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v .. 74,0494 ALLEEHWIQL UPENWQ Bunn 1 I L w - 5 1 v . 1 v - X i r o . 1 f . I A Q ' . . , ' . .tg 4 9 n . 4 I , v it , I 1 1 , 4 . . E 0 4 4 u 4 1 4 X ' 6 O 4 4 v i . . . 4 4 4 I 4 .f . v o 4 4 9 4 4 A 4 ' I N ! , i 1 2. ,, , 1 X ----, , n , J : ,v , WWA' rv f 1, 1 u : u w i , ,, ,., ,.4,...-, , .,., -..,...-...- - A - . 3 x 4 fs W- 4-u ., 2- if iq 2 , f M' M 'H VH ' iff, Q. ' X .QW-fu .Lf Q .,,,J..-aa..N-, x, f , X 1? x., g V -.NM I "N. 7 Y. Q., , N-vwnglg X-.X wg! 'nm 2 , v J' ,X f 9 3 2 ' 3 N 5 -1 5 I Y I 1, i 3 ' Q A 2 M, . H '. . 5 . K Q. E V . A "- 4 A f in v , A, F 69? is . Laws! 4 2 H e Mmm! Mmzwz 7w641jy 'Wuacf Zcldaon E L 1 9 4: 4 Allegany Hiqh Slzhnnl nl 1 1 11111111111 1 111 11 1111111 s 1111111 ll 1118111144 1111111 J1111 ll Il 1 111x 1 111' 1 11811111 ll' II ew 1 111111111 1111 If 1 111111111 IW 11 11110111 I9 1111 111111 111s 11 11111s 111' 1' 1111111g. 11 111 you 111111 111 111111 fl 11111x1'1 111111 1111111 11111111 8111111 111111111111 111 111111 11162111111 1 1111 111111 I I If I IIHLVK llllll .'1s ll II 111 111 1 '1111' 9111" Illl 11111111'111i111 ' . IIS 11 91 '- 1 ."1'f1 ' 11 11y1-'.1s11 "11111' 11f 1i1111s 111111 11111111 1110111s. 11111' 511111111 '1'.'II9. 111 11' 'III ' 1'lk' of 11111. '111 .1111 " of 11 - 1 ' 1 11 ' .' 1 s 11 s f -1 .s 11 ,w .- - ' 1 1 ' "'11" 111 'v"'11III. The Tomb of the Unknown Sold LEST E PUHEET To the nwn and trnnwn of Allegany High, Srhonl who garr' their lives for vir- tory in the :mr and for peare in the future, we dedicate this edition of the Allegewi. ier in Arlington Cemetery YUM In order to coler the year at Allegany lll zts entirety thrs year s Allegeur LS duzded rnto sn lroolm each complete lll lteel Our School the adrnrrrrstratron headed by g R ll elrster and asszsted lry ser eral directors and the faculty Book sses the Allegany graduatea and under graduate lrrre desrrrptzorr and a record o the ,. A actrutles 0 Senrors Book 3-01 the putorral relleu rr the fampera 1943 1 fl" ram Book 1'-Uur Arm me the orgarrtzatrons and the 906101 and cultural ll e L Book Our lrftory Program lfllll our ef orts to ard lrr the 14 ar lllllllflfs and rhf a t Book 6 Our fldtertrsers uho, by , made poasrlrle tlzrs Allegeur and deaerze our pa A 9 Q.: s'e K . I li... vt. I I 1 Q-lf. ,. ' ' ' 'f r. . . . . - . .. .lb , f 5. -lunnag, NAI' EXTEHIUH UF AUDITIQIHIUM INTEHIUH !1' WUIJITUHIUM 4115 UNSUNE HEHUES HHPBNWIIPPEYL VIILENNPBPI 'PAL A55 TMPHJIWEIPAL SMHMWWY . 6 . J' ll . ' J f 53 , If 1 Y 1 v . I . 1 1 1 -, 1 1 . J y' my . ...-...... Assrstants to the a :l m1n1strat1on carry many GCl1V1lleS vltat to our school Assembly programs are 1n charge ot Mtss Mary Sowerby all school n"us1c rs 1n the care of Mlss Dor othy Wlll1a0H the 11 brary 1S operated der the drrectron of Mrs Carl Perry the V1SUGl education pro gram IS under the Su perv1s1on of Harold C Wxckard and the Cafe terla lunctrons under lhe WC1lCl'1lUl eye of Mrs Carolme Kmg Admxmstratlon and Faculty mean more to the students of Allegany H1gh School than buet cases SIX Week tests speclal manner rsms academtc degrees or the group that has the pr1v1lege ol crashmg the cafeterra lrne We know them as teachers mterested 1n boys and grrls famous for 1nd1v1dual conferences durlng busy hours as sponsors of our organ xzatrons who hear all worrres of 11'1S1d9 deta1ls those Wllh Whom we share our darly lrves as colleagues 1n the malntenance of the sp1r1t of Allegany Hrgh A typlcal scene ln the main otflce where hun dreds of admrnlstratlve matters are handled each day P1ctured from left to rlght are Mr Curry Marte Acker Charles Sulhvan Whats Charles trouble? Specxal dlrectors Mxss Sowerby Mlss Wrlllson Mrs Perry Mr Wrckard Mrs Kmg as . . . 2 I man, Mrs. Leyhe, Mrs. Higgins, Mr. Webster and . . . an 77 - l L . . . . .F I ,- ' un- ll3l 'S XX Q, 0929 DOOR TO KNQWLEDGE ,A A , ' Q4' I B FAC LTY LANGUAUGE Beremce Rogers A B A M FFGHCIS Roe Anna T Web r A B ENGLISH Standmg VIIQIIIIQ W DIXOH A B Anna B HIQQIIIS A B A M Ieanette Holzshu A B OrphaBon1ta Prttchard A A M Seated lane Grmdle A B Pearl Eader A B A M Ehzabeth Harms A Barbara Thuss A B Mary Sowerby A A M ts not ptctured sc ENCE Theresa B Ntcht B s Ed M Harold C HOME ECONOMICS AND INDUSTRIAL wtctwrd B s A M Ellen Mcxeme A B Frank shfoder A B ARTS Freda DQQS B S Helen McFerran S T D Ruth Fmzel A B Charlotte Shelter B S ts not ptctured B S Dorothy Blackburn B S H E t16l f ' ,4A,Bg Mf ' 'l ste, . ., A.M. , . I I , . .5 A , . ., . .5 ' A, .B.g i l 2 . ' , . ,, , , I ' ,,,,. Q V, . , I A I I i , , I MUSIC ART Seated Frances Stude MATHEMATICS Standmg Fo A Curry AB AM bak r A B Standmq Ethel Bruce Dor Alfred Fntz B S Seated Mmme Vee Srmpson A B Ger e othy Wxllrson A B A M trude O Lancaster A B Martha Hamllton Betty Meyers A B SOCIAL STUDIES Standmg Nell Haw kms A B Margaret Baker A B A M Anna Nrcht A B Seated Mar L Rrce A B A M Rrchards A B Olrve P Sxmpson A B A M Ianet Anderson A B and Margaret Shrre are not plctured PHYSICAL 'EDUCATION Walter L Bowers A B A M E Wllton Ienkms B S Eugene I Hopkms B S Mlldred Cookerly B S COMMERCIAL Standmg Hllda Wrlhson A B Freda Bowers B S A M Sara L Clsler B S Seated Irene Lcrpp B S cmd Clalre Llvesay A B Illl I Y ' - 1 l ' , . . I Y , ' , , ., . .5 Mary E. Murray, A.B., A.M.g Dara E. I li EETI B5 This book is published with mixed emotions. First thoughts were that, to use even a small amount of critical materials would to some extent slow the war effort. On the other hand, our government has set aside limited quantities of these materials for this purpose. Our govern- ment believes that a continuation of an activity of this kind tends to boost morale at home and better enables us to tackle real war time tasks with a determination that might not be present otherwise. Former Allegany students now in the service are unanimous in one comment when writing back to school. They get much satisfaction out of school news as is forewarded to them by personal letter, Alcohi Mirror, and Alco Letter League releases. The yearbook is a composite picture of the school for the full year and tends to perpetuate a continuous story of school life. The staff sees opportunities for training embodied in Allegany which will better enable its students to participate in the post-war period. lt is this thought that spurs them on to present the 1944 Allegewi. May it give satisfaction to its sponsors and inspiration to all of its readers. Ralph R, Webster, Principal 12 Inns 44 Presrdent RONALD Kr-:LLOUGH Vrce Presrdent DALE FULLER Secretary MARY YOUNG Treasurer Wtuaurz HULL Advrsor Mtss OHPHA BONITA PRITCH1-mn lt doesnt take Emstetn to prove that trme IS only relatxve Any Senlor can tell you When we were seventh graders our stx years at Allegany Hrgh School seemed to stretch xmmeasurably before us now lookrng back they telescope 1nto so br1ef a span that rt seems only yesterday that we stepped Now that We re Sentors we can admrt that for the flrst txme tnto the corrrdors of Allegany Hngh done We have supported the act1v1t1es of our efforts we have prarsed tts successes and we we were not a very unusual school we have boosted 1ts have regretted 1ts fallures We recall