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V I 1 r L - w . Y ' 1 1 !..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..gug....4..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.., 6 Q ? , Z ' a 3 COPYRIGHT , 9 BY . 5 I o CHARLES A. BOLLINGER ' Q Q EDITOR ' - 0 , 3 5 ,, lx 32 A 2 I ARD4 DjygOK Q I A NAGERK li . 1923 3 - : O e - .a ...............g a o o o o--o--o- , f'1'EZZf A Q'EW!!!!!!!!99!!!!!?!!!!!!!F!!l!!!!!!F!!!!!!!!?!!! ' FEM!!! l !!!!!! !!! !!!!! V E , -,L S E l-, i iw, L NJN E55 Gaxw VX xf N, i IIBQIIBHHU DEE ?"'!i"'lllIl L llllllllllllllllllllllllllli Illllllllllllllllllllllllll x xl N V E 3. E22 ' E n ' A A 5 ' , , E 52: ' E 2: ' 1' E25 X 5 ' 5 E gg - E 5 E E E I , ,Q E, 'sf-' ui: MU 'llljw by 7 4 Q'Ml!ll!EllllllllllllllEWil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!l!l!!!F!!!l!!F!!!!kl!!!!!!!H' llllllilIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll ll lllll .. : E Foreword In portraying the events of another year, with its pleas- ures and labors, may this g volume recall to us in future days such memor1es of Old Allegheny that we too may fully reallze A herxtage to us you Clld unfold IN 'ill "U"'llllIllllIlllllIllll llllllllllllllllllllll I ll llllllllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllw - ., -. l Q l 3 55 'i -" 2: n-n 1 :z . 1 1 I1 3' EE 1 1' 55 T "' :: 2 .- EE - " 55 " "' 55 , 1 -' 5: . 1 1: . - - 5: 1 1 EE 1' - i. cc - 1 .4 1: 1. 52 - 79 " ' E2 0 ' EE 5 2 15 1 -' 35 - :: l 55 1- ..- 55 " ... Eg 3 5 if " - :- 1 ..- 52 .1 " 5: "" "' fg '- - ge 1 gg Z '1 E5 l Eg "' - I 251311111 g EME:EEEi5EiiiniEEE55iiiiEEiii5E2E2iEEEEiEEiEEiEiEiiEiEW EiEEEEiEEEiEEii'E5Eiiiiaii.ilEiiiziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiii 5iE'EEiiiimffffffffffll4151 QU'H!!!H!!!E!W!!!!!!!!!!P!!FWl!!1!!F!t!!!!!FEH!!!l!P!??!?!!!F!!!!!!!!!F!!!!!!!!!!H"g UW' ul llllllll lllllll lilll Contents E lllllkllllllilmmll If Introduction E Will! 'Tl 2 a Q n nu Ill Q Pl. Q: 3 na U5 Ill Athletics E Wil!! Pubhc atlons Forenslc Orgamzatlons Fraternmes Alumm Illlllll lllllll Feature llllll "W"'llllllllllllnllllllllllIllllllilllllIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll WMF ,.. .. 1. " i' . . 3 "' -Y -1- ..- AV Z 55 " " E2 - :- -- Ei - 3 .- ., 1 1: Z 1 ': -3 -- as 1 - 1: . . - .-- 55 1. 1' 5: " 1 gf Z ...- : -1 55 . . 2 i ': l ,V i l 1: i ..- is - gi ' E: 'IS -- z -'- L' l 1: - .E .- -- ss 1 '1 i i :E in ..-: 35 I S ...- 1: " .. :Z . 1- EE 3 f: 5 :nd 12 S -, EE , . 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EigQUEiy X ,MM Cf k Q, A f'457j.Q wg FRED XV. HIXSON, D.D., LLU. President of Alleghuny College r yexQ faygAs'xbfsx2f6xQ,f?Xzwxyfe 1 gi 0-A 1 -. . ,,-f f f? f-5215 fff fl-i+f?'T'+T3 -G P I- 'mlm 0'Z57Ky' A 6- -be is ir - 0-- : ' 9. f . I6 fi . ff. a- sei N' 1 2 Q ' I A 'f f ' f fW Message From The President The pages of the Kaldron will indicate that the educational traditions of the college have been well sustained within the current year. There are some important facts bearing upo11 the work and life of the college community which we may be permitted to add in re-enforcement of this claim. Thirty-seven colleges and universities are represented in the faculty of the college. This is a strong protection against provincialism in its educational practices. The student community represents a cross section of thoroughly representa- tive American society. The enrollment has been restricted for several years and the entering classes are carefully selected with reference to intellectual capacity and character. Out of a total enrollment of five hundred the graduating classes. number around one hundred. This indicates a much smaller than average mortality as reported by American colleges. Twenty to twenty-tive per cent of the graduates enter professional and graduate schools. At one university where one hundred forty colleges are rep- resented, Allegheny men have won the highest honors four times since 1909. In another university, out of ten men who recently won highest honors, seven were Allegheny men. It is the purpose of the trustees to increase still further the vitality of the college. A committee has been appointed to formulate a ten-year plan of development which will include provision for additional professors, additional permanent endowment, a recitation and administration hall, a freshman dormitory for men, and an auditorium. Everyone who has been a student at the old college has a personal interest in the future position of their Alma Mater among the foremost of the older Amer- ican colleges. The steady development of this class of colleges is largely due to the steady accumulations of gifts left in wills. "Legacies are the life of the private collegef' Reliance cannot be made upon sporadic iinancial efforts. The Work must continue systematically and regularly year by year. Here is one great, rich, and almost untouched field for Allegheny. Every alumnus should make it l1is business to see that the college is written into the wills of his friends of means. A decade of this kind of loyal cooperation will result in the greatest era of prosperity within the life of the college. f'Stand back of Alleghenyv is tl1e slogan of every son and daughter of the college. "Hail, Allegheny, fair thy name shall be As light sent forth at morn o'er land and sea. Our truest and our best we pledge to thee, 0, Alma Mater, Beatissimaf' , Cordially, FRED. VV. HIXSON, President. 4 my .,.... ....., ...,....,,...,. A CD M Fifi 1'l'i 1 11' uLv'LLx-1 'V fQ!- 0 . , .Lx .A ' M 1 ffmMg L X Y mr, 1-- ---- Y ' - A V f T53 'Z'765!f CW'ffers -72055 1 i i 1 7Z7r s 5 Sfdfz 2 I fgffzs Lee P 4 f 'SEK' es ff it r 1523 ., fZGf..I. -' ,fig GJ.. ., NVILLIAM A. ELLIOTT, A.M., L.H.D. qi A 9, if B K Professor of Greek Language and Literature. 1 Truly a veteran in the service of Allegheny, lloc Bill has given many years of his life to the de- yelopment and betterment of his Alma Mater. Ile has been able to survey the growth of a struggling institution of old to the new Allegheny of to-day. More than this, he may well feel that he has done much to effect the change, for his services have been invaluable. VVith his spirit of optimism and enthusiasm enriched by his long experience, Professor Elliott continues to boost and build the college and its life. CLARENCE FRISBEE ROSS, A.M., Litt.D. an A 9, 4: B K Professor of Latin Language and Literature. Dean of Men and Registrar. Dr, Ross accomplishes his thousand-fold duties in such an efficient way that we sometimes lose sight of the personality which is back of his executive ability. Those -who are fortunate in coming into closer association with this busy Dean and Registrar can readily appreciate his sympathetic, kindly manner and his sincere interest in the students' welfare. To successfully manage and administer to over tive hundred students requires unlimited energy and patience, and Dr. Ross has proved that he possesses these essential qualities in a very large measure. CHARLES LING, Ph.D. E A E Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Ling Ends a great deal of enjoyment in having a friendly chat on the merits of the city of cities -Aflenver. But he has little time to indulge in such a pleasure, for VVilcox Hall and the Newton Observa- tory constantly summon him to work. Dad is a learned physicist, astronomer, and weather prophetg in the last named capacity he finds especial favor among those interested in spring and fall parties. OSCAR P. AKERS, Ph.D. B T, E E Professor of Mathematics and Surveying. Despite his having been awarded the golf championship last season. Dr. Akers is the very antithesis of the "big stick" policy in classroom administration. VVhile reading the minutes at a faculty meeting or buying butter at the weekly market, Pop displays an ever present dignity which characterizes him as a big man in more ways than one. RICHARD EDXVIN LEE, Sc.D. ::AE,AX2,-LBK Professor of Chemistry. While Dr. Lee's interests are varied, ranging from education and public health to wireless and batting averages, he occasionally finds time to discuss the relative merits of motor cars. As a teacher of chemistry, his expositions are shorn of terrifying technicalities. lYhile he possesses an exact and intimate knowl- edge of the science, he imparts it to his students in a clear and entertaining manner. As one of Alle- gheny's most enthusiastic athletic fans, he has been invaluable in the development of our athletic program. ALICE HUNTINGTON SPALDING. Dean of VVomeng Instructor in Public Speaking To speak adequately of Miss Spalding, who holds the position of Dean of Women of Allegheny Col- lege would require more space and more gifted paragiaphers than the Kaldron affords. Her dramatic ability and her excellencies in public speaking demand special notice. For the rest, it suffices to say that she has held her present position since 1911 and is likely to hold it indefinitely. A Hulings Hall without Miss Spalding is beyond the Alleghenian's power of imagination. 1 My ...,.. ..... .................. - ,...,. N CD, C5 ,AEE , , 1,14 ??'em4e 5 A tgp ffzmmeff Darf K C' ofz man C24 zrcf? jiti- 032996 Q1 6269 i523 4 my ot L CHESTER A. DARLING, Ph.D. f1w1'A,2E,A2P,qwBo,4:B1c Professor of Biology and Geology. Although he is now roaming along the Pacific coast, Dr, Darling is not forgotten by his Allegheny friends back east. He worked so faithfully for the past seven years that the college has granted him a vacation. Too energetic to lead a care-free life even temporarily, Dir. Darling' is doing research work in the University of California. We shall be glad to welcome this faculty member and friend back to his station in Alden Hall next fall. CHARLES E. HAlVllVlETT. Professor of Physical Education. Professor Hammett, or as we know him, Smiling Charlie, seeks to make a higher scholastic standing possible by keeping the students physically fit. However distasteful P, T. may be to some, Coach haslincreased its attractiveness by his resourcefulness and originality in conducting classes. Possessing the ability to analyze opposing plays and create for them a defense, he has been an invaluable aid to Coach McCracken in forming the best football team ever wearing the Blue and Gold. FREDERICK G. HENKE, Ph.D. A X P, qw B K, K qw K Professor of Philosophy and Education. From time to time memorable addresses have been delivered from the rostrum of Ford Chapel, but few will leave a more indelible impression on the minds of the students than did onoe given by this faculty member on the "WoofleduFf." Dr. Henke has done much in endorsing and supporting the finer things of campus life and has been closely associated with the Y, M. C. A. As head of the philosophy and educa- tigmhdepartment, he exerts no little influence in molding the lives of the religious and educational leaders 0 t e uture. JOHN RICHIE SCHULTZ, Ph.D. A A 2 flf, Acacia Professor of English Literature. Evidently there is a fallacy in "a quizz a day keeps the students away," inasmuch as quizzes have no effect on the attendance in the English Lit Glasses of Dr. Schultz. His spontaneous wit and pleasant satire have made him one of our most popular professors and have made his classes fifty minutes of agreeable instruction. Doc Schultz has taken an active part in dramatics, and his ability in directing the plays of Duzer Du has largely accounted for the present strength and success of this club. HENRY WARD CHURCH, Ph.D. fIPAK,fIPMA,fIPEI,'I1BK Professor of Romance Languages and Literature. Despite the fact that the Romance Language department is one of the largest departments in college, Dr. Church still has time to bring Metropolitan stars here to sing for us, and to take trips to Europe. As head of that relentless social committee, he tells us how many parties we can't have and when we can't have them, but even with all these cares, Dr. Church continues to smile. CHRISTOPHER B. CULEBIAN, Ph.D. A K E, fr B K Professor of History and Political Science. Dr. Coleman is an exponent of the old proverb "Still waters run deep" fsome of his questions are so deep that the students are usually stillb. His classes constantly hum with discussions on the Constitution, women's suffrage, political parties, and prohibition. Through aiding in the organization of the History and Political Science Club, Dr, Coleman has stimulated much interest in the related courses. U I .,.., . . ...,. will ,..... N Cl Y Ai Q1 ...- 10 'GL 4 A ' P. L. 7 -:K 'QP PM isgai A 4:1 s I 4 w 1 I , Z'-C550 I Zezfef' I 1 Swarfkj w --------'-'f , l i V Q .51c"z'e!f: 'll 7,525 775' Cwfedq, ,......................-.--. , ,,..... ,.... ......... A A .,.,,... . .... j ...., Z QD, .f -c . 6253, AQMED iiieohgwya ieshk A G- A A all 6- 10-b . i. 1 1 . . 'ze t' , - fe' W , as ,G , . M LEE D. MCCLEAN, A.M. B T Professor of Economics and Business Administration. In Professor McClean Allegheny has a practical and efficient business man as well as a competent teacher. During the three years he has been at Allegheny, he has effectively organized several student enterprises, establishing them upon a sound financial basis. VVith his activity in Modern Problems Club and his interest in Allegheny's publications, Professor McClcan fills a large place in our Newer Allegheny. IRVVIN ROSS BEILER, Ph.D. 117 1' A Professor of English Bible and Philosophy of Religion. Bringing to his students a message of practical and common sense religion, Dr, Beiler. is- indeed. a true minister of Christianity. He has taken an active part in the religious organizations of the city as well as in those of the campus, and his influence has been of large extent. His cordial word of greeting and sincere expression of good will have earned him many friends. STANLEY S. SVVARTLEY, Ph.D. QAQQBKHAE Professor of English Language. To encourage and coach promising orators in the various public speaking contests is only one of Dr. Swartley's many tasks. As head of the English Language department, he is developing future Irvin Cobbs and Farmy Hursts from those who are now learning all about the period fault and the uses of the semi-colon. Dr, Swartley is one of the First friends the freshmen make, and even his woefull assignments of freshman themes do not strain the friendly relations which are formed in his class- room and which last long after the course is completed. EDITH ROVVLEY, A.M. A 1' A ' Librarian. Erect and dignified, Miss Rowley has presided over the Allegheny College Library since I907. VVith- in this sacred precinct she reigns supreme. No book or magazine but heeds her voice. No daily paper but knows its place. No Alleghenian but knows his, also. CLAIR F. LITTELL, Ph.D. Q B K, Acacia Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. If you want to study and think about problems in the realm of History and Political Science, then sign up for a course under Dr. Littrell. You will get plenty of food for good honest thought. Students who heard his popular chapel talk last year have no doubts about his ability to appreciate the student view- point, and those who have passed through History I with its many outlines and readings can fully realize his spirit of cooperation in helping students help themselves. JOSEPH L. RUSSO, Ph.D. CIP E I Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. During the past year Professor Russo has shown us that his talent is not confined alone to teaching French and Italian, but to coaching dramatics as well. t'Les Femmes Fortesf' with its comic characters, colorful costumes, and foreign gestures was typically Russo. Were it not for his sense of humor we should hesitate to refer to his highly colored cravats. f 1 6 C9 ' .....,. ,.,....,.......,...,.,.,....... Q3 0 Xcgya 1e.'f,ify-Mt I GD T M Q1 Q J Defy 155560:-zz C? Jfiuixm mardi 1 fb Q Q .kx -46' A A 515,21 ltliliallslw - fe-- , ,Q O. 0, Q, - 1: f .Q r - 0 Q l I 4 W Q -z , t A" 1523 ' GEORGE L. DOTY, A.M. IP Z I Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. Immaculately dressed, extremely courteous, and tres clehonair, Professor Doty is our ideal of what a really clever man ought to be. If we had not saved the adjectives sweet and girlish for another member of the faculty, we might he tempted to use them here. Those of us who know him realize that if we want to learn French and at the same time be entertained by clever remarks, we can not do better than to en- roll in one of his courses. RAY H. SKELTON, CE. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Surveying. Professor Skelton came to Allegheny two years ago not unlil!e'a piorfeer. Com'ing'from a world- famous engineering school to a college which gave little emphasis to such a training, he has steadily de- veloped the department until now it enjoys no second-rate prestige among similar institutions. In fact, Allegheny can now recommend to prospective students an engineering course, modern and efficient. HAROLD S. E. GOODFELLOVY, A.M. A T Q Assistant Professor of English Language. Sometimes mistaken for a student by a well-meaning freshman, Professor Goodfellow soon dispels his illusion by making a scholarly dissertation on the tendencies of modern essayists or on some similar subject. It takes but a few minutes for the student to discover that such an expression of knowledge could be expected from a faculty member only. ROBERT VV. THOMAS, A.M.' EAE,AEP,EAX,fbBK Assistant Professor of English Language. "Not an idle moment" seems to he the motto of Professor Thomas in conducting his classes, and few students find an opportunity to take a morning nap while Bim is around. His thorough, efficient methods bring the procrastinator to an early realization of his fate, and yet he is always willing to give the student more consideration than hc probably deserves. His complaisant, energetic nature has won him many friends. KELLOGG F. BASCOM, M.S., Ph.D. qw B fb, 2 E, 1' A Acting Professor of Biology. As head of the Biology department Professor Bascom is ably filling the position temporarily left vacant by Dr. Darling. He has been with us for only one year, hut we already esteem and respect him for his personality and ability. The Seniors had anticipated the manner in which he would he received by the students, for they remembered him from their freshman year. :Xt that time he made many friends ns in- structor in Biology and proctor of Cochran Hall. HAROLD VV. GILMER, A.M. -in A K, 2 K 4: Assistant Professor of ,Latin and German. Contrary to popular belief, it sometimes doesn't pay to advertise. The University of Pittsburgh in- discreetly made known the manifest merits of Professor Gilmer, and now he is no longer at Pitt but at Allegheny. But, again, perhaps it does pay to advertise, for in Pitt's loss we have made a substantial gain. Be it as it may, Professor Gilmer has displayed even more than the heralded merits. More than this, he has already become imbued with the typical Alleghenian spirit. I- Y u 0 .... .......,...........,,.............. . N CD, Twcn ty-111 rec Q1 F 6327 ZEN CZKZQN ,gehsef E016 Y 1 - , 1 :Mal 'VV,, V ...1-.F - i l fll. A Q '- . ..1.-.. A Q HE , iff L, if ,V X fffff .M , V Dfffrfieff H 'V 77255 54.2 ure if Ci C9 GD ,...,,..,., .. ..Q,..,, .A ...,,A........,..... . .....A .,., . . X QD, 1'1L'!'71fj'-f11Il7' r g -fm, rf' A L leiiatlliele - fe-- .'. 9. I ite I It -' ei 3 ': ' 'gg-ng 3' 5. jqf PAUL E. HILL, MS. 2 A E, A X 2 Instructor in Chemistry. Mr. Hill is another Allegheny product. Carnegie Hall proved so attractive that he remained as in- structor and is now assistant director. Whether it is directing laboratory routine or instructing a class, he does things well and efhciently. All who know him and are privileged to call him Pete, pronounce him a boon companion. ANTOINETTE CHEVRET, M.L. Instructor in French. One laudable ambition-or perhaps one should say ideal, which all Allegheny students have in com- mon is a vain desire to speak French, not with the tongues of angels, but with the tongue of Miss Chevret. One envies her, too, her frequent trips abroad. And one must admit that in spite of both I'rance and America Miss Chevret has not yet become une femme forte. BEN R. BEISEL, B.S. CIP K XII Instructor in Mathematics. Professor Beisel, or Ben, as he is more commonly known among those of a mathematical turn of mind, smilingly greets his would-be Euclids with profound dissertations of the practical value of orthogonal trajectories. His good-natured, humorous ways attract even those who have an inherent dislike for x or y. Although he arrived 'a long time after the cornerstone of Ruter Hall was laid and though he claims he is just beginning to acquire some knowledge of mathematics, his students have the greatest respect for him and for his modest assertions. GILES M. BOLLINGER, M.S. AXP,AXz,4:B1i Instructor in Chemistry. The manner in which Giles adjusts himself to faculty and students marks him as Kipling's ideal: one who can "walk with kings nor lose the common touch. ' Only those who are in his courses down in Carnegie Hall can appreciate his ability as an instructor, but most Alleghenians know him as a modest, good- natured person. As custodian of the College book store, Giles takes our last doll-ar in exchange for some unwelcome text-book. But we can't hold this against him. CLIFFORD VV. SKINNER, B.S. AXPyq5BK,AZP,fI7BQ Instructor in Biology. Doc was graduated two years ago with the intention of entering medical school that fall, but the attraction of Alden Hall was too much for him to resist. As a result he has been serving since as an in- structor in the department of Biology. In this capacity he has proved his ability to impart successfully to others what he had so well learned as a student. His wholesome nature and sense of humor have remained undiminished from his student days. HERBERT MCCRACKEN, BS. A T A Coach of Football. Herb would say that he is entirely out of place on the faculty list. However, he has proved him- self a most commendable and successful professor in the department of football, and has taught the game so well to his squad that the remarkable achievements of the year were made possible. Further mention concerning this most popular coach will be found in the section in which he feels so much at home. FANNIE S. MITCHELL, A.B. Instructor in Physical Training for Women. Allegheny for some years has held gym .teachers to belexotic and eccentric individuals and has treated them as such. Miss Mitchell's arrival dispelled this notion, for. we found her natural, normal and charming. 'l'reatment.of gym teachers. has changed accordingly and Miss Mitchell is welcome eveiiywherqe. Indeed, her presence is earnestly solicited. We hope to keep her here as long as possible, but wien s e does go, we hope our future gym teachers come from her alma mater, VVellesley. 4 ........ .. .......,....,....,..,.,. N QD, C9 Twmztyafve fhomas JZSS GEXXQQZS' JW as Mrs azz ffayioe CXQQ99-Q , 1 . Q . . .4 i 4 Q2 X -easy- W5 1.923 fa cat - 6' A - if Ei 6- fe-- Q - , , ., ,. . -av ff f'-If -'- . . . .,.. IG. . . I. . - -A - NAOMI LOUISE KAYHOE, A.M. -'IP B K Instructor in French. ' When we hear of the meek inheriting the earth, we always think of Miss Kayhoe as heir to the most of it. And when we note-the Phi Beta Kappa after hei name we are always tempted to add S. S. and G., for sweet, simpile and girlish seem adjectives coined to express her. DALE E. THOMAS, B.S. A X P, fb B qw . Instructor in Biology. This is Professor Thomas' tirst 'year at Allegheny as a faculty member, but he should feel quite at home, for the senior section in the lxaldron of some few years ago is graced by his good-natured counte- nance. We are always happy to have profs who are .Xlleghenian from start to finish, and we welcome Pro- fessor Thomas back with us this year. VVhile he is now of the upper few, we feel that his sympathies of Allegheny student-life will ever be in evidence. I LORNA VARENE COLLINS. A 2 1' 2 Instructor in Education. A college course at Columbia transformed Varene, so lately of our midst, into Miss Collins, a formid- able member of the Allegheny College faculty. Bim may have his thousands, Schultz his ten thousands. but Varene has her hundred thousands, for her courses are compulsory. As a teacher, she works hard and works her pupils harder. But Practice Teaching commends this and so Varene's commended. MARIE MCCORMACK, AB. Assistant to the Librarian. Miss McCormack ably assists at the Library this year. Books, birds and goodfellows seem to be favorites with her. 4 JEROME C. HIXSON, A.B. -1: A 0, II A E, qw 2 1 Graduate Assistant in English. VVhile a thorough student of things literary and ar'istic, Jerry is also an authority on motor cars, He was graduated last year, but lest the Lit should perish, he stayed with it another year. He.has en- riched its pages with many literary dissertations equally as good as his famous "Walking in the Rain." HAROLD D. LEBERMAN, PLS. A T A, A X 2 Graduate Assistant in Chemistry. There is a rumor aiioat that lloey occasionally puts on the gloves for a round with Dr. Lee. The bouts are probably friendly ones, for Leberman yet continues to drive the Hudson. In this capacity he may be seen combining business with pleasure by giving folks a lift from the foot of the Hill to the top of Park avenue. In the laboratory he steers the freshiren through the intricacies of Chem, I with genuine ability. HARLEY MORRIS, B.S. 2 A E, A X 2 Graduate Assistant in Chemistry. Graduating in ,ZI after a year's absence, Harley returned this year for graduate-work. His intense interest in chemistry combined with his suburban residence somew-hat -restricted his circle-of college acquaintances. All the advanced students of chemistry, however, can testify that Harley combines an ex- tensive and practical knowledge of chemistry with an extremely likeable personality. ' msgs .... .......,...,.,.....,,..,..., . ......, : oe ' Twenty-sU:'r'n The senior sees himself next your As lllO1l2ll'I'll of il lll0f0I' car. Poor chap! How lucky if he has The nickels for 21 trolley car! Q Xe! 3 5 X if A kLfXW,lKfJlfxx ff N k W EE M N ' im I if 4' fy! S,-gf H HW W . ENHQM ' O 1.9273 O. 1 .f , A .mi 5 Y' 7 .Q Y ,gg-,Qwggg,w,ff 4- rg. ,RQ fu-Wig T? ef .. sg 'Ri-af xy v Q r .5 :ii Sf 131, S, 5315. fir' K iff ,., 4 sig Q. Q, , .fs as 'W 5 ,,gfg51f'K',?,aJf'iX Q , 'Q 4129 1 U7 km, gw' P W -' .1 ... . -sf LVVL if Llxxllc Lm'1v1cN .... . Vim'- l'l'f'SiIIl'll 1' l'rc'si1If'nt Nf'v1'wlf11"1f 7'r'f'u.wr1'1'1' lIi.vfnria111 CQQQJG .. . .. . .. . . . et' Q .mist if Looking Back Into The Future We took our history, all complete. to H. tl. NVells one dayg inquired about his prices and what he had to say about the job of putting it in H. fir. VVellish style. He gazed upon its size and girth, then answered with a slnile: "The outline of the world l wrote took years tllltl years and years. but yours is so stupendous l have yet to see its peers. lTwould take a life to do it right. The jobts too big for me. I'm sorry as the dickens but.I must refuse your plea." NVe tell you this to let you know the job we have to do-to state our history clearly and graphictly for you. W'e ask your hearing and your grace. VVe feel unequal quite, of doing what H. G. can't do. It's sure to be a fright. VVell, 1919 found our class fwe're smaller now than thenj assembled in old Bent1ey's halls, all likely girls and men. Our conduct was a model for all freshmen folks to heed. VVe showed the right amount of spunki. for "Class Pepv was our creed. That year passed by on fleeting wings, as poets would make note. fThey'd further add, without a doubt, we donned our Soph' more coat.j As Soph'- mores we did all the things the Sophhnore Class must dog as Cutting otf all Freshmen hair and keeping Frosh to rule. VVe dressed as Hula-hulas at the banquet hall one night and won the prize and gave the Frosh a most ferocious fright. And our buzz-sawis a mem'ry that will live for evermore with the speeches that the Soph'mores made from that memorial floor. Our Sophimore year we showed the school our metal and our pep and left behind us for that year an enviable rep. Too soon our Soph'more year slipped by. XVe took the -Tunior's place and credi'bly performed our part in that collegiate race till now we're Seniors soon to go. NVe're leaving Alleghe. And its a-bitter thing to go when we would rather stay. Much happened during our regime that never was before. A bat appeared thow, no one knowsj on Someone Someone's door. This has no bearing probably-it couldn't have, of course-but in our Senior year arrived, a Practice Teaching course. lYe leave behind this 1nem'ry and a loved and honored name, and take with us a future that will bring us all to fame. hike other classes we insist weire different and the best. But when it comes to say goodbye we feel like all the rest. lVe feel like those whotve gone before land you'll go too. you knowl- this school is such a good old place we hate like li- to go! Co e e ' Q9 C9 . .....,..... ..,......,..,...... . ......,.. . ........ X QD! Thirty-one .X 63229- "s f .MQ ' fl A X 1.923 C ,Q cy., " l llil .1 , 1 l fi 'T ii iPdfif41?i , ? L. . 1. 1 ,. 1 l I ' 1 l E '1 l '1 m,. 4 1 X. K ,. 1 1 1 I 4 l . . .W-af 1 Qs! II.11,1'11 l'.11,1114:1: .'x1iNlCXY, Ali. si? A X P l'Ul..XXlJ. Ullllb. I50.XHIlfXl.XX Illllll NVIIUUI, 15, Ml ll. S, .X. S.. J. 3. 4: Class Snqcyr 'l'1-11111, 1, 3 jj X :11'a11y lmvlc. 3, 4: Xziixity 1111-Ne. 2. li .Xg l11'1:-1'x1'1l 111 f1'11111 lllliu f11111' y1-:uw :1g41 111 lla' 1'111111- llll' l11-:ul of tl11' Clam uf 11335. Iilpllzzlwcticzilly :mul gil 111:11l11-111:1tiuz1ll5. XX'l1Yil1' lz111gl1i11g 1l11'1111gl1 144 l11-11-mgn' Ullx llL't' '. Ok 3 l ,f 1 iff, ' 11 lip 4 i l C .-' ff' 4 1'1'e1l11'l111urs 111 11'111'lc :it .Xll1-glie, l11- has :111111'xe1l 1 111111111101-111 1-1l111'11I11111. It ".X's" 1111-1111 :111ytl1111g, he is 1l1-st1111-vl tu l11-1'1,11111- Il g111A:11 111:1tl11-111z1t11'1:111 mul 1-ugi 1 l' ,ul 11l1z1t4'x'1'1' lic 1l1v1-a. 1111 z11'c sure tl1:11 l11 will zilwuys Clljflj' life z1111l spczik :1l1o111i11:1l1lu I"1'1-11cl1. M.x1:1,1 l'1c.11:1. A1'11:1:Y. ILS. li A 0, Lb Z1 I fVIl'I.XIlYlI.l.IC. PX. KIA MLK. N. X.. Hllill SVIIUUI.. 'l'11'1-11ti1'tl1 l"e111u1Ay l'l11lm. 3, 4: St111l1-111 il11ve1'11- Ill lI11z11'1l. 4: lQl1-1- Vlulu, 1. 1. l'1-t1-y. :is Nlarizx if 1111111 l1a111lil-1' c:1ll1-1l, is 11 verx' f1-111i11i111' 411-1's1m who inxists 1111 taking 111:1s1'uli111- U11u1's1-4, Nlzxtli. l'l1ys1':s. k'l11'1111st1'y z1114l lliolugy ah- S1,11'l1 l11'1' 111111-. Unly :1 s111:1ll 111111 uf l11'1' ti1111', lmw' 1'v1-1'. lui' it is r11111111'1'1l tllill she l1:1s to have 21 !'L'lIL1l2l!' l1011kl:11'11i11g' systeni tu k1-1111 her 1l:lt1-s stmigllt, Nl 11 'l il Xl '1 ll.11.1'11 ll1:1,1rs B.u'11N, KS. , , l AXlJ,AX1l,lIAE,4i'X f M1-:.x11v11.1,1:. 1-.1. S'll'i.XIlYll,l.l'f Illlill SVHOUI.. 1 l l':11111111s Stuff. 2. 5. K1'1li1111'-el1'1't, .UQ Ii:1l1l1'1111 Staff, I J, 31 Xl111'i11g-1111 liziy 1':11':11l1' l'1v11111111t1'1'. 2, 11'l1f1i1'- fi 111211111 Class Succcr 'l'ea111, 1, 2: Light II1-:ivy-XYcif'l1t 1 XVr1'stl 5 'l'i11gl 1- ,yf 1. M541 fc, ing 'l'itl1-, 1: 'l'1Az1ck 'I'1-11111, 1: Quill L'1ul1. 4, 3: y lliolugiczil lilulm, J. 3. .Xftur llll1Cll l1esit:1ti1111 Rxilpli l11-1-1le1l tlic grim call of 1l11ty. f111'1's1111k his 511111-1'z1l i11tc-rests :it .Xllculic-11y, 111111 1'1-15istc1'1'1l at if of P, his sc11i111' y1':11'. Ilmvcver, he 1-111l111'sw. tlic 11l1l c11ig1':1111, ".Xl1se-111'1- 111z1k1w the l11'z11't gruw 1f1111le1'," z1111l is lmack x11tl1 115 fm' 611111- 111E111'1'1 .,.1- 1. N121 U. wc slim 110111. .X goml 1ne1li1'11s sl11111l1l lm i11t1'1'1-su-1l in ll111'z1 :1111l f:x1111:1. R:1l11l1 qiuilifics. S.1111'11:1. I'. li.v1'1f1s, Ali. A 'I' A IXII'f.XDVll1I.l'f. l'.K. N!l4I.XIlYll,l1I'I IIIHII SVIIOOI1. 1ll1-1- l'l11l1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1Y:11'sitg Ijua1'l1-1, 35: lliizer llu, J, 5. 4, 4l':1st. 1. :li NI111l1-1'11 l'1u1l1l1'111: Clulv, 3, 4. Szlmhirf 21 tz1l1f11t1'1l. Ilillli-k:l10t'liUli lzul wl111 111-1'f111'111s 1-11t1-1'l:1111111g 1'1-:its 1111 tl11f 111z11111. :111111s1's us f1'11111 1l11' mugs. :1111l s1'11't'cs us :ill 1111l1 l11- sp1mt:1111f11us 25 1111tl1111s1s 111 llL'Ill'fj' l:111gl1t1-r. lh- is 11 11l1-:1s:111t fcllilwg ul1l lik1- tu su- 11111111 111' l1i111. l111t fl11'l'C'S 21 1111111311 111 1l11' suse I11-111'1' ilu- 11111+l1'1'11 p1111l1lc111s. 1, O. QD Tl111'Ly-tivo .D Q '29 21590 Qlix In I QQ, L , 4 1.925 F09 1 i -its at liItssia1.1. l'oNwl-11.1, M n.o lil.0INll+I'l'T, A.B. A X P FRI-IDONIA. N. Y. , FIHCUONIA HIGH SK'HOOI.. Modern Problems tiluh. 3, 4: .Xssistant Nlanagcr of Track, 3g .Xlternate Varsity Dehate, 32 Class Soccer Teain. 1, lluss hails from Fredonia, made famous by grape juice and Grace S. Rielnnond. judging from his in- terests in hanking and tinance, we suggest that john Pierpont Morgan should he included in his impressive title. llc is shrewd enough to steer any corporation around the ditliculties of the cruel world and through the golden portals of success. Thought he does not make himself conspicuous. his influence and judgment are always a henetit to his associates. llavxioxp Haiaorn 'l2o.xK, HS. CP A HY fb B fl? NNW' f'AS'l'I.Pl. PA. Nlilv l',KS'l'Ll'I HIGH HVIIOOL. Tingley lliological Club, 4. Vonting to .Xlleqheny with the intention of staying only tno years. lloc has hecome so attached to the follege and its surroundings, that even now he is a little dubious about leaving. lle is noted as one of the first five of the senior class that is the First live in chapel seating., lint this seems to act as a re' straint rather than an incentive to his chapel at- 1 tendanee. flood natured and quiet, llof: ought to 3 make a fine doctor if the attraction at New iiastle I does not become too strong before he finishes medical l college. 5 l . , . lt l'ii,xRl.l4:s At'm:EY BoI.i,1N.i-ac, Ali. ' ! AXIQAERIIAE Ml'I,XDVII,l.E. lu. 'l MlC.XIlYll.l.l'I HIGII SCIIOOI.. tl' Band. i, 2, 33 Glec Cluh, 3, 4g lialdron Staff, 2. tl 3. 4. Cliditor in Chief, 41: Class llehating, .zg Varsity llehatittf, 31 lfxtemiroraneous Speaking liontest, 3, 4. CSccond Placelz Ladder Orator, 3: ,lunior Prom Yom.: I Oratorieal .Xss'n, f'I'reas., 33: Publication lloard. 4: Modern Prohleins Clnh. 3, 4, f'l'reas., 4,1 Quill Cluh, 4: llistory and Political Science Klub, 2, 31 1 Student Senate, 41 First llonors, i, zg follege Audit- 'l ing Com., 4: .Xssistant in liconomics, 3, 4. l As a good citizen of the eolleze community and an I effieietit student senator, Chuck has the combined ability to gain popular favor and good marks. .Xs a i heavy bass and a cartoonist, rival of .Xlton Packard. he eontrihntes to the ,qaiety of nations. lle can he 5 blamed for almost anything. li you do not like this ws f Kaldron, hlame it on him. i l NV. lbr'c'i:.xY I:0I'RQl'lN7, A. B. A 'I' .3 f l Ml'l.XDYll,l.lC. l'.X. lll'I.XDYlI,l'.I'l IIIHII NFHUUI.. V. S. Medical forps: Nlodern Prohltins flnh, 3. 43 lfoothall Squad, .z. lYhile havinq heen pronounced hy ,lames Montgom- ery lflagg as the liest looking man in Vncle Sanfs 5 ' Navy, lluke has not allowed his handsome appear' XY .yr ance to wreck any hearts at llulings, hut has eonhned , his fussing to town social circles. lYhen he is not b '-'VT W -ftvivv' tripping the light fantastic, he may he seen discussing ' with tiene Miller the merits of the newest brand of J hair oil. Q o ........ ..,..,,.,...,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,..,,,,, -Q C91 C9 7'l1i1'ly'fl1rrf' . If I li .1 iii l lil ll 1 u 'WMV' .4 ' -4-Q. 1 11154 3 is M . . iff ' A 1s1.11lelkw 6- -- . ,IG . Ie. .- 'ef 1.9 3 ,Q ff Q if ' ', ' f' I , ,MM TL. -:i - is IIIQLEN JANE Bownax, A.B. 1 ' 5 fb B K, 4: E I Q KANIC. PA. ' A7 KANE Hlllll SCHUUI.. Quill Vluh, 2, 3, C1'resident, 47: Le Petit Salon, A 5. lPresidcnt, 41: Play fast, 3, 4: Twentieth Cen- tury Club, 3. 4Yice-President, 49: Klee-o-Klect, 3, 43 Play Vast, z, 3: Literary Monthly Staff, .:, 3, QAS- soriatc liditor, 4l2 Moving-Upsllay Speaker, 2. . I Ilowman stands out. Not only hccause she is Phi lleta liappa and an actress and a linguist and an author and a poet, hut hr-cause she is Bowman, the one and inimitable. .X humorist from top to toe, her sallies have been eagerly received for four years. XYith all her humor, however, we fear there is a vin- dictive strain. "l'is safer to he iilHVII13l'1,S friend than enemy. For what Rowman does, she does better than anyone else, and there's no telling what she'll do next! 5. 'et X Y, t'.xlc1,Y1.12 'l'1'T'1'1.141 HtlX'N'1'llN, A.B. 41 A 9 NV.Kl.NY0lt'l'II. N. Y. til-INESICIC NVESLICYAN SEMINARY. Y, Nl. V. A. Vahinct, 3, 4, CI'resident, 45, Tho- hurn flnh, 1, 2, 3, 4: filee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. 'l'ut intends to he a theologian. llut this word is altogether too formal and dignined to attach to this good-huniored .Xlleghcnian. Ile has been a loyal cham- pion for right living in campus life and has demon- strated his stand hv practice rather than mere preach- ing. llis willingness to work, coupled with dependa- hility has had results, -lonx liI'IRl5l'IR'l' Bozlc, A.H. 'i?A9,AEP,K'1I7K JICANNl'l'l"l'l'l. PA. JI'iANNlC'I'TI'I IIIGII SCIIOOI.. tilee l'luh, 3, 4, Reader, 3, .ig lluzer Du, 3, 4, llreas.. 43: Varsity Debate, 2, 3, 42 Freshman-Soph0- more .feclamatinn Vontest, 1, 2, XYinner, 1, .21 Moving- l'p llay Speaker, 1, 2, Y. Rl. C, .X. Cabinet, 4, Stu- dent Senate, 4: XYakelield Oraturical Contest, 2, 4: Plllltl-l'iI'IlIll4lit1 Uratorical iiontest, IQ Philosophy and Iidncation fluh, 4, 1PresidentD. llaving heen at one time a star in Miss Spalding's Puhlic Speaking Class, john always plays a leading part in dchate trios. He has a line that would equal Yern VVise's and it is said that he has used it to good advantage not only in selling Fuller brushes. hut in selling himself to a certain young lady on Randolph street. lle has tried many things since his stay at .Xlleg!,heny. even to hitting the lowest note for the hasses on the lilee Club. Next year he will sell granite and niarhle for one of the town's leading con- eerns. l'l.nc1. HI'IP01.l'Il HVIQIIICKI. A.B. fit A 9 t'0I.I-lllROVl'l, PA. QLICNESICIC NYlGHl.l'IY.KN SICMIXARY. 'lihohurn fluh. 1, 2, 3, 4. .Xlthough married and a minister serving a charge, liarl has Finished :1 inure successful course at Alle- gheny than many of us who do not have these added respnnsihilities. llis wide experience among men i11 the army. together witl1 his sympathy and spirit of helpfulness cannot fail to make l1i111 a true minister to the needs of humanity, .,.. .,.. ,......,,....,, .,.., 1 1 t ' Ol Thirty -four x - G' ' A Edlfllill ' if : ' irc 2' iff. .- w ,Q .l 0si4:1'11 l':IPYVAliIJ tXxN1:Y, 13.8. QAG3 NICXY 1'.XN'l'I.I'I. l'.X. NICNV l'.XH'l'l,lC HIGH SUIIOUL. Cilee fluh, 3, 3, 4: Tingley liiolngiezll flnh. 3, 3. 4, Teil intends to enter lIlL'tllCZll selnml this full ziflei' eoinnlt-ting :in exciting fnni' years :xt .Xlleglit-ny, In zirhlitinn to his ttuisoitizil zihilily in his solmlmiiitwe ye:n'. Teal has niznle inziny liezirts lunmny ns elerk of the cnnrts in New Castle hy grunting l1l1ll'1'i2lQ.fL' lieenses. llc is an industrious stutlent when there isn't zi tleck uf czirtls in sight. tlstxxlc Lixu tlAIi'l'WRltlll'I', KS. A X P, qw 13 fp SH.KKl'SVlI.l.l'f. PA. SIl.XllI'SYlI.I.IC HIGH St'lIO0I,. llinlngy antl howling have lveen tJse:n"s salient lines iluring his nlziys at .Xlleghen,.'. liultertlies, trees, hirnls, fungi, :incl niesohlastin' somites are :is faniilirir to hini as :ire the thzinel stings tn line llill. If he tloesn't make good as :1 hiolngist or ilnctor. it's hceziuse ulmilitg clot-sn't count. .Xs :1 tliversinn, he has hzul zi rritlier tlecitleil soeizil interest. Gicomzic NVli,snN t'1I,xl'lN, I-3.8. A X L x1ic.xIw1I,l.l4:. lax. Xll'I.XDYll.I.IC Illtlll SVIIUUI.. .Xfter returning from lfrzniee, tienrge tleeitletl that llc wnulrl make W111' on mzirlss. llc has the unusual ahility to get results with little el'fm't. XX'itl1 an in- eliimtion for inns :intl inuleeules he has spent nviny ' nrotitzihle licmrs in Czirnegie llnll. lle elriinxs tu liuve successfully lI1it'l'1J0lZlICll without liziving anything tn interlmlate. l'.xi'1. NV. t'1..ii:1i14:, A.H. fb Ii xl' l'I.l'IYl'II,.XNIl. HHIU. tlliNl'IYA Hltlll SVIHNII.. Klmlern l'mhlf-ins Ciluh, 2, 3. tX'iee-llres,, il: lluzei' Iln. z. 3. 4: liloek .X flnh. 3. 4: liontlmll Sqnwil. i. 1: llziss llziskethnil. 1, J. 3. 4: Yzivsity Tennis, 1. 3. tfziptziiii. 47: .Xthletie linzirrl, 41 Class Secretary. 3. If we were in See Sliiplvel' milk any faster when he wns lzlte fm' :tn eleven-fnrly than it man ezin cinn- fortzllily intrve, we wntvlul he texnplerl tn luelieve tlirlt he nfxs not feeling well. llut nnte.l :is he is fm' his restful lmhils. Sliipner llns XYllt'l'lL'tl his eollrse tl1rnu'4l1 the Vziivitls nf fum' enllege 3e:n's never lleetlingg the lum- of the Sivens nf llnlings except when zu e:n'nl has sonntleil sweetly in his ears, l I l I l , 1 l l ,l in lug 1:1 Qi Ill nl 1 t s I il ll .ll I X Y A 1 I i X 4, .gg ,f 1 , if 'Q ,ir ,Y 5 .X T ,J 1, uf ,, I Q 'ig 4 1: xxx Fl' COXQQQ., ...... . ......,,.,.., ,....... Tlzirty-fIt'e .2 l li 'Qfifbv H O' .MM U Ufl , I x ,,!'s2'i-, V O O i 9 l'11,un,1f:s Il. t'oe1iimN, A.B. df 1' A, cb B fi: XVII.KINSllI'Rll, PA. i YVll4KINSliI'Rll HIGH SCIIOUI.. Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cfapt. antl Xlgr., 23: Y, Xl. C. .X. Cabinet, J: Stull:-nt Senate, A: Athletic Council 2' Il l. ill ll' I 1 1 l l I fi , -t ,X . l l liloek .X tlnlmg Klmlern Prohletus fluh. .ig liiology Lah. Asst., 4. Despite the fact that he hails from the Smoky Qfity, lihiek always looks clean. thick prirles himself on the fact that he is horesl hy Kliss Snalcling's proteges. ,Ns a tennis star he has put Allegheny tennis teams in a high rank for the last four years, It is saill that he is a real orator when it comes to discussing social rules uith the faculty anrl persuading llean Ross into allowing him to carry tXVSlllj'-llll'L'C hours of work, RAYMOND S'1'I'II'HI4IN 0oI'it'1'Nl11Y. A.B. cu'x"s MILLS. PA. M ICA DVI LLE II IGII Ht' ll00I,. Kloilern I'rohlexns Club: Le Petit Salon, Uelieving that the quickest way to learn is to ask questions, tkmurtney hollls the interscollegiatc record as question asker. lle has clcmonstraterl to the R04 mance Language tlepartment what a real Frenchman can ilu when he is given a free hand in the French courses otiferecl him. He iutenfls to enter husiness irut ue xroulrl not he surprisefl if "La langue hclle" heck- oneil him into teaching. ff jr, ICr'ssm.1. 'l'uonAs Ilorxol, A.B. A T A EDINRORO. PA. I-IDINIEORO S'l'.X'I'E NORBIAI., .-Athletic lioarfl, 4: llistory anfl Political Science ' Modern Problems fluh. 3, 4: Chairman fluh. 3. 4: Y XYashington llanquet fiom., 3: Class liaskethall, 3, 4. .Xfter having traveled wirlely and gainecl for him- self experience in many Helrls of activity. Rus came io .Allegheny to arlll the finishing touches to his eflu- cation. XVQ have no rlouht but that he alltlerl those touches hy varied means anal in such a way as only one so cosmopolitan as he eoulrl have llone. llis variell interests and his social activities give ahunllant evidence to thc- fact that llus believed in getting all there was in college. Bhrnox II1f:I.1cxA ICIBIICRS, A.B. E T E RIPLEY. N. Y. RI l'I,ICY IIIG II SCHOOL. Pliilnsnlblly liluh. 41 Xl. N, S.. 3. 4. Marion is a serious-miiuletl girl upon whom respon- . sihility sits well. She says she is going to he a teacher. r fellow-sufferers in this year's Practice 'ferwliingz course aflmit her fitness for this profession. QQQLO., 7 InrtyA.ri.r 625290 , ttl l t ttt lttf TD W 743273 f 9 ,VO ,, Ivm' liricplxlc I'1S'I'I'1I'., A.B. an A K t ' INDIANA. PA. INDIANA HIGII SVIIOOII. Football Squad, 1, ag College Iland, I, 2. ,il Mod- ern I'r0blems Cilub, 3, 42 Literary Monthly Stall. 31 Circulation Mgr, College Publications, .tg lfxtempo- raneous Speaking Contest, 4. Versatility is Skee's middle name, and we tiud him doing everything from playing a Cornet to piloting brigs on the stormy sea of love. 'Ile has the tongue of a State L'ongressman and can deliver at any time a speech with aguite definite ideas on any subject. Shakespeare is his favorite author, from whose writ' ings he expostulates daily on the bounties of love's labor fulfilled. ICIJNVIN Asinazx' FINNEY, BB. E A E NIICAIIYIIIIIIC, PA. BIEADVILLIC HIGH SCHOOL. Dutton Society of Applied Science, 3, 4, In lid we have one of the master minds of the su"- veying department. Ile surveyed the campus to as- certain if allrthe buildings were in their right places and after dotngrthis, wrote his senior thesis on this difficult task. lfniney has hinted that he is something of a French shark, but perhaps this is one of his good natured jests. Ile will leave Allegheny and Kleadville to continue his study at Lase. IRA Uzxt I"1,m11Nu, HS. AXP,AEI','1IDBCI7 RIINHVAY. PA. HIINIYVAY llllill SUIIOOII. Freshman Debating Team, I: Varsity Debating Team, 2: RIen's kilee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g college Cihoir, 3. 