Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD)

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Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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THE UWM h FHE SENIOI QL X59 AI LEG AXH HIGH Sf HUOL CUIBPRI nn num un 1956 A. ' Publis ed by ' . f fl '- U of Dear Reader: Allegany-the place where childhood capers were abandoned in pursuit of higher education-the place where extracurricular activities added something in- tangible to our lives. These are recorded in our yearhook. A theme has been characteristic in a high school year- book for many years. but we feel that it has become outmoded. Therefore. we have tried to steer away from it and present high school life through a studentis eyes. In doing this we have captured some of the "once in a lifetimeii experiences that otherwise may have been forgotten, such as the explosions in the chemistry lah. the makeup jobs on Virgil. the disorder in the cafeteria. the detentions in the vice principalis office. the pink slips from the lihrary and most of all. report cards. After many hours of endless toil and long, late. dearl- lines where torn copy, weary typists and carhon stained hands were common, we have managed to assemble. word hy word, page by page. section by section. this the 1956 Allegewi. which we now present to you. We sincerely hope that you will cherish it in years to come and that it will hring back memories of your high school days. fu? lf, 4 g Q :IP Q Q3 Q bw wc,,,VY ' . -- . ,, ' N PAT KERNS, Class Erlilor. lays. Thvrff neler wai a quiet plan- to study." RICHARD OLIVER. Organi zation Editor. IPIIS you. "Au rf-voir I U A . XP ff" . :if l I I 'I V I.ORE'I'T,X LEWIS. Far-ulty Editor. Caught while cooking rome chow for deadline. BARRY STERNER. Sports Editor. rvlaxes before a tough gain:-1. h. X ' if- ' 1-Q 'I I I di Ir V8 :Hr 2'--fs iu'ir4 JEAN SIIIIOX, Sf-nior Editor. is Iatf- again. as uxualf -9, Ou tiff 0, 'YW ' af Nfyfw in is "'ILui4' ,f 2x74 43.151 sv C ? N '73 ' Nw'-5. 'N C ' L! jj f'f"X.ffN cuwl?acaZtq ffifww ffxjxfw fpf 1 Q2 N If ? L, . C 365 One widely held pedagogical concept is that education is life-life which is at once material, intellectual, social. esthetic, and spiritual. None of these aspects may be viewed in isolation from the others, yet each has its unique contribution to make to successful living. The vitality of a family, school, nation, or any other social unit depends somewhat upon its ability to maintain a mutually strengthening balance between these life values. The pages of the ALLEGEWI are mirrors which reflect these beliefs. They portray varied activities. These are fountains of strength upon which pupils may draw in fulfilling their purpose of establishing personal value scales. Many warm flames of worthy and useful living have sprung forth among the lights and shadows mirrored in ALLEGEWPS. This is the light which illuminates the name of our revered ALLEGANY, and we believe it will become brighter and brighter with this and succeeding years. We congratulate graduating seniors who have taken steps at ALLECANY toward worthy life goals, and we wish them good fortune in their further quests. Przncz RAYMOND o. McCULLOUGH ,Q 0 M62 g . .pal 0711-ov, iff' gwwlf And speaking of mirrors, here are two more -Mrs. McCullough and Laura Lee. These charming ladies reflect the family unit for Mr. McCullough. Their vitality maintains his strength in establishing personal values. The warm flames of worthy and useful living spring from this little family and burn bright- ly to inspire all readers of this yearbook. May the three of them. our first family at ALLE- CANY. together take steps toward their worthy life goals. Carol Porter l-loover Secretary FOY A. CURRY Assistant Principal 6'-. f Nlrs. .-Xnna B. Higgins has helped pupils at Allegany on their way to a high and broad- er plane of living. Perhaps a late slip. a de- tention. or a little conference. did not seem like a pleasant interruption in our busy young lives: but, an occasional backward glance gives us a better view. A little nudge or a quiet boost never hurt the best of us. They are our reminders to move up and out as we facc the one thing which truly belongs to us-e our life. tl . ya 4 ' Q. Vice 5- ., Shirley Warnick Secretary In the words of Dr. Tom Briggs, famous professor at Colum- bia fniversity. and under whose direction I acquired a con- siderable part of my educational philosophy, "The first duty of the school is to teach things they are likely to, strives to have all pupils living, to go even further insuring his success at the pupils to do better the desirable do anyway." Hence, ALLEGANY attain the basic fundamentals for in the case of the gifted pupil in college or university of his choice. and along with these, to find and develop talent in the fields of ln an to shootf, music, dramatics. journalism. athletics. and many others. short, our purpose is aptly expressed in a quotation from author of years gone by. l'To teach the young idea how My congratulations to the class of 1956 in attaining one of your life goals. May your years spent at ALLEGANY enable you to live on a higher economic, cultural. and ethical level 1 than might have been possible otherwise. , ..t f XA 4191434 MARY SOWERBY HINZE. A.H.. NIA. Head of English Department. National Honor Society Adxieor x f I 5 . VIRGINIA W. DIXON. AB.. MA. ORPHA-BONITA PRITCHARD, AB.. MA. SpeeiaI Speech Projects .IEANNETTE HOLZSHLQ A.B. BETSY ROSS RANKIN, BS., MA Allegewi. A.D.K. Advisor ELGENE QHMW A B LH DIA IJOWNTON ACKER B9 Ba ketball Coach 244409 GERALDINE GASTON NIAINN A B JLLIA LONNFLL BLOUGH A B COLLEEIN KREGER KIRK. Bs. SID C0 Ad" or FLORA coox LEASE B5 R. I' Q , , QU, ' . 'I' .' . .,. 5 .f Y 'I .YA- I-.n-- - I IVAQ4 . , -. "S , . 0l.lX E P. MNIPSUN. A.l3.. NIA. Hn-all of Fovial Ftudi:-Q lie-purtmn-nt. National Honor Forif-ty CUIIIIIITIIPO' MARGARET E. BAKER. JMB.. NI..-X. Unite-d Nations Club Advisor. National Honor Society Committfle JANET ANDERSON. ATS. MARY E. NIl'RR.-U. AB.. Alcohi Mirror Advisor NELL HAWKINS. A.B. NT M E. ROY LESTER. A.B.. BLA. Football Coavh. HZlr1'l'JBil Coach NI..-X. GEORGE K. CONWAY, BS. Junior ffla-F Aclxixor. I-'TA 'Xsfistant Arlvieor DORA E. RICHARD. AB. 5 X , - .4 ' K " ANN.-XM.NICHT.A.B. Future- Teachers of America Advisor. Supervising Teacher ' A .4 If L" A 1 .- ,DIL fi . W1 ff pm' f K rf AI X HXRULIJC WH lxXRD H N Nl X Hearl of Sm nu Department Rl1H I-INIFL IRXHXNIE XB THIHRFNX li XILHT ISN FAU FIIIHN FHOXIPNON Nhlxl- XIII-. Xl! ru T cl IRIVNIL l'Ll'l'lNl3l'Rf LR XIXPHIN B' H15 IIHIWI lll Tcamhvr JKLK L GABLF BS tam lw 1 tball Luarh 'AWW- ARTHLR Vi T-XXLOR BE M -X Head of xI3Ihf3ITl3llC Dvpartnunt CXRLETON A SHORE B9 JXNIENi NEILNON JR BS PI'lj6CIl1Ill t Xflu or IINIX X JPXKINN BN I um 4 flu yr Nl ah R XIUXIJ R IUNIIHRUH 5 G IIXNI J dl x N 1 nr n C mlm lll Xclu .wigvu V I 0 I A Ring' FII-l'l'V Av 4 wh. '1:fi- '- Y Arriglillll .Mixi-uL.A N U U I ' ,ff 2 - e M 1 X' W . ' . I .. 1' I 4 I 4 I l N o 5 vm L 5 , A . iq x1..x. 5 gi f 5.1.1.Ad-'--r.Juni,rlIlass A '11 . , Sup:-r '-ing Tl'llt'lll'l' ? . ,-U . . ' . ' , 1 . I . WH. . 1 , . l"AllICIi'l'X. ILS. Ili-X Xmixiwr. .Xll--gr lj -'ll IS 5 In 'rfu g I-OI' k W F. fd V0 J-V' .f W ALTER L BOW ERN A B NI A Hearl of Phx wal Education Dflpartment ELGENE J HOPKINQ BS ,I Y Ba lwtball ffach JO XXX TXHLOR EfKXRD B9 Glrl XILIIEIIC -X oclatlon -Xdsx or Cheerlflarlf-r -Xdxl EIFXNOR K RIII-R B9 r X1 ULX 4ll3lI1'xdYl0I' Chrvrlf-adrr XCINI 'Lid BOSTON E QHERWOOD BQ COBERN E NIANGEQ JR WILLARD W NIORLEY BS 'NI Ed CARL R WEATHERHOLT Woodwork Nlechanlcal Drawm 'Vletal Prmlmg Qfame NIARIE X RICHXIOND AB HELEN E NIcFERRAN BS JANE LONG FULK AB CARLXN REIGHARD ARBOGAST BS L f 1 ' o 0 ' If I ki CHL' .- fu! - , I-Eff ' f f 'Sor QQ ' W. 4 ,B ,, ,o L gi A ' V if G - 7 V A , - . . It 2: . A , . . BPHIHNII IL W I-.I I N HOC PRS X15 XIX am h C lulr xllXl r Trl Hx X Mlm U ht .l Nl 'DUN XB XI .1 ln I lub Mlu IN l' HXIIJXXIN Ki Hlllt llxt DOROTHY W ILLINOY A B 'NI LX Hvatl of Nlu IC Department lhmr Bu Cl:-v Club Octet ,lumor f lrl Chr ral Club unlor Bm Glu Llub ljlftlltjl' JOSFPHINE H KONIPXNFK B X ll r ora an f Jun 1 N x Umm Q LLHX SHCKFN XB NI 'l Band and Orchf tra Dlrutur 'LZ ETHFL Ll 'NNINC H XXI BRLCE B Q Kr! fluls anal Po tar Club -hlu or LXW RI-NfF W BFLKER B A 'Nl X Xarm lfdllxfflilil F1 lllh cl tlm l a gp A I 1-In . A uiwlt A HAI N' ., .- f .A. Int' 1 5 For EIN' A' '. .' . H : .l .. KIA. lfrf- ' flll 1 1l'ifur W W o J ' .. ' ' .. Quill, -Girlfl Ch 1' l.A ll- . icr Choir. .'c"lx't ' "tor au A -l..t.glAA1 A ysf .., ,Ag Q' lsllfl 'll :1l' 7444454 NP XX IU ad fff 1111111 r J par 1 H1 lx! 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TIIUNIXS. .I .-'- S' . . .II'.'UN. I'.-- Ba cl. I . .' ' f 1. Sli 'SI1 Club. Trl-III-X. Null 'I Il11111r N11171-ly. I1'. '-.' .Q-l.".-Q1l . 1'.'I...'.f-f. Ba I. ' s .1 ' . TIIIKXII 'l.I.. I". f- CI111r11I Club. Tl'IiI.IiXC. Cf -CI1 al CI1l. I'1I'l'II!'Il CI I. ' ' , .'.- .11 .1 . p .I 'I LI II.---L11' Cl I. V.1XN NIE'I'I'1Ii. IXI.-B119 lc tl . .Y . . . .--CI1-v Club. "Ti111- Out II r X.IIIIgCf.-I CI111i1'. U11 -I. XIIIQ. I3 I. ' S .. ' ' 1 Q11 s. ' flf. C.-I..t' CI I. XV.1XCNIfP. .'.- I'11-I1-r Cl I. ll . CI111 all CluI1. l.z1ti11 Club. .-XIJK. Y11li1111z1l II1111111' 5111-i1'l1. .-Xl1'11I1i WIA .v .... - 1.1 .1 . . .f .'.'. ..--.1XI.I.IfCIfXVI. XIIIS. CI1-- I1 ling Xllllll. CI1 . .1 . JSI. Qu 1. S HIIIIFII 'Q I1. ' '- '- '. .1 . .' .'1TUN. 1X.--- Ba . ' . ' . r' 'w 1. an-11 . 'IIIT1 X '.fGlP1- CIuI. Tr. 'k. XXII.- KINI. .-First .1Xi1l. Tea 'I11-1'-s N" -1 '. X' I-.' G.-Cf. . .I :I CluI. Cliff'- Ier'. .1 siistaul. I"irSI nXi1I. .1XIIK. CI11-11rl1-z11Ii11g CI1I1. XX'lI.'I'. I. -:XI1'11I1i NIirr11r. XlII1'f'I'- I I.. 7. .1f. 1 I .I 'g . If..f:lf12I CI b. is .'Xi1. Cali' '1 .1Xs-'sta t. X'-XNKIILEVITZ. J.fII'-Y. Nz1l'1111uI II111111r N C' are ' Cl I. I.z1Ii11 Club. ,-XI1'1l' Xli 11 . I" 1II1zlII. .S ball. S' ' l.II. Z.-XKC. '.-.1XLI-IfCIl I . ICN Club. .1Xl11 I' Xlirrur. .'XIIIi. .'IIJ. CI111rz1I CIuI1. C.-X1X. r'- '- v. f 'S . . .2 ' . . Q .1 . . .U 1. ' . .--. I Cl I. . .v '. .- ll .U 1 --I '. YI4I'llI'Ii. Ili- '. 1 .z 1' ..1 zfll.-X: 'I 'C.'II. C.- 1 . - . . 'Sf' .fIl. I giffil Q1 1 S4 9 'vii , . , 1 'N H '52-v. 51 W 15 D .ff Room T00 l'1r-I rnw. lf-ft I0 right: IT. Now. J. Tvar- Han. li. xY1iTHll'k. YY. Illvry. J. Xlllly. A. Stn,-nirlr-r. X. Twigg. Sq-volmnl row: YY. Walla:-rt. R. Yinvent. I.. Ywville-r. P. Smith. ll. Spe-ig. B. Yarlk:-I1-vitl. J. Ft:-in. Third ww: C. Wilwn. E. We-aw-r. J. Wilson. H. YU-t. U. Turlew. F. Wwilliamf. R. YT:-rtl. Fourth rms: T.. Txsigrgl. .T. Wlrlfurrl. H. XHIIHQI. J. Whvrkv 111m-to-r. T. Ward. C. William-. Room 107-Fira! row: A. .