our last regrstratron the hohdays due to rattonrng freezmg wh1le we watched our football team play the rush at lun h tune 1n the cafeterra the smell of Chnstmas trees tn our home Jur mxd year tests our classmates leav1ng at Uncle Sams our many contr1but1ons to the war effort our last Easter vaco e Iunlor prom ordermg mvrtatrons and Well rt was swell wh1le 1t lasted We can look back over our srx years w1th perspectrve now Many tmprovements have come to our school and many to us too When we were e1ghth graders we saw the new annex rrse out of a confuston of mortar scaffoldmg and brrcks In the cornpletron of thrs annex our school galned a new audrtorrum electrxc organ proyectlon booth an ob us through the med1um of eyes and ears servatory retarl sell1ng laboratory new class rooms When we were Sophomores tensrve CIl.1dl0V1SUCIl educcttron program prxnt shop and twelve addltlonal we saw the 1ntroduct1on of an ex rnto the currrculum Thls brought new concepts of many th1ngs Yes we have seen our school grow our school has seen us grow The school IS left behtnd us many of us may never see xt agatn but rn what we are and what we shall become there wtll alway be the mark of Allegany Htgh l2Ul 7 fm, A 4+ 1 4- ' .. .. ..,. ' 4 ' X I ' . ,, ,, ,,,,,,, ,,.. ,Ji """ " 'A""A"""'A' V' class. We have succeeded in doing just about what our predecessors have ' ' . . . ' ' 1s . . ' ' . . . . , . th ' , ' s ELEANOR ANDREWS E Y Academ1c Lovely Complex1on accornpllshed plCIl'llSl Itrnmys daughter Choral Club Mrxea Chorus Hlstory Club MARIE ACKERMAN BIOHCIIG Commerclal Types wtth ease she alms to please friendly cnr Alcoht Mlrror HERBERT ARMSTRONG Puss Commerc1al Full of laughter full of Iur never gets a days work done Football ROBERT GILMORE AFRICA Lrghtball Dtstrtbutrve Educatron Bundle of humor our drmmutrve freckleo faced Irlend IACK ARMSTRONG Hawlmgs Academrc Brtght lrtendly smtle ambltron to get the car before hrs btg brother Football H1 Y CHARLES AIRESMAN Charlie General Prtendly mdustrtous student black harr MARGARET LUCILLE ARMSTRONG MURRAY ALLEN Clans rs Academrc Commerclal Calm and qulet consclentrous commerctal student seen most Tall blonde and handsome defmttely a ladres man rg tea e' always with Pony A dre the ood orlrtng shop Ronald Durst ope ares o e of thc la c Arm trong ll sw'-Q FRANCES ARTHUR Fran Academlc Petxte blonde wxth gorgeous ha1r goes for the Insh Band Orchestra Choral Club Mlxed Chorus LOUISE ASPEY Weezre Academlc Cute blonde newcomer a good laugh wtth Mane t1m1d and sweet enjoys LOUIS BAKER Bake General Enthusrczstrc sports tan keen sense of humor everybodys pal H1 Y Football Basketball Alcoht Mtrror ALLEGEWI Cheerleader 0 q Balmer Art r Barb 'Q in' 4' Lltcrman Afrtca Am.-smm l2ll ,. . ., t. H ., -- H I , - 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 f 1 I . 1 v I 1 - I l - ' ' . - I - I .' I I I I 1 1 - .. . .. US. ,. S . . Allrn Armstrong. I. Apgey n us Armstr nl. L. W 'W ' I I ' n th 5. s , . hu Q rip A 5 7 ' ' .V ,jg . e I- ,Q , 1 V wr , if ' N I B A 'rw A' ' ' ' . Bowman, R, Brown Bucy. B. Baffleff Befikman Beler R Chard Sm th qu e the proof of a problem ln geometry class Baumer Beegle Bnqgs Beale Beeman Bowman E RUTH LEE BARTLETT Boots Commerclal Demure llttle blonde s r ol Bllls mterested m males RONALD BAUMER Ronme Academlc Easy golng and frlendly as muslcal ablllty unhurrled H1 Y Glee Club VERNA W BEALE Bee ee Dlstrxbutlve Educatlon Fnendly sports enthuslast new at Alco BEVERLY BECKMAN Becky ACGdem1C Rrnnmg competltlon wlth Miss Cor ne at ease Wllh an ea sophlstlcated Art Club Alcohl Mlrror EMMETT BEEGLE Pem Commerclal Lean and serxous supreme m dlfference to the fa1r sex FRED BEEMAN Freddxe Commer 1al Quiet unt1l you know hlm has a car of h1s own mdustrlous ELEANOR L BEIER COmmeTC1Gl Dark and dlgmhed always seen wxth flowers ln her halr 1223 MIRA LEE BIGGS Rxtzz Commerclal Short neat dresser good worker frlendly t everyone Alcohl Mxrror ELSIE M BOWMAN xc Comrnercxal happy go lucky glrllsh gxggle favorite sublect lS Vlc RICHARD BOWMAN Audrey Commer 1al Red headed proud of h1s curls Cardlnal Fan full of fun MARY ALICE BROWN Wmdy Commerclal A teachers ldeal student takes after older slster mtellectual blonde BETTY BUCY "Beale" Commercial Quiet and demure . . . always re- liable . . . 'blues"-chaser. RUSSELL HARVEY BUCY Russ General M1ss Dxxons protegee UI man of few words baseball enthusl asf Baseball Basketball FRANK l' BURTON Cadet Commercxal Youll hnd h1m worlcmg at Burtons doesnt let study mterrupt h1s educat1on CHARLES E CALDWELL Atlas General Pre shrunk SETVICS wlth a smlle llkes to have fun Football Track TOMMY CARROS Zeke Academ1c Dark and Wllly recent athletlc 1nd majors 1n frrends Football H1 Y lhe Alohl Murror nears deadlm date and the 1ournal1sm Llass adds hea ll e to another ss e OSCAR ELWOOD CECIL ec General Small of stature courteous clean cut neat pleasant dlsposltron C1v1l1a'n Alr Patrol EDWARD CHANDLEE Eddze General Blonde chubby a d1Sl1I1CllV9 personallty at home on the grld 1ron Football Basketball H1Y ROBERT CLARK Red General Red head Seldom ser1ous fhrtahous ALLEGEWI LOIS CLISE Commerclal Tall brunette n1ce complex1on frxendly smlle mce to know Qarrr s Cecnl Chandlee BETTY I CONNER Karnsey Commerclal Pehte and shy tmy waxst trun txgure mterested m Ilmmy KATHERINE THEODORA COWDEN Teddy Academxc Graceful but glggly loves that middle name neat dresser Oh' Bllly Boy' ALLEGEWI Choral club Alcoh1 Mlrror H1 Y WILLIAM I DARROW 1 Academxc One of our b1g tellows has a heart as b1g as he IS Football H1 MARY ANN DAUM Brown Eyes Commerclal One of Mrs Perry s aldes lxkable personallty gaman enthuslastlc Alle ark Cowden C1156 Darrow Conner Daum i Bucy Burton Caldxx ell l23l Dc Bouck Dxcken Dicks D Us Dans VN Dam son IOHN DAVIS e Commerc1al calmly emoys living WALTER DAVIS Walt Commerc1al Boy w1th the educated toe sunny d1spos1t1on H1 Y prexy Football CATHERINE ANN DAWSON Drmples Commercral Always a bxg sm1le for everyone sweet personal1ty and loads of fun Dreycr Driver Etsenbergrr Dodge M ldred 5 otler V rq Doolittle Q h r p 4' a D uthm ALMA DE BOUCK Debby Academic full ot energy has an mter est 1n the Army Astronomy Club ALLEGEWI WILLIAM LOUIS DICKEN Grumpy Commerc1al Very frlendly and iolly person our comedlan DOROTHY DICKS D1x1e Academlc Carrot top g1rl1sh giggle adds hte to any party bel1eves in tellmg 1t to the MGTIHBS Alcohi Mlrror ALLEGEWI Art Club NANCY E DODGE Nzckze Academlc Full of VIIGIIIY mus1c enthus1ast wxllmg worker H1 Y Astronomy Club History Club Choral Club minus 44 C24 44 1' I I bu nan Nor a Beal Nan x m aid ar h mc 0 nno DOROTHY DOOLITTLE Academxc peppy and pleasant Letty always there w1th a sm1le H1 Y Astronomy Club Orchestra ALLEGEWI DALE DOUTHITT Duke Commercml MGSCUIIHIIY fused w1th gentlemanh ness l1kes to study but not too much RUTH DREYER Anmc D1str1but1ve Educat1on A conslstent cmd agreeable d1spos1 IIOD free and easy att1tude Choral Club WAYNE I DRIVER General A Rock of Glbraltar type do most anythlng for you pal' H1 Y WILLIAM EISENBERGER Academ1c Dnve W1 a real W1I11e The Thm Man pals w1th B111 or Mac where theres a W1ll theres a way I P 1 I , I if if A ' I gf. ' ii I I W? K V. I X , , ' ,V 1 Ff""f .V - so it - d"'. ' i It . 