4: Craft Club. I, J, 5, 4, tSee., ZQ Treas., 37: Y. M. Ci. A. Vabinet, 2: Tingley Iiiologieal Club, 3, 4, tPres., 43, We have with us a gentleman who, though not pos- sessing the lloliathan stature which might well ae- company his mental equipment, manages to reach dizzy heights of song. Truly he trills a sibilant tenor, and is at his best when, flanked by feminine nightingales, he breaks forth into paeans tpronounced pains! of re- ligious fervor at chapel. lfuture tears mav see him hard at work in some biological laboratory, lulling- the feverish streptococci to sleep with some Tasmanianolul- laby, Ifhnto .losnifn tiifzrcest-nm, A.I3. B T, K fb K lIk'IiICICSI'0R'l'. PA. IIOMICS'I'I-IAD HIGII SUIIOOI.. Student Senate, 1: Y, BI, li. A. Cabinet, 3, 4: Quill Club, 3, 45 Plassieal Klub, J, 3, 4, tlhairnian. 353 lloxing. 2. 3: lfxtemporaneous Speaking Vontest. 31 Class Debating Team. 1: l'lass Soeeer Team. 1, llail to the saviout' of Allegheny classics! liergely came from llomestead to help lloc Ilill lead the l'lassi- ill lo ll lil all Ill l 1. ll it l tl I ll is tl l it IF ll l tl It E5 I! li if ll l l, ll it li ls gl iii sv off? l ts W2 1 cg, f-3 r 'Q fr.-, eal Klub and has distinguished himself by elaiming that lp he would sooner study llreek than teach English to itll C" tvkr Italians. Despite this fact tiergely has been the man fl? behind the local Amerieanization work and has ae- 1. l eomplished much for his .Xlma Mater in this respert. I l l Next year this hard working, dependable student will , probably continue his studies at graduate school. l Milli My MN,lZ....--- G QD . ' N' QD Q9 P ,,.,..., . ........,......,....,.....,.......,......,.....,.. K 'LZ Tlzirfy-xrr'en 'QE' 4 49. . . ... . i- lf' I-925 i '- H Q 1 i 5 2 3IAIl'l'IN liI"l'lll'Ili ll14:1:li.xi:1u'1', A.l3. ' .H?lINS'I'lNVN. lux. umxxiiixl 'l'vn.1.lA: niun svimui.. A l'l,icv1f:1,.xNn nlmic INS'l'I'l'l"I'I'1. X Siinle-nt Ynluiiti-ur, I. J, 5. 4: Classical Clulx, 3. 41 i lfirs! llnnnrs, ig Scunnll llnnnrs, 3. gi ' .Xs pinus :is liis nnnu- :nnl zxs i-in-rgcli' :is was Mai'- l tin l,uTlu'r nf ulll is nui' Nlzlrlin l.ulln'i' nf '13, 'lillc il, I flirt tlmt lu- clung' sixti-in nvili- In svlnvnl. wzillcing il wln-n tlu- xxuzltlu-1' lwrilliltwl, :inil lllv lzict tlizn lu- wurkcsl his way hy pri-zicluiiig, tl-siifics that ln' is ri 4 "V i'vsui'voii' nf cn:-1'gy wliicll l'Clcnss'nl for lllllllflllily will l,.! ilu :in vsnrwninus gnml, .1 . ll ,, . , , ig! if, llum' l',I.I,IU'l"1' hnllmiizx 41141411-1N1,i'N1v, li 5 I 1 lib. A- lx K if A X N' i- - A , A A -1 NVAIIRICN. l'.X. F68 YVAKKICN IIIGII HVHUOI.. ,v .., ' 2 lfl ng 'fig lilce Clnlv, 1. 5, lklgr., 41: Hutton Sncictjv uf Ap- ill g3gjQ5'2,f pliwl Scivnuc, 3, 4: .Xssismnt lfnntlmll Nlaiizigcr, 32 vllmnll .Xl:xnz1gci', 4, lllock .X. Clulm, 4. 'l i lf hc xxill lmut sn-1: frmn lie-liinfl his 111 ii-nnirxl gruwtli ii of fricizil ciliziry :ului'in1n'n1 tin' fl nmnnnl we may SCO: ll M ilu- innn wlnm. stznsting in lilo uiili zisiiimlimis tn run I1 3 4 QW "wp ll rziilrnzul, was lmnpily clivi-1:11-il inln thc lzisk of running Q 5 It :1 fnntlmll ti-znn, wlnrli trrnns 1'ugul:ii'ly. llis juli llwrc llfl , il tinisllcnl. lm turuc-l In :1 new lil-lil. ilu- like Club, ig' wlu-ru lic plziyeil unil on ilu' tennis section. lioliling thc ill ncxl man'-s music. lla- nnw takes vnczll lc-ssnns in 1 , in-ilci' tlmi lie may the ninrc swcvtly sercimrle Il certain fi fziir une :it llulings, wlnm may lm seen enjoying with ll V' llini zit Iinn-s ilu- pleasures of rilling in his custom Ui Q 1' fl' ,Lx-" lmuili racer. :li ' 15 ,, ll fi 'A 'f ei" K l v 44 ,gf X IRGINIA iiIll'INl1Il.l.l'I, ALR. ., if V V X 3' lx lx I i , 3, lf ,wfvg 4 lllulllnhlluk. A. i. il ,C-. ,, , ,. 144 1,516 l RUC IIl,!slI,lt llllull Bl IIUOL. ,IIN lilce-0-lilcet. 5, 134644.-'l'i-ezis., 45: Cast, i. J, 3: xml .' V fi nn, 3, fviizi'-lflws., 4J1AC:ls1, 3. 43 :Hi nslnnglnn llirtlnlay llzniquz-1 ill Spcziker, zz NI. N. S., 3, 4: Y. NY. C. A. Czilminct. lv 1, XVi1l1 limi' frank :uul wmly nrnlTei's of fricmlsliilm, 41 liinny lincs You up at first inecliiig, .X DOIYIVY manner l, plus an Irisli TU!lQ2,'l'IL' :irc Ci1Ol'l2ll to svcure licr any- wlu'l'c. lfv0i',.'tl1iiiu inIL'1'1'st5 liinny anal hui' interest is wlmlclu':n'tcnlf wllile it lusts! u . 'Tl lil ll ,lg Al.l1'If: LY1r1,x 4iiu'1Nlil.l.l1:, A.H. Ulf ic K I' if icoc'1Ii:s'1'i4:R. N. Y. K l llx KOCIIICSTICR Illlill NCIIOUI.. . i Y. XY. C, A. Czilwinct. ll'ri-s.. 41: St. Cecilia Club, ll A 'zssiunl Clulv, 43 l'liilnsn1ul1y Club. 4. Q A ' .Xs pilcsillviit of the Y. XV., .Xlice inmlwzilmly has lic- 3 if-'P 's-nilcil inure unrlci'-clzissinsn than uni' girl in tlic gl llzill. Ilia- umlci'-vlzissim-n in turn lizivc siiici-rl-st :if- lx ll'k'llUll flll' lleli HS ll Villlll'll ll'll'llll" L'Ull9l1l1'lAflll', ell' 1 . wi - tlnisizisiic, syinpzltllc-lic zilwzlys. .Xml lliu uinlci'-class , nu-n :irc nut alum- in ilu-ii' iscgznwl for .Xli':e. 'M 'A -4 ,...., N - -... 6 L9 ' . ' Thirty-eight QQ 5? GL 2 ,Q Q., Q 11. 1i1'1111x l1.11f11:1c, 13.5. 111 11 111,11 X 3 1'UlC,X0l'4ll.1S. 1'.X. f'0K.UP1'HI,IS IIIHII SVII0011. 1'l1c1f1'l1':111c1'. 1, 3. .12 1111311 S41111111, 3. 'Al.ct's 1411 ,X11L'f.f1l1'lU XY11 c11u111 11111 1lEZll' 1111 '14 1-1- 111'e5s11111 11itl111111 11111111-1112111-ly 1'111111eut111g 11 11'i1l1 :1 111'1ll1:111t11' 1'c1l-1111111011 l1111' 111111011111 111 111'1'1'1111s 71c111'111 l11'f111'1' X111-gl1e11y fans 111 :1tl11cl1C k'Vi'lllS. .X11 11 1l1'1t l11'1lli:111t t111111i11gA 11011111 111-111111: 111 Rm-11 11:1f1'1'. 11111111111 111101111111 11111- 111 the 1111151 111111ul:11' C111-1-1'1ez111111's .X1l11- c111ul1l 11111 tl111 111 Q111k'l1y has t'VE'l' 115111, XYe l1:11'c li1111- U will 111111115 l1:11'1' 11111111 1113111 S111111111'1e1's 111 1211:-1' 1111-, L-1'c11 it 111- 11111111 l1z11'c 1111-111 111 1111- l,1c111-1'z1 15111110 M.111111N M.1111:,11111:'1' lI.11111,'1'11N, A.l1. A I' A 1'11NN11:.11"1'1'11.L11:. 11.1. 1'11NN141.11'1'1'11.L11: 1111111 s1'1111111,. 1 'llinglcy 1!1ul11g1c:1l f-llllb, 3. -li Nl. N. S.. 3. l1'1'1's., 111111111 111111 4 .111 1ilL'C-Il-111661 Vast. 1: 'I'111-111111111 Klzxrian 1711110 111 collcge :1 111-1111111 little 111-5111111111 111111 curls 211111 11011 sl1c lenvcs, 111-1' 111-1111 ll't'lIL'SS gaynty, l1L'1' curls sl1o1'11. '1-llklllgll l1e1' 1'111'z1g1'11 111'1g!1- 1 1111 '111 1161 1 lt 111111 l11111s 111 l1111's:1rc " 1 '1 ':1' 1111 2 1 1 V - 4l11'iu14e f 111111 1 of l:111g111c1A, 111 1lCl' f1'ie1111e1 Mz11'11111's 111fccl111us g111111 I111111111' 111111 clove-1' 11'11 are llfl' C1ll1'f cl1:11A111s, 111- 11111 glaml tllat 111-1' 114111111'lu1gL- 111' 11111112111 111111111- 111z1c11- ller L','11icz11. 1111s 11111 M,1111:,11111:'1' L111'1s11: 1111111111x11, AJS. K A 9 1ClCYN01.IlSYlI.I.l'I. PA. NATIONAI, PARK SICMIXARY. MARGAR1-l'l' MORRISON. Gr:1c1r111s 111111 c11a1'111i11g. 1.1111is1- 11:15 11ml-ce11 111 ,Xllrf gl1e11y's sc1c1:11 5111111111111 s111c1- 11111' :11'1'11':11 llQl'C 111111- years ago. l.11u1sc's llEl'SlYllIl1l1y s111.:gosts s11c11-11'. - 1 11'11e1'c f1'1L'l'C 11'1ll 111111111 he :1 1111111 c11z11':1ct1-1'1s11c:1.11 1lCI'S. 31.1111 P11111 H11:x1111:11s11N, A.I3 K A G 1'UNN1'I1,I.SYI111115. 1'.L Dl'N15.KK 'l'1NYNN1Ill' 1111111 S1'llUUI,. Y. NY. ll .X. L4:111111c-1. 2, 1l'1'vS., 1, 861111111 S1-1 111-41111: 111511111 211111 1'0l1tiL'11l 51'ie11c1- 511111, 5, 11'1'cs., 11. 1.1 1 10111 Salon. 4. '1'1 11 112113: is 11110 of 11111511 cz111:1l1l1- girls 111111 111111111 111.111 ' llls 111111111 :1 sucu-fs 111 n11y1l111'1g. 11111 111215, elm : 1 1111510 l1L'1' 1:11c111x 1111 :1 lllS1'L' 111:111. 12111 these 011112111111 .,1 girls 11111.11 l1:11'e s11111e111i11g 111 111z111:1g11, s11 11's :111111 511 x111'111'1s1'11, :11'TL'1' 1111. 11 1 f1. YM gg zifl Kg Q F3619 1. if' ' F 111 11: If '1E! 11 ,Q-3 11, 11 1 1 1 11 111 11 1. ,IV '1 1-,N 1 i h 7 -1114212211111 X , 1 - M ,, .,........ ,W , 111 111 1,1111 11 11 .1 Tlzirty-nine QD 634290 HEX? 1923 .GO-,QC XG , AQ M y r ls - J x x K ' .A , xisnv 7 .5 4,- . ics, ...,.. mv M., XvlI.I.I.KM IQ. HENRY, A.l3. .f 41 K Xl' I l!LAIRSVII.I,lC. PA. liI.AllCHVll.IilC HIGH St'HOUI,. Nlotlern Problems Klub. 3, 43 Craft Club. 41 Klan- ager lialtlron, 3: Nlanairer track. 4: Varsity Debate, 2, talternatelz flass ltebate, :Q XYinner l'hilo-Ifrank- lin Uratorieal Contest, 3. Ponting to us from the lanrl of Senators :incl State Governors. llank brings with him a truly senatorial bearing anml an accompanying ability to ileliver per- suasive annl soul stirring orations on almost any sub- ject Honor Systems incluilesl. lle is a born sales- man and a man of wiile experience. having enriehetl his etlucation by a visit to Princeton. Iloping to be a lawyer, he is alreaily developing his ability in plan- ning a defense for thc case of Mortimer Graham. -lonx YY.u.T1-:it Him-:1:.xt'tii1, I-LS. A X I' XII-I.XIlVIl.I.lC. PA. lNIl'I.XIlVIl,l,l'I HIGH SCHUUL. Glee Club, 2, 3. 4: liand, 2, 3, .lohuls rosy complexion has excited much envy among the feminine portion of the student body, but the men envy him for his ability to provoke roars of laughter with his funny antics and his tunnier remarks not to mention his ability as a saxaphonist. XYith his never failing good humor ancl continuous pep he has matle Glee Vluh trips a source of much enjoy- ment for his fellow songsters. john sairl that he haul to make sure of always havingka good accompanist. Perhaps that explains why he will probably get mars riezl next year. Iil'INNl'I'l'lI ,XIIIPICN Illxics, HS. fb li ttf, fb B fb lIl'IAlDVII.l.l'1. PA. 11l'I.XDVII.I.lC HIGH SCIIOOI.. Glee Club, 1, J, 3, 4, CKlgr.. 451 Craft Club, 1. 3, 4, tl'res., 3, J,l: llutton Society, t, 2, 3, 4. .Xs a songstcr, and a nianager, lxen spemls a large portion of his time in seeing that none of his llock of tilee Lilub song birils stray too far from ,Xlleglteny irleals when they are on trips. .X large part of the success of this year's Gliee Klub nas been mlue to his ability aml tort-sight as manager. .Xs a fusser he ranks with the most popular, an-l with llourrluin as to the patent leather tinish of his hair. Finch S'l'I'IN'l'Z 1I1'1'1't1t1:Ns, BB. 2 A E, 4? B 115 Nl C K l'1l'ISl'0K'l'. PA . lIi'Kl'Il'ISl'UR'l' HIGH SUHUOI.. Manager of College llantl. 3. Possessing a very clecirletl sense of humor anfl a very optimistic attitutle towarcl life. lfretl has ileeillerl that the profession of chemistry is too exacting aml intentls to become a salesman, Ile was Blaitlanrbs right hanfl man when it came to making a successful banfl. but more than that. so far as we know. he has thus far evatlctl capture at the hanmls of .Xllegheny's eo-eils. ., . , o Forly Itiilltitil 02mQvxix fl ' M' L---l - L ul Ig 1 ' in 3 H , J " A AQXQK 'I'i:.u'm' I.. -lmlxsux. .X.Il. A X I' k'A'I"I'.XIi.XI'41IS. N. Y. 1'.K'I"l'.XIi.KI'1iI'S IIlllII SVIIUIIII. Iilvt- Lilith, 2. 32 Ilistury :tml I'uliti':zil St'iL'xlL'e fliih, 3, 45 Nlotlt-ru Pmlmlt-iiis Chili, 3. 4. I.ikt- must scniurs 'linac-y leaves his .Klum Nlzitt-1' with thu cxlucutfttiuii nf getting Rich. hut xxitli him it is :I cxipitzil itlun, .X striving' lmustt-it nf tht- liiiipiitt- State- :intl with n jolly cuiitciuimt fm' Utltosu Pcimsyl- Vzmizi llutchu, he hits zifftmlt-il nizmy :imusiiig cfmtim- Versivs, llc lvft us fm' Zi sciiicstz-r tu :itlvml the l'lii- vcrsity of I'ui'tn Rico, lmt .Xllugltt-ity luokccl two gmtwl to him, I+'lcANli I,1x1v11u1.xi .IOI.I,Yv, A.I'3. fb l' A, II A E IIOl'S'I'0N. 'l'I'IXAS. PKUSSU I'IiI'fl' NVIIUOI.. Ixziltlrtm Stuff, 3. 3. 4: Quill Chili. 5. 4: llistury :mtl Political Sciciiu' kluh, J. This cow-pimcllei' fi-Inu 'Il-xris is at rczil xxmiiziii-l1:itt'i'. It is riiiiimxwl that Ifrzml-c :luring his cutirc four-yi-:ir mviirst- has mfvci' ht-t-it to lluliiigs lu-fm'e lunch. .Xt tht- szxme tiixic he visits fziii' vesiilt-nts of Alt-mlvillu. lircmiville, :tml lfritz Ill-wvver. litflicvilig that his vsluuzitioii slmulll ht- wull wiiiitletl. l"r:nilc hats tout-lit-el lightly in tht- tielll uf jtuuriizilism. thus riiltivsitixig :L niurc tluclit :mtl softly 1-limiiig lint' xxhich will lilnzist- tht- must riritirril fymiliiiie mir. IV. BI1'Il,YIl.I,I-I -Iuxl-ns, A.II. A 'r A, ii A E IIHNIIfS'l'I-I.XII. I'.X. IIHMI'I?4'l'I'I.KII IIICIII SVIIUUI.. Kzimpus Stzilif. 1. 1. 3, Il'ielitm'Ai11slihicf. 41. Ilistnrg zuitl Ihulitivzil Scieiiut- Vluh. .gi 4. ll'r:-s.. .itz 'lim--lc 'I't'zuil, ig Quill liluh. 5. .ig liulegzitt- In Iittt-itollt-gi:ilv Xt-ws Assucizitioii, 4. .Ks eflitur uf our Vziiitptis. Alt-l lifts hail rm imusiizil OIJVUVKLIIIIIQ' tn mulrl :mil exlurcss tht- niuiniuiiis uf tht' entirt' cullt-gc cuiumuiiity, :mil his llt-rilltwlly iiiipmxw-il vollt-gc jouriizil gives vvitlciict- that ht- has tlmic so. llc is I1 vt-ry husy mms, yt-t hc- is liuuyt-ll up uit-hw' all his cams hy an t-vox' uptimistic spirit. The fact. tho. that he silt-mls must uf his sumim-1' vziczitiim :it l':imhi'iulgt- Springs umluulstt-tlly lifts iiizult' it ptmssihlv ful' him tu ncctlmplisli su mucli xxitlwut lusing his gtmil liumtir. Iloiziciri' Iluuric IfICI.I.Y. ILS. is T, it fb K S.XI.,X3IAN4'.X. N. Y. NII'i.XIlYII.I.IC IIlliII SVIIINII.. lllllt-gc llxuitl, i. 1, 3, 4: Vraft Kliilx, 4. This long, lt-am, :intl Izmlcy fclluw has hot-xi with us fur sumo tilm- mtl' :tml im. sit til say. Ili' :it'tt'1itln-il ,Xlls-glit-ny lmvk in tht- gmtil I-Ill llziy- xiheii -iliilimxitliws :mil stiiim-Q hml lmiitiiicls, :mtl :ilsiu wlivii kiiit-ku' Imticlcciw wvrt' the virgin.-. ll' ynu tl1m'1 lat-lit-it us. svt' ivilgt' A33 iii lztst yt':ii"s Iizilnliwvii, lfziliiwl fm' his zlhility :ls :L t'lZIl"i!lL'lisl, Iluh tlitl imwli tlvwzircl mxilciiig tht- tml- lcgt- luiml :L siictw-ss lust yt-:1i'. With his tlvpfii't11i't'. .Xlli-glit-ily lusvs. :is Rt-il llzilci' xxnultl sity, 11 luyil sL11ipm'tc'l'. 13122 L 'Ya-ff 'Z .1 2 gag .RA GD I . ..... . Forty-mu' 6551, gi5,'23l1:'lE2?' 1 ' EJ- 15,1512 151 .gy 'gi lg 115 ,K -Q - GL 4 I ix gx IEW! 539 L E-- .5554 1 1 15 'ff "Y '57 1.925 ,CO CJ, ,, - as--LM-.-H.-4.h..1. 1 l l'l1.1z111:11:'1'11 l"1.w1's.u1 Ixlxms, AB. ' - A X 12 V il m111.1111'11,1,11:, 121. in fX'llC.XIlYIl.l.l'f llltlll SVIIINII.. ill Klee-11 lileut Vast, 13 1il1-c l'lL1l1, 32 St. l'1'ciliz1, 3, 1X'icc-l'1'1-s., 47. I I , ll1'tty's l1u1111- is 1111 tlm 1l11'1-rl l111c fru111 thi: 1-ollugqc 'N to thc lhwl l'1'11ss, which fact, Cllllllltli with lietty's ill ,l lik1-:1hl1' 11c1'so11:1lity 111z1kes lii11g's ll 1'1'111lczv1111s for 1 14 lt-gl1e11y st111l1-11ts. I!1ftty's 1'1'ic111ls insists that hew lS M2 , 11111 only Il "king", 11111 Zl 'N1111-1-11" 1111141111: glflf- lfi fili 11' il , 1 , , I, t'11.1111.1cs l'I1111',11111 IXINNICYV, KS. lf fl it Z1AE,,-XXX 1 ,A li I.Ul'lSVll.I1IC. OHIO. Y! , .. I 'A fi F' K M- NVlCLl1SYll1I.I'I IIIGII SVIHJOI.. Q' 'fig llasl-11-tlwzill Mgr., 4: lfnmtlwall Squzul. 1, :L J1111im- l'1A11111 V11111.. 3: Clziss 'l'1'1-us.. 4. I 'l'l11'1111gl11111t l1is 1-iitirc stay :it .Xll1-1.:l1c11y, Cl1:11'l1-s li is 7 mg h:1s :always slmwii his williiigiicss to put his coitiplcte it f' fi st1'1'11gth hehi111l. 111' 1111fl1'1' :my l11':1x'y ln-ml which haf- - ll1-ml tl11- lez11l1-rs of the cullcgc. l"111' iiistzmce, lust s11111111e1' he wurketl 1111 :1 Nlczulville ive WZUIOIIQ 'tis , i sfiirl thflt hc 1li1l his 111J1'k z11l111i1':1hly. lfhhc will jur4t it folluw 11111' zulvicc :1111l chi l1is life work with the same ill . rigor :1111l i11t1-11-st which hu slmwcrl 1111 that ice wagon, til 111' 2111- iunsitivc that p1'11plc 111111-1' than cl1i1'u11rz1ct11rs if xxill put him 1111 tht- hack. '1 33? 1 ll .f , 1 ll 2 -1' , , , 1,5 ll,1111c11c'1' lxI"l'll lx111K, Hb. it ill ff K 11 1' 'J 4 1 Moxicssl-:N. 11.1. il MUNICNSICN IIIGII Nl'IfUOI,. l 'l'i11glcy lliulugiczil fluh. A' Nl, N, S.. 4. il l11 ftilll' y1-:11's liivkie has 1v111'ke1l ntl' E1 ll:1cl1eI111's :tml il Nlast1'1'sf'i11 sciciicc at that. This sentence sm.1111ls f1r1'111i1l:1l1lc, hut Kirk. tn hex' f1'ic111ls, is 21 most E 1111fo1'111i1lz1hlo 111-1'sn11 with :1 V1-1'y lllllllllll czipzicity for 1 f1111, l'hc111ist1'y l1:1s :1l11':1ys ahsu1'h1'd :1 goorl part uf 1 h1-1' ti1111'. but l'h1-111ist1'y has hccii misuihle with a V11- 1 1'i1'tv uf i11t1'1'1'sts lsucinl zitlziirs i11clu1lc1lQ. I 1 1 I il -. Aix l l 1 ,, 1 -nv HAY L. IflNHINS.XlI'l'llV, A.B. A 'I' A NII1IADYll,l,IC. PA. MlC.XUYll.I.l'I IIIGII SCIIUUL. llisttiry ziwl Political Scienrc liluh, 3, 4: M0111-1'11 l'l'OlJlL'I1lS L'l11h, 5, 4. Shziiriiig his c11111'sc tm1'z11'1l the gnzil of h11si111-ss, Kliiig now stt-ps f111'tl1 i11111 tha- 1'1vl1l 11'111'l4l :is Zlll :lc- kiivtxvlt-1l1:1-rl c:111tz1i11 of 1-11111111e1A1'1-. Iluring his College 1':11'ce1' llc l1z1s :11l1lc1l the 111-uc-ssz11'5' 1u1'z11'ticz1l sirle tn his tr:1i11i11g hy st-lling :111t1111mhiles. llc has 111'vc1' shone :is I1 cullvgu t'11sse1'. hut it is sz1i1l that ha- is v1-ry ftmnl uf 1le1111111st1':1ti11g tht' 1111-1'its uf l1isl:111t11111nl1il1- tu 1111- 111c1'1111s town girls, -1's111'17i:1lly 11111Ascs. . C9 ...... - .1 ......,.....,.,... - .,.,..... , .1.,.,1 . - Forty-two - GQ A . Y t.. " 71.925 TQ 4 'D Q M.xI'1:11-14: li. Iitllfl-'Ulill, A.l5. A 'I' 4, 4, ll cb Xll'i.XIlYII.l.l'i. l'.X. Xll'1.XUVll.l.l'i Hlllll SCHUUI.. ,Il:iskc'tlmll, 1, J, j. 4. tl'zipl:iin, 473 l'z'esiilt-nl .Mh- lrtlc .Xss n. 4: btullt-nt Scnutu, 4. 1X1ct--l'1'es.l: llltwk .t Clnh. 1, 2. 3, 4. .Xnntlier ut' thu lucnl constituency which has liellwil to flistingnish the class of 'lwciity-tl11'cv is Rink lint- forcl. This fair liztirt-fl ynnth with his ninxhlc lmnmlling nf tht' hull :mil his surt' :tim :it tht- foul lint- has hrnnglit victory to .Xllcglit-n5's Hom' tt-:uns un many occasions. XYhile Rink has nut lu-cn :Able tn plziy with thc team this yt-ur, his rccnrml :is :ln zltlilvtc :intl ll? :ln intlucntial man un the llill will nut srmn ht- fur' Q- 1:0ttcn, . ill WIl.1.1.x.n lllcxm' lqRI1IIlS, A.H. uow.xNn.x. N. Y. 1iUXVANll.X IIIHII SVIIUUI.. Gag .- Rlmlcrn Prnhlf-ms Club. 3.5 This fair cmtilfleximiml inusicizin hfts flcliglittwl innny ff'- zln znilirecizitivt- ear with his hrillixint work nn tht' Q" violin tn' piano. .Xs :L part nt' the Gum-'s Vnllcginns l-l outtit, hu contrihutecl much tn the llllIilC1l.l lift' of tht- collt-gc. llis intcrvst in the lmnsincss wurlnl culnhincs ff a sensv nf tht- artistic with thu p1':ictic:il. lil 4l1f:uIu:I.xN.x lnxxlc, Ali. 4 i K A H Z Q W' .4 l LANIC S MILLS. l'.X. gl ' lililll'KNV.XYVll.I.lf lllllll NUHUOI.. l'lCXNSYl.V.XNl.X l'Ul.I.lflilf FUN XVUIIIQN. I il-VVK'IlliSIll l'untu1'y Vlnlm, 3, 4: llistury :tml Political Suit-ucv Cluh. 4: ll. N. S.. 3. 4. licnrge is nizijnring in llistnry whifh is only nzxtnrzil l consimlt-ring ht-x' aptitmlc fur nlzitcs. Shu camc In ,Xl'c- ' ghcny ns a suplioinort- hut quickly nlzule :L plum: fm' , hersclf in our rlass :intl in tht- coll:-gc. This is truc. 3- perhzlps, beczinst- lit-urgv has thc cnvizihlt- trziit uf hoping able nm zulapt lu-rselt In her 4-nvirmnxlt-nl. m l l l 'l fl l HI"l'lI El,lZ.XlIl'1'l'll lnxxlc. A.l'l. l ATA l l rxlux lllllll st-umm.. l lwt-ntieth tt-ntury llnln. 3. 4: Xl. X. N., 3. 4. 4 St-lf-posst-sst-fl, l't'sn'1'vt'tl, :intl imlvpvllnlvlit 2ll'L' only tlnx-v zuljcctlvvss whxrll tlcsrvilw I'-llmly. .Xntl tln-sv must he qnzililiwl. Slit- is 71Iit'L'lkX' st-lffpnsst-sswl. Shv ' is. not i't-sei'vwl with hm' frlcnnls. Shu is iinlt1u'i1ilv.'11l. hut tnctfully sn. 'l'ln- cnsenihlt- is t'lIlll'L'ly sfitisfzxctiwy. 1 I mga ....... .............,.... . ...,..... ....... - -Q ....... NCD! C3 Forty-thrce ,ff-'W f--Q. I Q fllmw Q ff wznfyv f A I-9?Y3 .G ' 9 Q v l l 1 11 l I ' 1 ,, rl '5 K i l l sl l i 1 l mug E642 ef riff: ' F gf. ff? :N 3 n 4 1 .IHIIN lirrwlx Lluasux, AJS. ff' K 'IQ A I l', ll A E, K CP K IQKUUKSTUN. l'.X. SIIl'fl"l"IlCI.D Hllill Nl'IHN?L. XI4-u's SL-imtc, fI'i'4's., 45: lluzci' lbu. 3, Ll'1'es., 45' Nlmln-ru l,I'UlJlEI11S llub, 3. 4l'i'L-s., 4l: N. Xl. l. .Xi Vziliiiu-1, 3, 4, tires., 51: Urnmriczxl .Xss'u, C'lii'm-us. , Q, lres., 49: lfmvtball Squzul. I, 23 Nluviug-Up llgiyi 5IM'fllit'I', 3: vvililllllgfllll llaiiqiu-1 Siu-ziker, 3: VViiim-1' ltxtl-uipmuiiiuuis Speaking Cuutn-st. 4: Quill f'lub, 4: llistory :uicl Puliticzxl Scicucv Club, 3, 43 Class llc- bmiug, 2: Varsity llubzue, 3, 4: Nl1lll3gL'l' Litcrziry Nlinitllly. 3. 4: licucrul Nlzuizigur of 1,!llDllCZl1lU1lS, 4. lluueSt vlulm, zlic 11eu1rle's czunlillatc has lmu-u :1 big m:u1 in college t'Vt'l' since be L'lltCl't'4l. Ncvci' busy, but :llways ziccmuplislliiig iimrc than two or lllrcc orcli- uziry me-u lifl lins spcut his lust yarn' at .Xlluglicuy llulluiug lulcsiuviit llixsriu run xlie cnllegv. His zu:- livitivs range from Y. Nl. C, .X, to business iuauzigei' of tlic Stuflent Suitoriuui. .Ks :i booster for thc vol- legc :mil zi backn-1' of 1-vcrytliiug wlwtliwliile he lizis iumlv an cuvialiln- rccorrl. llomwllv S'r1f:vi-lxsox L1c1f:l'l1:1z, .LIL A 1' A '1'l'Ilili.Xl'l'I. l'.X. liRAI1UUl'K Illllll SC'IlfNlI,. X. XX. l , A. lziliiue-I, 3. 4, lL mlcrgrzullizitc rclirc- scutzltivc, 3l: lfzlgles Here flub, 3. 41 'liwriltictll lfeutury l'lub, J, 43. 4: llistory Quill l'ulitic:il Scicixce Klub. .z. 3. 4. KX ice-Prrs., 3: lrcas., 43: llziss X icc- Prcs.. 5: Stunlcut l.ibr:u'y Assistant, I. J, 3. 4: l.e PL-til Salou, 4: Quill Klub, 4: Nl. N. S., 4. "Htl ngziiu. on zigziiu. goin' zigzziu. l.cep4-V," cllzlr- ziclcrizes Iluz's college vziu-ei: lu spite nf irregulzu' nttvinlziiicc. liuwcu-r, slu- carriwl ull' part of tlic lmiinrs of ilu- clzxss. .Xli-ri, smiling, zuicl flu-1'rt'ul, llot has fl Sl'lCL'L'Sifl1l future, wllctlu-1' slic mlccirlus ou illiltfllllrillj' 411' missinm:u'x'. www -1 v -wv-.-- J Il14.i.1'.x Ll 1 11.14. l,l'.I1 il mlm 14.1.l., A.l1. A X il 3IlC.XIlYll.l,l'i. l'.X. lNIlCAllYll.I.lC llllill SCIIUUI.. lilnc-0-lilcct Qfnsl, 5: lilub, 43: Vlziss Scuy, 4. 'IK-0 is uotecl fur lu-1' guml looks. goml l'lLllllUI'. bubbml liaiii' ami slang. Of liei' slung 4-xlnressmiis "You kumx' mc, Al" is lmvlvalily ilu- must fniuiliar, It is uufliuiblcilly ilu- most apt. l'l.um1.1r R.XXlP.Xl.I, l',l4:1f1fIN4:w14:1.l., BB. fIJKXIf,AXZ,fI2B1lJ N1lCAIN'll.I.l'I. VA. SILXKUN llllill SCHUUI.. Ifuntlszill Scluzul. 1. 3: llziskvlbzmll Squzul. I. J: Vlziss linslwtlmll. J. 3: Ihvxiug, 2. 3. 4. llizilwtaiiidlgix. 412 Craft Klub, 3, 4, 4Yiuu-l'x'es., 51: Assistant iu Cllcm- ismry, 4. llistiuguisliccl fm' walking tu Lkilifuriiizi ziurl fur stzuiiiig in iuiiuvruus puglistic buuts, ll. N U. fumlly llI1lSllL'S luis collegu cuursi- ziflci' svvcrzxl iulcrrupiimls. XXI- uuflei'st:iml. liuwcvur. tlml lic has liuzxlly met his iuzitvli ziuml lizis bm-vu su lizuxl liit by rx cz-:'t:1iu lrisli iuainlwu tlxzll it is -luubtful if lu- xxill su-1' iwu1vc1'. , ., . . ., , . Forty-foifr 3 - A lg aim 6 lf., xx' 1.923 'EEE' M A sf -, ll E51 t I . O A, 1, K I rs " 5 la X' C , , 4. . y- X' 263 ' Q I'IlCRSt'IlI'lI, IIARIC Loomis, BB 1b A I-3 LAILIMICIC. PA. IAIOMIN l'Rl'Il'. SVIIUOI.. Class Basketball. I, 2, 31 lfoothall Squatl, iz Varsity, J, 3, 4, tfaptain, 43: lhock .X t'luh. 1. 3. 4. tX'icv- Pres., 49. The flg4Lfl'L'SSiYt'llt'SS anwl lighting spirit which inarkccl the play ot' our foothall captain on the gritliron is cllaracteristic of everything he ilocs. In st-curing a position on one of the .Xll-NYustcrn Pennsylvania teams he has rc-reiverl flue recognition for his foot- hall ahility. Ilixir has brought with hiin from the sunny South an arclcnt arliniration for the fairer oncs and an intense liking for Ilriclge. Llxxnc l':I.lZAl3lG'l'll Lornlcx, A.B. K K I' 'l'AKlCNTl'M. PA. 'I'AHl'IN'I'I'M IIIHII SFIIOUI.. Student tlovernment, 3. 4, C51-C.-Trcas.. 45: Coln- hinctl Senate, 3. iSCC.-'liI't'2lS., 39: l.c PL-tit Salon, 4: lilass Sec., rg lilass Treas., 31 Class Yicc-I'i'es., 4. l,innie's giggle has inaflc her a cheerful part of the college for three and a half years. Pretty anil popu- lar, she has heliwl the accepted theory that a gooil- looking girl is never a sturlm-nt. hhe insists that sho is going to teach French. hut we think llugh is pro- ficient in that suhject. ICAIAIA IIVTII 1It'ilAI"l-'I-IR'I'Y, ILS. K K I' ALLISON PARK. PA. PEABUDY HIGH SCHOOL. l'I'l"l'SliI'RGII. Glu- Cluh .Xccompanist, J, 3, 4: Tingley llinlogy Club, 2, 3, LSQ-c.-'l'reHS., -O: St. Ceciliaiiluh, 3, tPrt-s.. 45: College lihoir. 3. 4: Y. NY. if .X. Cahinet. 4: lliol- ogy Assistant, 41 Fire Vaptain. 41 Iiagles Merc flulm, 4. Ahlic has hcen intervsteml in liiology for years. hut this year hci' interest has been intense. Intlt-eil, we are afraicl that Nlicy is another girl whose scientitic lllillti will he wasted in a kitchen. Roy l"'u,xN1i1.1N Mi'ti,u:1:-x1l. HS. 49 A K FKA N li I. I N . PA . ROVKY URKDYIG HIGH SVIIUUI.. Roy spent thc first two years of college life at Penn State. Ilecizling that that institution was too far reinoverl from the- scenes of his cllihlhooml, ht- wiscly came to Allegheny to complete his rollegiatc work. Roy has IIIZHIC many frientls in the two years he has heen with us. The worst that can he said of him is that he is :1 contirmeml woman-ltatcr anrl tinils more attraction in liztrin-gin llall than in Ilulings. if Z ff? X. avg. ..u... ... ..... 4 . ., 4.4.1, 1' 531151, ,GE , tg' 1.923 14 - ---Wm X, 1 l 11' 1: I I I 1 XX l11 1111-111h1' 1h1111 R111 11111-1'1'u11 loux W11,1.1,n1 3ll'lNTYliI'l , N'lIiAIiYll,I1IC. l'A. Ml'I.KIlVll.Ll'I lllklll SVIIOUI.. 1 lluttcm Sucicty, 1. 2. 3. 4. llCx1'cuti1'1- Voin., 3, SCC.- li'1-zw., 41: lmas LLI'L'llltl'j' Nfjllilll, 3. , l11h11 S111-mls must of his 1111111 in sm-i11g that 1-very 1l1111g is 1111 ills' luvcl 1h1'1111gl1 llli t1'1111si1. .XS 11 Stu- 1l1'11t uf s11gi11c1-1'i11g. l1e hm hen-11 N11 Q111-rgetic 1h:1t wc .V "-v 3 A svn- little of him 1-xcept 11s hc runs up thc Hill for 1tl11mcs. lf the girls envy his curly locks, it ccrtzxinly 'IQ is 1'1'11m 11f111', fm' hc has 111-v1-1' hm-1-n sci-11 f:11'1h1-r west or llzall. 'N1:1,1,111: ,l':I,.XN1'Ill'I B1l'i,2I'IS'l'UN, A.H. A I' A M11:.x11v11,1.111. 11.1. B1I2.XIDYII.I.l1I 1111111 s1'1m111.. 11ti1-th L1-111111'y Vluh. 3, 4g XY111111-11's Se11111c.3,4. ic has 11 smile 11i11l Il 1ll'IlVl'l th:11 :1i'e must 1114 11'11r1ix'e, llci' zihility 111 play 1hc volt- nf h11s1css is 111511 11111 111111 lxclxwuii thc cullugv 11i1.l her lmmc l111s ncvur SllliiFiCCLl 111 lem-11 hm' frit-111ls 11w11y, 1111'1ix'e i111l1-L-tl 511 z1tt1'11c1ix'c tl111t even the :lis- A1,1:x.1x1111:R XV. BIAIIUX, A.H. fb K X11 INDIANA. PA. lX1l1Ilil'l'jliSlil'l!G AKHXDI-111 Y. Nl111lc1'11 l,l'UlllL'll1S fluh, 3, 4. le 111 times 111is111k1-11 hy u111le1'clz1ss111c11 for Il 1' 111 1he faculty lan-cziusc 111' his 1lig11i1ic1l 1m1l Jcuriiig, .Xlcx g1':11lu11tvs this yc111' after l111vi11g: tml his c11ll1-gc mviliwe hy spemliiig 11111 gear: 111 thy .Xvi11li1m lurps, llc iw su'1l11111 st-Q11 at llnlings I I 1 Nl:1c xxhn this year owing 111 1l1e fuel th111 thc 11111'11ctio11 graclu- 111c1l lust ym-1111, hut we ZHAL' t11l1l that sweet ilcmicstic V' 1 '11i1s him 111-x1 y6'lll'. limss l31':N'1'11N M.11'1i, ISS. BT 'l'I'l'l NVlI.l,l'l, l'.K. 'l'l'l'l'NYIl.l.l'I llllill SVIIOUI1, ll111111i1 Suciuty uf .Xpplirzl Scivnce, 1. 2. 3, 4. gzivc 1111 his 11s11i1'z1ti11i1s 111 Phi lict11 lizippu 11 hc -nw thu lz111g11:1gc couiwcs lllilf the R1-gistrar 111l111C1,l f111' l1i111. lle l11'1msc1l :1l111ut i11 his f:1v11ri1c 1 I xisil 11111 X1 l'411'11Ch, 11i11l h:1s liz-311111Q 1111 11cc1111111lisl1e1l l111 111-.t. l1111 owing 111 his c1111sc11'111'1Uus 111'11l11h1111111 ten- 1l1'i11'i1s. l1:1s 1'Qfus1-il a hicl 111 Lv l'ct1t 51llUIl, llc has ' . .0011 ll1:111lcaQ1x'111g 11111'111'S. hut it li ll W1-ll l41111w11 l11c1 tl1f11 l11 I1ct:1l:1-s hiniscll ui1111 111l11-11 parts 111 the city 111 1'1'11'111ls. 115 ht- says. ...... ...,........,.,........ . M I"o'fIy-.vix ff? ' ,525 X ,, lboxxlcri. NX n.snx Mmsii. AJR. B T, li fb K ,M J? l NVA'l'lCRl1'UlCD. l'.X. i'liN'l'li.Xl. Hllili SVIIUUI.. ldlllli. PA. li llistnry anil Pnlitical Scicncc fluh, 1. 3. 4. 1'l'rL-as., i .UQ Inncr Virclc, .z, 3, 4. Il:-ru wi- haw- thi- original nlzilnsnnlnfi' liiinsg-If, Nntliing can xinrry llnng such is his true pliilnsnpliiual spirit, noitliur Poli Sri trips in liric, Aluninr i'cluhr:i- tinns in lncllran llzlil. nur invitations in llassiczll l'luh. living unc nf thi- frmnrlcrs of the lnm-1' llirch-, , 'X hc is always true tn its upright simirii. and no unc can 'ii say that hc is 4lisreg:n'ilIl1l uf his ilulics in this rv' simcct. lle will stmly law nuxi yi-ar. X J i l'iI'GliNIi l'. BlII.l.l-Ill, A.ll. A X P, ii qw li BIT. l'l.l'I.XSAN'l'. PA. MT. l'Ll'1.XS.XX'l' 'l'NYl'. llllill Sflllrtll.. Rloiln-ru Prohlcnis iilnh, 5, 4. I Xlusliiliguiii hi-lil uiany cliarnis fm' lienu, hut .Xllc ghvny was irresistahlc. .Xfier spcnnling two years tlii-re. he is hack tn hc gracliiatcil funn a rual cnllcgc. llnriiig his fnur years of cullcgiatc lifc liune has av' qiiircrl a lim-ssc nf manner which he can ii-.u to much ailvamagc. .Xltlmugh a mispective husini-ss man. hi- il i l . intcnmls to vntcr wlucatinn work. :ll li 'I Iii il: - l 4 v 1 1 s 1 llainax 1 l.AllI'.Xl 1-. 3llI.I.lull, lib. gli 22 A E li Mic.xm'li.I.ii. ini. IXIIi.XIlYI1.I.l1I lllllll SVHUUI.. llaskcihall. 3, 3, 4. Lfaptain, Up l"nn1hall, i. J. 3, 4: Class Pres., 3: ,luninr Prnin C'nni,: ll. S. .X. S., 5. fl . 4: lllock A. fluh. 1Prcs., M. 1 Iloppy rufuseil 21 hill in Bliss R0wley's lilassiral l Vinh in nrilcr that hc might have niori- mimi- to iluvntn- ,l to tearing arnunil the cmls for hung gains annl fur l hringing the crmul to its fu-I hy his scnsatimial shnis I frnni iiiiil-floor. llc in-Ver has :xml now nci'L'r will ll wuar out any shows walking In llulings. lint wa- inaki- I no prenliutinns rugarcling utllur lucalitics. X lltlIiU'l'IlY K.x'1'l1i:i'N Nlixvli, A.ll. il A X sz li 1'1ili.Ull'Hl.IS. lux. -5 K'llll.Ull'Ul.lS Illlill SVIIUUI.. ll l'll.MllC.X 4'Ul.l.l'flll'i. l XI.XliYl..XNll l'Ul.I.lililC lfllll NYHBIHN. , l i llrainatic Kilnh, I1 l.iter:ii'y lluh, J: Sclinlzlrsliip E llnnurs. :L Xl. N. F., 4. .Xllvgliviiy has tht rcpiitaiiuil uf training girls fnr ' -ag . tvacliing or fur mziii-imi-ny. lliuilgli lint is an lnmnr i 3 stnclcnt anrl cnrnlh-il in thu 'll-aching ilu-iiarnnciit. hi-1 i l sccnncl pin inilicalus that :inntllur has Quill: mwi in l , ?,,t W X . thu ranks nl' the inatrininnially inulinul. - W MW ' ' M li.-...?....-4 -..........--4.4 i QQ. ,,.,, ,, ., , ,,,.,. , . , , , ,.. M Forty-.wrcn 1621A J ntl 7 . .. ' - -S Q ...Mt ,im gm. .. . I 1 'ff I I 1 r ,l -4 I l l tl lt l l l .l t . WH L . A . -Lulltzs l'1l'IllIl1'Ill'l' BlI'l'l'll1Gl,l., ILS. B T, 413' B fb Ulf. VITY. l'.X. Ml'lAIlYll,l.l'l lllllll SUIIOOI.. Vrztft L'lulw1 'finglcy Iliulopgiczil Vluh. This lzul muy hc seen busily ciigztgml in scztvcliing inn tufts ztlmut tht- iunicrezts. :intl to this t-ntl has s:tcl'iFnw.'-l ctnnitless cats. rfthhits, :intl hiiwls, ln spitt- ul' this vnltl hlouclcrl urrillmtimt, llt't'l1 clivcrls his :LTA tvlititnl lung cliullgll frunl his xx'tn'k to ztttvntl cliztpvl in orilt-x' that hc may view the mllegt- feminity ut which his suit-ntiliu schctlule tlt-privcs him in tht: class- Vutllll. llc hits lu-cn tlt-tt-Ctt-rl in stintlry attcmirts :tt fussing, hut ncvur when ht- thought ztnytmc uns ltmkmg. l'A1'l. Y. Moon, HB. CP B fl? S.XlClil'Ili'l'0NYN. PA. H.Xl'1Ull'llI'l'UXYN IIIUII SFIIOUI.. 'l'inglt'y llinlngitwtl flnlt: .Xssistzmt in liiolugy. This rntmtl clmhhy hwy with :1 mnuth that cnntinuailr ly turns up :lt tm' cr1t'nci's may llc funnrl :ll .Xlmlt-n llzill xxlxuxn-vt-V hy isn't slot-piiig. .X shark witltnut any nf tho tinplt-:tsnnt cl1fu':1rtc1'istit's is Paul in thc rt-zthn uf lwiulngy. llc hats ituvt-1' cntt-red thc rlnni' of llulings. saying that hu pil-furs tu ullztsc Yvixl hut1vi'l'liL's instc-:ul uf human nncs. Mics. M.u:i.tN lilcxmclc Blnoitlc, A.I-3. l.'Xl.LI1,l-I'.XX lu MIC.XDYII.I.lC. PA. NICXY RIVIIINIUND Illllll SVIIOUL. Nlziriun has nut the ft-zu' nf thc rt-st of thc feminine zuqgregzttiuii i. S.. that nf lu-ing nn nltl mztitl. lntlcctl, this qiiustirnt was settlwl for her lst-fn1'c sm- crime to .Xllcgllt-ny wllcu Xlr. Nlntvrt- vleuitlwl that two cuultl gn tn college as clit-aply :is -mu. l+'l.m'1r II. Xlmmic, AJS. ffl A K, K fl? K K1IC.XIlYII.l.lQ. VA. I "Nu man shnultl livt- unto himst-lf nlcmcf' --lfloytl interlurctesl this saying literally :intl tunk unto him- self xx wift-. lle is ztlvt-ry quiet fcllow. except in thc rlzissrnmn wliert- hc is Q-vcr rezttly to Agivc at lengthy mlissertzttion upon any ztssignincllt, 4-specially lrsyclltulugv nr pltilnsnpliy. llis slcterminzttitm :tml alrility will living success in his thus:-n lift- xxork of the min- isl ry. mg. . .. t ....... ....... , .. . . . Qs i Q l7n1'ly-rligflf l 1 . A 5 is 1 L, WWIS-U S11,,1s 111's11 M111'N'1's11f:11, -111. fb1'A 1 1111:1.1.1111'1'11:. 121. l 111:1.1,11:v1'11: 1111111 s1'H11111.. Varsity 'l1:1s111-thall, IQ 111111-1' 1111, 3, 41 171111t1111l1, 41 Illock .X. 11111171 Craft l'1l111, 4. llelieving that college is Il 11lace 111 which 111 gr11w, Rush has 111Cl'CZlSE11 fr11111 tw11 l1l111C1fEf1 to t11r1-1- 111111- 111011 211111 tifteeu 1101111115 111111 1111s left 1211 l.:11's1111 f'11' in 111'r1'11rs 111 this 1'es11e1't. llc has lix'e11 1111 111 his 1111111c, 1111' 1111y finds 111111 1111I'l'f'1l1g over 11111 1'1111111us 111111 night sees 111111 Yllilllllg t11war1l thc 111111 with . 1111111111111 f1'C1ll1CIlCy, 1-v1'11 t111'1-11te11i11g to 111111111 julian Ross 111 this 11el1'1 as well 11s sclmlastitally. IC11N.1 I'l1.1zA1111:'1'11 M1'1111'1'1H11, AJS. A FA XVAKICFN. PA. XVARKICX 1111111 SCHOOL. 'l'we11tietl1 Century 1f1ul1, 3, 4: Nl. N. S., 4. ,'Xttr:1ct11111s 111 the 11111 111111111 t11w11 O11tNVC1,Yll1C11 any ,Xllr-gl11'11y ha11 to offer 111111 1C1111a left us 11ft1'1' three a1111 Z1 half years. 11111'i11g these three 111111 ll half years Shmly 111111 15111111 111111 11e1-11 so Closely 11ss11c111te11 111 the 111111 11111111 that 11111111gs fo11r11l it i1111111ss111lc to 1'ec1111cile itself t11 1':l111Zl.S uhseuce tl1is last sc111este1', 11111111111 L111'1i1111'1' I1I1'111'11Y, AB. CI21'..X B1CL1.11IY1'l'I. 1'A. 1!l'II.1,lZVl'1C 1111311 SVIIUOL. k'111111111s, 1, 2: Quill 1-11111, 3, .11 B1r111e1'11 1,l'lJ1llC111S L'l11l1. 42 1-12155 llaskethall. 3. 3, 4. F111111-11 11s ll golfer, a w1'it1-1' 11f verses, Zlllll 11 l11111111r- ist. X1111'1l11VyS friemls felt t1111t the Rohert 11111111111 111 111s 1111111e 11111 not h11r11111111z1- w1tl1 either 111s su1'1111111e 11111' l1is c11111'11cter1st1cs, s11 it was changed to l'11t. Now 111s 11111-1'c11 name tells the wh11l1- story. 111: is 11110 111 those rare 11111iv111uals w1111 never lets 1'111si11css i11t1'r' fere w1tl1 pleasure, 111111 the latter may he 111 t111- f1111111 of 1 x1s1t tn I1uli11g's 11111 111 111 '1 tr111 11111111 1111 , Z ' 1 ' t11'. It is sz1111 that lioh holds the rec111'11 for slow w11lk111g and for 11111111111 a11111'111'1111c1-s 111 eight-tens. 11111111'1'11Y Ml 1'l1,1.11N M1'ss1,1111, A.l1. AX!! 'Kl'11'1Sl'0R'1'. PA. R1 CKICI-1SI'tJ1i'l' 1111111 SCHOOL. St. C'1'c11111. 3, 4: '1'we11t11-111 C1-11t11ry filllli. .13 Girls' Athletic l111111'11, 1Y1cc-1'1'1fs., .115 lilee i'lul1. 2. 3, f1.l'Il11Cl', .Og Nl. N. S., 3- 42 lilee-11-lilcct, 3, 4, Mast, 1, 2: Xl1UL'-IITCS., 43: St11111'11t 110VE'1'11111t'l11, 1511.- '1're11s., s1'1'111111 sc111est1-1', 41: Class Yirc-l'1'13s., 2: J1111111r 1'1'11111 111111., 3: l'11111'1.x1- 11110111 4. 15111111 1111- time 11171 11111111- 11111' 11e11ut 111 the 1111111-gc w11r111 11s "l7111ry Klf11111l11'11111" 111 the 1'1111 111 her c11111's1- sho 1111s been the c1'11t1-11 111 all "fat l1111y" jukes which sho 1111s taken w1t11 1'11:11'11cteristi1' 3111111 h1111111r, 31111-1-11v1-1'. 11111 is v1'rs11t1l1- :ts 11 glance at h1'1' 11ct11'1t11-s shows. Nlusiv has 1101111 111'1' chief 1111e1'est, 1111wuv1-1.111111 she 1111s 111rk1-11 her hest 1I'1k'1ll1S 11c1:111'11111gly. 1 1 1 1 111 '1 1 1 1 '11 1 1 if .fi , 515115 i.g2"3f' ,.., ..,. ...,..,.....,.,......, ..,. . . . QD Fortyrnine E ' f, . f.. - GL A . 35,5 i !-29 5 -- A Q6 V4 1.9275 ' 9 .. ..l 7 Q XX n.1,rAn Hicxuy B11,1f:sV, HS. A X P XVAYLAND. N. Y. 2 Nl'lilNllYVA'l'l'IR IIIHII SUIIUOI.. liuzcr llu fast 1. Y In his enthusiasm as a protege of Ilail Ling. Ilill I ' 0 his unusual histrionic abil- ' L'XCL'lvt once. lvll4l61'1l63Il'l his keen sfivntilii 'X mm-lix-itit-s is a subtle artistic and pllilusulmliical na- Stl' Q Ill- shi- 1- wluuli app:-als best to thosu who knww him bus! -,X llis rn-ally rt-spmnisss anil cummaml nf English make hun a fnrnnflablc cauzliflate fur thc sharpest urns.- AXilllllllL'l'. BIIVIIAIGI, .lus1c1'1'1 l.'1s'1'om', HS. A Lp A, A T A ICHIIC. PA. ST. JOSI'Il'H'S C'A'l'IIl'lIJIi.XI.. Illlilli l'l'IN'l'KAL Illilll. Spending most of his campus ilays at XYL-slvrn Rt-- vr, Miki: came to .Xllegheny this fall tn gc! his L-pskni, XXQ are sorry he Llltlllif cnmc smnn-r, for nt curly finunl him to be a good sport in 1-very way. llis smilc- makes yuu fc-el that cvnn S:m's :urn nn! in bail. I 1ll'1icAl,n Tnonrsox Puxlm, HS. i 4 V J, B T MlC.XDVIX.Ll'I. PA. Ml'IADYll,I.lC IIIUII SCIIUUI.. tilcn' lilub, 3, 4. linl you hear that laugh? lt was tcm uprnarinus in unnt film 'I - 'J anyone except llnc Pinnl. lluc still cumiiiiivs lu break out in a hearty laugh, clcspitc the fact that hc has wurn out iiftyni 'i"' l . 1. - nc pills of smcs img up anfl slnwu the lull from lmnie. 'l'hat, ti uni lim- possesses ability along 1lL11l'lCl'0llS lincs is shown bv th f cl act that he has become engaged aml at thc sann- tnnc has made his chem profcsso1's think ln' knows soma-Ilnng about chemistry. lCAl,l'n BIUORH 1'UXVl'I1,I., HS. cbAK,f:pBq:,K-1314 l'0CIIKAN'I'0N. PA. l'01'IIR.KN'l'0X HIGH Nl'Hll0l.. Xlmlcru l'roblems Club, 3,42 'flllglt'Y lliulugival l'lub S . 4: .tinlmt benatc, 4. lSfc.b: lllass llaskvt- bill. I, .:. 31 Ciraft Club, 2. 3. 4. Q'l'rcas., .UQ llun-r lbu 3. 43 ,luuior Prmn foul., 3. llulch. :ls a mc-mber uf the senate, contrary In his 1 ure maintains an au' of iliguity anal sii1uu1'nvr knowl- ' ' 1 break the monotony of such an , cxistciicu hc makes numerous visits to llicliranlfm. lmpcs some flay to become an M. 11,3 wln-tlicr this s mule clriver or doctor of incclicim-, wc flo not knuw, but we arc certain that with his store of cnt-rgy hc wuuhl make a success of either. I Fifty , 6360 filI'lRAI.D Ilmx l'liA'l'lIl'IR', A.I3. 49 K XP, K CI? K lVIl4lADVlI.I.l'1, PA. HIl'lADYll.Ll'I HIGII SUHUOI.. Duzcr Du, .z, 3, 4. "The wet son Auf a dry judge." Prather sailed through college with nu apparent ellfort. yet pulling more than his share nf .X's. At the early age of six f months Prath started to talk, and his tendency in this direction has increased in a mathematical progression 2 eyer since. llis fun-loving disposition has earned for lnm the nainre of the college prankster. lint hehind all his frivnhty, tht-re is a keenni-ss of judgment and seriousness that unc would not suspect. L E 1iI'IlY Itos.n.11c lK1slll':r.L,, AB. K K 1' JOIINSTUXVN, PA. .IOHNSTUXVN IIIGII SUIIOOI.. Girls' Cilce Cluh, 1, 2, 3. 4, f.Xsst. Mgr., 3: Mgr., 455 Pan-Ilcllenic, 3, fPres., 473 junior llrnin Gun.. 3: Vl'omen's Senate, fPres., second senlcste' .UQ M. N. S., 4. Ruhalic Rosalie Rishell may sound frivolous and Ruhalie may appear frivolous but Ruby is a contra- diction to appearances. Rather. she is a judicimis combination nf frivnlity, pop, capability, and etliciency. I To these qualities add tact, diplomacy and a charm- ing personality. NYith these attrihutes, it is small wonder that men and girls alike unite in hcing S staunch admirers of Ruhy. AP 1 Jonx S'1'm'1Q:1c IQOAUII, HS. 5 3 A E, fb is qw It l'l'l'TSFORD. N. Y. PITTSFURD HIGH SVIIUOL. 1 1 Class Treas., 22 'Vingley lliolugical Ciluh. Entering Allegheny with the S. A. T. C., -luhn had to spend the next year at the University of Ro- " chester to recover from the effects of army life. llut he has finally returned to .Xllegheny to complete his intellectual training. He shirked the price of huying a text in biology hy committing it to memory for the l benefit of those of lesser knowledge. john along 5 with the other ninety percent of the class hopes tu hee Come a doctor and will he found at llarvard next year. K.xtriI1n'N C1..uaK Rnnixs, A.B. 23 'I' E Mnxicsslcy. lax. MoN1css1':N niuu svnotn.. llistory and Political Science Club, 3, 3, fYice' Pres., 45: 'l'wenticth Century fluh, 3, 4: fznnpus Statl, 2, 3. flfxehange liditor, 453 Assistant in llis- tory llepartment, 41 Nl. N. S., 4. Ilistnry is Kathryn's hent. This year she has assisted in the llistury department and has corrected maps and quizzes with equal zeal. And as she cle- notes the same amount of cnergy to recreation as In 4 work, we would say that Kathryn guts a good hit out of life. is . rj . ......... ............,............. . . Fifty-one 27 62390 I-' ii! YA? 4: 322 , f' wg? 3 an L 1 gg Ely P H ,fntll fi E Lf' CCXQXQ Q5 1-925 iQ -1 59 li- 'fw---. ' V' A ' . . . . l -ll1.1.xx I.I4.x1l.xl:'1' Russ, Ali. 4 J fl7AH,fPl3K,A2l',KllDK l'llf.XDYll.l.l'l. l',X. Kll'I.XUVlI.l,l'I HIGH St'lItJOI,. Claws llehzitt-. 1: Yztrsitv ll:-nzxtc-. 2, 3. 4: Classical Clnlw. 3, 43 l,llllI7-l:l'Zl!1liliIl. 2: lixtL-1iipni':ii1t-mis Speak- ing. XYinnef. 3. ri mzxn with an vnnrnwus cglpzicity for stinly. l,.ff,. -luliznn has infult- a rt-cniwl which has M-lrlum hos-n SlIUilllCll. 'Hugs-tliei' with lluzic :xnrl l.zn'sun. he has 1 tll-9flIl5lU'lSl'IL'!l hir-nsvlf :is fi renmrkzihle clclxzitcr, VVhilc withzil very -nn:-t annl unnssuniing, he has recently rcmlt-11-il himself quilt- umisnictiniiw with him frcquc-nt nntl zipimzirently successful attempts at llulings. lfnl- A lowing 11 proft-ssimi with which hc shoultl have some fi faniilizxrity, hc int:-nsls tn teach p5.'ul1olngy. il ti A gl l iz I! ,. lzg 1 l i .tk llo1w'1'11Y Mn' Sc'1I.xN1'K, A.B. E T E Ml'I.kllYII.I.l'l. l'.X. M ICA DVI I,I.l'I II lllll NUIIOOIA. 'l'wt-ntieth Ciuntury Clnh, 3, 4: l.s Petit Salon, 4. lfur four yours lint has uhtuinecl Z1 cnnsidcrzihlc share nf .Xllcghcny's srlmlastic honors. Shu has also ohtriint-fl the gnnal-will ztnrl fricntlsliip nf thc stuclt-nts mul fzicnlty cmnhinc-fl. ln fact tht- Qturlents suhmittcml to lMt's ptxxctict- toacliing with cxtrcmely gonil gmc:-. IIICLICX BIARII-I Slulfl-'I-zlcy, KS. A l' A HCALI' I,I'fVl'Ill. l'.X. YYlNUlil'IlC Hlllll HVIIUUI.. lilut-Vu-lilect, .:, 3. 4, tI'rcs., 4: Vast, I, 2, 3. 43: 'l'wt-ntic-th Ventnry Club. 2. 3, 43 tllve Vlnlr, 2, 3, 4, , ffzist, 2: lxt-:tilt-x', 45: XYmttcii's Student Senate. 4. lxilllt'-l,l'C5.l1 Y. XY. Lf A. Czihinet, J. 3, fYiCc- Pres., 45: .Xthlctic lioznwl. 2. 3. 4, fSCC.-illl'L'Zlh., 2, 35: St. lic-cilia Vluh, 2, 3, KSQ-c.-'l'1's:is., 43g illnss Speak:-i' , l Xlnving-l'11 llziy, 3: 'llinglcy ldnlugical tlluh, 42 Nl. A N. S.. 4. l lfrnnl her fra-slnnan mlzivs, ll:-lvn has plriyccl a leml- l ing Vnlc in Czlnllrus activities. ciilpllzlsis on tlrzmlzltins. Slit' has the cllicicncy that gets things cluncfsolving nnknuwns in clit-in lah, nttenrling cuuntlesslmeetings, tixing llnlings' lights :intl Ewing tu ths nmvu-s are :ill in hcr tlny's pmerznn. 'llhe llzill loses 11 valuable nlcmlmur when llc-len guns out to scck new worlds to l conqncv. . fll-It'II. M.xYN.uum SllI'.XIAt'lIlCR. BS. A X l', A X I 1IlC.KUYll.l.l'I. l'.X, Bll'f.XUVlLl.l'I HIGH Nl'HU01'.. skin K L1-cil interruptt-tl his cnllegt- cnnrse in nrmlci' to he "iw, gmtluzitcsl with the class nf 'twciityftlirt-Q. .Ks an I ziutnniuhilc- fun he vit-s with tIi't-t-nltliitl, :md 1154 :1 K. y chemist hc has he-cn so mit-iwqt-tit' thzit his friem'lSlii1ss 1 .f . - . h ',.5LfNQwM-it-ffvatsau linvxaiiltnvii 1F'stv1'lhtf.fil Ianni! the must part to his fellow- l XXUY ilh Ill glllllglf tl . FCDCQ ,QD . I:1iff1V"Tl'0 I -X-. l tle J ffmzfp I 1 it ' i ex 4 A ij 11 ,7 .M K S' fa A' ' I 1223 W 9 Q ICAT1-IICRINIG IAlI'lSl'I Slnxmxs, Ali. A X sz f L , , ,. , fi ' NUI lNliS'l'0XI N. OHIO. 4' SOIUIIII IIIGII SVIIOOI.. YOI'N1iS'l'UYVN. ' Stunln-nt Government, 4 3, 4. f1'res.. 45: French fluh. 3, 4: Twentieth C1-ntLn'y flnh. 3, 4: Y. XY. K' I fzlhinet, J, 3. l'l'1'e:xs., zl: .Xthlt-lic liuzirtl, 3. 3, lk nnis Mgr., 3,1 Klee-it-lileet, 41 Itzisliingtun llirth- ' clay lizmquet Ibm., .ig M. N. S,. 4. l f Kznherine has lmecn on Stnrlent tiwvernnn-nt since her freshman year. which spezil-cs well fur Iizttlierine. 7 llnwever, she is nut the typical awe-spiring presitlent of a Xlmnzxns henute, heefxuse her smile helies :my severei' pose she muy attempt. bhe has always hml time for an l1lllWClll'V1llJlL' :mmnnt nf wurk hut no girl in th Ili 1 I'ruhlems Clnh. 2, 31 fulla-ge lizlntl. I. J. c llall has spent more time in reerezitiuii. IqI'INNI'I'l'lI .X1.1f1cl1:1r SMITII, A.I3. 