Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA)

 - Class of 1939

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Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 154 of the 1939 volume:

,- .W X , 1 , ,., Q Ja g' I 5 Ka! .12 J I ' , f " J , Z .. L ' m s 21,4 Fuwy-I--,,,. ..-...ff-.......,,Y....,.-.- I II ,I I il I I I I 1 I I I I I ' 1 'i I I I I 4 I I xg :I I s I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I Q I I X CHARLES B. MILLER Q Editor J.LL1zWELLYN DAVIES . ,Bzmzzfm Illanagf' O GF fsllv 3536 A 2 ff 1 f ff ,eff ,14' fi ff If Aff, U if , X f . A by tlfe Studepfts of t a t V1 1 1 e QH11 S y El 11 1 21 , , ,NW W b. E 1 4T 5 W , QQ b X f R ' ff v ' ' ' f X I I l x 4 I, rl! xx 'K , f S' X XX If ll ' X X XX f ' X N ' xx 1 -ww X 1 1 XX p X , the Jun1Q i' Cfassfcff A11Ygh,e1iy ,College 50 f X f ' If ff - A f I ,f d f hy r ff N ' metee n Hunfd1'e 21112 ff JRIQIY- 1119 4 f ',,' ' KK X , .,f f H, K , If" 'X f ,ff ff I X A jf ,X 4--P f fi N n ,f ' 1 ' in 4,,, f I V ' .lf , 5 f X P f ,f 1 ! ,f f f ' ' . if I P f f' X ,f 5 .f 1 1 X f ff . FI f f , f ,f f 1 f 1 J n ly N I f J 1' 3' 0 PREQENTATIQN will the worldls a stage, Q nd all the men and women merely pl s: ' Wy ave their exits and their en a ails dl in his time play s, His 0 . th infant, Mewling cimt s s arms. 1 'inf .4 O fli' f x M i ft Nflxfll Vrwfxfii N Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice In fair round belly with good capon linfd, W ith eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances, And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side, His youthful hose, well savid, a world too wide For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thine'-i K, i s I v 6 QP D V',,L?3 V' if 3 i fr. ' , 'WF X QL' 3, c. A7 XA. X Q rsifmfw-N, S g'Do you hear, let them be well used g for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time: after your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live." TI-IE CDI I FGF M0 this learning! W hat a thing it isln TI-IE CLASSES e MT he best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical- I comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimitedf, I ORGANIZATIONS H0 let the hours be short, 'til yields, and blows, and groans applaud our sportf' ATHLETICS I ufilwake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth, Turn melancholy forth to funeral. The pale companion is not for our pompfg CAMPUS LIFE. QQ-Qlice '11, 7 m gfo 1 1, Gj12mfff1'1 I 57 VL OVLOV O demonstrating the correct phras- id enunciation of intricate Words . . . Jr aiding potential actors to express . thernselves in their various roles .. . a pro- ducer checking over the scenery, COHIUHCS lighting, and properties before a big per- formance . . . a creator whose artistry reveals to all who study under her the beauty of the theatre . . . a lady of gracious and lovely manners . . . a true Alleghenian Whose long service in the cxdlege is all enviable record, We, the Junior Class of 1939, respectfully dedicate this volume to ALICE HUNTINGTON SPALDING QGTHQPDLS Gjgemes ' me ,gliclminisfafafors ' CZTLLQ glcmlify ' cg 1fL Qfnemoviam X ,V ,-f- , 62:1 W- L A N x 2 ' -1 f' KI .II K. ,-nf, . W' gf" X, K. , , A ., , - K ff, QQ f .rf-g -x I V Y 2 , af: ' .1 " 'Xfwg ff' f : V-fb! wp?-QP N' f MLK' f' f M? ' X I V . VI Ji ' ,. .' " 'f " fn -if . , 1 ,- U ' Y'-rl' - We 3' . ' M-'fy f 4' ?z"Q:,f' f ' W 34 IA .I fn-,L ,gg - f ' ,f,1z.,fi, - , W - ' 1,1 ff- 1-7' :vii if 'six -1 ' 'IWW ' . 2X I 7 , z, ai 4. I ,A ,f, ,, gg A , , A Im .gf WH-' , , ' 2 s -ff ' .f Lffvf ffffvf 9255: 9 ' ,V . X ' . A 7,-J mf H74: ., 1: ' A Elly Eff v 1 Jw Tw 53' 5 -- ' v ,, v'-Aj' ' ' 2, Qfbf YW ,4 V Q vf. A -wsu " Q Q , ,f f . -1, ,,.-mp: Ne. ' f 'N- : v--:af " ,-,:',' ff ff!!! 13 7? x ..'3,fA2'fv ,A Wu? fy 5, f. - A Aff K9 ' , ' Q :ff 31 x, , Lg' lfgg, ,' ,I Y - , , .,. X , ,M 1 . f f ,. , x , XI.-.,.,, Q f ffl x ' 355' 'fc-VJ. -1.15.7 ,wwf V' . ,fwyf ,.,,, - - 2, W-' Mf':-y.,'1i.wJ ,Z f wiv , ,.-4 " ' ,pi H ,gf ' ,,-,ff , , 0 I ,if , I . I . I . I I . ' T . ' , - . ' E k x ' ' x V, . X I II I , I : I - I ' ' . ' '. xx v ,, - . , - Q x , X K x X1 is . . ,Q . THE RUSTIC BRIDGE B5 lzefzven, I do 101265 and if lzcztlz fflllgllf me to rlzynze, and to be IIICIIIIICIZOI-Y.:7 THE LIBRARY I 11111 l7ll7!xt or brzef of zz? Ill my notebook. ,f,ff7vz fjifzff T f fywy 7442 , ZW!!! W9 X ff 'X f ' W?Lf,,f ff L,1',,f1,yf ,mf ff X X 1 ,ff2f7!,!!?! 1 ,J Q32 2,3 o o oooo ff,7ZfQfTff77Lfo 4 fiz,ffQi,f2QQfg2 5532, f N X ff fw, I f i?: g,2fy! I fr! I ,M!Zff,,y!, L , , M, ffmwfffff f' T' Xfvffyfffff 'f X' ff X 1 "v""'4-,-A-was ff-A--..fwgf ps. ,,"'mf" www Sm, -.Lf "--5--fx A-im WN' Nw L ,. - 'mg W .Q Q -HN, 5 f V If Q,- -f"'.:- ,f.f +, X A A PM "l 41. L CAFLISCH HALL Think you cz little din can flaunt mine ear Have I not, in my time, heard lions r0ar?'5 WILCOX HALL Throw physic to the dogs, I'lZ none of il.", COCHRAN HALL 'cWhat stir is this? what lflL77'lflLlIf,S in the heavens? Whence cometh this alarum, and the n0ise?', Zfdibigelfbt Tl X QQZJOVL galley HH ear him but reason in divinity, And all-admiring with an inward wish You would desire the king were made a prelate Hear him debate of commonwealth ajfairs, You would say it hath been all in all his study: Turn him to any cause of policy, The Gordian knot of it he will unloose, Familiar as his garter: that, when he speaks, The air, a chartergd libertine, is still, And the mute wonder lurketh in menas ears, To steal his sweet and honeyod sentences g So that the art and practic part of life Must be the mistress to this theoric: Which is a wonder how his grace should glean it 0 CLARENCE FRISBEE ROSS DEAN AND REGISTRAR "T he force of his own merit makes his way A gift that heaven gives for him, which buys A place next to the kingf' HOLAILA SKINNER DEAN OF WOMEN "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more Men were deceivers ever, One foot in sea and one on shore, To one thing constant never: Then sigh not so, but let them go, And be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your sounds of woe Into Hey nonny, nonnyf' 0 JOHN RICHIE SCHULTZ DEAN OF MEN "Use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping? Use them after your honor and dignity: the less they deserve, the more merit is in your bounty? 7 OSCAR PERRY AKERS HURST ROBINS ANDERSON IRWIN Ross BEILER BENJAMIN RAYMOND BEISEL PHILIP MOHR BENJAMIN BRUCE THORNTON BRICKLEY GUY EMERSON BUCKINGHAM PAUL BENJAMIN CARES JOHN EMERSONCCAVELTI ANTOINETTE CHEVRET CHESTER ARTHUR DARLINC JOSEPH LYMAN FISHER BER MINA LOUISE FRENCH PAUL HENRY GIDDENS LOUIS CRAIG GREEN W. SCOTT HALL FREDERICK GOODRICH HENKE JOHN WILLIAM HULBURT CHARLES EDWARD IRVIN EDWARD HERMAN JOHE ARMEN KALEAYAN ALICE BOWDOIN KEMP I-IORACE THOMAS LAVELY KARL JULIAN LAWRENCE I IN, Ls by JF THE FACULTY . LOUIS JEFFERSON LONG . BIILDRED JOANNA LUDWIG . JWORTEN J. LUVAAS . LEE DUDLEY MCCLEAN . JULIUS ANTON MILLER . ALBERT EDWARD D,AIRLIE OCILVIE . NANCY PEFFER . HERBERT SILAS RHINESMITH . CLARENCE FRISBEE ROSS . JULIAN LENHART Ross . EDITH ROWLEY . DONALD TACGART ROWLINGSON . JOHN RICHIE SCHULTZ FREDERICK FRANKLIN SEELY LAILA SKINNER CLIFFORD WELD SKINNER ALICE HUNTINGTON SPALDING ELIZABETH SPANN-DELORME HAROLD M. STATE STANLEY SIMPSON SWARTLEY DALE EDMUND THOMAS WILLIAM RICHARD TONCUE WILLIAM PEARSON TOLLEY CHARLES WILBUR UFFORD LIOWARD PAUL WAY Q7flfLO7f'rZd7flfL HE RY W RD CHURCH 'cFear no more the heat 0' the sun, Nor the furious winterfs ragesg Thou thy worldly task hast done, Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages." I ,I I. I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I s ,4ihnau.,,,A, Then music, with her silver sound, With speedy help cloth lend reclressf' QLMOV QZQSS mfwlovf gepresemiaiives ' CJOPZLOMXLOVQ g3ej51fe5Q1fLifaifi12eS ' gina gms mam Glass 'xlgf QQ-if r X . X X ,. sf 'X Sv, . X yy , Q: 4' X NN, , X 5 P ,xv Kg .K : Q 3' FN' + 'lx' w 1 4 it vi A 4 1 5 9 . 'sc 6 yfj, , , GM I QM , , f 1 , ff! f,'4 mf, , 1 , M ff, . fy, M 4 X, ,,,,, ,Z . , -M-,ff ,4 , ffw, f f,,,. ,f ,-W,'f, , fr ,fvf 'L , My X fffgfzk , , ',ff7',,"ff f Z ,Z 1" S CL IOR ROBERT WILLIAM ALBRIGHT . Mt. Lebanon . Chemistry . Phi Delta Theta e Phi Beta Kappa . Chemii . Chapel Choir . Editor of Kaldron Q Block A Club Q Manager of Tennis. DOROTHY FASSETT ALEXANDER . Pittsburgh . History and Political Science . Alpha Gamma Delta - History and Political Science Club. THOMAS DENT ALLISON . Kittanning . Biology . Delta Tau Delta . Phi Beta Phi 0 Classical Club Q Outing Club. DAVID CLEMENS ANDRE . Butler . Bus' S Ad- ministration . Alpha Chi Rho. MARJORIE ANNE BAILEY . na . English . Campus. SHIRLEY ELIZABET ALDWIN . Hamilton, New York Q Socio 0 Alpha Xi Delta . Outing Club . B and Saddles Q Chapel Choir . Playsho Pan-Hellenic Board Q .lunior Ad- visor enior Court. -NA MARY BALLINGER . Meadville . History and Political Science Q Alpha Chi Omega e History and Political Science Club . Outing Club o Town Cirl's Board. CHARLES ROBERT BARKLEY . Cleveland Heights, Ohio u History and Political Science . Phi Gamma Delta Q History and Political Science Club 0 Singers . Playshop . Band o Orchestra OF1939 JOHN WILLIAM BARKLEY Q Cleveland, Ohio Q Physics Q Phi Gamma Delta Q Playshop. GORDON OSBORNE BARRETT Q Meadville Q Psychology Q Alpha Chi Rho Q Block A Club Q Football. FRANCES MARATTA BATCHELOR Q Monaca Q Speech and Drama Q Theta Upsilon Q Outing Club Q Boots and Saddles Q Playshop Q Wakefield Oration Contest Q Undergraduate Council Q Vice-President of Senior Class. MARTHA JANE BEATTY Q New Kensington Q History Q Kappa Alpha Theta Q Outing Club Q Debate Q Junior Advisor. ELEANOR MAE BENSON Q Mt. Lebanon Q Sociology Q Outing Club Q Playshop Q Athletics Board. BENJAMIN S. BLAKELEY Q DuBois Q Economics Q Phi Delta Theta Q Playshop Q Block A Club Q Soccer Q Tennis. BETTY BOLTZ Q Wilkinsburg Q Speech and Drama Q Theta Upsilon Q Playshop Q Undergraduate Council Q Pan-Hellenic Board. LORENE HARE BOTT Q Altoona Q English Q Alpha Xi Delta Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Chapel Choir Q Campus Q Kaldron Q Town Girl's Board Q Christian Council. THE KALDRO ICR BETTY BLACKBURN BOYD . Johnstown . English ' . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Cwens . History and Political Science Club 0 Junior Advisor. DANIEL SAYLOR BOYER . Connellsville . Eco- nomics Q Delta Tau Delta o Block A Club . Tennis. ' JEAN MILDRED BRACKEN . Brentwood . Speech and Drama o Alpha Gamma Delta 0 Outing Club . Playshop 0 Pan-Hellenic Board . Junior Advisor. ELIZABETH CAROLINE BRADY . Wood , New Jersey 0 Biology 0 Alpha Xi Cwens . Phi Beta Phi . Debate . Philo Ilin Union. DOROTHY lVlARIE Meadville . Eng- lish . Theta Playshop . Junior Advisor . Town s Board. MARY ROW BRICKMAN . Mt. Lebanon . Econ Kappa Alpha Theta o Singers 0 Junic BERT WARNER BROOKS . Meadville . Eco- nomics 0 Phi Kappa Psi Q Singers. BEATRICE BAKER BROOMALL . Wilkinsburg . English . Kappa Kappa Gamma 0 Outing Club Q Chapel Choir. CLASS . I 5 .OF1939 EMARUTH BURKHARDT . South Connellsville Q Natural Science Q Alpha Gamma Delta Q Kappa Delta Epsilon . Phi Beta Phi . Los Caimanes 0 Outing Club Q Singers 0 Playshop 0 Debate . Campus . Christian Council 0 Athletic Board. HAROLD EDWARD CALBERT . Alexandria, Indiana . Chemistry and Mathematics . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . President of Chemii . President of Outing Club Q Ranger Bousson Wild Life Preserve. CHARLES WILLIAM CARES, JR. . Cleveland Heights, Ohio . Economics . Alpha Chi Rho . Block A Club Q Soccer Q Basketball . Track. p lWARJORIE CASANOVA 0 Williinsburg n Music . Alpha Gamma Delta 0 Kappa Delta Epsilon 0 Singers Q Kaldron. EUGENE AMES CEASE . Cambridge Springs . History and Social Studies . Delta Tau Delta . History and Political Science Club . President of Kappa Phi Kappa. ALEXANDRA STEPHANIA CHARNECKI . East McKeesport 0 English . Playshop . Campus . Kaldron. WALTER HANKS CLEMoNs . Meadville . Chemistry and Mathematics . Chemii . Chapel Choir. NANCY ELIZABETH CLOWES . Springdale . Economics . Alpha Chi Omega . Los Caimanes Q Gay Gator. ' THE KALDRG S IOR CHARLES MILO CONNICK . Conneautville . Psychology and Sociology . Kappa Phi Kappa 0 Classical Club Q Debate . Speaker's Bureau . Gospel Team . Track. VIRGINIA RUTH CooK . New Castle . English . Theta Upsilon . Der deutsche Verein . Ath- letic Board. AILEEN GERTRUDE DAIN . Meadville . Mathe- matics . Alpha Gamma Delta . Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Phi Sigma Iota. FREDERICK EUGENE DAVIDSON . Ruther , New Jersey . Psychology and Educ 0 Phi Kappa Psi . Kappa Phi Kapp Playshop . Block A Club Q Football. JANE HARRIS DAVIES . rmont . Economics . Kappa Kappa Ga a Q Der deutsche Verein Singers 0 Gay tor. GEORGE E DEARING . Corry . English . Phi a Theta Q History and Political Sci- e Club . Playshop . Undergraduate Coun- . Men's Undergraduate Council Q Presi- dent of Senior Class. MARGARET LINN DENNIS . Meadville . French . Alpha Gamma Delta Q Der deutsche Verein. JAMES KELSO DENT . Mercer . Political Science . Phi Kappa Psi . History and Political Sci- ence Club . Chapel Choir 0 Debate. CLAS S OF1939 DOROTHY DANE DOTTERRER Q Harrington, Illinois Q Chemistry Q Kappa Alpha Theta Q Cwens Q Phi Beta Phi Q Chemii Q Outing Club Q Singers Q Orchestra Q Undergraduate Council Q Junior Advisor Q Senior Court. ELIZABETH TRUMAN DOWNS Q Chardon, Ohio Q English Q Alpha Gamma Delta. JOHN ERVEN DUESING Q Youngstown, Ohio Q Chemistry Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q Chemii Q Outing Club Q Block A Club Q Football Q Swimming. ROBERT JOSEPH DUGAN Q Erie Q Biology Q Delta Tau Delta Q Phi Beta Phi Q Out- ing Club Q Orchestra Q Block A. Club Q Football Q Track. RENALDA ANN DUNNING Q Warren Q English Q Alpha Xi Delta Q Singers Q Kalclron. MARGUERITE LOUISE DYE Q Fredonia, New York Q Latin Q Classical Club. FORREST KENDALL FOSTER Q Butler Q History Q Alpha Chi Rho Q History and Po- litical Science Club Q Singers Q Kalclron Q Undergraduate Council. PHYLLIS LAURENE FREELAND Q Beaver Q Speech and Drama Q Alpha Chi Omega Q Classical Club Q Playshop Q Speakeris Bureaui THE KALDRO DAVID LANGDON GATRALL . New Castle . Social Studies 0 Delta Tau Delta o Kappa Phi Kappa . History and Political Science Club . Singers . Block A Club . Soccer . Swim- ming. JANE GERTRUDE GODDARD . Dormont . Eco- nomics e Kappa Alpha Theta . Der deutsche Verein . Outing Club . Boots and Saddles Q Campus e Pan-Hellenic Board. ELIZABETH RosE GOTSCHALL . Massillon, 0 Speech and Drama . Kappa Kappa ma 0 Boots and Saddles Q Playshop. CONCETTA AMELIA GRACY . Fr in . Biology . Playshop. ROBERT RUSSELL GR . Scottdale . Business Administration gina Alpha Epsilon 0 Los Caimanes . ' ers 0 Block A Club e Soccer 0 Basketb 0 Swimming. A EDIT LORENCE GREEN . Tarentum . Biology appa Alpha Theta . Phi Beta Phi . uting Club . Athletic Board. ROSE M. GUGINO . Silver Creek, New York . Modern Languages 0 Phi Sigma Iota 0 Los Caimanes. JACK DONALD HABERMAN . Duquesne . Eco- nomics e Phi Delta Theta . Der deutsche Verein . Singers . Kalrlron. C LA an F1939 HELEN JOAN HAHN Q Munhall Q Speech and Drama Q Alpha Gamma Delta Q Out- ing Club Q Playshop. THOMAS PIERBERT HAZLETT Q Butler Q Physics Q Alpha Chi Rho Q Debate Q Campus Q Kalclron Q Men's Undergraduate Council. A WILLIAM CHARLES HEII,BRUN Q Reno Q History Q Phi Kappa Psi Q History and Political Science Club Q Block A Club Q Track. EDITH ISABELLA PIEINZE Q Cleveland Heights, Ohio Q English Q Kappa Alpha Theta Q Cwens Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Chapel Choir Q Junior Advisor. MARION JEAN HENRY Q Lewistown Q Modern Languages Q Alpha Chi Omega Q Cwens Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Phi Sigma Iota Q Classical Club Q Chapel Choir Q Playshop Q Philo-Franklin Union Q Manager of Women's Debate. FRANK WALTER HENRY .Q Meadville Q Mathematics Q Delta Tau Delta Q Block A Club Q Football Q Basketball. JEANETTE CUTHBERTSON PIIRSCHMAN Q York Q English Q Kappa Kappa Gamma Q Cwens Q Playshop Q Senior Court. . ALBERT WALLACE I-IOGELAND Q Washington, D. C. Q Economics Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q Outing Club Q Block A Club Q Men's Undergraduate Council Q Manager of Swimming Team Q Manager of lntra-mural Sports. ' A 1 l I I l i 1 THE KALDRO IOR GEORGE WILLIAM HOUCK . DuBois . Biology . Phi Delta Theta 0 Phi Beta Phi Q Chapel Choir . Junior Prom Committee Q Soccer. XVILLIAM CASTLE HUMMEL . Pittsburgh . Eng- lish . Delta Tau Delta Q Debate 0 Orchestra . Editor of Campus - Literary Magazine . President of Undergraduate Council or Men's Undergraduate Council. MARGARET JAYNE JACKSON . Bradford . French . Alpha Xi Delta . Kappa Delta Epsilon . Phi Sigma Iota o Los Caimanes 0 Singers. PAUL WILLIAM JOHNSTON, JR. . Shaker ts, Ohio . Geology 0 Phi Gamma Del . Phi Beta Phi 0 Block A Club o S r Q Co- captain of Swimming. DONALD BRYON JONES . C ellsville . Chem- istry . Phi Gamma D o Chemii Q Outing Club 0 Block A Cl . Captain of Soccer Q Basketball . Tr . JOHN OWEN ES . lVIcKeesport 0 Economics . Phi G a Delta Q Playshop o Gay Gator . Un raduate Council . lVIen's Undergradu- at ouncil. CHARD MEREDITH JONES . McKeesport . Business Administration Q Phi Gamma Delta . Singers . Playshop . Debate Q Speaker's Bureau . Campus - Gay Gator . Block A Club Q Co-captain of Swimming. MARTHA JEAN IQEEFE - Meadville - Drama - Cwens . Playshop . Junior Advisor. CLA 1-A F1939 WILLIAM ALIII-:IIT KEILBAUGH Q Meadville Q Chemistry Q Chemii Q Block A Club Q Football. ELIZABETH JANET KIIOEGHER Q Avalon Q English Q Alpha Chi Omega Q Outing Club Q Playshop Q Athletic Board. A HEIfI3EI:T LoUIs KOI5lKNER Q Emsworth Q Economics Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q Outing Club Q Chapel Choir Q Campus Q Block A Club Q Manager of Tennis. H'oIIAcE TI-IoMAs LAVELY, JR. Q Harmonsburg Q Biology Q Delta Tau Delta Q Phi Beta Phi Q Singers Q Playshop Q Block A Club Q Co-captain of Football Q Swim- ming Q Track. EDITH LAVEIIA LAWRENCE Q Titusville Q Chemistry Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Chemii. II LFYDIQ Natrona French Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Q Los Caimanes Q VIRGINIA L55 , ' Q Q Classical Club Q Chapel Choir Q Playshop. LAWRENCE FREDERICK LoEscI-I Q Meadville Q Economics Q Phi Kappa Psi Q Outing Club Q Band. MANY GENE LONG Q Pittsburgh Q English Q Chapel Choir Q Campus Q Kaldron. THE KALDRO IOR EVELYN RUTH LONGWELL Q Bath, New York Q History and Political Science Q History and Political Science Club. KATHERINE L. LYTLE Q Hillside, New Jersey Q French Q Alpha Xi Delta Q Kappa Delta Epsi- lon Q Der deutsche Verein Q Chapel Choir Q Playshop Q Band Q Orchestra Q Town Girl's Board. BETTY KAY MATTHEWS Q New Castle Q English Q Alpha Xi Delta Q Kappa Delta Epsilon Classical Club Q Chapel Choir Q Playshop Kaldron Q Pan-Hellenic Board. SUZANNE MAURY Q Pittsburgh Q Chemii Q Der deutsche Verein. GLENN ORA MCCLURG Q Physics Q Delta Tau Delta Q Block A Club Q Soccer Q Swimming EARL DEWARD M JR Q Oil City Q Eco- nomics Q De au Delta Q Block A Club Q Football Q Manager of Track. BETTY ISE MCCURDY Q Mt. Lebanon Q His- t Q Theta Upsilon Q History and Political ience Club Q Outing Club Q Campus. JOSEPHINE BAUSMAN MCDANEL Q Rochester Q English Q Kappa Kappa Gamma Q Der deutsche Verein. CLA L I tilts' R 1939 JOHN ROBERT MCVEY Q Clairton Q Biology Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q Phi Beta Phi Q Outing Club Q Block A Club Q Swimming Q Captain of Tennis. E. LAINE MEYER Q Cleveland Heights, Ohio Q History Q Alpha Xi Delta. DAVID CHARLES MILLER Q Butler Q Chemistry Q Phi Gamma Delta Q Chemii Q Block A Club Q Manager of Soccer. DoRorHY ELIZABETH MoRRIsoN Q Sharon Q Sociology Q Theta Upsilon. FREDERICK LINN MYERS Q Sharon Q Economics Q Phi Kappa Psi Q Block A Club Q Golf. JAMES HART NICHOLS Q Erie Q Economics Q Phi Gamma Delta Q Chapel Choir Q Playshop Q Campus Q Block A Club Q Manager of Basketball. WILLIAM FREDERICK NYE Q Sharon Q Chemistry Q Alpha Chi Rho Q Chemii Q Block A Club Q Track. EUGENE THOMAS OcIIs Q Leeper Q Biology Q Phi Kappa Psi Q Kappa Phi Kappa Q Phi Beta Phi Q Outing Club Q Block A Club Q Football Q Basketball Q Track. THE KALDRG S ICR ELIZABETH CAROLYN OSBORNE Q Duquesne Q Economics Q Alpha Chi Omega Q Cwens Q Debate Q Kalclron. JOSEPH WILLIAM PIERCE Q Kittanning Q His- tory Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q History and Political Science Club Q Block A Club Q Football. ERMA M. PITTS Q Phillipsburg, New Jersey Q English Q Theta Upsilon Q Der deutsche Verein. RUTH HELENE PRATT Q Pittsburgh Q ish Q Kappa Alpha Theta Q Cwens Q alclron Q Literary Magazine Q Christian ncil. RUTH E. RABELL Q M' ille Q Biology Q Chapel Choir. ' FLOY JEANNETT AMSEY Q Meadville Q Mathe- matics Q a Gamma Delta Q Kappa Delta Epsilon lassical' Club Q Singers. M N MAY RAMSEY Q Meadville Q Chemistryw Q Alpha Gamma Delta Q Phi Beta Phi Q Chemii Q Der deutsche Verein Q Singers. WILLIAM LEROY REED Q Rural Valley Q Biology Q Alpha Chi Rho Q Phi Beta Phi Q Chapel Choir Q Band. Sl S il K J tOF1939 THOMAS ALBERT REEP, JR. . Echo . Psychology and Education . Kappa Phi Kappa Q Outing Club. u BETTY JEAN REHTMEYER . Aspinwall Q Biology Q Alpha Chi Omega n Phi Beta Phi 0 Outing Club 0 Boots and Saddles . President of Western Pennsylvania Ath- letic Federation Oi College Women 0 Senior Court. MARGARET RICHARDSON . Cleveland Heightsy Ohio . Biology . Alpha Gamma Delta . Kappa Delta Epsilon. MAUDE ALICE ROBERTS . Sharon . Chemistry . Chemii. JEANETTE LOUISE ROSE . Cambridge Springs . Speech and Drama . Kappa Kappa Gamma 0 Cwens Q Kappa Delta Epsilon . History and Political Science Club . Singers . Playshop . Undergraduate Council - Senior Court. HERBERT ROSEN . Oil City 0 Economics 0 Debate . Philo-Franklin Union . Cam- pus . Block A Club . Tennis. i FRANK KARL SCHROYER . Emporium 0 Physics Q Delta Tau Delta . Der deutsche Verein 0 Outing Club Q Block A Club . Football . Track. SIDNEY GEORGE SEDWICK . Kittanning . Biology . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Beta Phi. THE LDRO SE IOR RUTH CHARLOTTE SHALE . Meadville . English Q Alpha Xi Delta . Kappa Delta Epsilon . Playshop Q Campus. IVA MARIE SHAUBERGER . Albion . History and Social Studies Q Kappa Delta Epsilon . His- tory and Political Science Club. MARJORIE ANN SHEASLEY . Franklin . Biology . Phi Beta Phi 0 Outing Club o Singers Q Campus . Kaldron . Athletic Board. JUNE ANGELINE SIEBERG . McKeesport . o- ciology 0 Alpha Chi Omega . P eta Kappa . Cwens Q History and P cal Sci- ence Club . Outing Club 0 ayshop 0 Campus 0 Kaldron. JEAN JODVIGASSIEBELEC Oil City . Mathe- matics Q Phi Sig ota Q Classical Club. HOWARD LA SMITH . Meadville . Psy- chology Education Q Kappa Phi Kappa . Go Team. NE MURRAY SPRAY . Wilkinsburg . Biology 0 Alpha Chi Rho 0 Phi Beta Phi J Der deutsche Verein . Campus 0 President of Menis Undergraduate Council . Block A Club . Manager of Football . Soccer. EDWARD CHARLES STRIEBICH, JR. . Swissvale . Economics . Phi Kappa Psi. C LA OF1939 CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH SULLIVAN Q Pittsburgh Q History Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q History and Political Science Club Q Block A Club Q Football. MICHAEL LOBELES SUPKO Q Lyndora Q History and Political Science Q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q History and Political Science Club. I ELMER RENDELL SWANSON Q Harwick Q Biology Q Phi Kappa Psi Q Phi Beta Phi Q Undergraduate Council Q President of Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class Q President of Block A Club Q Co-captain of Football Q Track. GERALD ALTON TEFF1' Q Falconer, New York Q Economics. CHARLES WAYNE THOMPSON Q Coraopolis Q Economics Q Phi Delta Theta Q Play- shop Q Block A Club Q Soccer Q Track. DOROTHY JEAN TILLOTSON Q Bear Lake Q Spanish Q Los Caimanes. WILLIAM DILL TODHUNTER Q Johnstown Q Biology Q Phi Delta Theta Q Der deutsche Verein Q Outing Club. ROY H. UHLINGER, JR. Q Mt. Lebanon Q Economics Q Phi Gamma Delta Q Play- shop Q Campus Q Block A Club Q Football Q Basketball. I . 1 THE LDRO yr SE IOR MAURICE HERBERT VEREEKE . Cleveland, Ohio . Economics . Phi Delta Theta . Outing Club . Block A Club e Football Q Basketball Q Track. CHARLES M. WAITE . Oil City . Economics . Phi Kappa Psi . Kappa Phi Kappa 0 Der deutsche Verein . Campus . Football. MARGARET LUCILLE WARNER . Sharpsville . French . Kappa Delta Epsilon . Der deutsche Verein. JWARGARET BLAKELEY WATT . Pittsburg Economics - Alpha Chi Omega u mg Club . Junior Advisor. GEORGETTA WELTNER . Faircha . Drama . Playshop. ALLYN FOSTER WHITE en Osborne . His- tory Q Phi Gamm elta 0 History and Po- litical Science C 0 Block A Club Q Soccer .A Captain of sketball . Captain of Track. WILLIAM ILLIAMS . Meadville . Economics . P ' appa Psi . Los Caimanes Q Chapel C . 