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Ref Alcova Va 30065100368940 Mem 371.8 A1 cova Memorial Case I 7575 Vo[, uma, 12 c [[s: fiarLij bounty cJ4iy c(ioo[ J L 2 n af zy Lclyz douLnyton, LxyLnLa 2yy26 “Happy Days” Reign at A.C.H.S. 2 3 n 4 at As the songs reflected the nostalgia of days past, so did the students. Seniors began to ponder about the days when they first passed through the doors of Alle- ghany. Alleghany became more than a school for the stu- dents, it became a source of learning and growing. Responsibilities were assumed by many and shirked by others. Tears were shed when friends departed, smiles were exhibited by those who experienced the joy of being asked to attend the prom or receiving an A on that very difficult paper. Although the country faced difficult problems, the people at A.C.H.S. kept their chins up and made this year some of the happiest days in their lives. 5 ZJxiljuts When the time comes to select a recipient of the Alcova dedication, there is usually a number of people from which to choose. The process of selection this year was no exception, but of all the possibilities, we believe that we elected a very worthy recipient. Other than a classroom teacher, the 1975 dedicatee is a sponsor of many organizations, including a club related to her teaching field. She also helps with many extra-curricular activities. Any time some one asks her for help, this year’s dedicatee is always ready to oblige. Her personality is such an outstanding one that any one who knows her, develops a certain affection for her. Dullness can never be used to describe her classes. Stimulating and creative are the best descriptive adjectives associated with her instruction. People describe her personality as jocular, dynamic and possessing a great sense of humor. For these reasons, the 1915 Alcova is dedicated tc Mrs. Bonnie Hodges to IS onnis. (SiocLi 9 Mrs. Hodges assists Barbara Miller with one of her projects. “What’s going on back there!” exclaims Mrs. Hodges. sAicatzs. 975 tB onnis. Mrs. Hodges takes time out of her busy schedule to help two of her students. ' .’ vX wV ' r.tX ' :: , -r y . ' ' , -A pis i A lz. dvLzLc Mr. Dusan Cvizic Mr. Cvizic is involved with both students and teachers as he goes through the hall. The telephone ringing interrupts an important conference; students need consultations; teachers express their concerns: All of these occurrences char- acterize a day in the life of Mr. Cvizic. Most people don’t realize the extreme pressure that a principal must bear, and not express fatigue. Even though problems concerning the administra- tion of the school take a great deal of his time, Mr. Cvizic always has the willingness to listen and talk with the students. To Mr. Cvizic we extend thanks for many “Happy Days” at A.C.H.S. A student seeks advice from Mr. Cvizic. 10 Edward E. Rhea Charles F. Walker Mr. Rhea checks his records after a basketball game. Most students meet Mr. Walker or Mr. Rhea early in their high school career. It doesn’t take long for observers to note that these men are faced daily with a very busy schedule. Changing schedules, giving absentee slips, and regulating sport activities are only a few of the responsibilities with which the assistant principal is confronted. Mr. Walker and Mr. Rhea devote much of their time to making our school a smooth and efficiently running machine. 11 cHooi S oazd ULcl ± ifd cSc(ioo[ c:Sij±tEm zougfi a J e.xLocL oj SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Seated L. to R.: Delbert Hepler, Don Gross, Dora McCaleb, Jack Copenhaver, Ben Letson, Frank Hammond, Richard Poe. Dr. James Hey wood Change is inevitable, and con- structive change characterized the school board of Alleghany County. New faces and new ideas were added to the board. Each year the school board is responsible for deciding upon policy that will affect the whole school system. Exams, textbooks, and school supervision constitute a signifi- cant proportion of the school board’s time. Mr. Letson, county superin- tendent provided leadership for the School Board Administration and faculty. Dr. Heywood helped to coordi- nate the courses of the different departments. Benjamin Letson 12 i:: unn.Lnq dSmooifiLy Mrs. Snead shares her thoughts with a teacher Excedrin headache number . . . Secretaries and Mrs. Smith share anedotes How high is the sky or how deep is the ocean — ridiculous questions right??? These ironically however closely ap- proximate the many unanswerable ques- tions that secretaries may be faced with daily. Answering the telephone, typing letters, writing pass- es, a nd consoling ill students account for a significant number of duties of our secre- taries at A.C.H.S. S.OJ Jacqueline Anderson Marion Champa Barbara Mann Joyce Barber Earlene Horn Thomas Weaver Mary Litts Burton Richard Finks Ann Karter Victoria Webster 14 Q-oin tfiE naLuLn H sjiaztmsnt Mr. Hippier gets involved with his class. Mr. Champa aids several students with his knowledge. Mr. Weaver is involved with his lecture. Mr. Finks “hangs loose” after a hard day of work. “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock rock, . . . We are going to rock around the clock tonight.” Re- frains of this song were echoed in the English classes as teachers attempted to bring the trend toward the 1950’s nostalgia into their rooms. Teachers assigned contemporary project reports, papers, and stories they hoped would help the student gain a mastery of the English language. The traditional was not ignored. Teachers still assigned parts of speech, punctuation, and book reports. 15 ua.£.n.t± LiUlOUEX I Mr. Grady displays a friendly smile for the photographer. Jean Conner Ms. Conner experiences the feeling of being a student. Students discover that the study of mathematics is a challeng- ing new world in which they learn things about angles, lines, planes, and other symbols. This year’s eighth grade class has the privilege of encounter- ing the new individualized math course, in which the students work at their own speed. For those students who can pursue more complicated concepts they can enjoy taking Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Alice Dills Lee Dunn 16 in. cA iakfi cz t cz ds- fianij Carl Grady Mrs. Sluzar helps Mike Middleton with a problem. John Lombardo Mr. Dunn “quenches” his thirst. Deborah Sluzar Mrs. Dills gives a “weary” look. 17 J xaciicaL Sxl2£:xi£.nc£. mj2(iaAiz£.ci Judy Forst Charles Holbert Marv Humbert Charles Merica Judge Newberry k Nancy Wilkin The Science department at A.C.H.S. offers a wide variety of subjects. Eigh th graders start out with Physical Science while tenth graders are required to take Biology. Those wishing to further their knowledge in the science fields may take either Chemistry or Physics. Two new teachers were added to the Science department this year, Miss Wilkin and Mrs. Forst. Mrs. Humbert, Mr. Hol- bert, Mr. Merica, and Mr. New- berry help to establish an atmosphere of familiarity in the Science department. Mrs. Humbert grades her papers carefully. 18 On Offis. ci£.ncz jOs,h.axtmEnt Mrs. Forst demonstrates a science experiment to her class. Large amount of activities characterize the science classes. 19 ::A {ac[z c vjccie. Of l VoJJ. Jo Ann Bogan Harold Carter Edward O ' Rourke Wesley Reed Mr. Carter gives the photographer a perplexed look. “Let me make it perfectly clear,” says Mr. Weade. Watergate . . . tax refunds . . . inflation . . . the constitution . . . economic situation . . . Roman Empire . . . geog- raphy . . . are a few of the many topics discussed in the social studies classes at Alleghany County High School. The diversity helps to contribute to the stimulat- ing atmosphere of most classes. World History, World Geography, Sociology, Teenager and the Law, American History, U.S. Government were subjects that students participated in during the years at A.C.H.S. Projects, term papers, special reports were indications of the different procedures in the social sciences. Mr. Wolfe lectures informally to his class. 20 Ltuationii. cSocial cSciEnc£.iL Barbara Walsh Gary Weade James Williams Michael Wolfe Mr. O’Rourke gives the photographer a whimsical look. “Let me entertain you.” Ralph Tucker consults Mrs. Walsh about a prob- lem in class. What’s so interesting outside, Mr. Reed? 21 Miss Karnes proves that group discussions can be amusing. At A.C.H.S. students can choose be- tween Spanish and French. Students tak- ing Spanish may go from Spanish I to Spanish IV while French I and II are open to other students. In Spanish I, students learned the basic sentence structure and dialogue while the Spanish II, III, and IV pupils learned the customs of the Spanish speaking countries. Mrs. Sumner prepares to give a student his grades. French, another foreign lan- guage taught at A.C.H.S., pro- vided the basis for learning the language and history of French. Drills, records, and ac- tual conversa- tion constitute much class time. In March some French students travel- ed to Quebec. 22 otsLan (lLa6.±£.± at d. cM. cS. Charles Patton Mr. Patton and Larry Botkins construct set for the puppet show. Students return from Quebec. 23 This year the A.C.H.S. band gained a new band director, Mr. Donald Ruzek. Some of the activities engaged by the band were playing at football games, participating in parades and giving concerts for tbe student body as well as the public. At tbe end of the year the band boosters had an annual banquet for members of the band. At this time band members received awards and the senior members were honored with gifts. Mr. Ruzek prepares to leap for the photographer. Donald Ruzek Mr. Ruzek leads the band in a song. 24 fJn :A4 .uilc Mrs. Thompson directs third year choir members. The choir is divided into three different groups; first, second and third year. Under the direction of Mrs. Lynda Thompson, the com- bined choirs put on a Christmas concert for both the public and school and performed at the all-country festival. Third year choir Lynda Thompson go through tryouts to be considered a part of the “Performing Choir.” The performing choir traveled to various churches and put on a show entitled “Cabaret of Music.” Mrs. Thompson provides the music for Choir II. 25 Miss Hoover supervises her class as they play volleyball. Gary Rice I Sybil Hoover William Uzzell 26 Mr. Uzzell finds a cute paper in his stack. Coach Jonas grins at the photographer. Push-ups, sit-ups, basketball and volleyball are part of the Phys. Ed. program at A.C.H.S. Our classes not only teach phys- ical education but health, first aid and driver’s ed. are important factors of this class. The department retained its previous staff. This contributed to a well organized department. Physical Education classes learn the basics of volleyball. 27 In the art classes at A.C.H.S. a student can express their individuality through various creative drawings. This year, the art department has gained a new face; Mrs. Mary Ervin. Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Ervin gave students the chance to reveal their artistic talents. Students were given the chance to work with papier mache, pottery, leather, paintings on canvas and many different other projects. Some of the projects that are made by the students are put in art shows. Some are even put in area competitions that win and go to the state. Art students are given the opportunity to display their talents and express their creativity openly. Mrs. Hodges demonstrates the proper use of shading in a sketch by a student. Creative art work is displayed in an art show. 28 Mrs. Hodges phones in an order for art supplies. Bonnie Hodges Mrs. Ervin demonstrates the use of various colors to her class. Ms. O’Farrell helps a beginning typist. A-S-D-F ;-L-K-J is not an incorrectly spelled word — but is a familiar sight to those students who have had a typing course. From simple beginnings the novices are brought to levels of rapid and accurate typing. General Business teaches consumer education which includes marketing and price comparisons. Business at A.C.H.S. provides a broad background in the organized and efficient world of business. Mrs. Swartz pauses to help a student catch up with some work. 29 J uitinq s.axn.lnq {Jnio cz ciion. Mrs. Johnson congratulates All State D.E. winner, Ralph Tucker. It has been said that “Experience is the best teacher” and this philosophy very apt- ly describes what happens in D.E. class. Students are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in D.E. Proper attire, anticipated problems, good salesmanship and effective advertising are some of the many skills to which the students are exposed. Mrs. Johnson returned to Alleghany as instructor and helped the students gain experience before going from the class- room into the real world. Mrs. Johnson talks over available jobs with students. 30 oms. Pr c onomixz± Betty Clinedinst Maria Perdue Mrs. Clinedinst says, “Now where does this belong?” Mrs. Perdue demonstrates the proper technique for measuring a hemline. Cooking, sewing, personal hy- giene, and home care are a few of the many and varied subjects that are taught to students enrolled in the Home Economic courses at A.C.H.S. Many people have tried to mas- ter the art of preparing dinner, making a dress, or learning the proper grooming procedures — with the aid of the Home Eco- nomic teachers these aspirations are not impossible goals to be gained. Mrs. Perdue and Mrs. Cline- dinst provide the teaching and are able each year to provide unique home-oriented learning experi- ences for everyone. 31 Mr. Ayers smiles at a humorous statement a student makes. In the Industrial Arts course at ACHS students can express their creativity through wood and metal shops and also mechanical draw- ing. The instructors show the stu- dents how to use the intricate equipment as well as teaching the very basics of architecture. Mr. Knabenshue demonstrates the proper use of the power saw. 32 c:Humun.itiz± cSjisciaL ducuiion cz xe. vjo U,nic)UE douxEEE czdfi cd . d. cM- cS- Humanities is a co- ordination of English and history. Only juniors may participate in this two hour course. The students get in- volved in many activi- ties — exploring history of the country, cultural heri- tage, etc., all help to de- velop proficiency in history as well as English. Miss Burton is startled by the photographer. Students try hard to concentrate while in Humanities. Happiness is getting a test back that has a passing grade. Alleghany acquired a special education teacher, Ms. Rosalie Kunert. Friendly and extrovert- ed Ms. Kunert has pro- vided many students with a classroom in which stu- dents may work at their own speed. “Does this smile suit you, Ms. Photog- rapher?” Rosalie Kunert 33 ULuancs (£) Td (cHand Joseph Carpenter Betty Sheets A jovial Mrs. Earehart contributes to the lively atmosphere of the office. Mr. Carpenter consults a parent by the telephone. What kind of job would be best for me? Should I go to college? How about vocational school? Should I ask for help with my problems? These and many other examples are questions that stu- dents take to the guidance de- partment. This department is a nucleus of hard working counselors who help the students cope with school and its related problems. Even if students don’t go to the Guidance department frequently at least they know that if they need help the Guidance counselors offer “A Helping Hand.” Mrs. Earehart and Mrs. Reynolds give career assistance to these young men. 34 cSmitfi c:Mo[ciiL tfis Mrs. Smith takes up money for pop from a student. Students in study hall await the sixth period bell. What number is your library pass??? Doing your homework Sleeping Whispering to friends Drinking pop Going to the library Resting Meeting Mrs. Smith Shh. 35 XS-OAUXS. Gj ' U novj[zciq£. lJ± D ound On OdiOaxtj Loud noises, and slamming doors contribute to the atmos- phere of the halls of A.C.H.S. but do not exist in the large room known as the library. Ms. Wolfe and Ms. Peters offer supervision and aid to those stu- dents who must find a book for a report or complete a research paper. The teachers as well as students find the library as a central source of information about many sub- jects. Books, records, and filing pro- vide an atmosphere of learning. Students crowd around the desk to seek the aid of Ms. Peters. Ms. Wolfe states, “No, Wuthering Heights is not available. Anderson, Jacqueline M., Milligan College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Junior-Tri-Hi-Y. Anderson, John E., Ferrum Junior College, Concord College, B.S., Physical Education, and Friving Training. Ayers, Thomas D., East Tennessee State University, M.A., Metal Shop. Barher, Joyce W., Madison College, B.A., English, Public Speaking. Body, Judith A., Radford College, B.S. Math I, Algebra I, Trigonometry, Sponsor of Senior-Tri-Hi-Y. Bogan, Jo Ann, Madison College, B.S. Man and Society, Humanities, Varsity Cheerleader, and S.A.E. sponsor. Burton, Mary Litts, Madison College, B.A., English, Humanities, Sponsor of S.A.E. Carpenter, Joseph H., Roanoke College, B.A., Guidance Counselor, Sponsor of Key Club and Varsity Club. Carter, Harold L., Lynchburg College, B.A., U.S. Government, World History. Carter, Jo Ann, Radford College, B.S., Physical Education, Drivers Education, Sponsor of Junior Varsity Cheer- leaders. Champa, Marion B., University of Florida, Rutgers University, B.A.E., M.E.D., English. Clark, Margie, Madison College, B.A. in English, 10th grade English, Mythology, Creative Writing. Clinedinst, Betty B., Madison College, B.S. Home Economics. Conner, Jean, Radford College, B.S., Algebra I, Math 8. Deacon, Ann, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A. in Physics, Physics. DiUs, Alice, V.P.I., Madison College, B.S., M.S., Pre-Algebra, Algebra II. Dunn, Lee A., West Virginia University, B.S., M.S., Math, Junior Varsity Football, Assistant Varsity Baseball. Earehart, Carolyn S., Concord College, B.S. in Education, Counselor, SCA. Ervine, Mary McCutcheon, Radford College, Greenbrier College for Women, B.S. in Ed. Art I, Int. Art. Finks, Richard A., Missouri Valley College, Hollins College, B.A., M.A. English 11, Newspaper, Sponsor of Newspaper and Pep Club. Forst, Judith R., University of Michigan, B.S. in Biology, Biology and Physical Science. Grady, Carl, University of Pittsburgh, B.S. in Mathematics, Individual Math 8 and Algebra I. Haynes, Beverly, Madison College, B.S., Physical Education, Health, Driver Education, Coach of Girl’s Basket- ball, Girl’s Track, and Gymnastics Teams, Sponsor of Gymnastics Club. He5rwood, James, VPI, B.S. Purdue University, M.S., University of Virginia, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Hippier, Mike, Duke University, B.A., English. Hodges, Bonnie B., Madison College, B.S. Art, Sponsor of Ecology Club, Art Club, and Pom-Pom Girls. 37 ' J Cl£.cio%U Holbert, Charles, Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Biology. Hoover, Sybil, Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., Physical Education. Horn, Earlene G., Madison College, B.S., Reading. Humbert, Mary B., Madison College, B.S. Physical Science. Johnson, Billie L., Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., Distributive Education, Sponsor of Distributive Education Club of America. Jonas, William W., Emory and Henry, B.A., History and P.E., Driver Education, Coach of Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Sponsor of Varsity Club. Karnes, Gloria, Longwood College, Universidad de las Americas, B.A. Spanish, Sponsor of Spanish Club. Karter, Ann C., University of Maine, B.S., M. A.T., English, Sponsor of National Honor Society. Knabenshue, Robert C., West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S., Woodwork. Kunert, Rosalie, Boston University, B.S. in Ed., Degree in Special Ed. Special Education, Sponsor of Ecology Club. Lombardo, John A., Concord College, Marshall University, and Ohio University, A.B., Math. Mann, Barbara E., Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Concord College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Annual. Merica, Charles F., West Liberty State College, B.S., Chemistry, Science, Sponsor of Radio and Photography Clubs. Newberry, Judge E., Concord College, B.S., Science, Physical Science, Sponsor of Science Club. O’Farrell, Nora K., Marshall University, Ohio State University, B.A. M.A., General Business, Typing I. O’Rourke, Edward T., Lynchburg College, B.A. World Geography. Patton, Charles A., California State University, B.A., French, Spanish, Sponsor of French Club. Perdue, Maira B., Madison College, B.S., VPI, M.Ed., University of Virginia, Radford College, Home Economics, Sponsor of Future Homemakers. Peters, Sarah P., Madison College, B.S. Library Science. Reed, M. Wesley, Beckley Junior College, Morris Harvey College, A.B., B.S. in Education, U.S. History, World History. Reynolds, Enza, Longwood College, B.S. Guidance, Sponsor of Future Nurses of America. Rice, Gary W., VPI, Physical Education, Coach of Varsity Football, J.V. Baseball. Rudd, Terry A., Murray State University, B.S., Mechanical Drawing. Ruzek, Donald A., Indiana University, William and Mary College, M.Ed., Music, Sponsor of Band. 38 ' J ciscto ' iu Sheets, Elizabeth T., Madison College, C O Hospital School of Nursing, Guidance Secretary. Sluzar, Deborah G., St. Lawrence University, B.S., Geometry, Math. Smith, Jean, Radford College, Study Hall. Snead, EOen N., Secretary. Stinnett, Mary K., Secretary. Sumner, Elizabeth L., Radford College, University of Virginia, B.A., M.Ed., Spanish I. Swartz, Maude R., Mary Washington College, B.S., General Business, Typing I, and Personal Typing, Sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America. Thompson, Lynda, Madison College, B.M.E.D., Choir, General Music. Uzzell, WiUiam J., College of William and Mary, Montgomery College, B.A., Physical Education, Driver Education, Coach of Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Wrestling. Walker, Charles F., Concord College, West Virginia University, B.S., M.A., Assistant Principal. Walsh, Barbara M., Bremaw College, University of Georgia, B.S., Sociology, Teenager and the Law. Weade, Gary A., Ljmchburg College, B.A., U.S. Government, World History, Sponsor of Honor Council. Weaver, Thomas, Duke University, A.B., English. Webster, Vicki, Longwood College, B.S., English, Drama, Sponsor of Majorettes. Whitehead, Patricia D., Secretary. Wilkin, Nancy, University of Richmond, B.S., Biology, Co-sponsor of Science Club. Williams, James D., Emory and Henry College, University of Virginia, University of Dayton, B.A., M.A., U.S. History, World History, Sponsor of Chess Club, Coach of Varsity Football, Basketball. Wilson, Laura A., University of Virginia, B.A., English. Wolfe, Mary H., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A., Library Science, Sponsor of Honor Council. Wolfe, Michael D., VPI, B.A., U.S. History, Man and Society. 39 Wmm ' ' a - ' i ibx% y. Vi ’ pMfl csJiSfe;® HiS ' K mWM S S ' wi »sfi mim S Wi smm mm JSt T Q onai. zacL. oot(ja£[ 1st row: B. Stone, M. Talley, M. Raether, D. Simpson, J. Bostic, R. Bocook. M. Linkswiler. 2nd row: C. Withrow, S. Sizemore, W. Jordan, J. Smith, G. Ward, D. Ayers, J. Whitehead, T. Mustoe, B. Gunter. 