-Xtkinwrm. A. Umar. 9. Bvrk- with. F. U4-lt. J. Hrs-wlluw. F. Tiranvr. N. liange-rd. P. lhulkin. F. liluhaugh. F'-mnd row: R. Hfll4't', B. .Xhhn!!. D. lim-nn:-tt. T.. Timaflwala-r. E. iframe-r. TJ. Tlruwrm. R. Tirulm-ry. F. Ruth-r. Thin! row: YV. T34-vk. F. fm:-. R. Butt-. I.. Brnwn. .l. Urzmt. F. Thllne-r. 1. Hal:--. E. ffzilrmvrwn. Fourth rr-xv: I.. Claylun. C. Bakr-r. W. ITIIVIIIIHIYI. .l. R11-N. ,l. Hm'rhiv. H. COIIIPY. fi. Tl:-mm-r. T. f.huppv-ll. Rmnn 113 Hr-I rf-wt 11. Vumplwll. .l. P.z1r-mu. -K Dwlwr. H. Uurr. Tl. Dahl. 5. ffapvl. N, ffrippvn 54'l'l'IllT rms' 'N flvm NI nllT"4'I' ll lhrk I Fuku- V. Finun. Tl. Dzmwn. YT. ffmur-run. Thirml row: K ff-vnu. Y. fl-nu'r, R. Cmnifv-llww. TT. Crullu-r-. H Uauwn. R. fl'-flwin. Fffnrth row: N. FIIll'fi4'k. R Di'-hl. W. flingvrivll. R. Uwrlullllf-. R. Dyrlw. H Cwvrcv. YV. Fmvrivk. Rm. 200 .Fam M.. If-ft to right: E. own. R. Mfr- l rill. I.. Mirkin. If. Murray. K. M4'Kf'nLif-. K, flrt fl, Mo-Mor-initli. K. M1-auf-r. F1-ronfl row: IJ. 0'Nf'al I.. NIflIH'lf'II. 4. Mulliuan. K. Ort. M. Miller. 9, Mr-CM-. D. XIPVYITSUZII. M. Pari-Pr. F. 0'IIakf'r. Thirrl row: H. Millhollanfl. R. Phillip-. H. Nw--hitt. E. Rohinlon fl. Navv. W. Parxon-. R. Pay-. I.. Nif-S. Fourth rowi P. Morvlanfl. I.. Riff-. fi. Martin. I.. Pe-tty. R. NIHPT. Il. Rvnniv. R. IRJHFIPH. R. Millffnion. Room 206 lfirat row. If-ft lo right: II. Kos-rnv-r. C Krall:-r. ll. I.:-ilvrant. N. I.uzi1'r, I.. Lf-f-. j. Mvllonalrl Sf-r'onrl row: ff. I.f'wi-. J. Maflf-ro, IS, KI'Ilf1'f. C Lf-a-urv. 5. Mvffartnvy. I'. Mar-f-. fi. Kirlwe-ll. V. Malik. Thirfl row: W. I.1'wi4. Ii. Hollia. I. I-lf'wf-llyn R. I.ow-. J. Martin. fl. Me-agzlwr. C. Mace. T. Metz N. Imporv. Fourth row: R. MavK+-nzif-. C. Knotts, M. 1.1-aw. D. Martz. T. Matlivk. L. MCM:-cz R. LaRue, I". Krur-Lo-w-ki. Room 213---Ifirft row. lt-ft to right: V. Rohinson. F Shanholtz. I. Shire-y. If. Shook. 5. Re-igharfl. .l. l'llil lips. C. Fchovnadvl. fl. Shaoffvr. Sf-confl row: M Smith. L. Putt-nlmrink. N. Fvlilo-wr. IQ. Rm-tl. I. Pollock. M. Rohr-rtron. G. Roliinfon. IJ. Svhutz. I' R:-1-tl. 'IlIliI'lI row: ll. Shir:-s. W. Rotruvk. H. Statanua R. Ftarrhs-r. I.. Shaffvrman. P. Shi-lton. IJ. Tipton. I' Ste-wart. Fourth row: W. Smith. M. Shaffor. R. Fchry R. Smith. I. Stallings. R. Scarlvlt. J. Stark. Ii. Smith Room 322-First row. lwft Io right: H. Hall. R Eifhner. M. Hevfal. H. Harman. IP. Haines. E. Haines R. Fr-nti. M. I"re'y. Sw-owl row: M. Iflanagzan. I. Evans. 5. l"ram. M. Hoe-ln-r. F. Halle-r-at-k. F, Harm-y M. Eaton. S. Hatfivlrl. Thirtl row: F. Hirfch. A Knippenln-rg. G. Halv. I. Ke-ttf-rman. M. johnron. D Hadlvy. U. Hvinrich. J. Cannon. Fourth row: H Hou-rmill. M. johnfon. I.. Javkaon. K. julinfon. P. Hasenhuhler. C. Knight, C. Humlac-rtron. H. Hilaire. s i ..- Cv c' U, ....., ' f. W -vf A ,- - A Jn L ." -,- , . .- - - ' I. ' I ' . ,, er , is - -vu 5 1 I X I 5 3 . - o no - V - x , Q . . V V I1 . wo :- I 2? 0 oo' Ld 1 'QW ha 1 ROOM 109 Fir-t row. I:-ft to right: J. Nlauk. C My-r-. XI. Murphy. 5. Norton. E. XIx'IIott. E. Xlitr-he-ll l,, low'-II. If, XIrIIr:naI4I. X. Iv-nnington. R. NIf-Iillafi IT. Nlvflarly. fl. XIivI1av-I. SVCUINI row: W. NIIII-. ff I.ow. I.. I'Il1II1pN. X. Urt. 5. Puuuh. NI. U Hara. Nl Xaughf. X. Nav-. I'. Ninvr. IJ, NIt'Kf'nzic-. R. Marriott 'Ilm-41 row: I'. xI8llIiiilIIj4'I'. J. Huy. R. Luna. Iv. IME' XY. XIHTII. If. I.ow+-nflivk. II. Knight. W. NIiL'Ill11'I j, l,I.wwll5y1, IL, XlvKvr1fia-. II. I.4'LiXlll't'. H0051 103-7-Firft row. Ivft to right: J. Hartz, 5 Xlartin. Il. I.:-uw. J. NIux' I' It-Qliv J Ialwr 9 . -. 1. .. , . . ,. 'NIartin. F. Long, S. I.ong1vrIn-atn. J. I.iIya. Fc-Cond ross: J. Hurt. J. .Im-nkin-. NI. Kvlle-r. S. I.:-a-ure-. F Nlarty. IS. Kirlwc-II. I". Kr:-gr-r, T. Kevch. C. Karnauf Il. Kinwr. 'I'IlirmI ron: J. Judy. IJ. Kimlwn-II. J. Kauff nlan. X. Harrm-II. H. Hodges. J. H1lfi'IlI?f. R. Jutly R. I.ZiIll'2irI4'T. QI. Kvllvy. If. Jonrls. NI. Johnson. ROOM 106-Fir-t row. I:-ft to right: D. Yan llc-tvr C. Yutzy. F. ll:-4Ivon. II. White: Il. WI1vtzvI. J. Winn-rf. J. Yan XII-tr-r. .-'L Yannatta. A. Twigg. P. Winn-rs I'. XvLlIIlrIt'f. J. wining:-r. Sv-4-oncl row: J. Wo'nri4'I1. D. Xhnlvr. F. 'Iiw-. R. Tssigg. I.. Yiandx. ID. Yale-nlinv II. Wunle--N. I3. Xml:-r. 5. Wilxon. II. Young. ll, Wilt. 'I'Ilir4I row: If. William-. IT. fair. If. Hoe-1Ir'r. S. Swoiuwr. J. Wirth-rx. Il. Walk:-r. J. Vane-Ita. R. Wigue-r. If. We-Nh-rf:-I1I. W, Waiugurnan. YY. Fulfvr. If lIIo'IN RUUXI II3 Ifir-t ron. I+-ft to right: R. Norrix. IP. FINA!-I1vr1I. Il. 5In'pI1e'r1I. J. HII1'IIf'X'. 5. Plurnrne-r. IJ. Iioln-rtxori. II. IiuIIi:-rfor1I. I.. SVIINVLIIIII. Ii. FI1affr'r. II. Killlliiil I1. II. FHIII. II. IVN-al. Sv-fowl ron: If. Priw. T. Nlillf-r. IP. Hoon. J. Re-me-. J, Svrilrnf-r. C, Ran-oin. Ii, K1-1Iman. II. I'owv'II. T. NI. SIIZIIIIIHIIZ. Y. SIIHIIFT. T. 5Iliiffl'l'. 'I'I1ir1I rom: C. I'auII. N. I'I1iIIipx. C. Hoon-. F. Xu-kt-I. II. Mulligan. 5. Moul- ton. J. NIuIIan. I.. Norri-. T. U'Iiaker. I.. Xarje-P. RUUNI 116--Hr-t row. l'-ft lo right: ll. Taylor. 5. Frnitli. J. Tro-I. R. Tuvkvr. P. Fnynlv-r. X. Taylor. P. Sm-imlr. J. Flrawewr. Nl. Swanflr. J. Smith. Svconfl l ron: L, Rolairirtto. ll. Slllfllk. Wi. Sittv-r. QT. Rf-xroa4l. J P.. Firliaugh. R. Rll'llZil'4l-UII. J. Fankvr. ff. Fnlllh. fl. Ftafforfl. J. Fmith. Thlrtl row: N. Fhouk. W. Rollvy. R. Ftinv. Nl. Rifff-y. lf. Fvhram. fi. Smith. Nl. Ftvin. l. R1-lv-nour. R. 5lt'lIll"I1N. J. Kilt-y. lmml llfl Fir-I row, lt-ft to right: N. Jollnxrin. NV. Hanxrotf-. J. lla-t. U. Humbfrt-on. U. Fulle-r. A. Conlon. D. llf-fnvr. A. Hs-inrich. Nl. Hosier. Ft-cond ron: R. fiomlfa-llnw. 5. Haan. J. llarpvr. NI. Cowl- fe-llow. R. Guthrie. W, Folk. J. Harmon. M. Grogg, C. UQ-arhart. Third row: R. I'-lf'-llf'I', L. Grahvnxtvin. J. .Ionf-Q. H. ilrinwl. J. Ifwalfl. W, DQ-lm, C. Dychv. J. llc-lin-te-tt:-r, l-ionrtli row: lf. ll'-1-iz. J. llc-wr. T. Flannagan. P. Flynn. li. llargrf-an-s. W. Harrlin. A. T'lNllt'T. P.. fm-e-n. J. l'lNlll'T. ll. lrlfhe-ll. ROOM 120 flfirft row. ll-ft to right: P. Chanvy. J. Rruwn. D, Cralitrf-w. R. llouthitt. J. Dt-vinP. S. Eng- land. lf. Flanagan. R. llowif-. NI. Brings. H. D1-Vault, T. llaihlxoii, Sf-4-onrl row: 5. U11-tl. 5. Fif-lfls. XV. Eniflrivk. l.. Evans. R. Dvlrlavfn. S. Dye. R. Hag:-r. N. lfonlvy. R. fili-ez F. flanfiolrl. J. U4-an. Thircl row: R. Carr. R. Crowe-. l. lla-nm-tt. D. Dillon. C. Cakwi-ll. ll. ffmf-r. l'. lfxffrfrilv. fi. llif-hl. C. Cosgrove. Fourtli row: D. Colonian. W. Chaw. R. Cook. C. Cramer, fi. llaxi-. J. fflwnowitli. J. Cook. K. Curr:-nw. R. llaw-on. l.. T,t'l3Ll4lf'T. ll. Cox. RUUNT 225--Firxt row. If-ft to right: R. Rauvr. l. Raugxlnnan. B. Arnold. Nl. llval. ll. Allison. D. Bald- win. R. Huzzarnl. 9. Rlizzarwl. T. Cookv. P. Brant. E. Rillniyf-r. Swnnil row: ll. Rroaflwala-r. C. Coll'-y. S. . , . - f.arolan. ll. lirf-nnffman. R. Jxlllflglllf. IN. Ronlvr. R. livnnvtt. J. fhlams. E. Rittnf-r. D. Barncorml. Third row: C. llm-rnnlt. R. Acke-rson. R. Bittner. L. llillvr, R. Rrooknian. J. Blake-. ll. Holm-r, R. Boll, D. llarlw, W. llroarlwat.-r. ROOM 111-First row. left to right: T. Kienhofer, K. Hensel, M. Griffith. M. Harper, D. Harden, B. Hol- comb, R. Gray. L. Glessner. B. Hosack, W. George. Second row: S. Johnson, A. Hunter. M. Kroll, D. Kerns. N. Greer, P. Hartung. D. Haines, D. Hardman. E. Guthridge. R. Haines. Third row: M. Hersh, J. Kaplon. O. Johnson, G. Horton, E. Horchler, L. .len- kins, D. Kidner, S. Hollar, T. Kelly. Fourth row: R. Hanft, J. Holler, T. Haske, B. King, J. Hager, H. Hawkins, R. Kifer, M. Harris, J. Hayhurst. ROOM 117-First row, left to right: L. Cooper, P. Dreyer, H. Clayton, J. George, N. Ebert, N. Edmiston, N. Frantz. M. Cimmono. B. Duke, G. Ferrell. Second row: P. Fox, R. Hacker. D. Davis. D. Dowell, R. Gornall. F. Eichner, L. Cover. K. Edenhart, J. Crab- tree. Third row: W. Crowe. R. Nave. J. Doolan. G. Gillum, R. Fogle, R. Gilpin, S. Durland. Fourth row: B. Crothers. R. Eversole, F. Eastham. R. Geigher. R. Fearer. E. Funk. S. Feldstein. R. Grahame. ROOM 208-First row. left to right: M. McNeal, S. Mace, B. Hutton. S. Leasure. L. Linthicum, R. Krucze- wski. L. Lease. P. Martin, C. McCoy. Second row: J. Marvin. W. Milburn. R. Milburn. V. Killen. D. Kasekamp. C. Kennell. B. Long. J. Markwood. ,I. Melvin. B. Jenkins. Third row: B. Lazarus, M. Mc- Kenzie. R. Miller. T. Logsdon, F. Leasure, D. Leasure. C. Langham. C. Montgomery, F. McDonald, R. Kesecker. Fourth row: L. Martin. D. Livingood. D. McFarland. J. Meand, R. McCoy. D. McCoy, K. Moreland, C. Marks. .l. McCarty. du ROOM 209-First row. left to right: R. Oliver, L. McCoy, M. Moore, K. Pollock. R. Meagher, S. Murphy. J. Powers. A. Parsons, B. Norris, S. Meagher. Second row: A. Shircliffe, T. Rizer, C. Rohinson, R. Newcomer, M. Moon, M. McDonald, J. Miller. D. O'Baker, S. Phillips, B. Miller. Third row: R. Scarlett, V. Reuschlein, C. Oster, W. Robert- son, R. Sanders, W. Rinker, R. Paye, B. Mayhew. Fourth row: L. Ransom, D. Shanholtz, P. Ossip, J. Peters. L. Shinnamon, J. Norris, R. Roeder, E. Rine- hart, C. Myers. ROOM 210-First row, left to right: K. Shaffer, N. Walkley, C. Riley, S. Renz, S. Runion, S. Thrasher, L. Wilson, R. Spear, L. Stiver. Second row: J. Valen- tine. B. Spies, C. Turley, C. Shook. A. Williams, L. Wolford. N. Stratton, M. Swauger, B. Yaider. Third row: R. Shanholtz, J. Tosh, W. Whitacre, M. Whit- worth. J. Yutzy, W. Wilson. Fourth row: M. Stein, J. White, A. Williamson, L. Workmeister, R. Shaffer, R. Stein, J. Vose. ROOM 302-First row, left to right: P. Brown. M. Brinkman, P. Baker, B. Bennett, I. Burley, C. Capel. J. Beard. Second row: G. Bucy. T. Cage, C. Bantz. J. Ackerson, J. Cross, J. Blizzard, D. Bone, C. Coates. Third row: R. Clise, G. Cosner, D. Beard. C. Patton. J. Chabot, P. Ballard. B. Blose, S. Bell. Fourth row: G. Collins, M. Collins, C. Black, R. Campbell. J. Bucklew, J. Bennett, R. Burton. gwas ROOM 108-First row, left to right: J. Twigg, N. Smith. I. Brown. S. Godwin, J. Klavuhn, N. Corrigan. S. Mellott. C. Moreland. M. Mauk. B. Jones. Second row: J. Kauffman. D. Torkington. C. Aronholt, C. George. J. Trenton, R. Frith. C. Crow, B. Roeder, J. Bangerd, P. Skelley. R. Clicksman. Third row: J. Taylor, J. White, S. Taylor, E. Fable, K. Yankelevitz, J. Cranlor, H. Martz, D. Moreland. Third row: E. Nicholas, D. Trumbull, J. Shanholtz, D. Stine, B. White. E. Kerr. C. Wagoner, A. Roberts, J. Schoenadel, M. Hadra. ROOM 110-First row. left to right: H. McMillan, R. Tepper, L. Cormer, R. Spurling, P. Harmon. Second row: D. Yates, K. Lowery. P. Kehrer, R. Keel, D. Baker. J. Graham. Third row: R. Livengood, C. Cadbois. B. Cassady, L. Wolfe. V. Michaels, T. Cope. ROOM 119-First row. left to right: J. Murphy. J. Miller. C. Lowery, S. Ogilvie, B. Miller, D. Leighty, M. Weimer, R. Crabtree, C. Hook, M. Adams. Second row: T. Femi, B. Blough, C. Hunter, D. Amoss. C. W'inebrenner. L. Peach. S. Robertsonj D. Carl, D. Armentrout. F. Emerick. Third row: J. Crippen, C. Wilson, B. Norwood, J. Feagles. R. Braner. C. Maxey. J. Hoffman. R. Roush. E. Duer. R. Emerick. ROOM 203-First row, left to right: A. Kendall. R. Cannon. P. Baker. B. Bittner. D. Llewellyn. J. Harden M. L. Fisher. B. Miller, M. A. Athey. S. Clayton Second row: W. Van Natta, D. Shanholtz, W Shanholtz. J. Royce, D. Stewart. E. Atkinson, C Parsenios. C. Steinla. C. Hartman. M. Knieriem. Third row: K. Spicer. R. Gilchrist. R. Rosenmarkle. J. Fogle, M. Beal. P. Paddleford, P. Nicholls, B. Cormer. H. Milburn. Fourth row: F. Riggleman, H. Border. C. Yutzy. L. DeHart, C. Kight. J. Bless, N Frey. R. Robinette, D. Shumaker. Q ROOM 211-First row. left to right: M. Sigel. J. Kirk. K. Kreger. C. Long. P. Thomas. J. Slider. L. Gem. M. Hummel. H. Rutherford. Second row: C. Fogle. C. Williams. P. Morton. L. Ellsworth. J. Wiharton. E. Rice. B. Kef-ch. A. Yutzy. S. Lowery, D. Shaffer. Third row: C. Mallow. R. Cook. R. Cnsner. R. Folk, J. Miller. D. McCrea. E. Taylor. D. Jenkins, R. Rowe. J. Roerler. W. Robertson. G. Kammauf. ROOM 212-First row, left to right: T. Shelton, C. Joy, L. Beeman. M. Schell, C. Mclntosh, J. Hamner. S. Ceppert, J. Boyd. J. Carscaden, S. Gerson. B. Conners. Second row: D. Sterner. B. Claus. W. Mank, K. Starcher, M. Riehl. E. Marean, E. Kauff- man, D. George. J. Luckiewicz, B. Armstrong. Third row: R. Shaffer, N. Sulser, T. Fix, R. Weisman. F. Hartung. S. Klavuhn, B. Fauman, R. Bruce. C. Charuhas. ROOM 218-First row, left to right: J. Stuyvesant A. Steele. D. Barham, E. Alt. B. Jenkins, K. Twigg B. Riley. S. James. Second row: S. Bennett. R. Owens l. Cameron, D. May, R. Miller, D. Pariser. C. Cerlach L. Troutman. R. Powers. Third row: V. Fike. J Cain. D. Davis, C. Thomas. T. Shaffer. P. Head L. Hare. S. Koelker. J. Bosley. Fourth row: D. Fan- sler. J. Allison. R. Smith. R. Johnson, F. Shook. R. Smith. R. Hartman, L. Jones. ROOM 303-First row, left to right: J. Montgomery, R. Del Busso, M. See. D. Twigg. R. Hershberger. K. Bone-brake, C. Knight. L. Robinette. P. Harris. B. Bittinger. Second row: J. Hartung. D. Boyd. S George. J. Stottlemyer. A. Mooney, M. Herzing. L Abe. M. Schultz. L. Whitesides, C. Hafer. Third row: C. Johnson, K. Vandergrift, L. Bishop, B. Frantz, C Chorpenning, T. Williams, K. Smith, V. Beightol, D Armentrout, S. Spencer, C. Lease. i r E 1 '3 J '-as A WN LLL 5 4, fa: .15 1"-' 1 6060 ROOM 101-First row. left to right: J. Green. J. Keefe. J. Brant. S. Huff. B. Robb. B. Martin. S. Runner, C. Hiser. P. Coleman. J. Mace, P. McFar- land. Second row: P. Morin. J. Del Busso. R. Ruhl, J. Shepherd, R. Brinkman. P. Sublett, E. Caus, J. Leigh- ty, R. Fansler. T. Morgan S. Shook, M. Scharf. Third row: T. Maloney. B. Calford. S. Runner J. Ceare, D. Dawson. J. Gaffney, D. Engle, C. Bennett, R. Reuse, C. Mooney. D. Owings, J. SlilChPl'- ROOM 104-First row, left to right: E. Nix. D. Digman, J. Wilson, L. Schumaker, S. Love, J. Marvin, B. VanMeter, B. Miller. D. Miller. K. Lucas, M. Skelley. R. Witt. Second row: J. Lowery, J. Linthicum, V. McCrea, B. Martin, F. Shober, R. Norris, B. Har- per, C. Jones, L. Morin, J. Dorsey. R. Mongold. Third row: R. Bishop. D. Whetzel, J. Ranker, D. Stull, C. Chambers, G. Long, G. Cough, S. McDonald, E. Bailey. D. Narjes, D. Hendershot, C. Harper. ROOM 112-First row, left to right: J. Heming, D. Kiiffner. S. Roeder, J. Miller, N. Thomas, R. Alex- ander, S. Simpson, C. Holzshu, J. Adams. S. Zais, J. Brodbeck. Second row: D. Kuhn, J. Tucker, S. Whitworth. S. Umberger, L. Bowie, M. Stone, J. Boyd. R. Willison, J. Youngblood, W. England, J. Hargreaves. Third row: R. Hersh, J. Warthymer, K. Koegel, M. Jacobson, B. Fink, L. Sturm I. McDaniel, J. Perdew, R. Feight, D. Gibbs, M. Weatherholt. ROOM 204-First row. left to right: C. Wilkinson, T. Pryer. W. Smith. N. Young. E. Bane. M. Brown, C. Sirbaugh, D. Graham. Second row: W. Hovermill, M. Smith, A. Griffith, L. Hoadley, L. Lowery, R Gibson, R. Metz, S. Northcraft, W. Shook. ROOM 205-First row. left to right: J. Miller. M Butler. YV. James. S. Whetstone. J. Clayton. D. Baker R. Maphis. R. Crowe. W. Croston. L. Bell. P. Riden our. Second row: F. Williamson. E. Hawkins. J Shaeffer. H. Hardesty. J. Pentony. P. Myers. S. Vllil son. J. Sheetz. R. Dayton. C. Duckworth. R. Krause Third row: M. List. J. VanSickle. D. Rexroad. K Fretwell, T. Miller. S. Harris. C. Rice. J. Carter J. Dyehe. M. Cozad. ROOM 207-First row. left to right: T. Lowery. E. Beechly. L, Miller. J. Farrell. D. Hager, P. Pfeiffer. D. Wendt, M. Durst, A. Herholdsheimer, S. Althizer. B. Ault. J. Bramble. Second row: C. Mulligan. J. Willetts. L. Schumann, W. Routch. J. Nesbitt, A. Zaks, T. Barnes, E. Wagoner, W. Ritchey, E. Hasen- buhler. T. Emerick. J. Saeli. Third row: C. Comer. J. Robinson, D. Folk. R. Kuykendall, H. Hersch. J. Spoerl. A. Baker. J. Barnes, F. Schindler, J. Crowe. B. Brown. S. Kornhlatt. ROOM 215-First row. left to right: P. Phillips. J. Smith. P. Miller. S. Cessna. D. Petty. C. Layton, S. Rennie. L. Lewis. C. Marvin. B. McNabb. A. Ford. G. Chapman. Second row: S. Babst. I.. Cuyer. M. Hohan. A. Brunner. P. Cornelius. L. Belt. J. Palmer. J. Bishop. C. Wegman. K. Kirby. R. Tosh. P. Brown. Third row: C. Ridgway. S. Dick. L. Ayers, R. Hum- hertson. D. .Helker. T. Bolinger. W. Harshherger. J. Cole. R. Easton. H. Bishop. ROOM 301-First row. left to right: R. Bonnett. E. Thompson. P. Laurent. C. Durrett. V. Shoher. W. Hornhrook. P. Pollock. P. Raupach. D. Smith. G. Smith. S. Earsom. J. Purucker. M. Vandergrift. L. Judy. Second row: R. Robinette. S. Shaffer. S. Crah- tree. S. Bennett. S. Call. J. Carroll. G. Lindner. B. Wharton. L. Lowery. B. Wanless. W. Spies. Third row: C. Barncord, J. Schell. R. Kennedy. L. Hen- drickson. L. Thompson, R. Bruce. P. Linaburg. V. Knick. H. Cook, W. Kight, P. Robinson. ,ZW fa' 1' jim-if sl ' J ,. - SSL 1 ' Y' - - -1 : Q .:: 5 , ,i , . Q- Qc? 42 Q J Z W O f' Z W ig' ,4 f if ff 1, , 9 D fx T-Ca ft fl ask , , XM if 0 xg.. 115ggg2f1f?mf2g+g-Q Saks, Eiler To Direct A lllilfliiii' ll:"f'llC' Emma 0114! Sbwamlzna m.mxuQmg EDITORS fufefm MQMJMJ m,y, ,,,m,- WURT, F,,m,R, El"3n"V XIUVPIU Rirhunl Uliu-r fir-tty H.-4-Lx Alf-rrp Xurlkvlf-xitl lflur:-m-v Zakx I Txurp' llunrs- Singing Cru xl2ll'l'Il 223 I' Pam-I To Speak Tonight Al Tri-Hi-Y llluh HH-iillg ,.,,1 NM, W 1. nr w ,www lr fm. mu. nu .n.H.w,-v uw, rx 1,1 H.. 4, .mv ,,.1,. .1 u.,u..,, u , ,.,. Wm- . .H -....1,...x .yr uv .1.v. Ifiu 'r xssocil wr rimrox ,ummm 1-rs To Plan ln vri F1-stir ul in ll Nation lui .lpilul In Xpril Pahy Nlctlill -ru--i011 Nligf Mary E. Murray ERI. , limliml I IEIHITURIXI. 5'I'Kl"I" Firxt rum. I'-ft In right F, ilrnwlwll. K, File-r tl, Rumi-rn. R. ,ls-rv'-. li. Uwip I Sl'l'0fI4i nm: -I. Silnox. IJ, Flu-vln-. 5. Wagnrr. ll. H+-r-4-lx. F. Zak-. '- vl x Y, ' , 1 lzlrslups 3-'Q I Lam Slllllvlllh l':Il1ll'l l3l'5lNlrF4 FTXFI7 First row. If-fx tv' right K, Url. 5. Hutfiv-H. 5, Xia'- fQurtl1-1.1. Will. I.. I..-wi-. Nl. Falun. F1-wlrnl rms: l., I-imingn-r. Nl. lim-lb 11-13 ll, Ynxr, H, Himmle-r. Xl. Xlil- lvr. li, Ili-k. F. Hi:-111. lb. lllilmrrl. P j, Shank. I.-LJ' A ley Clontz. Standing: Paula Noland. '74ef4 Pictured above and below is the staff that worked to bring you the book you are now reading. It was difficult work. but we all express the thought that, if you like it. then we will be duly rewarded. It was through the patience of Miss Betsy Ross Rankin, Mr. George Ruhl. Mr. Ronald Richardson, the faculty. and you. that this book is now in your hands. Se-ated. lf-ft to right: P. Kr-rns. ,l. Fili-ox, P, I.:-wis. I.. wanif-ss. ll. Sternr-r. Mi-5 Rankin, advisor. Standing: R. Baker. R. Us-ip. R. Sindy, A. Hagan, J. Knvpp, C, Hersch. F, Zaks. R. Oliver, F. fflontz, I.. Lewis. The 'I'Yl"lF'fF--Nqirf-fi, lf-fr to right: Rox' Rm-fl. Nlario- Xlillvr. Donna liliuarvl. Shir- Fir ,I Silcox. B. Ossip. B. Beck. J. Day. R. Rains:-5. Sf-voml row: Nl. Fr'-y. R mi. A. Decker. D. Sher-he. J. Pfeiffer. II. Runion. P. K:-rns. S. Wagner. I' 'NIcCili. R. Layton. Z. Simpson. J. Yfilt. 5. Rr-igrhard. Third row: J. Nivllonaltl L Lee. F. Harvey. R. Jones. R. Oliver. ii. Smith. Ni. YanNia't1-r. i'. She-lton Starcher. nk. Ifnir-rit'k. lf. Keller. J. i.aln-r. Xi. liringls. Aman 1 , f'All the worldis a stage". said Shakespeare. Allegany is A.D.K.'s stage where senior high dramatic club pre- sents an annual play and an assembly. Advisor to this group for the past five years has been Betsy Ross Rankin. st row. le-ft to right: N. Mullan. P. Hurt. F. Zaksg S. Mt'Cartnt-y. l'. I.e-wis ID. Kovrm-r. ll. lmilarant. J. Rilehey, L HU 0FFlCER5sSeated. C. Hersch, B. Rankin S. Clontz. Standing, N. Close. L. Wanless First row. lf-ft to right: Y. lfohc-y, K. Sindy ll. You-. if. 'l'uvkf'r. l.. Nh-nnvtt. H. Wanle-ss B. Dvliawn. 5. Wil-on. 5. Fields. B. Amold, . Pope. Third row: K. Ort. E. Murray. S. Hatfield. IJ. I.:-asv, Ni, Smith. 5. Nivfiartnz-y, B. Um-r. J. Sr-rilmer. Bl. O'Hara, S, igan. ll. Ran-um, li. Taylor. 5. ily:-. il. Howie-. Second r0w:' J. Rt-u-Q-. S. lfarolan. N. Johnson. L. Mirkin Q S.I.D. OFFICERS-Seated: J. Kauffman. R. Haines. E. Kauffman. Standing: Mrs. Blough, advisor, V. Killen, Miss Jenkins, advisor. First row, left to right: Corrygan, J. Twigg, D. George, B. Duke, S. Rem. D. Twigg, B. Armstrong, S. Gerson, N. Smith. Second row: N. Ebert, K. Shaffer, R. Meagher, J. Markwood, N. Edminson, B. Blose, C. Kennell. A. Hunter, B. Holcomb, J. Carscaden. Third row: B. George, Taylor, S. Geppert, M. Nicklin, R. Weisman, B. Miller, M. Cimmino, J. Shanholtz, D. Stine, A. Roberts. . 7 - The junior dramatic club at Alco is S.I.D. Miss Virginia Jenkins and Mrs. Julia Blough -are the ad- visors. Members of grade 7, 8, and 9 are eligible to become little thespians prior to joining A.D.K. S.l.D. presents an annual assembly and here the junior high actor and actress-to-be learns the many phases of the theater. First row, left to right: S. George. E. Rice, J. Stoutamyer, B. Bittner, P. Baker, B. Miller. M. Nix, V. McCrea, B. Robb, J. Youngblood. Second row: C. Chorpenning, M. Aldridge. J. Schoenadel. C. Wagner. J. Luckiewicz, E. Kerr, J. Hamner, J. Tuck- er. S. Whitworth. S. Umberger, M. Jacob- son. Third row: R. Vandegrift. V. Rusch- lein. G. Steinla, M. Boyd. K. Starcher, T. Shelton, P. Paddleford, R. Miller, C. Hafer, M. Stone. . .H .. . .ouma . .. 1-mx. N-1-unrl row: Ip, Iuylf-r. N. Wwagnf-r. K. Uf'm'kv'r. P.. rll1'kc'I'. ll, Kaul:-H. N. Fli- IIlU!l4INlPIl. HI-N llukv-r.u1ln-or. fartnn-3. H. Starch.-r R Ulu Comprehension of world problems through . . I I rlnw- .l. l.alw-r. J. Xivllorlalvi. Hlinl row: ll. lm-k. 5- NI sl IN tfl.l'li UI-'I-'NIEHS Sval- wl: F. Xukx. li, Uwip. Ftannl ,. . I. . r' . TRI-HIAX OI"FllfIfRS'--5f-at- mi: K. Fil:-r. Q.. I.annon. I L Standing: if. Hunion. E. - - " .- Nlurphx. , Q ' l 9-54" ' . f Wfiwqi ' rbb., A .nr 'ff-Z' .wr T 'Zi' qi' Exemplifies scholarship and clean speech. First row. lvfr to right: L Yvanlf-xx. F. llr4m'ch'n. P Thornpxon. F. faka NI. Irwls R. luxlon. N. lilo-Q-. P. Nh' llill. If. Xlunlx. J. Silvox. Fm-C unfl row: Nl. lirxngs. I.. Lf-e J. Hr'-1-zilmr. P. Nuith. E Xlurruy. I., Xlirkin. Il. Mann F, Pram. .-X. Us-vkvr. J. Plnl- . , .. ,-. llps. lu. HQ---k.F,1.Iox1tz. Ihml row: P. lmvsix. Y. llolwy. S Um. K. l'.l1'Illll'l'. fi, Hffnp. Y. l.+-a-urs-. l'. Vhllllpf. Il, Mawr. W, Ilm-Iur. f.. Spf-lx. f., Zia! Pai-lez Vous Francais? This organization does! A . f ll ' f"l x.. Fir-I row. lvfl to right: P.. Nlanlx. 5. Re-igliaril. li, Xanlx e-lewitz. R. Layton. C. Runion. F. Zakx. 5+-1-orirl ron: l., Wan lrws. l'. l'l1oiiip-on. I., lmm-. B. 0--ip. H. Ftarclivr. W Millholland. IJ. Fhirrf. 1, :Jif- Fv-ulwl: R. Olin-r. l'. Kvrnf. Stanfling: ll. Smith. K. lirwcl- lm.-. H. Hilaire. N-alwl: Nlrf. Rug:-r-. l'. lmw ll. ll:-rfk. Nanilingz Y. l..-afurf-. ll, Rr-nniv. lirtrx lttt rilij r fy. J. l ff-iftwr. f., l'l+-r- li P. Kflrri-. YQ. Lannvfn. XiiIlkf'lf'Nlll, ll. Holli-. Fr-fonl rim: H. lliluirv. Hr, llalflw X-lxi-or: H, lllIW'T. ll. llrvfil loin B. fllllllli H.'