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Ref Alcova Va 30065100367629 Mem 371.8 Memorial Case Alcova J p 1965 Itoba Vo a ume JTe ian Gouni 3lQ Ji GcJioof Oiouie 2 TJaJIe CR cf e Gooin ion TJlr ini ' a m €i)t OTorttt’s Act I, Scenes I through VII have been completed, and as the curtain rises, Act II, Scenes VIII through XII are now in progress on the stage. In Scenes VIII and IX much of the action is devoted to getting adjusted and learning to study. Scene X signifies the middle step in the pro- duction, and identifies the professionals from the amateurs. While Scene XI progresses, the actors are becoming more aware of the ap- proach of Scene XII and are putting forth their very best to reach this highest point in the play. S tagc... Finally, as Scene XII comes into view, the players show an enthusi- astic pride in accomplishment. Scene Xi! proceeds in a whirlwind of activity and reaches its climax in a splendor of blue and white. With much pomp and circumstance the curtain falls on a weary but exultant troop of players. All is silent on stage until a new play and a new cast appears next fall. ...Ml Ei)t itten nlj Hustling and bustling in the halls, cheering at the games, and sharing happy moments with other stu- dents are all representative of the friendly atmos- phere which hovers around ACHS. Smiling, happy faces indicate the pleasure that each student gets from playing his role at Alleghany. Each day brings a new and different role for the student to play — some of them serious, some of them comical; but every role draws him more deeply into the activity of school life. During this second year of Alleghany ' s history, there have been changes in the roles of the students and changes in those who take part in the production of a memorable school year. With these changes, however, comes a stronger bond between the students and fonder memories for each student. Next year some of the players and producers will change again, but those who participated in the ' 64- ' 65 school year will never forget the success of this second year. Opening Section Dedication Administration and Faculty Classes Organizations Athletics Features Senior Directory Advertisements omen JW Jlabe Cfjeir Cxits With mixed emotions the seniors leave ACHS to begin the next Act in their lives. They must now assume the roles of high school graduates and must face the adult world. Varied expressions indicate the mixed feelings re- garding this next big part in life. For some of these seniors, only relief is felt because the long twelve years of study and worry is over. Other students feel sad about leaving the good times which being a stu- dent offers them. Anticipation of the near future brings joyous expressions to some of these faces, while uncertainty of the future is revealed by several anxious faces. Each of these people realizes that his life as a student at ACHS is nearly over. Each of them will take on a new role. Each of them will exit the high school world as a student and will enter the adult world as a member. 6 Snii tCfjeir CntranteS... After concluding the first seven years of elemen- tary school, the eighth graders finally reach those long-awaited halls of " The High School. " Looking lost, scared, and bewildered, these youngsters enter ACHS to begin their roles as high school students. Schedule cards, homerooms, and bells ringing are new experiences for the youngest and smallest mem- bers of the student body. Time is given for adjusting to the high school scene and for learning a new way to study. New people are met, new subjects are dis- covered and new goals are set. Having survived the first month of high school. the new members of the cast at ACHS begin to fit more smoothly into the atmosphere at Alleghany. When the eighth graders enter the final stage of their school careers, they are already preparing for their exit into the world. As eighth grade students enter the ninth grade, progress to the tenth grade, then reach the eleventh, and finally the twelfth, each step draws them closer to the world of adulthood. Life appears to be much entering and exiting to these young actors, but each new role offers them adven- ture, challenge, and rewards surpassing those pre- viously experienced. 7 ne Jflan 3n tCime Dennis Harmon has learned that studying is important if you want to succeed. Each member of the team has his own part to play, as Howard Liptrap has discovered. ...iWeiJitation... Being a Senior provides just cause for serious moments of meditation. Donna Bennett thinks about the many decisions which lie before her in this all-important year. ...Co=(©peration ♦ ♦ ♦ Resource information for after graduation plans, a sympathetic ear for per- sonal problems or o help- ing hand for pressing situations are characteris- tics which help to develop good Student-Guidance De- partment co-operation. Rufus Bradley is one of the many students who finds it necessary to dis- cuss future college plans with Miss O ' Farrell. ♦ ♦ ♦ Competition ♦ ♦ ♦ Quite often students do not realize that they are competing with thousands of other stu- dents for an outstanding role in the fast moving world of today. Practicing drills and perfecting skills are important in preparation for the future if one is in the commercial field. Joyce Kern realizes that hard work and efficiency are necessary to be outstand- ing in commercial activities. ...J elaxation... Students need a break every now and then in order to have a well-balanced, healthy attitude and there is no place better suited for relaxing than around one of the large cafeteria tables. Johnny Stinnett, Susan Per- singer, " Bunny " Yachan, Dewayne Loan, Barney Butler, Sheila Loomis, Ronnie Rudy, and Mary Beth Watson seem to be enjoying this break. 1 1 ...Aspiration... Much thought, consideration, and planning go into plans for one ' s future role in life. Aspirations of Navy life fill Gregg Howard ' s head with new ideas and plans. Perhaps Gregg finds it amusing to picture himself as a sailor. ...experimentation... Allen Downey, Sandra Dressier, and Jim Bowen learn to do experiments in the chemistry laboratory. These students are well aware that much knowledge, academic and general, is given through experimentation and study. 12 Before iilaiic ®f)cir Sbieus... Soon, for the lost time, the seniors will appear as star performers before this audience. The final curtain will go down. They will take their bows. And the great play on which their lives have been centered for the last four years will be over in a single night. Some of the actors, weary of the demanding schedule, are thankful that the end is near. But whether it is with quickened step ar with reluctant tread that they leave, they are, nevertheless, grate- ful to those who have directed them in their first major roles. 13 Co Co One IOJic o ers a Jriencff smife in ihe all Ueffs a Junny siort in i£e o ice Expresses fop of suppori io Cfl Cj Of Sfows personaf inieresi in eacf siucfent xfiSiis Jirm fui Jaip cfscipfine ncourapes sympaifizes ancf fefps wfen ife poinp roupf O ssumes ifose iime ' consuminp responsiBifiiies iJiai no one efse wanis JOorfs farc iirec Bui never piues up — Uo pou JIBr f)usan CjoiziCj principaf an cf Jriencf ifis 1965 OfjBGO VCB is (fedicaiecf 14 15 .ylcf ninisiraiion Ipproues 5a aru increase Alleghany County ' s School Administrative of- ficials are outstanding in their support of public school education. During this second year of ACHS ' s history, decisions and policies have been made by the school board for the betterment of ACHS. The school board has approved a higher wage increase for the teachers for the 1965-1966 school year. Promoting a better curricula with less repetition from year to year has been one of the school board ' s prime objectives. Higher student attendance has also been emphasized. Working behind the scenes most of the time, these officials strive for higher standards of ed- ucation in Alleghany County. Mr. Walter L. Hodnett Superintendent of Alleghany County Schools University of Virginia, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. SCHOOL BOARD Seated: Mr. E. Lynn Miller, Jr., Mr. Delbert Hepler, Mr. Bishop Pentz, Mrs. John Ham- let, Chairman, Mrs. James R. Ginn. Stand- ing: Mr. Waiter L. Hodnett, Superintendent, Alleghany County Schools; Mr. Robert F. Burrows. 18 C ncf CPromoies !j3etier Gurric Mr. C. M. Smith, District Supervisor East Carolina College, B.S. University of Virginia, M.Ed. Mr. Charles W. Holbert Athletic Director Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Biology; Physical Science Mr. Dusan Cvizic, Principal Concord College, A.B. George Peabody College, M.Ed. 19 Mrs. Joyce W. Barber Madison College, B.A. English Sponsor, ALCOVA f Miss Mary Lifts Burton Madison College, B.A. English Sponsor, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. McEwan stresses the point that " Thanatopsis " is not a plant. Mrs. Mary C. Fairfield Concord College, B.S. English Sponsor, ALCOVA Mr. Robert Jefferies Emory and Henry College, B.A English Coach, J.V. Football Mrs. Morie McEwan Lincoln Memorial University, B.A. English 20 eparimeni As Cynthia Byer relates a humorous incident in o book review, Miss Taylor smiles. Miss Rebecca Thompson Concord College, B.A. English; Journalism Sponsor, Patriot; Senior Class Play Miss Ann Taylor Indiana University, A.B. Engl ish Mrs. Enzo Reynolds Longwood College, B.S. English; Guidance Sponsor, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Eilo Watts Sadler Madison College, B.S, English; Reading Mrs. Elizabeth Shelor Radford College, B.S. English Sponsor, Future Nurses ' Club 21 Joreian oanauaoe T eparimeni Miss Lucy E. Gleason Lynchburg College, A.B. Latin; Math Sponsor, Latin Club Mrs. Elizabeth Lawler Sumner Radford College, B.A. University of Virginia, M.Ed. Spanish; English me T eparimeni n I This is one of the various methods which Mrs. Sumner uses to make Spanish interesting to her students. Miss Mary Helen Wolfe Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, B.A. Librarian; Library Science Mr. Leonard W. Baber Concord College, B.S. Band; Choir Miss Elizabeth C. Smith Mary Washington College, B.S. Parson ' s School of Design, Art Diploma Art; English 22 (Social Siucfies ' l epaHment Miss Jo Ann Bogan Madison College, B.S. Social Studies Sponsor, Junior Tri-Hi-Y Mr. John Robert Rose Emory and Henry College, B.A. Civics; Physical Education Head Coach, Football Coach, Wrestling Miss Francis Butler Concord College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Government; American History Social Studies " France is south of Italy? " Mr. Maynard seems puzzled over some of his students ' answers. Mr. Harold L. Carter Lynchburg College, B.A. Government; American History Mr. Wendell H. Maynard Morehead State College, B.A. Political Science, History Sponsor, Student Co-operative Association Mr. Edward T. O ' Rourke Lynchburg College, B.A. World Geography; Social Studies 23 [JlCaihematics T eparimeni Mr. Thomas C. Hardin Appalachian State Teachers ' College, B.S. Math; Algebra Mr. Charles F. Wolker Concord College, B.S. West Virginia University, M.A. Trigonometry; Geometry; Office Staff Coach, Basketball Mrs. Shelby L. Hawthorne Longwood College, B.S. Math Mrs. Florence H. Scholz University of New York Math; Psychology What happened to the other numbers? " Mrs. Hawthorne repeats a student ' s ques- tion. Mr. E. Edward Rhea Lynchburg College, B.S. Algebra; Physics Coach, Track; Cross-Country Mrs. Rebecca S. Rhea Madison College, B.S. Algebra; Math; United States History 24 Science i)eparimeni Mrs. Anne K. Watts West Virginia University, A.B. Science Mrs. Johnson begins o dangerous experiment for her chemistry class. Mr. Richard G. Sheltman Rondolph-Mocon College, A.B. Biology Mrs. Ethel G. Glover Madison College, B.S. Science Mr. Robert G. Hughes Berkshire Christian College, B.A. Science Mrs. Billie L. Johnson Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Science, Chemistry 25 2parimeni f Mr. Fredrick F. Johnsoit Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. United States History; Physical Education Assistant Coach, Football; Track Miss Jo Ann Carter Radford College, B.S. Physical and Health Education Mr. William W. Jonas Emory and Henry College, B.A. Physical Education Assistant Coach, Football- Coach, Baseball Miss Sybil M. Hoover Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Physical and Health Education Sponsor, Cheerleaders Miss Hoover ' s fourth period class demonstrates its skill in tumbling. 26 LPraciical 1)eparimeni Mr. Richard C. Duff Richmond Professional Institute, B.S. Distributive Education Mr. Joseph M. Tuholsky Murray State College, B.S. Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing Miss Jane Johnson Madison College, B.S. Homemaking Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America Miss Johnson takes time out to practice what she teaches. Mrs. Maria B. Perdue Madison College, B.S. Homemaking Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America Mr. Robert C. Knabenshue West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S. Industrial Arts; Mechanical Drawing Mr. Samuel B. Mitchell College of William and Mary, B.S.; M.Ed. Driver ' s Education Coach, J.V. Basketball Assistant Coach, Baseball Mrs. Harriet- Bush Madison College, B.S. Business Math; Business Correspondence; Office Practice; Typing Sponsor, The Business Club Cljuszness T eparlmeni Mrs. Maude Rae S. Swartz Mary Washington College, B.S. Typing Sponsor, The Business Club Mrs. Doris Jamison Berea College, B.S. Appalachian State Teachers ' College, M.A. Bookkeeping; Shorthand Sponsor, The Business Club Mrs. Bush demonstrates the use of the dictating equipment. ice Secre ar es Mrs. Doro McCaleb Mrs. Ellen Snead 28 Miss Nora Kathleen O ' Farrell Marshall University, A.B. Ohio State University, M.S. Guidance One of the duties of the Guidance Department is to administer achievement tests. uiaance Tyeparlmeni Doyet Moore seeks help concerning his future education from Miss O ' Farrell. Guidance counselors at ACHS do much to lead students into the various fields of study at the school. Students are placed in business, shop, general, or college prep courses. These students are not placed in these various courses ot random; instead, they are screened and are then placed on the basis of their abilities and interests. ACHS ' s guidance program also provides for several national tests to be given each year in order to help students find out more about their national rating with other students. National Merit Scholarship tests and the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests are given to juniors who are preparing for college. Aptitude tests are given to the freshmen and juniors each year in an attempt to help them choose their vocations in future years. Students seeking summer empfoyment in local firms and businesses are given help by the guidance counselors. They help the students to find job openings and to make the proper applications. Juniors and seniors are aided by the guidance department in choosing the colleges they wish to attend. 