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ALLEGHANY COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Route 2 , Valley Ridge Covington, Virginia Volume VII A L C 0 V A 70 TIME Jonathan Williams, Barbara Dodd, Fred- die Baker and Linda Tolley wait impa- tiently to leave class three minutes be- fore the bell rings so as to exercise one of the long awaited Senior privileges. During the " Age of Aquarius, " hemlines seem to rise almost as quickly as time passes. 2 The Mercurial Dimension As the new replaces the old, the outgoing SCA officers relinquish their duties to the newly-elected officers. In a time of personal freedom, many students assert their individualism through daily attire. Miss Elizabeth Smith, teaching for her last year at ACHS, advises Mrs. Anne Time ran out for the Colts at this particular basketball game. Bradley, one of Alleghany ' s youngest teachers, in the way of school life. 3 Changing Seasons Herald Fresh Wisdom As Striving for better understanding, black and white students discuss a wide range of topics. Basketball becomes the most popular indoor sport during the harsh winter months. Study hall provides a time of concentration for Gary Hoke and Randy Downey. Mysteries of the biology laboratory unfold for sophomores Bonnie 3yer, Dale Bess, and Allen Griffin. 4 Shy Eighth Graders Evolve Into Glib Seniors Eighth graders always try to adjust and be alert in unfamiliar surround- ings. Standing respectfully, each member of the student body imagines the day when he will be a senior. David Wallis realizes that graduation is nearing as Tim Heironi- mus aids him by adjusting his mortarboard. , t : 4 In contrast to the absorbed interest of eighth graders, the seniors appear blase during an assembly. 5 Seniors feel that they have reached a landmark as they receive their senior keys. Footsteps On The Moon Outdate Textbooks Terry Platt, Lydia Smith, and Dianne Tingler take a few minutes to check on the progress of APOLLO 13. Student teacher, Kyle Jones, uses an article from TIME magazine to illustrate the chemical properties of moon rocks. Mr. Carpenter makes it a practice to use varied tech- niques of teaching. 6 While Treasured Goals Become Memories Mr. Cvizic expresses obvious pride in receiving the Blue Ridge Baseball Trophy on behalf of the students. Miss Wolfe receives the school ' s highest honor embodied in the ALCOVA dedication. Karolyn ' s goal is reached as her high school career becomes a memory. (If Uir -U ' lT.I ... .. . . . S ntyMuu ' ■yi ' au., ■• ' rrul Miss Wolfe Narrows Generation Gap With Her Patience Miss Wolfe, salvaging a few minutes from the many routine duties of her domain, concentrates on untangling a tie-up in the magazine sales campaign. Training capable and efficient assistant librarians consumes much of Miss Wolfe ' s time. 8 Meeting with chairman Rob Littleton and secretary Pam Hughes, Miss Wolfe, as faculty advisor helps plan procedures and policies for the newly initiated honor system. Always available for consultation. Miss Wolfe assists Freddie Baker in conducting research for a term project. As any ACHS student knows, she is a ready target for a wide range of questions. As the door opens, students begin scrambling to find seats. There is a buzzing noise all through the room. Then, as abruptly as it started, the noise subsides into total silence. “Shh! Shh! The library is a place to study, not to talk. " Rendering this traditional statement with a smile. Miss Mary Helen Wolfe retires to her office. Having a year round job. Miss Wolfe spends each summer updating the card catalogue, record- ing new books, and determining which new books should be restricted to the mysterious " back room. " Maintaining a library of over ten-thousand volumes is an arduous task. (But Miss Wolfe some- times finds that keeping the same library quiet enough for study is even greater undertaking!) Upon occasion Miss Wolfe has been humorously referred to as " a walking encyclopedia, " as she amazes faculty and students alike with, " You will find information on that subject in the fourth sec- tion from this end, third shelf from the top . . . " Giving up much free time each fall. Miss Wolfe spearheads the magazine sales campaign. She sees that everything is running smoothly and if one ' s school mascot has an eye missing, or if the clock one ordered does not work. Miss Wolfe patiently listens to the complaints and helps solve the prob- lem. Ordering the wide variety of audio-visual aids used in many classes and keeping track of all these materials are dual responsibilities which Miss Wolfe assumes with ease. However, she has been known to utter such indigent exclamations as " Oh dear, " or " Not again! " when a projector is missing and has not been signed out. Miss Wolfe ' s unassuming disposition often pre- vents public knowledge of the many ways she con- tributes to ACHS. Each fall she assists in execut- ing the standardized tests required by the state; she has helped to choose forensics participants and to select students for roles in various school plays; she has supervised ticket sales for numerous dra- matic productions here at school. In addition to her long-standing duties. Miss Wolfe has agreed to be the faculty advisor for the newly formed Honor Council. Because she so truly lives and works by Alleghany ' s school motto, " Knowledge-Today ' s torch for a better tomorrow, " the student body, represented by this annual staff, with appreciation and gratitude dedicates the 1970 ALCOVA to Miss Mary Helen Wolfe. 9 Efficient Superintendent Retires Prominent leaders in the field of education compose the School Board of Alleghany County. This governing body determines the annual school budget and regulates the im- provements to be made in each of the county schools. Supervisor C.M. Smith, acting as mediator, takes to the School Board for its approval all issues presented to him by the county school administrations. These persons have worked together, devoting much time and energy to insure the ef- ficient and uniform management of the county school system. After serving in Alleghany County public schools for 42 years as both teacher and principal and ably serving as Superintendent of county schools for twelve years, Mr. Walter Hodnett concludes his formal career as a public educator. Students, parents, and the public of Alleghany County owe much thanks to this dedicated man who has done much to improve the conditions of area schools. It will indeed be a difficult task to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr. Hodnett. Walter L. Hodnett, Superintendent C. M. Smith, Jr. Supervisor At a regular School Board meeting, Mr. Frank Hammond, Mr. Bishop Pentz, Mrs. James Ginn, Mr. Delbert Hepler, Superintendent Walter L. Hodnett, Mrs. James Snyder, and Mr. Robert Burrows discuss future plans for Alleghany County public schools. 12 ACHS " Establishment " Headed By Mr. Cvizic Mr. Cvizic groups the K.V.G. boys for their quick transport to help fight a forest fire. Dusan Cvizic Mr. Cvizic makes several an- nouncements before an as- sembly. Mr. Cvizic proudly accepts from Butch Simpson the Blue Ridge District Checking to see that all is well, Mr. Cvizic scans one of many Championship trophy won by Alleghany ' s baseball team. office reports. Mr. Cvizic is undoubtedly the busiest man at Alleghany. Nearly any time during the day, one may stroll through the office and find a line of students or businessmen waiting at this principal ' s door. Through exercising his firm authority, Mr. Cvizic daily works to make A.C.H.S. a place which students proudly and respectfully call their own. 13 Assistant Principal — Scholar And Clown A sly smile steals over the face of Mr. Walker as he humors the student body before one of the as- semblies. Mr. Walker scratches his head thoughtfully as he ponders the problem at hand. Charles “Ferdinand " Walker is a man of numerous talents. As assistant principal, he is responsible for many administrative duties. He also instructs a most intriguing trig class, mystifying his pupils with his supreme mathematical knowledge. Mr. Walker ' s fre- quent attempts to humor his students always end in embarrassment for his victims. Mr. Walker ' s responsibilities do not end with his academic tasks. In addition, he is involved in many extracurricular activities. He serves as sponsor for the varsity club and he is head coach of the Colt Varsity Basketball team. Even though he makes such remarks as " dad blame females " and " dumb ole English teachers " , Mr. Walk- er is a figure highly regarded by the faculty and students of Alleghany County High School. Mr. Walker astounds his trigonometry class with a complicated explanation of the tangent function. 14 Charles Holbert Keeps Alleghany Rolling Charles Holbert Behind every effective organization there is a power working to insure smoothness and efficiency in the handling of all matters. Mr. Charles Holbert is Alleghany ' s coordinator. Giving unselfishly of his time and effort, Mr. Holbert is on hand for all school activities, ready to give help in any way he can. Junior class members find that Mr. Holbert is a life saver concerning the prom. He helps the juniors with the concession stands which are operated to raise money for the prom. Mr. Holbert makes sure that every coke, candy bar, and piece of popcorn that is sold is counted and correctly corresponds to the amount of money collected. During the week before the prom, Mr. Holbert can be seen every night decorating or directing the work. As an instructor of biology, Mr. Holbert combines both humor and knowledge to provide an interesting class for his sophomore students. Being in charge of the buses is a big job and one that Mr. Holbert does well. He sees that the buses are kept in good running order, that the drivers are dependable men, and that the best bus routes are followed. Students and faculty alike owe much thanks to Mr. Holbert, a man dedicated to Alleghany High. Mr. Holbert appears all wound up as he unselfishly devotes his time to helping the juniors with the prom decorations. Biology students listen carefully as Mr. Holbert explains the proper method of handling lab test tubes. 15 Mr. Holbert discusses a route change with one of the school bus drivers. Office Workers Assist Administration Many large and small administrative duties that are often overlooked by the student body are performed by the sec- retaries and office staff of A.C.H.S. Mrs. McCaleb and Mrs. Snead com- petently direct the activities demanded of the office. At the same time, a limited number of students are given the opportunity to aid the secretaries and gain knowledge of office practices. These groups work together to compile data, take messages, operate the book- store, and perform numerous other tasks that keep the student body in- formed. Without the dedication of the office help, there would be a lack of organiza- tion resulting in utter chaos within the walls of Alleghany County High School. Mrs. McCaleb and Mrs. Snead share the responsibilities involved in the efficient operation of office duties. s E C R E T A R I E S Mrs. Dora McCaleb Mrs. Ellen Snead As members of the office staff, Mary Stinnett, Cary Reid, Allan Broughman, Ronnie Bennett, Jane Kern, Kay Basham, Jan Shawver, Evelyn Fridley, and Diane Dunford gain valuable experiences in office management. 16 " Guidance Is Groovy " By H. Gibson Whether a student is an eighth grader entering high school or a senior leaving high school, he relies heavily on the advice offered to him by the guidance counselors. Countless hours are spent by the three members of the A.C.H.S. guidance department who must update permanent records, administer academic, vocational, and aptitude tests, aid seniors in making decisions regarding the future, and work with each student individually in preparing his next course of study. Each student at Alleghany appreciates the guidance counselors who take infinite pains in finding the solutions to student problems. Nora K. O ' Farrell Timothy Barton Mr. Barton helps Linda Riley decide upon an appropiate schedule. Mrs. Reynolds prepares a college transcript for Nancy Burr. 17 With Proper Guidance, Alleghany High " Farmers " English class looks for meaning in contemporary music played by Mark Jones, Robin Noll, and David Shanks. Pat Sams and Kenny Higgins appear to share a joke at Miss Burton ' s expense. Pam Warner, Judy Friel, Jim Landis, and Jeff Scott who later placed in the district forensics meet receive last minute instructions from Mrs. Clinedinst. Miss Tuckwiler explains the fundamentals of letter writing to her freshmen class. Mrs. Whiteside stands thoughtfully as her class tackles one of her difficult English tests. 18 Miss Moore endeavors to enlighten her class concerning proper punctuation. Become Sophisticated English Scholars Joyce W. Barber Mary Litts Burton Marie P. McEwan Ann T. Barton Ellen Tuckwiler " Silence is golden " is not the rule for English students at A.C.H.S. Oral book reports, class discussions, and spontaneous speeches help students develop poise and confidence in communi- cating with their peers. Eighth graders move from a light to a more intricate study of the fundamentals of grammar as they strengthen their ability to use the English language. Freshmen delve into deeper literary works such as ROMEO AND JULIET, while sophomores receive their first glimpse of the immortal Shakespearean work, JULIUS CAESAR. Panic-stricken juniors experience sleepless nights as they des- perately struggle to beat term paper deadlines. At the same time, these eleventh graders are expected to continue their study of America ' s literary heritage. Seniors survey their understanding acquired from previous grammar courses before undertaking the study of British literature. Jacqueline Lee Moore 19 Students Keep Up With The Signs Of The M. Wesley Reed James David Williams Joseph Carpenter Mr. Williams discusses current affairs while the " Board of Directors " Mike Warwick, Jess Hand, and Stewart Brugh supervise. Mr. Carpenter looks on as individual groups draw up constitutions for their class. Edward O ' Rourke I JoAnn Bogan 20 Time Through Studies Of Social Sciences Mrs. McClintic supervises as Donna Johnson directs the campaign of the mock election in Civics class. Harold Carter Mr. Carter " amuses " his third period government class by relating a humorous incident. " We the people " becomes a phrase resounding in the hearts of history students at A.C.H.S. as they learn to appreciate the role that each individual plays in the development and execution of governmental principles. Eighth graders and juniors are required to study U.S. History to learn about their own country ' s customs, traditions, and ancestry. However, freshmen and sophomores have the option to select from such courses as Civics, World History, and World Geography. Civics is offered to those students primarily interested in the management of community affairs. Students with a desire to learn about ancient and modern civilizations with distinct peoples, languages, religions, and customs choose to participate in a World History class. World Geography offers an opportunity for the study of the location and resources of many countries. Seniors conclude their study of social sciences with U.S. Government from which they learn more about their CONSTITUTION, " the supreme law of the land " . 21 New Math Comes On Strong As Students Cope Barbara Waldeck Having made a class assignment, Miss Waldeck willingly gives individual help to her eighth graders. t Mr. Reid ponders over a difficult Algebra I problem before attempting to explain it to his class. Mrs. Rock looks up from her geometric drawing to find the cause of disturbance in the hall. At Alleghany, x ' s, y ' s, and z ' s no longer apply solely to the alphabet but to the mathematics department as well. Eighth graders discover that modern mathematics is a far cry from the simple additions and subtractions taught in elementary school. Students with college bound initiative pursue more specialized courses such as Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry in which they grasp the value of assumptions, proofs, and theorems, while a priviledged (?) few find that Mr. Walker ' s jokes and knowledge of tangents and cosines combine to form a most humorous and enlightening trig class. 22 Mr. Dunn chuckles silently as his class tackles a math quiz. With Relations, Functions, And Equations Frank Reid JoAnne Rock E. Edward Rhea Mr. Rhea strives to teach the meaning of absolute value to his Geometry students. 23 Science Students Soar Into The Age Of Mrs. Armstrong discusses the processes of photosynthesis and respiration with her biology students. In order to keep up with her work, Mrs. Glover spends her free period grading test papers. Interested physics students gather around the lab table to take part in an engrossing experiment. With time comes change and the world of science has changed drastically in the last decade. To meet the new challenges parallel- ing man ' s walk on the moon, students must have a vast knowledge of various scientific techniques. This realm of study at A.C.H.S. includes probing into the physical and bio- logical worlds of today. Eighth graders and freshmen learn to appreciate their world with its many me- chanical devices, while sophomore biology students are confronted with the study of the classification of living organisms and their anatomies. Junior and senior chemistry students, faced with valences, equations, and reactions, arm themselves with their slide rules and logarithms to meet their chal- lenges, while more advanced science students are motivated by the fascinating discoveries contained in the world of physics. 24 Biology students listen mystified as Mrs. Arm- strong lectures on the Nematoda and the Annelida. Aquarius Discovering Wonders Of The 70 ' s When science questions become too involved, the students call on Mrs. Humbert to help them untangle the complicated terminology. Mr. Merica finds the overhead projector quite advantageous in giving quizzes to his freshmen science class. Judge Newberry Flora Armstrong 25 Phys. Ed. Department Insures A Healthy New Mr. Teters ' seventh period class finds volleyball to be a stimulating sport that requires keen alertness. Mr. Phillips ' sixth period health students watch with interest as one of their classmates performs a forward roll on the mat. Alleghany ' s physical education department provides a thorough, well rounded program for building strong minds and bodies. Each student is required to take three years of phys. ed. and during this time he learns to develop skill in playing various sports, he develops good exercising habits, and he learns how to safeguard his well being through good health practices. Class study ranges from health in the eighth grade to first aid in the ninth and driver ' s education in the tenth grade. Gym work involves exercising, tumbling, bowling, basketball, softball, and golf. Through such a program, students develop co-ordination and endurance. Physical education is one of the most beneficial programs taken by high school students. Roger Phillips Jo Ann Carter Ed Teters 26 Generation By " Socking It To " The Students Sybil Hoover Miss Hoover instructs her health class in the proper care of broken bones. David Hyler shows strength and stamina as he climbs to the top. Keeping up with the 1-2-3-4 count, girls shape up with windmills. Softball is a favorite springtime sport for the girls phys. ed. Boys strain to meet the stiff requirements imposed by the state tests for physical classes, fitness. 27 Home Ec. Students Master Domestic Arts Mrs. Perdue demonstrates the proper way to thread a sewing machine to Karen Arritt. Shirley Dodd and Kathy Armentrout work together to prepare a tasty dessert for the D.E. Banquet. Marie Perdue Home Economics is a class which offers opportunities to every girl, regardless of her plans for the future. Skills such as sewing, cooking, and good grooming are a valuable asset to every girl. Home Ec. girls learn how to be neat and how to save time and effort by taking part in the preparations for the various dinners, banquets, and teas held at the school. Girls gain valuable ex- perience in choosing effective color schemes and home decorations through their work on the Christmas Formal and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. No matter what her curriculum, a girl who enrolls in Home Ec. will find a chance to make self improvements and to develop individual interests. Vella Knapp Mrs. Knapp teaches senior girls Penny Smith, Linda Loan, and Rita Owens how to save time and money by making their own clothing. 28 J. Simpson and T. Linkswiler look on as E. Patterson prepares the dough for peanut butter cookies. Industrial Arts Stimulates Creativity Mr. Loving demonstrates the proper use of the acetylene torch to his third period class. Alleghany ' s Industrial Arts Department proves that all that is to be learned does not come from books. Boys interested in architecture, mechanics, or carpentry have opportunities to develop useful skills in these respective fields. Shop instructors teach their students how to be both creative and constructive, using their hands along with their minds. Mechanical drawing students combine imagination with geometry in making blueprints of house plans, while wood and metal shop students learn to use the many tools and machines needed in building practical as well as beautiful articles. Tim Rollison operates a lathe in com- pleting his work. Robert Loving Robert Knabenshue Robert Jenkins 29 Business Department Develops Modern Skills Mrs. Harriet Bush Mrs. Margaret Sams Mrs. Maude Rae Swartz Mrs. Bush shows her seventh period office practice class that business can be mixed with pleasure. Students planning to work immediately after graduation are given vocational training by the business department of Alleghany County High School. Many persons enroll in Typing I classes to learn correct procedures for typing letters, themes, and term papers, while students aspiring to go into secretarial work enter Typing II classes. Further secretarial skills are gained by the more advanced business students in office practice, business math, shorthand, and bookkeeping courses. Thorough student preparation by Alleghany ' s business department insures that the individual will enter the working world adequately equipped to meet the challenges of the 70 ' s. In order to meet compelling deadlines, Mrs. Sams ' s seventh period Typing I class must work intently all period. 30 Language Students Speak With Forked Tongues Mrs. Nichols lectures her first year class on the location of France in relation to the rest of the world. Students wishing to become more a part of the world they live in and to be able to communicate more readily with other peoples in their society, engage in foreign language classes. Alleghany offers a varied foreign language curri- culum consisting of Spanish, French, and Latin. In addition to learning to speak and understand a for- eign language, students also learn of the history, customs, land, and people of other countries. As a result of taking foreign language courses, persons are better able to understand and appreciate their own English language. Mrs. Murphy explains one of the more difficult Latin declensions to Daryl Greene, Kevin Fitzgerald, and James Sizer. 31 Abstract Ideas Influence Art Students Miss Smith carefully examines the quality of Billy Williams ' work while the rest of the class continue with their drawings. Students interested in art find that Alleghany offers opportunities to discover and develop creative talents. Before beginning actual art work, students study the history of art and the renowned artists and their masterpieces. Art students also discover that colors must be combined in a definite pattern to be truly effective. Once they have learned the basic principles governing art, students begin individual drawings and paintings, while advanced students progress to more specialized art work such as pottery making and sculpture. J. Whitehead, D. Armentrout, A. Botkins, F. Kanney, J. McCray, D. Wolfe, and E. Smith Nancy Archie skillfully transforms a piece of clay exchange ideas regarding effective color combinations. into a stylish pitcher. 32 Library Challenges Faculty And Students Alleghany County High School ' s center of learning is the library. Here students seek to find references for term papers, obtain reading materials from the vast number of books, magazines, and newspapers available to them, and to study quietly. Other materials used by the faculty and students of A.C.H.S. are numerous maps, excellent films, a great number of records, and the newly added educational television. All these sources help make Alleghany ' s library a storehouse of useful information. Miss Wolfe and her student assistants make sure that all books borrowed from the library are returned and filed on their correct shelves. The efficient supervision of the librarian and her staff insures that each student will ha ve an equal opportunity to pursue his academic endeavors. Mary Helen Wolfe Librarian Kevin Johnson, Earl Fuller, Gratten Hepler, and Steve Wilcher find Miss Wolfe files cards for the numerous books in the library, the conference room an ideal place for group study. Library science students, O. Jordan, B. Dodd, B. Craft, D. Dodd, C. Lindsay, B. Williams, K. Basham, P. Smith, and J. Ruble, assist Miss Wolfe with daily tasks in the library. 