Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA)

 - Class of 1890

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Allegheny College - Kaldron Yearbook (Meadville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1890 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 218 of the 1890 volume:

I U 3' by M Ewcfmafsg SHESIWMQKBSCKEN ME. . Q QBMSQCCGMQ E ERUSQSELL, ALM 'X WQEQPQRTER WW Q.ER,PEl'FFEN M A NEEDS., JQQQENHENEELWM CFQROSS GM 3 YMXCQLLQMS ME 2 MJXSWEENEY Wim 5 ...,. WoQQDmmGQ mx Cmmmnmi MGMT M' QEHRQTRMDE Ngugmcm MQ .SFW -ou'v-1zc1ox7eel-Fgvcsielegi IZ9QfQid.Fqi1fQ9. bk-1L,.w1w - ugelzr - valjose - Sufaluxjcc- ik ik GQHZSZ ik - - - bars - so - Zrcrafly - Proslzaerzcl - - - -Xlzbis - Qolurxgc- - is - rcslazcffduey - alaalicarfial - 1 cl lalc, H511 eujcl Ir 12 1, 1, 1,1,15,111m, la 1,11 sf ' 1 J 5 f I 21 Qublasbza by www v---uv-v.1g'- 1 - - -f Vw-T-w W . r ', . S-mga Bald Peg WX i JKQ1 VKQFQQI' Yi 'ff WI 'fl if L -Hifi-Erafernifef ' of Jxwegfmenlj Gowege, ldllbdldrif P J y, 1, 1890 Hoaaawillz, Ear. K! v'4.mdmw,1f, klf " ,.-141' I .4223 . ' hiv Qiihblaoif' . J MH is ,,, 4..n'mm1 "1-A .. ,NJ- QPx??e9?1er1Qf C-5oP?ege vans RQUUQIGJ ig 1815 I x lay GiH5zr3s of mend - Epzsiclzgfs - ACCFSSUS. , 'I817 .... I. .... REV. TIMOTHY ALDEN, D.D. .. ' 71833 ..... .QL . .REv. MARTIN RUTER, D.D.. . . VIS37 l .... REV. HOAIER j. CLARK, D.D.. . . . 1847 ..... .... R EV. 101-Ix BARKER, D.D. .. . IS6o ..... .... 1 REV. GEORGE Looms, D.D. . . 1875 ..... I .... REV. Lucws I-I. BUGBEE, D.D.. .. 1.883 ..... REV. DAVID H. WHEIEIIER, D.D., LL.D 1888 1889 .... ... . . REv. WILBUR G. XVILLIAMS, D.D... Oille. af.. ...- -... -... . ....- n--..- .' REV. DAVID H. WHEELER, D.D., LL.D. .... . 5 EXITUS 1333 1331 1347 1860 1874 1882 1889 june June june June June June june June June june june 19, 22,' 22, 23, 23, 24, 24, 24, 25',,. 25, 26, Cf50.PeE00.r for 21390-'l. 20, 21, Annual Examinations 10:45 a. m., . . . . Baccalaureate Sermon By President D. H. Wurzranmz, lJ.D,, I.L.lJ. : . ni Annual Sermon before Colle fe Y. M. C. A. 7 45 P , E, By Rlav. N. Luccorx, D.D. 2:00 p. m , . . Field Day 8:00 p. m , . . Inter-Society Contest 8:45 a. rn , . Annual Drill of Cadet Corps 9:30 a. rn , - Annual Meeting of Board of Control 8:00 p. m , . . . Senior Class Day 9:30 a. m , Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees 8:00 p. m 1 Annu-al Concert of lQonse5y11,tory of Music 'iO:OO rl. U1-, - . " - - C0l1lI1lEllCBIL1Cllf Exercises Sunwmef D9.Q9fio1v-'. . ' Y . - 4 'Fall Term begins September 16, ',I'uesday, QEOO.2I.'l1l,., .- Fat! Term ends December 13, Saturday, . . . .. Vbinttr Daontion. 1'-L3 W'i'uter""1'crm begi us january 6,'I1t591, 'l'uesdu,yt.. .: - --- -1 "'-' . March 28, Saturday. AP1'll 7, Tuesday, june g 5, Thursday, Winter 'FCTIII ends Spring Daoation. . . . . Spring Term begins . Con11nencen1e11t c, has-...L X, in ...U - XX wh 'x X In XJ f fs ' Nw X i ,.,' N QV! ' ,AM " If X X A lxillii li 1 " fic V 'psf ii hi i , V lf' J '- ' -. . - , ,x fy V K f f ' six' V" llY I in O ,sf- -2 Qs, .' Q FN ""'X 1-"""""E'-fi. ,- if 3 5 was .-sa, , -- f -V is .. gif .-jfs 15: gg-fi N , - - 33 Mil -- :X iv: 'K' X - 1,27 Y ,.flg.,V A: ' 3 -.rl2::'Y. X ATIENT READER, before plunging you into its seething 'v depths, the Editorial 'Board would call your attention to xg -g the .ffafzzs quo of the KALnRoN. The early college 'M M' year was rampant with conflict and strife engen- dering hatred and confusion. Amidst this clanging disorder the past' basis of the' K1xl.nRoN tottered and, as blow was added to blow, fell in ruin, 'l'hen, bythe magic of arbitration, the conflicting forces neutralized, the combative elements yielded to the bonds of their affinity, and disorder crystallized into method. The KAI,- nRoN, lifted from the chaos of unmairshalled influences, presents itself with an im petus.-the resultant ofthe Combined Hellenic forces. It-acknowledges the excellent pioneer work of former boards, lt recognizes thatpasteditions have been characterized by true worth. Vet it would be modesty inconsistent with our ambition not to say that our hopes are not realized, our expectations are not granted their premises, if this work does not outrank all former attempts. And, in claiming this distinction for our KALDRON, we do in no wise detract from the credit of former boards. Past editions have served as lamps of cxpcricncc lighting the way, saving our feet from many a stumble. And certainly we are not immodest in assuming that we have penetrated farther, aided by these guiding lights. 7 All interested have struggled arduously for the good of the work. The pen of the historian has dyed the pages with truth. The muse of the poet has poured forth her sweetest melodies. The artist has pencilled his wittiest thoughts. The witches have mixed a charmed potion, the flames crackle beneath the KALDRON, and if a due portion of its smlfling contents falls to your lot, think it not evil, but rather consider it a providential boon. Let it cauterize the wound assailed, eat away the malformation. For only, indeed, are deformities vulnerable to this enchanted concoction. But should some look not thus favorably upon what we have deemed consistent with our appreciation of the functions of a college annual, should there be those whose inlirmities appear, in their own sight, too broadly exposed-in their behalf, for the sake of information, we would say that the Board, not having com- pleted arrangements for going abroad, have thoroughly equipped themselves with those requisite arms of defence, truth, honor, courage and manliness, and will bravely resist any attempts to- wards the accomplishment of their extinction. If any there be who have not received due mention, let them recall, the KALDRON Board is mortal, error may be a component part of their destiny. But the z11z.vmZdt'1z'1nay in general rest with the assurance that their faults were so great as to confer disgrace by mention, or there was nothing to inspect except the elliptical curve of the zero. The Board, since it has rigorously adhered to the practice of opening its sessions with the Lord's Prayer, desires to extend a hand of forgiveness to its enemies, if any there be. Finally, thanking our friends for their kindly co-operation and assistance, we leave the KALDRON with you, feeling confident the benelit derived therefrom will be in proportion to the fullness of our own effort. 8 - The - Qffgiczrs - T41- ffuzlllzgbegpy - Qouzsg 15259199 X X I! Q RI' X -: gfiixg. - N ' - S l. im. 'J' N -rx X - EX- 0l"l"lC!! 9. HIS l':XL'l'2I.l.l'lNl'Y, .IANIIQS .-X. lH'1pXVl'lR, f,'u1u'r11a1' of lhv Q1u11m111'1rf1'ul.fh. Hmm. EDWARD M. PAXSON. C'l1lUf j71lxll'1'1' :jf Ihr .5'llfU'Ifllll' l?1lu'l. HON. W Nl. S. K I RK l'.-X'I'RlC'K, llllnrmli' lf1'll1'ru l. -I.Ac1y-Yl7ruslccS- M.:-:x,xNmcu liRAlvI.I'ZY. mm. la. 14, qmvlcx. mm. fa. ns.'r1'.u. Ms. lc. mf-1f,x1el..xxn. Hmm. mzwns 5llI.l.l'ZR. H1-:mmf K,'r, UICU. XV. H.-XSKINS. Hux. ,lm-xx -1. l'Il'lNlJl'.RSlJN. A WIl,l.lAM wn.'l'x. :mx ,nous rf.l1uAw. 1-mxzvm' HENDICRSON. WILLIAM TLIOMAS, JAMES P. 1'IASSI.1iR, Mm. 1-um. J. D. 'r.u'1.o1a. rum. 11. lf. MAR'l'iN. uno. H. '1'Ax'1.uR. 10 -IOS!-ZPII WAIQIUX. HHN, S. B. IJIVK. HON. 'IUHN S. Mc'l',fXl.NION'l HHN. II, W. I-', WHl'l'li. l.-XS. li. lIlI.l.. I-'RANK P. RAY. AIUSICPII HURNIQ. UIOIIN .x. wcmoln. HHN. SAMVICI. fiRIIf'I"I'I'II. W. ll, l'A'l"l'liRSUX. A. I.. IQrl'Xl5AR. CLEO. P. HUKILL. W. S. MORGAN, RICHARD M. ILRUWN. -I. G. IIOLMJ-lm. MUN. j. W. LEE.. M! , Jlqqbdy far! V X :X Q2'.':x7. lr -- VC AJ IH. V ' . EXW V mv .' .. V ' - A' . . M1 N 1 ww EIHV2' Q.. WNXQ .Qin - Mg- VB ' W mfg. xv . A " y h l7'n'Q?! ,, 1' N , ,JN M .mg A .WK .fi ' fl. 5355-15 X ' x " SML ' ff Q .7 Emi ,XN1'X . XIX ,xx' ' NNW A xx.-x x v ---- L" """4 I VX ., V r xx '-.WX M My X Wm SE' Ziff' X all XX Y O ,xwnbjx mkx 'fix QQAB1' rucfiorz dm -Ag,5.N9Qf'Il'7.f"dQl'1t. IJAVIIJ H. NVlIl'1l'1l.l.i.R, QD, IJ.. llllfll.. N ' .l'fn'li.S'lDli.Y7'.- A . 4. . ' Prutcssrn' ul SiwY'fh'I'Sl'im:1lr4- :mal Iinqlish l.ill'l'GlNll'l'. R lcv. j C D N .-X'l'H A N ' 'I'I'.-X M N lQ'I"l', IJ. I J., l.l1fl.',1l.'1,1.x',' l':lllUl'illIS Prnlbssprqtk,1'j1ilus,4-plxyl. VI. H. MONTIYGK-JMRRY..'l"l'l. II., N ' Prolvsmr of Physics :md lflu-n1is!ry. J. W. THOMAS, A. M.. Professor uf French uml GU1'l11UlT. IAMES TRUEMAN, PH. D., Bradley Profcssclr of Greek unL1.L:nin. 5 MMM R J. C. FIELDS, Pl-LD., Professor of Mathematics. SECOND LT. J. F. KREPS, zzd INI-'AN'ruv, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. W. A. ELLIOTT, A. B., Adjunct Professor of Greek and Latin. VVILLIAM S. TWINING, A.B., C. Professor of Civil Engineering. J. W. SILLIMAN, C. E., Instructor in Civil Engineering. GRACE 1. FOSTER, AM., PRECEPTRESS. Instructor in History. M ' M. BLANCHE BEST, Expression and Physical Training. ' WILL SILING, A.B., Q Instructor in Latin. J. s. GIBSON, A.B., Biology and Assistant in Laboratory. A. G. FRADENBURGH, A.B., Tutor. 9 - Qfficzrs - of- lljd - Eacully - D. H. WHEELER, Dean of Post-Graduate Department. J. H. MON'rOOM.1LRY, VicemPrcsidcnt und Curator of the Muscu J. W. THOMAS, X Secretary. W, A. 1aL1.1OTT, Principal of Preparatory Department. ITL. 12 U E., Ji f f , 'W X 'Ee 1 Q X fy tx, ' X 1 f1.:.... ,' ' ,si ' 1 W . K 0 , 5. QDOM'-6-XI7c'i'6l.ual'e Qeparfmeqf. NAME- ALLISON, THOMAS B., BAKER, W. A., . BENFIAAI, GI-zo. A., . CROUCH, 'IOHN M., . CURTIS, ANSON BARTIE, . llRYlJEN, M. l"., . . FRADENIIURIIH, l,II.I.IAN F., II' A H fi'Al.LUl', WAI. H., 41 J H, . GRO'l'E, CHARLES A., . GRIIf'If'I'I'II, M. BRYANT, . HECREI., EDWARD B., fl' I' J, Hisss, j. HIQNRY, . . Mll.ES, ,IDSEPI-I W., fb I' ..1, MI'I'cIHIEI.I., WAI.'I'I-:R, . Ml'FCfHEl.l,, C. B., J 7'J,. MUIKIQAV, W. P., 41 .J H, . O'CONNOR, DAVID C., Ill J 6, PARSONS, J. ARNOLD, 111 J H, PE'I"rY, JAMES TAYLOR, .1 7' J, PRATHER, SILAS HANCOX, . REYNOLDS, GRAFTON T., fREI'rzE, HARRIO'r'I', II' A 9, . SCHERER, MEI.ANC'1'HON G. G., STRAYER, J. P., 112 l' A, . STRAYER, MARY J., STURDEVANT, JAMES W., XVOOD, EMORY M., 41 II' U", 1lI1'.1, '3 , . FRHSIDICNCIC. . Ebensbnrg '. L'lark's Mills . Troy, N. Y. . 'llownville Big Rapids, Mich. Wheeling, W. Va. . . Warren Youngstown, Ohio Greensboro, Alu. . Sharon . Allegheny City Grafton, W. Vu. . . PlttSlJllTgll Wellsburg. W. Va. Pluinlield, N. Little Valley, N. Y. . llincoln, Neh. . Saegertown . . Beaver Ellington, N. Y. . Mansfield Valley . Meadville Grafton, W. Va. Cambridgeboro . Cambridgehoro . Meadville Baldwin City, Kan. CG5o??ege Cyelplp. glllagbi, glllzglgc' l 'Rubu lamp Jlllcgbeqy I ' CC5o?Pege C5oPorf. Glmlzt Blue Q94 Qld Gold NAM, X Iffwrxix X S Nh, .X ll , -X, .xl-All xy: ,V . Q 1 X ,xx ,. A - ,vfyfkf f ' "1 X ,Q.1,"h4 'I bi" rl - "Z" -1 -' . ": Z- "-N " 14 mfr 3' H . ,, ':l,f4, ,iff I I b I. r,.:. 1 . I A XXX- 4.1" 'V '7 , ' K "J 4,1 'QU' N. -22445, Qgigyd "" - I fl I, V X ,Wh ' WW " ik 'Q --., .' 1- Q W' N X '-'ff ', ,.. ' 413,13 gpzi ' V Q- fp-'V-1, ,ff Y- .,'f,a31. ff, .. -f 4 f. fl -,pi ff- A 9' " ' A if any A'v' f 1 hyfgii' 'Wg' H 45-Qfijg 5 f,,g6',.:x,,f-1, .V .- Hfflfv fx N. I, , ':'Qld4.x HQAQQ 7 .xv !,f1f'f u- jg y - . - -- V ..-gxg fp - 025.50 i ff' , . L: l I QW U X "'- 'W fl 'ff' J Xu' U - 'ba I? U MW vi' Q'L":i'Z :fi 1 ! J w X V ,.,Q, 2 A , V f N A 'Z' ' -7 W' 45", -ffziz, PPV, . n K ' 4 X A : X warn-1 My-3 X 'M X-MX ci. k ffI f-: 'm ., X ,4 6.5, X f 5 1 l-A, lm u,,1.,!I1 -LN 'dx P ' y ' ' + M 'ff'i-fn' , , -. x. wx NX g 1 'N x r Nw" ., Y VX NW C '--X Ll-IQ I . x N ' X-AQ x X xi T lvif, w N,, 'xx mr I Xx x, ,im , qi ly! Q X?Sf 11g 5 f 4 ?fNxf 1 'w 'v . Y if 2 N X' ' Q S if , . 3-V E , '- X 41 Qi QM xy, -: N 04. f .A dx .1I,.H5Q.Qm1w. -ga :Qi Slzbzirf - Esfdblisbmzgf 1 A E CNA5l4lRK EONV 1 cqwwymffn , 'A "' 1 PQI Wappa QM. K Pr:NN'A Br:'rA CHAv'ri-:R. Es'1'Am.rs1lncn 1855. Gzlurx - Pink and llavcmler. ljllbflfllflillll - H 'l'he Shield." - Emrlnes - :lg - Rucullafld - Prof. William S. 'l'wlning. Prof. joseph W. Sillinmn. i ' ' GIIJBZ ' Hon. Pearson Church james P. Hassler, M. james W. Smith, lisq. IJ. john O. McClintock, Esq. Sion B. Smith, lisq. Chas. H. Haskins, Ph. D. jas. P. Colter, Esq. Harry M.. Barrett. Wm. H. Scofield. A. Baldwin. ' Walter Batesflf C. B. Snyder, jr. W. C. Leflingwell. "' Ijsft college. joseph Shippen, Esq. Geo. W. Haskins, lflsq. Hon. H. j. Hnmes. Arthur I.. Bates, lisq. Robert C. Bole, Iisq. W. W. Ellsworth, A. B. Corney C. Laffer, A. M. - - G0ll2Sl0 ' P. Luther Hatch. Wm. W. Youngson. 'lf'. M. Haskell. Fred. C. Cattern. john I.. Porter. M. O. Brown. ller. Warren S. Daniels. li. E. Mi W. Eighmy. W. lid. Porter. Henry Booth Byers. '7 liclward A. H erspergc r. -eflcliiye - Qlgczxplizrs- Pennsylvania Alpha, . 'Pennsylvania Beta, . Pennsylvania Gannna, Epsilon, . Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Zeta. . Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Eta, Theta, Pennsylvania Kappa, . New York Alpha, . Washington l" ra n and jefferson College . Allegheny College . Bucknell University Pennsylvania College . Dickinson College klin and Marshall College . Lafayette College Swarthmore College Cornell University New York Beta, . New 'York Delta, New 'York Epsilon, Virginia Alpha, Virginia Beta, . Virginia Gamma, . Maryland Alpha, . South Carolina Alpha, Mississippi Alpha, . Ohio Alpha, . Ohio Beta, . Ohio Gamma, Ohio Delta, .lncliana Alpha, lncliana Beta. . Indiana Gamma, . Illinois Alpha, Michigan Alpha, . Wisconsin Alpha, Iowa Alpha, . Iowa Delta, , Minnesota Beta, . Kansas Alpha, California Alpha, Wisconsin Gamma, . Washin . Syracuse College . Hobart College Madison University . University of Virginia gton and l,ee University . . Hampden-Sidney College . johns Hopkins University District of Columbia Alpha, . University of South Carolina .CJ 18 Columbian University University of Mississippi hio Wesleyan University . Wittenberg College Wooster University Ohio State University De Pauw University University of Indiana . Wabash College Northwestern University University of 'Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Iowa . Simpson College University of Minnesota . University of Kansas University of the Pacific . . Beloit College L. .1961 Gamma QQPTQ. ' Pi flHAl"l'I'IR. l':S'1'Alll.lSHl'2D 1860 Cbffmv-Royal 'Purple and Lavender. l'11Nz'cal1'wz-t"l'he Phi Gamma Delta Quarterly." - Rrizflrcs - iq - Rczicullerle - james H. Montgomery, l'h.D. - ln - Clrlac- Senator G. W. Delamater. A. G. Richmond. lisq. Hon. j. j. Henderson. H. V. Hotchkiss, l'h.D. Hon. H. L. Richmond. 'Frank j. rlll'l0lll2l.S, lisq. Frank P. Ray, lisq. R. G. Graham, lisq. Capt. E. H. Henderson. Dr. L. I.. Doane. Reuben C. Frey, lisq. Harry Carroll, D.D.S. Rev. E. Hall, D.D. limory li. Flower, lflsq. Lieut. Dick johnson, U.S.A. I--larry Reynolds. George l. Mahoney. john j. Shryock. George l". Davenport, lisq. Louis H. Lauderbaugh, lisq 'l'. A. Delaniater. lv Robert Coulter Crowthers. Adelbert Grant Fradenhurgh james Stewart Gibson. Edwin Lafayette Mattern. Samuel Simpson Marquis. Will Lester Siling. Martin joseph Sweeney. jas. Gilbert Ehrenfeld. Charles L. Howe. " Left college. -G0 I ,Frederir-k G Howe. ll23l0 ' Harry Parker johnsonfl' George Sylvester Ray. Paul Reisinger. Hugh Long Apple. William Grant Barrows. john Loring Danforth. Benjamin Alexander Heydr Harry Rufus Patchin. N Will C. Berlin. 9 ick Iota Mu, . Nu Denteron, . Llpsilon, . Omega. . 'l'heta Psi, Kappa Nu. Alpha, Delta. Xi, . . Pi, . - - I-Ipsilon llenteron, Sigma lleuteron, Beta Chi. . Gamma Phi. . lipsilon, . lleta lienteron. . Delta llenteron. .Kappa llenteron. lflta. . - Sigma, . - 'I'heta llenteron, Lamhtla Deuteron. Xi Denteron, Umieron Denteron. Rho lleuteron, Zeta, . l,amhc,la, Tau, . . Psi, . - Alpha Deuteron, Gamma Denteron, Alpha Phi, . Nu, . . Pi Deuteron, Zeta Phi, Delta. Xi, . Rho Chi, cli0c'Gl7c1plcrs - Nlassaehusetts lnstitnte of Technology . . Yale Universitv College of the City of New Vorla . 'Wash . . Columbia College . Madison University . . Cornell University ington and jefferson College . . lineknell University . Pennsylvania College . Allegheny College Nl nhlenherg College . Lafayette College . 'Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College University of North Carolina 2 . . Roanoke College Hampden-Siclney College University of Georgia . . Marietta College . . Wittenberg College Ohio Wesleyan University . . Denison University . . .-Xtlelbert College Ohio State University . Wooster University . Indiana State University . De Pauw University . . Hanover College . . Wabash College Illinois Wesleyan University . . Knox College . University of Michigan . . 'Bethel College University of 'Kansas William jewell College . University of California . Richmond College xv fy., 1 JL v 1 1 iw . LY P. if: S W1 lil? ,wwf f- 1 uw-- ,.l,.', 7136? ' yi v I Qzfz-. , Xn- : l1rdm,l'hlln . ' Q u ,g T 2..2,QQ4":,1n- nf' K ' :L,.' 1' 1f,.',xg -f .Q f- yfflshf ' TIM --' ' " ' f gil x f 52.4 5 2, 4, ' 'nLM.A-,LxQ, ,.4...n.,.u..',..f' - '- 'hmm ':.+..Jmwhmmm.n-.LMs.f- ' A - .X Q. fc9ePl'cE'o.u Qellla. Q ' A I.Pl'lA Cimv'1'nR. I':S'l'AliI.ISl-I I-:n 186 cllfrll'.V1 Purple, Gold, und White. Rainbow. " Iillbfllftlflivll - " jus. R. Andrews, Iisq. F. I.. Blaekniurr, lisq. jus. Il. Cullum. john l'l'. lliek. Win. C. Fish. W. H. Hulnuker, NI. IJ. Frunk F. l.ippitt. W. A. MCClurg. john ID. McCoy. Major C. li. Ric-hniond. I.. I.. Rielnnond. Hilbert A. Nodine. George l. Wright. FGIIATCS -in-Clrlam lidgur P. Cullum. V. M. Deluniuter. Chas. W. Fish, IVI. II. IJ. Arthur Gill. IC. A. Hempstead. W. I.. Mclflurg, lisq. jus. A. Mclflurg. F. O. Nodine, M. IJ. C. F. Riehinond. Colonel Lewis Wulker. C. P. Woodring, M. II. lidwurd 'l'. I.ushells. M. ID. Ned A. Flood. Wesley Il. Iiest, Iisq. Alfred j. Iiutes. Williunl Cllupen Denning. Williuni George lrleiser. Fred Iiukin Russell. Churles Noble lNIr'Clure. Frunk Alphu Gugeby. Churles Hurniony johnsn Williuni johnson. .1,,.C Charles 'l'orrenc'e Nesbitt ollcga... Alfred Puul Townsend. I"I'Cll6I'lCIi Wurlield liubvovl l'll't'KlL'l'Il'li llluine Pulnler. 'l'ruey Clinton Farrell. George Albert Sliryoek. Norbert Moore liugleson. Charles jumes Clinton Zim Williuln Clendenning Pickett Welty. x Alpha. . Gamma. Theta, Nu, . Rho, - Beta Lambda. Delta, - Beta, . Epsilon, . Zeta, - lata. Iota, . Kappa. Mu. Chi. Psi, - Oniicron, . Xi, - Phi, . . Omega. Beta Alpllkh Beta Beta, Beta Gamma. 'Beta Zeta. Beta lita, Beta Kappa. Beta Iota, . Lambda, . Pi Beta Delta. Beta Epsilon, Beta Theta, Beta Mu, . Beta Nu, Beta Xi, - 2 ' ' Beta Omicron, -Jlcliaz - Gljpuplirs - , . . . Allegheny College . Washington and jefferson College . . . Bethany College . . . Lafayette College . Stevens Institute of Technology . . Lehigh University . University of Michigan . Ohio University . Albion College . . Adelhert College . Buchtel College Michigan State University . . Hillsdale College . Ohio Wesleyan University . Kenyon College Wooster University Iowa University . Simpson College Hanover College Iowa State College . Indiana University . De l'auw University University of Wisconsin . . Butler University . University of Minnesota . University of Colorado University of Virginia . Vanderbilt University . University of Mississippi . University of Georgia . . Emory College . . . University of the South . . . . . Tuft's College . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . Tulane University . . . . Cornell University l pai aaeeraaaeca. l l'r:NN'.lx lbrzlxlux CH.u"l'r:R. f i':S'l'AIiI.lSHl'IIl 1 C?1!or.r-- Argent and Azure. fJlI0fI'c'lIf!'0I1-- " 'l'he Scroll." Prtxirzs - ir, - Rmcuifcxld - Will A. lilliott, A. li. -irg-Ciriacw Edward H. Fond. lX'l.lJ. li. W. Peck, A.ll. Norman wlobnson. -Iohn W. Bell, M.lJ. ul. Alexander Vance. A.Nl. W. W. Case, R. lirnest Pond. -iq - Collegia- Robert Wallace Elliott. Harry Boyd Espy. William Willard johnson. William Henry Stenger. Howard Ambrose Couse Clarence F. Ross. Frank Willis Black. C. Alberti Peffer. Harry A. Cotton. John K. Howef' 'lt Pleclgccl members. Arthur Charles liakin Newkirk. Francis Gurney Stubbs. Fred W. Gundy. Homer David Whitlield lillis bl. Cbesbro. Frank Harvey Sisley. james W. Campbellff Frank Kennedyff N Staplesff 23 Maine Alpha, . New Hampshire Alpha, Vermont Alpha. . Massachusetts Alpha, Massachusetts Beta, Rhode Island Alpha. New York Alpha. New York Beta, New York Gamma. New York Delta, . New York Epsilon, Pennsylvania Alpha, Pennsylvania Beta. ' -nns flvania Gamma, C 5 Pennsylvania Delta, Pennsylvania Epsilon Pennsylvania Zeta, Pennsylvania Eta, . Virginia Alpha, . Virginia Beta. Virginia Gamma. Virginia Delta, Virginia Zeta. . North Carolina Beta, South Carolina Beta. Kentucky Alpha. Kentucky Delta. Georgia Alpha. Georgia Beta. Georgia Gamma, Tennessee Alpha, Tennessee Beta, Alabama Alpha, . Alabama Beta, clixye ' Clfjmplers - . . . . Colby University . Dartmouth College . University of Vermont . Williams College . .Amherst College Brown 'University . Cornell University . . . Union University College of the City of New York . . . Columbia College . . Syracuse University . . . Lafayette College . . Pennsylvania College Washington and jefferson College . . . Allegheny College . . . Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania . Lehigh University . . Roanoke College University of Virginia . 'Randolph-Macon College . . . Richmond College Washington and 'University . University of North Carolina . . South Carolina College . . Centre College Central University University of Georgia . Emory College . Mercer University . Vanderbilt University . University of the South . . University of Alabama . Alabama Polytechnic Institute 2.5 gi, Alabama Gamma. Mississippi Alpha, llouisiana Alpha. Texas Beta, . Texas Gamma, Ohio Alpha, . Ohio Beta, Ohio Gamma. Ohio Delta, Ohio lipsilon, Ohio Zeta, Indiana Alpha, Indiana Beta, . Indiana Gamma, Indiana Delta-, . Indiana Iipsilon, Indiana Zeta, . Michigan Alpha, Michigan Beta, . Michigan Gamma Illinois Alpha, . Illinois Delta, r . Southern University University of Mississippi . . Tulane University . University of Texas Southwestern University . Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University . Ohio University . University of Wooster . Buchtel College . Ohio State University . Indiana University . Wabash College Butler University . Franklin College . Hanover College . 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S. W. Baptist University . S. W. Preslnyterian University . . Vanderbilt University . University of the South . Cumberland University . University of Texas . . 'University of Virginia Washington and Lee University 30 K Keappa Wappa Gamma. Run f'HAl"l'I-IR. l':S'l'Alll.lSH un 1888 C'n!w'.r-l,igl1t null Dark lilue. .l'1fb!z'mfl'a11- t' 'l'h e li ey. ' ' ' Sorores -ir7-Clrloc- Minnie A. llurney. .leunuette Porter. Genevieve Bush. Maude M. Kepler. Mary Warner. .lessie W. Smith. -l1j-Gollcgio- Currie lfrauces Mount. lilleu May Whitney. Virginia Au 3 Leuua Hague llouley. Margaret Moris llunley. Nleclzi llouley. Lillian lieviere Muuett. liulu Schultz Munett. stuna. Davis. 1 Phi, . Beta, Tau , . Psi, Lambda, G am ma , Rho. . Nu, Delta, Iota, Mu, . Kappa, Xi, . Eta, Epsilon, Upsilon, Chi, . Oniicron Zeta, . Omega, Sigma, 'I'heta, Boston University St. Lzuvrence Unistrsity . Syracuse University Cornell Unixersity Buchtel C ollege Wooster UI1lVL1'SltV Allegheny Lollege . Ohio State University Indiana University De Pauw University Butler Unnersity . Hillsd tle College . Adrian C ollegc . . Wisconsin Unnerslty Illinois Wesleyan University 1 Northwestern University . Minnesota Lulversity . Simpson College Iowa Q Kansas Q . . ehraska Missouri Jn-aff f.:,,.W,,m,f, an ra 4 559.111 Qu Ecpoifoq. ALLEGHENY CHAM1-LR. Es'1'A1z1.1snEn 1887. Fred W. Smith. Edw. T. Lashells. -Clint Densmore. E. L. Mattern. VI. S. Gibson. F. E. Russell. F. R. Work. W. G. Heiser. V j. G. Ehrenfelcl. vl. A. Knox. 7thWX3': 4::28L7 Kgzicmu as t-WSI 115-f f-1 s: Lu-P-JSM A'55'fl1f'0ll-5.33. !?:-,L s-H:W:E -Hmexlrzs ' ig ' Glrlac- Ned A. Flood. F. C. Howe. Corney C. Laffer. - I9 - Qollcgioi- '9o. A. G. Fradeuburgh. H. M. Barrett. j. E. Hood. R. Coulter Crowthers W. C. Deming. F. G. Stubbs. T. M. Morrison. l.. A Baldwin. F. A. Gageby. j. I.. Porter. Chas. N. McClure. '91, E. E. Miller. A. O. McClelland. Fred J. Trumper. '92, KQQOO ul1!l111l1l,f-xffw MQ Eb g 5.4 nw'--r ,f,'QjLu E !-!-!-VUFSK Do -E:Xvn-'l'-'l'-P E-::XOLL:',f'f-f :- 33 Wesleyan, -Zlcli'0c - Elqmlzalers- . . . Wesleyan University Syracuse. . . Syracuse University Union, . . Union College Cornell, . . Cornell University Rochester. . Rovhester University California. University of California Madison, . Madison University Adelbert, . .-Xclelbert College Kenyon. . . . Kenyon College Hamilton, . . . Hamilton College Rensselaer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Stevens, . . Stevens lnstituteof 'l'ec'hnology Amherst, . . . Amherst College Rutgers. . Rutgers College Lehigh. . Lehigh University Lafayette. . Lafayette College Wooster. . University of Wooster Allegheny, . . Allegheny College Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania Faculty, . Post G ramluate, Class of '90, Class of ,9l, Class of '92, Class of '93, Preparatory, Total, rulciriQily-Sunjnjc1ry- . . 4 I2 . 24 14 . I8 Z2 . 22 1:6 34 g ,F- ,X , 7 X X x XX N K SJ yy-f Q. .X .Vi -N T , fi, X0 'A f' X Fil . .,.. I, Xu! E 'T X58 'S X.,-Q - "mf W A XIX NX. N . N ---QXzr1j1zzPs- -- - - -F'1isf6riczs- - - .I of ,-.rv-,,., CTLS is N Stubs of ,QU Colors-Black and White. Class Vf!!-"I-Ti! I-Ii! Bizz-zzm! Ninety, Ninety!" ' Qfficcrs ' President and Salutatorian. . Vice-President, . . Treasurer, . . Secretary. Orator, Flssayist. . Poet. . . Historian, Prophet. . . llaclfler Orutor. . Valeclirftorian. Class- Roll Anderson. nl. Robert, fl' li 'l", . Baldwin. Lee A., fl' ll' 'l". . Barrett, Harry M., fl' ll' 'l", Bullock, Fred Lucas. . Carr. Alvah Leinuel, . Chesbro, Ellen, ll' A 4-I, . . Clark, Helen A., li' .4 H, . Collins, 'Frank Alonzo, L' .4 lf, . Crowthers, Robert Coulter, 41 l' J, Deming, William C., .J T J, . . Dice, Frank, . . . 