'Band . Orchestra 0 Undergraduate uncil . Chairman of Junior Prom Com- mittee. EDYTHE FARR WISAN . Elizabeth, New Jersey . Economics and Sociology . Alpha Chi Omega Choir 0 Band . Orchestra - Men's Under- graduate Council . Chairman of Junior Prom Committee. I ANN CLAIR WOLFF . Greensburg . Economics . Alpha Chi Omega . Outing Club . Playsliop. SARAH ELIZABETH YOUNG . Mayville, New York . English . Kappa Kappa Gamma, CAP ...USO LEROY WILLIAM COON . Middleport, New York . Economies 0 Delta Tau Delta . Band . Block A Club . Track. B. BERNARD ZHALPERIN . Franklin . Biology. ROBEBT ELLSWORTH HARFORD . Meadville . Biology ., Delta Tau Delta . Phi Beta Phi . Outing Club. H VERA MCMICHAEL Q Youngstown, Ohio . Spanish . Phi Sigma Iota . Los Caimanes o Outing Club. JOHNS DANIEL RIDENOUR . Connellsville . Biology . Phi Beta Phi . Block A Club 0 OCCCT. GEORGE ALONZO WALKER u Meadyille 0 Alpha Chi Rho. JU IOR REP CORA KRAUS: c'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety." ROBERT WRIGHT! 'gHis life is gentle, and the elements So mixed in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, 'This is a man." " VIVIAN JOHNSON: "She that is ever fair, and never proudg Has tongue at will, and yet is never loud." BETTY SPRING! "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." CHARLES MILLER: A '4He is a gentleman on whom we build An infinite trust." R E r P RESE TATI S 0 VELMA ZWILLINO: D "She sits high,sin all the peoplels heartsg And that which would appear OHCTLSC in us 'Her countenance, like richest alchemy, W ill change to virtue and to worthinessf' O EDGAR WOOD: ' "Some there are W ho on the tip of their persuasive tongue Carry all arguments and questions deepg They have the dialect and diferent skill, Catching all passions in their craft of will - O EDWARD ROBINSON! 424 proper stripling, and an amorousll' 0 HELEN OCHsENH1RT: "By Jupiter, an angel! or, if not, - An earthly paragon!" 0 IROBERTLAPPLEYARD: 7'See, what a grace is seated on this brow: Hyperion,s curlsg the front of .love himself I 7 OPI-I0 ORE REP 0 RICHARD TAYLOR: KHe hath born himself beyond the promise of his age, doing in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion." O GAIL BURKETT: "This fellowls of exceeding honesty, And knows all qualities with a learned spirit Of human dealings." O DONNA OCHSENHIRT: "I know a wench of excellent discourse, Pretty, and witty, wild, and yet, too, gentlef' 0 ALICE DAVID: "What an eye she hath! methinks it sounds a parley of provocationf, 0 JAMES SCHULTZ: "Youth, thou bear'st thy father's face, Frank nature, rather curious than in haste, Hath well composgd thee. Thy father's moral parts Mayst thou inherit too." TATI DAVID ROBERTSON: "A fellow of zfnyinite jest, of most excellent fancy. ANN ALBRIOHT: "While others fish with craft for great opinion, She with great truth catches more simplicity." ELEANOR YOUNG! "A merrier lass, Within the limit of becoming mirth, I never spent an hour's talk withalf, EDGAR MARVEL: 'CA most acute juvenileg voluble anal free of gracef RUTH ELLEN BLAKE : "For thou shalt final she will outstrip all praise Anal make it halt behincl her." 3 PAUL ABEL JAMES AIKEN CHARLOTTE ALLEN RUTH ALLEN THOMAS ALLEN PIARRIETT ANDERSON EARL ANGER ROLE ARENTZEN ANNA ATKINSON ALFRED BARNES RICHARD BARNES BARBARA BARNI-IART ELMER BAUDER DOROTHY BEATTY DOROTHY BIENCE MARY BETZ ROBERT BICKINC XVILLIAM BICONEY CONSTANCE BLACK PHYLLIS BLACK GEORGE BLANK ESTHER BLYMER WILLIS BOWMAN BETTY BROCK ROBERT BROSSMAN NIARTHA BUCHANAN DALE BYERS BRUCE CAMPBELL ROBERT CAMPBELL HECTOR CARAVACCI HARRY CARNEY JEAN CHAMBERLAIN ELIZABETH CHAPPELLE RUSSELL COLTON JACK COREY GLADYS COUSLER ROBERT CROFOOT THELMA CRONK MARY DAY BURTON DEARING ANNE DEKONING ELIZABETH DELP WILLIAM GREGG pf' 1 I 4 E . I , f Q H4 4 I N A CLAS X WILLARD DETWILER ROBERT DEVINE ELIZABETH DIEEENDORE MARIAN DONALDSON RICHARD DONCASTER SARAH EMERSON EVELYN EPSTEIN EDITH EUWER BENJAMIN FAUVER JEAN FEIRABEND DAVID FIRST ELEANOR FITZPATRICK JAMES FLEEK ROGER FLINT DOROTHY FRENCH HENRY FRYE EDGAR GASTEIGER DONALD GEBBIE MARGARET GENSEMER BETTY GEORGE JAMES GILMORE RUTH GODLEY RICHARD CRAFT PATRICIA ANN GREEN WILLIAM GREGG THOMAS GROW NANCY HARDS CARYL HARRIS GEORGE HAUDENSHIELD HENRIETTA HAYWARD PAUL HERRE NELL HERVEY KATHRYN HILL WILLIAM HOOVER STEPHEN HULL MILDRED HUTCHINSON MARY JAMES ANNA JENKINS RALPH KELLEY CHARLES KELLEY MARCI KINNEAR VIRGINIA KIRK VIRGINIA KISER DOROTHY KONSTANZER BARBARA KOUGH ALTON KUHL BARBARA LAWSON 'LHELEN LAYDEN NIIRIAM LEE RICHARD LEWELLYN JANE LEWIS ELEANOR LINDCREN ELIZABETH LING PAUL LOESCH GILBERT LONG MARY LOVELAND JOHN JVICCAFFERTY CHARLES NICCLELLAND HERMAN MCCLOUD SARAH MCCORMICK VIRGINIA MCCUNE CASSIUS NICGREW PEGGY JXJCKELXVIE FRANK JXJCKNIGHT BETTY JVIACKEY WILLIAM MAIN RALPH MARASCO GLENN NIARCY NANCY MARTIN JWURIEL JVIATSON ROSE JWERVOSH CHARLOTTE MILLER ROBERT MILLER JAMES NIOFFIT VIRGINIA MOORE WALTER MORRIS RUTH MORTON MARGARET NIUMSON CAROLYN MUSCH JOSEPH NASTA JEAN PETERSON WILLIAM RACE JULIUS RASKIN ISABEL RAYBURN GEORGE RICHARDSON JOSEPH RIEGGER I-IARRY ROBERTS BARBARA ROUNDY Deceased H FRES N CLA JANE RUOSS RUTH SALISBURY CAROL SCHAAL STUART SCHAFFNER JOYCE SCHAFMEISTER DOROTHY SCHILZ HELEN SHAFFER GLORIA SHERMAN WILBUR SHUSTER SHIRLEY SILVER RUSSELL SIPE CLARENCE SPITZER REYNARD STONE WENDELL STONE JEAN STREET ANNA SUNNERGREN MOREY SUTTER RICHARD THAYER JOAN THOMPSON CHARLES TORREY ELIZABETH TRACHSEI JEAN TRAVIS JUNE TRIGGER HALL VAN VLACK VIRGINIA VIETS OLIVER WALKER NEIL WEHR ROBERT WELDAY DOROTHY WENZ JANET WHIPPLE JULIA WHITE ' LEWIS WIBI.E ROBERT WILLISON LOIS WOODBURY CHARLOTTE ZEMA Qnoravfy Vganizaifions 1 . . Omen 5 Vaiernzfzes ' ments Oda! gfafe1f'1fLiZ1Qe5 ' Qjgmcjenif ciffzfviiies g , K in www N 1 . I, N ' 1 f 7 Q 7, X ,, 'wxukl X , X X Nkmmxgx gi vw, 'fave' ,. 'ggygfa 0 ., f, I ' WSI' fhikf' ,W yyffw. , , , w Xffl, W:-!!!?,f,,,f . ffffkzfff ,fff . X ' xx Q K ' XXX? l V 4 J. 'T ,K L X x 5 XQQ Ei Nb ' X , 4 X xx lf- "' My? A! iz- . X rpg- . ' .':1'.-1 , -' - 11 1 4 f 0,9 an X, Co P PHI BETA K PPA Eta Chapter of Pennsylvania F RATRES IN FACULTATE Irwin R. Beiler Paul B. Cares John E. Cavelti Chester A. Darling Joseph L. Fisher Mina L. French Louis C. Green Frederick C. Henke Louis J. Long Mildred J. Ludwig Herbert S. Rhinesmith Clarence F. Ross Julian L. Ross Edith Rowley John R. Schultz Cliiford W. Skinner Stanley S. Swartley William P. Tolley William R. Tongue C. Wilbur Uiford FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1939 Robert William Albright June Angelene Sieberg Founded William. and Mary College 1776 'K , T ,,,....,.,,-.. .1 fm , . ii......,...,,, . .. as . :fra .fi , C' CWE SORORES IN FACULTATE Mildred Ludwig Elisabeth Spann-Delorme SoRoREs IN COLLEGIO Ann Albright Ruth Ellen Blake Mary Brock ,lane Hartman Winifred Nippe Donna Ochsenhirt Georgia Seitz Jean Steigerwald Marjorie Wible Epsilon Chapter Honorary Sophomore Women's Fraternity Founded University of Pittsburgh 1917 PP PHI KAPP Founded Dartmouth College 1922 Zeta Chapter lVlen,s Professional Education Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE Benjamin B. Beisel Clarence F. Boss Guy E. Buckingham E Julian L. Boss Frederick C. Henke Bernard Battaglia Frederick Davidson Eugene Cease Milo Connick Neil lVlacKeigan Clifford W. Skinner FRATRES IN CoLLEc1o Charles Waite ALSO J ohn Topper David Catrall Eugene Ochs Albert Beep Howard Smith Neil Rolla Souom-rs IN l4Hu:l11h.'1'A'l'1-: Mina L. French Esther L. Parker Soaomcs IN COLLEGIO Elllafllllll Burkhardt Aileen Dain Edith Heinze Margaret Jackson Edith Lawrence Virginia Leydic Katherine Lytle Betty Matthews Floy Ramsey Ruth Shale Marie Shauberger Margaret Richardson Jeannette Rose Margaret Werner ALSO Lorene Bott Rachel Miller Womenls Professional Educational Fraternity PP DELTA EP ILO Allegheny Chapter Founded Washington, D. C 1933 Thomas Allison PHI BET PHI Founded Allegheny College 1921 Alpha Chapter Honorary Biology Fraternity F RATRES IN FACULTATE Chester A. Darling Clifford W. Skinner Albert E. D. O 'l ' gl vie Dale E. Thomas FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Jane Anderson Elizabeth Brady Emaruth Burkhardt Dorothy Dotterrer William Dotterrer Robert Dugan Edith Green John Hosking George Houck Paul Johnston Horace Lavely Arthur Aey Charles Bailey Daniel Bidenou Robert Harford I' ALSO Walter Maloney Harry lVlcCurdy Robert lVlcVey Eugene Ochs Charles Pierce Marian Ramsey William Reed Betty Behtmeyer Sidney Sedwick Marjorie Sheasley Wayne Spray Samuel Hazlett William Scarpitti Elmer Swanson lack Wolford FRATRES IN FACULTATE Armen Kalfayan Alice Kemp Elisabeth Spann-Delorme Mildred Ludwig FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Ruth Baldwin Aileen Dain Genevieve Gehrlein Marian Henry Margaret Jackson Vivian Johnson lean Sieloelec Velma Zwilling Honorary Romance Language Fraternity PHI SIGMA IOTA Alpha Chapter Founded Allegheny College 1922 :I -I I Ig ,I .. II I I I, I I I I II II I QI I I -I 'I I II I I II I II I 'I I g I I 51 -I I I I I 1 I I I l I I I I -. Ii I II ' I, I I, Ii I ' W I I .I , 3 , I , I I H .I I IHII I E I I I I I , I N., II IIEI' . ' ,, , ,I I I I Il I ,If , 'III I I If- I I I ,. :GI I I I"LI I I ,..I - I 1 I . Ig . I I I- I I Ii I I I , .:.I: I I IME I II!h,!I I If if I ,Jw I - V'lN5I X 1 I5 I: I I ' I I MII ,r I II L: I 1 I . ,, .. I I I I :Iwi ll l, 'fm :I .' iI II 3 I I I I I I I II I 'MII I I' I FI1 5 I tfxr t II I , I 2 :' I I .I i I I I I 5 , :Hn 3 If I II I I I I E 0 pf Z 40 40 'Q ms Fvy 4 Aa! E uw ll x 4, l l 4 ,I 5 2 1 E s ln Sq, 4 l in V 5 3 5 1, P , X 1 1 I ,r,, I Kappa Alpha Theta Founded De Pauw University 1870 Mu Chapter CLASS OF 1939 Martha Jane Beatty Jane Godard Mary Brickman Edith Green Dorothy Dotterrer Edith Heinze Ruth Pratt CLASS OF 1940 Miriam Fay Vivian Johnson Mary Louise Cingenhaoh Barbara Johnston Eleanor Harter Helen Oehsenhirt Adele Horner Jane Port CLASS or 19441 Margaret Hopkins Donna Ochsenhirt Jean Megahan Jane Stewart Winifred Nippe Margery Wible Eleanor Young Kappa Kappa Gamma CLASS OF 1939 Betty Boyd Beatrice Broomall Jeannette Hirschman Josephine McDanel Jeannette Bose Sal-ly Young Jane Davies Elizabeth Gotschall CLASS OF 1940 Alice Eicher Cora Kraus Eleanor Fishel Kathryn Gelbach Elinor Kistler Marjorie Lewis Helen Litten Mary Lou Williams Velma Zwilling CLASS OF 194.1 Ann Albright Genevieve Cook Mary Lou Allen Winetta Robertson Ruth Blake Georgia Seitz Virginia Cavanaugh Florence Sells Gamma Rho Chapter Founded Monmouth College 1870 SWAN Alpha Chi mega Delta Chapter Founded De Pauw University 1870 CLASS OF 1939 Anna Mary Ballinger Nancy Clowes Phyllis Freeland Marian Henry Betty Kroegher Ann WOIH CLASS or 1 Suzanne Brewer Rosemary Cowden Dorothy Dickson CLASS or 1 Anna Mary Adams Arlene Bence Mary Brock Alice David ALSO Betty Stewart Elizabeth Osborne Betty Behtmeyer June Sieherg Margaret WTatt Edith Wisan 941 Jean English Rachel Mumbulo Betty Spring 940 Lois Dobbins ,lane Hartman Louise Hazlett Dorothy Henry lpha Gamma Delta Margaret Dennis Betty Downs Helen Hahn Floy Ramsey Marian Ramsey Margaret Richardson CLASS OF 1940 Jean Beighley Martha Ralston Betty Buttermore Betty Schryver Jeanne Lancaster Kathryn Wilson Helen Crawford CLASS OF 1941 Doris Judge Francille Martin Nancy Clark .lean l-leeter JR 15 NK heta Upsilon Q Founded University of California 1914 Eta Chapter r CLASS or 1939 Frances Batchelor Virginia Cook Betty Boltz Betty McCurdy Dorothy Brennen Dorothy Morrison 1 Erma Pitts 1 CLASS or 1940 Jane Anderson Mary Graf ,lean Boyd Miriam McClean Betty Buchanan Mary Ellen Reilly Mary Jane Stewart Margaret Turner f Dorothy F rantzen ALSO A Alice Rothrock i CLASS or 1941 Alice Bryant Barbara Flick Janet Cronberger Dorothy Hickernell Jean Ferguson Ruth Jarvis Ruth Kroft sl' lpha Xi Delta CLASS OF 1939 Shirley Baldwin Lorene Bott Elizabeth Brady Renalda Dunning Evelyn Longwell Katherine Lytle Betty Kay Matthews Laine Meyer Margaret Jackson Ruth Shale - CLASS OF 1940 ,lane Wisenall ALSO Jean Harkless CLASS OF 1941 Kay Challinor Rose Mervosh Mae Alice Goodman Helen Hilker Patricia Van Ostrand ALSO Helen Gumm Helen Roeder Alpha Rho Chapter Founded Lombard College 1895 I DEPE DE T VVOMEN Marjorie Bailey Eleanor Benson Alexandra Charnecki Marguerite Dye Amelia Gracy Rose Gugino Ruth Baldwin Alice Cowles Elizabeth Aldrich Betty Hoffman Margaret Johnson Virginia Crowthers Rosalyn Einstein Mae Alice Goodman Janet Chipman Jean Farrington Alice Hand Dorothy James CLASS OF 1939 Martha Keefe Edith Lawrence Virginia Leydic Mary Gene Long Suzanne Maury Ruth RaBell Georgette Weltnel' ALSO Vera McMichael CLASS OF 1940 Genevieve Gehrlein Elizabeth Husted ALSO Madeline Karlitsky Ruth McCandless Frances McCrea CLASS or 1941 Ellen Hoffman Lenore Knoll Margaret Reiley ALSO Mary Kennedy Betty Knowlton Michelena Kobylanski Nora Lantz Maudealice Roberts Iva Shauberger Marjorie Sheasley lean Siebielec Dorothy Tillotson Margaret Wa1'ne1' Margaret McDowell Marjorie Slagel Florence Melcher Catherine Reynolds Jean Steigerwald Cleo Swanson Doris Welker ,lean Lawrence Frances Loper Thelma Pope Ruth McCrea Rubens P IPL 'sale'-' Q H l'1r'f Dwell -fel ifhef gnlllds Mid 1 f' Y 5 lx YQ! vc' 0 42 OCIA Phi Kappa Psi Pennsylvania Beta Chapter CLASS OF 1939 Robert Brooks Linn Myers Frederick Davidson Kelso Dent William Heilbrun Frederick Loesch William Williams Eugene Ochs Edward Striebich Elmer Swanson Charles Waite CLASS OF 1940 William Cook Orwen Rector A Edward Robinson ALSO Arthur Aey William Carlson Bruce Barackman Robert Hirschman Charles Liggett CLASS OF 19411 Edgar Marvel Robert T. Sherman Gilbert Brown Gail Burkett Thomas Cort Edgar Weber ALSO Charles Rothrock Clark Saylor Robert Sherman Arthur Singleton Paul Barclay William Beckfleld Charles Beiler Lawrence Frost Derrick Johnston Russell Trump CLASS OF 19412 Stephen Hull Paul Loesch Alfred Barnes Richard Barnes Elmer Bauder John Corey Robert Devine Glenn Marcy William Race Russell Sipe ALSO Forrest Hewitt Alton Kuhl Samuel Lord Glenn Peifler Robert Burrows Richard Caldwell Thomas Grow S :V - .Saw-:W . .. W .... , A . ..,., , xx S ,,..l,,..,,.