33 New Study Hall Program Initiated Mrs. Perdue, Mrs. Smith, and Alan Botkins search to find the cause of the disturbance in sixth period study hall. For the first time in the history of Alleghany County High School, study hall students find themselves with a regular teacher. Mrs. Jean Smith capably manages her unusually large classes, substituting a strictly disciplined study period for one in which confusion and bedlam had pre- viously ruled. Due to Mrs. Smith ' s keen supervision and severe enforcement of the no talking rule, students wishing to study no longer need to plug their ears with cotton in futile attempts to acquire quietude. " Perched atop her roost " , Mrs. Smith is easily able to detect even the slightest disturbances which might threaten to disrupt the tranquil atmosphere. Mrs. Jean Smith Mrs. Smith keeps a watchful eye over each study hall class. 34 I Duff, Jonas, Head D.E. And Drivers ' Ed. Mr. Jonas prepares to climb aboard for a ride with one of his Drivers ' Ed. students. Distributive Education provides useful training for students who plan to work parttime during school and then full time following graduation. Under the instruction of Mr. Duff, D.E. students learn many useful business practices such as good advertising, courtesy to customers, and neatness. D.E. students are usually given top priority in job placement. Drivers ' Education is one of the most important courses offered to high school students. With the passage of the new law requiring drivers ' education for everyone under eighteen who applies for a driver ' s license, high school students bide their time until they are old enough to take behind the wheel training. With patience, Mr. Jonas trains each student in the skills necessary for good driving. Drivers ' Education is one of the best loved of all courses. 35 T.F.D. Tackles Both Choir And Psychology Mr. Farrar displays dual talents as he instructs both choir and psychology classes. Students " hung up " on music find they can " let their hair down " as they sing to their hearts ' content. Free expression and talent development are encouraged in the choir. Choir students work diligently to give a good Christmas concert and a smashing spring musical. Psychology offers students a good chance to study and explore human behavior pat- terns. Students find that the human mind is a most mystifying and amazing organ. Psychology students also learn about many emotional and mental problems and the symptoms that accompany them. Psychol- ogy is one of the most interesting subjects offered in the high school curriculum. Intent third period choir students practice for their presentation of Christmas music. In perfect harmony, the choir gives a beautiful concert under Mr. Farrar ' s direction. Choir students take a few minutes to warm up before appearing on stage. Mr. Farrar explains the harmful use of drugs to his sixth period psychology class. 36 Band Members March To Their Own Music Leonard Baber C. Lockard, M. Williams, R. Persinger, J. Henson, and R. Powell appear nervous as they prepare to do a halftime show for the Alleghany-Clifton game. Mr. Baber impatiently waits for his class to assemble their instruments. Jay Lienhardt puts his clarinet together in preparation for the spring concert. Alleghany County High School has a band that it can be proud of. Under the direction of Mr. Baber, band members spend many hours in practice. Band students learn the importance of proper breathing and the proper form to have in marching. Dressed in their red, blue, and white uniforms, the band members are a good representation of their school. Much thanks is owed to a band that works so hard to perform well in parades, in halftime shows, and at pep rallies. Trying to keep up with their elders, sixth period junior band members practice daily under Mr. Baber ' s supervision. Bridging The Generation Gap, A.C.H.S. Tiny Tim, alias Richard Duff, enchants the audience of the Junior Class Talent Show by singing " Tiptoe Through the Tulips. " Mr. Walker shows supreme cheering ability as he leads Joyce May, Debbie Stogdale, Kay Owens, Christy Franson, Steffy Nicely, Vicky Fuller, and Dinah Lockard in the masculine version of " Hey, Hey, You Colts. " Mr. Walker, Mr. Carpenter, and Mr. Holbert spend a few minutes " goofing off " in the library. Mrs. Swartz finds that " things go better with Coke. " 38 Faculty Believes In Doing Its Own Thing Sixth period math students, eager to have a piece of her birthday cake, gather around Mrs. Rock. 39 Faculty Directory Armstrong, Flora, Roanoke College, B.S., Biology, Sponsor of Junior Class, National Honor Society, Majorettes, Department Head. Baber, Leonard W., Jr., Concord College, B.S., Band. Barber, Mrs. Joyce W., Madison College, B.A., English, Sponsor of ALCOVA. Barton, Mrs. Ann T., Indiana University, A.B., English, Sponsor of Future Teachers of America. Barton, Timothy H., West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.A., Social Studies, Sponsor of Eighth Grade Basketball. Bogan, JoAnn, Madison College, B,S., Social Studies, U.S. History, Sponsor of Varsity Cheerleaders, Pep Club. Bradley, Mrs. Ann, Radford College, B.S., English. Burton, Mary Litts, Madison College, B.A., English, Sponsor of Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Bush, Harriet H., Madison College, B.S., Office Practice, Business Math, Bookkeeping, Sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America, Senior Class. Carpenter, Joseph H., Roanoke College, B.A., U.S. Government, Coach of Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Baseball, Sponsor of Pep Club, Key Club. Carter, Harold, Lynchburg College, B.A., U.S. Government, U.S. History. Carter, JoAnn, Radford College, B.S., Health, Physical Education, Sponsor of Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Clinedinst, Mrs. Betty B., Madison College, B.S., English, Journalism, Sponsor of Forensics, PATRIOT, American Legion Oratorical Contest. Cvizic, Dusan, Concord College, A.B., George Peabody College, M.Ed., Principal. Duff, Richard C., Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S., Distributive Education, Sponsor of Senior Class, Senior Class Play, Distributive Education Clubs of America. Dunn, Lee Addison, West Virginia University, B.S., M.S., Math, Coach of Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. Farrar, T.F.D., University of Richmond, The New School for Music, Psychology, Choir. Glover, Ethel, Madison College, B.S., Science. Holbert, Charles W., Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed, Biology, Athletic Director, Maintenance Building, Bus Transportation. Hoover, Sybil, Lincoln Memorial University, B.S., Health, Physical Education, Sponsor of Varsity Cheerleaders. Horn, Earlene G., Madison College, B.S., English, Remedial Reading. Humbert, Mrs. Mary B., Madison College, B.S., Science, Biology. Jenkins, Robert D., V.P.I., B.S., Mechanical Drawing, Coach of Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Baseball. Jonas, William W., Emory and Henry College, B.A., Driver ' s Education, Sponsor of Varsity Club, Head Coach of Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling. Knabenshue, Robert C., West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S., Woodwork, Mechanical Drawing. Knapp, Mrs. Vella, George Peabody College, B.S., West Virginia University, M.A., Home Economics. Loving, Robert M., Jr., California State College, B.S., Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Sponsor of S.C.A. McClintic, Mrs. Janice S., Longwood College, B.S., Social Studies, Civics, Sponsor of Junior Tri-Hi-Y. McEwan, Marie P., Lincoln Memorial University, B.A., English. Merica, Charles F., West Liberty State College, B.S., Science, Chemistry. Moore, Jacqueline Lee, Milligan College, B.S., English, Sponsor of Junior Tri-Hi-Y. Murphy, Mildred C., Emory and Henry College, B.A., Latin, Sponsor of Latin Club. Newberry, J.E., Concord College, B.S., Earth Science, Physics, Sponsor of Science Fair. Nichols, Mrs. Peggy, College of William and Mary, B.A., French, Sponsor of French Club. O ' Farrell, Nora Kathleen, Marshall University, A.B., Ohio State University, M.A., General Business, Math, Guidance. 40 Faculty Directory O ' Rourke, Edward, Lynchburg College, B.A., World Geography. Perdue, Mrs. Maria B., Madison College, B.S., V.P.I., M.Ed., Home Economics, Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. Phillips, Roger J., Concord College, B.S., Physical Education, Health, Assistant Coach of Varsity Football, Track. Reed, M. Wesley, Morris Harvey College, B.S., U.S. History, Social Studies. Reid, Robert Franklin, Jr., Saint Andrews Presbyterian College, B.A., Duke University, M.A., Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Head of Math Department. Reynolds, Mrs. Enza, Longwood College, B.S., Science, Guidance, Sponsor of Future Nurses of America. Rhea, E. Edward, Lynchburg College, B.S., Pre-Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Coach of Cross County, Track. Rock, Mrs. JoAnne C., Madison College, B.A., Math. Sams, Margaret J., Concord College, B.S., Shorthand, General Business, Typing, Sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America. Smith, Miss Elizabeth, Parson ' s School of Design, Diploma, Mary Washington College, B.S., Art, Sponsor of Art Club. Smith, Mrs. Jean M., Radford College, Study Hall. Sumner, Elizabeth Lawler, Radford College, B.A., University of Virginia, M.Ed., Spanish, Sponsor of Spanish Club. Swartz, Maude Rae, Mary Washington College, B.S., Typing, Sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America. Teters, Ed, Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S., Health, Physical Education, Drivers ' Education, Coach of Eighth Grade Football, Assistant Track Coach. Tuckwiler, Ellen, West Virginia University, B.S., English. Waldeck, Barbara C., Marshall University, A.B., Math. Walker, Charles F., Concord College, B.S., West Virginia University, M.A., Trigonometry, Coach of Varsity Basketball, Sponsor of Varsity Club, Assistant Principal. Whiteside, Jean M., Longwood College, English. Williams, James David, Emory and Henry College, B.A., World History, U.S. History, Assistant Coach of Varsity Football, Coach of Junior Varsity Basketball, Sponsor of Pep Club and Key Club. Wolfe, Mary Helen, Randolph-Macon Women ' s College, B.A., Librarian, Sponsor of Magazine Campaign. 41 Linda Loan Joyfully Reigns Over The 1 969 Six lovely candidates for Homecom- ing Queen, Sherry Smith, Chris Pier- annunzi, Linda Loan, Becky Simp- son, Cindy Lowen, and Marsha Dress- ier, smile in response to the enthu- siastic applause of the student body during a special assembly. Pat Sams escorts a smiling Sherry Smith to the sidelines during half-time ceremony. Cindy Lowen and her escort Wayne Spellman enjoy the Queen ' s Dance. Alleghany ' s football field was the setting for the annual Home- coming ceremonies under the direc- tion of Miss Jo Ann Bogan. Each contestant for Homecoming Queen rode in review past the stadium and then returned to mid-field to be introduced individually. Tension rose to a full height until Mr. Rob- ert Lawler crowned Linda Loan Homecoming Queen for 1969. Climaxing the evening was a fes- tive dance with music provided by " The Intrusions. " Mr. Lawler re- crowned Linda preceeding the Queen ' s Dance. Following this pres- entation the students and alumni attending the dance drifted out onto the floor amid unusual and striking decorations for an enjoy- able evening. 44 Homecoming Festivities Becky Simpson accepts her bouquet from Jerry Fury before being presented to the Homecoming spectators. Marsha Dressier strolls gracefully before the student body. Chris Pierannunzi enters the halftime procession chauffeured by Mike Johnson. Radiant Linda Loan smiles through her tears as Mr. Robert Lawler crowns her 1969 Homecoming Queen. 1 1 n It’ ♦ it - 45 " Silver Bells " Peal Out Holiday Cheer Greeted at the door by a jolly St. Nick, happy couples entered a world of " Silver Bells " and twinkling lights as the 1969 Christmas Formal began. Towering above the dancefloor, an enormous Christmas tree, en- circled by silver bells, provided the focal point of the evening. Beneath the ornamented branches, lovely girls in flowing gowns danced with their debonaire escorts. Highlighting the formal were the presentations of a band ensemble. The Contemporary Real, and a duet performed by Sherry Smith and Alan Craft. Patty Morris was crowned Alleg- hany ' s second Snow Queen, as a re- latively new tradition was continued. Others of her court were Pat Shiff- lett, Tim Rollison and William Con- nor. At the close of a most memorable evening, everyone ' s thoughts turned to the happiness and joys of the upcoming New Year. Silver bells sway to and fro above the huge, shimmering tree as couples dance to a fast number. 46 And Usher In The Excitement Of 1 Accenting the theme of the evening, Alan Craft and Sherry Smith harmonize to " Silver Bells " . Dancers enjoy a lighter note created by the beat of the Rhythm Wreckers. I Pausing for refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Teters accept a cup of punch from Susan Wilkerson before sampling the holiday cookies being of- fered by Mrs. Perdue and Judy Irvine. 47 A Memorable Christmas Formal Julio Alberto Ibarra Humphries, a vistor from Mexico, learns about Christmas ( American-style) as he listens to Diane Spellman tell Santa her Christmas wishes. Harvey Dobbins, Donna Brisendine, Gary Mays, Jackie Nice- ly, Walter Martin, Martha Stephenson, Gary Bush and Connee Broughman glide smoothly past tinsel and soft lights as the lovely evening draws to a close. King Tim Rollison and Prince William Connor await the Queen ' s Dance as Queen Patty Morris and Princess Pat Shifflett accept their roses. 48 Roses, Ivy, And Hearts Intermingle Hard work and vivid imagina- tions combined to result in a won- As a hectic day of decorating begins to yield results, Anne Reyns, Judy Friel, Joy St. Clair, Carol Pierannunzi, Debby Byer, and Brenda Hyler look on as Chris Pierannunzi adds the finishing touches to the centerpiece. derland of romantic fantasy for the annual Sweetheart Dance. The mood of the occasion was em- bodied in the theme, " A Time For Us, " and sentimental music was provided by Stonehenge. Throughout the evening, couples danced dreamily by the unusual centerpiece, a three-dimensional heart covered with rosebuds and ivy. The seasonal theme was further carried out by the Valentine cookies and pink punch served be- fore the crowning of the Sweet- heart Queen and King. As the number of dancers dwindled, cupids and hearts began disappearing from the walls. And tiny rosebuds from the central heart were carried home carefully to be preserved with happy mem- ories. Members of the Sweetheart court open the Queen ' s dance after the coronation. Sweetheart Queen and King, Chris Pierannunzi and Jonathan Williams, assume their titles with poise and pleasure. 49 Creating A Romantic World And Setting Harvey Dobbins hopes no one is watching as he plucks a rosebud for Donna Brisendine from the entwined heart. Gary Childs and Melissa Plemmons seem to have similar intentions. Couples dance to one of the slow melodies provided by Stonehenge. 50 " A Time For Us " Emphasizing the theme of the evening, Debbie Fore plays " A Time For Us " as Sherry Smith sings the theme. Jackie Nicely and her date, Robert Smith, pause to admire the painting in the trophy case before entering the dance. 1970 Sweetheart Dance court includes: Judy Friel, Cary Reid, Joan Byer, Butch Simpson, Martha Stephenson, Pat Sams, Chris Pierannunzi, Jonathan Williams, Tracie Dickson, Harvey Dobbins, Sherry Smith, and Gary Childs. 51 Dogpatch, U.S.A., Swings To A Modern Beat As Stonehenge teaches some Dogpatch residents to dance to a slower tune. Crazy clothes, a handful of odd change, and matching patches were prerequisites to attending the Sadie Hawkins dance. From 7:13 to 11:13 hillbillies-for-the-night capered around balloons, streamers, and a friendly scarecrow. At 9:13 the music was stopped to announce 1970 ' s Daisy Mae and Li ' l Abner. Other noted dignitaries for the evening were the winners of the fast and slow dance con- tests. Linda Loan and Rolando Kopak won in the first category, while Joy St. Clair and Daryl Green were named slow-dance favorites. Square dancing and playing " crack-the-whip " added to the zany fun and to the note of gaity which ended the night. As each girl escorted her date home, she was already looking forward to the return of Sadie Hawkins next year. With paddle in hand, Linda Loan threatens a terri- fied Rolando Kopak. Jk Sadie And Li ' l Abner Battle It Out Once More Dancers swing into action during a more animated number. This year ' s Daisy Mae and Li ' l Abner, Carolyn Wilhelm and Kenny Higgins, examine their prizes. Donna Downey and Randy George help Brenda Linkswiler fill the pot with money earned from the dance. 53 Great Dedication And Long Hours Of Work Are L Cherie desperately begs Grace to help her hide from the amorous cowboy Bo Decker. In the calm morning hours, travelers and local residents gather at Grace ' s Diner to wait out a vicious winter storm. 54 Required To Bring A Broadway Hit To ACHS women. Dr. Lyman and Elma portray Romeo and Juliet in the improvised floor show. i A 1 CAST Elma Duckworth Grace Hoylard . Will Masters . . . Cherie Carl Dr. Gerald Lyman Virgil Blessing . Bo Decker . . . , . . . .Sherry Smith . Chris Pierannunzi . . . . Odis Lemon . . . Anita Quinlan Pat Sams . . . . David Wallis . . . . Mike Wilson Mike Balser Sheriff Will Masters displays authority and power as Bo takes a tumble and Virgil looks stunned. 55 Cherie backs into a corner when Bo Decker vaults the counter to take her off to the Montana hills. By the time the curtain rose for Bus Stop, many members of the senior class had already put forth a great effort to make the production a success. Washing windshields as a promotional stunt proved to be hard work mixed with fun, while finding restaurant tables challenged the properties committee. The art classes contributed their talent through the backdrops used in the play. The skillful stage crew combined effective lighting and sound effects to lend reality to the props. Under the direction of Mr. Richard C. Duff and after long hours of practice, the eight cast members learned to identify with the roles they had assumed. Mrs. Joyce Barber and Mrs. Harriet Bush aided each individual ' s progress with helpful hints and constructive criticism during the many exacting rehearsals. Essential for the realism of the play were the efforts of the make-up committee, headed by Connee Broughman, while Marsha Dressier and Linda Tolley served as prompters and filled in for absent cast members when necessary. As the dates for the performances grew nearer, seniors began a house-to-house campaign to sell tickets to interested patrons for the Thursday and Friday night presentations. The enthusiastic response of the audience justified the many hours of work and hopeful anticipation devoted to Bus Stop. 56 Virgil Blessing plays his guitar during the floor show. Class Of 1 970 Presents William Inge ' s " Bus Stop " As Elma prepares Carl ' s breakfast, Grace and Carl are given the opportunity to become better acquainted. Dr. Lyman wins Elma with his gallantry as he bids her a fond farewell. Singing " That Old Black Magic " , Cherie portrays her role as a chanteuse. 57 Qualifying In Fields Of Academics, Athletics Honoring an outstanding senior boy, the annual staff each year presents a trophy to the Boy of the Year. Because of his many achievements, C. E. Andrews has been selected for the 1970 award by his fellow class- mates. Not only is C. E. ' s name known in the field of athletics, but also in many other facets of school life. He has served his school as president of the SCA and as a representative to Boys ' State. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and is currently president of the Key Club. C. E. has been involved in the sports program since his eighth grade year. He has participated in football, basketball, and baseball. During his sophomore year, C. E. received the sportsmanship trophy in basketball. In succeeding years he served as co-captain and captain of the basketball team. Throughout his high school career, C. E. has main- tained a high scholastic average enabling him to be an honor graduate. He was further honored through recog- nition in the National Honor Society scholarship com- petition. Upon graduation C. E. plans to attend VPI and to major in accounting. 58 C.E. prepares for another busy day in annual staff. And Leadership, Charles Elliott Andrews Is Chosen " Boy Of The Year " 1 970 As captain of the basketball team, C.E. sets a good example for his teammates. Preparing for another fund-raising project, C.E. appoints teams of Key Club members to sell doughnuts. 59 As his last important duty as SCA President, C.E. addresses the assembled student body before the induction of the newly-elected officers. After Weeks Of Suspense And Speculation, Miss Alcova, the ideal senior girl, is chosen after long and serious deliberation. Initially, twelve girls are nominated by each senior, and the votes are tallied to determine the twelve candidates. These candidates then must be interviewed by a panel of five judges, who rate them on the basis of general awareness, poise and appearance, personal- ity, school spirit and dating habits. The names of the finalists are not disclosed until the girls are recognized in a special assembly. Martha Stephenson, served as president of the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y and vice-president of the Spanish Club. She was tapped into the Na- tional Honor Society, and was chosen " Most Likely to Succeed " by her senior classmates. Martha was valedictorian of the class of 1970. Trade Dickson has been Pep Club Presi- dent for two years, and the senior class voted her " Most School Spirited. " At grad- uation she received the " I Dare You " award. She represented A.C.H.S. at Girls State. Chris Pierannunzi was president of the Spanish Club and of the National Honor Society. She attended Girls ' State her junior year. Chris served as secretary of the S.C.A. and of the Pep Club her senior year and was an honor graduate. Judy Friel played girls ' basketball for four years and participated in forensics com- petition. Her 4-H activities enabled her to travel to Washington, D.C. as a representa- tive from Virginia. Judy was also a member of the National Honor Society and an honor graduate. Sherry Smith was secretary of the S.C.A. and president of the junior class. She served as vice-president of the National Honor Soci- ety and editor of the Alcova. Sherry was a varsity cheerleader, a representative to Girls ' State, and an honor graduate. Sherry Smith ' s shocked reaction to being chosen Miss Alcova for 1970 seems to amuse C.E. Andrews, who presented her with a dozen red roses, 60 Miss Alcova And Her Court Are Announced Martha Stephenson, Judy Friel, Sherry Smith, Chris Pierannunzi, and Tracie Dickson appear elated over their honors. Sherry Smith, Miss Alcova for 1970, finds her job as editor of the annual a large task. Tracie Dickson, third runner-up is known for her school spirit as president of the Pep Club. 61 Finalists Are Selected After Nominations Judy Friel, first runner-up, perfects her prose speaking ability in preparation for the final forensics meet of the year. Martha Stephenson, fourth runner-up, searches for program ideas to use in the next Spanish Club meeting. Chris Pierannunzi, second runner-up, is caught in the act of writing S.C.A. minutes from an earlier meeting. 62 And Personal Interviews By A Panel Of Teachers And Civic Leaders Chatting about their interviews, the twelve attractive girls nominated to vie for Miss Alcova are: Marsha Dressier, Linda Loan, Jan Shawver, Sherry Smith, Chris Pierannunzi, Joan Byer, Becky Simpson, Judy Friel, Nancy Vest, Tracie Dickson, Martha Stephenson, and Linda Tolley. 63 ACHS Gym Becomes An Ancient Castle For Torches light the way to the glamour of the Junior-Senior Prom. " Stonemason " Mike Warwick hur- ries to make the deadline. Emerging for a rest at the fountain are Brenda Ailstock, Roger Crawford, Missie Johnson, and Gary Clark. 64 " A Royal Knight " Glimmering against a black velvet sky, flaming torches greeted arrivals to the 1970 Junior-Senior Prom. Pages stood at attention in the royal garden as couples lingered near a sparkling fountain. Massive stone walls flanked the passageway to the interior of the castle-and " Ye Olde Dungeon. " Faint light filtered into the ballroom through arched, stained-glass windows, and stone columns separated fruit-laden tables from the dance floor. In the center of the room, a papier-mache knight stood ready to remove the sword Excalibur from a huge stone. A golden chandelier em- phasized the canopy of crepe paper which formed a high-vaulted ceiling. For the coronation ceremony, a scarlet carpet was rolled out, while a flourish of trumpets pro- claimed the arrival of the rulers of the kingdom. Seniors and Junior class officers then assembled to begin the traditional Grand March, after which dancing resumed until midnight. Contrasting sharply with the knight ' s heavy armor and the sword in the stone is the medieval splendor of the ornate chandelier. Joe Massie, Linda Loan, Mark Smith, Becky Simpson, Chuck Anthony, Mary Beth Bodell, Frankie Sellers, and Molly Swartz somberly lead the Grand March. 65 Highlighting the prom for all seniors is the Grand March. David Wallis, Melissa Plemmins, Harvey Dobbins, Donna Brisendine, Chris Pierannunzi, Gary Childs, Jan Shavwer, David Rogers, Robert McDowell, Rita Owens, Freddie Baker, Nancy Burr, John Gillian, Marsha Dressier, Mike Wilson, Wayne Spellman, Linda Tolley, Karen Arritt, Chris McKeague, and Tim Heironimus participate. Jess Hand and Heather Calehuff examine the display case with its theme, " A Royal Knight, " while page Mike Noel is amused by their comments about the grapes. 