37 . W. C. D1-:AnNn. NI lss l.UCv l'lckr:'l"r. Ii. .-X. HICRSPICRGICR. . . -I. li. HAWK. . H. M. li.xRku'1"l'. . J. S. filllt-ION., . S. S. lwxlzouis. .-X. G. FRADIENHURGH. C'. N. iN'i1'f'l.URIfZ. I". li. Russnm.. . W. l.. Slmxrs. hlunmestown. N. Y. . Kinsman. O. . Titusville New Castle . Mosiertown Shericlan. N. Y. . . Union City . Espyvillc . Wood's Run . Mount Olivet, Ky. . . Akron, IO. Dobson, john Milton, . Dnnkle, Valentine F., . Elliott, Robert W., fl' J H, . Espy, Harry Boyd, 41 J H, . . Fradenburgh, Adelbert G., 41 I' J, Gageby, 'Frank L., J 7' J, . . Gibson, james Stewart,. III I' J, Hawk, Charles Barnes, . Hawk, john Bunyan, . Heiser, William G., J T J, . Hersperger, Edward A., fl' Ii' 'I", Hood, james Earl, 1' .4 If, . . johnson, William W., 'Il J H, . Manning, Cassius R., . . . Marquis, Samuel Simpson. 'II I' J, Mattern, Edwin l,aFayette, III I' J McClure, Charles Noble, J 7'J, Morrison, 'lll10llH.lS M., 1' fl If, . Newkirk, Charles li., fl' J H. . Pickett, Lucy, . . . Phillips, Gamaliel Wilson, Porter, john L., 41 Ii' 'l" Rigg, Mark Allison, . Russell, Fred li., J TJ, . Siling, Will Lester, III I' J, . Stenger, William Henry, fl! J H, . Stubbs, Francis Gurney,10 J H, Sweeney, Martin joseph, 'P I' J, Varner, Weldon P., . . White, Lorell lirastus, 1' .-I If, Work, Fred Raymond, 1' .4 IJ, ' 38 . Erie . Meadville . Gustavus, O. . . Erie . . Warren Greensburg, lnd. . Nleadville . West Middlesex . Sharpsville . Maysville, Ky. . Pittslmrgh . Miller's Station West Middlesex . Santa Barbara, Cal. . Sharon, O. Huntingdon . . Sharon . . lidinboro West Middlesex . . Meadville Meadville . . Nleadville . Wilkinsburg West Middlesex Greensburg, Ind. . Greenville . Chicago, lll. . . Kane . Salem, W.Va. Conneautville . Meadville i . - - W, ,V'- , I- ' reweeeaemeei " Q- Ii!-9 INF, ? - 56511416 In 71 !m,xr ,F-Al, , .A If :gm ' 'iii':i"'Qv11 1 --'- 1 . 525 frm f ' Hy x,, ,. . A"f -W ' ' f ' q- TQ 'O . W In l 17 gill ' IS- Q 11' 1 :vu 1-vft Z, r",4il F 4 E 6 alll 5 'i'-1 . -all I Mp. If I I ,ii '-1 Ni , 5iii'1L1i7"i,iiz nel , vi- 1, ,Q lr ,ip ,.'g,fIt,i,,gi, fffc 'll-H,Q.', lWe1 le ll ,fl A ef' 'ifif'i'if-Til, rf W WWEiMwf7'iEi Yfi wewsjfwr V .il - A- A ' kr MEANING deep and solemn lies hidden in the words, ig is " last year in college' 'I he Past is about to he aban- doned, the Future entered upon g the history of the one ' 'L:"':x""'A"' is written, that of the other is to he made. 'l'o the Senior it is a time most momentous. No matter how proudly, in former Annuals, he may have recounted numherless deedsof valor equaled only by the heroes of the ancients, now he must contine himself solely to facts. '1' a y classmen do not wonder as they see, here and there, a Senior with hlanched cheek and downcast countenance, muttering to himself : P. iti dit ' is unknown. Hence the under- " O, wad some power the giftie gic us To sec ourscls as ithers see us." The following is the key to their seemingly unnatural conduct. 'l'he Freshman year of the class of '90 opened very auspiciously. ln their conflict with the Sophs, a class weak in point of 'numbers when compared with their own, victory perched upon their banners. Triumphs came to them singly, for this was the first and, sad to say, the last which the Old Dame Fortune pe rmitted them to celebrate. 39 Were history to have taken fancies for her everlasting companions, this record might have been different, but in this enlightened age of the world the patient inquirer discovers that "Truth is stranger than fiction." The great change was wrought upon them as Sophs. Call it destiny, call it fatality, or whatever you choose, though to the college it was naught but the class of ,QI that brought them low. An eventoccurred so lasting in results as to be felt even at the present. Merely mention " Tam O'Shanter," and they start back in alarm. Oft in their dreams a procession is seen marching slowly up the hill bearing proudly on high an effigy dressed zz Za Sophomore. it enters the campus and forms in a circle 'round a blazing funeral pyre, where, umnolested and amid the rejoicing of the assembled multi- tude, ,9O,S representatives smoke the pipe of peace-mifms Me pzjbu. No doubt the Sophs were meditating that day, in the seclusion of their rooms, on the vanity of worldly honors. Thus time passed on. As editors, all were satisfied, for they had seen their names in print, even if they were found in the soup at last. But it was not until Senior dignity sat upon their noble brows that "true worth " was realized. Having ever held that nothing is surely gained except by scheming and other like honorable means they re- solved to have a grand rally. Gigantic schemes were laid to settle the most important QPJ question of human ambition-the election of class officers. This " tug of war" Cpardon the Freshman termj is still going on and will be placed on history's page for coming generations to ponder over, as the final and crowning effort of '90 to win for herself a name. Alas l they sigh, H What's in a name P" Soon the last day comes. The meekness and long suffering of these Seniors is sung, the story told of how they bowed in humble sub- mission to the inevitable. Then the shades gather. The moon shines brightly out, and Old 'Bentley stands in silence among her guard of trees on the hill, disturbed only bythe ghosts of the past. HIS'FORIAN or '9r. .QQ vs- Hrfhw. l'm7.1. ft Q, I. 4 . . ,A ww . .,-A,,,Qffm5lns.Q,M.w1..L Tt.+g.f?1S:m1n,1:1i25igf,-,mfmmm fam, C65?o.e5e of 'Qi Calvnv--Olive Green and Gold. C7a.v.v W!!-J' Rah! Rah! Yum! Yum! One! Eight! Nine! One! " .Qfp...s. President, . . . . C. S. ilmvmr.. Vice-President, . Miss GER'l'RUlJl'2 l'IOUSEHOLlJ. Treasurer, . . Secretary, . . Ladder Orator, f lissayist. . Poet, . Historian, . . . . ' GlClSS ' Byers, Henry Booth, 'P ln' 'lf', . Couse, Howard A., 'll .J H, . lflchols, Monroe justice, . . Iihrenfeld, james Gilhert, fl1l'.!, . Freeman, Charles C., 1' A lf, . Household, Gertrude Vina, ll' .4 I-I, Howe, Charles L., W I' J, . . -lewell, Charles Sherman, Knox, john Ahmed, . . . McClelland, .Alvin Gren, 2' .4 lf, Miller, Edward Everett, 41 A' 'l", Mount, Carrie Frances, li' li' l', -I . . C. I.. Howe. Miss CARRIE MoUN'1'. W. E. l'oR'r1-:R. W. W. YoUNosoN. . . S. H. Woon. . H. P. joHNsoN. Roll. Cooperstown 'l'idioute . Fredonia Gallitzin . . Espyville . West Newton . Meadville . Ravenna,G. . Alverado,'l'ex. . Thornhill DuBois . Oil City Patterson. llressly C.. 2' .l li. . Porter, William Erlgzir, fl' lu' 'l" Ross, Clarence F., fl' J H, Slavin, bl. Birnic, . . Warner, Mary, li' A' l', . . Whitfield, Homer David, 111 J H. Wisman, john Poe, . . . Wood, Simpson Horner, . . Youngson, William Wallace, fb li' 'l", lil NV lil .42 -. i'anibri1lge.O. Mczulville Nlill Village Meatlville . Nlczulville Pittsburgli R:1venna,0. Pittslnirgh . Pittsburgh N S' trf igglqg ,mf " f--se . i g 'wav i " 'f favrilfflllg .l t ,X ,,y'i,eN'1 -ji' 1. . ,ry , , f lXl?:,ill,1j l 'if ' 15" " ' f Q f 5, V. M, ...fix vi" vi , Q If e . 'S "ln fl: '-.v .J 'V il--lj ' ld "L' 'M ' ,A ..'.-' -fl 4 il Q- i'L'e?s:?-iff! y HE Historian of ,QI is again compelled to write a history Q of " that Hypothetical Thing," the Class of ,91. It is not an easy task to write a history of a class, but to write "" ' a history of a thing is indeed difficult. However, this history will have one merit, its truthfulness. When we left our paternal farms, three years ago, and entered Allegheny College as Freshmen, we were green 3 it is needless to add that we are still green and will graduate no less verdant. When we were Freshrnen we were green enough to think that we were ahle to contend with the Class of '90, but they defeated us in every struggle and our first year at College ended in defeat and disgrace. We left College in the hope that some of the Third Preps would enter our class in the fall, and that then we would have some men, hut although many were prepared to do so, yet none could he found who would dis- grace themselves by joining our class. Our Sophomore year opened with a poor outlook, our only num having left the class and joined +3 '9o. Remembering our defeats during the previous year, we were naturally backward about trying the mettle of '92. During the entire year '92 reigned supreme. Once during the year we thought of a brilliant f?j idea! We would try the ancient act of putting a Hag on Bentley l But alas, no Sophomore was brave enough to scale the dome. and so we hired a 'l'hird Prep to do the work for us. 'l'he Hag only remained on the dome for one brief hour, for a Freshman took it down. A few days later, with our usual brilliancy, we thought we would hold a funeral service. liven we ourselves were unable to tell why we held the service: it was surely not 'oz's funeral, for. at that very time, they were above in possession of Bentley hall. Perhaps it was our own funeral. 'l'his foolish act made us the laugh- ing stock of the entire College. We never again had the courage to showuourselves, even disgracing ourselves by omitting the customary " Cremation of Calculus." Our Sophomore year closed with a de- feat inthe " tug of war." As juniors we have distinguished our- selves by lack of energy and petty class lights. The College recog- nizing our lack of enterprize, took from us the publication of 'ITHE liALDRON, and it is well they did so, for we could never publish anything, not even an Eye 0pz'm'1'. We number twenty-one " sons of obscurity," and unless some members of l92 join us before next fall, the outlook for a Senior class next year is indeed dark. I-lis'roRmN or '9o. MEL fri 44 Ir1vv""llr' .,,,,. ,. , l' -nr-V --- v',.W..,,,-.Y V -1---v:-Y.-,,.1, im. 49 if V . 'IA . . 'VY I .., ...uit l C'5Pc1rbr-5 of '99, C-blor.r- Lavender and Gold. C7a.v.r W!!-"Yal1! Yah! Voggie! Yah! Yah! Voggiel Wah! Who! Wah! Who l Ninety-two! Ninety-two ! " .offza-ws. President, . . . Vice-President, Treasurer, . Secretary, Orator, . lissayist, Poet, . . Historian, ' Ql2ISS ' Adams, Robert Thompson, . Black, Frank Willis. 'll .l I-I, . Brown, Manley G., 41 li' 'l", Burgess, Alfred Samuel, Coder. Anna, ln' .4 H, . . Corey. George Washington, . Foster, May, . . . Eagleson, ll. Harold, Fox, Robert F., . . Gibson, john Arthur, 1' .4 lf, Griffen, William B., .Y .-l lf, 45 . lf. W. Brawx. lb. H. liAor,r:soN. . I". H. SISLEY. A. S. liuuorzss. . M. O. l3RowN. . . R. 'l'. ADAMS. . . G. S. Rfxv. Miss Hrxkuli-:'r llIl"l"lN. Porter . Bruin . Greenville Meadville . Nleadville . North East . Meadvillc Meadville . Meadville Nleadville Franklin Gundy, Fred, 4' .J H, . johnson, C. I-I., J 7'J, . West Middlesex New Castle johnson, Harry P., fl' l' J, . . Blairsville Kepler, Maude, ll' ll' I', . . Meadville Uswalt, B. Frank, . Garrettsville, O. Metcalf, Ben H., . . Nleztdville Peffer, C. Alberti, 41 J H, . Covode Pickett, Will A., J 7' J, . . Meadville Ray, George S., 4' I' J, Meadville Reisinger, Paul, fl' l' J, . . Meudville Shryock, George A., J 7' J, . . Meudville Simons, Delforest, 1' A lf, Upper Alton, Ill. Sisley, Frank Harvey, fl' J H. Talman, Leon, . . 'l'rumper, Fred, 2' .4 lf, . West, Ferd ll., . .O n w x ,1 :lin lil 46 . Meadville . Meadville Meadville . Nleadville 4 l fe- 'V -is Y ' Y , ji W? fs? I ' Il - -Y, .. l Q . ' V' v 3: 'f-I' ' T ' ,J "7 ' - if ,, 7' ., " "iff, if-' y'-1 9- ff 'tl l ' 1 f J l , ' illii' ' f fi 'L " " -,Qi :XX K 1 ' ,LY ,ul V ' r' 4,1 I' 1 - 7 3' ,'Q--We fi. 5,5 gi- . ,Ai I, , ef t ,,,,:ff f xf ' 'WMS p55 ,,f,.,- , A 1, I wg-v ,V--XZ 44--, if X A 'H ,ffl ff "Tl: '77 .K -Jr' W , 5, 'L T THE seat of Crawford County, in the State of Pennsyl- I vania, sat a learned institution, Allegheny by cognomen. i W-ktliis ancient seat of learning, in the fall of eight and M' MM' eighty, came some farmers' sons to College. Came they from the farms and hamlets, from the burgs and busy cities, came they as a class to College, in the season of tomatoes and the yellow seed cucumbers. Came they with the last year's profits on the pumpkin patch and buckwheat. Came they thus to be a soldier in the "College Cadet Corps." ln the Freshman block there seated, there a reputation made they, such as ne'er before class had had, for of kids were they full to overtiowing. Caesar says that Gaul in three parts was divided, but not so. ln this mossy aggregation you might find it as a whole. At this time these bril- liant freaklets, scheming nothing for themselves, put a tiag on top of Bentley. There they watched it through the night, but they lost it through the Soph'mores. flfor they loved their sleep full well.j Wept and sorely they bewailed them of their loss and its conclu- sion :-" Whipped by Jove! and by the Soph'mores." Such a 47 thing was never heard of till these freaklets came to College. Thus their tirst year at the College ended, and disgracefully, for their brainsi' werealways furtive when on schemes of mischief bent. Hav- ing no time for their studies, though for sport they had enough, neither passing in their studies, when vacation came at hand, to their hamlets then they hie them, to thrash pumpkins and corn- fodder, till 'twas time to start for College once again. Back again, vacation o'er, to commence their tolls anew 5 difficulties new await them. in a form more dreadful still, for a class has come to College, predestinated soon to he full of life and fire and vigor, the pride of Board and Faculty. Here the Soph'mores once again show their originality and extent of cerebellum, by the act recorded here,- for again a Hag on Bentley is pulled down at their expense. by the I"reshn1en, '93, I-lad they there a hopeless tussle, in the halls and stairs of H Ruter." Sore and beaten Came they from itg came they from that fray and left. Hied they to their boarding houses. Bandages and mustard plasters put they on their places sore. Came they not unto the College, 'fore a week had slipped away. Slunk they then into their classes, fiunked and rarely knew a word. Thus they got the Profs down on them, and called down were they, each day. Vanquished thus at every corner, sad and disconsolate, lead they now a life of quiet. in seclusion do they sit them, ven- turing not out in the dark. 'I'wo years more have they of suffer- ing. Nor can they e'er hope for relief from mental strain, till their brains have oozed from out them, which end is not far ahead. Future classes, do not harm them. They have had their punish- ment. If you see them out at night-time, protect them from the lIlUOI1,S full rays. Have compassion on the weaklings. Pull them from the briny soup. " l.ive and scheme," was once their motto, now 'tis "live and live alone." HlS'1'ORlAN or '93. " We use the hyperbolic figure of speech here. 48 llrr A'41.l'IHl1l l 59011556 of ,951 Cfl7fIU'.l'1 Scarlet and Slate. C.7a.v.v IW!-"Hzecl Hier! Qui! Qui! Allegheny! Ninety-three l" l Officers- President, . . . . C. li. SNYDER. Vice-President. . Miss Ri4:inf:c'vA lVA'I'SON. Treasurer, joHN P. 'l'A'1'ic. Secretary, . Ifnizn. W. ,l3Anc:oc:K. Orator, . W. S. BARROWS. lissayist, RIDIE li. CUMMINGS. Poet, . li. A. Hi-zvnnicvx. Historian, . . N. M. EAol,i-:soN. Allen, Sarah l... . Apple, Hugh l,., fl1l'J, Babcock, Fred W., J T J, Barron, Walter George, Barrows, William G., 41 I' J ass ' Roll- . Meadville Meadville . Nleadville New Lexington Chardon, U. Bates, Alfred DI., J 7' J, . Nleadville Bird, George W., . Wilkesbarre Catteru, Fred, 'll li' 'l", . . Saegertown Chesbro, 'Ellis j'., 41 J I-1, . Sheridan, N. Y. Cotton, Harry A., 41 J H, . Meadville Cummings, Birdie Evelyn, Geneva Daniels, Warren S., fll li' 'l", . Mead-ville -I9 Danforth, john L., 'D I' J, Davis, George S., . Davis, Virginia, ll' ll' I', Diffln, Harriet A., . v Dorworth, Hugh C., 2' A la, Dunn, Anna, . . Eagleson, Norbert M., .I TJ, . Edson, julia A., . . Eighmy, Lee W., 'P li' 'l", Falconer, Archibald IJ., Farrell, Tracy, C., .I 7' J, Frey, jean M., ln' li' l', . Graham. May T., . . Grant, Georgia C.. ll' .4 H. Harper, Edgar P., . Harper, Florence, . Hassler, Anna Belle, Hatch, P. Luther, 41 li' 'If', Heydrick, Benjamin A., fl' Howard, Clara B., li' .4 H, Hull, Lulu, . . . Lytle, Edgar F., . Leffingwell, Wallace C.. ff' Liebendorfer, Henry l"., Lord, Robert H., . Luse, Charles H., . Mcliride, john Lewis. Mcliinney, Horace, . Merchant, Willis j., . Minniss, George S., L' A I. v l'.l li' fr, J . Warren . Meadville liingsville, O. Meadville Oil City Meadville . Meadville . Nleadville . Springboro jamestown, N. Y. . Meadville Meadville . Meadville Willoughby, O. North Hope Meadville . Meadville Union City . Carlton . Chardon, U. . Corry . Meadville . Kinsman, O. Beayer Falls Prattsburg, N. Y. Carmichaels . Seneca . Meadville Franklin . Bradford , Nickerson, lilmdr S.. . Palmer, Frederick, .l 7'.l, Patchin, Harry R., fl' l'.l, . Quay, William H.. . . Rand. Herbert W., 1' .l lf. . Schofield. Wiliam ll., Il' A' 'l", Seamans, Arthur li.. . . Shatto. Charles A., Snyder, Byron, 4' ln' 'l", Starr, David l.., 1' .PI lf, . 'l'ate, john l'., . . Temple, Laura, . . Thrasher. Basha li.. A' .-l H. Watson, R. Belle. A' .4 H. Whitfield, William H. . Zinck, Carl j. C., .J TJ.. allta 'XJ , .gl I' 'six X' 'Da P.-N,-x A . -v le.,,x, 4 ' ,-VXA, K . .Q Hadley jzuncstown. N. Y. . Chardon, 0. . Meadvillc . . Oil City . llartlield, N. Y. . Factoryvillc . Brookfield, O. North Bloomfield, 0. . . Bellevue Meadvillc . Warsaw . Charrlon,0. . NewCastle Pittsburgh Meadville me QM x,.,,s' F 'uw ln 51 ,E 11,-i " ' '- V' ' fif "?3'Ns ,, 5 i . A fall gg. 1 X w frf 'Q " ssfggfw - QS - E5 , ei V li:-lf: f N "lf, ? fr:Q,5ga55 193-,P ,:.fg1Q'?llt2n 'f 'l - m t v ' ' We i ,- Y-if L 1.13 lf, 5- Iv ' ',1.-1vff"e'- 'X-, QQ, I P. f1'1,nl5-Q. Zfkfjjf, Ill? ml i '. ' jf s: 5541 wygiglf :QQ ff". 4? f' l 1' 'ff' '1.'l'.' ' 'fn ' 1 'ff Q V rea: ., 'gi wi, . t Q j-E, Hg .1 'M 'lil' f 1 -l " fi H fl if .lilly L ' . 7 '-5 " si 1'-Q I 'lfllf .a 1 f i i 4,1 l s 4 l ll ' X of U . Ny f I N K ill, 41' nu .aff 11 - Jfollltjl ee: '41 l y 7 V -1-fb 5-el ff? A , t X . l . , f. Rl lla at history ot the lfreslnnun C luss! loueh u nest .2 N of hornets! Willingly. 'l'herefore, rejoive. ye Seniors l "' ' A of 'o5, like King lluyid, lhutye full not into the hands of nmu. 'l'o the hest of my knowledge the lfreslnnznn Cluss vznne upon the eaunpus, September 17, 1889. Where they came from! -that must forever remain ll mysteryg they simply eume und settled like ll elond of grusshoppers. 'l'he city I-ligh Sehool gained noto- riety ut this time hy vontrihuting us many members us Mrs. Rogers had smull vhildren. Of this numher three hold offiee. For ai short time the serenity of eollege life wus unhroken. und grave fears were entertained that no opportunity would he given. wherehy the 'Freshmen might show to all of what eouruge and during they were possessed. 'l'heir delight was unhounded when the Hug, representative of Sophomorie glory, waved o'er Bentley I--lull. Although the dome of said building was tullowed Ctullow 52 F procured from the illustrious victim of last year's tightj, yet the gods themselves would have found it impossible to prevent the Freshmen, tired with enthusiasm, from tearing in shreds the flag of their enemy. Did the victors then raise their emblem? Ask Mr. Bird, or any who, on the night following, stole quietly around Bentley. when ' Not a sound was heard, not a whispered note, As their course toward Bentley they wcndedg Nota student but thought of the Hag to Hoat Olel' the dome when the night was ended. Bravely they brought it at dead of night, And no one thought of returningg But the struggling moonbeanfs misty light Showed Bird, with anger burning. No useless drapery enwrappcd his form, No boots nor hat adorned him: But he came like a specter of early morn, With his bed-quilt thrown around him. l"ew and quick were the words he said, And he spake not a word of sorrow, As we took to our heels and quickly sped, And dreaded the joke on the morrow. ln this rlass tight the personal encounters were few, the Chapel stairs being chosen as an advantageous position for their enact- ment. Greater victories have been beheld in former times, but we who believe in giving even the Preps their due, must say the lfresh- men fought as only l'll'6SlllllCll van. and eame off-defeated. After the above events. hostilities were suspended. The Fresh- man, becoming accustomed to the Hfatherly supervision" of the Sophomore, humbly submitted to being beat out of his best girl 53 and conducted himself in keeping with his lowly position. liver and anon have heen heard rumors of a mythical fraternity, com- posed of l"reshmen, which, with due Ceremony, was organized on the campus under the ocular supervision of the Sophoinores. The whole undertaking from lirst to last has since proven a failure, and thus is added another to the rapidly increasing list of '93's ahortive attempts for greatness. H .Y lf, in the hands of '92, has, as ever. heen most aetive. Recent events, in which policemen, students, and revolvers were mingled in dire confusion. warn Fresh- men that any interference with the rights and .vzlgfllx of that mystic hand may hring down upon them midnight visitors as upon Abou Ben Heydrick, may his " feat " increase, VVho woke one night from a dream of peace, And saw, within the darkness of his room, Three figures shrouded in the dusky gloom. During the tirst year among ns '93 has gained the disgust of all upper-classmen and the ill will of the Faculty. Ninety-two, having an eye for her own glory, might advise '93 to continue in her downward course, hut having a desire for the general welfare of the College does exhort '93 to return another year cleansed of her iniquitous propensities, ready and willing to do honor to Alle- gheny. His'romAN oi-' '92. K J -fvxfx ,.- 4-JVN' f x 54 . A' - - -X XM-W , Z' -' -' XM' lf'-ix-KE'w1"' ff, . BWV ff . g.,' ., f," 2 fb, q x H U V- fltlm- -'f -' 'f"' Q- ' 'I 'lk ' , X1 1 X jZ""Z7'f'!v J! ,i ,if f ' V I" N W,J'f5fW1:'i J, ' ,, '13L.7ff?f, ,,4 . 4WffxA ff? gfxifjmlf ',,,,ff'rfy,'W.3 . ' 11, w'.""' 1-"' 4,"' A"if?fF'i'r MQ L f 'X Hx- A '-f- " 1 'Wi '-g ,-51,1 WSW 1 ,iw ff ' fm , N ll '12 z2':-Exiff-"vfa' 1k22ff'?'5Xf Gfwffi WI if f ' P - '?3"'1 JN-,N 3 f 4 , wglawu, X- Myi ,f LA my .. , , fd , , ,.1 .. .JA X , F 'V K - f. ' 1, 'T' ' . 7 , ' !'2..ff 'K' ' .ff , gf: W .f ,ww X 'f N, - . , 'f 'J 1' -, x Q I fi z' ' V ww' 1 - , re'or Q9 o.rl'mer1l'. P rf' la 19 llasctom, lilva. Byerly, Minnie. 'Third Year. Ciflwxv- C 3 reen and Pink. C.7f1.f.v lk!!-" Hzef llzef Regor! Allegheny! Ninety-four Y " ' OHICCVS ' President .... FRANK H. MURPHY. Vicze-President, . limirzk li. HIGIJCY. Treasurer, . . . .l0Sl'1l'H 1-l. 'l'U'r'ri.r:. Sec-retu ry. . . . Miss GRMW-3 'llRUMl'l'ZR. -Class. Roll- Higley. Elmer li., .Y .4 la. llerlin, William C. K., 41 l' .1 Howe, john K., 60 .I H lllacrknlarr, Frank H.. 2' rl l' johnson, Maud, li' .4 H. lirnbach, Alfred T. Kurtz. Rohert M. Melfate, Lizzie Belle. McLaughlin, Norman Callendei Calvin, Arthur. Campbell, james XX Clare, Herbert H. Conway, Otis E. Crawford, Edna. l'ritchlow, Harry H. X Davis. Alden O., -' ',1l1 J H, .l IJ. Dickey, Clinton M. Dickson, liva li. Douds, William S. Edwards, hlessie, li' Freeman, Henry. Frishy, lda M. Gelvin, l.eida M. Gelvin, Vernice G. Harshaw, james G .l H. Haskell, Frank. 41 li' W. Mc-Quiston, jennie B. Minor, Blanche, ll' .4 I-I Mowry, Edgar D. Murphy, Frank H. Rodkey, S. Elmer. Ryan, Augustus li. Scott, Flossie. Smith. Clara B. Staples, Arthur, W J H. Thompson, Florine. Townsend, Paul A., J Tuttle, joseph H. Virtue, Charles W. Walker, George E. Warner, Harry. 56 TJ. l Second year. Hates. Walter Irving, fb A 'l". Busby Nelle. Carew, Clement UI.. 1' .I lf. clllZlllllJCl'llllII, Ilerman S. Cowell, George G. Fox, Vliarles C. Fox, Howard IJ. Davidson, Eva. Ilonley, l,eana. A A l. Ilonley, Margaret M., A' A' l'. Gage, George N. Goodwin, Iidwin IJ. Gorton, Robert Ii. Hall. I"lorenc'e. Hazleton, .l. ID. Wiek. I-Iolman, Louis A., .Y .I lf. Holmes, l'larenc'e R. Howells, lilla, A' .I H. Kelley, Chauncey R. Wil First Beals, Robert. Ilunce, Charles I.. Bush, Genevieve, A' A' l'. Iierickson, Richard Il. Iivans, Charles. Farrar, Rush. lfrew, William A. Helmsley, Charles IC. ilaekson, Frank H. Kennedy, Alfred C. Mannett, Flula, A' A' l'. liams, Kennedy, I"rnnk, fl' .I I-I. Knox, Luther I.. Iiewis, George M. Ledebur, Amos I". I.ord, llert I.. Algtimw, Maude II. Meljade, William W. Mead, Prank M. M nrphy. Anna. Oaks, Addie. Porter, Robert P. Porter, Walter G. Power, George G Quit-k, William A. Rirhey, 'l'liomas H. Sabin, William, 1' .I lf. Talbot, Iimory H. 'I'rnn1per, Grace. Welty, Per, .I TJ. flyde I.. year. Manett. I,lllian, A' A' l'. Mc'C'lintom'k, I-larry U. Gffen, George S. Pavlledjielf, Kosto tl. Pivkard, Ray If. Schamveker, -Iohn Al. Sliadduek. Philip Il. Smith, Irvin 'I'. Sterling, Reynolds. 'I'rm1iper, Fred IJ., 1' .I lf. Wineman, Frederick G. H , Will, Charles E. 57 U nolassified. Barrett, Grace E. Cahoon, Flora H. johnson. William Lee. J TJ. Kellogg, Harriet M. E., A' .4 H. Nesbitt, Charles 'I'., .1 T .I Whitney, May, li' ll' I'. Raymond, Clara. Reep, Etta. Reep, Mary. Riley, Hattie. . Whitman, Agnes - Sunjnjerrgy - or-' Slurzlenls- S'l'UDEN'l'S IN Col,l.Eo11:: Pam-A Post-Graduate, Seniors, . juniors, . Sophomores, . Freshmen, . RATURV Scuool. - 'l'hird Preparatory, Second Preparatory, First Preparatory, Unclassified, . Total, 58 ll. 27 42 2I 27 58 '75 4 5 3 9 33 II H6 2Ql LITERARY ., A K In me Y wkli ,xzfl 'ii i A i u9EhEif'g:i XX F A ' x ,ff ' '-f N ' K ff' K I x A XX W, 'W . 