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Ref Alcova Va 30065100367645 Mem 371.8 Memorial Case A1 cova ALCOVA VOLUME I 1964 ALLEGHANY COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Covington, Virginia TO LAY FOUNDATIONS We have come to Alleghany from our several different schools and laid many foundations. It has been a year f or developing new friendship, ac- quiring new skills, having new experiences, and sharing new thoughts. It has also been the year for decision and pre paration, competition and participation, contribu tion and contemplation. 4 As this school term opened, confusion existed every- where — " Who is Mrs. Carter ! 5 Oh, it ' s " K " Karter! " These were common sayings heard about the halls of Alleghany as the students and faculty first met. Then as the year began to proceed, the saying changed to " I ' m so confused I don ' t even know what he ' s talking about! " Not only was confusion expressed concerning the courses, but also the location of various parts of the building; confused eighth graders were " assisted " by equally confused upper classmen. Even the faculty at times appeared somewhat befuddled as they faced the changing sea of faces each class period. Everyone has met with confusion this year, and it has become a part of our memories of our first year together. Choosing the institution in which to further one ' s acade- mic interests and abilities proves to be a real decision for Kerry Ellinger and other A.C.H.S. seniors. . . . TO BE CONFUSED . . . As the school year opens, our students denote an air of confusion as they patiently wait for schedules and classes to be revised. Seated, I. to r.: Skip Taylor, Dottie Kimberlin, Harry Hudnali, Nancy Lou Nicely, John Petty, Linda Shelton. Standjng, I. to r.: Brenda Carpenter, Pete Davis. This was the year of selecting and deciding. One of the first decisions was faced by the seniors in choosing graduation announcements. After looking at various styles and talking with many representa- tives, the class of 1964 chose the first announce- ment for A.C.H.S. — one portraying simplicity and dignity. . . . TO ORIGINATE . . . Also, among the major decisions to be made this year was that of selecting a title for the yearbook The staff asked each member to submit a title, the winner to be announced with the arrival of the an- nual Taking the first two letters of the three words Alleghany County, Virginia, Linda and Carolyn Shel- ton presented the title ALCOVA. Since our school functions to meet the demands of the entire county, the staff felt that this was the most appropriate title submitted. Our congratulations and thanks, Linda and Carolyn, on your originality. 6 L. to R.: Linda Shelton, Carolyn Shelton. This was the year of sports events and vic- tories. Yet a third decision was necessary, that of choosing a mascot for the mighty team. Be- cause of their professional appearance on the field, the nickname, Colts, was selected by the student body. The nickname together with the school colors — red, white, and blue — combine to formulate an image, that of might and spirit. Larry Hayslett rides our mascot, the Colt, at our first football game. . . . TO EXPLAIN Always eagerly awaited and anticipated is the arrival of class rings. This year representatives from each class met to choose the traditional A.C.H.S. class ring. The ring chosen consisted of an oval stone in either red or blue surrounded by the words 1 Alleghany County High School. On the left side is the Commonwealth seal and motto " Sic Semper Tyrannis " meaning " Thus Always to Tyrants " ; and on the right is the school shield depicting the torch and open book for learning, the quill and scroll depicting study, the lyre portraying the love of the arts and the rocket emblem symbolizing the Space Age. The shield was topped by the mascot and the school motto, " Loyalty and Honesty. " Thus, the ring shows not only a loyalty to the state of Virginia but depicts the goals and ideals of this first year at A.C. H.S. Seated, I. to r.: Jedy Sartain, Joyce Loan, Harry Hudnall, Sandra Dressier, John Stinnett. Standing, I. to r.: Cindy Waltin, Jean Fleshman, Jean Carson, Patti Armentrout, Wendell Al- fred, John Hall, Gary Frye, Bonnie Hayth, Becky Anderson, Linda Howard. TO PREPARE Through these doors step tomorrow ' s leaders. No- where else are our lives so imprinted and so formu- lated as they are during our high school days; for it is 1 here at Alleghany that we come as insecure and uncertain eighth graders, hopeful to develop into successful, mature graduates. We must be pre- pared to meet the awesome challenges and burden- some responsibilities of the Space Age in order to make this world of crises, despair and anxiety a world of peace, progress and hope. It is our school, Alleghany County High School, that provides us with the opportunities necessary to prepare us in those areas which are vital to our development. Those endless hours of note-taking and lecture only to be followed by seeming eons of reading and research in the library and at home . . . the victories and losses of sports events . . . the beauty and excitement of a formal dance . . . the quiet and soul-searching hours of discovering ourselves are all a part of our high school preparation. This molding of mind and character must be achieved, for it is from these halls and through these doors that tomorrow ' s hope will walk — today ' s answer to tomorrow ' s challenge. The lunch table is a popular meeting place for our students. Words of truth and fiction, farce and seriousness travel along the tables. . . . TO SNATCH A LEISURE MOMENT " Time Out " is a meaningful phrase to Alleghany stu- dents whether it be a break during a thrilling athletic contest or simply a pause during a busy school day. To some A.C.H.S. students, the new cafeteria provides an op- portunity for relaxation and the meeting of friends for an appetizing lunch; to others, leisure means " Time Out " to meet one ' s ' special ' person for a few moments before rush- ing off to another class. Yet another student enjoys the peace and quiet of being alone after the school day has ended to reflect upon the day ' s events and activities. Thus, A.C.H.S. seeks to develop the whole person — the body beau- tiful, the mind inquisitive and alert, and the personality friendly, not only through the classroom experiences but through leisure activities as well. To Millie Patterson and Buddy Hobbs, feel- ings are more effectively expressed through a look than through words. Waiting for the three o ' clock bell provides hall moni- tor Cherie Davis moments for quiet reflection. 9 TO GROW INTELLECTUALLY Our thirst for knowledge pushing us ( we come today . . . making our way in cars, buses, or afoot . . . eagerly awaiting the ring of a bell the beginning of our search for wisdom. Yet not only through classes and books, re- search papers and p rojects, do we acquire com- plete wisdom. It is in our clubs and organiza- tions that we are provided with an experience unobtainable through studies. It is in this fellow- ship that we share the moment of youth to- gether. We come to grow intellectually, knowing that too soon we must go, leaving behind the care- free days, and passing on the greater knowl- edge. Nancy Lou Nicely has learned that study and research comprise an integral part of one ' s intellectual growth. Doyet Moore, Tom Nichols, and Sue Smith know that the laboratory experience provides o basis for broadening one ' s knowledge of chemistry. ... TO DREAM. cial memories . . . the excitement pervading Home- coming . . . the anticipation of the Prom . . . the anxiety of classes . . . and we look to the future with bright eagerness . . . the end of our high school career is but the beginning of the fulfillment of our dreams. Graduation . . . our final goal. As the strains of Pomp and Circumstance resound throughout the air, seniors march slowly forward to bid our Alma Mater farewell. A cap, a gown, and a roll of parchment represent only outward symbols of unique experi- ences at A.C.H.S. Proudly we stand on the threshold of a new life and in retrospect we relive those spe- WE DEDICATE Mr. Hodnett ' s many tasks include receiving reports from the State Department of Education and determining their effect on Alleghany County Schools. • • • At the end of a busy day, Mr. Hodnett leaves his office although his work never ceases. The ALCOVA staff and the students of Alleghany County High School proudly dedicate this, the first edition of the ALCOVA, to Mr. Walter Lee Hodnett, Superintendent of the Alleghany County School sys- tem. Mr. Hodnett has served in his present capacity since 1958. Without this man ' s hard work, the dream of this new school might never have been realized. Some of us have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Hodnett personally while others are only acquainted with the fact that he is our school su- perintendent. Nevertheless, he feels a personal kin- ship to all phases of the educational system and has our best interests at heart. A high ranking scholar himself, he was the vale- dictorian of the first graduating class at Spring Garden High School near Chatham, Virginia. Mr. Hodnett went on from there to receive his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Virginia and his Master of Education Degree from the College of William and Mary. Since then, he has worked tirelessly in the educational field. In his present job he has given unselfishly of his time so that this county might have a superior school system. Mr. Hodnett is a man not only of action but also of foresight. As he guides the workings of the schools in Alleghany County, he is thinking not only of the present situation but also of the future. We are deeply grateful for all that Mr. Walter Hodnett has done that Alleghany County might have the finest educational system possible. 12 MR. WALTER L. HODNETT SUPERINTENDENT OF ALLEGHANY COUNTY SCHOOLS 13 Wisdom will repudiate thee, if those think to enquire. Why things are as they are or whence they came: thy task Is first to learn WHAT IS, and in pursuant knowledge Pure intellect will find pure pleasure and the only ground For a philosophy conformable to truth. — Bridges 14 ] SCHOOL BOARD L. to R. (seated): Mr. E. Lynn Miller, Jr., Mr. Delbert Hepler, Mr. Bishop Pence, Mrs. John Hamlet, Chair- man, Mrs. James R. Ginn. Standing: Mr. Walter L. Hodnett, Superintendent, Alleghany County Schools; Mr. Robert F. Burrowes, Alleghany County Schools. Mr. C. M. Smith, District Supervisor East Carolina College, B.S. University of Virginia, M.Ed. ADMIN Mr. Walter L. Hodnett, Superintendent of Alleghany County Schools University of Virginia, B.S. College of William and Mary, M Ed. 16 RATION Mr. Charles W. Holbert, Athlet ic Director Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Biology; Physical Science Mr. Dusan Cvizic, Principal Concord College, A.B. George Peabody College, M.Ed Both Miss Gleason and Miss Lawler utilize the new language laboratory equipment. An integral part of Mr. Baber ' s vocal teaching is giving individual assistance prior to concerts. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Lucy E. Gleason Lynchburg College, A.B Latin; Math; Sponsor, Latin Club M iss Elizabeth Ann Lawler Radford College, B.A. Spanish; Sponsor, El Club Espanol Miss Smith seems to be giving one of her art students a few pointers on how to sketch the figure correctly and effectively. FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Leonard W. Baber Concord Coll ege, B.S. Band; Choir Miss Elizabeth C. Smith Mary Washington College, B.S. Parsons ' School of Design, Art Diploma Art Miss Mary Helen Wolfe Randolph-Macon Women ' s College B.A. Librarian; Library Science Miss Mary Lifts Burton Madison College, B.A. English Sponsor, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Jean W. Clift Mary Washington College, B.S. English Sponsor, S.C.A. Under Mrs. Karter ' s guidance, the freshmen study Great Expectations. Mrs. Mary C. Fairfield Concord College, B.S. English Sponsor, Alcova Mr. Robert W. Jefferies Emory and Henry College, B.A. English Coach, J.V. Football Mr. Jefferies ' students know that all classes are not necessarily dull! ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ann C. Karter University of Maine, B.S. English Miss Lynn Raines Emory and Henry College, B.A. English Sponsor, Junior Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Enza Reynolds Longwood College, B.S. English; Math Sponsor, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Miss Rebecca B. Thompson Concord College, B.A. English; Public Speaking; Journalism Sponsor, Patriot Miss Jo Ann Bogan Madison College, B.S. Social Studies; Civics Sponsor, Junior Tri-Hi-Y Miss Frances Butler Concord College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Government; American History Mr. Harold L. Carter Lynchburg College, B.A. Government; American History " Here is Alleghany County ' , Miss Butler tells her fourth period senior government class. Miss Bogan publicizes the social studies de- partment by inserting an attractive display in the showcase. Mr. Reid, complete with his briefcase, is checking to see if the postman has left him anything. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. M. Wesley Reed Morris Harvey College, B.S. Social Studies Mrs. Eila Watts Sadler Madison College, B.S. American History; English; Reading Not only the literary figurehead at Alleghany High, Miss Wolfe is the advisor for using audio-visual aids. This year at ACHS, students have been given the opportunity to prepare for a career in library science. They have learned not only how to use the library effectively but also how to efficiently assist others in utilizing the facilities of the library. In addition, the stu- dents have learned the cataloging of books and the many other necessary details which a competently operated library requires. Under the capable guidance of Miss Wolfe, both students and faculty have greatly profited from the training and ability of the library staff. LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT One of the six student library staffs, this group and the others give Miss Wolfe and ACHS invaluable assistance each day. 21 Mr. Thomas C. Hardin Appalachian State Teachers ' College, B.S. Algebra; Math Mr. Edward E. Rhea Lynchburg College, B.S. Algebra; Physics Coach, Track, Cross-Country Mrs. Florence H. Scholz New York State Teachers ' College, B.A. Math " Really, V means five, not ' victory ' . " MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT IN MEMORIAM: M iss Edith Michie November 24, 1963 Mr. Ambler G. Sutherland V.P.I., B.S., B.A. Math 22 Mr. Charles F. Walker Concord College, B.S West Virginia University, M.A. Trigonometry; Geometry; Guidance Coach, Basketball Mrs. Ethel G. Glover Mrs. Doris H. Jamison M rs. Billie L. Johnson Madison College, B.S. Science Berea College, B.S. Appalachian State Teacher ' s College, M.A. Science Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Biology; General Science " Now, son, you know that In does not stand for potassium! " One of Mrs. Thomas ' biology students has apparently just given a very funny, but wrong, answer to one of her questions. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Richard G. Sheltman Randolph-Macon College, A.B. Chemistry; Biology Mrs. Catherine C. Thomas Madison College, B.A. Biology; World History Mrs. Anne K. Watts West Virginia University, A.B. General Science 23 Mr. Everett- C. Barbrow, Jr. Emory and Henry College, A.B. World History; Physical Education Coach, Football and Baseball Miss Jo Anne Carter Radford College, B.S. Physical and Health Education Miss Sybil M. Hoover Lincoln Memorial University, B.S. Physical and Health Education Sponsor, Cheerleaders PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT " I ' ve got a pressure point here! " says Miss Carter. Are Miss Hoover and Mr. Jonas teaching square dancing or playing London Bridge? Mr. William W. Jonas Emory and Henry College, B.A, Physical Education; World Geography Assistant Coach, Football and Track Mr. John Robert Rose Emory and Henry College, B.A Civics; Physical Education Head Coach, Football Coach, Wrestling Mr. Richard C. Duff Miss Jane Johnson Mr. Robert C. Knabenshue Richmond Professional Institute, B.S. Distributive Education Madison College, B.S. Home Economics Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S. Woodwork; Mechanical Drawing Mr. Tuholsky demonstrates the metal lathe which many of the A look of amusement begins to steal across Mr. Mitchell ' s boys have used to make friendship rings for their girlfriends, face as Shelia asks, ' Is this the oil pan? " PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Samuel B. Mitchell College of William and Mary, B.S.; M.Ed. Drivers ' Education Coach, J.V. Basketball Assistant coach, baseball Mrs. Maria B. Perdue Madison College, B.S. Homemaking; Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America Mr. Joseph M. Tuholsky Murray State College, B.S. Metal Work Mrs. Martha H. Brooks Radford College, B.S. Shorthand; Bookeeping Sponsor, The Business Club Mrs. Harriet H. Bush Madison College, B.S. Business English; Office Practice; Typing; Business Arithmetic Sponsor, The Business Club Mrs. Maude Rae S. Swartz Mary Washington College, B.S. Typing Sponsor, The Business Club Our business instruction to students receive prepare them for both practical and the modern business useful world. OFFICE STAFF BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Always cheerful and efficient, Mrs. Snead and Mrs. McCaleb assist in the smooth operation of our school. OFFICE ASSISTANTS: L. to R.: Peggy Wolfe, Regina Mays, Donna Deane, Buddy Hobbs. 26 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Miss Nora Kathleen O ' Farrell Marshall University, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. English; Guidance In addition to giving individual assistance to students, Miss O ' Farrell and Mrs. Reynolds maintain up-to-date files on all our students. PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Mrs. Clifford combines her knowledge of psychology with her duties as a guidance counselor in assisting students with their problems. Mrs. Pansy S. Clifford Radford College, B.S. Social Studies; Psychology; Guidance Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans — born in this country, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage. — Kennedy 28 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President . . . Jesse Lee Davis Wanda Marie Carr 30 Secretary T reasurer Betty Jo Stogdale Nancy Lou Nicely EMMA TERESA ARMENTROUT PRISCILLA MAE BARTLEY PATRICIA ANN ARMENTROUT SHEILA GENE BASHAM WILLIAM LEE ARMSTRONG WILLIAM SIDNEY ATKINS 31 DANNY STEVEN BROUGHMAN GARY PIERCY BROWN 32 BARBARA ANN BOCOOK KAREN JEAN BYERLY LINDA DIANNE BOGAR JOAN MARSHA BRADLEY MICHAEL PRESTON CAMPBELL BRENDA CAROLYN CAMPBELL S3 JEAN KYLE CARSON EDWIN BALLARD CARTER, III 34 WANDA MARIE CARR KENNETH LEONARD CHURCH WILLIAM CARROLL CLINE 35 KERRY RONALDO ELLINGER ARTHUR HADEN ELMORE 36 DORIS JANE ELMORE RONALD DOUGLAS ENTSMINGER 37 RICHARD ALLAN FREELS HOMER LEE FISHER LAWRENCE MEADOWS HAYNES GEORGE LEON GILBERT TOMMY LEWIS HAYNES DONALD HARRISON HAYSLETT 38 BONNIE LEE HAYTH CLYDE RUSSELL HELMINTOLLER KENNETH RICHARD HAYMAKER BUDDY LEE HOBBS SALLY RAE HAMRICK JERRY THOMAS HARRIS 39 BEST DRESSED Sandra Maydian and Donnie Hayslett 40 DOROTHY MARIE KIMBERLIN ELAINE CHRISTINE KNIGHTON 41 AMOS GRANDVILLE KNICK GARY LYNN KNICK MOST DEPENDABLE Patti Armentrout and Kerry Ellinger CLARENCE MELVIN LAVENDER JOHN WILBUR MARTIN JACK WAYNE LEE LEONA MAE LESHER WANNA MAY MASSIE SANDRA KAYE MAYDIAN 42 BETTY LOU LEWIS PATRICIA ANN LEWIS BRENDA FAYE LOCKHART GLORIA JEAN McCORMICK JANE ELIZABETH MAYS REGINA ANN MAYS 43 PAMELA BURTON MYERS HAZEL DEANE NICELY SANDRA MAE MORRIS EUGENE DAVID MYERS NANCY LOU NICELY ROSE LETHIA NICELY 44 WANDA MAE NICELY DAVID MUIR NICOL 45 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jean Carson and Harry Hudnall ROBERT EUGENE PAXTON 46 JOHN WAYNE PERSINGER DORIS ANN REDMAN RAYMOND CLARENCE REED MOST BASHFUL Karen Byerly and George Nelson JANETTE ELLEN RICHMOND 47 LEONARD JOHNSON ROSE, JR. JOHN ELBERT RYAN BETTY JO STOGDALE BILLY WAYNE STULL MARY HUNTER SWARTZ LINDA KAY SHELTON 48 BURTON WEST TAYLOR WILLIAM ROBERT THOMPSON 49 RICHARD RANDOLPH UNROE WANDA JEAN VARNER DOUGLAS CANERE VEST MILDRED LORRAINE WATTS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Hunter Swortz and Butch Haynes 50 5 ] BEST ALL AROUND Wanda Carr and Pete Davis KATHERINE ELIZABETH WOLFE ALICE HESTER WOOD 52 53 PEGGY LOUISE WOLFE GOVERNMENT, CHOIR, ENGLISH Jean Kyle Carson SPANISH Karen Jean Byerly SUPERLATIVES HOME ECONOMICS Patricia Ann Armentrout MATHEMATICS Wanna May Massie 55 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Spencer Blaine Sartain, III Secretary John Rucker Hall Treasurer President . . . Vice President 56 Eunice Katherine Montgomery Rodney Lee Bush f J Alice Jean Angle Juanita Mae Armentrout Linda Mae Armentrout Stephen Douglas Arrington Charles William Bates Horton Penrose Beirne Donna Rae Bennett Phyllis Roberta Bethel Rufus Guy Bradley Sandra Lynngene Bradley Susan Jane Bradley Sylvia Mae Broughman Frank Wilson Brown Jerry Wayne Brown Frances Neville Buck Linda Lou Burks Dreama Darlene Bush Rodney Lee Bush Steven Kent Byer Stuart Leon Caldwell David Wayne Campbell Charles Frederick Carper Buddy Larry Cary Regina Carol Charles Linda Lou Clark Cletis William Clarkson Durward Belmont Clemmons Beverly Ann Conner Brenda Carol Craft Winona Jean Croft Brenda Jo Crowder Byron Earl Daniel Everett Lee Dearing Eunice Ann Davidson Ralph Percey Downey John Wayne Dudley Dennis Lee Entsminger Vaughna Jean Fleshman Issac Lanier Fox Leona Mae Gadd Barbara Leigh Garber Helen Frances Gardner Robert Wayne Golden Steven Michael Griffith Patricia Jayne Griffith Houston Edward Hall John Rucker Hall Irvin Roy Harlow Donna Marie Heindl James Wade Heironimus Sandra Marie Helmintoller Sandra Lee Hepler Wanda Rae Hepler Georgia Anne Herald Roger Dale Hite Sharon Faye Hoke Gregory Allen Howard Randolph Wayne Howard Wayne Lenier Howard Brenda Kaye Humphries Sandra Kaye Hunt Dewey Ward Hylton, Jr. Ronald Miller Irvine Virginia Ann Jackson Bonnie Jean Jamison Virginia Lynn Johnson Linda Carol Jones Mary Jo Kanney Phyllis Ann Keaton Joyce Ann Kern Leon Justin Kersey Marilyn Gaye Kidd Carol Marie Kimberlin Susan Jane Kimberlin Curtis Randall King Walter Clifford King Richard Wayne Kitt Michael Steven Landis Jesse William Lawhorn, Jr. Mary Virginia Lee Howard Glenn Liptrap, Jr. William Dewayne Loan Primmie Lee Long Shelia Patricia Loomis Brenda Kay Lugar James Oliver Martin William Henry Mays Judy Ann McCulley Eunice Katherine Montgomery David Joe Moore Doyet Wade Moore Linda Gail Morris Barbara Ann Myers Wanda Lea Mynes Ida Mae Nicely Nancy Gail Nicely Nelson Talmadge Nicely Patricia Ellen Nicely Sidney McCellan Nicely Tommy Eugene Nicely Virginia Daye Nicely Tommy James Nichols Suzanne Starr Noffsinger Lee Grand O ' Conner Thomas Woodrow O ' Conner Mory Sue Offenbacker Patricia Ann Oyler Frances Virginia Padgett Mildred Louise Patterson Sarah Thornton Pence Linda Faye Peters Laura Frances Pinkard Dwight Leslie Puckett Susan Paige Reynolds Ashby Wiley Rhea Franklin George Richmond Reba Rose Judy Juanita Ross James Harold Rubile, Jr. Patricia Elizabeth Sales William Arlington Salyers Mary Lou Sartain Spencer Blaine Sartain III Kathryn Louise Scholz Carolyn Marie Shelton Wendell Kay Showalter Alice Faye Simmons Harry Jackson Simmons, Jr. Ramona Arden Simmons Beverley Ann Siple John Alden Smith Sandra Sue Smith Florence Anna Snead Lelia Paige Snyder Frank Eldridge Sponaugle Wanda Mae Stayton Pamela Joyce Steele Garland Eugene Stull Chester Emmett Swartz John Edward Taylor Virginia Carol Thomas David Wayne Thurston Daryll Alexander Tucker Elizabeth Mae Tucker James Colman Tucker Louis Martin Turner Mary Loving Turner Thomas Earl Tyree Wesley Edward Unroe James Douglas Vass Beulah Sandra Vipperman Josephine Lee Wade Cynthia Anne Walton Alma Watts Williams Barbara Jeane Wilson Mary Carolyn Wilson Annette Gail Wolfe Brenda Joyce Wolfe Larry Arnold Wolfe Charles Thomas Wood Brenda Jean Wright Emmett Wayne Wright, Jr. 67 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President . Dennis Layne Harmon Vice President Secretary Johnny Granville Crook Martin Cecil Nicely 68 Donald Alpheus Andrews Mary Carlisle Andrews Ronald Renick Andrews Brenda Joyce Armentrout Esther Dianne Armstrong Frances Beverly Armstrong James Michael Arritt Mary Ellen Bailey Robert Emmett Bartley Judy Sue Bazzarre Betty Marie Belcher Douglas Wayne Bess Elizabeth Faye Bess Betty Jean Blake Betty Kay Bogar Thurston Albert Boggs, Jr. Saefred Daryol Booth James Hoge Bowen Danny Clark Bridges Janice Diane Brookman Barbara Lee Broughman Pearl Ellen Broughman William McDonald Buck Sharon Rae Bush 69 Barney Stanley Butler Robert Wayne Byer Ronald Wayne Cale Geneva Alta Capps Olen Danvil Carpenter Murrill Wayne Carper Shelva Jean Carper Drema Colleen Carr Finnie Lee Carson Janis Gayle Carter Mary Cordelia Carter Kenneth Parker Childs Henrietta Clark Dorothy May Cook John Granville Crook Linda Cecelia Cross Frances Marie Curry Randolph Martin Davidson Cherie Suzanne Davis Reginald Lee Deane Eugene Earnest Deisher Frankie Earl Dobbins Jerry Winters Dotson Walter Allan Downey 70 Bertie Elizabeth Downey John Hill Dressier Sandra Lynn Dressier Lucy Anna Dudley Joseph Harold Eaton Deloria Jean Eggleston Earl Preston Elmore Marshall Stuart Entsminger Rita Sue Evans Linda Gray Fitzgerald Ronald Preston Fore Gregory Loving Fountaine Delbert Lanier Fridley Harry Hunter Fridley Richard Calvin Fridley Richard Grant Fridley Allen Rexrode F riel Ronald Lee Frye Jarrett Armstead Fury Carrie Eugene Gaines Laura Bell Givens Delanor Lee Gordon Burton Bowling Graham Patricia Jayne Griffith 71 Zernie Darlene Gunn Kathryn Elizabeth Hall Linda Ellen Hall Roger Lee Hanks Carolyn Lee Harlow Ernest Linwood Harlow Dennis Layne Harmon Sara Elizabeth Harris James Malcolm Hayslett Jimmy Leon Hepler Mary Ann Higgins Gladys Diane Hoke Kenneth Miles Hoke Michael Ray Hostetter James Edward Howard Larry Keith Howard William Larry Hurt Monte Leo Hyler Larry Eugene Irvine Norma Jean Irvine Meredith Littleton Jennings Brenda Sue Johnson Robert Douglas Johnson Dennis Allen Jones 72 Cheryl Marie Keaton Linda Catherine Kellison Jack Allen Kelly John Herman Kendig Alfred Torrence Kershner Lois Linda Kershner Catherine Elizabeth Kimberlin Norma Jean Kimberlin Patricia Ellen Kirby Beatrice Cleveland Kitt Dor othy Ann Kitt Samuel Belton Kitt Earnest Lewis Knick Alvin Ray Koonce Lula Faye Landis Sue Jean Lawhorn Gregory Layne Linkswiler Homer Rhea Loan Joyce Ann Loan Nancy Sue Lucas James Robert Martin Emily Gail Mays Glenn Allison Mays Larry Keith Mays 73 Roger Dole Mays William Leon Mays Brenda Ann McCauley Danny Ray McCoy Carolyn Alma McCulley Charles William McNabb Arnys Lacy Meadows, Jr. Danny Lee Meadows Kenneth Melvin Meadows Sandra Ann Meadows Dollie Ann Messer James Russell Miller Glenn Braxton Minnix Arthur Jordan Morris Linda Karen Morris Carol Veronica Nicely Dwight Edward Nicely Edna Lee Nicely Ellen Louise Nicely Elixabeth Jean Nicely Martin Cecil Nicely Stanley Fulton Niceiy Johnny Lewis Nida Robert Edwin Noffsinger Ilk 74 Dorothy Ann Overton Anise Colleen Owens Linda Kaye Parham Cris+a Berkley Parkins Edward Wayne Parkins Stephen Patrick Carolyn Joann Patterson Juanita Maxine Patterson Clara LaVerne Paxton Betty Jean Persinger Dale Carleton Peters James David Pyle Elizabeth Lynn Reed Judy Denise Reed Dorinda Joyce Reynolds Ronald Wayne Reynolds William Leroy Reynolds Dennis Alan Rhea Paul David Richmond Frank Lenwood Robinson Virginia Lee Rose Barbara Ann Ruff Laurel Adelia Runyon Mildred Howe Sarver 75 William Lee Sartain Gary Nathaniel Saylor Joyce Lynn Scott Claude Howell Scruggs III Albert Downey Seldomridge, Jr. Irvin Douglas Shelton Oscar Thomas Sheppard III John Roger Showalter Robert Douglas Simmons Sandra Carole Simmons Patsy Elizabeth Simpson Sharon O ' Hara Sizemore Floyd Edward Smith, Jr. Jerry Lee Smith Judith Colleen Smith Riley Roscoe Smith, Jr. Elmer Joseph Sparks Wanda Noreen Steele John Clinton Stinnett Lois Jean Sulser Bonnie Jane Switzer Sheila Luvenia Switzer Kathleen Ann Taylor Patricia Ann Taliaferro 76 Brenda Lee Thompson Gary Preston Thompson William Thomas Thurston Julia Anna Tigrett Parker Lee Tingler James Sidney Tucker Allen Finney Turner Lena Pearl Tyree Patsy Jean Unroe Robert Lewis Vaden Robert Wayne Varner Joyce Elizabeth Vass James Franklin Via Reva Mae Walker James