. Habla usted el espanol? . . . They do! I First row, left to right: D. Koerner. P. Smith. P. Mace. L. Lee. L. Wanle-ss, S. Seated: R. Olive-r. Nl. Lewis N. Clontz. L. Counihan. R. Layton. J. Kidwe-ll. Nl. Lewis, P. Lewis. Swoml row: Miss tflostg Standing: lf. Blank. C. ll:-rsch. A. Nicht. Advisor: K. Ort, Il. lla-ck. P. Nlrflill Nl. Lewis. S. Wagner. C. Lannon J. Pfeiffer, E, Hank. N. Close. Nlr. Conway. Advisor. Third row: lf. Zales, C. Hersch. B. Ossip. Y. I.:-asurv, P. Phillips. R. Olin-r. T. Broadwater. K. jones, H. Sindy. Q I 4,4 ., F.T.A. was organized in 1954 by Miss Anna Nicht and a group of seniors. A charter group of students paved the way for the ever increasing membership. This organization renders great service to the school. The main project this year is an Allegany High School Handbook. The members ushered for Parents, Night, and acted as guides for Sixth Grade Day. Mr. George Conway is co-advisor with Miss Nicht. Miss Betsy Ross Rankin is Handbook Advisor. First row M. Brings. Creating a greater interest in the language is the major interest of this club. Mr. Harvey Mason is the advisor. Meetings are held monthly at the Central Y.lVl.C.A. The Climax to the activities of the Latin Club is reached at a Roman Banquet. where the second year Latin students dress as Roman nobility, and the first year students dress as slaves. A movie, "Lost Horizon", was presented this year as a Latin Club activity. . left to right: J. Scribner. NI. 0'Hara. B. Cover. J. Breedlove. N. Luzier, S. Dye. B. Taylor. V. Colley. B. Bowie. A. McKenzie. Second row: M Coodfellow. P. Chaney. 5. Dietz. 5. Fields. B. Dc-Haven. F. Kreger. C. Yutzy. B. Seated: J. Laher. D. Price. L. Lee. Standing: C. Ransom. H. Wvanless. .l. Ritclley. Caswell. Arnold. I.. Viands. Nl. Naugle, W. Sulser. Third row: R. Twigg, R. Hargreaves, W. Hardin. .L Cook. J. Stallings. R. Hodges. N. Phillips. W. Sitter, C. Paull, G. X. Xtkinson. X. Hagan. R. St-itz. 5. First row. left to right: D. Dahl. l.. Ewan-. N. Crippen. C, Campbell. 9. Xlrfife flrowfl:-n. ff. Runion. J. Farsom. Ni. Parisi-r. lf. Xlitvbell. F. llranf-r. R. llarr. Fe-1-onfl row: .-X. Boor Q Br-ckwith. C. gM'f'lIZ1'Y', F. Habersaek. K. Ort. J. Reuse. J. Stein. E. Murphy gl'If'f'l"l!'. J. Pfeiffer. F. XX'ag1n4'r. Mr-. llfllftq .'X:lxisor. Third rom: ff. Myers Rr-igharrl. N. John-on. Nl. lion-lzs-r. ll. llaw-on. W. Parsons. l.. Xlirkin. l.. Nlonn D. Koa-rne-r. Bulletin boards are the Poster Clubis specialty. For a lift in any hallway. just look at the designs made by this art club. No season nor school event goes by with- out the magic of color used by Mrs. Ethel Bruce-is art- ists. :Xt Christmas time. corridor windows and doors are decorated with appropriate themes. The art room is the laboratory for Alleganyis Poster Club. ll. Zai-. H. Hilaire. B. Crimes. Boys of the stage crew are the "behind the scenesii men for any successful production in the auditorium. lf it's a special lighting effect. a door upstage. a sound ef- fect at a certain moment-the stage crew has it. or will get it for you. Shop teachers work with and advise the members . . . Mr. Willard Morley. Mr. Cobern Manges. and Mr. Boston Sherwtrod-Y-deserve much credit for assisting the stage crew. E. Lester. B. Smith ated: P. Phillips. H. Kissncr. Standing: F. agncr. ll. Flieclie-. NATIONAL 5 z I 1 Z T S N HONOR SOCIETY w "1 E t l 1. 1 U - y X W XX National Honor Society . . . the nf-west organization of Alco . . . organized in 195-1 by Mrs. Mary llinze. English department . . . composed of juniors and sen- iors . . . aims for scholarship. character. leadership. and service . . . holds meetings twice a month . . . work- ing on eligibility of members and formulation of con' stitution this year . . . Miss Margaret Baker. Miss Ulixe Simpson. and Nliss Betsv Ross Rankin work with Mrs. Hinze. Nl. Baker. O. Simpson. NI. Hinze. li. Rankin. ,Mlxisors 31 1 JM sl First row. left to right: li. lim-ck. fl. I.annon. Nl. I.:-wi-. P. Ke-rns. Nl. Hamilton. A. Hagan. Sf-cont! row: P. McGill. P. Thompson. F. Murphy. H. Ussip. K. Fil:-r. 5. Crowd:-n, C. Runion. Third row: R. Jones, J. Yarike-luitr. IJ, lay-. R. lireetllow. li. Her-4-li. e First row, left to right: R. Ogden, I.. Shafferman. T. Broadwater, R. Sindv P Shelton. Second row: Mr. Faherty, Advisor: D. Shires. C. Smith, N. Phillip F Williams, H. Yost. C. Williams. Third row: T. Nlatlick, B. Sterner, R. Breedlove T. Ward, J. Workmeister. 715- The Hi-Y is a service club for Allegany High School. Boys are recognized as Hi-Y members by their blue and white sweaters. lfshering for the Thanksgiving Day football classic is efficiently handled at the sta- dium by Hi-Y members. White Christmas . . . a collection of canned goods for needy families . . . is done by the Hi-Y. Hi-Y boys set an example of Christian service in our high school. Mr. William Faherty is the advisor. First row. tseatedlz J. Yankelevitz, D. Paye. J. Zink. Standing: Nlr. Faherty. Advisor: R. Paye, 1. Sweitzer, P. Charuhas First row, left to right: D. Turley, D Rennie, M. Shaffer. D. Price, C. Frith Second row: J. Fisher. C. Kight, C Davis, H. Hilaire, P. Hasenbuhler. Third row: H. Crothers, R. Hodges, J Horchler, .l. Stallings, R. Bruce, J. Deremer. Firxl nm. I4-ft In right: N. xlllllllll. F. fakx. Nl. Xlillv-r. Nlnrri-ml. l'. L+-ssi-. F. 'I'rumhull. Z. Sinmp-nn. .-X. IA-uw. I.. Wanle---. U. Nlvilxrty. J. U'N-ul. I., lfounihun. S+-omni nm L. INIIIIIIIQVF. ll. lhck. F. Pram. Nl. Howln-r. NI. Hulnxun. .l. Ft:-in. H. Xankvlv-xiii. l.. IH-ll-wk. B. Hfvllix. l'. Klan-. I' RQ - M-urgurl. KL. R.-ml. F. liwlusilll. 'lhinl 11-nz tl, llglgvr, AI, X11 Uullalll. LM: lrllillipx Ig, XLILI4-lg ll, Nvhull. 5, Ru-igI1:1yrlA if. Ke-Ile-r. R. lizlrr. I.. X11-nmflt. ll. Kffwm-r. Xl. Il.-UNI, I Wil-ml. R. Fpe-ar. lf. Hvlulxtv-tlv-1. 53'-. 535 'fl sw, X ,f ,ll if il x X I ,pl M 'r III! his NJ UFFHQI-IRS I.:-fl lu right: .I. Jwnkin-. U. Huimx, Warnivk. il. Spwi-. Firft row. If-ft In right: Nl.Swaug1f-r. X. 5tratlwn. 5. C1-fir-mx. Leasurr. I. F. lillrlf-y. J. I.ilya. Thirml rms: 5. Puugh. S E. Nlitu-he-ll. :L Huntvr. N. Walklfly. G. Farr:-ll. L. ill:-S-nvr. Murphy. I... Imagv. F. l'hillipQ. N. lilwrt. P. Hartung. lb 5. llc-ll. Se-con4l rnw: l. l!f-nnvtt. H, 5haffvr. I.. Svhwahn. 5. Hainva Nl.ll8I'IIQ'Y'.B.xIiHt'l".IJ,I'lZ1T'llI1iiIl. Smith. D. Rulwrl-ml. ll. I.:-a-a-. I3. Hlluarvl. X. Tziylor. 9 J .1 o v K I ' 7 s i ,. . g , ,4 l'ir-I rms. If-ft ln right: U. l.e-ilnrant. l. Look. ln. lndu--r N. Long. tl. Nlif-hael. D. Mc,-Carly. J. I.alwr. Nl. Bring-. li. Tucker. Nl. Murphy. Sf'l'llIl4l row: J. Jonvs. XY, Folk. .l Harman. N. John-on. A. Yannatta. .-X. lwiglgr. J. Ninth. ll First row. lf-ft to right: S. Rf-nz. R. Kt'st't'kf'f. Y. Killvn. Y rapes. N. Greer. M. Moon. L. Kruczwvski. Nl. K. Pollor-k. . Haines. Second row: S. Meagher. B. Norris. K. Shaffer ca xll'K4'llli4'. fl. Kun-oni. ll. Clayton. J. Ke-tw-. J. ilu-I, Thin rom: J. Harper. J. Smith. Nl. Kvllvr. li. Taylor. li. Yalvntine ll. Dillon. Nl. fflluru. H. Wanle-s-. ff. Myers. li. llolronih. .f4.,-4... The Girls' Athletic Association under the advisor- ship of Miss Eleanor Rizer enables girls from the ninth through twelfth grades to participate in various types of sports. The clulm annually sponsors "Co-ed Sports Night." it also sponsors tournaments through- out the year. G.A.A. undertakes the task of decorating Greenway Stadium for the hCUllllJt'l'lilIlll Classic,-.', eavh Thanks- giving. nvll. J. Pow:-rs. N. ElllHlSl0Il. J. Nlarkwood. Third row: P, Rnlie-rtsorl. D. lie-urge. R. Nleagha-r. ff. Riley. P. Ballard. , Nl. Nicklin. 5. Runion. li. Blow, H. Duke. . Edenhart, A. Williams. D. O'Baker. I.. flow-r, ff. Ken- 1 -4 f i 1 1 Qi Af 1 lx' fl' lfirxr rms. la-lt lu I'l,LIlllI lf. liiw-. 5. llzill. ll. Xiiu-tiling. li. Kniulil. ll. ll'll4qlwi'. F. Uv- i wrt. Xl, I V . i i lllllll. Sw'-iiel rms: Xl. Yziiifle-grill. I., XX'-gmziii X. Iiwiglitul. l. Xl, 141111.-r.ii1. ll. NI:-Nulilm, F. Fimp-1-ri. ll. Yuiixlf-tvr. Y. Flu-lwr. lliirfl rim: Nl. ll:-ming. K. Nl'-ugliz-r. F. lfaiwviii. J. Nlurplix, N, Vliv-In-l. P. Rwlwrtxmi. F. llarwy. iii-tructvrr. l'illllI'll1 ri-ng I', Rgiipmli, J. Huiiyiglilnmlh In Fll-iwrtli. 5. Hu-:ir-wr. 5, Taxlvvr. 5, liiilxif-uivf. F. Xl'-iigli:-1. l X , X I U N' 1 I J ' ax ' The Twirlinf' Club is an nrffaiiizzilimi for 'unior . ." . 1' . l lligli girls. ll is slurleiit clirf-vtc-cl lay l'I'2lIN'l'S llurvvx livml majorc-ttc. mul arlsisml lip S. Sym-ki-5 'A' 'lilivsv girls mvvt fuiivv me-ry lun iwe-ks :xml lf-:iru lliv lmsii' fl1lHlZlllli'Ill2llF of lizltuii hsirliiig. -If f l'lY'Nl ruw. If-ft In right: J. Flllllll. li. Nlillvr. K.. llurvlt. P. l.uui'vrit. X. lwrfl. 5. Low. Nwwiiil rms: N llgllllllh 5. Le-Q-ria. R. Mille-r. F. Janie--. J. llrwlln-vla. Nl. H+-lran. F. Balwit. Y. Nl1'f.r1-'a. ll. lla r-r. lllirsl rms: li. Hwlvoiiilm. J. Murphy. J. llnffnmn. Y. Kilim-li. E. llaile-y. I.. IB:-lr. IT. Narjvf. 1 U fl. Xl ivliae-l-. Fuurtli row: K, Kirlny. fl. lziytwln. J. S1'lllltl. l'. Panlillf-lwrml. ll. Rilo. li. Harp'-r. J. Nlillf-r. l.. llilye-r. Sakai... 'lRF,'xCHERF. 9ECRFT.'xRlEF-Firit row. lf-fr to right: ll. Blinard. J. Shank. B. Capfl. Xl. Lfiwi-. C. Rivf-. .-X. Wh'-f-Iffr. P, Mulligan. Sf-Cond row: C. Armftrflng. R. Rf'f'fl. R. Uliwr. L. Wanlflsk. F. Zakl. 1. Rfvbfrtlfln. Ni. Nlillfr. P, Noland. J. Yvilkini. I.ll5RpXRY AIDFQ- Firit ruw. left to right: H. Nf-Qbitt. Nl. Frf-y. B. KPhrf-r. F. Campbell. B. Hollii L. Irwix Sf'f'OY1fl ruw: L. Twigg. C. Nlvllunalrl. CAFHTERIA ClflDFS AND CASHIERS--'First row. lPft to right: P. Mulligan. ,l. Yutzy, 5. Hnumhf-ll. H. Hixf-nbaugh. C. Wilifin. S1'CUf'l4l row: P. Hasenhuhler. NI. Robertson. N. Clf-m. V1 Cllnhry. F. KF-hrfhr. HOSPITAL AIDFS-First row, left to right: C. Rim-, C. Yfilson, E. Clisf-, J. Wilt. S. Trffat Semnd row: J. Wilkins. NI. Kc-el. P. Fhf-phe-rd. H. Nlvllarty. J. U'Ne-al. U. Critchfivld. OFFICE .-XSSISTANT9gSf-atf-dz R, Ramsey. First row. lfft to right: Nl. Nlillr-r, B. Parsons. D. Chaney. Bl. Lewis, NI. Hevel. J. Campbell. Second row: J, Snyder. L. Pollock. J. Pollock. S. Conley. R. Winters, D. Perdew. PROJFCTIONIFTS--First row. lfft In right: H. Kesecker. C. Nave. J. Adams. Second row: J. Rivhardson. R. Brnmery. C. Nlangus. E We-aw-r, W. Defhn. Third rnw: F. Roeder. W Beck. NI. Ftffin. C. Marr. C. Paull. f X ff' if Wa 1 V y gmti' g gggv-no-.Pigs N -5 Eh """' 45 - I 1 , i A .yi Sl Il X l'li."lfNl IVRANCEN HXRX hi fl?lIlI' lllIjIIfFfIP Ijrum Ugjgfeffg 'fiesevahfz Zami... This group of musicians. under the baton of S. Lua Syckes. brings fame to Allegany High School through its excellent music and intricate maneuvers. The band plays host to all visiting hands and annually travels to Martinsburg to perform in the Band Festival. The climax of their season comes to a close when they present a concert. First row: Drum Major Harvey. Nlajorettv- Laber. Ka-e-camp. Wanle-ss. Fram. Cover. Twigg Lee. Long, Director S. Lua Syckes. Second row: Shafferman. Frith. Kernsf Wilson, Reed Helmstetter, De-Haven, Athey. McFarland, Nine. Whitacre, A. Fisher, Diehl. Third row: Ward Judy, Rizer, Hagan. Sanders. Finan, Cillum. Oster. Tucker. Fields, Emerick, Brings, Parsons McCoy. Fourth row: Zink. Ogden, Berndt. Knotts, Starcher, Davis. S. Holler, Reuschlein Shires. Hounshell. J. Holler. Cornall, Washington. Norris. Frey. Fifth row: Blake. Shaffer Petty. Stone, Loy. Hilaire. Westerfield. Mullan. Hasenbuhler. Williams. ---M-,Q-- .f 91 5 , 11 on-sg swf' Y A f W .1 af: 'rr 11 rung- ,.n.. ily, Q , , , 'f--- -"W """"' ' . W .1 ' :nik 'A:,":'?'L'..f.