29 - ‘0 i£i3 fearnin w£ai a i£in ii is! ' . THi TAMIN(3 OF THE SHREW Act 1, Sf ene K President Rodney Bush Secretary Vice-President Kathy Montgomery Treasurer Cindy Walton , Chet Swartz 32 LINDA MAE ARMENTROUT JUANITA MAI ARMENTROUT CHARLES WILLIAM BATES 33 RUFUS GUY BRADLEY SUSAN JANE BRADLEY 34 FRANCES NEVILLE BUCK DREAMA DARLENE BUSH 35 STEVEN KENT BYER BEST ALL AROUND RODNEY BUSH and KATHY MONTGOMERY buddy LARRY CARY LINDA LOU CLARK WITTIEST SUZANNE NOFFSINGER and JIM HEIRONIMUS DURWARD BELMONT CLEMMONS, III REGINA CAROL CHARLES BRENDA CAROL CRAFT 37 FRANCES MARIE CURRY EUNICE ANN DAVIDSON 38 JOHN WAYNE DUDLEY VAUGHNA JEAN FLESHMAN 39 BARBARA LEIGH GARBER STEVEN MICHAEL GRIFFITH 40 JOHN RUCKER HALL IRVIN ROY HARLOW, JR. JAMES WADE HEIRONIMUS DONNA MARIE HEINDL SANDRA MARIE HELMINTOLLER JAMES MALCOLM HAYSLETT 41 SANDRA LEE HEPLER GEORGIA ANNE HERALD WANDA RAE HEPLER BEST DRESSED LINDA MORRIS and JOHN HALL 42 RANDOLPH WAYNE HOWARD FRIENDLIEST CINDY WALTON and CURTIS KING DEWEY WARD HYLTON. JR. WAYNE LENIER HOWARD RONALD MILLER IRVINE 43 LINDA CAROL JONES PHYLLIS ANN KEATON 44 CAROL MARIE KIMBERLIN WALTER CLIFFORD KING 45 ALVIN RAY KOONCE MICHAEL STEVEN LANDIS JESSE WILLIAM LAWHORN, JR. MARY VIRGINIA LEI 46 SHEILA PATRICIA LOOMIS JAMES OLIVER MARTIN III 47 ROGER DALE MAYS DOYET WADE MOORE EUNICE KATHERINE MONTGOMERY LINDA GAIL MORRIS MOST DEPENDABLE BRENDA CROWDER and RODNEY BUSH 48 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED JEDY SARTAIN and SANDRA SUE SMITH WANDA LEE MYNES IDA MAE NICELY 49 VIRGINIA DARE NICELY SUZANNE STARR NOFFSINGER WALTER LIEGRAND O ' CONNER 50 FRANCES VIRGINIA PADGETT SARAH THORNTON PENTZ 51 JOE ROY PETERS, JR. LAURA FRANCES PINCKARD LINDA FAYE PETERS DWIGHT LESLIE PUCKETT SUSAN PAIGE REYNOLDS 52 ASHBY WILEY RHEA GEORGE FRANKLIN RICHMOND PATRICIA ELIZABETH SALES JAMES HAROLD RUBLE, JR. JUDY JUANITA ROSS WILLIAM ARLINGTON SALYERS, JR. 53 SPENCER BLAINE SARTAIN, III MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED LUGGUM TURNER and A. W. RHEA 54 ALBERT DOWNEY SELDOMRIDGE, JR. BEST LOOKING KATHY MONTGOMERY and BARRY DANIEL ALICE FAYE SIMMONS HARRY JACKSON SIMMONS, JR. WENDELL KAY SHOWALTER 55 SANDRA SUE SMITH FLORENCE ANNA SNEAD 56 CHESTER EMMETT SWARTZ FRANK ELDERIDGE SPONAUGLE, JR. GARLAND EUGENE STULL WANDA MAE STAYTON LELIA PAIGE SNYDER PAMELA JOYCE STEELE 57 JOHN EDWARD TAYLOR VIRGINIA CAROL THOMAS DARRYL ALEXANDER TUCKER LOUIS MARTIN TURNER DAVID WAYNE THURSTON 58 JAMES DOUGLAS VASS THOMAS EARL TYREE JOSEPHINE LEE WADE BEULAH SANDRA VIPPERMAN CYNTHIA ANNE WALTON 59 ANNETTE GAIL WOLFE BRENDA JOYCE WOLFE 60 BRENDA GAY WRIGHT BRENDA JEAN WRIGHT EMMETT WAYNE WRIGHT, JR. 61 eniors eceioe Sandra Sue Smith, MATH; SPANISH c5 enior 5 uperfaiii loes Mary Sue Offenbacker, VI-TECH SCHOLARSHIP Barbora Wilson, VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS, POST 1033, SCHOLARSHIP Gail Wolfe, COMMERCIAL John Toylor, ATHLETICS jor (Juisianchna ((l)or in Special Coreas Throughout the senior year, aspiring students have worked hard to fulfill all of the duties which their sub- jects require. There are of course, some students who excel in special areas and on graduation night, they are rewarded for their hard work. Scholarships, certificates, and trophies are representatives of the time and effort which these honored students put forth in order to reach a goal. Receiving awards but not pictured were Kathryn Scholz, ENGLISH; Alma Williams, SCIENCE; Helen Deisher, LATIN. Patricio Oyfer, LIBRARY SCIENCE; FHA Sandro Hepler, ART Eunice Davidson, DAR CITIZENSHIP AWARD Brenda Crowder, EDITOR, ALCOVA John Dudley, MECHANICAL DRAWING; SHOP WANDA JEAN VARNER CAROL VIRGINIA WHITING 64 Seniors ISifl SCeuer Joraei . . . . . . senior privileges. Carol Kimberlin, Frances Curry, Linda Armentrout, Jenny Johnson, Doyet Moore, Donna Bennett, Horton Beirne, Juanita Armentrout, and Johnny Smith enjoy the pleasure of not having to go to . . . final preparations for commencement. Miss Burton measures Tommy Tyree for his cap and gown. study hall. . . . those undignified moments. Jo Herald, Ralph Downey, Winnie Craft, Bill Salyers, and Jedy Sartain unleash their pent-up tensions after the Senior Class Play. PRESIDENT Dennis Harmon VICE-PRESIDENT John Crook 66 SECRETARY Judy Bazzarre TREASURER Allen Downey Richard Ray Allen Joseph Paul Aman Mary Carlisle Andrews Ronald Renick Andrews James Michael Arritt Robert Emmett Bartley Bonnie Faye Basham Judy Sue Bazzarre Betty Jeon Blake Thurston Albert Boggs, Jr. Saefred Daryal Booth James Hoge Bowen Richard Wayne Bright Janice Deane Brookman Ellen Pearl Broughman 67 William McDonald Buck Sharon Rae Bush Barney Stanley Butler Stewart Leon Coldwell Geneva Alto Capps Drema Colleen Carr Janis Gayle Carter Mary Cordelia Carter Kenneth Parker Childs Henrietta Clark Linda Cecelia Cross Randolph Martin Davidson Cherie Suzanne Davis Reginald Lee Deane Frankie Earl Dobbins 68 Jerry Winters Dotson Bettie Elizabeth Downey Walter Allen Downey John Hill Dressier Sandro Lynn Dressier Lucy Anna Dudley Joseph Harold Eaton Doloria Jean Eggleston Earl Preston Elmore Marshall Stewart Entsminger Rita Sue Evans Linda Gray Fitzgerald Gregory Loving Fountaine Delbert Lanier Fridley Harry Hunter Fridley 69 Richard Calvin Fridley Ronald Lee Frye Jarrett Armstead Fury Patricia Jayne Griffith Zernie Darlene Gunn Kathryn Elizabeth Hall Linda Ellen Hall Dennis Layne Harmon Sarah Elizabeth Harris Jimmy Leon Hepler Mary Ann Higgins Gladys Diane Hoke Kenneth Miles Hoke Michael Ray Hostetter James Edward Howard 70 Larry Keith Howard Peflgy Vivien Hughes Monte Leo Hyler Larry Eugene Irvine Norma Jeon Irvine Brenda Sue Johnson Dennis Allen Jones Cheryl Marie Keaton Linda Catherine Kellison Lois Linda Kershner Catherine Elizabeth Kimberlin Norma Jean Kimberlin Patricia Ellen Kirby Dorothy Ann Kitt Samuel Belton Kitt Lula Faye Landis John Lee Lesley Gregory Loyne Linkswiler Homer Rhea Loan, Jr. Joyce Ann Loon Noncy Sue Lucas James Robert Martin Glenn Allison Mays Lorry Keith Moys Brenda Ann McCauley Danny Ray McCoy Alma Carolyn McCulley Charles William McNobb, Jr. Arnys Lacy Meadows, Jr. Danny Lee Meadows 72 Sondra Ann Meadows Dolly Ann Messer James Russell Miller Glenn Braxton Minnix Charles Normon Moore Arthur Jordan Morris Linda Karen Morris Thomas Lynn Neal Carol Veronica Nicely Dwight Bdward Nicely Jean Elizobeth Nicely Martin Cecil Nicely Stanley Fulton Nicely Thomas Eugene Nicely Johnny Lewis Nida 73 Robert Edwin Noffsinger An ise Colleen Owens Linda Kaye Parham Stephen Patrick, Jr. Carolyn Joann Patterson Juanita Maxine Patterson Clara LaVerne Paxton Betty Jane Persinger Dale Carleton Peters Judy Denise Reed Elizabeth Lynn Reed Dorinda Joyce Reynolds Ronald Wayne Reynolds William Leroy Reynolds Dennis Allan Rhea 74 Paul David Richmond Frank Linwood Rabinson Shirley Ann Robinson Barbara Ann Ruff Laurel Adelia Runyon William Lee Sarfain Mildred Howe Server Joyce Lynn Scott Claude Howell Scruggs Oscar Thomas Sheppard John Roger Showalter Sandra Carole Simmons Patsy Elizabeth Simpson Sharon O ' Hara Sizemore Jerry Lee Smith 75 JuditK Coleen Smith Riley Roscoe Smith, Jr. Elmer Joseph Sparks Wanda Noreen Steele John Clinton Stinnett Lois Jane Sulser Bonnie Jane Switzer Sh eiio Luvenio Switzer Patricio Ann Taliaferro Kathleen Ann Taylor Brenda Lee Thompson Gary Preston Thompson Williom Thomas Thurston Julia Anna Tigrett Parker Lee Tingler 76 James Coleman Tucker Allen Finne Turner Lena Pearl Tyree Robert Lewis Vaden Robert Wayne Varner Joyce Elizabeth Vass Revo Mae Walker James Calvin Wallis Sandra Lee Walton Sandra Kay Word Cornelia Flo Warlitner William Clenton Watson Frank Leroy Webb William David Webb Donnie Edward Wheatley 77 Ralph Franklin Whitehead, Jr. Ronald Gerald Wilhelm Ronald Lee Williams Betty Sue Willis Margaret Frances Wolfe Michael Dean Wolfe Joyce Gail Worley Judy Ann Worley Audrey Loraine Wright 78 Juniors clamor around the window as Mrs. Snead checks the fit of Barney Butler ' s class ring. With Prom night quickly approaching, Linda Cross, Sandra Dressier, Greg Linkswiler, and Dale Peters prepare to transfer the decorations to the gym. 79 Sophi omore c ass cm icers VICE-PRESIDENT Betty Bush PRESIDENT Anthony Salyers TREASURER Chris Crow SECRETARY Pete Nicely Wendell Carl Alfred Gory Kennefh Anderson Rebecco Sue Anderson Ruth Eleanor Barbee Lily Francine Basham Stephen Allen Bennett Douglas Wayne Bess Elizabeth Faye Bess Ramona Elizabeth Blankenship Sarah Agnes Botkins Barbara Gail Bowen Jo Ann Bowles John Marshall Bradley Danny Clarke Bridges Nelda Faye Broughman Robert Edward Brown Brenda Ann Bryant James Bunch Elizabeth Miller Bush Donnie Dean Buzzard Cynthia Stuart Byer Mary Ann Byer Steven Lee Byerly Mary Ellen Byers Frank Randolph Capps Murrell Wayne Carper Anna Marie Church Mickey Virginia Clemons Charlotte Maxine Combs Sarah Kathryn Conner Joyce Gail Craft Pamela Faye Croft Christopher John Crow Roger Adrian Daniel Mary Elizabeth Deaton Eugene Earnest Deisher 1C. Larry Edward Dew Ella Ma rie Downey Carolyn Hope Dressier Gregory Stephen Dressier Edd ie Arnold Dudley Jo mes Edward Faidley Carl Smith Ferguson Barbara Ann Fisher Richard Melville Fountaine Cheryl Ann Fridley Rebekah Lois Fridley Richard Grant Fridley Victor Lewis Fury Carrie Eugene Gaines Sandra Louise Goode Delanor Lee Gordon Down Gay Hall Ronald Morison Hall Glaria Mae Hanks Ernest Linwood Harlow Juanita Jane Harris William Michael Hayslett Bobby Trail Hepler Loretta Pearl Hepler Karen Elaine Hoke Alice Marie Howard Margaret Ann Hughes William Larry Hurt Charles Lee Hylton M eredith Littleton Jennings Barbara Sue Johnson Ivan Randall Johnson Karen Frances Johnson Maria Diane Kellison Donna Leigh Kelly Jack Allan Kelly Marshall Thomas Kelly, Jr. Alfred Forrence Kershner Clifford Bruce Kesterson Earnesf Lewis Knick Donald Eugene Lowhorn Julian Otis Lewis Virgil Lee Lewis Richard Berkley LitHeton Tana Lee Long Susan Christine Loomis Williom Kenneth Lowe Donna June Madison Terry Allan Martin James Grant Mays Leon William Mays Edgar Louis McAllister Lois Marye McAllister Franklin Samuel McCullough Shirley Emogene McDaniel Betty Virginia Miller Gory Lynn Miller Lewis Lloyd Mitchell Jeannette Pearl Morris Thomos Edword Moss Alvin Wayne Myers Marsha Gray Myers Carlet-ta Lanear Nelson Bernard William Nicely, Jr. Edna Lee Nicely Ellen Louise Nicely Glory Ann Nicely Grover Monroe Nicely Hiawatha Nicely Nancy Gail Nicely Potsy Ann Nicely Rebecca Ann Nicely John Gray Owens Chris Berkley Parkins Edward Wayne Parkins Karen Shifter Patrick Elirabeth Mary Patterson Sue Ellen Peters Jack Edwin Poage Earlene Gail Reed Mary Evelyn Reed Carolyn Jean Reid Emily Jane Reynolds Richard Lanier Reynolds Robert Allen Rogers James David Rollison Ruby Arietta Rose Cod ie Ashby Ross Ronald Anthony Rudy Anthony idward Salyers Walter John Seidel Jo Ann Amanda Shifflett Connie Marshall Shires Charles Odell Simmons Robert Douglas Simmons Poula Gwen Sizemore Rodney Douglas Smallwood Charlotte June Smith David Stanton Smith Matilda Jane Sorbaro Wilmo Lea Steele James Edward Steger Lindo Joyce Stone Patricio Gail Street Stephen Lewis Stull Carolyn Leigh Swain John Holloway Swart Roy Edward Swart Michael Layne Thompson Linda Gale Thrasher Randall Dale Tingler Paula Sue Traylor Darlene Ann Tucker James Sidney Tucker Stephen Allen Tucker Virginia Pearl Tucker Joyce Ann Tyree Judith Lee Tyree Eugenia Lee Van Buren Donnie Edward Vess Thomas Wade Vess Melanie Sue Vest Robert Allen Vest James Franklin Via Michael Wayne Via Wayne McKinley Michael Sanford Wade Jeannie Marie Walton Mary Emma Walton Paul Edward Warwick Alice Marie Webb William Blair Wilhelm Ted Collins Wilhelm Beverley Sue Wolfe Calvin Eugene Wolfe Danny Leroy Wolfe Larry Arnold Wolfe Cornell Cornelia Wrenn Linda Foye Wright George Yachan II 88 Jreshman Cjfass icers VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER Phillis Boerner Wayne Nelson 89 PRESIDENT Becky Bush Charles Edward Adkins Robert Gene Ailstoek John Raymond Anthony Dorley Dean Armentrout James Michael Arrington Albert Dale Arritt James Allen Arritt John Michael Arritt Wando Lee Ayers Charles Allen Bartley Larry Gene Bartley Jerry Woyne Belcher Deborah Ann Bennett Wilbur Russell Bess Phyllis Ann Boerner Delores Annette Boggs Linda Lee Booner Donna Jean Booze Roland Boteler, Jr. Thomas Gray Botkins Joyce Brendo Bowen Cynthia Lee Bowles Minitree Emanuel Bowles Mary Virginia Bowyer Monte Allen Brackenridge Michael Brewbaker David Wallace Brisendine Lois Marie Brookman Ellen Katherine Brown Nancy Irene Brown Donna Leigh Bruffey Penelope Joyce Burch Delmas Eugene Burns Charles Howard Burr Gary Linwood Bush 90 Rebecca Claire Bush Brenda Gale Byer Carl Winfred Byer Thomas Alfred Callaghan Da vid Warren Campbell Martha Campbell Gary Edward Carson Wayne Grey Carter Mary Sue Charles Dewey Calvin Childs Ellen Sue Clark Joyce Enola Clark Brenda Joyce Craft Steven Mark Crawford Clarence Henry Creamer Malcolm Blair Crush Fonda Lynn Curtis Michael Preston Curtis Routh Ann Dainty Judith Ellen Deisher Lewis Lee Deisher Donna Marie Downey Alexander Hamilton Dressier Linda Faye Elmore Gwendolyn Louise Fisher James Stewart Floyd Carol Elizabeth Flenner Michael Fleming Folland James Robert Freels Gary Walton Fridley Mary Virginia Fridley Nathaniel Wayne Fridley Rodney Dennis Fridley Garry Preston Frye Eva Carol Fury 91 Eddie Gene Geines John Douglos Garrett Wilmer Hayes Gladwell Richard Charles Griffin Donald Young Grimm Linda Carol Hardiman Dale Roger Harlow Barry Ellis Hoyslett Vernon Wayne Helmintoller George Thomas Herald Betty Eugenia Hoke Carolyn Jeon Honts Sheila Ann Houff Cheryl Ann Howard Linda Moe Howord Larry Edwin Humphries Larry Wayne Humphries Lee Allen Humphries Charles Ernest Hunnell Robert Lynn Irvin Billy Wayne Jackson Sandra Lee Jamison Koryle Faye Jarvis Earl Clyde Javins Leslie Mae Kanney Linda Gayle Keaton Wesley Monroe Keith Edith Marie Kellison Anna Louise Kelley James Brown Kelley John Wayne Kern Jon Jeffery