Calvin Wallis Sandra Lee Walton Elizabeth Pauline Ward Sandra Kaye Ward Cornelia Flo Warlitner William Clentin Watson Frank LeRoy Webb Timothy Lee Webb William David Webb Idola Fern Weese 77 Donald Edward Wheatley Ralph Franklin Whitehead Patricia Ann Wilcher Ronald Gerald Wilhelm Ronald Lee Williams Betty Sue Willis Larry Junior Wolfe Margaret Frances Wolfe Michael Dean Wolfe Philip Suiievan Wood Joyce Gail Worley Judy Ann Worley Audrey Loraine Wright 78 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President . Ronald Anthony Rudy Vice President Elizabeth Miller Bush Secretary Patsy Ann Nicely 79 Carl Wendell Alfred Richard Ray Allen Virginia Allen Kenneth Gary Anderson Rebecca Sue Anderson Dorley Dean Armentrout Clyde Ellis Ayers Corinnia Mae Banker Ruth Eleanor Barbee Larry Gene Bartley Lily Francine Basham Jerry Wayne Belcher Steve Allen Bennett Wilbur Russell Bess Ramona Elizabeth Blankenshi Sandra Lee Booze Sarah Agnes Botkins Barbara Gail Bowen Dolan Dwight Bowers Jo Ann Bowles John Marshall Bradley, III Nelda Faye Broughman Robert Edward Brown James Julius Bunch Susan Crain Burrowes Elizabeth Miller Bush Donnie Dean Buzzard Brenda Gail Byer Cynthia Stuart Byer Mary Ann Byer Steven Lee Byerly Edmund Frank Byers Mary Ellen Byers Brenda Joice Callaghan Martha Ann Campbell Randolph Franklin Capps Gary Edward Carson Ann Marie Church Joyce Enola Clarke Mickey Virginia Clemons Charlotte Maxine Combs Richard Conner 80 Sarah Kathryn Conner Joyce Gail Craft Clarence Henry Creamer Fonda Lynn Curtis Robert Michael Custer Roger Adrian Daniel Betty Elizabeth Deaton Lawrence Edward Dew Ella Marie Downey Carolyn Hope Dressier Gregory Stephen Dressier Edward Arnold Dudley James Edward Faidley Clarence Windle Farmer, Jr. Carl Smith Ferguson Barbara Ann Fisher Cheryl Ann Fridley Rebekah Lois Fridley Richard Milville Fountaine Victor Lewis Fury Eddie Gene Gaines Wilmer Hayes Gladwell Sandra Louise Goode Dawn Gay Hall Ronald Marrison Hall Gloria Mae Hanks Charles Franklin Hardiman Walter Ray Hardiman Roger Dale Harlow Juanita June Harris Frank Edward Hayslett William Micheal Hayslett Bobby Trail Hepler Loretta Pearl Hepler Karen Elaine Hoke Larry Ellis Hosey Alice Marie Howard Margaret Anne Hughes Lee Allen Humphries Charles Hunnell Charles Lee Hylton Barbara Sue Johnson 81 Ivan Randall Johnson, III Wesley Keith Marie Diane Kellison Donna Leigh Kelly Marshall Thomas Kelly John Wayne Kern Clifford Bruce Kesterson Norman Earnway Kimberlin, Jr. Donna Starr King Thomas Alpin Kniek Earl Dennis Lane Donald Eugene Lawhorn John Lee Lesley Julian Otis Lewis Virgil Lee Lewis, Jr. Richard Berkley Littleton Gerald Eugene Lockhart Tana Lee Long Susan Christina Loomis Stephen Paul Maddy Donna June Madison Terry Allen Martin James Grant Mays, Jr. Edgar Lewis McCallister Lois Marie McCallister Franklin Samuel McCullough Shirley Emogene McDaniel Donna Jean Meadows Leon Holmes Middleton Betty Virginia Miller Ernest StClair Miller Gary Lynn Miller Lewis Lloyd Mitchell Charles William Morgan Patricia Ann Morgan Jeannie Pearl Morris Thomas Edward Moss Alvin Wayne Myers Marsha Gray Myers James Henley Napier Linda Mae Napier Kenneth Preston Neal 82 Carletta Lanear Nelson Bernard William Nicely, Jr. Betty Lou Nicely Cletus Wayne Nicely Glory Ann Nicely Grover Monroe Nicely James Edward Nicely Hiawatha Nicely Nancy Gail Nicely Patsy Ann Nicely Rebecca Ann Nicely Wetzel Edgar Nicely James Albert Noel James William Nuchols John Gray Owens Karen Shifter Patrick Elizabeth Mary Patterson Presley Leon Patterson Darrell Wayne Perkins Glen Allen Persinger James Marvin Persinger Paula Jean Persinger Sue Ellen Peters Patricia Ann Potter Gary Lamarr Ratcliffe Betty Joice Redman Earlene Gail Reed Mary Evelyn Reed Norman Duane Reed Emily Jane Reynolds Richard Lanier Reynolds Robert Allen Rogers James David Rollison Ruby Arietta Rose Codie Ashby Ross Ronald Anthony Rudy Anthony Edward Salyers Walter John Seidel Jo Ann Shiflette Connie Marshall Shires Richard Lee Shull Charles Odel Simmons 83 Paula Gwen Sizemore Rodney Smallwood Charlotte June Smith David Stanton Smith Linda Marie Smith Matilda Jane Sorbara Wilma Lee Steele James Edward Stegar Linda Joyce Stone Stephen Lewis Stull Paul Russell Sumner John Holloway Swartz Roy Edward Swartz Michael Layne Thompson Randall Dale Tingler William Lewis Tingler, Jr. Paula Sue Traylor Darlene Ann Tucker Joe Knight Tucker, Jr. Stephen Allan Tucker Virginia Pearl Tucker Joyce Ann Tyree Judith Lee Tyree Eugenia VanBuren Donnie Edward Vess Melanie Sue Vest Robert Allen Vest Michael Wayne Via Wayne McKinley Via Lawrence Elmer Vipperman Michael Sanford Wade Douglas Wallace Jean Hesterline Walton Jeannie Marie Walton Mary Emma Walton Paul Warwick Delmis Clayton Watson Alice Marie Webb Bonnie Sue Webb Ted Wilhelm William Blair Wilhelm George Leon Wilson 84 Beverly Sue Wolfe Calvin Eugene Wolfe Daniel Leroy Wolfe Jacob Wolfe Richard Albert Wolfe Cornell Cornelia Wrenn Charlotte Wright Daniel Lee Wright Linda Faye Wright George Yachan II Jay Barkley Young 85 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President .Rebecca Claire Bush Secretary 86 Vice President . . . Martha Lee Howard Linda Mae Howard Charles Edward Adkins Robert Gene Ailstock Lee Roy Angle Wanda Sue Armentrout James Michael Arrington Albert Dale Arritt James Allen Arritt John William Arritt Wanda Lee Ayers Carolyn Bernice Barger Charles Allan Bartley Deborah Ann Bennett Phyllis Ann Boerner Jeanette Christine Bogar Delores Annette Boggs Linda Lee Boone Donna Jean Booze Thomas Gray Botkins Brenda Joyce Bowen John Henry Bowen Cynthia Lee Bowles Minitree Emanuel Bowles Mary Virginia Bowyer Monte Allen Brackenridge John Carson Bradley Michael Brewbaker David Wallace Brisindine Lois Marie Brookman Barry Wayne Brown Katherine Ellen Brown Nancy Irene Brown Donna Leigh Bruffey Charles Howard Burr Gary Linwood Bush Rebecca Claire Bush Wanda Jane Bush Timmy Roger Broughman Carl Winfred Byer Carlos Laton Caldwell Jerry Garland Caldwell Donald Layne Cale Gary Allen Cale Judy Katherine Cale Thomas Alfred Callaghan David Warren Campbell Jeanie Carol Campbell Joe Danny Campbell Ernest William Carpenter MicHoel Edward Carpenter James Thomas Carter Wayne Gray Carter Edward Andrew Cary Mary Sue Charles Dewey Calvin Childs James Edward Church Ellen Sue Clark Patricia Diana Clark Edith Darlene Coats Freddie Allen Conner Linda Sue Cooper Gerald Edward Cox Brenda Joyce Craft Paul Wilson Craft Steven Mark Crawford John Boyd Crum Malcomb Blair Crush Michael Preston Curtis Carl Custer Routh Ann Dainty Judy Ellen Deisher Lewis Lee Deisher Thomas Dibble Harry Diradourian Blair Leslie Dodd Barry Lee Downey Donna Marie Downey Glenn Wade Dudley Philip Lee Eaton Linda Faye Elmore Bernard Cabbie Evans Ronald Wayne Evans Walter Nelson Ferguson Gwendolyn Louise Fisher Carol Elizabeth Flenner Michael Fleming Folland James Robert Freels Darlene Ruth Fridley Gary Walton Fridley Mary Virginia Fridley Nathaniel Wayne Fridley Edward Eugene Frye Gary Preston Frye Eva Carol Fury George Benton Garner Albert Nelson Garrett John Douglas Garrett Clarence Eugene Gilbert Lea Ashby Greenway Malinda Sue Griffin Richard Charles Griffin Vernon Lee Griffith John Lee Hall Linda Carol Hardiman Vernon Wayne Harris Charles Preston Hawse Barry Ellis Hayslett Roby Harrison Hedrick David Roseoe Helmintoller Ronnie Eugene Helmintoller Vernon Wayne Helmintoller Phyllis Eleanor Hepler George Thomas Herald Gerald Lee Hevener James Howard Hicks Eugenia Betty Hoke Carolyn Jean Hants Isabel! Mae Hosey Shelia Ann Houff Larry Granville Houser Cheryl Ann Howard Linda Mae Howard Larry Edwin Humphries Larry Wayne Humphries Paul James Huszetek Robert Lynn Irvin Roger Lee Irvin Billy Wayne Jackson Sandra Lee Jamison Karyl Faye Jarvis Earl Clyde Javins Robert Garfield Jones Leslie Mae Kanney Robert Eugene Keith Anna Louise Kelley Edith Marie Kellison James Brown Kelly Juanita Faye Kelly Sandra Lee Kidd Thomas Stuart Kidd Wanda Louise Kidd Jon Jeffrey Kilian Kay Francis King Donnie Ray Kirby Brenda Gay Kitt Randall McKay Knick Rosezetta Faye Knick Anne Graham Lacy Gary Wayne lail Michael Billy Landis Stephen Scott Lee Wanda Carol Lee Herbert Nathan Leech Pamela Marie Letter Marshall King Leitch Charlotte Mae Liptrap Donald Grey Liptrap Brenda Gail Loan Gracie Madison Loan Marvin Harry Lockart, Jr. Leannah Lynn Looney Betty Jean Lowe Barry Wayne Lugar Barry Wayne Mahaney Billy Joe Martin, Jr. Michael David Martin Shirley Jean Martin Gary Fay Mays Rebecca Lisa McCaleb Thomas Edward McCauley Nancy Lou McCulley Donald Lee McDaniel Doris Maurie Meadows James Willard Meadows Charles Dale Morgan George Louis Morgan James Calvin Morris Joseph Allen Morris Vernon Morris Patricia Sue Napier Jerry Cecil Neal Curtis Leslie Nelson Larry Wayne Nelson Elvin Carroll Nicely Luana Elizabeth Nicely Theodore Wilson Nicely Pauline Dreama Noel Amanda Lounell Noffsinger James Gary Nuchols Stephen Oliver Nuckols Jesse Blair O ' Conner Marcus Neil O ' Conner Barbara Jane Offenbacker Larry Wayne O ' Neil Larry James Owens Donald Wayne Paitsel C athy Lynne Parham Kathy May Parker Diane Christine Patterson Roger Owens Pearson Abraham Lincoln Persinger, Jr. Barbara Sue Persinger Faye Lou Persinger William Mike Persinger Donald Eugene Peters Robert Glenn Peters Samuel Wayne Peters Susan Joanne Powell Edna Ellen Ramsey Ira Ledford Redman Shirley Jean Redman Roy Lee Reed Gail Vickie Reed William Burton Reid Martha Lee Reynolds Linda Ann Roalf Ernest Richard Robinson Lynn Vickie Rose Melvin Lewis Rose Russelle Wayne Rose Janet Sue Ruble Charles Arnold Rupe Stephen Edward Saylor Roger Lee Schooler Wayne Robert Schooler Edwin Keith Scrugg Glenda Sue Seay Willis Maxwell Shawver Susan Lynn Shelton Elizabeth Joy Sheppard Frances Louise Shifflet Donna Ellis Simpson Evelyn Ann Sizemore Mark Edward Skoggord Glenna May Slayton Allen Howard Smith Bonnie Mae Smith Edward Emmett Smith Janet Jewel Smith Robert Wayne Smith Roscoe Delmis Smith Sharon Kay Smith Benjamin Lanier Snyder George Martin Sorbara Arnold Wayne Sparks Ronald Lee Spellman Jessie Robert Stanley Diana Susan Steele Robert James Stein Michael Wayne Stinnett Grable Attison Surber Sandra Diane Taylor Donna Sue Terry Helen Marie Thomas Linda Lou Thomas Linda Sue Thompson Gary Allen Thompson Linda Gale Thrasher Charles Jackson Thurston Glenna Gail Treynor Larry Allen Treynor Albert Leroy Tucker Franklin Delano Tucker Harry Lewis Tucker Patricia Marlene Tucker Ashby Emmett Tyree Robert Shields Tyree Leonard Wayne Vail Margie Lynn Vass Fred Junior Vest Kathy Elaine Via Roger Jerry Walker Patty Marie Ward Mary Elizabeth Watson Paul David Webb Emanuel Wainwright Whichard Karen Sue Whitehead Carl Junior Wilcher Candace Louise Wilkerson Charles Wayne Williams Janice Sue Williams John Gatewood Williams Marshall Henry Williams Henry Franklin Wills Linda Jean Wolfe Page Forrest Wolfe, Jr. Robert Joseph Wood John Michael Wrenn Daniel Lee Wright Jennifer Marie Wright Kathy Lea Wright Ruth Davis Yachan Stephen Wayne Young AUTOGRAPHS 93 Our cafeteria staff prepares well-bal- anced and appetizing lunches each day for the students and faculty of ACHS. 94 Nancy Lou Nicely was the recipient of the DAR Citizenship Award. LLE GHANY . . . WE RECOGNIZE Five outstanding sportsmen of 1963-64 at Alleghany are: first row, I. to r.: George Nelson, baseball; Donnie Hayslett, base- ball and football. Second row, l. to r.: Ronnie Entsminger, track; Joe Turner, basketball, Pete Davis, football. Our Girls and Boys State delegates are: I. to r.: Jedy Sartain, Muffin Padgett, Tommy Nichol, Brenda Crowder. 95 Doyet Moore and Mary Carlisle Andrews were Alleghany ' s exchange students to Huntington Park, Long Island, New York. This exchange is sponsored by our local Rotary Club. A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, de- fends courageously, and continues a friend un- changeably. — Penn 96 First row, I. to r.: Pete Davis, Barbara Johnson, Nancy Lou Nicely, Hunter Fridley, Mary Ellen Byer, Sarah Pence, Dennis Harmon. Second row, I. to r.: Dottie Kimberlin, Dennis Wolfe, Cindy Walton, James Miller, Kathy Montgomery, Homer Loan, Gail Thrasher. Third row, I. to r.: Mary Fridley, Sudie Warlit- ner, Becky Anderson, Laurel Runyon, Jean Walton, Becky Bush, Susie Charles. STUDENT CO-OPERATIVE The Student Co-operative Association is one of the most important organizations in any school as its main function is to provide learning experiences for students. Its principal contribution to learning is the development of good citizen- ship. The SCA provides a forum for student expression and assists in solving problems that arise in the school. With these combined responsibilities the SCA is the governing body of a high school. Throughout the year, our SCA has sponsored worthwhile school projects. Among these were the formulation of a school constitution, the donation of an American flag for the school auditorium, and the sponsorship of an alma mater contest. All in all, our Student Co-operative Association is to be commended for their effective governing of the student body in its first year. Harry G. Hudnall, Jr., president of the first Stu- dent Council at ACHS. 98 First row, I. to r.: Ann Lacy, Jimmy Nuckols, Cheryl Howard, Jedy Sartain. Second row, I. to r.: Allan Downey, Charlotte Smith, Wanda Carr. Third row, I. to r.: Ronnie Wilhelm, Deb- bie Bennett, Lewis Mitchell. Mrs. Jean W. Clift, sponsor of the SCA. 99 THE PATRIOT The journalism class, undei f he direction of Miss Rebecca Thompson, composed this year ' s PATRIOT staff. Many long hours of hard work went into the publication of each issue, which was distributed every two weeks. The Christmas issue with its first page in red, the April Fool ' s edition, and the final issue dedicated to the graduating class are but a few of the outstanding editions of the newspaper. THE PATRIOT has been an initial part of our first year at Alleghany through its presentation of school events. I. to r.: Linda Shelton, editor; Doug Shelton, sports editor; Wanda Whiteside, business manager; Miss Rebecca B. Thompson, sponsor; Carolyn Shelton, art editor. Seated, I. to r.: Carolyn Shelton, Donna Bennett, Butch Hay- Nicely. Standing, I. to r.: Anne Deaton, Betty Jo Stogdale, nes, Sally Hamrick, Jeannie McCormick, Regina Tingler, Hazel Brenda Lockhart, Doris Redman. Seated, I. to r.: Linda Shelton, Jeannie McCormick, Harriet Kaye Maydian. Standing, I. to r.: Kenny Haymaker, Harry Hud Walton, Sally Hamrick, Butch Haynes, Donna Bennett, Doris Red- nail, Carolyn Shelton, Hunter Swartz, man, Regina Tingler, Jeannie Smith, Betty Jo Sfogdale, Sandra ALCOVA The ALCOVA represents a unit of time and space. The time is defined by Alleghany as a whole as it progresses through the academic year 1963-64; the space is that traveled by A.C.H.S. students. There were times when we thought this year ' s edi- tion would by " Out of space, and out of time, " but here it is thanks to the people you see on this page. The ALCOVA staff used cameras, threats, tears, anxiety, some brains, and a great amount of luck to complete this book. The camera results are seen throughout the book and need no explanation. The threats, tears, and anxiety came as a last resort and method of getting materials from outside sources. We used brains only occasionally, and our luck is evidenced by the fact that the first volume of the ALCOVA is in your hands. Seated: Patricia Armentrout, editor. Standing, I. to r.: Dave Nicol, sports editor; Jean Carson , assistant editor; Mrs. Mary C. Fairfield, sponsor; Somers Beirne, business manager; Bill Salyers, treasurer. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Senior Tri-Hi-Y Club and the Junior Tri-Hi-Y Club are made up of approximately sixty-six members. To raise money for its objectives, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y sponsored a Sock Hop in the gymnasium at which a very amusing boys ' fashion show was presented. One of its objectives which it met was the contribution it made to the Home Mission Program and World Service Fund of the Virginia District Y.M.C.A. Two of the Senior Tri- Hi-Y members represented our school at Model Gene- ral Assembly in Richmond, Virginia. The club is spon- sored by Miss Mary Litts Burton and Mrs. Enza Reynolds. The main goal of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y was the forma- tion of a club constitution. It was sponsored by Miss Jo Ann Bogan and Miss Lynn Raines. OFFICERS: F irst row, I. to r.: Barbara Ann Fisher, treasurer; Beverly Armstrong, secretary; Geneva Capps, vice president; Lois Sulser, president. Second row, I. to r.: Miss Jo Ann Bogan, sponsor; Linda Cross, chap- lain; Julie Tigrett, historian; Joyce Scott, reporter; Miss Lynn Raines, sponsor. WE SHARE A First row, I. to r.: Bonnie Smith, Mary Ellen Byer, Alice Howard, Sandra Ward, Linda Kellison, Mary Carlisle Andrews, Sandra Dressier, Ellen Broughman, Betty Miller, Lin Reed. Second row. 102 I. to r.: Vicky Reed, Kathy Taylor, Donna Simpson, Linda Howard, Leslie Kanny, Mandy Lou Noffsinger, Becky McCaleb, Brenda Craft, Judy Bazzarre. First row, I. to r.: Wanna May Massie, Beverley Si pie, Alma Karen Byerly, Kathy Scholz, Sue Smith, Carolyn Nicely, Jeannie Williams, Neville Buck, Sheila Loomis, Muffin Padgett, Sarah McCormick, Sandra Hepler, Wanda Whiteside, Nancy Lou Pentz, Dottie Kimberlin. Second row, I. to r.: Lynda Dressier, Nicely, Judy Ervin. COMMON PURPOSE . . . ... To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character. We also share a common platform: Clean speech Clean sportsmanship Clean scholarship and Clean living SENIOR TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS: I. to r.: Harriet Walton, reporter; Eunice Davidson, vice president; Sandra Kaye Maydian, chap- lain; Betty Jo Stogdale, president; Jean Carson, secre- tary; Bonnie Hayth, chaplain; Hunter Swartz, treas- urer. 103 , J m " ' ; m ' fV • Li h •yWrr T ' f First row, I. to r.: Homer Loan, James Bowen, John Dudley, Wayne Loan, Dennis Harmon, Chet Swartz, Somers Beirne, Skip Taylor, James Miller. Second row, I. to r.: Curtis King, Donald Wheatly. KEY CLUB Seated, I. to r.: Jedy Sartain, president; John Hall, vice president; Standing, I. to r.: Harry G. Hudnall, Jr., sec- retary; Mr. Everett C. Barbrow, sponsor; Kerry Ellinger, treas- urer. — The Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanis In- ternational, is an organization designed to develop initiative and leadership and to stimulate the minds of high school boys. This club promotes experience in living and working together and prepares its members for useful citizenship. The Key Club of A.C.H.S. was organized under the sponsorship of Mr. Barbrow. Among their projects were the selling of Christmas trees, the formation of a basketball team to represent ACHS in area competition, and the assisting in the promotion of the cancer fund drive. 104 " Scholarship, Leadership, and De- pendability " — these three terms effec- tively describe the junior and senior honor students. Although they are not members this first year of a national organization, these students have, throughout the year proved to be out- standing. Not only do these students pos- sess high academic averages, but they have participated in many extracur- ricular activities and can be depended upon to always go a step beyond that which is expected. The junior honor stu- dents served as marshals at both bac- calaureate and commencement; among the senior honor students are the recipients of the citizenship and scholarship awards. These students are the source of our great expectations. First row, I. to r.: Linda Peters, Brenda Wolfe, Barbara Garber, Barbara Wilson, Muffin Padgett. Second row, I. to r.; Alma Williams, Kathryn Scholz, Frances Buck, Sandra Smith. HONOR STUDENTS First row, I. to r.: Lynda Dressier, Judith Ervin, Jean Carson, row, I. to r.: Alice Wood, Patricia Wade, Joan Bradley, Patricia Nancy Lou Nicely, Sally Roe Hamrick, Dottie Kimberlin. Second Armentrout, Wanna Mae Massie, Wanda Whiteside, 105 FIRST-YEAR FHA MEMBERS: First row, I. to r.: Sandra Goode, Brenda Thompson, Rebekah Fridley, Karen Hoke, Barbara Gar- ber, Gail Wolfe, Bonnie Jamison, Anise Owens, Brenda Carpen- ter, Carolyn Dressier, Matilda Sorbara, Gail Thrasher, Harriet Walton, Karen Patrick, Tana Long. Second row, I. to r.: Alice Webb, Paige Snyder, Joellen Corker, Barbara Bowen, Mickey Clemens, Edna Nicely, Sandy Booze, Peggy Hughes, Joyce Loan, Josephine Wade, Glory Nicely, Mary Ellen Byer, Bubbles Simmons. Third row, I. to r.: Sandra Walton, Norma Kimberlin, Bobbie Myers, Melanie Vest, Francine Basham, Virginia Thomas, Donna King, Maxine Hoke, Gloria Hanks, Lois McAl- lister, Jean Fleshman, Regina Charles, Betty Bush, Sandra Mea- dows. Fourth row, I. to r.: Patti Armentrout, Marilyn Kidd, Mary Wilson, Linda Morris, Dollie Messer, Corinnia Banker, Patricia Kirby, Dorothy Cook. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OFFICERS: Seated, I. to r.: Susan Kimberlin, treasurer; Darlene Gunn, vice president; Betty Blake, vice president; Nicki Simmons, president; Patricia Oyler, vice president; Cheryl Fridley, secretary. Standing, I. to r.: Janice Carter, sing leader; Catherine Kimberlin, chaplain; Diane Hoke, song leader; Jenny Johnson, pianist; Primmie Long, historian; Carol Kimberlin, reporter; Patsy Potter, parliamentarian. Patricia Ann Armentrout Betty Crocker Homemaker of tomorrow. SECOND-YEAR FHA MEMBERS: First row, I. to r.: Sandra Ward, Cherie Davis, Patty Griffin, Bonnie Switzer, Hazel Nicely, Sudie Warlitner, Juanita Patterson, Rebecca Nicely, Faye Bess, Patsy Nicely, Betty Downey, Betty Redman, Joyce Craft, Eliza- beth Ward, Nelda Broughman, Brenda Armentrout, Jo Ann Shiflett. Second row, I. to r.: Alice Angle, Patricia Wilcher, Judy Bazzarre, Geneva Capps, Phyllis Bethel, Ella Downey, Janice Brookman, Marsha Myers, Carol Nicely, Norma Irvine, Reba Walker, Patsy Simpson, Charlotte Smith, Barbara John- son, Frances Showalter. Third row, I. to r.: Dreama Carr, Kathy Hall, Patsy Unroe, Brenda Lockhart, Sylvia Brough- man, JoJo Herald, Alice Howard, Dawn Hall, Mary Ann Higgins, Brenda Lugar, Alice Simmons, Fonda Curtis, Emma Armentrout, Dora Lee Nida, Maxine Combs. Fourth row, I. to r.: Sharon Bush, Sara Harris, Margaret Wolfe, Betty Persinger, Brenda Byer, Loretta Hepler, Ruby Rose, Laura Belle Givens, Linda Bogar, Frances Curry, Carolyn Nicely, Sheila Switzer, Jeannie Wright, Anne Snead, Betty Belcher. OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America are teen-agers with a purpose of improving personal, family, and community living. To pursue this goal, activities are carried on in the homes, schools, and communities. The group is sponsored by the United States Office of Education and is guided by homemaking teachers. Home- making students throughout the nation are eligible to join. Through the National and State organizations, certain phases of family living are emphasized each year. From these, the Alleghany County Chapter chose to work on " Focus for Family Friendship. " This theme is studied in all chapter activities and emphasized in the class activity. 1 107 Mrs. Peggy Perdue and Miss Jane Johnson, co- sponsors of the Future Homemakers of America. K.V.G.’S " Keep Virginia Green " is the motto of this organization which is spon- sored by the United States Forest Service In this region where forest lands are in abundance, these boys perform a valuable service to the community in protecting these forests against damage First row, I. to r.: Joe Peters, John Hall, Allan Friel, John Dudley, Dwight Puckett, Wayne Golden, Ernest Harlow, Dewey Hylton, Ronnie Irvine, Buddy Cary, Clivie Nicely. Second row, I. to r.: Dennis Wolfe, Somers Beirne, Roger Walker, Monte Brackenridge, Roy Harlow, Barry Daniel, John Stinnett, Skip Clemmons, Gary Frye, William Armstrong. Third row, I. to r.: Dave Nicol, Eddie Unroe, Curtis King, Billy Wayne Jackson, Kerry Ellinger, Leon Kersey, Malcolm Crush, David Ervin, Earl El- more, Gene Deisher. Fourth row, I. to r.: Darryl Tucker, Steve Patrick, Greg Fountaine, Horton Beirne, Tommy Kidd, Larry Ir- vine, Tommy Tyree, Bob Noffsinger, Frank McCullough, Allen Turner, Cletus Clarkson. Fifth row, I. to r.: Clyde Helmin- toller, Danny Meadows, Jimmy Nuckols, Mike Persinger, Jimmy Hepler, Ronnie Wilhelm, Bill McNabb, Greg Linkswiler, Danny McCoy, Glen Minnix, Philip Wood. Sixth row, I. to r.: Bobby Simmons, Ronnie Cale, Billy Watson, Dwight Nicely, Jerry Bel- cher, Wetzel Nicely, Cletus Nicely, Donald Wheatley, Doug Shelton, Marshall Entsminger, Bobby Bartley. Seventh row, I. to r.: Robert Martin, Donald Andrews, Martin Nicely, Theodore Nicely, Dennis Entsminger, Rufus Bradley, Richard Reynolds, Floyd Smith, Gary Knick, Robert Varner. Eighth row, I. to r.: Ronald Andrews, Herbert Leech, Sammy Peters, Randy Davidson, Tommy Knick, Billy Mays, Steve Byers, Randy Smith, David Thurs- ton, Bobby Freels. j . Seated, I. to r.: Susan Burrowes, Frances Showalter, Dottie Kimberlin, Helen Gardner, Barbara Garber, Sandra Hepler, Judy Smith. Standing, I. to r.: Carol Kimberlin, Judy Bazzarre, Sandra Dressier, Mary Carlisle Andrews, Jean Carson, Lynda Dressier, Donald Wheatly, Dennis Harmon, Somers Beirne, Mildred Shaw ver, Joyce Scott, Julie Tigrett, Linda Cross, Lena Tyree, Pat Talia- ferro. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The Latin Club of ACHS is affiliated with the Junior Classical League, a national organization. Members of the club receive membership cards and pins from the league. Under the sponsorship of Miss Lucy Gleason, a number of Latin Club members motored with mem- bers from Covington to the state JCL convention held in Charlottesville in October. At monthly meetings, programs are presented in connection with Latin to make the members more aware of the uses of Laitn today. A film strip depict- ing a Latin myth and a play given in Latin by some of the members are typical examples of the pro- grams. The traditional Latin Club banquet in April cli- maxed the year ' s programs. OFFICERS: Seated, I. to r.: Lucille Webber, historian; Harry Hudnoll, treasurer; Sandra Kaye Maydian, secretary; Nancy Lou Nicely, vice president; Wanna May Massie, president. Standing: Miss Lucy Gleason, sponsor. 109 First row, I. to r.: Pat Sales, Jenny Johnson, Anne Snead, Nancy Lucas, Kathy Scholz, Cornell Wrenn. Second row, I. to r. Neville Buck, Sheila Loomis, Alma Williams, Lynda Dressier, Sandra Kaye Maydian, Linda Kellison, Sarah Pence, Sudie Warlitner, Marilyn Bliss, Mary Ellen Byer. Third row, I. to r.: Donald Kickler, James Bowen, Rufus Bradley, Frank Robin- son, James Rollison. the use of her own private locker. Geneva Capps prepares for a long wait as conscientious Sue Smith calculates her next move. 1 10 First row, I. to r.: Hazel Nicely, Beverly Conner, Carolyn Nicely, Kathy Montgomery, Sue Smith, Betty Miller. Second row, I. to r.: Patty Griffin, Rose Nicely, Pam Myers, Geneva Capps, Laura Pinkard, Donna Kelly, Sue Peters, Dorinda Reynolds, Sandra Ward, Jean Carson, Wanna May Massie. Third row, I. to r.: Butch Haynes, Kenny Childs, Larry Cummings, Steve Stull, Bill McNabb, Mike Arritt. ESPANOL El Club Espanol is composed of students who have studied Spanish in high school. Its purposes are to provide an opportunity for study of Spanish culture outside of school hours and to create among other students an interest in, Spanish-speaking countries. The club meets once a month to con- duct its business and to hear the program presented by the program committee. Highlighting the year were two socials held jointly with the Covington High School Spanish Club: in March, a Mardi Gras dance sponsored by the Covington Club and in May, a picnic planned by our club. OFFICERS: I. to r.: Curtis King, treasurer; Hunter Swartz, chaplain Bever- ley 5i pie vice president; JoJo Herald, president; Karen Byerly, secretary Anthony Salyers, reporter. f itX ' , mm nB [ri ' 3 A iA i.-JA | ,fT First row, I. to r.: Homer Fisher, Bob Carter, Jerry Brown, Buzzy Smith, Eddie Unroe, Danny Hall, Billy Mays, David Thurston, Johnny Martin. Second row, I. to r.: Randy Smith, Dwight Puckett, Nicky Brown, Eddie Kidd, John Petty, Gary Brown, Kenny Church, Jack Lee, Ronnie Irvine, David Knighton. Third row, I. to r.: Eugene Myers, Randy Unroe, Billy Cline, Ronnie Ents- ninger. Tommy Nicely, Gary Knick, Roger Hite, Dickie Knick, Dickie Walton. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB OF AMERICA DECA identifies a program of youth activities relating to distributive educa- tion and is designed to develop future leaders for marketing and distribution. It is organized to provide incentives and recognition for DE students. DECA en- courages group participation, leadership development, career study, and is recog- nized as a vital part of the total dis- tributive education program. All students enrolled in the distribu- tive education program at ACHS are expected to belong to DECA. These stu- dents are allowed to compete in contests such as advertising, sales demonstration, display, ]ob interview, and public speak- ing on the local, district, state, and na- tional levels. The subject of each con- test is further expanded in regular class- room study. I. to r.: Joe Peters, secretary; Tommy Haynes, president; L. J. Rose, reporter; Mr. Richard C. Duff, sponsor; Bill Atkins, treasurer. 1 12 The Business Club, under the sponsorship of the three business teachers, was organized to promote interest in commerce outside the class- room. In addition to monthly meetings, the sen- iors of the club toured the offices ' of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, Hercules Powder Company, and both the Covington and Citizens National Banks. Thus, the members were given an opportunity to view the business world in operation. The activities of the year were climaxed by a picnic held at the home of a club member. THE BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS: F irst row, I. to r.: Betty Jo Stogdale, co-parliamen- tarian; Mrs. Harriet H. Bush, sponsor. Second row, I. to r,: Cindy Walton, co-parliamentarian; Mrs. Maude Rae Swartz, sponsor. Third row,, I. to r. : Brenda Humphries, chaplain; Wanda Mynes, historian; Sandra Morris, president; Connie Showalter, vice president; Janie Mays, reporter; Mrs. Martha Brooks, sponsor. Fourth row, I. to r.: Kathy Montgomery, secretary; Bill Salyers, treasurer. First row, I. to r.: Sandra Ward, Doris Redman, Reba Walker, JoJo Herald, Jean Eggleston, Doris Elmore, Marilyn Bliss, Eunice Davidson, Pat Wade, Joan Bradley. Second row, I. to r.: Sally Hamrick, Sandra Helmintoller, Rose Nicely, Josephine Wade, Sandra Arrington, Mary Sue Offenbacker, Milly Watts, Frances Showalter, Sheila Basham. Third row, I. to r.: Patsy Simpson, Anne Snead, Gail Wolfe, Jeannie Fleshman, Brenda Crowder, Sylvia Broughman, Janice Carter, Regina Tingler. Fourth row, I. to r.: Sandra Hepler, Jeannie Wright, Stephen Patrick, Clivie Nicely, Darrell Tucker, Larry Cummings, Jimmy Hayslett, Joyce Kern, Sandy Meadows, Jenny Johnson. FOOTBALL: First- row, I. to r.: Randy Carroll, Dickie Freels, Somers Beirne, Pete Davis, Donnie Hayslett, Joe Turner, Edward Beasley. Second row, I. to r.: Rodney Bush, A. W. Rhea, Jedy Sartain, Curtis King, Jim Miller, Robert Vaden, Ralph Downey. Third row, I. to r.: Jim Heironimus, Donnie Wheat- ley, Barney Butler, Homer Loan, Johnny Taylor, Charles Hunnell, Dennis Ents- minger. Fourth row, I. to r.: Ralph Whitehead, Rufus Bradley, Bruce Kester- son, John Hall. BASKETBALL: First row, I. to r.: Artie Morris, Joe Turner, Johnny Smith, Second row, I. to r.: Somers Beirne, Rodney Bush, Howard Liptrap, Johnny Taylor, Bert Seldomridge. Third row, I. to r.: Homer Loan, Wayne Howard, Jim Heironimus, Ralph Whitehead, Dewey Hylton. UNDERCLASSMAN CHEERLEADERS: First row, I. to r.: Muffin Padgett, Sandra Dressier, Beverley Siple. Second row, I. to r.: Mary Loving Turner, Kathy Taylor. FIRST MONOGRAMS SENIOR CHEERLEADERS: First row, I. to r.: Hunter Swartz, San- dra Kaye Maydian. Second row, I. to r.: Betty Jo Stogdale, Bonnie Hayth. BASEBALL: F irst row, I. to r.: Rodney Bush, George Nelson, Donnie Hays- lett, Barry Daniel. Second row, I. to r.: Bert Seldomridge, Wayne Golden, Bill McNabb, Hiawatha Nicely. Third row, I. to r.: Homer Loan, Ralph Whitehead, A. W. Rhea, Johnny Taylor. Fourth row, I. to r.: Leo Greenway, Somers Beirne. TRACK and CROSS COUNTRY: First row, I. to r.: Dennis Rhea, Lewis Turner, Carl Ferguson, Ronnie Entsminger, Chet Swartz, Tommy Nichols. Second row, I. to r.: Dennis Entsminger, C. W. Clarkson, Alvin Koonce, Charles Carper, Jedy Sartain. Third row, I. to r.: Theodore Nicely, Homer Loan, Howard Liptrap, John Hall, Randy Davidson. BAND AND BARITONES Barry Downey Larry Owens BASS Mike Martin CLARINETS Michael Arritt Francine Basham Ellen Broughman Charlie Burr Tommy Callaghan Routh Ann Dainty Judy Deisher Phil Eaton Carol Flenner Patty Griffith Eugenia Hike Karen Hoke Carolyn Hounts Jeannie Morris Curtis Nelson James Persinger Dennis Rhea Mildred Sarver Margie Vass Sandra Ward Mary Beth Watson Candace Wilkerson Janice Williams Steve Young DRUMS Donny Buzzard Steve Dressier Joe Eaton Vernon Morris Steve Saylor Claude Scruggs Mark Skoggard Jackie Thurston FLUTES Linda Cross Dorinda Reynolds Charlotte Smith Sandra Taylor Jennifer Wright Benny Yachan SAXOPHONES Donna Bruffey Ellen Clark Kathy Conner Gwen Fisher Mary Fridley Edith Kellison Earl Lane Elvin Nicely Lena Tyree TROMBONES Allan Downey Charles Hawse Larry Houser Wayrve Kern Jon Killian Scott Lee Roger Pearson TRUMPETS Wendell Alfred Dewey Childs Mike Curtis Roger Daniel Chipper Farmer Lee Humphries Meredith Jennings Rick Littleton Steve Maddy Barry Mahoney Gary Mays Joe Morris Theodore Nicely Lee Reed David Smith Mike Wade The band of ACHS has progressed very rapidly in this their first year of organization. Under Mr. Baber ' s supervision, many students have grown in their playing and marching abilities. Because of a lack of experience, our band wasn ' t able to perform on the field this year; however, their two public stage concerts were well received. Also in the musical atmosphere of Alleghany County High School, the vocal class may be heard practicing daily for their presentations. Their first public appearance came when they presented a var- iety of Christmas music for the student body. Throughout the year the choir has presented pro- grams for P.T.A., baccalaureate, and commence- ment, in addition to their semi-annual concerts and performances for various organizations. CHOIR Mr. Leonard W. Baber, Director Band and Choir First row, I. to r.: Betty Deaton, Brenda Carpenter, Cherie Davis, Brenda Wolfe, Muffin Padgett, Judy Smith, Jean Carson, Faye Ayers, Pat Sales, Charlotte Smith, Mary Sue Offenbacker. Second row, I. to r.: Frances Curry, Mildred Patterson, Elaine Knighton, Bea Broughman, Linda Fitzgerald, Frances Showalter, Barbara Johnson, Betty Miller, Regina Charles, Judy Ervin, Sally Kitt, Barbara Broughman. Third row, I. to r.: Patricia Wilcher, Darlene Tucker, Connie Shires, John Owens, Buddy Hobbs, An- thony Salyers, Joyce Tyree, Sarah Harris, Linda Hall. Fourth row, I. to r.: John Smith, Jim Miller, Edward Beasley, John Ryan, Dewayne Loan, Howard Liptrap. FOOTBALL . . . with its thrills of bone-crushing fury . . . BASKETBALL . . . blazing legs across hardwood floors . . . TRACK . . . more honors for fleet-footed Colts. They all mean a greater Alleghany, a sturdier, healthier athlete . . . and a well-satisfied fan. — Meador mm A.C.H.S. FOOTBALL TEAM First row, I. to r.: Johnny Crook, Ralph Downey, James Miller, Jedy Sartain, Curtis King, Barney Butler, Charles Wood, Robert Vaden, Wayne Golden, Marshall Kelly. Second row, I. to r.: Allan Turner, Somers Beirne, Artie Morris, Rodney Bush, A. W. Rhea, Dennis Entsminger, Homer Loan, Donnie Hayslett, Buddy Hobbs, On September 13, 1963, the first football team of A.C.H.S. kicked off to the Mountaineers of Clifton Forge High School. As the game got under way, the Colts seemed to lack skill, spark, and above all, spirit. However, the Colts came back in the second half with two touchdowns. Still, this wasn ' t enough to win, and the Colts went home disappointed with a 20- 1 4 defeat. After their first game, defeat was a word the Colts never heard again. Hard and long practices under Head Coach Robert Rose and assistants Craig Barbrow and Bill Jonas brought about a season rec- ord of seven victories and one loss. As the season ended, the Colts had emerged a much improved ball club. Donnie Wheatley. Third row, I. to r.: Rufus Bradley, manoger; Mike Griffith, John Hall, Ralph Whitehead, Charles Hunnell, Jim Heironimus, Richard Freels, Barry Daniel, Johnny Taylor, Pete Davis, Edward Beasley, manager. During practice sessions, coaches Barbrow, Rose and Jonas confer on the weak and strong points of the upcoming opponent. 120 HAS WINNING SEASON 1964 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD Date Alleghany Opponent Sept. 13 14 20 . . Clifton Forge Sept. 20 27 0 Valley Sept. 28 21 6 . . Lord Botetourt Oct. 5 38 13 .... Buffalo Gap Oct. 12 43 0 VSDB Oct. 25 27 0 .... James ' River Nov. 1 18 13 Wilson Memorial Nov. 8 20 9 Rockbridge County Practice — cruel practice! Excitement reigns in the Wilson Memorial game as Johnny Taylor makes our touchdown. 121 Let ' s take that ball. The trials of becoming a star — VICTORY IS THE RESULT OF TEAMWORK Coach Rose awards Pete Davis the Prep All-American football award. Congratulations, Pete, on this honor. Alleghany is proud that, in its first year, a student won this honor. Block that kick! “Get out of here with that camera — this is football prac- tice! " 1964 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROSTER Donnie Hayslett Q.B. Sr. 143 Artie Morris QB. Soph. 125 Jedy Sartain Q.B. Jr. 131 Pete Davis H.B. Sr. 160 John Taylor H.B. Jr. 150 Joe Turner E Sr. 155 Ralph Downey F.B. Jr. 156 Ralph Whitehead F.B. Soph. 169 Barney Butler H.B. Soph. 148 John Stinnett H.B. Soph. 145 Curtis King H.B. Jr. 148 D onnie Wheatly C Soph. 161 A. W. Rhea C Jr. 160 Robert Vaden G Soph. 175 John Hall G Sr 165 Wayne Golden G Jr. 150 Homer Loan G Soph. 165 Charles Wood G Jr. 160 Mike Griffith T Jr. 155 Richard Freels T Sr. 166 Allen Turner T Soph. 210 Dennis Entsminger T Jr. 180 Jim Heironimus ' T Jr. 167 Charles Hunnell T Fr. 189 Rodney Bush E Jr. 155 Randy Carroll T Sr. 180 Byron Daniel E J r. 165 Marshall Kelly T Fr. 210 Somers Beirne T Sr. 210 Buddy Hobbs E Sr. 188 The officials give the captains instruc- tions before the game begins. 123 J.V. FOOTBALL First row, I. to r, : Mike Hostetter, Jimmy Nuckols, Jim Faidley, Mike Persinger, Charles Morgan, Herbert Leech. Second row, I. to r.: Frank McCullough, Dennis Jones, Larry Irvine, Frank Capps, Lewis Mitchell, Pete Nicely, Floyd Smith, Larry Howard, Butch Witchard. Third row, I. to r.: Bobby Ervin, Ronnie Will- iams, Joe Wood, Frankie Dobbins, Gary Ratcliffe, Leon. Middle- 1964 SEASON RECORD Alleghany 0 35 18 6 6 7 Opponent 13 Covington 0 Lord Botetourt 6 Clifton Forge 9 Covington 9 Covington 13 Clifton Forge Where is that ball? ton, Doug Shelton, Mike Hayslett, Coach Jefferies. Fourth row, I. to r.: Leo Greenway, Ronnie Wilhelm, Norman Reed, Tommy Harold, Bill McNabb, Roy Swartz, Stephen Crawford, Wayne Vail. Fifth row, I. to r.: John Hall, John Smith, John Swartz, Bob Noffsinger, Timothy Webb. 124 Coach Jefferies pauses to watch the J.V. ' s develop pro- ficient playing. T » VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Hunter Swartz, Head Cheerleader Sandra Dressier Bonnie Hayth Sandra Kaye Maydian Muffin Padgett Beverley Siple Betty Jo Stogdale Kathy Taylor Mary Loving Turner 125 JOHN TAYLOR, Guard Junior, 5 ' 10 " HOWARD LIPTRAP, Forward Junior, 6 ' 3 " JOE TURNER, Guard Senior, 5 ' 11 " Captain JIM HEIRONIMUS, Center Junior, 6 ' 4 " THE FIRST SEVEN RODNEY BUSH, Forward Junior, 6 ' 0 " JOHNNY SMITH, Guard Junior, 5 ' 10 " WAYNE HOWARD, Forward Junior, 6 ' 2 " VARSITY BASKETBALL L. to r.: Bert Seldomridge, Johnny Taylor, Ralph Whitehead, Howard Liptrap, Jim Heironi- mus, Wayne Howard, Homer Loan, Rodney Bush, Artie Morris, Johnny Smith. Center: Joe Turner, captain. Coach Charles Walker says: " So you think YOU can play basketball! " 1 964 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Date Alleghany Opponent Dec. 3 65 87 Covington Dec. 6 59 58 . . . . Fort Defiance Dec. 10 53 55 James River Dec. 13 65 76 Buffalo Gap Dec. 14 54 77 Clifton Forge Dec. 20 58 50 . . . . .... Rockbridge County Jan. 10 77 49 VSDB Jan. 1 1 62 81 Lord Botetourt Jan. 14 65 43 James River Jan. 17 63 57 Buffalo Gap Jan. 24 80 66 .... Valley Jan. 31 49 51 ... Clifton Forge Feb. 4 70 84 . . . . Lord Botetourt Feb. 7 55 95 Riverheads Feb. 1 1 66 62 Covington Feb. 14 59 68 Wilson Memorial 128 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Mr. Mitchell, coach, gives co-captains Bill McNabb and Dennis Rhea a few pointers preceeding the game. First row, I. to r.: Ricky Littleton, Jim Faidley, Butch Lane, Steven Byerly, Doug Shelton, Wayne Perkins. Second row, I. to 1964 J.V. RECORD Date Alleghany Opponent Dec. 3 42 46 Covington Dec. 6 49 39 . . . Boys ' Home Dec. 10 38 33 . . . James River Dec. 13 29 27 . . . Buffalo Gap Dec. 14 27 35 . . . . . . Clifton Forge Dec. 20 42 43 . . Rockbridge County Jan. 10 61 23 . . . VSDB Jan. 1 1 43 42 . . . . . . Lord Botetourt Jan. 14 28 20 . . . James 1 River Jan. 17 43 48 . . . Buffalo Gap Jan. 24 42 38 . . . Valley Jan. 27 53 46 . . . Millboro Jan. 31 36 46 . . . . . . . Clifton Forge Feb. 4 44 60 . . . . . . Lord Botetourt Feb. 7 20 31 . . . Riverheads Feb. 10 38 46 . . . Millboro Feb. 11 23 37 Covington Feb. 14 43 38 . . . . Wilson Memorial r.: Frankie Dobbins, George Yachan, Claude Scruggs, John Dres sler, Roy Swartz, John Swartz. 129 First row, I. to r.: Jedy Sartain, John Hall, C. W. Clarkson, Howard Liptrap, Lewis Turner, Jim Miller. Third row, I. to r.: Tommy Nichols, Charles Carper, Chet Swartz. Second row, I. to r.: Theodore Nicely, Allan Turner, Doug Shelton, Dave Barnhart, Bobby Bartley, Homer Loan, Alvin Koonce, Denni s Entsminger, Dennis Rhea, Donnie Wheatly, Ronnie Williams, Randy Davidson. TRACK 1964 RECORD Alleghany Opponent- 39 50-56 Lord Botetourt-Clifton Forge 82 27 Rockbridge County 7 Concord Relays 4 District V Meet The Alleghany County High School track team com- peted in its first meet on April 8 under Coach Rhea and Assistant Jonas. The three schools participating were Alleghany, Clifton Forge, and Lord Botetourt. Clifton Forge came in first, with Botetourt in second, and Alle- ghany third. The second meet was against Rockbridge High School and was held at A.C.H.S. The meet was won by the Colts by a score of 82-27. Alleghany took nearly all of the first, second, and third place awards. Rock- bridge won first in the 100-yard dash, the high jump the shot put, and the 220-yard dash. Up, up, and over! 130 Although track is a relatively new sport on the high school level, it was introduced at A.C.H.S. under the supervision of Coach Rhea. The team participated in the state meet and placed fifth among schools in Group 1 B. Individually, Tommy Nichols placed sixth, and Ronnie Entsminger placed seventh. All players showed much improvement and enthusiasm. Alleghany Opponent 23 37 Andrew Lewis 27 29 Roanoke College Freshmen 29 26 William Fleming 271 , 271 2 Lynchburg College Freshmen 23 23 Bridgewater College Freshmen 35 22 Roanoke College Freshmen (The team with the lower score wins’.) Mr. Rhea, coach of cross country and track, and Mr. Jonas, assistant coach of track, confer before an important meet. CROSS COUNTRY L. to r.: Dennis Rhea, Tommy Nichols, Ronnie Entsminger, Chet Swartz, Lewis Turner, Carl Ferguson. 