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r 1 Program Activities Act I Page lit Academics Act II 52 Sports Act III 64 Individ vials Act IV 102 Patrons Act V 140LIVE Jn Command Concert Performance The 1J82 Trojan Staff Presents "Alleghany High School” -An experience in sound and color-SHOW TIMESSETTING Cradled in the Blue Ridge Mountains lies a changing stage complete with a cast of 557 students Against the white concrete of the stadium, the warm brick of the gym. the active machinery of the shop, and the steady rhythm of learning, we begin a drama. Our script is based on joy. sorrow, triumph, defeat, hope, power, and ourselves. Our action is here, at Alleghany High School. I’ve been lately thinking about my lifetime, all the things I’ve done and how it’s been. And I can’t help believing in my own mind, 1 know I’m gonna hate to see it end ... How long it’s been since yesterday, what about tomorrow, what about our dreams and all the memories we’ve shared? — John Denver Hey Tomorrow, Where are you going? Do you have some room for me? ‘Cause night is failin’, And the dawn is callin’, I’ll have a new day, if she’ll have me. — Jim Croce When is man educated? When he knows how to live, how to love, how to hope, how to pray — glad to live and not afraid to die, in his hand a sword for evil, in his heart a bit of a song.” — Joseph Fort NewtownI have wandered through this world As each moment has unfurled, 1 have been waiting To awaken from these dreams. People go just where they will, 1 never noticed them until 1 got this feeling That it’s latter than it seems. — Jackson Browne 1 celebrate myself, and sing myself. — Walt Whitman Our show — In one endless moment We did it all. Someone .. . alone. All of us ... together We were the moment . ... now gone.8Double Vision 10CelebrationJames A Greene 1966 1981 Serving as the first principal of Alleghany High School, James A. Greene proved that it is possible to supervise a school and at the same time take an active interest in its students Mr Greene spent many long hours completing tasks that made the teachers' work easier He was always aware of what was happening in each department but encouraged the teachers to work independently With a firm, fair, and positive hand, Mr Greene guided, disciplined, and motivated the students and faculty to accomplish a successful consolidation of Sparta and Piney Creek High Schools. During his years, Mr Greene accomplished many things to make Alleghany High School a top-ranked school in our area. Some of these are listed below: 1 Introduced many new courses. 2. Started the teacher-assistant program for seniors. 3. Began mini-courses in English and science. 4 Instituted a new social studies program for freshmen 5. Originated the choir and helped get risers and robes. 6. Aided in setting up the student council. 7. Supported strongly the girls' athletic program 8 Was a strong supporter of the Beta Club. (He was a member of the North Carolina Beta Club Council for several years ) 9. Consolidated school bus routes. 10. Set up the Foreign Student Exchange Program 11 Began the wrestling program and was influential in getting the conference program started. 12 Encouraged students to participate in extracurricular activities by adding club meetings during the school day In addition to the above, Mr Green was involved in many community activities He was a member of the U S Mint Board, the Lions Club (where he solicited over on thousand eye wills), and the Sparta Baptist Church where he was a member of the Board of Deacons and a Sunday School teacher. He donated over five gallons of blood to the Red Cross and encouraged students and faculty to do the same A sense of humor, the ability to communicate with students, and a concern for our school are only a few of the many, many reasons why we can claim Mr Greene as our own Despite the busy days, he found time to discuss plans, protects, and problems with faculty and students. In this year of his retirement from service in public education, we take this opportunity to thank him His guidance and understanding have earned him a place of highest esteem in our hearts. The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in all of us the conviction and the will to cany on. j7Act -— ActivitiesANNUAL STAFF TROJAN REFLECTS CHANGING PACE A dark night ... Room 227 ... the birth of an annual ... a theme of drama . . . write-up assign- ments . .. typing . . . proofreading. . . rewriting .. . brainstorming for ideas ... rummage sale and bake sale . . . annual staffers eagerly meeting deadlines ... pictures ... a trip to Hunter Publishing Com- pany .. . Dixie Classic Fair . . . slowly . . . surely . . . a book ... envisioned by students ... we proudly present to you . . . AHS . . . LIVE!!! 20TOP — The Trojan staff for 1981-82 BOTTOM. LEFT — Advertising Editors: Pam Blevins. Lois Brooks RIGHT — The staff at the Dixie Classic Fair STUDENT COUNCIL THE VOICES OF THE STUDENTS SPONSOR NUMEROUS PROJECTS Organization with the student’s interest at heart . fifty-one members ... twelve seniors ... twelve juniors ... fifteen sophomores ... twelve freshmen ... selling cards ... sponsoring dances ... contri- buting to the Christmas House ... contributing $25 for balloons at Homecoming ... providing a ping- pong table in the lobby ... fixing flag chain ... school beautification ... assemblies . .. sponsoring two exchange students ... painting entrance signs to the school ... presenting special awards at the Awards Assembly at the end of school. TOP — Treasurer. Kathy Bottomley; Vice- president Robin Scott Sponsor. Mrs Luff- man; President Tammy Blevins; Secretary, Nelda Barker MIDDLE — Freshmen representatives BOTTOM — Student Council alternates TOP — Sophomore representatives MIDDLE — Junior representatives BOTTOM — Senior representatives 23Auto Mechanics participating in car clinics guest speakers on automotive work building and using short cou- pled cars . fourteen members President, Max Combs . . Vice- President. Randy Duncan Secretary. Marty Miles . Treasurer. Doug Shepherd Sergeant at Arms. Mike Hamm . Sponsor, Mr Irwin Masonry thirteen seniors and eleven juniors work on the Solar House voted to buy a Christmas present for a needy boy or girl in school President. Robert Murphy . . Vice-President. Allen Reed . Secretary. Jeff Walker . Treasurer. Alan Souther Repor- ter. Charles Burgess Sponsor. Mr Finney. Carpentry seven seniors and two sophomores plans for entering VICA Contest in the spring . work on the Solar House Spring cookout . . President, Dale Hampton . Vice- President. Greg Bedsaul Secretary. Jim Choate . Treasurer. Freddie Bell Sponsor. Mr Foster. 24VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA VARIED INTERESTS OFFERED IN FIVE CLUBS Drafting members participate in the District 7 and State Skills Contest . attend Southern Living Show in Charlotte . spring cookout and other fellowship activities President. Charlotte Harris Vice-President. Margaret Smith Secretary. Colleen DeBord Treasurer. Gary VanOver Sponsor. Mr Johnson.JUNIOR MARSHALS ALLEGHANY NAMES TOP TEN TOP — Patrick Woodie. Brad Maines, David Gambill BOTTOM — Mitra Heravi, Robin Scott, Nancy Jones, Regina Todd. Donna Brooks, Janna Hendrix, Lori Hoppers The top ten academics from the class of ’83 ... Chief Marshal, Patrick Woodie ... Co-Chief is Mitra Heravi... selection based on academic grade point averages ... ushers at Baccalaureate ... responsi- ble for seating at graduation . .. continuing the tradi- tion of academic excellence at Alleghany High School.NEEDLEWORK CLUB NEW TECHNIQUES DEVELOPED Personal achievement club ... all girls ... each new needlework techniques Sponsors. Mrs. girl shows skill .. . individual projects . learns Dillon and Mrs. B. McMillan. ARCHERY CLUB The members o( the Archery Club CLUB HOLDS SKILL CONTESTS Membership has grown . . . helps students practice together ... competitive turkey shoots .. . shooting ranges . .. good archery techniques . .. raffle of compound bow ... Mickey Hall. President ... Mike Lyon, Vice-President . .. Bonnie Hincher, Secretary ... Wade Collins. Treasurer Sponsors. Mr. Comette and Mr. Thomas.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLUB JOINS STATE AND NATIONAL ORGANIZATION Agriculture field trip . . . guest speakers . . . Amer- ican Star Farmer Films . . . awarded chapter Farmer and Green Hand awards for 1981-82 . . . forty-one members . . . highlighted by fifteen seniors . . Sponsors. Mr. Felmet, Mr. J.B. Hampton. TOP — Eric Blevins. Reporter. Phi! Mox ley. Treasurer Dwayne Billings. Sentinel, Mike Hamm, Secretary; Robert Murphy. Vice-president. Max Combs, President BOTTOM — The 1981-82 Future Far mers of America 28JUNIOR RIFLE CLUB Forty-five members in organization ... practice after school at senior range twice a month during warm weather ... shoot skeets. silhouettes, and bullseye targets ... President, Seve Smith .. . Vice-president, Jeff Cornett ... Secretary-Treasurer. Mike Cleary . .. Sponsor, Mr. W. Hampton MEMBERS CONDUCT HUNTER SAFETY COURSE MATH CLUB ORGANIZATION PROGRAMS COMPUTERS Works on math problems that are practical in nature . .. made up of nine members . . . one senior ... two juniors ... two sopho- mores ... four freshmen ... Sponsor, Mr. Taylor The members of the Math Club 29HOMECOMING COURT QUEEN — Tammy Blevins The night of October 16, 1981 ... the final chapter of a week of anticipation . .. nominating, eliminat- ing, and voting for candidates ... choosing Derrick Murphy for Mr. Trojan ... planning, hoping, waiting ... cheering the victory over the Mountaineers ... crowning Tammy Blevins, Senior, Queen Deb- bie Bottomley, Senior, Maid of Honor ... Court — Janet Tompkins. Kari Tally, Juniors .. . Karena Ble- vins, Michelle Collins, Sophomores . . . Anita Reeves, Sherry Vaughn, Freshmen . . . yellow mums and happy tears . . . dancing after the game ... memories to last a lifetime. 30The 1981-82 Homecoming Attendants and Escorts TOP ROW — Tammy Blevins and Shad Tally. Debbie Bottomley and Rirky Hamm MIDDLE ROW — Anita Reeves and Kevin Dowell. Sheny Vaughn and Eric Dowell. Michelle Collins and Matthew Crouse BOTTOM ROW — Maid of Honor Debbie Bottom- ley. Janet Tompkins and Buddy Tompkins. Kari Tally and John Edwards. Karena Blevins and Brad BedsaulBETA CLUB Affiliated with National Beta Club . . . district meeting . . . state meeting . . . twenty-four members ... caroling at the Glen Haven Rest Home ... Christ- mas party for teachers .. . Rock-A- Thon for the Hemophilia Foundation ... bake sales . .. decorating the office for Christmas. ORGANIZATION KEEPS WARRIOR WAREHOUSE GOING TOP: The members of the BETA CLUB BOTTOM: John Garvey and Patrick Woodie. Store Managers; Sponsor. Mrs. Daniel. Vice-President. Derrick Murphy. President. Jeff Parsons; Sponsor. Miss Kennedy; Treasurer. Pam Blevins. Secretary. Lois BrooksMembers of Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB HEALTH CLUB MEMBERS PLAN MANY ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR Fifty-four members in organization ... skit during homecoming assembly . plan to go Christmas caroling ... float for Christ- mas parade ... covered dish supper ... selling candy ... car washes in the spring ... President, Jeff Parsons .. . Vice- president, Margaret Smith ... Secretary- Treasurer, Karen Farmer ... Sponsor, Miss Brown MEMBERS SPREAD CHEER DURING HOLIDAYS Trips to hospital and factory ... favors for Glen Haven Rest Home and hospital Health Career Members along with Mr Skeleton ... decorated Glen Haven for Christmas and Halloween Speakers from Health Department ... prepared Christmas place mats . Easter egg hunt. Sponsor, Mrs. IrwinMISS ALLEGHANY 1981-82 DEBBIE BOTTOMLEY CROWNED MISS ALLEGHANY The Miss Alleghany Pageant consisted of sixteen contestants ... nine seniors, six juniors, and one freshman ... Toe tapping theme ... “Country Sunshine” ... opening number ... Ladies choice . . . talent . . . evening gown and personal questions ... lights and glitter ... stage fright ... hours of practice ... moments of sharing ... “Smile!” ... skits, dances, singing, twirling, music . Sponsors, Miss Young, Mr. Johnston. Miss Stem, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Iwrin. Mr. Comette. 