1 ,ima ' Il ' . m , C' S ith, 1 M j.- "', I. ' ' 1 ho 6' r p rf' fup raluw in 0 C mirs flaw. 1 . 0 . HI HH t. ., ,, ,. Independent individual . . . intensive Soothing to nerve-wracked teachers Accomplished musician . , . pert, , 1 9 ,, . ,. H U t . I V l I . . . , l GEORGE EMERSON 1 Academlc Small features blonde humor ous has an eye for a pretty glr Mur s frlendl Astronomy Club PETER EROR Commerclal Fnendly thrtatlous raven hazr drlves a IAMES EVANS General Pete dark Wllh mean car DIPPY Ta sandy hcur unusual sense ol humor he of the wxsecracksl Baseball Proyec tlonlst shy wxth MARTHA EWING e Academxc Da1nty doll llke dlmples pendable daring one to call your fnend Choral Club Mxrror ALLEGEWI r cqc amcm rsnts r gs s q CHARLOTTE MCDONALD EXLEY Donme Academlc A charrmng lxttle brunette u of hte cmd always ready to help whlz ln physlcs H1 Y Alcohl Mxrror Astronomy Club ALLEGEWI ROSEMARY C FERRONE H0516 Commerclal Dark CITLIGCLIVG outstandmg muslcal ablllty wxth a warm smile for everyone Choral Club Mlxed Chorus Octet Orchestra KATHERINE FISHER Katie Comrnerclal Has a flare for skatmg wlnmng ways enloys hte LEE ANNA FLEEGLE Nan General Prxendly personalxty star rn com merclal law class 1 l' w l'crro c l' mcrson Eror Ex ans C253 CHARLES FRADISKA Brscuxt Academxc Llttle but llvely as the 7 59 dependable IOHN L FROST Commerclal Quxet type likes to study but a llttle goes a long way lohnme DALE B FULLER Abe Academrc Long lxke Lmcoln easy goln carefree stxll water runs deep Astronomy Club Mlrror Glee Club LOUIS GIATRAS ou Commercral Clark Gable type xmmaculate ln dress swank and suave e bane of Mr Curry s exlstence l' she: l lecglz Fracllska Lua tras 0, G a Cond 1 BETTY IUNE GLASS Bets Academ1c S1ncere and serlous mlxture a vored wxth a streak of humor SIDNEY GOODMAN GOOdIe Commerctal Tall dark and handsome occa stonally sports a moustache pa s wtth Lou KATHLEEN GRABENSTEIN Kats Academ1c Stncere and soctable neat brown halr lust never could get chem tstry ALLEGEWI Hammond Haney Hardman Iladl anklnn 1n C a 1 oa a ar an e anu llafvr Wa da Iolvcr A f:r1ca 1n musc la for Mxss Dorothy W1 lon LAWRENCE GROVE Lefty General Tall neat calmly takes ltfe as 1t comes along sctenttftcally ln cltned VERNA GROVE Pug Academtc Dark ha1r pretty eyes words are few but thoughts are many Drus pal Astronomy Club WILLIAM GRUBB 1 Academlc Dtfterent dependable a that we save 1n noise we galn 1n power HELENA MARY HADLEY Nee Nee Dlstrtbuttve Educat1on Neat and qutet lovely brurette tresses future saleslady Tumblmg Club Evluns. 44 MAXINE HAFER Max Commerc1aI Dr1ves a car soft volce and carefree serves 1 e cream at the dalry THOMAS HENRY HAGER Sonny General Blonde curly halr short wxth a taunty a1r great l1ttle basketball stat Flre marshal Basketball AL LEGEWI BETTY HAMMOND Becky Commerctal Ou1et and unassummg commerc1al student enjoys typtng for the Mxrror MITFOI ANNA ELIZABETH HANEY Betty Academlc lean or Amtable fun lovmg Beckys conftdant no a care 1n a carload Art Club L EARLENE HARDMAN Mickey Commercxal Brunette commerclahte lovely alto votce smgs from the heart Choral Club MlXed Chorus 5- A 5 I Q , - D . 5 I , A an " P' .- i b I Q I V. 1' . g i 1 1 I y d V I ss Grnxc. I., cv Fr II' IC. Rl h rd Sump. N I B rn d, M I' Wlnfl Id, 1 m.n Urmc, V. ' n . sung " m ' " ' 'I c ss " 'll Oral'-c11str1n Liruhlv Hager ' ' ' . . . tl - , . . , ' ' , , , ' . I I - I- -. I 1 ' ' ' ' ' l A I I I ' t U b . . -. .. H .tB.H,. U ,, 'I . . , 1 , . - Y I 1 . . . I , 1 1 I ALLEN HART "AI" Academic A solid sender of jive . . . leads own band . . . flashy clothes . . . never serious. Band, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club. WILLIAM E. I-IEINRICI-I "Bill" Commercial Blonde . . . serious when the occa- sion demands . . . consistent basket- ball scorer, Basketball. KATHLEEN HELKER "Katsy" Commercial Brownette . , . serious but good-na- tured . . . a typist in the making. NANCY HERBOLDSHEIMER "Nan" Commercial Blonde jitterbug . . . pals with Velma. Unaware of the Allegcwi photographer, the typing clas vision of Miss Livesay. skillfully pound out their weekly word test. th...f'N ff' 1 IUNE HERSHBERGER "Laucky" Commercial Small package with a determined air . . . serious about "Lefty," Hi-Y. ISABELLE HESS "Izzy" Commercial Capable student . , . dependable . . . everybody's pal. IEAN HESS "Hesse" Academic Navy enthusiast . . . an orchestra member of long standing . . . thought- ful of others. History Club, Astronomy Club, Mixed Chorus, Choral Club, Orchestra, Hi-Y. FREDERICK HILL "Fritz" Commercial Amusing personality . . . Miss Hilda Willison's assistant . . . dependable. Herboldsheimer Hershberqer Hess, l. s, under the super- if , J ! BETTY IEAN I-IILLEARY "B. l." Academic Tall and refreshingly sophisticated . . . a friend in need is a friend indeed. ALLEGEWI. IAMES HINES "Shirley" Academic Uncertain and unpredictable as the weather . . . prefers the fairer sex . . . at home on the gridiron. Foot- ball, Orchestra. DONALDLYN M. HINZE "Donnie" Academic Red locks . . . fun loving . . . sweet voice. Choral Club, ALLEGEWI. ANNE VIRGINIA HIXENGAUGH "Hixie" Distributive Education Likable . . . tall . . . raven curls . . . dependable friendly smile. Hess. I. Hines Hill Hinzc Hilleary Hixenbaugh 47' Hart Heinrich Helker f27l Kel ugl Kemp 1590 CC CATHERINE HOUSE KGI19 Acaclemxc Qulck on the smrle cr member of our band happy go lucky agreeable Band WILLIAM L HOWSARE W1ld 1 General Blonde tall and srlent chant marlne more serrous than some Astronomy Club OUT Hlel' WILBUR HULL Web General Well buxlt energetrc and attra t1ve capta1n of the football team femmlne favorlte Football H1 Y IXIIJII1 Hou c cr' th l'1n o a nt r D r t r an p la! 1h amp a ro a r MARY SHIRLEY HUMBERTSON Hon Commercral Neat and attractrve wears her clothes well rolls a mean skate Illrtcttlous MARIAN HUTCHESON Hutch Commerc1al Rhythm on the r1nk easy golng sm1le never too busy to help V RAY ICE Icey Academrc Amrable mcmnerly model H1 Y member slncere Georgle s guy Football H1 Y WARD IAMISON WGIdlC Commercxal Ou1et t1ll you know h1m 1nter ested 1n all krnds of races 1289 DORIS VIRGINIA IANKEY G1nny Commercxal Cute and well dressed hkes to llrrt wxth her bus dr1ver FLOYD H IOHNSON Foggy Comrner ral Tall blonde has fun ln h1 own way RONALD KELLOUGH L1ttle Beave1 ACGd9m1C Small package of dynam1te gr1d rron power house a boys boy H1 Y football Track Basketball LEONARD KEMP Pony Commerc1al Sorta the srlent type hero belongs to S15 Football Track football MARY KESECKER KacK1e Commerclal Small brown curls l1kes to have a good t1me congemal MERLE KLINE Slick Commercxal Tall redhead llkes bnght colors especxally that flashy green sweater Football RUTH LYNN KORN Rusxe Academxc Navy admlrer possesses one of those m1ll1on dollar llgures separable from Ieanxe Alcohm Mlrror SARA RUTH LANCASTER Sarey Academu: Tall and dark EXPFSSSIVE eyes dehmtely a one man glrl Alcohl Mlrror ALLEGEWl HIY MARGARET ELMEDA LEATHERMAN Margie Dxstrlbutrve Educahon Amlable smcere quxet and unrulfled dxsposlhon REVA ELIZABETH LEATHERMAN Rev Dxstrxbuhve Educahon Raven locks tlny but nlce always seen wlth Margaret ELENORE LOUISE LEWIS