1 . xl tx x K V h .- 'w ,ii T Mk X ' X Vx A X X X . ,A X ! XJQX xvxxx Xxx ' A M , N x X. V N 5 XX " in X 5 Q 3 ' sf N, , as I fa - :vi ,A J- , ,. ,sn-' V"fit"9' . '- ""-xwfif. AHLM., fx Mlm Qaw 1JXmMM 4P,,,,,.,:plfairmgfms 'X xxx 1 'x 'AW -Pfwx Ny 5 LAW FN b EYW KYWI KP J O Y xf L 0' X K 3 I 4 1 'fl f N X X J aw P XY ' 1 X, ' ,Ld iff X ff ,,ffIL.fQ 3., XM III: f-'1Lif5Ix'7ikgl,i' , xxx f 1?i2':fa+-x-,,i V cJX?IJeg?1er2ey I9II'erarG5f Socieliey. -OnIccrs- Speakcr. . . . j. S. GIBSON Clerk. . H .xkkv A. C0'l"I'0N Attorney. . Ifkrzmzkrvx l'.u.m:k 'I'reasurcr, . lin. I.. lVI.x'l"1'lcRN Clmupluin . limi:-:R li. Hum.:-:v Critivs' I II. A. IkIICYIJRIi'K I ll. M. B.xRRl4:'1"l' Sergeant-ut-Arms. . ll. II. HAWK K -I. A.G11xsnN lixcvlltivu IIUIIIIIIIIICC. . N l'. II'.'VlR'I'IllC IW. F. l'l1'Kr:'r'l' l.ilxruriun . . . I. I-'. f'.X'l"I'l'IRX Xpplc. H. I.. urs, H. ll. IMI Ihrrutt, H. M. ll ltcs. A. bl. rrows. W. Il. rlin, W. if Cattcrn, 'I. I". Cotton. H. A. Deming. W. C. I Lgleson, Il. Il I Igllllly, I.. W. I lzulcnburglm. .- I llmson. I. S. wovk. I". W. X. I.. -lvlcnglocra Ililwsrm, I. A. Ilriffen. W. II. lIutr'l1. P. I.. I-Iuzleton. il. IJ. ll llc,-.l.-i.-k. 14. .xl Higley. IC. Ii. hlcwell. C. S. -Iolmson, I-I. P. Dlolmsun. C. H. Mzlttcrn. Iicl. I.. Mctczxlf. Bun. Morrison. 'l'. NI. Palmer. I". Pivkctt. W. A. I '. Rclsingor, Paul l'm'tur. -I. I.. l'm't0r, W. Ii. Ray. Guo. S. Russell. I". Ii. SllZllIllllI'li, P. ll sa1i..g,w. I.. 'l'rumpcr. I". IJ Welty. P. I.. Wismun. tl. P. Wood, S. H. Work. I". Ii. Youngson. W. Virtlw, CT. W. 1 ' l 1 1 J ! ,' i i 'Q--l-U il lx XL. I j or ,XX P N , f l i , I' f' fl ' l i gl t ' 'l YG -' ' I 1' l o, x ., .lvl- .1 .,,.X NN ' X , . X --' I -Z B -7 . X lil 4 fri,-F -g -' Sl' Ah wwhhrx .J --1 il -Y l Q- ' -.Milner - Q' ' X N0 Quomm. -gillzsljzrpy - llildrerrty - gociily - FOUNDED A, D. 1888. OBJECT :-" To raise the standard of Allegheny Collegeg to secure fields for schemingg to insure a large attendance at the Academy of Mnsicg to extinguish Philo gasg to win lnter- Society contestf' l'm'Ul.lAR1'r1r:s :-No sessiong freaksg schemesg fratsg linesg gas. Tmh: or' Mm:'1'lNrs :-Whenever there is nothing else going on. PRoMlN1sN'l' ALUMNI :-Blinky Morgan, john Smith, .lack Nash. .lim Blaine, 'l'. De Witt Talmage. l'RoM1NeN'r 'UNmsRc:R,x1mu,x'i'r:s :--jewell, Barrett, Horner Wood, Siling, B. Hawk, Morrison, Gageby. 62 K -ZfHzghc17y's-OL1fsfcx13chr7g'Orcfcrs- I11 favor of lioyles for hack hire, drawn ill 18511, . . S 5 In favor of Smith X jones. for carpentering. clrawn in 1863, IO I11 favor of A'fyh1lbZ1'm11, for progralns, drawn ill 1883, . 7 In favor of 1Wr'.1'.1'1'1lg1'1'-D1'1ll111'1'af, for progranls, drawn in 1884, 6 Ill favor of lJela1nater's Bank, for note. drawn in 1885, . 30 In favor of IJelan1ater's Bank. for interest on uhove. clruwn in 1887, .... . . . I5 In favor of Meflinty, to replete Ileelamation Prize. . . 5 ln favor of YHblnn'-A'rp11N1'r1111, for1liplo1nas. 1h'awn in 1888, 5 In favor of YWAINI1'-A'zy511N1'm11, for programs. drawn ill 1888, IO In favor of Y9'1'61fm'-A'zyr1fN12'm1, for programs, drawn in 1889, 5 Funds in the Treasury. . . Soo x ' x XX 1- 5, 5-5 S. . iRXx.x.X51xY.,: Ng . Q. Q K A Q. U oss N 'XX Nxqhk 1 XX 'AGE - ,QNQ x f ' ' "-- "M 1 rfsliggrx " W g1x,1,, V . , 2 'Hffxki "X .. '11'J""?x51XW' 1 M --'N VM ' "'h"5X 1' lm- '114f:',i11Nf'M"' 'Wu - Q wx.. '-1 1111 , 1111.1 ,,11 .11 XX ff 1 1- h.wL'1'1- 1 1 W1 A1111-'-f' f f 1 ff 1- ' 4-gn .,,1',, -, 1 H Q, .8 1 wa ' ' x, --. ., 5 .Xxx "2, X16 .-?- . 4:... , I. Y , . ex ., X 'IAIIH Kli.-XSUN XVIIY. 53 -Ml' f x! X 4' X". Cm, 1 , 1 His 51. 1 !j'v", 2' v , S1 U .. .-gn' 5 A' 55,1 'H ' ' W?-11 'f ' -' ' fl -J-.Q "au-B 5,3 , :W a7SJ'Q:f3'lii3' -A 1 is 1-f X21 -Y ' 4 f 15' IQ J ' 1 ' . X' ' m y 'P Af' ' . S X . QC ' fb 41? I 9 Ji, 1, Vp- if-.M .:-, M y,,1,,Qi,g fy I-4 X- J M 'ln k Y' Y 1, . a " ' 'ailbfh W N . ' Mila Lg' MQ, 'K ' . if TU "y"' A Jr ' YN 'T'l ' . fn. A A H 1 . R 0 -., . me ., -. Q W-Q mf- ,J :NH N 1 ,, Wtbw, IW' --,.A., F q'DP1iPcf5ro.nrQ?ir'fl9iTerai2y Society. -Qfficars President. . . . R. W. Ei.i.1o'r'r. Vice-President, . . . C. C. l'lRl-IEMAN. Secretary, . W. C. L1-:I-'1-'lxowi-:l.r.. Clerk, . . . . F. H. Siam-lv. 'I'1'eusurcr, . . . . E. D. lVl.owv.v. Corresponding Secretary, . V. F. DuN1cI.11:. C. F. Ross. Critics. . . . H. B. lisl-Y. ln F. I.. Bumocrx. . . R. W. Er.r.1o'r'r. Librarians, . I Ii.. A' COLLINS. janitor, .... . F. W. .Bl.AcrK. Sergeant-at-Arms, . . S. S. NIARQUIS. - ITIDGTQIBGFS ' Adams, R. T. Barron, W. G. llullock, F. I.. Brulmach. Alfred. Brown, NI. O. llluck. F. W. Collins, I". A. Cousc, l-I. A. Clicsliro, IC. bl. C'ritc'l1low. H. II. Crowtliers. R. V. Coney 1' W ,1. . Illlllfflffll, .l. I.. llzivis, A. O. lloucls, W. S. licliols, M. Elliott, R. W. Espy, l-I. B. Fox, R. I". Freeman. C. C. Howe. DI. K. Hawk. F. IS. Hurpcr, li. ll. I.cfI'iligwvll, W. Lytlc. IQ. l"'. Nlurquis. S. S. Nlc'llrirln'. -I. I.. Nlczul. I". NI. Miller. I-I. li. L. Patchin, H. R. Peffer, C. A.. Rodkey, S. IC. Ross. C. F. Scofield, William Staples. Artliur. Starr, ll. I.. Stengcr, W. ll. Stubbs. I". Cl. Sweenvy. Nl. bl. Sisley, lf. ll. 'l'ullJot, lu. ll. 'l'u.lmzm, IA-on. Nlclflcrllzilirl, .-X. O. 'l'zLte, DI. ll. Xlowry, li. ll. Varuer, W. Il. Nickel-Smi. E. s. xvmmelli, I-1. 11. Will, C. li. Gs xfsf.. awp.. -133 X Q iii :ii I k ' , I P i " "' Aw.. ' 1 Q X . , V5 I i 5 .li-. l' K 1 if xi I i ,Q f ix U f Zi h ' -3 A X 1 ,Z if 3 iffxzlf I X. L 'X NW J n Q xy :E ' -..L. 4 V .- l ,--ff-:5.,g ., f .7 "'?'4 -'5':':"""T1??.E1':f' :'- ki Onj ' HR.'K'l'lDlf. -loljiiofiqrcfijkliryf ijiicraxr-y - Sociciy- FOUNDED B. c. 3255. i:1"l' :-"To do up Allegheny: to teuvli the young idea how to shootg to keep the Clovkg to spout: to rave: to win the Inter-Soviety c'ontest." l,l'Il'Ul.iARl'I'lICSZ--lillZil1C'SS1 holding meeting after vliupel to zul- journg kicking: H011-IJCfI'fOI'lNZlllCCQ visitors. l'1xlr: oi-' NIm:'i'1No :-When it does not vonfiict with the Y. M. C. A. PR D 0NllNl'1N'l'AI.UAINI :-jeff Davis, George Washington, Mvflinty, Hunsberger, Billy:Xllstil1, Philip Bender. noxiixi-:N'1' UNni':iu:nixnUA'i'r:s :-'l'ulnian, Bullock, Mcliricle, Starr, livhols, Stubbs, Mowry, Miller. IJunforth,Vz1rner, Bruliuvh, Doucls. . 613 K -Fljilols - Slczixjclirgs - Gongrrjilldes- Commvvcr 'ro Knox IN ALLeaH:Nv's Doon. Miller. Crowthcrs. 'l'ulnmn. Starr. Commvr-rss T0 Dawes Al.L:aHe:Nv wrrn VVATERl7l. Miller. Davis. Vurncr. Elliott. Putcliiii. Black. CoMMn'r'rr:: TO Pm:v:N'r ALLEQHENY rnom Mn.u:n. Stubbs. Critclmlow. Mcliriclc. Harper. livlmls. Brown. Commirrcc TO Socvm: "DAvY." lloucls. Brulmcli. COMMITTEE TO COLLFCT CLOTHING ON STAIRWAY. Marquis. cll'0WlIllCl'S. l.cHingwell. Stubbs. llullouk. Hawk. Elliott. Vurncr. Stenger. ' N XX KX fx xxx , X x r xx AFA jf' 1 f Q' X 'x .- ' .' s "" N f X fx O- : l - , .I N X 'Q X - 'B' ' -HW 'L' 1 ' - x ', . 0 N 'u 'X I ' J' N jg I ' X ,5 ' - -X i N I B lx X KX l ' Nw .. Qfqrf GZ?-VN X 4 1+ gi- P- ir x N , l fl .7 XMRGQ "1 iii, I 'T ' ' X , .yfv-4:-: F X' X 1- - 1 , X ln N, A 1' " 'X 1 ' '. X-U il X XXX? Q! :Niki x Mk S -r X AUIJIHNLF 67 l X r -. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Cf50n3ol9i l9i'CercLrLj Societlj. ' OHECGTS ' President ,... Miss I.ui'v l'ic'Rr:'r'l'. Vice-President. . . Miss MM' lVARNl'IR. Recording Secretary, . Miss MM' WHITNEY. Corresponding Secretary, . Miss .Ii-:AN FRI-:v. Treasurer .... Miss Wivrsox. Critics, - .f Miss Mmm IJoNI.r:v. i Miss HARRII-2'l"l' Ki:l.r.oon. f Miss CARRIE I". MOUNT. Judges, , Miss Gr:R'rRUm: HoUsr:Hol.D. Sara I.. Allen. julia A. Edson. Meda llonley. May Warner. Margaret Donley. Gertrude Household. Ida Frishy. Lulu Hull. Carrie F. Mount. Lucy Pickett. Belle Watson. Ella Howells. Clara Smith. Anna Belle Hassler. . Miss LULU Hum.. ' L7vl2I'ljl82I'S ' Miss May Whitney. Miss Harriett Kellogg. Miss Birdie Cummings Miss Grace Barrett. Miss May Graham. Miss Minnie Byerly. Miss Anna Murphy. Miss Basha Thrasher. Miss Clara Howard. Miss Vernice Gelvin. Miss Leida Gelvin. Miss Eva Bascom. Miss Belle McFate. . Miss jean Frey. 69 iii 1 i - Wunllfaim - f J ,""'T.lI:i'5 ' , iiiiiief Q 1, I 1?-I .-., ' ,4!LA',.. , N ' ul- A fix-'f f. VJ' ',i.'.,r L i if f. ' If whirl if 'iff :fx iv 1' 51 1 Mfg '-if .4 - - ' ' ff '7' 112- i 1 f ii ky if 'ii I 1 3545 " i , A7 'T I 'w K, 4fgr'i5iii' ,955 ii f fi- , , h ' im x' !,,!V ' , '. fixi n g i 4 i? Zff,f ,, ., A TV ii 'A ,V ,VN ii ,ij A Q 7 -1 ff i fi if im , ' ' H ,J ,4,"' QTL xv Y . I A-., T - W ,l ifigzs x 'Q' . I , 'R 4 'iw S350 I-I i , - ..4'iE?f:-' 1, , f ' ,- 4 -.1N':'5f55f0N' NJ.-xy-Q , -Ossc:ii- L8iicf:1'Qrrwy-Sociei-y- FOUNDED IN I87I, UIijl'2l"l'1-"Tillll2lSi1 the boysg to 2liij0lll'll to Philog to .im Ulllll 1 Allcglicliyg to develop our illfCiiCf'tS1 to .lsonlsi natives: to have ll rluilice to tzilkg to display IILW KIILSH Pi-:1'UI.lARl'l'll':s :-Gush: gzillg giggleg greclincssg piano so os .nic ti1l'CC'lIlil1lliLC speeches. 'l'm1if: oi-' Mi1:if:'i'iNr: :-Semi-annuuI'Iy i,ROMlNI'IN'l' .-XLUAIN,-143z-Bclvu Imckxvoml. Mrs. ivillSOXN filltill Victoria, Lydia li. Pilliiilkllllfk PRmiiNi:N'1' UNin-:Rc:R,xi:U,x'l'r:s :-Have11't any. 'F See :idvertisiiigpugcs. 70 E F -lljildrurgy - Socielhy - Sessions - for- lSSQ-Q9- DATIC. l Al.l.ll2GlllCNY. i .,,,, , Sept. 27. .'l"irst week. No session. Out. 4... Het. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec. Jan. Jan. ,lan. -lan. jan. l"ell. l-'eh. Feb. lfch. Mar Mar. Mar Apr. Apr. l iShort husiness Nl meeting. iSpeakcr sick. No meeting. No quorum. . janitor absent. Hall not A openetl. Atljournetl for show. Atljournell for lecture. Rousing meeting. I3 pres- ent. Noquorum. Show. Inter-Society with Ossoli. Atljouruetl lor lecture. First week. No session. slllllg untl Mattern ahsent. No session. Silintf anll lllnttern absent. No session. l.a Grippe. Kappa Alpha 'l'heta recep- tion. Azljouruetl. Atljournetl to Aearlemy of Music. No meeting. Philo turned oH gas, No meeting. Washingtou's l birthday loo near. Short meeting: to vonsizler 75'flnun.' hill. 'Fight with Philo. lNomeetiug. Show. flllceting to levy assessment. . 'No quorum. lAll'i0lll'llK'll sim' rll2'. Repu- i chaterl. Y 4 VHILU-l+'RANKI.lN. l ossmaii First week. No session. lNo menihers hack yet. Splurtzy program to rushlGornl meeting. 3 present. new men. No quorum. iAzljournecl to Allegheny. Varner sick. Session impos-+No quorum. sihle. Acljournerl. lloys tiretIf?l. Acljournetl to Philo. lnter-Society elentioo. Live-i'l'oo colil. No meeting. l ly meeting. Afl'Ulll'IlUll for leeture. No quorum. ' J Good meeting. 'l'almau rcntllnleeting. No program. essay. No meeting. Ministerial As- Atl,ournc4l to play poker. sociation Rouslng me tlehaterl. Lecture. l.a Grippe. Influenza. llruhaoh gave ovation. So-' oiety ailjournerl. lnter-Society with lltiiilll. Kappa Alpha Theta recep- tion. lli4ln't atljourn. Acljournetl. lNo quorum. llllnok trial. Fine meeting. Yarner pres- Clll. Fight with Allegheny. No meeting. No gas. Plcntyofgzns. Millerspeaks No quorum. ' Atljournctl lor year. Yar- i ner gone home. . i etinu. DouflsiInter-Society with Allegheny il.ctilure. l.a Grippr. Speakersivk. No session. Engageineut with boys. lnter-Society with Philo. Kappa Alpha 'l'h1-ta rerep- tion. No quorum. Acljournoil to Allegheny. Gas hill chu-. No meeting. No quorum. Oversaw light ol' Allegheny an1ll'hiIo. 'l'oo tirell to have session. Good session. All f5l pres- cnt. Miss Foster present. Arl- Journetl. Dissolved hy the Faculty. 7l -biferarqay Sociefgy Qrizef. -Alleghany ' Sodcly- PISIQI: DI-:c'I.MIA'I'IoN PRIZE. 'l'HmII'SoN ESSAY PRIZI-1. ALUMNI ESSAY PRIZI-1. CHAU'I'AUQUAN ORATION PRIZI: - l?17IlofHPe1I7l5lII'j-5ocIzfy- POLYHYAINIAN I,Ef'l,AMA'l'l0N PRIZE. KAI.MIA'I'IIr:AN ESSAY PRIZE. AI.UsINI ESSAY PRIZI-:. C I:N'I'IcNA RV OIm'I'I0N PRIZI-1 'QSSOII - SOCIQLY' ALIIAINI lJI':CI,IIxIA'I'Iox PRIZI-:. 72 A3 ' . gr -AQ, I IJ vi! 1 '7 gf" V ir- ., A ff? 9 , . " Kiln. K" ,, H fr" ll QMYA 'A N ASQ-h xx - -ST 75' ' X . I K, , 'T-X 4 329? I, j N 3 Em ukllt 1. y K my x -.4 ,, i '? XL .Q- W x ' " C 3 I C. K, N l s 5 K sg 1, Q EX 'Qf ' IO, F Q ' V. 1 ' "-'N' A KCIMEL BPH +00 X. Gibson Puttersmm Russel l, linux, Fox, . Si mums, l'iLl,lC0lI c I' Burgess. M orrisun Hcrspcrg Sluvin, jewel l, v 1 X 1 Nzxzfdogzel' ,A7IO0U.1'0l'flF0lL. C,'r1!w'.v-Fil? illlil lil'imstm1c, 'nvczgislrcrfus' . llux I lllpCl'Ll.f0l' . -I uclcx Puntifcx . Orutm' ,Xvtuurius f'l'lI'LlI'ii Przvefccttus QllllllllL'Ilt'll'IOl'lllll Scriptm' Urvlucstrzu Princcps Q I- l n -noxyorcxrxus- Prof. J. cf. Fields. 74 signis Feror C ulculi Custus . Poem Lim ' Qllliklw K '- I X ' f N .-.. in -,A Fgxmxf j A if , . 5 L -, Ly , 4 1 ,f 4 Mfg? ,IIN I f Tim MU' 'Mr 4- in 'Zhu ,I I - - r 'rf' ff Q' 5 V. V,,, , g f' f ' f 2. ff 3 fa , K 1 - IQ' F 'XX " 'W ' V 1 A Vi U R Z, I -fx 42" V . N Z . If H, 1 . . VV l WWW, iw ' 1 -1 I ' .f , I' ,V lf., I I L15 1 h 'i ff ,I ff ,f! .l' ',,, ., 3 ,Q f V f A 1 S .-jf , 1,311 Z A -1 ' if ' X f'f' Ulf la? f f ' P4 'Vik' ! 7 Q 5 I 1 i, f 1 f:5""i- I 4., ' 'IH ll -7 H if 2? lf' ' Vil, VV, . My X-X 2-5-- ff 4 "V 55? , gif 'neu f ' ' tx 'f CC-5o?Pege cJ5xi'f?1PefTE- JXAAQQIQFFQ. -Officers' . IE. NIILLER, . . . President. , H. .lm-xNsoN. . . Vice-President. . S. IQAY, . . Secretary. H. Sisley, . . Treasurer. - Dircclors- 1. MILL:-:R, F. W.. Bmcx. G. A. S1-mvocx G. S. RAY. F. H. SIsr.Ev. 4 ONE H UNIJRICD .mn 'l'WEN'l'Y-FIVE MEMBERS. 76 XX 9 I 4 9 is IX If I NI V Wxxxs S AAS X I N NSNXXN A k N1 X I' IX B K g., I H S L1 H S Iy L I X L lx I5 II III I IVIII I I I R R I I II W III k I4 B II I Ii L I II I II I IN IfI II Asmynxs II Ik IySI MM s Rcg 1 U1 - SocIcIy'c1r7cI-I?IrU'IcrqIILy-Igirpcs - G. S. S Ray, an Mattcrn. p. II Iuiglimy, s. s. IC. IC. Sisley. c-. I Miller, p. I Rodkey, s. s. if is S Marquis, c. I Nlzitterii. p. I I'.Iircnfc'Id, s. s. IC. A. I Miller. c'. S Imniels, p. I Cattcrn, s. W. C irrcll, c. llmer. p. Deming. s. s. I". IV. Sisley, c'. Iilavk, p. Stubbs, s. I". H. Morrison, C. Iiiackmurr. p. Davis, s. s. 1ll.LliCillENI" NINE. E. IC. Higley, ist Im. j. Ii. Hood, 2d Im. W. G. Barrows, gd IJ. ' l'llll.U .X'l.X'l:'. I". II. Iilzurk, istI1. C. II. Irluwk. 2d IJ. NI. il. Sweeney, gd IJ. !'lll llli!.'l'.l .Yl.Yli. 1 . . ' NIM I'I'.RN. . . L uptuiu. RAY. . . . Captain. W. IE. Porter. rx I 'I'. M. Morrison, r I I'. Pulmer, I. I. Mimi-zu, . . Captain. ' I-I. R. I'utc'Iiin. 1' I Q L. II. hnvder, r.I I-I. A. Cousc. I.I NI. -I. Sxvvency, ist Im. H. R I'utc'lili1, r' I I I I ith 1 I G. S. Ray. 2d Im. .. .. Jzinfo' , ' W. G. Barrows. -gd Im. H. I.. Apple, I.I IV!! lx'.Il'lEfI l'.S'l .X'l.X'l:'. Ili-zuslfrzmzuk, . Captain. I.. W. Iiiglimy. lst Ii. h I. I.. Porter. 1:1 II. lu. Porter, 2d IJ. M. O. Brown, r. C. II. Snyder, gd Ii. lIlil.71-I ml' lllil. 111 .x'l.w4. Ili-zxiixo, . . Captain Geo. Shryovk. ist Im. Chas. I". Ii. Russell, 2d In. Frauik Gagcby, .gd Im. Chas. Paul' l'lll lJ!il.7'.fl 171151:-1 .vf.wc. limcfk, . . . Captain W. W. hlolinson, ist Im. I". W il. W. Campbell, 2d Im. C. F. Frank Kennedy. 3d Im. H. .X xn,'.1l.i .i1.fvl.i lrf:x'1f.0.v .Vl.Vli. Iil..xc'KMARia. . Captain C. C. Freeman, lst IJ. IJ. F. H. C. Ilorworth. 2d IJ. W. ,II bl. IC. Hood, 3d IJ. Ii. IC. 78 W.C.I.cFfingweII, Zilic'k,1'.i' jolinson. r I Townsend. I . humly, rx I Ross. r. f. . Cotton, I.I Simons, c:.f . Griffen, r.I Higley, I.I K I' fn E , f.: , ,lf fax fl ,A 1' x ll .ll All f fl ll iw fl" , l ' ,' 1 'f CQ ' ' a ll l Va l - --, . ' - rye' 11,1 Qxx '- ' ' - . 'Collcgc-l7ool-I3c1ll-Yl7cclnj- H. A. SuRvm'K, . . Presiclcnt. W, ll. S'1'l-ixulcu, . . . Business Nlumlgur. RUSH:-ins. Nllllcr G. ll. SllI'yU4'li. l". li. Russell. V. l'. l"rcLmun. l". ll. llluvkmzul Sisley Black W il. llzzrrows Q U A RT li R- IRAQ' K . llurry XX arm-r. ll.Xl,l'-Ii,M'K. l"Ul,l.-liAl'K. l" G. Stubbs. 79 .X. ll. l"l':ulcnln N. Nl. lizkglcsun. H h Y. x SORXV 7 Q iiii i' all Xl lf ig 4,4 Xl - Gollcgc-YFcz171jis-Zlssocic1lion- Miss Wivrsox, . Miss MUUNT. H. B. livicizs, . . . . President, Sevretary. . . . 'l'1'uasurcr. 'hi Gaiuiuu lk-lla Club, l"ourtccu Nlciubcrs. Slglllil:XlIJll1l lipsiluu Vlub, 'l'cu Nlcmbers. Kappa Kappa Ham ma Club, Five NlCllllJt'l'S. Delta 'l'au Delta Club, liight Nlciulmcrs. Phi De p lta Theta Club, 'Vwelve Members. hi Kappa Psi Club, Twelve Members. Razzle-Dazzle Club, Four Members 80 -EHMEL QPmnuaP Jxlfaxhlio lvleellrgg. DIAMOND PARK, JUNE 2l, l889. lCVliN'I'S. XYIXNICR. Rli 4'l! RI loo yard clash, . li. li. Miller, . TIM sec' Standing high jump, W. C. Leffingwcll, 4 ft. 2 in Running high jump, W. C. Leffingwell, 4 ft. 6 in 220 yard clash, . -I. S. Wallace, 26 I-5 sec Stanclinghroad jump C. il. Carew. . 8 ft. ll in 'Running broad jump. I". H. Sisley. I5 ft. r in Ball throw, . I-larry Warner, -1- l-lop, step and jump, Harry Warner, 36 ft One-quartermilc run .I. S. Wallace. . SQ sec 'l'ug of war, . . Freslmman Class. High kivk, Harry Warner. 7 ft. 7 in junmcs. il. li. CULLUM. Nun A. l"l.oop. li. j. BODLEY, Referee. R. C. CRow'rHr:Rs, Scorer. 8: W ,J -.S3s..5 NS.Qi' WQi'.. , ,f :affj ,l 1 -1"-X fy. ,-XFN! H ,JV WW . N. ms , M . 1. NM . ' 4 e' ' 'V X ' . WWWWW 3-:Wi ff 7, ff' -5 A A J ' my 1, 'I-1 . WJ. .Q 3 W A . ' pw: w w 'Q Af'-WIFE WWWIQ " ff ii-V TT W -w fw.vxy . .fff Maw . Az. wwxw O NJ' ,JA y 3, Wxlmgg M ,N 3. f Us J f .Q WW 41 I1 - ms xvimn .yw rim ? , - - vw W :.,lx,.IN:y I1 X. X1 11 S H, Aux . CEN' .xx Ya A N i + . .wr 1 i f L .A 254- - Nl , '1,. ,,. '-- f fa -' W r,,, ggi 1-1 W X- ww .1 . - Q W A: Lf , . TX 1 , . f ' - -- . 'C if V KAW ' . K ,. f .ff W" ' ' . '. -' 1 f Y'-a7JYl . ,A . N '? 4' ' :fff'?if'7' J X ' 1325 5'f?iFl:q?.'-'...cf4 "? ' fff 'fe J R. C. C'Row'l'Hrf:1as, l'1'CSillCHf- F. H. Mukvl-lv. . . Secretary. W. I.. JOHNSON. . -n Cllllflllll- I". G. S'1'Unns, First Lieutenant. 'l'. C. FARRr:l.l., . . . 'l'reasurcr. - members - R. C. Crowtlxcrs. I", H. Murphy. W- If- .IUIUTSU C. H. johnson. C. N. McClure. In G. htubbs. W. W. jolmsun, Trzury C. Fgrrcll. Chas. 5ll?ltt0. I". A. Collins. W. B. Griffcn. l'. II. Bllllfklllllll G. S. Ray. S2 -' fr Aff! '17 QW' . ,,,, -1 I we --'A ' MV fl I' r .M is f ff ' 7 f M H IM- ff if f:ii4L . , J. 3'if:QI if ' ' .I 's-'flak' S f 1' 1 F - 1 . If mf ,- IIff1lf'?fT,fZe.Y, If ' ' I' 2II"IIIQ:JI'. ' . 7 .33 I fl .P 51. f .x WPI I f 153' gf . ' 'Q - ' . 19-5 4 '. NIM. tl. I". Iilelws, . . . Instrucrtor. DI. S. IIIISSHN, . . :XSSISIHIII Instruvtor -LVKCFIJIDCFS' I. S. Gibson. tl. G. Iihrenfelcl. C. I". Ross. I.. A. Baldxvin. .-X. O. Nlcflellaml. I"rccI 'I'rumper. A. I.. Carr. H. NI. Barrett. C. I. Zinck. H. A. Cousc. IJ. H. Iiagleson. I. Ii. SIzu'in. I". H. IiIzu'kmzu'r. Ecqueofriaq 5515. W. IC. I'oR'rr:R. . Prcsimlcnt. W. S. IJ.-xxlms. . lfaptun I-I. A. I'IICYI3RIl'K, Vim--I'1'esicIcl1t. I.. W. IQIGHAIY, I.icl1tcnz1nt N. NI. I'I.'xr:l.l':soN. Secretary. -UIcnjIacrs- W. IC. Porter. C. .l. Zinvk. G. S. Ray. IJ. H. Iiuglcs W. G. Porter. II. II. Cowell. H. A. Cotton. II. A. Hcydric R. I'. Porter. I.. W. Iiiglmmy. il. CT. Powers. N. M. Iizxglcs W. S. Daniels. I"1'ecI 'III'lIIHlJCI'. If. I.. Howe. I". W. Iiubcoc G. A. Shryock. 85 lVlgfcePPo.r1eouf Gipugf. -Bos - Qplirgi. Siling. Mattern. .5,..P.e1..1.. Wood. Varner. Peffer. Staples. Luse. Ross ' IQUQHG ' ' ' ' j. S. Gibson. Barrett. Stubbs. Bullock Danforth. Bird. Babcock. 'lrjlelleclucal -Supremacy - - Marquis. Ecbols. llouds. Elliott. Talmun. Oswalt. Miller. Davis. Rodkey. -Oriyilijologicul - Griffeu. Falconer. Burrows. Simons. Mowry. Shatto 'EvxlSSUS'IJlOlSUS'Gl1Il3' l Oswult. Tulniun. Mcliride. Sluviu. Young Warner. Allzuus. Walter Porter. ' Gollcgcz ' BOFGS ' Great Suoheni, . lichols. liminent Past, . 'Vzu'ner. Suganiore, . Douds. - Horne- Rule - for - lrelaujcl' Mcliinney. Mclfzlte. McQuiston. McClure. Mcllade M cI,aughlin. Mcliride. Mc:Clellancl. M urpby. ' SCTUZ1' ' l'5r'a1'u'l- ' Hersperger. Reisinger. Liebeudorfer. Ellreufelcl Schneider. Welty. Berlin. Ziuck. Heiser. 84 5 I , ff ,lx 2' , , f ,M A -. 171 -1, ff- ff f f W Q 'Y' 44 5 1 1 f A fl f ,ff f gf , QW fa' ' ' fan f? W " f ' ff! A jf Z! 2' 7 11 K ,ff A IWW, X, if fi I , I 1 , fi f ,1 51 , fl, ,. V-' , ,sf Q . U mfr J , ffff- f 1 Ax.. f A 7' ' gff?L7: ' in .N AX X Ljfflxtfic' F -i. Q :W A i '5:,5 - 'PN plff i 1' " . 'X '91 fglifff-'3?S4::f"55ff" M3357 1. ' . HPF - ?'5"fl'2'lPf?i,-4 - -' A N l '- A - VH K'1 i! ,lg 2f"f'X '- iw S A92 - K X' - XFN an - 1, A - ' ':X A.fy ., KW X ' sbt: iv' Ku .. , x C-' .2 J Q K 'Qzjfx xx ' 'xg 'P 'ffif NSU . 2 xXx LM NN N X X-NX 5 -.-I ' . - X- N ix f cJ5xFPe,gHer1Gy Cf5oi9Pege. Ciorpf C5o.E.ei'f -Con3nJc1xgciarJi- Second Lieutenant al. F. Iiknlfs, 22d Infantry, li. S. A. 'QFFCCPS' coMl'ANv Wx." bl. S. Grnsnx, .... Captain. A. G. Fnixnuxnuuun, First Lieutenant. C. Ross, . Second Lieutenant. C. DI. ZINCK, . . . First Sergeant. com-ANY "n," H. M. BARRE'1"l', . . . Captain. A. L. CARR. . First Lieutenant. L. A. BAr.nwlN, Second Lieutenant. H. A. Cousin. . Acting First Sergeant. First Lieutenant H. D. EAGIAQSHN, . Adjutant. se ' I '-"' : Q 5 1 'J' ' N w MT? . Sm' I X he H ly! I ' KWH ' X ff" W, ,ni , ' lo' -X 4- , I '- X I 9, xx -C-,V xl x , . fx 4' Q- Q I R3XL,f33,Q. - ,X fy X ? " ggi ki , N1 X .K A I .y ' " y I, 4 E Wm "" 'k A 'Q M,.,,,m 1 lui!! -If 1 My I . ,FL-l Ref lvl ueicclfi Grgcinizctiionf. -Jlllcgljcny - College - Orcljaslrcx- Miss .ll'lANNE'l"l'E lVlll.l,l'2R, . . President. YVARREN S. DANlE1.s, . . . Leader. lVI1.i.1Am1 G. BARRou's. . . Business Manager. Warren S. Daniels, First Violin. Fred M. Haskell, Flute. Willis Il. Mervhant, Second Violin. Prof. il. W. Silliman, 'Cello William G. Barrows. Cornet. Harry R. Patvliiu, Baritone Miss .Icaunette Miller. Pianist. -jlllcsjlgcguy - College - Gorxjcl- lgczzgcl- lVll.l.lAM G. BARRon's, . . . President. lllflli W. Elomir, . . . Secretary. HARRY R. l,A'l'l'HlN, . . . Treasurer. l'll'2NRY B. BYRRS, . . Business Manager. HARRY B. Esvv ,..... Leader. William G. Barrows, Solo B-Hat. F. H. Murphy, First 'l'enor. H. B. Espy, Solo B-flat. Warren Daniels, Second Tenor l.. W. liighlny, First B-Hat Cornet. S. S. Marquis, First Alto. G. C. Cowell, Sec. B-Hat Cornet. li. li. Miller. Second Alto. P. A. Townsend. IC-Hat Cornet. Harry R. Patchin, Baritone. Paul Reisinger, B-Hat Clarinet. Henry B. Byers, E-fiat Bass. D. I.. Starr, Side Drum. George Ray, Bass Drum. Put KARPA Psi f2UARTE'1"l'l-Z. PHI DELTA THETA QUAR'1'ETTE. SIGMA ALPHA E1's1r.oN QUARTETTE. DELTA TAU DELTA QUAR'1'E'f'l'Pl. PHI GAMMA DELTA QUARTETTE B8 GQYTIGFCL C5?u5. Pkolf. sl. W. S1I.i.mAN, . A. G. FRAnENnuRoH, . . Vice FRANK GAGEIW, . . . C. B. SNYDICR, . . . . A President -President Secretary Treasurer. 'HDZIDIDCPS' Prof. Twining. Dr. Montgomery. Prof. Silliman Gibson. Fradenhurgh. Crowthers. lihrenfeld. Hersperger. Baldwin. Snyder. Deming. Gagehy. cience C5?u6. I.. A. BALDWIN, . . President. li. A. I-lrznsvifmorzn, . . Vice-President. FRANK GAG:-mv, . Secretary. R. F. Fox, . . . Treasurer. J. A. KNOX, . Librarian. A. l.. CARR, . 'J 1 J mm 1 lf L' le MURSON' ' ' - Executive Committee. C.. H. JOHNSON, . . QI. G. EHRr:N14'r:1.n, . . N ' FDZUDIDCPS ' j. A. Knox. A. L. Carr. J. G. Ehrenfeld C. H. johnson. P. C. Patterson. R. F. Fox. Frank Gagehy. l.. A. llaldwin. .H...,...-mis. A j. H. Montgomery, Ph. D. il. C. Fields, Ph. D. j. W. Sillimun, C. lu. 89 Ray. came egg,-as Gem.-a. FOUNDED l889. W. W. YnuNr:suN C. I". Ross , . .INo. A. GIBSON, ll. A. I'IEVIJRlC'K, M. O. liumvx, . H. M. Barrett. I". A. Collins. W. C. Deming. H. I.. Apple. I". W. lllavk. M. O. Brown. C. C. Frecnizin. W. li. Griffcn. jno. A. Gibson. Aclolescentulu Ii. Aclolescfentnlu C. Aclolescentulu I.. Aclolcscentnlu C. All0lCSCCl'ltlllil G .'Xrlolesc'entulu Ii. Aclolcscentulzl li. Aclolesventulu IJ Aclolcscentnla M Amlolescentulu G . Vice- Presiclent. President. 'I'I't'LlSlll'Cl'. ' -l lixevutive Cmnniittce. l. -Jllunjrgl - R. W. lilliott. if I I. l"rzulenlmnrgli. Gibson. S. INIzirqnis. -glcliae - Ellcnjlacrs- W C . I-Ieydrick. '. Leffingwell. Clms. Neslmit. Fred Palmer. W. C. Pickett. galil-EMBL fla!!-- Cupola, I-I. C'f1!n1'.v-Grccli and Wliitc. Iiulmus, H alan s, Talmus, Malmus Helms 'I'el1us, Mebus Calms, lfabus Ifebus, 'F?rc:csiclimlis- J . I I' I' . . . Russell. I". G. Stubbs. M. il. Sweeney. Porter. W. li. H.. R. Pzltcliin. G. S. C. F. Ross. H. IJ. Whitliclml. W. W. Ynnngson. . Nocteprzeses V ive- Novteprzescs . . Scrilmu I ,i bra rin . I2ll2BSt0I'll . Iiecnrionu . I.oc'nnitenens . . I,ic,:tora M unipulariu Hunoraria 4J5m36ociaTToQA. K. -younig.mcny's-Glqrislicxnyllssocicliong- President. ..... C. S. .Ir:wr:l.l.. Vice-Presiclent. . . C. IB. I-IAWK Rworcling Secretary, . S. H. Woman. Treasurer, . . . W. W. Youxcssox. H D Wmlllrrn lixecutivu SCCl'Cf2lI'y. . . . . l'1lc:u'l'x' Mrzmm-nes. - ouryg - WODQCIQQS'CljFiSHC1lfj'J.ISSOCiClH0lj- President. .... Enmzx Cl-mslxku Vice-President. . . . Mm' WHl'rNm'. Secretary. . . . l,Ul.u li. I-IUl.l,. Treasurer, . . fHiR'l'RUIH'I IG. HoUsr:Hor.n. Corresponding Sccrctary. . . H1-:l.r:N CLARK. 'l'w r:x'rv- Fl vue M ml lucas. 'gluclcxyls' - Uxfryfslcrfezl -Jlssociuliory President, . . W. G. lhlgkox. Vice-President. H. IJ. WHl'l'l-'llf:l.1m. Secretary, . . S. li. Romucv. 'l'reusurcr. . . I". G. H. Wlxmmx. 4-m'ru's. li. I-IMVK. H. IJ. xVHl'l'l"ll'Il.IJ, Al. A. Rmu EX!-2k'U'I'lVE cimrx1l'1"1'r:r:. C A. Sl-m'r'ro. li. IJ. Mowkv. , gl - C onjz-Lfiiunjrgi -!issoc'ie1ii6ij- President, . . . I'ION. PEARSON CHURCH, '56 First Vice-President, . MISS ,IOSEPHINI-1 H END!-ZRSON, 'Si Second Vice-President, . IDR. bl. C. CO'r'l'oN, '55 Recording Secretary, . . li. B. i,H,'KlfI'l"l', .lR., '87 Corresponding Secretary. IDR. .IAMES MON'l'oOMr:Rv, '77 . 'l'reasurcr, ...... Col.. l,1f:wIS VVALKHR, '77 HXH4fU'I'lVl-I cmmmi'1"i'r:lf:. FRANK P. RAY, ESO., '62, I'ION. il. J. H1-:NOr:RSON, '62. COL. j. B. COMPTON, '61, MISS lim M. 