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K 2 V 'val g Q W Q f L, . ff! 5 Wmlfigi 5 W ' K F 241294 f' fl LE?-X'w3d5Q::1 ASW iw -0.C'i?L?W 3 ' JV 9 13 .X pal? fwnfi f - F,mQ3fig?5 V 'F if Q'2lvfQfZi4fRQfigi fb ' WI 'js duo? Jlfjqadf Na N ,. Lf"'-- 3- "-f 1........s:-J-dbx-, -UL.. .815 WAH HOG ANNUAL oF THE CLASS CDF JANUARY 1 - 9 - 3 - 7 ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL Foreword lTl-l the passing ot the years, our many experi- ences are absorbed in the great pattern ot lite. Each individual experience becomes less and less distinct. As high school students we have had many joys and struggles which we in tuture times shall be happy to recall. Yet, we do not care to entrust these joytul remembrances to our memories alone. Therefore, we. the January Class ot l937, have attempted to record our high school ex- periences in this book, that in tuture years we may re- live our high school days. To the memory ot WALTER REINEL our friend and classmate, we, the class of January, l937. lovingly dedicate. this, our YEAR BOOK "May eternal rest be granted to him and may perpetual light shine upon him." There is no death! The stars go down To rise upon some other shore, And bright in Heaverfs jeweled crown They shine tor evermoref' A Class Activities Athletics Advertisements ALLEGHENY HIGH SCHOOL I 888- I 936 Our Alma Mater LLEGHENY I-ligh School was erected in the year l I888, and razed in the year I936. Through her halls, for forty-eight years. young men and women have passed in the quest of knowledge. Now, old Allegheny is gone. her job well done. l-ler ideals and achievefnents. however, shall live always in 'che hearts of thoselfgllfhlom she served. l-lail to Thee, Our Alma Mater. l I ,4EWWf5"z?'-wi Jywifgzrzv 72-a.4,,,,-, ,9,,.,,4,,,JW'M-Wyff-1 WSH 7,A.,.J..W,f!, xl-M Qwfuw Jw -Www Nag-Ma ff? "g"'Z4 MI MZMMQCAM 5200! www C1u..4-A,.w JLMMWV VERNON S. BEACHLEY Principal C EMBERS ot the February l937 Class-You have reached high school graduation because ot your acceptance ot the opportunities which lay betore you tor an education. lt is doubtless true that these opportunities have been richer and more challenging tor some ot you than tor others. lt is also true that some have improved these opportunities more than others have done. Some pessimistic people would have us believe that in these days there are no open doors of opportunity, especially tor young people. The tact that educational institutions ot all grades are open and otfering instruction retutes this statement. My congratulations go out to each member of the class tor showing the courage to grasp the oppor- tunities presented. and my sincere wish is that the tuture may otter to each one still greater opportunities tor achievement and advancement in worthwhile directions. go the Graduating Class: As you look back over the years spent in Allegheny l-ligh School, I hope that you do so. not only with the knowledge ot work well done, but also with the memory ot pleasures experienced. During these years, Allegheny has tried to have you prac- tice good citizenship in school and in the outside world. She has tried not only to prepare you tor lite, but also to help you to live unseltishly. l-low successful she has been will be judged by the degree to which you as individuals go torth and do your part as good citizens, working tor the betterment ot lite tor all. That every one ot you may do your part well and enjoy true success is my earnest wish. CHARLES R. FISHER Vice Principal Faculty VERNON S. BEACHLEY, Principal CHAS. R. FISHER. Vice Principal RALPH E. BLAKESLEE MARY P. BOSS PAULINE L. BOSTON MARY ISABEL BOWER RUTH C. BOYD ARTHUR E. COLE ELLEN COLE M. R. COOLEY GRACE E. CORNELIUS ELIZABETH B. COWLEY GRACE C. DICKEY FARIES E. DODDS ISABELLA P. DOW EMMA I. ECKE GEORGE J. EMMINGER ' RAYMOND P. FARRELL MARY GRAEBING, Secretary JOHN A. GRUBER OLIVE M. GUNN LOUISE HAZLETT ELLA M. HAZLEWOOD EDNA M. HECK WM. P. HENNING LOUIS G. HOLE H. H. HOLMES ELIZABETH HOWE RUSSELL L. HUNTER HOWARD KEISTER LULU E. KISTLER MARGARET KLINE SONIA LADOFF ROBERT B. MAGILL ROY T. MATTERN MARY S. MAURER FRANK T. McCLURE MARGARET MCCLURE ANNA M. McKIRDY C. A. MEDLOCK ELLA M. MESSER GRACE H. MILLER NELSON T. MILLER KATHERINE MOORE MARY R. MOORHEAD ANNA N. PETTY EVELYN RIDDLE MAUDE ROWLEY MARGARET RUTH ALICE M. SCHWARTZ CLARA A. SCOTT HELEN M. SMITH OLGA E. SOLBERG HENRIETTA E. SPELKER H. M. SPRINGER W. BROWN STERRETT GERRIT THORNE IRENE L. WEISS. Secrefary NAOMI WHITE H. S. WIEAND ROUMAYNE WORRELL MYRTLE E. WYLIE 4? 7yZffffff,Z ,A 4 Z . ' Iv ' 2- A f 4:5 Nh N " Q x '- wif C 'XX X X " ' ,f 1 X E f2"Z3 1 X Q7 Q 1 t x-. V ' f, -. WNW 1 ,,, , y Mp' x Xin L 4 - . H 177779 iff In l HELEN AB RAM An honor student who plays the piano well, Helen sings alto in Mr. Holmes' chorus. Incidentally, she is an able seamstress. EDWARD ACKERMAN Ed is the class poet. I-Ie is a member of the Literary Stati of the WAH HOO, and also a mem- ber ot the band. A cheery, like- able fellow. JAMES AGN EW Jimmy is our champion swimmer. and much of his spare time is spent in the Community House pool. He is a member of Lit and plays a comet in the A. H. S. Band. ISABELL ANGELL Ish is a tall. sophisticated blonde. Although she is quiet, she is an ardent admirer of Robert Taylor. WANDA BAIERS Wanda enjoys looking for odd things. She is president of Girls Boosters and thinks O. E. is tops. She likes to go machine riding. KURT BARKCHAT L Tall, dark, and handsome is our Kurt. His winning smile appeals to both boys and girls. Roller- skating is his favorite sport. VIRGINIA BERTGES Ginger is a member of Lit and enjoys it more than any other activity in school. She will prob- ably become the secretary to some big business man, for she excels in commercial work. ELROSE BLUM ENSCHEIN Elrose likes to skate and dance. Transcription is her favorite sub- ject: she wants to become a secretary. SARA BODINE " 'Round and 'round she goes" on the Diamond Skating Rink, tor skating is Sara's hobby. She is a member of Girl Reserves and a topnotch tap dancer. HAZEL BRABEC Hazel, small but sweet, delights both students and teachers with her wit and pleasant disposition. Hazel aims to become a steno- grapher. ROSE BROCK Can we ever forget little Rose, her tap dancing, her lovely sparkle? Rose is secretary of her class. I-ler winning way will help her to become a good secretary. DARLENE CAM PBELL DarIene's charm has gained many friends tor her. I'-ler hobby is sewing, and she makes most of her own clothes. She is a mem- ber ot Lit. FLORENCE CAPEK Florence is fond ot clubs, belong- ing to Girls Boosters, Naturalists. and Chorus. I-ler hobby is danc- ing. KATHERINE CASSIDY Friendly and iovial is Katherine. She is a member of Lit, and an ardent supporter of Boosters. ' FRANK COMFORT The boy with the mischievous grin-that's Frank. I-lis pep and snap earned him the position of quarterback on the team and makes him a general favorite. WILLIAM COOK BiII's hobby is swimming. I-lis sole aim in lite is to some day be good enough to compete in the Olympic games. He is a member of Service Squad, too. KENNETH CROSBY Ken's witty opinions keep his P. G. class in an uproar and his teacher frantic. He is a great tavorite with all the seniors. RALPH CRISS Criss, the friend ot ail, the enemy ot none. Although quiet and studious, he holds the sixth period O. E. class spelllaound as he portrays Petruchio. JACK CRONENWETH Jack is the statt cartoonist, lout cartoons do not take up all his time as he is also interested in wood worlt. His cheery smile has made him popular with everyone. JOSEPH CUDA Joe never seems to have a worry and always wears a smile. He can boast ot being a member of the '35 baseball squad which is quite an achievement. ANDREW DAMIS Andy is one ot the Business Managers ot the WAH HOO Statt. l-le may be seen trudging down North Avenue late every night, his briet case in his hand and his pipe in his mouth. Jaws ' up yi K U-yi" Ni iff by 5 i - L owne. o Good-natured Paul chooses toot- ball as his tavorite sport. l-le is the star tace-slapper in O. E. and portrays Petruchio very well. DOROTHY DAVIS Dot is Miss Rowley's right hand helper in gym classes. She in- tends to enter the tield ot nurs- ing, but wants to become super- visor ot nurses. Margy is one e uiet girls in her class She ' r ary ot her home m, a a mber ot Lit. MARJOR IGN RE iiiiii ALBERT DUFFY Abby is our all-round athlete. He was a member of the '36 Cham' pionship basketball and baseball teams and he played end on the football team. ELSIE DUGAN Blondie is a member of Lit and O. G. A. She likes to dance and sew and is interested in all com- mercial subjects. She would like to become a stenographer. ANTHONY FRANC Tall, pleasant Anthony is loaded with activities. He is president of his home room, vice president of Student Council and chairman of its scholarship committee. ANGELENA FRANZE Angelena is the girl with the curls. She is a member of service squad and banker of her home room. CATHERINE GARLAND Catherine. the senior member of the Garland-Williams Corporation. is not only a good athlete, but also an excellent actress. She is a member of Girls Leaders and Lit. HELEN GAUSMAN Helen loves to knit and dance: she plays the Hawaiian guitar. too. After graduation she plans to enter the'f'eld of nursing. HAROLD GIBSON Harold take-it-easy Gibby likes sports, sports, and more sports. He was a member of the '36 Championship Basketball Team a record anyone would be proud to possess. MARY JANE GILLESPIE A girl of few words and a lovely disposition is Mary Jane. Her in- terests are sports and dramatics, and she is a member of Girl Reserves. HAROLD GINDELE A smiling, dark-haired Romeo is Howard. He toots a clarinet in the orchestra and serves in the library. He is Alle3heny's Robert Taylor. ERNEST SLAB Ernie likes the finer things of life. He plays the violin in the or- chestra and is 'Fond ot concert music. HARI ETTE GLASCO Rightly is Harriette nicknamed Smiles, tor she is never seen with a lrown. She is quite an able musician, playing tour instruments. EMILY GLECKNER Emily possesses a grace that is admired by all who know her. Her skill in shorthand and type will make her a good secretary. LOUIS E. GOLD Lou is the class iester. He is Humor Editor of the WAH HOO and an excellent Cheer Leader. His hobbies are collecting stamps and WAH HOO money. l l JOHN GRIFFIN Blue-eyed, dark-haired Johnny is the quietest member of the class. He likes all sports and mathe- matics is his favorite subject. ' DOROTHEA ELIZABETH GRIFFY Dorothea's hobbies are collecting stamps and leaves. She excels in Spanish and is a loyal supporter of all A. H. S. projects. I CHARLES GROSSMAN l Charles is the handsome young banker oi the class, being class , treasurer and WAH HOO Repre- i sentative. He is frequently seen l with Chuck Meyers and Skinny Nichols. IW cf' ' avi' DONALD HASSINGER Don is our all-round ladies man. He is president of the senior class, president of Lit. and Cir- culation Manager ot the WAH HOO. Who can forget our ex- cellent M. C.? EDWARD HAUGH Eddy is our tall, blond. handsome hero. He plays a trumpet in the band. is a member ot service squad and Lit. ELLSWORTH HENDERSON Ellsworth is a very quiet lad who is with us only two periods a day. The rest of the time he works for his father who is a contractor. NORMAN HENN Norman is interested in account- ing. He is polite and cooperative at all times. GRACE HENNE With a bright smile in 207, a cheery hello in Lit, Grace warms everyone's heart. A member of Cheer Leaders and Girls Leaders. she qualifies as a real leader. RAYMONDE HENNIQUAN Frenchy has a wonderful sense of humor. She is a promising young artist and would like to become a designer. BY RON HU RLBUT A boy of few words, Byron lets actions speak for him. He is a three-letter man and center ct our football team. GLADYS IVERSEN Gladys is Secretary of Lit, and has many times been representa- tive ot her home room. She has maintained an honor rating throughout her high school career. EDITH JOHNSTON Always smiling Edith is liked by all who know her. She plans to be a beautician. FLORENCE KALB Quiet Flo is willing to help anya one, anywhere, and in any way. Her cheertul manner will aid her in the tuture. PAMELA