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3 Y IOC! filly vq A J U F p 3 gi ,Lf 2-L-,x,!1f' KJQKJ JUL A LJAJ4 4194 Ur! ,JH ff' fvmfbfiwj I M Jud! ffy JK J L 4 Sl ww gf i i xl ' fx .A 4 ,f ' keg Q , Q, 2 " ' ' ff V , Qf ' F 1 ff If-11171 I ' ! I , . Miki . ggi - QQ f, J X' A Ck- Aww N X A ' 5.-, T- if . I H7. ,X i 1, .5 Y-it di A 5 ' , 'f N 'f--L, at K f an ! f A . ig L2 4 1 . 'I' ' - ' P -v " , ' '-ff v 1,1 K i - ' . , LQ- -I nil - K 'Y ,,i ' rj "2 X' I , 4-Q if 11 ' ., Q- fn" ' -1 ,'-1 f N W : "Vw . " A x yr is z. LL-N . JV , -0 f' -1- A L,-. 17 ,fun 'I 5 " Q i 1, X ' T' ,, f2 , - 'wp H1 -ff-Q f , 'vxf ' , H ' L, My tfo "' D 54-7 x ,L in M '1 , - -f' ff' . ' A "J . mum U ,LW ., xl Q M Tx cv 4, 4 '-r 5, C. 3 , , h .'A:"V :L ON 5- 5 X f K-4 KJ! X L A 1 h 'I 1' ' 411- PA' 4 - I A ff, 5 fl Y- i '21 ' - - J'Q.,24 . r Q VX A 're x 4 .4 ffiq j .A ."'l4 f ' xx ' --XJ W , If ,Q V ,V A Q 1 , on -1- ' ki' ' ' ' . , ' K Nl E- Ref. ,, wx, I 4 4 W if H r f cb yy Viv Y- jl 1 af I .4 5 1,11 U 1 gl, , 4V4-Km': K L 'KL Q 54+-44, 1,5 1 V, Y , X ' X,Vs.,,A LV 2 hi : N 'X 4 . x X 7,1 A I v ya x E I ' 4 X f 5 4 ' M- f 5 2 ' X '- Q14 9 Aw 5 X X, L, ' A ' -4 L. xi X ' V 5 1 I N V 4 x , x' fix 1' 1 gal fp4f0 llnqan Hiqh Slzhnnl -Q",-L 'li'-4 I Afvgjs yyfgbkbyyj The Alleqewl A' ff F emff ef ALLEEANY HI CUMBERLAND MARYLAND PI'1UC1pC11 RALPH R WEBSTER CO Ed1fOFS DONNA COCHENOUR CHARLES WICKARD Sectzon Ed1fOfS FRANCIS ARONI-IALT GLORIA FRAZIER WILMA IEWELI. IUDY IOHNSON ARTHUR IONES ROBERT MATLICK NANCY MURRAY RANDY STEIN Busmess Staff PATRICIA TAYLOR PHILIP WENDT IOHN GORNALL Faculty Advxsot HAROLD C WICKARD Presents .X JJ ,yy , .I 'N . I - v 5' . I , .Y ' ' f ' R21 I . I .J A 9 fb 0 . 5 I I ,f ' f The Theme "-744 sam We ww." The lines, "Boots, boots, boots, marchin' up and down again," were written by Rud- yard Kipling to describe the eternal marching of British regulars in India, but they might, just as Well, apply to our own "eternal march- ing" here at Allegany. Everywhere, busy feet are on the move- the hurried and uncertain scamper of the sev- enth graders, the calm purposeful strides of upper-classmen-feet covered with shoes-the battered loafers, the sports, trim saddles, and dainty slippers-on the athletic field and in the gymnasium, the flying feet of a speedy trackman, the digging spikes of a burly line- man, rubber shod feet, pounding down the floor, leaping for a basket. How many thousands of feet have trod on Allegany's marble floors? How many thous- ands more will follow? Feet that tread her halls now may one day be braced against the roll of a destroyer, may feel their way cau- tiously through the rubble of a bombed city, or manipulate the rudder pedals of a deadly fighter, but wherever Alco's sons and daugh- ters may roam, whatever the conditions, we feel sure that they shall never forget the hap- py miles that they have walked through Alco's halls. The Staff of the 1952 Allegewi feels that nothing is more representative of American school life than-"The Shoes We Wear." i 1 I THE 1952 I-XLLEGEWI 'fi- K A 'fa is K M A alvwvw, KX Few men m the brzet span ot four years have accompl1shed as much IU behalf ol the school and 1ts students as the present D1recto1' ot lnstrumental Muslc Under hrs guxdance we have seen the band grow from a small nucleus mto a top lllght muslcal organzzatron ol which Allegany may well be proud By hzs words actlons and manner he has won the respect and adm1rat1on ot all wrth whom he has come zn contact We teel sure that no one could tzll the busy shoes ol Allegany s Instrumental Music Dlrector more competently and more capably than he ln recognztzon ol the many mvaluable servxces he has rendered the school and the mspmng example he has set tor all the Statt dedxcates thzs th1rtyt1rst volume ot the Allegewz to Lua S Syckes Dxrector ot lnsttumental Mus1c 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 ,ff Saddles loaters sandals bucks all hurrymg towards the same destmatxon class rooms Although we may prefer to remember the good tlmes we have had at football games and dances or partrcrpatmg zn extra currrcular UCflV1lleS classes remam the center ot school hte at Alco Latm Algebra Socxal Studxes Chem1stry Trxg upon these toundatzon stones' ot knowledge we shall buxld our careers our very lives We here at Allegany teel that no school IS better than tts classes and we are certam that our classes are ot the very best 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 " ' u . 1 - I 1 1 1 Seniors .. CLASS OFFICERSL Left to right - Diane Warden, secretary, Arthur Iones, vice-president, Harry McFarland, president: Mary Lou Twiqq, treasurer. THE SENIOR CABINET: Left to Fiqh!-Ierrie Warren, Room 324, Wilma Chaney, Room l22, Bet- ty Lou Robertson, Room 323, Lucy Kriechbaum, Room 224, and Iohn Gornall, Room l24. CLASS ADVISORS' Left to right-Mrs. Ethel Bruce, ad- visor on class dues and the "Prom," Mr. I. Hubert Radcliffe, consultant on robes, invitations, and other matters pertaininq to Commencement, Mr. Harold C. Wickard, director of Senior Class Play and Class Niqht and advisor to the Alleqewi MARIAN CORRINE ALBRIGHT Academlc Act1v1t1es Art Club l Poster Cub 2 3 4 PHILIP ALLENDER Academic ACIIVIIIQS Football 3 HLY 4 Spantsh Club 4 FRANCIS N ARONHALT Academic ACIIVIIISS ALLEGEWI 4 A K 4 Alcohl Mlrror 3 4 Art Club nd l 2 Football l 2 3 H1Y 2 Science Club l Student Councll 2 Track 1 2 4 Goodbye My Fancy IAMES D BAKER Commercial EDWARD RUSSELL BALDWIN Commerclal ACIIVIIISS Football 3 RONALD E BARB Commerclal BEVERLY ANN BAUER Academlc ACIIVIIISS ALLEGEWI 4 Tn H1Y 4 Bowlmq Club 1 3 Choral Club l 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 4 PATRICIA ANN BEAL Commercial Actlvxty Hospttal A1de KATHRYN ANNE BECK Commercxal Act1v1t1es Art Club 1 3 Choral Club l 2 Poster Club l Teach ers Secretary 4 ' .l ' " Z , 5 .D. ., 5 ' ' , , 5 , l: BG , . 1 , . , : '- . .3, 4: ' . ' " I , , 4. . V . . I . . V 4. . . , .. I I I '41 Twelve VIVIAN ANN BENETT Academlc ACIIVIIISS A D K 4 Choral Club 1 2 3 4 Spcmlsh lub 4 N Club 4 BETTY IEAN BISHOP Commerclal Achvmes Cafeterxa Assxst ant 3 Cheerleadlng Club 2 Hospltal Aide 4 NANCY ELAINE BISHOP Academlc ALLEGEWI 4 Cheerleadmg Club 2 Choxr 2 4 Hospltal Axde 4 SpCIl11Sh Club 4 Sweeihearts CONSTANCE IRENE BLUBAUGH Comrnerclal ACIIVIIIGS Hospltal Alde 4 Teacher s Secretary 4 DONALD BOWER Academlc NORMA IEAN BOWMAN Academlc Act1v1t1es A D K 4 Lxbrary Alde 3 MERNA IEANNE BOYLAND Academxc ACIIVIUGS Bowlmg Club l Choral Club l 4 Spcmxsh Club 4 ROBERT E BREICHBIEL General Act1v1txes Cholr 2 3 Glee Club Z 3 DONALD W BREEDLOVE Commercxcrl Acnvmes Bowl1ng Club 3 Football l 2 MARY IO BRODBECK Academlc ACIIVIIISS Cheerleadmg Club 2 Cholr 2 Choral Club l 2 3 4 SHIRLEY MAE BROWN Commercxal ACIIVIIY ALLEGEWI 4 REX W BURTON General LA VONNE MARGARET CANFIELD General IOSEPI-I THOMAS CANTONE General Enlxsted In Axr Force WILMA LOU CHANEY Commerclal ACTIVITIES ALLEGEWI 4 Cafetena ASSISIUIII 3 Student Councxl 3 Teachers Secrelary 4 Bonfzre Revelry The Pepper upper for the Thanksglvmg Day Game Thzrteen STELLA CHRISTINIA CHARUHAS Academrc Actwxtles A D K 4 Alc h1 M1rror 4 Bowlmg Club 4 Chou' 2 3 4 ora1ClubI234SIDlS rsh Club 4 Tr1H1Y 3 4 Good ye My Fancy IAMES W CHENOWITH Academnc ACIVIIY Spamsh Club 4 IOAN IRENE CHENOWITH General GEORGE RALPH CHRISTOPHER General ACIIVIIY Cafeterxa Assrstant 3 VERA LEAH CLARK Commerclal ACIIVIIIGS A D K 3 Art Club 2 Cafeterlcx Assrstant l WILLIAM H CLAYTON Commerclal DONNA LEE COCHENOUR Academ1c Actwmes ALLEGEWI 4 A D K 3 4 Bowlmg Club Z C eer lecxdmg l 2 Choral Club 2 Poster Club 2 Student Councrl l 2 3 Tr H Y 2 The Gor1lla Goodbye My Fancy IOAN ANN COMBS Commercxol IUNE ANN COMBS General Fo u rteen KENNETH L CONNER General GLORIA IEAN COOK Academic Activities Poster Club l 2 3 4 Spanish Club 4 Student Council 3 MARY ELAINE COOK Academic ACIIVIIISS A D K 4 Ac Mirror 3 4 Poster Club l 2 3 4 Sp ish Club 4 Student Council 3 WILLIAM H COOK General Activities Band l 2 3 4 Base ball 3 4 Basketball 3 PATRICIA CORLE General Activities Choral Club I Hos pital Aide 4 HULDAI-I IRENE CRABTREE General CHARLES L CRAWFORD General Activity Bowlmg Club 2 NORMA RUTH CUBBAGE Commercial ROGER PAUL CURRY Academic Activities Cafeteria Guide 4 Track l 3 4 ETHEL DAWSON Academic ALVIN CHARLES DE BOUCK General. Activities: Bowling Club lg Cafeteria Aide 2 3' Football I 2 3 4, Teacher's Secretary 4, Track 2 3 4. RUTH MIRIAM DICKSON Academic, Activities: Basketball, 2 35 Bowling Club 35 French Club 45 Office Assistant 4. DONALD E. DIEHI. Commercial. Activities: Cafeteria Aide, l, 2, 3, 45 Football, l, 35 Projectionist, 4, "Sweethearts" NORMA IACQUELINE DIEHL Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, Post- er Club, I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 4, A. D. K. 4. NANCY ANN DIXON General. The Pride ot Alco The great, big Allegany Band -2 3 3, .M .., if '10 ...MV Q . E -J .9 t n D-, Fifteen PATRICIA ANNE DIXON Academic. Activities: Art Club, 1, 2 Choir, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4 Octet, 25 S. I. D., lp Spanish Club, 4, Tri- Hi-Y, I, 2, 3. ALICE ELIZABETH DOYLE Commercial. Activities: Art Club, 2 Cafeteria Assistant, lg Twirling Club, I NORA MAE DURR Commercial. Activities: Cafeteria Assist- ant, 4, Hospital Aide, 4. RAYMOND R. EASTON Commercial. Activities: Football, I, 2, 3 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4. ROBERT M. EMERICH Commercial. Activity: Cafeteria Assistant 4. tWithdrawnl HELEN MAE EVERETT General. CHARLES HAROLD EVERLINE General. Activities: Choir, 3, 4, Octet, 1 Glee Club, 4. IOHN G. EVERSOLE General. Activities: Baseball, 3, 45 Basket ball, 3, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4. FLOYD IVAN FLESHER General. 1-A f, .-: in . 2 GLORIA MARIE FRAZIER Academic Activities ALLEGEWI 4 OI lice Assistant 4 Spanish Club 4 Teach ers Secretary 4 Tr1H1Y 4 THOMAS ROY FULLER General IAMES NORMAN GELLNER General Activities Cholr 3 4 Projection ist 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Assistant in Commercial Department 4 RONALD GEORGE Commercial Activities Baseball 3 4 WILLIAM M GERO Commercial Activities Library Aide 3 Track 3 4 IELENE GILPIN Commercial Activities Cafeteria Assist ant 2 Choral Club 2 ELIZABETH RUTH GOLDEN Commercial Activities Art Club 1 Chor al Club 3 Teachers Secretary 4 IOHN MURRAY GORNALL Academic Activities ALLEGEWI 4 A D K 3 4 Choir 3 Senior Class Repre sentative 4 HIY 2 3 4 Spanish Club 4 Student Council 1 2 Glee Club 2 3 The Gorilla Goodbye My Fancy GLORIA THERESA GRAY Commercial Activities PFOISCIIOHISI 4 Teachers Secretary 4 VIOLET MARIE GREATHOUSE Academic. Activities: Bowling Club 1 2- Choral Club 1 2- Hospital Aide 3- Span- ish Club 4. GLEN WILLIAM GROVE Commercial. IEAN HAENFTLING Commercial. Activities: Majorette - Teachers Secretary 45 Twirling Club IOSEPH M. HAGER Commercial. Activities: Basketball - Football 3 4. CURTIS CARL HAINES General. Activities: Football 1 2 - Track 3. GERALD LAWRENCE HARRISON Academic. The Camper Queen and het attend ants on the1t glonous Blue and Whzte Float rergn over the annual Thanlcsgwmg Day Game Seventeen THOMAS ELMER HARTLEY IR Commerclal ACllV1lY Lxbrary Alde 4 IAMES ARTHUR HILAIRE Academ1c Act1v1t1es French Club 4 HY4 RONALD P HILTON Academ1c Achvxhes Basketball 2 Foot a 1 Z 3 4 Student Councl Track 3 4 CHARLES HINZE Cornmerclal ACllV1lY Pro1ect1on1st 3 ROBERT EUGENE HOOK Commerclal Actwltles Basketball 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Track 3 4 IAMES HYMES General ACllV1l19S Band 4 Football DELORES IEAN IACKSON Academ1c ACllVllleS Basketball 3 Bowlmq Club l Cheerleadmq Club Choral Club l 3 4 Hosp1talA1de Spanlsh Club 4 WILMA LEE IEWELL Academ1c Acuvxhes ALLEGEWI 4 A K 4 A1cohxM1rror 3 4 Bowlmg Club 3 Choral Club 2 Iunlor Class Repre sentahve 3 Spcmsrh Club 4 Student Councll 3 Goodbye My Fancy BARBARA LOUISE IOHNSON Academ1c ACl1VllleS Alcohx Mxrror 3 4 Chorr 2 Choral Club 1 2 3 4 French Club 4 Student Councll l Erghteen IUDY ANNE IOHNSON Academlc ACl1V1l19S ALLEGEWI 4 Cholr 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Oihce ASS1SlCII'll 4 Tr1H1Y 4 UN Club 4 ARTHUR FORD IONES IR Academlc ACllVllleS ALLEGEWI 4 Vlce Preszdent Semor Class French Club 4 H1Y 2 3 4 Student Councll l 2 Glee u l 2 LORRAINE M KEISER Academlc. DONALD C KLINE Commerclal Actrvlty Asslstant ln the Commercral Department 4 DOLORES IEAN KNIGHT Commerclal Act1v1t1es AlCOh1MlIIOT Bowllng Club 3 Ofllce Asslstant 4 'lwlrlmq Club 2 BETTY IEAN KNOTTS Aca'em1c Act1v1t1e ALLEGEWI 4 A D K 4 Sudent Councll 3 Good bye My Fancy CHARLES ROBERT LANHAM Commerc1al ACl1V1l1e Caiete 1G Asslst a 1 2 3 Track 4 LUCY ANN KRIECHBAUM Academxc ACllVllleS ALLEGEWI 4 Chqlr 4 Choral Club 4 Spamsh Club 4 Tr1H1Y 4 UN Club 4 C.oo'l e My Fan y ALMA LAUDER Commerctal Act1v1t1es Alcohl Mrrror 4 Art Club 2 3 Cheerleadmg Cl1.b 2 Cholr 3 4 Choral Club 3 4 HARRIET IANE LEASE Academic ACl1V1l19S At Cl b 2 Bowl mq Club 3 RONALD E LEASE Commerlal Ac 1VllleS Baseball l 2 3 s tball 2 3 4 ootball l Z IANIS MARIE LEE Academlc Act1v1t1es Art Club 2 Cheer leadmg Club 2 Choral Club 3 4 Span 1sh Club 4 Teachers Secretary 4 WILLIAM GARY LEE General Actlvrty Track 3 4 CONSTANTINE I LIAKOS Commerc1al Act1v1t1es Cholr 2 Gee Club l 2 3 4 Tea ers Secre tary 4 DORIS ANN LILYA Academlc Act1v1t1es Art Club 1 Basket ba 2 3 Stud nt Councxl l Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 The Allegewi Camera visits the Cafeteria during the fourth lunch period. ,1- , , M ,,.,,, . ,w,,,,,,.,.. W .X Nineteen MARIAN HELENE LIPPEL Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4g Al- cohi Mirror, 3, Art Club, lg Choir, 2, Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 47 Poster Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. DORIS IEANNE LONG Commercial. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 45 Art Club, l, 25 Cafeteria Assistant, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. GEORGE WILLIAM LONG Commercial. Activities: Baseball, 3, 45 Basketball, 3: Football, 3, 4. LEE IOANNE MARCUS Academic. Activities: A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 4, Choral Club, 3, 4, Office Assist- ant, 4, Poster Club, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 4, UN Club, 4. MELVIN M. MARTIN Academic. Activity: Basketball, 3. ROBERT R. MATLICK Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, A. D. K., 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y, 3, 4, Track, 2. 3, 4, ALBERT W. MATTHEWS Academic. WILLIAM SAMUEL MCAFEE Academic. Enlisted in Air Force. HELEN MARIE MCCRAY Commercial. Activities: Cafeteria Assist! ant, 35 Teachers Secretary, 4. AJ us " 1 4, Twenty ROBERT McCUNE Academic. HARRY W. MCFARLAND Academic. Activities: Baseball, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class President: Hi-Y- 4: Student Council, 2, 3. ALVIN I. MCGETTIGAN Academic. GEORGIANNA MCKENTY Commercial. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Art Club, l, 4: Bowling Club, 4: Choral Club, I: S. I. D., l: Teacher's Secretory, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4. DWIGHT F. MCKENZIE Commercial. IO ANNE MCCOY MCKENZIE General. Activities: Cafeteria Assistant, l: Poster Club, 2: Student Council, 2, 3. RITA MCKENZIE Academic. Activities: Choral Club, I: Of- fice Assistant, 4: Poster Club, 3, 4: Tri- Hi-Y, 4. EILEEN R. MLLLAR Academic. Activities: Hospital Aide, 4: Spanish Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4. LESLIE MAXINE MILLENSON Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3: Cheerleading Club, 2, 3: Choir, 4: Choral Club, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 4: Student Council, 3: UN Club, 3, 4. FRANCES IOAN MILLER Academic. Activities: Alcohoi Mirror, 3, 4: Bowling Club, I: Office Assistant, 4: Poster Club, Z: Spanish Club, 4: Tri- Hi-Y, 4. NANCY LOUISE MILLER Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3: Choir, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Octet, 3. WILLIAM A. MILLER, IR. Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: A. D. K., 3, 4: Art Club, l: Band, 2, 3, 4: 4: Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4: "The Gorilla,' "Goodbye, My Fancy." WINNIE MAE MILLER Commercial. Activities: Choral Club, l: Poster Club, I, Z: Teacher's Secretary, 4. PATSY MINKE Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Cheerleader, 3, 4: Cheerleading Club, 3: Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Office Assistant, 4: S. I. D., I: Tri-I"Ii-Y, 3, 4: "Sweet- hearts." IOSEPH LICHTY MORGAN Academic. Activities: Art Club, 2: Cate- teria Assistant, 3, 4: Choir, 4: Glee Club, I Z 3 4- Football, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Traclc, 3,1 4. Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Office Assistant, Alcos freedom pledges head lor countrres behmd the Iron Curtain v1a balloons IAMES EDWARD MULLIGAN General Activities Baseball 2 3 4 B ketball 3 4 Choir l Pres1dentoiSopho more Class Football 4 I'I1Y 3 4 NANCY ALAN MURRAY Academic Activities ALLEGEWI 4 Al cohx Mirror 3 Bowling Club 2 3 4 Cheerleading Club 2 Choral Club 2 French Club 4 Poster Club 2 3 S I D Student Council 3 T H1Y 3 Twenty One Goodbye My Fancy CARL WILSON MYERS Commercial Activities Baseball Z 3 4 Library Aide 3 IAMES E NINER Commercial Activities Football 2 3 Teachers Secretary 4 Track 4 W ELWOOD OHARA IR General Activities Band l 2 3 4 Or chestra l 2 4 The Gorilla Goodbye My Fancy ROBERT PARK Commercial. Activity: Band l 2, 3, 4. IAMES FRANKLIN PAULUS General. DELBERT PAYTON Commercial. Activity: Baseball, 3, 4. ELIZABETH PIQUETTE Commercial. 'V CAROL IO PORTER Commerclal ACIIVIIIGS ALLEGEWI 4 Cafeterla Assxstant 3 Teachers Secre tary 4 LESTER ALLEN PERDEW Commercral BRUCE KAHLE PRICE Acaderruc Actlvltxes Baseball 3 4 Bas all Z 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 3 4 Student Councll Z 3 Trac SANDRA LEE RAPSON Commerclal ACIIVIIISS A1coh1M1rror 4 Art Club l Cafeterla Asststant 3 4 Cheerleadlnq Club 2 Chotr 3 4 Choral Club l 2 3 4 Student Counctl l FRANCES CORNELIA REYNOLDS Academxc ACIIVIIISS ALLEGEWI 4 Alco h1M1rror 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Cheer a lflg Club 2 3 4 h 2 Choral Club I 2 3 4 D I S 1sh Club 4 Tr1H1Y 3 4 Goodbye My Fancy BETTY LOU ROBERTSON Comrnerclal Act1v1t1es ALLEGEWI 4 Catetena Assistant 3 Cheerleadmg Club Z Choral Club 3 4 Teachers Secretary 4 Tr1I-I1Y 4 CHARLOTTE L ROBERTSON Acad mlc Act1v1t1es ALLEGEWI 4 A K 4 Alcohl Mlrror 4 Poster Club 3 TnH1Y 4 DAVID EARL ROBERTSON General WILLIAM RUSSELL ROBERTSON IR Commerctal ACIIVIIIES Baseball l 2 4 Basketball 3 4 Track 3 WILLIAM RUSSELL ROBESON General ACIIVIIISS F otball l 2 3 I-I 3 4 Track 3 4 EDNA RAE ROSE General Act1v1t1es Cateterla Asststant 3 Choral Club l THOMAS E RUEI-IL General Actxvltles Football I 2 Llbrary Arde 4 Track 3 4 CURTIS WADE RUSH Academlc IO ANNE SACKS Academic ACIIVIIISS Bowlmg Club 4 Choral Club 4 French Club 4 MARGARET V SAELER Academlc Actwlttes A D K 4 Alc h1 Mirror 4 Band 4 French Club 4 Or chestra l 2 3 4 Poster Club 3 4 Stu dent Council 2 Twenty Two A pep meeting on Tilghman Street sends the Alco team ott to Hagerstown. Twenty Three PATRICIA ANN SALITRIK Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Choral Club, l, 2, Hospital Aide, 4, Span- ish Club, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4. IACK SCHADE General. Activity: Library Aide, 4. RONALD FRANCIS SCHOENADEL Academic. Activities: A. D. K., 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Or- chestra, 4, "The Gorilla," "Goodbye, My Fancy." PATRICIA ANN SCHRY Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, A. D. K., 4, Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Bowling Club, 3, Choral Club, l, 2, 4: Poster Club, 3, 4. ARTHUR LEE SEARS Commercial. FRED WAYNE SEE Commercial. Activity: Basketball, l, 2, 3. RONALD RAY SHAFFER Commercial. Activities: Teacher's Secre- tary, 4, Assistant in the Commercial De- partment, 4. WILLIAM LEE SI-IAFFER Commercial. Activities, Band, 3, Orches- tra, I. CYNTHIA ANN SHECKELLS Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Library Aide, 3, S. I. D., 1, Spanish Club, 4, Tri4Hi-Y, 2, 4, "Sweet- hearts," "Goodbye, My Fancy." at Twenty Four CATHERINE IOANNE SHERTZER Academic. Activities: Art Club, l, 2, Chor al Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Poster Club, 3, 4, Sci ence Club, lp Spanish Club, 3, 4. ROBERT L. SHIREY Commercial. BETTY LUE SHORT Commercial. Activities: Cafeteria Assist ant, 3: Teacher's Secretary, 4. BERTHA LEE FRENE SHUCK General. Activities: Cafeteria Assistant, l Choir, lg Secretary of Freshman Class Library Aide, 3. NAOMI RUTH SIMPSON Commercial. Activity: Teacher's Secre tary, 4. IANET LEE SISK Commercial. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4 A. D. K., 3, 4: Art Club, l, 2, Bowling Club, 3, 4, Cafeteria Assistant, 3: Cheer- leading Club, 2, 3: Poster Club, l, 25 Pro- iectionist, 4: S. I. D., lg Teacher's Secre- tary, 4. RONALD CARL SISK Academic. Activities: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Sopho: more and Iunior Classes: Football, l, 2 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. ANNETTE C. SMITH General. Activities: Bowling Club, 2 Choral Club, 4, Office Assistant, 4. BETTY MAY SMITH General. Activity: Cafeteria Asssitant, 3. CHARLES W. SMITH Band, l, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Orchestra, 2: Stage Crew, 2: Student Council, 25 Track 2, 3, 4. ADA LU SNYDER Academic. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader, 4g Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, 4- I Choral Club, 4. IOHN KENNETH SNYDER, IR. Academic. Activities: Baseball, 3, 4, Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES LANCE STATLER Commercial. Activities: Choir, 2: Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 45 Stage Crew 1, 25 Track, 3, 4. RANDOLPH E. STEIN Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 45 A D. K., 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Projectionists, 2, 3 4, Science Club, l. MARLENE MARIE TAYLOR Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 4- Basketball, 2, 35 Bowlinq Club, lp Cafe- geria Assistant, 2, Cheerleader, 3, 4g . I, D., l. Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4' f I 1 A new press is added in the printing department. Mr. Web- ster, Mr. Weaiherholt and four students admire it. Twenty Five PATRICIA ANNE TAYLOR Academrc ACl1V1l16S ALLEGEWI 4 Band 3 4 Cholr 2 3 4 Choral Club l 2 3 4 French Club 4 Library Axde 3 SCIENCE u I S PATRICIA ANNE TEPPER General ACIIVIIISS Alcohl Mxrror 3 Choral Club 3 4 Llbrary Alde 3 Post er Club 3 WAYNE LEONARD THOMAS General ACIIVIIY Football 1 BETTY IANE TIPTON Commercial ACl1V1ll6S r Club Cheerleadmq Club l Choral Club Po ter Club 2 NEIL TOEY Commerclal Actlvrties Bowling Club 3 4 Teachers Secretary 4 CHARLES TROUTMAN General MARY LOU TWIGG Commercral ACIIVIIIGS Cafetena Asslst Treasurer of Sen1or Class Student Coun c1l 3 Teachers Secretary 4 Tr1H1Y MARY LOU TWIGG General Actlvlty Basketball 2 DAVID L VAN GOSEN Academr Activrty French Club 4 l C1 b, , .i.15., 1. ' ' ii .. . ' ' . ' ' ' I A I , lg ' ' , : , 1: I P ant, 35 Secretary of 'Sophomore Class? 3 I ff .... K 'I I ' I , -- -F A ,A I 3, 4. .J ,mtvytvf A 'VN 4 msg, 1 in L 'if .. Twenty Six EVERETT RUSSELL WADE Academic. Activities: Baseball, 2, 3: French Club, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 12. MARGARET ANN WALTON Commercial. Activities: Bowling Club, l. 2, 3: Hospital Aide, 3, 4. ELAINE WAGNER Commercial. Activities: Cafeteria Assist- ant, 3, 4: Teacher's Secretary, 4. DIANE WARDEN Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3: Art Club, lg Choral Club, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 3, 45 Poster Club, 3, 4: S. I. D., lg Spanish Club, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. GERALDINE M. WARREN Commercial. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4: Bowling Club, lg Cafeteria Assistant, 3: Projectionist, 45 Teacher's Secretary, 4. FRANK D. WEATHERHOLT Commercial. WILLIAM M. WEBER Academic. PHILIP BEALL WENDT Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 45 A. D. K., 4: Band, 1, Z, 3, 45 French Club, 45 Orchestra, 3, Projectionist, 3. BETTY IANE WHETZEL Academic. Activities: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Art Club, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading Club, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club, l, 2: French Club, 3, 4. CHARLES ELLIOTT WICKARD Academic. Activities: ALLEGEWI, 4, A. D. K., 2, 3, 4, President, 3: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: President, 45 Science Club 1: Student Council, 2 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: "Petticoat Fever," "The Gorilla," "Goodbye, My Fancy." RICHARD A. WIDDOWS Commercial. Activities: Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4. DOLORES FRANCES WILKINS Commercial. Activities: Cheerleading Club, 2, Teacher's Secretary, 4. EARL T. WILLETS Academic. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3: Manager, 45 Student Coun- cil, Z5 "Goodbye, My Fancy." PATRICIA A. WILLIAMS Commercial. Activities: A. D. K., 3, 4: Library Aide, 3: Teacher's Secretary, 4, UN Club, 4: "Petticoat Fever." FRANCES LOUISE WINTERS General. Activities: Basketball, 1, 3: Cafeteria Assistant, 3: Choral Club, 1. The PTOCGSSIOD to the Commencement Sermon 49 EVELYN IO ANNE WITT Commerclal Act1v1t1es Hosp1talA1de 3 4 Teachers Secretary 4 SHIRLEY WOTRING General MILDRED YOUNG General ACtlV1lY Cafeter1a Assxstant l FRANKLIN M YOUNG Commerc1al ACl1V1lY Baseball 3 NOT PICTURED RUTH HOWE GEORGE MARAVIA WELCOME HOME AWARDS The Welcome Home Awards ll'1 the shape of a key are gwen annually to the best all around boy and g1rl of the Senlor Class The members ot the class vote for them for qualltles ot loyalty to the school part1c1 patron 1n act1v1t1es scholarsh1p leadershlp courtesy conslderatlon and spmt of co operatlon The lollowmg stu dents have won the award BOYS Iohn Spltznas Iohn DelaGrange Robert Gllpm Iames Bxstllne Ernest Enl1e1d Prank Iordano Wlllxam Holt Thomas Mont Thomas Rudd Ira Stroub 929 9 U 93 932 1933 936 19 7 9 9 94 1941 1942 GIRLS Thelma Harnson Helen McFerran Mary Elton Roberts Mary Lee Ross Sarabelle Bla kwell Veron1ca Kompanek Gladys Burton Ann Hausman Mary Turnley Marxan W1ntermyer Gretchen WIIIICIIDS BOYS Robert Fuller Duane Putt Iames R Cook Welsh Hardman Noyes Powers Thomas Hutcheson Earle Bruce Ronald Hoelzer Ronald Decker 943 944 945 94 1947 94 949 95 9 1952 GIRLS Sh1rley D1edr1ch Marqaret Re1d Georqeanna Pearce V1v1a.n Iudy Elame D1amond Everstme M1tchell Iosephme Kompanek Marc1a H1lton Dons Platt Twenty Seven 4 5 ,l., 2. 3. ' ' 1 - 1 ' ' - ' 1 3 ' 1 ' 1 1 . 1 A ' 1 1 6 Q E - 1 - ' 1 s ' A 3 1 ' A ' 1 3 1 0 ' ' 1 0 151 ' 'C.,l Mas? 'poful-AA G-NL 1--S 'Be-ST Purim' Bed' Ac:'fr6- 55 f 1... V? -'B 'ZF' Mo 61' 'Ppfu LAI' 'Haj QE? M ost S1udoOUS . af, Wi'HicS'Y'Ba if GSH I 2' 3' 'W W dies 50" Jn .iv M- x 9 fx- v Q lg J I f - + is K 'burr LooKw9 BQ' 'BesT ATHLETE " my ST LODKQM9 Girl 6 us W wk! ,t.....,,,,J. 'fe'-th Q?---Q.-if K SLH,-4, -NZ? I HULD H MILLER Iune 15 1936 Ianuaryl l952 Perhaps the greatest lournahst of all trme Wxlham Allen Whlte once wrote an essay whlch Was destmed to become a true classlc rn the hterary world Its trtle Mary Whrte The text dedlcated to the memory of hrs beloved daughter Mary who met her death as the result of an unfortunate accrdent We of the ALLEGEWI were forcxbly struck by the Slmlle whlch presented xtself between thrs unfortunate mcrdent and the untrmely death of our beloved school mate Huldah Mrller Those of you who are fa mrlxar wlth thls sad yet reassurmg l1ttle story of Mary Whrte cannot help but see the strrklng resemblance of fun lovmg Mary to the gay always smllmg Huldah whom we knew-and loved Huldah was a malorette ln the band a member of the Choral Club the Alcohl Mrrror staff and Alpha Delta Kappa the dramatrc club She was a member of the chorus of Goodbye My Fancy and an accompllshed plamst and organist How closely thls rmpresslve slate of actxvrtles parallels those of busy lrttle Mary Whrte She too was on the staff of the hlgh school Annual and she loved her musrc so well Frank Beach muslc master was her closest trrend Huldah s death has created a gap ln the ranks of Allegany s students that can never be fllled Because rt seems so httmg we quote drrectly from Wxllram Allen Whmte s essay A rlft rn the clouds rn a gray day threw a shaft of sunhght upon her coffln as her nervous ener getlc lrttle body sank to 1ts last sleep But the soul of her the glow1ng gorgeous fervent soul of her surely was flammg rn eager loy upon some other dawn Twenty Nme M . 