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Private Library Ehith M. Svtrffrnvr NO .......... VOL .--------- VALUE ..................... J-v WH A Y .ff-V ,f Vf ,. 4. ,W m y 14 Vw, in-V, Vw q .1 r 1 ' M 4 U M . V V Y Gt' A E AW x-P 5 f 'U N , xr V I v ya!! r , if , 0 ,V 1 V V, .mr . .' my ,vu . L.: JW ff' NW 4 xg ' ff"'i5i " A? V UW, '51 1 ' f r 1 J' '7 4 :I W 4 N 144 -0 A 'Vw 4 Q" it A ' Q M J' 15 1 Q- V , vw, ' ,H gf H' S. vw ' " '+L ' , " +1 , V -V me W , . 4 .Vg Q, , ,.-fn. 'wie-Mfg . wif-1 w if YE. W VN , V ggi X , 1 V 433. .MQW V , , . , 533 V 1 r, Q, L .Vgmkem QVGA Y 'iyjfm f m WV 'Rf 1 M ' I F !-NK T13 Vml V 1 ,gf V, 1.525 is -,Q ' V. L. . 2 Vw- ww: ' ' QVMEIVXQVQIIQ K, M., ,, rpm ' 'I H N 1. V X .If A-jay , m 31 Q.-r-'W V , V x . N..-V, A X V QQ' .-1,1 - ",,w.L fi K J 1 6 fi 'f:a,.'-W: 1 Y- . , Y. U A vi ,gy ,.,, .V ' , '41Wm,','f.f :V. 'W--Tim ., Qi. 53114 .X ' ,Q M.-V1 ,V ,WV -,.,V,,L RV., .1 ', -.M ,ggi-,m',,f-'A Y, .. ,V 51,1 1 J, Q WLM., V , V .x .. ,.V.,,-LV, ,Tw I ' 54?aat.'1:'-,-,-Mb V MV- -QW, MV V fn H-xwm.:-eff: , V A ,,. V. , V. VV - ' V -V s 'gf ' . - ,f A , 1 1-. ., V V mv" ', ' X V9 V t 7' -V , V V Qxg1,.,',, V , , 4 ff I QQ " V . 4 'r V 1., ., ,' V' rq f Q - - , Wm. V, 0, V V V. M19 ' -ff, -V ',., .. ,, , fx- A A M f z ALLEGHENY COLLEGE ANNUAL V 1 9 o 3 The Igaldron. VOLUME XV. PUBLISHED BY THE FRATERNITIES. EDITOR IN CHIEF, J. IE. MORRISON. ASSOCIATE EDITOR, S. C. LAMPE. BUSINESS MANAGER, C. H. KING. LITERARY COMMITTEE, ERMA ROGERS, LAVERNE MARSH ART COMMITTEE, J. G. NELSON, MALCOLM DEWEY ARRANGEMENT COMMITTEE, C. L. SMITH, ALPHA MCCLAIN HULING'S HALL REPRESENTATIVES, ETHEL HIRES, MILLICENT MOORE The Tribune Publishing Company, Printers and Binders, Meadvillo, Pa. Dedication To the Memory of REV. JAMES A. BALLANTYNE, D.D., The friend and patron of learning, To whom we are indebted for much of the progress and prosperity of New Allegheny, This volume is respectfully dedicated. REV. JAMES A. BALLANTYNE. D.D. Editorial In preparing this, the fifteenth volume of the Kaldron, we have departed in some respects from the established customs of former editors. Heretofore the Kalclron has been a fra- ternity publication and devoted to a great extent to fraternity interests. The aim of the editors is to make the annual of 1903 a distinctly college publication, and to exclude from its pages no organization which has been recognized by the stu- dent body. We have further endeavored to present to the students and friends of Allegheny an annual that will in all respects repre- sent the true spirit and progress of New Allegheny. 'N M IZFCULTY I i ww WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD. w A' fr, 41 lf A1 President, and Professor of Philosophy and Christian Evidences. A. B., Northwestern University, 18843 A. M., Northwestern Uni- versity, 18875 D. D., Northwestern University, 18933 LL. D., Dickin- son College, 19023 Pastor Ravenwood M. E. Church, Chicago, 18845 Pastor Fulton Street M. E. Church, Chicago, 1886 3 Chair of Historical Theology in Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Ga., 1889g Presi- dent of Allegheny College, 1893. James H. Montgomery, Ph. D. w 1' A, dh lf lr. Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Alleg eny, 1889. A. B., Allegheny College, 18773 A. M., Allegheny Col- lege, 18805 Ph. D., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1888: Professor of Mathematics, Allegheny Collegel 1877-885 member American Associa- tion of Advanced Science. Jonathan Hamnett, D. D. 'll If lf. Librarian . A. B. Allegheny College, 18393 A. M., Allegheny Col- lege, 1.8433 D. D., University of Missouri, 18693 Professor of Latin Language and Lit- erature, Allegheny College, 1845-733 Vice-President Alle- gheny College, 1862-843 Pro- fessor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Allegheny Col- lege, 1882-845 Emeritus Pro- fessor of Philosophy, Alle- gheny College, 18843 Libra.- rian, Allegheny College, 1884. jr l Ernest A. Smith. Ph. D. If ez K, 41 If A2 Professor History and Politics, A. B., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity, 1888, and A. M., 18915 Principal Valdosta C01- leglate Institute, 1889-935 Graduate Student Johns Hop- kins University, 1895-8g pres- ent position, 1898g member of American Historical Asso- ciationg member of American Economic Association, mem- ber Southern History Soci- ety. William A. Elliott, A. M. w A z-1,10 If AI Professor Grcck Lilcrnlurc and Language. A. B., Allegheny College, 1889, A. M., Allegheny Col- lege, 18925 L. H. D., Dickin- son College, 19023 American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 1894-53 Principal Preparatory School, Alle- gheny College, 1889-92, Pro- fessor of Latin and Greek. 1892-45 present position, 18943 member American Phllologi- cal Association. Ernest Taylor Bynum. Ph. D. li' E. Professor of Modern Languages. A. B., Trinity College, 18925 Gradu- ate Student, Johns Hopkins, 1892-35 Associate Professor of French and History, Trinity College, 1893-43 Grad- uate Student, Universities of Brussels and Gottingen, 1894-53 Graduate Stu- dent, University of Wittenberg-Halle, 1895-73 Ph. D., University of Witten- berg-Halle, 18973 Associate Professor of Modern Languages, University of North Carolina, 1897-985 Professor of . l English and Modern Languages, Uni- versity of Arkansas, 1898-18913 Pres- . ent position, 1901. William T. Dutton, C. E. If 0 ll. Professor of Mnthemzrtics and Civil Engineering, Allegheny College, 1890. C. E., Dartmouth College, 18763 Pro- fessor of Mathematics and Vice-Pri:1- cipal C. V. S., Normal School, 1881-63 Professor of Mathematics, Edinboro Normal School. Albert C. Knudson. Ph. D. .1 r, 41 If lf, Professor of English Bihlc and Philosophy A. B., University of Minnesota, 18933 S. T. B., Boston University, 1896, Ph. D., Boston University, 1900, Chair of Church History and Biblical Exegesis, Denver University, 1898-1900g Chair of Philosophy and English Bible, Baker University, 1900-02, Chair of English Bible and Philosophy, Allegheny Col- lege, 1.902. p1.i-ww..-, Frank C. Lockwood, Ph. D. A T Al. Professor English Language and Literature. A. B., Baker University, 18925 A. M., Wesleyan Uni- versity, 19025 Ph. D., North- western University, 18965 Delta Tau Deltag Professor English Language and Liter- ature, Mt. Union College, 1898-95 Professor of English, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1900-02. Clarence Frisbee Ross, A. M. Q A ez, 41 li lr, Bradley Professor of Latin Language and Literature. A. B., Allegheny College, 18915 A. M., Allegheny College, 18935 University of Chicago, Summer Quarters, 1895-6, 1902: Senior Fellow in Greek, Univer- sity of Chicago, 1898-95 University of Berlin, 1896-75 Professor of Greek and German, Missouri Wesleyan College, 1901-25 Instructor in Greek and Latin and Principal of Preparatory School, Allegheny College, 1892-55 Assistant Professor, 18955 Professor, 19005 Pres- ent position, 19025 member American Philological Association. Mrs. Ellen W. Laffer, A. M. Preccptrcss. Robert S. Breed. Ph. D. Q ll' H, W I' A. Professor of Biology and Geology, Allegheny College, 1992. B. S., Amherst College, 1898g M. S., University of Colorada, 1899, Ph. D., Harvard University, 1902, Instructor in Biology, University of Colorado, 1898-995 Assistant in Zoology, Harvard University, 1900-01, Austin Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1900-013 Member Association Advanced Sci- 91106. Edward F. Korns. Principal Preparatory School, Instructor in Latin mul English. A. B., Mt. Union College, 18953 A. M., ibid., 1900, assistant principal of the Alliance High School, 1890-18923 Tutor in Latin, Mt. Union College, 1892-18955 Professor of Latin, ibid., 1895-19023 present position, 1902-. H. Edward Wells, Ph. D. J fl' lf, Instructor in Chemistry B. S., Middlebury College, 1894, Graduate Student, Middlebury Col- lege, 1894-95, A. M., Middlebury Col- lege, 18953 Graduate Student, Leipsic University, 1895-97, Ph. D., Leipsic University, 18973 Instructor in Chem- istry, Middlebury College, 1897-98g In- structor in Chemistry, Wesleyan Uni- versity, 1899-19015 Professor of Phy- sics and Chemistry, Beavor College, 19013 Present position, 1902. Arthur D. Horton, A. M. Instructor in Greek and Hlslory. A. B., Allegheny College, 18983 A. M., ibid., 19005 Tutor in Latin, Alle- gheny College Preparatory School, 1895-1898g Instructor in Edinboro State Normal School, 1898-19015 present po- sition, 1901. Charles B. Lewls. Physical lnstrnclor. Graduate German System of Physi- cal Training, Philadelphia, 18983 Phy- sical Director of Pennsylvania Mill- tary Academy, Chester, Pa., 1899-19005 Physical Director, Epiphany Chapel Gymnasium, Philadelphia, 1900-1902: Associate Physical Director, State Normal School, West Chester, Pa.g Student in Physical Training, Harvard University, summers, 1901.-19025 In- structor in Heavy Gymnastics and As- sociate Instructor in Fencing, Harvard University, 1901-1902. Alice Huntington Spalding Instructor in Expression and Physical Training. Cumnock School of Oratory, Northwestern University, 1891 .Present position, 1897. Miss Maude G. Shadduck. Instructor in German. A. B., Allegheny College, 1902! pres- ent position, 1902-. Miss Jessie Merchant. Instructor in French. A. B., Allegheny College, 19015 pres ent position, 1901-. Miss Marguerite B. McClintock. Instructor in English. A. B., Allegheny College, 19023 pres- ent position, 1902--. R. Elmer Hendershot, M. S. Instructor in Mathematics und Science. 18941 M. S., ibid., 18961 'superin- tendent of Public Schools, Mata- wan, N. J., 1886-18925 instructor in Mathematics and Science, Pittsburg Academy, 1896-983 present position, 1901. Thomas F. Lininger. Assistant in Drawing. Caleb McCune. W l' A. Assistant in Biology. B. S., Wesleyan University, Trustees and Official Committees Board of Trustees Ex-Officio HIS EXCELLENCV SAMUEL W. PENNYPACKER, G0'Z'6'7'7Z07f Q' the Commofzwealfh. I'TON. J. B. MCCOLLUM, Ckiqf Qfusfzkzf ry' Me Szqreme Cami. I'ION. HAMPTON L. CARSON, SAMUEL B. DICK, HARVEY HENDERSON, FRANK P. RAY, - Afforney Gezzrml. Lay Trustees WILLIAM THOMAS, - - JOHN J. HENIDERSON, LL.D, - GEORCQE W. PTASKTNS, THEODORE L. FLOOD, JONATHAN I'IAMNET'l', JOIIN A. NVOOD, WILLIAM FOLTZ, - ANDREW L. DUNISAR, JOIIN G. ITOLMES, - JAMES W. LEE, JOHN C. BARDALL, - D.D., I.L.D., - D.D., - 7 Meadville Allegheny Meadville Meadviile Meadville Meadville Meadville Meadville Pittsburg New Castle Meadville - Pittsburg - Pittsburg Moundsville, W. Va. FRANK A. ARTER, JAMES P. COLTER, - JAMES W. ICINNEAR, GORTON B. CHASE, - JOIIN M. STULL, JAMES N. BOLARD, M. D. - JOIIN E. RICSG, M. D., - DURISIN I'IORNE, - EDWARD APRLEVARD HUD:-ION SAMPSON, - HENIQY P. SULLIVAN, ROBERT B. MURRAY WESLEV B. BEST, JESSE C. MCDOXVELI., WILLIAM S. SMITH, JOIIN V. RITTS, - CHARLES MII.I.ER, JOHN S. CRAIG, - NORMAN T. AliN!'Ji.IH, NOAH F. CLARK, - EDWARD H. UTLEV, Clerical Trustees REV. JAMES R. MILI.S, D.D., - REV. JOSEPH PIORNER, D.D., I.l..D., REV. XIVILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, D.D., LL. D. REV. THOMAS H. WOODRING, D.D., REV. ANIJIQEXV C. ELLIS, D.D., - REV. JGSEPH W. Mll.ES, D.D., REV. JAMES M. BRAY, A.M., - REV. WILLIAM P. BIGNEL1., D D., REV. RUSSELL F. IQEELER, D D., REV. THOMAS N. BOVLE, D.D , - REV. JAMES A. BALLANTINE, D.D.,"f fllcccaiserl. S - Cleveland, O. - Meadville Pittsburg - Greenville Warren, O. - Meadville - Wilkinsburg - Pittsburg Jamestown, N. Y. - Pittsburg - - Erie Youngstown, O. - Meadville - Pittsburg Meadville Butler Meaclville - Allegheny - Ridgway Oil City - Pittsburg Willoughby, O. - Pittsburg - Meadville Johnstown - - Erie Mclieesport - Markle, O. Greenville - Norwich, O. - Crafton - Wilkinsburg Officers of the Board DURIRIN LIORNE, - - - - P1'CSidCD'C JOIIN J. HIENIJEIQSON, - - - ViC6-P1'CSidCl'1t WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, - Chairman Executive Committee FRANK P. RAV, - - - - Secretary WILLIAM S. SMITH, - Treasurer REV REV REV. REV. REV REV REV. REV REV REV REV REV. Joint Board of Control Pittsburg Conference G. MILLER, D D. N. EATON, D.D, J. B. SECRIST. W. S. HORFER. N. T. Erie Conference R. TIIOIIURN, D.D. GEORGE GREEK. JACOB BOLARD. T. E . F. EDMONDS, D.D. East Ohio Conference H. DOMER, D.D. H. STOCRINO, D.D. GEORGE L. FORDVCE. SIMPSON S. FORD. A. C. West Virginia Conference A. J. CLARR. EDWARD S. I'lAZI.E'l'T. M. F. COMPTON. J. S. ROBINSON. Visiting Committees Pittsburg Conference G. T. IQEYNOLDS. REV. R. M. FOWLES. REV. H. N. CAMERON. Erie Conference J. B. NEFIF, D.D. REV. A. C. BOWERS, D.D. REV. J. H. BATES. East Ohio Conference E. A. JESTER. REV. W. J. WILSON, D.D. REV. J. W. IQING, D.D. West Virginia Conference J. H. MILLEIQ, PII.D. REV. A. MOORE. 19 Centenary Boards Pittsburg Conference REV. CHARLES VV. SMITH, D.D., LL.D. - President JOHN G. HOI,MES, - - Secretary and Treasurer AI.BER'1' A. I-IORNE. PIARVEY HENDEIQSON. A. C. IKNOX. JOSEPH I.. COOPER. IREV. JOSEPH I-I ORNER, LI.. D. . Erie Conference REV. R. S. BORLAND, D.D., - - President REV. G. S. W. PHILLIPS, - Vice-President REV. W. P. GRAHAM, D.D., - - Secretary WILLIAM S. SMITII, - - - Treasurer REV. E. F. EDMONDS, D.D. W. W. GELV1N. REV. L. H. BUGIIEE. VVILLIAM, THOMAS. REV. W. I-I. CRAWFORD, D.D., I.I..D. A REV. MILTON SMITH, D.D. DR. E. C. PARSONS. REV. A. M. LOCKWOOD. Committees of the Faculty Athletics and Gymnasium PROFESSOR ROSS MR. LEWIS PROFESSOR BYNUM PROFESSOR SMITH Chapel Services PRESIDENT CRANVFORD PROFESSOR EL'LIO'l"l' Courses of Study THE IQEGISTRAR TIIE PRESIDENT PROFESSOR MONTGOMERY PROFESSOR DU'1"1'ON PROFESSOR LOCKNVOOD Discipline THE PRESIDENT PROFESSOR MONTGOMERY PROFESSOR DU'l"1'ON 20 Registration THE :REGISTRAR PRESIDENT CRAWFORD PROFESSOR MONTGOMERY PROFESSOR DUTTON Preparatory School THE PRESIDENT TIIE PRINCIPAL PROFESSOR ROSS College Book Store PROFESSOR SMITII PROFESSOR MONTGOMERY College Organizations PROFESSOR SMITH PROFESSOR BREED PROFESSOR ICNUDSON Hulings Hall PRESIDENT CRAWFORD PROFESSOR MONTGOMERY PROFESSORILOCKWOOD Catalogue PROFESSOR ELLIOTT PRESIDENT CRAWFORD Library PRESIDENT CRAWFORD PROFESSOR SMITII PROFESSOR KNUDSON ' 21 Alumni Associations General Alumni Association President, ---- Manley O. Brown Vice-President, ---- jean I.. Frey Secretary, , 4 . Treasurer, - Piof, W. A. Elliott C. C. Laffer, M. D. Executive Committee, -3 E. Percival Cullum Florence Appleby Pittsburg Alumni Association President, ----- F. M. Bullock E. P. Couse Executive Committee - - - -5 J. B. Townley J. Merrill Wright Chicago Alumni Association President, - - I-Ion. N. E. E. Worthington Secretary, - - - . Hon. E. D. Sweeney fGeo. VV. Plummet Executive Committee, - - C. L. Walton l O. H. Powers New York City Alumni Association ' President, - - . - - Ernest H . Baldwin Vice-President, - Ida M. Tarbell Secretary, - - - Emberson E. Proper Executive Committee, - - Calendar for l903-I904 JUI1C,12, 13, 15, 16 ............ ............ E xaminations 14, Sunday, 10:45 a. m. ...... Baccalaureaute Sermon By' President XVillian1 H. Crawford. 7:45 p. m., Annual Sermon before College Young Men's Christian Association. 15, 16, Monday and Tuesday, 9:00 a. m., Entrance aminations. 15, Monday, 8:00 p. in-. .--Inter-Society Contest T6,T1.1CSCl21y,3ZOO p. ni. Annual Meeting of Board of Control. 3:00 p. m .......... Class Day Exercises 5:00 p. m., Business Meeting of Phi Beta Kappa. 8:00 p. ni., Phi Beta Kappa Anniversary 17, NVednesday, 9 :00 a. m. . .Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees. 1:00 p. m., Meeting of the Alumni As- sociation-Annual Dinner. 8:00 p. m., Glee Club Concert. IO :oo p. ......... Fraternity Banquets June 18, Thursday, 9:00 a. in ..... Commencement Exercises Summer Vacation September 14, 15, 1903 .... . ......... Entrance Examinations September 15, Tuesday .... ...... I Tall Term Begins December 17, Thursday ........... .. Fall Term Ends Winter Vacation january 5, IQO4., Tuesday .............. W'inter Term Begins January 28, Thursday ..... ...Day of Prayer for Colleges March 24, Thursday .................... VVintcr Term Ends Spring Vacation April 5, Tuesday ..................... Spring Term Begins June 16, Thursday .... ..... ..... C 0 mmencement 93 1 -X "L N, A n .fix W CCDLLESE i CLASSES 1? v W EENllll5l 2 T A' 'N 0 v li,-,-r ""' ,' . 1 C6.1'4l1'u" 5 JU 1 x X' l X frhl L xr KW! X' 'A l ll 772, -. f'l"7"" Colors-Red and Brown. Yell-Rickety-ix, Ki-ix-ki-re, We're the class of nineteen three. lJl'CSidC11t, . Vice-President, Secretary, . Treasurer, Salutatorian, . Poet, . Historian, Deelainier, Ladder Orator, Orator, . Essayist, Prophet, . Valeclietorian., Officers Charles llisllop Croxall . Andrew G. NVillia1n:. . Ruth Townley Stuart Wilson jackson Helen Erina Rogers . LeVerne Alclin Marsh Florence Elizabeth Peek . EV21llg'Cll1lC Parsons ,lfreclerie Eeliols Sinitli . Carroll Luther Chase . Martha Petersen Samuel Christian Lzunpc Marie Annette 'Vuliolslci Alice Martha Alcorn, 'l.'itusville, Pa. Scientific. Ossoli. College librarian. U 'James Howard Anderson, Wallcersville, W. Va. Classical. Philo-Franklin. Quill club. Alumni editor Literary Monthly. Marion Esla Bemis, Mcaclville, Pa. Kappa Alpha Theta. Latin and Mod- ern Language. Ossoli. Carroll Luther Chase, South Dayton, N. Y. Classical. President Y. M. C. A. 4. Winner of Centenary Oration contest 2. Inter-society orator 2. I nter-society es- sayist3 for Philo-Franklin. "Senior Six." Eugene Forbes Craig, VVarren, Ohio. Phi Kappa Psi. English and Mod- ern Language. Glee club 1-2-3-4. Sec- retary and treasurer Athletic Associa- tion 3. Campus manager 2. Kaldron board 2. Charles B. Croxall, Titusville, Pa. Classical. Classical club. Alle- gheny. Class president 4. Class pro- phet 3. President of Allegheny Liter- ary society 2-3. Treasurer Oratorical association 2-3. " Senior Six." George Seiple Davenport, Mcaclville, Pa. Delta Tau Delta. Engineering. Secretary and treasurer Athletic asso- ciation 3. Alumni editor Campus 3. Tennis champion singles and dou- bles 3. VVilliam Jefferson Dillon, Barnesvillc, Ohio. Engineering: 8 Numbers indicate Year of Course 9 Mae C. Drcutlein, Meaclville, Pa. Latin and Modern Language. Os- soli. Girls' basket ball team 0-1. Wfillis Hayes Franklin, Aclalinc, VV. Va. Classical. Allegheny. Quill club. Editor Literary Monthly 4. Assistant manager Literary Monthly 3. Alle- gheny representative in society debate 4. "Senior Six." Charles Maxson Freeman, Mosiertown. Pa. Phi Delta Theta. English and Mod- ern Language. Manager foot ball 4. Y. M. C. A. cabinet 3. Assistant manager Literary Monthly 2. Col- lege choir 1-2-3. Harry Gustavus 1-Iarris, Jamestown. N. Y. Scientific. Allegheny. Quill club. Class president 2. Glee club 1-2-3-4. Campus board 3-4. Delegate to North- fleld 3. Delegate to Missionary con- vention 3. Mary T. B. Hcydrick, Meaclvillc, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Latin and Modern Language. Stuart Wilsoii Jackson, Meaclville. Pa. Engineering. Guard on basket ball team 1-2-3. Captain 4. Delegate-at large Athletic association 4. Class treasurer 4. Chas. E. Kearney, Mclieesport, Pa. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. English and Modern Language. Manager Glee and Mandolin clubs 4. Kaldron board 2. -I. Earle Kelley, Linesville, Pa. Phi Gamma Delta. Engineering. Philo-Franklin. Foot ball guard 3. Center 4. Basket ball manager 2. Manager Literary Monthly 3. Nmnhurs indicate Year of Course Samuel Christian Lanipe, Pittsburg, Pa. Phi Delta Theta. Engineering. Class president 1. Quill club presi- dent 2. Campus board 1-2-3. Kal- dron editor 3. Associate editor 4. Guard foot ball team 3-4. Center basket ball 1-2-3-4. Captain 1-3. Clara fllelle Lect, Greenville, Pa. Classical. Ossoli. Classical club. Y. W. C. A. 'l'lion1as .lf'ranklin Lininger, Coniiuence. Pa. Engineering. Assistant in engin- eering course 3-4. Foot ball tackle 1. Virgil Milburn McConnell, Mayville, N. Y. Engineering. Short-stop base ball team 2-3. Gymnasium trick team 2-3- 4. Athletic board 2-3. Kaldron board 3. Campus board 3. Caleb McCune, Melieesport, Pa. Phi Gamma Delta. Scientific. Cap- tain gymnasium team 2. Assistant gymnasium instrnctor 2. Assistant in biological laboratory 3. LcVernc Alden Marsh, Union City, Pa. Latin and Modern Language. Philo- Franklin. Y. M. C. A. Kalclron board 4. Class poet 4. Clara May Miner, Punxsutawncy, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Classical. Ossoli. Kaldron board 2. Classical club. Y. W. C. A. Ada Belle Palm, Meadville, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Latin and Modern Language. Ossoli. Class poet 3. " Senior Six." Numbcrs indicate Year of Course ,livangclinc l'zu'sons, Mcaclvillc, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Classical. Ossoli. Classical club. Class Day declaimer 4. Kaldron board 3. lflorcncc Elizabctli Peck, Mcaclvlllc, Pa. Classical. Ossoli. Classical club, Quill club. Class historian 4. Ossoli president 4. Litera M :ll 1 d 3. Campus board 3ry on my ,Oar james Garfield l'entz, Rcynolclsvillc, l'a. Delta Tan Delta. Scientiflc. Kal- dron board 3. Campus board 3. Pres- ident Athleric association 2. Assist- ant in chemistry 4. Mzlrtha Peterson. llrackcttsvillc, Texas. Latin and Modern Language. Pres- ident Ossoli 3. Y. W. C. A. secretary 4. Delegate State Y. W. C. A. conven- tion. llrina Rogers, liranklin, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Classical. Ossoli. Classical club. Quill club. Literary Monthly board 2. Campus' board 4. Kaldron board 4. Class his- torian 3. Salutatorian 4. Orton Ray Smiley, Mill Village, Pa. latin and Modern Language. Alle- gheny. 'lircclcric lfcllols Smith, liranklin, Pa. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engineering. Manager foot ball team 3. Soloist of Glee club 1-2-3-4. Campus board 3-4. Quill club. Allegheny. Oratorical as- sociation. Russel Clarence Smith, Mcaclvillc. Pa. Latin and Modern Language. Alle- gheny. Numlic-rs indicate Year of Course john Homer Sporr, Meaclvillc, Pa. Engineering. Ebenezer VVilson Springer, New Castle, Pa. Classical. Y. W. C. A. Oratorical association. jay James Squier, Jamestown, N. Y. Classical. Allegheny. Y. M. C. A. cabinet 1-2-3-4. Manager Students' Manual 1-2-3. Campus board 3. lfclitli Mae Stcffener, Meaclville, Pa, Classical. Ossoli. Classical club. Quill club. Literary Monthly board 3. Campus board 4. lflorcncc Stem, ' Meadville, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Latin and Modern Language. Ossoli. Herbert Vvilliillll Taylor, Petrolia, Pa. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Y. M. C. A. Allegheny. Football team 1-2-3-4. Cap- tain 3. Base ball team 1-2-4. Glee club 3-4. Leader 4. Manager Campus 2. editor 3. Representative to Inter- society debate 2. " Senior Six." Alice Lilian Tliomas, Councaut Lake, Pa. Iota Rho Epsilon. Latin and mod- ern Language. John Torclclla, Mcaclvillc, Pa. Engineering. Mandolin club leader 4. 2 Numbers indicate Ycnr of Cours: Ruth Townley, Meadville, Pa. Kappa Alpha Theta.. Latin and Modern Language. President of Ossoli 4. Class secretary 4. U Senior Six." Marie A. Tuliolski, Eric. l-'a. Kappa Alpha Theta. Classical Class valedictorian 4. Junior class ladder orator. President of Ossoli 4. Class- ical club. Girls' basket ball team 3. Lewis Alfred VVlllt21liCl', Dravoshurg, il.-la. Classical. Allegheny. Classical club. Essayist in Intersociety contest 4. .fXllll1'CW.fi1'CCl' VVilliams, llutlcr, lla. E Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Latin and Modern Language. Foot ball team 1-2- 3-4. Captain 4. Basket ball team 2-3- 4. President Allegheny Literary so- ciety 3-4. President Tennis associa- tion 3. Assistant business manager N Campus 2. Kaldron board 3. ,lcssic Alice Williaiiis, Butler, Pa. Kappa Alpha Theta. Latin and Modern Language. Campus board 3. Quill club. Skin and Bones. 'llcujamin lfranlclin Xafilliamsou, Crawford. VV. Va. Classical. Representative of Alle- gheny l..iterary society on Oration con- test 2. Cla-ss president 3. Ralph Walclcn Yeany. Sliannondalc, lla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Latin and Modern Language. Foot ball team 3. Maude Alice Blair, Eric, Pa. Latin and Modern Language. Os- soli. 33 Numbers indicate Year of Course VICTURI, VALETE QSenior Class Pozmj O it's glorious to live In a world of life and things, Where there's duty for the doing And the happiness it brings. There's a need of mind and steel And the energy we feel Soon can try the muscles of its eager wins. We have chained our ardent wills At the doing time of life, When we would have done with lessons, And have joined the active strife. Now before us dawns the day When like ships we'll slip away Better fitted by our waiting and delay. We have touched the lives of sterling 1'l'lCl'l We never can forgetg There are friends and scenes and sacred haunts We leave with deep regret. Through the World's tumultuous roar, Soon will speak our school dayes o'er, Echoes from the ling'ring past will reach us yet. 4 Though it's glorious to stay In the world of school and books, As we near the parting day Life's great field inviting looks. So to all the magic spell Of our college days farewell: Victuri, valete to the halls of Alleghe. 34 HISTORY "All history is biography," wrote Carlyle, and the Class of 1903, realizing this, published the personal records found elsewhere in this volume. To us the records mean that we have served our class and our college to the best of our re- markable ability, but we admit that a different interpretation is possible. To prove our unity and class spirit, therefore, we set down the deeds of our class on which an eminent au- thority'k has bestowed the epithet Ugreatestf' 1903 began its career with a membership unequaled either in quantity or quality by any former class, and the superio-rity shown here has distinguished us throughout our course. The time-honored banquet of Freshmen was held by 1903 in un- disturbed joy. The class rush was a victory for us from the start, although prolonged three days by the Sopho-mores, who struggled bravely to save their reputations. Even their care- fully laid scheme for a Senior-Sophomore banquet became known to us to their sorrow. As Sophomores we were a weighty argument in favor of a two years' college course, for the wisdom and judgment displayed by us at the Freshman rush were worthy of any alumnus in the land. We made only a show of battle in a contest for a diminutive Hag raised so high on a greased pole that the Freshmen, themselves, could scarcely distinguish its colors. And if a further proof were necessary, we have it in the undisturbed success of the Senior-Sophomore sleighing party. As Juniors we were busy but modest and, with the mullen leaves in the pipe of peace smoked with the Seniors, was burned every element foreign to Senior perfection. There was once a dyspeptic who found no supper which would agree with him except one of the richest plum cake, so we have found that we thrive best on the rich diet of re- 'Prcsident W. H. Crawford, D.D., LL. D. A disinterested but emphatic statement. 