Blondie Comrnerclal Tally top pleasmg personalxty free and easy attltude WINIFRED LOHR Vfmme Cornmerclal An aspmng typlst helpmg hand when one IS needed courteous LORIN LONG Toar General Hefty and powerful has fun rn hls own way expert bus boarder er C, a I e V therm as L fi ki RICHARD LONG Red Commerclal A lxkable redhead streak of humor easy to get along wxth MARY M LUCAS Sllck Academnc Lovely to look at dellghttul to know tall unconcerned letchmg smxle H1 Y IAMES GRANT MACFARLANE Mac General Handsome lopes lazlly from class to class snaps mto actlon the basketball court Basketball MARY MARGARET MALAMPHY Pat General An Inshman for sure speedy floor player everyone L hr fl Lonq mce hello tor lu aufarlane Mala mphy Kline Korn lancaster t29l Ma I Nldtthe ll K N J EDWARD MARTIN Eddze Acadermc Swmg addrct trrlls a wxcked clar met cand1d camera hend Band Orchestra M1xed Chorus Boys Chorus Octet SHIRLEY MATTHEWS Dee Academlc Tmy and shy mtelllgent appreclates a good loke a good lxstener RUTH E MAWHINNEY Ruthre Commerclal Txny Inendly fun to know usually seen w1th MOTION :ir- CHARLES S MCCOLLEY Chuck Academ1c Tall blonde Rhode Island accent agltates the IVOIISS w1th dex terous synocopatxon Band O1-ches tra Boy Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Octet CHARLES MCCORMICK General Charlze One of those La Vale1tes Don Iuan of the skatxng rmk great tease ROBERT McDOWELL Pierre Academlc Reason why Allegany g1rls go to the mov1es theme song Buckle Down Wmsockl H1 Y HELEN MCDUEFIE Duffle Academxc Competent wlelder of the pen second Dorothy Thompson You cant help lovln her H1 Y ALLE GEWI Alcohx Mlrror Astronomy Club. minus. 44 I30 ROBERT MCINTYRE Moc Commercral Senousness rmxed w1th a streak of humor smthng personalxty LORNA MESSMAN Boop Drstrlbutxve Educatron Curly ha1r athletlcally mclmed pals wlth Mary LOIS V MILLER Rusty Academtc Ta wxth an air of dependab1l1ty Her fnendshxp IS a treasure MILDRED MILLER Mrllre D1str1but1ve Educatlon Peppy good humor and a ready smlle GLORIA MONT "Annie" Academic One sees her one knows her one likes her . . . sports enthusiast. Hi-Y, ALLEGEWI. WILLIAM MOREHEAD "Bill" Commercial Quiet and sincere . . . usually seen with Iimmy . . . mischievous grin. GEORGE MOTHERSOLE "Ebby" Commercial Tall, dark, cmd handsome, as the saying goes . . . but doesn't enjoy feminine company. MARIE E. MYERS "Myersie" Academic Never seen without Lois . . . partial to Army . . . "in her judgment, lair," WANDA LEE NELSON "Lee-Lee" Distributive Education Easy going and sociable . . . enjoys tickling the ivories . . . pals around Evlitlli-J Betty. Tumbling Club, Choral u . LOUISE OGILVIE Uoqqie-" Distributive Education Feminine charm . . . "and life for her was ever full ol laughter." DOROTHY OGLEBAY "Dot" Commercial A little person with a big smile . . . always in a hurry . . . fiend for studying shorthand. VIRGINIA LEE OGLEBAY Vinny" Academic Good natured . . . Pepsodent smile . . . genuinely sincere . . . no vacan- cies in the date book. ALLEGEWI, Astronomy Club, History Club, Hi-Y. IAMES O'NEAL "lim" Academic Cute intellectual . . . always on the go . . . frequents Circle. chemistry glass. Exelyn Lashley, Betty Purinton. and Nlildred Cmmri Nelson Cover than a hydrogen flame is something rather hot. Ogilxte Oglehay, D. Nlurrhearl Nfnthersole Myers 4313 Ya. VIRGINIA OSWALD "Sis" Commercial One of those quiet efficient people . , . charming, willing worker, Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Alcohi Mirror. BETTY IANE OURS "Bets" Commercial Neat soda jerker at Murphys . , . swell person to know-loves to skate. Alcohi Mirror. DRUCILLA PARISH i'Dru" Academic Conscientious and sweet , . . Du- ane's confidant . . . Ginny's shadow. History Club, Astronomy Club, AL- LEGEWI. ALVIN PAUL "Deadeye" Distributive Education Cheerful and easy going . . . his friendship is "price"less. Uqlehay. V. Ours O'Ne.1l Parish Oswald Paul s-, Poland Reid Price Richards Prim Ri.-hl PEGGY POLAND "Irish" Academic Unsophisticated, lovable . . . quite a big heart in that tiny body . . . keen eye for mischief. Hi-Y, ALLEGEWI, Alcohi Mirror, History Club, Astrono- my Club. IACKIE PRICE "Dixie" Distributive Education Full of "'s go" . . . spontaneous giggle . . . naturalness itself. ARTHUR DUANE PRITT "Duey" Academic Tall, blue eyes . . . red hair . . , ardent admirer ot a good humorist . . . jumps at mention of Rodgers and Hart. ALLEGEWI, Astronomy Club, History Club. I 9 Ru sh Az'- 1 I -.nn .Lx II ,-4 . AK N if . - Schoenadel Schry fx. C95 Ritter The Allcgewi camera catches Hliinih a la modem in Allegany' House. c Robertson fortunate diners. reading from left to right. are Louise Rt-clrlcy. Nlargare Rudeheax.-r Richl, Iune Hershherger. and Anna Orris. while lean Shruvc-r appare ty dm-s a good wh of r g. "Mike" MARGARET REID Academic Possessor of the renown "nose for news" . . . original . . . unassuming. Alcohi Mirror, Hi-Y, Choral Club, As- tronomy Club, History Club. THOMAS WITWER RICHARDS "Tommy" Academic Curly-headed Romeo . . . a different thrill every week . . . Spanish class dreamer. History Club, Cheerleader. MARGARET RIEHI. "Mockie" Academic Pretty as a picture . . . plenty of pep . . . vivacious cheerleader. ALLE- GEWI, Cheerleader, Hi-Y, Basketball, Astronomy Club, Track, IACQUELYN RITTER Hlackien Commercial Always smiling . . . studious and de- pendable . . . a friend to remember. in Illllfi 44 t32l VIRGINIA ROBERTSON "Blondie" Commercial Easy going . . . loves a good time . . . skating fan. IUNE RODEHEAVER "Shorty" Distributive Education Short and stocky . . . full of pep . . . flirtatious. ARTHUR RUSH "Rosy" General Enjoys a good sleep in class . . . doesn't bother about the females. E. IAMES SCHOENADEL "Banjo Bill" Distributive Education Talkative, happy-go-lucky . . . why work when play is waiting? Band, IEAN SCHRY "leanie" Academic "IeCInie With the Light Brown Hair" . . . Takes to the roller rink lor daily exercise. Commercxal RICHARD SEE Skin Mrschxevous wrt IS the flower of xmagmatxon RICHARD ALLAN SELL Dick Commercial The qulet type one of our tall men ramblmg frame hung loosely together Band ALLEGEWI OLIVE V SHAFFER Shaff Commercral Dark complexxon sparkhng harr lover of pastel shades actlve cmd energetlc Choral Club WILBUR ELMER SHANK E Mar General Serxous but has a quxck smlle often flashes a C A P un1form GEORGANNA Sf-IANK Georgie Commercxal The only way to have a frlend IS to be one magnetxc personahty MARTHA SI-IANER Franme Academlc Studxous a welcome refreshment for exhausted teachers depend able Astronomy Club ALLEGEWI MARY FRANCIS SHIRCLIFF Frankie Commerclal Lovely blonde feather bob con stant v1s1tor of Speelman s sweet soprano voice Choral Club DEVOTA LOUISE SHOBER Beau Academic A streak of humor spontaneous grggle future Florence Nlghten gale llkes Washmgton Mrrror ALLEGEWI Basketball I-I1Y ams Young Wllllanx Bymer oseph ohnson H :ry Bartlett tudy cormg and judqmq of poratoe wxhxle Mr Hou e pomt orrz d lmq hlcken ohn O Rox r r cr! 1 L an Klen Kaufman Shank E Shank C Shaner I I e Shaffer f33l IAMES SIMMONS Im Commercral Tall dark and unassummg loves to sleep ln classes sports flashy les NANCY SIMPSON Nan Commercxal