KALCHTHALER Pam hails trom Fincview: she is never idle a moment. Her zeal and enthusiasm got 'for her a job as a clerk in a tive and ten. HORTENSE KELLY Bright, witty. smiling l-lortense is a welcome addition to any crowd. Her originality makes her popular with all who know her. , ,Ji . MATILDA KUJBUS Tilly is tond ot dancing and specializes in tancy steps. She is a member ot Mr. Holmes' Chorus and Lit. JUNE KUNKEL June is a conscientious worker. At times she is quiet. but malces up tor these silent moments in her gayer moods. RUTH KUNTZ There is nothing Ruth would rather do than watch a football, basket- ball, or baseball gam. She is staff typist and a ver I c ngenial person. ffl? PETER LANGAS Pete is the shy, iff-I who is afraid gi l l-le ts ember ot QW quad an usher i . WW JOSEPH LANZA Little but loud and a good pal at that-what better describes our Joe? l-le is manager ot our football squad and a member ot that famous Lanza brother and sister team. MARY LANZA Darla-haired, witty Mary is one ot the smallest of the class. She is musically talented and quite a singer. MARGARET LAWSON Margaret is a staunch supporter of the football team. She lets out most ot her steam in the bleachers, for she is seldom heard in school. EDWARD LIERZAPH Edward's hobby is radio. l-le not only repairs them. but also con- structs them. He would like to specialize in this field after grad- uation. EDITH LILLI Edith is banlrer ot her home room. and a member ot Lit. Her ambi- tion is to become a typist. ROBERT LINTNER This quiet chap will someday be- come a chemist. Bob spends most ot his spare time in his chemical laboratory but devotes some time to hunting and fishing. EVELYN LOUGHREY Evie is full ot vim and vigor and is always on the go. She is tal- ented in both singing and danca ing. but her aim is business college. ESTHER LUCUM Esther is the girl who sees all, hears all. and tells all about our Alumni. She is very fond ot dance ing and plans to become a beautician. DOROTH EA MACKEN ROTH A ripple of laughter, a sweet face, and a lovely 'disposition-all these are Dotty. She is Editor of the Year Book and President of Girls College Club. NANCY MANGANARO Nancy is one of the mustets of the Lanza, Lucum, Manganaro trio. She has pretty dark hair and a smile that has won for her many a triend. DOROTHY MARSHALL Small and sweet is Dorothy. Her many virtues are hidden beneath her quiet manner, but those who know her, value her friendship above all else. ELLEN MARSHALL ' This tall, blonde is one of the most gracious members of her class. Her joyous smile assures her of success. MARY JANE McKlNNEY l Mary Jane, quiet in the classroom, lets out all her steam on the gym floor. She has been a member of Girls Leaders for six semesters. WILLIAM McMU RTRY Bill believes that silence is golden, and he is seldom heard. His pleasant manner makes him a friend to all his classmates. CHARLES MEYER Chuck was president ot his room last semester. He is a member ot both service squad and Lit. QAM' l BETTY MILLER Betty may become an artist some- day, tor her interest is in art. She will not starve, however. tor her hobby is cooking. l l l l l ADELAIDE MOONEY Addy is a quiet lass who likes to sing. Her favorite subject is O. E. and she is a member ot Lit. HELEN MURRAY Helen. a member ot Lit. likes all sports. Her favorite subject is French, and she wants to become a seamstress. MARY MORSE Mary has chosen dietetics as her lite work. She is an ardent sup- porter ot the football team and a member ot Lit. JAMES NABLE "Silence is golden" must be the motto ot our Jimmy. He is tond of boxing and can hold his own with anyone. NORMAN NICHOLS Skinny is Business Manager of the WAH HOO and 'a member ot both Lit and service squad. His wit and cheertulness make him a general favorite. VINCENT NIGRELLI Small, lively. and a good artist- what better describes our Vince? He is the WAH HOC Statf Artist. and President ot Art Club. RUDOLPH O'KORN Rudy likes to swim. draw, and dream--a better variety ot hob- bies cannot be found. He is also an honor student. ' WILLIAM O'KORN Karl is the Don Juan ot our class and very much interested in sports. He is an usher at the Garden Theatre. MARGARET oLsci-iesics A Marge -lilces to knit, crochet, and dance. She is a member of the Advertising Staff of the WAH HOO and Girl Reserves. PETER PARAS Pete, a good sport. tackle of our 'football team, is bashtul and shy. ln spite ot this fact he is popular, and we think he's a regular fellow. ETHEL PERSINGER Ethel, who is extremely polite. aims to be a secretary. She ex- cels in shorthand and has every good quality a secretary must have. EDISON POWELL Edison is airsminded and would lilre very much to become a pilot. l-le is a shining example ot those who say little and do much. LORETTA PRIDE Loretta's favorite subject is trig, and she wants to become a math teacher. She is a member of Lit and likes all sports. JOHNNY RUTH PULLIAM Johnny is the punster of our class: she may not be seen but she is always heard. Besides, Johnny is an honor student. ALBERT REED This tall. brunette, handsome Romeo has many extra-curricular activities. He is the Advertising Manager of the WAH HOO and plans to enter Penn State. MEDA REED Meda is fond of accounting and plans to continue her education after graduation at Pitt. She is a member of Lit. MYRTLE REED Myrtle's sweet, soprano voice has made her a 'Favorite in her church choir. She is an able seamstress and incidentally is one ot the best dressed members of the class. WALTER REINEL Studious Walter is one of our honor students. He is a member ot Lit and service squad. His hobby is aviation. ADELAIDE RICHARDSON Adelaide is our star German stu- dent. She is a good actress, too. participating in most Lit programs. RICHARD SARGENT Sarge is lcnown for his sociability. He has been a member ot the service squad for two years and has served the school faithfully in that field. JANE ROSEN Janey is the hop, skip, jump of our class. She is WAH HOO Statf typist and secretary. Her sweet, gracious ways make her a valuable asset to our class. ZELDA RUBINSTEIN Zelda is a member ot the "three buskateersu. She is an honor stu- dent and has gained a reputation for her originality. MAX RUTNER Max is a studious tellow who is more often seen than heard. He is an ardent football tan and an asset to any class. GEORGE RILEY Happy's smile and winning per- sonality have made him a favorite with all. He is a three-letter man and held a guard position on the football team. In his spare time you End him dancing. MARGARET SAUERS Peg. who has a sunny disposition, is quite adept at cooking and sewing. I-Ier hobby is attending movies. RICHARD SCHATTAU ER Dick is the noisy, fun loving boy of the uclass. He is a member ot the Allegheny-Hi quartet and an ardent football tan. WILLIAM SCHNEIDER Bill has gained wide publicity through his voice. Who can tell but what he will be the next Lawrence Tibbet. I-Ie is Man- About-Town on the WAH I-IOO Staff. GEORGE SCHOLLER George is our champion printer. I-Ie has chosen as his life worlz, printing, publishing. and writing. Incidentally. he is president ot the World Wide Correspondence Club. RAYMOND SCHREMPF Ray excels in drama and is a member ot Lit. I-Iis hobby is in the field ot arts and crafts. VIRGINIA SCHARFF Virginia is the class warbler. She is a member ot the Three Peppers who are heard over WWSW twice a weelc. She is WAH I-IOO Staff typist, too. TH ELMA SHEPHERD Sally is Editor of the School Notes Department ot the WAH I-IOO. She is a member of Lit and her hobby is collecting small animals. ELIZABETH SH ROM Elizabeth has gained wide popu- larity with her friendly ways, her jovial greeting, and her original conversatton. calls the roll in Lit. RALPH D. SNYDER Ralph is a dramatist. He has been a member ot every drama club he could enter since lOB. O. E. is his favorite subject and football is his hobby. JOSEPH SOMMERS Joe. a well-built athlete, is a Charles Atlas protege. He lilres to swim and play football. BEATRICE SPEISER Beaty, an honor student. is a very versatile miss. She is a member of Lit and her favorite subject is O. E. She plans to become a secretary. VICTOR SPRYS Victor's mischievous. jocular man- ner is well known to everyone. Radios and machines are his hobby. ARTHUR VINSON TAYLOR Satan is the fast member ot our football team who goes like wind once he gets an opening. He was a member of the '36 basket- ball team. too. ROBERT TAYLOR Our Bob is an admirer of Holly- wood's Bob Taylor. His ambition is to become a private secretary to a rich widow. SARAH THIGPEN Sarah. an honor student, is Liter- ary Editor ot the WAH HOO and president of her French Class. Friclr will probably be her next Alma Mater. ' V' 0' F . i a LILLIAN THOMAS Lil worlrs as a theatre cashier and misses the last two periods of the day. She pals around with Vargo. ROSE VARGO Rose is extremely fond of danc- ing and is a marvelous dancer Her winning ways make her a great favorite with everyone. ALEXANDER VELLIS This quiet, unassuming lad wants to become a surgeon. He spends much of his time studying and reading. LEO VON FELD Leo is a member ot the Waters. l-lassinger, Vonteld trio. He is an ardent football 'fan and can be seen at every game with his greatly overloaded car. BETTE WALKER Despite Bette's desire tor gaiety. she still finds a little time to de- vote to study. She is a member ot service squad and her hobby is dancing. MARGARET WALKER Peg has the original hobby ot collecting ash trays. She is popu- lar with all who know her. HARRY WARNER Harry is a great pal of boys. He is a swimming instructor at the Sarah Heinz House: his work there has been outstanding. SHELTON WATERS Our Shelly's wit and good nature make him an extremely popular member of the class. An educa- tionalist will be Shelton when high school days are over. MAVIS WELLS Mavis is a bright ray of sunshine in any crowd. She is Allegheny's Patsy Kelley. HENRY WILD Henry is another of our tall, dark. and handsome seniors. He is an enterprising stamp coll tor and an excellent boxer. f My CAROLINE WILLIAMS A budding gymnasium teacher. Caroline is a star basketball player. She is Editor ot Girls Athletics ot the WAH HOO, and an honor student. IRVIN WYLLIE Irv is the class professor. I-Ie is Editor of the WAH I-IOO and an honor student. Outwardly Irvin may seem serious but when the ice is broken he is gobs ot tun. FREDA YETTER A quiet. winsome and likeable girl is Freda. She is a member ot Lit, and her favorite pastime is in the field ot photography. ANNE ELIZABETH YOUNG Anne is one ot the studious. re- served members of the class. She is an honor student with many extra curricular activities. SAM MICHAEL ZUFFANTE By tar, Sam is the busiest man in our class. He is president ot his home room, secretary ot Stu- dent Council. assistant manager of the football team, and Athletic Editor ot the WAH l-IOO. He likes to work and he does it well. ELIZABETH BANNER MARY JANE BERGENER HELEN DANDRIDGE Betty' is the girl with the ideal Mary Jane is' an active member Helen is a quiet, studious type ot hobbies: she likes to keeplhouse. ot Girl Reserves being their vice girl. Her favorite hobbies are SGW. and prepare fancy dishes. Z-resident. She likes to sing and sewing and playing the piano. ance WILLIAM FRENCH BiIl's name contradicts his interest. for he is a Spanish student. Al- though he is quiet. he is witty and humorous. PETER JENKINS Pete likes art, being a member ot Art Club and tond ot mechani- cal drawing. l'-le serves as an usher in Lit. HELEN MOHR "Don't forget your WAH HOO money" was l-lelen's tavorite ex- pression. When not collecting WAH HOO money, she likes to swim, sing, and dance. JAMES PAULOS James is our bid tor an all-round man. He is an active mem- ber of the Airplane Club and is a real honest to goodness pilot. THEODORE SPRYS l-larpo Mard, as Theodore is called by his friends, was on the football squad last year, but a serious arm injury kept him out ot action this year. GERTRUDE STACHUW Trudy excels in dramatics. Her tavorite club is Lit and hcr tavorite study is O. E. She has a great desire to learn to drive. THE NEW DAY CT Y soul stood poised on hilltop exuberant and gay, With tace turned to the Eastland. l waited tor t To come with golden