4: A 9 S.XI'IIiI'IlC'I'0NVN. VA. S.XI'iliI'IK'l'UXVN HIGH SUIIOUI.. l 1 'stnry :mtl Political Seienee liluh, 2. zz Nluzlerii I t Completing his enllege course in three year: hzis , uecupn-tl the greater part nf txt-n's time. This filet ' enmhinenl with zx pleasing :mil ngreezilale mlispnsitinn has ezxrnefl him the respect :mil zulniirzitiun ut his fellmv Ni students. Ile is sn nmmlest as tn he :ilmnst irritzxting. Xll his "hlun'ing" is cnnlinecl to the enrnel :mtl on Sli jf this instrument 'lhe's gut hut lips". f f ., , gli 4 4 ,I S,-XMI'l'II. M. Slxxlclis, ILS. 5 fp A K 21 'r.ucr3N'1'x'M, lux. "I 'I'.XKEN'l'l'lNI HIGH HUIIUUI.. ' Tingley llinlngicztl lluh: 'lirack Squznl. I. VVhile Sam is small in stature. it is sairl that he l occupies Z1 large place in the heart of Il certain fair 5 hlonde. llc spends most of his clnys in the hugs luh l 'mil most of his nights in the near vicinity. Sum ' hopes to necnme a surgeon :mtl win a great name fm' himself, hut helieves that :1 course in fnssing is nh- , snlntely essential for the well rnnnflul man. V. l S.u:,xIl IC. S'l'IlIiI.l-I. A.I3. RI'I+'FSD.Xl.lC. I'.X. Y ILXST III'N'l'INll'l'I5N IIIHII SVIIUOI.. X 'l'wen1ieth i'c-nturx' l'luh. 4: flzlssieal Vluh, 3, CSec'.- l 'I'i'e:1s., 45: Nl. N. S., 4. - Sarah seems sznistietl with Nlezxrlville eweept tm wa thnse rzxre oeezxsions when the enurse nf true love is . nut running snmoth. Then she expresses :1 prefer- , ence for lfrie ul' Africa. llut in spite of hrr his- 4 . ttwiezll knnwlexlue ni .X'I:l'lL'!l. ni' perlmps heczmse of it. 'H K we are sure that Xlexulville nr lirie will keep Snrzth in .xl'l1L'l'lL'fl. Q is s 0 kJ -. Q t QW Q .,...,.... , ....,...,........ .............. . ........ . 0 , lfzifilx'-!117'1't' 675,636 f fx 49 W lllltlllwlm? fait xfx K O G L" 3 f' i.f,Q 1al ww X 1223 If f El V it ill! !? lt tr ,. li' ill .3 H C. lil l 1 I1l'lllA E'1'NA S'r1m1tss, A.B. Ml'I.XDYILLI'I. PA. Ml'lADVlI.I.l'I HIGH Nt'lIO0I,. l,t- Petit Salou. la-tla has hut hui' int:-rt-sts on tht- llill han- hy no means intur- furrc-I with not suspvct suslwct that villv. guns tu classes with us fm' four years hm' interests rluwntuwn. XYhile we clfu thc sincerity of ht-i' fueling for us, we hm' decpvst fueling is rcservcfl for Nearl- X. A lC1'H1f:1, MA1u:.tlu-:T Swaxsux, A.H. AXS2 SlIlil"l"ll'Il,D. l'A. NlIliFFllCI.D HIGH SUIIOOI.. l lx Petit balun, 3, 4. t last year having cumpletctl her work a Sho lr-it with tht- llall tht- ra-memhrauce of littmur. Shu loft with her fricmls xiystifying l'k'l't'l'Cllft' tu hill :mtl tialu. ytai txuly. 1 smisv lllIAlil.lCS S'lxxNl.l4:Y 'llIl1tliI'llN, A.H. B 'T,fbliK,li41K rj! Ml'IKIlYlLI.l'I. l'.X. Nll'1.XDYllll.lC HIHII SVIIUHI.. X V , " Stmlcnt Yultiixtccr llaml. 1. 1, 3. 4: Vlassical t'luh. 96" I 3. 1: 'l'lmluurt1 fluh. i. J: l'llllH'i'.lAZl!Il'illll Oratorival 5 tmm-st. 3: lit-clamatitm tlmtt-st, 2: fha-ss Ciluh, 1: ' ' 4. incl. 5: Plxilnsupliy lla-pt. Assistant, ,1 5 phy l luh, 4. X Stanley has uphc-lml his t-ml in tht- rcligiuus nv- H "iti0-s of 1-luv collt-gt-. NL'l'YllIj,l in tht- Y. Xl.. ll. .X. 1 :mil in various clulws. ,Xlxxays accmummlatmg aml ' mxious tu hclp. Stanlvy is wt-ll known till the llalnpus. llis mtuxtimm to taht- fnrtlit-1' rt-ligious training :mfl thu! to ittltitt to llulta is tylniral of thc nuuiy Tho- lmrus uhiuh .Xllcglit-ny has gvznlxlatctl aml of wlmm sht- is justly lmwml. Nlai Stanluy live up to thc graurl nhl family name which has mt-ant su much tu the wurlml antl uhich is almost syiimiyimms with Alle- ll glut-ity. llt- has ma4lu a time In-giiming. i gf Il.xl:um'1' l,ll'lRt'l'l 'l'1'1'I's, A.B. . ll A X 92 SIll'Il"l"llCl.D. PA. ,l I Slll'lFl"Il'il,l7 fllilll NUHUOL. 5 l 'l'xxuntietln l'eutui'y Vluh. 3. 4: llistory :mtl Political Frivncc flulr. 2, tScC.. 3, -H. llarriet slwws a rmmnt-utlalylc 1-ntliusiasm at hasket- hall gamcs fm' a ltistory assistant, lleing an ins sti'tu'tress. shc is, trut- tu type. minus a heart hut we E hut- heaiwl that it is in saft- keeping, .Xu azgrc X ich hox is 11 strangt' pussr-ssion for a-prospcvtivc Z I l'l1i Ilvta hut it is mic of llari'igt's cluncest which , - -4 tmly her fricmls au- pcrmittcnl tu inspect. LL , l.i,......Y, . GD C9 ' " ' Ns, 4:9 L9 0... ..,. ...,..., ,..., Cf- sf 1"ifI4v-fmn' V5 9 li Gi . DIARY A1.1C1.x Toinxl, AB. K li 1' MC'Kl'1l'1Sl'0RT. PA. Mi'KlCI'ISl'0R'l' HIGH SCIIOOI.. Quill Cluh, 2, 3. 4, tSee., 372 Literary Monthly Staff. 3, flislitor, 43: Kalilrnu Stati, 2. 3. Ckssneiate Iitlitnr, .Og Publications lloartl, QS:-c., 471 Nl. N. S., 3: 4- .'X. 'l'ohin is too loquacinus antl teniperamental ta he eonclenseml into Il hack-xxriter's paragraph. She is a poet, an author, a literary critic, a long-rlistanee hiker tMea4lville tn Canihriclgej, assistant hat-ezitclier, an .X stuclent who is hrilliant enough to keep it quiet, and a so-called college case withal. Tolxin aspires to a career as feature-u'1'iter nn the New York Times, but perhaps ten years or so of a career will exhaust the lure of the print-shop. aucl 'liohin may yet capture a C'rou'n Prince. I"1.o1u ANTo1N1':'1"1'14: 'l'1:1cNoI"1'11, A.l3. A X 12 SIIICFI-'II'lI.D. PA. S IIEI"l"IICI.D ll IG H SCHOOL. Campus Staff, 1, 1, fkssociate lirlitnr, 35: fllee Clulw. z, 3: Quill Cluh, 2, 3: lx Petit Salon. 3: l.i- hrary Assistant. 1. J. 3: 'llventietll Century Clulm, 3. lflura has ilnne well in three years what the rest of us have managerl to rlo in four. Tn faet she has gone us some better hy grasluatiug with hetter marks. acquiring more activities auil securing a fraternity pin which means all that it implies. Dux .Iulisox XYAN llizmximl-111, A.lrI. E A E 1'l'l"I'SBI'KlSH, PA. SlIlCl'ARIl L'OI.Ll-IGIC S'l'A'l'IC NORMAL SCHOOL. Y. Xl. C. .X. Cahinet, 1. J. 31 'l'hohurn Club, 1. J. 3. .l l gl 1 l l l ll' ll 1 l tif 11 51 I 3 l 5:5233 1 5, 1 l 1 I l s C . Leaving Allegheny his junior year to he of service my to the woihl by teaching and preaching, Van Ile- Wi vauiler returned this yc-ar to leave again as a full- fy! Herlgeml Allcglicnian. XYhile carrying the worklwitli his fellow seniors in the class ronm, he has Cilflfllllltffl 'Ml to successfully serve in his capacity as a Methmlist l tl minister. ll E ,fu , , lllll Maui' H.u'L11:.sN XX n1'1'1f11c1.11, AL. llg' . . nl' 1. A X Q 'Q-gl f'R.XF'l'0N, PA. l c'R.xF'1'oN 1111411 s1'1m0L. Hal f lilee-oslileet, 3, fCast, 151 Princess Chrysanthemum sul Cast, 1: Y. NN". C. A. Cabinet, 2, .L fSc-Q., 25: Glee Cluh, 1, 2, 3: St. Cecilia Club, 3: Twentieth Century Clulm, 3, Cullegf: Choir, 32 H. N. S., 31 Pllilosopliy Club, 3. l VM Capability anfl willingness are traits which Mary l 2 my possesses in cnviahle abunrlance. She can mln more. and lg A she will tlo more than almost any girl in the llall. 5 ' and all with the most infectious good humor. True, l she can make more noise than any other senior, hut V M .yi no one minrls noise if Mary mal-:es it. , ' A l .-.WM I Y QD O o.. .... ...... ,.,,,,. ..... , ........ . .......... 0 , lf1'f'1y,fi:-,- I , 416 A, r- 'FEES 1.923 V . , , ,G ,, ,,. W fs, ,, le , , .,... . . i .,., , . ., ,Q t t 4 lit, l t . kr, 5 A i l t 2 1 ,tl ,nn ,M lit ig! . ill lla A t ,Y V A f .nf 1 f. I f f -2, c 43, l C. Honptno W11.Ls, HS. l ft: K tif, it X 2 NICXX' BRIILIITUX, PA. NICXV IRICIGIITON HIGH SVIIUOI.. Xarsity lfootlmall, 3, 4g lllock A fluh, 3, 41 Class liasketlrall, 1, 2, 3. 4: liuzer llu, 3, 3, fYice-Pres., Mgr.. 43: YYashington llirthday lianquet ffjlll., 3Q L'hairman junior Prom. 33 Manager lialdron, .21 lien- eral Xlanager Vulvlications, .SC Y. Xl. Ci. A. Cabi- net. 4. Like lloppy Miller, llud decided that he would rather play football than try to surpass 'l'hohurn in the race for Phi Ileta Kappa, hut he has not conlined his activity to athletics alone. .Ks a cosmopolitan man he has managed everything from publications to dra- tnatics, and more than that, has made au ettort to further enlarge his education hy mingling in down- town as well as collegiate social circles. VVhile an energetic chemist, he has never been seen chewing tohacco. llIl.XRLl'lS Rtllllilfl' Wninicick, B.S. A X P, A X If MEADYlI.l.l'I. PA. 1VIl'lAlN'll.I.I'l lllllll SUIIOUI.. Yarsity Track. 1. 2, 3, tliaptain, 43: Penn Relay Team. zz Varsity Vross Country. 3: lilock .X Clulm, z, 3. 43 .Xssistant in Vhemistry. 4. Chuck. during the past year, has punished his fel- low workers at Varnegie llall with all kinds of puns 'pon every subject. liut he more than makes up for this failing by ht-ing a very thorough student of ehem- istry and also one of the best uuarter milers Allegheny has ever had. lle keeps in training hy running up the hill from home for classes. l'.u'1. li. NVINI-:n.tN, RS. CP K YP, A X E sHA1:oN, tux. ' SHARON lllllll SCIIOUI.. Kraft lilub, 41 flass 'l'reasurer, 3: 'lirack Squad. 2. Not wanting to have it said that he was graduated with the S. A. 'l'. f. class, P. R. interrupted his col- lege course to receive his diploma with the class of twenty-three. .Xs a fusser he has made a record of Frank jolly. .Xlways which' almost surpasses that immaculate and perfectly groomed P. R. adds a de- college days, as he gal- from an heiress to a citled romantic touch to his lantly entertains everything chorus girl. XVISI-1, A.H. X izttxox Laixu A 'l' A lSI"l'I.lCK. PA. BI"l'I.l-IK HIGH SCIIOUL. President Senior Class: llaskethall Squad, 1, Yar- sity, 3, 3, 41 lllock .X Cluh, 2, 3, 4, tlreas., 33: Stu- dent Senate, 4, tX'ice-1'res.J1 Junior Prom Com., 3, Modern Problems, 3, 4. Speaking of lines, you missed something, girls, if you haven't heard XVise's. lf you don't helieve that this good looking chap can talk, ask Dr. L'hureh if hc doesn't hclieve that VYise would make a good de- hater on the subject, 'AResolved, that all parties should have twelve o'cloek permission". Not happy if he isu't running something. Ya-rn is applying his execu- tive ahility in piloting the Senior Class. Next year he intends to open up an agency for printing Pan- doras at his fatht-r's printing estahlislmieut in liutler. That he will he missed on the basketball rloor goes without saying. Q1 - QD 4 I, A fzfzya 1 lik? 15' ' . d9X 1 - A W' ' 1.923 ,Q RVTH HAMH.xYOW5 All UORRY 1111111 SUIIUUI.. 'l'we111ic1l1 1'c111111'y lllllll, 1, 3, 41 llis1111'y 111111 1'0- li1i1:11l Science L-11111 Rutli 11111111115 111 11111011 i11 1'111'1',', l1c1' 11l1l 111111111 111w11. l3cc1111s1' sl11- is 511011 Il C111-c1'1'11l, 111-lpful 111111 11'111'tl1- ' wliilc 11e1's1111, 1115 11111 s111'1- tl1111 sl11- will s11cc1'e1l. cs- pc1-i11lly since slic will L'Zll'1'flll1j' Illlllly 1111- tl1c111'ies XYll1Cll slie 1111s g11i11u1l 111 .Xll1-gl1c11y. F1111 N Ii F01 K'1CN'l'RAl, llllill SCIIUUI.. 11111111111 1'1'11l1I1'111s 1.l1ll1. 3, .11 1111111 1llul1, 3, 41 Class l1:1sk1-1l111ll, 3, 41 1Y11sl1i11g11111 l1i1'1l11l:1y 112111111161 1'11111., 3. After l1111'i11g s111'11t 111'11 j'l'11l'S 111 XX'11sl1i11g11111 511111 '.lc1l'1-1's1,111, S111 111111111111 111111 111- 11cs1l1'1l 11 little intel- lectual 1rz1i11i11g 111111 1l1'1'i1lc1l 111 try .Xllcglu-11y. 1111111- he 11115 11c1'111' 111-en k1111w11 111 s111'1111ss 11511114 ll11111'y 111 11isc11ssi11g 1lu1w1i1111s 111' CL1I'I'L'11t interest, yet 111- is 111,11 11lw11ys ll1l1t'1. .Xs 11 24111114511-1' Stu 1111s S1lCCl'SSfllllV made the faces for 51-c11111l 1u11111' 1111 the Glue 1411111 , .z, 3, 4. Nl. N. 5., 4. ETX CURRY. PA. 1 S. Z1'1c111'1'11, AB. i I 11: 11 111 1 H' XYAYNIC. IND. 1lu1'i11g 11111 111151 11111 years. ' ... f9X1x2C9fG1 ,.1, A .,,.1, 1'iif1y-.v1':'1'11 2 4 Y. The Junior nmn's Rl cynic W'ithin a Social whirl. Heartless, but 110 wonder- He gave it to his girl! I ff' f' I ff K' eff? , l' 1 X .4 l ,m 5, lM f 1 N W Mx X11 ,Q r 1 1 l f' w r ' 'f 1 + X 1 ff, - V 1X RN 3 Q1 NJN Q' If 'VN KH N fi 5 'rw ml 'E i x,-. Q r N i, M . 4 W p f txf , ,ff N, ' ,iygg ,DR11? f-i- FQ N' gy if Nj "-X 37? ? g'i"1' ' A 'Y" ' ' ' 1' I ' ' WN f' f 'x ZW V WW? ' My if W ' SQQX YW! ff W f 712 if fl-:iii-Q J! , ' N tif- T'!'fEi j my WWQ fi, --iffy 6 ' Elia I 1-QQ Y . 7- ' 'fs 5 Qt, ft'-,VWI A - ' 1 X mff , f, . ,X -X f . -' X - 23 Mi?f,gtQ1,e A'-Qvgfggssif L.Lgg.kf?3'Q?1g"15'Q' T Jai 4y,g.-QQ, 'Y f xi -I ' ' , , ff ' x A The Class of 1924 SANIVICI. A. .XI.'I'l'Il1 Suu L. M4'Ql'1s'mN 5I,xm:.xl:1c'1' QQVINLHN wrw,, W1 1,1,,x1:1v lm Ln A mx 4'u.u:1.1f:s W, ll.u'n'l Ul"I"lI'lu'lfN II,I. . l'rr'.wialr'11l l'1'f'xirlr'1l f NI'f'l'f'flIl"lf 7'rf'fl.w1'f'1' lli.wI'm'ifln A , Nin- 'SEE' 1.4912 fm ,QQLKQXQXQN Them We1'e The Days . Ill-Luc llu.1.: Many elmnges have eonie about sinee we sat up that night in old Arter Ilouse, building our air-ezlstles and telling how fire were going to spend our four lvezirs :it Alleglieny. Over tivo yl'Zll'S have passed sinee then, und welre -luniors now. XVe're still living daiy for daivg now looking forward to that tive-thousund dollar job, and now looking huek to that time when we ellzlsed down to the ll. und H. Ilzill at 5 ai. ni. to pruetiee songs :ind eheers tor the xVZlSlllllgl't0ll lslirtlulziy Bzuiquet. We llilVQll'i revolutionized the old eollege yet. lt goes on the saune as ever when we go home over the week-end. -luniors zirenlt so inueh. Bill. And we feel niueh luunhler than we did when we jumped oti' the old Erie for the tirst time. There is no Arter House now, no Soph-Senior banquets t'l'6lll9lllllPl' the time they went to I'Irie?l. no liziir-euttiug. not even :1 hV2lSlllllQf0ll Birth- day Banquet this year. But we have some things we didn't have then. XVQ-,re secretory of this eluh and elnlirlnau of that eluhg we're on the varsity tive :ind eleveng xve're editors of the puhlieatioiisg we're lll2lllZlQ.I0l'S of the tezunsg the fi-osh and sophs respeet usg S0lll0i'llllCS the profs even will us hy our tirst llElIll0. But it doesn't nieun anything. Give us il night hack in old Arter House with its hezitless heaters. its broken windows, its sziggiiig floors, its hull ses- sions, and its rougli-houses! Arfrieu, SAMUI-:L .Xsnia .... .. BARNES, SYLVIA NI.xric:.xR1-:'r. .. BERLIN, lueoxoius .Xnrgi.INi3. . lliaxkv, XYIRGINIA l.oi'lsic. llmn. DONALD Pixel.. ,. Rises, ICVERET1' tlmxxi.. . , .. lioxvslaiz, EIJZAIKETII l'l..xiR1e ..,... . Rowsiaic, -li-:AXE Rrgiuzecx .... .,.. . llovn, llr:1.IcN Nlixlncl.1Nl1: ....., , lluioos, EIYITH llouorllv MAY.. llxoxvx, tleoium I.ou1xi1u ,., lluowx, llimuei- ...,. Ilnowwiau., Ionic lilmxuen.. ci.XRRIll,I,, Ri"1'n 'I'nif:l.M.x LQIARK, lJ.x1.E For Yours for Auld Laing Syne, TIIIG t'l,.xss or '24, CLASS ROLL . ....... , ....,................... . . . Pziruassus 'Hllukes Dainty C'loIl1r.v Loxt 1,m1gU"' f ....Nm-wfastle ",S'tt1l1lv yet .-lrfi.s'!1'1'4' ....l'ouclei'sport ",lIihi und ,l.'ell0ft"' ... lllairsville "As Good NX the .xvtllllt .whlezuiville t'Om' nf' the 57" ...NorthEast "fudge for lv0!1l'Jf'tf.' A .liittanuxng l'nn11g ,Urn mul .llen llvho Stay l'r11J,g" . ...... ...,...... . ..... .... . ...liittzinuing "Good to Ihr l.a.vf Sqnvvst V A . . ....l.I1llll7l'llij.f05lJi'lllgS "For flu' .llrul Iiillfl C-tH'L'.Y , ....XIelxec-slmrt K'Q1ru1if,v First" A .,.hICZlllVl1iE "Best of lf:'vf'j' Turn' I ...Nlr:1dv1llC H.'i,Qt'l1 fu ilu' l1'ootl"' .. ...... ,.... .. ..... ...... il lemlville ",-tt Your Sei'-z'1'fc" 1 b ,...l'i't-mlwiektowxi "Y1'I'0l' Grlx on lvnm' Xt'r't'u Q ,, ....,,...... ........ .. "ll'or'Ia,v ll'lzilr You Sfurff' CQQQL., .......t Slvffj'-0716 ,jig -fmfyo V I G ia. ,sw ill? R A 6 -AGL A - mr '21 Igfllglw - 0- M ,5g...fsI-sw 131+ 1.11 1 , . . - - . . . , -:Q f , X5 1.92.1 ,CO J , , f f .. f . .W CLARK, RALPH A ....... ...........,....... ............. ..... M e a dville "Eventually, Why Not Now?" COALE, DONALD HOWARD. .. ...................................... .... W arren, O. "Have You Had Your Iran To-day?" CROSBY, FANNIE ......... ... ......... . ........................ . . .Meadville "Look What HorliL'k's Did for Me" ul CURRY, GERTRUDE RUTH .... .. . .......... .... .......... . ....... .... M e a dville "Barrelled Sunlight" I CUSICK, CHARLES LEROY .... ............ . .......... ................. . . .Pittsburgh "Works Naturally but Forms no Habits" DAVIES, SAMUEL EUGENE. . . .......... . . . . ........., . ............. .... O il City "Trams the Hair"' DAVIS, LILLIAN BIERRILL. . . ...,.... ... ............ . ..... . . .CoIumbus, O. "Deliciously Refreshing" t DEVORE, LEROY CLARENCE .... .................... . ..... . . .Meadville "Take Home a Brick" DOOLITTLE, IWSERRILL xN7ARD. . . ...I.... . ............... .... C orry - "There's a Reason" . . h t DORWORTH, NIARY CECILIA. . . ...... l . . . . .. ...,............. . . .Oxl City "Smiles Right Back at You" r 1jUNDON, ROSCOE C. . . . . ............... ............. .... E d mboro "Rough on Rats" EATON, ROBERT PIERSON ............................................. y.. I ..-- Warren "Good Jllorning, Hare You Used Pears' . ELLSWORT1-I, RICHARD NN.-XTSON, ....................... ....... . ...,. .... 3 I eadvllie "Tougher than Elephanfs Hide" FIELDING, RALPH EDWIN ...... ............,......... . .......... -.-. D 0 H073 'Quality Goes Clear Through" . FRIEND, CLYDE L ........ ......,.... . ...............,.. . --CIHINOH FRIES, JOHN JOSEPH .... CAGE. CHASE RICHARD .... GASTEIGER, EDGAR LIONEL. . . GEALY, WENDELL BAUM ........ "The Housewifels' Friend" """1- "-13211 ii '11-kill zifiiiifkff ' Vdfiiiffhkk' all '1?I?bhQ" ' "His Master's Voire" 1 GILMORE, FLORENCE ISARELLE. . . . . , .,...,.. . .... ..,.... . ..... . . . . . GOODWIN, IQENNARD HILL ..., GRANT, RU-:H .,....,,...,. . HAPPELL, GEORGE EDWARD .... IIAVICE, CHARLES VVILLIAM. . . HUMMER, HARRY DAVID ...... IINGRAHAM, DONALD RIDDLE .... IRVVIN, DOROTHY BEI.!.E ,... JONES, RUTH ELEANOR ....... JOYCE, BLANCHE GREENLEAF... "Makes Kitchen Work u Joy" ' ' ' ' '5fSfbfif'Lbbk'f' Lkiie-'ii ' ' ' ' ' ' '.'4' 'C55fi'i:?iQri,i 'in' 2ifb'M52hi,ig'i' ' ' ' 'lfiiik' Sihiilillili' bl' C0'nilf212isbh3" ' ' ' ... . . .. .. . ' ' 'if'0'f'E65h5,?1kLA1' 'fhitiQgidh21ii0'fi'5 ' """"5151Qi2'Q4's' iid-'i5ih.ff.Q"' ' ' 'U " 'iiiibiiri '15if?L,h3i1i'i ' ' ' "Easily Carried" ff .I . .... . ........ Erie Cambridge Springs .. . . . . . . .Meadville . .. .. .Oil City . . . . Sandy Lake ... . . . . .Meadville . .Parker's Landing . . . . . . Saegertown . . . .Oil City . . ,Meadville . . .Townville . . . . . . . .Meadville . .Southvil1e, Mass. . . . . . . . .Meadville IQINKAID, WALKER W .......... ..........,............ . . .McKeesport "The Tories are Clear" ' ICIRKPATRICK, HAROLD EVERETT .... ....................... ..... M e adville 'ABuilt for Service" ICNAPP, HORACE BYRON .,...... .................... . . .Conneautville "Note the Notes" . KUDER, IQATHERINE ......... ....................,........ .... M e advllle "The Girl You Can't Forget" , LAFFER, ELLEN ELIZABETH ..... .,,.......................... . ..MeadvxlIe "Just Another Dodge" . LEEEINGWELL, WILLIAM -LAURENS ................................... ..... M eadville 'LThe Man with the Cedar Chest" l LILLIE, HOWARD RUSSELL ........ ................................ .... R I pley, N. Y. "All That the Name Impliesu LING, RUTH ......... ............................. .... M e adville "Styled for Young Men" LOI-iz, FLORIAN JOSEPH . . . ,.,. ................. ............. . . ,Meadville "Culti1'ate Your Musical Bump" LoRz, THEODORE ............... .................................. . . .Meadville "Satisfaction Guaranteed" RICDONALD, MARTIIA CATHERINE .... ...,...................... . ..ReyI1oldsvilIe "A New Jar for Lien" I ,...,.. S ixt y -two .Qjfl fzigfv W l x 1 R Q 9 152: lg A lllllifl , - -6-- i I . I C W MCQUISTON, SARA LUCILE ............ ........................ L .............. "Splendid for Children and Good for Young Men" MACELROY, WILLIAM D . . .. ..... .... . 'ffii5p'5,iJIizS1b' 21i'.l1'1l 'riiirkkif ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' ' MILES, CLYDE CECIL ...... ...........................,....... "I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel" """"ff'r:.z1',.' '5.Qi:M',.'tf1' ' ' ' ' ' " "Di.vlinctif'e and Classy" NIINCH, NIARION MINI-:RvA. , . MOI-'FATT, JOSEPH CARL. . . MOOK, ARDEN D .......... ................. ..... ....... "It's All in Knorviug Hou"' MORGAN, DOROTHY MARY ,... ..........,................. "Sweet Lady' MORLEY, HUBERT ..,........ . .......,................................ . "Save the Surface and You Save All" NIORROW, KATHARINE SYBILLA .....................................,... "Buy To-day" BIQOSIER, AYLEEN NIARIE ...... .....,.....,......... "Good to Lool: AW NUNN, LAWRENCE HILL .... ...... ........ ..... , ...,... . . A "Known the lflforld Over" OLSEN, TILLIE MARIE ....... ............. . ...........,,..,.... . "The I,lI0l'l0g1'l1f7h with n Soul" PARKER, NVILLIAM JEROME, JR. . . ...............,............ . . . . "Handsome, Graceful" PATTISON, LAWRENCE T ...... ...................... . . . . "Always Invon.vficuou.r" PERKINS, HARRIET JOSEPHINE. .. ...................,. . . . . "Say It with Flowers" PRATT, ROBERT VVILLIAM .... ................. ...... "Time to Re-tire" QUINLON, MARGARET .... .......................... ...., .... "The Skin You Love to Touch" QUINN, DAVID EDWIN .... . .................................,... .. "Goes a Long Way to Nlake Friends" RANKIN, DIARY MCCLURE. . . ..... ,... ............................ . . . . , KAHH1'6 You a Little Fairy in Your Home" REED, DOROTHY .ALBERTA .... .............................. .....,... . . "An Automatic Sffont' 1"GiifiQ.Q 'Vliibd Vaiiiifl' ' ""Q4'f'Iki'E2fe?y' M2i1l'3 A ' ' Viizhkifi 'S2lAf'Eh'eL1' 'YM' ' REYNOLDS, ELSIE ELIZABETH. . . RICE, HARRY H ........ .. ROACH, JAXLICE STOVER ........ ROBINSON, HELEN GERTRUDE .... .,...................... Hlllild Yet Satisfying" ROBINSON, KATHRYN . . .................. . .................... .. ' "They Keep Yon Looking at Your Best" ROSE, DORA NIILDRED .... ...................,.......................... "Rivals the Beauty of the Scarlet Tanageru SEYBOLD, SEWARD ......... ...............................,.........,.. "Sati.y-fies I?r'erybody" SHIVELY, VVALTER FREECE. . . ..............,...... . . . . "Bert in the Long Run" SHULTZ, PAUL HOWARD ...... .............,.......... "Your Nose Knouml' SIEDLE, THEODORE ANTHONY .... ..............,. ..... "System and Efficiency" SKELTON, ALICE .......... ............................ "MrIkes Life's VVal1e Easy" SMITH, XVILLIAM IIOVVARD. . . ...................... . . . . "One in Every Home" STEWART, JULIANA DALE ...... ................................... "The Girl with tlre l'Vona'erfnl Eyes" TANNEHILL, WILLARD FRANCIS ....,...................................... "lVon't Injnre Anything Pure W'ater lfVon't H TEFFT, CHARLES EWIG ................................................... "A First National .-1ttraetiov1" TITUS, NELLIE ELIZABETH, . . ...................................... . . . ' "Ax Accurate and Dependable as a Clark" WEBB, .ARTHUR BATES ,...... ......................................... "The Strong Arm of Indu.x'try" VVEIGEL, CHARLES BELKNAP .............................................. 4'We Are Advertiseal by Our Loring Friends" WICKHAM, BIARY BLANCHARD .....,..................................... "The Ham lflrllflt Am" WRIGHT, LESLIE ORIN ............ ..............,........... Hllflakes L1 Big Front" VVRIGI-IT, MATTHEW VICTOR, JR .......,.......................,.. "All That the Name I1llf'l1.EJH arm" . . . .WilkinSburg . . .YOungStOwrI, O. ..Gowanda, N. Y, .. . . . . .Coraopolis . . .McKeespO1't . . . .Saegertown .........SharOn . . .Youngstown, O. . , ...Union City . . . .-Meadville . . . .Meadville . . . .Springboro .... .Avalon . . . . . . .Cochranton Cambridge Springs . . . . . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . .Meadville .. . .VVellSville, O. , . .'MCKeeSport . . . .McKean . . . .Meadville ........Indiana . . .PittSford, N. Y. . . .New Florence .........Bolivar . . .North Braddock . . New Kensington . . . . . . . .Lamartine . . .Turtle Creek . . ...... Erie . . . . .Sheffield . . .Turtle Creek .... .Franklin . . .Edgewood . , .IrwiII . . . Barnes . . . .Meadville .......Erie . . . . . . . .Rochester Jamestown, N. Y. .............Erie CREQL. .,...,,. O ,. , ,.,, , .,.,,.,....,,.,., . ,...,,. O Sixty-three Q l Thv Sopllonlorv lows the Cussg llis girl does too, 2ll2ll'k! Anal going up is llczlven, buf Tha- fI'0lllJl07S vomiug bavkl ' ,ff l m,,,l,.,.f,! X Ly N ,- ' 4 f fi , , , M1 a if . ,Q j,f',, f , ,, Z , ,, 'i-5.525 , ,- ' H .ilu , ,' y ' fhgfwi 117 lT.L-5 ,T ?-?j. n 'l 4,, 1 5 it T, 41, , if - 'uf aff. f Hn-i 12 iff 'f f 152 'f-iff AM If H 4wJmL l " E , H ig A xa f111l11ww mfw -Q H www . P ff W, .f , 'Mm 'H ,if 'TP L ., .iCs' +' 1n f '!fw 1 - 'T ' '.' ff 'A +' 1 I , ,,. v - " ' :Y X bf ' 'ig I, lllllllfl N r f:- 1' ' fi fx 'r My ,, H 'IW W A, 7 ,WM ' X- K+?-1 I-' -1 Y,,Y , '7 x k 172' X I 'i ,Z W ...4, i1' 'J ml W ,ff'Ef" , i "MW, X' xx' Q ffl. W mqiasf W ii b L f l u E guumgiii WG? QT Q J ' 'lifiifffwwsiiaif """"- --QQ ""'::"'i D0 wm4,,,,,,,,,,H, ,mum mnfnglnlxuummauxzmlunwfi I "'mM"'WWE?::::u::" w Simms ,- on -. 1 'a 5, M190 . 'Q . f' ' A ' - E X VXQ f'Q' ' 5: L A . I , 'I 'M V iii K J QW 'QQ X, -1-A----it - 1 1 .fy wx, L1 ' , , - f- V ' , . - vw- f f- , ,. , D D f ,M tF7i6XEKCXv 01 X, Q., can nf' Vi, i"kf'im5f ' . I H I ' 3 ' 1 ' A "'- Riliiifg ' 'MLLEQQINI W LS kk: A 2-"TV Wifi ?i,?'7?'33':Ek"-5 fgfx' QWW , A , ' Y A V. - f fm. 5' M ,V -aff - " ' " jf af. QA 1 ,.. I K if ,Q-M , V , A ,WY if 5 if if Eff? fm, Sri , 5155 Qi iw? L JL x if if :ws ' 64, ' Y mX-, R+ , 4 The Class of 1925 U l"l"lf'HlfN ' Em lfluxli M. llmm . . l'1'r'.wifl1'11l Imcxlli S. f'm,l:11:lc'1' . . Via-1'-l'1'r.wif1r'nl l"I:.xxm'l1:s M. Hmmxulwzlx . . Nl'f'I'l'fIlI',lj BIAICYIN Il. 1'.xlvw11:l,1. . Tl'I,'llSllI'l3I' I"i:.xxm'1-is Bl. 4:lHlllNUI'4lll . Ilixlnrifln xp-'H , 6215? a re at , Q , 1.925 7 A Sophomorefs Dream Even the lowly college brain has dreams, nay sometimes visions. This is one that appeared to our class historian during one of the late vesper services. Its profound significance and verisimilitude tfor meaning see a member of Bim's S :10'sl were so striking that he could not resist dropping in at the Kal- dron otiice and telling it to the staff. The flllllly part of it is I wasuit sleeping, honest I wasnit,-couldn't in fact, -lake was leaning on me so bloomin' hard, but I had just closed my eyes a minute, to rest a little you know, wl1en the whole thing came to me. You can believe it or not, but there up on a pile of clouds I saw the book-keeping set of Gabriel all spread out for the inspection of the faculty. You needn't laugh about the faculty being there-it's only a lll'l?fl'lll. And there in gold aml blue was the page for Allegheny, year of 1023, with scores for each class, and, well,-l'm not making this up, but 1025 led all the restf-yes sir. it was way ahead. The column went something like this:4 Septf-For nobly refusing to steal doorsteps for the football rally, but nevertheless arriving with the goods ............................... I0 Oct.-For saving Allegheny the rep of employing prison labor, by refrain- ing from fancy work on Freslunan scalps ........................... 25 Nov.+l4'or having in its midst the authors of the pep song ............... 10 tNote by St. l'eter:-1Vhen ,25 sings this song there is great ditii- culty in keeping the heavenly band from striking up.l llec.-For firmly preventing the appearance of such charming atrocities as purple socks with yellow polka dots and other striking favorites of the simple minded youth of '20 .................................... 10 -lan.-YI4'or the fine cooperation among members during mid-terms, thus preventing the loss of even one goat from the flock ................. . Mar.-For production of -I. -I. llousseaux's dernier cri "Les Femmes Fortesf' The entire cast with one or two exceptions belonged to tl1e 13 class of '2.1 ...................................................... 10 April-For the most regular attendance at spring classes in the Art of Making 'lim Fall, held at Hulings-laboratory work on the campus.. 10 June-For the many intelligent faces, set in intelligent lines, and beaming with intelligent interest belonging to the class of '23 that appear in the pages of the Kaldron. These do much to elevate the tone of the book, and the editors are warmly appreciative ..................... 10 Grand Total ................ . . . ..... . . 100 Necessary credits for admission are only 100 points, i. e, 100241 perfect. St. Michael and the rest are mighty glad to know that '25 is coming right along, and stand ready with open wings to welcome the members of the class Zllly time they want to arrive. . 6 o ...,.......... ..............,...,...,. ,....',... o ' , 51.11-v xi' il 6ZiZfT , 43 E U lsza . S' : . to I , 1. - If Nlxg ' CLASS ROLL ALLEEAGH, THEODORE HENRY .... ............................... "I Ain't Nobodylv Darling" ANDERSON, ELMER SIGERED. .. ................. .,.... . ... "Noboa'y's Fool" ANDERSON, FRANCES MARY. .. ......................... . .... ... . . . t'lfVhen Frances Dance.: lflfith life" ARNOLD, ELIZABETH ...... . .......,................. . . . . . . . . "My Cairo Love" BAKER, THOMAS SHERIDAN .... "Just a Little Love Song" BATES, ELIZABETH .... ................ ........ . . . "IV: Up to You" BAUM, HERBERT CALVIN .... .................. "Mystery" BAUM, OLIVE RUTH. .. . ..................... . . .. "No Wonder I'1n Blue" ' ' ' 'f1Si."LA1li5 'ziitllki ' H' BLACKWELL, LEWIS S ...... BLANCHARD, DONOVAN C .... "Homesick" BLISS, HOMER AUSTIN ............,. ............... ....... "Baby Blue Eyes" BRAUN, GEORGE RAYMOND DEwEY .,.. ....................... "Take a Little Wife" BRAUN, LOUIS A ................ ..................... "Do I?" BRENDELL, LLOYD JOHNSTON .... .. . ...,.....,.....,..,.... . . . . "All Over Nothing At All" BREW, EUGENE JAMES ....... ........................... .............,. "Cleef But 1 Hate To Go Home Alone" BRYDLE, HARRIET ADELL .... ..... E .........,............ . .. ....... .. "Oriental Eyes" BUNCE, WILLIAM F ......... ............,....... ............... , .... . "My Home Town ls A One Horse Town" CADWELL, MARVIN HERBERT .....................,......................... "OM How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning" CARLETON, HAROLD ROBERT ...,...........,........... .............. ..... "lfVatch Your Step" CHILCOTE, VIRGIL ANGELO .... ................ . ............ "Dear Little Boy of Mine" COLBERT, IRENE SHEPHERD .... ............................ COLEMAN, STEWART E. . , . COLLOM, HAROLD LIBERTY. COO R, Coo K, DALE, DALE, MARGUERITE IRENE. , . . MARIAN AYLEEN .... COURTNEY MILLER .... WILLIAM JESS .... DAVENPORT, ELEANOR .. DAVIDS, CORA DOROTIiY .... DAVIS, EVERETT RANKIN .... "My Sweet Gal" '-'-ii1'M3fii,5,5.L' Tami?" ...,...db.h.!z,......... 'Vik' iioli 'O91i5'i5,itl1i5" ' ' for 'ang ' ' '-1.ez,5ml-' 'm.s.Q,gi.ff' ' ' 'i"2f5.i.i1b3'f" A" ' ' ' ' 1115 M,Q:,.'.:.g.' R.'.g4.-yf ' ' ' A ' 1-s.p:.:ks.e,' RAM ' ' ' 4. "Tea.I-in' " DEAN, RODNEY GEORGE. .. ................. .. ,. "'lil1crc'.s- Only Ona" DEBOLT, VIRGINIA ....... .......................... "In Sunny Spain" DEMMLER, RALPII IIENRY .... ..................,. ...........,.. "lu tlzc' Little Keri S1'',' DENISON, ROBERT RUSSELL. .. ..................,.......... .,... "Smilin' " DEN'NEY, LEE ,T ........... .......................... "Lea:-e Mc with a Smile" DICKSON, HAZEL FAY .... . I "In an Old-Faxlimned lo'zi.'n" DOUGHERTY, BIARGARET .... ............................... "Angel Child" DRAKE, FRANCIS A., JR... ......... "Down Yonder" Y . . . .Emlenton ., . .Oil City . .... . .Tiona . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . Lottsville . . . . . Meadville . . . .Beaver Falls . . . . . Beaver Falls . . .Pennington, N. I. . . . . . . . .Meadville . . Jefferson, Ohio . . . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . .Bellevue . . Connellsville .............Erie . . . .Conneaut, Ohio ...........Kane . . .Niles, Ohio .. . . . .Franklin . . . .Homer City . . . .Pittsburgh . . . .Rcnovo . . . ,Meadville . . . .Meadville . . . Meadville .....Erie . . . . .Erie . . . . . . . Meadville . . .Elmira, N. Y. . . .Vanrlergrift ....Meadville . . . .Waynesburg . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . VVarren, O. . . . . Ashtabula, O. . . . Jamestown, N. Y. . . . .Olean, N. Y. Cambridge Springs COXQCOE.. .. ..,.. . .,.t t...,..t.,......,....t.t . ..... Si.1'ty-viglit .Qjv . an A A EE-rfE.lP51.II!,I,iI's. 1iqIag55lIs1w9 . . . .' f-6145 fi SK- Q9 iv F 'f' . IC9 . . .H .- 'T 1-92-'I .fp Q DUNMIRE, HAROLD JAMES .... .......................... .... F r anklin UDUJIFE and Grow Thin" DYCKES, WALTER FISHER... ..................... ..... C orry "Dreaming" ELLIOTT, RUTH txNNA ..... ................ , , ,Meadville "lfVhi.vpering" FARRELL, JAMES RENO. .. ................ .... C orry "Jirnn1y" FISHER, NELLIS HARTLEY. . . ...................... . . .Butler "Some Sunny Day" FRANK, JOSEPH BRUNO... .................... ,..... ........ ...... E I i e "lfViIl She Come from the East" FRY, HELEN JONES .... ................................. .... S c ottdale "Keep the Home Fires Burning" FRY, KENNETH BELNAP .... .................,................. . ..Meadville "Don't Think You'll Be Missed" FULLER, KATHRYN LENORE... .,.............................. ..... S pringboro "Cao-Cao" FULLER, ROBERT HENRY. . . ........,................... . . .Ashtabu1a, O, "Just Because You're You" GEER, WESLEY GORDON ...,..... .......,... .................. .... W a r ren "Deedle Deedle Dum" GOODNOUGI-I, FRANCES MIRIAM .... .......,................... ........ E r ie "Say It 1fVl1ile Dancing" GOODWIN, DAVID WRIGHT ...... ..................... , .Berea, Calif. "California" GOURLEYJ GLADYS .........,. . . ....... ................. . . .Turtle Creek "Just That One Hour" GREENWOOD, ROBERT LEROY .... ........... . ..... ...... .,...... E r i e "Boo-Hoo-Hoo" GRIMALDI, JOHN ............. ................. . . .Meadville 'AFareu'ell Blues" HAINES, KATHERINE ELIZABETH .... ................. . ..Warren, 0. "Sweet Lady" HAMMETT, CHARLES EDWARD, JR. . . . ................... .. .Meadville 1 "Pm Juxt Wild" IIARTZELL, EUGENE HENRY ..... .................... . .... B ranchton "Say It with Music" HAYES, ROBERT RUSSELL. . . , . .. . .. ........................., ...Black Lick "I Love the Lassiesn IIILDERBRAND, GRACE HARDIE ......................................... . . . .Wampum "Every Little Miss Must Hare a Mister" HILEMAN, MILDRED BIARGARET. ...,.................. . .............., ..... M onessen "SIie's a Mean Job" HOLMES, GLADYS DOROTHY. .. ...................... Le Roy, N. Y. "Soothing" HOUGH, FRED W ....... ....................... . ..... M eadville "Pack Up Your Sins" HOUGI-I, SETII ELMER. .. ......................... . . .Meadville "Are You from Heaz'en!"' HOWE, MARION FLOWER ,... ................................. .... M e rcer "Howe Ya Gonna Keep Him" Hoy, ELEANOR ....,...... ............................... .... 0 i 1 City "Oh Joy" HUMMER, BESSIE JOY ...... ............ .... T i tusville "Hortense" HUMPHREY, HARRIET CLARK... ...................... .... U nion City "Come on Horne" l INGRAM, CLARENCE H., JR .... ............. , 3 ..... .... P Ittsburgh "Ma! JAMIESON, JOHN LEE ........ ................................ .... F r edonia "Oh! Johnny! Oh! Johnny Oh!" . fJEANNERAT, REBA BLANCHE .... ............................... .... C 51 anon "Oh Frenchy" ' JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE G ...... ....................... ......... , . . .. .Meadvxlle "Let the Rest of the World Go By" l JOYCE, FLORENCE MASON. . . .......... , ......................... . . .Meadvllle "Just Like a Doll" I JUDD, MARION LAWRENCE. .. ....................... .. .Meadvlllvl 'ifust a Love Nest" ' KENT, JOHN IRWIN .... ............,. ....... .... M C H dvllle "To-morrow Morning" KERR, MARY WIIRGINIA ...... ......................... ..... O a kmont "Virginia Blues" KING, CARRIE ELIZABETH .... ................. I Ashtabula, 0. "Crooning" h KITCHEN, JEAN MACPHERSON... ............,....... .....-.--- E fle "Leave It to Jane" , , KUNTZ, WILLARD A .... .......................... .--- T 1 tU5V11l9 "Just Keep a Thought" I woe .. .. Si.rty-nine - QD f G- A Q3 - 'Q-A 'B' 1.925 LANGWORTI-Iv, LUCILE A .... LEEPER, ROBERT VVARD .... LITTLE, CLIFTON TALMADGE... LOGAN, HARRY C ......... LOVE, NIILDRED EvELvN. . . LUCAS, VICTOR EDWARD .... McCoLLUIvI, ROBERT J .... MCFARLAND, DAVID IFOLTZ... MCGILL, WILLIAM FRANK ......,.. ' ' "'lT'lie'fE3 'fi 'Lbhgl 'LbL1g"r5Ad" ' ' A "''""Zl1ki'ii1l.l3ie'.i'UQJV' ' ' ' ' '1fAIb13bL1y' LM?" ' ' ' "Asleep in the Deep" " "Libbey '.bl7l,'65",' ' ' ' "f'Sit-bkl'21i121' LAM" "Just Like a Gypsy" A 155h":' Kidd' 1151222 'HA 'CbbQg"" Hind' HQ? 'Hhhd 'GM 'S12b'H61'd5' Mill?" ' MCQUISTON, THEODORE O ..............,...,........... ..... ..,........ "Teddy Bear Blues" MACKINTOSH, 'FHOMAS HAROLD .... MASON, FRANK W ............ MASON, GEORGE E. . . MILLER, INEZ ALTA .... N101-INEY, DON POPE ...... MONDEREAU, LORENA GRACE. .. MOOK, NIAURICE ALLISON. .. MOOR, MILO M. ......... . . .. MOORE, AALEXANDER DEEMER. . . . NIUMFORD, RUTI-I LUCILE .... MURCH, CLIFTON YENDLEY. . .. MUSE, GLENN ODELL .... MYTINGER, HOWARD B .... NELSON, ROY :XNDREW .... NICKLIN, .AGNES RANGELINE. .. .. NORRIS, IDA KATI-IARINE .... OLSON, HERBERT ........ PETERSON, ITORIS PIPER, ROBERT ELMER .... PRATI-TER, JOHN BYRON ........ ' ' ""DL,Q,J,i'i1i.,Q 'O121' '612,LlE12 'Q4'fki6'f ' ' .......Jj.WMM..y,.,Z....... . . . . . . .sllvawjji .BM .ybw . " '-ikkkb' 21' i51h2Q'D'51bil' th' iiflmf 112219-i"' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'f"SZ13-'Ii'1lfii1i iE1'0'12f2Q3'f ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ..... ..h.di2M1g:,. . . . .. ' 'JOEL' 'C56dhL33'5 ' ' ' ' 'MIPLQJII' E5 'S24LfLi.6eLz"" ' " . . . .ILM ie. .Eb 1.50.6 . . . . . . . . ' '-WMS 'Silegt' Lipkff ' Vfniiilkh' 'I?f31iL'skQ19"" .......6.s7,iM,y........ ... .... AM. Use. .66YMg,. . . . . . Wiki! 'Shih' BASIL? 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Y. . . . . . .Townville . . . .Meadville . . . .Ridgway . . .Meadville . . .Saegertown . . . .Titusville TL .Brookville . . . .Warren ........Erie . . .Buena Vista ........Erie . . .McKeeSport . . . .Franklin . . . . . . .WayneSburg Jamestown, N. Y. . . ............ Kane . . . .Pittsburgh . . .Meadville . . .Meadville . . . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . .Harmonsburg . . . .Luthersburg . . . . Luthersburg . . . .New Brighton ........Albion RIGHTMIRE, ANNA ELEANOR .............................................. .... L atrobe Old-Fashioned Girl in a Gingham Gown" RISHER, WILLIAM ALBERT ............................................... ...Bellevue "Three O'Clock In The Morning" ROGERS, HARRIET CATHARINE ...,............................... . ....... .... M eadville "Don't Forget To Come Back Home" V cp .......... ........................ f . .......... A QD, Sr':'enty M 9215 X f ff VN ' A, ' . ll . v 6 --. 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'A.Sk'IA't'l'f Imiiarzu Holm" STuu1.FER, FRANCES .xRIEI,,. .............. ...... "HvUl1dA'l'fI!I Yun" Sv'r1'ux, L'11.xRLEs LEU .............,... ......,........,. . A'BaI7y . f jlilzvu SXYANSUN, IJ.xx'1n LQHRYSTUPIIER ,IXHIQODIYRI-I ,.,..,..,.. . ..,. "S1uum'c" 'I'.-xY1.nR, L'H.xRLEs C., .YR ....,,................................. "Ili Lui? To Full ,-lxlm' 'I'.n'LuR, ELEANURE ..... . ..,....... .............. . .. "Just thc Kind of a Cir! 'I'ux'Rs-roN, .XDELAIDE ......... ...,............,,.... "JIU Tlmt I .'Yf'z'1I" 'I'mvNslaNn, .XLICE Q4UI.BERTS0N. .. .......,....... . . , . "Rosy Clzcvkf' 'l'R,xx, '1'1mM.xs .XNDRENY .... .........,.... H7-OH!-7-OMIM 'I'R0l'P, IIARRY ......... .......... . "H'1'mu1irx' " TVRNER, .XLICE ..... .... Q ............ "In a Boat" XvAl'GilAN, ELIZABETH ..,., ..............,, "Slow and Easy" YEITI1, Iimrn I2LIz.xBE'rH ..,. ..,................ "FlL1ppcr Hills" XYAMQNER, K.x1-HARINE JULIA .... .............. . VYARREN, SAMUEL ENuERs... XVASSER, IIERMAN SNYIJER.., NVEHR, M,xRu.xRE'r ..,... , . . XVl4:v.xNn, PAUL IQEEYFS .... XVMITI-2, I':LIZAI-EETH ..... NYINTERS, .XNSON LYLE .... XYOLZ, QQIIARLES C., IRM.. A'KJx'-Katy" ' '4i.2A'iif lsii,QH" 'VVF7rb2fif?.l3ff ' ' "RunzblEr Kose" "I Can Still Dr1'um" ' ' :'.5:tQ'2z2,' H153 'ILfE:-ig' "KiL'ky-Koon 'Circ You From Di.riv."' ...Dawson ...Mcmlvillc . . .ShZll'IIll ,..Rirlgw1xy . . .jczmucttc ..Ill:xck Lick ...Titusvillv . . .'l':u'e11tum ...ll1':1clfm'ml .. ...... ..... ....l'.r1c Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. . .......,.. Imlianzl . . . .XYesttielfl. X. Y. ,. ..x1UVOl'lZl ........., .lidixlbmwm ... .Cl1z1umuqua, N. Y. . . .L'l1autauquz1, N. Y. .... . . . . . .llczulvillc .. . Mearlvillc .. . lfrauklin ...Apullo . . . .... Freeport . . .New Kensington .Mcadvillc ...llQmpstead, T., I., N, Y. . ., . Meaclvillc . . .F1'CtI0!li1l .., ,lfcadvillc . . . . Illairsvillc ...Indiana .... . , . . . . . , Ifrcrlnnia . . .NYashington, D. C. . .... .. .............. . . S'rz'r11fy-mm' The Frosh is optimistic- Dvspite his monkey norm, A1141 Freudish d1'92llllS reveal him The FFCSIIIIIIIII, True to form ! 5 rim N 'ig Xb ,F 0 622 mo! bi - l W1 i WQX w N 'J' J X Tw, + is A W Sq? "VFR .... ylA,il'f,N' gh A ful' f My 'i - l 1 W f n f Vu E f 222. 4 fx Y A ' Sf V K1 V fi flfffyw f ff f A Q F if f J X 55? , 1135 - ---,--- ' ,PY ' V J" .Ui , ' ' , L ' 'x --- M --x YY W, , W Y I 7-' ----' A 4, if L Q 9 3 5 ka The Class of 1926 Ul"l"lf'Ifl1'N IM-JNYANIG XV1cs'1'ux . . . l'1'w.wiflf'11t Illcmzx FI1':1.1v . . . Vi:-f'-l'1'f',wial1'uf NV11,l..uc1w M1+:u1c1al.l. . . . 7'l'1fllNIU'1'l' SIAM' I.m'1s1-: NII'RI'IlY . . 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Carr, sara josephine Carroll, kenneth waldo Charlton, anna elizabeth Cochrane, anna elizabeth conrad, Crawford joseph cook, dorothy may cook, kathryn agnes corbett, catherine Corrigan, helen mildred cox, floreNce mildred Crawford, mildred anne Cropp, donald ford Crowe, gerald Culbertson, james anderson Culbertson, joseph francis Cummings, h. grant dahl, clyde arThur davenport, archibald ivan davis, Wallace leroy dehne, edgar charles de maison, adelaide dolde, william edward doolittle, dorothy dougherty, agnes eisenmann, marguerite m, englesbee, john evans, robert k. faust, goethe fenstermaker, sarah frances field, helen margaret fieldson, richard franklin, jr. firden, paul e. fitzpatrick, george michael CLASS ROLL flickinger, charles henry francis, herbert c. frisk, chester j. galmish, gilbert louis gearhart, Charles russell gibhons, gertrude gordon, john brown graden, ethelda uldine graham, alexander graham, alice thelma grifhng, C. richard grout, dorothy lucy hanlon, james valentine harrison, john boyd, jr. harrison, paul donald hart, cvelyn elizabeth hatch, helen beecher hatch, virginia hays, harriet Cecil hill, elgin alexander hobaugb, howard hill holeman, dorothy h. homer, john neil humeston, cdwin alden jackson, mary alice jelbar t, dorothy jenkins, david theodore J jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, kerr, king, kolpie lane, enkins, dorothy ann alva m. elsie may glenn cove mary henrietta mead gorden roy h. helen laura n, maurice mina mae lee, j. Wilson leigh, lewis, leyda, peter herbert olga marie paul victor logan, ira kenneth mcbride, grace elizabeth mccracken, edith mcfarland, frank jacob, jr. mckee, j. W. clark mckee, mary jeannette mcmillen, clayton lafayette mcmillen, margaret jean mcquiston, james stuart madrlen, daniel, jr. mahany, rowland maskrey, nancv elizabeth merrell, willard r. meyers, ruth irene miller, adelbert boyd miller, john hoffman, jr. milliken, harold e. montgomery, paul erlwin morrison, huhert leroy morrissey, j, Wesley mosher, annabel murphy, mary louise myford, francis william nason, merle olson, harold eric orr, harold wesley palmer, george alfred, jr. parker, samuel hugh parnell, fred anthony parshall, hoyd c., jr. pearce, mildred abbie pechles, mary elizabeth peiffley, joseph george pcters, Floyd phelps, mary rebecca piper, warren stephens ramsey, vivian rasel, mary la roux reeve, ellen mary reid, gcoRge lundy reisacher, naomi elfrieda remaley, paul m. rex, helen thompson revnolds, jolm lee riemer, karl roberts, paul rupert, jamEs allison russell, theodore alton schaeffer, lee er'win Schmid, marion ruth schreiner, iris marie schruers, edwin j. schwartz, martha heckler severn, charles taylor, jr. schaffer, lottie sharp, james burhenn shaw, robert william sheehan, florence curra'1 shoon. nelen catherine shrontz, katHryn smith, dellacourt miriam smith, jay floyd smith, lloyd scott smith, richard smith, robert boal spanogle, charlotte stafford, Myron augustus starr, orpha estella stright, benjamin m. swanson, gertrude elizabeth swenson, elda lynnea tavlor, howard prescott teats, ruth Esther titus, frederick william twitchell, mary eva van scoten. elinor knight voegtly, john walker, hubert Clarence walley, harry doNald ward, marian waring, janette alma weaver, william francis weining, donald mccormeck weston, de wane edward whieldon, marian esther wilson, florence mary wilson, harriet wolf. joseph james wood, elgin s. r I R96 ..........,. ....................,......,..,.......,.....,,..,..., A S QD, C9 Scrwnij'-liffc Fight. Allegheny, Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight Alleghe, with all your might! It is up to you to protect the Gold and B Fight on to Victory! X Awvmmmcis K ! Q x my xfhxfi x Q' 6. E.. Q' Q6 X i vgx - 1 ..