34Third Runner-Up. Shelia Billings. Second Runner-Up. Tammy Blevins. First Runner-Up. Paula Wagoner 3536WEIGHT TRAINING CLUB PHYSICAL FITNESS DEVELOPED THROUGH WEIGHT LIFTING Eighty members ... projects ... a yearly lift-a-thon ... money raised from sponsors used to upgrade weight room ... additions and improvements in the weight room . .. boards used that compare strength levels ... Mr. Smith, Sponsor. COIN CLUB MEMBERS STUDY DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF COINS Study of U.S. money for historial, artistical. and economical aspects ... various mints ... obsolete coins and currency ... evolu- tion of coinage system ... learn to grade coins ... methods of collecting ... plan to go to N.C. Club Association ... Sponsor, Mr. Greene. The 1981-82 Coin Club 37BUS DRIVERS MR. GREENE IN PRAISE OF BUS DRIVERS Responsible for transporting students to and from school ... drive for numerous groups and organiza- tions ... Sponsor, Mr. Greene emphasizes the tremendous job they do ... annual cookout at end of school ... Forty-three members operate the transporatation department ... President, Harold Brooks ... Vice-president, Shelton Brooks ... Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Burgess TOP LEFT — The Alleghany High School Bus Drivers RIGHT The Senior Bus Drivers 38CHOIR VOICES BLEND TOGETHER FOR PERFECTION TOP — The members of the choir for 1981-82 BOTTOM — Director. Mr John- son Accompanists: Cheryl Reeves. Celia Castevens. Yuriko Sato Performing for the Sparta Women’s Club Hanes Mall ... Christmas and Spring Concerts Glen Haven Rest Home ... visited elementary schools ... practice . .. perform . . . concentration strive for perfection ... learn keys and sight reading ... enjoy singing as a group. 39THE MONOGRAM CLUB MEMBERS STRIVE TO EARN POINTS FOR “A” JACKETS Twenty six members receive jackets and earn status as A Club members . . . participated in fund raising activities to support the athletic program ... encouraged student and community support of good sportmanship ... student athletic program ... honors encourage the students of AHS ... Sponsors, AHS Coaching Staff. SPORTS JOURNALISM CLUB The Members of the Monogram Club CLUB GAINS EXPERIENCE IN SPORTS WRITING Sports news for the Blue Ridge Sun. . plans on making trip to Winston-Salem Journal ... preparing ... writing ... hard work ... Sponsor, Mr. White. The Sports Journalism ClubFUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA YOUTH ORGANIZATION HELPS WITH SPECIAL OLYMPICS Teachers’ tea, November 18 ... breakfast for teachers on workday .. . Christmas program provided mirrors in stadium restrooms .. guest speakers ... field trip ... recognized teachers dur- ing National Education week with goodies and gifts ... over sixty members. TOP — Sponsors, Mrs Turney. Mrs. S McMillan; Secretary. Murphy; Vice-president Buddy Tompkins Tammy Dowell; President. Paula Wagoner. Treasurer. Derrick BOTTOM — The members of the Future Teachers of America 41STUDENTS PREPARE FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD OF BUSINESS FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Attend district meetings ... compete in business events on district level ... purchased covers for typewriters . . community Christmas project for Day Care Center ... field trips related to the busi- ness world ... stimulates interest and encourages people in business ... an important part of the Business Department ABOVE RIGHT — Sandy Crouse, Secretary; L Ramey, Treasurer; P Blevins, President; L. Absher, Vice-president, Sponsors. Miss Kennedy. Mrs. Daniel RIGHT — The members of the Future Business Leaders of America 42DISTRIBUTIVE CLUBS OF AMERICA CLUB PREPARES FOR THE BUSI- NESS WORLD DECA Organization . . . active, striving progressing ... Local Miss DECA Debbie Bottomley also com- peted in district level ... Tammy Andrews, second place ... Loretta Wood, third place ... Local Job Interview Contest winners, Debbie Bottomley, first place ... Tammy Andrews, second place in local — third place in the district competition ... Tammy Wagnoer, third place . . . Nominee for Vice- president Rita Irwin ... Voting Delegates, Screening and Nominating Committee, Debbie Boone, Ruth Ann McGrady, Teresa Hunt ... District Leadership Conference ... State Leadership Conference ... Career Conference ... Participating in Rose’s Chapter Achievement Event... Fund Raising Proj- ects . .. Top Salesman Rita Irwin ... A job well- done . . . achieving, maintaining, succeeding . . . Slogan . . . DECA means business and pro- motes free enterprise ... it makes $en$e!!! Sponsor ... Mr. Woodie TOP: THE MEMBERS OF THE DISTRIBUTION EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA BOTTOM Chaplain. Becky Boyer; Historian. Annette Badget; Sponsor. Mr Woodie; Parliamentarian, Twyla Mount; Secretary, Tammy Andrews. Treasurer. Lori Brooks. Vice-president. Rita Irwin. President. Loretta Wood 43Members of the Weaving Club WEAVING CLUB STUDENTS LEARN A VARIETY OF WEAVING TECHNIQUES Fifteen members in organization . .. work- ed on back-strap looms .. . inkle looms . .. two harness looms ... frame looms .. . President, Bretta Billings . . . Vice- president, Marlene Barnes .. . Sponsor. Mrs. Bost MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB GROUP TUNES INTO COUNTRY Played country music during country month ... serves as ushers at band and choir concerts ... Nut Crackers Suite, De- cember 12 ... excellent group to work with .. . President, Tammy Billings .. . Vice- president, Lisa Baldwin . . . Secretary, Jill Crouse . . . Treasurer. Karen Brooks . . . Sponsors, Mrs. Turney and Miss Young. Members of the Music Appreciation Club 44TOP — Officers: President, Margaret Smith; Vice President. April Holcomb; Secretary, Ramona Hawks; Treasurer. Juanita Wyatt; Public Relations. Rob Mangum BOTTOM — The 1981-82 Trojan Playmakers TROJAN PLAYMAKERS GROUP STAGES DINNER THEATER Tremendous success since beginning ... two stage productions .. . outdoor dramas . . . dinner theater ... 1981 Carolina Dramatic Association Competi- tion ... awards for excellence in acting, production, costuming ... acting awards, Margaret Smith, Lisa Shouse, Alex Hall . . . Rob Mangum studied at N. C. School of Arts, summer of 1981 ... Margaret Smith work in acting company, “Parkway Playhouse” in Burnsville and studied at School of Arts . . . North Carolina High School Dramatic Competition in Asheville this year ... two plays directed by David Latham and Jeff Parsons won honorable mention in stage direction and setting ... Sponsor, Mrs. Brady. 45TROJAN PRIDE BAND BAND GAINS NEW DIRECTOR , V -L«V a B S £S« Miss Young, our new director ... a new beginning ... motto — “Everyday in Every Way” ... rehear- sals ... seales ... brass, woodwinds, percussion ... nippy football halftimes ... “The Horse" and “Hail to the Varsity” ... performance during Christ- mas at Hanes Mall ... Pep Band ... up with spirit! .. . determination . . . backed totally by the Band Boosters ... Thank you! .. . parades ... tired feet . happy faces . . . Spring concert . . . All-State tryouts . . . a group ... united ... in music ... The Trojan Pride Marches On!! 4648MIDDLE — Cheryl Reeves. Chief; Susan Doaer BOTTOM — Sharon Cranford. Kellye Petty MAJORETTES GIRLS BRING BACK TWO TROPHIES FROM SUMMER CAMP Head up ... fingers together . smile! ... four flashing batons ... summer camp .. blue ribbons ... Novelty Contest Trophy ... First Place Trophy .. tears of joy ... the bond of showmanship halftime entertainment . . new capes selling Reese's Cups .. “Goofus" and "Dallas' . Mrs Turney, sponsor the lights dim a final per formance for three one has just begun. •NDRILL TEAM NEW DIMENSIONS ADDED IN “81” Four eager girls .. . added silken flags ... hours of practice ... framed the band in color ... dancing to the beat ... Sponsor, Betty Atwood. 50 TOP — THE MEMBERS OF THE DRILL TEAM MIDDLE — Tina Blankenship. Bonnie Barnes, Susan Sturgill. Jeannie TolliverThe 1981-1982 Bible Club Members THE BIBLE CLUB STUDENTS STUDY SCRIPTURE . --- !■ ' Composed of twenty-eight members ... prayers, singing ... home movies ... caroling ... lectures ... Bible games . . . Debbie Bottomley, President ... Sandra Edwards, Vice-President . . . Annette Badgett, Secretary ... Sponsors, Mr. Absher, Mr. Johnson, and Miss Young. ARCHAEOLOGY CLUB VISITS DIG SPONSORED BY UNC Trip to burial site close to Raleigh . . . per- sonal collections ... overnight trip ... visits in county ... Sponsor, Mr. Comette. The members of the Archaeology Club 51Act 11 — AcademicsCOUNTY ADMINISTRATION DECISIONS, DECISIONS ALWAYS TO BE MADE A school year of activity . . . system works on State — Accreditation . . . decisions on snow and school : closings . .. budget and monetary appropriations ... new office building .. . Parent-Teacher Confer- ences instituted . . . activity . . . decisions, decisions! TOP — Superintendent. John Woodruff MIDDLE — Supervisor. Clarence Crouse BOTTOM — LEFT Board of Education. Janet Heravi. Watana Marion. David Osborne. Tom Burgiss. Dean Edwards RIGHT — Secretaries, Sandra Lane. Karen Leys. Lois Landreth. JoAnn MurrayALLEGHANY HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION HEADS UP AHS The High Command survives midyear transition ... understanding, good humor, diligence make George Keith successful throughout second semes- ter ... Sam Rector mans post as Assistant Principal .. . checking absentees . . . discipling with fairness ... Gail Bottomley completes the chain of com- mand .. . answering phones, questions ... the glue of our tiny base .. ATTENTION! AHS PASSES INSPECTION! TOP, LEFT—Principal, George Keith RIGHT—The new hub of our educational system BOTTOM. LEFT — Secretary, Gail Bottomley RIGHT — Assis- tant Principal, Sam Rector 55FACULTY CHALLENGING EACH STUDENT TO HIS FULL POTENTIAL rnax Judy Am H Max Absher Armentrout Atwood urr Bost Terri Brown Nancy Burgiss Arville Comette Judy Comette Billye Daniel Betsy Dillon Linda Edsel Jack Felmet James Finney Paul Foster Joe Hampton Sheila Hampton Walter Lee Hampton Bill Irwin Minnie Lou Irwin Bill Janett Edward Johnson 56 Willard Moxley Retired January 1. 1982 30 years of service Victor Johnston Frances Joines David Jones Carol Kennedy. Kay Luffman Willard Moxley, Sara McMillan Donna Shaw Jim Smith B.J. Stem Brenda Sutherland Warren Taylor Ken Thomas Melba Turney Lloyd White Zane Woodie Marty Young 57ALLEGHANY HIGH SCHOOL STAFF CUSTODIANS AND CAFETERIA STAFF MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARDS Custodians . .. the responsibility for keeping our school atmosphere suitable for study ... Cafeteria Staff ... an integral part in our daily life ... the preparation of nutritious meals ... both staffs to be commended for maintaining high standards. TOP — Mark Scott Ruby Edwards. Wanda Cleary. Anna DeBord. Ann Edwards. Retha Combs BOTTOM — Larry Edwards. Harry Boone 58MATH SCIENCE MAD SCIENTISTS CONQUER EQUATIONS PHYSICS, MATH AND SCIENCE CLASSES AT WORK Math .. . Science . . . Physics . . . Algebra ... Geometry and circles, too! ... Biology ... Chemis- try ... carbon and water ... genetics ... formulas ... Whew! . .. labs ... discussions . .. worksheets ... protozoa ... worms-ooh! ... "Don't blow up the world!” ... This is easy stuff ... Ha! ... world mysteries we discover ... We, in classes large and small ... We are the young minds of tomorrow!LIBERAL ARTS HOMEWORK IS SCHOOLWORK TO GO! Remember homework for ... Tom Sawyer . . That Was Then, This is Now Deathwatch . Vocabulary ... Stillwater .. . Debate ... Poetry Shane ... Group dynamics ... Genealogical Research ... “Roots” ... of our country ... Mythology ... Composition ... Senorita Brown es la maestra nueva ... “El Sol” ... Spanish culture ... European Culture ... Napolean .. . The New Deal ... Kings and Presidents ... Queens and Power ... Ugh! ... Homework! ... But alas, we learn! 