35 spect and honor accorded the "grand old Seniors." We were champions in center-ball, the only contest to which we lent our dignity, but our great success was the Senior-Sophomore sleigh ride to Geneva. By a master stroke of military tactics We transferred the enemy from front to rear, so that instead of blocking our homeward path, they served as rear guards of safety. Numerous social functions have been enjoyed by our class, but none so much as the evening at Hulings Hall, undaunted by the alarm clocks whic11 strangely appeared and sounded at the mystic hour of eleven, 1903 stayed on, Waking the echoes of the stately edifice with "sounds of revelry by nightf' And now as we are going out from the old halls, we do not fear being forgotten, for who could forget the class that is first in number, first in wisdom and first in the heart of Alma Mater? For as we go, we hear softly spoken the words: ' J'And blessings, be about you, dear, wherever you may go!" 36 PHOTO BY FOWLER ..ll.lNllillfl 'E 6-u 'Iwi-nr. vi l fr, , 1 gf I ,CQ .-Jaw , ":,Nl1fNI W3 17 - 5 gl 57:5 I l L 3,1 I3 - , :F - 5 ' 110, U' CoLons-Purple and Pink. YEL1,-Rickety-ix Ki-ix-ki-or Allegheny 1904. Officers President, . . . F. C. Stockton Vice-President, . Malcolm Dewey Treasurer, . A. Snearline Secretary, ' . Sarah Breen Historian, W. S. Trosfn Poet, . . A. C. Saxman Replier . Class Roll Benn, Arthur Bates, . . Breene, Sarah Louise, K K 1' . Conover, Fred, . . . T A Dewey, Malcolm Howard, A Dutton, Bessie May, K A 6. . 39 1' Mary Roberts Meadville . Corry Meadville . Meadville Meadville Foster, Daisy Estelle, . Garver, Blanche Rose, . Gaston, Arthur Harold, A T A Griffith, Edgar Alfred, 111 A 6 Hazen, Roy Watson, 111 I' A jones, Mary Frick, . . Kincaid, Blaine S., . Lewis, Homer Ernest, . McClintock, Helen Elizabeth, Mansell, Harry Beeson, Merrill, Richard Nye, fb A 0 Nelson, james Gayle, fp ls' 'If' Roberts, Mary, A .Y S2 . Shepard, Roy Foster, . Smith, Charles Lavens, 2' A Snearline, Albert joseph, Stockton, Frederic, . Stockton, Herbert john, A T A Street, james Glenn, . Strickler, Frederick Wineman, Terry, Louise Winifred, . Thomas, Ruth, . . Trosh, Walter Scott, 42 A 6 Turner, Harvey Allen, fl' J 0 . Wilcox, Warren, Ferde, . ln' K I' 1041!-I 4 . Meadville . Meadville . Meadville North Braddock New Castle Smithton, W. Va. I - Corry . Smicksburg . Meadville Upper Middletown Buffalo, N. Y. Conneaut Lake . Meadville Penn Line Franklin . Meadville Meadville . Meadville . . Corry Derry Station . . Corry . Union City . Oil City VVest Hickory . Balcom, N. Y. HISTORY The junior Class has been called a small class. Numeri- cally, this is true, otherwise-well, that's our history. "We were born to grow, not stop." Knowledge begins in wonder. At the opening of the present year, ours was the wonder of the entire college. Other students were heard to say, and Dr. Crawford was informed last 'Christmas in Rome that the present junior Class could not keep the fast pace with which they had started. Our President cabled us to go slowly, yet no sooner had his message been sent than he learned of our noble and daring pursuit of the Sophomores and Seniors at Geneva and the devastation which followed. Again the cable Hashed back the memorable words: "Do beg those Juniors to have mercy or I will have no graduating class this year, and tell them, too, that I believe they can keep the pace which they have started." We have not been disobedient to his hopes. Our entire history in athletics, in the social circle, and in the class room is expressed in the one word, a new word among the others-progress. Progress, a junior's dis- tinctive mark alone, not Senior's and not Sophomore's, they are, '05 is, Freshmen partly are and they all hope to be Juniors. Dr. Crawford, at his recent reception in New York, was heard to say: "Our record at Old Alleghe this year has been one of progress." To this an alumnus replied: "I thought that was a word attributed to your Junior Class alone." Doctor quietly remarked: "VVhat is the difference?" Alle- gheny and the junior Class have been one in all things which have made them the gem of all the ocean during the year now closing. Ruthlessly have we ridded ourselves of Seniors who sat with us for awhile, disdainfully have we spurned all under- class men whom the registrar tried to force on us. Nothing has been too hard for this, our mighty class. Our leaven has passed on to the rest of the lump, placing within them re- newed hope of making a successful course and showing them how to attain to Phi Beta Kappa. 41 PHOTO BY FOWLER fi. c lil. AEE 1- EvLL'l Q '-,xwui WW fy "' gi X lilrlllllfllilllwlllllllif. M I'l U -4.5- 1 3 4 , x sw Oi, ll. CoLo1zs-Orange and Olive Green. YEL1.-Goodness! Gracious! Sakes alive, We're the class of 1905. Officers. President, . . Vice-President, . Secretary, . 'l'reasurer, Historian, Poet, . . . Class Roll. Alverson, Harry James, , . Appleby, Mabel Blanche, K In' 1' Ball, Elsie Frances, K If I . . Ballantyne, james Van Horne, Q A 8 . Bayle, William Fargo, Q 1' A . Boyd, Alexander Samuel, 43 C. R. Hayes . C. H. Scott Mabel Appleby . Harry Gregg V. I-I. Rallantync Lettic L. Johnson Ellington, N. Y. . Tarentum . Oil City Derry Station . Waterford . Pittsburg Burnham, Bessie, li' A 6 . Cowles, Clifford, . Edmonds, Cecil Kay, Espy, Agnes, K A' l' . Farr, Cinnett Grant, Fitzgerald, Jennie, . Fornear, Thomas, . . . Freeman, Robert Guthrie, 0 A 0 Frost, Frank Raymond, E A E . Gregg, I-larry Gerald, . Haas, Robert Victor, . Harrison, Anna Jeanette, . Hart, Eva Rockwell, If K 1' Hart, Henry Paxton, . Hassler, James Herman, Hayes, Charles Roy, fb A H . Hewitt, Wilber Jay, . Hotson, VVilliam, . . A Howe, Charles Preston, 41 A I-I . Johnston, Lettie Love, K A 9 King, Claude Hurst, 41 A 0 Larder, Frank, . . Lewis, VValter Davis, . . Lowthian, Elvin, . . . McArthur, Fred Henry Mellon, 'P A 9 McCartney, Frank Bert, 45 1' A . McDivitt, Joshua Kennedy, . Madden, James Casper, Jr., Q A 0 . Merrill, Charles Coburn, 41 A 6 . Moore, Mary Millicent, A X S2 Morrison, Joseph Emil, KD A 6 . Pollock, Hazard John, .Y A E Reynolds, Fred Combs, 0 I' A . Roberts, G.ertrude, ll' A 6. . Saxman, Albert Clarence, 44 . 'Union City -. Ashville, N. Y. . Meadville . North East Fayetteville, W. Va. . Mt. Pleasant . Willock Edinburgh, Scotland . Meadville . McKeesport Meadville . Meadville . Girard . Meadville Meadville . Sherrett Meadville . Meadville Tarentum . Pittsburg . Ripley, W. Va. Sinclairville, N. Y. . Smicksburg Delaware, Ont. . Meadville . Meadville . Andes, N. Y, . Jeanette . Buffalo, N. Y. . Sumnerville Blairsville Espyville . New Castle Buckhannon, W.-Va. . Putneyville Scott, Clifford john, 112 lx' W . . . Meadville Scott, Herbert Moore, . . Moundsville, W. Va Smith, Harry Lester, A T A . . . Pitcairn Van Slyke, Clarence Allen, . . Centralia, N. Y. Whitehill, Buell Barton, 0 1' A . Brookville Wood, Harley john, . . Waterford Wright, Bruce Simpson, fp A 6 Jamestown, N. Y. VVynn, Wesley Akers, 41 A 6 . . Derry Station F 45 HISTORY The history of the class of '05 begins in the fall of 1901, at which time that body of students entered the college. They were green to be sure, but the greenness was only the first stages of that which was to grow and mature into the well- rounded and developed college man. The First outbreak, which resulted in a glorious victory for the Class of '05, was the cane rush between the Sophomores and the Freshman classes. It came about in this way: A challenge was formulated and formally presented to the Sophomore class challenging them to a rush to prove to the college that the Class of '05 had rights and honors which they could protect. The eventful day arrived and ended with de- feat and disaster to the Sophomore class. But the trouble was not to stop here. One of the wise and daring Sophs at- tempted to take, through his superior bulk and head, a cane honorably won and carried by one of the Class of 'o5. The class taking this as an insult dealt with the miscreant accord- ingly and after rolling him in the street he promised to be better. This served as a warning to all those who doubted the gallantry and knighthood of the Class of '05. During the winter term the Class of '04, the Sophomore Class, tried banqueting on the quiet, but the Freshmen were also guests, and by their presence more jest and interest were added to the occasion. But the crowning feature of the first year of the Freshman Class was the winning of the Farson Gratorical Contest by one of the members. The winner of the contest represented the College in Intercollegiate Orator- ical Contest and, through his ability, brought honor to his class and College. The next year this class became the worthy and wise Soph- omore, with all the attending faults of a child, which has had nothing but success and glory all through its young life. 46 Nevertheless, when the younger generation, the Class of '06, undertook to display its prowess by challenging the Sopho- more Class to defend its honor there was the beginning of their fall, for on the day of the battle the Freshment faded before the rush of the invincible Sophs like night before the coming day, and still the glory and honor of ,05 was intact. In athletics the Sophomore Class contributed more than her share, having stars 0-n all the college teams. By far the greatest event in the Sophomore history was the unique Senior and Sophomore banquet which was held in a neighboring town. A very enjoyable evening was spent around the festal board, but on our way home a few juniors, Freshmen and more Preps appeared with the thought of put- ting to flight two classes that have never lowered their colors. In a short time Freshmen and Preps- were dumped in the snow and the Juniors were fleeing, and the Classes of '03 and '05 entered town with flying colors and none the worse for the encounter. Xl If '-'fi IT 47 PHOTO BY FOWLER K? WEEHN All n L i I" 'f Y an-X, 5- A21--W. nfl! mlll I U x It - 'X -YQLJ Colmzs--Red and white. YELL-Six, six, hippety-ix, We're the class of 1906. President ..... Goffrey Lyon Vice l'resclent .Charles VVesley Gill Secretary. . . Grayee Milclrecl Jones 'l'reasurer, . Ilenjamin Xvhitman Van Riper Historian. . lN'l'arg'aret McLaughlin Poet . . . joseph Mae Calvin Class Roll. Anclrews, Ethel Aurelia, . . . Meaclville Bain, blames Burdette, . . Kennedy, N. Y. Baker, Frank lIl1ner,'l' ll' 'I' . . Clymer. N. Y. llirk, Arthur WHSl1ll1Q'tO11,'p A' W' . Buffalo, N. Y. llolarcl, David Albert, J 7' J Pllilaclelpllia llrowu, Harry Morris, . Cochranton Calvin, Joseph Mac, . Meadville 49 Canfield, Ethel, ll' .4 H . . Church, Gaylord, .1 T -1 . Comfort, Albert Wilkins,fP ll' 'l" Crawford, john Raymond, 'lf ll' 'lf . Darrow, Floyd Lavern, . .- Davenport, Levi Orton,l' A If Dye, Claude Russell, . . Fisher, William Clifford, . Foster, Edna Lovisa, . Gailey, Edna Tiffany, KA H . Gallup, Georgia Bernice, . Gartner, LeRoy George, . Gaston, Martha Gertrude, li' A H Gaston, Phylinda Elsie,fl' ll' I' Giblyn, John Richmond, . Giele, Nora Hildegarde, . Gill, Charles Wesley, . . Gleason, Walter William, W K 'l" Goddard, Harry Winsor, . Harper, Robert Carl, J T J . Hastings, Arthur, .1 T .I . Hires, Mary Ethel, If A H . Hites, john William Charles, . Horner, William Edgell, fl' A' 'I' Hoshino, Ken, . . Hunter, Jesse Merton, A 7' -J Hyskell, Ira David, . . Jones, Grayce Mildred, ll' A 9 Kelsay, Harriett, . 9 Lockwood, Marion Merchant, 2' .4 lu' Lotz, Anna Laura, . . Lyon, Goffrey, . . Mclntier, Charles Andrew, . McLaughlin, Margaret, . McQuiston, William Jenkins, l' A lu . 50 Cambridge Springs . . Meadville . Pittsburg . Meadville Lakewood, N. Y. . . Albion South Dayton, N. Y. . . Swissvale . Pleasantville Enon Valley Meadville . Meadville . Meadville . Meadville Watertown, N. Y. . . Meadville . Ronald Johnsonburg . Conneaut, O. . Meadville Meadville Salem, N. J. . Meadville Detroit, Mich. Yokohama, Japan . Hartstown Smicksburg . Franklin Meadville . Meadville . Kinsman, O. . McLane . Corry Corry Atlantic Malona, Clement Paul, Miller, Frank Purl, Mitchell, Paul, 4' Il' 'I" Mook, Roy H., 'P Il' I' . Morse, Mabel Irene, Ohlman, Frank, . . Ottaway, Adelaide C., Pontius, John Wesley, . Reavley, Albert Addison, . Rockwood, Eva Louise, . Ross, George A., . Rossiter, Bcn, . Scouten, Roy Williaiii, Shaffer, Frederic, 'I' I' J . Shartle, VVilbur Austin, . Small, james Arnor, . Stone Geor e Ward 'I' I' -I . , g , Stone, Harry E., 'I' I' -1 - - Sturtevant, Watlciri Powell, 'I' Il' Swanson, Louis VVilliam,41 A 9 Trego, Dorothy Carroll, . Tribby, Fred N.,. . - Van Riper, Benjamin VVhitman, Warcl, William Briening, -Y A Wilsoii, Charles Alphonso,0 I' J VVi1son, Nellie Gertrude, Yard, Harry Bradford, 'I' A' 'If Young, Harold M., 'P I AI. Sl 'I Kennedy, N. Y. . Conneaut Lake . Indiana . Marion, Ind. Richmond Center, O. . Meadville Sherman, N. Y. . Chicora. Buffalo, N. Y. Union City Clymer, N. Y, Meadville . Tidioute . Cochrantoni Conneaut Lake . Nebraska . Corry . . Corry Conneautville Tidioute . Meadville Meadville . Meadville Pittsburg . Allegheny . Union City . Erie Mayville, N. Y. HISTORY A history of '06, Oh, Sophomores, if you might write it! If you could only have your say! But calm yourselves, here is a time when loud noises and boasting don't count. A Fresh- man has the task. VVhere shall I begin? Where did we come from, and how in the world did we ever get here all together? We haven't solved these mysteries. Since that first week has anyone ever seen us all together? Now, that cane rush. We ought to have won it. There were enough of us and quite a number were football men. But I forget, only the Sophs were al- lowed to use football men. Well they used them. A junior was their mainstay, and, incidentally, we lost the rush. But what they gained by their might they didnlt have brains enough to keep. Why, actually, a Freshman with very little effort got the cane from them, and with much less effort has been able to keep it. lint then, where we lack in strength and brag we exceed in brain power. The Washingtion's Birthday party made it clear to the Sophs that they can't come up to us in that. The white heads, dear Sophs, are not what count, but what is in them. And, after all, these are the days when disputes are not settled and victories not won by mere strength of arms, but by brains. Ask any of the professors and they will tell you that 'WVC star in Mathematics, French is a joy, Latin to us is play, English's a recreation, without alloy. German we can display. You won the cane rush, Sophies, You play the ball, But you'll need to take great pains, You'll have to strive to come forth alive When you're up against a class with brains." 52 Graduate Students Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts. McClintock, Marguerite Belle, . . A. B., Allegheny College Merchant, Jessie, .... A. B., Allegheny College. Gertrude, . . A. B., Allegheny College. Shadduck, Maude Not Candidates for a Degree. Edson, Emma, .... A. B., Allegheny College. Witten, john Luther, . . . A. B., Morgan College. Special. Adams, Mabel Pearl, A .l' S2 Bork, Anna Rosalie . . Breed, Louise Heini, . Dowdell, Alton Luby, . Fitch, Frances Elizabeth, Gaston, Ethel, If li' l'. . Giele, Walter Scott, 4' l' A . Goodnough, Mayme Evangeline, Hall, Eleanor Mary, ln' lr' 1' . Hanunoncl, Lyda Barron, A X S2 . Hampson, Harriet Mary, ll' If I' - If A U . Langworthy, Florence Rebecca, Liniber, Belle, ln' A 6 . . . Lockwood, Mary Pritner, . Lovell, Ella Belinda, A X S2 . 53 . Meadville . Meadville . Meadville . Meadville . Meadville . Butler . Meadville Meadville . Meadville . Buffalo, N. Y. . Meadville . Meadville Meadville Jamestown, N. Y. . Bolivar . North East . Warreli Meadville . Meadville Franklin McCord, Bertha Clendenen, A X S2 . Wellsbiirg, W. Va. Oberlin, Ellis Anson, . . . Ringolcl Olmstead, Homer George, A T A . Conneaut, O. Pischell, Emma, . . . . Chicago, Ill. Ransom, Frederick Garfield, A T .Q . . Lancaster, N. Y. Rowley, Edith, . . . Dunkirk, N. Y. Smith, Ida, . . . Pitcairn Snook, Lee Mae,K li' I' . . . P3.L1ldil'l,Q', O. Wilson, Saniuel,0 I' A .... Clarion Summary of Students. Resident Graduates ................ . 5 Seniors ........... . . . . 47 Juniors ..... . . 30 Sophomores . . . . 4Q Freshnren . . . . . 70 Special .... 24 Total ....225 54 ,.:.iT:-A N U .A X FeL.15i7'i' f N qx- UQQFQH , Mm 'Q if ef-fw lgrqfpi- "7"' J W Qffx r lx It xx 'l F. -W' Q TS: X W3 lx X K X Xvflnfl 1 v ,X X 1 W S- u x L 'xi 1 A ev 4- ' X. I if 5 Q... X T "' .4-.X x ' qv Vu' wx Q""' tx Pr K, e 2 6 , . E: jg, N Lb.. . 9 f fn f l-, ,412 Se. "'.,. 'N - .f '- f S" -N fx . fi "": ,nl S V Y -f A - j- Y L- , cv r-- Colors-Pink and White. Officers Prcsidcllt . . . John Hanks Vice-President . R. S. McKinney Secretary. Rachel Cousins T1'easu1'e1' Historiall . . Williaxmm Taft Uda Felclmille-1' Third Preparatory. Class Roll Arnold, Turner S., W I' A . . Chorpenning, Loyd Gephart, . Cozins, Rachael May, . Davis, Homer Bell, .YA If Drake, Daniel B., . Gleason, Earl Day, Hanks, john Rufus, Hartung, Charles A., . I-lotson, Charles, . . Jones, I-larry Max, W l' J King, john William . McKinney, Ralph Garfield Milliren, Ellie A., . . Miner, VVallace Herman Phillips, Nathan H., . Rockword, Anna, . Shryock, Edward Osborne . Stuntz, Ross Maxwell . Taft, William Sanders, W J 8 Winton, Raymond Sheridan . Worcester, Charles W., . . . . . Clarion . Indian Head . Sheakleyville . Kennerclell Cambridge Springs . McKeesport . Guy's Mills Evans City . Meadville Strattonville . Munhall . . Franklin . Reynoldsville . Meadville . Girard Union City . Meadville Guy's Mills . Youngsville . Little Cooley Lebanon, N. H. Second Preparatory. Class Roll. Bethia, Dennis Anderson, . Challinor, David Charles, 0 A 6 . Clark, Gilbert Ralph, . . Dowler, julia Gertrude, lr' li' I' . Eiseman, Charles Harvey, . Etter, Elizabeth, . . . 56 Dillon, S. C. Pittsburg . Centerville Centerville . Hallton East Green Feldmiller, Uda, . . Flanigan, Gratten Lee, A 1' A Fowler, Jennie Mildred, If If 1' Googe, Charles Michael, w If 'lf' I-Iamaker, Charles Townsend . Hoch, Dolph Augustus, . I-Iumes, Georgia Ella, . Kelley, Elijah VVilson, . Knapp, Frank Lyle, W 1' A . Kraus, Harriet, A' A' I ' . Lackey, Sylvester jacob, Lick, Maxwell john, . Marsh, Ruby Marie, . McKee, Clarence Algernon, Miner, George Lewis, , Reilly, Minnie Dell, . Renner, Charles E., . Rigg, Lida Carrie, li' ll' I ' Shryock, Robert Lawrence, . Smith, Ira Albert, . Smullin, Harry Delus . Walker, Byron Porter, 0 l' A White, Harry Faber, . . Zuck, Floyd john, . First Preparatory. Class Roll. Amidon, Levi Lewis, . Anderson, Robert William, . Andrews, Stanley Hervey, A T A Barton, William P., 2 A E . Berkey, john Sheppard, W A 6 Blake, joseph Marshall, . 57 .Cochranton Pittsburg . Meadville . Johnsonburg . Meadville . Millerstown Cambridge Springs . Versailles Paulding, Ohio . Meadville Millerstown . Albion . Townville . Kent . . Meadville . Osceola,Wis. Cambridge Springs . Wilkinsburg . Meadville . Meadville . Putneyville West Monterey Cambridge Springs . . Erie Jamestown, N. Y. . . Meadville . Meadville Clintonville . Bolivar . Hartstown Burke, joel, . . Carrier, Electa, . Cravner, William Charles, Crosby, john H., dl li' 'P' . Daubenspeck, Charles V., Davis, Myron Park, jr., df I' A Dermitt, Edith, A X Q . Dermitt, Jennie, K A 9 . Descartes, Pedro, Dewey, Russell A., . Eitel, john Frederick, . Elkin, Cortlandt, . . Gardiner, Eugene Lawrence, Gibson, Edwin, . Gilmore, David Percy, . Greene, james B., . . Hagerstrand, Oscar Engvid, Hammond, Ben. R., W A 6 . Henry, Tessie, . . Henry, Myrtle, . Herrington, Charles B., . I-lilts, H. Appleton, Q A 6 . Knoell, William Frederick, Lupher, Ilda M., . . Marks, Alpha Ola, . Marvin, Charles Lester, W F A Matthews, Robertson, . McAllister, Eleanor, A X S2 . McCombs, William P., . Medley, William, jr., . Miller, A. Devoe P., . Millward, William, . Mudge, Gerald Eugene, Muenzenberger, Charles 1, Murray, Norman D., . . Kennedy, N. Y. . Summerville Leechburg . Allegheny Cochranton . Meaclville . Edgewood . Edgewood Ponce, Porto Rico Ripley, N. Y, Ebenezer, N. Y, Smicksburg Nickleville Edwards, Fla. Meadville . Plumville Monessen Bolivar . Hamilton Hamilton Meadville Buffalo, N. Y. . Pittsburg Meadville . Hookstown . . Meadville Bolton, Ontario, Can. . West Newton . Pittsburg . Carleton . Pittsburg . Crafton . Lockport, N. Y. . Meadville Cochranton Nelson, Floyd, fb li' 'lf' Pinckney, William, . . Kane . East Springfield Rist, Bess, ln' ls' I ' . . Vanderbilt Robertson, Andrew, fl' A . Panama, N .Y. Scott, Lyle Cortes,. . . Centerville Selkregg, Harley G., . North East Shaffer, Frank Barr, . Franklin Slater, Mary A., . . Youngsville Small, Gilpin D., . . . Nebraska Spaulding, Frank E., . Connewango Valley, N. Y, Stebbins, Dena, . . . Meadville Stenger, Bertha Emma, Meadville Walster, Catherine, Meadville Weaver, Perry Ward, . Smithport Wilkinson, Abraham, Meadville Wilson, John Keatly, 41 I' A . . Clarion Unclassifed. Beach, H. A., . Meadville 59 uf! fits 'lr ' I u r f ,g - f fl " '-"'i.QfQ ...Q Y i gg 'ds f , fi "' -Tl.: X' ' :Lrg- -E 'Z . ' '-T Q 'SAV 1- ? 'i ,ij rjj 'T f fr i f f hx Q -3 N .4 -S f SRA - l i "1 - 't'-if f ' ' 7 Vf 'Y f 4 ' -B-.N -X-Q ,j 2 -KXM -E X f" ' "Y V 5 'ix E1 f-X .. f - X '-N ,. fzh Y ff? ' 9 IM f ' . xx., ' N XQ . ' Le MJ., g --f -, ' if? ' rW' mxu1uu1a 1 , M lm f f mf ! " Z 4 'V gif I f, cf ' . ff ' l. gif' fd? f 471, .rbi g 0 Qu Qugu U Q0 Quo v U jN,7 ,f:f-- -Y U -A--.T-.fic fi, fi if -f-222, v A WV-fgfi Hr- 4 X A--,yi :- ,-X- .Q E T f E f 'N-... '11, :N 'T " - .41 T NE 1 l-i.,,?,.- ' , X f-f 1, ' ff Q i A :wi ii- ix +A if Ml ,X ,. li iii: PHOTO BY POWIBR Phi Kappa Psi PENNA. BETA 1 ESTABLISHED 185 5 Colors-Pink and Lavendar. Publication-The Shield. Yell-High! High! High ! Phi Kappa Psi! Live Ever! Die Never! Phi Kappa Psi ! Frater in Facultate. W. H. Crawford, D. D., L. L. D. Fratres in Urbe. George B. Anderson. Hon. Arthur L. Bates. Walter Irving Bates. James P. Colter. Esq. Capt. Geo. G. Derby. Geo. W. Haskins. Chas. W. Haskins, Ph. D. Manley O. Brown. john Anderson. John L. Porter. J. Edward Colter. C. C. Laffer, M. D. John O. McClintock, Esq. J. Bennett Porter, C. E. W. E. Porter. Sion B. Smith, Esq. james VV. Smith, Esq. I. N. Taylor, M. D. Hon. H. T-Iumes. james McGunnegle. Lewis I.. Lord, Jr. Shirley P. Austin. Philip Vlfalther, jr. R. H. Patterson. Fratres in Collegio. 1903 Eugene F. Craig. 1904 I. Gayle Nelson. 1905 Clifford Scott. 1906 Ray H. Mook. Raymond Crawford. Harry B. Yard. Eclgell W, Homer. Watkin P. Sturtevant. Walter W. Gleason. Albert W. Comfort. Paul Mitchell. Arthur W. Birk. Frank E. Baker. Pledged. john C. Crosby. Charles M. Googe. Floyd C. Nelson. 63 Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Ilcta Pennsylvania Gamma Pennsylvania Epsilon Pennsylvania Zeta . Pennsylvania Eta .. Pennsylvania Theta Pennsylvania Iota .. Pennsylvania Kappa New York Alpha .. New York Beta New York Gamma New York Epsilon . York Zeta Virginia Alpha .... Virginia lleta ...... Virginia Gamma .... VVest Virginia Alpha Maryland Alpha District of Columbia Mississippi Alpha .. Rhode Island Alpha New Ohio Alpha Ohio lleta ......... Ohio Delta Indiana Alpha .. Indiana Beta ...... Indiana Gamma Indiana 'Delta .... Illinois Alpha .. Illinois Iicta Michigan Alpha .. VVisconsin Alpha .. XVisconsin Gamma .. Iowa Alpha ........ Minnesota Iieta .. Kansas Alpha California Beta .... California Gamma . Nebraska Alpha ..... Massachusetts Alpha New I-Iampshirc Alpha ....... Tennessee 'Delta ..... D lplia. Active Chapters. Alumni Washington ...... ... University and Jefferson College Alleghen College Bucknell University Pennsylvania College . Dickinson College and Marshall College Franklin ............. Lafayette College .. .. University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . .. Swarthmore College ... . . .. Cornell University . . Syracuse University .......... Columbia University Colgate University Brooklyn Polytechnic University of Virginia VVashington and Lee University . . Hampden and Sidney College .. University of West Virginia Johns I-Iopkins University ...... .. Columbia University .. . University of Mississippi ........... Brown University . . Ohio XVesleyan University .... . . . . . Wittenberrz College . Ohio State University .. De Pauw University .. . University of lndiana ........ Wfabash College ....... Purdue University Northwestern University . . . . . . . University of Chicago . . . Michigan State University . . . University of Wisconsin Beloit College .......... Iowa State University Minnesota State University . . . . .. Kansas State University Stanford. Jr.. University University of California University of Nebraska .. . . . .. Amherst College ... .. Dartmouth College .. Vanderbilt University Leland Associations. Pittsburg Alumni Association. Philadelphia Alumni Association. Springlield Alumni Association. Chicago Alumni Association. Kansas City Alumni Association. Denver City Alumni Association. New York Alumni Association. Meadville Alumni Association. NVashington Alumni Association. Cleveland Alumni Association. Columbus Alumni Association. Newark Alumni Association. Butifalo Alumni Association. Bucyrus Alumni Association. Duluth Alumni 64 Asso Indianapolis Alumni Association. Toledo Alumni Association. Anderson Alumni Association. Minneapolis Alumni Association. Salt Lake City Alumni Association. Portland Alumni Association. San Francisco Alumni Association. Los Angeles Alumni Association. Cincinnati Alumni Association. Omaha Alumni Association. Boston Alumni Association. Seattle Alumni Association. I-Iaward Alumni Club. Johnstown Alumni Association. ciation. ,.':,. f ' -gn . ,-if. 3,,,f.,:.x - . 4 J. ' ' 4-V-rr-.f 4 Nu 1 1 .,gm.. n... .-... ,.. w V 5 ,--Lf' 1,9 VM., 4 Yr V, -W-.r r ,. :,- A , - .I I, Q... . -4 rg. .,,. ., . , r-...,. .. I',"..'1. - 1-Jeff -. ..r '.