjects. Swimming and ice skat- ing are among his accomplish- ments. MA RY NICOLL Marks of distinction--curls and a sunny disposition. Our class sec- retary, a Scottish blessing to America. is also presiding officcr of her home room and a member of Literary Society. HELEN NUNAMAKER Helen is noted for her social in- clinations. She is always a val- uable addition to a social com- mittee. Her favorite subjects are sewing, O. E., and English. She wants to be a stenographer. JAMES OTTERSON Quiet, intelligent. prepossessing James is interested in law, civics, and history, and consequently good government, He is a mem- ber of the Service Squad. '2 HELEN- PATTON Helen comes to the front in sew- ing class. She looks forward to sewing as a profession. The warmth of her friendship reaches everyone's heart. HELEN PAU LOS Shy and pretty. but oh so sweet! A beautician is what Helen would like to be. What could be more fitting! Swimming and skating hold great favor with her. At school she excels in sewing. JUNE PEFFERMAN Sophisticated June is one of the best-dressed girls in our class. Her ambition-nursing. Secretary of Gregg Artists. member of and of Service Squad, she serves ably. ANGELO 'PETRAKOS O. E. and mechanical drawing are Angelo's favorite school interests. A member of the basketball and football teams. r,Some day he will be a successful electrician. CARL RAITANO Carl is looking forward to a coaching career. A member ot the baseball and football squads in past years. Boys College Club and Senior Hi-Y are his club interests. Salcsmanship is his tav- orite subject. EDNA SCHLATER There is never a dull moment when Edna is present. Everything connected with gayety intrigues her. She is a member ot Booster Clubg her hobby is reading. EDWARD REUTER To be a machinist is studious Ed's ambition. The tact that he does so well in machine shop shows that he is developing his special ability. Ed likes football, basket- ball, and boxing. ENIS SARTORIO Energetic Enis. the stylish, happy WAH HOO representative, wish- es, as do many others, to be a secretary. Enis belongs to Lit and is fond ot dancing. WALTER SCHILLER Quietness and courtesy make up the magnetic personality of Wal- ter. I-le is a wizard in history and a member of the band. His ambi- tion is to be a boys' social worker. MADELINE SCHMITT Laughing must be Made-line's hobby because she does it so much of the time. She linda greatest enjoyment in her O. E. class and is a member ot Literary Society. Madeline hopes to be- come a typist. CLARE SCHROEDEL Where there's excitement, there's Clare. Secretary ot Unison, an active member of Lit. and social chairman ot her home room, she keeps quite busy. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and danc- ing. TILLIE SELTZER Gracious, energetic, and intelli- gent--these words describe Tillie. Tillie has excelled not only in scholastic work but in extra cur- ricular activities, being social chairman, class banker, a member of the WAH HOO Staff and of Squad. Her greatest desire is to become a business executive. l A WALTER SERYCH Walt has blonde, curly hair and the cutest smile: He plans to be a doctor. Math is his favorite subject. Walt belongs to Boys College Club and is an active member of Lit. FRANK SHINE To be a Veterinarian is Frank's ambition. His favorite subjects are art and English, and he is a member of Lit. Frank enjoys all sports and is a grand person to know. VIRGINIA SIEGLEN A pianist ot no mean ability is Virginia. Her main ambition is to be a private secretary. She is a grand dancer and singer. LILLIAN SKILES Another valuable asset to O. E. class, Lillian has made that sub- ject her favorite. A member of Literary Society and secretary of Girl Reserves. LOUIS SLAIS Tall, handsome Louis is the presi- dent of our senior class. He be- longs to the basketball squad, is the president of Boys College Club and is a very smooth dan- cer. Dashing and friendly is our Lit president. JOSEPHINE SNAIR Joey is the one to find when you're feeling blue. She's always ready to cheer with her witty re- marks. She is treasurer of 227 and a member of Literary Society. GEORGE SIRAKOS Sports are G-eorge's main interests, and his aim is to become a physical Education instructor. A likable, entertaining actor of O. E. and a member of Unison Club and of Lit, George enjoys many school activities. I-le is also a member of the football and basketball teams. LEONARD SOKOLOSKI Soko is well known throughout the school for his valuable service on the football team. An expert basketball player, a tease, hand- some as Gable, and a male Katharine Cornell. WALTON STAPEL One ot those few "tall, dark, and handsome" fellows. Serves his school, being a member ot Squad. An athletically minded lad, he has a most pleasing personality. RUTH STEINER Versatile Ruth is editor of the WAH HOO, secretary ot Literary Society, and vice president ot her room. Ruth is a truly able person. Her position on the honor roll honors the work. She is socially popular, too, WILLIAM STEWART A physics whiz and a Latin stu- dent ot exceptional ability. ln his spare time William raises and exhibits Scottish terriers, A mem- ber ot Lit and an honor student. His favorite sport is basketball. JOSEPH SUKITS .loe does not speak very often. but when he does say something, it is sure to be to the point. He is among the leading actors ot Lit. Joe also belongs to the Service Squad. ANNE TESCH Anne, our Pollyanna, is one of the best actresses in O. E. She excels in shorthand and type. Any group welcomes Anne's smile and' jolly personality. WAH l-IOO representative and a member of Girls Leaders. ROSELLA VAZZANA Rosella's favorite subjects are shorthand, type. and English. An honor student. Scintillatingly stylish and magnetic. Hobbies- dancing and music. A member ot Literary Society and ot Service Squad. MARIE WAUGAMAN As a member ot Service Squad and Lit, Marie works hard for the success ot both. She likes to dance and play basketball and hopes some day to be a beauty operator. RUTH WEIDNER Ruth's accomplishments in com- mercial subjects make a splendid 'Foundation for a career in sten- ography. Ruth's hobbies are roller skating and ice-skating. She is 'a member ot Girl Reserves. 3 E 5 LUCIA ZITO Pep. vim, and vigor were all wrapped into one and presented to Lucia. She is a musician: she plays the piano and the ac- cordian. Lucia plans to don a white uniform and cool feverish brows. WALTER J. ZOTTER A happy-go-lucky. helptul fellow is Walt. who has won the triend- ship of many with his tact. A member ot Lit and an esteemed member ot Service Squad. Walt looks 'forward to a career of auto racing. He dances divinely. EDWARD BOTT lndustrious and studious is Ed. l-le has been the able civic chair- man of his home room tor two semesters. Reading is Ed's favor- ite hobby. l-le excels in physics and German. BETTY MAURER Betty can usually be tound ab- sorbed in a book. Because ot her love ot reading she is very quiet. Her favorite subject is algebra. and she is a member ot Service Squad. Her vocation is to be nursing. ANNA SCHMIDT Anna is noted for her friendliness. She hopes to succeed in dress- making and is preparing in sew- ing class for this profession. She is a past member of the Service Squad and at present belongs to Literary Society. BOBETTE FAFATA Bobette wishes to be a music teacher: consequently orchestra and harmony please her most. Her hobbies are reading and dancing. She is studious, creative, and possesses great initiative. She has been president ot her home room and is a member of the Service Squad. MARGARET MIKUSH Margaret excels in sewing and cooking. Her favorite sports are swimming and skating. ln these sports she is among the best. Very trustworthy, original, and helptul. JOHN SCHNEIDER A shy. energetic, industrious stu- dent, an easy maker ot friends, and an ardent baseball tan. John wants to be an architect and is preparing tor that work in the wood shop and by reading books on that subject. WALTER KOZEMIAKO Kozie is well known around the classrooms and is a member ot the clique ot silent students. He has become a consistent English student. Swimming is his hobby. WYLMA NOLTE Wylma is certainly an asset to O. E. class. Her ambition is to be a friend to