131 COLTS FINISH SEASON L. to R.: Leo Greenway, manager; Jimmy Faidley, Bert Sel- domridge, Johnny Taylor, A. W. Rhea, Hiawatha Nicely, Roger Daniel, Rodney Bush, Barry Daniel, Ralph Whitehead, Homer Loan, Allen Downey, Bill McNabb, Wayne Golden, Stanley Nicely, Somers Beirne, manager. Center, I. to r.: George Nelson, Donnie Hayslett, captain. Alertness and ambition describe the 1964 District V baseball champions. Along with these qualities and the superb coaching of Craig Barbrow and Sam- uel Mitchell, the Colts ended the championship sea- son with a record of ten victories and four losses; two of the losses were not district games. Of the outstanding players of the season, two were seniors and two were juniors. The seniors, George Nelson, centerfield, and Donnie Hayslett, pitcher and third baseman, will be the only players not returning next year. The outstanding juniors, Rodney Bush, second baseman, and Johnny Taylor, pitcher and shortstop, will be strong support for the team in 1 965. 132 The batting averages of the players are compiled and compared by Mr. Craig Barbrow, head coach, and Mr. Samuel Mitchell, assistant. mmmw [ AS DISTRICT V CHAMPIONS 1964 BASEBALL RECORD Date Alleghany Mar. 26 20 April 7 4 April 14 3 April 24 7 April 28 9 May 5 1 May 8 5 May 12 3 May 14 25 May 19 8 May 20 17 May 20 3 May 20 9 May 22 14 Opponent 0 VSDB 5 ..Wilson Memorial 2 . . Rockbridge County 3 . .Wilson Memorial 2 James River 2 Covington 6 Covington 5 . . Rockbridge County 1 ...... Clifton Forge 7 Clifton Forge 0 VSDB 0 Valley 0 Valley 1 James River Hayslett goes for another homer — 133 A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass Into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet Dreams, and health, and quiet breathing. — Keats 134 WE PRESENT THE FIRST Seated, I. to r.: Dottie Kimberlin, Betty Jo Stogdale, Bonnie Hayth, Elaine Knighton, Janette Richmond. Standing, I. to r.: Joan Bradley, Sheila Basham, Jean Carson, Karen Byerly, Sandra The title, Miss Alcova, is a great honor since the girl holding this title must possess not only beauty, but also intelligence, poise, dependability, and high ideals. The candidates for Miss Alcova are chosen by the senior boys. These boys submit the names of eight- een of Alleghany ' s loveliest senior girls to a faculty committee. Each girl must come before this com- mittee and answer questions on world affairs, dat- ing, school life, and plans for her future. From the answers of the girls, the committee is able to de- Kaye Maydian, Nancy Lou Nicely, Hunter Swartz, Patricia Lewis, Sandra Morris, Patricia Armentrout, Patricia Wade , Wanna May Massie. Not present when picture was taken: Wanda Carr. termine the outlook, poise, and character of each. A decision is reached among the faculty, and Miss Alcova ' s name is submitted to the annual staff. Her identity remains a secret until the annual arrives. This year the judges have selected Miss Nancy Lou Nicely as the first Miss Alcova. Her fairness extends into all phases of her life. Her wisdom guides her every decision. Her character is above reproach. We salute you, MISS ALCOVA, 1 964. 136 The Homecoming Queen candidates appear before the student body who in turn vote for the girl they think most deserving of the honor. They are, I. to r.: Betty Jo Stogdale, Karen Byerly, Mary Hunter Swartz, Bonnie Hayth, Wanda Carr. . . . FOR BEAUTY, EXCITEMENT, AND SNOW Behind the scenes the excitement mounts as the girls are assisted in putting on the finishing touches to their appearances. As the snow gently falls, the queen, her attendants, and their escorts assemble before the spectators. Wanda Carr smiles happily after being crowned the first Homecoming Queen by Mr. Cvizic. The first strains of the Concord Commanders are heard in the gym, and the Homecoming Court sets the stage for the dancing of the evening. The students appear to be enjoying the music and atmosphere at Alleghany ' s first Homecoming dance. I THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS " Poor Julie, may he rest in peace, poor man. But as for you, please don ' t be angry with me for saying it, but you are much better off this way. " " Well, what ' s the matter — stabbed himself? " " You could stay for lunch . . Impossible, dear. Since he became proprietor of the Cafe Sorrento, Wolfe simply has to be there all the time. " As the play opens Liliom, a shiftless young ne ' er-do-well and bully of Budapest, is working as a barker for a merry-go-round. Julie, as well as many other servant girls, falls victim to his charms, and she and Liliom eventually marry. When Liliom learns that he is about to become a father, he participates in a highway robbery to enhance his fortunes; however, he is caught in the act and stabs himself rather than submit to arrest. He is tried in the Magistrate ' s court on high, but they see through him there. They know how he beat the girl whom he married on earth, how he planned the robbery, and how he killed h imself. They know that repentance is in his heart although he is much too cocky to admit it or make any plea for himself. Finally, he is sentenced to a term of years in the purifying fires of the penitential plains with the promise that after that sentence has been served, he can go back to earth with a chance to do one good deed there. After steal- ing a star from heaven for his young daughter, Liliom returns to earth not to be recognized by his child, but for a brief moment of recogniza- tion with Julie. They realize, when he leaves, that when love overcomes, hurt follows. LILIOM by FERENO MOLNAR TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS: I. to r.: Dave Nicol, Horton Beirne, Chet Swartz, Greg Howard, John Hall, Greg Fountaine. Liliom Pete Davis Julie Jean Carson Marie Harriet Wolton Mrs. Muskot Pat Nicely Mother Hollunder Linda Shelton Fiscus, “The Sparrow, " Harry Hudnall Wolf Beifield Butch Haynes Linzman Somers Beirne Magistrate Danny Broughman Louise Doris Redman Richly Dressed Man Donald Kickler Poorly Dressed Man Larry Cummings Policemen Dennis Wolfe Clyde Helmintoller Servant Girls Linda Shelton Sandra Maydian, Alice Wood, Hunter Sworiz Peasants Joan Bradley Regina Mays, Wanna May Massie, Betty Jo Stogdale, Bonnie Hayth, Judy Ervin, Pam Myers, Brenda Campbell, Lynda Dressier, Dave Nicol, Marilyn Bliss Towns People Nancy Nicely Dorothy Kimberlin, Jo Ellen Corker, Rose Nicely, Priscilla Bartley, Regina Smith. Student Director Sally Hamrick Costume Mistress Patricia Wade Property Manager Regina Tingler Assistant Wanda Carr Student Stage Manager Greg Howard Make-up Director Laurel Runyon Business Manager Patricia Armentrout " Easy now, it won ' t hurt — " M2 . . . FOR CHRISTMAS AT ALLEGHANY The students and faculty dance against a background which carries out the theme, " Winter Wonderland. " 1 44 JJJJJJ Christmas means varying things to us all. To three of our teachers, Mr. Holbert, Mr. Rhea, and Miss Lawler, this Christmas brought engage- ment announcements. Our Christmas formal was sponsored by the FHA. The girls made most of the decorations and refreshments. Christmas is a time when we all have a cer- tain glow — the reflection of love. We not only feel closer to our families and friends but toward all man- kind. It is this love and appreciation of others that compels us to give freely of all that we have. This spirit — the spirit of Christmas — pervades the atmos- phere at Alleghany. The sights, smells, and sounds of Christmas are familiar to us all. The pungent scent of the gaily de- corated pine tree in the senior homeroom, the color- ful posters announcing the date and time of the Christmas formal, young voices singing " Hark, the Herald Angles Sing " — these are all a part of our Christmas at Alleghany County High School. Mr. Jonas and Harriet Walton put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree in the cafeteria, and Wanda Carr and Donald Kickler arrange the gifts underneath. Neptune, god of the sea, is the focal point for the theme of our prom. Mr. Cvizic crowns Miss B onnie Hayth our first prom queen as king John Petty watches. FOR CORAL, MUSIC, To the strains of a popular tune, th A pause by the refreshment table is enjoyed by the guests. AND SEAWEED The seniors join together for the first Grand March at Alleghany. Music softly penetrates the atmosphere as the juniors and seniors are transported into a beau- tiful, shimmering world of green and blue. Young ladies in long gowns, escorted by young gentlemen in white coats, glide gracefully across the floor to the lovely strains. The scent of car- nations, roses, and orchids mingles with coral and seaweed. This is our prom — magic inter- woven The Fantasy of the Sea. dancers bid farewell to a lovely evening. Having begun the dance in their honor, the king and queen are joined by their court. 147 . . . WE GRADUATE OUR First row, I. to r.: David Nicol, Wanda Carr, Harry Hudnall, Wan- da Whiteside, Lynda Dressier, Judy Ervin, Alice Wood, Sally Ham- rick, Jean Carson. Second row, I. to r.: Emmett Smith, Pris- cilla Bartley, Kenneth Church, Hazel Nicely, Raymond Reed, Doris Redman, Eugene Myers, Linda Shelton. Third row, I. to r.: Lewis Dameron, Anne Deaton, Phillip Smith, Regina Mays, Johnny Martin, Brenda Lockhart, Dennis Wolfe, Elaine Knigh- ton. Fourth row, I. to r.: William Thompson, Donna Deane, Edward Beasley, Brenda Carpenter, Homer Fisher, Patsy Wilhelm, John Petty, Katherine Wolfe. Fifth row, I. to r.: Dickie Walton, Sheila Basham, Douglas Vest, Lucille Webber, Eddie Kidd, Janie Mays, Gary Brown. Sixth row, I. to r.: Kerry Ellinger, Karen Byerly, Donnie Hayslett, Linda Bogar, Joe Turner, Joellen Cor- ker, Danny Broughman, Regina Tingler. Seventh row, I. to r.: Burton Taylor, Bobby Davidson, Robert Paxton. 148 FIRST CLASS- 1964 First row, I. to r.: Nancy Lou Nicely, Dottie Kimberlin, Patricia Armentrout, Joan Bradley, Patricia Wade, Wanna May Massie, Pete Davis, Betty Jo Stogdale, Tommy Harris. Second row, I. to r.: Clivie Nicely, Harriet Walton, Danny Hall, Marilyn Bliss, Jack Lee, Wanda Varner, Bill Atkins, Rose Nicely, Abe Paxton. Third row, I. to r.: Kenny Haymaker, Pam Myers, Clyde Helmintoller, Brenda Campbell, Randy Unroe, Janette Richmond, Amos Knick, Wan- da Nicely, Butch Haynes. Fourth row, I. to r.: Benny Bridges, Dora Nida, Larry Cummings, Milly Watts, Don Kickler, Doris Elmore, Ronnie Entsminger, Emma Armentrout, William Arm- strong. Fifth row, I. to r.: Barbara Bocook, John Ryan, Sandra Morris, Bill Cline, Carolyn Nicely, Buddy Hobbs, Bonnie Hayth, George Nelson, Sandra Maydian, Randy Carroll. Sixth row, I. to r.: Jeannie McCormick, Tommy Haynes, Leona Lesher, Bob Carter, Hunter Swartz, Somers Beirne, Patricia Lewis, L. J. Rose, Jr.., Donna Sizemore, Arthur Elmore. Seventh row, I. to r.: Dickie Freels, Nathan Posey, Billy Stull, John Persinger. 149 As the Class of 1964 takes their place in the auditorium, two dreams are realized. One, their secondary educations are completed. Secondly, the vision of a consolidated county high school is completely realized as its first class graduates. ‘SENSE OF DESTINY” Rev. Dolan Baker, the baccalaureate speaker, ad- vises the seniors to be faithful to their tasks in life. He emphasizes the effects the Master ' s hand can have on their " Sense of Destiny. " Our ushers, junior honor prepare to guide Mr. and R. Massie to their seats for calaureate service. students, Mrs. H. the bac- I Lowrence Haynes and his parents admire his long-awaited diploma. . . . FOR HONORS AND AWARDS Sally Rae Hamrick, considered by the faculty as the best senior citizen of A.C.H.S., receives the citizenship award. COMMENCEMENT AWARDS Senior Class President DAR Good Citizens Award Yearbook Editor Secretary Senior Class Student Co-Op Association Citizenship Distributive Education Future Homemakers of America . Choir Industrial Arts Art Spanish Commercial Mathematics Science English Perfect Attendance from fifth grade Perfect High School Attendance . . . . . . . Jesse Lee Davis Nancy Lou Nicely Patricia Armentrout . . Betty Jo Stogdale Harry Hudnall Sally Hamrick .... Emmett Smith Hazel Nicely . . Brenda Carpenter Randy Carroll . . . . Barbara Bocook Jean Carson Patricia Wade Lynda Dressier Alice Wood Jean Carson Jane Mays and Brenda Lockhart Regina Tingler The first diploma of Alleghany County High School goes to Jean Carson, valedictorian. Nancy Lou Nicely, salutatorian, waits to re- ceive the second. SENIOR DIRECTORY ARMENTROUT, EMMA TERESA Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; F.H.A. 5; Class ' Secretary 4; Spring Festival Queen 2. ARMENTROUT, PATRICIA ANN Student Council 2,3,4, Scholastic Award 2,3; Class President 2; Beta Club 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Presi- dent 3; T ri-Hi-Y 3,4; Model General Assembly 4; Girls ' State 4; Junior Marshal 4; Senior Play 5; Year- book Editor-in-Chief 5; Ring Committee 5; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 5; F.H.A. 5. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM LEE, JR. K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Choir 3,4. ATKINS, WILLIAM SIDNEY K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Football 1; D.E. 4,5; Secretary 5; Base- ball 2; T rack 2,3,4. BARTLEY, PRISCILLA MAE Minstrel 2; F.H.A. 4; Senior Play 5. BASHAM, SHEILA GENE Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 3; Newspaper Staff 4; Class Vice-President 3; May Princess 4; Class President 4; Centennial Representative 3. BEASLEY, EDWARD JUNIOR Football Manager 5; Glee Club 4,5; F.F.A. 2. BEIRNE, EWELL SOMERS Football 3,4,5; K.V.G. ' s’ 5; Latin Club 5; Boys ' State 4; Key Club 5; Wrestling Manager 3; Basketball Manager 5; Baseball Manager 5; Yearbook Business Manager 5; Senior Play 5; Monogram Club 3,4,5. BLISS, MARILYN MAE S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4, Reporter 2; F.H.A. 1,2; Newspaper Staff 3; Minstrel 2,3; Spanish Club 5; Senior Play 5; Class Treasurer 4. BOCOOK, BARBARA ANN F.H.A. 1,2; J.V. Basketball 3; S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4. BOGAR, LINDA DIANNE Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Citizenship Awa rd for Outstanding Student of the Year 4; F.H.A. 5. BRADLEY, JOAN MARSHA Cheerleader 2,4; Newspoper Editor 4; Basketball 3,4; Minstrel 3; Senior Play 5; N.S.F. Scholarship Awa rd 4; Glee Club 1 ; May Day 3; Junior Marshal 4; Science Fair Award 5. BRIDGES, BENNY ORBIN S.C.A. 1 ; Wrestling 3; K.V.G. ' s 5. BROUGHMAN, DANNY STEVEN Pep Club 2,3; Minstrel 2,3; Senior Play 5; Prom Committee 4. BROWN, GARY PIERCY K.V.G. ' s 4; I.C.T. 4; D.E. 5. BYERLY, KAREN JEAN Beta Club 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Basketball Mana- ger 3; Tri-Hi-Y 5; Spanish Club 5, Secretary 5; Junior Marshal 4; Homecoming Court 5; Senior Play CAMPBELL, BRENDA CAROLYN F.H.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Treasurer 3,4; Minstrel 2,3; Senior Play 5. CAMPBELL, MICHAEL PRESTON Wrestling 2,3; K.V.G. ' s 3; D.O. Club 4, Annual Staff 5; J.V. Football 3. CARPENTER, BRENDA JOYCE Glee Club 1 ; Vocal 4,5; F. H. A. 5; Minstrel 4. CARR, WANDA MARIE Basketball 1 ,2,3,4; All Star Basketball Team 4; S.C.A. 2, 3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Span- ' ish Club 3,4, President 3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Homecoming Queen 5; Class Vice-President 4,5; Senior Play; Girls ' State 4; D.A.R. American History Awa rd 4; Newspaper Assistant Editor 3; Pep Club 3.4. CARROLL, RANDY LEE K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4, 5; Football 4,5; Choir 4. CARSON, JEAN KYLE Glee Club 1 ,2; A Cappella Choir 3; Scholastic Award 2,3,4; Vocal 3,5; Beta Club 3,4, T reasurer 4; F.T.A. 2.3.4, Vice-President 3, President 4, State Member- At-Large 4; F.T.A. State Convention 2, 3,4, 5; Tri-Hi- Y 3,4,5, Vice-President 4, Secretary 5; Model Gen- eral Assembly 3,5; Latin Club 3,4,5, Vice-President 3; Spanish Club 5; Science Fair Awa rd 1 ,3; Western Virginia Regional Science Fair 3; Minstrel 3; Junior Marshal 4; Elks ' State Leadership and Scholarship Awa rds 5; Ring Committee 5; Senior Play 5; Year- book Assistant Editor 5. CARTER, EDWIN BALLARD, III Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3,4; D.E. 5; Class T reasurer 3; Boys ' State 4. CLINE, WILLIAM CARROLL K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; D.E. 5. CORKER, JO ELLEN Class Secretary 1 ,3; Fall Festival Candidate 1; May Princess 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Class Reporter 2,4; Minstrel 3; F.H.A. 5. CUMMINGS, LARRY SAMUEL Spanish Club 4,5; Minstrel 2,3; Senior Play 5. DAVIDSON, ROBERT EUGENE Senior Play 5; Forensics 5. DAVIS, JESSE LEE Football 2, 3,4, 5, Captain 5; Senior Play 5; S.C.A. 3,5; Class President 5. DEANE, DONNA GAYLE F.H.A. 1 ,2,3; Spanish Club 4; Senior Play 5. DEATON, MARGARET ANNE F.H.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 5; S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Pep Club 3,4. DRESSLER, LYNDA JEAN Basketball 2,3,4; Monog ram Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Spanish Club 5; Junior Marshal 4; Class Secretary 4; Yearbook Assistant Editor 4; Sen- ior Play 5. ELLINGER, KERRY RENALDO Basketball 1 ; Band 1 ; S.C.A. 3; Baseball 2,3; Mono- gram Club 3,4; K.V.G. ' s 5; Key Club 5, T reasurer 5. ELMORE, ARTHUR HADEN Football 1,2; Choir 3,4; Minstrel 1; K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5. ELMORE, DORIS JANE F.H.A. 1,2; Basketball 3,4; S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Minstrel Usher 2; Senior Play Usher 5. ENTSMINGER, RONALD DOUGLAS D.E. 5; Track 5. ERVIN, JUDITH ANN Band 1 ,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Junior Marshal 4; T ri-Hi-Y 5; Senior Play 5. 153 SENIOR DIRECTORY FISHER, HOMER LEE D.O. 4, D.E. 5; K.V.G. ' s 1 FREELS, RICHARD ALLAN Football 1,4,5; K.V.G. ' s 1,2, 3, 4. GILBERT, GEORGE LEON K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5. HALL, DANNY WILSON D.E. 4,5; Football 3, Manager 4; Minstrel 1,2, 3, 4; Vocal 4,5; Senior Play 5. HAMRICK, SALLY RAE F.H.A 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Minstrel 3; Newspaper Staff 3,4,5; Annual Staff 5; Senior Play 5. HARRIS, JERRY THOMAS K.V.G. ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 2,3,4. HAYMAKER, KENNETH RICHARD S.C.A. 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3,4; Spanish Club 4,5; An- nual Staff 5; Minstrel 3. HAYNES, LAWRENCE MEADOWS Pep Club 1,2,3; Minstrel 1,2,3; F.B.L.A. 5; Spanish Club 3,4,5; Senior Play 5; Annual Staff 5; Prom Committee 4; Newspaper Staff 5; Forensics 5. HAYNES, TOMMY LEWIS D.E. 4,5, President 5. HAYSLETT, DONALD HARRISON K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. HAYTH, BONNIE LEE F.H.A. 1,2; Minstrel 1,2,3; Cheerleader 3,4,5; News- paper Staff 3,4; S.C.A. 2; Prom Committee 4; Span- ish Club 4,5; Homecoming Court 1,5; Senior Play 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Chaplain 5; Pep Club 3,4; Ring Committee 5. HELMINTOLLER, CLYDE RUSSELL Basketball 1,2,3; K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; Vocal 5; S.C.A. 2; Track 1; Minstrel 2,3; Newspaper Sports Editor 2; Art Club 4. HOBBS, BUDDY LEE Football 2,3,5. HUDNALL, HARRY GILMAN, JR. Basketball 1; Wrestling 2,3; Senior Play 5; Ring Committee 5; Announcements Committee 5; S.C.A. 5, President 5; Key Club 4,5, Secretary 5; Latin Club 5, Treasurer 5; Science Fair Award 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Drill Sergeant 3,4; All State Band 3,4; Boys ' State 4. KICKLER, DONALD WAYNE Band 1,2, 3, 4; Vocal 4; K.V.G. ' s 5; Senior Play 5; Spanish Club 3,5; Minstrel 3; All State Band 3; Key Club 3; S.C.A. 3; Bowling 3; Wrestling 5; Foren- sics 5. KIMBERLIN, DOROTHY MARIE F.H.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Secretary 2; Minstrel 2,3; Homecoming Attendant 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Parliamentarian 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Latin Club 3,4,5; Spanish Club 3,4,5, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; S.C.A. 4,5, Vice-President 4; Sen- ior Play 5. KNICK, AMOS GRANDVILLE K.V.G. ' s 2; Football 4; Baseball 1; D.E. 5; Track 2. KNICK, GARY LYNN K.V.G. ' s 2; Football 1; D.E. 3,4; Vice-President 3. KNIGHTON, DAVID LEON K.V.G. ' s 1,2,3. KNIGHTON, ELAINE CHRISTINE F.H.A 5; Softball 4. LAVENDER, CLARENCE MELVIN D.E. 4,5; S.C.A. 1,2,3; Latin Club 4; Basketball 2; Football 2; K.V.G. ' s 3,4. LEE, JACK WAYNE Basketball 2; K.V.G. ' s 2,3; I.C.T. 3; D.E. 4. LESHER, LEONA MAE Volleyball 1; F.H.A. 5. LEWIS, PATRICIA ANN Fall Festival Queen Candidate 3; Chief Graduation Marshal 4; Girls ' State 4. LOCKHART, BRENDA FAYE Basketball 1,3; F.H.A. 5; Glee Club 1,2,3; Girls ' State 4; Class Reporter 4; Newspaper Staff 5; Science Club 3. MARTIN, JOHN WILBUR D.E. 5. MASSIE, WANNA MAY Class Vice-President 2; S.C.A. 2,4,5, Secretary 4, Historian 5; Basketball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4; Scholarship Award 2, 3,4; Junior Marshal 4; Class Secretary 3; Latin Club 5, President 5; Senior Play 5. MAYDIAN, SANDRA KAYE S.C.A. 1; F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1.2, Vice-President 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Latin ' . Club 3,4,5, Secretary 5; Spanish Club 4,5; Model General Assembly 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Chaplain 4,5; Minstrel 2,3; Class Secretary 2,3; Sen- ior Play 5; Basketball 2,3. MAYS, JANE ELIZABETH F.H.A. 1,2,3, Reporter 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Basketball 2; Junior Class Basketball Cheerleader 4; Senior Play 5; Softball 4. MAYS, REGINA ANN F.H.A. 1,2,3; Vocal 2; Pep Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Senior Play 5. MORRIS, SANDRA MAE Cheerleader 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Class Vice- President 2; Junior Marshal 4. MYERS, EUGENE DAVID Football 2; K.V.G. ' s 4,5; D.E. 4,5. MYERS, PAMELA BURTON F.H.A. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 5; Senior Play 5; S.C.A. 1 . 2 . NELSON, GEORGE ALBERT K.V.G. ' s 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. NICELY, CAROLYN ANN F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 5; Minstrel 2,3; Senior Play 5; Spanish Club 4,5; Tri-Hi-Y 5; S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4. NICELY, CLIVIE WAYNE Football 2; K.V.G. ' s 4,5. NICELY, HAZEL DEANE F.H.A. 1,5; Spanish Club 3,4,5; Latin Club 3,4; Senior Play 5; Newspaper Staff 5. NICELY, NANCY LOU F.H.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, President 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Treasurer 4; Minstrel 2,3; Class Treasurer 2; 154 SENIOR DIRECTORY Basketball 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Latin Club 3,4,5, Vice-President 3,5, President 4; Spanish Club 3,4,5, Treasurer 3; S.C.A. 3,5; Class Treasurer 5; Senior Play 5; Newspaper Staff 4; Class President 4. NICELY, ROSE LETHIA F.H.A. 1,2; S.C.A. 1; Spanish Club 4,5; Senior Play 5. NICELY, WANDA MAE F.H.A. 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Senior Play5. NICOL, DAVID MUIR Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Minstrel 1,4; Science Club 2; Latin Club 5; ' K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; Yearbook Sports Editor 5; Senior Play 5. NIDA, DORA LEE Cheerleader 1,2; Basketball 3,4; F.H.A. 5; Glee Club 1 ,2,3; Science Club 3; Class T reasurer 2. PAXTON, DARRELL ZANE Baseball 2,3,4; School Play 2; K.V.G. ' s 1,2, 3, 4; Bas- ketbcll Manager 2,3,4. PAXTON, ROBERT EUGENE Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,3,4; K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4. PERSINGER, JOHN WAYNE Choir 3,4; K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4. PETERS, JOE ROY, JR. Football 2; K.V.G. ' s 4,5; D.E. 5, Treasurer 5; Bas- ketball Manager 2,3. PETTY, JOHN WELDON Class Treasurer 4; Basketball Manager 3; K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4; D.E. 5. POSEY, NATHAN JACKSON Basketball 2,3; K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; Science Fair Award 2. REDMAN, DORIS ANN F.H.A. 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; J.V. Basketball 3; News- paper Staff 5; Annual Staff 5; Minstrel Usher 3; Senior Play 5. RICHMOND, JANETTE ELLEN Basketball 3,4; May Court 3; Glee Club 1 ; Pep Club 2. ROSE, LEONARD JOHNSON, JR. D.E. 4,5; K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Football 1,2; T rack 1 . RYAN, JOHN ELBERT Basketball 2. SHELTON, LINDA KAY Newspaper Editor 5; Senior Play 5; Science Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Annual Staff 5. SIZEMORE, DONNA LEIGH Glee Club 1 ,2; Class President 1 . SMITH, EMMETT LEE K.V.G. ' s 4; D.E. 5; Newspaper Staff 4. STOGDALE, BETTY JO Minstrel 1,2,3; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, 5; S.C.A. 1; F.H.A. 1,3; Class Secretary 5; Senior Play 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Secretary 4, President 5; Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 5. STULL, BILLY WAYNE Choir 1,2, 3, 4; K.V.G. ' s 2,3,4, 5; Minstrel 3; Foot- ball 2. SWARTZ, MARY HUNTER Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, 5, Head Cheerleader 5; Basket- ball 1,2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4,5, Treasurer 5; Beta Club 3,4; Spanish Club 5, Chaplain 5; Monogram Club 3,4; Yearbook Feature Editor 5; Senior Play 5; Homecoming Court 5; Junior Marshal 4; Scholastic Award 4; Glee Club 1; F.T.A. 2; Science Fair Award 1 . TAYLOR, BURTON WEST Basketball 1; Football 1; Junior Engineering Club 3; Senior Play 5; Annual Staff 5; Announcements Committee 5; Key Club 5; National Junior Honor Society 1 . THOMPSON, WILLIAM ROBERT K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5. TINGLER, REGINA MAE F.H.A. 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Minstrel 2,3; J.V. Basket- ball 3; Newspaper Staff 4,5; Annual Staff 5; Senior Play 5. TURNER, JOSEPH PERRY, JR. K.V.G. ' s 4,5; Basketball 1,4,5, Captain 5; Football I , 4,5; Baseball 5. VARNER, WANDA JEAN Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 4. WEST, DOUGLAS CANERE K.V.G. ' s 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager 1,2; Basketball Manager 1,2; Newspaper Editor 3. WADE, PATRICIA SUE Glee Club 3; Minstrel 3; Scholastic Award 3,4; Beta Club 4; Junior Marshal 4; Newspaper Staff 5; An- nual Staff 5; Senior Play 5. WALTON, HARRIET ANNE Glee Club 1; Latin Club 3; F.H.A. 5; Tri-Hi-Y 5; Annual Staff 5; Newspaper Society Editor 5; Senior Play 5; Tri-Hi-Y 5, Reporter 5. WALTON, RICHARD Basketball 2; Spanish Club 2, Vice-President 2; K.V.G. ' s 3,4; D.E. 3,4; Football 2. WATTS, MILDRED LORRAINE J. V. Basketball 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3; Minstrel Usher 3. WEBBER, LUCILLE RAYE F.H.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4,5, Historian 5; Tri-Hi- Y 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Senior Play 5; S.C.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Science Fair Award 5. WHITESIDE, WANDA EDITH F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5, Songleader 4; Spanish Club 3,4,5, President 4; Basketball Manager 3; Newspaper Business Manager 5; Pep Club 2,3; Latin Cub 3,4. WILHELM, PATSY JEAN F.H.A. 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Minstrel 2,3; Senior Play 5; Prom Committee 4. WOLFE, DENNIS DUDLEY Football 2,3; K.V.G. ' s 3,4,5; Science Club 1,3; Track 1; S.C.A. 2,5; Choir 4,5; Senior Play 5; Minstrel 2,3. WOLFE, KATHERINE ELIZABETH Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Class President 2,3,4; Class Vice- President 1; Science Club 3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Sen- ior Prom Queen 4. WOOD, ALICE HESTER Latin Club 3,4, Chaplain 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Class Sec- retary 4; F.H.A. 1; Newspaper Staff 3,4, Editor 4; Senior Play 5; S.C.A. 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Journalism Conven- tion 3. 