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Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1 1 ij 5 'LW :Akai 81452 ?1j::f. A F : ,,-1 Av-- W f. -'Smeg . X rf-'13 2-if' , Af,- - 151' 1354 -f ,. A 'grif ,ns 'Q ': 'i- : ' ,Q 1 , m.,, 1 '. ,151 . -3 H. If ea.-,5 . Lib fi? A., s 13 A .L . Nr, 4 .1 J.. if if .fi f , , 'nf-4 ' arf, ,, 2,951 gm 'gf -'9'5ff-ff -, '4 :Yi H A g .1.f C vs ' I pi 3' ' l .5 " f +- A Qi '51 I-Fa, w . sw i " ' cf , . him. V ... , . L .Q M . , 'iff wi ,X 4 . ' f 2 V H N 1' L M, 1 4' ' A .11 4 ' ' QP A f f 'f ,gr P ' . w :fa 2' 1' 5 -Q. af 5- M A .,, f,.f ,- . 4 , . Qs v 1 ,gfm-4' V32 ,f-ff' '- Q vw: 4, . Q ,ff .'-.,fg.A-.,.d.., 1 Q 1' 'X f if' f ,I ,J 'Q fl:-:i',., - ' 14g ' 11 V , . .J it ,QM f. N ' H 'X -vi f'5Q.- , 'f ' , E ,524 ,Q . 1 fi.. L J f 4f,., s f..,,. ,, 'Q . 4 n , 1 , 1 , I Jie. R LK, ' . ' y,m,"""' 'K , Qfisg., 5 .. I -.,g-N., A o -5:31 ' , V If 'gif-by .V . S 'WF' -. ,, ' .P A. jk I jiifig- . , 2 f:.,' . . 'T-Af' 5 .4 my '.' f I , Q. ' . , Jjgl., A 4 V' ' :x - - ,.,g,:,,g i,,2f',15 , -, fr ,X . L5 ,,,'T'-x,., , ,P rA' .D -fad .ff J 1x1,f?35?yf 't, '- M' ,, rp as. :ii if" gf A ' 'ug ','ih---15x37Z't'rQ ',g,'. Y, V55 .-:' , '7 "f'E?.' -2 ' i ' " "V 21 .I f, 'v - ii , ' Am' 511 ,Ma , A a :-- ' . . ' E ,sv 11' ,fax Y .- 5144 ,V . ,, wi. .,,?' ' Q-3422, 5 , Eff - 7 , ,' ..,,:-: ,F A 7 ' 44 :Arg . a y ',. bi A . R . , v' ,, WY In ..- qw. K I fi F! ,x , i K .rf " 1, ,X . 1 , 1 ' x . , y , .f kr V ,. , , x gm E 'EAS ,r mg Q g 2 1, w 2 2-YL 1 3 A gm Q' z 5 M' e .. 1, 6 ' jf.. . 5 VOLU ALLEG N Cumber AF EW TWO 1953 ws X v im . ., f i', H '1, .M-,SM Af W.. HM '- I K Q 5-was is 5? - U Alb 251 ix E: SEER? fs as K wwf my S WS WN gsagzfig N ef E R m in G :..: ..... J A ,ix BMI nn A it N ,Q asrfgifz 'J NL v' 1 t ' Hx ps as - 5 cami s S 5? Q Wx! ry? f 'Y' mln...- , sa W ' Y ws .Eglin i ...W-H' Lddh Truly Oiwwnn 'W B 30lll I.dHff0l1 Uf CDQA l4Il1 QA agujlf is Every school needs a principal who is both advisor and friend to all-a person who will share in the fun, hut can com- mend respect of all the students. By these standards we chose Mr. Raymond McCullough, our new principal, as our man of the year. Though time may erase from our memories the many incidents of our high school days, we shall not soon forget the guidance, friendship, leadership, and understanding bestowed upon us by the man to whom we, the Class of '53, dedicate this thirty-second edition of the Allegewi .... MR. RAYMOND McCULLOUGH 4 4 .,, we , 41 z A s r ,L x 1 Q , A , f 6 , - 1 1 4 f ew , . If f L N ?' ' N' ' H, 9 , .- ,Q ? .Q , ,ANG -., -, 4.4,v.u,-. m v .V 1 1 4-, ,.-gf r--, 1- 11 ,,- 1 J. ., , , , , r "ka 0 AIIMINISTPJ-KTIU . ,aa -..L fig 'if if? 4 .sf f ,1 , 1, - X . .. .J ., 1' . ' A "4 ' Cl .Lu ffl 3-1-Q 'vf hi X - .e. , .X 1 5- V- ,qmgf rig . 4 W .. ' . ' Q 'A an 3 ,E 'H . , . w'i.Z:':zw 1--y -s ifgisiaaf 'Q I K? ' SELL? A, UN, r A Ln EH M , .W K ,imzfwi V. wa figw. M55 we vu Y 55519 1 a 34? 1 ii , .,.. ' 5531 I few, ,. 45 , H gg Q A+? W 2, . . . 'X' ' 'Tv K, " ,x .1 .Y mH"'V5Q5?5'f' Wi.: Wm' If Y fm ,Q vw R W - , , ,, g --n . .,A,, . digg vlan-u A' if' 1 FOY A. CURRY, M. A. Assistant Principal Do you remember the day when your locker would not open? It was then that Mr. Foy A. Curry became the hero of the hour. Why? Because it was he who coaxed the stub- born lock to respond to its combination. Actually he is the hero of many hours as he, with the Kansas drawl, becomes the symbol of all that Alco represents. As school treasurer, cafeteria director, and mathematics instructor, Mr. Curry comes in daily contact with most Alle- ganians. ln all these positions, he displays a keen sense of humor and a wonderful cooperative spirit. An ardent Camper fan, Mr. Curry, who formerly was track coach, can be seen at every Alco athletic contest urging the Blue and White teams on to victory. We like to call Mr. Curry the stable C in Alco. CAROL PORTER and SHIRLEY WARNICK Secretaries Miss Carol Porter and Miss Shirley Warnick came to Alle- gany this year as the new office secretaries for a new prin- cipal. Since this is also their first assignments in the business world, one would envision grand confusion but the girls have proven themselves efficient. A multiplicity of detail is involved in the administration of a school with correspondence, supplies, schedules, and records representing only a part of their responsibilities. In addition to their secretarial work, the girls are also Allegany's official greeters as they welcome all outsiders into the school and expedite the numerous school functions. S 'W gg fx E x - 3 it 'N , X. .. .X . Q -2 was . ss. . sN FS' F? 2 .. Q N HNOT ONLY IS THERE AN ART IN KNOWING A THING BUT ALSQ A CERTAIN ART IN TEACHING IT" - Cicero THE FACULTY SENIOR HIGH Seated: Standing: JUNIOR HIGH Seated: Standing: Q nf nqlzhh Cultivating the art of self-expression is a requisite for success in life SCHOOL Virginia Dixon, M. A. Jeannette Holzshu, B. A. Orpha Bonita Pritchard Mary J. Hinze, M. A. Anna B. Higgins, M. A. SCHOOL Jane Grindel, B. S., M. Roberta Andrews, M. A. Julia Blough, B. A. Betsy Ross Rankin, B. S. Roger Day, B. A. Fourteen M A. Qlzpaztfnmnf of nhl ' Where the lessons of yesterday provide solutions of the problems of today SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Roy Lester, M. A. Seated: Margaret Baker, M. A. Olive Simpson, M. A. Standing: Mary E. Murray, M. A. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Seated: Nell Hawkins, B. A. Anna Nicht, B. A. Dora Richards, B. A. Standing: Janet Anderson, B. A. Fifteen K JK Qi' N xx 41 Q X Q ff I-' Q 8 i. X. WA wa ,.,.,, .,..,., , . ,:..,.,, .,.. .,,. - ..,. - .-..: -, ww Wifwe Ar mwmgw K , , I M f f M A W . . g -.,,f Q X VX 1 x 1 Mig? 5 3 ie is ff 1 gg 5, iii? 4'Xi!x"!! yfmg 1 Y' Q Q E 4 2 3' 1,2125 i , . ,N.,. , R 4 ,J Sr ge 3 gg Xp iw, me E af ! 3 Q F A je 5 1 ig, 8 1 f J ,. 5 4 , lin " V W? . - g ,gx,.5:g:.L x sw , K , , .,:::g-::N.- , , , fs .sw-:,:: :5::g: 3 . wh iz SE N , 5 Nw? ,M , me is 'Y ,if Ei 'ii QQ 'tif 5 x 'Q 'f :g p 5 A Q fx 4 X ,, ., . 3 55: lyI,iiZIf,i '7 .Q " 55 ' 4 Y f i? W. X Qi M 'P E . , Q 1 as 1. ww ' V " -g+j-:- ,. . f M 3 nw H Q .4 A, Q 5. -- mix g Kfwfyfgg ..,, in P f A g.t'g?'2A,. H - ' .,,. U . I ,'-'- W , .,..,: ,.. E ,i.E.,3:, .,. f . ,.,,- Qi . Z :., I' E V A 57 L , I :" X -V " ' 3:5 W' 7 Q "' I ,,.,' A is, 15, ir af 4, I f 45,8 4 L ky Y , fn' Q , ,.c. i' 224' W x A ...,.,, I Q ' Q ,- if r 7 :mf ,N A ,. .P buvulub W Q , i 'A --.k ." 21- :., 1 A 4 W, :., ,. ,... , li A 6 fgwvi .xx. x, Qnpalzimmf 0 Here are offered abundant opportunities for creative expression. Betty Strawmire, B. S. Ethel Bruce, B. S. Qnpafifmqzf nf To give students an opportunity to display talents in vocal and instrumental music is the aim of this department. Morris O'NeilI, M. A. Dorothy Willison, M. A. S. Lua Syckes, M. A. Qnpafdmrnf IJ To speak a foreign language and to appre ciate the cultures and customs of other nations are goals of this department. Virgil Hull, B. S. Bernice Rogers, M. A. Anna M. T. Webster, is not pictured. Seventeen M.A 0 of fn A practical knowledge of business techniques is gained in this field SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Seated: Irene Lapp, B. S., M. A. Standing: Claire Livesay, B. A. Elizabeth Burly, B. A. Freda Bowers, M. A. Everett Kreider, B. A. Qfubm ' n To teach the art of safe automobile driving. To impress the need for courtesy of the road SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL J. Hubert Radcliffe, M. A. Miss Lapp teaches a bookkeeping class. Eighteen K , , , 1. 2.-Jfufmfwfb , -, vt X -'W M Q-.., .,A,,gf.,X,,-, ,Mm 11 M ,im , ,Y X ,M X if 4 . W- A iv M fflW""K wfssw gs' M wegsfk ' 1 U W 151 5Q53f55?35iiSgi25?Di5figgSg5g'Yg5i3g4? gl :gi SNS 51 - I f 'nf vg Aw w as ss N v ks hifw WQFXM' -L 35 Q33 - 4- ,QNSSQSM-ww msg Xt '5 X 1 4- mf: N a vi: S2g5:ss s5?' :.fs::fw y 2 M " 3XfSwewm.w3' mm, .H Aegslgkw A' :We Qfglwggtgggsg .xjyig xg , N31 7 .U 0 .v .h1,,.. Mmm K -ff W Saw ,fm ping 55 . Q - .,.,!7ZQf?C'f : Li 5 V xg. X K X. ,,,:. . J- f Q ., -my wf " Q Q D N , x Q E - g ' . x lk ,, R- V - -:Q Q v - ' ' X.--s .5 W um mb . , . gy m gin 53, -h,.:.. . X , f 21 Z ' x ., S. b J t f A .M .uf .M . M,-.. ,: i, Y, '55, ' x -ai Q - P lg S.- g '- xx i f M - .W wi? W 2 'N J' fb + im .FQ Q ,ww .,.., . - S .,':r.wE4 II .5 N? L Q Z X :W N Q E55 X E 'flx l"l'1'Il X YIHKINQ IINIIH IliNIllX1 Twenty I I I I lx X I l lil ' Sl NIC XXII INSI'IhXIIUN 1 X I HUIUN IQIXIIN KXIII wg. 1 'S 'Q H fY ININ Hl:XllN Twenty Thfe gs ,saw P .-W xi f fs 4 K K I X ,K 41 kwa 0 xx v-N01 ' 1 ':?egXif,kM Q. ii' at' Mk 'P sw w 2 W ,. ilgs MF 'V M1yT,4w I'RiNlRI'ISS IN l'INHI1fIlIVi 'l'HlC l1ll.'l'l'NI'l Ulf' THIS XXUII 1 vi' 435 wk A M, QF? Q X 5 3 f X , , Q g54::f:. A Al 6 x ,MH 1:50 5 g if X . 5' K -f ' A 22 Q : ' ' A , fiifh ,, fy x L A KW 1 ly VY' V tx 1. W Q4 ' A M is XZ' . . W My Whig 535 Eli P , I 4 'iiW""' 1 " ry if ' J' il f , 1 ,fs A , xW.l 31 gf, , ' ,jk jf' ig x glib' , ' ' in ' X img , W' H .1 I . as me 1 9 bmw! fe?-53 " s f' x W fs: ff., ,waxmm Q , QM? X it 'X ff -K. Wei Q! X, ,gg K, as , ,awww ' eww 'X Si., xy X WI . EWWYQ w viiiwwef is 1 X - 4 LYS Q Q.. ml ,Ty W .J.k , . W ww X i 5 K x 1 A S "- K -wr-A S - Q 'fd' . .. Q W? w.+,.,dV, ,.f . n Q , Q X 2 !M N N Ihllw NHIXIII 'l'HliUltll NIXIHINIXIIQH Twenty Eight EX X sszwkx - .,m,Q r 5-Q' m M., . E 'sn A., X. IXI IISSINIL UNICSI'QI.IV IH IWSIIIIININIL XXIIII IIIIC K.-. Thirty :Q if Eg +n,IZ -- ..-4 ,y I 7 4 ..... ..- 4 -- 4. 1- -- 'J - w -1. 1 fx --4 - if X .- v -- P .4 Ax sv -4 iv 77 I. -v-1 nn-1 as wi 1. v A -. . .1 1' '1 I ,A w -4 7 4' ex - 1 .- A - P -Q-Q,V,, IX, if M35 '::'3-f: - ff' 5 - 9 gk .Nw ,- kj M' X ' VR KN ' if .:... W fifgiyism wx if -S .Mkm 4, ww Q. 'fi P2135 -Nivf si, i pix: KLM, :KJ ,. L., H, '1 X - 5 ,4- 2 + , , ..x, J- j ggspgixi ymiisf Umwm Mliijixy .Qg,,.f1r1 , 43 W .. ik X. ms., w ix H: , N, S , ,, ,.,.xf,,W 1, QQ ix wif I EQZ- " -. fy T T kk 1 ? ac F y. 1 I ' ' , P1 ga I Q kninfwgt F. Rji'NI5'?0p1, Q., ' 5 1, N Tim!-Q " f1"'f'r ' al A, N' If-L "fl A it V Y , , QM. E if , Y sf, Zi! AQ, S. E P K, 5 EL, ip 'mg ,W fix, ' , ,gf .W A M, iv, ' 1 .js-agp 4 45,5 Q si f i. , 5 L? Ik 5 3 5 QQ K1 . if 1 XM, i5f?'z' .ff 512' lf' Fl , gigfflfr .V . A , , . 1 I 1 fa- ' A 7, ,Q . 5.21 . , +3 -fb. ' ' ' I .gl A 1 4.1 . , f , f V 7 ,tw , . 1 . V: L 7 , .. ,i , E , 5 ff :A -' ,sv at 3 HF' ' ' U.. ' T- ' f : F 1,545 521 ,, . 331 A1 , i .N ' :Q 1553,- , Hyfzt. , 'gy ,gn I 4 , ' J-312-JI5' 4. , - Q?-", 'gi ' ,311-'g W - f -Q Q, " 'Bili- ? A 1 E.,-!, - . , ,Q V .K Q' " - 4 , 1 4:5 x-W 'Q 1,,'. '2,r,c,,y! . A - .QI .fx . w ,Ly-H I-W q 1 ,vwili -1 V-1 my '-..,, . I fa, , 1,5 ..kiu,x' 'Hx ""f1fQ.'5m:Q , , ',,jf'z -1- '3- KQL. i X Q ,ianiofm Our Senior Year gave us many unusual sketches on our slates. Each sketch will live forever in our memories . . . Cheering the Teams to Victory . . . the Big Bonfire . . . Turkey Day . . . the Dances . . . the Senior Prom . . . the Dramatic Productions . . . Endless Cafeteria Lines . . . Bi- Weekly Appearance of the Mir- ror . . . Yearbook Distribution . . . that empty feeling just be- fore Exams . . . the relief when an Exam was over . . . realiza- tion that all this will be no more . . . Commencement! For this, we had worked twelve long years . . . this was the cli- max! To some it might appear that the slate had been wiped clean . . . but, to most of us, these memories will be forever cherished! lil Walter Bosley, President l2i Mrs. Berenice Rogers, advisor for the prom. Miss Dorothy Willison, Co-director of Senior Class Play. Mr. Harold C. Wickard, advisor to the Allegewi. Miss Betsy Ross Rankin, director of Class Night, Co-director of Class Play and General Advisor. l3i Dorothy McDade, secretary and Edward Andrews, treasurer. David Walton, Vice President, is not pictured. l4l Senior Cabinet: Sitting: B. Wilson, K. Duncan, M. Golds- worthy. Standing: F. Storey and Chester Price. Thirty Four UI 1953 JOHN LAWRENCE ALBRIGHT Commercial EUGENE T. ALDERTON Academic BARBARA LEE ALDRIDGE General JAMES ALBERT ALLBRIGHT Commercial JUNE AMOSS Academic J. EDWARD ANDREWS, JR. Academic LEON ROBERT ARMENTROUT Academic MARION PAULINE ARMSTRONG General DOROTHY LEE ATHEY Commercial CAROL JEAN AUSTIN General DAVISSON AYERS Academic RONALD P. BARB General HAROLD LEON BEAL General DONALD BEAN Commercial JAMES RICHARD BECKWITH Commercial JANET L. BLOOM Academic JAMES L. BOHN Commercial BARBARA VIRGINIA BOLINGER Commercial Thirty Five if 69 .911 RICHARD CARLTON BOSLEY Commercial WALTER BOSLEY Commercial COLLEEN FAY BOWMAN General GLORIA FAYE BOWLES Academic JAMES BRUCE BOYD Commercial ROYCE BREEDLOVE General NORMAN C. CAMPBELL General HERBERT CESSNA General FRANK WILLIAM CLINEDINST General RAYMOND EUGENE CODDINGTON General DOROTHY COMBS Commercial GRETCHEN ANN COOK General