3rd row: J. Riddle, M. Terry, M. Burnette, S. Cash. J. Wilhelm, D. Noel, S. Downey, D. Rowan, J. Meyer, J. Hoke. 4th row: B. Ambrose, J. Smith, B. Buchanan, W. Snead, G. Crossland, T. Austin, R. Brown, B. Nicely, B. Wade. This year’s edition of the Varsity Football team may have been the best in the history of Alleghany County High School. They were brilliant from the very start. The first four opponents did not even manage a score against the potent Colt defense. Their opposi- tion in the four games were James River, “rival” Covington, Lord Botetourt, and “tough” Harrison- burg. Alleghany completely dominated Covington by the impressive score of 17-0. The inspired victory over Harrisonburg was equally impressive as it was Harrisonburg’s only loss of the regular season. In the fifth game of the season the Colt defense was scored on for the first time, as they played Glenvar to a hard fought 13-13 tie. They recorded their fifth win as they triumphed over rival Clifton Forge by a commanding 26-0 score. They posted their sixth conquest against Waynesboro as they remained undefeated. The fol- lowing week William Byrd stunned the Colts and fans as they scored in the last seconds to tie Alleghany 6-6 on Homecoming night. The next week Alleghany returned the favor as they scored in the last minutes to defeat Greenbrier East in an electrifying 18-13 victory. The last game of the season brought about the first defeat Alleghany experienced as Andrew Lewis knocked Alleghany out of a district title and a regional berth with their triumph. Thus ending a 7-1-2 cam- paign for the “HEAD HUNTERS ELEVEN”. 42 ££.m of 7 - 1-2 cSi zuiion The Boiling Springs Rescue Squad prepares to take Dwight Rowan, suffering from a concussion, to the hospital. During parent’s night activities Wes Snead presents his mother with a corsage. Roger Bocook plays good pass defense against Andrew Lewis. The Colt players warm up before the big game with Covington. 43 ‘Z a 72 c i-[[ (i£. David Noel, the Colt quarterback, is swarmed under by a wave of William Byrd defenders in the Homecoming game. Coach Jonas tells it like it is to Gary Crossland during a time-out. 1974 Varsity Football A.H.S. 0pp. 21 James River 0 17 Covington 0 27 Lord Botetourt 0 7 Harrisonburg 0 13 Glenvar 13 26 Clifton Forge 0 28 Waynesboro 13 6 William Byrd 6 18 Greenbrier East 13 8 Andrew Lewis 28 District Record 3-1-2 Overall Record 7-1-2 All in all it was a fantastic football year at Alle- ghany. The 1974 varsity Colt football team will go down as one of the greatest in the history of Alleghany County High School. 44 (V. ootGalLt oolt fJmhzoijEmsnt Ist row: P. Mason, M. Faucett, R. Williams, S. Terry, S. Bowman, R. Bennett. R. Hoke, B. Ashton, L. Woodward. 2nd row: K. Black, 0. Humphries, M. Sellers, R. Carter, M. Jennings, P. Craft, G. Bartley, C. Jeffries, R. Kruse, L. Dillard. 3rd row: Coach Dunn. S. Schu- maker, J. Saylor, J. Withrow, G. Harlow, K. Bennett, J. Horn, S. Clemens, G. Fourquean, J. Smith, R. Dodd, Coach Uzzell. 4th row: K. Edwards, B. Long, F. Patterson, C. Ray, T. Bostic, L. Fridley, B. Craft, G. Averill, T. Hyler, H. Higgins. Alleghany’s Junior Varsity football team had a fine year and turned in a good 4-4 slate. The team showed a marked improvement as they doubled the victory total of last year. The team had a break even year with the two area rivals as they posted two lopsided wins over Clifton Forge but also lost twice to Coving- ton. They also squeaked out a win over district counterpart Glenvar. The other win came against James River which was important because it was the opening game of the year. The remaining two losses came at the hands of district foe William Byrd and powerful Northside. Coaches Dunn and Uzzell accept an award presented to them by the J. V. cheerleaders during a pep rally. 1974 Junior Varsity Football A.H.S. Opp. 32 James River 8 0 Covington 32 28 Clifton Forge 6 14 Glenvar 12 36 Clifton Forge 22 6 Covington 34 8 Northside 41 6 William Byrd 20 Overall Record 4-4 45 1st Row: T. LaCour, H. Broughman, W. Sizemore, F. Bowles, J. Conner, S. Keyser. 2nd Row: B. Minger, H. Gunter, M. Ward, R. Knigh- ton, S, Carroll, S, Warren, D. Brisendine, B. Showalter. 3rd Row: D. Tucker, D. Cullen, W. Ray, M. Cvizic, D. Nicely, R. Quarrels, K. Newcomb, 4th Row: Coach Anderson, D. Wil ' ams, R. Kelly, T. Webb, E. Combs, D, Mattox. On the surface it appears that the 8th grade foothall team had a mediocre year as they finished with a 3-3-1 record. They played a much tougher schedule than most 8th grade teams and this re- sulted in a couple of dark spots on the record. In the first two games, the Colts played out- standing defense and shutout both Botetourt In- termediate, 6-0, and Covington, 8-0. The next week disaster struck the baby Colts as they lost to an experienced Lord Botetourt Freshman team by a 40-0 count. They then defeated Covington again, this time by a 22-14 score. The Colts played an in- spired game against an older Bath County J.V. team but could manage only a tie. The last two games of the season were disappointing for the team however as they lost to two teams that they had defeated before. The fine athletes produced by the 1974 8th grade team creates a bright future for the A.C.H.S. foot- ball program. A.H.S. 1974 8th Grade Football Opp. 6 Botetourt Intermediate 0 8 Covington 0 0 Lord Botetourt Freshman 40 22 Covington 14 12 Bath County JV’s 12 3 Covington 20 0 Botetourt Intermediate 6 Overall Record 3-3-1 46 Marlon Ward takes a breather during the heat of the action. czHo-jijjij J aiji Back Row L. to R.: Janice Coffey, Brenda Terry, Cindy Rice, Mary Beth McCaleb. Roberta Smith. Kneeling L. to R.: Karen Johnson. Sandy Lemon, Dana Baker, Anne Owens, Janet Mays. Parent’s Night is a new attraction for girls basketball. Janet shoots for “two.” 47 Girls pin on their njother’s carnations. “Miss Haynes, please do something.” 48 1974 Qirls Bas|fi tball A.H.S. X — Opp. 54 23 54 GjeBvar 31 38 Coviittgton 60 65 Lord tetourt 41 48 Andrew Lewis 61 42 58 61 47 43 35 42 23 Clifton Forge .William Byrd Glenvar Covington I Lord Botetourt I Andrew Lewis s Clifton Forge durnaments ) Lord Boteto Covington! % 28 29 18 55 28 62 35 29 Time out to listen and learn. As the final buzzer made its voice heard through the gymnasium, the 1974-75 varsity girls basketball team had reached the conclusion of another quite impressive season. Under the direction of Miss Beverly Haynes, the girls traveled to many schools and hosted a number of “arch” rivals. The season began with an impressive victory and with the ex- ception of a few defeats the “Fillies” kept the winning spirit. Teamwork and cooperation characterized the effort of all the members. “Being able to accept defeat as well as victory after you have tried your best” is what one member said. Janet Mays served as a capable team captain and Sandy Lemon was High scorer. The seniors: Roberta Smith, Janet Mays, Marla Smith and Mary Beth McCaleb regretted this as their final season. Although this was the final season for the seniors, it was only a beginning for the team. Dana, Anne, Janice, and Mary Beth warm up before a game. 49 Enjoyed a d ) inning c:Ss.a±on A.H.S. J. V. Girls Basketball 0pp. 30 Bath County 16 18 Covington 12 10 Botetourt Intermediate 12 20 Clifton Forge 30 28 Natural Bridge 15 26 Covington 10 20 Natural Bridge 11 19 Covington 5 20 Botetourt Intermediate 11 38 Clifton Forge 42 Three of the girls rush in for a half court press. This year’s J.V. Girls Basketball team proved that girls can play a successful and exciting role in sports at A.C.H.S. For the efforts the girls put forward in the ’74 season they received a 7-3 regular season record. One can truthfully say the young “Fillies” successfully accomplished a difficult task. Row 1 L. to R.: Teresa Guth, Teresa Wilhelm. Row 2 L. to R.: Becky Barr, Angela Cald- well, Sherry Wolfe, Lenora Johnson. Row 3 L. to R.: Francis Fourgueane, Jo Ann Worley, Susan Lemon, Liz Jordon, Anne Jordon. Miss Haynes instructs the girls during a time out. 50 aXZL£X± tou 3 0±L £,a5.on 1st row: Emie Williams, Brian Simmons. 2nd row: Vance Conner, Rick Clemons, Ira Enstminger. 1974 Cross Country A.H.S. Opp. 24 Clifton Forge 34 50 Greenbrier East 15 40 Glenvar 15 50 William Byrd 15 24 Giles County 31 50 Andrew Lewis 15 48 Clifton Forge 15 District 130 Andrew Lewis 35 Glenvar 41 William Byrd 61 Clifton Forge 107 Overall Record 2-5 Alleghany’s Cross Country team had an off year last year. The team had two good efforts when they defeated Clifton Forge and Giles County. This didn’t help to make up for the five losses but it did show that the talent was there. Rick Clemons streaks across the finish line as Allen Harrison hands him his place card for finishing first. 51 Ot d i Afot AA (is.t( x A Vtn (£ Z?od£ 1st row: Coach Williams, G. Tyler, G. Wilkerson, T. Scialola, W. Jordon. 2nd row: G. Dickson, G. Simpson, H. Kimbo, D. Noel, D. Ayers. Injuries played a big part in hindering the basket- ball team from having a successful season. By the end of the season only two of the players who started at the beginning of the year were still available to play at the end. Harry Kimbo, a late but impressive starter, led the team in rebounds and blocked the most number of shots. David Noel, a consistent player, led the team in scoring with 13.4 points per game and 67 assists. The team did gain a lot of experience and three of the starters will return next year. So, the future looks bright and the time may come soon when the Colts of Alleghany County will have to be reckoned with. You’ve got to jump up high and get it! 52 Oi 1 c ooj ams. Wade Jordan dribbles away from a crowd as Tony Scialioa starts off for a fast break. Greg Dickson waits patiently for tbe guards to bring the ball down the court. Harry Kimbo fires up another of his fade-away jumpers. Graceful George Tyler goes high for one of his jump shots. 53 €o[u cy qain czHo±t£.ni Leading scorer David Noel shoots for another two. Coach Williams finds out that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. A.H.S. 1974-75 Varsity Basketball Opp. 58 James River 80 59 Greenbrier East 52 62 Greenbrier East 81 54 Glenvar 87 68 James River 80 57 Andrew Lewis 83 43 Staunton 78 83 Bath County 29 58 William Byrd 59 80 Bath County 57 35 Covington 82 55 Clifton Forge 58 43 Lord Botetourt 76 56 Glenva r 71 45 Clifton Forge 66 65 William Byrd 64 70 Bath County 46 63 Covington 93 41 Andrew Lewis 69 69 Lord Botetourt 90 40 Blue Ridge Tournament Covington 75 District Record 1-11 Overall Record 5-15 Tony gets two. George breaks free for a snowbird. After the season was completed. Coach Williams commented, “our 1975 team was marked with many injuries. However hustle and determination was not lacking. Experience was gained and we should have a good nucleus as three starters return.” 54 ai zsiuoLL c ai zusiiutinq c £.ui.on 1st row: M. Fawcett, G. Fourquean, G. Tyler, J. Saylor, G. Price, T. Bostic. 2nd row: T. Mustoe, D. Wilkerson, B. Craft, J. Smith, A. Harrison, 0. Hostetter. Greg Fourquean drives for two. Stiff competition and a lack of experience hurt the J. V. squad. The team didn’t perform well but they did have great individual per- formances by some of the players. 1974-75 J. V. Basketball A.H.S. 0pp. 28 James River 66 35 Greenbrier East 105 37 Greenbrier East 69 45 Glenvar 70 39 James River 62 38 Andrew Lewis 68 35 William Byrd 74 58 Bath County 45 50 Covington 58 44 Clifton Forge 51 40 Lord Botetourt 49 30 Glenvar 72 34 Clifton Forge 54 45 William Byrd 62 57 Bath County 24 31 Covington 71 39 Andrew Lewis 60 38 Lord Botetourt 46 Overall Record 2-16 55 1st row: R. Tucker, J. McCoy, Corney Ray, K. Newcomb, K. Bailey, Cookie Ray. 2nd row: Coach Weade, D. Mattox, R. Kelly, R. Quarrels, G. Harlow, C. Price, K. Williams. Teamwork on defense pays off as the Covington player finds his path to the basket blocked. Good hustle and determination are the mark of an 8th Grade team and Coach Weade’s 1974-75 squad was no exception. The team won only two games but lost by only one point twice. They played a respect- able game every time out even though they played tough competition. 1974-75 8th Grade Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 37 Lord Botetourt Inter. 55 35 Covington 44 42 Lord Botetourt Inter. 58 25 Covington 41 29 Natural Bridge 42 43 Bath County 44 35 Boy’s Home 43 38 Natural Bridge 31 47 Clifton Forge 45 27 Boy’s Home 36 42 Bath County 43 45 Clifton Forge 51 Overall Record 2-10 56 Q ax±Ltij dfi HEAD CHEERLEADER: Kathy Newcomb. 2nd Row: Grace Ray, Kristie Poe. 3rd Row: Kathy Bodell, Lorrie Zimmerman. 4th Row: Jill Leinhardt, Karen Newcomb. 5th Row: Kathy Parker, Pat Hicks. Cheerleaders change their idenity into majorettes. Right: The cheerleaders ended the year with as much spirit as they exhibited in the beginning. The cheerleaders for the school year, led by Kathy Newcomb, did much to inspire the varsity athletic teams at Alleghany to bigger and better things. They instilled hope in the boys when they were behind and led them on when they were winning. They conducted exciting pep rallies which got the entire school in the spirit of the occasion. They also added a lot by putting up posters with catchy sayings on them. Also, the girls baked cakes and provided other goodies for the players before the games. All in all the cheerleaders had a very successful year. In fact, the only bad part about it is knowing that Kathy Newcomb, Kristie Poe, and Grace Ray will not be able to return next year. 57 round The cheerleaders show their enthusiasm at a pep rally. Cheerleaders “get it together.” Fight Song: Fight boys let’s do your best. We’re fighting for A.C.H.S. Let’s fling the banner high, for we know that victory’s nigh. With spirit and loyalty we will march on to victory, for we’re true as we can be to Alleghany High. 2nd verse: Fight boys. Let’s spurt your stuff. Let’s show them you’re really tough, for we are the best around and no one can put us down. We’ll fight til we win the game, then march on to greater fame, for we are the best around, oh, Alleghany High. “Come on boys. Let’s make a touchdown.” 58 Q.. (l(i£.s’i£zacis.x± J xovLcls :zHapj2y 2 cuj± L. to R.: G. Altizer, C. Stone, K. Simpson, D. VanBuren. M. Livesay, S. Stone, L. Smith, T. Hammond. The J.V. cheerleaders, led by Tammy Hammond, provided much enthusiasm and pep for the Junior Varsity sports team. Although they didn’t receive as much publicity, they showed as much school spirit as did the varsity. They did not always cheer for a winning team but their zeal wasn’t dampened. It was a rewarding year for all the girls and the experience they gained as J. V. cheerleaders will aid greatly those that go on to become Varsity cheer- leaders. J.V. cheerleaders show enthusiasm during a pep rally. The cheerleaders get it all together practicing for a pep rally. 59 Sill (l(i£.£.zl£.aA£.z± c fiova cSj -Lzit 1st Row: Sally Showalter, Beth Birckhead, Stephanie Burnette, Natalie Jeffries. 2nd Row: Lisa Linkswiler, Cindv Hippert, Joy Simpson. Coming together from different Elementary Schools, last year’s eighth grade cheerleaders did a great joh hy combining their talents to form an out- standing cheerleading squad. Practicing long hours and showing strong determination, they came to- gether to give inspiration to the various 8th grade athletic teams. They showed spirit and kept behind the boys even when they were cheering for a losing team. Their zest was not restricted to the 8th grade teams. They joined with the whole student body to show school spirit and determination. The experience they gained in their first year at Alleghany will aid them in becoming Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleaders. “Come on, we want some action!” 60 a £.£.zLsacl£.Z± ci f-JAitLon L. to R.: Mary Burks, Crystal Sizemore, Sally Smith, Cheryl Campbell, Carol Roberts, Becky Davis. Even the J. V. coach gets a present from the cheerleaders. Cheering comments by Coach Carpenter, the cheerleaders wait to present the seniors with corsages. The cheerleaders give it their all in supporting the wrestlers. The newest edition to the fine cheerleading squads at Alleghany came this year in the form of wrestling cheerleaders. Six girls: Cheryl Campbell, Crystal Sizemore, Mary Burks, Sally Smith, Becky Davis, and Carol Roberts, took over cheering at Alleghany’s wrestling matches. They did much to arouse the spirit and determination of the wrestlers as they cheered them on to a great 7-3 record. This was one of the best records ever and the cheerleaders played a big part in it. 61 1st row: B. Platt, R. Hoke, P. K. Zimmerman, J. Hoke, R. Angle, M. Linkswiler, R. La Cour, R. Archie. 2nd row: T. Rothe, N. Goldberg, T. Nicely, S. Downey, S. Minter, B. Ambrose, G. Ward, G. Humphries, C. Withrow, C. Taylor. 3rd row: Coach Jonas. J. Withrow, M. Burnettee, B. Buchanan, W. Snead, R. Brown, M. Sunderland, R. Wilson, R. Bridges, W. Bennett. The varsity wrestling team had a great year as they went through the regular season with an excellent 7-3 record. In the regular season they finished third in the Blue Ridge District, which has had the state cham- pionship team four out of the last five years. They had a mediocre performance in post season tournaments though which was the only sore spot of the whole season. Roger Brown had outstanding tournaments though as he placed 2nd in the district, 3rd in the regionals, and 5th in the state. They again showed their superiority over the other area wrestling teams by soundly defeating both Covington and Clifton Forge. In a new event they went to Greenbrier East and placed fourth in their tournament. This is how it all begins. 62 This is no time to get acquainted Garland. Say UNCLE. Did you get a chance to get his license number? One . . . Two . . . Three . . . DRAW! ! ! Its great to be number one. Hey coach, looks like you could use some Gatorade. 63 XS-CL A.H.S. 1974-75 Varsity Wrestling 0pp. 16 William Byrd 42 42 Covington 18 12 Glenvar 45 41 Clifton Forge 18 28 Andrew Lewis 31 36 Lord Botetourt 22 27 Greenbrier East 15 36 Covington 17 32 Glenvar 15 26 Patrick Henry 24 5th in District 10th in Regionals 11th in State Overall Record 7-3 The wrestling cheerleaders present corsages to the senior wrestlers. You look like you can use some Gatorade. It sure was easy. THE END!! Coach Carpenter tells the student body how great the wrestling team is. 64 Ist Row: A. Bishop, D. Bridges, Walton, R. Hammond, H. Broughman, W. Sizemore. 2nd Row: T. LaCour, J. Riley, K. Wilson, D. Cul- len, F. Persinger, R. Sunderland. 3rd Row: W. Van Lear, D. Nicely, P. Clark, W. Bean, K. Stone, M. Price, Coach Uzzell. Junior Varsity Wrestling gives students a chance to master the art of wrestling, develop skills and ex- pertise, and then move into varsity sports. The J.V.’s experienced a disappointing season. But as the philosopher once said, “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” that counts. The matmen learned from their coach, Mr. Uzzell that sports take much time and energy. They devoted themselves to follow his instructions. Wrestlers compete. 65 Earn 1st Row: T. Wilhelm, M. Adkins, J. Mays, T. Lacks, T. Guth, L. Jordan. 2nd Row: G. Keyser, K. Simpson, K. Harrison, D. Baker, S. Bragg, J. Worley, J. Simpson. 3rd Row: C. Adkins, B. Stull, V. Adkins, T. Smith, R. Smith, B. Terry, A. Cottrell, M. Smith. With the combination of talent and determination, the girls’ track team placed second in District com- petition and third out of 17 schools in Regional AA competition. Janet Mays and Roberta Smith, cap- tains of the team, Grace Ray and the 880 medley relay team consisting of Ray, Melveen Adkins, Teresa Wil- helm and Mays went on to compete in State. All the while, they were breaking every record made last year and some of these will be hard to top. Grace Ray holds the record for the 220 yard dash with the time of 28.7. Liz Jordon maintained the 80 yard hurdles with a 12.7. Grace Ray also holds the 100 yard dash with a quick time of 11.7. The one mile run, a new activity that was added to the girls’ track events, is held by Janet Mays with an impressive time of 5:38.6. The 880 yard relay team consisting of Karen Johnson, Kitty Simpson, Sherry Bragg and Liz Jor- don has the time of 2:07.9. The 440 is held by Kimmy Harrison with a 1:07. The 880 yard run is held by Janet Mays with an out- standing time of 2:19.6. The mile relay team including Angela Cottrell, Brenda Terry, Janice Coffey and Kimmy Harrison holds the time of 5:02.9, and the 880 medley relay team holds the time of 1:58 flat. In field events, Karen Johnson leaped 15’4y2” to clinch the record for the Long Jump. Karen also holds the record in the high jump with a terrific 5’. Tammy Smith heaved the shot to set the record at a 31’7 3 4”, and Roberta Smith set the discus record with a long flying 101’8”. Miss Haynes, coach of the track team, was very pleased with the season. The only word she could use to describe them was “fantastic.” Seniors Grace Ray, Janet Mays and Roberta Smith will be missed next year as they were three key scor- ers, but the team has such depth that they should still be highly successful in the years to come. !Sz£.alz± J X£.uioU± Did you lose your contacts Karen Johnson? No. She has just completed a successful long jump. Janet Mays’ speed blurs the camera as she crosses the finish line. Roberta Smith shows the form that qualified her for state competition. Soul Mama No. 1, Liz Jordon, flies over the hurdle. 67 lJ± u c uh.£X±tazi Teresa Guth stays with her opponent. Brenda Terry flies over the high jump bar. Valerie Adkins watches her discus fly. Grace Ray modestly shows off her rib- bons. It’s great to be NUMBER ONE! ! ! Joy Simpson finds it’s easier to go around the hurdles than over them. Special recognition should go to Janet Mays for her outstanding record in track for the two years she competed. Her over-all 880 record for the two years was 12-3. Her mile record was an unblemished 6-6. CONGRATULATIONS, SUPERSTAR! ! ! 68 n sistmLnation cz n 1st Row: H. Higgins, F. Persinger, J. Horn, J. Carpenter, C. Horn, D. Keyser. 2nd Row: R. Lucas, E. Simpson, R. LaCour, R. Wilson, T. Nicely, T. Bostic, R. Kelley, J. Campbell. 3rd w: D. Rowan, M. Raether, R. Clemons, R. Kruse, C. Vint, G. Fourquean, W. Jor- dan, J. Withrow. VARSITY TRACK A.H.S. 0pp. Lost Clifton Forge Lost Lord Botetourt Lost Covington, Perry Me. Lost Buena Vista Relays Lost Andrew Lewis Lost Covington Lost Glenvar Lost Clifton Forge and Covington Blue Ridge District 7th Coaches Anderson and Weade make some last minute prepa- rations. 69 J Eclication dnaxactsxizs. Wade Jordon likes to “dance in the sand.” 4 Greg Dickson lets it fly. Eric Simpson heaves the shot. Jerry Whitehead does his specialty, pole vaulting. Dwight Rowan exerts all his energy to clear the bar. 70 The boys practice inside on rainy days. The outstanding athlete, Dwight Rowan easily clears the hurdles and strides on to a victory. Dale Keyser “jumps for joy. Running the mile . . . the lonely stretch of dusty track be- fore you . . . the skill of a trained athlete ... a feeling of elation over victory . . . personal accomplishments for the team. Despite the fact that the track team failed to win any of their meets, they deserve a lot of credit for their desire, determination and dedication. 71 Q.. :zf unn£X6. Jlzaxn Hfnxouqfi iSxj2£.xL£.ncs. 1st Row: H. Higgins, J. Horn, D. Keyser, F. Persinger, J. Carpenter. 2nd Row: R. Lucas, K. Paxton, S. Broughman, G. Fourquean, T. Nicely, T. Bostic, J. Campbell. 3rd Row: R. Quarrels, E. Simpson, C. Vint, J. Withrow, R. Kelly. J. Withrow completes a long jump. A lot of effort and concentration is evident in this high jump. The J.V. track team did rather well despite the disad- vantage of being inexperienced. Although they did not win any meets, they came through with a lot of individual per- formances. The varsity should benefit well from these boys in the year s to come. 72 SXi. Left to Right: Coach Uzzell, V. Carson, M. West, A. Harrison, C. Swartz, and S. Lemon. Top golfer. Hunter Birckhead and Coach Uzzell discuss the importance of con- centration while playing golf. A.H.S. GOLF TEAM 0pp. W James River L W Lord Botetourt L W Covington L L Clifton Forge W W James River L W Bath County L W Covington L W Glenvar L W William Byrd L L Clifton Forge W L Andrew Lewis W Blue Ridge District 4th in District L is lost. W is won 73 cSvaina ' U. Chuck moves the ball closer to the green along with a little dirt. Sandy Lemon practices her swing before hitting the ball. Doesn’t he remind you of Johnny Miller? Hunter gets ready to go off the first tee. Golf Team Places Fourth in District: The golf team turned in another successful season; being de- feated only 3 times in regular season matches and placing fourth in district competition. Special recognition should go to Hunter Birckhead as he went on to regional competition after shoot- ing a solid 79 in the district meet. The contenders were much rougher this year than last. Last year Alleghany clinched first place in the district with the combined score of 362. This year, that score would have given them no more than sixth place. If the players’ scores keep improving as they have, the outlook seems great for the Alleghany “swingers.” 