60 English and Reading classes show their stuff!61SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS DEPARTMENTS EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES Shop classes construct house . . . agriculture abounds . . . Mrs. Shaw is welcomed . . . Special needs class creates crafts ... Business department gets new computer ... Typing ... Shorthand ... Data processing added . . . Home-ec fills hall with yummy aroma of food ... Family life ... Clothing Peer counseling begins with elementary stu- dents . . . several students hold jobs during after- noons ... Consumer education ... bustling ... expanding ... busy, alive AHS halls!The Shop classes build. Special Needs works on CTafts. Home Economics cooks; Business lakes the job in stride 63 SPORTS ACT IIICOACHES COACHES DEDICATE LONG HOURS A Long hours of practice . . . words of en- couragement . . . responsibility .. . work- ing one on one .. . recognizing individual talent . . coaxing . . . achieving . .. “The Thrill of Victory. The Agony of Defeat” ... technicals . . . frustration . . . sports- manship . . joy in reaching goals ... the agony of the match lost in the last seconds .. . conference championships . . . playoffs ... to the Alleghany High School coaching staff, we extend our sincere appreciation for the dedication and reputation you give to our school and playing fields. Fall Sports: Varsity Football — Jim Smith. Head Coach. Arville Comette and Lloyd White. Assistant Coaches; Junior Varsity Football — Tom Smith. Head Coach. David “Casey” Jones. Assistant Coach; Girls Volleyball — Brenda Sutherland and Judy Comette; Tennis — Kay Luffman. Winter Sports: Boys Varsity Basketball — David "Casey" Jones; Boys Junior Varsity Basketball — Lloyd White; Boys Freshman Basketball — Victor Johnson; Wrestling — Jim Smith; special thanks to Mitch Franklin; Girls Varsity Basketball — Bill Janrett. Head Coach. Arville Comette. Assistant Coach. Girls Junior Varsity Basketball — Arville Comette. Head Coach. Bill Janett, Assistant Coach. Spring Sports: Varsity Boys Baseball — Bill Jarrett. Head Coach, Jimmy Maines and Ken Thomas. Assis- tant Coaches; Junior Varsity Baseball — Hal Wooten. Boys Tennis — Lloyd White; Golf — Arville Comette. Head Coach. Yvonne Oliver, Assistant Coach; Girls Softball — Kay Luffman. Head Coach. Gerald Luff- man. Assistant Coach. 6667MANAGERS AND SCOREKEEPERS GUYS AND GALS ARE INDISPENSABLE SPORTS Scores and stats ... towels and Trojans ... such is the lot of our statisticians and managers . .. without these loyal persons, athletics would not be a success . Keep up the Good Work! TOP — Managers: Johnny Bunn, John Caudill, Carol Brooks, Lynn Mimbs, Connie Leed, Rocky Simons MIDDLE — Scorekeepers: Jeff Roberts, Stephanie Bryan, Statisticians: Jeff Parsons, Tonya Higgins BOTTOM — Scorekeepers: Tamarah Dowell, Derrick Murphy 68JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM YOUNG TEAM PULLS DOWN THE REBOUNDS Five sophomores ... seven freshmen ... the addi- tion of a freshmen basketball team ... Captains, Rick Wooten and Jimmy Bugielski . . . experience gained through play and practice . .. tomorrow’s future at AHS ... Freshmen Coach, Mr. Johnston ... Junior Varsity Coach, Mr. White. TOP, LEFT — The 1981-82 Junior Varsity Basketball Team RIGHT — The 1981-82 Freshmen Basketball Team I 72A The 1981-82 Junior Varsity Basketball Schedule Date Opponent December 5 Fries December 8 Independence November 30 West Wilkes December 14 Beaver Creek December 17 North Wilkes December 19 Independence December 21 Northwest Ashe January 4 East Wilkes January 7 Ashe Central January 11 Avery January 14 West Wilkes January 16 Fries January 18 Beaver Creek January 21 North Wilkes January 25 Northwest Ashe January 28 East Wilkes February 1 Ashe Central February 4 AveryJUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL WOOTEN BURNS UP BATTERS WITH FAST BALL Freshmen and sophomores taking the field for practice ... double play ... homerun ... sacrifice fly ... promising future for Varsity team .. . Coach proud of season . .. key wins throughout the conference schedule ... always looking forward to a better record next year ... Coach, Mr. Wooten. TOP — The 1981 Junior Varsity Baseball Team 74I TEAM GOES UNDEFEATED AND REIGNS AS CONFERENCE CHAMPS Three seniors ... nine juniors ... six sophomores ... eight freshmen ... excellent team unity ... strong junior class members ... competition excel- lent .. . new warmups as a result of working together on fund raising activities ... freshmen progressed quickly ... Mt. Airy tournament, team placed third ... Wade Collins and Mike Lyons were champions in their class ... Hibriten tournament, team placed sixth ... Mike Lyons and Roger Hig- gins were champions in their class ... the mixture of strength and quickness has proven decisive in the team’s matches ... Coach, Mr. Smith. 76The 1981-82 December 5 December 7 December 11 December 14 December 23 January 4 January 18 January 25 January 27 January 28 Wrestling Schedule Hibriten Tournament Avery West Wilkes Beaver Creek Mt. Airy East Wilkes Ashe Central Northwest Ashe Beaver Creek Northwest Ashe West Wilkes East Wilkes 77BOYS TENNIS WHITE LEADS TEAM THROUGH REGENERATION Seven high school guys ... eager to begin season .. . loss of five seniors but proud nevertheless . . . new coach to help team ... work and determination ... forehand, backhand, and serves ... improve- ment through season ... conference tourney. Franz Amrhein places second ... sectionals end the sea- son ... Athletic Banquet '81 ... Most Valuable, Franz Amrhein . .. Coaches Trophy, Julian Young ... Most Improved. Alan Murphy ... Coach, Mr. White. 1981 Tennis Schedule March 16 March 19 March 23 March 26 April 2 April 6 April 9 April 13 April 16 April 23 April 27-May 1 May 11-15 West Wilkes Avery East Wilkes North Wilkes Northwest Ashe North Wilkes East Wilkes West Wilkes Avery Northwest Ashe Conference Tournament Sectional Tournament Winston-Salem Hanes Park TOP — The 1981 Tennis Team BOTTOM — Seniors Brad Bedsaul and Jeff Parsons 811981 Golf Opponents North Wilkes East Wilkes Avery Ashe Central Beaver Creek GOLF TEAM TEES UP Looking forward to an improved season in 1982 ... all starters returned but one .. . which club do I choose? ... help for newcomers from the coach ... always striving for the lower score ... Coach, Mr. Comette. TOP, LEFT — The 1981 Golf Team RIGHT BOTTOM — Seniors Mark Handy and Shawn — Senior Brad Bedsaul PooleGIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL NEW TEAM ADDED TO SPORTS PROGRAM Eight girls strong ... hopes for success and improve- ment ... practicing and learning . . . the backbone of the future girls basketball program ... Coaches, Mr. Comette and Mr. Jarrett TOP — The 1981 -82'Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team 83GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL SOPHOMORES DOMINATE TEAM A young team ... with hopes for a good season ... one senior ... four juniors ... eight sophomores .. Coaches, Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Comette. TOP. RIGHT PAGE — Senior, Priscilla Cochran BOTTOM. RIGHT PAGE — The 1981 82 Girls Varsity Basketball TeamI ■ n U The 1981-82 Girls Varsity Basketball Schedule 1 December 1 North Suny 1 December 11 Northwest Ashe I December 15 North Wilkes 1 December 18 Avery 1 December 28-29 Christmas Tournament at Elkin I January 5 East Wilkes 1 January 8 Beaver Creek V January 9 North Surry f January 12 West Wilkes January 15 Ashe Central January 19 Northwest Ashe January 22 North Wilkes | January 26 Avery : January 29 East Wilkes 1 February 2 Beaver Creek M February 5 West Wilkes I February 9 • Ashe CentralI GIRLS SOFTBALL LADY TROJANS ARE CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS Twenty girls on the team ... a great year with hopes for an even better record this season ... All Confer- ence — Sara Hash. Cathy Royal), Tammy Carico, Michelle Brooks ... Honorable Mention — Debbie Sprinkle ... Athletic Banquet '81 ... Most Valu- able, Cathy Royall ... Most Improved, Tammy Carico ... Coaches Trophy, Sara Hash ... Coach, Mrs. Luffman. RIGHT PAGE, TOP — Senior Tamarah Dowell THIS PAGE. BOTTOM — The 1981 Girls Soft- ball Team 861981 Girls Softball Scores Pre-Season All Opp Wilkes Central 3 2 Wilkes Central 3 4 Northwest Ashe Regular Season 33 0 Northwest Ashe 7 1 Avery 8 3 East Wilkes 12 6 North Wilkes 20 0 Ashe Central 7 4 North Wilkes 7 2 East Wilkes State Playoffs 2 3 East Lincoln 0 10 87VOLLEYBALL VARSITY AND Fourteen students make up varsity squad ... twen- ty-two students make up junior varsity group . . . trip to Boone to see game at Appalachian State Universi- ty ... Junior Varsity ended as All-Conference Champions .. Paula Wagoner, All Conference ... Tammy Blevins, Honorable Mention ... Varsity Captains, Paula Wagoner and Tammy Blevins ... Junior Varsity Captains, Jill Gillespie and Lisa Alford Scorekeepers, Tanya Higgins, Jeff Parsons, Tina Blankenship .. . Manager, Lynn Mimbs .. . Coaches, Mrs. Sutherland and Mrs. Comette. THIS PAGE, MIDDLE — Seniors Bonnie Bames. Tammy Blevins. Karen Brooks THIS PAGE, BOTTOM — The Junior Varsity Vol- leyball Team RIGHT PAGE, MIDDLE — The Varsity Volleyball Team RIGHT PAGE, BOTTOM — Seniors Tamarah Dowell. Barbara Higgins. Paula Wagoner 88JUNIOR VARSITY EXCEL 1981 Volleyball Scores East Wilkes Beaver Creek and Northwest Ashe Ashe Central and Avery Avery and East Wilkes North Wilkes Ashe Central and North Wilkes Northwest Ashe and Beaver Creek 89GIRLS TRACK LADIES PLACE SECOND IN CONFERENCE Twenty-eight members . . . new school 400m track records broken in 1981 ... high jump, Tammy Gambill, 4’10” ... triple jump, Marsha Medley, 28’9” ... 100m dash. Colleen DeBord. 13,7 ... 160m run, Michelle Collins. 5:57.8 ... 400m relay, Lisa Roupe, Marsha Medley, Aundra Handy, Col- leen DeBord, 55.3 ... 200m dash, Colleen De- Bord. 28.0 .. . 800m relay, Lisa Roupe, Lisa Alford. Lisa Miller, Marsha Medley, 1:57.2 . .. 3200m run, Tonya Snow, 15.01 ... eight girls qualified for Sec- tionals in Salisbury — Colleen DeBord, Marsha Medley, Aundra Handy, Lisa Roupe, Lisa Miller, Michelle Collins, Paula Wagoner. Tammy Gambill ... All Conference — Marsha Medley, Colleen De- Bord, Michelle Collins ... Athletic Banquet ’81 ... Most Valuable Runner, Lisa Roupe, Most Improved, Colleen DeBord ... Coaches Trophy, Tammy Gambill ... Captains, Tammy Gambill and Lisa Roupe ... Coach, Mrs. Sutherland. 1981 Girls Track Scores Avery 62 East Wilkes 57 West Wilkes 25 North Wilkes 69 2 Avery 61 East Wilkes 72 North Wilkes 74 Conference Meet — Second Place MIDDLE — the 1981 Girls Track Team Senior — Aundra Handy BOTTOM — Seniors Tonya Snow. Paula Wagoner. Sandy Crouse 90£ m £ ’iKA-e .: •?, 7 «70 - SET 73 -71,‘44 "6U 7 • 1«.«p'WI ®« ‘ $ 1 ?6 •»30 fc24-JI51 10 61 1B 60 95Varsity Football 1981-82 Varsity Football Schedule TOP — Senior Shawn Poole MIDDLE — Seniors Phillip Daniels. Darren Blevins, Steve Edwards BELOW — Senior Dale Hampton August 28 September 4 September 11 September 18 September 25 October 2 October 9 October 16 October 22 October 30 Surry Central Independence Ledford West Wilkes Ashe Central North Wilkes Avery County Northwest Ashe Beaver Creek East Wilkes 96BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ATTENDS PRACTICE SESSION OF UNC TARHEELS Eight seniors .. . three juniors . . . Captains, Buddy Tompkins and Mike Caudill ... hopes for a success- ful year ... although lacking in height, the boys make up for it in defensive ability and overall team speed ... Dean Smith, Head Coach at Carolina, talked with team about the fundamentals of basket- ball when players observed the Tarheels practice on a trip to Chapel Hill ... Coaches, Mr. Jones and Mr. Wyatt. TOP — Senior Tim Fowler 22 takes instructions from coach. BOTTOM — Seniors Mike Atwood and Mike Caudill 97Varsity Boys Basketball TOP — The 1981-82 Boys Varsity Basket ball Team BOTTOM — Seniors Ritchie Comette and Steve Edwards 98The 1981-82 Varsity Basketball Schedule December 1 December 5 December 8 December 11 December 15 December 18 December 19 January 5 January 8 January 9 January 12 January 15 January 16 January 19 January 22 January 26 January 29 February 2 February 5 February 9 February 15-20 February 22-March 3 North Surry Fries Independence Northwest Ashe North Wilkes Avery Independence East Wilkes Beaver Creek North Surry West Wilkes Ashe Central Fries Northwest Ashe North Wilkes Avery County East Wilkes Beaver Creek West Wilkes Ashe Central Conference Tournament District Tournament BELOW — Seniors Kerry Miller. Buddy Tomp- kins. Brian WagonerVARSITY BASEBALL TEAM REIGNS AS CONFERENCE AND One of the best seasons ever . . . sixteen