66 Disbelief in the beautiful transformation of the entrance hall registers on Connee Brough- man ' s face as she talks to Greg McCallister. Savoring their last formal dance of the year, seniors catch the eyes of all present as they dance at the conclusion of the Grand March. Filling punch cups seems an endless task to serving girls Susie Spraggins and Theresa Leighton. Here they are found serving Wanda Hughes, Buddy Ray, Genelda Wallace, and Bruce Johnson. Juniors and seniors alike respond to the tempo set by the Gene Thomas Orchestra. 67 Exchanging funny comments is a favorite diversion for couples while waiting for refreshments. Though the dancing styles differ, everyone seems to have a good time. Freshmen Don Shanks, Mike Noel, Genie Bodell, and Nancy Kay Andrews watch the proceedings of the prom with envy. 68 Sally Showalter lends an air of " Camelot " to the prom by Vivian Winston, court oracle, gazes into the future to predict the probable singing " If Ever I Would Leave You. " . successes or failures of members of the class of 1970. Reigning over the 1970 Prom are Mary Beth Bodell, Linda Loan, Gary Childs, and John McCaleb. 69 Varied Activities And Heaping Platters Add Early arrivals to the Senior Banquet gather on the front lawn of the country club to wait for fellow classmates. Joe Massie, Senior Class President, presents flowers to Mrs. Bush for her help with Vernon Mosby appears satisfied with the re- class projects, sponse from his audience. To A Memorable Senior Banquet Taking time out from dancing, Ronnie Bennett, Jonathan Wil- liams, James Craft, Norman Craft, and Vernon Mosby engage in a game of pool. Relaxing after an hour of dancing, Susan Fuller and Mark Smith listen to the music of the band. Alleghany Country Club served as the location for the 1970 Senior Banquet. Strolling on the grounds of the club, playing pool, or eating, the seniors and their guests enjoyed this last social event of their high school days. The meal itself satisfied even Mr. Walker ' s voracious appetite (he was the first to take a bite), and entertainment provided by Vernon Mosby and Jerry Kolb left everyone speechless with laughter. After the buffet, tables and chairs were removed to make way for a band and an evening of dancing. Many faculty members were daring enough to join students and dance to the pulsing rock beat as well as the calmer numbers. 71 Jerry Kolb gives his rendition of a Flip Wilson monologue for the entertainment of the banquet guests. The Hearafter provided music for the Senior Banquet. Excited seniors and sponsors enjoy a hearty meal and a chance to chat with friends. 72 ’ A • 4 Guests of the head table appear amused by the antics of the others present. - n 1 Dancers swing into action for a forty-minute version of " In-A- Gadda-Da-Vida. " John Gillian, Mary Bennett, Nancy Burr, James Craft, Priscilla Plott, and Ronald Bradberry smile in anticipa- tion of an entertaining evening as they arrive at Alleghany Country Club. 73 Seniors Bid Hodnett Hall Sad Adieux Honor graduates Sherry Smith, Chris Pierannunzi, Barbara Dodd, Beverly Nicely, Anita Webb, Judy Friel, Linda Tolley, Wayne Spellman, Selina Tolley, and C. E. Andrews prepare for the gradu- ation exercises. As Mr. Walke r reads her name, Becky Simpson steps up to receive her diploma from Mr. Cvizic who is assisted by Mr. Holbert. Martha Stephenson, valedictorian, and Susan Fuller, salutatorian, somberly lead their class from the newly dedicated Hodnett Hall. Stunned but sincerely grateful, Mr. Hodnett acknowledges the announcement that Hod- nett Hall had been so named in honor of his many accomplishments in, and contributions to the field of education. Tim Heironimus, Kay Basham, and Allan Broughman solemnly await the final moment when they will be officially proclaimed graduates of ACHS. One elated graduate gets a proud mother ' s reward for a job well done. Varsity Cheerleaders Turn In Superb Job Varsity Cheerleaders: Cindy Lockard, Debbie Fore, Captain Linda Loan, Julie Farrar, Donna Ayers, Mary Beth Bodell, Molly Swartz, Sally Showalter. When thinking of athletics one tends to overlook a very important facet of the athletic events. Cheerleaders! During these contests one can find the cheerleaders trying to inspire more spirit into the spectators and urging the players on to victory for the Colt team. Many hours of hard work go into every cheer and pom-pon routine that the cheerleaders do in order to perform each maneuver smoothly throughout the contest. Often these efforts of the cheerleaders are not taken into consideration by the spectators. With the leadership of Captain Linda Loan the squad this year was able to exhibit fine coordination and outstanding leadership in school spirit. The hard work and efforts of the cheerleaders at A.C.H.S. go far beyond merely cheering at the games. Most of the girls attend summer camp where they learn many new cheers and ways to increase school spirit. Then when August comes the squad is practicing every day for two or three hours. Once school starts practice does not let up; if anything, the pace picks up during school. Athletics just would not be athletics at A.C.H.S. without the determination and hard work of the unheralded cheerleaders. Head cheerleader, Linda Loan congratulates Rolando Kapak after one of the many Colt victories. 78 As School Spirit At A.C.H.S. Increases Debbie Fore ' s expression provides a perfect illustration of the excite- During a time out, head cheerleader Linda Loan informs the remainder ment and emotions that are present at the A.C.H.S. football games. of the squad of the next cheer. Alleghany ' s varsity cheerleaders appear to be jumping to avoid the b asketball; however, they are really demonstrating the outstanding school spirit that was their trademark throughout the 1969-70 athletic season. 79 Nineteen Seniors Pace Second Place Finish Varsity Football: B. Ray, B. Siple, C. Bocook, R. McDowell, H. Dobbins, C. Leeds, T. Heironimus, C. Dodd, P. Riley, M. Buzzard, M. Bradley, H. Gayhardt, R. Dillard, F. Sellers, K. Higgins, G. Garrett, C. Anthony, R. Nicely, S. Showalter, B. Lawler, M. Linkswiler, C. Martin, J. Sizer, R. Poe, J. Sizemore, R. Kopak, B. Simpson, C. Reid, B. Johnson, J. Williams, G. Childs, C. Andrews, J. McCaleb, H. Smith, V. Mosby, M. Jones, D. Broce. At the beginning of the 1969 football season, Alleghany was predicted to finish no higher than sixth place in the tough Blue Ridge District. But the Colts proved the forecasters wrong with their outstanding 7-3 record and second place finish. This season was marked by more success than disappointment. A.C.H.S. took the measure of the Franklin County Eagles in the season opener by a 34-13 count, proving to all Blue Ridge opponents that Alleghany was to be no push-over. Alleghany lost but two Blue Ridge contests by a combined total of five points; however, the 12-8 loss to the Clifton Forge Mountaineers was the greatest disappointment of the season. Much of the grief was soon relieved when A.C.H.S. was victorious over the Covington Cougars (18-6) for the first time in the school ' s history. After the tremendous win over the Cougars, only three games stood between the Colts and the Blue Ridge District title. The following week Northside came to A.C.H.S. to play the colts in the game that would decide the Blue Ridge District championship. The Vikings won the game by the narrow margin of 7-6. The next week Al leghany came back to trounce Brookville 29-0. The final game of the year was the most exciting as Alleghany defeated Addison 15-14 on Butch Simpson’s 30 yard field goal with six seconds remaining. The Alleghany-Addison clash ended a dramatic, but very successful, 1969 football season at A.C.H.S. Kenny Higgins leaps high to grab one of his record setting eleven interceptions. 80 In Alleghany ' s Blue Ridge District Debut I I Lord Botetourt Coach Pete Ergenbright of- fers his congratulations to Alleghany Coach Bill Jonas after the Colts upset the previous- ly unbeaten Cavaliers. Colt running back Jonathan Williams (10) finds a large hole in the Lord Botetourt line and gains valuable yardage against the Cavaliers. Colt halfback Gary Childs (20) runs the ball for a sizeable gain around left end following the fine blocking of Jonathan Williams (10) and Bill Siple ( 12 ). 81 Bocook, Leeds, And Heironimus Named Bill Siple ( 1 2) throws key block enabling Buddy Ray (21 ) to score in Alleghany ' s 34-1 3 victory over Franklin County. Buddy Ray (21) breaks through the Covington Cougar line to pick up a crucial first down in Alleghany’s 18-6 win over the Cougars. Bill Siple (12) demonstrates the running form which resulted in his being the leading Colt ground gainer and scorer. 82 To First Team All-Blue Ridge District 1969 Football Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 34 Franklin County 13 0 Fieldale-Collinsville 8 42 James River 6 8 Clifton Forge 12 12 Lord Botetourt 0 34 William Byrd 0 18 Covington 6 6 Northside 7 29 Brooksville 0 15 Addison 1 ± 198 TOTAL 66 Avg. pts. 19.8 per game 6.6 Bobby Lawler (40) brings Russell Mann (42) to a halt after a Colt punt in the Cougar-Colt clash. Final Record: 7 wins; 3 losses District Record; 7 wins; 2 losses Final League Standing: 2nd place A trio of Colts consisting of Mike Linkswiler (65), C. W. Bocook (61), and Gary Childs (20) converge on Cougar halfback Gary Munsey (21). 83 Colt J.V. ' s Use Crushing Ground Game And Alleghany ' s Junior Varsity football team had a fine year and turned in a 5-3 slate. The young Colts opened the 1969 season very impressively as they routed the Valley J.V. ' s 66-0. The contest showed to Alleghany fans that the Junior Varsity had an explosive offense and an equally formidable defense. The next foe was Clifton Forge and again the Colt J.V. ' s were victorious, 52-0. The following game the Cougar J.V. ' s played on even terms with the Alleghany team before bowing 8-6 in a tough defensive struggle. In the fourth game the Junior Colts traveled to Glenvar and met their first defeat of the season, 14-8. Alleghany suffered its first shut-out and second defeat of the season at the hands of the revenge minded Covington Cougars, 12-0. The A.C.H.S. J.V. ' s held the Mounties of Clifton Forge scoreless for the second time of the season by posting a 22-0 win over the arch-rival. Flowever, the Colts fell to the much bigger Vikings of Northside by a score of 24-0. The Colt J.V. ' s ended their 1969 season on a winning note by defeating the James River Knights by a 28-12 count. Junior Varsity Football: B. Withrow, J. Sampson, J. Freels, G. Quinlan, S. Hagadon, A. Griffin, H. Nicely, W. Martin, G. Smith, R. Pedigo, S. Posey, Coach Dunn, D. Davis, D. Unroe, S. Parham, E. Clemons, J. Salyers, D. Byer, S. Parham, B. Simpson, J. Combs, D. Ailstock, D. Tucker, G. Persinger, G. Price, Coach Jenkins, B. Harrison, R. Simmons, R. Hostetler, K. Wilhelm, O. Jordan, G. Webb, R. Wade, G. Gum, E. Putnam, M. Reynolds, G. Hoke, B. Angle. 84 Roger Simmons (22) scampers around right end to pick-up a key first down against James River in the final game of the year for the Colt J.V. ' s. A Determined Defense To Post A 5-3 Record 1969 Junior Varsity Football Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 66 Valley 0 52 Clifton Forge 0 8 Covington 6 8 Glenvar 14 0 Covington 12 22 Clifton Forge 0 0 Northside 24 James River V2 184 TOTAL 68 Avg. pts. 23 per game 8.5 Overall Record: 5 wins; 3 losses District Record: 4 wins; 3 losses James Combs (86) slashes through the James River line for a sizeable gain in the Colts 28-12 triumph over the Knights. Starting downfield, Paul Riley (12) returns an 83 yard kick-off against the Valley High School J.V. ' s. The Colt J.V. ' s went on to score a record-shattering 66-0 victory over the Hornets. 85 Eighth Graders Compile Season ' s Best Record Eighth Grade Football Team: J. Franson, M. Saylor, T. Kniskern, L. Putnam, T. Combs, J. Elbon, M. Michie, J. Farrell, S. Worley, J. Riddle, M. Lefler, D. Hyler, B. Sizemore, J. Irvine, J, Hamlett, S. West, E. McVay, J. McVay, E. Hostetter, L. Nicely, D, Simmons, R. Flennor, B. Wade, B. Bolden, D. Vest, L. Byers, C. Hayes, J. Vigil, Managers— F. Overton, G. Ayers, Coach Ed Teters. Alleghany ' s best football record was turned in by the eighth grade team, which was coached by Ed Teters in his first year at A.C.H.S. The combination of fine effort and hard work produced the excellent 5-1 record for the 1969 season. The baby Colts ' lone loss came in their first game of the season with Cave Springs by a 27-7 score. The following week A.C.H.S. played host to the Cougars of Covington and emerged victorious, 14-0. The next game was with Botetourt Intermediate and the eighth graders responded with a 21-0 shutout over the punchless Cavaliers. Greenbrier Military, a newcomer on the Colt schedule, soon found out who the Colts were as the streaking Colts won 12-2. With the momentum on their side, the Colts trounced the Botetourt Intermediate team for the second time of the season, 46-0. The final game of the season pitted the baby Colts in a rematch with the Covington eighth graders, whom the Colts beat by the narrow margin of 8-6. The fine athletes produced by the 1969 eighth grade team creates a bright future for the A.C.H.S. football program. Bob Bolden (20), the leading scorer for the little Colts, breaks loose for a long gain in Alleghany ' s 14-0 victory over the Covington Cougar eighth graders. 86 1969 Varsity Fillies Produce 3-3 Record Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team: B. Downey, C. Broughman, N. Burr, J. Friel, D. Morris, V. Winston, D. Via, J. Nicely, J. Worley, D. Dodd. Alleghany ' s Girls ' Varsity basketball team broke even in their 1969 campaign with a regular season record of three wins and a like number of losses. The Fillies ' first season encounter was with the always tough Milboro Kittens, who quickly showed their scoring power by more than doubling the Fillies output 52-25 for the game. However, the A.C.H.S. girls bounced back to take a hard fought 34-24 victory over the Valley Queen Bees to bring Alleghany ' s record to 1-1. For the next game, the Fillies traveled to James River and lost by a 43-34 margin even though Alleghany received 13 point performances from Nancy Burr and Debbie Morris. Milboro came to A.C.H.S. for a rematch, but this time Alleghany turned the tables and won going away 43-20. Nancy Burr ' s 21 points led to the Fillies third victory of the season and second win over Valley ' s Queen Bees by a 41-13 count. The final regular season game was won by James River in a close one, 29-23. In the post-season tournament A.C.H.S. lost twice, once to James River (36-32) and then to Valley (44-28). Nancy Burr and Debbie Morris led the Fillies in scoring with averages of 12.2 and 10.2 respectively. Nancy Burr (11), the Fillies leading scorer, goes high to score two points against the James River Knights. 87 Girls ' Basketball Picture Appears Bright Girls ' Varsity Basketball Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 25 Milboro 52 34 Valley 24 34 James River 43 43 Milboro 20 41 Valley 31 23 James River 29 200 TOTAL 199 TOURNAMENT A.C.H.S. Opponent 32 36 28 44 60 80 Regular Season Record: 3 wins, 3 losses Final Record: 3 wins, 5 losses Captain of the 1969 Fillies, Judy Friel (10) scores on a long jump shot against the Knights of James River. Julia Paitsel (24) demonstrates her dribbling skill as she weaves through the James River defense. 88 As Fillies Field First J.V. Squad Ever Junior Varsity Girls ' Basketball: Karen Bess, Cindy Roberts, Eunice Hoke, Cennie Barrington, Coach Wallace, Kathy Willis, Barbara Craft, Julia Paitsel, Sharon Nicely, Vickie Fridley. Alleghany County added a new dimension to the Girls ' basketball program during the 1969 season. For the first time in the school ' s history, A.C.H.S. fielded a Junior Varsity Girls ' basketball team. The Junior Varsity ended the year with a perfect record; the kind of perfect record no team wants. The little Fillies won no games while losing six. However, the 1969 season was far from being a failure. The Junior Varsity team enabled eighth and ninth graders to participate and gain experience for future years on the Varsity. In the season opener for both teams, Milboro defeated the little Fillies by a close score of 17-14. A.C.H.S. hosted the Valley Queen Bees in the second game of the season only to come out on the short end of a 16-7 score. The Alleghany Junior Varsity girls traveled to Springfield to meet powerful James River. The little Knights handed the Fillies their third straight loss by a 25-11 count. The Junior Varsity Girls returned home to host the Milboro Wildcats in the fourth game of the year. The Fillies battled the Wildcats on even terms before bowing by a mere two points, 16-14. The red hot Valley Queen Bees jumped off to a fast start and went on to defeat the J.V. Girls 30-18. A.C.H.S. Girls closed the season with the exact same score as the season opener. However, this time the foe was James River and the Knights were victorious 17-14. With a year ' s experience behind them the young Fillies have the ability to aid the V arsity program in the years ahead. Vickie Fridley battles a James River opponent for possession of a rebound as Sharon Nicely (35) looks on. 89 Colt Cross Country Team Wins District Title Cross Country Team; Gary Brisendine, Dennis Stull, Rick Taliaferro, Robert Mills, Charlie Weber, Ronnie Plott, Buster Van Lear, Joe Massie, Charles Lockard, Tim Maddy, Rob Littleton, Gary Robinson, Coach Edward Rhea. Alleghany athletics got off on the right foot in Blue Ridge competition as the Cross Country team went undefeated and swept the district championship. The first of nine Colt vic- tories came in the season opener against Lucy Addison High School. The Bulldogs fell to the powerful Colts by a score of 23-34 (low score wins). In the next encounter Giles County provided little opposition as the Colts romped 15-50 which is a perfect score in Cross Country. A.C.H.S. defeated Addison once again 17-46 in between victories over Milboro and Northside by the identical scores of 18-42. Riverheads, the same team that defeated the Colts for the district champion- ship in 1968, was beaten rather convincingly as the Colts recorded a 23-34 victory. A.C.H.S. routed Holy Cross 15-50 in scoring their second perfect score of the season. The Colts prepared for the District Meet by defeating E. C. Glass 23-34 in the season finale. Alleghany easily swept the District Meet by totaling 24 points compared to second place Northside ' s 53. Addison and Liberty followed with 67 and 96 points respect- ively. The Colts closed their 1969 season by placing sixth in the State Meet. Gary Robinson crosses the finish line as official timer Charles Walker hands him a place card signifying Robinson ' s first place finish. 90 In First Year Of Blue Ridge Competition Crosscountry Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 23 Addison 34 15 Giles County 50 18 Milboro 42 17 Addison 46 18 Northside 42 23 Riverheads 34 15 Holy Cross 50 23 E. C. Glass 34 District Meet A.C.H.S. Opponent 24 Northside 53 Addison 67 Liberty 96 Final Record: 9 wins; 0 losses District Champion, 6th in state Rick Taliaferro receives his place card indicating a third place finish as the District Champion Colts routed another opponent. Gary Brisendine comes down the home stretch as a Northside runner vainly attempts to overtake Gary before the finish. 91 Tougher Competition And Failure To Make R. Fridley, G. Persinger, D. Byers, V. Mosby, C. Bocook, M. Linkswiler, M. Sellers, E. Lemon, D, Shanks, T. Platt, M. Platt, D. Byerly, K. Fitzgerald, T. Byerly, D. Smith, J. Senter, B. Johnson, R. Littleton, R. Crance, M. Lefler, B. Capps, S. Hagedon, M. Boggs, W. Spellman, G. Hoke,’j. Johnson, E. Saylor, G. Smith, H. Nicely. Alleghany ' s 1969-70 wrestling team suffered through a losing season in its first year of IB competition. The final record was 5-8, but with a few breaks it could have been much better. The Colts had to start from scratch as head coach Bill Jonas greeted only three experienced grapplers. A.C.H.S. did have several bright spots this season as the Colts defeated arch-rival Clifton Forge twice and neighboring Covington once. In the first match of the season Alleghany easily defeated Greenbrier West by a score of 36-13. Following the Greenbrier encounter, A.C.H.S. lost the next two matches to William Byrd and Covington by scores of 25-24 and 29-16 respectively. The Colts then evened their season record at 2-2 with a 34-14 victory over Shady Springs. The remainder of the regular season proved to be disastrous as the Colts won but three of nine matches. However, the victories came over arch-rivals Covington and Clifton Forge. A.C.H.S. went on to place fourth in the district tournament with Terry Platt and Kit Lemon leading the way with second place finishes. The Colts closed their season by finishing 6th in the State regionals which were highlighted by C. W. Bocook ' s second place finish in the 155 pound weight class. 92 C. W. Bocook successfully executes a reversal to gain two points against his opponent from Glenvar. Several Weight Classes Result In 5-8 Record Alleghany Wrestling Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 36 Greenbrier West 13 24 William Byrd 25 16 Covington 29 34 Shady Springs 14 22 Franklin County 31 19 Liberty 27 16 Glenvar 28 37 Clifton Forge 11 2 Northside 51 25 Covington 21 9 Glenvar 33 21 V.S.D. 29 29 Clifton Forge 15 Regular Season Record: 5 wins, 8 losses Fourth in District Tournament Sixth in State Regionals One of the bright spots for the Colts, Sophomore Mike Linkswiler demonstrates the correct form which enabled him to defeat Danny Meggison of arch-rival Clifton Forge. Compiling an 11-2 record for the year, Alleghany ' s Earl Lemon is about to add another victim to his list as his opponent from Glenvar falls in defeat. 93 J.V. And Eighth Grade Cheering Squads 1 SSSk - V ' sSk Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Susie Spraggins, Patricia Showalter, Linda Kesterson, Karen Carr, Terry Burgandine. Alleghany County High School has always been known for the outstanding cheerleaders that cheer at all athletic events. The talent and hard work is obvious in the varsity cheering squad, but the Eighth Grade and Junior Varsity cheerleaders often go unnoticed. However, just because these two squads cheer without much recognition does not mean that they do not put forth as much effort as the Varsity cheerleaders. Many hours are spent practicing the cheers by both the Eighth Grade and Junior Varsity cheering squads. Their efforts are not in vain as many of them go on to be Varsity cheerleaders. The long hours of practice and hard work are revealed by the tremendous amount of spirit that eighth and ninth graders possess. The outstanding school spirit of these two grades is a direct result of the Eighth Grade and Junior Varsity cheer- leaders. Each year the Junior Varsity and Eighth Grade cheerleaders have at least one pep rally. The spirit of the two grades is then turned loose and all the credit must go to the J.V. and Eighth Grade cheerleaders. No matter what is said, the Junior V ' arsity and Eighth Grade cheerleaders at A.C.H.S. are tremendous leaders in school spirit. Patricia Showalter is silhouetted against the big bonfire before Alle- ghany ' s annual Homecoming football game. 94 Display An Abundance Of Talent And Spirit Eighth Grade Cheerleaders: Vickie Fuller, Joyce May, Debbie Stogdale, Kay Owens, Christy Franson, Stephanie Nicely, Nancy Childs, Dinah Lockard. Alleghany ' s Eighth Grade cheering squad participates in one of its many functions as they cheer the A.C.H.S. wrestling team to victory over the Covington Cougars. 95 Lack Of Height Proves To Be Insurmountable Varsity Basketball Team: Buddy Ray, Jonathan Williams, Captain C. E. Andrews, Bill Siple, Harvey Dobbins, Robert Chambers, Butch Simpson, Norman Craft, Coach Walker, Larry Schoppmeyer, Mike Johnson, Johnny McCaleb. As a team, the 1969-70 varsity basketball team did not do anything particularly outstanding. The Colts finished the regular season with a 7-1 1 won-loss record and split two games in tournament action. However, the record is a bit deceiving. Alleghany was known to play in spurts and when everything was going their way, the Colts could compete with the best in the district. Dunbar and Addison were two of the finest teams in the Blue Ridge District. In fact, Dunbar went on to capture the district crown. But the Colts proved to be no pushover for either Dunbar or Addison as last minute surges pulled both games out of the fire for the opposition. Despite the poor record, Alleghany produced several exceptional individual stars. Buddy Ray was one of the top scorers in the Blue Ridge District with an average of 22.5 points per game. Buddy now ranks as the top scorer in Alleghany ' s school history with 881 points and still another year to go. With graduation this year, the varsity basketball team loses the number two and number three scorers in the school ' s history. Jonathan Williams finish- ed the season with 765 career points while C. E. Andrews was close behind with 744 points. C. E. also ranks as the top rebounder in the school ' s history with 515 grabs. Even though Alleghany ' s record was not sensational, the Colts did provide an exciting brand of basketball. 