74 (lo[t6. J L±bLici cz nd zf £ ion 1st Row: G. Howard, T. Averill, R. Bocook, M. Bailey, S. Dressier, P. Simmons, C. Withrow, D. Lomasney. 2nd Row: W. Hurt, M. Spraggins, G. Vess, D. Lowry, M. Middleton, G. Humphries, B. Balser, S. Carr, L. Sorrels. 3rd Row: Coach Dunn, S. Minter, R. Campbell, P. K. Zimmerman, M. Vess, G. Simpson, W. Snead, Coach Carpenter. 4th Row: B. Buchanan, D. Simpson, B. Nicely, O. Hostetter, D. Oyler, D. Noel. The varsity baseball team had yet another out- standing season in 1975. Using a veteran team which had 7 senior starters Coaches Dunn and Carpenter took the team farther than any team at Alleghany has ever advanced in the playoffs. The team won the regular season Blue Ridge cham- pionship on the last day of the regular season as they beat William Byrd, 11-3. Another big highlight of the year was a sparkling no-hitter by “Dinky” Simpson against Lord Botetourt. Then on the Saturday following the win over Byrd they beat Andrew Lewis and William Byrd again to win the tournament title also. Then they advanced to the Regionals and beat Brookville, 4-3, and last year’s AAA state champs Amherst 4-2, for the title. In the state semifinal they beat Blacksburg, 2-0, before losing in the AA state championship game to Turner Ashby, 12-0. “Dinky” Simpson warms up between innings of his no-hitter. 75 daxh tziE-X J2Eac[± (2o[t± dJo George Simpson slides home with another run for the Colt cause. Power hitter Greg Vess follows through after another long hit. Roger Bocook steps out of the batter’s box to check Coach Car- penter’s sign. Brandon Nicely comes home with another run against Covington. 76 ams Mr. Cvizic gladly accepts the Blue Ridge Championship trophy from the base- ball team. Congratulations on your homer, Wes. Everyone needs a good bench. 1975 VARSITY BASEBALL A.H.S. 0pp. 2 Patrick Henry 1 14 James River 5 5 Andrew Lewis 2 11 Lord Botetourt 5 9 Clifton Forge 8 8 Glenvar 7 7 Greenbrier East 1 6 Covington 2 7 Andrew Lewis 5 5 William Byrd 7 11 Lord Botetourt 0 4 Clifton Forge 1 9 Glenvar 17 3 Greenbrier East 1 6 Covington 1 11 William Byrd Blue Ridge Semi-final 3 1 Andrew Lewis Blue Ridge Final 0 4 William Byrd Regional Semi-final 0 4 Brookville Regional Final 3 4 Amherst State Semi-final 2 2 Blacksburg 0 State Final 0 Turner Ashby 12 District Record 12-2 Overall Record 19-3 77 1 -1 czf c.o’iA 1st Row: W. Van Lear, R. Jack, R. Bennett, B. Platt, D. Cullen, J. Scruggs. 2nd Row: B. Stone, J. Smith, M. Fawcett, A. James, G. Price, G. Bartley. 3rd Row: B. Martin, J. Hoke, R. Dodd, C. Ray, S. Keyser, S. Vess. 4th Row: J. Smith, S. Bowman, M. Nicely, J. Robinson, D. Nicely, F. Morris. 5th Row: M. Cvizic, Coach Rice. Corny Ray takes off for first base after hitting a long home run over the right field fence. The 1975 J.V. baseball team had another fine year as they won 11 out of their 12 contests. Their only loss came at the hands of William B3Td whom the Colts came back to defeat in the second game of their doubleheader. In the most exciting game of the year they defeated Cave Spring, 14-13, in a marathon 12 inning game. H.S. 1975 J.V. Baseball Opp 9 James River 3 35 Boy’s Home 2 13 Covington 5 14 Cave Spring 13 12 Rockbridge 6 2 William Byrd 11 15 William Byrd 7 15 Covington 10 13 James River 3 7 Glenvar 3 6 Glenvar 3 7 Cave Spring 4 Overall Record 11-1 78 TENNIS 1st Row: L. VanDerPas, M. Jones, E. Biller, K. Reynes, J. Brugh, B. Cale. 2nd Row: Coach Grady, L. Kesterson, T. Mustoe, C. Beirme, T. Camp. S. Entsminger, M. Rhodes. Is that Jimmy Conners? No, it’s only our illustrious tennis coach, Mr. Grady. Tennis 1975 A.H.S. 0pp. 1 Covington 8 0 Liberty 9 1 Clifton Forge 8 2 Covington 7 0 Liberty 9 What am I suppose to do with these things? Tennis is rapidly becoming a well recognized and established school sport. Alleghany formed its first tennis team this year. Under the direction of Carl Grady, the team shaped up and practiced diligently in an effort to give a good show to their competitors. Although they experienced a disappointing season, enthusiasm for the future has grown. 79 1st row: F. Gunter, S. Sweet, A. Jordon, F. Fourguean, C. Slayton, L. Jordon. 2nd row: Coach Kunert, P. Simpson, C. Ramsey, T. Smith, B. Terry, S. Lemon, S. Smith. Practice makes perfect. A.H.S. 1975 Volleyball Opp. 1 Covington 2 0 Glenvar 2 2 Clifton Forge 0 0 Andrew Lewis 2 0 Covington 2 Overall Rec. 1-4 Best 2 out of 3 wins match Keep your eye on the ball. Get it Janice! ! Volleyball has long been a part of the physical edu- cation courses at A.C.H.S. but has made its debut as a competitive girls sport. Under the direction of Rosalee Kunert the team experienced a 1-4 season, but not only that, volley- ball contributed significantly to creating a wider field of sports activities for the girls at A.C.H.S. 80 1st row: M. Rothe, C. Killian, K. Parker, K. Simpson, G. Ray, C. Whiteside, H. Rothe, T. Wilhelm. 2nd row: S. Lemon, S. Platt, S. Smith, S. Major, G. Loomis, J. Simpson, K. McAlister, P. Smith, J. Mays. Everyone watches intently as Sally Smith dances on the balance beam. Athlete Janet Mays shows her skills on the unevens. The 1975 gymnastic team finished their regular season with a fine 1-2 record and placed second in the district. They had six girls to qualify for the regional competition: Sally Smith, Kitty Simpson, Susan Platt, Teresa Wilhelm, Kathy McAlister and Grace Ray. Grace then went on to state competition. The gymnastic coach, Beverly Haynes commented, “the girls were great even if this was their first year in competition.” A.H.S. 1975 Gymnastic Team 0pp. 39.05 Lord Botetourt 53.85 35.80 William Byrd 54.45 38.65 Glenvar 27.60 2nd in District Overall Record 1-2 81 WSw WAw. § ' ' 7 ' i - ' I .in h 7-J.‘if i ' ; V ' r ' . l VCnncn cSl2CiLi cSfi ins.± nzouqn On HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES: Sherry Morgan, Mary Beth McCaleb, Grace Rav, Kristie Poe, Kathy Revns, and Debbie Stull. lAclxJXU c iacLium. omzcomL ig74 Grace smiles happily as she is crowned 1974 Homecoming Queen by Mr. Cullen, president of the Colt Club. Kristie presents a more formal aspect of Home- coming during the presentation of candidates to the student body. Silence filled the empty gymnasium. The last song had ended, the last couples had left the floor, and all was quiet as Homecoming 1974 came to a close. Only a little while before had the room been alive with the music of Se- bastian and Company, and the enthusi- asm of “Victory Stadium” filled the minds of everyone there. It was an es- pecially joyful and memorable night for Grace Ray, who reigned over the Festivities as Homecoming Queen 1974. Couples move to the rhythm of Sebastian and Company in “Victory Stadium.” Debbie and Kathy quickly try to look innocent after almost be- ing caught trying to hitch a ride. Mary Beth and Sherry admire the scenery around the pond. Are Kristie and Grace trying to hold up the cave wall? Members of the Homecoming Court and their escorts await the arrival of the Queen’s Dance. 86 xurna. diais ‘D ’i£±£nt± JIMilL CLutma Card’’ “Grandma took sick and Ma and Pa had to go tend her,” Lizzie says as she explains their arrival. “Where are all the young-uns?” questions Widow Hinkley as she finds the house empty. “He’s a man, ain’t he?” says the Widow as she refers to Joshua Frun- heiser. “A Hillbilly Christmas Carol” was presented to the faculty and students of A.C.H.S. by the drama class here. Directed by Miss Webster, the production star- red Richard Waddell, Alma Mundy, Jackie Farren, Trish Scott, Steve Miller, Tom Rothe, and Rhonda Downes. It was a take-off on the original play “Christ- mas Carol,” by Dickens. Throughout the play, the audience was kept thoroughly entertained by the antics of the actors, especially the Widow Hinkley ’s attempts to snare Joshua Frunheiser. It was indeed an enjoyable pro- duction and the drama students deserve a lot of credit. Steve Miller reflects over the absence of a Christmas tree in the lonely cabin. “Joshua Frunheiser, you mean you got the young-uns penned up with the hogs!” exclaims Widow Hinkley. 87 doupLs. LnA ZJli£.m±£l(jz± On cO cOjianLilt OViqlit Glen, Lori, Jeff, and Kathy reflect the mood of a Spanish night. “Billy, hold still. I’ve almost got it,” Cindy explains. Miss Karnes and Mrs. Sumner are presented with bouquets of flowers in appreciation for their hard work and patience as sponsors of the Span- ish club. Tami Cook and Garland Humphries slow down the pace along with “Lib- eration,” during the Spanish Club Dance. Denny and Debbie gaze dreamily into each other’s eyes. On “A Spanish Night” in November, students and guests attended the annual dance sponsored by the Spanish Cl ub. Music was provided by a lo- cal band, Liberation. Those who did attend the dance, which was held in the gymnasium, had plenty of room to move around and express them- selves as there were not a lot of people there due to other area events. Sponsors, Miss Karnes and Mrs. Sumner, were presented with bouquets of flowers in appreciation for their time and their hard work with the club. A good time was had by all who at- tended. “Well, do you want to dance, or don’t you?” Jimmy asks Cindy. 89 Vl tnisz The Christmas spirit is reflected on the faces of couples as they are served their refreshments. Smiles dazzle the faces of couples dancing dreamily to the soft music. Trixie Hicks sings “Silver Bells” in keeping with the atmo- sphere of Christmas. uLn J £.Luu± Cl(ixiAima± ozmaf Couples patiently await the start of the enter- tainment. Santa stands guard over the presents for all the good little kiddies. “Evil” provides a special atmosphere for the dancing couples. “Twas the Night Before Christmas” was the theme of the Christmas formal this year. Be- cause the dance was again delayed by snow, it turned out to be closer to Christmas than had been expected. “Evil” from Clifton Forge pro- vided music for dancing and Trixie Hicks sang for special entertainment. Everyone moves with the music. 91 Couples slow down the pace as the end of the dance nears. Mrs. Perdue accepts a present in appreciation for her time and effort. Dancing and music fill the crowded gymnasium with excitement and fun. 92 c tiL J s.jju ' iims.nt J X£.±s.n.t± (2.(ixi±tmai. iPxo xam The band pauses while their next number is being announced. The choir, accompanied by the band, sings “Silent Night.” Presented by the Fine Arts Department, a Christmas program consisting of music and art projects was held prior to Christmas Vacation. The eighth grade band performed, as did the rest of the band and the choir. Art projects were displayed in the lobby during intermission. The band played several selections, including a number of songs from “Godspell.” A few selected band mem- bers also performed with toy instruments to the composition “Toy Symphony,” by Haydn. The choir sang sev- eral old favorite carols and the program concluded with the audience joining both the choir and the band in the singing of “Silent Night.” Band members perform with their toy instruments. Paintings and papier maches by art students are displayed during intermission. 93 Barnaul Faculty members and “Redheads” battle on the boards for a rebound. Faculty members take an unauthorized time-out. “Throw it to me,” calls Mr. Anderson, who is open down- court. Isn’t Mr. Lockhard in the wrong position for a free throw? Mr. Weade bravely faces his competition all on his own. 94 Mr. Williams searches vainly for his teammates, as he appears to be all alone. One of the Redheads scores two for her team, as the margin in the score widens. A nationally popular basketball team visited Alleghany on a December night to face the ominous male faculty. The Red- heads were a group of women who all had a couple of things in common — red hair and basketball. Despite a sluggish start, the male fac- ulty of A.C.H.S., who had a little outside help, came back to tie the game and send it into overtime. When the game was still tied at the end of the first overtime, they held a second one and this time, the Red- heads pulled away. Mr. Walker, who had come out of retirement to coach the team for this game, saw his charges defeated by a surprisingly small margin. Mr. Rice tries to break away to set up a big play. 95 u,t OLL Scu. Cadillac provides excellent dance music. “Just an Old-fashioned Love Song” played here at Alleghany when the Senior Tri-Hi-Y sponsored the annual Sweetheart Dance. Cupids, hearts, and post- ers of “Love” graffitti decorated the gym and the music that filled the air was provided by Cadillac. Kathy Newcomb was voted Sweetheart Queen and Gary Crossland was voted King. Tammy Scruggs and Frankie Reyns admire the cupid in the center- piece. CANDIDATES FOR SWEETHEART KING AND QUEEN: Gerry Loan, Debbie Cook, Garland Humphries, Jennifer Frye, Brandon Nicely, Kathy Newcomb, Wesley Snead, Lynn Nicely, Jerry Whitehead, Kathy Reyns, Gary Crossland, Theresa Waters, Kendall Do- lan, and Cheryl Wheeler. 96 i ncfLcintiL cA {anu ounq cSoL7£.£.tn azt± Couples enjoy the Valentine atmosphere as the band slows down the tempo. Gary Crossland and Kathy Newcomb pause after it is announced that they are King and Queen of the Sweetheart Dance. Mike Stull and his date dance to the music of Cadillac. 97 IQLacfz U± (£)Ij±£.X(jecI A small part of African culture and craftsmanship is displayed in the showcase. Black Heritage Week was held during March at Alleghany. Displays of various aspects of black cul- ture were found throughout the school, including excellent art work in the lobby showcase. The highlight of the week was a special program presented on Friday. William Iromuanya, a Nigerian who is currently studying at Eastern Mennonite Col- lege, talked to the students about his country. Several black students demonstrated various danc- es which originated by blacks and then shared their dances with several of the more adventurous teachers. Mrs. Thompson directs some of her choir students in the singing of the Black National Hymn. 98 William Iromuanya speaks to the students about the culture of his country. A modern aspect of this country’s entire culture is presented in a collage of black entertainers. dfioci (Zafjaxzi oj A { UlLC Dawn Walton sings “Summertime,” from the musical “Porgy and Bess.” The choir performs in “A Cabaret of Music.” Presented by the performing choir, “A Cabaret of Music” provided a variety of entertainment for stu- dents and the community. The program consisted of all kinds of music, from Broadway musicals to popu- lar tunes. Also, tunes from several parts of the coun- try gave a special patriotic salute for the upcoming bi-centennial. Dancing girls, who performed can-can routines to a couple of the songs, added a special touch to the program. The stage crew worked hard to provide lighting which also added greatly to the effect. Special recognition should go to Mrs. Lynda Thompson, who was in charge of the musical part of the program. Richard Waddell plays an important part in the concert as he ac- companies the choir on the drums. Chorus girls add a touch of the “Gay Nineties” to the program. Several of the girls participating in the con- cert confer with Mrs. Hodges about some last minute details. 99 Crystal Sizemore, Key Club Sweetheart, and her escort, Al- The crowd rapidly fills the floor when the music begins, len Harrison, smile after the crowning. The atmosphere is one of love in “Love Train ’75.” Following an established tradition at Alleghany, the Key Club Dance of 1975 was quite a success. Chess, billed as the top band in the state, provided fantastic music for the dance, and they also presented an afternoon concert. Love Train ’75 was the theme of the dance, and Crystal Sizemore was crowned Key Club Sweetheart for the coming year by Brandon Nicely. Couples wait impatiently for the crowning of the Key Club Sweetheart. ancz Chess provides excellent music for “Love Train ’75.’ Couples slow things down as they dance to the music of Chess. KEY CLUB COURT: Allen Heirrison, Crystal Sizemore, Steve Downey, Sally Smith, Glen Ward, Lori Zimmerman, Doug Williams, Kathy Bodell, Larry Maddy, Sherry Walker. 101 junior dlaiA cSfi ova Bobby Deacon Rick Clemmons, emcee. The annual Junior Class Talent Show was one of the sources of raising money for the prom. The winners this year were: Ray Feury and Vance Conner, 1st place; Tim- my Eggleston, 2nd place; and Tammy Scruggs, 3rd place. Feury and Conner sang and played guitars, Eggleston proved to be a whiz on the piano, and Ms. Scruggs showed the student body her beautiful voice. The participants were judged by a few teachers and students, and the winners were presented cash prizes. Karen Newcomb and Sally Smith. Teachers prepare for skit. Donald Ruzek 102 and dJ X£.±£.nt6. czdfnnuaf c:Sl 2 xLnq doncsxi The clarinet section is hard at work in the concert. Steve Miller appears startled as his drumming is interrupted. The members of the band wait for the announcement of their next number. During the month of April, the band presented its annual spring concert. It was presented to the student body and consisted of a variety of music. Some of the selections played by the band were popular music, including a medley by Bachrach and David, one by Chicago, and one of the religious rock opera, “Godspell.” The band made its usual excel- lent showing in that concert, and it was one of great enjoyment to all those who took the opportunity to attend. Mr. Ruzek gives last minute instructions to the band during the final practice session. The band performs well under the able instruction of Mr. Ruzek. Couples slow down the pace to the music of Stone- henge. Barnyard Boogie set the tempo for the 1975 Sadie Hawkins Dance. Prizes were given for various aspects of farmer life in Dogpatch, such as Datsey Mae and Lil Abner, and for the cutest couple. Stone- henge provided music for the “Barnyard Boogie”, which was sponsored and deco- rated for by the Future Homemakers of America. Dogpatch can be a very romantic place for the hillbillies. 104 Row 1: Candidates — Joy Simpson, Randy Beever, Jill Liendhardt, Julie Potter, Tom Mustoe, Crystal Sizemore, Jeff Brugh, Tammy Ham- mond, Sara Bonner, and Tim Kouns. Row 2: Campaign Managers — Robyn Ryan, Ronnie Wilson, Kathy Parker, Sherry Walker, Cheryl Campbell, Cindy Tucker, Kathy Reyns, Kathy Newcomb, Jane Lawler, and Mike Rhoads. During the month of April, the election of SCA officers was held. Candidates filled their requirement sheets, se- lected campaign managers, and proceeded on their way in their bid for office. The final week was a hectic one, as the campaigns reached their height, and culminated on Friday morning with the assembly and voting. The SCA officers elected were: Steve Downey, President; Tammy Hammond, Vice-president; Crystal Sizemore, Sec- retary; Julie Potter, Treasurer; and Randy Beever, Student Representative to the Community. Ronnie Wilson endorses his candidate for student representative, Randy Beever. WrJ uAi Posters decorate the halls and walls during the week of S.C.A. elections. A group of “card sharks” are “fishing” for Potter. 105 PROM ROYALTY: Jerry Meyer, Prince; Debbie Cook, Queen; Dwight Rowan, King; and Lori Zimmerman, Princess. ' l l ' s Aiau 0 05.6. C7 ULn 106 I i OL Of ‘174 Lp ' iom Nick Nickell, Christy Stone, Steve Miller, and Lisa Levisay participate in the Grand March. Cold Duck is hard at work to provide entertainment for those attending the prom. 107 Debbie and Dwight enjoy the dance for the royal court. “We May Never Pass This Way Again,” a popular song by Seals and Crofts, was the theme of the 1975 prom. Steve Downey and Tammy Scruggs provided excellent special entertainment, and the band Cold Duck provided music for dancing. The royal court consisted of: Debbie Cook, Queen; Dwight Rowan, King; Lori Zimmerman, Princess; and Jerry Meyer, Prince. Juniors and seniors alike were provided with an excellent entertainment in a way they may never pass again. cStuA nt L. Serving girls provide refreshments to the juniors and seniors. Mike Rhoads and Becky Loomis bump to the sounds of the band. 108 Juniors and seniors fill the floor, as they realize they may never pass that way again. Couples anxiously await their turn in the Grand March, and to hear the announcement of the prom royalty. 109 avj[sx cA L±± CO (JO. ig75 no S3 Lna£is£±. cz ' is. ' ‘ fiEUi cuSsl s-ction Kathy Newcomb — 1st Runner-up Debbie Reynolds — 3rd Runner-up Cheryl Wheeler — 2nd Runner-up Debbie Cook — 4th Runner-up 111 ( ly Vominatzcl Ijo Miss Alcova and the first four runners-up: Jane Lawler, Debbie Cook, Debbie Reynolds, Cheryl Wheeler, and Kathy Newcomb. Jane Watt Lawler, Miss Alcova, has been a member of the Pep Club, Spanish Club, Jr. Tri Hi Y, Sr. Tri Hi Y, National Honor Society, eighth grade and jun- ior varsity cheerleading squads, and the S.C.A. She has also served as vice-president of the freshman class and as president of the senior class. She was also valedictorian of the class of 1975. Kathy Lynn Newcomb, first runner-up, was a member of the Pep Club, Sr. Tri Hi Y, Spanish Club, Honor Council, National Honor Society, S.A.E., Gymnastics Club, and the S.C.A., serving as vice- president in her senior year. She has also been an eighth grade junior varsity, and varsity cheerleader, serving as head cheerleader in her senior year. Cheryl Ann Wheeler, second runner-up, has been a member of the Pep Club, Jr. Tri Hi Y, Sr. Tri Hi Y, Spanish Club, S.A.E., National Honor Society, and the S.C.A. Deborah Marie Reynolds, third runner-up, has been a member of the Spanish Club, the National Honor Society, serving as treasurer in her senior year, and was a member of the performing choir. Debra Kaye Cook, fourth runner-up, was a mem- ber of the Pep Club, Jr. Tri Hi Y, Sr. Tri Hi Y, S.C.A., and was named to “Who’s Who Among American High School Students. 112 (-onihets nils Ocii o COUCi Debbie Reynolds and Debbie Cook Sherry Morgan and Kathy Reyns Theresa Waters and Grace Rav Twelve girls from the senior class are nominated each year by their fellow classmates to compete for the title of Miss Alcova. These twelve are then judged by a panel consisting of people from around the community. The girls are asked questions on poise, dating habits, school spirit, and are also judged on appearance, composure, and knowledge of current events. The five girls with the highest scores are chosen as finalists for Miss Alcova. This year, the winners were as follows: Jane Lawler, Miss Alcova; Kathy Newcomb, first runner-up; Cheryl Wheeler, second runner-up; Debbie Reynolds, third runner-up; and Debbie Cook, fourth runner-up. Kathy Newcomb and Sharon Lemon Mary Beth McCaleb and Kristie Poe Cheryl Wheeler and Jane Lawler 113 c: n oj cz ntiziLation uzzoundi. ild ud Ln and cS d-ction of zdf[co ja Several of the candidates chat before their questioning. Alan Farrar presents Jane with her roses, as she is named Miss Alcova. JUDGES: Mrs. Becky Jonas, Ms. Saundra Slater, Mrs. Ann Karter, Mr. Tom Weaver, Mr. Horton Beirne, and Miss Mary Helen Wolfe. 