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Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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1':f,25'i 'f 4 ' ' ' Ag - Q F 4' -1-ifltx KXJGIQPWWV. ,ZZBQLJLZ an W ,ng M JM ,ff MMM!!! mf YVl Me ,4ccW'V'g Mig! f ZVWWJ fjfw !fV60f QAJZZAZ ZZVJWV ,V ,wwf .iff aff? fff-9'2 'ifg ' ,Mfft fx f 6 f ,,afaf-,f,g,22-QL, ,f.2f-Sf 4 QJ50 J Mfbf, M15 X-,Q ,560 1' 1' 446646 Jef .fy QWWVK Q fcfyacf ffffffk j Zac gpdfgffffa fflm Jxfzfddf Qi' AA, fcfeifc V14 0 Quiz M 7 fywaxlt at 1 ,pq-'ff vfwffafuf MJ Qdcgdcffw Ydflyzy fwadd fix ,Q J 2 C561 ,zifafk fc-efqs, ac ,c,,, ,i-fkkf f4ff ,ffffa ,ff-5-4,4 1 X f' , 1 ' 1 4 . Q, I y .F I A 1 f 1' 5 I 17- Y 1 i , 1' 1 7 2 f' l X . 1 ' 1 - X If , . fy J 'A , f J WJ I ff ff? X X J , ff f - ,-'L ,-L. ff , V , y . Z A 1 Z. dx Q lf ' ,fz . , ff ' F' A . ,7 ,H -r ,,,-1 7 , .- A ,, ,f ,QA fl ' f' 'K - 3 f ,fa x,.g4 1-ff K ' Y, J u,? I Q p Y ,Ia . .- f S' , 7 iff' , ll Q 1 lj , ' 1 1'5 I if f A 4 ' I If 4 ' fi f- ,4a,g. N X ,ky ' , L! A V ,, I X , K V In kd' , I, , -, , :ff fC- , ,,, '4 , I ,Ar I I I y 1' 4' . if Q 14, I, . 1 ,,,-f ff., I K , ,- ' -1 'P f L f ff A ,1 , ff ,gr -X' ,-Q? Q X k ,A, f f ,ft 4 A ff ,fp , f ,Q I,-4 Ai. ,ff 1, 1 1, ..- -- ., V 5. l f , 11, ' 'V' ' . . L f' 71' ' ' h I, I : -' f ,I .7 XX i Y fl - 7-' ij-ff' 1 I als!! 4 5 If, . -1 'iff Z . 9 ff - Q., ff- ' -f' . - Cf, ,,f'6.f' H! 1- X rj I 23 ' f' f tai' 'f V-H' .f . I ,- ,iw .7 ,ff HV ff f' ' N ' ir,-Q 7 1 W V, 5- fn ,WAY , ' f 'ff ' X4 ' ff 4. KL :' f , 1' Q f, , - . f L 1 I , M I V, if ,X 5' X. ,f A- pf 5 1 , - S, ' P bv I .fs b I ,.- . 1. f V 1 X ,X S- . 4f'..- QV X-'A ' if X r ,, f f .,f I I K 4, I, I, X, . V . v, -, I, l Z ' f Y ZF. ,f'!7 fvyy IL, ' ,ff f' f Z x I' ' I 'ff ' W MT14 7 , ff x ff ,V f 1 ,Z ' J 1 ' . ff ' X ,ff Q' - f , , -- :7 ff ik F I V 4 X V Z v , , 1' P: I ilfg' V , ' - , 1. 1 , 13 3' ff-':l':' V5 X ' - Q 1 1' ' - I V5 ' . I F 4 . - -' ' - 1 L QW , L3 M Q i ,fg , 3 1 V . - , A , , 4QA, , an . , Q ,Qi - Q , ' A V,,. , . H 'F -any-:af-2-1 .T f A -1. 4-1 ' ---1 K' , I, 25244 -'fi ,gifwncf fy! f Qff f 'g - W, W! ,,2Yf,,g ff.. Myfw im ,,.,ffff2ff i f '007 '6 !y ,J-,vceX4vec ,gave-v -4 -4 f ' ,t,4?..zr , 4 ' X vfwhoyww 1314 ,LMC zap? ,4,,,Q,,e,z:,fv 71151 5 54,4428 ,fav-'AS' bQ,,Qa4-'V 'idgiwbde ,d,,,,, Qu:-4 ,Mia az! ! 'f,,,M, WM zfff6ffJ 0C J., vzawf ffzdffaejkgc vzfvv iid ffvfMf'ZV'5' A is Sybgpfykxwadwumajuam 5 hiv fag AUMJMAM fd? -'nf f I ' - r fi-vin ' ' I f Q . ,ga-C I K, . . -Z, , . . I - . Ji'-L. - A, H I I Ar, ut .Y W L 6, iff? f - : -ff QC, . Q X e. z'- f' ' I I. . b Q Q X. I O .f Q' V fkdfd lofxiq' wfffff Capita' QQ R N HP Q7 X Q p'f ' 6 Th1S twenty tztth edttzon ot the Allegewz was 0d1tea' by Shnlfly Wzlson and managed by Zetta Sagoz whlle Ruth Ann R1ChGldS S9lVEd as assoclate edltor and Greta Hersch and Rosahe Yantolno asslstea' In the management Halola' C Wzrkazd acted as the faculty advzsm V Q xx uk, ff? Q 4 ,jj O . ' f ff 1 JA ft J o If ' 1, I 4 ,H Q , f ,tj j 0 I WW , I ylf 6, A ZX 0,01 L f t f 'Y 0 73 ,ff A if V :VI ' 5 Q JJ f - ,f Z' - , Q4 it 5 , ,f ' s 7 I qx iq! KV 3, be Ofc fevbexws 7: A I j ,lv Q A 1-A 0 i R4 fff- Cyn t Qr 'X' Wh 1 L Y, ' 'X ff C ' t ,j N J V J- OU In . f' 'Av 'W I X9 ws 4 , -Z ' View ', L Q 1. Tx, f' , 4 . M' ., hz LN E sv N t n,65 ,y , f fz, in M w-dl-MM, ,,-, i 3 4.3997 v 5 f . 1 na M f aiwfiff 2 Mig' , 'fix , ,gf I 4 l 3562? S wg.. 1 M ,M ,, fm 'iii y if , . .fa A 15 . ,, ' I, Q53 ,Uh - Zz s ' i ww nv ,i , ' Ji? ,V 3 I 4 ' - , . ? i 5 . . S , 2 I l n y 0 A I ' f , 4 , A . : ' 1 ve 16115 M , f . Y Q ,, 1 d ..W.m,.u MR.w,,,.. L23-tv Y 0 ' 0 I , ix . n ,, Mg, , im! ,, ., ?,xm...V , KI., . ' L, v. af f 5 3? ff'f34 f Lf 57 , , 1 ' X . 1 MHWW H H NIH ll llllhl JN!! ll lh llll IN Nl Il. l'l Iil,llf I'l'IUN Ulf 'l'lII'.' Sl'fNlUl II lv UI ll.I,l'.Y1, l N5 lfj .' f HIFI. f ip . . 'H, IXli D The community knows Harold C. Wickard as a civic leader, the school knows him as a capable instructorg the class of l946 is proud to own him as a friend. From the beginning of our high school career, Wo have learned to look to Mr. Wickard for guidance. Serving in the capacity of adviser, he ably directed the activities of our junior year. As seniors. We are indebted to Mr. Wickard for the time and effort he devoted to making this Allegewi a reality. Our class play, Out of the Frying Pan , was the one hundred fourteenth to be added to his roster of successful productions. We have marveled at his versatility, enjoyed his classes, and laughingly deprecated his humor. With deep appreciation for all he has meant to us, We dedicate the l946 Allegewi to Harold C. Wickard PUHHHUHH Time flows like sand in an hour-glass . . Another school year has ended .... For the twenty-filth time, an Allegewi is pre- sented in which are recorded all the principal events of another year at Allegany .... This tangible record ot the year, from autumn to spring, records a stage in each of our advance- ments .... May these records of our individual successes be but incitement for tomorrow .... BOOK I. Autumn Administration Underclassmen Football BOOK II. Willter Activities Publications Drama Clubs Basketball Intramural Sports Musical Organizations BOOK III. Spring Baseball Senior Play Seniors EUNllNlS Q 3197! aiming Wowzfdwzfwfyyf 3 322476, 0 Jim dx dwg wwf!! af,-,J Mdf wwf, 071416 gud 4, Zzcyvfzfnf, ba 90654455 Zoiyic-Z5 Qaf:!a9z! odfpd Jpgugdg Wzaw 20'-fa! mf 21fWV fig Zim l! gmgfmfmoin fad, 5 ?:zffQf4fAZ,, 91 M6 M7014 4 dff yr :wc Z! ,aac'Qp7 Af 5,46 ag 2642? JAM? yfffffwz ifdfddx Kfzaf, LIU' 94 2410 9wvf,4fmf,Q wed.-A feamfm MJ J 5465114 fa ,cl 9aa,45f,a 7 gd.,-'deff Z-fvf 204406-1 ffo gc' M07 60 af M 94115: J wwxwlwf ,cfs Ara off A441 Ymff A mf'Q70w Wd? Q MJ fax gW7Mf 14 M WM! 72401.-f,4ff4z 4 Z vwaw fm' 44,41 25.41 Vfffwyf Jury 7.4.16 Svifzzzz have ,,a,,,,,,, fad My J hai fywi-6,aCZffaufyfg,2g,z,4,,c,ZbLd!244! ijfljjg X Q QM VO' M Mew cfaurzf Z, ,MWMWW Mag: ,WMI dike? WMM Sanz 2114 02: 64.7, 7777 f f0'2.,f2'f:f,c!: SG! QAM, avg bg, 4,424 Jar!! auf wulazl ,af yerffl, 3 XL Kuff 71 0 - ' Q 0 0 o . Q , Q . C- Q O 6 Z' , 271 4 C. 5.-CU' a . 04' 01-I! If If 0 R4 00 V 0. 0 1. L, . ao X I C, o fmfff' 0,2 , 0 x - C. 0 - . . . . . 2 N Q Q .,, 1 0 5 o le C of Q o k f C. Q , , . . , , f 0 . 0 r f X 9 . 0 . 1 ,, 0 , J ,,, 2 . s Z 0 . f y 1141 Af . . . . . au, 6 0 , f 0 0 'co' . 0 n o ' me C ' - 6 i i W ' ' 40 J ' 4 Q -ii, -f--Q. The melcnchol days are come, the sczdde of the year, gy -Bly T fn , ' 7 I fer' My if gil' . 1431! a mfr, 'I J , 4 , . , ' ' , , 'N' , , Cp: nt . 'A , .A I J 'b yi ala.. A, -if 1 , f , 4, . r '.-4 V1 I. ,Hz in VX I V' nf' 0 I Q ' g' I 4 . ', ' -QVSQA ' Af ' ' 4 ' , ,Y ,. '-1 ' I Q , ,M F QQ? ' V? 'jj'v'Qya ,1 ? n ' ' S? J - ' qi . ig: ' . ., -:dj-'qs ,, Wm ,- fr A 4' ' ay' Hui . YQ , ff A y, . ,gf-Q6 hifaffin 'Q , f Q nfl U' I: .7 : f ,. eip J 4- I Q A A fy J , ! X . R. ,A ,g . ' ' .t Q I H S ' .' Alf, ' ' Q 7 11 i. swf.. W' , x,1,?f., My ,L in ', V4 .J Af J,' ,, ' ' ' ' .- , 4 ,'-I -.' . - ,YN I 1 , . 4. - ...EW , I 4-:Q '-'PV' t I LA T: df '71 w ' '- Ffa Iv I - F ' f .T ',1'- 5 ' A-1: . gn 'TN-5 4 , .1 ' f r- - .:. ' - 1 V wr w , ' f , xt 5 K J s Q In gin' 1 fl W ., Q ,Q ,fa 'Z If '52 . ' fffff'-11 ' f, ' Z , Lim, ti: kr x 52, K I Q A -.U I A v v:1i ,D , J ya . - H! Q- . Q, W - 2 :nf . z , Z RK .I xl dvr, , KL' Car ' --.w 23 ,QQ s uw -.Q 119' 'ip ,311 Typ1col Allegany g1rl Vwzcn Iudy crowned M1ss Allegany ln Alcohx Mlrror contest mber comes and wlth ul: come autumn and the seventh graders orlenfahon reglsfrahon Ralph Rs recephon work begms Ten , iii 5 - A sf-M ,, ,g ' - 49 V V ' , rs ' r' V353 . ' WNW I A r Q , ' . ' , , ' ' l . 0 V . . .. . ,. . . . Q C I I I l 0 ' ' Ll 1 13 ' 1 , . . . . . . Lock in the mirror and laugh The Mirror magnnfies assemblies are common pep rallies prep for fall sports varsity games draw bug crowds while laughter predomunates at club lmtlatlons Hagerstown influence Your pep ' ' ' Progressive action A , , . . . Awesome anticipation Eleven lllt llllllllllllll Under his capable and inspiring leadership the school has become a better school in physlcal equ1prnent teaching for e and morale Mr Websters training plus h1s many contacts with civic prolecrs have con ributed in giving hun the rich background ot experien e needed for his positron Twel ve gh Ralph R. Webster, B. S., M. A., is completing his twelfth year as our principal. llllllllllllll-llllll D1rect1ng and managxng the atta1rs of Allegany are the responsxbtllttes ot the ofhce force All the rnnumerable cogs must be kept 1n rnot1on by our adm1n1strators For the forethought shown for the splend1d program offered for the sympathet1c un derstand1ng we salute those who gu1ded our edu catlon Foy A Curry M A asststant prmcxpal came to Allegany m 1922 As Comptroller of our currency and custodlcm of our cafeterla he has made himself 1l td1Sp9HSClbl6 to our school system Anna B Hlgglns M A vlce prmclpal IS wtllmg at all ttmes to bestow a word ol courage to the obstreperous pupll Her etflclent hcmdlmg of student deportment problems largely ac counts for the smooth operatxon ot our school Thlrteen Georganna K Leyhe school secre tary and frxend of faculty cmd stu dents keeps detalled records of our school ltfe tMrs Leyhe reslgned 1n November Her leavlng brought us sorrow l Mary Stelgerwald tSantas gtft to the oiflce forcel IS asststant secretary rler ready mlle and pleasant d1s posttxon have endeared her to all ot us . 1 I - V - X-X ' . ' 1 . , - ' Q- K ' 1 'I . I I ' j',,gf 7 'A - A - ' Q ls - . , L SE. .JYF .pl - 1 - -1 . , 9 - , - -. . A . ' 'w . S . .- HX W They favored the hner things MUSIC TEACHERS seated at piano Betty Winter BA standing left to right Dorothy W11l1son MA ART TEACHERS Dorothy Dunkle BS Ethel Bruce LANGUAGE TEACHERS Anna M T Webster MA Bernice Rogers MA Anna Hitchms MA Whale they taught the techniques of discourse Dixon MA Mary Sowerby MA Orpha Bonlta Prltchard MA Elizabeth Harris BA Barbara Thuss BA standing Ruth E Kelter BA Anna Higgins MA Ieanette Holzshu BA Mary Patr1c1a Brett BA Y Fourteen ENGLISH TEACHERS: seated, left to right, Margaret Shiresg lane Grindel, B.A.g Virginia W. They drilled us In numbers MATHEMATICS TEACHERS seated Iett to rrght Martha Hamllton Betty Meyers BA Rose Schmutz BA standing Vlrgrnra Ienkms Foy A Curry MA Gertrude Lancaster BA Mmme Vee Slmpson BA lnstructed us an ottlce praclzuces COMMERCIAL TEACHERS seated Iett to right Hrlda Wxlhson BA Irene Lapp BS Sara Crsler BS standing Freda Bowers BS MA Clalre Lxvesay Fifteen With thelr guidance, we mastered handuwork HOME ECONOMICS AND INDUSTRIAL ART TEACHERS Ief! to rzght Mcme R1chmond BS Helen McFerrc1n BS Boston Sherwood BS Freda D1ggs Whale they demonstrated dlgmty of democracy SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS left to right Dora E Rlchcrrds BA Nell Hcrwkms BA Ohve P Slmpson MA Anna Nlcht BA Mary E Murray MA Icmet Anderson BA siandzng Lester C Lmdley MA Margaret Bcxker MA Slxteen it-lvugivr Y W --ti l I O . X 1 I I L I B.S.g Mary Louise Robertson, B.S. They promoted our physical htness PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS Ielt to rrghl Eugenel Hopkms B S Ioan Baker BS Mary AIICG Hcrwks BS Walter L Bowers MA n they led us to atomic bombs SCIENCE TEACHERS left to nght Ruth Grahame BA Betsy Rankm BS Harold C Wlckard BS MA Ellen MCKGHZIS BA Irene Fyke BS ITheresa B N1 ht BS Ed M not pxctured P I Seventeen . . tg .. ,,, - x ' I C Y' 3 I t ' . . ' Y V ,--, A-, ,..g . ,., I Ad fl ' ll I , . I I I I ,,,,,,, UNDEHELASSMEN OFFICERS: First row, William Riley, Mervin Trail, Polly Snow, Beverly Bruce. Second row, Lillian Phillips, Richard Iohnston, Miss Elizabeth Harris, adviser, Arlena Funk, Alan Douglas. SEVENTH GRADERS-scrambling frantically through the halls looking for classrooms and trying not to be late. These little ones, at' the bottom of AIco's ladder, are shy and puzzled by many things. But Allegany is taking them under her protective wing, and they are beginning to feel that they belong as they exhibit undying loyalty and pride to their new Alma Mater. HOME ROOM 116 First row, left to right: Mary Ellen Ward, Mary DeVault, Ioan Bosley, Ioan Bennett, Ianet Crossland, Rose Tyans, Shirley Hendrickson, Iacqueline Fishell, Patricia Fisher, Carol Keith, Valena Clark, Louise Rosenbaum, Eleanor Whet- sell, Lois True, Kathleen Barron, Pauline Snow. Second row: Kenney Hager, Vernon Shrout, Ronnie Feaker, Charles O'Neal, Betty Northcratt, Iames Light, Donald Hare, Carl Ienkins, Norman McDonald, Earl Shumaker, Robert Kennedy, Paul Ienkins, Burke Barham, Paul Krampt, Elmer Smith, Richard Sourbrine, George Walters, Charles Canfield. HOME ROOMS 104 6. 205 First row, Iett to right: Harold McFar- land, Stanley Gaiver, Roger Lueck, Robert Knotts, Carroll Taylor, Richard Iohnson, Charles Hixenbaugh, Iames Northcratt, Robert McDermott, Lyell Webb, Patrick McKenzie, David Ken- nedy. Second row: Ervin Buckelew, Alma Hose, Mary Aldridge, Delores Everett, Delsie King, lean Hale, Ianet Chevo- weth, Mildred Price, Patricia Whitney, Lula Wright, Delores Valentine, Ber- nice Mauk, Wanda Van Meter, Maiorie Young, Harold Young. Third row: Iames DeVault, Harold Beal, Don Fletcher, Clayton Smith, Leroy Pfitzenmeyer, Allen Metty, Robert Moyer, Elmer Porter, Danny Pitts, Thomas Ravenscratt, Franklin Young, Iohn May, Charles Light, Ronald Smith. Fourth row: Havert Davis, Ernest McCray, Delores Robertson, Berlda Keplinger, Arland Funk, Ruth Ann Gellner, Bernice Hautt, Arthur Mateer, Ronald Harmon, William Leasure. HOME ROOM 101 First row, kneeling, left to right: Iames Reed, Elizabeth McNab, Bob Portmess, Ianet Sterne. Richard Beegly, Mary Io Shirley, Murray Bucks ley, Evelyn Hansel, Bobby Brechhiel, Freda Brosten, Franklin Dorsey, Beverly Bruce, Eugene May, Barbara Blake, Luke Graham, Io Ann Bradtiele, Mervin Trail, Patricia Kane. Second row: Marlene Yager, Nelda DeNoin, Francis Russel, Ieannine Berry, Sally Pfeiffer, Lorretta Sarver, Ann Murphy, lean Dornan, Barbara Hutt, Shirley Zink, Mary Virginia Yeager, Ioyce Often, Kathleen Davis, Mary Third row: Robert Mansfield, Donall Ellsworth, Ronald Thapman, Robert Diehl, Iohn Sweitzer. lane Robb. HOME ROOM 284 First row, left to right: Helen Miller, Beverly Iones, Wanda Long, Betty Beckwith, Betty Smith, Iune Kesezker. Second row: Paul Mauck, Ierry Browne, Robert Whitman, Iohn Morgan, Thomas Raley, Paul Webb, Third row: Ruley Henderson, Irmadel Combes, Ioan Hare, Ianet Iewell, Lillian Phillips, Sue Puffinbarger, Fourth row: Ioe Simpson, Lee Chemwith, Ver- non Kifer, lean Whipkey, Iackie Iones, lane McColley, William Howsare, Iames McClellan. Fifth row: Howard Diehl, Glen Campbell, Ray- mond Ienkins, Thomas Oswald, Robert Athey, Ernest Sisk. HOME ROOM 303 First row, kneeling, left to right: Iames Cave, Lloyd Steele, George Ienkins, Victor Ruehl. Second Row: Willis Stump, Iune Whiteman, Donna Wilson, Lois Fisher, Loretta Steele, Madeline Shook, Nancy Dixon, Ioy Iackson, Evelyn Lepley. Third row: Thomas Blacklin, Donald Bell, Billy Buckholtz, Betty Petenbrink, lean Riggleman, Bonnie George, lane