31 .al , Z W' , I W x"Qv..s L , , tv X , ' s ,, if x 5 s :W 5 , 4 ' ,t df 5, I g t 1 , A, ' ' ' f A l Q' ,Q , i A 5 fi YV Z, , is ' Ill , , Q A 'ef y - , Q K , lx t 's,f,...l , 1 UNIUHS We're proud to be the Iunior Class, Class of '53, and in time, We'll be Seniors! I With Walt Bosley, Our President, the year was fine, Our successful dance, the Iunior-Senior Prom, Good report cards! Compliments from "Mom. Our Iunior boys on all the winning teams, Next year, we'll dream a Senior's dreams. Thirty HOME ROOM 107: First Row, left to right-E. Crosten, D. Combs, C. Bow- man, G. Cook, D. Conners, D. Athey, B. Clise, S. Combs. Second Row-L. Armentrout, I. Beckwith, C. Chaney, M. Crawford, B. Bolinger, S. David- son, 'M. Armstrong, L. Bittner, T. Coyle. Third Row--R. Breedlove, R. Bosely, I. Corrigan, C. Austin, I. Bloom, B. Aldridge, G. Bowles, D. Bean, E. Andrews, R. Barb. Fourth Row-N. Campbell, I. Allbright, W. Bosely, I. Albright, F. Breedlove, I. Boyd, I. Bohn, G. Alderton, D. Ayers. HOME ROOM ll3: First Row, left to right-E. Raley, I. Mobus, D. Randall, C. Price, Y. McDermott, H, Miller, M. McDonald, S. Messman, Second Row -I. Nixon, E. Messick, B. Nichols, D. Raley, T. McDonald, F. Nunamaker, I. Piitzenmayer, B. Parisher, V. Reed, G. Poland. Third Row--C. Norris, K. Rapson, I. Nave, I. Portmess, I. Mcln- tyre, W. McKenzie, C. Murray, D. Mc- Farland, I. Peebles, A. Parry. Fourth Row-I. Kramp, D. Martin, R. Llewel- lyn, B. Mills, K. McGraw, P. Landis, H. Raupach, R. McKenzie, K. Powell, W. McKenzie, D. Riley. HOME ROOM 120: First How, Iett to right-I. Iohnson, K. Mauk, S. Mc- Custer, P. Iammer, C. Laurie, N. Kesecker, C. Liller, I. Laber. Second Row-R. Markway, C. Mathews, S. Markwood, I. Iohnson, A. Llewellyn, S. Kammaut, M. Leibrant, P. Hilaire, D. Hancox. Third Row-D. Kane, R. Graham, M. Luman, N. Long, M. Hutcheson, D. McDade, W. Iewell, W. Green, G. Holly, W. Hite. Fourth Row-E. Iones, D. Klosterman, W. Godwin, G. Horton, R. Keller, B. Gib- son, D. Herboldshimer, H. Howe, I. Klavuhn, D. Lacy. Thirty One IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Lett to right-Kenneth McGraw, vice-president, Walter Bosley, president: Anne Elder, secretary, Edward Andrews, treasurer. HOME ROOM 200: First Row, left to right-M. Wagner, C. Twigg, V. Walk- er, N. Wilson, I. .Wilt, V. Warnick, P. Zembower, E. Van Meter. Second Row -G. Van Meter, B. Tyree, I. Walker, M. Wagner, A. Wagoner, S. Young, N. Walters.Third Row-G. Ward, A. Ward, A. Webeck, D. Wilson, R. Wamsley, B. Webb, S. Wilson, A. Wil- liams, B. Wilson. Fourth Row-I. Van Es, D. Walton, T. Welsh, D, White- man, R. Winterberg, R. Ziler, H. Ut- terback, D. Yoder. HOME ROOM 206: First How, left to right-I. Hall, S. Harman, S, Honey- cutt, M. Emerick, W. Duckworth, Y. Deremer, B. Henry. Second Row-A. Elder, N. Grimes, H. Day, D. Fost, R. Coddington, P. Hershberger, M. Goldsworthy, K. Duncan, R. Fisher. Third Row-F. Clinedinst, P. Funk, R. Gerlach, P. Fallen, P. Fletcher, C. Deck, M. Doub, B. Haan, H. Cessna. Fourth Row-K. Puller, I. Conner, R. DeVore, I. Deneen, C. Eir- ich, I. Geiger, D. Flanagan, D. De- Haven, L. Duiguid, D. Evans, B. Emerick. HOME ROOM 322: First Row, lett to right-I. Shatter, D. Shanholtz, N. Schlosser, C. Sills, I. Rice, S. Shuck, G. Snyder, B. Stark. Second Row- P. Stein, E. Shearer, N. Sitter, D. Stein, I. Sommeriied, R. Shade, M. Remer, M. Stitely, M. Sell, Third Row -R. Shatter, C. Smith, W. Scott, R. Roberts, R. Shue, F. Storey, L. Spoerl, C. Slemmer, R. Schramm, R. Smith. Fourth Row-W. Turner, B. Spielrnan, H. Keller, N. Scribner, S. Smith, R. Swauger, C. Robinson, C. Twigg, L. Thomas, S. Swayne. , Sophomores-at last, the time is here, With Beerman to lead us through the year, With successful scholarship and party. Next year, we'll be Iuniors-big and hearty! Thirty Two HOME ROOM 103: First Row, Iett to right-S. Earsom, C. Evick, S. Davis, D. Clayton, B. Cook, M. Fisher, D. Dick, M. Davis. Second Row-C. Cros- ten, K. Ellsworth, H. Feldsteiri, D. Davidson, D. Funk, M. Conley, S. Conrad, M. Emerick, I. Fleeqle. Third Row-W. Criswell, H. Dawson, I. Fisher, S. Eversole, P. Dye, W. Fisher, E. Eiler, W. Delligatti, I. Eisentrout. Fourth Row-R. Fisher, E. Ferguson, E. Elder, E. Crossland, D. Crabtree, L. Everhart, W. DeVore, R. Collins, R. Emerick, R. Delibauqh. HOME ROOM 105: First Row, Iett lo right-S. Lease, W. Kline, B. Liakos, I. McClellan, S. Martin, M. Martz, M. Olsen, M. Morrison. Second Row-M. Lechliter, C. Martz, D. Meager, I. Lear, A. Lazarus, N. McGill, I. Cun- ningham, G. Keller. Third Row-I. Hutson, I. Iudy, H. Hixenbaugh, D. Kidwell, D. Harper, M. Miller, E. Lock- ard, G. Kline. Fourth Row-W. Iudy, R. Krause, D. Humbertson, I. Hoffman, G. Lease, R. Kirtley, I. Iackson, K. Keeter, D. Iewell, E. Ioyce. HOME ROOM IUB: First Row, left to right-G. Rose, V. Shaffer, I. Shirley, I. Smith, P. Stalin, B. Rowe, R, Twigg, P. Scarlett, D. Stinebaugh. Second Row-K. Smith, E. Royce, N. See, G. Russell, I. Shaffer, G. Reynolds, R. Spear, A. Steele, I. Skidmore, M. Schupter. Third Row-W. Flanagan, C. Smith, A. Stein, D. Steele, T. Scar- lett, D. Metz, M. Metz, G. See, H. Sheaifer, M. Spielman, I. Sharer. Fourth Row-C. Saeler, R. Shatter, R. Reiber, M. Sisk, D. Short, P. Skinner, G. Scally, W. Shuck, D. Rapson, F. Seitz, E. Stein, K. Robertson. HOME ROOM 115: First Row, left to right-I. O'Neal, I. Robison, R. Mills, M. Raley, R. Norris, H. Martz, B. Lea- sure, B. Mitchell. Second Row-I, Mor. ton, E. Mower, D. Niner, M. Rice, I. Ridgely, G. Nagle, S. Nolan, B. Rit- ter, D. Mulligan. Third Row-D. Mar- kee, K. Pennington, R. Maravelis, I. Long, G. Pratt, S. Raley, D. Meyers, P. Rotruck, P. Nixon, E. Miller. Fourth Row-G. Osbourne, B. Mace, D. Pa- halla, V. Lowery, I. Miller, I. Moore, B. Mann, 1. Kylus, D. Rank, D. Clem. Thirty Three SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Lett to right-Ioan Bennett, secretary, Bernard Beerman, president. Iames Hoffman, vice-presi- dent, Ianet Ridqely, treasurer. HOME ROOM ll8-First Row, left to right-I, Brant, D. Burton, R. Beal, B. Carrico, D. Brown, N. Chaney, M. Burkey, L. Chaney. Second Row-L. Baker, S. Bittner, E. Baker, L. Agos- tini, I. Bennett, I. Bastian, P. Baird, R. Dawson. Third Row-R. Diehl, K. Carter, R. Beall, I. Bloss, G. Camp- bell, M. Moulton, B. Brewer, I. Clem, R. Coats, D. Coleman, M. Abbott. Fourth Row-E. Alexander, O. Barn- cord, B. Bennett, M. Beckman, M. Brown, I. Border, D. Clites, B. But- ler, C. Beachie, B. Beerman, H. Brooke. HOME ROOM 208: First Row, Iett to right: I. Symons, R. Twigg, I. Wilson, S. Wigqer, M, Yoder, C. VanHorn, W. Wilson. Second Row-G. Wilson, B. Twiqq, O. Thompson, S. Stokes, R. Wade, B. Turner, T. Troxell, Fi. War- nick, G. Willison. Third Row-D. Wil- kins, I. Turner, I. Wilt, C. Zinlc, G. Younq, K. Wiseman, B. Vowell, P. Wotrinq, B. Tierney. Fourth Row-I. Weatherholt, T. Swanson, F. Wart- zach, A. Wickard, E. Wisler, E. Wil- son, L. Wilson, L. Weller, M. Yankele- vit:, D. Upchurch. HOME ROOM 225: First Row, left to right-I. Grahame, C. Iewell, S. Keat- ing, A. Gibson, I. Layman, N. Hager, B. Krampf, F. Iohnson. Second Row- E. Ienkins, D. Linaweaver, N. Lampg C. Gerhart, P. Hines, B. Kelley, I. Galliher, D. Heavner. Third Row-R. Goad, L. Heavner, B. Glass, P. Rob- erson, E. Heinrich, M. Kreider, A. Ge- haul, I. Garlick, F. Harper, W. Getz. Fourth Row-T. Galliher, C. Fuller, R. Hardman, H. Gaither, F. Hadra, R. Hedrick, C. Gordon, P. Gilpin, I. Gallen, E. Goldman, R. Guthridge. We're Freshmen-tops in Iunior High! With flying colors, we'll go by. The Seventh Graders look at us in tame, The Seniors even call us by our name. Next year, we'll be in Senior High. 'Watch our dust"-is our cry! Thirty Four HOME ROOM lU9: First Row, lett to right-P. Burley, I. Aldridge, E. Bene- man, H. Bell, B. Boor, C. Brant, I. Buckley, R. Arthur. Second Row- M. Border, B. Armentrout, S. Boden, P. Beverlin, C. Barnhart, I. Bolyard, I. Boor, B. Cameron, P. Blake, E. Al- derman. Third Row-C. Andrews, S. Berry, I. Blake, E. Aldridge, R. Boy- er, R. Brockley, N. Bell, I... Biller, D. Bennett, I. Bennett. Fourth Row-R. Ayers, R. Bridges, M. Belt, C. Bar- ham, L, Broadvent, A. Buskirk, H. Berkley, R. Birmingham, I. Blunk, L. Arrnentrout, D. Buday. HOME ROOM lll: First Row, left to right-S. Van Meter, F. Blake, B. Zem- bower, I. Twigg, D. Yeargen, D. Sulli- van, I. Wigger, A. Willetts, W. Webb. Second Row-H. Van Meter, R. Wot- ring, B. Weatherholt, W. Smith, W. Srnith, W. Smith, B. Varner, W. Wolfe, D. Vincent. Third Row-R. Smith, O. Strosnider, M. Stitcher, P. Snyder, I. Wright, F. Yeager, M. Stewart, S. Stiver, I. Yutzy, A. Melvin, C. Wilson. Fourth Row-I. Zimmerman, R. Svec, R. Vernall, I. Tierney, E. Timmons, I. Ruppert, W, Straw, C. Walton, H. Wolf, D. Stewart, R. Wharton. HOME ROOM 207: First Row, Ie-tt to right-T. Combs, N. Cross, I. Douty, T. Detibaugh, S. Goldtine, S. Crosten, T. White, C. Chaney, L. Everhart. Sec- ond Row-C. Fleagle, L. Canfield, F. Burley, N. Duncan, I. Cooper, C. Comer, G. Davis, B. Meyers, I. Dickel, M. Curtis, W. Chapel. Third Row- D. Diggs, L. Chaney, R. Gillum, E. Evans, S. Chaney, R Erickson, W. Cessna, B. Dorsey, M. Crabtree, S. DeVore. Fourth Row-W. Ernerich, O. Cosgrove, I. DeHart, R Wolfe, C. DeVore, E. Eaton, E Gellner, H. Eisentrout, E. Foley, R. Flynn, R. Pard. Thirty Five ERESHMEN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Lett to right-Iudy Zimmerman, Wilda Rita Smith, Edward Timmons, and Raymond Vernall. HOME ROOM 209: First Row, left to right-I. Mathews, I. Messick, I. Lan- caster, K. Riggleman, M. Kammaut, I. MacMillan, R. Lowdermilk, M. Iudy, C. Madden. Second Row-P. Martin, M. Iones, S. Knotts, C. Kelley, D. Lud- man, A. Lynch, P. Lewis, G. Long, A. Martin, L. Michaels, R. Mark- wood. Third Row-F. Kaplon, D. Mill- er, V. Horne, P. Mace, I. Harden, S. Moulton, P. Marriott, B. Parker, M. Knieriem, L. Maclntosh, L. Moyer. Fourth Row-L. McCullough, M, Mc- Graw, B. Kave, B. Mills, E. Reed, D. Longerbeam, G. Miller, D. Long, I. Payne, R, Leib, D. Rice, I. Osburn. HOME ROOM 213: First Row, Iett to right-N. Smith, F. Sheavly, N. Park- er, S. Witt, B, Prive, I. Steele, S. Page, D. Shirclitte. Second Row-C. Root, V. Sheatter, C. Reinhart, R. Russell, I. Payne, L. Shanholtz, W. Schade, N. Paxton, W. Schry. Third Row- B. Puttenberqer, M. Fisher, I. Platt, I. Robertson, K. Morgan, R. Schau- wecker, B. Brinker, E. Smith, R. Smith, S. Morris. Fourth Row-P. Riley, T. Stafford, G. Screen, I. Steele, T. Stien, H. Steele, I. Sisk, I. Runner, I. Rick- ey, K, Smith, L. Shober. HOME ROOM 302: First Row, left to right-G. Heinrich, A. Iones, R. Haw- kins, S. Iewell, D. Smith, G. Gerbing, S. Hupp, I. Kreilinq. Second Row- S. Railey, V. Railey, D. Grimes, D, Hardin, P. Frith, D. Haclra, B. Grow. E. Iohnson, D. Green, P. Hager. Third Row-D. Eyre, R. Houck, S. Hast, E. Herath, B, Helmer, I. Hast, C. Green, D. Eversole, G. Gibson, V. Cordell, P. Hook. Fourth Row-R. lseminqer, R. Iohnson, B. Gross, I. Haus, S. Kreqer, I. Kelly, H. Helmick, P. Heinrich, I. Kirk, I. Gutridge. EIBHTH GRADE We're vets of Alco, of one year, We know the halls, we have no tear We like to cheer for Alco's team, We're eighth graders-on the beam. HOME ROOM 108: First How, left to right-R. Mitchell, R. Frith, I. Camp- bell, R. Imber, F. Zacks, B. Parsons, I. Fink, C. Nicodemus, P. Charuhas. Second Row-I. Pfeiffer, W. Rober- son, I. Turley, H. Goff, I. Robertson, P. Bennett, P. Kerns, R. Dick, N. Diehl, R. Meeks. Third Row-M. Miller, C. Williams, M. Shroyer, C. DeBouck, E. Murphy, G. Day, R. Baker, E. Mank, S. Morqan, D. Hollen, C. Hersch, B. Stern. Fourth Row-I. Wright, I. Chedester, R. Seits, K. Eiler, M. Van Meter, M. Sarver, B. Ossip, D. Paye, M. Goodfellow, I. Saylor. HOME ROOM 110: First Row, left to right-S. Roblyer, I. Iewell, I. Lester, B. Balaban, I. Lowery, I. Ienkins, R. Eyre, C. Hevel. Second Row-I. Campbell, R. Smith, B. Robinette, I. Krapl, E. Green, C. Rizer, D. Lease, B. Ellsworth, R. Young, G. Hartman. Third Row-N. Close, R. Goad, B. Goodiellow, M. Golden, K. Yarnall, P. Grove, D. Chaney, L. M:Cle-Ilan, I. Neal, L. Hersh, I. Slemmer. Fourth Row-R. Iohnson, E. Iohnson, S. Growden, C. Brant, I. Raw, B, Iohn- son, D. Critchfield, S. Blacker, L. Conners, D. Mulligan, D. Nine. HOME ROOM 119: First Row, left to right-N. Ruse, D. Robison, L. Rinker, B. Stein, M. Sweitzer, C. McDonald, L. Coats, R, Christopher, B. Toey. Second Row-R. Delligatti, C, Easton, L. Grahame, I. Bone, W. Stein, E. Probst, M. Keel, L. Waltman, D. Wil- son, P. Honeycutt.Third Row-R. San- ders, E. Weaver, G. Ringer, I. Thom- as, D. Muchlman, T. Paulas, R. Ma- dero, C. Zembower, E. Iohnson, I. Wilt, S. Nixon. Fourth Row-R. Low- ery, C. Shaffer, P. Noland, M. Van Meter, I. Clites, I. Pollard, D. Ieffries, P. Perdew, M. Logsdon, F. Hare, M. Miller. HOME ROOM 203: First Row, left to right-C. Simmons, S. Miller, I. Wilt, S. Morrison, G. Wilson, I. Strausburg, G. Bean, H. Barmoy, M. Gonzalez. Second Row-R. Guthridge, B. Sny- der, D. Athey, I. Sweitzer, C. Rice, S. Hounshell, D. Blizzard, S. Poole, H. Blank. Third Row-K. Brewer, F. Ien- kins, G. Loqston, P. Iohnston, B. Mc- Carty, R. Lewis, I. Knepp, S. Treat, G. Taylor, R. Fultz, R. Fletcher. Fourth Row-I. Andrews, H. McKenzie, W. Courtney, R. DeVore, R. Lacy, C. Luman, W. Clauson, I. Edwards, G. Hite, S. Abramson, I. O'Neal. Thirty Six Thirty Seven CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Lett to right-Donald Paye, Patricia Lewis, How- ard Vandegrift, Iack Skinner, Charles Hevel: tin tront ot Hevell Iack Edwards. HOME ROOM 2ll: First How, left to right-R. Collins, D. Martin, B. Stine- loaugh, E. Wyatt, F. Neal, L. Simpson. Second Row--I, Kruezewski, C. Lea- sure, A. Harden, I. Renney, T. Perry, D. Iones, E. Price. Third Row-W. Moore, R. Wolfe, B. Stott, I. Skinner, S. Collins, P. Dyke, K. Gilpin, I. Lueck. HOME ROOM 212: First Row, lett to right-C. Wiant, C. Kraph, R. Lay- ton, R. Latferty, B. Fisher, G. Bower, R. Oliver. Second Row-P. Lewis, B. Allen, I. Harder, C. Runion, F. Liller, C. Rush, I. Ienkins, l. Snyder, F. Campbell. Third Row-Y. Moyer, M. Bittner, B. Rapson, R. Eversole, B. Beck, H. Hixenbauqh, I. Yanklevitz, R. Mayo, Z. Simpson. Fourth How- P. Phillips, V. Leasure, S. Huff, B. Adams, I. Day, C. Kauffman, I. Mc- Cauley, L. Eve-rsole, S. Wayne, B. Chandler. HOME ROOM 3U3: First Row, lett to right-C. Shearer, E. Rice, D. Payton, E. Moore, C. Hare, M. I. Galford, R. Sills, R. Vowell. Second Row-R. O'Neal, D. Martz, I. Leasure, I. Georqe, G. Hale, H. Vanderqrift, C. Bridqes, D. Clayton, G. Printy, B. Wil- son. Third Row-M. Madden, M. Simp- son, G. Wilkinson, W. Clites, K. Grubb, C. I. Rannon, B. I. Himmler, I. Eaton, I. Leasure, W. Loer, K. Klos- terman. Fourth Row-I, MCDQ-mqldl R, Whetsell, D. Miller, W. Conner, R. Minnicks, R. McDonald, L. Mullin, M- Campbell. I. Wilkins, v. Barber, I. Crowe. SEVE TH GRADE QQQHY I Thirty Eight Our first lootball season, getting our fill! Finding classes, getting acquainted with everyone, Remembering this year, always, as so much lun, HOME ROOM 112: First Row, left to right-R. Smith, C. Kiser, B. Millhol- land, F. Hirsch, M. Finan, E. Camer- on, L. Rice, I. Cannon. Second Row- M. Smith, B. Brant, I. Yeargan, K. Iohnson, R. Bruce, C. Skinner, I. Gal- tord, M Hovel, G. Speis, D. Leibrant. Third Row-D. Schutz, D. Koerner, C. Crubb, M. Blackwell, N. Lowery, B. Roberson, M. Kalbaugh, S. Mulligan, B. ilollis, I. Earsom, W. Lewis. Fourth Row-R. Pirkey, R Iewell, M. Chin- aglt, C. Bell, K. Conner, C. Brown, S. lla field, L. Pollock, B. Beck, B. Butts. HOME ROOM llB: First How, lett to right-R, Fuller, L. Lease, F. Butler, R. Drwor, G. Robertson, G. Messer- smith, A. Boor, P. Hardman, C. Shaff- er. Second Row-D, Messinger, E. Ringer, R. Adams, D. Plummer, B. Coodtellow, C. Fansler, N. Shook, R. Nies, I. Miller, W. Parsons. Third Row-E. Often, K. Miller, D. Lechliter, H. Nesbitt, L. Twigg, N. Iones, G. Simmons, M. White, I. Yutzy. Fourth