Kilian Donnie Roy Kirby Brenda Gay Kitt Thomas Alphin Knick 92 Earl Dennie Lane Stephen Scott Lee Wanda Carol Lee Herbert Nathan Leech Pamela Marie Lefler Marshall King Leitch Charlotte Mae Liptrap Donald Grey Liptrap Brenda Gail Loan Leannah Lynn Looney Betty Jean Lowe Barry Wayne Lugor Stephen Paul Moddy Billy Joe Martin Shirley Jeon Martin Gary Fay Mays Kebecea Lisa MeCaleb Thomas Edward McCauley Larry Joe McGuire Doris Maurice Meadows James Willard Meadows Leon Holmes Middleton Potricia Ann Morgan Joseph Allen Morris Curtis Leslie Nelson Larry Wayne Nelson Betty Lou Nicely Cletus Wayne Nicely Elvin Carroll Nicely James Edward Nicely Luana Elizabeth Nicely Wetzel Edgar Nicely Jimmy Albert Noel Pauline Dreoma Noel Amanda Lounell Noffsinger 93 James Gary Nuekols Steven Oliver Nuekols Donald Wayne Paitsel Cathy Lynne Parham Katherine May Parker Darrell Wayne Perkins Roger Owens Pearson Abraham Lincoln Persinger Barbara Sue Persinger Glenn Allen Persinger James Marvin Persinger William Michael Persinger Donald Eugene Peters Douglas Glenn Poage Patricia Ann Potter Susan Joanne Powell Gary Lemarr Ratcliffe Gail Victoria Reed Norman Duane Reed Roy Lee Reed, Jr. Linda Ann Roalf Earnest Richard Robinson Russell Wayne Rose Vickie Lynn Rose Janet Sue Ruble Gregory Michael Sams Stephen Edward Saylor Keith Edwin Scruggs Willis Maxwell Shawver Frances Louise Shifflett Richard Lee Shull Donna Ellis Simpson Evelyn Ann Sizemore Glenna May Slayton Bonnie Mae Smith Edward Emmett Smith 94 Jewel Janet Smith Linda Marie Smith Sharon Kay Smith George Martin Sorbora Ronald Lee Spellman Randel Nelson Stair Michael Wayne Stinnette Elwyne Eugene Sublett Velma Wynona Sublett Grable Attison Surber Sandra Diane Taylor Donna Sue Terry Helen Marie Thomas Linda Lou Thomas Linda Sue Thompson William Lewis Tingler Glenna Gail Treynor Larry Allen Treynor Albert Leroy Tucker Franklin Delano Tucker Patricia Marlene Tucker Emmett Ashby Tyree Robert Shields Tyree Leonard Wayne Vail Margie Helene Vass Lawrence Elmer Vipperman Patty Marie Ward Delmis Clayton Watson Mary Elizabeth Watson Janice Sue Williams Linda Jean Wolfe Page Forrest Wolfe Richard Delbert Wolfe Jennifer Marie Wright Kathy Lee Wright Ruth Daves Yachan 95 racfe CjJass OJpcers PREStDENT Scottie Lockard VtCE-PRESIDENT George Morris SECRETARY Loretta Perkins Steven Troy Akers Gregory Allen Anderson Wanda Sue Armentrout Dale Edward Armstrong Jeanette Elaine Armstrong Karen Sue Arrington Joseph Michael Arrington Ronald Wayne Arrington Joyce Marie Arritt Kathryn Sue Arritt Carolyn Eunice Barger Jane Lynd Barker Rodger Dole Bartlett Cecil Wayne Bates Judson Douthat Belcher Rolen Burton Belcher Camilla Sarah Bennett Warren Hayes Bennett Janice Day Bethel Alice Faye Bocook Jeanette Christine Bogar Phylis Marie Boone Preston Lee Boone Stephen Roger Boone Joyce Ann Booze John Henry Bowen Jerry Maxwell Bowers Wanda Jane Bowers Donna Jean Bradley Helen Marie Bradley John Carson Bradley Rose Lynne Branham Daniel Ross Bratton Timothy Andrew Briggs Robert Allan Broughman Linda Carol Broughman Ruth Broughman Barry Wayne Brown Wanda Jane Bush Regina Ann Bush Carolyn Blanche Byer Carlos Laton Caldwell Jerry Garland Caldwell Elizabeth Ellen Caldwell Gary Atlin Cole Judy Katherine Cale n a:;j r 7 0 4 ; 1 • 0 n 0 0 0 •ITS. fti. .,o - A 0 A a •j 1%, ' Cl m f a 0 5 n 0 ft A ft 0 V- -r ,0 • 1 iii ft a ■ " 1 V 0 97 Barbara Jean Campbell Jeanie Carol Campbell Michael Edward Carpenter Michael Leroy Carson Thomas James Carter Wanda Jean Carter Edward Andrew Cary William Lee Cary Kitty Joyce Charles Bobbie Randolph Clark Donna Jean Clark Edith Darlene Coats Donald Lee Cody Carolyn Ann Conner Diane Lynn Conner Freddie Allen Conner Judy Ann Cook Linda Sue Cooper Daryl Wayne Craft Linda Susan Craft Paul Wilson Craft Norman Eugene Croft Sandra Taylor Craft Tommy Lewis Craft Sylvia. Jane Cragheod Cotherine Joy Cummings William Craig Curling Dawn Jeneal Curtis Carl Custer Thomas Dibble Allen Ray Dickson Leslie Blair Dodd Michael Steven Dotson Betty Louis Downey William Doule Downey Paula Paige Dressier Glen Dudley Phillip Lee Eaton Paul William Erb Bernard Cabbie Evans, Jr. William Lee Fridley Edward Eugene Frye William Lee Fury Donald Wayne G«dd Sandro Gail Garber George Benton Garner 98 Jerri Jerome Gayle Aloys Lambert Gier Clarence Eugene Gilbert William Young Gilliland Edward Wayne Glover Gary Monroe Goode Marlinda Sue Griffin Walter Daniel Hague John Lee Hall Robert Wayne Harlow Rodney Ellis Harris Vernon Wayne Harris Charles Edward Hart Charles Preston Hawse Brenda Joyce Hayslett Carol Jeon Heindl David Roscoe Helmintoller Ronnie Eugene Helmintoller Mitze Evelyn Hepler Phyllis Eleanor Hepler Samuel Huston Hepler Gerald Lee Hevener James Hanna Hicks Jimmy Howard Hicks Priscilla Darlene Hinton Mary Lee Hinton Maryin Glee Hinton Emma Louise Hoke Sharon Ann Hopkins Edith Rebecca Hosey Anna Louise Houck Larry Granville Houser Barbara Ann Howard John Gregory Howard Paul Ellis Howard Brenda Jean Hughes William Herman Humbert Kathy Anne Humphries Marvin Vernon Humphries Buster Loymonth Hunt Patricia May Hunt Wayne David Hunt Paul Jomes Huszetek Peggy Ann Hylton Roger Lee Irvin Charles Lee Jamison 0 Pa .n 99 Wanda Marie Jamison Gary Wayne Jennings Huston Johnson Irma Mae Johnson Patricia Darlene Jones Robert Garfield Jones Robert Eugene Keith Penny Ellene Kellison Sue Lanette Kellison Juanita Faye Kelly Mary Kathryn Kern Sharon O ' Dell Kersey Paul Steven Kesterson Sandra Lee Kidd Thomas Stuart Kidd Wanda Louise Kidd Linda Sue Killian Anita June King Kay Frances King Sandro Kay Kirby Winona Ann Kirby Randall McKay Knick Albert Lewis Knighton Gary Woyne Lail Michael Billy Landis Tereso Leigh Landis Linda Alice Lawhorn James William Lawhorn Anna Leigh Lawler Linda Lynn Lemon Roberta Sue Linkswiler Larry Wayne Lipscomb Deborah Sue Loekard Marvin Harry Lockhart Michael William Logan Shoron Ann Long William Oflie Lowry Barry Wayne Mahoney Charles Lee Masters Patricia Ann Mosters Frederick Steven May Michael Wayne McCauley Leo Reid McCoy Jasper McCulley Nancy Lois McCulley Bozil Leroy McDaniel 100 Donald Lee McDaniel James Gordon McGaha Myrtle Alice Meadows Robert Dervey Meadows Sharon Ardinia Meadows Virginia Marie Meadows Lynn Marshall Miller Kathryn Paige Miller Emmett Wayne Montgomery Karen Sue Montgomery Miles Holson Moore George Lewis Morgon Gary Alvern Morris George Lee Morris Georgia Diane Morris James Colvin Morris Vernon Morris Barbara Ruth Mottern Martha Anne Myers Nancy Catherine Napier Patricia Sue Napier Paul Rogers Neal Carl Bruce Nelson Valerie Suzanne Newman Bruce Edward Neville Roger Dean Nicely Shirley Juanita Nicely Steven Norman Nicely Steven Thomas Nicely Theodore Wilson Nicely Marcus Neil O ' Conner Barbara Jane Offenbacker Larry James Owens Edward Meredith Oyler Diane Christina Patterson Gary David Patterson Calvin Richardson Paxton Robert Arthur Paxton Robert Alon Pedigo Dewey Albert Perkins Loretta Faye Perkins Edward Allen Persinger Jack Nelson Persinger Susan Jane Persinger Robert Glenn Peters Samuel Woyne Peters 101 Clay Wesley Puffenbarger Constance Sue Redman Ira Lidford Redman Patricia Ann Reid James Thomas Reynolds Linda Carol Reynolds Martha Jane Roalf Brenda Sue Robinson Larry Franklin Robinson Douglas Conner Rogers William Robert Rogers Joseph Edward Rose Lawrence Windfild Ruff Walter Franklin Runyon Lewis Anderson Saint Clair Shelia Lucille Schell Nancy Carol Schooler Roger Lee Schooler Wayne Robert Schooler Raymond Michael Scruggs Glenda Sue Seay Nina Lee Selleck Steven Wayne Sexton Virginia Dean Shawyer Elizabeth Joy Sheppord Everett Mark Sheppard Ronnie Lee Shires Jonathon Lee Simmons Rachel Elizabeth Simmons Michael Allen Slayton James Elmon Slusher Allen Howard Smith Chester Naul Smith Dennis Lee Smith Henry Steven Smith Martha Jeanne Smith Pamela Lee Smith Robert Edward Smith Steven Daniel Smith Sue Ellen Smith Coreno Faye Snedegar David Lee Snider Benjamin Lanier Snyder Julian Edward Snyder Margoret Louise Snyder Kathy Leigh Southers 102 Christie Swanne Spangler Romona Virginia Steele Diana Susan Steele Kenneth Lee Stevens George Edward Stinnette Diana Lynn Stogdale Donna Regina Stogdale Ernest Dale Stull Kenneth Stanford Stull William Bruce Swartx Gary Thompson Dianne Leigh Thrasher Robert Dickson Tigrett Donna William Tucker Michael Coleman Tucker Vera Inex Unroe Richard Glenn Van Lear Betty Inez Ve$s Fred Junior Vest Obie Silar Vest John Debert Via Kathy Elaine Via Thomas Wayne Wade Jerry Roger Walker Linda Sue Walker James Preston Walton William Joseph Walton Rocky Steven Washburn Alma Joyce Watson Clifford Samuel Webb Lewis Daniel Webb Poul David Webb Mary Pearl Weese Linda Deonne Welles Emanuel Wainwright Whiehard James Voden Whitehead Karen Sue Whitehead Roger Wayne Whitehead Brenda Darlene Wileher Carl Junior Wileher Forrest Van Lear Wilhelm Candace Louise Wiikerson Charles Wayne Williams Frances Ellen Wilson Albert Lewis Wolfe John Miebeol Wrenn ft P 15 C Pi ft ft ft r ' ' • ft p p 1 imidi p p ' ' Jdki iP kft p p A ft ' ft 1 P P ft P 1 p p 4iiii i03 Barbara Ann Wright Gary Lee Wright Sharon Marie Wright Stephen Wayne Young Class officers, George Morris, Scottie Lockard, and Loretta Perkins, relax in frant of ACHS and talk over the new experiences which being in high school have offered them. 104 Learning to read schedule cards and finding their way around the school are two obstacles facing the eighth graders when they enter ACHS. " Drat that locker! " exclaims Bernard Evans as he struggles before school to get into his locker. Those demons which hide books, coats, and trinkets are real problems. “Soc e y, saii£ i£e ex , is £e Jiappiness of life. LOVE ' S LABOUR ' S LOST Act IV Scene II Mr. Wendell Maynard, Sponsor of S.C.A. OFFICERS: Seared: Allen Downey, Vice-President. Standing: Alice Howard, Historian; Mary Andrews, Secretary; Cherte Davis, Treasurer. 108 1 t ,■ t t 1 : } i ! i 4 1 5 i 1 i 1 14 i 1 i b J 1 L 1 1 First row: Brenda Hayslett, Peggy Hylton, Carol Thompson, Betty Downey, Jeanie Walton, Maxine Combs, Cindy Walton, Sarah Pentz, Judy Bazzarre, Susie Charles, Becky Bush, Glenna Slayton, Glenna Traynor, Delores Boggs, Jean Shawver. Second row: Jim Miller, Larry Howard, Hunter Fridley, Martha Meyer, Karen Whitehead, Linda Lemon, Kay King, Kathryn Arritt, Lor- etta Perkins, Carol Broughman, Debbie Lockard, Marshall Kel- ley, David Smith, Pete Nicely, Jon Kilian, Larry Dew. Third row: Donnie Wheatley, Dennis Harmon, Martin Nicely, Johnny Show- alter. Tommy Nichols, Charles Hunnell, Dennis Entsminger, Rod Bush, Carl Ferguson, Not shown in picture: Anthony Salyers. Cnssociaiion Alleghany ' s Student Co-operative Association has continued, in its second year, to provide efficient government for our school. Its activities include set- ting up appropriate rules and seeing that these rules are obeyed. S.C.A. members, each of whom represents his homeroom, work together to see that A.C.H.S. functions properly and to help create an institution which will warrant the pride of students in years to come. Doyet W. Moore, President of the S.C.A., confers with Mr. Cvizic. Hall monitor Rod Bush checks Jim Heironimus ' s hall pass. 109 First row; Barbara Wright, Diane Weller, Darlene Browne, Lana Knick, Cathy Cummings, Paige Miller, Pam Smith, Jerry Gayle. Second row: Debbie Bennett, Linda Kilian, Camilla Bennett, Terri Landis, Mitzi Hepler, Linda Lemon, Mary Kern. Third row; Karyl Jarvis, Susan Powell, Donna Simpson, Sandra Craft, San- dra Garber. Fourth row: Alice Howard, Susan Loomis, Patsy Nicely, Carolyn Swain, Linda Howard. Fifth row: Janie Reynolds, Peggy Hughes, Donna Madison, Tana Long. Sixth row; Barbara Fisher, Paula Traylor, Betty Miller. Seventh row: Cornell Wrenn. Tri-Hi-Y at Alleghany is divided into a Junior Tri-Hi-Y, composed of underclassman girls, and Senior Tri- Hi-Y, which is made up of junior and senior girls. As Christian girls ' clubs, the organizations ' prime purpose is to promote Christianity throughout the home, school, and community. Senior Tri-Hi-Y this year sponsored a sock hop after a football game and the Sweetheart Dance in February. They also sent representatives to the Model General Assembly in Richmond. Junior Tri-Hi-Y girls sold A.C.H.S. pennants as one of their projects. Both organizations sent Christmas baskets to the Covington Christmas Mother for distribution among needy families. OFFICERS: Alice Howard, President; Linda Howard, Vice-President; Donna Madison, Treasurer; Patsy Nicely, Reporter; Janie Reynolds, Chaplain. Not Shown: Connie Shires, Secretary. 1 10 OFFICERS: Seated: Beverley Sipie, Vice-President; Eunice Davidson, President; Henrietta Clark, Secretary. Standing: Sandra Sue Smith, Co-chaplain; Joyce Worley, Co-chaplain; Joyce Scott, Reporter;, Sarah Pentz, Treasurer. Brenda McCulley, Linda Kellison, Julie Tigrett, Geneva Capps, Lin Reed, Judy Bazzarre, Sandra Dressier, Beverley Siple. Seventh row: Mary Andrews, LaVerne Paxton, Judy Worley, Bonnie Bas- ham, Laurel Runyon, Kathy Taylor, Joyce Scott, Henrietta Clark, Joyce Worley. First row: Suzanne Noffsinger. Second row: Kathy Scholz, Muf- fin Padgett, Donna Bennett. Third row: Sandra Hepler, Alma Williams, Neville Buck, Sheila Loomis. Fourth row: Eunice David- son, Luggum Turner, Pat Sales, Jenny Johnson, Cindy Walton. Fifth row: Lois Sulser, Bettie Downey, Pat Griffith, Sandra Ward, Linda Cross, Sarah Pentz, Sandra Sue Smith. Sixth row: Miss Mary Litts Burton and Mrs. Enza Reynolds, Sponsors of Sr. Tri-Hi-Y. yCet GJuS Sponsored by Kiwonis International, the Key Club is composed of boys who possess high scholastic averages and outstanding qualities of leadership. This organization serves to prepare its members for the nearing future and to stimulate their interest in civic activities. Key Club at A.C.H.S. is sponsored by Mr. Robert Jefferies. Among their many activities this year, the club participated in basketball games with area high schools and sent representatives to a Key Club Convention in Washington, D. C. John Hall, Barry Daniel, and Curtis King fight for the ball during the Alleghany-Covington Key Club basketball game. OFFICERS: Jedy Sartain, President; Greg Howard, Vice-President; Mr. Robert Jefferies, Spon- sor; Skip Clemmons, Secretary; Tommy Nichols, Treasurer. 112 First row; Frank Dobbins, Edward Stegar, Kenny Childs, Dale Peters, Hunter Fridley, Chet Swartz. Second row: David Smith, Dee Buck, Donnie Wheatley, Homer Loan, Jim Faidley, Steve Patrick, Johnny Stinnett, William Reynolds. Third row: Dennis Harmon, Dewey Hylton, Barry Daniel, Curtis King, Doyet Moore, George Yachan, Jim Miller, Sidney Nicely. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: John Swartz, Skip Clemmons, Tommy Nichols, Greg Howard, Chair- man, Jedy Sartain, John Hall, Allen Downey. 113 Seated: Sandra Dressier, Editor-in-Chief; Joyce Kern, Art Editor; Susan Reynolds, Feature Editor. Standing: Johnny Stinnett, Sports Editor; Horton Beirne, Business Manager; Mike Griffith, News Editor. Under the guidance of Miss Rebecca Thompson, THE PATRIOT staff publishes the school ' s bi-monthly newspaper. The staff works long and tiring hours on layouts, typing, and features; in addition to class time, individuals spend time at home and before and after school. Evidence of this industriousness is present in every issue of THE PATRIOT, and its popularity indi- cates the value of such a well-presented newspaper at A.C.H.S. Sandra Dressier and Miss Thompson discuss an issue of THE PATRIOT. Seated: Beverley Siple, Laura Pinckard, Muffin Padgett, Jo Jo mons. Standing: Bill Salyers, Horton Beirne, Johnny Stinnett, Herald, Jeannie Wright, Dreama Bush, Joyce Kern, Sandra Sim- Johnny Taylor, Michael Griffith, Susan Reynolds. AD AND SUBSCRIPTION SALESMEN: Seated: Tommy Nichols, Herald. Standing: Roy Harlow, Doyet Moore, Jenny Johnson, Skip Clemmons, Curtis King, Jedy Sartain, Sandra Bradley, Brenda Crowder, Kathy Scholz, Greg Howard, John Hall, Sandra Brenda Craft, Susan Reynolds, Sandra Hepler, Cindy Walton, Sue Smith, Sarah Pentz, Donna Bennett, Beverley Siple, Sylvia Kathy Montgomery, Eunice Davidson, Muffin Padgett, Jo Jo Broughman, Sheila Loomis, Alma Williams, Neville Buck. CTlfcooa Alleghany ' s yearbook, ALCOVA, was created by a six-member staff guided by Mrs. Mary Fairfield dur- ing the first semester and Mrs. Joyce Barber during the second semester. Each person was responsible for a section of the book, but all combined efforts for decisions, problems, and areas of difficulty. Determi- nation triumphed in moments of frustration and hard- ship, harvesting a sense of achievement and pride in the second edition of ALCOVA. Mrs. Barber, ALCOVA sponsor, and Brenda Crowder, Editor, approve pictures for the year- book. ALCOVA STAFF: Donna Bennett, Sandra Sue Smith, Horton Beirne, Bev- erley Siple, Kathy Scholz. From Classroom to job. isiriSuiioe icfucaiion OFFICERS: Barbara Myers, Treasurer; Dewey Hylton, Vice-President; John Hall, President; Isaac Fox, Parliamentarian; Ronnie Ervin, Reporter; Mary Sartain, Secretary. First row: Earl Elmore, Meredith Jennings, John Nida, Danny Meadows, Sudie Warlitner, Jim Hepler, Dwight Nicely, Charles Carper, James Martin. Second row: Gary Thompson, Parker Tingler, Darryl Booth, Jarret Fury, Richard Bright, Tommy Shepherd’ Wayne Sparks, Leon Kersey, Tommy Tyree, Darryl Tucker, Dwight Pucket. Third row: Joe Peters, Bill Webb, Jerry Brown, Tommy O ' Conner, Bill Thurston, Roy Harlow, John Lesley, David Pyle, Randy Davidson. Fourth row: David Thurston, Wayne How- ard, Tommy Nicely, Jim Ruble, Clifford King, Richard Allen, Leegrand O ' Conner, Kay Showalter. O menca All students enrolled in the distributive education program are members of the Alleghany Chapter of the Distributive Education Club of America. Under the leadership of Mr. Richard C. Duff, DECA ' s prim- ary purpose is to prepare interested students for the business world. This preparation is carried out not only during the half-day in which the students work, but also in daily classroom study. DECA ' s members compete in local, district, state, and national contests and participate in various activities pertaining to their studies. Mr. Duff, DECA sponsor, discusses on-the-job training with Joe Peters. 1 17 OFFICERS: Seated: Brenda Crowder, President. Standing: Steve Patrick, Treasurer; Kathy Montgomery, Vice-President; Cindy Walton, Secretary; Jeannie Wright, Parliamentarian; Brenda Mc- Cauley, Chaplain; Pat Taliaferro, Historian; Sharon Sizemore, Reporter. Brenda Crowder, president, calls the meeting to order. Cindy Walton, secretary, prepares to read the minutes, and Kathy Montgomery, vice-president, waits to introduce the guest speaker. Mary Ellen Byers, below an incoming officer, lights her candle from the " of America table " ; while Cindy Walton, secretary, looks on. 1 18 Juiure business oeaders of ffimerica The Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization for all students enrolled in business sub- jects. FBLA seeks to develop competent business leader- ship, to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations, to encourage members to improve homes and communities, to develop character and patriotism, and to encourage improvement in scholarship and school loyalty. By participating in a cooperative effort in worthy undertakings for improve- ment of business, the members hope to become efficient and recognized business men and women. Activities this year included sponsoring a dance, operating a concession stand during a home game, and organizing a car wash. Highlighting the year was the installation services, which altered the group ' s status from a business club to the Future Business Leaders of America. To terminate the school year, the annual picnic was held in May at the home of a sponsor. Mrs. Maude Rae Swartz, Mrs. Doris Jamison, and Mrs. Harriet Bush, Sporisors of F.B.L.A. i 1 iiiTi L h. First row: Mary Ellen Byers, Nancy Lucas, Jeannie Fleshman, Darlene Tucker, Gail Wolfe, Wanda Kep- ler, Priscilla Bartley. Second row: Bobbie Myers, Marilyn Kidd, Phyl- lis Keaton, Reva Walker, Wanda Mynes, Elizabeth Tucker. Third row: Bobbie Johnson, Joyce Loan, Paige Snyder, Norma Irvine, Helen Deisher. Fourth row: Jimmy Hays- lett, Sandy Hepler, Eunice David- son, Carol Nicely. Fifth row: Jenny Johnson, Darryl Tucker, Linda Morris, Pat Sales. 1 19 OFFICERS: Seated: Sandro Bradley, Treasurer; Johnny Crook, Vice-Presi- dent. Standing: Jim Wallis, Reporter; Geneva Capps, Secretary; Sandra Hepler, President. Miss Elizabeth Smith and Mr. Richard Duff, Spon- sors of the Art Club. Appreciation and recognition of art are learned and practiced by the members of ACHS ' s Art Club. Club members are those students who have a desire to gain more ex- perience in art than the classroom allows. One of the thrilling experiences which the club enjoyed this year was the opportunity to ex- hibit some of the members ' work on television when ACHS visited " Saturday Session. " Miss Smith and Mr. Duff, Art Club sponsors, offer able guidance and assistance whenever called upon. Seated: Sarah Pentz, Nicky Simmons, Bubbles Simmons, Cherie Jay Young, Primmie Long, Geneva Capps, Jim Wallis, Darlene Davis, Mildred Patterson, Susie Arritt, Sandra Bradley, Susie Brad- Gunn, Sandra Hepler, Johnny Crook, ley, Patsy Simpson, Donna Bennett. Standing: Ronnie Rudy, 120 First row: Dennis Entsminger, Charles Carper, Larry Howard, Rod Bush, Jim Heironimus, Charles Hunnell, Barry Daniel, Alvin Koonce, Johnny Taylor. Second row: Rufus Bradley, Bert Sel- domridge, Chet Swartz, Jedy Sartain, Curtis King, Robert Vaden, Wayne Golden, A, W. Rhea, Ralph Downey. Third row: Jim Miller, Ralph Whitehead, John Hall, Tommy Nichols, Lewis Turner, Johnny Smith, Howard Liptrap. Fourth row: Randy David- son, Bill McNabb, Artie Morris, Homer Loan, Hiawatha Nicely, Barney Butler, Donnie Wheatley. Uarsiiy Boys who hove earned letters in sports at A.C.H.S. make up The Var- sity Club. Members of the club are participants in football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, track, and cross- country. Formed solely for the pur- pose of honoring the athletes, the group enjoys outings and gatherings throughout the year. This year, the boys ' primary activities was a spring picnic. OFFICERS: Jim Heironimus, President; Rod Bush, Vice-President; Barry Daniel, Sec- retary; Charles Hunnell, Treasurer. 121 Juiure DCi arses G a6 Girls planning to enter nurses ' training belong to the Future Nurses Club at Alleghany. They are sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Shelor and advised by Mrs. Constance Lowman, the county school nurse. Organized for the purpose of encouraging interest in the nursing vocation, the group participates in activities pertaining to the medical field. This year, the F.N.C. attended a meeting of registered nurses and toured a local hospital. OFFICERS: Seoted: Judy Worley, President. Standing: Mrs. Eliza- beth Shelor, Sponsor; Karen Patrick, Secretary; Primmie Long, Treasurer; Laverne Paxton, Vice-President. First row: Karen Patrick, Tana Long, Sheila Switzer, Laverne Paxton, Sheila Loomis, Donna Bennett. Second row: Barbara Garber, Joyce Worley, Judy Worley, Lin Reed, Charlotte Smith, Joyce Scott, Primmie Long. 122 First row; Penny Burch, Barbara Ann Fisher, Susan Loomis, Lin Reed, Linda Cross, Helen Deisher, Paula Sue Traylor, Barbara Garber. Second row: Susan Powell, Cheryl Keaton, Becky Anderson, Catherine Kimberlin, Betty Blake, Reva Wal- ker, Judy Smith, Linda Fitzgerald, Routh Ann Dainty, Bettie Downey. Third row: Ronnie Spellman, Shelia Switzer, Paul War- wick, Mildred Server, Julie Tigrett, Lena Tyree, Edward Stegar, Joyce Scott, Elvin Nicely, Judy Deisher, Horton Beirne, Charlie Burr, Dennis Harmon, Jennifer Wright. junior Cj assical loeaaue At A.C.H.S., the Latin Club is affiliated with the national Junior Classical League, and is sponsored by our Latin teacher, Miss Gleason. Composed of interested students presently taking Latin and those who have taken it in the past, the club ' s purpose is to encourage interest in Latin ana to broaden members ' knowledge of Latin influence today. One of the outstanding activities of the Latin Club was an inspiring Christmas program presented to the student body. In many ways the organization has contributed to the intel- lectual growth at Alleghany. OFFICERS; Judy Bazarre, Reporter; Hunter Fridley, Vice-President; Sandra Hepler, President; Mary Andrews, Secretary; Donnie Wheatley, Treasurer. ' » L.. - Miss Lucy E. Gleason, sponsor of Junior Classi- cal League. 123 First’ row: Marsha Myers, Joyce Craft, Ellen Nicely, Rebecca Nicely, Ellen Broughman, Melanie Vest, Ruth Barbee, Carolyn Swain, Patsy Nicely, Maxine Combs. Second row: Juanita Harris, Mary Ann Higgins, Diane Hoke, Linda Hall, Wanda Armen- trout, Kathy Wright, Dorley Armentrout, Barbara Bowen, Corin- na Banker. Third row: Primmie Long, Reva Walker, Mary Wilson, Sara Harris, Faye Bess, Luana Nicely, Wanda Lee, Doris Meadows, Zone Cline, Kathy Parker. Fourth row: Virginia Thomas, Pat Mor- gan, Audrey Wright, Edna Nicely, Dorothy Overton, Nickie Simmons, Leslie Kanney, Frances Shifflett, Bonnie Smith, Ma- tilda Sorbora. Fifth row: Mary Fridley, Brenda Johnson, Carolyn McCulley, Nancy McCulley, Sandra Walton, Mary Jo Kanney, Linda Howard, Gale Thrasher, Vickie Reed. Sixth row: Cherie Davis, Linda Elmore, Ramona Blankenship, Loretta Hepler, Mar- lene Tucker, Karen Hoke, Joy Sheppard, Kay King, Nelda Broughman, Joann Shifflett. uiure yiomemaRers merica Interest in home economics and related studies is encouraged by the Alleghany Chapter of the Future Homemakers of Amer- ica. Composed of both home economics students and out-of- class members, the organization is guided by the home eco- nomics instructors. Many A.C.H.S. social events are sponsored by the F.H.A.; two of these are the Christmas formal and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. In the spring the club has a Mother- Daughter Banquet and a fashion show, in which the girls model their classroom achievements. Members of the F.H.A. serve for several dances and banquets of other organizations. Miss Jane Johnson and Mrs. Peggy Perdue, sponsors of F.H.A. 124 Front row: Becky Bush, Charlotte Smith, Bobbie Johnson, Sharon Smith, Susie Bradley, Ella Downey, Brenda Thompson, Joyce Tyree, Wanda Ayers, Patty Ward. Second row: Alice Howard, Dorinda Reynolds, Regina Charles, Gwen Fisher, Pauline Noel, Susie Charles, Bunny Yachan, Peggy Hughes, Judy Bazzarre. Third row: Cindy Bowles, Linda Morris, Dollie Messer, Phyllis Bethel, Bea Broughman, Mary Ann Byer, Joyce Clark, Frances Curry, Virginia Lee. Fourth row: Janice Brookman, Lois Brook- man, Nancy Brown, Sheila Switzer, Alice Simmons, Jeanette Bogar, Evelyn Sizemore, Margaret Wolfe, Carol Kimberlin, Brenda Wright. Fifth row: Joyce Loan, Brenda McCauley, Barbara Broughman, Nonie Sublett, Sandra Ward, Geneva Capps, Patti Griffith, Carol Flenner, Debbie Bennett. Sixth row: Wanda Kidd, Norma Irvine, Carol Nicely, Sudie Warlitner, Suzanne Noff- singer, Pat Sales, Luggum Turner, Shirley Martin, Alice Webb, Anna Kelley. OFFICERS: Seated: Bettie Downey, Treasurer; Brenda Lugar, Secretary; Cheryl Fridley, Vice-President; Susie Oyler, President; Catherine Kimberlin, Vice-President; Betty Blake, Student Ad- visor; Patsy Simpson, Parliamentarian. Standing: Darlene Gunn, Pianist; Bubbles Simmons, Song Leader; Juanita Patterson, His- torian; Patsy Potter, Chaplain; Jenny Johnson, Reporter; Betty Bush, Song Leader. 125 JC7J. 9. ’s Working under the slogan " Keep Virginia Green " , the K.V.G. ' s make up an organization vital to the surrounding area. This group contributes a great deal to the community by devoting time and energy to the local fight against forest fires. Composed entirely of volunteers, the K.V.G. ' s are on call night and day. The organization is sponsored by the United States Forest Service. Row 1: Darryl Tucker, Charles Hunnell, Earl Elmore, John Hall, Greg Howard, Skip Clemmons, John Stinnett, Greg Link- swiler, Gary Thompson, Mark Sheppard, Allen Friel. Second row: Paul Howard, Larry Lipscomb, Wayne Golden, Leon Mays, Richard Allen, Roy Harlow, Martin Nicely, John Lesley, Tommy Nichols, Billy Glodwell, Glenn Persinger. Third row: Julian Otis Lewis, Danny Meadows, Ronald Andrews, Allen Turner, Buddy Cary, Ronnie Irvine, John Lee Hall, Thomas Tyree, Virgil Lewis, Bobby Bartley, Tommy O ' Conner, Wayne Wright. Fourth row: Donald Grimm, Garry Frye, Frankie Via, Wetzel Nicely, Mike Persinger, Jimmy Nuckols, Ronnie Rudy, Curtis King, Barney Butler, Doyet Moore, Hiawatha Nicely, Billy Jackson, Tommy Sheppard. Fifth row: Leon Kersey, James Napier, Danny McCoy, Bill Thurston, Richard Reynolds, Tommy Kidd, Bob Noffsinger, Barry Daniel, Johnny Taylor, Ronnie Wilhelm, Earl Lane, Wendell Alfred. Sixth row: Steve Byer, Wayne Howard, Butch Dearing, Greg Fountaine, John Owens, Butch Bunch, William Reynolds, Dewey Hylton, Elmer Sparks, Thurston Boggs, James Hayslett, Stephen Patrick, Larry Irvine, Robert Simmons. Seventh row: Marcus O ' Conner, Dwight Puckett, Dwight Nicely, Walter Fer- guson, Allen Rogers, Rufus Bradley, Horton Beirne, Jim Heiro- nimus, Roger Daniel, Cletus Nicely, Robert Varner, Ronnie Frye, Lee Gordon, Bobby Hepler. Eighth row: Gene Deisher, Richard Bright, Herbie Leech, Randy Davidson, James Freels, Theodore Nicely, Eddie Dudley, Robert Vaden, Donnie Wheatley, Ralph Downey, Tommy Dibble, Glenn Minnix, Wayne Glover. 