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5 E I i Q 5 l 5 5 ! E . s ! 1 E 4 3 i ! I l i i ! E 2 2 5 ! ! s 5 "FF 1 f ' 1 g, ,jx , 13?- uw. j X543?'2"' ' iff. -av .Q 'T L A ' 4: ff' . -wr s ky: ,iv 1" 'iff W4 2.1 .fyfw -.4-f ::,,f-1 33, 1 Af R553 sv L 1-1 Pg,-1 . , ' 1 rw gl x , V- 2' . 34 ' Ask ,lg ,-.uh wi P' FL! fs if the allegewi of ,54 editor - - - - joan bennett faculty advisor . hamld C. wickard ALLEGEWI OF 1954 published by the s e n i o r s of the allegany high school at Cumberland Maryland the staff Editor Associate Editor Faculty Division Editor Organization Division Editor Senior Division Editor Feature Editor Music Editor Sports Editor Art Editor Layout Editors Queen Contest Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistants Circulation Manager Assistants Copywriter Photography Editor Photographers Engravers Printer Cover Manufacturers Ioan Bennett Carol Shuck Patricia Roberson Ioan Bastian Margaret Moulton Marilyn Kreider Peggy Dye Bernard Beerman Patricia Roberson Mary Yoder and Sue Vowell Kista Wiseman Ioel Iacobson Raymond Spear Willow Kline Alene Stein Iean Morton Darlene Myers Betty Brewer Ann Gibson Nancye Hager Bessie Liakos Eugene Crossland Ianice Layman Ioan Lear Grace Nagle Ruth Twigg Nancy McGi11 Ruth Twigg Leroy Agostini Goldtine Studio Triplett Studio Keith Sisk Petersburg Engraving Service Weigel 6: Barber. Inc. S. K. Smith Co. THE BOOK Features ..... . Classes ...... . Seniors . Iumors ,.,........ . Sophomores .... . Freshman ........ . Eighth Grade ...... . Seventh Grade ....... . Activities ...........,. , Publications .,.. . Drama .............. . Organizations ...... . Music ...,..,.,.,,. . Sports ........ . Football ......... Basketball ........ Girls' A. A. ......, . Wrestling ..... Track ........... , Baseball ......... Advertisements .... . Ill Because of her "know-how," her inner-spark. her understanding manner . . . Because she indispensable part of life at Allegany . . . V Because, under her leadership, Allegany has gained so many honors . . . Because she possesses the ability to turn tender- ioot junior scribblers into accomplished senior jour- nalists. . . Because she has inculcated within us as our slogan-"Get it first, but iirst get it right" . . . Because she has contributed so much to creating our most beloved memories oi life at Allegany . . . The Class of 1954 respectfully dedicates this, the thirty-third edition of the Allegewi, to our friend . . . MISS MARY E. MURRAY ,M.k..,,.. e gf M- - -' ,, ,,. ., X .xi ,,,.gsi..a? MJ K a , g ,J fem. wr H if 1 s G 0 ve in u'as is 1 Gnwwnmxwi Qs many thingy. Y an Q52 HWUUW .JA NWUNQW ,wma A-dm?-W www What makes up this thing, Allegany High School? There are over 1500 separate individ- uals, all here for one purpose, disguised though it may sometimes seem, the purpose of learning. To teach them there exists what often appears to be a countless number of faculty members, and behind them stands the Board of Education, who in turn advises the administration. Besides the people, there is the intangible part of Allegany, the atmosphere it lends to all phases of school life-the friend- liness and the sincere effort to help. Every- where we find this atmosphere, on the campus, in the corridors, and in the classrooms. And everywhere we are beset by the immensity of our institution and the immensity of that which we started out to achieve. With every bit of information we pick up, we become a little more aware of our smallness as com- pared to the whole . . . we are but one of the many who are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, but, if we have learned to the best of our ability, then we have accomplished what we set out to achieve. The faculty has done its part toward furthering us on our road . . . despite numerous quizzes and detention peri- ods, they have given us something wonderful for they taught us to understand our fellow human beings. 'Tx ,A 4 dp! ', MQ . 1 f,c,ft "ff5? , ' g ifM"' 13?fi Q, ,ff M' .fi A ,1M"ff, 455' fz,5f'1 ' KP! f A 17 I fp! ,Af Wffw fa , 13, ,,,,.-140 :Sum I 5 Y 1 . VF Allow :HN ,wp,, WW , . V W ,,V, ., 4.44 X in S W2 , I , . 4 MN .. 2 Wlfiff L , 2 - sw M- H M1 HW vq. - -:c -: 5-2-::':E6::'f":55 '?K5E,CI 2'1" .:I'5:5-: 5i5iQQ?l,aSil 55 3- , 342 Q, A 1 3 QM 3+ n 'QR W 5 ' +1 JFK , , 5 .,.. ,..,. M . ..... . xk h , V . 1 ' W , A A. 4 wx -wmv -1 Q is . .W gi kv ,sy . 3, . f .f 'f . g 31? A ,, ,.,. : , -...: X, Qggzgmw New A S Q X ,QL .,,.. .:4s,'..":j- LN g, f " ?i1 Sii?.F"fw-EN M ii X . awww N, W.. vwkx X ,-'-"'A':' 2 ' 'A V ': -1 administration has yet to be stumped by their duties. An ever-ready, "Hello, there" is their trade mark Whether you just pass them in the corridor or go to them with one of your num- erous problems. Every position requires tact and understanding as part of their every day routineg and these two qualities are an inher- ent part of their make-up. With the demand for high school trained workers mounting every day, they are faced with the ever-increasing task of directing the preparation of students to if we we r 'sf J ,Q ifiiifslfgf-E32 , if! G rf Ui" ' K Melina? if ffm s. Q. ' sf f meet the future. MR. FOY A. CURRY, M. A. Assistant Principal CAROL PORTER AND SHIRLEY WARNICK Secretaries faculty MRS. LYDIA D. ACKER B. S. Mathematics MIss IANET T. ANDERSON Social Studies MRS. IULIA C. BLOUGH MRs. FREDA V. BOWERS A. B. English M. A. Commercial Miss VIRGINIA W. DIxoN, M. A. English MR. WILLIAM I. DONAHUE, M. ED. Commercial MRS. RUTH F. MISS IANE H. GRINDEL GRAHAME, A.B. M. A. Biology English Miss MARGARET E. BAKER, M. A. Social Studies MR. WALTER L. BOWERS, M.A. Physical Education MRS. PAULINE P. EYLER, A.B. Social Studies MRs. MARTHA E. HAMILTQN, B. S. Core Instructor Twelve MR. EDWIN E. BALDWIN M. A. French MRS. ETHEL C. BRUCE B. S. Art MR. WILLIAM I. FAHERTY, B. S. English-Mathematics Miss NELL HAWKINS A. B. Social Studies MR. LAWRENCE W. BECKER, M. A. Art MRS. ROSALYN E. BUCHANAN, B. S. Home Economics MRS. IANE L. FULK A. B. Home Economics MRS. MARY S. HINZE M.A. English MISS IEANNETTE A. HoLzsHu, A. B. English MISS IRENE W. LIIPP M. A. Commercial MRS. GERALDINE G. MANN, A. B. English MR. WILLARD W. MoRI.EY, B. S. Industrial Arts MR. EUGENE S. HOPKINS, B. S. Physical Education MR. ROY E. LESTER M.A. Social Studies MR. JAMES A. HOSACK M. ED. Science MIss CLAIRE W. LIVESAY, A. B. Commercial MISS VIRGINIA A. JENKINS, M. A. Mathematics MRS. IoYcE B. MACY B.M.En. Music MR. EVERETT B. KREIDER, A. B. Commercial MR. COBERN E. MANGES, B. S. Industrial Arts MRS. IRENE P. MAPHIS MR. HARVEY I. MASON MISS HELEN MCFERRAN MRS. ELLEN T. B. S. IN ED. M.A. B. S. MCKENZIE, A. B Science Latin Home Economics Science MISS MARY E. MURRAY MR. IAIvIEs G. NEILsoN MISS ANNA M. NIGHT MISS TI-IERESA B. NIGHT M. A. B. S. IN ED. A. B. M. ED. Social Studies Mathematics Social Studies Biology and Science Thirteen MRS. CORA G. PERRY B. S. IN ED. Librarian Miss Ru'rH A. RICHARDS, A.B. English MIss OLIVE P. SIMPSON M. A. Social Studies MIss ORPHA BONITA PRITCHARD, M. A. English MIss MARIE A. RICHMOND, A. B. Home Economics MR. S. LUA Svcxss M. A. Music MR. I. HUBERT RADCLIPFI-:, M. A. Driver Education MIss ELEANOR K. RIzI:R, B. S. IN ED. Physical Education MR. ARTHUR W. TAYLOR, M.A. Mathematics MISS BETSY Ross RANKIN, B. S. English MRs. BRRENICI: W. ROGERS, M. A. Spanish MISS ELIZABETH A. WAIDELICH, M. A. Physical Education MR. HAROLD C. Miss DOROTHY WICKARD, B. S. WII.I.IsoN, M. A. Chemistry 6. Physics Music Fourteen MISS DORA E. RICHARD A. B. Social Studies MR. BOSTON E. SHERWOOD, B. S. Industrial Arts MR. CARL R. WEATHERHOLT Printing Miss Murray's History Class Mr. Wickard's Physics Lab Mrs. Bruce's Art Class Miss Livescxy's Typing Class THE ALLEGEWI CAMERA VISITS . . . Mr. Manges' Drawing Class Mrs. Hinze's English Class Fifteen There is never a dull moment at Allegany . . . from the time school opens, when every- one immediately begins making plans for those special football weekends and the election ot the Football Queen, until the end of school, when Senior activities occupy the minds and time of the eager. There is always a feature attraction like the Mirror - the dances of all kinds and sizes-those late evenings in the gym putting up the crepe paper streamers for the function on the next night-the publication of the Allegewi-the choosing of the Allegewi Queen-her thrilling reign, cut all too short by the coronation of new royalty at the next big social affair. Getting up for Monday classes as you think of the weekend just past and wonder-the Twirp Dance when the gals stood for the whole bill-the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Dance when he had to pay-the Iunior-Senior Prom-Class Play-Class Night-the excitement of the Sen- ior Prom-Commencement-all of these events contribute to the atmosphere of Allegany and help to make that atmosphere exceed the aca- demic . . . you will remember the highlights of your life at Allegany, and the spirit which penetrates lar beyond the classroom. ,,W. xl:- P :lA H , M 1 SQ ' 1 vu.. v, Ax Vg A ' if .-Fifi? W if . N 5-Q Q ,, X ff . W i XA , . . if Q 6: K .... , ,.: it 1 f Q 5 ik s gy QE W A K ,QI 'E' if - 2 W- ' Q fl LNG sv, ,ig f X . if Q be Sl xg xi ,Ss jr Q, I' we ' ex 9 52 K Q '33 is is r Razz! i if S Q A ' J W ff g , ' A4 tb l i Ni? k' 1. ww M :': ,. fa i ,- Q I sf' f 'Q X sf FMA JJ , if ' f A .. S Q f A , N1 1 - . " EQ-,:'1QQL::1 fs F V? Y .tx 's Y iv MV. ,, ,mvf 1 if ' kd A 5" in if X5 I!! ' ' K Ji Q f :I yy - .fl 4 A ' L , mf- 5' 10 'aa A , 'V ' if ' an , ,sg gs 3 nas, x ,lm ' .Q 212 'X X, is 1? s If -iii Nothing quite compares with Alco's weekly assemblies, Q ' 5' whether they be songfests, mo- Q -' vies, or skits. 2, Q Y is-5 , t 3 . as Everyone laughed when this clown appeared but they were impressed by his philosophy on life. Yes, "Happy Dayze" was here! Qws i xflfii, K My The Majorettes sport new uniforms of blue corduroy. Left to right: Rita Houck, Iackie MacMillan, Shirley Eversole Ioann Fisher, Sheila Pram, Francis Harvey, Ianet Ridgeley. 'W' W MJ? 5 1 42. NN mms , o X W... ww-1 ' N' 9"'W'fk V ' ' ""W", xx? 'fbi f"'5 f K K r V '5.,Q',1-g:-1-Q QL , ., ,. : Emi - x wfw: QQ. Q c .Nw ,f ' 2542 N w g: :- ., . .t zgg 'wg was 'xw 2 5: . ,Sw- .- sw .g.... . ...,,., ,.,.,.,,. , . .. .,,.: ,.:,,.,, . A F3155 -S2333 bf .Q aw 'ijr w zzwrmf :ss W Raw Wi 5 .. . ..,. ., - -' W,- Wlgii ': .2 A ' -V Wi I -5 .21 ' 'riff ii ZEN , 5, 2g.,,.' f y N,,.,3 ML 4.-1-' W 'T ' 1 'vVi'X 1 z, 2533. s 5 My .5 R is lx 1 Every year, the Tri-Hi-Y sponsors the White Thanksgiving. Club members collect tissue- wrapped canned goods and cash donations from the pupils of Allegany High. Baskets are then prepared for delivery to the needy fam- ilies ot the community. "Your Pep!" Yes, "You've got it, now keep it!" at the pep-meeting before the Thanks- giving Day Game, the whole student body urged the team to continue its great record and to beat Fort Hill. The Alcohi Mirror issues a special Thanks- giving Edition featuring the Football Team, Miss Campera IV, and the annual Turkey Day Game. Many teachers, many students, and many boosters used this medium to express best wishes lor the team. Here is a part of the 8,200 people who witnessed the Thanksgiving Day Game and saw I-llco tie Fort Hill 7-7. Many who saw the contest say that I-Xlco should have won. Dot M e a g h e r reigns as Miss Campera, IV at the Turkey Day Game. Her Court of Honor included Shelby Witt from the Iunior Class, Billie lean Rowe from the Senior Class, Faye Liller from the Sopho- more Class, and B a r b a r a Mann from the Freshman Class. Fort Hill's An- drews carries the leather in the Big Game of the year. Gaither attempts to bring him down as Kirtley comes forward to assist. Ida tLinda Ever hartl and Lon tRichard Iohnsonl play a little love scene in "Meet Me in St. Louis"-the annual A. D. K. production. The Highlanders entertained us in assembly and we learned a lot about Scotland. As winter came Coach Bowers un- veiled another great basketball team. 5 Muzi 'Q 1. Bernard Beerman, Senior Class Presi- dent, transfers the gavel of authority to Neal Smith, president ot the lunior Class, at the traditional Senior Assembly. The Seniors displayed their dramatic talents in the presentation of "Fa- ther of the Bride" as the 1954 Class Play. ROY ROGERS ROY ROGERS Mr. Harold C. Wickard, Advisor