Not a care m a carload rolls a mean skate easy to know MARIE SMITH Smitty Commerclal Takes hfe easy and enloys 1t keen sense of humor amlable RICHARD SMITH Dxck General Good lookmg attracted to op poslte sex mterestmg personallty 1YldlVldl1Gl1SI Shlrclrff Srmpson Shober Smxth M blmmo s Smith R Tha er Thom Tho ay' Sewers Stem Spangle S e ar trxqer rl LORRAINE SOWERS Pickles Commerclal Auburn page boy bob a sweet d1s os1t1on a leasure to kn w P P 0 ALLEGEWI GEORGE ROBERT SPANGLER Bob Commercxal Forever wlsecraclcmg whlzz on basketball court ldOlI26S Mary H1 Y Basketball Flre Marshal MARY STEIGERWALD Stag Commercxal A medium sxze brunette wlth a Iull slzed personalxty loves to dance Statler Charlotte E lex and Alma DeBo CL phv cl erm 0 the PPUIC Stouffer ann f YP a Street! GEORGE CARLTON STEIN Stemxe Commercxal Another l1ttle man one of Alco s Eddie Duchm s always hurrymg Boys H1 Y ALLEGEWI HAROLD STEWART Sfew Commerclal Qu1et but good natured Iree and easy attitude toward all thmgs FRANCIS E STITCHER Duty General Reserved experlenced dnver collects corners SARA LEE STOTLER Spook Academic Tall dxgnlfxed unttl she starts speed mg , . . alms to please . . . theme song "My Buddy." Choral Club. EI Inna 1111 I34l VIRGINIA STOUFFER lenme Commerclal Amxable dependable com petent secretary types Wllh ease WILLIAM H STREETT 1 General Sleepy never mn a hurry qulte a Iavorxte wxth one woman lootball WILLIAM THAYER 1 Academ1c Curly headed guy alert lor the be seldom seen wxthout Chuck or Tommy Glee Club Mlxed Chorus MARION THOM Tommy Dxstrxbutmve Educatlon Habxtual punster a prlze pack age for any busmess man , . . true to the Army. VINCENT THOMPSON "Vince" Commercial Hunk ol a man , , , enjoys a good sleep in class . , , makes trips out Bedford Road. IEAN ELIZABETH TORBET leanme Academxc Bubnlmg over wrth mlschlevousness humorous and entertaxnlng a Notre Dame fan ALLEGEWI Al cohl Mlrror IAMES TRENTON lrmmy Academic Boy wlth the gnn a merry heart market lor a cheerful countenance Boys Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Prolectxomst Band ROBERT L TROXELL Roberto Academic Serlous and scholarly demeanor burns the mrdmght o1l overlooks the glrls Alcohx Mlrror HISIOYY Club Astronomy Club ALLEGEWI HELEN TWIGG Snoolrze Commercxal Shows plenty of patrrotlsrn pledges to work wxth plenty of zeal and gets results ALLEGEWI DONALD EUGENE VALENTINE Don General Easy gomg socxable and lun ltsell not lnterested ln the gmrls BETTY LOU VOGEL Fanny Commercxal Red head a dash of jrtterbug easy on the eyes true to Howard Cheerleader Band Alcohx Mlrror ALLEGEWI GEORGE WADSWORTI-I Drclr Commercial Short dark known for hrs mild manner of speech frequents Clrcle Inn Flre Marshal DOLLY WALTERS Curley Commerclal Amxable likable always has an answer ready mterested 1n the navy A group from Mrs Roes French class demonstrate the drrect method ol learnmq languages by use of the Lmquaphone une Alday adlusts he phonog aph hxle Burton Poqell Barbara Kxt m ller ack Stnelv Ednh Twxgg Doolnttle and Beneman toll the pro ou matron under the xxatchfl of Mr Roe Valent ne Vogel HAROLD WALTERS Bucky Drstrzbutrve Education Dark en1oys tellmg stones dnver of the most anclent car around town IACK D WALTERS Lullaby General Dolly s brother fnenzlly rare sense of humor FLORENCE IEAN WILLIAMS leanne Cornmercral She walks the way of Inendly earts wzth her IYPGWIIISI as her best pal Choral Club Band Or chestra ALLEGEWI Alcohx Mlrror MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Bobbie Academlc A smlle that gets you pet hate IS to be called a redhead mam stay of the Mxrror Choral Club Al cohr Mrrror H1 Y ALLEGEWI Walters I Williams F Wxllrams M Wadsworth Walters D XVBIIEIS H ME' I Jrh-r Trenton Trovzll t35l VVilliams S VVilson VV Wills NVOI C SALLY WILLIAMS a Academic Positively crazy the careless type sure to keep you in stitches nice Swimming Club Hi Y GERALDINE WILLS Ierry Commercial Very quiet refined but friendly when you know her MARY ANGELA WILSON Angie Commercial A sunny smile for everyone flirting habit magnified a worth while girl Alcohi Mirror Hi Y Young B Young M Youngblood -Ha' arnall strat g ar v TY 5 fl d Yeager irplan lho ette e l: 1 4 lud ld Loolxabau h t I Q hi q tou A tv v appl ravuner u WILLIAM WILSON Mackie Academic Our gllt to the Navy greatest enigma to women 1944 s CATHARINE R WOLFE Kate General Light ol heart light step quick of wit lull ol pep Band Orchestra H1 Y MARGARET ELINOR WOLFE Muggsie Commercial One ol Dentynes customers witty basketball bombshell Kates little sis Band IEAN YARNALL leame Commercial A typist in the making sense ol humor winning ways H1Y ALLEGEWI E Inns 44 4361 I it RICHARD YEAGER Dick Academlc Likes to read keeps his ideas well guarded earnest VELMA ROSE YODER Blondie Commercial Iolly yet serious lun loving yet sincere maiors in friends Choral Club BETTY YOUNG ep Academic Quiet and petite a dreamer who prefers sleeping to waking MARY ELIZABETH YOUNG iz Academic She aims to please possesses that coveted Hollywood smile Bobs best girl Hi Y ALLEGEWI ROY YOUNGBLOOD Shorty Commercial Short black curly hair friendly to all l ' 1 - 'Y , . -X . U 1 ,K I was I . I' X I if , wi fd! k Ll' I 'big 1 in Q' ' ' L ' " , . '. , . Y lllu.' in the Y ict, of activities in art glass, lsr 'wa raws ' ' le, I. ' ai' ' e si u s whil Ethel 'atoi 'nd 'ni' " ' g pn h Nvilsun, A. XVnlfr M, Yoder Iinis 'ny :hes on a niur'l design. Bet, Kilm ies I 'I n ai inuslin wall hanging .mtl llnrha ta Biigl uses frestn nn gi ldmlsrapr. Us I.. it . ., U - H D HP i, N . H UL. .. mr uprrvarmu xurpa un nr .I ahh' unu ua Pnq 1 c alvrrnalnxc to lu x a m 4 rx r ple .mr by r 4 A rxperr x 1 n nrcz hx n Prarl Fader Mondaw Pcrry s axds Vxrqlma Oswald Paulms' Durant Ruhard on rn a xc IN Q h umm aw parluamrnrarx an ana C mm an nn aum ar Cs a cnc I' Manda Bar F ' V0 'WN' P vu r r c o agquelvn Ruler and lwa fxans rnrrnan Oh Crxnr und acrr vvurna x A 4-Q fr' if 51" 1 4muw WWW jf? W nr. XX hrn Cnllmlul ur 1 xharm cat a I apa The claxcs ln uhhh me ouupud can cxthxr m from or Rox the keeper of th flaw! nn' mfr nf our Qu rodmn xr hams of thc 'mx fraud and nrux ti-c qomq Q0 much HL ua nnmrnxfullx hramicd 1 Aho Blmnlsr Arnrwla hmd to do our but to wc lhal the mall ucnt throuch Ianxtor who bc! on vhc wrong rcxm for rho Turku Du qauu Y w ' I Th -. :ln wvd. f g'I , N I :All Y1 Th, ' N dy' h ll. ad' ta ax ' ISI -. nw. 1- Nw. 1 Vruv . , H 'I - , , , P B 1 dr.: .mz r un of 1a'.ev , 'I' i j I 'p i th 4 , M I' A D , Ch l C ll ' ll, llx Ya, rs-xv of rh uwk. r - ap fn :hc pxcc uf nc- I ' I , I' 2' , A ' N ' . 1 X I If - u . ,W rw I J' r .K pq ., N - 1 ' ,- x V.,...,.' ' x Av., V i,.. Q , ""'W'6,? 