'l'ARm-:r,I., 'So. MRS. li. A. HMIPSTEAD, 175. -Ioczm-Goiicngicxlc - Jissocicxliom' President ,...... VARNER. Secretary, VARNER. Treasurer, . VARNER. - Pcirylqciizgic-g1ssociexii69 ' President, . . R. C. CROWTHERS, W l' J. Secretary, . . D. F. SIMONS, .Y A lf. Treasurer, . . FRANK GAORIW, J T J. Executive Committee, W' H' S""'N"'3R' W HJ j. L. POR'r1f:R, dl ln 'l'. BOARD Ov ctON'1'ROI.. R. C. CROw'1'H1cRS, Ill I' J. FRANK GAORIW, J T J. j. GIBSON, 41 1' J. F. E. RUSSELL, J TJ. D. F. SIMONS, .Y A li. bl. T.. POR'i'r:R, dl A' 'lf'. W. B. G R11-WEN, 21.4 lf. H. M. BARRE'1"1', 41 ln' 'lf' W. H. S'1'1cNor:R, fll J H. C, A, lien-ER, 111 ,J I-I, 92 K Ebiferarey Society Goqfeofo. -rfmzidjcxjoy - Sociclky- ! ANDERSON lJl'1Cl,A5lA'I'l0N PRIZE Awarded to . . . H. M. Barrett CHAUTAUQUAN ORATION PRIZE Awarded to . . . Fred Palmer - Eljrlo-Rra1r7l5lf1j-Socizly- VOLVHVMNIAN DICCI.AMA'l'ION PRIZE Awarded to . . Martin j. Sweeney cr:N'1'mNARv ORATION 1-R121-1 Awarded to Martin j. Sweeney 93 w v li N! If R M al' la Qlnlier- ocieliey C5or1lZefl'l. -Jlllcglqczxjvy ' Jzrsus- Igljllofllqrmnylgllny- l,. Mattern, l,. Bullock, W. C. Deming, W. Elliott, W. W. Youngson, bl. lichols, l,.l'orte1', . E. Miller, CONINIENCEMENT WEEK, ESSA Y. IDPIIiA'l'I'I. ORATION. lH'ICl,AMA'l'lON. U4 I89O. . Allegheny Philo- Franklin . .Xllcghcny l'l1ilu-Frank lin . Allegheny l'hilo-lfrunklin . Allegheny Philo-l"ranklin I CCSOPPQQQ Qu5PiccIITor1f. .fVI,C.15.,1.4...,.,. Pususr-Iso av THE FRATERNITIES. fl' ft' 'II' fl' I' .I .I 7' .I fl' J H ft' .I H 2' .I If fl' fl' I' women mf' m'ox'1'Rol.. C. I". Ross, fl' J H. President. I S. GIBSON, fl1l'J,Sec-1-ctury. C. C. I"Rr:l-MAN, 21.4 IJ, 'I'rez1surc1 I". Ii. Rlrsslcl.l., J 7'J. H. IVI. IiA1:Rr1'l"1'. fl' ln' 'l", I'1lJl'I'URI1XI. lzomw. ICIIitur-in-i'I1Icf, . . IND. .-X. UIIISHN, I' .-I lf. IIIIHINESS t'4lMMI'I"I'I'2E. I I . RIISSI'lI.I., J TJ. W. Ii. I'me'1'1-:R,1lI lI"l". C. A. I'l'1l-'1fl':1:,1l'J I-I l.I 'I'I'ZRARY ICIIITORS. .l. G. EHR14:N1-'If:1.1n, fl' l' J. C. If. Ross. ffl J I-I. I". .-X. L'm.l.1Ns, 1' .I lf. M. DI. Sxx'm:xI4:x', fl' I' J. W. C. Ibmllwu, J 7' J. II. II. IIYI'1RS,1l'fI"f". CARRIE I". MuUN'l', lf A' l'. Gl+:k'l'R11lm14: IIOUSI'2I'IOI.Il, lu' .I I-I JS -The - Gmnjpus- ISSUED SEMI-MONTHLY DURING THE COLLEGE YEAR. ENTIRELY CONTROLLED av STUDENTS. Eclitor-in-Chief, . . . S. S. IVIARQUIS ASSOQTIATE r:DI'1'oRs. Miss Carrie Mount. T. M. Morrison. 1.I'1'r:RARv EDITORS. W. W. Vonngson. .l. S. Gibson. B. A. Heydrick. LOCAL EDITORS. C. F. Ross. F. E. Russell. I.. A. Baldwin. I.-P. Wisman. Exchange Editor, F. Gurney Stubbs Business Manager, . R. C. Crowthers - - Gcxrgrger - Qcllrzl - Qucxrliirly - THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE FRATERNITY. PUBLISHED SY PI CHAPTER. EDITORS. I". C. Howe. W. I.. Siling. Ed. I.. Mattern. Q6 MM? i ehfeggcamuer BiE5l.i7eQy. ' to the liberality and untiring zeal of a few men, and no YI my VERY educational institution owes its life and prosperity " I i I college has more reason to be proud of her founders and ""'mx'W patrons than "Old Allegheny." Beginning her career under the guidance of that worthy Mas- sachusetts Puritan. john Alden, she has never lacked loyal and sympathetic friends, and in all that galaxy of names, none shines forth more brightly than that of Alexander Bradley, the president of her Board of Trustees, her oldest friend, her greatest benefactor and her wisest counsellor. .livery department of our college life is more vigorous and efficient, owing to his energetic efforts in our behalf and it is with pleasure that we introduce our friend to the readers ofthe KAi,nRoN. 'l'he life of Alexander Bradley is many-sided and each phase of it presents a worthy example to the aspiring student in whom he has shown such a helpful interest. To one standing before Mr. liradley's palatial residence and extensive grounds in the city of Pittsburgh, comes a wholesome inspiration as he realizes that the owner began his career as a poor boy and has gained every dollar by honest effort. i Beginning as a common workman, he rapidly rose and acquired a large fortune from iron manufacturing. Though the foundation of Mr. Bradley's wealth was laid in the iron industry., much of his attention is now devoted to conducting the affairs of! the Trades- men's National Bank, of which he is president and principal owner. Many incidents are related showing the honorable way in which 97 Mr. Bradley conducts his business transactions, and of the many charitable and educational undertakings owing to him a debt of gratitude, yet out of regard for his extreme sensitiveness and deli- cacy of feeling we refrain from giving them to the public. Qomefhirgg Qsare.. The chicken they serve at the Hall. Scofield, with a white shirt. Barrett, promenading with a girl. Ziuck, ditto. Hersperger, at college. Brubach, with his face clean. Shryock, to tell the truth. Hatch, without striped pants. Welty, with his mouth closed. Lucy Pickett, with a beau. Baldwin, to call at the Hall. Snyder, speaking the United States language. I -lohuson Bros., at church. A game of poker at Hulings Hall. The number of new books, magazines, papers, etc., that have comef?j into the library this term. The Senior class. Dice's mustache. Ed M.iller's outbreaks of bull-heacledness. Billy Pickett without a smile. . 98 V Q uiaculplicabf. ARRANGED INTELLECTUALLY. X .Ioh lot. Spondulicks. Honest Injun. ff w x N 4, N 'l"iddle-faddle. Gee up, Dobhin. Close your Q M yawp. Button up your mouth. ln the name M Iyry up N of all the gods at once! Straight as a string . f X ' , gm 3 v ll, . i with a hull-dog at each end. l, Phfiehtee. thay ith ees tho, tthherfhore ith muthh hee X lll X . .- ml , , X-.- "ll", tho. Now you see, lachols, what a stupid ass you have made of yourself, don't you? 'l'here are men who could carry a log-chain of reasoning that you couldn't lift a link of. Finally. ladies, keep yourselves sweet, pay for your Easter bonnets, and never fall into a heefsteak love. f2,l Pkolv. 'l'.. to hook-agent, who professes to come from a certain town in the liast: " So you c--co- coni-come from X., do you?" Long pause. HW- ' W-wel I, --- myCPQ----theonetowhom l 'lnengaged '-"l.,,.vQ livesjustacrosstheroadfroniwhereyonsayu- --- --- 5 Y -- you do." 'l'he K.xi,oRoN extends congratula- I' 7 NN tions. H Ein lcleiner Mann ist lierr Thonias, i ss! Ebenso wenig als der Mann in der Bibel, Wann er zu den Schulern spricht als er oftmals thut, V Spricht er langsam aber wilzig."--BAHCOCK. 99 C31 If I 1-""je PROF. M., sternly: "The class must 4 ,Q 'X I preserve better order, I won't endure it any sl 691 longer." Next day: "I hope the class will please excuse-smile Cone of those curly " onesj-me for scolding yesterday. l was cross. l won't do it any more." " Met a if X li' man down street-won't tell you his name -and he told me that he knewaplace- wou't tell you where it is-where I could find a receipt-won't tell you what it was-for treating a metal-won't tell you what it is--in a certain way--can't tell you the way-so as to double its utility and marketable value." l.ogicC?j. f4l A IDR. H.: "Yes, Mr. Barron, always be a Christian, meek, good-uatured, and dispas- sionatef' Looks up suddenly, and sees .Q young man tilting back in his chair. " Will . 1 that young jackauapes, whose amldled pate l contains less gray matter than the three- x m l weeks' inhabitant of an incubated egg, man- ifest good oyster-sense, and remember that this is not a barroom. As I was saying, Mr. Barron, before that Prep mongrel inter- rupted me, you will find that work on 'Spiritual and Worldly Sanctity' in the alcove." Amen. 100 f J n 1 x 2 7. 7 ll! Q ,iw ll If l C59 ' New S'1'U1JEN'1', to Prof. E.: "And where would you lZ1I'7Pl'St' me to board." Puoif. E.-"At the Hall, by all means." N. S.--" Do they live 7i't'fftl1C!'C.H PROF. E.--'4 Live zwlff Well, I haven't heard of anybody being sick lately." N. S.-'f But I don't mean thatg what l mean is, do you live g'l10If.H Pkoif. E.--"Why, of course. 'l'hey ask Grace for everything, and have prayers, and tell their beads, fxnffa 1'm'1'j and, if soft enough, their secrets-l don't know how often, and-" N s-H .l. to eat ?" You don't understand me. llo they get anything Pkoif. IC., looking vautiously around-" Hunzgzflazl, don't say anything to the rest of the Faculty, but, if you ever want to see your mother, look at me and be advised." Q67 l,ROl". I".--"Oh, this is all very elementary! You didn't have any trouble with it, did you? All you have to do in Prob. 9 is to solve the double-bar-k-actioned, parallelopipedonical, quadrilateral- ized, inlinitudinized, Kanuckized, .Iohns-Hopkinizxed. amplitudin- atimus, and, and then take the semi-polygoned semi-perimeter, and revolve it 777,ooo times about the apothem of a lunarized expo- nent, the theoretical value of which is found by the sin. of log. lol cot. x into twice the squarifled quotienibus of the supplement, but the real value can only be determined by truncating the frustum- ized altitudes of at somersaultic ellipse. It's a very simple matter, you see. You all understand it, don't you?" 'l'he class looks Solomon-like and keeps mum. Eleven weeks after, examinations come and half the class fails. Is it any won- der? K C79 - 'K " 'l'ell me 1 love the Greek--love is a feeble word, Which only coxcombs use to school f X girls. My very soul v Y With Attic forms is stirred whene'er wx., rhrzzsaznr, fzjilozzx, V And other contract forms l hear mis- ff 'Fi ffgyl m l: W xx if , - 34. i' Y W N ,I X X-V ' Nl I I l x s Jelled or see I , . , , Yi X' ln barb rous Dorlc style. Greek Godi N O -freak that I um- C'Aye, 'l'rue-man, so thou urt!'j Q 1 9 Within this bilious head ii Of mine doth surge Greek roots, 'iiir M" . steeped well in bitter gall, And mummied Latin forms enough to crush a Rigg, Or bend a Bullock's spine." ' ik 'li :li il: " Ho, shades of Greece and Rome ! 'F Selection from :A Fall 'l'erm's Dream. l02 r On ye I eallg let me but to-morrow with this 'Feehnic spleen zlzlhofaw' some llunker Knight, a Marquis If perchance he rfome not booted, spurred and mounted ln garb Ionirf clad." ri: :1: rs: ri: :if 4- YK rn :if :if "And, yet, why am I thus? I too was once a youth whom youthful feelings moved 'I'o loathe a bookish crank, and hate impatient freaks, Whose narrow minds Iirm fettcred to antiquity Strove to subdue and wound my spirit juvenile. Because, forsooth! less learned than they I stumbled in My Greek and knew not whether Homer had a mole Beneath his chin, nor yet if Plato e'er had lost A molar from his jaw." C'l'urns in his Sllll1llJCl'.J " But now am I become 'I'hat which I hated mostg forgot my college days, Wedded to my temper and musty Greeian thoughts I fain would get within some aneient urn and sleep." CSD Pieoif. Tu iz- Fr:i.Low-You-Ser:-WITH-MA'r'l'r:kN : 'l'his wee little man 'neath the point of whose nose A field of black stubble eternally grows, Who Hits, bohs and blusters before his meek class And feeds poor Prep. babies on Latin and "sass," I-las brains 'neath his bonnet we freely allow, A head poised and shapely, a classical browg lint the world will teach him what college can not, 103 'l'hat the smaller a "Sass-pan" the sooner 'tis hot, 'l'hat Hurry and fret count for naught in life's race, 'I'hat the man who would get there must temper his pace. A - C'wllr1'b11ln1'. COD Przoif. Cnnnoon, Onio, mv' Nnw CAs'ri,i-:, PA., examining class in Physical Geog.-"'l'he last question will he, how do you like your teacher? Now please take plenty of time with this as I shall lay special stress upon it in correcting your papers." Inference -- -- X- flOj MISS M., to Prof., Adenfraurghba in Arith. class.-"Mr, Arith- nleticker, will you please show me how to do this problem?" PROF. A-a, indignantly, ehalking down a zero on his lJook,- "Hereafter, Miss M., if you desire to mutilate my proper title, please address me as the "Warren Aggregation." Ci IJ Pnor. STEPHEN josevn, in Modern History.--f'Goocl, well done, Mr. Miller, very good, excellent, most excellent, but will you give me the author's precise words, on page 105, third line from bottom, last four words in line--excellent, very good, well done, quite excellent! And also state whether you agree with Mr. Mattern or-excellent, very good, excellent, excellent"-to OO. 1o4 ieerzlifelj JIQPP. lioys, let ine think a little, o'er events of college lifeg Over college pranks and projects, over days of college strife. 'Tis the place, all around here, 'neath these trees so grand and tall, Fond recollections o'erwheln1 me of days spent in Bentley Hallg lientley Hall, that from the I-Iill-top, overlooks the busy town, l,ike a watch-tower of the students daily going up and down. Many a night with brush and paint-pot ere we lfreshies went to rest, 'l'o decorate those walls and sidewalks, there did we our level best. Here, as Sophs, we whipt the Freshmen, planted them beneath the sod, There, our flag gracefully waved from the top of yon high rod. On Lake George I often pondered over many thoughts sublime, Wondered what would be my future in the onward course of time. Its crystal surface formed a mirror in which I could clearly see, A vision of ecstatic bliss for my livaline and me. Boys, then I was deep in earnest, for I loved her through those years, At our partingthere were heartaches, and there was no dearth of tears. Now and then the past steals o'er me like a half forgotten dream, Ere I know it, it has vanished as a ripple on life's stream. I had not been long in college when we met at a church fairg She stood behind a fancy counter with sweet smiles and golden hair. 105 Long l lingered, reckless buyer, captive to a dimpled chin, And when from thc trance I wakcned, I was minus of my " tin." Nor was this all that befel me, I had lost my Freshman heart, From that battery of beauty Cupid hurled his fatal dart. And homc that night l wauderld, Venus, from her throne above, Lighted up the dingy alley with th' electric light of love. ' But the arrival of a " ship " fills the void a student feels, And the other boys hang round him, tagging closely at his heels. In the spring the student sheds his winter robes all worn and toreg And comes out in bright new store-clothes, never seen orworn before. In the spring the student's mind from his books iuclines to roveg ln the spring tl1e student's fancy ligl1tly turns to thoughts of love. And I said " My darling Ev'line,speak,oh! speak the truth to me, And believe me when I tell you myheartis throbs are all for thee." Then she turned, her pale lips trembling 'neath our first and sweet- est kissg And the eyes she upward lifted revealed to n1e a world of blissg Saying, " Dick, I love, adore thee, but I fear it's all in vain, For you know when you leave college, you'll not think of me again. " 'l'hen l swore by all that's holy, I would never faithless prove, Other students may deceive you, naught can quench my burning love, ' Many a morn in bed reclining, faintly heard the school-bell ring, Yet I heeded not its calling, but dreamed on of Evaline. ' Many an evening on thc canal, did we 'ply the lightsome oar, Engaged in sweetest converse, as other lovers oft before. 106 1 All my studies I neglected, knowing little, caring less, Substituting for that duty a maiden's smiles, a loved caress. As the girl is, so 's her fellow: she can sway him up or down , She can bring out all his manhood, or convert him to a clown. She can instill in him lessons that college books do not teach , .Inspire in him the highest ambitions a man can ever reach. Weary dragged my first vacation, though we wrote three times a week, From her picture and her letters little solace I could seek. Her greetings on my return to college e'en surpassed my fondest dream g She still loved me, l adored her, in my heart she reigned supreme. I braced up and entered college, studied hard at her request, For sl1e said, and said it wisely, on my success our'fate would rest. Around my third and junior year the sweetest memories cling, We built castles in the air, and she wore a diamond ring. My Senior year had come and gone, and I had honors not a fewg But even these were all forgot in our long, last adieu. fl' 4' if ill Pk Pk lk FI' Ill PI' ll' PI' if ik il' Years have passed, I am growing old, and much of the world 1've seen 3 I have an angel for a wife, and her name is-not Evaline. True to her inconstant sex, she entered society's giddy whirl, And absence made me fonder grow, fonder of another girl. Which was to blame, if either was, I am sure youlll never know, But I was made a wiser man, and she a " college widow." 107 l-Iowsocler these things will heg a long farewell to Bentley Hallg Bentley Hall, venerable building, 'niongst the shade trees grand and tall, 'From whose classic halls have proudly gone, and still will go again, Students trained to light life's hattles, wiser, nobler, hetter men. May blessings fall on Bentley Hall, with summer's sun or winter's snow, And on the girls with sunny curls, semhlanee of livaline.-I go. TPJBQ, uffaclgme. The hnest growth of the linest down Adorned his upper lip, O! The sleekest mustache in upper town Bearded his upper lip, O! But the razor sharp gained full sway Upon his upper lip, O! And the brindle mustache is Hgoned away" ,From off his upper lip, O! By Fame, 'tis said, and so 't may he, As to his upper lip, O! lt got a fright from T. N. E., Did this, his upper lip, Ol The poor mustache came to a halt Upon his upper lip, O! No longer graces poor Oswalt, Upon his upper lip, Ol 108 Sgniogrcqr-95351 of ,QGUQ lQal9clron 55007-fvl.. T IS ever a difficult task to write a just, unprejudiced history i of any man. The task is increasingly lahorious as the wri- ter is nearer his subject in point of time. No one can form a true estimation of his coteniporaries. This discouraging fact presents itself in the very exordium of our work. Vet 'not in this alone do we meet with adversity. lt is one of the smaller giants of discouragement hesetting our wayg one of the narrower chasms which we must leap. The gloomy prospect dampening our ardor is that we, who lind pleasure only in relating the virtues of others, must speak of those whose disgraceful acts, whose evil deeds, whose pride, whose egotism, lie far heyond the outermost limits of human conception. For, if on this lowly footstool, smiled upon in the dim distance hy the hosts of celestial worlds, there ever ex- isted a hand of mortals, who, impelled hy an innate passion, reared on high a golden throne, its hase resting on this lowly sphere, its regal height towering among the celestial watchlires of the heavenly dome, seated upon its lofty pinnacle a tinsel god, crowned him with the laurel of fame, and with a mighty clangor and uproar duhhed him 'tJi'gr1," that hand of terrestrial heings is the class of '90, From out this class, so padded with the air-hags of egotism as to harely touch the rest of the world, were chosen ten, the exponent of its hrag and hravado. Of them we are asked to write. 0, Muse of History, we beseech thee, aid ns! From our pen let flow the truth, whether it prove liquid lire or soothing- syrup to the tender nerves of '9o's Board l my BA R R l'I'l"l'. When this being shuflied on the mortal coil is not known, but certain it is his appearance " Gave the infant world u terrible shog, 'Maist ruined a'." Q lf in 'oo's KAl,oRoN a jokeC?j be found which at the touch rattles as a dry chestnut, it is his. The world, however, could endure this aliiiction. But when a man having promised before the KAI,nRoN Board, on his good word and honor, that nothing shall enter its pages which has not been passed upon by all, and then sneaks in an " lnter-Collegiate Oratorical Contest," he proves to the world his "good word and honor" are not inlinite. A downward path lies before him.. We beg not to be compelled to speak of the future of such a man. We wish not to draw the veil. 'l'hose desiring to glance upon a mournful scene may look behind the curtain. The dismal sight would stun our senses. J. I.. l'oR'rr:R. Forgive us ifwe utter not all the truth. Our pen shrinks from noting all. 'l'his gentleman stands high in public esteem, but in- quire no further. The business tif that honorable term may be applied to the transactions of '9o's KALIJRON Boardj rested in this gentleman's hands. Day by day the truth is coming to light. Where is the 25250 that cannot be found? Our Business Commit- tee frequently receives the following: " Excuse us. Your z'7M1111o1l.v Board f'l'he italicized word is our owng the original isftoo forciblej of last year did not return our plates, nor have we yet received a copy of the KAl.nRoN." 'l'he mention of KAl,nRoN at any-office in the city deluges us with bills. lt is difficultat times to impress the fact that '9o's liALoRoN Board and "'We" are different insti- tutions. Reforms are possible, but the tide must soon strike the llu 1 subject of this sketch, or he will drift away into the boundless realms of irrevocable repudiation. HARRY DUNN. We estimate by comparison. Hence the difliculty of judging this mortal. He is perfectly unique. We can, however, state that his business tactics were similar to those of Mr. Porter. We desire to be lenient, but rumor and fact so nearly coincide at this point, that we cannot refrain, lt is affirmed, and can be proven on good authority, that this gentleman and KAI.oRoN property, to the extent of three bustles, two pairs of overalls, and a hair curle'r Cexchange for advertisingj, disappeared cotemporaneously, sometime last spring. No liquidation has since been made. 'l'he creditors must suffer. We draw no conclusion. The case is past redemption. lt is a pleasure to pass on to JAMES lc. Hoon. The eleventh of December, 1867, was a gloomy day for the world. On that morn light lirst cast an image on bl. IC. Hood's retina. Brief mention has been made of 'oo's egotism. Before us lies the summit of self-glorilication, the peak of self-esteem. the climax of egotism. liverything, from the highest feather in his cap to the lowest nail in his boot-heel, is a symbolical " l." Mr. Hood's future lies in doubt. There is hope for him, if he ever discovers the helmsman of the universe is another being than himself. J. s. GIBSON. When a man is found who holds the political wires controlling the fate of a nation, a state. or a college. it is policy to pass him by without notice. Hence this centrum of our cogitations has es- caped elose scrutiny. It is truth alone which peppers our words, when we say he will stoop to anything for the sake of a scheme. lll The gentle goddesses of Truth and Veracity suffer terribly at his hands, are subservient to the "necessity of the circumstances." An editor-in-chief of the Eyc-0pc'm'r, a class-flunker, a chapel- skipper, one of the would-be gods of '90 plays a poor card for fu- ture success, except as a ward-boss politician or a Tom Reed par- lianlentarian. A. G. FRAnr:NnURoH. This is reported by Dame Rumor, to have been an active bus- iness man on the Board. If this be true, his character is forever doomed. He is so completely absorbed by the infatuations of the fairer sex, that his characteristics are rather negative than positive at the present time. There is difficulty in judging his merits-no criterion by wl1ich to judge. He is a vicious llunker. Works the V. M. C. A. racket on the old. gentleman for opera tickets. Has of late been gaining a great reputation in a professional line-by tutoring the arithmetic class. Zeros, plus or minus, do not alter the account. ' R. c. euow'rHERs. This name appears in the list of editors and his phiz adornsC?j the editorial groupg otherwise it would be impossible to detect his position. lt was for a time a source of wonderment where '9o's KALIIJRONS had disappeared. The ever-alert KAl.oRoN reporter has solved the mystery. It has been ascertained that every man, woman and child within ten miles of Woods' Run is in posession of a copy of '9o's KALIJRON, with " R. Coulter 'Crowthers" stamped on the ily-leaf and the same name underscored in the t' Board of Editors." Mr. Crowthers is a steadfast church mem- ber, but does not appreciate the truth of ' " A thousand times I rather would be An atheist clean, Than under Gospel's colors hid be, just for a screen." Il2 C lt is said he will graduate this year. No one can guess how or why the Faculty lets him through. Yet we remember it is diffi- cult to fathom all motives. rin. I.. NlA'l"l'l'IRN. " lf the universal affirmative be true, the truth of the particu- lar affirmative must also follow." The above will not hold for a heterogeneous mass, else our difhculty here would be eliminated. The Siling-Mattern combine idiosyncrasies are clear and delinite. But the individual attributes are unattainable. " We " and "our library " constitute a large part of the universe. When wedlock,all will watch with interest each pull the lever. throw open the throttle and start out singly on the diverging tracks of life's cruel time shall sever the bond of career. . if. cz nkixv. Here, 5.-l.gL1ll1,'QO,S character shows itself. One of the Great l Ams Caccidentally omitted from the club roll in 'Qo's lQAI.DRONJ. The sweet songster, whose melodious, resonant voice set the echoes vibrating from chapel dome and column. Too smart a man for here that his talents may be appreciated. f the most faithful members of l1er The K xl.nRoN suffered nothing from Allegheny. Gone elsew Ninety through him lost one o "mutual admiration society." 