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Ref Alcova V a 30065100368957 Mem 371.8 Alcova Memorial Case 1 otumz 11 dountij HicjpL Sc(ioo[ 2, n aUzij dudcjz dcxjincjton, l izcjinLa 24426 V Doris Dudly and Marcia Stull prepare to type the absentee sheet. Two students begin a new day at A.C.H.S. with the raising of the flag. Mary Margaret Humphries begins her Art homework. Karen Putnam starts her phone conversation as Doug Williams waits patiently. Miss Vass awaits a student ' s answer. Physical Education classes set out to do their daily exercises. “What seems to be the problem, Miss Clark?’’ 2 J— oincj Wfiat cS’fioufd This year at Alleghany County High School was filled with HARMONY. The students concurred with the faculty in an attempt to fill the school with pride and wisdom. Eighth graders struggled to learn the location of their classes and experienced their first formal dances. Underclassmen “help to shape a better day ” for them- selves by studying biology, creative writ- ing, and public speaking. Underclassmen encountered the privi- leges and thrills of becoming high school veterans. Seniors face this year with mixed feel- ings of fear, joy, and anticipation of their future. 3 Uo cHefy (Da, QzHovjJA an 4 HARMONY j.ona.1 (0 US.Z Jonas looks on solemnly in wonderment of the outcome of the approaching game. Most teachers’ days ended at 3:30, the 1974 Alcova Dedicatee ' s day began again at this hour. The football field reverberated with silence, except for the com- mands issued from this authoritative, witty, and personable man. A well-known and well-liked figure, this man pro- vides the discipline and guidance to mold a successful “crunch bunch” with the determination to win. His untiring energy does not seem to be depleted by the difficult task of consistently producing contenders for the top spot in the Blue Ridge District. He finds time to instruct the grapplers with pins, holds, etc. His enthusiasm for his team is evident through his voluble voice, experience, and concern coming from the sidelines. Along with these extra curricular activities, Coach Bill Jonas instructs the students in the fundamentals of safe driving. He provides the students with the good examples of being calm, cool, and collected behind the wheel. Spending many hours with the Varsity Club, Mr. Jonas again shows his leadership. Many thanks for your unselfish willingness to do all the unrequired but really superb deeds for Alleghany County High School. Your presence here contributed positively to the atmosphere of A.C.H.S. To you, WILLIAM W. JONAS, coach, teacher, and friend we dedicate the 1974 Alcova. Mr. Jonas congratulates David Noel after a fine game. Coach Jonas smiles after being presented a carnation at a pep rally. 6 7 974 fLco ja c f± J sckcatzz Coach Jonas seems bewildered over the out- come of the game. Coach Jonas argues with one of the officials over a penalty. Mr. Jonas waits impatiently for his next Driver’s Ed. student. swoon driver Jonas checks over Mrs. White- head’s figures. Mr. Jonas puts his life into a student ' s hands as he again prepares to take a treacherous ride. Coach, Teacher, Friend!! 7 Coach Jonas gives Gary Crossland some reassuring words. HARMONY 0 IN ACADEMICS 9 d l {z. (luizic JlzaAi. czQ. (1. czH. S. Mr. Cvizic glares at the intruder who interrupted his lunch. Under Mr. Cuizic’s firm hand, Alleghany has gone through another sensational year. He carried the burden of all the school’s anxieties as well as showing appreciation to students when deserved. Although he has a demanding schedule, a student can always come to him for a helping hand. Mr. Cvizic catches up nn some lost work. 10 1 Vaf zsx and zdd(da Uyzzjz (£)n dJxucfzin f Mr. Charles F. Walker, assistant principal with a quick smile and friendly wit, was always a favorite with the students. His duties included discipline measures, scheduling school activities, and seating students at assemblies. Mr. Edward E. Rhea has left a lasting impression on A.C.H.S. as his first year of assistant principalship. His work at A.C.H.S. has been exceedingly difficult, but he came through with flying colors. His work included being the Athletic director, bus scheduling, and head of text book rental. 11 School Board members seated L to R are: Delbert Hepler, Don Gross, Mrs. James Ginn, Frank Hammond, Benjamin Letson, Oscar Hum- phries, Robert Copenhaver. Mr. Letson takes time off from his busy schedule to answer the phone. Mr. Heywood confers with a teacher. Alleghany County School Board provided the guid- ance and supervision necessary for the school system. Mr. Letson showed his ability to direct the school through this hectic year. He conferred with faculty members many times. Mr. Heywood helped to introduce many new courses that were well received. Mr. Robert Burrowes, after competently serving as a school board member for many years, died in 1973. This was a great loss to our school system. IN MEMORY OF Robert F. Burrowes 12 Mrs. Whitehead discusses some work with one of her assistants. Secretaries of A.C.H.S. keep the school running smoothly. Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Snead work diligently trying to keep up with the fast pace of the school’s activities. Among the office helpers are those students giving up their free time to aid the frantic secretaries. Jo Ann Fridley helps Mrs. Whitehead with some of the office duties. 13 Jacqueline Anderson Joyce Barber Deena Barron Carol Buckalew Many new classes were added to the English Department curriculum. These classes were Drama, Mythology, Public Speaking and Composition. New text books were acquired for these courses and English classes which were organized around a central theme rather than being chronological. Included in the senior’s study were origin and history of the English language. The juniors read and studied the Red Badge of Courage, while the sophomores read Julius Caesar. Mrs. Barber times the beginning of a new speech. " Who is it, Mrs. Barron?” Mary Lifts Burton Earlene Horn 14 Miss Vass seems annoyed by the photographer. Janet Vass Anne Wotring Michael Wolfe 15 £ik azLani czfj-iA cStuctznts. Mary Helen Wolfe Sarah Peters Mary Stinnett Whenever a student needed help in the library, he found Miss Wolfe or her assistants by his side. Teachers and students have read many books recommended by Miss Wolfe. . Besides offering research information, there were many magazines and newspapers to add to a student s enjoy- ment and knowledge of current events. 16 ■c fzt dzs.ats.iL 2Jn.d.L jLcluaLLtu Bonnie S. Hodges Got something on your nose? Mrs. Hodges’ art classes continually revealed pros- pective artists. They depicted their character and style through many art projects that require crea- tivity. First year art students made such projects as papier-mache, pointillism, repousse, monochromatic paintings, and sculptures. Second year art students continued their art work with enameling, Christmas projects, leather work, hook rugs, and acrylic paintings. Art I students hurry to complete their entry for a poster contest. During the month of March, the art classes displayed their results of their hard work. HaKCK 1 » You I r Ar t March Youth Art Month 17 Judith Body Jean Conner Richard Cox “I don’t know how to do it, ” was a common phrase used by many math students. Teachers came to their aid by offering help in class, before and after school and in their free periods. Students were taught absolute values, equations, and geometric sequence and designs. Greg Bennett finds Miss Body ' s class a trip through dreamland while Janice Adkins tries hard to concentrate. 18 Debra Davis Alice Dills Miss Conner tries to mix moonshine with her math problems. Mr. Cox shows the photographer a usual " Cox Face " . Lee Dunn John Lombardo 19 Laura Ayers ■ SxjcLozatLon. Charles Holbert Mary Humbert “Fred Fritter ” to the rescue! Charles Merica Mrs. Deacon explains some physics problems to her class. Judge Newberry 20 zStzj2± ( ffizad c i c f. (1. cJi. zS. Science classes changed their routine schedule by going to the laboratory every other day. This gave the students a change of pace from their everyday work. By working in the laboratory, students had a better understanding of scientific problems. Mr. Mercia’s “corn” jokes and Mr. Newberry’s tid- bits of “info” added something different to teaching science. Mrs. Ayers shows her class another interesting film in biology. Mr. Newberry watches the scutters in the hall. 21 (Ajazz zcomz Jo Ann Bogan Harold Carter Carolyn Earehart Edward O’Rourke “ Time is an infinite movement without one moment of rest. ” History classes of A.C.H.S. were an example of this statement. Current events were constantly changing as well as the history classes. Many students were enlightened by Mr. Weade’s lively discussions on Watergate, the Middle East Situation, and the moral revolution. Students in Mr. Carter ' s class were amazed by the workings of the General Assembly. Mr. Weade waits impa- tiently for the photogra- pher to snap the pcicture. ‘I give up, ” Mr. Carter retorts. Wesley Reed Barbara Walsh Gary Weade James Williams 22 (Of dha-rzcjLncj dJimzh 23 Gloria Karnes d ozsujn -J2ancj uaazd. !3zina cSh.un.idi.(i ctW j r i£.ncfi duLtuxz dJo Charles Patton =$.€. cH. £. Miss Karnes teaches the class a new Spanish dia- logue. As an admirer from the stands whistles, Mr. Patton shows off his legs! Mr. Patton is it, si or oui? Foreign language classes had the aid of new teachers this year. Foreign languages taught this year were Spanish I, II, III, and French I, II. Students added to the excitement of class by participating in the Mexican Hat Dance, sampling Spanish foods, learning new and different things about Spain and France, and making pinatas. French students enjoyed the challenging pace set by Mr. Patton. They created French comic strips, had a teacher’s tea and read many French related articles. 24 dfazmontj f ulz± On Otu dij Of all Mary Margaret Humphries uses her time in study hall to catch up on some lost art work. Students show the relaxed atmosphere during study hall. Without the students working together in harmony, study hall would have been nothing more than a group get together. Throughout the cafeteria the study hall students felt the firm hand of Mrs. Smith. Students hud the privilege of quenching their thirst with pop while studying. Besides being a time for daily studying, study hall was used for catching up on lost sleep or missed class work. “Got any change? ” 25 XdU c W P[ay John Anderson Jo Ann Carter Beverly Haynes Sybil Hoover Hang in there, Mr. Rice. Another Raquel Welch, he isn ' t. ' ! William Jonas William Uzzell 26 Un c fazmonu The physical education classes of Alleghany went through their usual exercises and activi- ties this year, but with the addition of gym- nastics. The equipment includes: balance beam, parallel bars, uneven parallel bars, mini-tramp, and trampoline. Their activities included: baseball, basket- ball, tumbling, and crab soccer. While in the classroom, students studied first aid, drivers education and health. Mr. Anderson shows his students his “HE- MAN " strength. “THE DEATH RIDE " 27 idi Q-Y2.CH. nSt udzYlt± The guidance office is open anytime for any use the students might pos- sibly have. With the help of the three capable guidance counselors, the students just couldn ’t go wrong. The seniors rely heavily upon the guidance department for help in choosing the right college. Towards the end of the year, the guidance counselors are busy getting all the students scheduled for the next year. Harriet Bush Mr. Duff and Mr. Carpenter try to work out some D.E. problems. Mrs. Reynolds is found busily filling out a student ' s transcript for a college. 28 Ot JHt On OL J3 uiinz±5. Doris Jamison Nora O’Farrell Maude Raye Swartz “May I help you? ” Mrs. Swartz gives her students a helping hand. “a!s!d!f!j!k!l!;! — “liabilities must balance with assets’’, “to get a good job you must be neat, courteous, and efficient”. All these neces- sities of the business world are taught to the many students enrolled in these courses at A.C.H.S. Students gain skills that help them in con- structing term papers, balancing check books, and taking notes. Miss 0 ’Farrell looks busy grading typing papers of her short- hand class. 29 dJocjztfdx ( l44 dan cAAa(zz £Jt Thomas Ayers Robert Knabenshue Mr. Ayers shows one of his students the right way to do it in metal shop. Mr. Rudd takes time off to converse with some students. Any student at A.C.H.S. that wishes to learn the methods of mechanical drawing should take the class and be under the super- vision of our own Mr. Rudd. You are introduced into a whole differ- ent world with the Metal, Wood Shop, and Mechanical Drawing classes. In Wood Shop, you can learn how to make lamps, stools, gun racks, or even book shelves. In metal shop, you can be creative and show your artistic ability by making rings and bracelets. 30 tb. i 3 '± Stuclznti }ox Q-oud. Mr. Duff seems amused by one of his students. " Hello, it’s me!’ Distributive education gave students experience in handling jobs and coping with the problems that sometimes arise in these jobs. D.E. gave students the chance to face the real world before graduating from the classroom. Mr. Duff was not only a teacher but a friend and confidant to the the students. Hey there, I like your pom pom!! 31 cz fdzqfiany cJ fonzEnza.fzz.xi. Betty Clinedinst i Maria Perdue Home Economic classes were under the super- vision of Mrs. Perdue and Mrs. Clinedinst. Girls as well as boys learned how to prepare various dishes for many different occasions. They learned how to sew, health hints, personal hygiene, and how to plan nutritious meals. Mrs. Clinedinst gives one of her students a cheery hello! Womens Lib strikes again! “Suzie Homemaker, Suzie Homemaker!” 32 ■fazmony Of Ona[i±fi cOfnd Ofiitozij A combination of English and U.S. History was Humanities. It provided the student with the opportunity to become more involved in the activities, struc- ture, and content of the two hour class. Students were encouraged to be creative and become active participants in a liberated classroom setting. 33 c HLyHany £ om± It’s a bird! It’s a man! No, it’s super band! This year ' s A. C.H.S. band was one of the best Alleghany has ever had. Under the dirction of Leonard Baber, the band entertained the school at pep rallies, football games and concerts. The band “rocked and rolled’’ with Kathy Saville as head drum majorette. The band traveled to Bris- tol to compete with other schools and were noted for their unique dance step. John Hamlett looks surprised when his “bang-changa langing " is interrupted. 34 cHoxm.on.Lj ( lA itli c’l ' i UALC It couldn’t be that bad, or could it? This year choir took a new change of pace. There were three choir classes available for those students who wanted to show off their musical abilities. Music appreciation was also taught to any student who wanted to learn more about different types of music. The musical Thompson’s taught the students here at A.C.H.S. There is just more to music than just singing! A- AH! Caught ya! It makes me happy!! Vicki Thompson 35 }ac Anderson , Jacqueline M., Milligan College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Junior-Tri-Hi-Y. Anderson, John E., Ferrum Junior College, Concord College, B.S., Physical Education, Coach of Eighth Grade Football, Key Club, Track. Ayers, Laura L., Duke University, M.S., Marrietta College, A.B., Biology. Ayers, Thomas D., East Tennessee State University, M.A., Metal Shop. Baber, Leonard W., Concord College, B.S., Band. Barber, Joyce W., Madison College, B.A., English, Public Speaking. Barron, Deena C., Emory and Henry College, B.A., English, Composition. Body, Judith A., Radford College, B.S., Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Sponsor of Senior-Tri-Hi-Y. Bogan, Jo Ann, Madison College, B.S., Man and Society, Humanities, Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor. Buckalew, Carol Me. ,-Morris Harvey College, A.B., English. Burton, Mary Litts, Madison College, B.A., English, Humanities. Bush, Harriet H., Madison College, B.S., University of Virginia M. Ed., Guidance Counselor. Carpenter, Joseph H., Ill, Roanoke College, B.A., Guidance Counselor, Coach of Varsity Baseball, Varsity Wres- tling, Sponsor of Key Club, Varsity Club. Carter, Harold L., Lynchburg College, B.A., U.S. History, U.S. Government. Carter, Harold L., Lynchburg College, B.A., U.S. History, U.S. Government. Carter, Jo Ann, Radford College, B.S., Physical Education, Sponsor of Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Clark, Margie E., Madison College, B.A., English. Clinedinst, Betty B., Madison College, B.A., Home Economics, Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. Conner, Jeannie, Radford College, B.S., Math, Pre-Algebra, Math 9. Cox, Richard A., VPI and State University, B.A., Math I, Geometry, Sponsor of Ecology. Davis, Deborah L., Indiana University, VPI, B.S., Geometry, Math I. Deacon, Ann M. , Randolph Macon Woman’s College, B.A., Physics. Dills, Alice W., VPI, B.S., Madison, M.S., Math 8 and 9, Algebra I. Duff, Richard C., Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed., Distributive Educa- tion, Sponsor of Distributive Education Club of America, Student Cooperative Association. Dunn, Lee A., West Virginia University, B.S., M.S., Math, Coach of Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. 36 J Lx£ctoXU Earehart, Carolyn S., Concord College, B.S., Man and Society, U.S. History, sponsor of Student Action for Edu- cation. Haynes, Beverly, Madison College, B.S., Physical Education, Driver Education, Coach of Girl’s Basketball, Sponsor of Gymnastics. Heywood, James, VPI, B.S., Purdue University, M.S., University of Virginia, Ed. D., Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Hodges, Bonnie B., Madison College, B.S., Art, Sponsor of Pom-Pom Girls, Ecology Club. Holbert, Charles W., Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Hoover, Sybil M., Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., Physical Education, Health, Sponsor of Varsity Cheer- leaders. Horn, Earlene G., Madison College, B.S., English, Reading. Humbert, Mary B., Madison College, B.S., Physical Science, Biology. Jamison, Doris H., Berea College, B.S., Appalachian State University, M.A., Bookkeeping, Office Practice, General Business. Jonas, William W., Emory and Henry College, B.A., Driver Education, Coach of Varsity Football, Varsity Wres- tling, Sponsor of Varsity Club. Karnes, Gloria, Longwood College, Universidad de las Americas, B.A., Spanish, S ponsor of Spanish Club. Karter, Ann, University of Maine, B.S., M.A.T., English, Sponsor of National Honor Society. Knabenshue, Robert C., West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S., Wood Shop. Lombardo, John A., Concord College, Marshall University, Ohio University, A.B., Math, Business Math. Mann, Barbara E., Concord College, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Future Nurses of America, Alcova. Merica, Charles F., West Liberty State College, West Virginia University, B.S., Science, Chemistry, Sponsor of Photography Club, Radio Club. Newberry, Judge E., University of Maryland, Concord College, B.S., Madison College, M.S., Earth Science, Sponsor of Science Club. O’Farrell, Nora K., Marshall University, B.A., Ohio State University, M.A., Shorthand, General Business, Spon- sor of Future Business Leaders of America. O’Rourke, Edward, Lynchburg College, B.A., World Geography. Patton, Charles A., University of California, B.A., French, Spanish, Sponsor of French Club. Perdue, Maira B., Madison College, B.A., VPI, M. Ed., University of Virginia, Home Economics, Sponsor of Future Homemakers. 