114 £.n.Lox £.moxi£.6. “Mr. Weade” addresses the rest of the teachers at the faculty meeting. Senior members of the performing choir sing several selections appropriate for Senior Day. “Moo,” says Mr. Patton, as Mrs. Barber narrates a skit by the teachers. Seniors were honored by a special assem- bly for Senior Day held late in May. A com- bination of comedy and seriousness, it had something for everyone. Several seniors held a mock teacher’s meeting, some of the teach- ers performed in a “Wild West” skit, and the choir sang several numbers. Moist eyes and a lot of crying on the part of many members of the Class of ’75 followed the assembly, as just one more of the last happenings of the year faded into memory. Kathy Newcomb and Buddy Buchanan sing an improvised version of “Sweet Gypsy, Rose.” 115 Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Rice discuss their prob- lems with the baseball team. inoL c:A {onz£.n.t± Gf cSsniox Conversations and chatter fill the air as seniors await their food. Kendall and Pam seem to disagree as to the taste of the contents of Kendall’s drink. Uncle Tom’s Cabin provided a lovely set- ting for the Senior Banquet for the Class of ’75. As one of the final happenings and chances for the class to be together, many memories were made and will long be pre- served. Good food and good companionship made the evening one to be enjoyed by all who took the opportunity to attend. The countenances of the students vary as different mo- ments provide many memories. 116 !Bij (is. C[a±± Of Jg75 Seniors ask each other, “Is that food I smell?” Cindy and Lisa appear lighthearted as Mike, Brandon, and Kristie seem to be engaged in a more serious endeavor. 117 Gary reviews a variety of material before making his decision about college. Each year, one senior boy is chosen for Man of the Year. He is very special because he possesses outstanding qualities in academics, ath- letics, personality, and leadership. Traditionally, A.C.H.S. honors the man who has participated outstandingly in all aspects of high school activities. Our Man of the Year has played football, wrestled, been a member of the Key Club Varsity Club and was Vice President of his Junior Class. He was also King of the Sweetheart Dance. This year we would like to honor GARY LYNN CROSSLAND as 1975 MAN OF THE YEAR. One of his many accomplishments, Gary rides his bicycle all the way to school. Gary thanks his fellow classmates for voting him “Man of the Year” for 1975. an Of O ' fU 1 P7 Barbara and Gary together admire his trophy. Ralph Craig, Robin Keyser, Junior Smith, and Terri Bennett find Gary’s lap a comfortable place to relax. Nathan gives his advice on which college to attend. Gary orders his graduation announcements. “What are you looking for, Gary?” These three young men take a rest from the activities of the picnic. “I hop e I get some sun today.” :z: cti(jLtLz± cSs.n.iox Lcnuz Seniors engage in one of the many activities of the picnic. “Get that thing away from me.” ' xo[tjz, and XL£.n cU dnaxantsxLzs. c zniox dPicnic 121 cuzc oLauxs-ats. ius.iL {Jnih.ixa.iion Row 1: S. Whiting, L. Worley, B. Wright, R. Smith, S. Min- ter, G. Vess, J. Lawler, M. Kincaid, S. Craft, R. Posey, D. Posey, C. Wheeler, K. Jamison, K. Reyns, G. Humphries. Row 2: T. Waters, R. Brown, L. Gardner, K, Johnson, M. McCaleb, D. Wolfe, D. Dunford, L. Dotson, T. Ayers, K. Morgan, C. Harlow, T. Meadows, R. Porterfield, K. New- comb, J. McCleary, D. Evans, K. Dolan, A. Maddy, B. Mar- tin. Row 3: C. Swartz, P. Sizemore, G. Dickson, R. Arritt, J. Bazzrea, L. Stull, T. Austin, V. Brown, W. Snead, T. Lips- comb, C. Tingler, J. Barr, M. Rhodes, L. Levisay, B. Shep- pard, C. Harrison, G. Ward, D. Cook, W. Bates, L. Metz, J. Frye. Row 4: N. Williams, J. McVay, C. Reed, P. Nicely, J. Ruble, J. Withrow, J. Miller, S. Entsminger, B. Bowen, B. Southall, L. Carroll, R. Morris, G. Ray, C. Wayts, L. Car- roll, G. Harper, M. Cobbledick, J. Jordan, S. Lemon, R. Archie, N. Broughman, P. Simpson, M. Vess, D. Reynolds. Row 5: B. Biddle. S. Wright, S. Bennett, T. Nelson, D. Pinner, S. Kellison, H. Birckhead, J. Clark, J. Tigrett, E. ■rr .MKWT « 1 ’ Sl ' ' JUNIOR HONOR MARSHALS: Patricia Terrell, Sally Smith, Sarah Bonner, Kelly Bowers, Tim Kouns, Dawn Walton, Mark Taylor, Dana Baker, Vicki Tingler, and Cheryl Wolfe. The Reverend Van Wheeler, guest speaker at Baccalau- reate, gives his advice to the gradua ' ' ng class. 122 VanLear, W. Botkins, S. Morgan, D. Rowan, D. Cash, M. Overton, A. Mundy, M. Middleton, L. Nicely, J. White- head, M. Sunderland, M. Smith. Row 6: D. Smith, N. Nickell, B. Buchanan, S. Hoke, B. Spivey, K. Poe, B. Nicely, T. Bennett, A. Farrar, B. Miller, H. Irvine, R. Craig, B. Davis, M. Rose, P. Rose, D. Dawson, P. Gaines, C. Nicely, S. Stone, C. Withrow, V. May, R. VanLeeu ' . Row 7: S. Carr, J. Miller, J. Deane, D. Vance, E. Perkins, D. Stinespring, G. Kitt, D. Via, R. Hepler, R. Waddell, A. Brown, J. Dudley, B. Lawhom, C. Bradley, B. Cahoon, A. Andrews, C. Angle, M. Spraggins, F. Oyler, G. Craft, D. Crawford, C. Crance, H. Jackson. Row 8: D. Cook, G. Cook, T. Higgins, Na. Gold- berg, C. Price, R. Sparks, R. Drummond, C. Tucker, V. Kimberlin, K. Donovan, T. Cadd, L. Fitzgerald, W. Rucker, C. Bayne, D. Critzer, J. Mays, L. Wright, K. Perry, G. Black, B. Morris, D. Wilhelm. Row 9: C. Keaton, P. Bates, D. Thurston, D. Stull, N. Barrington, B. Wade, C. Rose, J. Spivey, G. Loan, V. McCoy, J. Linkenhoker, A. Martin. The choir sings “Let There Be Peace On Eeuth,” under Mrs. Thompson’s able direction. 123 xoAuciiion. lS%ina± iQz Lnnin Seniors move their tassels as they evolve from students of A.C.H.S. to alumni. Nancy Mader, Nancy Barrington, and M. B. Kincaid inspect each other’s gowns. Ronald Posey receives an award for being an honor student. 124 c nd ci n nA ot {I[a±± Gj 1( 75 Jane Lawler, valedictorian, reminds the graduates that win- ning does count. Mr. Letson congratulates the graduates on behalf of the school board office. Kathy Newcomb receives a scholarship award from Mr. Walker. Anna Maddy, Reva Arritt, and Trade Nelson look over a program before commence ment exercises. Anna Maddy receives her diploma from Mr. Cvizic. aduation nJ.± 17 £ Alma and Greg seem to have different emotions about graduation. Mr. Walker presents Teresa Cadd with the academic award for art. Gary Crossland receives his diploma after twelve long years of work. The class of 1975 displays mixed and varied emotions as they leave Hodnett Hall as students for the last time. 126 cSc(ioo[ 3 ' ox (2.[aAi. c£} Q75 HONOR GRADUATES: Susan Craft, Ronald Posey, Harold Wright, Donald Posey, Mary Elizabeth Kincaid, Steve Minter, Jane Lawler, Roberta Smith, Leigh Worley, Cheryl Wheeler, Sheila Whiting, and Gregg Vess. M. B. Kincaid, salutatorian, stresses the importance of mak- Graduation has always been a time of reflections and also a time of looking into the future, no matter what it may hold. The class of 1975 certainly had many unique accomplishments to look back on. Memories of the good times and the bad, the joy and the heartache, the self-confidence and the constant uncertainty of growing up all filled the minds of the seniors as their high school days came to a final close. Jane Lawler, valedictorian, reminded the seniors that winning does count, but that winning at any cost is not always considered a victory. M. B. Kincaid related to the students and parents that now, as young adults on our own, advice still should be wel- comed. However, she stated, the burden of the final decision now rests on our shoulders alone. With a look to the past and a questioning stare into the future, the Class of 1975 walked out of Hodnett Hall into a world of limitless opportunity for those who reach out to life. 127 ■ wM Mm m4 ' 4 m ? -v- ' ' ' ' V:; - ' MM - ' »■. -A ' ,- 4 V ' ' , aS: Jv.- V A a V. ' ■X V,, 4 V ' . X ' 7X ' Y ' A’ a ' wVJ. XlgS -.rv. ' J M : ? vl ud nt douncil cdfit.i.ociation S.C.A.: Row 1: T. Waters, J. Lawler, D. Stull, K. Reyns, J. Frye, T. Bennett, K. Bowers, T. Poague, P. Hicks, S. Ailstock. Row 2; C. Stone, S. Elbon, E. Jordan, J. Saylor, R. Quarles, D. Cullen, T. Nida, C. Stull, C. Sizemore, B. Bates, C. Whiteside. Row 3: C. Hippert, D. Nida, A. Martin, A. Williamson, A. Byer, K. Black, J. Carpenter, T. Camp, P. Simpson, L. Fuller. Row 4: A. Owens, J. Davis, K. Harrison, G. Al- tizer, B. Nicely, D. Cook, J. Barr, L. Zimmerman, K. Bodell, S. Downey, L. Hubbard. Row 5: S. Lemon, M. Ward, C. Humphries, M. Live- say, L. Linkswiler, V. Filer, S. Showalter. Standing: T. Hammond, R. Clemmons, Mrs. Earehart, Mr. Patton, K. Newcomb, R. Smith. SC A representatives discuss the agenda before the meeting. An informal atmosphere surrounds the beginning of an SCA meeting. The SCA has been described as “The Heart of the school”. All students by virtue of having that status, are members. The SCA is characterized by activities that work for the school. It helps in the formation of school policy. This year they were cited as the outstanding chap- ter the Virginia SCA. OFFICERS: Robin Elbon, Tammy Hammond, Roberta Smith, Kathy Newcomb, Rick Clemmons. ounc INTER-CLUB COUNCIL: Sally Showalter, Bonnie Bowen, Christie Stone, Marva Livesay, Larry Botkins, Steve Miller, Mike Rhodes, Jen- nifer Frye, Jane Lawler, Kathy Bodell, Sally Smith, Kathy Newcomb, Kristie Poe, Madeleine Rothe, Roberta Smith, Kathy Reyns, Alma Mundy, S£mdra Sorrells, Theresa Nida, Lauren Wright, Pam Edwards, Buddy Wright, Stuart Entsminger. Coordination of the activi- ties of the cluhs at Alleghany County High School was the responsibility of the Inter- Club Council. The Inter-Club Council meets to vote on “Club of the Year”. 131 CHESS CLUB: Row 1: G. Howard, D. Loan, G. Wolfe, D. Baker, S. Lemon. Row 2: S. Humphries, K. Philips, W. An- derson, G. Palmer. Row 3: K. Williams, R. Wilson, J. Persinger, A. Nicely. Row 4: G. Filer, T. Nelson, T. Mustoe. Row 5: M. Rhodes, B. Paxton, S. Entsminger, J. McDonough. After much deliberation, Stewart makes a decisive move. “Check” and “Checkmate” can be heard as fre- quent statements during a chess club meeting. Each month a select group of potential Bobby Fis- chers meet under the supervision of Mr. James David Williams. Mr. Williams and Mr. Ruzek observe with deep in- terest the contemplated moves of two chess players. J {stzLljuiL(JE i ducation diub i 1 f’ C 1 j ( igL I D.E. CLUB: Row 1: S. Hubbard, T. Higgins, M. Knick, H. White, R. Tucker, R. Salyers, J. Tigrett. Row 2: G. Black, C. Slayton, S. Clark, S. Hinkle, D. Via, D. Keith, B. Bowen. Row 3: W. Bocook, B. Biddle, S. Ailstock, R. Drummond, C. Collins, G. Campbell, D. Wilhelm, B. Southall, A. George. Row 4: R. Morgan, R. Elmore, L. Higgins, D. Dawson, C. Rose, B. Housman, J. Lawrence. OFFICERS: C. Collins, S. Hubbard, T. Higgins, B. Bowen. Mrs. Johnson admires the awards given to the students in her Distributive Education Classes. Students who are interested in becoming better equipped in the job world may enroll in Distributive Education. Headed by Mrs. Johnson, the club was extremely active this year. It was the host of the District Distri- butive Education Conference, held many bake sales, and encouraged all its members to develop businesslike attitudes. 133 ■c J oALo RADIO CLUB: Greg King, Larry Botkins, Robert Haynes, Wayne Crawford, Jody Fridley, Robert Craft. The Hadio Club serves to aid in the development of interests in amateur radio. Experimentation, public service, and advancement in and about radio constitute a large proportion of the time of the club. Some of the activities included trips to “ham” radio festivals and planning to institute a radio station at Alleghany County High School. 134 Larry Botkins discusses money-making projects with the club. All ECOLOGY CLUB: Row 1: T. Bennett, J. Frye, C. Price, G. Mabry. Row 2: D. Miller, M. Faglie, B. Wright, R. Vaughn, T. Simmons. OFFICERS: Jennifer Frye, Buddy Wright, Cindy Price, David Miller. Jennifer and Buddy discuss the agenda for the meeting. Members of the Ecology Club dedicated much of their time working to provide a cleaner environment. Some of their activities centered on improvement of the school while others were more diffuse, such as observances of KOPE week and Earth Day. As an end-of-the-year project the club landscaped the school grounds with white gravel. CL ncE. SCIENCE CLUB: C. Campbell, W. Sizemore, J. Jackson, L. Scott, B. Minger, R. Sorrells, S. Wilson, K. Martin, J. Nor- kus, A. Byer, K. Case. Cheryl Campbell informally conducts a meeting of the mem- bers. A keen interest in science helps to inspire stu- dents to become members of the Alleghany County High School Science Club. Future doctors and scientists join the club and take part in money raising projects such as bake sales. Science takes a giant step forward. OFFICERS: S. Miller, K. Case, A. Byer, C. Campbell, S. Scott. 136 unLoi JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y: Row 1: B. Lockheirt, F. Gunter, G. Altizer, T. Nicely, C. Balser, A. Haynes. Row 2: B. Broughman, T. Guth, P. Ball, D. Van Buren, D. Maddy, M. Livesay. OFFICERS: D. Maddy, D. Van Buren, M. Livesay, Christie Balser, T. Nicely, G. Altizer. The Junior Tri-Hi-Y serves to prepare young ladies to become members of the senior group. The purpose of both the Junior and Senior Tri-Hi-Y is to “create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character.” Garlynda seeks advice from Mrs. Anderson, the sponsor of the club. 137 Row 1: V. McCoy, S. Lemon, T. Scruggs, S. Bonner, K. Bowers, J. Worley, T. Cook, R. Stinnett. Row 2: C. Wheeler, J. Barr, K. Reyns, D. Stull, T. Waters, M. McCaleb, K. Bodell, A. Mundy, L. Nicely. Row 3: J. Frye, L. Zimmerman, D. Cook, L. Livesay, J. Lawler, C. Harrison. K. Jamison, K. Parker, T. Hammond. Miss Body proudly displays her “sponge” cake. Each year the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, a club composed of sophomore, junior and senior girls, renders services to both the school and the community. Their activi- ties range from sponsoring the annual Sweetheart Dance to participating in the Model General As- sembly. In April of this year, seven members ot the club and the club sponsor. Miss Body, attended the Model General Assembly. “Sic ’em, Kathy!” OFFICERS: Standing: M. McCaleb, C. Harrison, T. Terrill. Sit- ting: T. Waters, K. Jamison, A. Mundy, K. Reyns. 138 Row 1: J, Withrow, D. Miller, R. La Cour, V. Conner, J. Brugh, K. Edwards. Row 2: T. Nelson, G. Vess, M. Talley, J. Whitehead, R. Bocook, G. Ward, J. Smith, M. Raether. Row 3: G. Humphries, C. Swartz, M. Spraggins, R. Clemmons, D. Pinner, A. Harrison. Row 4: Mr. Carpen- ter, S. Downey, C. Brown, S. Minter, M. Burnette, C. Withrow, M. Sunderland, S. Carr, G. Loan. Row 5: P. Clark, T. Mustoe, B. Buchanan, B. Nicely, W. Snead, G. Crossland, J. Spivey, C. Wayts. Key Club officers in their natural habitat. Gary makes an emer- gency call. Garland Humphries takes a break! By far one of the most active clubs, the Key Club performed many services to both the school and the community. For example, during the Christmas holi- days they hosted a Christmas party for the younger boys at Boy’s Home and also manned the Salvation Army booth for a day. In March, the Key Club provid- ed their annual entertainment by obtaining the num- ber one band in the state. Chess. 139 AfaiionaL cMonox Front: S. Minter, K. Reyns, M. McCaleb, S. Smith, J. Lawler, L. Craghead, K. Bowers, K. Newcomb, D. Reynolds, J. Frye, S. Bonner, T. Terrell, M. Taylor. Rear: G. Humphries, L. Gardner, R. Smith, C. Wheeler, B. Wright, C. Wolfe. Debbie Reynolds reflects the seriousness of the occasion. 140 cSocLziu dnaj isx A pleased Steve Minter is inducted into the National Honor So- ciety. OFFICERS: D. Reynolds, S. Minter, J. Mays, L. Gardner (not pictured). Each year the Alleghany County High School has an assembly in which initiation of students into the National Honor Society takes place. These selected students and old members have achieved excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service to both the Cheryl Wolfe accepts her award for leadership and responsibility. The NHS meets informally during the activities period. school and the community. The Honor Society awards a one hundred dollar scholarship to a student plan- ning to attend Dabney, which is one of the many ef- forts on the part of the NHS to encourage learning and integrity. 141 0(JC BRENDA LAWHORN, ROBm KEYSER, M. B. KINCAID, MISS MANN, ALFRED ANDREWS, BRENDA CAHOON, LAURIE FITZGERALD, SUSAN CRAFT. 142 TERRY BENNEIT, ANNE OWENS, KATHY JAMISON, TERESA MEADOWS, JANE LAWLER, MARY BETH McCALEB, BAR- BARA MILLER. -I I COPY! CROP! INDEX! DEADLINE! DUMMY! ■ 143 cN £.VJiJtlClh.SA Alma Mundy, Tim Kouns, Mr. Finks, Lisa Hubbard 144 y Mark Sunderland 145 OFFICERS: Kathy Case, Bobby Deacon, Coite Beime, Steve Miller What is an overexposure, sidelighting, backlighting? Any photographer could enlighten a novice on these definitions. So does the Pho- tography Club attempt to help beginners learn the principles of taking good, clear pictures. Working with their spon- sor, members of this club may be small in number but large in enthusiasm. Mr. Merica shows the club some examples of their fine work. A few members glance through some recent photographs. IP. om POM POM GIRLS: C. Tucker, C. Price, D. Walton, K. Bowers, B. Harrison, R. Carr, K. Wilhelm, C. Sizemore, C. Stull. Cindy Price consults Mrs. Snead. Girls rehearse a routine before an assembly. Pom Pom girls perform for a pep rally. Pom Pom girls at A.C.H.S. are great morale boost- ers. They provide skilled routines at pep rallies, ball games, and special assemblies. Each of the girls is selected by a panel of judges which consists of teachers, senior members of the squad, and band instructors. Every year the girls have many varied routines that they perform before the school. 147 FLUTE I Patricia Terrell Cathy Case Lisa Livesay FLUTE II Ann Williamson Bridgett Armentrout Kim Walthall Marlene Walton Theresa Rothe OBOE Sarah Bonner BASSOON Madeleine Rothe ALTO SAX I Steve Chapman Barry Housman ALTO SAX II Valerie Filer Robert Cale BARI SAX Bruce Nicely TENOR SAX Crystal Worley BASS CLARINET David Hipes CLARINET I Roberta Smith Janet Mays Norma Williams CLARINET II Tricia Scott Robin Maddy Judy Oiler William Lockhart Marsha Livesay Theresa Wilhelm CLARINET III Anita Byer Wanda Harlow Susan Lemon Lynn Fairburn TRUMPET I Steve Scott Randy Beever Betty Bess Ann Marie Haynes Everett Kingrey ‘UL Sand 148 TRUMPET II Nika Dudley Sheree Rucker Marva Livesay Jeff Persinger Douglas Seal Richard Terrell TRUMPET III Allison Burchett Kathy Bowers Edwin White Helene Rothe Dahl Maddy HORN Nancy Barrington Ruthie Fornwalt Charles Martin BARITONE Coite Beirne Warren Rucker TROMBONES George Filer Dale Wilkerson Cathy Phillips Mary Case Gary Howard TUBA Charles Unroe BELLS Tammy Hammond TIMPANI Calvin Hamlin PERCUSSION Steve Miller Bobby Deacon Tim Camp Mike Walton Donald Ruzek Harold Wright Kevin Bennett 149 A.C.H.S. MAJORETTES: Sherry Morgan, Vickie McCormick, Theresa Waters, Lisa Paitsel, Sherry Morgan, Sharon Lemon (not pictured). Is this a majorette; yes it’s Sharon Lemon. The majorettes “do their thing” at the pep rally! « Majorettes help to complement the band. Six girls Working with the band the majorettes presented served as the skilled twirlers and each time they per- their routines at parades and during assemblies, formed was a good experience to see. 150 Row 1: C. Campbell, C. Sizemore, M. Burks, L. Zimmerman, K. Newcomb, K. Bodell, K. Newcomb, K. Poe, B. Davis, C. Roberts, S. Smith. Row 2: G. Weird, M. Raether, H. Birkhead, D. Rowan, G. Crossland, G. Vess, B. Buchanan, M. Lawhorn, J. Jordan. Row 3: S. Cash, A. Harrison, C. Swartz, G. Simpson, M. Middleton, W. Snead, P. K. Zimmerman, M. Spraggins, B. Wade. Row 4: D. Noel, S. Downey, N. Goldberg, K. Withrow, H. Johnson, M. Sunderland, C. Wayts, B. Nicely, R. Brown, S. Minter, B. Ambrose, J. Bostic. OFFICERS: Carl Withrow, Jon Bostic, Roger Bocook, Wade Jordan. The Colts always get it in the ' “end”. Varsity Club members play “touch” football. The Varsity Club is an exclusive or- ganization with members that have let- tered in some type of athletics. They hold an annual picnic at Douthat each year and all the faculty is invited. GYMNASTICS CLUB: B. Platt, T. Wilhelm, P. Smith, B. Birckhead, L. Riley, A. Shawver, L. Smith, H, Rothe, L. Zimmerman, K, New- comb, K. Bodell, T. Terrell, K. McCallister, C. Killian, K. Bowers, C. Hubbard, K. Eveline, S. Lemon, H. Mustoe, L. VanDerPas, S. Minter, J. Simpson, P. Simpson, K. Simpson, M. Rothe, S. Smith, S. Major, G. Loomis, A. James, A, Haynes, R. Jones, J. Sparks, V. Filer, B. Armen- trout, R. Wadell, L. Scott, L, Kesterson, A. Mader, T. Rothe, R. Sampson, C. Vint, M. Talley, T, Rothe, G. Filer, E, Kingrey, K, Edwards, D. Walton, R. Wilson, K. Newcomb. A student bends over backwards to please Ms, Havnes. Grace Ray and Kathy Parker practice on the parallel bars. One of the most recently established clubs at Alle- ghany evolved from one of our newest sports. The Gymnastics Club, under the leadership of Ms, Haynes, increased its membership a great deal in comparison to recent years. This year, for the first time the gymnastic team participated in district com- petition. Alleghany’s first year gymnasts exhibited impressive talent for their first year. Members of the Gymnastics club wait for instructions from Ms. Haynes. O utuxs fuz±s6. Row 1: A. Byer, S. Carpenter, J. Farren, R. Downes, N. Jamison, V. Tingler. Row 2: D. Cook, L. Gardner, R. Keyser, J. Loan, C. Markham, C. Clinedinst. Row 3: C. Roberts, S. Anderson, S. Gadd, N. Nicely, D. Baker, C. Campbell, C. Sizemore, R. Norkus. Row 4: J. Byer, I. Per- singer, K. Walthall, N. Jeffries, J. Miller, P. Edwards. OFFICERS: A. Byer, J. Miller, C. Sizemore, D. Baker, P. Edwards, C. Campbell. Rhonda Downes listens intently to the guest speaker ad- dressing the FNA. Crystal Sizemore voices her opinion during a discus- sion at a FNA meeting. All students who are interested in a nursing career should join the Future Nurses Club. Under the guid- ance of Mrs. Reynolds, members of the club pursue their ambitions of having a career in nursing. Members of the FNA are eligible to become Candy Stripers. By working at the Alleghany Memorial Hos- pital, these girls gained very valuable experience. Some members have also worked at Emmett Memo- rial Hospital as Candy Stripers. Inspiration to enter the medical profession is en- couraged by the one hundred dollars scholarship awarded to one senior each year. 153 uiux£, ::Honz£.nzaJzEXi. of nzEZLCu FHA: Row 1: T. Nida, J. Wickline, B. Craft, J. Coffey, P. Simpson, R. Carr, K. Simpson. Row 2: T. Rodgers, D. Nida, S. Ailstock, P. Hicks, B. Lockhart, E. Kimbo, S. West, A. Burchette. The members make plans for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. F.H.A. — or the Future Homemakers of America provides students with in- formation about homemaking. The stu- dents participate in many activities that are a credit to the school. They also sponsor the Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Christmas Formal. OFFICERS: D. Mottem, R. Carr, T. Nida, K. Simpson, C. Hill, B. Craft, E. Kim- bo, T. Buchanan. 154£.±± [ 1 1 1 1 BUSINESS CLUB: Row 1: D. Wolfe, M. Kouns, T. Nida, L. Reid, T. Gunter. Row 2: D. Myers, S. Sorrells, T. Persinger, P. Jones, D. Mot- tern, A. Shawver. Row 3: K. Downey, E. Redman, T. Wright, P. Blankenship, R. Fornwalt, J. Coffey, C. Childs. Row 4: B. Bates, G. Dudley, B. Hart, W. Harlow, C. Roberts. » . 4 Miss O’Farrel calls the roll. Business club members make plans for a bake sale. The Business Club is a new endeavor at A.C.H.S. Its goal is to broaden the business experiences of its members. Sponsored by the business department, the club plans a wide variety of activities such as field trios to local banking establishments, to Christmas parties at nursing homes. The final activity includes a banquet in which all the accomplishments of the club are given. OFFICERS: J. Coffey, L. Metz, S. Sorrells, Kathy Lockhart (not pictured). 