96 One of the Blue Ridge District ' s top scorers, Alleghany ' s Buddy Ray (30) goes high to arch a shot over Addison ' s Mike Cooper (24). In The Tougher, Taller Blue Ridge District A.C.H.S. 1969-70 Varsity Basketball 8 wins; 12 losses Record Opponent 60 Covington 71 59 Franklin County 65 90 Brookville 76 80 James River 79 65 Lord Botetourt 95 70 Glenvar 61 85 Clifton Forge 45 72 Addison 78 79 Glenvar 63 60 Dunbar 105 69 Lord Botetourt 86 64 Franklin County 59 70 Dunbar 78 63 Brookville 54 60 Clifton Forge 74 70 James River 85 74 Covington 79 96 Addison TOURNAMENT 99 A.C.H.S. 78 Liberty 75 Northside 75 A.C.H.S. 62 C. E. Andrews (25) shoots for two points as Covington ' s Eddie Dobson (14) attempts to blocl the shot while Tim Heironimus (43) manuevers for a possible rebound. r Sophomore sensation, Larry Schoppmeyer (14) leads the talented Colt fast break as teammate Jonathan Williams (10) tries to break open for a pass. 97 Buddy Ray Sets Two School Scoring Records Alleghany’s Buddy Ray drives around Gene Dillion (42) of Covington to score just two of his 881 career points. Playing in his first tournament game, Larry Schoppmeyer (15) dribbles by an unidentified Liberty player and aids Alleghany ' s 78-75 overtime victory over the Minutemen. Jonathan Williams (11) leaps high to score two points against Gene Fielder (14) of Northside; however, all was in vain as the Vikings defeated the Colts 75-62. Alleghany ' s Harvey Dobbins (41) attempts to shoot over Supernard Harris (30) of Northside who, at 6 foot 9 inches, was the Blue Ridge District ' s tallest player. 98 Colt Seniors Are Caught In Unusual Positions C. E. Andrews (24) is obviously shocked as big 6 ' 5 " Adam Sims (44) Believe it or not, Jonathan Williams (10) did manage to score two of Addison very convincingly blocks one of C.E. ' s shots. points despite his unorthodox position. C. E. Andrews (25) of Alleghany and Gene Fielder (14) of Northside desperately attempt to recover a loose ball; however, at the time the picture was taken, neither seemed to be accomplishing a whole lot. 99 Curtis Hairston (30) of Addison intimidates Harvey Dobbins (40) of Alleghany, who, as a result, throws the ball out of bounds. Young Round balles Record Only One Win J.V. Basketball Team; O. Jordon, S. Parham, S. Parham, L. Maddy, R. Lemon, B. Simpson, L. Thompson, J. Perry, M. Jones, J. Sampson, P, Riley, R. Poe, F. Rolan, R. Vent, R. Byers, Coach James David Williams. Alleghany ' s Junior Varsity Basketball team managed to compile a rather remarkable record during the 1969-70 season. Only the Franklin County Eagles managed to blemish the mark of the J.V. Colts. However, the record achieved by the Junior Varsity was not one to be proud of. In eighteen starts the Colts came out on top in only one encounter; the lone victim being the Franklin County J.V. team. Despite the poor record, the J.V. Colts showed hustle and determination every time that they came onto the court. The Colts also produced several outstanding players. One J.V. , Larry Schoppmeyer, was brought up to the varsity squad and became a starter late in the season. Larry was a tremendous aid to both the Junior Varsity and Varsity. Losing records seemed to plague the basketball teams at A.C.H.S. during the 69-70 season as the eighth grade team also struggled through a losing year. The charges of Tim Barton completed the year with a 4-6 mark which was highlighted by twovictories over arch-rival Covington. Archie Lemon was very consistent in the 69-70 campaign and finished the year as the leading scorer. Playmaker Oliver Jordan (22) attempts to out maneuver an unidentified Addison player in the Colt-Bulldog clash which the Colts lost 56-25. 100 But Learn Valuable Fundamentals For Future Paul Riley (54), a steady scorer for the J.V. Colts all year, goes high to score two points against the Blue Ridge District ' s best J.V. team, the Addison Bulldogs. 1969-70 J.V. Basketball Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 40 Covington 53 38 Franklin County 50 31 Brookville 56 41 James River 48 41 Lord Botetourt 51 33 Glenvar 59 31 Clifton Forge 37 25 Addison 56 36 Glenvar 54 55 Dunbar 66 34 Lord Botetourt 51 37 Franklin County 33 47 Dunbar 61 45 Brookville 85 43 Clifton Forge 62 37 James River 67 36 Covington 55 49 Addison 71 699 TOTAL Final Record: 1 win; 17 losses 1015 Forward Richie Poe of Alleghany battles Danny Powell (25) of Addison for the possession of a rebound in the Colt-Bulldog clash. 101 Merle Jones (32) puts a rebound back up for two points against Addison but the Bulldogs still managed to defeat the Colts for the second time as the Colts continued their losing ways. 8th Graders Topple Arch-Rival Cougars Twice Eighth Grade Basketball Team: B. Major, B. Rupert, D. Hyler, S. Worely, R. Breeden, Archie Lemon, Coach Pat Sams, Coach Tim Barton, S. Jones, M. Southall, T. Bruffy, C. Walker, D. Bennett, J. Vigil, R. Van Buren. Billy Major, the play maker for the baby Colts, drives around two Buena Vista defenders to score a basket in the Colt-Fighting Blue encounter. 102 Leaping high to grab a rebound, Stewart Jones (41) displays excep- tional coordination and potential for future years in the A.C.H.S. basketball program. Many School Records Fall Despite 3-4 Record s Varsity Track Team: J. Lemon, C. Bocook, S. Posey, M. Bradley, K. Fitzgerald, G. Childs, D. Byer, T. Heironimus, R. Taliaferro, S. Showalter, G. Brisendine, M. Balser, G. Robinson, J. Landis, V. Mosby, R. Littleton, T. Maddy, D, Greene, J. Massie, S. Hagadon, E. Lemon, G. Howard, R. Plott, J. Scott, M. Jones, C. Weber, M. Smith, B. Dressier, R. Poe, Coach Teters, Coach Rhea, Coach Phillips, B. Johnson. Alleghany County High School had their first sub five hundred record in three years. However, that recofd was just one victory from being even for the season at 3-4. In their first meet the Colts did not lose nor win, but instead tied with Lord Botetourt at 68 all. The Colts did manage to set almost all of the school records this year. C. W. Bocook set the high hurdles record of 16.9 and Gary Childs set a new 220 yard dash record at 22.5. Gary also tied the 100 yard dash in a time of 10.2 seconds. In the newest of the field events, the triple jump, an automatic record of 39 ft. and 5 inches was set by Steve Showalter. In the State Meet, Joe Massie set the school record of 10 minutes and 12 seconds in the grueling two mile run. The Colts had few experienced participants in the main events, but because of the interest this year in track. Coach Rhea can look forward to much experience and possibly a banner season. Alleghany ' s young trackmen came through with a good year and displayed several boys that could easily become the track stars of tomorrow. With the fine turnout for the J.V. track this year and the interest in the county field day, the outlook for track at Alleghany seems to be on the rise. I 103 Senior Tim Heironimus demonstrates the proper form to put the shot while warming up before an important meet. Track Program On The Rise At A.C.H.S. Varsity Track Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 68 Lord Botetourt 68 12872 Covington 772 100 James River 39 65 Liberty 71 5072 Franklin County 68 Glenvar 5172 50 Northside 74 Glenvar 46 Alleghany County Invitational A.C.H.S. 94 James River 32 Liberty 76 Greenbrier East 25 Greenbrier West 36 Covington 7 Concord Relays— 3rd of 10 Buena Vista Relays— 7th of 12 District Meet— 7th of 13 Final Record— 3 wins; 4 losses Star miler Gary Robinson crosses the finish line after finishing first once again in the mile run. IHL L Hit C. W. Bocook is shown opening up a commanding lead in the high hurdle event. C. W. set a school record in the 120 yard high hurdles with a time of 16.9 seconds. 104 As A Result Of Increased Participation Gary Childs, Steve Showalter, and Wesley Dew start out on the 100 yard dash which proved to be one of the most consistent events for the Colt trackmen all season. Gary tied a school record in the event at 10.2 seconds. Although he was one of the smaller members of the track squad, Vernon Mosby led the team in both the shot and discus. Vernon ' s determination can be clearly seen by the expression on his face after releasing the shot. 105 Kevin Fitzgerald, the ace pole vaulter for the Colts, clears the bar perfectly to capture first place in the pole vault event of the Alleghany Invitational which the Colts won for the second straight year. J.V. Track Team Learns Basic Fundamentals J.V. Track Team: J. Freels, O Jordan, S. Jones, R. Weber, M. Boggs, D. Bennett, G. Webb, S. Worley, G. Smith, R. Hayslett, D. Eggleston, T. Byerly, D. Davis, J. Vigil. Anchor man Oliver Jordan crosses the finish line far ahead of his Cougar counterpart to record a first place finish in the 880 relay. 106 Star hurdler Richard Hayslett exemplifies the proper form to run hurdles which shows the success of the J.V. track program in teaching the basic fundamentals of track. 1970 Blue Ridge District Baseball Champs Varsity Baseball Team: R. Ray, B. Simpson, J. Williams, E. Smith, L. Schoppmeyer, B, Hall, J. Morris, R. Lawler, B. Simpson, Coach Dunn, C. Andrews, J, McCaleb, R. Pedigo, K. Higgins, l l. Craft, H. Dobbins, P. Sams, D. Rogers, T. Craft, C. Reid, Coach Carpenter, D. Tucker. Fantastic is the only word to describe the Colt baseball season. The Colts swept both the regular season title and the post-season tournament title in awesome fashion. Besides going 15-1 for the year, the mighty Colts also had a majority of hitters over the .300 mark. Buddy Ray led the way with an even .500 average while Jonathan Williams and Kenny Higgins followed closely with .481 and .469 respectively. Every hitting record was broken in this banner season by the sluggers of A.C.H.S. The only mar of the Colt record was a 5-4 defeat at the hands of the Northside Vikings. Many people felt that the Colt victory express had come to the end of the road with the loss to Northside. The Colts proved these people wrong as Alleghany promptly reeled off four straight wins in route to capturing the regular season and tournament championship. The 1970 season closed out a four year career for Alleghany ' s captains Jonathan Williams, C. E. Andrews, Butch Simpson, and Kenny Higgins. During these four years, Alleghany captur- ed three district crowns and had a fine 50-8 overall record. This tremendous record establishes a great challenge to future baseball teams at A.C.H.S. 107 Colt catcher Butch Simpson adds one more run to the Colts ' total as Alleghany routed Clifton Forge 12-0 in the first round of Blue Ridge District tournament play. Williams, Smith, Higgins, And Ray Are Named Kenny Higgins, the Colt centerfielder for the last three years, connects for a base hit against arch rival Clifton Forge. Varsity Baseball Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 7 Addison 2 27 Greenbrier East 0 15 Northside 2 22 Glenvar 1 12 Franklin County 1 5 Covington 1 9 Glenvar 1 11 Clifton Forge 0 8 Lord Botetourt 5 10 Clifton Forge 1 3 Covington 1 4 Northside 5 2 Lord Botetourt 0 135 TOTAL 20 Blue Ridge District Tournament A.C.H.S. 12 Clifton Forge 0 A.C.H.S. 14 Brookville 6 A.C.H.S. 16 Cave Spring 6 Regular Season Record: 12 wins; Final Record: 15 wins; 1 loss 1 loss Head Coach Joe Carpenter discusses game strategies with the four Colt captains, Jonathan Williams, Butch Simpson, C.E. Andrews, and Kenny Higgins. The plans paid off as Alleghany ripped off 1 5 wins in 1 6 starts. 108 To All Blue Ridge District First Team Dale Crutchfield (16) of Clifton Forge unsuccessfully attempts to tag Jonathan Williams of Alleghany. Jonathan scored 34 times during the 1970 season to smash the school scoring record. Alleghany was not all offense during the 1970 season. Their defense was also fantastic and first baseman C.E. Andrews wa s one of the leaders in the defensive department. Here, C.E. is shown catching a fly ball. Star pitcher and most valuable player Buddy Ray delivers a pitch in one of the Colt contests. Buddy finished the season with an 11-1 won-loss record. 109 Junior Varsity Baseball Team Streaks J. V. Baseball Team: Coach Jenkins and George Quinlan demonstrate the proper way to slide as the J. V. baseball team looks on. Looking on from left to right: R. Simmons, D. Dulaney, E. Putnam, H. Nicely, G. Price, M. Miller, E. Unroe, B. Major, P. Riley, A. Lemon, D. Stull, J. Powell, A. Senter, J. Neal, S. Parham, S. Parham, B. May. Baseball is rapidly becoming a legend in its own time at A.C.H.S. Most people realize the fact that Alleghany always has a powerful varsity baseball team. However, the junior varsity team often goes unnoticed, but not rightfully so. The 1970 season marked the second straight year that they have gone undefeated. This year the J.V. record was eight wins and no losses. For the last three years the J.V. program at Alleghany has aided the varsity team immensely. The talent that the junior varsity develops is a key factor in the outstand- ing teams that the varsity fields each year. During the 1970 season, for the first time, the little Colts began playing varsity squads from Highland and New Castle. Each time the J.V. ' s came out on top and each time the scores were rather convincing. Coach Jenkins started another young squad this year which was composed of mostly eighth and ninth graders. The boys played with the poise of seasoned veterans and finished the season in flying colors. Going through an entire season undefeated is a feat that is rarely accomplished, but the A.C.H.S. J.V. baseball team succeeded. Each member of the team can be proud of the 1970 season for a long, long time. Fireballer George Quinlan is shown warming up before the start of an inning in one of the J.V. games. George was the iron man on the mound for the little Colts throughout the 1970 season. 110 Through Second Straight Undefeated Season 1970 J.V. Baseball Team Record A.C.H.S. Opponent 10 New Castle 5 15 Franklin County 1 16 New Castle 5 12 Highland County 0 4 Franklin County 3 19 V.E.S. 0 5 Highland County 3 5 V.E.S. 0 87 TOTAL 17 1970 Season Record: 8 wins; 0 losses Stan Parham is shown here breaking a 0-0 tie with the Highland County Rams, This run aided the Colts J.V. ' s to a 12-0 victory. Paul Riley, the leading hitter on the J.V. baseball team, pokes another hit in the gap to raise his average even higher for the season and help the young Colts to another win and a perfect 8-0 record. Ill Colt Club Honors Athletes At Annual Banquet K t Kl 1- Guest speaker Vince Promuto, star guard for the Wash- Coach Walker, head basketball coach at A.C.H.S., presents Buddy Ray the high ington Redskins of the National Football League, de- scorer ' s trophy in basketball. Buddy averaged 22.5 points per game for the season, livers his inspiring speech to the Alleghany athletes on how one can succeed in life if the desire is there. Top award winner at the annual athletic banquet, C.E. Andrews receives his second of three trophies from Coach Walker, the head basketball coach. C.E. also received a trophy in football and baseball. Alleghany ' s track team also has a trophy for the boy that is voted best in the field events by his teammates. Coach Rhea presents this trophy to Vernon Mosby who was the top man in both the shot and discus. 112 Senior C.E. Andrews Receives Three Awards Voted the best in the running events on the 1970 track “Mr. Everything " for Alleghany ' s district champion baseball team, Jonathan Williams is team, Gary Childs receives his trophy from Coach Rhea. congratulated by Coach Carpenter after he awarded Jonathan the trophy in baseball for most times on base. Bill Siple, star athlete, not only at Alleghany, but also at Boys ' Home, very proudly accepts the best back trophy in football from Coach Williams, one of the assistant football coaches at A.C.H.S. 113 Initial Honor System Sponsored By SCA During the somber induction ceremony, Bobby Lawler accepts the flame of duty. Intense concentration typifies the honor system planning committee composed of C. E. Andrews, Mr. Loving, C. Pierannunzi, T, Dickson, and M. Bodell. Mr. Cvizic administers the oath of office to incoming treasurer Jimmy Landis. While Bobby Lawler finishes his campaign speech, C. E. Andrews prepares to introduce the next candidate. 116 Flag Purchased For Gym Inspires Patriotism Capably reflecting the opinions of the student body, the Student Co-operative Association is an effective channel of communication. A representative government, the assembly consists of an elected delegate from each homeroom. In March, a full-scale campaign by each of the ten officer candidates excitingly transforms the school. Finally, the installation ceremony conducted in the spring signifies the retirement of the preceding officers. Minor projects undertaken by the S.C.A. involved Saturday Session, an article in the COVINGTON VIRGINIAN, Student Council membership cards, and an eight by twelve American flag for the gymnasium wall. Toward the end of the year, a contest for the design of a county seal was sponsored. Probably the most significant accomplishment of the S.C.A. was the formation and presentation of an honor system. Encouraged by a trip to William Byrd High School, the officers made gradual progress toward acceptance of the system by the student body. Proudly presenting the newly-acquired flag to Mr. Cvizic are S.C.A. officers T. Dickson, M. Bodell, C. Pierannunzi, C. Andrews, and C. Pierannunzi. Standing; C. Andrews, C. Pierannunzi. Seated: T. Dickson, C. Pierannunzi, M. Bodell, J. Williams, J. McCormick, T. Leighton, G. Childs, L. Riley, T. McComb, P. Wilkerson, D. Brisendine, P. Riley, A. Lemon, J. Hammond, P. Showalter, J. May, P. Hughes, C. Franson, B. Carter, L. Smith, G. Bennett, K. Perry, J. Massie, E. Clemmons, C. Warwick, S. Showalter, J. Farrar, B. Howard, S. Wrenn, B. Bostic, D. Ayers, D. Dulaney, S. Spraggins, K. Waters, P. Nicely, E. Rooklin, M. Warwick, S. Hepler, S. Fuller, E. Barineau, S. Smith. 117 Honor Society Gains Recognition Through Deciding on a date for their upcoming meeting are Honor Society members, seated, L. Barineau, J. Friel, S. Smith, M. Bodell, M. Stephenson, S. Fuller; Standing, C. Pierannunzi, C. Andrews, T. Heironimus, W. Spellman, S. Showalter, D. Wallis. Jan Shawver, recipient of the $100 Honor Society scholarship, graciously accepts her award from Mr. Holbert. As Odis Lemon expresses his views, other participants listen attentively. Increased Activities, Enlarged Membership During the traditional tapping-in ceremony, Tim Heironimus is escorted on stage by Sherry Smith. Character, leadership, scholarship, and service are the high ideals personified by members of the Frances D. Butler Chapter of the National Honor Society. Qualified juniors and seniors are selected by a faculty committee. Although the tapping-in ceremony was staged in the fall rather than in the spring, the Society remained small in comparison with most of Alleghany ' s organizations. Despite this handicap, sufficient funds were raised (primarily through a stationery sale) to provide a $100 scholarship for this year ' s recipient. Miss Jan Shawver. Eight black students were invited to participate in a compre- hensive discussion conducted by the Honor Society, at which views on the racial issues at A.C.H.S. were aired. The experience proved enlightening as well as interesting. During a final program meeting, Mr. Steve Adams from the Community College conversed with the N.H.S. members on the subjects of pollution and conservation. N.H.S. officers. Sherry Smith, Chris Pierannunzi, David Wallis, Martha Stephenson, and Judy Friel, seem pleased as they inspect the newly- arrived stationery. 119 Pep Club Boosts Morale As Alleghany Sponsor Jo Ann Bogan encourages M. Frye and T. Mays to purchase red Pep Club sweaters. At the Athletic Awards assembly, Jan Shawver, Sherry Smith, and Elizabeth Rooklin are recognized for their outstanding spirit. One-hundred and twenty-eight students make up a club known for promoting school spirit, not only at athletic contests, but within the school itself. This club is the A.C.H.S. Pep Club. In its third year of existence, the Pep Club had increased membership and increased activities. Decorating the gymnasium for the Homecoming Dance was a responsibility given the Pep Club, this year. Red, white, and Columbia blue streamers, plus an " A " constructed from cellophane, chicken wire, and wood, helped to create a happytime mood. Red monogrammed sweaters were re-ordered for the Pep Club members who wanted them. In addition to making posters for games, the Pep Club also had skits during pep rallies. Colt Pep Club members, dubbed " Filly Farmers, " chal- lenged the Cougar Pep Club in a thrilling flag football game. Under the coaching of Tim Barton, the Filly Farmers met an unfortunate defeat, but the game was enjoyed by all members who took a part. Jan Shawver, Elizabeth Rooklin, and Sherry Smith were presented the Pep Club awards for being the three best members, at the end of the school year. Officers T. Dickson, S. Smith, C. Pierannunzi, M. Stephen- son, and M. Dressier relax as the final poster is hung. 120 Accepts Challenge Of Blue Ridge District First row: G. Minter, D. Treynor, D. Hearne, K. Paxton, S. Irvine, M. Hostetter, D. Bell, M. Humphries, J. McCormick, E. Rooklin, R. Smith, C. Nicely, J. Adkins, K. Crowder, K. Basham, J. Stanley. Second row: M. Stephenson, J. Nicely, C. Broughman, P. Johnson, P. Quarles, M. Jordan, B. Johnson, T. Dickson, C. Pierannunzi, S. Smith, S. Nicely, B. Hyler, B. Dodd. Third row: P. Bennett, L. Nickell, C. Dressier, S. Paitsel, L. Smith, D. Tingler, D. Fore, C. Lockard, K. Waters, B. Middleton, J. Byer, S. Showalter, C. Walton, L. Caldwell, M. Unroe. Fourth row: K. Rinker, G. Bodell, N. Andrews, M. Rooklin, T. Lockard, J. Loan, K. Bethel, D. Lambert, D. Johnson, S. Michie, K. Paitsel, S. Wade, J. St. Clair, S. Hadegon, J. Wolfe, N. Harrison, D. Noel. Fifth row: B. Vest, B. Williams, B. Bostic, P. Persinger, R. Powell, C. Barrington, J. Landis, C. Pierannunzi, K. Reynolds, M. Frye, T. Mays, P. Hughes, D. Byer, R. Nicely, K. Unroe, D. Kelley. Sixth row: M. Buzzard, M. Bosserman, P. McDowell, K. Carr, S. Spraggins, T. Burgandine, S. Burgandine, L. Kesterson, P. Showalter, M. Dressier, D. Smith, N. Burr, J. Shawver, S. Nicely, C. McKeague, L. Riley, P. Nicely. Freezing weather fails to dampen the spirit of the “Filly Farmers " at Casey Field. 121 Record Number Attend Key Club Convention Rated the most active club in their division, the ACHS Key Club was especially industrious as it initiated several unique programs this year. In addition to the customary projects of issuing football programs and assisting the Kiwan- is with preparations for the pancake supper, the Key Club sponsored their first annual dance. Picking a contemporary theme— " Age of Aquarius " — the boys worked diligently to create a psychedelic atmosphere. Two exciting basketball games (the Key Club vs. the Pep Club and the Alleghany faculty vs. the Covington faculty) were staged to boost the treasury and provide entertainment for the student body. The sale of 24,000 doughnuts financed the yearly delegation to the convention in Norfolk. Despite the innovations this year, the Key Club maintain- ed its tradition of promoting exceptional citizenship and character. Examining the 1969-70 Key Club budget are of- ficers Gary Childs, Tim Heironimus, Bill Siple, C.E. Andrews, and Robert McDowell. C.E. Andrews, president, leads fellow club members G. Brisendine, J. Williams, R. McDowell, G. Childs, E. Clemons, R. Lawler, K. Higgins, S. Showalter, L. Schoppmeyer, J. McCaleb, M. Bennett, H. Dobbins, M. Linkswiler, S. Brugh, T. Heironimus, J. Leinhardt, and J. Sizer in the pledge of allegiance. 122 Timely " Age Of Aquarius " Highlights Year With obvious enthusiasm, members of the Key Club embark on their three-day convention in Norfolk. B. Simpson, R, Loving, B. Siple, C. Reid, W. Spellman, C. Anthony, C. Jarvis, J. Simpson, R. Littleton, J. Massie, R. Taliaferro, C. Lockard, D. Wallis, P. Sams, and M. Warwick devote their attention to Mr. Carpenter, their advisor. 123 Christian Character Is Promoted By Tri-Hi-Y Front row: B. Pearson, P. Black, J. St.Clair, P. Hughes, J. Byer, M. Stephenson, A. Reyns, J. Shawver, S. Smith, R. Owens, J. Worley, L. Barineau, J. Nicely. Second row: N. Burr, C. Walton, S. Bess, L. Tolley, M. Dressier, M. Frye, M. Bennett, J. Hammond, P. Warner, A. Roberts, B. Hyler. Third row: D. Via, D. Hern, L. Riley, C. McKeague, B. Dodd, T. Dickson, J. Friel, J. Thompson, C. Pierannunzi, K. Reynolds, C. Pierannunzi. Beginning with the solemn induction ceremony at Cranberry Memorial Chapel, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y served to instill a sense of worth within its members. Community projects such as the distribution of Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas caroling at Taylor ' s Nursing Home denoted the purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y. To instruct the student body as to acceptable dress for school and school functions, a fashion show was presented. As always, preparations for the Sweetheart Dance consumed much of the Club ' s energy as the girls made a frenzied effort to complete the details of decoration. Another of the focal points of the year was the Model General Assembly in Richmond. For the first time ever, Alleghany ' s bill was chosen for consideration by the Assembly. Delegates to M.G.A. were Anne Reyns and Chris Pierannunzi. Under the direction of Martha Stephenson and the supervision of Miss Mary Lifts Burton, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y completed a memorable year by receiving the Ace Award, symbol of quality and outstanding accomplishment. Considering possible activities for the upcoming year are Senior Tri-Hi-Y officers. Seated: A. Reyns, M. Stephenson, P. Hughes. Standing: J. St.Clair, J. Byer, and J. Shaver. 