- -1 I 9 Athletic Directory FOOTBALL H H. LOOMIS, '23, .............. ..... K faptain H. BIORLEY, '24 .... . . .Captain-f'lcm' T. E. G. fiREENLIIND, "'3. .. ....... Jlanayffr R. PIIGRSON EATON. .... .ulllHl'fll?l'-f'Ilff'f G. H. MCCRACKEN. .. ................ ........ 1 foarh ' BASKETBALL H L. C. L. it C. WV C. H C 4 P. M E. C. MILLER '23 . ., E. Ross ..... . . . IC. ICINXEY, "VS H. NUNN. . . . . ll. IfvAKER .... R. NVIMMER, '23 . L. HENRY, '23, . . E. HMIMETT. . . A. BLISS, '25. . . E. HAMMETT. . . H. KROTZER .... YV. CLARKE, '23, V. VVRIGHT, '24. .4-.. TRACK FICOSS-COUNTRY BOX I NG TENNIS SWVIM M ING' . ..... Captain . . .Captain-r'Im't . . . . . . .Managvr . . . . .U!lllflfjI"l"-6If'f'F ....... . . .Cnarh . . .Captain . . . .Jlanagcr . . . . .Coach . . .Captain . . . .Coach . . Coach Captain and Manager . .Captain and Coach I o... .........,,.. . Sv? mzty-v1'gl1t A QD, fbliike QQ Football 1922 num llll llll ll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll ll I llllll ll iii' -in mm all lil lllllli llllll lllllllll ll ..,. E ..... m.,!l!l!!ll!!!y amiwmunlmnm E?l?F?!E5i!?lEEiEEiiiiiii'iiiiiiii 1: , 1 .:: ez 1- E:: :: l 1- .:: 1: 1- ::: :: .1 3, K: 3 ::: " , - 1:1 .????5i!l!!l!ll.!l... . .. F!lllllllllllllllllllllllllll.,. . .!l!l!!!l!llll!!!'!"'ll"'l'l' un un umm ummm 1 u mu n mule 'H u " HTHI1E'ili1l'iZI'5''l!I!'Ill?l!lL2!!!!!l!:t!!12'Llll!lll!!i!ll22175'I.l1l5133211I1,15'l!'E'l!!!!"E'l'EE12E!.E5iHLlH1115'Rtlllflif-1112111llfibflllthgE Z- :sf EZ' 'i EE . X m nm: m umm uuunmunuun uumununmu mm: mm: I , .T ' l:!::::::11U1lilE'i''iliziiiiiihiiiil5iiiiiiiiiiiiilillllliiiEEE:zEliiiiifiiliiiiiiZH2255EEEEEEEEEEFEEE5EFiEli?555:15?EE!EEE!EEElE3l5Ei?'i'i2.1E3iii.. f'Al"l'AIX limmls Hirsh Loomis, captain of the 1922 team, is a tall rangy fellow who specialized in smearing the opposing interference and snatching forward passes that appeared to be far out of his reach. He is a born leader and his pep and spirit did much to bring Alle- gheny such a successful season. Unfortunately Hirsh leaves us this year and his posi- tion will be a very difhcult one to fill. He proved to be an ideal captain and led one of the most successful teams that Allegheny has ever had. -A A--'-f 4 'EBL-Q" f 1 fi K pq l1?T 'x' EQ A D . ,. L e l it o 1 V 'I Yfiga I Q Y-5II?H-D 1 F' r 1 za 1ilC.Xlll'A'l'l4I Bl.xx.x4:14:i: S. S. 'l'owxs1-:xp We do not see a great deal of S'l'I'lil'IX'l' 5I.xN.u:i:l: 'l'. li. H. 1l1:14:1cN1.I'N1v 'Pegg was a faithful. conscientious, Towney but it is because he is con- tinually working at his job. His task is a hard one, but he has done it well and deserves much credit for the suc- cess of our football season. 1'iw'1'.x1x-1c1.m"1' A persevering manager. He did his work eflic the iently and contributed greatly to team's success. lolcmzr Morley's personality and consistent work at quarterback made him the unanimous choice for captain of next year's team. Morley is an excellent quarterback and is one of the best men for interference that we have. As a safety man his sure tackling pre- vented several touchdowns. NVe wish Morley all possible success on the gridiron in 1923. f W cz ....... lfiyhly ,A fs.. f x K 132i3 ,Q Og YVILLS Millin- Qzfafeffze FU Lllfll WOW MAF C6lV7E'!? llud has played several years Tarzan tiuiihed his second lloppy. without a doubt, is of rcal football for the Blue and year at center in 21 blaze of one of the speediest backs and Gold. Always a consistent glory. lle is tlcpcudahlc and hest open Held runners Alle- gheny ever had. He was al- ways a star. Next year, llerh will had it hard to get as good Il halfhack. consistent and will he valuable ground gaiuer, he was a valu- iu the future. able asset to the backhcld, es- pecially at quarter this year. RESUME OF SEASON The decisive victory over Thiel on Thanksgiving Day closed the first foot- ball season since 1914 which Allegheny can truthfully call successful. Al- though not every game was won, the 1922 team was perhaps the best the college has ever had. W'ith a record of six victories out of nine games played, this team ll2lS accomplished a feat which, it is hoped, will be repeated with even greater success in coming years. The IIQNV athletic program, instituted early in 1922 made this season possible, and its continuance assures the success of fu- ture teams. A good beginning has been made. The first game of the past season against Folgate, away from home. re- sulted in a 19-0 defeat. Conditions and breaks were all against the Blue and Gold. lt was Alleghenyls tirst game. though ffolgate's second. The trip had been hard and the weather was bad. ln spite of these adverse conditions Alle- gheny's showing was exceptional in view of f7olgate's later accomplishments. The real strength of the Blue and Gold was shown the following week when Niagara University was crushingly defeated in the first home game. A smashing offense, behind an impenetrable defense resulted in a score of 39-0. tiger., .. ... ... ... ie.....,..,,......,...,. . ,, ... t Qi Eighty-om' i 1 Y Y 02.12,-90 f' w.Qt1fcgxf1,,,ixl5if Q55 BYHAM WOLZ RIGHT mcfaf :iff cwwa KERR lfff UUADD lly :it right tncl-cle was :ui ef! lluck is :in aggressive, de- lied, right guzml, lanows the Fucient running mate to l':u'uell pemlzilxle guzml. il sure, lmrd game thorouglily :ind is m there at left, lle plays a good game riclcler. mul, fortunately, hzis lighting all the time, lle wus of footlmll :md will he liezml two more vezxrs with the team. :md will cirixtuiucbzxs one of the more of in the next two yours. lmlwarks ot the hue. The next S2lflll'll2l'V Grove City was met at Grove Pity. with dire results. YVith hzllf the student body present to eheer them on. the team l:0lljJ,'llf llz1rd.lmI the hrezlks were zlgzlillst them and the llllill score stood 20-13, in favor of our old rivals. The llmiil reasons for this defeat were the failure of the lmeklield to hrezlk up the erimsoifs overhead game :uid the znhsenee of Hoppy Miller from the Blue :md Gold lineup llQl'2lllS6 of injuries. vV2lyll0Slblll'g' proved easy in the next home gzuue and was defeated III!-T. Their score c-:une as il result' of straight football in the first few miimles of the Sl5l'0lltl hzllf. At no other time were they ll2lllgZft'l'0llS. S2lllll'1l2l.Y, November 4. 1922, is an lllPlll0l'2lllll' dzly in the life of lllilllj' am :Xlll""ll0lllZlll, mst :ind present. flll that dau' fl2ll'llP"'ll' Terh, who had out nlzlved PN l l . :- . Yule, tied XY, .l., :xml llifilfffll Grove Vity by four louelidowlls, nearly met its XXv2lfl'l'l00. The Blue :uid Gold Nliggliliilg llllI'l'lC'2llll'N outplzlyed. olitruslled und Ullllitlllglfllf the Tzlrlzm elaui. ,hllvgllttlly deserved to XVl11. and would have won, haul it not been for ai slight burst of speed on the ll2lI't of the Terh team early in the grime whieh resulted iii their only tom-lldown. The referee is also eensored for the tl1'l'l'2ll. Allegheny seored il toiielldown, whit-h he did not , ..., .t,ti . ,. ,t,..t....t, .ll.l . "Cl i lfiglzly-t :uv , Qi 1.92.3 l t I SEYBOLD JAMISON WRIGHT RIUH7 fflqlf' Zfff f7V0 f?f0fr'7 GUARD Seehie came from lluckuell -lainie, another State College Yie's luck went against him to play his First football for the product. worked hard for lns this year anti an injured shoul- lllue and Gold this season. lle letter. lle is a grind man at der kept him out of a numher is valuahle as a halfhack :mtl both guartl and entl. of games. Next year he shnulrl punter. he :I stellar guartl allow. The foothnll worltl received at severe jolt as at result of this hntitle. The renmintler of Terh's season was ruined hoth 011 at-1-ount of the injury of at num- ber of regulars in this gznne and their failure to run up at high score on "little Alleghenyn. After this moral Qrir-tory over the highly toutetl Tartan, the teznu heggzun its tritnnphant nmreli toward the tnytllit-ul Vlztss H i'll2lllllbl0llSlllIb. XVest- niiuster otferetl no resistunee on 3l0lllg0lll0l'y Field and wus Sllltlilll'l'0tl to the extent of ten tonehtlowns, siX of which were seoretl by the seeontl tezun whieh was snhstitutetl als at whole for the tirst tezun nenr the elose of the set-ontl quarter. The Alfred Vniversity i021lll 2lIbID9ill'0tl in Meznlville with the lnest eleven which tan-etl Allegheny :tt holne during the entire year. Although the Iinal seore wus the szune ns that ot' the xVilyll6SlPlIl'QQ gutne, the representzttives front the lfltnpire Stzlte were hy fur the het ter. The gutne wus interesting front start to tinish. Allegheny seoretl eonsistently, hut the erowtl wats furnisln-tl tl thrill in the lust few tninutes of the gznne when Lohznlgfgll, who hznl just en- teretl the Qilllllx. intereeptetl lVills' puss :intl ran S5 yztrtls for at touehtlown. 4 msgs tl ltill,t,. TTl,itt tttill,lilttl,,lillll,lttl lttt.,iiltili T of Q Eighty-three ff"zZT?f-.yo f C MELA Q IQZ X 'il' po., 1 Cx, 563 WEAVER BLACKWELL SCHLJLTZ Zfff HJLF Cl7V7'f4Q f?f5'ff7'E7V0 llillls playing cn-rtzxinly lmclics Recl,:1lll111ugl1 a f11llh:1ck, was NYl1e11evu11 lu- llilfl Zl 1311111101-, l1is size. NV'l11-11 llc is loose, nlacerl :1t L'L'll1L'l' hecxlusc ut' an Schultz plnyccl Il good ganic at there is nn use gluing after l1i1n. injury. llis nlefcnsivv tuluying right enrl. llzmk again ncxt llc is also I1 sure lllkxliltl. :md his tight :irc his sti-ting yvztr. l1e'll lllillik' :1 tight for thc puints. l11'1'tl1. At 1362lV0l' Fzllls it wus 111111'l1 tlw Silllll' story. fil"lll'Y2l was lwlplvss 11010111-me thu tit-st team which Sl'0l'01l l'l1l'0l' times in tho tirst l1:1lf. Ill tlw svvolltl half. thu Sl'l'0llll ll'2llll was sullstitlltctl illlll hehl tlw 1'ov011z111t1-1's CVUII. Piltll Ttlillll Sl'0l'lllgI 011111. The final svorc was 28-T. This gjillllfi oflivizllly mule-4l the Season. After llllll'll 111-gutiz1ti11g.:'. il graino was 2l1'l'2lllQLl'tl witl1 This-I at fil'lAl'llVllll' for 'llll2lllliSQlVlllg' Daly. Allvg'l1e11y wus slow i11 gvtting st:11'tv1l, ti11isl1i11gg the tirst llillf witl1 but 11119 i0lll'llllUXVll to thu good. The s0c'o111l half was 4lliif0l'l'llf. 'lllll'00 l0lll'll4l0XVllS llI'0llgIlll the sco1'v to 25-0, :1111l provt-sl l'011C'lllSlY0lj' that the 4-o11tv11ti011s that All6Q.fll0llj"S SllOXYllIg i11 1bl'l'Yl0llS Q2lllll'S haul lI0l'll lllP1'P llll'li, worm- llllliljlllltlllll. illltl tl111t ,Xll0Q'lll'llj' haul El l'02ll football l'l?2llIl. f'02lK'll 1Il'ill'2lK'k81l ll2lS been signutl for tho 1-11111i11g s0:1s011, twi-nty out ot' lW0lll'V-ffllll' lc-ttel' 111011 will l'Qilll'll, p1'f1s11t-tts 2110 goml for l31'illl2lllf new lllil- tc'1'i:1l :xml Zlll vx1'0llv11t s1'l11-4l11l0 has lwon 1ll'l'2lllg0tl. 'l'l1vsv are simply i111li1':1- tions that thc- gg'1'i1li1'f111 SUZISUII of 111221 will ln- 111'01l11rti1'v of PVOII lll0l'C f:11110 illlll lltlll0l' for tl11+Bl111-:1111l Gold ol' 0111 ,I Ilr'gl1f'11y. F' .....,1... ......1........,.,..,,, 3 ,,,. 3 .... S ' Cl If1'g11tyffu11r l A V V V 6271.75 PARN DAHL JUDD .dfff 7'AC7YLf' fYlLLBACff !?f6'f1'?' FIVE llig Freml wlinm all opposing .Xrt was 11 sensation at full- Juclcly, altliuiigli off at timcs, play:-rs look up tu, is a tackle back, czisily the he-st in Class is 21 fins cnrl, Un clefcnse and of .Xll-.Xiucricau calibre, His T5 circles. .Xml lu-ing only a at receiving pnssvs lie docs well. Gusyarrl furwarnl passes at Tech frcslinlan, lie has tlirl-e years in lle played an cxccptiunnl game were the sensation uf Pittsburgh. which to inakc many more of :lt 'll-cli. T Oc'1'olJ0r . . U4-tollci' 14. . f,L'f0ll0l' ll . . October JS. . NUVOIIIIPQI' 4. . NOY0lllllt'l' ll . . XUYOIIIIIUI' IS.. Norm-llllrel' 25. . .'P Bv0Y0llllit'l .,0. . his smashing linc plunges. FOCTBALL RESULTS ...ilolgzlfe Vniversity lil. . . . .Nizlgfgzlrzl ITIllVOI'Slt'V 0. . ...flrove Pity ....... 20.. . ..XV:1y110sln11'g . . T. . ...l'z11'neg'iv 'l'ec'l1. .. T.. ...xVHSTllllllSl'Pl' . .... H.. ...Alflllll l'nive1'sify. T.. ...iil'll9V2l .. ...... .. T.. ...'l'l1ivl ... O.. UT AllQg.fl1cny 0 Allvgllelly '30 ..AilPQill?llj' 123 Alleglwny 'lil ..-Xlloglneny 0 ..All0g,5lwny S Allegheny 'lil ..All0g'l1v11y "S ..Ali9gill'lly 25 .3-xg N ... OCD Y GNQ99 I. Ig htvv-i1:'l' L of 1610 - 1fC'Dl O l l ll 4, l l SMITH MYFORD DARSHALL .4Ef'7!1'ALF ZFF7' 771C7VZf' Ziff 00400 Nluuncy is a llasny hzxlfback XYlu-11 Mnnessen sunt Ifat to Parsh came to.Xllcgl1e11yf1'mn anal an uncanny upcu flclnl run- .Xllegllcny slw made fl grcat con- State. Ile pmverl worthy of a ner. llarcl luck llamlenl him a trihutiun. llc is a promising place on tln' squarl. and was broken ankle at ilu- curl uf a lineman. llis weight is an aS- placerl at guarcl in a number uf brilliant 30-yarnl run in the Tllicl set ratlu-1' than a liability. games. gamc. l l lll allllllllllll,ll ll l + Q liig I1 I-V-.w'i.x' QZAA-7' i1 AD QQ ,923 iQ x LOG A N Zrcfzz BA cw HANLON A Lfrr mmf K1-n was a valuahle under- jimmy marle a regular half- stuily for .Xrt llahl. VYhenever hack position on the varsity while he got in,4 he played real foot- only a freshman. That alum' ball. In the Geneva game es' hcspcaks his worth. pccially was this true. r. DOLDE ' ' RIGHT ffl-llf' liill showed some real Stull in the Vlfcstminsiex' game. He should makc a name for himself as a hacklielxl man rluring the rest of his stay at Allegheny. 3 i I mga i la l l Illglll-X".Y1'T'I'lI QQ Q- Qmw g4Nvx 1 1.923 I ' QQ in Q l s r w l i i 5 i l 5 Rush is either :in 1-ml or ri center, but above all a Fighter. llv is always strong on dcfunsc and is in the game cvcry minute. MCCRACKEN HAMMETT COACH 19V75lO!Z 0fffC'f0vQ llcrb is zi real uuncb. His Coach llannnett has bccn one men havc confnlencc in him. He is Z1 burn ln-rider, knows foot- ball, and the student burly feels that much of the crc-slit for the showing uf our team slmulul go to him. nf the must innnxrtant factors in thc success of the team. His svuuting of uppnncnts was :lunc- witli remarkable accuracy and helped the tcznn greatly in every gains. GJXQQQ, ar,r.,a..r,,. Qrsasi..r,..,..,i,,..i,,r.,,.,.,s,rrr.,a, ,ar,,a,,,r,a 0 M IT1'gl1fy-Pigllt fliilifyf- Q Q i 4 Q.. - X Y' X ,Q lima H,Xl"I-Ili Red has completed two years as varsity cheer leader. He gets more noise out of less rooters than most college cheer leaders. And, in handling the freshmen, his ability is unquestioned. His loyalty has been consistent. At every game, he has been out in front of the stands, doing his bit towards a victory. The overworked expression "his place will be hard to fill," applies to him more than aptly. Red will be missed next year, for a leader such as he, is the making of college spirit. .. ... .. ....r . . t ... t . Q1 Eighty-nine ,J-- , YV eww' " 10-1752 ' 6w?ffa5.637I?I4jwjgYIf!N'aN C gJ.gQi3I9f.QZQiwE6MQXGv.QEFfxE,SMgI.fff ff 2,-1-,,,!Q,v fX3s4.iTExGX2g1QXj:LGXQ5f9 V . , , , .X ...W ......T,........, . I I I 5 3 F- 7 I,-YL , X g, K I , 1 . . I e' ' 2 I 12? '-'- A . A . '-,L ..'.A,1..g11'1- K-A ..-. , , XIz'.XRl'111'R 'I'H1+Mxs I.:-,+L Ilxm M 1-TT Gxxllxl I-3 llrI.B1QR'x' XYISE l'l.xnKE 'I'mxx51':N:1m UI"I"II'I'IIlS Ihc. II. IC. I.1cl4:. .... l'1'f'.wiflwnl I'. Ii. 'I'lImI,xs . N1'I'I'l'llIl"l1 I". M, AI1'.XIi'l'III'Ii . . . Tl'!'lINHI'I'I' S. S. 'l'uwxs14:x1+, . . llrfullmlf' .Ilunnyfwr ALI' BI NI ICICI'Iil'ISI'IN'1'A'I'IYES I'. IC. 'l'lmxl.xs, '14 I". M. 5Im'Alc'1'llr'l:, '05 14xu'I'1.'1'x' 1:1411'lufisicx'1',v1'1x'14:s Illz. IC. Ii. I,1:1-1 I'lcu1-'. V. IC. II.x.x1A114:'1"1' x114:,xm'11,1.1c UIIANIIIICIQUI1' r'm1.xl14:m'l4: Illil'IlI'ISI'IN'l',X'1'IYIIIS Ibn. II. Ii. 1l.u11:1,r:., 'Slit V. A. 1iu.l:14:1:'r, '15 s'r1'1+11:N'r Illil'IlI'ISI'1N'I'.X'l'IYES Ylclcxux l,. XYISII. 'iii I'.x1'I. W. 4'1..u:1i1':. '23 S. S. 'I'mVNslcN1v V V nr V , , ,,,,, I . . ,WA - Q fo . 3 ............ ..,, . .,.. . ,. .... .,...... ............ ,......, .,.,. .,,. . .. X inf! , Zfgfefyv . tg . 0 Ka K 40 9 . ., .. ., I lilqtxfxf ., 'N t. ,- , ,. . .. ' 1-925 ' Basketball 1923 QllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllImlllllllllllllll ,gum.mum.nnmmnllmlvnmmnnnllunnmnuu1.-:mlmlwuvllullll .nmmuu lun um uumumnum iw mmnmuIummnmuuuuvsmu " -1 E55 Ill :ra as " - i'3f1'1?1'l!' , ', umm lm 5' E25 1-1 ::: 1 ::, .- ::: -1 .- .1 -n llllll ll Illll llllllllllllllmllllllllllllllllllll Ill 2 E25 -1 :., -un ::: gn ::: 1 :Er -1 3: 1 :gg -ns 5.. Hlllllllllll W"l""IlllIlllllI lllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll M11.L1f:I:. Hoppy Miller, all-around athlete and captain of this year's basketball team, led the Blue and Gold five through a strenuous but successful season. He is a three letter man starring on the gridiron and track as well as on the basketball court. With his graduation this year, Allegheny will lose one of its most versatile ath- letes since the days of Cox. His place will be difficult to fill and a long period will prob- ably elapse before another advances the glory of Alleghe in a similar fashion. l,....l.l...l l ...... Q. N Cl L 7 I1 1 BAKER WISE 'hi lsmufv CGA CH CZVV Tiff? ,fY7,1Jx2!A67,f',Q limi-li llick llzikcr mm thc Yarn this yr.-ar was :it his Blnnftgci' Kinney puiforixicml unzminious ziplmwvzzl of the cn- hvst. llis sliuwing was such as his task wull 21ml lnukcfl after tiix- stumlent hmly througlm his tu merit thc rating of cm-liter on thc uccrls uf the tn-:un in line t-lfurts tu huilzl up ll team :ni .Xll-XXL-sicril Pemisylvzmizt manner. worthy of .Xllc-gl1cuy's iwcrinls. team, picked hy ix l'ittsl1u1'g'l1 llc hzul I1 va-ry xlifliculi prob' spurtiiig cxpcrt, llc ls1lCl03Yt'I' lc-in to solve in picking his tram llvfcnsivc- player, a gun-l shut, hut he nlevelupcrl zu very smmmth :L steady jumper, :mtl is always znggrcgzitiun cmisiilcring thi- uh- lighting. llis equal will he liziril stuclvs that hu fzicerl. to liiiil. H. V. 5l1,1.1.1cl:, ll'z1pt.1in U . . .. . . .l"oru'11rfI L. li. llnss, l4'z1pt:111l-vlvvll.. . . .Fm'u'ur1I Y. Ii. Wislc. . . . . .f,lI'IlIlf'l' L. A. I31c.xi'x .... ...Gllrlnl .l. li. l'3lcoww:1.l.. . ...UIIIIIYI V. ll. llixiiicic. .. ..!'uru-1: V. Ii. KINNIGY.. ...ll1l1my11'r c my .,....,,.... ff-Y s- GD ' V .X im ly-film 6Z7feyv A SQL be J lr-9273 i ,D f- i' !l Y CWI RD CUA RD fU!2lfVA Q19 l 1 , ,. . . Lou played :1 l11'illi:111l gz1111e fl11l,.' a substitute last yeaix .X11111l1e1' 111-xx 1112111 +111 ilu- at guzml this yn-111' 011 thc Var- .lolumy Came tliruugli this. yuz11' Yzirsilyz l.L-11plz1yenl goml lmaskei- sity. lfew fnrwzirds succcefleil 211111 lllziycfl F1 !'L'Il.lgZiUll'1li guarfl. ball. Playing forwziiwl. he was in getting past l1in1. llc was Ile kuuws lmskethzill, guarmls the fL'IllU,S high scorer. lie- espccizxlly vz1lu:1l1le in wu1'ki11g wcll. :mil is :111 u11cz11111y Qhot. sill:-5:1H11esI11-tlmplziys n goml the l1:1ll mlowu the t'lu111'. ,Xt sliuuting fouls. lic uizule 2111 mlefclisivc gzum-, null uplmlcls his exec-llc11t rccoiwl. He will menu euil ut' the IL-11111-ivlay fziithfully 1nucl1toth1- tm-:1111 ucxt ycar. llis future i11 Illuc z1u1l Gnlml RESUME OE SEASON lmslu-tl1:1ll is 1ssu1'ecl. Thv floor svzlsou opolwil with 21 rush Elllll l'V0l'yilllllgI imliczitesl that tlw Blue' zuul Hold would llltlliti just as 111-illiz111t il we-m11'1l as haul lM'0ll inzulv by tlw foot- ball 1021111 ozxrlici- i11 the your. 'llwo vf-tm-2111s wwe all that was left of lust yezirk teauu. but the new lll2lfl'l'l2ll was plviltiful mul loolu-nl gmail. P11111-l1i11g. how- evvr, was il prolrlvlll, zuul it was not until tl1v111i1l4llcoflDv1-v111lw1- that il satis- fzivtory lllilll wz1sol1t:1i11o4l. V. lb. B2llil'l'. illl Allegllltllly z1l111111111s :mal 21 llllilllllfil' ot' thv f2llllUllS tvzuns of liltltl :xml lilltl, was lilmlly Sl'i'lll'l'4l :mil lu- lllllllt'lll2lf0lj' Set Zlllillll to lbl'0lHll'0 thv tvzun for tl10lmli1lz1y ll2lI'llSl0l'llllllQf trip. xvllill but two wveks lbl'l'lP2ll'2li'l0ll. thv l'l'SlllfS oi' this t1-ip wort- but mu' Vic-- tory Zllltl two ilvfwlts. A llill'1l-llllllglll gtlllll' was lost to tho Xvw tlzlstlv tivvg Built-r Y. Bl. V. A. was 4l0fQ2ll'l'4l. zuul the Sll'0l1gI lloiuz lltllllil' twuu ol' Pitts- lilll'Q1ll 0VUl'l'2lllll' tlw Allvggglwiiy quiutvt i11 il fast lmttlv, 41-30. The p1':u'ti1'0 , C9 I QD . .... ......,,,,,., , ,..,,,..4,,,,...,,,,..,,,,,4,,.4 , ,, .Yin My-tl: rec ,tio . ffii tj1Q r fm C5 l l 9 DALE E sure foe wfwo Court rlirl not get a chance in the early games hut joinsxl the squad when Sharp and VVolfe left. lle plays a fast otlcnsive game, shoots we-ll zxnrl guards his man closely. Ile is a junior. El MOU NTS I ER sua czfvvrfa Although not making his letter. Rush px'ox'cxl himself zx capable Ccntcr. llc is very aggressxvc, and l1is tight and pep are well known. Rush grail- uatvs in vlxinc. SHULTZ 5116 504670 Paul got in only a few gaxnes, hut slnrweml real ahility when he xlixl. lleavy, aggressive zxnil quite fast he shone at working the ball mluwn the floor. llis man sul- tlom scorn-il. D EVN EY 506 GUARD Lee zxctcrl as utility guaril on the team this year. .Xlthough he only plzxyctl in several games at homo hc was vt-ry valuahlc on trips as a re- lief man. llc still has two inorc years to plzxy on the Varsity. tlerivetl fronx this trip was zx great lwlp and the tezxnx quickly ronn4lexl ilxto shape for the oponing of tho vollegizxtv scason. The x'xn'tzxiu was raised on the lxonxv floor with XVaxyi1vslm1-g :xs the attrzxr- tion. Tho fl0YVllSf2lfPI'S pnt xxp ai stitt tight but lost, 25-20. The gzxine was fast, well-plzxyvcl zxnxl svrvocl to bring out lxixlclen Sil't'llg2fill.. After ai wvvk's rest the squad left on its iirst inyzxsion of the tri-state xlistrict. XV2lj'llQSlllll'gI, at lxonxe this tinxv, lost again. The following' night ax tvrl-itic battle with the powvrfxxl Pitt tezxnx rt-snltoal in 21 foxn- point vivtory for the Faxrlson pzxssers. l'ittslnn'gh sport writers wvrv of the opinion that the Allegheny tvznn slxowwl the hc-sl hzxsketlnxll of any tvaxnx zxppoxxring :xt Motor Square tlxxrilvii this winter. Tlxv thirtl QZIIIIU of this xlitlivxllt trip resixltwl in ax six point virtory for XVOst Yir- giniax. The nvxt font' gzxnxes wvrx- playwl :xt honxv. Alfrwl was tht- iirst vivtini of the Blnv :xnfl flolil onslxxxxglxt. The Now Yo1'kvx's fonglxt hzxril lint haul to how to tl nxnvh snpoi-ior teznn. lizxlxlwixx-Wzxllzu-0, zxftoi- lioliling' tho lox-als almost oyvn flnring' the Iirst lxzxlf. was volxxplvtvly snowwl nnilvr in the final pclriml. K CJ ...,. .,..x..,. ,.,..., ,...,... .......,,... . , , . ,.,,.,., . .0 x N599 i ixii ixi Niaxcty-four 627130 fX 463 t Q 46 xx tip flaw 9 Geneva. fresh from a vietory over Carnegie Tec-h, invaded Meadville eon- tidently expel-ting to win. The score at the end of the tirst half stood 12-12. At the end of the game it stood CNS-lil, with the Uovenanters on the bottom. Bethany eame to Meadville with a good reeord. but was also unsueeessful in stopping lloppy and his speedsters. NVith this ret-ord. the team made its set-ond jaunt over tri-state territory. Geneva fell again at Beaver Falls. Bethany too, was unable to win at home. Carnegie Teeh, however. with a rejuvenated team and with a desire to revenge the near-defeat handed them by our gridders in November. proved the undoing of Bakei-'s proteges. The season from this point on is a sad story. St. Bonaventure, with a lightning fast, dead shot aggregation. administered the tirst defeat suffered on the home tioor, winning by a substantial eleven point margin. The first game of the home series with Grove Pity resulted in the first vietory for tl1e Crimson. The score was 25-13. The Plaid appeared in Meadville the fol- lowing week and proceeded to elean up. Donohoe's brilliant shooting brought the visitors out on top of a 35-25 sc-ore. The tinal trip with Grove City and VVestminster as opponents also resulted in disaster. The Blue and Gold team seemed to take on a new lease of life at Grove City and the Crimson was forced to the utmost to earn a ZS-225 decision. The following evening NVestn1in- ster won a slow. uninteresting eontest by a onespoint margin. A week later, the l'i-esbyterians appeared in the gym and again won. The home team was in its poorest form of tl1e season and Could 11ot get started. The team managed to make tl1e seas0n's record an even break by playing real basketball and thereby defeating Juniata, 330-24. The season eau hardly be called a sueeess and yet there are reasons for Considering it as sueh. Substitute material was sadly lacking after the loss of Sharp Ellltl NVolfe. The sehedule was hard and once started on its ditlieult path, the team eould not recover. Captain Miller and lVise. All-XVestern Penna. center, and Mountsier, substitute eenter, are lost to the squad by gradu- ation: but with Braun. Brownell. and lloss as a nueleus. and such new men as may enter next fall, a mueh better reeord is hoped for next year. t I 6 .........,.... ......,,........,,..,. . ...... 1 :Virwty-fi2'c' 'flikif-ye 1.923 0. ,Q fa.. Jzlnnzn-y .1 .... -l illlllillj' 11 .... J211lll2ll'y 12. . . . . January 13 .... January 16 .... -lklllllillj' 10 .... q .3 J illlllillj' 2- .... . February .3 .... Februzu-y 9 .... BASKETBALL RESULTS .. . .Allegheny 241. . . ... . .. . .Allegheny ZH. . . .... . ...Allegheny 34. . . .... ....Allegheny 24... ....Allegheny lil... .. . .Allegheny 38. . . .. . . . ...Allegheny 36. .. .... .. . .Allegheny 131. .. ... . .. . .Allegheny 35. . . .... February S .... .... . Allegheny 36. . . . . . . February 10 .... F8bI'l12ll'y 16 .... Fl-3bI'l121I'y 20 .... February 24 .... February 2 4 .... 98 F8lJI'l121l'y 2 .... March 6 .... March 1 0 .... ...Allegheny 29. . . ... . .. . .Allegheny 29. . . .. . . .. . .Allegheny 123. . . .. .. Q-i . ...Allegheny -L . .. .... .. . .Allegheny 22. . . .. .. .. . .Allegheny 2-1. . . . . . . . . . .Allegheny 22. . . . . . . . . . .Allegheny 30. .. ... . 540 AY2lyl1CSlJl1I'g .... AVZIYIIQSDIIPQ .... I-.. . of l'1tt. ..... . XVest XY1I'g1I1121 . . Alfred ......... Balmlwin-NVallac'e Geneva .. . . . . Bethany . . . . Geneva ... . . .. Bethany . . . . . . . Carnegie Tech. . . St. ISOIIEIVQIIUIFC. Grove City .... . Carnegie Tech. . . Grove City ...... Wfestlllilxster .. . . VVesfn1inster . . . Jlllllilfil ........ 20 28 ISS 30 20 18 19 20 21 32 43 10 25 35 27 26 27 2-1 583 0399- .... g Ninety-six Q 4 Z'- R - QA reg Track 1922 f 1 923 LS QW!! lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll E gglllltiwlllwnrlllllillllllllllllllilllltlliillllltllllullvlllh 'lllllwllIIl'llllllHIIlIIllllllllllll lllllllltllllllllllllllllllll llwWAltIlIllfllIll11lIllllllli - it Y i 4 ' ' I E 1 5 E I I E E E E l 2 - l - EES E E i??????9l!l!!l!!!ll!l!.!... . ... k.H!lllllllllF!F!!!!!l!!ll!!l!!!!!l!!!!!!!l!ll!l!!!!?F!ll!9!!l' W151 BI lan. Chuck NVim1ner, one of the best middle distance and sprint runners that Allegheny has produced, was chosen to lead the track team through the season of 1923. He has been a member of the team for three years and is the holder of the college records in the quarter and half mile runs. With such a capable leader the track season ought to be most successful. Y , , 1 L .,....,.,.l,.k,.. ..k.,r..V....,..e,',.,.,..,,.. Q -is CD, .X'1' 11 l 1:75. 527590 - GGG e , - 0-- , 1 .: . I we " , .: - .- A' . . I W 100 220 440 S80 Yll Yml Yd Yrl Dash TRACK TEAM 1922 Dash. . . Dash. .. Dash. . . Mile Iillll ........ Two Mile Run ...... 120 High Hurdles .... 220 Low IIU1-alles. . . l'ole Vault. . . High -11111111 .... Broad .lump .... Shot Put ...... Discus Tllrow. . . Ilzunmer Throw. UAW men signified by QU. ..McfC1-euryl, lillswortlfl, liemlery' .3lvUreu1'yl'. lflllswortlif . . .vVl1Illll6l'+. Mm-l'1'e:1i'yl' hVll11lllQl"li. lil1'Sl'll1l9I'll . . .lil1'Sl'llIlQ1'll. Bliss? Little .. . .Blissi Realms, Little . . . . . . . . . . Bemlerii, 'l'lllsw01'tl1+ . . . . . . . . . . . . HQll1l61'l9, lflllswurtllii '1'z1ylo1-'i .lu1hl". Miller? Moore .fl1'l1lll1'l11t'+, -Illllllli, Agnew, Moore . . . . . . . .f'l'1l1llI'1l19+, Monro, Agnew Uliiilliiigzgliziliiil, ill2ll'li0NV2lllli, -11111111 . . . .Cll1l1llllU'll2llllll, Affnew, -Tudclif, 312l1'li0VVZlIlll ZH PN ..... . .l'11l1i1i11gl1z1111l'. 3l2ll'lilWVil11+ GD XQCQQQ ........,,...... . ,....l...,,,. Q ...A . ..,....,,..i..i.. 270, .Yirivty-v1',ql1l fbvkayvi '11111 ag Vxf .923 1 "1 '15, '9 RESUME OF MEETS T1111 11'111-k s1111s1111 111 11122 w11s. 1111' A1111g111111y. one 111 11111 11111s1 s111'1-11ssf111 i11 y11111's. T1111 11111111, 1'111111111se11 111 il 1111111111111 111 Y019l'Zll1S 111111 Illilllj' 1111w 1111111. f111'e11 il 11111-11 s1'he1111111. 11111 1'1111111 11111 V11-t111'i1111s i11 11ll'69 of 11111 111111' 1111111 11111111s. The 1111111 1111111111 NVZIS s1111'e1'1111 111 11111 112111118 111 11111 w1111-1111111111111 1'11iv111'si1y 111 1'itts- 11111'g.1' s11111111. A T1111 1111-111111111111 1111i1ity 111 11111 A1111g.f111111y 11111111 w11s 11X1'1111111111 111111' hy Pitt. T1111 11111111' 11111111s fe11 1111111111 1111' 11isli111'1 s11pe1'i111'i1y of the 1311111 211111 4111111 i11 the 1111sh11s 211111 weig111s. T1111 111's1 11111111 wi111 1'i11 1111 1111' 111111111 t1'111'k, 1-es1111e11 11is11st1'1111s1y 1111' A1111- gh1111y. B11'11UNV211l,S 1111s11111'11 111111 111111-1111s111111e111 XVGi11il10SS 111 11111 111111111 11111111 i11 11111 weights 111111 11111 11isti111't 1111-11 111 1111i1i1y i11 11111 11is111111'11 1'111lS 1'111111'il11111111 1111'g:111y 111 111e 1111w11f1111 111 11111 1311111 111111 1111111. The s1'111'11 w11s NT 1-2 111 111 1-2 111111 i1111i1'11111s 111e 11-1111 story 111 11111 11111111. T1111 1'111111wi11g week, 11111111111 1'111111g11 w11s 111111 111111 11ef111111111 111 1i11111'111' 1"1111s. '11111' s1111-y 111 this meet is just 11111 1'11v111's11 111 11111 1'i11 meet. 11 was 1111 A1111- g.f111111y. T1111 s1'1,11'e was 118 1-2 111 57 1-2 211111 w1111111 have g1l0XV1l 21 1'1111si11111'11111y l111t1111' 111111111111 for A111-511111111 112111 it 11111 11111111 1111' the 1111111111-1111111 lzlxity 111111 i11- 1111i1'i11111'y 111 1he 111111'i111s. A1f1'1111 was 11111 IIGX1 vi1'1i111, 211' A111'1111. T1111 s1-11111, ST 111 310, is 1111 111111 11111111 1111 111111. A111-e11 101111 11111 11111111 111's1 111111'cs 211111 few 111111111s. T1111 s1111wi11g of 11111 Blue 211111 1111111 1111s'h 111111 weight 1111111 w11s eXCe111i1111111. 15111 11111 gl'1'621f 1111111111111 111 11111 s1111s1111 111111111 i11 11111 1111211 11111111, 111211 with 1V11s11i11g'11111 211141 J1111e1's1111, 111 1V11s11i11g11111. 11 1'11s1111Q11 T1 1-13 111 113 5-ti, i11 f11V111' 11f :X11Pg1lt'11y. T1111 11111111 was 111111e1?i11e11 1111111 11111 1111211 11v11111. 11111 111111'- 111i111 I'1l1l, i11 which :X111'Q119llj' 1'11l111l'I'S w1111 first 111111 se1-111111 111111'11s. s111111'11i11g 21 1111ssi111e vi1'11'11'y 11111 11f 11111 112111118 111 11111 1'1'esi11e111s. A 111111111e1' 111 811111211110 1111111 211'l' 111st 111 11111 11111111 1111-1,111g11 g1'111111111i1111, 111111111- 1y, 1'1'111111'i11e, M1"1'1'e111'y. B11'110XV2l11, Bi1111111'. 111111 1'111111i11g1111111, 11111 wi111 1Vi111111111', Bliss, 111111 1C11sw111'111 1'1'1111'1l1l1g 111111 lllillly IIQXV 1I'il1'1i 1111111 11111'1111111i11g 11111 11111111 s111111111 1'11111111et11 11111 s11'1111111111s 111231 s1-11111111111 i11 21 s111'1'11ssf111 111111111e1'. K 1 .......,..1 ,,.. , .......... ......' . 1 QD! 0 .Y1'111'1'.1'-111111 9zt.Efv l A65 W .QQX 72: JE -Jak -N ' A A E " 3, - ' L. QC J A.. 1.9273 f 9 50 Yard Dash .... ALLEGHENY TRACK RECORDS 100 Yard Dash .... 220 Yard Dash .... 440 Yard Dash .... 880 Yard Dash .... 100 Yard Dash .... 220 Yard Dash .... 440 Yard Dash .... 880 Yard Dash .... Mile Run ............. Two Mile Run ........ 120 Yard High Hurdles 220 Yard Low Hurdles .... High Jump ........... Pole Vault. . . Broad Jump.. .. 16 Lb. Shot ...... 16 Lb. Hammer. .. Discus .......... 15 Yard Dash .... 85 Yard Dash .... 440 Yard Dash .... 880 Yard Dash ...,.. Mile Q20 lapsl ....... Two Mile Q41 lapsl . . . 29 Yard High Hurdles. 40 Yard Low Hurdles. . Broad Jump. ........ . High Jump .... Pole Vault. . . . . . 12 Lb. Shot .......... OLD TRACK fPREVl0US T0 19131 5 3-8 sec .... 10 sec ....... 22 1-5 sec ...... 51 sec ........... 2 min. 3 3-5 sec .... NEW TRACK fFoL1.oW1NG 19131 10 sec ...... N. W. Croasmun, ex-'22g 22 3-5 sec ..........,.............. 52 4-5 sec ........ 2 min. 7 3-5 sec .... 4 min. 42 sec .... 11 min. 6 sec. .. . . . .F. E. Stewart, ....G. R. Clark, . . . . .P. Mitchell, ...D. Croasmun, .C. E. Hillbourn, T. W. McCreary, .T. W. McCreary, ..C. R. Wimmer, ..C. R. Wimmer, . . . . .G. R. Kirschner, . . . . .W. T. Corbett, ex 16 sec ....... ................... H . M. Fahr, 26 4-5 sec. .. ,.................. A. J. Bender, 5 ft. S in ...., .... L . H. McKay, '16g M. L. Judd, 11 ft. 3 in ...... ....................... L . Wells, 21 ft. 1 1-2 in ........ L. H. McKay, '16, K. Crumrine, 42 ft. 11 3-4 in... ................. C. M. Dotterer, 128 ft. ......... . 129 ft. 5 1-2 in ....... INDOOR RECORDS 2 1-5 sec ......... 10 sec ........ 53 4-5 sec ........ 2 min. 4-5 sec ..... 4 min. 36 2-5 sec ..... 10 min. 30 2-5 sec .... 4 1-5 sec ......... 4 sec ...... 21 ft. 3 in ..... 5 ft. 9 3-4 in... 10 ft. 8 in .... 48 ft. 5 1-2 in... . . . .R. G. Cunningham, . ....... C. M. Dotterer, M. Fahr, -1 .... C. R. Wimmer, ....C. R. Wimmer, ....C. R. Wimmer, ...C. T. Little, . A. Bliss, M. Fahr, . . . . .G. C. Bittner, .....G. R. Clark, L. Judd, Wells, . . .C. M. Dotterer, Spring Broad Jump ............ 7 ft. 2 in ............................. L. H. McKay, Potato Race C5 potatoesl ....... 19 4-5 sec ......................... R. E. McCreary, fPotatoes 2 yards apartg 10 yard finish! Potato Q6 potatoesl ............ 26 sec ........................... .... L . C. Drake, l 6 ,,.,,........ Q Our' Illllldffd - QD, 921290 K 1 - 1 31 2 D.. . . . ,. - - V Nl x' A X ' , 4 1 - SQL ggi Q TRACK SEASON 1922 K. 1'111'11111N1f1 ..... .ffupfairz IC. 13. K1'xs1f:1.11AN. . . . ..lIfl'IllIjjI'l' V. li. 11.111111-:TT .... ....... C fouclz V. ll. 1V111111'11:. .. .. .fllllftlfll-l'Il'C'1i YV. I.. ll1-1N11Y. .. llflllrlgm'-1'I1:r'f SUMMARY OF THE SEASON April 22. . .l'111sl1111'gl1 851-2. . . .,A110Q1l911j' 401-2. . .. ..:1L Mozulville M any fi. . .1i9llQV2I . . 57 1-2. . . .Allegheny 681-2. . . .:1l' ISOZIVPI' Falls May 19. . .Alfred . . . 30 ..... . .Allegheny S7 . . . . .ut Alfr-011. N. Y. May 2.1. . .W. X J. .. Gil .1-fi. . ..AllCg1l0Ily 71 1-fi.. .. nt 1V:1sl1111gt011 ICVICNT. AlQF1l1'll7 All'll'lT. NV. K -1. 110111. 11111 yfl, 1l:1sl1 .... .... 1 IcC'rez11'y CAD ................ ..111.1s Ellsu'o1'tl1 CAD . . .. ......... .10.3s 2211 yrl. 1l:1sl1 .... .... A Icfrcary CAD . .. .....3.2S lIcC1'ez1ry CAD .... .22.3s 440 yml. run.. AAv1l'l1I'llC'l' CAD . .. .. .S4.2S Alderette CYYD .... .,.... 5 3.4s 8811 yil. 1'1111. XY1ttc'1' CA1fD. . . 111 13s AAY1Hll11C1' CAD . .. .... 2111. 6.15 1-111110 Tllll. ........ NY1tter CAlfD... -,111 zs Renter CXYD .... ..... 4 111 47.3s 2-111ilc 1'u11. ......... Bliss CAD ..... 11111 325 Taylor CXVD . . . , ..11111 46,2s 1211 yll. l11gl1 hurnlles Render CAD .... .17.2s Conn CVVD ..... . ...... 15.4s 220 yll. low hurdles. Be-11flee1' CAD... ...... 285 Alderette CVVD .... ......... 2 5.2s 1l1gl1 jump ......... Crumriue CAD.. .... 5ft 6111 Futhy CXVD ..... ...5ft 6 1-2111 1il'UIll1 ju11111. . . . Polo vault .... Cl'Ll1'l'll'1HC' CAD .... Judd CAD ...... .zoft 2 1-2111 .......1Oft ....36ft 5111 ..107ft 4111 Sl1ot-put . . . CiL1l'lI'1111g113.1'l1 CAD. . . .. lliscus ,..... Ba1'1'm1 CAlfD. .. ll:1n1111c1' tl11'11w. Ccz111celle11D ...... V1:1vel1n t11l'OEV ...... CcancelleflD .... EVENT. 11111 ynl. 1lz1sl1 .... 2211 ycl. slash. .. 4411 ycl. ru11.. R811 yml. 1'1111 1-111110 1'llIl..,. .. 1-111110 ' 11.lll.......... 1211 yml. l11gl1 l1l1l'k1lCS .... 2211 1'1l. lou' l1l1l'lllCS. 121111111 jump ........ ll1gl1 j1111111... 1'c1l1- Villllf .... Sllflt-11111 Discus ...... 11Zl1ll1l1C1' tl1l't1NV. 'l'lTT MICICT. BlcC'rcz11'y CAD . . M'cC'rez11'y CAD .. .XllEY1 CPD ...... Allen CPD .... Hago fI'D .... 1-lays CPD ...... 111'1ckley CPD . . . llrickley CPD . . . C'rum1'111Q CAD . . RfIl7l1SCll CPD . . . R01lL1SCll CPD .... '11ll0l'l1tOll CPD .. Hewitt CPD ..... Hewitt CPD . . . .I0.IS ...23.3s .....53s ....21ll 85 ....4111 565 .11111 125 ...16.4S ........27.3s ..1qft S 1-2111 ....5ft 8111 ....qf1 9111 ...iggft 10111 .112 ft 8111 ..144ft 5111 Alderctte CVVD .... ...zift 6 3-4111 Judd CAD ....... .... 1 oft 4 1-2111 A'ICC1OVVZ111 CAD .... . . .37ft 9 1-2111 McGowan CAD ...,... ..... 1 mft S111 CLlHl1111g1l31U CAD .... ...118ft 6111 Mchowan CAD ............... 13711 6111 C11CN1'1X 'A M IC ICT. AAv1Ilf1l'ClH1 CGD ................. .Jos AAv1llL1I'21l1l CGD .... 1Y1111me1' CAD... Hays CGD . .... . Mclielvey CGD .... Hays CGD ....... Bender CAD .... AA'1l'ld1'2l1ll CGD .... Cru111r111c CAD. . . Cru111r111e CAD . .. Taylor CAD ..... AICf10VV21l1 CAD .... 1,y11cl1 CGD ...... C'u1111111gl1n111 CAD . . . ..23.2S ..54..zs .....C?D .....1111 545 .ll1l1 455 .. ,.17.IS ..........27s ..211ft 7 1-2111 ....5ft 6111 ...mft ...35ft 111111 .....l24ff .. .121ft ffx.-.92 .. .. 1' 111111111111 one 625' i 1.925 6- 0-- 1 . . 4. . i-' T' Tennis 1922 SCHEDULE May J- University of XVest Virginia ....... May 12-Washingtoli and .letferson ..... May 213-University of Pittsburgli .... May 27 - XV?1Shiilg'f0ll and -letferson .... May 30- Penn State .............. May 31 - Westlllillstei' -luue 3 - Thiel .............. .Iune .1 - Carnegie Tech June 6+ University of Piffdlllligil ..... June 15 - Carnegie Tech VVOII, 75 Lost, 23 Tied, 1. I' Home Home Home Away Away Away Away Away Away Home ........ 1 .. One hundred two fbias I H. fc' , i 1.925 if it ' i 16: 'iii .yy if ITD C I 9 " RESUME OF SEASON 1922 During the past season the Allegheny tennis team met some of the best college teams in this section. The Blue and Gold racket wielders lost but two matches away from home, one to Varnegie Tech, and the other to Penn State. In the tinal match on our courts with Carnegie Tech, the Blue and Gold net men had an opportunity to tie the Plaid stars for the Tri-State Pham- pionship. Such a goal brought forth a display of the best brand of inter- collegiate tennis that has ever been witnessed at Allegheny. The contest was a lengthy st1'ug'gle which extended until late i11 the day, only to end in a tie, Z3 to' Il. The success of the season was due the fact that the team was composed of veterans of several previous seasons. Captain Bittner played an exceptional game and also, as manager, he arranged the best schedule the college has had. Along with the brilliant and consistent performance of Flint and Cochran in doubles, the ability of Vaptain-elect Clark and Uochran may be mentioned. Beecher and Foale played consistently and were always dependable. PROSPECTS FOR 1923 The loss of Faptain Bittner and Flint will greatly handicap Alleghenyis prospects for an exceptional season this year but an apparent infiux of ma- terial in the incoming class will relieve the strain. There will be Captain Clark, Uochran, and Coale around whom the team may be built. SCHEDULE FOR 1923 May Z!-iVest Virginia at Meadville. May -LdXVasliington and Jefferson at Meadville. May 5- Carnegie Tech at Meadville. May IEP-iVashington and -letferson at YVashington May 22- lfniversity of Pittsburgh at Meadville. May 26-Carnegie Tech at 1'ittsburg'h. May 2S4XVest Virginia at Morgantown. May ZZ!l-- Vniversity of Pittsburgh at l'lil'Slllll'Q.flI. Meets pending with: NVestminster, Thiel, Grove City Penn State. QD One I1 midred three :QW 571,-.?i5 ff' '71 ,1 .1 f 111 . r- 11 he 1 1 N 11, . 11 1,1.11,1111- 1 fQp'f 111.1 rl ,,7:1f- .l 1,11 , 1 I - fs --L 11,1111 S1 TT' 1 , 1 1411111 ,fm ' qw -- 1 - L:--' -i"'-""' ,"' w . ' ' 21 7 1 'm', 'iaii . 'E , 31 ,., , A-f f 1, E15 1 13. 5.1 N 3 L. 13 I N, , 111125111 1 ,, 4 112 1 'ifef' fi .f'i1LE,' SWT' ' 1 1 1 11 Cross Country 1'1-11ss 111111111-V. l11'11l1Q.Ill1 111 11 111-1111111111111 1111si1i1111 i11 11111 111111111111 111'11g'1'11111 ll1lNl 1'111111111 '1'11l1 111111 111' 11114 1-1111111111 111' 11111 1-11111111'k1111l11 1l111111111s11'111i1111 11g51' .1 1 1 1,,"1 1' 1 1V11s1, Vi1'gi11i11 l2lNl s1111s1111, 111111c 21 sligh1 1'111'111's111 i11 1111-111 this 111111' w111111 11111 11111111 Nllll'l11'1'll 11 11is11s11-1111s 11l'l'l'21l 111 11111 112111118 111' 1111' 1'11i1'111'si1y 111' l'i11s11111'g:gl1 l'1llll16l'S. 111111 111 1111111'111i1111 111 11111 111'1111i1'11111 w11111l1111- 1-11111li1i1111s 11111' l1'2llll. 11111 111' 1'111'1111i11 Bliss, 111111111-w11111 Rl g'1'i11i11g 111111 111111111' 11111 11111st 1111v111's11 1'i1'1'11111s11111 1'l'W 111 1111s 1'1111 111111151111 1i11is111111 21 1'11i1- s111'11111l wl1i1'11 w11s 1'1'1111i11111111 111111si11111'i11g 1'1111i1' h111111i1'1111. 'l'l111 11111111 w11s 1'111111111s111l 111' 1111w 1llil101'l2l1 l111il1 21111111111 11111 1w11 1'111111'1111s. 1'1111111i11 111185211111 l.i11l11. 1111111 1111111 111111 1'1'2ll'1i 11ist11111'11 1111111 1111 11111 141116 111111 1111111 1'i111l111- 11111111 211111 wi1l111111 111111111 1-1111111 ll21Yl' 111111111' s1111w11 11111111 NY1Dl'l1l 111111 111111' 11111 11x11111'i11111-1111 Rl 1111 111' 111isI'111'1111111. 11111-1z111l. B11y111-s, 11111111113 111111 gJ111'1111s 1'1111111ris11 11111 1'e11111i11i11gg' 111u111l1111's 111' 11111 11111111. 01111111111-111111-1 Bliss l12lS il1'1'il1lQ'O11 21 1111111-1111' s1-11111111111 1111' 1111x1 s1111s B11- 1111. N111'111'11111111ss. wi111 11111 i11111'it11l1111 i111111'11v111111111t 111211 il .Vl12l1' 111' 11x11111-111111111 will 111'1'1'1111plis11. l1l1'1'l1 will 1111 1111 111111111 11s 111 11111 Nll1'l'1'SS 111 All11g.g'l111 i11 11111 11111111s wi1l1 :h1fI'l11l 211111 llll' l'11i1'111'si1y 111' l'i11s11111'g:l1. 1 clfzx , 'W ' """"'- W Q X, ws' 1 I 0, W" .. ..,. .... . .7 . . -4, 11111' l11r1:1'11'1'f1' f11:11' EQ X ef X 9225 ly lnterclass Basketball The class of 10134, after many closely rontesteel games, forged into the lead by breaking a tie with the Fl'6Sl1lllQll. thereby winning the ehanipionship of the league. Although the Frosh lookeml like the probable winners after the completion of the first round, their defeat, amlministered by the Sophomores, turned the tide in favor of the -lnniors. Consistent team work, both on the otfense aml defense, enabled the third year men to emerge vietorions. Ilough and Fries were the mainstays on the offense for the Winners, while Siellle and NVright eapalrly proterte4l their goal. The Juniors were at a loss when Coach Baker appropriated Dale for tht. varsity, but were soon relieved when Pratt. Ellsworth, and Moffatt put in 1 their appearance. Murphy and Letlingwell starred for the beniors while By- ham, Moore, and Blackwell showed up well for the seeonml year men. Parnell. Hahroek, anal llahl starred for the yearlings. b 1 QD L9 Q7 ,,........., .....4..........,......,................ .... ,.....,, , . ...........,,.. 0 ' QD, One I1 Il 11 drczl Eire m 626' M N 'mr ,Y 1. 1.925 A -1- f1l1?11lEIa 1 - ee fIC9f..If..- i' Ca.. TrifState lntercitv Meet For tl1e third consecutive year a Cleveland team succeeded in capturing iirst honors i11 the Flllllllill Tri-State Intercity f0ilI'l12llll6llf. held under tl1e auspices of the college i11 tl1e Qj'Alll1lf1Sllll1l Ull March 115 and 17. East High of that city, by ilx consistent display of high grade basketball, YVO11 the coveted trophy, Z1 silver lovi11g cup. By defeating Central of Erie ina l1il1'tl fought game o11 tl1e first evening of tl1e t0l1I'll2l1ll0111, East High eliniinated what proved to be its strongest con- tender. However, Lafayette of Butfalo easily disposed of XV8Sflllgll0llSt' of l'ittsburgh ill fllltll' i11itial 001110141 tlllll the ability evidenced by tl1e New York Staters S8Qlll0tl to indicate il closely contested game withhthe Cleveland cagers on tl1e following night. The championship game, nevertheless, resulted i11 Lafayette's overwhelming defeat and a consider11ble upset of the dope. East High displayed the sa111e consistent and spectacular basketball against the New Yorkers that 1111d characterized Their struggle with tl1e Gem Pity lads. Although the Fleveland Elf.fgl'0fI2l1l011 XVEIS undoubtedly tl1e best team, Buffalo suffered a complete revers11l of fOl'11l 11ml seemed like an 2lll0f,"8fll6I' different 1021111 tl1a11 the o11e tllilt l1ad defeated the Smoky City lads the I1I'6Vl0llS evening. The teams I'0Il1'6S8I1iCll in the l'0l1I'll2lIll0llf consisted of tl1e champions of their respective cities. 