126 First row: Carol Kimberlin, Linda Burks, Susie Charles, Pat Kirby, Joyce Tyree, Linda Hall. Third row: Johnny Smith, Garry Frye, Juanita Harris, Sara Harris, Cherie Davis, Rita Evans. Second row: Danny McCoy, James Napier, Frankie Via. Fourth row: Richard Frances Curry, Mary Wilson, Shirley Martin, Margaret Wolfe, Kitt, Howard Liptrap, Robert Simmons. Ghoir " Practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, prac- tice! " These were familiar words to the members of the ACHS choir this year. Mr. Baber worked with the choir members individually and as a group to prepare them for the concerts at Christmas and in the spring. Not only did the choir offer its members valuable training in vocal music but also the opportunity to get away from the classroom routine. Occasionally the choir was asked to work with another organization to present a program to the student body. Participating in the graduation exercises was another highlight in the year for the choir. Being in the choir did mean working hard and prac- ticing, but it also meant learning a new way to work together as a team to produce winning results. 127 Cherie Davis rehearses a difficult number, accompanied by Mr. Baber. ALTO HORN Warwick, Paul Arritt, Mike Burr, Charles Lane, Butch Nicely, Elvin Tyree, Lena BARITONES Lee, Scott Mahoney, Barry CLARINETS Hoke, Eugenia Honts, Carolyn Young, Steve Burch, Penny Watson, Mary Beth Callaghan, Tommy Deisher, Judy Eaton, Phil Flenner, Carol Griffith, Patty Hoke, Karen Nelson, Curtis Williams, Janice Rhea, Dennis Ward, Sandra FLUTES Yachan, Bunny Taylor, Sandra Smith, Charlotte PERCUSSION Eaton, Joe Dressier, Steve Morris, Vernon Saylor, Steve Scruggs, Claude Thurston, Jack Runyon, Laurel SAXOPHONES Bruffey, Donna Clark, Ellen Conner, Kathy Fisher, Gwen Kellison, Edith TROMBONES Downey, Allen Hawse, Charles Kern, Wayne Killian, Jon Pearson, Roger TRUMPETS Alfred, Wendell Curtis, Mike Daniel, Roger Humphries, Lee Maddy, Steve Mays, Gary Morriss, Joe Nicely, Theodore Neville, Bruce Reed, Lee Wade, Mike Wright, Sharon 128 IHi A ScAooA ABancf " All together now, one, two, three . . and another day of band practice had begun for the ACHS band. This year the band learned that hard work does pay off. Due to the outstanding spring concert, the band uniform fund rose by an enormous sum and the uniforms became more of a reality than just a dream. Another step forward for the band this year was the formation of a team of majorettes. With the advice of Miss Rebecca Thompson, the majorettes will be prepared to lead the band through numerous march routines and drills when the long-awaited day arrives. After a year of seeing hopes and dreams come true under the capable direction of Mr. Leonard Baber, the band is looking forward to next year. Mr. Leonard W. Baber, Director of Band 129 (juisiancfina AcJ2ieoemen A Cj Af c5 CReco nizes John Owens, winner of the District Forensics Contest Eunice Davidson, recipient of the DAR Citizenship Award Faye Persinger, ACHS ' s exchange student to New York. 130 S ac en s CTlppreciale i ie Services of the ladies who work in the cafeteria to help make our lunch program successful. Mrs. Kitt, who serves in the capacity of maid. 131 a ian fs siren ih. ’’ MEASURE FOR MEASURE Act II Scene II 1 Go is 1964 . . . ROBERT VADEN, Guard Junior i 1 JOHNNY STINNETT, End Junior CHARLES HUNNELL, Tackle Sophomore DONNIE WHEATLEY, Center Junior A. W. RHEA, End Senior ' 4 ♦ JEDY SARTAIN, Half Back Senior BARRY DANIEL, End Senior j 134 . . . Uiciorious ear Senior Captain BARNEY BUTLER, Half Back Junior JIM MILLER, Guard Junior JIM HEIRONIMUS, Tackle Senior JOHN HALL, Guard Senior HOMER LOAN, Guard Junior RALPH WHITEHEAD, Quarterback Junior )35 Sideline expressions reflect a tense moment. The Lexington defense fails to stop Curtis King ' s drive for a touchdown. Homer Loan ' s tremendous blocking power is demonstrated in the Rockbridge game. 136 First row: John Showalter, Mike Griffith, Steve Patrick, Johnny Taylor, A. W. Rhea, Wayne Golden, John Hall. Second row: Charlie Wood, Artie Morris, Robert Vaden, Barney Butler, Curtis King, Jedy Sartain, Larry Howard, Pete Nicely, Johnny Stinnett. Third row: Ronnie Wilhelm, Rodney Bush, Jim Faidley, Homer Loan, Donnie Wheatley, Jimmy Nuchols, Bill McNabb, Jim Miller. Fourth row: Dennis Entsminger, Steve Crawford, Bob Noffsinger, Jim Heironimus, Charlie Hunnell, Ralph Whitehead, Allen Turner, Barry Daniel. Not shown in picture. Tommy Herald. Alleghany High ' s 1964 football team compiled an impressive 7-2 record. The first six opponents the Colts met were defeated. Included in these first six was our arch-rival, Clifton Forge, who was defeated 19-7 on their own field. After winning thirteen successive games over a two year span and leading the District 5 title chase all sea- son, Alleghany was upset by Wilson Memorial 7-0. This defeat eliminated our chance for the District Champion- ship, but the players picked up many post-season laurels. Homer Loon (64), o junior, was the player selected from ACHS for the All-State first team. Jim Heironimus (74) was the All-State second team selection, and Johnny Taylor (22), who was the second highest scorer in the district, earned berths on the All-State third team. 137 FronI- to bock: Peggy Hylton, head cheerleader, Jeon Shawver, Carol Thompson, Paula Dressier, Helen Bradley, Brenda Hayslett, Debbie Lockard. v s 9c am iefcf Cjxperience First row: Wayne Vail, Blair Wilhelm, Roger Whitehead, Roger Daniel, Jon Kilian, Mike Persinger, Ted Wilhelm. Second row: Jim Kelly, Obie Vest, Anthony Salyers, David Smith, Roger Nicely, Roland Boteler, Steve Bennett, Mike Sams. Third row: Grover Nicely, Edward Smith, Joe Wood, Barry Hayslett, Roy Swartz, Mike Hayslett, Greg Anderson, Frank Capps. Fourth row: Jimmy White- head, Robert Irvine, John Swartz, Charles Humphries, Chuck Bartlett, " Doc " Downey, John Bradley, Larry Treynor. Standing: George Stinnette, Joe Rose, managers, Robert Jefferies, Coach. Despite the somewhat dismal record of this year ' s junior varsity (won 1, lost 4), we feel that our 1964 season was nevertheless successful. Many young boys were educated in the game of football. Several promising jayvees will be moved up to the varsity squad for the 1965 football season. Mr. Jefferies, the junior varsity coach, demonstrates some key plays. 139 TJarsiiy Q)heer eacfe ers in Cheerleading has as its main objec- tive the promotion of good sportsman- ship and school spirit. Fulfilling these goals means the hours of practice, the black eyes for the skit, the sore muscles, and the ever-lasting smile. Rewards are a cheering crowd, a vic- torious team, or the winning of the coveted District 5 cheerleading tro- phy. Cheerleading is keeping the true meaning of " spirit " alive in the hearts of athletes and spectators . . be it in victory or defeat. Joyous smiles indicate that the Colts near another victory. COLO BLOOD This skit, given by the cheerleaders, entitled " Little Red, White, and Blue Victory " aroused laughter as well as enthusiasm. Linda, Beverley, and Sandra kick up their heels and toss their hair as they exhorr the crowd to cheer. 140 Varied expressions reveal the emotions which accompanied winning the cheerleading trophy. Mary Loving Turner Senior " Muffin " Padgett Senior Head Cheerleader Beverley Siple Senior I Kathy Taylor Junior Lois Sulser Junior Sandro Dressier Junior Alice Howard Sophomore Linda Howard Freshman li Mary Beth Watson Freshman 141 Cons on i ie Goar Varsity squad: Bill McNabb, Artie Morris, Homer Loan, Wayne Howard, Howard Liptrap, George Yachan, Jim Heironimus, Ralph Whitehead, John Dressier, Johnny Smith. Kneeling: Johnny Taylor, and Rod Bush, co-captains. Jim, Johnny, and Wayne listen intently to Coach Walker ' s strategy in a crucial moment. )42 Compiling an admirable record, the 1965 Colts gained a total of 13 wins and 3 losses in regular play. In the first game of the season, Alleghany fell victim to the Covington Cougars by a score of 63-62. But, in their next three encounters the Colts captured breath-taking wins at the expense of Fort Defiance (48-47), James River (64-63) and Buffalo Gap (59-57). Trampling on, the Colts sent the Clifton Forge Mountaineers down to defeat by a score of 57 to 53. In hard-fought games, Alleghany gave up their next two contests to Buffalo Gap (56-69) and Clifton Forge (54- 61). To gain revenge for their first loss the Colts dropped the Covington Cougars to a 72-61 defeat in a great second half comeback. In the last two encounters of regular play the team gained victories over Wilson Memorial (86-83) and James River (71-55). When tournament time roll- ed around, Alleghany smeared the James River Knights (71-55) and eked out a 55-54 victory over the Fort De- fiance Indians only to lose to the Buf- falo Gap Bisons by a score of 43 to 55. But the Colts did not come home empty-handed. Besides being runner- ups in District 5, the Colts tied for second place for the sportsmanship award and placed two members on the All District team: Johnny Taylor on the first and Rod Bush on the second. The 1964-65 Colt Seniors, Johnny Taylor, Jim Heironimus, Wayne Howard, Johnny Smith, How- ard Liptrap and Rod Bush will be lost to the team by graduation this spring, a loss which will be hard to regain next season. These three Colt rebounders, Rod Bush, Jim Heironimus and Johnny Taylor are shown clearing the boards high above everyone, a position not unusual for them. Floating gracefully in midair, agile Johnny Taylor evades Ernie Miller of Ft. Defiance to score in a 55-54 victory at the District 5 tournament. The Colts ' Heironimus tips it in to gain two points in the semifinal game of the District 5 tournament which the Colts won 71-55 over James River. 143 Smith, Howard, Taylor, and Bush are caught with eyes glued on the ball, awaiting its descent as Liptrap out jumps his James River opponent. Colts, Taylor, Liptrap, Howard and Bush battle with the Mountaineers ' Hickman for a loose ball. Rodney Bush passes the ball as he is guarded by Clifton Forge ' s John Dean. While Coach Walker gives one of his half-time pep talks, Jim Heironimus and Bill McNabb seem to be contemplating his words. 144 Kneeling: Steve Crawford, Steve Byerly, Roy Swartz, Mike Thompson, Rick Littleton, Mike Hostetter. Standing: Dennis Rhea, Steve Stull, Keith Scruggs, Gary Miller, John Swartz and coach, Sam Mitchell. JZ U. y{aue c5 uccessfuf S eason Capturing a winning season, the 1965 Colt junior varsity squad, coach- ed by Sam Mitchell, comprised a rec- ord of 12 wins and 7 defeats. High- lights of the season were: the 42-36 victory over Clifton Forge led by Frankie Dobbins ' 17 points, and the double victories over James River, Miilboro, and Lord Botetourt. The J.V. Colts defeated Buffalo Gap once by a score of 38-29 and in a hard- fought game dropped a dose one to the Bisons by a score of 24 to 26. The only team which defeated them twice were the Covington Cougars by a score of 29-55, in the first game of the season and a much improved 22- 25 later in the season. The Colts also found victory at the expense of Fort Defiance (46-40), Valley (29-23), and Steve Byerly captures a rebound in a victory over James River. V.S.D.B. (30-17). This valuable ex- perience and knowledge of basketball will be very much apparent in next year ' s varsity team. 145 iahlh raoers ain TJafuaS e Cjxperience Front row: Mike Brewbaker, Roy Reid, Gary Swaim, Joe Morris, Barry Lugar. Second row: Roger Whitehead, David Snyder, Greg Anderson, Jim Slasher, Bruce Swartz, Barry Hayslett, Coach, Robert Jefferies. Gaining valuable experience, but lacking points in the winning column, the youngsters of Alleghany bas- ketball compiled a record of 1 win and 8 losses. This was not as dismal as it sounds though, as some of their games were lost by very narrow margins. The eighth grade team dropped a close one to Millboro by a score of 11 to 13. They were also defeated by few points when they tangled with James River (32- 37) and Lord Botetourt (23-29). Breading into the winning column, the small Colts, led by Greg Ander- son with ten points, defeated Central by a score of 22 to 14. The eighth graders, under the coaching of Robert Jefferies, were instilled with the basic funda- mentals of basketball and the principles of good sportsmanship, faithful training, and hard fair play- ing, win or lose. 146 First row: Mike Arritt, Gary Bush, Jon Kilian, Chuck Bartlett, Steve Patrick, William Tingler, Grable Surber, Mike Arrington, Carl Byers. Second row: Steve Saylor, Edward Smith, David Smith, Tommy Herald, C. L. Hylton, Jim Faidley, Russell Rose, Jim Miller. Gary Bush pins his Covington opponent for Alleghany ' s first pin. For the Alleghany wrestling team, this was a year of learning because this is the first year that ACHS has had a wrestling team. Coach Robert Rose and his matmen had two matches with Cov- ington, both of which they lost. Because of this practice and experience and their desire and determination, the Colts should be a much improved team next year. Tommy Herald fights Covington ' s " Big Daddy " Waddell for position. 147 Success on i ie T}iamoncf in Seated: A. W. Rhea, Bert Seldomridge, Hiawatha Nicely, Gary Radcliffe, Ted Wilhelm. 2nd row: Assistant coach, Sam Mitchell, Wayne Golden, Roger Daniel, Bobby Brown, Keith Scruggs, Mike Via, Ralph Whitehead, Coach Bill Jonas. 3rd row: Stanley Nicely, Johnny Taylor, Barry Daniel, Rod Bush, Homer Loan, Bill Mc- Nabb. 1965 was a highly successful season for the Alle- ghany County High School Colts as they posted a 12-2 season mark. As in the two other major sports the Alleghany team finished as runner-up for the District 5 title. Two losses to Rockbridge were the only blemishes on the Colt record. These were drop- ped by scores of 9 to 5 and 5 to 3. Alleghany de- feated all other opposition twice. They were: V.S.B. (8-2) and (6-5), Wilson Memorial (5-0) and (6-5), Valley (7-2) and (10-8), Covington (6-4) and (11-3), Clifton Forge (12-1) and (11-5), and Fort Defiance (7-1) and (10-2). The hitting of Taylor, Brown, Mc- Nabb, and Bush and pitching of Nicely and White- head accounted for a great deal of the strength of this year ' s team. These plus the hustling and fight- ing brand of play exhibited by the whole team en- abled Coach Bill Jonas ' s Colts to become the power- house runner-ups in District 5. 