37 }acu[tu Peters, Sarah P., Madison College, B.S. Librarian. Reed, Marion W., Beckley Junior College, A. A., Morris-Haruey College, B.S., World Geography, U.S. History. Reynolds, Enaza E., Longwood College, B.S., Guidance, Sponsor of Future Nurses of America. Rhea, Edward E., Lynchburg College, B.S., University of Notre Dame, M.Ed., Assistant Principal, Athletic Director. Rice, Gary W., Ferrum College, VPI, B.S., Physical Education. Rudd, Terry A., Murry State University, B.S., Mechanical Drawing. Shawver, Jean, Radford College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Students for School Spirit. Sheets, Elizabeth T., Madison College, C O Hospital School of Nursing Guidance Secretary. Smith, Jean, Radford College, Study Hall. Snead, Ellen N., Secretary. Stinnett, Mary K., Librarian. Swartz, Maude R., Mary Washington College, B.S., Typing, Personal Typing, Sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America. Thomp son, Lynda N., Madison College, B.M.E.D., Choir, General Music. Thompson, Vicki, Radford College, B.S., Exploratory Music, General Music. Uzzell, William J., College of William and Mary, Montgomery College, B.A., Physical Education, Driver Educ- cation, Coach of Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Wrestling. Vass, Janet, Roanoke College, B.A., English, Drama, Public Speaking. Walsh, Barbara, Brenau College, University of Georgia, B.S., Sociology, World History. Walker, Charles F., Concord College, B.A., West Virginia University, M.A., Assistant Principal. Weade, Gary A., Lynchburg College, B.A., Government. Whitehead, Patricia D., Secretary. Williams, James D., Emory ' and Henry College, University of Virginia, University of Daton, B.A., World History, Sponsor of Chess Club. Wolfe, Mary H., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Radford College, B.A., Library Science, Sponsor of Honor Council. 38 1 M urzctoru Wolfe, Michael D., VPI, B.A., History, English. Wotring, Anne M., The American University, B.A., English, Journalism, Sponsor of PATRIOT. 39 40 HARMONY IN Sports 41 1 axiitij ouj± {] ncon±i±t ncu 1st Row: W. Jordan, R. Archie, S. Worley, R. Bocook, J. Whitehead, M. Burnette, M. Lawhorn, R. Weber. 2nd Row: J. Bostic, J. Wilhelm, B. Sizemore, J. Vigil, G. Ward, M. Talley, S. Downey, C. Brown, J. Withrow, C. Swartz. 3rd Row: S. Sizemore, J. Elbon, M. Crowder, C. Withrow, B. Buchanan, B. Ambrose, W. Snead, L. Nicely, D. Pinner, G. Crossland. 4th Row: E. McVay, J. McVay, D. Ayers, D. Rowan, J. Meyer, B. Bolden, J. Johnson, T. Austin, R. Brown, M. Michie, B. Nicely, D. Noel. After losing many senior players, Coach Jonas started the year with inexperienced players. The Colts surprised everyone by rolling over two non- district opponents to start the year right. James River and Bath County of the Alleghany Highlands District were the losers in these games. Alleghany then lost to triple A Jefferson High School. The Colts then had their biggest win of the season when they beat Clifton Forge, 34-8. They defeated Lord Botetourt for a sec- ond district win but then lost three consecutive games to William Byrd, Covington, and Glenvar. Alleghany then concluded the season with a 6-6 tie with Green brier East. Gary Crossland presents Mrs. Bodell with a corsage on parents night. 42 On lOxs aJz - O ' Jan Ob sa±on Rusty Nicely of Clifton Forge brings down Brandon Nicely after a substantial gain. his punts. “Speedy " Bob Bolden races 93 yards on a kick-off return against Bath County. 43 dDutfoofz }ox d fzxt Ljzax f ood. Jeff Elbon scores a touchdown after catching a pass from David Noel against Clifton Forge. Fans and cheerleaders congratulate the Colts after a victory against Bath County. David Noel rushes onto the field before an important game. 44 Roger Bocook and Roger Brown bring down a Glenvar back as Charlie Nicely and Jerry Whitehead look on. 1973 Varsity Football A.H.S. Opp. 13 James River 6 31 Bath County 0 7 Jefferson 9 34 Clifton Forge 8 9 Lord Botetourt 7 0 William Byrd 35 23 14 Covington 0 Glenvar 21 6 Greenbrier East 6 114 Total 115 12.7 Avg. Pts. Per Game 12.8 Overall Record 4-4-1 District Record 2-3 Dwight Rowan scores against Jefferson. Jerry Meyer presents his mother with a corsage on parents’ night. 45 1st Row: C. Stull, M. Terry, D. Wilkerson, B. Craft, B. Stone, J. Smith, S. Vess. 2nd Row: J. Smith, M. Linkswiler, G. Kincaid, C. Horn, C. Perkins. 3rd Row: J. Hoke, K. Edwards, P. Clark, M. Bailey, D. Oyler, D. Simpson, T. Mustoe. The J. V. ’s were shut out in five of eight contests as their offense sputtered all year. The Colts won two games as they beat arch-rival Clifton Forge and Glenvar. The Colts had a good defense as they shut out two opponents and held four others to two touchdowns. A small squad seemed to hurt the team as many players had to play both offense and defense. 1973 J. V. Football A.H.S. Opp. 0 James River 12 0 Covington 30 0 Clifton Forge 14 14 Glenvar 0 0 Lord Botetourt 13 8 Covington 16 8 Clifton Forge 0 0 Northside 27 Overall Record 2-6 TheJ. V. pla yers board the bus to leave for Glenvar. 46 1st Row: J. Saylor, G. Bartley, P. Craft, R. Bennett, M. Sellers, R. Morris, R. Hoke, G. Fourquean. 2nd Row: L. Woodward, J. Horn, K. Bennett, T. Nicely, T. Bostic, S. Sawyer. 3rd Row: Coach Snead, R. Dodd, Coach Anderson, 0. Humphries, S. Bland, J. Smith, J. Withrow, T. Thurston, R. Critzer, B. Craft, S. Terry. Even though the eighth grade team did not have a very successful season, they did show spirit and de- termination. They co-operated well and showed abil- ity that will hopefully appear in their future football career. 8th Grade Football A.H.S. Opp. 2 Botetourt Intermediate 0 0 Covington 16 0 Parry McCluer 0 0 Covington 42 0 Glenvar 21 ! Overall Record 1-3-1 Bob Craft is brought to the ground by a Lord Botetourt defender. 47 OVJ Front: Coach Haynes, B. Terry, M. Smith, R. Smith, J. Coffey, D. Adkins, J. Mays, S. Lemon, A. Owens. The girls basketball team under a new coach, Miss Beverly Haynes, had a winning season. They showed great hustle although their opponents were much bigger. All the girls showed potential; the team lead- ers were Julia Paitsel, Janet Mays, and Sandy Lemon. The Fillies should improve next year even though they will lose two seniors; Julia Paitsel and Diana Adkins. Roberta Smith grabs a rebound away from a Glenvar defender. 48 p. ZO 7ZL±£. ?oz Jk } u.t uxz. 1973 Girls Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 51 William Byrd 19 46 Glenvar 27 32 Clifton Forge 61 55 Lord Botetourt 47 34 Covington 46 31 Clifton Forge 64 44 Lord Botetourt 37 35 Covington 44 38 William Byrd 31 59 Glenvar 29 Blue Ridge Tournament 39 William Byrd 33 50 Covington 51 ; Overall Record 7-5 Janet Mays drives for a layup. Roberta Smith grabs a rebound from a Glenvar defender. Coach Haynes instructs the girls basketball team during a time out. 49 ecus. J Li.ap.j2oin.tinq zason 1st Row: K. Johnson, A. Jordan, R. Carr, B. Barr, A. Haynes, T. Guth, T. Wilhelm, S. Bragg, G. Harison, B. Broy, E. Jordan. 1973 J. V. Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 28 James River 8 | 25 Clifton Forge 33 16 Covington 21 26 Clifton Forge 29 24 Covington 17 This year’s J. V. girls basketball team had their ups and downs. The baby fillies started out the year with a smashing 28 to 8 victory over James River. Then they dropped 3 consecutive games to Covington and Clifton Forge twice. They ended the season on a winning note by defeating Covington 24-17. Coach Haynes briefs her charges before a crucial game. 50 T. Smith, M. Crone, J. Riddle, V. Conner, E. Williams, R Clemons, C. Wayts. J fi evj (loach J jcac[± J-faxxi x± (Jo 2nd (Place JinLih Vance Conner crosses the finish line after completing Alleghany ' s rugged Cross Country course. The ACHS Cross Country team had a successful season this year even though their record was 4-4. Although the whole team performed well , first year man Jimmy Riddle must be commended as he placed first in almost all the meets. 1973 Cross Country A.H.S. Opp. 33 Greenbrier East 23 18 James River 38 39 Dublin 40 Giles 43 34 Glenvar 23 15 James River 43 28 Parry McCluer 27 34 Glenvar 22 2nd in Blue Ridge 18th in State Overall Record 4-4 51 u ndljaKU z± czJ zbounA }zom czty 1st Row: K. Johnson, M. Spraggins, M. Michie, B. Spivey, W. Jordan, C. Hayes, J. Johnson. 2nd Row: S. Humphries, Coach Williams, J. Elbon, D. Noel, D. Thurston, W. Snead, D. Posey, G. Simpson, D. Miller. The Colts began the year slowly by winning only three out of their first eleven games. Then on January 19, they defeated Rockbridge, and from there on they lost only three regular season games. In the first game of the tournament, they upset Clifton Forge 56-55. They then put down first place “Botty”, 72-71 in a “barnburner” won at the buzzer on a jumper by Barry Spivey. However, the Colts bowed to Glenvar 70-55 in the championship game. Special recognition should go to Kenny, Carl, and Jerome who made the all-tournament team. Carl Hayes drives for an easy layup. 52 zStovj 17o 3 ' Lni±n cStzonq “Dirty” eludes a Mountie defender to score an easy basket. Players and cheerleaders rejoice after the tournament victory over “Botty. ” Jeff Elbon goes high to score for the Colts. 53 dcuif, dd ' ciiu, cd rtA U znny The coaches confer with the players during a timeout. Danny Thurston wrestles with Clifton ' s Rodney Unroe for the ball. 54 a.(zz c j ' U.- Uouxnamznt 3zam David Noel prepares to shoot for the Colts. Carl Hayes fires up a fade-away jumper from long range. 1973-74 Varsity Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 62 James River 89 54 Bath County 48 46 Lord Botetourt 55 51 Clifton Forge 75 58 William Byrd 75 67 Clifton Forge 75 54 Bath County 50 75 Greenbrier East 77 65 Glenvar 63 54 Covington 80 79 Greenbrier East 99 78 Rockbridge 66 58 James River 77 55 Lord Botetourt 83 64 Covington 58 64 Bath County 58 54 Clifton Forge 49 69 Rockbridge 47 61 Glenvar 64 78 William Byrd Blue Ridge Tournament 95 56 Clifton Forge 55 72 Lord Botetourt 71 55 Glenvar 70 District Record 3-7 Overall Record 10-13 Coach Williams takes time out to pose fora picture. 55 n . 1 cJ fcL J£ Vlscli LOCXE salon 1st Row: A. Harrison, P. Smith, M. Raether, A. Lowry. 2nd Row: J. Bostic, T. Averill, J. Simpson, D. Ayers, J. Cash, S. Dressier. 1973-74 J. V. Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 49 James River 53 25 Bath County 38 48 Lord Botetourt 41 43 Clifton Forge 73 40 William Byrd 82 36 Greenbrier East 51 38 Glenvar 54 33 Covington 43 40 Greenbrier East 76 34 Rock bridge 62 56 James River 64 43 Lord Botetourt 42 34 Covington 46 66 Bath County 43 39 Clifton Forge 29 57 Rockbridge 34 33 Glenvar 48 49 William Byrd 58 Overall Record 5-13 This year’s J.V. Basketball team did not have a good year as they won only five games. They did play good ball all year as they lost by only a few points in most of their games. Allen Lowry tries for two. 56 j3 a(jy do[t± zHclue cz fn. ff L ax 1st Row: R. May, A. James, M. West, L. Smith. 2nd Row: M. Sellers, M. Lomasney, J. Saylor, G. Fourquean. 3rd Row: R. Adkins, G. Bartley, B. Craft, R. Wiseman, J. Humphries, B. Hand, T. Bostic, Coach Weade, D. Loan. The eighth grade basketball team had a new coach this year. Coach Weade piloted the team in his first year at Alleghany. The team progressed as they went along. Evidence of the progress they made was in the way they closed the season. They won two of their last four games and gave Botetourt a lot better game the second time around. Bob Craft was the leading scorer in most of the games. 1973-74 8th Grade Basketball A.H.S. Opp. 15 Botetourt Intermediate 51 22 Bath County 24 17 Natural Bridge 35 21 Covington 42 27 James River 33 32 Clifton Forge 58 29 Natural Bridge 64 28 Bath County 23 19 Covington 66 41 Clifton Forge 39 39 Botetourt Intermediate 55 Overall Record 2-7 57 0 az±Lty (IPl sszfsaclszx CIS. 1st Row: K. Poe, T. Whitehead, S. Nicely, N. Childs, D. Lockard. 2nd Row: L. Zimmerman, J. Leinhardt, K. Newcomb, K. Bodell. The 1973-74 edition of the varsity cheerleaders at Alleghany was as outstanding as the others who had preceded them. They were capably led by head cheerleader Stephanie Nicely. There were four seniors on the nine member squad and they will be missed next year. The seniors were Nancy, Dinah, Terry, and Stephanie. Kristie, Dinah, and Terry practice hard for an upcoming pep rally. Mary Burks embraces Jill after the tournament victory over Lord Botetourt. 58 SjiLTLt c fncl Einth u±Lu±m Melissa Hostetter and the cheerleaders mourn the “ death ' of the Colt ' s opponent. Jill Liendhart cheers the Colt basketball team to another victory. Cheerleaders attempt to catch a ride to one of the away games. 59 Left to Right, Tammy Hammond, Kathy Parker, Tammy Hall, Cheryl Campbell, Sally Smith, Becky Davis, and Julie Potter. “V .... I .... C .... T .... 0 .... R .... Y was a cheer led most en- thusiastically by the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, Sally, Tammy Hammond, Kathy, Tammy Hall, Cheryl, Becky, and Julie. Sally Smith was captain throughout a rewarding year. Each year these cheerleaders are responsible for encouraging the players to do their best and for inspiring enthusiasm in the many fans who attended the games. These girls have helped tremendously in creating an atmosphere of pep and spirit! 60 dZiafith (f fxaAz cScjuad aim cZxj2xxixn.CE First Row, L. to R., Garlinda Altizer, Christie Balser, Christy Stone. Second Row, L. to R., Dolores Van Buren, Sandy Stone, Marva Livesay. Bach Row, Kimmy Harrison and Gail Keyser. Football and Basketball games provided a chance for the Eighth Grade cheering squad to boost the morale of the players and gain cheering experience for the future. The squad consisted of Garlinda, Christie, Christy, Dolores, Sandy, Mar- va, Kimmy, and Gail. Eighth graders appear nervous as they try-out in front of the student body. 61 1st Row: L. to R., N. Goldberg, J. Hoke, R. Angle, J. Wilhelm, S. Minter, G. Ward. 2nd Row: L. to R., K. Taylor, P. Zimmerman, B. Size- more, B. Ambrose, R. Bocook, M. Crone, M. Rosier, S. Downey, C. Unroe. 3rd Row: L. to R., Coach Carpenter, C. Withrow, G. Humphries, R. Nicely, J. Withrow, G. Crossland, M. Sutherland, R. Weber, L. Whitmore, R. Wilson, Coach Jonas. Mark Rosier tries to overcome an opponent. 62 Q Vcnz (D(7£T dtijton Jozcjz Glen Ward throws an opponent to the mat. Coach Jonas discusses the wrestling schedule with Mrs. Whitehead. ACHS 1973-74 Varsity Wrestling Opp. 10 William Byrd 41 51 Covington 15 56 Clifton Forge 6 24 Lord Botetourt 36 21 Northside 39 17 Glenvar 32 30 Greenbriar East 21 25 Glenvar 30 50 Covington 9 57 Clifton Forge 6 22 Lord Botetourt 23 35 Greenbriar East 9 398 267 Overall Record 6-6 63 cArnA. AouLncjton, AfujliLiafit ASzaion Ricky Angle struggles with a Covington rival. Joey Hoke prepares to overtake his opposition. A.C.H.S.’s varsity wrestling team had a break- even season but outscored their competition, 398- 267. Glen Ward placed in Blue Ridge District com- petition with first place honors. Billy Sizemore was first in Regional competition. The team showed skill and determination. They concluded the season with hope of a bright future. 64 1st Row: F Persinger, B. Platt, G. Campbell, D. Bridges. 2nd Row: M. Price, M. Linkswiller, T. Rathe, W. Bennett. This years J. V. wrestlers worked very hard. Under the leadership of Coach Uzell, they learned new skills and holds and put them to work on the wrestling mat. They highlighted the year by soundly defeating Northside Junior High School 30-24 who had previously defeated them 61-6. 1973-74 J.V. Wrestling A.H.S. Opp. 14 William Byrd 38 30 Covington 20 12 Glenvar 29 18 Northside J. V. 15 6 Northside J.H. 61 21 Covington 26 16 Botetourt 24 30 Northside J.H. 24 Overall record 3-5 65 1st Row: R. Clemons, E. Kingrey, D. Rowan, B. Deacon. 2nd Row: G. Dickson, A. Wilson, J. Hamlett, P. Clark. Although the Indoor Track team never placed first in any of their meets, they did come through with some spectacular individ- ual performances. In the Blue Ridge District Track Meet they placed third as everyone worked hard and placed in at least one event. Greg Dickson shows good shot putting form. 66 ( jjviLiL UxaJl 7 t (f xzak BzcjLnninq First Row, L. to R., Coach Beverly Haynes, E. Jordan, K. McCallister, M. Ad- kins, T. Wilhelm, M. Friel, D. Adkins. Second Row, L. to R., J. Coffey, B. Davis, V. Adkins, T. Guth, A. Jordan. Third Row, L. to R., K. Waters, T. Smith, R. Smith. Opponent A.C.H.S. 72 Clifton Forge 14 2 3 36 1 3 Lord Botetourt 67 James River 29 55 Lord Botetourt 41 641 2 James River 30 1 2 District Meet 78 Clifton Forge 62 ' Glenvar 30 ' A Alleghany County 11 William Byrd Janet Mays sprints to victory. Elizabeth Jordan strides easily across the hurdles. Teresa Wilhelm puts all her effort into a flash finish. Roberta Smith heaves the discus. Girls’ track became a new member of the sports family of Alleghany County High School. The girls placed third in the district, eleventh in the regionals, and finished the season with determination to make the future season as good as or better than the present year. 67 CoL± n az±itu Ozacll Uzcim 1st Row: G. Dickson, J. Johnson, D. Rowan, M. Raether, J. Riddle, R. Wilson, W. Jordan. 2nd Row: D. NeCaise, R. Lacour, S. Sizemore, M. Burnette, J. Hamlett, J. Meyer, J. Withrow. Wade Jordan tries in vain to catch a speedy Greenbrier East runner. This year’s track team had a bad year teamwise as they failed to win in any of the meets they partici- pated in. They had many outstanding individual per- formances despite their record. “Dirty” led the team in scoring in every meet and captured four first place honors in the District meet. Dwight Rowan placed in both hurdle events in the District meet also. Jimmy Riddle also had an excellent year; he won the two- mile event in the Regionals. John Hamlett shows a good effort in the long jump. cHcl± cSt SSiAah.h.oLntinq Dwight Rowan shows determination as he clears a hurdle on the way to another first place finish. “Dirty " shows the form which led to his finishing second in the district. A.H.S. 1974 Varsity Track Opp. 40 Parry McCluer 69 Covington 60 47 William Byrd 89 64 Covington 68 45 Glenvar 68 Clifton Forge 57 47 Lord Botetourt 87 62 Greenbrier East 74 45 Covington 70V2 Clifton Forge 54 V 2 11th in Buena Vista Relays 3rd in Blue Ridge District Overall Record 0-10 69 Ojiott± On cOrction 70 Q.. Q . 4. at7£ cJ OUCjfl cSi zazon 1st Row: G. Forequeen, J. Withrow, S. Clemons, G. Campbell. 2nd Row: C. Jeffries, C. Horn, S. Terry, Clark. 3rd Row: P. Clark, M. Terry, I. Entsminger, T. Norkus. Although the J.V. track team was com- posed of mostly 8th graders or first year track members they did rather well. Although they didn’t win many meets they came through with a lot of individual performances. The varsity should benefit well from these boys in the years to come. 71 Dirty Johnson demonstrates to the J.V.s how to high jump. First Row: M. Broce, S. Lemon, B. Lawhorn, J. May. Second Row: A. Harrison, A. Lemon, B. R. Rupert, H. Birckhead, C. Swartz. (Not pictured: M. Lawhorn.) ARCHIE LEMON WINS STATE 2 A GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP!!! On the first day of the cham- pionship, Archie shot a par 70. On the following day, he shot a 75 to give him a total of 145 and the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP honors! The Annual Staff, as well as the rest of Alleghany County High School, salutes Archie Lemon for his fine performan ce. Golf came to A.C.H.S. as a new sport this year and really made it big! The team was undefeated in 12 matches along with winning the Blue Ridge District title and placing in the regionals with third place honors. A.C.H.S. 1974 Varsity Golf Opp. 12 ‘A Parry McCluer 5 A 15 William Byrd 3 15 Clifton Forge 3 18 William Byrd 0 18 James River 0 14 Glenvar 4 18 James River 0 10 Lord Botetourt 8 14 Glenvar 4 12 A Lord Botetourt 5 A 17 ' A Clifton Forge A Parry McCluer 4 A 1st in Blue Ridge 3rd in Regionals 72 ' ll cm tJSfuz OaL Archie Lemon concentrates on the game ahead. Coach Uzzell takes a break to review the scores. Sandy Lemon putts for an easy par. 73 Succeaa(u£ Dzam 1st Row: M. Spraggons, G. Vess, J. Powell, M. Michie, J. Elbon, S. Dressier, G. Simpson. 