-1 .i , ,LQ . . 47.4, X , 4- ,' . 1 . .,.,,,,..1J V ,. -fa ., 4- V , . 'f-'ff'-1.34 If -4-"V-f "w.- -- 65 PHOTO BY PDWLER Phi Gamma Delta P1 CHAPTER ESTABLISHED i860 Color-Royal Purple. Pub1ica.tio11-The Phi Gamma, Delta. Yell-Hippi Hippi, Hi! Rip, Zip, Zelta! Fiji, Ha, Ha! PhiGamnm.DeMa Fratres in Urbe. Hon. John Henderson. Geo. F. Davenport, Esq. Capt. E. H. l'Ienderson. john J. Shryock. Harry XV. Reynolds. A. G. Richmond, Esq. L. H. Lauderhaugh, Esq. Hon, Frank J. Thomas. R. G. Graham, Esq. 1-larry C. Carroll, D. D. S. Emory lil. Flower, A. M. Homer C. Crawford. George M. Fletcher. Harry VV. Foster. Thomas L. Slocum. Xhlallace A. Wilsoii. Q Clifford Stone Leet. Charles Fox. Richard G. English. Robert M. Ray. Frank P. Ray, Ffsq. D. Hostel' Swengel. Harry Alhro Beach. john C. Barkley. Frater in Facultate. Dr. H. Montgomery, Ph. D. Fratres in Collegio. 1903 j. Earle Kelley. Caleb McCune. 1904 Roy XV. Hazen. 1905 . Frank B. McCartney. Frederick C. Reynolds. XVil1iam F. Hayle. 1906 Harold M. Youngx Charles A. VVilson. George VV. Stone. Harry E. Stone. Walter S. Giele. Samuel WllSO11. Harry M. Jones. Pledged. john K. Wilsoii. Fred Shafer. Lyle Knapp. Byron P. Wallier. Myron P. Davis, jr. Turner S. Arnold. 6 Chi Mu ..... Omega Mu Iota Mu .... Pi Iota .... Pi Rho ...... Alpha Chi .... Nu Deuteron Tau Alpha .... Upsilon ..... Omega ...... Nu fpsilon iliheta 1? xa pa u ...... Chi, ........... . ljeta bigma Deuteron Beta Chi ........ Delta .... ...... Xi ........... Gamma Phi Beta Mu ..... Omicron ....... Beta Deuteron .. Delta Deuteron . Zeta Deuteron Tau Deuteron .. Theta ....... .. Rho Chi Alpha Pi ........... Sigma .......... Theta. Deuteron . Lambda Dcuteron Omicron Deuteron Alpha Phi ......... Rho Dcuteron .... Zeta ........... Xi Deuteron Lambda ...... Tau ........ Psi ......... Kappa Tau Nu ............ Alpha Dcutcron . Gamma Deuteron Chi lota ....... Mu Sigma ...... Mu ......... Lambda Nu .. Pi Deuteron .. Zeta Phi ....... Delta Xi ..... Sigma Tau Delta Nu Sigma Nu ...... Chi Upsilon Lambda Iota .... Pi Rho ........ Active Chapters.. University of Missouri ............... University of Maine . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . . Worcester Polytechnic University . ..... ............ B rown University Amherst College . . . . . . . . .. Yale University . . . . . . . . . . .. Triniltiz College .. College City of ew York . .......... Columbia University ... University City of New York . . . . . . . . . . .. Colgate University . . . . . . . . . .. Cornell University Union College . . . University of Pennsylvania . .......... Lafayette College ... . . . . . . Lehigh University . ...... Bucknell University .. . . . . . .. Gettysburg College . . . Pennsylvania State College . . . Johns Hopkins University . . . . . f. . University of Virginia . . . . . . . . . . . . Roanoke University . . . . . . . . . . Hampden-Sidney College .. . Washington and Lee University . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Texas ... . . . . . . . University of Alabama .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. Richmond College . . Washington and Jefferson College Allegheny College ...... . . .. . .. Wittenberg College . . Ohio NVesleyan University .. . . . .. Denison University . . . . Ohio State University . . Michigan University . . . NVooster University ... Indiana University ... . . Arlelbert College . . .. DePauw University ........ llanover College . . . . . . . . . . . XVabash College . . . . University of Tennessee Bethel College . , Illinois lVesleyan University Knox College ..... University of Illinois . . . . University of Minnesota .. University of NVisconsin . . University of Nebraska . . . University of Kansas .. . William Jewell College .. . University of California . . . University of Washington ... . . . . . Dartmouth College . .... Syracuse University ' .. Chicago University Purdue University ......... . ............. . .................... Brown University Graduate Chapters and Associations. Jleta . . . Ilclta . . Epsilon . . Zeta ..... Eta .... Theta . . . Iota ..... Kappa .... Lambda . . . Mu . . . . Nu .... Xi ...... Omicron . . Pi ...... Rho . . . Sigma . . . Tau ..... Upsilen . . . Phi ..... Indiapolis, Ind. . . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . . . . Columbus, 0. .. . Kansas City, Mo. .. . .. Cleveland, O. . . Williamsport, Pa. . . . Spokane, NVash. ....... Chicago, Ill. Dayton, O. . . San Francisco, Cal. . . . New Haven, Conn. .. New York, N. Y. . . . . . . Pittsburg, Pa. . . Plliladelpliia, Pa. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. .. . L. Albany, N. Y. .... . . . . . Denver, Col. . . Minneapolis, Minn. ... . St. Louis, Mo. Chi ... ....... Toledo, O. Psi .......... .. . Cincinnati, O. Omega ..................... . . . Bloomington, Ill. Alpha Deuteron ................ . . lVheeling, VV. Va. Southern Alumni Association . . . . . . ....... Baltimore, Md. M ashington Alumni Association . . . . . Washington, D. C. Richmond Alumni Club ......... . . . ..... Richmond, Va. Nebraska Alumni Association . . ....... ..... L incoln, Neb. 68 A X, I PHOTO BY FOWLER Delta Tau Delta ALPHA CHAPTER ' ESTABLISHED Colors-Purple, White and Gold. Fraternity Flower-Pansy. Publications-"The Rainbow," "The Choctaw." Frater in Facultate. Frank C. Lockwood, Ph. D. Fratres in Urbe. J. M. Cooper, M. D. John D. McCoy. E. A. Hempstead. Col. Lewis VValker. Frank F. Lippitt. G. A. Nodine. VV. D. Hamaker, M. D. George A. Foster. C. P. VVoodring. M. D. J. R. Andrews. V D. Arthur Gill. E. P. Cullum. WV. H. Ray. Jas. A. MeClurg. George K. MeGunnegle. john H. McCloskey. Wlalter G. Harper. Capt. VVesley B. Rest. Henry Dick. Ned Arden lflood. Archibald L. Irvin. VValter Dewey. Robert S. Gill. E. T. Lashells, M. D. Frank A. Ray. Alfred J. Bates. Trace C. Farrell. W. C. Pickett, M. D. G. A. Shryoek. Harry S. Melfarland. Robert C. Brown. Charles E. Foster. Maj. C. G. S. Miller. Abner Neff. A Fratrcs in Collegio. 1903 George S. Davenport. 1904 Malcomb H. Dewey. Arthur H. Gaston. 1906 Gaylord Church. . David A. Bolard. jesse M. Hunter. Pledged. Stanley H. Andrews. 71 James G. Pentz. Harry L. Smith. Herbert J. Stockton. Ralph C. Harper. Arthur Hastings. H. G. Olmsted. Gratten L. Flannigan. 1863 Active Chapters. Alpha ..... Beta. Gamma. Delta. .... Epsilon .... feta. ap Ja. Lamlnda. Mu ......... Omicron. Pi ......... . Rho ...... Upsilon .... Phi ....... gin. ..... . mega, ..... . Beta Alpha ..... Beta Beta. .... . Beta Gamma ,.... Beta Iota. . Beta Epsilon..... Beta Zeta. Beta Eta.. Beta 'l'lieta ..... Beta Kappa ..... . Beta Lam da ..... Beta Mu ..... ..... Beta Nu ........ Beta Xi ..,...... Beta Omicron. Beta Pi. .... .... . Beta Rho ..... .. Beta Tau ....... Beta Upsilon ..... Beta Phi .......... Beta Chi. .... . Beta Psi ...... .. Beta Omega. . Gamma Alpha .... . Gamma Beta ..... .. Gamma Gamma. ..... Gamma Delta ....... . Gamma Epsilon.. . . .L Alumni New York Alumni Association. Chica o Alumni Association. Philacialphia Alunini Association. Cleveland Alumni Association. Indianapolis Alumni Association. Boston Alumni Association. l Minneapolis Alumni Association in fh vc ll' ...........,.,,..,.......f.45ii0eRhiivlQ.-its .. . .Washington and jefferson College ..............Un1vers1ty of Michigan ......Albion . Adelbert ......llillsdale .... ...Vanderbilt University . . . .Ohio Wesleyan -University ................Ul'llV6l'Slfy of Iowa .. .. ..Un1vers1ty of Mississippi . Stephens Institute of Technology ..-Rensselaer Institute of Technology ............XVashington and Lee .. ....University of Pennsfrlvania .. . .. . ... .University of .ncliana ....-- Del'auw University University of Wisconsin .. . . . University ofV1rg1n1a . ....li1noT?1 Co lege . ........ Butler niversity . . . . University of Minnesota . . . .. .University of the South . ...University of Colorado .. I eln h University evra uvnsnpsnnn- anuuv- 4 r . .. 'l"uft's College ....Massachusetts Institute of 'fecltnolqgy .... TnlaneUnivers1ty ...............Cornell University Northwestern University Leland-Stanford jr University . ........ ...Universitylof Nebraska . .. . . . . .. . . . .University of Illinois . ........ Ohio State University .. . . . . .Brown University Wabash College University of California University of Chicago ... .Armour Institute of Technology Dartmouth College . .. .. .University of West Virginia . . . . . . . . . . . . . Columbia University Wesleyan University Gamma Zeta. .... . . .............................. .. . . Chapters. MilwankeeAlumni Association. Cincinnati Alumni Association. San Francisco Alumni Association Pittsburg Alumni Association. Omaha Alumni Association. Evansville Alumni Association. Atlanta Alumni Association. PHOTO BY FOWLER Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami in 1848. PENNA. DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 Cokns-Argent and Azure Flower-VVhHe Carnadon. Pubhcadon-The ScroH. Fratres in Facultate. Williaiii A. Elliott, A. M., L. H. D. Clarence F. Ross, A. M. Fratres in Colle gio. 1903 Samuel C. Lampe. Chas. M. Freeman. 1904 Waltei' S, Trosh. Edgar A. Griffith. Frederick VV. Striclcler. Harry A. Turner. 1905 Robert G. Freeman. Uruce S. VVright. Charles R. Hayes. james V, Ballantyne. VVesley A. Wyiiii. Claude H. King. Charles C. Merrill. joseph E. Morrison. james C. Madden. Charles P. Howe. Frederick H. MacArthur. 1906 ' Louis NN. Swanson. Pledged. Andrew VV. Robertson. Williaiii S. Taft. David C. Challinor. Benjamin R. Hammond. Appelton Hilts. John S. Berlcey. 75 Active Chapters. Maine Alpha ........... .................... New Hampshire Alpha .. Vermont Alpha ........ Massachusetts Alpha .. Massachusetts Beta Rhode Island Alhpa New York Alpha .... New York Beta New York Delta .... New York Epsilon Pensylvania Alpha .. Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma . . . Pennsylvania Delta ..... Pennsylvania lipsilon .. 1'ennsylvania Zeta .... Pennsylvania Eta Virginia Beta .... Virginia Gamma .... Virginia Zeta ......... North Carolina Beta Kentucky Alpha ..... Kentucky Delta ..... Tennessee Alpha .. Tennessee Beta Georgia Alpha Georgia Beta ...... Georgia Gamma Alabama Alpha .. Alabama lieta .. Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Mich Alpha . . Beta . . . Gamma . . Zeta . . . lata ...... Theta ...... igan Alpha .. Indiana Indiana. Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Illinois lllinois lllinois lllinois Illinois Wiseons Alpha ... Beta . . Gamma Delta . .. Epsilon Zeta . . . Theta . Alpha ... Beta . . . Delta . . Zeta . . . Eta .... in Alpha Minnesota Alpha Iowa Alpha .... Iowa Beta ...... Missouri Alpha .. Missouri Beta Missouri Gamma .. Kansas Alpha ...... Nebraska Alpha .... Mississippi Alpha Louisiana Alpha, . . . Texas Beta ...... Texas Gamma California Alpha California Beta .. Quebec Alpha Georgia Delta ..... Colorado Alpha ..... XVashington Alpha .. . ....... Colby University . . . . . . Dartmouth College . . University of Vermont .. . . . .. Williams College ... .. Amherst College .. . Brown University . . Cornell University .. . . . Union University . . Columbia University . . . . Syracuse University ....... . Lafayette College .. . . . Pennsylvania College . . . NVashington and Jefferson ... . . . . . . Allegheny College .......... Dickinson College . . . University of Pennsylvania ....... . . . . . Lehigh University ..... . . .. University of Virginia ..... . Randolph-Macon College Washington and Lee University . University of North Carolina. Centre College ....... . .. Central University .. .. Vanderbilt University ... University of the South . . . . University of Georgia Emory College ...... . . . .. Mercer University University of Alabama .Alabama Polytechnic Institute .. . . . . . . . . .. Miami University . . Ohio XVesleyau University . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohio University . . . . . . . .' Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science ... . . . . University of Cincinnati . ....... University of Michigan . . . . . Indiana University . . . . . . NVabash College ..... Butler College ..... Franklin College ....... Hanover College- ... De Pauw University . . . . . . Purdue University .. Northwestern University . . . University of Chicago- Knox College . . . . . . Lombard University .. University of Illinois . . . University of XVisconsin . . . . University of Minnesota . . Iowa XVesleyan University .. . . . . .. University of Iowa .. University of Missouri .. . WVestminstcr College . . VVasliington University University of Kansas . . . University of Nebraska . . University of Mississippi . . . . . .. Tulane University ..... . . . . .. University of Texas .. . . . . . Southwestern University .. . . . .. University of California Leland Stanford, gr., University Mc ill University . Georgia School of Technology . . . ....... Colorado University . .. . University of XVashingtorm Boston, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Washington. D. C. Pittsburg, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. Macon, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Cincinnati, O. Columbus, O. Franklin, Ind. Galesburg, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. Spokane, Alumni Clubs. Salt Lake City, Utah. St. Louis, Mo. Providence. R. I. Richmond, Va. Cilumbus, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. Selma, Ala. San Francisco, Cal. New York, N. Y. Philadellphia Ia. Louisvil e, Ky. Milwaukee, Wis. Denver, Col. Los Angeles, Cal. Seattle, Wash. Austin, Texas. Meridian, Miss. Omaha, Neb. Akron, O. New Orleans, La. Menashe, NVis. Athens, O. Cleveland, O. Hamilton, O. Indianapolis, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, O. La Crosse, Wis. Chicago, Ill. Schenectady, N. Y Wash. Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. 76 PHOTO BY FOWLBH. 0 Sigma A.pha Epsi.on PA. OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED Conons-Royal Purple and Old Gold. l+'1.ow ian-Violet. PUm.le.v1'ioN-The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Record. YEI.I.-Phi Alpha Alicazee ! Phi Alpha Alicazon 5 Sigma Alpha! Sigma Alpha! Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fratres in Urbe. A. L. lloush. F. R. 'l'rumper. W. J. Booth. R. D. Beardsley. NV. M. Saekett. R. ll. Gamble. C. J. Carew. Clare O. Kent. L. E. WVhite. Fratres in Collegio. 1903 lfrecleriek lf. Smith. Andrew G. VVillia1nS. Herbert XV. Taylor. Charles E. Kearney. Ralph NN. Yeany. 1904 Charles L. Smith. 1905 Frank R. Frost. H. I. Pollock. 1906 XVillia1n J. MeQuiston. L. Orbon Davenport Harley G. Sellcregg. Wfilliam B. Warcl. Marion Lockwood. Homer B. Davis. Pledged. Cltarfes L. Marvin. 79 VVillian1 P. Barton. 1887 Active Chapters. Alabama Alpha Mu Alabama Iota .......... Alabama Mu .. .......... Arkansas Alpha Upsilon California Alpha ......... California Beta ..... Colorado Chi ....... Colorado Zeta ....... Connecticut Alpha Georgia Beta ....... Georgia Epsilon Georgia Phi ...... Georgia Psi ........ Illinois Psi Omega .. Illinois Beta ......... Indiana Alpha .... Indiana Beta ..... Kentucky Iota ..... Kentucky Kappa ......,. Louisiana Epsilon ........ Louisiana Tau Upsilon ..... Massachusetts Beta Upsilon Massachusetts Iota Tau ..... Massachusetts Gamma ..... Massachusetts Delta .... Michigan Alpha ..... Michigan Iota Beta Mississippi Gamma Missouri Alpha ..... Missouri Beta ....... Nebraska Lambda Pi New York Mu . ..... .. New York Sigma Phi New York Alpha ..... North Carolina Theta .. North Carolina Xi ..... Ohio Delta ......... Ohio Epsilon .... .... Ohio Sigma ............. Ohio Theta ............... Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta .. Pennsylvania Omega ...... Pennsylvania Sigma Phi .. Pennsylvania Zeta ....... South Carolina Gamma .. Tennessee Zeta ........ Tennessee Eta ...... Tennessee Kappa .... Tennessee Lambda Tennessee Nu ...... Tennessee Omega Texas Rho ........ Virginia Omicron Virginia Sigma Maine Alpha .... Penna. Delta .... Penna. Theta ....... Kentucky Epsilon ...... . . .... . . . Minnesota Alpha ..................... . ................. .. A. and M. University Southern University . . . . . . . . . University of Alabama .. . . . . . . .. University of Arkansas . . . Leland Stanford, Jr., University .. . . . . . . University of California .. . . . . . University of Colorado . . University of Denver . . . ......... Trinity College . . . . . . . . .. University of Georgia Emory College . . . Georgia School of Technology ....... . . . . .. Mercer University . . . . . Northwestern University . . . . University of Illinois . . . . . . Franklin College . . . . . . . . Purdue University Bethel College .. . . . . . . . .. Central University . . . . . . Louisiana State University Tulane University Boston University Massachusetts Institute of Technology .... . . . . . . . . . . .. Harvard University . . . . . NVorcester Polytechnic Institute Adrian College ...... . University of Michigan .. . University of Mississippi . . . . University of Missouri . . Vifashington University . . University of Nebraska .. . Columbia University . . St. Stephen's College ... . . . . . . Cornell University Davison College . . University of North Carolina . . . . Ohio Wesleyan University . . . University of Cincinnati ......... Mt. Union College . . . . . . .. Ohio State University . . . Pennsylvania State College . . . . . . . . . . Allegheny College ........ Dickinson College ..... . . . .. Bucknell University NVolforrl College . . S. W. Presbyterian University . . . . S. VV. Baptist University . University of Tennessee . . Cumberland University . . . . . Vanderbilt University .. . .. University of the South University of Texas ............ University of Virginia . . . Washington and Lee University ............ University of Maine ,............ Gettysburg College University of Penn. . . . Kentucky State College University of Minnesota Graduate Chapters and Associations. New York Alumni Association. Boston Alumni Association. Cincinnati Alumni Association. Pittsburg Alumni Association. Alliance Alliance Association. Kansas City Alunmi Association. Knoxville, Tenn., Association. Detroit, Mich., Association. Cleveland, Ohio, Association. New Orleans, La., Association. NVashington, D. C., Association. Worcester, Mass., Association. St. Louis, Mo., Association. Birmingham, Ala., Association. Chicago Alumni Association. Atlanta City Alumni Association. Savannah Alumni Association. Augusta, Ga., Alumni Association. Chattanooga Alumni Association. Jackson, Mich., Alumni Association. Denver, Col., Association. Wilmington. N. C., Association. Louisville, Ky., Association. Macon, Ga., Association. Greenville, S. Ca., Association. San Francisco, Cal., Association. Memphis, Tenn., Association. Little Rock, Ark., Association. Phi Beta Kappa HONORARY SOCIETY, ORGANIZED DECEMBER 5 1776 PENNSYLVANIA ETA CHAPTER, CHARTERED 1901 Officers President, . . . President W. H Crawford Vice-President, . . Professor J. H. Montgomery Secretary-Treasurer, . . Professor W A Elliott Charter Members President VV. H. Crawford, D. D., LL. D. Professor W. 'l'homas, Ph. D. Professor E. C. Morey, A. M. Professor E. A. Smith, Ph. D. , Professor H. K. Munroe, A. M. Foundation Members '37 Hon. Williaiii Reynolds, A. M. '39 Reverend Jonathan Hamnett, D. D. '50 Hon. Solomon Schoyer, Jr., A. M. '52 Judge Thomas Wilsori, LL. D. '57 Bishop james M. Thobnrn, D. D. LL. D. '59 Reverend Henry Mansell, D. D. '62 Judge john J. Henderson, LL. D. '64 Frank A. Arter, A. M. '64 George W. Haskin, A. M. ' '67 Reverend Robert M. Freshwater, D. D. '70 Commander Franklin B. Stephenson, A. '71 Hon. Elihu W. Tollerton, A. M. ' '73 Reverend Thomas W. VVoodring, D. D. '74 Reverend Joseph VV. Miler, Ph. D., D. D. '74 Dean Benjamin L. Millikin, A. M., M. D '77 Professor james H. Montgomery, Ph. D '78 Reverend Andrew C. Ellis, D. D. 81 MMD Reverend Chailes B Mitchell Ph ' . , . D., Hon. Arthur L. Bates, A. M. Reverend Charles E. Locke, D. D. Reverend james A. Ballantyne, D. D. Professor VVilliam A. Elliott, A. M., Professor Clarence F. Ross, A. M. Members Judge Christopher Heydrick, LL. D. Reverend James VV. VVaugh, D. D. Harvey Henderson, A. M. Reverend Robert S. Borland, D. D. Reverend Noble G. Miller, D. D. Hon. Frank P. Ray, A. M. Reverend Simpson W. Horner, D. Nathan P. Kinsley, A. M. Reuben F. Randolph, D. D. Reverend Nicholas H. Holmes, D. D. Annie M. VVarner Hempstead, A. M. Louise McClintock Kurtz, A. M. John A. Bolard, A. M. Reverend Elliott S. VVhite, Ph. D. james W. Kinncar, A. M. Reverend Alexander Vance, A. M., D Clifford WV. Fuller, Ph. D. Charles P. Lynch, Ph. D. Mae Goff Smith, A. M. Edward B. Heckel, A. M., Harriot C. Reitze, A. M. Mayne R. Stevenson. Frederic C. Howe, Ph. D. Edwin L. Mattern, A. M. Will L. Siling, Ph. D. VV. Youngson, A. D. M. D. Reverend William John A. Gibson, A. M. 82 M. D.D L. H. D. D. Reverend Harry P. Johnson, A. M. Trinity. Professor Ernest T. Bynum, Ph. D Robert W. Danagh. President Arthur Staples, A. M. Clara Campbell, A. M. Fred L. Homer, A. M. Inez R. Rich. Mary C. Colter. Fred S. Breed. i Reverend, Paul VVcyancl. Arthur D. Horton, A. M. Mary L. Breene. Dana B. Casteel, Ph. D. james W. Davis, A. M. Georgiana Crane, A. M.. Frank L. Matteson. Ruth M. Hay. Helen Hempstead. M. Blanche Beecher. S. John Morrow, Ella F. Craig. Jessie Merchant. Albert J. May, A. M. Lodema A. Bard. Robbins N. Taylor. Helen I. Wintermute. Maude G. Shadcluck. Hattie Mae Thickstun. 83 , Q - ff k - +i X 1-1-1- , . 1 ' Vi: I Vfgmf 'f" "T-'7F!!imd - qiyggfui Till::g,, ..5l!!.ii-L ......... :Riffs 22:73 mf. 11:11, 5. 'Mil K' X jimi' my -fb '4' ' u ig, . fd W w i f ? i 9 if K 41 my 2- X WWE- X i M- " X Ml, 4 X X -.2 ! S, " fM,4 NZ ge 1 V ,- E433 Z Z N' Jul A 1 M gff EQ Xi f PHOTO BY FOWLER Kappa Alpha Theta CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1 881 Colors-Black and Gold. Flower-Pansy. Publication-Kappa. Alpha Theta. Resident Members. Margaret Hartman. Emma Edson. Mrs. George G. Derby. Ethel Odell. Rebecca Cooper. Maude Shadduck. Gertrude Harper. Jennie Brawley. Mrs. Curtis L. VVebb. Mrs. W'alter Irving Bates. Anna Haskins. Belle Limber. Marguerite Hempstead. Helen Anderson. Active Members. Graduate Students Maude Gertrude Shadduck Emma Edson. 1903 Jesse A. DeVVitt VVillia1ns. Marian Bemis. Nina Ruth Townley. Marie Tuholski. 1904 Bessie Mae Dutton. ' - ' Florence R. Langworthy. 1 1905 - - ' Gertrude Roberts. Bessie Burnham. Lettie Love Johnston. Mary Ethel Hires. 1906 Edna Tiffainy Gailey. Martha Gaston. Grace Mildred Jones. Ethel J. Canfield. Pledged. Jennie Dermitt. 81 University of Kansas Iota Lambda . . . Mu ..... Chi .. Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta Delta BMA' Delta Epsilon . . . Zeta .. . .. Epsilon . . . Eta .. Kappa . . . Pi ...... Rho . . . Tau .... Upsilon . ..... Psi ............ Alpha Gamma . Phi ........... Omega . . . ...... Omega .. Gamma Alumnze Eta Alumnfe . . . .. Kappa Alumnae Alpha Alumnae Beta Alumnae . Delta Alumnze ..... Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae . Lambda Alumnse Mu Alumnae .. Iota Alumnae .. Active Chapters. ... . . Cornell University . University of Vermont .. . . Allegheny College . . . Syracuse University . . . . Swarthmore College VVoman's College of Baltimore Alumnae Chapters. 88 . . . . . Brown University . ...... Barnard College . . . Depauw University Indiana State University . . University of Illinois . . . Wooster University University of Michigan Albion College University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin , . . Ohio State University .. . . . . . Stanford University University of California University of California New York City. N. Y. . . . . . . . . Burlington, Vt. . . . . . . . . . Pittsburg, Pa. . . . . . Greencastle, Ind. . . Minneapolis, Minn. . . . . . . . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . . . . Columbus, 0. . . Indiapolis, Ind. Athens, O. . .... Cleveland, 0. . . Los Angeles, Cal. BISHOP KlNGBLlY'! COLLIGE HOME 4 PHDTO BY FOWLER 7 + Kappa Kappa Gamma GAMMA Ruo CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1888 Colors-Light and Dark Blue. Flower-Fleur-de-lis. Publication-The Key. Florence Appleby. Louise Bolard. Mary Colter. Alice Colter. Jean Frey. Rebekah Frey. Marian Fuller. Resident Members. Mrs. Georgia Harper. Gertrude Hastings. Louise Hempstead Evelyn Laffer. Adelaide Lockart. Jessie Marvin. Mrs. Emma Montgomery Finetta Porter. Mrs. Margaret Prather Mrs. Wallace A. Wilsoii Grace McCluer. Active Members. Graduate Student. Margaret McClintock. 1903 Evangeline Parsons.. .---- Ada Palm. Florence Stem. , 1904 Helen McClintock 1905 Eva Hart. Agnes Espey. 1906 M-ary -Heydrick. Erma Rogers. Clara Miner. Sarah Breene. Elsie Ball. Mable Appleby. Phylinda Gaston. Ethel Gaston. Eleanor Hall. Gertrude Dowler. Harriet Kraus. Special Students. Lee Snook. Harriet Hampson. Pledged. Jennie Fowler. V Lida Rigg. Bess Rist. QI Actlve Chapters. Gamma Rho .......... . ........... . .. Allegheny College Phi ........... .. Boston University Beta Epsilon ........... Barnard College Psi ......... ......... C ornell University Beta Tau .......... Syracuse University Beta Alhpa .. University of Pennsylvania Beta Iota ........ Swarthmore College Lambda ...... ........... l luchtel College Beta Gamma .. .... XVooster University Beta Nu ...... .... C Dhio State University Beta Delta University of Michigan Xi .......... .......... , Adrian College Kappa ..... ....... I 'Iillsdale College Delta .. ..... Indiana University llota - ..... DePauw University Mu .. ............. Butler College Eta .... ...... U niversity of XVisconsin Upsilon . ....... Northwestern University Epsilon .. Illinois NVcsleyan University Chi .... ...... University of Minnesota Beta Zeta ...... Iowa State University Theta . .... .... B Iissouri State University Sigma .... Nebraska State University Omega .... ......... I iansas State University Beta lata .... .. Leland Stanford, Jr., University Pi ........... ....... U niversity of.CaliIornia Beta Lambda ......... University of Illinois Beta Mu ..... Colorado State University Beta Xi .... ............................. T exas State University Alumnae Chapters. , Boston Alumnae Association. New York Alumna- Association. 