1Vhile each of tl1e tives l1ad one or lll0I'6 outstanding stars, it was the splendid feillll play of tl1e Ohio cagers that XVOII them the trophy. Their defense was practically impenetrable,1111d on the otfense tl1eir fast passing Ellltl 2ll'Cl1I'illQ shooting creditably I1l2l1'liQll their victories. Tl1e Erie offense was formed about Bell, their stellar f0I'YV2ll'tl, while Lannon iillfl Tur11er were exceptionally etfective at gIll2lI'll. Cousley, of YVestinghouse, played a brillia11t game for the downstaters. For Cleveland, TOWYII and Hook were best, while H11lse illlll Hofflnan seemed to carry tl1e brunt of tl1e work for B11ff11lo. Many fans fI'0Ili Erie and l'ittsburgh accompanied their respective teams to the to11rna111e11t, tlllls crowding the seating capacity of the gym to the li111it. Spirit comparable to tl1at exhibited at college games w11s in evidence through- out the contests. The games were handled by Referee Cal Bolster who is 110 stranger on the Allegheny court. Results: 1f111s'r nvnxixo East High, 373 Central High, 28. Lafayette, 385 VVestinghouse, 21. s1:coNn nv1:N1Nc East High, 42- Lafavette 16. P4 7 .1 7 Central, 22, Westinghouse, 21. .,,.,,.,.,,..,,,.,.,,,..,.,,,,.,,.,,.,,, 1 QD, One hundred six 6- . I. 1- 9' jew iQ .Q f 9 lnterfraternity Athletic Meet The tirst interfrateruity all around athletic meet ever held at Allegheny lasted three days and was tinally won by the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity with a total of 48 2-3 points. l'hi Gamma Delta was second with 21 5-ti points and Beta Ypsilon was third with an even 21 points. Alpha Chi Rho not only took the majority of places in the events but also had the greatest number of men competing as 41 men qualiiied in the dilfer- ent events. The til-st event, the 75 yard dash, was held on the indoor track and conse- quently the time was rather slow as the track is a very difiicult one to run. The fence vault was one of tl1e most exciting and interesting events of the day and was won by Little of Beta Vpsilon. The mile run was won by Bliss of Alpha Chi Rho. Parnell easily won the shot put, and -ludd of 1'hi Delta Theta, won the high jump. The meet was a great success and much interest was shown in it by the fraternity men. It will become an annual event here. REST' LTS Alpha Chi .Rho ........... .. 48 2-Il I'hi Gamma Delta .. .. 21 5-ti Beta Ifpsilon . .... .. 21 lncloor lnterclass Track Meet For many years the intei-class track 111861 has occupied considerable atten- tion in the program of athletics at Allegheny, this preliminary event reveal- ing the prospective material around which the team of the following season will be built. In respect to individual men and material the class of 1924 stood out prominently. Their members aggregated a total of tifty points. Between the Seniors and the Freshmen ensued a race for second honors which the fourth year men took by a one point margin. Sixteen of the Seniors total of eighteen points were tallied by Chuck XVimmer who proved to be the highest individual scorer of the meet. Chuck is captain of the track team for the season of 1923. The Sophomores, displaying the spirit of the day, March 17, 1923, easily won the annual indoor class meet. Several new records featured the perform- ances of the afternoon. Mcliayis record of 5 ft. ti inches in the high jump, established in 1916, was shattered by .ludd when he cleared the bar at 5 ft. and 9 3-4 inches. Bliss also established a new record i11 the two lnile by clipping several seconds oti' the mark made by Beyer. Ellsworth won the first event, the 49 yd dash, with Steenken a close second. The pole vault developed into a lengthy struggle between Taylor and Judd, which ended i11 a tie with the bar at 10 ft. 3 in. NVimmer took the 85 yard dash, closely pressed by Nelson and Dunmire. The quarter and half-mile runs were also won by NVimmer. Little won the mile with Bliss a close second. Dun- mire won the potato race, while Fred Parnell won the shot-put. GJXQQLQ ...,........ ....,.,.......,.,.... 1 .,...........,. 1 ...... ...,. N CD, C9 One lmndrcd seven ,f"" "1 Q ,, the lnterscholastic Meet 1922 Tl1e seventh annual lllll?l'SCll0l21StlC' track 111eet witl1 1'eprese11tz1tive l62ll1lS from 1111136 states, was 4'on1pleted l1IlilPI' the auspices ot Allegheny Follege on lWOl1lg'0ll16I'y Athletic Field, May 14, 1922. Te11 19211118 t'0lll1lI'lSlllg the pick of tl1e vicinity coinpcted i11 this annual classic. Tl1e inect was llillllllvll witl1 tl1e llfll10S1l care illlll eiiiciency, and was coinpleted lllltlel' ideal weather l'0ll1llfl0llS. Tl1e various teams hro11gl1t nlany supporters and excitelnent ran l1igl1. South High of Youngstown SV0ll the annual event for tl1e second consecutive year, but was greatly pressed for tl1e ll0ll0I' hy Central I-ligh of Erie. Tl1e all around ability of tl1e Youngstown athletes created an excellent lIlllb1'6SSl0l1 While the Central High 111911 displayed f0I'lll i11 the Sllflllt events only. Acadeiny High of Erie took third place witl1 Aslitahnla Harbor lligl1 only 0116 1101111 be- l1i114l. Aslltahnla Harbor, 0011011611 hy il former Allegheny athlete, Lowell Drake, inade il l'Qlll2ll'k2llJl0 showing considering tl1e 01llQI' scl1ools i11 coin- petition. SUMM.-1R1' or 1N7'1fR.s'c11o1..4STJC 1111,f1f1'. 1. F1onth1Higl1 School, Youngstown, U ..,................. 47M 2. l'.r1e Central lllgh, Erie, Pa. ...............,....,... ZQH 3. .Xcadenly High School, Erie, Pa. ,...,. .. 21 4. .Xshtahula Harbor lligh, Ashtabula, 0 .... zo 5. Rayen High School, Youngstown, 0 .....,.. . I2 6. .Xvalon High School, Pittsburgh, Pa ......... . I0 7. Clmutauqua Iligh School, Chautauqua, N. Y .... .. io 8, Meadville High School, Meaclville, Pa ........ .. 5 9. jefferson High, jefferson, O .............., . 5 10. lfast High School, Erie, Pa .......... . 1 lnterfraternity Track Meet 1922 Tl1e second 21111111211 I1lf61'fI'2lt8I'Hlly Track Meet l1el4l at Montgomery Field W'ednesday, June 17 , was decided by the final event, the relay, which was XVOII by Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Chi Rho, winners last year, were beaten out by a llillf of a point for possession of tl1e H3ll1lllCl'SCl1l3g Trophy. Phi Delta Theta followed close witl1 a total of 45 tallies. Excellent weatl1er C0l1I1lll0IlS made possible tl1e sliattering of several track records in the spirited contest for the cup. Al Bender bettered l1is previous time for tl1e l1igl1 llllI'Cll6S and set a 11ew l1liII'k of 26 4-5 seconds i11 the 220 yard l111r4lles. Judd equaled the local lllgll-jlllllll record when he cleared tl1e har at 5 feet 8 inches. Tonnny hfIl'fll'C2lT'y equaled tl1e century sprint record of 10 sec- onds Hat l1el4l jointly by Spike CPOFISIIIIIH. ex-'22, and ll. YV. Clark, NDS. RESULTS Delta Tau Delta... ............ .,. 49 Alpha Chi Rho ...... . .. 48M Phi Delta Theta ...... 4: Pl1i Gamma Delta .,... . 8 Helm Upsilon ...... . 4 Phi Alpha Kappa ...... . 3M Sigma Alpha Epsilon, . .. 3 . . Q QD L9 .....,...., ..........,....,.,....,. ..., ...,.... ,,..... .,...., . . ....,..,.. 0 ' M One I1 11 H aired eight C11 co "1.,,Mu1t', ' , H .- L-HW -Lge , ,f I 1'6Xf5fQf2ZfQXfL4f X NZFZQ3 LQ HQ5KKif+5XQEDXQ1x2 , N , , g 6 www-q ' K ,. , k , ,-,, VKVVV, V' f w. Girls' Athletic Board K.v1'll14:1c1x14: Bl4'lmN.xx,1u . . l'rwsi1lvnl lm1m'1'11Y 3lI'SSl.I'IR . . Viwf'-I'1'f'.wi1lf'nl HI'II,I1IN liulzlxsux . ..... 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NTS snows:-JG coco nNTENT10N5,cwEwnNG D NABIT AND :S DGNE ONLY -v 77r'f CAMPUS QLLIY A749 COLD YIALI-OPS 'TICN IN l!G MGR!!- vucvonv, can onuuwnrrr nuows ur .rnssl JAMES, wuvsa Mures voucuoovvw PIRNFLI- Pliiif '5o""'- ... FQOQKSUPHOMORE DRBAW. Soon, Au. BuLL PASSERS REQUESTED TO .rom IN c.ourEsT By aEPoRnNQ Yo ED. ngsou -- Gyms GLEE CLUB BURGER THAN HER, Do'r Musiznwosuu NEW LEADER, TRAPS T0 GUYS Mums, BLDOMINQ vm.x.eq, Pm'sBuRG AND GLJFFALO ,N NEAR FUTURE,-1 Y,M.C.A, amos Bac DANCE :N GYM! FREE POP TO ALL MEMBERS, -f- Al-PHINCHI SIGMA ELECTS 85ToNE PICKERS -r?EAo WR ADVBRUSEMENTS - HARrmA1Y AND Jung FRA- TEP-NNY Jiwel-ERS or MERW- wsu' HANK5 PuNCH ggggo Ano qs? A Boi oF CANDY FOR A MCKEL. MENDELS-WE RENT DRESS sunrs PUR Au. occnsnoNS ru. MD K em. Do mf 5C+W1-LYCEUM, BIRTH OF A f X x9lN TNS uurn. You qgf ASW. NEVER NATWN, M-LWEEK, POPULAR T 61. QWEAR OUT LOUD IN CLASSES? FRxCES,- CQLLEGE Book SURE di Wm-cg Moms wuen even wsu New mera NOVELS I f' M! i 1 Sw- MONEY era, ave. .. - " fghfms U 7 -' ' f' , 4 ' ' f ' 4.1. :YL Evc. " 'N - K B , , .J -Y r - ' N ' A . K J ' if e J ' pe. ' A f 3 ' X' F??f'5!1'f'7AlV 1 ,J Q 1' BIBLE' ' Z' 3 x 4 g x 5 ,N 5, , I 11. i ' xv X X W" MZ - A A - 7 Y IWE LN' ' '-' l'XAxuMu.lArv JULIAN CuxLuNGwoR'1"4. A-M' FWD' rip 1.1, B.U.L.L- Pnovsssev. or SuN4zox.oGY,5TublEb AT massless-4 1111- 'ooo' Pao: or :sump-N, LAY.:-4, EK AND Au. chain LANGUAGES, Ecovvow-C1,PH'fSfCS GRE AESTHETIC DA NCJNQ AND COUCHOLOGYI AUTHOR oF PU""'-AR SONG, "ur 'MAD gcss Swami vb oo some- wwr: ev.-,G man TEACH".- sm-qua. P. Bunn-10RC , AB VA,E2c9, memsea Pnosuusenmc TEAM Q.1,!,vI, 5, mhz, 7 "' SUNDAY Scuoox. MANAGER Glens Cxez Cl-JB, uoL E ' D R INTERCLASS FUSSERS MEDAL TIME' SPENT AT HLJLINCS WAITING oN oNE UATE, Ihr. zo ' AY E, LDEK ,ij s..1PER1NrENoENr 6- ww-RD INEA'-INC carve Puv ' 170 HL Y .. 5 STAFF - 45 P+. sow Face rf-PS, Tm' X N, ROD AND mv STAFF NSY cor-'YFORY H5 xxibwen-An. - ova om.-4 Excuse-wi 4'-Ar-If Pmwr ALL rue ,. MA-vsnmv. we QEYI wwf 4 7- NOY were ou1 A Y-Z 5' sv-:mem wmrea LIKE f E N I ma? Arwen.: ax meteo Z j Annan Bus EAEC1go Foul ' Q Y -'l REMENBER Tasse 1 ooo nu: DA-is wusn I aura seem-:NG venms user: fo ENJQY Mm: wvveng Yo BREAD AN I A1 ARYER mm, -- BEST CHESS YEAH HOUSE Arrak A Ffxmous , 'N YEARS, BUGGER Aww BETTER NEXT QEIZZY- EEZ' ON- L-Z! no s ' 13,3 YEAR: SAME THING Avvues vo mov wweae we ni-guise 1 . BALL AND QAAKUBALL f-No Ano Poem 04' To NF e a RE YJESY. A x -THE ro-Iosuzu cLuB Frmak 5:6 KNTCHVQWKTN TM RED Beogw., iuppggg AN, mmf T:AM,- FEATHER cn.uG, F-'eufvve 1-wf Coq: VEEY fu v ' me oF MY neawfu R I an F ,lfll-U IN ruE1wrEREST UF Gooogg-fs CRIMMS rn-:Y ramps Raw:-new Paw. cn-Lumen ay Am: MQRE comFaRrAax.a cnue Wi viii? Pow av u..1.e, Juanes .mu ACM-,vNuv Rogms ,. vue: Ano -:AWA Pnemsu .mv-savanna", HA, A F E ATE rms SQRGRWY A-INY M-menu news us ww-La Maxam cess ro N,-f. IN BUNCH oF CoRLS,,j Aswan unix ax n-:E CROWN Pa-race Au ' z-.1-Q, awe, E1-C 5- - A f 'HGROFNI v, -F JEROPLSE Smmes ADv:R'USEl'1ElYI'S EN. ELECTRQC CAN 'funn gr: ml cuikenrozf Ln: sy Pggumg Bv1'mrv,.- Mama- oo ' YOUR xr-ms sn-suwwm: wnru vs. -3 4,4531 E---5+fi Uw L7 I 1 2 5 n Q9 on ..,.., ..,. 44..,,,,....,., . , .....,.4,, ,, .. ....... ,,....,..,...,,,..,,.,.,,,..,..,,, .,,. ,,...4. .....,., . ...,.,,.. , . ,,,,,.. . . , 0 X E, Um' lzmzffv mf Ir. uf: .' AEG 'Q 121- :1 4 el . ll I I. L NIARY AIiIifl.K Tonix. '23 f13 . ,. FRANK L. .l0I.l.Y. '23 423 ...... CIIAICIJCS W. H.xv1cL:. '24 163 . .. Mmucll.l. VV, Dl313l,I'l"l'I,l'I. '24 f53. Tien A. SI1cnI.1c. '24 143 ......... Wn.I.1.n1 J. D.KI,I'l, '25 173 ..... Cimmmzs C. TAYLOR, '25 QS3... E1.snc E. REYNo1.ns, '24 133 . .. The Kaldron Q 4 l . F. A. B0l,l.INGEH, '23 A, IJ, Monza, '24 Hflilm' AUfl'71fl!lf'V THE STAFF ...uisxistunt Editor ....flsso1'i11tr' Editors .,,...Atl1I1'tif" Eflifor .... ..1Ir'n'x Fl'flff'7'7l'fflf'S . . .Wom1'n's F1'r11ernitif's JOHN M. PRA'1"l'. '25 f93 . , ......... ................ K Tlaxsrw LLOYD S11.xi'r1aR. '25 f123.., , JEAN M. Kl'1'l'lIl4jN, '25 1113 f R. P. En-ON, '24 f103 ......... 8 " "'FC'm"c FRAN11-Ls M. CQOODNOVGII. '25 1133 R. P. E.n'ox. '24 C103 ............. ...Photographvr f'07lf7'lIlllf0l'-9 Enema C. Dl'IlINl'I, '26 M.xl'R1c'i: KOI,l'lPIN. '26 G. Am-'mzn P.xl.M1c1c, '26 1'fI'l!ER'l' L. Momusox, '26 Kmcl. RIl4I1ll'IIl. '26 Huwuzn P. TAY1,mc, '26 J. Alilsox Ru-r:uT. '26 P.xl'1. V. Licrux. '26 PAVI. R. W'm'.xND, '25 The life and activities of the College are boiled down in the Kaldron, the College An- nual. It appears each year about the forepart of June. It represents student work without censorship and for this reason its appearance is an annual event of interest. . . 3 . . ... ... .. ........... . .. . ... .. 4 . . 2 Qi Cv llzlz fr I !lz1'1'tm'1z Um' I 1 in ,,1-'li Q Mx 1 - O TEES CAMEDUS ' Ml '.4W.'5ll- VX. H1.,1lXI'lX,a lg' iii: wwf?-X !7'i,'sH3i is mag?-mm A+ if U L P-Rx i31f4..,.,,m1wx1 OF ALl.EGHIr1N"1' CGLLLGE V . k'1L"E' H'f1"f'f EsEf'U3EJ LH? N35 Swim? ,K NCVUHY! K it.. n X1 1199.52 V 'UH UH SISHIISN1 ,JL , , :mx va, f.. ,,, X A .Ju , Prwemxi P mm fmvwm. fT:x11vx'HL?r'l Ull SEMWE N1vi14'lN . him fklcwt V vfu1'Xu:AI1r'v Inu-mu as hmmm- Q nuzli lin-nxt X , is I'rwu'M1 , ,V 1 K.1xlxi.2ub T ' x K H V- xf'L xi I MINS g f ,9 - V f 5 v f'A 4'1o wmv xx wrumm g " 1! t W P 'LLLJQZZL JfNLQSiL'IT ig' H 4 W V mf! A r . X: 'ya ' ' , f? 6 , .. ........ , iir.. ..,. ..,, . 4 ..... . ., ........, .. .. V, One lz1rm1'v'1-.1 f0m'tf'rn I .2 G 'f'Z.i'QQ'T,xS la, Y . ' 1 1 GQ The Campus JONES ITALIC SIICIPIJC HAVICPI Tl-IE STAFF NV. lVIl'll.Vll.l.lC Joxlcs. .... F1.on.x A. Tm:N111'l'u. '24 15 CoI'n'rNm' M. D.x1.1c. '24 ...., R.XI.l'll ll:-:x1MI.r:lc. 25 141... XV11.1.1.xx1 A. Rxsmzn. '25 161 'PIII-211lN1lH'1 A. Sll'1lll.lC. '24 .... CLI1-"rox Ll'1"1'1.r:. '25 1111.. . 1... C1I.x1:1.r:s C. T.n'1.on. Jn.. '23 1101... .Erlitor-in-f'hi1'f fl-9H0l'lCltC Editor .Atlzlfftiv Editor ......Rr'portf'1' . . . . . .Kf'1Ifl7'f1,'l' . . .News Editor . . . .Rf'port1'r ......Rf'portr'r Climax.:-is NV. H.xvu'r:. '24 ............ ...News Editor L1.oYn SLIAFFFIR. '25 181 ......, .... R eportffr C1..xRr:N1'r: INGHAA1. Jn., '25 1511... ...... Rf'portr'r EI.PI.KN11lil1I T.xY1.ou. '25 131.. .Alumni Editor K.Vl'Ill1IltlNl1I Ronlws. '23 171. .. ..... E1'f'lLfl'I'Lgf' Editor I. B. ES'l'lCl'. '23 121 ........ ...Ui'rculotion Manager Tmzonmuc Loxz. '24 111... .... B'llfSl7l.l'SS Manager The Campus was first issued in 1876 as the College Weekly. It appears each week, usually on Wednesday and brings all items of news before the student body in a very line manner. Change in the quality of paper used as well as other changes in the form of the paper have made it better than ever this year. I f - cfm WQQQ., ...... Ont' l11l1nz'r'r11' liftvuxt 075790 T, - ,xl e The Literary Monthly Miss TOBIN Miss BOXN'MAN IIIXSON 1.ARSON Minn' Al.lC'I,X Tomy. '23... .... Erlitor-in-C'hif'f Him-:N J. Bmviwux. '23 .... ...Associate Editor Ji11mM1aC. HIXSON, '22 .... .... . fissoviate Editor J. Enwix L.ucsoN, '23 .... ...R'1l,Si'I'lf'SS Manager The Lit is published seven times during the year. It consists of literature of local talent written by students and faculty. The changing of the size, cover, and general make up during the past year has added much to its attractiveness. lr GJ ' ' ' ' - - ' QD L9 o ...........,.... ..... , ............,........................, . ............ .,... ...,....,..,... 0 X M Om' lm izilrfil .v1',rf1'Cli JONES IEOLLINGER TOBIN I..xusoN COLEMAN Scnuixrz AICCLEAN Dx. J. R. Sc1u1I.'1'z... DR. W. A. ELL1o'r'r. . . Pitolf. L. D. McC1.r:.xN. J. EDXVIN Lsusox .... Board of Publications CHA1tI.Es A. BOLLINGER .... W. MELVILLIQ JoN11:s. . . ALICIA TOBIN. . . . . . . I. B. Esri-:P ....... Editor .. . .Chairman . . . . . . . .Treasurer ...Faculty Member .....Gencral Manager .Editor of the Kaldron .Editor of the Campus of the Literary Monthly . .Circulation Manager The Publications Board is a continuous organization made up of the editors of the three student publications, the manager, the circulation manager, and three faculty members. The purpose of the board is twofold. In accordance with the existing com- petitive regulations for the selection of the various staffs, the board meets shortly after Easter of each year and elects the editors and managers of the student publications. The individual editors are given free hand in the control of the policy of each publica- tion and there is no censorship of material. Moreover, the board has complete control over the financial matters pertaining to the publishing and distribution of the various publications. A budget is adopted the first of each year and all money is received and disbursed by the treasurer of the board. G3 "CD Mk .,...... Om' lnrlillrvii .vl':'l'f1I1'urz The lPIill'lll'j' stone 011 czunpns soil, Om' IIUIIOPS all lil'0l'l2lilII it. And woe to that illczllltiolls wrefch WVho ever dares defame it! rj .1 FQWXENSHC X fl Ili, fiij fp? 'N ejfj' XY!! 4 WW f ZW jg , f ff1: lf' ' vf. , ' , Q' ,f X gil- --- iff?-5Jl1'0 1 ' "' -H' f Q? aA 921250 xx 5 lv 'S f 1.923 1 img' Q fa o. feb Q Ross DEM M 11:15 l.m:vEn , BOZIC LAnsoN VVIHGHT SUTTON HA MME'r'r Dual Debate WESTERN RESERVE vs. ALLEGHENY Ford Memorial Chapel, March 1, 1923 QI'l4IS'l'I0Nf Resolved, That the power of the Federal Supreme Court to declare statutes unconstitutional should be restricted. Am7'7HQfi17PLRf?S07"UC Nvyat'iw'-Alleghwny ' D. A. DE SANYO. '25 R. H. Dmlmmzit. '25 C. F. MK'FRl'1DI'IlIIL'K. '24 C. E. HAMM1-:'1"i'. JR.. '25 D. C. FREER, '24 J. E. L.xnsoN, '23 JUIJGES REV. DK. H. B. BOYD MR. C. E. GI-IRRISII MR. XV. V. ZAIINISIGR Negative won 3-0 AT CLEVELAND Affirmative-Allcgheny NvgatiLfr'-Ii'vsc'rz'f' J. H. Bozrv, '23 A. W. Tnmms, '25 R. W. LEEPIGR. '25 A. H. Dl4I'l"l'l'II.Ii.kl'II. '24 J- L- ROSS, '23 HHKMAN WA1.I,Ac'1-:, '23 JUDGES Picolf. K. F. GICISER Picon P. S. 1f'1i:1:m'lc Mic. C. P. lNI.n'oir Affirmative won 2-1 Q9 f . . A .. ......... . . ..,. a... .aaaar .. ....,.,.. , E F .eee C a . aa.CCCC C O. Q5 Um' fizlmllvfl ffvuflfj' 1.925 ,M 'SZZZVH ,L fe- a ei 6- FN .. -I I 16. fl , fff. .,' R f pm Triangular Debate WOOSTER-WASHINGTON ff JEFFERSON-ALLEGHENY Washington 16 Jefferson vs..AZlegheny Ford Memorial Chapel, March 9, 1923 QUESTION: Resolved That the power of the Fed l S . era upreme Court to declare statutes unconstitutional should be restricted. Afjirmative-Allegheny Negative-W. if J. J. H. Bozlc, '23 D. E. BEECHI-Ju. '23 R. W. LEEPIQK. '25 J. M. LOVETT, '23 J. L. Ross, '23 R. M. WAYMAN. '24 J UDGES MR. C, R. MII.LER MR. G. O. MooRE MR. L. H. VAN HoU'1'1-:N Affirmative won 3-0 WOOSTER COLLEGE rs. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE At Wooster, March 9, 1923 A17irmative-Wooster Negative-Allegheny DEAN NICLAI'llIILIN, '25 R. H. DEMMLER, '25 Lr:S'1'IcR DONikI.DSON, '24 C. E. HAMME'1"l'. JR., '25 J. E. JACKSoN, '23 ' J. E. LARSON, 23 JUDGES PROF. J. H. DUBoIs PRoF. A. B. MCCARTY Negative won 2-1 Dual Debate PROF. G. H. BARNES DICKINSON COLLEGE vs. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE . Ford Memorial Chapel, April 19, 1923 QUESTION: Resolved. That th e United States and the several states should establish industrial courts analogous in principle to the Kansas Industrial Court. Ajirmative-Dickinson Negative-Allegheny I. F. Hom, '25 R. W. LEEPER. '25 C. B. STONER. '23 C. L. SUTTON, '25 F. L. HENNING1-:R, '24 J. L. Ross, '23 JUDGES MR. F. T. CHAIVIBERLAIN MR. J. C. DIEIIL MR. E. D. DIEHM Negative won 3-0 AT DICKINSON Ajirmative-Allegheny Negative-Dickinson R. H. DI-:MML1-IR, '25 C. SMITH, '23 C. E. I'IAMlVIE'l'T. JR, '25 A. K. SMITH. '23 J. E. LARSON, '23 E. C. RIGGIN, '23 JUDGES DR. A. E. BROWN Rav. T. J. FERGUSON PROF. W. E. SEvERANc'x-1 Affirmative won 2-1 L9 ......,..,.,............. ............., .. .... Om' lz1:m!'f'vil Irrwlly-1-11 5 'iii I W ' ,, 543' 5' ima I4EEI'ElZ Ross BARTLFITT VVRIGHT in-:MMLER IJARSON HAMM1-:TT RESUME OF DEBATE - Allegheny debating teams have this season made for themselves a remarkable rec- ord, having Won six straight victories and finished their diiTicult schedule without a defeat. As this is the second season that Allegheny has been undefeated on the plat- form, it stands as a record of which the school is very proud. The season opened with a dual debate with Western Reserve on the Supreme Court question. Not content with only two victories the teams next met Washington and Jefferson and VVooster in a triangular debate on the same question, and this time again added to their laurels two more victories The season closed with a dual debate with Dickinson on the Kansas Industrial Court question. This was the first time that Allegheny had met Dickinson on the debate platform and the teams, having had little time to prepare for the contest, were uneasy as to the result. However the outcome resulting in two more victories was more than pleasing. Allegheny should feel justly proud of her debating teams, and much credit should go to the men who have sacrificed much time and energy in upholding Allegheny in such a fine manner. I 4 Q. .... .........,....,.,.....,,,..,,, ,..,....,...,.. , ...,,,......,.,...,....,,.... A QD, 'Om' ll1l11.4I'I'Bd irrcnty-two al 9 1.925 Uratorical Association J. E. L.uasoN 15p .,.... .... I 'resident H. D. HVMMER 175 ....... .... 7 'l'!'ClS'lL7'f'7' M.XRY C. D01cWOK'I'lI 161 .... . , .Nr'vr0tary FAf'I'LTY MEMBERS Du. S. S. Sw.xR'1'1,m' 121 Puoi-'. L. D. McC1.i:.xN 111 DR. C. F. Ll'l"I'lCLI, 131 l'lmF. R. W. 'l'uoM.xs 141 The Oratorical Association has complete control of all debating and forensic activ- ities of the college. It arranges for debates and contests of various kinds and keeps alive at all times an active interest in oratory and debate. n Q96 ..,,..,......... ....................,......,,..,.,..,.....,....,. j . ........... 5 ,.... ...,.,,,,, N QD! Um' Izmiiirml tfwrfily-t11f'i'u Q46 1323 ,lo .WakeHe1d Oratorical Contest Ford Memorial Chapel, December 8, 1922 JOHN H. Bozro iwinnerl .... CHARLES E. Trim' . . ."Principle versus Policy" .. ."A Citizenry of the World" DANIEL W. STEICNKEN ...... T ...... ......... .... ' ' The Cycle of History" JUDGES Horan Sl'PT. P. D. BLAIR W. J. NICCLINTOCK Rav. DR. H. H. PhilofFranklin Oratotical Contest Ford Memorial Chapel, May 3, 1923 D. W. STI-IENKI-QN. '25 Ucinnerj .... C. LEO SUT'1'oN, '25 Csecondb ..... . . ."Tolerance and Faith" ............."Progress" JOHN PRATT, '25 ..,.......... .."Illiteracy in America" A. HITGHES BARTILTT, '26. .. ......... .. ."The League of Nations" J UDGES DR. W. H. CHURCH MR. C. W. GILL Puor. R. H. SKELTON Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Ford Memorial Chapel, November 17, 1922 k b Joint Management of Em- J. EDWIN LARsoN iwinnerb ...... "Prevention of Stri es y ployer and Employee" CHARLES A. BOLLINGER fsecondj . . ."Prevent Capital and Labor" I. B. ESTEP ...... ion of Strikes by Trade Agreement Between t'Prevention of Strikes by Government Ownership" Prevention of Strikes by Making Striking Illegal" CHARLES E. Tl-:FFT .... . . " DR. BAs0oM JUDGES DR. COLEMAN DR. Ll'l"l'l'ILL I msg... , . C sf QD Om' lllllnllrxi tt-'Billy-fuzll' ew on I 16 1.92.3 .4 . . .., . r, K 'J -ni . Declarnation Contest Ford Memorial Chapel, November 17, 1922 CuARL1cs T. SEVERN tthirdb .... ..."Mark Anthony's Address" from "Julius Caesar" H. GRANT CI'MM1Nus ........... ............ R ene Viviana's "Certainty of Victory" CHARLES L. Srrrox fsccondl .... ....... V ictor Hugo's "The Guillotine" JoIIN B. GORDON .............. ...... ' 'Sparatacus the Gladiator" DANIEL S'l'l'IENKEN iwmnerb . .. .."Gunga Din" by Kipling Gnouoi-1 F1'1'zPAT1m'K ........ ......... ...... ' ' Americanizationn JUDGES DR. B.xsCoM DK. CoL1':MAN Dk. L1T1'l4:LL Freshman-Sophomore Debate Qri:s'r1oN2 Resolved, That the United States and the several states should establish courts analogous in principle to the Kansas Court of Industrial Relations. Ford Memorial Chapel, March 15, 1923 A17irmativc-fSophomores Negative-Freshmen D. W. ST1-:ENKEN J. A. PALMER M. A. MooK A. H. BAMLM1' C. L. SUTTON G. M. FITZPATRICK Won by Negative 2-1 JUDGES DR. O. P. Amzns Prior. H. W. GILMER DR. K. F. BAscoM J. E. LARSON, Presiding Officer Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest Each year Allegheny participates in an intercollegiate oratorical contest held under the auspices of the Civic Oratorical League. VVooster, Colgate, W. Sz J., Ohio Wesleyan, and the University of Pittsburgh as well as Allegheny compete in this contest. Each school is entitled to one speaker. This year Mr. John Bozic, winner of the Wakefield prize, represents Allegheny in the contest. ' n ....., . ...... . ............. . ......,.......... . ....................... . N Q2 One Izzznirlrvd' ttvvrxty-five Petit Salou, Bugs Club, and Uralftg Modern l'l'0lDl0lllS, toog St. Cecilia, History, Baud, Glue, Klee-0, zunl llu. Block A, Dutton, M. N. S. Illness, and also Greek, 7 And every uno of these 1lZlI'll flllllgS meets 'l'uvs4l:ly. second wovl ' X x TS X ffff Qff gg X fx X GSE , GANHZATTHQ l R if ACTHWTHE ff 3 K Xxx 'N 013,650 X V W STO 'SEZ-ye G- ,,rgi11,4nI , ff- lsza ff , . fn , - AGA V! ' JE ix il! :LV L - . , .. . .. - V j ixfx f 'NS 57 ta .I . .IG I , .1 .- fa.. GERGLEY POWELL Bozic COCHRAN BQLLINGER RIILLER LARSON WISE Men's Senate J. E. Limsox .... .......................... ...... P 1 'csidcnt C. H. COCHRAN . . . . . .Vice-President R. M. Powizm., .. ..... Secretary H. C. MILL1-:ic .... ..... . . . Treasurer Senator for 1923 Phi Kappa Psi ...... Phi Gamma Delta. . . Delta Tau Delta .... E. Lnksox . .... C. H. Coi'1ucAN ... . .V. L. Wrsl-2 Phi Delta Theta ....... .... J . H. Bozlc Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... .... H . C. Mu.Li:1e Alpha Chi Rho ....... . . .C. A. BoLLINm:R Beta Upsilon ..... J. G1-:lun-:LY Phi Alpha Kappa .....................,.....,........................... R. M. Powrzu. The Men's Senate, organized in 1916 to give the students more opportunity for self- government, has been remarkably successful in supervising elections, enforcing college rules and traditions and cooperating with the Faculty Discipline Committee. Representation is given to each fraternity. Three juniors are nominated from each group and one of these is elected by the men of the college. These eight men com- prise the Senate the following year. This system of student government has functioned efliciently during the years that it has been used, meeting with the full approval of the student body. GEQQ ..... .,........ . .......................,.... i . ...........,...... .,.......,..........,..,.. A Cl Ont' ,l1lll1I'l'l'tf' twenty-ciglzt 1 ezfafye iris, ef My fs - -e .',.f!' J I. I ' I l l 5' E x, lf I 'J V E lx 1 l V ll 4 Kwai an ,, ' M' 1.92.1 ,Q Y 'P ,, a V Q f 1.49 ,,.,, , ,W if ii? lgwl fi fir 'M rig .ie 572' tml if ' AX' l A 'L I Girls' Senate lfA'l'IIlGKINl4I Slmmoxs, '23, ., H11:1.1cN SlIAl"lfl'IR, '23. LINNIIA: I.ol'mcN. '23. SARA lVIl'Ql'IS'l'1lN. .. NIARY XVICKIIAM . .. ELI-IANORIC Tin'l,o1:. . . Nl'Il.I,ll'I MuQi'1s'roN.. Miuarix Avxcm' .... DoKo'1'rrY Imvm. , . . . . .Pwnsidnnt . . . . . . Vive-President . . .Nr'm'r'tr1ry-Treasurfw ..l"irxt Jmzior . .Nvrmzrl Junior . . . . , . , .NU1i1If0lIlO7'f' .. .First Senior Trmrn Srvcoml Svvzwior Town . . . . . . . .Junior Tozrn Mem bm' ,llem bw' Mem bm' M0mI1r'1' M em bm' Mr' 111, I1 f'r The XV0lll6ll'S Senate at Allegheny is one of the most efficient and surcessful of the administrative bodies of the college. While the organization is somewhat different in structure from that of the Men's Senate it has been found to work just as well, and the Senate has done much to promote and regulate customs and traditions. Qggge tttu ittut Ono lzzmzlwa' twwily-ninr' 1 6Zf " L I 3 Lwx 1.923 ,, ., Classical Club JULIAN L. Ross ..... .......................,.... ............ C ' hairman Sunil E. S'1'1-:NLE ..., ..............,.......... . .Svcrctary-Trcasurcr FACULTY MEMBERS DK. VV. A. ELL1oTT Dk. I. R. Bl'III.l'IR DR. C. F. Ross Pico:-'. H. W. Gimimc DR. F. G. HENKE Miss Em'1'iI Rl3XX'I.l'IX' SENIORS C. F. BOYNTON J. L. Ross E. J. GERGI-:LY M. L. Gi-zuiuiml' C. S. TIIOBYRN S.x1c.xH E. S'l'14:i-:mi JIYNIORS EDITH Bxmss Doicorirv Rmcn MASRY IJORXVORTH D.XI.l'1 S'1'icwA1c'1' KATIIERINIC Kl'Dl-Ill R. VV. PR.x'r'r H. D. Hl'MMi:i: SOPHOMORES V. A. CHILCOTE Rl"l'1r El.I.I0'l"l' F. NV. M.XSON FRANVIS S'l'UOI.i-'l-Ili R. L. Gmzmywoon P. R. VVm'.xNn E. D. S'11xl'l.1'::-a The Classical Club, which was the first departmental club to be organized, has had a long and successful existence. The members, consisting of the instructors in the classi- cal departments and about twenty advanced students meet for the review of current literature and for the reading and discussion of papers submitted along the lines of classical investigation. For the past two years moving pictures with classical back- grounds have been brought to the college under the auspices of this club. r I QD CJ ...-......... . ,,............. .........,............... . ........... . ., ,,,,,,,,,,, ,Q QD! Om' liznlilluwi ll1i7f-l' gm. AGE. , W ,925 ,Q , 9 A-. ba. w.-t -,,,, , f . 1 f . , ., 5 HI LEN BOXVMAN. . . RUTH LING ...... COURTNIGY DALE. . . Dre. J. R. SCHULTZ DR. S. S. SwAIc'I'I.EY HFIl.lCN BOVVMAN MEI.vILI,E JONES ALIUIA TOBIN COI'R'l'Nl'IY DIkl.l4I THEODORE SIICDLIC RI"I'H LING JEAN KITCIXICN ELICANORIC TAYLOR WILLIAM RISIIEI: Quill Club HONORARY MEMBERS MISS EDITH ROVVLEY PIIOI-'. H. S. E. GOODF SENIORS ROIzEIc'r L. lVlL'RPHY SARAH lVlCQITlS'l'0N EM no J. GEIIIIELY FRANK L. JOLLY JUNIORS FLOIIA TRICN0l7'l'H CHARLES HAVIIIE JOIIN FRII-is SUPHOMORES Cl.ll"'l'0N LI'l"l'l.lI1 RALPH DEIwIIvII.EI: CI.AIcA PI"I'NAM lil. L0 XV 1 -. . . .I,7'f7S'l,df nt . . . Sccretmy . . .Trf'a9u1 cv PIQOE. R. W. THOMAS MR. JEROME HIXsON J. EDYVIN LARSON DOROTHY LEEP1-:Ie CHARLES BOI.I.INIIEI: lLll'ILlCN RllliINSlJN EI.lZAI5lIl'l'H SIIAI-'EER WII,LIAIvI DALE CHARLES TAYLOI: ROI:ER'I' lVIm'CI'LI.I A1 The Quill Club was organized at Allegheny in 1899 to stimulate the literary interests the students. In complying with its avowed cultural aim many noted writers are brought to the college under the auspices of the club. Regular monthly meetings are held in the club room in the Library at which programs on literature, journalism ora tory, or drama are given. O OECD COQQLI ...II ...,. I Om' lzIImI'rI'Ii tlIirt.v'ImI VO J 'G -X 0272,-, f I E C X B' A 'Q A Modern Problems Club J. EDNVIN L.u:soN ...... PAH. W. CI,.xIcKI-I .,..... CIIAIcI.Ics A. BoI,I.INGIcIc.. J. EDXVIN LrxI:soN PAVI. W. CI.rxIcKI: CIIAxLI:s A. BoI.I.INuI'. SAMUICI. P. BA'l'Ics Rl7SSk1I,li C. M. BLODIIII WARREN D. Bol'I:Q1'1N Ivr:Y B. Es'rI:1' JoIIN E. BIcowNI11LL C0llR'l'Nl4LY M. DALI4: Lmcor C. DIcVoI:Ic EDGAR L. Grxs'I'I4:1cII:Ic FA UIVLTY MEMBER Pkol-'rzsson Luc D. MUCLIQAN GRADUATE STUDENT DoNAI.D C. TIIoMI'soN SENIORS ICICNNARD H. GooDwIN VVII,I.I.xM L. H1-INliY li TIc.u'IcY L. Jo1INsoN W. lVIIcI,vII.I,I+: JoNI4:s :'I"I' RAY L. KI.IN1llNSMI'l'lI Al.l'IXiXNIll1Ilt W. M.xIsoN JUNIORS HtJlClXl'l'l B. KN.Xl'l' A1cDIcN D. Moox LAwIcI4:NcI: H. Nl'NN LIcoNrxI:D A. ScII.xI-'ICR ..........Prcsi1Ir'nt . . . . . . .Vice-Prcfsirlzznt . . .Scvrf'tary-T1'easu1'm' El'1'll'INlC P. MII.I.I-:R Rillil-I1C'l' L. MVRPHY RALPH M. PowI:LL FRANK S. ZIIIQDIICH CIIAx1.I:s M. CocHImN RJXYLIKDNIJ VV. CoUnTNr:Y KI41NNI':'I'II A. SMITH AIc'I'HU1: B. WIQIIII MA'I"1'HIH:w V. WR-IClII'I'. Ju. SIQWAKD W. SI-:YBoLD The purpose of the Modern Problems Club is indicated by its name. In order to create and maintain an interest in modern problems, the club meets monthly. Member- ship in the club is limited to thirty, and members are elected from those men in the two upper classes who are taking advanced work in economics. 5 I ..i ....,,,..' .............................,............,...... . ......,...........,.. A QD, One II lUllI'7'L'li tlrirty-two 627195 AQQI glggw l . A . izef 2' . QI .- M ,325 Q ' Tinigley Biological Club IRA O. FLIQMINIL. . . . . . . .. . . . ............. President A141015 RoAcH ........ ......... V "ice-Pwsident RIZTH M1'CAI'FIcI:'1'Y .... ........................ .... i 4 cfcfreta1'y-T1'0asu1'er HONURAICY MEMBERS Dia. K. F. BASVOM Picon C. VV. SKINNE12 Puoi-'. D. E. TIIoMAs V SENIORS Joslcvu F. CANIIY RAYMOND H. BOAK OSCAR L. CAR'l'XVlilllH'l' HAILIIIET' R. KIRK IRA O. FLIQMING JAMES H. MITcIIr:LL RI"l'II Mc'CAFF1':Ic'l'Y RlKI.l'H H. POYVICLI. PAUL V. Moox HIQLIQN M. SIIAFMQII ALI1'r1 RoAc'II SAMUEL M. SPARKS J UNIORS LICONORIAI A. BIf:Iu.IN RUTII LING MI:IcIcILL XV. D0oL1'rTLI: Jos:-:PH C. Mom-'A'l' K.X'I'lIl-IRIN!-I Kl'IDl1ll! WALTER F. SIIIVI-:LY VVILLIAM H. SMITH SOPHOMORES Hxlcm' C. LUHAN HAIu:1I-:TT C. Rooms The Tingley Biological Club was organized in 1914 by advanced students in the biology department for the purpose of advancing the interest of the students in the work of that department. The members take picnic hikes every two weeks, and meetings are held in the alternate weeks. I ....,...,.. . .,......... ..... ........,,..... , ...,..,..,....,. . ....,.......... A QD, One hrrnflrvd ilxirty-three l ezfpfg- 42 I 1 I f L 1.923 AM MN HELl41N BONVMAN ..... VIRGINIA GRENI-1I.I.I: ..... RAYNIIINII CoI'R'I'NIcY .... GIJORIIIJ HAI'PI:I.I. ..... . PROF. GRORIII: Do'I'Y DR. J. L. Hl'II.l4ZN Bowxvl AN VIICKPINIIX GRIQN IcI.I.I-2 DOROTHY Ll'IlCl'l'IR EnI'I'II BRIGGS MAIIIIAIIIQT DAI'III1IcR'I'Y GI-:oR1IIc H.Al'l'lfIl,I. XV,xI.IcIf:R KINKAID FR.xNc'Ics ANoI:RsoN Nl'1l.l.lS FISIIIQR Le Petit Salon FA CULT Y MEMBERS Mlss N,A0lN1I KISYIIOl'I Rrsso Miss AN'roINI:'I SENIORS DOROTHY SUIIANK LI-:DA S'I'R,xI'ss RJKYINIUND COI'R'l'Nl-IY MIXRY HIcNIIIf:RsoN J UNI ORS TIIIGODORIC SIRoI.Ic GI:R'rRI'ImI': CVRRY M.XRY DORWORTII DIJKO'l'HY IRYVIN SOPHOMORES K.x'I'HI-:RINIQ HIilNl'2N JI:.xN KI'I'I'III-:N . . . . . .Prcsiclcnt . . . Vice-1'residcnt . . . . . .Secretary . . . .'l'r1'asurcr DR. H. W. CIIYRCII "II: CHI:vRI4:'I' LINNII-3 LoI'n1-:N K.k'I'l1l4IRlNI1I SIMMONS FI.0R.x TRI-:NoI"I'II TIIIAZOIIORR LoRz MARGARIFI' QI'INLoN NIARY WIUKIIAM ARIIEN Moox JIIIIN PR.x'I"I' FR.'INCI:s ANIII:RsoN MARION SI'.xNoI.I:R Le Petit Salon is composed of those students and faculty members who are interested in French language, literature and art. The organization each year gives a French play, the one this year being A'Les Femmes Fortesj' a three act play which was very cleverly acted and the performance of which was a credit to the French department of Allegheny. Dr. Joseph L. Russo has helped much in this development of the French play at Alle- gheny and to him credit is due. V, b ..g ..,..... 1 Om' IIIIIIIIVCII ilzirlyffmlr M if 1 , K czuvfiv Q3 1 - Q6 fv,QXJGXvi,,gx9iQi! , OIPJE SUIS WOUQ. L JE Purqre NON QD . , Um' lrzrmirml llzirfy-life' Qilizyv .hui rv! YN XX 1 . 5 , J, lg ' , 1 ' -J wAxL! lp. , 9 H Q 6' rgmllwlim Twentieth Century Club Mun' HI'1NIll'1llSllN. .. ,..... P1 1 szdl nt Hlf1l.l'1N BowM.xN. .. ....... V'i1'1r-l11szd1nt lVI.uuA Avmcr .... .......... . . .N1'1'r1ftary-71111214111 SHNIORS Mlxlau AVICIQY Hl'lI,PIN BowMAN Mlxiuox H.xMn.'roN MARY HPlNlll'IICSflN Gr:1vRu1,xNlx LANE DonoTHY Ii1f:m'r:R Nl'II.IilE MlTQl'IS'I'iDN Enxlx Mrxmfoun Rl"l'II LAM-1 SYLVIA BAICNICS HPILEN BoYn Enrru Blcmos Is.xm-:LL1-3 GILMORIC Douo'rHY IRWVIN B1,AN1'H1c .loY1'xc JIYNIORS FLo1:.x Tlil'lNOI"l'll DllIi1l'l'HY M1'ss1.i-:R K4X'l'IIllYN Romxs DouoTHY SUHANK Hl'II,I'IN SlI.kl"l"l'1K C.x'l'm:RIx11: SIMMONS Sumrr S'l'1c1c1,1-1 IiIAKRlE'l' Trrlfs MARY VVu1'1'l-'n-:Ln Rl"FII Woon lVlAuY WICKHAM ELIZABETH I,.x1-'EER RVPH Llxu Douo'rHY Mo1:1:AN .IOSI'Il'HlNlfI Pl-zlcmxs Nm.l.n-: Trrrs Membership in this club is limited to those young women who are interested 1n History and Political Science. Meetings are held hi-monthly at which current topics are discussed. , t A ..,, ..... . o Om- lmmired tllirty-.v1'.z' 62751- AEA Arita History and Political Science Club NV. M. JON:-Ls ...... KATHRYN RO1:1Ns. . .. PIARRII-I'l' Trrrs .... DOROTHY LICICPHR .... DR. C. B. COLIAJMAN C. A. Boi.LINur:R DORtJTllY Lmcri-:R KATIIICYN ROBINS RUTH WOOD T1I.l.H+1 OLSEN L. T. PATTISON R. VV. PRATT HELEN FRY T. S. BAKER The History and Political Science ments of history and political science HONURARY MEMBERS DR. C. L. LI'l"l'l'1I.l. SENI ORS MYXRY HENDERSON IJOROTIIY MORGAN K. A. SMITH SARAH S'1'EE1.r: GEOROIANA LANE JUNIORS MAROARr:'r SClIAl'lFl"l'Ili G. L. BRUNVN M. V. VVRIGIIT SOPHOMORES M. A. MOOK J, M. PRATT ........PrcsifIcnt . . .Vicc-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer D. W. THOMAS HARRH11' Trrrfs J. E. LARSON D. W. MYXRSII W. M. JONES SARAH McQUls'roN NI1I,l.Il-I T1TI's C. L. SUTTON R. H. DPIMh1l,I1Il! Club, composed of those majoring in the depart- and other elected members, is aililiated with the "International Relations Clubs Movement" and is addressed by speakers of distinction at least twice a year. During the past year one meeting each month was devoted to international questions and one to local history. .... .. .,...,..............,., ....., . ,...,.,.,.,.. Q ,,,. , ,.,,,, ..,,.,,,,, .,.,.,,,,,,,.,,. 6 A H QD, O ru: lx u mired tlzir't3'Asevc'n eflifye G- Ji El dit Wi on , t .J K. I I-925 jO 9 Philosophy and Education Club J H B0lIf ......, ......... I 'zfszdent Douolux Momux .... ...,.......... .......... . . . . . . .Swcrvtal y THt1S'1I,16'l Du. F. G. Hl'INKll J. H. Bozlc C. T. BOYNTON E. R. BURDICK MARION EIMERS ALu'1c Gm:NELLi: J. E. Luzsox X7IRGINIA BERRY H1cL14:N Boyu C. L. Cvslvx HONORARY MEMBERS POSTGRA II UA TE R. A. TH14:l7ur:'1' SENIORS J UNIORS HIQLIQN Romxsox Miss VARENIQ Cox 1 ns M..xmoN MooRE F. H. Moolu-1 ' Doicorny MORGAN G. D. PKATHER J .- L. Ross C. S. Tnoisrnx MARY XVIIITFIELD C. VV. HAVICE Dllltil'l'IIY REED Emir: IXICYNOLDS The Philosophy and Education Club was formed early in 1923 to satisfy a long felt need tor an organization to selevt its members from the departments of Philosophy and Fducation The membership is limited to thirty students of the one hundred seventy taking work in the department. C9 H me me to gy ...,.... One 11lIllLI'l'A'd Iliirty-rx' ght 'fllzye C Kfxf SW fx XX! AA fi I -- A66 Qmlrlraa .2i.'f..--f" 1 I ' f ' -Z-.f .f Block A Club sz, f, ..........l'wr.virZm1t M. V. XVlillllI'l' .... ................ ........... H, lNloa1.i4:Y ..... ..... Y 'iw'-l'1'f'.9irZvnt H. A. Buss. ..... ....... .... . N vvrrtary-7'rf'aszu11 F. VV. Mvwmo. . .. S. S. 'I'owNs1cxn H. C. Mirmza M. E. Koifrolcn R. S. lVlol'NTsnclc P. H. SIIVLTZ M. V. XVKIGIIT. .ln L. A, 13lC.Xl'N F. E. Rl'Il1IIl R. C. A. Dim. B. C. l'.u:si1.xi,1. H. FH 1 I-'ll IIUNORARY MEMBERS Dx. R. E. L1-:ls NICNIORS V. L. Wish H. H. Loomis C R. WIMMI-11: C. H. XVILLS .IFNIORN D. H. ClD.Xl.l4I R. W. EI,I.SNN'l7li'I'II SOI'HOM0lfES M. L. .Iron H. A. Buss L. S. Blau' I-'If ICNHJI HX J. V. H.xN1.oN R. SMITH I. K. I.oo.xN KNVHLI. .srrgva n t-u t-Arm x E. H A M M li'l"l' VV. Cl..xRKic E. G. GRI-:lax H. Coc'Hn.xN Sicvnorn Mo1c1.i4:Y L. .lixilicsox C. Wow, .ln Fl. Dorm: W. F. XVILKVICII . Bvirx M LVND F. W. lYlYi-'oxen L F. A. P.x1cN1-11.1. The lilork "A" Club was organized in 1920 in order to bring Allegheny's letter men into Closer fraternal relationship. However, besides maintaining its dominant social function. the cfluh fosters better athletics in the 1-ollege. stimulates interest and spirit in the student body, and in general c-ooperates with the Athletic' Board of Control in its endeavor to advanve the new program just inaugurated. ' 4 QXQQQ. ........,.... .,..,.........,.,..................att..,..,..........,...,.. ..,., t of Om' lrmzflrwti' f11l'7'fj'-JIIAHK . fe. . . WWA D E x 1 E E K. A. HINI-zs... W. J. P.x1zKm:... L. E. Ross .,... R. M. Powr:1.1..... I. 0. FL1-:M1Nu... J. H. Bozlo 113 C. T. BoYN'roN 123 I. O. FLNMIN1: 133 NV. L. HENRY 143 C. L. Cvslvlc 1123 C. M. DAM: 1133 R. R. H.xYlcs 1173 l. M. HPINl.l4I1' 1183 Craft Club SENIORS A. Hlmls 153 H. Kl':1.1.Y 163 R. l.l41F1f1N1m'1f11.r. 173 H. l3l1'r1'I1r:1.I. 183 JIYNIORS R. Gxulc 1143 L. G.xs'1'xc1GxcR 1153 S'0I'HOZlIOHES W. lVIomc1ssr:Y 1193 E. Ross 1203 J. R. VV. J R. M. P. R. R. P. J. S. .......Prcsirlc'nt . . . V'icre-President . . . . . . .Sem'fvta1'y .. . . . . . . .Treasu1'c'r . . . .Sc'rgf'ant-at-Arms NI0UN'l'SIl4IlC 193 PARKIQH POVVl'LI.I. 1103 VVINI-:MAN 1113 S'l'l4llC'l'I.l'I 1163 Sums 1213 The Allegheny Craft Club represents Free Masonry at Allegheny, and is composed of those who have taken or are ready to take their iirst degree in Masonry. It has done much to promote good feeling among student Masons. .... 1 ......... .3 ...................... ....... .. . 1 O 311' I1 1: mlrml' forty K 'EYSZQU f I 16 m e , - eg A . : H il l R i A m-. ' 51.55. ,L ' 'G 'i-'QB ' N' X 4.923 ,G C i 9 Q GL, A . f .. 'fLLL1 Y '1 ."' ' ,' "x' Lg V"- . 's-Wee L"' -.1-iff-s1f'?"i H :rw f N3 X S225 2 R ex' fx 3 ' , a ' 3 f l 3 2 f, xl fn 2 f . hifi? "T .A ' " in A . 1 ,M -f -- V . . , ,z,,,,. -W mm..-AM ,,f.M,se-yr , .L V .-55 74. il 5Q15:,.tF' N ef Y Y as-ik i ' A M M ' E Ntf ai K fag'-,Z5,-5 '31 , ':" 5"'?T "..i:s'f?:f:5'.-'g.. 1,'5Sr'i H :j a --ij-'-"i,.gY'Hg SQ.-if 2"R'2i':gw15+:s5.:, ':,::'. ' A .- flj " R A 'f ag Gllilllililll BRAIN .... . HARRY HIMAIHR. .. Vlmsll, Cl1il.c'o'l'i:. .. R,0lll'1R'l' IJIQIQPRR. . . S'l'ANl,l-IY THoRi'RN HARRY HVM M ICR Gl'IOKlll'I BRAIN FRANK MAsoN RoR1f:R'l' LlCl'lI'l1IlQ EDWVAllll S'l'Al'l.l'IN L1cRoY GRM-:Nwoon Gicoiculc ARc'Imoi,n Rownxxn BARm4:R Thoburn. Club llUNOR.llfl' JIE.lIBE1-3 DR. I. R. Br:l1.r:R SENIORS CA R1.Y1,i: T. Bm'N'1'oN J U NI 0 R S Mll,Kl Moor: SOP!! OMO If ES AI,l'IX.KNIll'IR lVIooR1-3 FIHCNIIMFJN . .,... l'rf'sidf'nt ...l'icf'-1'r'f'Siflf'11t .. . . . .Sr'f'r0taVy . .7'rr'asurrrr .EARL B1'Rnu'R CH.XllI.l'1S C1's1c'R CHAR1.1cs H.kN'lK'l4l VIRu11, CIIll.l'1l'l'l'I TIIOMAS NIAl'KlN'I'0Sll J.AM1'1s Luci-1 MoRRIs Mooli Lucie St'lI.KlZl"l-'I-IIC NVM. lgAlK'lN'K The Thoburn Club is composed of those young men of the college who expect to enter the Christian ministry or other form of Christian service. The club meets every month to discuss various religious problems and prominent religious leaders address the mem- bers from time to time. P msgs ii ii ii . Une lxzmilwd f'r7P'fAl'A0?lC tQj! 627135 , , , , . L lf I ,325 1 1 1 Y. M. C. CARLYLI-: T. BoYNToN, '23 .... CHARLES W. HAVICE, '24. C. Hownnn WILLS, '23.. FRANK W. MASON. '25. . . RALPH H. DIQMMLER. '25 A. Cabinet .............Prcsid6nt . . . .First Vice-President . . .Second Vice-President ..............Scc1'eta1'y ...Treasurer COMZPIITTEE CHAIRMEN J. EDXVIN LA1csoN, '23. .. ......................,....,. .... A ttcndance Committce Jo1IN H. Bozlo, '23 ..... ......................... S octal Committee WiXI,'Fl'IR KINKiklD, '24 ..... .......................... Il Iusic Committee C. STANLEY TIIOBURN, '23 .... .... S unday School and Dcputation Committee EMRO J. Gi-:1mi:LY, '23 ..... ................ A mcricanization Committee Miro M. Moox. '24. .. ........................ ........ P ublioity Committee FACULTY ADVISURS DR. J. R. Sl'III'L'l'Z DR. F. G. Hl'INKI'l Dia. I. R. Bi-111.11114 Since 1875 the college has been helped by the Y. M. C. A. This organization has aided always in maintaining a high moral and Christian standard among the students. The Association is rendering real service to the college and the community through Americanization work, publication of the Student Manual, Y. M. and Y. W. reception, and the weekly meetings which are held in Cochran Hall. 1 ..1 .......... - ................,....... .............. 1 .... Q ........... '........... A A QD, C5 Out' 1111111 lrml fm'!k1'-Iwo f "fZ7E.y' Q Yau . 1 L 1325 . I, .- Q' ,Q CL AI.Il'lfI GRENlf:1.1,i: .... HELNN SHAFFICIQ .... HPIl.l'lN FRY ...... Nl41I,I.lPl TI'l'l'S. . . RL"1'n MCC.uf1-'icR'1'Y. NIARY Hl'1NDI'IllSllX. . . ANNA RIClH'l'L1IRl'1 .... MARY WIII'l'l"IlCI.D. . . Lois H1XLDP1l!lVI.KN. . . EL1Z.xm-:TH V.XI'llII.XN .... Rirrn LING ..... . . . . HIQLIQN SIIAIVIVIGIR .... Dmco'l'nY lVlo1:u.xN.. SY1.v1.x Bucxlcs .... Mics. HICNKIC Mics. Hlxsoy Mus. Lmu The Y. W. C. A. CA HINHT COMMITTEE UHAIRMEN ADVISOR Y ROA RI! Mus. BICIIJCR Mus. Timnrkx Miss Rowrm' .Presidfvzt . . . lf lf'C'-P1'6S'i!IF7'l1 .Secrrftary . Treasu 7'f'T ..... ...IJGv0tional . . .Worlds Fclloivship ....,.....BibZf' Study .......Sor'ial Sf'r1:ir'v Music and 0onff'v'r'm'f' Assoviation Nvzvs .....lJay Student .. . .lllmnbwship ...........So1fial . . .Ann ual Mr'mIzf'r Mus. Alirilcs Miss SPALIIING The Young XVOIll9Il'S Christian Association is composed of women students who are interested in the promotion of religious welfare, and who endeavor to unite tl1e women of all Creeds in a combined effort to follow out the teavhings of Christ, The Association fills a practical need in the college by arranging various social events for the women students. in . . o e eye Um' lzrlfhfri I rflrfjy-I11r'm' 1 rib' 6-EEO e 'fe dy if - 0 R p. . 1 J. 5 . 