Allegany High School Cumberland, LH. Dear Yr. Wickard: Thank you for asking me to act the girl who will be Queen for Yearbook, The Allegewi. It was a difficult job---but I lady who's photo is marked FQ, will have the approval of your December 28, 1953 of the ALLEGEWI as judge in choosing the Allegany High School finally chose the young and I hope my judgment student body. Thank you again for the assignment and may I extend my very best wishes to all of you at Allegany High School. Mos sincerel RR:vb R OGERS Eno. Twenty Five JG-55 miss Qllegewi Shelby Witt Twenty Six ko 0 N Xxxx Q xi, XX X X x fs, " miss ccrrnperci IV. dot mecrgher miss cxllegctny pat madero will Long-awaited Iune evening . . . graduate tries to listen to speaker, but eyes keep wan- dering to rolls of paper piled before him . . . tied between blue and white ribbons swarm happy memories compiled between that first confused day and now, the day after the last textbook has been closed . . . reluctantly he comes to the realization that it is all over . . . the confusion during seventh grade registra- tion . . . the pep rallies . . . last minute touches on decorations . . . wonderful proms . . . frozen toes and fingers as he cheered Alco to victory in an important football game . . . Christmas Carols from the music rooms . . . Assemblies . . . the Allegewi Queen . . . those fears before final exams . . . when they were over, the empty feeling that this shall be no more . . . the speaker is almost finished . . . this is the end . . . but is it? . . . His class is singing "Dear Old High School" . . . he views the road which lies ahead . . . it represents a world to conquer . . . it is not the end . . . his memories tucked within the paper, tied with Blue and White ribbon, are not dead . . . they are alive . . . it is they which will help him on his jour- ney, for now he is fortified to face the world, fortified with knowledge and understanding. FACULTY ADVISORS: Edwin F. Bald- win, advisor Ior Commencement Activitiesg Harold C. Wickard, advisor for the Class Play, Yearbook, and Class Night, Lawrence W. Becker, advisor for social activities. senior class MARGARET ABBOTT General EDWARD I. ALEXANDER Commercial Activities: Glee Club, I, Cafeteria Assistant, 1, 2, 3. EDNA CATHERINE BAKER Commercial Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 4, S. I. D., 1. OWEN BARNCORD General CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right, seat- ed-Ioann Fisher, treasurer, Bernard Beerman, president, Margaret Moul- ton, secretary. Standing-Mason Sisk, vice-president. I S N CLASS CABINET: Left to right, sec -Lee Weller, Ioe Gallen, Ioel Iac son. Standing-Richard Rank, Hay Dawson. LEROY THOMAS AGOSTINI Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 35 French Club, 4: Glee Cl 4 ub, Z, 3, . PATRICIA ANN BAIRD General LOIS LOU BAKER General Activity: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3. IOAN BASTIAN Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 1, 25 Choir, I, 2, Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 4, Tri- Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 UN Club, 2, 3, 43 G. A. A., 2. ROBERTA L. BEAL Academic Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 45 G. A. A., 3, 4. RICHARD C. BEALL General MICHAEL ADAMS BECKMAN General Activity: Wrestling, 3. BARTH W. BENNETT General CURTIS C. I. BLOSS Academic Activities: Projectionist, 4, Spanish Club, 4. OWEN IOSEPH BRADY Academic Activities: Hi-Y, 4, Spanish Club, 45 Glee Club, 3, Track, 1. Thirty One RONALD BEAL Commercial CARL BECHIE General BERNARD MARVIN BEERMAN Academic Activities: President oi Class, 2, 3, 45 A. D. K., Z, 3, Choir, lg Hi-Y, Z, 3, 4, S. I. D., I, Treasurer ot Student Council, Ig U. N. Club, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling, 3: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. IOAN ELIZABETH BENNETT Academic Activities: Editor of the ALLE- GEWIg Secretary to the Class, 2, 3, A. D. K., Z, 3, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Cheerleading Club, 1, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 4, S. I. D., lg Student Council, 1, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, U. N. Club, 2, 3, 45 Musettes, 3, 4, G. A. A., 2. GLORIA PAYE BOWLES Academic IRIS MARLENE BRANT General Activities: Band, 1, 2, Bird Club, 1, Choral Club, 2, 3, 41 Majorette, 1, 25 Hospital Aide, 4. MARY ELIZABETH BREWER DONNA l. BROWN Academic General Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4: Activities: Art Club, 1: Cl'le6rleGdi1'1g Baltimore Chorus, 4: Cheerleading Club, Club, l: Science Club, 1: UN Club. 2- 1, 2: Choir, 3, 4: Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Poster Club, 1: S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 2, 3, 4: Musettes, 4. DORIS H, BURTON RAYMOND A. BUTLER Academic Accdemic Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Bowling Activities: Band. lf 21 3' 47 Chorus, 1. 2, Club, 1, 2, Choral Club' 1, 5, In D-I 1: 3, 4: French Club, 4: Proiectionist, 4. Spanish Club, 4: UN Club, 2. GEORGE 1. CAMPBELL KENNETH TOM CARDER General General LOLA M. CHANEY NITA PAY CHANEY Commercial Commercial Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 4: Choral ACliVifY3Ch0l'UlCl1-lb, 4- Club, l. DORIS CAROL CLAYTON WAYNE ALLEN CLOSE Commercial Activities: A. D. K., 2, 3: Cheerleading Club, 3: Choir, 3, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 1: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: Hos- pital Aide, 4. General ROBERT COATS IOHN COLEMAN Commercial General Thirty Two MARY ANN CONLEY Commercial Activities: A. D. K., 4, Cheerleading Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: G. A, A., 4: Hospital Aide, 4. RICHARD G. COVER Commercial Activities: Proiectionist, 3: Football, I, 2. EUGENE G. CROSSLAND Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Baseball, 4. MARY F. DAVIS Commercial HAYDEN G. DAWSON Academic Activities: Proiectionist, 4: Stage Crew, 25 Hi-Y, 45 Football, 2, 3: Baseball, 4. ROBERT C. DEFIBAUGH General Activities: Choir, 4, Teacher's Secretary, 4. SALLY ANN CONRAD Commercial Activities: Cheerleading Club, 2, 3: Choir, 1, 45 Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Oc- tet, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: Twirling Club, lg G. A. A., 2, 3, 4: Teacher's Secretary, 4. ROGER B. COVER Academic Activities: French Club, 4: UN Club, Z: Wrestling, 3: Student Council, 1. DONALD DAVIDSON General SHIRLEY ARLENE DAVIS General ROBERT ARTHUR DAWSON Commercial Activities: Baseball, 2, 3: Choir, 3: Quar- tette, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN LUISE DE HAVEN Academic Activities: A. D. K., 47 Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Choir, 45 Choral Club, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: UN Club, 4. Thirty Three WILLIAM I. DELLIGATTI Commercial DONNA M. DICK Commercial MARGARET LEE DYE Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., Z, 3, 47 Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Art Club, 1: Cheerleading Club, 1: Choir, 17 Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 3, 45 G. A. A., 25 Spanish Club, 4. ELYSE GARRISON EILER Academic Activities: A. D. K., 4: Alcohi Mir- ror, 3, 4: Art Club, 1: Cheerlead- ing Club, l, Z5 Choral Club, l, 25 S. I. D., 1: G. A. A., 2, 3: Library Aide, 3: Hospital Aide, 4. KENNETH E. ELLSWORTH General Activity: Stage Crew, 2. RAYMOND E. EMMART Academic Thirty Four ARTHUR EDWARD DEXTER General GEORGE B. DUSCH Commercial Activity: Projectionist, 3, 4. SHIRLEY IEAN EARSON 'Commercial Activity: Cafeteria Assistant 1, 2. IAMES GARFIELD EISENTROUT General Activities: Basketball, 35 Football, 1. MONA LEE EMERICK Commercial LYSLE ROGERS EVERHART General Activities: Science Club, 1: UN Club, 1: Camera Club, 3: Foot- ball, 1. SHIRLEY LEE EVERSOLE Commercial Activities: Band, 1, 2: Choral Club 1, 2: Maiorette, 3, 4. ARTHUR EARL FERGUSON Academic IOANN FISHER Academic Activities: Treasurer of Senior Class: French Club, 4: Majorette, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 2: Tri- Hi-Y, 4. CRAIG C. FULLER General Activity: Stage Crew, 2, 3, 4. IOSEPH RYN E GALLEN General Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Football, l, 2. THOMAS B. GALLIHER Commercial Activity: Stage Crew, 1, 2. Thirty Five HOWARD FELDSTEIN Academic Activities: Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4: S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 47 Baltimore Chorus, 4. MARY FISCHER Academic Activities: G. A. A., Teacher's Secretary, 4. WILLIAM I. FLANNIGAN, IR. Commercial HERBERT GAITHER Academic Activities: A. D. K., 3, 4: French Club, 47 Hi-Y, 4: S. I. D., Ig Stu- dent Council, 1: UN Club, 2, 3, 45 Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. IOSEPH R. GALLIHER Commercial Activity: Stage Crew, 1, 2. IOSEPH I. GARLICK Commercial Activity: Stage Crew, 2, 3. ARTHUR GEHAUF Academic ANN BYRON GIBSON Academic Activities: Art Club, 2: Bowling Club, 2: Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4, I-I1-Y, 3, 4: S. I. D., l. BYRL ARTHUR GIBSON General ROBERT ALFRED GLASS Commercial Activities: Band 4: Choir, 3: Glee Club, 3. RICHARD GUTHRIDGE General NANCYE LEE HAGER Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, A. D. K., 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4 S. I. D., l: Spanish Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y UN Club, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., 2, 3: Mu- settes, 4: Office Assistcmt, 4. IAMES R. HARPER Commercial Alcohi Mirror, 3: Choral Club, 1: French Club, 4: Library Aide, 3: Poster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 2, 3, 4 PHILLIP KENT GILPIN General IOAN GREEN Commercial WILLIAM FREDRIC HADRA Academic Activities: Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, l, 2, 3, 4: Cafeteria Assistant, 4. ROBERT HARDMAN Academic Activities: French Club, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Or- chestra, l, 2, 3, 4: Proiectionist, 2, 3, 4: UN Club, 3, 4. EDWIN DALE HEAVNER General Activity: Projectionist, 3. Thirty Six HERSCHEL LANE HEAVNER General Activity: Projectionist, 3. PATRICIA ANN HINES General Activity: Hospital Aide, 4. IAMES EDWIN HOFFMAN Academic ETTA LOUISE HEINRICH General Activities: Band, 1: Choral Club, 1: Ma jorette, 1. HARRY I-IIXENBAUGI-I General Activities: S. I. D., 1: Track, 1, 3, 3, 4 Baseball, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD H. HUMBERTSON Commercial Activities: Vice-President ol Sophomore Activities: Wrestling. 3: Cafeteria Assist- Class: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Track, 1: Baseball, 3, ant, 1, 2. 