Maclntyre, Paul Goodfel- low, George Clise. Fourth row: Iohn Sullivan, Bill Riley, Billy Clark, Allen Evans, Arthur Gardner, Franklin Phares, Eugenes Iames, Ronald Tase. HOME ROOM 112 First row, seated, left to right: Iean Franklin, Carol Conrad, Carol lean Minke, Patricia Smith, Constance Smith, Hilda Winterberg, Ioan Cooksey, Barbara Henry. Second row: Mary Dee Rice, Barbara Twigg, Eileen Ort, Betty Scott Mills, Iean Kreissig, Barbara Russell, Debra Crowden, Barbara Leh- gralgm, Mildred Twigg, Doris Platt, Beverly Bus- 1r . Third row: Betty Ruehl, George Ward, Roy Hawkins, Edwin Goetz, Iarnes Floyd, Ray Goetz, Ierry Twigg, Donald Ziler, Wayne Wyatt, Alan Douglas, loseph Strock, Malcolm gfxyllor, Iohn Burkett, Douglas Ritchie, Theodore un , HOME ROOM 301 First row, left to right: Io Anna Rice, Theresa Crites, Nancy Bailey, Doris Hartley, lane Wid- dows, Dorothy Shertzer, Doris Landenberqer. Iacqueline Cosgrove, Regina Easton, Io Ann Stangell, Norma lean Carter, Gloria Cozad, Helen Rennie, Mardell Riggins, Marilyn Kelley. Second row: Thomas Oglebay, Iames Wil- liams, Wendel Gross, Fred Dixon, Iames Yoder, Charles Lesley, William Doub, William Martin, Iames Welch, Robert Hutcheson, Ichn Moulton, Rodney Pariser, Franklin Kerns, William Hunter, Ronald Smith. Third row: Dolores Sluss, Dolores Vernall, Mary Elizabeth Erling, Patricia Schekells, Martha Clauson, Rita Wiant, Ruth Hersch, Rae Kline. llOME ROOM llfl First row, left to right: Ioan Herath, Dolores Thomas, Ioan Macbeth, Barbara Michael, Sylvia Miller, Mary Louise Keyser, Alene Bill- ings, Catherine Morton. Second row: Iohn de Cout, lack Harper George Keidel, Donald Teeth, Gerald Campbell, lack Millenson, Louis Everstine. Third row: Alice Synder, Oliva Yancey, Barbara Fulton, Lois Purinton, Edith Sweene, Rosie Shyrock, Carolyn Ryan, Ioann Boden. Fourth row: Ianet Wilson, Dolores Howe, Sue Cunningham, Ioyce Fike, Carolyn Bowie, Marcic: Hilton. Fifth row: Ion Millenson, Gordon Swan, Ioe Miller, Tommie Alderman, Ronald Hoelzer, Albert Tase, Alvin Storey, Bill Timmons, lack Mansfield, Ioe Tom Butler. HOME ROOM 215 First row, left to right: Eleanor Osbourne, Geraldine Starkey, lane De Vore, Kathleen Lapp, Louise Barncord, Florence O'Baker, Sondra Schindler, Mary Ann Yarnell, Rodella Petenbrink, Wanda Hines, Greta Hicks, Patty Gafi. Second row: Iames Deetz, Shirley Leonard, Richard Lowery, Iames Hiser, Chester Combs, Nancy Printz, Dorothy Duckworth, Mary Porter, Thomas Metz, Charles Young, Iack Burkett, Doris Rosenberger, Duke Marley. Third row: Blaine Morton, Donald Schade, Dale Kesecker, Herman Lewis, Paul McGregor, Emily Turner, Raymond Turner, Iohn Kelso, Bill Paulus, Norman Messman, Donald Garlitz. HOME ROOM 210 6, 213 First row, left to right: Lois Fridley, lo Ann Lindcnnen, Sharleen Pyne, Pat Philips, Anna Mae Hainftling, Dolores Sanner, Violet Glass, Ieannine Iettries, Shirley Lauder, Anna Mae Firey, Barbara Brown, Robin Collins, Doris Duck, Lee Ioy Gratehouse, Charlene Hare. Second row: David Monaham, George Miller, lack Dawson, Richard Landenberger, Paul Leighliter, Io Ann Emerick, Geraldine Custer, Marjorie Brandt, Esther Kemp, Lois Myers, Ron- ald Clites, Fred Iames, Ralph Lapp, Ernest Weaver, Earl Kline, Lenard Emerick. Third row: Donald Border, Ben Shaffer, Warren Ryan, Donald Noygle, Perry Edrninston, Donald Bleeghly, Bill Whetzel, Henry Iohnston, Eddie Iacobs, John Evans, Iack Wilkons, Bud Kirk, Kenneth Glass, Lawrence Allison, Iames Rau- pach, Herald Valentine. I OFFICERS: Greta Hicks, Carol Iones, Lewis Everstine, Mrs, Shires, adviser, Griffin Tyree, Thomas Oglebay, Lois Myers, lean Iames, Harold Valentine. EIGHTH GRADERS--at that owkward stage that is not the beginning but not yet the top of Junior High. Now that they know their way around, more time can be taken for observing things throughout the school and participating in the extra activities. They are anxiously looking forward to being freshmen next year. HOME ROOM 212 First row, left to rig t: ar es y d Iames Kilroy Billie lean Davis Peggy Ann Knippenburg, Alva lean Brown, Emily Doyle, Patricia Borst, Secon row: . I Mary Payne, Georgia Brown, Grace Bennett, Ramona Dyche, Louise Swain, Wanda Brant, Gloria Norris, Rita Wigger, Eileen Hasselberger, William Dawson. Third row: Charles Troxell, Edward Hartsock, Bruce Pfeifer, Howard Brode, Gary layman, Roy Perrell, Robert Lookabaugh, Decatur Bear, Ronald Whitacre, Brooke Bennett, Robert Fox, Harold Crabtree. h Ch l Burle ,lack Bopp, George Leyh, Dale Dorsey, Philip Everline. HOME ROOMS 108 6. 203 First row, lett to right: Guy Hunter, Leonard Emerick, Bernard Martin, Dale Smith, Walter Simpson, Richard Beale, Ice Raith, Paul Clites, Walter Glass, Gilford Grindle, Walter Price, Iames Stotler. Second row: Doris Robison, Virginia Steele, Marie Sowers, Iean Iames, Pauline Liken, Patricia Combs, Iac- quelyn Himmler, Emma Liller, Shirley Livengood, Doris Kline, Dorothy Schneider, Irene Valentine, Shirley Hensley, Helen Lunham. Third row: William Hiser, Albert Snelson, Carol lones, Ioan Barnard, Geraldine Smith, Leona Twigg, Pauline Swede Betty Bartlett, Shirley Raupauch, Iosephine Metz, Elizabeth Strauser, Fay Marks, Patsy Railey, Richard Fox, Sam Robinette. Fourth row: Thomas Kelso, Robert Duckworth, Iohn Saeler, William Berkeley, Louis Caldwell, Charles Snow, Victor Grove, Wesley Bartlett, David Maphis, Denton Holcomb, Harvey Marks, Robert Milburn, Frank Smith. OFFICERS: First row, left to right: Frances Thom, Donald Gibson. Second row: William Bailey, Alice Smith, Mrs. McKenzie, adviser, William Larry, Ioanna Hupp. FRESHMEN scramble madly and with surprising agility through the maze of long legs in our corridors. They are buoyantly enthusi- astic aboui' everything from a football game to a new proiect in class. They grow increasingly bolder as the weeks go by, and, as they pass us, they leer at our assumed dignity as we attempt to squelch them. HOME ROOM 109 First row, lett to right: Iames Baldwin, Ned Clopton, Earl Bruce, William Bailey, Gaylord Brooks, Iohn Connor. Second row: Susan Diehl, Ianet Allison, Betty Baird, Iean Burkett, Iuanita Blank, Charlotte DeWitt, Peggy Davis, Shirley Bane, Iune Bittner, Ioan Cessna, Nancy Claycomb, Iune Dawson, Marjorie Barnard, Third row: Ray Burley, William Coffee, Ioe Bennett, Thomas Burton, Donald Beckwith, Wesley Abrams, Donald Bryner, Iames Burkett, Charles Bucy, Mike Biggs, Richard Barnett, Dale Bittner, Tommy Andrews. Fourth row: Shirley Bingman, Vera Bestwick, Kathryn Andrew, Ioyce Dick, Annabell Diehl, Geneveive Boore, Lois Beltner, Marjorie Daniels. HOME ROOM 120 First row, Ielt to right: Martha Dorsey, Hilda Hadley, Della Fulton, Gloria Dixon, Darlene Fleegle, Barbara George, Donna Rae Garland, Shirley Gray, Betty Lou Driver, Harriet Eliason, Dorothy Fisher, Patsy Everett, losephine Everett, Betty Io Dumire, Donna Sue Foley. Second row: Clarence Deetz, Iohn Ernerick, lack Gardner, Frank Foster, Bonnie Franklin, Charlotte Garlitz, Cathrean Funk, Betty Garton, Char- lotte Gardner, Donald Emerick, Billy Fisher, Billy Davis, Paul Cowgill. Third row: Iohn deVault, Donald De- Moss, Donald Dicken, Iames Gardner, Glen Gott, Charles Easton, Lloyd Getson. Q : -1 . 1' , 1, R .A 1 .K If 1 We W mi ff W , , 7 W , J ,g,,A'4': .6 Q f , 55 f ,, ,f fm 4 -1: wh 4, 5' ' , ,G,. in . A mga JVv.,..4 Q f , 1 . 1 in wk A ir : El gm. II? H . um, ' ' I 5 3 'g'YE-Af: ,R , ' ' h JL 5, J JM ff X f Xxx!!-iv' 'ff' , 4' ' 'ff if - 5' 3, 3 U M .f.'-,,,S3..iE.N...-,,..4e,-,,3,. -, ., H 1 - , ' ' ., -.: ' ' 1 M' - 'A '7V3PA1:F7'ijb .f -1' 'Q-MFT , iq, ,N ,5 .. , x , 3 ,Sl ' n , , fr' .N 11' u-1 'VK Q gf 1 5? f79W?ff'6f ' LQ Q 'sk :Ilif- mg' 'fl V fb: A fa ' A ,I -aj' 4 5' Q ' 15 5 I, M9 I SN L 'fin-in H. 1 V'-1 vw. W -1 fHl-1 , ' . :f,:f'Yr1 '1?g?'i'? Qfafifi. ff . Q1 TT A LEP4 Q ff. - 1 - V - ,-4 A Q TY 7 H 'yr-53? 2 . a. , 1' 1' 4 .. K A - .. ni fu Xa .AY x,gi5f, f NJ V ., .- if '?,,M' f J an , N. .. ,. 5 w, Af! , .. K I . -, l '- , gg J 9 av ,M.,,,M- .,.m,..- Q, V LN A .,N, ,,,, . WW. . in A Wm... .,,,,,A,,,m, , . m 2,1 j MN, ...N .M+.....,...Y -, W A f ,V Q , 5 K E? A I wg' V: 'V Q Q 3 I 5222 , ,,,,,. we swf .waz me y Hills: ?gfggg www M-ww? K 1 ' 9 Q , , Q 7 .59 . 0 1 n R 5 . ,,- Fl Vg, M A y ' , ,, Aw , My ' .Q , , mm nn , f' -g w 4 in ,, 1 g, , 2 Vin ' a f ' t H Af - . , 7 K - x -zz, rf 1' 4 Q , ,Q ' , uf A '1'2gU5 . 1 ' J we --FVIWQAL sn, ,j.5'gs.,x- V, v, Q Wmfrw NW . E , an N Qt Q. gb . --v-1?-nv f '- fr- W - f Vlf ,LfE-43155, Q W A K' ' 7 'MQ' L T .. 'Li V -55' ' 1 1 ' f P11 f f3Li1:EEifrr1eAii- gm... f z fffzf, A vfQ5!79.:,f .. V I ' V' no f if - ll -- ll ' 1 ll A in OFFICERS: Left to right: Donald Lilya, vice president Miss Hit hins adviser, William Fuller, president Elizabeth Bete secre tary, Donald Burkett, treasurer SOPHOMORES-are intoxicated with the heady wme of self assurance Their baby days are over and they see themselves as sophisticated, superior persons who know the ropes the ropes that last year burned their tender fingers with harsh swlftness They have accomplished a great deal HOME ROOM lltf First row, left to right: Betty Lou Kight, Bernadine Hudson, Eloise Iewell, Rosemary Sliff, Doris Hitchins, Barbara Gait, Irene Grindle, Ieanine Hartley, Virginia Haus, Patty Hend ley, Elnora Troxell, Virginia Ketter- man, Georgia Huster, Shirley Keyes. Second row: Ray Huey, Harry Iohns- ton, Iohn Twigg, Iohn Hinkle, Tom Hutchison, Grace Keifer, Bill Hartman, Ierry Swan, Richard Heinrick, William Hardesty, Tom Iackson, Third row: Margaret Glime, Gladys Hite, Clara Iune Gilford, Esta Marie Kerns, Mary Hardin, Betty Lou Hinz- man. IIOME ROOM Ill First row, left to right: Ann Alder- man, Elizabeth Bowman, Shirley Bitt- ner, Ruth Ault, William Anderson, Iacqueline Barnett, Mary Lou Bruce, Norma Beale. Second row: Iack Biggs, Nancy Ball- ard, Anna Louise Burkett, Elizabeth Bete, lean Andrews, Helen Bock, Ianet Abe, Ioanne Aman, Robert Brenne- man. Third row: Donald Beeman, Notley Barnard, Sue Bartlett, Ruth Burton, Barbara Bright, Troy Campbell, Mes- hach Browning. Fourth row: Edward Barncord, Ron- ald Clites, Millard Bolyard, Charles Armstrong, Ray Beal, Vernon Beale, Walter Cecil, Robert Bucy. HOME ROOM l First row, left to right: Rita Friend, Mary Everline, Patricia Cowgill, Iean Fichtner, Eleanor Durst, Shirley Day, Rosemary Everstine, Flo Anne Clay- ton. Second row: Connie Cook, Glenna Chappell, Maxine Foley, Bertie Col- lins, Bertha Frost, Shirley Chappell, Barbara Hesher, Mary Davis, Ethel Eaton, Betty DeVore, Ioanne Camp- bell, Audrey Fisher, Maxine Conrad, Sheila Doyle. Third row: Dolores Deetz, Ruth Far- rell, Bernard Blake, Demo Carros, Alvin Drew, Alfred Erling, Donald Green, Elton Foreman, Glenny Fore- man, Fourth row: William Fuller, Michael Cunningham, Fred Dusch, Wayne Dawson, Henry Gardner, Eugene Cunningham, Lee DeWitt, Donald Burkett, Mervin Copp. OFFICERS: Helen Bowie, secretary: Richard Clower, president, Noyes Powers, vice-presidentg Miss Meyers, adviserg Iohn Eckhart, treasurer. JUNIORS-at last they have reached the goal they thought they would never attain. And now that their aspirations are realized they are conscious of the fact -their years as high school students are nearly complete. With only one year remaining, the iunior class resolves to make the most of their last days at Allegany. f'i'4i 'STX 1, -f vf K l . xx :nigh LE- 1, 1, l ,, T XTR, 1. 4 'R X 'H' T ig.: A NN-ll l -ff 5' T grill rift X it Xf 'X HY? ' fN 'I c Y , X A ,Q . l' l , +V,T. ' 1 ill, IK l X , ?LE1 ' ' 1-Qeif HOME ROOM 117 First row, left to right: Lois Snyder, Delores Welsh, Eileen Sweitzer, Eleanor Tiley, Marian Warden, Shirley Wilkinson, Helen Troutman, Iune Weller, Doris White, Wilda Whetzel, Marian Spies, Betty Taylor, Mary lane Stroup, Ioan Snyder. Second row: Mary Clarke Wilson, Olive Tressler, Wanda Yost, Doris Trenton, Clara Will, Mary Winfield, Doris Stride, Iean Weires, Lorraine Snow, Lois Wenschott, Toby Taxier, Maxine Stouiier, Shirley Wick- ard. Third row: Sidney Weinbach, Gerald Wright, Iames Va:n Meter, Lewis Walker, Gilbert Storey, Richard Taylor, Frederick Willison, Harry Widdows, Richard Stump, Robert Smith, Iohn Wagner, James Taylor, Olin Yoder, Robert Twigg. HOME ROOM 209 First row, left to right: Wanda Lober, Coleen Lease, Mary Lou Lashorn, Iacqueline McKenzie, Eva Logsdon, Mary Alice Nolan, Lorraine Kom- panek, Margaret Moody, Sara Iane Lee, Mary Martin, Ioanne Mathews, Mary Dawn Liller, Dorothy Mathews. Second row, left to right: Russell Livengood, Stanley Miller, Esther Maphis, Helen McCor- mick, Ann Martin, Virginia Martz, Dorothy Le Master, Ella Grace Meyers, Iohn O'Rourke, Eugene Miller. Third row, left to right: Donald Lewis, Bill Meyers, Iohn Horn, Bill Leonard, Ralph Lashley, Blair Lottig. HOME ROOM 225 First row, kneeling, left to right: Donald Dichl, Russell Hilleary, Sherman DeWitt. Second row, left to right: Ina Hughes, Ioan Denninger, Betty Eaton, Marilyn Hershburger, Helena Knippenburg, Kay Harter, Ruth Humb- erson, Paula Fleckenstein, Sue Ford, Lauran Glass, Norma Kyle, Dolores Fletcher Lulu Hite, Shirley Fuller. Third row, left to right: Tommy Iamison, Robert Davis, Harold Hartsock, Iames Diehl, Shirley Hardman, Ioy Flora, Mary Catherine Dick, Gwendolyn Fahey, lean Fulk, Betty Kemp, Iune Gardner, Iean Dixon, Elaine Dia- mond, Shirley Iohnson, Donald Fuller, Robert Everline, Donald Hines, Iohnny Eckhart. Fourth row, left to right: Iack Densock, Dale Fridley, Iames German, Ray Deal, Thomas Haythorne, Earl Folk, Edward Grimshaw. HOME ROOM 107 First row, seated, left to right: Virginia Borg- man, Doris Davis, Marian Billings, Iean Bittin- ger, Marian Bennear, Charleen Cutwright, Carolyn Brant, Patty Anderson, Laura Browne, Grace Clayton, Iean Bean, Margaret Cosgrove, Nola Barnard, Iackie Cassen, Barbara De Bouck, Second row, left to right: Iess Connor, Ann Cotter, Patty Bowie, Lois Ansel, Ruth Buckly, Alice Coyle, Alzino Albright, Francis Allen, Betty Coffey, Doris Dawson, Mary Boyce, Evelyn Beckwith, Corrine Densock. Third row, left to right: Iames Cecil, Dick Clower, Bernie Coberly, Wayne Bucy, Iames Close, Vincent Combs, Charles Baker, Paul Bucholtz, Stuart Adams, HOME ROOM 113 First row, seated, left to right: Tommy Powers, Gene Shaw, Waneta Robertson, Io Ann Robin- son, Marian Shelly, Mary Alice Sherk, Norma Murray, Rosemary O'Baker, Catherine Payne, Howard Peterson, Franklin Radcliffe, Morton Peskin. Second row, left to right: Dorothene Poland, Rosella Shaver, Mary Porter, Evelyn Ritchie, Catherine Sell, Peggy O'Neill, Margaret Rus- sell, Mary Iean Scott, Beverly Smith, Kathryn Shipe, Betty Lee Small, Iune Robinette, Thelma Smith, Dorothy Reed, Mary Richards. Third row, left to right: Ierry Paxton, Robert Rogers, Dennis Perrin, Ernest Screen, Genevive Weaver, Covas Sherred, Nina Shank, Carlotta O'Neil1, Dolly Raupach, Harry Rose, Bill Rob- ertscn, Iohn Price, Robert Rahn. THE SQUAD Frrst row left to right Stanley B1shop Edward Stro k Robert Pr1ce Iames Radcllife Tommy Powers Iohn Eckart Second row Berkey Smtth B111 Bartlett Olm Yoder Wllbert Robertson Eugene Brant Llndbergh Cook Vlctor Auv1l Glen Brant Welch Hardman Thxrd row Coach Bowers Ierry Swan Tom lamtson B111 Fuller Gene Shaw Iohn Bachman Charles Plper Herman Myers Robert Tabor Fourth row Ilm McGregor Gllbert Story Iohn Vernall Dlck Clower Iames Lease Ilm Cec11 Danny Kerr Edgar Hounshell Demo Carros Don Burkett Allan W1l11ams Howard Peterson Iack Torbet Saumle Ford Russell Hllleary Culm1nat1ng the1r most successful gr1d sea son s1nce 1942 and the1r f1rst undefeated year s1nce Coach Bowers took over the coach1ng re1ns 1n 1943 the Allegany Campers defeated Fort H111 on Turkey Day by a 13 12 score Streammg past e1ght rtvals tal1y1ng 211 pomts to the1r opponents 96 The Bowersmen w1th Captatn VIC Auv11 at the helm and Travelmg Tom Powers dolng most of the scor1ng won possess1on of both the clty and C V A L Troph1es ALLEGANY 13 SOMERSET 6 Somerset was the f1rst on the 11st of v1ct1ms 1os1ng to the Blue and Wh1te by a 13 6 score It all began W1th Robertson recover1ng an Eagle pass and after stx plays Pr1ce sl1ced off tackle for the f1rst score Powers converted for the extra po1nt The second trxp 1nto pay d1rt was made by I1m Radclxffe ALLEGANY 13 FORT HILL 13 W1th the expertence of but one game the Campers met the Red and Whxte of Fort H111 H1gh ln the most exc1t1ng contest of the season Although the f1nal score was 13 13 Powers 1ed the Alco team 1n a sensattonal second half come back when the Campers scored two touchdowns one on a double pass Pr1ce to Powers to Radchffe W1th Powers eventually h1tt1ng pay d1rt Powers ktcked the extra po1nt ALLEGANY 19 RIDGELEY 0 The R1dgeley Blackhawks were the ones to feel the mlght of Allegany s return to the w1n column Alco emerged the vlctor 1n th1s game to the tune of 19 0 w1th ta111es be1ng reg1s tered once by Glen Brant and 1W1Ce by Tommy Powers B1shop added one extra po1nt from placement Twenty Erght V A I .. g Q , 1.1 ' K ,l , .. 