124 Tri-Hi-Y girls work vigorously to complete final decora- tions for the annual Sweetheart Dance. Junior Tri-Hi-Y ' ers Strive For Individuality Discussing possible candidates to Tri-Hi-Y camp in May are Jr. Tri-Hi-Y officers T. Lockard, N. Childs, S. Irving, G. Bodell, D. Lockard, T. May and C. Armentrout. Vegetable corsages prepared by Tri-Hi-Y members add spice to the Dogpatch scene. Seated: D. Lockard, T. Mays, N. Andrews, G. Bodell, C. Armentrout, T. Lockard, L. Nickell, P. Bennett, K. Cvizic, B. Nicely, C. Jones. Standing: M. Clifford, D. Morgan, R. Potter, F. Thompson, N. Dodd, S. Irvine, K. Bethel, J. Miller, B. Deacon, N. Childs, V. Fuller. To begin the year. Junior Tri-Hi-Y officers attended a workshop and officers ' training session at Covington High School. In a similar conference, a majority of the club traveled to Charlottesville for the purpose of electing district officers. On Christmas Eve, the girls celebrated the holiday with a family for whom they had provided food and gifts. Devoting a great deal of time and effort, Tri-Hi-Y members brought closer the real meaning of Christmas. Another project sponsored by the club was the fashioning of frivolous vegetable corsages for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Delegates to the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y camp in May were Theresa Lockard, Genie Bodell, Janet Miller, and Nancy Childs. Regular meetings, consisting of teen talks, films, and lectures by various speakers, developed adult attitudes. 125 Multilith Print Enhances Patriot Appearance Straightening up the files, editor Jan Shawver maintains an orderly newspaper room. Several outstanding advancements promoted recognition of the PATRIOT staff. In addition to the production of nine regular editions of the newspaper, the staff issued its special Senior Edition and the third volume of HOOFPRINTS. The staff progressed from mimeograph to multilith printing, and published the Senior Edition itself rather than having it done professionally. Staff members interviewed Mr. Hodnett, traveled to Roanoke to view a printer ' s establishment, and toured the office of the Covington VIRGINIAN. Trophies sponsored by the PATRIOT provided incentive for athletes and publicity for the staff; the " Players of the Month " were chosen by their respective coaches. Under the guidance of Mrs. Betty Clinedinst, and with technical advice from Mrs. Harriet Bush and Mr. Robert Loving, the PATRIOT staff served A.C.H.S. with efficiency. ■ 1 o f V J R. Chambers, P. Sams, K. Rinker, and J. McCaleb proofread the first copies of the literary magazine, HOOFPRINTS, as selling time nears. 126 " Player Of The Month " Trophies Awarded Working under pressure, PATROIT staff members and Mrs. Clinedinst assemble the Senior Edition. While Marsha Dressier types the front page for a regular PATRIOT issue, B. Lawler, M. Warwick, R. Chambers and P. Sams check sports material. Beginning a sales campaign are staff workers D. Fore, S. Bess, B. Lawler, M. Dressier, J. McCaleb, B. Nicely, N. Burr, P. Sams, M. Warwick, C. Walton, O. Jordan, R. Chambers, T. G. Ayers, D. Hearn, A. Caldwell, and J. Shawver. 127 Striving To Modernize Alcove, Yearbook Jackie Nicely, Donna Brisendine, and Martha Stephenson plan the prom layout for the features section. ALCOVA ' s indi- spensible photo- grapher, David Wal- lis, hurries to set up the Art Club pic- ture. Bringing to the attention of the student body the consequences of a changing decade, the ALCOVA staff revolutionized the appearance and the contents of the yearbook. Annual workers endeavored to point out the effects of the passage of time through appropriate pictures and phrases. Six ALCOVA sections— features, sports, organiza- tions, faculty, classes, and advertising worked in- dependently toward the completion of their respec- tive material. Decisions requiring the acceptance of the staff as a whole concerned theme, design, color, and dedicatee. Information kept confidential by the yearbook staff was finally revealed during the May assembly when the dedicatee. Boy of the Year, and Miss Alcova were announced. Without the understanding assistance of Mrs. Joyce Barber, the staff could never have succeeded in producing the unique 1970 ALCOVA. 128 Faculty section members L. Tolley, S. Tolley, and J. Friel complete Mr. Holbert ' s page. J. Williams and C. Andrews handle the sports section competently. J Staff Breaks Conventions, Traditions ALCOVA staff: S. Tolley, J. Massie, J. Williams, T. Dick- son, D. Wallis, J. Friel, C. Andrews, B. Dodd, G. Brisendine, J. Nicely, C. Pierannunzi, F. Baker, L. Tolley, B. Hyler, D. Brisendine, W. Spellman, M. Stephenson, and S. Smith. U ' t ItK, ioOU- St ' . I i’vY Wv ' i. jXilA - As G. Brisendine sketches possible layouts for classes, B. Hyler and F. Baker compile ideas for the senior build-up. s Working diligently to meet a deadline are organization section members Barbara Dodd, Tracie Dickson and Chris Pierannunzi. Dignified Mrs. Barber, surrounded by her usual paraphernalia, finds it necessary to release nervous tension. 129 Joe Massie con- fronts Wayne Spell- man, business mana- ger, with an adver- tising problem. I First table: D. Stovall, B. Craft, K. Bennett, S. Paitsel, D. Nuckols, S. Hoke, B. Smith. Second table: P. Morris, D. Lefler, J. Hinkle, A. Childs, R. May, J. Loan, B. Linkswiler, M. Shifflett, S. Meadows, B. Nicely, T. McComb. Third table: P. Shifflett, L. Linkswiler, R. Clark, D. Stogdale, E. Clark, E. Via, L. Kesterson. Standing: B. Simpson, Mrs. Perdue. Initiation week began this year ' s F.H.A. activities with a quick burst of energy as new members portrayed homemakers of the past and of various nationalities. After the newcomers were fully indoctrinated as Future Homemakers of America, the girls had a small celebration. Practicing their knowledge of home economics, F.H.A. members served at H.O. Canfield ' s Christmas Party, the Principals ' Dinner, and the Band and D.E. Banquets. National F.H.A. Week was heralded with posters and decorated bulletin boards. During the club ' s annual fashion show ' , the girls modeled garments made in home economics classes. Hours of planning, construction, and detailed decoration resulted in a lively Sadie Hawkins dance and a silvery, wintry Christmas Formal. In May, the Mother-Daughter Banquet and Installation of officers marked the end of the F.H.A. year. The 1969-70 F.H.A. proudly received, in recognition of its many activities, the award for the outstanding chapter in the district. F.H.A. officers P. Shifflett, S. Meadows, R. Clark, M. Shifflett, B. Nicely, B. Ailstock, R. Reid, D. Stogdale, B. Linkswiler, R. May, L. Linkswiler, T. McComb, D. Lefler, P. Morris, and B. Simpson muse over last year ' s scrapbook. Janet Carter prepares pKDtatoes for the D.E. banquet. 130 Receives " Outstanding Chapter " Award Promoting recognition of their organization. Colored bathroom tissue and hundreds of balloons help create a mirthful mood for the F.H.A. members decorate the showcase. Sadie Hawkins dance. Conventions And Tours Provide Rare Insights Actively occupied in the business department are F.B.L.A. officers Judy Kimberlin, Judy Simpson, Marlene Lockhart, Carol Lindsay, Amber Knick, Susan Craft, and Missy Johnson. Steering their activities toward career preparation, the Future Business Leaders of America have benefited by acquiring practical knowledge. Club tours were conducted at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and National Business College. Alleghany ' s F.B.L.A. was represented at regional, state, and national conventions, and delegates attended Massenetta Spring ' s Leadership Conference Camp. At Thanksgiving, favors were donated to Taylor ' s, Hoffman ' s, and Paitsel ' s Nursing Homes. Another community project was the F.B.L.A. ' s contribution to a deserving family during the Christmas season. The club celebrated with a traditional C hristmas party. In addition to the customary bake sales, money-raising programs included the sale of large, variegated key chains. Illustrating the proper modes of dress for today ' s secretary, the girls staged a pleasant fashion show for the student body. The F.B.L.A. Banquet, held in conjunction with the F.H.A., closed a year of activity and expansion. Members of Future Business Leaders and the Future Homemakers of America enjoy a delicious meal at their joint banquet. 132 For Future Business Leaders Of America S A BEE IN TYPING YOU Dreama Tingler, Karen Averill, and Judy Griffith assist teachers in typing final exams. Anxious to begin a sales campaign, Vivian Winston and Connie Broughman divide a box of colorful key chains between them. Seated; D. Hearne, J. Simpson, B. Williams, N. Wolfe, A. Knick, M. Johnson, J. Kimberlin, S. Craft, C. Lindsay, M. Lockhart. Standing; J. Irvine, S. Wilkerson, D. Tingler, P. Morris, T. McComb, L. Nicely, V. Forren, G. Cook, J. Griffith, P. Quarles, D. Carroll, B. Potter, B. Johnson, J. McCormick, R. Clark, J. Myers, J. Ruble, V. Winston. 133 Future Teachers Develop Responsible Attitudes Experience and active participation are excellent methods for acquiring knowledge of a profession. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to perform and observe, the Future Teachers of America gain useful insight. Substitute teaching, a service to the faculty, exposes F.T.A. members to the difficulties of handling classes. Informative visits to Lancaster Community College and V.P.I. provided a chance to study various Cur- ricula and educational techniques. During a trip to Betsy Shougar clinic, the Future Teachers instructed and helped mentally retarded children; funds were collected for the clinic at Christmas time. As another of its community projects, the club created fanciful spring favors for hospital patients. Panel discussions concerning such topics as sex education in relation to teaching were conducted, with faculty members participating. In appreciation Nita Thompson and Julie Hammond, F.T.A. officers, gain valuable experi- of the dedication of the faculty, the F.T.A. provided ence for their prospective careers through substitute teaching. refreshments at a Teacher ' s Tea. Through this organization, tomorrow ' s teachers form proper attitudes, learn " combat " techniques, and develop broader opinions. Standing: N. Thompson. Seated, L to R; J Landis, W. VanLear, F. Thompson, C. Pierannunzi, B, Black, C. McKeague, V. Watts, J. Hammond, A, Roberts, B. Keaton, P, Smith, P. Warner, J. St.Clair, C. Lockard, D. Spellman, B. Sartain, P. Persinger, J. Anderson, M. Swartz. 134 Candy Striper Program Initiated By FNA On cot; D. Dodd. Kneeling: D. Paitsel. Standing, L to R: B. Hyler, J. Myers, D. Hearn, D. Dodd, K. Basham, J. Ruble, J. Rose, B. Williams, S. Dressier, M. Williams, N. Boerner, L. Nicely, D. Henson, S. Nicely. Reaching a new height of activity, the Future Nurses of America spearheaded several useful projects. As preparation for careers in nursing, the girls toured Alleghany Memorial Hospital and the Univer- sity of Virginia School of Nursing. Attending an invitational tea at C O Hospital in Clifton Forge, members of the club discussed various aspects of medicine with the staff. Assisting the Covington Red Cross with the annual Bloodmobile provided the Future Nurses with the opportunity to observe medical techniques. As a climax for the year, a plan to supply Alleghany Memorial with candy stripers materialized. Not only did the girls develop compassion and deeper understanding; they were able to render valuable volunteer service. Candy Stripers embark on their first official visit to Alleghany Memor- Practicing an arm-bandaging technique are F.N.A. offi- ial Hospital, where their volunteer services will be appreciated. cers D. Dodd, S. Nicely, D. Hearn, and L. Nicely. 135 Los Espanoles Celebrate With A Spanish Flair To encourage interest in the Spanish-speaking nations, to create a curiosity about customs and traditions, and to promote the study of the Spanish language — these are objectives to which the Spanish Club aspires. Probably most instru- mental in helping the students achieve these goals was Julio Ibarra, honorary member, from Mexico City. A great asset to classes and the club, Julio instructed his American amigos in the lively art of pinata-breaking at the Christmas Fiesta. Taking on a Spanish theme— ' The Lonely Bull " — the colorful dance resembled a Mexican arena. Vivid streamers and the red and green flag of Mexico added an authentic flair. Contributing to the Spanish classes, the club purchased practice records and a filmstrip. Medals and certificates were provided by the club to recognize those who excell in Spanish. Carol Pierannunzi and her date Greg Paxton pause to admire the Mexican flag at the Spanish Club dance. Standing: C. Pierannunzi and M, Dressier. First row: B. Dodd, J. Farrar, S. Showalter, J. Williams, S. Hepler, B. Warwick, E. Clemmons, D. Brisendine, S. Fuller, T. Dickson. Second row: D. Noel, P. Warner, P. Riley, P. Black, B. Vess, K. Reynolds, S. Hagedon, D. Spellman, B. Peters, J. Rose. Third row: V. Watts, B. Pearson, A. Reyns, M. Swartz, A. Roberts, J. St.Clair, S, Showalter, C. Anthony, L. Caldwell, S. Bess. Fourth row: B. Keaton, E. Fuller, R. Harrelson, B. Bennett, T. Mays, P. Bennett, L. Nickell, M. Bradley, Y. Loan, D. Lambert. Fifth row: T. Sparks, J. Salyers, M. Bennett, K. Willis, T. McCaleb, E. Lemon, M. Stephenson, W. Martin, C. McKeague, J. Massie. Sixth row: J. Hammond, T. Humphries, R. Kranz, J. Leinhardt, J. Kolb, J. Thompson, J. Shawver, R. Owens, L. Loan, R. Kopak. Decorating the bulletin board with postcards sent by a Mexican pen-pal are the Spanish Club officers and Mrs. Sumner. 136 Symbolic of Spanish tradition, the matador and " el toro " contribute to the festive atmosphere. Understanding Of French Culture Heightened Standing; J. Landis. Seated: R. Vint, L. Thomp- son, P. Persinger, C. Barrington, R. Hamlett, IM. Burr, M. Rooklin, L. Barineau, C. Armentrout, G. Bodell, S. Fisher, E. Rooklin, S. Spraggins, D. Smith, C. Jones, B. Sartain, K. Averill, C. Pieran- nunzi, D. Fore, J. Friel. President Jim Landis chats with officers Libby Barineau, Margaret Rooklin, and Carol Pierannunzi about the end-of-the-year picnic. Language organizations generally strive to create appreciation for an interest in foreign cultures. In this respect, the French Club had great success. Through documentary and travel films, as well as records, the members learned much about the French nation and people. In relating her experiences in French-speaking Haiti, Mrs. Bailey provided more graphic descriptions. Her account, presented to the club, proved stimulating as well as entertaining. Light-hearted moments centered around a Christmas Party and a final picnic at Humpback Bridge. Mrs. Nichols seems amused as Jimmy Landis stresses the need for a final bake sale. 137 Varsity Club Boys Sport New Red Blazers First row: R. Taliaferro, G. Brisendine, T. Maddy, J. Sizemore, C. Andrews, L. Schoppmeyer, E. Smith, E. Lemon, D. Byer, B. Johnson, W. Siple. Second row: R. Littleton, W. Simpson, G. Robinson, J. Williams, R. Lawler, B. Simpson, M. Linkswiler, J. Senter, N, Craft. Third row: W. Lomasney, M. Balser, M. Wilson, A. Steele, D. Shanks, R. Kopack, T. Platt, K. Fitzgerald, V. Mosby. Fourth row: C. Reid, G. Childs, K, Higgins, J. Morris, G. Persinger, R. Fridley, H. Dobbins, J. Massie, C. Weber, S. Showalter. Fifth row: J. McCaleb, P. Sams, J. Hand, R. McDowell, D. Rogers, T. Heironimus, M. Johnson, B. Ray, T. Craft. Sixth row: J. Lemon, C. Nicely, C. Leeds, F. Sellers, C. Martin, B. Hall. Eighth grade and Junior Varsity athletes eagerly anticipate the day wnen they will receive letters, the symbols of entrance into the Varsity Club and eligibility to wear the Columbia blue Alleghany jackets. This year, compli- ments of the Alleghany Athletic Association, lettermen and their coaches wore identical red blazers with Colt emblems on game days. Varsity athletes were rewarded at the close of the sports season with a sumptuous banquet. In addition to the letters and medals presented at the Athletic Awards assembly, sportsmanship and " best player " trophies were awarded at the banquet. Ending a remarkable year, the boys celebrated with their annual picnic at Douthat State Park. Following the arrival of the new Varsity jackets, Tim Heironimus and C. E. Andrews select their proper sizes. Varsity Club boys engage in rough-and-tough tumble football game after their picnic at Douthat State Park. 138 Practical Training Exemplifies D.E. Study Standing: Mr. Duff. First row: K. Stapleton, H. Sloan, A. Wright, P. Mullen, G. Byer. Second row: J. Kern, J. Ruble, P. Shifflett, F. Kan- ney, D. Taylor, P. Terry. Third row: M. Peters, D. Ferris, J. Smith, N. Vest, R. Lugar, J. Thrasher, R. Burley. Fourth row: K. Nicely, J. Mays, S. Nicely, P. Curtis, D. Smith, R. Kopak, L. Simmons. Fifth row: K. Armentrout, E. Smith, A. Craft, J. Craft, L. Sim- mons, D. Sizemore, D. Wolfe. Sixth row: B. Spangler, J. Byer, B. Tuck- er, S. Van Buren, R. Peters, M. Creasy, J. Snead, D. Hylton. Planning the D.E. Banquet are officers P. Mullen, G. Byer, K. Stapleton, H. Sloan, and A. Wright, and Mr. Duff, advisor. First-year Distributive Education students are oc- cupied within the classroom as they familiarize them- selves with business techniques. During their second year, D.E. students are employed and leave school on a regular basis to report to work. Composed of most of the working students of A.C.H.S., the D.E. Club sent delegates to the District IX Fall Rally in Waynesboro. D.E. Club President Karen Stapleton received first place for her interview at the District Leadership Conference and Fourth place at the State Leadership Conference in Richmond. Miss Carolyn B. Nettleton, successful businesswoman from Covington, was guest speaker at the annual D.E. Banquet. Her topic, “Customer Relations, " proved inspiring. At noon on a typical weekday, D.E. students leave school and prepare for work. 139 Art Club Honors Miss Elizabeth Smith Joan Byer, president, and Robin Stinnett examine freshly-painted papier-mache masks. Admiring the library ' s quaint spring bulletin board are Art Club officers Pam Quarles, Elizabeth Rooklin, Joan Byer, Sally Wright, Kay Kelley, and Liz Johnson. Advancing appreciation of culture, the Art Club provides the opportunity for interested students to further their knowledge of artistic skills. Creative projects this year included ceramic tile ash trays and glittering alumium-foil Christmas decoration. Bake sales financed a trip to Roanoke and a surprise party for Miss Smith, at which she was honored for her many years of guidance, service, and assistance. During an assembly before the entire student body. Miss Smith was presented with roses and given recognition as she retires after a rich, full career. Standing: C. Bocook, J. Byer, Miss Smith, J. Vest, M. Warwick, G. Childs. Seated: C. McKeague, S. Wright, E. Rooklin, D. Thurston, N. Archie, K. Kelley, D. Byer, L. Johnson, P. Quarles. 140 Choir Entertains At Sparkling Spring Concert Mr. Farrar directs third period choir rehearsal. Providing memorable enjoyment for an appreciative student body, the A.C.H.S. choir performed during the Christmas season with songs both traditional and unusual. Dramatic and whimsical tunes combined to make the spring concert an excellent one. Delegates to All-Regional Choir were Joan Byer, Alan Craft, Randy Kranz, William Van Lear, Chris Shortridge, Sherry Smith, and Steve Young. From these seven excep- tional students Joan Byer, Alan Craft, and Steve Young went on to All -State. First row: J. Hall, R. Kruse, D. Martin, A. Craft, R. Kranz, J. Bolden, T. Cason, S. Smith, D. Via, J. Friel, C. Walton, D. Lefler, D. Stovall, D. Stovall, R. Owens, C. Wilhelm, M. Bodell, B. Hyler, D. Smith, L. Linkswiler. Second row: T. Stinnett, B. Bush, S. Sales, G. Dressier, C. Shortridge, J. Booze, R. Clark, B. Pedigo, S. Wilkerson, V. Blakey, B. DePriest, J. Worley, J. Simpson, R. Stinnett, M. Swartz, W. Bowyer, J. Craft, D. Ferris, C. Lockard, N. Napier. Third row: T. Rollison, J. Morris, C. McCulley, M. Balser, D. Whitehead, B. Schooler, P. Morris, S. Showalter, J. Byer, V. Winston, A. Wright, K. Knighton, J. Nicely, C. Barrington, W. Kellison, E. Johnson, D. Bruffey, A. Reyns, P. Plott, D. Noel, J. Rose. Minutes before leaving the cafeteria, jittery choir members vocalize in preparation for the Spring Concert. 141 Steve Young Completes Second Year As Proving its ability to move with the times, the A.C.H.S. Band adapted its music to include popular tunes such as " Hawaii Five-0, " " Gentle On My Mind, " and " Age of Aquarius. " Another added feature was the formation of a pom-pon girl corps. As always, a hectic parade schedule kept the band occupied. Special performances at the Shrine Parade in Roanoke and the Newcastle Christmas Parade were im- portant events, but the year ' s focal point centered around V.P.I. ' s " Band Day " celebrating one hundred years of college football. Two A.C.H.S. Band members, Steve Young and Wil- liam Van Lear, were selected to attend the District VI Anxiously awaiting their cue, band members prepare their music and concert at Martinsville High School, instruments for the spring concert. After an hour of daily practice, trumpeters care- fully pack up their instruments before leaving. Mr. Baber gives humorous advice to Mike Noel and Mary Bennett before a performance. Drum major Steve Young struts onto the football field. 142 Drum Major Of Alleghany ' s Precision Band FLUTES M. Bennett B. Pearson D. Morgan P. Wilkerson CLARINETS D. Bruffey S. Ward D. Paitsel S. Young W. Van Lear M. Nelson R. Powell J. Bush F. Thompson R. Clark D. Maddy L. Hylton R. Hamlett M. Clark D. Black G. Hoke E. Hoke E. H oke D. Spellman K. Cvizic R. Williams B. Banker J. Lienhardt R. Montgomery SAXOPHONES C. Lockard D. Dulaney M. Williams J. Buzzard J. Jones D. Paitsel D. Broce K. Kelley M. Bartley R. Mills J. White TRUMPETS S. Peery M. Noel B. Downey R. George J. Knighton D. Slusher B. Walton G. Bostic C. Fornmeck D. Williams R. Persinger B. Smith TROMBONES T. McCaleb M. Minger J. Brackman J. Bess A. Smith B. Deacon HORNS J. Boggs L. Fornwalt PERCUSSION G. Cartwright B. Bostic J. Simpson S. Persinger J. Curtis BARITONES D. Davis J. Henson B. Langley 143 Spritely Majorettes Exhibit Graceful Form Practicing before a football game are majorettes B. Howard, C. McKeague, T. Leighton, P. Nicely, L. Riley, B. Simpson, L. Barineau, and C. Pierannunzi. Hoping to raise sufficient funds for new uniforms, the majorettes prepare for a doughnut sale. Head majorette Becky Simpson confers with Mrs. Armstrong, sponsor, about this year ' s complicated parade and pep rally schedule. Becky, Linda, Chris, Libby, Carol, Brenda, Theresa, Patricia— 8 smiling girls whose spirit never wavered. With out the enthusiasm and vitality of these majorettes, foot- ball half-time would undoubtedly have missed a portion of its traditional gaiety. Their animated performances proved enormously entertaining. Energetic routines, executed with ease and precision, provided enjoyable variety during football and basketball pep rallies. Certainly the lively zeal displayed by the majorettes inspired similar emotions among the fans. Beguiling crowds during the colorful Labor Day celebra- tion, the girls paraded down Main Street with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. Participating in two Christ- mas parades, the majorettes added cheer to the holiday atmosphere. Probably the major event of the season was an invitation to perform with various schools during half-time at a V.P.I. football game. In preparation for exciting roles as A.C.H.S. majorettes, the girls attended an instructive camp designed to improve their techniques and skills. The camp was greatly successful, as a group of talented majorettes emerged. Vivacious majorettes entertain the student body with their spirited perform- ance at a pep rally. 144 Chess Club Improves Strategy, Concentration Observing Peggy Persinger and Kay Kelley in a chess match are Chess Club members William VanLear, William Reed, Lonnie Thompson, Rosemary Powell, and Marchita Nelson; Standing, Gordon Bostic, Robert Entsminger, Gary Hall, Bill Deacon, David Aman, Richard Entsminger, and Jimmy Landis. Tension, quiet excitement, and careful concentration characterize suspenseful chess matches. An extremely difficult game to learn, chess requires an unusual amount of practice and patience. Alleghany ' s Chess Club endeavors to promote a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the game. Individual members share their knowledge of special theories and techniques, as education is the most significant club activity. Matches are held to determine a player ' s capabilities. To obtain a higher standing, a challenger plays a three-game match with the member in the position immediately above his own. Through such challenges and the continual shifting of positions, the spirit of competition is kept alive. In addition to improving game skills, the Chess Club provides the opportunity for enjoyable entertainment. Club president William Van- Lear illustrates complicated chess moves as Mr. Williams, sponsor, and Gordon Bostic, Kay Kelley, and Bill Nicely, officers, appear amused. 