2nd Row: Coach Carpenter, C. Withrow, B. Nicely, A. Lowery, B. Buchanan, L. Whitwore, W. Snead, S. Carr, Coach Dunn. 3rd Row: D. Oyler, R. Bocook, D. Noel, S. Minter, G. Humphries, T. Averill, M. Middleton, R Humphries. Returning only three starters from last years squad, Coach Carpenter had to rely heavily on in- experienced players. Although most of the boys had little or no varsity experience, they played tough ball and showed a lot of hustle and determination. They proved this by defeating Lord Botetourt 8-3 to gain a berth in the Regionals, but the inexperi- ence showed as they fell to a strong Laurel Park team. Special honors were bestowed upon Brandon Nicely, Jim Powell, David Noel, and Mike Michie as they were placed on the first team of the All- Blue Ridge Team, and Mike Middleton and Greg Vess were named to the second team! David Noel lets loose with another fast ball against tough William Byrd. 74 Jimmy Powell holds a Covington runner close to first base. 75 Mike Michie makes a futile attempt to tag out a Laurel Park runner. The Colt dugout looks worried as the end of the game nears. 1974 Varsity Baseball A.H.S. Opp. 24 James River 3 6 Greenbrier East 5 18 Wilson Memorial 16 2 Lord Botetourt 1 5 William Byrd 4 13 Covington 6 2 Glenvar 6 6 Lord Botetourt 8 13 Clifton Forge 6 1 William Byrd 8 13 Covington 2 7 Glenvar 6 6 Clifton Forge 2 Blue Ridge Tournament 6 William Byrd 0 8 Lord Botetourt 3 0 Glenvar 9 Regionals 1 Laurel Park 8 Overall Record 11-5 76 V. i LijifzoCd Winnincj ' Uzadition 1st Row: P. K. Zimmerman, R. Campbell, B. Platt, W. Van Lear, B. Balser, G. Price, P. Simmons. 2nd Row: M. Forbes, A. James, J. Smith, R. Dodd, F. Persinger, B. Stone, Coach Rice. 3rd Row: M. Bailey, L. Broughman, D. Simpson, J. Scruggs, M. Vess, J. Hoke, D. Ayers. Coach Rice and his J. V. baseball team proved a lot to the students at Alleghany. They proved that even though they were a young team, they could win and win big. They did this by defeating Varsity teams 2 out of 4 games they played in. A.H.S. 1974 J.V. Baseball Opp. 2 Wilson Memorial 1 7 Covington 8 10 Glenvar 9 1 Glenvar 6 8 Shavville (Varsity) 4 1 Shawsville (Varsity) 2 15 Covington 1 8 Lord Botetourt 2 8 Boy’s Home (Varsity) 24 9 Lord Botetourt 7 15 Covington 0 11 Boy ’s Home (Varsity) 5 Overall Record 8-4 Lacy Broughman prepares to lay down a bunt during pre- game warm-up. 77 78 HARMONY IN FKATI I RES 79 cHonizcomincj, 1Q73 — c3 f- c afiku Dinah Marie Lockard Colette Kimble Waters ( 9 . CCa±LOKL Jox izh.n aniz Dinah, Tricia, Stephanie, Terry, Kim, and Beth take time to pose fora photograph. “Superstars ’73“ was the theme of the Homecoming dance this year. The homecoming festivities started at half-time with six nervous girls riding in cars on- to the field. Then Eddie Nicely, President of the Colt Club, crowned Miss Stephanie Nicely to reign over the festivities. She was voted queen by the entire student body. There was a dance following the game. Decorations and band were provided by the Colt Club and the S.S.S. Club. Students danced to the sounds of Com- pany l Inc. Although the loss of the game was disappointing the night turned out to be one of the most successful homecomings in the history of the school. Eddie Nicely crowns Stephanie as Homecoming queen. 81 £t udznts. ofcH.C.Jf.S. Sk Oi ' J J4axmonu cKft Jf. omzcomi ”6 Homecoming Court and Escorts L. to R. Wesley Golden, Dinah Lockard, John Hamlett, Tricia McDowell, Tommy Keller substituted for Joe Cabrejo, Stephanie Nicely, Max Miller, Kim Waters, Woody Warrer, Beth Stewart, Mere Broce, and Terrx Whitehead. Students dance to the good vibrations of Company, Inc. c Munca ns. jL±LtaAo a (Zsh. ana. n Beth Stewart and Rhonda Patterson present Miss Karnes with roses. Kathy Bodell and Doug Williams dance in front of the sombrero. For those who can not read Spanish the headline reads “Never Been to Spain, ” This was the theme that highlighted the Spanish Club Dance this year. Couples dance to the music of Stonehenge. The decorations included streamers, scenes drawn from a Spanish street, and a big som- brero in the middle of the gym. The Stonehenge provided the music for “el baile. ” Miss Gloria Karnes is the new sponsor of the Spanish Club and they presented her with roses in appreciation of her time and effort this year. 83 € £dJA cm l linksx 9V Candidates L to R: Sarah VanLear, Kitty Simpson, Donna Campbell queen, Carol Belcher princess, Theresa Nida, and Ethel Kimbo. Escorts L to R: Gary Gumm , Jon Bostic, Sammy Dressier, Joe Ball, Bobby Campbell, and John Moore. We felt the hand of Old Man Winter on the night of “Silver Bells. ” Although the weather was very cold, and the dance had been postponed, many couples came out and danced to the sounds of Liberations. Decorations were provided by the Future Homemakers of America. They spent the whole week before the dance fixing the decorations. The Snow Queen was voted on by the FHA. Donna Campbell leas voted queen and Carol Belcher was voted princess. Mr. Walker awarded the girls with roses and a kiss. A selected group of Third Year Choir members led by Mrs. Linda Thompson provided various songs for special enter- tainment while Stewart Jones presented a solo, “Let It Be Me.” Debbie Reyn olds, Mike Middleton, Mark Burnette, Mary Burks, JimmyStewart, Alma Mundy, Cristal Sizemore, Steve Minter, Christy Balser, and Brandon Nicely " goof off " at the formal. Serving girls await the arrival of Old Man Winter. 84 czd ddzLauzA dfzzLztnzaz ddo’im Front Row: Kathy Sauille, Trade Nelson, Bridget Nicely, Caren Evans, Sylvia Tolley, Sarah Van- Lear, and Janet Wolfe. Back Row: Richard Waddell, Nathan Goldberg, Mike Michie, and Don Adams. Leading: Mrs. Linda Thompson. Mr. Walker congratulates Donna Campbell with a kiss. Couples slow the pace as they dance to the song, “ Colour My World. ” 85 Ljou 2 c j-cczniuotzs. “Just You ‘n’ Me,” Chicago’s popular song, served as theme of the Sweetheart Dance. During the dance, they presented Miss Judith Body, their sponsore with roses and Miss Mary Margaret Hum- phries, president, with a corsage. Twelve candidates were nominated for queen and king. The student body voted on and elected Nancy Childs queen, and Jeff Elbon, king. After- wards they were honored by the band playing a special song for them. The other couples joined in later. A fabulous Company, Inc., which had been here before, supplied the music. Special entertainment was provided by Stewart Jones, who sang a very melodious “If”. Ah! Queen and King for a night. The drummer is hard at work while another member of the band takes it easy. Lower classmen also enjoy the dance. 86 17 L 74 £Sv ££,t(i£.axt J ancz Front Row L to R: Becky Loomis, Melissa Hostetter, Nancy Childs, Debbie Bell, Janice Adkins, Vickie Fuller. Back Row L to R Archie Lemon, Wesley Golden, Jeff ELbon, Mike Michie, Greg Bennett, Woody Warren. Couples swing to the music of Company, Inc. 87 Nominees L to R: Kathy Jamison, Sherry Morgan, Kristie Poe, Key Club Sweetheart, Debbie Stull, and Kathy Reyns. Escorts from L to R: Rene Weber, David Shores, Brandon Nicely, Rick Clemmons, and Keith Wilhelm. “Rock ’74”, the theme of the Key Club Dance, lived up to its name by having the Royal Kings from Roa- noke to play for the Dance. The first presentation came when the Kings gave a concert for the student body during the afternoon. Their modern music and style enticed many couples to attend the dance that evening and “boogie” until midnight. Kristie Poe was crowned queen of the dance by secretary of the Key Club, Billy Major. The queen and her court were voted on by the Key Club. The Key Club made their usual good showing by using a modern theme and booking a well-liked band. Black lights and posters aid in creating a special evening. 88 JfnA " JZock ' Kristie beams as Billy Major crowns her Key Club Sweetheart. The Royal Kings made the dance a big success with their fantastic “sounds. ” The “heavy” sounds of the Royal Kings provide an atmosphere in which the couples can really rock at the “ Rock ’74 " dance. 89 jy[ l±± H a±± , J- ix£ct± Q-iini-z. ± domino cdfomz. Cast Hedda Weber .... Young Hedda Weber . Johanna Weber . . . David Weber .... Karl Weber Junie Weber (as a boy) June Weber (as a man) .Tammy Scruggs . .Beth Stewart . . .Kim Waters . Whitney Loving . . .Sam Worley Nathan Goldbert . . Wesley Golden Johanna and Karl talk over, with David, the idea of moving away from the river, but David disagrees. The setting was the parlor of the Weber home in Quincy, Illinois, a small river town during the civil war. The play revolves around Hedda Web- er, an elderly lady, who is waiting for her son, Junie, to come home from the war. Miss Janet Vass, director of the play, had a rewarding first year at Alle- ghany. The play was presented for the school, Dabney, and received an excellent rating at the play festival at Glenvar. Junie Weber (as a man), discusses his adventures with his mother. 90 Her grandson, David frequently waits with her, and they read and talk of Junie’s exploits. David’s mother and father, Johanna and Karl, try to keep David from getting too caught up in them. Through a series of flashbacks the play comes to an ironic end. Young Hedda Weber, places a good luck charm on Junie Weber (as a boy). c fnnuo£ unioz (2 Losl± IjaLznt . Sfi ova Doug Williams, Sam Worley, and Steve Downey, sing “Fire and Rain ” and “My Sweet Lady’’ for the Junior Class Talent Show. Hodnett Hall was transformed into a showcase for a wide variety of talent. There was singing, dancing, and joking, all of which contributed to the success of the talent show. Kristie Poe and Gary Crossland narrated and in- troduced the different acts. Voting for the winners was done differently this year. A panel of judges selected the winners from the twelve acts. The Gospel Road Trio, consisting of Menzie Overton, Don Adams, and Donna Brough- man, won first place. They sang two selections, “Why Me” and “Let Me Live. ” Stewart Jones, second place winner sang “Break Up To Make Up. ” Third place was won by Doug Williams, Sam Worley and Steve Downey, who sang “Fire and Rain” and ‘My Sweet Lady. ” Stewart Jones sings “ Break Up to Make Up. ” Don Adams, Menzie Overton, and Donna Broughman, the Gospel Trio, perform for the Junior Class Talent Show. Kristie Poe and Gary Crossland “goof off’’ with the students between acts. mm i ? ' 1 : 1 - ' ; ’ ■ T 91 Theresa Waters, Kathy Reyns, Debbie Stull, and Jane Lawler entertain the students with some fancy dance steps. Janice, Roberta, and Tim wait impatiently for the show to start. Betsy is the alternate. not ll£Z SuCC£.±6.ju[ Ljzciz =AiD(L a±±zoom % UJLZ Roberta, Tim, and Janice seem ecstatic after their first victory. George Bassett is all smiles, too. The students seem impatient for the show to begin. “From what did football originate, ” asked George Bassett of Klassroom Kwiz? This was one of the many asked questions given to the three Alleghany Contestants, Janice Adkins, Tim Curtis, and Roberta Smith, with Betsy Deacon as alternate. The team from Alleghany was twice successful but met defeat by Rustburg. Students and the S.C.A. showed their enthusiasm by accompaning the trio to Roanoke on March eighth and twenty-fifth, also on April first. 92 Sadie Hawkins invites many different personalities to her dance. Many Couples swing to the sounds of the Stonehenge at the annual Sadie Hawkins “Country Sunshine ' ’ Dance. FHA brought “Country Sunshine” to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Although the theme was “Country Sunshine”, the Stonehenge provided swinging rock music. There were several awards given, such as the best dancers, the cutest couple, and the sloppiest. Daisy Mae and Li’l Abner were won by Bonnie Cole and Wesley Golden. The Sadie Hawkins Dance kept its reputation of giving all the couples a good time. Glen Ward and Lori Zimmer- Andrew Stewart and Debbie man as the Cutest Couple. Plymale as the Sloppiest. 93 ddction.iL jdzincj czHoxmonij dJo cdj ' . d. cdj.d. SCA Candidates, Front Row, L. to R., Alma Mundy, Rick Clemons, Robin Elbon, Bobby Deacon, Tammy Hammond, Kathy Jamison, Carol Roberts, Kathy Newcomb, Tricia Terrell, Jane Lawler, and Roberta Smith. Campaign Managers, Back Row, L. to R., Beth Stewart, Alvin Wilson, Wesley Golden, Tim Curtis, Kristie Poe, Greg Bennett, Mike Michie, Sharon Lemon, Lon Zimmerman, Stephanie Nicely, and Nancy Childs. In Roberta Sm ith ' s skit, the students get a taste of the 60 ' s. In the third week of April a lively cam- paign was waged for the officers of the next year’s SCA. Posters lined the walls, campaign speeches filled the air and campaign man- agers wondered if it was all worth it. Exams, graduation requirements, stu- dent representative on the school board, and more cooperation between the faculty and students were parts of the proposals of the candidates. Roberta Smith was elected as President, Kathy Newcomb, Vice-President ; Tammy Hammond, Secretary; Robin Elbon, Trea- surer and Rick Clemons, Student Repre- sentative to the Community. 94 JS(zit± z fdd d un. Z Jo Sdc dhctions. ‘Sister Mary Elephant” rules her students with a strong hand in an attempt to gain votes for Tricia Terrell. Melissa Hostetter, Doug Williams, Vicki McCormick, Steve Minter, and Karen Newcomb sing the Newcomb “ genera- tion song”. 95 HH -Ho it cHforLzon. HJ an±(oxm± Tim Curtis, Kathy Saville, Betsy Deacon, and Eddie Flora beat the gong. The serving girls wait impatiently to serve the couples. The bridge ma kes a lovely setting for pictures. The Junior Sponsors are honored with a rose for their hard work. “Lost Horizon” was the highlight of the 1974 Junior- Senior Prom. Oriental decorations provided the scenery for the annual event. The Junior Class put forth great effort to make the prom such a big success. The seniors proudly took part in their Grand March as one of their many honors of being a senior. Cindy Hubbard and Jeff Elbon were chosen Queen and King, while Kristie Poe and Brandon Nicely were chosen Princess and Prince to reign over the prom. A special song was played for the senior dance by the fantastic band, “Church. ” Entertainment was provided by Lorrie Zimmerman, Lorie Averill, Sally Smith, also Laurie Fitzgerald and Dwight Rowan sang songs to fit the occasion. The royal court is honored by a slow dance. 96 Unto cUn (Or LzntaL U azacli E Seniors await the crowning of the Royal Court after the Grand March. Sally Smith, Lorrie Zimmerman, and Lori Auerill dance for entertain- ment. Laurie Fitzgerald and Dwight Rowan sing to the theme of “Lost Horizon. ” “ Church ” sets up their equipment to begin their music. 97 untoz± zmori dJakz c d ' jantacj. Juniors and Seniors seem to enjoy a " Lost Horizon. ” Royal Court: Jeff Elbon, King. Cindy Hubbard, Queen, Brandon Nicely, Prince, and Kristie Poe, Princess. ( ZJo c fttzncl J T iom. Seniors enjoy the slow dance after the Grand March. Tami Cook and Sherry Sweet prepare to serve couples. Seniors take part in the traditional Grand March. of a “Lost Horizon. ” 99 . ?££ £[(jon cJ-fonozzd Jeff is given his award by Mary Beth McCaleb and Kathy Jamison. The 1974 Boy of the Year recipient is very special because he possesses outstanding qualities in aca- demics, athletics, personality, and leadership. Tra- ditionally A. C. H. S. honors the boy who has par- ticipated outstandingly in all aspects of the high school activities. Our boy of the year has played 8th grade, J. V. and Varsity football, J. V. and Varsity basketball, and J. V. and Varsity baseball. The Key Club and Varsity Club have both benefited by his membership for two years. He was also voted sopho- more class treasurer. His popularity has been depicted by his elections to reign as King of the Sweetheart Dance and the Prom. We would like to honor you, Jeffrey Lee Elbon as 1974’s Boy of the Year. Jeff takes time out to admire some of the trophies he helped to achieve. 100 cJ ' j ' i 74 — o y Of Lfs.a’i Jeff takes time for a picture. 101 COUCL 53 zacon d zicj n± A{l±± Miss Alcova is selected each year from twelve girls nominated by the senior class. Personality, knowledge of current events, dating habits, appearance, and school spirit are the criteria used by the judges as the basis for their selection. The individual scores are tabulated, and the five girls with the highest scores become finalists. Christy Stone was chosen as the fourth runner-up; Stephanie Nicely was the third runner-up; Beth Stewart was selected as the second runner-up; Janice Adkins received the first runner-up award; and Betsy Deacon reigned as the new Miss Alcova for 1974. Betsy Deacon shows astonishment after being tapped as Miss Alcova, 1974 by Wesley Golden. Miss Alcova Candidates take time out to pose for a picture. 102 BETSY DEACON AND PATRICIA McDOWELL VSSALCo CANDIDATES TERRY WHITEHEAD AND STEPHANIE NICEL Y 97 V DINAH LOCK ARD AND CHRISTY STONE JANICE ADKINS AND KIM WA TERS NANCY CHILDS AND CAROL BELCHER Janice Adkins, first runner-up, takes time out for a drink at the water fountain. 5 . .j v „ • • Beth Stewart, second runner-up, casually strolls across the lawn of A.C.H.S. Stephanie Nicely, third runner-up, gets away from the squad long enough to pose for a picture. 104 Christy Stone, fourth runner-up, takes a breather. Betsy Deacon, Miss Alcova, shows one of her great qualities, the love of nature, as she has her picture taken beside a tree. Miss Alcova Finalists: Christy Stone, Stephanie Nicely, Betsy Deacon, Beth Stewart, and Janice Adkins. 105 £ EFUOZ4. (Enjoy an E (jsncn 9 Seniors enjoy a delicious dinner. Seniors are in a jovial mood as the evening begins. Rene Weber, Class President, wishes the best of luck to his fellow seniors. 