'indianapolis Alumnae Association. Philadelphia Alumnae Association. Columbus Alumnae Association. Bloomington Alumnae Association. Greencastle Alumnae Association. Chicago Alumnae Association. Denver Alumnae Association. Minnesota Alumnae Association. Kansas City Alunina: Association. lieta Iota Alumnae Association. Cleveland Alumnae Association. Detroit Alumnae Association. Akron Alumnm Association. lVooster Alumnae Association. Lawrence Alumnae Association. Pi Aumnae Association. Q2 IIKBIIGP BIMPBDXUS COLLEGE HOME PHOTO BY YOWLBR Alpha Chi Omega DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHE Colors--Olive Green and Scarlet. Flowers-Red Carnation and Smilax. Yell--Hi l Hi ! Hi ! Alpha. Chi ! Chi O l Chi O l Alpha Chi Omega! Members in Faculty of College of Music. Helen Edsall. May T. Graham. Resident Members. Alta Moyer. Mrs. Juvia Hull. Elizabeth Tyler. Antoinette Snyder Brown. Helen Trax. Elizabeth Youngson. Margaret B. Barber. Rebic Flood Irvin. Editl1 Roddy. Mrs. John Dick. Agnes Church. Gertrude Sackett Laffer. Florence Harper. Bertha Sackett. Florence Bates. Helen Howe. Mary Howe. Alta Moyer. Clara Louise Lord. Mary Lord. Myrtie Dunbar. Myrta Porter. Mabel Leffingwell. Marian Miller. ' Active Members. Jessie Merchant. Mary Gibson. Vesta Leet. Lida Hammond. Lina Hollenbeak. Edith Dermitt. Ella Lovell. Mary Roberts. Arlene Lane. Bertha McCord. Anna Ray. Eleanor McAllister. Millicent Moore. Pledged. Mabel Adams. 95 D 1891 Mrs. Bruce Gamble. Alpha Beta . Gamma Delta . . . Zeta . Theta Iota . . 1.-gg ggi. Active Chapters. DePauw University . . . .. .. . . . Albion College Northwestern University . . . . . . . . Pennsylvania College of Music New England Conservatory of Music .....56-...- University of Michigan University of Illinois x'Rl!:R1nlch'1' M'KINLl9:x"R COLLEGE lmlhlm PHOTO BY POWLBR Kappa Delta Epsilon ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 Colors-Yellow and White. Flower-Marguerite. Resident Members. Mrs. Carr. Mrs. Hampson. Clara Waelcle. Active Members. Suzanne Allen. Mabel McCurdy. Sarah Green. Alta McClain. ' Isabell Titus. Active Chapters. Alpha, . Pennsylvania College of Music Beta, . . . Mt. Union 99 PHOTO BY FOWLBR 1 FOUNDED nv AUN'1'lIi l"A'r 'Hon Colors-Black and Blue. Publication-The Funny Bone. Sorores in Collegio. lloss Rist. Eva Hart. Lcttic Johnston. Edith Dermitt. Jane Dcrmitt. Eleanor McAllister. Grace Jones. :l:Alic orary Member. jess xvlllllllllii. llthcl Hires. llcllc Titus. Dorothy Trcgo. Mabel Adams. lilla Lovell. lless Kelley. c I-I. Spalding. 101 Iooo A. D PHOTO EY FOWLER -,, , Vs 6, - JMJ, My lgr 9 4:08210 0 U " f Iota Rho Epsilon I-lvonlx CHAPTER Es'rAm.1su1sD A. M. 5899 Colors-OF, Sable and Vert. elif Di gnitaries HV- IJ, Eminent Medusa, - - - ? 5 l if ll - I l? 'll Right Worthy Dragoness, - l 11 , 2 ff il Keeper of the Addr-:r's Fang, - ll ? l l Ui 5 Il 5 0 gl Lady of the Dragou's Den, - 3 81 Il li S ill Il LU Ordinaries ' Helen McClintock. Lee Suook. Clara Miner. Sarah llreeue. Eleanor 'l-Iall. Mabel Appleby. Elsie llall. 3 Alice Tliomas. Millieent Moore. Edna Galley. Bess lluruliam. Gertrude Roberts. Ethel Canlielcl. lfraiices Fitch. N1. Q., 'K x3 .X 'f. :Za- f 71-.5 ' fl - .' , ' x x . . ' ' . 1 v' .-. fv Buardmg Yaxxlxs X .Q QL X gx 4 X Q?-H MMIV A wif W I 5' Q - X f N N 4 - ff' b '. . - "4 'T .- .sf--3' 22 ah' 41 riff! ,' X V 9""",f fl ,.. . fl usa:-f A 5 N lilnl 1, L ,il Q: , 4 l 4"" X ,A ty, x 4 , 'I' ix? Y ' -Slugllllll, PHOTO BY POWLBR sr. - Lu -- I A , , j masks' ll 5' if Aix 4 1 I W ' liill lwuru ll ' .r A A4 ml --f- l 5 l 1 . 1 ' ' 1 l I. 1 i l 1 i li I la l ' 1 fl ll l w i l l I 1.55 1' 'ul ll lllil ll - ' I 4 af. " -- ' 1- f WEWEEMYEWI ff , 4.3-,,,. XA 1 'A' , ' e : . 1 " -- -. . W ..- ' -4--1f..fQ 'fran ,. ' J' Q 6 9'-3. A' U -' " zz, " Colors-lied and Blue. Yell-Alle ge rcu, ge reu, ge reu g Wah who, ba zug lli ix, hi ixg lliua pina, doma mica, llong pong, tibi tica g lflalekah, lmalakah ba, Tammany, Tammany, rah, rah, rah. Commissary-Thomas l?O1'1lCZl1'. 1903 NV. Dillon. james G. Pentz. 1904 Arthur H. Gaston. Tliomas l:O1'I1CZ11'. f 1905 H. G. Gregg. A. Boyd. lfranlc Larclcr. -I. R. Gililyn. 1906 D. A.. llolard. Paul Mitchell. 1 Q H. lil. Davis. , ' - Preparatory S. il. Lackey, Ci. lf. l'll,Zl.lllllg'2lll. D. ll. Drake. , llcnjamiu lflammoncl. Charles Reimer. .l2llU'CllC fiE11'tl1lC1'. B D. A. Hoch. Y Specials f G. Ransom. ll. G. Olmsted. 137 PHOTO BY FOWLER .ml -rug., 0 'Wu' IR .41 I Jxx . I I5 I' IS 1 fxllxs I II Q4- S5 S7 IN V '-'lx lwwm-0' K 3 A m H ...K N Qi NMA N .I ' 5, -rl' 379 J ii. ll W- . , lvl 'Ii ll' ll- 'f-'Mi v I 'I .Az ' s X . y llmm-. I - XX XX - - .1 .----- aff f---. :SSN WM' -" ,I . fm X I Iyml--" k it? ' ' .. NA Wk- 1 'll .ff-..l'? Q V' Hill MLXX -A I-I A I. I. G I. LJ B Colors-Blue and Red. Yell-Whoop a, lalla-galla, Whoopba-lalla galla, Whoop-la-ree. Walkup, Uhalkup, Ifpifleeg Ilall Club, Hall Club, Yes Sirlee. Com nlissary-bl. V. McConnell. 'I'. lf. Lininger. XV. Springer R. F. Sllcphcrcl. Clillorcl Cowles. C. W. Gm. ' J. D. Hyslcell. lfloycl Nelson. 1903 O. R. Smiley. L. A. NVhital:c1'. j. V. McConnell. 1904 E. Lowthian. H. ll. Mansell. 1905 I-I. l'. Hart. 1906 ,I. NV. lf'0n.tius. l"rcclc1'ick Sl1aHc1'. Preparatory ,locl lflurke. Abrzmlmzun Wfillcinson. F. Zuclc. PHOTO BY FOWLER ghaut auqua N in Club Ili I r QJINK ti if xf wall ml? 4 . 1 Q-lffgwl-,lf C K. -- "l"'51.! c' '. ' l , , 1 ' 1 A ' PIN , -V. . fl, 1-' 1' 'l f ' "alll J il. -1-,IP 5? E4 -,'.',-:Fl-. ' ' 1 rf' .. , I "CR" 1' " ji'f25cf'je.'!,' ' I l."':Ii:'W'l 'f e .Qs-'r.aiT" - ., A , -A wgfrf Y- -. 1 H," Sl 1 X-SW? ' I ' -f -" M N . .1 1 N , 1 ,, 3 -- J. A - A ffl -1 N " l J wr sly., f-of, .sw-f.f...i . ' f' 'KX A Uilyibrigg ., nk- f.-..... xxx sfsgrf ' -'---"- " ' X -. ::5'if'if'1"-Z", X 25" N ,. WE'1iri.'f!1f.:-. Q .0 X' , Qbsisykieigf, ff-ff: ' U'Vffi-"ir:'.. 49" A l X 5-X 'JI' '!r""I- f' 'iq ,l ,g Vx . QWln,' 5 r X s N 'n xi X 6-W .Q M: FS r. 5. , X iq Q1 ian! Colors -Navy Blue and White. Yell-Chau-chau-chau, Tau-tau-tau, Qua-qua-qua, Chautauqua, Chautauqua. Commissary-Jay J. Squier. 1903 C. B. Croxal. W. H. Franklin. L. A. Marsh. H. G. Harris. B. F. Williamson. J. I. Squier. C. L. Chase. 1904 B. S. Kincaid. A. C. Saxman. W. F. Wilcox. J. G. Street. 1905 C. G. Farr. I-I. M. Scott. 1906 F. E. Baker. G. W. Stone. H. E. Stone. A. A. Reaveley. J. B. Baird. C. P. Malona. G. A. Ross. C. A. Mclntier. I. A. Small. E. A. Oberlin. Preparatory A. W. Robertson. C. A. Hartung. J. F. Eitel. Appelton Hilts. C. H. Eiseman. L. G. Cliorpenning. M. Lick. R. G. McKinney. G. D. Small. H. D. Smullen. P. W. Weaver. R. A. Dewey. PHo'ro BY Fowuzn N I T' 'W ...lf XV. D. Lewis. I. M. Calvin. I. M. Hunter. D. A. Bethea. NV. C. Cravener. E. A. Gibson. lf. XV. Kelley. XV. F. Knoll. NV. P. McComb N. D. Muffy. L. C. Scott. 'Parrzllj eatin Ggih fs, , No ivusi ' Q6 A folors -Black and White. Yell--Rub a dub club, Rub a dub dub, Farrelly, Farrelly, .Farrclly Club. 1903 j. H. Anderson. 1905 ,IQ K. McDivitt. ' H. Woocl. 1906 XV. C. Fisher. G. Lyon. R. XV. Scouten. ' Preparatory G. R. Clark. l'. M. Descartes. CJ. lf. llz1,g'e1'st1'a11cl DI. VV. King. XV, D, Lewis. A. D. P. Miller. N. ll. Phillips. F. E. Spaulding. R. M. Stuntz. 113 COL-L-E GE, , GU5 Elf C'- ER UB T . ..... .197 -- PHOTO BY' FOWLRR Glee Club Leade Charles E. Kearney First Tenor Homer lj. Davis. Elvin Lowthian. Fred Shaffer. VV. H. Taylor. First Bass Eugene F. Craig. Williaiii B. Warcl. Harry Harris. Manager, . . . C. F.. Kearney r, . . . . . W. H. Taylo Aecompanist, . . . Malcolm Dewey Second Tenor Ira D. Hyskell. Claude H. King. Louis Swanson. Roy Mook. Second Bass F. E. S1nith. C. L. Smith. F. C. Reynolds. Malcolm Dewey. MANDOLIN CLUB John Tordella, Leader. First Mandolin Second Mandolin John Tordella. F. C. Reynolds. Harry Stone. Harry jones. Gayle Church. Guitar George Stone. C. C. Merrill. 7 1' SQ' Af. lj K Id- W I ff"f' M SS., -. ix. Wgfa' - ,-AX J 4 fi fgtw Y' Zi' E .?Qe?" VX'wN x Slat ft X ,X X A F flirt I4 E .1 ,,',: f y ul vi' 2, flat f. 'X -A ff! 'ww I ' ff we ,if Q . f , if-a f 1. ll C1 be . .ldv 1 A., .4-,l - Ti.. -5. 'N Executive Committee President, .... Robert Freeman Secretary, . . . VVillis H. Franklin Treasurer, . . . . Erma Rogers Frank C. Lockwood. Members I H Anderson. Frank E. Baker. Elsie F. Ball. Willis H. Franklin. Robert G. Freeman. Harry G. Harris. Chas. R. Hayes. Claude H. King. F. C. Lockwood, Ph. D. Samuel C. Lampe. Ernest A. Smith. joseph Morrison. J. Gayle Nelson. Florence E. Peck. Erma Rogers. Ernest A. Smith, Ph. H. L. Smith. Fred E. Smith. Edith M. Steffncr. Frederic Stockton. Wiiiifrecl Terry. Warreii F. Wilcox. 118 D p Lteuurzuv Lrrmnnv I' lm . i ii -ni N l 'l . 'l .J .1 Lll.-.l.i .52 X' Nfl' H ff L I TY Presidents During the Year Ll--4--ie H. L. Smith. Andy Willialiis. NV. H. Franklin. Mae Stelter 1'l, ,,,4"'v1l1 Present Officers President, . Vice-President, . Secretary, . Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, . A. B. Benn. Robert G. Freeman. A. H. Gaston. C. W. Gill. H. G. Harris. Roy F. Shepard. Lewis A. Wliitaclcer. A. C. Saxman. VV. C. Cravner. Fred Stockton. Herbert Stockton. W. H. Franklin. Charles B. Croxall. Frank Stockton. Members R. C. Smith. C. ll. Croxall. R. F. Shepherd. . R. F. Shepherd . A. B. Benn . . C. G. Farr B. F. VVilliamson . H. Stockton B. F. Williaiiisoll. T. F. Lininger. W111. Millward. C. L. Smith. Ralph McKinney. V. M. McConnell. H. L. Smith. A. G. Williaiils. R. C. Smith. F. E. Smith. O. Muenzenberger. I. F, Eitell. F. L. Darron. L. W. Swanson. L. G. Chorpenning. ug FWIW AWQN QATERRWY SWA Presidents During the Year l902-I903 C. L. Chase. 1. E. Kelley. J. H. Anderson. Present Officers President, . . . Anderson, J. H. ViCC-P1'CSiClC1'It . , Kincaide, B, Secretary, . Stone, G. VV. Treasurer, N, H. Phillips Sergeant-at-Arms, . C. R. Dye Critics, Anderson, I. H. Bayle, W. F. Betliea, D. A. Conover, F. Cowles, C. Chase, C, L. Daubenspeck, C. V. Dye, C. R. Giblyn, R. Members Hartung, C. A. Hazen, R. VV. Kelley, E. Kincaide, B. Knapp, F. L. Lyon, G. Mansell, I-I. B. Phillips, N. I-I. Pollock, H. J. Zuck, F. I. Bayle, W. F. Reynolds, F. C. Chase, C. L. Pontius, VV. Reynolds, F. C. Robertson, A.W. Scott, H. M. Stone, G. XV. Stone, H. E. Wilcox, W. F. VVilson, S. VVood, H. J. . 97-. , l 17,5 Q. 'W' Z 1 N f I ' , 4 Tyger-- 5 iw' C fl P10171 f fl l ll' ' dz' ' 'N x N x.. i x I Q- -.,. . . rl 2 A ll ,f . lei, 1 - i. lllll'.y boa lfllllglll " X' .rl Presidents During the Year 1902-I903 Mae Steffener. Florence Peck. Ruth Townley. Marie Tuholski. President, . Vice-President, . Secretary, . Treasurer, . Sergeant-at-Arms, Member-at-Large, Critics, . Alice Alcorn. Ethel Andrews. Mabel Appleby. Elsie Ball. Marion Bemis. Sarah Breene. Alice Alcorn. Present Officers Members Alice Alcorn . Rebecca Langworthy . Gertrude Roberts . Rachel Cozins . Mary Slater . Mabel Appleby Erma Rogers Martha Peterson Margaret McLaughlin. Effie Milliren. Mabel Morris. Ada Palm. Evangeline Parsons. Florence Peck. Rachel Cozins. Mae Dreutlein. Francis Fitch. Daisy Foster. Georgia Gallup. 'Blanche Garver. Martha Gaston. Anna Harrison. Mary Jones. Rebecca Langworthy. Clara Leet. Helen McClintock. Martha Petersen. Emma Pischel. Gertrude Roberts Erma Rogers. Mary Slater. Mae Steffener. Florence Stem. Wiiiifred Terry. Ruth Thomas. Ruth Townley. Marie Tuholski. Nellie Wilsoil. QNX WWC? f ' A M 'V y .sg C M ". F Ex 6 . NIXNI President, . . . . R. G. Freeman. Secretary, . . F. C. Stockton. 7l'reasurer, .... I-I. J. Pollock. Tri-State Intercollegiate Association Composed of the following Colleges: Bethany College. VVaynesburg College. VVCSt1T1l11StC1' College. Allegheny College. Geneva College. Thiel College. Muskingum College. Officers President, . . . R. W. Kidd Geneva. Vice President, .... W. C. Armstrong Wayriesbiirg. Secretary-Treasurer, . . . Jos. M. McCalmot VVestminster. 122 The Farson Prize Contest, Ford Memorial Chapel, April I6, i903 The Aristocrat . . . Carroll L. Chase. The Enemies of the Negro Arrayecl, . . R. C. Smith. The Storm Cloud in the East. . . WH. L. Smith. Ninth Intercollegiate Contest, New Wilmington, May I2 Democracy . . Howell T. Gettyfii VVestminster. The Crisis, . . . Frank P. Martin. NVaynesburg. The Duty of the Young Ame1'ican . R. A. McConagha Muskingum. The Basis of Our Government, . W. Pierce. Bethany. The Storm Cloud in the East . H. L. Smith Allegheny. American Expansion . . H. L. Smith Thiel. The Manifest Destiny of the Anglo-Saxon . . . . . . . joseph H. Thompson Geneva. it Wiiiiier. 3 Classical Club Motto-.llErIHTll IIAN ' Officers Secretary and Treasurer, Erma Rogers M. H. Dewey, Chm. Dr. W. A. Elliott. Prof. C. F. Ross. Evangeline Parsons. Erma Rogers. ff! ff Executive Com. .miie 5 -12 X C l f if 3-5 34562 Honorary Members Dr. W. H. Crawford. Prof. F. A. Christie. Members Dr. W. A. Elliott. Prof. C. F. Ross. Sarah Breene. Anna Harrison. Clara Leet. Clara Miner. Florence Peck. Evangeline Parsons. Erma Rogers. Mary Jones. L. H. Wliitalcer. May Steffener. 'Winifred Terry. Ruth Thomas. Marie 'l.'uholski. M. H. Dewey. C. R. Hayes. R. W. Hazen. I. E. Morrison. I. G. Wilsoii. H. L. Smith. Frederick Stockton. H. J. Stockton. 124 THE cuom Leader, Organist, . First Tenor XV. H. Taylor. Elvin Lowthian. L. VV. Swanson. First Bass R. G. Freeman. H. L. Smith. Thomas Forncar. XV. B. VVard. . XV II Taylor . Prof. Doublas Powell Second Tenor F. R. Shaffer. I. D. I-Iyslcell. C. H. King. I. VV. Pontius. Second Bass C, L. Smith. F. C. Reynolds. F. H. Mellon. Psoro BY POWLBR C' - Q .M .C .LN C. Jewell, . I-l. D. VVl1itHeld, Arthur Staples, Grant Norris, D. G. I.atshaw,1 R. H. Wolfe, j Grant Norris, H. K. Steele, . Paul Weyaiid, Lloyd Swisher, Former Presidents Archer R. Elliott, Herbert Morris, james E. Bird, Thos. G. Shallenb Carroll L. Chase, erger, -'27 1 889- 1891 I8Q2- 1894- 1895- 1896- 1397- 1898- 1399- 1900- 1901- 1902- 1 890 1890- -1892 1891 1893 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1 90 1 1 902 1903 President, . Vice-President, . Secretary, . Treasurer, Religious Worlc, Bible Study, . Missionary Worlc, Neighborhood Worlc, . Membership, Social Worlc, Finance, W. Scott Trosli . H. J. Wood . A. S. Boyd . H. B. Mansell Thomas Fornear . H. B. Davis . H. G. Gregg . F. C. Stockton W. Hewitt . I. E. Morrison H. B. Mansell Anderson, J. I-I. Baker, F. E. Ballantyne, J. V. Bayle, W. T. Bethea, D. A. Llirk, A. W. Breed, Dr. R. S. Brown, H. M. lloyd, A. S. Burke, J. Members Haninett, Dr. Harris, H. G. Hart, H. P. Hartung, C. A. Hayes, C. R. Haniaker, C. T. Hazen, R. W. Hendershot, Prof. R. Hewitt, W. I. Horner, Edgill. Bynum, Dr. E. T. Horton, Prof. A. D. Challinor, D. C. Chase, C. L. Hoshino, lien. Hyskell, R. D. Chorpenning, L. G. Jones, H. M. Cowles, C. T. Cravner, W. C. Kelley, E. W. Kelley, E. Crawford, Raymond King, C. H. Crawford, Dr W. H. linocll, W. F. Croxall, C. 13. linudson, Dr. A. C. Dauhenspeck, C. Y. Korns, Prof. Ii. F. Davis. H. ll. Dewey, R. A. Dye, C. R. Edmonds, C. K. Eiseinan, C. H. Larder, Frank. Lewis, Chas. B. Lewis, H. F. Lick, M. bl. Lininger, T. F. Eitel, J. T. Lockwood, Dr. F. C. Elkins, C. W. XV. Lowthian. Elvin Elliott, Dr. W. A. Madden, I. C. Farr, C. G. Mansell, H. B. Fornear, Thos. Franklin, WV. H. Freeman, C. M. Freeman, R. G. Gaston, A. H. Gibson, E. H. Gill, C. VV. Goddard, H. VV. Gregg, H. G. Marsh, L. A. McCon1bs, W. P. McConnell, V. M. McCune, Caleb. McDivitt, J. K. McKinney, R. G. Medley, Wm. Merrill, C. C. Merrill, R. N. Hagerstrand,Osca1' Miner, G. L. mg Miner, NV. H. Miller, F. P. Millward, VV111. Montgomery, Dr Morrison, J. E. Mudge, G. F. Nelson, G. Uberlin, E. A. Pontius, J. VV. Reavley, A. A. Reynolds, F. C. Ross, Prof. C. F. Saxman, A. C. Scott. H. MQ. Scouten, R. W. Shaffer, Frederic Small, G. D. Smith, Dr. FI. A. Smith, F. E. Smith, H. L. Sniullin, H. D. Spaulding, F. E. Stone, G. W. Stone, H. E. Squier, I. J. Stockton, F. C. Swanson, L. 'W. Taylor, W. H. Trosh, W. S. Van Riper, B. W Weaver, A. W. Wells, Dr. H. E. NVhitehill, B. B. VVilcox, W. T. NVilson, C. A. Wood, H. J. VVooster, C. XV. Wright, R. S. Zuck, F. l resident, . J VICC-l I'CSlClC11t, . Secretary, . lieasurer, Mabel Applebey. Mabel Adams. Elsie Ball. Bess Burnham. Rachel Cozens. Ethel Canfield. Electa Carrier. Elizabeth Etter. Jennie Fitzgerald. Edna Gailey. Eva Hart. Eleanor Hall. Harriet Hampson. Ethel Hires. Lettie Johnston. Mrs. E. C, Laffer. Clara Leet. W. C. A. Officers Members Ruth Thomas . Eleanor Hall Bessie Burnham Millicent Moore Ella Lovell. Laura Lotz. e Effa Millerin. Mabel Morse. Martha Petersen Gertrude Roberts. Alice Spalding. Lee Snook. Mary Slater. VVinifred Terry. Ruth Thomas. Millicent Moore. Eleanor McAllister. Edith Dcrxnitt. Jane Dermitt. Rebecca Langworthy. Nellie Wilsoli. 3 Mission Study Class Organized by Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. H. G. Gregg. C. L. Chase. H. B. Mansell. VV. F. Wilcox. R. A. Dewey. C. B. Croxall. D. C. Challinor. D. A. Bethea. A. S. Boyd. VV. Hewitt. I. H. Anderson. W. S. Trosh. H. L. Smith. H. M. Scott. Wfallace Minor. E. VV. Kelley. Wood, H. I. H. B. Davis. C. R. Dye. C. A. Hartung Leader Dr. E. A. Smith. Chairmen Jennie Fitzgerald. Members C. G. Farr. H. G. Gregg. H. G. Harris. I. Squier. A. C. Saxman. E. A. Milliren. H. A. Hilts. Dr. E. A. Smith. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 3 Jennie Fitzgerald. Ruth Thomas. Anna. L. Lotz. Elsie F. Ball. Rachael A. Cozins Mary F.. Slater. Milicent M. Moore. Martha. Petersen. Clara B. Leet. Daisy E. Foster. Edith Rowley. .. .f.. ,,...Y- . - . z 5' QQ .jg ltlalwyu V mD"Q l L-P11 'N fx P .' Q rf' Vi at L J . l I , ,il il U Qs' ...iw Ill l' E5 1049? , i ff ,r cb I m m ? 1 3 'QI ". ', K I .-.. ... jf ww "''V --+1.1-,.- .1 , .. ---YN --1 . .- N. ' " ff W Engineering Society President . Vive President . Secretary . S. XV. jackson. G. S. Davenport. VV. Dillon. S. C. Lampe. V. M. McConnell. I. R. Sporr. Fred Conover. E. A. Grifnth. F. VV. Strickler. Executive Committee Fred Conover. Members H. Alverson. F. R. Frost. J. H. Hassler. Frank Larder. W. A. VVynn. S. W. Jackson. I. E. Kelley. T. F. Lininger. F. B. McCarthy. 132 . T. F. Lininger. F. VV.. Strickler V. M. McConnell. J. E. Kelley. John Tordella. F. E. Smith. A. H. Gaston. R. F. Shepherd. H. A. Turner. Clifford Cowles. R. V. Haas. VVm. Hotson. Athletic Association President, . . .lfred M. Me.-Xrtliur Secretary and '.l'reasurer, V. M. McConnell Delegate at Large, . . . . D. Lewis Prof. .lg'rof. Business Captain, Business Captain, Business Captain, Meinbersliip 262. Athletic Advisory Board C. F. Ross. Prof. Ernest Bynum. E. A. Smith. C. li. Lewis. Foot Ball Team Manager, . . . C. M. lfreenian Manager, Manager, Basket Ball Team Base Ball Team 33 . A. GQ NVilliams H. L. Sniitli Stewart jackson Thos. Forneiir Harry A. 'l'urner In Cemetery Ravine ,jf f--xi M if ,Vi XR Pu b TN B j T, 5 In ri. .ZXXX QL f half!! N -, XX' IN 1-ORA UQ X U , Wy f1 Q'X C125 X 'YQ U ' l 11Xxg'Q'X X X ' 4 V . I W I xl Q V1 w- 'L I , M, VN , E .Q X r X HX X my f I IQ x 49: 3 X X f X 'L XX- 1 N O XX: 'I xf H N S N ,Q...,- ' 1 PHOTO BY POWLBR I Kaldron Board Editor-in-Chief j. E. MCJRIQISON, flf .1 14' Associate Editor S. C. LAMPIQ, 11.1 I-I Business Manager 1 QLAUDE H. ICING, fl' .J 6-I ' Literary Committee ERMA Rocsxans, lu' lm' I' I.fXVERNE MARSH Art Committee 1. GAYLE NELSON, 0 ln' 'P MALCOLM DEWEV, A T A Arrangement Committee C. E. SM1Tu, SA E ALPHA MCCLAIN, A A' S2 Hulings Hall Representatives E'l'HEL Hnuzs, KA 6 MlI.LlCEN'1' Moomz, A A' sz 137 PHOTO BY FOWLER W. F. WILcox Campus Board Editor-in-Chief J. GAYLE NELSON, fb If W Associate Editor FRED E. SMITH, L' A E Business Manager CLAUDE H. KING, W A 8 Assistant Business Manager C. C, MERRILL, flf A 0 Local Editors ERMA ROGERS, A' K 1 Exchange Editor MAE STEFFNER Alumni Editor I-I. G. HAIQIRIS T39 v PHOTO BY POWLBR Allegheny Literary Monthly Board Editor-in-Chief ROBERT G. FREEMAN, fll .1 H Associate Editor FREDERICK STOCKTON Business Manager NVARREN I". XVILCOX Assistant Business Manager CHARLES W. GILL Alumni Editor FRANK E. BAKER, fl' li' 'li Assistant Alumni Editor ELSIE F. BALL, li' li' l Local Editor VVINIFRED TERRY 141 PHOTO BY FOWLBR Students' Manual Board Editor-in-Chief H. J. VVOOD Associate Editors VVINIFRED TERRY J. W. PON'.l.IUS Managers JAY J. SQUIER C. L. CHASE 1892 1893 I894 I895 Managers and Editors W. A. ELLIOTT C. S. JEWELL ARTHUR STAPLES ARTHUR STAPLES 1902-J 1598-JOSEPH S. REITZ 1899-C. W. STILSON Igoo-R. I-I. MOTTEN 1901-JAY J. SQUIER AY J. SQUIER 43 On the Cussewngo , .-' 9' Nw W gwp,w A A A ff 1 w ,312 f ,,432vi5,f'1'.':,:am 5 Q Q,.g : 4 .. wr' - ,pw Q 11 'tl V: E -lv N711 'Z-1 1 --, MYQW Wf4fMQwVff'1f?5UwR Aff ' X ef UU 9 W ,Y 1 111 HT U XYKL .M I 'l bw mfg' iii U lm fxrx MJ ff Z , THAT' ' X 10621: N ' N NM , V.-WK A " M JAH M4 xx 14:L,,4g,,Ln, !, N 'I X253 1 X":"'fZ' ' xg WI W "" wrw '. ' ffff-- ZW mf -' - XX M X M M 4 wruvmm' w + W' V A Qi ' , XXX N 9 1 W ' ,K ' :mf-' ' l - - li I X X! Q 'rx ' H XXX .mf ,f ' '-fix 'vu VH - ,Af X NX H' X f ififf 'Sf jf if 1 im' , X 'f - xfFVf'?,f'f , , ew "" ,,f ll ,Q ij 1F57,.f.:'v.La, Af X I, W! .. QM my K fm-W -W - W , X 'M , 1 , ..L, K: ' f1,,,yfwriQ3 f T Q x f5l4f1lk1Jv""l?gf.g-V., 'f' If M frw 'V ,fn '3f QNffh2:4fE ff f 'M x'W'f55Q,WM"' A- ,K 'H .J X ,WM ,H :M -f ML! 'V' 21 f'f ' ff 'W ' f N aw I , ' KI, Wx WL Awfmwx vlvlwv 02'-1 K 1 I f ' I , f f6rf,llf, zfffMf , fff' f UW ff + , '1 A ,mfw-ff.4jl5,l 0 ifxrfffyf 'ff f A . , M. , K . P8010 BY POWLBR Foot Ball Team C. M. Freeman A. li. XVilliams Manager, . C. M. Freeman Captain, A. G. Williams Coach, . . NN. C. Whelan Team Center, . . . . E. Kelley Right Guard, Left Guard. Right Tackle, Left Tackle- Right End, Left End, . Quarter, Right Half, . Left Half, Full Back, . Left End, . S. C. Lalnpe XV. .IQ MeQuiston bl. V. H. llallantyne . C. R. Hayes . VV. I-I. Taylor F. G. Ransom L. O. Davenport l". ll. McCartney . H. A. Turner A. G. NVillia1ns . H. B. Yard Substitutes-A. A. Reavley, Sam'l Wilson, R. C. Harper, H. J. Stockton, I.. G. Chorpenning, J. S. Berkey. '47 Sept. -Oct. .1 lr N Nov. n Ki if if Foot Ball Schedule Allegheny -Allegheny Allegheny .... . . . -Allegheny Allegheny .... . . .23 -Allegheny -Allegheny -Allegheny -Allegheny -Allegheny Erie ....... Grove City . VVCStIl1l1'lS'ECI' Geneva .... lluchtel . . . Grove City . Geneva .... W. U. P. .. W. R. U. . . . W'est1ninster 2 . '... ,r r,' ' . , r' 1, f ,f ,ti ,-1 I 1 ' X' w . ' , , ,Lf ' x ' -' V., ,. ' ,f ,, ,gY,,,.zf ffl Scene on the Campus PHOTO BY FOWLER Basket Bali Team 11. I.. Smith F M McArthur Manager. . . II. L. Smith Captain- . ' . S. NW. Jackson Captain-elect, . i". M. iX'iCfXl'ti111l' Team Right Forwarrl, . . H. A. 'i.xlll'IlCl'-R. Haas Left lforward, . A. G. XVilliams-A. XV. Comfort Center, . . . S. C. Lampc Right Ciuarcl, . . . . . S. NN. jackson. Left Guard, . . F. M. i.XfIClX1'ti11lI'-VV. D. Lewis 5 Dec. jan. Feb. KK tl Mar. as H I2 9 I6 23 6 13 20 24 25 2 6 7 --Allegheny -Allegheny Nl If 'HIT Basket Ball Schedule . . . .... 3774 Eclinboro . . Allegheny ......... 10 Butler .... .... 25 W.R.L7... Geneva . . . Allegheny ......... 18 Allegheny ......... 20 -Allegheny. .. ....26 -Allegheny. . . .. . .25 -Allegheny ......... 35 -Allegheny . . .26 Allegheny ....II- Allegheny ......... 39 -Allegheny Xl ll -7l lx S U. of P, . .. State ...... Syracuse . . . VV. R. U. . .. Oberlin .... Geneva .... Westminster Westminster ,ff Un tl.e llarmonsburg Road PHOTO BY FOWLRR Base Ball Team Thomas Fornear ll. A. 'l'u1'ner N zmagcr, . Captain. Coach. Pitchers, Catcher, . First ljasc. Second llasc. .'l'hird Base. Short Stop, . Right Field, Center Field Left Field, Substitutes, Thomas Fornczu' . H. A. Turner . . H. S. Buckley Team R. V. Haas, NV. H. T215 lor, M. M. Lockwood . R. H. Mook W. D. Lewis H. Ci. Selkregg' . S. J. Lackey VV. P. Barton . H. A. 'lfurner . A. VV. Comfort . . . W. A. VVynn . V. M. McConnell, Floyd Nelson ss Base Ball Schedule ' April 25 -Allegheny .... . . .15 Pcnna. of Erie " 27.-Allegheny ......... 20 Vlfestininstei' . May 4-Allegheny .... . .. 8 W. U. P. ... " 8.-Allegheny .... . .. 7 Mt. Union . .. " II.-Allegheny .... . . 5 Groye City . . " 12.-Allegheny ......... I3 Slippery Rock " 15.--Allegheny ..... ..... 1 3 Geneva ..... . " I8-Allegheny at VVestminster. " 21.-Wayeslaiirg at Meadville. " 23 -Slippery Rock at Meadville. 'f 29 -Mt. Union at Meadville. -Tune I.-Grove City at Meaclville. " 4 -Allegheny at W. U. P. - " 8 -Allegheny at Wayiiesburg. ' 6 -Allegheny at W. I. " I8-J3.U1CStOWl1 at Meadville. 56 lnterclass Field Meet Fair Grounds, Vallonia, Saturday, May 9, i903 loo yard dash-Clark, first, Mitchell and Strickler, tie sec- ond, Googe, thirdg time IO 3-5. 220 yard dash-Clark, first, Strickler, second, and Ransom, third, time 23M seconds. Half-mile run-Mansell first, Trosh, second, Harris, thirdg time, 2 :I4f4. , Half-mile relay race-Mansell, Strickler, Turner and Mc- Cartney for Junior class won, Giele, Olmstead, Howe, Clark, for special students, second. 16 pound hammer throw-Lampe, first- 85 feet 2 inches: Jackson, second. I6 pound shot-put-Lewis, first, 31 feet 3 inches, jackson, second, and Lampe, third. Running broad jump-Clark, first, 18 feet HM inches, Googe. second, and Mitchell, third. Running High jump-Striclcler first, 5 feet, Wrigllt second, Harris third. Annual Inter-Scholastic Relay Tournament At Philadelphia. April 25, 1003 One mile relay, Qcollegiatej, Carlisle Qrjg Delaware Qzjg Allegheny f3j. Franklin and Marshall, Ursinus, Western Maryland college. Time, 3 :45 I-5., 57 v PHOTO BY !-'OWIEIL 11 12. Smith W. B. Ward. Paul Mitchell. . G. Clark. R A. Willciiisoii. D. A. Bollarcl. L. O. Davenport. R. G. Freeman. H. G. Harris. VV. Pinckney. Track Team Manager, F I Sm th Captain, - F. G Ransom Coach, - C B lewis Members lf. G. Ransom. S. C. Lampe. S. NV. jackson. C. L. Smith. A. G. Wfilliams. M. J. Lick. H. ll. Mansell. NV. S. Trosh. Ll. S. Wfright. C. l". Howe. C. R. Hayes. ul. V. llallantyn C. C. Merrill. J. VV. Pontius. lf. Shaffer. C Samuel Wilsoii. H. M. Young. M. P. Davis. C. Grooge. F. W. Strickler. B. P. Wallcer. RELAY TEAM Captain, . . . Ransom Members Mansell. Strickler. Mitchell Clark. Ransom. 59 PHOTO BY FOWLBR We -i Gymnasium Team Director . C. B. Lewis Captain . H. G. Giebg Team H. G. Harris. Harry Stone. W. H. Miner. D. C. Challmor. Clifford Cowles. , I K 1 i g 6 George Stone. Harry G. Gregg. A. H. Gaston. V. M. McConnell. C. I. Muenzenberger i f-5 Q S Q fp' ltf!"' :QQ H N. 'WW' i G NN T l S X 1.292 X Qxxi X MX QQ 'Q, n , 11 , Q Q Q 'WQNHQ " "li Q 'Q gl h.ql ' '-.wmv "ev Qi Q if Q lQ Q Q Q Q 3 HQ 'Qg:Q'g ,' R: . Q 'Qg :iq Q Q 'QI QQ, H. QJQQQ :Q Q Q Q 'Q 'Q 'Qgl 1 4 ,, ,O 9 64 ' Q EMM? 59 QL g1K's9m1n" O Q gf ,O .1 si . x 4 'mh1:1m"w.f es ,Q ,n ,n ,Q , ,Q Q 'Q 'Q ' FQ Q ' M '41 'J xaxxnfnggn ' -' serv -we-we 1 x il V ai x f X I S N s.. . ,. fl ,H .. f . GN Q-,rqf .5 .fn 5 X'-,F f . 