145 KVG ' s Learn Fire-Prevention Techniques Front row: J. Tucker, F. Watson, H. Dobbins, B. Simpson, L. Schoppmeyer, G. Childs, C. Reid, P. Sams, R. Taliaferro, S. Brugh, M. Warwick, C. Warwick, J. Williams. Second row: A. Nicely, G. Persinger, J. McCaleb, S. Sales, G. Bostic, G. Baker, R. Bradberry, B. Bennett, G. Robinson, C. Leeds, J. Hand, T. Craft. Third row: N. Craft, C. Nicely, J. Senter, L. Simmons, B. Johnson, C. Persinger, T. Platt, R. Kopak, M. Martin, P. Curtis, D. Conner, C, Andrews. Fourth row: E. Smith, J. Sizer, E. Clemons, G. Persinger, G. Hoke, C. Bass, J. Nicely, G. Howard, S. Kruse, F. Watson, R. Ray, B. Siple. Fifth row: B. Madison, D. Tucker, J. Salyers, J. Simpson, B. Angle, R. Loving, E. Lemon, C. Martin, S. Rowan, J. Paitsel, E, Watson, R. McDowell. Sixth row: M. Linkswiler, R. Pedigo, R. Nicely, M. Boggs, K. Higgins, M. Johnson, M. Bennett, L. Walton, R. Littleton, S. Hagedon, L. Schuder. Seventh row: S. Tucker, F. Sellers, M. Wilson, S. Nicely, C. Bocook, J. Morris, E. Persinger, H. Nicely, B. Sizemore, J. Whitehead, J. Thrasher, J. King. Back row: D. Rogers, T. Sparks, G. Martin, N. Booze, J. Swaim, B. Davis, J. Stone, R. Hepler, A. Wolf, M. Wright, D. Petty, W. Downey, W. Simpson. Here at Alleghany, one organization distinguishes itself in that meetings are not held on a regular basis, dues are not paid, and officers are not elected. The K.V.G. boys constitute a service club designed to benefit the communi- ty in the event of a dreaded emergency-fire. As preparation for the special training expected of this group, a yearly field trip is planned. Assisted by forest rangers, first-year K.V.G. members gain practical knowl- edge in learning the proper methods of controlling fires. Newly-acquired skills and experience are inevitably put to crucial tests. In addition to serving Alleghany County, the Keep Virginia Green organization instills a sense of civic re- sponsibility within its members. Making a routine examination of the fire extinguisher ' s pressure are K.V.G. members Bill Dressier, Terry Platt, and Cary Reid. 146 Noteworthy Maintenance Proves Efficient BH — Mr. Osbourne ' s returning the snow plow to the garage signifies the arrival of spring. Frequently, the duties performed by the maintenance and cafeteria staffs go unnoticed. Devoting unobtrusive but valu- able services, this group has earned the appreciation of admin- istration and student body. Cleanliness and efficiency are the goals to which Mr. Osbourne, Mrs. Kitt, and the kitchen staff aspire. As chief custodian, Mr. Osbourne is responsible for temper- ature regulation, clean halls, and the appearance of the grounds. Mrs. Kitt ' s duties include maintaining spotless rest- rooms and teachers ' lounges. Constantly working to serve Alleghany effectively, these industrious people contribute enormously to the welfare of the students. As Mrs. Kitt cleans the girl ' s locker room, she performs one of her several different duties at Alleghany. Toward the end of third period the kitchen staff anticipates the arrival of eighth graders. c ) C D LU CO Enthusiastically Accepting Responsibilities Janice Marie Adkins Diane Charlene Andrews Norma Jean Angle Eloise Gayle Arrington Charlotte Mae Arthur Gene Edward Ayers Arnold Justice Bailey John David Ballard Anita Ann Bayne Carol Ann Belcher Deborah Sue Bell Donald Eugene Bennett Greg Malcolm Bennett Katra Diane Bennett Charles Timothy Bingler Charles Preston Bocook Robert Edward Bolden Sonnia Duane Bonsak Michael Lee Boone Norman Franklin Booze Deborah Lynn Bowers Gary Mason Bowers Patricia Marie Brackenridge David Timothy Bradberry Donna Gail Bradley Ronald Wayne Bradley Richard Gene Breeden George Mervin Broce Barbara Ellen Brown James Monroe Brown, Jr. Kevin Ray Brown Peggy Lou Brown William Thomas Bruffey, III Sharon June Brugh Theresa Jean Buchanan These eighth grade class officers Billie Carter, Presi- dent: Kay Owens, Vice President; Stephanie Nicely, Treasurer; and Max Miller, Secretary, take the quickest route down the stairs following a brief conference. Marked with awe and utter confusion, Alleghany ' s youngest class entered their first year of high school. Although for the first few weeks the upperclassmen and teachers had to guide a few lost students, the eighth graders soon became adjusted to the complex schedule of high school life. Restricting their activities did not keep the new students from aspiring in available extracurricular events. Such activities as cheerleading, sports, and various organizations strengthened the young pupils in mind as well as in body and prepared them for the emending years that lie ahead. As the eighth graders progressed through their first year, they realized they were faced with a much more serious challenge than the one they had faced in grade school. But, as the year progressed, the young students faced every new challenge with an energetic spirit, each one aspiring to reach his ultimate goal by attaining superior grades and hoping to gain the veneration of his classmates. This driving spirit gained much admiration from the eighth grade teachers as well as the new students ' peers. Overall, the first year of high school proved to be an exciting challenge, and instilled in the class of ' 74 a sense of anticipation for the coming years. 150 Eighth Graders Enter Strange New World Mary Ellen Buzzard Donna Marie Campbell Jay Darrell Campbell Mary Elizabeth Carper Billie Jean Carter Gary Phillip Carter Nancy Rae Childs Frederick Bernard Clark Bonnie Mae Cole Ronald Lee Combs Terry Lee Combs John Kevin Condo Bonnie Sue Conner Deborah Charlene Crance Kristal Sherree Creasey Michael Clarence Crone Karen Sue Crouse Shirley Kathleen Crowder Timothy Lee Curtis William Wilmer Davis Russell Dean Dawson Elizabeth Ann Deacon Ella Sue DePriest Kenneth Wayne Downes Susan Adair Downey Donna Marie Dudley Doris Jean Dudley Jeffrey Dane Dudley Jeffrey Lee Elbon Richard Grant Entsminger John Paul Farrell Ricky Dale Flenner Rhonda Kay Fletcher Pauline Chambers Fourqurean Theresa Gay Fourqurean Christy Lynn Franson Gerald Edward Franson Karen Lynelle Franson Jo Anne Fridley Paul Vernon Fridley Vickie Lynn Fuller Bobby Wayne Gaines Richard Louis Garrett Carol Ginger John Wesley Golden 1 1 1 Denny Dean Graham Roger Allen Griffith Debra Ann Hall John Edward Hall, Jr. Sharon Leigh Hall John Allen Hamlett, Jr. Jerryl Lynn Hanks Doris Lavern Harlow Carl Eric Hayes Emily Gail Haynes Larry Kenneth Hayslett Roger Lee Hayslett Linda Jane Higgins Charles Michael Hosey Linda Kay Hosey Eric Marion Hostetter Melissa Dynette Hostetter Laura Cynthia Hubbard 151 ACHS Rookies Become Seasoned Veterans By Mary Margaret Humphries David Charles Hyler Norman Lee Hyler Deborah Ann Ijames Donald Jack Irvine, Jr. Barbara Gale Jack Carlene Polly Johnson Jeffery Kean Johnson Jerome Gifford Johnson Sheilah Diane Johnson William Harvey Johnson Sona Elizabeth Jones Stewart Edward Jones Donna Lee Kelley John Letcher Kellison, Jr. Sharon Lynn Kemper Alvin Lewis Kern Patricia Elaine Kersey Charles David Kincaid Patricia Diane Kincaid Barbara Ellen Kitt Gabriele Knighton Timothy Monroe Kniskern Dean Erwin Lane Roy Franklin Leech Robert Michael Lefler Archie Ward Lemon, Jr. Joseph Nelson Lindsay Katherine Mae Livesay Dinah Marie Lockard Brenda Charlene Lomasney Donald Stephen Long Becky Ann Loomis Diane Jean Lucas Leon Kenneth McDaniel Conrad Randall McDavid Mary Patricia McDowell Emmett Moffett McVay Joseph Frank McVay William Craig Major Melody Ann Maloney David Eugene Marsh James Patrick Martin Betty Sunshine Matheney Burke Wyatt May Joyce Gail May Phyllis Sue May Susan Ann Mays Kenneth Michael Meeks Shane McNeil Mentz Michael Powers Michie Rebecca Leigh Middleton Clarence Edgar Miller Phebia Naomia Moore Teresa Jean Moore Susan Frances Myers Ray Tinsley Napier Bridget Ann Nicely Cynthia Jean Nicely Jarvis Brandon Nicely Louis Emanuel Nicely Paul Goskow Nicely Rose Marie Nicely 152 Adjusting To New Surroundings Proving Stephanie Earlene Nicely Vicky May Nicely Mark Alan Noel Delores Marie O ' Conner Marion Charlene O ' Conner Floyd Menzow Overton, Jr. Larry Wayne Overton Kay Colleen Owens Julia Alice Paitsel Mary Katherine Paitsel Michael Wayne Paitsel Shelia Ann Paitsel Karin Ann Paxton Roger Allen Paxton Karen Suzanne Peery Eddie Payne Persinger Debbie Sue Persinger Virginia Mae Persinger Kathy Sue Porterfield Robin Lee Potter James Webster Powell, Jr. Anita Karen Putnam Golda Louise Putnam Kathryn Preston Putnam Roxie Ann Ray Steven Wayne Redman Earleen Gay Reid Jimmy Lee Riddle Cynthia Ann Roberts Edward Reed Rose Jerry Lynn R ucker Vickie Ann Rucker Burdette Alvin Rupert Vickie Lynn Ryder Kathleen Jo Seville Milton Brent Saylor Michael Paul Shell ChristineSimmons David William Simmons Mrs. Perdue ' s composure and Jack Irvine ' s modesty are put to a test when he arrives at her door with an emergency sewing problem. 153 Themselves Capable Of Staying In The Game Robert Lee Simmons Angela Gae Sizemore William HardingSizemore Lydia Sue Smith Cary Grayson Snead Ronald Wayne Snead Marylin Ann Snyder Christie Diane Spangler Lorraine Spinner Ruth Renea Stinnett Deborah Ann Stogdale Christy Elizabeth Stone Marcia Leigh Stull Becky Leigh Taylor iii Kit Taylor Thomas Eugene Thompson Betty Denise Thurston Frances Diane Tingler Paul Merlin Tingler Richard Curtis Tingler Tavner Owens Tingler, Jr. Sylvia Ann Tolley Ellis MarkTucker Jesse James T ucker, Jr. Rose Mary T ucker Sandra Lee Tyree Kathy Jean Unroe Michael Rusho Van Buren Ricky Allen Van Buren Sarah Marie Van Lear Mary Alice Vess Raymond Eldridge Vest Debra Lynn Vigil Joey Manuel Vigil William Edward Wade Charles Berkley Walker William Woodley Warren Colette Kimble Waters Ella Louise Webb Sharon Leigh Webb Rene Leon Weber Patricia Ann West Samuel Dale West, Jr. Randal Kevin Whitehead Terry Catherine Whitehead Larry Eugene Whiting Wendy Denise Wilhelm David Michael Wilkerson David Wayne Williams Doris Marie Williams Douglas Edward Williams Philip Eric Williams Silas Alvin Wilson, Jr. Carolyn Sue Wolfe Lester Jay Wolfe Nancy Louise Wolfe Sherry Lee Wolfe Samuel Camden Worley , Jr. Sue Ellen Wrenn Janice Kay Wright Mable Beatrice Wright Marvin Gordon Wright Roy Lee Wright 154 Having Completed A Hectic Eighth Grade Year Mike Bradley, President, dominated by his three female counterparts, Brenda Howard, Vice-President; Yvonne Loan, Treasurer; and Patricia Nicely, Secretary; attempts to explain the importance of collecting freshman dues. Following an eighth grade year characterized by an aura of bewilderment and excitement, Alleghany ' s freshmen eagerly joined the academic and social routine of ACHS as they began the long climb to the coveted position of being called a Senior. They looked forward to the future years realizing that they were only beginning to gain a true insight into the many divergent worlds belonging to each of their classmates. As freshmen, doors— previously closed to them as eighth graders— opened. Various clubs extended their welcomes to those freshmen who were destined to become their future officers. Showing vehemence, freshmen became involved in the whirlwind of events representative of ACHS. Alleghany High became a prominent part of their lives as they began develop- ing into talented and responsible young people. Sixteen lovely ninth grade girls served for the Junior-Senior Prom, while many ninth grade boys participated in J.V. sports, gaining the all important experience needed in order to become future varsity stars. J.V. cheerleaders led their own pep rallies, as well as serving with the varsity squad during basketball season. The newly organized girls ' J.V. basketball team gave many fresh- men girls a chance to demonstrate their skill and reveal their ability. Though still not as confident as upperclassmen, freshmen became part of a four year kaliedoscope that appeared so enviable at the beginning of the year. David Craig Adkins Janice Marie Adkins Daniel Justice Ailstock Anders Bertil Anderson Nancy Kay Andrews Debra Kay Angle Eugene Bedford Angle Timothy Eugene Anshutz Cathy Lee Armentrout Charles Michael Armentrout Debra Jean Armentrout Donna Marie Armentrout Cleveland Eugene Armentrout Cynthia Marie Armentrout Joseph Craig Ball Gregory Burks Ball Beverly Ann Banker Lisa Ann Barker i 155 Freshmen Look Toward The Future With Eager Gary Wayne Bartley Michael Steven Bartley Andrew Eugene Basham Patricia Elaine Bennet Julian Wallace Bess Karen Sue Bess Lois Kay Bethel Barbara Ann Biddle Donna Kay Black Dale Walton Blankenship Roberta Gene Bodell Judy Ann Boener Arelene Fay Bogar Barbara Ann Bogar Micheal Humphrey Boggs David Allen Boone Rebecca Yvonne Bostic Richard Frank Bowen I va Joan Bradley Robert Michael Bradley Pamela Dare Brown Cynthia Louise Buckland Sherry Sue Burgandine Terry Lou Burgandine Elizabeth Ann Burks Dennis Albert Bush Frances Ann Bush Judy Carol Bussard Mary Ellen Byer Thomas Edward Byerly Rebecca Lee Buzzard Dennis Lee Campbell Judy Ann Campbell Theresa Ann Campbell Ernest Benjamin Capps Karen Sue Carr Victoria Kay Carson Garth Gene Cartwright Margie Marie Cary Timmy Edward Cason Annabell Sarah Childs Joyce Elaine Clark Bonnie Michele Cl ifford James Edward Combs Charles Thomas Comer Barbara Elaine Craft Denise Lynn Craft Judith Marie Craft Verona Lynn Craft Edward Fields Cromer Kathryn Ann Cvizic David Brown Davis Nancy Mae Dodd Cynthia Lynn Dressier Donald Lewis Dulaney Gail Teresa Dunford Daniel Steven Eggleston Roy Frazier Fix Charles Eugene Formeck Laura Jane Fornwalt Jerry Lee Freels Elizabeth Carol Fridley Lorenzo Zane Fridley 156 Anticipation, Exhibiting Unyielding Spirit Michael Elwood Fridley Vickie Lynn Fridley Frederick Randall George Mary Ann Griffith Robbie Jess Hamlett Rickey Graham Harrelson William Henry Harrison William Jasper Hartless Jerry Norris Hayes Kenneth Ray Haynes Steven Curtis Haynes Gregory Vernon Hayslett Richard Dale Hayslett John Sherman Henson Delbert Gratten Hepler Linda Marie Hepler Ronnie Everett Hepler Barbara Lynn Hicks Keith Eugene Hicks Joyce Carol Hinkle Edith Lee Hoke Rebecca Gail Hoke Julia Ann Horn Sandra Faye Hosey Richard Allen Hostetter Brenda Darlene Howard George Michael Howard Carlos Junior Hubbard Iris Marie Hyler Linda Ann Hylton Sarah Allen Irvine David Michael Jackson Donna Jene Anne Johnson Emily Claudine Johnson Kevin McDowell Johnson Carol Anita Jones Oliver William Jordan Charles Harry Kellison 1 1 1 Coyd Kimberlin John Clifford King, Jr. Carol Anita Kitt Ernest Wesley Knick Dawn Gay Lambert James Warner Langley Theresa Layne Leighton Reggie Durwin Lemon Brenda Faye Linkswiler Terry Leigh Linkswiler June Violet Loan Yvonne Marie Loan Teresa Lynn Lockard Lawrence Wayne Lomasney Cecil Daniel McCormick Edward Alexander McCulley William Duane Madison Joyce Marie Markham Steven Verell Marshall Deborah Jean Martin Michael Wayne Martin Timmie Jocelyn Martin Patty Jean May Theresa Louise Mays Richard Alan Meadows 157 In Their Quest To Obtain New Knowledge Janet Elaine Miller Geraldine Marie Mines Linda Marie Mines Gail Marshall Minter James Roy Mitchell Virginia Ann Montgomery Debra Kay Morgan Jerald Francis Neal Donald Edward Nelson Effie Jane Nicely Gary Lee Nicely Harlan William Nicely John Franklin Nicely Melissa Barclay Nicely Patricia Mae Nicely Sharon Denise Nicely Teresa Mae Nicely Wilbur Harold Nicely Linda Marie Nickell Jonathon Van Noel Michael Lee Noel Roger Maynard Northwood Donald Michael Owens Denna Kaye Oyler Starcly Royal Parham Steven Grayson Parham Rebecca Ann Pedigo Larry Lee Peters Ronald Dean Petricola Ralph Michael Platt David Allen Pless Allen Dale Powers Andrew Fuller Putnam Edward Carroll Putnam Garland Ray Reed A fft William Newby Reed Bonnie Gay Reynolds Michael Larry Reynolds Paul Allen Riley Michael Douglas Rivas Frank Lee Rolando Margaret Anne Rooklin James Melvin Sampson Mane Persinger Sellick Anson Charles Senter Donald Lawrence Shanks Victor Wayne Shinault Raymond Gary Shortridge Roger Owen Simmons Brenda Lee Simpson William Stewart Simpson Angela Ann Sizemore Diana Lynn SI usher Gary Edson Smith Katherine Ann Smith Pamela Rae Smith Dana Corn Snowe Sherry Lynn Spangler Susan Marie Spraggins John Hamilton Stone Steven Lee Taylor Leonard Layman Thomas Francis Marie Thompson 158 Freshmen Evolve Into " Middle-Men " Position Carolyn SueTinsley Debra Sue Trey nor Lonnie Ray T ucker Roger Deal T ucker Mary Ann Tyree Linda Kay Unroe David Wayne Vest William Percy Vint Ralph Leigh Wade Susan Ann Wade Lewis Samuel Waldron Joe Lewis Wallace James Anthony Walsh Alfred Hunter Walton Barry Wayne Walton Mary Allyn Walton Margaret Sharon Ward Brenda June Watson Gaye Lynn Webb Steven Andrew Webb Debra Leigh Whitehead Steven Dana Wilcher Dana Keith Wilhelm Peggy Jean Wil kerson Robin Leigh Williams Jennifer Lynn Wolfe Rita Faye Wolfe Cherry Lynn Wrenn Samuel Payne Wright Accepted by the upperclassmen and respected by the under- classmen, sophomores found their third year at A.C.H.S. enjoy- able and different. Faced with the responsibility of finding new methods of raising money for a prom which was only one short year away, the class of 1972 elected the most capa ble officers possible. Anticipation of the future increased as the students delved into the courses they had chosen— whether college preparatory, general, or business. Sophomores struggled with usual tenth grade courses as well as typing and Algebra II. Taking full advantage of the opportunities offered them, the class of ' 72 strove to fill the role of advancing upperclassmen. Sophomores were introduced into the responsibilities which they knew they must accept and the privileges which they realized they must honor. Sophomores were free to join any club of their preference. The class of ' 72 was represented on the varsity baseball, basketball, and football teams as well as on the varsity cheering squad. Sophomores found they were accepted in general as they enjoyed their tenth grade year of excitement and found high school life to be rewarding. Nervous and unsure, freshmen Gratten Hepler and Don Dulaney appear before the student body as SCA candidates for the office of historian. 159 Sophomore Class Leads Life Of Action Virginia Dale Bess Gary Wayne Boerner Mariene Kay Bogar Marsha Suzette Bosserman Beverly Ann Bowyer Barbara Ann Brackenridge James Gordon Brackman Donna Jean Brown Homer Clemmer Byer James William Byer Ellen Irene Campbell Gary Osburn Campbell Michael Leo Carter David Eugene Charles Linda Sue Clark Mary Euna Clark Rodney Edward Adkins David Charles Aman Bobby Wayne Angle Nancy Carole Archie Dennis Leslie Armentrout Vickie Renee Armentrout Karen Suzanne Averill Donna Sue Ayers Cennie Sue Barrington Robin Marie Bartley Andrea Kathleen Basham Phyllis June Bates Edward Ervin Bennett Ronnie Lynn Bennett Basil Eugene Bryant Deborah Lynn Burch Beauford Miller Bush Joyce Marie Bush Bonnie Sue Byer David Lowry Byer Debra Melisa Byer Robert Lee Clark George Edward Clemons Bobby Eugene Cline William Andrew Conner Jerry Reid Curtis Claude William Deacon Rickie William Dillard Randolph Wayne Downey Gilmer Hill Dressier Sherry May Dressier Julian Robert Entsminger II Vickie Marie Farren Sue Carol Fischer Gary Alvin Fisher 160 Cooperative Spirit Brings Winning Results Michael Eugene Fisher Kevan Jeter Fitzgerald Sharon Anne Franson Barry Rexal Fridley Sandra Lee Fridley Martha Alice Frye Earl Foster Fuller, Jr. Susan Gail Goode Daryl William Greene Allen Lee Griffith Judy Gail Griffith Gary Douglas Gum James Madison Hall James Harold Hannah Gary Thomas Hoke Pamela Marie Hughes Barbara Sue Humphries Teddy Arthur Humphries, Jr. Ronnie Wesley Hunt Evonne Jeanette Irvine Brenda Althea Johnson Nancy Leigh Harrison William Eugene Haskins, Jr. Ronald Keith Hawse Kathleen LaVerne Haynes Richard Lee Helmintoller Kathy Darlene Hicks Glenn Lewis Higgins Eunice Loree Hoke Michael Stephen Johnson James Murrell Jones John Paul Jones, Jr. Michael Cleo Jones Deloris Ophelia Jordon Wanda Irene Kellison Kay Ellen Kelly Kenneth Matthew Kern Linda Elaine Kesterson Vicki Lynn Knighton Randall Brian Kranz Andrew Charles Kruse James Kevin Landis Jeffrey Zane Lemon Alvin Michael Linkswiler Linda Gaye Linkswiler David Lee Livesay Gloria Jean Loan Pamela Lynn Long Sandra Lee Loving Joyce Faye McCormick Larry Scott Maddy 161 As Tenth Graders Put Their Best Foot Forward Dennis Wayne Nicely Mary Catherine Nicely Randy Lee Nicely Kenneth Allen Osborne Drema Sue Paitsel Jerry Michael Paitsel Karen Louise Paitsel ShyrI Dianne Paitsel Eugene Madison Peters Rebecca Ann Peters Carol Ann Pierannunzi Rebecca Lynn Plymale Richard Carlton Poe III Steven Brody Posey Barbara Jean Potter Rosemary Lynn Powell Charles Joseph Marple Robert Wayne Marple Web Kelly Martin James Garland Maupin Roger Lee May Milton Collier Mays Carol Ann Meadows Shannon Lee Michie Larry Wayne Mines Carl Richard Montgomery Dorothy Louise Morgan Deborah Conner Morris Marchita Layne Nelson Chazy Jonathan Nicely Richard Eugene Pedigo Gary Allen Persinger Grover Lee Persinger Peggy Lynn Persinger Reba Melisa Persinger Ronald Eugene Persinger Steven Lewis Persinger Gary Taylor Price Pamela Christine Quarles George Lynnville Quinlan Brenda Sue Reid Ramona Faye Reid Michella Kay Reynolds Gary Wayne Robinson Elizabeth Kay Rooklin Andrew Steven Rowan James Ernest Salyers Larry Scott Schoppmey er Russel Lee Shaw Marilyn Virginia Shifflett Patricia Paige Showalter 162 To Attain New Heights And Fill Expectations Nancy Carol Simmons Jonathan Kent Simpson Frank James Sizer III Allita Karen Smith Beverly Dianne Smith Deborah Jean Smith Gary Neil Smith Leroy Bruce Smith Patrick Andrew Smith Roberta Lynn Smith Douglas Alan Snead Patricia Lane Sparks Elizabeth Diane Spellman Joy Louise Stanley Virginia Ann Thompson Dreama Lynn Tingler Rodney Darnell Tingler Darrell Lenwood Tucker Darrell Walton Tucker Patsy Jean T ucker Quentin Lee Tucker Eldrin Lane Watson Gary Wayne Webb Charles Allen Weber Joy Lynn White Carleton Lynn Williams Donald Henderson Williamson Mary Catherine Willis Pamela Joyce Wilson Vivian Jean Wilson William Edgar Withrow, Jr. Carol Jean Wolfe Patricia Annelle Wolfe Sally Ann Wright Robert Eugene Sweider Sharon Lynn Switzer Samuel Ray Thomas Russell Lawrence Thompson a Regina Lynn Tucker William Daniel Tucker Garland Douglas Unroe Stewart Lee Van Buren Charles Elmer Vass Carol Bruce Vess Samuel Leroy Walton Charles Craig Warwick 1 163 Student Body And Faculty Pay Tribute Sophomore class officers, Larry Maddy, treasurer; Pam Hughes, vice-president; Carol Pierannunzi, secretary; and Jim Landis, President, stop to check on the balance in their treasury. Alleghany ' s faculty, administra- tion, and student body would like to pay their respects to a friend and fellow student, Marvin Duane Persinger. Though it was Marvin ' s second year here at Alleghany, he acquired many friends, and those who knew him remember his easy-going man- ner. Marvin ' s teachers knew him as a helpful, interested young man. Members of the sophomore class as well as many of the student body will remember Marvin as one of their friends and will hold a spot in their hearts for Marvin. Many members of the the sopho- more class and other students as well will never forget Marvin ' s shocking death. Marvin lived a short life but that life was a good one and one of fulfillment. MARVIN DUANE PERSINGER October 22, 1953 — October 27, 1969 164 Capable Juniors With Motivation Libby Barineau, Glenys Cook, and Linda Riley found that extra study helps to produce good grades on their exams. Molly Swartz, Secretary; Mary Beth Bodell, President; Chuck Anthony, Vice-President; and Sally Showalter, Treasurer, pause for a moment to greet fellow classmates going down the staircase. With their foremost aim being the presentation of an august, majestic evening of excitement and splendor, the class of 1971 began working on the prom during their first week of school. Eleventh graders realized their cardinal goal was raising money through a wide variety of projects which they would attempt to undertake. The competent class officers appointed several committees, all of which strove to either bring in money or to create an evening characterized by an aura of resplendence. Members of the concession committee worked diligently to bring in profits. Candy, doughnuts, and soft drinks were sold at all extra-curricular indoor functions. The juniors sold class pins as another means of raising money. For the first time in the history of Alleghany the junior class presented a talent show instead of a play. This produc- tion was a tremendous success and provided lots of entertain- ment for the entire student body. The winner of the show was David Stratton and the Rhythm Wreckers, whose rendition of modern music was enjoyed by all. May crept upon the juniors without any real warning, and they found themselves pressed for time. All the actual plans for the prom were laid out, but the stupendous task of constructing and erecting the back-drops was yet to begin. At last, on the twenty second of May, after a hectic final day, " A Royal Knight " was presented to the seniors. An evening of true enchantment was enjoyed by all who were present. The juniors went home tired, but extremely happy over the success of their endeavors. Eleventh graders ended their junior year profoundly exalted at their achievements, and justifiably proud to proclaim that they would be seniors next year. Rob Littleton explains to the student body the importance of the new honor system. 