Row-H. McAiee, C. Calhoun, A. Rayqar, G. Spielman, S. Barnett, B, Linaweaver, I. Russ. HOME ROOM ll7: First Row, left to right-K. Cessna, M. Frey, C. Martz, B. Metz, N. Banqard, B. Foley, R, Cramer, R. Merrill, Second Row-W. Rolley, E. Cave, R. Eisentrout, I. Fret- well, D. Shires, I. Chappell, G. Bak- er, M. Zembower, L. Fike. Third Row -L. Nies, R. Burkett, R. Lowery, D. Day, R. Walker, P. Lohr, D, Heinrich, I. Deremer, C. Smith, P. Smith. Fourth Row-R, Wickarcl, L. Fuller, E. White, D. Stickley, I. Marks, R. Horne, S. McCortney, R. Scarlett, R. Donahoe, I- Smith. HOME ROOM 204: First Row, lett to right-S. Lepley, F. O'Baker, W. Cros- ten, G. Fuller, R. King, I. Lesley. Second Row-E. Bittner, I. Brockey, E. Rinehart, R. Adams, I. Brant, I. Hoymon. Third Row-P, Fetters, R, Haentlinq, E. Hamilton, N. Messen- ger, C. Hessler, W, Folk, C. Bishop, l'. Sowers. Thirty Nine HOME ROOM 205: First Row, Jett to right-M. Hoelzer, F. Harvey, M. Par- iser, P. Mace, C. Knotts, R. Tave, G. Bastian, R. Black, R. Vincent. Second Row-M. Iammer, A. Emerick, P. Nic- odemus, D. Unger, T. Emerick, F. Wil- liams, D. Haines, M. Gingerick. Third Row-S. Duiguid, V. Irvin, F. Belt, P. Shelton, B. Hasenbuhler, F. Shaffer- man, C. Iseminger, L. Mirkin, B. Yan- kelevitz, F Matlick. Fourth Row-B. Buchholtz, D. Dick, R. Eichner, K. Ort. M. Miller, A. Decker, I. Stallings. HOME ROOM 210: First Row, Iett to right-V. Mauk, Y. Shatter, D. Al- bright, H. Beckwith, C. Wilson, I. Beverlin, D. Walters. Second Row- V. Cook, R. Weaver, C. Cope, P. Reed, W. Duckworth, H. Crothers, R. Clayton, H. Hilaire. Third Row-C. Keller, B. Dyche, L. Iackson, K. Swan- er, S. Alburtis, I. Madero, S. Iohnson, G. Mace, V. Robinson. Fourth Row- A. Conner, E. M. Madden, I. Taylor, N. Twigg, A. McDonald, C. Sweitzer, ,, . r. Reiih, D. Turley. HOME ROOM 215: First Row, Iett to right-B. Zembower, B. Wyatt, B. White, M. Shatter, B. Smith, A. Atkin- son, C. Shoenadel, C. Cook, B. Hager. Second Row-R. Wertz, F. Martin, F. Haseberger, A. Bonner. Third Row- E. Drew, B. Mann, D. Dunlap, R. Starcher, R. Schry, N. Crippen, H. Milburn, S. Symons, R. Femi, I. Work- meister, R. Golden, R. Godwin, C. Nave, M. E. Fisher, L. Petenbrink, M. L. Iolley, E. Murray, A. Perdew. HOME ROOM 3Ul: First Row, left to right-C. Meagher, C. Humbertson, R. Millenson, P. Armentrout, H. Hover- rnill, T. Metz, D. Rennie, R. Fetters. Second Row-R. Diehl, A. Strosnicler, I. Porter, N. Conner, W. Smith, H. Yost, N. Welsh, R. Christner, G. Bit- tinger. Third Row-R. McClure, S. McGee, G. Campbell, L. Evans, C. Billmeyer, C. Warnick. Fourth Row- H. George, D. Merrbaugh, D. Darrow, L. Kight, E. Robinson, M. Lease, E. Cramer, S. Carroll, N. Conley, D. Rice. wp 4 ,,..,.. ,..N--.- ,...,..-f ,,,,,,,g 1---. -f- -ps-vv--.,,... pn-v"k. 5' ,fffffff-fn-arf, n-nv-- QQQ. ..-qua- ' X N ,ik ,pd -... . ' -... nuan- 4-.-,,-. : v ' 5 xjv QQ, .9- N, we vt WWW' Our shoes take us to classes For thrs reason Allegany Hrgh was erected Whether we pursue the academrc commercral or the general course we attain the necessary knowledge to carry us forward zntellr part of the whole each lrttzng the student w1th part of the GQU1pm9Hf that wzll some day be so rmportant to htm In every class through each teacher we learn and learn the factors that makes thxs and every hrgh school day so zndrspensable to us gently in future phases of our lives. Each department is an integral DMI ISTH TIU Ralph R. Webster is well- trained and Well-fitted for his post as principal of Allegany High. He constantly seeks the students' views concerning the various problems of keeping our school running smoothly. Thus he strives to inculcate Within us the democratic way of doing things. SUSAN HAMILTON and MARY ELIZABETH ICE School Secretaries RALPH R. WEBSTER Principal The secretaries, Misses Mary Elizabeth Ice and Susan Hamilton, carry a big job of keeping the records straight and tending to schedules and letter writing. Their duties are carried on winter and summer and they do an excellent job ot keep- ing the school on its feet. Forty Two My ff 4 ANNA B HIGGINS Vlce Prmcxpal Keeper of the attendance records Mrs Anna B Htqqlns has many and varled dutxes She has the tasks of tendlnq to our 1lls correctlng our be-havlor and speeding up the feet of tardy students Because of her many dut1es she IS one of the most understandmg and co operatrve adv1sors Allegany stu dents have IEW Consrstently he strlves to brmq about regular and lull ttme attendan e among those ot us who erred and strayed HOMER HIGGINS Fo FOY A CURRY Asszstant Prmcxpal Foy A Curry ass1stant pr1nc1pal IS an mteqral part of Allegany Hrgh As school treasurer drrector of hre drllls mathematlcs rnstructor and CGJGTSIIG mon1tor he has car r1ed many ot the responsrbrhtxes of the school In our memor1es he w1ll remam an outstandmg per sonahty w1th h1s Kansas drawt and h1s varled actrvxtles if Mr Curry and Mrs HIQQIHS confer on dlscx plmary matters of the school tty Three lf, 1 , V 3 5 . ' I E , I . V ' Amie . I 1 4 I 1 ' V ' 4 A A - - 1 ' W 4 qi x , ' c Nl 1 "' w ik' xx, T I 'zgfai' . 9 h-J ? X mini f 3 -my ,fm .1 ': ,, A, .3 A A ' his 4 2, . Y 3 gm J lxlk A, 1 Q5 4. Ja, U kk ini' mg lg. W4 RJ ' 3 ' wQ"'sx ef q,.,.,.,,A 1 1- ,A -AJ Q 19 . .fx q Q -fffl, W sa. 3 A In k 'gf f 3 4 , s W . f P aa.. , 1 X ,, s ' 0 u N - .. jf , . 1 , N, A ff .. 1 'Z , , 4 ,mn W ,f-f , , , Wwf, f ., ggfvmiv SIQIIII L ST DIES The United States and their problems are being discussed by Miss Olive Simpson in the Problems of Democracy Class. This course provides the final pres- entation of the history of our country and reveals the outstanding trials and tribulations its citizens have exper- ienced. Through movies, newspapers and magazines, students are made aware that the nation is still facing many serious problems of economic and war- like manner. Discussions, dealing with Commun- ism and Racial Conflicts, stimulated the interest of all participants and brought to light the realization that history is still being made. Miss Mary E. Murray, American His- tory and journalism teacher, Miss Mar- garet E. Baker, economics and history instructor, and Miss Olive P. Simpson, Problems of Democracy teacher, are shown here. History is one of the major subjects in the curriculum and therefore is found on almost every student's schedule. Courses offered include Economics, World History, United States History, and Problems of Democracy. All of these presentations will prove bene- ficial and vital in the years ahead. Mr. Robert E. Pence, another history instructor, was not present for the pic- ture. Social Studies are taught in the Iun- ior High by Miss Nell Hawkins, Miss Anna M. Nicht, Miss Ianet Anderson, and Miss Dora E. Richard. Problems of the World are made in- teresting and important to the begin- ning pupils so that they will be suf- ficiently versed in the way of studying history. Specialization in the Social Study field thereby becomes easier at the secondary level. Much use is made of current news- papers so that pupils will be aware of present day problems. Forty Five Mr. Arthur W. Taylor teaches higher mathematics While Mr. Foy A. Curry is the instructor in second year Algebra. Under the guidance of these men, pu- pils are taught to solve equations and un- derstand formulae, thereby learning to rea- son more accurately. t 'IATHEMATIIIS . .. With the merry antics of Mr. Arthur W. Taylor comes real knowledge and understanding oi mathematics. Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry and Trigo- nornetry are his fields oi subject mat- ter. In our scientific World of today, Math plays a very important role. It reaches into the unknown and brings out facts of the mysterious solar system that in- form the pupil of the speed of light, Where Mars will be at this time next year, and the distance rockets must travel to reach the moon. To the sci- entists, mathematics is the key that opens the door of secrecy that shields the sensitive atom. Mr. Iarnes G. Neilson, Ir. is the teacher of first year algebra. Miss Virginia A. Ienkins is instructor in eighth grade arith- metic, and Mrs. Gertrude B. Lancaster teaches both eighth grade arithmetic and first year algebra. Mrs. Florence K. Schaaf, who is instructor in seventh grade arith- metic, was not present for the picture. SEIE EE . Chemistry . . . maze of formulas, problems, and equations . . . is an in- teresting subject in the curriculum. Here Mr. Wickard demonstrates a method of keeping a gas prepared for continued use, In chemistry, much was learned about the atom and its importance in this changing world. As in all the sci- ence courses, the scientific method was stressed to prepare pupils for better thinking. From the bending of glass tubing to structural organic formulas is a long Way, but, along the Way, there Were many enjoyable experiences. Miss Theresa B. Nicht, Mr. Harold C. Wickard, and Mrs. Ruth F. Grahame are pictured here. Miss Nicht teaches Biology and General Science. Mr. Wickard teaches Physics and Chemistry. Mrs. Grahame is instructor in Biology. Laboratory work is a vital part of the instruction in Physics and Chemistry. In Biology and General Science, the demon- stration is used to instruct. Neatness, exact- ness, and careful work are requisites in this department. Mr. Iames A. Hosack, who teaches sev- enth grade science, and Mrs. Ellen T. Mc- Kenzie, instructor in ninth grade science, are both capable teachers. To them falls the lot of preparing pupils for more ad- vanced study in this field. Experimentation, basis of logical think- ing, becomes an emphasized part of the instruction because to be able to reason is more important than the mastery of the content. Mrs. Irene D. Maphis, instructor in eighth grade science, is not pictured. ART . . M SIE . . ANEU!-XEE ART .... Miss Betty Strawmire and Mrs. Ethel Bruce are the two art instruc- tors in the school. With their help, students advance from the mere dabbling with pencil, charcoal, and paints to the creative period. Under their direction, pupils dec- orated the halls and windows at Christmastime, made posters sup- porting every activity ot the school, painted scenery for the theatrical productions, and kept appropriate displays in the show-case. MUSIC .... Miss Dorothy Willison, instructor in music, and Mr. S. Lua Syckes, teacher of instrumental music, are both capable instructors. Under their direction are found abundant opportunities for creative expression and extensive knowledge of musical customs and cultures throughout the world. Their concerts and assembly pro- grams have added much to the pu- pils' enjoyment of the school. Mr. Morris O'Neill is not pictured. LANGUAGE .... Miss Mary R. Serocca, French in- structor and history teacher, and Mrs. Berenice Rogers, instructor in Spanish, are engaged in preparing the Academic students for future col- lege-life by competently teaching them the history, customs and lan- guage ot foreign neighbors. Latin is also a required subject in certain Academic Curriculums. Miss Anna M. T. Webster, Latin teacher, was not present at the time the picture was taken. Forty Eight EUMMEHEIAL . . . DHI EH EDUC!-ITIU COMMERCIAL .... Miss Irene Lapp's bookkeeping class -in which was taught the methods of balancing, swiftly and accurately, the seemingly endless columns of figures. Under Miss Lapp's skillful direction, were de- veloped unerring speed and ability in mathematical calculations which was a constant source of Wonder to the uninitiated. In addition to the fundamentals of bookkeeping, Miss Lapp created something more-a feeling of assur- ance that the commercial depart- ment is an integral and important cog in the curriculum and a sure preparation for life. Seated, Miss Irene Lapp and Mr. Everett B. Kreiderp standing, left to right: Miss Claire Livesay, Mrs. Elizabeth Burley, and Mrs. Freda Bowers. These teachers are all in- structors in the commercial depart- ment Where Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithme- tic and Retail Selling are the major subjects offered to students. DRIVER EDUCATION .... Mr. I. Hubert Radcliffe, instructor in Driver Education, demonstrates depth perception to an interested student. Under his guidance, pupils are taught the elements of safe-driv- ing, the proper observance of traf- fic signs and laws, and the art of better driving of an automobile. A v ,iv Mrs u , 'N xr r ,V ' Mrs. Iane L. Fulk, Miss Helen McFerran, and Miss Mary Louise Robertson discuss sewing techniques with two Iunior High pupils. Mrs. Fulk is instructor in general home economics, Miss McFerran, in cook- ing, and Miss Robertson, in vocational home economics. Under the guidance of these teachers and Miss Richmond, pupils learn the arts involved in homemaking and, because of this learning, the pupils should be more contented in after-school life. Industrial rts . . . Hume Ecnnnmilzs Miss Marie Richmond, instructor in sewing, measures the hem line on one of her students. Such help trains girls in the art of home-making. "Stay" lines and interfacing collars appear useless to the novices but fin- ished wearable products are indicative of the expert seamstress. Mr. Boston Sherwood demonstrates one of the mechanical devices for one of his classes. In the shops, boys create handy ar- ticles from blocks of wood and chunks of metal. A knowledge of these crafts will be of inestimable value to the boys in after-school life. Mr. Robert Farney, metal shop instruc- tor, explains a feature of one of the metal shop's lathes to Mr. Donald Hansel, me- chanical drawing teacher, and Mr. Carl Weatherholt, printing instructor. These men gave to pupils a knowledge of crafts which will be of the greatest aid to them in the future, no matter what trade or profession they may choose. Manual Work is considered as a vital and important part of secondary education. It is in the shops where pupils learn to use their hands. Physical Education Guidance . . . To help pupils acclimate themselves to the school, to guide pupils in the se- lection of colleges and to supervise testing programs is the purpose of the guidance department. Melvin H. Robb, a newcomer to the Allegany Faculty, is shown with Flor- ence Zaks, an eighth grader, who made a perfect score on a Comprehensive English Examination. Mr. Robb came to Alco from the Army and has assumed the duties of guidance instructor, tenth grade social studies teacher, and ad- visor to the projectionists. Mr. Robb re- signed in the latter part of October, due to ill health. PHYSICAL EDUCATION .... Mr. Walter H. Bowers, Miss Eleanor Rizer, Mr. Eugene Hopkins and Miss Eliza- beth Waedilick are the instructors in physi- cal education. Here, by extensive intra- mural activities, healthy bodies are built and pupils are taught good sportsmanship through competitive games. Intra-school athletics are sponsored in football, basketball, baseball and track. For the first time, since its inauguration in the early twenties, girls intra-school bas- ketball was abandoned. LIBRARY AND CORE .... Mrs. Carl I. Perry is the librarian. Her work is to assist us in finding references, compiling reports and developing themes and essays. She has care of the 6,000 volumes in our library. Mrs. Martha Hamilton teaches seventh and eighth grade core. Here pupils are taught, by use of the longer period, the elements of English, Social Studies, and Mathematics with emphasis being placed on handicraft. ,L 11 was X ,jim J ylzkruglr, 4,3524 QT 5 wi ,, CH YU 5 Actrvrtres at Allegany are scheduled every day No day at school would be complete wrthout them Drama Musrc lournalzsm and mrscel laneous clubs all tunctron lor the benefrt ot both the students and the school ln one ol these wrde trelds ot endeavor each Alcorte should be able to tznd an Important place These actzvltres are recogmzed as an important part ot our edu catzonal system ln partzcrpatrng zn them, many thrngs are learned that cannot be derrved trom the classroom Outsiders constantly proclazm the variety and etlectrveness ol these extra currrcular actrvrtzes . 