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. IOEL IACOBSON Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4 Orchestra, 1, 2: S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 4 Glee Club, Z, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Foot ball, 1, 2, 3. CONSTANCE A. IEWELL General Activities: Choir, 1: Cafeteria Assistant, 3. EDWARD FRANCIS IOYCE Commercial Activities: Track, 3, 4: Football, 4. Thirty Seven EMMA G. IENKINS General DONALD LEE IEWELL General Activities: Choir, 1: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. IOHN IUDY Commercial WILLIAM R. IUDY Commercial Activity: Band, 3. BARBARA ANN KELLEY General GLENDON NILE KLINE General Activities: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, I: Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball, 1, 2. RONALD KRAUS General IANICE VIRGINIA LAYMAN Academic Activities: A. D. K., 3, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Post- er Club, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: UN Club, 3, 4: G. A. A., 3: Office Assist- ant, 3. IOAN BEVERLY LEAR General Activities: Bird Club, 1: Hospital Aide, 4. Thirty Eight EDWINA SHIRLEY KEATING Commercial Activities: A. D. K., 2: Art Club, 2: Choir, 2: Choral Club, 3: Poster Club, Z. ROBERT L. KIRTLEY Academic Activities: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. WILLOW GRACE KLINE Commercial Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4: Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Hos- gaitil Aide, 3: Cafeteria Assistant, MARILYN IEAN KREIDER Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4: Editor of Alcohi Mirror, 4: Mirror, 3: Art Club, 1: Baltimore Chorus, 4: Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chor- al Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice-President of the Iunior Class: French Club, 4: S. I. D., 1: Student Council, I: Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: UN Club, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., 2: Musettes, 4. ARTHUR LAZARUS Academic Activities: Spanish Club, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. GARY E. LEASE Commercial SAMUEL LEASE General BESSIE IOANNA LIAKOS Commercial Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3: Cheerleading Club, 1, 2: Choir, 3, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Post- er Club, 3: S. l. D., 1: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: G. A. A., 2: Musettes, 4: Oifice Assistant, 3. WILLIAM LEE MACE Commercial ROBERT HYLE MANN Academic Activities: A. D. K., 3: Band, 1, Z: Choir, 4: French Club, 4: UN Club, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Pho- tography Club, 2: Library Aide, 1, 2, 3, 4: Assembly Organist, 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD NIEL MARTIN General Activities: Art Club, 1, Z, 3, 4: Poster Club, Z, 3, 4. HOMER MARTZ Commercial Thirty Nine ROBERT DONALD LEASURE General VERNON LOWERY General Activities: Baseball, 3, 4: Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4: Football, 1, Z, 3, 4. MARY PATSY MADERO Commercial DENNIS MARKER Academic CLARA IANE MARTZ Academic Activities: A. D. K., 4: Choral Club, 4: Cafeteria Assistant, 4. NANCY IO MCGILL Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DOROTHY LUCILLE MEAGHER General Activities: Cheerleader, 3: Cheerleading Club, 1, 2, 3: Choir, 1: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3. G. A. A. 3, 4. DOROTHY IEAN METZ Commercial Activities: Band, 2, 3, 4: Choir, Z, 3, 4: Choral Club, 1: Library Aide, 2: Drum Majorette, 4. EMERSON H. MILLER General Activities: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1. WILLIAM O. MITCHELL General Activity: Art Club, l, 2, 3, 4. IAMES WILLIAM MOORE, IR. Academic Activities: Projectionist, 3: Spanish Club, 4. IEAN ANN MORTON Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 4: Cheerleading Club, 1, 2, 3: Choir, 3, 4: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Poster Club, 1, 2, 3: S. I. D., 1: Spanish Club, 4: Mu- settes, 4. Forty ANNA MARARET MELVIN General MARCIA IO METZ 'Commercial RAY MILLS ,fcfrdemic Activity: French Club, 4. NORMA LEE MONTGOMERY Academic Activities: Bowling Club, 1: Spanish Cluba 4: G. A. A., Z, 3, 4: Office Assist- Cml, . MARY IANE MORRISON Commercial Activities: Cafeteria Assistant, 2, 3: Teacher's Secretary, 4. MARGARET P. MOULTON Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3: Baltimore Chorus, 4: Cheerleading Club, l: Choir, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, 2, 3: Secretary ol the Senior Class: Octet, 3, 4: Poster Club, 1: S. I. D., 1: Spanish Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: G. A. A., 1: Musettes, 2: President ot the Spcmish Club, 4: President of Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DOLORES ANN MULLIGAN General Activities: A. D. K., 3: Poster Club, 3: G. A. A., 2, 3. GRACE LOU NAGLE Academic Activity: Spanish Club, 4. PATRICIA NIXON General Activity: Hospital Aide, 4. IOYCE MARLENE O'NEAL -Commercial Activities: A. D. K., 3, 45 G. A. A., 4: Library Aide, 4. DONALD LEE PUHULLA Commercial Activities: Student Council, 1: Football, 45 Track, lg Manager of Basketball Team, 2. DONALD E. RAPSON Commercial Activity: Cafeteria Assistcmt, 4. DARLENE ANN MYERS General Activities: A. D. K., 45 Bowling Club, 1 Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., 2, 3 Hospital Aide, 4. DOROTHY MARIE NINER Commercial Activities: A. D. K., 3, 4: Alcohi Mirror SHIRLEY ANN NOLAND Academic Activity: Spanish Club, 4. GLENN OSBOURNE General RICHARD PERRY RANK General Activities: Football, 1, Z, 3, 43 Basket- ball, Z, 3, 4: Track, 1. ROBERT E. REIBER Academic Activities: Hi-Y, 3, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 41 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. Forty One GEORGE REYNOLDS 'Commercial Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track, 2. ROBERT RITTER General Activity: Track, 2, 3. PATRICIA LOUISE ROBERSON Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 45 A. D. K., l, 2, 45 Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Balti- more Chorus, 45 Cheerleading Club, 1, 2, 35 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 45 Octet, 45 S. 1. D., 15 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 45 Musettes, 35 G. A. A., 2. IOAN ROBISON General Activities: G. A. A., 45 Cafeteria Assistant, 4. BILLIE IEAN ROWE Commercial GEORGIA ANN RUSSELL Academic Activities: Art Club, 15 Choir, 45 Choral Club, 15 French Club, 45 Poster Club, 45 S. I. D., 1. if eww limits Forty Two IANET OWENTA RIDGELEY General Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral Club, l: Majorette, 1, 2, 3, 45 S. I. D., 15 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA IOANN RITTER General Activity: G. A. A., 2, 3. A. KEITH ROBERTSON Academic PATRICIA ANN ROTRUCK General Activities: Cheerleading Club, 15 G. A. A., 2, 3. EARL E. ROYCE Commercial Activities: Bowling Club, 25 Stage Crew, I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council, 15 Track, 15 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA SUE SCARLETT General MARGARET IOAN SCI-IUPFER General VERNON D. SHAFFER General CAROL ANN SI-IUCK Academic Activities: Associate Editor of the ALLEGEWlp A. D. K., 3: Spanish Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4, UN Club, 3, 4. MASON S. SISK Academic Activities: Vice-President of the Senior Class, Hi-Y, 3, 4: Track, 3, 2: Basketball, 2, Football, I, 2, 3, W. KENT SMITH Academic Activities: Bird Club, 1, 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Track, 1, 4, Foot- ball, 3, 4: Library Aide, 3. RAYMOND SPEAR Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 45 A. D. K., 4: Bowling Club, 1: French Club, 4: S. I. D., 1: UN Club, 4: Camera Club, 2, Glee Club, 1. Forty Three FREDERICK SEITZ General Activities: Art Club, 1: Cafeteria Assistant, 3: Poster Club, 4. DONALD L. SHORT General Activities: Stage Crew, 2, 3: Cafe- teria Assistant, 3, 4. CECIL RAY SINES General Activity: Library Aide, 3. CAROLYN IEAN SMITH Commercial Activities: Choir, 1: Choral Club, 1, 27 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: G. A. A., 25 Cafeteria Assistant, 4, Office As- sistant, 4. MARY SPANO General DAVID M. STEELE General Activity: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN STEELE Commercial ELWOOD..STEIN Commercial Activities: Poster Club, 3, Cafeteria As- sistant, 3. SHIRLEY IRENE STOKES General Activity: Choral Club, 1, 2. Pl-IILLIP BRUCE TIERNEY General Activities: Baltimore Chorus, 4, Band, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Octet, 3, 4, Stage Crew, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Quartet, 4. IERRY D. TURNER General Activities: Bowling Club, 1, Baseball, 2. RUTH ALICE TWIGG Commercial Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, G. A: A. 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 4. ALENE RAE STEIN Commercial Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, Art Club, 1, Cheerleading Club, 1, 2, Marionette Club, 1, Volleyball, 1, Camera Club, 2, ?tti4ce Assistant, 3, Teacher's Secretary, DONNA RAE STEINBAUGH General SAMUEL SWAYNE Academic Activities: Choir, 3, Football, 1, Student Council, 1. EDWARD WI-IEATLY TROXELL Academic Activities: Sports editor ol Alcchi Mirror, 3, 4: Bowling Club, 2, S. I. D., 1, Latin Club, 4. RONALD D. TURNER Commercial Activities: Baseball, 3, 4, Track, 1. ROSELLA ANN VEACH Academic Activities: Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Hospital Aide, 3. Forty Four BILLIE SUE VOWELL Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Bowling Club, 1: Cheerleading Club, 1: Choral Club, 1, 2: Spanish Club, 4: Twirling Club, l RUSSELL I. WARNICK Commercial Activities: Projectionist, 1: Track, 2. IOHN WEATHERHOLT General DONALD WELSH Academic GERALD KENNETH WILLISON Commercial IUNE WILSON Commercial Activity: G. A. A., 2, 3, 4. Forty Five RICHARD DEXTER WADE Academic Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3-4, Orchestra, 3: Stage Crew, 1, Z, 3, 4. ERNEST FREDERICK WARTZACK Commercial Activities: Band, 1, 2: Bird Club, 1: Hi-Y 3, 4: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, l, 2 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. LEE CLAY WELLER Academic Activities: Basketball, 2: Track, 3. 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR WICKARD Commercial Activity: Stage Crew, 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE MARIE WILSON Commercial Activities: Choral Club, 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: G. A. A., 2, 3, 4: Cafeteria Assistant, 4: Office Assistant, 4. LOUIS RICHARD WILSON General Activities: Student Council, 1: Track, 1. WILLIAM HARVEY WILSON Academic Activity: Band, l, 2, 3, 4. ELLIS B. WISLER, IR. General Activities: Baseball, 2, 4: Football, l, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. MARSHALL ALLAN YANKELEVITZ Academic Activities: Bowling Club, 2: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Student Council, I: Track, l, 33:4Baseball, 3, 4: Football, GAIL ANTOINETTE YOUNG Academic Activities: A. D. K., 2: Art Club, 1, 2: Cheerleading Club, 1, 2: S. I. D., 1: Spanish Club, 4: Tri- Hi-Y, 4. Forty Six KISTA ANN WISEMAN Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3: Cheerleader, 3, 4: Cheerleading Club, l, 2: Choral Club, 1, 2: French Club, 3, 4: S. I. D., l: Student Council, 1: Tri- Hi-Y, 3, 4: UN Club, 4: Library Aide, 3. PATRICIA ANN WOTRING Commercial Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 4: Choir, 1: Bowling Club, 4: Choral Club, 1: G. A. A., 2, 3, 4: Hospital Aide, 4. MARY FRANCES YODER Academic Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Art Club, 1, 2: Cheerleading Club, 1: Choir, 2: Choral Club, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 4. CAROLE IEAN ZINK Academic Activities: Baltimore Chorus, 4: Choir, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 4. ob of' J' .L I. , , J.. KWAL L Q G ANY V AN f N Bel' f I" 587' LQUKIUG' uf 1 .1 anqgfgjh i I f QQffQ,.3i'lff9 ., . rf'-HEMI: fH lQ ll nf 5' Bo "1EE::"E?" "" 53-5 'ffl-f"' "" Wh W L M WN fvwff H211 W N Trfii-ftkltllklllllnhraHHfunH1'1un1HlInH1111Jlllnh : i i MnT71n i :Th 1-Q - 4 -1- f WV ,A M1 Q5 Q 53? P Q 'W X, 31 it E5 'ss im EM il r' -qw M :JL Q . --fl Sw, wi? f 2 R. ' Q 0 1 X w, 1 Y. ' mf QE R: My ,-. 3 ugh , 4 1, y 2 y A k ww , Z 3. Q N Y wk: if 7 'f a XQX It an-ak me ,va .MJ 5 ul V1 ff .fsfvf 5 3. 4 ,ov my-2 J xx x 5 K xy 5 M tk-xv may fs- Sm ss' im R N15 :sw . W 5 wifi I ' V gl if .QQ Q9 QW K N. may: -K Ag.. i N f Nw Nw Qi? Mi CLASS OFFICERS: Lett to right-Zola Simpson, vice presi- dent, David Berry, president: Barry Sterner, treasurer, Shirley Clontz, secretary. sophomore class HOME ROOM 109: First row, left to right-Iacki Shank, Carol Runion, lean Raines, Rita Ramsey, lean Silcox. Second row-Norma Saylor, Patsy Shepherd, Ioy Robi- son, Donna Shaffer, Lynn Ramsey. Third row-Marie Seg- gie, Zola Simpson, Betty Quartucci, Christine Rice, Ianet Robertson, Clesta Shuck. Fourth row-Betty Rapson, Ro- berta Seitz, Mary lo Shroyer, Denise Sheehe, Wynono Shook, Pat Shatter. Filth row-David Thorne, Ioe Sweitzer, Charles Smith, Barry Sterner, Wilbur Thrasher, Marshall Simpson, Iames Thomas. Sixth row-Robert Toey, Iames Steele, Paul Sheppherd, Kenneth Smith, Iack Strausburg, Bruce Snyder, Charles Shearer, Ronald Sindy. HOME ROOM 103: First row, left to right-Ianice Twigg, Sondra Ziegler, Billie Stein, Marilene Wagoner, Lucille Wanless, Carolyn Wiant. Second row-Sondra Treat, Iu- dith Wilt, Kay Smith, Christine Williams, Marlene Sweitzer. Third row-Elizabeth Stinebaugh, Iean Turley, Sondra Wagner, Georgetta Wilson, Florence Zaks, lean Snyder. Fourth row-Margaret Thomas, Ioan Wilt, Shirley Twigg, Io Ann Wilkins, Ann Wheeler, Helen Smith, Carol Vose. Fifth row-Milton Van Meter, Maynard Van Meter, Roger Winters, Richard Young, Daniel Vance, Ronald Whetzell, Howard Vandegritt. Sixth row-Ronald Vowell, Guy Wil- kinson, Ierry Yanklevitz, Bernard Wilson, lames Wright, Charles Zembower, Edward Weaver, Robert Young, Iohn Zink. HOME ROOM 115: First row, lett to right-Sandra Huff, Alice Hagan, Marion Hamilton, Eva Mae Helmstedder, Mildred Heal. Second row-Lois Hersh, Ruth Guthridge, lean Harden, Helen Hizenbaugh, Betty lohnson. Third row -Virginia Ienkins, Ioann Ienkins, Billie Iean Himmler, Pa- tricia Honeycutt, Pat Iohnson, Carol lean Hersch. Fourth row-Carolyn Hare, Sonja Hounshell, Eugene Haines, Eddie Gree, Keith Gilpin, Donna Ietlries, Ann Harden. Filth row- Bob Iones, Harry Keesucker, Richard Hedrick, Harry Iser, Robert Lacy, Carl Grabenstein. Sixth row-Mariano Gon- zales, lohn Ienkins, Charles Hevel, Kenneth Klosterman, Robert Kissner, Floyd Keel, Robert lmler, Edward Lester. I U 'wmZJ: .'51f I +2 we ml . ,mai rw E31 ,Q 4 by 3 my xv. WJ, L, X' Sw W um Q 'V' ,Q 'N"A"' ' - f wi Q ,f MQ f . 