-, -V ,.V,,, -:-ff ..AS1ag-fffcffz NW. 1-,yfff , ,O A v w 'XSL .' Y1'-'f fv 1 xg DQ.. .r,,,o,S, , . ,S xzsws, ,f.,Q1v.,1.1s 1 1Kwx,-1-1:4 QAM AW 11 XS. X . w .521 "" f 392' - 011 .S 1 111 it ' 'ff - vi , fi , x , is 5, f fo' w'1s1sm-.S-S ,.-1,111 ' X f 1..f1.1iSf1-W1 1 - ,.-1,:,1: 'fvf YQ: or S . swag g1,.,,fz.g 5251 .W .. ,,,.- .mf 'mg , f X ff: 1- er . .,., .. 1. . , . A. ,1 , 1 'S 'if'5:.H 11xv':':fSffEF:i3 '51 XXX: 1' 45 .,f '57 CCSYTQ S iff? 151 -2351 . faqkf' V' 1 -. 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ALSO Bruce Harper CLASS OF 194-2 James Aiken Robert Bicking Bruce Campbell Robert Campbell Hector Caravacci Russell Colton Robert Crofoot Benjamin Fauver David First Roger Flint James Gilmore George Haudenshield Gilbert Long Charles McClelland Robert Miller George Richardson Harry Roberts Stuart Schaffner Lewis Wible ALSO Thomas Allen Founded Jefferson College 1848 Founded Bethany College 1859 Delta au Delta Alpha Chapter CLASS OF 1939 Thomas Allison Daniel Boyer Eugene Cease Robert Dugan David Gatrall Frank Henry William Hummel Horace Lavely Glenn lVleClurg Earl lVlcGrea Frank Schroyer William Coon Robert Harford CLASS or 1940 Henry Jacobus Edward Spofford Benjamin Beacom Samuel Hazlett Earl Hays ii Jack Wolford Gordon lVatSon CLASS or 1941 Georve Evert CJ 7 Robert Hoover Arthur Martin Vi' illiam Morris Milton Shoob Forrest Ferry Howard Gibbs William Gorman CL.-xs Paul Abel lvillis Bowman George Carlisle Harry Carney Henry Frye Stephen lrlorlon Donald King Reed Horneiius Wesley Johnston Frederick Neckers S or 19-112 John MeGalTerty Herman McCloud Ralph Marasco james Moflit Joseph Riegger Frederick Zimmer William Mollld William Slnnder -1 ta Itrvl ' r Q fa! lard 4? 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A -rg. 'well F11 ' L rl, 'Q , -A L 235 A f 1 5 , ' sw ' 3 1 " ff' + 3 3' Q, . CLASS OF 1939 Walter Clemons Milo Connick Bernard Halperin Albert Reep Herbert Rosen Howard Smith Gerald Tellt Independent Men ALSO William Keilbaugh Daniel Ridenour George Walker CLASS OF 1940 Wilmot Bartle Michael Enserro Lawrence May S Gurdon Potter John Templeton Herbert Alberstadt Alden Johnson- Robert Krall John Krimmel Richard Kuehner Frank Lemme ALSO Neil MacKeigan George Myers Neil Roha John Sanlfilippo James Sullivan William Whitacre CLASS OF 1941 Charles Bayless A Francis McMunigle William Sausmer George Barnes Thomas Beedle Paul Fera Norman Gill Merle Graham ALSO James Mclntosh Arthur Nichols Lewis Pyle Wrightson Tongue Robert Vought A CLASS OF 1942 Thomas Allen Willard Detwiler Edgar Gasteiger William Hoover Charles Kelley Robert Bailey George Bloom Gerald Brooks George Cardoza Arthur Diskin Edgar Doolittle Edwin Eberhardt Michael Flaherty Ray Friedrich Charles Gilmore Robert Hanlan Bernard Heller 'Ramon Holcomb William Main Julius Raskin Morey Sutter Charles Stone Charles Torrey ALSO Arthur Kirk Bernard Knapp Cliiiford Lindberg Qonald Modisher James Mollitt lvan Munger . ohn Stealey Stephen Strumlok David Swanson Wwwwwtaawwwauwf ',- ,, fp . , k v " ff rf ' ', , ' ,ffyh ff if' ff 'f 0. 0, ':' :4-,U ,iw ,. fum. p I 'Q I, ' "inf ' Zin, , ' 7 , f ,, ,f'f1 4 ,-Y, . cw I , '::2', '-S, ' , Mc ,f ' v , O -.1 04, f-,, , , ,ff f, 1.6 g.4,j7g,f,5W, of , V f ,f ,f , A ,A. ,f'f 'Q 4 f ,, - f , 7 1,,, f:i1. .: . . m ', 2 5 ,11 A J, S ., ,A ftvt A ,. ., A' . .4,j up Lfff0f'!' f ,. ":E1, 5, 3' -, A f "ii I+' "-- 0- f 'Q '91 Sf ay- f Q- t Q -r"' iff -A . A sjsmx . , V 5 N, A 'Sf - X545 ,fp 14359 N 3 ., E Z vi Ji F ' :.:.. ' 49 , . 41 A A Yr 5 ,,., 1 ,,o:vL,., L , . .. . L .. E35 ...:.' .. p I .552 ' ' 4.. - 1 - 1 ' ' E 3 V 1 C , . X A ,S O X Ii . f - ' A isSwSsS vFw QV' ' ,AA A p L p p gr isa-S r ,als Q p N. p X ddds I 1 ix 51 XS: Q -S is i '-S SKY :.. ' Y ., 1. 3 1 X 1 . f. X - X N- " 4- X. yay A N A Rf i- SXABX.-A S X wg N1 Louis Varricchio Maxwell WCSlC1'1l1R11 . ws Karl Williams -S S "" J s ' A X Y x 4 1 - 1 Q I . E Y li l 1 3 F l W D , W P ly a 0 fx 5 O Q , FMT? 5 i 1 H 2 'Q , , V ,W 1 . During the past decade, student government at Allegheny has been steadily increasing in importance, until at the present time, it is a vital factor in student life. Both administrative and judicial prob- lems are handled by the collegians themselves, thus developing indi- viduality, executive ability, and cooperation, Which might other- Wise have remained latent. gfl!Zegl1,e1n.y Qf7QCZ8fI'g'lf'CiIC!l16110 6Z7lIIIC'I. Highest student administrative body, the Allegheny Undergraduate Council is com- posed of twelve upperclassmen who represent each of the major activity groups on the campus. Under the direction of its president, William C. Hummel, the group has spon- sored all-college dances, made budget allot- ments, arranged High School Day and lll-Ol11C- coming, and supervised class elections. A section of the preamble oil this govern- ing bodyis constitution states its true purpose: Willie Allegheny llndei'g1'uduate Couneil is established as 'ri beginning ol student self- governinenl whit-h will linrinonize with and ilurther the aims of the new t'tlt't'lt'ttlllt1t. the wish to set up ai Couneil truly t'Cpi't'Sl'llltlllYt' ol the signineunt activities ol the eannpus. competent to express the student lille nt Alle- gheny, independent in its proeedure only :IS attesting its sineerity in strixing tor the l1eSl . - , .- interest ol Allegheny Lollege. I l X I The eil t . l'9Seut Plllestw 1 P0111 D t and lx ltto will to n lillltlti td s It f'Xliil,, jffl ,aff 'md W' 3 . ,-fttdlllfe ifiitflf' ,, ue- .15 .guy tiff i .5 i l Qnaem is C?M1fLrfe1fg1faofuafe TUD T GO ERNM l I l 'lflfmf 1.0 'lf' C '17 is O 'VS j A comparatively new project under student j government is the Junior Advisor program. A s function of the Advisors is to aid in the orien- tation of new students-to help them to make P v j friends, to cultivate good study habits, and to introduce them to various campus activi- ties. The Junior Advisors form an important link between the freshmen and the Activities Board, Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Ad- ministration. They institute discussion groups on student government, scholarship, etiquette, activities and clothes. The introduction of this program has been a major step in the direction of solving the problem of adjust- ment which confronts new students. issociczfccf Cypiowten Cifmcfenfs Under the direction of Dorothy Dotterer, president of Associated Women Students, women's student government this year has made an effort to minimize emphasis on Senior Court and its judicial functions and to build up the Activities Board. The basic idea lies in the promotion of individual initiative and activities, in the belief that each student should be encouraged to de- velop her individual interests. Included in this program were numerous cultural speakers, informal discussion groups, and campus functions. O'lfL7'LCZZ The lVIen7s Undergraduate Coun- cil has, as its members, two rep- resentatives from each fraternity. These men have the power to regulate all rushing regulations, and to supervise matters pertain- ing to fraternities as a whole. By exhibiting cooperation and good will, the council has done much EO improve inter-fraternity re- lationships. EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER STAFF PI-IOTOCRAPI-IER ASSOCIATE EDITORS THE 1939 KALDRO o-fgggfo Ever since the prehistoric age, man has always sought to preserve some record of his activities. From the earliest crude markings on coarse stone, to the present elaborate system of printing by power-driven presses, such objec- tives have been achieved by every country and every institution. The Kalalron is a typical eX- ample of the latter classification. It is through this publication that the life and events of each year at Allegheny College are preserved. But a task such as this record preservation is one that requires the skill and time of a great many individuals. Centralization and speciali- zation must be accomplished before any con- tinuity can be realized. As a result, different de- partments were created to handle eliiciently the Work that was to be done. Supervising the entire project was Charles Miller, Editor-in-Chief, and J. Llewellyn Davies, Business Manager, the for- mer assuming full charge of the content of the book itself, while the latter made campaigns for finances, so necessary in work of this type. Catalogued under these two leaders came the remaining departments. The make-up editor, Cora Kraus, had a job that belongs to one of the less known catagories, yet remains one of the most important ones. To her and her workers went the task of mounting the pictures of every- body in the College-a tedious. time consuming responsibility, when one realizes that there were approximately six hundred students who had individual pictures taken. Supervision of the has his on 1 of iff- and ex- ugh sch ion 'EBI ali- on- de- the tire md 701'- the for pe. the or. of of B15 ry' Hg are ad he 'fin fi Pc. :M N writing material was in the hands of Barbara Johnston and Miriam Fay. An interesting fac- tor with regards to this work is that although one has the entire year to ponder over the work, the final drafts cannot be made until the project is ready for the printers, since accuracy must be maintained. Late hours and hectic struggles with words caused these two and their assistants much research and sleepless nights. To Helen Ochsen- hirt fell the responsibility of arranging suitable dates with the photographer and groups con- cerned to have their pictures taken, requiring a great deal of contacts and telephone conver- sations. One of the greatest and perhaps the main aim of a year book, in its quest to record the events as they actually exist, is the obtaining of good photography. Pictures that are taken as they really occur, not posed, are the ones that are of chief value in later life. The ones of this book, we feel, are decidedly distinctive and unique from those of previous publications. Instead of the customary, bromide pictorial sequences of the College buildings, modernistic and clever ones were made, for the aim was to get pictures that would be hard to be repeated. The Campus scenes in the opening section are excellent ex- amples of this achievement. The division pages, the clear action pictures of the sport section, and the informal snapshots that are found through- out the book, are all good photographs that fifte QQCaZ.I.m dia! were long planned before they were ever taken. One should praise LeRoy Schneck, the staff pho- tographer, for his fine work in this department. The staff and lVlr. Schneck were not in any way trying to outshine any commercial photogra- phers or to seek any prizes for their photos, but were merely taking pictures that will be of inter- est to the reader at any time. But to eulogize these people solely, would be a gross error on the part of the editor, for the book was not made by them alone, but by the combined efforts of countless students who vol- unteered their services and time in the slow process of year book making. No discrimination was made to fraternities or sororitiesg and every- body who desired, was eagerly welcomed to the fold. Every class contributed helpers who had an important part to play in some particular phase of the book. The mentioned individuals merely mobilized those eager to work into some systematic order, to prevent aimless wanderings. And so now we are just about ready for the final deadline on the printing material. ln a few moments the work will be completed and