1 . CTI ITIES f--1 'EMG Vi ' KXAQQ X Vine YY-. Bmboto 5X0 NQXXQY' Hen. YK , O , . htfguxdgaxrkcyg Y f ff.. 5.4 L9 Hoe ,- wNO'BE2'Ygishev, X669 A' if P-9 ,- ' 'A XO x 50,114 ffl L 'SX THE CHEERLEADERS: Left to ugh!-Nancy Wllson, Marlene Taylor, Patsy Minke, Franny Reynolds, Ada Lu Snyder, Fifty Four it i0 Eg mklmq' ' al J' THE HI-Y . . . First Row, left to right-C. Wickard, I. Gornall, F. Aronhalt, R. Easton, I. Mulligan, F. Storey, K. McGraw, W. Robeson, L. Statler, D. Hancox, C. Slemmer. Second Row-R. Shue, P. Hilaire, D. Iudy, I. Hilaire, E. Wade, C. Price, R. Roberts, W. Miller, I. Andrews, R. Winterberq, A. Iones, B. Beerman, B. Price, R. Stein. Third Row -I. Morqan, R. Sisk, L. Duiquid, H. McFarland, R. Matlick, C. Smith, N. Scribner, D. Walton, W. Bosley, L. Spoerl, R. Schoenadel, P. Allender, R. Kirtley, A. Webeck. THE TRI-HI-Y . . . First Row, left to right-D. Couchene our, S. Harman, E. Millar, D. Long, I. Rice, M. L. Stitely, D. McDade, B. Nicholls, I. Miller, S. Shuck, F. Rey- nolds. Second Row-Miss McFerran, advisor, I. Bastian, N. Murray, B. Bauer, G. McKenty, R. McKenzie, M. Lippel, D. Iackson, I. Walker, R. Markwood, L. Marcus, M. L. Twigg, K. Duncan, A. Elder, I. Ridgeley, Miss Strawmire, advisor. Third Row-C. Sheckells, S. Charuhas, C. Robertson, B. L. Robertson, D. Warden, L. Kriech- baum, I. Iohnson, M. Hutcheson, P. Salitrik, G. Frazier, P. Minke, M. Krieder, P. Fallen, P. Dye, I. Bennett. l-IIITIVITIE5 HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS Left to right-M. Lippel, treasurer, C. Sheckells, secretary, D. Cochenour, president: C. Wickard, president, F Aronhalt, secretary, L. Statler, treas- urer, Second Row-N. Murray, vice- presidentg A. Elder, chaplain, N Scribner, chaplain, I. Gornall, vice- president. Fifty Five ,CS -friinn - A i i ALPHA DELTA KAPPA F1rstRow left to right D Hancox B Beerman N Kesecker I Laber P Iammer L M1llenson N Murray S Shuck M Remer B Bolmger B Stark P Wllhams C Wrckard Second Row F Storey R Shue W Mlller I Shaffer P Robertson P Dye I Bennett N Wrlson L Marcus M Saeler C Bobertson V Bennett N Bowman B Knotts S Charuhas C Slemmer L Armentrout E Goldman Thzrd How F Aronhalt I Gornall R Matlrck R Schade A W1ll1ams W Iewell W Iewell E Cook P Schry E Erler B Nlcholls A Elder M Llebrant V Clark I Srsk M Kr1eder R Schoenadel P Wendt R Stern f-Pl -J Ellen and Claude Cwrlswold as played by Stella Charuhas and Ronald Schoenadel IH A D K s laugh packed productlon Agathas Receptzon Commltttee Nancy Murray a MOYY Nell Gfld BC1fbCIfCl Slflfk CIS GUIUY Qfeel lhe Stella Charuhas as Vllen Gr1swold and Adele Wll leadtnq lady 1n Goodby My Fancy llams as Agatha Reed pose for the camera of Charles W1ckard who played Mat Cole as Lucy Knechbaum who portrayed M1ss Shacklelord looks on 1n th1s scene from A D K s great hxt Goodbye My Fancy .I . I . I W . . I I. I . . I I. I I . I ' I I I Q . 5 7? -2 r , L I I ll i N 2 k P I x I I I l I I 1 T HE SILVER WHISTLE 1952 CLASS PLAY k H f U-V., 1, ,ff ,492 . , . . A e The dramatic climax is reached in Act III tJ Emmett lSchoenadell provides happiness in the form of a croquet set for the inmates of the old people's home. Erwenter The Old Folks are entranced by stories of tWickardl and Miss Tripp lMurrayl accept with pleasure. Erwenter's "Pellets of Passion" S. I. D .... First Row, left to right-B. Price, B. Ossip, C. Martz, B. Helmer, A. Emerick, R. Vincent, M. Crabtree, I. Galtord L. McAtee, R Verriall, R. Oliver S DeVore. Second Row A. Decker F Belt D. Dick W Lewis .Earsorn M. Hevel S Haund- shell, S. Hupp, D. Smith, P. Kerns, F. Zaks, S. Treat, B, Kraft, P. Mace, Third Flow-Miss Grindel, advisor, V. Leisure, P. Philips B. Stearn, C, Hersch, N, Metz, G. Speis, D. Holland, E. Mank, W. Smith, W. Smith, W. Smith, M. Miller, E. Murray, S, Dui- guid, M. Pariser, C. Wiant, W. Schry, I. Platt, K. Ort, M, Iammer. Fourth Row-C. Eiler, B. Robeson, E. Beneman, D. Ludman N. Iones, L. McCullough, P. Frith, F. Kaplon, S. Boden, E. Murphy, N. Close, I. Pieffer, M, Frye, K. Brewer, B. Beck, L. Murkin M. Hoelzer, B. Mann, M. Fisher, F. Harvey, D. Haines, S. Simons. Nhss xes vmh OYMKY-, xmiixogx OR Fifst TAL S M. ROW TAF? B-IHSGI 'Sigh to Seco hefzel IY, I GQ I-.I nd R 1 B A Or ' E' CO OW 1 I Nichncllf Moth kok' F F' Rey OHS. . C ' A n Mlnke I W. Ie ronhgholdsf . Well ana P. pok- UP, an ll thaw Nkxrxcq, advisor, Jxscxxsses Cxxades Sgixkkx, edxkox, cmd Yomdxo 'ng edxkot. yy ks 0 9 exe 9. ignxclxxxlh .Gimp 509 xv C orukxos, X.. Marcus, . Sckxode cognphs cpm. S. cl B. nevlsp ode on kkixs kop-xxokckx 1009 PL XA Xeix . o"def15WeA goto? We wg 0 eww of-SH ' 062:86 6 X59 Qxixrke- Skeirx, D. N30- skokk ok Shock, D. e buelmess 5 ed Kb MR. WICKARD AND THE SECTION EDITORS - First Row, left to right-N. Mur- ray, F. Aronhalt, W. Iewell, R. Matlick, R. Stein. Second Row-A. Iones, I. Iohnson, G. Frazier, P, Schry, N. Bishop, M. Taylor, L. Kriech- baum, Mr. Wickard. First Row left to right N Bishop, L. Millenson, B. Bauer. Second Row F Reynolds P Taylor, P. Wendt, I. Gornall, .10 . , -. s Io Porter Second Row B Knotts D Long W Chaney Donna Cochenour and Charles Wickard, Co-Editors . I S1sk M Lippel N Miller C Robertson G McKenty Upon these two fell the qreatest responsibility for the UN CLUB . . . First Row, left fo riqht ffl. Goldman, B. Beer- man, H. Miller, A. Gib- son, M. Donaldson, I. Layman, L. Millenson, D. Burton, P. lammer, P. Williams. Second ROW4Miss Baker, ad- ViSOf: H. Gaither, D. Houck, P. Landis, R. Shue, M. Kreicler, V. Bennett, N. Hager, N. Wilson, B. Sta r k, I. Bennelt, M. Remer, S. Shuck, I. Bcrslian. Third Row--R. Mann, R. Cov- er, R. Grahame, B. Brewer, B. Schade, G. Snyder, V. Walker, B. Nicholls, l... Marcus, I. Iohnson, I. Miller, A. Williams, L. Kreich- baum, R. Fisher. L' V' hefmer' M' xlls. UB 5 Nfl-iwclgt io ni lwsmkel C. shjfjsof. First L Mmensov k YS. goqerfffu YI Rey. e P Dqlvm n 'yBerxnei Mmm. B Bau9Y BOYW Xccksonr ' der ond ROW Cook D' k P- Allen Sec l Lee li E COO I Choruhds' Holds awe use. S' Kriech- l Mmm W V GteGm?5.Yra'LK9Y'L' Ro Third N Bishop nowekh- W ofden ii l Che III. B5 BOWLING CLUB: First Row, left to right- Georqianna Wilson, Donna Blizzard, Nancy Montgomery, Nancy Murray, Stella Charuhas, Gay Ann Long, Barbara Puftenberqer, Delores Green, Second Row-Helen Bell, Iacl-:ie Mc- Mullan, Shirley Honeycutt, Shirley Raley, Pai Snyder, Eleanor Srnirh, Louise Shober, Char- lotte Barham, Donna Buday, Shirley Paqe Third Row-Don Breedlove, Rick S.hrarnm, Ray Coddington, lim Witt, W. Mace, Ted Troxell, I Turner. Fourth Row-R Switzer, Neil Toey, Acstin Ward, Bill Scott, lim Brown, Bill Cod- wiri, Iunior Flanaqan, Donald Font SENIOR CHEERLEADING CLUB First Row, Iett to right-Sue Shack, Rita Houck, Nancy Dun- can, Wilrna Schry, Patty Lewis, Sandra Bodin, Beverly Price, Ellie Be-nernan Second Row- Aaa Snyder, Iuay Cooper, Bessze Liakcs, Don- na Blizzard, Gay Ann Lona, Shirley Siiver, Pat Burley, Kitty Brewer, Geerqianna Wilson, Marlene Taylor. Third Row-Ruth Howe, Nancy Wilson, Pat Stein, Ianice Shatter, Gail Snyder, Kista Wiseman, Ruth Schade, Ioanne Knepp, lean Morton, loan Bastian, Patsy Minke, Fran- ny Reynolds. Fourth Row-Wilda Iewell, Betty Whetzel, Dorothy Meaqer, Dorothy Stein, Mary Lu Remer, Mary Ann Connelly, Patty Robert- son, Evelyn Messick TWIRLING CLUB: First Row, Iett to right -Sheila Framrn, Patty Nicodemus, Bar- bara Brant, Sylvia Carnall, Sandra Abertus, Carol Keeler, Dorothy Liebrant Second Row-Laurene Rinker, Aneta Stron, Sandra McGee, Georqianna Wil- son, Nancy Diehl, Marqaret Prize, Nancy Banqard. Third Row4Reqina Eichner, Mary Lou Eaton, Roberta Syckes, Betty Iohnson, lackie Day, Peggy Harden - 'i.V.l Q Xijfxfxf , 2 ' ix 1 Q51-Q D . I V Uu HIJWI7 5 gr Q : ,gf ? ya S419 4 " , A, ffm, , ' U Ax A ' 7 J. '32 gf ff if 9,9 if " Q 'ji ' , A 1 ff ' I N ' n , J. V ' I . , 4 4 ' A :gb ' 4 0 ? 4 it 39 I ?'f i if.: 17 , i A I . ': -. f-'ff' ff IUNIOR CHORAL CLUB . . . First Row, left to right- I. Platt, R. Wotring, B. Price, S. DeVore, D. Ludman, N. Iones, W. Schry, E. Beneman. Second Row-B. Kave, G. Gerbing, B. Weatherholt, P. Burley, W. Smith, W. Smith, W. Smith, D. Smith, S. Stiver, S. Wilt, I. Douty. Third Row -F. Kaplon, S. Boden, S. Raley, C. Brant, L, Canfield, C. Comer, N. Paxton, M. Fisher, L. Broadbent, I. Yutzy, C. Barnhart D. Bennett, M. McGraw. Fourth Row-D. Strosny- der L McCullough, I. Bennett, D. Buday, M. Belt, B. Hel- mer I Zimmerman, N. Duncan, I. Cooper, D. Miller, R. Markwood, K. Morgan, P. Snyder, C. Andrews. IUNIOR BAND . . . First Row, left to right-I, Payne C. Lannon, D. Metz, I. McMillan, S. Eversole, B. Varner, S. Morgan. Second Row-D. Nine, B. Zembower, C. Frith, L. Shafferman, G. Wilkinson, V. Horne, I Wigger, D. Fletcher, M. Close, R. Millenson, T. Emerick, C. Nico demus. Third Row-I. Galford, I. Stark, A. Bonner, I. Stallings S Treat A Iones R A aen H Barma G. Beanl R: Imlerf Fourth RowQR. Tewell, Il. Zink, Paye, R. Blank, C. Humbertson, H. George, R. Christner P. mth, C. Wqmick, H. Gaff, R. sms. mm Row! M. Van Meter, D. Rennie, A. Emerick, B. Buckholtz E. Herath, G. Day, M. Sarver, K. Eiler, P. Shelton S. Hounshell, K. Martz, S. DeVore, H. Black, D. Darrow First Row, left to right-C. Wiant, B. Parsons, I. Wilt K. Brewer, P. Mulligan. Second Row - D. Grove, D Chaney, I. Day, Z. Simpson, C. Krapf, R. Layton, F. Zaks C. DeBouck, E. Mank. Third Row-Miss Dorothy Willison Director, H. Gaff, B. I. Beck, N. Close, I. Neal, T. Hersch V. Leasure, P. Philips, I. Krapf. Fourth Row-C. I. Hersch S. Wagner, C, Runion, C. Lannon, B. Ossip, E. Murphy S. Morgan, B. Stearn, S. Growden, P. Lewis. ,Q x7 It '-K l I N. I is IUNIOR ORCHESTRA . . . First Row, left to right'-Mx . Shroyer, N. Close, E. Murphy, B, Ossip, L. McCullo S. DeVore, D. Ludman, S. Iewell, P. Frith, E. Heratb, Second Row-R. Gillurn, B, Arthur, R. Nicodemi:s,fM. Chainault, F. Belt, C. Nicodemus, F. Kaplan, S. Framm. I. Pfeiffer, D. Kerns, H. Gaff, D. Hollen. Third Row- E. Timmons, R. Vernall, M. McGraw, C. DeBouck, B. Hel- mer, R. Eichner, R. Ayers, D. Grimes, Mr. Syckes, director. FZ, 'Q' 4. s 4' M 4 2' ' ,Q ff ' n ' f I ,I , 4 1 Lf . X " f Q gifs .A , S in f' m rw 6- , 2 f y , 5 4 L ., My . ts 'JM ,b l, , f I in 9 f V at ' :LAM V, gf zaigj wn . Q ' H , 1 G me gg- ., - ,QA , . gw A ,A 3 Q 7? Qfmfiiik fi S ,Q '15 if K L S' .. H ge,-, 1. , 9 if fn. ' fs-Q. 5 'lf -Q sf W Q in 'S-f f ,, -1 Q .f K" i'F3,'Hm':A 5 1 A ' Q Q Q1 1: xx GX ir? 1. TJ Q TREBLE CLEF CLUB . . . First Row, left to rights P. Reed, D. Liebrant, K. Cessna, A. Atkinson, A. Decker, F. Belt, W. Lewis. Second Row-I. Hartman, N. Bangard, B, Metz, B. Mann, E. Murray, M. Iammer, M. Hoelzer, C. Billmeyer, A. Stro- snyder, C. Cope. Third Row-S. Dui- guid, F. Harvey, M. Pariser, R. Femi, L. Pettenbrink, S. Hatfield, I. Porter, L. Evans, S, Mulligan, N. Twigg, S. Russ. Fourth Row-K. Grubb, D. Schutz, B. Robinson, I. Earsom, M. Hevel, B. Paulus, D. Kerner, S. A1- beriis, S. Bennett, N. Connelly, L. Mirkin, M. Miller. First Row, left to right-H. Young- blood, G. Messersmith, G. Spies, C. Martz, M. Fry, I. Yutz, G. Simmons, C. Shaffer. Second Row-D. Haines, G. Robinson, B, Brant, C. Bell, M. Fisher, S. Fram, S. McGee, G. Camp- bell. Third Row-Miss Willison, direc' tor, L. Pollock, M. Smith, D. Rice, B. Arrnentrout, N. Laurey, V. Cook, C. Smith, R. Bichner, P, Hardin. Fourth Row-M. Iolley, I. Yeargan, C. Isem- inger, D. Dick, K. Ort, P. Mace, C. Kelly, V. Robinson, I. Taylor, A. Per- dew, M. Kalbaugh, I. Stein. IUNIOR CHOIR . . . First Row, left to right-I. Douty, S. Boden, L. Everhart, E. Benneman, B. Weatherholt, B. Price, I. Cooper, R. Houck, W. Schry, N. Duncan, I. Os- bourne. Second Row-S. DeVore, D. Eyre, W. Iewell, R. Svec, N. Iones, C. Andrews, M. Fisher, L. Broadbent, I. Platt, N. Paxton, D. Ludman, B. Kave, I. Bennett, D. Buday, D. Grimes, R. Ayers. Third Row-Mr. O'Neill, di- rector, S. Hast, A. Buskirk, B. Helmer, M. McGraw, L. McCullough, E. Her- ath, R. Vernall, I. Blake, H. McKen- zie, P. Hawkins, D. Moulton, B. Mills, R. Wharton, I. Runner, G, Miller. IUNIOR GLEE CLUB . . . First Row, left to right-Mr. O'Neill, directory C. Hevel, E. Moore, S. Roby' ler, S. Moulton, C. Fansler. Second Row-I. Osbourn, I. Workmeister, F. Martin, N. Shook, L. Lease, D. Litzen- berg, R. Ogden, I. Plummer, R. God- win, W. Parsons, R. Nies, R. Hawkins, B. Zembower. HELPEH5 Lett 10 Y GUXDES - ' ' 3 qer Curr - cArETg5FJZii, loe Morgan O Boild O Iighff OFFICE ASSISTANTS First Row, left to right- Vice-PrincipaI's Office-Rita McKenzie, Patsy Minke, Lee Marcus, Gloria Frazier, Ruth Dickson, Dolores Knight. Second Row, Main Office-Don Randall, Elaine Wagner, Iean Haenftling, Ianet Bloom, Ioan Miller, Nora Durr, Elizabeth Golden. LIBRAHY AIDES . . . Left side of desk, front to rear- Edith Crosten, Naomi Simpson, Dorothy Metz, Ruth Schade, Iack Reckley. Right side ot desk-Gloria Frazier, Marcia Metz, Gene Ruehl. . , lo Lett fo right. Sa. S . 4 A ' iC1 HOSPYYAL Pxtlxafgquret Walton, Nora Witt, Eileen b ' pfnlxe atricia Code' Betktl Blshop' litrik, P Ce Blubfluqh' Dun, Conslafi HELPEH5 The cheerleaders helped us get ready tor the Turkey Day Game in a big pep rally in the 'lgymf' Y' TEACHERS' SECRETARIES . . . First Row, Iett to right-H. McGray, E. Wagner, G. Gray, I. Warren, I. r'-xg. PROIECTIONISTS . . . First Row, left to right-I. Gell ner, R. Stein, Second Row-I. Warren, I. Wilt, R. War nick, E. Messick, F. Storey, I. Sisk, I. Sharer, R. Fisher, G. Halle, G. Fray. Third Row-R. Grahame R. Cover R. Hardman, E. lone-S, D. Diehl, 1. Klavuhh. W. Mcf Kenzie, R. Llewellyn, A. Ward. Shaffer, E. Golden, D. Wilkins, K. Beck. Second Row-S. Brown, I. Sisk, P. Williams, B. Short, M. L. Twigg, I. Haenltlinq. Third Row-C, Murray, B. L. Robertson, N. Simpson, C. I. Porter, W. Chaney, C. Blubaugh. Fourth Row -C. Liakos, R. Shaffer, D. Kline, I. Gellner, W. Miller, I. A. Wilt. STAGE CREW . , . Lett to right-R. Wade, R. fibaugh, D. Short, H. Dawson, H. Cessna, Wickard, T, Swanson, T. Galleqher, C. Fuller. rr :hairs-I. Tierney and E. Royce. 