'Q-A 5 lffaf' Q K - L4 V! I Y5 . W ffl, MJ I E Q 51 Alix, ,, A. , , W i a vi' if if is . M4 ww E:"II :" -Q ' .,.. 'ga J Aj ,Q mf ,ull f Q a Es M if iw wud V 3 Q. W uf. QQ S fljw '14 4 L QQ., V fm, 'ms 5 .1 lv .wr xx ag? 'Z' 2 . 'YW X bis' " 'Va my- r EE "" Eiikfms . ,f 1 My M41 ...W .se-.L -. :P W -5. ia A iw YN' , .I ii . , 54 K .W I- W lm if fx . 129151 ,QQ gi? XM .2.:: ,A 52.9 , ' fs 55 ' A I "JA-.- .aw ff FQ ww 60 .w -an ,sv QR gil W QW Sw led swf Q.: Q F SX Q iw M , X M, -V . ixii . ,Q n it is' W . X x,"X jerk is S-J if 5 mm if Q: Y Wk? av HOME ROOM 104: First row, let! to right-Darlene Bone, Linda Wilson, Ioe Diggs, Ansel Shircliffe, Charles Coats. Second row-Ioan Beard, Anna Lee Parson, Ellen Clayton, Bruce Crothers, Thomas Brown, Roger Whetstone. Third row-Dorothy Bone, Nancy Stratton, Iudy George, May Brinkman, David Beard, Iames See, Garland Hiser. Fourth row-Theodore Cage, Iames Peters, Earl Rinehart, Barney McCarty, Robert Speis, Gary Myers, Gary Shook, Melvin Perdew. seventh grade HOME ROOM 204: First row, lett to right-Ianet Wigger, lean Wigger, Tommy Rizer, Lewis Wimgerter. Second row --Patty Martin, Ramona Winebernn, Bernice Keesee, Iohn Valentine. Third row-Iames Bucklew, Richard Twigg, Paul Weaver, Malden Speilman, Norma Iones. Fourth row-Rob- ert Hamft, Billy Bone, Ioseph Yutzy, Donald Naugle, Robert Dean, Franklin Leasure, Iohn Bucklew. HOME ROOM 112: First row, Iett to right-Bonnie George, Virginia Killen, Lois Stiver, Kay Edenhart, Ruth White. Second row-Gary Cosner, David Davis, Leland Ransom, William Milburn, Thomas Logsdon, Michael Collins, Victor Reuschlein. Third row-Naomi Greet, Elizabeth Morrow, Donna Harden, Mary Harper, Gregory Collins, Robert Gor- nall, Lynn Workmeister. Fourth row-Sharon Shuck, Patty Hartung, Doris Kasecamp, Charles Fearer, David Leasure, David Weatherholt, Sally Runion, Betty Long. Fifth row- Williarn Wilson, Stuart Christman, Sylvan Feldstein, Louis Shinnamon, Eugene Funk, Richard Paye, William King, Louis Ienkins. HOME ROOM 205: First row, lett to right-Nancy Walker, Susan Bell, Alice Hunter, Gary Bucyp Robert Oliver. Second row-Bertha Duke, Wayne Rinker, Arthur Williamson, Iames Hager, Nancy Edmiston, Rebecca Haines. Third row -Sara Murphy, Linda Cover, Kathryn Ann Shatter, Ioan Markwood, Robert Roeder, Paul Ossip, lack Moberly. Fourth row-Bertram Lazarus, Nancy Ebert, Robert McNeill, David Kerns, Margaret Ballard, India Seagrave, Sue Renz. Fifth row-Margery Nichlin, Iune Powers, Charles Langham, Gary Turley, Christine Kennell. Sixth row-Ray Milburn, Iohn Vose, Robert Haese, Dennis McFarland, Michael Whit- worth, Marvin Kroll, Robert Burton, Denver Kidner. HOME ROOM 207: First row, lett to right-Claudia Luck, Rita Meagher, Milton McNeill, Iohn Ackerson, Dorothy O'Baker. Second row-Timothy Kienhoter, Wayne Robert- son, Ronald Newcomer, Edward Brode, Wilbur Smith, Mary Kay Pollack, Roberta Spear. Third row-Ella Gutheridge, Linda Lease, Patricia Baker, Ronald Stein, Charles Robin- son, Ann Williams, Mary Frances McDonald. Fourth row- Kenneth Weller, Robert Miller, Frederick McDonald, Ronald Wendle, lack Tosh, Harold Hawkins, Robert Grahame. Fitth row-Donald McCoy, lack Means, Nancy Frantz, Linda Lith- icum, Betsy Blose, Patricia Cassidy, Raymond Fogle, Clit- tord Montgomery, Charles Cassidy. HOME ROOM 215: First row, lett to right-Michael Harris, Ioe Hayhurst, Robert Clise, Roger Iohnson, Daniel Iones, Second row-Robert Honeycutt, Ierry White, Roy Butler, Steven Mace, Michael McKenzie, Donald lenkins. Third row -Patricia Dreyer, Linda Cooper, Patricia Brown, Iudy Bliz- zard, Mary Io Iohnson, Martha Hersch. Fourth row-De- lores Dahl, Iohn Cross, Barbara Hutton, Charlotte Riley, Rita Gray, Bonnie Bennett. Filth row-David Livengood, Brenda Mayhew, Barbara Ienkins, Russell Campbell, Max- well Horchler, Russell Flannigan, Bonnie Kreger. Sixth row -Robert Gilpin, Ronald Shanholtz, Patrick Iohnson, LaMar Martin, Gary Myers, Robert Eversole, Charles Marks, Harry Gough, lay Kaplon. HOME ROOM 301: First row, Ieit to right-Iames Holler, Raymond Dick, Mil- ton Stein, Betsy Hosack, Lois Glessner, Patricia Robertson. Second row- Louella Kruczewski, Margaret Walsh, Bonnie Norris, Lawrence Hyatt, Rodney Sanders, Steven Holler, Thomas Haske. Third row-Patricia LaRue, Donna Haines, Ioyce Crabtree, Geraldine Farrell, Ina Fay Burley, William Grey. Fourth row-Linda Wolford, Faydre Often, Dortha Hartman, Kenneth More- land, George McCoy. Fifth row-Frederick Eichner, Maxine Moon, Roberta Kesecker, Ronald McCoy, Brenda Miller, David Stone. Sixth row-Oilutt Iohn- son, Iohn Norris, Thomas Kelly, Charles Oster, Gary Gillum, Phillip Bonner, Ierome Bennett, Ronald Scarlett. -2 'K .cz f. Who are those busy people whose names appear in the Alcohi Mirror as sponsoring a school event, directing an extra-curricular activity, starring in a new play, writing the spirit of Allegany between the lines of their publications? They are the school leaders: they could be you. For the activities of Allegany are not closed organizations, open only to a select few. They are there waiting for any and all willing to devote a little of their time and effort. And you will have a wonderful time as you make your contribution . . . those dead- line days spent haggling in the Allegewi room . . . those terrific rehearsals for the shows . . . those lovely voices from Rooms 218 and 220 as the musical groups practice for the Spring Concerts . . . those brisk fall afternoons outdoors as the drum-majorettes do their fancy stepping in preparation for next Saturday's game . . . the hectic times spent in reaching a Mirror deadline . . . studying the activities of the United Nations .. . . planning for World Peace . . . French Club and Spanish Club . . . taking and developing our own pictures . . . posters, posters, posters . . . and then the final culmination of all their efforts as the members are awarded the school letter for outstanding work. A high school career spent between the covers of a book is not complete: it is the activi- ties which make for the well-rounded school life and a well-rounded student able to meet the demands of our modern world. allegewi of '54 In recording the year's activities at Allegany, the Allegewi has lacked noth- ing in potential material. Everyday some new and unusual event was taking place. We have tried to portray these event as they affected the student's life. Although all yearbooks must contain essentially the same material, it is the hope of each editor and staff to produce a book as different as possible from any previously published. This year's book is different-it is also unique. It is the prod- uct of genius, sometimes mad, sometimes misguided, but nevertheless genius. The Allegewi has gone modern in every sense of the Word-layout, type, copy, photog- raphy, and cover. Ioan Bennett, Editor Carol Shuck, Associate Editor THE STAFF: Seated, Iett to right-Willa Kline, Mary Yoder, Peggy Dye, Patricia Roberson, Ioan Bastian, Mr. Wickard, advisor, Margaret Moulton, Marilyn Kreider, Sue Vowell, Kista Wiseman, Iean Morton. Standing-Bessie Liakos, Leroy Agostini, Betty Brewer, Darlene Myers, Raymond Spear, Ioel Jacobson, Bernard Beerman, Alene Stein, Nancye Hager, Grace Nagle, Ioan Lear, Ianice Layman, Nancy McGill. Sixty 't..i.. aunt: Un noor, re-.1 to rigm-nrcnara 1onnson, jon uenart, pnuare nriuges. oeareu - LOUISE bnoner, nenee Schwartz, Linda Everhart, Ann De-Haven, Elyse Eiler, Ioan Bastian, Ioan Bennett, Ted Troxell, Peggy Frith, Pat Wotring. Standing-Ellen Beneman, Dorothy Ludman, Wilma Schry, Nancy McGill, Nancy Hager, Ianice Layman, Miss Murray, advisor, Iane Platt, Sally Conrad, Doris Burton, Edna Baker, Lola Chaney, Dorothy Niner, Sondra DeVore, Eleanor Herath, Iacqueline Taylor. Bigger and better describes the 1953- 54 Alcohi Mirror. Student activities were given more publicity than ever before-covered for their news value and not as an obliga- tion. Under the leadership of Marilyn Kreid- er, the paper remained constructive and critical, its features were sparked by the Wit and humor of Peggy Dye, its news policy Was as truthful as the staff could make it, its Sport Department capably covered major and minor athletic events. Thus the Mirror again Well filled its job as a part of life at Allegany. alcohi mirror Marilyn Kreider, Editor, Patricia Roberson, Associate Editor, Sixty One and Peggy Dye, Managing Editor alpha delta kappa Alpha Delta Kappa is the senior high dramatic club. The organization affords young actors an opportunity to demon- strate their talents before large, enthu- siastic audiences in the spacious Alle- gany auditorium. Membership is open to all students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve and each member is eligible to try-out for a role in every production. Besides the offering of major drama- tic productions, the Club annually pre- sents an outstanding assembly pro- Highlight of the year-the production of "Meet Me in St. Louis." gram. GlRL MEMBERS: Seated on floor, left to right-N. McGill, B. Beck, P. Phillips, B. Price, P. Kerns, R. Wotring, B. Blose, C. Wiant, C. DeBouck, B. Grumbach, I. Silcox, S. Growden, L. Broadbent. Seated at table-M. McGraw, S. Clontz, L. Everhart, E. Beneman, I. Platt, A. DeHaven, I. Bennett, P. Dye, M, Kreider, P. Roberson, I. Morton, NA Hager, lr Layman. Standing, third row-F. Kaplon, S. Wagner, S. Boden, N. Parker, D. Smith, D. Sheehe, V. Leasure, C, Barham, B. Ossip, E. Mank, R. Layton, M. Fisher, C. Andrews, L. McCullough, K. Eiler, L. Shober, S. Hast, I. Pollock, B. Brewer, C. Hersch, S. Keating, R. Schwartz, S. DeVore, C. Runion. Fourth row-I. Pfeiffer, L. Wanless, W. Smith, W. Smith, W. Smith, D. Eyre, F. Zaks, G. Wilson, Z. Simpson, F. Liller, P. Lewis, C. Martz, D. Niner, I, O'Neal, I. Wilt, I. Douty, S. Silcox, E. Price, N. Iones, S. Petty, K. Brewer, P. Snyder, D. Luclman, The major production of the year was Sally Benson's "Meet Me in St. Louis" which was presented in Ianuary. Mari- lyn Kreider, in the role of Rose, and Ray Vernall, as Lon, captivated the au- dience with their love scenes. Ioel Ia- cobson and Peggy Dye, as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, gave fine performances. The cast, as a whole, brought new honors to dramatics at Allegany. BOY MEMBERS: Seated-D. Grimes, H, Gaither, Standing-R. Spear, I. Del-Iart, R. Iohnson, S. Goldfine, R. Vernall, R. Oliver, I. Iacobson. S. I. D.: On floor, left to right-Iames Wiant, Betsy Hosack, Neil Phillips, Nancy Edmiston, Michael Collins. Seated-Ioy Laber, Beverly Taylor, Mary O'Hara, Virginia Cobey, Eileen Mitchell, Iudy Scribner, Nancy Con- ley, Carol Ransom, Delores Diehl, Betty Long, Marlene Brings, Miss Grindel, advisor. Third row-Carol Isiminger, Barbara Mann, lane Billmyer, Vera McCullough, Geraldine Smith, Louise Mirkin, Donna Dick, Martha Miller, Marianne Hoelzer, Ann Decker, Dortha Hardman, Ioan Markwood, Sue Reny. societcls inventum clramaticorum Offering activity tor young actors, S. I. D. is composed of boys and girls from grades seven, eight and nine who like to participate in dramatic Work. Pertinent reports and demonstrations are given at Weekly meetings on make-up, diction, gestures, and correct postures as essentials in becoming actors. The climax ot the year comes on the day when the club presents its annual assembly produc- tion. Here, these young thespians put into practice the fundamentals they have learned and get an insight into what lies ahead in upper-c1assmen's dramatics. twirling club Here's Where majorettes are made. The aim ot this