155 W f 1 X is fk ' •• ■“ 1 W [|9 i 1 L ’ 1 . 1 L 1 Row 1: F. Downey, R. Ryan, D. Hipes, D. Miller, L. Brugh, K. Wilhelm, R. Keyser, K. Bowers, R. Hylton, L. Morgan, C. Markham, J. Frye, K. Persinger. Row 2: M. Case, M. Stone, S. Craft, C. Stone, S. Major, L. Averill, S. Elbon, S. Carpenter. C. Wheeler, T. Lipscomb, T. Camp. C. Unroe. Row 3: B. Nicely, R. Maddy, T. Simmons, D. Reynolds, T. Hammond, T. Reynolds, G. Loomis. P. Pedro. S. Morgan, B. Barr, T. Guth, C. Sizemore, J. Barr. Row 4: M. Walton, P. Clark, L. Kesterson, P. Simpson, S. Minter, T. Scruggs, G. Vess, R. Beaver, C. Stull, J. Smith, B. Stone, L. Nicely, A. Mundy. OFFICERS; S. Walker, S. Morgan, V. McCormick, G. Loomis, K. Poe. Miss Karnes and Mrs. Sumner finalize plans for the dance. This year the Spanish Club worked to promote interest in the Spanish language and in the customs of Spanish-speaking countries. They entertained the student body with their annual Spanish Club Dance and as a service to the community, they hosted an Easter party for the retarded children. Lori Averill is official “streamer putter-upper” for the dance. 156 Z£.nc i (2 [uIj aOCRAPHY PHIlOSDPHy ' (ttLIClOH 9 mi FRENCH CLUB: T. Rogers, B. Irvine, D. Painter, K. Peters, T. Mustoe, J. Carpenter, E. Kingrey, M. Rothe, D. Walton, C. Hubbard, J. Deane, D. Saville, A. James, L. Van Der Pas, H. Mustoe, D. Shawver, V. Hanner, C. Hamlin, N. Mader, T. Rothe, M. Talley, R. Wilson, K. Bodell, L. Zimmerman, M. Burks, R. Stinnett, C. Campbell, C. Clayton, J. Vess, P. Ball, C. Balser, V. Harmon, V. Biddle, K. Hosey, P. Nick- ell, T. Terrell, S. Bonner, R. Smith, M. Cobbledick. OFFICERS: T. Mustoe, M. Rothe, D. Walton, T. Terrell, T. Rothe. Guest speakers, trips and puppet shows character- ize some of the activities of the French Club. Mr. Patton, a second year sponsor, served as the leader of the very large club. With help from his club members, he guided the club in a very active year. A first at A.C.H.S. was the trip to Quebec which was very exciting for those who participated. A flurry of activity precedes the French club meeting. 157 uds-nt cz ciion. 01 Education SAE: Row 1: S. Lemon, T. Scruggs, T. Waters, D. Stull, S. Morgan. Row 2: J. Barr, V. McCoy, T. Lipscomb, R. LaCour, C. Wheeler, C. Har- rison. Row 3: K. Wilhelm, K. Bowers, G. Humphries, D. Reynolds, K. Reyns. OFFICERS: S. Lemon, D. Stull, C. Wheeler, C. Harrison. (T. Waters, V. McCoy — not pictured). Student Action for Education has been actively working toward developing an attitude of pro- education in future educators and professions. Changed and reformed into a new group, the former Future Teachers met and discussed ed- ucational trends, traveled to col- leges and generally helped to foster a world of pro-learning. President Sharon Lemon and club members prepare for a field trip to a nearby college. 158 CU PEP CLUB ’75 Kathy Jamison and Alma Mundy, Pep Club officers, con- fer about the posters for the next game. Enthusiastic is probably the most descriptive word that might be chosen for the Pep Club. A group of hard working students have made it their purpose to help create an atmosphere of pep and spirit. The Pep Club helps to inspire the school as well as the team. Some of the many activities sponsored by the club are decorating for Homecoming, construct- ing posters, and planning bus trips to away games. Each year the Pep Club leaves a memory of cheers and songs echoing in the halls of A.C.H.S. OOD LUCK COLTS Each game, finds the halls filled with posters to inspire the teams. OFFICERS: Sara Major, Alma Mundy, Lori Averill, Kathy Jamison. 159 READING CLUB: A. Stuple, S. Campbell, R. Campbell, C. Wrigbt, P. Rogers, D. Walton, M. Rothe, B. Wright, M. Hancock, C. Worley, B. Nicely, C. Wright, D. Warden, J. Switzer, A. Stuple, G. Wright. OFFICERS: Dawn Walton, Buddy Wright “Welcome to the reading world,” states Ms. Horn. Reading can be fun and informative — this is the basic philosophy of the newly formed reading club. Officers were elected and a constitution written. The Reading Club could well help to make books be- come a great sport. Ms. Horn and club members formulate a charter for the new club. 160 ART CLUB: Row 1: L. Hubbard, C. Price, G. Staton, M. Faglie, L. Wright, M. Hall. Row 2: R. Downey, N. Nicely, S. Anderson, C. Wenck, N. Barrington. Row 3: P. Knick, C. Roberts, J. Coffey, B. Davis, T. Smith, D. Kruse, Mrs. Hodges. During the holiday season, the school is adorned with projects con- structed by the art classes. OFFICERS: V. Noel, J. Davis, L. Wright, K. Perry. The Art Club and the sponsors are engaged in making future plans. Art provides many with a mode of expression that might otherwise be unavailable. The Art Club be- lieves in this philosophy. Although not extremely active during the ’74-’75 school year, the club did make future plans for field trips and began work on a mural for the school. The sponsors for the club were Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Ervine. 161 [J xama (2[u(j With Mr. Tom Weaver as its sponsor, the drama club had as its purpose to promote an interest in dra- ma and its related pro- duction. Members of this organ- ization journeyed to Greenbrier East to see a production of FUNNY GIRL. Despite infrequent meetings and organiza- tional difficulties officers were elected and plans were made to compose a constitution. Officers were: President: Mike Rhodes Secretary: Tammy Scruggs Treasurer: Terri Bennett 162 (lajs.t£xLa and c i iaints-nancs c:Stajj± d o ' iA to dB)%Ln :zHal2joij d ay± to cd . d. cH- cS- CAFETERIA STAFF: Virginia Smith, Iris Bush, Elizabeth Simpson, Virginia Waddell, Judy Elmore, Frances Tingler, Lucy Knighton. Mr. Markham counts the money from the ice cream sales. Mr. and Mrs. Salyers pause during a hectic day in the cafe- teria. There are so many components that work together to make a school operation work smoothly. The cafe- teria and maintenance staffs provide the school with services that keep Alleghany County High School moving along. Working to keep A.C.H.S. supplied with good food and clean classrooms, the cafeteria and maintenance departments bring “Happy” Days to the school. 163 ' ■“ ' ' ' . - : ' vvV ■ V ' ' ' -V ' mm CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right — Ralph Kelly — Treasurer, Ruldoiph Quarells — Vice-Presi- dent, Davy Cullen — Secretary, Sally Showalter — President was Absent. Eighth graders finally got their chance to experi- ence what they had always heard of as “the school”. “The school” as translated into general terms was high school and that more specifically became ACHS. As seventh graders, they were greeted by guidance counselors who informed them of the courses and social activities that would enter their lives in Sep- tember of 1974. But it was far-off in the future. September arrived and a confused and possibly somewhat disoriented group of eighth graders disem- barked from the bus to find themselves before the doors of ACHS. The first formal dance marked a change in the routine from that of elementary school. They had indeed managed to transform grade-school students into ‘real’ high school people. For some, transition was easy, for others it was not. Whatever the response or reaction, eighth graders moved into the beginning of memories they would treasure as Seniors and began “Happy Days” at Alle- ghany County High School. Eighth graders learned to look forward to 3:05 p.m. 166 :J oo(zL£.± Lnd cdfop-j . dd aij± at cd dczHcS Tonja Jean Black Arlene Gay Botkins Frankie O’dell Bowles Stephen Dana Bowman Sandra Faye Cadd Anthony Mark Cale Mary Jane Campbell Karen Louise Cantley Carrollyn Rose Adkins Bruce Wayne Ailstock Timothy Haynes Altizer Clarence William Anderson Barbara Allyson Andrews Ernest Ivory Andrews, Jr. Dennis Keith Arehart Stephen Bufford Armentrout Bobby Arnold. Daniel Lee Arritt Robert Boone Arritt Derek Wayne Ayers Kevin O’dell Bailey Rodney Baker Timothy Lee Ball Sandra Ann Barnett Jacqueline Bernice Bates David Glenn Bennett Richard Earl Bennett Elizabeth Ann Birckhead Roddie Kevin Black Dennis Lee Brisendine Timothy Adam Broce Richard Lee Brookman Sandra Faye Brookman Harry Emory Broughman, III Samuel Franklin Broughman Barbara Ann Brown Barbara Jean Brown Charles Andrew Brown David Allen Brown Linda Sue Brown Alison Lynne Burchette Timothy Ryland Burks Stephanie Ann Burnette Jeffrey Dean Carroll Sherman Edward Caroll Barbara Faye Carter Phyllis Faye Carter Susan Jane Catlett Kevin Wayne Catron Judi Paige Clark Mark Kevin Clark Bruce Steven Clarkson Cynthia Lee Clinedinst Julia Elizabeth Cobbledick Steven Darrell Cogar Edwin Lynn Combs Johnnie Ray Conner Marva Leigh Conner Cathy Lynn Craft Gene Leroy Craft, Jr. James Terry Cronk Sharon Anne Crookshanks David Elliot Cullen, Jr. Daryl Wayne Curtis 167 ‘ ind dScfioo Debra Kay Curtis Michael Scott Cvizic Frank Ray Dabbs Jimmy Wade Dabbs Debra Lynn Dameron Susan Louise Downer Kathleen Elizabeth Dudley Nika Dawn Dudley Patsy Ann Dudley Lee Franklin Dunbar. Jr. Cynthia Lynn Earehart Mellissa Louise Engleman Sussanne Marie Entsminger Richard Elaine Evans Rita Ann Evans Kimberly Ann Eveline Judy Darlene Fagg Dorothy Lynn Fairburn Valerie Jane Filer Diane Marie Forbes Francis Ann Forquean Lisa Anneta Franklin Ballard Leroy Fridley Michael Neal Fridlev Perrie Benzel Fridley Sherry Lynn Fridley Stephanie Sue Fridley Bobby Lee (lillispie Lorrie Leigh Gooch Thomas Frederick Gross Harlan Lee Gunter Janet Lynn Gurganus Robin Lynn Hall Jack Arnold Hammond Maurice Hancock Everette Jackson Harlow Gary Lynn Harlow Christy Ealine Harmon Jeffrey Craig Hatfield Franklin Lelanor Havnes Robert Allen Haynes Jessie Wade Hepler David Reese Hicks Sherry Jean Hicks David Harold Higgins Kenneth William Higgins Richard Grant Higgins Lisa Jean Hinkle Daniel Wayne Hoke Helen Jane Hosey Gary Leon Howard Ben Hoover Hubbard Deborah Sue Huffman Carol Ann Humphries Debra Kay Humphries Jeffrey Allen Humphries Phyllis Susan Humphries Richard Alan Hunter Connie Christine Hurt James Clifton Hurt Timothy Steven Hyler Debra Kay Ingram 168 maus., VJ ilcU ziizncz Teresa Leigh Newcomb Brenda Gail Newell Anthony Jude Nicely Bruce Wayne Nicely Robert Harris Jack Nelson Cline Janney Natalie Caroline Jeffries Archie Ray Jenkins Carol Dawn Johnson Lenore Alicia Johnson Ralph Garnett Kelly, Jr. John Clifford Kellison Terry Robin Kesterson James Kenneth Keyser Steven Kyle Keyser Donna Marie Kitt Paul Burton Knick, Jr. Steven Mason Knick James Robert Kitt James Robert Knighton Tammera Kay Lacks Todd Allen LaCour Terry Lynn Larey Susan Michelle Lemon James Randall Lewis Tammy Joyce Lynch Gail Lynn Mabry Kelly Jean Mason Douglas Dwayne Mattox Lew is Randy McAllister Howard Benton McCormick Jeffrey Allen McCoy Jamie Ray McDavid Larry Wayne McFadden Marshall Dale Meadows Ricky Lee Meadows Teresa Kay Meadows Brett Alan Minger Kevin Lane Newcomb Dennis Alan Nicely Dorothy Jane Nicely James Darren Nicely Kathy Leigh Nicely Kristy Lynn Nicely Mark Kevin Nicely Donna Ann Nida Kathryn Ann Norkus James Richard Paitsel Robert Lewis Paitsel Glenn Ray Palmer Susan Carter Parker Kenneth Alan Paxton William Lewis Paxton, Jr. Patricia Ann Perky David Wayne Perrault Patricia Ann Perry Carlos William Persinger Charles Starrett Persinger Edward Preston Peters Catherine Mary Phillips 169 iqnin mljaxfz (£)n : Vsaj Linda Mae f ' hillips (leorsia Leigh Poyser Christopher Ames Price Steven Lawrence Pritt Rudolph Quarles, .Jr, Mary Beth Quinlan Cornelius Anderson Rav Tamrnie Lynne Redman Kimlee Bess Reid Barbara Denise Reynolds Carrie Jo Reynolds Deborah Lavenva Richards Debra Lvnn Richards Lisa Ann Riley James Ronald Robinson Joe William Rock, Jr. I ' amela Lee Rogers Janine Rothe W’illiam Curtis Rucker Jean Ann Scruggs Steven Eldon Smith Teresa Dawn Taylor Carlton Green Thomas Sue Ellen Thomas Steven Bruce Thrasher Susan Marie Thurston Mary Ann Tingler Ricky Randall Tinslev Danny Ray Tucker Michael Wayne Tucker Randall Steven Tucker Terry Luke Vass Mary Margaret Verrell Steven Lewis Vess Gordon Frederick Via, Jr. James Edward Washburn Anthony Wayne Webb Paul Wayne Wertz Cynthia Anne Whiteside Joyce Marie Wickline David W ' avne Williams Harry Kenneth Williams Anthony Lyle Wolfe Bobby Lee Wolfe Elizabeth Hean Wolfe Gerald Milford Wolfe, Jr. Samuel Kav Wolfe Crystal Faith Worlev Jo Anne Worlev Carla Jean Wright Joyce Ann Wright Sheryl Ranae Wright Stoney Lacy Wright Steven Wayne Quantz Karen Lea Zimmerman Cynthia Marie Hippert Barry Wayne Sparks Hazel Maude Stuple Douglas Wade Taliaferro Deborah Sue Taylor Robert Allan Walton Marlon Brian Ward Sylvia Leigh Ward Steven Harris Warren 170 UL C[c of 7S ' ’ B s.cams. n EiEzan c: Lq i c:ScliooL aSiudsnii NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS From Bottom to Top: Vice President — Alan James, Presi- dent — Sandy Stone, and Secretary — Amy Martin. Treasurer — Ann Jordan was absent when the picture was taken. Ninth graders finally emerged from the period of apprenticeship known as the eighth grade. They had learned some of the problems and frustrations but also learned the joys of being a high school student. They found themselves in the position of guiding the future with seriousness and ambition. Alleghany became a prominent part of their lives as they began developing into talented and responsible young people. In facing their second year of high school the fresh- man class found numerous changes at Alleghany. Not only were ninth graders allowed to participate in different courses of study but they were exposed to new teachers. Though still not as confident as upper classmen, freshmen became part of a four kaleidoscope that appeared so enviable at the beginning of the year. Some 9th graders find out what it’s like to have a make up test. Several ninth grade girls work diligently in Home Ec. 171 m n EcomE axtsici Donna Sue Aldridge Garlynda Paige Altizer Susan Diane Angle Dwight Gilbert Argobrite Bridgett Alison Armentrout Robert William Ashton Teresa Ellen Back Christie Marie Balser Rhonda Lynn Barnett Eugene Christopher Barrington Gregory Stewert Bartley Bamma Kay Bates Ryland Lanier Bates Kevin Morris Bennett Richard Wayne Bennett Bruce Stuart Berry Anita Carol Bess Christina Kay Biddle Virginia Lee Biddle Raymond Edward Biller Aubrey Lanier Bishop Katherine Scott Bowers Mary Allison Bowles Richard Phares Bradshaw Sherry Dee Bragg Daniel Dale Bridges Bethany Lynn Broughman Earl Lee Broughman Melvin Lee Broughman Betty Virginia Buzzard Anita Fave Byer Charlotte Ann Byer Dennis Noel Caldwell Robert Aaron Cale Sharon Sue Campbell Kenneth Lee Black Scott Hudson Bonner Beverly Sue Booth Deborah Gale Booth Dena Ann Bowen Angelica Sue Carpenter Jeffrey Wayne C arpenter Kathy Jo Carson William E. Carson. Jr. Lisa Aileen Carter Russell Edward Carter Cathy Mae Cary Mary Louise Case Lisa Gail Chaplin Stephen Brian Chapman Kawahna Marie Clark Robert Noel Clark Cyntbia Lee Claytor David Stoughton Clemens Kathy Feleen Cook 172 cSck oo [Xif Joann Laura Futch Laura Donna Garrett Debra Arlene Gillian Debra Joan Goode Nancy Carolyn Hubbard John Wallace Humphries Jr. Kenneth L. Humphries Ottsy Ray Humphries William Harris Hurt Julie Ann Jackson Allen Paul James Charles Calvin Jeffries Jr. Donna Sue Craft John Randall Craft Linda Renee Craft Phillip Martin Craft Robert Eugene Craft Warren Benjamin Dill Lonnie Wayne Dillard Richard Andrew Dilley Richard Wyane Dodd Julie Lynn Downey Hubert Ellis Dressier Timothy Lee Dressier Sandra Kay Elbon David Wayne Eldridth John Michael Fawcett Edtyard Ferrell Cheryl Lynn Fisher Mark Edward Forbes Gregory Ferdinand Fourquier Donita Rae Franklin Mary Elizabeth Friel Florence Ann Gunter Teresa Kay Gunter Teresa Ann Guth Tammy Paige Hall William Timothy Hall Bradley Charles Hand Elizabeth Vondalise Hanner Wanda Jean Harlow Kimala Linn Harrison John Wayne Harouff Ann Marie Haynes Charles Raymond Higgins Harry McDowell Higgins Susan Gay Harrison 173 ci Vcnili zcuds x D aztLaijMxtEcl On Mark Aaron Jennings Jenel Jenson Lisa Dian Johnson Ray Evan Johnson Ralph Eric Jones Octavia Ann Jordan Stephanie Colene Justus Laura Angela Kesterson Patricia Gail Keyser Patrick Dale Keyser Connie Ann Kilian Judy Ann Kitt Karen Carlene Kitt Patricia Diane Lawhom Barbara Jean Leech Debbie Marie Deeper David Mark Linkswiler Rose Marie Liptrap Marva Ealine Livesay Dennis Neal Loan Michael Lee Lomasney Willian Henry Long Ricky Lucas Dalh Jean Maddy Robin Gail Maddy Andrew Michael Morris Jody Crawford Morris Ricky Leo Morris James William Mundy Allison Dale Mader Amy Lisa Martin Bernard Coleman Martin James Lee Martin Robert Keith Martin Charles Jackson Mathanej Vera Lynn Maupin Ricky Dwayne May Thomas Daniel May Jimmy Lee McDaniel John B. McDonough Pamela Virginia McDowell Fredrick Anthony Meyer Gwendolyn May Moore Margaret Hope Mustoe Robert Steven Neff Michael Lynn Nicely Theresa Lynn Nicely Tony Carwin Nicely Robert Lee Paitsel Cynthia Lynn Parr Edith Irene Persinger Aren’t you supposed to sit up here? 174 Q.union. Q a’i±itu ci ctLijULzi. “Craming for mid-term exams isn’t boring when you get right down to it.” “Do you really think she no- ticed me?” Frank E. Persinger, Jr. Gregory Allen Persinger Jeffery Lewis Persinger Patricia Ann Persinger Bradley Davis Platt Ina Mae Poage Robert William Powell James McDonnell Price IV Joyce Darlene Pritt Sandra Kaye Putman Donna Lynn Redman Charlotte Ann Reid Tracy Ann Reynolds Jerry Lee Rucker Donald Ruzek Virgil David Ryder David Alan Saville Anthony Steve Sawyer Jay Patrick Scruggs Douglas Trenton Seal Charles Mitchell Sellers April Jo Shawver Debora Kay Shawver Kathy Lynette Simmons Thomas Kean Simmons Cathy Ann Simpson Eric Joseph Simpson Alicia Deena Smith Ernest Lee Smith, Jr. Jackie Leland Smith James William Smith Kevin Carlisle Southall Steven Virgil Southall Charles Cameron Stanley 175 man {l[aA6. Gn xcom£.± Siia ma oj Rebecca Sue Stanely Christy Lynn Stone Mitzie Ann Stone Sandra Gay Stone Carlton Wayne Straud Alice Margaret Stuple Nevada Ann Stuple Patricia Jean Switzer Richard Lewis T errell Steven Eugene Terry Pamela Jean Tingler Sharon Kay Tucker Teresa Carol Tucker Delores Rae VanBuren Linda Jo Vanderpass Wilford Ray VanLear Jean Ann Vess Marlene Denise Walton Elizabeth Darlene Warden Kimberly Lynn Walthall Elizabeth Margaret Welsh Mark Allen West Ann Belle Williamson Keith Allen W ' ilson Richard Alvin Wiseman Mitzi Ann Witt Brady Lewis Wolfe Bruce Allen Wolfe Coyde Allen Wolfe Darel Gene Wolfe Deborah Elizabeth Wolfe Lawrence Edward Woodward Glenda Kay Wright Ray Irvin Wright Robert Eagle Wright 176 omox£. £.aJ.± Jli E oj ' c ciLon As the class of 1977 entered into its Sophomore year, they faced new responsibilities and challenges. They faced the responsibility of setting the example of an ideal student to the underclassmen as well as striving to do their best in their work. Sophomores were challenged to make their class memorable. Anticipation of the future increased as the students delved into the courses they had chosen — whether college preparatory, general, or business. Sophomores struggled with usual tenth grade courses as well as biology and geometry. Not yet juniors but still no longer freshmen, tenth graders were immersed in the academic and extra- curricular activities. Willingly and proudly they ac- cepted the idea that they had reached the halfway mark at A.C.H.S. CLASS OFFICERS: Carmen Stull, Teresa Nida, Jud Smith, and Tammy Hammond. Melveene Gay Adkins Sandra Lynn Ailstock Susan Jane Anderson Lori Mae Averill Calvin Eugene Ayers Michael Jerold Bailey Freddy Deane Barnett Rebecca Lynn Barr Judy Kay Bates Donald Randal Beever Kelly Margaret Bennett Luke Wayne Bennett Patricia Ann Bennett Donna Darlene Bowers Priscilla Layne Blankinship Donald Ray Brackinridge 177 Richard Lee Bridges Linwood Wayne Brigan Anna Hambleton Broughman Cynthia Jean Brown Mary Jo Brown Larry Edward Brugh Tammy Denise Buchanan Virgie Mae Burks Roger Gene Byer Timothy Paul Camp Gerald Lynne Campbell Leonard Leon Campbell Martha Ann Campbell Ronda Leigh Carr Cathy Jean Case Christine Marie Childs Debbie Jo Clark Edgar Thurmond Clark, Jr. Patrick Wayne Clark Susan Lynn Clark Teresa Ann Clark George Edward Cook Charles Russell Crookshanks Jane Renee Dainty Robert Rupert Deacon Betty Jane Dickson Karen Joyce Downer Marie Elaine Dudley Freda Fay Dressier Gloria Ann Dudley Lois Geraldine Dudley Cindy Ann Dunford Teddy Justice Dressier, Jr. Brian Kent Edwards Tami Jane Cook Angela Elaine Cottrell Bonnie Lynn Craft Wayne Allen Crawford 178 Robin Ann Elbon Robert Monroe Elmore, Jr. Ira Marion Entsminger, Jr. Marybeth Faglie Ruth Elizabeth Fornwalt Carolyn Sue Fridley Victoria Lynn Fridley Lynn Renee Fuller Carol Sue Gadd Debra Lee Graham Patricia Ann Graham Bobby Jo Gunter Gary Lynn Haynes Janice Cahoon Higgins Carrie Ilene Hill Sandra Louise Hinkle David Vernon Hipes Ellen Denise Hoke Allen Ray Hooker Dreama Day Hoover Charles Lee Horn, Jr. Harold Osborne Hostetter, Jr. Barry Lee Houseman Ronnie Haydon Humphries Rebecca Jane Irvine Debra Raye Johnson Karen Marie Johnson Ernest William Jones Penny Lee Jones Elizabeth Jordan Clarence Edward Kellison Jamie Fay Kellison William Randy Kelly Darrell Vaughan Kern 179 Z o LJ axtLcLl2ats., cz ccz-lxi ::: £.±jxon±iljifii L£.i.. Deborah Kay Kern Jesse Thomas Kimberlin Ethel Mae Kimbo Charles Howard Kincaid William David King Melissa Merry Kouns Diane Winifred Kruse Robert Bruce Kruse Joe Leonard Lawerence Jeffrey Scott Lewis Marsha Lynn Livesay William Bret Lockhart Virginia Knight Loomis Whitney Heu’ter Loving Sara Lee Major Sandra Echoean Markham Chuck Martin Betty Jean Montgomery Ralph Eugene May, Jr. Katie Kathaleen Meyer Deborah Kay Myers Nancy Nicely Lisa Gale Paitsel Kathy Sue Parker Patricia Ann Pedro Charles Oliver Perkins, Jr. Leslie Ellen Perkins Rebecca Susan Perkins Joyce Ann Persinger Kevin Wayne Persinger Robert Eugene Persinger Susan Dianne Persinger Julie Ann Peters Kim Daniel Peters Valerie Lu Noel Julie Renea Oyler Randall Dale Oyler Deborah McKay Painter 180 diaiA oj ' 77 c::: niicLh.a.ts.± d utuxz Quintin Lyle Reid James David Reynolds William Joseph Riley Carol Yvonne Roberts U.S ruvnuPtC Deborah Kay Plymale Terrie Jean Poague Patricia Lynn Porterfield Cynthia Sue Posey Gregory McKinley Price Edward Ray Puckett Michael Lee Raether Patricia Gail Rakes Crystal Joan Ramsey Elizabeth Carole Redman Henry Curtis Redman Lesia Denise Reid Cynthia Ann Robinson Theresa Ann Rodgers Thomas Herbert Rothe Sherry Jean Rucker Robyn Lynette Ryan Jay Bee Sampson Scott Schumaker Jean Scott Tricia Dianne Scott Timothy Ray Sexton Brian Duane Simmons David Wayne Simpson Katherine Demarion Simpson Patricia Diane Simpson Phyllis Ann Simpson Cynthia Jean Slaton Howard Judson Smith Joey Allen Smith Lisa Annette Smith Peggy Sue Smith Tammy Louise Smith Kevin Marvin Snowe 181 XL£.nC£, E-coms, xjjExi C L fl cSc(20o[eX± d Sandra Gail Sorrells John Arthur Sparks Gwynith Paige Staton Tania Hilda Steele Thomas Edmunds Stephenson Robin Lynn Stinnett Robert Allen Stone Brenda Gale Stull Carmen Irene Stull Charles Bradley Stull Sherry Lynn Sweet Karl Leroy Taylor Michael Ray Terry Nina Charles Thomas Tamra Denise Tucker Teresa Carol Tucker George Spellman Tyler Cynthia Lynn Unroe Stephen Ellery Vess Craig Steven Vint Cindy Frances Ward Jo Ann Wenck Karen Leigh Wilhelm Teresa Pearl Wilhelm Dale Andrew Wilkerson Robert Leslie Williams Steven Wayne Wilson Joan Marie Worley Barbara Darlene Wright Leonard Wilson Wright Tammy Jo Wright David William Wolfe Harry Miller Wolfe, Jr. Teresa Angeline Wolfe John Kyle Wertz Sandra Dalphine West Larry Eugene Whiting Anita Dale Wickline 182 onzo%s± )J ux±U£. Vlanu cd t d . CL. cM- 183 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Pres. Kathy Bodell. V. Pres. Lori Zimmerman. Sec. Patricia Terrell Treas. Susan Platt. Gleaming with their past success and anticipating the festivities of the future, the Class of ’76 embarked upon an exciting and eventful year. This year the juniors were offered the decision of taking a relatively new course; humanities. With the help of Miss Bogan and Miss Burton, they combined History and English. The arrival of class rings was a happy and exciting time for all. Confusion reigned in the spring with preparations for the prom undertaken. The prom was a big success with gleaming juniors and seniors enjoying the even- ing. As the year drew to a close, the Class of ’76 realized the responsibilities and challenges lay ahead. They left behind their Junior ways and turned toward their Senior year with mixed emotions. Juniors happily display their rings. Rick Clemmons and Mark Burnett find something to smile about in Chemistry class. 