'MM 3' ' we L ' I 1 . Q 4 , Af IJ XYuIf 1 .mu-4 ' KKK' ' ' 'ap fmr XX F Aol Vadim lux r In IH :hc I px 1 " A-1 I4 the class nf '45 gxrls-a Left to Right FIRST ROW Yvonne Rogers Be y Conner Wlnlffed McCloskey Iacquelyn Lamm Ger mame Margolls Donna Matthews Iean Lashorn Kath leen Copp Mary M Langer Evelyn Ralley Betty Lewxs Loutse Reckley Ellzabeth Davls SECOND ROW Dor othy Grove Dolores Skelly Albert Perdew Norma Lauder lane Goetz Dons Barnard Paula Wlllxams Ursula Buckl Anna Orrxs Ellen McV1cker Marllyn Moore Mary Iane Boyd THIRD ROW Martha L Lang l B rbara KIIZ er Evelyn Pueschel Margaret Ruppentha a L Kompanek Helen Welsh Margaret mlller Theoda ee OBraden Mary A Helnrlch Mary Sheckells Betty Roblnette Ruth Hosxer Betty Purmton FOURTH ROW Lols St1ne Helen Smlth Wllma Lee Steele Georgeanna Pearce Mary L Bender Patrlcla Dennison Helen Kerns Mlldred Harms Ieanette Freeman Dons Lancaster lane Ebert Ehzabeth Holmes Dorothy Ebert FIFTH ROW M1r1am Rank Phyllls Webb Peggy Flnn Ada Stump Nyrma Reger Iackle Loar Maxme Hawkms Patrlcla Dumlre Mary C Vogel Carola Allen gxrls-b Left to Hzght FIRST ROW Kathleen Lease Carole Hlll Dorothy Henry Ilmmle Reger Ianet McKenz1e Maxlne Radchffe Shlrley Brode Mary Loulse Burton Mary Nles Lorralne Hunter Florence Ienkms Lols Twlgg Reglna Fradlska SECOND ROW Elame Clay ton Eleanor Grove Marle Whetzel Clarlse Lee War mck Iean Taylor Ruth Lee Durst Mary Deffenbaugh lean Schaeffer Paulme Peterson Betty Martm Shlrley Doman Thelma Shaner THIRD ROW Wllda Rlffey Edna Huff Marlorle Faur Ruth Laber Betty Lee Larry Llla Foster MGFJOFIE Barley Betty Snyder Iean Slzer Dorothy Dlcken Leona Wxlt FOURTH ROW Betty Dean Helen Ketterman Charlotte Martm Maryland Dorsey Betty Cramer Roma Iohnson Betty Coyle Betty Atkm Mary Elxzabeth Zals Maybelle Nme Ioyce Everlme Lols Garlltz FIFTH ROW Iane Clayton Patrlcla Addls Alma Dlck Helen Goss Geraldme Kelth Mary Knott V1rg1n1a Lee Gardner Helen Logsdon Anna M Raley Peggy Burkett Alma Hardman boys c W lf Wendell L ft to Right FIRST ROW Wlllldm o e e Beals Wllllam Sloan Rxchard Troutman Iames Payne Ioseph Yost Cornehus Hager Ohn Moody Edward Kane Wlllldm Flrey SECOND ROW Walter Neff Robert Martm Iohn Dlamond Walker Wllls Lee Chan e Leo Martm Andy Bender Edward Ienklns Robert R h Y R THIRD ROW Iack Stltely Iames Twlgg xc xtter ard Whlte Paul Goldsworthy Iohn Hast Gene Martm M Henry Ronald Durst FOURTH Iohn Yoder Iames c ROW Kenneth Bishop W1ll1am Smlth Wllllam Thomp U Norns FIFTH son Eugene Flmn Wallace Harper rner ROW Iames Roblnson WIIIIQIII Stanley Owen Morris El 1 R k Leonard Ferrone Richard Schmdler Pau an dndge DeHaven Wxllxam Earle Frank Stone Iohn Cox VICE Presxdent Rxchard DeHart Presxdent Advxsor lack Stltely Treasurer and Heleri Mxss Meyers ult the sun dlal to ascertaln 1 Welsh Secretary cons the txme IS opportune for collectmg class dues boys-d Left to Right FIRST Wlndemuth lack Wxlllams Charles Orndorff Davld Grove Charles Drew Burton Pogell George Moody Paul Roberson Iames Shober Denms Kolb SECOND ROW Charles Scarlett Earl Smlth Rudolph Freno Fred beeman Walter Hughes Brltton Shaffer Iames Cook Edward Kendall Robert Poland Ioseph Snyder THIRD ROW Donald Fresh Henry Humphreys Danlel Iohnson Rlchard DeHart Iohn Shlrley Iohn Cox Charles Alresman Pete McFarland Iohn Nxckle W1l ham Wood FOURTH ROW Roy Youngblood W1l11am Shrout I R Wmeland Rlchard Rowe Donald Paupe Ihn Mxllar W1ll1am Puffenbarger George Whlte El It o drldge DeHaven Wlllldm Earle Herbert Llppmco ROW Rlchard Stroup Louzs ' - - tt 1 1 I . 1 I ' 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 - W ' 1 1 1 f F 1 1 1 1 91' 1 1 1 ' , . 1 . - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 q I 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - " , 1 1 1 1 - 1 l 1 1 'lg 1 1 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . 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I I I I I I - I I I I 4 I - ' W- I I I I I I I I I I I - " I I I I I I I - - . : I I , I 1 1 I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I - ' W I I I I I V V I I I I I ' i oml Chalfomf Lols LGZfm'fS', FOURTH ROW-Dfffls William Eady, Richard Brotemarkle, Eugene Brant, . I I I I I f I I I I 1 I I I I ' I I I I ' I I 1 I . I ' I - . I f I I I ig I I I I I I I , , ' ' ' , I I I 1 I I , , I 1 , ' I 1 I . , . W W I I I I I I I I i " 1 - ' I 1 I I I I I I - I I I ' I ' W- I W I I I I I I I V I ' I V I . .,..., . I I I W W I I , , , . , , , , , , . , . Y I I ' ' . if -Sw YQE"A?l"?K 'V ' '11 ' V V' Qkf H ,v sf' M "v"' ,. ' ' ' ' f' "11vr D ' v i - ' :fy V' ' 'M - . I - 5 M- . W L. l .A f - f 5 N Q- --. -lm ' '.'f?2xrs1v w if 22 W ak M 3 sr ,Q ' 9' 2 H t' ,M in .W Qi if A ,A an xp, N54 ,, , , T H A f - 1 Mk 1: .1 I 1 , Auf? Axjxfi df : W E ff . f W-fm,s5w.,,, 4 , ,Q ,W I .5 ' Q F42 fa 4' "Yr 'A ' 5 'YAY F , 1 SA , xg,-' 'Sf fif v g fl V. 5 N' k -1 3 ww fl fy- 41 Q., , . V., A W V 'f A . 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V LA if ' V' 18,1 My SJ the class nf '47 grrls-a Left to Right FIRST ROW Vrrgmta Borgman Elame Brenneman Ioanne Matthew Shrrley Wrckard Wanda Loeber Marrlyn Hershberger Marran Spres Mary Harden Dons Whlte Patty Anderson Phyllts Ann Harrrs Nola Barnard Iean Lohr SECOND ROW Norma Murray Betty Iean Klrk Mary Wrnfleld Evelyn Rltchey Allce Coyle Mary lane Stroup Wanetta Robertson Glorla Hunter Laurann Glass Dolores Welsh Lourse Amrck Suzanne Ford THIRD ROW Wanda Yost Betty Lee Small Iune Robrnette Helen McCorm1ck Eva Marte Logsdon Alzene Albrrght Mary Rlchards Mary Allce Sherk Clarre Love Dolly Raupach Rosalre McClellan Iune Weller FOURTH ROW Lots Snyder Barbara De Bouck Eleanor Trley Carlotta ONeal Dorothy Reed Marran Brllrngs Ioy Flora Elrzabeth Weaver Vlrglma Martz Wllda Whetzel Evelyn Beckwrth Mary Dorothy Martin Ruth Humbertson Catherrne Payne FIFTH ROW Lots Ansel Marran Warden Dons Davrs Elarne D1a mond Patty Bowre Bonnle Davrs Shrrley Keyes Mary Loutse Molrnarr Betty Colley Barbara Murray Iean Werres grrls-b Left to Right FIRST ROW Delores Hamllton Betty Taylor V1rg1n1a Krenhofer Betty Eaton Ina Hughes Io Ann Robmson Iean Klosterman Margaret Russell Mary Lou Lashorn Ruth Buckle Marlon Bennear Ian Brt ttnger Charlotte Iames Dorothy Shuck SECOND ROW Iean Dixon Mary Iean Scott Ollve Tressler Dorothy Adams Mary Clark Wrlson Shtrley Fuller Charlynne Redlrck Delores Fletcher Mary Catherrne Dxck Iane Nrcholson Clara Will Iean Fulk Shlrley Iohnson Maxrne Stouffer THIRD ROW Ieanne Wentlmg Vrr grnra Hockaday Margaret Iohnston Katherme Sell Helen Troutman Beverly Lewls Betty Reed Dorothy Porter Laura Brown Marrlyn Helskell Dor1s Trenton FOURTH ROW Lots Wenschhof Annalee Martrn Dor othene Poland Mary Dawn Llller Norma Lee Schramm Norma Northcralt Thelma Conner Kathryn Mauk Dor othy LeMasters Lulu Hrte Shlrley Malp Ioan Dentmger FIFTH ROW Caorlyn Brant Sh1rleyW11k1nson Margaret ONeal Lorralne Kompanek Iune Gardner Ioan Snyder Margaret Cosgrove Margaret Moody Esther Maphrs Francls Shrpe Lorralne Snow Beverly Smlth Imogene Murray Lorene Crosten boys-c Left to Right FIRST ROW Paul Buchholtz Edward Grrmshaw Ioseph Reagan Wllllam Myers Iohn Wag ner Ierry Paxton Iohn Price Robert Rahn Harry Wld dows Wrllram Damm Earl Folk Calvrn Davls Iohn Chaney SECOND ROW Wtllram Ogrlvte Harold Hart sock George Blake Robert Mace Douglas Iackson Wrl ham Robertson Iohn Horn Earl Beal Kenneth Cub bage Rlchard Kave Bennre Hartley Wayne Bucy THIRD ROW Iohn Nme less Connor Sherman Dewxtt Stanley Green Howard Peterson Harold Mower Russell Lrvengood Franklrn Hrnze Leroy Miller Harland Moon Rlchard Harper Leo Prquett Frank Rosley FOURTH ROW Rrchard Lee Robert Bucy Eugene Mrller Orvrlle Grles Bruce Anderson Iack Carney Donald Barb Ohn Loder Robert Greaver Iohn Landenberger Gerald reese Home Room Representatrves and Advrsor SECOND ROW Lett to Rzght Wanda Loeber Marran Warden Anna Lee Martrn Margaret Moody FIRST ROW Iean Wentlrng Mrs McKenz1e Iune Robrnette Robert Everlme boys-d Left to Right FIRST ROW Wlllram Leonard Rob ert Robrnson Richard Iames Ronald Iewell Rrchard Taylor Robert Everlrne Iames German Ralph Lashley Blarr Lottrg Raymond Sarver Robert Rogers Ernest Screen SECOND ROW Blatr Lockard George Feagles Robert Davis Benny McNe1ll Charles Baker Rrchard Clower Donald Fuller lack Klosterman Robert Mm nrcks Gilbert Storey THIRD ROW Rrchard Stump Wrl bert Robertson Gerard Owens Kenneth Tressler Frank lm Radclxfte Notley Barnard Robert Smlth Lewrs Walk er Gene Shaw Thomas Iarnrson Donald Schramm FOURTH ROW Edward Reynard Lynne Grove La monte Wmeland Kenneth Davrs Guy Fleegle Russell Hrlleary Charles Krlmm Iack Hadley Bartlett Dxckel . , S' . . t I I I - ' - ' , . . ' . 