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kaMWw k $6 MN Y T N u M M 0 c -..,....-a-..n:.-.-.... n..-u....L-...u-;- 5 :,4...7 y 'W V 1 KALDRBN ALLEGHENY BULLEGE MEADVIllE, PENNSYLVANIA .,,,mM 7 I , y um MW mm! , , , MMM , W l. . x N W. y WW , W n W, W ' I . w MN ,2 M4... 4 awwd m. - www 'M ? MW 0,... 3 1, w y ?x L . 2x g i Maul AZWAmm M 3," 3 aw aw , , , 7 ww 4th m, Wilhwvlvmm- , W. k 6 X; k R . :: ....--.-4 Table of Contents CommunHy living on Allegheny's campus. chosen as Hue +heme of fine I956 Kaldronl is exemplified +hrough group acfivifies. The Kal- dron is dedicofed +0 +he new head of +he Allegheny communi+yl Presi- den+ Lawrence Pellefier ...... pages I-8 Deans and Adminis+ra+ion Responsible. for +he funcfioning of H18 college. +he Deans and Adminis+r0+ion moin+ain +he well-being of Hue Allegheny communify ............................................. pages IO-Il Factu The foculfy. cs pic+ured in Hweir respec+ive deparfmenfs, devofe +ime and offenHon +0 sfrudenJr prob- lems and ochievemenfs. showing +heir close infegrofion wifh com- munify life .............................. pages l2-l7 Seniors As a vi+ol member of Hwe col- lege communHy. +he senior com- ple+es a final proiecf in prepara- fion for his fu+ure based on group living and learning experiences 01' Allegheny .. ............................ pages l8-45 Ac+ivi+ies An infegrol parf of communify life. ocf- ivifies serve c1 fundamenfol purpose in bringing s+uden+s Jroge+her in +he cooper- aJrive working of our group experiences .. ............. . ...... pages 46-73. Allegheny Undergraduai'e Council The basis of our communify life, +he Allegheny Undergraduo+e Council, com- posed of s+uden+ represenfofives. ads in +he bes'r inferesf of all groups +oword good campus governmenf ...... pages 48-49 Feafures and Eveni's Special social and ofhlefic e,ven+s +ho+ make up Hue diversify of our school year, help draw sfudenfs closer +0 +he campus communHy life pages 74-85 Fra+erni+ies and Social Groups Sociefies serve +0 enhance group living by providing opporfunHies for cooperofion and leadership H1rough workingon various ol+ruis+ic proiecfs and fine planning of spec- ial social high-ligh+s ........................ pages 86-l l3 Spor+s Par+icipo+ion in sporfs on He Allegheny campus brings 0qu physical well-being and desirable chorocfer froifs, essenHol +0 group Hving ...................................................... pages I l4-l33 Freshmen . The newes+ members of our Allegheny campus bring refreshing life +0 campus oc- +ivi+ies. while gaining insigh+ in+o group liv- ing experiences ........................... pages I34-l39 The College Year Serving as a resource reminiscen+ of group living. varied scenes of s+uden+ in- ciden+s do n01L escape +he eye of He can- did camera .................................... pages l40 l47 Alumni LeHer .......................................... page I48 We Dedicate this Kaldmn to LAWRENCE LEE PELLETIER This year Hwe sfudenfs and facqu welcomed Lawrence Lee PelleHer as +he l6+h presidenf of Allegheny College.;Dr. Pellefier has been professora 01c qovern- menf of Bowdoin College. He is a graduafe o1c Bowdoin wifh +be class of I936. and has earned +he Masfer o$ Arfs and Docfor 01c Philosophy degrees af Harvard. In addifion +0 his +eaching a+ Bowdoin, Dr. PelleHer has been ac+ive in govern- menfal work a+ bo+h local and sfafe levels, In I945 and I946 he heId-a Social Science Research Fellowship for work on local qovernmenf and finance. During l953-54 he was associafe Direc'ror of We Cifizenship Clearing House 0? New. York Universify Law Cenfer. an organizaHon inferesfed in developing programs similar fo Allegheny's Falk Foundafion Projecf in Cifizenship. During +he war Dr. PelleHer was .achive in Hue Army Specialized Training Pro- gram of +he Universify of Maine. Dr. Pellefier has published sfudies on "The Inifiafive and Referendum in Maine". "The Managing Plan for. Maine", and was a confribufor +0 a fex'r "Fundamenfals of Government" He has also confribu'red +0 a recenf sfudy on "Presidenfial Nominafing Polifics." . Dr, PelleHer was named +0 be We PresidemL of Allegheny College iusf I40 year: and five days affer Timofhy Alden. +he Hrst was seleded as head of whaf is now America's 32nd oldes'r insfifufion of higher educafion. h xwmxxxmx ., u mgwnvnm Presidenf and Mrs. Pellefier relax in fheir home near +he Fireplace. Presidenf Pellefier pauses for his pic- The I956 Kaldron fakes pleasure in introducing fo Alle- fure af his home library. gheny's sfudenfs +he Presidenf and his family: Mary Louise. Mrs. Louise Pellefier. President Lawrence Pellefier, and Lawrence Junior. $x$w n ke Mm F 0. NM 3 Dm In C igh+s Kn Ru+h W Julian L. Ross DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. , DEAN OF INSTRUCTION emyi x: K Allen B. Edwards William F. Rice. MOM M- Heil H. Parsons. Florence Mahoney Administra Philip M. Beniamin William P. Wharfon Roberf L. Murphy Roberf T. Sherman. Margaref K. Jenkins Gusfave W. Rylander. Jr. Wymv Aw w, 7,;va WI' WV xx , zx ,ANN , x " a v w V V1W A m V' 9 w 25 ' x ' k AM A . V MAW V V WNW m WW x X4$5RIM$$$Q$AQK$ W x bx QRW W Wm ww xwwm C x' 1 , N Am Y K" Aw I WAW a AVIAW zAAw WW x32 w 74 I xK Z xHQQS 44 A$ Rx AQA 4$ v; 34x 4W7 m W Va Q $ lav M w X V Am '6 v Avis w, $ Q3 $ my v x 4x va V l x A gym 7132$m w a W ,W ; 9f ALDEN HALL P Wil- Robert H. ia Carverl lorio Kirk. ConklinI Roberf E. Bugbee. ilyn William Edgar Curtis Moore, Jul Mar Rogers. 3 a , a? u M n. o M a H Garbark. David J. R .mc mm wn M. DAVID MEAD FIELD HOUSE Groff iam Parsons. Donald W W WA Firsf row: Jean Brown. Richard K. Knaub, John W. Hulburf. Graham 6. Bird. James S. Smoof. Second row: John K. Tillinghasf. Nels G. Juleus, Howard H. Marfin. William F. Walfon WW Christopher Kafope. Alfred M. Kern. George A. Tesf. Henry F. Pommer. Frederick F. Seely. Julian L. Ross. Philip M. Beniamin Faculty James F. Day, Samuel E. Lindley, Horace T. Lavely Paul A. Knighfs. Paul B. Cares, Orval T. Driggs. Roberf Clemmer Henry M. Muller, Sherman L. Ricard: mm, n , N, Sfanley P. Wagner. Wayne R. Merrick. Alton D. Kidd Frederick H. Sfeen, Eric A. Frank S. Badger Sfurley. Alice Moessner. Mary E. Sforer. Ludwig. Roberf L. Crispin QUIGLEY HALL f WM va , anMm my; Blair Hanson. Mildred .xx xx xwm $VVNWW wwmw WWW wc w mm: m William H. Michoner, Richard L. , - . 1 WWW MW Alfred Carlip, Philip Robbins. Abraham Goldblaff. William Cooper. Elvis EckIes ; WW wMM W Firsf row: Capt Edward Lynch, Maior Thomas Wynne. Capt David Osborne. Second row: M ng. Philip Fife, Li. Joseph Wagner. Capt Harry Rowe. Third row: PvVng. Archy Householder, PvVng. S+anley Yarnof BENTLEY HALL WILCOX HALL :g g x m;$ Qx 'y W y w ? ? :M : $ ,f "WWW 2. . 1 n u: xi; .Irw.,:i:+xW1;rJ.V$n111nwama "33222,, n CARNEGIE HALL Dorofhy L. Ferencz xxxxwwm 5' w RUTER HALL g ??i ,. $2.22.? ? xxxx : kkim, ? ??X Gerald E ingham. Kleeman, Carl F. Buck .XWJ72M Richard E. Iggins. Guy E. H Weaver. C." s e If a In C v.: e v r a G a ID 8 R r: e d n a H la a + S L. In ? e b a .u El Miller. Emily 8. John McClearn H. Douglas Pickering. Heeschen xxk xxxxAi $2 Thomas M. Miller Mrs. Sfanley P. Wagner, Miss Mary E. Brasch. Miss Agnes E. Painfer, Mr. Philip M. Beniamin. Mrs. William H. Johnsfon. Mrs. Elroy L. Niewig. Mrs. James S. Smoof W Harold M. Siafe. John E. Cavelfi, Lewis Seafed: Herberf Neurdh. Roberf Lynn. Wrighf North. Sianding: Morfen J. Luvass REIS LIBRARY Wim W Faculty MUSIC BUILDING L '14??fo ?.gan. 1- t1. mp2, 7214K. 1215294, .1 t ,t Vi'ral members of +he Allegheny communi'ry. . . The seniors as a group have +hese memories. . . Smile and say cheese everyoneI por+rai+ fime is here. . . Please respecf +he senior lunch line. . . Ten o'clock grill fime. . . The cynical seniors are a+ H again. . . Insfalled +wice, Brooks +elevision is here +o s+ay. . . Will +he A.U.C. budge+ ever gef balanced? . . . Your lesson plans should be ouHined for +he nex+ +hree years. . . 2I. 2I, now we will have some fun. . . I:00 permissions for her who dares +o cu+ +he red +ape. . . Only one hundred more pages +0 +ype for my compre- hensive. . . Spring brings Florida migrafion fime. . . Have you complefed all your 6 courses? . . . I'm no+ going +0 be here nex+ year. buf. . . Don'f +rip over your gown. . . Or Ie+ +he Phi Befa key drag. . . And memories linger. . . . . ; WW Senior Class James Lauffer BenneH Hicers Linda R. Shoop David Meisfer Walfer S. Aaron Fred H. Adams Mary Ann Adelman Russell B. Ahrens J James W. Alfmire u'. ? - u r! . I , , . 3 ! Robed E. Ashe Catharine Ayers Elmer R. Bailey James Balkey Ann I. Ball Don M. Barron Richard A. Bender Margaref J. Anderson Robb R. Benson Gail P. Brown Samuel Biondolillo Alleyne L. Blanning James N. Bogden Donald A. Bolon Pe+er E. Boorn Alice M. Bowden Anne M. Bowden William E. Bowser Frank R. Brand Richard H. Burdsall John E. Bush W ,,mem v w w 3 Pafricia S. Bush 3: f Lee T. Cabelof F Harold N. Cale Pairicia P. Campbell Ann L. Carier Barbara F. Chrisiman Donna M. Ciancheffi Sheila A. Confer Barbara A. Coulson John H. Cowles Thomas F. Cruddas Catherine E. Cudzil Zyywxx fQ D'urafz Davis Deane avus DeKay Deufsch Gilbert Dick iam R iam T. James J W Will R ichard H Robert E Charles B. Daugherfy Samuel 0' Edward P. Cu+ri Donn D'Alessio ZSL WW ix Dunn o J .N: r e V e B . Dobson John R x V??? Pre-Med Me'rzger learns bedside manner. Carl M. Erickson Nancy Engsfrom In. .6 II :lo a a m 0 in VI 5 w e In .T n 0 .w e .n E V1 r a m e In T 4o IO n a S V: 0 ID :5 V1 6 n n O B nT m a PD Anne E. Edwards Jean A. Erickson D. Evans Shirley M. Falconer Joan C. Ferguson Kardyne H. Flad Richard Fisher w Alberf W. Foley James A. Fox Ar+hur Frankel Malcolm G. Fries Nancy J. Fullerton Michael F. GarreH Edwin Gooding Janice D. Grender Laurin B. Griggs. Julianne Gross Guido Guayasamin Marian A. Hagen Gus 'Halupczynski Pei'er W. Hebert Shirley L. Heeier Harvey V. Hefley Mary M. Goodwin ng x y4 Na ncy E. Gowdy John S. Herbeff William Arfhur A. Howiff , 7"Ng-r-1-IA-v- N Fufure feachers begin 5? young. +he very beginning wifh +he very The Blue Indigo boys ou+ wifh harmonizing around campus. We cheer-we cheer-and we cheer some more in +he new field house. Thaf's our feam! K NW ' Mrs. Norma Hoover Gail D. Howe Marjorie A. Jenkins Richard C. Jennings John H. Johnson Ka+herine L. Johnson William Johnsion Carl Karsh Richard A. Keller I John H. Kenf Frances L. Kenderes Mrs. Elizabeih Kenyon Wayland C. Kerr Lauck L. Kibler Sally L. Kloppman John R. Kowallis Jane H. Kreiling Mrs. Colleen Lang Philip C. Lang Anna Mary Langan Carol L. Larson Sara A. Leefy John H. Lewis Faifh Lidle 3 Sara A. Loebelenz ,1 , v RUN! E. MacGregor ' - Donald McArdle g John R. McChesney Alan R. McCombs Mary Lou McCracken Geraid McCu+cheon Rodney W. McLean Kay McPhaden Anfhony W. Mercanfonio Diane H. Marcus Charles Marg i4 7W Maw 1 MudviHe furns +0 SnowviHe. King Sexfon moons af +he Head Monkey cf lasi- Carnival, Thomas J. Mawn Fred Murfens Shirley Merfz Clyde C. Mefzger William R. Meyer John P. K. Miller Marilyn Mills Joan Mi+chell Edward C. Moore Robert M. Moore D'oris A. Muller William C. Mumaw George Mu'rschler Wilbur Neil Jane E. Nelson W, 6er , i ' W Edward S. Newsham Charles G. Nichols xxxxx Joyce E. Nickmeyer 72 gx . ax 5 As; David O'Hanesian Caroline O'Nan Janei B. Orcuf? Richard Overmyer Donald G. Paish Charles A. ParleHe John C. Phillips Roberf B. Pierce James F. Pomroy I 7;?! v Q-h ' N C A :s d .T Q'fi" BriHen Poulson Lauren Pufnam Nancy M- RBPP Roberf F. Reed William J. Regan George B. Riddell James Ridgeway Ann F. Rishor Mary Lou Rogers Hannah RuHer Valdimar C. Sandberg Sam Sanfilippo ields uggua man: in H. Schwartz Schwarh Jul Dorofhy J. Skinner Don C. Skinner Mrs. Barbara Shofstahl John J. 5 James W. Sexmn Joseph C. Shapiro Harrison Sh Ernes+ J Roberf S L77 V M , , , t L , L , ?zg x? L , ,u a 27V , L , xa , , , xx , W, x L . , , L L Sause s. izabe+h 5. El 4? 244$.Aai , L L , imzia M,M$ZW7XVXL , L CVJ, L , L L Kan 76? A? L $76? XL 3 J , w, , xx WW 7 xi L L aw Warrena K. Smucker Leon Sobilo Mary L. Soisson Four years d walking +he +hirfeen+h plank are over. cubicles--comprehending? yoll WizaIN Senior sfarfs on life work. Nancy Lee Sopp Robert Sparks Alice L. Spafa Robert E. Spears Arfhur D. Shffee Kenneth N. Sfewarf Richard A. Sfewarf Dorofhea L. Swari Bernard Swavey Ralph E. Tafel Dawn 0. Taff David S. Thursfon Frank L. Todd .". Norman E. Towner Pe+er C. Van$+rum . tV i. ":5 2 .i'5 5f 1 Nancy A. Wade 1: , 1 Archie 0. Wallace 5.7,. 1 Anne E. Walfer r I 5 5 f , 1t 5 l '5 : l . l '6; 3r? z I.. , lag. .5 5 Y. Cora L. Wal'rer ?1 Faith E. Walfers Virginia M. Ward Il Nancy J. Wa++ Elizabe+h S. WaHs Billy Waugoman 4?? 39 Margaref A. Wheeler Carfer A. Whife Carolyn A. Whyman Richard P. Wig+on John Wilson Roberf D. Wilson Marilyn R. Wil+shira David W. Winans Thomas T. Wisniewski Barbara A. Wrighf Gordon Yingling Ronald N. Zehner ? , 4 GriIl-fime is pleasure-fime. WW WU 5?$ av kw Xy . g, 77? , 7 w Taking a break. Seniors room. Sfudy Hall of Allegheny? xwww xxw m relax +he new T-V .i 34 J , $ SENIOR THUMBNAILS Adelman. Mar Ann-Meadville, English, Independent . Anderson, Marygaref J. SpringviHe, N. Y., Elem. Ed., Alpha Xi Delfa, K.D.E. Pan-Hel COUnCII Pres.. Ou+ing Club Senior cabine+. Ayers. Cafherine P.b-Cleveland Hm, Ohio, Elem, Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. K.D.E. Ball. Ann I. Valencia, Biology, Alpha Xi Delfa, Chemii, Phi Befa Phi. Ouflng Club, AWS Senafe. BenneH. Marilyn J.-Middlepor+. N. Y.. English, Kappa Alpha The+a. Edifor: The Campus! l954-55A . Adviser. vice resident Senior class. . ' Bljnrning. Alleyne L? Gary, Indiana. Elem. Ed., Alpha Gamma DeHa, Presiden+ of AWS, Fusf Vice pres. of Alpha Gamma Delfa, Cwens. Jr, Adviser. . Bowden, Alice M. Hun+ing+on, Long Island, English, Kappa Alpha Thefa, Jr. Advisor, Senafe, Lif- erary Magazine. N.S.A. CommiHee. Soph. Cabinef. Bowden, Anne M.