everyone. She is athletic representative and has been WAH HOO representative of her home room. GERALDINE WAKELIN Geraldine is aiming to be a sec- retary and is preparing in com- mercial subjects. ln tact, business organization is her favorite sub- ject. She is one ot many who enjoy dancing. i I CLASS OFFICERS President - - Louis Slais Vice President - - Thomas Sloth Secretary - - Mary Nicoll Social Chairman - Alys Meyers Hall ot Fame LOUIS SLAIS OUIS SLAIS has come to prominence in many and varied tields. Not only is he Senior Class President. but he is also president ot Literary Society and ot the Boys College Club. The responsibilities heaped on him in his last semester in Allegheny he has met with an activity and ability seldom surpassed. Lou has expanded into the field ot sports. too, and is a tirst-team torward on Allegheny's basketball squad. No wonder that leadership and unanimous popularity are his. ALICE MARTIN INCERITY and genuine triendliness are a tew ot Alice's many qualities. She enjoys all sports, but her studies are never neglected as her name is consistently on the I-lonor Roll. Smiling and eager, she works diligently as typist on the Wah l-'loo Stati and was indispensible to Miss Scott throughout the semester. She is a valued member ot Literary Society and Gregg Artists and secretary ot her home room. With a magnetic personality and an unequalled ability to make triends Alice is popular with all who know her. Never obtrusive but always on hand to accept a task and aid in anyway in her classrooms, clubs, and other activities, Alice is well known tor her achievements and willingness. As a triend and classmate, she will be ever remembered. THOMAS GLOTH N Tommy we have the delighttul combination ot a gentleman. scholar, actor, and general tun-loving boy. Courteous and willing to accept duties. he is vice president ot the Senior Class and vice presi- dent ot Lit. ln O. E. he shines and although he says he wants to be a chiropodist, we can better picture him as a second Paul Muni or Leslie l-loward. As an added asset, Tommy has a sense ot humor, which en- dears him to his triends and sees him through any situation. In short, he is personality plus. RUTH STEINER PLEASING personality is Ruth's. Radiant and winsome, popular but demure, she has been chosen to occupy many stations ot importance in her class. As Editor ot the Wah l-loo, she has shown her ability not only as a clever manager but also as an able writer. ln Literary Society she is a popular secretary and actor. ln the class room she has showed herselt one ot our most intelligent students. Ruth Steiner, we are sure, can review her high school years with the greatest pride. ROY COLT SFI-lE Wah l-loo chose an able Year Book Editor when it selected Roy Colt tor that position. With a brilliant mind, intensive think- ing power, and a triendly manner, Roy carried all his activities to great heights. As a poet par excellence, he has written remarkable poetry 'tor the Wah l-loo tor many semesters. Roy has an excellent scholarship record and enjoys solving problems no matter how ditticult. Roy's in- tectious smile and original wit has won him many triends and admirers. As a member ot Boys College Club that organization received a taste ot Roy's lively humor. Sincere, natural, and wholly a genius all to him- selt Roy otters much competition, scholastically, humanly, and humorously to all about him. Roy is deserving ot tame tor his earnest endeavor, un- surpassed ability, and keen intelligence. LENA LUZZO ENA is one ot the best-known pupils ot our class. This not only tor her winning personality but also, because ot her scholastic standing. Lena is a consistent all-A student. As head ot the School Notes Department, she has done an excellent job. Lena must always be remembered by her classmates tor her cheerful and alert disposition. ALEX BERGER LEX BERGER is another of our class leaders. For several semesters home-room president, he graduates as President of Student Council. Clean-cut character and sensible aggressiveness have made him a successful officer and student. As Wah Hoo artist he is responsible for many of the fine cover designs of recent semesters. Berger is also well-known for his gymnastic ability and so is president of the Boys Leaders Club. We might hold Alex up as an example of versatility in leadership. ROBERTA HUNT USTLING, studious and friendly, "Bobbie" is the business man's ideal secretary. She types well and writes even better. The Wah l-loo Staff discovering her creative ability wasted no time in making her Literary Editor. Bright, cheery, and energetic she works hard and always has a kind word for everyone. ln Gregg Artists. Lit, Service Squad, and Wah l-loo Staff, she brings nothing but praise to these organizations by her work-hard atmosphere. JAMES HAWLEY NDUSTRY and intelligence are two capacities I-lawley has to a large degree. This prominent pupil has been active not only in the classroom but also on Squad. on the Wah l-loo Staff. and as president of the Senior l-li-Y Club. As Wah l-loo Circulation Manager. he has turned in a record number of subscriptions, while as Captain of Squad, he has become known throughout the school for his activity. A fine record and a fine fellow! MATILDA KELLER LIVE spirit, humorous personality. and a fountain of funny say- ., ings constitute Matilda, our Alumni Editor of the Wah l-loo. l-ler curly blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes add much to her charm. She is president of Gregg Artists and an active member of the Com- munity l-louse, where she has maintained an honor standing. As merry as a woodland sprite, she infects everyone with her joviality. Poise and grace permit her to make all those about her feel perfectly at ease. Matilda is a welcome addition to any group. MARY NICOLL QERT, vivacious. and witty. This little Scotch lassie began her career of leadership at Latimer and continued it at Allegheny. She became well-known as president of 227 and sergeant-at-arms for the Student Representative Body. l-ler ambition is to be a private secre- tary: she is getting practice as the secretary of the Senior Class. Danc- ing blue eyes and bobbing red curls are striking characteristics. Mary is appreciated by her classmates and teachers. Literary Society remem- bers fondly her characterization of a naughty little girl in "Seventeen." Mary's never alone but always surrounded by her many friends. chips were soon knocked off UNHAILED CAESERS A oc-FEBRUARY l935l and a new group of sophomorons entered old Allegheny. Fresh from a triumphal ninth grade in junior high we had come "like Alexander to spread our conquests farther." But the our shoulders and the starch out of Ollf collars as we were enthralled in the bonds of education-of the higher type. We were completely overcome by the lto usl novel attitude of our teachers and by the condescending cocksureness of the upper class- men. We learned, too. that the rubbish can hath power to soothe the savage beast. The senior play appeared and left us contemplating our own future stage successes. The Allegheny spirit quickly permeated our tender hides and we were prepared for bigger and better things. So went the first year. P As juniors we found ourselves an elevated group. Unlike our sopho- more selves we knew not and knew that we knew not. On the whole we had become more genteel and decorous. We were even more Alle- ghenyized. Allegheny's basketball squad was in the midst of a winning season and our class cheered as lustily as any. Then, too, school activities came our way. The Wah l-loo was already an important item, and soon our class actors were to capture the school by surprise-surprised they were even allowed on the stage! Time marched on. and membership in clubs kept piling up. The B.C.C., Leaders clubs, l-li-Y, etc.. became important factors in our young lives. Then came news of a new Alle- gheny, and during the construction period we all went tramping off to Latimer. Like Dan'l Boone we kept yelling for elbow room-and didn't get it. Meanwhile, a hard-fighting South l-lills team double crossed us by capping the Section ll Football Championship. Seniors! and back to a remodeled Allegheny. Among other things we