165 Prove Themselves Dependable Joyce Marie Anderson Charles Douglas Anthony Henry Gilbert Baker Dianne Susan Barger Elizabeth Dodson Barineau Karen Elizabeth Bennett Mark Emerson Bennett Danny Ray Black Pamela Ellen Black Jean Carol Bocook Mary Elizabeth Bodell Nancy Lynn Boerner James Matthew Bolden Bonnie Jean Boone Gordon Ettly Bostic Wanda Jean Bowers Douglas Allan Broce Dixie Lynn Bruffey Stuart Smith Brugh David Preston Byer David Glen Byerly Richard Daryl Byers 166 Through Concessions — Sponsoring A Talent Show Lana Karen Caldwell Donna Marie Carroll Marilyn Carson Robert Polk Chambers Judy Dodd Childs Rita Kay Clark Delmas Keith Conner Glenys Darlene Cook Paula Gay Craft Susan Kay Craft Tommy Lewis Craft Phillip Andrew Curtis Wesley Alan Dew Deborah Lynn Dodd Donna Leigh Dodd Julia Ann Downey William Doyle Downey William Mackenson Dressier, Jr. David Stafford Dulaney Julie Anne Farrar Debra Kay Fore Gary Roscoe Garrett 167 1 1th Graders Presented The Seniors Harold Lee Gayhart Richard Paul George Terrie Lynn Gumm Samuel Drew Hagedon Gary Dell Hall Julia Ross Hammond Jess Johnathan Hand Dorothy Leah Hearne Nancy Mae Helmintoller Deborah Stewart Henson Karen Sue Hepler Linda Susan Hicks Carol Louise Humphries Brenda Victoria Hyler Darius Leroy Hylton Judy Ann Irvine Houston Lynn Johnson, Jr. Mary Melissa Johnson Sheldon Bruce Johnson Kyle Irvin Jones, Jr. Mark Warren Jones Maria Antionette Jordan 168 " A Royal Knight " — The Prom To Be Remembered Sharon Francis Kanney Beverly Faye Keaton David Ray Keaton Jane Faye Kern Gary Howard Kilian Patti Page Kitt Rolando Backman Kopak Stephen Harn Kruse Clyde Howard Landis Dennis Robert Lawler Earl Monroe Lemon, Jr. Jack Orville Lienhardt, Jr. Carol Elizabeth Lindsay Robert Clingan Littleton Cynthia Lou Lockard Robert Marshall Loving, III Robert Dale Lugar Elinor Jean Martin John Thomas McCaleb Mary Christina Mae McCombs Robert Oscar Mills, Jr. James Calvin Morris 169 With A Hectic Year Fading Into The Past Martha Sue Morris Patricia Pearl Morris Janie Lee Myers Ronald Lee Myers Adali Griffith Nicely Charles Edward Nicely Lucy Viola Nicely Randolph Lee Nicely Sandra Lee Nicely Steven Norman Nicely William Lloyd Nicely Daphne Denise Noel Rubin Edward Noel, Jr. Kenneth Brian Oyler Donalie Fay Paitsel Roy David Patterson Barbara Ellen Pearson Robert Steven Peery Charles Watson Persinger Donald Dwight Petty Robert Terry Platt Ronald Steven Plott 170 1 1th Graders Could Now Look To The Future Robert Avon Ray Celia Donovan Reynolds Anne T yier Reyns Linda Leigh Riley Angela Gail Roberts Timothy Bruce Rollison Lucille Jean Rose Nancy Ross Jackie Petunia Ruble Stephen Anthony Sales Beverly Jean Sartain Rebecca Anne Schooler Elizabeth Sue Scott Jeffrey Alan Scott Melvin Franklin Sellers John Raleigh Senter David Angu Shanks Patricia Ann Shifflett Sally Brown Showalter Stephen Eric Showalter Judith Ann Simpson Samuel Gene Sizemore 171 When Their Five Year Journey Would End Barbara Sue Slayton David Wayne Smith Edward Murray Smith Charles Christopher Spraggins Charles Wade Stayton Susan Denise Stovall Joy Lynn St. Clair Maude Rae Swartz Richard Lee Taliaferro Debra Ann Taylor Patsy Ann Terry James Edward Thrasher Steven Wayne Tucker Melody Anne Unroe John William Vest Debra Lee Via Gary Wayne Waddell Leo Conrad Walton, Jr. Michael Berkley Warwick Franklin Neil Watson Robert Wayne Watts Vicky Lou Watts Donna Catherine Wickline Susan Lynn Wilkerson Beverly Jean Williams Billy Lawson Williams, Jr. Mary Ann Williams Nancy Jean Wolfe John Robert Wood Jeanne Elaine Worley 172 As Eighth Graders We Were Boisterous Pat Sams and Gary Childs cheered at ball games. Steve Young made noise in James Craft schemed up another way Bill Siple began his foot- his own way. to get out of class. ball career. Joe Massie, Tim Maddy, Tim Rollison, and Tim Heroni- mus played basketball. C.W. Bocook found milk car- Jan Shawver cheered at eighth grade ball games, adding spirit and zest, tons complicated. 173 As Freshmen We Were Elated Odis Lemon, David Wallis and Jay Liendhardt got themselves a little too involved. Susan Fuller found happiness in Phys. Ed. Judy Friel laughed as someone complimented on her new dress. Alan Craft portrays a typical ninth grader — in love with the world. Jackie Nicely shows off her ability to play football. 174 As Sophomores We Were Involved Kenny Higgins displays his new wardrobe. David Wallis wishes he weren ' t so involved. Gloria Byer astonished the audience with her self-made dress at a FHA fashion show. 175 As Juniors We Were Enthusiastic Mark Smith proved himself a great runner as he helped the track team on to many victories. Harvey Dobbins and Bill Siple, like Boy Scouts, were prepared to help Kenny Higgins out of a jam. Tracie Dickson made sure she got her point across to one of her teachers. 176 As Seniors We Were " Giddy " Kenny Higgins and Pat Sams are caught in the act of putting a " no dogs allowed " sign over the boys locker room door. Harvey Dobbins, C. W. Bocook, Cary Reid, Gary Childs, Curt Martin, and Ronnie Bradberry show their happiness of being seniors as they perform a dance for the SCA elections. 177 Stephenson Leads Seniors Into New Decade Linda Loan, head cheerleader, and trea- surer of the senior class, leads the stu- dents in a cheer at a pep rally. As a member of the track team, Vice-President Mark Smith watches the progress of his fellow teammates. Secretary, Becky Simpson records the minutes of an important class meeting. Having finally been recognized as seniors in September, 1969, 177 students looked toward the future months with eager anticipation. Realizing that their many years of hard work were drawing to a quick close, seniors looked forward to the future where their destiny lay. They also looked back upon all the happy and sometimes sad times they as a class had shared together. The term senior — title that all students had waited so long to identify with — fell upon the upcoming graduates with a mystifying blow. Twelfth graders exhibited talent and experience in the presentation of Bus Stop, the senior class play. The class of 1970 contributed much to the honor of ACHS through participation in sports, academic achievement, and distinctive social events. May was the most exciting month for seniors. The juniors honored the seniors with a spectacular prom on May twenty second. Later in the month announcements and caps and gowns arrived. The senior picnic, as well as the senior banquet, provided entertainment as well as a last chance to socialize with friends. With the arrival of exams, the seniors realized that their high school careers were almost over. Graduation was met with mixed emotions because many close friends would soon be going their own different ways and each senior realized that there were many fellow classmates whom they would never see again. On June 5, 1970, when the class of ' 70 became alumni, they were through, but they would be indebted to ACHS for five of the most important years of their lives. Finding time aside from his duties as president, Joe Massie begins work on a poster for the business section of the Annual Staff. 178 Quest For An Independent Life Faces Seniors Brenda Jane Ailstock George Richard Anderson Charles Elliot Andrews Patricia Gail Armentrout Rita Joyce Armentrout Karen Whitehead Arritt Terry Ellen Ayers Thurmond George Ayers, Jr. James Frederick Baker, Jr. John Michael Balser Edna Kay Basham Mary Elizabeth Bennett Paul Wesley Bennett Ronald Lynn Bennett William Clinton Bennett 179 As The Class of ' 70 Reaches Its Major Goal Susan Lynn Bess Carl Wilson Bocook Joyce Ann Booze Alan Stuart Botkins John Henry Bowen, Jr. Ronald Keith Bradberry Donna Jean Brisendine Gary Leon Brisendine Connee Sue Broughman Pam Harrison Broughman Robert Allen Broughman Walter James Broughman, Jr. Dreama Ann Brown Roger Michael Burley Nancy James Burr 180 Enthusiasm And Responsibility Reached Its Peak Monte Paul Buzzard Gloria Jean Byer Joan Kathleen Byer Mary Sue Caldwell Patsy Angle Cale Janet Lee Carter Terry Wayne Cason Gary Lewis Childs Velma Jeanne Coffey Gary Wayne Combs Alan Dale Craft Deborah Leigh Craft James Edward Craft, Jr. Norman Eugene Craft Michael Lee Creasey 181 Seniors Continued To Uphold Tradition Brenda Lynn De Priest Tracie Dawn Dickson John Harvey Dobbins, Jr. Barbara Sue Dodd Cecil Elwood Dodd Marsha Gail Dressier Diane Marie Dunford Doris Marie Ferris Patricia Dianne Fridley Robert Alan Fridley Sandra Lynn Fridley Judy Carolyn Friel Susan Anne Fuller John Edward Gillian Ardith May Gladwell 182 As Homecoming Queen And Others Upheld Honors Gary Monroe Goode James Franklin Gumm Jerome Preston Hall Rodney Ellis Harris Kenneth Virgil Haynes Thurman Lee Heironimus Robert Kenneth Higgins Linda Kay Hinkle Pamela Sue Hoke Patricia May Hunt Linda Sue Hylton Houston Lynn Johnson Mary Melissa Johnson Ronald Tronto Jordan Judy Ann Kimberlin 183 Officers Guided Seniors Through The Year Nancy Napier Kirk Amber Darlene Knick Karolyn Kumm Knighton Gerald Lester Kolb Gerald Lynn Lambert James Christopher Leeds Deborah Sue Lefler Linda Darlene Loan Charles Wesley Lockard Joyce Marlene Lockhart Cynthia Lois Lowen Francis Joe McCray, Jr. Robert Lee McDowell Linda Chrissy McKeague Timothy Richard Maddy 184 Seniors Manage To Study And Have Fun Dewey Curtis Martin, Jr. Gregory Allan Martin Walter Kim Martin Hansford Ruthe rford Massie, III Rita Sue May James Calvin Morris Vernon Mosby Peggy Carter Mullen Beverly Loving Nicely Deborah Kay Nicely Jacqueline Nicely Kenneth Malcolm Nicely Rebecca Susan Nicely Velma Dawn Nicely Darlene Biggs Nuckols 185 Bus Stop Class Play Was A Huge Success R ita Carol Owens Madge Elizabeth Peters Wilbur Ray Peters Christine Nina Pierannunzi Kathleen Priscilla Plott William Wayne Porterfield Anita Carol Quinlan Luther Cary Reid, Jr. Mary Kendrick Rinker James Michael Robinson David Lynn Rogers Timothy Bruce Rollison Clyde Jackson Rose Patrick Lee Sams Lawrence James Schuder 186 Honors Go To All Seniors And Advisors Brenda Gail Sexton Janice Edna Shawver Christine Marie Shortridge Charles Ellis Simpson, Jr. Rebecca Luetta Simpson Jonathan Lee Simmons Lewis Mitchell Simmons William Claude Siple Dennis Charles Sizemore Patricia Dianne Sizemore Hallie Virginia Sloan David Matthew Smith Dorothy Grace Smith Harry Luther Smith, Jr. Karen Grey Smith 187 A Royal Knight — The Prom And Graduation Peggy Joanne Smith Sherry Leigh Smith Wanda Carter Smith Alfred Raymond Snead Johnnie Wentworth Snead, Jr. Bernard McCutchan Spangler, Jr. Timothy Hardy Sparks Wayne Lanier Spellman Karen Irene Stapleton Martha Elizabeth Stephenson Donna Regina Stogdale Jacqueline Taylor Linda Carol Terry Juanita Karen Thompson Glen Hollis Tingler 188 Making A Well Rounded Year For All Linda Darlene Tolley Selina Sue Tolley Beverly Jean Tucker Burwin Edward Tucker Jimmy Lee Tucker Stephen Wayne Van Buren Nancy Carol Vest David Allen Wallis Bonita Carol Walton Anita Marie Webb Brenda Ann Webb James Vaden Whitehead Carolyn Paige Wilhelm Billy Lawson Williams, Jr. Jonathan Daniel Williams 189 Ended Five Years Of Memories And Hard Work Russell Allen Willis Michael Lewis Wilson Margaret Jane Wood Rodney Eugene Wolfe Ruby Jane Wolfe Anita Paige Wright Stephen Wayne Young POST GRADUATES Evelyn Mae Fridley Brenda Gaye Kitt 190 Hey, Do You Remember . . . 191 Congratulations Class of BOYS MOTORS, INC. 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Cole Machine Shop Service 214 Highland Avenue Covington, Virginia Phone 962-3957 NICELY ' S SINCLAIR STATION Tires - Batteries — Accessories Phone 862-3006 Corner Ridgeway and 5th Street Clifton Forge Virginia Ifonoratulotions toth class of ' 70 from APPALACHIAN TIRE COMPANY 216 CLIFTON FORGE MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac — Cadillac CMC Trucks Since 1936 Leggett YOUR HAPPY SHOPPING STORE Covington, Virginia Dial: 962-2101 School days are the most important days of your life. Let us, Leggett in Covington, help you be one of the best dressed students in your school. We have the “perfect” fashions for school, sport, party, and church. Select from the newest styles, colors, and fabrics. VISIT OUR STORE TODAY. JUST SAY “CHARGE IT TO DADDY!” CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1970 Covington Virginia 962-4120 DURANT ROAD ESSO Compliments of FRIEND COVINGTON TIRE COMPANY COMPLETE LINE OF TIRES BFGoodrith 1015 S. Monroe Covington 217 Like trees, most companies show their age. So how does a growing company keep young? With people. Skilled and trained. Imaginative and motivated. The best people we can get. People who want to make Westvaco the best name in paper. Who want to make Westvaco the best company to do business with. That ' s one way to do it. Come to think of it, it ' s about the only way. Westvaco 218 ALLEGHANY MOTORS INC. Cadillac Oldsmobile Chevrolet CMC Trucks O K Used Cars 1121 Alleghany Ave. Dial 962-2274 Covington Virginia Congratulations BODELL COMPANY 219 WOODY ' S AUTO PARTS muftlers seatcovers shopwork car accessories Parts of all kinds 916 S. Highland Ave. Covington Virginia 962-1103 TRIANGLE BOTTLED GAS Siegler Heaters Sales Service 863-5401 Clifton Forge Virginia DOUTHAT GULF STATION Open 7 AM - 10 PM 7 days a week Cliftondale Park Dial 862-5519 Clifton Forge Virginia D. D. KERNS Contractor Heavy Equipment - Demolition Phone 965-4501 Covington Virginia MARY ' S BEAUTY SALON Air-conditioned Specializing in all brands of beauty culture WIGS - WIGLETS - FALLS Dial 965-8161 328 W. Main Covington to tmi t from A FRIEND 220 CHENAULT ' S GREENHOUSE Bedding Plants Our Specialty 862-2706 Ingalls KOSTEL ' S RESTAURANT Char-broiled Steaks Open 7 days a week 7 am — 10 pm 863-8546 435 E. Ridgeway Clifton Forge “We’ve Got The Spirit!” with NEW UNION OIL Products uni®n C. A. Craghead Distributor 710 W. Locust Street Dial 962-6336 Covington Virginia RED ' S T. V. INSTALLATION AND SERVICE Servicing All Makes Dial 962-3996 310 S Monroe Avenue Covington Virginia Compliments of THE KROGER COMPANY 863-5591 Fairview Heights Clifton Forge Virginia GRAND PIANO FURNITURE COMPANY easy terms — free delivery Dial 962-1158 1 75 N Maple Avenue Covington Virginia 221 At Whitey’s everyone can play! WHITEY ' S PAR 3 AND MINIATURE GOLF COURSE Route 18, Idlewilde Dial 962-1261 Covington Virginia Congratulations from WHITESIDE S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION Road Service - Open 6 AM to 9 PM 962-5706 Edgemont Drive Covington Congratulations to the class of ’70 from WHITECOTTOIM ' S BARBER SHOP Main Street Covington “We Trade for Everything” Dial 965-5216 THE TRADING POST Television Sales and Service Motorola Television Norge Washers Driers 184 Monroe Ave. Covington Compliments of a FRIEND ALLEGHANY BRIDLE CLUB Emphasizing our Youth Sponsor of Annual horse show on the fourth Saturday in June Clubhouse Located in Falling Spring Gardens 222 PINEHURST ESSO SERVICE STATION Hwy. 60 Covington Virginia 962-3422 THE PROFESSIONALS DR. CHARLES BALLOU, III ALLEN E. LeHEW,M.D. O. A. SANTOS, M.D. LIUZ E. G. MINEIRO, M.D. 1 120 S. Alleghany Ave. Covington Virginia Dial 962-1777 DAIRY QUEEN ROOKLIN ' S The Store to Shop in Maple Ave. Covington Dial 9654851 Virginia 223 GOOD LUCK CLASS of ' 70 HERCULES INCORPORATED 224 PLOTT ' S PHARMACY 603 Highland Ave. Covington Virginia 962-7776 ERNST BEELS COVINGTON TRANSFER STORAGE INC. 225 Index A Adktns, David Craig 155 Adkins, Diana Sue Adkins, Janice Mane 150,155,121 Adkins, Rodney Edward 160 A i (stock, Brenda Jane 1 30,1 31 ,1 79 Allstock. Daniel Justice 84,155 Alcova Staff 128,129 Aman, David Charles 145,160 Anderson, Anders Bertil 155 Anderson, Charles Pharr Anderson, George Richard 179 Anderson, Joyce Mane 134,166 Andrews, Charles Elliott 58.59,60,80,96,97,99,107,108, 109,112,116,118,122,128,129,146,77,117,138,179 Andrews, Diana Charlene 150 Andrews, Nancy Kay 68,125,155,121 Angle, Bobby Wayne 84,160,146 Angle, Debra Kay 155 Angle, Eugene Bedford 155 Angle, Norma Jean 150 Anshultz, Timothy Eugene 155 Anthony, Charles Douglas 80, 1 23,1 36,1 65,1 66 Archie, Nancy Caroleen 32,160,140 Armentrout, Cathy Lee 28,155 Armentrout, Charles Michael 155 Armentrout, Cleveland Eugene 155 Armentrout, Cynthia Marie 125,155,137 Armentrout, Debra Jean 155 Armentrout, Dennis Leslie 32,160 Armentrout, Donna Mane 155 Armentrout, James Kenneth, Jr. 139 Armentrout, Patricia Gail 179 Armentrout, Richard Lee Armentrout, Rita Joyce 179 Armentrout, Vicke Renee 160 Armstrong, Effie Elizabeth Armstrong, Flora 24,25,144 Armstrong, James Michael Arrington, Eloise Gayle 150 Arrington, Joseph Michael Arritt, Karen Whitehead 28,66,179 Art Club 140 Athletic Banquet 112,113 Arthur, Charlotte Mae 150 Averiil, Karen Suzanne 160,133,137 Ayers, Donna Sue 78,160,1 17 Ayers, Gene Edward 86,150 Ayers, Terry Ellen 179 Ayers, Thurmond George, Jr. 127.179 B Baber, Leonard W., Jr. 37,142 Bailey, Arnold Justice 150 Baker, Henry Gilbert 146,166 Baker, James Frederick 9,66,129,2,179 Ball, Gregory Burks 155 Ball, Joseph Craig 155 Ballard, John David 150 Balser, John Michael 55,56,103,141,138,179 Band 142,143 Banker. Beverly Ann 143,155 Barber, Mrs. Joyce W. 19,128,129 Barger, Dianne Susan 166 Barineau, Elizabeth Dodson 118,124,144,165,166 Barker, Lisa Ann 1 55 Barrington, Cennie Sue 89,160,141 ,137,121 Bartley, Gary Wayne 156 Bartley, Michael Steven 143,156 Bartley, O ' Reha Gale Bartley, Robin Mane 160 Barton, Mrs. Ann T. 19 Barton, Timothy H, 17,102 Basham, Andrea Kathleen 33,135,160,121 Basham. Andrew Eugene 156 Basham, Edna Kay 16,179 Bates, Phyllis June 160 Bayne, Anita Ann 150 Belcher, Carol Ann 150 Bell, Deborah Sue 150,121 Bennett, Donald Eugene 102,106,150 Bennett, Edward Ervin 160 Bennett, Greg Malcolm 1 50, 1 1 7 Bennett, Karen Elizabeth 166,130 Bennett, Katra Diane 150 Bennett, Mark Emerson 122,136,166,146 Bennett, Mary Elizabeth 73,124,142,143,179 Bennett, Patricia Elaine 125,136,156,121 Bennett, Paul Wesley 179 Bennett, Ronald Lynn 71,179 Bennett. Ronnie Lynn 16,160 Bennett, William Clinton 136,146,179 Bess, Julian Wallace 143,156 Bess, Karen Sue 89,156 Bess, Norma Lea Bess, Susan Lynn 124,127,136,180 Bess, Virginia Dale 160,4 Bethel, Lois Kay 125,156,121 Biddle, Barbara Ann 156 Bingler, Charles Timothy 150 Black, Danny Ray 166 Black, Donna Kay 143,156 Black, Pamela Ellen 124,134,136,166 Blakey, Marshall Foch Blakey, Virginia Eloise 141 Blankenship, Dale Walton 1 56 Bocook, Carl Wilson 80,83,92,103,104,146,140,180 Bocook, Charles Preston 150 Bocook, Jean Carol 166 Bodell , Mary Elizabeth 69, 78, 116, 118, 123, 165, 166, 117,141 Bodell, Roberta Gene 68,125,156,137,120,121 Boerner, Gary Wayne 160 Boerner, Judy Ann 156 Boerner, Nancy Lynn 135,166 Bogan, JoAnn 20 Bogar, Arlene Fay 156 Bogar, Barbara Ann 156 Bogar, Jefferson Isalh Bogar, Marlene Kay 160 Boggs, Michael Humphrey 92,106,143,156,146 Bolden, James Matthew 166,141 Bolden, Robert Edward 86,150 Bonsack, Sonnia Duane 150 Boone, Bonnie Jean 166 Boone, David Allen 156 Boone, Michael Lee 150 Booze, Joyce Ann 141 , 180 Booze, Norman Franklin 150,146 Bosserman, Marsha Suzette 160,121 Bostic, Gordon Ettley 143,145,146,166 Bostic, Rebecca Yvonne 143,156,117,121 Botkins, Alan Stuart 32,34,180 Bowen, John Henry. Jr. 180 Bowen, Richard Frank 156 Bowers, Deborah Lynn 150 Bowers, Gary Mason 150 Bowers, Wanda Jean 166,141 Bowyer, Beverly Ann 160 Boy of the Year 58,59 Brackenridge, Barbara Ann 160 Brackenridge, Patricia Marie 150 Brackman, James Gordon 143,160 Bradberry, David Timothy 150 Bradberry, Ronald Keith 73,146,180 Bradley, Mrs. Ann 19,3 Bradley, Donna Gail 150 Bradley, Iva Joan 156 Bradley, Robert Michael 80,103,136,155,156 Bradley, Ronald Wayne 150 Breeden, Richard Gene 102,150 Brisendine, Donna Jean 48,50,58,66,128,129,136,1 17,180 Brisendine, Gary Leon 90,91,103,122,129,138,180 Broce, Douglas Allan 80,143,166 Broce, George Mervin 150 Brough man. Con nee Sue 48,87,1 33,1 21 ,180 Broughman, Jesse Arnold Broughman. Robert Allen 16,180 Broughman, Walter James, Jr. 180 Brown, Barbara Ellen 150 Brown, Donna Jean 160 Brown, Dreama Ann 180 Brown, James Monroe, Jr. 150 Brown, Kevin Ray 150 Brown, Pamela Dare 156 Brown, Peggy Lou 150 Bruffey, Dixie Lynn 143,166,141 Bruffey, William Thomas, III 102,150 Brugh, Sharon June 150 Brugh, Stuart Smith 20,122,146,166 Bryant. Basil Eugene 160 Buchanan. Theresa Jean 150 Buckland, Cynthia Louise 156 Burch, Deborah Lynn 160 Burgandine, Sherry Sue 156,121 Burgandine. Terry Lou 94.156,121 Burks, Elizabeth Cindy 156 Burley, Roger Michael 139,180 Burns, Louis Edward Burr, Nancy James 17,66,73,87,124,127,137,121,180 Burrows. Mr. Robert 12 Burton, Mary Litts 18,19 Bush, Albert Dennis 156 Bush, Beauford Miller, Jr. 160,141 Bush, Frances Ann 156 Bush, Harriet H. 30,70 Bush, Joyce Mane 143,160 Bussard, Judy Carol 143,156 Buzzard, Mary Ellen 151,121 Buzzard, Monte Paul 80,181 Buzzard. Rebecca Lee 156 Byer, Bonnie Sue 160,4 Byer, David Lowry 92,103,160,138 Byer, David Preston 84,166 Byer, Debra Melisa Mane 49,1 60,140,1 21 Byer, Gloria Jean 139,181 Byer, Homer Clemmer 160 Byer, James William 160,139 Byer, Joan Kathleen 51,63,124,141,140,121,2,181 Byer, Mary Ellen 156 Byerly, David Glen 92,166 Byerly, Thomas Edward 92,106,156 Byers, Lawrence Edward 86 Byers, Richard Daryl 100,166 C Caldwell, Lana Karen 31,136,167,121 Caldwell, Mary Sue 181 Caldwell, Ray Eugene Cale, Patsy Angle 181 Campbell, Dennis Lee 156 Campbell, Donna Marie 151 Campbell, Ellen Irene 160 Campbell, Gary Osburn 160 Campbell, Jay Darrell 151 Campbell, Judy Ann 156 Campbell, Theresa Ann 156 Capps. Ernest Benjamin 92,156 Carpenter, Joseph H. 20.38,39,107,108,113,123,6 Carper, Mary Elizabeth 151 Carr, Karen Sue 94,156,121 Carroll, Bryan Oswald Carroll, Donna Mane 167,133 Carson, Marilyn 167 Carson, Michael Carson, Victoria Kay 156 Carter, Billie Jean 1 50,1 51,117 Carter, Gary Phillip 151 Carter, Harold 21 Carter, Janet Lee 130.181 Carter. JoAnn 26 Carter, Michael Leo 160 Carter, Peggy Joyce 139,185 Carter, Wanda Jean 139,188 Cartwright, Garth Gene 143,156 Cary, Margie Marie 156 Cason. Terry Wayne 181 Cason, Timmy Edward 156,141 Chambers, Robert Polk 96,126,127,167 Charles, David Eugene 160 Chess Club 1 45 Childs, Annabell Sarah 156,130 Childs. Gary Lewis,, 113,122,146,117,138,140,181 Childs, Nancy Rae 95,1 25,1 51 Choir 141 Christmas Formal 46,47,48 Clark, Darlene Mae Clark, Frederick Bernard 151 Clark, Joyce Elaine 156,130 Clark, Linda Sue 160 Clark, Mary Euna 143,160 Clark, Rita Kay 167,141,133,130 Clark, Robert Lee 143,160 Clemons, George Edward 84, 122, 136, 146, 160, 117 Clifford, Bonnie Michele 125,156,120 Cline, Bobby Eugene 160 Clinedinst, Mrs. Betty B 19,127 Coffey. Velma Jeanne 181 Cole, Bonnie Mae 151 Combs, Gary Wayne 181 Combs, James Edward 84,85,156 Combs, Ronald Lee 151 Combs, Terry Lee 86,151 Comer, Charles Thomas 156 Condo, John Kevin 151 Connor. Bonnie Sue 1 51 Conner, Delmas Keith 146.147 Conner, William Andrew 48,160 Cook. Glenys Darlene 165.167,133 226 Cox. Teresa Ann Craft, Alan Dale 47,141 .1 39,1 81 Craft, Barbara Elaine 33,89,156,130 Craft, Deborah Leigh 181 Craft, Denise Lynn 156 Craft, James Edward. Jr. 71,73,139,181 Craft, Judith Marie 156,141 Craft, Norman Eugene 71,96,107,146,138,181 Craft, Paula Gay 167 Craft, Susan Kay 167,132,133 Craft, Tommy Lewis 107,146,167,138 Craft, Verona Lynn 156 Crance, Deborah Charlene 151 Crawford, Monty Leo Creasey, Kristal Sherree 151 Creasey, Michael Lee 139,181 Cromer. Edward Fields 156 Crone. Michael Clarence 151 Cross Country 90,91 Crouse, Karen Sue 151 Crowder. Shirley Kathleen 151,121 Curtis, Jerry Reid 143,160 Curtis, Philip Andrew 146,166,139 Curtis. Timothy Lee 151 Cvizic, Dusan 13,116,7 Cvizic, Kathryn Ann 125,143,156 D Davis, David Brown 84,106,143,156,146 Davis, Myra Olivia Davis, William Wilmer 151 Dawson. John Michael Dawson. Russell Dean 151 Deacon, Claude William 143,145,160 Deacon. Elizabeth Ann 125,151 DePriest, Brenda Lynn 141,182 DePriest, Ella Sue 1 51 Dew, Wesley Alan 105.167 Dickson, Tracie Dawn 51 ,61 .63,1 1 6.1 24,1 29.1 36,1 1 7, 120,121,182 Dillard, Rickie William 80,1 60 Distributive Education 139 Dobbins, John Harvey, Jr 48,50,51,66,80,96.98,107, 122,146,138,182 Dodd. Barbara Sue 33,124.129.136,77.2.182 Dodd, Cecil Elwood 80,182 Dodd, Deborah Lynn 135,167 Dodd, Donna Leigh 33,87,135,167,121 Dodd. Judy Ernestine 167 Dodd, Nancy Mae 125,156 Dodd, Shirley Ellen 28 Donovan, Celia Lorraine 171 Downes. Kenneth Wayne 151 Downey. Becky Sue 87,143 Downey. Julia Ann 167 Downey, Randolph Wayne 160,4 Downey. Susan Adair 151 Downey, William Doyle 167,146 Dreger. Candace Jean Dressier. Cynthia Lynn 156,121 Dressier, Gilmer Hill 160.141 Dressier, Marsha Gail 44.45,63,66,124.127.136,120,121.182 Dressier, Sherry Mae 135,160 Dressier, William Mackensen, Jr. 103,167 Dudley. Donna Marie 151 Dudley. Doris Jean 151 Dudley, Jeffrey Dane 151 Duff, Richard C. 35,38,139 Dulaney, David Stafford 143,167 Dulaney, Donald Lewis 110,159,156.117 Dunford, Diane Marr 16,182 Dunford, Gail Teresa 156 Dunn, Ley Addison 23,84,107 E Eggleston, Daniel Stephen 106,156 Eighth Grade Basketball 102 Eighth Grade Cheerleaders 95 Eighth Grade Football 86 Elbon, Jeffrey Lee 86,151 Entsminger, Julian Robert 151,160 Entsminger, Richard Grant F Farrar, Julie Ann 78,123,136,167,1 17 Farrar, T F.D 36,141 Farrell, John Paul 86 Farren, Vickie Mane 160,133 Ferris, Doris Mane 141,139,182 Fisher, Gary Alvin 160 Fisher, Mary Angeline Fisher, Michael Eugene 161 Fisher, Sue Carol 160,130 Fitzgerald, Kevan Jeter 31,92.103,105,161,138 Fix. Roy Frazier 1 56 Flennor, Ricky Dale 86,151 Fletcher. Rhonda Kay 151 Fore, Debra Kay 49,78,79,123,127,167,121,137 Formeck, Charles Eugene 143,156 Fornwalt, Laura Jane 143,156 Fourqurean, Pauline Chambers 151 Fourqurean, Theresa Gay 151 Franson, Christy Lynn 38,1 51 ,117 Franson, Gerald Edward 86,151 Franson, Karen Lynnelle 151 Franson, Sharon Ann 161 Freels, Jerry Lee 84,106.156 Fridley, Barry Rexat 161 Fridley, Elizabeth Carol 156 Fridley, Evelyn Mae 16,190 Fridley, Jo Anne 151 Fridley, Lorenza Zane 156 Fridley, Michael Edward 157 Fridley. Paul Vernon 151 Fridley, Patricia Ann Fridley, Patricia Dianne 182 Fridley, Robert Alan 92,138,182 Fridley, Robert Lee Fridley, Sandra Lee 161 Fridley , Sandra Lynn 182 Fridley, Vickie Lynn 89,157 Fridley, William Oliver Fnel, Judy Carolyn 18,49,51.52,61.63,87.88,118.,1 Frye, Martha Alice 124,161,120.121 Fuller, Earl Foster 33,136.161 Fuller, Susan Anne 71,1 18, 136, 77, 117, 182 Fuller, Vickie Lynn 38,95,125,151 FBLA 132.133 FHA 130.131 FNA 135 FTA 134 G Gaines. Bobby Wayne 151 Garrett, Gary Roscoe 80,167 Garrett, Richard Louis 151 Gayhart, Harold Lee 80,168 George, Frederick Randall 53,157 