-Por+ Elgin. Onfario. Canada. English, Independent S+uden+ Counselor, Cwens, Playshop, Debafe, Delfa Sigma Rho Brown, Gail P. New Casfle, Psychology, Alpha Xi Del'ra, Chapel Choir. Accompanisf. Bush. Pafricia S.- New Cas+le, Economics, Alpha Gamma Delfa, A.CA. secrefary, Jr. Advisor. Campbeil. Pa+ricia P.-Gmnd Rapids. Michigan, Sociilogy, Alpha Gamma Delfa. PI Gamma MU. Terrapin, Washingfon Semes+er, Pan-Hel Council, Carfer. Ann L.-Allison Park. Economics, Thefa Upsilon. Presiden+ of Thefa Upsilon, Singers, Playship. Chrisfman, Barbara F.-Rockviile Cenfer, N. Y., Elem. Ed., Kappa Alpha Thefa. Presidenf of K.D.E.. CiancheHi, Donna M.-Meadville. Elem. Ed., Alpha Xi Delfa, Kappa Delta Epsilon. Confer, Sheila A. Pi++sburgh, Hisfory-PoliHcal Science Kappa Alpha Thefa, A.U.C., Soph. vice pres., K.D.E.. Jr. Adviser. Coulson. Barbara A.-Haver+own, Elem. Ed.. Kappa Alpha Thefd Singers. Sfudenf Admissions Com- miHee, SinfonieHa, Fund Drive, Studenf Affairs CommiHee. Cudzil. CaH-Ierine E. MeadvilIe, Elem. Ed.. Alpha. Xi Delfa, A.U.C.. Orchesis. AWS AcfiviHes Board, Freshman cabinet Playshop. Dunn. Beverly J.-Meadville. Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega. Singers, Cheerleader. Edwards, Ann E.:Solon, Ohio. Elem. Ed., Kappa Alpha Thefa, AVVS Senafe, Engs+rom. Nancy-Buffalq N. Y., Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delfa, Jr. Adviser, Senafe. A.U.C. AcfivHies CommiHee, Phi Befa Phi, Erickson. Jean A. Painesville, Ohio, His+ory, T'nefa Upsilon. K.D.E., Orchesis. Pan-Hel CounCIl. Falconer, Shirley M.-Rosario de Sanfe Fe, Argen+;na, Art Independent Terrapin, Chairman of Foreign Sfuden+ Planning CommiHee. Ferguson. Joan C. Maplewood. N. J., Elem. Ed, Aipha Gamma DeHa. Singers, K.D.E.. Sfudenf Admissions CommiHee. A.C.A. Cabinet Be+hesda Home. Flad. Kardyne Mon+vale, N. J., Elem. Ed. Alpha Xi Delia. Presidenf of Alpha Xi Delfa. K.D.E.. Jr. Cabinet A.C.A.. Befhesda Home. Fuller+on. Nancy J.-Cleveland. Ohio, Eiem. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Terrapin, Freshman and Sophomore Cabinet Carnival CommiHee, Soph. Cour+. Goodwin, Mary M. Diamond, English. Kappa Alpha The+a, Pres. of Kappa Alpha Thefa. Jr. Class vice pres., Cwens, Jr. Adviser. Campus S+aff. Gowdy. Nancy E.aLanghorne, Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega. Grender. Janice D. Erie. Elem. Ed.. Alpha Gamma Delfa, Singers. K.D.E.. Alpha Gamma Delfa Second vice pres. Gross, Julianne-Glenshaw, Art Independent Socrafes Club. Oufing Club, Chapel Choir. Hagen. Marian A.-Roches+er. N. Y., Sociology. Jr. Adviser, Pi Gamma Mu. Terrapin, Sophomore Cabinet Socra+es Club. Heefer, Shirley L.--Clarion. PreMed. Alpha Xi Delfa. Vice Pres. of A.C.A.. Library Chairman of AWS. Phi Befa Phi. Chemii, SinfonieHa. ' Heaver, Mrs. Norma-Meadele. Elem. Ed.. Independent Chapel Choir. Howe. Gail D.-Belleville, N. J., French, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Singers. Secretary of A.U.C., Jr. Advisor. Jenkins, Marjorie A.-Meadville. English. Alpha Gamma Delfa, Cwens. Singers, Jr. Adviser. Johnson. Kafherine L.-Meadville, Elem. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secrefary: K.D.E., Chapel Choir. Terrapin. Kaldron Adverfising Sfaff. Kenderes. Frances L. De+roi+. Michigan, English, Alpha Chi Hel Council; Secrefary. Kenyon, Mrs. Elizabe?h Edinboro. Elem. Ed.. Singers, Band. Chapel Choir. Befhesda Home. Kloppman. Sally L.-Craf+on, Elem. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Senior Cour'r, Singers, Jr. Adviser, KAD.E.. Sena+e. Kreiling. Jane H.-Lima, Ohio, Hisfory-Polifical Science. Gamma Mu, lnfernafional Relafions Club. Lang, Mrs. Colleen MeadviHe, Elem. Ed. Langan, Anna Mary New Casfle, Economics. Gamma Mu. Larson. Carol L. Cen+erville, Club, Orchesis. Leefy, Sara A. Glenshaw, Elem Ed., Alpha Xi Chapel Choir. A.C.A. Lidle, Faifh Haver+owm Science. Al Phi. Jr. Class Cabinet Loebelenz, Sara A. Oil Cify, Psychology, Alpha Chi MacGregor. Ru+h E.-Pi++sburgh, Sociology. Kappa A Pres. Kappa Alpha Thefa, Pi Gamma Mu. Marcus, Diane H. Flushing, N. Y.. Speech and Drama, Independent Playshop. Philo-Franklin. MEC'ZrZCken, Mary Lou-Sharpsville, Hisfory, Alpha Xi Delfa, lnfernafional Relafions Club, Oufing u . Omega, Senafe. Be+hesda Home, Pan- lndependenf. Washingfon Semesfer. Pi Edi'; rw9f$u "arw. ' pgwnef' '" ' PH? 3"; r-"7""72v .1 Alpha Gamma DeHa. Treasurer Fund Drive, P3 :3. ; 1; l? , 7'? English, Sfudenf Counselor, Co-Edi+or of Li+erary Magazine, Debafe .451 Delfa. Orchesis. Oang Club, Psychology Club pha Gamma Delfa, Cwens. A.U.C. Rep., Sinfonieffm Phi Be+a Omega. AWS Dining Room Chairman. lpha Thefa. Cwens, S+uden+ Counselor, Vice Mifgiinhgizgfke Cify. Elem. Ed., Alpha Xi DeHa. K.D.E.. Senior Cabinet Sophomore Cabinet Merfl, ShirleymPiHsburgh, English. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Senafe, Jr. Adviser, Kaldron, Carnival CommiHee. Mills, Marilyn-Meadville, Mafhema'rics and Physics, Independent Singers. SinfonieHa, Chapel Choir. Mifchell, Joan-PiHsburgh. Elem. Ed., Alpha Xi DeHa. K.D.E.. Senafe. Orchesis. A.C.A.. Befhesda. Muller, Doris A. Uniondale, Long Island. English. Alpha Xi Delfa, Campus, Edi+or of Freshman Handbook. Befhesda. Spanish Club. NelsonI Jane E. Glen Rock, N. J., Elem. Ed.. Kappa Alpha The+a, Orchesis. Nickmeyer. Joyce E. Pi++sburgh, Elem. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma, K.D.E.. AWS Publicity Com- miHee. A.U.C.-C.U. Publicify CommiHee. O'Nan. Caroline PiHsburgh. Elem. Ed., Alpha Gamma Delfa, Senafe, Senior Cabinet A.C.A. Cabinet Oufing Club. OrcuH. Jane+ B.--Corry. Engiish, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AWS Secre+ary. AWS Sena+e RepresenfaV +ive. Y-+eens Advisor. Pufnam. Lauren-Bronxville. N. Y.. His+ory Independent Pi Gamma Mu, Washingfon Semes+en Campus. Inferna+ional RelaHons Club. . V Rapp. Nancy M. Erie, English. Alpha Chi Omega. Senior Court Jr. kinky. Pl'h f 4'. Kappa. AWS Treasuren Vice pres. of Alpha Chi Omega. Rishor. Ann F.-New Casfie. English, Kappa Alpha Thefa, Orches7s. Chapel Choir, Rogers. Mary Lou Meadville. Economics. The+a Upsilon, Chapel Choir. RuHer, Hannah-Derry, New Hampshire. Engiish, Kappa Alpha Thefal AWS Firs+ Viceapresq Sfudenf Counselor. Cwens, W.A.A., Pan-Hel Council. Samas. Berfha E.-Shaker Heing Ohio. Psychology. Kappa Gamma, PFO'Z: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Senior Court Cwens. Cheerleader. Jr. Adviser. Sause, Elilabeih Sr-Whife Piains. N. Y.. Elem. Ed., Alpha Xi Del'ra. Singers, K.D.E. Shofsfahl. Mrs. Barbara Ebensburg. Economics. Alpha Chi Omega, Jr. Adviser. Class Cabinet Sena+e. Shoop. Linda R.--Mf. Lebanon. Ma+hema+ics. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Cwen Treasurer, W.A.A. Treas- urer. Senior Class Secrefary. Carnival CommiHee. Skinner. Dorofhy J.-Rome, N Y.. English. Jr. Adviser. Smucker. Warrena K. Washing+on, Elem. Ed.. Alpha Gamma Delfa. Senior Courf, Pres.: Philo-Frank- lin, K.D.E.I Jr. Adviser. Debafe. Soisson. Mary L. ConneIlsville. His+ory, Kappa Kappa Gamma Jr. Adviser. Vice Pres. of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Orchesis. Sopp. Nancy Lee-Erie, English. Alpha Xi DeHa. Newman Club. Spafa. Alice L.-Glen Rock, N. J.. Educa+ion. Alpha Chi Omega. Playshop, Orchesis, Junior Class Cabinet Senior Class Cabinet Swar'l'. Dorofhea L.-Meadville, Biology, Independent Phi Befa Phi. Freshman and Junior Cabinet Y-feens. Taft Dawn O.-Warren. Chemisfry. Alpha Gamma Del'ra, Pres. 0 Alpha Gamma Delfa. Orchesis. Chemii, AWS Sena+e. program chairman. Wade, Nancy A.-Olean. N. Y.. Psychology, Alpha Chi Omega. Vice pres. of Alpha Chi Omega. Jr. Adviser. Terrapin. Walfer. Ann E.-Pi++sburgh, Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. of Alpha Chi Omega. A. U. C.. Orchesis. Walfer, Cora L.-Taren+um. Elem. Ed.. Kappa Alpha Thefa. Cwens, Jr. Adviser. K. D. E. Walfers, Faifh E.-Pi++sburgh, Elem. Ed.. Alpha Gamma Del'ra, Singers. Ward, Virginia M.-Cleveland Heighfs. Ohio, Elem. Ed., Kappa Alpha Thefa. C. U. Board, AWS Acfivifies Board. Liferary Magazine. Jr. Class Cabinet Waff, Nancy J.-E. McKeesporf. Psychology. Independent Phi Befa Kappa. Pi Gamma Mu. Psy- chology Club. WaHs. Elizabe+h S.-Davidson, N. C., Sociology. Alpha Gamma DeHa, Y-feens. Playshop. Wheeler, Margaref A. Bay Village, Ohio. Elem. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma Singers. K.D.E.. Treas urer. AWS Publicify Chairman, A. U. C. Represenfafive. Whyman, Carolyn A.-Baldwin, N. Y., Chemisfry. Kappa Alpha Thefq Phi Befa Kappa! Jr. Adviser. Orchesis: pres. WiHshire. Marilyn R.-McKeespor+, Elem. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delfa, Vice pres. of Alpha Xi Delfa. Senafe. K.D.E. Wright Barbara A.-Glenshaw, Psychology. Kappa Kappa Gamma Cwens. Soph. Charm Queen. Jr. Adviser. Psychology Club. Aaron. WaHer S.-Meadville. Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jr. VarsHy Baske+balL Pi Gamma Mu. Assisfan+ship in accounfing Adams. Fred H.-New Kensingfon. Economics 8 Pre-law, New Group. Washingfon Semesfer, Cam- pus, Debafe. Philo-Franklin. LH, Magazine. Ahrens. Russell B.-Hamburg, N. Y.. Economics. Phi Gamma DeHa. Phi Gamma DeHa: Treasurer. Class Cabinefs, Fund Drive. Alfmire, James W.-N. Apollo. Economics. Phi Kappa Psi, Varsify Baseball. Varsify Baskefball Man- agen Ashe. Roberf E.-Ki++anning. Hisfory-Poli'rical Science, Phi Gamma DeHa. Varsify Baskefball Man- ager l. 2. Bailey. Elmer R -Eas+ Brady. Hisfory-Polifical Science. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Class, Cabine+s. Band. Campus: Business Manager. Track. Barron. Don M.-Pi++sburgh. Pre-Den+.. Phi Gamma DeHa. Co Cap+ain: VarsHy Foo+balL Frafernify OFFicer. Track. In+ramurals. Bender. Richard A.-Meadville. Economics. DeHa Tau DeHa. Track. ln+ramurals, Freshman Cabinet Chapel Choir. Benson. Robb R. James+own. N. Y.. Economics, Phi DeHa Thefa. lnframurals. Bogden. James N. Corry, Pre-Med.-Biology. Phi Be+a Phi: Treasurer. Bolon. Donald A.-Meadville. Chemisfry. Thefa Chi Chemii, Oufing Club. Boom. Pefer E.-Bucyrus, Ohio. Economics, Phi Kappa Psi. Pres. of Freshman Dorm. I. F. C. Col- legians, lnframuralsi Var'sify Golf, Fund Drive. Bowser, William E.-Bu+ler, Economics, Phi Gamma DeHa, Pres. of Frafernify. Varsify BaskefbaH. Singers, Jr. Counselor, Freshman pres. Brand. Frank R.-Sewickley, Pre-Med.. Phi Kappa Psi Fra+erni+y pres.. Varsi+y Soccer. ming, Sfudenf Counselor. Burdsall, Richard H. Greaf Barringfon, Mass., English, Phi Kappa Psi. Varsify Swim- Bush, John E.-Sanborm N. Y.. Physics, Alpha Chi Rho. Cabelmt. Lee Tr-Erie, PoliHcal Science, Phi Kappa Psi. Varsi+y Baskefball, ln+ramurals, I. F. C. Collegians In+erna+-. Relafions Club. Cale. Harold N.-MeadviNe. Economics, Independent Phi Gamma Mul Cifizenship Commiffea Newman Club. Cowles' John H. Pi++sburgh. Geology, Delfa Tau Delfa. Arnold Air Sociefy, Rifle Team. Cruddas. Rev. Thomas F.-MeadviHe, SocioVogy, Pas+or of +he Blooming Valley Mefhodis+ Charge. Cuhi. Edward P.-Erie, Biology, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Be+a Dhi: Vihe Pres. D AIessio. Donn--Monessen, Pre Med., Phi Kappa Psi, Singers, Sfudenf Affairs Commihee, Junior Class President Daugherfy. Charles B.-Greensburg. Economics. Phi Delfa The+a. Davis. Samuel-MeadviHe, English, Phi Befa Kappa. Co-edHor of Liferary Magazine. Newman Club. Davis. William R.--WHkinsburg, Hisfory, Phi Kappa Psi, Varsi+y Baseball. Varsify Foofball, ln+ramurals. Deane. William T.-Roches+er. N. Y.. Speech-Drama Independent Playshop, Soccer. DeKay, Richard H.--MeadviHe, Geology, Alpha Chi Rho, Varsify Tennis, lnfer-Frafernify Afhlefic Council. Deufsch, Roberi E.-Rochesfer. N. Y., Economics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Varsify Tennis. In+ramurals. Dick, Gilberf-Bronx. N. Y., Economics. Alpha Chi Rho. Dobson. John R. -Edgeworfh, Economics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsify Baseball, Varsi'ry Soccer, Block A Club. Dura+z, James J.-Grindsfone, Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Sfudenf Counselor. Erickson, Carl M.-Sligo, Economics, Phi Kappa Psi. Varsify Baske+baH, Varsify Baseball. A U. C. Represenfafive. Evans. Roberf D.mPiHsburgh. Economics, Del+a Tau Delfa. Jr. Class Represenfafive: DeHa Tau DeHa. lnframurals. Fisher. Richard H.-Meadville, Economics. Phi Gamma Delfa, Varsify Swimming, Capfain. S'rudenf Counselor. Block A Club. Foley. Alberf W.-Dunkirk, N. Y., His+ory-Poli+ical Science. Phi Del+a Thefa. Pres. of Phi Del'ra Thefa. Pi Gamma Mu, Campus. C. U. Board. Fox. James A.-Elkins Park. Economics, Independent Class Cabinet P1ayshop, Oufing Club. Frankel. Arfhur-Lahobe, PreMedq Phi Kappa Psi. Fries. Malcolm G. Charleroi, Polifical Science. Delfa Tau Delfa, A. U, C, RepresenfaHve, College Band Direcfor, Arnold Air Socie+y. Garreff, Michael F.-Youngs+own. Ohio, Economics. Delfa Tau Delfa, Pres. of Delfa Tau Delfa. Philo- Franklin. Band. George. Russell B.-Winclber. English. Gooding, Edwin-Ephrafa. Economics. Delfa Tau DeHa. Singers. Sfudenf Counselor. Blue Knighis, Orchesha. Griggs. Laurin B.-Oil Cify, Polifical Science, New Group, Sfudenf Counselor. CHizenship Com- miHee. Pres.: U. S. N, S. A. Human Relafions Sub-Comm. Guayasamin. Guido-Pasfo-N CoIombia, Biology. Phi Del'ra The+a. Halupczynski. Gus-Erie. Psychology. Phi Kappa Psi. Hebert Pe+er W.-Erie. Pre-Med-Chemisfry, Phi Kappa Psi, Chemii, Inframurals, Newman Club. Chem. Lab. Assis+anf. Hefley. Harvey Von San Bernardino. Calif.. Art Phi Delfa Thefa, Edi+orz I956 Kaldron. Associafe Edifor: I955 Kaldron. Varsi+y Tennis: I956 Capt Herbert John J.-Bradford Hisfory. Pi Gamma Mu. Hershey. William D.-Somersef. Economics. Alpha Chi Rho, Heeiers, Band. I. F. C. Collegians. Hewift Arfhur A.-Nanue+. N, Y.. Philosophy 8 Religion. Alpha Chi Rho. VarsHy Soccer. Pres.: A. C. A., Pres.: Alpha Chi Rho: A. U. C. Represen+a+ive. Jennings. Richard C.-Cleveland. Ohio, Economics. Thefa Chi. Cheerleading. I. F, C. Represenfa- +ive4 Pres.: Thefa Chi. Johnson. John H.-Oil Cify. Economics Freshmen Cabinet C. U. Board. Tennis Varsify FoofbaH. Fund Drive, Playshop. Kegehr. R;chard A.