106 cCy OooJ and dzU,nd ' ‘Mr. Entertainment " , himself, Stewart Jones. Tradition portrays an essential part in the lifestyle at Alleghany, and as part of this tra- dition seniors are honored by a banquet. This year the banquet was held at the Country Club. They enjoyed an evening of good friends, good food, and memories of old times. Before and after the meal Rene Weber, class president, spoke to the group, wishing them good luck in their future years. Stewart Jones entertained the seniors by singing “The Way We Were.” Although it seemed the end was near, it was only a new beginning for the Senior Class of ’74. Faculty all agree with Mr. Ciuizic, " Dig in. ” 107 Z add oj 74 Llh to Row 1: W. Golden, J. Powell, S. Redman, M. Stull, D. Bell. Row 2: R. Weber, T. Whitehead, S. Jones, N. Childs, J. Adkins, S. Wolfe, M. Hoke, D. Bowers, N. Angle, S. Myers, B. Deacon, A. Sizemore, T. Smith, M. Miller, M. Hostetter, A. Wilson. Row 3: B. Nicely, C. Spangler, M. Snyder, C. Hubbard, P. Williams, C. Arthur, S. Brugh, C. Stone, B. Middleton, G. Bennett, R. Patterson, S. Nicely, T. Moore, D. Crance, D. Adkins, K. Peery, C. McDavid Row 4: B. Lomasney, G. Nicely, M. Humphries, T. Curtis, B. Cole, M. Rosier, E. Reid, J. Noel, K. Unroe, J. Moore, M. Paitsel, R. Raye, D. Vigil, C. Bocook, B. Carter, D. Campbell, D. Wilhelm, L. Nicely, L. Smith. Row 5: R. Stinnette, G. Putnam, S. Bursey, E. Tucker, R. Simmons, K Sauille, B. Gaines, S. Downey, B. Sizemore, J. Crawford, J. Vigil, D. Dudley, D. Simmons, M. Fisher, W. Warren, D. Lucas, E. Rose, S. Mays, V. Nicely. Row 6: C. Roberts, J. Norkus, J. Fridley, J. Cabrejo, K. Livesay, R. Breeden, D. Bennett, T. Buchanan, R. Northwood, S. VanLear, J. Johnson, S. Tyree, S. Worley, D. Williams, D. Williams, K. McCulley, E. Fridley, R. Snead, G. Broce, V. Fuller, S. Hall. Row 7: P. Brown, J. Kellison, T. Fourquean, R. Whitehead, S. Dodd, G. Carter, B. Loomis, R. Napier, K. Meeks, C. Nicely, E. Persinger, J. Paitsel, E. Floora, D. Dudley, T. Griffith, C. Snead, D. Lockard, M. Crone, D. Fridley, G. Ball, J. Hamlet. Row 8: B. Rupert, B. Major, A. Lemon, R. Whitmore, F. Witt, S. Johnson, J. Arbogast, L. Wolfe, K. Evans, W. Belvin, K. Hanson, E. McVay, D. Tingler, D. Bradbury, V. Rider, R Flenner, B. Taylor, G. Knighton, J. Campbell, D. Kelly. Row 9: G. Arrington, S. Tolley, M. Michie, K. Waters, C. Walker, C. Belcher, D. Kincaid, S. Paitsel, D. Hyler, B. Kitt, R. VanBuren, P. Johnson, J. Elbon, B. Stewart, G. Ayers, K. Porterfield, P. McDowell, B. Kirby, C. Hayes, J. Johnson, B. Brown, L. Whitmore. Reverend Verell gives the seniors a few words of encourage- 108 ment as they begin their new lives. (2(za[[zncj£. oj a zAfs.iv Honor Marshals L to R: Leigh Craghead, Mary Beth Kincaid, Greg Vess, Roberta Smith, Cheryl Wheeler, Jane Lawler, Buddy Wright, Janet Wolfe, Donald Posey. Directed by Stewart Jones, the choir sings “Let There Be Peace On Earth’’. Tears of joy and sadness were experi- enced by many seniors during baccalaur- eate of 1974. Also it was the start of a new beginning. Many will go on to continue their education and others will seek occupations immediately. They will be separated from old friends and introduced to new ones. Whatever the case may be, these past twelve years have included hard studying, good friends, and good times. Baccalaureate Of 1974 109 rm - dxu(js.xant (£)j ' 74 Teachers as well as students take a rest from the liveliness of the picnic. “Hey, let me in on that! " 110 Enjoys. zmoz " lPl icnuz Seniors join in to play football. Hamburgers, games, and friends constituted the Senior Picnic for 1974. Teachers and most importantly the seniors expe- rienced the thrill and sadness of being together for possibly the last time. Each of the seniors took home with them a memory of a day of fun. " Hey, don ' t be so rough!’’ An enthusiastic senior hits the ball over the net. Ill xcuiua.tion dViafit [Pxou£.A to Sherry Lee Wolfe, top business student, receives an aca demic award. HONOR GRADUATES: Front Row, L. to R.: Susie Hoke, Susan Myers, Janice Adkins, Sherry Wolfe, Norma Angle, Debbie Bowers. Second Row, L. to R.: Wes- ley Golden, Jimmy Powell, Steve Redman, Marcia Stull, Debbie Bell, Betsy Deacon. Jerome Johnson receives an award for being the outstanding senior athlete. Janice Adkins, top college preparatory student, receives one of her many awards. Kenny Meeks is selected as the outstanding member of the Boys’ Home. Steve Redman, top general student, receives this award. 112 !Bs a ddizam domz dJ ZUZ Betsy Deacon receives one of her many awards. Rene Weber receives a medal for his leadership of the senior class. Senior girls cry after realizing they are now Alumni of A.C.H.S. Wesley Golden receives his diploma from Mr. Cvizic. Mr. Cvizic pronounces the seniors, graduates of 1974. 113 114 HARMONY IN Olltt A N IZAT I ON ' S S dc$- czdfclojj.t$. cNs.oj (lomtltutlon Officers: Sharon Lemon, Kristie Poe, Max Miller, Lori Zimmer- man, Tammy Hammond. M I Admist the clutter, students focus their attention on one of the many skits. 1st Row: K. Black, M. Forbes, R. Vigil, M. Sellers, W. Loving, W. Golden, T. Nicely, M. Livesay, A. Guth, S. Stone, M. Miller. Row 2: B. McCormick, L. Zimmerman, J. Davis, P. Edwards, C. Nicely, T. Fourqurean, K. Bodell, N. Childs, L. Gardner, G. Altizer, T. Hall, L. Averill. Row 3: T. Hammond, T. Nida, C. Slayton, C. Sizemore, S. Walker, D. Lockhard, K. Waters, C. Belcher, J. Worley, S. Sweet, C. Ramsey, D. Kerns. Row 4: L. Hubbard, R. Arritt, N. Nickell, C. Stone, L. Smith, M. Higgins, D. Adams, D. Cook, G. Humphries, B. Nicely, L. Kesterson, K. Poe. Tim Curtis, Max Miller, and Diane Tingler aid Mr. Duff in assorting cushions. This year, the Student Council Association wanted to be just that, an association of students. The S.C.A. was not the ruler of the student body but its elected leaders. It strived to bring students closer together for the good of all by working not only for them but with them. 116 Si Ui OJO cH. cwnon 17o zScfioo[ Interclub Council — 1st Row: J. Hamlett, R. Weber, T. Curtis, M. Miller, J. Johnson, M. Crone, B. Deacon. 2nd Row: G. Crossland, C. Belcher, P. McDowell, M. Hostetter, K. Poe, L. Averill, J. Adkins, M. Humphries. Miss Wolfe, along with Honor Council Officers, Jane Lawler and Betsy Deacon, take advantage of warm weather. Presidents of each of the clubs in the school made up the Interclub Council. They met once a month to report on each club ' s activities. Its purpose was to make clubs more beneficial to the school and the community. Two members from each class in the school made up the Honor Council. This was the organization which had honesty and good character as its goals. Each year a campaign was held to sign people with the Honor System in order that Alleghany may become a school of higher integrity. Honor Council — J. Lawler, L. Zimmerman, N. Childs, K. Newcomb, B. Deacon, V. Hanner, R. Beaver, D. Rowan, S. Worley, K. Black, J. Brugh. 117 d(i£.±± dPxous.s. (IfiafdnaLnq to tfiz dlAind Members of the Chess club expanded their minds with a game of skill that has enjoyed a tremendous popularity growth in the past few years. The popu- larity heighth at Alleghany this year was great as more people than ever before participated in the club. The district chess meet was held at the school and Alleghany entered the members tha t were the most skillful and qualified. Even though no skills to equal those of the great chess minds of Bobby Fisher and Boris Spasky, much experience was obtained and no doubt the future holds much to be learned. The Officers, Charles Wayts, Randy Beever, Rick Clemmons, and Mike Crone plan a strategic move for their next meet. Pictured are: P. Craft, A. Terry, J. Carpenter, K. Black, D. Loan, D. Keyser, D. Miller, S. Platt, M. Rothe, T. Cadd, R. Hylton, J. Hum- phries, T. Camp, R. Adkins, K. Saville, D. Baker, P. Edwards, L. Whitmore, K. Persinger, J. Persinger, M. Lomasney, J. May, K. Edwards, R. Tucker, R. Northwood, R. Clemmons, M. Crone, C. Beirne, R. Entsminger, S. Entsminger, J. Withrow, J. Withrow, J. Wilhelm, R. Beever, T. Mustoe, C. Hamlin, K. Peters, L. Hubbard, F. Myer, L. Morgan, J. Loan, R. Archie, D. Simmons, C. Nicely, K. Wilson, W. Andrew s. Robert Tucker thinks about his move for a considerable time before moving his rook. Stuart Entsminger smiles as he realizes he just put his opponent in checkmate. 118 [ 7 : a cHzze, This year, the district Forensics meet was held here at Alleghany. The meet and the club consist of a number of contests which motivate students to improve participation and quality of forensics. Sev- eral of the areas covered were reading prose and poetry, public speaking, spelling and the one act play. Alleghany was represented well in the district meet. Dwight Rowan practices reading a poem. These people who placed in the district meet take a break before going to Regionals. 1st Row: L. Gardner, S. Craft, D. Honts, 2nd Row: D. Rowan, W. Golden, T. Curtis, N. Childs, M. Hostetter, G. Bennett. Lb.E CU CIZ£± }oz Z 7(l£ }utuZ£ By helping to find jobs for those enrolled in Dis- tributive Education, the D.E. club prepared students for the business world. It educated students by help- ing them to learn early the techniques of business. The club aided in making a decision on a career that was right for them. D.E. Officers Jimmy Powell, Nick Nickell, and Jimmy Spivey take a few minutes to lounge around in the sun in the morning before they have to leave for work. Charles Bocook and Leon Smith, both enrolled in D.E., are caught by the Alcova staff photographer as they try hard to look busy at their jobs at a local supermarket. Members: M. Overton, C. Collins, R. Tucker, J. Ball, L. Smith, C. Walker, N. Nickell, J. Powell, J. Spivey, L. Nicely, Sponsor — Mr. Duff. 120 f adio and dPfzoiogzajifiij d[uij± dPzouidz cdfazmonioui Sound± and }ox £,m(j£ r ii Radio Club: D. Miller, B. Lockhart, J. Montgomery, G. King, G. Jensen, B. Ashton, L. Bot- kins, J. Fridley. Officers of the Radio Club: Larry Bot- kins, Bret Lockhart, Joseph Firdley and Greg King. Two of the clubs at A.C.H.S. which initiated interest in mechanical equipment were the Radio Club and the Photog- raphy Club. The purpose of the Radio Club was to assist the members in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge re- quired for good amateur radio operation and for the Federal Communication Commission. By having watched and particpated, the art of photography was brought to the members. They also benefited each other by helping in their photographical endeavors. Larry Botkins sells doughnuts for a Radio Club project. Photography Club: B. Deacon, J. Hamlett, M. Broce, R. Clemmons, C. Beirne, P. Terrell. Sco[oCjy CU £L oxmz, cl cdf. d. cH. S. Row 1: S. Craft, B. Loomis, T. Waters, B Lomasney, C. Nicely, K. Waters, R. Wilson, D. Lockhard. Standing: R. Patterson, P. McDowell, J. Johnson, C. Bayne, C. Price, G. Bennett, D. Miller, D. Thurston, B. Miller, J. Tigrett, J. Fridley, J. Norkus, J. Montgomery, P. Hicks, C. Evans, B. Davis, N. Childs, W. Golden. Members of the Ecology club worked to improve the situations of the community by helping to clean up the area. The club spon- sored a trash pick-up and a paper drive, which was held in May. Other than this, they worked to clean up their own back yards be- fore worrying about those of other people. Jeffrey Johnson, Ecol- ogy club president, and Mrs. Hodges talk over plans for the up-coming paper drive to be spon- sored by the members of the club. Jennifer Frye picks up trash in the breezeway to improve the environ- ment of the school. Officers: Nancy Childs, Cindy Bayne, Kim Waters, and Wesley Golden. CL£.nc£. (2 £u(j dxjdozziL ( Vlozlxl Of QVondzz Science Club Members: Standing — Thomas Rothe, Bobby Deacon, Steve Scott, Cheryl Campbell, Calvin Hamlin, and Mr. Newberry. On table — Tim Curtis. Officers Cheryl Campbell, Tim Curtis, Bobby Deacon, and Steve Scott listen as Mr. Newberry deliveries one of his famous oratories via the air waves. Students enrolled in the Science Club explored the world of organic and inorganic matter. Mr. Newberry, sponsor of the club, aided them in their quest for knowledge in the world of science, and he gave many speeches along this line. Although few students were members of the Science Club, those who were bene- fited greatly. Bobby Deacon, Cheryl Campbell, and Calvin Hamlin clean up the lab after one of their experiments failed. 123 1st Row: A. Smith, T. Nicely, C. Stone, G. Altizer, M. Livesay, E. Welsh, M. Stone, S. Justus, A. Bess, A. Futch, F. Gunter, S. Elbon, D. Franklin. 2nd Row: A. Byer, P. Ball, P. Bennett, D. Johnson, T. Hall, J. Downey, G. Loomis, R. Stinnett, R. Elbon, S. Major, L. Averill, M. Livesay, C. Fisher, A. Martin, A. Mader, R. Manner. Officers: Sarah Major, Tammy Hall, Donita Franklin, Alison Mader, Ginny Loomis, Kathy Parker, Lori Averill, and Robin Elbon. All girls in the eighth and ninth grades were eligible to become members of the Jr.-Tri-Hi-Y. It was a service organization that encouraged high standards of living. The girls in the club participated in various activities, including sponsoring a “Mr. Football” contest. Robin Stinnett and Marsha Livesay are caught standing with “Mr. Foot- ball ' ' better known as Jeff Elbon. 124 Members of the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y tried to create and maintain high standards of Christian living. This year, the club sponsored a Christmas party for under-privileged children, as well as other community service projects. Each year they sponsored the Sweetheart Dance in February, and they sent one club member to the Model General Assembly held in April. The club spon- sors were Miss Body and Mrs. Thompson. f Officers: Kathy Jamison, Cheryl Wheeler, Teresa Waters, Mary Humphries, Janice Adkins, Cindy Harrison and Kathy Reyns. Alma Mundy, Kathy Newcomb, and Kathy Reyns take a break after decorat- ing for the dance. Wake up girls! 1st Row: S. Nicely, K. Newcomb, R. Whitmore, P. Terrell, S. Bonner, B. Harrison, D. Chapman, F. Downey, B. Cole, M. Hostetter, N. Childs, S. Smith, K. Bowers, B. Middleton, K. Newcomb, K. Bodell, L. Zimmerman. 2nd Row: D. Lockhard, L. Craghead, J. Adkins, S. Hoke, M. Humphries, V. Fuller, T. Scruggs, K. Jamison, D. Cook, L. Nicely, C. Harrison, C. Wheeler, T. Waters, K. Reyns, A. Mundy, D. Stull, D. Bell, B. Loomis, K. Waters. CLub 0 xonzotz J2z adz. xsfzih. Members: M. Lawhorn, M. Michie, J. Elbon, G. Crossland, W. Snead, D. Pinner, W. Golden, R. Archie, W. Belvin, C. Wayts, J. Cabrejo, M. Taylor, M. Raether, D. Simmons, R. Breeden, B. Powell, S. Carr, C. Withrow, M. Sunderland, R. Craig, B. Sheppard, M. Burnette, B. Buchanan, R. Weber, W. Warren, A. Lemon, B Major, C. McDavid, G. Bennett, G. Humphries, G. Ward, J. Vigil, J. Whitehead, S. Minter, S. Downey, N. Goldberg, S. Entsminger, A. Andrews, G. Loan, J. Johnson, R. Entsminger, T. Smith, M. Miller, A. Wilson, M. Broce, J. Hamlett, C. Brown, R. Waddell, B. Wright. Working as a service organization, the Key Club performed many projects for the improvement of the school. Their projects ranged from cleaning up the football field to helping decorate for dances. Along with these services, there were many functions that were solely those of the Key Club. The Key Club Dance, a special highlight of the year, was a prime example of this. Also, a basketball game was held with the Kiwanis Club. Several members attended the annual convention in Richmond held in April. Officers: Rene Weber, Archie Lemon, Billy Major, Max Miller, and Woody Warren. Tommy Smith looks for his teammates during the Basketball game with the Kiwanis Club. 126 Afationaf cJ fonox oeU.ty ZncouxaqsA {J ntzqxLty Melissa Hostetter presents D.E. students, Sherry Wolfe and Norma Left Row: A. Wilson, L. Craghead, J. Adkins, B. Deacon, R. Angle, with their National Honor Society certificates. Smith, L. Gardner, J. Lawler. Right Row: R. Weber, A. Sizemore, T. Smith, M. Miller, J. Mays, W. Golden, M. Hostetter. Having integrity and a high quality of citizenship as its goals, the National Honor Society worked hard through- out the year. They had a bakesale to raise money for a one hundred dollar scholarship and to help sponsor a child’s way to Camp Easter Seal. A meeting was also held with the school superintendent, Benjamin Letson, during April to discuss the future plans of the students. 127 oua Mary Beth McCaleb, a member of the features section, clowns around at the Alcova staff Christmas party and is quite a feature herself. Jane Lawler and Greg Bennett type lists of the names of students to sell ads. Wesley Golden and Melissa Hostetter, co- editors of the ' 74 Al- cova, take time from their regular duties to join hands to display harmony. Kathy Jamison and Bonnie Cole, members of the features section, pause for the photog- rapher for one of many pictures. Alcova staff: Wesley Golden, Melissa Hostetter, Miss Mann, Becky Loomis, Kathy Jamison, Cindy Nicely, Beth Stewart, Greg Bennett, Susan Craft, Ruth Stinnett, Patricia McDowell, Mary McCaleb, Jane Lawler, Leigh Craghead, Merv Broce, Alfred Andrews. 3 0 c4 L£ J£ aznzonu in tflE Lji ZCIZ Leigh Craghead and Susan Craft, who made up the organi- zations section, try to think of appropriate captions. Ruth Stinnette, Tricia McDowell, and Beth Stewart, members of the classes section, work hard to identify the pictures. Alfred Andrews, a member of the sports section, seems to be trying what the sign implies. Despite many differences of opinions and tastes, the annual staff as a whole tried to get along very well. It was not all fun and frolic as was apparent to anyone who wan- dered down the hall past Room 113 during sixth period. Tempers sometimes, but rarely, flared, and some sort of compromise was usually reached. Altogether, it was a rewarding year as the Alcova staff tried w produce a successful annual full of harmony. Mark Sunderland, one of the mem- bers of the sports section takes a little break from the monotony. 129 LPabiiot cStaj-f cStuAznt Soclu Members of the Patriot staff look industrious while trying to meet another newspaper deadline. Lorrie Dotson and Kim Morgan hide from the camera. 1st Row: D. Williams, R. Weber, 2nd Row: D. Stull, L. Dotson, K. Morgan, Mrs. Wotring, 3rd Row: S. Hoke, L. Carroll, P. Johnson, 4th Row: K. Reyns, M. Spraggins, G. Craft, C. Ayers. Gene Ayers and Susie Hoke seem surprised after hearing the click of the camera. 130 Christy Stone and Doug Williams pose for a picture after selling Patriots. {Jnfoxmzd of dScfzoof$. Mrs. Wotring corrects an article that will be published in the “Hoof prints. ” Composed of a selected group of juniors and seniors, the Patriot staff worked hard to publish the school newspaper once every few weeks. A new sponsor, Mrs. Wotring, was at the helm of the staff working with co-editors Rene Weber and Tommy Smith. All the people on the staff gained experience in writing on a wide variety of subjects. Other than publishing the “Patriot”, the staff also published the annual literary magazine, “Hoofprints”, composed of the endeavors of student contributors. Doug Williams proudly displays a new Patriot. Kathy Reyns and Debbie Stull take a break from their hard work on the staff to play around the flag pole. 131 Ck o ' ci (Ilclaa a cJ-fcuj£ d zvj J irzctoz Row 1: G. Ray, D. Vigil, D. Via, S. Whiting, C. Spangler, S. Markham, S. Webb, K. Lawrence, R. Waddell, E. Clark, D. Bridges, M. Samp- son, C. Withrow, V. Fridley, E. Reid, D. Keith, B. Carter, P. Fourquean. Row 2: Mrs. Thompson, D. Kerns, V. Morris, R. Arritt, C. Harri- son, M. Burks, J. Riddle, S. Cash, R. Craig, K. Meeks, B. Perkins, C. Fridley, C. Angle, D. Cash, J. Fridley, J. Frye. Row 3: K. Sauille, D. Reynolds, L. Smith, L. Craghead, L. Walton, J. Loan, D. Simmons, J. McVay, B. Buchanan, S. Worley, R. Northwood, E. Hostetter, N. Gold- berg, S. Smith, J. Clark, M. McCaleb, K. Poe, K. Newcomb. Row 4: T. Scruggs, T. Nelson, B. Ghoul, P. Hicks, C. Evans, C. Hubbard, B. Nicely, K. Reyns, D. Adams, M. Vess, H. Kimbo, D. Johnson, V. Conner, M. Michie, D. Bennet, L. Mets, S. Craft, S. Tolley, S. Jones, S. VanLear, T. Fourquean, J. Wolfe. Under the able direction of Mrs. Linda Thompson, the choir classes gave concerts for the school and a few students and also gave performances for different churches and clubs around the community. Among these were performances for the Covington and Clif- ton Forge Junior Women ' s Clubs. Stewart Jones, Roger Northwood, Trade Nelson, and Janet Wolfe were the representatives to the re- gional choir. Members of the Choir practice hard for the upcoming spring concert. Mrs. Thompson smiles gleefully after the choir has presented its first concert. 132 Lpom U om I VotA jtiuncl ( H7o AP ou ' lJlc cM a£j -time. (Z-ntc. xtabunc n t Adding much enthusiasm to the band , the Pom pom girls did a variety of routines to the rhythm of the music. This year, the squad went to camp at Davis and Elkins College. At camp they won a trophy for their perfor- mance and during the year they showed why they had received the award. Beck McCormick counts one, two, three, four to keep in step with the squad. The Pom pom girls perform a routine during half-time at a football game. Gabby Knighton, a Senior, The Pom pom girls take a break from smiles brightly during a rou- their practice to build a pyramid, tine. 1st Row: R. Ryan, K. Wilhelm, C. Price, 2nd Row: A. Mundy, K. Bowers, C. Bayne, D. Walton. 