swung into a new basketball season and Allegheny shone as the only team to beat State Champion South l-ligh. Then came weeks of work on a better-than-ever Wah l-loo, with a hard fight in cramped quarters that ultimately resulted in an all-time subscription high. During those weeks we got our first experiences in Lit and in the course of events came to somewhat resemble the actors we had imagined ourselves to be all the while. We were kept busy and responsible that semester and visions of an all triumphant l2A began to arise. But alas, such was not to be! What with crowded quarters, reconstruction, and the rest. our class genius was squelched-crushed in the bud. One thing though, six seniors made Allegheny's basketball squad. Then too. we felt the Wah l-loo was a success. So we unhailed Caesers can find little but happy memories from the years spent in dear old A.l-LS. 1 l Class Chronicle September I-Who can blame Alleghenians for their cocky attitude as they admire proudly the remodeling of their school? Everything's shining and bright like the faces of our new sophomores who are making their debut in Allegheny today. The eagerness and the desire to get going, displayed in all students from sophs and seniors, is a prophecy of a splendid, successful semester for Allegheny and the carrying to new heights of all her activities. September I3-Wah l-loo begins to show itself for the first time in the new school. The seniors' tears are quite genuine as they realize there can be no Skit. "But we don't need a skit," they say in their best senior fashion. "We'll put Wah Hoo over in spite of all diffi- culties." September I5--Alex Berger, Lena Luzzo, Mary Nicoll, and Mike Frishkey attend Student Council representing their respective senior classes. Alex and Lena elected unanimously as President and Vice President of Student Council while Antoinette Slowik shows her skill as "maitre de plume." September I8-Allegheny's first football game of the season. With cheers and applause Allegheny bows to the rival, Peabody. Score? Well--not so bad-I9-O. September 25-"Saturday afternoon, September 25, Allegheny suffers its second current gridiron defeat at the hands of a superior Ali- quippa eleven." That's how it read in the first issue of the Wah l-loo. The score: Aliquippa 34-Allegheny O. October l-Literary Society in an informal meeting elects Louis Slais. president and Ruth Steiner, secretary. Even without an auditorium the eighty-five members of Lit, packed like sardines in Room Four- Twenty-Nine. are looking forward to excellent programs. P.S.-- They got them. A October 2-So, as the story runs, Allegheny has a football team. But it seems her opponents also have football teams. Martins Ferry I8- Allegheny l3. But it's only the beginning, only the beginning, and we score two touchdowns and an extra point. Our hopes are high. October 4-Yellow feathers, worn in buttonholes, in shirt pockets. as hair ornaments show the loyalty of Allegheny students to the Wah I-loo. Each subscriber sports a yellow feather, and a gala sight it is to see. October 5-Louis Slais, president: Thomas Giloth, vice president, and Mary Nicoll. secretary, are officers of the present senior class-- Louis with his very much aliveness, Tommy with keen intelligence. and Mary with her ready suggestions and penmanship seem a brilliant combination to guide our class along a successful path. October 9-Deadlockl A pair of knotholes for Perry and Allegheny in the Red and Blue's inaugural season game! V-- ff'7'f2' "" fr-W f October I3-Report card day. A variety of emotions and expressions are felt and worn by all of us this day. But the l-lonor Roll shows a goodly representation from all grades. Yes, effort sometimes is rewarded. October I4--At the Allegheny-Oliver game today the band makes its triumphal appearance in full regalia. Splendid looking boys, they fail to inspire Allegheny to victory as Oliver scores 6-Allegheny O. October I8--The first issue of the Wah l-loo is put into circulation. lts theme, "March of Time" is received favorably by subscribers. October 23-Allegheny winsl A wet day, but .Allegheny trounces Carrick I3-O. A small crowd sees the game and what a thrill they receive! "Our team is good"-general opinion of Alleghenians. October 30-The Langley game proves to be a sorrowful occasion for Alleghenians, as Bernard Vogel, star left-end player, is seriously in- jured and has to be rushed to Presbyterian l-lospital. All Allegheny hopes for his speedy recovery. November 5-The 'First floor hall of the remodeled building proves a beautiful setting for the l2A Social. l-lallowe'en decorations on the dance books give the occasion a merry holiday spirit. November I2-The second issue of Wah l-loo is out, and it proves to be a record-breaker. A "Home and School" issue. it makes up ably for the lack of a Parent-Teacher's Night, which was its aim. Ac- cepted and applauded with favor by all. November I7-l-lalf eagerly, half timidly. the seniors inspected their proofs sent from Studio Grande. Shocked expressions and satisfied smiles are everywhere while seniors mob each other to see the re-- sults of 'one another's pictures. Verdict-Good. in fact, very good. November I9--A beautiful snow storm prevents outdoor club pictures so we brave the camera with its flash of powder indoors. More pictures to worry about. l'll look human--l hope, l hope. "Such is life"--Senior A. November 23-Our new building is opened and'it's really a knockout. A swimming pool. large gymnasium. and a beautiful auditorium are a few of its marvelous features. Allegheny is truly a modern, beauti- ful senior high school now. December IO-Members of the senior class gather in front of the new building on Sherman Avenue, presumably to take pictures. The melee ends in a snowball battle with the innocent women and chil- dren lsenior A girlsl brushing snow out of their hair, ears, and clothes. Yes, boys will be boys! December i3-Prom committee meets and decides the Prom must be held in the new gym. The seniors are very disappointed. but with chins up they determine to make it a grand success in spite of handi- caps. And they will. December I7-Our basketball team defeats Peabody. 43-38 in a grand game, supported heartily by Alleghenians. The proceeds of the game are to be used to help pay expenses of Bernard Vogel's injury incurred in the Langley-Allegheny football game. Vogel. up and around on crutches, is at the game and receives the best wishes and welcoming smiles of Alleghenians. December 2 I-"Yule-Log"-Last issue by the present statf showers upon Allegheny its Christmas joy. An issue filled with the spirit of Christ- mas and the wishes of the statf for a Merry Christmas to All. December 23-The Christmas spirit pervades Allegheny's halls, as the carol singers spread their Christmas joy. Around the tree we gather. Serene and happy we look forward eagerly to the Christmas holidays. January I9-Seniors scratch their heads and rack their brains as they strive to think of what to write in the Year Book as eager under- classmen seek autographs. But do the seniors enjoy the attention they're receiving! They certainly do and they don't even mind writers' cramp. January 20-I-low we've been looking forward to the Wah l-loo Dance. and how we have enjoyed it! The Staff and favored members of the senior class will always remember the occasion. the first social occasion in the new building. January 2l-Laughter and gaiety fill the air this night. for the Prom in the Gym proves the happiest occasion ever for this senior class. Swinging and swaying, beautifully gowned maidens and attractively attired gentlemen dance and thoroughly enjoy this evening. Ahl lt's great to be alive. January 28-Proud, with uplifted eyes, seniors accept diplomas in l-leinz l-louse Auditorium. Wishes of luck and happiness surround us. We've reached a height in our school career, and eager plans are made for future activities. Although we all go our separate ways. our thoughts and happiest dreams are of the days we spent in Allegheny-the school with the grand spirit. LAST ACT I EIJ-IE curtain is drawn. the play is o'er, This stage of life we leave, We'll give the world the best we have From patterns of lives we weave. Life's