-M+. Lebanon, Chemisfry, Alpha Chi Rho. Baskefball, Track. Vice Pres. of Alpha i R 0. Kent John H.-Meadville, Economics. Phi Kappa Psi. Adverfising Manager of I956 Kaldron, Chair- man of A. U. C. Chris+mas Dance. Kerr, Wayland C.-Painesville. Ohio. Speech 8t Drama. Delfa Tau Delfa. Playshop. A. C. A. Kibler, Lauch L.-Tonawano'a. N. Y.. Sociology. Phi Kappa Psi. Soccer. Kieshauer. John F. Warren, Modern Languages, The+a Chi, Blue Knigh+s Band. Band. SinfonieHa. 3rd Year Abroad: Heidelberg Universify. Kowallis, John R.-Conneau+ Lake, Economics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Playshop. lnframurals. Lang. Philip C.-Meadville, Chemisfry. Thefa Chi. Infer-Fra+ernify Glee Club. Thoburn Club. Lewis. John H.-Warren. Geology. Independent Marcenfonio, Anfhony W.--MiHburn. N. J.. Economics, Delfa Tau DeHa. Mawn. Thomas J.-Ridgway, Pre-Med. Phi DeHa Thefa. Class Cabinef, Blue Knighfs Band. Chemii. A. U. C. Ac+ivi+ies Commiffee, Rifle Team. McArdIe, Donald-Pi++sburgh, Economics-Secondary Educafion, Phi Gamma DeH'a, Co-Capfain: Varsify FoofbalL Block A Club. McChesney. John R.-Erie, Geology, Phi.Delfa Thefa. AFROTC Group Commander. Arnold Air Sociefy. RiHe Team. Band. Fund Drive CommiH'ee. McCombs. Alan R.-Erie, Economics. Del'ra Tau DeHa. Co-Chairman of Homecoming. Fund Drive. Chapel Choir. Red Cross Blood Drive. McCu'rcheon. Gerald N.-Bradford, Pre-Med Phi DeHa, Thefa, Phi Be+a Phi, Chemii. McLean, Rodney W.-Wes+field, N. YH Sociology, Delfa Tau Delfa. Secretary-Treasurer of I. F. C.. Arnold Air Sociefy. Tennis. Meisfer, David L.-Pi++sburgh. Pre-Law-Economics, Alpha Chi Rho, Treasurer: A. U, C.. Senior Class Treasurer, Campus, A. U. C. Reprezsenfafive. Mehger. Clyde C.-Glenshaw. Chemis+ry-Pre-Med, Phi DeHa Thefa. Phi Be+a Phi. Chemii. Class Cabinet Rifle Team, Oufing Club. Meyer, William R.-'N. Y.. N. Y.. English, New Group. Campus: Managing Edi'ror, EdH'or: Semesfer. SPT'ng Miller, John P.-Rocky River. Ohio. Economicc' Phi Delfa Thefa. I956 Kaldron Phofographer, Moore. Edward C.--Corry, Economics. Phi Kappa Psi, Inframurals. Moore. Roberf M.-Ashville, N. Y.. Biology. Phi DeHa Thefa, Make-up Edi+or of I956 Kaldron. Mumaw. William C.--Apollo. Pre-Den+.. Phi Kappa Psi, Chemii. ln+ramurals. Mufschler. George-Rego Park. N. Y.. Geology, Thefa Chi, Oufing Club, Rifle Team. Soccer. Neil. Wilbur-Ashville. N. Y.. His+ory. Phi Delfa Thefa, Chairman: A. U. C. Traffic CommiHee. Track. Arnold Air Socie+y, IFC Collegians. Newsham, Edward S.-McKean, Chemisfry, Alpha Chi Rho. Nichols. Charles G.-Erie, Pre Med., Delfa Tau Delfa, Singerg IFC Collegians, Alleghenians. O'Hanesian. David-Meadville. English Phi Gamma Del'ra. Varsify Foofball. Overmyer. Richard P.-Lakewood. Ohio, Drama+ics. The+a Chi. Pres.: The+a Chi, Playshop. Paish. Donald G.-Pomp+on Lakes. N. J.. Pre-Med.. Thefa Chi, Phi Befa Phi, Chemii. Track. Chapel Choir, Vice Pres.: Thefa Chi. ParleHe. Charles A.-Chalk HilL Economics, DeHa Tau DeHa, Senior Cabinet Playshop, Alleghenians. Phillips. John C. Pi++s burgh. Ecpnomics. Phi Kappa Psi. AcfivHies Chairman: A. U. C. Senior Cab- inet IFC Collegians. Pierce. Rober+ B.--Indiana. English. Alpha Chi Rho, Pres.: Aipha Chi RhoJS+uden+ Academic Com- mi++ee Chairman. Sfudenf Counselor. Pomroy. James F.-Dunkirk. N. Y., Economics. Phi Delfa Thefa, Vice Pres.: A.U.C., Track. Pi Gamma Mu. Washingfon Semes+er. Popeney. Richard H.-Meadville. Economics. Thefa Chi, DeHa Sigma Rho. Phi Gamma Mu! Philo- Franklin Speech Sociefy, Debafe Poulson, Brif+en-Erie. English. Phi Kappa Psi, Varsi+y Swimming. Religion-in-Life Week Chairman. Pres.: Thoburn Club .Inhamurals. Block A Club. Reed. Roberf F.-Beaver. Polifical Science. Phi Kappa Psi. Foo+ball, Baske+balL IFC Collegians, Inha- murals. Regan. William J.-Pi++9burgh. Economics, Phi Kappa Psi. Pres.: A. U. ,C.. VarsHy Soccer. Varsify Baseball. Treasurer owc Class. I 2. 3. Ridden. George B.-Meadville, Economicg, Thefa Chi. Philo-Franklin. Ridgeway, James R.-Library, Economics, Alpha Chi Rho. Inframurals. Sandberg. Valdimar C.-Muskegon. Michigan. Hisfory. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Edifor of Kaldron I955. Chairman of Fund Drive I954. San Filippo. Sam-Meadville. Economics. DeHa Tau DeHa. Carnival Prize Chairmari. A. U. C. Elec- +ion Campaigning. lnframurals. Schwarh, Julian H.-Bayside. N. Y., Pre-Med., Alpha Chi Rho. Vice Pres. of Alpha Chi Rho, Junior 8 Senior Cabinefs, Phi Befa Phi. Schwarz, Ernes+ J. Cleveland. Ohio. Dramafic Art Independent Playshop. Pres.: Boo+s and Saddles Club, S+uden+ Counselor. Represen+a+ive +0 A. U. C. Sex+on. James W.-Ti+usville. Biology. Phi DeHa The+a. Vice Pres.: Phi Delfa The+a. A. U. C. Fund Drive Chairman. Phi Befa Phi. Shapiro. Joseph C.-Moun+ Union. Economics. Thefa Chi. Philo-Franklin, Vice Pres. of Thefa Chi. Class Cabinet Shields. Harrison-M+. Lebanon, ln+erna+ional Sfudies. Delfa Tau Delfa, Playshop. Singers. Foreign S+uden+s CommiHee, French Club. Siemons. Roberf-Highland Park. N. J.. Poli+ical Science. Phi Gamma Delta. Edifor of Campus. Pub- licafion Board, Varsify Soccer. Siggia. John J.-Erie, Music. Independent ROTC Band. Playshop, Alleghenians. Skinner. Don C. Chau+auqua, N. Y., English. Phi Del+a The+a. Singers. Pres. of A. C. A.. Sfudenf Direcfor of C. U., Ou+ing Club Spears. Roberf E.-Meadville, Economics. Alpha Chi Rho, lni'ramurals. Sfeffee, Arfhur D.-Oil Cify, Pre-Med.. Del+a Tau Delfa, Vice Pres.: Delfa Tau Delfq Track, Phi Befa Phi. Chemii. Sfewari'. Kennefh N.-Arlinq+on. Virginia. Economics, Alpha Chi Rho. S+ewar'r. Richard A.--T'i+usville, English. Del+a Tau Delfa. Varsi+y Soccen Varsify Baskefball. Track. Religion-in-Life Week, lnframurals. Swavey. Bernard-MeadviHe. Economics. Independent Talfel, Ralph E.-Pi++sburgh. Pre-Med.. Phi Kappa Psi , Vice Pres.: Phi Kappa Psi. I. F. C" IFC Col- eglans. ' Thursfon, David S.-Cambridge Springs English. Alpha Chi Rho. Pres.: Alpha Chi Rho I950 Soccer. Todd, Frank L.-Norfh East Psychology. Phi Del+a Them, Freshman Cabinet Band. Inframurqls, Psy- chology Club. Towner. Norman E.-Nor+h East Psychology. Phi Delfa The+a. A. U. C. Traffic CommiHee. Kaldron. Psychology Club. Tennis Manager. Van S+rum, Pefer C. Rockleigh. N. J., Economics. Phi DeHa Thefa. Singers. Arnold Air Sociefy. Sfudenf Counselor, IFC Collegians. Wallace. Archie O.-Greenville. Polifical Science. Phi Kappa Psi. Arnold Air Sociefy: Execufive OH?- cerl IFC Collegians. Inframurals. Waugaman. BiIIy-Kiffanning, Economics. Phi Kappa Psi. Singers. Sfudenf Counselor. lnframurals. Debafe. Whife. Carhr A.-Loudonville, N. Y.. EducafiomEconomics. Phi Gamma DeHa. Varsify Swimming. Varsify Soccer, Block A Club. Wigfon. Richard P. Pe+rolia. Geology, Phi Gamma Delfa. Varsify Baskefball, Varsify Baseball. Sfu- denf Counselor, Capt l955-56 Baske+ball. Wilson, John D.-Erie, Eonomicz. Phi DeHa THefa, S+uden+ Counselor. Philo-Franklin. Class Cabi- nef. Public Evenfs CommiHee. Wilson, Roberf L.-Meadville, English-Economjcs. Alpha Chi Rho. Pres.: Alpha Chi Rho. I. F. C.. Arnold Air Sociefy, Campus. Winans,David W.--Warren. Economics. Alpha Chi Rho. Wisniewski. Thomas T.-Ru+herford. N. J.. Chemisfry, Phi Delfa Thefa. Varsify Baseball, Varsify Foo+ball, Chemii. Zehner. Ronald N.-Ridgway. Chemis+ry-Pre-Med.. Phi Del+a The+a. Singem Track. Block A. Phi Be+a Phi, Chem. Lab. Assisfanf. Zuberbuhler. Harry R.-Beaver Falls. Economics, Phi Kappa Psi. Golf. IFC Collegions. lnframurals. .. 'W nw V ' , y; xv ' ....,;. 1V - w.- -..; ..,, :wi. $tleqytakm a -uuqqme 91quasw$4ma . '13 wags: L... muui-V'" Impor+an+ in +he communHy life of every Allegheny s+udeh+. . . AciiviHes hold +heir own in producing memories. . . The mee+ing will please come +0 or- der . . . The red coafs usher in prospec+ive freshmen . . .Who is for a irek +0 +he s+ables? . . Fresh air fiends fake off for Bousson. . . Prinfer's blues. sfop +he presses. . . Music and marching by +he boys in blue. . . I'm an angel now. . . And we came +hrough for a vic+orious Homecoming . . . The curfain rises-an- o+her show begins. . . Silence pervades +he Chris+mas Concert . . Almos+ won +hose be+s on +he PiH game. . . Delega+es flood Allegheny ai' mock U. N. Se- curHy Council. . . Any original ideas-copy in no Ia+er +han. . . Allegheny hon- ored by N.S.A. Convenfion. . . Perfumed wa+er fea+ured a+ Terrapin Show. . . Lef's have a differen+ game +his year for Carnival. . . Talen+s displayed in May Day acfivi'ries. . . A memorable year rounded ouf ...... The Allegheny Undergraduafe Council is He s+udemL adminisfra- Jrive unif of We college. H is com- prised of one represenfafive from each social group. No represenfa- fives from Hue independemL group. presidenf and vice-presiden+ of each class. +he presiden+ of I.F.C. and A.W.S.. and Hwe officers of +he A.U.C. Wifh Hweir advisor, Dean MC- Cracken. Hue Council works +O- ward a harmonious funcfion of H16 various college acfivifies. A.U.C. crysfaHizesv and refleds H19 under- graduafe opinion and observes +he cusfoms and fradifions of H19 colleqe. CommiHee meefings were fhe order of +he day during flue A.U.C. refreaf. Seafed: FaHh Lidle. Richard Popeney. David Meisfer. Lynne Blanning, William Regan, James Pom- roy. Marilyn BenneH. Graham Fries. Sfanding: Jordan Choper, Lynn Sanfner, Paul Reeb' Sheila Confer, Kay Johnsfon. Ann WaH'er. Roberf Meridefh. RobenL Wilson. John Perreca, Pefer Peferson. Kafherine Cudzil. Harrief Blanning. Julianna Gross. ti; ' W': 'l' -. .ta S+uden+ Affairs of A.U.C.: Seafed: Barbara Coulson. Mrs. W, Rufh Knighfs, James Pomroy. Mar- iorie Kirk. David Lamoureux. S+anding: Wayne R. Merrick. Lynn Blanning, Penelope Thompson. Han- nah RuHer, Anfhony Fioreano. Orval T. Driggs. ; VWMW ,This commiHee is +he execufive aufhorify of A.U.C. H" ads as +he nomina+ing group for +he various A.U.C. commiHees and recom- mends +he financial policy. The commiHee. consisfing of fine presi- denf, vice-presiden+. and Jrreasur- er of A.U.C. and +he presidenfs of I.F.C.. A.W.S. and +he senior class. assis+s +he A.U.C. presidenf in Hue general adminisfrafion of The council. 4! l l I l i" A.U.C. Execu+ive CommiHee: Seaied: L +0 R WiIIiam Regan, Lynne Blanning. James Pomroy. Sfanding: L +o R Ron- ald Sharpe. James Lauffer. Thomas Jones. 1956 Kaldron Stati Kaldron Sfaff: Sfanding: Cur+is Graham. Barbara Carnahan. Julie Jackson. El- wood Hughes. Paula Tsarides' Eleanor Smifh. Jack Miller. Seafed: Judy Mc- Carfney, Barbara Blackmore, Dick Powers. Harvey Hefley. Penny Thompson, Joan Nicholas. Adverfising Sfaff: S+anding: Jon Sfarna Irene Milliron. Bob Cunningham, Janef Anfo. Gordon Andrews. Seafed: Kay Johnson. Jean Lawson. Judy Hamill, John Kent Mary Chrisfnen Sally Dykman. Sue Bafes. Wifh +he deadline a week away. +he edi+or pu'r +he finishing fouches on +he yearbook. Kaldron sfaff members wifh +heir respec- +ive jobs join Jrogefher during Hue summer and He 1tirs+ semesfer in puffing +he book JrogeJrher so +ha+ if may be published and dis+ribu+ed +0 every sfudenf in May. The Kaldron's main purpose is +0 serve as a memory book wi+h which in years +0 come s+uden+s may reminisce of college days as Jthey lea1c +hrough +he pages. The Campus SfaH: Fronf Row: Marilyn BenneH. Barbara Bell, Sally Dykman, Mike Cohen. Bill Meyer.Bob Siemens. Lew Barnes. Bob Silberfarb, Len Kaplan, Clark Dehne. Second Row: Monfe Leviff. Barbara 6. Ford, FranCes Shuman, Ann PoHs, Jane Kreiling, Marilyn Will, Arlene Busse. Virginia Perrine. Faye Weiss. Ferrell Beck. Back Row: Paul Yurica, Don Haderson; Fred Adams. Jane Parker, Beverly Wilkerson, Barsfown Brownson, Sally Wright Kafhy Gage, Sylvia Symons. Ralph Wifherspoon. Firsf semesfer edifor Bob Siemens confers wifh second semesfer edifor Bill Meyer. Campus Newspaper The Campus. Allegheny's weekly newspaper. is re- sponsible for keeping s+uden+s up-fo-dafe on local evenfs, visHing speakers. calendar acfivifies and sporfs records. A member of +he Associafed Col- legiafe Press, Hue 'Campus confribufes +0 AHegheny life by providing an excellenf opporfunify for journalisfic wrifing in +his valuable publicafion. Wis Seafed, leff +0 right Gerfrude Bauer. Nice Bowden. Bill Crofuf, Carol Larson. Gerald Galbo. Samuel Davis. S+anding: James Sandford. Roberf Pierce. Roberf Zahniser. ' ' The Liferary Magazine. published Jrwice a year l-I te ra ry M a g a 2' n 8 under +he direcfion of Alfred Kern. offers +he AI- Iegheny s'rudemL an excellen'r opporfunify +0 dis- play his creafive JralenJrs, Works such as shorf sfories. essays. poefry, and all illusfrafions are sfu- denf producfs in +his bi-annual publicafion. 7 ; w Bouege Union College Union Board: Sfanding. IeH +0 righf: Dr. James Smoof, Dr. William Cooper, George Palmer. Raymond Sfark. Seafed: Bill Foley. Virginia Ward. Caro! Anderson! Miss Mildred Ludwig. The College Union, loca+ed in Cochran Hall, is de- signed +0 be +he cenfer of informal campus achivHies. Since ifs founding five Years ago, +he Union has offered facilHies for meefing. games, dancing. reading, and +elevision. In Jrhe pasf year if has provided offices and working space for +he Allegheny Undergraduafe Council. Jrhe Campus Newspaper. and +he Kaldron Yearbook. Af +imes +he college Arf Deparfmenf exhibifs sfudenf and professional arf work in one of Jrhe Union's larger rooms. In addifion +he Union sponsors special facilifies such as an informafion cenfer. a los'r and found deparfmenf. and a sfudenf book exchange. ThroughomL +he year in- formal dances and parfies are given which offer varied pasfimes such as square dancing. f'olk singing, and mourner's corners for s+uden+s jus'r finishing final exams. amxwxxem ALLEGHENY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION A.C.A. affords +he opporfunify 'For greafer spirifual growfh among +he sfu- den+s +hrough ifs sponsored speakers. communion services. and Religion-In-Life Week program. From leH +0 righf: Lois Ann Harrison. Roberf Meredifh, Carol Anderson. Don Skinner. Ann PoHs, Don- ald Kimmelman. Janef Allen. FRENCH CLUB This long esfablished language club con- duc+s Hs meefings in French and all i+s programs cenfer around speaking. reading. and 'fhinking in Hue language. Seafed: Befsy Hunt Marie Howard, Har- rison Shields, Sylvia Symons. Sue Davis. Siending: Joseph Peroski, Kafhleen Gage. Philip Waddlngfon. PHI BETA KAPPA Nancy Rapp. Bob Pierce, Carolyn Why- man, Sam Davis. Nancy WaH. .7 3 A 'n '.w ..;... 