1 11 3 1 - 1 1 '- 1 1 1 . I , , 1 1 1 , , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - I I ' . . 1 I . . . . . . . . 1' 1 4 I . . 1 1 . . 1. . 11 . 1 11 . 11 . 1 1 . . . 1 ' . . . . . .. 1 1' 1 1 1 1 - I ' 1 I I 1 1 T , To keep the score lower, Bowers used the second team for almost a half. It was in this game that Stan Bishop's toe became a factor in Alco's march to championships. ALLEGANY, 28 - HAGERSTOWN, 20 With the score 20-7 in favor of Hagerstown at the end of the first half, Allegany showed a complete reversal of form during the second period and won a deserved 28-Z0 victory. Price and Powers were the touchdown twins with Bishop's toe accounting for four straight extra points. ALLEGANY, 32 - KEYSER. 7 Keeping the slate clean, the Alco grid ma- chine coasted to an easy triumph over the highly rated Golden Tornado. With Powers, Coach Walter L. Bill Bowers, director of athletics for the past twenty years, relin- quished the tutoring of future grid teams with the completion of this season, the first in which he enjoyed an undefeated team. He retains his position as director of ath- letics and will continue to coach the Blue and White basketball squads. P ' l th l ather. Radcliffe completes his thirty three yard run The initial kickoff on Turkey Day. rice ugs e e Twenty Nine Cook Powers Smith Bartlett Auvil Radcliffe THE CAMPERS STOP G FB C RE T HB 1 n, a A . Bi .f t W d shop d t ing, - - - . .- ' - gany the victor b a 32 7 count Thus, we y - . reduced the Tornado to a mild zephyr. ALLEGANY, 38 - LA SALLE, 6. With ease the Campers defeated a crippled La Salle team. Although the Explorers fought valiantly, the might of Alco proved too great. Powers, Strock, Price, Peterson, and Eckhart made the scores. ALLEGANY, 20 - MARTINSBUBG, 19. The Martinsburg Bulldogs offered the stiffest resistance of the season in holding the Cam- pers to a 13-12 score at the end of the first half and continuing to threaten throughout he second half, while the Alco lads eked out a Z0-19 victory. Powers was Allegany's star as he ripped off long gains around the ends and made all three touchdowns. ALLEGANY, 32 - LA SALLE, 13. Meeting the Explorers for a second time, the Campers again proved too heavy and too de- ceptive for the less experienced Irish team. Radcliffe and Powers tore through the light Ex- plorer's line at will while the Alco front-wall proved to be the best in this area by pushing the Explorer backs all over the field. Feature game was Lindbergh Cook's snatching of lo an's pass and his gain of eighty odd to place the ball within scoring distance. Alco's reserves saw plenty of action in this setto and Mervin Copp's eighty-two yard run became the major item of the contest. ALLEGANY, 13 - FORT HILL, l2. Playing an inspired game after Tommy Powers, our star fullback, was carried from the field midway in the first quarter with a broken legg the Campers defeated the Sentinels 13-12 on Turkey Day. An estimated 6,500 persons marveled at the fighting spirit and determination of the Bowers' coached team as it presented to its coach his first undefeated season in the final contest of his grid tutoring at Allegany. The first Camper's score came like a light- ning bolt on the second play after the initial kickoff to give them a lead which they never relinquished. Strock, taking the leather on a quick opening play, burst inside left tackle, found himself in the clear and headed for the promised land, a distance of fifty-five yards. Stanley Bishop added what proved to be the winning point. It was not until the last play of the first half that the Sentinels scored. White went over THE GOLDEN TORNADO E. Brant Robertson G. Brant Yoder Price Eckhart C G LE T QB HB from the five yard line in a wide pp Partleton's try for the extra point f led. Allegany hit pay dirt again ' he i quarter due to gains registered by Radcliffe. Peterson, Strock, and Glen Brant. But Fort Hill came right back and combining some neat ground gaining with an effective aerial - Sensaballgh to Brown '- Plus C1 dogged ffl' tempt to crash the Alco line, succeeded in sending Brown over the goal line. Again Par- tleton's kick failed. All afternoon the two burly lines slugged it out toe to toe, with the Allegany forwards gain- ing an edge because of its play in the clutches. The Sentinels became desperate after the sec- ond point had failed and their smashing offen- sive gradually began to tell on the stout Alco wall. However, the Camper linesmen mustered their waning strength to stop Fort Hill cold on the Allegany 15-yard line with less than two minutes to go in the game. Treiber's onside kick following the Sentinels' second score which hit Olin Yoder and bounced away was recovered by Chink O'Neal of Fort Hill. O'Neal looked like a P-38 taking off as he zoomed through the air to land on the ball, wrestling it from an Allegany yer o d f t rs i ' MPIU 5 an Price icked to Brown on the Fort Hill 32. With White and Brown doing the carrying, Fort Hill, aided by two five-yard penalties against Allegany for delaying the game, had the ball on the Allegany l5-yard line. With a yard to go for a first and three downs to make it, the Campers came up with a magnificent stand to take the ball away from the Hill- toppers. Radcliffe came sailing in, from his secondary line of defense, to spill White four yards back of the line of scrimmage. Brown got three of the yards back by whaling the middle but when Sensabaugh attempted to pick up the necessary yardage for a first, Lindy Cook stepped in from the line with an emphatic no. He spun the Fort Hill halfback with a slashing tackle and, when it was all over, the ball was right back where it was resting three plays before, Allegany talking over on its own 15. Any chance the Sentinels had of pulling the game out of the fire then went to the breezes as Price, on three successive quarterback sneaks, picked up a first down as the game ended. ' v V1 ' 4 I I L A-1 f'rnrr'cJs' C-yr: Spring bf- zz 1,nEgnfi --Sl f 5 -lf I' 1 L 'J Winter blows across the campus, sweeping all Info achvlhe Enghsh students suffer along w1th Macbeth Chemistry students explore the unknown The Allegewl camera v1s1ts the commerclal department Thzrty Four , . ' ?! l s . . Prelude to PUbl1CCI'llO1'l Typlsfs, copy wnters busy on pub Iucuhons dramahsfs In the Inmellghf classes occupy much of our time Dramahc dolngs Rendezvous in the gym wavra x ,L E t 4 A , , . A A3 ffl A 0 ., PD 551 ,. , I ,fi f4 Fl V '-1 1 ,, 'H . L Q LK ' 3 . ' E Q32 'J I ,, ,V A ,W . '- if K A MM 51,1 ,LV ,midway 'fd v' 1 -ff A, Q H - ,Q 1-21 'i Jiffy. 43 ,. . ,, ,, N l ft g y ,'. .ynvv 'K jp. 4 Q Lg x , mf Z I' , nuff? rg VL-+ U I vu? YQ, .. Q, Wffva- ai rf , -L ff'.Q, ' 1 -al, 'ug , I I ,S ,di ru w I' 5 5 'fm ,gs-1. , v 1 4X ff M ' ? iz' 'V .. L 4 .X ' 7. af ' af. ,. A 35 . 1 'jf M' ' M I I 'L ' 3 1, 5 I 1. . 1-,. A F by I i Wha- lfiili i 7' Q LHEXL F! -X To know the facts oi man's struggle for freedom: to re- spect the law and to be loyal to our country. To conserve natural resources. To properly use leisure time. In the merilzan Wa uf Life ...n.n To be reverential toward The basic information. spiritual matters. To prepare for economic independence THF 1946 LLEBEWI Film shortage scarcity of paper engravmg contracts and other wart1me difficulties all were barrier to th1s year s staff After becoming acchmated to these dit flculties the staff set to Work using l64 flash bulbs 404 pieces of film and 648 pieces of copy paper dur1ng the course of the year Although all yearbooks must contain essentially the same material it IS the hope of each editor and staff to produce a book as different as possible from any previously published Following tradition 1n this respect at least the edrtors this year have a more readable Shtrley Wilson Editor Zetta Sager Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Seated left to right Robert Doty senior editor Eleanor Bradford orgamzatlon co edttor Edith Anne Doolittle underclass edltot Kathryn Rlchards assistant editor Shirley Wilson editor Ruth Anne Richards associate editor Iune Alday orgamzatton co editor Iay Beneman sports editor Standing Lois Martm typlst Betty Armstrong chxef typtst Lois Lazarus art editor Harold C Wrckard advzser Lucille Twtgg faculty edztor Ed1th Lewis typzst Iune Smith typzst Thzrty Eight - rj J X' Vibe. I ' I, -5 . I. - . . I! . C - 1 , . ' . I ' I 1 1 - I . 4, 5 , tried to make this book more distinctive as well ' rl s Flrst Class Hnnnr Hatmq 19115 Progresslng chrono1og1cally Wrth the seasons The 1946 Allegew1 presents the act1v1t1es ot the school as they are met dur1ng the year Several new features have been added to th1s volume For the hrst trme underclassmen s pxcrures have been taken rn homeroom groups rather than larger groups D1v1s1on pages have been made more xnformal ea h leadlng gradually 1nto the tollowmg sect1on Add1t1on of school GCllV1ly photographs has also been the a1m of the staff Ruth Rrchards Assocrate Edrtor Greta I-lersch Advertrsmg Manager BUSINESS STAFF business manager Greta Hersch advertrsmg manager Ahce lean Borgman Rose Marle Grabenstem Betty Harper advertzsmg assistants Second row Leonore Lazarus BEFDICG Frledland Pete Dendrlnos Wllbert Robertson Stanley Blshop Arley Canlleld Iohn Bachman Herman Myers Margaret Lancaster Dons Apsey Thrrd row Shrrley Tabler Sh1rley Hershberger Dorothy McIntyre l Thirty Nme l l l Seated, left to right: Sue Kamens, Pauline Durant, Rosalie Yantorno, circulation managerg Zetta Sager, w W Seated left to rrght Ahce Borgman Margaret Baker V1v1an Iudy lay Beneman Mary LOUISE Davxs Shlrley Wrlson lean Gaither Greta Hersch Kathryn Schade Standzng Sylvra Mrtchell Edlth Lewls Delore Fletcher Welch Hardman Do othy Mclntfre Thomcs Iamrson Carol Boch Mlss Murray advzser Iarnes Radchlfe Vxrg ma Gratehouse He1r'a'1 Myc Shxrl y K-nlkxnson Ted Urlce Peggy ONeal Iames Leader Iane Huey ALEUHI MIHHUH ALL AMERICAN 1945 Every other Wednesday at Allegany means Mlrror Day A v1tal Dart of Alco hfe thxs school pubhcahon aftord features 1okes latest goss1p and up to the mmute news on all school act1v1t1es Always an award wmner at Natronal SCl'1OlGSl1C Pre A ofuauon convenuons and 1 Columb1a Scholashc Press As oc1a11on conferences the 1946 s G1 a 'n d lor a repo 1t1on ol the coveted All Amerlcan rcmng Under the 1n p1r1ng lcc1clerh1p of Mary E Murray and Clauc L1 0 Gy co adn or the Alcohr MIIYOT has a tamed outstandmg ml! 01 or held or hlgh school Journalrsm THE EDITORS Mary Lo.1 e Daw editor Shrr BUSINESS .JT Fl: ourlej VV1 kard aavoztr ng ley Wxlson associate editor lay Bene'-tan man ma-zagr I rl n c-J to agmg editor lean Galther asso rate e lrtor g:11et Moody I n r 1 C1 tcs lean Welre c 11 'z on g r L,'1do'1 C1 mp busme s manag 1 Pc Do drmo alumm edltor Forty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I . . . . F 1 X . ' I 1 '5 1 1 1 .. 1 1 . . . . .. N Y Q . . F.. . 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- - 151 9 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1. 11 . 1 A , . . - C . . - - . -1 1 1 1 . . . I 1 . A 1 - SE: SS .1 C1 . . . L. .V 15 . 1 ,. . c' - '. '- . 1.: , 1 L L1 G L 1. . 11 1. ' 1- '7 . ' f- ' -3- '11 -1 1- ' A--,. .2 - . . ' 1 .L , l S 1.1, ' ' 1 1'- ' I ' -11' -1 1 I , '! - 1 'J . .L -C 111 1.113 . , . . . jr V112 LV 11 , 1 ,f 21M Af, - -- '.w ' N' ' 4, ,,f. A1 V A 11 k A , ,v g r s 'fr 1 W 15 , .,,. ,.1, a' f 1 fi Q . : 'is 's, ' 1 '- C' 43. ': Fl' ' 'c , 'si V ' ' ' . ,.. .,-. 1-1 1 .,,.'... ,, .1 -1'.,.. , , -.1 , - 1 c, co. nn, e..-..1. gc . 1, rm...- : , S :. . ' ' , 3: .o::'.'nor, buf: ness ass: 5: Ag - - . 1. - . . . ' .. .1, C11 .J.1to. K.11 C1 cb , 1 . -.1 , S 1 ey io ll s, . Elaine Diamond, vice-president, Betty Kilroy, president and Barbee Sue Mansfield, secretary and treasurer, at- tentively listen to Mrs. Bruce, the adviser, as she gives detailed instructions for the :leveloprnent ol the Ameri- can Education Week Posters . . . a feature of this year's club. may walk inlo the art roam projects to make Allegany a zationfi' al Elle Betty Kilroy finishes her winning poster in the 8th War Loan Drive Contest while Wanda Lober and Iames Goldsworthy complete sketches for the 1946 Allegewi as Dorothy Elder contemplates the finishing ol the WUI Bond Poster. as 2-'fa ,. One ol the most popular organi- gany is the Art Club. At any time of the day, you and find members of the club diligently working on varied r ore beautiful and attractive school The VGIIOU a tivrie for which the club has gained admiration and recognition in cluded many poster di play Ch 1 tmas decoratlons Window murals and the advancement of the artistic ability of the group through competition in national contents for scholarships At the bi We lly rn ings he program was often high hgh ed by the appearance of a local artist who spoke on ter hniques and demonstrated types of drawing painting and lettering The mission of art is to represent nature THE MIT EL B First row left tp r Cl a Y 1ll lflxrg ret C: lean Andre IS Connie o 1, B t Kilrcy B tty lfin ran i.. ta li rie B rose Ste Nan '1 ld All e S erk S cond row Wand Lol, I 'ri s Co l f-'cr'h1 To s 1 ch ia'1 Doro hy Elder Lois Ansel Elcrne Diamoml Cova Sherred Forty One . 