ESTHER JOANNE CORRIGAN Academic MARY ELIZABETH CRAWFORD Academic EDITH EILEEN CROSTEN Commercial CAROLYN DECK Commercial DAVID C. DEHAVEN Commercial JOSEPH DE NEEN General Thirty Six MARION E. EMERICK Commercial DONAL F. EVANS Commercial PATRICIA FALLEN Academic CAROLYN RUTH FISHER Academic DONALD E. FLANAGAN General PATRICIA ANN FLETCHER Commercial DONALD B. FOST General KENT FULLER General MARGARET ANN FUNK Commercial Thirty Seven YVONNE L. DEREMERI Academic ROBERT WAYNE DE VORE Commercial MARY PEYTON DOUB Academic WANDA DUCKWORTH Academic KITTY A. DUNCAN Academic JAMES W. EATON Commercial CHARLES L. EIRICH Commercial ANNE CHRISTINE ELDER Academic BERNARD A. EMERICK General K :':: - .,..: , dndgn DONALD LEE GEIGER General GEO BYRL GIBSON RGE RICHARD GEIGER General ROSEMARY GERLACH Commercial Commercial WILLIAM E. GODWIN General MARIE BANE GOLDSWORTHY Academic WILLARD L. GREEN General NORMA DAWN GRIMES Academic JANICE E. HALL Academic DEAN A. HANCOX Academic SUE DAVID D. HE EMMA HARMAN Academic BARBARA HENRY Academic RBOLDSHEIMER Commercial MARGARET ANN HERSHBERGER DONALD W. General Commercial PAUL DAVID HILAIRE Academic HITE SHIRLEY HONEYCUTT General EUGENE HORTON General Thirty 1-:ight 07110412 RAYMOND DOUGLAS HOUCK Academic HERBERT H. HOWE General MARJORIE ANN HUTCHESON Academic WILDA ELIZABETH JEWELL Academic JACQUELINE ILEAN JOHNSON Commercial MARITA JOANNE JOHNSC I Commercial EDWARD TILLY JONES Academic DONALD W. JUDY General SHIRLEY ANNE KAMMAUF Academic DANIEL H. KEAN Commercial ROBERT KELLAR Commercial NEWANNA KESECKER I Academic JAMES C. KLAVUHN Academic JACK KRAMPF Commercial DALE LACY Commercial JUNE E. ALABER Academic JOHN PAUL LANDIS Academic CAROLE JEAN LAURIE Academic Thirty Nine 97Zuno1ufeA MARY LIEBRANT Academic CARLOTTA LILLER Commercial ANNA MARGARET LLEWELLYN Commercial ROBERT M. LLEWELLYN General NANCY RUTH LONG Academic MYRNA CYNTHIA LUMAN Commercial ROBERTA LEA Academic SHIR MARKWOOD LEY MARIE MARKWOOD Commercial KATHRYN MAUK Academic DENNY MARTIN Commercial DOROTHY MARIE McDADE Academic YVONNE ANN MCDERMOTT Academic MILDRED ANN McDONALD Academic THELMA MCDONALD Commercial KENNETH W. MCGRAW Academic ROBERT MCKENZIE Commercial WILLIAM G. MCKENZIE Academic EVELYN LEONA MESSICK Academic Forty BARBARA PARISER Academic MARY JOANN PEEBLES Academic GENE T. POLAND Commercial JOSEPH PORTMESS Commercial BOYD KENT POWELL General CHESTER LEE PRICE Academic ELAINE MARIE RALEY Academic DONNA RALEY Commercial DONALD RANDALL Commercial Forty One 0513! SHIRLEY RAE MESSMAN Commercial BERNARD MILLS Commercial JOYCE K. MOBUS General CAROLYN REBECCA MURRAY General JOSEPH NAVE Commercial BARBARA ADELAIDE NICHOLLS Academic JAMES NIXON Commercial FAYE NUNAMAKER Commercial DELORES ORT Commercial KENNETH A. RAPSON, JR. Commercial JOHN R. RECKLEY General JOAN MARIE RICE Academic JOSEPH RILEY General RICHARD GORDON ROBERTS General CLAUDE ROBINSON Commercial 5 H IRLEY DAVIDSON SARVER General RICHARD SCHRAMM Commercial RUTH RILEY SC HADE Academic NORMA SCHLOSSER Academic WILLIAM SCOTT Commercial NORMAN O. SCRIBNER, JR. Academic MARY JO SELL General RALPH KENNETH SHAFFER Academic DOROTHY IRENE Commercial ELEANOR FRANCES SHEARER Academic JANICE SUE SHUCK Academic RAY G. SHUE Academic Forty Two SHANHOLTZ 911 CAROLYN JEAN SILLS Academic NANCY JEAN SITTER Academic CARL F. SLEMMER Academic CAROLYN FRANCES SMITH Academic DOLAN CLARK SMITH General ROBERT B. SMITH Commercial SAMUEL S. SMITH, JR. Academic EDITH GAIL SNYDER Academic G. LOUIS SPOERL Academic BRADFORD EDWARD SPIELMAN General BARBARA GRACE STARK Academic PATRICIA R. STEIN General MARY LINNE STITELY Academic FREDERICK BERT STOREY Academic JANET ARLENE SUMMERFIELD Commercial ROBERT F. SWAUGER Commercial LOWELL THOMAS General HAROLD WILLIAM TURNER Commercial Forty Three CHARLES LESTER TWIGG Commercial CHARLOTTE MARIE TWIGG Commercial BETTY LOU TYREE Academic HARRY KRIECHBAUM UTTERBACK Academic ELEANOR LOUISE VAN METER Academic MARTHA MAE WAGNER Commercial MARY EVA WAGNER Commercial ANNA LEE WAGONER Commercial JOANN LEE WALKER Academic RHEBA VIRGINIA WALKER Commercial NANCY L. WALTERS Commercial DAVID B. WALTON Academic AUSTIN J. WARD Commercial GRACE ANN WARD Commercial VERA JANE WARNICK Commercial FRAN KLI N D. WEATHERHOLT Commercial BETTY S. WEBB General ROBERT WELSH Academic Forty Four ' ,School DANE O. WHITEMAN General JIMMA ADELE WILLIAMS Academic BEVERLY WILSON Academic DIANNE WILSON Commercial NANCY ANN WILSON Commercial SHERMAN WILLIAM WILSON General JAMES E. WILT Commercial RONALD R. WINTERBERG Commercial DONALD YODER Commercial "'i SHIRLEY MAE YOUNG -' '.,-,-' I - A Commercial "":' .f RONALD ZILER mi " General .,,.. :i:a1z.::. .L?g-Q V Nor PICTURED ' - -A,,:A A l'-' I' CAROL HALM JOHN G. SPANO A :-' ' Forty Five JOHN LAWRENCE ALBRIGHT EUGENE T. ALDERTON Spanish Club, 4. BARBARA LEE ALDRIDGE Treble Clef Club, I. JAMES ALBERT ALLBRIGHT Stage Crew, I, 2. JUNE AMOSS Choral Club, 4, French Club, 4. J. EDWARD ANDREWS, JR. Class Treasurer, 2, 3, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 4. LEON ROBERT ARMENTROUT ALLEGEWI. A. D. K., Choir, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 4, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, All- State Chorus, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Office Assistant, 4. MARION PAULINE ARMSTRONG Cheerleading Club, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, Student Council, 2. DOROTHY LEE ATHEY CAROL JEAN AUSTIN DAVISSON AYERS Band, 'I, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, All- State Chorus, 3, 4, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Quartet, 3, 4. RONALD P. BARB Bowling Club, 2, 3. HAROLD LEON BEAL DONALD M. BEAN Cafeteria Assistant, 4, Glee Club, 2. JAMES RICHARD BECKWITH JANET BLOOM ALLEGEWI. A. D. K., 4, Choir, 3, 4, Choral Club, 'I, 2, 3, 4, Musettes, 3, All-State Chorus, 4, Office Assistant, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4. JAMES L. BOHN Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club, 3, Cafeteria Assistant, 2. BARBARA VIRGINIA BOLINGER A. D. K., 3, 4, Bird Club, I, Library Aide, 4, S. I. D., I, Teacher's Secre- tary, 4, UN Club, 2. I A I O O RICHARD CARLTON BOSLEY Teacher's Secretary, 4. WALTER BOSLEY President of Senior Class, Vice-Presi- dent of Sophomore Class, President of Junior Class, Football, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4. COLLEEN FAY BOWMAN Cafeteria Assistant, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, 3. GLORIA FAYE BOWLES JAMES BRUCE BOYD Football, 2. ROYCE BREEDLOVE Track, 3. NORMAN C. CAMPBELL Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4. HERBERT CESSNA Stage Crew, 2, 3, 4. FRANK WILLIAM CLINEDINST Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND EUGENE CODDINGTON Bowling Club, 3, 4. DOROTHY COMBS Choral Club, I, 4, Twirling Club, I, G. A. A., 4. GRETCHEN ANN COOK A. D. K., 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club, I, 2, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Hospital Aide, 4. ESTHER JOANNE CORRIGAN A. D. K., 4, Office Assistant, 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH CRAWFORD A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 2, 3, 4, S. I. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, UN Club, 4. EDITH EILEEN CROSTEN Library Aide, 3, 4, Treble Clef Club, 'I, 2, Choral Club, 2. CAROLYN DECK Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 4, Cheerlead- ing Club, 'I, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant, 4, Teacher's Secre- tary, 4. Forty Six tl rj ll V ,. 's , if ig, s Il NNI DAVID L. DE HAVEN Bowling Club, I, Stage Crew, 2. JOSEPH DE NEEN YVONNE L. DEREMER A. D. K., 4, Cheerleading Club, I, Hospital Aide, 4, Spanish Club, 4. ROBERT WAYNE DE VORE Cafeteria Assistant, I, 2, 3, 4. MARY PEYTON DOUB A. D. K., 3, 4, Bowling Club, I, 2, Choral Club, I, S. I. D., I, UN Club. 2, 3, 4. WANDA DUCKWORTH A. D. K., 4, Choir, 3, 4, Choral Club, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Poster Club, 2, 3, 4. KITTY A. DUNCAN A. D. K., 4, Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. JAMES W. EATON CHARLES L. EIRICH Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. ANNE ELDER ALLEGEWI. Secretary of Junior Class, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Cheerleadering Club, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, French Club, 4, S. I. D., I, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Twirling Club, I, "Goodbye, My Fancy." BERNARD A. EMERICK Football, 2, 3. MARION E. EMERICK Band, 'I, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, I. DONAL F. EVANS Teacher's Secretary, 4. PATRICIA N. FALLEN ALLEGEWI. Drum Maior, 4, Maiorette, I, 2, 3, Choral Club, I, 2, 4, French Club, 4. CAROLYN RUTH FISHER Bowling Club, 2, Choral Club, 2, Cafe- teria Assistant, I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist, 3, UN Club, 2. DONALD E. FLANAGAN Bowling Club, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 3. PATRICIA ANN FLETCHER ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Bowling Club, I, Cheerleading Club, I, S. I. D., I, UN Club, 4. DONALD B. FOST KENT FULLER S. l. D., I, UN Club, 2, 3. MARGARET ANN FUNK A. D. K., 4, Bowling Club, 4, Cafe- teria Assistant, 3, 4, Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, Hospital Aide, 4, Poster Club, 4. DONALD LEE GEIGER Band, I, 2, Orchestra, 3, Stage Crew, 2, 3. GEORGE RICHARD GEIGER Band, I, 2, 3, Track, 2, 3. ROSEMARY GERLACH A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Cafe- teria Assistant, 3, 4, S. I. D., I, Treble Clef Club, I. BYRL GIBSON Band, I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM E. GODWIN Baseball, 4, Bowling Club, 3, 4, Foot- ball, I, 2. MARIE BANE GOLDSWORTHY A. D. K., 4, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 3, Musettes, 3, All-State Chorus, 4, French Club, 4, Poster Club, 3, Student Council, 2. WILLARD L. GREEN Band, 2, 3, 4. NORMA DAWN GRIMES A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Cheer- leading Club, I, 2, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Musettes, 3, All-State Chorus, 4, French Club, 4, Office Assistant, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JANICE E. HALL A. D. K., 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leading Club, I, Spanish Club, 4, Twirling Club, I, 2, Choral Club, 4. DEAN ARTHUR HANCOX A. D. K., 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Quartet, 3, 4, All-State Chorus, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil, I. SUE EMMA HARMAN ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Marionette Club, I. BARBARA ANN HENRY A. D. K., 4, Choral Club, 2, 3, Or- chestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Art Club, 2, Choir, 3, Poster Club, 3, 4, French Club, 4. DAVID D. HERBOLDSHEIMER Baseball, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET ANN HERSHBERGER Cafeteria Assistant, 2, 3, Teacher's Secretary, 4. PAUL DAVID HILAIRE ALLEGEWI, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, French glula, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, DONALD W. HITE Proiectionist, 3. SHIRLEY HONEYCUTT Bowling Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Choral Club, I, UN Club, 3, G. A. A., 4. EUGENE HORTON Baseball, 4, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4. RAYMOND DOUGLAS HOUCK A. D. K., 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, French glugmt, Student Council, 2, UN Club, HERBERT H. HOWE Baseball, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET ANN HUTCHESON A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Cheer- leading Club, I, 2, Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, S. l. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Musettes, 3, All-State Chorus, 4. WILDA ELIZABETH JEWELL ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mir- ror, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 4, UN Club, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4, "Goodbye, My Fancy." JACQUELINE ILEAN JOHNSON A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choral Club, 2, 3, Teacher's Secretary, 4. Forty Seven ROBERT KELLAR Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist, 2, Track, 3. NEWANNA KESECKER A. D. K., 3, Alcohi Mirror, 3, Cheer- leading Club, I, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. JAMES C. KLAVUHN Proiectionist, 3. JACK KRAMPF DALE LACY JUNE LABER A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Art Club, 4, Band, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club, 4, UN Club, 2, 4, "Goodbye, My Fancy." JOHN PAUL LANDIS A. D. K., 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 3, 4, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, UN Club, 3, 4. CAROLE JEAN LAURIE Choral Club, 3. MARY LOUISE LIEBRANT A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4. ANNA MARGARET LLEWELLYN ALLEGEWI, Poster Club, 3, 4. ROBERT M. LLEWELLYN Football, 2, Proiectionist, 3, 4. NANCY RUTH LONG ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Musettes, 3, All-State Chorus, 4, S. I. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, UN Club, 4. MYRNA CYNTHIA LUMAN A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Cheerleading Club, I, Poster Club, I, g, 3, 4, Treble Clef Club, I, G. A. A., , 4. ROBERTA LEA MARKWOOD A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Cheer- leading Club, I, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. .1 as I 1 ll I II 9 SHIRLEY MARIE MARKWOOD Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, 'l, 2, 3, 4, Teacher's Secretary, 4. KATHRYN MAUK Alcohi Mirror, 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Spanish Club, 4. DENNY MARTIN DOROTHY MARIE MCDADE ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mir- ror, 3, 4, Bowling Club, 2, Secretary of Senior Class, French Club, 4, Post- er Club, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, "Good- bye, My, Fancy." YVONNE ANN McDERMOTT A. D. K., 4, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Poster Club, 4, UN Club, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4. MILDRED ANN MCDONALD A. D. K., 4, Art Club, 2, Choral Club, 4, Poster Club, 3, 4, UN I, 2, 3, Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. THELMA F. MCDONALD Club, 'l, Library Aide, I, G. A. A., 4. Bowling KENNETH W. McGRAW Band, I, 2, Choir, 2, 3, Vice-President of Junior Class, Football, 'l, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 2, 3, Orchestra, 4, Student Council, I, 2, Track, 3, 4, Quartet, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3. ROBERT McKENZlE WILLIAM G. MCKENZIE Proiectionist, 3, 4. EVELYN LEONA MESSICK A. D. K., 4, Bowling Club, 'l, 2, 3, Choir, 4, Choral Club, 4, Office As- sistant, 4, Proiectionist, 3, Spanish Club, 4. SHIRLEY RAE MESSMAN Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Teacher's Secretary, 4. BERNARD MILLS Choir, 2, 3, 4, Football, 'I, 2, Orches- tra, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE K. MOBUS Art Club, 'l. CAROLYN REBECCA MURRAY JOSEPH NAVE Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4. BARBARA ADELAIDE NICHOLLS ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Art Club, I, 2, Cheer- leading Club, I, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Poster Club, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, UN Club, 3, 4. JAMES NIXON FAYE NUNAMAKER Cafeteria Assistant 'l, 3, Teacher's Secretary, 4. DELORES ORT BARBARA PARISER Cheerleading Club, I, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4. Choral Club, MARY JOANN PEEBLES 3, 4, Office As- Choral Club, I, 2, sistant, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. GENE T. POLAND Football, 2, Proiectionist, 4. JOSEPH PORTMESS Bowling Club, 3. BOYD KENT POWELL Bowling Club, 3, Cafeteria Assistant, I, 3. CHESTER LEE PRICE A. D. K., 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. ELAINE MARIE RALEY Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4. DONNA RALEY DONALD RANDALL Bowling Club, 3, Cafeteria Assistant, 4, Office Assistant, 3. KENNETH A. RAPSON, JR. JOHN R. RECKLEY Choir, 2, 3, 4, Football, I, Library Aide, 3, Octet, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Quartet, 4. JOAN MARIE RICE ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Choir, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, All-State Chorus, 4, S. I. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, Student Council, I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4.. JOSEPH RILEY RICHARD GORDON ROBERTS ALLEGEWI. A. D. K., 2, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Poster Club, 2, Proiectionist, 2. CLAUDE ROBINSON Football, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY DAVIDSON SARVER Cheerleading Club, 2. Forty Eight G. iii. x -,,., RICHARD SCHRAMM Baseball, 2, 3, Bowling Club, 3, Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3. RUTH RILEY SCHADE A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Choral Club, 2, 3, Library Aide 3, S. I. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, UN Club, 2, 3, 4. NORMA SCHLOSSER WILLIAM SCOTT A. D. K., 4, Art Club, 'l, 2, Bowling Club, 2, 3, Cafeteria Assistant, 2, Foot- ball, 2, 3, S. I. D., I, Glee Club, I, 2. NORMAN O. SCRIBNER, JR. MARY JO SELL Basketball, 'I, Bowling Club, I, Choral Club, 2. RALPH KENNETH SHAFFER Baseball, 4, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Track, 3. DOROTHY IRENE SHANHOLTZ A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Hospital Aide, 4, Poster Club, 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR FRANCES SHEARER A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 4, Choral Club, 3, French Club, 4, Poster Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. JANICE SUE SHUCK ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 2, 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 4, Choir, 'l, Choral Club, 'l, 2, 3, Secretary of Freshman Class, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, UN Club, 3, "Goodbye, My Fancy." RAY G. SHUE A. D. K., 3, French Club, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, UN Club, 3. CAROLYN JEAN SILLS A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, S. I. D., I. NANCY JEAN SITTER A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Bowl- ing Club, 2, French Club, 4, Poster Club, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. CARL F. SLEMMER ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mir- ror, 4, Art Club, I, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Quartet, 3, 4, All- State Chorus, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, I, Track, 2, 3, 4, "Sweethearts," "Good- bye, My Fancy." CAROLYN FRANCES SMITH ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choir, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant, 4, Span- ish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DOLAN CLARK SMITH ROBERT B. SMITH Baseball, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Foot- ball, 4. SAMUEL S. SMITH, JR. ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Baseball, 4, Bdsketbull, 2: Football, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Student Council, I, 2, Track, 4, Glee Club, 2, 4. EDITH GAIL SNYDER A. D. K., 4, Band, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Choir, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, UN Club, 2, 3, 4. JOHN G. SPANO BRADFORD EDWARD SPIELMAN Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4. G. LOUIS SPOERL ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist, I, 2, Spanish Club, 4. BARBARA GRACE STARK ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Maiorette, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Twirling Club, I, "Goodbye, My Fancy." PATRICIA R. STEIN Basketball, 2, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Choral Club, 2, G. A. A., 3. MARY LINNE STITELY ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, President of Sophomore Class, French Club, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3- 4, All-State Orchestra, 2, 3, Student Council, 2. FREDERICK BERT STOREY A. D. K., 3, Band, I, 2, 4, Choir, 3, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, Proiection- ist, 3, Glee Club, I, 2, 3. JANET AILENE SUMMERFIELD ALLEGEWI, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Bowling Club, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, Poster Club, 3, 4, G. A. A., 4. ROBERT F. SWAUGER Bowling Club, 3. LOWELL THOMAS HAROLD WILLIAM TURNER Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 4, Basket- ball, 3, 4, Choir, 2, Hi-Y, 4, Orches- tra, 3, 4, Student Council, I, 2, Glee Club, I, 2. CHARLES LESTER TWIGG Football, I, 2. CHARLOTTE MARIE TWIGG G. A. A., 4. BETTY LOU TYREE A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, UN Club, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4. HARRY KRIECHBAUM UTTERBACK Hi-Y, 4, Proiectionist, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Track, I, 3, 4. ELEANOR LOUISE VAN METER Alcohi Mirror, 3, Choral Club, 3, 4. MARTHA MAE WAGNER Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Cheerleading Club, I. MARY EVA WAGNER Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, I, Office Assistant, 4. ANNA LEE WAGONER G. A. A., 3, 4. JOANN LEE WALKER ALLEGEWI, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, A. D. K., 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. RHEBA VIRGINIA WALKER Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, S. I. D., I. NANCY L. WALTERS A. D. K., 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Cheerleading Club, 3, Choral Club, I, 2. DAVID B. WALTON Band, I, 2, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 4, Vice-President of Senior Class, Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3. AUSTIN J. WARD Bowling Club, I, 2, Proiectionist, 2, 3. GRACE ANN WARD G. A. A., 3, 4. VERA JANE WARNICK Hospital Aide, 4. Forty Nine FRANKLIN D. WEATHERHOLT BETTY S. WEBB Band, I, 2, 3, Cafeteria Assistant, 2, 3, 4, Hospital Aide, 4. ROBERT WELSH Football, 4, French Club, 4. DANE O. WHITEMAN JIMMA ADELE WILLIAMS ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Alcohi Mir- ror, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choral Club, 2, 3, Hospital Aide, 4, S. I. D., I, Spanish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, UN Club, 2, 3, 4, Treble Clef Club, I, "Goodbye, My Fancy." BEVERLY WILSON A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, UN Club, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4, Football Queen, 4. DIANE WILSON ALLEGEWI, Basketball, 3, G. A. A., 3, 4. NANCY ANN WILSON ALLEGEWI, A. D. K., 3, 4, Cheerlead- er, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Choir, 2, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, Poster Club, 3, 4, UN Club, 1, 2, 3, G. A. A., 3, 4, First Lady for the Campaign Capers Ball. SHERMAN WILLIAM WILSON JAMES E. WILT Proiectionist, 3, 4. RONALD R. WINTERBERG Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Orches- tra, 3. DONALD YODER SHIRLEY MAE YOUNG Art Club, I, Bird Club, I, Cafeteria Assistant, 2, 3, Cheerleading Club, I, 2, Twirling Club, I, Teacher's Secre- tary, 4. RONALD ZILER Football, I, 2. 5 V .ps v- ., !l ' 4 1, o xl ' .33 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: 1 Janet Ridgely, Treasur 7 Be ard lleerman, President, Joan Ben t, Secre ry, Marilyn Kreicler, Vice-President. HOME ROOM 'l07. First Row, left to right-D. Brown, D. Clay- ton, L. Baker, E. Baker, L. Chan- ey, R. Beal. Second Row-P. Abbott, J. Bastian, J. Bennett, N. Chaney, S. Conrad, P. Baird, B. Brewer. Third Row-L. Agos- tine, R. Beal, J. Clem, B. Beer- man, R. Beall, J. Bloss, J. Cole- man, R. Coats. Fourth Row-O. Brady, G. Campbell, O. Barn- cord, E. Alexander, B. Bennett, K. Carter, C. Beall, R. Cover. HOME ROOM 120. First Row, lett to right-S. Keating, B. Lia- kos, W. G. Kline, C. Martz, C. Jewell, A. Jewell, M. Martz. Second Row-P. Hines, D. Line- weaver, E. Jenkins, B. Kilroy, D. Heavner, J. Layman, P. Madero. Third Row-L. Heavner, E. Joyce, J. Judy, E. Goldman, R. Harper, E. Heinrich, M. Kreider. Fourth Row-J. Jacobson, A. Gehauf, R. Guthridge, P. Gilpin, R. Kirtley, L. Hedrick, R. Hardman, H. Hix' enbaugh. HOME ROOM l'l3. First Row, left to right-S. Noland, J. Mor- ton, S. Lease, N. McGill, G. Nagle. Second Row-R. Norris, J. Mclntosh, D. Meager, M. J. Morrison, D. Niner, M. Metz. Third Row-W. Mitchell, A. La- zarus, P. Nixon, M. Moulton, D. Myers, R. Leasure, R. Mills. Fourth Row-R. Krause, J. Moore, D. Puhalla, V. Lowery, J. Koon, R. Mann, R. Martin. Nancy Wilson is crown First Lady HOME ROOM 200. First Row, left to right-J. Stewart, J. Wil- son, W. Turban, D. Stinebaugh, R. Twigg, P. Wotring. Second Row-R. Turner, G. Young, B. S. Vowell, E. Stein, S. Stoker, G. Wilson, K. Wiseman. Third Row -L. Wilson, D. Wilkins, G. Willi- son, L. Weller, E. Wisler, A. Wickard, M. Yankelevitz. HOME ROOM 206. First Row, left to right-M. Fisher, D. Dick, S. Earsom, l. Brant, N. Hager, M. L. Emerich. Second Row-M. Davis, A. DeHaven, P. Dye, B Glaze, S. Davis, W. Fisher, E Eiler. Third Row-R. Dawson, D Davidson, R. Fisher, H. Feldstein R. Emmart, K. Ellsworth, J. Gal- liher, G. Dusch. Fourth Row-H Dawson, W. Delligatti, E. Fergu- son, J. Gollen, W. Flanagan, J Garlich, H. Gaither, J. Eisen- trout, E. Crossland. I HOME ROOM 322. First Row, left to right-P. Scarlett, J O'Neal, J. Robinson, C. Shuck, J. Skidmore, A. Steele, M. Schupfer. Second Row-N. Rice S. Ritter, G. Reynolds, V. Reed, B. J. Rowe, G. Russell, V. Shaff- er, J. Turner. Third Row-R. Spear, B. Tierney, K. Smith, P. Roberson, C. Smith, P. Rotruck, C. Sines, E. Royce. Fourth Row- D. Short, E. Stine, M. Sisk, R Reiber, D. Steele, F. Seitz, K. Robertson, D. Rapson, R. Rank. I ed The Allegewi Camera shoots a photo of Com paign Capers-the dance sponsored by the Al cohi Mirror. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Allan Haines, President, Dorothy Ludman, Secretary, Neal Smith, Vice-President, Ray Vernall, Treasurer. HOME ROOM 103. First Row, left to right-T. Defibaugh, J. Douty, L. Everhart, P. Burley, C. Chaney, S. Crosten, W. Chap- pell. Second Row-L. Chaney, S. Everett, N. Clem, S. DeVore, C. Comer, J. Cooper, N. Cross, S. Chaney, L. Canfield. Third Row-G. Dawson, R. Chaney, W. Cessna, R. Erickson, N. Duncan, T. Cecil, R. Cameron, R. Darr, J. DeHart, H. Eisentrout. HOME ROOM 106. First Row, left to right-G. Rice, L. Shan- holtz, W. Schaidt, R. Swartz, D. Smith, W. Schry, B. Price. Sec- ond Row-S. Stiver, V. Shear, S. Railey, W. Rae Smith, W. Rita Smith, W. Royce Smith, B. Shep- herd, D. Ravenscroft. Third Row -N. Smith, D. Shircliffe, O. Stewart, R. Smith, E. Smith, L. Shober, A. Buskirk, M. Stitcher, R. Robinette, C. Root. Fourth Row -R. Rotruck, R. Schauwecker, J. Steele, R. Schwalb, J. Runner, P. Skinner, J. Sisk, G. Screen, R. Russell. HOME ROOM 'll5. First Row, left to right-A. Martin, l.. MC- Gettigan, M. Monnett, B. Myers, N. Parker, J. Mick, R. Mark- wood. Second Row-A. Melvin, M. Raley, S. Moulton, S. Mor- ris, S. Paye, N. Paxton, M. Mc- Kenzie. Third Row-L. Moyer, A. Lynch, A. McCollough, M. Mc- Graw, J. Platt, S. McKenzie, P. Mace, J. Osbourne. Fourth Row -G. Miller, W. Mills, J. Quar- tucci, D. Rice, D. Merritt, B. Rinker, A. Molanari, P. Raleigh. 5,514 ww? 'U' Q me S PM Ng, X .NR RN NS we x- vi N wig 4 .nf F 'H W 'P - A S M ff- W 5 . 5-L a , 5. L K. g, ,lm r Q: ,,55 2,.. s-: Q-Hif? , , " A . X - - ' '45 P ..,.Q A M is gi ' 3 X. - , x 3 X f mn 3 W - Xa., in r ' x " gr N gi? mg Q 9 .fb N. my - A - NW Aw X f -N 1 4 3 K N ' S 3 355' 2 vim as R .X 4 A ww 4 Q H li M if? ff' 54 .:::.. N :MQ is xx M TY xr 'Km Q Ni sf 5 R is x. g 5 X v mf-S5 'RQ ,E -W' ' ,QR :lik . we N-ff' .SW A 5 emu C :fs '4 XX .NX Qi' 5e::S+"'S 6 ,- Vi lv .JY 1 J aux m Af" Q gi Q ,gj,'..Lr, ' ' get rg, ,, Lf fer. , jg 'Q 41 , qi, fi' saw' F-fx 'T fvw, FRESHMANLA TATIVES. Lett to ,e 3 Martin l209l, Barry Starner ll09l, Shvi n QGQ den 62073, Sandra Wagner l208l, Nan 2 e lllll, Robert Allen lllll, Joyce Jewil C . .f ,Y l gfsfilisf 'll A - 2 . 1 i Q l L 1 HOME ROOM 105. First Row, left to right-L. Hersh, E. John- son, P. Kerns, F. Kruczewski, J. Jewell, M. Keel, E. Lester, J. .len- kins. Second Row-S. Hounshell, R. Latferty, J. Knepp, J. Jenkins, S. Huff, C. Lannon, C. Hevel, H. Hixenbaugh, P. Johnson. Third Row-B. J. Himmler, C. Hersch, H. Kesecker, H. Marker, R. Lacy, J. Loewendick, H. lser, J. Lueck, B. Johnson, F. Jenkins. HOME ROOM TO9. First Row, left to right - M. Phillips, C. Runion, L. Rinker, N. Ruse, J. Rice, R. Reed, J. Robertson, B. Parsons, S. Poole. Second Row- J. Robinson, C. Rice, R. Sills, J. Saylor, S. Robyler, J. Pfeiffer, B. Snyder, C. Riser, P. Noland, R. Smith. Third Row-J. Steele, E. Price, P. Shatter, J. O'Neal, B. Rapson, P. Phillips, E. Murphy, S. Nixon, J. Strausburg. Fourth Row-J. Skinner, R. Sanders, R. Seitz, B. Ossip, J. Pollock, M. Sarver, B. Sterner, D. Perdew, M. Simpson, C. Smith. HOME ROOM Ill. First Row, left to right-C. Chaney, P. Char- uhas, L. Coats, G. Bower, H. Barmboy, D. Critchfield, B. Bala- ban, D. Clayton. Second Row- R. Collins, F. Campbell, J. Bitt- ner, E. Clise, N. Close, C. De- Bouck, L. Conners, S. Blackerm, D. Blizzard. Third Row-K. Brew- er, J. F. Campbell,J. Bone, R. Allen, S. Abey, B. Beck, N. Diehl, H. Blank, D. Athey. Fourth Row -G. Bean, J. L. Campbell, C. Brant, S. Abramson, R. Baker, R. Breelove, M. Dyche, S. Con- ley, B. Adams, J. Andrews. HOME ROOM 207. First Row, left to right-B. Gronback, B. Goodfellow, B. Ellsworth, L. Gra- hame, M. J. Galford, D. Grove, R. Dahl, M. Gonzalez. Second Row-A. DeRosa, R. Gutridge, C. Grubb, R. Goad, C. Frith, R. Eyre, R. Dellagatti, A. Hagan, G. Hale. Third Row-K. Gilpin, S. Collins, C. Grabenstien, R. Facci, R. Fletcher, G. Day, L. Eversole, J. Harden, A. Harden, E. Greene.. Fourth Row-E. Harden, W. Courtney, R. Fletcher, B. Hadley, J. Edwards, K. Eiler, S. Growden, M. Goodfellow, R. Eversole, R. Dick. HOME ROOM 208. First Row, left to right-B. Stein, L. Wan- less, C. Waint, R. Vowell, R. Toey, S. Morrison, J. Wilt, G. Wilson. Second Row-C. Yarnall, J. Snyder, E. Weaver, S. Wag- ner, C. Williams, B. Steinbaugh, C. Vose, J. Turley, B. Wilson. Third Row-D. Sheehe, J. Wil- kins, M. J. Shoyer, W. Shook, J. Slemmer, Z. Simpson, J. Wilt, M. Switzer, A. Wheeler, R. Young, H. Vandergrift. Fourth Row-J. Sweitzer, J. Thomas, J. Yanka- levitz,, G. Taylor, W. White, R. Whetzel, W. Thrasher, M. Van Meter, G. Wilkinson, P. Wolfe, J. Wright. HOME ROOM 209. First Row, left to right-C. Nave, D. Pay- ton, M. Miller, P. Martin, P. Lewis, C. Leasure, L. Morgan. Second Row-C. McDonald, G. Logsdon, S. Morgan, M. Miller, R. J. Layton, R. Oliver, C. Nico- demus, F. Liller. Third Row-L. Lewis, L. McClellan, B. McCarty, E. Leasure, M. J. Logsden, J. Mc- Cauley, R. Madero, D. Mullman, E. Moore. Fourth Row-D. Martz, E. Monk, D. Nine, D. Paye, R. McDonald, R. McFadden, R. Min- nicks, R. Mnyo, V. Leasure, T. Pallus. The Allegewi Camera presents Beverly Wilson as the Camper Queen, EIGHTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES: Lett to right-Caroliean Sweitzger, Robert .Paye, Robert Millenson, James Deremer, Michael Shaffer, William Folk. HOME ROOM 108. First Row, lett to right-C. Warnick, G. Gormer, R. Cramer, H. Crothers, L. Fike, N. Comer, R. Merrill, B. Phillips, J. Cannon. Second Row-M. Zembower, C. Humbert- son, J. Fretwell, R. Eisentrout, H. Cave, J. Chappell, M. Frey, K. Cessna, B. Metz, D. Heinrich. Third Row-M. Forbeck, J. Dere- mer, S. McGee, C. Martz, B. Roberson, S. McCartney, N. J. Conley, S. Alburtis, R. L. Ort, N. Bangerd, S.. Bennett. Fourth Rrow -G. Baker, J. Smith, D. Stickley, R. Klavuhn, G. White, L. Kight, R. Scarlett, R. Walker, R. LaRue, C. Smith, D. Shires, H. Hilaire. HOME ROOM l'lO. First Row, left to right-N. Dahl, D. Leib- rant, P. Armentrout, R. Millen- son, C. Skinner, H. Hubbermill, T. Metz, R. Fetters, K. Smith. Second Row-H. Youst, R. Smith, R. Butts, C. Billmeyer, F. Hersch, W. Smith, P. Hemming, R. Rice, D. Kerns, M. Finan. Third Row- P. Stewart, R. McClure, L. Jock- son, M. Lease, G. Cramer, B. Hollis, L. Evans, A. Stasnider, B. Brant, J. Galtord. Fourth Row -J. Earson, G. Campbell, J. Stein, B. Warnick, J. Yergan, H. George, R. Diehl, W. Beck, M. Smith, S. Mulligan, W. Lewis. HOME ROOM ll9. First Row, left to right-J. Madero, A. Boor, G. Robertson, L. Broadwater, J. Taylor, G. Messersmith, P. Reed, C. Shatter. Second Row-A. Mit- ter, J. Leasure, J. Brant, M. Eaton, C. Leasure, J. Yutzy, H. Youngblood, S. Krause. Third Row-R. Adams, G. Speilman, J. Hayman, R. Niner, D. Darrow, J. Russ, C. Shook, D. Brown. Fourth Row-R. Dreyer, R. King, D. Plumber, W. Parsons, H. Nes- bitt, C. Fansler, R. Nies, N. Shook, W. Emerick, F. Butler. ABA Y mf gf . S Q? JSM W. x X , 31954, Q' Q N X i' I 31 ,N r A Q f W X N . NN E W , M3,g'1 D ,,.: Z X , x .,,. ,A Q E . . M -E . ,::, 'A Q 3- . 1 :," -- mg ,x up W . .:-. E, x W t . .L N Q 5 X M -- - , .H Hr U X 6 - . . we ,. ,W r k KE, f Xu M k X 'Eff disk ,NA ' .- 2 1 S f ' fy x X " .. Q 5' 3, ' QQ. ik Y S 'RX .x. :.,, 'Ox . - - - - in is 5 - W x. gg as x, - X - 'K X k S V . F A li' A -2 L, H5 ' i N V , ' ' 1 Q SN . ff' X N W 51, N "':"' Nm 5 'Q . gg E2 ""' Q - SE ' 1 K . 5. M GM M ,gf P K - : -' NIQ wifi 'WT' m ., S R 4 Xl W ' 6 --f- W 'Q V 5 53 . P " N22 --' - SSR .......- :Q k 353533 ........--f E Z?-5 " .,.,,.. 32,553 M .Mg , gi, -was :were '- N My ly' ww N x gn if -xy 5 X 3 W . U ., ,. W . 4 A ,NM - . xiii vm .. ., . W I ' gg Q 5, A? "xi x. " Z i Q5 so ' S - 3 L Nlwww i Q ,W 9 -1 A gg. K-SWF ' Nr ua-Q. 4. silk 516 . :w.- '. ' 'L 5 A ' 'x Qs ' , S' .. 'Q ,fini "4 ' i S' A -W X ,, R' xg 1 . F , Q .. 'N' if Q Niki- K fasgsgg -was K 'wh A 4? ww vw il ik ik .5 E4 V K Q ,--.. T. vu . L as 5 MM ., - f A fe i V W E 5- ,EEA I' ws , iw' 2 . A 9 f W V ,gk . .ith A A i W ww . E v M Q, wmv 9-Hag? a if i A if gh ' eff? , f , 4 2 1. 'ifwf Q: ., ., rm :Q Y, V is T :kg Wk , Z 3 If ,,: wa- , , ,,. Q f ww sq we .H N17 ,Q -hw WBA' S 5 .QW gf 'wb 1 as- Q "" -,,.:, f"w',, M W i f W Y . r' ,Q W: v fix ff MN 'Sm ig, wi .. Q 1 Q L W W 5 sv 355355 W X 2 -306 -1-N ,.:,' ...M ,, 0 W , X F9 Ag ,N Q - Rfs ,, 12 , .. A f jg ' , x I me w- A X, 'liz E, f W N :f Q is D S3 W W Q5-A' S X -I, ' 12 if .1 g ,K .gm .. H 1 ' K' 1712 ,. 5 W Q ',f is ,K www 5 N v fx.a,- NX Si ia y is r 3 X 3 W -jE: EN wx . .,-"f-f' 1 ,uk as gg," 433' if A t QQ. Q, 3"hif7-' we - , A -ffm..-11' L3 X ,- A ig X' 533553453551 an me "9" eww 4 M 3' 'ff-11 . . . Q 9 7 gf if w KG 1 Af A 'fi F rm? W Qin . "5 V QV IS 5 1 as ,Q N if - , ,, M- 1 Q 1 N X x X N w AQ- V f VN Wx Q , sa gif if: x-xg sm: ' - wi ,, K M M iii? au-v x' Q be um 3 1 . .fi A. R- Yi Fff Wi 'ui S-JW mv-4 9:g5 .lim-5 sf ,Y xr ff wx 'f 'W' a .f 1 - V' I -- "' ' 3 - W.: -K :fri 'X ' , v , s, A ll 'I' I 'l' A I V, 4- 3:,fY. mf,f-3 U?g 11q.vzgn1,jjN', f 33. , f A f. Uv, Q, ,,, k.fiffTj, L, Q e J f 1. mf ' f , , N HM: 1MUWL y 3 , qi M r w f ,QM33 'Q xl LQ , L 1 - Q . -. 3 f .V , Aj, ,V - . .5 . 4, dv, 4 ,, My AZ gf- - 4,-y I f w n , ,x 1, M,--A 3-iq, v ,YA f..Q, . 4 f 2 wry. QA, -,E in , , '1kg:ef f . Q in ,V ,-Q-'f V- -gy ,L A 441 ' f , r 'f'5 W - r -Gr: V" ,-: J' -- ff X '- m f ,Wh 1 w Q., Z ,-'Q :f3.,.f-A -5 , V '., ' x , I M .- Li 5WWliii2Ti' fi Os Q X S S x E A 2 s S E . S 3 S S A 5 s E SH s fi Q ZWM i LOWER PICTURE-Seated, left to right: J. Bennett, J. Platt, B. Price, D. Clayton, D. Ludman, S. DeVore, S. HUPPI M McGraw, G. Gerbing, D. Smith, F. Kaplon, E. Beneman, N. Hager. Second Row: C. Barham, D. Brown, J. Turley B. Liakos, W. Kline, M. Krieder, E. Eiler, B. Brewer, M Moulton, L. McCullough, R. Schwartz, D. Eyre, S. Keating J. Layman, V. Reed. Third Row: H. Gaither, E. Timmons R. Mann, B. Beerman, J. Jacobson, R. Vernall, E. Goldman P. Dye, W. Smith, W. Smith, W. Smith, C. Shuck, B. Tyree Two Scenes from the 1953 Class Play- "The Chocolate Soldier" UPPER PHOTO-On floor, left to right: E. Shearer, A. Eld er, W. Duckworth, J. Bloom, S. Harman, E. Messick Seated: R. Gerlach, D. Shanholtz, P. Funk, B. Bollinger, L. Armentrout, M. Liebrant, D. McDade, C. Deck, M. Lu- man, J. Johnson, M. McDonald, B. Nicholls. Third Row: M. Doub, D. Hancox, N. Kesecker, J. Amoss, R. Markwood, N. Long, G. Cook, J. Hall, K. Duncan, M. Hutcheson, J. Laber, M. Goldsworthy, N. Grimes, D. Raley, V. Warnick, C. Sills. Fourth Row: J. Walker, Y. Deremer, Y. McDermott, B. Tyree, S. Shuck, B. Stark, M. Crawford, N. Sitter, C. Smith, R. Schade, W. Jewell, A. Williams, B. Wilson, 1 1 M. Stitely, N. Walters. "The play's the thing" is a very truthful phrase in the eyes of the hard-working members of Alpha Delta Kappa. Under the direction of Miss Betsy Ross Ranklin, willing students are trained in all the various phases of staging a dramatic production. The latest results of this training were apparent in the two productions of the year. Officers for the year i n c l u d e d Dorothy McDade, president, Barbara Bollinger, vice-presi- dent, Mary Liebrant, secretary, and Lean Armen- trout, treasurer. A scene from "Why the Chimes Rang" A. D. K.'s Christmas Play. Sixty Two X1 Q ..:a. W, ,. Q In X? wk .,.. as 5 V K 'mf zll X A QS 5 ' sw Q35 5 W E' ' ,i W 1 N x ' AKA W H ..,.: . K i iq 1 . ' K g Y , -,-, W if .Q-H' X 1 h:1 VXA , 1313 Wm ' M0 S xv fir Q . ,W 'Q EQ I RMA I if , , X A f , . yg X' Q j fs 1 fx 5 Q' Barbara Stark, Editor Sue Shuck, Editorial Assistant jim dllaqnwj The home room is the place-the time, the latter part of April-there's much excitement. Of course, the 1953 Allegewi is being dis- tributed. lt is so easy to thumb through a nice new Allegewi and comment on familiar faces and places land some not so familiarl, but few people stop to consider the great amount of effort required and the problems entailed in compiling such a publication. First the photog- rapher must take the pictures then the lay-outs must be planned and the copy must be writ- ten about what is and what isn't there. The book is finally sent to the printer and, in turn, to the bindery. Then the staff breathes a sigh of relief for a week or so. But there is more to do. Books must be sold, advertising bills col- lected, fees must be obtained from organiza- tions, and numerous other tasks performed be- fore we can say, "Here is your i953 Allegewi. was 6 -STU v 'Q' 'still- Q dll- ALLEGEWI STAFF-Seated, left to right: A. Williams, A. Elder, J. Walker, N. Long, C. Slemmer, J. Rice, S. Harman, B. Nicholls S. Smith, M. L. Stitely. Standing: L. Armentrout, P. Fallen, D. McDade, C. Smith, J. Summerfield, L. Spoerl, W. Wertz, A. Llewel lyn, D. Wilson, P. Fletcher. - , i at I jim dlcolu' '77'Z0mon The Alcohi Mirror staff spent its first few weeks puzzling over headlines, picas, cut lines, overlines, and a maze of iournalistic parapher- nalia. With a limited photographic budget, it never failed that when the managing editor wanted extra pictures-the sports, feature and news editors also needed extra pictures. So, troubles came and went and the Mirror went on amid late deadline nights, lost dum- my sheets, absent rulers, empty paste pots, too few black pencils, and never enough copy- paper. Yet, every two weeks, this splendid high school newspaper made its appearance. The student-body always found much of interest in every issue. Even ,many folks within the com- munity looked forward to its regular appear- ance. Allegany High School is proud of its bi- weekly newspaper-the Alcohi Mirror. P I ' 1 ". f-'4 4 - , 4 Seated: D. McDade, Managing Editor, B. Nicholls, Editor. Standing: J. Walker, Associate Editorg W. Jewell, Sports Editory A. Elder, Associate Editor, N. Sitter, Feature Editor. MIRROR STAFF-On floor, left to right: L. Agostine, C. Slemmer, T. Troxell, J. Bastian, J. Summerfield, J. Layman. Seated of table: N. Hager, K. Wiseman, J. Bennett, N. McGill, M. Krieder, R. Schade, S. Shuck, M. Hutcheson, A. Williams, B. Tyree. Standing: Miss Livesay, co-advisor, D. Burton, S. Harman, M. Liebrant, N. Grimes, E. Shearer, K. Duncan, R. Gerlach, B. Wilson, R. Markwood, S. Markwood, S. Liller, Miss Murray, co-advisor. SENIOR ART CLUB-Seated, left to right: B. Nicholls, D. Mulligan, J. Summerfield, M. Liebrant, D. McDade, N. Sitter, J Layman, S. DeVore, M. Luman. Standing, first row: C. Stouffer, D. Shanholtz, E. Shearer, J, Laber, S. Barham, A. Llewellyn, V. Reed, L. Shober, Y. McDermott, Y. Deremer, L. McCullough, J. Taylor. Second Row: B. Tyree, M. McDonald, W Mitchell, R. Martin, N. Smith, W. Duckworth, S. Hupp. sms asf gm The success of many school proiects, includ- ing dances, parties, campaigns, athletic contests, is largely due to the efforts of this group of ar- tists. By creating the publicity through posters, bulletin board displays, and showcase presenta- tions, the Senior Art Club has become one of Allegany's most valuable organizations-a true asset to the school. '11 Klub Under the capable guidance of Miss Betty Strawmire, these underclassmen learn the art of expressing themselves with their hands through arts and crafts. By studying the basic colors and the funda- mental designs in iunior high school, they become more qualified to engage in the advanced art proiects in the senior high school. lf you are artistically inclined, here is a club that will interest you. JUNIOR ART CLUB-Seated, left to right: C. Vose, C. Hevel, Miss Strawmire, advisor, R. Mitchell, C. Frith. Standing: First Row: C. DeBouck, K. Eiler, B. Gronback, E. Murphy, J. Runner, J. Pfeiffer. Second Row: A. Hagan, N. Close, S. Grow den, C. Zembower, S. Wagner, B. Ossip, S. Moulton, C. Runnion, R. Oliver. SPANISH CLUB-First Row, seated: K. Mauk, S. Harman, N. Kesecker, J. Hall. Second Row: M. McDonald, Y. Deremer, B. Stark E. Raley. Third Row: N. Long, R. Schade, .l. Bloom, K. Duncan. Fourth Row: H. Utterback, A. Williams, M. Liebrant, C. Smith Standing: Mrs. Rogers, advisor, J. Rice, E. Messick, B. Pariser, R. Markwood, C. Price, J. Peebles, M. Crawford, M. Hutcheson L. Spoerl, G. Alderton, R. Fisher. arubh Klub ? Habla Ud espanol??? lf so then you should be a member of the Spanish Club-the organization which requires its members to converse in Spanish at all its meetings, studies the customs and ways of Spanish speaking peoples and thoroughly enioys such activity. jnmch Klub Parley-vous francais? If you do, then the French Club should be of great interest to you. Here is found the opportunity to converse in French. Here also is the place to become familiar with French customs and to have a really good time. FRENCH CLUB-First Row: P. Hilaire, P. Fallen. Second Row: K. McGraw, C. Slemmer, W. Duckworth. Third Row: R. Welsh, R. Shue, E. Shearer. Fourth Row: D. Houck, N. Grimes, M. L. Stitely. Standing: L. Armentrout, Mr. Hull, advisor, J. Amoss, D. McD:Jde, M. Golclsworthy, A. Elder, N. Sitter, B. Nicholls. L ,,..: 4 my is is uuuu, ..?.,., , 3 W 1 J v if if uzubu in QEQZVI 1 -' "'I-,., A -.N , , ,,1. . QS' if Q " R if , Q: 0 N ' . 3 f,, T Lz. I v - 2 ,Q U Ai I, K V 1 sg V M , A - 3 vw 4 .:... ' - ,,A- , .N ..j..l'5 iw .. W HXHZ fy I A M 'PE L, , gg Q, A A 132 is if 322 f L W 5 xx S xi' i X ? 5 M if 1 ga xx X EE gg Q X K 3 5 w 551, 1 3 mv A M -ff ' 5 TWIRLING CLUB: Left to right-J. La ber, D. Young, M. Keller, R. Mollinari, M. Eaton, B. Robertson, S. Carroll, N. Twigg, C. Keller, N. Ruse, D. Baldwin, S. Dietz. CHEERLEADING CLUB: Seated - J Knepp, D. Blizzard, L. Wanless, P. Lewis, J. Wilt, R. Goad, K. Yarnall Standing-N. Johnson, C. Leasure, M. Eaton, J. Yergan, S. Alburtis, N. Con- ley, G. Wilson, S. DeVore, D. Lie- brant. Standing in front-W. Jewell Sue Shuck. CHEERLEADING CLUB: On knees-K. Wiseman, J. Cooper. Standing-D. Meagher. Seated-B. Price, S. Conrad, D. Clayton, J. Morton, P. Robertson, M. Conely. Standing: S. Hupp, J. Douty, J. Yutzy, N. Duncan, P. Hook, S. Stivers, D. Ludman, P. Burley. TWlRLlNG CLUB: Lett to right-G. Staf- ford, S. Long, C. Jenkins, W. Fansler, B. Arnold, J. Devine, C. Higgins, P. Fallen, director, H. Harmon, B. Weim- e.', H. Wanless, B. Raupach. 1 .7w191l01e KM The Twirling Club, organized for the purpose of training future band maiorettes, meets every week to study basic twirling techniques. This group of Junior High School girls, under the direction of Pat Fallen, senior band drum maiorette, learns to apply their written and oral instructions to their batons. Soon figure eights, wrist twirls, mixing bowls, and butterflies are mastered by their magic sticks. ghwaqamufq gm To prepare iunior and senior high girls for future positions as official cheerleaders is the aim of this club. Coached by the varsity cheerleaders, the members are taught the rudiments that later make precision cheerleading. As a reward for the constant drilling, a big day arrives when these newly taught cheerleaders substi- tute for the regulars. Here at last is found that real excitement of lead- ing cheers, of boosting morale, and of instilling spirit into a winning team. Sixty Nine Ki! vii sf? 2 B . ., ' ? nV w f b 5 5' 9 X K . fe" '31 ' -t .4 ' 'FU np 1,, . . f is ' , U L A K N 'I I S6 55522 : S732 I 'q IA V ,F 55: fl 'gigfifg ig ,fa gf: .' A ff i gl I ::'l'2 - f 1 ".:2 ' ' 'iw 31 W A 5? y X' L t , Xgip ,fir M M1 H if 3 . ..., . Q A 51 'Egg f Sp Q 1 .-ff ,, U vi fgiizi mf ,qkiu 5 , wc f - fvvmfwsx HI-Y MEMBERS-Seated, left to right: J. Tierney, C. Price, R. Roberts, F. R Storey, R. Shaffer, S. Smith, Schramn, W. Turner, R. Winterberg, R. Shue. Standing: N. Smith, F. Wart- zack, L. Spoerl, E. Andrews, R. Kirtley, R. Rieber, M. Sisk, J. Nave, D. Han- cox. Last Row: R. Wade, D. Grimes, P. Hilaire, R. Johnson, W. Bosley, J Hoffman, H. Utterback, A. Gehauf, Ml Yankelevitz. HI-Y OFFICERS-Seated: K. McGraw, president, D. Judy, vice-president Standing: C. Slemmer, secretary, B Beerman, chaplain, Mr. Lester, advisor, D. Walton, treasurer. TRI-Hl-Y OFFICERS-Seated: A. Elder, vice-president, M. Hutcheson, presi- dent, S. Harman, secretary. Standing K. Duncan, treasurer, M. Krieder, chap- lain. TRI-HI-Y MEMBERS-On floor: M. Maul ton, P. Dye, J. Bennett, J. Bastian, C Smith. Seated: D. McDade, P. Fallen M. McDonald, N. Kesecker, B. Price S. Shuck, B. Stark, J. Ridgely, J. Walk e.', J. Rice. Standing: R. Beal, P. Robert son, M. McGraw, J. Zimmerman, C. An drews, K. Wiseman, J. Platt, J. Peebles, R. Markwood. Last Row: A. De-Haven S. Kammauf, N. Grimes, N. Sitter, B Tyree, C. Smith, A. Williams, R tchade, B. Nicholls, M. Stitely, M Conley. Jim MLW The Hi-Y is an organization which forms an integral part of the school. This group of upperclassmen comprises one of the most active groups in Allegany High School. From the dates of initia- tions to the dates of graduations, these boys assume responsi- bilities and accomplish much to better the school. The real goals of the organization are to promote clean speech, clean scholar- ship, clean sportsmanship, and clean living. In the year's agenda, the club sells and ushers at all the home football games, holds an annual party, sponsors Loyalty Night and the White Christmas. Social activity is not neglected. The club annually iointly sponsors with the sister organization, the Tri-Hi-Y, one of the big dances of the year. In the spring comes the visit to Annapolis and participation in Maryland's Model Legislature. Jluz JMZJQZVJ Sponsoring a number of successful proiects during the year, these forty girls have proiected throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character thus fulfilling the purpose of Tri-Hi-Y. E Many activities are written on the schooI's slate by this group. Included on the serious side are the Little Sister Party, the White Thanksgiving, ushering at plays, and the monthly church attendance. On the lighter side are found the annual dance, parties, and the alumni and mother-daughter teas. In the bi-weekly meetings the club formulates its worth- while plans. Here also are presented monthly programs to develop proper character traits. Allegany High is mighty proud of this outstanding organi- zation of upperclass girls. Seventy One - Wm--ww.m y M er f I' P 4- 5 Ah .rl 4' W9' xQ' ,,, N ifWW"9""N A :wif ' w?f95"1W3't'4+N y , ai 5 .ff an 1- fm gg , y, Kg ik 4 V Al 352 in un. psy WM wwf? 'xx ,ag "'x if Uv . f f f 4 Q 2 ": Q . ..,,' 34 ,ggi Q Q uri 3 N Q X . ,w...,,NMm 1 v ' Q -. IT 1: 23 A Q , . as is gi! this x W Q' gf 5 , ' A xx If Q XLS 5 S I KL 3 is 'Zf' . ' xirlgw ' N i QA . I I K W 11: '-ff' S mf A 52, , 'Q XT? , ff' N .. 5: 1? 5. .LQ 3 w,....M , -it Q? g f , Z3 P af 2257 3 4, Him , Q V S5532 WW fm saw SENIOR CHORAL CLUB-First Row, left to right: N. Hager, D. Myers, l. Brant, M. Metz, J. Bennett, P. Dye, M. Krieder, J. Platt, C. Brant, C. Andrews.Second Row: L. Baker, J. Taylor, S. DeVore, F. Kaplon, M. Fisher, L. Broadbent, E. Beneman, D. Ludman, J. Bastian, S. Conrad, G. Gerbing. Third Row: L. McGettigan, B. Liakos, W. Kline, S. Keating, M. Yoder, B. Brewer, M. McGraw, M. Moulton, L. McCullough, P. Frith, S. Boden. rollicking rhythms, iovial ballads, and solemn an- thems in assembly and in many other appearances. The Octet, under the direction of Miss Willison, the Quartette, directed by Mr. O'Neill, and the Mu- settes, directed by Miss Willison, appeared before many of the local service clubs and other civic or- ganizations. The Choir, one of the .maior musical groups, un- der the direction of Miss Willison, won recognition by singing at the B. 8. O. Railroad Station at Christ- mas time, before various clubs, and at the Senior Sermon and Commencement. To be sure of replacements in all of the Senior groups, the Junior Band, the Junior Orchestra, the Junior Choral Club, the Junior Glee Club, and the Treble Clef Club worked diligently to master the fundamentals of group musical presentations and because of their efforts no lack of instrumental or vocal musicians is anticipated. All of the Senior organizations combined to pre- sent the Annual Spring Concert, which was widely acclaimed for its quality and over-all splendor. Not to be outdone, the Junior High groups offered their own Concert which also added to Allegany's fame. IE MUSETTES-W. Duckworth, J. La- THE OCTET-First Row: J. Rice, N. Long, THE QUARTETTE-First Row: J. Reckley lr, J. Bennett, P. Roberson, N. Grimes, J. Bloom, M. Moulton, M. Hutcheson. Second Row: D. Ayers, D. Hancox. Third Snyder N L n C Smith M. Second Row: B. Tierney, D. Ayers, L. Ar- Row: R. Dawson. 1 - 0 gf - 1 rldsworthy, accompanist, C. Deck. mentrout, B. Mills. r- gi aw! .X x J if Zig F 1 fa fx 4 ggi f f Q R N Q S353 QE' ff, .125 V I 'f 5 Q Sf se as Ar 3 N was , X . nj' if Y? Wg W 1- , I , 1-A Xmsw .A 'ww . .,- -W M, V ' ' Y 9 gf 152,13 . A ,vs NL L nn' M U M 'K -- as I vwfsfif - " v' A wwwzg k S Ax. 1. 