happy days. to all seem so few, Let's be brave as we part, We'll meet once more on the other shore, Looking back with remembrant heart. THE SHIPS SAIL WEST By Roy Colt OCIHE ships sail west. The ships sail west, I know not where, I know not where: But honeyed isles ot peace and rest And golden garlands Beauty-blessed- Ay: somewhere on the white waves' breast Lite's fairest tlow'rs-are there. But tell me. who'll attain that favored side, Some golden beach I Where simple soulsprung pleasure doth abide? For, oh, too 'Few may clasp ot those that reach The ships sail west. The ships sail west: I know not where, I know not where: But roaring seas that know not rest, That I-Ieavenward rise but always sink Toward I-Iell, are there. And o'er the brink, Death and eternity are there. And tell me, who will span that wild divide, Who bridge the breach? The ships are slight, dark the abyss and wide: A feeble few may clasp though many reach. I u gag a ww ' N I vw mr ARF ia m if In 'ig-595 STUDENT BODY Srl-lE Student Representative Body has throughout the semester shown excellent leadership and cooperation with students and faculty. The organization is composed ot capable persons elected by their respective home rooms. The forty-one representatives met every Wednesday to discuss problems ot the school and present educational projects. The discussions included: the purpose of the Community Fund. the value of scholarship, and the formation of habits ot thrift. The chair- men ot the standing committees were: Scholarship, Lena Luzzo: Civic. Robert Grabowskig Thrift, Robert Tegetott: Attendance, Ernest Nigrelli: l-lome Room, Mike Frishkeyg Publicity, Mary Nicoll: Secretarial, Antonette Slowilc. The sponsors were: Clara A. Scott, Lulu Kistler, Mary l. Bower, Charles R. Fisher, Ralph E. Blalceslee. President - - - Alex Berger Vice President - - Lena Luzzo Secretary - - Antonette Slowilc Treasurer - - - Ernest Nigrelli Sergeant-at-Arms - Mary Nicoll REPRESENTATIVE GIRLS C50-TO-COLLEGE CLUB l QCIHE purpose of the Go-To-College Club is to prepare its members for better participation in college life. and to provide a scholar- ship for a worthy member, Such a girl is now enjoying our scholarship in college. Every meeting is important, a new and helpful experience. As opportunity permits, former members who are now in college or have finished cheer us on. Among the happy adventures of the past semester. we vividly recall an afternoon of entertainment at P.C.W. An amazing and exciting adventure was our visit to the Cathedral of Learning which connotes the luxuriant library, tea in the cozy Commons, and a loolc at the fascinating treasures in the Foster Memorial. Right here in Allegheny we are having daily thrills in our talent hunt. the result of which will ap- pear in a later Wah l-loo. President - Antoinette Dobrozdravic Vice President - - Florence Bishoff Secretary - - - Agnes Terry Treasurer - Hilda Reitzel Sponsor - - Miss Petty . Qs ai WAH HOO STAFF EE Env 334 -Ivo 42 M3 rc 2 O L3 329 I-,..- 130 45-15 -E 4,. 5 EIS -I-'O 55 an 403 3555 I-'Q' -og ..IQ!L1, x.. U 3 FD 4-5 4-3 fU .C U LD U -o-I -+-2 O ,. ro -C O QE U-"S ZS.: Q17 C 3 ro 00 E .Q A CITES zmg O'Ufv Oqim I- U 01699 433 o Odw U .20 .Z Q53 :gms xl-1-"gf 2.55 I3-QQ: CIRCULATION SECRETARY BOYS ATHLETICS XL 22 Bw 'OCZ IT. uvIU UU E fC "W C 14: s.. fC 2 U .9 fi .E 'LSE E -Qu 05 ET Ps fum Q40 EQ Q SMS--5 M 1: O :sg O Q Q O Ljj to O 3 'O EQ Ugg -502 M P E - .5 5 Q qi Ln - 4 PNC? I 4: Q px fC E Q . -32 52 'mu go :J I Of I I LU QQ: .E -'L' w Z 4 45 Q4 U LJJ +1 D- C u.m I- 3 KD il EE J .EG my wg?-f.Q wig RD: ZwE46'.o 'Um Zw V735-Q Z5 41- -EQJLDK, - Ln I- 'Q Q. YU Im iw... mg PRS-E 4: u.l-5'-'-"O I-:mb U00 bzpxgc 41.5 X4 Q-L52-O.: I- LU C-Co fowl--w I LD If 5 0 f,g'55,4 5 .- Z :b5g.Qg45O6 3-U7 NEWE OSyCC54Ni:E3'5' yo O-'+:ww54fu EET... IfoO-C'- Ebxrx x--4-3U774' C C UJUQ- fC Uwomw-T -'5fUO74:-1:5 W-'QS-5C04i2m5IQ:2 0 I .C I I ' GREGG ARTISTS A . QCIHE O. G. A. is the business girls' club ot Allegheny. Members are those who have shown meritorious work in shorthand. Among the various activities ot the Gregg Artists are: lectures by prominent people. aid to beginning shorthand students, picnics, song tests, moving pictures, and a banquet. The Gregg Artists Club is a stepping stone and introduction to the business world into which many wish to enter after graduation. Under the guidance ot Miss Wylie, this club is a valuable organization. President - - - Matilda Keller Vice President - - Betty Evans Secretary - - June Petterman Treasurer - - Anna Krikston Sponsor - - Miss Wylie gig!-TE Girls Leaders Club's main purpose is to exercise leadership in physical education and scholastic activities. A pep song writing contest was staged among the members. The prize was divided between the two winners, Florence l-lodder and Lillian Krislio. We had the pleasure ot using the new gymnasium and are eagerly awaiting the time when we can use our new gym suits. They are somewhat ditferent trom those ot previous years. but are very attractive. President - - Catherine Birsic P Vice President - Tassie Lambrow Secretary - - Mary Palmer Treasurer - - - Julia Vargo Sergeant-at-Arms - Jenny I-loselc Sponsor - - - Miss Rowley GIRLS ' LEADERS BOYS LEADERS Boys LEADERS CLUB I-IIS semester the Leaders Club was unable to carry on its usual gymnasium program, because the new gym was not yet com- pleted. We had many interesting meetings, during which we discussed football and basketball rules. The club sponsored a benetit game against Peabody, tor Bernard Vogel. SENIOR JUNIOR Alex Berger - - - President - - - John Waroblack Robert Grabowski - - - Vice President - - Walter Dzierzanowslfi Ray Earlin - - - - Secretary - - - - John Flowers Mr. Springer - - - Sponsors - - - - Mr. Miller IIA DRAMA CLUB QC-Zvi-IE Drama Club, which met in 33'I every Friday, was a conglomera- tion ot several grades. The president, Jean Thoms, was an IIB as was the secretary, Louise Toth. The vice president was Jaclc Dean, a l2B. As there were no facilities tor the production ot plays, the club was given over to various activities: a trip to inspect the proposed Athletic Field on Monument I-lill, an inspection ot the new auditorium, a hilce, several musical and literary programs and a social. Tho' the club did not "dramatize," as much as they would like to have done, all the members enjoyed the period and that, after all, means much. ORCHESTRA GCI!!-IE orchestra is composed ot the tinest musicians ot the school regardless ot their grade. This semester has been devoted to re- hearsals tor tuture performances such as the openingot the new building, the spring concert and other public appearances. Among the pieces rehearsed are "Three Dances trom I-lenry VIlI" by Edward German, "Orpheus in der Unterweltu by J. Ottenbach, "Einzugsmarsch der Bojaren" by J. I-lalvorsen and Tschailcowslcy's "Danse de la Fie-Drageef' The orchestra meets the fifth period in morning under the direction ot Mr. Keister in Room IO5, the new music room. JUNIOR GIRLS LEADERS OCIHE unfinished gymnasium prevented the Leaders Club from en- gaging in its usual activities. They have. however, not been in- active. Cn a warm October afternoon, the girls, with Miss Boyd as their guide, saw the beautiful display ot flowers at the Conservatory in the park. To bring pleasure to a group of small children, the girls dressed dolls tor Christmas. Every doll was lovely. President - - Anna Oswald Vice President - l-lelen l-ludacek Secretary - - - Marie Codan Treasurer - Anna Leinz Sponsor - - Miss Boyd EZ!!