1 c . -n . I. C IRL. vc' . . . . . . . - .J c . s, , S S, I' S 1 1 . A 7 AG.. I . . . L - .. X ec., , t - t ,. , , . .. . . . ,, ' -, Y' L4. f'1.-,.' 1. A ff f .- ,... -'A , .. u . ' ,, , . , ,, nga.. cc. riot, - arch, , .ar . , , ,. 11112, '. , 4 C J., e. j - 1- r ff- ut 2' - ..v . -- Q- , e . r, L .J ,, .,ern,, a . . he , .. h . A ' ' v- N - I T' '- A ' ' ' , 2- . . aa be., e . last t i, - , ire s .. ., . , , . , , ' Sz First row, left to right: Sylvia Mitchell, Everstine Mitchell, Margaret Moody, Betty Lou Gulick, Connie Cook, Barbara Bright, lean Gaither, Marjorie Schade, lean Heavner, Ann Poorbaugh, Virginia Bergman, Shirley Wilson. Second row: Iames Close, Dorothy Elder, Lorraine Kompanek, Kathryn Schade, Ann Martin, Frances Allen, Margaret Baker, Alice Iean Borgman, lane Auman, Elnora Troxell, Robert Doty, Miss Pritchard, adviser. Third row: Iennings Curry, Earl Manseau, Wayne Dawson, Lewis Walker, Lyndon Gump, David Margolis, Arley Canfield, Iay Benemang Dan Mars, Pete Dendrinos, Robert Starcher. A variety of well-planned and well-executed activities has brought Omicron Kappa Sigma to the tore as one of the leading school organizations. The presentation ot the one act comedy, Sugar and Spice , in the senior high assembly in November, inaugu- rated the club's roster of productions for this year. The praise given the play by students who attended was ample evidence ot the actors' skill. The O. K. S. Kappa Kapers. held in November in the school gymnasium, was the first semi-formal dance of the year. Vivian Iudy was crowned Miss Allegany and she reigned throughout the evenings' festivities. Other activities of the year included a declamation contest, a tour of W. T. B. O., local N B C radio station, a spring assembly, and the presentation ot a three-act play, Snafu, in February. For ty Two Dorothy Elder, Arley Canfield, Robert Doty, and lean Gaither are caught during one ot the many rehearsals. Kathryn Schade is directing. Aspiring to uphold the Allegany tradition of outstand- ing dramatic performance are the members of S. I. D. In the lengthy perparation of the annual assembly program, the members acquired poise and learned much concerning make-up , production, and stage manage- ment. As proof of their talents is the acclaim they won from the students and faculty for their enjoyable assembly program. I Katherine Hin' Lewis Everstine' Iosephine At their bi-weekly meetings, dramatic programs were Kompanek, Patricia McGee, and Mary Ann presented for the e1'1jOYI1'1e1'1'l of the members. Lewis develop another S.I.D. program. These future thespians comprise but a few of the many who are lured by the stage, the footlights, and the odor of grease paint. I 1 First row, left to right: Lewis Everstine, William Lester, Tommy Oglebay, Donald Gibson, Donald Teeter, Ray Goetz, Second row: Barbara Blake, Patty Smith, Connie Smith, Io Anna Rice, Nancy Bailey, Lou Ann Wright, Betty Ruehl, Katherine Hitt, Ioan Smith, Della Fulton, Mary Dee Rice, Barbara Michaels, Io Ann Stangle, Mary DeVault, Polly Snow. Third row: Ieannine Barry, Lois Heishman, Nancy Largent, Patty McGee, Alice Smith, lean Snyder, Marcia Hilton, Carolyn Bowie, Barbara Fulton, Charlotte DeWitt, Sue Cunningham, lean Burkett, Iosephine Kompanek, Mary Ann Lewis. Fourth row: Mrs, McKenzie, adviser, Ernest Sisk, Iimmy Floyd, Gordon Swan, William Doub, Donald Duken, lack Torbet, Forty Three THE HI Y Recogmzed for the1r outstand1ng quah t1es ol clean peech clean spor1smansh1p clean cholarsh1p and clean l1v1ng are the member of the H1 Y ot Allegany Always ready to lend a helpmg hand the boys are known throughout the school and commun1ty for therr hne pmt of inendly cooperat1on The1r p ograrn tor the year mclude many GCl1V1l16S among YIl'11Cl1 are thou annual dance katmg par le ushermg for game and the spon or1ng of the program for the Turkey Day game At the end ot the year the1r soc1al act1v1t1es are uccesstully brought to a close w1th an annual blow ou A new serv1ce rendered by the organ1za t1on th1s year IS the ra1s1ng of the llag each mornmg The students and the faculty proudly ha1l the boys of the H1 Y and extend thexr grat1 tude to them for therr untrrmg efforts rn sup portmg the better 'rad1t1ons of Allegany H1gh Upper Pzcture Glen Brant Olm Yoder and Russell H1lleary talk over plans for the hay 'now shakedown Lower Pxcture THE OFFICERS Kneelmg R1chard Clower chap tlaln Srttmg Welch Hardman 'pres1dent Mr Sherwood advxser :Standmg Stanley Bxshop vxce presldent Wllbert Robertson secretary Iames Radclltfe treas urer Frrst row Iett to rzght Bla1r Lottlg Robert Tabor Welch Hardman Glen Brant Mr Sherwood Iames Rad clltfe Ralph Lashley Second row Iames Close Herman Myers Rlchard Clower Earle Knott Robert Burkett Thrrd row W1ll1am Fuller Gxlbert Storey Larry Taylor Howard Peterson Arley Canheld Fourth row Eugene Brant Noyes Powers W1lllGm Bartlett Stanley Bishop Saumle Ford Fxttn row V1ctor Auvll W1lbert Robert son Edward Strock Russell Hxlleary Donald Burkert Szxth row Iohn Eckhart Olm Yoder Thomas Iamlson B rkey Sm1th Ichn Bachman Forty Four the faithful 1nsp1r1ng leadersh1p of Miss Upper Prctuze Barbara Col m a n D o r 1 s Dans Delores u E l a 1 n e Diamond a n d B tty Armstrong make prepara IOHS lor e a n n u al rum mage sale 4 'W MW V1v1an Iudy presldent Eleanor Brad ford treasurer Iune Alday VICE TBI HI Y The Tr1 H1 Y ol Allegany ha proven to be one of the best extra curr1cular organ1za tion 1n the chool That IS true not only for services rendered to the students and faculty but to the cornrr1un1ty as Well Among the var1ed act1v1t1es of th1s Worthy club are the collect1on of food and money for the poor and needy at Chnstrnas and the usher1ng at the forums The club sponsors many social GCl1V1l1eS throughout the year 1nclud1ng skatmg par ties dances an alurnnl tea and the year 1 h1ghl1ghted at the end of the second sem ester by the Mother Daughter Banquet The members of the club real1ze much of the success of the group IS due to the line pres1dent Sh1rley Wilson secretary Patty BOW1G chaplam Cldlfe LIVSSCIY their CIdV1SeI' Frrst row left to zrght Sh1rley WlCkGId Paul1ne Durant Dolores Tuk Ed1th Dool1ttle Iune Alday VIVIGD Iudy Eleanor Bradford Sh1rley Wilson Patty Bow1e Dor1s Apsey Ruth R1chards Iean Ga1ther Ela1ne D1amond Second row Dorothene Poland Mar1lyn He1skell Eleanor T1ley Iune Sm1th Kathryn R1chards Kay Harter Margaret Moody Mar1or1e Schade Mary LOIIS Shober lean Heavner Sh1rley N1chols Barbara Coleman Dorothy Elder MISS L1vesay advlser Thzrd row Dor1s Dav1s Georgie Huster Sh1rley W1lk1HSOH Maman Warden Lo1s Martm Betty Armstrong V1rg1n1a Gratehouse lane Auman Margaret Baker Kathryn Schade Iean WIGTGS Frances Allen Barbara Br1ght Ieanne Marqu1s Forty Five : n T ki i ' E .- .- S , . S . S . . 1' th , Arj' I . . , n .C . . Q .Lfjwer P1Clu'e'.THE, OFFICERS leadership of their prexy , Vivian Iudy and YM First row left to right Mary Loulse Davls Barbara DeBouck Patty Anderson Barbara Murray Greta Hersch Carlotta ONeal Iune Alday Delores Tuk Mlss Hxtchlns Sue Kamens lean Heavner Edith Doolittle Dorothy Elder Eleanor Kelly Eleanor Bradford Shlrley W1 kard Second row Paul1ne Durant Iohn Borchert Pete Dendrmos Lyndon Gump Iay Beneman lean Wexres LES JEUNES FRANCAIS OFFICERS Lett to right Greta Hersch La Secretalre Pete Dendnnos Le Tresorler Shxrley Wlckard La Presl dente Mlss HltCh1l'1S La Consellleuse Forty Six Les Ieunes Franca1s donne aux eleves 1occas1on de m1eux connaltre les Fran cms et leurs coutumes en ofirant des poemes des chansons des pleces et des Jeux franccus Chacque mernbre cholslt un projet et le developpent Des membres hsent des romans franccus des autres tradu1sent des chansons et des autres ecrlvent leurs autob1ograph1es ' 4.11 v- ' 7 v Q , ' ' l 1 - , -. 'V '1-, l 4. mr. -, 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 - .,,,..g,,,. f W.-.U 1-..-.-. 1 l 1 l H B 2 5 , 1 . . . vt x ' I ' , -' lg 1 1 , y J . . . U Z , ':gv . . W - ' 1 . I , Q 1 I 1 ' I , . Seated left to tight Iean Blttlnger Lorrame Kompanek Anne Martm Dorothene Poland Greta Hersch Shlrley Wllson Kathryn Rlchards Standmg Thomas Haythorne Vlvtan Iudy lean Gaxther M1ss Rxchards co advlser Lewts Walker Pete Den drmos Bernard Sltter Mlss H1lCl'lll'lS co advxser Iay Benemen THE HISTIIHY III. B An mterest 1n c1v1c afta1rs led the Hlstory Club 1nto a proyect that encom passed a study of the hlstory of Cum berland and 1ts surround1ngs Although hOSlll1ll6S had ceased the club contmued to sponsor the Allegany Letter League whlch sent a monthly news letter to all alumn1 m the armed servlces Members ol th1s orgamzatlon arranged a showcase dlsplay bl weekly wh1ch brought a note ot mnterest and color to our corrtdors The meetmgs held every hrst and thlrd Thursday at homes of members were bgth enloygble and educqhonql A group prepares for one ot the meetmgs Let! to right Lorrcnne Kompanek Bernard Sxtter Kay Rxchards Iay Beneman and Shlrley Wllson Forty Seven 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 4' 1 1 1 ' 1 - ' 1 - 1. A 1 I 1 1 , p 1 - 1 1 1 , . First row, left to right: Iune Alday, Sue Kamens, Shirley Nich Jls, Kathyrn Schade, Mrs. Rogers, adviser, Mary Louise Davis Iane Aurnan, Ruth Richards, Edith Doolittle. Second row: Lois Lazarus, Bettie Belt, Alice Iean Borgman, Eleanor Kelley, lean Heavncr, Ioan Gaither, Louise Neat Margaret Baker, Kathryn Richards, Anna Poorbaugh, Betty Cessna. Third row: Iames Leader, Iohn Lighter, Betty Blank, Harold Friend. UPPER PICTURE, EL NUEVO Y EL ANTIGUO, left to right: Kathryn Richards, Betty Blank, Sue Kamens, Eleanor Kelly. LOWER PICTURE, OFFICERS, left to right: Kathryn Schade, Shirley Nichols, lane Auman, Mary Louise Davis. SP!-l ISH III. B E1 Club Espanol es una actividad casi nueva en Allegany. Se ha probado muy util para los estudiantes del segundo ano de espanol, dandolos la practica en usar el idioma. A las sesiones del Club el reglamento es - no hable ingles - y los que hablen ingles tienen que pogar una multa de un centavo cada vez. El espanol esta usado para los negocios, los juegos, y los dramas. Tembien el Club tiene informes acerca de la vida y costumbres de los paises que habla espanol. Todo esta hace los programes muy interesantes. Para reunir el Club un estudients tiene que completar seis meses o mas en espanol. Todos los que tienen interes en espanol pueden reunir cuaudo aprendan de memoria las cosas necessarias. Forty Eight First row, Iett to right: Shirley Nichols, Dorothy Elder, Kathryn Schade, Margaret Baker, Alice Iean Borgman, Ruth Richards, Ann Martin, Ioanne Mathews, Virginia Borgman. Second row: Thomas Iamison, Ralph Lashley Iennings Curry, Iohn Ba:hman, Miss Meyers, adviser, Glen Brant, Bernard Sitter, Arley Canfield, Herman Myers. STHUNUMY IILUB Studying the mysteries ot the universe is the fascinating subject of the meetings of the Astronomy Club. Although these Monday night gatherings are scheduled at the home of members, many times these amateur astronomers are seen climbing up to the Harry Footer Observatory. There, under the leadership of Miss Meyers, adviser, they get close- ups of the stars and planets which they have pre- viously studied. Meetings are enjoyably concluded with refreshments and social chatter. Applications tor membership were received by the club at the beginning of the school year, and the aspirants treated the old members with a Wiener roast in October. UPPER PICTURE, IN THE OBSERVATORY, Kneeling: Iohn Bachman, Miss Meyers, adviser, Arley Canfield. At the telescope: Kathryn Schade. Standing, Iett to right: Iennings Curry, Shirley Nichols, Alice lean Borg- man, Margaret Baker, Dorothy Elder, Ruth Richards, Herman Myers. LOWER PICTURE, OFFICERS, Lett to right: Ruth Richards, Kathryn Schade, Herman Myers, Alice Borg- man, Glen Brant. Forty Nine ln its second year, The Marionette Club remains a vital activity among the pupils of the lower grades. The members fashion figures in imitation of the human form or of animals and, managed by persons known as the controllers, present dramatic performances. Marionettes are operated from above by a number of strings, with one end of each string fastened to each joint and the other end to a control, a paddle-like piece or crossbar of wood, held in the left hand of the controller, who stands on a bridge or cat- walk above the stage level. First row, left to right: Icick Millenson, Ronald Smith, Richard Beeghly, Merven Trail, Charle Mc:Dermett, Pat McKenzie, Ronald Taste, Arthur Gardner. Second row: Bill Buckholtz, Ion Millenson, Willis Stump, Robert Mansfield, Fred Dixon, Teeter, Tommy Blacklin, Eugene May, Donald Bell. Third row: Paul Goodfellow, George Clise, Bill Clark, Olen Evans, Iack Mansfield, Iames Reed, Robert Portmess. -1' ,- 1 qv 1 ' 1 'o 4 Mrs. Bruce demonstrates the correct manipulation of the strings and con troller to Olivia Yancy, Harriet Eliason, and Della Fulton. s Hixenbaugh, Bob Mosner, Bob Roger Lueck, Ioe Miller, Billy Welson, Tommy Oglebay, Iames T bv I '-'ll ' ' l , So this club encourages creative endeavor and dramatic techniques. Mastery of the skills attained by its members was very evident in the two excellent assembly programs presented by the group. An abundance of praise must go to Mrs. Bruce, the ad- viser, ior her untiring patience in training these embryonic puppeteers. Ioe Miller prepares to open the cur- tain on a performance as Patricia Borst, Martha Clauson and Ruth Hersch make the make-believe ac- tors move. First row, Ielt to right: Wanda Van Meter, Lawanda Long, Ioann Bradfield, Marjorie Young, Olivia Yancey, Harriet Eliason, Della Fulton, Bonnie George, Iean Whipkey, Ruby Henderson, Evelyn Lepley. Second row: Iean Hale, Mary Io Shirley, Beverly Bruce, Madeline Shook, Lois Fisher, Dolores Everett, Dana Myers, Alma Hose, Ioan Hare, Ianet Iewell, Ianet Steam. Third row: Beverly Iones, Ioyce Iackson, Lois True, Iacqueline Loar, Eleanor Whetsell, lane McIntyre, Ioyce Fyke, Iane McColly, Sue Pufiinburger, Betty Petenbrink, Iean Wrigleman. Fourth row: Patricia Borst, Norma Carter, Marlyn Kelly, Mary Pyne, Ruth Hersch, Irmadel Combs, Mildred Twigg, Ioan Cooksey, Ioann Stangel, Dona Wilson. 1 E t. THE SQUAD Seated on floor Cunnmgham H1nze Seated on bench Radcliffe Bachman Prlce Shaw Brant Standing Wrlght asslstant manager Llvengood Bartlett Meyers Fuller Sterne Storey and Coach Bowers Radcllffe scores tn the ftrst excxtmg Fort H111 game Aga1n Allegany s Campobello Cyclone has brought to a close an extremely successful season by brmgtng to us the honor of possessing both the W M I and Clty Champtonshlps Frnrshmg wtth a record of elghteen vxctorres agatnst a trxo of defeats the 1946 Camper aggregatlon proved ttself among the hnest to pace the Allegany court The Alco basketeers playing under the able tutorshrp of Coach Walter L B111 Bov ers who celebrated twenty years of successfully gurdmg our basket ball teams thls season showed marked lmprovements as the season progressed Takrng full advantage of thexr average herght of well over s1x feet the Camper g1ants exh1b1tec1 balanced team play an excellent defense and accurate pomt makmg Openmg the season w1th a pair of holdover regulars Iohn Bachman and Gene Shaw Allegany twtce toppled a compartttvely weak Somerset team wmnrng from the Eagles on our home boards by a 39 25 count and topplng the Pennsylvantans on their court 36 18 Alco tasted tts ftrst defeat rn December when a strong Alumnx team com posed of many former blue and whrte cage lummarres won by a 27 25 score Showmg only flashes of wmnmg form clurmg the early part of the season the Campers also lost to the Keyser Hrgh Tornado 48 45 Rtdgeley was the Campers thlrd v1ct1m as a hghtmg blue and Whlle quxnt regrstered a 4122 vlctory Allegany by a 51 35 score as the A H S second strmgers played three quarters of the game Fxfty Two - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . 1 -1 11 1 , . . , - , . 1 . I . 1 . 5 . . 1 1 I . 1 1 ' , Allengany lost to Westmont at home, 34-24. The fast breaking Engh- men took a lead in the first quarter and were never topped. Some nifty defense playing by Bob Price and Glen Brant kept the game closer than the score indicates. With the appointment of Bob Price as the Alco Captain, the Bowers men acquired new form and defeated Central, 48-21 at Lonaconing. Beall joined the list of victims as Iimmy Radcliffe lead the scoring by tallying eleven points in a total score of 41-29. Bruce was easy and Allegany rolled to a 54-20 count with Bachman leading the scorers by sinking fifteen markers. Allegany downed Fort Hill, to be- gin the quest for city honors, tapping the sentinels on their court 35-20. The game was a thriller! ln breaking the Hilltoppers seven game winning streak, the Campers were quite erra- tic during the first half, leading by ll-9 at half-time. In the second half, Allegany took the lid off , blanked the losers during the third period, and outscored the Sentinels during the last quarter. Bachman, Shaw and Radcliffe lead in the scoring. The Bowersmen completely out- classed the Irish five and took a 13-9 lead at the quarter and were never threatened. Captain Price was the outstanding player for Allegany as he tallied seventeen points. Keyser came next on the schedule and in the West Virginia city, the Campers gained revenge as they re- duced the Golden Tornado to a mere zepher by a 26-23 score. The half ended 13-13 but Shaw put Allegany in front at the opening of the second stanza by dropping a foul shot and, from there on, the Campers domin- ated the play and the score, even though, the count was tied on five occasions. The Allegany second-stringers again came into the lime-light in defeating Barton, 37-18. Beall and Bruce were no match for the rangy Campers and lost by 38-18 and 49-33 counts. Price was high scorer for Allegany on both occasions netting thirteen tallies against Beall and fourteen against the Bulldogs. Allegany clenched both the city and W. M. I. diadems by topping Fort Hill a second time to the tune of 48-29. The game was a rough and tumble affair. A fighting Ridgeley team took the S ?er9 ' ' ' by surprise w, wi ll fiv yi d f -25, in gm e def ted t ' . Glen Brant , -28, the oor. wi nine pom s e for . H. S. SCHEDULE We They 39 Somerset 25 25 Alumni 27 36 Somerset 18 45 Keyser 48 41 Ridgeley 22 51 Barton 35 24 Westmont 34 48 Central 21 41 Beall 29 54 Bruce 2U 35 Fort Hill 20 37 La Salle 28 26 Keyser 23 37 Barton 18 55 Central 21 38 Beall 18 49 Bruce 33 48 Fort Hill 29 25 Ridgeley 27 33 La Salle 22 33 Westmont 26 In the most erratic and ragged game of the six city contests played here this season, Allegany emerged triumphant over LaSalle, in the Campers' finale at home, by the score of 33-22. Gene Shaw led the Alco scorers with ten tallies. Allegany wound up its twenty-one game schedule by Winning from the Westmont Hilltoppers by a 33-26 score in Iohnstown, Pa. Shaw Bachman Radcliffe Brant Price Fifty Three TK? if 'IV' 3. x .,. v i5fff'fefs ff' 'Mff??y1'.Q k Qfzlifif' mwgpgr V -F5 mf W u 1. Ewmzgw if 5' if if .11 -.n 51:31 .9 f.. . , Q waffiiigf. 14 mxk yi 4. 5 s 1 S5 1 gf gg. 3 A A L 4 0 Q ? . 1' Y J! x' J , I Y W WT ., -9 2' aff if , ' , 5 x . PARTICIPATION IN INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROVIDES GOOD CLEAN WHOLESOME ATHLETIC RIVALRY The desrre to actually part1c1pate tn some held ot athletrcs has lead many Allegany students to engage ln rntramural sports as sponsored by the physrcal educatron department Such athletrc competrtron usually leads to torrnatron of leagues or other contests between homeroom groups or classes and always creates excrtement and thrrlls for the fans as well as the players At the con cluslon ot each tournament the wrnners are announced and therr sportsman sh1p acclarmed to all SOFTBALL 9th grade lHome Room IZUD Frrst tow Ie! to zrght Paul Cowgell Ioseph Easy Donald Grbson lack Gardner Donald Davr Second row Trny Deatz Wrlllam Dav1s Frank Foster Iohn DeVault Glenn Gott SOFT BALL 8th grade tHome Room 2l2l Fust row left to ugh! Charles Burley Dale Dorsey Iames Krlroy Harold Crabtree Iohn Bopp Decatur Bear Second row George Tyrea Wrllram Dawson George Leyh Ronald SOFT BALL 7th grade II-Iome Room 2041 Frrst row left to rtght Raymond Ienkrns Robert Whrtman Howard Deal Vernon Klter Paul Webb Iohn Morgan, Ioseph Srmpson Second row Clarence Raley W1ll1am Howsare Lee Chenowrth Robert Athey Henry Davr Glenn Campbell SOCCER 8th grade lHome Room 2lUl Ftrs! row Iett to rtght Mary Ellen Ward Ioan Bosley Polly Snow Mary DeVaul Ka hleen Barron LOIS 'lrrck Patty Ftsher Second row Iackre Frskell Ioan Bennett Martha Murray Ro e Lyons Ianot Cro sland Eleanor Whet ell Valena Clark Fxtty Frye - I 1 t 1. Whitacre, Gary Layman, Roy Perrell, Robert Lookabaugh. . . . ' , , 's. . , , , I, l , ' . . . A . . First row: Mary Lou Lashorn, Ioyce Ycrrnell, Margie Barnard, Mary Iean Scott, Margaret Russell, Iennings Curry. Second row: Betty Blank, Doris Apsey, Earl Mansecru, Iohn Kline, Allan Williams, Iames Hoover, Millard Bolyard, Harold Hartsock, Richard Lowdermilk, Thomas Hutcheson. Third row: Mary Ellen Ward, Nile Webb, Io-hn Price, Barbara Goii, Richard Moyer, Ronald Sneathen, Charlotte Gardner, Iuanita Blank, Iames Close. THE GREAT BIB Our Band forms the traditional A. F iity Six What makes a big game complete? What makes a parade a success? What puts the pep into pep meetings? The answer to these three questions is a unanimous cry from Alco's students . . . Our Band! The Allegany High School band, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Willison, has com- pleted another successful year. The results, of long hours on the athletic field practicing formations, were viewed between halves at many football games. The excellent perform- ance of the band on the annual assembly pro- gram spoke well for the efforts of its members and director. First row: Rosemary Everstine, Ioanne Robinson, Nola Barnard, Ieaneen llartlcy, Ioanne Campbell. Second row: Bernard Sitter, Alpha Phares, Bernie Coberly, Elizabeth Bete, Richard Heinrich, Robert Doty, Allan McGraw, Donald Humbertson Mabel Murray, Maxine Stoutter. Third row: Bernard Blake, Delores Hamilton, Gregory Miller, Harold Winstanley, Carolyn Brant, Dorothene Poland, Edward Grimshaw, Albert Tais, Harry Taylor, Nan Ellen McCullough, Martha Norris. LLEG In May the band participated in the Spring Concert. Climaxing the year's activities repre- sentative musicians joined with other young people from every school in the county to present the Music Festival. Throughout the whole year, at its every ap- pearance, the Band has, by the excellence ot its performances, added prestige to our school. For loyalty and colorful display, the Band, and Miss Dorothy Willison, the director, are de- serving of our highest praise. We are justly proud ol the Allegany Band! ANY B Mary Iean Scott, Margaret Russell, Rosemary Everstine, Ioanne Robinson, and Nola Barnard, our twirlers, strut their stuff for Iennings Curry, drum major. Fifty Seven OFFICERS, Ieft to right: Kathryn Schade, vice-presi- dent, Patty Bowie, treasurer, Doris Apsey, secretaryp Vivian Iudy, president, Mrs. Winter, adviser. Clear young voices, lifted in song, fill the air and permeate the halls each Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when the Choral Club meets to rehearse. In Ianuary, the club presented to both junior and senior high assemblies what proved to be one or the outstanding programs ot the year. Their rendition of such semi-classics as There Are Such Things , and The Night is Young was near professional, While in contrast, Ma- latte's The Lord's Prayer was a thing of stirr- ing solemn beauty. Seventy senior high girls and Mrs. Betty Win- ter are proud of the role they play in Alle- gany's musical life. They have gained and given much pleasure as members of the Choral Club. First row, left to right: Maxine Conrad, accompanist, Marian Billings, Iune Gardner, Delores Welsh, Margaret Moore, Patty Anderson, Ruth Farrel, Iune Alday, Vivian Iudy, Kathryn Richards, Alice Sherk, Sara Iane Lee, Beverly Wilt, Doris Davis, Sylvia Mitchell. Second row: Elaine Diamond, Sheila Doyle, Esta Marie Kerns, Edith Doolittle, Ann Reynolds, Dolores Fletcher, Laura Brown, Mary Lou Wilson, Everstine Mitchell, Betty Hinzman, Betty Kilroy, Georgia Huster, Iune Rodda, Betty Kight, Virginia Haus, Gwen Smith, Clara Iune Giltord, Iacqueline Barnett, Ruth Richards, Margaret Russell, Sue Kamens, Patty Bowie, Barbara Bright, Barbee Sue Mansfield, Margaret Moody. Third row: Sharleen Orndoff, Delores Tuk, Doris Apsey, Ann Randall, Mary Grabenstein, Shirley Fuller, Rosalie Yantorno, Pauline Durant, Carlotta O'Neal, Iean Andrews, Doris Trenton, Betty Blank, Shirley Nichols, Barbara Coleman, Ieanne Marquis, Sue Bartlett, Betty Coftey, Frances Allen, Beverly Smith, Kathryn Schade, Doris Dawson. Fifty Eight Noth1ng IS qurte so pleaslng to the ear as the sound of young men s1ng1ng We at Alle gany are fortunate to have among us thrrty well tramed male volces Wh1ch comb1ne to form the Men s Glee Club Under M1ss Dorothy W1ll1son the club met thrlce weekly for rehearsals The tra1n1ng they rece1ved 1n s1ght read1ng and four part har mony requ1red constant apphcatxon Desp1te th1s the boys always came back for more s1mply because they lrke to smg And we are glad they d1d for Allegany hkes to hear them smg Bernard Sltter Gene Shaw Ronald Ellls and W1ll1am Hartsock comprxse our male quartette and Dons Davls IS the accomphshed accompanlst Fnst row let! to ugh! Iohn Blgg Thomas Mltchell W1ll1am Hartsock Wlll1GH Kagy Iohn Klme Eugene Porter Alfred Wayne Dawson Danlel Mars Gene Shaw Ierry Swan Earle Knott Thomas Hutcheson, Bernard Slttel Dlrector Mlss W1ll1son Accompantst Dons Davls Fzfty Nme Erling, Robert Doty, lennings Curry, Robert Smith. I Second row: Donald Ort,LGilbert 'Storey, Ronald Ellis, Millard l3olyard Singing strings, muted brasses, and soaring Woodwinds are blended under the baton of Miss Dorothy Willison to produce the melodies which emanate from the auditorium each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. From its inception in 1920 the senior orchestra has been a vital force in the life of the school. When music is needed for chestra is always ready to perform. Miss Dorothy Willison Director Seated lelt to right Iohn Kline Martha Norrts Dorothene Poland Eleanor Bradford Ruth Richards Dons Apsey Kathryn Richards Charlotte DeWitt Robert Doty Saumle Ford Allan McGraw Mary Richards Edna Hounshell Ernest Screen Ierry Swan Bernie Coberly Iames Hoover Donald Humbertson Earl Manseau Standmg Elizabeth Bete Allan Williams Ronald Sneathen Harold Wmstanley Donald Ort Miss Wrlhson Thomas Hutche THE SE IUH UHEHESTHA In addition to these appearances a pleasing program was presented before the senior high assembly and the group was also featured 1n symphonies at the annual spring concert The orchestra has accomplished its a1m which IS to emulate the standards set by the organization in former years and to encourage an appreciation for instrumental music among the students The heart of the orchestra our ensemble Donald Ort at the piano Miss Wxllison at back of piano Seated Charlotte DeWitt Kath ryn Richards Ruth Richards Eleanor Bradford Edna Hounshell Ernest Screen Mary Richards Standmg Robert Doty Allan McGraw Earl Manseau Bernard Sitter Berrue Coberly Allan Wtlhams I , I I I . 1 l 5 I 4 I 1 1 I I 1 l I . I . I I . l I . I I I I . I I I ' . : . I . . I I . I I . . . I - son, Bernard Sitter, Iames Close, Gregory Miller. I , , . , , . . I I . I - . I I ' . ' I I I I I . I ' I assemblies programs and commencement activities the or- No Christmas season would be complete without the can- tata which is presented annually by the Allegany choir- nor could we feel that spring had really arrived unless the choir heralded its coming in the music festival each April. Kathryn Rlchard Featured Coloratura Soprano Fzrst row left to right Kathryn MacManms Mary Rlchards Mlllard Bolyard Ieanne Marquis Bernard Sltter Iean D1xon Thomas Hutcheson Kathryn Schade Damel Mars Ann Randall Earle Knott I Betty Cessna Wayne Dawson Sue Bartlett Patty Anderson Second row Martha Norris Eugene Porter Maxine Conrad Donald Ort Betty Blank Alfred Erlmg Betty Harper Robert Smlth Dorls Apsey Robert Doty Vivian Iudy Iennmgs Curry Ruh Richards Third row Elva Mae Nesbitt Bernard Blake Dons Davrs Wllllam Kagy Everstme Mltchell Iohn Kline Mlss Wtlllson Ronald Ellis Iacquelme Barnett Iohn BIQQS Kathryn Richards Thomas Mxtchell Sylvla Mitchell H LLEB!-lNY IIHUIH The Allegany cho1r has truly become an integral part of our music department Str1v1ng to maintaxn sterling standards Miss Dorothy Wtllison has agarn led her group of carefully selected voices through another year A selected group from the Chorr rs the Octet compnsed of eight ot the better voices First row left to rzght Dons Davls Kathryn Richards Maxine Conrad Vivian Iudy Second row Wxlham Hartsock Ronald Ellis Bernard Sitter and Gene Shaw Ieanne Marquls IS the accompanist 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T-1 1 'A 1 , . I I I I V L ' - .1,1 1 1 1 ' I ! - , , . . . 1 1 . 5 1 ' , . 