'SIX' 'Nl V ft 1 4' Q -A-.'.K.6,i ,fk ps 'N ' ' ,. V .,- "sys, -' QC 441- F '43 .K - ., ,'Q . gl :Q -i '. . s def?- .f,'wQfQ:Qfi-. ., W - .- J-'-'qw f . -Q. ... ...Q ff 1. ff s 121.5 . H gh. 5-5, - 'Q , .-,':-fi -a- I Q .Q'QQ Q'Q. N f 4 n Q' gy ig... QQ.: I . ?l. f 'sake Q? Q Qi' .gig A xiqh K ' A- ,n ' ,, Q 'Q. ' I A 1 4 A fo s3,.Q,Q Q Q tl, H 0 , 1 Q,..: , , I A, 4 4 1 ,o 'bfi .5-' 'm V 1 A -,.-9 ' ' '40 .,1 I 1 I Allegheny Tennis Association Officers President . . . Charles Smith Secretary and 'i1l'C3.SL1I'C1' Malcolm Dewey - - T. S. Arnold Executive Committee, . F. G. Ransom Members 1: R J. A F C C It H D J. H . S. Davenport. . E. Smith. M . H. Dewey. . W. Hazen. V. Ballantyne. S 9 . Loyd. R. Frost. P. Howe. C. Merrill. C. Reynolds. I. Woocl. A. Bollard. K. McDivitt. . L. Smith. G. Church. A. Hastings. 162 H. G. Harris. J. R. Crawford R. C. Harper. W. P. Sturtevant V. M. McConnell Caleb McCune. A. G. Williaiiis E. A. Griffith. C. L. Smith. W. F. Bayle. R. G. Freeman H. G. Gregg. I. F.. Morrison B. S. Wriglit. W. M. Gleason VV. B. Warcl. .,..., ,...5T'n-:'.'f""1 .gf 21- HW, ,. 1, """'?'f'i:5"- 13" f 'Atari' 1, .Q- Z A Q' Vjg-pg, ji- N- .-W as , -' -H--ng .fVT.f:' "iii l ,,.,..A f .:-:. 1 lvlz 1 fr-'41-12-41", I 1 ll i 'ffl .. T .. g . . W- .5 4 '-57:5 V,-Q1-V - tif " A Love ser." Girls' Tennis Association Officers Martha Petersen, . . President Ethel Hires, . Vice-President Sarah Breene . . Secretary Eva Hart .... Treasurer Ruth Thomas . . . Keeper of the Court Executive Committee Millicent Moore. Gertrude Roberts. Winifred Terry. Members Martha Petersen. Winifred Terry. Mabel Adams. Ella Lovell. Eleanor McAllister. Eva Hart. Electa Carrier. Grace jones. Ethel Hires. Effie Milliren.. Jess NVilliams. Gertrude Roberts. Bessie Burnham. 1 163 Edna Gailey. Lettie Johnson. Nellie VVilson. Laura Lotz. Bess Rist. Rachel Cozins. Georgia I-Iumes. Millicent Moore. Harriet I-Iampson. Mary Slater. Ethel Canfield. Bessie Kelley. Ruth Thomas. Girls' Basket Ball Teams Mae Steffner Mae Steffner Elsie Ball . Mabel Appleby Anna Harrison Florence Stem Marie Tuholski, Edna Galley Grace jones Rachel Cozins Edna Gailey Ethel Canfield. Vtfinifred Terry Senior-Sophomore Florence Peck Junior-Freshmen Ruth Thomas, . Games Captain . Center Right Forward . Left Forward Right Guard . Left Guard . Substitutes Captain . Center Right l"orWari,l . Left Forward Right Guard . Left Guaril Substitute Jan. 28. Junior-Freshman, 4 ..... ...Senior-Sophomore, 2 Feb. 6. junior-Freshmen, 3 .... .... S enior-Sophomore, 2 g 4 Mm A ,. . J -.L-' TE Fourth Annual College Dinner College Gymnasium, Washington's Birthday, i903 TOAST LIST Toastmaster, COL. LEWIS WALKER, '77 Selection by Mandolin Club The New Allegheny, Athletic Allegheny, Vocal Solo, . . The College and the Law, The Student Politician, . College Scholarship, Selection The Old Chapel Bell, . The Three M's, . Song, ff We Sing of Alleghc," . Helen Erma Rogers, '03 Samuel C. Lampe, '03 . Eugene F. Craig, '03 . Gerry T. Kincaid, '97 . H. J. Pollock, '05 A. C. Knudson, Ph D. by Mandolin Club . Alice Crittenden Derby, '92 . j. H. Montgomery, Ph. D., '77 . Banquet Chorus 166 Pan-Hellenic Banquet Kepler Hotel, Wednesday Evening, April l5, i003 Yell-Pan ! Pan ! Pai ! Pan-Hellenic Pan ! Phi Kappa Psi ! Delta, Tau Delta ! Phi Delt.a Theta ! Sigma Alpha Epsilon ! 'Rah for Alleghe! TOAST LIST Toastmaster, J. GAYLE NELSON, 'D A' 'I' " None here. he hopes l In all this noble bevy has brought with him One care abroad: he would have all as merry As first-good company good wine, good welcome Can make good people." Fraternal Allegheny, . . Frank E. Baker, df K 'P' " Great souls by instinct to each other turn, Demand alliance and in friendship burn." Song-Phi Delta Theta Pan-Heaven, .... H. L. Smith, A T A "Angels were painted fair to look like fron, There's in you all that we believe of 'leav'n." Song-Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Athlete and His Books, . C. M. Freeman, 'P A 9 "The task he undertakes Is numb'ring sands, and drinking oceans dry " Song-Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Ideals, . . . H. J. Pollock, .E A E " YVho would ever care to do brave Cleecl, Or strive in virtue others to excel." Song-Phi Kappa Psi 167 Pan-Heavenly Banquet Saegertown Inn, Friday Evening, May 8, 1903 Yell-Pan, Pan, Pan ! Pan Heavenly Pan ! Kappa Alpha Theta! K. K. G. ! Alpha Chi Omega ! Just We Three ! TOAST LIST Toastmistress, FLORENCE Al'PLEBY, li' li' I' The Tie That Binds, . . Bessie Dutton, lf A 9 " Friendehip aboye all ties does bind the heart, And faith in friendship is the noblest part." Song-Kappa Kappa Gamma The Powers That Be, . . . Elsie Ball, Inf If I' " XVhat great ones do. the less will prattle of." The Other Half of Greekdom, . . Bertha McCord, A A' S2 " YVhat a strange thing is man "Q Song-Kappa Alpha Theta Prisoners of Hope, . . Rebecca Langworthy, If A 69 H Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Take me away from Ilulings to-night." Something New, . . . Clara Lord, A X Q " N9 more of things worn out and old. 'Tis best to adopt the new, we're told." Song-Alpha Chi Omega Looking Backward, . . . Ada Palm, If K l' " There aremoments of life that we never forget, ' Which brighten and brighten as time steals away 9 Th ' n h to tl I ' t 1 t eiy give a ' ew c arm ie iagpies o' , An t ey shine on the gloom of t e loneliest day." 168 Senior Banquet Saegertown lnn, Thursday Evening, May 7, I903 TOAST LIST 'ISOZISUHZISCI'-C. 13. Croxall. Innocence Abroad," Battles and Banquets," Song, . . Looking FO1'W2'l1'd,U Class Achievements," llcauty and B1'ZlW11,H 169 Marie Tuholslci S. C. Lampe Senior Quartettc Evangeline Parsons A. B. Willialllsoxl . Florence Peck Senior-Sophomore Banquet Geneva, Thursday Evening, January 8, I903 TOAST LIST C. B. Croxall, Toastmaster. The Seniors, 'l'. IB. Fornear, The Sophomores, . C. M. Freeman, Good Old Summer Time, . Florence Peck Geneva, . . . A. 13. Pollock Turkey and Cranberries, Erma Rogers Never-Has-Beens, . . C. G. Farr, 7 Junior-Freshman Banquet Guy's Mills, Tuesday Evening, May 5, I003 TOAST LIST rl'OEIStl'11Z1Sl1C1'--F. Stockton, 'o4. "The Twin Celebrities" . "Aclvantag'es of the Town-girl" .lunior Medley, . . "Corry's Claim on Allegheny" "The 'Melican Girl," Song, . . "Life at Hulings," . . "Possibilities of a Freshman," X71 . G. Nelson, '04 Martha Gaston, '06 . J. G. Street. '04 . Ken Hoshino, 'o6 . Freshmen . Sarah llreene, '04 NV. P. Sturtevant, '06 Teutonic Banquet New Budd House, Friday Evening, April 24, i903 TOAST LIST 1 'l'oastmaste1', . . . , . B. lirank Willialnson " Though we eat little Flesh and drink no wine, Yet let's be merry, we'lI have tea and toasty Custards for supper, and an endless host Of syllabubs and jellies and mince pies, And other such lady-like luxuries." The College Mans Club, .... C. G. Farr 'Heaven sends us good meat, but the devil sends us cooks." Song, . . . Teutonic Quartette Books, Brains and Bentley, . . . W. H. Franklin " Uprl Up! My friend, quit your books Ur surely you'll row double: Up! Up! My frieni and cheer your looksg YVhy all tiis toil and troublet " Hash, .... C. W. Gill "I sing the sweets l know. the charms T feel, My morning incense, and my evening meal, V The sweets of hasty pudding." Violin Solo, . H. M. Scott Allegl1eny's Dynamo, . . . J. H. Anderson " A fiery chariot, borne on buoyant pinions, Sweeps near me now! I soon shall ready be To pierce the others hipilh unknown dominions, To reach new spheres o high activity." Toescopia, . . A. C. Saxman " She is pretty to wallewith And witty to talk with. . And pleasant, too, to think on." Song, Teutonic Quartette 172 MI nh Wm " W 1 f f g f F, M fy K -- X '.,,,,,i .,...,..,.. .,. ...,,. muvv- 1 mum: muu-v1 muun u nnm uunn ummr' 25 ff ,fi ezf f N, Q 4' f N xc-1:73 ui ,T 1 sv A... .. W X - ,,,,,, -,..,, I mg-. ,. sh .Q --3-'A N ..-- A- , -....,,, ., .- .Y A.1a1.a:::--' - --A--l-.Qi - Beacon Lights of History Colleges, like potatoes, sometimes have an off-year, as the present Junior class, the result of the heaviest June frost in years, will bear evidence. College history will record 1904 as Allegheny's off-year. A glance at the class roll is interesting: Arthur Bates Benn is an awfully nice boy. He goes to classes regula.rly and is a member in good standing in the Allegheny Literary Society, where he makes many excellent addresses on political subjects. A glance at his name will prove that he will some day sit in Congress. N. B.-We are forced to say all the good we know of Benn because we have heard how he treated last year's editor, threatening him with violence and strong language. We prom- ised then to retract last year's statement, so here goes: "Benn, by the neglect of his daily ablutions does not acquire real estatef' Sarah Louise Breene, of Corry, has been persecuted so long by the attentions of Gaston that we have not the heart to dig up anything further against her. Her classic features and in- dependent spirit are in striking contrast to her Hayzy sur- roundings. They do say that she swore never to join the Ath- letic Association because of the impurity in local politics, but conscience and sentiment split the difference and the tellers laid aside a ballot that was marked for but one man. Qne beautiful day in the fall of 1900, a pale-faced boy with a recent hair-cut, the gait of a side-wheeler and no style what- ever, rambled across the campus toward Bentley Hall. The door of the Mathematics class room was open, and as he walked by, a hand was playfully thrust forth and grabbed him. "CI-Dear at lasti' was all he said, but the style of humor of the two was so similar that they exchanged plugs and were friends forever. Thus Conover landed on our classic campus with a Yankee's humor and a Southerner's appetite for tobacco, and the free and easy gait of a mudskow. Malcolm Dewey, despite the early disadvantages of associa- T74 tion with Dull and Davenport, has maintained his reputatio-n for three years, a fact in itself sufficient to make any man famous. We do not hold your lack of heft or shortness of stature against you, but you must admit that it is a poor ad- vertisement for the Dewey method. fFor the benefit of the unenlightened reader, we will say that this is a system of diet, testimonials for which are given in the inverse order of "After and Before Takingfij Something tells us, Malcolm, that you will be an easy one for some old girlie, and a call at your home ten years from now would find you a hen-peeked hubby nursing the baby while wifey, who eats no breakfast, will be lecturing before the woman's club. Bessie May Dutton, despite the fearful handicap of her father's reputation, has done remarkably well and there are those that are even willing to forget that our crabbed old Math teacher is her father. Bessie enjoys one distinction. She is the only student registered who didn't get her picture in the Kaldron. Her fraternity sisters were all real angry with her and some of them even went so far as to tell her, which cut no ice with Bessie. Your sunshiny manners are in striking con- trast with the constant grouch of your father. Daisy Estelle Foster. lt is a relief to come to a name against the owner of which you know nothing. lt is a. pleasure to find someo-ne in the college that doesn't meddle in other people's business. even if they have none of their own. Blanche Rose Garver is a brilliant girl. Brilliancy is shown in every feature. It darts from her big black eyesg it is re- reliected from her raven-black hairy it scintillates fI'0111 her lovely red waist and by a peck or two of jewelry scattered promiscuously over her person, she is rendered as brilliant as a fire in a furniture factory. Her great popularity with the men has caused the girls to be more or less envious and some of the latter are unkind enough to refer to her as Miss But- tinski. Arthur Harold Gaston received his early mental discipline in a brick-yard and now, after spending five years in Allegheny, we find him developed into a full-blown intellectual vacuum. '75 His voice is the loudest at Delta Tau's council board. At an ordinary conversational pitch, it would be the loudest at an Elks' carnival and would sound high above the hurdy-gurdy. In fact, not only is the Delt council bored, but everybody is bored when Harold starts off with his "By God! Fellowsf, But you deserve credit for one thing Harold. You are the only man in college that is able to talk, day in and day out, conservatively, yet forcibly, never repeating, yet never failing to do justice to your one subject-Doc. Wells and his Chem- istry II. Your opinion of him, Gaston, is a masterpiece. It is a monologue sung continuously during nine months' time, worded in the choicest and hottest of English. As a word pic- ture it is a masterpiece and your literary fame will rest up- on it. Edgar Alfred Griffith is the antithisis of John Mcliinstry Griffith. The Thetes initiated him in the hope that his quiet nature and bread-and-milk disposition would balance the over- strenuousness of the other Griff. He has the appearance of a chap who is dreadfully bored when, in reality, he is only trying to appear interested. His general appearance would indicate that he would be an easy mark for insurance agents, aluminum representatives and confidence men. Roy Watsoii Hazen is the last spasm of the Phi Gam cholic which began with the introduction of the Eatons, and was further augmented by the initiation of Blaisdell, Slease, Wliiteliill and Barclay. The constant appearance of this type shows that the millenium is yet a long way off. You have done your best to uphold the Phi Gamm reputation of Hgittin' therei' in politics, but up to date you have failed to land. The mighty crown of fraternity leadership has never touched your 6M head, but seems to rest uncomfortable on your shoulders instead. Mary Erick Jones, despite the fact that she comes from West Virginia, is all right and everybody is for her. The appearance of yourself and one or two others has done much to dispel our first impression of that state given us by such oddities as Anderson, Stallings, King, etc. 176 Blaine Kincaid entered college life under three great handi- caps. Besides coming from Corry, he was preceded by a brother with the reputation of a politician and carries the added weight of a great man's name. He considers himself too good for the non-fraternity clubs, his absence from their picture being explained by his statement, "I wouldn't associ- ate with that bunch of cheap skates." The Fraternites at the same time shouted in chorus, "We wou1dn't allow that yellow- livered skunk to empty our garbage cans." Thirteen is his hoodoo number, because thirteen girls have put the casters under him and he has voted on the losing side in thirteen elec- tions. Homer Earnest Lewis. Any man that has the nerve to wear those villainous French whiskers and to enter college after he is married might even dare to take exception to what the Kaldron says about him. We can never take you seriously, however, because away back in our childhood days, before the Elsie books had been displaced in our favor by George Ade, we were taught to believe that a Sunday school superintendent, wearing exactly that kind of whiskers, was the "noblest work of God." You always remind us of those blissful days of childish ignorance. Helen, Elizabeth McClintock, we are afraid that you are paired off with a couple of dead ones. VVe have just ex- pressed ourselves in regard to Kincaid, and as for Trosh, he comes further along in the class roll. ln many other classes you would pass without notice, but in your present surround- ings you shine brightly indeed. Your ability to laugh leads to the remark that it would be a grand opening for a humorous husband. Harry Beeson Mansell was intended for a hero, but was acci- dentally given the wrong head and body. He has held the center of the stage successfully in the court room, on the foot- ball field, on the cinder path, in class lights, in psychology, and as a prize fighter, the last of which but few know little about. For a time we considered you a little loose upstairs. but when you returned last fall with a new accent, "de'a," "he'ah", "professah", etc., we no longer thought it, we knew '77 it to be a certainty. You are one-half pound lighter and one- half incl1 shorter than "Skin" Taylor. The difference is in the head. Richard Nye Merrill, who, with Blaisdell and Craig, formed a trio of the rottenest politicians ever gathered together, find- ing that he could not make enough money drumming up trade for the Star, decided to enter the ministry, and forthwith was given a charge. Not being Methodists, we do not know what a meant by a charge, but it is an even bet than in the encounter Dick will get none the worst of the onslaught. He has looked soft on one girl so long that his face has assumed the "beloved disciple" expression, which will be of great service in holding down a Methodist pulpit at S30 per. I. Gayle Nelson, poet, art critic, editor, diplomat, self-- booster and wet-blanket. His present condition was brought about by his sudden rise from the liumblest of the non-frats to the high Muck-a-Muck of the Phi Psi fraternity in a little less than a year. His chances of fame rest upon his celebrated poem entitled, "Glist of the VVind King," the latter part of the title being an allusion to himself and his celebrated sentences, "East will enter Alleghenyu and "Thompson may be officially connected with this college next year? Mary Roberts, by some means or other, always has a fellow or two on her staff. They don't stay longg they either gradu- ate, leave school or else leave Mary. VVhereupon she picks up another and by her skillful training, at the end of a few weeks he is able to graduate- a full-fledged college lover, and can talk low to any girl he meets. Her favorite kind is the species known as the "Lady Escort," or "Gentleman Wrap-holder." The influx of a dozen or more children to the Phi Gams has made that fraternity very popular with Mary, with whom the following dialogue is ofter rehearsed: "Mary ! Mary l Light and airy, what will we do with our preps F" "Send them to me and presently, I'll return them all social adeptsf' Roy Foster Shepherd is one of the two pluggers that have 178 thus far entered the C. E. course at Allegheny. The other is Sporr. Until he was chosen by the Non-Frat. organization as the yearly sacrifice, his presence was unknown, and even yet his existence is doubted by the majority of the students. Charles Levens Smith, handsome, fat, genial, energetic and studious, is an apparent departure from the accepted medioc- rity of a Smith. However, add up and divide by two these qualities with those possessed by Brother lfreddie, who is neither fat, handsome nor scholarly, and who withal is as grouchy as a bear and as thin as a Huling's Hall pie, and you have the average commonality of a typical Smith. The one ro- mance of his life, like Guinevere of old, is doing penance in a boarding-school convent at Philadelphia, while Charlie, the modern Launcelot, locks himself up in the quiet of the Sig monastery. Albert Snearline is a resident of Meadville, but Meadville can't help it. He was born here falthough the town might have got out an injunction against it.J How Meadville wishes he had been born at Geneva or Coon's Corners ! lf he had. Meadville would still be laughing at the ill-fated town that would be forced to claim him as an output. Although the joke is on Meadville, she still has hopes, for in another year he will graduate and Dr. Crawford, who provides work for all his graduates, will get him a nice position with a lucrative salary -he hopes. Meadville hopes it will be out of town. Frederick and Herbert john Stockton are brothers who live in Vallonia. One is going to be a Baptist preacher and the other a Delt. VVhen they make an. address to the students some few years hence they will tell how hard they worked to get through college and how much other people ought to ap- preciate their snap, etc. fVVe have all heard that kind of a speech.j In their case it is no fairy tale. If you don't be- lieve it, just take an afternoon off some time, walk northwest until you fall from exhaustion, and then when some farmer picks you up and tells you that it is not far, only about two miles out the pike, you will believe that the Stoektons are working hard to get through college. We write with feeling in this case for we were once there. '79 James Glen St1'eet, not satisfied with the ignominy of com- ing from Corry, is often seen in company with Kincaid. Of late Street has been attempting to talk to the girls and even- but Pshaw, he has no shame, he likes Kincaid. Let us forget his name and on to the next. Frederick VVineman Strickler, better known as Straight- Front Mary, is a good-natured grouch, who is continually trying to choose between a "boost" and a "knock", with the result that he can only swear to relieve his feelings. Mary is the star performer on the State College troupe which is distinguished by the absence of collars and neckties on all occasions. He was, unfortunately, jilted by a girl shortly after arriving at Allegheny, which did not add any sunshine to his disposition, but contributed largely to his fund of ad- jectives. To see him at his best, go to the race track when he practices high jumping. His grasshopper stride and his opinion of the stick that he tries to jump over are both inter- esting. Harry Allen Turner, of West Hickory, is a conglomeration of contradictions. He is an athlete and the girls say he is handsome. Although handsome, he does not like the girls and to complete the tangle of his traits of character, he never talks. Surely a silent, handsome athlete who does not like the girls is a rarity and his case should be investigated. Turner has one ambition that has been burning in his breast for two years. It is to express, in suitable English, his opinion of Prof. Horton who Hunked him in Latin. Although this seems but a small thing, as most of us could do it in very few Words, yet it must be remembered that Harry pauses long over his sentences and he is waiting for inspiration before attempting this mighty task. If Hulings Hall were to be represented by a football team, the unanimous choice for quarter-back would fall to the lot of Louise Wiiiifrecl Terry. Short, stout, with weight well cen- tered and a quickness of thought and action, which are the essential requirements of a quarter-back, and in these quali- ties she stands supreme. Nature, in making her a woman, robbed Allegheny of a sensational athlete, but to compensate 180 us for our loss, she gave Miss Terry a handsome face, a clear head, a sunshiny disposition, a dignified manner and a ready pen, all of which makes us forget our loss and rejoice that, ' "Heaven made her what she is And ne'er made sic anitherf' Ruth Thomas, known as Miss Thomas, the good, to dis- tinguish her from Miss Thomas from Conneaut Lake, is a type of woman rapidly disappearing. Earnest, sincere and pious, she believes all she reads in the Sunday school books and accepts as the truth all that visiting Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. secretaries tell her. When a bishop or some other kind of a worn-out Methodist preacher makes a speech in chapel, she makes a mental note of what they advise and re- solves to follow their example. Some day she will be a great missionary, and in the meantime, as a preparation, she takes exercise in the gymnasium, so that she will be able to give the heathen a run for his breakfast. Poor Wlalter Scott Trosh. He has been crossed in love, or rather two girls in attempting to cross his path of love col- lided and the wreck has piled itself upon VValter's heart. He is too pious, for thinks he isj to be fickle, yet while his first love pines away for him in a convent of a womanls college in Baltimore, VValter whispers his awful jokes to the fair Helen. Slosh, as he is affectionately called by his friends, is a future great man in the church look-out. At present he has but two sermons, and consequently never preaches more than twice in the same town. His biggest gun is called "Daniel" and in this sermon he growls and looks fierce, ad-- monishing his congregation to be true like Daniel, no matter how far separated they may be from the object of their affec- tions. The sermon concluded, he rushes home, dictates a letter to Baltimore and calls up Helen to make a date. VVarren Ferde Wilcox lost the respect of the student body by refusing to cut classes, and so far is he from being ashamed of it that he announced in the Campus that he had gone three years without a skip. This is enough for the ordinary person to know, but to further expose him, we will tell of his ambi- 181 tion. It is to be a journalist. There were but six people con- tributed material during the months that the Campus' pages were open for contribution, and as he was one of the six he was chosen as sixth man. Nelson deserves the respect of the student body for the manner in which he has squelehed what he has contributed since that tinu "Wlio filled the air with barbarous discordance ?"-Claude King. Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan-Hellenic Pan, Little Jessie Williaiiis always has a man. First came Dickie Merrill, diplomatic Thete. Phi Ganun Billie Secrist quickly met his fate. Alas for Billie Warcl, handsome stately Sig, His fate was like to Davenport's, a Delt, a snob, a prig. Craig, the handsome Phi Psi, claims her senior year And so for the fraternities she always leads the cheer. Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan-Hellenic Pan, I am Jessie Williaiiis. always with a man. The following letter came into the hands of the editor in a very interesting way. For further information see Literary Committee. Meadville, Pa., Feb. 18. Dear E--: They say that I am fickle and that my affections are mis- directed. But we know, don't we E--- dear? After what I told you to-night, we can both say, "We know." El, when you close that left eye and turn your head at an angle of I3 degrees, then it is that you have your Sammie Walking side- ways. And that hair, E- dear, is not ill tempered red, but passionate auburn. Yes, E1-, it is you that holds the heart of Sammie in thrall. Then, good-bye, dearest, and ever consider me as I asked you to do to-night. Yours affectionately, Sammie. 