players strong .. . went undefeated in conference play ... lost a close game in the second round of state playoffs ... All Conference — Brian Wagoner, Ritchie Comette, Jeff Hayes. Craig Greer. Butch Montgomery . . . Honorable Mention, Edwin Tompkins, Harold Bryan . . . Athletic Banquet '81 ... Most Valuable, Ritchie Cornette .. . Most Improved, Butch Montgomery ... Coaches Trophy, Derrick Murphy . Coaches, Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Thomas. THIS PAGE, MIDDLE — Seniors Ritchie Comette, John Garvey, Mickey Hall RIGHTPAGE, MIDDLE—The 1981 Varsity Baseball Team RIGHT PAGE, BOTTOM — Seniors Derrick Murphy. Buddy Tompkins, Brian Wagoner SENIORS NOT PICTURED — Dale Hampton, Kerry Miller. Steve Edwards, Mike Caudill 100DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 1981 Varsity Baseball Scores Northwest Ashe Ashe Central West Wilkes Beaver Creek Avery North Wilkes East Wilkes Northwest Ashe Ashe Central West Wilkes Beaver Creek Avery North Wilkes East Wilkes STATE PLAYOFFS East Lincoln Sylva Webster 101Act IV — IndividualsFreshmen Freshmen Class Officers Chris Chappel, President Kevin Dowell, Vice-President Kim Lucas. Secretary Anita Reeves. Treasurer Kathy Absher Fang Alford Julie Andrews Lisa Andrews David Ashley Forrest Atwood Eric Bennett Tammy Bennett Jenna Billings Chad Billings Daron Billings Daryl Blevins Ricky Boyer Joey Brinegar Brad Brooks Missy Brooks Rita Brooks Mike Brown - 104Joan Bryan Stephanie Bryan Allen Carico Brenda Caudill Stacy Caudill Steven Caudill Chris Chappell Annette Cooper Kathy Creed Charles Crouse Kevin Crouse Martha Crouse Paul Crouse Mark Cutlip Pam Dalton Tommy Dalton Ricky Davis Charlie Dawson Mary Dillon Leroy Dixon Michael Dobson Tammy Dosier Eric Dowell Kevin Dowell Judy Edwards Michelle Edwards Pam Elston Mark Evans Angie Evans Stacy Evans Tommie Evans Tony Evans Sharon Farmer Gary Finney Matt Foster Barry Galyean Greg Gambill Robin Gambill Criag Gentry James Gray Kelly Greely Arnold Green 105106 Dan-ell Greene Terry Greene Crystal Hall Tracey Hall Ronnie Halsey Pamela Harris Billy Hash Lisa Hash Kathie Hawkins Missy Hawkins Blenda Higgins Tonya Higgins Mary Hodge Kelly Hopson Audra Hudson Lisa Hudson Allan Huffman Will Huffman Brett Jarrett Robbie Johnson Scotty Johnson Sharon Johnson Rhonda Kennedy Tonya Leftwicn Daniel Loggins Kim Lucas Curtis Mahan Charlie Maines Frank Mangum Chus Martinez John Mays Dawn McCarthy Tommy McKnight Phillip Medley Tammy Miles Kim Miller Ricky Montgomery Steve Moore Douglas MoxleyFreshmen Bewildered, they wander through A.H.S. halls. James Moxley Vickie MoxJey Chad Murphy Nancy Naylor Treuer Nichols Mary Beth Osborne Mark Pardue Tim Parsons James Pennington Martha Perry Kellye Petty Patricia Phillips Carol Pruitt Melody Pruitt Tim Redd Anita Reeves Debbie Richardson Mary Ann Rutherford Colin Shaver Chip Shepherd David Shepherd Jim Smith Tommy Smith Debbie Sparks Tony Storms Mike Strickland Sandie Sturgill Danny Todd Wilma Todd Kathy Tompkins Patricia Tyson Sherry Vaughn Pam Waddell 107Sophomores Rising Slowly, Growing Fast Chip Absher Lisa Alford Donna Andrews Becky Andrews Shawn Andrews Mike Atwood Donald Bare Lisa Bare Houston Barker Marlene Bames Christine Bennett Diane Berry Allen Billings Vonda Black Charlene Blevins Sophomore Class Officers Kathy Bottomley. President. Karena Blevins, Vice-President. Michelle Collins, Secretary; Kenneth Brown, Treasurer 108Karena Blevins Mary Blevins Rita Blevins Sandra Blevins Shelia Blevins Tony Blevins Debbie Bobbitt Cynthia Bottomley Kathy Bottomley Hank Brinegar Shannon Brooks Juanita Brown Kenneth Brown Larry Brown Kathy Brown Pat Brown Jimmy Bugielski Johnnie Bunn James Carico Tammy Carico Jeff Carpenter Mary Caudill Jim Choate Michelle Collins Paula Cooper Polly Cox Jimmy Creed Anita Crouse Jill Crouse Matthew Crouse 109Sophomores Flabby Sophomore Minds and Muscles Firm Up Mike Crouse Richard Davis Bobby Dawson Donnie Dickens David Dowell Tim Duncan Barbara Edwards Jeff Edwards Lisa Edwards Cedi Evans LeAnn Evans Tami Evans James Fender Glenn Gilbert Jill Gillespie Lisa Glascoe Teresa Gray Randell Greene Susan Greene Gary Grubb Alex Hall Rebecca Halsey Sammy Halsey Greg Hamm Sandy Hammock Tommy Hampton Johnny Hawkins Lori Hawkins Robin Hodge Cheryl Holt 110Kevin Hopson Greg Howell Melissa Howell Darrell Hunt Nickey Johnson Trisha Johnson David Joines Steven Joines Karen Jones Tim Jones Marty Key Tonya Kifion Linda Lane Jamey Loggins Johnny Loggins Carlton Lovelace Leann Lyson Doug Mackey Kenny Mabe Bobby Maines Noelle Marion Marsha Medley Georgia Meyer Ken Miles 111Sophomores Yet Unmindful of the Burdens Upper Classmen Suffer. Lisa Miller Tammy Miller Kim Mount Angie Murray Chris Murray Dennis Murray Janet Nichols Kenneth Nichols Ellen Osborne Sharon Osborne Becky Owens Gerald Peny Lisa Ramey Blake Rector Criag Rector Eric Rector Darla Reeves Daryl Reeves Kim Reeves Steven Reeves Daniel Richardson Jeff Roberts Steven Rose Keith Rose Billy Royal Sherry Royal Tim Rutherford Richard Scott Lisa Shew Jerry Shouse 112Judy Sidden Allen Smith Billy Smith Chris Smith Teddy Smith Michael Sparks Pat Spicer Penny Stoker Gary Storms Danny Sturgill Susan Sturgill Shad Tally Jeannie Tolliver Kathy Tucker Stuart Tucker Leonard Turner Ricky Vannoy Pam Vaughn Brad Walker Judy Whitehead Mark Wiles Donna Williams Stoney Williams Johnny Wishon Mandy Wood 113JUNIORS STUDENTS ANTICIPATE THEIR FINAL YEAR JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Mary Jane Phipps. Secretary; David Gambill, Treasurer; Ken Smith. Vice-president; Deana Blevins, President Starting out with one hundred and sixty-four students in freshman class sponsored Miss Alleghany Pageant and Junior-Senior Prom the prom is funded by the pageant . theme of this year's pageant. "Country Sunshine" a class that has made its mark on the history of the school 114Mike Absher Franz Amrhein Kathy Anders Mark Andrews Chris Ashley Nelda Barker Tammy Bennett Nancy Billings Tina Blankenship Deana Blevins Mary Jane Bobbitt Robin Bobbitt Sheny Brinegar Carol Brooks Donna Brooks Lori Brooks Ron Brooks Gerald Bryan Harold Bryan Debbie Calhoun Celia Castevens Twana Caudill John Caudle Allen Church Kim Church Jody Collins Angie Crouse Randy Crouse Colleen DeBord Tim DeBord 115Donna Dotson Larry Dowell Carla Duncan Alton Duncan Michael Edwards Roger Edwards Darryl Evans Karin Farmer Dawn France David Gambill Linda Greene Janna Hendrix Mitra Heravi Carol Hicks Danny Higgins Dale Higgins Roger Higgins 116Juniors Juniors “Think” for Competency Test and PS AT. Sarah Hiogins Becky HiF Bonnie Hincher Scott Holland David Holloway April Holcomb Lorie Hoppers Steven Hoppers Kim Hopson Delores Hudson Christine Johnson Nancy Jones Bill Kerly Brian KUlon David Latham Allen Lawhead Bonnie Leed Connie Leed Carolyn Lineberry Carol Loggins Mike Lyons Brad Mabe 117Brad Maines Terry Maines Robin Mangum Thomas McGrady Jim McMeans Mike Miles Lynn Mimbs Twyla Mount Lisa Moxley Alan Murphy Juniors Juniors Work Hard for Successful Pageant and Prom. Tracy Nichols Rita Osborne Diane Parsons Stephanie Parsons Charles Perry John Phipps 118Mary Jane Phipps Tim Poole Betty Pruitt Donald Rector Mitch Rector Chris Reeves Penny Reeves John Richardson Shelley Richardson Susan Richardson Pam Roark Steven Rutherford Robin Scott Johnny Shelor Chris Shepherd Sherry Shepherd Audrey Sidden Rocky Simons Clayton Smith 119Juniors Ken Smith Lisa Smith Stewart Smith Missy Spurlin Susan Strickland Rosie Sturgill Tammy Sturgill Kari Tally Regina Todd Janet Tompkins Lora Trivett Karen Tucker Howard Turner Joe Willey Teresa Williams Ginny Wingate Patrick Woodie Greg Wooten David Wyatt Don Wyatt Susan Young 120SENIORS “We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers. And sitting by desolate streams; World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams: Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the world forever it seems.” — Arthur O’Shaughnessy 121Senior Class Offi cers Derrick Murphy. President; Pam Blevins. Vice-President; Sandy Crouse. Secretary; Paula Wagoner. Treasurer 122Girls and Guys in Jeans Faded Blue . . . Linda Kay Absher Kerty Lynn Alvey Cheryl Denise Andrews Tammy Sue Andrews Michael Wayne Atwood Lisa Yvette Baldwin Carlos Eugene Bare Bonnie Sue Barnes 123We re ike Class of X2! Shelia Denise Billings Bradley Clint Bedsaul Tammy Rene Billings Challie Darrell Blevins Kimberly Michelle Bennett Gregory Allen Bedsaul Bretta Danette Billings Charles Dwayne Billings Darren Wayne BlevinsEric Paige Blevins Pamela Lynne Blevins Sherry Lynn Blevins Tammy Eugenia Blevins Deborah Lynne Boone Deborah Sue Bottomley Rebecca Joe Boyer Harold Dean Brooks James Shelton Brooks The First Kindergarten Class 125First to Take Social Studies Karen Leigh Brooks Lois Jane Brooks Vickie Williams Brooks J. C. Brown Charles Wayne Burgess Susan Ann Caudell Michael Lee Caudill John Martin Church Michael Wayne ClearyHomecoming is Besi Ever’ Lisa Ann Cox Priscilla Anne Cochran Richard Wade Collins Maxwell Lee Combs Lora Gail Cox Sharon Lynn Cranford Kenneth Harold Cooper Jeffrey Lynn Cornett Richard Anthony CometteDerrick Murphy is Mr. Trojan” Sandra Mae Crouse Anthony Phillip Daniels Barry Joe Davis Craig Clarence Decker Susan Michelle Dosier Tamarah Jeanne Dowell Daniel Don Duncan Randy Dale Duncan Rebecca Mae EdwardsBlevins and Bottomley Win Homecoming Honors Sandra Lynn Edwards Stephen Stuart Edwards Aaron Paul Finney Gennia Vandora Fletcher Timothy Paul Fowler Phillip Clifford Galyean John Paul Garvey William Scott Griffin Mickey Jay HallVIC A Builds First Solar House Teena Marie Hall Terry Dale Halsey Michael Glenn Hamm Ricky Lynn Hamm Connie Dale Hampton Robin Michelle Hampton Aundra Rebecca Handy William Mark Handy Charlotte Naomi Harris 130" DEC A Excels in District Competition George Allen Harris Barbara Ann Higgins Teresa Ann Hodge Teresa Lynn Hunt Rebecca Ann Irwin Rita Kay Irwin Jeffrey Lane Johnson Donna Irene Jones Gary Thomas KetterlingRuthann McGrady Donald Melvin Melton John Martin Miles Kerry Dwayne Miller Michael Elliot Miller Robert Steven Mitchell A Spirited Class With Many Talented Athletes 132Derrick Kendall Murphy Robert Michael Murphy Peggy Sue Nichols Pamela Lynn Osborne Janie Parsons Jeffrey Harold Parsons "The Rose” Was -the Theme of Our Junior Prom 133Seniors Dominate Miss Alleghany Pageant 2 Karen Leigh Petty Darryl Shawn Poole Kim Darlene Rader Tammy Sue Ray Joe Allen Reed Cheryl Dawn Reeves Craig Allan Richardson Yuriko Sato Carolyn Annette Shaw 134A. H. S. Salutes Retired Principal, James A. Greene Tanya Lee Snow Maurice Alan Souther Chris Colin Sturgill Buddy Lynn Tompkins Pamela Gay Upchurch Gary Edward VanOver 135David Brian Wagoner Paula Gay Wagoner Tammy Annette Wagoner Jeffrey Allen Walker Patricia Eileen Ward Nancy Lynn Williams 136 Mr. Moxley Leaves History Department Sharon Jean Williams Juanita Hardin Wyatt Pamela Ann WyattWHERE ARE THEY NOW Outside the sky is water color gray Newspaper says to look for rain today No one around for company And so I turn to memories to pass the time away Each face that flashes back to mind Seems as it was untouched by time I can’t recall quite all the names Each one is precious all the same How strange to think How many friends were lost somewhere behind (Chorus) Where are they now How I miss those companions Who walked the canyons of the night By my side Where are they now Like so many crazy dancers We live only for the answers in a song But that was long ago Where are they now When love was new and wonderful There was no word impossible The future we saw with our minds Was something of our hearts design Between today and yesterday Life came between us all Lyrics by John Bettis Recorded by Barry Manilow Linda Kay Absher. College Prep; Track 1,2; Matmaid 2; Monogram Club 3; Music Appreciation 4; Square Dancing 3. Prom Committee 3; Annual Staff 4; FBLA 3,4. Vice-President 4; Plans; College and marriage. Kenj nn ve ; enera ; Needlework 4; Music Appreciation 4; Plans: CheTyl Denise Andrews. College Prep; FTA 2.3; FBU 2,3.4; Bible Club 3; Weaving 4; Plans: Undecided Tammy Sue Andrews; Colleqe Prep; Tennis 1. Most Improved 1. Track 1,2, Cheerleading 2.3; Miss Alleghany Pageant; Best Non-finalist Talent 2. Pep Club 1.2,3; Bible