1 : 1 ' I I 1 . The girls of grades 7, 8, and 9 find outlet for their musical talent in the Iunior Choral Club. Comprised of over one hundred members, the organization ranks as the largest single group in the school. Quality as well as quantity is emphasized, however, for each applicant is tested and classified before being admitted to the club. An assembly program which was presented in Ianuary was the outstanding activity of the first semester, while preparations for the lunior High festival kept the girls busy through the spring months. Headed by Charlotte Gardner, president, and directed by Miss Dorothy Willison, these fledgling songbirds have learned well the rudiments of THE OFFICERS: pany Smnhl V,Ce.p,eS,de,,f, C1101-Q1 Singing' Doris Platt, librarian, Mary Lewis, treasurer, Charlotte Gardner, president, Maybelle Murray, director of publicity, Patty Sheckles, vice-presi- dent, Sue Millholland, secretary, Miss Willison, director, Iosephine Kompanek, accompanist, and Carol Rieth, accompanist. UNIUH EHUHAL CLUB First row, left to right: Iuanita Shirley, Mary lane Walton Shirley Stitcher, Iosephine Kompanek, Mary Ann Lewis, Ioy Anne Iackson, Ruby Iean Henderson, Helen Will, Iariet Keyes Second row: Iune Kesecker, Mary Ellen Ward, Donna Sue Foley, Mardel Riggens, Marilyn Kelley, Dolores Vernall, Mary Elizabeth Erling, Dorothy Shertzer, Dana Myers, Lois Kriel, Valena Clark Third row: Paula Likens, Charlene Hare, Lee Ioy Greathouse, Lois Fridley, Betty Boor, Anna Mae Firey, Ioy Ann Lindeman, Carol Conrad, Barbara Henry, Wilda Winterberg, Pattie Smith, Connie Smith, Kathleen Barron. Fourth row: Ioan Bennett, Le Wanda Long, Lois Warnick, Louise Lowery Pauline Patton Shirley Weaver Sue Cunn- in h D l g am, oores Howe, Catherine Morton, Alene Billings, Ioan MacBeth, Edith Sweene, Barbara Russell, Fifth row: Mary Virginia Yeager, Marlene Yeager, Beverly Buskirk, Carole Beith, Eileen Ort, Mildred Twigg, Dolores Thomas, loann Boden, Mary lane Robb, Nan Ellen McCullough, Ianet Wilson, Mabel Murray, Sondra Schindler. Sixth row: Ieannine Berry Mary Io Shirley Doris Platt Beverly Bruce Bett Mills D b G d S , , , , y , e ra row en, ue Mill- holland, Charlotte Gardner, Iuanita Blank, Hilda Stump, Barbara George, Sally Pfeiffer, Greta Hicks. Seventh row: Shirley Henley, Ioanna Bradfield, Vera Bestwick, Betty Baird, Evelyn Hansel, Ann Murphy, Carole lean Minke, Barbara Lehman, Iean Cessna, Marjorie Ann Daniels, Patty Fisher, Eleanor Whitsell, Mary Ann Yarnall E. h h y . . . . rg t row. Eleanor Osbourne, Lois Ann Wright, Elizabeth Long, Elizabeth McNabb, Ioyce Often, Patricia Whitney, Lula Sue Dorsey, Virginia Ward, Betty Gatton, Martha Murray. Sixty Two V . J Eagerness for future participation in the Senior Band and Orchestra makes membership in this organization exciting. Under the capa ble direction of Miss Willison, the members are instructed in the playing of various instruments to provide an ever-flowing tide of musicians for the more advanced groups. First row, left to right: Miss Willison, director, Iohn Burkett, George Wolf, William Hiser, Iames Hiser, Paul Webb, Donald Webb, Lyle Webb, Charles Troxell. Second row: Franklin Phares, Ioan Barnard, Manella Mc- Colley, Iuanita Blank, Charlotte De Witt, Doris Platt, Carol Conrad, Blaine Morton. Third row: Albert Tase, Iames Yoder, George Leyh, Ronald Hoelzer, Thomas Oglebay, Philip Everline, Gifford Grindle. First row, left to right: Iames Raupack, Roy Hawkins, Ierry Twigg, Donald Ziler, Ray Goetz, George Clise, Paul Goodfellow, Donald Bell, Iohn Kreiling, Wendell Gross, Louis Everstine, William Hiser, Iames Hiser, Duke Marley, Second row: William Clark, Leonard Everick, Arthur Gardner, Blaine Morton, Theodore Blunk, Wayne Wyath, Albert Tase, Ion Millenson, Fred Dixon, Ronnie Tase, lack Harper, Philip Everline, lack Gruif. Third row: Ronald Nauzle, Warren Ryan, George Leyh, Ioseph Strock, Iohn Whetzel, Iames Floyd, lack Mansfield, Robert Hutcheson, Ronald Hoelzer, William Doub and Ioanna Bradfield, accompanist, Miss Willison, dire:tor. As the above group features the instrumental training for younger pupils, so this group provides instruction in voice development to be sure of replacements in the advanced male groups. The enthusiasm of the members revealed no contemplated lack of male singers. 714761746 A.,,,.,7Ln.,,p..,.LL4,.4.L.z.q,'1.ATZf. xlffff-'Wye-'1PM+f44Wuf4+M-W . inlet ,,g,,A,,,..L441-f,wf-u..-f,44,.f,-ffa1-ujzz,.Q, iq 2 fl ,slfiidf-,od-Z4,4U,fZif'JZg,fMifPWU'-f ' yd 'Tjfpdb I2 4,Cf,.4.,.g-,Q'16a.,f,4.1f4,u,4,'t2G,L 7M ge, ,Ii-4-U,-11573421 z?4'DwQ!A'4' nfpwbaf ffff-J fbfiwd S 7d4Ld !LL, ALu Lay!! Zlffgjiif M-wwf fAL 6Z7'zAM4! AME? ocfdfyfzzfcf hA7.,t2 ww ZZ! 34 71-i,.,w-MCU! Y4 f EZ' ? AMAA ,7W,,5Q,6,!,tj d My-I .m6fr8f'5e WWC ,ML'md'!'ff53H 52623: f !M:,? ' . - ' I S Q! n J JM. ,.5,,, , M d . Xfxgsoj, 74 'k- - , aaa! X .4-X . X '7 - 1 ' at I , ' , - AAI! , - Q ! Z K ' ' 4-01- 7 f , - 0 To . 1 . 1 - A Q eg-L21 2 ' fcztgv E 7- .. 34 444.1 7 L 1 - A! c . , f.' . - 'xGreen- irdle p ' cz the in wait' t cue. I X- ' . arr , ' f . ff , . 'f u ' 'I -:Q , flfklw' lu! -A-'L Q J A f dn Af: -H ...rf V 915 ,fiflnf 'CW f-W' ,.. .Ao-r ww' f I ,wr .,!..' Rl' '59, ,Au an is ins- N ,iaym '. N f Ter ' f 'Q A yy V01 Y t t .W auf ps, ' ' 'V ' -- :QM 9 wg,-V' .W A uf mf . ' s, J . -gy., INA .. .A-V M 'K' W f f Jaw' K 515, tiff ,Wy 1' . ' ' if f Aj. -4 V , , . ,,. Q ,. , , , fig Vg, ,ufL'A M 5 H TQ 4 hyat in ' A l ., -YV ' ' ,,.g,. 'f'lr -' V133 ar-A f ' ' 1 . V ' it Q f ' 4, 'K . f r -e-'wiv ' . - ir: '7' ' Q' 1 .4?mU f- ' - ' -N' . 'f P' I .-. J ' .K ' -1. . , aw if QQ if ,nl-, '.'.4f, .5 .bw I Ifwl 2 A- thy! 37, K ' ff. , ,f -, we 1 'Ju B . 'vin 5 ,Q if ,GO fl ig ' -Q-'M' C. Q I U :QU 55 I J Q NN 1-uv! f 4' A' ' f I . 4 ,, 4 K2 n 1 5 I 5 p Q' 'x 1'1 ig C 'V K 'JALTB' ,Q I ' ' em mr , '- t 1. yi? A fs. ' ' ' -Lgpf' , A ' 1 1,, . lvssm -'A fl , :--g Q o . , . P' H ' -- A is, v' M, W 'Q , ' f-A-v-'sjy '-Lv-nxff I ' iv-' A L ' tx 43 . .-g -5- M, b Q. fn - . ..' . ' f IQ! 2' 3. '. ' f ,,f 55' . f. 'Zn-. - - Ma . ,ffw.ff f-. 'C - -.4 . . ..-,. -ff . ,J QQ! Q 0 - ,Q QQAQ' 5, af - If 5 1' ' ' , ' 'ff '. 35 RA' 9 L J Q55 .4 4' '.' f ,i 1 iq , . fu g, fl LL, ,' if ' J-lfqn. , 30,1 3 fi' J ,,f1,.f4,-M' Q Q Y 1 if' 1' '7 7' 4 .lg . - '7'.'fk T 2 0 ' 'ff -'f f ,, ' 5 ' ...I Mv'lYf4'3 :flirty 5 in f L 5 ,. ,r 4' M' , ,I'4L,.x 1 'S rt 'ff' - . I .S 1' A lf 3 n n , 5, ' Nff .' '- , 9 4 V 1 1 , f 1 9 1 ' -. 3 1' .1 54. I f' .L1..b,L,-'f'..':rQ. Etiilqi-.e'.5 .L ag .JSI W 'I I p ,U YI, U , ,g4.'. 0 - a 'W 'I H' H L' ...J Nme stalwart lads prepare lor Fall Class1c m Sprmg Practlce Sprung arrived al: Allegany with a lcaleldoscoplc array ol: blooming flowers, robms songs, and blue skies x-4' Radcliffe and Ba hman prachce baseball m ant1c1pal1on of the B1 Stale Campalgn manus- 'YQ Mlss N1cht leads an emcyable blology excurslon and Barbara Conme Belly Lee and Don learn about a tree KA O O u Q e 0 . , . .H '. A 'f ' , 4 x K n , . , 1, 1- ' - ,- f . A . '- ' ' 1 1 1 1' - , ,gurl . I 5 , ' r 'Wifi TL, -aj? ' ,, b u , ,x 49 . W ,. V ' Q I 5 x' . Beneath a rmnbow sky we dcmced When the longest wcry home was th sweetest way ardent fans watched a flashy baseball team sprung fever attacked Now we know 1t s Sprmg puplls who dreamed of the great out of doors the class play annual prom pronounced outstandmg soclal event of the year commencement processron ended It all Commencement week begms wlth Semor Sermon . L X ft . ' 2 1, J X W K H, A L x 1 ' x -' ' ' A 'ff-1 ' fr I .. . I 9 . Y , Heavenly Daze The Clubs are In full achvlty Dances offer needed dlverslon Musical 0YgClhIZOfl0hS strike new note Heavenly Note Heavenly Knights Bachman is safe at third. Winning the City and Bi-State Champion- shrps the 1945 Allegany Baseball Team en 1oyed 1ts best season in a decade The Bowers tossers w1th Tommy Burns whipping his fast ball across the plate fannlng sixty tour and Tom Tex Powers poundmg the apple at a torrid clip trounced seven of the eight teams to face them Fort Hill was the only ball club to down the Campers squeezing out a 5 4 dec1s1on Tom Burns started on the mound in the Hyndman game and coasted to his frrst v1c tory as the Blue and Whrters pounded out ten hrts for a like number of runs Beall was Burns second victim losing 7 l behind Toms one hit prtching The Bowersmen garned revenge by routing LaSalle 44 Conference Champs 2310 as Olin Moody and Burns twirled and the Camper sluggers with Bach man Price and Radchfte leadmg the way pounded out thirteen h1ts Bachman s sev enth mnrng smgle gave Alco a 6 5 vrctory THE RECORD We They 10 Hyndman 2 7 Beall l 23 LaSalle lO 6 Fort Hill 5 5 Hyndman l 6 Beall U 3 LaSalle 2 4 Fort Hill 5 over Fort Hill . . . Hyndman bowed for a second t1me as Moody allowed but l1Ve is Beall followed su1t losmg to the Campers 6 U Captain D1ck DeHart s homer brought two champronships to the Campers as LaSalle fell 3 2 A flnal 1nn1ng rally failed as Fort Hill handed the champs their only setback 5 4 The Bowersmen lined up wrth Burns C5 Ul and Moody f2 ll p1tch1ng Radcliffe fZ38l catching Price f25Ul at first Captam Drck DeHart f 24Ul at the keystone sack and Tom Powers t48Ul at the hot corner Willison f U89l Bachman f 250l and Baker f 3239 ably covered the outer gardens Much credit goes to Coach Bowers who started with a team that had Won but a single game the previous year and built a champronshlp club DeHart was the team cap tain Tom Powers lim Radcliffe Dick DeHart Iohn Bachman and Tom Burns made the All Star Team Ni l' was Myers lets go wxth a curve Radcliffe calls for a slow one Price takes a cut I . , . . . . . h t . . . , , . . . . . , , - . . . I - I .t H . .1 1, . . . . , ' . . . 1 I - - . ' I . I I ' I I - I ' I . , . . . . . , . , . , , . . . . , , ' . . . . 1 I - I - U - 1 I 1 . 1 1 I . . I . . . ' , , ,. A 's ' ' ' 4 . f' K nfl, --Q.- Q - - ' 4 ' L A ,f . . A -2-MN , 5' W , f. f 'FT' ,V -' . 1 1 - . - y Q, IN' ,, 7. aw- ' A ,.As,,l- ' - -ff. '., 4, 4 K' rwnl ' ,.- -, '-.UL .1 i ,.- . .. - . ,f r -1 f vii' ' mi ' Q - 4..,... - -- ,,Qr.3.-., v ' . . - -. --a .- -. W- - . Ruth Hlchards O1.r Dottte f the Fr mg Pan On March 15 the Semor Class presented Out of the Frylng Pan a gay and ltght hearted comedy by FIGHCIS Swann as the annual class play Three young men and three young women were sharmg an apartment They were would be stage folk and had been drlven to thxs communlty scheme by lack ot economtc securrty It was a wacky plan they had ln mmd to thelr apartment was tmmedl ately above that of a Broadway producer who had qulte a h1t runnmg on Broadway and was about to cast a road company The srx would be actors rehearsed the play that the producer clalmed as hrs current success but thetr problem be ame how to get the producer upstalrs to WllU6SS thelr performance The plan was further complicated by the tact that a snlppy young frlend of one of the glrls entered the ptcture and threatened to tell the grrls father that she IS ltvxng rn what could most pohtely be called an unusual manner It so happened that the producer was an amateur chef of some conslderable Cllblllly and rlght tn the mxddle of a cuhnary concoction he ran out of flour He came upstalrs to borrow a cup At last' The k1dS had hlm ln thelr apartment and they refused to let htm out even though rt meant a romp through bedlam to Keep hlm there To lmpress hxm wxth thxs h1str1on1c abtllty they staged an h1lGTlOUS murder scene Whrch became so reallstlc that pollce swarmed all over the stage and the mlsunderstandmg grew and through 1t all Equxty dues got pazd the landlady re nt and the stx hopefuls were assured a tual cetved her back re vent nal theatre ure rn the protesslo Out ot the Frymg Pan Anatomy offered ftudles 1n Seventy ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1946 The Senior Class presents OUT OF THE FRYING PAN by Francis Swann as the 1946 Class Play Staged by Harold C. Wickard tln GEORGE BODELL NORMAN REESE MRS. GARNET ssss..,..,.,. TONY DENNISON MURIEL FOSTER KATE AULT ,,,,.,s MARGE BENSON DOTTIE COBURN MR. COBURN ,,,..,,. MR. KENNY ,..... MAC .......,.,.EEEE CAST order ot their appearance? Bernard Sitter Myers ...........Do1ores Tuk Robert Burkett Iune Alday ..........Virginia Gratehouse Pauline Durante Ruth Richards ..........LyndOn Gump .........Iay Beneman Earle Knott 105 ,Y,VVVVA,V,, EEEEEYY.,,vv,wYY,,,,,.,.,wOEE., Y slilliam Bartlett SYNOPSIS The entire action of the play takes place in the .iving room ot a brownstone front apartment in New York City. Herman is captured as a suspect! Our Dottie with her hero - Herman Myers. ACT ONE Scene l: Late Friday afternoon in October Scene 2: Saturday morning ACT Two Saturday evening ACT THREE Sunday Morning THE STAFF Stage Manager.. ...,..... Earl Manseau Assistants Robert Floyd Eugene Brant E19Ctl'iCiC11'1 ......., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ohn Lighter Mistress ot Properties..Shirley Wilson ASSiStGnt .. ......... ...Mary Louise Davis Technician .. ...... .Edith Ann Doolittle SCHIP! Girl ...... ............... G reta Hersch Press Representatives Sue Kamens - Doris Apsey House MGHQQGI ......... ,,,,, V iviqn Indy 2 Ill 7' I D Q lu I 2 as Z Ill 7' I-I-I I I' FO RTS, THEIR D- D mtg 4 lil fs ,Ei IHE LAFETERIII STAFF S S 'mtl' Mr url' Mrs :lr 1n mg 1 err' r s .Al IHI. IIHE AARSH1 IS r BJIK f N P11 Burn mmf If 1 Jr cm V' 1CI'Y'l Cl el ss Ilf Nof 5 P were Icxrres Bam l1 e VVel n Hurdmcr I 1 1c1'n ag rrcr K 1111 e els r' Warren Bern1 Coberlf nn rg fra 11h me Tl e E e1n4 O n Yoder Mr C11 ry CIIYPFIJT TI111 1 Q B rn e Shawl enn Bent S IH16 Fora E1le S I I' GI OH 6 'HUF Cf 'JO W1 OI I IC L ASSIST! NI Q THE HOSPITAL AIDEJ e ne Wlll Ellen Ne In 1111 Delm Urs or Bw f1l1o Ycmlorn P1,fl11 Lem Do nthf Russel Smrlef W CKC1 d Second cm Nhcre B'1rlof1 CI l an er nldme Le NIS Pal Ande s r Bfrrncr cr De ouck S Gn1 , W lemme 'nc F I. 0 Une 11' cl er Belly lean Ilcrrper I1no Ccxrdner Sue Korn ns Sl11rl f N1cl'10ls Ecl1tl1 Deolntle Ros MGTIC Crubensleln Eleunur Kelley lean D1xon lcurcr Do11lh1tt 1'I1H 1 1 rc1 I K1 P 1 B Fart D T R ST FE CII. M GC Bqqb IN 5 7, 'Xbse H 1 CI CIS Nlxxs POIUHQYSS, Mr: Bzwrnr, Mrs S1 ' 1, s CV 1, 1' C ol e K 1 , ISUQCVILSCY LI 4. K 11e1l, M Bergman, and Mis. 1 SID. f'11.,t :uv-.' B Qcr' Ehyil, Biker' 1 letl, Bicnnd Clif' er, f 1l Jl'1l7If, I .-51 ELn11 Ilvwcxrd Pverswn, Izhn ECl.l If TT, Er I M seczu, f':ll' 11 B rll Finnell L' Jngznd, V1c1f,r 1'I11v1l, Rusxell Hzlleirry. Sc-63:4 :cw -9- 3' ,, 1 , 'Q JV, L, 1,11 Klzne, Wll 1 K y, N61 1 n Ls' fr, N 31 2 , 'Q . - ', Ie 1. :s Curry 'Ihf11 : Hcjt c1,, Izin P C, YZHKIITZ H ' 'e, I1 , . r , Inf, 1 fl mv: E12'b2l' I: Cnil-1, I:al1n :1ch1 cm, G ne 1, GI r , crm ' ', fr . Knczf, lr llvloerl Wall, Lyndcn Gump, Arley Cznfeld, l3l'11 B I , H r. 1 My - s, R411rt Daly, Pct., D.1q'r111c1g THE U Q ' H 1 I 'fl lqizsl 1':1w Ecrrle Knwfl, Ir., Marg rrel Lan- Arlr ' , ' ,v r , , Elell tsl , 1,5 ' 1. C, l 3 1 , . ,, 1 1 -, , 102'.': le fs, 1 r C0 ' , G A O ' 1 ' ' , 1 C .' ', B , T 53 B1el15p, 111l:Cl 131-.H 1 1 B111 r, Ire 10 l.'.'1e-llyn, I1 Amman. 'I'IIIf F-'IO'.'IIIM1'1.'I ' Sv 11121 I1 III B1 1:igg1.