-.,..,-T1-W ? .Nt - ff- 1f"55'!"J""E 1- A - - fu Q- -' 'E' pa J ff .1 J. -5' V -V I ,qi-K., xvg U V W , -'.,,a , , .1 X 7 Y if--ls x X v My v X x 1 A- U5 Qmv? f- ' ' W'J1w. 6 ,V .Z 'L' Ll: w gl K 'V' "' Q' x v -gl.. .- N W f 5 .-- :- f- - f' V X. X fs. -v-Ji. ' .EX ,GX N? agsfu V x QQ! ,lyk X - w f fi" -wa af ,W av,-.2 f-'ww M bf HA A ..,,f7,g, -uk, fa ,QXQ -g- 7 wg. ,.-. 5- MQ, . xy., gn v ,'?' V - W f'g,"lE-wg 3 'xvfxvhf 1 , 4' ,vw . - ' ' . V , ' 3 h qw l7,x I V K V ' -X -- 5' ' ? ,xg .Xt X B . - H I . gi 1. . - I av 'L I .L- MX nf? , U ' . . . 'Pe I Q ' I-4,7 1, 5 HK 1 A jk R 'N psi i x l ' -gif ts' ' ' B I V 'A i If '- f 1 .:1A ,' 4 f V. A1 . ll' 535 I ' .. " a - :Ar . 'K 3 I 5 ' If 55 " ' y 3 . ii - 'il' 5 , ,,x"'5l ,' M' QJ5 11 W ff in . fb, "' 1, is 0 r-t rom. lf-ft to right: Nl. Yziiilwtf-r. N. hon-rick. KI. link. X. Xxaslnnuton. l.. Nllffl-. l'. gmitli. S"t'lWIl'l row: W. lizirrlin. T. Wanl. ll. Knippr-nh:-rg. R Ugile-n. D. Nine. cmce0 The Dance Urchestra is a hranch of the Senior Orchestra. It has received recognition in the Cumher- lanrl Area for its excellent music. They are invited to. anfl play- at sew-ral flanccs that are helrl hy the schools in thc locality. Nlr. Fyckes is the director of this group. licafl of this group of musicians is John Zink. presi- rlent of the Senior Band. eac2vz0 Linder the leadership of S. Lua Syckes. the Senior Orchestra contributes much to the music at Allegany High. their selections varying from Beethoven to ngeventeenfi This group plays at all Senior High assemblies. at dramatic performances. and any function requiring their skills. First row. left to right: ,l. Zink. A. EI11t'I'l4'k. A. Washington. I.. Norris. l.. Ransom. R. l.a7arus, F. Belt. ll. Kroll. J. Pfeiffer. J. Jones. P. Kerns. Second row: YV, Harflin. B. White-, F, Kreger, S, Lua Syckes. B. Ossip. R. Eichner. D. Nine. P. Smith. Third row: D, Knippenberg. R, Ogden. T. Wlarzl. M. Vanlleter. R I X' B X" 'Raimi . fn '-3 9? lpii is Ks 6 Ill The title, 6'Molder of Musiciansf' could well be bestowed on Mr. S. Lua Syckes, who takes green youngsters, teaches them the fundamentals of music, and changes them into refined instrumentalists. This is true of the Junior Orchestra. The instrumental aspirants in this group practice dur- ing homeroom periods under the direction of Mr. Syckes. It is from this elementary group that the Senior Orchestra draws for its well-developed musicians. l'atri1ia Kfrns. Peggy Tlionip-on zz-Saved Peggy Thompson and Patricia Kerns. because of their outstanding orchestral ability. were chosen to participate in the All-State Orchestra. They accompa- nied the students, also chosen to take part in the All- State Chorus, to Baltimore. Peggy has been recognized as an outstanding in- strumentalist, not only in our own locality. but through- out the New England States. She played First Trumpet in the All-State Orchestra. and at the All-Eastern Con- ference. Transylvania Nlusic Camp, and in the Cumber- land Civic Orchestra for the past two years. Patricia is equally talcntcfl on the violin. First row. left to right: L. Ransom. J. Kauffman. W, Routch. t.. Long. ll. Stinv. ll. llilluni. F, Holler. Second row: B. Lazarus. ll. Kroll. C. Oster. J. llolln-r, R. Roe-de-r. G. Yutzy. 5. Lua Fyckes. advisor. Third row: W. Claus. O. Johnson. NI. A. Atliey. .-X, Roberts. J. Twigzg. J, Bangf-rrl. K. Starcher. R. Sanders. B. Miller. 'xff l . idol fl A 17 First row, left tu right: Nancy Thomax. Jane Cc-are. llelty Ju Martin. Paulette Hirlenour. llrinnit Marvin. Carol Sirbaugh. lfileen Us-Vault. Karen Lueaa. Franm-es Fhwber. Sondra Simpson. Patricia Laurent, Margaret Brown. Edwina Nix. Sf-enml row: Miss Koinpanek. Loretta Bell, Jane Kee-fe. Patricia Coleman. Donna Dawson. liarbara Alt. Janet Cruwe, Pamela Melfarland. Patty Pnlloek. Evangeline Bane. Charlotte lliser, Rust-lla Cibsun. Linda Lowery, Dumthy Narjes, Muna Durrt. Third row: Margaret Shelly. Sandra Rm-der. Jean Tucker. Marcia Jaeubsnn, Linda Huadley. Sheila ljmberger. Susan Whitworth. Katherine Km-gel. Joyce Mace. Vicky Shober, Ruth Alexander. Barbara Turbin. ,lane Farrell. 'fum gag ew The Allegany lligh Selmnl vueal department un' der the flireeliuii of Miss llurntliy Mwilliwii and Miss Jusepliine KHlllllZlllC'li. is tliricletl into ten extra- eurrieular niusieal aetixities. lfaeh has its msn seheflule. and Mifs Kmnpanek and Miss Wgillisuii serie as zulxiwrs lu these respeelixe groups. eachfz First row. left to right: E. Murray. J. Breedlove. L. Lee. 5. Bennett. J. Wilt, M. Hamilton, S. Clontz. A. Hagan. 5. Lung. A. Decker. K. Sindy, B. Bauer. Second row: L. Petenbrink. B. Taylor. B. Arnold, J. Ritchey, B. Deldayen. K. Ort, C. Ransom, J. Laber, M. Brings, J. MacDonald, J. Phillips, A. Atkinson, B. Mann, S. Heighard, l". Belt. N. Luzier. Third row: C. Sweitzer, 5. l"ram. C. Yutzy, P. Smith, M. Smith, J. Scribner. B. Abbott, M. Naugle, M. O'Hara, M. Hoelzer. B, Bowie, G. Smith, F. Harvey, M. Frey, G. Heed, A. Horton. f Firxt rww. lf-fr to right: Juan Frhultz. llianv Pe-tty. Phylli- Nlillvr. Sul- UN-na. .lvann ftflanix. Janf't Smith. Linda l,a-wia. Kar:-n Kirhy. Je-an llixilllll. flarnl Xlarwin. Nisio- Zai-. fliiyvr. Sv-vonrl ruw: lie-tty Millvr, l.in4la Nlillrr. Jufly Yr-unghlunrl. llarlvnr- llaglvr. Jfvyfw' Nlilll-r. Yi:-ki Nlrflrf-a. Jufly l.inthir'uni. liarlrara Fink. Virginia llnlhhu. lmi- .-'xyvra linfla lit-Ir. 5f'arlr't Wil-Un. C:-nrgia l.ayt1wn. l.in4la SltlN'llti1lU'f'. 5hirlf'y llah-t, 'llhirfl row: ltiana llakvr. Juvly tllaytnn. NLHIVX Young. Rita Crow. Anita llarnf-S. Elizahv-th llailf-y. Farah Nl:-llnnalrl. pXr4lyc':' llakt-r. Crm-ta clllllglll. Joann Lowe-ry. Dorothy Kiiffnf-r. Barbara YanNlr-tvr. llnrutliy Nlillv-r. Joann Walwn. 'llht' vhuir unflc-r tht- flirt,-r-tinn uf Nlifs Wiillisult hax min rf-vwgliitiwm lay -inging variwus plan-f tlur- llltl tht- war. ln Urtulncr tht-x partirfipatcrl in the litlitc-fl Nations Clulv Xsscmlvly. ln lh-vciiilwr the 1-lmir vang at tlw Kiwanis flluln. tht- Cunununity lrm- Llglllllllgl f.vrm-nimiy. anal tml LlSFt'lllllllt'4. ln Januari the r-huir wang at the South flumlverlanfl Nlini-tvriall X55lH'l2lllllll. anrl in Xpril at a Nlcthu- :lift XIPPIIIIQ. First rnw. left to right: H. Hixvnhaugh. N. Nlullan. F. Hl'lIIlHtt'llt'T. fl. Runiun. J. Pfe-iff:-r. P, Kvrner. F. Zaki, R. Layton. J. 0'Nval. ll. Parxonx. Xl. l'0pf-. P, llurt. Se-vrnntl ruw: N. Clow, Xl. 1.1-wis. ll. llimmlvr. ll. Shaffvr. l.. lla-rfh. PI. Nlurphy. K. Crulmlr. ll. Fll!'1'lll'. J. KltlM't'll. Nl. l.f'wi-. ll. llf-ck. E. Hank. C. Lannun. Min Knmpann-k. adximr. 'fhirtl row: 5. IH-ul.-, lf, l'riw-. l', Phillipx, J. Day. D. Jeffrifls. J. Pollock. Y. l.f'afurf'. ll. Ossip, N. lilauvh. B. Ellsworth. Nl. Mille-r. J. Bats-F. tu EL. is . lfirat row. left to right: Janne llargreawe. Gary Buvy. Tint Kit-nhofer. Kathryn Shaffer. Sue Renz. Linda Cooper. Anxel Fliirvliffn-. lf-rry White. Garland Him-r. Fc-eond row: Bob Spies. Lois Sliver. Ann Lee Parsons. Bt-tey Ilofark. loan Xlarkwood. Nancy Eh:-rt, Margery Nicklin. Sally Runion. Betfy Blofe. Clifford Nlontgoinn-ry. Third row: Ronnie Sta-in. Clyde Bantz. Frank Kauffman. David Leasure. ,lack Doolan. Fred Eivhner. Charles Fearer. ,lack Nleanr. I ln lhliiI't'll the choir :resented the 29th Vocal 1 1 . I 1 Convert. in 1-onjunc-tion with a playlet. "Down ln The Valle-x." and also sanv at the Raffle? Nieinorial 1 . . C' P ft'l'Xlt'l'. ln April. they sang at the lfestixal Convert. and ringing at N-nior Sermon and Cmnnnienrfentent. the Choir will round out a schedule that won them reeognition for their outstanding eontrilvutions to the appreviation and enjoyment of lietler muSie not only in :Xllegany lligh Sl'll1NJl. lvut throughout the Tri-State .-Xrea. 9 0 Firrt row. left to right: Helen Rutherford. Janet Kirk. Karen Kreger. Bonnie Bennett, Helen Clayton. Joann Carseaden. Sally Gerson. Sue Taylor. Susie Ceppert. Second row: Robert Hershherger. Charles Coates. Bowie. Beverly Holeoinh. Rita Meagher. Brenda Mayhew. Bitsy Hank. Peggy Paddleforcl. George Charuhas. Third row: Robert Wariner. Charles Hafer. Dorrin Armentrout. Lynn Bi:-hop. Cary Shook. Paul Oseip. David Kerns. Richard Vandegrift, Mike Harris. 0 ' ' ,X j ' eztet 3 xx ff' NJ ff ' .xx .4 , N X K. ' If . x If R. Jones. C. Smith. R. Kiffnvr. A. Fmf-rick. Seatf-rl: Miss Willisnn, Left tn right: B. Millhfrllaml. B. ,Irunv-. C. Smith B. KissnPr. M. YanNIe-tvr. C. Lannon. J. Pfr-iffe-r, NI. Hamiltnn. M. Pope, P. Hurt. .if Firm row: E. Nlurray. P. Kerns. M. Hamilton. Second row: .L Ile-vkvr. F. Murphy. ff. I.annon Uotez Front to bark: P. Kerns, F. Bs-lt, M. Hamil ton. fl. Lannun. Frnnt to havk: B. JOIIPF, A Frm-rick. C. Smith. R. Kissner. 8 5 a M f 3' F av xr ww 'S Q I I Y Y lg I-11 . , w 7,2 , X ,A 4 . ,,. - ,ig W' 1 ' of p 2- gQ i ' 'Q V ' X ,B '- S 5 a 2 5 5 ., 3. AA " fi H ,W 4 H J I V ' e 9 .Ne 'A X y 9 I .Is I fl a b l as , 'A' ' Q , 1 at 5 , 2 f I ii I In ni, . I' I f Iv 0 wi I , First row, left to right: Ted l'royvr. Wayne lfnglanrl. Paul lirown. Rifharrl Kirsch. Bill Shanholtt. Im- Bowie, Mark Weatherholt, Rohr-rt Wariner. George Charuhas. Second row: James Hargreaves, Charles Wilkinson, Kenny Fpieer, William Wilson. Tv-rry llolinger, Tom Logsdon, Bruce Crothers. Rohr-rt llanft, Tim Ki:-nhofi-r, Claude- Comer, Mir-has-l Harris, james Cole. Third row: Wayne Hinker, Ronnie Stein, Jay Kaplon, Kenneth More-lanfl. Jack Doolan, ,lack Means, Thomas Haske, Sam Durland, Denver Kidner. The Sc-xtet. also flireeterl hy Xliss Koinpanek per- formed at the Yo:-al eoneert. Parents' Night and lvefore tht- Wim-st 5icle l',T.fX.. the Cephart P.T.fX.. and the- fiountx l'.'l'.-X. vounvil. Zaye' Qfee ' Zaqlqfee The Boys' Quartet. directed hy Miss Wiillison per- formed at the Quartet Contest A-Xsseinhly. at the St. Pauls Lutheran Church. before the Cresaptown I'.T..'X.. anrl also in the Nlarvh of lliincs .-Xssenihly. First row, left to right: Ste'-e Mace, Ronald Metz. Sandy Northcraft. Dale Grahame, Bert Lazarus, Cary Bucy, Paul Pfeiffer, Wayne Hovermill, Warren Smith. Second row: Marvin Kroll, Dave Kerns, Paul Ossip, Garland Hiser, Cary Shook, Bob Spies, Wayne Shook, Ansel Shircliffe, Mike Collins, Bliss Dorothy Willison. Third row: Sylvan Feldstein, Clyde Bantz, Frank Coffman, Charles Langham, David Leasure, Charles Fearer, James Chabot, Fred Eichner, Clifford Montgomery. tom First row. lf-ft tn right: Xlilelre-tl Imuisr- Mlaiiis. Kathryn Fhaff:-r. Suu- Taylur. Fusii- Cvppe-rt. ivan Hoffman. Cfliristim- Ke-nm-ll. Barbara Nlillvr. Sanflra Ogilvie-. JHBW' l.l14'liif'wif'L. Fllvtl lv Klilllllllllll- Cr-ralclinv Farr:-ll. Sl'I'HI1fl row: jan:-t Xlillvr. Doris Kas:-rainp. Susan B.-ll. Bvtsy llusavk. Kay Ffh-nliart. Juni- l'4m lfllvn Nlarvan. Pm-glgzy Patltllz-fnrtl. Sue- Rvnz. Juan Nlarlivwml. Br-vky llainu'-. Sara Murphy. e-rs. :Xlivv Huntt-r. llnruthy Ainnss. B1-ve-rly llulctniili. Nliss llurutliy Wiillisuii. 