3rd Row: C. Stull, C. Sizemore, G. Knighton, B. McCormick, B. Harrison. Crystal and Carmen do a routine to the fight song as the team marches into the gym. 133 Color guard and banner girls march to the rhythm of the band at Bristol. Brass Woodwinds S. Ailstock S. Bonner N. Barrington A. Byer J. Bazzrea C. Case ! R. Beaver D. Chapman C. Beirne B. Deacon B. Bess T. Hammond R. Clemons D. Hipes T. Curtis L. Livesay R. Fornwalt M. Livesay C. Harlow B. Lockhart B. Housman J. Mays E. Kingery J. Oyler M. Miller L. Paitsel E. Per singer C. Rice S. Rucker M. Rothe W. Rucker K. Saville S. JScott T. Scott L. Smith. R. Smith D. Tingler T. Terrell C. Unroe T. Wilhelm D. Wilkerson N. Williams G. Wilkerson A. Wilson Percussion Bells T. Camp B. Deacon S. Bonner J. Hamlett V. Ryder C. Hamlin J. May Drum Majorette S. Miller Kathy Saville M. Walton cMaxcl ( WozfiLncj (f xoup. ( Witfi Roberta Smith, alias " Tyrone Shoelaces, ” compares notes with the " Mas- ter of Trivia, " Timmy Curtis. Lydia Smith, one of the more industrious band members, protects Calvin Hamlin form the wrath of Charles Harlow. 134 (fy’izat Ufiz IfBancl “Let me make this perfectly clear, ” states Calvin Hamlin as he secures the sign to the bus. The band takes a break after participating in the half-time activities at the Homecoming game. “Make sure you get it right, ’’ states Randy Beever as he is measured for his new uniform. Patricia Terrell and other band members return home from another exciting band trip. As always, the band played an important part in the events that took place at Alleghany this year. They performed half-time shows using their unique dance step. To help raise school spirit, they marched through the halls playing the A.C.H.S. fight song and they also played at pep rallies. The band rendered an excellent performance at the Spring concert. High- lighting the year, they received a trophy at the South- eastern Band Festival held at Bristol. J at Bristol. The band demonstrates its winning ability 135 ( ]44 T U uxinq Ljzax Beth Stewart, left, co-head majorette, appears on stage as she is also named second runner-up for Miss Alcova. Sandy Hinkle and Theresa Waters, right, banner girls for the majorettes, take a break in the sun. Several of the majorettes practice during one of the first warm days of spring. Sheila Paitsel and Vicki McCormick twirl with fire during half- time at one of the foot- ball games in which they performed in this way. With new and varied routines, the majorettes of 1973-1974 cer- tainly made their place in the history of Alleghany. They performed at pep rallies during the year, twirled at football games, and ap- peared at many parades. They also accompanied the band to Bristol. For the first time, they twirled with fire this year. Kim Waters performs at a pep rally. Jl.czdf- (1. and U . 1 . (fy). cdfzlja dozm fJ ndujiduali. K.V.G. 1st Row: R. Weese, M. Lawhorn , C. Walker, N. Nickell, M. Middleton, G. Sizemore, J. Meyer, D. Persinger, J. Batton, E. Persinger, R. Whitehead, T. Bruffy, R. Snead, G. Vess, J. Riley, B. Ambrose, G. Morris. 2nd Row: W. Belvin, D. Pinner, J. Cabrejo, L. Smith, R. Drummond, H. Simmons, T. Ayers, D. Haskins, C. Tingler, E. Simmons, G. Ball, G. Crossland, P Wil- liams, C. McDavid, B. Major, B. Dolan. Lady’s Asset Club: 1st Row: L. Carroll, P. Fourqurean, A. Jordan, T. Fourqurean, G. Ray, P. Miller, N. Nicely, V. Noel, G. Stayton, C. Roberts, J. Kellison, D. Evans. 2nd Row: S. Lemon, S. Smith, C. Evans, D. Maddy, E. Kimbo, E. Reid, C. Crance, R. Elbon, C. Slayton, C. Cadd. L.A.C. Officers — L. Carroll, S. Smith, J. Clark, G. Ray. Members of the K.V.G. organization learned fire- fighting skills and aided the fire department in emer- gency situations. Girls in the Lady Asset Club learned the art of ap- plying makeup and other similar feminine skills. They also visited beauty salons for a more professional viewpoint. n az±Ltij CLf} fJrzip. Lzz.iL. J zciuzatLon On cOf tfifztLcs. Officers, Mike Michie , Wesley Snead, and Gary Crossland, work out on the weight equipment. Members of the Varsity club enjoy the food while David Sommons cools them off with a squirt of water. 1st Row: G. Ward, S. Minter, S. Downey, W. Snead, J. Whitehead, R. Weber, S. Worley, A. Lemon, B. Major, C. McDavid, S. Nicely, K. Poe, L. Zimmerman, K. Newcomb, N. Childs, K. Bodell, D. Lockard, J. Lienhardt. 2nd Row: J. Vigil, M. Raethar, D. Simmons, D. Rowan, J. Wilhelm, J. Powell, M. Lawhorn, B. Buchanan, J. Elbon, J. May, C. Brown. 3rd Row: B. Spivey, D. Noel, R. Waddell, J. Hamlett, B. Nicely, G. Crossland, A. Wilson, M. Michie, G. Simpson, M. Crone, T. Smith. Carl Hayes and Danny Thurston, what do you have in those cans? The coaches look amused as Mr. Williams tries to cook. To be a member of the Varsity club, one must have lettered in at least one sport. The club has had varied activities during the year. This year the club had its annual picnic at Douthat. It was the highlight of the year. 138 1st Row: L. Craghead, M. Bowles, D. Booth, H. Mustoe, P. Biddle, M. Carter, J. Vess, C. Claytor, M. Raether, G. Jensen, J. Sparks, W. Crawford, C. Vint. 2nd Row: L. Kesterson, K. Evans, T. Whitehead, J. Worley, S. Stone, K. Waters, K. Poe, T. Waters, K. Parker, B. Miller, C. Bowers, H. Rothe, B. Platt, S. Lemon, T. Wilhelm. 3rd Row: D. Sampson, E. Kingery, J. Jensen, S. Craft, P. Miller, G. Loomis, G. Ray, S. Major, K. Newcomb, S. Smith, K. Simpson, J. Cahoon, A. Haynes, K. McCallister, A. Shawver, L. Scott, R. Smith, J. Mays, T. Williams, andR. Waldell. Under the direction of Coach Haynes, the Gymnastics Club met weekly. The members began learning the basics of tumbling and the skills on the varied equipment. The club worked hard and progressed rapidly. They hoped to form a gymnastic team within a few years. This year, the club demonstrated their newly acquired skills in a performance between a J. V. and Varsity basketball game. Richard Waldell practices on the even parallel bars. ‘Would any one like to try the new gym equipment , " says Coach Haynes trying to get members for the club. Sally Smith does a V-sit on the bal- ance beam. Janet Mays makes it look really easy. “Careful, Made- laine, we would not want you to fall off that nar- row piece of board, ” says spotters Sherry Walker and Dawn Walton. 139 -}titiVVL zAfuX±£± cJ-fsffz ZfpLZVl zlLova i ' i an Sponsored by Mrs. Reynolds, the Future Nurses Club aimed to acquaint its members with all related activities of the health service and expose members to actual nursing situations by participating in the Candy Stripers. The club also gave a hundred dollar scholarship to a Senior entering into the nursing pro- fession. Officers: Crystal Sizemore, Pam Edwards, Becky Taylor, Sonia Hubbard, Cindy Hubbard, and Marilyn Snyder. Crystal Sizemore, Pam Edwards, and Dana Baker sell cookies. 1st Row: C. Roberts, L. Gardner, D. Honts, Stretcher: C. Hubbard, 2nd Row: R. Downes, N. Jamison, C. Childs, R. Stinnett, D. Tucker, R. Whitmore, 3rd Row: T. Poague, R. Ryan, T. Rodgers, N. Nicely, R. Elbon, R. Keyser, K. Simmons, C. Sizemore, V. Tingler, C. Campbell, B. Taylor, S. Hubbard, 4th Row: D. Baker, S. Anderson, J. Miller, P. Edwards, M. Snyder, J. Loan, S. Wright, N. Williams. 140 cH. azmorzu omsmahc iJn ”6 czrf- }. cH.czty. jloaL Judy Nicely, Charlene Fridley, and Laura Scott make a bell for the dance. A F.H.A. member sprays snow on mountain tops for decoration of the Winter Wonderland Dance. Teaching its members the new horizon of homemaking, the Future Homemakers of America attempted to carry out state and national re- quirements. The club sponsored the Winter Wonderland Dance and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Other activi- ties of the F.H.A. were initiation of the new members and several parties and banquets. Officers: Carol Belcher, Donna Campbell, Laura Scott, and Judy Nicely. Seated: J. Nicely, D. Campbell, C. Belcher, L. Scott. Standing: P. Blankenship, R. Carr, S. Persinger, K. Simpson, C. Spangler, J. Fridley, E. Kimbo, B. Cole, T. Buchanan, P. Hicks, D. Wilhelm. 141 fi}. AB . Jl. cfij-. zfiy£.aAu.i . fil {zmljzz± fiA ox AAJomoxxooj 1st Row: S. Myers, C. Tucker, B. Gaboon, F. Downey, B. Wolfe, N. Angle, S. Wolfe. 2nd Row: E. Reid, B. Lawhorn, A. Brown, M. Paitsel, C. Evans, D. Dudley, D. Dudley, G. Arrington. 3rd Row: R. Arritt, S. Johnson, T. Simmons, L. Stull, M. Stull, K. Porterfield. Members of the Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica learned how to apply the skills they had learned in various business courses to the possibility of getting a secretarial-related job. During the year, they not only worked toward bettering their skills, but they had fun in the process. Many of the members were aides to the secretaries in the office. To highlight the year, they held a banquet in the school cafeteria with Dr. Chambers as guest speaker. Business class is an important part of the day to many F.B.L.A. members. Officers: Norma Angle, Marcia Stull, Sherry Wolfe, Earleen Reid, Kathy Porterfield, Linda Stull, Donna Dudley. Marcia Stull ad- dresses the mem- bers of the F.B. L.A. at the ban- quet. 142 Row 1: R. Harvey, R. Sparks, V. Kimberlin, C. Rose, S. Stone, K. Bowers, A. Mundy, L. Nicely, D. Reynolds, J. Frye, V. Ryder. Row 2: B. Futch, C. Roberts, S. Burks, J. Barr, B. Loomis, P. McDowell, G. Bennett, B. Stewart, R. Patterson, J. Lawler, B. Lomasney. Row 3: S. Craft, T. Lipscomb, T. Hammond, J. Potter, K. Meyer, B. Davis, S. Bonner, S. Smith, K. Newcomb. Row 4: H. Birckhead, C. Snead, W. Botkins, H. Irvine, L. Levisay, C. Sizemore, B. Harrison, D. Craft, R. Craft, P. Simpson. Row 5: B. Irvine, L. Scott, S. Downey, K. Poe, C. Nicely, C. Tudker, B. Lawhorn, P. Miller, V. Noel, N. Nicely, G. Stayton. Row 6: T. Kouns, W. Golden, S. Worley, S. Morgan, S. Walker, R. Elbon, V. McCormick, G. Loomis, R. Lacour, J. Wolfe, J. Tigrett. Row 7: C. Swartz, M. Stone, N. Nickell, C. Stone, S. Major, L. Averill, K. Parker, C. Unroe. Row 8: M. Crone, D. Rowan, J. Stewart, B. Nicely, M. Middleton, J. Wilhelm, S. Minter, M. Burnette. Row 9: B. Rupert, J. Brugh, G. Humphries, M. Broce. Often greeted with sayings such as “Como estan Uds?” members of the Spanish club enjoyed a variety of proj- ects. Under the guidance of a new spon- sor, Miss Karnes, the club prospered. Meetings were given a lively touch with such activities as Mexican hat dancing and eating Spanish food. The club spon- sored its annual dance which this year had the theme “I’ve never been to Spain. ” They also attended a picnic at Longdale during May to highlight the year. It was indeed a good year for those students who took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Span- ish. Club at Alleghany. Barry Spivey hangs streamers in prep- aration for the Spanish Club Dance. 143 Officers: Patricia McDowell, Kristie Poe, Rhonda Patterson, Burdette Rupert, Sam Worley. s? zznc (2 d[u(j jf3zin.cjd a UBit oj ' l cizL± to d. cH. S. 1st Row: D. Williams, S. Wilson, T. Rothe, T. Curtis, R. Smith, G. Dickson, L. Botkins, A. Wilson, T. Mustoe, K. Bodell. 2nd Row: D. Wal- ton, L. Craghead, C. Campbell, T. Rodgers, M. Dudley, R. Stinnett, M. Burks, L. Zimmerman. 3rd Row: M. Rothe, P. Terrell. French club members listen to an interesting program about the culture in African country that has French as its official language. French speaker, Thomas Kianiandu Mavumi-sa, tells members about the marriage practices in Africa. With their new sponsor, Mr. Patton, the French Club planned varied activities. In the spring, the club presented a tea to the teachers. This included a selection of songs sung in French, a French play, and good food. They had a bike ride to Douthat where they had a picnic and a soccer match between members. They also had various other activities during the year. The purpose of the club was not only to further the knowledge of French, but to do it in an in- teresting manner. Officers: Alvin Wilson, Tim Curtis, Leigh Craghead, Made- line Rothe and Patricia Terrell. 144 St udznt± dJa d eduction ddo ' i Education. Sharon Lemon practices her speech for the S.A.E. conven- tion to Roberta Smith. Student Action for Education was an organization with the purpose of getting students involved, not only in teaching, but in all aspects of education. This year, the club sent two delegates to the state convention, awarded a twenty-five dollar scholarship to an outstanding member, and held a tea for the teachers during AEA week. A bake Sale was held to raise money for the scholarship. S.A.E. members serve refreshments at the teachers ' tea. R. Smith, C. Wheeler, V. Ryder, J. Barr, K. Unroe, T. Lipscomb, S. Meyers, D. Crance, W. Warren, S. Stone, R. Sparks, B. Major, C. Harri- son, M. Humphries, P. Simpson, J. Adkins, B. Middleton, D. Bell, S. Hoke, S. Nicely, S. Craft, D. Stull, V. McCormick, S. Morgan, K. Bowers, V. McCoy, T. Whitehead, C. Stull, K. Wilhelm, L. Craghead, J. Brugh, D. Rowan. S.S.S. 1st Row — S. Craft, L. Zimmerman, K. Jamison, K. Bodell, T. Cook, T. Nicely, V. McCoy, K. Poe, E. Welsh, S. Smith, C. Nicely, C. Tucker, D. Lockhard, T. Rogers, C. Stull, C. Sizemore, J. Lawler, K. Newcomb, T. Bennett, J. Kellison, B. Cahoon, K. Reyns, L. Nicely, B. Middleton, M. Burks, C. Price, C. Bayne. 2nd Row — T. Buchanan, B. Lomasney, B. McCormick, S. Nicely, B. Middleton, S. Walker, K. Waters, B. Loomis, T. Whitehead, N. Childs, T. Hammond, K. Newcomb, C. Campbell, B. Lawhorn, K. Bowers, T. Scruggs, S. Morgan, V. McCormick, R. Irvine, C. Thomas, J. Cahoon, K. Simpson, G. Altizer, R. Fornwalt, P. Miller, D. Honts, A. Futch, L. Paitsel. 3rd Row — S. Paitsel, D. Williams, P. McDowell, B. Stewart, B. Davis, J. Lienhardt, R. Stinnette, R. Elbon, C. Slayton, G. Knighton, D. Kerns, G. Loomis, T. Waters, C. Harrison, D. Cook, D. Johnson, T. Buchanan. 4th Row — N. Williams, B. Miller, S. Major, K. Wilhelm, R. Ryan, S. Clark. Goalpost — K. Parker, L. Averill, D. Stull. S.S.S. members partic- ipate in a cute little skit during an exciting pep rally for the Glenvar game. After a touchdown in the Clifton game, members of S.S.S. clap and sing along with the fight song. Inducing spirit and enthusiasm in the student body and actively supporting the various teams were the purposes of the S.S.S. club. In the fall, the club spon- sored the Homecoming dance. 146 dzjjuzUint zbtaj-j cfioo£ St moo Row 1: Lucy Knighton, Frances Tingler. Row 2: Sharon Whitehead, Virginia Smith, Delleane Bush, Frances Sim- mons. Mr. Markham counts the ice cream money at the end of the day. Mrs. Perkins sweeps the empty hall at the end of a busy day. w go . Mr. and Mrs. Salyers take a break from their routine to pose for a picture. The cafeteria staff works diligently to prepare lunch in time for “A” lunch shift. The maintenance and cafeteria staffs at Alleghany worked hard to keep the school and the lunch pro- grams here running smoothly. The maintenance department, headed by Mr. Markham and Mrs. Perkins, kept A.C.H.S. as clean as possible for a school of more than eleven hundred. The small staff did an especially fine job. Each day, the cooks in the cafeteria strived to pre- pare lunch for a great number of students. This was a difficult task indeed, and the ladies in the cafeteria met it well. 147 148 HARMONY 149 CZixjfitfi (f zaAs.’Ut. Jo jy[a(zz ' Ufiz.Lz Eugene Richard Adam s Ronald Wayne Adkins Diane Grace Alexander Garlynda Paige Altizer Patricia Carol Anderson Daryl Craig Andrews Forrest Wayne Andrews Dennis Keith Arehart Dwight Gilbert Argobnte Bridgett Alison Armentrout Robert William Ashton Gregory Gene Averill Terese Ellen Back Paula Dee Ball Christie Marie Balser Rhonda Lynn Barnett Eugene Christopher Barrington Gregory Stewart Bartley Bamma Kay Bates Kevin Morris Bennett Richard Wayne Bennett Bruce Stuart Berry Anita Carol Bess Christine Kay Biddle Virginia Lee Biddle Raymond Edward Biller Aubrey Lanier Bishop Kenneth Lee Black Scott Hudson Bonner Deborah Gale Booth Timothy Craig Bostic Dena Ann Bowen Katherine Scott Bowers Mary Allison Bowles Richard Phares Bradshaw Sherry Dee Bragg Bethany Lynn Broughman Earl Lee Broughman III Melvin Lee Broughman Charles Andrew Brown Betty Virginia Buzzard May Burk Anita Faye Byer Charlotte Ann Byer Dennis Noel Naldwell Robert Aaron Cale Garry Eugene Campbell Jody Dale Campbell Larry Wayne Campbell Shaaron Sue Campbell Angelia Sue Carpenter 150 J{. azmonLoui. Picking oat an 8th grader in the ACHS halls is always easy. The upperclassmen find they are the short ones that are constantly searching for their classes. Regardless of the typical mistakes made by eighth graders, their support of AHS has been tre- mendously important to many school activities. 8th graders must sacrifice for upperclassmen by standing during assemblies. Even though they are teased and often embarrassed, enthusiasm and school spirit are maintained. Anticipation of their Freshman year is always foremost in their minds. Julie Downey and two of her eighth grade classmates talk before entering study hall. Jeffrey Wayne Carpenter Kathy Jo Carson Lisa Aileen Carter Russell Edward Carter Cathy Mae Cary Mary Louise Case Stephen Brian Chapman Dennis Eugene Clark Kawahna Marie Clark Robert Noel Clark Jr. Cynthia Lee Claytor David Stoughton Clemons Kathy Feleen Cook Donna Sue Cooke John Randall Craft Linda Renee Craft Phillip Martin Craft Robert Eugene Craft Patsy Faye DePriest Lonnie Wayne Dillard James Willard Dilley Richard Andrew Dilley Richard Wayne Dodd Julie Lynn Downey Hubert Ellis Dressier Timothy Lee Dressier Frances Mae Duff Sandra Kay Elbon 151 Stfi (f ’iaAzxs. c dA zScPl oof Chery l Lynn Fisher Mark Edward Forbes Gregory Ferdinand Fourquean Donita Rae Franklin Tammy Sue Franson Christopher Dale Fridley Mary Elizabeth Fnel JoAnn Laura Futch Laura Donna Garrett Woodrow Arthur Garrett Julia Ellen Gilbert Debra Arlene Gillian Debra Joan Goode Florence Ann Gunter Teresa Kay Gunter Teresa Ann Guth Elizabeth Vondalse Hanner Bradley Charles Hand Wanda Jean Harlow Ricky Allen Harper Kimala Lynn Harrison Susan Gay Harrison John Wayne Harouff Ann Marie Haynes Terry Lee Haynes Rocky Lane Hicks Charles Raymond Higgins Harry McDowell Higgins Richard Eugene Hoke Jeffrey Stuart Horn George Franklin Hosey Kimberly Dawn Hosey Bobby Lee Hubbard Nancy Carolyn Hubbard Debra Kay Humphries John Wallace Humphries, Jr Ottsy Ray Humphries William Harris Hurt Julia Ann Jackson Alan Paul James Charles Calvin Jeffries, Jr. Mark Aaron Jennings Jenel Jensen Lisa Dian Johnson John Paul Jones John Paul Jones Kenneth Franklin Jones Ralph Eric Jones Octavia Ann Jordon Stephania Colene Justus Michael William Kelley Laura Angela Kesterson Patricia Gail Keyser Patrick Dale Keyser Connie Ann Kilian Gary Edward Kincaid Judy Ann Kitt Karen Carlene Kitt Debbie Marie Leeper Mark David Linkswiler Rose Marie Liptrap Marva Elaine Livesay Dennis Neal Loan 152 SfiLxLt to cj f ' [[ q(icinu Michael Lee Lomasney William Henry Long, Jr. Bruce Wayne Loveless Ricky Lawrence Lucas Dalh Jean Maddy Robin Gail Maddy Alison Dale Mader Amy Lisa Martin Bernard Coleman Martin Danny Wayne Martin Robert Keith Martin Daniel Eugene May Dewey Carlos May Ralph Eugene May, Jr. Ricky Dwayne May Thomas Daniel May Danny Lee McCulley Robert Loren McVay Fredrick Anthony Meyers Steve Allen Morgan Andrew Michael Morris Ricky Lee Morris James William Mundy Margaret Hope Mustoe Robert Ne-ff Michael Lynn Nicely Teresa Lynn Nicely Tony Carwin Nicely Sandra Deigh Paitsel Henry Lee Paxton, Jr. Gregory Allen Persinger Jeffery Lewis Persinger Patricia Ann Persinger Susan Dianne Persinger Bradley Davis Platt Robert William Powell James McDonnell Price IV Rodney Sherwood Putnam Sandra Kaye Putnam Richard Allen Redman Helene Marie Rothe Jerry Lee Rucker Virgil David Ryder David Alan Saville Richard Norman Sawyer James Gregory Saylor Jay Patrick Scruggs Douglas Trenton Seal Charles Mitchell Sellers April Jo Shawver Kathy Lyneth Simmons Mary Magalene Simmons Thomas Dean Simmons Cathy Ann Simmons Eric Joseph Simpson Kenneth Wade Sizemore Alicia Diane Smith Ernest Lee Smith, Jr. Jackie Leland Smith Kevin Carlisle Southall Steven Virgil Southall Charles Cameron Stanley Rebecca Sue Stanley 153 d. cJ-f.JS. zA!zzcLs. Stfi (f ’iad.zxiL Andrew Stott Stewart Christy Lynne Stone Mitzie Ann Stone Sandra Gay Stone Alice Margaret S tuple Nevada Ann Stuple Patricianne Jean Switzer Deborah Sue Taylor Richard Lewis Terrell Harper Andrew Terry Steven Eugene Terry Maurice William Thompson Tony Lewis Thurston Pamela Jean Tingler Donna Sue Tucker Michael Wayne Tucker Sharon Kay Tucker Teresa Carol Tucker Delores Rae VanBuren Linda Jo VanDerPas Wilfred Ray VanLear Jean Ann Vess Steven Lewis Vess Eugene Beckwith Via Jay Dunsbar Vines Thomas Edward Walker Jr. Kimberly Lynn Walthall Marlene Denise Walton Elizabeth Darlene Warden Margaret Elizabeth Welsh Mark Allen West Edwin Rowe White Elizabeth Junann Williams Patricia Kay Williams Robin Suzette Williams Theresa Gay Williams Ann Belle Williamson Keith Alan Wilson Richard Alvin Wiseman James Lewis Withrow MitziAnn Witt Brady Lewis Wolfe Bruce Alan Wolfe Darel Gene Wolfe Deborah Elizabeth Wolfe Floyd King Wolfe Jr. Calvin Douglas Wright Carla Jean Wright Glenda Kay Wright Ray Irvine Wright Richard Allen Wright Tammy Dee Wright William Wayne Wright 154 t(zz czHzctic £icj(it(t Boyd Andrew Adams Melveen Gay Adkins Sandra Lynn Ailstock Susan Jane Anderson Susan Diane Angle Lori Mae Averill Calvin Eugene Ayers Michael Jerold Bailey Rebecca Lynn Barr Judy Kay Bates Ryland Lanier Bates Donald Randal Beever Kelly Margaret Bennett Luke Wayne Bennett Priscilla Layne Blankenship Donna Darlene Bowers Donald Ray Brankenndge Danny Beidges Wayne Linwood Brigan Anna Hambleton Broughman Cynthia Jean Brown Mary Jo Brown Barbara Ann Broy Larry Edward Brugh Tammy Denise Buchanan Roger Gene Byer Janice Lee Cahoon Timothy Paul Camp Martha Ann Campbell Rond a Leigh Carr Cathy Jean Case Christine Marie Childs Debbie Jo Clark Edgar Thurmond Clark, Jr. 155 axlz Qs.