'ze I' . - E Student Volunteers Motto: "The Evangelization of the World in this Generation." OFFICERS IJOROTIIY LEEPER. . . . .......... ..,.. P rcsidfmt BLANCHE JOYCE. . . ...... Vice-President SYLVIA BARNES .... . . .Scoretary-Treasurer GRADUATE STUDENT Mics. RUTH C. THOBURN SENIORS STANLEY THOBURN DOROTHY LEEPER MARTIN GEARHARDT MARY XVHITFIELD J UNIORS . SYLVIA BARNES BLANCHE JOYCE SOPHOMORES FRANK MYKSON RJYSSELL DENISON The Student Volunteers are Alleghenians who propose to serve as religious workers in foreign fields. The band was formed for the purpose of mutual study, prayer, and discussion. The organization aims to promote Christian ideals in collegiate life, and to offer students opportunity for definite Christian missionary effort. The society, to- gether with the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A., had the honor and good fortune of being able to entertain a hundred and fifty delegates from the colleges of Western Penn- sylvania in the Student Missionary Conference this spring. I A A ' . ........... ...... ....,..,...,....,... . ....,..... . . s CD, Q One hundred forty-four ,ff' "' x --X fi fffzaafpff L- 'iiliilfiaii vi ,QV f u K- ffwx Nw ,- wx f' J Q K, ,, , , mia H in YQ Q 1343 Wlgjm1a1ii,CQQ'z1.iJ Q Q ,f 41. -,',k , L ,KL' L . g ' . ,,5 Ll-Ili H 1-:ss Burxiis. DlblCl7'l'lIX' IllI'SSI.IiIC Rim' HlSlll11I.I.. . .. SY1,vl.x Rxicxics .... R1"rn llll'C.Xl"l"l1IlC'l'Y Hmilxx Sll.XFlflilC. . . DUlm'l'IlY lwl'SSl, lVI.ucY xV1ll'I'Fll'Il. .lUSl1Il'llINlZ Picim Rl ln' Risiiiim. Is.ml4:1,1.r: Gllibllll Mun' IIANKIN M un' Dulcw4uc'l'l1 lil! ll INS ill Fi,m:.x 'lhucxoi 'rn liicuxmclc BICIILIN El.lNnlc VAN Su i'l'l'1N gif a j 2,5 iid fy., ' gi an F4524 if ,Z ' ,, V: .V 1 wwf ,gg Y A, Girls' Glee Club First Noprrum H.x1c1:115'i' Hi All'lIKlCY Ei.1zix1:11:'l'11 AllNfPI,D MAIQIAN NV1llx'1l,noN V fonfrrllln Vllculxlix lil41llllY SYl.vl,x Biucxr-is LA Remix liixslci, Nvvmifl Noprrnm M.xlcl,xN iVlINl'lI Inns Simi-zlxilzl: Ixicz lXllI.l.l'Ill .illn A1.n'1: Glzillml'14: .lUYl'l'I Nmmi lll4flS.Xt'llliIi .....i,,,,.,lIllHfl!l1'l ,,.,1xxi.v1r1f1f ,llczmlyvr .......,-l4'rAon'1pu11ist . , , . ,lff'r1rIr'r .lusicviilxrg Gun: ELLIQN M .x ln' Rl41l41N'l'I Mixnux lil..XKl-I El.lZ,Kl4l41'l'll C'1i.x1clJ1'uN ClIAlCI.ll'l"l'lC Sl'.XN4llGl.lC M,xRl.xN C'.x1u.suN il'l.KRY l,l'II'IIil.liS Mun' Imrlslc lVll'Kl'llY llllllill' the direvtion of I'1'ot'. Ilzirnes the girls l'6l1fl6I'Qll vollege chapel. Later in the year they joined with the 1nen's vluh in giving ai coinhined c-om-ert of very good quality. ll pleasing 1-oiicwt in the 1 lll, i i , Our limlrlriml' 7'.1r'ty-fire ,.,Ilirf'f'fm' . . .Lf'urI1'r iQ Q7 L St. Cecelia Club RVTII Mc'CA1-'Fi:m'Y ..., . ...... President .. . . . . .l'ir'c-lfwsidcnf El.IZ4XIlP1'l'II KING ..... Hicri-:N Slurri-:iz .... . ....... .......... . . .Nl'c'rf'tflry-Trf'as11rcr Mus. H. VV. CH1'i:z'u RVTH MCCXU-'Fi-:R'l'1' VIRiilNI,X G1cENi:1.1.1-3 Douo'r1IY MVss1.11:u SYLv1ix BARN1-:s iVI,x1cui'i:1n'1'1c Ccoic M.xicioN Come PATRONESSES Mus. J. L. Rrsso SENIUKS Jl,'NIO Rs Mus. F. G. Hl4INlil'1 Hrzmix Siu:-'i'1-zu El.IZ.Xlil4I'l'll Kixu Amcrz GKl'INl4Il.I.l11 LIHJNOIKIC Bicmix Mun' xVIIl'l'FlI'Il.D .losizvillxlc lbclalclxs The St. Cecelia Club was formed three years ago to promote musical interest among the women students. Its members, women from the upper classes, are expected to take an active part in the programs from time to time. The club gives a public program each year in addition to its bi-monthly meetings at which subjects of interest are discussed. '6 .,...,.,,.,.,, .,.... ...,., ,...,...........,..........,. . , Q Qld 0110 lz rrmlrvrl' fu 62.49690 3 an Y. xt , XX I XXX A Xiu I ' H Q- ' 5 l g,gg ' Q Q , 5.4, .Pr 1 , , T' Lf? .f - fa R.. 'bf -5.3 I 5311623 KleefQ-Kleet Dramauc Club I'Il'1I.I'IX SlIAl4'I1'l-ll! .... ....... I 'rf'xirlf'nl DoI:oT1IY NII'NSI.l'1l!. . . .,..... Virlr'-l'rf'sifIf'1It VIRGINIA GI:I4:NIcI.I.I-1. . . . . .NF!xI'f'ffII'-l!4TI'f"1Slll'f'7' NENIURS HIcI.I:N Bowxux Dono'I'IIx' Ml'SSI.l4Ili HIIILIIIN SIIIxIfIfIcR VIIIIIINIII GRENl111.I,l41 K.X'l'lll1llCINl11 SmMoNs IIl'i'll.l'I LIAJFI-'IN1:w1f:I.I, Mun' WIII'I'I-'IIf:1.Iv .II 'NIU HN Sum lXIl'Ql'IS'I'0N VII:uINI.x BERRY BIAICIUN BllNl'll Ill"I'll LINI: MAIIY RANIQIN f'.X'l'Ill'llKlNl1l INrTl'DfPX.Xl.ll Klee-0-Kleet is 21 companion organization to Duzer Du. Its purpose is to arouse dramatic interest znnong the women of the college and to present at least one play un- nually. IW6I!lll6l'SlllIl is limited to thirty women, all of whom lllllSt be chosen from tlie two upper vlusses. o o o pepp I otptp pep o epepp pp tpppppttttp pppp pet I Q2 e OILI' lzIllIIlI'I'If !'or'!-I'-.ffl ll K 93-21 ff, fm -?lTi fiLWh' 'A 0 .ff M X?L?Li3S :W . U, . Ark M 5 . E7 . 2 Elm? 5 f , f vii R 1 . , M WA UE' in L13 , ,. , Egg- . S, 'y r Y . fx.. Meds Glee Club llifwvtol' .l.1'urI4'r 1Ir111rlyw l,r3lc lllcss lixlcxl-js. F. K. G.u:1'1 ,.., . K A. HIM-Qs .... W. W.KlN1i.xm ..,. ...,... . ., ...Arlo Ii, K. IDI-ixlsux . S. IMKIQR S. ll. I,.XlCKIClC I. O. Fmixilxu .I- H. IS, Kxxm' F. S. Zrnm vu Ii, l'. S'1'r:l4:'l'1.l1: R. C. D1 Nnnx .I. H. M1l.l.1slc U. R. Gl'I.Kllll.XIi I., M. SlI.Xl"l"lCH S. l'. li.x'l'l-gs I' ND I4' 'IV nm' Nwwnul Tw: I'ir.vf Ifrlm NVVOIIII llrlw llll' Russ Uxxm' G. fhclilcxl 'I'1:m'l' UUHIIXVIN G1-:.u.Y l"lINll'1li.Xl 1 1 . . C..u.1-. DA. Vilas Cam 1.1-1 Sul l,'I'Z H 1 N las Bm' xnxx H1 pn II ix! 41, '11 U5 Hnxll' U. A. I!m.1,1Nma1 SWISS fy U, xvmf I!.klt'I'ZlCI.l. J. W. Llclc ENIUN fa I . . Q, . ................ ........ . . . ....... ....... . S QD Hur 1A1111f1'Vf 'v"'l'.'- riglzz jf 9TZ.d?fr A r ' fi.. t Jlibi, ,' ' L H is fs 0 Qi Q Q T ' ' RESUME 4'il.xsI-3ll,1l.xG1c l'nol-1 LEE lllcss Hanxl-is I 14f'1lllf'l' llif'1'r'lo1' Allegheny's Glee Club this year is, beyond all doubt, equal to if not better than any which has represented the college in many years, and the season, although rather short, has nevertheless been successful from all standpoints. There have been several factors responsible for this success. First, there has been the hearty cooperation of the mem- bers of the Club. Second, efficient mziflagement has made it possible for the Club to ap- pear at its best. Third, and most important, has been the enthusiasm and untiring etforts of Professor Lee lless Barnes of the Pennsylvania College of Music, under whose excel- lent direction the Club has been able to present such remarkable programs. Much credit is also due Chase Gage for his work as leader of the Club. Professor Barnes has taken the usual type of material found at Allegheny and moulded it into a musical organization which surpasses the majority of clubs on the road this season. Although the Club is rather small in numbers, the type of work do11e has been of a distinctly high quality. For the most part the music has been of a much more difficult nature than that usually attempted by a college group, yet it has been rendered in a very fine manner, as those who have heard it will testify. While many of the numbers sung by the Club are of somewhat deeper trend, the con- cert programs have been particularly well balanced. Selections of a lighter vein as well as numerous pleasing novelty features have been inserted at frequent intervals, thus completing a program which appeals to almost every kind of audience, without be- coming monotonous along any one theme. Due to rather unfortunate circumstances, the management has not been able to ar- range as many concert dates as might have been desired and consequently the season has been of rather short duration. Each appearance of the Club, however. has been well received and has done much to advance Allegheny's already high reputation. There have been four out-of-town engagements, at Erie, Corry, Pittsburgh, and TVarren. These concerts were all attended by large appreciative audiences who were loud in their praise of the Club's showing. In addition to these concerts, the Club gave its home con- cert in Ford Memorial Chapel during the winter and also appeared with the Girls' Glee Club in a combined concert late in the spring. Both of these appearances were attended by large numbers of the students and townspeople, With Professor Barnes as director next year and only a small part of the personnel lost by graduation the outlook for another and perhaps even better Club is particularly bright. ..,,,. ..,,,. ,.,......, ..... . . ..,., Uni' llirilffrlwl l'lfrf,x'fiif11f' - wzwiws - 'QE 1 ' 'S ' C ' E W Q gigs Duze1'bDu Dramatic Club J. E. LARSUN .... .. ....... President H. C. WILI.s. .. .,4..... Vice-Prc's'i1Zf'11t J. H. Bozic. .. ......................... .. .New'rrtary-Trf'asurf'r 11 ONORA R Y MEMBERS Du. J. R. SH1i1.'1'x Pkolf. R. W. T11oMAs Pico!-'. H. S. E. GoonFif:Ll.ow SENIOI-IS S. P. B.x'rics P. W. Clnxicm: R. M. PUXVELL G. D. Pk.x'1'111-:R JUNIORS H. B. KNAPP R. DFNDKJN W. B. GEALY W. F. T.vxNNic11lLL C. W. H.xv1cr: A. D. Mooic T. Loux T. A. SI1':m.1-1 SOPIIOMORES D. W. S'l'I+IlCNKl'1N H. BAVM M. L. Jrnn F. E. Ricicn Duzer Du is a semi-secret invitational organization composed of the men of the col- lege who are interested in the various phases of dramatic production, membership being based on histrionic or managerial ability. The club was organized in 1909 and since that time has produced at least one play a year, the cast of which is chosen by com- petition, any student being permitted to try out. 4 ggi.. . .... . . . ..... .. . ... .. .. ..,.. , ,.... ... . ..... l Qi K Om' llllinllwl' Ifffj' m NH IGI! Hrwlc nwvts Urlltlx The Illvmflilngfs S01 pzlddlvs How Tlw night lwfurof I 7 xi: N X wy 'PW N Qfiii ,I""w.V' It Y WWW 1 3 7 711: Xqx'l2l!r WI! j f tl X LHTW R YV M Vx u ' u X . h Wiz 'W X -W VW ff ly + X X ,Q Jw , if f ,,,,4W ff ef iekffi A 'TK , - GD DU EJ KS ,QL L., GA Q? 6. .. - 'vu ' -'Q if ' CQXQQQQQ , E , , Cv m Q X 1 626' 1.923 AAQGA . I . fre. I .:5. .-- 1' Phi Kappa Psi Founded at Jefferson College, 1852 Flower4Jack Rose Colors'-Red and Green PENNSYLVANIA BETA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1855 PAUL W. CLARKE 111 KI-:NNARD H. GOODWVIN 1 G. BRYON HAEER 131 W. LOUIS HENRY 141 KPZNNPI'l'H A. HINES 15 WILLIAM H. KREISS 161 DEPAWV P. BIRD 1141 G. LORIMER BROYVN 1151 LEROY C. DEVORE 1161 CHASE R. GAGE 1171 W. L. LEFFINGXVELII 1181 RODNl'1Y G. DEAN 1231 FRANCIS A. DRAKE 1241 RUSSELL R. HLSYES 1251 HAROLD D. KIRKI'A'I'RICK 1261 JAMES A. CIILBERTSON 1321 XVILLIAM E. DOLDIC 1331 A. BOYD MILLI-:R 1341 Sophomores Freshmen J. EDXVIN LARSON 171 W. H.AROI.D LEEFINGWELL 181 ALEXANDER W. MIXBON 191 Gl'Ili.AI.D D. PRATIIER 1101 PIOXVARD XVILLS 1111 AIIL R. WINEMAN 1121 FRANK S. ZIIRBUCH 1131 ARDEN D. MOOK 1191 WESLI-:Y E. MCJRRISSPIY 1201 HARRY H. RICE 1291 ROSS P. S'I'EE'l'LE 1211 WILLARD F. TANNEHIIIL 1221 ALEXANDER D. MOORE 1271 FRANK E. REED 1281 JAMISON S. SIDES 1301 CHARLES C. WOLZ 1311 HAROLD E. MILLIKEN 1351 GEORGE L. Rl'1lD CIIARLES T. SEVERN 1361 WILLIAM F. WEAVER 1371 ' 1 UCD QQCQLQ ......,....' ,.......................,.',,,.,.,..,.,......,.. i ..... ......... i OII lm Ilrlfl 1' II 'I ffffj"7'iI'1? C9 "5Z57 1 1119 1 1 ' AA 5, 31 1 H 3 4 , . V1 6 7 8 . 10 11 12. 15 me 1 u Q, I W - 13 zo Z1 . I e ' , L V- 24 1' -,Q ,1 V - 2,5 AQ M 5' ', . 1 V Z8 'C 29 17 f , ZZ 9 'ix 4 K , Q Q. 1 If' V av .. ..., ....,,,, . .,.,, . ,Q ....1, O I Irvu' fifty-xix' Kipp jf. QFZJPLQB A l 1.923 o 4 X 5 40 Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Jefferson College, 1848 Flower Heliotrope PI CHAPTER Color-Royal Purple Established at Allegheny, 1860 FRA TRES 1 ACULTATE C. A. D,xm.lNu. Ph.D. I. R. BEILER. S.T.B., Ph.D. F ATR - f JGIO .EQH AI Q C1LucLEs H. COUHRAN 115 1" F ig .v-'- Z S' RVSH MUUNTSIER' JR' Q35 FRANK L. JOLLY 125 RUBER1' L. MVRPHY 145 15 Nw - WV. JEROME PARKER 155 3 e"' ,- wwf' ' Q .. R1 55 L0l'IS A. BRAITN 165 yi 5 J WENI11-:LL B. GEALY 1115 Jo11N E. BROYVNICLL 175 C XX f'-,bye "' ff .,.- Q FRED W- HOUGH 1125 Co1'1c'x'NEY M. DALE 185 N' '15, f1JY2y' .J BYRoN H. KN.-Xl'l' 1135 R15Sl'15bI C. DTlNll15N 1105 ' X ' .A D. POPE NIUHNICY 1145 ff? M. V1c"1'01c YVRIGIVI' 1155 SO1Jh0f1L07'f'S R15lll-1lI'l' R. DICNISON 195 WILLIAM J. IJALIC 1195 HEm:ERT C. B:XI'3l 1165 RALPH H. DEMMLICR 1205 LEWIS S. BLAc'KwELL 1175 CHARLES E.H1XMMl'IT1'.JR. 1215 S. LICKOY BYIIAM 1185 SICTH E. Horan 1225 TIIICIIIIURIG O. M1'QlfIS'l'l5N 1235 F"l'l?Sh'l'l'IfU'I'l C1LuvFo1:n J. Coxlun 1245 S. Husu Plxlcm-zu 1285 C. AR'I'IIl'li DAIII. 1255 KARL IRIEMICR. 1295 EDGAR C. DEIINIG 1265 BENJAMIN M. S'rmGH'1' 1305 Jo11N H. MILLER 1275 JouN B. Gonnox JAMES B. Slulw . A mg ,.....................'..,.. i ............,,, Q. ..,,' ....,...... A Cl One lzumircd fifty-xc: cn ,ff 4.7 5 F XX x' AL .Vw - . , - J Z x -. C ff I 2 .V .i 4 A Vw NIf1"'?3 ' ,- 'OX 9 " 'W' " " 3 5,,gM,'. - L-,. 1 2 ,,'L Q 5 f Ag .',,,,,T?w3ggg-Xt 1 ' Iii , 'Q A1 W7 ,ief .Q 1. In . X in , .. '-. Y .,A.1., .Wy , ' 'L Q, f f x 1-4e L , 4 , 5 Y 5" tjgzff I ' 1 L. , QW 3 ' Y 2? ' s 5. 7 12 6 ' 9 ID 11 , Xl 15 if sf' f , 0 nr lz 11 IJJVNJ lfffj'-4'1'gl1f f S X9Q Wm .Q D ,ji Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, 1859 FlOwer4Pansy Co1Ors!Purple, White, and Gold ALPHA CHAPTER Established S1XML'l'II, P. BATISS 113 W. DUCRAY BOPRQVIN 123 RUSSELL T. DO1Nu 133 W. Mm.x'ILLE JONES 143 R.XI.1'1I A. CLARK 1103 DONALD H. COAL14: 1113 LLOYD J. BRI-INDICI. EY'BlRI4I'l"l' R. DAvls 1153 NRLLIS H. Flsllmc 1163 XVILLIAM F. McG1LL 1173 J. W. CLARK lwvlxrzlli 1183 GIAICJRGIC R. Ali1'lll413l.IJ 1243 A. IVAN DAv1':Nl'OR'1' VVALLA1'l'I L. DAVIS 1253 H13I!l+lli'l' K. EVANS 1 .Ffa V A ' l"I'PSl1fII1.1?7I 1863 RAY G. KLlN1iINSBII'l'II 153 MA1'R1c'1c E. KOFFORD 163 JOSICPII F. LORZ 173 LEONARD A. SCHAFI-:R 183 VEliN1JN L. WISE 193 TIIIAXIIIURE LORZ 1123 Hl'lil41lR'l' P. M13l!I,l41Y 1133 JUHN B. PRATIIRR 1143 HOWARD B. lN1Y'l'rNm-:R 1193 PAH. M. Rr:MAL1cY 12133 NVILLIAM A. RISHER 1213 A. CLYD1-: S1'13l'Rlf'll-1I,D 1223 D.XNll4II. XV. S'l'1':1-1NR1cN 1233 C. Rrssl-:LL GIAIARIIAWI' 1263 H13Xl'.KllIl H. H1PlS.Xl'15lI 1273 I. K1-:NN1c'I'n LOOAN 1283 R1c'11ARD SMITH 12533 JOHN VORr:'l'1A' 1303 . ,...,....,. . Om' l11vlm'r'z'fl fifty'-Hill L. QD, ' Q- TQ, Q 4 W , l '5 1 .4 1 K ..A' 5 Lf W by W :':' 4 5 6 J 1 , 9 9 LA 11 15- - 19 , QQ, ' , "K w K1 1 xi ' 21 2K za 24 is Q Q 1 25 A Z6 V 22 -I mL1A1' '26 ' L' 9 4 - w I few , 5:35 62 ,'g3.-my '1f 1fy,5 fi Q, u K f -5. - K - M ., af-lzfgagfx .f 'iv VV K ..,...,....... , ..A,., ..,.,..,... A 41-51 ,.,,, A 1 1 ,525 po.. ' Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University, 1848 Flower-White Carnation Colors-Argent and Azure PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1879 FRATH N Qi., LTATE WVu.1,IAM A. EI,I,I11'I"1', L.H.D. f STANLEY S. SXVARTLEY, Ph.D CLARIQNCE N- l'oss, Litt.D. .L X FRA T. : G10 ' Juno .9155 mei , .B. R. HARol,n BOAK 111 .X 7 f. NH iff - JOSEPH E. CANRY 151 CARLYLE T. BoYN'roN 121 1,sx"'i 1 - I-11-IILSCHI-Il, H. Looivus 161 JOHN H. BOZIC 131 W 'X 'kg Jr1,1Ax L. Ross 171 E.Klil. R. Bl1RD1c'R 141 2t"Ix601f,'S RI1'1IfXRI1 W. EI.LSNVOR'l'Il 191 9: MAN A Jolm J. Fumes 1101 S'l'l'IVVAR'I' E. Col.RM.xN Ru'11.xRn C. GRIFFING 1141 E1'm:icNE H. I'IAK'I'ZICLL 1151 M. L.1xw1:1cNn'1c .Iron 1161 A. Hrunics BAli'l'l.l'1'l'T 1221 Joux H. BI.11XV1CK 1231 HP1IiIil41R'l' C. FR.KNf'lS Glcouui-1 M. FI'l'ZI'A'l'RI1'K 12 G? 2 Wiprisxaw' Sophownores P.x1'l. R. VV!-:YARD 1211 41 Frrfshman PAN. E. 1VION'l'G0lNll'lRY 1231 KbINNIfITIl A. SMITH 181 JoslcPH E. IVIOFI-Lvl' 1111 R1llil4IllT VV. PRA'r'l' 1121 Romcln' E. PIPER 1171 JOHN M. PR.vr'1' 1181 Tuolvilxs A. TRAX 1191 H,-XIIIIY S. M. TRol'P 1201 Jolm B. HARRlsoN 1251 E. Al,i:X.xNn1cR HILI. 1261 P. HPIRBlf2K'l' Lumix 1271 C1,AY'1'oN H. MAc'MlLI.i-:N 1281 Q mgga. .......... .1 Om' llumlrml' .vzxly-nm ,.ff""6' -- , 11?-Dei Q ,323 pi, LV 5, V. LA ,. , ,Mig AVVV. , , V X x 4 5 R I .. . 6 7 B 9 5 1 .A Y' gg X if If rf 4 io V? ll , Ia m 3? IQVN I K k.,"' N 15 .i ' U 16 Q L7 A 18 A A gif ' 19 ,L m' i . i V: 120 am m Y ai , an ' f 2Q 3 Q W A i n. ?lV,-L , i -.f, : A A A 1 V 4 A , , sf gf vi YY sf ZS A 29 GU 1 Y iii? :5a' , , , f ' ' 11:'1:w:'1'uf .vv',1'J1.,t:.u XX L X U ' 1525 53,510 6 11102 1 . . . fm- Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Colors-Purple and Gold PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1887 Flower-Violet FRATRXES kg?1F CULTA TE R. EDYVIN LEE, Sc.D. , 31 113 , I PAUL E. HILL, NLS. CHARLES J. LING, Ph.D. fi-:',. 3 0 8 ROBERT W. THOMAS, A.M. - .' .11 1 ' . 5 Jw -1 wmv My , 1" ' f'- f .1 A EDWARD A. FINNEY CHARLES E. KINNEY 131 FRED S. HITcHENs 121 if HARRY C. MILLER 141 V, '....:4:ifv lg, xp 1.1, Y gb SAMUEL A. ALTER 161 1. SEYVARD W. SEYBOLD 191 WALKER W. KINKAID 171' ' PAI'L H. SIIULTZ 1101 LAWRENCE H. NL'NN 181 , W W. I'IOYVARD SMITH 1111 -,aww 'U 2Qfp'i5f' "V M THEODORE H. ALLEEACH 1121 JOHN A. BROOKS 1131 EUGENE J. BREXV 1141 CLARENCE H. INGRAM, JR. 1151 JOIIN I. KENT 1161 ROY A. NlCI,SON 1171 HERMAN S. WASSER 1241 GOFI'l'IIE G. FAUST 1251 JAMES V. HANLON 1261 ALDPIN E. HITMESTON 1271 WILLARD R. MERRELL 1281 Freshmen HICRIIIEZRT H. OLSON 1181 BOYD C. PARSHALL 1191 HERBERT E. RENICK 1201 LEO E. ROSS 1211 C. LEO SUTTON 1221 CHARLES C. TAYLOR, JR. 1231 FRANCIS W. MYFORD 1291 JOSEPH J. PIEFFLICY 1301 IIOXVARD P. TAYLOR 1311 H. DONALD WALLEY 1321 CD 2 Om: ..,..,,, Q ,.,, lilvrrdrvd .vi.x'ty-Ilzrfv ' QD! ' ' fl' Q? Q, 3 ,P 'K' cp QQ .. nf Qm . 1 ,- wWwffwTMivff' 5 wWYXxV?wz U ON 1 ijwf- f- 1 , ,.,, ....... :."ii.:'t . . . ,, ff,:,- Jw .v'1f.' I"' "1'E?J9ff . .Q . . ,.. .- 9 1521 .G ..,-are-' Alpha Chi Rho ' Founded at Trinity College, 1895 Flower-Red and White Carnations Colors-Garnet and White PHI IOTA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1914 FRATRES I2?A?,fF'A UULTA TE FREDIQRICK G. HENKl'I, Ph.D , Y GIIIPZS M. BOLLINGICR. M.S. CLIFFORD W. SKINNI-:R. B.S. ,K '-E X qf DALI-1 E. THOINIAS. B.S. M ' A - QW A"' ,f'T'ff-QHGE ffilii - 'V 1? iffffl R' X' RALYII P. AGNIJW 115 .h TRACEY E. G. GRI:I+:NLI'Nn 185 RALPH D- BACON C25 - "'!5I2!5nf,iliifffiliijliffff JOHN W. HIMIQPIAIIGII 195 RITSSPILI. C. BI,oIJGI-:'I"I' 135 ' ' 1- 'fgffgiifgigjf' - TRACEY L. JoHNsoN 1105 CIIARLI-:s A. BoLLINuI:R 145 " f ,wjgEgEfff'IfQ:f5j1i,, 1 EI'oI:NI-: P. MILLI-:R 1115 OSCAR L. CAIWWRIGIIT 15,5 V Z,5giffif5?fi1H ":4i!fQ!lQf5:, 2 WILLIAM H. NII.l1IS 1125 SAMI'I:L E. DAVIES 165 ' CI-:CIL M. SHIIMAQIIIQR 1135 IRA O. FLIQMING 175 CHARLES R. WIMMILR 1145 . 1 . 1-'f.w.. f ,f - f EX'PIlll4l'l'T O. BLACK 1155 A rl' DONALD R. INGIIAIIAM 1185 R. PIICRSON EATON 1165 W .Rf CHARLES VV. HAVIIII 1175 ' TIII-:oDoRI4: A. SIIQIJLI: 1215 Hfllvll-Ili A. BLISS 1225 LI-:E J. DI-:VNI-:Y 1245 H.klt1lI,D J. Dl'NlVIII!l'I 1255 LOYAL L. BI.oouI:'I"I' 1285 H. GRANT CI'MIvIINos 1295 JoIIN ENGLESIIIIII-1 1305 HI'lil4Ili'l' L. MoRRIsoN 1315 G. ALFRI-:n PALMI-III, JR. 1325 S01Jh07YL07'f'S I"l'0Sh77H"71f WILLIAM D. MAUELROY 1195 WALTER F. SHIvI1:I.Y 1205 R1Dl!l4IR'F H. FI'LI.I:II 1235 GLIINN C. JoNI-is 1265 LI.oYn M. SIIAFFIQII 1275 FIIILII A. PARNIGLL 1335 JoIIN L. RIf:YNoLIms 1345 J. ALLIsoN RI'I'I-:Ic'I' 1355 DoNALD M. WEININ1: 1365 DI'IW,XNPI E. Wl'IS'I'1lN 1375 my .,5.5555.... 5555,5,, A. Q1 Ono lzzrnrlrfil S!v.l'lj'-f1I'C QW ,gjayi -v 'xl J k 4 I, ..4...A. 1 ..... QQ ,.4.,. .... 5 .... 1 .. .1 ..... 1 .....l ...,. .... g...Q ,... Q ...4 .... :...g ....A QQ .,..,'N 5 Cl C5 6Z?iiyv if ' I A I , ffX3X61,,1 11 Fin 2 ' Beta Upsilon Founded at Allegheny College, 1921 FloweriWhite Rose Colors-Green and White ,.., C FRATR,i5'.QifIN FA TATE ??hA.'gL! , OSCAR PERRY AKICRS, Ph.D. 1 X-v"?,fi L1-:lc Dl'Dl.lcY IVICCLIGAN. A.M. FRA -: :... e.r..,. ::- A?. , I0 EMRU J. G1':Ru1-:LY 111 A DONNI-11.1. W. NIARSII 141 ROI!!-IRT H. KI'II.I.Y 121 9 JAMES H. MI'l'c'Hl-31.1. 151 Buss B. M.X1'K 131 1, GI-IR.AI.D T. POND 161 C. '- ' 1: H V72 f Rm Ama GEORGIA: R. D. BRAUN 181 F 4 Mr:RRlI.I. W. DDDLITTLE 191 CLI Fw- . 1 1 01 ,Mm T. SHRRIDAN BAKER 1111 DoNoVAN C. BLANCIIARD 1121 VIICIEII. A. CIIII.1'0'l'lC 1131 VVAI.'l'lfIIi F. DYUKRS 1141 EDXVAKD D. S'l'APL1-:S 1191 R. Ll+1R1!Y Glcllilmwoon 1151 R1llil'IlR'l' W. Llclcvlclc 1161 T. H.Xli11l.ID MACKINTOSH 1171 FRANK W. MAsoN 1181 Freshmfm FRED C. AM:-zl.l4:R 1201 TIll4111lll1ICl'I M. JENKINS 1241 NVILLIAM M. BAm'm'K 1211 M1XI'ILI1'l'I E. Kol.m1':N 1261 Rf1X1'l..XNIl O. B.xRR1':R 1221 PAH. V. LICYDA 1251 T1l14:oDoR1': S. Bm:ARD1's 1231 R. XVILLIAM SIIAXV 1271 D GD - I . ..... . ..., ......,..,..........,,................. . ...,.... . ....,.... . ..,... ..,....,, ................ N QD V Onf IIIHIJVPA1 .rixly-:L't'4'r1 IEE! ' rr- Q I 1.7 5' . L X, Q ' Q- - ,1- . ,X ' 2 1 2. 5 : 1 L J? Q 12. 5 X E 0 4 X E 1 8 V ' si x 5 3 14 17 9 . 10 xv Fixx Amit 4 Q 45' il 'Q' Gi! 15 Nj 1 - ,I 1 yu 5 ' '-:ff ,, 1 X K K S.. 18 A 19 Z0 2.1 22. 13, ly s K - 1 A . as 24 ' -25 Z5 V 37 25 if ' Q g a .L z 29 R Q 51 Z 55 x 5' 'rif'-. -Q' 3 fi if if ' . 2 F t. If .V QEQQT, M in Om'l1H11.ln1f WI, ,glzt G' 5 Q W ldf 12-if-3 AQ :fd-QQ i DI , Phi Alpha Kappa Founded at Allegheny College, 1922 Flower-Cream Rose Colors-Green and Purple FRATRES IN FACULTATE HENRY W. CIIVIKCII. Ph.D. HAROLD W. GILMER. A.M. FRATRES IN 1,'0LLEGIO Seniors I. BYRDINE ESTEI' 111 ROY F. MCGARRAII 121 FLOYD H. NIOORIC 131 RALPH M. POXVICLL 141 SAMFEI. M. SPARKS 151 Juniors CHARLES L. CVSICK 161 MILO M. MOOK 1111 CLYDE L. FRIEND 171 LAWVRENCE T. PATTISON 1121 HARRY D. HI'MMP1R 181 CHARLES E. TEI-'ET 1131 HOWARD R. LILLIE 191 CHARLES B. WEIOEL 1141 CLYDE C. MILES 1101 LESLIE 0. WRIOIIT 1151 Sophomores MARVIN H. CADVVl'1l.I. 1161 GEORGE MASON 1211 JAMES R. FARRELL 1171 MAIKRICE A. MOOK 1221 JOSEPH B. FRANK 1201 DAVID F. MCFARLAND 1231 IRVING M. HI-INLICY ARTHl'R A. REAMS 1241 WILLARD A. KVNTZ 1181 ROBERT B. RI-:AMS 1251 VICTOR E. LVCAS 1191 D,-KY'lD C. T. SWANSON 1261 Freshmen J. LELAND ANDl'Il!Sl1N 1271 RICHARD BEYICR 1281 RICHARD FIICLDSON 1291 PAUL E. FIRDICN 1301 PAUL D. HARRISON 1311 ROBl'IR'f SM l'l'lI 1371 FRANK J. MCFARLAND, JR. 1321 MERI,PI B. NASON 1331 FLOYD Pl+l'l'l4lRS 1341 T. ALTON RUSSELL 1351 LEE E. SCIIA1-:EI-'1-:R 1361 mapa. ..... .,,, 1 Cue Illlillffffi .v1'.1'ty-nine . ....,........ O - QD, 6zpf.yx 6? f A 41 dw 5 A .K..., ,.....'.,..,., I QD, C9 6212379 AEG- 4111111 Us 13 Q. Q 'V 193113 my L " " Q I pix 71523 ,X GL Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at DePauw University, 1870 Flower-Black and Gold Pansy C0lox's4Black and Gold MULW,5PTER Establishe Q i: ffQAQ1Ifegheny, 1881 in W - P, solmze wi?-115. LEGIU M.x1cu.x1n1:'l' L. H.X31N113NIl, 113 IWARY C. Hl41XDI1IliS13N 123 M. Cx MARY B. VVICKIIAM 163 Lu,1.IAN M. D,xvls 173 F1uNc'1A:s M. GmmNoI'1:u 1113 E1.1z,x1s14:'l'u M. B.x'r14:s 1123 E1.1zAn1c'1'l1 AICNl7I.D 1133 IICICNIC Colm-:1c'1' 1143 Gn.x1'1: H. ll11.u1-:l:m:.xNn I-'rf'shmf'n 1Vl.xm' I.. M1'1u'11Y 12133 E1.lNm: K. YYAN Suo'1'r:N 1213 Hl4Il,l-QN M. FIICLIJ 1223 C,x'1'm4:mN1c V. C13Rlil11'l"l' 1233 11533 1VI.x1cl.x P. Avnln' 133 ANNA G. L.xNli 143 IiA'l'1L'-.RINIC L. Moluaow 183 Dmm'1'11Y M. Mom:.xN 193 KA'1'1Il4:1z1N14: E. H.x1N1cs 1153 El,l'I.XN13lil'1 T,xY1,m: 1173 Anim: T1'1:N1c1c 1163 1W.KliGAliI'1'l' XVI-Ilili 1183 VlllliINl.X 1'I.X'l'1'Il 1243 01.111 M. Llcwls 1253 Dmm'1'nY A. JENKINS 1263 P1I.lZ,XliI'1'I'lI Cll.XlII.'l'13N 1273 foyapfy. ..,.. .... ....................... .,.....,,... .,......a a .,...... 1......, 3 . Om' I111m1'rn1 xzvvzzfy-orzr TCD! C9 C9 . 5 VY xgiQ,bQmKD!0r GD W QZQZQV' 1 1525 Q p -.- Kappa Kappa Gamma Flower-Fleur-de-lis Colors-Light and Dark Blue GAMMA RHO CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1888 Soleolf A Q u. S, 0 on HA1zlm:'r R. KIRK 113 V' E. RVTH McC.x1-'1-'IQHTY 12 A LINNHQ E. Lo1'uEN 133 1. 3 si 03 ' Sy ? izgu -8:32, A ' 'A JICANIC R. Bowsmc 183 - ' SARA L. MQ'Ql'IS'I'13N 193 ,4 Em A : s l 1 23 S011 4 f cs Vmulxu Drilmlfr 1133 M.x1cmN F. Howl: 1143 lNlII.I3liliD M. H11,EM.xN 1153 K.vr111cYN J. XVANGNICR 1163 El.r:.xNoR G. B.xkN11l'Rs'l' 1213 M,u:1.xN E. XVllIlCl,lll3N 1223 .lANr:'1"1'1f: A. WARIN1: 1233 Ilcls M. S1'Ilkl'IlNlCR 1243 3 l'1l'1'ShflIl.1'7l VIRGINIA Gm-:N14:l.1.r: 143 ALICE L. GuENr:1.1,1c 153 Rr:-:Y R. RIsm1:1.L 163 RUTH LING 1103 AI.lQ'I'I S. RoAc11 1113 JIQAN Kl'l'L'llPIN 1173 D13lC13'l'lIY T. Huzlucs 1183 MARu.uu4:'l' P. Plc.v1'mf:Ic 119 ALIUII: C. TOXVNSIZNII 1203 ANN.xlclf:L Muslim: 1253 Hr:l.1cN B. HgX'l'l'lI 1263 ALICIA: T. Glc.x11.xM 1273 lvl.ucc'1c1.I.A V. Bl1.I.M.xN Q59 QD .,..,,. ..,.. 1 . . ..,.......................... i ...,,....... ....,...,.,, i up l1n:11lr'.ml .n':.'u!-1'-tlzrw 1233 ,f'f'+' '-H ,ff QW .'f,,,, 5 C fG3f 5x4 -i4 GA Q G i . Q . Q ' 171151111 I 1 73 I A, 9. A, . ., I Alpha Chi Qmega Founded at DePauw University, 1885 Flower-Red Carnation and Smilax Colors-Scarlet and Olive Green DELTA CHAPTER Established qt Algegheny, 1891 SOIIORESEYK 3 OLLEGIO S , DOROTHY E. Ml'SS1.r:n 113 M. 3 3.12 S ELIZABETII F. KING 123 W , i-hi FLOKA A. TRICN0l"l'lI 133 . 1 DOROTHY K. MINK'II 143 X, xx X3 ,.g-'H 193 1-4. J Y T 2513554 "'7"2Q"iL7 'L 7 '-R' tiff MARIAN M. MINCH 110 35 5 K MARY C. DORXVURTII 11113 -S ' MARY M. RANKIN 1123 M HF1I,l+IN M. BOYD 1133 Kifvvbdepev THEY, Y Nophomorvs MARcuKr:'r C. Siuizvrizk 1183 CIIARl.0'l"l'I'I G. JOHNSON 1193 A1 FI,O1uf:NC11: C. Sm:1cII.xN 1233 MAm:A1z1c'l' R. ANnmcSON 1243 ELLEN M. Riilcvl-1 1253 1"r0sh rn V71 Amxx M. JONES 1293 :NES A. NNKLIN 1223 MARY M. W111'rI-'11-:Ln 153 HEI.l'2N L. Li:FFINGw14I.L 163 HARRIET P. T1'rL'S 173 Eriirzi. M. SVVANSON 183 11':I.I.Ii: E. T1'1'l'S 1143 QI? .LEN E. LA:-'max 1153 ' ,x1cOixm:'1' E. QUNLON 1163 RUTH T. CARROLL 1173 , DORIS PMERSON 1203 ELIGANOR DAvlf:NPO1:'1' 1213 K.X'I'IlliYN P. SUKONTZ 1263 ELxZ.x1:m'1I L. BnN'1'I.r:Y 1273 ELSHQ M. JONES 1283 AQ .3 ... ... 3 O . ........ ...... . .. 3 3 Om' lmmlmml .vi':'f':i1-x'-ffm' 6? f ff? , D6 I 1 S NL ' 'X 5 19 5 Q.. 1, ,,ly.M K ?'x?,fwQn5f k ' 'Wir- O fl I 1 lx 1' A 6 . f.. E m gp 1 . ,Q .. Alpha Gamma Delta FlowersRed and Buff Rose Colors-Red, Buff and Green KA PPA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1912 j 'mx Ii' ,... C SURORES ' .an 4CULT.4TE EIIITHQ A , A.M. YH, 9' in r 'lift' S nay: if I , M gr: o . MD LV., i,. 'QS km MAIIIAN M. HAMlI.'FON 1' 9. H V My IcLI.IIa B. Mc'QI'1s'I'oN 141 D1JR11'l'HY S. LII1EI'I:R 121 A RI1'I'II E. LANI: 151 Hl'1l.l41N M. SIIAFFIQII 131 Ya I f V. EDNA E. MUMFORD 161 ,QF ELSIIC E. RI-:YN01.ns 171 4- 'Y 1 J 1IcRTIcI'DI: R. CVRIQY 1101 KlX'l'IlliYN ROBINSON 181 -:jx Xxx M' YYIRGINIA L. BERRY 1111 HIcI.I1:N G. RUIIINSON 191 72" "f f R-gy! LIQONUIII: A. BIAIIQLIN 1121 -.wig " gf,-M ill., Sophomorcs RI'TII L. Ml'3llf'11llD 1141 MARIAN L. SI'.xNuI.IcII 1161 MARY V. KI-:IIII 1151 FR.ANl'l'1S M. ANDI-zlcsox 1121 Freshmen EI.n.x L. SwI:NsoN 1181 MAIIY J. l111'Kl11l'I 1221 MINA M. LANIII 1191 SAKAII J. CAIIII M.xIzIux I. BI..xIcI-: 1201 RI1'I'II I. MYI+:Ics 1211 N.x0MI E. RIiIs,u'IIIcIc 1251 MAIIIAN R. SVIIMII1 1231 EVIQLYN E. H.XlC'l' 1241 QD . ............................................... ...... . -QD, .. ..... I. One Izumirfwi scrcrzty-se: cn me ,mMX jg Q Q w9ff I QQ ml an im E ii" Q' ,sz 9 145 I, R Ign ylu J I X-7 In J: L Sigma Tau Sigma Founded at Allegheny, 1921 FlowerhPurple and VVhite Violets Colors-Purple, White, and Violet SORORES IN COLLEGIO Seniors RUTH H. Woon Q11 KATIIRYN C. RIJICINS Q21 HIXIIRIET J. PERKINS 151 ALICE SKELTON Q61 MII.DRED D. ROSE Q71 J Imiors Sophomores FRANCES A. S'l'00I.l-'ICR C111 MII,DRl'lD E. LOVE C121 HIXRRIE1' C. HVMIIIIRI-:Y CH.xRLo'I'T1-3 C. SMITII 113 E'I'1IEI.nA U. GIMDILN C191 LOTTIE S. SHixI'I-'En C201 DPZI.I.ACOlfR'F M. SMl'I'lI C2 1 ELEANOII I. HOY 4181 Freshmen 11 DoRo'I'HY JELBART i251 DoRoTHY M. SCHANCK C31 MARIAN H. EIMERS Q41 SYLVIA M. BARNES 181 FI,ORENC'PI I. GILBIORE Q91 EDITH D, BRIGGS 1101 ANNA E. RIILIITMIRE C141 HAZEL F. DICKSON C151 HELEN J. FRY C161 IVIARGAIII-:T E. D0l'llHERTY C171 DOROTHY B. I'IOLl-IBIAN 1221 AGNES DoI'c:IIER'1'Y C231 NIARIAN L. CARLSON 1241 Q .,.........., 1. ...... g ..,,.,................. 1 ,..,..,.,....,,..,.. ...., ..,....,,., . One 1!!H!lfI'f'lI' .vz'z'vn ly-n1'm' onorcnrg cmcg Qrofessiona grcxternities l . .f. . 1, 'WEE 3, Ili ., A I 0 . f 1323 CD. 9 Aga J.Isq1.,gg jig fmgfni.. 6. - . 're :' '65 I X 'cb Phi Beta Kappa Founded at College of William and Mary, 1776 PENNSYLVANIA ETA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1901 ' Publication-The Phi Beta Kappa Key FRED W. HIXSON, D.D., LL.D.. . , JOSEPH W. MILFIS, D.D. .... . WILLIAM A. ELLIOTT, L.H.D .... PRESIDENT FRED W. HIXSON, D.D., LL.D. WILLIAM A. ELLIOTT, A.M., L.H.D. CLARENCE F. ROSS, A.M., Litt.D. RICHARD EDWIN LEE, SC.D. CHESTER A. DARLING, Ph.D. FREDERICK G. HENKPJ, Ph.D. HENRY WARD CHURCH, Ph. D. ELECTED RO ., GLENN R. BUSHYAGER EMILY M. CHARLTON JoIIN A. GIBSON, JR. MOIQTIMER E. GRAHAM PAUL W. JENKINS GALE R. KIRSHNPZR JELIAN L. Ross . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary FRATRES IN FACULTA TE CHRISTOPIIICR B. COLEMAN, Ph.D. STANLEY S. SXVARTLEY, Ph.D. CLAIR F. LITTELI., Ph.D. RQHIRICRT W. TIIoMAS, A.M. GILES M. BOLLINGER, M.S. CLIEI-'oRD W. SKINNER, B.S. NAoMI KAIIoE, A.M. E CLASS OF Nineteen H IZ red Twenty-two v a 'ER I- ' 5..l I MARY E. MINICR CARL D. MORNEYVECK HARRII-:'r'I'E FRANCIS PITT MARIIBN E. RUSSELL RALPH H. WPEAVER LOUISE H. WECKERLY CORAL F. MCMII,LIN Nineteen Hundred Twenty-three CHARLES S. THOBURN HPIIIEN J. BowMAN I ......... One Im mired ciglxty-two ,-ff'-'+-A SEAT-yn 1' Delta Rho Founded at Ill., 1906 Colors-A-Black and Maroon Publicatioii-Tim Gazvvl , 1913 ATE C. A. D,uu.lNo, Ph.D. C1.1IvFmu1 W. SKINNICR. B.S. R. W. A.M. FRA TRHS ZEGIO CII.ucl.1-is A, BoI.I.1No1nc ill Inu O. Frmllxu 145 JOHN H, Bonn' 125 J. EIIXVIN Lucsox Q51 Jv1.l.xN L. Ross C75 Sophrnnorers RALPH H. D1cMMl.E1c 133 Rom:lc'1' W. I1l'IlCl'l'IlC C69 Ability as an orator is the fundamental requi1'ement to become a member of Delta Sigma Rho. Established at Allegheny in 1913, this honorary fraternity has proven itself to be one of the most active in college. Fostering the forensic spirit and repre- senting exceptional achievement on the rostrum Delta Sigma Rho is a true mark of distinction and honor. 0 QQ. .,,,,.,,,..' ., ,..,.,,..,..............,.,,..,..,....,...... ig .... .......,..... i ....., . Cl Ong lznmlrrfl L'fg1II,X"HII'I'A' 02570 . , . , f -IG f' . 1. .- ?5"'MA" Q j , 1.923 ' Q O D QD One lx 111 i vigl11yAfa1lr flmfe "' ' 1s2.s +A C ilillelv? 6- 0-- '40 Alpha Chi Sigma Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1902 PHI CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1913 Colors-Prussian Blue and Chrome Yellow Flower'-Dark Red Carnation Publication-The Hexagon FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. M. BoLL1NG1+1R 133 DR. R. E. LEE Q15 D. LEBIGRMAN Q41 P. E. HILL 425 H. H. J. Morzius 455 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors G. W. CHAPIN 465 4 H. R. L1-IFFINGWI-:LL 1105 T. E. G. GREENLUND 475 C. M. suvmvmzg 4115 G. B. H11-ER 4s5 . f1 C. H. WILLS 4125 C. E. KINNEY 495 K Av wmlfmjasmsmfszg, 5. c. R. WIMMER 4135 - 'wx t N, n ., 1 E aa' T3 ik M 4 - . . : -, R. s. CLARK 4155 J! H. MORLEY 4185 C. R. Game C165 I 51 H. H. RIC1-1 4195 W. L. LEFFINGWI-:LL C171 ' 2-.3 C. E. TEFFT C205 - if Wa . ,Kg I T. H. ALLICBACII 4215 " J. B. FRANK C225 The excellent reputation and high . .ifgkjfgd hich the Chemistry Department now enjoys is due, to a very great extent, to the intiuence of Alpha Chi Sigma. This fra- ternity has at all times sought to advance the field of Chemistry, and has always stood for high scientific attainment. Its membership consists of men taking a vanc have demonstrated unusual ability in that field. d ed courses in Chemistry and who .... ............ . ............ . ,....,..... .1 ..... .V 5 dye? A One 1zun41'rrv41 eighty-ffifc TQ 1 Jrmf f1'gf1.',x'-x1'.1' M 'PEE' S Yrf i I . IG. I' . If . ., ,sea 'Q 1f'.'fI'ff6Yf ' Phi Beta Phi Founded at Allegheny, 1921 ALPHA CHAPTER Colors-Black and Gold FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. C. A. DARLING PROF. C. W. SKINNER 113 DR. K. F. BASCOM PROF. D. E. THOMAS FRA TRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors R. H. Bom: 123 C. H. Co0HR.xN 133 O. L. C.xR'rvviuc.H'r 143 O. FLEMING 153 K. A. HINES 163 F. S. HITCH:-:Ns 173 I. E. O. BLACK 1203 M. W. DO0LITTI.E 1143 D. E. QUINN 1153 P. H. SCHYLTZ 1163 Phi Beta Phi is a national one of the strongest honorary M. E. Kon-'onn 183 H. R. LEFFINGWELL 193 H. MITCHELL 1103 P. V. Moorc 1113 R. M. POXVELL 1123 S. ROACH 1133 J. J. J. c. Moi-mm 11773 W. F. SHIVELY 1213 W. H. SMITH 1183 C. B. WEIGEI. 1193 although only two years old, it is hill. It has become such a potent factor in the department that it has placed itself in a position for national expansion. By selecting only those men who are sincerely interested in the work and who have accomplished something in this field, Phi Beta Phi represents a worthy achievement. D ................. ..,,.,,.,......................,.,..................,...... . ......... Om- lmmlred'c1r .-QD! C3 i ti J 021470 f 23 A m t. 1 9 ??a? e R W 53:5 L . Pi Delta Epsilon Founded at Syr' .. . - University, 1909 Colorsfflreen and Grey f X Publication, Thr' Epsiloy Estahlishef a ,A egheny, 1922 FIIATNICS I 1 I"Af'l'I1TA7'E Dia. J. R. S1'lII'I.'l'Z R A Dia. S. S. Sw.x1:'1'i.1cY Fifa 1 ci ,umm A A ,, 4 .Ii-:noxlic F. Hixsox f1J 2,1 XV. lVll'II,Yll.I.l-I .loxics 435 C1l.xlci.i-is A. Bor.l.iN4ai:1: f25 " f U' J. EDWIN L.xicsoN f5y Fiuxii h i.1.Y 141 J 'ors C0l'li'l'NI'IY M. D.Xl.l1I Q65 l Tliifzonomc A. Sli-:Uma C73 Cii,x1:1.ics W. H.xvic'1f: KS? ' Ml4Ililtll,l, W. lj00l.I'l"l'l.l-L Cl.llf"i'oNLL'l'. Ll'l"l'I.l41 Nulalzozizows R.xI.l'll H, limi 511131: XV1i.1.i.mi A. Rismziz 'Wll.1.l.xx1 .I. D.XI.l'I Li.oYn M. Siuifi-'Illia This honorary fraternity has had the most reniarkahle growth of any college fraternity. Although founded in 1909, it now has chapters in almost every American university and vollege. The chapter at Allegheny was installed in 1921. To train undergraduates in journalistic endeavor, to encourage competition for the college publications, and to foster and dignity the journalistic spirit at Allegheny is the aim of Pi Delta Epsilon. The menihersliip is honorary inasmuch as some achievement in journalistic work is always an essential qualification. . ..... . . i yytyy . ,. . .......i.... Um' lirlliilrml iiglily-l'i'gf.t I l T jg? . Q .1 .ta fi a . tyrh Q, . 1-I X. Kappa Phi Kappa Founded at Dartmouth, 1922 ZETA CHAPTER Established at Allegheny, 1923 Colors-Green and White Flower-Y l"HAT1fE IN FAUULTA TE Du. F. G. Hnxmz GRA HUA TE STUDENT R. A. TIIl'll'lll'l'l' FN.-l TREK IN CULLEGIO Seniors J. H. Hoxu' E. E. J. G1-:tual-im' F. R. H. KIiI.l.Y R. J. E. L.x1csoN G. D. YV. XIARSII C. Juniors F. XV. lI.xvl1'1c H, This natinnal honorary cduvational fraternity was founded 15022, and tlie Zeta 1-hapter was installed at Allegheny in March, P. H. M . D. S D. at 19 v 1 r ' . R -White Carnation NllLl.l-IIC Moon!-2 Powicu. P1:.x'l'111cn T11onI'lcN HVM mil: Dartmouth in April, 23. The need for an organization in the Department of Education has been strongly felt. and after constant effort on the part of those interested, a charter was granted to Allegheny, The fra- ternity has other chapters in very well chosen institutions, and the value of this or- ganization to Allegheny van not he over-estimated. The fraternity is limited to those who have shown ahility and interest in Education. QD . .... ..... ..........,..................,, .,.. , . . Om' lmnflrtwl rilqlzl-111'm' l Phi Sigma Iota Founded at Allegheny, 1922 FRATRES IN FAl'l,'L7'A'l'E Du. H. NV. CHr'1u'11 DR. J. L. Rvsso Picon: G. L. DUTY FRA TREE' IN UULLEGIU Hl'II.l1IN Bowixux Jmmmrl Hlxscw M.xn1.x Avlcm' Dor:o'l'IIY Inwlx Tluaormmclc Lolcz For the mutual benefit of those interested in French, Phi Sigma Iota was founded at Allegheny last year. It is a local honorary fraternity limited to those who are taking advanced work in French, and especially those who intend to teach that subject, GD QD G ' ' A' gt CD Qi Qi., .. . .,.,.....,.. ....,...,. ........ .,.. .,...,. . , . . .,.,.,.....,...,..,.. . i J On." l11lnJr1'lI 111'n1'IV Q2J w2fm 1l6.fx ,aga r 9 -Eg it Allegheny Follege, founded over one liundred years ago for the purpose of promoting the rause of higher education, has always attracted those who were am- bitious to enlarge their scope of knowledge and eul- ture. Such an institution is hound to have among its alumni lnen and women who have achieved lasting prominence and success. Thus it is not strange that Allegheny should have upon her roster names of 1121- tional prominence aml fame in the tields of business, politics, sc-ienre. literature and art. A few names are so preeminent aml familiar to all of us that we are almost tempted to forget the hun- dreds of successful men and women who have gone forth from Allegheny better equipped to heeome lead- ers in their rommunities and to pursue lll01'9 protitable and useful lives. ln the pages which follow we have attempted to hring only a few of Allegheny's promi- nent sons hefore you. NVe regret that space does not permit us to hring to you others of the many Alle- gheny alumni who have brought honor to themselves and to their Alma Mater. I 1 bgo.... .... . .,.....,....,..,.. ...,.......... . Om' llilildfffll nirirfy-one 0351-Z' 616 1 1.92.1 - A1c'r111'11 XV1c1:s'1'14:11 'l'uo111'soN, I1I1.ll., 'UT A1-Thur NV0hst1-1- 'l'l1o11111so11. lPI'l'Sili0llT oi' The 111111111 of 'l'1-llsfeos of Alle- gliltflly f'ollvg'e 111111 111-o111i111f11T i11 l'2liiWily illlli l'0lIllllPI'l'i2li l'Ilf9I'lll'iSl'S, was l1o1'11 ill Eriv. 1,l'IlllSj'iV2llli2l. iI'1 1875. V He Uibfililltxli Tho 4i91"l'Pl1 of civil 1-11H'i110111' luv '11-:14l11:1tio11 fl'0lll Allw"l1011v ill 1 :N . as Q :N . 1 1 25 l ISSN 111111 v11T91'v1l 1':11h'oz11l Sl'l'Vll'0 111 once. l"1'o111 that tlllllx his rise' has 1111011 sfvudy 211111 1'1111i4l, for i11 thi1'te1+11 .Vl'2ll'S Ililivl' his l'0llll9l'fi0ll with 1110 Balti- lll0l'0 111111 Ohio lI:1il1'o:11l ho haul l1v1'oi11v 'Phil-41 Vic-11 l,I'l'Si4it'lli' of tho entire system. I11 ISHS. when tho g.f0VPl'llII10llf took 1111111311 of Il'2lllSll0l'i2lli0llS. ho was 1111- pointed l+'v1l01'a1l Aiilllilglll' for sevv11 v:1sTc-1'11 1':1il1'oz11ls. Sinn' ISHS! ho il2lS 11111111 p1'vsi1lv11I' of II11- l'l1ilz11h1l11l1i11 filbllllbilllj' 111111 its z1ilili11Te4l l'Ulll'9l'IlS. Mr. 'I'ho111pso11 has NVl'iIIl'll 111111 p11hlisI1v1l Sl'Vl'I'2ll lc-1-l111i1'z1l 1121111-1's 111111 is 1111-111-11911 1111101111 :111fl1o1'i11' ill his 11'ofQssio11. 'l'i1'vloss i11 i114l11sI1'V 111111 rroff- . . 21 ross. he IS Qlll lllSlDll'2lTl0ll Io vvm-y .Xllvg'l111111z111. ll1s Ililllll' il2lS z1l1'11:14Iy QQUIIU clown 111 ll1vl11slo1-tx' of Alh1gl1o11y11111l the iliSIUl'j'1li. Ihv worhl. , ,,,....... . ..............,........,.... .,...,.......... , .,..,................,..,. N QD, Our l1111111r'c1i 11i111't.1'-tivo 'SZIZV 6' 41 1 ilmil 31111151 I 3 ' 1 o lat 1-" 1911111111-:1111'1i 1'.1m111:11A, I,1,.l1., 'SPSS 1 F1'P111J1'i1'k 1'211111e1'. g'1'112111JsT 11f 11111 w111'111's W211' 12111-1'11s111111111111ts 11f 111112133 was 11111'11 i11 I'11121s2111tVi1111, 1,HIll1Sf'1V2ll112I, i11 18731. AH111' 11is g.51'211111211i1111 f1'11111 A119g'11Glly, w111J1'11 1114 112111 121141111 112111 111 1it111'211'y 211'ti1'iti1-s, 1111 1'1111ti11111111 ill J1111r11211isti1' work i11 111111111111 211111 N1-w Y111'k. Ilis W111-k 21s 1-111'1'1-s111111111111t i11 11111 11'e1'i2111 1V211', 1'011T1'211 A11101'i1'2111 211111 M211'11111111i2111 111s111'1'111'1i1111s, li11ss11--1211121- 1111s11 XV211'. T111-kish l!11v11111fi1111. 211111 13211112111 XV211- 1-st21111ish1111 11is l'2l1'l'lxl' 21s il 11'i11i2111t 1'111'1'cs1111111111111. F1-11111 1914-143 1111 w21s 11111 s11112 .x1lll'l'1l'2l11 1-111-1'11s111111111111l with 11111 l31'il'ish AVIIIY i11 I?1'?l1l4'l-' 211111 NV1ll'1l 11111 1'11i11111 St21l11s 111111111111 11111 s11'11ggl11 1111 s111'v1111 21s 11121j111' 211111 1111211 21s 1i111111-1121111-1-11111111-1 i11 1111- A111111-i1'2111 A1'1ll'V. Mr. 1'2111111-1' is 2111 2lIlf1lU1' of i11111111't21111'1'. "G11i11g 111 XVIII' i11 111'11111'11," "Tho XYZIIVS of S111-vi1'11." "XVith 1qll1'01i1 i11 M21111'11111'i21," "1X1lll'l'1l'2l ill F1'2l1l1'l'.,1 211-11 11111y 21 fow of his 111-1111111'1i1111s 1'2lSl111 1111 111-1's1111211 1111s111'v21111'11. He is 2111 211-1-111'21t11 211111 i11111211'ti211 NV1'11K'I', 21 l'2l1'l'1'll1 11l1s111'v111', 211111 il 11111111 111t111'11I'eT1J1- 11f 11111v111111111ts 211111 11111i1'i11s. M1-rit 111' 2111 11111'111111111111 11l',1Z1'l'0 1121s 111211-1111 111111 111 11111 11112111 111' his 111-11f1-ssi1111 1111121.11 ' - 1 wyggfq, 11 1111111.111 1111112111 1121 1 1 1 11 111111 111111 1 1 Um' 1111111111111-11i111'l-1'-H1111' 6:3790 A fp 5.1Ui1fsii.1fznui.s 1 . 0. - A A L.: Ex - QQ' Q 9 l+'1:1clmlf1l:1c'1i S. 1-31414114115 A.M., l'1l.ID., '98 Fi'mlvi'ic'k S. Hi-0041 i'ov0ivwl his A.B. 111 A111-gllcny Follvge in 1898. H0 Took his A.M. 211141 l'h.lJ. from H2ll'Y2l1'1i. Thv uno in 1905, the othvi' in 1909. 1112 Brvml is vssvnfizllly Zlll 0li1ll'2l1'0l' of iirsl 1-zlnk. llc has hvvn zlssocizlfed with svhool work sinus ho loft 4Xiil'QI1ll'lIy in 1898 :md has hvhl zunoiig lllillly honor- .ihle positions 1lms0ofAssistz1111 in I'sy1'lml0gy ali 11:11-v:u'4l and Assistant Pro- fvssm' of Eiiixmiioil :lt thx- l'l1iv1-rsify of Mivhigzin. At thv pi-vseuf time he is 1'r0i'vsso1' of 1C4111c':1ti0ln :lf thv l'i1iv0i-sity of fiil1l'2lg0. Ilr. B1'ee1l's 1Il9lllii61'- ships in 1l'2ll'll0ti sm-im-tics :Irv inn 1l1llll01'0ll8 To list in full. Briefly, hu he- 1 rings 10 the An1ul'i1'a111 Assnwialiilm for thv :XliY2ll11'0lll9ll1 of hviviwv, 141ll6l'1l'2l1l 1'syvImlugri1':11 Assoc-iaxtion, Sm-if-ty ol' Volh-go 'l'oz11'1mi's of Ntilllilfillll, National 801-iviy for ihc Sindy of i'14illl'2l1i0ll. Ili-. 13111041 is 2ll'11Vl'. ll1m'em'vl', in Allo- gIil0lly z1I1':1ii-s. IIO is Rl 11118100 of the vollvgu aim! il1'l'N1l1P1l1 of The Allegheny 'X1umni Associzitimi of l'lni4-algo. ,. ......,.... ..............,.....,,.,.,... , ............. , ............,. ,.... ....., ,... ...,... 3 N , Om' lzululrml iziiivfyrfozrr ,QQ 3 41,4 f' ,Q i Q AWK 125.75 fliisiioi- U1lAicI,lcs Bixnuzn Mi'1'c'i-11c1.i,, DD., '79 Among tho znlnnini who nmko up Alleglieiiyk quota of Clergy, Bishop Mifvhell is Rl lll'0lllilll'Ilt Iignrv. Ho was horn in Vl'iffSlJll1'gfil, 21 son of the HOV. D. I'. Mifvllcll of the l'iHsln1lrgg'll f'0ilf0l'0llI'0. Affer i'01llIri6i'illg several Tel-ins in Mt. Union Follogv, ho tinishoel his Coul-so at Alloglieiiy. hiking El high rank in scllohn-sliip. In 1882 ho IDUUZIIIIP Zlll ordniiwil niinistvi- and has sim-e held inn- portzlnt lNlSf0l'2lil!S in l,iiiSlllll'fIil, 1'iZlillSii0ifi, N. ll., Kansas Pity, Minnvnpolis. f'i0VQiillNl, and f'ili4'2lQIO, llc has hevn ax dolognte to Methodist ifonferoiices and was in 1901 lil'ilxQ,'2li1' io tlu:'l'hir1l l':l'llllll'lliK'2li ft0llf0l'E?11l'9 in London. H1- is, besidvs an Bishop. illl zluflior. .xlllibllg his works are "Bnn1llvs oi' Loftors fi-oni Tilhlxl' i'ontinvnts." "Tho Nohlest ihivsif' and "The Why of il Mzinfi As si pnhliv spvzlkviz ho has 2ll'ilif3Vlx4i :ln vilvizllrle repnizltion. 'llnring tho wan' ho did work in l"1-:nn-v. XYl'l'S2ltiiP as well ns Thorough and vlntlilisizlstiv. Dr. Mitclwll is well spolwn of ns ono of tho nlrlost' of Alle-gl1eny's sons. 7 1 i.i. , ,.4,ii.,............ o ,...ii.....,,..ii..,. i ..i. ..., .i,....,i..i..., i i . - QD! Oni' lznrzflrvil 11im'tyAfi:'r 1 l':111VA1:1P 13. 111'I1'1i1fI1,, A.M.. 11.1P., 1".A.1'.S.. 'ST 111111 of :k11t'Q111'1lj"S 111-o111i111111t 111111-11s1111t111iv11s i11 1111' 1111111 of 111111111-11111 is 1 1 1111111711141 B. H111'k111. XY11111'1'l'1'1Y1'11 11is .X.B. f1'111ll t11is 111111111111 i11 1557 111111 111511 his A N 1N1ff1l 111 st111111111 11111111111111 .11 1111 1111111111 11 111.11 11111111.11 .11. two y1111 -1 1: ' 1 1 1 1' 1 11s1' 1 . 1'o1111g11. New York Pity. 1N11w Y1l1'1C 1'11iv11rsity1 w11i1'11 i11s1i111ti1111 1'1l1l1'1'1'1'1'11 11111111 11i111 11111 11111311111 111' 51.11. 1111111 112111119 i11 185111. 1111 1111111 11111'S11811 Q1'2l11112l11 w11rk i11 111111111111111o111gy 111 11111 New Y11rk 1'o1y1'1i11i1'. 1111is1111'1111111 i11 11111S11l11'Q1l 111111 si111-11 181121 1111s 111111111111 11is 1111111 111 11111 S11111j 1111 111'111'1i1'e of o1111t11111111o111gy. H11 1121S 11111111 1'111111111111111111111 work i11 11111 1111111 111' 111111111-i1111 111111 11218 1111111 Illillly 1108111011501 11'11S1. 111 181131115 w11s 11r11si1111111 11 11111 1'i11s1111rg11 :Xl'Zl11l'111j' of 31111111-i1111g i11 151115 111-11si1111111 of 11111 A1111g111111y '11111115' 3191110211 S1ll'11'1'V1 111 111121-15 11r11si1111111 111' 1111' 51.1111111111 S111-i111,v of 1111 ht11t11 of 1'111111sy1v1111i11g 111111 l11'l'S11101l1 of 11111 1'it1s11111-gh 11111111111111111111gi1-111 So 1i111y si111'c 11112. H11 is 111s11 Il 1111111111e1' 111' 11111 .'x1ll1'1'11'2l1l 511111111111 .XSS1Pl'12111111l, 111' 11114 A111111'i1'1111 1D1111111111111o111g:i1'111 So1'i11ty. 111111 21 1"1111ow of 11111 A111111'i1'1111 1'111111g.511 of S111-g11o11s, 11111. 1111 is f1111l11l2l11lI011lQ11S1 111 11111 A1111g111111y 111111111111 1111s11i1111 of 1'111S1l1l1'12'1l. 1111 is il f1'9111lP1l1 1'01l11'11l1114l1' 111 11111 1i111r111111'11 o1111111111111o11,1gy 211111 is 1111l1i041 11111111 218 il 1111111111' i11 11is 1'11os1111 S1P6i'12l1Tj'. 