1n 1 a. La, NEWMAN CLUB This organizafion is composed of Alle- gheny sfudenfs of +he Cafholic faifh. Hs mee'rings on Sunday affernoons are a combinafion of business and panel dis- cussions. Seeded: John Marchi, Barbara Buhlinger. Fafher Kofyuk. Beverly Wilken- son. Nancy Sopp. Firsf Row, Sfanding: Doris Hilow. Joseph O'Mara. Judy Wafers, Carol Enos. Donna CiancheHi. Rosalie Euliano. Kay Cudzil, Regina Cray. Valerie DiPipi. Susan McCreary. Paula Sodini. Gerfrude Ullrich. Second Row: Norman Brozenick, Leonard Per- sinski. Philip Waddingfon, Joseph Per- oskiI Roberf BarIeHa. Marilyn GiHings. Third Row: James Kweder. Roberf Mar- chi. George Pawlikowski. Alberf Mauro. Wilfrid Keafon. Charles Siggia, Jim Smifh. PHILO-FRANKLIN Members of Philo-Franklin are chosen on an honorary basis and have had af Ieasf one year's deba'ring experience. They sponsor speech confesfs and ed as a sfeering commiHee'for +he Debafe Club. Firsf Row. leff +0 righf: Barbara F, Ford. Shirley Heefer, Adelaide Viefh. Ann Davidson. Diane Marcus. Second Row: Roberf WesHake, Jack Sheer. Re- nee Smucker. Richard Popeney. Carl Meh. CIRCLE-K-CLUB New +his year on Campus, +he Circle-K-Club hopes +0 advance as much service +0 Alle- gheny's campus as +he members can possibly give. This club was organized and officially accep'red on campus Jrhrough fhe cons'ranf efforfs of +he president Tom O'Mara. Seafed: Alan Murray. Thomas O'Mara, Raymond Cox, Charles Zieg. Sfanding: Ralph Wifherspoon. James Sexauer. Jay Whaley, CurHs Graham, Michael Cohen, Donald Jordan, James Ross, Harry Wimer, Gordon Andrews. Tony Fiorenfino. W Wm Ax BOOTS AND SADDLES Boo+s and Saddles offers an excellenf opporfunify for +hose eques+rians in- feresfed in +rail and ring riding. A OUTING CLUB AND' HEELERS Horse Show wifh neighboring colleges The Oufing Club and Heelers is an climaxes +he club's sporfs ac+ivi+ies.Ru+h organizafion for +hose sfudenfs who Jenkins. Phyllis Bogart SaHy Dykman. enioy fresh air and +he greaf ou+-of- Glenda Johnsfon. Be+sy Riederer. Han- doors. Hs members nof only par+icipa+e nah RuH'er. Gerfrude Ullrich, Sue Davis. in hikes and picnics buf help 'ro brush- Emily Holran, Dee Dee MacGregor. up Bousson, Peggy Doncasfer. Jane Joan Nicholas. Harry Blaney Kerin Clev- Kenemufh. Emily Holran, Delancey John- enger. Joan Singley. son. Gerfrude UHrich. Joan Nicholas, Harry Blaney, Chuck Hawkins. Sfeve Swersie. wQNgVWXWN $rn-A :57'9 k4A 1:4 uv-w- v ' up Jrime is here again. SENATE Firs+ Row: Frances Schuman. Barbara Blackmore. Kay Fullerl Shirley Merfz, Ber+ha Samas. Judifh Snee. Second Row: Kay Johnson. Lynne Crandall, Hannah Ruffer, Lynne Blanning, Jean Ridge- way, Mary Alice Hanson. Third Row: Nancy Rapp. Jane Wicker. BeHy Evans, JanewL Anfo, Diane; Ingram, Penny Thompson. Faye Weiss. Pai' Campbell. Fourfh Row: Barbara Sfrong, Mary Marfha Goodwin. Frances Kenderes, Renny Smucker, Marie Louise Carlfon, Sara Lane Zehrung, Carol Laughlin. A. W. S. ACTIVITIES BOARD The acfivi+ies board composed of eighf sub-commiHees enhances +he culfural developmenf d H16 .Allegheny women +hrough ifs various channels from dining haHl sign-ups +0 planned speakers and enferfainmenf. Siffing. IeH +0 righf: Joan Page. Meredifh Drake. Mary Alice Hanson. Mary Ellen Rankin, Carolyn Shaeffer, Sfanding: Rufh Siegman. Frances Shuman' Sandra McLaughlin. I , wwwm A. W. S. QFFICERS Firsf row: Lynne Blanning. Hannah RuHer. Sec- ond row: Mary Alice Hanson, Lynne Crandall. Jean Ridgeway. SENIOR COURT The Senior Courf is Hwe iudicial body of The women's government The courf fakes acfion on any violafions of A.W.S. Senior Courf is more a counciling body +han a resfricfing body. Nancy Rapp, Sally Kloppman. Ber+ Samag Hannah Ruffer. Rennie Smucker. Mary Marfha Goodwin. , STUDENT COUNSELORS Sfudenf Counselors who live in Hue freshmen dormifories serve in +heir capacHy +0 guide and assisf +he freshmen in +heir problems. Seafed: Carolyn Dimmick, Jean Ridgeway. Miss Painfer. Miss Hanson. Miss Kirk. Kay Johns+on. Carol Anderson. Sfanding: Maxwell Shoenfeld, Arfhur Blank. James Sexauer. Jack CoHon. Thomas Jones. Donald Kimmelman, Ken+ Ryder. Roberf Pierce. Edwin Gooding, John Wilson. Rober+ WesHake. Roberf Meredifh, Ernes+ Schwarz. Jay Rudolph. JUNIOR ADVISORS Responsible for helping +he Freshmen women wifh any ques+ions +hey mighf have concerning college life. H16 Junior Advisers also plan and presenf AH-CoHege Holiday Teas. Meredifh Drake. Mary Alice Hanson. Pafricia Miller. Dolores Huffingfon. Dixie Mey- ers. Carol Veiock. Rufh Ann Peferson. Joyce Conley, Sue Cook, Barbara Ford. Janef Al- len, Mariorie Jones, Dorofhy Tolley, Ger+rude Bauer. Rufh Siegman,.SaHy Secon Mary Whiffield Carolyn Shaefer. Carolyn Tuffle. , CHAPEL CHOIR Under Hue direcfion of W, S. Wright Nor+ . +he Chapel Choir sings for Sunday morning Chapel services and presenfs several ioimL concerfs during Hwe year. BeHy Evans. Dianne Hacker, Dorofhy Baker. Mary Wible. Helen Georgeadis, Farrell Beck, Ann Ha+ch, Marilyn CriH, Gajl Powell, Susan Vv'ilder. Rufh Richards, Sue Meadowcroff. Susan McCreary, Sandra Milne, Virginia Earl, Ann BuHer' Ka+hy Giardini, Carole Sofield Kay Johnson, SaHy S+ewar+. Anne Robison, Carolyn Davies, Jane Wicker. Jean Wehman. Virginia Conner. Barbara Belll Adelaide Skelly, Rufh Jenkins, Ann Whife. Sue Wolf, Marfha Jones, Sue Rice. Joan Sisnick, Doris McConnell. Marilyn Winfers, Marylou Harriff Malinda Hunt Lola Neumann, Marilyn Schweifzer. CWENS Cwens is a nafional honor sororify. The sophomore girls who are chosen mus+ rank high in scholarship. characfer and leadership. One of +heir mosf imporfanf funcfions is +0 assisf in +he orien+a+ion of freshmen women. Firsf row: Marcia Marfen, Harrief Blan- ning. Peggy Goldsborough. Marfy Hart Befsy Mounfsier, Rosie Langford. Second row: Emily Holran. Befsy Beeson: Mary Jo Howard. Lynne Cran- dall, Marilyn Finch. Marylou HarriH, Sally Roessler. San- dra McLaughlin. SINFONIETTA The Allegheny Sinfonieffa, ably direcfed by HerbenL Neurafh. is responsible JFor Hme beaufHul insfrumenfal music heard by sfuden'rs a+ various concer'rs during fhe year. N mm. agmxwwmxxw- xxxxx N xxxxx? w, m WWW, x CHEMII The purpose of Chemii is +0 make chemisfry more prac- +ical +0 HS members. Lecfures. field Jrrips. and visifs +0 indus+rial plan+s make up Jthe programs of +he monfhly meefings. PeJrer Hebert Donald Bolon, Clyde Me+zger. Shirley Heefen Kafhryn Popowniak. Thomas Mawn. Dr. Pino. Richard Keller. Ron Zehner. Frank Brand, Dr. Sfafe, Dawn Taft Joan Lauch, Gwen Galusha, Rosalie Euliano. ixxxxxxxxxx ALLEGHENY SINGERS Of +he many organizafions +ha+ add +0 +he cul+ural back- ground of Allegheny College. +he Allegheny Singers is one of +he mosf disfinguished. The Singers nof only provide an ouflef of creafive energy for +he s+uden+s buf also bring honor and disfincfion +0 +he college. Dr. Morfen J. Luvaas in his ereni'y-six loyal years of service has guided and molded Jrhe Singers info an oufsfanding choir. His musical falenf is revealed in fhe various concer+s which are given +hroughou+ +he year, Dr. Luvaas has cqniribufed +0 +he world of music by Jrhe Singers and ofher choirs +hroughou+ +he counfry. This year Jrhe Singers wen+ on a Chrisfmas four +0 Cleveland and fraveied' +0 nearby sfafes on +heir annuai spring four af Eas+er+ime. These fours and concerfs are responsible for +he aHracfion of many JFuture college sfudenfs +0 Allegheny. Recogni+ion should be given +0 Dr. Luvaas and his well known choir for +he oufsfanding service fhey have confinually provided for +he college com- munify and +he world of music. i. .V.z. A x-v-nm-g- .w...dn.-i :z W Firsf row: LehL +0 Righf-Loreffa Lorz. Paf Miller, Doffy Tolley. Sally Kloppman, Gail Howe. Barbara Coulson. Ann Carfer, Ru+h Malfe. Joyce Conley, MeredHh Bacon, Ann Wheeler. Geneva Smifh, Jean Ridgeway. Second row: Elaine Wilson. Clara Lou Tulloch. Marcia Marfin. Barbara Lecky. Delancey Johnson, Carolyn Tque, Marilyn Finch. Marilyn Mills, Mariorie Jenkinsl Jan Grender, Dorofhy Falfh Wal+ers, Cordelia Nuzum. Carol Veiock, Squires, SINGERS WWW, ,' Nancy Knapp. Third row: Marilyn Brews+er. Be+sy Riederer. Carol Anderson. Bill Waughoman. Dick Smifh, John Felfo- vich, Tom Jones, Harrison Shields. Edwin Gooding, Ronald Hicks, Lyle Heefer. Jean Hoilisfer, Carol Pefers. Donna Waugaman. Fourfh row: Erwin Kerr. Jay Whaley. Richard Meese. Leon Grimm, John Kafzemon, William Bowser. Pefe Van Sfrum. Wayne Quimby, RobenL Smi+h. Ronald Zehner. Charles Sfone. Roberf DeWalJr, John Dunham. WW: R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM The R.O.T.C. RiHe +eam. organized in I952, has been a very successful club. Mos1L of +he mafches are fired here a+ +he local range and fine scores are senf +0 +he opposing Jreams af ofher colleges and universiHes all over +he counfry. Raymond Smifh. Richard Engle. Roberf McCheSney, George Brock. Roberf Marchi. David Smifh. Mngf. P. K. Fife. Allen Vokolek. Organized +his year. +he Angels' purpose Arnold Air Sociefy. They will lafions. The Ange5s' is +0 publicize and aid as an auxiliary +0 +he seek +0 become acquainfed wifh Air Force life and regu' dufies will include ac+ing as hosfesses for visifing milHary officers and giving fees in +heir honor. They served 6+ +he ROTC Ball This year. SiHing: LeH +0 Righf: Shirley Merfz. Bobbie Ford. Nancy Fuller+on. Mary Chris+ner, Kay Fuller. Sally Reynolds. Sfanding: Ann Todd. Shirley Morefon, Lyneffe Anderson. Joan Walker! Margie Nuhn. PauleHe Osborne. Jane Nelson. 3W R.O.T.C. The R.O.T.C. Band was organized in I953. H has grown +0 +hir+y-six members +his year under Jrhe leadership of Fri'rz Fries. The band performs in corps drills. reviews. and parades. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Donald H. Blyfh Squadron of +he Arnold Air Socie+y wag. founded in January of I953 af Allegheny +0 furfher +he purpose. mission, fradifions and concepfs of Jrhe U.S.A.F. as a means of naHonal defense. Capfain Lynch. Bill Foley. Bob McChesney. Archie Wallace. Frifz Fries, Pe+e Van Sfrum. Will Neil. Rod McLean. John Cowles. Bob Wilson. Jim Balkey, Dick Wigfon. T ALLEGHENIANS The all male chorus is an example of Allegheny's Jfine musical falenf. These men have given 'i-heir Jrime +0 enioy +he spirif found in singing fogefher and have done so Under +he guidance of W. S. Norfh. James Sexauer. Don Clark. John Siggia, Charles Seggia, Jerome S+u+z. Mr. Norfh, Clark Dehne. Roberf Barleffa, Pefe Wright Rick Kloes. John Kanne, Dick Smifh. John Marchi. Don Jordan, Charles ParleHe, Bill Haskell, Al McCombs, Tom Shaffen Pefer Sambol, Donald Robbins, George Hagsfrom. George Herron, Allen Murray. Dick Bender. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Greafer unders+andfng befween +he Unifed Sfafes and foreign counfries is achieved +hrough fhe efforfs of H16 ln- +erna+ional RelaHons Club, which spom sors discussion programs and oufside speakers. Roberf lsherwood. Gobinda DaHa. Hironori Onishi. Jane Kreiling. WaH'er Donaldson, Aei Kim. Lauren Pufnam Mary Lou McCrackenl Ann Davidson. Elroy Nieweg, Nifa Forbes. Marion Mefz, Gerfrude Bauer. Laurin Griggs. Mr. Wagner. So Heun Hahn. Yoon Bae Kim. PUBLICATIONS BOAR'D' Publicafions board is made up of fhe edifors and business managers of H16 Campus. Kaldron. and Liferary Maga- zine. They meef once a semesfer +0 discuss any problems common +0 Jrhese groups. Marilyn Benne+t Mike Cohen. Sam Davis, Carol Larson. Lew Barnes. Harvey Hefley. Ben BensonI Alice Bowden. FOREIGN STUDENTS Aei Kim. English. Seoul. Korea: 3. Mary Falconer. Arf, Rosario. Argeana; So Heun Hahn, Political Science. Seoul. Korea; Yoon Bae Kim, Inferna+ional Relafions. Seoul. Korea; Gobinda DaHa. Eco- nomics, Banisal. Easf Pakistan: Ole Chrisfian SkaHum. Economics, Gjovik. Norway: Hironori Onishi. Physics, Kyofo. Japan. PHI BETA PHI As an honorary biology fra'rernify, Phi Bel'a Phi each year con+ribu+es money +0 +'ne library for +he purchase of books and awards a prize for fhe besf biology comprehensive. Dr. Bugbee4 James Bogden. Ar'rhur Sfeffee. Dr, Cur'ris. Ed- ward Curfi. Ann BalL Clyde Mefzger. Dorofhea Swarf. Faifh Lidle, Shirley Heefer, Nancy Engshom. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Allegheny is +he Alpha chap+er of +he Professional Educa- +ion Sororify. founded in I933. Adivifies include organized programs of oufsfanding speakers, proiecfs for charify. and a yearly scholarship +0 5 member. Firsf row seafed: LeH +0 Righf: Barbara Ford. Cora Walfers, Jan Allen. Second row seafed: Tookie Ayresl Carolyn Dimmick, Rennie Smucker. Wheeler. Kay Johnson, Dixie Myers, Do Huffingfon. Sfand- ing: Carol Veiock. Befh Sausa Kay McPhadem Kardyne Flad. Carol Wehrle, Donna CiancheHi. Lynne Blanning, Mari- lyn WiHshire, Joan MifcheH, Judy McCarfney. Jane Wahlin, Jeanne Anderson. Paf Mornell. Shelby Brundage, Carol Fer- guson. Jan Grender. Joyce Conley. Sally Kloppman. Barbara Chrisfman, Ann xxx . N mmmxw w mm waxx me mmmww Gwz$wwixuaxxxwrw$m . Ayxxxxmmw INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Composed of a member from each fra- +erni+y group. +he ln+erfra+erni+y Coun- cil benefifs frafernify members by a cooperafive s+udy and discussion of various problems confronfing +he groups. Seafed: Roberf Wilson. Rober+ Pierce. Ronald Sharpe! Michael Glenn, William Foley. Standing: David O'Hanesian. Rob- erf Banham. John Porrecm Richard Zu- berbuhler. Roberf Taylor. William Bow- ser, Raymond Cox. Jack Shea, James Sandford. Richard Popeney, Thomas Sf. Clair. Michael GarreH, Richard Irwin. Roberf Ufberg. EnferfainmenJr a+ Bousson holds +he aHenfion of everyone during +he Freshmen weekend +his pas+ Fall. Wm W. A. A. May Day and all Women's afhleHcs are sponsored by +his organizafion, Play Days are held here on campus and our girls aHend Play Days a+ ofher colleges during each year. Sandra Friesell, Lois Wilson! Pa+ricia SfoHer. Barbara Carna- han. Marie Howard, Carol Laughlin. Rufh Ann Peferson, Jean Pike, Nancy Cfapp. Valerie Clark, Lois Hufchinson. ORCHESIS Orchesis. Hue modern dance group under Hue direcfion of Julia Carver. specializes in'inferprefafive dance. A concerf in +he Spring climaxes +he year's work. Paula Tsarides. Ru'rh Thoburn. Peggy Don- casfer, Phyllis Boger+. Sally Ann Reynolds. Grefchen Houser. Audrey Bishop. Emily Holran' Barbara Carnahan. Dorofhy Hanson. Anne Whi+e. TERRAPIN Allegheny's synchronized swimming club under +he direcfion of Mariorie Kirk. presenfs an annual wa+er ballef show every spring. Pool: Le1c1L +0 Righf: Kerin Clevenger. HarrieHe Burns. Sue Reiber. Sally Ami Reynolds, Nancy Hamberger. Mary Chrisfner, Mary Evelyn Rice, Alice Sfurgeon. Marian Hanna. Nancy Meyers, Kafherine Ellis. SiHing: Sally Secor. Befsy Beeson. Befsy Mounfsier, Rosemarie Langford. Carol Chrisfian. Judy Beal, Lee Price, Jean Pike. Barbara Blackmore. Ann Braman. WV: SOCRATES CLUB An opporfunify for closer gfuden'r and factu relafionships is afforded +hrough fhe informal discussion periods of Hwe Socrafes Club. Audrey AlveggL Gobinda DaH'a, Dr. Driggs. Ann Davidson, Arfhur Rosenblum. Vincenf Cusafis. Adelaide Viefh, James Rumsey, Dr. Lindley, Harvey Kaplan. Arfhur Blank, Richard Johnson. Bars+ow Bronson. Nelson Evans. Max Schoenfeld. N Nx$$ka CHEERLEADERS "Fight feam. figh+" This is +he cry Alleghenians hear during foofbaH and baskefbaH season. Our hard working cheerleaders help +0 keep Allegheny's fithng spirif high. Marilyn Cunning- ham. Susie Coafes. Norma Flinchbaugh, Janef Houghfon. Johanna Nickum, Babs Balish, Ann Todd. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council is comprised of represenfafives of each of fine sorori+ies on campus. The Council helps +0 iron ouf any problems +ha+ mighf arise among +he sororifies and supervises +he collecfion of canned goods for needy families. Firsf row: Pa+ Campbell, Frannie Kenderes, Jeanne Anderson. Barbara Wright Hannah RuHer. Second row: Barbara Blackmore, Mary Whiffield, Carolyn Dimmick, Doe Huf- fingfon, Meredifh Drake. DEBATE CLUB Sponsored by Philo-Franklin, +he Debafe Club offers experience +0 sfudenfs in- feresfed in debafing. Each member usually par+icipa+es in af leasf four fournamenfs annually af differenf col- leges. Judifh Maloney. Wilma Harmon. Adelaide Viefh. MaHhew Wright James Kweder. Richard Popeney, John. Kanne. SPANISH CLUB A new club on campui +his year was hrmed by a group of sfudenfs inferesfed ehough in Spanish fo use if more and become beHer acquainfed wifh Spanish speaking counfries. Sea+edz LeH +o Righf: PaHy Sfofler. Mrs. Moessner. Joan McDonald. Nancy Vogeley, Marie Howard, Sfanding: Marlu Grening. Polly Graves. Doris Muller, Charles Seif. Anne Hunfer, Barbara DuVal. Jane Kreiling. x THOBURN CLUB An organizafion of pre-Jrheological sfu- denfs. Keifh Kloppman. Don Kimmel- man, Denfon Mann, Virginia Earl. Kafhy O'Neill. Myra Shugarf. Mary Gosselink. Ann Hafch. of fo? E , 4 r , pas+ Fall in Hue lecfure hall +he Quigley building. LIS Sum ho+ 9 Wm alol le 0.8 m e 0.. eN IOU Ck C V10 n em In 9M ell Am 511 VXVXMMz ox , oifsgifll! 1; Case. broughf PresL . a, a? y??? Xxx K RNXX program -8 Senafor Case of New Jersey +0 Allegheny's campus. denf Pellefier. Senafor Wayne Merrick. The PRODUCTIHNS M 195556 Drama Workshop ,s sawW This year +he Allegheny Playshop broughf six oufsfanding performances +0 Jrhe s+age of our campus communHy. The producfions represenfed a wide variefy of dramafic inferprefafions. Gersh- win's opereHa. "Of Thee I Sing." opened The sea- son wi'rh ifs dance roufines being direded by pro- feSsional choreographers. The nex+ produdion, "The Heiress." wriHen by Rufh and Augusfus Goefz was based upon Jrhe +heme of realisfic fradifion. Wrif- Jren for +he modern French JrheaJrer, Jrhe Greek play. "Anfigone." was +he +hird play of +he year. Chrisfopher's Fry's "A Sleep of Prisoners." was wriHen as a concenfrafion of language and sym- bolisms in a refurn of The JrheaJrer +0 Jrhe church. Nex1L followed Shakespearek "Twelffh Night" direcfed by Sfein Bugge. Norwegian dramafisf and s'rage direcfor. The play was faken on a week's Jrour affer Hs campus presenfafion. The firsf s+uden+ opera ever given on Jrhe cam- pus, "The Marriage of Figaro." commemorafing Mozarf's Jrwo hundredfh birfhday. closed Jrhe play- shops season. The Allegheny Playshop opened ifs l955-56 season wi'rh George and Ira Gershwin's Pulifzer Prize winning highly safirical musical "Of Thee I Sing." This safire on American polifics perfains +0 John P, Winfergreen, who is a candidafe Jfor Presidenf of Jrhe Unifed Sfafes, running for office on a plank of "Pqu Love in Jrhe Whife House." In order +0 win Jrhe hearfs of Jrhe American people. Winfergreen proposes +0 his fiancee in each of +he 48 sfafes. In +he second acf +he Presidenf has his Jtroubles wi'rh Congress and +he winner of a bafhing Ibeaufy confesf whom he had promised +0 marry. Winfergreen is impeached by a hosfile Senafe when +he French Ambasador obiecfs +0 +he breach of promise. The Firs? Lady manages To save Jrhe Presidenf and Jrhe for- eign policy and a happy ending brings down Jrhe curfain. , ,...!s$3xiyixfxxg$gf , 3x55? 2?: , x , Zg . h, 9 xiii? iii. zxyxi: gxxx I, .Ix .u..$xisi;s . Her ing solves H115 an awkward young lady dle forfune seeker ." Mary Alice Hanson played ine. i firs+ dramafic producfion +his iress s Jrhe Jrifle role of Ca+her X: , x "The He buwL Ca+herine believes she is loved for hersehc alone. The dramafic end emofional conflict g$ , ?g? The Playshop' fafher is convinced +ha+ +he suifor is a forfune who gives her hearf +0 an year was hunfer. An aerial view of +he Homecoming day game shows +he good weafher during +ha+ weekend. A combinafion of won- derful weafher and a winning feam broughwL abomL a gay fime for alums and sfudenfs. All smile for H19 birdie; bu1L who wouldn't +hose lucky fel- lows. LeH +0 Righf: Don Barron, Queen Faye Weiss, Don McArdle. HOMECDMING 1955 Rah! Rah! Rah! . . . Alumni . , , pep rally! Iofs of excifemenf . . . Allegheny's firer Homecoming Queen. crowned by Co-Capfains . . . snake dance brings life +0 down+own Friday nigh+ . . . queen Jrosses coin for +he blue and gold . . . broughf luck as Ga+ors de- feafed +he Wolverines. The snake dance ?hrough +he downfown sfores push spirH higher ye+ on Hie eve of Hue homecoming weekend. a Geffing s+ar+ed off on +he righf foot Freshman exams begin +he fall ferm. CAMPUS ACTIVITIES The R.O.T.C. Ball Queen and her courf fhe grand march, of las'r spring s+ep i+ off wi+h A highlighf Ball was fhis +he cadefs. of las'r spring's R.O.T.C. scale model ief. made by The girls lef down +heir hair a+ +he A.W.S. Halfoween ban- quet Anyfhing goes wifh +hose crazy cos+umes. besides The procfers enferfainmenf. y. H" ' w l l 'r . 77 ,h I m h 4 . , f w v- x : x -a.' ,, X h h A e W' e , t r? h I. 4 1;. ; t . G4 , Wifh +he G-I paper due in fwo weeks Jrhe sfudenfs make the library a beehive of acfivify. TIVT'WQ; xv -, The Pan Hellenic Can Drive leaders pose for Jrheir picture. Seafed: Frances Kenderes, Hannah Ruffer. Sfanding: Jean Anderson, Barbara Writh. Paf Campbell. s 2!? ow, l We all look forward +0 +hafr big holiday dance . . +he Chrisfmas Formal . . . where can I renf a fux? . . . I can'+ zip your zipper1cause my nails are we+ . . . A caller! Buf I'm nof dressedll . . . Bu+ +he roads are so icy. he'll never make if . . . Truly a winfer wonderland . . . Only half +he band, buf Saufer and Finegan made 1+ . . . Amazed by +heir musical fechniques . . . Awed by +he huge revolving Chrisfmas free , . . lnfermission . . . Open Houses . . . All +his . . . The Chrisfmas Formal. . 4.1.18; y zlrlnrtbl II?! x V Vywxx V V VXVM x w V KW V a V ng V LV VW $7 .x V ?wa Aw? V? V VK; V; V x74. . T R u 0 B Y A n V. A M V? MAY DAY QUEEN Berfha Samas MAID OF HONOR JUNIOR CHARM QUEEN SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN CHARM QUEEN Marilyn BenneH Mary Alice Hanson CHARM QUEEN Mary Evelyn Rice Barbara Carnahan SENIOR MAY COURT SENIOR MAY COURT SENIOR MAYACOURT SENIOR MAY COURT Befh Sause Gail Howe SaIly Kloppman Mariorie Jenkins "Pandarama". lasf May Day's prize winning float , 773, ??xx? xxxSS, Wyym. , xxbe x ??fiyzxyi 457, ,yfii iiv ;$n Inner onaH'ies . . . Socie+ies offer another world of memories +0 +he Allegheny Communify . . . Gef +0 know +hose Heshmen . . . And whaf did you do +his summer? Brooks fourfh floor fransformed . . . All aboard for Youngsfown . . . SuspenseI silence. sa+isfac+ion . . . I'd like fo call Io-ng disfance . . . Wa+ch where you aim +ha+ paddle . . . Who was +he fiffh founder? . . . Finally +he +elI-fale shiny pin . . . Parenfs' week- end-l'd like you +0 meei' . . . 'We're going as . . . fra+erni+y cos+ume balls . . . Whi+e dinner iackefs and pas+el formal: made +heir spring debu+ . . . Oakland Beach Ho+el booked in advance . . . Rain. have anoiher serenade pos+poned . . . Le+'s have a song prac+icedGreek Sing's fomorrow . . . The wagon for +he May Day floaf has arrived-ideas anyone? . . . Hof dog! Picnic season af Conneauf . . . And +he circle of memories repeafs. . . . zsxxxkxwaxwkw. Xxxwaxi Song pracfice- for +wo. WW1??? :iTEiQWWf x , xxxxxxxkk? s newesf appliance. inxegiWWWVgWWngxkaEW$ V is +he Alpha Chi T Dorofhy Hoezlel Jane Quakenbush. v., le 0 n n o C .n e In C n. o S n In 0 J VI 6 C n Pa e D $ a,xnaxaiWWiyxf43 x i: . Sally McCleery, Grefchen Houser WWWWWWQ; a a.?wanmvmme . iii: Nancy Hamberger Rufh Siegman . Margery Spring. Second ro -. l. . IT. .1... u ta... 1 1. .r 1.2., 42AM? lekkagnviiw WWWWW a ., W Firsf row: Alyce Eafon. Barbara Bell. Pafricia Moorhead MW , vaWWAWIk xxxxxxxxxxxxxx zwxxxxxjxxxxxxxv MW, 3? Y My! Firsf row: Rufh Malfe. Carol Pearson. Jane Wahlin. Nancy Wade. Nancy Rapp, Elizabefh MacMillan. Second row: Janef Geist Carol Veiock. Paf Fulfon, Ann Brown, Nancy Gowdy, Lorraine DeFrance. Frances Kenderes. Third row: Barbara DuVal, Anna Frock, Alice Spafa, Margery Nuhn. Pafricia Mein- F.old. Rochelle Shamey, Marilyn SchweHzer. Ann Walfer. Fourfh row: Vicforia Bongard. Barbara Frailey Shofsfahl, Barbara Balish, Mary Rifa Braglio. Sally Doeblenz. Judy Hamill, Mary Whiffield. Beverly Dunn. Bridge in fhe newly redecorafed kifchen, Don'f laugh in +he middie of my ioke! Aw Mwmw. " Ann Pa1L Camp- Lynne Blanning. Adelaide Skelly. $3$ Lois Harrief Blan- ning. Peggy Doncasfer, Rennie Smucker. Ru'rh Richards. 7 , ik; 2 070 Relaxafion for Jfired feef. Ann Aronson. Second row f row irs Nancy Engs+rom, Barb Carnahan. Monica Third row: Dof Squires, Margie Long. Peffy, Faifh Walfers. Kibifzers are always needed in +his game. Harrison. Dorofhy Hanson. F bell. $E$sz$x$$izzzti ;?ZZ4252,, ?;?;;Zg, , a , u TEX: gi?????igg :3 , ??;Lnl xxxxxx$x v V MWWMM Mm MW xvbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwmw mx x wNW : y z , g a 7 ; ; ? z z 2 W 7 g, g ; iv 1 2 Firs+ row: Jan Grender, Paf Bush. Sally Secor. Paula Tsarides, Joan Page. Carol Mason. Second row: Dof Tolley. Evelyn Farley, Ru+h Ann Peferson, Carol Laughlin. Anna Mary Langan, Barbara Black- more. Margie Jenkins. Third row: Nice Gaulf. Carolyn Shaeffer, Fai+h Lidle, Dawn TaH, Carol An- derson, Mary Ellen Rankin, Marilyn Gillespie. Four+h row: Carol Barker, Jean Pike. Harrief Burns. Kerin Clevenger, BeHy WaHs. Caroline O'Nan. Joan Nicholas. Preparafion before and aHer parfy fime. 2 i x i x t 5 E $ w 76 ? 2 Who deaH' +his hand? Firsf row: Ann Ball. Sally Leefy. Jeanne Anderson. Barbara Sfrong. Second row: Kay McPhaden. Marilyn Wilfshire. Kardyne Had, Joan Singley. Third row: Kay Cudzil. Donna Ciancheffi. Doris Muller, Nancy Sopp. Fourfh row: Shirley Heefer. Befh Sause. Gail Brown. Mary Lou McCracken. "Will +he meefing please come +0 order?" "You sweep and I'll Firsf row: Barbara B. Ford. Donna Waugaman, Diane Inghram. Jean Cray, Jane+ Anfo, Judy Quinn. thel ScoH'. Second row: June Mellor. Pafricia Mornel. Shelby Brundage. Lissa Evans. Befsy Hunt Carolyn Dimmick. Phyllis Bogerf. Judy Hansbury. Third row: Rosalie Euliano. Jean Lawson, Irene Milliron. Marian Me+z. Nancy Vogely. Gerfrude Ullrich. Sherry Cl'ark Guayasamin. xxxxxxwxm x .m Mmmxwwwwx,xmmu 5A mmxs pa Alpha Theta 2 $ $ T 3 i i E xNV w Firs+ row: Jean Ridgeway, Rosemarie Langford. Frances Shuman, Jane+ Hawk, Julia Jones, Sue Ba'res. Barbara 6. Ford. Second row: Marfha Harf. Sandra McLaughlin. Sally A. Reynolds. Marsha Marfin. Barbara Hugan. Susan Reiber. Befsy Mounfsier. Third row: Kay Johnsfon, Mary Jo Howard, Mere- o'Hh Drake. Shirley Morfen. Anne Braman, Mary Chrisfner, Carolyn Tque. Fourfh row: Peggy Golds- borough. Judy Snee, Marilyn Finch, Be+sy Beeson. Marylou Harriff, Mary Alice Hanson, Lynne Crandall. "I'm hunfing buf I can'f find If." Everybody Firsf row: Carolyn Whyman, Barbara Coulson. Ann Edwards, Sheila Confer. Cora Walfers. Second row: Ann Rishcn Ru+h MacGregor. Han'nah RuHer, Jane Nelson. Third row: Mary Marfha Good- win. Alice Bowden, Marilyn BenneH, Virginia Ward, Barbara Chrisfman. 95 Hwymwmmmww a,.-w,,,,MW,WW ?3 Seems iusf like home. Todd. $ ???4, 1E Ann m, U 2 U N V; I0 r O C y n n e P In. .T O R IV, We 5 v.1 le n O C e C VI 0 J .M r e V, e .alu .M D Cunningham, Ellie Smifh, MarH Merino, Rosanne Johnsfon Sis Joan Walker, PauleHe Osborne. Nora McKee. Fourth row: Carol Miller, JanexL Hough+on. Joan Collins Pa+ Miller. LyneHe Anderson Sue Hungerford. Second row: Kay Fuller. Chris Orrdl, Gamma Carol Phefeplace. Boark appa Kappa Mimi Judy Baddeley. Third row: Marilyn Brews+er. Sally Roessler Firs+ row: Sue Cook Thompson, Nancy Knapp, Sfevie Rees, Firsf row:. Jane+ Allen. Lou Soisson NeHrour, Janef OrcuH. Kay Johnson. Carole Wehrle, Kafharine Ayers. Linda Shoop. Nancy Fullerfon. Second row: Do HufFinngon, Gail Howe. Barbara Wright Margie Jones. Third row: Shirley MerfL Ann Wheeler. Berf Samas. Sally Kloppman, Joyce Nickmeyer. Seminars aren'+ supposed +0 be funny bu+ . .. . Relaxed and easy for pic+ure faking. g 3 Firsf row: Ronald Guigon. Richard Valone, Roberf Pierce, Roberf Zahn- iser. Roberf Barkalow. Second row: Ernesf Hifz, Edward Newsham, John Bush, Richard Keller. Richard Lander. 