(iinA m, Freshman class officers prepare to collect class dues. After finishing one year at A.C.H.S. the class of 1977 looks forward to many new opportunities. The freshman boys were eligible to participate in many junior varsity and varsity sports, such as bas- ketball, football and baseball. The girls were allowed to try out for pom pom girls, cheerleaders or major- ettes. The freshmen were also allowed to join many clubs such as FNA, FTA, and Pep Club. Ten girls out of the freshman class were chosen to serve at the prom. Patrick Wayne Clark Susan Lynn Clark Teresa Ann Clark George Edward Cook Tam i Jane Cook Bonnie Lynn Craft Karen June Craft Wayne Allen Crawford Charles Russell Crookshanks Jane Renee Dainty Robert Rupert Deacon Betty Jane Dickson Karen Joyce Downer Rhonda Sue Downes Freda Fay Dressier Mary Kay Dressier Teddy Justice Dressier Gloria Ann Dudley Lois Geraldine Dudley Marie Elaine Dudley Cindy Anne Dunford Brian Kent Edwards Robin Ann Elbon Robert Monroe Elmore, Jr. Marybeth Faglie Ruth Elizabeth Fornwalt Donna Kay Franson Carol Ann Fridley Carolyn Sue Fridley Victoria Lynn Fridley Lynn Renee Fuller Linda Sue Fury Carol Sue Gadd Deborah Lee Graham Patricia Ann Graham 156 £d J2ooil JoxovcixA to zA {oZ£ Gary Lee Griffith Bobby Joe Gunter Tony Bishop Hague Tammy Paige Hall Tamra Jo Hammond Vicky Sue Harmon Du ight Allen Harrison Gary Lynn Haynes Charles Willard Hepler Patricia Gail Hicks Mary Lucille Higgins Carrie [lean Hill Sandra Louise Hinkle David Vernon Hipes Ellen Denise Hoke Joseph Anthony Hoke Allen Ray Hooker Drema Day Hoover Charles Lee Horn , Jr Linda Kay Hosey Sylvester Pearl Hosey Barry Lee Houseman Michael Wayne Hudson Ronnie Hayden Humphries Rebecca Jane Irvine Cheryl Ann Jack Debra Marie Jennings Debra Raye Johnson Karen Marie Johnson Ernest William Jones Penny Lee Jones Elizabeth Lee Jordan William Randy Kelley Jamie Fay Kellison Darrell Vaughn Kern Deborah Kay Kern Kathryn Kay Keyser Jesse Thomas Kimberlin Ethel Mae Kimbo Charles Kincaid Gregory Lester King Melissa Merry Kouns Roye Raymond LaCour Joe Leonard Lawrence Nancy Catherine Leech Sandra Markham Sarah Jo Morris Joseph Franklin Morris Debra Sue Mottern Thomas Allen Mustoe Deborah Kay Myers Dan H. J. NeCaise Teresa Lee Nida Pamela Ann Nikkei Valerie Lu Noel Thomas Joseph Norkus Wilber Lewis O’Conner Julie Renea Oyler Randall Dale Oyler Lisa Gale Paitsel Richard Randolph Kathy Sue Parker Charles Oliver Perkins, Jr. 157 czdj-rzcL dz honiiuLfituLi Leslie Ellen Perkins Rebecca Sue Perkins Edith Irene Persinger Kevin Wayne Persinger Martha Jean Persinger Robert Eugene Persinger Julie Ann Peters Kim Daniel Peters Deborah Susan Pottrey Deborah Kay Plymale T errie Jean Poague Patricia Lynn Porterfield Cynthia Sue Posey Gregory McKinley Price Christine Gail Pritt Joyce Darlene Pritt Edward Ray Puckett Michael Lee Raether Patricia Gail Rakes Crystal Joan Ramsey Elizabeth Carole Redman Henry Curtis Redman Lesia Denise Reid James David Reynolds William Joseph Riley Carol Yvonne Roberts Cynthia Ann Robinson Theresa Ann Rogers Thomas Herbert Rothe Sherry Jean Rucker Robyn Lynette Ryan Jay Bee Sampson Scott Allan Schumaker Elizabeth Jean Scott Tricia Diane Scott Timothy Ray Sexton Brian Duane Simmons David Wayne Simpson Katherine Demarion Simpson Michael Dwight Simpson Patricia Diane Simpson Phyllis Ann Simpson Elizabeth Paige Smith Howard Judson Smith James William Smith Joey Allen Smith Lisa Annette Smith Peggy Sue Smith Tammy Louise Smith Kevin Marvin Snowe Sandra Gail Sorrells Jona Arthur Sparks Roxann Yvonne Stanley Gwynith Paige Staton Thomas Edmunds Stephenson Robin Lynn Stinnett Robert Allan Stone Brenda Gale Stull Carmen Irene Stull Charles Bradley Stull Sherry Lynn Sweet Karl Leroy Taylor 158 Afint(i J2 oo(z O ' o’wjcviA l Bzconzinq ' iJr .z’icfasinizn Michael Ray Terry Nina Charlene Thomas Debra Ann Tucker Sharon Theresa Tucker Tamra Denise Tucker George Spellman Tyler Charles William Unroe Cynthia Lynn Unroe Craig Steven Vint Rebecca Sue Walton Sandra Daphine West Robin Olivia Whiting Anita Dale Wickline Karen Leigh Wilhelm Teresa Pearl Wilhelm Dale Andrew Wilkerson Robert Leslie Williams Jr. Frank William Willis Robert Lewis Wilson Steven Wayne Wilson Coyde Allen Wolfe David William Wolfe Harry Miller Wolfe, Jr. Teresa Angeline Wolfe Joan Marie Worley Barbara Darlene Wright Leo Duane Wright Leonard Wilson Robert Eagle Wright Tammy Jo Wright Ninth graders appear amazed when photographed at a pep rally. 159 omoT£.i Donald McKinley Adami Valerie Joan Adkins Dawyn Christy Andrews Ricky Dale Angle David Eugene Ayers Dana Lynn Baker Barry Grant Balser Kathy Cover Bartley Jan Michael Batten Coite Charles Beirne Connie Sue Black Gerald Lee Black Ricky James Black Roger Alan Bocook Kathryn Karnes Bodell David Wayne Bogar Sarah Elizabeth Bonner Jonathan Tyree Bostic Larry Kyle Botkins Dinah Kay Bowen Norman Ray Bowen Kelly Ann Bowers Theresa Kay Brad berry Richard Lee Bridges Donna Lynn Broughfman Peggy Sue Broughfman Lacy Nelson Broughman, III Nettie Mae Broughman Raymond Keith Brown Roger Paul Brown Jeffrey Lynn Brugh Donald Wayne Bryant Mary Karen Burks 160 Ojecn. cfit any dountcj czHiyfi Sc Lot Tenth graders finally upperclassmen are becoming more school spirited and are getting involved in more school activities, including a variety of sports and clubs. The sophomore class officers Lori Zimmerman, Kathy Bodell, Becky Davis and Judith Davis are working very hard to see that this year’s tenth grade will be one of the best Alleghany has ever had. Sophomores are getting excited about the coming year as they will have the task of planning the Junior- Senior Prom. Tenth Graders will be facing responsibilities in the hectic year to come as well as the year to follow. Sophomore class officers: L. Zimmerman, K. Bodell, B. Davis, and J. Davis make a phone call. Shelia Ann Burks Teresa Ann Burks Mark Walker Burnette Annette Ellen Byer Angela Dawn Caldwell Cheryl Robin Campbell Ronald Berkley Campbell Cleveland Andrea Carroll Dolly Gail Carter Lucy Marie Carter James William Cash Stephen Manley Cash Debra Kay Chapman Clell Richardson Clemons III Janice Marie Coffey Vance Elliott Conner Debora Jean Craft Rhona Faye Craft Robert Paul Crawford Michael Clayton Crowder James Lewis Curtis Judith Lynn Davis Rebecca Anne Davis Fran Marie Downey Sharon Kay Downey Steven Charles Downey Eugene Curtis Dressier, Jr Pamela Jean Edwards Timothy Lee Eggleston Douglas Allen Elbon Carl Dale Evans Patricia Anne Faidley Jackie Lynn Farren Gordon Lewis Fridley Elizabeth Hyrrie Futch 161 l Zy z£t cr frs. J axtLcLjia.tLn.cj On OAany (2.[u(j± Alan Kent George Calvin Eugene Hamlin Kimberly Susan Hanson Rebecca Ann Harrison Ricky Lee Hartman Richard Dale Haskins Sara Marsha Heaster Darrell Wynn Hicks Linwood Ray Higgins Rembert Stephen Hoke Tammy Lynn Hoke Cynthia Lynn Hoover Lisa Kaye Hubbard Ruth Emily Hylton Nancy Lynn Jamison Gary L Jenson Patricia Darlene Jessee Kenneth Wayne Johnson Gordon Phillip Joines Dana Luanne Keith Robin Neal Keyser Timmy Allen Kimberland Everett Kingrey Sandra Jean Lemon Jill Biddle Lienhardt Jewel Lynn Loan Allen Dale Lowry Cheryl Ann Markham John Clinton May III Rebecca Sue McCormick Vicki Lynn McCormick Steve Wedford Meadows Jerry Lloyd Meyer Steve Allan Miller Wilma Darlene Moore Linda Louise Morgan Bruce Wayne Morris Thomas Llewellyn Nelson Karen Leigh Newcomb Arden Randall Nicely Debra Jean Nicely Michael Jay Nicely David Grant Noel Rosemary Norkus Anne Marie Owens Donald Ray Persinger Harvey Lucian Persinger Susan Lee Platt Julie Anne Potter Ronda Leah Quinlan Mark Donald Raether Cynthis Leigh Rice Madeline Cecile Rothe Dorthe Marian Runyon John Steven Scott Laura Irene Scott Tambna Leigh Scruggs James Lanzo Selleck Charles Arthur Simmons Glenn Patrick Simmons Terri Leigh Simmons Clyde James Simpson, Jr George Clayton Simpson 162 Crystal Ann Sizemore Gerald Lloyd Sizemore, Jr. Phyllis Ann Sizemore Sally Nanette Smith Mary Alice Stone Michael Allen Stull George Marion Talley, Jr. Mark Anthony Taylor Patricia Ann Terrell Robert Deaton Thomas Ralph Lee Tucker, Jr. Donna Marie Tyler Joe Hansford Unroe Patricia Gail Vass Mark Leslie toss David Lee Wade Cheryl Ann Walker Dawn Elizabeth Walton Elizabeth Cover Walton Cindy Frances Ward Richard Berlin Weese Herman Rush White Larry Eugene Whiting Connie Sue Wilhelm Jeffrey Glenn Wilhelm Gary Evans Wilkerson Ernest William Williams, Jr. Ronald Herbert Wilson Cheryl Dianne Wolfe Shawn Stacey Wrenn Carl Anthony Wright Carol Jean Wright Riley Allen Wright 163 dd a±(z t(jal[ and ddaizljalT and ddx. - dJxi- cdii-- dj and HEY, HE ' S NOT A SOPHOMORE. Can you jump higher, Karen? Hey, Mrs. Ayers what are you looking at? Lori Zimmerman P. K. Zimmerman 164 1 azLztij cO ” c fctujituL± (KtazactzxizE 165 J-unLoi (llan. 0 r LO jLclzcl A lucfi Alfred H Andrews, Jr Carolyn Ann Angle Reuben Henry Archie RevaJane Arritt Kim Rebecca Barger Jan Noreen Barr Nancy Lucretia Barrington Patricia Ann Bates Wendell Preston Bates Cynthia Ann Bayne John Cleveland Bazzrea Teresa Lynn Bennett Edward Hunter Birckhead Robert Wayne Botkins Bonnie Lee Bowen Anita Carol Brown Murray Frank Buchanan Deborah Diane Bush Christy Diane Cadd Teresa Geraldine Cadd Brenda Ann Cahoon Rebecca Sue Campbell Samuel Hinkle Carr, Jr. Leha Catherine Carroll 166 The Junior Class Talent Show, the Junior Class Fashion Show, arrival of Class Rings, and the Prom were all important events in the life of the Class of 1975. The juniors realized that much time and energy was needed to produce an excellent talent show and an enjoyable prom. As the year ended, they looked forward to being upperclassmen. Junior class officers discuss the Junior Class Talent Show. The officers are Dwight Rowan. President; Gary Crossland. Vice President; Glen Ward, Treasurer; and Kristie Poe, Secretary. Linda Mae Carroll Deborah Sue Cash Sharon Jill Clark Debra Kaye Cook Gary Lee Cook Susan Diane Craft William Eugene Craft Emma Leigh Craghead Ralph Lee Craig Cathy Mae Crance Dorothy Frances Critzer Gary Lynn Crossland Charles Joseph Deane Norman Gregory Dickson Kendall Lee Dolan Angelia Kay Donovan Lorrie Ann Dotson Ronald Ray Drummond Jeffrey Dane Dudley Deborah Sue Dunford Stuart Lee Entsminger Debora Jean Evans Robert Allen Farrar Richard Ray Feury Laurie Ann Fitzgerald Charlene Sue Fridley Jewel Ann Fridley Jennifer Lynn Frye 167 faLznt ddfi oar and tid SdaifiLon OUJ Dennis Owen Gadd Olga Elizabeth Gardner Nathan Harold Goldberg Robin Lynn Gunter Gary Edward Harper Cynthia Ann Harrison Clara Renee Harvey Steve Herald, Jr Tonie Ann Higgins Steve Randolph Hoke Debra Leigh Honts Katherine Anne Hostetter Sonia Rena Hubbard Carland Lynn Humphries Heaston Montee Irvine Debra Cornall Jackson Henry Calvin Jackson Kathy Louise Jamison Robert Lester Jarvis Patricia Darlene Jones Cynthia Alice Keaton Vickie Lynn Kimberlin Mary Elizabeth Kincaid Gary Wayne Kitt Mark Duane Kncik Brenda Kaye Lawhorn Michael Lynn Lau horn Jane Watt Lawler Sharon Rena Lemon Tammy Susan Lipscomb Lisa Gale Livesay Gerry Kent Loan Anna Marie Maddy Nancy Lynn Mader Andy Russell Martin Barry Edwin Martin Virgie Lee May Janet Lynn Mays Mary Elizabeth McCaleb Vickie Lynn McCoy Joseph Frank Me Vay, Jr Teresa Jean Meadows Lena Kay Matz Michael Fredrick Middleton Barbara Mae Miller 168 ( Vl ' ozk - 1 Vozn, (jut cJ-fafijjy J-unLozi Judy Lynn Miller Steven Meredith Minter Cheryl Lynn Morgan Kimberly Ann Morgan Barbara Allan Morris Alma Jane Mundy Trade Glynn Nelson Kathy Lynn Newcomb Brandon Wayne Nicely Charles Edward Nicely Judy Garland Nicely Peter Randall Nicely Roxanna Lynn Nicely Harry Paul Nickell Dinah Faye Oyler Alpha Omega Paistel Thomas Edward Perkins Raymond Dennis Pinner Kristie Lyn Poe Ronald Lee Porterfield Donald Wayne Posey Ronald Layne Posey Cynthia Paige Price Hazel Marie Putnam Grace Lorraine Ray Tina Marie Redman Chester Wilson Reed Deborah Marie Reynolds Katherine Woodward Reyns Jimmie Lee Riddle Cheryl Kay Rose Claude Leslie Rose, Jr Michael Lee Rose Dwight Evanston Rowan Jerry Madison Ruble Warren Alan Rucker Dale Michael Sampson Darcena Sue Shawver William Anderson Shepard, Jr. Dena Rochelle Shriver Deborah Georgetta Simmons Pamela Marie Simpson Leon Parker Smith Marla Gay Smith Roberta Leigh Smith 169 c fonor tliz (21.05.6. of 74 with Wesley Leland Snead, Jr Joseph Bennett Southall Rojenna Lynn Sparks James Boyd Spivey Michael William Spraggins James Edley Stewart Sherry Paige Stone Deborah Kaye Stull Linda Charlene Stull Mark Wayne Sunderland Charles Turpin Swartz Vivian Daniel Thruston James Randolph Tigrett Carl Benjamin Tingler Cindy Lou Tucker Robert Michael Tucker Michael Rusho Van Buren Deborah Ann Vance Ellen Louise Van Lear Gregory Eugene Vess Mitchell Lee Vess Dorothy Janell Via Richard Lee Waddell Glen Hampton Ward Theresa Gail Waters Kathy Diane Watts Ella Louise Webb Cheryl Ann Wheeler Jerry Rodney Whitehead Shelia Lavernene Whiting Norma Jean Williams Carl Wilson Withrow John Byrne Withrow Brenda Carol Wolfe David Allen Wolfe Janet Marie Wolfe Carol Susan Wright Cathy Inez Wright Harold Emanuel Wright, Jr. Lauren Kay Wright Susan Paige Wright 170 ' J T iom tSrztitbd 2o±t cd f n ozizon 171 Diana Sue Adkins Janice Marie Adkins Diane Charlene Andrews Norma Jean Angle Joyce Cassell Arbogast Eloise Gayle Arrington Charlotte Mae Arthur Gene Edward Ayers Gregory Burks Ball Carol Ann Belcher Deborah Sue Bell William D. Belvin Donald Eugene Bennett Greg Malcolm Bennett 172 pf cJ-favnonij Un 74 Katra Diane Bennett Charles Preston Bocook Deborah Lynn Bowers Karen McCulley Bowles David Timothy Bradberry George Marvin Broce Barbara Ellen Brown Peggy Lou Brown As the Class of 1974 entered their final year, they were faced with a situation alien to any they had ever experienced at ACHS. Finding themselves in a position of prestige and responsibility, it became apparent that they had just become the leading force in th e student body. Idle time became a rarity as seniors channeled their efforts toward academic and extra curricular achievements. Graduation and college acceptances motivated seniors to strive for scholastic perfection. The binding effects of the prom, the senior ban- quet, Senior Day, and the class picnic united sen- iors as the Class of 1974. Seniors viewed their last days at ACHS with increased perspective and understanding, as they came to the realization that their futures will be found beyond “the Yellow Brick Road’’. Nancy Childs, Terry Whitehead, Rene Weber. Not Pictured: Stewart Jones. 173 Joan Broy Webb William Thomas Bruffey III Sharon Juen Brugh Theresa Jean Buchanan Joseph Anthony Cabreio Donna Marie Campbell Judy Ann Campbell Billie Jean Carter Nancy Rae Childs Bonnie Mae Cole Charles Thomas Comer Debbie Charolene Crance Joyc e May Crawford Michael Clarence Crone Timothy Lee Curtis Elizabeth Ann Deacon 174 dVlcLnu 3 ' LX±t± c3 frul J2a±t± Shirley Ellen Dodd Susan Adair Downey Donna Marie Dudley Doris Jean Dudley Jeffrey Lee Elbon Richard Grant Ensminger Ricky Dale Flenner Thomas Edward Flora, Jr. Jo Anne Fridley Vickie Lynn Fuller Bobby Wayne Gaines Elizabeth Carrol Ginger John Wesley Golden, III Teresa Ann Griffith Sharon Leigh Hall John Allen Hamlett, Jr. 175 actuation, U(z t Ssnioz ' ' J3 ancjuzt, C7) £ Mary Sue Hoke Eric Marion Hostetter Melissa Dynette Hostetter Laura Cynthia Hubbard Mary Margaret Humphries Carlene Polly Johnson Jeffrey Kean Johnson Jerome Gifford Johnson Sheliah Diane Johnson Eleanor Elizabeth Jones Stewart Edward Jones Donna Lee Kelley John Letcher Kellison, Jr. Alvin Lewis Kern Barbara Ellen Kitt Gabriele Knighton 176 2Yaid LpicnLc, - Ssnioz p t zom Archie Ward Lemon, Jr. Katherine Mae Livesay Dinah Marie Lochard Brenda Charlene Lomasay Becky Ann Loomis Diane Jean Lucas William Craig Major Susan Ann Mays Conrad Randall McDavid Mary Patricia McDowell Kenneth Michael Meeks Michael Powers Michie Rebecca Leigh Middleton Clarence Edgar Miller Susan Frances Myers Ray Tinsley Napier Bridget Ann Nicely Cynthia Jean Nicely Stephanie Earlene Nicely Vicky Mae Nicely Joseph Norkus Julia Alice Paitsel Mary Katherine Paitsel Shelia Ann Paitsel Rhonda Kay Patterson Karen Suzanne Peery Eddie Payne Persinger Kathy Sue Porterfield James Webster Powell, Jr. Anita Karen Putnam Roxie Ann Ray Steven Wayne Redman 178 Of Ljzax Earleen Gay Reid Cynthia Ann Roberts Edward Reed Rose Mark Anthony Rosier Burdette Alvin Rupert, Jr. Vickie Lynne Ryder Kathleen Jo Saville David ■ m Simmons Angela Gae Sizemore William Harding Sizemore Lydia Sue Smith Thomas Edward Smith Cary Grayson Snead Ronald Wayne Snead Marylin Ann Snyder Dewey Maxwell Southhall, Jr. 179 1 974 ( a dTmzs oj- cd fah.hLns.iA. and dJsaxA Christy Diane Spangler Elizabeth Ann Stewart Ruth Renea Stinnette Christy Elizabeth Stone Marcia Leigh Stull Becky Leigh Taylor Frances Diane Tingler Sylvia Ann Tolley Ellis Mark Tucker Kathy Jean Unroe Ricky Allen VanBuren Sarah Marie VanLear Debra Lynn Vigil Charles Berkely Walker William Woodley Warren Colette Kimble Waters 180 erf- s. rfznLozs. erf Cerf S 2Jo Joes JJfis JVozfcl Rene Leon Weber Terry Catherine Whitehead Randall Kevin Whitehead Roberta Sue Whitmore Robert Lawrence Whitmore Wendy Denise Wilhelm Doris Marie Williams Douglas Edward Williams Phillip Eric Williams Silas Alvin Wilson, Jr. Charles Fredrick Will Lester Jay Wolfe Sherry Lee Wolfe Samuel Camden Worley, Jr. 181 cS niox± Slsjzt ‘ ' D ' zCL OOJ WESLEY GOLDEN — Key Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 9, Secretary 10; Spanish Club 12; Ecology Club, Treasurer 12; Annual Staff, Edi- tor 12; National Honor Society, Historian 12; Li’l Abner 12; Society of Outstanding American High School Students 12; Patriot St aff, Sports Editor 11; Honor Graduate; Candidate for Sweetheart King; One-Act Play Cast 12; and SCA 12. STEPHANIE NICELY — Gymnastics Club 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; SCA 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 12; Cheerleader 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Treasurer 8; Class President 10; Homecoming Queen 12; Miss Alcoua finalist; and Candidate for Queen of the Prom. MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED JANICE ADKINS — Pep Club 8; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Secretary 10; FT A 10, 11, Presi- dent 12; Corresponding Secretary of State FTA 11; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 11, Vice-President 12; National Honor Society 11, Secretary 12; Honor Council 9; SCA 11, Class Treasurer 11; Honor Marshal 1 1; and Miss Alcova finalist. MAX MILLER Pep Club 8, Treasurer; Key Club 9, 10, 11, Treasurer 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Photography Club 11; Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11; Outdoor Track 9, 10, 11; SCA President 12. MOST LIKEL Y TO S UCCEED 182 ( Lasimaisi uh GREG BENNETT — Pep Club 9; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Forensics Club 10, 11, 12; Band 8, 9, 10, 11; Annual Staff 12. MELISSA HOSTETTER — Pep Club 8, 9; Majorette 9, 10; Class Vice-President 9; SCA 9; FYom Serving Girl 9; FTA 10; Latin Club 10, Treasurer 11; Annual Staff 11, Editor 12; Na- tional Honor Society 11, President 12; Science Club Treasurer 11; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 12; Candidate for Sweetheart Queen 12; Miss Alcova Candi- date; Prom Queen Candidate 12. BEST DRESSED WITTIEST MAX MILLER KIM WATERS — Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Gymnastics Club 12; FTA 10, 11; SCA 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Majorette 10, 11, Co-Head 12; Camelot Dancer 11. 