gleaming betore the dawn-star tled, To close a night ot sorrow, a night ot tear and dread. My soul stood up on tip-toe and stretched her arms on high, Atar the day was coming across the shimmering sky: Laden with high hope and love, with priceless joy and tame, My-soul was stirred to gladness, e'er yet the sunlight came. e day The night had broughtulost dreams, lost hopes, and promises not kept The memory of it chilled me, again my spirit wept For things that were neglected, or cast aside in scorn, For virtue that l cherished, tor tancies still unborn. But now the new day comes, my soul, l greet it with a kiss: I think not ot the long night, but ot the morning's bliss. The sorrows and the darkness like phantoms steal away, l stand to welcome gladly the beauty ot the day. Kathryn J. McNamara. CLASS OFFICERS JANUARY, I937 President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer Donald I-iassinger Norman Nichols - Rose Brock Charles Grossman Hall of Fame DONALD HASSINGER VERYONE is acquainted with Don. From the most insignificant , sophomore to the most dignified senior, there is no one who does not deeply admire him. Throughout Allegheny he is noted for his ora- torial powers and his varied participation in school activities. As a freshman he was elected president of his home room and thus began a career which was to be conspicuous throughout Allegheny. l-lis winning smile and amiable disposition led to his election as president of Student Council for two semesters in his junior and senior years. Not only has he been president of his home room numerous times, but he has been president of the French Club. English Club, Senior Class, and Literary Society, attaining further recognition by winning recently a Post-Gazette Merit Pin. We of the Senior Class will not forget his excellent speech inaccepting the key in IZB. l-lis talents are many. As circulation man- ager of the Wah l-loo, he aided the staff in -establishing a record. l-lis name has graced the l-lonor Roll many times. With sincere regret Alle- gheny parts with Donald. , JANE ROSEN AY and lively, Jane's personality shines in her flashing black eyes. Popular and active in school affairs, she retains honor standing. Persuasive and efficient, Jane is preparing herself for the commercial world. She is Secretary of the Wah l-loo Staff and her work as such shows great ability in this field. As a member of Literary Society and G. G. A. Club, she has distinguished herself by her cooperation inithese groups. l-ler charming vivacity and gayety have contributed much to the pleasure of her classmates. GLADYS IVERSEN LADYS is a quiet girl, but work and deeds express her personality better than words. l-ler friends are many, for she is always willing to lend a hand. An all-round scholar she has acquired high honor stand- ing. Above all Gladys is dependable. Secretary of Literary Society at present and president of her home room several times, Gladys is popular with her fellow students. She is a talented writer and a gifted speaker. Gladys has a desire to attend business college and to become a C. P. A. We are confident that Gladys will succeed. SARAH THIGPEN ARAI-l is a popular student. Our class is proud of her, too. As a student she tops the list and will be graduated with Highest I-lonor. She has done much for the Wah l-loo staff. For several semesters as Book Worm's Bulletin editor she has written about many interesting books. This semester, however, she has carried a double schedule of work. taking care of the Book Worm's Bulletin and heading the Literary Department. Although participating in many school activities Sarah also enjoys social life. She is interested in athletics and for four years has closely followed school athletics. Sarah comes from Conroy: Allegheny has only helped her on her way upward. She plans to attend college after graduation. With all her ability she will surely succeed and become prominent. g EDWARD ACKERMAN D IS a fellow who does much but says little. Whenever a success- ful Allegheny project has been put over. Ed was behind it. l-le was president of his home room last semester and vice president of his home room this semester. l-le is very much interested in drama and joined every drama .club open to him. l-lis clubmates, recognizing his ability as a leader. elected him president of the drama club in I lA and again in l2B. This semester he joined Lit and contributed much of his talent to the programs given there. l-ie is a faithful member of both the service squad and the band. Recently, when the call went out for voluntary Community Fund Speakers, Ed dug in with all his energy and wrote and presented one of the best speeches Allegheny ever boasted. Ed will always be remembered by his fellow classmates as a thinker and a real friend. BYRON HURLBUT J HERE is no need to introduce you to Byron l-lurlbut, the ideal Alleghenian. Like all real men. Byron is silent about his perform- ance. His character is the finest. l-le is frank, truthful. and ever honest. As for his achievements, he not only has an admirable scholastic record and a splendid mark in extra-curricular activities, but he has proved him- self a splendid athlete. Byron's ability as a football. basketball, and baseball player is outstanding. Byron's wit and ready humor won him many friends: his smile is infectious, his spirit indomitable, and his per- sonality radiating. Byron has left a mark underclassmen will find hard to equal. IRVIN WYLLIE SZSI-IE Wah I-loo chose a versatile individual when it chose Irvin to be its editor. I-lis leadership has helped the Wah I-loo surmount many obstacles occasioned by a shortened schedule. All ot his editorials have been vital. Not atraid ot worlr, he has chosen ditticult studies and has made A's in all ot them: he is graduating with Highest I-lonor. As a singer he is one ot the mainstays ot the chorus: his solos have thrilled many assembly audiences. Anyone who meets Irvin tinds in him a loyal and truertriend. I-Ie is always ready to give a helping hand or a boost. Any responsibility he assumkes will be mastertully handled. I-lis time character is rounded out by a touch ot humor. I-Iis ettectiveness com- bined with his energy is bound to carry him tar in lite. CAROLINE WILLIAMS AROLINE is the combination ot a student and an athlete. During her high school career, she has maintained a high degree ot scholar- ship-so high, in tact, that she will be graduated with I-Iigh I-lonor. As an athlete, she has had tew, it any, peers among the girls. She captained championship inter-class volleyball and basketball teams. She also played inter-school tennis. Caroline has also participated in activities during her stay in Allegheny. She has been a member ot the Cheer Leaders Club. I-ler tine service as president ot the Girls Leaders Club will always be remembered. In her senior semester she toolc an active part in the attairs ot Literary Society. Caroline has also had her tinger in the Wah I-loo pie, being editor ot the Girls Athletics department. When Caroline graduates, Allegheny will lose one ot her most versatile students. SAM ZUFFANTE N ALL wallcs ot lite there is to be found that type ot person, who works untiringly and continuously yet apparently without reward. Until this past semester this description might have applied to Sam. but no more. I-lis time service to the school and tellow students has been recognized: he is president ot his home room and secretary ot Student Council. Always popular and well thought ot, Sam has increased his popularity and high esteem by successfully shouldering a tremendous amount ot responsibility. I-le is intelligent, willing, extremely capable: he well deserves to become a shining light in the world ot tomorrow. Manager ot the tootball team and editor ot the Athletic Department ot the Wah I-loo, Sam has won laurels. , DOROTHEA MACKENROTH O you like our Year Book this semester? You can thank Dot tor its splendid arrangement: she has worked untiringly to make it a success. I-ler literary genius has long been recognized. Because ot her creative ability she was chosen co-editor ot the Wah l-loo. A leader in many other activities, she is also the president ot the Go-To-College Club. Dorothy represented Allegheny in the Community Fund Oration Contest. Even though she has always taken the lead in such activities, she has maintained an All-A rating in scholarshipgshe is graduating with l-lighest l-lonor. She is a triend ot seniors and underclassmen. Everyone admires this dignitied, attractive, capable Alleghenian. NORMAN NICHOLS l-IO is that tall, well built, young man hurrying to and tro in the halls? None other than our own Norman, known to all ot his triends as just Skinny. Because ot the good work Norman has done in previous years tor the Wah l-loo, he was selected to be our Business Manager. l-le and his two helpers have been quite successtul at handling the financial side ot problems. Norman is very popular and has many tair admirers. Norman always wears a smile and always has a cheery word ot greeting tor all his friends. Football interests Norman and tor the last three years he has been an ardent tootball tan cheering our team on. When Latimer passed Norman on to Allegheny, Latimer lost a man that we are mighty proud to have as one ot us. Success and tame will surely come to this worthy Alleghenian. CHARLES GROSSMAN EIALL, dark, modest, and congenial is our Charles. l-lis triends are many, and his election as Treasurer ot the IZA Class proves his popularity. l-le has endeared himselt to every classmate by his charming smile and triendly manner. l-lis name appears on our honor roll very often, and he has taken part in many ot the school activities. Because of his dependable work, he won the position ot assistant business manager ot the Wah l-loo Statt. l-le has tultilled that ottice splendidly. Charles has also served as Wah l-loo Representative and on the Service Squad. l-le is quite a handsome lad and many a girl has cast her eyes most tavorably upon him. As a triendly companion he is humorous and pleasant. with a keen sense ot tun. l-le desires one day to become an aeronautical engineer. Since his childhood he has been air-minded, and one ot his chiet interests centers around this tield ot work. Because ot his initiative and superior ability, Charles is eligible tor tame. ALBERT REED LBERT is one of the most popular members of the senior class. Although he is a rather quiet, unassuming young fellow, he has a host of friends. The pupils, realizing that AI is a clear thinker and a level-headed chap, elected him as vice president of 207. l-le has also done his bit for the Wah l-loo. As Advertising Manager of the Wah l-loo, he turned in an unusually large number of advertisements. This was no easy job, but Al usually succeeds where others might fail. I-le was also responsible for the senior writeups of 207. l-le has always taken an interest in all school activities. l-le is an active member of Literary Society. Along with his many other achievements, Al is a fine student. We hope future Allegheny classes have many Albert Reeds. SHELTON WATERS l-IELTON WATERS, president of 307 is noted in many fields of school activities. As an accomplished singer he has sung with the Allegheny l-ligh School Quartette over WJAS, Wilkins' Amateur l-lour, and in many of our assembly programs. Not only is he a good singer but an excellent elocutionist. Many students will remember his speeches and poems. l-le has been vice president and president of his home room numerous times throughout his career in Allegheny. l-lis interests are many: member of the Student Representative Body, chair- man of Publicity Committee, vice president of Literary Society, and Wah l-loo Representative. He has maintained consistently a high scholastic rating. LOUIS GOLD OUIS GOLD is our class comedian par excellence. They say that every class has one, but we wonder and certainly doubt whether there will ever be another like Lou. Ever smiling, courteous, and willing to help, he has been of invaluable service to his class and school. Under- classmen may well profit by his example of Congeniality and friendliness. l-lis splendid cooperation, originality, and business ability