Club 3; Ace President 3; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3; Student Council 3; FTA 3.4; DECA 4. Secretary 4. Plans: To attend Applachain State University Michael Wayne Atwood; College Prep. Basketball 1,2,3,4; All Tournament 2.3; All Conference 3; Student Council 1. Monogram Club 3.4. A Club 4. Chess Club 3; FTA 3.4; Sports Journalism 4. Plans: College Lisa Yvette Baldwin. College Prep. Marching Band 1.2; Concert Band 1.2; Miss Alleghany Pageant 3. Third Runner up 3; Rag Major 1,2.4. Pep Club 1.2; Bible Club 3; Spanish Club 3; Prom Committee 3. Pageant Committee 3; FTA 4. Music Appreciation 4. Vice-President 4; Plans. Nursing School Carlos Eugene Bare General; VICA 3.4; Auto Mechanics 3.4 FFA 3; Bus Driver 2,3.4; Plans: Work Bonnie Sue Barnes. General; Volleyball 3.4. Drill Team 3.4; Pep Club 1; Music Appreciation 3,4; Plans Nursing Bradley Clint Bedsaul; Colleqe Prep Basketball 2.3; Golf 1,2.3.4. All Con- ference 3. Most Valuable 3; Tennis 4. Monogram Club 3.4; A Club 4. Prom Committee 3; Jr Rifle 3; Chess Club 3. Annual Staff 4; Spanish Club 4. Sports Journalism 4; Plans: Business law at UNC-Chapel Hill Gregory Alan Bedsaul; General; Baseball 2; VICA 3.4; Jr Rifle 3.4; Bus Driver 4. Plans: Technical School Kimberly Michelle Bennett; Business; FBLA 3; DECA 4; Needlework 4. Plans: Undecided Bretta Danette Billings; Business; Weaving 4. Needlepoint 4; Plans: Cosmo tology Charles Dwayne Billings; General; FFA 3.4. VICA 3.4; Auto Mechanics 3.4; Plans: Work Shelia Denise Billings; College Prep; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4. Captain 2; Secretary 4; Sponsor’s Award 2; Class Secretary 1. Pep Club 1.2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3; FTA 2,3.4; Secretary 3; Archeology 3.4; Monogram Club 3,4; Miss Alleghany Pageant 4; Third Runner-up 4; A Club 4; Plans: College Tammy Rene Billings; Colleqe Prep; Volleyball 1.2.3; Softball 1.4. Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Monogram Club 3,4; Prom Commit- tee 3; Bible Club 3,4; Square Dancing 3; Music Appreciation 4; President 4; Plans: College and marriage Challie Darrell Blevins; Vocational; Certificate of Appreciation in Apprecia- tion for the Valuable Contribution Given to the Alleghany High School Resource Room 3; Plans: Work Darren VJayne Blevins; General. Football 1,2.4. Weight Lifting 1,2; FFA 3 VICA 3.4 ; Plans: To attend Surry Community College Eric Paige Blevins; General; FFA 3,4; VICA 4; Plans: Become a Dairy Inspector Pamela Lynne Blevins; College Prep. Track 1.2.3; Monogram Club 3; Pep Club 2. Student Council 2.4. Square Dancing 3; Prom Committee S. Pageant Committee 3; FBLA 3.4; President 4 Beta Club 3.4; Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4; Advertising Manager 4; Class Vice-President 4, Plans: Col- lege Sherry Lynn Blevins: Business; FBLA 2; Health Club 3; DECA 3; Weaving 4; Needlepoint 4; Plans: Nursing Tammy Eugenia Blevins. Colleqe Prep. Volleyball 1.2,3,4; Co-captain 4; Most Improved 2; Track 1,2 Cheerleading 1.2.3,4; Captain 4. A Club 4. Student Council; Secretary 2; Vice-President 3. President 4. Beta Club 2,3,4; Store Manager 3; FTA 2,3; Vice-President 3; Prom Committee 3; Class Secretary 3; Junior Marshal 3; Annual Staff 3,4; Homecoming Court 1,2,3.4; Queen 4; Miss Alleghany Pageant 4; Second Runner-up 4; Plans; College Deborah Lynne Boone; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1.2.3; DECA 3,4; Needlework 4; Plans: Cosmotology Deborah Sue Bottomley; College Prep; Cheerleading 2,3.4; Co-captain 4; Pep Club 2; FTA 2.4. FBLA 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3; Bible Club 4; President 4; Annual Staff 4; DECA 4; Miss DECA Contest 4 First Place 4; Job Interview Contest 4; First Place 4. Miss Alleghany Pageant 4; Miss Alleghany 4; Homecoming Court 2,3.4; Maid of Honor 4. Rans: College Rebecca Joe Boyer; General; FBLA 3; DECA 4; Needlework 4; Plans: Work Harold Dean Brooks: Vocational; VICA 3.4. Auto Mechanics 3.4. Bus Driver 2,3,4; Rans: Work James Shelton Brooks: Vocational; Coin Club 3; VICA 2,3,4; Bricklaying 2,3.4 Bus Driver 2.3,4; Plans: Work Karen Leigh Brooks: Colleqe Prep; Basketball 1; Volleyball 2,3,4. Softball 2; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3.4; Choir 4; Archeology 3. Archery 3; Music Appreciation 4; Plans: To attend Wilkes Community Colleqe Lois Jane Brooks, College Prep; Tennis 1; Junior Marshal 3; Student Council 3,4, Beta Club 2,3,4; Secretary 4; FBLA 3,4. Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 4; Advertising Manager 4; Plans: Pharmacy at UNC-Chapel Hill Vickie Williams Brooks; Business; Bible Club 3; Needlework 4; Weaving 4; Rans: To stay happily married J C. Brown; Vocational; Bricklaying 1,2; FFA 3; Plans: Farming Charles Wayne Burgess. Vocational; Bricklaying 3,4, FFA 1.4. Bus Driver 2,3,4; Rans: Bricklaying Susan Ann Caudell; Business; DECA 4; Choir 2,3,4; Rans: Undecided Michael Lee Caudill; Colleqe Prep. Football 1.2.3,4; All Conference Honor able mention 3. Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 2. Baseball; A Club 4. Plans College John Martin Church; Vocational; FFA 3,4; VICA 3,4; Student Council 4. Bus Driver 3,4; Plans: To attend Wilkes Community College Michael Wayne Cleary. Vocational. VICA 3.4. Electricity 3.4. Archery 4; Jr. Rifle 3; Plans: Undecided Priscilla Anne Cochran; College Prep; Softball 1.2.4. Most Improved 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, All Conference 3. Monogram Club 1,2,3.4. A Club 4. FBLA 1,4; Chess Club 3; Debate 3; VICA 4; Plans: College Richard Wade Collins; College Prep; Track 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Most Improved 3; All Conference 3; Captain 4. Prom Committee 3. Chess Club 3; Archery 3,4; Treasurer 3.4; Archeology 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4. A Club 4. Plans: Air Force and college Maxwell Lee Combs; Vocational. Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Captain 4. FFA 3,4; VICA 3.4; Plans: To be a welder Kenneth Harold Cooper. College Prep. Junior Marshal 3; Chess Club 3. Beta Club 3,4; Archery 3.4. Annual Staff 4. Plans College Jeffery Lynn Cornett; Vocational; Wrestling 1.2; Jr Rifle 3.4; VICA 3.4; Electricity 3.4; Plans: To attend Forsyth Technical Institute Richard Anthony Comette. College Prep, Basketball 1.2,3,4. All Conference 3. Baseball 1,2,3.4; Most Valuable 3; Runner-up in Player of the Year 3- Monogram Club 2,3,4; A Club 4; Pageant Committee 3; Chess Club 3; FTA 3.4; Sports Journalism 4; Plans: Colleqe Lisa Ann Cox; Business. Pep Club 1; Student Council 2; DECA 3; FTA 4. FBLA 3; Rans: College Lora Gail Cox; College Prep; Junior Marshal 3; FHA 3; Student Council 1.2. FTA 4; Plans: College Sharon Lyn Cranford; College Prep; Track 1. Marching Band 1.2; Concert Band 1,2. Matmaid 1; Majorette 2.3,4. FHA 3; Plans College Sandra Mae Crouse. Colleqe Prep; Basketball 1.2.3. Volleyball 2; Track 3 Matmaid 4; Co-captain 4. Monogram Club 3,4; A Club 4; Annual Staff 4 Business Manager 4; Student Council 3.4; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3; FBLA 3,4; Secretary 4. Beta Club 2,3,4; Chairman of Execu- tive Committee; Class Secretary 4. Plans Cosmotology Anthony Phillip Daniels. College Prep. Football 1,2,4. Track 2,3,4; Weight Lifting 3.4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3,4. Pep Band 3; Chess Club 3; Sports Journalism 4. Plans College Barry Joe Davis; Vocational; FFA 3,4 Bus Driver 3,4; Plans: Work Craig Decker; Colleqe Prep; Coin Club 3; Archeology 3,4; Trojan Raymak- ers 4; Geneokxjcal Research 4; Trojan Times Staff 3; Journalism Award 3. Annual Staff 4; Rans: College to study graphic or applied art Susan Michelle Dosier; College Prep; Track 1,2; Most Improved 1; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3. President 4. Majorette 1.2,3,4. Monogram Club 1.2,3.4; Student Council 2.3 Pep Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Junior Marshal 3; Co-chief 3; Governor’s Page 3; Governor’s School 3; Miss Alleghany Pageant 3; Miss Alleghany 3; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3; Class Vice-President 3; Beta Club 2,3,4. Health Careers 4; Annual Staff 4; Co-editor 4; Who's Who Among America’s High Schooi Students 3,4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3.4. Morehead Scholarship Nominee 4. Plans Colleqe Tamarah Jean Dowell. College Prep; Softball 1.2,3,4. Basketball Manager 1; Cheerleading 2,3; Most Improved 3; Volleyball 4; Monogram Club 1.2,3,4; A Club 4. Miss Alleghany Pageant 4. Annual Staff 4. Prom Committee 3. Pep Club 1; FHA 3; President 3. FTA 4. Secretary 4; Plans: College Daniel Don Duncan; General; VICA 3.4. Drafting 3.4; Jr Rifle 4; Plans: To attend Surry Community College Randy Dale Duncan; Vocational; VICA 1,2,3,4; Rans Undecided Sandra Mae Edwards; General; Trojan Raymakers 1.2,3,4; Pageant Com mittee 2; Bible Club 3,4; Rans: To attend Wilkes Community College Stephen Stuart Edwards; College Prep; Baseball 1.2,3,4, Football 1,2,3.4. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; A Club 4; Archeology 4; FTA 4; Plans: Colleqe Aaron Paul Finney; Vocational. VICA 3,4; Jr. Rifle 4. Rans Air Force Gennia Vandora Fletcher. General; Trojan Playmakers 1,2,3,4; Bible Club 3.4; Plans: Work or colleqe Timothy Paul Fowler; College Prep; basketball 1,2.3.4; Track 1. Monogram Club 1,3,4; A Club 4; FFA 3,4; Homecoming Escort 3, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; Plans: College Philfip Clifford Galyen; Vocational; VICA 3.4; Archeology 3,4; Jr Rifle 3,4; Bus Driver 3.4; Trojan Playmakers 4; Plans: To work for Conrail and Amtrak John Paul Garvey; College Prep; Baseball 1.2,3,4. Monogram Club 3.4. A Club 4; FFA 3; Spanish Club 4; Homecoming Escort 3; Beta Club 2,3,4. Junior Marshal 3. Bus Driver 2,3,4. Student Council 1.4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; Plans. College at UNC-Chapel William Scott Griffin; General; Coin Club 3,4; Archeology 4; Bus Driver 3.4; Plans. Work Mickey Jay Hall. Colleqe Prep; Football 1,2,3.4; Wrestling 1.2,3,4; Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; A Club 4; Archery 3.4; Rans: Petroleum Engineering Tina Marie Hall; Vocational; Volleyball 3; Softball 3; Basketball 3; Track 1,2; Drill Team 3; Pep Club 2; Miss Alleghany Pageant 3. Trojan Playmakers 1381.2,3.4. Music Appreciation 4. Needlepoint 4. Plans: To be a model and actress Terry Dale Halsey. General; VICA Plans; Undecided Michael Glenn Hamm. Vocational; Football 1.2,3.4; Coach s Trophy 3; Honorable Mention 3; Captain 2.4; FFA 3.4. VICA 3.4. Plans: To be a mechanic Ricky Lynn Hamm. Vocational. VICA 2.3.4. Carpentry 2.3.4. President 3; FFA 3.4. Marching Band 1.2,3; Concert Band 1,2.3. Bus Driver 2.3,4; Plans: College Connie Dale Hampton. College Prep; Football 1,2.3.4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Carpentry 2.3,4; VICA 2,3,4. Vice President 3. President 4. FFA 3; Archery 4. Student Council 1,2.4. Plans: College and farming Robin Michelle Hampton. Business; Needlepoint 4. Plans: Undecided Aundra Rebecca Handy; Business. Basketball 1; Track 1.2.3; Wrestling Scorekeeper 4. Student Council 3; Bible Club 3; FBLA 3,4; Plans: College William Mark Handy; College Prep; Golf 1.2,3,4; Coach’s Trophy 3; Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation Representative 2. BREMC Tour to Washington. D C 3. Junior Marshal 3. Student Council 3.4. Prom Committee 3. Pageant Committee 3; Beta Club 2,3.4. Health Careers 3.4; President 3. Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Plans To become a doctor of pediatrics Charlotte Naomi Harris; Vocational. VICA 4; Drafting 4 Bus Driver 4. Plans Marriage . ... , George Allen Harris; General; FFA 1.2. Weight Lifting; Plans: Work Barbara Ann Higgins. College Prep. Volleyball J.V. Volleyball Stat- istician 3; Wrestling Scorekeeper 4; Monogram Club 3,4; A Club 4. Pep Club 1.2; Literary Club 3; Jr. Rifle; FTA 2.3.4; Trojan Times Staff 3; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3. Marching Band 1.2.3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Spanish Club 4. Archeology 4. Annual Staff 4. Plans: College Teresa Ann Hodge. Business; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 3; Pageant Committee 3, FHA 3; Bible Club 3; FBLA 3,4. Plans: To attend Wilkes Community College Teresa Lynn Hunt; Business. Volleyball 2,3; Track 2; DECA 3.4. Job Inter view Contest 4; Second Place 4. Needlework 4. Plans Undecided Rebecca Ann Irwin; General. DECA 3.4. Bible Club 4. FHA 3. Choir 4 Weight Lifting; Plans: Work Rita Kay Irwin. Business. FBLA 1,2,3; DECA 3.4. Bus Driver 4. Plans: To go into Highway Patrol Jeffrey Lane Johnson; Vocational; VICA 3.4; FFA 3.4. Plans: Undecided Donna Irene Jones; Business. FBLA 3.4. Student Council 1. FHA 3; Bible Club 3; Plans: Secretarial work or college Gary Thomas Ketteriing. Vocational. Golf 3.4. VICA 3,4. Bricklaying 3.4; Jr Rifle 4. Bus Driver 4. Plans To attend Surry Community College Rocky Glenn Killon; Vocational; FFA 3.4; VICA 2.3.4; Bricklaying 2,3,4. Bus Driver 3.4; Plans: To become a mason Linda Vee Marker. Business; FBLA 2; DECA 1; Plans: Undecided Susan Elizabeth McCarthy. Business. DECA 3. FBLA 3. Plans Undecided Ruthann McGrady; Business. DECA 3.4; Choir 3; Student Council 1,2,4. Plans: To be a policewoman Donald Melvin Melton; General; VICA 4. Carpentry 3.4. Plans: Undecided John Martin Miles; Vocational; Auto Mechanics 2.3.4. Bus Driver 3. Plans: Undecided Kerry Dwayne Miller; College Prep; Baseball 1.2,3,4; Football 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4. A Club 4. VICA 3.4. Carpentry 3.4. Bible Club 3.4; Choir 1.3; Plans; College at N.C.S.U. Michael Elliott Miller; College Prep; Marching Band; Concert Band 1.2.3,4; Coin Club 3.4. VICA 3.4; Bus Driver 4; Plans Undecided Robert Steven Mitchell. College Prep; VICA 3.4: Carpentry 3.4. Bible Club 3; Bus Driver 4. Plans: Dairyman and farmer Joe Michael Montgomery. College Prep; Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1.2; DECA 3. Archery 4; Bus Driver 4. Plans College at UNC-Greensboro Charles Phillip Moxley; Vocational. VICA 3; FFA 3,4. Plans: Dairy farmer Derrick Kendall Murphy. College Prep. Baseball 1.2,3.4; Coach’s Trophy 3; Football 1,2,3.4; Basketball 1. basketball Scorekeeper 3.4; Monogram Club 3.4; A Club 4. Junior Marshal 3; Class President 1.3.4; Student Council; Prom Committee 3. Pageant Committee 3; Beta Club 2.3.4; Presi- dent 4. FTA 3.4. Treasurer 4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; Plans: College Robert Michael Murphy: Vocational; VICA 3.4; President 3.4. Class Vice- President 2. FFA 3.4; Bus Driver 3; Plans: Farming and livestock dealer Peggy Sue Nichols; General. Bible Club 3.4. Plans Work and marriage Pamela Lynn Osborne, College Prep; Track 1.2. All Conference 2. Marching Band 1,2; Concert Band 1.2; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3; FTA 4. Plans: To attend Surry Community College Janie Parsons. General; DECA 3; Bible Club 3.4; Plans Work Jeffery Harold Parsons; College Prep; Tennis 2.3.4. Most Improved 2; Statisician for Girl's and Boy’s Basketball 2.3,4; J.V. Manager Baseball 2; Volleyball Statisician 4. Marching Band I.2.3.4. Concert Band, Secretary-Treasurer 2,4; Vice-President 3; Pep Band 3.4; Choir 2; Exchange Student Hostess 2; Junior Marshal 3; Monogram Club 2.3.4. A Club 4; Pep Club 1; Trojan Playmakers 1,2,3.4; Secretary 2; Vice-President 3. Honor Member 3.4; Debate 3; Secretary-Treasurer 3. Beta Club 2.3.4; President 4. Spanish Club 4; President 4; Student Council 1.2,3; Secretary 3; Annual Staff 4; Co-editor 4; Plans College Karen Leigh Petty; Business; FBLA 2,3,4. DECA 4; Plans: Undecided Dartyl Shawn Poole; College Prep; Golf 2.3.4. Most Improved 2,3; Honor- able Mention 3. Football 2.4. Football Manager 1; Monogram Club 2,3.4. A Club 4; Archeology 3; Sports Journalism 4. FTA 3.4. Plans College Kim Darlene Rader; Business; DECA 3.4: FBLA 1,2.3.4; Choir 3,4. Plans: Undecided Joe Allen Reed; Vocational; VICA 3,4. FFA 4; Plans: Undecided Cheryl Dawn Reeves: College Prep; Softball 1. Pep Club 2; Marching Band Concert Band 1,2,3.4; President 3. Student Council 3; Prom Com mittee 3; Pageant Committee 3; Majorette Captain 2.3.4. Choir pianist 2.3.4. Pep Band 3.4; Director 3; Junior Marshal 3; Chief 3; Miss Alleghany Pageant 3. Best Non-finalist Talent 3; All-State Band 1; Spanish Club 3,4. Vice-President 3; Beta Club 2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Plans: To attend Applachain State University Craig Allan Richardson. General. Chess Club 3; Jr Rifle 3; Weight Lifting 4. Plans: Undecided Garalee Weigand Richardson; Tennis 1. FBLA 3; DECA 3. FHA 3. Plans; To be a homemaker and college Yuriko Sato; College Prep. Archery 4. Weaving 4; Trojan Playmakers 4; Choir 4; Exchange Student from Japan 4. Plans: College Rebecca Edwards Scott; Business. Bible Club 3; Prom Committee 3. FBLA 3.4. Shorthand Business Award 3; Music Appreciation 4. Plans: To become a medical secretary Carolyn Annette Shaw; College Prep. Cheerleading 1.2,3; Co-captain 2; Track 1. Matmaid 4; Captain 4. Miss Alleghany Pageant 2,3.4. Best Nonfi- nalist Talent 4. Spanish Club 3. Bible Club 3; rep Club 1.2; FTA 4; Archeology 4; Plans: College Douglas Gray Shepherd; Vocational; VICA 3.4. Bus Driver 3.4; Plans: To be a glass cutter Margaret Ann Smith; College Prep; Pep Club 1; Cheerleading 1. Student Council 1. Homecoming Court 1. Marching Band 1.2,4; Concert Band 1.2.4. Director’s Assistant 2. Vice-President 4. Majorette 2; Trojan Playmak ers 1.2,3.4. President 3,4; North Carolina School of the Arts 2; Miss Alleghany Pageant Choregrapher 2; Trojan Times Staff 3; Choir 3.4; VICA 4. Drafting 4. Annual Staff 4. Spanish Club 4. Vice-President 4. Parkway Playhouse UNC-G 4; Excellence in Acting Award. Carolina Dramatic Asso- ciation 3. Exchange Student Hostess 4. Plans To attend UNC-G in Theatre and the American Mimi Theatre in ClowningPantomine Steven Dale Smith; Vocational; VICA 3.4. Electricity 3.4. Jr Rifle 3,4. Bus Driver 3.4. Plans. Work Tanya Lee Snow. College Prep; Track 2,3.4. Beta Club 3.4. Spanish Club 3.4. Plans College and work Maurice Alan Souther. Vocational; VICA 3.4. FFA 4. Plans College Chris Colen Sturgill; Vocational. VICA 3.4. Jr. Rifle 4. Bus Driver 2.3.4; Plans: to become a welder Buddy Lynn Tompkins. College Prep. Basketball; Captain 2. Base ball 1.2.3,4; Student Council 1,2.3.4. Prom Committee 3; Pageant Commit- tee 3. Class President 2; Class Treasurer 3; FTA 4; Vice-President 4. Annual Staff 4. Archeology 4. A Club 4; Monogram Club 3.4. Plans College Pamela Gay Upchurch; College Prep. Bible Club 3; Health Careers 3.4; Sports Journalism 4. Bus Driver 4; Plans: Nursing Gary Edward VanOver; Vocational; Chess Club 3; Coin Club 3; VICA 4: Drafting 4. Plans: Technical School David Brian Wagoner. College Prep; Football 1,2.3. Basketball 1,2.3.4; Most Improved 3. Baseball All Conference 1.2.3. Second Team All Conference 3; Monogram Club 1,2,3.4; A Club 4. FTA 3.4. Class Vice- President 1; Archeology 3,4; Treasurer 3; Plans College Paula Gay Wagoner. College Prep; Track 1,2.3.4. Volleyball 1,2,3.4. Cap tain 4; All Conference 4. Monogram Club 1.2,3,4. A Club 4. Basketball Manager 1; J.V. Football Statistician 1; J.V Basketball Scorekeeper 1. Pep Club 1. Jr Rifle 3. Governor's Page 3. Student Council 2.4. Treasurer 2. Annual Staff 4. Archeology 3.4. Secretary 3. FTA 4. President 4; Class Treasurer 4. Miss Alleghany Pageant 4. First Runner-up 4; Miss Congeniality 4. Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4. Plans College Tammy Annette Wagoner. College Prep. Tennis 2.3. Student Council 2.3; Spanish Club 3; DECA 4 Bible Club 3; FTA 1.4; Pep Club 2. Prom Committee 3; Plans: College Jeffery Allan Walker; Vocational; VICA 2.3.4. Bricklaying 2.3.4. Plans: Work Patricia Eileen Ward; Business; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1.2; Volleyball 2; Band 1,2,3; DECA 4. Coin Club 4; Plans: Undecided Nancy Lynn Williams. Business; Drill Team 3; FBLA 3; USDTAA Award 3; DECA 3.4; Needlework 4. Plans: To attend beauty school Sharon Jean Williams; College FYep; Pep Club 1. Bible Club 3; Health Careers 3.4; Sports Journalism 4. Plans: To attend Surry Community Col- lege Juanita Hardin Wyatt; Vocational; FBLA 3.4. Trojan Playmakers 4; Trojan Times Staff 3; Plans: To become a make-up artist Pamela Ann Wyatt. Business. FBLA 4. FHA 3; Archeology 4; Plans: To attend Forsyth Technical Institute Tammy Ray Wyatt; Business: DECA 3. Prom Committee 3; FBLA 4. Plans Undecided Loretta Gaye Wood; Business. Softball 1.2.3; Basketball 2. Volleyball 1.2; DECA 2.5; President 5; Secretary 2; FBU 1.4; Plans Marriage and to attend American Business and Fashion Institute in Charlotte 139A ci V — Pairo nsr v Village Food Center Ben Franklin The Pizzeria Ray’s Kingburger First-Citizens Bank Family Skate Inc. Mr. G’s Patio Village Florist Gift Shop I " 142 J Compliments of Andrews Realty Auction Company Day Phone 372-4271 Night Phone 372-8699 Resort, Farms Business Property Robert Andrews Sparta, N.C. 28675 Compliments of Alleghany Tire Serivce, Inc. N. Ma Street — Sparta, N.C. (919) 372-4546 Complete Brake Service New River Artisans, inc. In The Old School House Pmey Creek, North Carolina 28663 Manufacturers of Custom Wool Rugs Piney Creek School Rd. OPEN FROM APRIL 1 THROUGH NOVEMBER JEAN EDGAR MILLER MILLER'S CAMPING MILEPOST 247 ON PARKWAY LAUREL SPRINGS. N C PHONE (919) 359-8156 ACCOMMODATIONS LAUNORY SO SITES MOT SHOWERS ICE DUMP STATION ELECTRICITY WATER ■ SEWER HOURS 9:00 TO 5 30 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY Gladeville Ready to Wear Outlet Store JUST OUTSIDE CORPORATE LIMITS OF GALAX ON HILLSVILLE HIGHWAY 58 ROUTE 6, BOX 291 GALAX, VIRGINIA 24333 Men’s, Women's and Children’s Clothing OPERATED BY: ALEASE ROD IROLER TELEPHONE 703-236-2118 Sparta Tile Floor Covering Co., Inc. "Your Home Decorating Center" Carpets by Mohawk — Bigelow — Salem, Armstrong. Linoleum by Armstrong, Congoleum and GAF. Draperies by Normans and Carole Fabrics. Hoover Sweepers Cleaners. Multi Care Floor Care Products. Minnesota Paints and leading Names in Wallpaper. We Sell And Install. Professional Decorating Service Office Phone: 372-4596 Home Phone: 372-8428 143f N JOHNSON MOTORS. INC. Phone: 372-4792 Sparta North Carolina J r a No matter what you feed, Purina Chows fit most every need. Purina Chows Sparta Feed Service 372-5357 y r Compliments of Roupe Brothers Electric Company Wiring Plumbing Heating Sparta, North Carolina V J r Appliances. Tires, Batteries, Toys, and General Hardware WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE P.O. BOX 185 SPARTA, NORTH CAROLINA 28675 RUDY ROE,Owner Phone: 919-372-5546 v J r a Best Wishes ALLEGHANY FAMILY PRACTICE CENTER Non Illigitimi Carborundum v yMINK PONTIAC-BUICK-GMC, INC. " 627 Glendale Road Galax. Va. 24333 Oak View Grocery BUICK JAKE MINK President Sparta, N.C. Highway 18 South 372-5411 Restaurant and complete line of groceries, fresh produce, and gas. Owners: Mr. Mrs. Boyd Caudill Bus. Phone 703-236-5167 Roses Store Hours 9:00 to 9: p.m. Mon. thru Sat. Roses Cafeteria Hours 7:30 to 7:30 p.m. Serving 3 Complete Meals Daily V r v r y Compliments of: Dr. Edward A. Donnelly Galax. Va. Compliments of John M.H. Hart. M.D.P.C. Galax. Va. I J J 145r r Wingate’s Store, Inc. Independence, Va. Furniture Appliances 703-773-3141 V ) f---------------------------------- ROY'S DIAMOND CENTER 106 North Main Galax, Va. 24333 (703) 236-4137 Automotive 518 SOUTH MAIN STREET GALAX VIRGINIA 24333 TELEPHONE 17031 ?36 8421 v J J r r " H S Farm Supply Piney Creek Feeds, Fertilizers. Groceries 359-8296 V J Compliments of gldfiffan's w 703-236-8116 Since 1929 Galax. VA 24333 Compliments of HORTON'S SUPERMARKET r Phone: 236-6662 1009 South Main Street Galax, Virginia Compliments from the Employees of Carolina Tire Company J " 372-5666 Goodyear Tires Kerosene Heaters .Quality Recaps GE Appliances Sierra Wood Stoves Bandaged Retread 146 We’re just "BANANAS” over the TROJANS! '(El e jfieclur tiott An independent newspaper P.O. Box 417 Independence, Va. 24348 Complete Insurance Service Fire — Life — Accident — Automobile — Liability P.O. Box 187 — Telephone 773-2531 Independence, Va. 24348 TWIN CITY CHEVROLET CO., INC. P.O. Box 5 Telephone (919) 246-8806 WEST JEFFERSON. NORTH CAROLINA 28694 CHEVROLET HOME OF FRIENDLY PEOPLE" Sam Halsey, Dealer Private Listings Homes Commercial “For All Your Real Estate Needs" Mountain Property Public Auctions Farm Development Reeves Auction Realty Co. 347 South Main Street Sparta. N.C. 28675 919-372-8369 