183 Cooiziricj, pV{o±t ( ZJaf snivel, pV o6.t c f’tfifztLc STEPHANIE NICEL Y RENE WEBER — National Honor Society 11, 12; Key Club Sergeant of Arms 11, President 12; Spanish Club 11; Varsity Club 12; JV Football 10, 11; JV Track 8, 9; Varsity Football 11, 12; Varsity Wrestling 11, 12; Boys’ State 11; School Newspaper 11, 12. MOST POPULAR MIKE MICHIE — Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Art Club 11; Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 8; Indoor Track 10. RHONDA PATTERSON — Pep Club 11; Spanish Club 11, Secretary 12. FLIRT IEST 184 LPoj2u£ax, 3 ' xU,nJ.[u,±t KATHY SAVILLE — Pep Club 8; FHA 9, 10, 11, 12; Forensics 10, 11; Chess Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Drum Majorette 12; All Area Band 10, 11; All Regional Band 11; Camelot Orchestra 11; One-Act Play 10 . STEWART JONES (Not Pictured) — Basket- ball 8, 9, 10, 11; Track 8; Class Officer 9; FT A 11; D.E. 11; Class Treasurer 12. MOST TALENTED MIKE MICHIE CINDY HUBBARD — FHA 8; FNA 10, 11, Coresident 12; Class Vice-President 10; SC A 10, 11; Camelot Cast 11; Candy Striper 10, 11, Pres- ident 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; Prom Queen 12. FRIENDLIEST 185 UjUZE £l lJ fltj!S.LCfU£ £2oo(zincj, J J[o±.t c itPilztLc FIGURE PHYSIQUE DINAH LOCKHARD — Jr Tri-Hi-Y 8, Chap- lain 9; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 12; Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; FT A 11, 12; Gymnastics Club 12; SC A 10; Cheerleader 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 8, 9; Varsity Club 11, 12. JEFFELBON (Not Pictured) JEFF ELBON — Football 8, 9, 10, 11, Team Captain 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, Team Captain 12; Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Class Treasurer 10; FYom King 12; Sweetheart King 12; BOY OF THE YEAR 12. KIM WATERS BEST LOOKING 186 JAoH zScfzoo[ c j Lxit d, JSeif dfxouncl, dl [o±.t d ddltj Z To uccss JEFFELBON JULIA PAITSEL (Not Pictured) — FHA 9, 10, 11; FBLA 11, 12. IN CONCERT i ti$ . 1 MOST ATHLETIC JEFFELBON BETSY DEACON — Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 8; French Club 10; SCA 10; Honor Council 9, Secretary 11, Chairman 12; Spanish Club Historian 11; National Honor Society 11, Secretary 12; Band 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; MISS ALCOVA 12. BEST ALL AROUND 187 ' lAznzo’iLal of 3J cujnzx i£)oJs.ns 3fin [sx TA VNER O WENS TINGLER The student body, faculty, and administration of Alleg- hany County High School would like to dedicate this page to their student and friend, Tauner Owens Tingler. Tauner was well-liked and admired by his classmates. He was always friendly and cooperative with his instructors. His main interest lay in the field of the industrial arts. The Senior Class, along with the rest of ACHS, will long remember— TA VNER O WENS TINGLER. 188 tzJ zflzctLoni 189 HARMONY IN t l)VK IITISKVIKNTS 191 COVINGTON VIRGINIAN McCALEB WAYLAND INC. Mutual Insurance Dial 962-2121 to place your classified Ad Established in 1914 Covington Virginia “Save with Safety” 1 57 N. 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We’ve also been able to add to America’s present forest- land by reclaiming land previously lost to other uses, including millions of acres of marginal farm- land. And to supplement natural planting, we’re planting trees ourselves: more than a million and a half acres of forest a year— and more than one tree for every tree we use. We’ve developed new methods to grow more timber faster on the same land base, too. For example, the forest products industry owns less than 9% of all the American forest. Yet this land provides the raw material for one-third of our wood and paper products. A renewable resource, re- sponsibly managed. New forests. And better ways of growing more timber faster. Almost 500 years and a new nation later, they’re all helping to keep America green. And growing. Westvaco 206 PLOTT ' S PHARMACY 603 Highland St. Covington, Virginia Dial 962-7776 BOOTH ' S EXXON STATION 615 Main Street Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 H. C. AUTO PARTS INC. Wholesale Automotive Parts Paul C. Hendrick Don C. Cole Machine Shop Service Dial 962-3957 315 Highland Ave. Covington Virginia FARRAR ' S DRUG STORE 862-5718 525 Main Clifton Forge CITGO j Through nine Virginia Branches for 47 Years HEATING OIL - GASOLINE Low Moor, Va. Dial 8634091 General Offices Clifton Forge Virginia 207 WE ' D LIKE TO BE YOUR BANK When you ' re just starting out, banking is a checking account. Later on it ' s a car loan, a savings account, a credit card, a house mortgage, a budget advisor, and a trust fund. All along the way, we can give you everything you need. Right here. A FULL N SERVICE v BANK AA First National Exchange Bank A DOMINION BANKSHARES BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 208 MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONALS WHO HAVE HELPED THIS YEAR! Dr. T. M. Winn Dr. C. L. Beauchamp Dr. William J. Ellis Dr. James I. Gilbert, III Mr. William T. Wilson Dr. Edward M. Bowles, Jr. Mr. Micheal Collins Dr. R. L. 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Ridgeway Street Oak Hill Shopping Center NORTHSIDE DRIVE-IN Phone 962-2754 Home phone 962-2315 AVERILL ' S STORE Dial 862-4545 Lowmoor, Virginia 211 FLOR-KAB COMPANY 1 PURPLE PARACHUTE Carpet— Linoleum— Cabinets Wallpaper— Draperies 318 S. Highland Ave. E. Fitzgerald— Herby Fitzgerald Covington, Va. 24426 Rt. 3, Westwood Phone Covington, VA. 24426 962-1897 “Products for Progressives” JOHNNY ' S BARBER SHOP SOUTHERN RESTAURANT 246 Riverside Street Covington, Virginia Keswick Street HOME COOKED Clifton Forge FOOD! NICKELL ELECTRIC 8c FURNITURE CO. Your Alleghany Discount House Complete Line of Appliances and Furniture Route 60, 3 Miles West Covington, VA. Dial Day 965-833 1 Harry B, Nickell Dial Night 962-3107 Owner THRIFT DRUG For the very best in prescription service— For all your drug store needs. BOOTH ' S EXXON STATION WEBB PLUMBING HEATING SALES SERVICE Member National Line Organization 615 Main Street Specialists in Remodeling Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422 Bathrooms, kitchens, cooling, heating, pumps and water conditioning systems, and water heaters. 962-1386 212 APPALACHIAN TIRE PRODUCTS, INC. Corner of Riverside Maple Phone 962-221 1 Covington Virginia CARTER S STORE Phone 863-3581 Selma Virginia CLIFTON FORGE VIRGINIA DIXON ' S BIKE SHOP RUPERT BROKER ROTHWELL AUCTIONEER R R REAL ESTATE 213 A K WOODY ' S AUTO PARTS SANDWICH SHOP WA 433 Ridgeway y WOODY mIImh CHILDS JEWELERS D. L. and Hollie Childs Owners Your “Keepsake” Diamond Dealer Phone 962-3701 31 1 W. Main Covington Headquarters for complete automotive parts and accessories. Complete Machine Shop Service Air Conditioning Imports, Stereo Equipment Covington, Va. 962-1 103 White Sulphur Springs W. Va. 536-2461 COVINGTON AMUSEMENT COMPANY, INC. VISULITE THEATER STRAND THEATER COVINGTON HIGHWAY DRIVE-IN BURR S STUDIO WEDDING SPECIALIST Peoples Bank Bldg. Covington, Virginia 214 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 FROM TODAYS ARMY! “A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR A BRIGHT GRADUATE” For information contact your Army Representative. Army Sgt. Phil Sparks at the Covington Post Office 965-3321 Todays Army: Young, Proud, and Professional 215 216 kl mm jr Shop Leggett For A Fashion Wardrobe That Is Young, Colorful, Up-To-Date YOUR HAPPY SHOPPING STORE Dial 962-2101 Covington Virginia THE CAT AND OWL Steak and Seafood House Bruce C. Proffitt, Mgr. Phone 862-5808 Box 77 Low Moor Virginia 24422 FRIDLEY ' S PHARMACY “Service for the Sick” Free Delivery 310 W. Main St. Covington Virginia BARR ' S VARIETY DEPT. STORE 325 W. Main St. Covington Virginia WOOD CHEVROLET COMPANY CLIFTON FORGE VIRGINIA 217 HAS FURNITURE APPLIANCES DRAPERIES SPORTING GOODS STATIONERY CAMERAS SPORTS WEAR HOSIERY TOYS AND A BRADFORD HOUSE FAMILY RESTAURANT! MALLOW MALL COVINGTON, VIRGINIA 218 COURTESY STORE COMPLIMENTS OF Congratulations and best wishes to the class of ’74. May your WESTERN AUTO future be happy and successful. Covington Virginia Fine Foods Phone 962-2186 CHITTUM TIRE SERVICE Alignment and Brake Service Clifton Forge Virginia JENKIN S SHELL SERVICENTER FIRESTONE TIRES, SHELL PRODUCTS Corner Main Street and Jefferson Avenue Clifton Forge, Virginia DIAL 862-6331 ELLIS ' S RESTAURANT HOTEL WILLIAMSON AND RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food Main Street, Clifton Forge (Try Our Pizzas) Virginia Phone 862-4181 FRYE ' S EXXON STATION VANCE ' S GULF SERVICE STATION Route 5, Highway 220 Exxon Products and General Merchandise ‘ Dial 962-9696 603 Main Street, Clifton Forge Virginia Phone 862-5528 219 ALLEGHANY BRISCOES OIL CO. INC. SHELL STATION tim®n Dial 965-9811 1410 Durant Rd. PRODUCTS Dial: 962 - 6336 710 W. Locust Covington Covington Virginia BARTLEY BROTHERS 21 1 Nelson Phone 962-2872 Covington Virginia OAKLAND BODY SHOP SELMA VIRGINIA 220 221 222 223 HARMONY IN PICT 1 1 KISS LET US BEGIN THE TIME HAS COME WITH ALL OUR VOICES JOINING IN AND PEOPLE DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD TO SING OF LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD 226 TO HELP THEIR FELLOW MAN BE FREE AND FILL THIS LAND WITH HARMONY. 227 THE YOUNG, THE OLD, THE RICH, THE POOR LIKE THE SHEPHERD GUARDS HIS SHEEP MAKING SOUNDS NEVER HEARD BEFORE WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AS THEY SLEEP 228 AND LIKE THE POTTER TURNS HIS CL A Y AND PEACE WILL COME ON EARTH AGAIN. AND LET US SING A SONG OF LOVE AND THERE ' S ONE THING I ' M CERTAIN OF LOVE WILL FILL THE HEARTS OF MEN 230 231 232 233 234 235 237 HARMONY The time has come let us begin with all our voices joining in, to sing of love and brotherhood and people doing what they should, to help their fellow man be free and fill this land with harmony, the young, the old, the rich, the poor making sounds never heard before. Chorus: Harmony, harmony let’s all join in harmony and sing away the hurt and fear a great new day will soon be here. Like the shepherd g uards his sheep watch your children as they sleep and like the potter turns his clay oh help us shape a better day and let us sing a song of love and there’s one thing I’m certain of, love will fill the hearts of men and peace will come on earth again. Chorus: Harmony, hamony let’s all join in harmony and sing away the hurt and fear a great new day will soon be here. Words and Music by NORMAN SIMON and ARTIE KAPLAN Thrice Music Inc. Norman J. Simon Music Company 238 A Adams, Boyd 155 Adams, Donald 85,91,116,132,160 Adams, Richard 150 Adkins, Diane 48,67,172 Adkins, Janice 87,92, 103, 104, 105,112,117, 125,127,145,172,182 Adkins, Melveen 67,155 Adkins, Ronald 57, 118, 150 Adkins, Valerie 67, 160 Ailstock, Sandra 134,155 Ailstock, Steve 160 Ailstock, William 160 ALCOVA, Miss 102,10 3,104,105 ALCOVA Staff 128,129 Alexander, Diane 150 Altizer, Garlynda 61, 1 16, 124, 146, 150 Ambrose, Bobby 42,62,137 Anderson, Patricia 150 Anderson, Susan 140,155 Andrews, Alfred 126,128,166 Andrews, Daryl 150 Andrews, Dawn 160 Andrews, Diane 172 Andrews, Wayne 118,150 Angle, Carolyn 132,166 Angle, Norma 112,127,142,172 Angle, Ricky 62,64, 160 Angle, Susan 155 Arbogast, Joyce 172 Archie, Reuben 42, 1 18, 126, 166 Arehart, Denise 160 Argonbrite, Dwight 150 Armentrout, Bridgett 150 Armentrout, Marshall 160 Armentrout, William III 160 Arrington, Gayle 142,172 Arritt, Reva 116,132,142, 166 Arthur, Charlotte 172 Ashton, Robert 121,15 0 Austin, Tim 42 Averill, Gregory 150 A verill, Lori 97,116,11 7, 124, 143,146 Averill, Terry 56, 160 Ayers, Calvin 155 Ayers, David 42,56, 73, 160 Ayers, Gene 130,172 Ayers, Tommy 137 B Baccalaureate 108,109 Back, Teresa 150 Bailey, Michael 155 Baker, Dana 118,140,160 Ball, Greg 97,137,150,172 Ball, Joe 120 Ball, Paula 124,150 Balser, Barry 73,160 Balser, Christy 61,84,150 Band 134, 135 Barnett, Rhonda 150 Barr, Jan 143,145 Barr, Rebecca 155 Barrington, Eugene 134 Barrington, Nancy 134,166 Bartley, Greg 47,57,150 Bartley, Kathy 160 Bassett, George 92 iJndzx Bates, Bamma 150 Bates, Judy 155 Bates, Patricia 166 Bates, Ryland 155 Bates, Wendell 166 Batten, Jan 137,160 Bayne, Cynthia 122,133,146,166 Bazzrea, John 134,166 Beever, Donald 117,118,134,135,155 Beirne, Coite 118,121,134,160 Belcher, Carol 84, 103,108,116,117,141,1 72 Bell, Debbie 87,112,125,145,172 Belvin, William 126,137,172 Bennett, Donnie 132,172 Bennett, Greg 94, 1 19, 122, 126, 128, 143, 1 72, 183 Bennett, Katra 173 Bennett, Kelly 155 Bennett, Kevin 47, 150 Bennett, Luke 65,155 Bennett, Patsy 124 Bennett, Richard 47, 150 Bennett, Roscoe 166 Bennett, Teresa 146,166 Berry, Bruce 150 Bess, Anita 124,150 Bess, Betty 134 Biddle, Christine 150 Biddle, Virginia 139,150 Biller, Raymond 150 Birckhead, Hunter 72,143,166 Bishop, Aubrey 150 Black, Connie 160 Black, Gerald 160 Black, Kenneth 116,117,118,150 Black, Ricky 160 Bland, Steve 47 Blankenship, Priscillia 141,155 Bocook, Charles 120,173 Bocook, Roger 42,45,62, 160 Bodell, Kathy 58,83,116, 125, 138, 144, 146, 160 Bogar, David 160 Bolden, Bob 42,43 Bonner, Sarah 125,134,143,160 Bonner, Scott 150 Booth, Deborah 139,150 Bostic, Jon 42,56,84, 160 Botkins, Larry 121,144,160 Botkins, Robert 143,166 Bowen, Bonnie 166 Bowen, Dena 150 Bowen, Dinah 160 Bowen, Norman 160 Bowers, Deborah 112,173 Bowers, Donna 155 Bowers, Kelly 125, 133, 143, 145, 146, 160 Bowles, Karen 173 Bowles, Mary 139, 150 Boy of the Year 100,101 Bradberry, David 173 Bradley, Charles 166 Bradshaw, Richard 150 Bragg, Sherry 150 Brakenridge, Donald 155 Breeden, Richard 126 Bridges, Danny 132,155 Bridges, Richard 160 Brigans, Wayne 155 Brace, George 72,82, 121, 129, 1 73 Broughman, Anne 155 Broughman, Bethany 150 Broughman, Donna 91,160 Broughman, Earl, III 150 Broughman, Lacy, 11173,160 Broughman, Melvin 150 Broughman, Nettie 160 Broughman, Peggy 160 Brown, Anita 142,160 Brown, Barbara 173 Brown, Charles 150 Brown, Chuck 42,126,138 Brown, Cynthia 155 Brown, May 155 Brown, Peggy 1 73 Brown, Raymond 160 Brown, Roger 42,45 Broy, Barbara 155 Bruffey, Tommy 137,174 Brugh, Larry 155 Brugh, Jeffrey 117, 143, 145, 146, 160 Brugh, Sharon 174 Bryant, Donald 160 Buchanan, Buddy 42,126,132,138 Buchanan, Murray 166 Buchanan, Tammy 146,155 Buchanan, Terry 141,146,174 Burks, Kim 166 Burks, Mary 58,84, 144, 146, 160 Burks, May 150 Burks, Shelia 143,161 Burks, Teresa 161 Burks, Virgie 132 Burnette, Mark 42,68,84, 126, 143 Burrowes, Robert 12 Bush, Deborah 166 Buzzard, Betty 150 Byer, Anita 124,150 Byer, Annette 161 Byer, Charlotte 150 Byer, Lawerence 166 Byer, Roger 155 C Cabrejo, Joe 126,137,174 Cadd, Christy 137,166 Cadd, Teresa 118,166 Cahoon, Brenda 142,146,166 Cahoon, Janice 139, 146, 155 Caldwell, Angela 161 Caldwell, Dennis 150 Camp, Timothy 118,134,155 Campbell, Cheryl 60, 123, 140, 144, 146, 161 Campbell, Donna 84,85, 141 , 174 Campbell, Garry 150 Campbell, Gerald 65 Campbell, Jody 150 Campbell, Judy 174 Campbell, Larry 150 Campbell, Martha 155 Campbell, Rebecca 166 Campbell, Ronald, Jr. 73,161 Campbell, Sharon 150 Carpenter, Angelia 150 Carpenter, Jeffrey 118,151 Carr, Samuel, Jr. 126,166 Carroll, Cleveland 161 Carroll, Lelia 130,166 Carroll, Linda 137,167 239 Carson, Kathy 151 Carter, Billie 132,174 Carter, Dolly 161 Carter, Lisa 151 Carter, Lucy 161 Carter, Mary 139 Carter, Russell 151 Cary, Cathy 151 Case, Mary 151 Cash, Deborah 132,167 Cash, James 56, 161 Cash, Stephen 161 Chapman, Debra 125,134,161 Chapman, Stephen 151 Chess Club 1 18 Childs, Christine 140,155 Childs, Nancy 58,86,87,94, 103, 116,117,119, 122,125,138,146,174 Choir 132 Christmas Formal 84,85 Clark, Debbie 155 Clark, Dennis 151 Clark, Edgar, Jr. 132,155 Clark, Jill 137 Clark, Kawahna 151 Clark, Patrick 156 Clark, Robert, Jr. 151 Clark, Sharon 132,167 Clark, Susan 146,156 Clark, Teresa 156 Clay tor, Cynthia 134,151 Clemens, David 151 Clemens, Rick 51,66,94, 111,118, 121, 134, 161 Coffey, Janice 161 Cole, Bonnie 48,67,93, 125, 128, 141,174 Cole, Robert 150 Collins, Charles 120 Comer, Chuck 174 Conner, Vance 51,132,161 Cook, Debbie 116,125,146,167 Cook, Gary 167 Cook, George 156 Cook, Kathy 151 Cook, Tammy 99, 146 Cooke, Donna 151 Copenhaver, Robert 12 Craft, Bob 47 Craft, Bonnie 156 Craft, Deborah 143,161 Craft, Gene 130 Craft, John 151 Craft, Karen 156 Craft, Linda 151 Craft, Philip 47,118,151 Craft, Rhonda 143,161 Craft, Robert 57, 151 Craft, Susan 1 19, 122, 128, 129, 132, 143, 145, 146.167 Craft, William 131,167 Craghead, Leigh 109,125,127,128,129,132, 139.145.167 Craig, Ralph 67,126,132 Crance, Cathy 167 Crance, Debbie 145,174 Crawford, Joyce 174 Crawford, Robert 161 Crawford, Wayne 134,156 Critzer, Dorothy 137,167 Critzer, Robert 47 Crone, Mike 51,62,117,118, 138, 143,174 Crookshanks, Charles 156 Cross Country 51 Crossland, Gary 7,9,42,62,117,126,137,138, 167 Crowder, Mike 42,161 Curtis, Jim 92,94,161 Curtis, Tim 96, 117,119,123, 134, 144, 1 74 D Dainty, Jane 156 Davis, Becky 60, 67, 122, 143, 146, 161 Davis, Judith 1 16, 161 Dawson, Russell 161 Deacon, Betsy 96, 102, 103,105,112,113,11 7, 127.174.187 Deacon, Bobby 66,94,117, 121, 123, 134, 156 Deane, Charles 167 D. E. Club 120 DePriest, Patsy 151 Dickson, Betty 156 Dickson, Greg 144 Dickson, Norman 66,68, 167 Dillard, Lonnie 151 Dilley, James 151 Dilley, Richard 151 Dodd, Richard 47,77,151 Dodd, Shirley 175 Dolan, Brian 137 Dolan, Kendall 167 Donovan, Angelia 167 Dotson, Lorrie 130,167 Downer, Karen 156 Downes, Rhonda 140,156 Downey, Fran 125, 142,161 Downey, Julie 124,151 Downey, Sharon 161 Downey, Steve 42,62,91, 126, 138,161 Downey, Susan 143,175 Dressier, Eugene Jr. 161 Dressier, Freda 156 Dressier, Hubert 151 Dressier, Mary 156 Dressier, Sammy 56,84 Dressier, Teddy 156 Dressier, Timothy 151 Drummond, Ronald 137,167 Dudley, Donna 142,175 Dudley, Doris 2, 142, 1 75 Dudley, Gloria 156 Dudley, Jeffrey 167 Dudley, Lois 156 Dudley, Marie 144,156 Duff, Frances 151 Dunford, Cindy 156 Dunford, Deborah 167 E Ecology Club 122 Edwards, Kent 106,118 Edwards, Pam 116,118,140,161 Eggleston, Timothy 161 Elbon, Douglas 161 Elbon, Jeff 42, 44, 52, 53, 86, 8 7, 98, 100,101, Elbon, Robin 94, 124, 137, 140, 143, 146 Elbon, Sandy 124,151 Elmore, Robert Jr. 156 