an- other book shall soon be ready to be placed on a shelf until future reference. If those who read and study this volume get as much enjoyment out of the pictures and write-ups as we have obtained in their creation, we have achieved our objective and no publication staff could de- mand any more compensation. ASSOCIATE EDITOR ART EDITOR EDITOR THE LITERARY MAGAZIN With malice towards some fparticularly the Gay Gatorj, magniloquence for a few, but magnanimity towards all, the Allegheny Literary Magazine has completed its forty- second year of publication. From its newly- designed masthead, to the recently instituted Critic's Nest, the uLit" is a fresh, vital, and arresting periodical. The changes which have been instituted in make-up, the different approach to book reviewing and editorial comments, as well as more, and really dis- tinctive art work are evidences of the ini- provement and growth which has taken place in the magazine under the leadership of its genial and capable editor, Robert Wright. But not O1Ily in the Inallier of writing was significant work done. The magazine itself '1 4 .J urls' CW. ffl Y IU'- ilt' ned and QYB rent rial dis' lm' laff f its 1 W35 ,Self 7 1 H ze zifelzzry l!ZC1gCYfIZ"Ii'I"1,l3 , saw many improvements, the most striking being the redesigned cover by Robert Miner, who acted as Art Director for the magazine. In this position he saw to it that a better type of paper was used, that certain typographical im- provements were made, and that the magazine was embellished with numerous linoleum cut decorations. V This year the editor's page blossomed forth and took an important place in the magazine as the Editoris Front Porch. The Critic's Nest, another new de- partment, gave an opportunity for comments by former editors and writers. The Faculty Sketch gave brief glimpses of interesting members of the faculty. The Book Review section was given an air of informality and more intimate interest by Vvilliam Hummel, who continued his good writing, and the editor. The standards of poetry were kept up by the work of Ruth Pratt and Helen Hilker particularly. Hall VanVlack emerged from the Freshman Writing Con- test as an able writer of fiction. One of the best things about the magazine this year was its variety of subject matter. It has long been a standing oke, not so funny, but irrefutably true, that the staff is the only fountainhead of material, but this year has shown that other sources are available-basketball stars, debators, and singers, all found the pen another medium of expression. With the renewed verve for writing and a widened area from which to draw contributions, the magazine has intensified the interest of the entire student body. The Literary Magazine fills the need among students for an instrument to incite self-expression through writing. ASSOCIATE TWV I MANAGING EDITOR EDITOR EDITOR THE CAMPUS The upower of the pressn is a vital force in the life of Allegheny. Edited and controlled solely by student talent, 'cThe Campus" appears every Wednesday' noon, reflecting and crystal- lizing student opinion, and always attempting to preserve a large degree of objective impartiality on questions of moment. The editorial policy has been one of interpretation and clarification, seeking to stimulate and enlighten, rather than to blackjack undergraduates or faculty into action not of their own conception. Foreign problems have played their part in editorial treatment, as an attempt to awaken Alleghenians to the problems of the world from which they are, as students, much too sheltered. While ad- mitting that these objectives are high ones, the editorial board for this year believe that they have been achieved to a satisfactory extent, and passes them on to next yearis staff as goalS worth aiming for. Forty-five students have served as the perma- nent staff of 4'The Campusn for 1938-39. lt iS particularly significant, in view of the quality of work obtained, that all time devoted to the work of the paper is entirely voluntary. There are no paid positions on Allegheny's Stlldellf publications. Keeping this in mind, it is all especial tribute to the Allegheny system that papers and magazines here can compete suc- cessfully with those ol institutions where stu- dents are remuncrated :lor services rendered. Among those "Campus" senior stall members who this spring laid down their pencils for the last time are lflditor-in-Clricf William Hummel, and Assistant Editors ,lane Godard and Thomas ' in lied HHS stal- gm flity hey 1011. than into eign frial inns they ad- the they and cali VHI3' Ir is ahf? the here dent 5 HU that SUC ' SIU' ered- lbffs the trflelf V H1135 Hazlett. These three members of the class of '39 have acted throughout the year as the editorial board of control, settling matters of general policy and coverage for the paper. . Another retiring chief is Roy Uhlinger, whose eiiiciency as Business lVlanager has kept Wfhe Campusw on its financial feet throughout the year. Also leaving the business and advertising office is Joseph Pierce, who has served as Advertising Assistant. Senior Herbert Koerner has covered kick-offs and photo-finishes in his capacity as co-Sports Editor, and as a special feature writer, Richard Jones has polled student and faculty opinions with his question and answer column wfhey, Do Say? In this feature, Mr. Jones and the editors have attempted to bring to the campus the reactions of Alleghenians in regard to questions of international and national importance. Other members of the editorial staff for 1938-39 were News Editor Elinor Kistler and Feature Editor Miriam Fay, both members of the junior class. Sophomores Howard Gibbs and James Gettamy served as Assistants to the News Editor. A THE ALLEGHE Y SINGERS September 26 A I Dear Diary: V V' Singers started today! It was great to be back again with the old gang, singing the old songs. And best of all, Luvy was there. Every- one seemed so glad to be together again, singing 4'Czecho,', '4Katherine," and all the songs that bring back so many pleasant memories. lim looking forward to a wonderful year. October 3 y Dear Diary: . There were about twelve new singers added to the group tonight. Their voices are very good, making the prospects for the year look better than ever. ' October 16 , Dear Diary: This morning we sang for the Homecoming Service at the Stone Church. Some of the old Singers were there. Everybody was glad to see Dave Martin, Ev Hendricks, Eleanor Keefer, and many others. 1 felt that we really sang 6'Beauti- ful Saviourn better than ever before. When l graduate it will be a consolation to feel that 1 can always come back and find a welcome place in this organization as so many Singers have done for years. October 13 Dear Diary: We took our first trip today, and an exciting one it was, too. It was great fun to be rolling along in the bus, toward Cleveland, singing a few of our numbers, and looking forward to a concert at the Statler Hotel. We made up some very clever words to 'cliatherinew whilg W3 Wem ...L ... in the bus. We were going to try them at the end of the concert and surprise Luvy, but it seems that we all got a little scared and lost our nerve. We had an excellent dinner at the hotel. The concert was a success, for we had a very re- sponsive audience. As a surprise to us all, we stopped at Chuck Barkleyis home in Cleveland on the return trip and spent an enjoyable eve- ning eating and singing. December 10 Dear Diary: Today was a big day for us, for tomorrow is our Christmas concert, the big event of the year. We all decorated the chapel this afternoon. Everyone had lots of fun, for getting ready for this program is an event no one wants to miss. Luvy supervised the whole affair, he really made those basses, baritones, and tenors Work for a change. The trees were carried up and down the aisles, back and forth, until they looked just right. The girls worked on the candle holders for the aisles, and the big wreaths of real pine for the stained glass win- dows. YVe certainly proved that old saying that umany hands make light workf' Wfhen five o'clock came, chapel was a fairyland of pi116 trees and pale blue lights. XVe topped the after- noon off with song. December 11 Dear Diary: The concert was lovely. The beauty of tl16 chapel put a song in my heart. The CWGIIS, all dressed in white, made a picturesque prelude 35 they came down the aisles to light the Candles. The soft dimming of the lights, the darkness n X t alll! rm 1 ru .,, 'V' ,N N U 'lr -5 25 9.17. VO!! UBI' ,..- .allv mfg .md UE'- the D12 UU' ihat tjvfi Gin? iff' 7 iii? all 23: IP.- :PY J, 1-X it i Hp r. L.??. ii fl 'M ,fd and stillness of the chapel, and the last heauti- ful strains of 'Silent Nightj' left a feeling of Peacefulness and quietness in the souls of both the listeners and participants. December 16 Dear Diary: p Just get home from the Singeris Christmas Serenade. lt seems that the serenade hol-ds much of the fun and excitement of the Whole Christ- Qwecior if p l Clflqorien Ogtgvaag mas season for the Singers. It was very cold to- night, hut a lot of us Wore snow suits and man- aged to keep pretty Warm. We had our usual round of the faculty homes and dorms. The grand climax Was our own usingi' in Cochran dining room around a big log fire. There was such a cozy, cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Benjie had coffee and doughnuts for us which just hit the spot. We sat for hours and sang every Singeris song We knew and even some We , 7 ....... .N ,,.. ...,,..,..,,.m4 THE didn't know Very well. It seems to me that the close friendship a11d tl1e co111111o11 bond which we find at times like that are things which really count with the Singers and keep them sucl1 a united group. When we iinally left for home, CV61'yO11C took with him Il feeling of warmth, happiness, contentment, and thoughts of an evening of pure pleasure. ,lanuary 25 Dear Diary: . Tonight we had a surprise Hhon voyagei' serenade for Luvy. Wfe were sorry to see him go, especially the Seniors, for his departure for Norway l0ll10l'1'OW, means the hest part of the year without him. And Singers without Luvy is pretty hard to imagine. We'll have to practice doubly hard though, so Weill he ready whe11 l1e comes home lo direct the comrnencement concert. March 15 Dear Diary: We had a good rehearsal tonight. Ed's doing a line job. H E ALLEGHE Y SINGER April 17 g Dear Diary: At Singers practice this afternoon, Ed read us a letter from Luvy who certainly is having a line time. l-le's in Stockholm now. He says that the children are having lots of fun learning to ski and are enjoying themselves immensely. lt wonat be long now .till we'll see him again! May 1 Dear Diary: The year is rapidly drawing to a close. We've missed Luvy so much, for no one could ever take his place. Helll be home soon though, and we7ll have two whole weeks with him. When l review the events of each year here, l realize that Singers play a real part in the life of the college. Our singing is of great importance, but our fine friendships, our loyalty to one another, the many good times we have together, and- hest of all-Luvy, are things which we can look hack on many years from now with the fondest of memories. DEBATER 'fYour program was the best we've ever heard, and we've had over l,000," was the content of a note re- ceived by the Speech Department after an extension engagement. Such an expression typifies the reception of the newest aspect of Allegheny's speaking program- the Speakers Bureau. Organized last year this bureau makes available speeches and debates of current interest to clubs and civic organizations in the tri-state area. Typical subjects of this year,s individual speakers were Cowboy Ballads, The Collegian Looks at National Affairs, Write as You Please, but-, and A Student Views Religion. Debate questions available included the regular intercollegiate discussions of the governmentis pump-priming policy, a possible alliance of the democracies against the aggres- sion of Fascism, and the advisability of American isolation. Perhaps the best means of discerning Alleghenyis progress in this extension Work is to compare her stand- ing with other colleges. On the basis of last yearls sur- vey of extension work in other colleges, Allegheny's record for this year would put her in second place in the country, far ahead of any other school in Pennsyl- vania- Some of the figures concerning the work of the Speakers Bureau this year seem almost astronomical. The aggregate audience to Whom these programs were presented totaled l7,000, an increase of 14,000 over last year. There were 37 engagements filled and 33 stu- dents participated in this program. Thus the newest aspect of the speaking program is proving most successful-providing opportunities for Alleghenians who desire speaking experience before critical audiences, and rendering an incalculable service to organizations that seek well prepared programs. Debating, which has always been a significant part of the program, received even greater impetus this year via the freshman debaters. Coached by Charles E. Irvin, Instructor in Speech, these neophytes received such training as would best prepare them, not only for this year's freshman engagements, but for future varsity Work. Moreover, members of the varsity, skillfully coached by Professor Hurst R. Anderson, carried on H very extensive program. Statistics compiled by Coach Irvin indicate that 29 students participated in 81 debates. The foreign debate team that appeared on the cam- pus this year was from Australia. Their debate with Milo Connick and Herbert Rosen, '39, proved a IHOSI interesting verbal encounter. I of th' the ' Natio The I by .lol lin C1 Irwin organi Maria Mann Milo 1 It a Bun Allegh . t . fu .n.irtL and t . .1 noi.. res .Pl I A Pi - ., . U t 1 ruepltoly 'ig llmlfllltix XFN available in hlllltg and -tvnxil sultjt-C15 ftfmvy Ballads TPC- . -i ..fc 115101, 'f4""'- Debate zritcrcollegiate :ning policy, H rs: the aggres- cf :lmerican tl Xlleghenys Dare her stand- List years Sur. 