155 Prosperity will not be obtained from the Federal government. It will come, when it comes, from the grass roots, from where it always must come. — Reed 1 56 Compliments of AMERICAN HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Special Plan For Teachers 205 Peoples Federal Bldg. E. Ryland Childress, Agent Roanoke, Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 From SALTERINI COMPANY Covington Virginia Division of Columbian Bronze Corporation 158 PURKEY FLORIST HAROLD ' S JEWELER Covington Virginia Main Street Covington Monroe Ave. Covington DRESSLER MOTOR CORP. JOSTEN ' S INC. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 432 E. Ridgeway Dial 863-4571 LITTLETON ' S SHELL STATION Monroe Avenue Covington MAYTAG APPLIANCES LEGGETT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE STORE " The Home of Better Values " Kelvinator Appliances ' Wearing Apparel-Millinery-Shoes Zenith Radio and T.V. Dry Goods-Notions E. Ridgeway Clifton Forge Clifton Forge, Virginia Phone 862-4145 MAYFLOWER INN Highland Street Covington Compliments of A FRIEND MASSIE SONS INC. First National Bank Bldg. Ph. 863-5586 Clifton Forge NEW FASHION BEAUTY SHOPPE Low Moor Virginia 160 COVINGTON NATIONAL BANK Dial 962-1770 Box 214 Covington Virginia G. R. and R. Dean Andrews THE GLASS FLOWER HOUSE " A Good Place to Bank " Organized in 1891 Drive-in Windows With Ample Parking Lexington and Main Street Covington Virginia COVINGTON VIRGINIAN 343 Monroe Avenue Covington, Virginia Dial 962-2121 ALLEGHANY MOTOR CORPORATION 1121 Alleghany Avenue Covington, Virginia Dial Nights Sundays 962-2274 962-3851 161 Compliments ' of CHILD ' S ESSO STATION Jesse Cottrell, mgr. ALL AUTO REPAIR WORK Edgemont Covington Compliments of QUALITY JEWELERS SWCE 1913 Watches, Diamonds, Silverware, and China for 50 Years Main Street Covington Compliments of CIRCLE DRIVE GROCERY " Bingo " Miller Idlewilde Covington WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Main Street Covington RAPP ' S SHELL STATION Beach and Monroe Avenues Covington Virginia HILL ' S DRUG STORE Main Street Covington FRIDLEY ' S PHARMACY Main Street Covington GREENMILL RESTAURANT 114 E. Riverside Covington 162 i Tree farming is a GROWING business Proof? Ten years ago, there were only 16 million acres of woodlands on the nation’s accredited Tree Farms. Today, there are almost 50 million acres, a three-fold increase. Each Tree Farm is being operated as a private enterprise, growing trees for a regular cash income, just like any other crop. One of the big reasons why tree farming is a growing business is because the market for wood is growing. Annual consumption of wood products is rising at a steady rate and continues to rise as our economy expands. The country’s tree farmers are able to supply these growing needs because they are employing scientific forestry methods in cutting, harvesting, seeding and through the protection of their timber from fire and disease. This is good news not only for tree farmers and wood-using industries, but also for the nation. West Virginia Pulp and Paper TRAYLOR FURNITURE COMPANY CHILD ' S AND HEARE JEWELERS 311 W. Main 962-3701 Covington, Virginia 376 W. Main 965-5356 Covington, Virginia BOOSTERS Dr. Walter Vermilya Dr. J. P. Morris, D.D.S. Hall Transfer H. R. Rooklin, Co., Clifton Forge Potts ' jCreek Grocery Senator Hale Collins Hodges Jewelers, Clifton Forge Fafrar ' s 1 Drug Store Ford ' s Children ' s Shoppe SMITH ' S TRANSFER CORPORATION OF STAUNTON, VIRGINIA " Hallmark of Service " H. T. Smith, Express Division 164 Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 LEGGETT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE The Friendly Store and Home of Better Values Main Street Covington Phone 965-5392 Visitors Welcome HOMEWOOD PONY FARM Exhibitors Breeders of Registered Shetlands 1 Covington, Virginia Mrs. P. C. Whitlock, Owner Richard L. Ferris, Trainer 165 THE SHOE BOX 279 W. Main Covington SHELL SERVICE CENTER Shell Products — Gates Tires Corner Main Jefferson Clifton Forge ROSE ' S 5c 10c Main Street Covington RIVERVIEW FOOD MARKET Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries 1 , Meats Dial 862-4474 Route 1 Clifton Forge GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLY 213 N. Maple Ave. Covington GLEN HAVEN LUMBER CO. Formerly Dixie Lumber Company Paints - Building Materials - Mill Work E. A. McMullan, Jr., Owner Telephone 862-0102 R.F.D. 1 Clifton Forge, Virginia FRIENDLY BEAUTY SHOP People ' s Bank Bldg. Covington, Virginia FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home for Your Money Money for Your Home Ph. 862-4209 Clifton Forge 166 J. WALKER CALDWELL, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS J. Walker Caldwell-Pres. Q. M. Tomlinson-Vice Pres. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 612 First Federal Bldg. Phone Dl 4-6665 167 COVINGTON RECREATION INC. C. B. NETTLETON, INC. SUPERIOR READY MIXED CORP. Covington, Virginia 168 D St D GRILL Always Good Coffee And Good Food 430 W, Ridgeway Clifton Forge Virginia NICELY ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Clifton Forge Virginia THE DAILY REVIEW The Oldest Newspaper In Alleghany County Clifton Forge Virginia McCLUNG BROTHERS, INC. AUTO PARTS 616 Main Street Dial 862-4143 COMMUNITY FORD SALES, INC. Ford Authorized Sales and Services Phone 862-4131 Clifton Forge CLUTTER ' S ESSO STATION Monroe Avenue Covington STONEWALL SERVICE STATION Route 3 Covington CLIFTON FORGE HARDWARE Repair-— Remodeling Ph. 863-8501 Jesse Peck 169 Congratulations — Grads from | GOOD YEAR 1 ISERVICE STORE! 356 W. Main Street Covington, Va. TOWN HOUSE MOTEL W. Main Street Covington WEBBER ' S FLOWER SHOP A complete floral service Flowers by wire, anywhere Clifton Forge Virginia Ph. 862-2406 Night 862-2381 SWAN RESTAURANT " The Home of " Diamond " Virginia Sugar Cured Country Hams " Clifton Forge Virginia WCFV RADIO Dial 1230 1000 Watts Clifton Forge Virginiac FAIRVIEW SERVICE STATION Route 3 Covington VANCE ' S GULF SERVICE STATION 603 Main Street Clifton Forge DOWNER HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. Electrical Supplies Rental Equipment Heating Supplies Building Supplies Plumbing Supplies Paints Varnishes 608-610 Highland Street Covington Virginia Phone 962-1 1 1 1 170 JAMISON OIL COMPANY, 11 . Distributor of Shell products and Firestone tires Wholesale Plant Service Station 610 Locust Street 1 13 East Riverside COVINGTON, VIRGINIA 171 JANE COLBY, INC. Cliftondale Park Clifton Forge, Virginia MIDWAY GREENHOUSE Low Moor Virginia GRIF ' S DRIVE-IN Cliftondale Park Clifton Forge Virginia PRESTO LUNCH 414 E. Ridgeway Clifton Forge Virginia 172 BOTTLED GAS CO. of THE DRESS SHOP COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Main Street Covington Maple Avenue Ph. 962-9241 ALLEGHANY PUBLISHERS PALACE RESTAURANT Main Street Covington 348 W. Main Covington, Va. MILLER STUDIO Main Street Covington ALLEGHANY HARDWARE COMPANY 340 W. Main Covington RADIATOR AND TIRE REBUILDERS Covington, Virginia If it ' s a glass job, call COVINGTON GLASS AND MIRROR CO. Mirrors made to order Stormdoors — Storm windows Store-fronts — Structural Windows Steel Sash Glazing — Auto Glass Installed 705 Monroe Ave. Dial 962-3621 173 Congratulations to your fine school Be right with MARKRITE The Courtesy Store — 962-2186 Foodland — 962-21 64 The Groceteria — 962-2222 YOUR GOLD STAMP STORES Covington Virginia BERWIND-WHITE COAL MINING COMPANY RURAL SUPPLY COMPANY 1 1 8 S. Lexington Street Phone 962-6466 15-30 Day Credit Free Delivery All Your Farm and Garden Needs NICELY FUNERAL HOME Clifton Forge Virginia SNEAD BUICK AND PONTIAC Covington Virginia HYDE ' S PHARMACY Clifton Forge Virginia BARR TOPHAN COMPANY Main Street Covington R. M. LOVING FUNERAL HOME Maple Avenue Covington 174 PRES BROWN S We carry all major lines, including WILSON, SPALDING, RAW- LINGS, and MACGREGOR. Lexington Virginia Today, we reach for worlds we hardly dreamed of . . . yesterday. And wherever we reach — below the seas, beyond the stars — there is electricity. A vital force— meet- ing challenges, creating careers, translating dreams into reality. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 63 A- 1 Created by Cabell Eanes, Inc. Richmond, Virginia 175 DAIRY QUEEN GRILL CARTER AND COX, INC. 21 1 West Main Covington, Virginia Phone 962-2288 THE NATIONAL BANK CLIFTON FORGE • VIRGINIA 176 College Bound . . . The subjects and grades are up to YOU; but, perhaps we can help with the financing. FNB offers you a 5% College Loan Plan. Finance before you enter college- — pay when you gradu- ate. FREE service charge on all college stu- dent checking accounts! See first National — first! Career Minded . . . Every young person starting out on his or her own will, at some time, need financial advice and assistance. We offer checking accounts, savings ac- counts, ALL types of loans, and many, many other services that are neces- sary to become a financially success- ful person. Stop in and talk things over with any one of our officers, won ' t you? FIRST NATIONAL BAM Clifton Forge, Virginia 177 CITIZEN S NATIONAL BANK Dial 962-2141 " We are equipped to serve you. " 246 W. Main Covington, Virginia MEMBER F.D.I.C. Compliments of A FRIEND 178 COVINGTON SHOE HOSPITAL Court Street Covington COVINGTON MOTOR COMPANY 603 S. Monroe Covington WOODY ' S APPLIANCE TOY CENTER Westinghouse Appliances, Stereos, Televisions, Radios All Small Appliances and Toys Ph. 962-1897 Highland Avenue Covington, Virginia CLIFTON FORGE - 1 HR.- CLEANERS Electron ic-Jet — Odorless Cleaning East Ridgeway — 1 Hr. Service — Clifton Forge, Va. COVINGTON DRIVE-IN MARKET Altamont Covington CHITTUM TIRE SERVICE 125 W. Ridgeway Clifton Forge ZIMMERMAN CO., INC. 438 E. Ridgeway Clifton Forge CAROLYN SHOPPE Clifton Forge Virginia 179 Compliments of BURR ' S STUDIO STANDARD PRINTING COMPANY People ' s Bank Building First National Bank Bldg. Office School Supplies Ph. 965-9281 Covington Ph. 863-4546 Quality Printing Clifton Forge Virginia AVERILL S STORE Low Moor Virginia SMITH-RULE FURNITURE CO. 530 Main St. Clifton Forge SMITH-McKINNEY JENKINS ' ESSO HARDWARE CORP. Paint — Hardware 615 Main Clifton Forge Ph. 862-7556 Clifton Forge JAMES B. FRANCIS COMPANY SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION General Insurance 431 -A E. Ridgeway St. E. E. Fliess 1 , Prop. Clifton Forge Ph. 862-4164 Phone 862-0754 " We Appreciate Your Business " Iron Gate Virginia 180 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 64 HERCULES POWDER COMPANY INCORPORATED Covington, Virginia, Plant " The home of Herculon fiber and Pro-fax R film " Trademark of Hercules Powder Co, for polypropylene fiber Trademark of Hercules Powder Co, for polypropylene film 181 SNEAD FURNITURE CO. Maple Avenue Covington WHITEY ' S MINIATURE GOLF Rt. 18 Idlewide Covington, Virginia " GOOD LUCK COLTS " — " THE BEST IN RADIO " will be backing you all the way . . . ★ ABC Radio Network ★ United Press News Service ★ Complete Local News ★ Full Sports Reporting ★ Mobile Broadcast Studio for out of station broadcast ★ Station-owned Music Library (over 160,000 selections) ★ Battery of 8 Profes- sional Recorders ★ Personnel with a combined total of over 1 1 1 years experience WKEY Covington, Virginia 1340 On Your Dial JIGG ' S DRIVE-IN Covington, Virginia 182 PLOTT ' S PHARMACY 603 Highland Covington, Virginia Dial 962-7776 COVINGTON DEPARTMENT STORE " The Store of Brand Names " Covington, Virginia Maple Avenue Covington Virginia ROOKLIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE MONTGOMERY WARD CO. 361-365 West Main Covington, Virginia STARLITE BEAUTY SHOPPE Ph. 962-1475 221 N. Court Ave. Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON Hotel Jefferson Bldg. Ph. 862-7261 Clifton Forge G. C. FAWLEY AGENCY Maple Avenue Covington MONROE LANES Monroe Avenue Covington, Virginia BOOSTERS Crawford ' s Barber Shop Clifton Forge Motor Company Indian Valley Gulf Station James P. Loving Lee Hartman Sons 184 3 3 7J x (Jcy x 1 ' a uty IN MEMORIAM PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY Our nation mourns a tragic loss Of its great and honest boss; A man of virtue we do know For whom now mournful trumpets blow. He fought with valor in World War II And did all any man could do; When in danger, he did act As though everything was still intact. When his nation called, he went To be the thirty-fifth President; And when in peace a nation came, He paid them all their due acclaim. He led us over red-hot coals And halted mighty Russia ' s goals; A noble man was he — His name was John F. Kennedy. Edward Junior Beasley Class of 1 964 FOR A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Perhaps at this stage in the process of editing a yearbook, I should write an elegy, the sub|ect for which would be sundry: missed deadlines, unsubmitted copy, unpaid bills, confused photographic schedules, or the last-minute rush. However, these are but memories now, and I shall instead consider the better side of my term as yearbook editor. As editor, I have learned that people will be people, and, therefore, an annual staff has its discrepancies. By first-hand experience, I am now well aware that my elders do know more than I. Our staff has served as the bridge to future yearbook traditions. We believe the name selected for ycur yearbook is one you can be proud of, both now and in the future. In selecting a young lady to reign as MISS ALCOVA, the staff was guided by the thought of the future and what an honor this title will come to be. As the editing of the first edition of Alleghany ' s yearbook ends, I, as editor, would like to once again thank the many people who have, in one way or another, assisted me. My most heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Dusan Cvizic for being so willing a mediator between the annual staff and the stu- dent body. He has very wisely advised us. The entire faculty is deserv- ing of praise for their co-operative spirit toward disrupted classes we caused. I appreciate so very much Mrs. Mary Fairfield ' s supervision as annual sponsor. Her ideas and guidance have been invaluable. I would also like to express my thanks to these staff members without whose help this book would not have been published: Somers Beirne Doris Redman Donna Bennett Linda Shelton Jean Carson Hunter Swartz Harriet Walton As you turn the pages of this first edition of the ALCOVA, I hope that it will bring back pleasant memories of our first year together at A. CHS. Sincerely, Patricia Armentrout 188 £ • Alleghany Highlands Regional Library

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