'l'liir4l ruw: Anna I.:-Q' Parsons. Lintla fftm-r. B1-tsy Wllitv. Durtha Hartlnian. Patty Hartunp. Br-tty l.0u lung. Rnlwrta Km-se-Ck:-r. Nancy Fin-rt. Pogxgzy Ballard. Marge-ry Nivklin. Brvntla Xlillu-r. Sally lilllllllll. Sylvia Thrash:-r. Nanvy Etlinistnn. Bc-tsy Blosr. :Xt the Junior High Fpring LUlll'l'I'l the JUIIIHI' U . . V High musu- gzruups hacl a c'liam'v In perfurin. flu junior lillillll rlrvlrle Llc-f Lluln. junior file-0 Lluli , . . . . . . ami tht- unmr Lliural Llulm all in-rfui'iiiv1l. llir lille Bms film- Lluli. flirt-vt:-rl in Miss Vlllllsun. . I J - - I I I . . -. - , Juniur ble-cf Lluln ami Llwral Lluli alsti Imartivipatt-cl wk part in the Uuartvt .Xsst-inlilx ancl the Mwal - - 1 . rt VI. . 'I I. I. I - in tht- Xiu-al lx-stlxal. mmm- . .mira am 'vs ixa. Zdafmf First row. lvft tn right: Sally Cf-rsnn. jwlnn lfarsvatlf-n. Te-at-ttv Slie-ltrin, Mary Jann- Hamnia-l. land Kirk. Kan-n KN-gvr. Norma lma Smith. Bitsy Hank. Nlary ffirnminu. Virginia Crap:-s. ll:-lt-n fflaytnn. Bunnin- Br-nn:-tt, Sm-vuntl row: Virginia Bviglitwr. lfarnl Nlvlnto-li. White-sill:-s. .Miria- Willianis. Bonnie- Norris. Patty liakvr. l.in1la Imasm-. ,Ioyvv llagm-r. ,Iam-t 5lianhnltz. Barlrara ,lt-nkins. Patty Brnwn. Nanvy Ftrattfxn. Margit- Swaugvr. Br-rtha lluk:-. 'llliirrl row: Patty Harris. Bunnie- Cvurgzr-. 5anclra Fpvnrvr. llunna Hartlrn. Holme-rta Sp:-ar. l,ue-lla Krurze-wski. Mary Kay l'ollm'k. Mary Virginia Harpvr. l.in1la l.intliit'l1ni. Barlmara Yaiflvr. l.in1la Wilson. ina Burl:-5. Fharnn Le-asure-. Linila Coupe-r. Thi- is part of thu- vrowfl that saw rhf- .'tXl4'lll'lll'N perform on 'liliuiiksgiving lluyf 74ef4ZcoeZz'e4... For the second year. Allegany has had the Alcoettes. visiting sc-hools playing Allegany in football. This is a group of girls. under the direction of Head Nlajorette. Sheila Fram. They are divided into the "Shaker Girls." and the "Twirlers.H Their final game performance was November 24. Thanksgiving Day. our annual game with our gridiron rival, Fort llill. This group was organized to assist the hand in its maneuvers at football games. They marched and per- formed at several games and were highly praised by Advisor to this group is Mr. F. Lua Svckes. First row. li-ft to right: lionnir- liaur-r. Shirley Haan. Val Nlriw. Nvnia Xlulligan. .lofxnn Km-pp, Judy Devine. Faye Kreger. Sandra Plummer. Nancy Conn-r. Sf-1-ontl row: Wanda lfinf-rifle. Marv Ellen Keller, Darlene Brenneman. Sandy Xletlee. Kathwrim- Grubb. Nant-v liangenl. joan Yan- Meter. Gloria Nlirliaf-ls. Jean Lilya. xl 1 Fl. fy 'x wf 7 I W' 537' 'v UDB Between club meeting and lmull QC QIOIIQ we occa ma x anwu tr uck .1 fe ur f conun tration on the flu tx old tcxtlmook When we were lll a 16 IIISIIUCUJI Silt! 1 tle Irlwate ne prutunn 1 t l U It I Xi ftlilllf' Fi - 0 LJ-I Ill 1 .gtk YQ! V . f t 5 ... ..... 4 ' N ' ' ' s . sf -. ' - St1ll'H.'lIl .cpl 1 t " in ' w ho 5 41 - '- - our intelleetual lnmmd. uv gleefully popped questions ttl ' 'F.3lld,'l-'ltbl 1 J" l"snf . .. Flu Zaks. luufineff nmnazger nf the 'Xll-gwsi, rl rl'-s lnetlmls of ml- , .N C. lhf Soplmnwre class officers raifl f .-Xllegany House refrigerator. .1f" Junior r-lass offir-ers mlisvuss the arrixal and flistrilnutirm of class rings. The sf-4-nery for the Minslrelks was a pmjevl of the- Alle- gany Art and Poster Cluiv. Hr. Donahue. newly appointed gluiiilillff' flirm-vtur. disc-ufsf-s the pruspect of c-ullege with limlney Breedlove. .i ,-3' 'J cf THE OF CJLC 256' AL ? X 1- o'0 f. 5'-iff 'J 1 Y L E351 ir. f " 'V 42 4 i J 'I'h.,,,,L,- War-l and Larry Nh'-1Irru1g111 in-rfnI'lll -lllfllf .-xp'-run.-rl! ln llm-Amlstrx Ialn- I-1.11-vry. Ylafl'-111411-vllv I'alri1-.A.'xplain- frvnw h mx lrgil In Nnxm- l'4I'r'Il4'h l,LlIl'll'lLl lxvrn- mmx l Flu-uk for Us-nlm-rawx VIPIIIWNI ul Xllvgully. liI4L1lllLlIil' shut of tln- Harry um-r Ulm-lwzltnry, Hglluy llull-. Hllllfillgl lltmks, :uv N 1 ' 1. - .-rr lnrnuuhl ln Xlvnx f - ."- - 'arty fh :rl d Nr- during: half-tim" urkry Day gamv. nming: the- lust -lg:n- of ffhri-tmah fr m th. hdllx uf Xlvn. Pgpkg If I X ,X s , xv?-'fx' L XE 3 Willf33!Liry F .Umm-2 'I'h.A -Inffl prw- ll "'I'h.- lln4nHr'lilljl. livlmv: l"urn1e'r Allljllillj atlllwt-A. upp1vi11twI 11- hmui l'llL1l'll at th. l'niw-rfity uf Nlaryland. i- lmnwrm-1I lay Xl:-4,1 pa-I football am lraskn-tlnall una:-ll at thf- Ilappvr Ilan llinnvx. C 1 .4 1 of ..- , -uly ffl.-11:11 43 Q N. 'fIl"'Il .uni hw allvnl -KX C., 1 Y ,1. ' f1.3.S'd1 I R dll!-. If fli ll.-um-5 IIIL1k"N 4 daily l', X. ilHIllIllIl4' Illwlll. v .f J A ,..f- xl lm-ggy 'l'h1-nlp-U11 lll"I'iIN Nath-rm rah .Mm Qlfiillillllt' iillllliftw thr- uw cle-parllm-nt. HN. Il F S1 X irntallr-:I uppliullm-N fur Ihr- llfflllk' m-11111-111 "'H1w- l'.1u-'A Thur R' frw--h--5' ut all 1-f XI wi lvuslwlluall gum' llx ph-If-xl 15 Um- f IIIQHIX xpfxzlwrml ln H11 my r i ,Xf wfwmw Jfffxw M my A71 E W, ,J-ff f il ,?.4k,,!2 -1+ :H f G ' fwvfg: 1 1 ' 1 X ff ff? ,y 0-ff M Ja? fi Swan ddeduaa gb VRF aww KWNY Al " ,525 2 , 1 7 K -' ,O xV J A, if N 2 2 cf W-Qfgf Lgwiif .f""'h Cf Elia 19 4 '4 bn XXII Q -' x, 1 IZ S 57 Jn O 455 I 5 Xym ,ff 2 ff ' ,, N -,C f X, ,z ,jth 5,, 3 'EW x My . V 5 bam G? X X Sk X REBS: -1-9?-ff-' X. -u : gf, 3 AL ,, one 4,-in -msn Q., it 3 R "Lf '3- g9i'E-li N. NJ '- fe 21- T5 y M Qs ggfizbf I Qi' 1, v I -. ,J Q 5709 OQFWQQ Spam ..1-. .4 I Eff i A ,li ? ffl, ROD BREEIJLOYE PETE CHgXRl'H KS DON XX,-XHI-I RUXNIE DILK Co-Lalflain BOB FLETCHER LEWIS RICE JINI I,l'EtjK JESSE KETTERMAN IJONqXI.U PERIJEW IDXYE fAfJXl.EX DUN PAW E IHRRY STERNER all-nllllfdlrll HAROLD MARKER MIKE LEASE CARL BROWN EIJIIIE CECIL Q P U GYM COACll LESTER We owe highest praise to these men who have labored diligently to develop Alleganyfs winning football team. We. the students of Alle- gany. say Mfhanks, to Coaches Roy Lester and COACH CABLE Jack Gable. First row, left to right: Donald Paye, Donald Perdew, Ronald Dick, James Lueck, Barry Sterner, Rodney Breedlove, Carl Brown. Edward Cecil. Jesse Ketterman, Michael Lease. Second row: Raymond Reuse, Robert Paye, Allan McGill, Harold Marker, Ronald Sindy, Jerry Yankelevitz, Harry Yost, Adrian Knippenherg. Don Wlare, Lonnie Jackson, Brent Dyche. Third row: John Vanetta, Robert Coodfellow, Martin Johnson, Roy Mangus, Eugene Rexroad. William Sitter, Harry Grimes, Doug Wlalker, Fred Tice. Ernest Schramm, Charles Loewendick. Fourth row: Coach Roy Lester, Peter Charuhas, Stanley Abramson, David Conley, Kenneth Johnson, James Deremer, Robert Fletcher, Lewis Rice, Assistant Coach Jack Gable. Q ,,4. WQQYQESBQG-3952 ,192-ef'15Zf-74?-as -659, 1 '-'1sciEg5.?f'a555aQ3ea4gj.s-,3Q,.7g1 14 P1325-161.3835 l 17 63725511 321. ,EIU 2 6 XZ I xv ,,.'- ff! 'I XII--H -ttni Iligli Swlt--nl- f.tinip--is litnntln-tl tht-n' lnntl-itll f.iint-znuii In hlllltltllll tln' Ili-till Ylntititniiivt-rs tit Irwi- lnnru In th- w'1tI4'lIIivI!-fi. lfnnwlt llm It-41-il --I--wn -t-nn-tl in vu-ty in-t'it+-I in turning tht- XInnntatiin-t-t- lm' tht- ninth t'oi1-1-I-titiw yn-ur. In tln- np.-iiiiig I..-tit.-I. Ihtn I'4n.- -mm--I nn at lilti-Q-n 5,11-tl Mix- finm I-'tl 41-til ft-i' tht- initiatl -ix pnint--r, Ili-li Ifle-lvln-r lull.-il tn kim-I4 tht- pnint ttltf-1' Iltltvltfllvhlt. In tht- Nt-t-ninl pt-riml. I'iIl'It'llf'F rw-lx at pan- fri-in I'z1yt- in rln- t-ntl IHHI' fur tm-Iw ytirtl- Ltntl LIHOIIIPT tntivlnlfmtt. lim-il tnnk 1 pilvlinttt lrnni lhtyt- nntl wt-nt'-tl an-4-ttiitl right v-ntl fm- ilnr Mimi .ix ygiitlx. I-'lt-it-11.-r kit-kt-tl tln- 1-xtru point. "lJn4'lq" IH-rel:-w ran 23 yuiwlx ullivll pi'--fltt--1-tl XII'-gum! lt-nrtli -1'--rw in tht- thirnl tltlartf-r. In tht- final ttf-rintl. I'-If'l4'Il?'I' I+-nntl at liulf- llll- lv-lt Iutlmlf- .intl iwtiiiin-tl 38 ytnwlx lt-r tht- final -vor:-. H+- tht-n ran tht- I-xtru 5-Hint. Ile-ull pr--xt-rite-tl il -hut--ut in tliv- linatl in-t'iml with a I2-ytirtl 5-lin tw Xntly Ift-ll-u-r in tht- Q-ntl loiiv-. Spark:-el In alt-rt fl--ff-it-iw play. tht- Blur- antl Wliitw- lzttiipt-tl Ittltllglll Li lizirtl-lmtglit gann- Iwuck to Cninlnerlantl In halting tht- Ilugf-r-tt-xsii Ilnlw. I1-T. YQ-itll'-r tht- Iilut- anti Wliitt- nur tht- Xlaronn antl White- mf-xttilt-tl in the- first twn titiurtr-iw with the score being tIr'zt1Ilf1t'I-gf-fl at T-T. Ilit- Iilllllttlf tt-tit-Iulomi Caine- ith:-n Ile-tw lilnirttlitis pivkr-tl up at I'IllQl4'l'-IUXXII ftnnlwlt- antl ran 58 yttrtl- fur 3 tum-Iitltmii :intl -ix pt-inte. lil--tvlim-r 1-1-int-1'tv-fl I1-iintlwIlia--1,-ureT-O. Thi- Hag:-iettissii Ffltff' Vlllllt' mln-n Rift-I. tht- Ilnlf- fi--lil gf-tif-ral. tux-wl In 514-tle-11 wh-1 tlnw-w a In-rfvct pass t0 Iwvliti-tw-riv alnnn- in tht- w-ntl miie-. Dale Elms-r-1-Iv kit-kt-fl tht- 1-xtrtt in-int tw lim-t the 5f,'ltI'f' at T-T. In tht- final In-riwl. Cie-til twvk u pitvhvvut Irwin Nlik-- I.t-uw zinal I4-ftv-tl the- 1-ig-lain tn Ronnie- Uivk for tht- sCrtrc. Fl:-tvlif-r again kit-kt--l tlif- in-int to 1-ntl a xt-rv Inn-tl-tl-nglit gain:-. Xllr-uany fflllrlxwr- -Iuhr-rl with rr-hr-f 11- Ihr- l1LilIIII4'!'- -r-rm-rl. Z.: -r-r-rr11rl- lr-II 111 Ihr- final pr-riurl. In Ihr- fir-I 111131-Ir-ri Xlikr- I.r-g1-r- pa--r-rl In Hrrrlnr-5 llr--r-rlluw Im' Il1i1I1--r-wil yarrl- arlxaiifing Ihr- hall Irv Ihr- Km-r-r 18. X P fr-is play- latr-r lirrh lflr-Ir-hr-r -1-rirr-rl frrlin Ihr- I3-yarrl linr-. l"l'-Irl1r-r'- frrmr-1--1--11 na- srirlr-, Thr- fldllllrpfx wr-rw nrm lr-arlinu 6-U. l.aIr- i11 Ihr- fir-I pvrirvrl. Jim Wr-lrlm. Kl'f-I'I'.- fl--r-I-fr-r-Ir-rl l1alII111r'l-4. -r-rrrrlr-rl Ihrr-ugh Ihr- rw-ntr-r rrf Ihr jllr-gany lim-1111rl rar-r-rlHUyar1I- fur Ihr- fir-I K.-5-rrr rriur-Iiflrmii. Kr-11l1111I r'rr111r-:Ir-rl In inalxr- Ihr- -r'r-rv T-6. l.aIr- i11 Ih-- -r-r'rr11rl quart'-r. l'4lr-Ir'hr-r hrrunrlr-rl r-ff Iarlxlr- fur hi- -r-r'r111-I 'IIJ uf Ihr- r-xr-ning. again lxivl-xr-rl Ihr- r-xtra point wirlr anrl Ihr- -rr1rr- at halftiinr- -Irmrl: Xllf-gany 12. Kl'fNf'Y T. ln Ihr- Ihirrl pr-rirnrl. a piIr'h+111I from l'ayr- Irv lion Wan-. l'4'Nl'Y'XI' fiillhavk. ua- funilflr-rl anrl pix-kr-rl up hy Jrvfvllh ilwiijlflll Kr-5-1-rr-nfl. srhri ran for a Ioiivlirlrmii. KI'IlllLll'l.N I'Yll'1l prrint wa- glrnrurl. putting: Kl'fN4'l' ahr-arl ll Ir- 12. Q I ,XI Ihr- r-rviiiplr-Iirm rvf a 15-yarrl rlrivr-. lfrl fir-vil Irrrrk a 11iIr'hr111I frrrin Urrn layr- anrl hullr-rl hi- way intra Ihr- r-nrl zum- uiIh Ihr- r-lock -l'1r1wi11g1 23 -r-r'0nrl- of play. Thr-ir Ihirrl:a111r-wa-XN'r111 I8-ll. ATll1'fl2illlIvI'TNlll1I'III'4l Ihr-ir havk- inIrr rrir'kr-I- Ir- inxarlr- Xlllfllll-lIllI'2 anrl lr-fI Ilir- Wir--I Virginia Irvwn ixith a 27-ll Hlllurll' Ihrlr flflh "li th" -'-11-'+f1- I'-Url? in ll"' N"""ll'l lI"fl"'l. HHH XX Llrr- Irvrik Ihr- lrall H11 Illr- llllllrlrrrf 31 anrl rar-r-il Irv Ilir- I3 for a fir-I flown. ffr-r-il pi:-kr-rl up r-ight Ir- Ihr- -r-xr-11 anrl l"lr-I1-hr-1' Irrrvk Ihr- hall In Ihr-r friur. Pr-rrlr-is whainnir-rl Ihr- Illlfllllf' of Ihr- linr- for a tally. lflr-I1-lir-rl r-r-mr-r-irrii ua- grirrrl Iri aiu- Ihr- fian1pr-r- a T-0 lr-arl. I.aIr-r in Ihr' """'U'l 'I'13Vl"f- xli1ffiU'l'l1V3l l'4i"lU"l V" Ill" lllviilll! 