919-372-2406 I Paul T. Reeves Realtor Auctioneer Cornelia R. Reeves Broker Jack Rollins Broker Barry K. Atwood Broker Auctioneer Paula R. LeMasters Broker Fred A. LeMasters Auctioneer m 205 East Main Street Independence. Va. 24348 Robin C. Mangum Broker Robin C Roberts Salesman Jeff Roberts Salesman 147Margaret’s Diner Home Cooking Special — Seafood on Weekends Ennice, N.C. Phone: 657-8504 Owner: Hurley Vaughn Country Western Complete Western Wear New! Decals Iron-ons Meadow Creek Shopping Center West Jefferson 246-3335 Complete Line Of Auto Parts — Including Imports Also Hi Performance Parts Equipment Mon-Fri — 8:00-8:30 Sat — 8:00-5:00 Sun — 1:00-5:00 MAX HURLEY AUTO PARTS DIST. Meadow Creek Shooping Center P.O. Box 150 West Jefferson. N.C. 28694 Telephone (919) v 246-271 1 21 GROCERY Rt. 1 Glade Valley. N.C. 28627 Groceries — Gas — Antiques Phone: 363-2421 Owner: J.B. Mimbs DOUGHTON REAL ESTATE P.O. BOX 475 SPARTA, N.C. 28675 372-8244 Mountain Lots — Farmland — Residential Lots — Homes Martha Doughton Jill Dillon 372-4093 359-2985 Galax Livestock Market, Inc. GALAX. VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 236-2971 LIVE STOCK MEN MARKET SALE EACH MONDAY - 1:30 P.M. 14«r COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE NEW PADS OR SHOES TRUE DISK OR DRUM Li I n— i in iT w IL SPARTA DISCOUNT TIRE Hwy. 18 E. Ph. 372-8882 Sparta, N.C. Custom Wall Floor Covering Paint 372-4730 Carpet — Draperies Wallpaper — Linoleum Ceramic Tile Sweepers Cleaning Acc. Light Fixtures Sparta North Carolina -'»r is W - Turn the heads in ' your class in fashions from Jenrettes ySj X Finest ladies apparel in ' v 'X, r. the Blue Ridge “AUTOMOTIVE EXPERIENCE — HALF A CENTURY- 1927- 1982 ROGERS AUTO SUPPLY CHERRY LANE P.0 BOX 518 GLADE VALLEY. N.C. 28627 HERB" ROGERS TEL. (919) 363-2677 J V 363-2843 V 149--------------------------------------'N CHEVROLET MAKES SENSE FOR AMERICA Irwin Chevrolet-Olds Co. r 501 South Main Street Sparta, North Carolina 28675 “Quality Service" Phone 372-4949 Sheets Jewelry Sparta, N.C. Compliments of J GOLD LANCE CLASS RINGS 2 TO 4 WEE r 3liT13;iV J Arzetta's Art Shop Custom Framing Art Supplies Paintings Craft Supplies Mrs. Arzetta Mimbs 372-4346 Sparta, North Carolina 28675 V J 150 VCompliments of C.J. HARDWARE Phone 372-4299 Sparta, North Carolina Simplicity Yard Garden Tractors Distributors of Phillips 66 ASHE OIL COMPANY — Your Friendly Oil Dealer — Phone 246-2421 West Jefferson North Carolina Sparta Compliments of CAROLINA SILK SHOP Phone 372-8495 North Carolina Betty’s Fashion Outlet Main St. Sparta. N.C. Nikki Apparel Discount Prices 372-4194 Compliments of DYSART ANDREWS Civil Engineers Surveyors J Sparta 372-4271 MILLER S JEWELRY West Jefferson. N.C. 246-2081 “Something From Your Jeweler Is Something Special” ’You wreck 'em. we fix 'em" City Body Shop P.O. Box 55 Sparta. N.C. 28675 Phone: 372-4833 Clinton McGrady Jackie Maines J 151MERCURY a AhIic County Motors, Inc. Post Office Box 66 West Jefferson, N.C. 28694 919-246-7183 TRUCKS Better Ideas for the 80$. FORD. Compliments of KERMIT'S HAIRCUTTING STYLING Sparta, N.C. 372-8774 Compliments of Jefferson Jiouse OF ASHE INC. West Jefferson, NC J V Compliments of RICHARD L. DOUGHTON Dart Dept. Store Your Value Store Sparta, N.C. Phone 372-8890WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE The Blue Ridge Sun P.O. Box 757 Sparta, N.C. 372-5490 Your suggestions, ideas, criticisms, and comments are always welcome. M B. Richardson Editor-Publisher S. Billings Business Manager K. Wagner Co-Editorsays Can Do is first in bringing banking to the people of NorthCarolina. First-Citizens. The Can Do Bank!GOLD SPONSOR PIZZERIA 800 BLOCK S. MAIN STREET SPARTA. N.C. 28675 TELEPHONE: 372-8885 Serving: Fresh Baked Pizza, Homemade Spaghetti. Lasagna a variety of Hot Sandwiches. Also the best Steaks you will ever eat with a Salad Bar including 18 ingredients. Your favorite cold beverages, including imported wines. Open Monday thru Thursday, 11 a m. till 10 p.m. — Friday Saturday 11 a.m. till 12 p.m. Open at 12 noon on Sunday. Located In The New Trojan Village Shopping Center Sparta. N.C. Manager. Rick Newman JCALHOUN CUSTOM CABINETS All Estimates Free Day 372-8496 Night 372-4510 Robert Calhoun Sparta, N.C. Highway 221-N West Jefferson. N.C. 28694 : 246-8821 High Meadows Inn and Restaurant Swimming — Skiing 363-2221 V r Roaring Gap J Compliments of Dr. Mrs. Gale J. Ashley V J A Ford Cars, Sales and Trucks, Service Choate Motor Company P.O. Box 128 Phone: 372-8992 Sparta North Carolina V r FORD J Congratulations for a Job Well Done P.C. Collins Insurance Company Your Independent Insurance Agent and Broker 112 S. Main Street Sparta North CarolinaJesse’s Barber Shop Mens Ladies Haircuts permanents 773-3871 Angie Byrd Jackie Anders Jessie Anders Bruce Anders V J r Truitt’s Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear 118 So. Main Street GALAX. VIRGINIA 24333 236-2821 r j Compliments of VASS — KAPP HARDWARE Office: 236-5158 Warehouse: 236-5148 Galax Virginia V J Lemon’s Jewelry Guyn’s Shopping Center Independence, Va. 24348 Telephone: 773-2680 Also located in Galax Floyd. Va. V r Your Diamond Store Bulova Seiko Watches For All Your Repair Needs GALAX TASTEE-FREEZE (703) 236-5095 GALAX, Va. 24333 “The best of everything to the Class of 82” V r j " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 Ridgeview Grocery Gas Groceries Ennice, N.C. JCONGRATULATIONS FROM Phone 372-5521 Sparta North Carolina Jr Owner — Linda Woody Ovcrwater Rumple Furniture Co. 1313 North Bridge Street Dial 835-2013 Complete Line of Home Furnishings Elkin, N.C. V J r Compliments of Grayson National Bank Independence. Virginia Main Office: Independence Va. 773-2811 Brances: East Independence 773-2861 Elk Creek Va. 655-4011 Troutdale. Va. 677-3722 “Serving Grayson County since 1900” V J Elkin, N.C. North Wilkesboro, N.C. A Modern Store for the Entire Family Phone 835-2022 J( Badger’s Funeral Home Chapel Deluxe Barber Shop Serving Ashe County Vicinity “You grow what we cut” West Jefferson, N.C. West Jefferson. N.C. 246-7114 J V Compliments of: Marie’s Dress Shop West Jefferson 246-6421 Jack’s Texaco Trailway Tickets Galax, Va. Bus Depot 236-6821 Mabe’s Grocery N.C. Inspection Gas — Feeds Seeds Station Phone 359-2905 Highway 18 Laurel Springs, N.C. E.J. Shirley Mabe Farm Bureau Insurance Bobby Gillespie Service Agent Auto Farmowners Life Tobacco Farmer's Floater Liability Crop Hail Homeowners Inland Commercial Marine Liability Blue Cross Fire Hospital Plans Bus. 372-8274 Res. 657-3940 Congratulations Seniors From SOUTHSIDE PRODUCE T.J. Company Phone: 372-4790 372-5241 V J f A Compliments of SPARTA SHELL Owner Porter Blevins Phone: 372-8497 V J — THE WHITE KNIGHT James Poole, Owner and Manager Sparta, N.C. Phone 372-4857 North Main Street v J A Compliments of Blue Ridge Shoe Co. v. A Division of Melville Corp. Sparta NCK E SPORTING GOODS uti MCMBI» "The Most Complete Sporting Goods Store In Northwest. N.C." 403 S. MAIN ST. SPARTA, N.C. 28675 PHONE (919) 372-5686 J V. 163SALES. RENTALS and CAMPGROUNDS NEW RIVER CANOES. INC. U.S. 21 6 Miles N. of Sparta Rt. 2. Box 59 lnd. Va. 24348 Dwayne Murphy 919 372-8793 Meet Your Friends SPARTA RESTAURANT Good Home Cooked Food Sparta, North Carolina V J f Office 372-8241 Residence 372-8653 Musgrove Construction Co. V Hort Souther, Owner General Contractor Residental 6c Commercial P.O. Box 339 Sparta, N.C. 28675 WCOK RADIO P.O. Box 637 Sparta, N.C. 28675 Phone 919-372-8231 1060Kz V r j Compliments of Sparta Box, Inc. 330 S. Main St. Sparta. N.C. 28675r r Wr Thomas Richardson, CLU Life Underwriter JL Main Street HEILIG — MEYERS Sparta, N.C. FURNITURE .leftensnn standam Phone: 372-2446 Complete Home Furnishings 107 E. Grayson Street, Galax, Va. 24333 (703) 236-2951 v ) V r r Compliments of Kern’s Bakery 1107 E. Stuart Dr. Galax, Va. Reed and Associates, Inc. Insurance Specialists Main Street Sparta. N.C. 28675 Phone: 372-2446 V J J 165Louie's CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982. Alleghany Street, Box 67 Sparta. N.C. 28675 372-5531 r "■N Congratulations to the 1982 Graduates Marion’s Ham House Telephone 372-4527 Glade Valley North Carolinar n Compliments of Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation Sparta, NC V J f A SAVIN Copiers Crafts Macrame Blue Ridge Office Supply Company West Jefferson N.C. Owner: Monte G. Ballou Phone: 246-7117 pQ Furniture g Supplies V J f A r - Central Cycle Sales on comer in Jefferson (919) 246-7744 Sales — YAMAHA — Service PIGGLY WIGGLY Compliments of Ben Bottomley Sparta, N.C. 372-8350 Septic Tanks installed Ditching Dirt and Gravel hauling V. r Discount Super Market Independence. VA 773-2751 Quality Foods Discount Prices GREENFIELD J Country Store Swimming Fine Food Horseback Riding Camping Hot Showers Located in the shadow of Mt. Jefferson State Park West Jefferson, N.C. Restaurant Phone 919-246-9671 Phone 919-246-9106 Campground 167( " BURGESS FURNITURE STORE Since 1930 Complete Home Furnishings Serving Ashe County and Surrounding Areas Telephone 246 2581 West Jefferson North Carolina V J ( Mountain Homes Vacation Cottages 2-3 5 Acre Tracts PARKER BURGESS REALTY. INC. P.O. Box 446 West Jefferson. N.C. (919) 246-6011 Farms — Building Sites — Water Front Lots Mike Burgess George Burgess V J f----------------------------------------- f " BARE-LITTLE COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS WEST JEFFERSON. N.C. P.O. BOX 3 TELEPHONE 246-3141 Y J TRACTORS EQUIPMENT New River Tractor Co., Inc. Ford Tractors Eq. New Holland Eq. Highway 194 North West Jefferson, N.C. 28694 Telephone 246-5021 J Peach Bottom Dairy Mr. Mrs. James Hampton( Village Florist Gift Shop Trojan Village Shopping Center James D. McKnight, R.H.U. General Agent Hospitalization, Disability Income, Life Insurance, Annunities, Mortgage Redemption Plans, Educational Plans, Estate Planning Rt. 1 Box 213 Glade Valley, N.C. (919) 363-2413 f 1 r James W. Shaw and Sons Construction Co. Compliments of Grading Backhoe Work People’s Country Store Sand, Gravel Building Stone (919) 657-3941 Compliments of Arnold L. Young if NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Kenneth Brady, Agent "Nationwide Is On Your Side" Life • Health • Home • Car Group • Pensions • Business Blanket Protection for your Family or your Business "Where To Call" Brady Kenneth Sparta ................. 372-8717 If No Ans Call ...................... 372-5244■ r GILL’S JEANS THINGS (Clothing for the whole family) 118 N. Main St. Sparta. N.C. (327-8856) Levis, Lee’s, Wranglers all other brands We carry size IT — to Size 46 Gill’s Kid’s Wear (The Open Door) Compliments of THE RED POKE SHOE STORE Main Street Sparta, N.C. Jessie Wilson Phone: 372-4081 Owner Operator More modem looking shoes (tassel loafer) J V Compliments of SOUTHS1DE RESTAURANT Phone: 372-4844 Compliments of N.B. Smithey’s Congratulations Class of 1982 Dry Goods, Lunch Counter Sparta North Carolina V J 170171Cash and Carry Superette, Inc. One Stop Super Market Shopping Center Fresh Vegetables, Choice Meats Sparta, North Carolina Phone 372-4393 r a Discover BEN FRANKLIN We bring variety to life! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Alleghany County’s Largest Variety Store “Compliments to the class of 1982 V r s r j Compliments of: Drs. Bolen Le Grand, Inc. Compliments of Laurel Springs Gulf Highway 18 North 359-9426 359-2919 Galax, VirginiaColvard Oil Co., Inc. Distributors of Shell and Quaker State Products Main Office P.O. Box 7 West Jefferson, N.C. Sparta Radio And TV P.O. Box 255 Dough ton Street Sparta, N.C. 28675 TjENiTH w WINEGARD TELEVISION SYSTEMS Local Service P.O Box 396 372-8497 J A Compliments of A.C. DANCY STORE quality furniture for less Scottville. N.C. 359-2491 359-2414 V J r - JAMES R. VANNOY SON General Construction 246-7191 Jet. Hwy 16 221 P.O. Box 416 Jefferson. N.C. V Jr Sparta Florist and Gift Shop Congratulations to the Class of 1981 Phone: 372-8344 Box 334 V Helen Caudill 128 N. Main Street Sparta. N.C. 28675 H R BLOCK THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE Telephone (919) 372-4197 If no answer call: (919) 657-3343 Courtesy of Ronald R. Key D.D.S. V Sparta, North Carolina J " Congratulations Dr. Keith Oliver V J( Congratulations to the Class of 1982 The Northwestern Bank Sparta Serving Northwest North Carolina Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone 372-5631 North Carolina V r ALLEN’S BODY SHOP Allen Sparks Hwy. 18 East Sparta 372-4427 Quality General bodywork painting 176SOUTHERN STATES GALAX COOPERATIVE INCORPORATED 201 MEADOW STREET PHONE: 236-2181 GALAX. VIRGINIA 24333 Bulk Feed Service, Bulk Fertilizer Blending, Plant Fertilizer, Spreading Service ( East Jefferson Builder’s Mart, Inc. Phone (919) 246-7162 or (919) 246-7163 Complete line of Building Materials. Hardware RCA TV: GE appliances Glidden Paint Olypic Stain Location Compliments of Dr. Virgil J. Cox, M.D. HWY. 221 N. P.O. Box 427 Jefferson, N.C. 28640 See Us First For All Your Needs I J v 177Compliments of r ■'N THE ALLEGHANY NEWS (Alleghany County's Oldest Newspaper) A Progressive ABC Newspaper Covering Alleghany County Sparta J North Carolina( Compliments of Dr. James E. Jackson Optometrist Galax, Va. 24333 J CdRQUEST ALLEGHANY AUTO PARTS S MAIN ST - (9191 37? 