0 4 Y I POSTER CLUB . . . First How, let! to right-E. Shearer, A. Llewellyn, L. Marcus, M. Luman, D. Mc- Dade, G. Cook, I. Stertzer, W. Duckworth. Second Row -Mrs. Bruce, advisor, M. Lippel, R. Howe, N. Wilson, M. Liebrant, E. Cook, P. Schry, D. Stein, G. McKenty, D. Warden, R. McKenzie, B. Henry, M. McDonald, M. Al- bright. Third How-C. Rob- ertson, M. Saeler, B. Nich- olls, E. Stine, F. Seitz, W. McAfee, N. Sitter, M. Golds- worthy. IUNIOR ART CLUB . . . First How, Iett to right-B. Stearn, E. Murphy, S. Grow- den, P. Lewis, I. Krapt, C. DeBouck, N. Smith, R. Iohn- son, R. Vernall. Second Row - Miss Strawmire, advisor, E. Iohnson, G. Gerbing, M. I. Knieriem, C. Runion, R. Guthridqe, S. Wagner, I. Boyland, S. McCullough, R. Seitz. Third Row-B. Mit- chell, B. Frith, C. Hevel, P. Frith, C. Lannon, B. Ossip, C. Eiler, D. Long, C. Lu- man, I. Runner. Second down seven Theres the t1p ott Steertke two ball three There s the gun they re ott what day at Allegany would be complete wtthout thoughts ot the next game and whether we re gotng to Wm or not? An athlettc program IS an zndrspensable extra currrcular acttvzty Besrdes otterzng an lmportant s1del1ne to our educattonal program, rt provtdes members of each team wtth a sense ot good sportsmanshzp and co operat1on Athletzc competition w1th other schools IS a great factor rn malcrng our day by day lzte at Alco the gay and happy tzme 1t IS U 11 U 1 - 11 H . 1 1 1 11 wt 1 1 11 1 1 1 FIIUTBALI. THE RECORD Opponent Beall Alumm Rzdgeley Hagerstown Keyser Montgomery Blcnr Mcxrtlnsburg LaSalle Elkrns Fort H111 Seventy Two 6 6 They tx COACHES PENCE AND HOSACK Our football team learns that foot- ball requires brains as well as brawn as Head Coach Bob Pence explains a complex phase of the Split "T" forma- tion to them. f" Coaches Pence and Hosack, Alco's wonder-workers, the men who have made the Camper football machine the deadly dreadnaught that it is. We owe highest praise to these men who have labored diligently to develop Alle- gany's winning football team. We, the students of Allegany say, "Thanks," to coaches Bob Pence and Iim Hosack. Seventy Three THE SQUAD . . , First Row, left to right-Bill Robeson, Dick Widdows, Ronnie Sisk, Ray Easton, Iohn Snyder, Brindle Long, Ioe Hager, Bob Hook, Ronnie Lease, Bruce Price, Lance Statler, Iohn Eversole, Alvin DeBouck. Second Row-Coach Bob Pence, loe Morgan, Ed Baldwin, Dave Walton, Walter Bosley, Ken McGraw, Sam Smith, Norman Campbell, Gene Horton, Chuck Eirich, Bernie Beerman, Assistant Coach, lim Hosack. Third Row-lim Mulligan, Manager, Dick Rank, Ralph Shatter, Ellis Whisler, Claude Robinson, Iirn Border, Bob Kellar, Iim Hoffman, Bernie Emerick, Don ludy, Manager, Bob Matlick, Manager. Seventy Four THE ES Q Ti I i -QM FIRST GAME FIRST VICTORY Our mrghty whxte clad warrlors showed a powerful offenslve machrne and an alr tlght defense as they opened the 51 Prgskm cam pa1gn w1th a 366 vxctory over the Beall Mountameers Hager started the scorlng when he blocked a Beall punt to grve Alco a safety Horton S1sk E1r1ch and Easton scored TDs Hager blocked a krck and recovered the ball rn the end zone to tally s1x more pomts Wrddows added four out of f1ve extra pomts TOO MANY GRADS 1ntent on showmg the Campers that they could st1ll play a heads up game of football turned back the Blue and Whlte 7 U Paced by therr dynamrc fullback Bruce Anderson the Grads h1t paydlrt late 1n the fourth perlod Cox booted the ball through the uprrghts from placement to tack on the extra po1nt EVERYBODY SCORED BUT THE WATERBOY The Whlte Warrlors put on an exh1b1t1on of explosrve offenslve power as they scored exght trmes to trample Rxdgeley 52 O Chuck Erxch scored early ln the game on a pass from S1sk Mxnutes later E1r1ch cracked over for h1s second TD The Alco team showed :ron clad defensrve play Hager tumed ln such a stellar perform ance that he earned the player of the week award Baldwrn scored two TDs S1sk Wlddows Hook and Easton added the rest of the scores whrle Wxddows found the range from place ment four out of eight tlmes to end the sconng A CASE OF INDIFFERENCE Alcos mlghty Campers were hterally scalped by Mel Henrys Hagerstown Power house I9 U 1n a game marred by poor Alle gany tackhng and offenswe play The Hub Cxty eleven smashed over the frrst time they got the ball early rn the frrst quarter Agaxn they scored 1n the second perrod and added a thrrd TD rn the fmal stanza Alco lost all scor 1ng OPPOFIUDIIISS FOR MOM AND DAD A revamped l1ne up paxd off for Coach Pence as h1s charges rolled over Keyser 37 18 to make a success of the second annual Parents Nlght Horton Lease S1sk Easton Prxce and Eversole each scored for Alco whlle Wlddows on an off nlght was only able to score one extra pomter Mom and Pop could really brag about thrs game as every member of the squad saw TOO MUCH ROBINSON Alcos team contlnued the pollcy of wm one lose one as the Montgomery Blair elev en trounced the Blue and White by a 13 U count Late 1n the thlrd perlod a break gave Bla1r the chance to score CCIplIGlIZ1Dg on a blocked luck the Blazers got thelr 1n1t1al score Roblnson carrxed the ball over Hltch booted the extra polnt Alcos Splflt was broken ln the last quar ter the Blazers marched 85 yards and then Roblnson plunged over from the three IUST A TIE Tra1l1ng 12 U Wllh only four mrnutes to play Allegany showed the best spxnt and teamwork of the season as they deadlocked the count agamst the Martmsburg Bull Dogs Easton made the flrst tally then wlth less than a mlnute remamlng S1sk uncorked a 31 yard aenal to Emch 1n the end zone to he the score It was a thrllhng clrmax to an uphlll struggle Wrddows two krcks were wxde Seventy Fxve E I l I Nl c ' 0 1 - . IAQ' 916' Y X w ' , 5 1' If - -- X . - , - Q . . '1 ,' " ' ' ' I I I I I I . I - ' . Q I A hard fighting group of Alumni Gridders. qctign, n II - ll I I - ' I u u 11 u . 1 - . I ' 1 . ' Flight halfback Bob Hook fwith balll ' races down the field in the opening game of the season, against Beall, as Bruce Price fdirectly in front of Hookl and Ioe Hager 1891 provide effective interference. BACK ON THE BEAM Alert football paid off as Allegany trounced La Salle, 32-2, for the fourth win of the sea- son. A Sisk to Eversole aerial, on the third play of the game, gave the Campers six with Wid- dows adding the point to make it 7-0. Lease stole the ball from the Irish Quarter- back hands and sprinted 44 yards for the sec- ond tally and again Widdows' boot was good. Eirich intercepted a pass in the end-zone and was trapped to give LaSalle its only score. In the third quarter, Long blocked an Ex- plorer punt, scooped up the free ball, and went 20 yards for the score. Widdow's attempt was blocked. Hook garnered the next TD as he cracked over from the two. Walton added the last touchdown as he slashed off tackle from the four. 1 ff SPIRIT DOES IT Spirit-determination-and a not to be de- nied Will to Win combined with brilliant play gave Alco the fifth victory, 28-0 over Elkins. The first play of the second quarter found Easton bringing the crowd to its feet as he raced 31 yards to score with Widdows adding one from placement to make it 7-0. Alco scored again as Sisk tossed a I6 yard aerial to Ever- sole. Minutes later, on the same play, anoth- er Sisk to Eversole pass, was good for 18 yards and another score. Widdows made both kicks good and Allegany left the tield at halt- time with a 21-0 lead. Ronnie Sisk carried the ball over from the seven to add another TD in the 4th quarter. Widdows made it 28-0. The spirit was back! The Riddle-Where were the Alle- gany blockers? Hook attempts to get off a pass in the Hagerstown game as he is rushed by Maroon end Beg- qerly f34l, tackle Duffield f45l, cen- ter Ghormerly f37l, and three other eager and unhampered Hub gridders. T HHEY HAY An underdog, Camper Eleven refused to believe that the highly favored Fort Hill Sentinels were unbeatable, and dog- gedly fought to a l3-5 defeat before 7,000 fans in the annual Turkey Day classic. Near perfect weather prevailed for the colorful gridiron battle that saw 13 Alle- gany Seniors playing their last game for Alco. Many considered the game to be Cumberland's best tussle of the year. Both teams came roaring back, harder than ever, in the second half and the Sen- tinels got their second six as fast-stepping White raced over from the Alco 14. Beard's kick was wide and Fort Hill led, 13-0. Undaunted by the score, Allegany drove 53 yards to the seven, but failed to make the yardage and lost another scoring opportunity. THE FIRST STRING . . . Front Row, left to right-Eversole, Robeson, Beerman, Long, Statler, Price, Hager. Second Row-Hook, Sisk, Widdows, Eirich. Fort Hill drew first blood late in the first quarter as a wobbling pass from Iim Farris was snatched from among four Alle- gany defenders by Dick Beard to set up the TD. Two plays later, Fullback Don Stine cracked over from the one, and Beard added the point to make it 7-0 for the Sentinels. In the second quarter, Allegany march- ed 48 yards to the Sentinels' 15 yard stripe, only to have the drive fizzle out and Fort Hill took possession of the ball. Neither team threatened again and the gridiron warriors gave way to a gala half- time ceremony as Fort Hill retired to the dressing room with a 7 point lead. Seventy Seven Once again, a Sentinel mistake almost cost them the game. Eversole recovered a Fort Hill fumble on the 25. The Blue and White warriors then drove to the four but could not make the first down. Thus Alco lost its third scoring chance. Ronnie Sisk, playing the greatest game of his High School career, was the ace in the Alco attack. Sisk went over from the one foot line on a sneak play to score Alco's only TD. Widdows try for the extra point was wide. The score was 13-6. For the fitth time in six years, Coach Bob Pence saw his football team go down to defeat before Coach Hahn's charges. As the final whistle blew, the score still stood at 13-6 with Fort Hill the victor. Charles "Chuck" Eirich, hard-driving Alco halfback, dodges through the Fort Hill de- fense for one of the Campers' major Turkey Day's running gains as Fort Hill's Don Stine f75l races for the tackle followed by Sen- tinel linemen Shore f8Ol and Athey f86l. 'U An unidentified Camper halfback is stop- ped dead for no gain, by almost the en- tire Sentinel defense, on an attempted end- run. The play was typical of the vicious defensive play by both teams which high- lighted this year's edition of the annual Thanksgiving Day Classic. Ioe Hager, Camper end, stops Sentinel running ace Beard f77l as Alco gridders, Ronnie Lease f81l, Robeson f95l, Long f99l, Price f97l, Eversole f98l, and Sny- der f88l race down field to give Hager cm assist. Fort Hill blockers are Farris f5ll, Schade f87l, and Athey f86l. 1 I. V. SQUAD , . . First Row, Ieit to right-E. Timmons, M. Brown, D. Puhalla, K. Butler, G. Reynolds, C. Dawson. Second Row-R. Reiber, H. Gaither, F. Wartzack, E. Whisler, R. Rank, F. Haclra, V. Lowery, H. Hixenbaugh, W. Mace. Third Row-L. Weller, E. Ioyce, P. Skinner, I. Iacohson, I. Hoffman, R. Kirtley, G. Keller, E. Goldman, M. Sisk, M. Yankele- vitz, Coach Hosack. Fourth Row-D. Vincent, D. Scally, G. Kline, T. Stein, C. Haines, I. Tierney, D. Shircliif, R. Iohn- son, I. Wilt, D. Rice. IUNIOR VARSITY RECORD EIGHTH GRADE RECORD We They Been 12 0 We Thef' Ridgeley 25 Q St. Peterland Paul 40 13 LaSalle 12 7 Sl- MUKY S 22 0 Keyser 20 g St. Patrick 36 6 port Hill 5 5 St. Peter and Paul 42 U Beau 26 5 St. Marys Z7 U Keyser 20 U St. Patrick 55 6 l HTH GRADE SQUAD . . . First Row, Iett to rioht-B, Stein, E. Iohnson, G. Taylor, D. Athey, R. Dick, G. Rice, D. Horne, B. Mitchell, D. Pave, I. Shook. Second Row-Coach Roger Day, C. Brown, I. Lueck, S. Cullins, B. Lacy, P. Char- ahas R Eversole Yankelevitz L uckson B Allen Coach Neil Gra son Third Row-M. Van Meter, I. Thomas, W. , . , I. , . I , . , y . Clauson, I. Wright, D. Perdew, R. Mayo, S. Abramson, D. Muhlman, R. Simpson. Seventy Nine TU HU UH RONNIE SISK Ronme attained the dream of all high school football players as he was named to the starting backfleld on the Maryland Iumor Chamber of Commerce All Maryland Team Stsk was the whole show tn Alcos offen of the season when he connected with his passes The husky quarterback who weighs 189 pounds scored the Campers only TD on Turkey Day THE BABST AWARD DICK WIDDOWS Dick was voted to the first string of the All County Team composed of players throughout Maryland excluding the Baltimore City area and gamed a tackle position on the second All Maryland Squad Wrddows was impressive all season as Alco s best hnesman He also kicked the extra points and booted the klck offs for the Campers Almost after every game Dick was called the work horse of the Alleqany Squad by area sports writers The Babst Award a gold wrist watch lS glven annually to the boy who possesses the following athletic ability scholastic standing leadership loyalty and sportsmanshrp 6 925 926 927 928 929 930 93 932 933 934 following athletes have won the award Edgar Wolfe Randolph Millholland Albert Wolfe Lawrence Shaffer Espey Barley Hugh MacMillan Edgar Cessna Bernard Bealkey Herman Koegal Paul Twigq fdeceasedl 9 96 97 98 99 40 942 943 1944 William Hugh Mrller Iack Read Frank Iordano Ray Skidmore Iames Gaffney Thomas Mont William Iames 94 946 947 948 949 950 Milton Athey fdeceasedl 1952 Donald Snyder Louis Baker Eighty Richard DeHart Iames Radcliffe Noyes Powers Earle Bruce Iohn Vernall B1a1ne Morton Ronald Sisk l I I ,Q H- 'T sive movement. He hit his stride in the latter part 1- - 1 1 ' - Th ' : 1 - 1 35- ' ' ' 1 5- ' 1 - ' l 3 - 1 - ' 1 - 1 3 - 1 - 1 - 1 3 - ' 1 - 1 - 1 3 - 1 - 1 - ' 19 - 1 - ' 1 1- 1941- ' ' 1951- ' 1 - 1 - ' - 1 - 1 - 1 - . V - . the rebound. The fall of 1951 marked the passing, for the second time, of Allegany Girls' competition in extra-scholastic sports. With the disappearance of the fair lassies from the county sports scene, came the development ot something entirely new at Alco-the Girls' Athletic Association. Under the guidance and leadership of Miss Elizabeth Waidelick, the purpose of this new organization became the sponsoring of a very extensive intramural sports program for girls. In competition, supervised by Miss Rizer, home room teams engaged in varied tourna- ments. Miss Waidelick's efforts were used to foster competitive contests between the four upper classes in the school. As a result, there emerged spirited competition in the ereas of volleyball, basketball and ping-pong. To assist the supervisors in the large num- ber of contests played, twenty-five referees were chosen and a Leaders Club formed. Mem- bers chosen to be in this more advanced group included: Anna Lee Wagner, Ianice Layman, Myrna Luman, Barbara Hom, Donna Smith, Barbara Kave, Patty Black, Donna Rae Budry, Donna Iganne Eyre, Mary Knieriem, Iudy Ben- nett, Eleanor Herath, Dorothy Ludman, Nancy Iones, Ioan Yutzy, Regina Davis, Shirley Davis, Wilda Iewell, Anne Lilya, Thelma McDonald, Dorothy Combs, Merna Boyland, Leslie Millen- son, Ruth Dickson and Dorothy Merger. Girls' thletic llssucialinn Nancy Wilson tries for a basket with Beverly Wilson guarding, as Eleanor Van Meter and Betty Tyree await Eighty One Betty Iecm Knotts and Nancy Wilson are com- peting in a game of ping-pong as Barbara Robinette, Dorothy Lease, Sharan Growden, Helen Hixenbaugh, Mary Louise Golden, Ruth Layton, Carol Rush, and Ioan Lowery watch. Dorothy Lease, Dorothy Chaney, and Mary Louise Goldman, with backs showing, anxious- ly watch as Rosalee Goad, hidden, tries to re- turn the ball that Diane Wilson, has hit. ln the background are Betty Tyree and Shirley Messman. W. M. 1. L. CHAMPION6 B CITY CHAMPIONS COACH WALTER H BOW ERS Oppo ent Somerset Alumm Keyser LaSalle R1dge1ey Barton Becxll Central Bruce They Oppone Fort H111 Keyser LaSalle Rxdgeley Becrll Central Bruce Fort H111 Westrnmster STATE TOURNAMENT Opponent e Hagerstown 45 They 9 They Eighty Two n We nt W 42 39 ' 51 43 ' 40 41 61 57 38 36 52 39 42 43 ' 53 39 Westmont 50 72 Barton 48 47 ' 67 40 50 48 73 57 60 38 53 41 76 54 70 48 ' 53 44 58 41 ' 32 54 W 51 'LWAZS 2 ... 