have been re- sponsible for the success of more than one class undertaking. If any person in our class is destined for success with retirement at middle age, it is our Lou. ROSE BROCK OSY is the vivacious, versatile. sparkle of our class. If you are in need ot a good, willing wprker, just call on Rose. She is secre- tary of the senior class, Wah I-loo Representative ot her home room. and chairman ot its program committee. Gnce again the old saying. "Good things come in small packages." is proved true: for Rosy, though the smallest member ot the class is yet a most valuable asset. She is a wondertul actress and has won many a part in Literary Society. She is a member ot many clubs and a staunch supporter of every Allegheny project. Further, Rosy is an honor student. VINCENT NIGRELLI INCE is out artist. Every Wah I-loo cover this semester carried the famous V. Nigrelli signature. Even in club activities he chose his favorite subject-art. Recognizing his ability as both artist and leader the club elected him president. I-lis masterful pen and brush frequently brought great applause from his clubmates. At the IZA social Vince showed his ability as a dancer. l-le has a bright happy disposition that wins him many friends. l-Iis personality and skill in dancing make him welcome at all social gatherings. I-Iere's to you, Vince, and your career in art. WILLIAM SCHNEIDER LLEGI-IENY is happy to present to you our future Caruso, tall, modest. and congenial William Schneider. A scholar he is, maintaining throughout his school career a I-Iigh I-Ionor standing. I-Iis accomplishments are many. As a capable writer he has presented to you through his articles in Man-About-Town Antonio Modarelli, Pitts- burgh Symphony Director: I-Iarold .Ekins. world-famous reporter. I-Iis melodious baritone voice has rung through the auditoriums ot Latimer and Allegheny in many solo selections. As a representative ot Allegheny he was a soloist in the Community Fund program over the network ot KDKA and at the Syria Mosque. I-Iis talent is not contined to singing, tor his excellent dramatic performance in Literary Society has brought him other Iaurels. ln Allegheny he has been active and helptul. We all join in wishing success in his musical career. 4 x U NK -f.-2, 1 XJ 5 .X ., 5, -Xi .i?3'L.. .. X , -i 5 -vm-. f -X i 4. E , '84-11:15 f ' . W 'S kk -fm -ff E Q . um 3 , .f I fx' xkxxf-fy XX U, ..,.L-4 s- X " fx ' if ,.,- V v- ,L .,.... -www A ix A , --1. 4.x-vl , -Y 1 ,,...4 41 ,Y-1. r' 9 1 ,arm f-ff' f A . .mam ff- ,, sy .v , F f' A-" . gi Nw Sfiif X ,.x Q 2 " N 6,1 k 5 1 Q . , Y ,, 5299 253 25? ,. 'jf ' ,fyf + .fi 'E . 'ir i wwf- i . fp i If 355 fi! Ai' 6 s v . 4 19 R M " x - 25 V, PA Y M. '-x as is L as gg. +L ,V nv Q if ,ic 6 as lgjfswf Q' J x f S. ff' X1 -.f 5+ :mv '25-. , me ii 1 3 Eg Q, Sv 'BN L4 5 an WN 69? j i x , M 5 W ffiigi? K 'L PM 75, 'LJ 3' Q' yi Ei Q Sig h si, 'A E ,xt 3 as V , 1 x1.,SU'5il .ig its Q3 v ' - ' ,.'- , 1-'gp Q "- N 4 5551, f ' fQgj" 5 3 mx X 5 4- A va 1 5 ,M fa gp QM-f.f , . ,. , X, ..,,,, M X F y E . : sk I i' mi 2 6 Tw 'fi . 4 I m gt, fr M If JH A K Q3 wg A im- gy- get 'fx Q 'ifxjfi gb Q H .5 V :L Q w ki tw Fi' 5? X' aff? 2 5 ww-if f 5 xv ' H5335 , Q 5 5 ZVX 3' : 1 L55 P ' ' fy I ' ig -4+ " 4 ,QQ if X jd gi .. arcane ' by if as in E -f 'S' , , Q A QW , 9, W , Class History IKE all children. we seniors started school with one eye cast into the future to the time when we would graduate. The twelve years until graduation seemed an eternity. Twelve years with the teacher bugaboo haunting us seemed more thanwe delicate individuals could endure. Yet we trudged wearily along the road which was to lead to our goal. Finally we became high school freshmen, only to discover that the life of a freshman is no bed of roses. We looked on with awe as the mighty seniors showed us how to enjoy school life. They had privileges. dignity. and authority, and delighted in displaying the latter. Our sophomore and junior years were spent chiefly in the quest of knowledge. Still we looked forward to the day when we would be seniors. At last we have become seniors. To our great dismay. we discover that we are human, and not gods and goddesses as we had previously believed seniors to be. We have no authority, little dignity, and few privileges. l-lowever, some privileges as Literary Society. Wah l-loo Staff, and Senior Day have been retained. The grading system has been changed just as we embark on our senior careers. Because a new Alle- gheny l-ligh is being constructed for the use of future Alleghenians, we have the unique experience of attending half day sessions at Latimer. We are stamped with the mark of greatness, because we have succeeded despite our many handicaps. We are crowned with success in scholar- ship, athletics. and social activities. ln every way. we have gloriously emulated our predecessors. Now we must go forth into the world. We must engage in the battle of life for which we have been prepared in Allegheny. We know that among us are great leaders. They will blaze the trails of future endeavor. Most of us will not be so conspicuous, but our presence will be noticed. We shall be smaller cogs on the great flywheel of life. As we have succeeded in Allegheny, thus shall we succeed in the world. As we depart. we take with us many cherished memories. We recall the numerous friendships which we have made. The kindly guidance of the faculty shall never be forgotten. The joys and sorrows of high school life are indelibly impressed on our memories. The successes of those who have gone before us represent our aims. The world beckons to us, so we must take our leave of Allegheny. May our motto ever be "Prorsum Et Sursum". Class Chronicle September I-"l-lello there! Boy, are you sun tanned! What did you do all summer? My. it seems like old times to be back: even though we are in Latimer. the faces look familiar." By the way, our class sponsors are Miss Kistler, Miss l-leclc, Mrs. Maurer. and Mr. l-lenning. September IO-The four senior classes elect Franc. Waters, Zuffante, and Wm. Okorn to represent them in Student Council and generally up- hold the honor and dignity of the senior class. September I8-We finally decide to have a football team: they trot out against Peabody to again bring home a scoreless tie. September 26-We go to Aliquippa for a non-league game and are de- feated. But are our spirits dampened? Not a bit! We'll show them yet. October 2-Don l-lassinger, our popular all-around man. wields the gavel in Lit while Gladys lversen scribbles. October 3-What did l tell you. We just inaugurated our sectional football season by trouncing Carrick 26-O. lt's only the beginning, folks, only the beginning. October IO-lt's a windy morning, but not too windy for us to conquer our old rival, Oliver. Score? I9-O. October i4-Wah l-loo Skit. This time the performance was a pageant including picture gallery costumes. newspaper dresses. and what not. Who can forget Shelton 'Waters singing enthusiastically "Buy, Buy A Wah l-loo"? October I7-We meet South l-lills on the gridiron holding them to a scoreless tie. Satan Taylor attempts a field goal, but lady luck didn't smile on us this time, so we must be satisfied to share honors with South l-lills. October 20-The first issue ofthe Wah l-loo is published. Are we going 'round and 'round-Merry-go-round in the front hall for our publicity campaign. and Merry-go-round on the cover of our magazine. The staff and student body are well pleased with this issue. October 2l-We extended report distribution two weelcs. but reports do come out. lt seems that the new system worlcs pretty well: Vinson Taylor made the honor roll for the first time in his high school career. October 3 l--lt is l'-lallowe'en, but the witches and goblins don't scare our boys. They annihilate Perry. November 6-So far, South l-lills, Langley. and Allegheny are tied for first place in Section ll: but today we trotted out against Langley and brought home a I9-O victory. Who said we had a weak team? November I4-Allegheny played Johnstown in a non-league game, and did we take a beating! Score 34-O. Even if we were beaten on the gridiron. the Mayor of Johnstown must think our boys are pretty good, for he gave a grand banquet for them. Some class. eh what? November I2-I6-We had our pictures taken at Trinity Court. Every- one was late in keeping his appointment, but fortunately, the pho- tographer is a good natured soul. You have never seen such a meek bunch of seniors as the ones that came out of Trinity that day. November I6-We are tied with South l-lills for the championship of Section ll, and the Board of Education decide to flip a coin. Alle- gheny wins two out of three tosses, so we are elected to play Westinghouse in the Sun-Telegraph Shoe Fund Game. November I7-We are visited by a host of South Hills students who claim they are no two-bit champions. and who challenge us to a play-off. Our coach and squad. being good sports, agree and the date is set for November 2l at Peabody field. We have our fingers crossed. V November I8-Took club pictures in the park opposite old Allegheny, and was it foggy! You could hardly see six feet in front of you. Here's hoping that Trinity has powerful lenses. ln spite of the fog we took senior snaps. November I9-Received our films from l-lites marked "No Charge". What a disappointment. Better luck next time. November 20-Proofs returned from Trinity. I-lalf the seniors are afraid to open them. but being a courageous lot do so anyway. Mm-mm-mm they're not as bad as was expected. In fact they are excellent. November 2I-Play-off with South Hills at Peabody field. We are defeated I3-6, but our boys fought with spirit and enthusiasm. I-lere's where we show the city that we are good sports. November 23-Class election shows that Donald I-lassinger will act as chief cook and bottle washer, Skinny Nichols will stooge. Rosy Brock will scribble, and Chuck Grossman will jingle the money bag. December 5-City All-Scholastic Team announced. Puff out your chests. seniors: every senior-A member of the team made honorable mention. to say nothing of Bunsy and Mike making the first team. December 9-Re-took senior snaps. but this time we had a real pho- tographer: none other than Miss l-lazlewood. It wasn't any too bright, but we'll hope for the best., December IO-First Prom committee meeting is held in the lunchroom. Don is general chairman: we decide upon the Pines as the place for the gala occasion. December IO-We have the senior snap films developed and believe it or not, every one is perfect! That's what comes of having a real photographer. December II-IZA Social is held in the lunch room at Latimer. We couldn't decorate, but as we have vivid imaginations. we got along splendidly. Ping-Pong is voted the most popular game and every- one has a grand time. P December 22-Christmas Tree is trimmed in the auditorium. and we maintain our tradition of surrounding it with toys. lt's a bit un-- handy to have to run to the fourth floor to look at it. but we are thankful that we have one anywhere. December 23-Students carol through the halls and give a wonderful Christmas attitude throughout the school. My, l never knew before how talented our music department is! December 23-A special Christmas assembly program is presented. Don't you think we are mighty fortunate in having such a considerate faculty? We are let off without any homework over the holidays! Just for that, I hope Santa puts something extremely delightful in the toe of the stocking of each member of our faculty. January 7-Did you notice the rush of students to Miss Scott's office? They were trying to get bids to the Wah l-loo dance. And had you noticed how tactfully everyone had been treating the staff members? You can easily guess the reason. We all had a grand time, and the seniors bade good-bye to their fellow staff writers, and wished them the best of luck for next year. January I4-Convocation! All the seniors travel to Syria Mosque. We are represented by Don l-lassinger in the ceremonial and are received into a fuller citizenship. January I5-Donors' Day! Don't you wish you rated enough to be extended an invitation to it? I wonder why all the seniors are so embarrassed? January I8-The Year Book is out! Fill your fountain pens. seniors, the rush is on. l am seriously thinking of taking out more life insurance for a few days. But don't fool yourselves. we seniors feel mighty proud that you want our autographs. January 25-This is our last assembly program. Joytully, and yet some- what sadly, we tile into the auditorium keeping step with the or- chestra number dedicated to us alone. Did you ever think the seniors could act so silly? Yes, ot course, we are human, too. January 20-Prom-Did you ever see a happier group ot young people anywhere? The Pines is decorated beautifully and everybody looks his best. The charm of Ches. Walters music adds much to the atmosphere of the evening. January 29-Graduation at the Heinz House Auditorium. At last we have reached the climax ot our high school career. We are given our diplomas and wished the best ot luck. It is the end and yet itis only the beginning! May we ever travel "Onward and Upward"! Dorothea Mackenroth Gladys lversen Walter Reinel Jane Rosen Helen Abram Rose Brock Anthony Franc Honor Roll HIGHEST HONOR Sarah Thigpen HIGH HONOR Zelda Rubinstein Max Rutner William Schneider HONOR Charles Grossman Donald Hassinger Byron Hurlbut Peter Langas lrvin Vfyllie Gertrude Stachuw Caroline Williams Sam Zuttante Ellen Marshall Adelaide Richardson Thelma Shepherd l x! Egfr? 