98 X6 w? AW $$ i Af if again. Trying anyway! i. v F iii wx WVQN Firsf row: S+uar+ Naidich. John Park, Jerry Smi+h, Julian Schwarfz. John Bursewicz. David Meisfer. Jack Shea. Third row: James Ridge- WiHiam Hershey. Edward Fredericks. Kennefh Sfewarf. Second way. Roberf WHSOU. Leonard Kaplan, Pefer Ellen, Gilberf DICK row: David Winans. George Diamond. Harvey 56H, Rober+ Spears, Arfhur HGWWf. Harold Banks. Richard Fearns. The familiar line "whaf's cookin?" applies here. Don'f look prof's. We're really sfudying. x . 1:3 M933 . "-9 Ingi: . '39"?! D e Ita Ta u D e lta Guess who's Hue dummy. Firs1L row: Donald Siefers. Thomas Shaffer. Ward Price, Samuel Mehring. Richard Royal, Joe! Dyckes. Second row: Charles Snee. Roberf Brooks. James Vance. Jan Dyckes. Charles Myers. Thomas Baylor. Third row: William Sfouf. Donald Trask. Roberf Swann. Wyndham RioHe, John Neidel. David Hock- enbrocht Dick Sherman. Fourfh row: Darrell Kennedy. Csaba D'Osa, Roberf Silberfarb. George Sceiford. Gerald Sferling. Wallace Briggs. Roberf Sfauffer. This is good! Lef's have some more. This is fine life! Firsf row: Douglas Bedell. Richard Erwin. Thomas Bufz, William Jack, Norman DeLaney. Edward Eld. Jack Hurley. Second rowzi An+hony Marcanionio. James Lauffers Richard Sfewarf, Arfhur Sfeffee, William Sfeffee' Edwin Gooding, KemL Ryder. Third row: Alan McCombs. Roberi' Evans, Richard Bender. Graham Fries. Sam Sanfiiippo, Charles Nichols, Wayland Kerr. Four+h row: David Warren. John Cowles, Rodney McLean, Michael GarreH. Harrison Shields. Charles Parleffe. William Johnson. w M Downbea'r. A one . . . a fwo . . . a +hree-Sing! Delta Theta Firs? row: Harvey Hefley. Tom Levenhagen. James Pomroy. Leroy PoHer, Jack Graf, Glenn Gardin- ier. Second row: Tom Dolam James Meeham Frank Todd, Richard Overmyer, Edward Sergi, Robert Young. Dale Midlam. Third row: Chris Skaffum. WaHer MiniguHi, William Foley. James Zaccardi. John Wilson, Gerald McCufcheon. Richard Crane. Four+h row: Gerald Berks+resser, Tom Mawn. Tom Wisniewski, Tom Sf. Clair. Ronald Sharpe. Ted Moore. James Green. 92? ,,, , , Charles , Alex Robb Ben- Walfer Anderson James Sexfon . $?m iii, Cliff Eckman, Charles Zeig. Pefer Van S+rum Don Kimmelman Ze arfisf? or ze ham? Roberf Meredifh ird row: Tom Larson , .ixan s Auzgikvi; 1?? slixx$4zrixizfxwix $.75? , L ??gz! ziiyAX A ?y X . . Th n O S n e B n e B V: e n S e In C C .T r 8 ID 0 R . Second row iHer. Firsf row: Clyde Mefzger II Jack M Roberf U'rberg Daugherfy, William Ne Hill. Gale Cheney. son. Curfis Graham, Everyone enioys fhe famed ensemble gg MXV W , ?9? i5? ? Gamma Delta Ph Hue feHows relax for awhile. Affer dinner '5' YE ,ZAT 630 +hose crazy displays Ing. Homecom ingling. John Murphy, James William King. RobemL Kaiserl Car+er n. hm p a K V a J In. .5 .m e r T n a m r O N Y Crof1L Gordon Donald Smifh Pefer Jay Rudolph Harold Swift Donald Sanfora Rick Meese Roberf Glenn. row Edward Kovac. Second row Honse. Wh Firsf ird row: . WaHer Haug. Th m Ryan. :a Onofrio, Roberf Yeager James Newfon. Will Ralph D fe 3. ,vmm'w" Firsf row: Dal MaHHews. Rober+ Smifh. CliHon Bufcher, Richard CoHom Richard Fischer, Dave O'Hanesian. Roberf Johnsfon. Second row: Russell Ahrens, George Thoburn' Tom Biggam, Fred Merfens. RobemL Eighme, George Palmer, Richard Wig+on. Third row: Willi'am Bowser, Donald Wigfon. Lamar Ligh'r, Terry Moyer. Donald McArdle. Roberf Ashe, David Hanaway, Donald Barron. WI": " W i N Don'f laugh, +his is a serious game. Block A Day and Hue Phi Gems are omL in force. 4W2 W "Pe+e. one doesn'+ play pool +ha+ way." 2 A The bes+ par? of +he day . . .. Firsf row: Archie Wallace. John Phillips Reed Woeckner, Lauch Kibler. Second row: Charles Barfon, James BenneH. Ronald Hicks. William Davis: : 2422 22 2222 22222 Sfop looking af Hwe camera. Firsf row: Mel LaskoH. James Alfmire, John McCreary. Carl Ericson, Lee Cabeloff, Bill Waugaman. Second row: Roberf Miller. Richard D'Alessio. David Blauch Frank, Brand. Pefer Boorn, BriH'en Poul- son. Frank Canning. Third row: Raymond CoxI Guy Torin, John Carmen, Robert Banham, Edward Cufri. James Balkey. k WM' ' Firsf row: James BisseJr. Howard Borakova, David Law, William Regan. Louis ScibeHa, Lynn Sanfner. Second row: Roberf Cares, William Mumaw, Roberf Reed, Craig Moore, Pefer Hebert Elwood Hughes. Ralph Tafel. Third row: Richard Zuberbuhler, John Kent Ely Wesfapal, Roberf Gibson. Richard Burdsell, James AHman. A mxwwww nwzymwkw Mwwmm vm M x . W double serenade was nice. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Firsf row: Roberf Green. Don Clark. Jack Borland. William McMoil, William Burns, Rober+ Gannon. Second row: Don Jordan. John Dobson, WaHer Aaron. Mrs. Rhodes. Roberf McMullin. Dan Husfa. Third row: David Lamoureaux. Ross Boyle. Dave King. Ivan Dobson. Richard Powers. Louis Barnes. NWQxVWr N l. mamkx 0m g4, Z??? , av X O w , 9 ' Ions run wi! imaginaf Ice. ?y WX$ 7 David RobemL Deusch. Elmer Bailey. Third Max Schoenfeld. Four+h , Ralph Wi+herspoon Cosfumes are In order and Alfred Naser. Bob Baum In H a K r e H m 10. r o ..T d n a S S e m a J Roberf Marchi Jay Whaley. Bailey Nagle Jerry Galbo Jack Maynael Bob BarleHa Ru+an iam Will Tom Jones. John March . Arf Tepper, imer row: RobenL Taylor Tom O'Mara. James Sexauer row: John Felfovich. Harry W Firsf row Second row nix? H's par'ry fime. and wha+ a Jrime if was. a 11v 1'? WW 33.35 An ' $.C$.1 0.. A lof of help +hey are. a 4n 2 i1- iusf doesn'f look like 3+ will go. IT 0 In S S u .m IO U d e In T WW4 m Theta Chi You iusf can'f win af +hese games. ' w Donald Paish ird row ing. Fred Best Harold Bafes. s+udy In T wH. a mw e :0 ND 0.... CF ee SID O R .Im S n .Inlv Z d r a W d E r: e u a nn 5 .nlu K n In 0 J n. n a M n O .T n e D V., e n e D. O D: d r a .h m R r: .m In C s .T U 6 g r 0 9.. HO . Phil Lang. Nof everyone could be Ings : Richard Jenn ISOF Firsf row: Richard Overmyer. Jordan Choper, Joseph Shap adv Dr. He nry M. Muller. 1. 51534336 .1 I . Julianne Gross, Joan gno. LeRoy Neige. Ernesf Schwarfz' Sam Pefrillo, Mary . Diane Marcus. mg: . : Audrey Alviggi, Jane Kreiling. Viola Ander- . Elaine Wilson. Kafhy Popownaik. Sfand . Monfe LeviH, Joe Ra 4 ?y ???;le Gwendolyn Galusha. Sylvia Mackie. Jane Kenemufh. Marlu Grening, Marge Smock, Clara h. Marie Howard. Emily Holran. Second row v.1 Va 01 H. 10 S In .T O 0 ID d .w n r a C 9 n .N p S 5 5 01 II 0 S r e n n r Z,, son, Nifa Forbes, Adelaide Veifh Falconer. Gerfrude Bauer, Anne Bowden Kneeling Lou TuHoc Lauch, Lauren Pufnam W Independents Fag ngyaw kw MN xNxWNxx aw ,W x WWW W W2mmw, 2,2,me2 2 2, , Hllwzy II V IWIM 2 K r , M 2 x xx 2 . ' I V M wm x ,2 2 22$ ' 2120191 22, WW Wm. WWW, WWII! 2 ' Seafed: Arfhur Blank, Vincenf Cusafis, Harvey Kaplan. Fred Adams. RobenL Isherwood, Pe+er Cubberly. Laurin Griggs. Cari Mefz. Sfanding: Fred Quinn. William Meyer. Nelson Evans, Barsfow N G Bronson. Richard Johnson. John Pinkeft Roberf WesHake. PinkeH. Arf Blank. Pefer Cubberley. Fred Adam; Bob Isherwood. John PinkeH. Carl Mefz. Arf Blank. 9? 1 1 Spor+s . . . Take +heir place in Allegheny communi+y life . ,. . Spring sporfs ushered in . . . Track . . . "Take +wo leaps and bring H in" . q . Grab +he air wi+h your hands . . . Tennis . . . Firsf prac+ice exercise-brush off +he snow on +he cour+s . . . Don'1' ease up now . , . Golf . : . Fore . . . "'5 a long walk from +he I8+h +0 +he l9+h hole . . . Baseball . . . Embarrassing momen+s-ball Ios+ in 'fhe sun . . . Base sliding-home pla+e can be rough . . . Foofball . . . Hif +ha+ guy. you're nof +ackling a dummy! . . . O. K. yo-u guysI you've 901' one under +he belt now . . . Cross Counfry . . . EnduranceI endurance . . . Home again. home again. iiggify job . . . Soccer . . . AHer game headaches . . . anofher kick in +he shins . . . Baskefball . . . The game's never won "HI +he Ias+ baskef's made . . . Dunk if . . . Swimming . . . $+ar+ off session-fiffy laps . . . $pec+a+ors and swimmers-all we+ . . . Spor+s . . . +he rounding off of college life . . . TRACK 7Allegheny-48 Allegheny-4l-2X3 Edinboro -49V2 Allegheny47, Slippery Rock-IOO VXIIegheny-SS Allegheny-75 7'7 Disfricf Meef-7fh place Wesfminsfer-82 Geneva-69-5b76 lndiana-l 5 GroVe Cify-76 Fenn-43 TRACK SPRING always a close race from s+ar+ . . . 7 777 ,7 ,7 V 7 , W77 7y7 7 V7X 7 , 7N 77W Donedeo clears anofher hurdle +0 gain on his opponent 1955 . . . +6 finish. y V ,W 77777 3. ct g. Al'fhough Jrhe overall record of Jrhe Jrrack Jream was no+ ou+s+anding in +he I955 season, a new school record was seJr. In Jrhe Jrriangular mee1L wifh Indiana S+a+e Teachers College and Slippery Rock. Roger Donodeo ran Jrhe 220 yard low hurdles in 25 seconds Haf +0 se+ frhe new record. Versafile John Carmen stole +he show in Jrhe opening meeJr wifh Wesfminsfer as he amassed 9 poinfs. 5 of which can'le from a firsf place in Jrhe javelin +hrow. an evenf which he had never compefed in before. Coach Bill Hanson was pleased wifh +he work of bofh Jrhe IeHermen and rookies. bmL hopes for a bigger squad in +he I956 season. Allegheny's frackman is 0qu +0 se+ a new record. Row I: Bill Jack, Gordon Shay. Don Kimmelman, James Kelly. Chuck Hawkins, Ed Fredricks, Bob Baum, Coach HonseI Ari" Si'errfeeI Roger Donadgo, Don SmH'hl Jim Moore. Bob Eafon. ROW III: Dick Overmyer. John Carman. Zaccardi, Jerry Galbo. Row H: Coacn Hanson, Ed Sergi. Jerry Sfirling. Will Neill Don Jordan. Don Anderson, Bob Ufberg'. Bob Barle++a. Bob Brooks, Bob Yeager, George George Diamond. x NWMA- ms , WW, M$ $ ?xygm ' 2mm Mm i,.w Q. .. ..exx..k; ..;. . 0 HH . ;.. ky..;.u; +u Harold P. Way. Bob Deufsch. Dale Midlam. Harvey HeHey. Bob Banham, Joe Dickson. Bob TaHman. Ross Boyle. Rod McLean. Dick DeKay. Norm Towner. Aw .13.; x33; h": TENNIS SPRING 1955 i g i TENNIS Alibgheny-JI lndiana-O AIIegheny-rain Slippery Rock-rain AHegheny-b PiH-3 Allegheny rain Edinboro-rain Allegheny-9 Grove CH'y-O Allegheny-b Case-3 AHegheny-9 Geneva-O Allegheny-7 Mf. Union 0 Allegheny-9 W. 8 J.-0 Allegheny--8 Hiram- l Allegheny-b Wes+mins+er-3 AIIegheny--8 Gannon-l AIIegheny-S Grove Cify-l Coach Way discusses s+ra+egy wifh H16 '55 and '56 cap'rains. Allegheny's Jrennis feam under Capfain Joe Dickson, Jrurned in a spoHess record for Jrhe I955 season. +he Tirsf perfecf record for any varsify sloomL since I952 when +his record was duplica+ed again by The Gafor nefmen. The squad regrefs +he loss of Joe Dickson. who for four years held down Jrhe number one posiHon. Special credif should go +0 Ru+h Ann Peferson. who, playing for her second year on Jrhe +eam. became Jrhe Third woman in +he hisfory of Allegheny College +0 win a varsify sporf IeHer. In Jrhe pasf four years Jrhe ne+men have only 10er five games. Alleghenians poin+ wi+h pride +0 Jrhe oufsfand- ing record of The Tennis feam. Rufh Ann Peferson is a mafch for +he beef of Allegheny's opponenfs. GBLF SPRING 1955 Dick Herrmann. Allen YahnI Dave Law, Carl Danielson GOLF Allegheny- 4V2 Grove Ci+y-I3V2 Allegheny- 2V2 Slippery Rock- 6V2 Allegheny-l8 Thiel- O Allegheny- 8 Edinboro-4 4 Allegheny- 3V2 Behrend Cenfer- 2V2 Alleghenye 9V2 Wesfmins+ere 8V2 Annual Invifafion Tourn'amenf TThirfethT lsf place The I955 gohc Team was anofher Gafor feam +ha+ Jrurned In a Tine record. Win- ning Tour mafches and dropping +wo, +he Hillfoppers crowned +heir season by win- ning +he +hir+een+h annual lnvifafional Tournamenf in compefifion agains+ +hir- Jreen disfricf Jreams. The winning foursome included capfain Carl Danielson, Dave Law' Skip Yahn, and Dick Herrmann. The squad's hopes for +he I956 season are cenfered around Dave Law and Reed Woeckner. Jrhe only Jrwo re+urning IeHer- men. The Gafor baseball Jream. under Hue able coach- ing of Roberf Garbark' played Hwe besf ball '5er N : , , year HwaJr Allegheny has seen since He end of +he ., ' ,, ' V v Second World War. The oufsfanding HilHopper ' Nine played Hwe beswL in He disfricf and came 0qu on fop. Ou+s+anding among Hwe squad was senior Bill Bishop whose hiHing and pifching led +he Jream +0 many a vicfory. Wifh only Jrwo members of He sfarfing players loer. Hwe Gafors again look-forward +0 a successful season, should be a +ough decision for fhe umpire. BASEBALL Fronf row: Clifford Bufcher, Pe+e Klomp, John Dobson, Don Wigfon, Jim Ryan. Don Wisgirdal Jim Green. Harold Dick VVEngon. BIH Bishop. Harry Larrimar, Dick Johnson, BiH Swift Dallas MaHhews, Dick CoH'on. Davis. Back row: Bob Garback, Glenn Miller, Jim New+on. WW BASEBALL RECORD Allegheny- 6 Wesfminsfer-Z Allegheny-rain Pi++ rain Allegheny 2 Mf. Union 8 Allegheny rain Wesfern Reserve rain Allegheny- 7 Slippery Roclv-S Allegheny- l Woosfer-O Allegheny Clarion 2 Alliance-3 7 AHegheny- 0 Allegheny-Il Oberlin-l AHegheny- 8 Baldwin-WaHace-l Allegheny- 5 W. 8 J.