's. .Xlleghenfs -'voml place in -ol in Pennsyl- rf' work of the tt astronomical. prograrns were -ii 14.000 over f'-il and 33 stu- Qfu program is iportunities f0I gf-rience bef0I9 lf.-iilable serticff programs. .ignilicanl Pm gp'-tus lhii Year iharles E- lftlnf received Such .tr only for Illii ' future varsity itv. lf? ,n, Caffied on a piled bi Fzoacli ti-'lpated In 8 Iwi on the CHE f-ir debate wut Pmvfd 3 mos I QOCICZL L gdwsi Qzzejevfsozt Numerous -short debate jaunts were made to nearby schools, but the big trips of the year were a northwestern tour of the Varsity Men and a southeastern tour for the Varsity Women. On this eastern trip a day was spent at the Delta Sigma Rho ' National Convention in Washington, D. C. Annual speaking contests were held during the year. The Wakefield Oration Contest was won by Edgar S. Wood. The Interfraternity contests were won by John Jones of Phi Gamma Delta and Velma Zwilling of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The Philo Frank- lin Contest for last year was won by Elmore E. Apt. Assisting Coach Anderson and Statistician lrvin in the direction of this year's program was Philo-Franklin Union, an honorary speaking organization of nine upperclassmen. This year there are three retiring seniors: Elizabeth Brady, Marian Henry, and Herbert Rosen. Elected to fill these vacancies were Howard Beebe and Nancy Martin, '42, David Robertson, '41, and Rachel Mumbulo, '40, Named as Honorary Members were Milo Connick, Kelso Dent, and Richard Jones, seniors. . In view of the foregoing we may be justly proud in repeating a comment made concerning a Bureau Speaker: 4'He is indeed a credit to your department, as is your department a credit to Allegheny College." THE ALLEGHE For a week signs have been announcing that the Play- shop will present The Inspector General. Student Activities Tickets have been presented at Mr. Hulburt,s office for reserved seats, and finally on a chilly November evening the basement of Arter Hall is lighted and the audience begins to arrive. Townspeople and students mingle in the lobby and are led to their seats by bright-faced Freshman ushers. Programs are scanned as a buzz of animated con- versation fills the little theatre. Suddenly the conversation fades as the house lights dim. and the curtains part to reveal the early nineteenth century setting for the play. Successive roars of laughter greet Charles Liggett's por- trayal of the nervous mayor, Wayne Knight's imaginary chair, Ed Wood as the tipsy Hlestokov. Then the final act. Bill lVlcCotter strides in as the real Inspector General. Curtain calls over, house lights come on and another performance is done. Behind this performance, over in two hours, lies nearly a month of work. Tryouts are called, and under the critical eyes of Miss Spalding and Mr. Hulburt, a cast is selected. The rehearsal schedule is posted. Henceforth who can call his time his own? After a few days comes the announce- ment, 'Tomorrow we do this act without books? Next day the prompter is busy, but the books have really disappeared. Then the work begins in earnest. 'iYVhat does this line mean?" "Remember this is a farceg forget your everyday voice." c'Fecl the partf' '4Watch your phrasing." Every day the rough edges become smoother. The characters take shape as everyone begins to live the part he is playing. lil T Y' X s.. v i Zi. .X r. TX I 3 112 .-,I Q. , 1 tn., .JK ...Z .. qp :iv ily lit' gum A-. PLAYSHUP Charles Miller and Mike Enserro tumble in the door with ludicrous abandon. Now the play is starting to be fun. Then the dress rehearsal. Makeup. The sculpture of putty noses. Spirit gum. Whiske1's. Grease paint. Wigs. Georgetta Weltner frantically hunting Bill Beckfieldis blouse. Prop- erties are checked. The rehearsal is going fine. Two min- utes off the first act. The prompter not so busy now. Finally the post mortem. A spot needs changed. 4'Don't wear those loud socks in the performance? g'Watch the reactionsfi '4Use a darker shade of grease paint tomorrow night." Then the night that really counts. The night of the per- formance. A little extra care on moulding the putty nose. mls my wig on straight?" "Who's got a safety pin?" Mega- han mumbling over a mental hazard. "Hope I don't forget that." Sounds from the front of the curtain tell that the theatre is rapidly filling. Everyone ready now and a last minute session in the Green Room before the buzzer sounds backstage. Miss Spalding, smiling and confident, presiding from behind her desk. "Everyone in the first act, on stage." Ed Wood pacing behind the set. Then the buzzer. The music stops. McCotter pulls down the house lights lever. The curtain is open and the play has begun. The act is going well. A slight slip but some timely ad libbing and the audience never suspects. Between acts. "Isn,t that audi- ence responsive?,' 'LNever thought Fd get a laugh on that linef, Miss Spalding comes in, beaming, to say how well they are enjoying it. Then the final curtain and the thrill of the curtain calls. This was worth a year of rehearsals. It even makes the drudgery of removing makeup seem light. From this light-hearted play by Gogol, the Playshop. turned to the beautiful Cradle Song, by Sierra. Here the females ruled the board, with John Jones, Wood, and Jim Schultz as the male minority. Even the blase were moved to a gl1SI6I11I1g eye by this tender story of the love the sisters of a Spanish nunnery lavished on a tiny foundling. The next play was an old friend to Playshop members of two years ago, Libel! JJY Wooll. This English courtroom drama was again enthusiastically received by three Playshop audiences. Bill McCotter, John Barkley, and Bob Welday were newcomers to the cast. Also the Playshop was honored to have Joe Macedo, one of its alllllllll actors, back to play the heavy-handed Mr. Foxley. The skill with which John Jones, as Sir Mark Loddon, and Phyllis Freeland, as his wife, brought this play t0 H dramatic climax made it one of the most popular plays in Playshop history. The final play of the year was a new addition to the Playshop repertoire, all eerie murder mystery called aptly enough, A Murder Has Been. Arranged. To these full length plays we must add twenty-one short plays which were givell during the year. These plays were staged by student directors and the material which was uncovered bodes well for the future of the Playshop personnel. But now the stage door closes behind the Senior members of the Playshop. Tl16S6 veteran actors: Phyllis Freeland, John Jones, Elizabeth Gotsohall. John Barkley, .llllle Sieberg, Bruce Dearing, Georgetta Weltner, Charles Barkley, liilartha Keele. Wayne Knight, Dorothy Brennen, Frances Batchelor, Jean Bracken. Betty Boltz. Jeannette l-lirschman, and Jeannette Rose all have helped to make the years they have spellf in Allegheny a grand era in the history of the Playshop. Before their liual eurtalllf these Seniors Wish to express their appreciation to Miss Spalding and Mr. llulburt for their guidance and skill, which has made possible whatever dramatic success theY have attained in their four years at Allegheny. LLEGHENY PLAYSHQP 'X V fx I Qffze T!7lQpQCZO7n fjewzercz, gcjfgafj ' Q OCCQ 'lf' ' ,QBQSQQZZQQZZ - w1f1f1fLmi1fLg -P JWLWJCQQQZJ ' emms Q QOH ,305 1 f 1 , 1 x f f 1 S ' uf f se fx 4 Q 6 ! f - ,,. 2" ,f xg, A 2 1 f f 3 9 Aff' , 1 ,'f"' 1 32" h. 1 1 , Izfi'-,J ,f"" ' f . ,,f 'I je .H-..: X. ,f cv. .ff 335.4 4-3,4 V A xr' f' K, , 3: gy, fc, . . Z A Z I 1 , 1 u 1 X 'x X X X X X K w X I 1 S T HLETV3 1 1 x m X 1 n v ,. f Q H! 44. V4 2? .f Coach Lawrence looks forward to successful season with a veteran team headed by such lettermen as Cook, Swanson, and Lavely . . . first few weeks of practice scarcely endurable . . . sore muscles . . . bruised bodies . . . a team gradually whipped into shape . . . Uctober 1, the season opens against Otterbein . . . excite- ment as a mighty 'Gator grid machine downs the Cardinals, 32-0 . . . school spirit runs high . . . a highly touted Haverford eleven runs over Allegheny, 28-0 . . . Swanson out with chipped elbow . . . 'Gators journey to Hiram to be repulsed by a fighting Terrier team, 38-0 . . . gloom settles over campus as the team prepares for Homecoming game with Grove City . . . big crowd see Grovers win 13-0 in hard fought battle . . . gloom thickens as Lavely and Cook receive serious leg injuries .... The team, patched with ad- hesive, travel to the University of Buffalo and are soundly defeated by a much stronger team, 4-7-0 . . . daily pep rallies raise school spirit and a mighty student caravan accompanies the team to Thiel . . . game crammed with thrills as ,Gators pull uiron mann stunt to win and hold Bobcats scoreless .... Lemme recovering blocked punt for only touchdown, marks ,Gators second victory of the season, 7-0. FOOTBALL . . . Allegheny campaigns to John Hopkins in the annual eastern trip . . . upset all dope by quelling the highly-touted Blue Jays, 6-0 . . . Ochs scampering 53 yards for the score after taking a lateral pass from Cook adds a bright spot to the '38 season . . . team honors Lavely and Swanson by naming them co-captains . . . school bids goodbye to senior lettermen Swanson, Lavely, Dugan, Ochs, Sullivan, Pierce, Uhlinger, Davidson, Deusing, Schroyer, lVlcCrea, Henry. I Saturday afternoon . . 2 p. m. approaches . . campus walk Qozcapiaims Gjwansom filled with students . . hurrying to the big game . . a crowd CZ CQ I milling around the gate . . . Messrs. Seely, Cares, and Beisel - an ave 9 diligently checking student athletic books . . . HOld Bumf Km GJ the cop, chasing little fence jumpers . . . Cwens rushing Cmagm' fway here and there . . . selling programs and Vending hot dogs Qoaclt Ogawremce for a thin dime . . . underclassmen stepping on the elder folk in an endeavor to find seats . . . many old grads back for the Homecoming . . . greet old classmates and recall old times . . . the loud speakers bellow the starting lineups . . . the teams come on the field amid cheers . . . the kickoff . . . the crowd stands as one person . . . then settles down to take in the game and to notice what every- body is wearing . . . a gasp from the bleachers . . . a star back is carried to the sidelines . . . Dr. Skinner manipulates skilled hands over the injured portion of the player's body . . . a little tape and he's back in the fracas . . . a long pass . . . a finger tip catch . . . dodging rushing opponents, the runner hustles to score a touchdown . . . the kick is good . . . leaping figures of cheerleaders . . . yellow carnations gleaming from every feminine lapel . . . half . . . the visit- ing band strikes up a martial tune . . . struts through its FOQTBALL paces . . . freshmen in pajamas dance about the field . . . telegraph messengers scurry back and forth bringing half- time scores of other games throughout the nation . . . cheers as these results are announced over the amplifiers . . . teams return to field . . . game once again under way . . . Coach Lawrence paces the sidelines . . . nervously dips for another cup of Water . . . motions to the bench . . . talks earnestly to a crouching figure . . . a substitute replaces a Worn-out lineman . . . a penalty . . . amid jeers, the White cloaked referee marks off fifteen yards . . . a hurried conference . . . rule books flash in the sun . . . all satisfied, the play resumes . . . fans jump to their feet as a 'Gator scores . . . the final' gun . . . another Allegheny Win . . . the victory bell peals its merry message across the campus . . . joyfully, the people pass from Montgomery V Field . . . cheering, they Wend their Way slowly home. 