-IE IOB Drama Club held meetings once a week in Room 222. Our club has attended several plays put on by the IOA Drama Club. We produced one play tor the IOA group in return, which was called "The Teeth of the Gift l-lorse." We also attended a play put on by the Duquesne Drama Club called "Winterset." We had a Christ- mas party which was a great success. Miss Boston gave us an interesting travel talk tor one meeting and told her experiences to us. President - - - Carolyn l-latner Vice President - - l-larry Beradelli Secretary - - Charles Tegethott Stage Manager - Robert Raeder Wardrobe Mistress - Dorothea Steele Sponsor ---- Miss Kline IOB DRAMA CLUB l EL CIRCULO ESPANOL PANISI-I CLUB, sponsored by Miss Riddle, met regularly the third period on Mondays. We had some very good reports and talks by various members ot the club on Spanish ways and customs. the Spanish people, and also about the Spanish American countries. The purpose ot our club is to interest the students, not only in the language itself, but also in the history and customs ot the Spanish spealfing people. "Buena suerta a nuestros amigos de la clase de Febrero l938." President - -- James Brungo Vice President - - Emma Krall Secretary - - Veronica Tonzo Treasurer - - Earl l-lollinger Sponsor - - Miss Riddle SZHIS semester the Service Men had extra responsibilities since the schedule during the construction ot the building made necessary arrivals and departures almost every period ot the day. The men served in halls, on doors, and as messengers and secretaries. Their service is appreciated by students and faculty. i JUNIOR SERVICE y SQUAD ART CLUB l l OCIHROUGH the art club. special students have been given more advanced art than was possible in our limited course. Our short course in Interior Decoration was enjoyed by all. The social side ot the club lite gave us some experience in the fine art ot living. p "Lifting better up to best," has been the purpose ot the art club. Y President - - E. Nye Vice President - - R. Klorber Secretary - - J. Perino Treasurer - - - J. Dahl Sponsor - - Miss I-lazlewood l i l SHE Wah l-loo Representatives are really the baclcbone ot the magazine. A great responsibility is theirs, as they are the means ot contact between the students and the statf. Their ideas and sugges- tions brought from their rooms aid in making each issue better than its predecessor. Their job is also to sell the Wah l-loo to the students, and each one must be lively and enthusiastic, and consistently lceep Wah l-loo in the minds of his classmates. Those elected to this ottice are delegated to an important taslc and are invaluable to the success ot the Wah l-loo. WAH HOO REPRESENTATIVES SERVICE SQUAD A. M. 4 - ARCHITECTURE CLUB l-lE Architecture Club, a noteworthy club, has been doing nicely this year even under the hardships induced by our present dual schedule. The purpose ot the club is to give its members an idea ot how the plans ot a house look when made to scale. The club imeets in Room I28 every Monday. the third period. Mr. Medlock, a very capable person, is our sponsor. President - - - Carl Reiser Vice President - Paul Schneider Secretary - - Joseph Messner Treasurer - - William Franz Sponsor - - Mr. Medlock HI-Y bc-ZTHROUGHOUT the past semester the I-li-Y carried on with its membership up to the limit and with a waiting list. lts members enjoyed several social gatherings at the Allegheny Y.M.C.A. in coopera- tion with similar clubs representing Oliver and Perry. James l-lawley, our president, carried also the presidency ot the I-li-Y Council, which held monthly meetings at the Allegheny Y. Our vice president took charge ot most ot the weekly meetings. President - - - James l-lawley Vice President - Melvin Woltson Secretary-Treasurer - Ernest Nigrelli Program Chairman - John Jeletic Sponsor -f-- Mr. Magill . BIOLOGY CLUB OCIHE Biology Club. sponsored by Mr. Wieand. met on Friday atter- noon, in the Phipps Conservatory. The members became ac- quainted with the Conservatory and the grounds, learning the names ot the plants and the conditions under which they thrive. Gathering seeds tor spring planting, making cuttings trom hot house plants, learning to mix soil, and gathering specimens were some ot the activities ot the club. The members experimented to determine the best time tor the germina- tion ot several coniters. Bulbs ot Easter tlowers, poinsettia cuttings, and planting ot many unusual seeds made up the rest ot the program. BOYS COLLEGE CLUB BOYS COLLEGE CLUB DCTHE Boys College Club attempts to enlighten its members on ' questions ot importance in college lite, and to prospective college students. Frats, college sports, educational problems are subjects ot discussion and argument in the B. C. C. meetings. The members are also given healthy diversion with days set aside tor singing. instruction in Indian lore, and the club's field sports. The members ot the club are representative ot every outstanding school activity. President ---- Louis Slais Vice President - Walter Melmauer Secretary-Treasurer - Regis McKay Sponsor - - - Mr. Blakeslee LITERARY SOCIETY ROWDED into 429, using imagination to replace costumes and scenery, and rushing the program to get it finished by the 9:50 bell took none ot the enjoyment or lite out ot Literary Society programs. Pantomimes, short plays. sketches, and poetry proved the oratorical and dramatic ability ot the Seniors. as a result ot the careful tutorage ot Miss l-lowe. Louis Slais, president: Tommy Giloth. vice president: and Ruth Steiner. secretary were the otticers who worked with Miss l-lowe to make the programs successful. The Journal, Lit's crowning glory, was ably handled this semester and much enjoyed by composers and listeners alike. Literary Society is a grand organization. Good tellowship, amuse- ment, and useful information are gained by all students belonging to it. UNISON CLUB NYONE entering Room 429, Wednesday mornings, third period was due tor a surprise. l-le ciidn't see a group ot boys and girls nonsensically uttering nursery rhymes: he saw them patriotically reading The Star Spangled Banner. ln the Unison Club one is taught to read poetry rhythmically and sensibly under the direction ot Miss l-lowe, the sponsor. Breathing exercises are a part ot the club. Distorted teatures and gaping mouths are necessary to pronounce vowels and consonants clearly and distinctly. Although there were no tormal meetings, since all time is spent in reciting, otlicers were elected in order to have an organized club. l-lenry Maitz as president and Clare Schroedel as secre- tary collected and distributed poems and generally aided Miss l-lowe in this novel club. Q Z 4 no THE BAND QCTHE members of the band appeared for the first time this semester ' in their new uniforms. Wearing red hats, blue coats, white Sam Brown belts, and white pants they proved to the students and the com- munity that they well deserved the support that has been given to them. This semester, although the band has devoted much of its time to parade worlc, rehearsals for future performances have not been neglected. The band meets the eighth period in the morning in Room lO5. Drum major, Charles Andon. Director, Mr. Kiester. IOA DRAMA CLUB l-IE IOA Drama Club, sponsored by Miss Ruth, has just completed another successful season of drama work. The club was unable to present a chapel program, as our auditorium has not yet been com- pleted. Quite a few good plays have been presented before our club and that of Miss Kline's IOB Drama Club, among which are the following: "Where But in Americas'-directed by l-l. Linlc. "Weenies on Wednesday"-directed by D. Maxa. ' "Anybody's l-louse on Monday A.M."