23 -"1 - -N vw- 'Q M, 'tv ' 'H Q V 'G 54,92 X , , N : , .. ,gil ,W g ljLw63..W, '1--' ,r. . 'fha 1 A ' ,fr J, 5, 'U' I, 1, 3. S Z Q fi. 1 ,Q ,7-gf SIDK ,,, l,.':M,,,,75x,,,fH ,J . fx 'fr 1 ,h - .A , V wg., 4:53 5,v,l,q,,, , 31'-5'z1".fF',f ',,-. v Q. V , - 'ig' -Q, V. uf.-,ff -, . .' A V .f- : .g"-'-an 'ffl' . ' Q , 4 , 3 ,. 7- 'fha-5,:w, .fi ,- '., '- .' :.,"' Q. .l,A: -E, , . . . an ,Nz M bu. A - ' ,' ,'.' . . ,V r' fi, vf. 'V . I . A. W., V, fl J", V y , x - .I V' ' m ' H ,, ,-,,', '. ..gxf. - W .,, -4 f ' , Q V, . , A. ratify' V Hx " 193 .79 ', 4+ 5 - ir V, V. - .V - V Q X , 1 1, I X ff -'fi Lx? , 1 I Ur X, --LQ: ......T:g,. E' 1-h v,- -'M im Ai' QQ W iff' Hofe.hn1 fl . s Q I I 'L via 2 KWH Y I FIBER -5,- ,i I JNL cn HhPF ITB!-XP N I xgiizw Xia l. HOWE- J ' X fx! f ' , ' " - h , , s f - . A 'J E". .,mN E' j , LA A 5 . . if 1 .. I M ' m ' t 1 K 1 ' I X 4 , W 1' ' 1 X 5- 3 f Li is , vu 4 , x A 2-3' , ' 'W bf, fi, Q 1 in 'K 'rg L? W 1 X M , fx . ' Af , ' , 1 i 'aw -' mmap 4 A ' 1 . h 5 N'i5u,l5 . ' V. , ' XL -X X -. f - V. I :jf ,, ' M , . , A I' 1 -. A A E ff,-n. :.--,N W .Y v '- E -- M :-,Q.-' mm mm, J . -ff , n . . . . IA- -, v ,, -A' I Y . ' ' ,' , wi -H I ,7 xl, -.vf A X la .irziiii 1 fx Q: ' 1 ,f , , x A 'g H14 :Af-1:,m N , q sa 4 q . f THE GAMES GREAT OPENER Coach Walter L B1ll Bowers opened h1s 26th year of Allegany basketball before 800 fans tn Somerset Pa and saw hrs boys come through wxth a thrxllmg last sec ond 42 39 deClS1On Traxlmg 39 38 wlth less than a mmute to go Sxsk and Eversole burned the cords to gtve Alco her 1n1t1al VICIOFY of the 1952 season TOO MUCH LOOKABAUGH Tratllng throughout the game a determmed Camp er f1ve saw vlctory dxsappear as former Blue and Whtte cage lummary Bob Lookabaugh dropped m a pa1r of smgletons ID the last twenty seconds to glve the Grads thelr second w1n 1n two years wrth a thr1ll1ng 4140 vxctory TRUE COMEBACK Two days later the Bowersmen showed Allegany rooters thexr splrrt had not been broken by the Alumnl as they put on a blxstermq extra perlod show to cop a hard fought 38 36 wm over Keysers Golden Tornado LOSING A TOUGH ONE Alcos second loss came 43 42 at the hands of La Salle rn an hzstonc rntra c1ty battle that saw the Camp ers blow an exght pomt lead and get squeezed out of thexr thtrd wm 1n a double overtlme sudden death game Spectators were on thetr feet as they saw an out classed Explorer f1ve t1e up the regular game at 38 38 battle through to a 4141 deadlock In the flrst extra perlod and thnll the crowd wxth thexr one pomt declslon REALLY OUTCLASSED The Campers tasted the1r brtterest defeat as they were soundly trounced 72 50 by a classy Westmont aggregatron that took the lead rn the openmg seconds and never relmqutshed 1t ON THE BEAM AGAIN Rldgeley provtded 11ttle competxhon for a f1red up f1ve as Allegany came rocmng back mto the wmmng column wtth a dectslve 67 40 trrumph ON TO STAY Eversole poured through 23 pomts as Alco ran rough shod over the Barton Braves to take a 73 57 VICIOIY In true Allegany Fashxon and glve the Blue and Whtte fans thelr ftrst peek at a reluvenated squad THE SLAUGHTER CONTINUES Beall H1gh School fell next 53 41 before the hlgh flylng Campers as the Bowersmen ran w11d ln the sec ond hall to COHIIDUS thelr new found wmmng streak ANOTHER VICTORY The Txgers roared no more as Alco lard a 70 48 sllencer on Central to cop thetr th1rd W M I c n test Eversole wlth Zl and Slsk wrth 16 pomts sparked a 25 goal barrage that kept up the Campers spmt STILL ANOTHER WIN Bruce Htgh fell 58 41 before the constantly un provmg Campers as Steele got 15 pomts to lead Alle gany to her fourth W M I vrctory TAKING THE BIG ONE Allegany topped Fort H111 1n a 5143 thrrller w1t nessed by over 1000 arvxd followers of a classlc and colorful rlvalry Eversole Steele and Howe put on some fancy clutch shootlng to :ce the game 1n the last f1ve mmutes and produce a three way he 1n mtra c1ty play The Sentmels pressxng play had the Alco squad nt tery for the ftrst two quarters but the Bowersmen set tled down and convlnced all that Alco had another great team LUCKY SEVEN The Campers squeezed by Keyser 6157 but for three quarters a Golden Tornado seemed determmed to snap Alcos wmmng streak Slsk and Eversole put rn the wmmng pomts tn the f1nal mmutes and Allegany marked up No 7 g, xft '44-41.04 ,f Steele attempts an oxerhand toss for a baske! as Abe tries to block the throva In the Rldqeley Game Erghty Four I I l .. . .. . - I 'I - - I - I ' I ' I ' . I ' I ' I - I . . . , I I ' 1 I I - ' I I 1 , . . O - I . . . . ' I ' I - - ' I . , , I . . . . . . . . . .. ., . . . . ' ' I - I ' I I I ' ' I 5 l ' 7 1 I - I - I 5 I - I , - , . . . lf, I-, n a X ? -Q f Tha 1 '-4'b?f:.--:emma - SWEET REVENGE Alcos five flashed classy form as they downed the LaSalle Explorers with a convincing 52 39 score A superb Camper defense provided the big difference as Allegany made it eight straight Eversole and Steele poured I4 points apiece through the hoops as Alco made a bid for City honors and evened its record with the Irish squad ITS THE END THAT COUNTS In Ridgeley the Campers were held t a 2119 margin at the half but came roarlng back to take a commanding 52 39 verdict over the Blackhawks A I7 point effort by Eversole highlighted Alcos scoring ef orts TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Herboldsheimer s foul shot with thirty seconds to go gave Allegany a spine tingling 48 47 victory over Bar ton and presented Alco with her sixth straight W M I League triumph The Campers were hard pressed to gain their win trailing 109 at the quarter ahead 24 I7 at the half cmd keeping a 4435 margin at the third quarter ANOTHER CLOSE ONE Determined Beall High hoopsters almost downed the Alco crew but the Campers drove to victory 50 48 The Bowersmen trailed 48 45 with two minutes to go but some fancy clutch shooting brought victory in a game that saw the score knotted l3 times and the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the slcmi bang contest ROLLING AGAIN Alleganys eighth stralght W M I League victory came easily at the expense of Central High The score was 60 38 Eversole poured through 20 points to take the scoring honors W M I CHAMPIONSHIP Coach Bowers had his l8th W M I League Trophy as Alco handily trounced Bruce High 76 54 to win the championship Over 700 Loyalty Night fans saw a flurry of baskets from the Camper players Eversole again leading the point parade and Rank aiding with lB markers SWEET VICTORY A triple crown was presented to Coach Bowers and as City Champs W M I Champs and gain the right to represent Allegany County in the Class A State Finals Over a thousand fans saw Alco break loose in the final four and a half minutes to turn a previously close game into a rout and gam its l4th consecutive victory Eversole Sisk and Rank led the scoring for the Campers with I6 12 and ll markers respectively but the win was team victory and one long to be rernem bered by all Allegany followers WESTMONT WINS Allegany saw her I4 game winning streak broken as a mighty Westmont team humiliated the Campers by a 54 32 score The basket might 1ust as well have had a cover on it as Alco made her lowest score of the year Eighty Five l l I O - . . I .. . ,. ' ' ' ' the squad when Alco whipped Fort Hill, 53-44, to reign B SEBALI. X I I I COACH I HUBERT RADCLIFFE THE RECORD OPPONENT e Mercersburg Academy Beall 2 Hyndman 7 Bruce 3 Barton 12 LaSalle 6 Beall 1 Hyndmcm 12 Bruce 4 LaSalle 3 Fort H111 1 1 Central 2 Barton 3 Fort H111 0 Eighty Sur They 8 4 5 6 2 4 4 5 4 2 5 6 4 1' 'III 1 l . 1' A . , ,-' ,' 1 U Izicqzihli - 'V . ' -V I :'L".3'Lvo",1' 4 'f"f,,f",-' X- ' . " ,V 1' .' . . f . I 'I F' ruin: .- 'I A-1 f ',, l ,N If ' 1 . ffjfkf H . Q . " Q 21 7' Q . I: ,I r' x . 1 I F , ' 1 Vi- , jf, . li' ff' ' rl: I 1' ' . VP, 1 J ' 1 L If h 2' in :H If .ll f S I . ly . 5 W 3 12 THE SE!-XSIJN . . . Spikes flash in the sun- light, a cloud of dust arises from a sliding player, and the umpire crouches closer to call his decision. A typical scene E at any baseball game -.11 and one often found on the Camper diamond, as the Radcliffe coached nine struggled through a fourteen game schedule, winning five and losing nine. Our Campers opened the season by drop- ping a decision to Mercersburg Academy as "Chuck" Eirich got our only hit. After losing to Beall, 8-2, the boys conquered Hyndrna' 7-4 in a game featured by the pitching of honnie Sisk and the booming bat of Deb Payton. Fourth game-and our third loss as Alco hurler Harry McFarland dropped his first start 5-3. Allegany hit the .500 in won and lost records as pitchers Sisk and McFarland beat Barton, 12-6, and Sisk went the distance over LaSalle for a 5-2 Win. Beall handed us our fourth defeat, 4-l, but the next time out, we ended Hyndman's five game Winning streak with a 12-4 drubbing R W tell log , o t L n t - . FHS' paw- iw- Roch YV! A' Qtbvlf Gdctxtfe- nk COG VPKRS son' b ch R px sK5lc Howe ALLEGPSNY Ounllhgflmgowiaiggriand. Minoqer. .Sewage 55351. ghdpmvqargde Mulligan, gvefs heed. W, ' sOU- fth RO eft Foil angel- der. dgfelifge' SYN in mm AME4.. t We dropped the next two, 5-4, to Bruce and. 4-3, to the LaSalle Explorers. Our greatest victory of the season came when We defeated Fort Hill, ll-2. This game was high-lighted by the pitching of Ronnie Sisk and power hitting of Ronnie Lease who banged out a double, triple, and home run to drive in five Camper runs. To close the season, our diamond boys lost their spirit and dropped three straight contests, 5-2, to Central, 6-3, to Barton, and 4-U, to the Fort Hill Sentinels. fll Harry McFarland let's go with a fast one. C29 Lease slides into third as Widdows tags him out. McFarland backs up the play. f3l Eirich pratices batting with L-'rise catching. vu' TH Eli XA COACH IAKE HOPKINS THE RECORD MEET ALLEGANY BEALL 101 V4 CITY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COUNTY MERCERSBURG FORT HILL INV Eighty Ezghl 6112 V2 22 POS s nd n nd I . I ' 'S I , ' I fi? Q f L.. 'r .. , . 4 I I I ' I 1 I 3 2 0 ,,..,,,, 34 2 d 35 Z . 4th THE SE SU Senior members of the squad have run their last race for dear old Alco. , No longer will the cinder path feel the pounding of their spiked feet. Truly, we can say that we are proud of their efforts and accomplishments. K' X f I f fll Iack Beckley practices the high hurdles. f2l Norman Campbell, "Chuck" Eirich, Ioe Morgan, and Ray Easton are ready to take off on cr run at track practice. 44. i...... -aff As in all Camper athletics, their shoes will be passed on to other schoolmates who some- day will carry the proud name of Allegany on to further fame. Under the tutelage of Coaches Eugene "lake" Hopkins and "Swing" Calain, the Alco thinclads showed great promise for the '51 campaign as they trimmed Beall High of Frost- burg in a dual meet by racking up a total of 1013!-1 points. The succeeding five meets, how- ever, failed to see the Blue and White bring home a trophy as the squad compiled three seconds, a fourth, and failed to score in the University of Maryland Meet. From the other side of the city, our traditional rivals, the Fort Hill Sentinels, put on a show worthy of much comment, as they went undefeated in every meet and made a complete runaway of the city and county contests. The '51 season found no outstanding in- dividual stars, but provided a nucleus that may make the Camper sprinters a state power this spring. Coach meet HOpki Ronny Pff-fr ns di e . RQ Sell ?9f1Q1dg'1f0f1. Zadfeffsiis Plan. lmch, Abergerl C le cOokr1gb,XBf?oncer I 5: gfQnc?sHe11l1ig1S1em1,feIOe My 1-eeinnlg Ure n Normouclr, CiroI1b6hRf2Qe1- 61lrCbQrleiQ'I:v.SecZg Eesti? Pfiqeqh Cqmne C7105 SI-Y' Hqck fclfqrd CTIROW ' Pbell ff B 'qfler How ' Ch X ' Ass- ob M .' Bill X1QCk uC'lr" Jstant Cgcglilr, G.f0besOn geek- C C orge ' IV' Cllqjne Mqrq in 1 Qnd Brvlql lice ,.,a,,,"f-tv"-rw-. G""""' affazgai THEFUHUEES Mn CECIL B DEMILLE Pxaxmot VT PJCTI ms Coawomrlox 5A5l MARAYHON SYREEY HOLLYWOOD JB CAUF 28 November 1951 H Harold C Wlckard Allegany Hlgh School Cumberland, Maryland Dear Hr W1ckard It was a pleasure to Judge the Allegany Hlgh School Beauty Contest, and the follow1ng are my S619Ct1OH5 In the Freshman Class the wlnner ho 06 In the Sophomore Class the w1nner ho 314 In maklng a cholce 1h the Sophomore grou lt IS very d1ff1cult to Judge farlly when two plctures 1n color and three 1H black and wh1te are subm1tted For 1n stance, the glrl whose photograph lS ho 313 1S very beaut1 ful, Judg1ng from the eyes and mouth, but 1t 15 1mpOSS1b16 to Judge her nose from the angle at wh1ch the p1cture was taken In the Junlor Class the MIHHGF Lo 201 In thls group, photograph ho 203 1S xery hard to Judge from the 'cut out' PICIUFE effect submltted ho 3 seems to be a very beaut1ful g1rl, but the photograph 15 such that lt IS 1mpOSS1b19 to Judge In the Senlor Class the w1nner Lo l07 Please extend my congratula11ons and best k1Sh9S to the w1nners and all of the contestants Slncerelx, f I 'I 1 d 11 Q. Cec1 B eM1 e 145' c Nmety I I I Wm. Z: J qw I lv e 2 1: G ..,......,.. I 5 3 wJXXTw. 1 I 9332? r. . ' Advisor to THE ALLEGEWI - ' : ' . 