182 I The Fate of the To-What Club Roy Mook came up to hcaven's gate, He rang the electric bellg An angel through the keyhole said: "A wicked life you've surely led, Your place is down in hellfl Then Lampe loafed up to the gate And said he'd like to dwell In the Presbyterian Reservationg But the angel said: "Your lot's damnation To a right hot spot in hellf' Next Andy Williaiiis came along, A sporty lad and swell, He tried to bluff his way clear through, But the angel said: "There is for you A place prepared in hell." Then up came Phi Gam Kelly, I-Ie's better known as "Kell'lg He struck a match on the pearly gate, Lit his pipe and heard his fate: "You must go and smoke in hellf' Then last a lean and lanky lad, George Davenport, downward fell From head to foot of the golden stair, With a breaking of bones and a singeing of hair To the hottest place in hell. A bunch of fair and fuzzy hair, A slightly pointed noseg His strident voice makes lots of noise And never gets repose. -H. L. Smith. 183 A Study in Color A Theisticized Pra er A member of the class in 'llllClS1l1 attempts to say the Lorcl's Prayer with the following result: Our world-ground inherent in the phenomenal productivity ofthe universe, with due regard to ontalogical conceptions and anthropomorphic errors let thy name he apostaciscd. May dynamic interaction continue- and epistomological reasoning be based on no false potentaliziug of the actual in the immed- iate sphere in which our being is coexistent. If bread exists except as a subjective phenomenon, and pre- conceived ideas as to causality are not mere verbal implica- tions, give it to us daily. Forgive us our relations to co-exist- ing phenomena not in accordance with the relation and cor- relation of facts whose various similitudes we state as law- but which really does not exist. Lead us not into superficial syllogisms, but deliver us from liowne. For thine is the inherent and superixistent sway, and the category known as glory until inconceivable and unimag- inal but thinkable eternity-Amen. Miss Gailey: "Harry, we had onions for supper at the Hall tonight. See how close you can get without detecting them." 184 Talkee In English room day in, day out, Doc. Lockwood talkee, talkeeg But what his words are all about, Well, ask our Doc-ee Lockee. Of French and love the whole year long Doc. Bynum talkee, talkee. Methinks they're nearer right than wrong Who Bynum mockee, mockee. Within the walls of number four Doc. Smith he talkee, talkee, While students yawn and sleep and snore, Or curse the clockee, clockee. With snappy tongue and fiery eye Doc. Bill, he talkee, talkee, We squirm, we groan, we heave a sigh, We fain would knockee, knockee. No study in Doc. Monty's class, just jokes and talkee, talkee, And so wc, every lad and lass, To Wilcox ilockee, Hockee. Against the ills of strolling 'round Does Prexie talkee, talkecg But, spite of all, the bliss we've found Of a co-ed walkee, walkee. Affirmative: Franklin, "Co-education is a disgusting, sicken- ing failure. Look at the Senior class, that proves it." Negative: Croxall, "Co-education is a blessing and stimu- lus to rivalry. What would Allegheny be without Hulings Hall? A creatu1'e without a heart." 185 "P"'i WT: -Q M : i . r . vr : 'P te 51 is-2 my CAR' , ,,.--.., -f:A,.,i, ,ig Ai- Vi AV at-A ::.- K- A Ilint to Discipline Committee The New Conservatory of Music The latest building to be added to our Campus is the Con- servatory of Music and it is the gift of anonymous donors. The ground was broken and the building was erected one night during the Spring term and its appearance was hailed with delight by all the new students as filling a long-felt want on the Campus. The Conservatory has two endowed chairs besides a lesser one, none of which have yet been filled, although Dr. H. Ed- ward Wells is the most likely candidate. Mr. Charles E. Kearney, who did much excellent work with the Glee Club, will manage the institution, and Dr. Crawford will secure students for it. The erection of the Conservatory will, perhaps, injure the Meadville Conservatory as their aims are so nearly alike. The withdrawal of Dr. Crawford from the patronage of the latter institution will also work against it as he has in the past forced many students to attend. Dr. Crawford announced recently that the Glee Club would be taken from Manville's Studio to the new Conservatory next year. x86 Ethics Life's transient joys are all in vain, There is no favored spot, Shall peace to me return again If Ethics must be got? Of duty good and virtue rare I ne'er shall wish to hear, Their very names I cannot bear, Their knowledge costs me dear. 'Twere better far to yield the ghost And with the angels sing Than in the Ethics class to roast And not know anything. Poor sinner turn while yet you may This awful study spurn, And ditches dig till you are gray, But never Ethics learn. Who are these wretches pale and wan VVith faces earthward bent, Who rise and work at early dawn From sleepless hours spent? Ah, these are they who can believe They have a glimmering ray, And 1nay a passing mark receive Examination day. But who are these within the class VVho early seek their bunk, And tell the stuff to go to grass? Ah, these are they that Hunk. Farewell ye halls of learning great, I-Iow can I from thee part? 'Twas Ethics caused my ruined state, 'Twas Ethics broke my heart. F87 Phi Beta Kappa First New Student: "What were the fellows talking about at the club to-day-that honorary affair? Second New Student: "Oh ! that's what they call Phi Beta Kappa, and a degree that they give to the Seniors." F. N. S.: "For good work I suppose?" S. N. S.: "No, I don't think so from what Giblyn said. It's something like that my brother went into at the bike meet last summer. Oni the last day they got together the fellows that hadn't won anything, and made them race for what they called a consolation stake. It's like this: VVhen a fellow can't play football or basketball or do anything else, and when he doesn't get a job in the library or book-store- or get his tuition free, in order to keep him from getting sore on the whole institu- tion, and in order to get him to root for the college when he gets out, they give him that honor so that the people who don't know will think that he was the whole show." ""l'is said that all the larger Kats Have smaller Kats to scratch 'em And these in turn have lesser Kats And so on ad infiinitum." Kommen sie schnell, Miss Maude, Mein Kopf does ache and I feel quite ill: Kommen Sie schnell, Miss Maude, Bringen Sie brandy and a quinine pill, Und denn, Miss Maude, if it's not too much. Please zu horen meine Klasse in Dutch. A pair in a hammock Attempting to kiss! ln less than a moment 151111 93111 35111 19951001 119111. 188 Allegheny Alphabet A stands for Alleghe, little but great, She's our dear Alma Mater, and early and late Weill sing of our Alleghe. B is for Bynum, slow, learned and fat, The good-natured fellow will marry a Kat- Then woe to Doc. Bynum. C is for Co-ed, so dainty and neat, She's a pert little flirt, but sl1e's pretty and sweet. We all love the Co-ed. D is for Dutton, rheumatic old bloke, I-Ie will twist you an ear, or crack you a joke- Big-hearted old Dutton. E is for Elliott, our hard-working Bill, He's a merciless, rigorous beggar, but still VVe've a 'friend in Doc. Elliott. F is for Flunkers, the recordless set, They'll ne'er make a mark in the world, you can bet- The lazy old llunkers. G is for Grind, the other extreme, Cares only for books and for marks it would seem- Unsociable grind. H for I-Iamnett, that antiquitous creature, His mother was Eveg you may guess what a feature Is Doctor I-Iamnett. I is for Infants, or Preps you may call 'em, Who talk on all subjects, who look wise and solemn The Ignorant Infants. 189 is for Jolly, no Prof. is quite proof 'Gainst the inasterly art, if you give him enough. Then learn how to jolly. is for Knudson, quite a saint in his way, With a conscience too tender for Old Alleghe. Pray for poor Knudson. is for Lockwood, without humor or wit, He would like to be liked, but he can't make a hit Weire sorry for Lockwood. is for Monty, the joking old clown, He hasn't an enemy in college or town. ' We're all in on Monty. is for Nihil ex nihil fit, This is our thought as in class-room we sit And listen to nihil. is for Orators prancing around, Witli not much oration, but a great deal of sound- The air-pawing orators. stands for Prexie, the boss of the show, A clean-shaven fellow, full of bluster and blow, But we'll root for old Prexie. is for Quill Club, a reticent body, That chatters of letters while stirring its toddy. Get into the Quill Club. is for Ross, he's a father of late, But the babe is as big as his pap-Sorry state! Poor diminutive Ross. is for Smith, there are some things he knows, But he often provokingly pokes in his nose Wliere we want no Doc. Smith. xgo T is for Tests, that despised institutiong They recur every month, and there's no absolution- Those pesky old tests. U for Ungodly, those reckless young men VVith NVilliams and Lampe ahead of the train, Ah me, how ungodly. V is for Voices, the Glee Club we mean, They Yelp and they yawl, they screeeh and they scream- The risp-rasping voices. W is for Wells, of conceit he is full. In his treatment of students he is otherwise fool- Most unpopular VVells. X for Exams, O cease the retention Of that blankety, blankety, blank invention-- A curse on exams. Y is for Yearbook, full of roasts, scalds and jokes On students and profs and lots other folks- The blistering yearbook. Z is for Zerog too oft to our shame That little, round, laughing mark stands by our name. O spare us, thou Zero! Take a girl to the next Glee Club Concert. It will save turning around to throw your coy glances.-Dr. VVells. But why should his spirit be proud His boast is in brawn, not brain. He bats and hurls the leather sphere In a way that brings him fame. He can't compute the curves he makes, But he gets there just the same. -Turner. TWO CONDITIONS WITH BUT ONE RESULT CHASE A FACE A VERY BAD CASE To NVIIOIH lt May Concern 1- lt gives me great pleasure to reconnnend to prospective housekeepers aluniinuiu cooking' utensils. My youngest daugh- ter, who has had several years' experience with the wear, and who says there is no wear out to it, has pending' now a deal by which she may require about 170 pounds of the metal. It is very light, especially about the topg has a shape that would suit the most fastidiousg unlike granite is not easily checked: is but slightly alloyedg requires little stirring, and will stay hot longer than any other vessel in the houseg does not smoke and is free from all unpleasant odorsg there are few joints and therefore does not leak easily, and does not discolor unless subjected to intense heat. '.l'here is positively no Trash about it. Mrs. McClintock. Ten Little Senior Boys Ten little Senior boys went out to dineg Smith choked his little self, and then there were nine. Nine little Senior boys sat up very lateg Squier overslepthimself, and then there were eight. Eight little Senior boys traveling toward heaveng Kearney said he'd stay there, and then there were seven. Seven little Seniors boys doing funny tricksg XVillian1s lost his nerve, and then there were six. ' Six little Senior boys went out for a driveg The Juniors took Anderson, and then there were five. Five little Senior boys studying Bible-loreg Freeman became a minister, then there were four. Four little Senior boys on a jubileeg Taylor bluffed out, and then there were three. Three little Senior boys went to see the zoog Davenport got captured, and then there were two. Two little Senior boys playing with a gung Harris got shot, and then there was one. One little Senior boy living all aloneg Craig got married, then there were none. Anderson: "VVell you know that we learn in Ethics that good sometimes comes of evilf' Bain: "The only good that can come of you would be to turn you into phosphate." Q '93 College Rhymes I'll tell you a story About Harris and Terry, And now my sto1'y's begun- I'l1 tell you another 'Bout Madden and Steffner, And now my story is done. Little man Horner He stood on the corner, Watcliiiig the maidens pass by. He shook his dark head And to himself said: - "None please my critical eye." Hark, Hark, the dogs do bark ! Doc. Crawford is coming to town. The students yell And sing lilce-Wells Lest Monty should call them down. Dickery, Dickery, dock, Doc. Smith came out for a talkg He stuck out his chest Witli considerable zest And scared all the rest off the block. A Basket-ball Girl: t'Oh dear! Wlieii I got through gym this morning I was completely torn out and wired. Oh! I mean Worn out and tired." E'-5 A Modern Paul Revere Listen, ye Prepites, if you would hear Of the ride of a modern Paul Revere. January the eighth, nineteen hundred and three, Hardly a student could there very well be But has heard of that wonderful night severe. The Sophoniores and Seniors, like thieves in the night Had gone to Geneva with hearts thatwere light. Now, Lampe the next night was due. at a game, So he tarried at home to rest for the same. It was five by the court-houseclock Wlieii they glided out from the town- It was eight when the 'noisy flock Saw Geneva's palaces brown. It was eight by the court-house clock Wlieii the Juniors awoke to the fact That the Sophs. were gone. Witli a shock They studied the covert act. It was ten by the driver's watch Wlieii the banqueters, driving home, Saw a team like a blacker blotch On the black of the still night's gloam. It was Lampe. "The juniors are comingf' he For when. he had heard it he swiftly hied, For he with care through alley and street Had walked and watched with eager ears, Till in the silence around he hears The gathering of Juniors. He quells his fears And starts away for his famous ride. You know the rest. You've heard of the fight And how they tumbled in drifts of white, How some went home with clothes of lead And some had handkerchiefs on their heads. But ever in Old Allegheny's lore Shall echo the story forever more- How well did Seniors and Sophs. decamp, And the wonderful ride of Samuel Lampe cried '4 What They Should Have Been Prexie, . . . A Drummer Monty, . . End Man in a Minstrel Show Dutt, . . A Corner Grocer Bynum, . . . A Man Lockwood, . An Undertaker Knudson, . . I-Ie's It Smith, . A Dancing Master Breed, . A Pawn Broker VVells, .... Give it up Elliott, . .... A Book Agent Ross, . Professor of Lati11, Allegheny College Spalding, ..... Married Korns, . . A Chiropodist Professor: "Everytime I see those Stone boys hold up their hands in class, I think of the kinclergarden school I once attended." is I am a little country boy, I Hunk twelve times a weekg I-lut I guess few students know it, 'Cause for blufhng I'm a freak. It tickles me to go to shows, But only when thcy'1'c cheap, An' when the frat boys turn me down, Then, gosh! how I do weep. I love to ride brown ponies, An' I slohber when I talkg I say I take the girls to shows, An' I wabble when I walk." -Henry Peter Hart. 196 . -.-All Here we have a picture of our friend, George S. Daven-- port and the mother of Dorothy. Of George S. we would like to remark that he is of a species known as the "wrap holder." VVhenever George can't follow a girl and turn his passionate eyes on her charms, he is lonesome and melanf' choly. It was on such an occasion as this, perhaps while VVil- liams was studying French with Dorothy, that melancholy seized him, and failing to get the hired girl, who is Irish and chooses her company, he took mother-in-law. We don't know which one was ashamed of the picture, but we do know that but two were taken and the plate was destroyed. Chem. I Here's to you, I-I. Edward Wfells, VVe don't like you any more, You know Chem too well for us And your classes are a bore. You spout the equations far too smoothly. You can take your technical knowledge Dear H. VVedward Hells And go to some other college. You have flunked a goodly crew Wlio never tlunked before. Of this youlll mightily rue Wlien we settle on that score. Hulings Hall Decalogue And Prexie spake all-'these words, saying:- "I am the Man, the Only, which hath brough thee out of the shadow of obscurity, out of the darkness of poverty, thou shalt know no other authority before me. "Thou shalt not make unto thee any dates with any man, or with any likeness of any man, that dwells in a house nearby, or that dwells in the town below, or that comes from the land beyond this town. Thou shalt but bow to them and pass them, for I, thy l.'resident, am a rigid disciplinarian, visiting the offences of the one upon the all, even down to the Freshmen and the Preps, of them that disobey me, and showing favor upon them that fear me and keep my commandments. "Thou shalt not climb out by the rope ladder nor the rain- pipe, for the Committee will not hold her guiltless that escap- eth by these means. "Remember the Sabbath day and the record of thy church cuts. , "Six days shalt thou labor and work and cram, and the sev- enth shalt thou toil also. In it thou shalt not sleep, thou, nor thy roommate, nor they neighbor, nor the guest that is within thy door, for, lo, there is that compulsory church attendance. "Jolly Mrs. Laffer and Miss Spalding that thy way may be smooth in the Hall wherein than livest. "Thou shalt not kill the mice that sport about thy floor, after the midnight hour, for thy neighbor sleepeth. "Thou shalt not convert the front windows into hair-drying establishments. "Thou shalt not steal more cream pie than thy cook giveth thee. V "Thou shalt not bear a hand in the doings of the wily Skin and Bones, nor of the bolder I. R. E. "Thou shalt not covet thy roommate s teeth, nor her curl- ing irons, nor her tooth-brush, nor her gentleman friend, nor anything that is thy roommate's. "And unto her who keepeth these, my words, be exceeding great peace. Neither shall a call-card await her in Bentley." ! 198 Which ls lt? Wlieli E. T. Ili-m first appeared, It brough no sudden joyg Its mother Saw lts face and sighed: "I Wish it were a boyf' They sent it off to private school- It looked real cute in curlsg The master tU1'11Cfl'O1l it and cried: "Get out, we don't want girlsfl The time for college came at last- Rather an awkward case, For everywhere it went they said: "This ain't no co-ed placef, VVC have it now at Alleghe, It's little Maudie'S toyg She says she'll take it anyhow, And See if 'taint a hoy. Studentt "I am glad to see them revive the college sing." "Di: Hammett Cafter a had nightj : I'd just as soon hear a good thunder stormfl 199 Exams. fWitl1 apologies to Kiplingj Before. Spirit of inemiry for exam, Me1n'ry of things ne'er in our pates, Beneath whose weight we cram and cram- QUpholcl us all, ye gracious Fateslj Elusive 1nen1'ry! bide with us yet- Lest we forget-lest we forget. During. The tuinult and the shouting dies-- fThe tuniult of athletic 111660- Still in our brains those ringing cries Sound loud as ever on the street. Oh 1ne1n'ry true! be with us yet- Lest we forget-lest we forget. And now the "quiz" is on the board- Dread Searcher of our brain's small store Ah l By that fourth one are we "Hoored," 'lfhe fatal fourth-no need for more. Swift 'scaping 1ne1n'ry, linger yet! For we forget-for we forget. After. Far called, our l1lC111,I'lCS swept away. Deep sunk is hope in 1nisery's mire. Gone all our pomp of yesterday- 'Tis one with Nineveh and Tyre. Ye kindly Fates! share our hard lot For we forgot, for we forgot. 200 The Hall Girls Say That Miss Gailey will be satisfied with a Yard if she doesn't get a farm. A Miss Kraus' favorite song is "Merrill-y We Roll Along." Miss Peterson would look better if she would quit Chasing around so much. Stone gets all Balled-up when he goes to the Hall. Turner claims the Bemis in his own eye. The Kappa Kappa Gammas met with a Kat-astrophe when they lost Miss Langworthy. Miss Rist is much impressed with the frequent Frosts of the spring term. If Miss Terry is not more careful she will have the Squier after her. Miss Roberts has a Farr-away look at times. Miss Johnson had her Lampe when she went after the Mellon. Sturtevant has no fear that she will Burnham. In the matter of Hazen, Miss I-Iampson didn't like it. For an easy job, Kearney is the best man to Hire-s. Hewitt tries to Foster the spirit of other days. Strickler found it hard to Love-all at once. Ballantyne misses his Rigg somewhat. Itis not Wright to poke fun at him because he can't get a girl. Miss McAllister looked like a Wynn-er until the town girl appeared. Although an old-timer, when Freeman graduates he'll still be a Miner. Miss Spalding: "Do you think, Mr. Wilcox, that Daniel Webster would have run from the platform like that? Mr. Wilcox: "Well, Daniel Welastei' was not as scared as I am." 301 SOPHOMORE STATISTICS. NAME Alverson ...... Appleby, Miss . Ball, Miss ...... Ballantyne .... llaylc .... .... Boyd ,..... ..... Burnham, Miss Cowles ......... Edmonds .... Espy, Miss ..... Farr ........... Fitzgerald, Miss Fornear ........ Freeman, R. G. Frost .......... Gregg... Haas .......... Harrison, Miss. Hassler ..,. .... Hart, Miss .... Hart ...... Hayes .... Hewit ......... Hires, Miss . . . Hotson ...... Howe, .......... Johnston, Miss. King, C. H. . . Lardcr ..,..... Lewis, W. D .... ... Lowzhian ... Madden .... McCartney McDivitt . .. Mellon ....... Merrill,C.C... Moore, Miss Morrison . . . . Pollock Reynolds ........ Roberts, Miss G Saxman Scott, C. J ..... Scott, H, M ..... . .. Van Slykc Whitehill Wright Wynn...... . DISPOSlTlON ENGAGED Mercenary . . . lAmative .... Important .... lScntimcntal... lligotistical .... lGcntle ........ lGiggly ,Mutter of Fact..... 3'1'ough ........ lVersatile . . . lPrcccptivc . . . ,Grave ....... il-lilarious ..... Staid . ...... 'Frivolous . . . llfiery ....... iAngelic ....... 'Melancholy ... ,Bashful .... . . . Gay ......... Fast ..... Quiet ..... Reckless ..... Ilfastidious ..... lSlow ....... lDesperate .... Fickle ....... Energetic ..... Meek .... . . . Generous ..... Optimistic .... Garrulous ..... Combatlvc .... Rily ....... Lazy ..... Musioal ,. . . Sulky ....... Facetious .... l Feat-lessl ..... Diabolical .... Loyal ....... Freakish .... Suave ....... Gentcel ..... Loud ......... Conservative . . . . . . jolly Pleasant .... Looks suspicions .. l'1'oo young ....... iAsk Stone ..... 'Supposedly . . . . . loin Myl Nol ..... Yes you bc: .... lNot now ..,.. i'1'oo busy ...... 'Give him time 1 Afraid so ,......... Don't mention it .. How absurd .... . On the market .... Thinking ......... Afraid not ..... To be sure ........ Not on your lifc. . . Hope not ..... . . . Doesn't know how. . . . 'Waybe ............ Not yet ..... Eligible ..... Sometime ...... Ask Kearney ..... Wellhardly .... Ask him .... Too rhany ...... Not ready yet Too hashful ...... Can't be .... ...... Wouldn't think so. Would like to be .. Ask Ma ....... . . . Not a doubt of it . . Can't tell ......... Next leap year .. . Guess so ......... Hasn't time . . . Never ......... Three times ..... Probably ......... I should say not.... Don't mention it . .. Couldn't be ....... Well hardly .... Will wager so .... A widower ..... Well no ..... lREMARKABLE FOR iRoom-mme .... lVoiCC ... iStony stare 'Decorum .... Harxnlcssness . . , ,Length .... ....... iStalure ............... iDevotion to society .... Friendship ....... ... I-'opnlnrity .... .... . ,Political ability .... ,Vivaciry ......... Vlouth .... ..... ,Hair .. .... . . 'Social conquests .. . Young lady Meekness .... Beauty ..... Vanity .. . Grin ..... Flunks ..., . Gait .... . . . . . . . Modesty ........... Swedish accent .... lligncss .......... Laziness ..... Poetry... . Speed ...... Quietudc ........ Nose ................ Musical qualities. . . .. His dog ............ Weakness. . Daring .... Nerve ..... . .Wjrist ......... Ability to flirt .... Business ability .... Politics .......... Bluff ...... Manner ...... Wit ......... . . Easy manner ..... Studiousncss .... Laugh ........... Sticktoitlvness .... Precociousness .... Experience ...... B Y- XVO R D SOPHOMORE STATISTICS. ll"AVOlil'1'Ii RESOR'1'iFAVOR!'l'E STUDY For Heavens sake... . .. Goodncssl... My Landl. .... Gosh A Mighty! ........ XVell I Swan! ..... .... Oh!!! ........ Holy Moses! ........... jiminyl ........ .. .... .. Goodness Sakes Alivel. Gee Whistle Trickcr !. Has none .... ..... Holy Smoke! Gee! Whist! ........... Toomany.... ...... Ain't that a shame !. . . Too strong ............ Humphl ....... DarnitlQ........ .. Good gracious! .... Oh! Fudge! ............ Gosh all hemlor ks! .... Golly Ned! . . .. WVhew l ........... . . john Rodgers! .... jerusalem l . . . . . Jing . . . ...... . . . . Dad blast it! .......... Hissing snakes! .... . .. jimminy Krismas! ..... Lord A Massy! ...... . Ain't that a buster! .... jumping joses! .... You're a Whoopin'!. . . Golly! ........... ..... Not necessarily ....... Dear me! ......... . .. My! ...... .... . . . Ginger! .... . . . Damn! .....v .... Heavens! ............. jerusalem jumpers! . . . Rats! ................. Me! ............. . . Hokus Pokus! .... Lord Me! ............. Goll Darn Ycl ......... Fire and Brimstone! . . . Liberty street. . . . . . . . Ravine Oh! Dear!.............. ,lStone quarry Wilkinsburg .... Easy chair ..... 'Pittsburg ...... . 'Phi Psi House ....... .. Quan Club ....... iWarren, Pa .... 'Cozy corner. . . . Home .. .. . . Domo ...... loc. shows . . . iGymnasium. Downtown....... 5 8: zo cent store....... Prayer meeting Class room.... .. Don't know...... . ,Cullum street . . . Opera house ... Morning Star .... .... Elocution .. !Gcology .... ..... lMcdicine ..... .... 'Himsel!...... Qlicclesiastics .. .. llianking ..... ..... 'Gastronomy .... .... Kat-Alogue Painting .... .... lFarming ....... .... Vocal Culture .......... Evidence ol'Christianity To imitate Bobby Burns How to work the Prol"s. "She" ............. . Spaulding's Athl. Guide Greek .................. Human nature . . . . . "The Smart Set" ..... . Nit.. .......... ,. Landof nod ........ ....4S0Cl0l0EY I-Iasn't any now. . . . . . . . Library steps . . . l Races ..... . . . . Table .... . . . . Garden ....... Walnut street . . . Solitude ...... . . . Baptist Church ..... .. -lGlee club practic 5Stewart street ..... . . . . lThe farm ........ lllound top .. ll-Iu!ing's Ha!! ..... ., lCemctery ravine ...... 'Wilcox Hal! steps ...... 'Walnut street ..... Unknown ..., .......... Academy of Music ..... lLibrary ........... ... qDinnertable Cussewago Creek ...... Literary Society ...... Gymnasium . . .. A shady spot ...... lStudy ................. lA. M. E. church .4 ..... C...... Ethnology Palmistry . ....... . Physical culture ....... Anything ..... .. Mellonculture Pocket-hook ..... .... Engineering Can'tread... Music Theta Nu Eps. secrets M ililary Tactics ........ Tailoring ........ .... Dickens ..... .... Physiology ..... ..... "Clipper" .............. Theology ........ ...... Roberts Rules of Order lDictionary ............ HOPES TO BIC A husband Somehody's darling. Alady .... A lover .... .. A man-... ..... M. E. bishop .... A sweet wife ..... A glutton ........ Somebody .......... A preaeher's wife... Missionary . .. . . . . . . Missionary 2 for a cent preacher Public speaker . Lord only knows . .. Politician .... ...... Darned ifwe care A dear ...... ....... Electrical Engineer Mrs.--1 .... .. . Pedagoguc Iceman ....... Dr. Jekyll ..... No one knows .... Scientist .... ...... Night Watchman . . . An old maid ....... A great man . . . . A daddy ....... Dr. Bill N0 2 .... Singer .... ....... Phi Beta Kappa .. . Major General .. . Married .......... A married man .... Bigger .... ....... Minstrel ......... Aparson .... Secretary of State . . He doesn't know .... Old love letters .... .... F ood for the Cannibals Revcries ofa Bachelor Satan . .... ,.... . Political Science ....... German .... ........... Basket Ball Guide ...... Woman.. . Astronomy- ............. Life ........ An orator........... A gentleman . . . .. A grand daddy . . . . A lawyer .......... . . A Henry Ward Beecher Darned ifl know . . . l A Week of Chapel On Tuesday Prexie takes the stand And speaks with force and manner grand. A smile on Wediiesday Monty wears, But says he's all run out of prayers And has some hand-me-downs on hand Wliicli answer when the times demand. On Thursday Smith in pleasing style Explains it to the Lord a while. On Friday you will now be guessing Lockwood invokes divine blessing In terms to others quite distressing. And Saturday, O awful day l VVhen Bynum gives himself away, NVhcn students sit in fearful dread And faculty have faces red,- In tones like cooings of a dove He tells us he is sick of love. O chapel well is worth a visit, I wouldn't for a dollar miss it. "In speaking of him they called him the stiff."-Kincaid. "He put on a currugated brow and tried to look like Caesar. -Korns. "Got sore on humanity and was opposed to everything."-- Miss Stem. "A maiden with a vocabulary of about 300 words."-Phy linda Gaston. "I wish I were a boy again, without a wife or care, The freckles on my shining face, the hayseeds in my hair." -Prof. Horton. 204 7 The New Faculty In the year of IQO2 the faculty of Allegheny College under- went a great change. The professor of English, commonly known as Pudge, outlived his usefulness in our midst, because we failed to appreciate a good thing when we had it, the pro- fessor of Latin was discarded to make room for a better one and also because every one was next to himg the professor of Biology, notwithstanding his boyish face, was a man and refused to let Prex walk on him: the instructor of Chemistry failing to find any one able to understand his language and because of the uncompatibility of his and Monty's natures, left for better thingsg and the gymnasium director because fafter everybody had seen through him for two yearsj our dearly beloved Prex found that there was a greater require'- ment in a professor than serving as a tool for a college presi- dent. In the places of these men, this is what has been crowded upon us: Doctor Albert C. linudson, a philosopher of.his own school and the husband of one of the sweetest women in town. He is distinguished by a grin that unfolds yard by yard until it exposes the entire inner man, a style of humor that appeals only to himself, and a conscience that is ingrown and appar- ently hurts him. One day Prex let fall a remark concerning margins and the value of a teacher that can say something after the bell rings. Knudson remembered only the last part of the statement. and when the class leaves his room twelve minutes after the bell rings they have everything Knudson knows, including the margin. I-Ie is by far the best thing that blew in this year and even though we never know what he in talking about, it is a pleasure to attend his classes and watch him. Robert S. Breed, despite the fact that he succeeds three bril- liant teachers in his department is not as bad a teacher as a year of class work under him would indicate. I-Ie also pos- sesses a beautiful wife. Constant association with fishing worms and fossils has deprived him of all sense of humor and 205 without a smile he can talk for two hours on a 52-l1Ol.1I' embryo of a chick. lf there is a word or a fact concerning Biology that he doesn't know he has carefully concealed it throughout his first year, and right here let us remark that any full-grown and able-bodied man that can spend a life-time reading and talking about crossopterygians and lepidodendrids and the aliinentary canal of a rhizoid without seeing the joke of it, we believe there is something wrong. And laboratory hours ! Like the brook they go on forever. Sleeping or awake, you will iind him there filing up ahead of you, and just as surely as mortgage or interest there comes a time of reckoning. It is then that Dr. Breed shines resplendent -in all his glory. Like Shylock he demands his pound of flesh or his min- ute of time. However, he missed his calling. He should have edited a census report. H. Edward Wells, instructor in Chemistry, has caused the Kaldron editors much trouble. Personally, we have nothing against you except a year of your instruction, but with the rest of the college it is different. Everyone wants to take a crack at you, and the material received from them is couched in such language that the printers refuse to set the type. :Xt least fifty have begged us to roast you, and what should be our masterpiece we realize will fall far short of the students' de- mands. The cause of their antipathy we cannot imagine. Mayhaps it is the tilt of your chin that seems to say: "I will only be here a short time, anyway." If that is what you mean we hope it is true. Wliy do you butt in on those familv gatherings of the Loockwood's, Breed's and Knudsoifs. And the way you roll your passionate eyes. Wliy! If you would look that way at our wives we would reach right over the table and hand you one across the face with doubled list. Charles B. Lewis, as physical director of the gymnasium. was such an improvement over the lady in attendance on his department last year, that it was six months before a fault was found. At last we forgot his predecessor and an analysis shows that Lewis in seven months never uttered a sentence that didn't concern athletics. Now for a member of the fac- ulty. a faculty that contains Prex, Ross, Smith, Monty, etc., to tend strictly to their own department is such a lowering of 206 the standard of the faculty that we must frown. A student expressed our sentiments of you and we could do no better than repeat it: "Lewis is a h-1 of a nice fellow, but I wish he wouldn't talk so much." Dr. Frank C. Lockwood, Professor of English Language and Literature, is the proud possessor of a vilainous appear- ance and a beautiful wife. We are sorry for her for we sup-- pose that she, like ourselves, thought he was just "It" when she first met him. They tell us that he belongs to the school of stereotyped phrases. Everything he sees, hears about, or thinks of is "admirable" We d0n't want to knock you, so if you'll limber up a bit and come down from the thirty-second story and live with us awhile, we'll likely think better of you next year. All the students have been watching Professor Edward F. Korns with more or less suspicion. He deports himself with the mien of an undertaker and talks to the students like a professional umpire to a scrub college baseball team. NVQ were requested to jump on you with considerable force if thereby we might knock out of you some of that I-know-it-all disposition, but after reading the Mt. Union Annual and learn- ing how badly you l1ad been slandered, we decided to let you off with a few jabs in the wind. Though a man of football physique, His heart was exceedingly weak, Wliile he much- loved the girl, VVith his brain in a whirl, He hadnlt the courage to speak." --J. E. Kelley. Member of Faculty at Post Office, complaining about poor mail service-"It's an outrage to ask the people of this city to put up with it and I am going to write to the War Department about it." 907 Quotations "In his brain he has strange fancies, crammed with observa- tion, which he vents in mangled forms."-Young. "He draweth the thread of his verbosity finer than the Staple of his argument."-R. C. Smith. "Be thou the spirit of health or a goblin damned? Thou comest in-such questionable shape."-Miss Fitch. "A sober youth with solemn phiz Who eats his grub and minds his bizzf' H. M. Scott. A lot of spoons who hold onto one another for fear of losing a good thing.-'l'he Married UQ Couples. If she will, she will, you may depend on'tg If she won't, she won't, there's an end on't. -Miss Rogers. "The mildest manners with the bravest mind."-Miss Palm. 'KA delayed champion."-Eitel. - iiWllCF6,S the boy but three feet high VVho needs improvement more than I." -Bayle. "Let another praise thee, and not thine own mouth." -Horner. "A face that cannot smile is never good."-Lyon. "Though vanquished, he could argue still."-Franklin.. "For every inch that is not Flesh is rogue."-Miss Dreutlein. t'Love taught my tears in sadder notes to flow, And turned my heart to elegies of woe." -Miss Alcorn. "Eternal smiles her emptiness betrayed, And shallow streams run dimpling all the way." -Miss Trego. "As he knew not what to say-he swore."-George Daven- port. "He was passing through the calf period."-Gleason. 203 "House full of grown-up fairies."-Hulings Hall. HI-Ie wore a hickory shirt, a discouraged straw hat and a pair of barn-door pants."-VVeaver. "Awkward, embarassed, stiff without the skill Of moving gracefully or standing stillf' -Wilcox. "The whole crowd was doty about her."-Miss jones. "The average katy-did had about as much art education."- Hyskell. "Had the satorial instincts of a crap shooterf,-Lackey. "Made more errors and fewer hits than any player in the matrimonial league."-Dr. Smith. "Fell to cracking-u'p her husband and talked like a press agent.f'-Mrs. H. L., Smith. "VVoman with a Mayiiower ancestry."-Miss Hall. "A handsome wretc11."--Comfort. "VVou1d stand around and blow about what he had done." -F. E. Smith. "She was full of pipey ambitions."-Miss Ruth Thomas. "He was a stickler for table mannersf'-Ballantyne. "An angel who had grown up to be a grumpy kicker."-Miss Parsons. . HI-Iad a temper like a cross-cut saw."--Gaston. "A pale boy with liighwater trousers and a recent hair-cut.', -Calvin. . "Troubled with an atrophied conscience due to lack of use." -McCune. "You could recognize her in the dark by her enlightened' smile."-Mary Roberts. "Thinks largely in Greek and is therefore hard to under- standf'-Mansell. "Teach the child to hold his tongue. I-Ie'1l learn soon enough to speak."-Sturtevant. "But how he lives, and where, or when, It matters not to other men." --Hendershot. 209 n "One of the few immortal names that were not born to die." -Bruce Wright, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, 'o5. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."-Miss Adams. "1 came to Allegheny to build up the Delt ehapter."-Bo- lard. "I have fifty dollars' worth of frat jewelry."--Davis. "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."-Fraternities. "A girl with a great past before her."-Miss Pischel. "Couldn,'t see through a glass darkly."-Pontius. "Unthinking, idle, wild and young."-Marvin. "And 'tis remarkable that they talk most who have least to say."-Giblyn. "',l'he stoic of the woods."--VVilliamson. "His very looks are prayers."-Springer. "Green goods personiHed."--Gardiner. "A lot of hefty intellects."-Faculty. "Sore because he eouldn't wear class colors and learn a Siss- lloom-Ah yell."-Moffett. "The whole bunch is going out to root for purity in poli- tics."-Senior Class. "Some one ought to advise him to smoke up."'--Dr. Breed. "He called every evening unless she headed him off with some excuse."-C. M. Freeman. "Looked like a lot of half-baked -Iolinniesf'-Preps. "He found it smooth sailing until he struck a NOl'tllCHStC1'.' --Hazen, , "Full many a rose is born to blush unseen."--Bethea. "'Oh then renounce that pious self--esteem."-Pentz. "He was a picture gallery, a fine spectacular gent."-C. B. Lewis. "An exquisite ineonipleteness. The theme of a song unset. -Dermitt. "His mien was lofty, his demeanor grand."-Dr. Lockwood. 'HA close proposition as a husband."-Horton. 210 v sr "Got a reputation that reaches up and down the road."- Nelson. "A child wonder when it came to spreading her dates."-- Miss Rist. "The awed spectators wondered which one of the Vander- bilt boys that was."-Arnold. "A lass who was short on foresight."-Miss Garver. "I-Ie never ordered any hot house grapes for fear it would spoil their appetite for prunes."-Squier. "Let none presume to wear an undeserved dignity."-Miss Terry. "'What strange things will blow in."-Dye. "A kind of a man that was tolerated, generally laughed at, seldom hated."-Van Riper. "Couldn't ju1np out of a boat and hit the water.',--Selkregg. "Looked like a lot of Colonial Dames playing beau bag."-M junior-Freshman Center Ball Team. "A gem of purest ray serene."-Miss Hall. "They make their prices high as sin To take away the students' tin." -Book Store. "His thoughts are in the rugged rocksg 'Tis best to listen when he talks." -Baker. Dramatis Personae Romeo . . Mr. Kearney. Juliet . Miss Hires.. Juliet apears: Romeo: "I must be gone or live, or stay and die. Let me be put to death. I have more care to stay, than will to go." Juliet: "I must hear from thee every minute in the hour. lor in a 1ninute there are many days." p Romeo: "I will omit no opportunity that may convey my greeting, love, to thee." 211 "Behold the child, by nature's kindly law, Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw." -Miss Kraus. "O, what may man within him hide Though angel on the outward sidef, --Herb. Taylor. "Such war of white a11d red within her cheeks."-Miss Ball. "His face long enough to eat oats out of a churn."-liarr. "NVork may be the grandest gift of God to man, but it's get- ting mighty stale with me."-Jackson. "She gave herself to an opinionated XV'illie-boy."-Miss Burnham. "A ease-hardened bachelor."-Lininger. "One long crimson jollificationf'-Math. I. "Noted for probity and the fact that he never thawed."-- Prof. Bill. "A line bunch of rowdy-dows."-Kelly Club. "She was a dream of lovcliness when she got into her glad rai1nent."-Miss Blair. Note to Contributors: Don't ask the editors why they dicln't use your copy. The aim of the business manager was not to produce a first-class Annual, but to publish a book that would look like a circus poster, hence the absence of about twenty-five pages of good material. Xi' ME ENE Us HE fact is once more brought to the attention of the students that only through the liberal patronage of the business men, whose advertisements appear herein, can this or any other college publication attain any degree of success. Our advertisers are our friends and deserve our entire patronage. We thank them for their support. THE MANAGERS. Sept. 13. They prepare to leave the farm. W ,. ,, . i ' E it A. H. FETTING, 4 -Ilguugctg' w'i H 1 GREEK LETTER FHATERNMTY .T- I'l'I T' I T4 ll E Ea Memorandum package . sent to any fraternity 1 E Q i X gnember throligh the l . . X ecretary of his chap- -! ter. Special designs E X and estimates furnish- E ed on Class Pins, X DA - g Medals, Rings, V - it Etc. , r I 1 M M i l W t 5 14, no and I8 , N St. Paul Street, I-EV Q Baltimore, Ma. l M W 5' a a we E -1? I , . . . . . .V .,,i, M E l QMHWEEEMMMHEEEHEMMMHKQWEEM- ii Sept. 15. The Erie conductors give them in charge of the Y. M. C. A. committee, which puts them next to all the good things of college and whispers to them of the evil of fraternities. Sept. 16. First chapel. Y. M. C. A. wagon conducts, unawares, the advance agent of a theatrical company to his hotel where all are in- f vited in for a drink. get .ewan get sm Ms was was was ache A We A in .75 N ., MP' HARR 81 NlcKEOWN hifi. at A -1-MAKERS 0F-1-- NlEN'S FINE CLOTHES. if I o 1... 0 A Wftiiillffd W e SMR FIRST-CLASS WORKMANSHIP. was W5 'f 4 N7 'R 252 cnesmur STREET, Opposite the Postoffice, M 'I Meadville, Pa. Wi .iii 22815 .L 5153 New 'Phone. 5 5 - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. -e as M6035 ' . .-'aaa was was aces was .em was .wi Egg T iii Sept. 17. First classes. Doc. Knudson unfurls a few yards of his grin. Sept. 19. The Y. M. C. A. stag party, a dress rehearsal for the com- mittee and the "new ones" preparatory to big reception of the fol- lowing Monday. THE EDWARD T. BATES CO., at sos CHESTNUT STREET. Show the Best Pianos Manufactured. ,li1i- You are Invited to call and Learn how Little Money will get one and What Easy Terms are Given. iv Sept. 20. The new organist makes a. hit. Sigs in -a remarkable state of docillty, while the High Muck a Muck of Sigma Alpha Epsilon looks proudly at them. Sept. 21. The new Campus Board begins to work, King threatens to publish it blank if it is not Iilled. O The A ERICAN TYPEWRITER SI INII llnll Isl lIi0 Ilnll IIIGII Sl I I I1 III Ill TIINIIOIIJINI 'if' Send fn CIt"ll0L.,llL 'md spccril trml nltfei Nltntmn thc lx u 60 less than other high 1 ION Special ljhtblllllltrl to 5flldI2llt8 grade machines 273 BROADWAY N Y CITY O 1 I 'JBC If-Tis If I 'If Ip' 7 If HEJI D AMERICAN TYPEWRITER CO., V Sept. 25. Campus appears with 87 typographical errors. Wilcox announces himself as champion class attender. No skips in two years. Sept. 26. Prof. Birdsall tries to interest Monty in his music system. I i Take My Advice: DON'T STUDY I Up. ll G In a cheerless room with 1 ' ' 9 barren walls. Brighten it up with some pictures, of Oman HDURSI which I constantly keep a X 9 to I2 and 2 to 4, large stock on hand, and 1 seekhcgw much lighter your tas s ecome. The First Complaint N e' Ear' Nose has yet to be made about ' ' my work. That shows it must he all right. Framing 1 in all stylesl done to male? , at reaeona J e prices. 'a and become acquainted. ' GLASSES ADJUSTED- Harry M, Pgttinggll NEAR DIAMOND SQUARE. lSucccssor to Peter Lueschj W MEADVH-LE, PA. 064 Water Street, Meadville, Pa. Gentral otel. JEU E. TRICC, proprietor. Cor. Center anb Wlatcr Ste. First Class Hotel with good Bar Attached. G. M. Pattison, PHOENIX mBAKERY,'V i l Fine' l.'onf7f1'fi1mwry, 0y.wfl'l'.w,lllI Sfylws, l LlHH'llflf00Hl, T Fine Cakes a Specialty. on f The Only First-Ula.-:s BnL'1'ryfi'n flu' ' Uify. Phone 67-4. 249 Chestnut St. l - 1 Sept. 27. First football game. Football rally, with a Sam Jones speech by Dr. A. C. Elliott. Sept. 28. H. L. Smith delivered his 'sermon at Corry with a black eye and a steady nerve. 0 3 3 0 Your printing, we mean. If we do there is no more to he said, for, no doulrt, like the rest of our customers, you we appreciate your patronage very much. If, how- ever, we are not doing your work, we would be more than pleased to talk the matter over with you. Our facilities for doing printing are the best in the eity and we can save you not only money but time as well. Always a pleasure to submit prices and samples. lVe print anything printable and do it RIGHT. THE TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, 283 CHESTNUT STREET, MEADVILLE, PA. are leased and will eonie a ain. You ma rest assured y llllll Sept. 29. Annual Fraternity rushing party, commonly called the Y. M. C. A. reception. Sept. 30. Campus appears with a. learned editorial by Merrill on purity in politics. Merrill at last consents, after considerable urging, to be a candidate for re-election. Emi E895 .Wada zach mm WS. EMR WSH was :EMR iachii E143 276453 iii? 2241582 MSN gee, gag MW 'Z NEW om' HOUSE 555 c W BEESE P p 1 gym miss . . , ro rie or. Ati E5 .rims l in aaa 5' we aww. ' as EF? 2:4011 '3 E S T. was fd ' 'Mis 5525 TA 555 S ERVI CE maxi MSN IN Tl-IE Clif: f... im sms 9 mar. 5343 Courteous Service in all Its Appointments. N25 .Wait 21433 was EMR emi was Semis 214498 254295 was germ Sim was was :Ewa Bmw viii Oct. 1. Doc. Smith dons his political armor. Kincaid combines. Oct, 3. Kincaid gets' cold feet. Everyone takes his hammer to him. THE C3lL.L.EIS,E- l ., .C -ELUNCH ROOM AND BAR N- Il X: .4..A... . Y .... ,..,. ...I ,,,, ,Y , .Y 1 . 'QQ' 1 .'v' .Y N' 1 Le i : Q VV V: xl, :E ' ' H ..L4 7- -. V Y: ...,41,,, ,, --11-.1-b W r' ' up H iw! 1 ' V.,,- QS' OPEN DAY AND 3 illliseiiigilWil5..5!ir!HlEM,5ilnlilglliliii' NIGHT- l F 'F iiA ' 'lx .07 I mf -,Q,... V 1 Opposite Erie Depot. . . . A. J. GILLES Proprietor. ', 1553- ' :'???,' Qhds. . uckmhoupt ro., -EPROPRIETORS org- Ll ERY BOARDI GWJSALE 1 -W STABLE . . Corner of Market and Center Streets. EITHER PHONE, 104. ix Oct. 4. Allegheny 17, Grove City 0. Nonfratphigams beaten in a hot election. Oct. 6. Mrs. Laffer makes first appearance as the proud possessor of a grandson. ERIE SHOE you PARLUR: Edlllilb Q Burt 4 1? M 104 ff" .95 W 5' PJ -Nl E W , aw K f N :bd 5 , aku? fg 2 . 7 " ffl E Y 5 T.ilim"',': ' W" N f N f 4 , 1. .-:a f E pf? Q . -f A . :Q V. J ,Pl - , its W f ' ,Q T? If X. GOLD NEDALPARIS 187 in L ' "M oft? fl Wglilaw RPHMD 18 'X "1-Wx Tip Wee' Wm We E +66 lair Shoe fOr' Om ll E 74 ,: H ' ' ' ' ""'ij - HENRY j.RlCE ll 221 CHESTNUT ST. l X Oct. 8. Militia called out. Monty and Ned Arden Flood announce that all college men will be excused, because "it is no honor to be hit on the head by a piece of coke thrown by a Polish woman with two husbands." W- .ccc EW- ll, Oct. 18. Sophomores defeat Freshmen in cane rush. T For Up-to-Date Clothing CALL ON FRED LoRz, Merchant Tailor and Clothier. 2ll CHESTNUT ST.. MEADVILLE. PA. Y . x i Oct. 14. Monty springs a new word, "Puel1atic." Oct. 16. Notice posted for Senior election. L-:HOTEL--e AFAYETTE, E Nleadvllle, Pa. Up-fo-Imfr' in. ull Appointmvnfs. .-lm-mnmmlufions fin' 150 Gmfsfs. Fira Proofl Stvufmf lfvut in all Hmmm. l'm-rsmvym' Elmwfor. Twenty-fu'o Rooms wiflof ,I'rirntn Bath . -M- RATES 32.00 AND 52.50 PER DAY. ,Fofur Lnfrgc Sumfpln Rooms. WE Ponce de Leon Mineral Water Used Throughout the House. ALLEN 8: MEALS, Proprietors. W. T. COLEMAN, Manager. xii Oct. 18. Committee appointed to nominate. Oct. 20. Nominating committee nominated the nominating com- mittee. The angel of peace hovers over the class, but she wisely keeps both eyes open and hovers a great way over. ' ' :XV 's..4lXE.- als.- .Axe .Lua AX, , SQA Wi A r Satisfied f. Customer Ml l, is ouR BEST Anvamissmanr. Q I . .W W H 7 1 ' well dressed students are appre- J l Cliltlllg our work. As tallors, we g1VC i all the clothes our personal supervision, y and we guarantee absolutely the style and ! . fit of every garment we make. 1 H V351 lu ,a MENDEL BROS., N Merchant Tailors. Men's Furnishers. I i Manhattan Shirt Agents. me l I i l Oct. 25. Buchtel 6, Allegheny 23. Weary made a rung he also made Allegheny, particularly Lampe, feel weary. Oct. 30. Mrs. Laffer entertains at Huling's. Detects and frustrates many fraternity schemes. I ' onanmzso 1e94. I I NEW FIRST NATIONAL BANK, l MEADVILLE, PA. ' Capital, ----- - S1oo,ooo.oo I I X Surplus and Um.livi'lcnI Profits, - - :oo o . I I wr I I CIIAS. FAIIR, President. ' j , E. A. l'llfMl'S'l'l'IAD, Vice-Prusimlcnt. I I C. S, BURWELI., Cashier, I j.j 1+'AuN1ronN, Ass't Cashier I I Y wr I I . . . . . l Respectfully Sohclts Accounts and w1II Give all Bus:- I ness Intrusted to it Careful Attention. : FINE POCKET CUTLERY. FISHING TACKLE, GUNS, REVOLVERS, 1ZAMMUNITION.'-+1 u Al G I LL, 'PHONES 55. 959 WATER ST. xiv Nov. 3. Lampe goes to Pittsburg to try to introduce higher ideal politics. sin Nov. 8. Geneva 16, Allegheny 0. gl M""'a S' Park Avenue Livery, Livery Stable. Feed and S S BOUD L. LYON, Prop. Exchange Stables. W TSISDYWOUS 43- :el----. vm BETWEEN CHESTNUT AND ARCH STREETS ?Q1Li6SHBXYlMf63'lVY?ilDf5ilEEQlZ63llEW4XllZEQ 'Q A .J The BM Students' Barber 1 Shop. V l-1 'v ,. ANDREW J. SPORR. 250 Chestnut St. MEADVILLE CIGAR WORKS H DREUTLEIN, Cigars Tobaccos Pipes ChttSt a I d 0 -.-1-.-.-.l I lvlllllUflKlllH'l of und Dculcr ln O 1 9 s Etc. - 227 es nu ., Meadville, P Esrubllsxc I567. Nov. 9. Glee Club finally gets a manager. Nov. 15. Senior class suffer intensely during a three-hour seance at Hulings. 7 , we READY That's the secret of Success - Ready when the opportunity comes. A GOOD POSITION Awaits every young man or Woman who is ready for it. The business world needs ein- ployes capable of earning BIO SALARIES. This Institution gives just the Practical,Co11i- inonsense Education needed for a successful business life HOME STUDY COURSE FOR THOSE EMPLOYED. For Full Information, Address K Principal. Registra xvi Nov. 18. Glorious victory at W. U. P. Nov. 20. Athletic committee finally induces Dr. Monty to buy Indian clubs. -MIM IW Ll-IFAYETTQNQ It Pool and Billiard Room. FIRST-cLAss. T"""""" l WILLIAM HARRIS, Manager. I IEDLER HOTEL... :mai T. D. KEPLER. Proprietor. EQ S 281.50 per Day, 'Q RATES, - Lodging, 50 Cents, 3 3 3 48 QQ I Meals, 35 Cents. E Corner Market Street and Market Square. A New Threeiitorhy Brick. ' 0 n Da an i t. ' W BSS.. R..?..... g Neadvllle. Pa. sig Electric Lights, Bells, Etc. Telel,h,,m, 75. xvii Nov. 22l Quill club 1'6Slll'I'GCt9CI. Nov. 27. Allegheny 5, Westminster 0. l i REMEMBER THE BEST PLACE MED'C'NE5 A To Buy Pictures PRESCRIPTIONS l AND GET P. G., Pictures Framed LAFAYETTE BLOCK, 209 Chestnut St. Phone 49.3 l -I' A- sp up A School of Fashion 00000 Our store is a veri- table School of Fashion. 00000 You will find here at all times the latest ideas. l IS AT l 206 Chestnut Street. W Near Diamond. W'e are sole agents of ADLER clothing which has all the little 'kinksl' that are found in the Hnest inade-to-ineasure garinents. It will pay you to become ac- quainted with ADLEF2 CLOTHING. Coine in and be introduced. OOIOIO CHAS. VEITH, xwn Nov. 28. Classes poorly attended. Too much turkey. 