1 - I . , 1 I . W I I ' I . A I A' ' . - . ' ' A . - I D I , ' ' . 6 ' . - I , ' ' ' W . I I I V ' I I I ' I I I I I I . I . I I I I - . I . I V Matthews, Ella Grace Myers, Sara lane Lee, Elizabeth I . 1 ' I y I . , . I I 1 ' I W I I A I I I I g , , I l IA I . I . . I W W V . I I . . I - ' I . . ' I ' , ' , I 1 I T '- I l ' ' ' ' . . ' . . ' I ' I ' ' . . 1 I U - I ' ' I I . "" ' I . 1 I ' . ' ', ' ' - W l I ' I V1 I ' . I I . I I . . ' . . ' . ' . 1 l ' T l ' . ' . ' , ' ' ' I 1 1 ' - I ' . ' . I - ' ' . ' . - I 1 ' I I , , I , . I 4 , I I v l I 1 - I , , ' Q I ' I I . . , . ' I , I C437 the class gtrls-a Left to Right FIRST ROW Luella Whetzel Amta Wagner Shirley Appell Patsy Rogers Dolores Deetz Shlrley Day Corrmne Smlth Gwen Brant Rosemary Everstme Irene Grlndle Betty Lou Gullck Elma Mae Nesbttt Betty Lou Myers Alma Hardman Shlrley Lester SECOND ROW Eleanor Durst Mary Pnnty Flo Ann Claycomb Elorse Iewell Dorothy Hames Eloxse Knott Loutse Slnclatr Beatrlce Mansfleld Elalne Symons Phyllts Mauk Slurley Wtlkms Ioyce Dlck Dolores Rxzer Doreen Ashworth Dorothy Nxes Madeltne M1ller Marlon Agnew THIRD ROW Clara Scarlett Iuamta Wtland Betty Iean Ktght Inez Rtce Iacquelyn Barnett Evelyn Guthrtdge Dolores Somervllle Dolores Splnetta Ruth Layne Kathryn MacManms Ann Reynolds Mary Lou Bruce Constance Cook Barbara Bnght Gwen Smlth Mary OBaker Glorla Varner Shlrley Tower Iane Warren FOURTH ROW Exleer Swauger Shlrley Rttter Ianet Wtlklnson Ltla Lee Russ Louella Foley Rlta Gtbbons Loutse Darrow Vlrgtnta Morgan Donna Reed Shtrley Blttner Dorothy Hlte Iune Whlttakers Shlrley Wagner Ioann Campbell Ieaneen Hartley Mlldred Stotler Ioan Yarnall Betty Devore FIFTH ROW Mary Louise Van Meter V1rg1n1a Hares Nancy Smlth Alpha Phares Mary Lorls Shober Mary F Ravenscroft Mary Lou Kesler Edtth Nixon Ruth Farrell Mary Lou Wllson Vxrgmta Sulltvan Ahce Valentme Betty Shanholtz Selma Pfltzenmayer gtrs b Left to Right FIRST ROW Emma Lee Radchffe Mary Ellen Sltte Helen Bock Ellzabeth Bowman Mary Everlme Letty Lxchty lane Lee Pownell Shlrley Krausz Margaret Gllme Lovernne Payne Wanda Bridges Betty Van Meter Iane Wrrght Mary Montoney SECOND ROW Rae Huster Elxzabeth Bete Florence Hartley Waneta Lookabaugh Ieannme Mtller Ethel Eaton Ella Longerbeam Ruth Burton Beverly Wtlt Dolores Frxend Maxlne Young Dolores Speelman Georgxe Huster Iacquelyn Miller Phyllts Mlller Fay Emerlck Vlrglnla Hager Audrey Ftsher Eleanor Reynolds Ioyce Fulk Ioan Yarnell Helen Lebeck Patncta Cowgtll Betty Htnzman Esta M Kerns Maxlne Conrad Barbee Sue Mansfreld Shlrley Chappell Betty Lxpptncott Ann Alderman lean Andrews Mary Davxs Dora Lowery Iune Rodda FOURTH ROW Elnora Troxell Nancy Bal lard Barbara Gaff Marrlyn Schaffer Dons Hxtchms Margaret Wmters Ida Grace Shank Clara Ctlford V1rg1n1a Keplmger Loutse Lapp Iean Frchtner Bertha Frost Ioanne Aman Glenna Chappell Leona Wxlls Betty Keplmger Mary Leasure Iosephlne LEWIS Ahce Smlth Vtvtan Smlth FIFTH ROW Sheila Doyle Bar bara Flesher Betty Kzlroy Everstme Mttchell Iean Marquls Marlorre Schade Mary Ellen Platt Catherme Renme Grace Klfer Helen Leshe Leona Collms Mary Petenbrmk Betty Waltman Edna Lytton boys-c Left to Rrght FIRST ROW Wtlham Bhzzard Ron ald Sneathen Vernon Beale Robert Rank Alfred Erlmg Thomas Burke Donald Snyder Iames McGregor Don ald Shrout Donald Crabtree Elton Foreman Ralph Whxteman Iohn Sxmpson Robert Moyer Robert Spexcher SECOND ROW Chester Porter Wolfgang Schexder Glenn Ford Dale OBaker Robert Grrmes Iohn Blggs Wllllam Smlth Eugene Porter Louts M111 holland Rxchard Hexnrxch Bernard Blake Micky Cun mngham Wtlham Pnce THIRD ROW Davtd Smlth C4 nf '48 1.1. Home Room Representatlves and Advtsor SECOND ROW Leona Wlll Nancy Lee Smlth Georgla Hunter FIRST ROW Eugene Porter Betty Krlroy Robert Bren neman Mrs Stres Donald Schnetder Kathryn MasMann1s Fred Barnard Iohn Twlgg Donald Ort Meshach Brownlng W1ll1am Sharer Donald L1lya Harry Thayer Allan Macy Darrel Garrlson Iack Beegley Iohn Hxnkle FOURTH ROW Robert Smith Mervm Copp Thomas Hutcheson Wlllxam Fuller Ronald Schmdler Edward Ptper Demo Carros Ierry Swan FIFTH ROW Ioseph Varner Robert Smtth Iames Wrtght Eugene Scharf Thomas Smlth Leon Shaffer Orvtlle Young Geral Turner Allen Llller Edward Barncord Thomas Bryan Iarnes Getson Donald Schnerder boys-d Left to Right FIRST ROW Paul Lease Bernard McCarty Robert Uncapher Charles Easton Ioseph Kesecker Frank Foster Robert Brenneman Clarence Deetz Alv1n Drew Ntle Webb Harry Taylor Rlchard Mawhtnney Robert Sharon SECOND ROW Wxlham Gray Iames Davts Donald Green Wlllxam Ewlng lack Martm Iames Ruehl Donald Largent Iohn Sprow Stuart Rlchmond Thomas Iackson Paul Monaham Gregory Miller THIRD ROW Roy Beal Vmcent McKenz1e Wtlham Zaxs Harry Iohnston Iack McNe1ll Mxllard Bolyard Iohn Reuschell Ioseph Bennett Drck Lowdermxlk Eugene Cunnlngharn Iohn Dorsey Henry Gardner FOURTH ROW Iohn Ruehl Davxd Margohs Iames Iohnson Leo Kotschenreuther Vernon Slsk Iames Glass Ronald Sterne Forrest Patrtck W1llxam Coffey Delmar Wmner Robert Stuckey Kyle Graham Wtlllam Hartman FIFTH ROW Rendall Skldmore Wxlllam Ernertck Kenneth Kerth Leroy Chtes Iames Dermer Clord True Iames Poland Iames Rank Troy Campbell Harry McCrory Iack Beegley Calvtn Ruehl . , . , - , - - A. I , - P VI' - I I ' W . , . . I I A ' ' , . . . . , , . l I I . I . , - W I I I I . I I I , , ', ' . ' I I I I I . l I ' I I I I I .I . I . I 1 1 I . . I - ' Betty Ickes. THIRD ROW-Iuanita Clites, Patty Hendley, I ' ' ' ' ' ' Martz, Lee DeWitt, Iack Reynolds, Iames Lease, Charles . , . , I I I I , .I . I I I I I I I I I I I . I ' I I I I I ' . ' I , , . , , , . I I I . I . I I I I . I I I I I I I - ' , ' ' , . ' ' . I - n I I I ', ' ' ' . . I I I . I . ' . . - I I I I I - I I I ' I I I I . , . . . . . . 