148 Pitcher, Hiawatha Nicely connects with the ball for a hard-hit single. First baseman, Barry Daniel awaits th e throw from the pitcher in an attempt to pick off the opponent. Against Covington, Johnny Taylor rounds first on his way home for a homerun as Jimmy McClung watches the ball ' s flight. Gambling for an extra base, Covington ' s Jimmy McClung lunges into the bag as Bert Seldom- ridge makes the out. 149 Kneeling: Dennis Rhea, Roger Mays, Carl Ferguson. Standing; Coach Edward Rhea, Tommy Nichols, Doyet Moore, Bruce Swartz, manager. Alleghany ' s 1964 cross country team had one win and three losses. They were runner-up in the District 5 meet, in which Doyet Moore, Tommy Nichols, and Roger Mays finished fourth, fifth, and sixth, re- spectively. In the Unclassified Divi- sion of the State Meet (Group IB and II), Nichols finished sixth, Moore came in tenth, and the team finished fifth in the meet and brought home one of ACHS ' s first trophies. 1964 Cross Country Record Alleghany Opponent Andrew Lewis 35 22 32 23 Fort Defiance 36 21 Giles County 23 (Low score 32 wins) Buffalo Gap The Alleghany team is shown in the State Meet in which they captured fifth place. 150 Seated: Doyet Moore, Curtis King, Homer Loon, David Smith, Donnie Wheatly, John Bradley, Jedy Sortoin. Kneeling: Allan Turner, Ronnie Rudy, Joe Wood. Standing: Coach, Eddie Rhea, manager, Charlie Burr, Dennis Entsminger, James Nuckols, Ralph Whitehead, Howard Liptrap, George Yachan, Jim Faidly, Roy Swartz, Tommy Herald, Coach, Fred Johnson, A. W. Rhea. The mile relay team. Loan, Sartain, King, and Liptrap practice their handoff which helped them to achieve their best speed at 3:38. The track team closed the ' 65 season winning 1 meet, losing 2 and finishing 2nd in a triangular meet. In the first meet for the cindermen, a triangular meet with Clif- ton Forge and Lord Botetourt, Alleghany finished last. In the next meet, also a tri- angular meet, Alleghany finished second to Buffalo Gap and defeated Rockbridge. In a meet with Covington, the Cougars tell beneath the feet of the trackmen by a score of 86 to 23. In a contest, with Clifton Forge, Alleghany lost by a score of 65 to 53. In these four meets Wheatly and King both gained spotless records by winning over all competition, Wheatly in the mile and King in the low hurdles. In the Con- cord relays for Group B schools, Wheatly finished second in the mile and Alleghany finished second in both the 2 mile relay and mile relay and third in the 440 relay. At the District 5 meet King finished second in the low hurdles, Moore finished second in the 880 and the Alleghany mile relay team finished second. Track is a new sport at Alleghany and next year with the new track, the first of its kind in Alleghany County, the Colts should go on to greater heights. The success of this year ' s team, coached by Eddie Rhea, and the increasing enthusiasm for track among the students brought this sport to a recognized position in Alleghany athletics. 151 eep JrieiKf uncfer own Ji e s Aet . ” ALL ' S WELL THAT ENDS WELL Act I Scene I m These lovely young ladies certainly do represent Alleghany County High School well: Sandra Sue Smith, Mary Wilson, Shiela Loomis, Cynthia Walton, Katherine Montgomery, Wanda Mynes, Virginia Johnson, Barbara Wilson, Mary Loving Turner, Frances Padgett, Sandra Hepler, Jean Fleshman, Brenda Crowder, Beverly Siple, Georgia Herald. One of the most exciting weeks of a girl ' s senior year is the week that Miss Alcova is chosen. This year ' s selection was very difficult because of the fine taste that the senior boys displayed when they elected the can- didates. A committee of experienced and well informed teachers held interviews with each candidate. The girls all tried to look their best when the day came for their interview; but beauty was not the primary interest of the committee. Personality, manners, dating habits, ability to work well with teachers and other students, and scholastic ability played key roles in the selection of the 1965 Miss Alcova. The recipient of the coveted honor of Miss Alcova of 1965 is . . . 154 )56 157 Jfo 7i oineco nino JJrinas sneers ana uears G i. It was very difficult for the students to make a decision between these radiant Homecoming Queen Candidates: Ramona Simmons, Georgia Herald, Katherine Montgomery, Brenda Crowder, Mary Loving Turner, Wanda Mynes. Homecoming at ACHS held great meaning for many people this year, it was the first time alumni from ACHS could attend the ceremonies and actu- ally feel a part of them. The air was static wi th the friction of the tense crowd as the Colts galloped over the James River Knights in a smashing 32-7 victory. The dance after the game was no less a part of the festive occasion. The gym was deco- rated in the colors of the school — red, white, blue. A large football hung from the center of the gym, reminding everyone of the excellent performance of our football team. Everyone was chatting ex- citedly about the beauty of the gym. It was a delightful evening and students and alumni of ACHS were glad to be a part of it. A tearful but elated Luggum is crowned by Mr. Cvizic. Luggum ' s fellow cheerleaders, Kathy Taylor, Linda Howard, Beverly Siple, and Muffin Padgett, crowd jubilantly around her after she was crowned Queen. Homecoming candidates stand with their escorts after the coronation. Front row: Johnny Taylor, Brenda Crowder, Curtis King, Luggum Turner, John Hall, Kathy Montgomery. Second row: Barry Daniel, Wanda Mynes, Jedy Sartain, Jo Harold, A. W. Rhea, and Nicky Simmons. 159 " When you swallow a chicken heart, you marry the next man you shake hands with. Here goes — ! " gulps Esther. The ACHS seniors romped through their production of Solly Benson ' s and Christopher Sergei ' s three act comedy, " Meet Me In St. Louis, " with on extraordinary air of confi- dence, enthusiasm, and finesse. The play was based on the efforts of the four daughters of the Smith family to sabotage their father ' s transfer from their home in St. Louis to his company ' s New York office. The hilarious antics of the daughters and the comical situa- tions which arose because of their mischievi- ousness kept the audience in stitches and the morale of the cast at record high. The play was exceptionally well cast and provided two hours of fun and entertainment for all who were present. ‘ ' 9Keei JKe S7n S . ooia ' s " This family is moving to New York — just as fast as we can. My mind ' s made up! " yells Mr. Smith after the kids wrecked a street car. 160 Mr. Dodge screams, " ' Nothing ' you coll it! Why Owwwww! " as Tootie bites his leg. You ' re transferring to Columbia University in New York? " cries Rose to Jon in despair. " But, we ' re not going to New York now! " )61 After a fine performance, the cast gathers for a portrait. " I thought we ' d got rid of you! " snarls Tootie to Lucille Pentard who is attempting to snare her brother, Lon. 162 Mr. Smith Jim Heironimus Mrs. Smith Susan Reynolds Rote " Muffin " Padgett isther Sandra Sue Smith Agnei Shelia Loomis Tootie Beverly Siple Lon John Hall Grondpo Prophoter Jedy Sartain Katie Joyce Kern Mrs. Woughop Susan Bradley Ido Boothby Jo Harold John Shepard Alvin Koonce Fred Gregory Darryl Tucker Lucille Pentord Kathy Scholz Mr. Dodge Chet Swartz Mr. Duffy Rufus Bradley Lady Babby Kee-Kee " Where is the lipstick? " " Somebody stepped on my dress! " " Get your finger out of my eye! " " What did you do with the cat? " Behind the scenes of " Meet Me In St. Louis " there was may- hem. Costumes were misplaced, make-up was smeared, hair-dos were done and redone, and lines were rehearsed and rehearsed. Everyone was in a hilarious mood and practical jokes were flying every- where. If it had not been for the good humor and patience of everyone, the play could not have been such a big success. Property Manager Donna Bennett Assistants Virginia Nicely Ida Mae Nicely Linda Peters Sandy Hepler Student Stage Manager Greg Howard Assistants Ralph Downey Robert Vaden Skip Clemmons Horton Beirne Johnny Crook John Showolter, Judy Bazzarre, and Butch Dearinp pause to enjoy the refreshments. (s)ay Do Gancfy Gfeauen Below: Santo welcomes the guests at the door. 164 Dreamy eyes, soft music, and hushed whispers are reminiscent of the Christmas formal. Girls with the starry look of Christmas formols in their eyes and boys with anticipation of vacation written on their faces made Christmas at Alleghany. Carols from around the world filled the halls prior to Christmas vacation and classroom doors were festively decorated. Baskets of food, toys, and gaily wrapped presents were found in every room. A lovely Christmas tree graced the cafeteria and a showcase full of golden angels met us at the front door. On the night of the Christmas formal, the way to Candy Heaven led the dancers to a gym full of candy canes, gingerbread men, and cookies. The Christmas formal with its calorful scenes of " Candy Heaven " climaxed the holiday festivities here at ACHS. From the time Santa Claus presented each couple with a candy cane as they entered the scene, until the Pavalons closed the musical program with a dreamy song of farewell, the spirit of Christmas and the expectation of joyous holidays filled the air. As the curtain fell at the end of a perfect eve- ning, everyone felt that Christmas had truly come to ACHS this year. The cafeteria is decorated tor the enjoyment of the students. Donnie Wheatley, John Swartz, Glenn Minnix, Helen Deisher, Hunter Fridley, and Mary An- drews, members of the JCL, re-enact the Na- tivity. JlCary s ToJinc ow The Latin Club of ACHS presented a Christmas pageant on December 17, 1964. The Script for the pageant, " Through Mary ' s Window " , was taken from St. Matthew and St. Luke. The Biblical characters were por- trayed by these students; Mary, Helen Deisher; Joseph, Hunter Fridley; the Wise Men, Dewayne Loan, Dale Peters, and Jedy Sartain; the Shepherds, Glenn Minnix, John Swartz, and Donnie Wheatley; the Angel, Mary An- drews; narrator, Paul War wick. The vocal class furnished the music. Cherie Davis, a member of the class, sang " O Holy Night " to close the program. Mr. Robert Hughes had the benediction. Miss Mary Helen Wolfe and Miss Lucy Gleason directed the pageant. The band under the direction of Mr. Baber, herald the Christmas season with traditional carols. 166 Id ei HKe Gaff you Gweelfearf " Let Me Call You Sweetheart. " This was the theme which created the romantic atmosphere for the Sweetheart Dance at ACHS this year. The gym, decorated with lovely red and white streamers, provided a beautiful setting for the dance. A local band, the Telestars, played a melody of songs for the students to dance by. During the evening the main highlight was the crowning of Miss Beverly Siple as Sweetheart Queen. Sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y the dance proved to be a success and everyone left the dance feeling as though Cupid ' s arrow had struck its mark. Beverly Siple, Sweetheart Queen, and her escort, Wayne Loan, view the dance after Beverly was crowned. 1 i i it if 13 VHH Queen Beverly Siple and her court, Sandra Sue Smith, Donna Bennett, Beverly, Neville Buck, Sandra Bradley, are pictured with their escorts. 167 GJiez CParee Surrounded by the gay atmosphere of an evening in Paris, Mary Andrews admires the sparkling fountain in a Parisian garden as Donnie Wheatley admires her. Dancing in a Parisian square, Dennis Entsminger and Sandra Bradley, Butch Dearing and Judy Bazzaree, Dennis Harmon and Donna Bennett appear to have caught the mood of Paris. Betty Blake and John Dudley, Ashby Rhea and Bobbie Wilson dance to the strains of a Pari- sian love song. The Grand March was one of the most beautiful parts of the evening. The officers of the junior and senior classes led the March. Pictured here are Judy Bazzarre, Allen Downey, Cindy Walton, Chet Swartz, Donna Ben- nett, Dennis Harmon, Kathy Montgomery, Rod Bush. Glenna Slayton serves refreshments to Dianne Bramlett, Barry Daniel, and Jim Heironimus during intermission. Queen Kathy Montgomery and King Rod Bush pause in a sidewalk cafe with Mr. Czivic and Prince Don Wheatley and Princess Kathy Tay- lor. The seniors nominated the candidates for King and Queen and the juniors voted for them. Kathy and Donnie were chosen by their fellow classmates. At the end of a pe rfect evening, Kathy Scholz and Barney Butler, Linda Cross and Horton Beirne, Sandra Sue Smith and Rodney Smith, Beverly Siple and Dewayne Loan, Brenda Crowder and Denny Miller, Donna Bennett and Dennis Harmon leave the Prom with a bit of Paris in their hearts. oooe i ie 9Kosi mporiani i£e The vocal class under the direction of Mr. Baber sang for baccalaureate on Sunday, May 30. Mr. Hughes gave the sermon, " Love, the Most Important Thing In the World, " after Mr. Holbert, ACHS athletic director, introduced him. Ten honor students march out after the sermon. They are Linda Peters, Kathy Scholz, Bobbie Wilson, Neville Buck, Dennis Entsmin- ger, Alma Williams, Eunice Davidson, Bren- da Wolfe, Helen Dei- sher, and Sandra Sue Smith. Sen or HSanc ae JKarj s iJie e inninq Above: Skip Clemmons, Neville Buck, Bobbie Wil- son, A. W. Rhea, Curtis King and Lug Turner enter the Country Club with hearts full of anticipation for a grand evening. To the right: Bert Seldom- ridge, Rufus Bradley, Jim Heironimus, Suzanne Noff- singer, Curtis King, Luggum Turner, Jenny Johnson, and Doyet Moore discover that their plates are not large enough. To the far right: Jedy Sar- tain, Beverley Siple, Neville Buck, Skip Clemmons, Greg Howard, Shelia Loomis, Brenda Crowder and Howard Liptrap enjoy a dance near the close of the evening. f ' " ki 172 of ffrac uaiion eshuiiies Cool air was blowing and excitement was run- ning ' high as the Seniors gathered on the Country Club porch for their banquet. After a sumptuous meal, Rod Bush, Class President, introduced Chet Swartz as emcee for the evening. Chet gave a little speech that touched the hearts of everyone there. He described what ACHS had meant to him and what a " fun-filled " two years it had been. His comparison of us to a " big, happy family " expressed how everyone felt. Dewayne Loan sang " Moon River " as Sandra Sue Smith accompanied him. Donna Dennett read " It Couldn ' t Be Done " by Edgar Guest. When the evening came to a close, the Seniors reluctantly left with tears in their eyes along with a gleam of hope for the future. Rod Bush, senior class president, prepares to introduce Chet Swartz who will conduct the remainder of the festivities. Those special guests at the head table are Miss Mary Litts Burton, class sponsor, Mr. Wendell Maynard, class sponsor. Chet Swartz, treasurer of class, Miss Cindy Walton, secre- tary of class. Rod Bush, Miss Kathy Montgomery, vice-presi- dent of class, Mr. Dusan Cvizic, principal, and Mrs. Cvizic, Mr. Richard Duff, class sponsor, and Mrs. Duff. After an evening of food, fun, and frolic, the seniors are dancing the last dance. A, W. Rhea and Bobbie Wilson seem rather sad that the lovely evening is draw- ing to Q close. 