organization is to prepare girls tor the important task ot being a majorette in the Allegany Band. Under the capable guidance ot Dorothy Metz, the senior drum majorette, the members practise twirling and the intricate manuevering ot a baton. Once each year, the club displays its talents in an assembly and more otten by marching with the Iunior Band at some of the I. V. games and in parades. TWlRLING CLUB: First row, left to right-Helen Clayton, Donna Haines, Mary Pollock, Darlene Bone, Dorothy Metz, directorp Barbara Raupach, Wanda Folk, Bonnie Bauers, Wanda Emerick. Second row-Linda Wolford, San- dra Plummer, Ianice Iones, Rita Crowe, Brenda Miller, Bertha Duke, Ioann Zembower, Linda Lease, Patty Baker, Patty Hartung. Third row-Barbara Wimer, Linda Devine, Beverly Cover, ludy Scribner, Calene Hig- gins, Sandra Phillips, Ramona Molinari, lean Tierney, Fay Keyser, Helen Wanless. "Parley-vous Francais?" This organization certainly does. ffench Club it MEMBERS: Seated, lett to right-Kista Wiseman, Ann De- Haven, Ioan Bennett, Ianice Layman, Marilyn Kreider, Patty Roberson, Ioann Fisher, Mr. Baldwin, advisor. Standing- Leroy Agostini, Raymond Spear, Ronald Gillum, Ioel Iacob- son, Robert Mann, Richard Wade, Bernard Beerman, Roger Cover, Robert Hardman, Raymond Butler. A Carole Zink Nancye Hager and lean Morton engage in a favorite Spanish custom-the breaking ot the pinata. OFFICERS Seated- Betty Brewer Secretary Standing- Herbert Gaither Vice'President Ray Mills President Georgia Russell Treasurer . MEMBERS: Seated, left to right-Peggy Dye, Iames Moore Carol Shuck, Margaret Moulton, Owen Brady, Norma Mont- gomery, Shirley Noland, Mrs. Rogers, advisor. Standing- Doris Burton, Mary Yoder, lack Bloss, Keith Robertson Arthur Lazarus, Gail Young, Sue Vowell, Grace Nagle Ioan Bastian. "asi es la vida" tor all members ot this wide-awake organization. i ,I 4 w, Y R 2 f-V V ..: H .. M X ,X On floor, left to right-Sondra DeVore, Dorothy Luclman, Barbara Tyree. Seated-Charlotte, Bar- ham, Ianice Layman, Georgia Russell, Gay Ann Long, Louise Shober, Virginia Shearer. Third Row -Coleen Stoulfer, Bill Mitchel, Ronald Martin, Elwood Stein, Iames Runner, Lois McCullough, IoAnn White, Mrs. Bruce, advisorg Shirley Keating. poster club The senior high Poster Club gives upperclassmen an opportunity to broaden their artistic abilities Student arranged bulletin boards and show cases and student designed and executed posters all projects of the club, help to make Allegany a colorful school. The decorating of the County infirrnary and local hospitals at Christmastime is the rnain out-of- school project of the Club. Seated, left to right-Shirley Morgan, Pat Mulligan, Barbara Ossip, Katherine Eiler, Carole Runion, Ioy Robison. Standing-Carlotte DeBouck, Sandra Wagner, Sharon Growden, Ianet Pfeiffer, Roberta Seitz, Denise Sheehe, Eleanor Murphy, Barbara Grumback, Pat Kerns. 1 HOSPITAL AIDES: First row, left to right-I. Brant, W. Schry, D, Meyers, P. Hines, I. Stewart. Second row-M. Yoder, I. Lear, P. Nixon, P. Wotring, D. Brown, M. Conley. T E A C H E R S' SECRETARIES: Lett to right-E. Alexander, D. Rapson, F. Wartzack, S. Con- rad, A. Stein, M. Davis, M. Fischer. CAFETERIA AIDES: First row, left to right-I. Bowman, C. Brant, L. McGettigan, M. Kam- mauf, C. Smith, G. Wilson, W. Kline, R. Twigg. Second row -F. Hadra, D. Rapson, D. Short. STAGE CREW: First row, left to right-G. Day, B. Tierney, K. Ellsworth, E. Royce, R. Wade, C. Frith. Second row-R. Eyre, A. Wickard, I. DeHart, I. Gal- lagher, I. Garlick. LIBRARY AIDES: Lett to right- R. Birmingham, R. Mann, D. Ieffries, G. Facci, I. Leasure, S. Winter, P. Madero, I. O'Neal, D. Bennett, M. Iudy. OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Lett to right-L. Everhart, N. Mont- gomery, N. Hager, C. Smith, G. Wilson, W. Mace. PROIECTIONISTS: Lett to right -D. Long, I. Sisk, R. Hardman, I. Bloss, H. Kesecker, G. Dusch, T. Stein, W. Wolfe, F. Yeager, R. Wolfe, B. Gross, R. Butler, I. Lancaster, D. Vincent. SENIOR BAND: First row, lett to right-D. Metz, R. Houck, S. Eversole, I. Fisher, I. Ridgely, I. MacMillan, S. Fram, F. Har- vey, Mr. Syckes. Second row-R. Vernall, P. Shelton, L. Shafierman, R. Brockey, C. Frith, P. Smith, E. Helmstedder, E. Miller D. Berry, D. Nine, D. Scaletta. Third row-K. McKinney, B. Gibson, R. Glass, G. Bean, R. Ogden, S. Treat, A. Veach, R Schwalb, T. Broadwater, D. Paye, A. Emerick. Fourth row-R. Arthur, I. Kreiling, P. Thompson, K. Eiler, R. Millenson R. Arthur, C. Lannon, D. Buday, F. Sheavley, G. Day, R. Wade, I. Zink. Fifth row-P. Marriot, G. Kline, I. Haus, P. Snyder I. Payne, S. Hounshell, E. Herath, A. Hagan, P. Frith, C. Kelley, N. Close, B. Tierney. Sixth row-A. Iones, R. Ayers, R Isiminger, R. Paye. the ullegany band "And the drums go bang, and the cymbals clang" and you know the Allegany Band is marching once again. Whether it be at half-time or on the concert stage, the Alco Band proved its superior- ity time and time again during the year. Allegany's Band put on some excellent half-time shows with its intricate field formations of hearts, shields, tirecrackers, and school houses. On the concert side. the Band presented an outstanding per- formance in the Spring. DOROTHY IEAN METZ Drum Majorette MAIORETTES: Lett to right-Ianet Ridgely, Rita Houck, Shirley Eversole, Ioann Fisher, Iackie MacMillan, Sheila Fram, Frances Harvey. il. '1' ..'i E.!i:-01412: - B Q M? 3 K A ? 7 0 ' X Q ' f 1 1,4 6 Wg, ,X X 'Q gi 1 I ' X' A-'ive K fn tv W-' . mf -' wf W ' Q fx gf EGF ' ' A as f G Sw Ea 35 , ' ,A f N k vp g f A Q 5 Nw' ,...Q . zgl f I f "H ' - W U' . K , 4' Q ' MW V I X ' M ww P. Q is ' K Q , ' 5 . k - X A f A .1 1 P V 35 E .- KAY 'Wi X 1- 1 K X Lt L.. NK il in 1 N A-41 y. , X55 l p fax' JI? W fa RS? Q 5 1 Q Q 'f 5 S k SENIOR CHORAL CLUB: Seated, left to right-Ioan Bennett, lean Morton, Ann DeHaven, Bessie Liakos, Betty Brewer, Marilyn Kreider, Carole Zink, Shirley Keating, Patty Roberson, Mary Yoder, Willa Kline, Iris Brant. Second Row-Mrs. Macy, directory Marjorie Fisher, Carol Andrews, Sheryl Petty, Iane Platt, Nancye Hager, Sally Conrad, Clara Martz, Dar- lene Myers, Lois Baker, Ioan Bastian, Dorothy Bennett, Virginia Shearer, Ellen Beneman. Third Row-Marlene McGraw, Lois McCullough, Iudy Bennett, Carol Brant, Gretchen Gerbing, Nancy Iones, Ioan Payne, Barbara Blose, Sondra DeVore Barbara Tyree, Ianice Bowman. 1 senior choral club A united love for music in the form of choral singing is the tie that binds over a hundred girls together under the baton of Mrs. Ioyce Macy. These girls display their talents throughout the year by performing at the Spring Concert, Senior Sermon, and Commencement. They also present an annual assembly program which is always a very enjoyable event and they are noted for the annual "TWlRP DANCE." SENIOR CHORAL CLUB: Seated, left to right-Pat Kerns, Peggy Thompson, Eleanor Murphy, Donna Smith, Iudith Wilt, Pat Snyder, Dorothy Ludman,Second Row-Marjorie Lewis, Maureen Miller, Zola Simpson, Shirley Clontz, Pat Phillips, Eleanor Mank, Ioan Knepp, LaVern McClellan, Ioan Kidwell, Marie Miller, lean Critchtield, Marian Hamilton, Betty Beck, Lois Hersch, Sharon Growden, Florence Zaks, Carolyn Wiant. Third Row-Ianet Pollock, Barbara Ossip, Iudy O'Neal, Georgette Wilson, Irma Leasure, Denise Sheehe, Ann Wheeler, Katherine Grubb, Kathryn Brewer, Helen Hixen- baugh, Billie Iean Imler, Barbara Ellsworth, Carol Runion, Carlotte DeBouck, Ruth Layton, Sandra Poole, Ncmcy Lewis, Marie Dever. V ,. Q' nfwrfeihilv ,. f. whens, iHHfi. . GLEE CLUB: First Row, Ieit to right-Miss Willison, director: Donald Iewell, Robert Sands, Steven Moulton, Robert Kisener, Leroy Agostini, Sam Swayne, Robert Glass, Bruce Tierney, Richard Ayers, William Mills. Second Row-Charles Hevel, Alex- ander Iones, Bruce Zembower, Lee Moyer, Donald Yergan, Richard Wade, Raymond Butl,er, Robert Defibaugh, Edward Lester, Robert Arthur, Betty Beck, accompanist. Third Row-David Grimes, Ion DeHart, Barry Sterner, Milton VanMeter, Kenneth McKenny, Iames Runner, Ronald Minnicks, Rodney Breedlove, Iames Kirk, Wilbur Thrasher, Robert Mann. Fourth Row-Lee Biller, Robert Iones, Arthur Lazarus, James Boylard, Howard Feldstein, Kent Smith, Charles Smith, Iohn Hirsch, Robert Dawson, Ray Vernall, Ioel lacobson, Bernard Beerman. senior glee club Being one of the very few all male choruses in the city, Allegany has many reasons to be proud of her Senior Glee Club. These young men, directed by Miss Dorothy Willison, sing at many civic functions, in as- semblies, and take an important part in the annual Spring Concert. l11US6tteS Twelve girls can make a lot of sound and when it is the Musettes who are making it, stop and listen for it will be beautiful sound. Directed by Miss Ioyce Macy, this group has won acclaim for Alco. MUSETTES: Seated, left to right-Betty Brewer, Dorothy Ludman, Bessie Liakos, Standing, First Row - Marilyn Kreider, Ioan Bennett, Nancye Hager, Shirley Keating Last Row-Carole Zink, Ann DeHaven, lane Platt, lean Morton. octet Chosen for their ability by Mrs. Macy, the director, and called upon to sing before many service clubs, church meetings, and community gatherings, this is an outstanding musical group. OCTET: Seated, left to right-'Margaret Moulton, ludy Cooper, Patty Roberson. Standing-Richard Ayers, Bruce Tierney, Sally Conrad. Second Row-lames Runner, The high-stepping chorus line from the "Sweetheart Assembly." junior orchestra The young instrumental aspirants in this group practice during homeroom periods under the di- rection ot Mr. Scykes. lt is from this elementary group that the Senior Orchestra draws for its Well-de- veloped musicians. junior choir Iust coming out of its embryonic stage, the Iunior Choir directed by Mrs. Macy, has participated in assemblies, concerts and outside performances. IUNIOR CHOIR: First Row, lei! to right--Mary Rosenmarkle, Dorothy Rutherford, Barbara Arnold, Katherine Cessna, Bar- bara Mann, Patricia Smith, Veronica McKenzie, Katherine Ort, Sandra Hatfield, Barbara Roberson, Ann Decker, Donna Dick, Carol Isiminger, Frances Harvey, Mrs. Macy, director, Iane Billmeyer, Caroljean Sweitzer, Frances Belt, Elizabeth Murray, Donna Haines, Iudith Yergan, Eleanor Weber, Iudy Scribner, Marianne Hoelzer, Beverly Taylor, Andy Umen, Gary Williams, Fred Williams, Glenn Bastian, Ronald King. Third Row-Larry Shafferman, Thomas Mattlick, Ioseph Martin, Harry Young, Donald Stickles, Adrian Knippenberg, Charles Beamer, Robert McClure, Michael Shatter, William Smith, Fred Hersh, Donald Tipton, William Parsons, Ierry Proud, Charles Knotts, Patrick Hemming. Smzfi... ex' 1. ""f5q.