13 wllvrr' M-1-il urahhr-rl il anrl ran rlrmn Ihr- lr-ft -irlr-linr-- hr-himl lrr-aritiful hlrvr-kiiig for anrrthr-r ,XIIS -r'rurr-, milking jr 11,41 A Thr- BUHIIUSFQ fiffl wily "lim" "ll"U 'Il1liI'Y"l'lIli"li llliifk Ira--r-rl a -piralinu Iliix- tri riuht r-nrl Pnrtr-rfir-lrl. who sprintr-rl 8 yarrl- fur a 10111-Iirlrimi. Hawkin-' I-riiixr-r-irrn ua- gjrrrurl Irv milk.. gh.. Q,.,,,-,, 14.7. 1:i,.t,.h,.r hmk th, f,,H,mi,,U kif'k'f'ff Un ill" -'lllfilani' 13 Llrlfl ffvlllpr-rl rlrmn Ihr- -irlr-linr-- hr-hinrl ll'1'lllI'll4llIllN lPllil'klIlQI hx' Ihr- .-Xlrvr linr- frii' anfvthr-r TU. XlarIin-hurgr again Nl'UTI'll Vlll'Il l,lPl'lI'l'lFlf'l1l lnlrwkr-rl xlilxr' l,r-a-r-'- print at niirlfir-lrl in Ihr- Ihirrl pr-rirul. pirkr-rl up Ihr- hall rrn Ihr- 33 anrl raf-r-rl for Ihr- -ix priintr-r. l11 Ihr- Iliirrl pr-ririrl l'r-rrlr-w hrfikr- rwff Iarklr- In run TT yarrl- fur Ihr- la-I Iuuchrlowri. making Ihr- final -r-rrrr- 27-ll ,Xllr-gany. Nlthough the .-Xlcomen took nearly two periods to warm up to the task of defeating the Montgom- ery Bl 261i air llivh School Blazers. they did so in a conyincing manner. walking away' with a ' - - C' . triumph oyer the Blazers to run their unlieaten string to four. Late in the second quarter. lloh Fletcher found daylight at left tackle and slammed his way' for 15 yards. Bolling up through the middle uf the line again for 11 more. Allegany' had a 6-0 lead. Fletcher added the extra point to make it Tall as the half ended following two futile passes on the part of the Blazers. Montgomery' Blair was forced to kick from their own ll. Fletcher took the ball. Crossed over and gaye the hall to Cecil. this time for the score without penalty markers on the play' as the punt re- turned a few minutes lvefore. All the Blazer tacklers were on the right side of the field as Cecil zipped down the left side of the field lvehind as many as fiye hlockers. In the opening minutes of the last quarter. lfletcher took a hand off and sliced off tackle for twenty yards. placing the hall on the sl-yard line. Cecil receiyed the call and bulled his way' over umnolested from there to make it IU-ll. lflctcheris conyersion was good to set the score at 20-ll. The final minutes of play saw Cecil taking a hand off from Lease and then throwing the pig- skin hack to l.ease for a first on the three. lfletcher sailed right end and smacked into the end zone for another Camper touchdown. llis attempt for the extra puitll. sailed wide to the right, hut it did n't matter for it was all over for the Blazers. , , , lloach lioy l.ester's unheaten Campers racked up their seyenth consecutive victory in convincing fllsltinll afteriseoring twice liecause of two excellent punt returns hy' lid Cecil. then taking advantage of des aeration plays by the 'liifrers which forced them into mistakes which Allegany' took advantage l l . . of lu add to their score. ln the!-middle of the first period. lloli lfletcher took Bill Wiiseis kick on the " si 1 'r ' e handed off to tfecil and thc Xllevany fleetfoot swirled down the sidelines lvehind l.lkm 11 yu l hn . g V excellent lnlocking to the 'liiger 5syard line. 'liwo plays later tiecil cracked oyer right tackle fnlt llls first six-pointer and l'letcher added the point from placement. Kill' Nlidway in the second period. tiecil took xX'is1'is1ll1l1'k kick on an oyer-the-head catch on the fiye tl line and shook off a tackler: then. l-ehind scythe-like lvlocking hy his teammates. raced down the sidelines the length of the field into paydirt. "Stonewall" ,lackson kicked the point for a ll-U lead at half time. ln the fourth stanza. lloug Walker raced tiff left tackle for another touchdown. lackso it 27-T with his placement, Yloments later an filkins fumlvle set up the final Xllegany counter and Cecil took l.ease's pass in the end zone to cap a LZT yard scoring play. K - -sery 's for its final touchdown as lflkins picked up three first downs in a late driye against tht rt 1 oontz lmucked oyer just as the game ended. n made LASALLE The Lestermen sparked almost immediately in the first quarter scoring their first TD after only four minutes of plav when fast moving tackle, Carl Brown, recovered a fumble on the LaSalle 41. The next play, Mike Lease run a quarterback sneak for a touchdown. Bob Fletcher added the point after touchdown for a T-0 lead. After exchanging punts Alt-0 took over on the 42. Two plays later Fletcher swept end for the second Camper score. ln the heginning of the third period, Lasallels ,loe Cioni took to the air only to have Rod Breedlove snatch the pig- skin on the A few plays later. LaSalle,s defense found Fletcher in the end zone for another tally. "Luck of the Irish" was with LaSalle when the ball hit Ed Cecilis leg and Regis Fair recovered the ball and traveled to the Alco 12. A pass from Buzzy Buzzard to Jerry Mc- Creevv connected and this was the only score of the even- ing for the Explorers. lion Perdew returned the kick-off to the 44 yard line. Hike Lease again ran a sneak for his second tallv of the evening. ln the closing moments reserve quarterback, ,lim Dere- mer. passed to reserve end, Allan McGill, for the last touch- down of this exciting game. Fletcher added the extra point to make the score 33-6. 'I 5 I I if v j . . fiat? ,NF5 f, do ' 3' 2 , 'ff 'df mt LM., 44., . 4-W Av . .n Y p,., , ' I. M -.' . '.,,i . " ww 1 P f..-Q", V ,ff 2.-.- 1.-.--fs ' , cfiii -rug- I C I .ji 'Q f .. ' Q55 xi ni ,cv Q 4 - W p 1,,,'Q.,, -f 4 Q 'ff 4 J , U ' - -f .1 LQ , ' - 1 ,. . .41 z3F's I-nxt' ' Ki. f f fn' 'A gk , xv: K. - an . x st I . 1' I' df' 4. ,M 4, ' Q -:"- M .4 A xnvx I muy, -yVX'fw'f. , g .fq v ',rg,. , sv .gh , ,,: ' ., ,.. guy. 5 . . "A" '-1,'Y'r-'-5v.EYPg -W' V. 4' ' 'V-'ifix -1 'Q . - -V '.'T'V+'K' x .. ' .,- ff?-x:'..f A 11'-WH., '-an M 'jhv Pvrllvw with tht' pigskin Y Y w JL-3 . ,- 1 . f First rnw. I:-ft to right: Rodin-y Hn-Q-filwlw. Carl limwn. FSH' K"U"V' ' s man. Pdf- ilharllha-. .lim l.u1-ck. Lvwi- Hiwz Hurry Str-rnvr. Rollalfl E Uivk. Swonll row: llznhl fjwlllvf. llonalzl Pvrdo-w, lfdwarml lfvvil. UNI 'I Paw. Nlivhaf-l l.l'1lNl'. K1-lu-rt Flvlvhe-r. jalfu- Uarl-if-r. ,x x CANIPER QUEEN V1 FORT HILL GAME November 24 1955 Ten long years of frustratlon ended ln frustration for the Allegany Hlgh grldders The settlng was the Greenway Stadlum the culprlts were the Fort H111 Sentlnels and the 9000 or more fans who sat ln on the twentleth renewal of the T1'l3IlkSg1VlHg Day football classlc be tween the two Clly rlvals The IIIIPOIIHIICC of the foot ln football was never more evldent ln the Turkey day game A qulck klCk by Pooch LCW1 put Alleganys back to the wall early ID the game and Fort H1115 defense qulckly turned the 51 yard boot lnto a score Bob Brant tackling Ducky Perdew m the end zone for a safety Fort H111 2 Allegany 0 Wlth three minutes left to play 1n the flrst quarter Cecll klcked off to Lew1 on the 34 who returned the plgskln to the mldfleld stripe Crawford Hammersmlth and McGregor punched the ball down to Allegany s 39 yard lme H3mmCfSm1th bulled hrs way for ten more placlng the ball on the 29 yard marker McGregor then faked a hand off to Crawford and tossed to Kesler who raced to the fue belng brought down by Adnan Kmppenberg Hammersmlth bolted off tackle for the touchdown Crawford klcked the extra polnt Fort H111 9 Allegany 0 Nelther team took a chance on openlng up the other s defense wlth a passlng game The Campers dld try six aer1a1 none of whlch came clo e The Sentinels trled two neither of thelr connectlng Cec11 and Perdew combmed to account for 8.3 yards of thexr team s 106 total wlth Cecll gettlng 44 on twelye carries and Perdew com blned to account for the other 41 yards I 'm 1 , ' 1. l 7 u Y 9 9 7 . . . , . S y ' . . , . Y , - - sc as ' 9 V .. '. , - 7 ' S . ' . v 9 7 V, v . . . ' 9 , . . . , . . s, ' S . - ' . S . . . - . , lr? x , 'wivk Q Ps. l 65.4 '1l.D I Il 1 QQ' 52 t lra5Qm36-f22m.10 U G-L11 I' wx Firf! row. ls-ft to right: John yiillvllii. Hwy Nlunguf. Eugzvm- Re-xruad. William Sitter llarry Crimes. Doug Walkvr. S4-wnd row: Gln-nn llavi-. Willard Nlartz. Em:-st Ste-wart. flharlw-s l-'van-r, Cary Shook. David Lvafurm-. Third row: flharlvf l.m-vwntlick. David Stnuffe-r. Lest:-r IM-lawdv Ernest Schramm. Charles Norris. Nlike- Whitworth, Frvd Tice-. Fourth row: Sha-rman Swvim-r, Jim Chabot. Nick W4-inrivh. Kvn Curre-nw. Coach Calilr. CAMPER QUEEN VI AND HER COURT Front row. left to right: Sally Runirln. Carole Ransom. Fi-vond row: Patsy Nic-Gill. Shirlf-v Morgan. Sandra Hatfield. ' T. Q oe Wow I I 4 u eq. ,,,,. 4 no , .I nQ,, 1.15051 1,9 . o A o ' . t ' I ' , Q , .v 'S . ,,,! ' .-454' - 1 wg 1- ,fag-.,, M W li:f3f'ff2. f, ' 'T' I A ,,,v Z5 Z R ILUGENE SHAW fhey Southern Hagerstow n Berlln Aluxnnl Rldgeley Mount Say age Beall Valley Bruce Fort Hlll Key ser LaSalle Rldgeley Mount Say age 71 Beall Valley Bruce Fort Hlll Hager town LaSalle Coach Shaw graduated from Xllegany Hugh School III June 1941 He erxed III the -hr Force from 194 to the latter month of 1949 After belng dl charged from the Armed Force Coach Shaw entered the Lmser ltx of North Carolma m September 1949 In hl fre hman Near at the Lnner lty he played on the fre hman ha ketlaall team Durmg hl remalnmg year he partltlpatcd ln the mtramural program He wa lnltlated 11110 Slgma Nu 5OLlH1 Fraternlty ln hrs oph omore war He lnlon ed to Student Leglslature -Xfter graduatmg from college he taught two year at the Norfolk Academy a prlxate chool for lmoy lll 'Norfolk Vlfglllla Be lde teaching he s charge of phy ual edu: d1l0ll for grade 4 6 and 6 Whlle attending Xllegany he played f t tr g Var lty ha kethall for 3 years COppll1g a po mon on all WUI AllC1ty and lnelng elected CoCapta1n of hr team ln h1 emor year He was nlarrled Ill 'Noyember 1954 to the former M1 s Shlrley Jane Wolfe of Eyerett Penna a gradu ate of Nlemorxal 1104131131 School of 'Nur mg The Camper sery ed notlce that they agam wlll be one of the top notch teams IH the area as they downed Southern 8213 Wlfh Brown leading the cormg w 1th 19 polnt The Camper ta ted defeat at Hagerstown Breedloxe led the scorers for Allegany The Campers galned rght of a successful season by defeatlng Berhn 11 53 on the Campobello court John on had 34 sensatlonal tallles TI'0l.lIlClIlg the Tornadoes at home ll 63 lvlllllllilk kept the Camp er ahead wlth hls 18 markers Wlth the Grads hack lll town the qlllllt wa agam xlctorlou 1 1 63 w 1th Johnson leadlng the Shaw men Loslng a tough one to Rldgelex 44 53 Lea e 13 points werent quite enough for the ey emng Commg back the Campers defeated 'VIount Saxage 16 60 wlth John on leading the corers wlth hls 23 pomts Squeezlng out a clo e one at Frostburg Allegany defeated Beall 52 49 John on agam led xn scoring for the exenmg The Black Kmghts had a tough l.lITlC when they came to the Campobello court belng defeated 69 59 Allegany went to play Bruce and took the worst defeat ln 94 games as Bruce tepped on the Camper 6 64 Brown led the scorers wxth 20 tallles Allegany squeezed by the Sentlnels 5654 as Breedloye Bruce Brown and L1lIlIllClCS reach h1t ln double dlgrts for the Campers A -' . 