4 . . . . ' , ' .I . P' v.2O . . Q - f tlliiigb 6,13 BETTY IEAN KNOTTS AS THE SENIOR QUEEN Nmety One W-, ,.,A,. H, , W , .N A jj ADELE WILLIAMS AS THE IUNIOR QUEEN Nmefy T O ,lv 'ii fr 4 my 1 MQ, if. Q vm -.. Nznety Four DABLENE MILLER AS THE FRESHMAN QUEEN DONNA COCHENOUR AND CHARLES WICKARD Co Editors MARLENE TAYLOR LUCY KREICHBAUM HARRY MCFARLAND ASSISIGUIS to the Edztors GLORIA FRAZIER WILMA IEWELL Faculty DIVISION Editor OrganIzatIon DIVISIOH Editor NANCY MURRAY Senror DIVISION Editor IUDY IOHNSON FRANCIS ARONHALT Mus1c Ed1tOr Sports Edztor ARTHUR IONES Class DIVISION E'dItOr PATRICIA SCHRY NANCY BISHOP ROBERT MATLICK RANDY STEIN Art Editor IOHN GORNALI. CIFCUIGIIOU Manager ASSIST!-INTS SHIRLEY BROWN WILMA CHANEY IACQUELYN DIEHL BETTY IEAN KNOTTS MARIAN LIPPEL DORIS LONG NANCY MILLER CAROL IO PORTER BETTY LOU ROBERTSON CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON ENGRAVERS PETERSBURG ENGRAVING SERVICE PETERSBURG, VA. PATRICIA TAYLOR Busmess Manager Copywriters DORIS LONG GEORGIANNA MCKENTY IERRIE WARREN X sry, " 45559, PHOTOGRAPHERS GOLDFINE STUDIO TRIPLETT STUDIO KEITH SISK COVER MANUFACTURERS S. K. SMITH CO. CHICAGO, ILL. Ninety Five Photographrc Editor PHILIP WENDT Adverhsmg Manager ASSISTANTS BEVERLY BAUER NANCY BISHOP CYNTHIA SHECKELLS LESLIE MILLENSON FRANCES REYNOLDS PATSY MINKE PRINTERS WEIGEL G BARBER INC IOHNSTOWN, PA. Queen Contest Editors IIZI Z, 5 HARVEY S JEWELRY ALLEf ANY HH H SCHOOL CLAS? RINCQ N !yS I " 's of . .. 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One Location Only ENJOY LEAR 8: OLIVER ICE CREAM +04 ITS BETTER N !yN I Phone 2851 - 2582 ...iw I Congratulations WARD N. HAUGER JEWELRY COMPANY +O+ 16 North Centre Street PHONE 4378 4 HOUR SERVICE Phone 2571 Mary's Cleaners 157 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland Maryland We Call For and Deliver Barnard s M' Servrce Statron 684 Green Street Lubrlcatlon Washlng PHONE 6741 In Cumberland Almost Every body Wears Shoes from WEBBS Webb s Shoe Store Flne Shoes or Men and Women 72 75 N Centre St Phone 4808 Cumberland Md Ben M Kamens George L Klme It Pays to Cross the Town Klrne Furniture Company Phone 3708 405 413 Vxrgxma Avenue FIGHT SOCIALISM Work or Quxt To Make a Speech To Own a Home Remember Government 1n Any Busmess IS Soc1al1sm The Potomac Edrson Company OHdd I Y I f 0 f to the Keep Your Right to Vote, To O I Y Y if 1 a 1 a ' ne un fe WE GIVE EXPERT SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF CARS AIND TRUCKS PE f cmlgvnouirf X Q 7 mir EILER CHEVROLET Inc SISK S SERVICE STATION Gulf Gas and Olls "'!"' 1601 Bedford Street one 62 2 E1 f Q , 0 219 N. Mechanic Street Phone 143 I My... Ph For ll Food Standmg ln Your Communlty WEAR KEYSTONE SHOES KEYSTONE SHOE STORE INC 169 Baltlmore Street Cumberland Maryland 8 Greene Street Phone 5264 CUMBERLAND OPTICIANS 904 Al Tosh Manager Royal Worlds No I Portable Only Portable Wlth Maglc Marq n EA IEST WRITING PORTABLE EVER BUILT LAN DIS TYPEWRITER CO 115 Freder ck St eet Cumberland Maryla d Relmble Seruce For Over 20 Years C0 WPLIMENTS CUT RATE SHOE STORE O H d , x . . V . , L1 L L ' I Y X as - i n fx ' . A Q Q xX tk .aff X Qhlllgg BK, I i r I1 ne un red Two l- SJ - CNN wfff, Y.- iii 'fF.i.F'V' ' s Division Fairmont Foods Co Cumberland Cloak and Suri Store O+O 52 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland BETTER BUY BUICK sf-'--i THOMPSON BUICK CORP 90+ 429 N Mechanlc Street Cumberland Maryland Cat Bu Sl l7l Baltlmor 6115 chool berland Md. Compllments LOCAL 78x American Federation Musicians Cumberland Maryland Service, Inc Outdoor Adtertlszng Painted and Poster Dzsplays .Screen Process Prmtzng 16 N Liberty St Phone 5282 OHd dTh Of of O . J . . Trl-Stale Advertrsrng I-lorrMAN2r KH A DI ISION-IECK JU IN DAIIYCO !Duic iii Dcur7Pad Cor DANIELS RUBBER STAMP CO Better btampa for the Better Business 130 BEDFORD ST CUMBERLAND MD Also Dupl cat ng Mxmeograph g and Multihth COMPLETE MAILING SERVIFE x COM PLIME N Tb an C ONTINUED SUCCESS FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Cumberland Aene No 245 +O+ 65 N Mechanlc Street Phone 3436 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND BEST WISHES SLOAN LOAN COMPANY GLEN R. CH APPELL. 'llanager DO YOU BELONG TO THE CAMPER CLUB? One Hundred Four I I -L1-1 'v, R. , 5...t1,x.' L A'-.-11" I N V I -Mc NK .- ' ill ' r ua: porodnn 44 W w y' -,, L ' 7 ' N41 i i , ' in , " , - , 1 1 , ' V W Y Y N Y W D1 1 A . o -1 I Q 1 . . . For 14 Consecutive Years Photographers to the Allegewi EULIJFINE STUIIIUS CUMBERLAND MARYLAND S M I T H ' S CONIIJIINIPIIIS Tender Feet Shoes Of CARLTON'S 137 Baltxmore Street Beauly C OMPI IMENTS Goldsmlt Black Inc 00+ Wholesale Confechons Crgars TELEPHONE lll +04 13 WILLIAMS STREET Crgar Store 17 South Centre Street Cumberland Maytag Applrance Center SALES and SERVICE 31 35 North Meehan c Street Cumberland Md Phone 2672 OHd I , . REYNOLD'S - QUALITY CCNTROLLED S J ueell I Cd df' dlry Every day week after week and month after month he QUEEN CITY DAIRY carefully tested ln the da1ry Q own modern laboratory to cletermlne the qualxty and purlty of the m1lk Remem ber 1n buymq m1lk ltS the DAIRY that makes the DIF FERENCE QUEEN CITY DAIRY 310 S. MECHANIC STREET One Hundred Seven -9' .15-I' dl: I 'Vw Q3 1, ' 1 , I raw milk delivered to the is Q l I 615' I I - erarivc y . . . ' . v 17 ' gnC- o CUMZESLANO The S T Llttle Jewelry Co Over 100 Years On Baltxmore Street Regrstered Jeu eler s Amerrcan f em SOCIGIY Corzgr atulatrons Senrors A Blq Asset To Your Future Is Bemq Well Dressed Ask the man ho knovxs When you vxear T mely Clothes Youll look your best And be ell dressed Joseph Omen Tarlor Tailored to Your Measure o+o 115 North Centre Street OOO K A P L O N S YOUNG MEN S SHOP 115 Baltnmore Street Vandergnfi s Muszc Shop 35 Baltrmore St Phone 3230 First lrr Musu' First Qualrty Cumberland Weldmg 8: Supply Company ELECTRIC and ACETYLENE WELDING and CUTTING C. TWICG 102 Wmeow Street Phone 4714 Cumberland, Md. One Hundred Erghf o 0 o ' , ' ' , ' n s C I ' I . 9 r QQQQ1 , ' ' W f . I . i V .l- 7 . , 4 . ' I A 5 XV lf o 0 O I I - n Q n 1 0 ' ll l I NATIONAL JET COMPANY 115 Mllton Place CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Uanu acturers 0 M1croscop1c Prec1s1on Dnlls and Dnllmg Eqmpmenl f0ll0l'lll Premslon Illlllhflllll Pamtzng, Machine Work Sperzrzlwts TAYLOR MOTOR CO 1501 GHT New Used AAD Cars SOLD Cars O'0 74 HOLRS TOWING SERVICE OHddN 'V' u v . f . 0 0 o s o 0 0 o , . . . . . I 1 . . f . f , . . . ,. . . . f . ,, K v w J , H T w , , ... T . A CE CREAM Schade s Radlator Servlce Comer of Valley and Mecha c Streets PHONE 5 00 Cumberland Maryland DeVore s Market Ellerslle Maryland +o+ Phone 6175 Monarch Prmtmg Company 116 F rederlck Street Cumberland Maryland Prmtmg Engravmq Steel D1e Embossmq MCElf1Sh Pam! and Body Shop O40 209 He derson Avenue Phone 804 J LLOYD WOLFE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 1669 W 1 ELLERSLIE MARYLAND O H d 9 I SERVICE: ALWAYS ne un red Ten GEHAUFS DRIVE IN 6 Nllles West on Route 40 PHGNE 551 W ll A flazll OF A SPOT Drz zks Coke and Plays the Juke B01 C Gm L Welding Supplies LINDE CXYGEN and ACETYLENE 00+ McMullen Hlqhway +O+ P O Box 1345 Cumberland Md ,I W C 0 e C X L1 er OHddEI I - 4.04. I ' 1 . 4-0-2- Where the High School Gang Eats Hamburgers, 3 ' , a 0 Q C I . . , . . ,l s . A . 'll 'KW 1 Aa ff 001718 see I the new Weshnghouse clothes dryer ff g el All you clothes d y 1 co I tel exclusuve aufomaflc f-my o v p y S ply toss you f eshly w sl I th s to th s D ye set the auto D d al d vo e th o A tomatc lly l thes ll bed ed sohffy gY ay dha gm, tpm sd ost STERLING ELECTRIC CO Corner Bedford and Centre Sts CUMBERLAND MARYLAND KEECH S PHARMACY AT THE SUBWAY 600 602 VIFQLHI3 Avenue Cumberland Maryland Phone 1208 Queen Cliy Electrrc Company 158 160 Fredenck Street Cumberland Maryland Phone 117 and 118 The Travelers Modern Accxdent Pollcy for Students 51000 for Acc de tl Death Up to S500 for Docto s Nurse and Hospltal Fees Annual Cost S6 70 Albert H Macy Agent Traveler s Insurance 14 Greene St Phone 1430 Bowlrng Green Grocery MEATS FROZEN FOODS PRODUCE R. F. D. No. 6 Bowlmg Green Phone 3160 Fulion's Beauty Salon 164 N. Mechamc Street One Hundred Twelve :H ,. 5' 5252? "" O ' E125 31, fig" gal. -. "'f'i'.'r9'Cf4+7?w'w"p':fsia 'QQEQS "1:::f:r::-:9ff'f"' 3,yjE1f49?l' . " ,,C'f'I-II Q56 fiiigfm., .1.2i?f1Qal1l-"-"' x.,E5"' . - "0 it Q, - X, .2 51329,-7 Q . Ima in . r r ing f -241151, -13:99 Q I ' - I I 33222225123 K, ' pr b cms sol ed . . . m e .' I'?5,w"'y'M im I r r a ied .- .f-131::3:3:g. - ,4g,N,4. ,Z D ' 11E121?13Ei '-V' e in 1 r r - C 0 . . ' , . - 355351, y . matxc ry- 1 an u r r ugn. "W V,.: u i a ,c 0 wi ri V ft, u . sweet smellin . ou'll save c rr ing, lifting an nging. , So ' ...Letu emnrateit. O . I K ' 9 I O a ' i n a - r , s ' .1 0 ' I Q I Co. 9 O Y! P494 T0 WORK AT VIUIIINY My name IS Betty ard I have a story wh1ch I thmk w1lI mterest many of you Its about my ex perlence ln the retallmg field Belleve me Varlety Store buslness IS fast movmg and lnterestlng Each counter IS a store ln ltself Here at Murphys one learns retallmg from the bottom up' I started out as an extra salesglrl workmg every day after school When I was graduated I was fortunate to be placed ln charge of a counter I never kncw how really lnterestmg thls work could be lt s Just l1ke havmg a shop of my own Im growmg here takmg more responsxblllty as I go Theres stlll more room for advancement I can work myself Into a posltlon of merchandlse buyer sectlon supervlsor or bookkeeper ln the 0fflC6 Soon I hope to be selected to tram for the Job of Personnel Dlrectress ln a large new Murphy Store All of us at Murphy s have an equal chance to better ourselves From what I can see Murphys IS tops ln tramlng and there xsn t a store m town to beat Murphy s on Employee benefits' If you re ambltlous to make a go of xetallmg Jom the Gang at Mulp my s soon as you can 138 148 BHIIIIIIOPC qt Cumberland, Maryland One Hundred Thirteen 1 0 La . . . , n. . ' ' 1 . - .. ' 1 ' v ' . . . . ., . . . - ... . , . . ... , . , . ... 1 . . . ' . . 1 . , . . .. . , ..- ' 7 v " I. rv , " " .4 vv P 1 "-. A . O O . - . f 1 L. MERCHANTS WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY OF CUMBERLAND INC Dlstrlbutors of FRESH BREAKFAST COFFEE GOLDEN ISLE FRUIT AND IUICES J enkms Texaco C ompllments Service 682 Greene St Cumberland Md Phone 6858 Where Your Patronage Is Appreclated A F R I E N D Puck up and Dellvery Servnce START YOUR HAPPY F r a n t z MOTORING FROM Home Bakery W a g n e r s ow Esso Servlcenter sw North centre street TWILA BEAUTY SHOP 27 North Llberty St Phone 4539 Cumberland Md VISIT YOUR SINGER SEWING CENTER FOR ALL SEWING 'NEEDS VACUUM CLEANERS OHddFt . . I . 0? ll . , . I i.. Y, Y. 206 Greene St. Cumberland, Md. Cumberland Maryland He UIIAIGI OU! een A I qw IOMPI IMEINTS CUMBERLAND EUNTHMITINB Cumberland EUMPHN Y Maryland gxkl WJ' f,q pp Western Marylands First lnstltutlon Deuoted Erclusnely to the Hygenu, Processzng of Dlapers DIAPER SERVICE 235 Baltlmore Ave Cumberland Maryland O H ddFf! ' T OF 0 if ,a :. . ,A G ,. , .I . . 0 G: Q, Sr S 1 'I lv, -'v o Q ' 7 Young Men Wlth Eyes On The Future 40+ Choose clothlnq wxth a future of lonq wearmq OOO Schwarzenbach s SPUND l0lR FRI'I' TIML AT DON S Mag3Z1HCS Newspapers Fllms School Supplies an Your Fanorlte Fountam Treat DON MCINTYRE S 432 Cumberland Street C omplzments DON S MARKET Hooker Howe Costume Compan COSTUMEBS ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION GIFTS FOUL S P E A R S DIAMONDS SILVERWARE WATCHES COMPLIMENTS AND COMPUMENT5 OF CONGRATULATIONS FROM CITY CLEANERS M11ler s Sunoco AND DYERS 107 Fredenck Street SSIVICC 642 Greene St Phone 5583 an Cumberland Maryland SOUTH END CLEANERS Where Seruce With a Smile AND DYERS Awaits You 219 V1'9m'a Avenue Use the Best -f Use Sunoco One Hundred Sixteen N 1 , Y I 1 . A , I J 1 , . I - 1 . 1 . Y . . d style from . . . I I I 4.0.3. I I of Y I to ' I O d ' Y To the Class ef 52 Q! ff We Wlsh You 1 Success 2 Happmess 3 Good Health MASON S DAIRY C OM PLIM EN TS OF l FHIE IIS CUMBERLAND TRANSIT LINES FOR YOUR CITY SERVILF Charter a Coach Partles Outmgs And Tnps PHONE 5923 329 N Cent e Street be land Maryland Lowe Brothers PAINTS and VARNISHES LOWE PAINT 8: SUPPLY Telephone 2751 78 Greene S Cumhe land Md OHddE L I 4-0+ U For ' , ' CO. 'I'O'I' w Floor .Sander For Rent I. . r Cum r I' , . ne un I9 ighteen Lumber Millwork Building Supplies THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL CO. YOUR COMMUNITY LUMBER YARD SINCE 1896 33 Queen Street Cumberland Maryland Phone 2918 2919 COMPLIMENTS TRI STATE MINE 8: MILL SUPPLY C0 310 Commerce Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND OHddNt OF Owen E. Hitchins. President John Stewart, Secretary ne un te ine een Bruce Price, Class of '52 Says FOR STRLNC TH AND STAMINA FOR ANY POSITION ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM DRINK FARMERS DAIRY HOMOGENIZED AND PASTEURIZED MILK ' I 1 . Q I . - . I Phone 311 Curtis Cox, MIIIlGg L Q I A 09 IRE G2 51? B Ui' GFWUYLCDEQEN SGUQUDQEL THE DINGLE CUMBERLAND MD PHONE 225 I KELLY KELLY TIRES TIRES RIDE WORRY FREE ON KELLYS KELLY TIRE SERVICE Telephone300 119 S Mechamc Street Cumberland s Oun Tlre and Battery Headquarters O H dedT ty , f I 0 D ll .iv 0 I f' ! 1 , 1 - I e unr wen O CONGRATULATIOINS CLASS OF 19 2 THE ALLEGANY CAMPER CLUB AAD KIf1'P IN TOUIH YOUR SCHOOL S ACTIVITIES W W 7 I 7 to the 5 JOHN' , 1 . . with I WAGNER S Esso Serv1center Mechamc at Market Street Cumberland ANDY MCINTYRE Meats Groceres and Soda Fountam The Dingle Phone 865 SCHRIVERS YOUR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER 176 Baltimore St Phone 678 DINGLE ESSO SERVICE Fayette and Greene Sts Cumberland Maryland Phone 2568 DINGLE CLEANERS AND DYERS 752 54 GREENE STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND GIVE DINGLE A IINGLE PHONE 1287 BEERMAN AUTO WRECKERS ts Glass Pamt Body Hard 153 Wlneow St Phone 2270 COMPLIMENTS V AND H BILLIARD PARLOR 10 South Mechamc Street HOWARD W VANDEGRIFT P op RIALTO LUNCH HOME COOKING CHRIS G STOCKLEY SHINNAMON S SHOE STORE FASHION FOOTWEAR Cumberland Md PHONES 2460 M 1517 HUTTER S RADIO SERVICE 5 Col b A Cumbe land Md 1 E WOODWARD P 8 H Plu b g Heat nq nd Repans 18 Harrnson St Phone 2599 COMMERCIAL PRESS CO PRINTERS CUMBERLAND MD 30 Harrlson St Phone 72 MURPHY BROS FOOD STORE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Phone 2011 2012 102 LeFevre St BEST w1sHEs PERSONAL FINANCE CO DAN DOPBO Manager COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF ADAM BROTHERS Shoe Repaxr One Hundred T enty Th ee Y M . n 1 I I Y Md. Y Par - - ' - ware . . . , r . ' Y Y 61 Baltimgfe St, Phone 746 "lf your radio stutters, Bring it to Hutter's" 1 Q 06 um ia ve. r , . O 6 O New m in , i . a 'r , , - , I Y w r PIIIIIIII Weigel 8: Barber, Inc The Home of RF4I Pllllflllb 343 45 STONYCREEK ST JOHNSTOWN PA PHONE 29681 0 0 55 JA J n. . U.. ' A I

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