-615 Hmm Q . K E, LL x ily- 'AN 7 V i E nw +352 X an IUNIOR BAND: First Row, left to right -R. Eichner, I. Laber, N. Twigg, S. Carroll, M. Eaton, N. Diehl, A. Sto- snider, R. Seitz, B. Roberson, N. Ban- gard, I. Fansler, S. Long, Mr. Scykes, director. Second Row-C. Zembower, C. Wilson, I. Holler, C. Oster, R. Mer- riott, C. Diehl, G. Loy, A. Williamson, W. Whitaire, M. Iohnson, W. Frey, A. Fisher. Third Row-V. McCullough, S. Wilson, G. McCoy, W. Raeley, L. Nor- ris, R. Roeder, H. George, R. Sanders, D. Kerns, S. Haller, R. Paye, R. Rich- ardson. Fourth Row-D. McFarland, V. Reuschlein, H. Wanless, M. Brings, I. Seagrave, T. Rizer, H. Hilaire, R. Gornall, L. Workmeister, G. Gillum, T. Kelley, S. Dietz. Filth Row-D. Stone, P. Bonner, R. Haese, G. Davis, E. Green, I. Fisher, D. Knippenberg, R. Wintertield, I. Blake, I. Mullan, C. Berbdt, S. Fields. Sixth Row-R. Iudy, B. Bowie, A. Parsons, D. Davis. ALCO MARTINEERS: First Row, left to right-Miss Willison, directory Fred Williams, William Parsons, Robert Mc- Clure, Fred Hersch, Ioe Martin, Charles Beamer, Ierry Proud, Donald Stickley, Patrick Hemming. Second Row-David Leasure, Frank Kaufman, David Beard, Harry Young, Larry Shatferman, Iames Smith, Charles Fearer, Donald Tipton, Sam Brown, Sam Moulton, Iames Kaufman, Brent Stein, Erick Roeder, Robert Bennett. Third Row-Gregory Caswell, Adrian Knippenberg, Michael Shatter, Carl Zembower, Bruce Smith, Ronald Steele, Robert Hargraves, Charles Knotts, Ronald King, Noel Conley, William Millholland. IUNIOR ORCHESTRA: Inner Circle, left to right-Sheila Fram, Frances Belt, Ioy Laber, Regina Eichner, Rob- ert Iudy, Allen Emerick. First Row, back of circle, on left-Ianet Iones, Leland Ransom. Second Row-Mar- vin Kroll, Bert Lazarus. First Row, back ot circle, on right-Helen Wan- less, Marlene Brings. Second Row- Ray Ogden, Denny Knippenberg. Back Row, Standing-Mr. Scykes, di- rector, Charles Diehl, Susan Dietz, Beth DeHaven. ...E A junior band Also under Mr. Scykes direction, the Iunior Band acts as the training ground for replacements in the Allegany Band. The or- ganization is vital in keeping Alco's Band "on top." junior glee clubs junior glee clubs These smaller editions ot the Senior Boys' Glee Club are striving to perfect themselves in the art ot harmony singing so that, in due time, their members may become active in the Senior groups. FULL TONE ACES: First Row, lelt to right-Ierry Langham, Fred Eichner, Ken- neth Moreland, David Kerns, Robert Burton, Robert McNeill, Ioseph Yutzy, Gary Bucy, Wayne Rinker. Second Row-Miss Willison, director, Downey Price, Royce Hodges, Neal Phillips, Charles Paul, Richard Stuyvesant, Paul Ossip, Sylvan Feldstein, William Wilson, Iohn Bucklew, Iames Wiant, Ansel Schirclitie, Thomas Brown. Allegany's athletic program is founded upon one thing, the ideal of good sportsman- ship, and it is with this ideal that all athletic events are carried out, whether it be the Championship contest in Basketball or an in- tramural game fought over the muddy ground of the athletic field. When we think back on the fall season, we are warmed by the mem- ories of those Friday and Saturday evenings in Fort Hill Stadium, as with hoarse but jubi- lant voices we cheered the Blue and White on . . . the anxiety, and the final joy as we watched our team emerge victorious .... But football must share laurels with basketball . . . and again, we delighted in the play and the triumphs of the Camper five . . . baseball fol- lowed and we were just as happy cheering for the Alco nine . . . and then came Track . . . and we were pleased with the efforts of the cinder artists .... Truly, we are mighty proud of all our teams. We are likewise proud of our intramural schedules . . . and the Girls' Athletic Association, which sponsors athletic contests for the fairer sex is deserving of our praise .... We are happy to be a small part of the sports program at Allegany High School . . . for each sport is founded upon and upholds our ideals of democratic play and good sports- manship which Allegany upholds at all times. if ' X QQ "' iss? V . ,,-- ,,-:x , 9 SN S 3 4 5559? QS Q .- Q s 'Q '12 . ,MN .V ,X gs ,s , ww? football ASSISTANT COACH IIM HOSACK Mr. Hosack came to Allegany in 1947. He is a graduate of Slippery Rock State Teachers' Col- lege, from which institution he received the B. S. degree in 1934. His majors were physical educa- tion and science. Following his graduation, he taught physical education at Blairsville, Pa., until 1943. He followed this stint of teaching by two and a halt years service in the U. S. Navy. Upon his discharge, he accepted a position as basket- ball coach and physical education instructor at Salisbury, Pa., where he remained until the sum- mer of 1947. During that summer, while a student in graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, he was sent to Allegany by the placement bureau of the University. Mr. Hosack has been an extremely valuable aid in developing Al1egany's grid squads. the record Opponent We They Patterson Park 6 12 Beall 28 U Hagerstown 20 6 Keyser 26 7 Montgomery Blair 13 6 Martinsburg 13 0 LaSalle 7 6 Elkins 20 U Fort Hill 7 7 COACH ROY LESTER Roy Lester came to Allegany in the tall of 1952. This year he is completing his second year as coach ot the Allegany eleven. His interest in athletics began in high school Where he played football, basketball and base- ball. He continued to participate in sports during his college days. Upon graduation from the Uni- versity of West Virginia, he attained a B. A. de- gree, tour letters in baseball, and two each in football and basketball. Following his graduation, he taught at Waldo High School, in Waldo, W. Va., where he also served at coach of all sports. During this period he gained the M. A. degree from West Virginia. Seventy Eight THE SQUAD: First row, left to right-Mr. Hosack, assistant coachg B. Beerman, F. Wartzack, F. Hadra, E. Ioyce, G. Reynolds, M. Sisk, R. Kirtley, H. Gaither, E. Wisler, R. Reiber, Mr. Becker, assistant coach. Second row-Mr. Lester, head coach, L. Weller, A. Haines, M. Yankelevitz, E. Royce, D. Puhalla, C. Brown, D. Rice, E. Timmons, R. Lieb, D. Diggs, R. Iohnson, V. Lowery. Third row-D. Perdew, B. Sterner, E. Cecil, R. Fletcher, C. Wilson, E. Alderman, H. Hixenbaugh, R. Rank, I. Kylus, I. Hoffman, T. Stein. the games THE BETTER TEAM LOSES The Allegany High Campers opened their 1953 season with a slam-bang performance against mighty Patterson Park of Baltimore, but it wasn't good enough. The Clippers walked off with a hard-earned 12-6 decision. More than 5,300 fans saw Lester's Campo- bello eleven surprise the Baltimore Champions with a second-period TD in a display of power that gave the game an upset tinge. However, the Clippers fought back after the sting, tied the score shortly before the half, and then took to the air early in the third quarter for the victory margin. Ioyce and Rank were standouts in the back- field while Wisler and Hadra were particularly effective on the forward wall. ALLEGANY FLATTENS BEALL The Lestermen scored their first victory of the season at the expense of Beall High. Alco's pow- erhouse, held at bay for almost three periods by a series of penalties, broke loose for three late touchdowns to overwhelm an inept Beall High team, 28-0, before a packed stadium of Frostburg. The Campers of Coach Roy Lester jumped the snap on the line and in the backfield eleven times to nullify four touchdowns which cost the team 95 yards in rushing. Two other 5 yard penalties were plastered on the Blue and White during the afternoon to set the Campobello machine back a total of 105 yards. REVENGE OVER THE HUBS The Lestermen scored their second win of the season as they rolled to a convincing, 20-6, win over the Hubs of Hagerstown. In marking up the victory, the Campers dem- onstrated their power by marching to three touch- downs and just falling short on another occasion. The victory was the first a Blue and White eleven has scored in four years over a team coached by Mel Henry. Iunior halfback Bucky Rice was the star of the show with a 55 yard punt return for a TD in addition to another touchdown jaunt. Dick Rank scored the other six-pointer for the Lestermen. Rank and Hixenbaugh converted for extra points. CAMPERS STOP KEYSER Alco's mercurian, fly-weight half-back, "Bucky" Rice ran wild as the Campers defeated Keyser, 26-7. Rice, besides scoring Allegany's first touch- down weaved and faked his 140 pounds through the huge Keyser line for l43 yards in 21 rushing attempts. It was Rice who sparked every Alco scoring drive. Statistically, Keyser was never in the game. Allegany led in first downs, 16-3, net yards rush- ing, l93-42g and passing yardage, 78-41. This exhibition of power was an index of things to come. The Alco team was ready for all comers including the opponent of them all-Fort Hill High School. -4-4 SISK, Guard RANK, Halfback IOYCE, Halfback REIBER, End BEERMAN, Tackle REYNOLDS, Guard WISLER, Tackle HADRA, Center GAITHER, Guard f K 1 "QE 4 X .fx xfykvwif' KIRTLEY, Quarierback WELLER, End HOFFMAN, Quarterback WARTZACK, Fullbcck ROYCE, TGCk1e PUHALLA, fullback RICE, Hczlfback KYLUS, Guard LOWERY, End ALLEGANY TOPS MONTGOMERY BLAIR Bob Kirtley, who did everything but carry the water and towel on the field, was Alle- gany's "man of the hour" as the Campers tallied with only 45 seconds remaining to win over a strong Montgomery-Blair football team from Sil- ver Spring. Kirtley was little short of perfect as he backed up the line on defense, played offensive guard. offensive fullback, offensive quarterback and en- gineered the Campers to two touchdowns. With only 45 seconds, ticking away on the scoreboard clock, halfback Eddie Ioyce rocked his way into pay-dirt from the two yard line to give Allegany its hard earned victory, 13-6. THE BULLDOGS GROWL A determined Camper eleven, seeking their fifth straight victory, invaded Martinsburg, W. Va. The Martinsburg Bulldogs were out to stop the Marylanders and, as a result of this feeling, local fans witnessed a fierce gridiron battle as Alle- gany finally turned the tide with a l3-0 victory. Allegany tallied its first six-pointer in the first period after a poor Martinsburg punt was re- turned to the Bulldogs own 30 yard line. Five plays later, Eddie Ioyce smashed over from the six to score and Rank added the conversion. It was not until the middle of the final stanza that Bob Kirtley was able to direct the final score. Hoffman, Rank and Beerman stop a Patterson Park player as Alco loses its first game, 12-6. ALLEGANY EDGES LA SALLE A 53 yard march, spearheaded by Quarter- back Bob Kirtley's running and passing gave the Campers a fourth period TD and a thrilling, 7-5, victory over a determined band of La Salle gridders. Kirtley plunged over from the one to cap the sustained drive and then surprised the Explorers with a pass to End Bob Reiber for the game-win- ning extra point. In one of the most exciting and hard fought contests of the season between the evenly match- ed teams, a crowd of 5,500 saw La Salle tally first early in the third period, on a 34 yard run by Fullback Hudson, to take a 6-0 lead. The all-important extra point try was fumbled by Hudson, holding for Kegg to kick, as Alle- gany's defense smothered the play. ALCO "OUT-SKATES" ELKINS The weather outside was frightful, but it could not stop the Campers as they "out-slid" the El- kins Tigers, 20-0, to record their seventh straight victory. Before less than l,000 fans, who braved the snow-blizzard weather, Allegany struck with sudden fury as the game got underway and from then on held the Tigers at bay as Alco registered three TD's in the driving snowstorm which at times made visibility almost impossible. Kirtley again was the star of the game be- cause of his generalship in directing the plays. Ioyce, Wartzach and Lowery scored the touch- downs. Rank added two extra pionts. The Campers completely dominated the sta- tistical department, holding the Elkins team to a net yardage of 38 yards on the ground and 9 through the air, while they chalked up 151 yards rushing and 30 yards by air. Eighty Two Weller nears pay-dirt and Alco's lone touchdown as Beerman protects the play. "Bucky" Rice pi:ks up yardage although interference is definitely missing. ALCO TIES FORT HILL, 7-7 Allegany and Fort Hill shared City Cham- pionship honors as the two stubborn gridiron powers battled to a thrilling 7-7 deadlock. It was the first time since 1948 that a Camper eleven could halt the charges of the mighty Hahnmen. A tense crowd of 8,200 sports enthusiasts witnessed the 26th Thanksgiving Day Classic. Climaxing a 70 yard Alco drive in the second period, "Nook" Weller crashed the scoring col- umn on an end-around play. Dick Rank added the placement. A Fort Hill scoring attempt, late in the same period, was frustrated when Iim Hoffman intercepted a pass in the Allegany end zone and returned the ball to his own 17 yard line. Deep in the third quarter, Fort Hill lost the ball on downs at the Allegany fifteen. On the Linda Lowe - next play Kirtley picked up ten yards, but a pen- alty set the ball back on the Campers' ten. Dick Bittner pounced on an Allegany fumble and the Sentinels took over on the two. The Lestermen put up a valiant goal line stand for three downs, but it was not enough as Ralph Poling smashed to pay-dirt. Gene Weber's boot tied the score and that Was the ball game. The Sentinels failed to score a first down by rushing but completed six of nine passes for five first downs and 78 yards. They made their sixth first on a Camper penalty. The Campers collected six of their nine first downs on the ground for 132 yards rushing, two firsts were the results of penalties and one was by way of the airlanes. "Dot" Meagher Alco's mascot on Hoffman lugs the leather as Teets salutes the crowd the big day. attempts to stop the gain. on Turkey Day PE lim -V at Q C 1. v. squad First row, left to right-I. Deremer, C. Nave, L. Cleaver, R. Bennett, I. Cannon, H. Yost, E. Cramer, R. Sindy