1 g 5, Q . ' .v . ' ' ' . s' s . ' was in 1 ' ' 1 " I' lrs s in We , 1, .S g - . v . v. F Q - 82 5 .ccc 573 Y - S - ,- ' - S, ' 45 ' ,c,,,,e, ,,,,e,, , .,,,e 5 4 77 ' ,, ,, , , c.., .,,,,,eee 5 3 S 5 5 ' - ' 77 Keyser , . ,, , c,,, ,, c,c,,,,,, ,, ,63 Q 64- ' , , , c,c,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,e, , AT - Q- - 44- ' " .,.., c,,,,, ,,c,,e,,,,,,,, , , ,753 - --h 7 7 Q 7 - 76 .7 ' , , ,, ,,,,,, 60 - ' 7 7 52 , , ,c,,,, , ,,,, ,1,, ,,,, 4 9 7' 69 y' . , ,,,,,, ,, ,c,,, , ,,,, ,59 ' -7- 1 ' ' s - 64 - . , , H87 s " ' . 56 ' 5 5 5 5 -554 . . , . V . , . 55 1 5 5 or ,64 ,, V. - . Y 1 S S 63 , , , , 61 ' ' 71 ' 'W M. . 1 - S .S I . K 1 1 74- f , , ,, , 61 ' v ' , ' , ,60 ' N F A The Golden Tornadoes revenged their defeat ln trouneing the CZillllHlllf'llH men 6-1--55 as johnson again led the scoring r'olumns. Winning the second vity game in as many starts the Campers played an exf-itin frame defeating LaSalle 63-61. Bruce and min e it ffl the Blackhawks T1-64. Bruee had 19 mark ers for the Camper P! C .lol sf ld tl 1 s' rers. kg Alco avenged their defeat by lfOUI1fjltlg , l . 5 . s. ' ' 451 Again the Campers hit the winning col' l ' umn hy defeating Mount Sax age T4-61 as ,lim lleremer sc-ored lil points in the sev- ond half. 8 .-Xlffo defeated lleall Tl-60 to take the lead in Class race. lla-renn-r again lm-fl the tallx makers with 21 tallies. The Camper line-up was often changed as the season progressed lver-ause uf slight injuries. Diehl. Brown. Bruce. Nlinnieks. and Thomas were all injured at different intervals throughout the season. On the whole the season was quite a Successful campaign under .-Xlleganfs ness basketball f-oar-h. R. Eugene Shan. First row. le-ft to right: ll. Fterner. NI. l.ea-1-, ll. llrown. H. Xlinnivks. H. Ilrw-dlow. lx. johnson. D. Beard. assistant manager. Second row: J. De-rriner. H. Jaekson. J. Thomas. Xl. Yan Nle-ter. J ffoaeh Eugene Shaw. B. Uyelle. R. Diehl. J. Hankel:-vitz. R. llruve. J J an - Wi. - A! .41 Ni .l. PW ' -:H-fr.: .hx . x ,f 1 .,2f1f'gQ..Y ' aff 15,1 ggi! ,, A 3, . mmf ' o-0"ax F: nr. dw. 44- A., if l vu Z. W. 4 kiwi .Z I 1" ., lv . fe' . 4 5 -5 . 1 'ur vq-nv X ,Q .l V .sq il glfgll, I K ,. -i ' ' Q56 gf lf e ff L ,Sl X Ll? 0354 vm! Nm" t , I 'W ' Wa' 4, Lc- -lj, l 1 'ill 0. .9 s 5'5" 1 ' - X!'f"9Au , NX' vnu, , Mfia V 1 d. l NF? Xlafvot Ilavitl Parism-r. First row. It-ft to right: Roy R1-4-tl. Stunlvy Allllilllillll. N1-al Smith, Ronald llrucc-. Michael Lvasv. Rmlnvy Url-l'cll0w. Edward C4-wil. Ronald Dir-hl. Doug Sullivan. in-urgv Halv. Fcmrnd row: Coach Roy 1.1-rtvr. Charlrs xvt'Llllll'fll0ll. Lnnnia- javkfun. Ke-n john- f-un. Rohm-rt Payc. Terry Broadwater, Ray Reuse. Richard Ninn-r. llnn Payv. Donald Pvrdvw. jf-rry Yunke-lvvitz. Prter Cllarullas. Robe-rt Flu-tfhor. Manage-r john Sim-le-. Z -fi f X N tagx S Kim X X 55 , YN x xi f N SK -P -fv- ivi' ll ff' Q' Klang.. X DUN PA Y E THE BASEBALL UMPIRE Of all the thankless jobs on earth, Whenew'er duty calls, The worst is his who must decide, Between the strikes and balls. Who always has to say at once, If it is foul or fair When some determined player hits, The horsehide in the air. The man whose eyes must rove the field and cover every base, And if the infielder or the runner won the race. He is the baseball umpire who must be prepared to talk, When there is any argument about a run or walk, ,UO n v A But whether crowds stand up and cheer or impolitely shout, He is the one the baseball world, Can never do without. - v i Q ' 1 I - Ii 'V '1- Lf., - t ' - Q' - -'ififu -.. 1- wifflglwirs.-..f:?1.s'S15a1l-cz ED CECIL and JERRY YANKELEVITZ The streak of the ball, the sound of the bat, the swift backward movement of the fielder and the dull thud as the ball hits the horsehide glove is a typical scene at any baseball game and one often found on the Camper diamond as the Lester- coached nine, batted their way through a fairly successful season winning five out of sixteen games. Losing four out of four games in the race for the city title, the Campobello bats- men provide inferior to the City foes. The 1955-1956 year outlook on baseball is very promising because this year's team had only two seniors on the team, thus leaving the other light starters to return. :Ks the spring returnecl to :Xlleganyg the track ' squad untler the gzuimlunve of Laurent-e lleeker. J hopefully' hegan prepartions for a tough season. ' ' With stuclent interest at u yery lmy mark. the Czunpulyelln traeksters seemecl tu laek the neetlecl N spark fur a uinnmgz team. Allegany hail eight meets consisting of The lleall lluul Yleet. The llunmey lluul Nleet. The Keyser Dual Meet. The lieall lnyitatinnal Nleet. The City Nl:-et. The County Nleet. uml The State Meet. ln the State Meet. llunulml lliggs trunk seenml place in the pole vaulting while Donald Shireliffe tiecl for fourth. The Campohello men seurecl 31g points. the mnst points senred for Allegany in quite some time in the State Nleet. ln the euurse of the season, Allan Nlt-Gill led the scoring for the Allegany' tracksters with 88 points. Allan ran the 220-yarcl flash. 440-y arcl dash. 380 relay. 100-yard dash, 330 relay. 100-yarfl clash. and hroacl jumpefl for the team. Uther stanclouts on the team were Doug Vllalker and Sandy Dyche. Many of the unsuccessful seasons of traek are contributed to inadequate track whieh is used for practice. DAN l lil. VAN! IE 14 5 I X N771 1 I .'. N ' ' lf' . 'F Aa if , it ,J r- l lo K u A .1 1 1 w - N. 1, 'A- ff. .-wr, . ,. JMAZ: Alix" g '5 Ai" ' .v Jyqck ' ' . ,4-1 1 :I 1 2 f',,,,,' f 1 1 vi ! r-'gf - 14.89 ' 1 , ., , ' ' gs. .. J..- -.wr i Y .O Q s , r ,qt ,40- if' 1 N-.,,A... ff-,aa-4 bv ,nxt . v.,,l' ,, , ,rr ay' , . if Q ' ' 3' , , . K , , 4 Q' 'Or' J Q 'Q 'flip-'-n: N,y'-f. w,,,,.' 7 ' , 114,-'A' . vw, " A - A V 5,1 6uJi,,,,q . , in 3 4,,?.'?lYj.y . -K . inf- ' A' ,fight .Vi ,i , .., ,- 5, .. ..,A,.. U.. ' 355.3 'z "H -L ffff' M-" , .g1"v2"f"' , " .A ' 9Ql1I+:Rg'L A' ' "' . 4- 4, 5. ' .A-':fi,,' 1--2f"'2 '- ,I 'rV'.x, 1, . V . Q. . .5 ,, . ,,,,y,rb 43.5 ' .. ,-. ,. - - -v,'1'2 'W' . Y -V. '. 'TJ' ,uwj .4 '-3L'2j.g,, V. k K , AQ, , mx , . ,um . , -, . ' J I -Q lv- 'surf' MW an i .,AQ , ., x"?f' ,' , . '47 . 4 , " , 4, g,'?"1 rn L I , I . Y - - Y , , I - 1 1 I I I l I : 1 ' I HARVEYS Dls+rubu+ors of ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS MacGREGOR SporI's Equlpmeni' OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS The WILSON HARDWARE COMPANY 30 Norfh Mechamc S+ree+ PA 2 4232 I 1 , "'f' I I f I I - , q 1 HI-FI SHOP I53 Nor+h Mechamc S+ CUMBERLANDS ONLY EXCLUSIVE HI FIDELITY STORE Everyfheng un Hu Fldellly Equlpmenf for fhe Home and lndusfry ENTERPRISE AMUSEMENT CO INC l70 Norlh Cenlre S+ree+ PA 2 0050 GREEN HARTMAN APPLIANCE INC I98 Nor+h Cenfre SI' CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Phone PA4 0730 Your Kelvuna+or Dealer for fhe Cumberland Area SPOERL S GARAGE Service Deparfmenl' 28 Norfh George Sfreef CADILLAC PONTIAC 205 Nor+h Mechanic SI'reeI' Phone PA 2 8300 GOODFELLOW AGENCY Real EsI'a're and Insurance Aufomoblle Fare and Casualfy Ph e PA 42893 l3I N CENTRE ST CUMBERLAND MARYLAND I O, O I ' Sales Deparlmeni' on - , , Not An Unemployed Grad uate For 21 Years CUMBERLAND CLOAK AND SUIT CO 48 58 Balhmore Sheer Cumberland Maryland The Home of Beauhful Shoes SHINNAMON S LANDIS TYPEWRITER CO II5 Frederick Srreei' PA 2 l900 SPECIAL tho famous Senior Companion R YAL Portable 5 S HIRSCH S Your New Fashion Sfore BALTIMORE STREET Headquar+ers for GENERAL ELECTRIC Appliances CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY Phone PA 2 6I9I ' I 1 . 77 , u " . .. 'frify . ,. I I .. .ff o N LY .. ..-1 2 62, S 0 3: ITN YOUR J INIYIALS 35551: ' - A , ' :IT N0 CXTIU C051 Cor. Virginia Ave. and Second SI' DAI RY Western Maryland s ONLY Darry with COMPLETE Darly Laboratory Control Bes+ W shes +0 +l1e WARD N HAUGER Qlassof 56 JEWELRY HARRY FOOTER COMPANY AND CO Cleaners and Dyers I6 N Cenfre S+ree'l' THERES A STORE Phone PA 4 5665 NEAR YOU THE MANHATTAN Nahonally Famous Men s Wear CUMBERLAND OPTlClANS AL TOSH 8 Greene S+ree+ Cumberland Maryland PA 2 4757 I Bal+imore Sfreel' a+ Liberly THE MEN'S CORNER l B F GOODRICH STORE Home of Llfe Saver Tubeless Tnres I59 N CENTRE STREET GRADUATION GIFTS Nahonally Famous WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE SPEAR S JEWELRY STORE 69 Balhmore S'rreeI' VAN METERS ESSO STATION Cresap+own Maryland ATLAS AND KELLY TIRES See Us For +I1e Bes+ Buys In Tires PHONE PA 2 4440 For I'I1e flnesf In Men s and Boys Wear SCHWARZENBACH s O33 ' I Phone PA 2-3 I 77 I 1 O I I RED'S USED CAR SALES 722 Greene S+ree+ Phone PA 2 8l50 a+ Nngh+ PA 4 I396 Sfari' Your Happy Moforing From 206 GREENE STREET Phone PA 4 9863 V AND H BILLIARDS PARLOR I0 S Mechanic Sireef HOWARD W VANDERGRIFT SR Prop SYCKES MUSIC STORE 22 Nor+h Cenfre S+ree+ PA2 I340 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND STEINLA MOTOR CO NC REN ROY FLOWERS 37 N Cen+re Sfreef PA 2 8420 FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION BEST WISH ES From Dealer Donna Al ce Roy LoreHa Ronnoe fhe PHILCO 'rv AND APPLIANCES D00d'eb"9 and Beff PA 4 2600 2l8 S Mechamc Sfreei' I . DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH Paf, Lucille, Jean, Barry, Flo, Richard, Pai, n I n 1 I I Qwgfzx fa Zafwm CLASS OF I956 OII1 THE ALLEGANY CAMPER CLUB W th YOUR SCHOOLS ACTIVITIES Io +I1e J . and Keep in Touch i Rum-I L. 5 6666604 Fme Camera Portralts WEDDINGS fgr the "' INDUSTRIAL ALLEGEWI fr SCHOOLS Official Photographer ill ROSENBAUM S A Trl State Instltutlon Since 1848 WARHAFT S Draperues and Sllpcovers QUALITY RESTAURANT CUMBERLAND MARYLAND I 79 Norfh Cenfre Sfreef 20 SOUH1 Libedy Sheei' THE CUMBERLAND EVENING an SUNDAY TIMES Compleie SporI's Coverage Firs+ In Va ue Farsi' In S+ye Fnrsf For Men s and Boys Wear II' s Always BU RTON S LAZARUS ABE S JEWELRY STORE 28 NOFII1 Cen'Ire Sfreei' PA 2 I838 ARTHUR H BOPP ualrfy In Flowers l63I B df PA 2 54I4 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND AIber+ L Marple AL MAR JEWELRY Sales and Service WATCHMAKER Know Your Jeweler Phone PA 2 5690 I I I Bedford S+ree+ JEWELER Cumberland Md I ' I 1 1 ' , IIQ 0 0 ll . e ord S+. Phone KAPLON S Young Men s Shop ARROW SHIRTS PURITAN SCHOOL SWEATERS HICKOK BELTS POSTER SPORTSWEAR Home of TIMELY CLOTHES BURKEYS I66 Norfh Cen+re Sfreei' ROUTE 40 LA VALE MARYLAND PA 2 643I THE FORT CUMBERLAND HOTEL Llber+y and Balhmore S+ree+s Private Dmmg Rooms HEADQUARTERS EOR YOUR MEETINGS I PA 2-6430 "NAJ ET" Microscopic Preclslon Drllls and Drlllmg Equlpment REDDY IS 0 6 WAITING TO SERVE You 1- u IN IOI R HUIIP IT IUI R Bl SINLSS UN IUI R IHIRII f0OIxlll 1191111 W IICI Iltllllll III 1 Rffll Cldtlllll Watm Illllllllll IUNIP-INN UIIIILXXIII BI I U I XSSISTANIL, WITH HHH IIII IRII XI PRUBI LNIS THE POTOMAC EDISON COMPANY A fl X c. 'calf' -' n c ,, E7 I " g-IFN g-- 'av ' a'g lfg til gl 1 .. ' , . . J ' g .XXII .AxI'vIII'IR YUI4 GHAIIII.-XwI'IQ. YUIIR I.UII,5.I, l'TlI,l'I'Y I 1 11'I 9" I9 I 1. i LIAIJT ILIYIQ YUI' flilili A LITHOGRAPHED XM? YEARBOOK DALLAS AS 'X NK X Xgw, rx S I ff For SPECIAL F-omg 6' X QQ xnu' ,ur I. x fi l 15 I n 'f Z 'YTQQ' . F f f M " L 7 gg! - ,s - :, - D , .., Q 24.5 f' K -V 53222. - - - 4, lf I u ""'-"' .EI-TE, Q.: ?N 1,42-.3 7' A 171 Q . ff: .X-X-XL-V

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