'i him except his portrait. A Camp Ayer tough, a Sunday ministerg the world should guard its acceptance carefully. w. o. HEISER. The history T - if 'fll"lNlS.i-I' 4' We find ourselves unequal tothe task of writing this sketch. H3 WI Xl xv X Sy , X X i i f e t me 'fi f pill f af f or ll-Llils l . llofeo from The-QHOAC of Jfutiggegower The last night in October in '89 Was a mystic occasion in plan and design. Not one of the brethren was permitted to hear Of the doings at Hulings that evening made dreur. V - By the point-blank refusal of every fair maid 'l'o each invitation tl1e poor fellows gave. Each window and door was bolted and barred 'Gainst all intrusion. Does it seem very hard That not even a keyhole or crack in the blinds Would reveal what transpired to those mystilied minds? 4 f If perchance there had been Cwhich of course there was notj A Hawk or a Bird perched up on the top Of some transom or window, he would, I believe, Have been simply unable in that throng to perceive One single familiar expression of face, Or tone of the voice or movement of Grace. There were dandies from England and ladies from Greece, Clowns, demons and ghosts disturbing the peace. And not all the guests were at lirst to be seeng Some were indeed, mere infants, l ween, For they found concealment in the tiniest cakes, Which the queen of the kitchen at Hulings e'er bakes. ln the course of the evening, fortunes were told, Which would make sad the heart of a bold. Valiant suitor of some fair damsel's hand. And before the time came for the guests to disband, Many other things happened. forbidden by fate. For even the Ghost of the Tower to relate. l3ARRr:'1"l'. in Senior prayer-meeting: Brethren and friends, l desire that you all pray for me, that I may l'Clll8.lllflll'fhfllf until I have gained that ht'tI?'l'lllI' jrrfzr, for l sincerely hope that that mys- terious, inexplainable.ww11'fhl'11g which I now feel, will lead me ever onwards and upwards and lidwardsf' Cl,afr.r11.r !l'21g1m'.j Leader Hawk chimes in : "Out of the abundance ofthe heart the mouth speaketh. " 1:5 C156ror1oPogQy. MAY 15.-Bets running 5oo to 1 that '9o's KALDRON will not materialize. zo.-"jones, keep off the grass." 25.--Goose Heaven reception given in parlors of State St. Church in honlor of the Ornithological Club of Allegheny College. KALDRON Bus. Corn. bzzrflc around. .a "N ' V i JUNE I2.-BOYS in camp. IW - Brubach on guard. 14.-Col- W ni 9' lege work dead. Camp Ayer vi "., , il f kill i f- heard from. Murphy, Bradley I . and Proper in guard-house. Gib- i7iTi'-f" son, DI. S., and 'Fradenhurgh break in -, u f l,-f,'4LvA259iI'iiL guard and lish from 1 to 6 p. m.3 ,ffj V no, catch. Hamilton and Nash -' jf xgf fi' ff., 'By buy new hat bands in Evanshurg. iq.--Hairvut. Shave. Millerin guard-house for criminal offense. 18.-Break camp. 21.-College. Krxl.nkoN. lflxaniiningcommit- tee of one on deck. .luvenal class ride through at full speed on their imported horses. 23.-Field day. lnter-Society-sponting- contest. Philo on top. Book agents nowhere. "Scopes and views" booming. Big fortunes ahead. 26.-Class day. Who said the annual oration was Paym'-fill? 27.--COllll'llCllC6ll16llt. Last breeze from departing Seniors. "Good-bye, Old Barney, good-bye." . i .lUl.Y.--'ifjlltl hy one they'regathering home." Scope agents. Sr:v'1'mlm:R 17.--Termhegins. New Profs. "Davy" in his old place. "Glad to see you back." 24.-FlClKiS arrives on foot 1:6 1- f ' 2-QI: ' , f I ' . it 17,fE?if:1 "5ff. .fzff+f.-faF':4- A g.,,,-.fgl .. ' . f' wf?f442'9 ' - f ' F .-w.'Z,i7jI5..'-' V ' g liwfrIfLgw'5 , C. " , ! . ew if V , 1 1 ,ifzzff.,...Q!3:eE,:g:g,g.mgfafa Witt, 5-"4-1 ' 5 1 '.l2p74aiQ?Iif- -' - !.g, 2Qf7 41.-8-54531riifffliii3tZeif'11f"f ' f f, - -f f .. if H-5' Y :A if .,.x-7-flfffl ?Q 9.1.7. fi- :AJ-Eff 5-if-' I from johns Hopkins. 25.--Monty gone fishing. " No chemistry to-day." Ocvronrzk 4.-Elections. 5.-Senior election. 6.-junior election. 7.-SClll0l' election. 8.--Senior election. o.-junior election. ro.--Seniorclecw tion. junior election. Sen- 1 , . . . Arr, "QYyfKii5'3g .LT .f 1' lor ClCCl2lOll. lr.- Innior 54, :rg Q ,g.,,A,, 5 4 ' .K -4 .. election. Senior election. H-,i 'g,z, "" ., 'Y "'?iijEw. l . ' -' 'ft' "-'J A is i fl-lere the elections became , .jf,'L"l2'?gik- -' n , .,- ,. ,Ig , tt. -1 - i, V U . , so nnmerons that no further '15-lgt tiiifl'-N ,' H ir- 'JY f4"-" -if: l record wus zreservecl. llie f KW -ffffftf' 1 board nnprovingut llnlings. Q -4 ,Qi ' X .wgjggy Novi-:Annex 13.-H .Y lf ,I N Q 'X' - . . . . . ji' , L 5 ff-4 r excursion unml nntmtion. 14. ,rife xjyjj- '11 :fr ffl . ff J . --'9o's Kixrnuoxs at only . -'Pm 555- if N. i 1,1-i ' 82.00 at dozen and won't go ,Lg -1 ' 1 .1-L., 'lb' Mil" N ' ,- A " iv 4 k zlttliut. r5.--Allegl1eny,aul- "'zL,,- " ' J"'."X X' I , 1? ' . . . N "1 fin? jonrneml ugann tor prayer- l' II7 mcctingC?j. 16.-Double-header Senior class meeting. 17.- Andrews ofthe 'l'ribune Pub. Co. called on Dr. Wheeler and pre- sented a hill of E250 against '9o's KAl.nRoN Board. Davy says 'tis sad, hut owing to the irresponsible character of the Board. the hill cannot he collected. zo.--Fields at Chapel on time. 3i.-l'faunt- leroy-HalIowe'en-dress-parade-only-ladies-admitted party, at Hul- ings Hall. Oswalt to 'Cochranton again. 26.-l'rof. Monty proves 'l'alnian to he a spiritualist. 28.-Allegheny adjourns to see the Philo inter-society orator elected. 29.--lJl'. Bixby, of England, speaks in Chapel. Philo adjouruedf?j for A' A H reception. D1-zcfmlnl-:R Io.-Cram ! Cram ! ! Cram ll! New Profs in ex- anis beat the clams. IS.-4cJl'ZJ.tlOIl in Philo on Mcflinty hy Black. 23.-Dr. Haninett tries the catapult act on Scofield. JANUARY 24.-Bishop Vincent in Chapel. FEURUARV 3.-Pan-collegiate-grub-stow-away contest. Var- ner umpire. 5. MW! -Hulings Hall 4 ll' . . . . . 'N Fx ix cracker contest. fm, A' Z if Nix IX Black lirstprize- 41 .731 X 15 xx XF: M ' ' 05-5 5 nian. 7.-lVlur- 455-ME-xx der trial in Phi--s-,---' -""" ' i' lo. Moot Con- X gress in Alle- X N ghelny. Negro - --DA -f--1 f i-, question settled 4- 'tiksillxlwx Y forever. 2o.- . . N Soudan self-supporting missionaries. 25.--l,l'0l:. 'l'wining.leax'es for Boston. 24.-Barrows joins the Ministerial Association. 28.- Russel H. Conwell in Chapel. . MARUH 3.-KA1,nkoN hoard finally elected. ii.-Great slaughter of niustaches among the Freshmen. 15.-Sophon1ore- IIB C family-Bible demonstration in Chapel. Griffen and Simons unable to locate the Psalms. 23.-flfdlit day at the Hall. Miss Foster's poodle arrives. Varner acts as god- - fm. , father at the christening. Monty 1' alarmed about the l4AI.DRON board. QI 'Ur I Q X "Afraid the KALDRON will be too i ul 1 l ltyikix X' spicy." 27.-Air blue and sulphur X A ' fumes escaping from the new Profs' i X , rooms. Reform in examination! l an - -wi xg:- Avkll. 5.-College booming. l fffzf-ici --" SQ One new student enrolled. 6.-Great scheme unearthed by the f'l'he above records will never be finished, since a member of the facility looked so coldly upon the KAI.nRoN historian that his body was immediately encased in a solid block of ice. Vet he was faithful to the last and was found with note-book and pencil in his frozen handsj ' Faom an old issue of the College paper: fflvlessrs. Chas. New- kirk, Eddie Hersperger, Harry Dunn and johnnie l-Iamnett have entered the Preparatory School. We welcome these young men and hope we will he able to keep them among us." fWe rise to remark that the College has done so.-KAI.nRoN man.j lly Qrof. Eroemorfo Gfctoo Q9eguPcilioQ:+5. rr v - X X li, Professor DI. S. 'l'rueman and myself, in order to pre- B U vent students from ohtainingjustcreditfor their work, A . to manipulate College for our fossilized ideas, to se- cure for me and myself the detestation of all fair-minded students. do ordain and establish these rules and regulations for the govern- ment of our Greek and Latin classes. ' ART. I.-Sec. 1. No student shall receive credit for studies pursued under me, who shall not wade back through the slush of prehistoric phonetics and trace up the derivation of every word from the gihberish of man-preceding, inarticulating monkeys and baboons. Students are also required to reproduce all forms of in- llection not extant. commencinginvestigations with the Eozoic era. 'l'he Faculty, not possessing the facilities for transporting my classes to the libraries of Rome and Constantinople for the pur- pose of studying the original MSS., lectures upon them will he given by mefl' Sec. 2. All students are required to attend Saturday after- noon, special, select, instructive drills on grammatical capillary rivings conducted by mef' i ART. II.--Sec. I. Credit for daily recitations shall be given as follows : ln my Greek classes every student rendering a satis- factory translation of three lines, and responding in a fitting ca- dence to one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-seven interroga- tories, in strict conformity with Liddell Sz Scott's Unabridged Greek Lexicon, Goodwin's Moods and- 'l'enses, and Goodwin's Greek Grammar, with marginal emendations by myself, Prof. j. S. "' Prof. J. S. Trueman. 120 C 'l'rueman Cl have placed editions of these works in the library for general referencejg or in my Latin classes. every studentwho shall translate to suit my cynical taste two lines of the text and respond to one thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three grammatical quiz- zes in exact parallelism with the latest revised edition of mv Cno other authority recognizedj, shall receive one black mark in my little book. Sec. 2. Any student who during the term shall have received twenty-live of the before-described plumbago lines, shall 'obtain a rebate of one upon his requisite "passing" percentage in examina- tion. . Sec. 3. No student shall however in any case be allowed a total rebate of more than two. ART. Ill. Sec. I. The following discredits shall accrue form students : Any student who, at any daily 7lI!'J'L'ljl 711t'L'fl.Ilg'l', shall not anglicize to suit my dyspeptic and cynical taste the three lines of text or does not instantaneously furnish perfect responses for my technical, dialectical, syntactical, grammatical catechism, shall re- ceive an elliptical curve, with major axis vertical, upon my little book. Sec. 2. At the close of the term for every such elliptical curve H millstoned " to his name, a student shall suffer a deduction of one from his examination percentage. Sec 3. No student shall, however, receive more than one hun- dred and nine and one-half such deductions from his percentage gained in the " lire and water " ordeal of examination. ART. IV. Excessive cramming for examinations is required. In the enlightened present, honest, continued effort stands for 'li This is an example of the Greek " Dative of Disadvantagef' TThe figure is not imaginative. IRI naught. Professional flunkers and examination day free-traders stride the peak. All are recommended to restrict every cardiacal affection, dry up all fountains of human feeling and wither away into an ossilied. petrified being, the tender juices of whose nature have dried up, whose physical matter, hlood and muscle, has heen replaced hy the percolating, crystallizing Greek and lratin roots and intlecrions. Jtczlxvice To Qrof. Eaorqae. 'I'ell me not in French and German. Married life is what it seems, For l've looked hehind the curtain And l've walked anion f the scenes. S-1 l.ife is real, life is earnest, And a wife is not its goal. "Seek a wife and seek in earnest." ls advice Fit for a fool. Wives of great men all remind us. We should choose our wives with care, - Or departing, leave hehind us, Half our natural crop of hair. l,et us then he up and doing, Seek distinction here on earth, Be a Prof in Greek and Latin, Though no children grace our hearth. I27 1 1 Gguofalionf. 'The 'Dead Gamest ' Senior Class that has graduated in years." -D. H. W. " Won't mamma he glad to see her boy graduate P " -Nl-:wK1RR. " l would fain hie me awa to mv father's cornlieldf' Y . --CHr:snRo. " What will "l'onnny' do next year? " ' --lfvAl.lJWlN. " What an awful task it is to run the college." -0swAL'r. " How I would love to display my heautiful form in tights! " -lflmseock. "l thank God that l ani not as other men are." -Rum. " Me and Matthew Stanley Quay." -VixRNif:R. " What a shame that so useful a metal and so useless a lady-tagger i . ,, , . . -f should have the same name. .lNl'K. "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." -Gmsnnv. ng." " l sup upon myself and so shall starve with feedi -l,Hll.l.Il'S. " lt's a great thing to kill a man." -C ix'r'rr: RN. "Quick wits are more quick to enter speedily than to pierce far. like sharp tools. whose edges are soon turned." -BAR R r:'r'r. 123 " I must to the barbers, for methinks' I am marvelous hairy about the face." -Sl-1A'r'ro. " Learn to hold thy tongueg five words cost Zacharias forty weeks silence." -MILLER. "There is no disgrace in being old." ' 1 -Mrssas GRANT, BYERLEY AND THRASHER. "ML B --- swore to me an eternal love: Eternity has lasted but one Semester." --Miss WHITNEY. "We are poor plants, buoyed up by the air vessels of our own conceit." . --SEN1oRs. "Ah, cruel heaven, that made no cure for love! " -NEsn1T. " Man, can"t you stand still P " -STAPLES. "Pause, heedless youth, that maiden doth prepare To light a cigarette upon thy auburn hair." -YOUNGSON. " I'm struck on my shapeg I'm from Tidioute, I am." -COUSE. -foil, Lord!" "Not Hercules could have knocked out his brains, for he had v none." -DICE. " She is old, but she has love in her eye." -g'I'w1N1No. H I'm but a poor farmer." v ' -Nlcknkson. " I have gone through College on the reputation of my brother." -Bomzv. I24 t l t 353-97- The midnight hour was coming fast, As through the Meadville streets there passed, Six youths who soon would make renown. Hy waking up that staid old town. The weary cops were sleeping sound, Not one upon his heat was found, But soon upon their ears there fell The tones of a most awful yell. ln devilish glee they sped away. Well knowing the sound of 4' Alleghe l" And ehuekling at what sport 'twould he From those wild lads to get a fee. Un walked the youths. serene and gay, ,, . , . . la en to the hill-boards hind which lav The angered cops. And very soon The students sang a different tune. Down toward the cooler lnarehed the six, 125 Thinking in what a deuced Hx They'd gotten themselvesg and then began 'l'o think of some propitious plan By which their captors could he made To give release. But all they said Was " Vat you tinks of 'Alleghe' now? " And not a bribe would the cops allow. And then they went to old 'Squire Penta, Who surely, they thought, would have the sense 'l'o set them free. Successful trip. . 'l'hen angry to their homes they skip. But the worst of this sad tale occurred. When. two days later, the six all heard 'l'hat three ninety-seven was the line Which they must pay or in prison pine. Now. students, beware and, never give vent 'l'o any enthusiasm, though 'tis well meant. For three ninety-seven is the certain reward Of that lnckless Wight whose voice shall he heard ln giving the tones of our College yell. So, curh down your spirits, guard yourselves well. Stay at home in the eveniilgg go not out hy day, Or you will have the Old Nick to pay. Srzxlok class prayer-meeting, just previous to ,election No. 2. Pious Miss, fervently: "Oh, Lord! Give us strength to defeat the schemes of the wily enemy: and, if we should do anything wrong. do thou forgive us." Nlemher of opposite faction, underhfis hreath: "Good Devil I 'Fake the l.ord again upon the mount, till we get this ticket through. " no C Jxnallyllce ecifqlion. As the world in its ecliptic, Moved through space in orb elliptic' g When cycled time with brow sedate, Forged the links for chains of fate, Forever fixed when once they bind, Forming a fetter, which the mind Of man, forsooth, or human will. Pro or con can not avail : ln moons that lately passed away, A word was heard from Canada. The Stilwell failed its common yields And left us grazing parched lfields. Take a seat in Analytics, View the sight and then turn critics. With thought-curved brow sits Texan And at his left the down-lipped Fox. Russell's guying poor Talman, Erasing hoard is Morrison. lThesbro's digesting Hulings' hash. lie l'.'s pulling his mustache. While deep-minded Patterson ls calculating .r plus one: While Falconer and Slavin too Are busy o'er a short " review5" When time into the past has Hung 'l'en minutes since the bell has rungg The lock clicks and the portal yields, Knox And steps within the chin-capped Fields. just as mist at dawn of day, So disorder glides away. The whiskers part, the result is :-- " Wall, what are your d1jivul1fz'c.v?" Each sets to, with furtive look, 127 Glancing o'er his well-wornQ?j book. Five minutes past in leafy bustle, The spell is broken by Russell 1- " Professor. the great obstacle Over which l always fall . l:Russell's working hard of late.j ls the work's so intricate." Morrison gives speedy aid, To the move by Russell made, States he's taken careful study, Still his thoughts are rather muddy: If Analytics griped us thus, What would we do with Calculus? Then, by the way, Russell puts in, "When do we on tha! fiend begin?' Professor, thumbing his book o'er, Says we're in need of much, much more Time, at least in Soph'more year, For our mathematics here. - Talman whispers his opinion, That they have their due dominion. Slavin's sorrow finds its vent, Through the scanty time he's spent, Says full four years have cut their way, Since he studied algebra. Professor, while we sympathize, Advises him to modernize. And thus the tide moves slowly on Until the time for work is gone, V And Chapel bell gives us warning For devotion of the morning. "Take to section sixty-one, Reviewing what to-day's begun," Is the parting admonition, ' To the serfs of his tuition. Y 128 l I .ik ,W Ju'-ff , ...Cf Cyjliff' ,gf-E fwfr 'ijz for fri-Qi iff? ' 'F Q A lh,Fl!l'2ill'iluli r ff' K? 'Ui WT-N" Hill' 40, ' S"-'i Mi 4 0 VF, ' 'f ' Mil--f.i4 F EQ V np 4 X ex? N55 gay al, l PP .G iblfzf megj i i i l cg Q If rio., , , X eil xi slr' K I 6 V . 43 Null. ,i qbff' 2:11, i 4 . me-L-4. f , , f -:--- ff-. 4.1 l'll+2'l'A Cl-lAl"l'ER. Founded by Reubenfcinjstein. flloffn--H Music hath charms to scare a savage. Split a rock, or bust a cabbage." Fl't7fl'1'1l!'fj' Organ-"'l'l1e Bazoof' Sedalia, Mo. ' lr, - Eozfcullcrle- Prof. Fields. -laisligguisljeal - gllunjqi- Prof. dIXxoZV. Herr Wagner. Freddie B. Nicolini. The Sehubcrts. Baldwin. Sabin. Blind 'l'on1. Mendelssohn. -lim Kightlinger. Miller Bros. C0l1llllCl'Cllll Orc'hestra.N -Gl'yrz1lzalcr- I Boston Conservatory of Music. Buffalo School of Voice Culture Meadville Conservatory of Music. - linabe Fianoforte Manufactory, Baltimore Md. . M. li. Church Choir. Corry Boiler Works. Pandemoniuni Music Hall, Cineinnati, Ohio. Anyone desiring inelubersliip must be able to discourse readily on fl Chi nest: liddle, and read Hebrew music at sight. None others need apply. I 30 C i -O i' U f ' PQ 4 ' Si'- 5 jiri , . l if 'g!'gj:,-2:-5 4 " ,V 3 , , ' li ' I 7 ' . Q .H 2 's f' ' 556 Q - ' -. ' 2 ik' 1.?'i,.v ,q?:mJ--.- -ef-ff-ig-bkffssaql lf -Z , .4 V .,.. E -A V ' .,. f - E WL,--. 1. .-.. , ufJilf5:...:lsk i '-. A J A' A :"?ln f1f?fifiQ , ., '31 4 , f i Ljgf ixflfft ..-ff 'W F' 'A ' X-. 11: f i .V -its -.4 z-- .A-. : - -' ,N ' af., it N .V .' ffzf. -M-?E.- -1,'?.2.5., s w- P 1 .e f PI CHAl"1'r:R. Founded by Matthew Stanley Q-uay. Wlfzflfz-" To he a good sailor, one must know the ropes." f1l'tZfI'l'1l!'fj' f21'lQ'tIlI-U Police Gazette." -lry - Rcrcullcxlei - Prof. Montgomery. ' DlSlllJSLllSi'j2d ' - lix-Mayor Bemis. Cal. Brice. Senator Payne. Chief-of-Police Hanaway. Councilman Pratt. judge Church. U. H. Hollister. "Gov," Delamater. Commissioners Marley and Bailey. -Gl9mP1e1--RQll- Syracuse Ielenlp Rope M'f'y. Pittsburgh Cotton Rope M'f'y. New York School of Theology. New Castle Wire anal Nail Works. Chicago Barh Wire Co. Sing Sing. The Western Reserve. U. S. Navy Yards. Annapolis, Mil. Pennsylvania School of Reform. Morganza. Pa. Persons seeking nienilnership had lmeller bury their consciences 5 must lit able to handle ropes of every description, manipulate wires smooth and barbed, :aux gloves, and not show any sears. None others need apply. l3I 'iff ff.. ' i Q DE LT QB is : , iy igj , w A i 4. Y , ML W J Q' ' -if fl ' FL imp. Vfgg f , X-C, 9 ' ,- A .ages . l at MDE LT ' 0 f 'f -' -9 . ,, A . iw ii ?' .-Ximinx CH,xl"l'i':R. lfonnclecl lmy the Prince of Wales. flhifu-" lt's English you know." F1':zle1'lzz'!y 07'g'6ZlZ-H Demorest's Magazine." nu ' - -lg- R cullaflrz Dr. Hamnett. -laislirjguisljecl - Zllunjrpi- Col. l.cwis Walker. Gageby. Frank Sliryoc-k. l'Ix-President Artliur. Archie johnson. G. S. W. Phillips. Patsy Sheehan. Chauncey Nl. llepew. " Yaczkolf' Reefer. - Win. Walter Phelps. llr. C. li. Hall. 'Gl'jC1PlCF- Roll- f A .-Xlleglieny College. " l-lavarcl College." Warren, l'a.' l,l'lIlN,'CUlIl. limlinlioro Normal .Xcaclcmie llc Paris. Oxford, linglancl. Newiiluclenls, who eonleinplule entering sziirl frznlurnily, nnnsl presenl ll ar a reggularly-cerlilied-to pedigree, lie able lo engage in lllu "many " and we dress suit. None others need apply. I32 The A 0 , . - A fi, A -- Y rff- 'H 'U' " r:g3fG"27' '77-Wi'-. '. f- sf:-ig-Q '- E3 1 -- .445-w . 4 " ' ' 'Vim ,Af g l I Ju' K' ' ff f , 1' WA.-. Hs?.E:f-v2i?fP'i ' - . f'.f.:Jff1av f"G.2,.g 11' 'nf Zmttt . .. ,zfelfffiwliihiillllf .bps ' M1 , lJf..,.1 A Nr' -'vg'Li'35'EHlS1f Kiwi' do ' I lim lx' ' 'vi' f f'l'ff'i"iuI93zll 53 ' s U ,iii 4 A X fl'f".j 'l .f..iaE,1ti53E!3sllItgl, i -.. AA 11' it A Mifirw. i . in 5' ' .. 'f . f 'fiflllil li l le 5 - . nl, van. Y 0:1- 1, .fn Q 9 , , - it flnli- 'fi EY? 4 'I 'lllilliili-1152-?E-5:1Z5?3if1'ii4fLfff1f"'i"'fV ' 1.2555--.- L-,--A , 'E Y-'P f' , 7 "i"?'lL1.22.'2:L1Q5Qf3?SfSii2E-E555,7 J'-Eff' I ' liik t .. 72'-.9 ' 'H 1 f ' - ,.: , " "' .. " - " -3- n r " " s , .-- , ..n P1-:NN'.x lJl'1l,'I'A t'Hrxi-'i'i:n. Ifonnded b ohn Wesle . Y Y rllufln--" Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." F7'a!crn1'ly Organ-" Pittsburgh Christian Advocate." - lxj - Eucullrzilvi f Fradenburgh. ' iQlSlll',gl-lished ' ' Black. Henry Ward Beecher. Rev. Marshall. Frank Fiske. lrynian Abbott. ID. IJ. Dr. Flood. Rev. Hayes. Father Dunn. lien Hogan. -Clqcxplcr' Roll- llrew 'l'heol. Seminary. Mt. llnion. Allegheny. Wesleyan College. tlil City High School. Trinity. Mt. St. lVlary's. Yale. Antioch. Unitarian 'l'heologieal School, Meatlville. New lnen expecting u bid from the above Order, should bring with them letters of reeonnnendation from the home pastor, honorable discharge from the Sunday school superintendent, and several pairs of trousers, well J: d 1 ' knee. None others need apply. ' I 1 ded .tt the '33 .. ,kv i il fill" V Y , My -,,,- N 1711 2 i . A We . f eff -. i V WS all .731 -,'f',flw5'9' f ' 1 0 " . i willy ini 'Hr T till-ia" r fl" 1 '-lf'Al'l' fr r IJPHA ff . , it U 'V 'L ' f 9'-'Wlliilll alll' i-' fl'!1i" Z4i2?l1Gl!li fa f' 9 ff .1 X jjflfff-lvl 2.1: - 1 5 eflf, lxiiff-ll, . .fgLQfiQ!izce11.ii'i ' YE IL ' he -' "I'fw2 fFl4i5iiflllllflf. i L p y we .,, g f' li ,JJ1 Ei., lil l,ENN'A OMEGA CHAP'1'r:R. 'Founded by Horace Greeley. fW0z'!a--"Anal the l.ord commanded them to go into the fields, for they were good farmers." F1'az'e'1'7zz'zj1 Orgzzlz-"'l'l1e'San 'Francisco Rural Press." -lrg-l?iu'culle1le- Major Kreps. ' ' Bert Boush. Hon. J. P. Coulter. Rev, I-Iigley. D. M. Ferry, the seed man. Sec'y Rusk. Chip Richmond. I -Gljciplexv Roll- ' New 'Vork Industrial College. Ann Arbor School of Phfzrlll-acy. Blooming Valley. Vanderbilt University. Rochester Garden Seed Co. l'enn'a lJairy1nen's Association. Michigan State Agricultural School. Students handing in names must belong to the Battalion and arrange to have butter and eggs brought in to the Chapter House weekly. Superior in- ducements offered to anyone getting up a club. 13-l 1.1.-fa. fwgr T A l T ' ' if if is ess 1 , . v i 14:36-e '12, pf: nf' . A Q ,Mx X JM: - K . . i 6 .1 -f 1fll:g,'.f'fN',, --P ' fi-4 . , f ,xx , X. Aylgf 0 . Q 1 . I 1 I, ,k gvxx ,il ,'if:T ' ' ' we - ,,,, f' Y J, '- . iii x .1559-1' . fb f -' .. 59 ' A- 0-'ff::' ' .Z-1-. is -' N-C' N' ' --f -' Pg . n .l 'll' ll .- V 'f fe 'f If i - -. ' G S . , will . j fzif -. N ' A lx' 27' ll f an - l 1 u 'y ll l1i,l fe 3 41 +-4 . Q. ill . i "M "lui, 'I wif ' " ,xg c. ,y" 'XS' ,p 1" it ,Mr ' if-'SN - f i ' r i ,if-m i' A " - 'Xi' N s i ' .+ f if aww' P A 1 t if '-ivrr +V - ' ev 3 -ei 'XI f . - M Q Q. . ,-. .' 'i' ' .M . 1' ' -...wfi fs MU CHAWVER. Founded hv Mrs. David Livingston. 1 h Matin-" Glo ye, therefore, and teach all nations." j'lI'llfl'l'lZZ'4j' 0l'g'dll-'K The Missionary Herald," Boston. -lzj - Rezculleilci - Prof. Elliott. -Disllryguisljccl - cjllunjigi- Miss Cheshro. Mrs. Sam Long. Mrs. liniin Pushu. Frances Willard. Miss Kellogg. llelva Lockwood. Mrs. bl. lludson Taylor. Mrs. Stanley. Mrs. Cuh 'l'hohurn. -Gljczplcw Roll- Martin Mission Institute. The Anglo-japanese College. 'l'okio, japan. Allahahad, India. Allegheny College. Vassar. Lucknow Institute. Vallonia. All young girls joining this Frzllernily will be carefully looked nfter by the ofrler girls, will receive :iid in learning their Sunday-school lessons, and will " stand in " with the preceplrc-ss. 135 , , ,. , 41. '-fgisis' w 9 X .1 '. ,- 1 g '59 5'-'63 , Zvi yllg ? g ., 5 2 . 1 425.45519 ' ., , 1g,ll,' ' 1 . '. 'W dl Q3 311 ' Q .fp tl ', I' I 'J ll ek Q . eb -f . - -' ,. Q ,N l ? 4f?o , N., ., .- ' 1 1 1 is - ' , M M 1 rl 3.501 qw if G.. Q -r GN Otis fe .Alfrill a ff. jfx f, di ,ywxs 1 ,I GN., .fs V 9 fy Q ,f ,,' .av 7,1 ii.-.'2if'x'-Q-4 9 'L , is - Q -F "f l ul 25' 'llill " f ff li si' lg f if . . . ' ' Tlyf? 2-6 'f l - 5 L - . l' ff f , ,JW :SRF A7 -ixre X i l 'll' I ' ,' 2 , ll i-. l , .f fl ' -4' - 'f ----'S 4 11- ' 7 'XV"f- l ' 'W' --Fi I Rilo flllAl"l'l'IR. 