-T Pftylls Lewis, Slrrlec-1 Otrijcalf, 5111311317 F ,f1-'S Slug- B Cosfsni, Esther Mvphxg 'fzrtdz Ygs, Hebert BL:r1'e , I:E11 Bcrlfn, 1511 B fsa- Mczrp Grirbenstezn HE LIB RRY 151 1 Seated Inzms B b::is1n, Ev: Evans Sfindiriq P 'l misc, I lc :W ', Ir' Parry, Lzlvaxrzrzrz, Mr? B11 qw, 1- 'ugfuni l.1Erc:r1:1r1, Pcffy Anerswn, Len ro l.f1:c1r11s, Fran M '11se. Caps and gowns have arrtved nouncements are out yust a few gra1n of sand rema1n 1n the hour glass We are consclous of the approach of the end of our hrgh school hte Scores ot t1mes each day we hnd ourselves mak 1ng mental note of the last th1ngs We flnd ourselves repeatlng 1n that OFFICERS small 1ns1de vorce Th1s IS the last presrdent Vrctor Auvrl vzce presrdent Iames Young treasurer and Mlss Theresa Nlcht advrser gym the last Instruction bY G favorlte teacher We say to ourselves Now 1t IS over Slam the locker door The story 1S ended let the book close But the book has not ended Iust one chapter IS hmshed Armed wrth what we have learned 1n our school days We enter now upon new ex per1ences Ahead 11e the opportunltles for success or tatlure contentment or unrest A battered world t1red and dtstllusroned has need for every ounce of strength and courage We can offer Th1s IS the challenge we must accept Th1s 1S a Job we have to complete Often dur1ng the years whlch w1ll follow our graduat1on we w1ll turn back the pages of our lrfes book to th1s hrst chapter We w1ll recall classes and teachers surely but far more than that There w1ll be smlles for m1sty memorles and we w1ll know that Splrlt whtch combmes study and recreatlon teachers and students 1nto the magnlhcent Whole that IS the Amertcan school Our hearts w1ll be happy when we remember Allegany Seventy Four 4 . e 1 . . s t ' 1 ' f p i , 1 W , . i 6 Q . V Gn- ' S x , ' ' Left to right: Iune Smith, secretary William Bartlett, qgsemblyi the lqst gathering in the IUNE ELAINE ALDAY Academic ALLEGEWI, 4, Cheerlead Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, French Club, 3, Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, IOHN RICHARD BACI-I MAN Academic ST, ALLEGEWI, 4, Football, 3, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Astronomy Club, 4, Glee Club, 1, Library assistant, 4, Cafeteria monItor, 4, Fire marshal, 4: 4. DORIS MAI: APSEY Academic ALLEGEWI, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Choral Club, 1, 2, Choir, l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4 IEANNE BAILEY Commercial Choral Club, 4, Teachers secretary, BETTY ARMSTRONG Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. MARGARET LOUISE BAKER Academic Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: Astronomy Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4, O. K. S., 2, 3, 4: Press Club, 4. ELEANOR IANE AUMAN ll. VICTOR AUVIL Academic Vice-President of class 2, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4 Academic Hi-Y, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4 Spanish Club, 4, O. K. S., 2, 3, 4, Office assistant, 4. WILLIAM T. BARTLETT General President of Class, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 4, Baseball, 2, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Library assistant, 4, Fire Marshal, 4. Seventy Five 'FE' 4 A, AL! IOHN WILLIAM BARTON Commercial Baseball, 4, Projectionist, 3, 4. MARGARET EVELYN BEIER Distributive Education DOROTHY M. BECKWTTH Distributive Education BETTIE CAROL BELT Academic Spanish Club, 3, 4. IAY BARNET BENEMAN Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4: History Club, 4, French Club, 3, 45 O. K. S., 3, 4: Press Club, 4, Science Club, 3, 4: Highlight Reporter, 3. STANLEY E. BISHOP General ALLEGEWI, 4: Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 4 Hi-Y, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Library assistant, 3, 4, Office assistant, 4. IIINNIE BITTNILR ,ff Commercial Office Assistant, 4. BETTY ELAINE BLANK Academic Spanish Club, 41 Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, 4- - 'n Band, l, 2, 3, 4. CAROL A. BOCH Commercial Alcohi Mirror, 4. LESLIE PRESTON BOHRER .- f-,S Distributive Education C' 1' .-gh 31-a , 'ff IUNE ELIZABETH Boon ' E536 ' . Distributive Education .-,, -- A .. , ' 1 5 'Wag r ' l sw f-rf Seventy Six ,S 4-'N Y. -Ag Zn., W' '53 I A' 1 .Z K - 'Z f ' Z - E., X Ike' Ior-ru L. BORCHER1' Academic Alcohi Mirror, 4, French Club, 45 Cafeteria Monitor, 3, 4 GLEN R. BRANT Academic Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 45 Baseball, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4: Astronomy Club, 3, 45 Glee Club, lg ALICE IEAN BORGMAN . Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Astronomy Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4: O.K.S., 2, 3, 4: Press Club, 4, The Toy Shop, 3. RALPH P. BOWMAN Commercial ELEANOR MACDONALD BRADFORD Academic ALBERT EUGENE BRAN1' Commercial Football, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4g Glee Club, 1, 25 Library Assistant, 3, 4. ALLEGEWI, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 3, Choral Club, l, 2, Orchestra, l, 2, 3, 4. BETTY Loulsz CEssNA General Choral Club, 2, 3, 45 TAYLOR M. CARDER Choir, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Projectionist, 45 Or:hestra, l, 2, 3. Spflrlish Club, 4. ARLEY CAREIELD Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Hi-Y, 4: -fy ROBERT R. BURKETT Astronomy Club, 4, Academic O.K.S., 3, 4, Ianie, 3, Hi-Y, 45 Projectionist, 45 Fire Marshal, 4, Cafeteria Monitor, 3, 4, Fire Marshal, 4. Fire Marshal, 4. Seventy Seven NAOMI EILEEN C1-m1.roN'r Dislribufive Hducalion BoN 1 me CI. N 9 if X fljlstribuiill ducatio VV 'U BAhBARA Lou COLEMAN Commercial Q i ri'Hi-Y, 3, 45 Folk A ' Dancing, lg Choral ff! J-,U ' Q Klub, 4, ' ANNE Coox - Academic Q C 56 ,UM f vi Ky N 0 ' ff r 1 5' fy WWW . f if , 1 N D i f ,J , Q , a Q, f 4 .VU lr I 'K i U' X ' , IENNINGS G. CURRY ' A U .pf Academic D v 1 Astronomy Club, 4, , N I, O.K.S., 4, G1 Cl b f I I f if f Aj ff Vmc1N1A CUNNINGHAM Choir, 4, Bari-T, 1,u4, F I. ' Commercial Fire Marshal, 4. f 1 1 yn! l BETTY IAN: CROMWELL I J lj Commercial l Rr: HA E. Ciigxnrnnn Distributive Education Folk Dancing, lg Choral Club, 1, 2. Teacher's secretary, 4. LINDBERGH DAVID COOK General Football, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Fire Marshal MARY LOUISE DAVIS Academic Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 45 French Club, 3, 45 Press Club, 4. U Seventy Eight I Doms F. DAWSON Commercial Choral Club, 45 VIOLET DICKERHOOF Distributiv ducation 459 .ff M539 Wgffw DORIS MAE DAWSON General CLARALENE MAE DEVORE Commercial ,JZMWI PETE GEORGE DENDRINOS Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 History ROBERT DELMONT Club, 3, 45 French Club, General 45 S. I. D., 15 O. K. S., 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 15 Press Club, 45 Library DORIS M. DAWSON Assistant, 35 Ianie , Commercial 35 The Toy Shop , 35 Office assistant, 4: Fire Marshal, 4. 1' ' 42 e . l f X , f ' . RICHARD K. DIXON 'A ' I Commercial EDITH ANNE DOOLITTLE Academic ALLEGEWI, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 4: French Club, 35 S. I. D., ROBERT BRUCE DOTY Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Projectionist, 45 S. I. D. lg Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 45 Choir, 3. l: O. K. S., 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchesira, 2, 3, 45 Ianie , 35 Fire Marshal, 4. l l Seventy Nine D X l V v A A nfl, if ,Vg tiff ij' 14 P' M Ju if .L F A P JDO LIE IEAN,EN1'i. lt! 'U J ' , L J-Distrijbutive E cation , N i .1 A 1 l ' X ' Rombiy 'Euan A E js n ' I omm ciaijfli l kj I n I O lee Cl , 2, ' ' V l mhoir, , 3, 4. V, fl A l DOROTHY MAXINE ELDER l ' l ' ' 7. K Academic lj 1 'Lf ,N ,l 'N 1' I- ', l Astromony Club, 3, 4, t.,, J! , 7 ' I . Yr French Club, 45 Art l l 1 I ' A- ' Cm' PAULINE DURAN1' Club, 2, O.K.S., 2, 3, 4 fl I ' I .VI ,I fl-f '. Academic The Toy Shop , 3, A. ,lj !, '. 1 ALLEGEWI, 4: French 7 l ' I' Club, 4, Cheerleader, l 1 l l-ff I l , I 3, 4, Choral Club, 4, - X V7 N' fl LAURA IEAN Dourmrr Library Assistant, 2. 1 A ' Alf l N11 . Commercial ,lj X I 1 ' K f , l I' il nl' ' 'llil jrlllil 1I'L'w l EVA MAI: EVANS Commercial Choral Club, 45 Cafeteria Assistant, 3, 45 Library assistant, 2, 4. EDWIN FAST, In. Academic Cafeteria Monitor, 4. IAMr:s Firm Commercial Fire Marshal, 4. Eighty ROBERT N. FLOYD, IR. General Cheerleader, 45 Ba3eball, 45 Glee Club, 3, 45 Choir, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, EMMA IANE FoI.1:Y I-'ire Marshal, 4. Commercial 'I'eacher's secretary, 4. SRUMIE H. Form Academic Football, 3, 4g Hi-Y, 4, Band, 4, Orchestra, 354, ARTHUR STEVEN FRENO Cafeteria Monitor, 4. Commercial J . +C, 4-KL., x 22 1 , 6 xx SHIRLEY BERNICE FRIEDLAND Academic AU-EGEWT: 4: HAnoI.n Buss FRIEND, In Academic Spanish Club, 4, O.K.S,, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3: Choir, 3. NORMA IEAN GAITHER Academic Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 4, History Club, 4: O.K.S., 2, 3, 4: Press Club, 45 Icmie , 35 The Toy Shop , 3: Highlight Reporter, 3. LENNETTA GALLIHER Commercial Choral Club, 1. CLARENCE WILLIAM Gonsuci-I Commercial VIRGINIA LouIsE GRATEIIOUSE Commercial Alcohi Mirror, 45 RosE MARIE GRABENSTEIN Teacher's secretary, 4. LYNDON GUMP Academic Alcohi Mirror, 45 French Club, Z, 3, 4: O.K.S., 4: Glee Club, lg Press Club, 45 Cafeteria Monitor, 35 Fire Marshal, 4. A d ' 7' ' H Projeclioniglg, 4, ' 41,- -f elf f 1 X74 .- Eighty One A ,.r IOHN WELCH HARDMAN Commercial Football Manager, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 25 Baseball, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 45 O.K.S., 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Fire BETTY IRAN HARPER Marshal, 4. Academic Choral Club, lg Choir, 4. W' SHIRLEY E. HERSI-IBI:RcI:R Commercial Cheerleader, 4, HELENE GRETA HERSCH Tri-Hi-Y, Z, 3. Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, History Club, 3, 45 French Club 4, O.K.S., 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 4. WILLIAM MARTIN HARTSOCK Commercial Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir, l, 2, 3, 4. PI-IYI.I.Is HIMMLER Commercial Teachers secretary, 4. IowNA IRAN HEIIVNER Academic Alcohi Mirror, 45 Spanish Club, 3, 45 French Club, 3g O.K.S., 4, Press Club 4. IAMr:s HOOVER Commercial Band, 3, Orchestra, 2, 4. Eighty Two NORMA Iuma Hsnszr. Commercial EDNA Buxucm: HOUNSHELL Academic Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. IANE ILIENE HUEY Commercial Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4 O.K.S., 3, 4. IosEPH E. IOHNSON Commercial DONALD W. HUMBERTSON Commercial Band, l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant, Z5 Cafeteria Monitor, 4. VIVIAN RUTH IUDY Academic Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, History Club, 3, 45 Art Club, 2, 35 Choral Club, l, Z, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 4, Octet 3, 4. WANETA HUNTER Commercial WILLIAM E. KAGY Commercial Cheerleader, 4, Glee Club, Z, 3, 4, Choir, 4, Office Assistant, 3, Fire Marshal, 4. Eighty Three DOROTHY N. Hurcmsou Commercial A ffl 4, IOAN KEITH HYDE General 4.3! HELEN SUE KAMENS Academic ALLEGEWI, 4, Spanish Club, 4, French Club, 35 S. I. D., 1: Folk Dancing, FRED KEEFAUVER lg Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4. Commercial W ELEANOR COULTER KELLEY Academic Spanish Club, 4 French Club, 3, 4. MARY Io KLINE Dislributive Education DANIEL IOSEPH KERR Commercial Football, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT C. KEYSER Commercial Band, l. MADEI.1NE CEc1LxA KLOSTERMAN Commercial EARLE N. Knorr, IR. Commercial H1-Y, 3, 43 S.l.D., lg O.K.S., 33 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir, 45 Office Assistant, 47 Fire Marshal, 4. Eighty Four IOHN D. KLINE Academic Football, 3, 45 Glee Club, 4, Choir, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN D. KISAMORIZ Academic MARGARET C. LANCASTER Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4 5 Alcohi Mirror, 35 Folk Dancing, lg Ottice Assistant, 4. BETTY IANE LANHAM Commercial Iov LEE LARGENT Commercial Choral Club, 1. LENORE Lnzimus Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4: Folk Dancing, l Lois LAZARUS Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcchi Mirror, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Art Club, lg Folk Dancing, 1. IAMES A. LEADER Academic Alcohi Mirror, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4. IUNE LEASE Commercial Teacher's Secretary, 4. PAUL F. LEASE Commercial Baseball, 2, 3. AUDREY C. Lizwis Commercial EDITH Ros: LEw1s Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4: Alcohi Mirror, 4. Eighty Five GERALDINE LEWIS Commercial O.K.S., 35 Teacher's Secretary, 45 Office Assistant, 4. HELEN MARGUERITE LEWIS Academic fi- ,T E , rs A ,-:fl-fl! IOHN LIGHTER W .c Academic Spanish Club, 4. IRENE MANILA LLEWELLYN Commercial Office Assistant, 4. DOROTHY I. MCINTYRE Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4, Alcohi Mirror, 45 Secretary of CHARLOTTE Class, 2, 3. Lou McCuL1.ouc.11 Commercial Choral Club, l, Z, 3, 'lg Tcacher's Secrclary, 4. 253 Eighty Six J FRANCIS C. Mousr: Commercial Library assistant, 3, .J 1 cj' HARLOTTE VIRGINIA MILLER Distributive Education PAUL Mousrz Commercial Library assistant, Z, 3. 4 SYLVIA C. MORELAND Commercial If I MARGARET IUNE MOORE Commercial Choral Club, l, 2, 3, 4, I Folk Dancing, lg Choral ' Club, l, 3, Choir, l, SYLVIA HELL Comm rcial Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 45 O.K.S., 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 4, Teacher's Secretary, 4. HERMAN W. MYERS Academic ALLEGEWI, 4, Football, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 45 Baseball, 3, 4, Alcohi Orchestra, l. BELVA Louisr: Nr:A'r Mirror, 3, 4, Boy's Hi'Y, Academic 3, 45 Astronomy Club, 3, 4: Press Club, 3, 4. Spanish Club, 4. ELLEN VIRGINIA NLWNAM Commercial Choral Club, l. ,-glint! SlllRI.llY Lou NIcIIoI.5 Academic Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Astronomy Club, 4, Choral Club, 4. Eighty Seven Xglfil X 0 V' QW , QR ANNA MAE POORBAUGH Academic 1 ., Spanish Club, 3, 45 V O.K.S., Z, 3, 4. K X, BETTY IANE PERRELL General q . PHYLLIS ' SHARLEEN ORNDOFE X, Commercial Projectionist, 4, WANE-rn O'BAKER Distributive Education JEAN R. OGLEBAY Commercial Teachers Secretary, 4. Choral Club, 4. GEORGE POSSIELT Commercial CEcELlA Pou Commercial IAMES POWELL General Football, 2, 3. Eighty Eight IAMES HOWARD RADCLIEEE Academic Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 45 Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Alcohi Mirror, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 45 Press Club, 4, Cafeteria Monitor, 2, 3, NORMA RAUPACH Fire Marshal, 4. Commercial 1 ifmf if I DEL I Distrib iv ...rig clk Dancm . KIITHRYN WITWER RICHARDS Academic ALLEGEWI, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, RUTH ANN RICHARDS History Club, 3, 43 Academic S.I.D., 1: Choral Club, ALLEGEWI, 4, l, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Astronomy Club, 3, 4, Orchestra, l, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 2, 3, 4. WILBERT ROBERTSON Commercial ALLEGEWI, 45 Football, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Office assistant, 3. IANIES F. ROBINSON Commercial Spanish Club, 45 Folk Dancing, lp Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 4, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, RUTH IANE RINKER Commercial Folk Dancin 1 2' 9. . . Tcachc-r'S Secretary, 4. MARVEL A. ROBERTSON Commercial DOROTHY RUSSELL Commercial Choral Club, 45 Office assistant, 3, 4. Eighty Nine ZETTA L. SAGER Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4. KATHRYN SCHADE Academic Alcohi Mirror, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, Astronomy Club, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, S.I.D., 1, O.K.S., 2, 3, 45 Press Club, 4 The Toy Shop. l flu' f, Nl f 1 , WR! I ,-5tb..i! MAXINE LAVEARN SHAFFER Distributive d cat' Choral Clu 1 0 f WIWANDA SHOBE 'Ny Commercial W. 9 oQN f,? C, aim 'ft 1 MM lfljfjjll 4. w x IEANNINE WILMA SHNOYER Commercial Office Assistant, 35 Teacher's Secretary, 4. 