7 l Dec, 12. Prexie returns to L0 n. Band plays "God Save the Queen." VVATC I-I E I L E Fi ' S AND ACADEMY 0F MUSIC U-.1EVVEl.I5fY DRUG STORE. R E P A I FR' I N G 'W A Full Line of Drugs, Chemi- - calg, Medicines, Drug- gists' Sundries. AT 'W V. W. EILER, FA B E L, S ' Academy of Music Block, Mend- villc, Pu. EC. P. Harrisg QFLOUR, 9,5 3 FEED, E G'I'E'E'l5s 5 36' ETC. E MEADVILLE. PA. E VEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVYWWWE' xix W I 'V - .4 ."'fm - 1 AEMMMM IAMMM MMMMMAMLMMMMME gg, 12 Lnngwin 3 81 BVU. 3 LADIES' E 3 and GENT'S 3 FURNISHINGS. E 3 967 to 969 WATER ST., 3 MEADVILLE, PA. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVI WWWYYE Jan. 9. Seniors and Sophomores play rolly-polly with the Juniors nd Freshmen Jan. 12. Skaldron begins to sizzle. HGTEL RIDER, A Fair Cut of which Appears on the Opposite Page, Is Located At CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, PA., And is J ustly Entitled to rank among the very Best of the World's " Public Homes." 16' It has been built and equipped and is operated in a manner to please the most exacting. It enjoys the patronage of those who, weary from overwork, or convalescing from illness, need rest, a. mild tonic, pure, bracing atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. The Rider Mineral Waters are medicines direct from Nature's Laboratory, sparkling, palatable, pure and health-giving. They iiow unceasingly from fountains within the Spring Room of Hotel Rider, and at the spacious Springs Pavilion, and are partaken of with won- drous good effect by the thousands who journey hither to drink them. These waters are a specific in the treatment of all stomach, liver, kidney and bladder troubles, and are potent, in removing the cause of rheumatism, neuralgia and gout. The country surrounding Cambridge Springs is unsurpassed for beauty, and the roads afford delight to all who are fond of driving or wheeling. Among the appointments of Hotel Rider are: All rooms large, light, well ventilated and comfortably furnishedg fifty suites' with private baths, complete Russian and Turkish Bath Apaiitmentsg Theatreg grand ball roomg Gymnasiums for both sexesg Solariumsg Natatoriumsg and all out-door amusements, including an excellent Golf course. Descriptive and Illustrative Pamphlets Mailed upon Application. XX Jan. 16. Allegheny 25, W. R. U. 10. Jan. 17. Prexie arrives in Rome and proceeds to do as the Romans do. , N ' 'Vi W7' 'Q'-V1 f ' ' xxi Jan. 18. General freeze-out in town. Gas company wins. Jan. 23. Joe Thompson 1'eappea1's. Allegheny 18, Geneva 1 R E NLE IVI B E R VHIIII l"' HIIIWIIIIII V"l Imll When You Want Anytlling in the P11010 Lille Stands as That . ' . the Lead- ing 1,ll0t0g'1'ilDll9l'. Special Rates to Stu- dents' Clubs, Etc. 947 WATER ST., MEADVILLE, PA. Olfililflllil.OC.llfOO.ilCIlO.liffpffiiggiggfOfilhI650.Ul.ii.i'.flii.ilffi.i.f' The Nearest Store to the Collegee' W W Wff L. W. PHILLIPS, ee d GRQCERIES AND MEAT. eee Both Phones Quick Service ,Q C0000OO900000000090000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOIOIIOOOOOOOIQOOOOOO ' Z - XXII Ian. 24. Miss McAllister maps out campaign for combine. Jan. 25. Letter from Dr. Crawford. Pope and other dignitaries take Q I back Seat. .LG when in wane of 'Ig FISH or SEA FOODS Q ICC' can at the I LAKE ERIE FISH Co., A 912 Park Avenue, Rear Posteffiee. O . .Q BOTH PHONES. . . .SR QI S P. S.-Consult your own interest by eating our Oysters. Us g+'i"5'-5"!"5"!' +'!"i"!' i"l'+'!"'E'4"!"i"5'i ' A -1- -I' E IVI. GARTNER, E H. A. SMITH, 1 A 4. 'Q' 'E' 5 V E 4- Q -I- K 'Q' P - I + LIVERY 1 . Lead Ing I I ' I wg A gg FEED and 1 1 '5' 'S' . Fm-mwfe I BOARDING -I- A I E STABLE. 1 5 ijealer. E gg Q I 5 4' 5 'W V1 Northwest Cor. Market Grounds. E 5 A E M6t1dvIIIGPII0II6594'i. E - 949 wfman STIIEET, I 'X' - + Q C0l'. Dock Alley. I? 1 Colt 1-Iousc Baggage NVagon, .E A 5 :t4"!"!"l"!"!"!"5"5'+'5"i"!"5"!"5'+'i"!"5"5' xxiii Jan. 26. Y. M. C. A. vs. Y. W. C. A. at Hulings. Jan. 28. Girls' basket ball teams lock horns. DERFUS BROS., T FRESH, SALT, DRIED l and s1vlQ ig ED MEATS. Goods Delivered to Any Part of the City. 4,9 7 Y A M STUDENTS' CLUBS SUPPLIED. T 346 North Street. l BOTH PHONES. l 1 S1 . ....Dealerin.... 33331-.3 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST. l I' Louis fllnwlella, 2r.K.ins'rinwnnn.': " o F ine Confections. D,--., f5,,,.- STUDENTS' TRADE SOLICITED. 11721- Sl l I 11 i I i l l l I 1 I xxiv Q3i'13Q3il Q SPECIALTIES. . Fine Drugs, Chemicals, A Physicians' Prescrip: Q tions, Family Re: cipes, Pure Ice I . Cold Soda and Q Mineral Water. 0 0 South-east Corner Park Ave. and 9 Chestnut St. . Night bell at Chestnut St. Door. Telephone 60, Either Line, J basses Jan. 29. Day of Prayer. Sigs all out. Feb. 1. Dr. Wells attempts to revive college sing. -: ':.'-'-:::'-uv-1: 5.:r,:n:.---5 un. 5-:rg1n:.'-f '::-' nr- :. ' u. 1-H':s:.' :-rr: :-r:'1o:.-- :::':o:." iff: ..-:.19,,.:nr::'.-.':9-- -r:::v.-.':O:-. .-:.:'!-ail-::::'.-.':DJ- .Y--vi-ml '-'A w-.,J-r:::'.'.-:,0:-3r:::v.-.':!: Is:::v.-::9I-5::::v.7::!!v3::::v17::lJ- Gllevelanb Cliollege of llbbxgaicians anb Surgeons. CLEVELAND, OI-IIO. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. A ,. ,M.,M. This College was established in 1863. It re- quires, for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, a course of study extending over four years. During the first and second years special stress is placed upon the study of the fundamental and theoretical branches and training in scientiiic methods and technique, while the third and fourth years are devoted to practical studies, to the application of the medical sciences, the acquisition of professional skill in the dispensaries, at the bedside, and in the hospital. In every department of this college the classes and work are so arranged that each and every student receives the personal attention of his teachers. The laboratories are completely equip- ped and the clinical facilities are extensive. TIIIS SCIIOOL IS U0-E D UIYATIONA L. Address all Communications to the Secretary, J. B. MQGEE, M.D., Secretary, Cor. Central Ave. and Brownell St. , 'rr-'a:::'-.5-5.-.1c:."ef-.f:',:s:.'wr!!',1e:.--u5'f2',:c.'."q '::-'-::::--5 '::-'.:::'pf-.Hi,:p,:.'Q-5 ':,--j51:::3- 'rg-1-::gig5055-jg::gg3y'55'1!.fg'2 59-'-'wo-5:-..:.o's?:wt:mi--es:-fe-ff.csT:as:-1:--.:.csTt-H1121-9-f.1'so'+:'-9a-'-wi.:-zwe.uf.-11::3f11mv-595-1M-at-::14f9if--'1'L'5"ii' Zf':'i1'if:uinIp:::'.-5:05ir:::'.7.':lF- 1::::-.'::!:- 1r:::-.-::9:- Z1-.fdfpi-.5uZ1-:6:'v-asI-r:::'.-.-:.0:- ..-:ann-sl - 1-I0-fl . .-:azsmr-::::-.-.-:, - XXV Feb. 6. Allegheny 20, U. P. 8. X Feb. 4. Glee Club Ilnally succeed in pulling off concert. WE ARE HEADQUARTERS Por Students' Supplies DIl.Ill8llllt1Ld1 and D1 lAVlllg IllSIZ1lllll0lltS, Plue Drugs md Matermls, L llllel '13, Ixodaks and Supplies l IIIGSIZ Ice C1e'1m S0411 in the City HIINICI, Fine Candles BALLINGER 84 SIGGINS WATER and CHESTNUT STS TELEPHONE 5 ' S , . ' . , z z ' " 1 02 ' s I K 2 Medicines, Drawing Paper and Pads, Artists' .1 I 11 'c V . 1 ' . ' c c 0 . . . - ' S I . ' . nf, .N- The Walter G. Harper Lumber Co lv MAKERS OF HIGH GRADE INTERIOR FINISH AND MILL WORK. - IVIEADVILLE, PA. xxvi Feb. 5. Fornear marries couple for Anderson for half the fee. Feb. 6. Seniors begin to feel their oats. QIEORQE T. WILSON, COLLEGE JEWELEH. -'I' College Pins, Buttons, Etc., Hulings Hall Souve- nir Spoons. Everything in the Jewelry Line at Special Rates to Stu- dents. Glasses Accurately Adjusted. GEORGE T. WILSON, 223 Chestnut Street, Meadville, Pa. BURCHS ICE CREAM AND CONFECTIONS. 49 THE FINEST ICE CREAM PARLOR I AND SODA WATER FOUN- l TAIN IN THE CITY. of Music I Phone No. 76. ODDOSVGS A09-dSIl1Y AXVII Feb. 8. Campus reporter llI1G8.l'tl'1'S prehistoric manuscript in li bra.ry. Feb. 12. Prof. Ross sets 'em up. '!"!"l"i"!"i"i"!"lv++++'!'++'!'++'i"!"!' 4' 'I' '5- 'I' 'E' 'I' 'E' 4' 'i- -5' '5- '2- 'I- 'S' -B' -Q- -P 'E- -i' -I- 'I' 4' 'S' ws -1' + -1' -1- + + 3 GUUDWIN X NUNN I " S' Ga'Ade"a' 5 -2- E 7 E I E Dealer in... if E """""" 2 I 1 ge Cream, 1 4- 4- T -1. ruits -1- 2 Carpgts' E l E Confeetionery. E :Furniture g T g Clears. ,, 1 d 1 T 1 Tobacco, and 1 I Eflneral 1 . 3 Imported 2 i House 1 T 1 Goods. I ji: Furnishings. 2 i uw . 0 1 2 ++-P+ 'Zi E College Tracie Sohcxted. 1, + -1- 96' WATER STREET' 1 T i 931 WATER sTnEET, E Meadville, Pa. I 1 Meadvnle, pa. I-M-+++++ -!'+'!'+'!"5"!"!"!'+'l"l"l-1 +4-+++ 4-+-s-+4--M-+-nw-n-+ ++++ D 'E J. H. FALKINBURG, Q4.F'HOPFllETOFl.g9 S :S vz LIVERY, BOARDING Q 'Z V L SALE STABLES. 3 ...:::4. XIIN 'S fz TELEPHONE 66. 900 I-2 WATER ST. 2 :Z -E f 'mw m '11 cn F' I-4 9' D' t'P E cn SI o B rn an SY L5 UQ "S cn U1 .G ..- Fl' U 5. U1 'zu nv '1 '1 .... 5 UQ B 97 ff o B' rs' rn ff' E cn as 5 B co B I bers of Athletic Board. Feb. 14. Seniors elated Photographer swamped. OV81' idea of having pictures in K-aldron. ,.:.'. W i Aff If Vt V' ,,j-'..,,,.,",w, 4,. , Milf' if: 5 GREETING !o'o3, 'o4, '05 nucl '06 from the flntercollegiute Bureau of Academic Costume. Qotrell Q, Leonard, 472-475 Iiroudxvog, Allxiuu, N. V. Makers ofCnps and Gowns, no the Amcricziu Colleges from thc Atlauitut to the Pacific Rich Gowns for Trustees, Faculties, thc Pulpit, Font :ind Bench. lllustrutscl hullctiu, samples, etc., upon application. .1.H.smlTH, 'lui'-4' A LIVERY, BOARDING, FEED and l SALE STABLE. -M-+ Student Trade Solicited. +M- Mulberry Alley, Near Center Street. New Telephone 1 13. The Big Tru nk and Bag Store. 1 I'AI HAQD h A Up-to-date in the latest styles in TRUNKSv :riff f l It .LW xii? su rr CASES, V A L IS ES of all ki h CIS, Also a Fine Line of Pocket Books. Card Cages, Chate- laines, Wrist Bags, and Music Rolls at Prices that Beat them all. H H H l PPLE ' ' 9 971 WATER sr. cor. ARCH. MEADVILLE. PA. J5Uf:"iE"ffZ 'Y ' 'I 'f "f'f!"ff1'5 "f'i2"f5! '3U'f'i"'f'I "OTf'i9iiiJ1Jfff:"i!iii4IIf 'i:"i!iiifTI5ff:"i!iiif!JffifffiiiftIfffzhffiiifl :7fi:"11i:55: .gzzzi :Ds-'figiz-1 ni?-5gi1GeQ5h i::ie3iQ,f.ig-:ni :Qi--1:1515 :bfi-qgizinlsr-zyzzei :!5:-::::1Qs!5A-zyrzei :MA-zrrzei :Dr- . .':l1f::ul . .'Il1!!:':' . .':l1?r:-xl - viii !::-xl - .':01":a:l- .'Jl1!::ul - .'!i1!::v:' - .'il1?::1:' - -'!O1P::1:l - -'Jl1!r:-:U - -'il1P::':5 - -'Ill Er:-: I xxix Feb. 22. Banquet. Col. Walker tries to imitate Prexie. Forgot to explode at right time. Miss Rogers gets back at Profs. 1 C l's 1 h X t QQ Q Q J. M. ROBINSON, , GROCER. Q M Q Hcadqvarlcrs for Home Balied Goods, Includ- Q ing the Finest Q Layer Cakes. I We Look Af C ll g Cl b Sp i ly Q Q QW Q XVX arch 2. Waterloo a G va. Allan d he SGS. March 6. Bryan makes his debut in Allegheny. Qklhiliiiiiiliiiiiinuuhuuuuuun A I l l 1 4l JBest values l CUNHAD FlSHEH, IlfOY the Imported and Domestic least fllbonexg ' TOBACCOS, SMOKER'S at GOODS, ETC. 5 to I A 9 5 Smokcilxc NOI2'I'IlWIiSTlfI2N cigur. O , Cor. Chegtnut and Mar- ket St5. 992 mmf St' MEADVILLE PA vvvvvmvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvmvvwvvvvvvvvvvvv - n SIVIITHS' TOGGERY, The Place for Swell Clothing and Furnishings FOR - BUSINESS, EVENING AND FULL DRESS WEAR. .1- - lflxclusivu Sale of For Right Styles 'ilJnrt.5CIJaffl1erS!II5z1rx go to Glotbtng. SMI l ' I 9 cHEsTNu'r STREET. MEADVILLE, PA. 1 xxxi March S. Dr. Monty dismisses classes to welcome big chief. STEVENS The season for out of dool hfe wlll soon be 'lt hand 'md you 'ue pxobfmbly lookmg fo1 nb nald to your '1nnu'1l outmg Nothmb IS 111016 p1e'1s'1nt thfzn 1 few d'1ys spent ln the woods lf your pmty IS 'm M 1 xeeable one But to thol oughly enjoy youlself you must h me 1 ,,,,... RELIABLE FIREARM gg r-"f I ' 6 b O Om oods luxe been recoff nued ws STANDARD for oxer '72 X 40 yeirs NVe make 1 luge '1l1dX'1l1Cd hue, CODSISUHQ' o RIFLES from 33 00 5150 00 PISTOLS from 2 50 50 00 SHOTGUNS from 7 50 30 00 XVhe L SIEVLNS ARMS :ue not A ld by dc-nl ll x 1' u Ill ship ll qulc p nn udp! of p lu. Nu: oul lll Plflllltll Lutulog, J STEVENS ARMS 8: TOGL CO., P O BOX 34-2 Chlcopee Falls, 1Vla55achu5etts x - - - . I ' ' .' c c es 1- 1 f ' , , L L ' 2,3 gr. - 'FFA ' . .- 1 "' A - . 1. 'assi' Q " 1 l 0' ' ' ' -. "-4,51 5 ga ' K ' D' if I L C x L 7 ' 1. . '1 . . '- es: 1 4 ' ' 1 - ' 'A 6101 A -- N: 4 D . .:' ,' . FA' If-', V: ' I I' .5 M' f' .4-...aww Q H " ' -- ' ' , 1 ' ' C ' M' my 'T' wx' W , 5.9 ig X --S' Lf, f ni if 'W' e - t " . ' , ' f . 4 . . 1- , 1 f , ,, . 1 uni., 1 'i A L, . .vw , ' L H - - ' ar "ff I . , 1 ,?' . 1 1 1 'f,'. a V 1 - .f is v 9, ,ggi 5. . '. L 1- L It -. . . . f , - - - . to . , - - - . to . , - - - . to . I-u V Y 1 ii ti l . 0 I 0 1 , 1, l v fox, 'css pr - 1 l I r- 1 - . r ' '. .fx . u . . . r, 0 . . .', 5, . . March. 9. Prexie, Mrs. Crawford, Lucy and the kid are escorted from the train as the band plays "The Cat Came Back." Great re- Joieing in Meadville. ' 0. A. SPEAKMA , FRA KH. WILBER, .p ,,. ---- Livery, Feed and Sale 5 St I0 cent Stablg, l ...T. Specialties. l as .,. , l MATCHED TEAMS A SPECIALTY. .,. Nothing over I0 cents. , cemm' Hom' Bam' MEADVILLE, PA. oss WATER sr., MEADVILLE, PA. telephone ua. J . l? FT .f 1- W A -N ' ' W TVW T . Igtfil? The prosperous times, of Couric, is-one thing that . is helping: but the greatest tiing is tic fact that what Makes lt SOI? , students are beginning to realize the great value l.lSt2Il and We wlll Tell YOU In 3 Few our work IS t0 them, and also the chances of mak- ing big money. Of the Allegheny students who, in the past, have earned their enlii'e college expenses, Crowning Year in Our History l Words. more have done so handling views than hy any other means. At the same time they gained an experience which has been as valuable to them as what they learned in college, ifnot more so One old Allegheny man expressed himself in this way: 'f I believel owe more of my presentsuccess to what I learned while selling views, than I owe to what l learned inthe same time in college." The two go handl in hand. One is gaining the principles of success from books, and the other is leariiilig how to api-ly these principles. The student who wants to learn the greatest lesson, But he must get out and mingle with men, And reach the summit ot his profession, And study to know them, and then Must study man, the greatest book written, WVill he be able tn enter the strife But he can't do it while he's sittin' For fame and fortune and a successful life, At home in an easy chair And then will he be able to stand fast And wishing that he could get there NVhen father and money are things ofthe past, With the one who has a good place, For he has learned a lesson and a thing or two And who, in college, carried a canvassing case. While out selling the Keystone View. Another thing which goes to make this our crowning year, is the many new and striking views which have recently been added, and other improvements we have made in assisting our salesmen. We call special attention to our wonderful' Martiniquefand St, Vincent vicwsg also views from other islands of the NVcst Indies, Central America and Venezuela. ln addition to these, we have many new things from Canada, British Isles, Germany and many othercountries. Another thing which is increasing the business of our salesmen is our NEW SETS. One set in particular is provingto be very valuable, lt contains 72 ofthe most noted and character- istic sccnes of the countries represented. Ten boys, most of them new men in the view work, left acertain college not long ago and have made on an average time per month each-not a single failure in the lot, Mft' have Allegheny Cvllfjgu .rlmlzrulx 'wild :rx at fwarent who arf' mak- ing from X75 In 3150 fwfr manlh abaw' t'.rp4'11.r1'A', Du will war!! to ln' t1lll0ll'g' Mum? We will gladly give further particulars if you will call upon or address, KEYSTONE VIEW COMPANY, ltlemlville, Pu, Oifificest-St. Louis, Mo., N. Y. City, San Francisco, Cal., Toronto, Can , London, Eng, : xtiii March 14. Dr. Knudson evicted. March 15, Mitchell suffers acute attack of incligestion, due to cramming. THE BUDD HOUSE, 49 Water and Pine Streets, MEADVILLE, PA. 1' ' """"""" "! OHLMA 'S BIG CLOTHI G HOUSE Q Invites one and all to call and see the splendid assort- T ment of Spring and Summer Clothing and Gent'5 Furnishings, Hats, Etc. You will find it a pleasure to make your selection here. M. OHLMAN 8: SON, LAFAYETTE BLOCK, . 9l3 WATER STREET 912 MARKET SQUARE. . Lliiaiaiaam-3333304 xxxiv March 22. Preliminaries in Tri-monthly cribbing contest begins. April 7. Allegheny stormed by new tribe from Pittsburg. llll Horace Fox, Prop'r. Frank M. Fox, Ass't M'g'r. SAEGERTOW Ml ERAL :SPRINGSF INN AND SANITARIUM, SAEGERTOVVN, PA. 7 r '1 I 5 The Wonderful De Drofundus and Chalybeate Springs Whose waters are Abso1ute'y Pure. Containing mineral properties invaluable to health, and so recommended by prominent physicians. The Celebrated Saegertown Ginger Ale, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, Lemon Sour and Carbonated Waters from these Springs guaranteed to be equal to any imported brand. XXXV April 10. Merrill abandons politics and takes up preaching. April 12. Kelley Club members forgot to go to church, thinking it was Saturday. lib 533 ff' Ours ie Best style, ls a Best Fit' ff Q , Best Finish, X' 151 Simple Gjdi Best Wear, lat PQ? For the money, or your .QV 3,:,: 'H uh W 1' money back. X 1 A F.G.PRENATT, E Q.. 'rAu.oR, CLOTHIER and FuRN1sHER, 220 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pa. . cw -' 1 The Place y' To get a Clean Shave Or a Nobby Hair Cut In a " A Short Time is at PERRY5,l v Ask the olcl students about our f work . 4 gH'mWEiZEME fHKHAi L--A l '- 'T '11 Tr: 'fn TL, x"', :.'f' 'Jil "'- '71, il' E 6HEW lllll. Slllwllllllllllll, l LEADING , Bookseller and H Stationer. 'IU' 201-203 Chestnut St., Lafayette Block, ,, Meadville, Pa. fr lvl April 27. Relay team meets its Waterloo. April 27. Seniors put on their glad rags. .,. PARK AVENUE LAUNDRY, ' w. B. HICKERNELL, Propir. CORNER PARK AVENUE AND CENTER STREET. We will be better prepared to 'do good work the coming year. Please give us a trial and be convinced. 9 New Telephone 62. April 29. Bishops drop in. lC0?f v. Z7?,?26:!Qj ml. Cyffgfefx anrf WeJfr1uf QS., mfmafkryk, .Q,. April 30. Herb. Taylor, to everybOdy's surprise, makes the Senior Six. 552 A Source of ,' f 4 My if Grallficalionf-1' 131 new ff If Y . ' -' D ' ' 1 A To those who love immaculate N 1 I l if gee: I 'J ' all if I' linen is the exquisitely laun- I il hifi, pl lf. , 'Q .ll ,, clerecl sl1irt,cOllar or Cuff that i Y il Y 7 A 7- if W, is returned from the Mmm- 'il'1: T! Y Q i will ff vli.l.n SFNAM l,.'Kl'NDlN'. No linux . f M . , In " '-lil' ' ' ' , l x ' fray, tear or gaping button ll W -ip All holes to make a man disgusted Y Y X when dressing' in a hurry, or to Y -f Y , . Y mm y 1' 11 '11 Ye. -' 11- E ir RA i X gal'1iieiiti:!h1llg al ::1le21iTisl1?gtlesg . ' ' 5 'gh '1'W',' and faultless shirt front, collar l if l or cuff that beams satisfaction X-f"'T ' ' l' . ,gm Y, 1 at all times when done by the l I l n -K MEADVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY, W. H. SMITH, Prop'r. 284 Chestnut Street. E'l"i'++ 'E-'I'+++++++'!'+'i'+++'l'i E'i"!"l"5'+-Q-+'i'+ +4-4--!'+'!"i"i' +'i"!'x + + 4' 1 WM. KNORR, Jr. E 2 FULLER i 4' Y . Y DRY GOODS i 4' GROCER 'i' "' 4' -ii 4' 'I' 'Q' 1 -- 1 I COMPANY X E E I ESTABLQ-EDD 1870 2 -1- specially. FARM PRODUCE + I - I 4' 4' 4' Q - 4' -2- And all Kinds of Field and F- M- l'Ulle1'-1'1'e51de'!E- 1 4. 4. 222 ll. ll. l'uller, lreasurer. 4. Flower Seeds In Any 4, j Il. Boqersinith, 1 i Quantity. i 4, 1- j. . Stem. I 'l' 'I' 'E' I -P+ 1 4, DRY GOODS, CLOAKS and jg 4' 1 E E MlLLlNERY.' E 1 285 CHESTNUT STREET. I + - 2 221 Meadville, Pa. "' PHOENIX BLOCK. I 'Q' :li 'I' 4' +-!-+'!'+-!'+-!'-!'+-!-+-!'+-!'+'!'-!"!'-!'-!-+ xxxix May 2. Allegheny 8, W. U. P. 7. -4--x--1--if-i--4-+-4--4-+++ a-++-1-++++++ May 3. Peace conference of combine, p1'epa1'ato1'y to Bishop Hamil- ton's Sunday address. ' NLE? l 4, 'N Y A. MILLER, 5 E. C. Hllgendorf, l gg we p p 2 Pull llenue lllllell MERCHANT F ,AW UIQ. 1 Q FANCY AND STAPLE " W GROCERIES. Savoy Block, Chestnut Street, V 4--F Y MEADVILLE, PA- Cor. Park Ave. and Ran- A ' dolph Sts. -1-Yi lm A G0 f Herbert Van Patton, Graduate Optician. and have vom' E-les examlned, lhev may need orlenrlon- Or, perhaps lr ls a broken lens that vou want re- polred. Relnelnber we can replace ang lens or verg short nollce. In fclcl, everurnlng ln the Optlcdl Llne vou WIII flnd at E A "v' I 5 ' 3 23."I"11"rWf'. are-a a if , . ...,.., -19-'fif H0 4 fi.. fs H' - Q f--gf,2?T, ' l c- - 4 .. '1 'Q '2 ', z1:gg"l:..n s f- , 5, f gl :sm X' L it 3' ,-J-2. .,.. "r. , e.., ' .f ,. , 1 2 ' ':, A fl - .ea fe. . Q-1' I 5.1 f ,- ,. . Herbert Van Datton's, 251 Cl-IESTNU I' STREET. Just Above licodemg of Vluslc. xl May 4. Dr. Smith, ashamed of unfinished mantle in Library, his great poster act. does May 6. Juniors and Freshmen to Guy's Mills. Merchants' ational Bank. W S. Mdiunnoglo, Pros. Jno. ll. Roltzc, .II'., Cash. C1lI ----xfiomooooo S irplus, ---- 90,0 We Want Your Business. P33335 IIIHN I. SHRYIIIIK IIIIMPIINY. I iii Home begin 9. series of cross country runs I .Q of KRUEGER, I FLORIST. I , me-v I ., I gi Grccndal C llQCl'V'll0I PI I D pg I P l NI II L, I Q I:RInnSI Etc. 0 I by 5 N I .l IvgrnpI '1 I pI one I'lro:n11tI5 Al 1 tcm cr 0. . . Q 4. I 5 ii' I OFFICE. COR. CENTER AND I MARKET STS., I f MEADVILLE, PA. A Telephone No. 96. Q I Z..B5'IISIZMIE !5 F , W. 71. Cutter. Geo. W. Cutter. I The G. H. CUTTER LUMBER COMPANY. Dcnlcrs In Doors, Sash, Blinds, Builders' I Hardware, Painter's Sup- plies. Plate Sheet and . Art Glass. 'lr Offlcc and Vurds: I I IFurnishings. 'Z "Tb" LQQQQQQJ 153 to 165 POPLAR STREET, MEADVILLE, PA. I I xli May 11. Allegheny 5, Grove City 12. May 12. Slippery Rock 1, Allegheny 12. Elllegbeny liege, FOUNDED IN ISI5. Good Traditions strong Faculty Unsurpassed Location Reasonable Expenses New Chapel New Library Building New Astronomical Observatory Great Increase in Endowment Courses of Study: 1. ICLASSICAL. ll. LATIN-SCIENTIFIC. nl. LATIN AND MODERN LANGUAGE. lv. ENGLISH AND MODERN LANGUAGE. V. CIVIL ENGINEERING. XVrite for catalogue or other information to President WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, Meadville, Pa. M?g'mwwQM5wRMww3wgM4wgw5 i t xiii May 13. Dedication of new Conservatory of Music. VI XIV XLI XXXVI XV XXXVI X XXIX Index to Advertisers BAKERS. Pattison, G. M., 249 Chestnut St. BANKS. New First National Bank, 922 Wattri' St. Merchants' National Bank, 934 XNater St. BARBERS. l:'er1'y, R. A., 244 Chestnut St. Sporr, A., 250 Chestnut St . BOOKS AND STATIONERY. Schwartzman, G., 201-203 Chestnut St. BOOTS AND SHOES. Rice, H. J., 221 Chestnut St. CAPS AND GOWNS. Cotrell 8z Leonard, Albany, N. Y. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS. XV XXXI XXVII XXVIII XXIV XLII XXV XVI XXV XXIV XIX XVIII Dreutlein, H., 229 Chestnut St. Fisher, C., 242 Chestnut St. CONFECTIONERS. Burch, C. H., 276 Chestnut St. Gardella, Mrs. K., 931 Water St. Tordella, L., 224 Chestnut St. COLLEGES. Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons Cleveland, O. Commercial College, Meadville, Pa. DRUGGISTS. Ballinger 8: Siggins, Chestnut and Water Sts. Easterwoocl, F. K., 270 Chestnut St. Eiler, V. W., 273 Chestnut St. Utech, P. I-I., 209 Chestnut St. DRY GOODS AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS. XXXIX XIX XLI XXIII XXXIII XLI XXXI XIX XXIII XXVIII XXXIX XL XXII XXX Fuller Dry Goods Co., 935-939 Water St. Longwill, R. T. K Bro., 967-969 Watei' St. Shryoclc, john J., 216 Chestnut St. FISH MARKET. Lake Erie Fish Co., 912 Park Ave. FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE. Speakinan, O. A., 953 Water' St. FLORIST. Kreuger, A., Market and Center Streets, FLOUR AND FEED. Stolz, C., 992 VVater St. I-Iarris, C. P. Harris, 909 Market St. FURNITURE DEALERS. Gartner, M., 949 Water' St. Goodwin Sz Nunn, 961 'Water St. GROCERS. Knorr, VV., jr., 285 Chestnut St. Miller, A., Park Ave. and Randolph St. Phillips, L. W., 776-778 North Main St. Robinson, J. M., Watei' and Arch Sts. HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS. XIV XXXII VI IX XII XVII XXXIV VIII XX-XXI XXXV XIX Gill, D. A., 959 Water St. Stevens, J., Arms 8: Tool Co., Chieopee Falls. Mass HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. Central Hotel, Watei' and Center Sts. Gilles House, Chestnut St. Lafayette, VVater and Chestnut Sts. Kepler, Market St. New Budd House, Water and Pine Sts. New Colt House, 909-911 Water St. Rider House, Cambridge Springs. Saegertown Inn, Saegertown. JEWELERS. Fabel, I-I. E., 234 Chestnut St. II XL XXVII XXXVI XXXIX XXVIII XV IX XXIX XXXIII XXIII XLI XXVI XXIV XL XI XIII XXXIV XXXVI XXXI XVIII III IV XXII VI VI XXXIII Fetting, A. H., lrlaltimore, Md. Van Patton, I-I. Il., 281 Chestnut St. Wilson, G. T., 223 Chestnut St. LAUNDRIES. Hickernell, W. B., Park Ave. and Center St. Smith, W. H., 248 Chestnut St. LIVERIES. Falkinburg, J. H., QOOM VVater St. Park Avenue Livery, Park Ave. Muckinhaupt, C. 8: Bro., Center and Market Sts Smith, I-I., Mulberry alley near Center St, NVillJur, F. H., 209 Center St. Smith, H. A.. Cor. Market Grounds. LUMBER DEALERS. Cutter, The G, I-I. Lumber Co., 153 Poplar St. Harper, The Walter G. Lumber Co., Railroad. MEAT MARKETS. Derfus Bros., 346 North St. MERCHANT TAILORS. I-Iilgcndorf, C., 179 Chestnut St. Lorz, F., 212 Chestnut St. I Mendel Bros., 933 VVater St. Ohlman, M. 8: Son, 913 VVatcr St. Prenatt, F. G., 220 Chestnut St. Smith, N. R. 8: Son, 219 Chestnut St. Veith, C., 943 Water St. Harr 8: McKeown, 252 Chestnut St. MUSIC STORES. Bates, The Edward T. Co., 303 Chestnut St. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Fowler, A. R., 947 Water St. PHYSICIANS. Hill, C. C., 281m Chestnut St. PICTURE FRAMERS. Pettingfell, I'I. M., 964 Water St. Yocum, -I. A., 296 Chestnut St. VII XXXIII XXIX XXXVIII PRINTERS AND BOOK BINDERS. Tribune Publishing Co., 283 Chestnut St STEREOSCOPES AND VIEWS. Keystone View Co., Vallonia. TRUNK AND BAG STORE. Wfhipple, H. I-I., 97I Water St. VOCAL TEACHERS. Manville, H. VV., I9 Phoenix Block.

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Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1899 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1906 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1907 Edition, Page 1


Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1908 Edition, Page 1


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