-directed by A. Erzen. "Movie Offer"-directed by John Swain. "Fourteen"--directed by Ruth Ketter. "The Neighbors"-directed by l-lilda Link. GIRLS BOOSTERS CLUB I ID you buy an Allegheny football pin from a Booster Club mem- ber? We are glad to announce that our sale of these badges was a huge success-made possible only by your cooperation. Our interest is not only centered in school activities, but in the community as well--especially during the Yuletide season. We were quite busy making colortul scrapboolcs which we gave to a tew ot the many un- fortunate children in local hospitals. To give variety to the meeting, we have had occasional talks given by members ot the Allegheny Alumni. SENIOR JUNIOR Isabel Kazeva - - - President - - Marion Pandolto Stella Kappas - - - Vice President - - Betty Nason Pearl Lazzara - - Secretary - - LaVerne Cook Bessie Kolarik - - - Treasurer - Louise Mangieri Miss Miller - - Sponsor - - - Miss Messer N spite of the lack ot space and time. the Senior Girl Reserves heldrparties celebrating l-lallowe'en and Christmas. visited the Cathedral. and also a radio station. The Junior Girl Reserves held parties celebrating l-lallowe'en and Christmas, too. They visited the conservatory. and also held a theater party. Together the two groups trimmed and untrimmed Allegheny's Christmas tree. They also dressed dolls tor poor children in the Kindergartens or the Pulolic Schools. Next semester, the two groups will merge into one club. Senior Opal Ferrell - Pearl Feil - - Lillian Abel - Betty Roll - - Angeline Codan Officers - President - - Vice President- - - - Secretary - - - - - -Treasurer- - - Council Representative Junior l-lelen Kleinhample - Dorothy Penman Jeanne Rittenhouse - - Lea Clayton - Irene Wunderlyf GIRL RESERVES CLUB APPRECIATION oc'-Il-lE Stati ot the Annual and the Class ot January i938 wish to thank Mr. Beachley, our principal: Mr. Fisher, our vice principal: the home room teachers and all other members of the faculty: the ottice secretaries: and the students-the hard working Wah l-loo Representa- tives: the loyal subscribers, and the contributors-tor their constant sup- port and generous assistance in making successful this Year Book. bc-THE Statt and Class are appreciative ot the cooperation of our associates in publication: JOHN CRAWFORD PARK, Printer STUDIO GRANDE, INC., Photographer JOHN C. BRAGDON, Engraver STI-lE Stat? and Class wish to thank cordially the Business Men who received so graciously those representatives of Allegheny l-ligh who approached them in the interest ot both School and Advertisers. The Statt and the Class are proud ot the Advertising Section of the Year Book, and urge the Readers to show their appreciation by patronizing the Advertisers. QQEE M l n 'AY ff? Q X Zzyivfsx A S if ,F ,WX XZ,-is E iv fix? 12- H! I1 'lf 5 "" -774 --..-:Q -5 ' Wig! SM Ulf' if f WN I Z on I X I .6N, ,iff G. BANNER HARRY M. SPRINGER Coach LOOKlN6 BACK OOKING back over Allegheny's l937 Football Records. shows us that although Allegheny did not have an outstanding team it was in the thick ot the battle. Again Allegheny was handicapped by not having its own field to practice on and by having double sessions ot school. This year the squad practiced at Langley l-ligh's Field. Alle- gheny took two long trips this year going to Aliquippa and Martin's Ferry. Allegheny had an entirely inexperienced team, and ended the season with a record ot one win, tive loses and two ties. Once again Allegheny was honored by the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph which gave Maitz, Mall, and Jankus honorable mention 'in their selection ot the All-Scholastic team. Congratulations to Coach Springer, manager and the boys. Good- bye team-Not by your records but by your spirit and sportsmanship are you judged. FOOTBALL SQUAD RECEIVES LETTERS N December 22, Allegheny's football squad received its letters. Twenty-three members, the greatest number in a long time. re- ceived varsity letters. They are: Edward Butkovic Robert Lascher George Sirakos Francis Dutiy l-lenry Maitz Chester Sobotka Edward Dvorak Paul Mall Leonard Sokoloski Clarence Elwood Regis Markle Bernard Vogel George Giltoyle Regis McKay Robert Wurdock Robert Grabowski William R. Marshall Edward Zilian Joseph Jankus Angelo Petrakos Raymond Earlin, Manager l-larold Keller Joseph Robibarro l-larry Springer, Coach James Neill ALLEGHENY LOSES C ANY of Allegheny's players will graduate this semester. They have all shown their worth as athletes for Allegheny. We wish them luck and success in the future. I The following are the senior members who have excelled in athletics. EDWARD ABE BUTKOVIC N BE'.' showed his real worth this semester as a player of both football and basketball. l-le was half-back on our football team. "Abe" scored only once but played a big part in our defense. At the time of this writing, "Abe" is strutting his stuff on the basketball court. l-le was high scorer in our opening game, scoring sixteen points. Allegheny will surely miss Butkovic. JOHN ECONOMIDAS OHN was one of the five senior members of our basketball quintet. Although he never played to the grandstand, John was a very fine and rugged guard. Opponents found him very hard to score on. We wish John luck. HENRY "PANKA" MAITZ C AITZ, one of our finest football players, played the full-back position for Allegheny. Time and again Maitz would stop the thrusts made by our opponents. Henry also gained many yards for Allegheny, tallying a total of fourteen points. Maitz received fame by receiving honorable mention on the Sun-Telegraph All- Scholastic team. We wish Maitz success in his career as a Sandlot Footballer. LOUIS SLAIS . OUIS was a member of our basketball squad, being one of the five seniors. Louis played the forward position capably, a fine defensive and offensive player. l-le gave all he could for the best of the team. Loads of luck, Louis. LEONARD "SOKO" SOKOLOSKI FlNE dependable quarterback was "Soko." Although he never carried the ball "Soko" led the interference and called the signals well. A fine tackler and fair blocker. "Soko" is a friendly fellow, and will certainly be missed. FOOTBALL SQUAD HEER LEADERS CLUB is one ot the most popular clubs in our school. A very enthusiastic group ot students gathered regularly every Friday at noon this semester to practice the various cheers. Because ot the over-lapping in the schedule, club meetings were changed to the activity period. The purpose ot the club is to encourage more students to see the excellent playing of our athletes. Doris Timmins added an extra attraction by her splendid acrobatics during the cheering. President - - Tony Bruno Secretary - - Kay McVey Sponsor - - Mr. l-lole CHEER LEADERS CLUB WILLIAM R. MARSHALL ILL played a guard position on our tootball team. Although not a regular, whenever Bill got his chance he tought hard and gave all he could. Bill was on the squad tor two years. We wish him success and luck in the years to come. ANGELO PETRAKOS CP ETRAKOS was a tine end on our football squad. 'IAng" turned in a nice completed touchdown pass against Martins Ferry. which had the Ferryites worried. Angelo is another member ot our senior quintet playing the torward position. I-Ie is known as a high scorer in basketball. GEORGE SIRAKOS EORGE got his big chance when Keller, our regular center was injured. George played such tine ball at the center position that he was used often. I-le was also on the basketball team, playing the guard position. A time passer and shooter. We wish him success. ODDITIES IN THE IZA CLASS Bill Guyton arriving on time tor O. E. his tirst period class. Norma I-Iolden, going through the day with a shiny nose. James I-lawley not wandering around the halls. Roy Colt coming to school with his hair combed. Matilda Keller telling a tunny joke. Dragatine Mamich talking in a quiet voice. Louis Slais not asking tor Prom money. Walter Schiller actually coming to his report room. Alex Berger speaking in a loud voice. Bill Stewart with his hair marcelled. Tony Bruno knowing his lines on O.. E. Russell Baumbaugh sitting quietly in class. Gerry I-Iickel not crashing a party. 30I 30I Favorite Diversions -- IZA CHARLES ANDON 1 WILLIAM BATTAGLIA THELMA BAUER 1 EDWARD BOTT 1 GEORGE BURLAND 1 VICTOR COCCIMIGLIO WILLIAM COLLINS 1 ROY COLT 1 1 1 THEODORE EBERT 1 JOHN ECONOMIDAS ROBERT FULLERTON JAMES HAWLEY 1 JOHN KATZBECK 1 NORMAN KEHRLI 1 WALTER KOZEMIAKO LENA LUZZO 1 1 FRANK MAOUIRE 1 MICHAEL MANOS 1 WILLIAM MARSHALL ROBERT MARTIN 1 FREDERICK MILLER 1 MARY MILES 1 DAVID MORGAN 1 HOWARD MOSER 1 HELEN PAULOS 1 CARL RAITANO 1 EDWARD REUTER 1 JOHN SCHNEIDER 1 TILLIE SELTZER 1 WALTON STAPEL 1 JOSEPH SUKITS 1 WALTER ZOTTER 1 SPONSOR 30I MODELING AIRPLANES 1 1 1 1 SPORTS 1 TRAVELING 1 1 1 1 1 SWIMMING 1 COMPOSING MUSICAL PIECES RALPH CHEETHAM 1 ' ' 1 1 1 BASEBALL 1 BASKETBALL 1 1 1 1 1 1 BASKETBALL 1 COLLECTING AND WRITING POETRY 1 AMATEUR RADIO 1 1 1 LOAFING MODELING AIRPLANES 1 CIRCULATING THROUGH THE HALl.S 1 1 CRAFTWORK DRAWING 1 1 1 SLEEPING 1 SEEING BOB VANDERGRIFT 1 1 1 1 SLEEP 1 SPORTS 1 SINGING 1 BASEBALL 1 1 SWIMMING HORSEBACK RIDING 1 1 1 1 SPORTS 1 SPORTS P DANCING 1 FOOTBALL - EATING - 1 DRAWING 1 DRAMATIC WORK - - SINGING - - 1 SPORTS 1 POOL SHOOTING 1 1 MRS, MAURER 30I I24 DIRECTOR LUCY ALIMENA 1 1 VERA BOTT 1 1 EDWARD BUTKOVIC MARIE CANDIOTO 1 ANGELINE CODAN 1 CHARLES COURTWRIGHT EDITH CROWLEY 1 1 BOBETTE FAFATA 1 ALBERT FEITL 1 OPAL FERRELL 1 MICHAEL FRISHKEY 1 JOHN FULMER 1 MILDRED GILBERT 1 THOMAS GLOTH 1 DOROTHY GUNTHER 1 NCRMA JONES 1 EDWARD JUST 1 MATILDA KELLER 1 THEODORE KEY 1 CHLOE KREDEL 1 HARRY MARKOS 1 JOSEPH MCVEY 1 ALYS MEYERS 1 1 MARGARET MIKUSH 1 ROY MORROW 1 1 JAMES OTTERSON JUNE PEFFERMAN - ENIS SARTORIO 1 VIRGINIA SEIGLEN 1 WILLIAM STEWART - ROSELLA VAZZANA 1 RUTH WEIDNER 1 l24 The Metropolitan 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 OLGA E. S 4 f I24 OLBERG 1 1 1 LUCIA 1 DONNA ANNA 1 SAMPSON 1 AIDA 1 IEONORA 1 RADAMES TOSCA 1 ERDA 1 WOTAN 1 GRETEL HANSEL MEPHISTOPHELES 1 1 SIEGLINDE 1 DES GRIEUX 1 DELILAH 1 JULIET 1 1 1 ROMEO MADAME BUTTERFLY 1 DON GIOVANNI 1 BRUNNHILDE 1 DON JOSE 1 GOTTFRIED 1 MARGUERITE 1 1 STELLA 1 OTI-IELLO 1 LOHENG-RIN 1 1 ELSA 1 VENUS 1 ELISABETLI 1 SEIGFRIED CARMEN 1 I-IEDWEGA I24 f ' f . 