'Xf JW'5 fy 'wtf Q Y ll! lx JJ J All it lf' I s SMTH l . x ljlfnjf :cial fl! !,jj71,ll'ljjJjjj qrxdcs SJ, ss D tri an cretar Bo d an S p BERNARD ERWIN SI'r'rr:R Academic Astronomy Club, 3, 45 History Club, 3, 45 Glee Club, 3, 45 Choir, 3, 45 Bcmd, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Science Club, 3, 4. MARLENL: R. SKELLY Commercial RAYMOND SMITH Commercial Commercial Folk Dcmcmg l ecxchers secretary, 4. OlS IANE SMITH tl 1 lf 'lf jc JA, HfrQ,gQ5Mff.H 'fi' H: 4,'Qlh?44'lg .pf lt emz Foot all l veE LMf 9 X J . MIB .U ftp by yhlffw Li.. .J Ninety S TREVA ILENE SMITH Commercial Choral Club, l. SHIRLEY LOUISE TABLEI1 Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4, Choral Club, 1. FREDA I. STEVANUS Commercial ROBERT R, TABOR Commercial Football, 3, 4, Hi-Y, RUTH LEE STEVENS Commercial Office assistant, 3. LARRY TAYLOR Commercial Football, 35 Hi-Y, 4, Glee Club, l. EDWARD PAUL Srnocx Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Football, 4: O.K.S., 2, 4 Library assistant, 3, WINIERED R. STouPrEn Icmie 3. Commercial V E J- 4 L WILLIAM X I XI v N EVERETT TIMMEIIMAN 5 I General ! Cleo Club, 4. BILTTIE Io Tuno Academic Ninety One LQq,4,f,7Zuvwlf, ,J www ' Maze X43 - , I 'mp I , U . M TON 4 4 ' D Commercial f D I 60'-'Q-, be . , , - N LD R T T Z A I ' ribu e Elias l 5- 16' I A , ' ' ' 6, ' THEODORE . RCE a '4'4 gg . , ' 1 I C' ' ' W rolf, , 4: ' M QIVQJ ' U f ress b, 4 '. f - aftc--.iwgb f' X Om cia , LEGE I, 4: B d f S ffl-A stumps, 3, 4fm D ES Y. Tux OI-Ogcademic f Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4, French X Club, Z, 37 Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, choir, 2, 3, by Office Assistant 4. NIR BETTY LOU WARE Commercial Teacher's Secretary, 4. NELSON T. WARREN General ROBERT A. WILL Academic Ninety Two ALLAN RICHARD WILLIAMS Commercial Football, 2, 45 Hi-Y, 45 Band, 1, 3, 41 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4g Library DOROTHY VIRGINIA WILI.s Assistant, 3. Academic SHIRLEY R. WILSON Academic ALLEGEWI, editor, 4, Alcchi Mirror, 3, 4, Tri Hi-Y, 3, 4: History Club, 3, 4, Press Club, 4, Folk Dancing, l: S.I.D., lg O.K.S,, 2, 3, 41 lame, 3. V. ARLENE WILT Commercial ROSALIE YANTORNO Commercial ALLEGEWI, 4, Choral Club, 4, Office assist- ant, 4. IAMES HENRY YOUNG Commercial Football, l, 2, 45 Basket- ball, 4, Baseball, Z, 3, 45 Treasurer of Class, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH Commercial Yosr Teacher's secretary, 4 ROEERT IRVING PRICE Commercial Football, 2, 3, 45 Basket- hall, 3, 45 Baseball, 35 Alcohi Mirror, 45 Hi-Y, 3, 41 Library Assistant, 4. Knot picturedl Ninety Three T' . L, 411- ' mf I Le ,C f-5'--ll X ! ff Q -f fdw KZ: N cf .40 S S 3 ft E w . M W' ff X X f fs yth Myth ldbd Kofi .i L-Ql il :I M A f 15... ..----3 ii X 'QQ' l . I b e I lf' . , . 4 1 W I N . I, ' wjl, I Il f 5 l X r QR Pr l e n -, MX: 'dvr t 4 51 . , ----fog? fom ence +- IS - i ent -' Y e MAA +' ,,ff orlds A , f . bei , 11-uae'-M One mthirling an ehin youg one - o ing your feet. M Mcz e old -A o leave it mori . 4. lden 1 dreams W ' , u. ff C1 e Wide o i u W l a k ' them all c me true 212 ellie? l' 4 f1,WaQT?11iE e ' ,ov ,bg- Q - t sis- Nin F Xi- lllllllltLlllllUll MR HAROLD C WICKARD faculty advlser whose valuable advlce and untrrmg efforts were a great ard m publrshlng thrs annual MR LESLIE M WEIGEL of We1gel G Barber Inc whose cooperatton m prmtmg and bmdmg th1 volume Wa mdlspensable THE BASIL L SMITH SYSTEM for therr fme engravmgs used m th1s book MR EDWARD PAUGH photographer for l11SlYl valuable work m all the photography except the prctures of semors MR IACOB GOLDFINE of Goldfme Studros for the spler1d1d semor portrarts to all members of the staff and all those students and members of the faculty whose extra effort made thrs Alleqewt posslble Nnet F . . , 1 . . , , ., .Y S , . I ' V I - - , 1 -. i Y ive THE ST FF SHIRLEY WILSON Editor RUTH RICHARDS Associate Editor LUCILLE TWIGG JUNE ALDAY Faculty DIVISION Editor Organization DIvIsIon Editor EDITH DOOLITTLE ELEANOR BRADFORD Class Division Editor Organization Division Editor KATHRYN RICHARDS Music Editor GRETA HERSCH Advertising Manager ASSISTANTS LENORE LAZARUS PAULINE DURANT BERNICE FRIEDLAND BETTY HARPER ROSE MARIE GRABENSTEIN SUE KAMENS ALICE IEAN BORGMAN ROBERT DOTY Senior Class Division Editor LOIS LAZARUS Art Editor ZETTA SAGER Business Managei BETTY ARMSTRONG Copywriter ASSISTANTS EDITH LEWIS LOIS MARTIN ,UNE SMITH HAROLD C WICKARD Adviser l SC JA 301431 TSISSOGM W L. Ninety Six JAY BENEMAN Sports Editor ROSALIE YANTORNO Circulation ManageI ASSISTANTS JOHN BACI-IMI-XN SHIRLEY HERSHBERGER STANLEY BISHOP ARLEY CANFIELD WILBERT ROBERTSON DOROTHY MCINTYRE MARGARET LANCASTER HERMAN MEYERS DORIS APSEY EDWARD STROCK Y9 E-,,, Charter Member 5 I L . -' 3 v ' .Eg HARVEY 5 JEWELRY ALI El ANY HHH SCHUOL II XSS RIW S CUMBERLAND PARKER SEAM COAL CURPORATION d Sh p1 Parker Stoker Coal Ph 894 1 Distributors of A . Q4 ' Q R' A A l 1 Lf 722 Washington Street Cumberland, Maryland Q .Uiners an .' i :ers of one BENEMAN,S A Furiziture of ll Better Kind Compliments of BUILDER'S PAINT Sz SUPPLY COMPANY 4-'X-+ COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS Grace M Flsher Th t Vlrglnla Larry ea res Beauty Salon KN 135 S L b ty sf get MARYLAND EMBASSY GRANTS SILVER LANES For Boullng Parties PHONE 4026133 D R KITZMILLER Cemetery Uemorlals 0 Dlstlnctlon Fe kadGe geStet Ph e379 N ty Eght OF OF U ' 0 I I O . i er r 1 A I, v -0-'for 9 O I r deric n or r e s on ine i An Allegany Tradition Schwarzenbach S the favorlte of the best dressed bovi QI AIITY SIZWF 1869 Reddy Iill0W3tt 1 ELECTRICITY BETTER SAFER Cheaper for every farm and home task WLSF YOI NG FFLIOWS IRADLATE T0 HTIJ 00+ IPINIIIIII ut 1 N to I or the lllillflll Your: an 129 Baltrmore Street Cumberland Maryland I Q Ar! -0 , S 9 T -! 9 CD , RK A 5 ... 5 E . ... : f , . .. I X 1 A 1 1 The Potomac Edison Co. 'J Y J , I V ..... 7 . . . E' ' g Th 's A 011' lem' f - . , 1' ' g ll 00+ Y ine y Nine SENIORS lt is your spirit that counts on the road to success Keep up that spirit by being well dressed It IS our desire to serxe you for better success in life KAPLONS YOUNG MENS SHOP 115 BALTIMORE STREET h F D Let Crystal Barbers Keep You T e nendly ependable Store Lookmg Your Best Wolf Furniture Company Three Experienced Barbers Crystal Barber Shop MIKE YANTORN0 PFOP Phone 70 42 46 Baltimore St 21 BALTIMORE STREET Cumberland Md W d Sh d As h lt Tl Vdrrleflzlh Blllnefj Lmgleiixm 'lille PHONE 3097 40 N MECHANIC STREET Cumberland Cloak and Suit Store 48 to 58 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Monarch Prmtmg CO 'P 'e 'S Company Phone 1436 116 Frederick Street +'f ' Cumberland Maryland PHOTOGRAPHER Miles Appliances and Service 31 North Mechanlc Street Cumberland, Maryland COME IN AND PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR A NEW MAYTAG One Hundred Y 1 O , . . , - . . , O 0 f l U C ' of 9 Phone 2618 Phone 4099 Emery S Motor Coach Lmes 10 N George Street Cumberland Maryland BUS SERVICE Between Cumberland and Pledmont Cumberland and Paw Paw Cumberland and Martmsburg NATION WIDE BUS CONNECTIONS R L EMERY IR Owner LAWRENCE A RODERICK D1Slf1Cl Manager We fue Expert 5011109 On All Hakes 0 Cam and Trucks Eller Chevrolet, Inc 219 N Mechanxc Street PHONE 143 Pdlllllv lldllled Meclmnlue COMPLIMENTS OF THE George s Creek Coal Company Lnberty Trust Bulldmg Cumberland Maryland llzneb I..0113f'Ol11l1g Nlarw land Hetzel W N a Sterllng Electrlc Servlce 40+ 100 N Centre Street PHONE 697 +o+ Es CI'Vll1l1l0' Electrlcal One Hundred One , ,, W 1 . 9 f, , ', , 1 ', u . . if I v f 0 O . -o--fer . . , . 1 V1 - ' 1. -v -. -f -v 0 0 0 . -o-off-M - - - ' . . , M Y . D 5 V- . TRI STATE MINE AND MILL SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED 310 Commerce Street Phones 3284 85 Cumberland Maryland WL ARE ll HOIESAII' DEALERS UF THE BEST PII IIBINF 4ND HEATINI EQI lP1Il+ NT ON THF UJRKET STIJH I-IB IJMPANY ll IIBERIAND S BEST Call Taxl 129 S Mechanic Street Cumberland M l d ary an O H d T Y . 1, fy , A ,,.1 Y , , w A J A 1 J A A AIM' ' QYQ ' If I,II6l'ZlIlll't' and Estilnates Clleerfully Fllfllltillefl Gu! TA 1 J , A, P TAN 'L' ff' -x-+-:Q O .'.+.g. Biff Ended, '46 Saqfi: FOR A SPIRITED SMILE BH HEALTHY TEETI-I DRINK Farmer s Dfllfy Mllk Curtlb Cox Manager O H d d 7 I l .V 9 dm S U rear ume JJ E! Kg 54615 P49 '? fdialyfxffbl Z MEL-.SQ KX 9 C6371 BUNNY f-JJ Qagi XEQQ Qbvs M. fyfkf lgrrgd QQQQ 5 mqif QAM? My KK 01.1 cu WM ,N dx XXQ5253 , Q QW A Cffffg-1' 7 f ,vwix 946 PJ .5? 46 'fi r P3 4 ' :swim JM W xi Rf Drmfkw M 3 Q E . n Q Q 2' ff .. I wrllre' K+ .Q ' 1 em , 'f? 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Mechanic Street Phone 699 One Hund d S 1 2 Q V.. 4 fx , . I , . Q I I l George W Brown lnsurm If 207 N Mechanlc Street Cumberland Maryland BOPP S FLOWER SHOP 75 BATTIMORE STREET Phone 2582 Imperlal The fF0!ll7l o 111 110 flffllll 7 William St Phone Ward N Hauger IEWELER ll S Centre Street Llberty TPLSY Buxldmg Cumberland Md DEPENDABLE SERVICE Benny Levln TAII on Cleanmg Pressmg Repalrmg 46 N Mechamc Street Cumberland Maryland Complzments of T h e Rltchey Paragon Dme and Dance 26 Wllll3mS St, Phone 2342 W PETER PAN CLEANERS 536 N Centre Street 156 N Centre Street 76 Pershmg Street St0lg,S Sunoco Servlce BOWLING GREEN Cumberland Maryland One Hundred Seven l O 0 , f f . 1 'J , s . 968 7 s . . ' . . ., 1 , . O J ' ' ---4-+ . . C l C SHOP AND SAVE AT CITY The Big, Plltolllllj Pm llllU0 Store 38 N Meehan C St eet MEN S AND BOYS WEAR 19 N Centre Street Parlslan Beauty Shop MABEL GROSS 27 Pe shn g St eet C mbe la d Maryland Rand s Self Servlce Cut Rate Balt ore a d Ce tre St eets C be la d Md Dlamond s Restaurant We GIVQ You Quahty Food and Good Servxce At Reasonable PFICBS Route 40 10 N Meehan c COMPLIMENTS George Street Cleaners 101 S GEORGE STREET Maryland Nut Shop ICE CREAM CANDIES NUTS Slehler s Acme Furnlture Company 73 NORTH CENTRE STREET O H d dEghi O O G6 ' 7 ' I' ' ' 1 1' ' . V Q! ' - r r n r . i r u r n Compliments THE HUB Of 9 I Y Y , im n n r um r n , . 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' ' I ' , for The Queen Cnty Palnt and Glass C0 15 N MECHANIC STREET PHONE 303 Rltz Beauty Salon Carl Mclntyre Miss OPAL MARTIN For Better 110 FREDERICK STREET MEATS and GROCERIES Phone l487I 436 Cumberland treet SPECIALIZING IN ALL SERVICES Phone 3480 3481 3482 HARBAUGH S BOOK STORE 15 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Dlst nctlve Wearlng Apparel And Quality Toys for the D15 flmlnatlnq Younqer Q t LIBERTY STREET PHONE 4576 COMPLIMENTS MEN DENHALL HABEEB S FLOWER SHOP CIGARS CANDY 27 N Me hamc Street MAGAZINES Pho c 2765 9 oath Centre Street Cumberlands Headquarters for Sportmg Goode Party Favors and B cycles HILL S TOY STORE Ol-I'1dE KIDDIE ISHOAP I U 23 OF Ham AIIPQJIIIN Students Are Also Uenzbms THE BIB FRIENDLY Y NIEILT YOI R FRIENDS XT THB X NI I J M I-KHMSTHIINB 8 Lll GENERAL MERCHANDISE Rawlmgs Maryland Complete Lme of GFOCQFICQ Ice Crewm Hardware Soft Drmks Work Shoes and Clothmq Tobacccm Amoco Gas and O11 009 You fan Blu It All At Armstrong, s UEET YOIR FRIENDS at the V and H Wllere Vdrlerl and Happv hour are spent OHddT1 A 1 ' E ' .' .- I . T. A. 1 I I I I Y Drygoods and Notions Confections an f I ' I . S 1 ,asv s 'Y my if' A' N . , . ., U9 UU Ie we V0 COMPLIMENTS George W Martm O00 NIL A rs ani I ROCERIES O90 421 Maryland Avenue SUPERIOR EQUIPMENT Helps Us Provndc SUPERIOR S E R V I C I! vuo s 9 --- f ns TEIN an momcx sr cunmuuo Schramm s Cresap Park Market CRESAPTOWN MD Phone 3199 Cumberland Weldln Company Portable Electrlc Weldlng Acetylene Weldlng and Cuttmg S C TWIGG Phone 2767 122 N Mechanlc St Cumberland Md We Buxld Tanks for Every Purpose COMPLIMENTS T F Huff Enterprxse Amusement Co In 126 North Centre Street PHONE 3833 C Howell Coal Company Authorized D1Sl1'1bUlOI x10llll1dlllC6l btolxel Co Rear 315 N Centre Street PHONE 497 ll One H nd ed Thxrtee OF . U 4. , , ' l - , C, mc. 1 1 1, ,,11 ' 417- 9 OF O O Heats Groceries - .1 , . I , . u r ' n Julian G0ldman's HOME OF FINE FURS O40 EVENING GOWNS LADIES' DRESSES C0-ed Sizes and Styles O90 65 Baltlmore Street COMPLIMENTS OF Eatwell Grill 11 N. Mechanic Street :l'lIllllfIll0l1 Ci tx SPEAR S JEW ELRX STORE 62 Baltimore Street COMPLIMENTS lxlght Funeral Home F unez Q1 and Ambulance Service PHONE 1451 309 311 Decatur Street eare Everstln eneral Insuranc Llberty Truat Bulldmq PHONE 2709 CATHERMAN S BUSINESS SCHOOL OOO 171 Baltimore Street Cumberland Md O I-1 F f fs 9 OF . 9 . l l COMPLIMENTS SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO O O 149 BALTIMORE STREET LEARN T0 SMI' Y . ADVANCED COURSE Singer Sewlng Center Georgla s Academy of Beauty Culture C be a d Ma yla d ENRQLL NOW Pho e 2432 TO LEARN A PROFESSION 40 North Llberty Bowllng Green Confectlonery GROCERIES MCM Ile Hgh ay BOWLING GREEN Bowllng Green Grocery R F D No 5 berla d Maryla d PHONE 3160 Bl I IIORP VI! IURI BONDS +O+ QUEEN CI'IY BREWING COMPANY O H F Make our Coat or Sult OF 9 0 ' 5 A um rl n r n n ,, ' f ' , 3 DELICIOUS ICE CREAM - .,. , u n i w ' A' Cum n n L THE MANHATTAN entlemen s Apparel o+o 67 Baltlmore Street CUMBERLAND MD Slmpson Company Wholesale C011-f9Cll0ll s Cumberland Maryland DIAMONDS WATCHES fm 'MSL Gooo cooos com: IN LlTT AGE S T Llttle Jewelry C0 Established 1851 Natlonal Electrlc C0 143 N Mechamc Street PHONE 1634 Industrlal Commercial an Resldentlal Wlflng Twlla s Beauty Salon 110 S Centre Street PHONE 4539 We Speczcxhze ln All Phases of Beauty Culture CRYSTAL PARK ROLLER RIN K Enjoy Skatmg at Crystal Park to the Organ Musnc of B111 Dugan Wednesday Friday and Sunday Nlghts Also Sunday Afternoons Call 2698 for Party R6b9fLGtl07lS One Hundred Sixteen C 1' ' . . I I . f 4-'-Y-1 : ' 0 l ' DI 7 ' A n Q I ' ' 0 0 O U o Y O , Y w 7 . 9 'XIII LINERS 9 IOSTI NIEHS fomplete Colem 0 of the Aeus THE CUMBERLAND TIMES AND NEWS II0l'lllI1g Ezenmg Sunday OHddSt 3 FURRIERS f OIIIIJIIIIIPIIYS I-I0l'l' AN ICE CREAM HOFFMAN DIVISION RIECK MQJUNKIN DAIRY CO A D1 I I n f'Vm nd P I 0Il11I1ll71f?l1fS CUT RATE HOE STORES One Hundred Eighteen , . 1 . of 2 I 's I I - - .- 'r's'n rg f 1 'n Ilnirv I'm1lurIs for nrnfiun , . 1 . 0 SENIORS PHOTOGRAPHS BULDFINE STUDIU5 Baltlmore Street . Cumberland, Md 9 BY If 1 ' . f . '26 +09 WWLZZZLMMLKMW A096 ,Zufufv 1Lyv.,4,ow,c,wv6,,fxj QQJAJ ?4..u,df4Zf QAM! ZZBEW B ILDLINE2! xdyycy ,4,o- mvgvdll 4AMAAm1QE.1M16ARBEwLBQ!4fWLwmJ Magix ?,f1fff,,7,A W?, ,kfwflyw fZf'W-wv 0-,ff-!wA4J-Mfdlfna-Mft, 10 77 fd f:z.M47,.4.1f,.M,,,, MX,-4144521 .itfgywgdfyaf LM! 404471 AA M ff Til jeff? J ,V Zifgfjfm W MW .LAAJ ! 4171! dh14,C41 I 7 mf A R A W O V ,4,4,wu.- . L J I . ,Qu-!y1J.f . ll I THE PRINTE S OUR ARR ff O ' ? RE ' IN THEIR, yfuxlwi 343-45 STONYCREEK STREET, AT SCHOOL PLA ,C,4,A,g,, CXGJLQ, PHO ,JAACLL POC gf A42 fa-Aj 7f V7 '4 It I 4 pf! , U T e e of REAL Printing 7mAA,' A IOHNSTO , ENNA. 4 fl I , 1 1 A! A I ,ooo-f , ,r ' ag 1 fee, fcybj wa 1 N One H Twenty fs f AI4, , fl 7' . J f' I - If ,g512'-f4K 'Cff'5fCC

Suggestions in the Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) collection:

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