'l"onnmleml hy Mrs. .lanies Brown l otter. flfnflo-" 'l'wo sonls with lint a single thought- 'l'wo hearts that heat as one." l"I'1Zft'7'lII'4'l' Ufjgrfzu-" Dramatic News." - l.,.l7ia1culIQ,Ie- Miss Grace Foster. ' Dislixjguisljccl -J-llunqzji - Frances Cleveland. Mary Anderson Miss May Whitney. -Inlia Marlowe. M rs.hlohn .Iacoh Astoi Dr. Mary Walker. Mrs. Henians. Mrs. Fitz Hugh l,ee. Miss llowarml. Mrs. Mary A. Liverinore. Mrs. lix-Sec"y Whitney. -Cljmplev Roll' Allegheny College. Oherlin. W. R. F. Posts. Acarleniyof Mnsie. ll Q l ll 1X oci mn Ir 1 rw . ss "ati: s. Bryn Mawr Wellesley. "'lll1t!400,l'NCNV York. St. Agnes Gnilcl. All Ltamliclalcs for memlnzrship must lnlcc music and eloeulion, wrile poetry, own il clnrlc lantern and contribute an article of furniture lo the new ca H Fra! rooms. 136 PETA X PJ CV? f f L on Fil ii '. 13" P -L '41, 6, ' im 5 , V -1-il ,f I av Q H QL!! If ,- Y Y - v ,- , L Hi 'Eli' ,-7, Y .. " . .- ' 'S V i. ' - 1 3 I t W ,-.5 ' ,f'nj,w .V , eff? ixf. - tml. 4 l , ' 1, I Z- 5 mlvklim . my ., J 4 , M, F C, J'iLy..- Nyce. '. nf 9.1. - .rr W 5, FfWMffW4WV wg ..,. f , be Q'-- fqsi ,. l fr-x - 4 ' 5' 'i VXI ' he ,A ' ,X .fx nu p WV, 1,5 Q 9 27 f Q f H ,.. :AX !1. .Hi K 1 5 3' 4:-v. f ge 4 ' ,O 4, pl... S 4 .1 i f f f' 1' h.?ai 1 X , , , f . + v ui . , ,a S ,.. , 'Q f ,1 ,f . X- 4, .j 71-2 Q ' J' ' ' t'Q 'L.:f4..A ' 1 ,f .4 G L , , an 1 I., ..,, ' ,ggjif , 155551 ' 452, fl. ig '.:, , Ns' J Ulf ' ' ll'i5'ef ' " ' ' 'Q 4 4 " 4144 Al.i.r:oHENv CHAP'i'r:R. 'Founded by "jack the Ripper." Illaflo--"B11rn, mob, haze, kill. Let not a ilippant Freshman live." Fl'c?fFl'lI1'fjf Orgmz-"'l'l1e Epitaph," Tombstone, Arizona. ' lr, - Earculleflci - Prof. Trueman. Prof. Montgomery. ' Elslllgguisljctzl - xfllunjrji - "'.l'omn1y" Varner. jim Cummings. Rev. R. T. Adams. Marquis. Barrett. Texas jack. M. j. lichols. john Bunyan Hawk. Buffalo Bill. Mattern. - Qljmlnlefr- Roll - Allegheny College. La Bastille Meadville. lJick's Hollow. Leavenworth, Kas. Fradenburgh's room. Y. M. C. A. Rooms. Pittsburgh Female College. Cornell. john I.. Sullivan. jesse james. Bob Younger. Richard K. Fox. Pachedjieff. Westminster College. Goose Heaven. Benderls. Hypothologieal Club. Students desirous of entering upon this grand work will please meet Mar- quis and Barrett any Saturday evening on the Dock street bridge. Must have had experience as a barber, be able to drive a tack with a revolver, play a "stit't"' fame of poker stay out all night and report at Chapel without 'l is v . showing loss of sleep, present recommendations from some K. K. K. or Order of " White Caps,', lead Sophomore prayer meeting when called upon, or shoot ' ' ' 7 f ' He drick a Meadville policeman with the utmostxnrzgfrozd. lor re eience, see y or Welty. X 137 Cflxllffactli 5191945 Sag of UA. fir- -' T WAS from the lirst a great desire ofthe KAl,oRoN Board to is obtain an authentic statement of the proceedings in a H Faculty meeting, for it has long been known the earth's axis pierced the surface in the midst of that aggregation of brains. There the student's destiny is rolled from the wheel of fortune. Thence emanate those edicts which dcdicatc our lives to weal or woe. Thence comes tl1e promise of honor and glory to the Senior, Thence our paternal ancestors receive notice that the climate here is injurious to our health, that we would tiourish more prosperously elsewhere. There the KAl,DRoN Board receives its gallings and lashings. There, ill will and hatred, hidden deep in the bosom of the Faculty, coaxed and fondled by the privacy of the situation, vents itself in verbal invective. All this hidden deep in mystery, yet within our very midst! Could it be reached and published to the world? Nlomentous project! None before so bold as to under- take it, but the KAl.nRoN man, willing to risk all for the good of his publication. lished from the depths of his imagination-a scheme. A committee was appointed to investigate. The plan was found feasible. The safe was placed obliquely across the corner of the roomg the KAl,oRoN man was concealed behind. The Faculty assembled. Our reporter was faithful to his notes. lt was accomplished! The greatest achievement in college jour- nalism for the :oth century l The profound secret lies before you I The Report of a Faculty Meeting or j' Ilia! 7Wrjr Sill' Qf Ur." The members came in straggling. "Davy" called time and pulling a stub pencil from his breeches pocket tossed it to Thomas, with a verbal request to ascertain whether a quorum was present. A38 A quorum being found, business was continued by the reading of the minutes of last session. The only transaction recorded worthy of note was a motion to table for one week a communication from the KAi.nuoN Board. requesting the co-operation of the 'Faculty in certain matters. By privilege, it was moved by Monty Cand seconded by Miss lfostervj that the members of the KALDRON Board be taken up and discussed separately, since he had suspi- cion as to the character of "one or two." 'l'he motion carried with only two votes in the negative. Siling and Tommy. Davy announced discussion in order on Gibson. Monty took the floor saying, "Gibson is a pretty good fellow. but I have grave suspicion he is an active I-I .Y lf. That infernal institution has got to go. He is a man to keep your eye on." Miss Foster followed, that though but slightly acquainted with the gentleman, she considered him darkly suspicious. It was impossible to say just what 'lay hidden beneath his long hair. Trueman stated Gibson had done good work under him, yet of late had ceased his attendance at Sunday- school and was neglecting Saturday Greek grammar recitations. ho would do that was certainly on the down hill to -. Any man w After a slight whistle Davy gave Gibson an interrogation point and continued, "Russell." A inoment's silence fell, but every eye that caught the rays from Miss l'oster's glowing cheeks, saw the colors come and go like the tints on a sun-painted cloud in the evening. She arose to her feet. Her excitement was intense. " Gentlemen," she stam- mered. "Gentlemen if you would save me. sit down on this man." Her piteous cries brought Monty to the rescue, stating that Russell was a good student, but a H .Y la' alumnus. That institution was a disgrace to the College. Fields gave Russell a good word, was followed by lilliott. who would not desire to have his destiny placed '39 in Rnssell's hands. The interrogation point gotta ditto from above and Porter was announced. Monty could not definitely state whether he were a H A' lf. Could say nothing to the gentleman's discredit. Miss Foster gave him no ill word, except he kept rather late hours at Hulings and might "get on" something which should not be exposed to the public. All other Profs declared Porter to be a man of known good morals and probity. His name passed without note. t' l7effe1'," announced Davy, "is making a good record. Hulings hash contains less dog under him than for sev- eral years back." QMonty thought Peffer was not a I-I N EQ " Sweeney," Davy suggested, 4' is a line fellow. Will see that nothing enters into the KALIDRON which will be disgraceful to the College in any respect." Monty stated that Mr. Sweeny wasn't a If? QV H, but there had been a terrible picture taken, and Mr. Sweeney was probably at the bottom of it. 'Foster thought the gentleman would bear notice, was prying into Hulings affairs beyond all propriety. lt was recommended he be given doubtful acceptation. l H Deming," fell from Davy's lips, as he pulled his goatee, with a keen eye turned on Trueman. Trueman straightened his kinks, saying that Deming was a vicious Hunker in Lating was not fitted to be a KALnRoN editor. Monty wheeled to the front and made another drive for H Af' la'.- H Doctor, this will never do, with all these I-I JV la' men on the Board the publication will disgrace us." Miss Foster, smiling, stated that Mr. Deming was a perfect gen- tlemang she had considerable influence over him, should he re- main on the Board, it was altogether probable she would induce him to hold all KALDRON meetings in the I-lulings parlors and place the ladies on an equal footing with the other editorsg leave Deming to her and all would be well. 1 .gn " Ehrenfeldf' after an adjustment of his glasses and a close glance at the list. set out from l'Javy's vocals. Monty led the van : "lihrenfeld is a line fellow. but h1".v a I-I yl' lf. lf that man rides through with this Board, l'll getscalded, and badly. too, lloctor 2" Miss Foster knew lihrenfeld to be sly. He was put doubtful. "liyers." fell on the reporter's ears shrilly. .Miss Foster's Gracefulf?j form first arose. Mr. Byers was a perfect gentleman. " Good 2 Very good ! lixcellent 3" Prof. Thomas said the gen- tleman was taking French under hini. " Studies quite well: is like -some other--boys 1 doesn't always-have-his lessons." " Ross," from Davy, brought 'l'rueman to his feet: " Mr. Ross is a perfect gentleman 3 attends Saturday afternoon rec--gram- Saturday afternoon gram-- grammar recitations faithfully 3 what- just what Mr. Ross would-how-how--just'how-Mr. Ross would conduct KALDRON work 3 do not-do not exactly know." CMonty thought Ross was fm! a H xl' l:'.j " Collins," said Davy. " is a gentleman throughout and will allow nothing improper to adorn the pages of the KALDRON.H lVlonty knew he was a fair fellow. " No H .V ls' about him." Miss Foster vouched for the gentleman's uprightness, yet thought she had caught him looking suspiciously at the " Dog." This ended the list, except the ladies. concerning whom nothing was said. The reporter hoped to obtain further secrets, but just at this juncture Monty's engine began whistling underneath and the Faculty, fear- ing an explosion was imminent, adjourned without a motion, and in the confusion which followed the KAl.nRoN reporter escaped unnoticed. " Choose not alone a proper mate. but a proper time to marry." -C. li. HAWK. l.lI How Efgtctnfcfulp We Saoufgl. Be. lf the lfreslinu-n's tongues were attached to brains, How thankful we should be If the Seniors only had hats and canes. How thankful we should he lf the Sophomore class had any sand. lf the junior Class would show its hand, If 'l'. N. li. would just dishand. How thankful we should be lf the " gov'nor " would cash drafts at sight. How thankful we should he lf cluh hoard were not so light, How thankful we should be lf skipping class were not tahooed. lf gum were not by the Hall girls chewed. lf the Prep students were not so rude. How thankful we should be rw ' . lf K. A. l. loved lx. lx. U., How thankful we should he lf lf. K. G. loved K. A. 'l'., How thankful we should lie lf books at lfiske's were not so high, lf Professor -- were not so sly. lf class historians would not lie. How thankful we should he lf we could only write u poem, How thankful we should be lf liilerls beer were not half foam, How thankul we should be lf the girls did not work the boys for shows, And hundreds of things, the Lord only knows, But would all lile up in double rows, And lluy KALIJRONS, how profoundly thankful we should he 142 lvlgfe-J'Ilil'f. " Indeed, I do love my 1-. the greatest of college come- dians." -lipwanns. " What a stubby swain is mine." -KI-:l.l.oot:. " Which of the two, Sisley or Hatch? My heart' says Sisley, but my brother says I-latch." --BARRr:'r'1'. " Mamma, Coulter has a camera, now. Can't he have a dark room over here, and can't I watch him develop pictures just as much as I want to, please ?" --GRAHAM. "The boys think I am a tIirt." --Mouzvr, "And she said ' Ilan, come forth I' and straightway Danforth came." ' ' -'l'HRAsHr:R. "May-I dreamed a delightful dream last nightq I thought I weighed only one hundred and twenty-live pounds, but just then a couple of bed slats broke, and oh. horrors I " --IVIoUN'l'. " Yes, pet. 'I'o be sure. darling. Certainly. my precious one. lllesss your little heart. etc." -Foshan. " I-Ielen, if you go to that Delta reception you will break my heart." -Cl-IESISRO. " Did he say recitation in Type?" --WARNER. "I lost twenty-seven cents last night." -KEPLER. " You are an awful big whacker." -WA'l'soN. " Three little maids from school are we." , -El.i.A, Maul: ann Gnlxclrz. Miss Mannett. as she gazes upon Eighmy's picture, which has just been given a prominent place upon the wall of her room : " Everything is lovely and the goose hangs high." "Why bless your dear little heart Mr. Cattern, of course I'll go with you." 1, '43 Miss K. A. T. No. 1, to Miss K. A. T. No. 2: "Did you ever notice how much Mr. Russell resembles Mr. Bullock?" " Yes, but how marked the difference is between them." .cv es indeed3 Mr. Bullock is so nice." Miss Foster: " What is that dreadful noise upstairs?" Inmate : "'l'hat's just Carrie Mount and Miss Clark waltzing in the garretf' Miss M., coming home from church with Starr: "Say. aren't we going it pretty fast?" fNo answerg a moment elapsesj "Well, say, hold on here, I'm a pretty good single-footer, but I can't lope worth a. cent." ELECTION past, a Senior great, Of much renown in scheming late, Cleaved the air with a three league stride, To gain a place at Davy's side. He thought to smash with a single word, The Senior class and a KALDRON Board. Davy's ear at last in reach, He poured on him his wrothy speech: "In the Senior class I'm lirm convinced More grace of God should be evinced." The Doctor smiled with graceful air, As he took a lean in his office chairg And then he said, though it may seem odd, " I-'ew classes show much grace of God. Election tactics take their course And gather strength from another source.' 144 ,W " u E '5 Y 9- - - zolfl for W - m d wbfsfcl 0116 W 0616 WWI 5 J l f'53 ?l'4122 1l90fMQW WUI' W1 WM Q OW' A , M, CLH Ting -the Piclupe with fucldier Mvleqczfor. JV' Tl M1611 W of QXQWQWW1 PU 01,611 my visfO'1ff0P'JUM'G W h'7def7'?'ff?W- D'hf5Pfi11QS0wf1, WC MS WW12 'IS OWEN. gflxyvwn? WS WCW1'13l'1'Wi1"'EmH'6" 19113 To loviqgj W0."Ide". Whether , xbtwggq VVPDTIQ A Trlzkldenfm drewqulg' Shoqqd 8ee-LyPQnlaxqceL5 glamour Ilgilfr, New :he mf of Asfv O14 wluwf QSf'Wvi'L4' inf Ml, fm of A Sa-Nant Mv- ,SN 7 Jn UIQ, doubler ma Plumell bonnet. 1 Qsomwm 'b010f's'T4uffff'fnQ OW W U H? gomfoqcg page 2xfAli5l11Al1 Iveaxguxfaecf N4 Sohleones Tacg in I-Ieewf CT'15hY'll'l6qi PVVTIH bravery. loyfxly. TPUHI unnlewureol' JMQ every grace of A 110195 71111151- '45 J-G, oqe of be Jtradrl H711 wifh axrnlot' clixghing. Noekng the guq with eqch lgeq lolvxfligg flmghiqg Fluted before me iq bro Q1 processioqa Each on erramclg of mercy ol' fame? slow, pgfeqee of tfgel1e!pleGg5 or righfeoug axggreqg: r burqing of incense al' loneg geqfle flame. uxxfaf 'o fo liven T Oli UNIT! . "Wayan J5v1fz2Xl1yB gdfjwfiiggiffuegng MT ChbXY'mCd fqixqhoogis Clllbf 5, To leolclly beJfg'v7ifh,Tyr3qmoub wroqg, QX,Y5?IeX3W:l1j2xH iq wfaffqaiesiij youth ozgliq Io ad reverence meeffronli G brave an the me e Q5"'0Wg"7 "0 the brave Kyghks and hyolcf of Img cgtraxnge geqeraxfloq Themelveg woulq Leqgurp gerlfle heaxrfgueqeraklioqi No oqol' they cfeerq Lf. or pfeaxgure wotfh faxfgrl , A if Nur 111116 f ey 1' el? APS To ro aqee in the Ofqgereqaxcle gfraxium fo Bxogll-lVYIfDG1'iflg mg!" If fu e ,e 4 ,The Hemi? of ae Iggy fo pr-ess wifh a QS, A 'T H I5 "I We i myhetge IolAZ6?':ClN1 Pq3Q'f7T5,iI7 the badfle of Qgowfecl I e, Th Have no wilger Kgieeqcs Hlaxq bhe"poqieQS'bf college! ,444 elrlournixmeq luoufg axre awild erqulbliorl Y L M coqteqgfs aihlellc wifh raxclgpj or oaxrg Thelr crrwfgy qaxught but zxfreadiqirl vagaliorv ' ww fqefmb Conuwxrc HW WLH1 heroeg ofyoref' ' ' qtlwqeq, ogoul of the Pfqy-tlme,Q5ucI1 baJ11I you were brgzxflliqg, J lu 1 I 1 p okcgq from Hagar MH my fmguwgg wreex. img quash cc tle , ale flower will they 1 nl Kia 1 QSWSSIP I '?5WQS,P'1Z MM4 We In A WHY fhorwfisqs fvlaspsofq lfaawf bmw-fha cfeaq olcl o I zqreax loucl 'strc ec 'I - The goreogeql aqffufurj'5E1Lir Ilrimfg ofo reiii pil? or lvirdg W1 loloqggonlg axqfl ogprlqgtilqe wealher W cl louiqg axqq trulshqgf all some fogefherp -2 . M4 cwho orl the laxp of Hle may U65 Efreamiqg f K ' qrhjgqox? thai eaxch Ileaxrfilfhrola, ncbi? Am? True, le oonxfripaxeo epaxglfgggiq, I The heaxlqttg of tip! FQ-'QCI10 6Jl6w.Tq QVBA xl! vxijlza . ,lb S X 4- ll-, V 4, LS xl fi-Z,'.Q7J1,-1 '1,, ' RSX TM--V' ' ' ' xAm..x-smz'0f.f 1-w Cereofcopef. i 1- -.. 'L ' 'Pe-N 1 3 saggy gods il l' Q x ut- ixkfx f , - , l . .g X t .Q .. P F xx.- 1 f " KX 1 li': ' X . . 'Wm' .i V Eg., x -. N, -- V Nxxxgrtl ' X- ' ' 1-M ES T. I . . .f . QQQNK K , ' . PF, ZW YI-I uiuxlxfs FURWARU. The stcrcnpticon business, us Mr. Davis presented it Ln Allegheny slullcnts. 'l'w0-FISTED WENCH: " Wall, what's wanted?" f VIEW-AfiEN'1'Z " Dear madam, I am 3 mn a student from Allegheny College, and N lil I-3' ... .....,--.- would like to get .X ,- ll X X R a. quiet place to -Q X room for a few ,L ' ' X 'X I 1 X days. I was ad- V' 1 l i i,riSiEiGtiil'1e:eJmcl -U XX xl ' f - A f f ' lk .A . fam am showing up XY-.wil M . pl works of high ARWM- X art, and my mis- di JI sion to your beautiful little city is a phil authropic one." ""' '-M '--U -1 'l'. F. W.: 'cHlll1li H' much kiu yo Gli'I"l'lNl' A umm. ,fOl'll ti 1JL1y?H 1.48 V. A.: "Never mind about the price, maflam, if the room suits me, and there are no fleas, bed-bugs or cockroaches aroundg I ani perfectly indifferent as to cost" Csqueezing the solitary dol- lar in his inside pocket, don't you know lj. 'l'. F. W.: "Wall, l vum! Cum in, little feller. Now, there's a rum thur 'ats fot carmits, cheers, two on 'em burer 'nd lots , 7 9 other tra Js, 'nd if e want t' take it 'nd Ja me four dollars :L Y 1 Y week l0ng's ye stay-cash, no trinkets. now, mind l-l'm yer woman." The room was taken. A fs. .1 , 1 Q ' O f l ' ' N it Q N my ll fx Tb. -r l Q il E! to fffgx h s' , P 'lil l X ' . el ., it . N., X X I - p , 4 , 1 " . fi I N X i I ,h ,tt -by i lwlliiiiiti Q 1 y .gl N5 ti 1 ,5 w e r ' is-1-' ,W N W- . X . - ATXYURK- V. A.: " Now, just look at this one, Mr., isn't it u beauty? CAside-Yes, johnny, l'll show you in at minute--j Ever see anything to compare with it? And here's another, 'The Coliseum att Rome,' one of the most l11zz1'7w'Z1111.s' relies of a1'ch1'fr'cf111'4zl gw1z'1l.v in the woz'lz1'. Cl,ooks upj-What at sweet child that is playing witl1 the kitten! Why, it is suid-und I do not doubt itC?j-that this ll11lgl11:ft't'llf .vt1'1n'f1r1'uzum' to seat jfffv 11u'f!1'm1 Q5o,ooo,oooj 140 people. and that at one time during the reign of V7'1'lnrbmm'hiafllx ZlIl'h1Il'l'lI.V, no less than am' 1lIl'ffl'I7Il Cl ,ooo,oooj gladiators dfrfz' .VI-Illllfftll7!'0ll.Yll' in one rlmzffy combat. each one pierced in preeisely thc same place, fha' iff! 1wzl1'1'rl1'. lf your 1LI'1'.S'l1g"hl' were as keen as your z'a1'.vlLgfhf, l could show you their bones even at this late date, lying there in the left hand corner of the pie- ture." Et Cetera. -. V. A.: " Well, Mr. Annapple. l've brought l your views." X tl 2 1 5' Mr. A.: "Bagger my bloody heyes, but A V ' chappie, I can't take 'em to-day. I'm 'ard up, l y I Q jist at present. Now, if you'd come 'round V 'bout month from now, or next year, when S' 5 full I times is not so 'ard, I shouldn't wonder if l.'d nl ll"- take a whole bunch of them air-star-stare l' ' ty M --what's 'at ye call 'em--telescopes?" nwvmw. Another sucker. f"' 'y 'Q' QEBT Xl IIDEBT lk - loo ,l loo .X V l 'I' A - '-X X il Wit 4 ' ' ' NW . ff' LOOKING llAfKn'ANll. 'l'll4: sl1:l'n:optiLtoll llllSilll3Ni :ls il proved to lie. " l wish Maud did not think so much of Byron."--l'r:iflfi-:R, 150 o.r1i'e,cl. A good salary for preaching, don't give a enss what ehureh -S. S. lWARQUlS. Prayers for last year's KAl.mzoN Board. -'I'R1nUNi-: Pnnmsnixo Co. A "White Cap " notice for Echols. -KA1.oRoN l,0E'l'RY CONlNll'I"l'EI'I. 'Fo get throngh College regardless. E --G. S. W. li. 'l'. PHILLIPS. A treatise on the development of verhosity.-Mt'C1.r:Ll.ANlm. A pretty little girl with Vermillion hair.-A. O. DAVIS. A good cowhiding to wake him up.-C. H. Luslc. A book on teaching niethods.-Pkor. Slr,I.lxmN. Some one to write an oration.-MISS CH14:snRo. A good bath semi-occasionally.--W. H. QUAY. Directions to an insane asylum.-Downs. Some one to love llllll.-S'1'ENGER. 'l'o graduate.-j. B. Sl.Av1N. A wife.-j. B. HAWK. To see ma.-BUNCH. VARN1eR's lament, after the Senior election, No. 3: " 'Twas ever thus from childhood's hours, l've seen my fondest hopes decay." 'l'Hi-1 song of the students as they examine the f7lIJ'J'!'lIg lixfs my name written there? " - x51 5000 'Rgecipieo for Sracluafioq. XllNlS'l'l'IRIAL. lfresbman Matliematics, . . Latin and Greek, . Science ,... Literature and Philosophy, First M. li. Sermons, . . . "Mother, Home and Heaven," . Roberts-zon's Sermons, . . . Sermons copied from above, . Revival meetings fin countryj, Mesmerized Converts, . . . . Files of Soapy Letters to Faculty, .... Wool fwhich must be pulled over eyes of Facultyj, Absence from College, ..... . Ministerial ,Fund Qusedj, ...... I lb 6 oz 1 gr mol 208 cop all all 52 25 79 ioo lbs 3 Yrs 35300.00 2 600 Mix thoroughly the whole, look fIl'tl7'L'Ilf'1', but do nal take- wxuzyff IM' .Z1?00.00--and you will be Sllfl' to graduate. sr:cUl.AR. Latin, . . 5 yrs Greek, . 4 yrs Mathematics, 2 yrs Philosophy, 1 yr Science, . . 4 yrs Political Science, I yr History, . . 2 yrs Literary Society, 4 yrs. Prizes, . . 4 Outside Reading ....... 4 yrs. Mix thoroughly, look mzfural, take once a day for four years and you may be allowed to graduate-wifhuzzf honors. x52 Quoliali o rm f. " ln the first place, you see, gentlemen of the Faculty, the KAL- nRoN Board is so much inferior to that of '9o's KAr,DRoN, and I doubt whether they have either the bIl.Yl'7Il'.i'A' or literary ability to make it a success." -Pkolf. MoN'rcoMERv. " As a kicker he outrivals a muleg in every other way they are on a par." -R. T. ADAMS. " l am soured on everyone, and I don't care who knows it." -JEWELL. " Help ! Barrows l Barrows l Help l It's I-I N lf, and they're after mel Our house and barn have just been burned down! Murder! Fire! Police! Police!" b -Hrzvmucx. " The point of the bayonet opposite the left chin." -MAJOR KREPS. " Wise men have some thoughts." -GAGEIW. " My thesis is entitled, ' How to ferry canal-boats across rivers.' " -SLAVIN. " Here lies a martyr to self-conceit, A victim of knowing it allg A bore of the class-room, table and street, A snipe of unlimited gall." -VARNER. " However irregular and desultory his talk, there is method in the fragments." -Plzoif. THOMAS. " More to be desired are we than gold, yea, than much fine gold, sweeter also than honey and the honey-comb." -HULINGS HALL GIRI.S. " lt is a sad thing when men will repair to the ministry, not for preferment, but for refuge." -CRow'ri-lens AND HIGLEV. '53 "The passing of our beautiful feet Blesses the pavements of the street." -Wim, AND CHARLIE joHNsoN. " Nature has sometimes made a fool, but a coxcomb is always of man's own making." -Hmsrzu. H If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the fave of the whole world might have been changed." -Nr:sln'r. , 'f 'l'hou conceited ass." -Mn'rc'Al,r. " Who clipped this woodchuck's wings." -Wnrrrz. "A little pot is soon hot." -BuI.1,oc'K. 11 " His brains Cif he has anyj are in his feet. -VVARNER. " The Merchantof Venice was my great grandmother." -M1-:Rc:HAN'r. " lf your faults were written on your forehead, you would draw your hat over your eyes." -GRIFFEN. " I would df-Clare unto you, my colored brethren, that which is written." -CLARE. "This Chaucerian speech pleaseth my soul, but disturbeth my sleep more." -N1-:sn1'1'. " Unnoticed and uncared for, T plod my weary way." -Bukmzss. " How beautiful my bangs do look." -EAGLESON, '93. "Yes, loving is a painful thrill, A loving na! more painful still 3 But surely 'tis the worst of pain, To love and not be loved again." -BlcRl.lN. '54 Q l"6'lSCLl'Cl.'l:O YQ! r2iLl.l'f9lQl 0 Paor. W. A. El,Lio'r'r, Matron. NAMIC. AGE. llIlC'l'. SFRIKING l'llCULlARl'l'lli!'i. Walter Porter ..6 years Nervine .. .............. Flippancy. Murphy ...... T4 years " Birds " ...... Desire to be a Frat rnan. 'Frank jackson . 29 years. . J 7' ..l I-lash ................... Color. Pachedjieff . . .18 years. .Bulgarian turnips ......... His brother. Rob. Porter. . . I3 years. .Cock lights ....... .... l .ength of legs. l-lemsley ..... ? . .'l'ossum ......... .... C omplexion, Kennedy ..... 4 years. .Soothing syrup .... .. Childish ways. Frew .... . . .89 years. .lfllixir of life ..... ........ N Vhiskers. Hatch .... . . . 3 mos. . .liacteal tluid .......... Born with teeth. Holman ...... 9 years. . Paregoric .................. I-las none. Walker.. . ...52 years. .Never indulges. Ferocity of countenance. 'l'rumper ..... IQ years. .Chicken ........ Good military bearing. Critchlow ..... 67 years. .Anheuser-Busch ...... .......... P 'ist. Tuttle ........ 22 years Greek and Latin .. . .I-lard student. Campbell ..... ro years. .Hulings'feed. . . .... Handsome. McLaughlin. . .13 years. .Sewerage .... . . .City engineer. Sterling ...... I4 years. .Grease ........ ..... . From Oil City. Owing to strain on Prof. Elliott, the corps of attendants is soon to be enlarged. 'I'Hi-2 envy of the variable wind, So changeable is he 3 The master of the morning mists, So futile he can beg The peer of old lscariot, All certainly agree, is johnson, W. W. SNVDER, in Chemistry Class.-"Give me some furious sul- phate. " 155 N s N A X l QN Xxx i - ' x Xxx sg Ax ' .X Xjei' Q N STSLX E .R i Xl --- is 'wk-swf -NNN X l -TXFW X545-35 , x X QQQ N 5. 5, xx P ' ' i .exe S I Izswessa. 