George, Richard Paul 143,168 Gier. Alloys Lambert Gillian, John Edward 66,73,182 Ginger, Carol 1 51 Ginn. Mrs. James 1 2 Girl’s Basketball 87,88.89 Gladwell, Ardith May 127,182 Glover, Ethel 24,25 Golden, John Wesley 1 1 1 ,1 51 Goode, Gary Monroe 183 Goode, Susan Gail 161 Graduation 94,95 Graham, Denny Dean 151 Greene, Daryl William 31,103,161 Griffin, Allen Lee 84,161,4 Griffith, John Griffith, Judy Gail 161,133 Griffith. Mary Ann 157 Griffith, Roger Allen 151 Gumm, James Franklin 183 Gumm. Gary Douglas 84,161 Gumm, Terrie Lynn 168 H Hagedon, Samuel Drew 84,92,103,136.168,146,121 Hall, Debra Ann 1 51 Hall. Gary Dell 145,168 Hall, James Madison 161 Hall, Jerome Preston 107,141,138,183 Hall, John Edward, Jr. 151 Hall, Sharon Leigh 151 Hamlett, John Allen, Jr. 86,151 ,1 1 7 Hamlett, Robbie Jess 143.157,130 Hammond. Frank 12 Hammond, Julia Ann 124,134,136,168 Hand, Jess Jonathan 20,66,146,168,138 Hanks. Jerryl Lynn 151 Hannah, James Harold 161 Harlow, Dons Lavern 151 Harrelson, Ricky Graham 136,157 Harris. Dorothy May Harris, Rodney Ellis 183 Harrison. Nanc Leigh 161.121 Harrison, Pamela Colleen 180 Harrison, William Henry 84,157 Hartless, William Jasper 157 Haskins, William Eugene, Jr 161 Hawse, Ronald Keith 161 Hayes, Carl Eric 86,151 Hayes, Jerry Norris 157 Haynes, Emily Gail 151 Haynes, Kathleen Laverne 161 Haynes, Kenneth Ray 157 Haynes, Kenneth Virgil 29,183 Haynes, Steven Curtis 1 57 Hayslett, Gregory Vernon 157 Hayslett, Larry Kenneth 151 Hayslett, Richard Dale 106,157 Hayslett, Roger Lee 151 Hearne, Dorothy Leah 124,127,135,168,133,120 Heironimus. Thurman Lee 66,80,96,97,103,1 18,122, 119,138,5,183 Helmintoller, Nancy Mae 168 Hefmintoller, Richard Lee 161 Hepler, Mr. Delbert 12 Hepler, Delbert Gratten 33,159,157 Hepler, Karen Sue 1 36,1 68,1 1 7 Henson, Deborah Stewart 135,168 Henson, John Sherman 37,143,157 Hepler, Linda Mane 157 Hepler, Ronnie Everett 157,146 Hicks, Barbara Lynn 157 Hicks, Kathy Darlene 161 Hicks, Keith Eugene 157 Hicks, Linda Susan 168 Higgins. Beulah Mane Higgins. Glenn Lewis 161 Higgins, Linda Jane 151 Higgins, Robert Kenneth 18,53,80.107,108,122,146,138,183 Hinkle, Joyce Carol 157,130 Hinkle, Linda Kay 183 Hodnett, Mr Walter L 12 Homecoming 44,45 Hoke, Edith Lee 143,157 Hoke, Eunice Loree 89,143,161 Hoke, Gary Thomas 84,92, 1 46,1 61 ,4 Hoke, Pamela Sue 130 Hoke, Pamela Sue 130,183 Hoke, Rebecca Gai! 143,157 Honor Society 1 18,1 19 Holbert, Charles W 15,38,118 Hoover, Sybil 27 Horn, Earlene G 19 Horn. Julia Ann 157 Hosey, Charles Michael 151 Hosey, Linda Kay 151 Hosey. Sandra Faye 157 Hostetter, Eric Marion 86,151 Hostetter, Melissa Dynette 151.121 Hostetter, Richard Allen 84,157 Howard, Brenda Darlene 1 44,1 55,1 57,1 1 7 Howard, George Michael 103,157,146 Hubbard. Carlos Junior 157 Hubbard. Laura Cynthia 151 Hughes. Pamela Mane 9,124,164,161,117,121 Humbert, Mrs. Mary B. 25 Humphries, Barbara Sue 161 Humphries. Carol Louise 168 Humphries. Mary Margaret 152.121 Humphries, Teddy Arthur, Jr. 136,161 Hunt, Patricia May 183 Hunt, Ronnie Wesley 161 Hunter, Linwood Sterling Hyler. Brenda Victoria 49,124.129,135,168,141.121 Hyler, David Charles Hyler, Ins Mane 157 Hyler, Norman Lee 152 Hylton, Darius Leroy 168.139 Hylton, Linda Ann 143,157 Hylton, Linda Sue 183 I Ijames, Deborah Ann 152 Irvine, Donald Jack, Jr. 86,153,152 Irvine, Evonne Jeanette 161 Irvine, Judy Ann 47,1 68,133 Irvtne. Sarah Allen 125,157,121 227 J Jack. Barbara Gale 152 Jackson, David Michael 157 Jarvis, Clyde Davis 123 Jenkins, Robert D. 29,84,1 10 Johnson, Brenda Althea 161,132,121 Johnson, Carlene Polly 152 Johnson. Donna Jeneanne 21,157,121 Johnson, Elizabeth Diane 141,140,2 Johnson, Emily Claudine 157 Johnson, Houston Lynn, Jr 168.183 Johnson, Jeffrey Kean 152 Johnson, Jerome Gifford 92,152 Johnson, Kevin McDowell 33,157 Johnson, Mary Melissa 168,132,133,183 Johnson, Michael Stephen 45.96,161,146,138 Johnson, Sheilah Diane 152 Johnson, Sheldon Bruce 67,80,92,103,146,168,138 Johnson. William Harvey 152 Jonas, William W 35,81 Jones, Carol Anita 125,157,137 Jones, James Murrell 80,100,101,103,161 Jones. John Paul, Jr 143,161 Jones, Kyle Irvin II 168,6 Jones, Mark Warren 18,168 Jones, Michael Cleo 161 Jones, Sona Elizabeth 152 Jones, Stewart Edward 102,106.152 Jordan, Delons Ophelia 33,127,161 Jordan, Mane Antoinette 168,121 Jordan, Oliver William 84,100,106,157 Jordan, Ronald Trontro 183 Junior-Senior Prom 64,65,66,67,68,69 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1 25 J V Baseball 1 10.1 1 1 J V Basketball 100,101 J V Cheerleaders 94 J. V Football 84,85 J V T rack 1 06 K Kanney, Sharon Frances 32,169 139 Keaton, Beverly Faye 134,136,169 Keaton. David Ray 169 Kelley, Donna Lee 152,121 Kellison, Charles Harry, III 157 Kellison, John Letcher. Jr. 152 Kellison, Wanda Irene 161,141 Kelly. Kay Ellen 143.145,161.140.2 Kemper, Sharon Lynn 152 Kern. Alvin Lewis 152 Kern, Jane Fay 16,169,139 Kern, Kenneth Matthew 161 Kern. Ronald Lee Kersey. Patricia Elaine 152 Kesterson, Linda E lame 94,1 61 , 1 30,1 21 Key Club 122,123 K. V G. ' s Kilian, Gary Howard 169 Kimberlin, Coyd William 157 Kimberlm, Judy Ann 132.133.183 Kimbo, Margaret Diane Kincaid, Charles David 152 Kincaid. Patricia Diane 152 King, John Clifford, Jr 157 Kitt, Barbara Allan 1 52 Kitt. Brenda Gaye 190 Kitt, Carol Anita 1 57 Kitt, Deborah E ileen Kitt, Mrs, Hettie 147 Kitt, Patti Page 169 Knabenshue. Robert C 29 Knapp. Mrs. Vella 28 Knick, Amber Darlene 132.133,184 Knick. Ernest Wesley 157 Knighton, Gabriele 152 Knighton, James Walter 143 Knighton, Karolyn Kumm 141.184 Knighton. Vicki Lynn 161 Kniskern, Timothy Monroe 86,152 Kolb. Gerald Lester 72,136.184 Kopak. Rolando Brackmann,169.138.139 Kranz, Randall Brion 92,136,161,141 Kruse, Andrew Charles 161 Kruse, Stephen Harn 169,146,141 L Lambert, Dawn Gay 136,157,121 Lambert, Gerald Lynn 184 Landis, Clyde Howard 169 Landis, James Kevin 1 8,103,1 1 6,1 34,1 45,1 64,1 61 .1 37,1 21 Lane, Dean Erwin 152 Langley, James Warner 143,157 Lawler. Dennis Robert 80,83,107.116,122,127,169,138 Leech, Roy Franklin 152 Leech, William Marshall Leeds, James Christopher 80,146,138.184 Lefler, Deborah Sue 141 ,1 30,1 84 Lefler, Robert Michael 86,92,152 Leighton, Theresa Layne 67,144,1 57,1 17 Leinhardt, Jack Orville, Jr. 37,122,136,143,169 Lemon, Archie Ward, Jr. 102,1 10,1 57,1 1 7 Lemon, Earl Monroe, Jr. 92,93,103,136,169,146,138 Lemon, Jeffrey Zane 103,161,138 Lemon, Odis Frazier 55,1 18 Lemon, Reggie Durwin 100,157 Lewis, George Daniel Lindsay, Carol Elizabeth 33,169,132,133 Lindsay, Joseph Nelson 152 Lmkswiler, Alvin Michael 80,83,92,93,122,161,146,138 Linkswiler, Brenda Faye 53,157,130 Lmkswiler, Debra Delores Lmkswiler, Lmda Gaye 161,141 Lmkswiler, Terry Leigh 157 Littleton. Robert Chngan 9,90,92,103,123,165.169.146,138 Livesay, David Lee 161 Livesay, Katharine Mae 152 Loan, Gloria Jean 161 Loan, June Violet 157,130.121 Loan, Lmda Darlene 28,44.45,52.63,69, Loan. Yvonne Mane 136,155,157 Lockard, Charles Wesley 37.90.123,143,184 Lockard, Cynthia Lou 78.123, Lockard, Dmah Mane 38,95,125,152 Lockard, Teresa Lynn 125,157,121 Lockhart. Joyce Marlene 132,133,184 Lomasney, Brenda Charlene 152 Lomasney, Lawrence Wayne 157,138 Long, Gerald Edward 152 Long, Pamela Lynn 161 Loomis, Becky Ann 152 Loving, Beverly Kay 77.185 Loving, Charles Timothy Loving, Robert M , Jr. 29,1 1 6 Loving. Robert Marshall, III 123,169,146 Loving, Sandra Lee 161 Lowen, Cynthia Lois 44,184 Lucas, Diane Jean 152 Lugar, Robert Dale 169,139 M Maddy, David Alexander 143 Maddy, Larry Scott 100,164,161 Maddy, Timothy Richard 90,103.138.184 Madison, William Duane 157,146 Major, William Craig 102,110,152 Majorettes 144 Maloney, Melody Ann 152 Markham, Joyce Mane 157 Marple, Charles Joseph 162 Marple, Wayne Robert 162 Marsh. David Eugene 152 Marshall, Steven Verell 157 Martin. Deborah Jean 157 Martin, Dewey Curtis, Jr 80,1 46,1 41 ,1 38,1 85 Martin, Elinor Jean 169 Martin, Gregory Allan 146,185 Martin, James Patrick 152 Martin, Michael Wayne 146,157 Martin, Timmie Jocelyn 157 Martin, Walter Kim 48,136,185 Martin. Web Kelly 84,162 Massie, Hansford Rutherford, III 70,90,103,123,129,136, 117.138,185 Matheney, Betty Sunshine 152 Maupin, Garland James 162 May, Burke Wyatt 1 10,1 52 May, Joyce Gail 38.95,152.117 May, Patty Jean 157 May, Phyllis Sue 1 52 May, Rita Sue 130.185 May , Roger Lee 1 62 Mays, Debra Karen 185 Mays, James Talmadge, Jr 139 Mays, Milton Collier 161 Mays, Susan Ann 152 Mays, Theresa Louise 1 25,1 36,1 57,1 20,1 21 McCaleb. Mrs. Dora 16 McCaleb, John Thomas 69,80,96,107,122,126.127, 146,169,138 McCaleb, Thomas Baynes 136,143 McClintic, Mrs. Janice S. 21 McComb, Mary Christina 1 69, 1 1 7,1 33,1 30 McCormick, Cecil Daniel 157 McCormick, Joyce Faye 161,1 17,133,121 McCray, Elta Mane McCray, Francis Joe, Jr 32,184 McCuMey, Clifford Allen 141 McCulley, Edward Alexander 157 McCulley, Karen Diana McDaniel, Kenneth Leon 152 McDavid, Conrad Randall 152 McDowell, Mary Patricia 152,121 McDowell, Robert Lee 66,80,122,146,138,184 McEwan, Mane P. 19 McKeague, Linda Chrissy 66, 124, 134, 136, 144, 140, 121, 184 McVay, Emmett Moffett 86,152 McVay, Joseph Frank 86,152 Meadows, Carol Ann 162,130 Meadows, Eddie Thomas Meadows, Rhonda Lee Meadows, Richard Alan 157 Meeks, Kenneth Michael 152 Mentz, Shane McNeil 152 Merica, Charles F 25 Michie, Michael Powers 86,152 Michie, Shannon Lee 162,121 Middleton, Rebecca Leigh 152,121 Miller, Clarence Edgar 150,152 Miller, Janet Elaine 125,158 Mills, Robert Oscar 90,143,169 Mines, Geraldine Mane 158 Mines. Larry Wayne 162 Mines, Linda Mane 158 Minger, Mike 143 Minter, Gail Marshall 158,121 Miss Alcova 60,61,62,63 Mitchell, James Ray 1 58 Montgomery. Carl Richardson 162 Montgomery, Roscoe Marion, Jr. 143 j Montgomery, Virginia Ann 158 Moody, Wayne J. Moore, Jacqueline Lee 18,19 Moore, John Howard Moore, Phebia Naomia 152 Moore, Theresa Jean 152 Morgan, Debra Kay 125,143,158 Morgan, Dorothy Louise 162 Morris, Debra Anne 87,162 Morns. Gerald Alexander Morris, Gloria Dianne Morris, James Calvin 1 07,1 69,146,1 41 ,1 38,1 85 Morris. Martha Sue 170 Morns, Patricia Pearl 48,170,141.133,130 Mosby, Vernon Halsey 70,71,80,92,104.105,112,138,185 Mullens, Shirley May Murphy, Mildred C. 31 Myers, Jane Lee 135,170,153 Myers, Ronald Lee 170 Myers, Susan Frances 152 Mynes, Samuel Wayne N Napier, Nancy Catherine 141,184 Napier, Ray Tinsley 152 Neal, Gerald Francis 110.158 Nelson, Donald Edward 158 Nelson. Marchita Layne 143,145,162 Neville, Michael Christopher Newberry, J E 25 Nicely, Adali Griffith 146,170 Nicely, Bridget Ann 152 Nicely , Charles Edward 136,170 Nicely, Chazy Jonathan 162,138,146 Nicely, Cynthia Jean 152,121 Nicely, Debora Kay 185 Nicely, Dennis Wayne 162 Nicely, Effie Jane 158 Nicely, Gary Lee 158 Nicely. Harlan William 158,146 Nicely, Jacqueline Leigh 48,51 ,87,1 24,1 28,1 29,141 ,1 21 Nicely, Jake McShields Nicely, Jarvis Brandon 152 Nicely. John Franklin 158.146 Nicely, Kenneth Malcom 139,185 Nicely, Louis Emanuel 86,152 Nicely, Lucy Viola 135,170,133 Nicely. Mary Catherine 162 Nicely, Melissa Barclay 158 228 Nicely, Patricia Mae 144,1 55,1 58,1 17,121 Nicely, Paul Doskow 152 Nicely, Randolph Lee 80,170,146 Nicely, Randy Lee 162 Nicely, Rebecca Susan 125,127,130,121,185 , Nicely, Ricky Allen Nicely, Rose Mane 152 Nicely, Sandra Lee 135,170,121 Nicely, Sharon Denise 89,158 Nicely, Stephanie Earlene 38,95,150,153 Nicely, Steven Norman 170,146 Nicely, Teresa Mae 158 Nicely, Velma Dawn 185 Nicely, Vicky Mae 153 Nicely, Wilbur Harold, Jr, 84,92,1 10,158 Nicely, William Lloyd 145,170 Nichols, Mrs. Peggy 31,137 Nickell, Linda Mane 125,136,158,121 Noel, Daphne Denise 136,170,141,121 Noel, Jonathan Van 158 Noel, Mark Allan 153 Noel, Michael Lee 68,142,143,158 Noel, Ruben Edward, Jr, 170 Noll, George Robin, III 18 Northwood, Roger Maynard 158 Nukols, Darlene Biggs 130,185 0 O ' Conner, Deloris Mane 153 O ' Conner, Marion Charlene 153 O ' Farrell, Nora Kathleen 17 Offenbacker, Debbie Lee O ' Rourke, Edward 20 Osborne, Mr. Dave 147 Osborne, Kenneth Allen 162 Overton, Floyd Menzow, Jr. 86,153 Overton, Larry Wayne 153 Owens, Don Michael 158 Owens, Kay Colleen 38,95,130,153 Owens, Rita Carol 28,66,124,136,141,186 Oyler, Kenneth Brian 170 Oyler, Denna Kaye 158 P Paitsel, Donalie Fay 135,143,170 Paitsel, Drema Sue 162,130 Paitsel, Jerry Michael 162,146,121 Paitsel, Julia Alice 88,89,153 Paitsel, Karen Louise 162,121 Paitsel, Mary Katherine 153 Paitsel, Michael Wayne 153 Paitsel, Sheila Ann 153 Paitsel, ShyrI Dianne 143,162 Parham, Stanley Royal 84,100,1 10,1 1 1 ,1 58 Parham, Steven Grayson 84,100,1 10,158 Patriot Staff 126,127 Patterson, Ralph Winston Patterson, Roy David 170 Paxton, Greg 1 36 Paxton, Karin Ann 153,121 Paxton, Roger Allen Pearson, Barbara Ellen 124,136,143,170 Pedigo, Rebecca Ann 158,141 Pedigo, Richard Eugene 84,107,162,146 Peery, Jeffery Allen 100 Peery, Karen Suzanne 153,1 17 Peery, Robert Steven 143,170 Pentz, Mr Bishop 12 Pep Club 120,121 Perdue, Mrs. Maria B 28,34,47,153,130 Persinger, Carolyn Sue Persinger, Charles Watson, Jr. 146,170 Persinger, Debbie Sue 153 Persinger, Eddie Payne 153 Persinger, Gary Allen 84,92,146,162 Persinger, Grover Lee 146,162,138 Persinger, Larry Adams Persinger, Marvin Duane 164 Persinger, Peggy Lynne 134,145,162,137,121 Persinger, Reba Melissa 37,143,162 Persinger, Ronald Eugene 29,162,146 Persinger, Steven Lewis 143,162 Persinger, Virginia Mae 153 Peters, Eugene Madison 162 Peters, Larry Lee 158 Peters, Madge Elizabeth 139,186 Peters, Rebecca Ann 136,162 Peters, Wilbur Ray 139,186 Petricola, Ronald Dean 158 Petty, Donald Dwight 170,146 Phillips, Roger J. 26,103 Pierannunzi, Carol Ann 49,124,134 136 144 164 162 117, ’37, 121 .... Pierannunzi, Christine Nina 44,45,49,51,52,54,57,61 63 66, 11 6, 11 8, 124, 129, 139,77, 119,1 17,1 20, 121 186 Platt, Ralph Michael 92,158 Platt, Robert Terry 92,146,170,138,6 Plemmons, Melissa 49,66 Pless, David Allen 158 Plott, Kathleen Priscilla 73,141,186 Plott, Ronald Steven 90,103,170 Plymale, Patricia Ann Plymale, Rebecca Lynn 162 Poe, Richard Carlton III 80,100,101,103,162 Porterfield, Kathy Sue 153 Porterfield, William Wayne 186 Posey, Steven Brady 84,103,162 Potter, Barbara Jean 162,133 Potter, Robin Lee 125,153 Powell, James Webster, Jr. 1 10,153 Powell, Rosemary Lynn 37,143,145,162,121 Powers, Allen Dale 158 Price, Gary Taylor 84,1 10,162 Promuto, Vince 1 12 Pryor, Phyllis Elaine Putnam, Andrew Fuller 158 Putnam, Anita Karen 153 Putnam, Edward Carroll 84,1 10,158 Putnam, Golda Louise 153 Putnam, Kathryn Preston 153 Putnam, Ronald Eugene 86 Pyler, Denna Kaye Q Quarles, Pamela Christine 162,140,133,121,2 Quarles, Tyrone Quinlan, Anita Carol 54,56,57,186 Quinlan, George Lynville 84,1 10,162 R Ray, Robert Avon 67,80,82,96 98 107 112 109 171 146,138 .... Ray, Roxie Ann 153 Redman, Steven Wayne 153 Reed, Brenda Sue 162 Reed, Garland Ray 158 Reed, M. Wesley 20 Reed, William Edward 145 Reed, William Newby 158 Reid, Earleen Gay 153 Reid, Luther Cary, Jr. 16,51,80,107,123,146,138,186 Reid, Ramona Faye 162 Reid, Robert Franklin, Jr 22,23 Reynolds, Bonnie Gay 158 Reynolds, Enza 1 7 Reynolds, Michaella Kay 124,136,162,121 Reynolds, Michael Larry 84,158 Reyns, Anne Taylor 49,124,136,171,141 Rhea, E. Edward 23,90,103,1 12,1 13 Riddle, Jimmy Lee 86,153 Riley, Linda Leigh 17,124,144,165,171,117,121 Riley, Paul Allen 80,85,100,101,110,111,136,158,117 Rinker, Mary Kendrick 126,121,186 Rivas, Michael Douglas 158 Roberts, Angela Gall 124,134,136,171 Roberts, Cynthia Ann 153 Robinson, Gary Wayne 90,103,104,146,162,138 Robinson, James Michael 186 Rock, Mrs. JoAnne C. 22,23,39 Rogers David Lynn 66,107,146,138,186 Roland, Frank Lee 100,158 Rollison, Timothy Bruce 29,48,171,141,186 Romero, Donna Mar.e Rooklin, Elizabeth Kay 162,117,140,137,120,121,2 Rooklin, Margaret Anne 158,137,120,121 Rose, Clyde Jackson, Jr 186 Rose, Edward Reed, Jr. 153 Rose, Lucille Jean 135,136,171,141 Ross, Nancy Jane 171 Rowan, Andrew Steven 162,146 Ruble, Jackie Lynne 33,135,171,139,133 Rucker, Jerry Lynn 153 Rucker, Vickie Ann 153 Rupert, Burdette Alvin, Jr. 102,153 Ryder, Vickie Lynn 153 S Sadie Hawkins Dance 52,53 Sales, Stephen Anthony III 146,171,141 Salyers, James Ernest 84,136,162,146 Sampson, James Melvin 84,100,158 Sams, Margaret J. 30 Sams, Patrick Lee 18,44,51,55,57,66 102 107 146 123 126,127,146,138,186 Sartain, Beverly Jean 134,171,137 Saville, Kathleen Jo 153 Saylor, Milton Brent 86,92,153 SCA 116 Schell, Michael Paul 153 Schooler, Rebecca Anne 171,141 Schoppmeyer, Larry Scott 96,97,98,107,146,122,162,138 Schuder, Lawrence James 186 Scott, Elizabeth Sue 171 Scott, Jeffrey Allan 18,103,171 Sellers, Melvin Franklin, Jr. 80,92,171,146,138 Sellick, Marie Persinger 158 Senior Class Banquet 70,71,72,73 Senior Class Play 54,55,56,57 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 1 24 Senter, Anson Charles 1 10,158 Senter, John Raleigh 92,146,171,138 Sexton, Brenda Gail 187 Shanks, David Angus 18,68,92,171 Shanks, Donald Lawrence 158 Shaw, Russel Lee 162 Shawver, Janice Edna 16,63,66,124,126 127 136 1 18 120,121,181 Shifflet, Marilyn Virginia 162,130 Shifflet, Patricia Ann 48,171,130,139 Shinault, Victor Wayne 158 Shortridge, Christina Marie 141,187 Shortridge, Raymond Gary 158 Showalter, Patricia Paige 94,162,1 17,121 Showalter, Sally Brown 69,78, 1 23,1 36,1 1 7,141 ,121 ,165,1 71 Showalter, Stephen Eric 80,1 03,105,1 22,1 36,1 1 8,1 71 , 138 Simmons, Christine 153 Simmons, David Williams 86,153 Simmons, Jonathan Lee 139,187 Simmons, Lewis Mitchell 146,139,187 Simmons, Nancy Carol 163 Simmons, Robert Lee 154 Simmons, Roger Owen 84,1 10,158 Simpson, Brenda Lee 158 Simpson, Charles Ellis, Jr. 13,51.80,96,107 108 146 123,138,187 Simpson, Jonathan Kent 123,143,163,146 Simpson, Judith Ann 171,141,132,133 Simpson, Rebecca Luetta 44,45,63,144,130,187 Simpson, Terry Wayne Simpson, William Stewart 84,100,107,158,146,138 Siple, William Claude 80,81,82,96,1 13,122,146,138,187 Sizemore, Angela Ann 158 Sizemore, Angela Gae 154 Sizemore, Dennis Charles 139,187 Sizemore, James Edward 80,138 Sizemore, Patricia Dianne 187 Sizemore, Samuel Gene 171 Sizemore, William Harding 86,154,146 Sizer, Frank James III 31,80,146,122,163 Slayton, Barbara Sue 172 Sloan, Halhe Virginia 139,187 Slusher, Diana Lynn 143,158 Smith, Allita Karen 143,163 Smith, Beverly Dianne 163,130 Smith, Mr. C . M. 1 2 Smith, David Matthew 172,139,187 Smith, David Wayne 92 Smith, Deborah Jean 163,137,121 Smith, Dorothy Grace 141,187 Smith, Edward Murray 32,107,146,172,138,139 Smith, Miss Elizabeth 32,140,3 Smith, Gary Edson 84,92,106,158 Smith, Gary Neil 163 Smith, Harry Luther, Jr. 71,80,103,187 Smith, Mrs, Jean M. 34 Smith, Karen Grey 187 Smith, Katherine Ann 158 Smith, Leroy Bruce 143,163 Smith, Lydia Sue 154,1 17,121,6 Smith, Pamela Rae 33,158 Smith, Patrick Andrew 134,163 Smith, Peggy Joann 28,188 Smith, Roberta Lynn 163,121 Smith, Sherry Leigh 44,47,49,51,55,57,60,61,63, 1 18,124,128,1 29,77,1 19,1 1 7,141 .1 20,121 ,7,188 Snead, Gary Grayson 154 Snead, Douglas Alan 163 Snead, Mrs. Ellen 16 Snead, Johnnie Wentworth Jr 139,188 Snead, Raymond Alfred 188 229 Snead, Ronald Wayne 154 Snowe, Dana Corn 158 Snyder, Mrs James 12 Snyder, Marylm Ann 154 Southall, Dewey Maxwell, Jr 102 Spangler, Bernard McCutchan, Jr 139,188 Spangler, Christine Diane 154 Spangler, Sherry Lynn 158 Spanish Club 1 36 Sparks, Patricia Lane 163 Sparks, Timothy Hardy 136,146,188 Spellman, Elizabeth Diane 48,1 34.1 36,143,1 63 Spellman, Wayne Lanier 44,92,123,129,1 18,77,188 Spinner, Georgia May Spinner, Lorraine Mane 154 Spraggins, Charles Christopher 172 Spraggins, Susan Mane 67,94, 1 58,1 1 7,1 37,1 21 Stanley, Joy Louise 163,121 Stapleton, Karen Irene 139,188 Stayton, Charles Wade 1 72 St. Clair, Joy Lynne 49,124.134,136,172,121 Steele, Allen Wayne 138 Steele, Jean Darlene 163 Stephenson, Martha Elizabeth 48,51,52,61,63,124,128,129,136, 118,77,119.120.121,188 Stinnette. Robin Gail 141,140 Stinnette, Ruth Renea 154 Stinnett, Mary Kern 16 Stinnett, Thomas Matthew 163,141 Stogdale, Deborah Ann 38,95,154 Stogdale, Donna Regina 130,188 Stogdale, William Wayne Stone, Christy Elizabeth 95,154 Stone, Jackie Lynn 146 Stone, John Hamilton 158 Stovall, Deborah Kaye 141 Stovall, Susan Denise 172,141,130 Stratton, David Wayne Stull, Dennis Lee 90,1 10 Stull, Faron Dwight 163 Stull, Marcia Leigh 154 Sumner, Elizabeth Lawler 31 Swam, James Alan 163,146 Swartz, Maude Rae 78,1 34,1 36,1 65,1 72, 1 41 , 140 Swartz, Maude Rae 30 Sweetheart Dance 49,50,51 Swieder, Robert Eugene 163 Switzer, Sharon Lynn 163 T Taliaferro, Richard Lee 90,91,103,123,146,172,138 Taylor, Becky Leigh 154 Taylor, Debra Ann 1 72,1 39 Taylor, Jacqueline 188 Taylor, Kit 1 54 Taylor, Steven Lee 158 Terry, Linda Carol 188 Terry, Patsy Ann 172,139 Teters, Ed 26,47,86,103 Thomas, Leonard Laymen 158 Thomas, Samuel Ray 163 Thompson, Frances Mane 125,134,143,158 Thompson, John David Thompson, Juanita Karen 1 24,1 34,1 36,1 88 Thompson, Russell Lawrence 100.145,163,137 Thompson, Thomas Eugene 154 Thompson. Virginia Ann 163 Thrasher. James Edward, Jr 1 72, 1 46, 1 39 Thurston, Betty Juanita 154,140 Tingler, Dreama Lynn 163,133.121 Tingler, Frances Diane 154,6 Tingler, Glen Hollis 188 Tingler. Paul Merlin 154 Tingler, Richard Curtis 154 Tingler. Rodney Darnell 163 Tingler, Tavener Owens, Jr 154 Tinsley, Carolyn Sue 159 Tolley. Linda Darlene,129,77,2,189 Tolley, Selma Sue 128,129,189 Tolley, Sylvia Ann 154 Treynor, Debra Sue 1 59,1 21 Tucker, Beverly Jean 189 Tucker, Burwin Edward 139,189 Tucker, Darrell Lenwood 84,107,163.146 Tucker, Darrell Walton 163 Tucker, Ellis Mark 154 Tucker, Jesse James, Jr. 154,146 Tucker, Jimmy Lee 146,189 Tucker, Lonnie Ray 159 Tucker, Michael Lee Tucker, Patsy Jean 163 Tucker. Quentin Lee 163 Tucker, Regina Lynn 163 Tucker, Rodger Deal 159 Tucker, Rose Mary 154 Tucker, Steven Wayne 172,146 Tucker, William Daniel 163 Tuckwiler, Ellen 18,19 Tyree, Mary Ann 159 Tyree, Sandra Lee 154 U Uoroe, Garland Douglas 84,1 10,163 Unroe. Kathy Jean 154,121 Unroe, Linda Kay 159 Unroe. Melody Anne 172,121 V VanBuren, Michael Rusho 154 VanBuren, Ricky Allen 102,154 VanBuren, Stephen Wayne 139,189 VanBuren, Stewart Lee 163 Van Lear, Sarah Mane 154 VanLear, William Douglas 90,134,143,145 Varsity Baseball 107,108,109 Varsity Basketball 96,97,98,99 Varsity Cheerleaders 68,69 Varsity Club 1 38 Varsity Football 80,81,82,83 Varsity Track 103,104,105 Vass, Charles Elmer 163 Vess, Carol Bruce 136,163,121 Vess, Marion Eugene Vess, Mary Alice 154 Vest, David Wayne 86,1 59 Vest, John William 1 72,140 Vest, Nancy Carol 63,139.189 Vest, Raymond Eldridge 154 Via, Debra Lee 87,124,172,141 Vigil, Debra Lynn 154 Vigil, Joey Mamuel 86,102,106,154 Vint, William Percy III 100,159 W Waddell, Gary Wayne 1 72 Wade, Ralph Leigh 84,159 Wade, Susan Ann 1 59,1 21 Wade, William Edward 86,154 Waldeck, Barbara C. 22 Waldron, Lewis Samuel 159 Walker, Charles Berkley 102,154 Walker, Charles F. 1 4,38,39,96,1 1 2.77 Wallace. Joe Lewis 159 Wallace, Miss Susan 89 Wallis. David Allen, Walsh, James Anthony 1 59 Walton, Alfred Hunter, Jr 159 Walton, Barry Wayne 143,159 Walton. Bonita Carol 124,127,141,121,189 Walton, Leo Conrad 146,172 Walton, Mary Allyn 159 Walton, Samuel Leroy 163 Ward, Margaret Sharon 143,159 Warner, Pamela Rogers 18,124,134,136 Warren, William Woodley 154 Warwick, Charles Craig 136, 146, 163, 117 Warwick, Michael Berkley 20,123,127,146,172,117,140 Watson, Brenda June 1 59 Watson, Eldren Lane 163,146 Watson, Franklin Neil 172,146 Waters, Colette Kimble 1 54,1 1 7,1 21 Watts, Robert Wayne 172 Watts, Vicky Lou 134,136,172 Webb, Anita Mane 77,189 Webb, Brenda Ann 188 Webb, Gary Wayne 84,106.163 Webb, Gaye Lynn 159 Webb, Ella Louise 154 Webb, Sharon Leigh 154 Webb, Steven Andrew 159 Weber. Charles Allen 90,103.163,138 Weber. Rene Leon 106,154 West, Patricia Ann 154 West, Samuel Dale, Jr. 86,154 White, Joy Lynn 143,163 Whitehead, Deborah Leigh 159,141 Whitehead, James Vaden 32,146,189 Whitehead, Randal Kevin 154 Whitehead. Terry Catherine 154 Whiteside, Jean M 18,19 Whiting, Larry Eugene 154 Whorley, Gary Lee Wickline, Donna Catherine 172 Wilcher, Steven Dale 33,159 Wilhelm, Carolyn Paige 53,141.189 Wilhelm, Dana Keith 84,159 Wilhelm, Wendy Denise 154 Wilkerson, David Michael 154 Wilkerson, Donna Maureen Wilkerson, Peggy Jean 1 43,1 59,1 1 7 Wilkerson, Susan Lynn 47,172,141,133 Williams, Beverly Jean 33,135,172,121,133 Williams, Billy Lawson, Jr. 32,172,189 Williams, Carleton Lynn 163 Williams, David Wayne 143,154 Williams, Doris Mane 154 Williams, Douglas Edward 154 Williams, James David 20,100,1 13,145 Williams, Jonathan Daniel 49,51 ,71 ,80,81 ,96,97,98,99, 107,108,109,1 13,122,128,129,136,146,117,138,2,189 Williams, Mary Ann 37,135,143,172 Williams, Philip Eric 154 Williams, Robin Leigh 143,159 Williamson, Donald Henderson 163 Willis, Mane Catherine 89,1 36,163 Willis, Russell Allen 190 Wilson, Michael Lewis 55,56,66,146,138,190 Wilson, Pamela Joyce 163 Wilson, Silas Alvin, Jr. 1 54 Wilson, Vivian Jean 163 Winston, Vivian Ester 69,87,141,133 Withrow, William Edgar, Jr, 84,163 Wolfe, Adriel Darcy 146 Wolfe, Carol Jean 163 Wolfe, Carolyn Sue 154 Wolfe, Donnie Lewis 32,139 Wolfe, Jennifer Lynn 159,121 Wolfe, Lester Jay 154 Wolfe, Mary Helen 8,9,33,7 Wolfe, Nancy Jean 172,133 Wolfe, Nancy Louise 154 Wolfe, Patricia Annelle 163 Wolfe, Rita Fay 1 59 Wolfe, Rodney Eugene 190 Wolfe, Ruby Jane 190 Wolfe, Sherry Lee 154 Wood, John Robert 172 Wood. Margaret Jane 190 Worley, Jeanne Elaine 87,124,172,141 Worley, Samuel Camden, Jr, 86,102,106,1 54 Wrenn, Cherry Lynn 159 Wrenn, Sue Ellen 1 54,1 17 Wrestling Team 92,93 Wright, Anita Paige 141 ,139,190 Wright, James Lynn Wright. Janice Kay 154 Wright, Mable Beatrice 154 Wright. Marvin Gordon 154,146 Wright. Roy Lee 154 Wright. Sally Ann 163,140,2 Wright, Samuel Payne 159 Y Young, Stephen Wayne 142,143,190 230 •J .1 li ' r ' " il; ■ ' ' ' ( } ■ Hit i!

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