R. Reed, I. Sweitzer. Second row-C. Kight, G. Yankelevitz, R. Walker, R. Lacy, I. Lueck, C. Brown, B. Sterner' M. VanMeter, I. Loewendick, R. Mayo, I. Campbell. Third row-R. Ruese, R. Paye, R. Scarlett, T. Matlick, R Horne, D. Marker, R. Dick, D. Perdew, M. Iohnson,. T. Yoder, S. Abramson, G. Proud, P. Charuhas, R. Sanders. eighth grade junior varsity Cgpponent D f Wig The? . . omney ea Undefeated-untied--city champs St. Patricks 12 6 Opponent We They SL MQrY's 13 0 Keyser 12 0 Romney Deaf 18 14 LG Sane 34 6 Sts. Peter and Paul's 19 U St. Patrick's 19 20 KGYSGP 27 0 st. Mary's 13 7 Romney 18 U Sts. Peter and Paul's 19 0 Fort Hin 33 6 Sts. Peter and Paul's 6 U St. Patrick's 7 0 eighth grade squad First row, left to right-I. Cross, T. Brown, R. Hager, G. Hiser, A. Shircliffe, D. Price, R. Hooke, B. Carothers, C Loewendick. Second row-R. Hargreaves, I. Cook, I. Green, D. Shook, R. Dawson, R. Roeder, I. Norris, K. Reiber G. Shook, P. Iser, L. Delawder, N. Conley. Third row-Coach Grayson, E. Rexroad, W. Sitter, H. Grimes, C Cassady, I. Vannetta, I. Fisher, D. Leasure, D. Walker, C. Fearer, G. Davis. First row, Iett to right-S. Paye, H. Bell, C. Chaney, D. Green, B. Bloss, F. Kaplon, I. McMi1len, L. Canfield, I. Payne, R. Goad. Second row-S. Noland, B. Price, S. Hupp, R. Beal, P. Wotring, R. Twigg, I. Robison, I. O'Neal, G. Wilson, S. DeVore, D. Ludman, P. Snyder, W. Smith, W. Smith. Third row-M. Kammaut, B. Varner, H. Van Meter, C. Brant, S. Silcox, M. I. Curtis, C. Barham, L. McCullough, P. Blake, B. Weatherholt, N. Cross, M. I. Knieriem, M. Monett, L. Shober, W. Smith. B. Rapson and S. Conrad go after a jump- ball tossed by D. Buday as B. Kave, G. Long, I. Allison, S. Raley and S. Stiver are ready to get the ball in an exciting game of basket- bG11- 1 8 xl girls' athletic association The Girls' Athletic Association is re- sponsible tor offering a full intramural sports program for girls. Here Allegany's fairer sex strive to build healthier bodies by participating in a Well-planned athletic schedule consisting of basketball, volleyball, table tennis, softball, bowling, and shuffle board. fix . ft. lf' t- 2 MISS WAIDELICH Advisor and Coach First row, lett to right-M. Hoelzer, M. Frey, S. McGee, P. Mace, S. Pram, I. Yutzy, D. Liebrant, P. Burley, D. Haines, C. Isiminger, M. Hevel. Second row-E. Murray, A. Decker, B. Yankelevitz, N. Twigg, C. Leasure, G. Spies, M. Madero, M. Pariser, S. Ziegler, K. Grubb, I. Leasure, I. Earsom, L. Evans, D. Dick. Third row-C. Keller, B. Balaban, Z. Simpson, G. Wilson, I. O'Neal, I. Robertson, D. Blizzard, I. Wilt, I. Silcox, D. Chaney, M. Miller, B. Ellsworth, L. Eversole, I. Knepp Fourth row-F. Harvey, L. Monnett, B. Hollis, S. Alburtis, L. Mirkin, N. Conley, M. Miller, I. Phillips, V. Leasure, D. Ieffries, N. Mullen, E. McEltish, S. Hounshell, I. Stein, B. Warnick, L. Pollock, R. Gutheridge, H. Hixenbcrugh, L. Hersh, D. Lease, F. Lease, I. Pollock, E. Price. 'ai . basketball the games DOWN GOES ROMNEY Coach "Bill" Bowers' veteran five opened the season with a "bang," sub- duing Romney High's Pioneers, 85-29 on the Allegany Floor. Hugo "Hammy" Steele, towering reserve center, dumped in 16 points to pace the Alco quint, while lim Hoffman was runner up with 15 tallies. WINNING NUMBER TWO The Romney Pioneers tried valiantly to defeat Allegany in their second test, but were dumped again on the wrong side of the scoreboard, 61-35. The Camp- ers were paced by Dave Steele who chalked up 15 markers. DEFEATING THE HUBS On the hard floor at Campobello, Coach Bowers' five, hitting on 4570 of its shots, easily defeated Mel Henry's Hubs, 70-41. Rank and Kirtley led the Alco scor- ing with 17 points each, Hoffman followed with 12. STOPPING THE GOLDEN TORNADO COACH W. L. "BILL" BOWERS Dean of Area Coaches The Golden Tornado of Keyser whirled into Cumberland and the Alcomen whirl- ed Coach Shelton's quintet to a 69-49 defeat. At intermission, Alco's slim 30-25 edge indicated a close game but the sharp shooting Campers racked up 39 markers to make the victory decisive. D a v e Steele copped scoring honors with 18 points. Steele shoots with accuracy as Reiber, Hoffman and Rank await the possible rebound. Eighty Eight THE SQUAD: First row, left to right-Robert Rieber, Iames Hoffman, David Steele, Robert Kirtley, Richard Rank. Second row-Donald Puhalla, Manager, Iames Sisk, Lee Weller, Iames Rupert, Hugo Steele, Rodney Breedlove, Allen Haines, Donald Rice, Mr, Bowers, Coach. ANNIHILATING THE ALUMNI Alco's Alumni surrendered, 68-53, to a stub- born Camper five. It was really a foul-fest as 52 personals were called on the two teams. The Alumni outscored the school boys from the floor but the Bowersmen cashed in on 34 of 46 attempts at the foul line. Hoffman paced the Campers with 21 points. ROUTING LA SALLE Allegany's cage-men couldn't miss as they started the New Year by routing I..a Salle, 7l-48. The Campers collected 24 field goals in 60 at- tempts for a phenomenal .400 percentage. Dave Steele awed local fans by meshing ll of l4 tries for baskets and collected 4 for 4 at the free-throw line. SUBDUING THE BLACKHAWKS The Ridgeley High Blackhawks were "clay- pigeons" for the sharp shooting Campers as Alco easily defeated Ridgeley, 60-33. Ridgeley took a short-lived lead in the first period of play. Then the Alcomen pulled ahead and, during the last period, Alco's reserves car- ried the battle to a successful end. Hoffman led the scoring with I5 points. SCALPING THE INDIANS The High Scoring Allegany Five extended its winning streak to 8 consecutive victories at the expense of Mt. Savage, 67-29. This was the first varsity cage tilt that Alco staged with Mt. Savage-the Indians being new- comers in the W. M. I. League. Hoffman and Steele shared scoring honors, each collecting I8 points. LOSING THE FIRST ONE The Beall High quint rose to the calibre of champions and defeaetd Allegany in an over- time period, 57-52. Alco lead at the end of the first three quarters but, in the final period, Beall staged a mighty splurge to tie the score and then Went on to win in the extra stanza. VANISHING VALLEY HIGH The Campers rebounded with a vengence to rout Valley High, 88-45. Hoffman was the big of- fensive punch as he rang the bell l2 times from the floor and 6 of 9 times at the foul line. Twelve Alcomen saw action in the defeat of Valley High. DREAM GAME 1,200 spectators crowded the Piedmont High Gym to see the Bruce Bulldogs wrestle the Bow- ersmen for leadership in the W. M. I. League race. Dick Rank's heroic set-shot in the last 37 seconds of play gave Alco victory, 47-46. Thrills, statistics, and satisfied fans have given to this event the name of "Dream Game of l954." RUNNING OVER THE RED RAIDERS Fort Hill High's Red Raiders were "red" as they left Campobello after being thoroughly whipped, 65-47. The Sentinels closely trailed the Campers in the first half with the scoreboard reading 30-23 at intermission. From there on out, it was the Bowersmen all the way. With l5 points each Kirtley and Steele paced the victors. I. V. SQUAD: First row, left to right-Barry Sterner, Ronald Dick, Robert Lacy, Iames Thomas, Ierry Yankelevitz. Second row -Iohn Steele, Managerg Edward Cecil, Donald Perdew, Daniel Fletcher, Donald Paye, Ronald Mayo, Coach Hopkins. OVERCOMING THE TORNADO The Campers hit the road to Keyser where they defeated the Golden Tornado in a return game. The Tornado kept the Alco five well in hand throughout the first half, but, in the second stanza, the Bowersmen really "turned on the heat" and won, 58-57. Dick Rank was the big gun for Allegany as he collected 23 markers. LOWERING LA SALLE LaSalle tried valiantly to avenge an earlier set-back by the Campers, but it was to no avail as the Bowersmen topped the Irish, 51-49, on the Sts. Peter and Paul's Court. The Alcomen led throughout the game but never pulled. further than 7 points ahead of the losers. With this victory, Allegany won its third con- secutive City Crown. BLASTING THE BLACKHAWKS The Camperst traveled across the river to Ridgeley Where they soundly Whipped the Black- hawks, 73-55. At half-time, the Campers held a slim 36-32 lead but forged ahead in the third quarter when they outscored the Blackhawks 18-11 and then 19-12 in the final period. Hoffman collected 21 points While Kirtley trailed closely behind With 20 tallies. INSULTING THE INDIANS The Campers marched on in their quest for the W. M. I. Championship by defeating Mt. Sav- age, 77-55. In the second period, the Campers exploded and went on to score an easy victory. Hoffman tallied 32 points. REVENGE OVER THE MOUNTAINEERS The Campers avenged their only loss of the season by trouncing Mighty Beall, 77-47. The Alcomen got off to a flying start as the score was 17-8 in favor of the Blue and White at the end of the first quarter. Dave Steele lead the scoring with a phe- nomenal Z9 points. KNOCKING DOWN THE KNIGHTS The Alcomen easily defeated Valley High, 55-35 for their ninth straight Win. Hoffman and Steele paced the Allegany of- fensive With 15 and 13 points respectively. TAKING THE BIG ONE This was A1co's greatest victory of the regu- lar season. The Campers toppled Bruce, 7U-61. to take over the W. M. I. lead. The Bulldogs, who lead Allegany by 12 points in the third period, took a 15-14 lead in the first stanza and they held it until in the final period when the Bowersmen caught fire. Steele with 19 points set the pace. Ninety f yu Q 3 '55 Ns L 5 , A fi Q-,, 'bf .1 ann ll Ll lllll I: ll lllll I QI ll ll 1 Q! ll "? .-:, , Wi Sl 'Q ai? ' , G.. N uzb' -1 9 gi V--7'--Q. 5 E xxx, ' E3 W n VARSITY RECORD Opponent We They Romney 85 29 Romney 61 35 Hagerstown 70 41 Keyser 69 49 Alumni 68 53 LaSalle 71 48 Ridgeley 60 33 Mt. Savage 67 29 Beall 52 57 Valley 88 45 Bruce 47 46 Fort Hill 65 47 Keyser 68 57 LaSalle 51 49 Ridgeley 73 55 Mt. Savage 77 55 Beall 77 47 Valley 56 35 Bruce 70 61 Fort Hill 56 52 Hagerstown 76 60 WINNING THE W. M. I. CROWN Needing a victory to sew up the W. M. I. League title and the District Class A Crown, the Campers met Fort Hill. When the final whistle blew, the Alco team had both honors. Allegany won 56-52. From the opening whistle, it was apparent that a close battle was in progress. Indeed, it was not until the last minutes that Alco was assured of a victory. Chalk up another two points for Alco. Who made them? Allegany easily defeated Fort Hill, 65-47. 1- V. RECORD Opponent We They Romney 70 31 Romney 45 18 Allegany Hi-Y 53 47 Keyser 64 33 Alumni 53 58 LaSalle 48 37 Ridgeley 34 33 Mt. Savage 51 41 Beall 44 43 Valley 41 58 Bruce 74 58 Fort Hill 40 41 Keyser 53 49 LaSalle 45 53 Ridgeley 45 48 Mt. Savage 53 36 Beall 53 49 Valley 45 48 Bruce 69 34 Fort Hill 63 62 pull a 76-60 victory from the Hub City quint before a standing-room-only crowd in the Hagerstown gym. It was as usual. The Campers did all the winning in the fourth period. Hoffman led the scoring with 20 points. Steele had 18 and Kirtley 16 respectively. The game was a fitting climax to a great season. STATE TOURNAMENT Hoflflman and Kirtley led the scoring with I4 mark- Opponent We They ers eac ' Hagerstown 71 61 HUMILIATING THE HUBS ioufhef? 