1111 is 111111 111' 1110 111111111g11rs 111' 1111' '1111ll1'111l111 11l1111S11'12l1 S1'1l11111 1'or Boys of ,X11l'g1l1'1l1 11o11111y 111111 1'1'11si1111111 111' 1111'111l11111'Q11'S S11rvi1'11 11111112111 111' 1'i11s11111'g11. As 2111 2l11l11l1l11S 111111 11-11s11111 111' A1111g111111y 1'o1111g11 1111 1111sv1111rf11r1111111 11121115 s111'vi1'11s i11 11111 i11t11r11sts 111' 11is :X11Il21 M11111r. 1111 is 21 z111111111s NV1l1'1iP1' i11 1l1'l 1111111111 111111 is 11111 1111111111 111' 11111 11111-k111 1'riz11s i11 S1-i11111'11 111 11111 1'111111g.1'11 11111-11 y11111 1 1 C9 ' 5 Q5 C3 Q, 0.1. .. .. .. ..... , , J 11111' 1111111111' 111 X prvily girl, A powdm- pulll IMHO this svvtio TI'l'll4l is ihlill w M V I N N Y WM Mgfl R li w Em E . . Pholf, by l4"vtl1e1'by. P11010 Ivy H'vll1cr'b3 um by lfvvflzvrlv 110 ily l1vL'ffll'I 93 35 ' UWM X C 46 M, 1 ' 1 ...Q.. ., ..,... ' ' 7' I nrlrfd four 6629" 'X 1.923 1 9 4' 47? , STOP LOOK LISTEN Dear HEADER If YOI' are T I MI I I And snhjovt To Fits Of Teinjwr And all that Sort of Thing THEN YOU should Rvzul N0 FURTHER BEHIND this IIRIQQU tlwrv MAY lurk sinner THAGH7 Story of YOI'l! LIFE, sonw awful SECRET whirh YOI' lmve giiaiwlcd for YEARS. The KXOFKS within are NEAL onvs N0 gentle bilbj'-IliltS or Slltlfllillglf hints BVT If YOU are A Man And caan take Them in the JOLLY Spirit In whim-h they WY0I'e written TIIEN IDIHYE ON .IAM ES The YVORST Is yet To Colne ti iit tiit ,i iii ,iiiii,iii tiii ii iii1itiiiiiii.iiiii ,iiiii i i,iii ii i ii Y S QD Y 'linw lzzrrlilrvfi ffm' o 4Q?'Q 1 .9 2 3 2 .16 :' . 3.f .- QQ I Jef ' fe PHI, KAPPA PSI The Penna Beta chapter is the ohlest fraternity on the eampus. It has hail a longer time to make goofl than any other fraternal organization.. and really some of us are becoming quite pessimistic about the matter. The Phi Psis are in fart a buneh of transients of the annual hegira of Medioere Mentalities which floek to our school oi' learning. 'Fhey seem to have trouble in keeping their men in sehool for a whole year at a time, so our pessimism has a, silver lining in that at the present rate they will be no more in about three years. Some of the brothers seem to be missing, some on three or four rylinilers, some on more. The general impression is that the peak of intelleetuality is reaeheil in NVills ansl Prather. the Ilanc-ing Fools. Possibly this is berause their brains are in their feet. It is most enlightening to see them perform the tlanee of the seven veils, save one. But we must pass quiekly on to Ike Henry, the Summum Bonum of the order. Summum signifies lam. and Bonum refers to the heael. If it yvere not for lied Hafer to eheer them up. the situation would be intolerable. As it is. Phi Kappa Sighs over the thought of the eheer that useil to be, and rearts inilitferently to the rheer that is. To get downtown, the Phi Psis must pass the Sig house. Phi lbelt alley. ami the Phi Rho estate. When passing the Sig house they invariably raise their hats reverently. lVhen in front of Phi llelt alley they expeetorate, and when they reach the Phi llho house they eheer for the Phi Psis. I ..... Q. ....,..............,............,... . ...... ..,. ,,..,.,,.,, ' s ' UQ-9 Tr-'11 lrnrm'l'ml .fix 'Wir . its f i .:j. ,i i I I 'I 1 toe I ' I . :ev l'HI GAMMA DELTA Hail to that almighty crew inhabiting a shattered crystal palace on the heights of busted ambitions! We have here a singular combination of squirrel food Who dwell apart from the common herd so that their unseemly racket may not disturb lovers of the peace. Their Fiji ancestry betrays itself, and breaks out in spontaneous animal revelry on any and all occasions. Their innate savagery does not tend towards cannibalism, but their parties all partake of the nature of war dances, and they are complacently satislied in tl1e belief that Boys will be Boisterous. Their Fraternity song seems to be "Oh, l love me, Oh, I love me, lim wild about myseltn, a11d they probably love themselves because nobody else Will, During the open season these scrapping dubs set their smooth traps, and lllkllly a frosh who thinks he is wise to the game is knocked out in the tirst round and marked with the brand of the l'4llD. which he is forced to carry during his four year snooze. The Phi Gam motto is "Be out for something or get put outv. Consequently we of the untutored rabble are constantly stumbling over these pests in their awkward struggles for notoriety. Thev claim it is heaven to live under the gleam of the Great WVhite Star. Hence We appreciate their telling us to go to hell. v k ......,,...,. ,,.,,,a..,..,i..,.,.,,i.,,.,.,,a.....,...i.. t.., . N QD, Two lzzllzrirwl' xczvu , 6360 lf 6 - '. Tig! . . X. i ' l iEI.'l'A 'FA I l I DELTA A great deal might be said about this organization, but one had better not. NVe have this for them, though, they all run true to type. As some droll fellow has remarked, they look like I2 pt. type. They are blessed with tl1e Alpha chapter here, but tirst does not necessarily mean foremost, aml we would hate to judge the fraternity by this chapter. livery once i11 so often their spirits get the better of them, and they perpetrate a Fhoetaw degree, in whi-eh they get soaked in every conceivable manner. One of the dear brethren is Morley, and while he is more or less interested in the manly sport it does not mean that the llelts as a whole are not gentlemen. Indeed no! They have at least three of them. Any three you wish to name. Thanks to tl1e 1-lass presidency and bovine tendeneies of Wise, Morley got the football eaptainry, and while we doubt that, ttAny good thing ran rome out of Youngstownv yet we van but hope for the best. They point with pardonable pride to alumnus. But he graduated long, long Nowadays when some of the Old Grads they tread in the manner of sheep among Arthur NV. Thompson, their noted ago. How are the mighty fallen! appear in the erap and poker dive wolves, and look the eage over with dynamite glances and murmur something about darned upstarts and forked- tails. +66 1 Treo lrlunirml right 657690 l ggi, l s a X! l'Hl DELTA THETA If you are one of the few who are attlirted with thought apparatus. it may have struck you that there must be some reason for the existence of this out- tit. We'll Wager you don't know the answer tho. The Phi Delts are one of the three great mistakes that originated at Miami. VVhy their "Powers That Be" ever invaded Allegheny is a mystery, and we Can but wish that their steps had turned elsewhere rather than here. The Phi llelts think Art is a gallery of the Follies Chorus, and that liter- ature is a dirtionary of slang. ln spite of all this, there is still found in their midst a candidate for theological training, even if he did detour via the Quivk and Dirty Hash House. The l'hi llelts are noted for their athletes, though, now, unfortunately, most of them, are on the wall. The quieter lll61llll61'S of this organization, suvh as Loomis and -loe Moffat who never lift their voives ahove a yell, might pass into history unwept, un- honored and unhungg, were it not that they are l'hi llelts. Yet even the helnpen eniln-are would have ditlirulty in silent-ing their omnipresent display of voral lllffflllllf-ll'2llll'f3. I ,........ ..,.....,............,,....,......,.....,.. . ..................,,.. N QD! Two hundred nine -J W 1i.92Y.3 Y - "- . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON To talk about SAE is quite unnecessary. lt would he like talking to an old friend. Indeed nearly every third person one meets belongs to this organiza- tion. The Sigs claim that their fraternity is very select. lt is, but look at whom they select. They have every type of humanity from Kinney down to Chuck Taylor. They love basketball-when it pays dividends. This ac- counts for the tenacity with which they hold the job of manager. From 1897 to 1943, roughly speaking, the Sigs have had the job. VVe do not wonder at the impecunious state of the Athletic Association. Every so often they hold a smoker. This is a thinly veiled excuse for try- ing to make the men on the hill like limburger cheese. No man is pledged until he has a certiiicate from the doctor that his pap was overdue, under- done, senile limhurger. They must insist on this, for nothing else can so effectively drown tl1e odor of good, rich corn. l'arshall always contributes to the Wassail of these smokers How, we shall not state. Every fall they wipe otf the moth-eaten blueprints and sling their awful line to the gaping freshmen, and as there is one horn every minute, they man- age to keep the chapter full. Example-Goethe Faust. They had three tires last year, hut some fool always put them out. They have now reached the point where they can not depend on tires to get them a new house, so they are out selling stock in Sam Alter's Estate, Limitless. Limitless liability. ........... . .....,....,..,,,.,. .,....,, , ........., N CD, Tivo liumlred tcu 31.9273 ,Q CD. 9 1 ALPHA UIII RHO lVe come now to that collection of spotted eggs known as A times l'. This aggregation is the hoi polloi of our institution. They always have at least one Phi Beta Kappa member in their chapter. We do not object to that. WVhat we do object to is the rest of them. They seem to be a lukewarm eom- bination of Guilt and Innocence, Golf and Marbles, Blank and Occupied. Their best men always leave school when they wake up after their freshman year, and We hardly blalne them. The crew is innocuous, very. Their wildest amusement seems to be spending an evening viewing the unspeakable drama, and they often dissipate by going' on slnmming parties to the Academy. They stick together. though. lVe grant that. They have to or disap- pear beneath the rnsh of this bnsy world. XVitness Greenlnnd. the chief sticker. He arrives at the exalted state of Football Manager, and im- mediately the brethren swing to the fore. By some devious method he is ac- claimed manager of the glee clnb. An influx of AXI' immediately makes itself' evident. Their motto seems to he "Hang together or we will hang separately". They will anyway. but yon can hardly import wisdom to brainlessness. They have a badge which appears from the distance to be an incipient wart. Ut the two classes of people who do not nnderstand the symbols on the badge the members constitnte one class, and those without the order com- prise the other. I Two lznnzlrml vle:'1'n 'SEE' lim! E 1 I 1.923 . , .. v I EVN? w 'tix -"1 , 1 '-'f ',: j' ' o . Q . . 4 'M .10 BETA UPSI LON As has been said elsewhere, We expected a lot of B. lf., but when they took unto themselves a set of Lares and Penates, they surprised us. Not satis- fied with their country estate on North Main and Linlber Road, they moved their trunk into a town house aeross Park Avenue from Herr Dotyis tempo- rary shelter. This outtit ought to be good ball playersg they carry miniature honle plates around on their vests. In addition to acquiring a house, they have obtained Drs. Akers and Msefilean as Fratres in Faeultate. This is the best thing they have done yet. VVe heard that B. U. was going to petition a National. lf they expert to pay for their house and lot, they had better petition a National Bank. I-AY l Two l1u11drc'd t:A'L'II'e 612765-xv i Jia 5,1 Q 1323 . -P . IG. . .1 . .- ,R . V 1'HI ALI'HA KAPPA One of the Wonders of our college is the manner in which seemingly innocu- ous groups can metamorphose themselves almost overnight into fraternities which arrive at a station comparable with the other groups that have reached exalted positions after a long and hard political struggle. Local fraternities are fearful and wonderful things. Volumes could be Written about the fearful part, but the Wonderful part is the manner in which CD A K acquired llochran Hall for a fraternity house. Truly, no fra- ternity on the campus has a better barracks, nor does any other fraternity have the college pay for the upkeep either. As a local these boys were all right, but great was the surprise to read in Banta's Greek Exchange that they are a national fraternity, with at present only one chapter. Maybe they can form a merger with Lambda Chi Alpha. Their outstanding members are those who live in Cochran Hall. They are out standing around on the steps most of the time. The acquisition of Don Thompson has given them an alumnus chapter of note. QPXQQLQ ....,t.. ....t Q .,.. g ...t.........i.t.,,.,.....,..,,.,. Q...f, .,..,....t..., 8 CD C3 Tm-0 11zn1u'v'mi tliimwz -,,,,.,.,.-v V ff' e'2.'e,y' Y' C C. X 1165 E QQ gnilllufa LLL H D cf 14 XVHO ARE THEY? SEE ADVERTISEMENTS L- ....7 -Y. ffff fir' --Y Wwv-f-- 1 6 G f E, OECD! 1 . . ,..,, . .... .,... . ..,., . .. ..,.., ,. , ,. . . lim' lzwryl ' ' ff": , 1-923 Q fbi J' , 'Q N 'f if v x 5:1 W . What Does Your Profile Indicate? On the opposite page you will see numerous samples of profiles of aver- age college students. These profiles are not without significance. If we were to carefully analyze them we would see that there is a definite relation be- tween every man's profile, and his characteristics. Let us then consider them and see if we can not gain some remarkable insight into the charaeters of the men whose profiles we see. ' In number one we find a high sloping forehead, a slightly turned up nose, prominent chin and a well pronounced Atl2llll,S apple. All of these features give us some Clllt? to the character of the man. The high forehead indicates wisdom and an ability to bluff. The slightly turned up nose tells that the man is very proud. while the prominent Adamls apple leads us to believe that he has overdeveloped it by talki11g a great deal. Such a development might also come froln selling too many Fuller Brushes. I11 number two we have quite the opposite type of character portrayed. In- stead of the energetic proud type of man of number one, we have here the easy going artistic type. Note the delieate wave to his hair, the handsome curve to his chin and you can not help but say as you look at this handsome profile, 'f'l'ruly such a man has never been known to hurry and worry about the trifling things of this worldw. In number three we find yet a different type of man portrayed. Instead of the delicate and shapely forehead of the second profile we see in this example the strong fierce brow of the warrior. The well rounded lips tell us that he is a southerner and indulges in too much loud and boisterous talk. Number four is a peculiar variety not uncommon, however, in some 'regions of the country. The lll0Sf prominent feature is the small mouth and the over developed chin. Such a profile would indicate a man given to music and other restful habits. Number five represents the profile of the man who is given to mueh enthusiasm. Here again note tl1e overdeveloped Adam's apple due undoubted- ly to mueh cheering at athletie contests. In number six we find a type hitherto not encountered. Note the short upper lip and the protruding chin. Such features tell us that the owner of them must be a very good natured man, much addicted to loud laughter' at poor jokes. Number seven is an example of a very extraordinary profile. The straight acquiline nose, the smooth well groomed hair lead us to believe that the owner of such lil profile would be a very pleasant entertaining gentleman. The method of combing the hair indicates that he is very fastidions about his ap- pearance and furthermore that he prefers at times the society of the feminine sex. Let us now turn to number eight in which we find another unusual feature. The double reverse curve on the nose combined with the high sloping forehead gives us the profile of a very brainy man. The slight bulge of the nose is caused by an outcropping of the brain. Up to this point we have only considered profiles of ordinary men. Let us I , u O e QD Q59 .............. ......................... .... ...... f . f , 0 7 :eo I1 rzrnlrml fiffcrll Qfibv Y. ek 1 1.923 T1-1E MEN'S SENATE HOLDS AN IMPORTANT MEETING v 1111w 1.111'11 111 1110 0x111111111111o11 of 21 SIIIWI' 1112111 11s 1110 IlI'01110 of ll1l1lI1l6I' 111110 ex- 911111111105 11. N111100 1110 sloping 1'111'0h01111. 1110 S11'211Q1l1 1111s0, 1110 w011 8111111011 1111111111 211111 11011081 l'1l11l. S111-11 21 I11'01'110 i1111i1'1110s 111'i11111111'e of 11111111 111 s111-11 1111 0x10111 111111 11 1s so1110111110s l'0VQl'l'11 1111 11y p1'01111111i1111111'0 of 1he foolish. This 1ype of p1'11111e 1s 11111 11110111111111111 1111111111: IJI'0fl'SS101l2l1 1121lll'81'S 111111 1111101-s. 111 ll1111l1l01' 1011 we 1l2lV0 1111 l'X1lllll11C of il very i11111V11111111 llI'01'110. The I'011Ill111lg of 011111 co11111i11011 wi111 21 S1l0I'11 nose 11111101110 111111 1111s 1112111 is 1111- 1111111110111y 11es1'01111011 f1'0lll il 1-1100 of 1111111 l11oo11s w11o h11v0 110111 p1'11111i11e111 1l0S11101lS ill C1l11I'C1l 111111 s11110. X111111101' 010v011 1111111'111es il 1112111 1111110 s01 111 his w11ys. Nll1ll1l0I' 1w01v0 111- 1111-1110s 1110 1ypi1-111 111111116 of 21 l'0116gl' 1111y 11111 11s ye1 f1111y g1'11w11. N111111101' 11111110011 i'01llI1211'0S YPIQ' 1ll11l'1l with ll111ll110l' two ill 111211 1110 S1111j0i'1' is 21 very 111't1s111- 11111iv11111111. N111111101' f0l11'1Q01l 1s 11111,1111e1' l10l'1111ilI' v111'i01y. H010 1110 f111-01101111 shows 21 s1ig111 1'1'011s0 111' W'I'11l1i10 w11i1'h 112114 110011 C1111se111 hy s111i11g 1111 1111e 111 11111111 111 s11111y. T110 s11gh11y I1l'011'l1111llQ lips 11111 1ll111C2l1'1V6 111' il 0111-0 f1'0e 2l11'111l110. S11C1l 21 p1'o1110 is 1111110 0111111111111 111111111g l11'92lK'1l0I'S, sons. N111111101' 11110011 is fill' p1'o1i10 of 21 lllilll 111s011v01-011 11y the 1'l'S9il1'l'1l 1111101111 of Sig.1'11111 A1ph11 1'1ps11o11 111 11111 New Y111-k howery. ,I1 1s il l'1'0SS 1101w0011 El p111i- 11011111 111111 il 0111105350 boy. Owing 111 12ll'1i of s1p111'0 W0 1121115 110011 1111111110 111 111Sl'11SS 1'111F'11l01' 1his i111e1'- esting s1111j001, 11111 we 11'11s1 111111 hy 1111s 111116 you w111 111110 10111'11e11 j11s1 1V11il1 your p1'o1110 s1g11i110s. I C9 ' L9 o.. .... .,..,, . .... ..... , ........,...., 1 . Y :vo l11111111'1'1l .vi1't1'1'11 'Wie f. , -f' 'QF g VD :il Ei? 'IBEW gl, yi A ' Q ' 7 4 Jli t alibi ip A . ,V I it-NXWX 'xr K Q W . .- W ,923 v TO MY SENIOR THESIS Profound Marvel! Senior Thesis Made of bits and scraps and pieces. Gleanings from a thousand sources, Crowning gem of patchwork courses. Masterpiece of work and wonder! Brilliant Yarn and Bound-Up Blunder. Worthless cause of all my toiling, All my cussing, all my boiling, All my' searching, all my planning, All my eye strain, all my scanning, All my weariness and worry, All my hustle, all my hurry. Cause of musty book reviewing, Cause of printing, pasting, gluing. Sprouting from a dozen pages, Raised on work with unpaid wages. What are you that now I've got you? Would I might have gone and bought you! Fifty minds are in your making, Little "private" undertaking. Cream of Thought! How I abhor you! Were you mine, I'd fall before you. Though the thought be not my piping, Bring me "A" . . . I did the typing WINDOW GLIMPSES I'll go with you, and right away,-4 Straight down the hill to town. But may the homes along the way Have all the shades drawn down! One table set. One lamp. One fire, One faint piano scale. My A.B. is a fool's desire And college is a jail. My scheme. It is a little thing. Far off and cold as clay. In greed, I'd take what life would fling For nourishment today. l eggs ,. .. Two Izmzilrufl .fer-f'11tm'z1 Cl K QW 'I WZ Wav? wa? F5 22 w U,:ERi.i13L,W Q W! :N W 'M I H TH THE 'rum GIRL SHE WOULD BE STO!-UT? ' we QUESTION UT ' Too PLAIN IT I5 'SYN UE MOVES GZ- UPA BW, fi-I X E S K, Foe wwew me Same K0NlP1'10N FUT ALL DISRESPECT S , gl K x SHE TNRONNS A UUTCH ' J I I N FOR THE um me swmn A " WHO NV our-nBv.x.LS FLIES AILS Aaouv ms Comma MAR K THEN TRANQUILLY Accenrs T ' " ' THE WAY. www cumA1E wo 11 uw we www vou nu? I Sl-Y VILLIAN 0 F THE P01NTED CNIN l HE A Z wsu. rwowmc ur wA-5 on 77-IE' fx FOR YOU we S Y. xml.:-:'rE f Rx Y 'fx J-N , 75 ffm :nor X K-77 XX' X R-hs JOKES TAK ON NEW LUSTRE warn 'rue veA RS FOR OUR MENTALITX HE 'il-IED5 NEW TEARS . ASWITH BMSGUST HE VIEWS 05, ruv5R IN 11-QE RMN wi INFEQ, AND me oF Some Pneumomm. PNNL Wi- ARE NOT wHA'r ouR GREAT FOR You Tm: vewv puwcrs REEL: GRAND- PARENTS wERE'. YOU WMP THF GURLS, Amo oowu THEY KNEEL, one BANDFNGE Paompve- wen ALL TO wezv fn ANU RAVE Aaouv You m THEOR swan I , V - X QD Q , 441, , , 4, , , , , ,A 4 , , . ,. . , '11,-U !:::11fiM':1 r1'gl1.Mw'l1 6Z?Qf' .dgzgk 'VAUMWQW' .0 f 1.925 I 5 ffiifflg - N, .. , ge ,. 1 y al ta ' 'A .. . . ,. . .4 , . .f. Dx' uf .XG TO MISS COTTQN First day I came here, You spotted me. You knew the first year My history. Who could have told me, Once as I stood, You pigeon-holed me? Gosh! You are good! You've learned my birthday, My middle name, You've got the whole ease,- Darned clever game! Without suggestion, You have devined My unformed question Still in my mind. Wonder of Wonders! Can you be beat? Even my blunders Flame on your sheet. Others may laud meg Vainly I hope You will applaud me.- You've got the dope. To have a clean start, I'd burn your iles. But stamped on your heart, "E's" stretch in miles. Past sin is not dead While you are here. My prayers are all said. Order my bier. b .,............,,. ,....... .................. . . . ' ....., 1 .. -I CD C9 -A 'lim 1lIllI4il'l'11' V1illf'f1'L'H me Q me a - X ,323 W, Ain't lt The Truth After such a comprehensive and accurate description of the M.en's Fra- ternities, we feel moved to continue the good work among the speaker sex, with charity toward none and malice toward all. First, chronologically only, comes Kappa Alpha Theta. This small town aristocracy aspires to the title of c'hfV0lIl2lll,S l+'raternity,,' not being content to be classified with the common rabble as a Sorority. The principal char- acteristic of this lodge is the extensive mining for the precious metals. Hitch your go-cart to a Kite, and fly high. Very tactful and unassuming, yet man- aging to swing the Student Government election for 11ext year to bring them back to their former pinnacle from whence they tobogganed after the departure of Sue -lenkins. 4'Any girl's a sight if she wears a Kite? which means that she is windy and has a good line. Glad we ain't no Prairie Flower. The next 'bevy of beauties which attracts our attention is Kappa Kappa Gamma. This sorority is an odd assortment of all types. Their jewelry is typical of them. As keys in music are sometimes flat--well, finish it for your- self. No, class, you are mistaken. They are not something to adore. Their rushing season was quite Mercenary, resulting in a full page ad in this volume, despite the fact that Pinkie l'rather had nothing to do in judging the election. ln the next cage, ladies and gentlemen, we have the Alpha flhis, a sorority with lots of class, but little mentalit.y. W'itness their also-ran position in the scholarship reports. Their very symbolic badge consists mainly of a harp. This does not imply that they have as yet arrived at an angelic state. Alpha Chi Omega is supposed to be a musical sorority, their claim being based on the fact that they have a Carrol in their midst. VVith the able help of the Stude Govt. they inveigled quite a few of the wearers of tl1e green into becom- ing sisters of the Liar. Among those present is Miss Peterson. She's a regu- lar Alpha Chi. Every time she goes home she raises Kane. Let us now introduce you to Alpha Gamma Delta. lVhile sometimes referred to as the working girl's fraternity and rated socially a few steps lower than some of its older sisters, yet we notice that it has quite a few attractions. Virginia is quite the Berries. In its younger days this sorority had the name of being composed of sweet, wholesome young- women. The modern element has been added in some of their metropolitan members. Wfith the help of a. few of their most aspiring members the sorority has undergone a revolutionary change from the glorious days of the past. Still, considering everything, they are not so bad, and certainly no worse than some of the others that beautify and adorn Hulings Hall. VVe've just got room for a few' lines about Sigma Tau Sigma, and thatis about all they rate. We must admit that they are not so far behind the nationals when it Comes to knowing their petroleum. However, as soon as they petition and get to be a National, theyill be like the rest, and deteriorate. So far they have never done anything atrocious like their Big Sisters have done at various times, but give them a chance. I . ............ . ........ ,.... . . .......,........... . ..............,...,. ...,., . s Tivo flIIlllf7'i'li tn'r11fy' 62290 'F i L v A Ql fn, SG' 1 52,517- 5 A Q lb 4 Lulu: g - A96 QCWM .J Ulnq. M, ,q,.. QD! QZJTLTX i X Q J 1 X4vi A Lefll. y ., . 73 The Senior uestionnaire How old are you? Girls all say, 'tFour years older than you thi11k we aref' Average age is 20 years, 3 months and seven days. Several men old enough to shave. Miss Spalding did not answer this question. How much do you weigh? The grand average at sea level is about l-121 pounds. The range is enormous varying from Julian Ross at 96 pounds to Dot Mussler at an unknown quantity. Total weight of class in the vicinity of 13 tons. lVho is the best looking man in school? Tarzan Fuller, Ben Turpin, and Leo Ross all get a number of votes. Sam Alter wins by one vote, and Sam Bates is a close serond. VVho thinks he is? Jerry Hixson, Ted Siedle, Denison, Sutton, and Milli- ken rank highest, but they are not alone in their conceit. lVho is the most popular professor? Henke, Littell, lead the list. Every other professor mentioned at least once with the exception of Boss. Do you drink? If so, what? Everybody answers yes, but not all say what. Several mention nothing stronger than mineral water. f'Anything.7' Hud VVills Zllltl Chuck Kinney thinking that this was an invitation, called on the editor. Best answer was, UNO, I squirt them through my arm." Do you smoke? Yes, 425 No, Someone says, ftYes, stogies festooned with spaghetti." lVhat is your worst habit? "Blushing." 'tTalking too much." Some ad- mitted that they swore oeeasionally. The rest of the class has no bad habits. VVhat is Allegheny's need? 'tMore spiritfslf' ttAnother Buter Hall." "Several new members on the faculty." HA new telephone system at Hulingsf' Wliat is the most enjoyable experience at Allegheny? Someone says, UI don't tell every one about that? 4'Eatingf' tfllhecks from homef' 'filanoeing 011 the Cussiefl Another man was so crude as to say, t'Sunday night dates? WVhat is your religion? Methodists 63, l'resbyterians 14, Baptists 5. A few Holy Rollers, Buddists, Hindus and Mormons own up to it. lVhat Senior will most likely suereed in life? Everyone voted for himself. Bed Hafer reeeived two votes. Donnell Marsh and Estep look the most promis- ing. ..,.,,...,., .,,,,,,.,........,.,.,,....,...,...,,...,.,.............,,,,....,.,., A QD Two hundred twenty-Iwo e . 1 ksx 1923 NVl1o is the biggest f0lll'-llllNllt'l' i11 1'0ll611I0? Alvie Shaffer, Gene Miller, Mountsier, Beyers, Zlllll Henry all Clllllt' in for their share of tl1e honor. Some 0110 said, "If Hank Nealy was i11 sehool no one else XV0lllll Slillltl a showf, Should ehapel he abolished 1' Yes, ltll. The other S0lll0l' said, t'No, we need Olll' sleep." hvllilf does Allegzgheny ll6Qll least? "More lights o11 the ll2llllIlllS.,, "Hank Nealy's luneh counter." "Book store." "The liiterary Monthlyf' HA dozen or so of its 0l'g'illllZ2lll0llS.7, XVhat is your favorite song? 4'The Old Grey Maref' 'tliring on the Beers." 'Now the Day is Overf' 4'The 0116 the guy next to lllt? doesn't know." lVhat is the hest course in sehool? "Art All1JI'PCl2lll0ll.,, Several bright answers mentioning courses not nnentioned i11 the eatalogzgue hut evidently quite popular with the students. lVhat is the worst eourse? Math, Freneh. ,5xl'l'0llllllllg and English all are entered i11 the eontest. How can Allegheny's spirit he improved 1' Millet someone to iinport a little." 'ilunk a few 0I'g2llllZilll0llS.U Hlietter athletics." lVhat has the Y. M. ll. A. done for you? 4'Ahout ten dollars worth." 4'Look what it did to Hank Sealy." l'1'3lll6I' says, "It lllillltl a IIQVV lllilll out of nie." VVhy did yo11 001116 to Allegheny? "l'reaeher's son." "Five brothers." "Allegheny Basketball teams." t'Attraetions at Hulingsf' Why did you stay? 'illoss overlooked nxef' EXAMINATION WEEK Examinations! Everywhere I look I see a scowling face above a book. A11 have gone mad. The sociability we had,M Where is it? My roommate does not even answer me But roars a menacing, "OH, LET ME BE!" "Shut upg pipe downg you want to make me flunk. Do you think I have time to hear your bunk?" mga ,....... . . 1 aaaee 1- ...,. - ,......... ...... .,-.. . ..... ............. .. a Q Two lzxmfirrd twenty-tlxree O r f' ,,Q'9iGv1,,fx jxiviifcx i Unclreas Parade ..,., e-5 Fronfj M9Ciean ya N .. W , CD! 1114f K 626' Camp l'orter,Sept.l3,1922 My llear frank, NVell here we are at Ilerb Mel'rarken's ft. ball field on the shores of dear old lake Erie. and so far all we have done is getting tired running around. And the weather. Say frank, you ought to get in it onee. The last day or so someone must of upset the nekter of the gods on high olimpus,whieh now on aet-'t of Mr. Volstead is all water-wsaid water eoming down in all the eats and dogs ete. you ever saw. But whalis that got to do with ft. ball? You no me frank how I hate to get up early in the a. m.? NYeII, about T every lnorn this here Uourt llale blows a whistle which Mi-Uraeken gave him, and wakes us all up. NVe washes in a portion of lake lflrie. and then 5 or ll. of us 4-limb bark up and drag Burk XVolz out of bed. -lust about then someone pokes his head out of the messhall and we hear jim the eook hollering "hurry hurry". Believe me we sure do show some speed. When table 5 gets rouvineed that there aint no more vittles laying around, we goes across the road where everyday Earl Krotzer wins the goofy golf tournament. This is some golf eoarse frank. Herb and this guy -lack Lippert, our press agent. got busy one day and laid it out. These guys cleaned a few weeds out at SI different plares and sunk tin eans in the ground for holes. They robbed the woods of some crooked stieks for rlubs and got some indoor baseballs infant size. I donlt no much about the game Init the idea seemed to be to put the ball on a tea aml dig up a ru. ft. of sand as you try to drive the ball for a row of lake lirie oar boats. After you have tinally hit the ball. it usually goes in the rough and not in the fairway fin the fairway the weeds is only 14 ft. from deek to masthead, while in the rough you need a eompassl l'Vell if you tind the ball before noon you try to soc-k it into the tin ran aforesaid mentioned on no. I green. After several hours of glorified tiddle-dy winks. you get the ball in the hole and start the hole dumb performance over again. When you linally get thru you drag yourself at-ross the road and you here lbale blowing the whistle for morning practise. After luneh we all go into earl Krotzei-'s studio where we get iodine and rubdowns. bandages and speedoil until time for afternoon rehearsal. Instead of eross country work. Herb and Fats Gourley. that big guy from Pitt. gives us some anasthetie danc-ing sueh as pulling out of line. and how to fall in front of interference and how to trump the hand of the opp. 115 bark. After eommitt- ing a few soeial errors like this we starts in signal prartise again and we are ready for a mouth's vaeation with pay. herb says we eau go in the lake for 20 minutes. Next day the Canada Gov't sues the l'. S. lIov"l' for damages eaused by a tidal wave in Fanada due lo tiourley aml Myford being in the lake at the same time. After supper jim eomes in and sings a song about this here -ludd guy in a poker game. along with a lot of other stutl' while we all joined in the ehorus of the Dummy Line. NVhen everybody is tired out they start for bed and sleep. until llale blows the whistle again. lVell frank I must run over to my eanvass bungalow beeause a storm is going to hit us and probably drown us out. Hoping things are the same with you. I am your friend, Al. A Y I L9 Lab C, .............. .... .... ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,..., , .,..,,,,.,,,, 0 N M C9 Yfuo hnnllrrll tr. ruly-fire 62195 5 Qi 1.923 . if ifgllgqgi liiIl2i.ilEp9 , 6. Q-. . . 6, 36 , ,F Sinf tafiai f -2,-2 J f ' ' ri I i .I - J lm An Intelligent Test tWith apologies to Bowcloinj l tThe applin-ant should write on both sides of the paper only.l The ques- tions should be written in i11k :ind personzilly timed by the Vourt House Flock. Legible writing is not important as no attention is paid to the answers in ranking. henee mzike them short and to the point. Maximum time for earh question is indieuted. I. On the line below write your mime in full, omitting all the letters. tThis is for reference! Time l see. ll. If Monday comes zlfler Sunday on the 230th of .luly in 19-lil. lll2lI'k fl L-ross here .... 3 lf it does not. go to Miss Spalding' and zisk her if you run tzlke one of her to-eds automobile riding. lll. Fross out :ill the l's given in the line below it STSNSSPTZSSQ-1 is divisible by !l8fitiT!l24l!lSg It it is not. eross them :ill out exrept the letters in the line. llllllllllllllllll1111111111111 IY. If NVQ-'llll0Sllilf' Comes after Sunday. nmke El eirvle here .... g but if 6 is divisible by 4 und if the eolor of your eyes is blue plus green :ind if you have paid your tlilllltlgf? fees and make more than one trip an week to Hulings. write the mime of your favorite cigarette here ............ . Time either answer. l see. Y. XY1-ite opposite 02ll'll word below. the first word that comes into your mind on seeing that word. tMust be printible.l l. l'rz1etiee Teziehing 2. Xeramphilaimup 3. ossiti-age 4. possiwzisfiws 5. Vozy Uorner fi. Library Time ti ser. Vl. Point out the ineonsisteneies in the following sentences. l. The Hook Store is ai line institution. 2. Only one person can hear when you talk to liulingzgs Hull on the tele- phone. Z1. .Iuliun lloss never studies. 4. Literary Monthly is il good joke book. Time 4 see. W . 1 to ...... ..... ..... ..... ,.,..., . . .......... . , X CD Tivo Izzlliilrvil' f'Ix'4'llf.l'-.Tf.!' VII XIII Xl me F eline ' i523 ,Q , 9 . Draw ai line over the fourth, through the eighth, and :cross tht semi letters below. Time l sec. N X O I' If L . Answer in short sentence. If lloc Hill slnxvetl his lllttlltl oil nh lt n ould his chin look like? IY. Draw Rl Sil'2llQ,'lli line here. .. ............ now erase it in Y. Light il lll2llL'll null hold your llilllll over it until you burn xoui hi Ill, then answer Fleming' Alter Clark Estep this question. "Ain I a lit person to go to 1-ollege?ll . lVrite opposite these words their opposites: TI-IE FRAT PIN A LA DARWIN He Wore his college frat pin then Just south-ward of his heart, And vowed that from that resting place The pin would ne'er departg The years which passed still found him Standing quite firm and pat, He wore his college Frat Pin then In honor of his Frat. But one day two eyes confused him His high resolve took chase, For a sweet voice coaxed that Frat Pin From its abiding place: Now they live in a bungalow With welcome on the mat, The pin holds up the babies' clothes In honor of his Frat. College papers are great inventions, The school gets all the fame, The printer gets all the cash, And the staff gets all the blame. QXQQCQ till.tltell. Two l1mu1'rvfi lfvrlzty-sm' u tg' rl-923 T SOB STUFF It was a cold December night Within a mansion grey All filled with ghosts and hardwood floors That Morley rose to say, 1Gritting his teethi. "Fellows we've got to get that man," He challenged with a shout. "Old Delta Tau must do her best To cut the Phi Gams out." CFor they need itj. "On Kenneth Jenks we'll put our pin And for the love of Mike We'll show that bunch of Phi Psi boys That Delta Tau can spike." iWhen we're up against iti. The grave assembly raised a cheer And rallied to the strife. If they missed Kenneth, darkest clouds Would blight their family life, tin the grey mansioni. The street car station now we see, Behold the swinging crowd. The car where Kenneth rides appears And swearing waxes loud, fAnd something fiercei. Hurrah, Hurrah, the Fijis win. The Psi Psis grit their teeth For Bill has had first chance at Ken, He ought to get a wreath, fFor meeting Ken at Meadville Junctionj. The hosts revive their fainting hearts And crowd around the boy And invitations are so free That Ken's heart swells with joy. KNO board bill the first weeki. Perturbed, he picks a Phi Psi tall To lead him up the hill. The Delts and Phi Gams groan aloud At all their wasted skill. CJust some luck for the Phi Psisi. And so they rally ere they yield. The Phi Psis lose their luck. Three men with pledge pins in their hands Push Ken beneath a truck, 1Entirely by accidenti. A helpless form, a hospital bed, Ken opened his eyes and spied Three pledge pins on his spotless robe, He closed his eyes and died. Q , ...., ..,.. ....,,.,.,,..,,,,..,, , eCDg C9 Tivo liirilflrrii tiawixtgx'-riglit mm QQDL M E w 252253 M E552 QW ff ff 11.1 fm Qi . 3 7 j f N' ,I lf X W x' L' 6 f 'ff Q92 'XE f, , Q M J , W W I X j X f V N 'f fZ X V fax fr N - f 'X Q f My! if f- ii za Q J X 1 x X E 3 lf' X x X 1 I I ,Q W 1 k x E 'WH X ,X KN x xx y W X f Z ' 41- M' -5 I XX f a I , 5 ETD- K, X , 5. x 7: 5 525301, x K 3X ,U X ZA 0 fxys J Vw' 'I Q if ' 'A-fx. ' ff: , , LAWN! Hx xx ,W 1,1 rf: O I , W 2 X A x f ' , f 0 'AED f , I A R , y! x . "1 I KX X V1 gi kg ,. O 'Q , -Q f x' N gm V ,Ill ff Wi' X X H Z W Q x g! X gffxx KV tif WA 'R lfiifffx 1 L? :' ' umm Y! X ! 'fda -"'g QF X! XM X W x ' A CQQQQ. Q, , 4 ' Q1 I I I i 6 ', wx 9' 1323 X QA " EQ E257 iggfggfg WEEE N Q5 'AJ -1. Q 1 1' " f ,. . ' 81, Y" Q9 .05 .. s ' R055 ,"'Q WQ'N wvmmsa debated. gig? 'ij' rin. Vs, ' if , L5 1 + - f 2 ? .f . 4 :Y f ' fun m Q' JONES :D :afrfo mf awpus fi V ' ' - v , L x, .. - 91 ' I-f' 'If 1gH.!:Q23Q3 1' , ll1!C - U cL J 'F-Hifi" :5 V i MILLER 1' C13 x li I ,- WAS ensffranu '- 1 W'5b C,,,,,A,,,, wus PNf5lDA'lV7 of vw! sffwaf? 611455 I7 F Tivo llzrnnlrwi thirty 6? f If fglkfx '5?fHLU5Y1Mk I 5 4 K 7 12273, 'aszqqa f CN" Q .1 il N .4 CHICK Cochran PAvmEki5:.iRBoorEv PLAYED Q .A ! "W 'WE TENNI THE GOAL. P0515 N A P... E Y I 1 X A Eu LARSoN S KAN THE COLLEGE Lb XXI - QW- X 9 . Q ,Q GP-GE Leo THE nf L'OoM'5 WAS LU "N-D Q 5 CQPTAIFQ ,Q ' 'J ' AbJAx'YA CJQCQQQ , 4 , , 1 QQ yd 'l'7w I 1 7 I tlzztx L' 0235-yo ff J' Styx it 12 W R K 1.923 E M ,. im C' ANOTHER DANCE Another dance! Just like the last one. You take your own girl Or borrow one from your roommate. You send eleven rosebuds Just like the other men. You call for her in the car Owned by your Chem partner, but You get there Just the same. You manage to keep off her feet Only to step on all the other feet on your program. You tell all the Women casually That you are out of practice Not having been to many dances lately Which may or may not be the truth, They may believe you, or They may not. You decide to call around At the chaperons' corner Just at the moment Half a dozen other couples decide likewise. You put it off and off and off Then avoid the chaps on the way out. You both agree on the "wonderful time", "preppy" music, and Similar rot. All the way home Your girl, or the one you borrowed From your roommate Plays with her crushed corsage. Afterwards she presses a sickly rose In her memory book, and Keeps the rest in water until her home town Cl'1l1lll'S visit Just six weeks later. As for you- Oh well! THE ALLEGHENY PRIMER IN worms OF EASY SYLLABLES Oh, children, see what we have here. No Clara. it is not a brick building. XVhy can you not see around it plain-ly? Be-rause it is so big a-round that we can not see the other side. ls it alive ? Of course it is alive. It likes to play too. Yes, it has a nanie. NVQ call it Francis NVill-ian: My-ford. VVhat a big name? Yes. but what a big person. ls this a telegraph pole? No. dears. this is Hubert lValker. XVhy can you 11Of see the top of him plainly? Because he is so tall that l1is legs do not reach the ground. But he is a nice boy. He will grow up some day. XVhat a quaint ed-i-lice. Yes, that is lin-ter hall and it is 1'9lll2lI'li1llll8 for its lllllS-Plllll. Is llu-ter as nice as XVil-cox? Yes, it is as nice, but NVil-1-ox has more funny win-dows. It has funny 1-oonis too. NVas it built by an ar-rlni-tcct. No, it was built by a blind man. ........... .........,.....,. .........,..,,.... .....,. . , . ..,.,.,,.. . N CD, Tivo hnmlrmi tlifrty-tclo 6260 f Ee. 9 an f M , n L af 1.923 Our Radio Program Station FIZZ Mallahle l'an-t'ake Fo.. Mudville, Penn. 7:30 P. M. OYERIDITIC ..................... . . .College Ohorus Morniiig, Noon, and Night ..,. ........ I Xll-Bills S 200 B. C. TEXOR SOLO ............................................. Fleshnian XVay Down Yeast ................... ................. B lalton-Hopps Mr. l4'leshinan is a rising young tenor froin Milwaukee who has ap- peared in all parts of the United States up until July l, 1018. This is the tenor's iirst appearance since he was stricken with ai severe charley- horse in his larynx. I 0 100 A. D. ORCHICSTRA-HAH-RAII-HAH D"apres Midi ml, une l"aun ..................... Symphonic Tone Poeln Troinhone Solo with the Erie li. ll. Band. This Band has been led fled is the wordj since June 1023 by Senor Arsenol the Crime Min- ister ot Mexico. 0:30 M. D. GRAND OPICHA .......................... BVLLA tre MAMAMAMAA XYilhelin. a wandering student, falls in love with Oggie, Oggie, XVow, YVow the Einperor, I'inochle's, daughter. Oggie is aided hy Mug, the einperor's otlieial cork-puller, to eonceal herself in a trunk. Once firin- ly established, the king3,"s hrother challenges Asphalt ll, Duck of Belle- veuw, to a mortal coinhat at the just. NVilhehn arrives at the 11194.-it and is given two days in- the cooler for selling peanuts without a license. Two years pass and dvlllltlllll is released. He now hecoines a Clerk in the kingls post office dept. He has returned to his old stamping grounds. One day as Oggie is ahout to east herself into a convenient lake, she hears the inellow toot of a fluted-lute. She beeoines so intoxicated that she falls into the lake and starts to expire. WVilhelni, in passing, is chased into the lake hy a stray lion. Both expire. The opera also expires. 12 100 Midnight. CHORUS Foain Sweet Foain ......... N The1'e's No Base Like Ilolne. ' "" ABIA House 2 130 A. M. Ohildren's Bed-tiine Stories. W'hat Snoopie the Owl Found Out. Ilow I'inkie Got His Name. .......,. - - ....,.,..,....,.,.....,...... ---eg ..... ......... 1 ,...,,....,,. v v X QD Two lirmdred fliirly-llircr' fy-5 I 627515 Q31 fx 0. 61,4 1 Q. . 1 The Unofhuous Kalendar BY A FRESHMAN SEP'l'ENllllfR. 27. Shorty XValker makes a name for himself hy almost capturing the A A sophomore poster, in the poster scrap. o lo 28. lllack eyes! Missing teeth! Sore hands! Classes start. L. 57 29. Sophomores start advance sale of cha-pel seats. Y. M. C. A. holds lf stag party, everyone ahle to walk home unassisted. .I 30. Frosh all have decided to he Phi lieta Kappa. K ,, SEPTENBER Ol. lOl1LR. fVX01-VIQY V 1. Freshmen are granted privilege of purchasing their new fall hats. Ch a F? C P f 2. VVind llevers the idol of the frosh, decided to go out for cross- X Y . 1 A 'X 1, 1 ri country. See Oct. 11. 6' F E N 3 Verne VVise elected the goat of the senior class hy the eo-ed vote. ! ,ul-S -ap junior class goes through the motions of electing officers. "' ' 'i Sophomore class election: Reed gets sucked. X41 Frosh entice VVeston to the chair. 4. Vyise savs that he is ashamed to look lhoburn in the face, after robbing 'him of his office. 5. Fairly good show at the Park. 6. Red Hafer elected cheer leader. Cochran gets over anxious and seconds motion a little too soon. 7. Colgate 19, .-Xllegheny nothing. S. Hill Henry goes to church, hut does not enter 9. Football men explain how it happened. io. Modern Problems Club holds first meeting. Paul Clark attends i11 new Wheel comfort chair. 11. Phi lleta Kappa awarded. VVindy lieyers quits cross-country. 12. Frosh start to collect wood for the booster bonhre. 13. Frosh have to take hack most of the furniture and steps, but manage to remember where they put them. Coach speaks at the bonfire. liig crowd at the Park. .Xgnew gets crowned. 14. Frosh have faces decorated with iodine. Hook store puts in new line of wash rags. 15, Allegheny 39, Niagara o. 