'www X Q NS X X IL- 6S X 1 w wgf:f ySXxgggg?S ' N 51 Q. Ee. CLF Wmeirefffmen The F1'eshman's woes have oft been told, His faults quite plain to seep But all his sorrows past enrolled Are far excelled by H N lf. A wayward sign in mystic hand, Announcing meeting that's to Of that dark and derelict band Of unknown Soplfmores, I-I N lf, be, By a rash, unruly Freshman, From its post on campus lea, Torn away in rise of passion Woke the wrath of H N IJ. :sf :ie :ae wk ak vk is When the hour had struck its midnight, Un the campus one might see, Gathering from all points of compass, Masked bands of 0 N li. 156 From their lurking places grimly Came a trembling band of cops, With their faces quite unseemly Bloated by the brew of hops. Sought they then and there to frighten, From the purpose he'd designed, livery Soph'more. Did but brighten livery hope he had in mind. xl: :lc :ic :le :la :K :ie lireshie wrapt in bond of lVlorph'ns, llreamed his pleasures happily, When a very sudden waking Found him grasped by I-I il' lf. Followed then an awful hazing, By that terrorizing horde, Who with mask and helmet blazing Gave command by sign, not word. When the deed had been committed, 'l'hen our cops, in majesty, lioasted that they had ontwitted Wily plans of I-I .Y lf. Suffered not one victim only, liy reason of iniquity, lfor other lfreshmen hazed were also At the hands of I-I .V lf. lfreshmen, be not overbearing, Word of warning take from me, Or the brass you now are wearing May be brushed by H .V lf. '57 lVlo.i'iJxemcLiic6. 3 Alleghel I+ C0psA 6 boys : 33.97. Analytics -1- Fields H -YiSlavin's brains - N0 Pass' Cl-leiser -I-C4 H6 Ozj X N lfj : a " Bender." ml M' E' S' S' f : 2 chippies each. Y. M. C. A. R. C. Crowthers X Ego : The Universe. 29 .c M-- Gibson, j. S -l- V chance of an office : A scheme. Trueman - fGreek -4- Latinj : o. - A Griffen -l- Poker : -32.80. Patterson -1- King : 3 nights off per week. Miller -1 john Hamnett : A Library racket. Cl'alman -if Oswaltj Go : A good riddance. Clirass -1- Cheeky X Bluster : Miller. Miss Foster - Palaver : o. DR. WHEELER, in Political Economy class.-" Shatto, about what wages do kitchen girls command ?" Shatto.-" I don't know much about them, Doctorg perhaps nl. B. Hawk can tell you." 158 eafczle . " WHA'l'lS in a l'l21l'l1C?H-GAlNTAI.lEI. Sononon WII.St5N Pun.- mrs. " l.EMMlE CARR, one of Mosiertown's most dashing young gents, will graduate from Allegheny College in june."-!Wa.rfz'r- ftflffll Fluffr. TAKEN from the minutes of a KAl.lJRoN meeting, as published in last year'sAnimal.-''Communications read from Tribune Pub- lishing Co., thanking editors for so promptly settling hills and not trying to beat the printers out of their money." The following is a communication recently received by Dr, Wheeler:- Dr. D. H. Wheeler, President Allegheny College: DEAR SIR: Twelve months have now elapsed since the publication of '9o's KALDRON and fF298.00, or nearly two-thirds of the entire amount, remain unpaid. We have repeatedly sent bills and notices to Messrs. Barrett, Gibson, Nlattern, Porter and Dunn, but they have been totally disregardedg being quick of eye and Heet of foot, they have been able to elude us altogether. Will you send us the name and address of the parent :mr guardian of each, and oblige. TRIBUNE l.'lllil.lSlllNG Co. l'Rol-'. 'llWlNlNG.-HSlZlVlIl, do you understand the explana- tion." Slavin.-I-Iaven't caught up yet,' Professor." Prof. T.--"Are you up yet in Bridges and Roofs?" S.-U Haven't got my book yet." Prof. T.-" Are you abreast with the class in Descriptive yet? 19 S.-" Not quite, a few lessons back." Prof. T.-" Give you up, Slavin 3 you will be late at your own funeral. " '59 SLIGHTLV confused.-Miss Kepler, after having attended Dr. Wheeler's lectures on Civil Liberty and English Literature.-- "Dr, Hamnett, have you John Stuart's Mill on the Floss l " Miss H.--"Yes, Mr. Welty, Bre auth or, some of his character sketches tl-larte is my favorite living are too elegant for anythingf Welty.--" 0h yes, I have read 'His Private Character,' and I think it the best book l ever read." l?iuJi-'I-zsson, to Trig. Class.-" Yes, this takes a little longer, but it is a briefer method." SNVDERfCllI11biUg out window to attend a secret meeting of the Fresh- man class, to Youngson, just return- ing from Goose Heavenj-" For God's sake, Billy, get a hammer and pull that nail, I've been hanging here fo1' an hour, and can't get either in or out. Keep mum." Hoon, in Physics class.-" Pro- fessor, wouldn't the rotation of the earth on its axis, and about the sun, account for the professional curving of a base-ball P" "lVlEssRs. C. S. Jewell, G. S. W. Phillips and Tracy Farrell were very conspicuous at our county fair last week. Prof. jewell presided over the three-card-monte table, Signor P , l , 1 X I , .fl A X I 4. Yr' 5' V ,X his Ii 1 X wi .I hillips very gracefully manip ulated the ball-in-the-shell game, and Monsieur Farrell had charge of the wheel of fortune. Rumor say s that their many victims have concluded that they are not so green as they look."-Bzzfler Caunly .7v'l17l5Z'f. 160 gone Qerpeifuue. :li Fountain so pure and bright, Sparkling in I-leaven's light. Great is thy magic might, lieck'ning to thee. Many a youthful heart, Choosing the better part 5 Fountain of good thou art, Flowing so free l 'l'hey who, around thy brink, Bend eager lips to drink, Ah ! do they ever think, That, far away, Some look with longingeyes, Where thy pure waters rise, - Which fate to them denies. liver and aye. Flow on, bright fountain, flow ! Pilgrims must come and go, Quench half their thirsty glow, Then onward pressg 'l'hen may 'l'ime's poised wing Guard, that thy living spring Forth constant waters bring, Young lives to bless. 'F An apostrophe to Allegheny. AT Fourth Ward Dance : Liebenstein, who runs a beer saloon and whose daughter has evidently not been the belle of the ball " Meester Black, vhy don't you tantz mit Pheebe, Pheebe ist one ob de bleeds i! 161 C5611 eniorf. , WHAT 'l'lIIiY WERE. 1 WIIA'l' 'l'IlIiY ARIC. NAME. , IHIRN. Anclersrul, -I. R ..... ........ .... .................... Ii11l1lwi11, l,. A ,,..,, Apr. 20 1870 l'11u1urygr111'e1"sso11 llurretl, H. M ...... luly 24, 186qCle1'k in grrwrrry .,.. Ifhillmtk, I". l. ....... Mar. 22 1870 Svlinnl-l111y ......... Cnrr. A. l.. .... .... I lvl. I3 1868 l":1r111-l1zu11l ...... .. flIlCSl1l'll, Ellen ..... Sep. 8, 1867 l'reau'I1cr's llllllflllllfl' lflnrk, Helen ,,,,,,, Uvt, 14 l869SL'Illl0l-1,Zll'I .......... Fullins, I". A ..,.... I"el1. 23. 1864 l'r1tn1111ligge1' ....... KTrm1'1l11:rs, R. C' .... Nov. 28 1865 N11r111:1l SIIIIICIII .... Illllllillgl, W. L' ...... Dec. 6 1870 'l'11l1:u'1'11 planter .... Dice, I"I'ilIlll ........ Mny 4. 1868 Xl'1:1I11l1'l knmi' ..... ll11hsr111. I. M ....... Mnr. 30. 1862 I'l1lI'llll'l' ..... ........ llunkle, V, If' ,,,..,, Nnv. 12. 1858'l'u:11'l1e1'u111l I42ll'llllIl' l'1lli11t1, R. W ....... Sep. 27. 1867 A cute liule lellmv. . lispy, H Il ..... ..,, I Jer. 11. 186381111 ul 11 l1re:u:l1er.. . l'lI'LllIl!llIllIl'l.ZIl. A. G. Sep. 15 186 Rev. I"-uh--l1'sl111y Ilaugehy. I". I. ....... Blair. 13, 1865 I'IOUSll?l' IAIIFIIICI' .... . Gihsun. ,l. S. ....... Sc 1. 13. 1868 Illflllllllllll V. husker I'l:uvk. i'. ll. ....... I"el1. 18, 1865 C1111111ryla-1u'l1e1'.... Hawk. -I. Il. ....... Sep. 25, 1863C'l1:1'k ........... . . . Heiscr, W. G ....... lluif. 25 1866 His llI1ei111's pet .... Hers llEl'LZl!l', IC. A... Apr. I5 V867 l.11:1ll:1'. .......... .. . Hnml, -l. lf. ........ lieu. 22 1867 Ih1ukwl11::u .... IIIIIIISUII, XY. W ..... April 6 1868 HIISIIHTSS IIILUIIS sou. NIIIIIIIIIIH, F. R ..... I-'el1. 29 1860 R1win1.5 Sllllllllll ..... Marquis, S .... ,luue 8 1866 P11e1:1s11:1'1-1 I2ll'llll'l'. Nlnttcrn. E. I.. ..... Aug. 1o 1869 l1'e1t1'lr:1lu vczucler. . . M1rC'lure.f'. N. .... -luly 29 1868.Rm1st:1l111111 ,.,., , . . . Mrurrisnu. 'I'. M ...,. .lilly 26 ISGO Sclmul prineipnl .... Ncwkirk, V. IC. ..... Um. 15 1866 Piaiuist :infl painter. Pickett, I.ucv ....... Aug. 24 1868 I,g1wy1:1"s lIIlllLfIlIl!l". Phillips. G. W ...... l"eh. 19 1867 iIIU!lClll!l' ............ Porter, I. I.. ....... luly 1 1868,A Ulllilll youth ..... . Ring, NI. A ......... llcn. 7 1862-l'I111l1ry11ni1' Moses .. Russell. I". IC. ...... Nov, 14 1868,lr1111 111c111l1ler ...... . Siliug. VV. I. ...... . . june 26 1866Ilr111kk1:cpe1'.. . Sleuger, W. H ...... Uct. 12 1865 I'l11ui1l1l111y .. . Su1l1l1s, l". U ........ Sup. zu 1868 A lmhy ............. Sweeney. M. .I. .... .Iune 27 1867 Mill huurl ......... . VZll'llCl', W. I' ....... May 22 18l12'W.V:1. Softllezul .... White, l.. Ii. .. . . . Apr. 18 1S64llnr11c1l ifwe lCllUXV.' Work, I". R ,... . . . Sep. 9, 18fg!A1miI puller ...... . .. A Hmiselmlcler ..... NVouI4Il1el'u1111y1111111 A kiitker ............ Nuueulity .......... Bliss l'l:1rk's mtluuu . l'1111rtnlk1-1' ......... Miss XX"s1'I1:1111l1i1111. l'ult1:r1:r ............ llc-ll:1 High Priest.. A110r11ill1ul11gis1... xIl!lIll1lTl'C llrllnu' A xuysli-ry .- .... iQllII1!l'lIlI' ..... lhuh- ........... Oilcl ............ II1-1'i1le1IIy1luIl.. A wnuer .... Grunl lI'lI11w I"lu11ri1u'i11veslii1:1l'r hlIlSIll'l' ..... Queer li-lluw .... Slzunxuerer . 'l'l11:1:1 .l11l111sm1 . H111'1lt111ell ..... fllll'l'Ill1Klfl!ll ylllll .... SiIiug's will: ........ A. Il. i11 uzune nuly . A. Iiiug lmhy ......... S1ssy ............... hcl ' ' 1:1 Inu Ile-Im .... All neck ............ Bl. S ............. IhIl!l'lIIll'I' Se11i111'1'l:1ss A urmrl fellnu' .. l'11l1Iie'shuI1I1y.. Mr, Hyllc ...... Ayn11111.1111:111... Wllrl IFISIIIIIIIII.. Positively lllllllll .... IIllSllXVIl1ll'lil5l'... o ,.... .......... ANU IIOI'li 'l'4l IHC. Civil 1:1u.:i11ce1'. l'11111e1li:111. l'11Iiti1-11111. Sll1'vcVf11'. M rs. ,I. Bell. Huspmil nurse. SIIVFIIII. R. Lf. U. i'11111.z1'ess1111111. A ilmlrly. Nl. li.l1isl11111. I,l'l'lll'IlCI'. Very rule. IhIllSll'I1lll. l.:1u'ye1'. ISI1'1'1ri1'a1l CllQIlll5K'l'. Svienusl. Pour lll'UillIIlCl'. I'11ssess111' ol' I'lllll1l'llH A4lilTere111111:111. Ive Illilll. A ureul lllllll. l"111l1er's heir. l'11ita1ri:1n pre1u:l11e1- lilxislwrlwul hishop. N1111:1I jn11r1111lis1. ,No one k1111u's. Anytliinig. N11 llnpvs. A Swmrvl willf. 2-l'11r-:1-1'e11t111i11iste1' I"IlIIlllllS 111usi1'i:111. l"11lI-lle1I1,5e1l Moses. 'I'Iu::1tri11:1I IIIKIIIUIICI' I.it4:r:1ry l11111kw111'1u llr. -lekyll. A 111:111. 1l'el1:l1r:1l1:il M. Il. YHllIl1bI.lIll! universe lll1u'11e1I ifwc rare. 'l'e1l:1gog111:. AlDl3l'llXIlll " Uh me :1ve1':1ge :nge r1l'Clz1ss. 22.93 yezxrs. " WHA'l'IS the matter with that poor mun's neck over there?" , tl1:1t'sPhillipsg he Sat hehincl Miss Iiclwurcls ut the opera one night. lsn't it too had, and he is such ll line looking man." 162 ecol9l7eclione3 of Gump Jager. lt was thc oth of june, 1889. Morning clawnccl as usual and thc sun rose on svlicmlulc time--thu liattalion hoys S0lllCWll2llCl1l'llCl on awount of thc favt that thu Corps of Camlcts was tO2lSSCllllJlC at llulings llall "arm room" at cight in thc morning in light niarvh- ing orclcr. preparatory to going into camp at lfouncaut liaktr. llhng 'l'hc usual voninlotion of falling in thc companics and va ' K tht- roll, ovcr. things hcgan to assume a niorc military appearancc, anal, after sonic mln-lay, with Captain llowc in connnantl ancl thc inn l llruni Uorps. with l'lerspergcr anal his real llannel unl- llanml ant form at its hcafl, thc Battalion took up the line of inarvh towurrl the M. N l,. mlcpot. .Ns we left thc Campus thc hantl struvk up- wcll you know thc tune. it gocs toot-tooty toot toot, ctv.. 1111111111-- hwl. Any onu of a scntiincntal turn of niincl anal an orclinarily gooml imagination might have inistakcu it for "'l'hc Girl l l.cft lic- hinml nic." aml thc writcr is not prcparccl to say that it was not so intcnclccl. We soon arrivcml at thc mlcpot, whcrc aftcr il littlc confusion wc were scatetl. or partially so. in thc train. l"inallv wc startcml, zlncl in acc'orclanr'c with military custom, procccclctl with great caution, stopping frequently to enquire thc road antl to ask llfttfl log the health of the various prominent citizens along our route. At last, or at most a day or two later, we arrived at livansburg, where we alighted from the train and embarked for Conneaut Lake Park, where we arrived after a short and prosperous voyage. Upon landing we took formal possession and then like Uthe noble King of France," who "had ten thousand men," we "marched us up the hill" to the place where the camp was pitched. While the boys were working at the tents, the baggage, which was hauled in wagons from livansburg, began to arrive. and by the time the tents were up and the chests and bedding moved in, it became apparent that unless rations were dealt out before long there was likely to be mutiny in camp. When at last the order to "fall in for mess" was given, it was obeyed without a murmur. u Ill durl incl pos tlon u 111 L Its iespo bility, was very unpopu lar at that time, but t iey accepted the inevitableas gracefully as possible and sorrowfully watched the boys as they were marched over to the mess hall. An accurate and de- v 1 X. . was ' l il fx W , . w.txi xx .xy .. i K, WX- 1 My 1 Y Y Q Y' 'ij Qt- X- V- ilx il h XXX X 'l'he Major smiled as llaggerty and lirubach reported as the detail for gg 1 'l duty 'ng . dir a .'i ' 'l ' 'h, fllil' in spit' of ' .' nsi- lp fa ' 1 A ' 1.1.25 l , ' 1 xggrfif Y ivzfig ' 1 . . MM NN .X . x X X tailed account of the ten days at camp would fur- ' -. i ,wwf .X - :NXQQ-uxx X K 4 ,N X Q., K. MX 'la N iw -,mil iid Q' ilyi nish material fora new College libraryg there were happened in that short time than any one would have sible. The Freshman and Sophomore lay down 164 il more things believed pos- together in peace, and the jolly junior matehed pennies, played poker orwent to prayer-meeting or strawherry festival, as the spirit moved. 'l'he daily routine of Camp duties never grew monotonous and even the eomplaints of the unfortunates whose indiseretion had brought them into the eonlines of the guard house, had a toueh of good humor and fun while they made cursory remarks on performing extra duty. Yes, those were glorious days. and. as has been said, it would be almost impossible to give an aeeount of the many things which oeeurred that week, so we will merely insert the events of one day taken from the adjutant's diary : Reveille. Poliee eall. Fompany drill. l.t. liagleson vom- manding. Troop parade. Guard mount. Capt. li. l'. Couse ollieer of the day. lrts. Dunn and l-lawki, ollieers of the guard. llattery drill. No Battalion drill in afternoon g little damp. Lots of visitors, especially ladies from College and Nleadville. Retreat parade Cdressjg the boys show off in line style. 'l'rip around the lake on the "Keystone" Great rain for crops. but not appreciated X t x . X- .Q-Si'l'-cs . x Q. N. - P X . X X -4' "'L""" -:-- tvsvfnv- TI -- I 'fC.G NNI 2 wi- "vw X, msgs' ,x g .gl X tr -. , it lr XQN ,xy X , ltyxxx . X1 r ,Xl ',' , .X I X . N 8? , , if Q3 28, rm Tx, X XXSXXP it Q' 'rl ' "' S' MN X X N X i ' 1 Qilgifix--s fix. - N495 'ggi X X NNW .. Y Fixx Nw --XlQ1SRf.sAN lT37'f4W'17. Ni s. G-bww - ' wwxibfsrise--:beset-wr.wes.S.Wllref-My X - . vs x V x ebif- s. - ex PQ xg ' f5T'M.K1m"Qn A'-N'NNHu Nscssxw ' . 15,5reeksgxgs-:assistf::.Q.g1g4rtsf..liarxdx X ' ' N, ' mgmgi. :. -M " '11 - ':,..-f- WAIFE -A VTQ RX. X ,- .. ,. . , .N 165 in camp. "There was a sound of revelry by night" and Crawford's rapital was gathered there in the pavilion, "to chase the gliding hours away with Hyingfeetf' At last the dance was over, the guests embarked for home and the last evening in Camp Ayer was draw- ing to a close when a strange lurid light appeared in the heavens above the camp. Mysterious onlenl Each of the hoys was sunl- moned to headquarters for a private interview with the Major, hut no one explained the dark and solemn " Mystery of Camp Ayer." No tattoo. Taps at n1idnight. CSN. "S'1'lr.wr:i.i,." .X ,tina :,g5- xx ii ,. ---- - 2' f -- X N- " ,gf . Xe rXf.e- if ---' -We 1"lFi'fQQ11:f-1-Y ' 'l'wo extracts from -'L-"-f"""?-e N- ..- l N.- lJanforth's diary: lnlli Q " Feh. zo. Got a x,-.N I , 4 ,I hox from llOlllC to-day 3 X iii ,X scarcely enough to go 1 -"""'I ' i l X aroundamong the boys X V---:gg-fix? 5 I N X so guess l'll hide it." sip? FIAA N ,Q,Qg X A' W XY "Feb 25. Went 'i:wv l fi . r, -x 5 3- -- 1 , ,,-F W ,J up to College again to- - K Z '- tl-1 P' '1 n 1 1 f ' e if l .y. .nc r. ni- X NAA A A M Q I rv-':"'g"b-. 3,1 Nts shells lS2.5O.H X 166 Qlncognila. Who stole the Tlianksgiving turkeys from Hulings Hall. Who put the euchre deck in the Chapel liihle. What are the "difficulties " with Prof. Fields. Why I-lulings hash fluctuates with the activity of the Biology vlass. Why nm' memher of lfaenlty does not rnn I-I .Y lf. Who the man is that makes Greek letters on his German ex- amination papers. N i Why Miss Foster eould not rnn the liAI.nRoN Board. Why Oswalt left the 'lxl1Ol1llJS0ll house. Who raised the disturhanve with "Cop" Kress. at the Pan- Collegiate. How llohson had nerve enough to ask Allegheny Collggc lfaenlty to allow him to eome hack and graduate. Why the Sophomore vlass does not go ont fin a hodyj and commit suicide. A Why Dr. I-lamnett allows so much rowdyism and disturbance in the library without saying anything. YoUNr: gentleman calling at Hulings sends up card, reveives the following answer: " Mr. -, Yours, in hed with l.a Grippe.--l,.', RH15'1'oR1c' Class.-" Daniels, what do we eall a line havinff 5 four feet? " Daniels.-" A quadrupedf' A srzconn edition of Mark 'l'wain's "A-La-Sandi."-VoUNe- SON. 117 catlcle . M iss 'l'RuAlPlf:R would like to know who saw l-ligley boating on Sunday with Miss l-. "'l'Hi4: eternal may have had a design in making them, hut mortals 1-an't guess it."-llonsox .xxo NlANNlNlI. M R. l'lRlSliI'll'l.1"ltlll, l see that the'front gate is down this lllUl'll ing." lda, shyly,-5' Yes papa, yon know love levels all things." f'oPli1:o from a ily-leaf of a Chapel song-hook: just under We are Kappa Alpha 'l'hetas, And we hoard at Hulings Hall Q We seldom go to the opera, And 111'7'r1' to a ball. vs' We do not flirt like the li. K. G We fairly detest the name. lint when it comes to "rnshing,' We get there just the same. 1 7Wfj1' sweetly smile at Dnnkle, l'll'0lll their place in the junior Rho, lint alas! to lllSf9'tlN he's faithful, And they ean't do it, you know. thc above was written in a different hand: lVz' have not reached perfection, We do not crave the name, But when it comes to "jo11ylarks," IW get there just the same. We have our midnight lunches, We "rush the cafe," too, And the way we roll up memhers, Makes the dear Kats Mu. 168 559. Qrego. F. G. S'I'UIzns, agent for Sopht Spoon Co. Office, Hulings Hall parlors. Office hours, 6 to I2 a. ni., I to II p. m. EN'I'IsR'I'AININo--to see Prof. Silliman and Danforth make a rush for Miss 'l'hrasher after chapel. Danforth gets there, but Prof. S. comes in a good second. Time to foot of stairs, gyg see. PROFESSOR, in German class: " Translate 'lah 1w1'.r.v fs m'rhl.' " 'iiilllllllll : H l arn not black." " lfok heaven's sake, subdue that Mercer County laugh."- Howia, '91. DIc'KI-zv, in the name of decency huy,,steal, or do something to get yourself a new hat. , Downs, looking ata French reader: "IWhat kind of Latin is H that? "Al.l,UVlAI, soil is the diabolical detritus stratilied hy aqueous agencies formed by the disintegration of conglomerate nigger-heads and dornicks of igneous ages."--l'RoI-'. MoN'I'v. " l have hecome pale in doing righteous tlllllgS.H-CURRY. " To think that in my last year l should fall in love."-BIxR- Iu:iI"I'. " Mv I.II's smack of unclean things, and there is no virtue in my tongue."-Snuvock. " I CAN"I' learn anything from anyone with whom I can't agree." -Bnkkows. "MV MIND is like a Waterbury watch, it requires continuous winding to keep it going."-BIRD. " VVILL I wed Willie, or Willie wed me?"-MA'I"I'ERN. 169 f. lA ' V H R I , fr , I U53 1,5 N, HI M, r Ml A. U 'l'UDl'lN'l'S, Alumni aml Friends: Our hook is not yet done. Lnj We have aimed to lind food for your intellectual A A 'ovment. and now as well as an-'. '-r f append a compendium of dealers, have made the issue of this xolume I -lqelcx - lo '!1GlJCl'liSQl'1jQ,ljlS- IUUZIC. strictly lirst-4-lass and reliahle. who can supply yourmaterial wants x lla call on vou. if you wish to favor those who mossihle. to help us repay them. HA'rus AND SIIAYINKI llARl.0RS Wm. S, Kimball Ak Co, . . ,, j. I-I. Butler .......... l3AoGAo1Q AND CARRIAGICS David Lee ....... ..... l'lll'l'CHl'IRS-- l'Im'ry l'eirson. . . John Haas ..,... Fred Hofmann .... Derfus Bros ........,. liooRs AND S'l'A'I'l0NERY- Fisk K Seliwartzinzln. . G, X C. Merriam N Co .... Boo'rs AND Suom- Peier Miller ,..... ... l". lieierselimilt N V1 I-I. Weber N Co ,...,,. CAMERAS- E. K H T. Anthony.. CARRIAGE IVIANUlfAc'l'URx-:Rs Totman bk Jacobson. . . Cu:ARi:'1"1'1as AND TOBACCO- Allen N Ginler ......... xix xxix xxii xii ix xxiii XX xxiv xxviii m .,,, All xxvi ix iv vi Henry llreutlein. .. Cl.U'I'lllIiRS ANU MENlS FuRNism-:Rs- M. Uhlman N Son.. A. Orris N Son., .. Mendel K: Stem .... l". G. Prenatt ...... M. H. Reefer K Sen Churlcs Veilh ..,... CAPR- john Butler. . . Cox!-'lse'l'mN1-:Rs W Cremiere ..... . . Louis Torclella .... I-I. H. Lclmerman... CHINA AN11 Gl.AsswARia W. H. Smith ..... DRY Goons- A. M. Fuller .... I-Iaslcell's .... IJRAYMAN- J. Davenport . . l'.-XGIQ. vii xix xx xii xix xxiii V xiv xxviii vii xvii xxiii IX xxii vii xxix DEN'rls'rs- Dr. Jas. Ferguson .... Dr. G. Elliott ...... . DRUGS AND Miamcmizs- l". C. Fowler. ...... . C. M. Zinclc .. V. W. Eilcr ..... Lindeman .......... J. A. Klopfenstein . . . Piso's Cure ....... . ENcRAv1cks- lim! Drelm ..............,.. Huston, Ashmead R Co. ., F. A. Ringlerk C0 ..... E. A. Wright ........ A. E. Chasmnr M Co , ,, CA'l'lONAL-- Allegheny College ..... Case School of Applied Sci- ence ................. University of Pennsylvania FRA'1'1cuNrrv BADGES- D. I.. Auld .....,., J. F. Newman ....... l"uRNi'rL'RE DILALERS- J. W. Howe ......... Swickard 8: Pfeifer .... M. Gartner .......... Gkocxaks- Robinson SL Nichols .... Fred G. Cook Sc Bro ....... Honsxas- H. Wilson ... I'l0'l'ELS- Commercial ,... Budd House .,., PAGK. xxix xxix xxvii vi xvi xxiii v xvi viii viii xxv xvii xxxi xiii xxii xvii xviii xxvi ix xiv xxvii xvi xviii xxix x xiv .- ly ... Gable House ..... New Colt House ....... St. Cloud .............. Eureka Mineral Springs. . . Q Hsuorvvns- Heliotype Printing Cn. . l JEWELERS- Jenks .... 3 I.1vERv- J.Zone.... VV. A. Boyles . .. J. I-l. Boyles ..... LAUNDRY- Lee Q Johnson .... Music S'l'0Rl'2-- Bates' ..... .......... Mll.l'l'ARV Equn-MEN'1's Horstman Bros. K Co,. . 'PENN is MANUlmc'1'URERs-- li. I. Horsman ......... Horace Partridge 8: Co, Pi mroo RA1'lIER- A. R. Fowler ....,.. Jon PRIN'rIaRs- Gazette Printing Co ,... PUllLlSl'llCRS- Dodd, Mead :Sc Co .,.... Chas. L Webster Sc Co, Chnutauquan. . .... . . REs'rAu1z AN'1'5--,, Philip Bender. .. Yorlfll-louse ..... J. J. Eiler ....... VEN'r1LA'roR- John J. Shryock .... , PAGIC- xxii xxvi xxix iii xxi xi xii xix xxvii xxvi V xxiv xi xxvii xxiv xxx X V X V xi xi xviii xxviii ' 1 'V li: l . . 4 . 4-A ' I I FN' ' '9'?f'fi'Q' 'wh . i ' E- ' f X ' YW "1 Wl" ll ,, " 1 , , rg, -M ' , fl , tvztag lgra ME W 'Dig ' 'Eff' ri. 4., k5L?.g.:' .N ""1lJ-i' -i i my--I ,gi V . i . X mining, QL-3 ,,,i ' It it f -Aka' J- .- if-.1-ilaghlii gn-I ...A. - . U- -lil E, ew. 4 'lllll ' ' '7"f"l 4 'Mi' 'vEk'Q1- """" ,fr " ji: hz.. MPM 5 , u w L V-l..::TT:t-ir V .r in ,r mfr l 'I-1.61 ..,. ML? . , - A -E 'E ' ' E' '21 4' 4 :gpg A,.' -'gg ,,., A,44 . ..., t amz'-iffi'fz5f1'i""f . ' E. ., ,, t,. - EUREKA SPRINGS HOTEL AND SllNllllRlUM. SAEGERTOWN, Pll. .,-xi,-fx,-' I Hfxl ""x,,X --,,v ... ---V 4? .7 - S open winter and summer, und the henclit to he derived by hath- H ing, and drinking the medieinul waiters ot these Springs, affords sg speedy relief to the uHlir'ted. and proves itself at desirahle as well us pleasant retreat for those who wish to he relieved of the eures of pro- fessional or husiness life. lt is equally well ztdztpted to the wants of the pleasure-seeker, heing modern in all its appointments. 'l'he cuisine is unexeeptionuhle, the surroundings delightful : the- mztny attractions render it an equally de- sirahle place for an summer's outing. l"ordes1'riptive pamphlet, address EUREKA MINERAL SPRINGS CO., Limited, Snlcznvowu, PA. iii T Vol. X. 1889. ,. ' HE W CHAUTAUOUAN l"lNlCS'l' xmm-2. ' DHI T. L' Fl-of D' -NNT! t' J. LT. KLUPFENSTETN. PH. G. I ,L A gnam OF ne: a. s. s. o. T R.,,,1 . V' I CORNER MARKET AND CHESTNUT STS.. Aiwa ' Hmuricm d M , , an MEITDVILLE. PIT. vg Literary. I Scientific! d E 4 T an xfsfaansnprm-m. Plxysiviaxlys' lf1'cscripltiunf: and Fzunily 5 I I Religious and Ixeclpes an Specialty. 