184 ±. ? on djyi £.moxi£.± unioxA Valerie Joan Adkins Elizabeth W. Angle David Eugene Ayers Dana Lynn Baker Barry Grant Balser Kathy Cover Bartley Jan Michael Batten Coite Charles Beirne Connie Sue Black Ricky James Black Kathryn Carnes Bodell David Wayne Bogar Sarah Elizabeth Bonner Jonathan Tyree Bostic Raymond Keith Brown Jeffrey Lynn Brugh Donald Wayne Bryant Mary Karen Burks Sheila Ann Burks Mark Walter Burnette Annette Ellen Byer Cheryly Robing Campbell Ronald Berkley Campbell Dolly Gail Carter Lucy Marie Carter James William Cash Stephen Manley Cash Clell Richardson Clemons Janice Marie Coffee Vance E. Conner Debra Jean Craft Rhonda Fay Craft Robert Paul Crawford Michael Clayton Crowder •James Lewis Curtis •Judith Lynn Davis Roberta Virginia Deeds F atricia Tingler DePriest Fran Marie Downey Steven Charles Downey Pamela •Jeanne Edwards Timothy Lee Eggleston •Jackie Lvnn Farren George Benjamin Filer Elizabeth Hyrne Futch Ricky Lee Hartman ; Richard Dale Haskins i Sara Marsha Heaster I Darrell Wynn Hicks Linwood Ray Higgins 1 Tammy Lynn Hoke Cynthia Lynn Hoove Lisa Kaye Hubbard Ruth Emily Hylton Steve Richard Humphries Nancy Lynn •Jamison Gary Lyn •Jenson Patricia Darlene •Jesse Timothy A. Keaton Robin Neal Keyser Timothy Allen Kimberlin Everett L. Kingrey 186 Roy R. Lacour Carol Elizabeth Lee Sandra Jean Lemon Jill B. Lienhardt Jewel Lynn Loan Mark Wayman Lynch Cheryl Ann Markham Rebecca S. McCormick Vicki Lynn McCormick Wilma Darlene Moore Linda Louis Morgan Thomas Llewellyn Nelson Karen Leigh Newcomb Arden Randall Nicelv Alpha Omega Paitsel Donald Ray Fersinger Harvey Lucian Fersinger Martha Jean Fersinger Susan Lee Flatt Julie Ann Fotter Ronda Leigh Quinlan Mark Donald Raether James Michael Reed Cynthia Leigh Rice Madeline Cecile Rothe Dorothe Marion Runyon John Steven Scott Laura Irene Scott Joseph Anthony Scialoia Tambria Leigh Scruggs James Lanzo Sellick 187 Charles Arthur Simmons (llenn Patrick Simmons Terri Leigh Simmons (ieorge Clayton Simpson Crvstal Ann Sizemore Gerald Lloyd Sizemore, Jr. Sally Nanette Smith Mary Alice Stone Michael Allen Stull George Marion Tallev, Jr. Mark Anthony Taylor Patricia Ann Terrell Brenda Jo Terry Robert Deaton Thomas Victoria Leigh Tingler Ralph Lee Tucker, Jr. Teresa Lynn Tucker Joe Hansford Linroe Michael Rusho VanBuren Mark Leslie Vess Sherry Ann Walker Dawn Elizabeth W ' alton Richard Berlin Weese Herman Rush White Connie Sue Wilhelm Gary Evans Wilkerson Ernest William Williams Ronald Herbert Wilson Cheryl Dianne Wolfe Shawn Stacey Wrenn Carl Anthony Wright Carol Jean Wright Lori Lynn Zimmerman Peter Kay Zimmerman. Jr. Eleventh Grade: College Boards And The Prom 188 189 College Catalogues, job appli- cations, or “What am I going to do with my life” fill the air when Seniors start talking. Seniors are faced with leaving the “nest” and going out into the real world. Of course, before they leave they must pass that illusive government class — force their concentration upon writing that final English paper and of course, order the robes that will provide the dress for the final march down the aisle of the ACHS auditorium. The moments when you had to dissect in Biology and learn the presidents of American his- tory, attend the first formal all rush through the minds of the Seniors. Part of the senior wants the freedom of no classes and no teachers, but the other portion will miss the comfort of a class full of friends. CLASS OFFICERS —•Jane Lawler, Kathy Jamison, Kathy Reyns, and Garland Humphries. 190 atsi. ox (iz uiuxz Patricia Ann Bates Wendell Preston Bates Cynthia Ann Bayne John Cleveland Bazzrea Roscoe Steven Bennett Teresa Lynn Bennett Gerald Lee Black Robert Wayne Botkins Bonnie Lee Bowen Charles Alvin Bradley Nettie Mae Broughman Anita Carol Brown Roger Paul Brown Murray Frank Buchanan Teresa Geraldine Cadd Brenda Ann Gaboon 191 i Dj ' J o xosn ; Angela Dawn Caldwell Rebecca Sue Campbell Samuel Hinkle Carr, Jr. Linda Mae Carroll Deborah Sue Cash Stephen Manley Cash Charlene Caudill Sharon Jill Clark Charles Eugene Collins Debra Kaye Cook Debra Jackson Cook Gary Lee Cook Susan Diane Craft William Eugene Craft Ralph Lee Craig Cathy Mae Crance 192 nA CoH z Debra Honts Crawford Dorothy Frances Critzer Gary Lynn Crossland Rebecca Anne Davis Charles Joseph Deane, Jr. Kendall Lee Dolan Angelia Kay Donovan Lorrie Ann Dotson Stuart Lee Entsminger Debora Jean Evans Robert Allen Farrar Richard Ray Feury Laurie Ann Fitzgerald Charlene Sue Fridley Jewel Ann Fridley Jennifer Lynn Frye 193 s nLoxi. on . Dennis Owen Gadd Patricia Jones Gaines Olga Elizabeth Gardner Nathan Harold Goldberg Robin Lynn Gunter Gary Edward Harper Cynthia Ann Harrison Clara Renee Harvey Tonie Ann Higgins Steven Randolph Hoke Katherine Anne Hostetter Sonia Rena Hubbard Garland Lynn Humphries Henry Calvin Jackson Kathy Louise Jamison Brent Caryle Jones 194 iOj- c j-t cJ dcHcS Cynthia Alice Keaton Susan Smith Kellison Vickie Lynn Kimberlin Mary Elizabeth Kincaid Mark Duane Knick Brenda Kaye Lawhom Michael Lynn Lawhorn Jane Watt Lawler Sharon Rena Lemon Janet Wolfe Linkenhoker Tammy Susan Lipscomb Lisa Gale Livesay Gerry Kent Loan Anna Marie Maddy Nancy Lynn Mader James Marshall McClary 195 s ntoxiL Bruce Wayne Morris Vickie Lynn Morris Alma Jane Mundy Tracie Glynn Nelson Kathy Lynn Newcomb Brandon Wayne Nicely Charles Edward Nicely Judy Garland Nicely Peter Randall Nicely Roxanne Lynn Nicely Harry Paul Nickell Floyd Menzie Overton Dinah Faye Oyler Thomas Edward Perkins Kathy Watts Perry Raymond Dennis Pinner 196 cN£,oj £ Krista Lynn Poe Ronald Lee Porterfield Donald Wayne Posey Cynthia Paige Price Grace Lorraine Ray Chester Wilson Reed Deborah Marie Reynolds Katherine Woodward Reyns Charles Michael Rhodes C heryl Kay Rose Claude Leslie Rose, Jr. Patricia Newcomb Rose Dwight Evanston Rowan Jerry Madison Ruble Warren Alan Rucker Dale Michael Sampson 197 xaAuatLon (lom£.i. 0±£.X Andy Russell Martin Barry Edwin Martin Virgie Lee May Janet Lynn Mays Mary Elizabeth McCaleb Vickie Lynn McCoy Joseph Frank McVay, Jr. Teresa Jean Meadows Lena Kav Metz Michael Fredrick Middleton Barbara Mae Miller Judy Lynn Miller Steven Merideth Minter Cheryl Lynn Morgan Kimberly Ann Morgan Barbara Allan Morris 198 UL S zcom£.± QVi William Anderson Shepard. Jr. Pamela Marie Simpson Deborah Simmons Smith Leon Parker Smith, Jr, Marla Gay Smith Roberta Leigh Smith Wesley Leland Snead, Jr. Joseph Bennett Southall Rojeanna Lynn Sparks David Barry Spivey James Boyd Spivey Michael William Spraggins Debbie Bush Stinespring Sherry Paige Stone Deborah Kaye Stull Linda Charlene Stull 199 c:Sb.azE (JiL Mark Wayne Sunderland Charles Turpin Swartz Janies Randolph Tigrett Carl Benjamin Tingler Cindy Lou Tucker Ellen Louise VanLear Robert VanLear Gregory Eugene Vess Mitchell Lee Vess Dorothy Janell Via William Edward Wade Richard Lee Waddell Darcena Shawver Walker Glen Hampton Ward Theresa Gail Waters Charles Jay Wayts 200 oojn±. Cheryl Elizabeth Wenck Cheryl Ann Wheeler Jerry Rodney Whitehead Shelia Laverene Whiting Donald Reese Wilhelm Norma Jean Williams Carl Wilson Withrow John Byrne Withrow Brinda Carol Wolfe David Allen Wolfe Luther Rexford Wolfe, Jr. Carol Susan Wright Harold Emanuel Wright, Jr. Lauren Kay Wright Susan Paige Wright 201 dSsncox ciSujjs. ' iLatLvs.i. Most Talented Buddy Buchanan and Jennifer Frye Most Athletic Brandon Nicely and Janet Mays Flirtiest Garland Humphries and Debbie Stull Best Looking Mike Rhodes and Debbie Cook 202 Best All Around Buddy Buchanan, MaryBeth McCaleb, and Kathy Newcomh Wittiest Steve Minter and Kathy Jamison Most School Spirited Garland Humphries and Kathy Newcomb 203 Most Likely To Succeed Dwight Rowan and Roberta Smith 204 205 -t vVS - iV® « HpV ' ' ' :‘V ' V;-: y -r I , f »k! ' y-. ' (f ' v, -.Vs ' V - P£c y r-v--y . ' ' t? ,- :V V ‘ - , ,., if . V ' v v i ■x;vV v ' jw X y - ' ■ ’ m0. wA2 ' ‘ v., ' .V ' - tn W ' ' ■ 1 j ' ' v-V V wimMf4M44 % ' • A --; - j ' ? - - ' i. ' V -fltXviv. ' ' ' ' V . ' v ' -♦» All new with color TV and Telephones TRIANGLE SERVICE TOWN HOUSE MOTEL j STATION AND RESTAURANT Mr. Tom Massie, Mgr. I Dial 962-1161 Groceries — Meats — Produce Home Cooked Food Intersection Rt. 42 Rt. 60 Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Keith owners Dial 863-8006 J. C. PENNEY 336 W. Main St. 962-2149 We know what you are looking for! 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Paints and Varnishes Electrical Supplies Heating Supplies Building Supplies Plumbing Supplies 608-610 Highland St. Covington Virginia RED’S RADIO TV SERVICE WALTER G. REYNOLDS, JR. Your Philco R. C a. Dealer Phone 862-3688 Covington. Va. Compliments of SERVICE COVINGTON AUTO SERVICE CAROLYN SHOPPE Famous For Fashion Ladies’ Ready-To-Wear Clifton Forge, Virginia WHITIIMG OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Througli Nine Branches For Forty-Eiglit Years Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale Plant Low Moor, Virginia Dial 8634091 THE BOOK NOOK 225 N. Court Ave. 962-2011 Covington, Va. 24426 Find a Friend ... in a Book COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO Covington Virginia WOODY ' S AUTO PARTS HEADQUARTERS FOR ECHLIN PARTS • AMERICAN BRAKE BLOCK • PERFEa CIRCLE AND RAMCO RINGS - AUTO MACHINE SHOP • AC - AUTO LITE • CHAMPION • PARTS SPARK PLUGS SINCE 1953 916 S. HIGHLAND AV. COVINGTON, VA. 67 E. MAIN - WHITE SULPHER, VA. .DIAL. 962-1103 OR 536-2461 WHITE SULPHER MODAC BRTS BEDEN WIRING SOUNDMASTER MUFRERS PIPES NAPA 210 After almost 500 years, the American forest is still three-fourths as large as it was when Columbus landed. It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact. After supplying so much of the material and the land to build America’s houses and cities and highways, after meeting our constantly growing demands for paper products, our forest is still 761 million aaes big. How have we been able to do so much and still have so much? In the first place, trees are a renewable resource. They grow back, again and again. In fact, about the only way to remove a forest permanently is to remove the land itself. By paving it, for ex- ample, or covering it with a lake. We’ve also been able to add to America’s present forest- land by reclaiming land previously lost to other uses, including millions of acres of marginal farm- land. And to supplement natural planting, we’re planting trees ourselves: more than a million and a half acres of forest a year— and more than one tree for every tree we use. We’ve developed new methods to grow more timber faster on the same land base, too. For example, the forest products industry owns less than 9% of all the American forest. Yet this land provides the raw material for one-third of our wood and paper products. A renewable resource, re- sponsibly managed. New forests. And better ways of growing more timber faster. Almost 500 years and a new nation later, they’re all helping to keep America green. And growing. Westvaco ONE STOP SHOP Phone 863-5896 508 Main Clifton Forge, Virginia COVINGTON VIRGINIAN Serving you for 61 years Your daily newspaper To place your classified ad: Dial 962-2121 Established in 1914 Covington Virginia r I I COVINGTON GLASS AND MIRROR CO. 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The Building Remodeling Center dial 962-2166 SUPERIOR READY MIXED CORPORATION “Quality Concrete” dial 962-2139 i. ax SExviae. INCOME TAX. BOOKKEEPING COPYWORK, AND NOTARY MRS. A. J. (MAUDE) PERSINGER PHONE 908-4676 MALUOW CovmOTON, VA 34426 COVINGTON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford — Lincoln — Mercury Covington Virginia DUNN ' S WATCH SERVICE 314 East Ridgeway Street Clifton Forge, Virginia Identification Bracelets Spidel Bands Engraving A B BEAUTY SHOP “We Specialize in Permanents” Vera, Dewey, Ruth, Gail, GaU Lee Phone; 862-4400 H. C. AUTO PARTS INC. Wholesale Automotive Parts Paul C. Hendrick Don C. Cole Machine Shop Service Dial 962-3957 315 Highland Ave. Covington Virginia 215 E. A. SNEAD FURNITURE COMPANY since 1907 j..5 - Evelyn B. Snead 500 Main Street President Treasurer Clifton Forge IN! ' Phone (703) 8634576 A. M. TAX SERVICE Congratulations to the CLASS of ’75 I McCALEB WAYLAND INC Mutual Insurance “Save with Safety” 157 N. Maple Ave. Covington, Virginia Bob McCaleb Bill Hemp THE HJH CORPORATION Land Developer and Horne Builder CONGRATULATIONS Gene Huffman Charles Evans CLIFTON LUMBER HARDWARE CO. INCORPORATED Building Materials — Paint — Hardware 518 Church St. Clifton Forge, Va. RACEY DEAN INC. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Appraisals 862-5744 535 Main St. Clifton Forge, Virginia Aubrey E. Dean Tom P. Dean I 1 216 I Congratulations from: MAYNARDS SUNOCO 1-64 and Durant Road Covington, Vi rginia 962-6001 AVERILL ' S STORE Dial 862-4545 Lowmoor, Virginia .rf.. ■■■■ ■ Do you have a problem? Need someone to talk to? For information or referral . . . COURTESY STORE 1 1 7 W. Main Street Phone 962-2186 Wm. S. Taylor APPLIANCE SERVICE “Fine Foods” Congratulations and many happy returns to the Class of ’75! 309 Roxbury St. Clifton Forge Va. Heating and Air Conditioner Sales and Service CALL CONCERN 217 Phone 863-3696 CHITTUMTIRE SERVICE Wheel Alignment Brake Service Wheel Balancing State Inspection Batteries GOODYEAR TIRES 125 Ridgev ay St. Clifton Forge, Va. Phone 862-4747 GRADUATES LOWE AND NELSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CORPORATION Phone P.O.Box 2348 DI 4-5834 1817 Salem Avenue, S.W. o Roanoke, Virginia 218 KESTERSON ' S USED PARTS “Dealing in Used Auto and Truck Parts” Bruce Kesterson Owner Phone: 962-53 10 Rt. 1 (Ogles Creek) Covington, Va. 24426 R. M. LOVING FUNERAL HOME INC. ROOKLIN ' S I j 350 N. Maple Ave. ! Custom Picture Framing Covington Virginia a- The Store to Shop in Maple Ave, Covington Virginia Dial 9654851 THE CLOSER THE BETTER LOOK THOMAS MOTORS, INC. Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 Telephone 862-5757 SALES SERVICE usic unlimited 217 W. Maple, Ave., Covington 9624585 NICKELL ELECTRIC FURNITURE CO. Your Alleghany Discount House Complete Line of Appliances and Furniture Route 60, 3 Miles West Covington, VA. Dial Day 965-833 1 Harry B. Nickell 219 Dial Night 962-3107 Owner ALLEGHANY GAS COMPANY pyrofax gas ! S2 Maiii ‘ ‘ 5 - Phon$ 862-5 ' 25‘] . v Clifton Foije. ' Visginia 24 22 V FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home for your Money Money for your Home Clifton Forge 862-4209 Covington 962-4911 VIRGINIA COAL SUPPLY CO. fredclXRk H. W. Harrah, Owner ay - TV A dio Service Red Ash Coal FERTILIZER FEED SEED HARDWARE Clifton Forge 862-4616 708 E, Main St. Clifton Forge, Va. Phone COTTIE ' aBEAUTY SALON m ecAifOP vr -t 4 1504 South Franklin Ave. 40- Open Tuesday thru Saturday 8:30 to 5:00 Richard N. Showalter - SmitJL • Realtor — Builder — Developer Covington Phone: 962-8091 532 Main Street Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 862-1150 3r n .. RAINBOW DRIVE-IN RIDGEWAY ACE HARDWARE Clifton Forge , s 862-2151 504 Main Street Clifton Forge, Virginia Hardware, Electrical and Plumbing Needs Phone 862-5405 220 BROWN ' S MUSIC SHOP 105 W.Main St, 9654281 All types of musical instruments. Congratulations From ALLEGHANY APPAREL DENIM AND BLUES 920 S. Lexington Covington Compliments of Virginia CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 75 HERCULES INC. BURGER HOUSE iUROER HOUSE BURGER HOUSE 1 1 34 Avenue Covington, Virginia E GAS STATION Radio Thai Phone 862-5390 MOTORS. INC Ixit 5. Interstate 64 Covington, Va. 24426 Phone: 962-2258 AROUSEL BEAUTY SALON Plione 962-5231 223 REGAL BEAUTY SALON 328 W. Hawthorne Phone 962-1074 Is • ‘We’re the experts. Call for an appointment today.” A member of N.H.C.A. Covington Virginia f 41 RIVERSIDE EXXON Monroe and Riverside Covington, Virginia Phone: 962-8666 1 I BRONDSTATER OPTICIANS V Recommended by Physicians to fill prescriptions for eyeglasses . . . Replacement of broken lenses — Adjustment — Repair — Replacement of broken frames. MALLOW MALL - COVINGTON, VA. Phone 962-4710 APPALACHIAN TIRE PRODUCTS, INC. PITCH ' S CLEANERS Corner of Riverside Maple Phone 962-2211 Covington Virginia LEGGETT Your Happy Shopping Store Dial 862-5704 Clifton Forge Virginia Prompt Service Deluxe Finishing Professional Dry Cleaning Visit our coin-op laundry and cleaners. 1236 Durant Road 224 Dear Savings Accounts Free Student Checking Accounts College Loans FIRST NATIONAL BANK Clifton Forge, Va. RESTAURANT for the something extra you have in mind • Complete Meeting and Banquet Facilities for graduation parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, reunions, and special occasions • 79 Luxurious Rooms and Suites of Covington REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. Route 60-220 9624951 following the true Southern Hospitality Tradition 226 V.. 11 , ‘ J WE ' D LIKE TO BE YOUR BANK When you ' re just starting out, banking is a checking account. Later on it ' s a car loan, a savings account, a credit card, a house mortgage, a budget advisor, and a trust fund. All along the way, we can give you everything you need. Right here. A FULC service: BANK First National Exchange Bank A DOMINION BANKSHARES BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 227 OAKLAND BODY SHOP SELMA VIRGINIA ‘HAPPINESS IS OWNING A RIDGE HOME’ RIDGE HOMES George P. Reynolds U.S. 220 — North of Covington Phone; 9624901 STARLITE BEAUTY SHOPPE 221 North Court Avenue For the best professional beauty results call us today. Phone: 962-1475 ALWAYS tUTING SCAAP IRON— METALS WASTE MATERIALS WASTE PAP0( ALWAYS SnUP STRUCTURAL STffll PIPE — RAILS MACHINERY VIRGINIA SCRAP IRON AND METAL CO. THf SCRAP AlfrAl SPICiAllSrS RfCYCLINO SCRAP AISrALS SlMCf IPSO PHONE 343-3607 1600 SO. JEFFERSON ST. ROANOKE, VIRGMIA 24014 We Service and Sell Plymouth Chrysler STANLEY NICHOLS INC. Covington Virginia HARVEY ' S CARPET CARE Qifton Forge Cleaners Steam Extraction Commercial and Residential Free Estimates Compliments of THE SHOE BOX 279 West Main ALLEGHANY OIL CO. INC. uni®n 228 PRODUCTS Dial: 962 - 6336 710 W. Locust Covington Flowers for all occasions Covington 340 Maple Ave. Dial 962-2241 Virginia SSLER MOTORS INC. Corner of Monroe and Cherry Covington, Virginia MONROE ST. TEXACO Jes9e41. Cottrell, Oper. une ps -- Tires — Oil — Lubrication ff ' f , 210 Monroe St., Covington, Va. 24426 Phone 962-5275 m . ' PURKEY FLORIST QUAUITJEWOEES SWCSUtM Registered Jeweler t? V Jv I o- Member of the American Gem S6c. Watches - Diamonds — Silverware Complete Bridal headquarters Visit our Gift Shop — gifts all occasions r ' f AIDES DISCOUNT STORE Covington Maple Avenue 11 Virginia f |i li. i”. 5 s , 1, . THE H. O. CANFIELD COMPANY OF VIRGINIA, INC. -f.- subsidiary of THE PANTASOTE Company Rubber Plastics for Industry Iron Gate, Virginia li ' ' ' ' ' 3 ■?fA } if. ih REID ' S HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Good Food — Comfortable Lodging Covington Virginia 230 TRAYLOR FURNITURE CO. INC. The Home of Fine Furniture 376 W. Main Street Phone: 965-5356 Covington, Virginia 24426 EXT DS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 75. May all of you enjoy a prosperous future, good health, and success in your chosen endeavor. DO YOU KNOW GRANT CITY HAS: • Men’s and women’s sportswear • Toys and games Bikes for the whole family DO YOU KNOW GRANT CITY HAS ACOMPLETE SELECTION OF: • OUTERWEAR • RECORDS AND TAPES • HOME FURNISHINGS Mallow Mall — Covington, Va. 231 4 SNEAD BUICK AND PONTIAC COMPANY, INC. Buick Opel Pontiac Route 60 East GMC Pinehurst 1 Covington Virginia COVINGTON DRIVE-IN MARKET Open9A.M.- 11:30 PM. 7 days a week 584 E. Madison St. Dial Covington, Va. 962-0146 PETS DAIRY INC. rjMSH MILK COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTER CHOCOLATE MILK EARLY MORNING DELIVERIES Monroe Ave. Covington Virginia 962-2126 ARRITTS RADIO T. V. The quality es in before the name goes on 510 Highland Ave. Covington Virginia RAPP ' S SHELL 232 Service is our business Dial 965-8961 Covington 819 Monroe Ave. Virginia i GREGORY INSURANCE AGENCY, LTD. 534 Main Street Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 Elizabeth H. Gregory Pres. - Manager Telephone 703-862-4557 CREATIVE BEAUTY SALON Open 9 to 5 Tuesday thru Saturday Covington 962-4812 nil S. Highland St. Virginia Phone 962-6000 Compliments of WILHELM ' S PHILLIPS 66 Int. 64 Exit 5 Covington, Va. 24426 379 W. Main Street Covington, Va. 24426 Sam Wilhelm Owner Operator Pick-up and Delivery Service Becky H. Sams Jack W. Casto 962-4976 SMITH-RULE FURNITURE COMPANY Mohawk Rugs and Carpets Dial 862-3496 JAMISON OIL CO. 530 Main St. Clifton Forge We are equipped to serve you 610 W. Locust St. Covington Virginia Dial 962-1176 NAIR ' S CLEANERS C. P. Tolley, Owner 537 Main St. Clifton Forge Phone 863-9516 233 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 FROM TODAYS ARMY! a “A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR A BRIGHT GRADUATE” I? Take two years before college. For information contact your Army Repre ntative. Army Sgt. Phil Sparks at the Covington Post Office 965-3321 Todays Army; Young, Proud, and Professional 234 TINGLER ' S JEWELERS Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Musical Instruments WOOD CHEVROLET CO. INC. Chevrolet — Oldsmobile New Home of Scotti Mufflers Tailpipes “Lifetime Guarantee” Clifton Forge CARTER ' S STORE Phone 863-3581 Selma Virginia Virginia ■ •I NORTHSIDE DRIVE-IN ■ Phone 962-2754 Home phone 962-2315 VANCE’S GULF SERVICE STATION 603 Main Street, Clifton Forge Virginia Phone 862-5528 BURR ' S STUDIO WEDDING SPECIALIST Peoples Bank Bldg. Covington, Virginia 236 Her jmm 355 W. Main St. Covington, Va. 965-5671 ' W f Congratulations from Larry J. Vass owner of DIXON ' S BIKE SHOP William Goode, Attorney D Dr. William J. Ellis WESTERN AUTO Clifton Forge, Virginia At this time We would like to than 9ll Those who contributed to Uie 1974-75 3 ’ 1 ' ’ .. CLIFTON FORGE :i:V MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONALS WHO HAVE HELPED THIS YEAR ! Dr. Ralph L. CtabiU Dr. Walter E. Vermilya Dr. Gary Hodges Dr. E. M. Bowles Dr. Thomas W. Stewart Dr. T. M. Winn 237 238 iiil 240 241 242 243 245 246 247 c s.niox J uis.ctoxtj Alfred Andrews — Baseball 10; KVG’s 10; Annual Staff 11, 12; Key Club 11. Reuben Archie — Football 8, 11; Chess Club 8; Key Club 10; SCA Alternate 10; Varsity Wrestling 12. Reva Arritt — SC A 8, 9, 11; FHA 9,10; FBLA 1 1 . Timmy Austin — Varsity Club 12; Football 10, 11, 12. Tommy Ayers — Football 8, 9; Basketball 8; Base- ball 8, 9, 10; D.E. 11. Brenda Gaboon — FBLA 10, 11; Pep Club 9, 11, 12; Annual Staff 12. Sammy Carr — J.V. Track 8; J.V. Wrestling 10; Var- sity Baseball 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Key Club 11, 12. Lelia Carroll — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 10; Girl’s Basketball 10; Lady Asset Club 11. Linda Carroll — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; Choir I 10; Girl’s Basketball 9, 10; Gymnastics Club 11; Lady Asset Club 11; Choir III 12. Jan Barr — SCA Alternate 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; SAE 10, 11, 12; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9; FNA 8, 9; Candy Striper 8, 9. Nancy Barrington — Spanish Club 10, 11; Band 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; FNC 9, 10; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; Chess Club 9; Art Club 12. Cindy Bayne — Pom Pom Girl 10, 11; Pep Club 11, 12; Ecology Club 11, 12. John Bazzrea — Art Club; SCA. Terri Bennett — Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club Historian 10; Ecology Club 12 (Historian); SCA 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Tennis Club 12; Drama Club Treasurer 12. Hunter Birckhead — Spanish Club; Varsity Club; Golf Team. Gerald Black — 8th grade Football; J.V. Football; D.E. Club; Wrestling. Wayne Botkins — Spanish Club. Bonnie Bowen — Girl’s Basketball 9, 10; Lady Asset Club President 11; D.E. Club President 12. Charles Bradley — Cross Country 10, 12. Nettie Broughman — FHA. Anita Brown — FBLA 1 1 . Roger Brown — Varsity Club 10, 12; Varsity Foot- ball 9, 10, 12; Varsity Wrestling 9, 10, 12; J.V. Wrest- ling 8. Buddy Buchanan — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Indoor Track 11; Baseball 11, 12; Wrestling 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Art Club 10; Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; Choir 11 , 12 . Debbie Cash — Pep Club 8; Choir 11, 12; President’s Physical Fitness Award. Jill Clark — FNA 9; Lady Asset Club 11; Choir 10, 11 , 12 . Mary Ann Cobbledick — French Club 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 12. Charles Collins — D.E. Club 10, 11, 12; Clifton Forge Jaycees 11. Debbie Cook — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; SCA 8, 10, 11; Who’s Who; Miss Alcova candidate. Susan Craft — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11; SAE 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; Annual Staff 11, 12; Ecology Club 11. Gene Craft — Honor Council 8; Cross Country 9; Spanish Club 9; Key Club 10, 11; KVG’s 10; News- paper Staff 11; D.E. Club 11. Ralph Craig — Key Club 11. Cathy Crance — Lady Asset Club 11. Gary Crossland Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; SCA 9, 10, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Jr. Class Vice-President; Wrestling 11. Becky Davis — Cheerleader 8, 10, 12; Spanish Club 10, 12; Art Club 12; Ecology Club 12; Pep Club 8, 9, 10; Class Officer 10. Dean Dawson — D.E. Club 12. Joe Deane — French Club 12. Greg Dickson — French Club 9; Key Club 11; Indoor Track 11; Outdoor Track 11; Basketball 12. Teresa Cadd — Pep Club 8; Chess Club 11; Art Club 12 . Kendall Dolan — Key Club 11, 12. Debbie Dunford — FHA 9, 10; FBLA 11. 