'Map lain o1fz,e.S KTM! fl ly ..l SOC GER Coach Way issues first call . . . veterans return: J ones, Thiele, Ridenour, Gratz, Cares, Appleyard, Gatrall, and George . . . letter- inan Hart returns after a year's absence . . . Weeks of ,limbering up, educating the toes of the defense . . . improving the fast charge of the front line . . . the opening game . . . Slippery Rock set the 'Gators back, 2-1, on Montgomery Field . . . a jaunt to Pittsburgh to meet Carnegie Tech . . . Skibos revenge last yearis defeat, l-0 . . . entertain Rochester . . . surprise the visitors by holding the powerful New York team, l-l . . . a sojourn at Buffalo State . . . game played in mud and rain . . . 'Gators lose out, 2-0 . . . arch- rivals, Grove City, next . . . Grovers surprise 'Gators . . . l-1, tie . . . annual aunt to Oberlin . . . trounce the favored Ohioans, 41-0 . . . Way pleased with seasonis results . . . loses seven veterans: Captain Don Jones, White, Johnston, Cares, Gatrall, Ridenour, and Graft. cs'l' Hr : JW Hfllllwlll l'lI'l"' f'4,.,l SH ASKET BA f 3' lllllilb HHH Hall llunixmll Wu O :UNH Huw: l":1lmm fIl"lI'I VIII, f u lu I- lllllIl'l'l Xxllnlni K ET BALL Swish of the ball through the hoop . . . shouts . . . pivot plays . . . tight defense . . . fast offense . . . practice, practice, and more practice . . , team begins to coordinate . . . plays click . . . more Hdrillingn . . . 'ctough schedulei' . . . the opener . . . Fenn retires on the short end of the score, 24-22 . . . first 'cbig timei' basketball in many years visits Allegheny as Ohio Wesleyan is victorious, 44-28 . . . Thiel downs 'Gators in thriller, 34-30 . . . journey to Buffalo State to Win 46-33 with White scoring 23 . . . downed by fast stepping Rochester quintet, 45-30 . . . returning home, the Blue and Gold topple arch- rivals, Grove City, 50-44 . . . ramble to Hornell, to upset favored Alfred, 47-34 . . . revenge pre- vious Thiel defeat by dumping the Bobcats, on their home floor, 52-43 . . . Hbig timen basket- ball again invades Montgomery gym . . . West- ern Beserve, conquerors of Dartmouth, sent home on the short end of 74-56 . . . Hilltoppers jaunt to Grove City, lose 42-34 . . . a trek to Hiram results in loss for Gators, 41-37 . . . ends two game losing streak by soundly Whipping Hamilton, 62-34 . . . Geneva, hard and fast, trounce 'Gators, 66-45 . . . Hiram defeated in last game of the season, 43-23, as White, Cares, and Graft play last game for the 'Gators . . . White receives tremendous ovation as the school honors one of its finest sportsmen . . . White and Gratz named on All-District team. VVMM Lithe bodies poised . . . a pistol cracks . . . they,re off . . . legs thrashing . . . arms rapidly stroking . . . water boiling . . . the iinish line . . . another record . . . 'Gator ace free stylers, Baldwin, Jones, Johnston . . . first trip with basketball team to Buffalo State and Rochester . . . swamped twice by superior teams, 43-23 and 57- 18 . . . receive setback at hands of Case, Ohio Conference runner-ups, 55-20 . . . Baldwin breaks sixty-yard free style record . . . first home meet . . . first victory . . . defeat Grove City, 42-24 . . . lose close . . t .. t, 4 .ktoxtt tY.k-wt '1 1' INST Row: Knight, Marvel, Jioncs, ,'lV0lIIlSlO11, Baldwin. Slacown Huw- q',,.,,.1, lglwklm. qhqm, ,lzufv,ls, Lwlrllolxlols, lVlill1ilQ2QI',l' ,ll'ogvlund. ' 1fU'L1fIfL1fIfLllfLg of Q y o:capfai1f1s Cglohnslon CHIC! gbomes Qoacit Qriclfey contest with Slippery Rock, 4-0-26 . . . Fenn to Meadville . . . defeat :Gators, 38-28 . . . to Westminster . . . swamp Titans, 45-21 . . . to Oberlin . . . Ohio Conference Champs duck Allegheny mermen, 45- 21 . . . to Grove City . . . trample Red and White for the second time, 40-26 . . . successful season, considering the good showing against top-ranking teams . . . last season for Veteran freestyler and co-captains Jones and Johnston . . . Baldwin named next year's captain. Clqfzanager gggelalmd Qapiairt Offye A pistol barks . . . they're off . . . they go around the curve . . . the home stretch . . . they near the tape . . . With a last desperate spurt they cross the line . . . too close to pick a Winner . . . that's track . . . sprints and distance races . . . soaring vaults . . . breath-taking hurdles . . . this yeargs team has a high mark to shoot for . . . ACK and FIE LD could they revenge their only defeat of last year . . . that, by Rochester, 86-2X3-4114-1X3 . . . could they again claim victories over Hiram, Geneva, Kenyon, Grove City . . . all this they had to do Without the services of Voshurg, Shafer, and Harvey . . . itas possible with such returning veterans as White, Nye, Cook, I ones, Dugan, Schroyer, Lavely, and with such newcomers as Saylor, Hart- well and Dotterer. .5 f ,, I ,l ' ' QM- with s rl.: W V-1:-1 . 1 - . . 2 . few , -5 .f favs: ww-,m,,'f'fz': ,---- A --9:2 " a9"fa'5'a,,-1-,Qs,:e-:wwx A, V4 lwwq.-ma,-evans-1a:"f2?:,,Q?'?222"'1"f1 -A V WM was M,-V WW-W ' MM :rg M it-ygiv ff 0.1 Ay wwmmff-N H .W , A ,,af,, , uw . no X , , , V Jw, X-sw, -,,,.4-,----- ss --mf -.Wu ,, WM-51, - gg ,QAM 3,,, . 9LS ' . -new gee.-qy, , 'S 5 sg, 5, ,m,f.xi3f-N ..g.,7 "':wa,w rpm, A2 -f , . X' - f, as -- 3 " A , 3 ' Q J: 'K 4. . " i 'I , " .. ,Six-is ea: 0 X is 1 ww.-ff X, . 4 ' -I QQQM X X -ww. ,. M-Q' i f f' N A ' f' "X W ,s - . . 'Ye ,.,v was . V3 f ff 2,4 , Q A'-w.4..,:q51 ' ' ws - "v'- f. ,,,., .S .. Ce" ,-.a.,V1N-Pwrrztfr - 'f f' ME.. 'RM--sifzw1fMfs.sr5--4:,f.S,-am css:-N f NNIS White new balls . . . a racquet in a powerful swing . . . flashing drives . . . neat Volleys . . . tricky ucutsi' . . . last year's team fared well against stiff competition . . . winning over the Faculty, 8-1 . . . trouncing the University of Buffalo, 6-3 . . . downing deadly rival Thiel, 6-3 . . . losing to powerful University of Pittsburgh, Grove City, Geneva, and the University of Rochester . . . promising season for 1939 . . . seasoned veterans return, Gratz, Rosen, Topper, lVlc- Vey, and Boyer . . . powerful Freshman reserves showing up . . . team thriving under Mentor Fisher's able coaching. GULF Click! . . . a clean drive Whistling down the fairway . . . bad lies . . . sand and Water traps . . . last calls . . . they all go with a game of golf . . . last year the 'Gator golf squad conquered the first Allegheny lnvitational Open . . . Shafer, Willison, Martin, and Myers . . . compiled team score of 355 . . . conquered Grove City, Geneva, Hiram, Westminster, and Thiel . . . Myers, only veteran for 1939 . . . despite handicap, rookie golfers display good showing in the Second Annual Invitational Open. ' ay :Queen f f QLLa1f1f1fL EZCZ'LO'1fL ' QcL1fLcZicZs ' C!7QODUZQJgM48MZS H E L r r N I !vff,..- X V! X MAY QUEE NA withefd hermit, five score winters worn, Might shake of fifty looking in her eyef? giizsagetlt Qoisckail F rcmces Qaifclzefovf . 3 C9C 2L5e1 1LLi1DZ P ' I w Q L Wg M 1, I i 5 VX L . x w g Ali'1f'g i1fL'iCL Game 3 I CTOIJJ Full intramurals, touch football with cz total rear exposure. QTop leftj Lullaby in Hultngs. We label it the Can,-Con. fTop rightl A high yaller gal straight from, the liorroll House to Phi CUI77,ll'Lfl Delta. fLower lefll uL0ClIftI1,UCtl'M llamzflton, to the l'lfS!FIIft?. Uoowcr right? Kappa Kappa Cmnmrt plerlgax wlvunt up nflwr rt flirty l'lLSlI,tll.g scfftsonu flolol lotnj !Hlr:gfufl1,y,s solons. """Nu-4... .A X I gms... CUpper leftl Graft and Doncaster on the wooclwincls, Caldwell when his mouth is closerl, and an un- izlentihecl head. lUpper right? Hornecorning bonhreg Fall, 1938. Next year, Hulings. fLeft cer1te1'D Brich'ley's tankers reflecting. CRigl1l center? The proprietor of the Oram. House hguring the clay,s deh- cit. fLower lefll This hairy youngster is not John L. Sullivan. fLowe1' rightD No. 1 exponent of "leg art" does it for artas sake on the second floor of Ruler. fTop left? Freshman Dianas in training for the bagging of the stag. fTop right? Cwen Fashion Show. He-Man Vereeke out of his element, manages a sickly smirk. fMidd1e leftl Misogynist Calbert-sleeps alone and likes it. fLower left? Purely platonic-play for her and tonic for hirn. fCenter5 The Parent Leather Kid at the keyboard. lUpper righth Ozferstufierl danzsels, demonstrating the old anfl neu' froeks. Klaower left D The gathering of the clans with every man. for hinlsvlj' ana' lininzenl for all. ,411 4 '- , lr me baglllllg U --. ' 'at I -. . ,X E. 'eff ilhfifl' . he 1 Nmzrh ' and its wer fmd tonic for :he keyboard. -:mating the old with every man ir dl. fUppe1' right? The horsey set, mounted on the acaclemy's sleepy burros and retired plugs. KMidd1e leftl The Outing Club out after a vigorous two mile hike. Bucco wonht get a cold in the head this time. CCente-rl Will Kalfayan be a Santa Claus and answer the request of the 2-B French Class? fMidd1e rightl Ginny is a mean one to tangle with, espe- cially if she is on skates. C Lower leftj A rare picture-Darling being told a thing or two. fLower middle? Robertson is harmless-just the aftermath of a wild west show. fLower rightj The 'gSwing Sextet" seems to have macle a few of the serious-minded students smile. v W 35. .-1 ., R! 4 1 5 1 H118 1 1 1111X 1111 11 s1111 x 111 11 11111111 1 1 IN 1 , gl N111 1 1 It L 1 xl 1 l 4 1 011' '11'1.' 111111' 1111' 1'11111'11. '1'11's' 01111 111' AQ 1 f111'1' 111 -'1111. 11'1'1'1' 11 5 "1'1Q. 111 14111 lIIt'1I'1'l1 111111 17112 111111 11.71 1YI.7'l 141111. 'f' ' 111 s1'1 'ss .ff1111A1.f' 171 1111's 1",'11111. 111' 11111111-1'111111'11 11111'1'1's, 1111' g"111'x-'1' 111: 1 11111x 1111' x1111'11111 11'1111111's. fllt' g'1'1'111 g111111' 1'1s1'11. 11'1. 1111 Il'1lI'l'1I 11 1'11111'1'1'1. S111111 111'ss111111' 11111. 11' 1' 1111-N 1'11s1111.w1111111'111 1111j'1'11111 1l11174'l1. ll'1Il't' 11111 11 1'111'1r 111'111'1111. 1111' 1111' S11 '11 ."111f1 fx 11l't'1lIIIX 1111' 11111111' 1111, 11111 1111' 11.11'1L' 111' lx 1'111111111'11 111111 11 sl1'1'11." n 'Ziff .W riff' , ,4 'ff' 'ME' W., Q..-f 5 I V' .ff ff- w wi . ' -J v P"'7"Lff. nge, .F f sr fd 1 af-ff dial? Q f ' li! Mr Mr l Mr Mr Mr Mr ' f fr clmftowlccjgmevftts to . William Shakespeare of Stratford. Hurst B. Anderson and Mr. Philip lVI. Benjamin of the Allegheny College faculty. Virgil J. Stanton and Mr. W. P. Stephenson of Stanton Studios. Homer B. Klingensmith and Mr. Edward B. Palmer of the Meadville Tribune. Louis E. Wise of Jahn 81 Ollier Engraving Company. Robert H. Baker of the S. K. Smith Company. AND To those students Whose valuable suggestions and sincere cooperation made this 1939 KALDRON the product that it is, I wish to extend my wholehearted appreciation. CHARLES- B. MILLER, Editor. THE MERCHANTS: We wish at this time to thank the individuals and merchants who have co operated in Allegheny College publication advertising this year. We know that our hope of raising the advertising standards of the college publicationslhas been achieved. Consequently, we are indebted to you for your help in our success. For this kindness, Allegheny College will repay you with the patron- age of both students and faculty. J. LLEWELLYN DAVIES, Business Manager. , 'isa' . H... . ' I A Przde Yourself in Your Choice of the Leader Comparlson, Proves the Consistent uality Profit Comes From Its Daily Use 9 Always the First Choice in Meadville PRIDE, COMPARISON and PROFIT are the determin- ing factors in all purchases, including your daily purchase of MOORE'S Milk. There are PLUS factors too when buying SEALTEST-APPROVED Milk: It is milk coming from constantly inspected cows-safe milk. Pasteurized and bottled under strict laboratory control in a plant that excells in goodhousekeeping-clean milk. And a blend of Jersey and Guernsey milk, the flavor of which is safe- guarded in skillful handling-good milk. X I Y syfr S 'Q if 1 MOOREPS MILK 1. 'onronv V'-06 AL q cLoTHEs sHoP Q Home of the following Nationally Advertised Merchandise YEARCRAFT CLOTHES O EMERSON HATS fAs advertised in Esquirvl ' MARLBORO SHIRTS CAS advertised in lfsq111'rvl O WEMBLEY CRAVATS fAs adveiliscd in Esqzzirvl O MANHATTAN AND COOPER UNDERWEAR Etc., Etc. Etc. T , x Nr --. 