174 unior IHonor JKarshafs 3ix)sl racfuation Row 1: Judy Worley, Mary Andrews, Sandy Dressier, Betty Blake, Katherin Kimberlin, Lena Tyree, Joyce Worley, Linda Cross; Row 2: Martin Nicely, Mike Wolfe, Allen Downey, Dennis Harmon. Each year those juniors with the highest aver- ages are chosen to be Honor Marshals for the graduation exercises. Their duties are to hand out programs, to usher the guests to their seats, and to help in any way possible to make the guests comfortable. It is quite an honor to be chosen as an Honor Marshal and the juniors work hard all year so that they might achieve this reward. Juniors who participate in the graduation exercises learn what they have in store for them next year and look forward to their own graduation with greater anticipation. 175 Row one: Joe Peters, A. W. Rhea, Neville Buck, Wanda Hepler, Brenda Wolfe, Chet Swartz, Rodney Bush, Elizabeth Tucker, Eunice Davidson, Helen Deisher, Sandra Sue Smith, Linda Peters, Kathy Scholz, Doyet Moore, Dennis Entsminger, Bobbie Wilson, Alma Williams, Tommy Nichols, Dwight Puckett, Darryl Tucker; Row two: Donnie Andrews, Virginia Lee, Shiela Loomis, Suzanne Noffsinger, Ralph Downey, John Hall, Virginia Jackson, Juanita Armentrout, Linda Burks, Cindy Walton, Kathy Montgomery, Judy Ross, Elmer Sparks, Dewey Hylton, Ida Mae Nicely, Wanda Mynes, Virginia Nicely, Barry Daniel; Row three: Jarrett Fury, Mary Sue Offenbacker, Donna Heindl, Primmie Long, R. Wayne Howard, Steve Byer, Wayne Golden, Roy Harlowe, Lee O ' Connor, Curtis King, Jim Heironimus, Sidney Nicely, Charles Bates, Charlie Wood, Mary Wilson, Frances Curry, Carol Kimberlin, Johnny Taylor; Row four; Allen Friel, Josephine Wade, Muffin Padgett, Laura Pinckard, Richard Kitt, Frank Sponaugle, Jimmy Hayslett, Leon Kersey, Cliff King, John Smith, Isaac Fox, Jimmy Ruble, Skip Clemmons, Bill Salyers, Sandy Hepler, Alice Angle, Sandy enior Gfc ass 176 Helmintoller, Johnny Crook; Row five; Greg Howard, Patricio Oyler, Virginia Thomas, Beulah Vipperman, Mickey Landis, Gary Saylor, Leona Gadd, Sarah Pentz, Paige Snyder, Marilyn Kidd, Joyce Kern, Bonnie Jamison, Roger Mays, Charles Carper, Wanda Stayton, Barbara Garber, Pam Steele, Butch Dearing; Row six; Douglas Vass, Pat Sales, Mary Turner, Alice Simmons, Jesse Lawhorne, Kay Showalter, Milly Patterson, Mary Sartain, Bobbie Myers, Linda Jones, Linda Armentrout, Brenda Craft, Dewayne Loan, Jedy Sartain, Dorothy Overton, Jean Fleshman, Regina Charles, Horton Beirne; Row seven; Frank Richmond, Nicki Sim- mons, Brenda Lugar, Jenny Johnson, Tommy Tyree, Butch Martin, Donna Bennett, Sandy Bradley, Elizabeth Tucker, Mary Jo Kanny, Jeanie Wright, Buddy Cary, Ronnie Irvine, Gail Wolfe, Carol Kimberlin, Susie Bradley, Rufus Bradley; Row eight; Eugene Stull, Jo Jo Herald, Winona Craft, Susan Reynolds, David Pyle, John Dudley, Doug Arrington, Nelson Niceley, Bert Seldomridge, Mike Griffith, Louis Turner, Tommy O ' Connor, Larry Wolfe, Harry Simmons, Wayne Wright, Beverley Siple, Brenda Crowder, Howard Liptrap. of 19 6 5 177 an cf T)eis ier Zla e Uop J o onors Row one: Wanda Hepler, Neville Buck, Eunice Davidson, Brenda Wolfe, Barbara Wilson; Row two: Dennis Entsminger, Elizabeth Tucker, Kathy Scholz, Alma Williams, Linda Peters. Sandra Sue Smith and Helen Deisher took top honors this year at ACHS. Sandra Sue was named valedictorian and Helen was the close runner-up. Above are the top ten, academically, in the graduating class. These ten students led the class into the auditorium and were awarded their diplomas first. Being an honor graduate is certainly an honor to be long remembered by the lucky ten who are chosen. SANDRA SUE SMITH, Valedictorian )78 T 4 For the last time in their high school careers, the seniors walk up the aisle with those coveted diplomas. Expressions of sadness, joy, relief, and excitement are evident on the faces of the graduates as they leave the auditorium. 179 ANDREWS, DONALD ALPHEUS K.V.G. ' s 5. Senior T irecioru BROUGHMAN, BARBARA LEE ANGLE, ALICE JEAN F.H.A. 1,2,3; Library Assistant 1. ARMENTROUT, JUANITA MAE F.H.A, 2; SCA 2; Glee Club 1, ARMENTROUT, LINDA MAE F.H.A. 2; SCA 2; Glee Club 1. ARRINGTON, STEPHEN DOUGLAS K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Science Fair 1. BATES, CHARLES WILLIAM K.V.G. ' s 2, Library Assistant 1. BEIRNE, HORTON PENROSE Yearbook Business Manager 5; Newspaper Business Manager 5; Latin Club 5; K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Senior Class Play Stage Crew 4,5; Band 1,2,3. BENNETT, DONNA RAE Tri-Hi-Y 5; Yearbook 4,5; Feature Co-editor 5; Newspaper Staff 4, Feature Editor; Senior Class Play Property Manager 5; Science Club 1; One-Act Play 4; FNA 3,5, Treasurer 3; Art Club 5; Sweet- heart Court 5; Science Fair 1,3. BRADLEY, RUFUS GUY BRADLEY, SANDRA LYNNGENE Tri-Hi-Y 5; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; FBLA 4; Minstrel 3; May Court 3; Pep Club 3; Cheerleading. BRADLEY, SUSAN JANE FHA 5; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Class Play 5; FBLA 4; Minstrel 3; Pep Club 3; Glee Club 1,2; Art Club 5; Betty Crocker Award 5; Science Fair 3. BUCK, FRANCIS NEVILLE Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; M.G.A, 5; F.N.A. 3; Science Fair 1,3; Junior Marshal 4; Valentine Court 5. BURKS, LINDA LOU F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 3,5. BUSH, RODNEY LEE SCA 4,5; K.V.G. ' s 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4,5; Basket- ball 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Exchange Student 3; Class President 1,2,5. BYER, STEVEN KENT CARPER, CHARLES FREDERICK K.V.G. ' s 1. CARY, BUDDY LARRY CHARLES, REGINIA CAROL F.H.A. 4,5; Minstrel 3; Glee Club 2,3,4. CLARK, LINDA LOU F.H.A. 1,2. CLEMMONS, DURWARD B., Ill K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Key Club 5, Secretary 5; Tennis 2; Senior Class Ploy, Stage Crew 5. CRAFT, BRENDA CAROL F.T.A. 2; Science Club 1; Band 1,2,3. CRAFT, WINONA CRAFT F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 5; Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Library Assistant 5. CROOK, JOHN GRANVILLE Senior T irecloru FOX, ISAAC LANIER CROWDER, BRENDA JO Yearbook Editor 5; FBLA 4,5; President 5; Girls ' State 4; Miss Alcova Candidate 5; Homecoming Court 5; Prom Queen Candidate 5; Elk ' s Leadership Award 5; DAR Citizenship Award Candidate. CURRY, FRANCIS MARIA F.H.A, 1,4,5; Glee Club 1,4,5. DANIEL, BYRON EARL, III Newspaper Staff 3; K.V.G ' s 3,4,5; Football 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Science Club 2,3; Track 2; One-Act Play; Key Club 5; Varsity Club 4,5. DAVIDSON, EUNICE ANN Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Vice-President 4, President 5; News- paper Staff 3; Spanish Club 3; FBLA 4,5; Minstrel 2,3; Pep Club 3; MGA 4; Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Par- liamentarian 1; President 2; Basketball 3; Blue Ridge 4. DEARING, EVERETT LEE SCA 1; KVG ' s 3,4,5; Football 1,2,3; Science Club 2,3; Track 2; One-Act Play 2; Pep Club 2; Baseball Manager 1; Basketball Manager 1,2,3. DEISHER, HELEN GARDNER DOWNEY, RALPH PERCY K.V.G. ' s 1, 2,3,4, 5; Football 1,4. DUDLEY, JOHN WAYNE K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; Basketball 3; Key Club 4. ENTSMINGER, DENNIS LEE K.V.G. ' s 3, 4, Basketball 3; Key Club 4, Football 4, 5; Track 4,5; One Act Play 4; Boys ' State 4. FLESHMAN, VAUGHNA JEAN F.H.A. 4; FBLA 4,5; Minstrel 3; Glee Club 2,3; Library Assistant 5; F.N.A. 1. FRIEL, ALLEN REXRODE K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4,5. FURY, JARRETT ARMSTEAD GADD, LEONA MAE F.H.A. 2,3. GARBER, BARBARA LEIGH F.H.A. 4; Latin Club 4,5; Minstrel 3; Glee Club 1,2,3; F.N.A. 3,5; Junior Marshal 4. GOLDEN, ROBERT WAYNE K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 2,3; Baseball 2,3, 4,5; Track 3; One-Act Play 2; Varsity Club 4,5. HEIRONIMUS, JAMES WADE K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 4,5; Senior Class Play 5; Varsity Club 4,5; President 5. HELMINTOLLER, SANDRA MARIE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; FBLA 4; Pep Club 1; Li- brary Assistant 3. HEPLER, SANDRA LEE Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; President 5; Senior Class Play 5; FBLA 4,5; Forensic 4; Glee Club 1; Science Fair 1; Art Club President 5; Miss Alcova Candidate 5; D.A.R. Candidate 5. HEPLE R, WANDA RAE HERALD, GEORGIA ANNE HOWARD, GREGORY ALLEN K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Football 3; Senior Class Play 4,5; Wrestling 3; Key Club 5; Vice-President 5. 181 Senior HOWARD, RANDOLPH WAYNE Basketball 1; Glee Club 1; Science Fair 1. HYLTON, DEWEY WARD, JR. K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; DE 5; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2,3; Minstrel 3; Glee Club 1; Key Club 4,5. IRVINE, RONALD MILLER K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; DE 4,5; Reporter 5; Outstanding DE Award 5. JACKSON, VIRGINIA ANN F.H.A. 3. JAMISON, BONNIE JEAN F.H.A. 4. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA LYNN FHA 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 5; Spanish Club 3,4; FBLA 4,5; Pep Club 1,2; Sophomore Class Vice-President 3; Page in Queen ' s Court 1. JONES, LINDA CAROL Basketball 1,3; Minstrel 2; J.V. Cheerleading 1. KANNEY, MARY JO F.H.A. 2; Library Assistant 1. KERN, JOYCE ANN Newspaper Staff 5; Senior Class Play 5; FBLA 4; Glee Club 1; Library Assistant 5. KERSEY, LEON JUSTIN K.V.G. ' s 2, 3,4,5; DE 5; Baseball 2,3. KIDD, MARILYN GAYE F.H.A. 4; FBLA 4,5; Science Club 1,2,3; Minstrel 3; May Court 1; Pep Club 1,2; Cheerleading 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Library Assistant 5; Class Secretary 2 . KIMBERLIN, CAROL MARIE F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Reporter 3, Parliamentarian 2; Latin Club 3; Glee Club 4. S)irecioru KING, CURTIS RANDALL Spanish Club 4; K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 4,5; Track 5; Key Club 4,5; Varsity Club 4,5. KING, WALTER CLIFFORD K.V.G. ' s 1,2,3; DE 5; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 4. KITT, RICHARD WAYNE K.V.G. ' s 2,3; Football 3; Baseball 2,3. KOONCE, ALVIN RAY Senior Class Play 5; Track 4. LANDIS, MICHAEL STEVEN LAWHORN, JESSE WILLIAM, JR. K.V.G. ' s 5; Science Club 1. LAWHORN, SUE JEAN F.H.A. 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Library Assistant 5. LEE, MARY VIRGINIA F.H.A. 2,3,5. LIPTRAP, HOWARD GLENN, JR. Basketball 4,5; Science Club 1; Track 4,5; Glee Club 4,5. LOAN, WILLIAM DEWAYNE Latin Club 4; K.V.G. ' s 3,4; Glee Club 3; Key Club 3,4. LONG, PRIMMIE LEE F.N.A. 3,4,5, Historian 4; Senior Class Play 5; Art Club 5; F.N.A. 5. LOOMIS, SHEILA PATRICIA F.H.A. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Spanish Club 4; Basketball 1; Senior Class Play 5; Science Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Prom Princess 4; F.N.A. 4,5; Science Fair 1,3; Miss Alcova Court 5. 182 5enior T ireciort LUGAR, BRENDA KAY F.H.A. 3,4,5, Secretary 5. MARTIN, JAMES OLIVER, III DE 5; Baseball Manager 3; Science Fair 1. MAYS, ROGER DALE Cross-Country 5. MONTGOMERY, EUNICE KATHERINE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3; SCA 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; FBLA 4,5; Secretary 4, Vice-President 5; Pep Club 2; Homecoming Court 2,5; Class Secretary 3,4; Class Vice-President 5; Miss Alcova Court. MOORE, DOYET WADE SCA 4,5, President; Latin Club 2; K.V.G. ' s 5; Foot- ball 1; Science Club 1; Track 5; Key Club 5; Ex- change Student 4; Cross-Country 5. MYERS, BARBARA ANN F.H.A. 4; DE 5; Basketball 2,3; FBLA 5; May Court 3; Pep Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Library Assistant 5. MYNES, WANDA LEE F.H.A. 1,2; FBLA 4,5; Historian 5; Pep Club 1,2,3. NICELY, SIDNEY McCELLAN NICELY, IDA MAE FHA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3; Senior Class Play 5. NICELY, NELSON TALMADGE NICELY, VIRGINIA DARE FHA 1; Senior Class Play 5. NICHOLS, THOMAS DARE NOFFSINGER, SUZANNE STARR F.H.A. 1, 3,4,5; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,4,5; SCA 1, 2,3,4. O ' CONNER, THOMAS WOODROW O ' CONNER, WALTER LEEGRAND OFFENBACKER, MARY SUE Minstrel 3; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; FBLA 4. OVERTON, DOROTHY ANN OYLER, PATRICIA ANN F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4, 5, President 5, Vice-President 4, Re- porter 3, Secretary of Homestead Federation 3 ; Newspaper Staff 1; Library Assistant 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1 , 2 . PADGETT, FRANCIS VIRGINIA F.H.A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Newspaper Staff 5, Layout Editor 5; Senior Class 5; Minstrel 3; Girls ' State 4; Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4, 5, Head Cheerleader 5; Glee Club 3,4; Library Assistant 1; Junior Marshal 4; Monogram Club 2,3; Science Fair 3; Prom Queen ' s Court 5. PATTERSON, MILDRED LOUISE PENTZ, SARAH THORNTON Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, Treasurer 5; Annual Staff 1; SCA 4,5; Latin Club 5; Spanish Club 4; FTA 3; Minstrel 2; Glee Club 2,3; F.N.A. 5; Art Club 5. PETERS, JOE ROY, JR. SCA 1,2,3; K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; DE 5; Football 2. PINCKARD, LAURA FRANCES F.H.A. 1,2,3, 5; Newspaper Staff 5; Spanish Club 3,4; Senior Class Play 5; F.T.A. 4; Science Fair 1,2. PUCKETT, DWIGHT LESLIE K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; DE 4,5. PYLE, JAMES DAVID DE 5. 183 Senior REYNOLDS, SUSAN PAIGE Newspaper Staff 5; Senior Class Play 5; F.T.A. 3; Glee Club 1; Science Fair 3. RHEA, ASHBY WILEY Football 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 2,3,4, 5; Track 5; Minstrel 3; Varsity Club 5. RICHMOND, GEORGE K.V.G. ' s 5. ROSS, JUDY JUANITA F.H.A. 1,2,3. RUBLE, JAMES HAROLD, JR. K.V.G. ' s 5; DE 5. SALES, PATRICIA ELIZABETH F.H.A. 