248 Stuart Entsminger — Chess Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 12; Interclub Council 12. Allen Farrar — Ecology Club. Laurie Fitzgerald — Pep Club 8, 9; Latin Club 9, 10; Choir 12; Who’s Who; SCA 8, 9, 12. Nathan Goldberg — Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11; Football 8, 9; Choir 11, 12. Charles Harlow — Science Club 11; Band 8, 9, 10, 11. Gary Harper — Pep Club; Science Club; Radio Club; Boy’s Home J.V. and Varsity Basketball; J.V. and Varsity Baseball; 8th grade Football; J.V. Football. Cindy Harrison — Pep Club 8, 10, 11; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; SAE 11, 12; Cheerleader 8. Renee Harvey — Pep Club 8, 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 11. Toni Higgins — D.E. Club 11, 12; Girl’s Basketball 8,9. Debbie Honts — Pep Club 8, 9, 11; FTA 9; FNA 11; FBLA 10; Forensics 9, 11; Choir 10, 12; FHA 9, 10. Sonia Hubbard — FNA 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; DECA 12. Garland Humphries — Baseball 8, 10, 11, 12; Wrest- ling 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; SAE 12; NHS 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Chess Club 10; SCA 10, 11; Who’s Who 12. Heston Irvine — Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Key Club. Kathy Jamison — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (B.P.); Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Annual Staff 11, 12; SCA 8, 9, 10; Key Club Sweetheart Candidate. Cynthia Keaton — Pep Club. Susan Kellison — FNA 10; Lady Asset Club 11 (Sec.); D.E. 12; Choir 11, 12. Vicki Kimberlin — Spanish Club 11. M. B. Kincaid — French Club 10, 11; Letter for A Honor Roll 10; Bar for A Honor Roll 11; Junior Honor Marshal; Certificate for Best 1st year French Student 10; SCA Election Committee 12; Annual Staff 12; Tennis Club 12; Alternate for Klassroom Kwiz 12; Salutatorian. Mark Knick — D.E. Brenda Lawhorn — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; FBLA 9, 10; Spanish Club 11; Golf Team 11; NHS 12; Annual Staff 12; SCA 12. Jane Lawler — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 12; NHS 11, 12; Cheerleader 8, 9, 10; SCA 8, 10, 12; Class Offices Vice-Pres. 9, President 12; Klassroom Kwiz 12; Valedictorian. Sharon Lemon — SAE; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y; Majorette; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Freshman and Sophomore Class officers; SCA officer; Gymnastics Club; SCA Rep. Tammy Lipscomb — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; SCA 9; Class Treasurer 9; SAE 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10. Lisa Livesay — FHA 9; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 12. Gerry Loan — Key Club 11, 12. Anna Maddy — Pep Club 8, 9, 10; FTA 10, 11. Nancy Mader — Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 11; French Club 10, 11, 12 . Barry Martin — Key Club 11. VirgieMay — FNC 10, 11. Janet Mays — NHS 11, 12; Gymnastics Club 11, 12; FTA 9, 10; Girl’s Basketball 10, 11, 12; Girl’s Track Team 11; Gymnastics Team 12; Band 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Mary Beth McCaleb — Cheerleader 8; SCA 8; Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11 (V. Pres.) 12; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; Girl’s Basketball 9, 10, 12; Serving Girl 9; FTA 10; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 12; Choir 11, 12 (Regional Alto); A Honor Roll Letter 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Who’s Who 11; Homecoming Queen Candidate 12; DAR Good Citizenship Award 12; Annual Staff 11, 12 (Editor); Miss Alcova Candidate 12; NHS 12. Jimmy McClary — Art Club. Vickie McCoy — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; SAE (His- torian); Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12. Joe McVay — Varsity Club. Teresa Meadows — Annual Staff 12. Lena Metz — Business Club (Sec.); Choir III. Mike Middleton — Spanish Club; Varsity Club; 8th grade Football; Basketball 8, 10; Baseball 8, 9, 10 , 11 , 12 . 249 Barbara Miller — Pep Club; Annual Staff; Ecology Club 11; Gymnastics 11; Tennis Club 12; Drama Club 12. Judy Miller — FNC; Candy Striper. Steve Minter — Key Club; NHS; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball; Spanish Club; Cross Country; Basketball. Sherry Morgan — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12 (Treas.); SAE 10, 11, 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10; Majorette 9, 10, 11, 12 (Head); Who’s Who; Can- didate for Key Club Sweetheart; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Miss Alcova Candidate; SCA 8, 9, 10. Kim Morgan — Newspaper Staff 11, 12. Barbara Morris — J.V. and Varsity Girl’s Basket- ball; FHA; Ecology Club; Art Club. Alma Mundy — Band 8, 9; Pom-Pom Girl 10, 11; Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Pres.); Forensics 8; SAE 9, 10, 11, (Sec.), 12; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 (Treas.); Interclub Council 12; Newspaper Staff 11, 12 (co-editor). Kathy Newcomb — Cheerleader 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Head); Pep Club; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Honor Council; NHS 11 (Treas.); V.P. SCA; SAE; Gymnastics Club; Prom Princess Candidate; Miss Alcova Candidate. Brandon Nicely — Spanish Club; Varsity Club; Key Club; Football; Baseball; Basketball; Wrestling; SCA. Charlie Nicely — Football; KVG’s. Judy Nicely — FHA. Lynn Nicely — Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Froensics 8; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9. Nick Nickell — KVG’s. Menzie Overton — DEC A Club (Reporter); Band; Choir; SCA 11. Faye Oyler — FNA; A and B Honor Roll 10. Dennis Pinner — Key Club 11, 12; 8th Grade Foot- ball; J.V. Football; Varsity Football. Donald Posey — Honor Roll Award. Ronald Posey — Honor Roll Award. Cindy Price — Pep Club 8, 10, 11; Pom-Pom Girl 10, 11 12 (Head); Ecology Club 11 (Historian), 12 (Sec.); Art Club 12. Grace Ray — Pep Club; Gymnastics Club; Lady Asset Club (Treas.); Class officer 8, 9, 10; J.V., Varsity, 8th grade Cheerleader; J.V. Girl’s Basketball (co-capt.); Honor Society. Chester Reed — Photography Club; Radio Club. Kathy Reyns — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11 (Pres.), 12; Jr . Tri-Hi-Y 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10 (Treas.), 11, 12 (Pres.); FTA 9, 10; SAE 11, 12; Interclub Council 11, 12; Honor Society 12; Latin Club 8, 9; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Key Club Sweetheart Candidate; SCA 9, 11, 12; Miss Alcova Candidate; Sr. Class Sec. Mike Rhodes — Chess Club 12; Choir III 12; Drama Club Pres.; Tennis Club. Cheryl Rose — FNA; Spanish Club; A and B Honor Roll Awards. Claude Rose — D.E. Club. Mike Rose — D.E. Club. Dwight Rowan — Spanish Club; Varsity Club; SAE Club; Class Pres. 11; Boy’s State Rep. Sue Rucker — A and B Honor Roll Award. Dale Sampson — Gymnastics Club 11, 12; Football 8; J.V. Football. Darcena Shawver — Pep Club; SCA; Spanish Club; FTA; SAE; FNA. Billy Shepard — - Manager 8th Football; J.V. Foot- ball; Key Club; Choir IR. Debbie Simmons — Choir III; Drama; A and B Honor Roll. Pam Simpson — - Pep Club 8, 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; SAE 10, 11. Phyllis Sizemore — 8, 9, 10 (Pres.); Phys. Ed. Award 10. Leon Smith — D.E. Club 11; Chess Club 10, 11; J.V. Football 10. Marla Smith — Girl’s Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Art Club; Pep Club. Roberta Smith — French Club 11, 12; Jr. Honor Marshal 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; SCA 250 Pres. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; SAE 11; Girl’s Track 11, 12; Governor’s School For the Gifted; Gymnastics Club 11; Chess Club 8, 9; Girl’s Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Forensics 9, 11, 12; Science Club 10. Wesley Snead — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 10, 11, 12. Benny Southall — D.E. Club. Rojenna Sparks — Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; SAE 11. Barry Spivey — Varsity Club; Basketball 8; J.V. and Varsity Basketball; Football 8. Jimmy Spivey — Key Club 11, 12; Basketball 8, 10; Football 8; Chess Club 10; D.E. Club; 10 (Treas.). Mike Spraggins — Key Club; Varsity Club; Basket- ball 8, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12. Sherry Stone — Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; SAE 11. Debbie Stull — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader 8, 10; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Span- ish Club 10; FTA 11, 12 (Treas.); SCA 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club Sweetheart Candidate 11; Prom Princess Candidate 11; Homecoming Queen Candidate 12; Patriot Staff 11, 12 (Art Editor); Who’s Who 11. Linda Stull — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; FBLA 9, 10, 11; Honor Roll Award 10, 11. Chuck Swartz — Cross Country 8, 9; Wrestling 9, 10; Outdoor Track 8, 9, 10; Indoor Track 11; Varsity Football 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 12; Golf 11, 12. Jim Tigrett — Ecology Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Art Club 12; D.E. Club 12. Carl Tingler — Indoor Track 9; J.V. Baseball 9; Out- door Track 8. Cindy Tucker — FBLA 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 11; Pom-Pom Girl 12. Debbie Vance — Pep Club 8. Ellen VanLear — Pep Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Sr. Tri- Hi-Y; FTA; French Club; Girl’s Basketball Manager; Who’s Who. Greg Vess — Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Key Club 12; Varsity Club 12. Dot Via — DECA Club 12. Richard Waddell — Football Manager 8, 10, Trainer 11; Baseball Manager 8; Varsity Club 9, 10 (Sec.), 11, 12; Varsity Baseball 9; Wrestling 10, 11; Key Club 11, 12; Gymnastics Club 11, 12; Pep Club 12. Billy Wade — Varsity Club; Science Club; 8th grade and J.V. Football. Glenn Ward — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 8; Track 8; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club; SCA; Class officer 11. Theresa Waters — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9 (V. Pres, and Historian); Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Pep Club SAE; SCA; Gymnastics Club; Majorette; Who’s Who; Spanish Club; Miss Alcova Candidate 12. Kathy Watts — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9; SCA 8; Pep Club 8, 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Ecology Club 11, 12 (V. Pres.); Art Club 12. Charles Wayts — Chess Club 11; Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 12. Cheryl Wenck — Pep Club 12; Art Club 12. Cheryl Wheeler — Pep Club 9, 10; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 9; Spanish Club 9, 10, 12; FTA 9, 10, 11, 12 (V. Pres.); Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11 (Historian), 12; NHS 12; Miss Alcova Candidate; SCA 11, 12; Honor Marshal 11. Donnie Wilhelm — Football 8; KVG’s; D.E. Norma Williams — Forensics 8; FNC 11, 12; Reading Club 12. John Withrow — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling, Track 9, 10, 11; Key Club 12; Chess Club 11. Carl Withrow — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball Manager 9, Varsity Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11. David Wolfe — 8th grade Football, J.V. Football; J.V. Track; Chess Club. Janet Wolfe — FBA 9; Chess Club; SCA 9, 10, 11; Jr. Honor Marshal. Susan Wright — FNC 10, 11; Candystriper 10, 11. Buddy Wright — NHS 12; Key Club 10, 11; Photography Club 10; Chess Club 9, 10; Key Club 12; Reading Club (VP); Jr. Honor Marshal 11. 251 Andrews, Ernest Ivory, Jr. 167 Angle, Carolyn Ann 122,190 Angle, Elizabeth Walton 185 Angle, Ricky Dale 62 Angle, Susan Diane 172 Archie, Rueben Henry 62,122 Arehart, Dennis Keith 167 Argebrite, Dwight Gilbert 172 Armentrout, Bridget! Alison 152,172 Armentrout, Marshall Allen 144 Armentrout, Stephen Bufford 167 Arnold, Bobby 167 Arritt. Daniel Lee 167 Arritt, Reva Jane 122,125 Arritt, Robert Boone 167 Ashton, Robert William 45,172 Austin, Timothy Edward 42,122 Averill, Gregory Gene 45 Averill, Lori Mae 156,159,177 Averill. Terry Brian 75 Ayers, Calvin Eugene 177 Ayers, David Eugene 42,52,145,185 Ayers, Derek Wayne 167 Ayers, Thomas Edward, Jr. 122,190 Anderson, Jacqueline M. 14 Anderson. John E. 26,46,94 Ayers, Thomas D. 32 Barber, Joyce W. 14 Body, Judith A. 138 Bogan, Jo Ann 20 Burton. Mary Litts 14,33 Bush, Iris 163 Carpenter. Joseph H. 34,64.75,139 Carpenter. Robbie 26 Carter. Harold L. 20 Carter. Jo Ann 26. 27 Champa, Marion B. 14,15 Clark, Margie 14 Clinedinst, Betty B. 31 Conner, Jean 16 Copenhaver. Jack 12 Cvizic. Dusan 10,128,126 Dills, Alice 16,17 Dunn. Lee A. 16,17,75 Earehart, Carolyn S. 34. 130 Elmore, Judy 163 Ervine, Mary M. 28 Finks. Richard A. 14,15,144 Forst, Judith R. 18. 19 Grady. Carl 16,17,79 Gross, Don 12 Hammond, Fremk 12 Haynes. Beverly 26,48,49,152 Hepler, David 12 Heywood, James 12 Hippier, Mike 14,15 Hodges, Bonnie B. 6,7,28,99 Holbert, Charles 18 Hoover, Sybil 26 Horn, EarleneG. 14,160 Humbert. Mary B. 11,18 Johnson, Billie L. 30 Jonas. William W. 26,27,44 Karnes, Gloria 22,88 Karter, Ann C. 14,114 Knabenshue, Robert C. 32 Knighton, Lucy 163 Kunert, F salie 33,80 Letson. Benjamin 12,125 Lombardo. John A. 17 Mann. Barbara E. 14,142 Markham, M. 163 McCaleb. Dora 12 Merica, Charles F. 18,19,146 Newberry. Judge E. 18,19 O’Farrell, Nora K. 29 O’Rourke. Edward T. 20,21 Patton. Charles A. 23,130 Perdue, Maria B. 31,92 Peters, Sarah P. 36 Poe. Richard 12 Reed. M. Wesley 20,21 Reynolds, Enza 34 Rice. Gary W. 26,95,78 Rudd, Terry A. 32 Rhea, Edward 11 Ruzek, Donald A. 24,103,132 Salyers, W. 163 Salyers, Y. 163 Sheets, Elizabeth 34 Simpson, Elizabeth 164 Sluzar, Deborah 17 Smith, Jean 35 Smith, Virginia 163 Snead, Ellen 13 Stinnett, Mary 36 Sumner, Elizabeth 22,88 Swartz. Maude 29 Thompson. Lynda 25,123 Tingler, Frances 163 Uzzell. William J. 26,27,73,65 Walker. Charles F. 11,124.125,126 Walsh, Barbara 21 Waddell, Virginia 163 Weade, Gary 20,21,56,94 Weaver. Thomas 14,15,114 Webster, Vicki 14 Whitehead, Patricia 13 Wilkins, Nancy 18 Williams, James 21,95,132 Williams, Mrs. 163 Wilson. Laura 15 Wolfe, Mary H. 36,114 Wolfe. Michael 20.21 A Adkins, CaiTollyn Rosa 66, 167 Adkins, Melveen Gay 66,68,177 Adkins, Ronald Wayne 176 Adkins, Valerie Joan 66,68, 185 Ailstock, Bruce Wayne 167 Ailstock, Sandra Lynn 130,154,177 Ailstock, Steven Grover 133 Aldridge, Donna Sue 172 Altizer, Garlynda Paige 59,130, 137,172 Altizer. Timothy Haynes 167 Ambrose, Bobby Eugene 42.62,151 Anderson, Clarence William 132,167 Anderson, Susan Jane 153,177 Andrews, Alfred H. T.. 3 -122,142.190 Andrews. Barbara Allison 167 B Back, Teresa Ellen 172 Bailey. Kevin O’dell 56. 167 Bailey. Michael Jerold 75,177 Baker, Arthur Wayne 190 Baker, Dana Lynn 47,49,66, 122, 132, 153, 185 Baker, Rodney 167 Ball. Paula Dee 157 Ball, Timothy Lee 167 BaJser, Barry Grant 75,185 Balser, Christie Marie 137,157,172 Barnett, Freddy Dean 177 Barnett, Rhonda Lynn 172 Barnett, Sandra Ann 167 Barr, Jan Noreen 122,130,138,156,158,190 Barr, Rebecca Lynn 50, 156, 177 Barrington, Eugene Christopher 172 Barrington, Nancy Lucretia 122,124,149.190 Bartley. Gregory Stewart 45,78,172 Bartley. Kathy Cover 185 Bates, Bamma Kay 130,155,172 Bates, Jacqueline Bernice 167 Bates, Judy Kay 177 Bates, Patricia Ann 122,191 Bates, Ryland Lanier 172 Bates, Wendell Preston 122,191 Batten, Jan Michael 185 Bayne, Cynthia Ann 89.122.191 Bazzrea, John Cleveland 122.191 Beever, Donald Randal 105,148,156,177 Beime, Coite Charles 146,149,185 Bennett, David Glenn 167 Bennett, Kelly Margaret 177 Bennett. Kevin Morris 45,149,172 Bennett, Luke Wayne 62. 177 Bennett, Patricia Ann 177 Bennett, Richard Earl 68,167 Bennett, Richard Wayne 45 Bennett. Roscoe Steven 122,191 Bennett. Teresa Lynn, 191 Berry, Bruce Stuart 172 Bess. Anita Carol 172 Bess. Betty Jean 148 Biddle. Christina Kay 172 Biddle, Robert Eugene 122,133 Biddle, Virginia Lee 157,172 Biller, Raymond Edward 79. 172 Birckhead, Edward Hunter 73.74,122,151 Birckhead, Elizabeth Ann 60,152,167 Bishop. Aubrey Lanier 65, 172 Black, Connie Sue 185 Black, Gerald Lee 122.133.191 Black, Kenneth Lee 45,130,172 Black, Ricky James 185 Black, Roddy Kevin 167 Black, Tonja Jean 167 Blankenship, Priscilla Layne 155,177 Bocook, Richard Wayne 133 Bocook, Roger Alein 42,43,75,139 Bodell, Kathryn Carnes 57,130,131. 138,151. Bogar, David Wayne 185 Bonner, Scott Hudson 172 Bonner. Sarah Elizabeth 105,122,138,140, 148.157.185 Booth. Beverly Sue 172 Booth, Deborah Gale 172 Bostic, Jonathon Tyree 42,151,185,191 Bostic, Timothy Craig 45,55,69 Botkins, Arlene Gay 167 Botkins, Leirry Kyle 23,131,134,185 Botkins, Robert Wayne 122,191 Bowen, Bonnie Lee Bowen, Dena Ann 172 Bowen, Dinah Kay 185 Bowers. Donna Darlene 177 Bowers. Katherine Scott 149,172 Bowers. Kelly Ann 122,130.138.140,152,156. 185 Bowles. Mary Allison 172 Bowles. Frankie O’dell 1 46,167 Bowman. Stephan Dana 45,78, 167 Brackenridge, Donald Kay 177 Bradberry, Teresa Kay 185 Bradley. Charles Alvin, III 122,191 Bradshaw. Richard Phares 172 Bragg, Sherry Dee 66,172 Bridges, Daniel Dale 65,172 Bridges, Richard Lee 62,178 Bridges, Tammy Ann Brigan, Linwood Wayne 178 Brisendine, Dennis Lee 46,167 Broce. Timothy Adam 167 Brookman, Richard Lee 167 Brookman. Sandra Faye 167 Broughman, Anna Hambleton 178 Broughman, Bethany Lynn 137,172 Broughm£m, Earl Lee, IH 172 Broughman. Harry Emory, ID 42,65,167 Broughman, Lacy Nelson, III 185 Broughman, Melvin Lee 172 Broughman. Nettie Mae 122.191 Broughman, Peggy Sue 185 Broughman, Samuel Franklin 167 Brown. Anita Carol 122, 191 Brown, Barbara Ann 167 Brown, Barbara Jean 167 Brown, Charles Andrew 139,167 Brown, Cynthia Jeein 178 Brown, David Allen 167 Brown, Linda Sue 167 Brown, Raymond Keith 185 Brown, Roger Paul 42,62,122,151 Brugh, Jeffrey Lynn 79,105,139,185 Brugh, Larry Edward 156,178 Bryant, Donald Wayne 185 Buchanan, Murray Frank, HI 42,191,139, 62,122.151,75 Buchanan, Tammy Denise 154,178 Burchette, Alison Lynn 149.154.167 Burks, Mary Karen 61,151.157,185 Burks, Shelia Ann 185 Burks, Timothy Ryland 167 Burks, Virgie Mae 178 Burnette, Mark Walker 42,62, 139, 184, 185 Burnette, Stephanie Ann 60,67 Buzzard. Betty Virginia 172 Byer, AnitaFave 148,153,172 Byer, Anette Ellen Byer. Charlotte Ann 172,178 Byer, Roger Gene 178 C Cadd, Sandra Faye 167 Cadd, Teresa Geraldine 122,126,191 Cahoon, Brenda Ann 122,142,191 Caldwell, Angela Dawn 50,192 Caldwell, Dennis Noel 172 Cale, Anthony Mark 167 Cale, Robert Aaron 79, 148, 172 Camp, Timothy Paul 79,130,156,144,178 Campbell. Cheryl Robin 61,105,135,151,153, 157,185 Campbell. Gerald Lynne 133,178 Campbell, Jody Dale 69 Campbell. Leon Leonard 178 Campbell. Martha Ann 178 Campbell, Mary Jane 160,167 Campbell. Rebecca Sue 192 Campbell, Ronald Berkley. Jr. 75,185 Campbell , Sharon Sue 160,172 Cantley, Karen Louise 167 Carpenter, Angelica Sue 152,156,172 Carpenter. Jeffrey Wayne 153,156,172 Carr. Rhonda Leigh 147,154,178 Carr. Samuel Hinkle. Jr. 69,130,157,172 Carroll, Jeffrey Dean 167 Carroll, Lelia Catherine 122 Carroll, Linda Mae 122,192 Carroll. Sherman Edward 46. 167 Carson, Kathy Jo 172 Carson, William E., Jr. 73,172 Carter. Barbara Faye 167 Carter, Dolly Gail 185 Carter, Lisa Aileen 172 Carter, Lucy Maria 185 Carter, Phyllis Gail 167 Carter. Russell Edward 45,172 Cary, Cathy Mae 172 Case. Cathy Jean 135,146,148,178 Case, Mary Louise 148,156,172 Cash, Deborah Sue 122,192 Cash, James William 185 Cash. Stephan Manley 42,151,185,192 Catlett, Susan Jane 167 Catron. Kevin Wayne 167 Caudill, Charlene 192 Chaplin. Lisa Gail 172 Chapman. Stephan Brian 148,172 Childs, Christie Marie 155,178 Clark, Dennis Joe 178 Clark. Edgar Thurmond. Jr. 178 Clark, Judi Paige 167.172 Clark. Kawahna Marie 172 Clark. Mark Kevin 167 Clark, Patrick Wayne 65,139.156,178 Clark. Robert Noel, Jr. 172 Clark. Sharon Jill 192 Clark, Susan Lynn 133,178 Clark, Teresa Ann 178 Clarkson, Bruce Steven 167 Claytor, Cynthia Lee 157,172 Clemons. Clell Richardson. 11151,69.102. 