's i I ? nfl I'-I' X , 'QQ . MMWMMMMEM Wah Hoo Staff February I937 EDITORS DOROTHEA MACKENROTH IRVIN WYLLIE LITERARY SARAH THIGPEN EDWARD ACKERMAN ROBERTA HUNT KATHRYN MQNAMARA RUTH KUNTZ ROY COLT SCHOOL NOTES THELMA SHEPHERD MARY ALICE ALLENDORF CARL REISER SALLY O'KEEFE HOWARD HIRSH ROSE SANTON RALPH PEPPERNEY ART VINCENT NIGRELLI ELIZABETH DIETZ CARTOONS JOSEPH ADAMS JACK CRONENWETH OTHELLO GRAY MAN-ABOUT-TOWN WILLIAM SCHNEIDER GIRLS ATHLETICS CAROLINE WILLIAMS BOYS ATHLETICS SAM ZUFFANTE ROBERT WELDAY ALUMNI MARGARET OLSCHESKE ESTHER LUCUM RICHARD ELLIS EXCHANGE TYPING DOROTHY GOFF JANE ROSEN HUMOR VIRGINIA SHARFF LOUIS GOLD RUTH KUNTZ BUSINESS SECRETARY NORMAN NICHOLS JANE ROSEN CHARLES GROSSMAN FACULTY ADVISORS ANDREW DAMIS STAFF-MARY S. MAURER CIRCULATION TYPING4-M. R. COOLEY DONALD HASSINGER ART-ELLA HAZLEWOOD ANTHONY FRANC FINANCE-C. A. MEDLOCK ADVERTISING ALBERT REED GENERAL ADVISOR CLARA A. SCOTT QCIHE Wah l-loo Representatives have much to do with the success ot the Wah l-loo work. Elected by their classmates, they are responsible for soliciting subscribers and collecting Wah l-loo money. This group ot representatives h ertormed its task etliciently. Through the persistent and untiring etlort ot these individuals, more Wah t-loos were sold this semester than ha ever been sold before in any previous semester in the history ot the agal' e. 'Y WAH HOO REPRESENTATIVES , , Y-M-8-mum-I-up-E-mwgwnna-.w.,f V-fs,-emwwisu,s,.+...u.,-,,..: fmwwf:-sffwsfmf-wg-sf,.,.,W,:,.-. , up-wma, W , -2-- QCZTHE Student Representative Body noted throughout the annals ot Allegheny l-ligh School is an organization ot leadership, dependa- bility, and scholastic attainments. This highly organized Club convenes Wednesday the fifth period throughout the school year, presenting edu- cational programs and discussing problems ot the school. The Repre- sentatives are a capable and choice group, carrying baclc each week the findings and recommendations ot the representative body as a whole. The organization is composed ot forty-three representatives, each repre- sentative having been elected president ot his room. The committees: Scholarship. Anthony Franc: Attendance, William Okorni Home Room Program, l-lelen Sulniclcig Civic, Emile Rutner: Assembly, Ralph Pepperney: Thritt, Carl Reiserg Publicity, Shelton Waters: Secretarial, Sam M. Zutlante. Sponsors: Ralph E. Blalceslce, Charles R. Fisher, Mary I. Bower, Lulu Kistler, and Clara A. Scott. Robert Welday - - - President ' Anthony Franc - - Vice President Sam M. Zuttante - - - Secretary Thomas A. Flaherty - Sergeant-at-Arms STUDENT BODY REPRESENTATIVE JUNIOR AND SENIOR GIRLS BOOSTERS N Tl-IIS crowded "Merry-Go-Round" semester at Latimer, 'Boosters had to be divided into two groups: Juniors who meet on Mondays. Seniors on Fridays. With the tine support ot the whole school twenty dollars worth ot Allegheny stickers were sold in two hectic days before the South l-lills-Allegheny play-oti game. Meetings are devoted to dis- cussion or dramatization ot' girls etiquette problems. Junior Boosters Christine Anastas '- ---- President - - l-lermine l-larsaney - - - - Vice President - Betty l-lubert - Lorraine Muzylc Carolyne Abt - Betty l-lubert - Ella M. Messer - - - - - Recording Secretary - Corresponding Secretary - - - - Treasurer - - - - - - Archivist - - - - - - Sponsor - - Senior Boosters - - Wanda Baiers Shirley Swetland - - lsabel Kazeva - - Madelyn Rose - - - Betty Bruner Bertha Lieberrnann - -' Grace Miller OCIHE Naturalist Club, with every other organization and class ot Allegheny, has been under a terrific strain this semester because ot the tact that everything is in storage. All our equipment, with our collections has been packed away. One can easily see what a problem a club like ours would have to tacc. Last June we had to get rid ot our snakes and our trogs and our turtles and all our plants. l-lowever, we were glad to accept anything tor a new school, and making the best ot the situation we have come through in spite ot everything. We are eager to be back home at Allegheny to round up our snakes and other live specimens, but we can wait. President - - John Scott Vice President - - - Emerson Arn Secretary-Treasurer - Jean Marshall Sponsor - - - - Miss Ladoft NATURALISTS GIRLS G-O-TO-COLLEGE CLUB C-onquer selt O-vercome obstacles L-ead in service L-ook to the end E-ncourage learning G-ive the best E-ver make lite larger and more beautiful O! l-llS semester our club has entertained Miss Bower, our counsellor, Miss Swander. the Girls Advisor ot Knoxville Junior l-ligh, and Olive Scott, a former president ot the club. These spealcers. aside trom being exceptionally interesting, gave messages ot great value to all our members. Our emblem, the owl, signifies our purpose. May we always continue to LOOK AHEAD. Dorothea Maclcenrotlw - - President Mary Morris - - - Vice President Fay Anderson - - - Secretary Mary Alice Allendort - - Treasurer Miss Petty - - - - Sponsor ORDER OF G-REGC5 ARTISTS GCZHE girls ot the Gregg Artists Club aim to be not only stenographers but secretaries. During this semester, speakers from Pittsburgh's Business Schools, Colleges, and Universities have talked to us aboutthe necessary qualitications to attain our goal. We have given service to pupils in a lower grade who tound Shorthand ditticult. The program has also included social events, assembly programs, and visits to demonstra- tions ot ottice equipment. President - - Dorothy Hood Secretary - - Rose Marie Taschner ,bc-Zi!-IIS year's l-li-Y Club, although small in membership, has gained school wide recognition. At the beginning ot the semester, they promoted a Safety Campaign, which, due to present conditions in school, couid not proceed. This campaign was sponsored throughout the county by l-li-Y Clubs. They also sold candy at the football games, and held a party at the Y, New Year's Eve. The otficers this year were: President - - William Guyton Vice President - - George Geyer Secretary - - l-lenry Eidenmuller Treasurer - - l-lenry Eidenmuller Sponsor - - Robert B. Magill HI-Y CLUB ,. Y .. .. ...A m aH.f..vw,M-Mwf-w:-..,mw11msa..m.w,.,w.- ..., . .... , ,vfrwimef - mv wg-mm.-as-gc ,,,, 1-nm-.n-mm N NR 4 I X 'N"'s"N-N-.4 gil-lE purpose of the club is to acquaint the members with advanced art not scheduled tor regular class worlc. The subjects of this semester's work-anatomy ot the human form, and grouping of figures. The Art Club visited the Carnegie International and had a delightful day. Vincent Nigrelli, the Wah l-loo cover-artist, was our efficient president. Our vice president, Jack Cronenweth. the cartoonist, also contributed to the Wah l-loo. Olga Donics was secretary. The club funds were collected by Jerome Wolfson, the treasurer. Sponsor, Miss l-lazlewood. The Art Club regrets the death of Louis Manesiotis, who for two terms was president of the Art Club. Graduated from Allegheny in l928 Louis later received local and national recognition for his art worlc. E SEMESTRE au cercle on s'amuse bien et on ctiante des chansons trancaises. Maintenant nous allons faire en France un voyage imaginaire. Nous avons embarque le neut decemlore sur la Normandie. pour faire un voyage prolonge. Nous avons nos passeports et nos lits au wagon-lit et aussi nos cabines sur la Normandie. Nous ne pouvons pas dire exactement quand nous reviendrons. mais. il taut quelque temps pour voir les choses que nous Francais curieux veulent aimer connaitre. Au cercle on parle francais entierement. C'est un des meilleurs clubs de l'ecole. Les otliciers du cercle sont: Presidente - - Jane Vorecli Vice Presidente - William Stewart Secretaire - Jeanne McCullough Tresoriere - - Luella I-lunt Directrice - Mlle. Solberg LE CERCLE FRANCAIS r x GIRL RESERVES C' t UCI-l to their regret the Girl Reserves were unable to dress dolls this year, but they spent time trying to better social friendliness throughout the school. h Code: As a Girl Reserve I will be: Gracious in manner Seeing the beautiful lmpartial in judgement Eager for knowledge Ready tor service Reverent to God Loyal to friends Victorious over self Reaching towards the best Ever dependable ,Earnest in purpose Sincere at all times President - - - - Regina Fredley Vice President - - Mary .lane Bergenner Secretary - - - - Lillian Slciles Treasurer ----- Judy Donnelly Council Representative - Margaret Olscheski Sponsors - - Miss Boston and Miss Boss CN UCl-l of the responsibility ot having an orderly school rests upon the shoulders ot the Servicemembers. They serve in the hall, on doors, in the otlice. and as messengers and secretaries. ln the performance of their duties they are always etticient. willing. re- sponsible, and helpful. Allegheny is rightfully proud ot her Service squad. SERVICE SQUAD sf-We fs sf,s,W1--Mi ..,,- 1 sir -W New f mu -www W se f1smW4sssmmmswyww.MQ,WWim4mwwn. -,, .mnwmg -1, g TENTH GRADE DRAMA CLUB QCIHE purpose ot the Tenth Grade Dramatic Club is to give every member an opportunity to participate in plays or to speak before an audience. We presented in assembly one play this semester and studied another, "The Christmas Guest." "The Stolen Prince," a Chinese play given by the club was greatly appreciated by both upper and lower classmen. President - - - l-lerman Spowal Vice President - - John Griffin Secretary - - Emma Krall Treasurer - - - Ruth Schuessler Wardrobe Mistress - - Louise Koch Stage Director - - Fred Ferelctic Sponsor - M. G. Kline ITERARY Society. this year, although handicapped by laclc ot scenery and time, advanced in rather pleasing tashion under the masterful guidance ot Miss l-lowe. Starting with pantomimes. and monologues, the group branched out into one act plays. The plays en- acted were "Christmas Chimes," and "French Without a Master." Both plays were light comedies. The Literary Society was also responsible tor two assembly programs this semester. The tirst was a series ot panto- mimes and the second was a Christmas program composed ot appropriate speeches and poems. Both were well received by students and taculty. Donald l-lassinger - - President Shelton Waters - - Vice President Gladys lversen - - Secretary Miss l-lowe ----- Sponsor USHERS Pete Langas Peter Jenkins Richard Sargent Albert Reed LITERARY SOCIETY Ei. ciRcuLo EsPANoL SIHE objectives ot our club are to facilitate the speaking ot the Spanish language and to become acquainted with the manners and customs ot our Spanish neighbors. We have accomplished these objectives in some ot our interesting and varied meetings. Our semester's program consisted ot short plays, dialogues, crossword puzzles, and Spanish songs, together with other social activities. The club members have shown great enthusiasm in preparing their programs: and a spirit ot cooperation was prevalent in all meetings. Sam Thompson - - - President Fanny Merlina - Secretary-Treasurer Donald Slone - - Vice President Miss