6545 SPARTA. N C 28675 L r r SPARTA BUILDING SUPPLY CO. “Quality at a Low Price” McNeill’s Department Store Jefferson Main Street P.O. Box 613 West Jefferson, North Carolina 28694 bparta, IN C. Phone: 919 246 7362 Phone 372-8252 Kids 8 to 80 A U olrome! 10 por cent Discount for Senior Citizens CERAMIC CLASSES WORKSHOPS CERAMIC SUPPLIES GREENWARE BISQUE (Retail Wholesale) HANDMADE CRAFTS (Some made by local people) GIFTS (Order custom made) We Invite yoo to come by and visit us in our new location and see lots of new items and ideas in a hobby you will enjoy and find worthwhile! We will be holding 8 morning, afternoon and two evening classes each week. So get a friend or bring a neighbor and come visit us — we’ll be glad to see you! Mrs. Anita Hoots says. "We at Alley ha n v Ceramics nice a hoot!" ALLEGHANY CERAMICS N' THINGS Where Ceramics Are Made With Love" 119 N. MAIN ST. SPARTA. N.C. (919) 372-5307 N NEXT TO SPARTA RESTAURANT J BLEVINS WORK SHOP, INC. Building Supplies Electrical — Plumbing — Heating Major Appliances Glade Valley N.C. 28627 Roaring Gap, N.C. 28668 (919) 363-2216 (919) 363-2217 179■ Speedy Chef 1 and 2 6 N. Bridge St. 421 East of 1-77 Elkin, N.C. 28621 Yadkinville, N.C. Home of the Chef Burger Homecooked Meals Fresh Seafood — Ice Cream — Slush 835-4403 Take-outs John R. Hall, OWNER J f 'N r V Compliments of KRAFT INC. Independence, VA. 24348 703-773-2981 r j Home Appliance Commercial Refrigeration Service Technician Bulk Milk Tanks Factory Trained Home Heating Service HIGGINS SERVICE CENTER 402 Clyde Street Sparta. North Carolina Electrical License 4589L TOMMY HIGGINS Refrigeration License 985 372-8144 Heating License 4890 Answering Service V J { JENNINGS MUSIC 1108 EAST STUART DRIVE GALAX, VIRGINIA 24333 Your Authorized Dealer In Kustom Fender Gretsch Ode Banjo Aria Martin Sigma Ouation Yamaha V r All products in Stock. J Compliments of Skate Inc. V r j B S Cleaners Laundry East Whitehead Street 372-4143Compliments of Blue Ridge Electric Phone 372-4646 Sparta, North Carolina Compliments of M r ce Caefivt iwiov ctJ Suoppe 77 CkJM VHLACf SHOPPrte CiNTte Specializing In: Greek Souvlaki Submarines Hickory Smoked Barbeque Shakes — Sundaes — Splits Baklava "Also Catering for All Occasions” In the Trojan Village Shopping Center Sparta, N.C. 372-8878 Congratulations Class of '82 Cecil J. Murray 1023 Grayson St. Sparta DAN R. MURRAY Attorney at L-aw Underground Dance MURRAY BLDG 104 S GRAYSON STREET SPARTA. N C 26679 Telephones Office 019 372 5681 RES 919 372 6639 V r j " Compliments of DR. G. TERRY JOHNSON V J ( " Village Shoe-Inn Trojan Village Shopping Center Tel 372-2266 V r Complete line Thom McAn Shoes for the whole family Famous Brands Women's Discount Shoes Village Antiques Trojan Village Shopping Center Tel 372-2267 J " Rt. 2 Laurel Springs PRINTING and SUPPLY Jefferson. N.C. 28640 246-7444 Guy L. Scott, Jr. Certified Public Accountant 617 N. Main Street Sparta, N.C. 28675 Shelia D. Allen Telephone. (919) 372-5578 Affordable Antiques from estates in Va., Md.. Del. and Pa. Faye and Cleo Reeves Hazel and Charles Pugh 182DOT’S STYLETTE Beauty Salon COMPLETE HAIR CARE for Ladies Gentleman Behind Drugcare 372-8748 Owner: Dot Wanoner Operators: Dot Wagoner Eva Gambill Osborne Motel Restaurant Highway U.S. 58. 21, 221 Independence. Va. 24348 773-3221 773-5111 Featuring Most Spacious Rooms In this Area 15' x 30' — Room TV Wall to Wall Carpet — Color T V. — Phone Air Conditioning — Pool-60 feet r Compliments of: Tri-County Antiques off Blue Ridge Parkway at Mile Post 248 then V2 mile North on State Route 18 Open Thurs — Sat 11:00-5:00 The Best Antiques Are Old Friends! Dodge PARSONS MOTOR CO., INC. CHRYSLER I Telephone 773-2321 INDEPENDENCE, VIRGINIA 24348 Vlymoutfi DODGE — CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS J.D. Parsons — President Congratulations to the Class of '82 Troutman Shirt Co. Home Office Troutman, North Carolina Sparta Phone 372-4244 Sparta, North Carolina J r Compliments of Grandfather’s Place Nlidtowner Motel Restaurant Galax, Virginia V r The First National Bank of Galax Member of FDIC J Congratulations to the Class of 1982 Arnold’s Variety Store Galax, Va. Sparta, N.C. 236-2914 V V J ------------------------------------------------------------ Congratulations to The Class of “82” From: Sis and Bill Good Food North Main Street Across from School Dairy Bar v  ELK PHARMACY, INC Phone 835-2621 116 E. Main St. Elkin, No. Carolina Prescription Service Convalescent Supplies Dwayne — Luke Larry Irwin Don Hackler “Sign Painter” 401 E. Stuart Drive Galax, Va. 703-236-4291 Energy Saving Homes Cars WATSON BROTHERS, INC. 1007 EAST STUART DRIVE GALAX. VIRGINIA 24333 CARS — MOBILE HOMES — MODULAR HOMES 703-236-8911 Business Vaughan-Guynn Funeral Home, Inc. 201 W. Center Street Galax, Virginia Telephone 703-236-2442 Directors of Funerals HEAD ’N WESTERN “Your Source for Everything but the horse." 115 W. Main St. Elkin, N.C. 28621 Phone: (919) 835-1315 V J f ' 'N Fanners’ Hardware And Implement Company Quality Hardware and Lower Prices Frigidaire Appliances American Paints Plumbing Phone 372-8990 Sparta North Carolina Frigidaire v J JCPenney Downtown Elkin 835-7501 — Catalog 835-1850 186Compliments of (919) 838-3125 Guynn’s Furniture Co. of Independence V J r n Roaring Gap Motel Restaurant 363-2666 Roaring Gap WILKESBORO DIVISION Cherry Street P.O. Box 560 Wilkesboro, NC 28697 FLAV-O-RICH, INC. Subsidiary of Dairymen, Inc. V J V J r Congratulations to the Class of 82 The Booster Club V J 187HALSEY DRUG CO. r Compliments of Twin Oaks Drive-In (919) 372-5029 Compliments of WAGONER’S MENS STORE, INC. Elkin’s Leading Clothiers Elkin, N.C. V J 188THE DRUGCARE GANG OF ’82 Debbie Derrick Priscilla Lois Tammy Bonnie Chuck Byers “Open Door Policy” DRUGCARE OF ALLEGHANY. INC. Sparta. N.C. — Pharmacists — Tom Burgiss 189Visit A New Kind Of Shop ... Granny’s Attic Sparta, N.C. (Near Sparta Pipes, Hwy, 21 South) Phone (919) 372-4806 ★ Antiques ★ Brass ★ Crafts ★ Quilts Green Ready Mix Inc. West Jefferson Sparta Concrete — Septic Tanks — Wire Mash — Concrete Steel Phone: 372-4348 Sparta 246-6441 West Jefferson Where Personal Hair Care Begins THE HAIR GALLERY 130 MAIN STREET Designs for INDEPENDENCE, VA 24348 Men Women 703-773-3095 190 JDR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY OF WEST JEFFERSON, NORTH CAROLINA, INCORPORATED TELEPHONE 246-4591 WEST JEFFERSON, N.C. 28694When it's your turn to graduate, you wear your cap and gown for only a few brief hours... but you can wear your class ring always. °£o(four the ring people Represented by: DAVE ODOM - JOHN DAVIDSON P.O.Box 1597 StatMvIlla, NC 28677 192COMPLIMENTS OF SEALTEST FOODS Division of Kraft Inc. Congratulations to the Class of 1982 V r The Catalog Showroom To Shop With • Fine Quality 14K Gold Jewelry and Guaranteed Diamonds And Name Brand • Electronics • Cameras • Housewares • Toys • Sporting Goods • Gifts • Juvenile With 15 Convenient Locations To Serve You! Elkin Winston-Salem (2) Concord Greensboro Asheville Raleigh Hickory Charlotte Chapel Hill-Durham Salem-Roanoke, Va. Kingsport, Tenn. Burlington Myrtle Beach. S.C. Wilson, N.C. r r Compliments of Country Casual Levi's West Jefferson, N.C. Phone: 246-7594 Compliments of Dr. Heravi V J V J r r 41 Van-Wine Fashions Your Designer Jean Center SEARS Authorized Catalog Sales Merchant Owned and Operated By Ken Reeves 372-5537 Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back V J Hwy. 89 1 mile South of Galax, VA Open 10 am-8 pm Mon.-Sat. Name Brands at Discount Prices Retail 703-236-9661 Wholesale 703-236-9721 v I J 194WORKMEN’S FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association SPARTA BRANCH 215 S. MAIN STREET SPARTA. NORTH CAROLINA 28675 919-372-4326 J 195 VThe Front Porch Sparta, N.C. 28675 Phone: 372-4941 Get your best buy on our best sellers. Incredible quality at excellent prices. Hottest target in town on coats, dresses, skirts, sweaters, jackets, and pants. Jr Compliments of STEER HORSE WALTER SANDBERG OWNER 1101 EAST STUART DRIVE ROUTES 221 AND 58 GALAX, VIRGINIA 24333 PHONE: 236-4111 V J f A Plaza Beauty Salon 544 East Stuart Drive Galax, Va. Open 6 Days A Week Men Women Hairstyling r Buick Superior Pontiac Boone Road P.O. Box 25 West Jefferson, N.C. GMC Inc. Owners: Rouss Hartrog Conley Shepherd Sales Personnel: Alan J. Goodman Sale: 246-8815 Earl Ham Service: 246-8817 Kelly Ellison r " We would like to express our appreciation to the patrons for their contributions to the 1982 Trojan. We extend a special thanks to Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Armentrout, and Mrs. Irwin for their time and efforts. Also, thanks to all the students who were not annual staff members but, nonetheless, contributed to the success of our yearbook. Lois Brooks and Pam Blevins Advertising Managers v y r Compliments of Edmund I. Adams Attorney at Law Sparta, N.C. V J 197The lights are brought up and the curtain is drawn as our final act at Alleghany High School comes to a close. We, the editors of the 19X2 Trojan, hope that the events, the actions, and the moments captured "LIVE, IN COMMAND CONCERT PERFORMANCE" will bring memories to be looked back upon with pnde and pleasure in future years. This year, the Trojan has undergone many changes. Therefore, we owe several people a special "thank you" for all of their diligent work, hours, and concern. For Mrs. Minnie Lou Irwin, Ms. Biltye Daniels, and our new sponsor, Mrs. Judy Armentrout, we cannot find words to express our gratitude. We also thank the faculty for allowing us the needed time away from class and the countless interruptions. The annual staff de- serves special commendation for doing the extra work regwred of them this year as do Philbp Daniels, Priscilla Cochran, Loretta Wood, and Lisa Baldwin. Millie Richardson is yet another individual who gave of her time to contribute the action shots for our sports section. And how could we have functioned without Mrs. Bottomley, directing, guiding, and assist- ing us in correspondence and picture schedules? Moreover, we extend a heartfelt thanks to our famibes who have been so patient and under- standing throughout our ranting and raving as we struggled to meet deadbnes. Lastly, we thank Bob Chapelt, our photographers, and Hunter Pubbshing Company for a technical job well done. During our experience as annual editors, we have viewed our school in a new bght on paper and through a camera. Slowly, we have come to reabze how intrinsic the sbxmming of lockers, the ring of laughter, and the bustle of student life is to our tiny school. Alleghany High School has always been a reflection of its students, and we proudly continue the tradition of a warm, caring student body. We, the editors of the I9H2 Trojan, challenge each student to be his or her best self . May your every audience call Encore! and your every script have a happy ending as you fulfill the roles in your life. Thank you and Cod bless, Susan and Jeff Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Yellow and White Class Motto How you live, how you fly, Smiles you’ll give, tears you’ll cry All you touch, all you see, Is all your life will ever be 200 

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