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5; Latirs Club 1,2; Spanish Club 4; Basketball 2,3; FBLA 5; Science Club 2; Pep Club 3; Glee Club 4. ireciory retary 4; Spanish Club 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Senior Closs Play 5; Science Club 1; One-Act Play 4; Honor Marshal 4; Science Fair 1. SHOWALTER, WENDELL KAY DE 5. SIMMONS, ALICE FAYE F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4, 5. SIMMONS, HARRY JACKSON, JR. SIMMONS, RAMONA ARDEN F.H.A. 3,4,5, President 4; SCA 2; Homecoming Can- didate 5; Art Club 5. SIPLE, BEVERLEY ANN Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Vice-President 5; Annual Staff 5; Newspaper Staff 5; Basketball 1; Senior Class Play 5; Cheerleading 4,5; Blue Ridge 4; Miss Alcova Can- didate 5; Sweetheart Queen 5. SALYERS, WILLIAM ARLINGTON, JR. Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 5; SCA 2; Football 2,3; Basketball 2,3; Senior Class Play 2; FBLA 1,2, 3,4,5; Wrestling 2; Track 2; Forensic 3; One-Act Play 2,3,4; Library Assistant 5; SI PA Delegate 4; Science Fair 1; Liberal Arts Club 2,3. SARTAIN, MARY L. F.H.A. 4; DE 5; Basketball 2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; Minstrel 3; Pep Club 1,2; Library Assistant 5; Class Treasurer 3. SARTAIN, SPENCER BLAINE III SCA 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Football 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Class Play 5; Track 4,5; Minstrel 3; Boys ' State 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Key Club 3,4,5, President 4,5; Monogram Club 3,4,5; Class President 4. SMITH, JOHN ARDEN Football 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball 1,2,3. SMITH, SANDRA SUE Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, co chap!ain 5; Annual Staff 5; Latin Club 2,3, Secretary 3; Spanish Club 4; Senior Class Play 5; FTA 2,3, Treasurer 3; Science Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1; Miss Alcova Candidate 5; Sweetheart Court 5; Scholarship Award 2,3; Honor Marshal 4. SMITH, WARREN C. JR. K.V.G. ' s 5. SNEAD, FLORENCE ANNA Library Assistant 5. SAYLOR, GARY NATHANIEL SNYDER, LELIA PAIGE F.H.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4,5; Science Club 2,3; Minstrel 2; May Court 3; Pep Club 2; Cheerleading 2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Class President 3. SCHOLZ, KATHRYN LOUISE F.H.A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Annual Staff 5; SCA 4, Sec.- 184 SPARKS, ELMER JOSEPH Senior SPONAUGLE, FRANK E. JR. STAYTON, WAHDA MAE Basketball 1,2,3; One-act Play 2; Glee Club 1,2,3. STEELE, PAMELA JOYCE F.H.A. 2; Library Assistant 2. STULL, GARLAND EUGENE K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5. SWARTZ, CHESTER E, S.C.A. 2; K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Senior Class Play 4,5; Science Club 1,2,3; Track 4; One-act Play 4; Key Club 3,4, 5; Cross Country 4; Science Fair 1,3; Class Treasurer 5. TAYLOR, JOHN EDWARD Newspaper Staff 5; K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 1,2, 3,4,5; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Track 2,3; Varsity Club 4,5. THOMAS, VIRGINIA CAROL F.H.A. 4,5; Glee Club 1,2. THURSTON, DAVID WAYNE K.V.G. ' s 1,2, 3,4; D.E. 3,4; Football 2,3; Baseball 2,3; Track 2. TUCKER, DARRYL ALEXANDER K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4,5; D.E. 5; Senior Class Play 5; F.B.L.A. 4,5; Minstrel 3; Glee Club 1,2. TUCKER, ELIZABETH MAE F.B.L.A. 4,5; One-act Play 2; Glee Club 1,2. TURNER, LOUIS MARTIN K.V.G. ' s 2; Football 1; Track 1. TURNER, MARY LOVING F.H.A. 1,3,5; Tri-Hi-Y 5; S.C.A. 3; Baseball 3; Pep S)irecioru Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4,5; Homecoming Queen 5; Miss Alcova Candidate 5. TYREE THOMAS EARL Spanish Club 1; K.V.G. ' s 1, 2,3,4; D.E. 1; Football 1; Minstrel 1,2; Glee Club 1; Library Assistant 1,2, 3, 4. VASS, JAMES DOUGLAS K.V.G. ' s; D.E. VIPPERMAN, BEULAH SANDRA Glee Club 1,2. WADE, JOSEPHINE LEE F.H.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Glee Club. WALTON, CYNTHIA ANN F.H.A, 1; Tri-Hi-Y 5; S.C.A. 1, 2,3,4, 5; F.B.L.A. 4,5; Parliamentarian 4; Secretary 5; Minstrel 1,2,; Pep Club 1,2,3; Cheerleading 2,3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Song Leader 1, Treasurer 2; Class Secretary 5. WILLIAMS, ALMA WATTS F.H.A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Spanish 3; Basketball 1; Science Club 1; Glee Club 1; Library Assistant 1; Basketball Manager 3; Science Fair 1,3. WILSON, BARBARA JEAN Honor Marshal 4. WILSON, MARY CAROLYN WOLFE, ANNETTE GAIL F.B.L.A. 4,5. WOLFE, BRENDA JOYCE WOLFE, LARRY JUNIOR WOOD, CHARLES THOMAS WRIGHT, BRENDA JEAN F.B.L.A. 4,5; Parliamentarian 5; F.H.A. 4,5. WRIGHT, EMMETT WAYNE, JR. 185 is wef paicf i iai is well saiisjie(£ THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Act IV Scene I Diamonds Sterling Silver Crystal China Watches COVINGTON, VA. 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Riverside Covington COLONIAL BEAUTY SHOP Dial 962-2516 332 Main Street Covington Congratulations — Grads from 356 Main Street Covington ZIMMERMAN COMPANY, INC. MISS ALLEGHANY SHOP Ridgeway Street Clifton Forge RAPP ' S SHELL STATION Beech and Monroe Avenues Covington Virginia RURAL SUPPLY COMPANY 15-30 Day Credit Free Delivery All your farm and garden needs 1 1 8 S. Lexington Street Phone 962-6466 Covington BRADLEY ' S DRIVE-IN MARKET Route 1 Covington 197 PRESTO LUNCH 414 East Ridgeway Street Clifton Forge Virginia Compliments of QUALITY JEWELERS SINCE 1913 Watches, Diamonds, Silverware and China for over 50 years. Main Street Covington FAIRVIEW SERVICE STATION Oregon saw chains, bars, and sprockets Route 3 Covington THE PARK MOTEL Cliftondale Park Dial 862-4365 Clifton Forge Virginia ARRITT ' S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped Dial 962-2201 1102 Highland Covington WCFV RADIO Dial 862-4147 1,000 Watts Clifton Forge Virginia BARR TOPHAM COMPANY Main Street Covington COVINGTON DRIVE-IN MARKET Altamont Covington 198 CITMS MTIOML BAM Dial 962-2141 " We are equipped to serve you " 246 Main Street Covington, Virginia MEMBER F.D.I.C, comm TRABER AAR STORAGE COIHPAAV Phone — Day or Night 962-2860 West Main Street Covington 199 Best Wishes To The Class of ' 65 POWDER COMPANY I N COR FOR ATE D COVINGTON, VIRGINIA PLANT 200 Subscribe to the Covington Virginian to be mailed to a friend or relative at College. It ' s just like a letter from home every day in the week. Dial 962-2121 Covington DENTISTS H. E. Adams J. I. Bernhardt K. A lcC Crawford G. J. George B. M. Martin B. C. Meeks 201 GRIP ' S DRIVE-IN " Anything we serve, we serve to go " Cliftondale Clifton Forge Virginia H 1 MIDWAY GREENHOUSES Serving Covington, Clifton Forge, and Alleghany County Low Moor Virginia LAWYERS COLLINS AND WILSON Hale Collins William T. Wilson STEPHENSON AND KOSTEL R. B. Stephenson George J. Kostel WATSON AND CARSON Fletcher D. Watson William E. Carson REVERCOMB AND REVERCOMB George A. Revercomb Jr, Edmond Revercomb COMMONWEALTH ' S ATTORNEY C. W. Allison COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 202 A CAREER With A Future If you like sdence and mathe matics, consider engineering for your career! Engineering is the field of today and tomor- row. Progress is fast. New jobs are opening op every day. Plan for a job with a future— plan to be an engineer! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of ' 65 LEGGETT’S DEPARTMENT STORE The Friendly Store and Home of Better Values Main Street Covington 203 CLIFTON FORGE HARDWARE Repair — Remodeling Phone 863-8501 Clifton Forge Jesse Peck LAWLER FURNITURE CO. Clifton Forge ' s Furniture Family Phone 863-3596 Clifton Forge PROPST AND SMITH BARBER SHOP Maple Avenue Covington TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION Esso Products 4 miles east on U.S. Route 60 Clifton Forge Virginia BURR ' S STUDIO People ' s Bank Building Phone 965-9281 Covington ROSES STORE Novelties and School Supplies 315 W. Main Street Covington THE DRESS SHOP Main Street Covington CHITTUM TIRE SERVICE Goodyear Tires Complete Recapping Service 125 W. Ridgeway Street Phone 862-4747 Clifton Forge 20 CHILD ' S AND HEARE JEWELERS 311 W. Main 962-3701 Covington, Virginia RITSCH ' S CLEANERS Office 1 1 1 Main Street Phone 965-3211 Plant 1236 Durant Road Phone 965-3021 Covington, Virginia RAINBOW DRIVE-IN Phone 862-2151 Clifton Forge Virginia WOODY ' S APPLIANCE TOY CENTER 918 Highland Avenue WOODY ' S AUTO PARTS 918 Highland Avenue Covington Virginia 205 Phone 965-5392 Visitors Welcome HOMEWOOD PONY FARM Exhibitors Breeders of Registered Sheltlonds Covington, Virginia Mrs. C. P. Whitlock, Owner Richard L. Ferris, Trainer 1 H 1 n V j h Vv THE FRIENDLY BANK " The First National Bank 206 NICELY ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Clifton Forge Virginia ALLEGHANY HARDWARE COMPANY 340 W. Main Covington D D GRILL CAROLYN SHOPPE Always good coffee and good food Ladies ' Ready to Wear 430 W. Ridgeway Clifton Forge Virginia Clifton Forge Virginia Compliments of Markrite Supermarkets: The Courtesy Store, Foodland and Groceteria Your Gold Stomp Stores Covington Virginia WEBBER ' S FLOWER SHOP A complete floral service, flowers by wire, anywhere Clifton Forge Virginia Phone 862-2406 Night 862-2381 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Main Street Covington CLIFTON FORGE MOTOR CO. Pontiac — Cadillac GMC Trucks " Since 1936 " 612 Main Street Clifton Forge 207 JAMES B. FRANCES COMPANY 431 E. Ridgeway Street Clifton Forge Virginia " We appreciate your business " COVA OIL CORPORATION Distributor of Gulf Products Covington Virginia GREEN MILL RESTAURANT Regular Meals — Short Orders 114 E. Riverside Covington f Sincere Congratulations From CABLEVISION OF VIRGINIA, INC. Covington and Clifton Forge Compliments of CHAPMAN PLUMBING HEATING THE SHOE BOX Phone 965-4291 203 Court Ave. 279 Main Street Covington Covington Virginia " We Trade For Anything " Dial 965-5216 THE TRADING POST Television Sales and Service Motorola Television Gibson Air Conditioners Norge Washer and Driers ] 84 Monroe Ave. Covington SNEAD BUICK AND PONTIAC Covington Virginia 208 PURKEY FLORIST Covington Virginia GRAND PIANO AND FURNITURE CO. Compare our quality and prices before buying anywhere. 175 Maple Avenue Covington 209 C P. WHITMORE 431 Ridgeway Street Clifton Forge MAYTAG APPLIANCE STORE Kelvinator Appliances Zenith Radio and T. V. Clifton Forge Virginia CLUTTER ' S ESSO STATION Monroe Avenue Covington MAYFLOWER INN Highland Street Covington RADIATOR AND TIRE REBUILDERS Vulcanizing, tire recapping and radiator repairs Monroe Ave. Phone 962-2862 Covington Virginia SMITH-RULE FURNITURE COMPANY 530 Main Street Clifton Forge AVERILL ' S STORE Low Moor Virginia NICELY FUNERAL HOME Clifton Forge Virginia 210 DOCTORS W. P. FLETCHER W. R. GARCIA M. 1. HANNA N. B. JETER ALLEGHANY FLORAL Phone 962-2109 Covington BUDDY ' S AND SONNEY ' S DRIVE-IN Route 60 Covington JANE COBY, INC. Cliftondole Park Clifton Forge Virginia HAROLD ' S JEWELER Main Street Covington GREENWAY ' S REAL ESTATE AUCTION COMPANY Auctioneers — Rentals R al Estate City and County Appraisals — F.H.A. Loan Advisors 213] 2 West Main Street P. O. Box 549 Covington Phone 962-0281 962-4081 TRAYLOR FURNITURE COMPANY " The Home of Fine Furniture " 376 W. Main 965-5356 Covington ARRITTS RADIO T. V. 1138 Highland Ave. Covington 212 Compliments of R. M. LOVING FUNERAL HOME N. Maple Ave. Covington THE DAILY REVIEW The Oldest Newspaper In Alleghany County Clifton Forge Virginia G. C. FAWLEY AGENCY, INC. Mutual Insurance " Save with Safety " Maple Avenue Covington VANCE ' S GULF SERVICE STATION T ires — -Accessories Lubrication — Wash 603 Main Street Clifton Forge Virginia If it ' s a glass job, call COVINGTON GLASS AND MIRROR CO. Storm Doors — Storm Windows Store Fronts — Seat Covers Steel Sash — Glazzing — Auto Glass 705 Monroe Ave. 962-1115 COMMUNITY FORD SALES, INC. Ford Authorized Sales and Service Ph. 862-4131 Clifton Forge RIVERVIEW FOOD WEST VIRGINIA PULP MARKET AND PAPER CREDIT UNION Fruits, Vegetables, Borrow Here Save Here Groceries Meats With Life Insurance on Both Dial 862-4474 Route 1 422 W. Prospect Street Clifton Forge Covington, Virginia HALL ' S TRANSFER STORAGE CO. Agent For North American Van Lines HYDE ' S PHARMACY 862-4172 Clifton Forge Virginia 510 Church Street Clifton Forge, Virginia PINEHURST MOTEL U.S. 60-220 East of City Covington, Virginia LEGGETTS DEPARTMENT STORE " The Home of Better Values " Wearing Apparel- — Millinery — Shoes — Dry Goods — Notions E. Ridgeway Clifton Forge Phone 862-4145 ft Compliments of CHILD ' S ESSO STATION Jesse Cottrell, Mgr. All Auto Repair Work Edgemont Covington SWAN RESTAURANT " The Home Of ' Diamond ' Sugar Cured Country Hams " Clifton Forge Virginia FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home For Your Money Money For Your Home 862-4209 Clifton Forge DOWNER HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. Paint and Varnishes Electrical Supplies Heating Supplies Building Supplies Plumbing Supplies 608-610 Highland Street Covington, Virginia CLAY SHOE STORE 319 W. Main Street Covington DRESSLER MOTORS, INC. Corner Monroe Cherry Covington, Virginia 962-2291 RED ' S TV 310 S. Monroe Street Covington MONROE LANES Monroe Avenue Covington, Virginia 215 BOOSTERS WHITEY ' S MINIATURE GOLF AND PAR 3 Rt. 18 Idlewilde Covington Michael Steele Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Crowder Dennis W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Scholz Mrs. K. R. Scholz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beirne Mary Lamb Wallace Truesdell Clift Drug Co. THE H. O. CANFIELD CO. OF VIRGINIA Manufacturer of molted rubber products Clifton Forge Virginia Congratulations to the Class of ' 65 from a friend 216 H. W. ROBERTSON, SR. Operating PAINTER ROBERTSON Men ' s and Ladies Shop Covington Hi-way Drive-In Visulite and Strand Theaters Phones 965-5236—962-2709 Covington, Virginia BOTTLED GAS CO. OF COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Maple Avenue 962-9241 Compliments of A A FRIEND M. H. FISHMAN CO., INC. 343 Main Street Covington O. E. PARKER CO., INC. " Quality Building Materials " Hot Springs Road Dial 962-2268 Covington, Virginia SHELL SERVICE CENTER Shell Products Gates Tires Corner Main Jefferson Clifton Forge Owned and Operated by Averill Brothers JIGG ' S DRIVE-IN Route 60 East Covington Virginia 217 PBINTINO COMP.NV . 1 h U r Alleghany Highlands Regional Library

Suggestions in the Alleghany County High School - Alcova Yearbook (Covington, VA) collection:

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