227 DIRECTOR EVELYN BARB - NORMA BAUMANN - RUTH BEATTIE f HELEN DOUGHERTY - DOLORES FAZIO f ANNA G-AERTNER f BETTY HAHN f NORMA HOLDEN f MATTIE HUMPHRIES - ROBERTA HUNT - LILLIAN JAMISON - ISABEL KAZEVA f ANNA KRIKSTON f f ROSEMARIE LA FRANCA HARRIET LIPPOLD f BETTY MAURER ' JEAN MEYERS - ANN MILECKI f MARY NICOLL - WILMA NOLTE f HELEN NUNAMAKER f HELEN PATTON - EDNA SCHLATER ' ANNA SCHMIDT - MADELINE SCHMITT - LILLIAN SKILES f JOSEPHINE SNAIR - GERALDINE WAKELINE LUCY ZITO - - - 227 227 MISS MCCLURE CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER f - BEATRICE FAIRFAX f MICKEY MOUSE f SOPHIE TUCKER f EMILY POST - f I SNOW WHITE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE ' LADY ESTHER'S RIVAL - - f f TOPSY - DOROTHY THOMPSON - f - BLONDIE f TONI DRAKE f BABY DUMPLING f SHEILA BARRETT ' JOSEPHINE GIBSON - PORTLAND HOFFA f BARBARA HUTTON f f CLEOPATRA - RED RIDING HOOD f 1 7 f JULIET f PRUDENCE PENNY - TILLIE THE TOILER f GRACIE ALLEN - ' f - POLLYAN NA DOROTHY CANFIELD FISHER - ' MARY LIVINGSTONE 1 ' BETTY BOOP ' GOLDILOCKS ' - SKIPPY 227 429 429 RUSSELL BAUMBACH ROBERT BECKER ANTHONY BRUNO CHARLES DAUER HENRY EIDENMULLER RICHARD ELIAS RAY GARVIN WILLIAM GUYTON JEAN HAFFLEY MARY HALLSTEIN GERARD HICKEL JOSEPHINE KING HENRY MAITZ DRAGATINE MAMICH ALEX BERGER, President MISS I-IOWE. Sponsor ALICE MARTIN WILBUR MELLOT JOE MESSNER ANGELO PETRAKOS WALTER SCHILLER CLARE SCHROEDEL WALTER SERYCI-I FRANK SHINE GEORGE SIRAKOS LOUIS SLAIS LEONARD SOKOLOWSKI RUTH STEINER ANNE TESCI-! MARIE WAUGAMAN 429 429 WHOLESALE RETAIL WHITE FRONT HOME DRESSED MEAT MARKET M. BENJAMIN, Propraeror FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS Bell Phone Cedar 5234 720-22 East Ohio Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. A school with a great past and a growing tuture UNIVERSITY0 PITTSBURGH COMPLIMENTS COM PLIMENTS ot ot CIattey's Dr. Eugene A. Picard Beauty Shoppe OPTOMETRIST H' East Ohio Shut CEDAR 9383 539 E. Ohio Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. TIRES BATTERIES R O Y E . S M I T H ATLANTIC SERVICE Atlantic Gas and Motor Oils Lockhart Street at Madison Avenue The Tortoise and the Hare The tortoise and the hare had a race. But the hare had stopped to take a nap, and the slow, but steady plodding tortoise overtook it and went on to win. So the steady saver, who deposits only small amounts in his Savings Account, but never lets a week go by without saving some- thing, often accumulates more over a period of years than the person who saves larger amounts intermittently. Money in the Bank is a valuable ally. Start now to save something regularly. This Bank will be glad to receive your deposits and to pay you compound interest on every dollar ot your savings. ASK FOR A FREE COPY OF THE INTERESTING NEW BOOKLET. "GRANT'S HILL IN INDIAN DAYS." CAPITAL and SURPLUS - - 54,000,000 THE UNION SAVINGS BANK Frick Building Fifth Ave. and Grant St. PITTSBURGH. PA. I are au qan na. when E0 07120 Hre. SOR! C.RnJon heerdered furtl and W Parr ma K9 busi' of him 'Phe H1 bill frumprf' 1: nl ' k YX WH' J :Knit- Jimi G'loUl OU Hlqhs qucar-+QrbqcK was 4 C mmf new red 'r!- en'-qu a. lass ai' The zxercnses H S shau dx 5oKO .f" DHCP Flatslz' Leonard S kl 'fb pfaceive Hs I ovngme fn Hue and +9 WQS h C lu zviclenflq , d-Plume. Im k 7efJ'll5 D Lsakslos kl WS +n.+-Q, NQW HGVE I Cd F Savv G- Know thai!! U0 vu! A'B'C WASHERS OMPLIMENTS PHILCO RADIOS C FAIRFAX aaoo Oi Northern Li I'It Co. 9 ALLEGI-IENY Electrical Wiring Material Radio Service 2l9 E. Ohio St. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 4I3-4I5 FEDERAL STREET TYPEWRITERS NEW AND RERLIILT Nmth Side ALL MAKES PORTABLES AND STANDARDS PITTSBURGH' PA' RovAL, UNDERWOOD. REMINGTON. WOODSTOCK. L. c. SMITH Fort Pitt MEMBER Typewriter Co Inc FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM " ' FEDERAL DEPOSIT 644 Li-berty Avinue S PATIZRIQZ 8320 INSURANCE CORPORATION erms as ow as I.00 er ee COMPLIMENTS OF THE BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE FULTON BUILDING PITTSBURGH. PA North Side Market FA. 5624 R. J. VIERTHALER D E A L E R HAMILTON. ELGIN and SWISS WATCHES Expert Watch, JeweIry and Fountain Pen Repairing Mrs. Pinkerton's School SPECIALIZES IN THE Training of Secretaries A School that limits its enrollment and places its graduates. NEW CLASSES BEGIN FEBRUARY Ist EVENING CLASSES-Monday and Thursday Booklet upon request ATlantic 04I4 Professional Building 429 Penn Avenue Geyer's Pharmacy THE STORE AHEAD Phone FA. 9200 IOO W. North Ave. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. "IF IT'S AT A SODA FOUNTAIN WE HAVE lT" Henry E. Geiselhart Edward J. Geiselhart Geiselhart Bros. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Fairfax 0800 Cornish Curtain Shop THE SHOP OF OUALITY AND SERVICE Pittsburgh! Largest Selection of Curtains DRAPERIES --- WINDOW SHADES GIFT SPECIALITIES --- VENETIAN SHADES BED SPREADS --- CURTAIN RODS FAIRFAX I?54 . 2I E. South Diamond St. North Side 408 Cedar Ave' N' S" Pmsburgh' Pa' Opposite South Entrance Allegheny Market ANY GARMENT FEATURING LEFT AS WE AS BETTER CLEANING 2 HOUR . , at 400 PM ODORLESS MAY BE HAD COMPETITIVE PRICES DR, THE SAME DAY CLEANING ZORITE CLEANERS CLEANED I AND 6I4 East Ohio Street NO 5HR'NK'NG NO FADING PRESSED FA- 3344 SUCH IS LIFE OW they're shoving us out ot school. What to do? For twelve years we've gone to school: in tact we've known nothing else. Now out we go into the maze and turmoil ot a business world. "l'm scared to death," say many of us. So many perils await us: so many ditticulties and troubles are ready to surround us. Ancl with prosperity lurking right around the corner. who knows it may get up courage and pop right out and-horror ot horrors and topmost worry-we're all likely to have to go to work! R S FOR ALMOST A CENTURY . . . BUILDING BUSINESS CAREERS DUFFS - IRON CITY COLLEGE 424 Duquesne Way PITTSBURGH ATlantic 4875-4876 . I ' I EST. l907 CONVENIENT CREDIT Original Chessman Optical Corporation DR. J. A. MURRAY. Manager TELEPHONE FAIRFAX I293 405 Federal Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. J. C. GRAU Buy Here With Confidence JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST I802 Carson St., S. S. HEMLOCK I604 6I3 E. Ohio St., N. S. FAIRFAX 6545 ' PITTSBURGH. PA. ATLANTIC was ATLANTTC 1399 " E. f !! L, W 5 017 S' Q- 'ffll . -,HK f ari' I - 56 .1 T if Q Dl'!l.'ElIlE,5f..IIl.!l.lE.l5 TWO-STEP SCHOTTISHE . WALTZ AND TAP TOE-STEP I DOYVNTOXVN PITTSBURGH I Diamond Square Roller Rink Diamond and Market Sts. Pittsburgh, Pa. 12nd Floor Diamond Market Bldg.J I I I . 0 f 0 Q lj,llQOBEAIER AVLZAL U HM H0 6 542511713 C sxAu. Davos "Th HOME MADE rc: cm:AM ' I 10-WAS71ERS-ELECTRICHZ RL77?lG2'RA70RS WI-IAT IF: Theodore were Loclc instead ot "Key?" Josephine were Queen instead ot "King?" Norman were Straight instead ot "Kehrli? Frank were Dull instead ot "Shine?" Mary were Yards instead ot "Miles?" Vera were Sold instead ot "Bott?" Tillie were Bromo instead ot "Seltzer?" Roy were Mare instead ot "Colt?" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS D Day Division Co-Educational Evening Division U COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND LETTERS Q SCHOOL OF EDUCATION -- COLLEGE OF SCIENCE U SCHOOL OF LAW -- SCHOOL OF MUSIC -- SCHOOL OF DRAMA E SCHOOL OF PHARMACY -- GRADUATE SCHOOL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION S SCHOOL or NURSING E For further information address the Registrar H DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY WHY WORRY S anything really important? Well, I don't think So. To worry is such a useless occupation. It it doesn't give you a headache. it will give you a Stomach ache or a back ache or a tooth ache or an ache of some kind. as you're more than likely to worry yourself into thinking you have an ache in your head or back or tooth or some other part ot your body. Some people take upon themselves the big task ot worrying about the financial condition ot the country. Can he by worrying relieve it? Can anything relieve it? Least ot all, worry will do it. Then again some people worry about the younger generation. Why? Because in their day their parents worried about the younger generation and their parents before them. And then again, a tew people go so tar as to worry about holding their jobs. With Such an unemployment situation, I ask you, is that necessary? There's always room tor one more on reliet, and the W.P.A. still tunctions. Yes. taxes are a wonderful institution. I might even go as tar as to say. certain individuals worry about School work. You laugh? Yes, iSn't it tunnyg but yet it'S true. Science has not yet determined the reason tor worry on the part ot certain members of the so-called human race. It is a tunction as common as eating. as useless as pleading with a donkey. but as essential to many as breathing. So. why worry? Laugh and live and forget the consequences. Nothing is important. Everything ends with lite. Berger Schellhaas 8: Son Manufacturing FUNERAL HOME Cgmpany Steel Lockers --- Steel Shelving FAIRFAX sos: 707 EAST STREET INVESTMENT BUILDING GRACE MARTIN'S SCHOOL "fl School Discriminate" SECRETARIAL FOR YOUNG WOMEN GRACE MARTIN CORNELIUS. Principal ATLANTIC 6309-63I0 Ibth. I7th, and I8th Floors-Keenan Building ii Pittsburgh, Pa. But-worry is the foundation ot progress. worry is the means ot creating bigger and better institutions ot living and governing. Those whose sentiments are those ot the previous paragraphs are not those whose names go down through eternity and whose influences are telt on 'Future generations. So. mark ye, seniors and underclassmen. Responsi- bility is yours, and a little worry will increase your thinking power, your appreciation ot work well done, and your enjoyment ot a fuller, better lite. Ot course one can't worry continually: so my advice is: set one day in the week aside and do all your worrying then, and you'II find all your problems will solve themselves with a little help from you. This treatise may sound a little solemn and complicated when you read it. but it I were you I shouldn't worry about it. R. S The House ot Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers Nixon Theatre Bldg. Pittsburgh. Pa. CLASS RINGS PINS --- MEDALS AWARDS --- CLUB PINS SPORT CHARMS CUPS TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS BOOKLET DIPLOMAS R E Y M E R S ' STAND FOR QUALITY! .Y Buy their WALNUT CARMELS, CHOCO- LATE BUDS, MINT PATTIES, CHOCOLATE CANDY BARS, FUDGE, KRINKLE KRUST. and Other DeIEcEous CANDIES. ALLEGHENY STUDENTS RAVE ABOUT THEMI THE LUNCH ROOM MANAGEMENT Wishes to express its appreciation for the Patronage of all the Allegheny High School students during the past semester anol exitends to the Class of January l938 lTS BEST WISHES lr Glasses, to "pass" must be comfortable Give normal vision Harmonize with the Features Be reasonable in Price GEORGE B. REED 8r COMPANY OPTICIANS MAIN Er.ooR JENKINS ARCADE Offer Their Services io You and Your Family BUDGET PLAN FOR FOLKS OF GOOD CHARACTER Day School Night School MID-YEAR AND SUMMER CLASSES Classes for beginners, or Review and "brush4up" students. Gregg Shorfhancl. Typewriiing, Bookkeeping and Account- ing. ALSO, Advanced Dictation, Transcribing. and Secretarial Finishing Courses. DAY AND NIGHT ALL SUMMER U l Day-Sl8.50 Per Monih T 'T'ON'1 Night-57.00 Per Monu- BOYD BUSINESS COLLEGE 25 Successful Years in Pitksburgh Third Floor, Bessemer Building "YOU ALWAYS HEAR BOYD SPOKEN OF AS A GOOD SCHOOL" I 1TL f Z Z7 fyff, M11 XKVZVTL' ff-ka 377' ' ff Qfeagk 8 BLOND FIRS T Prescriptions CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ANYTIME We Offer You Service 24 Hours a Day 8 Registered Pharmacists "HITE'S" "The Friendly Drug Store" 40 YEARS OF HONEST DRUG STORE MERCI-IANDIZING WE WILL NEVER KNOWINGLY BE UNDERSOLD AND MOST IMPORTANT "FRESH MERCHANDISE" FAirfax 2200 Federal and Ohio Sfreefs Engraved Wedding Invitations and Announcements. Commencement invitations and Programs. Engraved and Printed Name Cards, Dance Programs and Pencils .... TELEPHONE, FAIRFAX 3955 N FORD ARK ggand R11fX'1EgoIAL RINTING I8-20 WEST STOCKTON AVENUE NORTH SIDE PITTSBURGH. PA. i gig!-33-i 1-ml-Q May we extend congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class ot January, l938, and also the hope tlnat you may be successful in wlwat- ever you may undertake .... AUTOGRAPHS annn o0X Banking Dqmrtment Checking and Savings Certificates of Deposit Letters of Credit Travelers Cheques Trust Dqbczrlment Executor Under Will Guardian of Minors Testamentary Trusts Insurance Trusts Living Trusts Custodian and Agent SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES 3495!-'l!.l.RH?T.f,9M BQ!! Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 9.5. REAL ESTATE CHAS R WEITERSHAUS EN snlc: AG ENCY I87l INSURANCE IS THE BEST POLICY ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT AT Heinz Auditorium FRIDAY EVENING JANUARY 28 h AT 8 00 P M A MUSICAL INTERLUDE N EVER In a Million Years," "Will I Ever Know" the joys l've known in my dear old Alma Mater--Allegheny I-ligh. 'You And I Know its spirit will live torever within us. "So Many Memories," exalting. tear-jerking, and humorous will never die. When I think ot graduation and its atter etfects, I know there's going to be "A Lull In My Lite." "Someday, On a Little Dream Ranch, Down In Arkansas," in "Our Penthouse On Third Avenue," or wherever each ot us may be, we'Il feel a "Desire" to be back in old Allegheny. As we trudged to school this "September In The Rain," little did we know how tast the time would tly until graduation. "There's No Two Ways About It, But Detinitelyf' we will miss our triends and acquaintances that we will lose atter we have Iett school. But the thoughts and dreams. no, "They Can't Take That Away From Me." Some ot us have gone through school "CareIessIy, I-Iaving A Wondertul Time," and now realize how wrong that attitude was. and "Make A Wish" tor a new start. "Words Fail Me" as I sit and retlect upon my stay in Allegheny and "I Know Now," as I leave, "There lsn't Any Limit To My Love For You." "Will You Re- member," the IZA Social, the Football and Basketball Teams. and the Prom, when we danced "Till The Clock Strikes Three?" No, all these are "Gone With The Wind." But now "No More Tears," but "Sing And Be I-Iappy.", All the things we've known in Allegheny have been grand, but we must "Make Way For Tomorrow" and plan our careers with earnest thoughts and eager endeavors. "Once In A While," in our busy routine ot lite, we will stop and think ot the old days in Allegheny. "Without A Word Ot Warning," the tears may tall, just to say "You Rate Four Stars With Me," Allegheny I-ligh. R. S. AUTOGRAPHS Allegheny Hymn MAEYTDJO JN lgov-il wine iklc- g'hzA-its wi- his un? fi f '5lQi H-gh .School ,life at bask is pdaa-mg H2515 to Our sue-ew?-3, F-H-E FF Fi UF stil instill f- bovt. J' dthirs vat-Pbdmirto me.: Oir .gtrdongfbgsoa dtlllall mir abc brg- Klfl: .ormedh A ' H Ji 'EF-E Flatts dpqorgs 1qBgJ.1J'J l Lift Hia chp- mis peed it pn-ward Raise 21 mi- girly Cfy. al i hair to Al-la -gm-ry Hail to Qhudagf High it iiigiii ri! ln the midst ot all the humming Ot the busy town Reared against the arch ot l-leave'n Looks she proudly down. When with moments swittly tleeting Ages shall roll by Thousands yet unborn shall praise thee Allegheny l-ligh. The Studio Grande ,cporffzaifs lay Qhofogvaphy THE ONLY THING WE MAKE B U T WE MAKE THEM GOOD OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE A JANUARY CLASS OF I938 C-3Rant H58-59 233 Oliver Avenue 14 E if M9392 I " . QT ,ffb Cfwbfxx N X Q A X THE END .uf f. 5 i 1 A F i

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