3.1. if M. Q- M we THE JUNIOR BAND: First Row, left to ri ht R. E'ch N D' hl S. F g - I ner, . re , ram, R. Seitz, A. Strosnider, P. Nicodemus, F. Harvey, C. L lk I. - . . . . . . . annon nee lngl. Second Row A. Hagon, D. Knlppenberg, L. Norris, H. Hilaire, C. Wilson R Westerfleld R Chrlstner C. Mdngus, R. Morriott, C. Frith. Third Row-B. Bowie, D. Shearer, J. Fisher, G. Loy, A. Fisher, M., Brings, H. Wanless, E. Green' R. Judy, R. Millenson. Fourth Row-R. Paye, E. Storey, J. Lober, S. Fields, A. Emerick, G. Davis C Berndt W Rowley Hi Earmoy, R. Ogden, Mr. Syckes. Fifth Row-G. Moore, L. Shaffermon, W. Buchholtz, J. Scribner, J.IWioger, D. ,Fletcher, C. fem- bower, P, Shelton, J. Collins, R. Sills. TREBLE CLEF CLUB: First Row, left to right-D. Rutherford, M. Allison, J. Harper, J. Harmon, C. Myers, D. Humbertson, R. Crowe, C. Ransom, B. Taylor, B. DeHaven, C. Monk, S. Dietz, J. Zembower, G. Stafford, M. Beol, B. Bauer. Second Row-G. Bennett, J. Lilyo, S. Blizzard, D. Crabtree, D. Diehl, B. Arnold, J. Norris, C. Jarvis, C. Mathias, J. VanMeter, A. Nave, N. Schode, R. Wilson, C. Jenkins, S. Long, P. Wilson. Third Row-L. Jones, J. Ritchey, S. Smith, J. Smith, C. Yutzy, D. McKenzie, J. Billmyer, L. Schwalm, V. McCullough, V. Duckworth, B. Lease, M. Rosenmclrkle, S. Dye, J. Tierney, S. Wilson, E. Mitchell, Miss Dorothy Willison. Fourth Row-R. Carter, l. Hess, M. O'Horo, M. K ll B. C J D ' ' ' ' M. Naugle, G. Cobey, C. lser, L. Viands, C. Leslie. e er, over, . evme, C. Higgins, B. Yoder, D. Fuller, B. Weumer, 5225155 V5 MQQ 1 V 1 5, l . Q 5, 3 -5 -X if W XR My .E u 5, JUNIOR GLEE CLUB: First Row, left to right-G. Bastian, G. Williams, F. Wil- liams, C. Knotts, M. Johnson, F. Mor- tin, R. Love. Second Row-R. Eisentrout R. Walker, J. Deremer, J. Fretwell, M. Shaffer, T. Matlick, Mr. O'Neill, direc- tor. Third Row-D. Turley, J. Martin R. Peters, R. Breedlove, R. Horne, M Van Meter, P. Hasenburler, 1 1 JUNIOR CHSR XL CLUB: Top Circle, Seated-C. Runnion, B. Mann. Standing -2. Beck, E. Murphy, S. Growden. Top Rectangle, First Row-A. Atkinson, li. Eichner, M. Jolly, E. Webb, P. Smith, D. Haines, F. Harvey, P. Nicodemus, J. Yutzy. Second Row-C. Shaffer, S. Hatfield, M. Fisher, N. Twigg, M. Hoel- zer, K. Ort, S. Fram, A. Decker, L. Mir- kin, C. lseminger, J. McDonald, Miss Willison, director. Third Row-D. Vose, F. Bell, L. Petenbrink, J. McFadden, B. Robertson, M. Fry, C. Keller, G. Shoen- adel, E. Murray. Lower Rectangle, First Row-P. Phillips, E. Leasure, K. Grubb, D. Sheehe, P. Kerns, F. Zaks, J. Pfeiff- er, R. Layton, C. Lannon. Second Row -D. Robinson, B. Steinbaugh, B. Gron- bach, A. Hagen, B. Stein, E. Johnson, J. Wilt, P. Mulligan, B. Parsons, L. Wanless, J. Turley, S. Poole. Third Row -E. Monk, E. Price, V. Leasure, A. Wheeler, J. Slemmer, J. Day, C. Hersch, J. Wilt, Z. Simpson, M. Sweit- zer. Lower Circle: Seated-N. Close, K. Brewer. Standing-C. DeBouck, B. Ossip, J. O'Nec1l. JUNIOR GLEE MEN: First Row, left to right-R. Hodges, T. Keech, E. Roeder, G. Caswell, J. Mullen, J. Helmstetter, R. Bennett, C. Love, J. Wiant. Second Row-D. Price, E. Williams, R. Lan- caster, M. Johnson, W. Hardin, N. Phil- lips, J. Adams, S. Moulton, C. Loewn- dick, Mr. O'Neill, director. Third Row- R. Carr, R. Brokman, G. Davis, J. Cook, W. Lynch, J. Shuck, J. Ewald, J. Horch- ler, F. Thompson. Pep Meeting prior to the Turkey Day Game Rita Houck e s l to Joann Fisher. ls a copy of "Dear Old High School Familiar lines in the Cafeteria Seventy Nine '13 vm.-fs X A .49 -.X OFFICE ASSISTANTS: First Row, left to right-J. Corrigan, B. Liakos, P. Scarlett, J. Jayman, C. Deck, M. Wag- ner. Second Row-N. Grimes, C. Smith, L. Armentrout, J. Bloom, A. Stein, J. Peebles, E. Messick. HOSPITAL AIDES: First Row, left to right-Y. Deremer, G. Cook, D. Shanholtz, V. Warnick, M. Metz. Second Row-P. Funk, M. Doub, A. William, M. Hutcheson, A. Veach, D. Linaweaver. LIBRARY AIDES: First Row, left to right-A. Gibson, R. Mann, M. Judy, B. Bollinger, C. Sines. Second Row- R. Defibough, E. Crosten, V. Walker, D. Athey, E. Eiler, K. Wiseman. STAGE CREW: Arthur Wickard, Kenneth Ellsworth, Craig Fuller, Bruce Tierney, Earl Royce. PROJECTIONISTS: First Row, left to right-H. Utterback, L. Heavner, G. Dusch, D. Heavner, G. Poland. Second Row-J. Moore, R. Llewelyn, R. Hard- man. Third Row-W. McKenzie, J. Blunk. CAFETERIA GUIDES AND CASHIERS: First Row, left to right-D. Short, S. Messman, C. Deck, R. Gerlach, M. Wagner, D. Randall. Second Row-C. Smith, R. Twigg, W. Kline, D. Bean, C. Jewell. TEACHERS' SECRETARIES: First Row, left to right-J. Johnson, C. Deck, S. Messman, S. Markwood, B. Bollinger. Second Row-S. Young, A. Wagner, G. Ward. Eighty One 5 , li 3 1 4: H? QQ' Ag, 5:2 357 ?5'r?. x au 1 I -, 3 m K . Fil B23 c 51 cf f fu ,Tk 5.545 . Y '- 1 , ff :Tum QL F: A .EH 113: -1, 3,- af-Vg. ws, 243 E1 - I EJ:- 1 4, ?'fl. if? T Ea, , Ii " if 53 SZ.-, 3 2K x. V 3 xi W: BT 'W-1 --e Q Us I C ' : K - 1 is 4.-.A f 4 - fn, ' , J - W, , , --y t. - .W 1 1- Agua' iff. ,:g.,A3,,, -- L :fx '53, 5, M. - ,te ',f-V444 Y , Ar ,L X-. vw , - :wg rw V-,e.,:- v zw g-Q, . wifi? P ' 3' r ,I , if' ',. ' f f n3.w.,U.3g,L , ,-F A , . gf .. ,, -gay 1 . , . 1 a - L,-' 4g,.:gxf vifup fs- wi- I f. ., . , ,, -A . .- ,iv i,gi,,. ,gm Q f' ff ' f,,-525 151 R if f ' -f ' -- .Af-Q" 41- bEHf'15" - f-1 W' "'5 .if12'x'4 A "H-1'r'f'?f1i' h -- fy Wi' , 5 2' .g , f 1 mm 7:3-:gh Vg,-M -f 1 f- ' 1 as -24,1 J , , -" ' 3 M Q 'Y kv . ,. 4. f f- Q , 5 V. A, i f , 2 . . w fx wx 2 'fe ' - lag- .N ai, we' -A f, 1 5- f . - P ' Q e H Q1 K, f -1 A 'iw g 5. wp, x 354-35'-QJIX --,Lge 5aM.-- fp X H L 3 1 ,IH - w 1 P 3 M t ' 'Q ii K" ' " , 3, ff. 'I' 1. fa, - ' A ,Q Y A 3 1 L ,X ,I , f fi X ff 'V m "5'g3f'wi5fz',X , k L 2 S K Www sf X E s an .gf . y ,Y Q K M , , M . b w .mf .wx wr N. A 1 Q l Q Q l l Q l Q 1 l l l l Q l l l Q l xl KKK K X Q KKK HKKKKXXXXKXX Yllllllllllllllll pnnuf FIIUTB LI. THE RECORD 2 Opponent We They 1' Ridgeley 81 O Patterson Park 0 26 'Beall 13 7 Hagerstown 0 7 Keyser 24 0 Montgomery-Blair 20 19 Martinsburg 16 0 La Salle 7 19 Elkins 14 14 Fort Hill 13 37 THE GAMES JDM! Hmm-H Riot Coach Roy Lester's Allegany High Campers chalked up a new scoring record at the Fort Hill Stadium as they steamrolled over the Ridge- ley Blackhawks, 81-O. Allegany couldn't make a mistake as twelve touchdowns were racked up against the invaders. Eirich, Rice, and Robinson each tallied two markers and Horton, Kirtley, Puhalla, Yankele- vitz, Lowery, and Wartzack accounted for single touchdowns. Bob Smith added five points by kicking and Rank successfully kicked four more points from placement. The game was a riot. THE SQUAD-First Row, left to right-Assistant Coach Hosack,K. McGraw, D. Walton, J. Hoffman, J. Nave, D. Rank, C. Eirich, N. Campbell, E. Wisler, R. Shaffer, W. Bosley, Coach Lester. Second Row-L. Weller, A. Haines, R. Smith, E. Joyce, H. Hixenbaugh, F. Wartzack, R. Breedlove, B. Beerman, R. Rieber, V. Lowery, H. Gaither. Third Row-E. Timmons, R. Johnson, J. Jacobson, M. Yankelevitz, E. Royle, D. Rice, G. Reynolds, E. Goldman, K. Smith, D. Puhalla, M. Sisk. in f ' . -, 'r -A .. i . an . -1 -.I n . .,.. 't .,,. '4 1 I f -. f Q . 5 M... r f . .'.- 1 . -1 1 'li 2 . ' x' i ' ' .lzl '. 1 K A bi in lv -kt 1: 1 4.1 jon Blah and Jambwmllv With Bish and Tamburello sharing the honors, Patterson Park High School easily defeated Allegany in the big Ruth Stadium in Baltimore by a score of 26-O. Allegany played a good game throughout the contest but proved no match for the Baltimore boys who were, by far, more rugged and more ex- perienced. The large group of fans that made the trip to Maryland's largest City to witness the game was in- dicative of the fine support back of the team. a gm nf Jammu Allegany barely topped the Beall High Moun- COACH ROY LESTER taineers, l3-7, in a contest which definitely showed Unexpected power in the Froslburgers' Dick Rank contributed seven points and Dave Walton added six markers to the total. Allegany seemed to have lost much of its ag- gressiveness and appeared to be plagued with a bad case of fumbleitis. Hnofhm .Inu Hagerstown High defeated Allegany by a score of 7-0. The Hubs and Campers battled on even terms throughout the first half, both clubs gaining heavily near the ,middle of the field, but not being able to penetrate the double chalk line for a score. Hagerstown broke the ice in the fourth quarter when, after a gamble the Campers with fourth down and a yard to go on their own 24, they failed. The Hubs took advantage of the break and, after a series of plays sent Bowman over from the ASSISTANT COACH JIM HOSACK three for the lone TD of the game. Eighty Five Fw 5 f A,-1' '51 ffm ff Q 65, -Q li ' . .Arg -S' 9' 2 f xg M x -4. I , VN N 2 Y' f ,AM 1' 'Ja .E F1 rfb 5 viii' 312113277 wa, if . ,ff IM Er k K' -s R 1 Q 4 a if S?- 5. .an N , A QM A , ...P 1 1 X R371 K . R , , ' W 5 5 S. A Q i TS f k 4 A 1 i , 'rv 2 a X .Mu-bw KPYW X '25, 1 v 1 N .X 8. K 4.5 Q A v V' .1l.Y.,., ' f . 1 .1 5:5 Q' Q , Qf -.., 2 f sim A A is 3' Q4 Q 5 K M- ,J ,... , M I wily -if wr wwf. M Q e F' a -QQ R, , . if as I cg ' r -yfsx v' .1 1 .TN ws- ? -,sr ,w Q , . ..,, , ' ws-W Mfwwva M15 A i AQ in mf ffff W Q Y K Rf L , rglsxgggk 144, .ww Q, 5 I ? .. .A Wm X x x Qfjgw? - L GM J., E h xtv. , x '--' fa M diff- 7, 3 " f KEY, ' V ---- , " ' 1' V' .TF I. . . V X X. 1, rf' l..K,fq,5E?,tWmx?z Q Q ,..., K KQSS5-gxffgigsxifg J, . ,Mx 'wiv J Q f Q XSQLQTT N -"'f? 'f" i s Jwflfw 0411 A valiant attempt by the Campers to end Fort Hill's Thanksgiving Day football suprem- acy ended in bitter frustration as the warriors of Bill Hahn, scoring in every period, smacked to a record-breaking 37-13 victory. Almost 9,000 fans braved overcast skies to witness the contest, fully expecting a ding- dong battle. Instead they saw a devastating attack which all but ran the Alcomen out of the stadium. E f A part of the Alco crowd in the stadium McVicker carries the leather Andrews is stopped by Elrich Beverly Wilson, the Football Queen Opposing cheerleaders gather round Karen Matlick, the Allegany mascot, to smoke the traditional peace pipe. Point-making stars of the game were Fort Hill's halfbacks, Hull and McVicker, each of whom scored two touchdowns. The other Sen- tinel scores were made by Bittner and Alderton. Farris was successful with only one kick from placement in the extra-point tries. AIlegany's two touchdowns were made by Wartzack and Elrich. Rank kicked one ex- tra point. Experts claim that Alco's defeat was most- ly due to unsatisfactory defense. W -if f 105 .f x 'f Lg fy, 5, fs, r RA Ei -44 java? 75 Z 34 :je 6 "5 1? eff, t fx? A ' Mi: ,us -N m , X 81. 9 84 rg, K ff., ,gg fxfw, F, , Rf ff! 7 9 9 ,J T ' 96, , is-f?9lsf83f9HfQ12Q9YA.23.,g:4,i95 , p 'Y , xy FQ, v NE, .., G ff VI: lf? , ?Q1ssLf 59'?'es ,Sufi ,L-f94,,Lig2gi5 Q 751 mf H' ' 5 w A fi .. v ,.A N . g f E s t Nauru: wsfx W Ni NS Si? Si? H! Q33 WS S!! was ww nn fix in lil ill llsl 1 Stix ga iss gs: its gp... .., -! ' Q wb 9 ig! tfiaii NfE.4-Sf. is if, , A - ' 5 X I' Q V b' 1 Y 2"' - ':" .," 4 i ' .A , M 53 g i iihb Q- A , A im X ASM? X W x A f -f 1' U 1,19 X ,ag ,ww vc' M wg 16. Q ' fm . :gc gA3ff'i 2 'M . ,Q ASM: '.1.,.i-ggiiglkge-svfi Vx ' IKKKX' BILSHETB LL f THE RECORD 4 Opponent We They 4 Piedmont 54 51 Somerset 71 52 4 Alumni 6I 57 ' Keyser 72 49 LaSalla 51 56 I Westmont 60 75 4 Ridgeley 67 42 Barton 71 34 f Beall 73 52 4 Central 59 54 Bruce 65 5'I Q Fort Hill 61 42 , Keyser 65 44 LaSalle 50 46 , Ridgeley 72 48 , Barton 79 52 Beall 79 66 f Central 57 45 f Bruce 75 79 .17 Fort Hill 62 49 ' Westmont 56 58 Tlllllllllll 1' STATE TOURNAMENT lllll Illl 4 Frederick 87 61 W. M. I. CHAMPIONS - CLASS A Hagerstown 79 66 CITY CHAMPS Wicomico 61 46 COUNTY CHAMPS Montgomery-Blair 57 60 5 Call 9 By a 54-51 score AIco's Bowersmen edged out the stanza, the Lions cut the margin to 42-33 and forged slightly favored Piedmont Lions on the latter's court. ahead with iust three minutes to play. But the Campers Allegany, the defending W. M. I. and City Cham- came back strongly to win the opener in the last 40 sec- pions, got off to a 2l-7 lead in the first quarter and onds of the game. held a 33-I6 advantage at intermission. During the third Dave Steele led Alco's scoring attack. THE SQUAD-First Row, left to right: D. Judy, R. Rank, J. Hoffman, D. Steele, W. Turner, H. Howe, H. Hixenbaugh. Second Row: R. Smith, Manager, D. Walton, R. Rieber, D. Herboldsheimer, W. Bosley, R. Kirtley, Coach Bowers. I an EASY VICTORY The Campers served notice that they again will be one of the top-notch teams in the area as they downed Somerset, 71-52. The Bowersmen cut the cords for 31 field goals in marking up this easy triumph. ALCO DEFEATS ALUMNI The Campers again proved their mettle under pressure as they scored a thrilling 61-57 victory over a star-studded Alumni quint. Alco built up a 38-18 lead early in the third period and then Ronnie Sisk directed the grads in a whirlwind rally that saw the score reach 46-44 with the Alumni on the short end. Allegany had the stamina to win going away. A MOST IMPRESSIVE VICTORY The undefeated Campers rolled to their fourth con- secutive victory by taking Keyser's Golden Tornado by the convincing score of 72-49. The Alco quint sank 22 shots from the floor and made good on 28 of 38 foul shots to run up the highest score of the current campaign. IRISHMEN ARE VICTORIOUS Displaying unusual courage and determination through- out tlte contest, the La Salle Explorers defeated the pre- viously unbeaten Campers, 56-51, on the Campobello Court. Jim Hoffman was AIco's star in making 8 field goals in 15 attempts. The La Salle defense proved too much for all the other members of the squad. LOSING NUMBER TWO The Campers were unable to cope with a fast- breaking, hot-shooting basketball team at Westmont High and, as a result, dropped a 75-60 decision to the Hill- toppers at Johnstown. Westmont utilizing the iump shot with great success, led Allegany by 10 points at the end of the first and second quarters, although the Campers spurted late in the third stanza to narrow the margin to 7. Westmont caught fire in the final frame to win with ease. BACK ON THE BEAM Allegany defeated the Ridgeley Blackhawks, 67-42, on the West Virginia Court. Dave Steele led the Camp- ers with 13 points and Bill Turner and Jim Hoffman followed closely behind with 12 and 10 markers re- spectively. Alco led the West Virginians throughout the contest and twelve members of the Alco aggregation saw action in the runaway. TAKING AN EASY ONE Opening the W. M. I. League campaign, the Camp- ers walked over Barton, 71-34. Alco got off on the right foot in downing the Braves. The Blue and White caged 29 goals and bombarded the nets for 32 points in the final period to breeze home with the victory. Dick Rank was the star as he pitched in 13 markers for the Campers. A REAL TRIUMPH Entering the contest as the underdog, Allegany dis- played true championship form, which is so typical of Bowers Coached teams, as they defeated the Mighty Beall, 73-52. During the first half both teams fought on even terms, but midway in the third period the Campers broke loose in a frenzied scoring spree to put the game on ice. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Running into tough competition, Allegany emerged from a vicious contest with Central at Lonaconing by a 59-54 score. The Tigers, noted for their speedy ball handling, kept close behind the Bowersmen throughout the game. Turner, Rank and Steele kept Allegany ahead with their sharp-shooting as Turner hit for 14 points and Rank and Steele each added 13 tallies to the total. BLASTING THE TIMES' RATINGS The Campers continued their quest for the W. M. I. League title by defeating Bruce High, 65-51. Bruce came to Cumberland with a perfect record and the top place in the Evening Times' ratings only to go down to defeat at the hands of Alco. The game opened with a tightened form of play and at the end of the first quarter the score was knotted at 11-11. With Turner setting the pace, Alco soon began to pull ahead and at the half-time the score was 31-20. Coach Walter L. lBilIl Bowers The second half was controlled by Allegany as Turner and Hoffman proved to be the big guns of the en- counter. THE CAMPERS VS. THE SENTINELS Lanky Dave Steele paced an aroused Camper cage machine to an overwhelming 61-42 victory over Fort Hill before a full house in the Sentinel gymnasium. The big fellow poured 22 points through the hoops in a one man scoring show. He connected on 10 of 13 shots. Supporting Steele's efforts were Turner with 13 markers and Hoffman with 12. THE FREE-WHEELING EXPRESS AIlegany's free-wheeling express cut through Keyser High with machine-like precision in an explosive second half to send the Golden Tornado reeling, 65-44. The Campers' shooting whiz-kids broke away from a tense first half to defeat Keyser and sweep the season's series. SWEET REVENGE LaSalle pulled out all the stops in a frantic attempt to get back into the city basketball picture, but Allegany, reeling throughout from the velocity of the attack, climbed into a tie with Fort Hill with a 50-46 victory over the Explorers. DOWNING THE BLACKHAWKS The Campers marked up their ninth straight victory by defeating Ridgeley, 72-48. The final score made it look like an easy triumph but it was far from tl1at. Alco lacked the smoothness evident in the previous games. DOWN GO THE BRAVES The Campers took another stride towards the W. M. I. League basketball pennant when they smothered the Barton Braves, 79-52. Alco was held to a 17-10 quartertime lead and led by only 9 points at intermission. However, the team began to click in championship style in the third quarter when Alco outscored the Braves 28-12 to turn the game into a riot. HOFFMAN STARS Showing an aggressive offensive splurge by Jim Hoff- man, Allegany topped Beall, 79-66 on the Mountaineers' Court. Hoffman gave an exhibition of outstanding shooting as he tallied 26 points and Steele followed his example by hitting for 17 markers. gg in gif ,..., X. x . .az-, -'sf .: . i f 37'A2 ii' 5 -: ,. Nik., "' Q. 1-i :K ,, as , ..:,- 5 Q i so , A 4.4 4' sf--""i""Mx 35 fsf4'iQ,?1 Y' mm.- Ls Q X QQ Q ' Ya 1 . X fn QE N... Kiki? 4 -Y., Rf' sf an f5Qan.,. Xi- Q- Hs., SEB LL Olllllllllllllllllllfll NIXIYYXXYKHXXSINXXXXXXX Defeating Fort Hill cmd La Salle twice during the 1952 seaason brought the City Championship in baseball to Allegany. Two great pitchers, Ronnie Sisk and Harry McFar- land, impressive hitters, "Brindle" Long and "Deb" Peyton, an out-standing catcher, Junior Eversole, alert infielders, "Russ" Robertson, Bob Kirtley, and Dick Widdows, terrific outfielders, Peyton, Hook and George were the nucleus of the big Alco team. Opening the season at Mercersburg, the Rad- cliffe nine got off to a bad start by dropping the opener to the Academy, l2-7. Returning home, the Campers played host to "MIGHTY BEALL HlGH" with the ace of all the league pitchers, Arnone, on the mound. Much to the surprise of all, Ronnie Sisk proved iust as effective in the pitching role as did Arnone, Undaunted by all the rave notices given to Arnone, Sisk pitched a magnificent game and, with the help of his team- mates in the hitting and fielding areas, was able to emerge the winner in an exciting and close contest. This final score was 5-4. The next opponent was Hyndman. With morale at a new high because of the victory over Beall, Alco, with Sisk on the mound, and Long and Peyton doing most of the hitting, was able to crush the Pennsyl- vanians by a score of 7-3. Ninety Six llllllllllllllllllllllg '4 4 4 4 5 I 5 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 5 I 5 I Opponent Mercersburg Beall Hyndman Central La Salle Fort Hill Beall Hyndman Bruce La Salle Central Flintstone Fort Hill THE RECORD We They 7 l 2 5 4 7 3 l 4 4 2 8 2 3 5 2 3 l 8 l 4 2 2 6 4 0 l 2 7 COACH J. HUBERT RADCLlFFE Second loss of the season came when Central High of Lonaconing handed Alco a 4-l defeat. Allegany soon regained the winning way as Sisk and McFarland teamed up in the pitching role to hand the La Salle Explorers a 4-2 defeat. The important Fort Hill game arrived and Sisk went the entire route to emerge victor in an 8-2 game. Again facing the Beall nine, Sisk failed to main- tain his winning form and lost to Arnone and the Mountaineers by a csore of 5-3. The eighth game and the third loss went into the records as defeated Alco, 7-l. the Sentinels, 12-7. With this victory came the City Championship. Looking over the season's records and giving some thought to the whole campaign, one is lead to say that, as a whole, the campaign should be con- sidered as a successful one. Winning the City Cham- pionship should make any season a success. lil Sisk and Clinedinst were two of the mainstays on the mound. C25 Frank Young is engaged in batting practice with Eversole, catching. l3i Long covers second as Robertson reaches the base with a slide. Attempting to get back on the winning beam, Alco strived to win over Bruce. Numerous squabbles in- terfered with the contest, and Bruce walked away with the game, 8-l. Another City contest came next on the schedule and McFarland and Sisk pitched Alco to victory over La Salle, I4-2. Long and Peyton again shared the batting honors for the Campers. Central came next and, to the surprise of all, defeated Allegany by a 6-2 score. Alco rushed back into the winner's circle by white-washing Flint- stone, 4-0. Tl-e season ended at Campobello with the arch rivals Alco vs. Fort Hill. Allegany easily defeated h,..R, Bruce, 50' NY VARSITY-First 0 f E, Wadi, F. gfgsglsig O . BOY, G' Long' pe gon, J. Turner, L. Rice, 32:9 LY Eversole R W left to F59 ALLEGA W Cook, F, Clenedinstf- R. Dawson, D' Ywiddowsl R, Lease, R ,,,,Hok,R' 1d,R- g?wEri::h, 3. Robertson, H- MCFM on E jones, Manager' . George, B. Price, 5 Q lm Nancy Wilson attempts a shot as Bev Wilson guards. Eleanor Van Meter and Betty Tyree await the rebound. Diane Wilson hits a fast one over the net in volleyball. ,, ,Q Elizabeth Waidelich advisor and coach o 1 g dzmouhtabn A new organization instituted at Allegany last year and continuing to function this year is the Girls' Athletic Association. lt came into being with the elimination of girls' competition in intra-scholastic sports, which was aban- doned for the second time in 1951. The purpose of this organization is to spon- sor a very extensive intra-mural sports pro- gram for girls in grades nine through twelve. Under the guidance and supervision of Miss Elizabeth Waidelich, the girls are striving to build healthier bodies by participating in a well-planned athletic program. Competition is fostered in the group by self-organized teams engaging in various tour- naments such as: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, softball, bowling, and shuffle board. To add color to the cheering section on Turkey Day and to develop school spirit, the G. A. A. made blue and white crepe paper "shakers" and sold them at the game. THE MEMBERS: SITTING: left to right-C. Brant, D. Clayton, S. Page, J. McMillen, G. A. Long, N. Deal, B. Myers, S. Stiver, J. Bennett. SECOND ROW: J. Layman, R. Beal, G. Wilson, L. Canfield, M. Miller, E. Eiler, B. Kave, M. J. Knieriem. THIRD ROW: D. Smith, F. Emerson, F. Kaplan, D. Miller, L. McCollough, L. Shober, D. Buday, M. Frith, J. Wilson, S. DeVore. TH Eli As Spring returned to Campobello, the Allegany Track Squad, under the guidance of Eugene "Jake" Hopkins, hopefully began preparations for a tough season. With student support at a very low mark, the Alco tracksters seemed to lack the necessary spark needed for a winning aggregation. A dual meet with Beall High, scheduled as the opening contest, was cancelled due to bad weather. Without any real practice or the test of actual competition, the Alco thinclads traveled to College Park to participate in the annual University of Mary- land Meet against the other Class A County High Schools of Maryland. The Campers found that they lacked an outstanding "'Star" to lead them in the running events and consequently the competition from the other schools proved to be too great for Allegany. Alco did not score. Defeating two schools in the Fort Hill Invitational, the Alco thinclads experienced the most successful meet of the season as they gained a second place by tallying 33 points. Fort Hill easily won with l28 points and Frederick and Beall placed 3rd and 4th respectively. .l. Sxemmeff . h1,C,. 0 Never lefl' lo rlgwqfllcck' Jbell, - i ROW' nz, F' N. Comp wiv' UAD,FirsJ Yqnlselev ond Row' n G. M0ll'nove' RSKTY SQ nhvm' 'cwv Sec 1 W"9" 'R we uck VA le - C- L"R'ebef.fR' G. iuehl' ii. Euston' A. Delta CQ, Reck mon, R. I Gexger, WOW,-,nf Seaman, H. Unema H . . . . ?lixer?baughk.RMCGfaw,iljnemeyi 'B G. Kline. Bofdefi A jones, J. Runfte ' J. - - r M ner, iqelle , vi' pkiailicktlilzilioines. w. Gem three years, the Campers re- After a lapse of newed competition in the Maryland State Meet. This held at McDonough Military score in any event, the Alco year, the meet was Academy. Failing to representatives watched their rivals from Fort Hill walk away with first place honors. Following the State Meet, the Alcoites engaged in the Allegany County Meet. When the scores were all tallied, Alco was a bit surprised to learn that Beall High had finished second with a total of 32 markers compared to Alco's 31. ill R. Matlick makes the high-lump with ease. C2l Coach "Jake" Hopkins. l3l J. Nave, G. Horton, and J. Yankelevitz practise for the relays. IJ I -L Y -una -f N --f-- X.....-.Q-.-.xxxxxxf ..nxkxxxxX , 1 x X, k N Ku N X X ' x N V XX N N N s X r wx - N X . NX " ' u x N . N K , X . w X K R 1 , X . X N , . X . X i 1 I X . x N N , N . X mx p N 'N ' X x x x ' X , x N x X X . X X X' . x x ' x .-. ,... ...... J f X f N f A , A - - ,X X- .X V. w x R xx s . f . N . . . x . , . - N ' . , N , . . N Q . 4 s - W 3 'hi' Y'XX2W k'X 'X" h x,,- ,.,,,.,,,,,., ,,,,, , ,,,, One Hundred l f' f W K ff f , M N ' ' x , A , x ' . 4 - X 1 1 ' N ' , ' . f X ' . 