'fefft asks his twentieth upperzlassman where his frosh cap is. Either he thinks it is funny, or l1e is doing it on a het 16. Bill didn't get up in time to go to church today. 17. First issue of the Lit. Frosh find out that it isn't like the VVhiz Hang. Disappointed. 18. The first issue of the Campus buds forth, tl1e Philly Ledger ought to hide its face in shame. 19. Frat pledges are announced. .Xwald finds out that he is pledged Phi DCM. 2o. Ticket to Grove City for 32.00. Mud llavis offers good mustache for 32.25 Grove City 20, us 13. Nuf sed. 1 I borrow jack to return to Meadville. Din! 1. Frosh tind out that The Student Volunteer Hand is not a musical - organization. h im. Freshmen girls get their Irish caps, Sal McQuiston no longer 4 , Y mistaken for a freshman. 1 Greenlund changes color of his car to deep mndrlrune. . I F ,J Y. M.-Y. XY. reception. Ed. Larson steals fifty pounds of candy for N.. "' his girl in Saegertown. ' 1 ff P A Theta passes an Alpha Chi. lnnocent hystander has his ears 0. " frozen. Allegheny 33, NVaynesburg 7. XYhoopic? liring on your wolves. 'lf No use going to church this Sunday. VVe got to go next week. Hist. a11d Political Sci. Clulx makes historical tour of Erie. Mel , jones discovers oldest wine ee'lar and gets lost in its passages. llr. Church sea sick on Lake Erie. lt is rumored that liennie lleisel has taken 11p golf in order tl1at he IN, I A l may more clearly express himself to his math class. " - sa 2 - ' ' Two lz lfll tired thirty-fo11r me at .ot 49" lf 1.923 t it 1 lik: A1 :rift-if IE A . P5 I E L - ? x l L1 ,t ., if 7 Q 3 sc- 1- , . 9. IO Il. IZ 13. I4 .SI 16. I7. 13. 19 20. ZI. 22 2 24 25 26. 27. 28 29. 4 5 o 7 8 9 io 11 IZ I3 I4 3- 6" - Eu ' 'E' - 'CO QV! NOVEMBER. J Senior thesis snhjects due. Stan Thohnrn writes on ullulin s llall and llow I Conquered lt." t g . X 1, .i 2. Thohnrn l'lub discusses "Religions in China." A3 1 K VVhat next? 6 f I, 3. .X certain man coultln't pick his fraternity 461 rfffffi h1'other out of the gutter, so he laid down with , .,f"' him. X 'Y 4. Tech plus'referee equals 7, .Xllegheny plus hard ' . vf I i ,ff luck equals nought. fx Q5 IU 5. I makes a resolution never no more to het when Sl' QA " -f'f I have to take a chance. Those who couhln't K 4 ,29 hum enough wampam to go to The Smokey City have to attend vesper services. 6. julian Ross and Jerry Hixson caught shooting crap hack of lientley. 'L'-1 , ,Q 7. Ira lfleining and Bliss Henderson seen apartf , ,A ..,. . hnt not far apart. S. Pi Delta Epsilon, the journalistic fraternity en- tertains the sprouting literary geniuses. ll was tht-re.j Fitfull tighting reported i11 Turkey. The Campus reports that Dean James .X. lleehe spoke in chapel on the subject of Paul in l'hil- lipians 4:12. That's about the time the 3:17 Erie train arrives in Meadville. .Xlleghe sixty atc. Vllestniinster draws a goose egg. Une clay nearer Christmas vacation, only 43 1nore days. Classes resumed after the week-end. Lit again is shoved into our hands as we pass out of chapel. VVe get the Campus the same way, nothing much in it though. I just wrote this to fill up space. lleclamers and l'Ixte1npe1'anios hold get-together i11 Chapel hefore enormous crowd of 34 people. Girls' Senate meets to consider advisabilitv of removing numerous lights on the campus. lt 'pears as how the hoys at Cochran smelled chicken, hut it turned out to he VV4-hh's personal dinner. Thatis just the way things go, nothing is certain hut death, and that's pretty uncertain. YYaltcr liinkaid practicing faithfully at putting the shot. lle hopes to make the track team. Quill Ciluh initiates. liill llale shows good chance for hecoming a second Caruso. Sh-h-h, T. N. li. Did jew see that pandora? .Xin't it awful? Y. M. U. .X. starts their drive. General lloynton is in charge of the .Xllies troops. Picture is taken of entire student corpse. Loomis shows up two-faced. lleavy casualties ill the pocket-hook sector. Red llafcr announces that the Paris Ga1'ter Co. has opened new plant at Geneva. Allegheny 33, Geneva 7. Geneva Fires her coach, president and everything. The treasurer of the Y. Nl. li. .X. announces that what we need is cheaper ice. NYe have enough cheap skates. Junior "prom" is set for january 18. l learned a new tune on niy banjo. Its called "Its a short alley that l1as no bootleggcrsu. .X nice spirited piece. Campus announces that the Kalrlron staff hegins work on annual. This ain't work. Like hfl. One more day until the Tlianksgiving holidays. lJEC'lfNlUl':R. v ft 'E A few of the heavy eaters are missing from our ranks. - in llyford returns, looking fnll in the face. v 3? Letters from the girls at home begin to get fatter and cn., I 7 more frequent. Do it early. "yy-fi P Not much doing to-day. The Turks are still tighting and '4 4 If ' , only eight more days until Cihristmas vacation. f 2 I've decided that nest to taining wild Howers this is the , softest Joh l've ever attemptetlffperhaps. 'J i .X couple S. .X. lfs. leave for Mercer. They return in two sections- them, and their haggage. N' Profs start their "fare-well qnizzs" hut without much N satisfaction. The entire school is Nlercerizecl. X I The quizz l took to-day was a "fare-thee-well" sure enough. N H . 1 Two more days 'til vacation. Q1 . . 1 . - J ,. ' A-l-l a-lm-o-a-rfd, this train goes to Greenville, bfharon, -'P " f5r"3-. I Youngstown, Niles and 1!0llltS to the west --VVhoopee. ' 1 CEQJEA ....... ...,......,...,..........,.,..,..... . ......,.. . .................,........ .Q .... Cl Two 1111 l1l1'!'t'tI' Hiirty-fire -f-"gg" X- s, MQ 1 aaa I swf ,Q Cn.. 9 . fx OPEN ' ' . ALL - IAN UARY. A. Now ain't life jes' one disappointment after another. lint I had a good time an' if yu don't think so, ynu're crazy k. One of our fellow students told me that Santa Claus cer- tainly had heen good to a certain well knuwn co-ed, I asked him why, and he re lied ver' unetnieernvd "lYell . D 1 , look what he put in her stockingf' - . Class haskethall teams get underway, seniors and freshmen , . Inniur lroni. ... " at least nnee a week. fl.. its A 92 5 f Q X 4 Nicu Q - l 'G 0 . Q 1 1' Q IU ll 1? If 13 14 15 16 I7 18 19 20 21 2: 23 34 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 6 7 8 9 10 ii 12 T3 14 15 16 I7 18 I9 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 . liig day at the harher shnp, J win their games: twn guesses who got beat. . Mel Jones didn't have a church date . Mystery explained, Xlel was sick in hed. . Never saw su much snow in my life. -, Some people helieye that we oughter have a Junior l'rom . 'I'his just missed Friday the 13th by one day. . If this weather keeps up mneh longer, I'm sure that it won't he long hefore hell freezes over. One day nearer tinal exams. The faculty put nut a hnneh of new rules. Dapper Dan Madden says that he's not afraid of the exznnsn why shnuld he? P The Letz Quartet strung the students along today. Allegheny 37, Ilaldwin-NYallaee 18. Not so had for a heginner. lfreshmen take lead in haskethall, llr, R. E. Ilrown speaks at vespers-fI said lirown, not l,ee. 36-19, Geneva gets kicked off. Everyone walks around like they were in a daze. l'n1 doing the same thing. Exams. More exams. Still more. I,v1lCtll1SCl0llS all day. Hack again. Packing my trunk. lflunked my last exam. Fli IERUARY, Some registers -others don't, Miadden sticks around to see that Doe Ross gets everyone registered Classes are again under way. Dr. jordan of Cornell tells us that there should he more purity in our diction. Personally, 1 agree entirely with him, llethany was defeated last nite hy the basketball team. Teeh was hetter than we expected, 43-29. Many new fraternity pins are seen an the campus. Classes appoint eummittees for Washington liirthday Banquet. Several fraternitv freshmen show a decided disinclination to sit down , - C Day of prayer. "Now I lay me down to sleep, ete.". Allegheny 29, St. Bonaventure 40. Juniors wallop freshmen in haskethall. VVhat will we do 'Alf winter crnnesu? One day nearer June 18. Grove City can play haskethall, too. Never again will I het against Grove City. VVtashington has a hirthday. Ilixson gets eold feet. N0 banquet. Everyone all sure. lispecially the frosll. Tech defeated ns again last nite. Klee-o-Kleet performs. Still snowing and getting colder, Stone church feed the Methodists and discovers that only Metho- dists attend Allegheny. llemmler decides to remain Presbyterian. ng 0 ED g th E. I , UE! Lfliili'-gr H ri X 71 N N ga-lawns R E wpy, ,, X N XX .. 'J 4 I 24, rift 'wcaws N . i-twi""E' vie, ,,.. :ff .U-H , K .sf v o T'zt'0 lilmdrrn' thirty-:1'.1' C'-UXQQLG. .... .... .......,...... .,.....,...,..,,,,,.., . ,,....., e l y O .rye .t ll 'l l In 65590 I ' , IQ' if . iff. --' X 1 .1 i' Q NIARCH. I5 I6 17 18 19 20 2I 22 23 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I0 11 I2 13 I4 I5 10 17 18 I9 20 2I 22 23 24 25 26. 27 28 fi ll 1. Varsity debate, Allegheny vs. Western Reserve. Allegheny wins by a horn. Students' Missionary Conference begins. Inspection of women gives Loomis' expectations speedy disillusionment. A. A 53414-E. N llut , l 2 2. f' ffl' 3. Popularity contest announced. The Prathers start making stump -- ORATGR speeches. jimmy Sides offers editor gratuitous fee. Editor adament. 4. More candy for the monitors. Pinkie Prather studies M hour. V Ye 6. Pride goeth before a fall. VVestminster wins by one point. 9 . 7. Last day for senior thesis. 8. Le Petit Salon presents "Les Femmes Fortesn. H'l'liey're only Cubebsln llebaters hold a roundup. Student hotly votes to award Larson with a silver shovel. BQXN it Freshmen lick sophonioresfni lo. liaker's quintet Gnally wins one. Allegheny 30, Juniata 24. Sunday. Cleanliness being next to tiodliness, Wlills holds morning de- votions in bath tub. 1 1. Lit Monthly litters again. ll. I3. juniors stand up during chapel exercises for a change. 14. liob Murphy begins work on his senior thesis. debate. Dr. and Mrs. Church guests of Phi Alpha Kappa. More diplomacy. XYinnner and the three other classes hold indoor track meet. Phi Delts hold Founders' Day Banquet. Several Phi Delts able to navigate. Monday. Fraternities again return to their ideals for an hour. liozic goes to City Ilospital in order to he nearer Gert Curry. Dr. Ilenke tells his other story. Estep reuaines Accounting to 'tilystery Course." "No-w youisee it and now you don't." v Vacation begins. Those who haven't already left, start for home. .Xll college cases wrecked for ten days. APRIL. Greenlund displays wardrobe at Corry station before admiring audience. Phi Gains find out their radiators are frozen. Only one Phi Gam swears. The rest didn't know how. Hank Nealy accidently puts a piece of ham in a ham sandwich. llrowns sorrow at Saegertown. Chi Rhos spring formal party. Community dress suits at a premium. Girls' Glee Club concert. Sunday. VVin1mer collects alarm clocks at llulings. 'l'wenty-three girls late for breakfast. .Xlicia Tobin in dutch with the twenty-three. Editor in good humor. 'l'clls me Iialdron will come out as soon as I complete this calendar up to the middle of June. Lomax gives a few cowboy ballads and negro spirituals. Glce Club sings in Pittsburgh. Dearth of towels at Fort Pitt llotel. Alpha Chi Sigma initiates. Philosopher's stone found by four, Fire in Cochran Hall. Too bad it wasn't the Sig house. Glee Club sings at XN'arren. llimebaugh barely escapes detaininent at North Xliarren. Duzer llu performance. Huck VVeaver scouts for seven heree bravelings. Pinkie Prather indulges in demented wanderings of a fanatic mind, heneht of Senior Hop. Allegheny debates Dickinson. 'liwo more victories. Vtise holds his Senior Hop. Russo and Mrs, Church furnish feature dance. Headaches prevalent. Flick administers unsteady haircuts. Murphy completes another page on his senior thesis. Athletic lloard of Control flips coin as usual for managerial election. lfaton wins by a head. College foundered 1418 years ago. lda Nl. Tarhell speaks. VVimmer returns alarm clocks. Lit Monthly changes color, Jerry didn't know any better. Thiel furnishes meat for Allegheny track men. 29 Sunday. l take a rest. 30 Horse back riding starts at llulings Hall. No headaches. Quite the opposite. C5 Co ' ' XQQLQ.. .......,.. .,..........,.......,,.,.,,.,.,.., ,,,,,,,,,,..,. . ..,,,, .,..,,,, S QD M l l:t'o Imrnlrefl tl:u'1r-sr:'t'n - 65612 ,cgi 5 lk 1.923 V A A E-- t ,Co ., MAY. 1. Doc Iiill misses chapel. Cluts face while shaving. 2. "Mere pittances" of Senior llop buy VVise a new car. 3. Iinture orators strive for I'l1ilo-liranklin prize. 4. Dr. IIixson conducts chapel in regular inanncr. 5. Phi Delt rlress suit is stolen and tive Phi Delts decline invitations to formal atifairs. 6. Phi Canis hold Nlotht-r's Day. .XII attenll church for the tirst time this year. 6. Rnter museum is opened antl relies from King 'I'ut's tomb are clisplay-eil. 7. It is rumored that Ycrn XYise starts l1is senior thesis. 8. Dr. Leu late to faculty meeting. Ifor the reason see snaps Ull page 259. 9. Bliss Spalfling gets out new :lance rules. Sixteen inch limit fails to meet popular approval. io. Sig house is searehesl hy liirleons for having stolen 5oo Ilibles from various hotels in the country. 11. Gosh, I'm heginning to wish that the eflitor wouhl write his ow11 calcntlar. 12. Interseholastic track meet. More rain. ggi? 9 13. XIother's Day. I ' 0 ' 0 14. Nlonclay. I IICCICIC to cut chapel. -x 15. Doty turns foreign iliplonmt as far as his collar is , Q X concernell. f " 16. Dail Ling leatls chapel and rcatls the same prayer he I I f read tht- last time. A V 17. Murphy now half through with his thesis. J 4 h Q 18, Gilmer makes mistake antl talks almout tierman in Ger- Q man class. ' ' ' 19. Sorority parties. Miss SpalcIing's 16 inch tlantte rules -I ,R .-4l carefully ohservetl. ',', li", ."' ' zo. Ilill Xlctiill clucirles to eliininatn- a few lights from the campus. llank Nealy still in husiness. 21. Iitl. Larson starts his new enrlowment campaign. .:2. Prexy Crawforml comes hack to tell us how to suceeeml. There are only five ways. 23. The Campus changes its publication to 'I'In1rscIay. Ifroin now o11 we can get it on Ifritlay. 24. Ifraternity baseball hcgins to get interesting. 24. Ilim Thomas antl Skelton heat tI1e gun and get a gootl start on the morning hymn. 25. Senate Iileetions. Pete Eaton antl joe Moffatt out lectioneeritig. zo. Delts holtl a party. .X reel party. 27. Sumlay. .X hig night at the l1all. Nlany go to church, Izut few stay long. 28. Xlrs. Russo sings at I.e Pt-tit Salon. Dr, Russo hears his inasters voice. gg. Dr. Stocking in chapel. "IIow many hooks i11 the Bible?" Iiretl Hough: "Fifty-three if you count the joker." 3o. Decoration Day. Gosh. Iilll glad this thing is just ahout enclefl. JUNE. 12. Kahlron comes out. Ifditor lcavts town. f'I'1'ofesso1' Ross." saitl a gIl'2ltIll2lfQ. tryinggg to tlo the rigllt thing 011 leaving srhool, "I want yon to know that I feel itnlolrtetl to yon for evvrytlliilg that I have It'2lI'llt'll in the past foin' yearsf, "Pray do lltlf mention snrh a iI'iIIlf,Ii was the llllf2lIfl?l'Illg reply. I'l'IllL'IlI2lI parts of the verb "fIllllt'tlv-i'IIll1lt'0, tlnnkere, snspentlo, expnl- SllIIl..7, Little ents from 4-llapel, Little ents in vlass, Often makes ns wontler How some fellows pass. GD 1 I ' ' we ......, ...... ...,.....,......... .,.......,.........,...... .... .,.,.... ,.,.., .,.,..,.,.... . . , Q .... , ya Treo l1111n1r1'tl' tlrirt-1'-right 62560 1 wk 1,925 am 'Kcxms ffiafak xrnw time . Perf chmvzi . ' , , , ,, Tm: lzumlmui tlzirty-:liz F fllflfyf- L 1.923 . ffffbf' ff.-' 'X V ' The Price He Paid Being the prim-e a Senior in 1895 paiil for merely picking up a girl's haml- kerclnief in the library and afterwarwls walking to the hall with her. NVe have attempted to hanflle this expensive theme in free verse. I. llburing one college yearfl T5 hours IJ. 5 hours think. 59 trips to Dean. 5Hi.lli5S.00 for movies. 52.67 Sunday Night Clllll'l'll eolleetion. 3512.00 Malteml milks. ii suits ruined from falling from eanoe into Vussie. SFI 114.69 Flowers delivered during gil-l's 4'-ampus. i1l271i.00 Shoe leather. fH4l7.50 l'jllQ'I'2lV9'!l cards for Lena's preilem-essor. SHSI 125.00 Uorsages 19221000 Hours loss of sleep. flFl0.00 l'ommeneement gift. l'nlimite4l amount of embarrassment from the gang. II. llburing one year apart from eaeh other, she in Homestead, he in Turtle fll'0l'li. 3 3525.00 Stationerv and stain rs. u 1 I Q I flF4..m0 Special delivery stamps. 355638.43 'Felegi-ams. 5lf25N0!l4S!l.00 Railroad and street ear fare. Ill. 3575.00 l'lllQ'3lg'Clll0Ilt ring. 352.538 xviflllllllg 1'll1'g'. qlil0.00 I'rea1-her. 35500.00.Honeymoon andtrip to Niagara. IV. !lFT000.00 House and lot. 5lF1ili7S!l.ll0 Furniture and iixtures. 569 Rehutfs from tempermental mother-in-law. llli Boxes stogies for father-in-law. 3265 nights at home tiaimuallyyi. ll Bally carriages. ll High ehairs. ll Kiilily kars. Loss of membership at the Club. Loss of wife's esteem and atteetion. Loss of ehilmlhood, faith and religion. 35576845l4S57,000,000,000 Lawyer's fee in divorce Case. Alimony fnot cleeidedl. . QD ' L9 .....,.................................................... 4. ,, Two llumlrml forfj' X , ,: xn' f fX , I , g ' :gg . Tlfkosa be A .A QD M39 7 7 11r4l'l'ml fwfy-0111' Es. 62790 fb, 5 ,Viv -4GL A ,Q X 'QMYNH ' A f- 1525 Ke g! if 2 if . P50521 5,2 Igf- li E" Q QV: 'z ? . - O -6 ,G .3 ' 'S iv D 9 K I ,Y 1:-Acmvnaw A QQ, GF STYLE 325 , 9- ..,, - M ,- af Q W ,f x ' if S13-A Ie Nu. 325 , 0 ,Gam-f. A harry. mmf Jw mm mu wa' be fm mm , as my mm, Nw., nw mppy mmm wwwmm, 5 ,mf high mm Xine, uw mg wwf: naw wa my bw- 7 .xihlliy Xfki levels. Tun gia Kufstvkjiiy Qldtzftj 214 ' A-K,Xx'u YICQZYY m-wx: mxlfxr ' vi Y fi' 'P' KI HYIFW ' -md my ... , if HJ.. ' 5 fy ,ff .......,................:g . ,QQ 'v X BACK vviw ' Wgw STYLE 327 ' Q .avi x A f . -.W ,,........ 'six la Yo .509 1.01 uc mm ngswk 4 .L ns M V btw In ho c Sh mc tins is vb V. Q , - M4 ,Xb N a Ln 52 nr uf: wx Q L .1 ff wx F TRN ff' Styli- Nu. 327 ,f QW-M JM wg :h.+1wi1tsEn.x:!y mm 'gm may , gnu: mr gm famqfwz, fxmfm mba mm - Www 11,,:fw,1s,:-fmwhm, rhnmxhe hand' K wg .W Y. vi-.Mus fm.-.f, M.mmmm1 51 ,N 1 M- 'ni rm Ma mu frm K, , ,, , ,V ,vM,,w we eW,,.,1x Y -uw., , -. '14 V I E . 5 I S ' , ..M L ,: I if ' 1 - Shin N0 31 an 81,1 wh Q xieyeu 11-:muffins 5 ngxlxcc lik ---as 'E'Qf'W' 'W 4, M if Fifi '53 .lf 4, Q ff? 3 Q A 1454559312-f'.'L'?S ww, ,k,, mv, 'NW A it an ' 2 if J Q 4 id , E f , H: J " 'X " D L ' 0 0 Y , Q cv ' if V 1 . Q KR V 1 . . F' A 5 X 5 6 kg ,. , 'A 9 , n 1 9 ' ' - kv f R . ' 5 "' My 1 .LL.. .gy-f Z,mgf1,frf law x I 4 1 ll . 5 , ,, , 5 i, - J ' LI-5333?fZf'If2S",233fLf7.iXlZ'1fZ'm?f ...,.....,...' 4' 1 ..., "Tl'2LPtE?.5EWI,9ii.ifii1Y.Q'. - 'W'--M-'-m--V-' g , .. as , - 5 Two hundred forty-two M 65 ,, 6' 15 .J W 1 . .,. t., ' ifsza ,Q I 9 . . L, 6:30 Permission I H E P Sat. Nite Hop for .Hulings Hall at lil OF ALLEGHENY COLLEGE -ffl, VOLUME XLI, NO. 20 PRICE FIVE CENTS ANNUAL TIDDLEWINKS TILT !! THOUSANDS SHUDDER AS W O U N D E D ARE CARRIED FROM BLOODY CONTEST Before a crowd that filled the historic field to overflowing, the brawny sons of Allegheny overwhelmingly defeated their ancient rivals, the Saegertown Corre- spondents, yesterday by a score of 13-0. The blue and gold of Allegheny and the purple of Saegertown transformed the Held into a riot of colors. Mortimer Klotz, the big blond captain was the star of the day. Saegertown won the toss and chose the north side. Beamish who was in the box for Saegertown dubbed his drive and landed in the rough along the edge of the fairway. A loud shout went up from the Saegertown contingents as Klotz recovered the ball and drove a sizzling back hand to third base catch- ing Beamish out at the base-line. At this point it looked like anybody's race. McGurk punted for Saegertown, but misjudged his distance and landed in a sand-trap. Down the track past the half furlong marks came Klotz, galloping, his colors gleaming in the sun, Feinberg of Allegheny missed a flying tackle by inches. Over the line he sped breaking EMINENT GRADUATE SPEAKS AT CHAPEL The Hon. Silas Blowhard, '67, in an ad- dress in chapel on Thursday, which caused the hair of Prof. Hammett to stand on end, declared that the founda- tion of his vast fortune was laid in the economies of his college days. Earning 32.86 fCanadianJ per week for dusting the rhododendrons in the ravine and sub- sisting on one pack of Mail Pouch per day, Mr. Blowhard found time to secure the' managership of the football team. From then on the effects of his thrift became apparent. Mr. Blowhard, who is said to be the richest man in Saegertown, has achieved remarkable success in the bootlegging world. the tape just as the whistle blew the end of the first set. Beamish Lands The blue and gold trotted onto the field at the beginning of the second frame with a look of dogged determination on their faces. Beamish swung for a vicious left hook to the jaw and Feinberg stag- gered against the ropes. A short ap- proach with the mashie left Allegheny on the edge of the green with an easy shot. But Klotz decided to walk lVlcGurk who was the next man up. Blomwieser, the little blue and gold coxswain now advanced to the plate. Carefully posing his cue he played the three ball for the side pocket. Like a flash Klotz was upon him, and with a quick half-nelson wrested the puck from him and sent it shooting toward the blue enemy's goal posts. In vain the and gold ends tried to stop him. He crouched over the handle bars and rode like mad. Beamish tried to get on the five yard line but slipped him on a muddy field and as the gaily colored launches and tugs tooted their horns and whistles Klotz shot by the buoy, a victor. ALUMNI NOTES. 1 Miss Edith Rowley, '73, has recently purchased a copy of "Town and Gown" for the library. Mr. Jerry Hixson, '22, is working on a new poem which will be published in the next issue of the Lit. ' On account of their being no more 'room on this page, we will have to dis- continue the rest of the Alumni. If there are any other Alumni who would like to see their name in print they may do so by sending us a little news about themselves. HANK'S PLACE. Try us once and you'll never forget it. NVe specialize on Lulcr' W'arm Pop Hotton Sf'7"17lf'E' Meatlcss Samlwichcs Our Motto--"We'll rook you if we can." W 0 .... - ..... ...... g ..,,.,...,..,.....'..........,.......... Q .... Q ......,...... 1 ........ - QD! 0 Two lm ndrml forty-tlxrce 1 If O x JK 6ZQ', TQ fe iii Ye, A 1 Lglivv A - ' 'G t W6 L QD 1.92.3 .. .,. . ,. . .,' V" W f THE CAMPUS OF ALLEGHENY COLLEGE i V 'iv Hi Establishizdi 1Sl6 1 The Campus is forwarded to all sub- scribers no less than three weeks after publication. Address all complaints to John Doe. W. MELVILLE JONES.. .Editor-in-Chief The editor wishes to make an apology for the sloppy way he has conducted the paper for the past year. We would like to know how to write better, and we are so deadly in earnest that it is a shame we can't. Matters of government are approach- ing a crisis. Facts must be faced. If the administration is not able to cope with the situation, if the people of the United States are not able to cope with it, if the assembled nations of the world are un- able to cope with it, then the editorial staff of this paper must be called upon to settle the thing. FACULTY During the week Pres. Hixson has visited Saegertown, Ridgeway, Kalamazoo, Monte Carlo, the Bad Lands, all of the United States and a part of New Jersey in his efforts to find a freshman who will make A's under the new requirements. He has not been successful but hopes to locate his prey in the wilds of Western Asia. Although the hot weather has come and with it signs of summer, when asked to confirm the report that Allegheny would be represented by a football team next fall Dr. Lee admitted that "some folks use more yeast" while Coach Hammett main- tained that "the Pirates had the best team." Dr. Henke has been severely ill from the bite of the woofleduff which escaped from the psychological laboratory. He is reported to be in convalesence. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE FOUNDED IN 1815 REASONABLE TRADITIONS UNREA SONABLE FACULTY STRONG LOCATION UNSURPASSED EXPENSES SCANDAL STAINS TIMEWORN TRADITIONS ANCIENT FRATERNITY IMPLI- CATED SERIOUSLY Rumor has it that certain well known members of the Phi Beta Kappa staged an unchaperoned dinner dance at a near- by inn not long ago. In a recent in- terview Dean Spalding stated that she was horrified at the sudden misbehavior of this fraternity whose proud name hith- erto had never been dragged in the dust. She then swooned but was revived by our staff of reporters who produced smelling salts from his hip pocket. The student body is already up in arms, and stringent measures are in or- der to punish these unspeakables. ACADEMY Popular Plays - Risque Scenes - No Cheap Shows An occasional performance that Hall girls with signed certificates may see. Mendel's WE HAVE SOMETHING ON EVERY MAN IN TOWN. ALLEGHE CICEROS VICTORIOUS Allegheny college debaters took the trio scalps of the University of Berlin last Monday evening before a small but fast disappearing audience. Interest was so keen that the referee barred the catch-as-catch-can in the beginning of the struggle, and some minutes later the strangle hold. Bozic's footwork was very convincing while Larson's aggressiveness overrode all opposition. It is understood that a return bout is scheduled for the fourth of July, on the polo grounds. The winners in this contest are to challenge the Prince of Wales for the champion- ship of Vasmania. STYLE HEADQUARTERS SURPRISE YOUR NECK BY GETTING A NEW COLLAR AT Tom K. William's FA 1 .......... 1 ........'........... 1 ,,,.,,,,..,,,.,,.,,,...,,...,.,.,. . QD, Tivo lznuilrcd forty-four Q ,Q W,,, ,, 1 w ijwy Armfull. For cs. I-VU-12 may '.HuX'x-xsi'-5 HAH, kd X4 GU' .Noe K., J +15 Om QF tk-z Ex-w.'s Maw EGSSTXCS 53- F Q95 ...... ,,Q,,. 1 ..., QD n y h A1626 ng 627 -EQ I in A 71.9273 C CQ., S. O. S. tSame Old Stuffj I There was a Frosh and he made the vow, fEven as you and IJ. That he'd live no more on Cochran chow, But he's back eating the baked-beans now. He tried to work it, but didn't know how. fEven as you and IJ. II He told the Dean that his stomach was weak, QEven as you and IJ. That he couldn't eat a hit of the meat, The potatoes gave him the prickly-heat, The hardwood floors did hurt his feet. tEven as you and IJ. III. He got no permission to leave the Hall, CEven as you and IJ. He w0n't go back though the Heavens fall, He'll eat downtown, or not at all. It don't mean a thing, he's pulling a stall, tEven as you and IJ. Bum-k: "Say, how did you like that cigar I gave you? Smoke 1 thousand of them, save the bands, and you'I1 be given a talking machine. Hud: "Huh, if I smoked a thousand of those, I wouIdn't mer 1 ti 1, machine, I'd need -1 I1-11-In" 1 1 . t'NVhat is a hug?" t'I'lnergy gone to waist." Dad: "You kept the rar out rather Iate last night. What dm I is ed you Pete: "Had a blowout, lladf, Dad: t'Til'e or 1'U2liIIl0l'lS0?v tWVhat is your idea of clean sport ?" NSNVIIIIIIIIIIQLH Virginia: "Are you fond of outdoor sports?" Margaret: "Yes, if they have cars." "That was a had Inw-akf' moaned the IIYIYUIUI' as he I'eII on his hip pot Flivkinger: "Do you want a Iiairc-ut?l' Davis: "No, you fool, cut them aII." VVhen Willard Meri-cl laughs he says, Ile, He. hut the VIPNIQIII speuu says Ile Haw. ffxgga, t, .tt t,t.... .t.. yyyyt t,t. .,... Tivo IIIIII firm! fortwi'-xi,r D 62790 . ex A ,QXEX Q 1325 A 1, 6- 10 W W UNCLE HENRY SAYS z By the way some of these rollege girls art you woultl think that their sorority tiower was the mistletoe. VVhen the worm turns it, meets either a l'llll'li0Il or a tisherman. tfo-etls who keep their eyebrows thin tintl it takes a lot of pluvk. There are two types of women to keep away from: those with hohhetl hair antl those not. A lot of rollege guys are like tiees. They go to the clogs. A woman's dangerous age is from Ii-Ttl. A manls-from now on. A professor on the Hill says that college girls shoultl not marry: therehy proving that all 1-ometlians are not on the stage. The women on the Hill ran tlo just ahout anything' with a hairpin except keep it in their hair. Dumb: "She must' have a cataract in her eye. Bell : "Howszat' ZW lbumh: "l'lveryhotly falls for her." YYhiz:, tat hiffh-hrow cont-ertt I "Are von in favor of his execution?" 8 . f . Bang: "illllll6tll2li0ly.77 Parnell-"Say, tlitl you ever take chloroform?" Byham-"Naw, what hour tloes it rome?" l'1-of. tloleman-"Can you suggest any means wherehy l can improve my lertul-es?" Voice from rear-t'Have you trietl selling them as lullahj.'s?" Bliss-"l'm a little stitt from howling." tfoaehgul tlonlt 1-are where yonlre from. Get into a suit anal get to work." "llo0'U'one this anti-trust movementw efrowletl Has Vlark as he fflaretl at hh 7 2-1 2'1 the rhaperone. llr. Lye 'l'ell: "Frederic-k ll tlietl untler the han of exrommunit-ation. I will follow him no fartherfi FINIS The etlitors are tlarn glatl this book is tinishetl. VVhether you like it or uot, it is a loatl otf our mintls. lt' there is anything in this hook that gives otfense to anyone. we assure you that the fault tloes not lie with the stati- the statf lies. Home things may have rrept in unheknownst. hut for this the static refuses to he heltl responsible. Une worel more. NVe give fair notire that some of the original tlope in this volume was swipetl from some eollege annual from strmewhere.-yes. even this write-up. tio to it gentle reatler-knoek us hard. .... .............,.........,. l , ...i........r,. .,l,, 1 .,,,.,,,r,,,..v,.,,,,.,..,,,, A QD, Tivo linmlrvtl forty-5cz'1'n I m SAEGERTQWN INN Nestling in a little valley of unusual beauty, this quaint old-fashioned Inn is to the visitor an ideal world beyond the actual. Lazily rolling hills, the delight of the motorist, the symbol of quiet and rest, abound in the fuicinity. At a short distance a cooling stream flows quietly beneath a picturesque wooded blujjf. Golf, riding, tennis, these are but a few of the outdoor sports at the Saegertown Inn. A table of delicious homefcooked foods is the rule, a commodious dance floor, spacious lobbies, excellent serfuice and the best display of courtesy make the Saegerf town Inn an ideal place for college, fra' ternity and sorority banquets. CPEN THE YEAR ARCUND mmm QI Are your Parents protected covering the expense your education has been to them ? QI Have your Parents given you the impetus on the Road to Success that a Savings I-Iabit, fostered by a Life Insurf ance Policy, would give you? QI The Standard Life Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh is a Pennsylvania Company, and conducts a school of inf struction to teach young men with vision the value of Life Insurance to all concerned-the Insured, the Bene- ficiary, and the Solicitor. QI You will be convinced that the Writer of I.ifelInsur- ance is better rewarded for hard work than an equal effort expended in any other line, if you will address C. S. MCGAVERN 308 Commerce Bldg. ERIE, PENNA. Manager for Northwestern Pennsylvania Standard Life Insurance Company of America Home Office, Pittsburgh, Penna. john C. I-Iill, President. Hyatt M. Cribbs, VicefPres. I. D. VanScoten, VicefTreas. and Director of Agencies. a t-Tia CLARK 8 DAWJ EAST SIDE MEAT MARKET CORNER STATE AND GROVE STREET LAFAYETTE HOTEL CARPENTER'S ELECTRIC STORE OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE TRURAN'S ECONOMY PRINTERY THE COLLEGE PRINTERS 12,1314 PHOENIX BLOCK BELL PHONE NO. 9 "IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH" GRIFFITHS 8c MIZNER DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC AND ELECTRO-THERAPY TEN YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE LOCAL 625 CORNER CHESTNUT STREET AND DIAMOND LICENSED BY STATE BUREAU OF M EDICAL EDUCATION AND LICENSURE .v.v.v.v.v.'.Y.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.'.-.v.'.Iv.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v. GREEN 8 BAKER DEALERS IN PURE MANUFACTURED ICE COLD STORAGE 954 MARKET ST. BOTH PHONES COMPLIMENTS OF THE MUNTZ STUDIO 248 CHESTNUT STREET mm T"EmmEm mm muH .mm Em W Always First with the First-Class Things Steele sl T FURNISHERS I Cgooclmcm and Suss cmd Stylefplus Clothes 241 CHESTNUT ST., MEADVILLE, PA. Next to Lyceum Theatre GENERAL AND SPECIAL BAKING 5 SHERMAN'S Does Your Club Use Mother Hubbard Baked Goods? 962-964 South Main Street V, ........ A .......,....................... SERVICE AND QUALITY IS ALXVAYS MY AIM BU RC I-I ' S 276 Chestnut Street f Meadville, Pa. W FOR THE YOUNG MAN That's what they all say-But when we say "For the Young Man," we back up with clothes that breathe Youth through the very seams. TOM K. WILLIAMS - - 229 Chestnut Street THE PARK THEATRE Y? Best Feature Pictures Available High-Class Vauclefville Best Roacl Shows '23 Big Feature SOUSA'S BAND, OCTOBER 17, 1923 Matinee and Evening GOOD THINGS TO EAT AT jOHNSTON'S Lunches and Meals to eat here or take with you Home Cooking and Baking CONEECTIONERY AND DELICATESSEN STORE Corner North Main and Randolph Streets WE CATER TO COLLEGE TRADE YOCUM'S FRAMING SHOP For Artistic Framing and Pictures 944 MARKET STREET E M- - M fri ' q ass--Tri--H E i .--1-i----5 I-Intel Riverside ,Y L 1 L,,4',,lAND' 4 " i W, ' . Gray Mineral Springs Dancing and Dinner Parties '23 18 Hole Golf Course Tennis and Boating OPEN ALL THE YEAR 4 'I 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r in 4 4 In 4+ 4 4 tr tr 3 3 4 mm Q Jaw i LAFAYETTE CAFE J. w. TAYLOR. PROPRIETOR PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR BANQUETS ',1:'.,, It UAlIlY - ,,': W' time Z5-"'wf "'f- Q Sll0ES 1 RE ffm ufss A III MUNEY ,II.. , iVA V ravagance I :,,Vv :Q Always the Late and Snappy Styles and Our Prices Will Please You Sole Agents for Men's Shoes CLARK 81 YOUNG, 909 Water Street I PUBLIC INFORMATION In the year 1922 our taxicabs carried a grand total of 27,798 passengers-this means that our service is the best Lafayette Taxi Service "Black Cabs"-Phones 44 W e +21 H HHDI7 HHH i 1 E-TE an nmmmnmrnnmilmnmmmnmrmnnlmnznmnnrmmmlnnzmnnm ' , m1mH1u JIUZDJZEIDJJIIHHIJJIHIDIIHIIDIHUHDJJHJHUDIIEHIUJIJHIHHHIILDTHH .1. :4'-J 1Hmmm-m,1f4'EU,1 Y, GEORGE PRATTT Photographer 943 PARK AVENUE, NIEADVILLE Sl-KDE REPAIRING QUALITY SNAP STYLE The same as you insist upon when you buy your shoes The only place in town you can get it VVA I-I E R l S QGTZTTIVATER STREET Groceries and Meats 912 PARK AVENUE Bell 86 Local 83 Everything in Athletic Supplies and Equipment WHIPPLES I Hmm P B G RAH A IVI QUALITY HARDWARE KM 962 WATER STREET BOTH PHONES PRA YERS Someone interested in vital statistics has compiled exhaustive records on the prayers delivered by the various members of the faculty. Extracts from these showing the lengths to which our professors will go in this matter may be of interest to the students. lt will also be a great factor in determining when we should take a chapel cut. MAX. MIN Dr. Hixson . 9215 3205 fChampionJ Dr. Beiler .... . 6:11 1128 fRunner-up Dr. Elliott . 3:45 2120 Dr. Lee ...... . 3235 1200 Dr. Swartley . 2205 0245 Dr. Ross ..... . 2:00 0:29 Dr. Littell .. : . 1230 .... Dr. Akers ...... . 1:10 1205 Dr. McClean .... . 1205 0254 Dr. Henke ..... . 0250 0228 Dr. Ling .......................... 0249 0248 Prof. Hammett .................... 0243 .... Our parting injunction is-with these records before you, take a look and see who is in the speakers chair and then make a decision about that day's chapel attendance. A, MILLER F, J. DERFUS MILLER 8: DERFUS PARK AVENUE GROCERS COR. PARK AVE, AND NORTH STREET BELL PHONE 207 CITY PHONE 329 CLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING LONDON ARTISTIC TAILOR Ladies' Work Our Specialty 899 Park Avenue Local Phone 414-W .J S HOTCHKISS 8c BRO CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS MEADVILLE PA. a A. L. BALLINGER 5: CO. THE REXALL sToRE Drugs and Toilet Articles Kodaks, Moore Fountain Pens Liggefs and Johnston's Candies Evelzv - TA.5're x TASTE'.S'BE.TTE,R, ...AND... DAIRY PRODUCTS CORNER PARK AVENUE AND BALDWIN STREET PHONE -W BELL 2 57 Chestnut Street Wetherby Studio fll1b.o1z Q1-Q HOME OF THE PEACOCK SODA GRILL Woodworth's and Yardley's Toilet Specialties Whitman's Chocolates 248 CHESTNUT STREET e ww GOODWIN 81 NUNN The Most Comple and Attractive Lines of Furniture and Rugs in the City Dining Room Suites in Mahogany, Walnut and Oak Living Room Suites . Overstuffed and Cane Reed and Fibre Suites for the Sun Parlor Bedroom Suites in All Styles and Finishes We Handle the FAMOUS WHITTALL RUGS in All Grades S GOODWIN 51 NUNN 908 Water Street Meadville, Penn'a l l Fraternity Furniture I t tt f i f I I I If 1 . f , 1 I I Tw. Z?" 'f MA, . W AIT 'I 'I W LI If JJ nglhref I' " X " ' ' . M5 wfgr-YYQMII " 'Q Wx1ia. IIFIME WsTIT..II1I IMI, Ima:-fzgsefe ,J F .Q Y 1 A' ' Nj?" ' 9, - gf 554123 ' 'I' I I ' I' 19"'III"e-KE' lI'n'::111KI?IIIEI'l!'I"' -- " P 1,....-.- ' Rugs Draperies Curtains Paper I-Iangings IOHN T. SHRYOCK Co. CONKLIN THE THREE BEST FOUNTAIN PENS WE CARRY REPAIR PARTS FOR OUICK REPAIR SERVICE ON ALL THESE PENS AND ALSO A LARGE LINE OF EVERPOINTED PENCILS E. I-I. SI-IARTLE THE COLLEGE SERVICE STORE 1 s ma CE IMPORTANCE TC THE STUDENT The problem has, at last, been most satisfactorily solved in our "KWICKPAK" PARCEL CASE. You can conveniently, economically, neatly and safely manage the 'A Laundry Ques- tion." Reversible Case facilitates the delivery and safe re- turn of your laundry in veritable "Ship-Shape Fasbionf' ELDRED'S QUALITY SHCP 253 Chestnut Street Meadville, Penn'a Herbert C. Baum, "Phi Gam House," Representative From Our College Library The VVoman's Home Companion-Seth Hough Scientific American-Tefft Country Gentleman-Roach Alt r Vogue- e Modern Priscilla-Norris The Independent-Bozic The Christian Advocate-Leo Ross Cosmopolitan-Larson Cartoonist-Bollinger The Musicianwliinkairi Literary Digest-Miss Bowman The Classic-Julian Ross The Bookman-Jerry Hixson Zions Hera1dfBoynton The Mentor-Mel Jones The Outlook-Kinney lb Q SMITH BRCS. :E The Place for l E Q M5 E Largest Assortment if Q Best Values li 2 S- L L L LLL Lssussslsw KIRSHBAUM CLOTHES IlllllllllllllllllllllilI-In--:--n-------- . The Quality shoe shop I DEALERSIN ALL KINDS or MLN's FOCTWEAR Dress Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Basketball Shoes BEST EQUIPPED REPAIR DEPARTMENT ALWAYS AT YQUR SERVICE QUALITY A. SERVICE 227 Chestnut Street Modern Shoe Repairing T ' Yi For Service and Fine Work at Reasonable Prices GO T0 5 REUTER'S Second Door South of Chestnut St. f LE, DDID HUmTEH I-Iahn's Department Store 936 and Q38 Water Street DRY GOODS, READY-TO-WEAR. ' MILLINERY, Etc. S. K. BAILEY DENTIST 4375 MARKET STREET THE BLUE I-'ARLOR SODA WATER ICE CREAM HIGH-GRADE CANDIES CORNER NORTH MAIN AND NORTH STREETS STEXNARTS Corner North and North Main Streets F, Ice Cream, Candy, Tobacco and Cigars S Also Patent Medicines E BOYNTON SERVICE STATION COMPANY E Office, Corner North Main and North Streets E R. P. BOYNTON, Manager Pure Pennsylvania Petroleum Products-Red Seal Gasoline-Motor ' Oils -Oreases-Accessories-Tank Wagon Service WHOLESALE RETAIL E----v--A-E----'-'-'-'----A-'v-"N"-'-'AO-O-'-A-A'A-A-A-O-O-A-A-'-Avo-"""'-EA-'-'--A---v-ve--A----ff E Q , Q Heckerls Electrical Store 5 J -rvvl ii ' I-lecker's Electrical ffl 'I ell ll' w -:-r, I .C II ll 338 Soihftreet ll lillilmllll ea V1 6 5 ll ,gpg ".'-' It t"' 'I -4 WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING EOR N1 l ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES E It just around the corner E et ALL THE NEWS OF THE DAY Latest City Papers. Upfto-Date Magazines and Periodicals Cigars Candies and Novelties ,.,.,ll5's'Y'5N.'5l-t'T!EW?EF?g ...t.. , tW'Q?r.E9'55TAE H395 Endicott jolmson Famous Shoes Value without equal I for dress if X STYLE AND COMFORT Q REASONABLE PRICES tttt"t'A ett't' WALTER ARMOUR I 215 Chestnut Street E " MEADVILLE, PENNA. A ' M EADVILLE NEWS AGENCY NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS E. Q. WHITING Cussewago Canoe Livery 5 E THE STORE or DEPENDABLE THINGS 5 .Est :Z :zz E STANDS FOR EVERYTHING GOOD IN DRY GOODS AND ACCESSORIES For Good Luncdes or Ice Cream GO TO IVIIl.LER'S LUNCH ROOIVI Open at 7:30 a. m.4OPP. HULINGS HALL-Close at 8:00 p. m. 1 STYLE HEADQUARTERS Society Brand Clothes Suits, Top Coats, Ofvercoats Stetson Hats Manhattan Shirts MENDEIXS C., A., MIIILILIER Good Shoes eniasirnroir sir., miiasoviiute, IPA. HARTMAN E1 J UDD Hardware, Stoves Paints and Oils Plumbing, Heating Slating, Tinning 247 Chestnut St. Both Phones 63 5 se a H. T. CHARLES Jeweler Fine Repairing a Specialty Next Door to the Park Theatre Humphrey Cleaning CO. 916 Water Street lVIeadvi1le's Only Master Cleaner Bell 271-VV Local 144 IF You WANT FIRST-CLASS SHOE REPAIRING GO TO PETER TANTILLO 900 WATER STREET GEO. T. WILSON 8c SON JEWELER-OPTOMETRIST THE HALLMARK STORE EST. 1874 KEYSTONE VIEW CO. MEADVILLE, PA, DR. W. C. CARPENTER DENTIST OVER WII.SON'S JEWELRY STORE BOTH PHONES --as as r mba mm1 HHIm Cut Flowers for All Occasions a Specialty CHECKARYTS CANDY LAND t' HOME OF SWEETSU Fresh Confectionery, Pure Fruit Soda and lce Cream 251 Chestnut Street Bell Phone 446-R MICI-lEL'S MEAT MARKET Q45 Market Street MEADVILLE, PENNA. D R. W. C. D U N N DENTIST Genuine ,Mlllll U llllll liwi , I pw' VICTOR-VICTRQLAS i W 'T HH I . Q unequalled for musical I lim T 5 T 11' A tone and durability 1, 6000 Victor Records ' j IN srociic i l New Victor Records go on 0 'T sale the lirst clay of every E month. PIANOS, PIANQ PLAYERS Chickering Franklin Briggs Vose Krakauer Story 51 Clark Lakeside Hobart M. Cable Culbransen Also the Wonderful Reproducing Piano THE AMPICO Edward T. Bates Co., Meadville, Penna. ESTABLISHED 1880 St E X lllllllllllll nullnllnl llllll lllullll llll ll lllllllllllll Ill lllllll MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Central Billiard Room and Barber Shop in our new home 893 MARKET STREET I W. S. CRR E. S. BERLEY Best Brands of Cigars and Tobaccos lhe Pride He Takes in Wearing Florsheim Shoes To many men, a shoe is more than H Something to wear on the feet! " There's an element of comradeship about a good one that has been comfortable and held its good looks. And so, you'll like the New Spring Shoes that are ready at 59.50 and 359.85 You'll like them as soon as you see them. Youlll pick a pair as YOURS as soon as you try it on. But no matter how well you like them at the start, you'll like them better after they have proved their Quality under stress I and hard wear. 2o8 Chestnut Street Meaclville, Penn'a l-I A R R Y l-l A R R EXCLUSlVE -lTfAxll.CDlQllXlC3 Cl-lESTlNlUT STREET E LQW'S LUNCH WAGQN E ' Where Students Meet 5 KEllVl PRINT Sl-lOl3 E GOOD PRINTING-'THAT'S ALI. E 248 CHESTNUT STREET E OPPOSITE LYCEUM LAFAYETTE BARBER SHOP Treat Yourself to the Best HAIR BQBBINQ A SPECIALTY Hubbard 68 Pfeifer J. A. Rupert E. C. Shryock M. V. Boyd DENTISTS New First National Bank Bell Phone 85 DR. W. W. Sl-IAFFER EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT TRUST CO. BLDG.. MEADVILLE. PA. DILL SL COLLINS COYS rg, v- 'QQF MPV' High Grade Printing Papers are especially suited for College Annuals and the better class of advertising matter DILL 6? COLLINS CO. PHILADELPHIA D New York Chicago Baltimore Boston Rochester Note:-This annual is printed on QQBlack and White stock DDIH v Allegheny College FQUNDED IN 1815 Good Traditions Strong Faculty Unsurpassed Location Reasonable Expenses Catalogue sent free of charge to any address on application to President Hixson, Meadfuille, Pa. ,- -1 KEEP IN TOUCH WIT:-I mith?51HE'irl1 The Red Cross Pharmacy TELEPHONE 354 249 CHESTNUT ST. MEADVILLE. PENN'A T. G. PRENATT CO. PRCDPER APPAREL T FOR MAN CDR H BOY ZZO Chestnut Street, Meadville, Penn'a Key to Silhouettes on Page 214 1 I 2 6. Shaffer 11. Spark 2 Ll k 7. Al 12. Po ll 2 s M t er 13. Ge'l b h . h H f 10 E5. K , IIUIIUUJI 1 S3 Q1 BUCCDT Sll-llCODllD Next to Academy Theatre SANIT RY B RBER SHCP l MEADVILLE PA First shop below postoffice "Till-i"'E'5'ZY"E'E5'E'N'E"r5" ICE CREAM I CANDY LUNCHES ' CRAWFQRD MOTOR co. l E 303 CHESTNUT STREET 3 She:-He ought to be called Preiniuni E HeZFG0 on-- l She:-He's such a hani. E Since the 1Jean's and the l'resirlent's scare f They leave the Green l'arloi's too bare. 5 They rlon't dare trust the vases E To college znen's graces - Since they caught one Inan stealing a, chair. 49 'U--"'H""""'?' - TT ' ' TT" mnmn-' ' 'ir 11:u:lmmAi 'u :u:un1n'rcm' 'mmmm'-7 -mmm "1EiiimE?mnm"'-mm PW n boi., 19.1 ii -ll1y'I'h '1'fn...,..1-..1,n,m..gc1.,m,.imy. w1mv.11.,, vi.. Em

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