Riddle - - Sponsor Ci el HE Girls Leaders Club met Friday each week. We were some- what handicapped because ot the unusual schedule. We refereed volleyball games and took charge of the showers and the roll call in the gym classes, participating also in many other school activities. GIRLS LEADERS President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - - Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor - - Dorothy l-losey Gladys Moyer - Dolores Nist Marie Waugaman - Anna Tesch Maude L. Rowley IIB DRAMA CLUB I guns ' ' semester the I IB Drama Club gave a play in assembly written by one ot its talented members. Byron Wallace. The club has presented many interesting plays. pantomimes, monologues, and dia- logues. A tew ot the outstanding members are Betty Evans, Elizabeth Nye, and Veronica Tonzo. The club otticials are president., Robert Brown: vice president, Ruth Martens: and secretary, Jean Ridgway. The sponsor is Miss Elizabeth Cowley. ORCHESTRA J I-IE O ' ' rchestra under the able directorship ot Mr. I-Ioward NW. Keister has had tewer activities this semester because ot incon- veniences due to crowded schedule. The Orchestra has been commended tor its numerous selections presented at various assemblies. Senior and other members have planned carefully tor the coming Spring Concert to which every loyal Alleghenian looks torward. The orchestra is composed of torty-tive members. BOYS LEADERS LTI-IOUGI-I handicapped by the shorter periods this year the Boys Leaders Club has been able to keep up to the standard ot former years. The Boys Leaders Club is now practicing pyramids tor the annual B. L. C. Conference and AIIegheny's Leaders hope to win tirst prize-a large wooden cup. Otticers are: president. Alex Berger: vice president, Henry Szymikg secretary, Melvin Babylon: treasurer, Charles Dauerg sponsor, Nelson Miller. AIRCRAFT CLUB bc-Ill-IE Aircraft Club is sponsored by Mr. Emminger who is also the treasurer. Joe Jackson is our commander and Ralph II-Ierml Eyring is our secretary. Last February our club bought a gas model kit. and at the present we have a beautitul 7' 4" Cabin Gas model which was built in these last eleven months. The test hop has been delayed because ot the weather, but in the spring we expect to test it. Through the course ot the winter.. not being able to tly the gas job. we had a glider contest which turned out some surprisingly good gliders. An in- door contest is now under way. I-Iappy Landings! D BOYS COLLEGE CLUB QCP ROMOTED by interest in higher education the Boys College Club has become one of the leading organizations in the school. The major interest of the club is the study of the different schools that will be of benefit to those students who anticipate a higher education. The club also promotes good fellowship among its members. A field day and a program for chapel have become a natural procedure every semester. An interesting program of Indian Dances was presented by the club at Syria Mosque during the Community Fund Drive. Repre- sentatives from various colleges have addressed the club this year. The officers presiding are: Ralph Pepperney. president: Robert Welday. vice president: Charles Lange. secretary: R. E. Blalceslee. sponsor. CHEER LEADERS CLUB 5 I-IE purpose of our club is not only to help encourage more girls and boys to see the marvelous playing of our athletes, but also to stimulate the fight in our own players. Most of our time at meetings is spent in the development of poise, rhythm. and posture. Lois Thomas has helped the popularity of the club by her performance of acrobatics on the field. One of our members had the opportunity of being inter- viewed on the radio at the play-off game at Peabody Field. Our success is due to the sponsorship of Mr. l-lole. The president of the club is Anthony Bruno: secretary. Peggy Creen. ARCHITECTURE CLUB VERY Monday the fifth period there comes the faint sound of someone hammering down the hall. From which room is it com- ing? Why, it comes from Room ZI6. the headquarters of the Archi- tecture Club. We, of the Club. are all trying for the same thing: namely, to have the best house when the semester is finished. You see the pur- pose of the Club is to help us to model our future homes. We have the honor to have Mr. Medloclc as our sponsor. The following are the officers: President, Thomas Welch: Secretary, Carl Reiser. CLASS OFFICERS JUNE, l937 President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer Social Chairman Ralph Pepperney Robert Welday Charles Lange Richard Dehler Dorothy Smith TENTH GRADE DRAMA CT ISS RUTI-l'S Tenth Grade Drama Club had quite a number of plays presented to the members each Monday in 203. Not only did the members of this club have a chance to act, but also to manage or direct a play. Anyone who wanted to direct a play went to Miss Ruth's collection of plays and selected one. Then he went about selecting the actors and actresses. The play was then produced before the members in club meeting. Because of the small room and few properties one's imagination had to work. lt seems that the best liked plays are comedies. The class presented the Christmas play in assembly, Alias Santa Claus. The presentation of this play made a Christmas party impossible, so the members had a farewell party at the close of the semester. UNISON CLUB QCP ROMPTLY at the ringing of the bell announcing fifth period thirty girls hasten to 3l I, where the Unison Class meets to prepare for the period's work, or rather fun. Our Unison Class meetings are carried on informally. We dispense with reading and taking of minutes and calling the club to order. Instead we take our sheets on which are printed rhymes and poems of various kinds. We begin by going through various forms of calisthenics to get ourselves in the proper position for speaking. Then we read our selections. One of the most popular rhymes we have is the one concerning a pussy-cat in which the reader has to change his voice from that of an angry inquiring gentleman to a poor sick pussy-cat and then back to the voice of the sympathetic gentleman. The purpose of the club is not only to create an interest in worthwhile poems, but also to cultivate a good speaking voice. ln the spring we hope that you will not only hear about us but actually hear us. CRISS CROSS CLUB O' s . J HE Criss Cross Club, composed of Eleven A's and Twelve B's studied drama and acting throughout the semester. They closed the year by presenting in the auditorium, "Say It With Taffy". The officers were: President, Al Mackie: Vice President, Mary Miles: Secre- tary, .lane Forshag Sponsor. Edna l-leck. BAND QCIHE band this season has torty-tive members. We had no tield band this year because ot the lack ot uniforms and time to drill, but we hope to turn out a good concert band next year. A concert next semester will be held the first week ot March at Carnegie Music Cal! North Side. The proceeds will be used to buy uniforms tor the an . APPRECIATION CN Q! I-IE Statt ot the Annual and the Class ot January. I937 wish to express appreciation to all persons in the school tor their gracious assistance in making this Year Book successful. C' 61 I-IE Statt and Class extend thanks to our associates in publication: JOI-IN CRAXWFORD PARK, Printer TRINITY COURT STUDIOS, Photographer JOI-IN C. BRAGDON, Engraver SZ' I-IE Statt and Class wish to thank the advertisers. In return tor this interest in Allegheny I-Iigh School, the Statt asks its Readers to show appreciation by Patronizing the Advertisers and by encouraging others to visit our Advertisers. CN 61 I-IE Statl, Allegheny Faculty and Student Body wish to express their sincere gratitude to our Latimer I-losts tor all their triendly cooperation. X N ' S 4. Am.,f W X f? l3J X X A K 1 W Y 'fpaukfo l O, X V . Z 1 Nl, ' 9 X 4 Q X 4' A 43 I-IARRY M. SPRINGER Coach Adieu Football Team. Sincerest Congratulations ' to V V D I Coach Springer and the Boys FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Michael Balitsaris Stanley Bylcowslci Franlc Comport Tony Cotton Albert Dutty Wilbur Gura Byron I-Iurlbut Bernard O'INleil Peter Paras Carl Raitano George Riley Sam Scelto Vinson Taylor Dio Visciarelli Edward Zilian Walter Deiter Clarence Ungerrnan MANAGERS Joseph Lanza Sam Michael Zuttante FOOTBALL RESULTS Allegheny 0 ---- - Peabody O Allegheny O ---- Aliquippa I4 Allegheny 26 - Carriclc O Allegheny I9 - Oliver O Allegheny O South I-Iills O Allegheny I2 - Perry O Allegheny I4 - Langley O Allegheny O Johnstown 27 SECTION II PLAY-OFF Allegheny 6 ------ South Hills I3 REMINISCING OOKING back over Allegheny's I936 Football Records. Alle- , ghenians may with deep pride remember the team. Amidst numerous handicaps, such as practicing scrimmages in the morning at Perry's Field. and playing their home games at Oliver, the team came out with tlying- colors. They are to be commended highly tor their tight- ing spirit and also the wonderful sportsmanship displayed at the South l-lill's crisis. Rated as the under-dogs, our team completed their schedule with tour victories, one tie, and three deteats which were dealt by tor- midable and very powerful elevens. With an inexperienced line and tew regulars in the backtield, the coach molded the team that was to appear in the tront pages ot all the local city newspapers. Once more Allegheny was honored by the city newspapers: two ot our players attained such merited honor as All-Scholastic ratings. Michael Balitsaris, L. E., and Bunzy O'Neil, R. t-l. Those receiving honorable mention: Frank Comport, back: Albert Dutfy, and George Riley, guard: Pete Paras, tackle. FOOTBALL SQUAD ALL-SCI-IOLASTIC HALF BACK BERNARD "BUNZIE" O'NEIL BYRON HURLBUT NEED not introduce to you a versatile Byron, tor every one is acquainted with him. I-lis name has graced the honor roll ot basketball, baseball, and football. l-le was also a member ot the City Championship Basketball squad. As a member ot the baseball nine he was noted tor his sensational hitting. Coach Springer developed him into one of the best centers ot the city. Byron obtained honorable men- tion in the Press and Post-Gazette as center. An outstanding athlete. CENTER, BYRON HURLBUT A , - - . .... . .M . sw.. 4. --V..Y-.-4.Nfawqwzaxxxw..-:m:-.-. www. Athletic Stars FRANK COMPORT QE-FRANK COMPORT is undoubtedly the most outstanding Ouarter- back Allegheny has ever produced. l-le piloted our team through a successful season, attaining such fame as honorable mention in the Pittsburgh Press All-City High Stars as quarterback. l-le is an ideal player: he is always fighting and has plenty of school spirit: he changes defeat into victory. Frank has been two years a letterman in football and has earned an additional letter by playing a year in baseball. A congenial friend is Frank. Allegheny will miss him. PETER PARAS . SF ETF is known throughout Allegheny for his wrestling ability. A quiet, cordial, congenial, friendly chap. he is a perfect example of a well statured athlete. and he is strong and powerful. Though his career as an athlete has been as a football player only. he played as a top notcher. Very few yards were gained through his side of the line, for as a tackler he was a rugged and a defensive player. Pete rated on the Sun-Telegraph's third team. l-le has a tremendous capacity to give and to take. GEORGE RILEY go BE a West Pointer is the desire of our happy-go-lucky George. i A capable student he is and a rugged athlete. ln his stay at Allegheny he has as a senior competed in the following sports: basketball, football, and swimming and has excellently performed in each of them. As a basketball player, he was winner of the City Champs: in football he was an agressive and able tackler and defensive guard. For his ex- cellent performance he received honorable mention in the Press as guard. JOSEPH LANZA l-lEN Alleghenians think of Joe, they immediately think of the little curly haired, dark complexioned manager of the football team. l-le has for the past two years been Allegheny's football manager: surely he made a success. An excellent assistant to Coach Springer and the boys, could we ever forget our mischievous, fun-loving half-pint manager? ' ARTHUR VINSON TAYLOR NE of the fastest runners on the squad