1 . . X W . X r 1 1 X V ' X . x X V , X ' X 4 X V , . X x X , 1 - f--- W x','kxxxxx xxx-vxxxxx Xxxxxx-'vxxff x f x X xx J 'X Nf N W Lxxxxxxxxxxxx, ' 4 x x . , , x X x , A - x x x . ' ' X -. , X . x ' Q , N 1 . X I x ' - N 5 . x . N - N , . w A ' ' X - . Y ....,, , . , X 1 ' '. VK x xx X X X X KX X xx Wx X X ' x x .x x x , X x x 2 x 1 X l -'f VN V.Yx,x X xx Sv X XXX SX Qfxxkxk "X , X XX x XX QSRQX 'sxkx . x .x xx X. X One HUHd1 ed One ADELE WILLIAMS Faculty Division Editor NANCY LONG Music Editor BARBARA NICHOLLS Art Editor SAMUEL SMITH Circulation Manager Assistants Leon Armentrout Janet Bloom Patricia Fallen Donald Judy Dorothy McDade Ralph Shaffer Ray Shue Carolyn Smith Janet Summerfield Nancy Wilson Engravers Petersburg Engraving Service Petersburg, Va. jim BARBARA STARK Editor SUE SHUCK Assistant to the Editor JOANN WALKER Senior Division Editor JOAN RICE Class Division Editor MARY LINNE STITELY Business Manager X. Sfllp Sv 1'-5. I P .1 IIZI 4 Q 6:93 Nos A 5 5 M' Photographers Goldfine Studio Triplett Studio Keith Sisk Cover Manufacturers S. K. Smith Co. Chicago, Ill. One Hundred Two ANNE ELDER Organization Division Editor CARL SLEMMER Sports Editor SUE HARMAN Photographic Editor G. LOUIS SPOERL Advertising Manager Assistants Wilda Jewell Mary Liebrant Richard Roberts Carolyn Smith Copywriters Ann Llewelyn Diane Wilson Printers Weigel 8g Barber, Inc. Johnstown, Pa. HARVEY'S JEWELRY ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS I 1Q9Z'7f1'+f. l .X IL ,w,,,., -13. Fx f K- . . , S-Sffig -A ' 'S'7.1f A S3 W , X 2125 Sz ' X "'fk31,5.,1' O HddTh James S11-aw'S Musical Headquarters Esso Servtcenter Syckes Music Store LA VALE 22 North Centre Street Phone 5130 R. F. D. No. 1 Cumberland, Md. Phone 6289 MacGregor - Goldsmith Sports Equipment +o+ OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS +O+ T H E WILSON HARDWARE COMPANY 30 North Mechanic Street In Cumberland C b 1 d k Almost Everybody Wears um er an ca' Shoes from and Sllif S1016 Webb's Shoe Store o+o Fine Shoes for Men 62 Women 72-75 N. Centre St. Phone 4808 48 to 58 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Md. One Hundred Four COM PLIM EN TS and CONTINUED SUCCESS FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Cumberland Aerie - No. 245 More than 3,500 Members 65 North Mechanic Street Phone 3436 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND FURNITURE APPLIANCES RUGS PAINTS Phone 70 46 Baltimore Street HOUSEWARES BEDDING DRAPES One Hundred F Ma5Y!.?'.E.'3..Ef.?'..?:3?0P Joseph Uifiefi Maryland Nut TAILUR 23? iigme "Tailored to Your Measure" Home-made Ice Cream and O+O Candy Cumberland Maryland 115 North Centre Street C. Gm L. Welding Supplies Linde Oxygen and Acetylene Pyroiax Bottled Gas O McMullen Highway Q P. O. Box 1345 Cumberland, Md. .l. W. CLOSE C. A. LILLER C b l d Headquarters . um er an for 'The Emporium HOUSEHOLD GOODS Groceries SPORTING GOODS , d Soda Fountain an Sinclair Gasoline PARTY FAVORS Hill's Toy Store LaVale Maryland One Hundred Six SlSK'S SERVICE STATION Gulf Gas and Oils 1601 Bedford Street Phone 6252 CUMPLIMENTS OF THE CUMBERLAND BREWING COMPANY U North Centre Street Cumberland, Md. INSURANCE or ALL KINDS BARNES 8: BARNARD R E Y N O L D ' S Compliments Cigar Store of we Rinker's Esso 17 South cent,-2 St,-at Servicenter Cumberland Maytag Appliance Center Graduation Gifts Nationally Famous WATCHES - DIAMONDS Your Maytag Dealer SILVERWARE 31-35 N. Mechanic Street ' H ' y 9 L Phone 2612 -L JEWELRY STORE Cumberland Maryland lllI" .llll Ben M. Kamens George L. Kline It Pays to Cross Town Compliments of CITY CLEANERS t AND DYERS o the . , 107 Frederick St. Phone 3856 Kline Furniture d Com an an P Y SOUTH END Phone 3708 CLEANERS AND DYERS 405.413 Virginia Avenue 219 Virginia Ave. Phone 3248 M. D. REINHART AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Hfor over 50 yearsl' Liberty Trust Building Phone 1896 One Hundred Eight CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS 0F 1953 J 0 1 N THE ALLEGANY CAMPER CLUB AND KEEP IN TOUCH with YOUR SCHOOL'S ACTIVITIES O H N Compliments and of the SUNDAY 'TIMES Crystal Drive-In 'Theatre THE CUMBERLAND . Bowlrng Green NEWS Grocery D. S. Keifer, Proprietor Glo Meats - Frozen Foods Produce Complete Sports Coverage F' D, No' 6 Bowling Green Headquarters for General Electric Appliances Cumberland Electric Company Cor. Virginia Ave. and Second St. Phone 619 Cumberland Welding 8: Supply Company Electric and Acetylene Welding and Cutting S. C. TWIGG 192 Wineow St. Phone 4714 Cumberland, Md, One Hu ndred Ten We Give Expert Service On All Makes of CARS and TRUCKS QU P EQ NF A EILER CHEVRULET, INC. 219 N. Mechanic Street Phone 143 COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDSMIT - BLACK, INC. WHOLESALE ONLY Coniections Cigars Telephone 111 13 Williams Stre t Congratulations Seniors: T.. by X X 8 Greene A Big Asset To Your Future ffl Q SUCH Is Being Well Dressed Phone ' xX Ask the man who knows, 5264 When you wear Timely Clothes, You'll look your best ...,1... And be well dressed. K A P L O N ' S YOUNG MEN'S SHOP 115 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND OPTICIANS Al Tosh, Manager ' ' URINK Q if nl' M 5- JE ' -- +O+ Cqt ads Buss chool 171 Baltimor berland.Hd. +o+ One Hundred Twelve COMPLIMENTS OF T H E CUMBERLAND CONTRACTING COMPANY +o+ Cumberland Maryland When you think of FURNITURE, CARPETS, PIANOS, AND APPLIANCES, think of MILLEN SON FURNITURE CO. 317 Virginia Avenue Cumberland Maryland Free Parking Across the Street from Our Store O HddTht McElfish Paint and Body Shop WE TAKE THE DENTS OUT OF ACCIDENTS 209 Henderson Avenue Phone 804 Kelly Kelly Tires Tires RIDE WORRY FREE ON KELLYS KELLY TIRE SERVICE 119 S. Mechanic Street Telephone 300 Cumberland? Own Tire and Battery Headquarters Phone 6768 Res. 472 Conlon Insurance and Travel Agency :Em We Write Every Form of Protection First National Bank Bldg. Cumberland Maryland One Hundred Fourtee FINE QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS are nowhere more essential than in the high school annual. Consistently good photographs has been a primary reason for the selection of our studio as the photographers for the Allegewi for many years. The Goldfine Studio offers the conscien- tious yearbook staff the finest in quality, service and workmanship. Cooperation with the staff comes first in our plan for yearbook photography, EIJLDFI E STUDIES One Hundred Fifteen IIHUIIIT' EIHIEH, Class nf '53 Says FOR STRENGTH AND STAMINA-FOR ANY POSITION ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM DRINK FARMERS' DAIRY HOMQGENIZED AND PASTEURIZED MILK Phone 311 Curtis Cox, Manage Royal - World's No. 1 Portable Only Portable With "Magic Margin" Easiest Writing Portable Ever Built . Ha.-7..' N A ' Qlf-"YN -A' ,,lNl - XD LANDIS TYPEWRITER CO. 115 Frederick Street The Travelers Modern Accident Policy for Students S1000 for Accidental Death-Up to S500 for Do-ctors, Nurses and Hospital Fees Annual Cost 516.70 Albert H. Macy, Agent 'Traveler's Insurance Company 14 Greene St. Phone 1430 F R A N T Z HOME BAKERY Cumberland Maryland 510 North Centre Street Reliable Service for Over 20 Years Cumberland Maryland Monarch Printing , C s C H A D E s OITIPBIIY 116 Frederick Street Cumberland Maryland Printing Engraving Steel Die Embossing Corner of SERVICE , ALWAYS Valley and Mechanic Streets Picture Framing Phone 500 Greeting Cards The Post Card Shop 25 N. Centre Street Phone 3958 Cumberland Maryland Stationery and 'Gifts One Hundred Seventec 1 . 3 :. 503672 K E m uff CQCUUEKDEQEDULS GUQQUSCQ THE DINGLE CUMBERLAND, MD. PHONE 225 J + COMPLIMENTS OF GEoRG.E's CREEK COAL COMPANY, INC. +O+ SPOERL'S GARAGE SERVICE DEPARTMENT 28 North George Street Cadillac and Pontiac id SALES DEPARTMENT 205 North Mechanic Street PHONE 307 Grads and Undergrads: We can't begin to expect this small space to contain all the best wishes that we extend to the students and the alumni of Allegany High School. As a matter of fact, we pondered the con- tents of our message for many, many moments in a sincere effort to say what we want and to not be repetitious. We wish you Good Luck and remind you . . . Luck is the reward of hard work. We consider it an honor to know you, a privilege to serve you, and a pleasure to work with you. COME SEE US! YOU ARE WELCOME! IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT IN PERSON ..... Dial 1490. . . .that's WCUM or Dial 1029. . . .ihat's WCUM-FM One Hundred Nineteen in, YI l 1 THE MANHATTAN Nationally Famous Men's Wear Baltimore Street at Liberty . The Men's Corner Authorized Dealer Sales Service Refrigerators Ax Ho Laundromats Ranges 0' Q 6 Dryers III T L H Dishwashers 3 I 0, Watel' Heaters Garbage ' , ' TCICVISIOH Sets ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Free Estimates on Electric Wiring and Installation STERLING ELECTRIC 100 N. Center Street Cumberland 697 One Hundred Twenty CUMBERLAND AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION 4-+9 EILER CHEVROLET, INC. CHEVROLET FRANTZ OLDSMOBILE CO. OLDSMOBILE GURLEY's, INC. DODGE -PL YM O U TH M. G. K. MOTOR CO. NASH ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. FORD S SPOERL'S GARAGE CADILLA C-PONTIAC THOMPSON BUICK CORP. BUICK PO'TOMAC MOTORS INC. CHR YSLER-PL YMOUTH -U-fs-of For Better Used Cars See Your New Car Dealer HOME OF PEDIGREED BRANDS IN MEN'S AND BOYS, CLOTHING LUMBER MILLWORK, BUILDING SUPPLIES THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL CO. Your Community Lumber Yard Since 1896 Oo-of-w 33 Queen Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone 2918 - 2919 One Hundred Twenty Two COMPLIMENTS OF TRI-STATE MINE 8: MILL SUPPLY CO. 310 Commerce Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Owen E. Hitcllins, President John Stewart, Secretary N KTIONAL JET COMPANY 115 Milton Place Cumberland Maryland Manufacturers of Microscopic Precision Drills and Drilling Equipment General Precision Industrial Printing Machine Work Specialists One Hundred Twenty Three WHERE QUALITY IS CONTROLLED . X' -' age, ' .earl Every day, Week after week Il uf 'Oy 71 and month after month, the 5 raw milk delivered to the S QUEEN CITY DAIRY is J carefully tested in the dairy's own modern laboratory to determine the quality and purity of the milk. Remem- ber, in buying milk, it's the 'Q DAIRY that makes the I-'O' YJ DIFFERENCE. Queen ...J-.. I . Cdldpeiaflvf Uueen lflty En-llperatlve jjazry I gnc' Ilalry 310 S. MECHANIC STREET v J One Hundred Twenty Four CLASS AFTER CLASS .... YEAR AFTER YEAR .... Young Fellows Buy Their Clothes At BURTON'S COM PLIMEN TS OF FRIENDS A CoMPL1MENTs OF LOCAL 787 AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS CUMBERLAND MARYLAND VISIT YOUR Singer Sewing Center 65 Baltimore Street FOR ALL SEWING NEEDS VACUUM CLEANERS There is a Store Near You HARRY FOOTER 8 CO. Cleaners 8 Dyers PARK THEATRE Cresaptown Maryland WAGNER'S ESSO SERVICENTER Mechanic at Market Street Cumberland, Md. FlILTON'S BEAUTY SALON 164 North Mechanic Street SHINNAMAN'S SHOE STORE "FASHION FOOTWEAR" 61 Baltimore St. Phone 746 Cumberland, Md. CONGRATULATIONS PERSONAL FINANCE CO. Room 201, Liberty Trust Building DON DOPKO, Resident Manager Lowe Brothers Paints and Varnishes L O W E PAINT 8: SUPPLY COMPANY Floor Sanders for Rent Telephone 2751 78 Greene St. Cumberland, Md. LEE'S BEAUTY SALON 114 Henry Street COMPLIMENTS OF V. 8 H. BILLIARD PARLOR 10 S. Mechanic Street Phone 6309 Howard w. vcmdegnn, Prop. SCHRIVER'S COMPLIMENTS Your Westinghouse Dealer OF 176 Baltimore St. Phone 678 WEST SIDE PHARMACY One Hundred Twenty Six HERE "Give Dingle cr jingle" Your Local PICK UP AND DELIVERY KEYSTONE SHOE STORE phone 1237 l' WUODYARD COMPLIMENTS Registered Master Plumber Experienicel-si! Steamlianrl Hot Water CF ea Ing ngmeer NEW BATHS - REPAIRS HABEEB FLOWER SHOP 18 Harrison St. Cumberland, Md. COMPLIMENTS S MIT H , S OF TENDER FEET SHOES A GRAD OF 1918 127 Baltimore Street MURPHY BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS FOOD STORE OF "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE" CUT RATE SHOE STORE 2011 -- Phones -1 2012 102 Le Fevre Street THE THE DARLING SHOP s. T. LITTLE IEWELRY Cu,,,,,e,,a,,d, Md. COMPANY Where the High School and College Over 100 years on Baltimore Street Girls Sh0P HATPIELD TIRE SERVICE C 0NQFIg2l,i?g1EERY 316 N. Mechanic Street Phone 2946-R "Cumberlcmd's Finest" Homemade Candies and Ice Cream ialt Cumberland Maryland 223 talzdillesd Street COMMERCIAL PRESS MARY'S 'CLEANERS SPECIAL THREE-HOUR SERVICE Cumb::Z?5sMd Call lor and Deliver 30 Harrison St. , izhone 72 157 N. Mechanic St. Phone 2571 COMPQQCWENTS RICKERS MEAT MARKET DOUIE'S RESTAURANT Ph 6466 on 11 N. Mechanic Street e OHddT iyS '., ,. ,-I ,l , .- ., A ' 'ggi-' -w ., ", . .. Y -, X J ,X Q b " " K 1 f ' l 1, m , , 2 , 4: A w AQ 4 X' ,V ' "1 g.n. , ' ' :. . Avg, In 1. T . " " 1 4. , Y In . 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Suggestions in the Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) collection:

Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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