-2 Allegheny- 5 Thiel 4 Allegheny- 8 Geneva-l Allegheny- 7 Alliance-4 Allegheny- 5 Baldwin-Wallace O The fans hope for a hit SPRING 1955 Allegheny +eamma+e slides safely Info home. W'WW xx , ; g 0;; gxx XWWR ' L $ 7 g 2AM " M FOOTBALL RECORD l3 7 O 33 I3 l3 0 O Woosfer 4l HobamL 44 ThieT 3T Oberlin 25 Grove Ci+y 7 Befhany 27 Wesfminsfer 34 Geneva 20 229 Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny Allegheny FO0TBALL Fronf row. leff +0 righ+: Omar Light Don Smifh, George Sceiford, Don Kimmelman, John McCreary. Jack CoHon, Co-Capf. Don Barron. Co-Capf. Don McArdle. John Car- man, Pefe Croft Tom Biggam, John Johnson, Ron Raf- cliffe, Norm Treinish. Second row: Head Coach "Red" Moore. Bob U+berg, Dave Blauch, Jim Bair. Dan Sfrickland, John Arcuri. Jesse Honse, Bob Wesfervelf. George Riley. AHer dropping +he Tirer Three games of Jrhe I955 TooJr- ball season Jro Wooerer, Hobart and Thiel, in +ha+ order. +he Blue and Gold of Allegheny seemed defermined noHo leJr +his happen again. WiJrh co-c'apfain Don Barron carry- ing on alone wifhouf Jrhe aid of co-capfrain Don McArdle who was injured in +he Tirsf game. The Gafors managed Jro win +heir Tirsf game a+ The experise OT Oberlin. The Tiffh confesf was Jrhe Homecoming game wifh Grove CHy. The hard-hiHing Allegheny line, Ted by John Car- man and Pe're Croft pushed Tarfher and farfher in+o Grover JrerriJrory in Jrhe second quarfer +0 score JrWo T. D.'s, +he Tallies being chalked up by Jim Villa. a promising freshman back. The final score was Allegheny l3. Grove Cify 7. The nexf game, however, was nof so successful. The Ga+ors los+ +0 a sfrong, unbeafen Befhany College by a score of 27-!3. The scoring for Allegheny was by Villa and Maldonado. The Tasf Jrwo games againsf Wes+minis+er and Geneva were: also defeafs for The Hillfoppers' season FALL 1955 Marfin Foley, John Eidemueller, Joel Li+man. "Bucky" Crabb, Vern Toulon. Manager George Palmer. Third row: Graham Hoffman, Guy Williams. Terry Moyer, Frank Maldonado. Jim Smarfz. Ralph Heinauer, Paul Reeb. Bruce Greenwood. Pefe Peferson. Wayne Glenn, Bill Baker. Jim Villa. Walfer Haug, Wayne Quimby' Mason Cady. Z ,9 W17 2? N N i . W MMWW , W a w S'Wx WWW WW w x W H , Third down and five +0 go. Allegheny fakes +0 +he air. Wa m $1fo Wy , , i 7i Wym WWW? W ' , W M - Gafor goes for ano+her firs+ down. WXX$ ,7 Vi w, w Nx x The Hillfoppers and Hue Grovers mix if up for Homecoming. play oughf +0 make +ha+ Jrouchdown. wnuunum NW" 09 W m xWK-NWW WW mm H's anybody's guess where +his one will land. w xi ngv Q: Two heads are beHer +han one . . . Huey say. x 42' WwW w ?fy 3 T igk 4 72W V M$ a$ xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxwxx W K A Injured foreign s+uden+ Chris SkaHum sifs ou+ affer geHing off +0 an All-American sfarf on Allegheny's Varsify soccer feam. x W K X XX X Xx W 1$ 1W Xxxxe x xx Xx Firsf row: Tom Bu+z. Dick S+ewar+. Fran'k Brand, John Ely Wesfapal. Harold Swift Dave McKee. Nelson Evans. Dobson. Jim Lauffer, Bill Regan. Bob Banham. Ar+ HewiH. Third row: Charles Hawkins. David Kaiser, Ernie Gelman. Bob Eighme. Second row: Coach Hansonf Jerome S+ufz. Jay Rudolph. Dick CoHon. Charles Myers. Charles Zieg. Darrel KennedyI Carfer Whife. Bill Deane. Laurence Nagle. SBCBER FALI. 1955 Wifh Jim Lauffer as capfain. +he Allegheny SOCCER soccer squad gof off +0 a good sfarf, winning +wo ou+ of +he firsf +hree games However. +he resf of Allegheny +he season was nof as fruihcul. In +he nexf five Allegheny games. +hey could only manage +0 He one and drop Allegheny +he remaining bur. A serious loss +0 +he squad Allegheny came in +he second game wi+h Rocfhesfer when Allegheny Chris SkaHum. an exchange sfudemL from Norway Allegheny suffered a broken leg. High scorers for +he Ga+ors Allegheny were Bob Banham and Bill Regan wifh four and Allegheny +hree goals respecfively. Wesfern Reserve Rochesfer Case Grove Ci+y Slippery Rock Oberlin Grove Cify PIH -OO--WOU1 Crl.A4HW, Allegheny's baskefball +eam has sfruck a happy medium Jrhis year wiJrh 5 wins and 6 losses ia'r pub- licafion daJrei, Coach Garbark has worked hard wi+h Jrhe Jream +0 overcome a disadvaniiage oi heighf. which is Jrhe principle fador for Jrhe win-loss record. A maiorify of our losses so far were won by an average of only four poinis, which indicafes +he Jream's sfrengfh. Thus Jrhe season record may noJr jusHy indicafe +he grea+ pofenfiai and spiriuL of +he feam. The loss 01c Jrhe graduafing seniors. is leaving a large gap on Jrhe varsi+y squad. Even Jrhough +he Jream may wind up mid-way +his season, Jrhe coach has +he up and coming underclassmen +0 se'r Jrhe foundafion for ano+her well funcfioning baskefball feam wifh Jrhe spiriiL and desire +0 break in+o a new schedule vigorously and opfimisfically. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE BASKETBALL RECORD l955-56 Allegheny Edinboro 62 Allegheny Oberlin 76 Allegheny PiHsburgh 99 Allegheny Alliance 84 Allegheny Edinboro 74 Allegheny Grove Ci+y 73 Allegheny Thiel 56 Allegheny Alliance 57 Allegheny Be+hany 73 Allegheny Fenn 6l Allegheny Wesfern Reserve 68 Allegheny Rochesfer 7l Allegheny Hobarf 7I Allegheny Alired 73 Allegheny Grove Ci+y 93 Allegheny Slippery Rock 92 Allegheny Thiel 67 Allegheny Case 72 Allegheny i Clarion 66 Allegheny W 8i J 57 Allegheny-9 wins. ll losses I a F'..W-.,' 4.51., 4-3 v . . . 1 ? HF Allegheny cages hoops BASKEIBALI. Firs+ row: Dale MaHhews. Jim LauHer, BIH Bowser, Dick Wigfon. Jim Newfon. Bob Eiqhme. Mel Laskoff, Second row: ,, MWIP ' ZXQXX4 Wag; ww 1w Sfrefching up for ero more Bob Garbark, Graham Hoffman. Dave Sfainbrook, Buckley Crabb. Dick Buerger, Jim Vance. ,,.. v.3; ww w Wk MWMN Red Wig+on shows his +eamma+es how +0 Taking a chance on a Wigfon sfeps up +0 shoot make a foul shot W Under Coach Bill Hanson, Allegheny's swimming Jream has again +his year mainfained ifs winning pace. Capfain oi +he feam. Carfer Whife. has led his Jream +0 four vicfories and +wo losses iaf publi- cafion dafei. Since several of Jrhe feammafes, Ray Cox. BriH Poulson, Carfer Whi+e. and Alex Hill hold bofh varsify and pool records af several schools. if is no wonder +ha+ Jrhe coach as well as his Jream are opfimisfic abouf Jrhe season resulfs. This year +he swimming Jream incorporafed some- +hing new by swimming againsf Niagara Universify and Rochesfer Universify which are looJrh 0qu of Allegheny's class. In Jrhe Iasf few years Allegheny has consisfenHy held +he Jrop or near Jrop rafing aJr +he annual Penn- Ohio mee1L and +he dis-fricf meei. The Jream expecf +0 be near Jrhe fop again +his year. inoJrei On March 3. +he Allegheny swimming Jream won +he Penn-Ohio mee+ which makes Jrwo crowns in Jrhree years. SWIMMING Firs+ Row: Bri++ Poulson. John Perecca, Frank Brand. Carfer Whife, Dick Fisher, Alex Hill, Ray Cox. Second Row: Coach William Hanson, Edward Seif. John Grant Frank Riess. Philip SWIMMING RECORD Allegheny ............ 54 Penn ................................. 2I Allegheny ............ 30 Niagara ........................ 54 Allegheny ............ 36 Rochesfer ..................... 48 Allegheny ............ 53 Wesimisi-er .................. 28 Allegheny ............ 62 W 8 J .............................. 22 Allegheny ............ 45 Carnegie Tech ............ 39 Allegheny ............ 55 Woosfer ........................ 2O Allegheny ............ 33 Grove Cify ............... 50 Aellgheny ............ 38 Slippery Rock ............... 27 Allegheny ............ 4! Case ................................. 27 Allegheny College in +he Penn-tho mee+ won wi+h 52Vz poin+s, 4 poin+s ahead of Case wi+h 47 poinfs. 1955-1956 Waddingion. Bim Wimer, ,Walfer Donaldson. David Bagley. Edward Sergi. John Mandel. mgr. M ziryaw t a. mqvx3awwwm W, L , w MMWQWM ,, L , , WVW vw W MW waww VW m A , W m. m W Allegheny swimmers pracfice hr neer meef-Sergi, Brand, Poulson, Whife. Tankman Poulson fakes a breafher th Hwe opponent Time 0qu for clown' .9 during pradice -Hill, Cox, Poulson. W x WX Firsf row: Pafricia S+oHer. Gloria Barkley, Dianne Hacker. Joan McDonald. Kafhy Giardini, Madeleine Ream, Be+sy Riederer. Helen Georgeadis. Second row: Dorofhy Hill. Myrfa Price. Eleanor Allen. Lindy Hun'r, Sue Wolf, Kay Ellis, Joanne Smifh. Jill Kebe. JeTan Hollisfer, Mary Wible. Anne Hunfer. Kiki Zehrung. Elizabe+h Smifh. FRESHMAN CLASS Firsf row: John Grant William McCandlessl Pefe Pe+erson. Sander Romick. Philip Drexel. John Kanne, Louis Mancuso. John Dunham. Philip Deyo, Richard Segina. Second row: Joseph Peroski. Allen Hopper. William Baker. Erwin Kerr. Edward Reiskind, John Kelly. Firsf row: Lois Wilson. Marilyn Olson. Caroll Davis. Sandra Milne. Nancy Edwards. Nancy Cundall. Second row: Nancy Meyers. Barbara Lecky. Sue Bierer. Karen Erickson. Rufh Roberfs. Barbara Bafchelor, Ann Hafch. Carol Reed, Bar- bara Hammon. Third row: Valerie Clark, Jane Reed! Esfer 0F Firs+ row: Richard Buerger. Ernie Cain. Jerry S+u+z. Roberf Bloom, David McKee, Roberf Cebula. Mason Cady, Jerry Brown. Second row: George Vukmer. William Keafon, Harry 19 Coldren. Audrey Lei+zell. Carol Enos. M. Carlfon. Marilyn Jo Win+ers. Julie Jackson, Carolyn Davies. Sally Jewelll Sue Meadowcroff, Glenda Johnsfon. Norma Flinchbough. Lola Neumann. Blaney. George Herron. William S+ough+on. Alfred Sfeve Swersie, Keifh Boris. Richard Koles. Kloppman. Firsf row: Audrey Salyer. SaHy Wright Sue Davis, DoHie Baker. Second row: Arlene Busse. Marilyn Will. Ann BuHer. Bobbie EviHe. Cindy Richards. Gaill Renfrew, Valerie DiPipi. Mary Lou Refs, chmne Reed. Mary Ann Secara, Sfanding: Firsf row: Ernie Gelman. James Kweder, James Kepple. Leon Grimm. Alfred Grubbs, Wayne Glenn, Paul Reeb, Alberf Mauro. Second row: James Linaberger. William Furman. Bruce Hagerfy. Rudolph Johnson. Yoon Bae Kim. John xxxxxxxxw Lois Hufchison. Barbara' Buhlinger. Marilyn Giffings, Kafhie Gage, Judy Royer, Valerie Rofhlein, Joan Sesnick. Joan Harfzell. Sue Cross, Pennie Pollock. Sylvia Symons, Marian Hanna. Virginia Earl. Kafzeman, Thomas Harris. James Reader. Bruce Greenwood, James Bair. George Hagsfrom, Daniel Sfrickland. Pefer ngzg V 3,.- . 41: r. .AfabmaQJri:n!V-1W ' 'l Firsi' row: Marcia Cunningham' Sandra Wood. Jane Berger. LoreHa Lorz. Karen Rasmussen. Second row: Judy Jolly, Carol Sofield, Polly Graves. Honnie Nickum, Marilyn Crill. Ann Yeager. Susan Tschirgi. Marilynne Davies. Third row: FRESHM Firsi' row: Sloane Barker, James Rumsey. Edward Trapp. Frank Feigert Sam Donfa. Roberf Cunningham. Paul Kelly. Dick Burrows. Second row: Clark Dehne. Edgar Marburg. Jane Wicker, Kafherine O'Neill. Barbara Wighfman. Kay Brummer. Ann Robison, Virginia Connen Paula Sodini. Nancy Clapp. Karen Janssen. Grefchen Weinandy, Bonnie Barry, Sally Moore, Carol Diefrich. CLASS MaHhew Wright Norman Johnson. Marfin Foleyl John Eidemueller. Richard Engel. Roberf Armbrusfer. Gran? Daubenspeck. Alan Vokolek. Nelson Evans' Guy Williams. ' a x Frorrl' row: Grefchen Cornelius, BeHy Evans. Jean Haarbye. Susan Coafes. Susan Wiider, Jane Wendell, 'Ann Hufchings, Nancy Blomquisf, Judy Wafers. Nancy Sawdey, Jean Karlie. Marfha Jones. Jane Parker. Linda Miller. Ann Risher, Alice VPeggy MacFarland. Jean Showers. Back row: Gail Powell. Sfurgeon. Lorraine Tarsio. FRESHMAN CLASS Firsf row: Rober'r Lamoree, James MeHinger, James Smifh. Ernie Nagle. Roberf May+um. Michael Temkin. Charles Seif. William Joseph. Sfeve Havas, Gerald BarIOW. Second row: William He.nry. Frank Reiss, Ted LeSuer, Lawrence Jewell. mfw 335M MW. ' 01x ,- 2W Firsf row: Sally Kiefer, Susan McCreary. Faye Allen. Joanne Rice. Sally Houck. Doris McConnell, Sue Ricel Jean Russell. Nancy Damifz. Judy Davis. Virginia Perrine, Beverly Wehman, Sally Sfewarf. Mary Gosselink, Mary Heimberger. Wilkinson. Second row: Farrell Beck. Carol Chrisfian, Mary Faye Weiss. Kriane Ziegler, Sandra Friesell. I959 Firsf row: Philip Klukoff. Roberf Naylor. Richard Smifh. Neil David Bahn. John Niles. William Abbaficchio, Roberf Van Abramson, Jerome Ashman, David Bagley. Ramsey Frisf. Sciver. Bruce Bell. WaHer Viehmann, Leonard Persinski. Second row: Richard Marek, Pe+er Sambol, Alan Berkebile. :w y , ,wiWWi ' V imeMw . m mmmmmwm 'f, '71 xx ; 15an CALENDAR 0F EVENTS September ll-Orienfafion Week New dinks. new faces do appear As freshmen embark on +heir college career. Sepfember l7-RegisfraHon A pink card. a yellow card. a blue one and more. Musf fif in Grill 24 Sepfember 2I-All College Convocafion Presidenf Pellefier. +hough new +0 us all, Acquainfs himself wifh s+uden+s early in We fell. Oc'rober B-Migrafion Day 'Twas a mighfy cold Migra+ion Day, Buf had +0 see +he Gafors and fhe TomcaJrs play. Oc'rober 22-Homecoming Yeah, Alumnae. Yeah. +heme! wTwas proven we have a mighfy feam. Ga+orine and Homecoming queen highlighf Dancing conversafion wifh Don Charles +his nighf. chober 3l-Fund Drive Kick-Off Banquef S+uden+s consider ar+ of pickpock As personal solicifai'ions pu+ iewelry in hock. November 9-Leap Week Dance C.U. sponsors Indian Night Squaws chase chiefs IeH and righf. November 23-27-Thanksgiving Vacafion Vacafion's shorHy over +0 no one's deligh+. Musf resf up now for December's flight December 3-Firs+ Baske+ball Game Our baskefball feam in Jrhe very Tirs+ game Beaf Edinboro in +heir s+ar+ +0 +he road of fame. December ll-Chris+mas Concerf The Singers. Chapel Choir, Alleghenians wi+h good reason. Sing Jrheir bes'r in +he opening of The holiday season. December Ib-Chris'rmas Dance Saufer-Finegan's Band upon demand Plays danceable +unes in Snowflake Land. December l7-January 2-Chris+mas Vaca+ion Chrisfmas homework consisfs Of wri+ing Sania Claus wi+h holiday lis+s. January l6-26-Exams Cram, Cram-foo lafe. +hey're here. The campus is deserfed. sfudenfs disappear. February l-3-I.F.C. Rush Period Rush. rush. rush is The frafernHy man's cry. The Iisfs come 0qu wi+h a sa+isfied sigh. February 5-8-Religion-In-Life Week "Siop Iooking-iisfen" and hear Of Allegheny's special week +his year. February ll-Winfer Carnival To snow or no+ +0 snow is +he quesfion. Freeze S+a+e Park is +he +hough+fui suggesfion. 