130,139,184.185 Clemons. David Stoughton 45,172 Clinedinst, Cynthia Lee 153,167 Cobbledick, Julia Elizabeth Cobbledick, Mary Ann 122 Coffey, Janice Marie Cogar. Steven Darrell 167 Collins. Charles Eugene 133.192 Combs. Edwin Lynn 46,167 Conner. Johnnie Ray 46,167 Conner, Marva Leigh 167 Conner, Vance Elliott 51,139,185 Cook, Debra Kaye 153,192 Cook, Gary Lee 192 Cook. George Edward 122,178 Cook, Kathy Feleen 172 Cook, Tamy Jane 89,138,178 Cooke, Donna Sue 173 Cotrell, Angela Elaine 66,178 Craft, Bonnie Lynn 139,178 Craft. Cathy Lynn 167 Craft. Debra Jean 185 Craft. Gene Leroy, Jr. 122,167 Craft, John Randall 173 Craft, Linda Renee 173 Craft, Phillip Martin 45,173 Craft. Rhonda Faye 186 Craft. Robert Eugene 45,55,134,173 Craft. Susan Diane 122,126,142,156,192 Craft. William Eugene 192 Craghead, Emma Leigh 122,126,140 Craig, Ralph Lee 122,192 Crance. Cathy Mae 122,192 Crawford, Debra Honts 89.193,122 Crawford. Robert Paul 186 Crawford. Wayne Allen 134,178 Critzer, Dorothy Frances 122,193 Crookshanks, Charles Russell 11,178 Crookshanks, Sharon Anne 167 Crossland, Gary Lynn 42,44.96,97,118,119, 126,151,193 Crowder, Michael Clayton 186 • Cullen. David Elliot. Jr. 46,78,130,166,167 Curtis, Daryl Wayne 167 Curtis, Debra Kaye 168 Curtis. James Lewis 186 Cvizic, Michael Scott 46,78,168 D Dabbs, Jimmy 168 Dabbs, Frankie 168 Dainty. Jane Renee 178 Dameron, Dabra Lynn 168 Davis, Judith Lynn 130,186 Davis, Rebecca Ann 61,122,151,193 Dawson. Russell Dean 122 Deacon. Robert Rupert 102,146,149,178 Deane. Charles Joseph, Jr. 122,157,193 Deeds, Roberta Virginia 186 DePreist, Patricia Tingler 186 DePreist, Patsy Fay Dickson. Betty Jane 178 Dickson. Norman Gregory 52,53,70,122 Dodd, Richard Wayne 45,78,173 Dill. Warren Benjamin 173 Dillard, Lonnie Wayne 45,173 Dilley, Richard Andrew 173 Dolan, Kendall Lee 96,116,122,193 Donovan, Angelia Kay 193 Dotson. Lorrie Ann 122,145,193 Downer. Karen Joyce 178 Downer, Susan Louise 168 Downes. Rhonda Sue 87,153 Downey, Fran Marie 156,186 Downey, Julie Lynn 173 Downey, Sharon Kay 155 Downey. Steven Charles 42,62.106,130,134, 151.186 Dressier, Eugene Curtis. Jr. 75 Dressier, Freda Fay 178 Dressier. Hubert Ellis 173 Dressier, Teddy Justice 178 Dressier, Timothy Lee 173 Drummond. Ronald Ray 122,133 Dudley. Gloria Ann 155,178 Dudley, Jeffrey Dane 122 Dudley. Kathleen Elizabeth 122,168 Dudley. Lois Geraldine 178 Dudley. Marie Elaine 178 Dudley, Nika Dawn 149,168 Dudley, Patsy Ann 168 Dunbar. Lee Franklin. Jr. 168 Dunford, Cindy Anne 178 Dunford, Deborah Sue 122 E Earehart, Cynthia Lynn 166 Edwards. Brian Kent 45, 139, 152, 178 Edwards. Pamela Jean 131,153,186 Eggleston. Timothv Lee 186 252 Elbon, Robin Ann 130,179 Elbon, Sandra Kay 130,156,173 Eldreth, David Wayne 173 Elmore. Robert Monroe, Jr. 179 Engleman, Melissa Louise 168 Entsminger, Elizabeth Sue Entsminger, Ira Marion 51. 179 Entsminger, Stuart Lee 79.122,131,132,193 Entsminger. Susanne Marie 168 Evans, Debora Jean 122,193 Evans. Richard Elaine 168 Evans, Rita 168 Evans. William Wayne Eveline. Kimberly Ann 152,168 F Fagg, Judy Darlene 168 Faglie, Marybeth 135,179 Farbum. Dorothy Lynn 148,168 Farrar. Robert Allen 122,193 Farren, Jackie Lynn 87,153,186 Fawcett. John Michael 45,55,78,173 Ferrell, Deborah Claudine Ferrell, Edward 173 Feury, Richard Ray 193 Filer. George Benjamin 132,149,152,186 Filer, Valerie Jane 130,148.152,168 Fisher. Cheryl Lynn 173 Fitzgerald. Laurie Ann 122,142,193 Forbes, Diane Marie 168 Forbes, Mark Edward 173 Fomwalt, Ruth Elizabeth 149,155,179 Fourqueane, Francis Ann 45,80. 168 Fourqueane, Gregory Ferdinand 45,55,69, 173 Fourqueane, Pauline Brucie Franklin, Donita Rae 147,173 Franklin. Lisa Anetta 168 Fridley, Ballard Leroy 45,168 Fridley. Carol Ann Fridley. Carolyn Sue 179 Fridley, Charlene Sue 179 Fridley. Jewel Ann 193 Fridley, Joseph Thomas 134 Fridley. Michael Neal 168 Fridley. Perrie Benzel 168 Fridley. Sherry Lynn 168 Fridley. Stephanie Sue 168 Fridley, Victoria Lynn 179 Friel, Mary Elizabeth 173 Frye, Jennifer Lynn 96.122, 193 Fuller, Lynn Renee 130,179 Futch, Elizabeth Hyme 186 Futch, JoAnn Laura 173 G Gadd, Carol Sue 153,179 Gadd, Dennis Owen 194 Gardner. Olga Elizabeth 122,140,153,194 Garrett, Laura Donna 173 Gillian. Debra Arlene 173 Gilliespie, Bobby Lee 168 Goldberg, Nathan Harold 62,122,151,194 Gooch. Lorrie Lee 168 Goode. Debra Joan 173 Graham. Deborah Lee 179 Graham. Patricia Ann 179 Gross. Thomas Frederick 168 Gunter. Bobby Joe 42, 179 Gunter. Florence Ann 80,137,173 Gunter. Hfirlan Lee 46, 168 Gunter, Robin Lynn 194 Gunter, Teresa Kay 155,173 Gurganus, Janet Lynn 168 Guth, Teresa Ann 50,66,68,137.156,173 H Hague, Tony Bishop 179 Hall. Michael Allen 186 Hall, Robin Lynn 168 Hall, Tammy 173 Hall. William Timothy 173 Hamlin, Calvin Eugene 149,157,186 Hammond. Jack Arnold 66.168 Hammond, Tamra Jo 59,88,105,130,138, 156,177,179 Hand. Bradley Charles 173 Hanner, Elizabeth Vondalese 157,173 Harlow. Charles Thomas, ID 122 Harlow, Everette Jackson 168 Harlow, Gary Lynn 45,56,168 Harlow, Wanda Jean 148,155,173 Harmon. Christy Ealine 168 Harmon. Vicky Sue 157,179 Harper, Gary Edward 122 Harrison, Cynthia Ann 104,117,122,138,158. 194 Harrison, Dwight Allen 51,55,73,74,100,139, 179 Harrison, Kimala Lynn 66,130,173 Harrison, Rebecca Ann 186 Harrison. Susan Gay 173 Harouff, John Wayne 173 Hartman. Ricky Lee 186 Harvey, Clara Renee 122,194 Haskins, Richard Dale 1 Hatfield, Jeffrey Craig 168 Haynes, Ann Marie 137.148.152,173 Haynes, Franklin Lelanor 168 Haynes, Gary Lynn 179 Haynes, Robert Allen 134,168 Heart, Leslie Prince Heaster, Sara Marsha 186 Hepler, Jessie Wade 168 Hicks, Darrell Wynn 186 Hicks, David Reese 168 Hicks, Patricia Carol 57,58,90,130,154 Hicks, Sherry Jean 168 Higgins, Charles Raymond 173 Higgins, David Harold 69,168 Higgins. Harp ' McDowell 11,45,173 Higgins, Janice Cahoon 179 Higgins. Kenneth William 168 Higgins. Linwood Ray 186 Higgins. Mary Lucille 173 Higgins. Michael David Higgins, Richard Grant 168 Higgins, Ricky Jayson 122 Higgins. Tonie Ann 122,133,194 Hill, Carrie Dene 179 Hinkle, Lisa Jean 168 Hinkle, Sandra Louise 133,179 Hipes. David Vernon 148,156,179 Hippert, Cynthia Marie W,l ,170 Hoke. Daniel Wayne 168 Hoke, Ellen Denise 179 Hoke, Joseph Anthony 42,62,78 Hoke. Richard Eugene 45.62.173 Hoke, Steven Randolph 122,194 Hoke. Tammy Lynn 186 Hooker, Allen Ray 179 Hoover, Cynthia Lynn 186 Hoover, Dreama Day 179 Horn, Charles Lee. Jr. 69,179 Horn, Jeffrey Stuart 45,69 Hosey, Kimberly Dawn 173 Hosey, Helen Jane 168 Hostetter, Harold. Jr. 55,75,179 Hostetter, Katherine Anne 194 Housman, Barry Lee 148.179 Howard, Gary Leon 75, 132, 149, 168 Hubbard. Ben Hoover 168 Hubbard, Lisa Kay 130.161.186 Hubbard, Nancy Carolyn 152,157,173 Hubbard, Sonia Rena 133,194 Huffman. Deborah Sue 168 Humphries. Carol Ann 168 Humphries. Debar Kay 168 Humphries, Garland Lynn 62,75.86,89.122, 130,139,158 Humphries. Jeffrey Allen 168 Humphries. John Wallace. Jr. 173 Humphries, Kenneth L. 173 Humphries. Ottsy Ray 45,193 Humphries, Phyllis Susan 168 Humphries, Ronnie Hayden 179 Humphries, Steven Richard 132,186 Hunter. Richard Alan 168 Hurt, Connie Christine 168 Hurt, James Clifton 168 Hurt, William Harris 75,173 Hyler, Timothy Steven 45,168 Hylton. Ruth Emily 144,156,186 I Ingram, Debra Kay 168 Irvine. Heston Montee 122 Irvine. Rebecca Jane 157.179 J Jack. Robert Harris 78. 169 Jackson, Debra Cornell 192 Jackson. Julia Ann 135, 173 Jackson. Henry Calvin 122,194 James, Alan Paul 78,171,173 Jamison, Kathy Louise 138,143,159,194 Jamison, Nancy Lynn 153,186 Janney, Nelson Cline 169 Jeffries. Charles Calvin. Jr. 45,173 Jeffries. Natalie Caroline 60,153,169 Jenkins, Anchie Ray 169 Jennings, Mark Aaron 45,174 Jenson. Gary L. 186 Jenson, Jenel 174 Jessee, Patricia Darlene 186 Johnson, Carol Dawn 169 Johnson. Debra Raye 179 Johnson, Harvey William 151 Johnson, Karen Marie 47,179 Johnson, Kenneth Wayne 122 Johnson. Lenore Alicia 50,169 Johnson. Lisa Dian 174 Johnson. Ray Evan 86, 174 Jones, Brent Carlyle 194 Jones, Ernest William 179 Jones. Patricia Darlene 122 Jones, Penny Lee 155,179 Jones, Ralph Eric 152,174 Jordon. Elizabeth 50,66,80,130,179 Jordon. Jonathan Wade 42,52,53,69,70,122, 151 Jordon. Octavia Ann 50,80,171,174 Justus, Stephanie Colene 174 K Keaton, Cynthia Alice 122,195 Keaton. Timothy Alan 186 Keith. Dana Luanne 133 Kelley. Ralph Garnett, Jr. 46,56,69,166,169 Kelley, William Randy 179 Kellison, Clarence Edward 179 Kellison, Jamie Fay 179 Kellison, John Clifford 169 Kellison. Susan Smith 194 Kem, Darrell Vaughn 179 Kem, Deborah Kay 180 Kesterson. Laura Angela 79,152,156,174 Kesterson. Terry Robin 169 Keyser, James Kenneth 169 Keyser. Patricia Gail 66,174 Keyser, Patrick Dale 69,71,174 Keyser. Robin Neal 142.153,156,186 Keyser. Steven Kyle 46,78,169 Kilian, Connie Ann 152,174 Kimberlin, Jessie Thomas 180 Kimberlin, Timmy 186 Kimbo, Ethel Mae 122.195 Kimbo, Harry Mat 53 Kincaid, Charles 180 Kincaid, Marv Elizabeth 122,124,126,127, 142.195 King. Gregory Lester 134 King. William David 180 Kingrey. Everett 148,152,157.186 Kitt, Donna Marie 169 Kitt, James Robert 169 Kitt, Gary Wayne 122 Kitt, Judy Ann 174 Kitt, Karen Carlene 174 Knick. Meirk Duane 133,195 Knick, Paul Burton, Jr. 169 Knick, Steven Mason 169 Knighton, James Robert 46,169 Kouns, Melissa Merry 154. 155, 180 Kouns, Timothy Lee 105,122 Kruse. Robert Bruce 45,69.180 Kruse, Diane Winifred 180 L Lacks, Tammera Kay 66,169 LaCour, Roye Raymond 62,69,139,158,187 LaCour. Todd Allen 46,65, 169 Larey, Terry Lynn 169 Lawhom. Brenda Kaye 122.142.195 Lawhom, Michael Lynn 151.195 Lawhom. Patricia Diane 174 Lawler. Jane Watt 110,, Lawrence, Joe Leonard 180 Lee, Carol Elizabeth 187 Leech, Barbara Jean 174 Leeper, Debbie Marie 174 Lefler, Robert Michael Lemon, Chapman Deborah 130,152 Lemon. Sandra Jean 47.73,74,80.81. 130,152. 169,187 Lemon, Sharon Rena 113,122,1 ,150,195 Lemon. Susan Michelle 50.132,148 Lewis, James Randall 169 Lewis. Jeffery Scott 180 Lienhardt. Jill Biddle 57,58,105,187 Linkenhoker, Janet Wolfe 195 Linkenhoker, Thomas Edward 169 Linkswiler, Alesia Lynn 60,130,169 Linkswiler. David Mark 42,62,174 Lipscomb. Tammy Susan 122, 156, 158, 195 Liptrap, Rose Marie 174 Livesay, Lisa Gale 59. 107,1 17,122, 138,148, 195 Livesay, Marsha Lynn 148 Livesay, Marva Elaine 130,131,137,149,174, 180 Loan. Dennis Neal 132,174 Loan, Gerry Kent 96, 122, 134, 195 Loan, Jewel Lynn 153,187 Lockhart, Beth Ann 137,154,169 Lockhart. Kathy Dare 169 Lockhart, William Bret 148,180 Lomasney, Michael Lee 75, 174 Long, William Henry 45,174 Loomis, Virginia Knight 81,152,156,180 Loving, Whitney Harter 180 Lowry, Allen Dale 75 Lucas, Lawrence Ricky 69, 175 Lynch. Mark Wayman 187 Lynch, Tammy Jayce 169 M Mabry, Gail Lynn 135,169 Maddy, Anna Marie 122, 125, 195 Maddy, Dalh Jean 137,149,174 Maddy, Robin Gail 148,156,174 Mader, Alison Dale 152,174 Mader, Nancy Lynn 124,157,195 Major. Sara Lee 81 , 152, 156, 159, 180 Markham, Cheryl Ann 153,156,187 Markham, Sandra Echoean 180 Martin, Amy Lisa 171,174 Martin, Andy Russell 122,198 Martin. Barry Edwin 122,198 Martin, Bernard Coleman 78,174 Martin, Charles 149,180 Martin, James Lee 174 Martin, Kevin Wayne 135 Martin, Lorenzo Curtis Martin, Pamela Gail Martin. Robert Keith 174 Mason. Kelly Jean 169 Matheney. Charles Jackson 174 Mattox, Douglas Dwayne 46,56,169 Maupin, Vera Lynn 174 May. Julie Ann 9 May. Ralph Eugene. Jr. 18 May, Ricky Dwayne 174 May. Thomas Daniel 174 May, Virgie Lee 122,198 Mays, Janet Lynn 47,66,81.122,148.198 McAlister, Kathleen 152 McAllister, Lewis Randy 169 McCaleb, Marv Elizabeth 47,49,84,86,113, McClary, James Marshall 122,195 McCormick, Howard Benton 169 McCormick, Rebecca Sue 187 McCormick, Vickie Lynn 122,150,187 McCoy, Jeffrey Allen 56,169 McCoy, Vickie Lynn 138,158,198 McDaniel, Jimmy Lee 174 McDavid, Jamie Ray 169 McDonough, James B. 132,174 McDowell, Pamela Virginia 174 McFadden, Larry Wayne 169 McVay, Joseph Frank. Jr. 122,198 Meadows, Marshall Dale 169 Meadows. Ricky Lee 169 Meadows, Steve Wedford Meadows, Teresa Jean 7. 122, 143, 198 Meadows. Teresa Kay 169 Meyer, Fredrick Anthony 174 Meyer. Katie Kathleen 180 Meyer, Jerry Lloyd 42,106 Metz, Lena Kay 122,198 Middleton. Michael Fredrick 17,79,122,151, 198 Miller. Barbara Mae,198 Miller, David Herbert 139.156 Miller. Judy Lynn 122,153,198 Miller. Steve Allan 87,103, 107, 146, 149 Minger, Brett Alan 46,135,169 Minter, Steven Meredith 62,75,86,122,126, 140,151,156 Montgomery. Betty Jean 180 Montgomery, Jack Wayne Moore. Gevendloyn May 174 Moore. Wilma Darlene 187 Morgan, Cheryl Lynn 84,86,113,122,150,156, 158.198 Morgan. Kimberly Ann 122,198 Morgan. Linda Louise 154,156,187 Morgan. Ronald Wayne 133 Morris, Andrew Michael 174 Morris. Barbara Allan 122,198 Morris, Bruce Wayne 120,122,196 Morris, Jeffrey Ray 174 Morris. Joseph Franklin 78 Morris, Ricky Leo 174 Morris. Vickie Lynn 122,196 Mottem, Debra Sue 154,155 Mundy, Alma Jane 87.122,126.131,138,156, 159.196 Mundy, James William 144,174 Mustoe, Margaret Hope 152,157.174 Mustoe, Thomas Allen 42,55,79,105,132,139, 157 Myers. Deborah Kay 155,180 N Neff, Robert Steven 174 Nelson, Thomas Llewellyn 132,139,187 Nelson. Trade Glynn 122,125,196 Newcomb. Karen Leigh 57,58,151,187 Newcomb, Kathy Lynn 96,97,102,112,113, 122.125.130,131,140.151 Newcomb, Kevin Lane 46,56,169 Newcomb, Patricia Ann 169 Newcomb. Teresa Leigh 169 Newell, Brenda Gail 132,169 Nicely. Arden Randall 187 Nicely. Brandon Wayne 42,96,117,122,130, 156 Nicely, Bruce Wayne 148,160,169 Nicely, Charles Edward 122,196 Nicely, Debra Jean 46,65,78,169 Nicely, Dennis Alan Nicely, Dorothy Jane 169 Nicely, James Darren 169 Nicely, Judy Garland 196 Nicely, Kathy Leigh 169 Nicely, Kristy Lynn 122,169 Nicely, Mark Kevin 169 Nicely, Michael Lynn 78,174 Nicely. Peter Randall 122,196 Nicely, Roxanne Lynn 96,138,156,196 Nicely, Theresa Lynn 137,174 Nicely, Tony Carwin 62,69,174 Nickell, Harry Paul 107,122,196 Nida, Donna Ann 130,154,169 Nida, Teresa Lee 130,131,154,155,177 Nikkell, Pamela Ann 157 Noel, David Grant 42,44,52,54, 161, 187 253 Noel, Valerie Lu 180 Norkus, Kathryn Ann 169 Norkus, Rosemary 153 Norkus. Thomas Joseph 135 O Overton, Floyd Menzie 122.196 Owens. Anne Marie 47,49,120,143,87 Oyler. Dinah Faye 122,196 Oyler, Julie Renea 148,180 Oyler, Randall Dale 75, 180 P Painter. Deborah McKay 157,180 Paitsel. Alpha Omega 187 Paitsel, James Richard 169 Paitsel. Lisa Gale 150,180 Paitsel, Robert Lee 174 Paitsel. Robert Lewis 169 Palmer, Glenn Ray 132,169 Parker. Kathy Sue,105.138.152. 180 Parker, Susan Carter 169 Parr, Cynthia Lynn 174 Paxton, Kenneth Alan 169 Paxton. William Lewis, Jr. 132,169 Pedro, Patricia Ann 156,80 Perkins, Charles Oliver, Jr. 180 Perkins. Leslie Alan 180 Perkins, Rebecca Susan 180 Perkins, Thomas Edward 122, 196 Perky, Patricia Ann 169 Perrault, David Wayne 169 Perry, Kathy Watts 169,122 Perry, Patricia Ann 169 Persinger, Carlos William 169 Persinger, Charles Starrett 169 Persinger. Donald Ray 187 Persinger. Edith Irene 174 Persinger, Frank E. Jr. 65.69, 175 Persinger. Gregory Allen 175 Persinger, Harvey Lucian 181 Persinger. Jeffrey Lewis 132,175,176 Persinger. Joyce Ann 180 Persinger. Kevin Wayne 156,180 Persinger, Martha Jean 187 Persinger. Patricia Ann 175 Persinger, Robert Eugene 180 Persinger. Susan Dianne 180 Peters, Edward Preston 169 Peters, Julie Ann 180 Peters, Kim Daniel 157,180 Phillips, Catherine Mary 132,149.169 Phillips, Linda Mae 170 Pinner. Raymond Dennis 86, 134, 196 Platt. Bradley Davis 62,78. 152, 175 Platt. Susan Lee 81,184,187 Plymale, Deborah Kay 181 Poague, Ina Mae 185 Poague. Ronald Elvin, Jr. Poague. Terrie Jean 130,181 Poe. Krista Lynn 84.85.86,113,117,122.131. 151.197 Porterfield, Patricia Lynn 181 Porterfield, Ronald Lee 122,197 Posey, Cynthia Sue 181 Posey. Donald Wayne 122,126,197 Posey. Ronald Layne 122,125,126 Potter. Julie Anne 105.187 Powell, Robert William 175 Poyser, Georgia Leigh 170 Price, Christopher Ames 56. 170 Price, Cynthia Paige 122,135.147.197 Price, Gregory McKinley 55,65,78,181 Price. James McDonnell. Jr. 175 Pritt. Joyce Darlene 175 Pritt, Steven Lawrence Puckett, Edward Ray 181 Putnam. Rodney Sherwood Putnam, Sandra Kaye 175 Q Quantz, Stephan Wayne 170 Quarles. Rudolph. Jr. 46.56.130,166,170 Quinlan. Mary Elizabeth 170 Quinlan. Ronda Leah 187 R Raether. Mark Donald Raether, Michael Lee 69, 181 Rakes. Patricia Gail 181 Ramsey, Crystal Joan 80. 181 Ray. Cornelius Anderson. Jr. 45.56.78,170 Ray, Grace Lorraine 57,58,68, 113.152.197 Raye, Ronald Keith 56, 122 Redman. Donna Lynn 175 Redman. Elizabeth Carole 155.181 Redman, Henry Curtis 181 Redman. Tammie Lynne 170 Reed. Chester Wilson 122,197 Reed. James Michael 187 Reid. Charlotte Ann 175 Reid. Kimlee Bess 170 Reid. Lesia Denise 155,181 Reid, Quintin Lyle 181 Reynolds, Barbara Denise 170 Reynolds. Carrie Jo 170 Reynolds. Deborah Lavenya 170 Reynolds, Deborah Marie 111,113.122,140, 156.158.197 Reynolds. James David 181 Reynolds. Tracy Ann 156,175 Reyns, Katherine Woodward 79.84,85,86,96.,158 Rhodes, Charles Michael 79,105,108.122, Rice, Cynthia Leigh 47,187 Richards, Debra Lynn 170 Riddle, Jimmie Lee 42,89 Riley. Lisa Ann 152, 170 Roberts, Carol Yvonne 61.151.153,155,181 Robinson. Cynthia Ann 181 Robinson, James Ronald 78, 170 Rock, Joe William, Jr. 170 Rogers. Pamela Lee 160,170 Rogers. Theresa Ann 154,157.181 Rose. Cheryl Kay 122.197 Rose. Claude Leslie Jr. 122. 197 Rose. Michael Lee 122 Rose. Patricia Newcomb 122,197 Rothe, Helen Marie 81,149.152 Rothe, Madeline Cecile 81, 160. 187 Rothe. Theresa Janine 148, 152, 170 Rothe. Thomas Herbert 62.87,152.157.181 Rowan. Dwight Evanston 42,43.68.70,71, Ruble. Jerry Madison 122,197 Rucker, Jerry Lee 175 Rucker, Sherry Jean 149,181 Rucker. Warren Alan 122,149.197 Rucker. William Curtis 170 Runyon, Dorothe Marian 187 Ruzek, Donald 102,149,175 Ryan. Robyn Lynette 105,147,156,181 Ryder, Virgil David 175 S Sampson. Jay Bee 181 Sampson. Dale Michael 197 Sampson. Rodney Lou 152 Seville, David Alan 157,175 Sawyer, Anthony Steve 175 Saylor, James Gregory 45,55,130 Schumaker, Scott Allen 45,181 Scialoia, Joseph Anthony 52,54, 187 Scott, John Steven 187 Scott, Laura Irene 135,152,187 Scott. Steven Leroy 1 Scott, Tricia Diane 87, 148 Scruggs. Jay Patrick 78,175 Scruggs. Jean Ann 170 Scruggs. Tambria Leigh 96.138,156.158, 162.187 Seal, Douglas Trenton 149.175 Selleck, James Lanzo 187 Sellers, Charles Mitchell 45. 175 Sexton, Timothy Ray 181 Shawver, April Jo 152, 155, 175 Shawver. Debora Kay 157,175 Shepard, William Anderson, Jr. 122.199 Showalter, Sally Ann 60,130,131 Simmons. Brian Duane 51.181 Simmons, Charles Arthur 188 Simmons, Glenn Patrick 75,188 Simmons, Kathy Lynette 175 Simmons, Terri Leigh 135,156,188 Simmons, Thomas Kean 175 Simpson. Cathy Ann 175 Simpson, David Wayne 42,75.181 Simpson, Eric Joseph 69,70,175 Simpson. George Clayton 52,54,75,151,188 Simpson. Joy Lynn,105,152 Simpson, Katherine Demarion 59,66.81.151, 152,181 Simpson, Pamela Marie 116,122,154,156.199 Simpson. Patricia Diane 152,181 Simpson. Phyllis Ann 80,130,181 Sizemore. Crystal Ann 61.100,105,130,147. Sizemore. Gary Wayne 46,65 Sizemore. Gerald Lloyd, Jr. 188 Sizemore, Marvin Wayne 135 Sizemore. Phyllis Ann 122 Sizemore, Steven Darrell 42 Slayton, Cynthia Jean 80,133,181 Smith. Alicia Deena 175 Smith, Deborah Simmons 122,199 Smith. Ernest Lee. Jr. 175 Smith, Howard Judson 139,156,177,181 Smith. Jackie Leland 45,175 Smith. James William 42,55,78,175 Smith. Joey Allen 42,78,181 Smith. Leon Parker. Jr. 199 Smith. Lisa Annette 59,152,181 Smith, Marla Gay 66,122,199 Smith. Peggy Sue 81,152,181 Smith, Ro rta Leigh 47.66,122.126.130. Smith, Sally Nanette 61,80.81.122,131.140, Smith. Steven Eldon 170 Smith. Tammy Louise 66.80. 181 Snead. Wesley Leland, Jr. 42,43,63,75.96. Snowe. Kevin Marvin 181 Sorrells. Ronnie Eugene 75. 135 Sorrells, Sandra Gail 131,155,182 Southall. Joseph Bennett 122,133,199 Southall, Kevin Carlisle 175 Sparks. Barry Wayne 170 Sparks, John Arthur 152, 182 Sparks, Rojenna Lynn 122, 199 Spivey. David Barry 122,199 Spivey. James Boyd 122,139,199 Spraggins, Michael William 75,86,122,139. 151.139.199 Stanley, Charles Cameron 175 Stanley, Rebecca Sue 176 Staton, Gwynith Paige 182 Steele. Tania Hilda 182 Stephenson. Thomas Edmunds 182 Stinespring, Debbie Bush 122.199 Stinnett. Robin Lynn 138,157,182 Stone. Christy Lynn 59,130.131.156,176 Stone. Mary Alice 188 Stone. Mitzie Ann 156,176 Stone. Robert Allen 42, Stone. Sandra Gay 59,171,176 Stone, Sherry Paige 122.199 Strawderman, Carlton Wayne 176 Stull, Brenda Gale 66,122,182 Stull. Carmen Irene Stull, Charles Bradley 182 Stull. Deborah Kaye 84, 158.199 Stull, Linda Charl ene 199 Stull, Michael Alien 97.188 Stuple. Alice Margaret 160,176 Stuple, Hazel Maude 170 Stuple. Nevada Ann 160. 176 Sunderland. Mark Wayne 62,122,139,151. 154 Sunderland, Rodney Dale 65 Swartz, Charles Turpin 73.74.122,139.151 Sweet. Sherry Lynn 80.182 Switzer. Patricia Jean 160,176 T Taliaferro. Douglas Wade 170 Talley. George Marion, Jr. 42,139.152,157, 188 Taylor, Deborah Sue 170 Taylor, Karl Leroy 62,182 Taylor, Mark Anthony 122.140.188 Taylor, Teresa Dawn 170 Terrell, Patricia Ann 122,140,148.152,157, 184.188 Terrell, Richard Lewis 149,176 Terry, Brenda Jo 47.66.68,80,188 Terry, Michael Ray 42,182 Terry, Steven Eugene 45.176 Thomas, Carlton Geeen 170 Thomas, Nina Charlene 182 Thomas. Robert Deaton 188 Thomas, Sue Ellen 170 Thrasher, Stephen Bruce 170 Thurston. Susan Marie 170 Thurston, Vivian Daniel 122 Tigrett, James Randolf 104,122,133 Tingler, Carl Benjamin 122 Tingler, Mary Ann 170 Tingler, Pamela Jean 176 Tingler. Victoria Leigh 153,188 Tinsley. Ricky Randall 170 Tucker. Cindy Lou 88,105,122,147 Tucker, Danny Ray 170 Tucker, Michael Wayne 170 Tucker, Ralph Lee. Jr. 21,30,133.188 Tucker, Randall Stephen 170 Tucker. Robert Michael 56 Tucker, Sharon Kay 176 Tucker, Tamra Denise 182 Tucker. Teresa Carol 176,182 Tucker. Teresa Lynn 188 Tyler. George Spellman 52,53,55,182 U Unroe, Charles William 149,156 Unroe. Cynthia Lynn 182 Unroe, Joe Hansford 188 V VanBuren, Delores Rae 59,137,176 VanBuren, Michael Rusho 188 Vance. Deborah Ann 122 Vanderpass, Linda Jo 79, 152, 157.176 Van Lear. Ellen Louise 122 Van Lear, Robert 122 Van Lear, Wilfred Ray 65,78,176 Vasa. Terry Luke 170 Vaughn, Robin Teressa 135 Verell. Mary Margaret 170 Vess. Gregory Eugene,139,151. 156 Vess, Jean Ann 157,176 Vess. Mark Leslie 188 Vess, Mitchell Lee 122 Vess, Stephen Ellery 78. 182 Vess, Steven Lewis 170 Via. Dorothy Janell 122.133 Via. Gordon Frederick. Jr. 170 Vigil. Ricky Glenn 176 Vint, Craig Steven 69. 182 W Waddell. Richard Lee 87,99. 122,152 Wade. William Edward 42.122,151 Walker, Cheryl Ann 105,1 ,188 Walker. Darcena Shawver 200 Walthall, Kimberly Lynn 148,153,176 Walton, Charles Michael 149 Walton, Dawn Elizabeth 99,122.152.157 160,188 Walton, Marlene Denise 148,156.176 Walton, Robert Allan 65, 170 Ward, Cindy Frances 182 Ward. Glen Hampton 42,62.88,122.139.151 Ward. Marlon Brian 46,130,170 Ward, Sylvia Leigh 170 Warden, Elizabeth Darlene 160,176 Warren, Steven Harris 46,170 Washburn, James Edward 170 Waters. Theresa Gail 150.158 Wayts. Charles Webb, Anthonly Wayne 46,170 Weese, Richard Berlin 188 Welsh, Elizabeth Margaret 176 Wenck, Jo Ann 182 Wertz, Paul 170 Wertz, John 182 West, Mark Allen 73,176 West. Sandra Dalphine 154.182 Wheeler, Cheryl Ann 96.111.113,126.138. 140.156.158 White, Herman Rush 133,188 Whitehead. Jerry Rodney 42.70,96,122.139 Whiteside, Cynthia Ann 81,130,170 Whiting. Larry Eugene 182 Whiting. Shelia Laveme 122,126 Wickline. Anita Dale 182 Wickline. Joyce Marie 154,170 Wilhelm. Connie Sue 81,1 Wilhelm. Donald Reese 122,133 Wilhelm. Karen Leigh 156,158,182 Wilhelm, Jeffrey Glenn 42,88 Wilhelm. Teresa Pearl 50,66.68,81.148.152. 182 Wilkerson. Dale Andrew 55.149.182 Wilkerson, Gary Evans 52,188 Williams, David Wayne 46. 170 Williams. Ernest William, Jr. 51,188 Williams. Harry Kenneth 56,132,170 Williams, Norma Jean 122,148 Williams. Robert Leslie Jr. 45, 182 Williamson. Ann Belle 130,148,176 Wilson. Keith Allen 176 Wilson. Ronald Herbert 62,69.105.132,152, 157,188 Wilson, Steven Wayne 182 Wiseman. Richard Alvin 176 Withrow, Carl Wilson 42, Withrow. James Lewis 45 Withrow. John Byrne 62,69,122,139 Witt, Mitzi Ann 176 Wolfe, Anthony Lyle 170 Wolfe, Bobby Lee 170 Wolfe, Brady Lewis 176 Wolfe, Bruce Alan 176 Wolfe, Cheryl Dianne 50,122.140.188 Wolfe, Coyde Allen 176 Wolfe, Darel Gene 176 Wolfe, David William 122,182 Wolfe, Deborah Elizabeth 155,176 Wolfe, Elizabeth Gene 170 Wolfe. Gerald Milford, Jr. 132,170 Wolfe, Harry Miller, Jr. 182 Wolfe, Samuel Kay 170 Wolfe. Teresa Angelina 182 Woodward, Lawrence Edward 45,176 Worley. Crystal Faith 148,160,170 Worley. Joan Marie 138 Worley. Jo Anne 50.66. 170, 182 Wrenn, Shawn Stacey 188 Wright. Barbara Darlene 182 Wright. Carl Anthony 188 Wright, Carla Jean 160.170 Wright, Carol Jean 160.188 Wright. Glenda Kay 160,176 Wright. Harold Emanuel, Jr. 122,126,131, 135.140,149,160 Wright. Joyce Ann 170 Wright. Lauren Kay 122.131,161 Wright, Leonard Wilson 182 Wright, Ray Irvine 176 Wright, Robert E. 176 Wright, Sheryl Ranae 170 Wright, Stoney Lacey 170 Wright. Susan Paige 122 Wright. Tammy Dee 155 Wright. Tammy Jo 182 Z Zimmerman. Karen Lea 170 Zimmerman. Lori Lvnn 57.88,104,106.130, 138,151,152.157.1 Zimmerman. Peter Kay. Jr. 62.75,151,188 254 255 256 r ► r I i t, ■ n ■■ f - (f- i» • 1 1 . I 1 I 1 I ■ 3

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