was Satan. For throughout the gridiron season students knew him for his eighty-yard and sixty-yard runs to the goal line. ln his two years on the Red and Blue eleven he has been the highest individual scorer. A record to be proud of. Although playing last year in only a few games, he earned the place of a regular the following season. He is an excellent kicker and is known throughout the city as the Flashing-Half-Back. ALBERT DUFFY BBY hails from Latimer and is a member of the famous quintuplets with Harry Stott, Kenneth Luther, Joseph Burtnett. Harold Gib- son. While at Allegheny he has played on the basketball. baseball. and football teams. Playing in the outfield baseball. Albert drove in many a winning run. He was a member of the City Championship basketball team, ably substituting. An expert shot always in basketball. A main- stay of Allegheny's R. E., he solved the problem when Visciarelli was in- jured and performed so well that the Press bestowed upon him honorable mention. A Girls Athletic Stars lLLlAN THOMAS is an outstanding athlete of our class. Her favorite sport is basketball. She excels in it. She plays the guard position. and few forwards get past her for a field goal. Lillian is a member of the Girls Leaders Club: her work there has been notable. Swimming and volleyball also have a strong attraction for her. C ARY JANE McKlNNEY--Mary Jane's interest in dancing has made us suspect that some day she will be a second Eleanor Powell. She is interested in all athletics, and enters as many sports as possible. Her favorite game is volleyball. Mary Jane was sergeant-at arms of the Girls Leaders Club. RACE HENNE is a hard working leader, and a famous athlete. Grace isn't very tall, but her stature doesn't keep her from being a star forward in a basketball game. Her accurate e e never Fails to put the ball within the rim. She certainly is feared by her opposing team mates. OROTI-IY DAVIS is co-partner in athletics with Grace. They always enter all the sports together. Dorothy's favorite sport is basketball. She is an enthusiastic rooter at any game. I-ler loyal cheering has led many teams to victory. ATI-IERINE GARLAND is an' athlete a few of you have missed. Catherine is a swift, keen, and alert star in both basketball and volleyball. She excels so well in basketball, that she earned a place to play in the National A. A. U. Basketball Tournament at Wichita, Kansas last year. I must say that is an honor. AROLINE WILLIAMS is the leader of athletics in our class, excelling in all sports. ln basketball playing a forward position, she has no equal. Last spring, Caroline played in the National A. A. U. Basketball Tournament at Wichita. Kansas. Caroline was the former president of the Girls Leaders Club. and is the present Girls Athletic reporter of the Wah I-loo. TREES IN THE WIND ATCI-I that torch of maple swing and sway Its grace to the shrieking. gusty gray Of wind that shreds its Ioveliness. Its branches reel to the roar but are never lost In the wind. Its roots are in solitude. Watch the tree. Feel the wind. Sway to the blast. Let it strip the colorful nothings, but hold you fast Lest it shake the heart of your loneliness. This moment. you bend to the storm, but. its fury spent, You are safe. Your roots are in faith and solitude. Kathryn J. McNamara. W R ,f ff Ng 1 ff W N M4 A 42 X xl If ff Z Wig? x X W X K 4 V SQ+.XYf-ff w 1? y I , o 2- " ,n' ' 1'3fi ,,,.'? ?:'?:I'.:f:' K X M" if T 5 kX ip X HYI P! MMWWMMMSMMS T li FX A S -Rfk x X4 v. Nigre 1 N . 52,-I 'Z' :rx I X X X 1-QQKX CL N NJ '57 B 6 207 WANDA BAIERS A VIRGINIA BERTGES A A ELROSE BLUMENSCHEIN ROSE BROCK A A A FRANK COMPORT A HELEN DA.NDRIDGE A PAUL D'ANGELO A DOROTHY DAVIS A ELSIE DUGAN A A ANTHONY FRANC A HAROLD GIBSON A JOHN GRIFFIN A GRACE HENNE A A A RAYMONDE HENNIOUAN FLORENCE KALB A A HORTENSE KELLY A MATILDA KUJBUS A EDITH LILLI f-,f DOROTHEA MACKENROTH DOROTHY MARSHALL A ELLEN MARSHALL A MARY JANE MCKINNEY WILLIAM MCMURTRY ADELAIDE MOONEY A HELEN MURRAY A' VINCENT NIGRELLI A MARGARET OLSCHESKE LORETTA PRIDE A A ALBERT REED A A GEORGE SCHOLLER A VIRGINIA SHARFF A THELMA SHEPHERD A BEATRICE SPEISER A IRVIN WYLLIE A LULU KISTLER A 207 A A A A CHIEF COOK A A A 207 A GAVEL WIELDER A A BASHFUL A EXPERT SKATER CHIEF SCRIBBLER A A SIGNALS A DESIGNER A CHIEF BOSS A NURSY A A A BLONDY AND BOTTLE WASHER HAPPY'GO'LUCKy A AMBASSADOR STOOGE SCRIBBLER A A FRENCHY A VERY SLY A ENTERTAINING A A A SWEETS CHAMPION DANCER A CHIEF STOOGE A BLUSHING BRIDE A CHARMING 207's TAP DANCER A A A IRISH A VERSATILE A A POLITE A SWING MAN BUSINESS WOMAN A A STUDIOUS A MONEY JINGLER CHAMPION PRINTER A A A PEPPER A DREAMY EYES A VIVACIOUS A A PROFESSOR OUR BEST FRIEND 207 30I 30I PRESIDENT f VICE PRESIDENT f SECRETARY ' SPONSOR - JAMES ACNEW I-IAzEL BRABEC DARLENE CAMPBELL FLORENCE CAPEK KATHERINE CAssIDv WILLIAM COOK JACK CROINENWETH ALBERT DUFFY CATHERINE GARLAND MARY JANE CILLESRIE EMILY CLECRNER LOUIS GOLD DOROTI-IEA ORIEEY DONALD I-IAssINC-ER EDWARD I-IADOH MARGARET LAWSON EDWARD LIERZAPH "Died January I4, I937. f SAM ZUFFANTI: EDWARD ACKERMAN f MARJORIE DEL SIGNORE f MARY S. MAURER ROBERT LINTNER MARY MORSE NORMAN NICHOLS ' EDISON POWELL 'WALTER REINEL GEORGE RILEY JANE ROSEN MARGARET SAUERS RICHARD SCHATTAUER RALPH SNYDER VICTOR SPRYS VINSON TAYLOR BETTY WALKER HARRY WARNER CAROLINE WILLIAMS FREDA YETTER ANNE YOUNG 30I 3 0 306 ISABELL ANGELL f KENNETH CROSBY BETTY BANNER - SARA BODINE - ANDREW DAMIS f ANGELENA FRANZE WILLIAM FRENCH HELEN GAUSMAN ERNEST GLAB 1 f HARRIET GLASCO NORMAN HENN f GLADYS IVERSEN f PETER JENKINS f RUTH KUNTZ - PETER LANGAS f CHARLES MEYER f BETTY MILLER - HELEN MOHR - RUDOLPH OKORN WILLIAM OKORN f MEDA REED ' f WILLIAM SCHNEIDER f f RAYMOND SCHREMPF f JOSEPH SOMMERS THEODORE SPRYS - GERTRUDE STACHUW f f ROBERT TAYLOR f SARAH THIGPEN f MARGARET WALKER HENRY WILD - f IZZY 1 BING - BETTES f f HONEYGIRL ANDY f 4 CURLY LOCKS FRENCHY f GEORGIE - ERNIE - HATTIE f NORB - GLADIE f PETE - BLONDIE f PETE f CHUCK f BETTES f TINY f ROMEO f BILL f MEDE 1 CURLY f RAY f JOE - TEDDY f TRUDY f BOB f GRETA - PEGGY ' HANK ' WM. HENNING f 306 ' STENOGRAPHER TRAVELING SALESMAN f - 1 - NURSE ' TAP DANCER f - C. P. A. f STENOGRAPHER ' SUPER SALESMAN f - f NURSE f MUSICIAN f ORGANIST - C. P. A. f C. P. A 1 f GANGSTER PRIVATE SECRETARY f BOOKKEEPER BOOKKEEPER - BEAUTICIAN f NURSE - PRESIDENT - DOCTOR BOOKKEEPER - - - OPERA REAL ESTATE AGENT 1 f - - CLERK - 1 ATHLETE f PSYCHOLOGIST PRIVATE SECRETARY f f LIBRARIAN - ARTIST f f f ATHLETE SPONSOR 306 306 307 HELEN ABRAM ' KURT BARKSCHAT f RALPH CRISS - JOSEPH CUDA f f HOWARD GINDELE - CHARLES GROSSMAN ELLSWORTH HENDERSON BYRON HURLBUT f f EDITH JOHNSTON ' PAMELA KALCHTHALER JUNE KUNKEL - - JOSEPH LANZA - MARY LANZA - EVELYN LOUGHRY f ESTHER LUCUM f f NANCY MANGANARO JAMES NABLE - 1 PETER PARAS - JAMES PAULOS f ETHEL PERSINGER - RUTH PULLIAM - MYRTLE REED f - ADELAIDE RICHARDSON ZELDA RUBINSTEIN f MAX RUTNER - RICHARD SARGENT ' ELIZABETH SHROM f LILLIAN THOMAS f ROSE VARGO f - ALEXANDER VELLIS f LEO VONFELD f SHELTON WATERS - MAVIS WELLS f EDNA HECK f 307 305 MADAME SCHIAPARELII f - MR. BOWMAN f JOE CLOVER FARM POSTMASTER FARLEY ' ROBERT TAYLOR f J. P. MORGAN f FRED ASTAIRE f MIKE BASRAK f ROSE BAMPTON f BARBARA HUTTON EVANGELINE BOOTH ' JOCK SUTHERLAND f f LILY PONS f GRETA GARBO f LORETTA YOUNG f PATSY KELLY -f CLARK GABLE - - JIM LAUDAUS CHARLES LINDBERGH f MRS. VANDERBILT - JEAN BRIDLEY - ETHEL WATERS f ' ETTA MOTON MARGARET MITCHELL f - MONK MEYERS f WILLIAM HEARST ' f - VENUS f KAY FRANCIS f GINGER ROGERS EASTMAN KODAK MAN ' f f ' ANTOINF - BISHOP HALF f ZAZU PITTS - A REAL SPORT 307 Congratulations , To The Seniors DAY DIVISION EVENING DIVISION CO-EDUCATIONAL C A N D I E S College of Liberal Arts and Letters -- School of Education -- TTY MBCGTOOFI Kisses, Bblftel' College of Science -- School of Law -- School of Music -- School Creams' and Pat-ties. of Drama -- School of Pharmacy -- The Graduate School -- School of Business Administration. ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Buy REYMERS' Caramels, Krinlcle Krusts, and Cocoanut Balls. ALLEGHENY Hier-i sci-iooL srunems UNIVERSITY RECOMMEND THEM. UNFORGETTABLES The costumes ot the Wah l-loo Skit. Don I-lassinger "pushing" the Wah l-loo in Assembly. Charley Meyers-Six toot two. eyes ot blues. Howard Ginclele and Darlene Campbell. Norman Nichols and Charles Grossman. Shelton Waters' singing. Dorothea Maclcenroth's acting. Our football team in action. CAN YOU IMAGINE t-lazel Brabec not chasing the boys. Rober Lintner not using large words. Andrew Damis keeping quiet. Mavis Wells not punching the boys. Caroline Williams out ot the gym. Norman Nichols without Grossman. William Schnieoler tive toot two and singing soprano. WORKINGMANS SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO. OI1io St. and Madison Ave. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. ,. .li.l - Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THOMPSON'S HARMONY DAIRY A BEST GRADE DAIRY PRODUCTS TRY OUR "GOLDEN GRAIN BUTTERMILK" It's Really Different A NORTH SIDE PLANT BREAKFAST SERVICE FAirfax 2563 COMPLIMENTS or FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT PITTSBURGH FEDERAL STREET BRANCH PITTSBURGH, PA. I 7 8 7 - I 9 3 7 No institution survives I50 years unless its record has been one of usetuI service. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH THINKING QIGHT now, betore I change my mind, I'm going to bubble over and pour out a lecture on why we don't think about what we don't think about. One time somebody discovered that we have a great big spongy telephone switchboard up under out hats which makes connections so that we can eat, Sleep, climb telegraph poles, run away trom squirrels and blow out our own brains or any one elses, with a blow torch. Ever since then we have had the cock-eyed notion that we can think. That idea is altogether wrong and before I pop ott into the titth dimension, l'll try to show you why. Now listen carefully, please, be- cause this next sentence will test what halt-mad scientists call your brain juice. Suppose that there was a boy seven teet, thirteen inches tall, who had a police dog that was three times his length. Now picture these two somewhere in space with nothing above, below, or beside them. The boy starts to move straight up towards where the center ot the earth would be it it were. The dog attempts to tollow his master by running along a path between two points which are equidistant trom the path tollowed by the boy's upper Iett eye tooth. It you could really think, you could tell me how long it will be betore the boy's uncle bites the dog. Can you? William Becktield. COMPLIMENTS ot ALLEGHENY TRUST COMPANY 4 I 3-4I5 FEDERAL STREET COM PLI M ENTS ot NORTH SIDE DEPOSIT BANK 5 I4- I 6- I 8 Federal Street North Side N. S.. Pittsburgh, Pa. PITTSBURGH, PA. KUNG! K9?9'f51 MEMBER MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. CORPORATION 1 GRACE MARTIN'S SCHOOL "Q-I Srlrool lJi8f'l'ilIIiIlllt0', SECRETARIAL FOR YOUNG WOMEN l7th and I8th Floors, Keenan Blclg. Pittsburgh, Pa MRS, GRACE MARTIN CORNELIUS, Principal SCHOLARSHIPS ARE OFFERED TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY Telephones ATlantic 6309-63I0 'I Don't let your voice work stop at graduation! PRIVATE AND SPECIAL RATE FOR CLASS INSTRUCTION HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HENRI EMURIAN TEACHER OF VOICE 3TUDIi: COMPLIMENTARY BO! nion venue N. S.. Pittsburgh. Pa. VOlCE TRYOUT FAIRFAX 5287 BY APPOINTMENT WHITE FRONT HOME DRESSED MEAT MARKET M. BENJAMIN. Proprietor FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS 720-22 East Ohio h Street S E WALTZ -- TWO-STEP -- SCI-IOTTISHE .. TOE-STEP Q Q ' T. Free Instructions by Men and Ladies' Instructors X I: - 'mx R HA. H ,I by ,III lgllllllullw S I IIIIIMUIIII llllllll p I .I' f-I .XS-,X X, ll 4Z-7,1f l,I- Juli 9 0 o 0 'iff is I 4 e N v I 61 NGN 'VEB ff GRACE, EALTH THE RINK W'HERE ALL and BEAUTY THE HIGH SCHOOLS G0 DIAMOND SQUARE ROLLER RINK Diamond 81 Market Sts. 121-Id Floor, Diamond Market BldgJ Pittsburgh, P 'IWVILIGHT and SPECIAL PARTIES RATES AND DATES SPECIAL PRICES TO STUDENTS CALL ATLANTIC 6739 1399 BRo l 4 Ihr Hfvqegfy BOYWTHEY M 1 L . us STUCK ON BE AN AwFuL Lot!! 5'vE GOT A COLD IN MY HEAD X F :Ns COMPLIMENTS of EDWARDS CLOTHING STORE, INC. 209 FIFTH AVENUE For Almost A Century . . . 