1 j --6 pmdicah Impurterl :xml I,lllIll'STTCCTg:1ll'S. T Af ""' I F' 1 X ,fl Prica, Per Year, S2 oo. CVT 9 CTG, 4 OLOATLC, , I ffripx In Clubs ov 5 or Mora, 5l.8O Each, 4, H P 94 , L., . wg! ,,, vs. 1 , Editof ll mi l'mpr1klnr, TWl'2ADVll.LE, l',x. Aw T ' '- i303 Ghcstnuiz Sinai. DTfT,ca,5.villc, Ps... :cus dmc I 11 Q ' fpizcck. Qrrickcring, fJieinwc.g, LN' England. Qxfaines, QPCKGT' Bros.. ,3X4TG'l."L'JB. and 'T2J.'c.n: pianos. on msg im-mg, :mel ami ,qrccmi veiumfcion for cash. Jllso, 'Desi Swings. Bows. Boxes, Quiicws, Bmmios, fM,c.miolin:, Violins. .9TC1CLLT'QS, fra.m.e:, 5ia.tione1'g,TTfLL'cc Qainis, aio. Gall before 'ouging clsewimcrc. T M. M. MLEFEM at SCJN, Yl7QIT1QPS.CZTOd 1-ZUFOTSTDQAPS7 DGEAEVILLE, PRL. 953 'vfatzr Street. Shryock Elorzk. -iv , -Bfcfbe Beading Druggisf and Pbarmacisfik- , ,,,.,. ,, E- -,f - - L, .!4l,L?,, . C. MII. ZINCK, -I folqmnix - rnjczcy IJ' l'1lRNl'fR WA'I'l'1R ANI? l'l-ll'IS'l'NU'l' STS.. 3llCAl!Yll.l.l'l. PA. Eine Erugm aio QD?1cLrmcLceuliccLl9e3 A SPECIALTY l11ljw'fn1'u1n1' fjrllllrwflin' C'llgf'rIl'J'. I'1'1'.u'1'lf'l1'1111.v Fflfnl ul fl!! llnlrfzv. Hr!! l,fm' lf,vl,1ff7l','fl'l! fum' !?fwn'.vll'r !'1'1j!I111n'.v ami' .S?1aj1.v. TRY ZlNCK'S FRAGRANT AND LASTING PALMA BOUQUET COLOGNE. Rigljnjggcl Silricrigljl Qui' lilo. I 9I5 CIGARETTES. tu ull others. RICHMOND STRIIIGHT GUI NO. I GIGIIREIIES 111. :mule from the lmriglitcsr. most clclivutcly Ilzlvurcml :xml highest mist' Iwtruigllt C ut i'igurertes. :xml was llfflllgllf out by ns in the year 1875. ISISWARIC Ol" lMI'l'A'l'lUNS :xml ubsm-rvv tlml lhu lirm umm- :ls below is mx L"'e"YP1'Cl'1'I4I" ALLEN do GINTE R, Manufacturers, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. x ling to pay ll little more than the privc rliurgcml for thc ordinary trzulc Vi- gurcttcs will Iiml fhfll' Imruml superior IIIE FINEST RIDING BIIGGY OUR END SPRING BUGGY. A' 55527525 .PL FULL LINE CDF' baefons and Side-Bar Wagons STRICTLY HAND-MADE WORK AND WARRANTED. I'Rlc'b:s: SIZSCQIKISO for Buggies, IIQISOQQSZOO for Plluetons. lJ1j2'1'1'n g only in jnfxfi. TOTMAN 64 JACOBSON, S 1d for circulars. Mdidvllle. P8- 45 PCR THE FINEST we lszzubazrw and Qkeaolaies, fees '-ixfecwfz. and Kees, HE SURE T0 HO T0 'l'llI': ff CF-s1ElDQIE'll?.E," RICHMOND BLOCK. CHIQSTNUT STREET. 6' X . ,f of J ff! ,p 963 WATER ST. fgf' E' I - MEADVILLE, PA. A'l"l'RAC'l'IVl4I goods in great variety of styles and prices that tell their own tale of cheap- ness. Une price, in plain ligures, and I1 square deal for all. DRY GOODS. P. N. HASKELL. PREMIERE QUALITE' CIGARETTE 4 A Sl ll lulfli A R I If Il.l'.. 'I lll'5lIlIlllJlI'1l ol purity :incl exmrllenre. WY qgvv. lln: Inultless union nl lwn nmtulilsess tulx:u'4'os prevents llmt -li' ' 1, ., rlrvnc-ssoI'll1v tlirnzn usuullv vrruluceil liv smokin 1 other lxrauufls. . - H y - . . - I - . P- . . . . . llu not anllrmmprejnuluee lo prn:veutA you from giving this ln- f5lN.5QLi'x' r4nnp:u'nI1le Flgimrem: ax Irml. It is simply pn-l'lecti1m,:x luxury :incl not I, fe I ' Yg ' u Iam' prurefl urtn-le. A ' h V l I ' - 1 . . 1 . glvgxx X Our Vanity lfllll'1lll1lV1ll'I0llS Sllllilillll Mixtures :are the Imest lor the '. f ripe Our lnlest mixture, Pliiliilllllly. X l g . mlb' ' Wu. S. lxmnA1.r, M Co., I7 l"lRS'l' mums mu Am. Rochester, N, Y. - viiM ff ,-1 'ff .,W, 1 fi. 'f 7 J' , " 3 'yn . " U,iQA, N ,V 111.155 I 'nv wffifz lf K ' ""l'S5 7 n.a.ny, . 'W' :5E.fQ.,f1nLii2iill "1 bf .3 "" " Q '1f':'-3-13?-221 ' liz . .- W ,fx " - ,-.' g 4',3g:'f ygxd, -az -. gi '92 N ll 12 ' f vfxh ryvebi -AJ W ' 1, ' IW" A W 0 9 W it , xp.: N, I , g g I ,JV gf QN Kg W W A 243. , , n:c:r'rloN X01 uw 1 -Q WA r zu. ' A A 'fl Q Ngvis S' comme-w-mf, 'ny 4 -, 4 Q f 'mf-VID WEDDING EW ' V V ANNUAL 'F M7 1 f. 14 Q31-gffitlvy INVITATIONS, .WS Qklxggf lf 'K ILLUSTRATIONS 51.2 K '13, rnociummzs, gk J nl g-,,,. ,lf -v-.. vnsrrmq MENUS. R x 5' ,af ,STD cAnnS.. cusa sn-rionzav. " . I QQIQM,-A ,.,y,, g 3312 4 Monocqams. . -1-v.-1'iWMvf ,ILx A . a 1 N f'K Y D 7:1 Vw 'UQfl3 wiwewlm, QN 4 Y 5 9" in ' " 'Q ff .L ,px - f - F me Stationery and Engraving House, 1121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. QjC.'?'Zf?'C.'C5C.'?'ZC."lf, Glas: ,Taq Sf:fc.f,w:'fa'. 7?c:cbf:':.n art: 1 , , , , A' L '2QpcaA:A:'.':j f.'w:'f:f:'cn:. 77Qf':55r:m.'r1c5, ffxnsucf fcfcztus. cfs. Jqfccf plate 'ZQf7:r1f fbi' QI":fcr,':z'5'ics anal Goffegc ,1ff.':.n:.'af.':. grime fffaf:'o.n:."y, gf'Qfabcr.'::'1'g or Gfass Qffcrafc, 'TQEQJQC grarn, cfs. fff'::'f:'.QQ Cars' pfafe gf.':gJ'c:'c:' 'fer Eric Qxsffxn 753 Gar:1zj41":n1 the plate for Cnc gfoffczr. All work is wrxcculcrl in the- 4-stzililisliniunt unclur our pursunzil supvrvismn. :xml only in the in-sl nizinnlrr. Um-qimllcll fncililix-s :mil loin.: pmcliltul uxpcrivncc uimlilc- us lo pimlllvc thi: mfwusl ' I mt 'irliwtiu clfirrzls, while rnlr1'cpuluti1ni 1Sll1lllilI'llllH!Cll1, the llllllllly ol' the prmluczf slyluanm in . . , lions fl1,lll1SlIOllSl!. d Prices sent on application. Designs, Samples an -viii W 7 ' ' 'WTI 1- ANTYHUNY , li. 81 H. T. ANTHONY 8: CO., No. 591 Broadway, New York. MANUFAFTURER5 AND lMl'0R'l'l41RS HF EJJTQ-3Ei3i3MXLiF'JEHLI I E63 2+ INSTRUMENTS HND SUPPLIES. Ileneazllvu :u1dVicw Cameras in Grunt Ynricly. LL 1 ur I'rf nl l'm us 'Wm Plum. Nr rllllllllliil Rcvcrsilxlu , ,T 7---T, Askwsm, ., .---A ,4..' , U u , ' 3. N Hawk und Victor lfzunurns. lll0I!Y'i lxliIll'lY Films rcllurc weight 'mul 4p'u'1- ln 'A mlnlmun - .,' W yhA.:i.Y-J .1 I. .. U . l . . . ... . '4' -Q-- ' , . , , z. bulms weigh less than u elnz. l'Iuu:s. r r X X f U xv .5 'N . X Q ' w I ' J "Gm 4 V -1 4? W o o v f' Ll A Ww , XI An 1 ' ' an 1g1l0 .Sm11'jbr llluxlrnlfd Czllalqgfw. X 'S 5 X 9 A' 0 ALQLDQ -QQDEALERIN FULL LINE CSFD0 l furniture. -'ww' Jaw +L' +L' ez QL' X: dm: 1 arnzmimsq.h.h.5-,.fl1:..91.3mv1,.'!'37.? 253 Ghesinui Sizreeiz, 26. door below Posizoffice, W. H. SMITH, l o S12 Hi Z G i QI J 9 ,W I9 D , 2 fred. Hofmann, , Pi-C,et: o mic, 221 Cfhesinui Sizredc. 108 VIICSIIIIII f5lY't'l!l, X , n 7 Q v . MEADVILLE, PA. 7:9 l'hu:mx lilmtk. , -ix- I MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA. -ff m 1 fgi1 ' i ' ? f-- 'v FU' ' ' -,.., 't td.. "" ii .. , M . - TU if ll f VII 'ANN 3 1NNN" 'itil-tfdf' 1 3' 1 1 l52J il'Vl it 'ltittlllluyWH 2 a t 1 rt.: n 1 t, l ln E5 l l lluwllxfflifff,4lxlPitf'.i5irW i l M rllll Ilwltlk tl tn tilt il!ll..l,.:.l. l .1 ill. .l Ll ,illl,lfIl.ll.llIll.l.lsl1tl!.li5.E, fa-MUU'J'2 NN'N tf'+',gL1 '- 4' if 717 it f illtlVffllf.lh ll ll...,.l.-.llfl llltfl. .ffl lt ll l l fl l l W ' 'l T.f:5'PW ,,q i" Tf ' ?lll'fiG25 WET?-.i i ' 2E L12gg 'i '5 f I.. f.. flIQl1CTIlV, Y"l'ojv1'ir'i.o1'. ICfl.1'r'5, 252 jD1'1'D114v. " Cmnt: :mtl mln: ttltrmtc ut :ill my hlu':n'y Anal so huguilu thy sorrow."-7Yl1l.v tllllf'J'llHl'L'lI.V, flrl 171, .Sin I. 191 GREAT NPLTICDNEKL XXTCDRES. xvASlllNH'l'UN, lluccllllmtst- zu. 1889. I :lu nut sum: how :my stzlmul in Amcrittzt tram sparc this work from its rulbr- cnct: lihrury for tczutltcrs :mtl pupils, l :tm sure tlmt cvcry privutu imlivitltml 'ill llIl'Cl1Il5Cllfttl'lllS1lWIllllll'lll'',ll'lltIll1l5 it I to out nlT fora time his pttrullztgc ufutlttrr litcrztrttru. Vcryrm:sput'tl'ully, ' "" W. 'l'. lflmetcls. I 1. S. I bIIIllll'.V.t'l'tlIll'I' Qfl5rl'm'af1'ml. Gmc1aNt'As't' lNIv., With it cm thc shelf, mn: muy say tn gmyhumly-tmmv lllztrttlt 10, 1889. yrmr nmutl, :mtl l will satisfy its nppctitt: itll' you. 'l'hc bust uggrcgztttz ex- I.. f'I.EhlI5NS lM:u'k'l'wuinl. pl'l7SSl!!Il ol' what the Ameri- 4::m miml has prmltlvctl in thc hy E-C' S.,-ADMAN twn htmrlrctl amrl eighty ymzzxrs A M R I A N AND ul' its zuztivity. Rcspcutlillly, E, M. Hu-,CRIMSON .Imm CLAIQK RIlJI'A'I'Il. I Prittcs :mtl 'l't:rms iixutl within thc rczutll of all. Specimen puggcs with portraits sunt tn :my nrlrlrcss. 'l'u 'I'c:u:llcrs who wish to C2ll'lI from S100 10540011 mcmth :luring vzuzzttifm, wr: tguurzmtcc to make am ntrcrrptulmlc proposition. We flu not tlcsirc: :tppliuntirms from parties tmwillimg tn tlcvutc time :mtl stutly to tht: work. CHAS. L. WEBSTER 61. CO., Pususuzns, 3 EAs'r 14-'ri-1 ST.. N. Y. .W X,- r I J E N KS J- 12+ A YORK HOUSE 0' R- TERRY A0 1 9 l'rupl'iutul'. . A JCDL Qwamonas, Dfvtx. F ,3 ' Newly l"lll'lliSllC1l 'l'llmu-flmut. 4-ljXfa',Cch'c"' anw Anything in thu Iiuslul1mlTt I,inu. K9'6"!V'C1l'B , Hlf2Ill1IllHl'lHl'5 fin' Students. S1'l4:c:'1'Am'l.l+:s Cmmkkl-:c"l'l.x' I"l'r'rn-in 'PO A'-I' IMS- OPICN DAY AND NIGHT PHILIP EENDER, 17 17 as Rasta' u rant as Iivr:Rv'l'HlNu l"lRS'I'-CLASS. Clvswzus ANU GAME IN SEASON Chestnut Street, Meadville, Pa. Wxi, .ORRIS S , Glofbiers, Tailors, Furnishers and Batik-'srs. lfzrl! Lim' CMM, C'!ZSSZ.7lZ6'7'L'S, flllll' W?u's!ca'.r. Sl1uz'wzl.s" Drexs and llfz'!z'm1j11 Sails zZ Sjmizzlly I'u1yQ'rf Fi! Gzzzzralzlcml Ca!! amz' !1'.l'tl7llZ'll6' Gooaiv A. ffRRlS K SON, Nu. 245 Cl1cstnuLStrccl. J- ZCNE JOHN HAAS, Czglrezrl- lSlx7czry -Sieflalz . age Close CZll'l'lIlg'US. -- Quiet l'1orsc:sfnrl,:ulics' llriving. lg u Czlwizngc Calls maulc at all hours at l'CllS0llZllJlLC prices. x EVERYTHING rlnsr-GLASS M A R K ET S,I,RI4:lC,l,, Cu1'm-rCcx1lrLr and Market Strom-ls, M1.jADV111l,pj, IPA. Opp. M:u'lcctSqL1:lx'c, M1-mlvillu, l':n. F. J. BEIERSCHMITT 64 CO., Slffldlk 31252552 FlNEiQ9l3 SHWRS 918 Water Street, Meadville, Pa. IVII'1ADVIl,I.I'1, PICNNSVLVANIA. IJ. H. VVI'IEIfII.lfIR, D.D., I.I,.ID., I'RI+ZSIlJEN'I'. .Pi.LLE.C3-EIENY COLLEGE Qnhcrs Iiqd Q7'IaIi7czmIez5cs of II7c Hoiiovaiqg Iaezpczzringerjis : i. 'I'Iit:CoIIt'gu I":xuilIty has spcciulisls in tht: scvzfrzil KICllIll'lIIIClIISI men trziinctl fortiicil' prnlkrssimx in the pus!-grzullmtc wurk uI'tIiu host l'nivz:lsiti1:s. 2. Crilltvgce Ilcpau'tnii:nt. with lhrcc pnmlltel l1llill'Sl'S. luauiillg to thc mlcgriztz ui' A. Ii. 3. Engineering: llcptirtnuznt. with Your years' ITUIIVSC, IUIUIIIIIIUIfIll!IILTI1l'CCliI'ciIVII Eligilmtei 4. I'l'cp:ir:ltul'y Scimnl of High Grmlv. 5. Cui1st:1'v:il1n'y ui' Music. Open tu hrmth scxmrs. Hulings HnII, ii Sufi: :uni 4:rmiIin't:nI1Ic place Ibn' yuungiuilics. Iixpcnstvm very Ill0fIlZl'ZllC. Armllgztziiicilts now exist hy which SIIIKICIIIS muy mlvaixltuucnusly cnt:-r :xl thi- Iicginning UI' amy moulin from October tu Nluy. 'I'hc lImisul'vutm'y ul' M usim' is nfhigilx:r:uIt:.uli1I umplnys only tm::u'Ii1:i's ufthc Iiighust aihility in their scvcral Ivrzimriues. TERMS BEGIN THE THIRD TUESDAY IN SEPTEMBER. THE FIRST TUESDAY IN JANUARY, AND THE FIRST TUESDAY IN APRIL. Ifor i1r:lu:r:tI IllItlI'lllIlII4llI l'l'Slll'l'lIlIi1 Ihepzirtiimlits x, 2, 3 :uni 4, zultlrvss tht- I,NIC!4II1I'IN'I'. I"m' spcxfiul iiifiwiiizitimi i'i:spuc'riiig the L21-lisui'v:1t0ry 0I'IVIilsi1!. npply ru MRS. LIUVIA V. I'Iivl,i.. Iliiciam-nie. Catalogues will be sent on application to D. H. WHEELER, D.D., LL.D., President. XIII o41EILER'S ACADEMY OF MUSIC DRUG STUREDQ Tic f:'.1cs5' ana' mczf com-bfcfc J-70316 'zfnafcr QTL?-ta.f:f:1.': in W ,T:.f'f.E- Lccsfcrn ??C."C."i5iD':OCZ."2fC'., C.':lC.'.71L'5 in ramrzfrzg cra'cr. JIU fix!! f:'.':c of Qrugs. 'fQfc:':'c5nc::, Gfzcm:'ccz's, iifzzggisfs' 57:11:- drics and czffgoods usually fgqbi' in aj5':'r.1:f'-555:55 ,fray dqborc. jwfarrak Gcfs f7?c:k:zfc,",,jTfLQ'.J QT:l:'cz'ous Gkosofafcs. Avmlulnyfmf Music Iluihlilnz. Mcullvillu. l':x. V, W, R, Prcjpfietorl 3 2 N I ai 'V YNVHS O'RR HJ VI LLE, PA V :Id I H.LS ND I wg 'U 393 O 'If PI D- 95 I JAS. L. SWICKARD. JACOB PFEIFFR. swlcKAHD a. PFEIFER, 9PGkdR6 041 NEW FURNITURE HUUSEDO N ww Y N uso www smm, mmmLu, PA. Ni ,xdmmw , T. Y, 0 "x'I! 'jliiili - IUIIIC Uplmlsuzrmrcl I2rmaIs, I mm, ' I'u x jf UIHIIYS. Mntlrn-ssn-S, Inmklug, Glu U11 Arun mcAl.1clc IN I Hmimls' EW' READY-MUUE ULUIHING, FUNERAL DIRECTORS- 94s wmERs1. MEAUVILLE, PA. I ""'X "' "" """i152..3f19iLf'21L. "'A""' """"'f'U' - x.v- IHE INTERNATIONAL IIIIIIIIIIDEIJIII. MI I I IIII I , I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I., h Ill e? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .UIIII 'Ill IlIIlIIIIIlIIIIl l l- L.II'II. I II I IIIIIII IIIII J Y I NINI I ,A IIII I NNNN I MH , --NI W II lllllllll1l1lIlIlllV"' Q P I ...JI I I I I IIIIIIII III MI I... l IV . I V A H MIN IIIIIIII IIIIII III I IIIII "' III'7F'I ' w lm A A 2.511515 iw, '-J.'.k '!!i1'f W 23' "WIFI Ihwmul LIL- 111-A4 'f,r- JE: f 2'I"i J N I ,I I . . . 'I I 'I I: . , I:I. 1 "'I I" II I I IIB", I I EE III Illll " 'I'lI, .I l E NI. 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BTllll.Illll1llWllllIll rczufll nfnll. 7 editions in five Years. 4 An easy-payment plan- 5 hun lIlL1S1lllll4llI'Il'l?S. I Iillilllll lISllllI'CllHSl7ll0lllII'1ll7ll. Each volume 10x7MIx2?4 inches., American and foreigncdltorsw l,1-ngrlx ol shall, 2 II-nr no Ill, hs1'll:u':u't1-rlnlurllzxllumll. ENJDCDZRSEDCENTS. l lI'IvI- pIlr1'I1'Isvcl it lll't"llIil' l In-liovv it III4- I Il' I Izuulml halvc hut um: vyltlupmrzlizn it slmuhl lul hm rln Int lu-st working n1yI'lIIlIcIIi:I in Ihr- llllll' ' - . z : crnntlomll, Izvcn were thu vos! to ln- l'ImIf'. hll'f'I.l'II.l.ANID, 5Vl'SllTl'll 'l'ln:nl. Sum.. l':I. II-lk um IIHIII- qmrstiuux. I'IcoIf. IMRIII-:Ic. ll' hu' SUYIIIISSUS :my l'UIllClllllfll'Ill'y wrmrk in I Wvstcrn lIIIlvn:I'sily Pu. IlI1'flIllm'ssnl'ils lislsuf nznncs In fvxxllurnpo- ll will nu-I-t the znppmluxlinn ul I-very mu: rnry lIingr:IplIy, hmh AllllEl'llYilll :mal lhnrigln. who givvs it :I l'Zl.l'K'l'lll CXIlllllllllll4lIl. l'ImI-'. RII'IIAImsIIN. l31lI'lIll!NlllI Urrllcgu. N. H. 1 l'IeI-zs. KII1'I'I.IaIc. Grnvv City CIIII1-gc. Pu. We wish to secure Ilg'0lll5 for thc sale of this work. The business is sim- ply to luke 0l'ClCI'S, :Is we attend to :Ill clcliverics and collections. Exclusive ll5l'l'llUl'y1lIlfl lilmrnl cmllpclmsaliull gLlZ1l'IllltUC!l lu those who have time and ulrilily fur llmrnugh pl'Clllll'5ltlOll. For further lllfUl'll1Zlll0ll acldrcss SUBSCRIPTION DEPT. DODD, MEIID II C0., PUBLISHERS, - 755 IIND 755 BROIIDWIIY, N. Y. SEEK XA CD36 QXWXY. , iilslll C0NsunvlPT'O It has permanently cured TITOUSAN DS ot' cause:-4 pronounceml by lloctors hope- less. 11' you have premonhory symp- toms, such us Cilllgll, Dilllunlty ot' li1'culll1il1p.':, dm., clon't clulnv, but use Plsws UURE von CONSUMPTION iullnediutcly. 15yDruggisLs. 250011133- Y El Edu 759 904 Water Street, Meadville, Pa. l"RUl'l'S-f,l'1lllgCS, llutcs, lizuumus, Figs, Lcmmns, Pruncs, Prunclls. 'l'l':As-Ilunpowmlcr, Young lflyson, liuskct-Ilrccl japan, Pzln-tired japan and Oolcmg. line:-:Anal-',xs'l' lirzvlcumz1-:s-juvu, Manu-uilmo, Mm-lm, Rin. Cl':lc14:Al.s--Oat Meal, Grunulutccl Wlucut, Rolled Outs, Grulmm, l"ll.l'lllll, l":1rinosc. EOIMILE Gu-E3OCD'l.'-SERIES. f xvi -- UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYIVIINIII. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. C Hlflnllcniimi uftllflscu'llu:1ruulmlll In stuily Illt'lll4'llltT is 1-:trnustly iuvucul tu thi: Supl-rinr IIT: I ' ' I fzuiililicsz rr: eil by thc- IKM-ilutail llupnrlnicut oi tht: l,niv4-rslty nl l't-nnsylvnnizi. Whilst this !'CKlllil'l!llN!lllS lNbl'Clll!'llll1't' null for i,Il'Iltlll1lllUll :irc plnctzil much liigliur thuu Ilxruuzrl ', flpprrrluuitics nil' ihrzutquirimg an llmrnugli lnnfilictnl cfliuzalrinn have hcun 1'1xrrcspm1rlingly llll'TUllSl'1i. 'l'hc lvuihliupsni' thi: INlcui4"il Sithnnl, nut inrltuling thi: lmspitnl. were 4:1-cntuwlnl n uns! nf nvi:rii3oo,uou. cxclusivze ul thu situ. 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L-YYW. - . 4',"Zf.g1LLf' " 'Y , ' ' " " 'A' ' """' "1"' . . all H- . . WRIGHT, Eijjraiyer, Prinjldr, 5IerIi69Qr, 1032 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. luvitntimis Im' ChillIIILTIHYCIIICIIIS. Aunivvrsnrics, l-'rnluruitii-s, XVmvfliliugs :intl Rcvcpliuns. Class :incl l"1'utm:rnityLfiitslln'f'nllt:gu l'uhli17ntinns. Menus :tml l'rogr:uns. l"in1: Slnlinmxry lin' Pnlili: K'nrrcspfnnhznntc, CilllCl' plain nr stumped with l"r:itcruily marks. nrmfsls, mnnngrauns. nr :ulclruss clivs. l"iI'ty Visiliuiz Curtis l'I'0Ill ulngrzuvcil plntc. 51.00. All vuurk vrzrafrlbf 2.l'l'l'lIfl'lf' fu nur l'.vlr1N1'.rhlmvll, Sfzllljillzi' .vvlll an uffffll'fnll'nll. LCDUIS TCRDELLA, GGPZLQID G19 QGVIQGSHG UPLIHS, Q01jfZGli01jZPQy, TOBACCO AND CIGARS, Home-bdadz Candies, No. i Pluunix Block, Chestnut Street, lN'll-:Mn'il.l.r:, PA. ff-xvli -- Qilexfs Resfduranf ,- ' ,Q A ' , , .u . -- W? 'V f Tv '- :sv Choice Native and Foreign .I Iv. Y. A 5,4 I, . if ,.,x - ,,i nj J .J.1.f.i23fiQilJTi1i.UTQbJiX' CIGARS AND CIGARETTES. ' J. J. Eilzr, I ' 251 CHESTNUT ST., MEITDVILLE, PA --.N MENDEL ll STEM Qlllffilffffl Q MEADVILLE, PA Our .xSSOI'lIIlt'lll ul' S'lIllIIlt'l' Suilings surpusscs llIIYlllllIg in Nlczul- vlllc.z1ml our work IS dum' Ill the In-QI 1n:lnm'r',:1Lprlvcs that 2ll't' luwcr than c'l':ll'1ut-ml lmy 0Illt'l'tll'1llt'I'F. Call and uxamim- Our Gt-nts' l'TllI'IllSl1llIg DCINIITIIIKEIIY vmmlpriscs lllc latest novelties, uml our stock uf Iluts is vumplcfc. -MDR E UTI-El N549 W. A. , BOYLES To EACCO KILIVERYIPO Iffmfl' flw'.w'.v. Ffm' l:'y1f1ywn'11f.v. QQ Do 575 NORTH Sl., MEI-lDVll.l.E, Pll. wh01.,.M., .,,,d1m..11, ' il? 2216 2212 2112 229 CHESTNUT STREET, MEITDVILLE, PTT, J. H. BEUTLER, Hair Cutting, Shaving and Baths l'1V li RYTH I NG IS FI RS'l'-CIASS. 301 Chestnut Street, Meadville, Pa. -- XL' 1. UI-ILMAN Sz SO , Merc?1cLr21LEo.i?orf, C5?o1'5ierf,J"fcL1'1'erf ang. Genff' 5urQin5rQ1erf, 9I3 WATER STHKET, 9I2 MARKET SQUARE. lJlf:l..1xx1,x'l'r:1: l4l.m'l4, M1-:,xm'll.l,l-1, I',x. xxQNiWxwmS XMAQK .. -- fe50 3, E 92 E 5 , N 4 U G :r f ' WQENXXXNE IXLTENEBERNSTRUNKENTS 'H ' W rg 5 5 w gg Amgysxmvinwxmmxmmmmmmu 32 Z5 5 Q g H T.M.TENE.DF.R '555N'x013ST" L 4 , 5 3 m 2 wumxmcxumk Pummvuxn. Z-7 E U Q V- .... CW -,A,,....T- , 5 pf, F2 z C Qvr ,,,-W--27.442411 ' 5 Q 5 M -'A'-WAS A A-35 3 E - - S 3 -.-.n:,-...-v - Z :rg Z Lf -' 2m " .. Q , ' F1 K, 151- '- '1 1 " I E :11 , E C F S2 F1 2 :' , vo- ,, 5 ::: -1 m - A Q 1' if!!-E3 .--1: A 2 C 5 -4 ,Q I 3 I P7 P' c 5 :fi CATALGGXH-ZNHX Avvuumwxuvx s P7 V1 P1 ' F' ' THE LABS-EST BOOK STLJJRE. IN TIVIE. CITY. STI 'l1li.'V719' llliflliqll '.-lA'7YiA'.S'. Ae ' ,ew fp Fisk Q, Sobwarfgman 'qv Succmssons 'ro INGHAM dn Co. COMMERCIAL BLOCK, CHESTNUT ST., MEADVILLE, PA, lsthc-unlyplzwvillIll:-1'ily'wlll'l'1::nltllll lim- nl full:-qw 'll-xl lhnvks :mul Suplrlim-5 urn' km-pl, mul whr'1'm- lhvv ur: srrlll nt ilu- l'mlll1'z-xl privvs. Ill ilu' pililW1'll2lVl'5l:llll'4llllgfivl'llll'Slll1lI'IIlS1l rlis4'uul1l.:fnrl we-sllxlllvunlimu-lullnsrwln Iulurcz, Ilvrv yuu will lhul zu Inrgx- lim: of' Hunks in ull slvlm-s. :xml hy ull lIll'SlIllHI1lI'lI5lIlIIllrl'S. Msn, Allmnvs, G-vlcl IN-ns. Sl.ninm:ry, Nrnirms, N11 All Slllkltlllli1lI'I7illVil4'Illfll'llHLlINlSl'4'llS smtiully. Yours lh':4pm:m'l!'1llly, FISK X SCIIVVARTZMAN, .xx, LIRJRL33 211 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON. DONALD R1iMSllY.TREliSURER. MOST TPPRQVED R kQ6QuM'QehanieaZ m p1zQ6QuQzi'ZsZzQ5xPcaZgn71a,:i'f.af9 and Zzc9'if1QuQx1g1Pcwzi'ng ' OQRROCESSES Oieviys of Goiicgc Buildings, l?orircxiis of iija W-ucuiihy cujci IHUSIFQIIIOIDS FOI' GOIICNQG JOLll'l'jCZ1iS. Guts for Gollege Publications. QOIJICS of Al'cvl1ltcr'tllr:1l, NICCIILIIIICRII. Scientific and other Drawing Maps, Plans and DILIg'l'1llllS, Artistic: Progrznns, Invita- tions, Nlcnn Cards, Iluncc Orders, litc. 926 Qsfimaibs Furnished on Hpplicafion. SHG I-IELIOTYPE PRINTING CO. A E- STEELE, Proprietor. -vt 3- Lu CD D. O 1- . 5 LIJ Q LII 2 .1 LD 4 CD Establish zd .LS7O. A. M- i3l'o.i'i'g 'Peii'::on, BUTCHER, -QrQy-l?Joorz1s-li3olio1js- :MQe:'.5.ville, Pa. AND FANCY GOODS. l7ill'IlI,I'f Simcoe Rumi. l'lni-:Nix lh.m'i:. ,H 'i-fri? , i' NlliAllVIl.I.l'f, . . l'l'ZNN'A. Case School of Applied Science, CLICVELANID, OHIO. Offers tliorougli training in the following courses: Civil l'Ingiiiccring.5, Meclianicul Ellf.flIlCCl'lllg, Mining Iiiiginccring lfllectricul lflngineering, Pliysics, :mil Chemistry. 'l'lic- gr:ulu:1tcs:u'u in Cliklllflllll anal have no dillivully in Sl7CL1I'lllg ougziguincillw -5- -5- -5- 8500 Prizes- -5- -5- -S- l"lvi-: Pklzi-:s Ulf' 53300 i-:,u'H will lic given on entrance examination I'-Ul'CillllIllj1llCS, urspuiziul inlhrmnlinn, zulilrcss CADY S'l'Al.l'fV, l'l'csixlenl. xxii --- ' 2" 'if' 711 QV, Sffffwffffx-I WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN "' ' V I . 'Q I . . wwf ff mfffk QW ffffklif' 'ffffi J 2 ff Quay 'eff ' A fry, wwf Kwffff, Cgffwrikf, ICF. 'L 'P'-' 1j,E,12,LLE. PA, I JAM Ififfmfmf WMXJA1 I: '. G. FJKILNJQLTT, I f. Yi' 'f ,X ' I 4.4 If gl IL I ,I in w , IE I ,Q I. , ,. w P. X f5x'.'IY3s ' '.,f.Ti'1'fvrs, list- 3 -- I -Glofhier and Furnisber, AND UEAI.IiR IN IE-flats, Caps, Trunks and Valiszs, Park Avcnuc. NI EA I I ,I ,IC , PA . Rum' of I'nSIuIIir'u. D E R F U S B R OS. hx I I LINDEMAN, I I II FRESH, snLr,nR1EnANnsMoK12D. Q PUEIEIISI ' Students, GMS Euppliedh I V 9:2wArERs1.,IMEnnvnLLE,PA. I PM ' JI I I -- I , 'X 346 Nm-th SI., IVIEAlJI'll.I.lE. ' V--..,-,.,.,4,-...,Nk-,XM I xiii: 1551-f" --'Tr-f1fi,:':..,-- ' EBSTEITS UNIIBIIIDGED DICTIONARY. THE BEST INVESTMENT For the Family, tha- Suluml, thu l'rnfa-ssimml or Prlvula- l.lln'ury. . A .WI ,I I Has been for years Stand- 'V UWA-BST!-'?'9'Ql5gAgy fr lard Authority in the Gov't MMRMGFJ' uv IPrinting Ofllce and the U. S. 0l07'l0fVA,9y I I7-SELF ,WNQ ' ,Supreme Court. 3-figtitra 'f 11,13 gslliinlg resonzngeraeia - ,A .7 . V N...----..,.-Q-i A l X at 8 u 1 0 BCSIEIUSrunnynll14-1-vallllanlzlv lk-mlm-sllluf nurl: 1-ontnius 19,311 tha 193151120 Cgljlegz A Dictionary of the English LanguagelPfeSidentS of the U- S' and Aviwullz-4421111 Words mu?ruQ.IEl1gl'nvil1glq, ICRHQGY- u f th S h it lctlonar o I0 ra BM' Y H P B 0 09 giving ltuetsinlnout mxrly lwlllll Nuqwl I'Hso!H, gtzfliliryptlfgshifatlesn una: A Dlctlonary Of, Geography w.,l,sf.,,..1s ,matted bythe looming: :Hull llrn-ily lIl'SI'l'IIlIllU 25111111 I'l1u'1-H, leading school Book Pub- A Dictionary of Fiction 11s1.m. found lVolvst0r's Illmlwirlgn-il, It bag 3000 morg Wordg In one Bggk' and nearly 2000 more En- gravings than any other W:-lmtvr 4-xr-1-ls: in SYNONYMS. whit-I1 surf' npp1'opl'iut0ly! . fouml in thu lmuly uf tllw work. lAmerican Dlctiouary. FOR SALE BY ALL BOOKSELLEFIS. Illiwtmtf-fl I":uupIlI:-r ul' Hpeuiml-n I'n1.gus, '1'csLiumninIs,kv., will Inc sn-ut pri-p:1i:I upon xlpplim-ulimx. l'uhIishud by U. 8 C. MERRIA NI 8: CO., Springfield, llrlmns. QESTABLISHED, 1816. , HORSTMANN BROS. 64. CO., Fifth and Cherry Streets, - - - PHILADELPHIA, MILITARY EQUIPMENTS For the Army, National Guard, Military Schools and Academies.'rnA-ran Crunocuss AND Pale: Lns'r ON Arr-Lien-non. .5139 LVLEGEQ 56 EIS EI? .1 it elf Qaofograpaic Jxrl' Sfuaio. H EADQUARTE RS FOR STU DENTS. First-Class Xxfork Cbnly. Frlccs Reasonable, 217 CHISTNUT Svnllr, MIADVILLI, PA. - xxiv - E Call ym1r:nl!,cnlirm Lo mlrSpnrtimm1 Book ofFil1clllusrrntim1s, Hcnil nnrl Tnil Pieces, mx u ix ul' -upplxing th: :lc In xml fur pin turf s r lvl Initials, um.. with: "' 5 3 I ' '.' H H VI!l'Y !'CIlS0lHl C rust. 'l'In-sv lCm:l'uvl11us1'ul1 ln':14l:lptx'1ltnillllslliltill ' f ' 1 ig lNl.n,nzimes. I 4-l'i1zli1'zils. Hanks, AIIYHLIILNTS. N1'u'sl1:llwl's. 1-147. 'I'lur sim- ol' tlw lmulc is 11x14 inclu-s, 10.4 puuus. :mil wa: zlllnll lu- N lxrnl unpi lun: wz no xxlmll un plcnscll ln .1-I r' 1 ' " ' - J" :ull l'IlIIlllHIlll1'1lIlHllSIn mint wc vrcnlit un llrsl m'4l1:r for cuts, Amlilrn-ss F- A- RING-LEP? 64 CO-, FOI ALL FIINTING FUHPOSIS IV VARIOUS FFIOGISSIS. 21 Barclay St., NEW YORK. mwurvw up sum um-l.r, uvrn A vno1uuNAv-mov oun wawo-:Lrcwnvvvr v-uma s F. A. RINGLER 64 CO. , 21 ds 23 BARCLAY ST. TO 26 df. 28 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. XXV - - A-yi O W 1332 2312 iii Ko A . ,n 99 X16 51 L: V LJ -,y' A XSD? !V 6 ' 4 'J ' RNXTY L22 K 9 X E 9 W ffm 1 X ,, O O 19 Jdfhigigf NEW ORK 365' EllfI'7'L'lV A'Z'1v 7W1'onghoul. A l:'vwjfMi14g H'r.vl Clam. he I'2eyp 'elf House, 82.00 per day. Ml-:Am'll.1.r:, PA. Co11l11n'rr1'n! 7b'll!L'S0fl'L'l.f1'1f. .glllllfffd A'an1n.v ou Urofllul F7aar. if O, ,N., N .a awww ,,'-EE 64 -'OH N59 1 X lflrst-mtlznss w1n'kmz:n of I5 yours cxpurn-m'1:. 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Market Square, 2 MEADVILLI5, PENN'A. vii - CHEAPEST AN D BEST DONT BREHTHE -4 IM PU R E AI R ' WINDOW VENTILATOR The Bury' Window Denfilawr Arlmils frm-sh uir willmul exposure t0tll':Hl11llL. ll isjnsl llu- thing fm' pnlmlir :mrl privnn- nlliucs, lnul-v-nmns, sulmnl-rnmu' XXIIIL, yr m la-azmrc:-romns. lautrnrimzs, 1-ut. WT It lnlrlllcs lhm- mr. prm.vunlmg1'ulrls, lnczulmtlxcs, :uul1lrmvsim:ss. I 1- wwk mn n ll IilIlV1llll2llPlC. ln I, 1 , . , 1 , , 'l'hr:fmtsi1In- Illl'lN'lll4,.f1l!ll1lll'lUIllIl srxnmnysmcvtirms. is easily wurnn-rl Inzthrzr turning in :lv- , ml In thu llmrr, :null ls Tlfillllli' Llllfllsr-rl, 'l'lu: 4-lTm:4'l ls lll'lUllll'llC1l lay ilu' :wilful all r'vl1l1-r nl wmrl xx l' I l Ill ln lll n u nlflu G UELiQQQ'?Qlc., t mJ6l-IN J. sl-IRYOCK, Meadvaue, Pa. JOHN BUTLER, 1 cljzmll Ccllcmlq ' ' I'Iu"l'1a'lf .lIl1.l.1t'lf. Grccunjs. lccs. and anal Sm-Ulogd Gljlpsv 959 WATER Sl., MEAUVILLE, Pll. 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RE W. MCCO 4 .i. if 4, QQ.,,.Qf ti' .1 gig-Q.1qgfi1i :iii if ii-1ii'f.3Ei5 555.23 Law nm! - - a i H e wish tc sag to those who Q iw is Q h ini: I ijiljf read this page, that H The p iilili Dfatclronu ha: been printed. bg ililii the Gazette Printing Company, 3.93 f-1,5 33? ri", and. that everything pertaining to kin lilili their part of the work has been ilili aio' , D Q oi img clone prompttg and. satisfactorily, mir ii?" JNo'fA.Sff2NL.... W Vw. M-.D nm., H...m. F. E.RUSSELL,c will Q-A, e,,, A,,.,,,,,,W,,,VN-'ffff1'fff,,ffff,'fffQ i igi.igg,3'igiitlijiliiigfezff I 248 cilljzuf sf - xi 0 8 0 Muovu. E, PA. H gn IQ. . Q 0 onnfonv Eivann V50 INVITA noivs aY,',f. 'i ??'l E i15aQfeMo5xLQL,4sSf24K-.,004-wf,o o w? .f nfofprlofvs, soom G4 rnfnmos, AND ffm TE Qu ' H im .: - V STEEE PLATE wonk 0F Evfnv DESQEQTIOIL: ,wb Usfs AND 00LLfa5 ANNUALS. Aoonfss Aubif id '-Al It Afgf g z, '. oLQEEe'fAsMfQQAnonbEEhne AYISVESA TS-OF-lt-lil? '15 19 Q l np mm Sfg.f,apzn,Rzcfpefinipaii e fp -w rit. iiffg wrsgril ' - 'Q . -w x? i ' ' - -1, bl "N f l o t f . A All , 'XQLEQVQff?J,'lfLl'?'1'ff"9t"f. Uf'f9'!e 4514, ffH?Q.,f'fl'Q if Qrogrammes, Dance Cards, Soagenirs, Etc., we ojer our I Ssyeei eie ,fffl gv H gh mass , Wadi- Qriginality of Design and Supenioritu of Execution. In out Plilllg- K IL ,' in x :mg-,J ent slJecial,attention is gliuen to Oollege Worlf. We haue V fail, College Publications, Catalogues, f e fii, an and ' . 17 'm g M ,L ,N. 7f9, , mittg9ml. ,u'mb5gSgf"'ffeS Wm" 'wuesitf ,.-,.-'-,,,,,g4 3 I ijf g lt bfofx 'f2lubs, are ingltei to write foi' :- V - f I1 .ef we haue made for leading cfillff 'Fi K, "K f orFSgiyyes and Priqe7List of our New Fraternity fffzjl r w Q ie, 1 ' ,Pm Ffvfa tSf92lt-,EQ?sS-. e-.Z'12z,hf1Ueg.bfQ'1-,ff.f!f'Qez :wr tf '54-3? thf.'H'Q, 99,""q3f .q"9"aU,""9s .of fee. M2315 LT? ',A' Q' kent ............ s-nm, A ws: e e 'eeee no Q P., fi l ,L i . 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