91342wa n twaM a W zzWQ M035 4V2h March l-Fund Drive Aucfion Going once. going +wice for him who will pay For a I:OO permission or' presiden+ for a day. March 7-Sfudenf-Facul1'y Baskefball Game Alleghe considers affer +his performance. Subsidizing professors wi'rh skill and endurance. March I2-l6-A.U.C. Elecfions If I am A.U.C. president I will . . . Candidafes wifh coali+ions +ry +0 fif H19 bill. March I4-l7-Terrapin Pageanf Exo+ic perfumes from gay Paree Form flue +heme for +he Terrapin ex+ravaganze'. March 25-April 3-Eas+er Vaca+ion - April 3-Florida sand and surf are frod As Allegheny leaves Pennsylxlania sod. April 25-28-"Marriage of Figaro" The firsf opera given in many years Is +ried successfully by Allegheny peers. May 3-F0rchesis Concerf Rhyfhm and music go fogefher As dancers neglecf use of shoe Ieafher. May S-May Day Floa'rs. queens. and a whole lof more, The May Day Formal. and fun galore! May l4--Class Day The fime has Come +0 change places Class sea+s now reserved for "new faces." May IV-SO-Exams ' Sudden realiza+ion--+he lasmL 'l'ry Seniors cry. "To do or die." Juno Z-Alumni Day ' Alumni come from far and near. Wifh picfures of +heir children dear. June 3-Baccalaureafe Singers confribufe wifh voices clear To an appropriafe service, complefing Hue year. Juno 4-Commencemenf The glorious day finally arrives Seniors deparf +0 lead various lives. Kxxxxxm "xxx wzwmmwwwwywm Alumni Letter CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I956 FROM 8500 ALLEGHENY ALUMNI Many of our sfudenfs of Allegheny are no+ ac- quainfed wi'rh Jrhe Operafion of +he Alumni Office or Hie aclivifies 01c +he Allegheny Alumni Associafion. The Kaldron Sfaff hopes +ha+ +he summary on Jrhis page will nof only serve as a guide fo graduafing seniors buf also will give +he whole sludenf body an idea of Allegheny acfivifies carried on afler gradualion. The Alegheny Alumni Associalion consisls of 8500 graduafes and former sfudenfs. H is governed by an Alumni Council of 2! members and has a President Vice-Presiden+ and Secrefary. The Council and officers mee'r a+ +he College Jrwice a year lo Jrransacl business maHers. and all alumni are invi'recl +0 +he campus each year af Commencemenf for Jrhe annual Associafion meefing. The Alumni Office and Alumni Assocafion sponsor many acfivifies +0 mainlain supporl of Jrhe College and +0 help Allegheny friends +0 slrenglhen +heir own eon- +ac+s as Jrime passes. The Alumni Bullel'in is mailed lo every Alleghenian +hree limes each year. Alumni Clubs mee'r in various places each year +o sfrenglhen area social fies. ln I955. meelings were held in Albuquerque. Buffalo. Buller. Chicago. Cleveland. Corning. N. Y.. Denver. Erie. Jamesfown. Kansas Cily, Los Angeles. Boslon, New York. Waynesburg. Pa., Philadelphia, Piffsburgh. Rochesler. San Francisco. Sharon, Sf. L0uis. Syracuse. Tucson. Washinglon, D. C.. and Wesfporf. Conn. They were all aHended by represenfafives ol +he College. The Alumni Associalion also sponsors +he Alumni Fund. an annual program of alumni conlribufions lo Allegheny for currenf yearly expenses. Over 670 Alumni aclively worked for +he fund in I955 and +housands more confribufed +0 if. ther acfivifies include class reunions every five years. The Homecoming Celebralion: +he Alumni Ad- missions program and various area evenls. The purpose of Allegheny's alumni program is. of course, +0 give +he College Jrhe confinual supporl of 8500 people who have a real inleresl in her lufure. Buf perhaps even more Jrhan JrhaJr. if is lo show her graduales ihafilhe College will remain an inspirafion in +heir lives forever. W x '1' 11..qu gm Mg. 1! ?F'kahm A; .- In: 2,.V ,' The.1956 KALDRON Staff EDITOR-IN-CHI EF Harvey V. Hefley CI RCU LATION MANAGER Carolyn Tque ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGER Penny Thompson KALDRON COPY STAFF Edifor: Barry Blackmore Assisfanf Edifor: Judy McCar+ney Sfaff: Kurf Grahme Curfis Graham Ellwood Hughes Julie Jackson Paula Tsarides Ellie Smi+h Anne Braman CO-PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Shirley Merfz Richard Powers ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Barbara Carnahan PHOTOGRAPHERS Jack Miller William Foley Dan Husfa MAKE-UP EDITOR Roberf Moore KALDRON ADVERTISING STAFF Adverfising Manager-John Kenf Judy Hamill Irene Milliron Jan Anfo Gordon Andrews Bob Cunningham Jean Lawson Sue Ba+es Jon Sfarn Sallie Dykman Mary Chrisfner Rochelle Shamey Marge Spring Kay Johnson Nancy Wade Kif Eafon BUSINESS MANAGER Bernard Benson ART EDITOR Joan Nicholas FACULTY ADVISOR Carl F. Heeschen KALDRON TYPING STAFF I956 Edifor: Nancy Hamberger Sfaff: Janef Geis+ Barbara Hammon Carolyn Davies Barbara Carnahan Geneva Smifh Sharlene Baref Sally Le++y Tifle page aerial picfure Jraken by Kaldron phofographer BEH Foley; airplane pilofed by John R. McChesney. STEERE9S DAIRY and. DAIRY BAR SODA FOUNTAIN Lunches and Sandwiches All Dairy Products Cochranton Road Phone: 30-955 HOFFMANS GREENHOUSE C orsages and B ouquets WE TELEGRAPH F LOWERS 819 South Grant Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 28-671 WELDON Men,s F ine Clothes 247 Chestnut Street MEADVILLE, PA. LEONA MITCHELUS PARTY SHOP 225 Arch Street Complete Line of INVITATIONS, PLACE CARDS, TABLE COVERS, NAPKINS, MATCHES, CANDLES AND FAVORS, CENTER PIECES, PUNCH BOWLS Cups, Tea and Coffee Services Obtainable as Rentals WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRICAL CORPORATION it INDUSTRIAL HEATING DIVISION MEADVILLE, PA. RITE WAY PAT and PETE,S FOOD LINER North Main at Baldwin We Now Carry a Complete Line of Drug Sundries, M agazines, News papers JOHN J. SHRYOCK CO. 66SINCE 187599 M eadvillek M ost Complete Home F urnishers 216 Chestnut Street C. C. DeVORE F inest in BUILDING MATERIALS 304 Arch Street MEADVILLE, PA. 7 ' - Vorkw vm mmw .Aan. .AA. quwww u+ . . ..... .., :"'-P 2-. or -L A 4 A .------------- - . Compliments of FUGAGLPS WILLOW TAVERN It Costs No More at T H E FOR THE BEST SPAGHETTI CRAWFORD STORE IN MEADVILLE WITH QUALITY AND F ASHION ASSURED Corner of Willow and Market Streets Dial 36-373 CHARLES JEWELRY STORE Quality Jewels 252 Chestnut Street Complunents 0f MEADVILLE, PA. WMGW AM and FM Dine and Dance at the M A I N L I N E R ABC in Meadville WE CATER TO PRIVATE PARTIES North Main St. Extension MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 34-148 I I; Best Wishes t0 the CLASS OF 1956 from J. H. NUNN CO., Inc. FURNITURE 0F DISTINCTION CAMPUS COVE 164 Chestnut Street RESTAURANT AND CONFECTIONERY Fresh Fruit Punch Sandwiches and Equipment For Parties and Weddings Phone: 25-023 Best Wishes t0 CLASS OF 656 A. W. MARG J ewelers MEADVILLE BUICK COMPANY BUICK MOTOR CARS 862-878 Park Avenue MEADVILLE, PA. LINCOLN MARKET QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES, PRODUCE 966 Water Street Wholesale and Retail W A T S O N9 S CHINA HOUSE Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital Equipment and Supplies F rigidaire Air-Conditioning Refrigeration and Ice-Cube Makers Engineering, Designing and C omplete Layout Service 357 North Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 33-033 Students ! l I You Will Find Dry Cleaning at Its Best at WALKER75 QUICK SERVICE F ine C leaning W A L K E R 9 S DRY CLEANERS 686 North Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 23-161 Compliments MILK COMPAN Y Phone 21-651 for Dairy Products 852 Washington: Street CHARTER SERVICE CITY LINES, Inc. MEADVILLE, PA. 3w ...r V 59.x 414 gs 9?; a '2; AC' wag +1ixn-LEL;7, .. , f 1' ' uv-r: 77W 4 7'5 R O H A 9 S BENDIX LAUNDRY Half Hour Service DELIVERY 832 Cottage Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 46-231 BEACON INN ME. AND MRS. PAUL F. MOELLER Proprietors Catering to Banquets, Weddings, Dinners SPECIAL BUSINESS MEN,S LUNCHEON FROM 12 T0 2 SNACK BAR Legal Beverages N 0 Parking Problem Junction Routes 5522-98-19 at Y Telephone 29-085 J ACICS PHARMACY Prescription S pecialists Drug S undries SODA F OUNTAIN 285 Chestnut Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 28-551 For That Late Evening Snack . . . Try FLAvo-RITE ENRICHED BREAD Always a Day F resher MEADVILLE BREAD COMPANY 1272 South Main Street MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 27-031 69 A qualify fabric containing Avisco fibers AVISC. INTEGRITY TAG Avisco is a symbol for quality wherever it appears. The Avisco Integrity Tag and the Avisco label on carpeting, home furnishing fabrics and on fashions assure the consumer that the merchandise has been manufactured to meet the high quality standards set by American Viscose Corporation. Avisco rayon and acetate yarns and fibers have earned an enviable reputation for consistent and depend- able economy, durability and beauty. American Viscose Corporation, Ameri- ca,s first producer of man-made fibers, has welcomed many Allegheny College graduates to its staff of highly skilled technicians. Al- though its major contributions have been to the textile industry, American Viscose is es- sentially a chemical process company, con- stantly expanding its usefulness to include a wide area of technical progress aimed at improving America,s standard of living. American Viscose Corporation Meadville, Pennsylvania C 0m pliments 0f J.JEgLWHWMJ x0755 x mwzmnam' ICE CREAM Terrace Street Ext. MEADVILLE, PA. 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Telephone 21-051 Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound Presenting the Finest in STAGE and SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT in STYLE and COMFORT EVERY SEAT A CENTER SEAT ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW M C 0m pliments and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 956 AL9S CLOTHES SHOP Your 0f7?cial Esquire Store for Nationally Known Brands 944 Water Street MEADVILLE, PA. Portraits and Photography by PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS MEADVILLE, PA. Dial 41-247 Better B aking for Every Occasion DUNN9S BAKERY DECORATE CAKES FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS 962 South Main Street MEADVILLE, PA. Call 21-411 W irfs Two Drug Stores WIRT9S PHARMACY 245 Chestnut Street LITTLE WIRTS PHARMACY 916 North Main Street PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS DRUG SUNDRIES They - trod a rocky road to Success , with a new idea for a closure Colonel Lewis Walkers shoes, equipped with the fascinating slide fastener in which he had so much faith, took an awful beating before the zipper was finally perfected. For more than 20 years the Colonel struggled with design and production problems, poured every cent he could raise into development, and fought to sell his revolutionary closure to skeptical users. About 1914 his little company began to show an occasional profit, but profit all went back into the business. Not for another nine years were investors to receive a penny of income from their investment . . . Keeping everlastingly at it usually brings success, but you carft rest on your laurels and ex- pect to keep at the head of the parade. Today Talon, Inc. is still putting part of every dollar of income back into the business; is still seeking to devise better ways to make better zippers. ihLearning how, is a process that never stops. Talon, Inc., Meadville, Pennsylvania THE QUALITY ZIPPER FIG. U. I. DA! 0!! BEECH GROVE MOTEL MRS. GEORGE L. HAYS Owner - Mgr. V2 Mile South of Intersection Routes 6-19-322 Route 19 MEADVILLE, PA. Phone 54-052 C. A. CURTZE CO. Distributors CURTSY AND COMMODORE FINE FOODS Serving Both Institutional and Grocery Outlets ERIE, PA. Compliments 0 f PENN-OHIO TOWEL CO. MEADVILLE, PA. U Compliments 0f WES LANG MOTORS C U L L I G A N Soft Water Service 799 Market Street MEADVILLE, PA. W. D. JOHNSON, Owner Phone: 40-733 Compliments from Your F 0RD DEALER BOB COUGHENOUR Inc. 890 Park Avenue MEADVILLE, PA. Best Wishes F rom JEROME MEYER CO. JEWELERS Home of Perfection Blue - White Diamonds Academy Theatre Building MEADVILLE, PA. Phone: 35-071 COYAN and GREEN PHARMACY F resh Chocolates MARY LINCOLN - WHITMAN,S Kept Constantly F resh in Our Special Candy Refrigerator ACADEMY THEATER 275 Chestnut Street MEADVILLE, PA. THE tcLAST WORM This glittering Marquee is the tip-oH of a brand new interiorethe ttlast wordt, in the comfort at the Academy Theater, Relax in smart new seats. Walk on plush carpeting, and breathe washed and filtered air. Enjoy the big pictures at The Academy. Private Bath, Radio and Telephone in Every Room Complimentary Breakfast RO-HO-CHO MOTEL 3 Miles West of Meadville, Pa. 011 Routes 322 and 6 SHUFFLEBOARD -:- SWIMMING POOL T.V. AVAILABLE IN THE ROOMS Phone: Meadville 41-219 for Reservations NATIONAL BEARING DIVISION AMERICAN BRAKESHOE COMPANY Manufacturers of RAILROAD JOURNAL BEARINGS INDUSTRIAL BRONZE BEARINGS AND CASTINGS BLAST FURNACE COPPER CASTINcs Saegertown Road MEADVILLE, PA. GELVIN, J ACKSON, and STARR Service to This Community for Over Seventy-five Years INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Crawford County Trust Company Building Phone 41-251 C 01771. pliments of THE COLLEGE INN C om pliments of A FRIEND Compliments of R. W. SPAULDING and SON 247 Race Street MEADVILLE, PA. Ready Mix Concrete-Coal Building Supplies THE CITY COAL 8r SUPPLY CO. 3Your Building Supply Headquarters,, 131 Mead 'Avenue MEADVILLE, PA. Telephones: 34-301 - 34-311 CLASS RIN G OF ALLEGHEN Y COLLEGE Pittsburgh-Balfour Co. FRED G. STAMBAUGH 3951 Forbes Street PITTSBURGH 13, PA. -"I'2f.5iy.$;i. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1956 Your F riendly CADILLAC and OLDSMOBILE DEALER 960 Park Avenue MEADVILLE, PA. WOLFF9S HARDWARE - PAINTS SPORTING GOODS HOUSE FURNISHINGS AND GIFTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 909 Market Street MEADVILLE . SPORTING GOODS For the Best in SPORTS EQUIPMENT 66PARKWAY DINORa, and gCTHE. COTTAGE99 Fine Food Expertly Prepared at Moderate Cost Diner Open from 6:30 A.M. to 1:30 A.M. Daily, Except Sundays 6THE COTTAGE" Luncheons from 12 Noon to 2 RM. Dinner Served from 5:00 RM. to 8:30 P.M. Daily, Except Sundays 1039-1041 'Park Avenue MEADVILLE, PA. Routes 6 and 19 ONE HOUR Congratulations and Best Wishes MARTINIZING t0 the DRY CLEANING CLASS OF 1956 Big Enough to From Serve You Small Enough to B I L L A ppreciate You at the RED WHITE 945 Water Street MEADVILLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEGHENY COLLEGE . u ,- ; .. n." . n .. ,m ,n L .n ; . m .m m .n u ., .u w u n F ... a 47"" u- -:-.a1xc-Q--- s.- . uh" 2. .. '1 f1. 2-. ..9..-$...y,..-r-4.2..T.L;"..; sz-..z-..... -. . ow - m..- -.-A...-... .. .2.-.1;.-:: p .. --. -. .A -...,xi. ... ..-..M...'2.3 ..- ,- .:;..-R..:.:f- - -...a . 2 "2' 22 Z27 ' 2... .. :':'2' m - ..-2-.:.:7:. $L....-...;;..H......:.-..u .- -w . 2 2-.. ..... Esaurmvzu" -'- "-2- :3.;:-;2.'-.::.: .zauz;.-:2::-:-., . ...M...

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