1 L E .1 fa f as fri 946 Water St ,S I' x I N lhllitw ilu LL 'lflville 1: qu' 'Huw sp, X as in mi sf tgp, i.l 5 'N , 'tl if 's,,g'.: rj - Qld ' ' f l .M H xi! ,1 i rl 'Q it' 5 .r"',' ii' 5110? 2 The Ideal Place for Students at the GILMORE Stationery Store Sporting Goods Note Books Inexpensive Books Cards 209 Chestnut Street ' Next to Lafayette Hotel PARK SHOES-Next to Park Theater Compliments of l Town Club Orchestra Allegheny's Popular Dance Band I Call FRED LoEscH, 1211-W 571 Lord Street Meadville, Pa. f-its Q Menfs Intramural Bowling Champzons They Buy at Karl K. Smack, Inc., 241 Chestnut Street Compliments of ACADE THEATER VAN RIPER' X' Confectioner We Make Our Own ICE CREAM OUR SODA FOUNTAIN A IS OF THE BEST 0 1641- Chestnut Street Nwlilllt' 4?g I D ' I Q Xxx I I ll w lllfftlllllllklll Img-I ony I lmlnplorr Z ? GREETINGS . . . A A T STUDENTS AND FACULTY We take this opportunity to thank one and all for the1r past patronage and hope to serve you 1n the future. Handley'S Dry Cleaning SSS NORTH STREET S PHQNE 253W LR UNNiS BETTER BAKED EOODS FOR EVERY OCCASION Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes and Delicious Pastries , 0 RETAIL STORE ANB BAKERY -- 962 S. MAIN STREET PHONE 41 ROBERT E. STONE JEWELER t Successor to WOOD and STONE TELEPHONE 769-W 967 WATER STREET BURCI-l'S THE PLACE FOR STUDENTS TO MEET College Atmosphere Oar Specialty Bring Your Rushees in- We'11 Help AL DAVIS, Prop. Men's Intramural Track Champions Always Quality Work A. R. Wolff 6- Son at I 0 Carman 6' Reiser Hardware Paint with a. Sporting Goods . New and Modern Gifts BARBER SHOP House Furnishings 0 . Opp' Woolworthas Chestnut St' Phone 100 ' Opp. Market House 5 O0 .int W YOUR FUR COAT YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS If It's Insurance We Sell It Cielvin, Jackson and tarr Insurance and Real Estate PHONE 40 Crawford County Trust Building MEADVILLE, PA. Cornpli'n'1ents of M,AYl DRESS sHoP 260 Chestnut Street Mead lle, Pa. ' W'omen's Intramural Swunmmg Champzo Compliments of M. MERCATORIS 665' SON Ford - Mercury Lincoln Zephyr - Lincoln CARS Distributor of Standard Oil of Pennsylvania ESSO PRODUCTS Menls Intraniural Touch Football Champion A LIFETIME OF Success f For all the Allegheny Grads For Now 0 49 and Evermore o D. G. RAIVISEY .AND SONS Hardware :: Paints 949 lVla1'ke't Street Meadville. P1 S Qfijffj lS-I' .Q is 771655 , Q lil: X-me W5 .pts Elf. Pd' Z J' F Compliments o . l O o The Inspector General By NIKOLAI GOGOL CAST or CHARACTERS Artemi Philippovich, Hospital Commissioner ............... Wayne Knight Luka Lukich, School Superintendent ..,... ........................,t.Richard Miller Fyodorovich Lyapkin-Tyapkin, Judge, .John ,lones Mishka, a servant ,........... William Beckfield Anton Skvonsnik-Dmukhanovsky, the I Mayor .................,... Charles Liggett Ivan Shepkin, Postmaster ....,.. John Megahan Peter Ivanovich Bohchinsky ..i. Michael Enserro Peter Ivanovich Dobchinsky ..... Charles Miller A Constable ................... LeRoy Schneck Anna Andreyevna, the Mayor's Wife Jean English Marya, his daughter ...,........ Betty Stewart Ossip, servant to Khlestakov.. i1gii1aI1fIiZ?3Eiad Ivan Alexandrovich Khlestakov .... Edgar Wood A Waiter ........................... Tom Cort A Maid ....................... Constance Black The Wine Merchant .............. Fred Zimmer . William Bartle The Locksmith ........ .... S wart Schagner The Draper ...................... Ralph Kelley The Sergeant's Wife ......... Mary Ellen Reilly Philippovich's Wife ......... Elizabeth Kroegher Lukich's Wife ........,......l Janet Cronberger Lyapkin-Tyapkin's Wife ..... Madeline Karlitslcgf d . T lfleorge Hau ens IC W0 Ofiicers .........,.. ljames Aiken The Inspector General ,....... William McCotter The Kepler J lm 7 5 I-lotel otncl Dining Room 'X is I Z I 1 I Z gf f 1 I f 1 f f f Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z f fe proucl o Allegheny College 3 Meals Intramural Volleyball Champions A PHONE 303-W ICE: 483 SOUTH STREET POWELL DAIRY COMPANY Meadville, Pennsylvania Banquet Ice Cream MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK CHASE'S FOOD MARKET CLOVER FARM STORE Groceries, Fresh Meats and Produce I0 943 MARKET STREET ! I I 3 f E , X X l PARK THEATRE E ecngvirfefs ginest X l-IARIVICDNY SHORT LINE 93 Gratefully acknowledges the patronage of ALLEGHEN Y COLLEGE I' and extends hearty congratulations and best Wishes to the Class of 1939 ,, aaaa: Swell F a or -.. .... ,. . ..---,, 51 ,'..,- ,q'.:::2Mfu-,,,. A.:-.1' x2-fn-1,-mf-.-fe-gp.. .,,- Y ,WLT rl 'l "4' X '7gg,,f.lg1a:.:,-.'- l 7? 'xl n n, ff s l '-,,Qg42l- 3- ., .,1. 1 ,,.,A,.,,,, h A Womerfs Intramural Basketball, Archery, Deck Tennis Champions I l When You Think of Smart Shoes Think of LECHNER'S Over 100 Styles for Women 32.95 130 35.85 60 Styles for Men 33.00 to 35.85 LECHNERS Corner Chestnut and Water ., - ,... ... ,..,f,,.r ,.., 1 ,, WM .i, . Men's Intramural Swimming Champions The 1 Y Hunter 6? Wehr ALLEGHENY COLLEGE ' BOOKSTORE GENERALINSURANCE Extends its , CONGRATULATIONS CRAWFORD CO. TRUST CLASS OF 1939 Phone 1010 Mr. Perry N. XWTGIII AN YOU AME The Second Highest Mountain In the World ? T Everyone knows Mount Everest is highest. The second highest is come on you geography expertsj-Kinchinjungat. To' which the average person wouldianswer, '6Never heard of it! So what?" This, sirs, and ladies, is somewhat the picture enjoyed by a little uMount Everest" of industry harbored in the shadow of uOld Allegheny"-an industry which, from small beginnings, has become the largest of its kind in the world. g TALON slide fastener is the only slide fastener whose name has become a nationally-known trade mark. The only slide fastener which has been proved practical in use by millions of con- sumers on nearly 400 different articles of clothing and mer- chandise. TALoN sums FAsTENER REG. U sl mhlgde by TALON, Inc., Meadville, Pa. Wornen's Intramural Bowling Champion arpenter's Flowers FOR ALL OCCASIONS O Corsages A Specialty O 935 Park Ave. Phone 76-W E C K E R D ' Drug Store CORNER PARK AVE. AND CHESTNUT STREET 0 TOILETRIES AND- FINE PERFUIVIES by Harriet Hubbard Ayer Coty Helena Rubinstein Corday Dorothy Gray Guerlain Elizabeth Arden Lentheric Lucien Lelong Yardley Early American Lgupay DRUGS TOBACCO STATIONERY PRESCRIPTIONS FIRST AID NEEDS CANDY C Try ECKERD'S First You Save More "Allegheny College Students" Make Our Store Your Headquarters. . . We have in our store the finest up- to-date Ladies' Deluxe Lounge and rest room in Northwestern Penn- Sylvania. We also have a free package cheek- ing department. G. C. MURPHY CO. 5c to Sl.00 Store 226 Chestnut Sm-vs Awaule lo Nlurlwt Street , X lwk N was I . Nur N l r fsariwtUP r ztawml an Pam' AR- IW M M REMEMBER . for your party- ENGAGE MEADVILLE MUSICIANS I Compliments ' MEADVILLE MUSIGIAN'S UNION Local No. AMERICAN FEDERATION 344 OF MUSICIANS "LibeI!" By EDWARD W OOLL CAST OF CHARACTERS Sir Mark Loddon, Bart, M.P. ..... .lohn Jones Lady Loddon ................ Phyllis Freeland The Hon. Sir Arthur Tuttington . ,lohn Barkley Sir Wilfred Kelling, K.C., M.P. .. Edgar Wood William Bale ...,........... Thomas Foxley, K.C. .,.... . George Hemsby .....,. . . . Patrick Buckenham .. Dr. Emile Flordon .. . Sarah Carlton .... . Associate .............. . . . Bruce Dearing . . . Joseph Macedo .. Charles Barkley William McCotter John Megahan . . . . June Sieberg . . . . Roy Uhlinger Millicent Winterton ....... Marion Henry Captain Gerald Loddon ...... William Todhunter Numero Quinze , .... . Attendant ..... Usher ...... l U U . . . . . , ,Richard Taylor . . .Charles Liggett . . . ,Samuel I-Iazlett HOTEL RIVER.IDE CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, PA. 0 A resort qualified to meet the discriminate tastes of those in Search of a restful, well equipped hotel, in beautiful surroundings. THE GRAY MINERAL SPRING THERMAL BATHS AND MASSAGE EIGHTEEN HOLE GOLF COURSE TENNIS AND CLOCK GOLF GREEN BALLROOM BILLIARDS AND BOWLING I:ooKLET AND RATES UPON APPLICATION W. A. BAIRD, Manager CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, PA. F. R. BEATTY b J. J. SMITH and 3 SPORT SHOP WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS AMMUNITIUN FISHING TAGKLE SPORT WEAR 283 CHESTNUT STREET 9 e give s MA,M DE BRE D tas me ggest HITEHILL'S Pasteurized Milk and Cream Groceries und Cold Meats We Make Fruit Punch We Have Punch Bowls and Classes EVERYTHING FOR THE PARTY OPEN EVENINGS PARK AVENUE ,mn B.-x1.ow1N X Q? aff ti PL' Z Men's Intramural Handball Champions ' 7 S m nth s Headquarters for CLOTHING and SHOES 0 Largest Assortment in Town ' 0 CHESTNUT STREET Here's How To Enjoy a GGOD DINNER O Select a Table at Ehrgoi:t's COFFEE SHOP OF EXCELLENCE o FINEST FOODS AND PASTRIES Your Patronage Is Appreciatecl 0 935 Market Street Do You - - Sleep Like This? , . -1::1:'-:-:-.g-:-.-. gferg" .'-111 ,. ., '. .' . , " 1 - .1:2E1Hz1E2Exgz1311:g-.-1'-1' '. 1 J- '. .s ,1E521H1E1E11'.a5" ,. 1 IT's YOUR MATTRESS, YOUNG MAN . . IT CAN'T BE NERVES! You need a new Simmons Innerspring mattress .... And believe you me, NUNN'S is headquarters for Simmons in Meadville. Tell the head of the house we have them from 3512.95 to 353950. n'oME -Funmsnmss f VAL 1. LEONE c0.-- T Congratulations I-I.T. CHARLES and 3 J EWELER Good Luck ! I ' f TO L I THE Fine Repairing a E CLQQSS Specialty 1939 E ' VAL J . LEONE NEXT Doon TOEPARK THEATER , Telephone 290-W 208 CHESTNUT STREET W -11 Keihl's Lunch OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Noted for Good Meals Reasonable Prices 'fatering to the College" l . . 'S X J I Q 1 E I -. 4 'fu . Z ,." 4 I I 3 ' "The Cradle Song" NATIONAL MARKET COMPANY BY GREGORIO and MARIA MARTINEZ SIERRA CAST or C1-IARACTERS Sister Sagrario ................ Dorothy Brennen Sister Marcella ......... 5 Mary E' Gingenhach IJ une Sieberg The Prioress I ' I n I l D u s . ' I -I lFrances Batchelor I Georgetta Weltner 1 Sister Joanna of the Cross . . . Whyllis Freeland I Jean Stiegerwald Mistress of the Novices .... 5 Jeim Megahan The Vicaress ..... 905 MARKET Sister Tornera TELEPHONE 170 Sister Inez .... Countryman ..... Sister Maria Jesus The -Doctor .... J Teresa .... O Antonio I Winetta Robertson llean Bracken I Peggy Turner lJean Bracken IAlexandria Charnecki ........ Helen Litten . . . . . ,Michael Enserro I Betty Boltz I Jeannette Hirschman . . . . . . . .James Schultz S Elizabeth Gotschall ' IMartha Keefe John Jones Remler-Shuman ST ANTON I Agency STUDIO , Official 1939 Kaldron f INSURANCE Photographer ' I All Formsj 0 u I , Home Portraits and I Masfmic Building Commercial Photography I You Have Tried the Rest, 4 Now try the BEST HELEN E. REMLER F. H. SHUMAN I 898 Park Ave. Telephone 693-R i y W . 3 - 5, FUR THE BEST . . . "Don't Say Bread, Say FLA V0-RITE" I Meadville Bread Company 272 SOUTH MAIN ST. W Intramural Shujfleboard Champion p pp I' Sea Foods, Steaks, Chops, Gur Specialty Q A A p Good Foods Appetizingly Prepared I L I 1- LAFAYETTE HGTEL ev 3 RESTAURANT MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA 5 J A Clean and Inviting Atmosphere Makes This W ell A Established Hotel Most Popular A 9 X -Y I i I I Z1 Womenfs Intramural Volleyball Champions City Coal 6? Supply Co. JOHNS-MANVILLE BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 1331-1332 MEADVILLE, PA. The Time to Think about a happy I and successful future is right at the START, when a young man Hrst as- sumes responsi- bilities for him- self. Then it is when he moulds I hishahits which eventually lead to success or failure. EDWARD J. STEWART .lames J. Hill, the uEmpire Builderf, said+ulf you Want to know Whether you are destined to he a success or not, you can easily find out. The test is simple and infallible-Are you able to save money? lf not, drop out, you will loseg you may think not, but you will lose as sure as? fate, for the seed of success is not in youf' Life Insurance xX I EDWARD J. STEWART 406 Crawford County Trust Bldg. Nleadville, Pa. 'mdk .....a..5zbJ4...y 7 1. , N , . . ., .,.. . ,, ., , , , , ,. . ,.,, . W W-, -.,,. ,. ,W v,,7,,4,-mV:,,,, T.:-, ,,..,,?.N,Tf,.Tf-w-,,f- ,,,,A,T, V ' ' , "" " 4" ,4..4f-,,..4.:.:h,,- Lf ...h,"" H E E s Q z ! E 3 s I l 5 2 i 1 i S 4 I 2 g r F i i P I 3 l l , ri F 4 V' r , 5 I E I r Q X ! S 'I 'V , P 11 Y l 5 i 2' 2 ,u '1 : L ig 51 'fy 1 -I l- I , 5 5 l, ' 1 f 4 , f Q 1 y. L K i I 5 5 f ,. i . I, Z K, 5 l yr v 5. I 1 ilgxi - .w f M 5 , K i LV-W 'M . ,H ! i E 1 Ui' 4 if' 1? v-P nd , :59 ,qi .1 , , 1, V if M1 rf Qi' . is P L' I v 1 1 5 2 ' s , W fr 1 5' 'r

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