Entsminger, Richard 1 18, 123, 126, 175 Entsminger, Stuart 118,126,167 Evans, Caren 85, 122, 132, 137, 139, 142 Evans, Debbie 137,167 F Faglie, Mary Beth 156 Faidley, Patricia 161 Farrar, Robert 167 Farren, Jackie 161 Feury, Richard 167 F.H.A. 141 Fisher, Cheryl 124,152 Fitzgerald, Laurie 97,99,167 Flenner, Ricky 175 Flora, Eddie Jr. 96,175 F.N.C. 140 Forbes, Mark 73,116,152 Forensics 1 18 Fornwalt, Ruth 134,156 Fourquean, Gregory 47,57,152 Fourquean, Pauline 132,137 Fourquean, Teresa 116,132,137 Franklin, Donita 124,152 Franson, Donna 156 Franson, Tammy 152 French Club 144 Fridley, Carol Ann 132,156 Fridley, Carolyn 156 Fridley, Charlene 167 Fridley, Christopher 152 Fridley, Donna 161 Fridley, Gordon 161 Fridley, Jewel 132,167 Fridley, Joseph 121,122 Fridley, JoAnn 141,175 Fridley, Paul 161 Fridley, Victoria 132,156 Friel, Mary 67,152 Frye, Jennifer 122, 132,143, 167 Fuller, Vicky 87,125,156,175 Fury, Dennis 161 Fury, Linda 156 Futch, Elizabeth 124,143,146,161 Futch, JoAnn 152 G Gadd, Carol 156 Gadd, Dennis 168 Gaines, Bobby 175 Gardner, Elizabeth 116,119,127,140,168 Garrett, Laura 152 Garrett, Richard 168 Garrett, Woodrow 152 George, Alan 162 Ghoul, Bonnie 132 Gilbert, Julia 152 Gillain, Debra 152 Ginger, Carol 175 Giraham, Deborah 156 Girls’ Track 67 Goldberg, Nathan 62,85,90,119,126,132,168 Golden, Wesley 82,87,90,93,94,112,113,116, 122, 126, 127,128, 143, 1 75, 182 Golf 72, 73 Goode, Debra 152 Graduation 112,113 Graham, Patricia 156 Griffith, Gary 157 Griffith, Teresa 175 Gunter, Bobby 157 Gunter, Florence 124, 152 Gunter, Robin 168 Gunter, Teresa 152 Guth, Teresa 152 240 Gymnastics 139 H Hague, Tony 157 Hall, Sharon 175 Hall, Tammy 60,116,124,157 Hamlett, John 66,68,82,117,121,126,134, 138,175 Hamlin, Calvin 118,134,135,162 Hammond, Frank 12 Hammond, Tammy 60,94, 1 16, 134, 143, 146, 157 Hand, Bradley 57,152 Hanner, Elizabeth 117,152 Hanner, Rhonda 123,124 Hanson, Kimberly 162 Harouff, John 152 Harper, Gary 167 Harper, Ricky 152 Harvey, Renee 143,167 Harrison, Cindy 125,132,145,146,167 Harrison, Dwight 56, 72, 157 Harrison, Kimala 61,157 Harrison, Rebecca 125,133,143,162 Harrison, Susan 152 Hartman, Ricky 162 Haskins, Richard 137,162 Hayes, Carl 52,55,138 Haynes, Ann 139,152 Haynes, Gary 157 Haynes, Terry 152 Haynes, Tracy 167 Heaster, Sara 162 Hepler, Charles 157 Hepler, Delbert 12 Herald, Steve, Jr. 167 Hicks, Darrell 162 Hicks, Patricia 122,132,141,157 Hicks, Rocky 152 Higgins, Charles 152 Higgins, Harry 152 Higgins, Linwood 162 Higgins, Mary 116,157 Higgins, Ricky 167 Higgins, Tonie 167 Hill, Carrie 157 Hinkle, Sandra 136,157 Hipes, David 134,157 Hoke, Ellen 157 Hoke, Joseph 62,64,73,157 Hoke, Richard 47,152 Hoke, Robert 162 Hoke, Steve 167 Hoke, Susie 112,125,130,145,176 Hoke, Tammy 162 Homecoming 80,81,82 Honor Council 117 Honts, Debra 119,140,146,167 Hooker, Allen 157 Hoover, Cynthia 162 Hoover, Dreama 157 Horn, Charles, Jr. 157 Horn, Jeffrey 47,152 Hosey, George 152 Hosey, Kimberly 152 Hosey, Linda 157 Hosey, Pearl 157 Hostetter, Eric 132 Hostetter, Katherine 167 Hostetter, Melissa 59,87,95, 103,117,119, 125,127,128,176,183 Housman, Barry 134,157 Hubbard, Bobby 152 Hubbard, Cindy 98, 132, 140, 1 76, 185 Hubbard, Lisa 116,118,162 Hubbard, Nancy 152 Hubbard, Sonia 140,167 Hudson, Michael 157 Humphries, Debra 152 Humphries, Garland 62, 116, 126, 143,167 Humphries, John, Jr. 67,118,152 Humphries, Mary 2,25, 1 1 7, 125, 145, 1 76 Humphries, Oscar 12 Humphries, Ottsy 47,152 Humphries, Ronnie 157 Humphries, Steven 52 Hurt, William 152 Hylton, Ruth 118,162 J Interclub Council 117 Irvine, Heston 143,168 Irvine, Rebecca 143,146,157 J Jack, Cheryl 157 Jackson, Debra 168 Jackson, Henry 168 Jackson, Julia 152 James, Adam 152,57,73 Jamison, Kathy 146,88,94, 125, 128, 168 Jamison, Nancy 140,162 Jarvis, Robert 168 Jeffries, Charles Jr. 152 Jennings, Debra 157 Jennings, Mark 152 Jensen, Gary 121,139,162 Jensen, Jenel 152,139 Jessee, Patricia 162 Johnson, Debbie 124,146 Johnson, Debra 157 Johnson, Karen 157 Johnson, Polly 52,162 Johnson, Jerome 42,43,52,54,68,69,1 12, 132, 176 Johnson, Shelly 142 Joines, Philip 162 Jones, Ernest 157 Jones, John 152 Jones, Kenneth 152 Jones, Patricia 168 Jones, Ralph 152 Jones, Stewart 91, 109, 107, 132, 1 76 Jordan, Elizabeth 67 Jordan, Jonathan 168 Jordan, Octavia 67, 137, 152 Jordan, Wade 42,52,68 Junior Class Talent Show 91 Junior Varsity Basketball 56 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 60 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball 50 Junior Tri-FIi-Y 124 Junior Varsity Wrestling 65 Justus, Stephanie 124,152 K Keaton, Cynthia 168 Keith, Dana 132,162 Kelley, Donna 176,97 Kelley, Michael 152 Kellison, Jamie 137,146 Kerns, Debbie 116,132,146 Kesterson, Laura 116,139,152 Keyser, Patricia 61, 152 Keyser, Patrick 61,152 Keyser, Robin 140,162 Key Club Dance 88,89 Key Club 126 Kilian, Connie 152 Kimberlain, Vickie 143,168 Kimberlain, Timmy 162 Kimbo, Harry 132 Kincaid, David 108 Kincaid, Gary 152 Kincaid, Mary 109,168 Kingry, Everett 66,134,139,162 Kitt, Gary 168 Kitt, Judy 152 Kitt, Karen 152 Knick, Mark 168 K. V. G. 137 Kouns, Tim 143 L Lacour, Roy 143 Lady Asset Club 137 Lawhorn, Brenda 72,143,146,168 Lawhorn, Michael 42, 126, 137, 138, 168 Lawler, Jane 91,94, 113,11 7 , 127, 128,146 Lawrence, Kenneth 132 Lemon, Sandy 43, 72,139, 162 Lemon, Sharon 94, 132, 137, 145, 168 Lienhardt, Jill 58,59, 138, 146, 162 Linkswiler, Mark 65,152 Liptrap, Rose 152 Lipscomb, Tammy 143,145 Livesay, Katherine 177 Livesay, Lisa 121, 134, 168 Livesay, Marsha 124,134 Livesay, Marva 61,116,124,152 Loan, Allan 162 Loan, Dennis 57,1 18, 152 Loan, Gerry 97, 126, 168 Loan, Jewel 1 18, 132, 140, 162 Loan, Alan 162 Loan, Dennis 57,118,152 Loan, Gerry 97,126,168 Loan, Jewel 118,132,140,162 Lockard, Dinah 58,80,81,82,103,116,122, 146,177 Lockhart, Bret 121,134 Lomasney 97, 122, 1 43, 1 46, 1 77 Lomasney 57,118,153 Loomis, Becky 87, 122, 125, 128, 129, 146,177 Loomis, Ginny 124,139,143,146 Long, William Jr. 153 Loveless, Bruce 153 Loving, Whitney 90,116 Lucas, Diane 177 M Mader, Allison 124,153 Mader, Nancy 168 Maddy, Anna 168 Maddy, Dalh 137,153 Maddy, Robin 153 Major, Billy 138,177 Major, Sarah 143 Majorettes 136 Markham, Cheryl 132,169 241 Martin, Amy 124,153 Martin, Barry 168 Martin, Danny 153 May, Daniel 153 May, Dewey 153 May, John 72, 138, 162 May, Ralph 153 May, Ricky 57,153 May, Thomas 153 May, Virgie 168 Mays, Janet 48,49,67, 127, 134, 139, 168 Mays, Susan 177 McCaleb, Mary Beth 128, 132, 168 McCormick, Becky 116,133,143,146,162 McCorkmick, Vicki 136,162 McCoy, Cikie 145,146,168 McCulley, Danny 153 McDauid, Conrad 138 McDowell, Patricia 80,81,82, 103, 1 1 7, 122, 128,129,143,146,177 Me Vay, Emmett 42 Me Vay, Joe 42, 132, 168, 1 77 Me Vay, Robert 153 Meadows, Steve 162 Meadows, Teresa 168 Meeks, Kenneth 112,132,177 Metz, Lena 132, 168 Meyer, Fredrick 153 Meyer, Jerry 42,45,68, 137, 162 Meyer, Katie 143 Michie, Mike 42,52, 78,85,94, 126, 132, 138, 177,184,185 Middleton, Mike 84,137,143,168 Mitler, Judy 140, 169 Miller, Max 82, 116,11 7, 126, 127, 134, 1 79, 182,183 Miller, Paige 137,139,143,146 Miller, Steve 162 Minter, Steve 84,138, 143, 169 Morgan, Cheryl 169 Morgan, Kim 169 Morgan, Linda 162 Morgan, Sherry 136,143 Minter, Steve 153 Moore, Wilma 162 Morris, Andrew 153 Morris, Barbara 169 Morris, Bruce 162 Morris, Ricky 47 Morris, Vicki 132,169 Mundy, Alma 84,94, 125, 133, 143, 145, 166, 169 Mundy, James 153 Mustoe, Margaret 139, 153 Mustoe, Thomas 118,144 Myers, Susan 112,142 N Napier, Ray 177 National Honor Society 127 Necaise, Dan 68 Nelson, Thomas 162 Nelson, Trade 85,169 Newcomb, Karen 95, 125, 132, 139, 143, 146, 162 Newcomb, Kathy 58, 94, 117,125, 127, 132, 138, 146, 169 Nicely, Bridget 85, 132, 1 78 Nicely, Charlie 45, 1 18, 169 Nicely, Cindy 1 16, 122, 128, 129, 143, 146, 1 78 Nicely, Debra 162 Nicely, Judy 141, 169 Nicely, Louie 42,120 Nicely, Lynn 125,143,146,169 Nicely, Michael 162 Nicely, Michael L. 153 Nicely, Nancy 137,140,143 Nicely, Peter 169 Nicely, Stephanie 58,80,81,82,94, 103, 104, 105, 125, 138, 145, 146, 1 78, 182, 184 Nicely, Teresa 116,124,146,153 Nicely, Tony 47,153 Nicely, Vicky 1 78 Nickell, Nick 116,120,137,143,169 Nida, Theresa 84,116,157 Nikkei, Pamela 157 Noel, David 6,42,44,52,55, 138, 162 Noel, Valerie 143,157 Norkus, Joe 122,178 Norkus, Rosemary 162 Norkus, Thomas 157 Northwood, Roger 110,118,132 O Owens, Ann 48, 162 Oyler, Julie 134 Overton, Menzie 91,120 One- Act Play 90 Oyler, Dinah Faye 169 P Paitsel, Alpha 169 Paitsel, Julie 178 Paitsel, Lisa 134,146 Paitsel, Mary 142,178 Paitsel, Sandra 153 Paitsel, Shelia 136,146,178 Parker, Kathy 46,60,139, 143 Patriot Staff 130,131 Patterson, Rhonda 1,83,93,122,143, 1 78, 184 Paxton, Henry 153 Perkins, Becky 132 Perkins, Leslie 158 Perkins, Rebecca 158 Perkins, Thomas 169 Persinger, Donald 137, 162 Persinger, Eddie 137,178 Persinger, Edith 158 Persinger, Frank 65, 73, 150 Persinger, Gregory 153 Persinger, Harvey 162 Persinger, Jeffrey 153 Persinger, Kevin 58,118 Persinger, Martha 158 Persinger, Patricia 153 Persinger, Robert 158 Persinger, Susan 141, 153 Perry, Karen 1 78 Peters, Julie 158 Peters, Kim 118,158 Photography Club 121 Pinner, Dennis 42, 126, 137,169 Platt, Bradley 65, 73, 139, 153 Platt, Susan 118,162 Plymale, Deborah 93,158 Poaque, Terrie 140,158 Poe, Kristie 58, 88, 89, 91,94,98,116,11 7, 132, 138,139,143,146,167,169 Pom Pom Girls 133 Porterfield, Kathy 142,178 Porterfield, Patricia 158 Porterfield, Robert 169 Posey, Cynthia 158 Posey, Donald 52,169 Posey, Ronald 109,169 Potter, Julie 60,143,162 Pottrey, Deborah 158 Powell, Jimmy 112, 120, 126, 138,178 Powell, Robert 153 Price, Cindy 122,133,146,169 Price, Gregory 73,158 Price, James TV 153 Price, Mac 65 Pritt, Christine 158 Pritt, Joyce 158 Prom 96,97,98,99 Puckett, Edward 158 Putnam, Hazel 169 Putnam, Karen 2, 1 78 Putnam, Richard 153 Putnam, Rodney 153 Putnam, Sandra 153 R Radio Club 121 Raether, Mark 56,68, 126,138, 139 Raker, Patricia 158 Ramsey, Crystal 116,158 Ray, Grace 132,137,139 Ray, Roxie 178 Redman, Elizabeth 158 Redman, Henry 158 Redman, Steve 112,178 Redman, Tina 169 Reed, Chester 169 Reid, Earleen 132,137,147,179 Reid, Lesia 158 Reynolds, Debbie 84, 132, 143, 169 Reynolds, James 158 Reynolds, James 158 Reyns, Kathy 88, 91,125, 130, 131, 132 , 146, 169 Rice, Cindy 134,162 Riddle, Jimmy 51,68,132,169 Riley, Jody 137 Riley, William 158 Roberts, Carol 94, 137, 140, 143, 158 Roberts, Cynthia 1 79 Robinson, Cynthia 158 Rodgers, Teresa 140,144,146 Rogers, Theresa 158 Rose, Cheryl 143,169 Rose, Claude Jr. 169 Rose, Edward 179 Rose, Michael 169 Rosier, Mark 62, 1 79 Rothe, Madeline 118,134,139,144,162 Rothe, Thomas 65, 123, 144, 158 Rowan, Dwight 42, 45, 76, 68, 69, 97, 117 , 119 , 138,143,145,167,169 Ruble, Jerry 169 Rucker, Jerry 153 Rucker, Karen 134 Rucker, Sherry 134, 158 Rucker, Warren 169 Runyon, Dorothe 162 Rupert, Burdette R. 72,143,179 Ryan, Robyn 133,140,146,158 Ryder, Vickie 134,143,145,179 Ryder, Virgil 153 S Sadie Hawkins Dance 93 SAE Club 145 Sampson, Dale 132,139,169 242 Sampson, Jay 158 Saville, Kathy 85, 1 18, 134, 1 79, 185, 96, 132 Sawyer, Steve 47 Saylor, Jimmy 47,57 SC A 116 SC A Elections 94,95 Schumaker, Scott 158 Science Club 137 Scott, Elizabeth 158 Scott, John 162 Scott, Laura 139,141,143,162 Scott, Tricia 134,158 Scott, Steve 123,134 Scruggs, 73 Scruggs, Tammy 90,125,132, 146,162 Selleck, James 162 Sellers, Charles 47 Sellers, Mitch 57,116 Senior Banquet 106, 107 Senior Class 108 Senior Picnic 110,111 Sexton, Timothy 158 Shawver, April 139 Shawver, Darcena 169 Sheppard, Billy 126,169 Shriver, Dena 169 Simmons, Allen 162 Simmons, Brian 158 Simmons, Charles 162 Simmons, Deborah 132,169 Simmons, David 118,126,138,179 Simmons, Harvey 137 Simmons, Kathy 140 Simmons, Pat 73 Simmons, Terri 142,162 Simpson, Clyde Jr. 162 Simpson, David 158 Simpson, Dink 73 Simpson, Elizabeth 158 Simpson r George 52,138, 162 Simpson, Jimmy 56 Simpson, Katherine 158 Simpson, Kitty 84, 139, 141, 146 Simpson, Michael 158 Simpson, Pam 143,145,169 Simpson, Patricia 158 Simpson, Phyllis 158 Sizemore, Angela 127,179 Sizemore, Billy 42,62,179 Sizemore, Crystal 84, 1 16, 133, 140, 143, 146, 163 Sizemore, Gary 137 Sizemore, Gerald 163 Sizemore, Phyllis 163 Sizemore, Steve 42,68 Slayton, Cindy 116,137,146 Smith, Alice 124 Smith, Howard 158 Smith, Jackie 47, 73 Smith, James 158 Smith, Joey 158 Smith, Lee 57 Smith, Leon 120,137,169 Smith, Lisa 132,158 Smith, Lydia 116,134,179 Smith, Marla 48 Smith, Pat 56 Smith, Peggy 158 Smith, Roberta 48,49,67,92,94,109,127,134, 139,144,145,169 Smith, Sally 60,97, 125, 139, 143, 146, 163 Smith, Susan 132,137 Smith, Tammy 67,158 Smith, Tommy 51, 1 19, 126, 127, 131, 138, 1 79 Snead, Cary 143,179 Snead, Ronnie 137,179 Snead, Wesley 42, 52, 126, 138, 1 70 Snow e, Kevin 158 Snyder, Marilyn 140,179 Sorrells, Sandra 158 Southall, Dewey Jr. 179 Southall, Joseph 170 Spangler, Christie 132,141,180 Spanish Club 143 Spanish Club Dance 83 Sparks, John 139 Sparks, Jimmy 139 Sparks, Joan 158 Sparks, Rogenna 143,145,170 Spivey, Barry 52,54,138 Spivey, Jimmy 120,170 Spraggins, Mike 30,52, 131,170 Sr.-Tri-Hi-Y 125 SSS Club 146 Stanley, Roxann 158 Staton, Gwynith 137,143,158 Stephenson, Thomas 158 Stewart, Andrew 93, 154 Stewart, Beth 80,81,83,90,94, 103, 104, 105, Stewart, Jimmy 84, 143, 1 70 Stinnett, Robin 124,140,144,146,158 Stinnett, Ruth 128,129,180 Stone, Christy 61,103,104,105,116,124,130, 143. 154. 180 Stone, Mary 143,163 Stone, Mitzie 124, 154 Stone, Robert 73,158 Stone, Sandra 116,139,154,161 Stone, Sherry 143,145,170 Stull, Brenda 158 Stull, Carman 133,145,146,158 Stull, Charles 158 Stull, Debbie 88,91, 125, 130, 131, 145, 146, 1 70 Stull, Linda 142,170 Stull, Marcia 2,112, 142, 180 Stull, Michael 163 Stuple, Alice 154 Stuple, Nevada Ann 154 Sunderland, Mark 62,126,129,170 Swartz, Chuck 42, 72, 143, 1 70 Sweet, Sherry 99, 116, 158 Sweetheart Dance 86,87 Switzer, Patricianne 154 T Taylor, Becky 140,180 Taylor, Deborah 154 Taylor, Karl 62, 158 Taylor, Mark 126,163 Taylor, Vicky 140 Ter ell, Patricia 94, 121, 125, 134, 135, 144, 163 Terrell, Richard 154 Terry, Andy 118 Terry, Brenda 48 Terry, Harper 154 Terry, Michael 159 Terry, Steve 47,154 Thomas, Cindy 146 Thomas, Nina 159 Thomas, Robert 163 Thompson, Maurice 154 Thurston, Danny 52,54, 122, 138 Thurston, Tony 154 Thurston, Vivian 170 Tigrett, James 122, 143, 1 70 Tingler, Carl 1 70 Tingler, Diane 134, 180 Tingler, Pamela 154 Tingler, Tavner 188 Talley, Marion 42 Tolley, George 163 Tolley, Sylvia 85, 132, 180 Tucker, Cindy 142, 143, 146, 1 70 Tucker, Debra 159 Tucker, Donna 140,154 Tucker, Ellis 180 Tucker, Michael 154 Tucker, Ralph 163 Tucker, Robert 118,120,170 Tucker, Sharon 154 Tucker, Teresa 159 Tucker, Tamra 159 Tucker, Teresa 154 Tyler, Donna 163 Tyler, George 159 U Unroe, Charles 159 Unroe, Chuck 62, 134, 143 Unroe, Cynthia 159 Unroe, Joe 163 Unroe, Kathy 145, 180 V VanBuren, Delores 61, 154 VanBuren, Mike 170 VanBuren, Ricky 180 Vance, Deborah 170 VanDerPas, Linda 154 VanLear, Ellen 170 VanLear, Sarah 84,85, 132, 180 VanLear, Wilfred 73,154 Varsity Baseball 74, 75, 76 Varsity Basketball 52,53,54,55 Varsity Girls’ Basketball 48,49 Varsity Cheerleaders 58,59 Varsity Club 138 Varsity Football 42,43,44,45 Varsity Indoor Track 66 Varsity Outdoor Track 68,69 Vars i ty Wres t ling 62, 63, 64 Vass, Patricia 163 Verrell, Rev. Gary 112 Vess, Greg 109,137,170 Vess, Jean 154 Vess, Mark 73,163 Vess, Mitchell 132,170 Vess, Steven 154 Via, Dorothy 132,170 Via, Eugene 154 Vigil, Debra 132, 180 Vigil, Joey 42,126,138 Vigil, Rick 116 Vines, Jay 154 Vint, Craig 139, 159 W Waddell, Richard 85, 126, 132, 138, 139,170 Wade, David 163 Wade, William 170 Walker, Charlie 108,112,120,137,180 Walker, Cheryl 163 Walker, Sherry 116, 136, 139, 143 243 Earehart, Carolyn 22 Walker, Thomas, Jr. 154 Walthall, Kimberly 154 Walton, Dawn 133, 139, 144, 163 Walton, Elizabeth 132,163 Walton, Marlene 154 Walton, Mike 134 Walton, Rebecca 159 Ward, Cindy 163 Ward, Glen 42,62,63,93, 126, 138,170 Warden, Elizabeth 154 Warren, Woody 80,81,82,87, 126, 145, 180 Waters, Kim 67,80,90, 103, 108,116, 122, 125, 136,139,146,180,183,186 Waters, Theresa 91,122, 125, 136, 139, 146, 170 Watts, Kathy 170 Wayts, Charles 51,118,126,170 Webb, Ella 170 Webb, Janice 132 Webb, Joan 174 Weber, Rene 42,88, 106,113,117, 126, 127, 130, 138,181,184 Weese, Richard 137,163 Welsh, Margaret 124,146,154 West, Mark 57,154 West, Sandra 159 Wheeler, Cheryl 109,125,145,170 White, Edwin 154 White, Herman 163 Whitehead, Jerry 42,45,126,138,170 Whitehead, Randy 137,181 Whitehead, Terry 58,80,81,82, 103, 139, 145, 146,181 Whiting, Larry 163 Whiting, Robin 159 Whiting, Shelia 132,170 Whitmore, Larry 62, 1 18, 181 Whitmore, Roberta 125,140,181 Wickline, Anita 159 Wilhelm, Connie 163 Wilhelm, Denise 141,181 Wilhelm, Donald 170 Wilhelm, Jeff 42, 62, 1 18, 126, 138, 143, 163, 1 70 Wilhelm, Karen 133,145,146,159 Wilhelm, Teresa 67, 134, 139, 159 Wilkerson, Dale 134,159 Wilkerson, Gary 134,163 Williams, Doris 136,144,146,181 Williams, Doug 2,83,91,95,130, 181 Williams, Elizabeth 154 Williams, Ernie, Jr. 51,163 Williams, Norma 134,140,146,170 Williams, Patricia 154 Williams, Phillip 137,181 Williams, Robert 159 Williams, Robin 154 Williamson, Ann 154 Willis, Frank 159 Wilson, Alvin 66,94, 126, 127, 134, 138, 144, 181 Wilson, Keith 1 18, 154 Wilson, Robert 62, 159 Wilson, Ronald 68, 122, 163 Wilson, Steven 146,159 Wiseman, Richard 57,154 Withrow, Carl 42,62,126,132,170 Withrow, James 47,116, 154 Withrow, John 42,62,68, 1 18,170 Witt, Charles 181 Witt, Mitzi 154 Wolfe, Brady 154 Wolfe, Brinda 142,170 Wolfe, Bruce 154 Wolfe, Cheryl 163 Wolfe, Coyde 159 Wolfe, Darel 154 Wolfe, David A. 170 Wolfe, David W. 159 Wolfe, Deborah 154 Wolfe, Floyd, Jr. 154 Wolfe, Harry, Jr. 159 Wolfe, Janet 109, 132, 143, 1 70 Wolfe, Lester 181 Wolfe, Sherry 112,127,142,181 Wolfe, Teresa 159 Woodward, Lawrence 47 Worley, Joan 116, 139, 159 Wren, Shawn 163 Wright, Barbara 159 Wright, Buddy 126 Wright, Calvin 154 Wright, Carl 163 Wright, Carla 154 Wright, Carol 163,170 Wright, Cathy 170 Wright, Glenda 154 Wright, KaroldJr. 109,126,170 Wright, Lauren 1 70 Wright, Leo 159 Wright, Ray 154 Wright, Richard 154 Wright, Ricky 163 Wright, Robert 159 Wright, Tammy Lee 154 Wright, Tammy Jo 159 Wright, Susan 140,170 Wright, William 154 Z Zimmerman, Lori 58,93,94,97, 1 16, 117, 125, 138, 144, 146, 164 Zimmerman, P. K. 62,73,164 TEACHERS Anderson, Jackie 14 Anderson, John 26,27,47 Ayers, Laura 20,21 Ayers, Thomas 30 Baber, Leonard 30 Barber, Joyce 14 Barron, Deena 14 Body, Judith 1,18 Bogan, Jo Ann 22 Buckalew, Carol 14 Burton, Mary Litts 1,14 Bush, Harriet 28 Carpenter, Joe 62 Carter, Harold 22 Carter, Jo Ann 26,27 Clark, Margie 2,14, 15 Clinedinst, Betty 32 Cox, Richard 18,19 Cvizic, Dusan 10,113,109 Davis, Deborah 19 Dills, Alice 19 Duff, Richard 120 Dunn, Lee 19 Haynes, Beverly 26,48,49,67 Heywood, Jim 12 Hodges, Bonnie 1,17,122 Holbert, Charles 20 Hoover, Sybil Horn, Earlene 1, 14 Humbert, Mary 1,20 Jamison, Doris 29 Jonas, William 6,7,26,62,63 Karnes, Gloria Karter, Ann 15 Knabenshue, Robert 30 Let son, Benjamin Lombardo, John 19 Mann, Barbara 1,15,128 Merica, Fred 20 Newberry, 20,21,123 O’Farrell, Nora 29 O’Rourke, Edward 22 Patton, Charles 24 Perdue, Peggy 32 Peters, Sara 16 Reed, Wesley Reynolds, Enza 28 Rhea, Edward 11,84 Rice, Gary 26,73 Shawver, Jean 1,15 Smith, Jean 25 Stinnett, Mary 16 Swartz, Maude 29 Thompson, Linda 31,85 Thompson, Vicki 31 Uzzell 26 Vass, Janet 1,15,90 Walker, Charles 11,85 Walsh, Barbara 1,22,23 Weade, Gary 1,22,23,57 Whitehead, Pat 1,7,13,63 Williams, James D. 22,52,55 Wolfe, Mary Helen 117 Wolfe, Michael 15,16 Maintenance and Cafeteria Staffs Bush, Delleane 147 Knighton, Lucy 147 Markham, Max 147 Perkins, Mrs. 147 Salyers, Mr. 147 Salyers, Mrs. 147 Smith, Virginia 147 Simmons, Francis 147 Tingler, Francis 147 Whitehead, Sharon 147 244 Mm » Af W

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