73 47 They almost had to call out the fire department nnapohs 53 51 at Hagerstown to halt the rampaging Campers who Bethesda-Chevy Chase 76 41 caught fire in the last period to score 29 points and City Champions W.M.I. Champions State Champions fClass Aj Ninety Two track . . . K - .R - fe- ia 2.7 . x X x if, THE SQUAD: First row, left to right-Charles Wilson, Paul Iones, Lee Weller, Robert Rieber, Carl Slemmer, Bernard Beer man, David Walton, Edward Ioyce, Ralph Shaffer, Doyle Vincent. Second row-Edward Timmons, Manager, Donald Shir cliffe, Glendon Kline, Donald Purdue, Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Leib, Richard Iohnson, Warren White, Donald Puhalla, Bruce Tierney, Roy Lester, Coach, THE SEASON The 1953 Track Season at Allegany found a new head coach in charge. It was Roy Lester, head football coach and former West Virginia University athlete. With better luck, the Camper thin-clads might have posted a more impressive record. As it was, the Alcomen were only mediocre in the six meets. Bad luck hit the Campers in their first meet. a dual contest with Beall, when a Wet and rainy track limited the field events which may have turned the tide in Alco's favor. The final outcome was 57-57. Allegany's fastest man Charles Eirich ran in only three meets which certainly did not enhance the Campers' scoring opportunities. Eirich was little short of sensational in the meets in which he did participate, running the 100 yard dash in 10.2 seconds and the 220 in 23 seconds in the important County Meet. The biggest track disadvantage at the Campo- bello school was the lack of a suitable track and practice field. THE RECORD Beall Tie for first Beall Invitational 2nd Maryland Field Day No place County 2nd State 12th Fort Hill Invitational 5th READY FOR THE DASHES: Left to right-Slemmer Walton, Beerman, and Ioyce. X baseball Kirtley practises a slide GS Turner covers the bag. THE SQUAD: First row-H. Hixenbaugh. Second row-W. Turner, I. Turner. Third row- C. Eirich, D. Rice, R. Kirtley, COACH I. "HUBIE" RADCLIFFE- A1co's "ML Baseball." Fourth row-D. Rank, V. Low- ery, I. Hoffman, R. Schramm. Fifth row -R. Breedlove, D. Paye, R. Dawson. Sixth row- H. Howe, H. Iser. Seventh row M. Yankelevitz. -D. Bean, Manager. THE RECORD Central 4 3 Beall 5 8 Mt. Savage 7 3 Beall 5 15 La Salle 6 8 La Salle 6 10 Bruce l 1 6 Hynclman 5 12 Mt. Savage 6 3 Hyndman 6 2 Central 3 4 Bruce 8 6 Fort Hill U 2 Flintstone 10 9 Fort Hill 3 7 the games .... OFF TO A GOOD START The Campers opened their 16 game schedule by defeating Central, 4-3, at Campobello. The game was a pitchers' duel with a total of six hits and twenty strike-outs in the contest. Freshman Harry Iser was the winning pitcher. DOWN GOES MT. SAVAGE Mt. Savage was the next victim to bow to "Hubie" Radcliffe's Alco nine as the Campers dumped the Indians, 7-3, at Mt. Savage. Iser chalked up his second straight win. LOSING THE FIRST ONE "Chuck" Eirich, taking a fling at pitching for the first time, got his first starting assignment against La Salle and lost, 8-6. Kirtley of Allegany and Shuck of La Salle belted homers. BEATING THE BULLDOGS The Campers upped their Bi-State Conference record to 3-l by beating "Augie" Eichorn's Bruce Bulldogs, ll-6, at Allega.ny's field. Eirich belted a homer and three singles in four trips to the plate. Iser was credited with the win, his third in a row. SCALPING THE INDIANS Iser continued to flash great form as he threw a five-hitter at Iohn Thomas' Mt. Savage Indians to win, 6-3. In racking up his fourth victory, Iser also had two hits. "Bucky" Rice contributed two bingles in the Alco attack. TOO MUCH CENTRAL Alco dropped its second game of the season, 4-3, as they managed to get only two hits off Cen- tral's Iack Brodie. "Chuck" Eirich was the losing hurler. ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT Bob Dawson, getting his first starting assign- ment of the season for the Campers, pitched great ball but lost a heart-breaker, 2-U, to the Fort Hill Sentinels. It was the Campers fourth loss in a row. A home-run, over the centerfield fence by Shaffer of the Sentinels, was the deciding hit in the contest. ISER WEAKENS AGAINST BEALL Beall High's Mountaineers finally broke Iser's magic spell, 8-5, as they jumped on him during the early innings. Bob Dawson, who took the hill in the third inning, did a masterful pitching job. The damage, however, had already been done. Eirich had another field day with a homer, a triple, and a single in four trips to the plate. BEALL GOES ON A RAMPAGE Beall again bested the Campers as they got 15 runs and a like number of hits to record a 15-5 victory. Ten big runs crossed the plate in the third frame for Beall as Eirich dropped his third game. Kirtley with a double and Eirich with a homer paced the Alco hitters. THE SLUMP'S THE THING The Campers continued their slump as the La- Salle Explorers bested Iser, 10-6. Iim Hoffman had a triple and a single to pace the Alco batsmen. This was Alco's third loss, in City play. GOING DOWN, DOWN, DOWN Hyndman provided the opposition for Alle- gany in the next encounter. They soundly trounced the Campers, 12-5, as Iser lost his third straight game. Eirich had a homer, a triple, and a single to provide a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy game. THE WORM TURNS Hyndman returned the visit two days later and fell to "Hubie" Radcliffe's charges, B-2, as Bob "Fat" Boy" Dawson hurled superb ball. Hoff- man had a homer and a single and Freshman Rodney Breedlove had two hits to set the pace for Alco. EIRICH WINS HIS FIRST GAME "Chuck" Eirich chalked up his first win as the Campers downed Bruce, 8-6, in Westernport. Iim Hoffman and Rodney Breedlove socked two hits each to lead the Alco nine. GOING TO TOWN Apparently having shaken their losing ways, Radcliffe's boys recorded a 10-9 decision over Flintstone with Iser getting his fifth win of the year. Iser was also the big gun with the bat as he rapped out two triples and a double. Eirich helped out with three singles. SAME OLD SENTINELS The Campers closed the season by losing to Fort Hill, 7-3, on the Sentinels' field. Iser hit a two-run homer for the Campers and, according to Bobby Cavanaugh, the Sentinels' Coach, it was the longest homer ever hit on the Fort Hill diamond. Dawson was charged with the loss. Ninety Five HARVEY'S JEWELRY Distributors of ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS A uthorized Dealer Sales Service x " G lr Refrigerators H4 0 Laundromats Ranges W fn Dryers Dishwashers 3 f In Water Heaters Garbage Disposals . . Television Sets ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING STERLING ELECTRIC Free Estimates on Electric Wiring and Installation 100 N. Center Street Cumberland 697 Ninety Six . . . . It Paqri T0 WORK AT UREHY' My name ls Betty and I have a story which I think will interest many of you. It's about my ex- perience in the retailing held. Believe me, Variety Store business is fast-moving and interesting. Each counter is a store ln Itself. Here at Murphy's one learns retailing from the bottom up! 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Safer for children to carry, too! U EE IIITY DAIRY One Hundred Eleven will T 8 Greene Street for Phone 5264 415073 Cumberland Opticians Al Tosh, Owner ooker owe Costume Co. AVERHILL, MASS. Compliments Of BAUGHMAN CONTRACTING CO. CLASS AFTER CLASS . . . YEAR AFTER YEAR . . . Young Fellows Buy Their Clothes at BURTON'S There is a store near you Harry Footer 8: Co. CLEANERS AND DYERS The South Cumberland Ben M. Kamens George L. Kline It Pays to Cross Town Hardware Company to the Hardwares - Paints - Glass Kline Furniture Fifth Street and Virginia Avenue Company Telephone 556 Phone 3708 Cumberland Maryland 405-413 Virginia Avenue One Hundred Twelve Compliments S gf 'TRI-STATE MINE 8: MILL SUPPLY CO. +o+ 310 Commerce Street Cumberland Maryland +o+ Owen E. Hitchins, President John Stewart, Secretary CROSLEY BURKEY'S APPLIANCE CENTER SALES AND SERVICE C Phone 2130 150 North Centre Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone-5761 , Midland Branch Store OHddTht fzoaem, amfzm, ezm 0,4 '56 sw: FOR STRENGTH AND STAMINA-FOR ANY POSITION ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM DRINK FARMERS' DAIRY HOMOGENIZED AND PASTEURIZED MILK Phone 311 Curtis Cox, M g O Hddf' Wet 45 Min. Semi- 0 . Dry 60-Min. Ria: Dri 8 Ib. Washer Lois BENDIX SELF-SERV. LAUNDRY 303 North Centre Street Ph0n2 5770 Bert J. Graham Headquarters for General Electric Appliances Agixgenfgfe Cumberland Eleclric Insurance Company Company Student Accidental Policies Cor. Virginia Ave. and Second St. C?i?n7Zfi?gl gi Phone 619 Phone 3326 9' KT-INE'-9 MARKET ROLLER SKATING Fresh Meats at Vegetables and Groceries Phonz 2996 PARK 700 North Mechanic Street R. F. D. LESTER R. McGILL BRICK AND BLOCK CONTRACTOR Vocke Drive Phone 6389 I Cumberland, Maryland One Hundred Fifteen LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES MILLWORK 'THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL CO. Your Community Lumber Yard-Since 1896 33 Queen Street Phone 2918-2919 Cumberland, Maryland Phone 3833 ENTERPRISE AMUSEMENT CO. COIN OPERATED AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT TELEVISION +0+ J. F. Hupp, President 170 N. Centre St. Cumberland, Md. One Hundred Sixteen M. D. REINHART AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate For Over 50 Years Liberty Trust Building Phone 1896 IN CUMBERLAND ALMOST EVERYBODY WEARS SHOES FROM WEBB'S SHOE STORE Fine Shoes for Men and Women Cumberland Maryland CALL J. G. BUCKLEY R. H. L A P P 3, SQN 8: SONS HOME BUILDERS for all work LAVALE in PLUMBING AND HEATING ' Our W orkmanship is Guaranteed 716 E. Oldtown Road Phone 3088 Phone 3389fR Phone 2876-W C l, t Best Wishes from amp 'men S 'IBARNEYM-'6PRISCILLA" of HJEB1-MSHUCKIEQ' A F R I E N D AND HMANNIEI' Your Friendly TV and Appliance Dealer PARAMOUNT RADIO SALES 8: SERVICE 107-109 VIRGINIA AVENUE PHONE 6291 CUMBERLAND, MD. We Repair All Makes of Radios and Television One Hundred Seventeen REDDY IS 07 6 WAITING 'ro H ssnvz You 1- A 1- il I- ,H um IN YOUR HOME-AT YOUR BUSINESS-ON YOUR FARM Cooking-Freezing-Water Heating Lighting-Refrigeration-Water Pumping AND AFTER YOU GRADUATE, YOUR LOCAL UTILITY COMPANY OFFICE WILL BE GLAD TO GIVE YOU FREE ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS- 'THE POTOMAC EDISON COMPANY O+0 THE JOHN I. VANDEGRIFT COMPANY Cumberland, Md. GENERAL CONTRACTORS o+o One Hundred Eighteen Compliments Of T H E CUMBERLAND CONTRACTING COMPANY l Compliments 01' 'T H E CUMBERLAND BREWING COMPANY O+O rth Centre Street Cumberland OHd'een Compliments Of HARRY STEI SPOERL'S GARAGE SERVICE DEPARTMENT 28 North George Street 40+ - Cadillac and Pontiac 5-lr +O+ SALES DEPARTMENT 205 North Mechanic Street PHONE 307 One Hundred Twenty MCELFISH PAINT AND BODY SHOP WE TAKE THE DENTS OUT OF ACCIDENTS 209 Henderson Avenue Phone 804 COMMERCIAL PRESS COMPANY PRINTERS Cumberland, Md. 30 Harrison Street Phone 12 WALTER N. Yomzn EN ,Oy sf soN LEAR 8: OLIVER PLUMBING-HEATING ICE CREAM AIR CONDITIONING Route 5 fi McMullen Highway Phone 5735 CUMBERLAND MD. IT S BETTER WILLIAMSON'S MARKET CRESAPTOWN GROCEHIES-MEATS-PRODUCE Phone 2682-M 300 Columbia St. Haircut -1 65 cents BARBER SHOP 3 BARBERS Cumberland, Md. Intersection of Route 40 PERSONAL FINANCE CO. SALON Room 201 Liberty Trust Bldg. DANIEL DOPKO-"Yes" M cznczger 164 North Mechanic Street One Hundred Twen ty One NARROWS ESSO SERVICENTER CUMBERLAND FOR SERVICE LINCOLN Phone 4528 MERCURY WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE CUT GLASSWARE FOR SMITH'S TRIANGLE GIFTS AND ANNIVERSARIES MOTORS QUEEN GLASS co. Used Cars With Many Unused Miles Phone 3328 LaVale, Md. GUMBERLAND HUM: REYNOLD'S CIGAR STORE Mg... I Y NSULATION DDMPAN Storm Windows Awnings 17 South Centre Sffeef Tri-State Compliments Advertising Service of "'+' Meders Transfer, Cumberland, Md. IRC. KEYSTONE SHOES COMPEZWENTS fo' 'he , RussLER's SOUND Entire Family SERVICE 169 Baltimore Street phone 3231 TERMINAL PLASTERING BARBER SHOP IOHN C. LIAKOS, Prop. SHOP OF SERVICE 142 North Mechanic St. New and Repair E. H. HEAVNER Bowling Green Phone 182-I One Hundred Twenty T MARY'S CLEANERS Special Three-Hour Service Call For and Deliver 157 N. Mechanic St. Phone 2571 S M I T H ' S TENDER FEET SHOES 127 Baltimore Street ABE'S JEWELRY Centre Street MURPHY BROTHERS FOOD STORE "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE" 2011 - Phones -- 2012 COMPLIMENTS OF TWILA'S BEAUTY SALON Bowling Green COMPLIMENTS OF CRESAP HARDWARE SUPPLY COMPANY COMPLIMENTS HGEORGES OF CONFECTIONERY 'xCumberland's Finest" Homemade Candies and Ice Cream Our Specialty Bowling Green Phone 6450 223 Bedford Street BOWLING GREEN GROCERY D. S. KEIFER, Proprietor M eats-F rozen F' oods-Produ ce BAKE'S STOP N' SHOP DECATUR AT FREDERICK Groceries-Meats-Produce R. F. D. No. 6 Bowling Green Phone 288 DINGLE CLEANERS POWER'S Esso STATION AND D YERS 85 Henderson Avenue "GIVE DINGLE A I1NGLE" Cumberland Md. Pick Up and Deliver Phone 6561 phone 1287 Lubrication, Washing, "Essories" COMPLIMENTS COMPSQJENTS OF THE YQ,glgJggQLARD CUT RATE SHOE STORE HOWARD W. VANDERGRIFT, Prop. COMPLIMENTS BEST IN BOWLING TRY OF DEL'S BOWLING CENTER HABEEB FLOWER SHOP Bowling Green Phone 5079-W One Hundred Twenty Three ' Printed By 8 Banda, inc "The Home of REAL Printing" 343-45 Stonycreek Street Iohnstown, Pa. Phone 7-4620 v 'l -1. .4- -:ff .,, 1 .?. :f . 15" L f , 5 'Q 5:- 2 f Ar- if f.. :yi

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