424 BUILDING Busmess CAREERS DUFFS - IRON CITY COLLEGE ATLANTIC 4875-4876 Duquesne Way Pittsburgh, Golden Dreams You will feel much more contented if you have money in the Bank. Then you can save and plan for the future- golclen dreams that will actually come true. Nickels, dimes and dollars grow into large sums. Start a Savings Account-one dollar will do-in the Savings Department of this Bank. Let your money work 'For you. ASK ABOUT OUR PURPOSE CLUB Capital and Surplus 54,000,000 THE UNION SAVINGS BANK Fifth Avenue and Grant Street Frick Building Pittsburgh, Pa. REAL ESTATE 5 5 CHA,S.R.- 6 QWEITERSHAUSENE '. smc: AGENCY :sn 3 4'-'HRA INSURANCE IS THE BEST POLICY Man in Insane Asylum: Say, janitor, is that clock right? Janitor: Ot course. Man in Nut I-louse: Then what's it doing in here? Tony Cotton in Physical Geography: Is Rip Van Winkle a true story? Miss I-lazlett in Civics: Who lcnows why the Sixth Street Bridge was built? Vic Sprys lin muttled undertonel: So you could cross the river. English as she is spoke: Vic Sprys in Physical Geography: Mr. Magill, him don't got none pencil, do he? Overheard in Latimer's balcony-the thirditloor outside 3OI: "Don't squeeze me, I'm no lemon!" In the 7th period history 4 class: . Miss Boss: What did Napoleon do tor the working man. Long Silence. Miss Boss: I'II give you a hint:-Roosevelt did the same thing. Joe Blow lin back ot rooml: Started the N. R. A. J.Cu.dA L- 5 72? :'. ,Q U 6 ' fYNRvTher Q mxbram Cr Sfbchuw Q ffqe il , C Howare ypuhttedfor your "He stoops to rorgqgerf' 2f,b13qg5o43 ' ' 'f uture Job 0.5 polace mam? I o 1 . 656142 I-ITL " J i XVeIl'er-A ioxxn ,Q ' 4- , - Q-Q .. Q + Ihave 51 Q I ? 7 2 ' gb,-n, 4Qll. ,HI 1 iz'-' ' ffl nbmck 0 . ., o:llv! All Ei' 1 -V' f, 0 0 Q ' Ill l..- , 1 -L l 2, 01--,H..a:,. - I N, - ."- W ix 3 :Q , A 1 K nu -1 1.-uw V .- 'A ellu 6 3 A. Reed J ZYWP 5fdp - ' gmkermin Al. Rec-:L the empfy pockeii ag, Q heartbreoken 13. e..v.s'm5er 'when Nichols bum s like o IO-TON iruclg never ONJ. Ford- I you Ol rx ne bag lum x.. nge, IN A MILLION its not A had 305 at thot. Y l " 4. , In 'U 1- "ul if "" 9 fsnnermph J c Q Jack is C iv ic C mir man of 201 gent nsundlxnx 99l660PlCC9 u x papa E 5 Vo' 5 msssedgtbgg VN: Yell! 'fix J 'i if J, 1,,x f fl K Walt Relrxel xvashm duahe 0 Elbkgxldlairi Lffritmlg' A Y ee C05 O5 Y-fs mu 104 3 ,Q v Q 'i iqgi "900vQE ' A-A S3 Wo, ee2i""i1 I ,fzeuiflzedms . ' ' ,'f:: N E ,L ft .Grossrm Rosen . sw 'jr-lf I ' 'Z 1 ' ' . , X ' L- -in ? 'I y u E V .Q Q i H- -3 gf ' gf hart' I 1 i Q -x 5 4 , , , . , v , 1 an J x x x " ' W ' ' " J Q' ' F , I A 1 ' ! W , .. s dp vi 9 XJ Y' C' ' - 1-5 E 55fgEln.:4ig5!!!:::.: ' 'L - ii . K I x K Q hi-Q . ..-.. TI.-.jg -,1ET:::...-'FJIA A , - V s fl ,, 4 Y Y " ""r 1:?'i'i-'a'fQiii5?E2 -2---T QQ Q- X X 5 4135 -H ' L Y!! 2 "1'::!' - 9 - ' ' 'iw F0 HF: 'il z:1Z::.i ' ' 1 T 4 4 Q ,w 451,10 941131 5 Q ,- " 56 91-"U 'I 'I:" , . . Ex , , - if -f ' gig I ' xml: 'f , ' I ,I 4 To earn moneyfbvthe pro f "Ffh a - Schellhaas and Son FUNERAL HOME Duquesne Dye Works, Inc. CLEANERS OF DISTINCTION TELEPHONE FAIRFAX 6009 Stayton and Hodglriss Streets FAIRFAX 6063 707 EAST STREET NORTH SIDE PITTSBURGH' PA. ESSO AND ESSOLENE A B C RCA RADIO FRIGIDAIRE ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATOR PHILCO RADIOS FAIRFAX 3ao9 J. M. MALICH . , MOTOR SUPPLY Northern Light Co. Electrical Wiring Material CEDAR 7696 Radio Service AUTO ACCESSORY MAZDA LAMPS '500 I-owfie Sf- . N- S-- Piffsbufsh. Pa- 2I9 E. Ohio sf. N. s., Parfsburgh, Ps. TELEPHONE FAIRFAX 2l95 NIGHT PHONE WELLINGTON Ibbl A. E. Jones Company W. B. Watson, Ph. G. D U ST PAINTERS --- DECORATORS R GSI SIGN MAKERS Manufacturers of Tel' FA' Electric and Illuminated Signs I3I I-I3 Federal SI. N. S., Pittsburgh, Ps. 400 Chestnut Sf- N- 5-- PI'I5I""9I" Pa' LEARN TO DANCE COMPLIMENTS B E N H A S S E N ACADEMY OF DANCING of a Individualized Instructions FRIEND STAGE AND SOCIAL DANCING Tap --- Acrobatic Modern Ballroom Children and Adults Class and Privat PHONE CEDAR 96I2 I05 Federal St. N. S.. Pittsburgh, Pa II'rite, call or phone 4-'ITIm1tir 21378-9 FOUNTAIN PENS FOR SCHOOL-SI.00. SI.50, etc. Old Pens and Pencils Repaired GREETING CARDS. SMALL GIFTS, PROGRAMS. JEWELRY 4-fif.seJslTitSlNGER1ZIll-I SH0BIfiT'lZ?UCQ2 Jack Cronenweth: Say, do you lcnow your hand is in my pocket? Joe Adams: Ot course, I put it there. WHAT IF Betty v - - were Runner - - instead of - - Walker Norman - - were Quarters - - instead ot - - Nichols Albert - - were Write - - instead of - - Read Victor - - were Crisco - - instead ot - - Sprys Darlene - - were Elephant- - instead ot - Campbell Shelton - - were Ice - - - instead ot - - Waters Margaret - were Sweet - - instead ot - - Sauers Vinson - - were Cleaner - - instead ot - - Taylor William - - were German - - instead ot - - French Anthony - - were Modest - - instead ot - - Franc MaIone's Pharmacy INTENSIVE' SECRETARIAL Phone Fairfax 75l7 ACCOUNTING ' ADVERTISING Courses . . . that are suited to the needs I00 W. North Ave. N. S.. Pittsburgh, Pa. of the individgal, CLASSES START EVERY MONTH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF JANUARY. I937 FOR BETTER GRADUATION GIFTS GIFTS THAT LAST See LEROI CREDIT JEWELERS Credit at Cash Prices We welcome you to open an account Also Expert Watch Repairing VERY REAsoNABLE LEROI CREDIT JEWELERS 5I2 E. Ohio St. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. xr for mtalog-ue and list of grad-uatcs. The Co-Educational Business Training College Pioneers in Intensive Business Education 335 Fulton Building J-"'!'.:xL'!'.1"x,e f Qs Mia A ? ,f , w2TQ5fg'W"f?J A X677 S 4oayJ5j ,QL 1 1? NAM My YS 'X W1 Q XSQSX ' T224 W5 SES, 16 M fl XA q .fy I wLw1v3Qa3w+wNfMggw M7?g6Q M4599 4 u A A 5352 352 wdwf -KWVC. pro QVC' dm ww Wx, xcmk Gang-MAE. . 4 A if pf S ,ffl Qi. 6 l Y JB ,Q- 1' , -1 Lf f Qr , :ro L f ff .' . V ll Xe XR? - ff ci Lfcoy , fag W 5, 'es J' "S f ' . 1 Q,5 , fd My W M, X EST. I907 CONVENIENT CREDIT COMPLIMENTS J. C. GRAU OF . Dr. Eugene A. Prcard Buy Here with Confidence JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST OPTOMETRIST IBOZ Carson St., S. S. Hemlock I604 6I3 E. Ohio St., N. S. Fairfax 6545 539 E. Ohio Street N. S.. Pittsburgh. Pa. THE IMPORTANT REOUISITES OF A FUNERAL SERVICE RENDERED ARE THE INTEGRITY AND SINCERITY OF THOSE WHO RENDER IT. Wm. A. Aeberli Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS East North Avenue at Sandusky Street N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. ONCE USED ALWAYS USED O L 5 T Y fa 46135 OA? "BARS --- CHIPS --- POWDERS AND TOILET SOAPSH Manrrfacrured by F. L. FALCK 81 CO. PHON E, FAIRFAX 3283 Lawrence Voll Barber Shop BATH ROOMS 400 Federal Street, Corner Stockton Avenue N. S.. PITTSBURGH. PA. JOSEPH R. SCHACH Office Phone Cedar 4375-6 Res. Cedar 7249 FLORIST NORTH SIDE FLORAL SHOPPE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ' JOSEPH F. LESCI-I, Manager Res. Fairfax 7724 gtimI'a'::i?g, You N' S" 800 East Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. PHONE FAIRFAX 4556 MENS WEAR Cronenweth G O L D I E ' S FOR D . C Golden Values GITY ompany 2l5 E. Ohio'Street N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. --- FEATURING --- MALLORY HATS ARROW SHIRTS CEDAR 7200 LION BRAND SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOCKS H n SUPERIOR UNDERWEAR l357 Hermon St. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 7' you sure Sa .your Czlrlooni are OK are Wl+'lX We ha1,e4o see you Qoioune u've been so goodto us. 3,76 EDD 'me 3 95 now Nq- ITT NTOTHEFUTURE U GREATAC R R TCD To be or nol- io be ina! IS the also, OUR BIG INDULB E NEN ING INA :MDN A Asvsn cnsrj is my Special doormaf for unwelcome callers I 1 is 'ev fF'T"-'- l? okorn XXX WAN A FUTURE coo K Say ihey say Engraved Wedding Invitations and Announcements, Commencement Invitations and Programs, Engraved and Printed Name Cards, Dance Programs and Pencils .... TELEPHONE, FAIRFAX 3955 N wp-oRD ARK ggand MERCIAL RINTING I8-20 WEST STOCKTON AVENUE NORTH SIDE PITTSBURGH PA Tm. GST LES May we extend congratulations and best. wishes to the Class of February. I937, and aIso the Hope that you may be successful in whatever you may undertake. . . CLASS PICTURES BRING VIVID MEMORIES OF I-IAPPY DAYS SPENT IN SCI-IOOL. We thank the members ot the January I937 graduating cIass ot Aliegheny I-Iigh School tor seIecting us to preserve through incIividuaI portraits and group pictures the Iite ot the class. We give to the graduating class our heartiest congratuia- tions and our best wishes tor success. e?9'aMR'S'Z- ,i92M"0a!f-f'4'4 I 'nf "galil- E-:3 56 .adm 'n!l23gV,?-arf?-' TI Ili ii 3 " "" ' -1K9 Trinity Court Studios "MAKERS OF TRINITY PRINTS" Studio at 3I3 Sixth Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Prescriptions CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ANYTIME We Offer You Service 24 Hours a Day 8 Registered Pharmacisizs "HITE'S" The Friendly Drug Store 39 YEARS OE HONEST DRUG STORE MERCI-IANDIZING WE WILL NEVER KNOWINGLY BE UNDERSOLD AND MOST IMPORTANT "FRESH MERCHANDISE" FAirfax 2200 Fecierai and Ohio Streeis UNIFORM THE BAND UNIFORM, UNIFORM. UNIFORM THE BAND When Allegheny returns to her New-Old Home she will want to celebrate through House-Warmings --- Athletic Parades --- Community Activities The Band Ought To Be A Big Part of These Celebrations At Present the Band Has Only Shabby --- Very Shabby --- Uniforms It Will Cost from S700 to SI.000 to Uniform the Band WAYS YOU CAN ASSIST I Make a donation of SI to SIO. II Attend Concert at Carnegie Music Hall, early in March. Admission 50 Cents. III Sell tickets to the Concert in March. IV Interest all friends and alumni. Rush to have a part in the Campaign to UNIFORM THE BAND Allegheny Hymn !'1ABa'roao , 1 w- ' ' Devi. wicrc,A'-It-' ,nyb wg- 'Eggs FIaw Aug? fb Q41 413.1 Hush School ,Igfm at bmi Ja pd.-he-ihg H015 ic OU' 6'UC'Cl'5-5, I I 0 ' ,II1 , . I , - . 4 our Jtrongbirila shall mir br. bro-- Kcnj ofmedwn -4" H 6'-V : ' ' , 1 ' . Gnonus ' If . , . . I FEM FF HEIFIIFII , b0,, A I E FE I I TI I JI I J I A I B -:I I I : - I J L ff Hu. Qchp - rqs i peed. it D 9n1-wgrd Rai-ff. G mi- ghly NY NG E If If E I7 E F , . TI ii Ijdq H51 IEP III 'TTI E IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE HUMMING OF THE BUSY TOWN REARED AGAINST THE ARCH OF HEAVEN LOOKS SHE PROUDLY DOWN. WHEN WITH MOMENTS SWIFTLY FLEETING AGES SHALL ROLL BY THOUSANDS YET UNBORN SHALL PRAISE THEE ALLEGHENY HIGH. D N " i ,r X,r, i fl f f Forward v OCFCDR many years we have looked forward to the time when we should get a new building. The ,present senior class saw plans go through tor this building and with mournful sighs and a tight pull on the heart strings we watched our dear old Alma Mater being torn down. This semester we have been ,cramped in a strange building and have been deprived ot some ot our senior privileges. Nevertheless. we have carried on bravely, being supported wholeheartedly by the underclassmen. We have appreci- area' their cooperation more than words will express and our only wish is-that you who have shown such Awondertul consideration for us. will have the opportunity to return to dear old-new Allegheny betore you graduate. To you we give the key to the old building! Keep' up our old traditions in your new building! ' i "To you we throw the torch Be yours to hold it high" rv J...-1-.-Q -1. inf mf V :max - -fe: - - -- -V '- ' f-V,7'V.g" :V-paw' - - --ba"-"'-swi .2"'g' , ,Mi-' .,j"' """V 4' f--: V -gr-T L-ifzkifra-:gV-1--Q-, ' ZVVVA? .VV-' HY-97.3. ,QV ' V '. 1. - -1V V- 1-'.V-:- 1- +1V'.1V :VVS-if'fIgqL-fgVp:1VV.'i. -V-V'?.fEtF1' 'I -zff"V-2-V5'?f?.' 172755-' - V41-j.:.. 1VV3V.Vgf.srjVgi1E-'-?if-- -T:-?!f:?'::2i5- '-V-,YV-:'?f"--fi..--1' : .V r:,f' 'F?v2Ef1-3"42"fVL:s63--V5--1g.V 222'-1251.2-ev:-if -FEV :f"ff1 .:. .4 V ..5,,5 . 'gf V V--V -... . Q. V V- V- . . 1. x. s. - 1' .- -at -.Q--1 . ,q15.,i.-,.,.,V..5. , RJQQ . . A .. 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Suggestions in the Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny High School - Wah Hoo Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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