1 I - I I I .I I 1 1 , ' ' 1 - I I I I I I I I ' ' I I 1 ' - 1 I . ' I I I I I- 4 . I . . . , . . , . - , , . . I I I I ' W ' I . . . I I . . b I I I I , , , - I I ' I I . . - , . , - A- K4 the class uf '49 gxrls-a Left to Right FIRST ROW Ioanne Clark Mabel Murray Cathern Rumer Thelma Russell Hrlda Stump Barbara Long Ioan Cessna Mary Ann Lewrs Iosephme Kompanek Bonme Franklin Iean Loar Catherme An drews Iuamta Blank SECOND ROW Betty Nalll Mary Lou Warmck Ioan Moore Lots Young Dorothy Nxckel Betty Hrnes Mary Barnett Lots Warmck Shxrley Weav er Sanola Roblnson Rena Portmess Donna Payne Beverly Pogell THIRD ROW Marlon McKenty Gerald me Custer Mary Prrce Hrlda Wartzack Dorothy Ftsher Patsy Raley Rita Nme Genevleve Boor Oltve Ward Margaret Malcomb Ellzabeth Long Patsy Everett Ios ephlne Everett Ronelda Smrth Lots Butner FOURTH ROW Betty Iane Wenschhof Betty Iean McHardy Betty Flshel Theresa OBaker Loulse Lowery Paulme Patton Patrlcla Combs Mary M Lear Catherme Funk Vlrglma Steele Iune Dawson Vera Bestwlck FIFTH ROW Mar lone Ann Danlels Martha Dorsey lean Leydlg Dons Messman Lots Hexshman Edlth Utt Barbara George Mary Conner Betty Murray Nancy Largent Sh1rley Heck Norma Bucy Catherme Alkxre gtrls-b Left to Rrght FIRST ROW Ruby Rosley Shrrley Stltcher Wrlma Rutherford Colleen Yoder Francrs Kmght Ruth Rahn Hllda Hadley Charlotte DeW1tt Donna Rae Garland lean Burkett Nancy Pnce Della Fulton Dorls Smlth Mary Lou Hager SECOND ROW Mary Iane Walton Iuamta Shxrley Hazel Marks lean Nrcholson Lou Ann Wrlght Betty Drrver Patncra Zars Marlene Barnard Betty Robertson Florence OBaker Ieanette Harden Nan Ellen McCullough THIRD ROW Barbara Wallrrch Nancy Claycomb Ruth Matthews Glona Dlxon Ioan Smlth Ruth McCorm1ck Phyllls Zembower Iacquehne Lohr Sue Mrllholland Kather 1ne Hltt lean Snyder Myrna Mace Harrlet Eliason FOURTH ROW Norma Berry Dolores Robertson Ella Lou Ramsey Dorothy Rumer Helen Wtll Shirley Bmg man Betty Baxrd Susan Dxehl Ioan Tolson Sylvza Al brrght Shtrley Gavm FIFTH ROW Eleanor Huffman Ioan Iackson Shtrley Gray Patty McGee Charlotte Garletts Patncla McAfee Ianet Keyes Rrta Toey Ianet Wallace Margaret Brotemarkle Betty Io Dumtre boys-c Left to Right FIRST ROW Raymond Duckworth Iames Owens Carroll McNe1ll Wayne Geary Charles Leslre Iohn Kelso Iohn Mrller Charles Snow Stanley Perdew Donald Grbson Eugene Lutz Edward Hartsock Wrlham Larry Garret Swearmgen SECOND ROW Ed ward Gooder Charles Lester Robert Ogxlvre Iames Rotruck Wrlllam Orndorf Iack Gardner Norman Os bourne Iohn Kxmmell George Scarlett Paul Lanham Charles Gorsuch Iohn Calderwood Wrllram Kennedy THIRD ROW Iames Iudy Walter Prrce Iohn Connor Rlchard Varner Louls Caldwell Charles Hershberger Thomas Andrews George Schoenadel Rxcharcl Landen berger Yancy Shaffer Iames Kellar Charles Nash Allen McGraw Iohn Hale FOURTH ROW Charles Sul lxvan Danny Mars Iames Gardner Iohn Fernall Dale Mclntyre Harold Stallmgs lack Matthews Kung Mrller Charles Landenberger Wrlllam Paulus Wllllam Often Wallace Kxdwell FIFTH ROW Rlchard Mull Rae Small Charles Pfrtznmayer Francrs Mclntosh Walter Layman Dtck Welsh Iohn Stewart Paul Lowery Ivan Izzett Theodore Wmebrenner George McKenz1e Home Room Representatrves and Advlsor FIRST ROW Rrchard Barnett Allen McGraw SECOND ROW Donald Beckwlth Iosephme Kompanek Mxss Harrls Rrchard Welch THIRD ROW Dons Sm1th Theresa OBaker boys-d Left to Rrght FIRST ROW Dale Blttner Paul Cow grll Edward Brggs Francrs Thom Rlchard Moyer Wrl ham Freeland Gene Iewel Frederlck Iames Thomas Bowman Gordon McG1nn Iames Stevenson Roy Burley lack Geary Carroll France SECOND ROW Donald Smlth Dale Perdew Charles Koelker Harvey Mark Davld Monahan Iames Goldsworthy Robert Gullcx Robert Hammersmlth Robert Martln Robert McKenz1e Ioseph Eady Robert Mendelsohn Roy True THIRD ROW Andrew Sullxvan Iohn Kretllng Iames Baldwm Ronald Livengood Clarence Hook Charles Plckermg Robert Mllburn Wayne Grove lack Grubb Donald Beckwlth Herman McClellan Wllllam Davls Donald Bryner Glenn Ryan Rlchard Dahl Leon Klme FOURTH ROW lack Dawson Carl LSWIS Iames Martxn Iohn DeVault Iohn Tuk Robert Powers Thomas Burton Earl Bruce Wesley Abrams Edgar Zembower Harold Moon Iames Pohng Iohn Rodman Wrllram Ruehl Iames Brxdges FIFTH ROW Dewey Wartreld Glenn Da vls Ioseph Couch Charles Bucy Richard ICIIIIISOH Ed gar Landefeld Playford Ramsey Robert Iohnson Rich ard Barnett Gaylord Brooks Robert Keele Wxllram Fxsher Donald Dxcken Deceased W T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - ' - ' in 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I I I - , . . . 1, . 1 , - ". 1 1 1 1 ': 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 1 '- 1 I . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' I 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 I I I - 1 1 - W T 1 1 1 1 , , l 1 1 I 1 1 I ' . - I I 1 1 1 . . . . 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C473 YN Y 0929 DOOR TO HEALTH I f , SX fr, I The day before the game and the Campo bella gym is packed with Alleganians Everyone s there from the seventh graders to the seniors All are hopeful as the band strikes p he school song Coach and members of the team talk Each is desirous of v1c tory as he stresses good sportsmanship and begs proper support Everyone wishe ne could play as it seem that never before h so much depended on so few Tomorrow is here and her Chrysanthemum being carefully chosen on the way to the game. Those blue and white ribbons should bring uck. SU 'Twas just a few days before Thanksgiving, and all through the school, Alcoeds were waiting patiently for a call from their favorite joe Allegany. joe just doesn't seem to realize how much a date to the big game means to her. This lucky miss seems to have hit the jackpot via Bell Telephone, as she makes a date with her o. a. o. Show your tickets, please! Every gate is jammed, and from inside the stadium the band can already be heard. Things may get a bit rough, but who rnirds a little push- ing at this game? E!-l The first thrill comes when the combined bands step off down the field in their colorful uniforms for the traditional flag raising. He and She and the thousands of others watch the Stars and Stripes raised to the top of the pole. A lump comes up in their throats as they join in the inspiring words of the "Star Spangled Banner." That soldier, that A gun sounds and it's time to start an evening fit to celebrate a victory-a photo finish! He and She say the traditional good-bye under a setting sun-Allegany has won another Turkey Day game and Margaret and Murray have Wrapped up another memory of Alle- gany. sailor, and that marine, leading our band, seem so significant this year. Their thoughts turn to Al- leganians, the world over, missing this game be- cause of a bigger and more important game. Together, they breathe a silent prayer that next Turkey Day they'll all be back again rootin' for the Blue and White. The cheering works because its a touchdown! The players kept the ball moving down the field, closer and closer to the goal line, and now it's over and Allegany is in the lead. Bowers beams proudly and He and She go wild along with every one else, because there is no sight equal to that of a Blue and White victory over Fort Hill High School. QC ffl COACH BOWERS Walter L Bowers director of athletlcs again served as football coach after a lapse of l2 years THE TEAM Left to Rght ALLEGANY 7 SOMERSET 6 Allegany opened the 1943 football season wxth a v1ctory over Somerset High Although outplayed aunng the first three quar ters the Campers turned the tables in the final penod with Hines scoring the touchdown and Walt Dav1s add1ng the extra point Wllh a placement k1ck ALLEGANY 7 KEYSER 12 Alleganys nineteen game w1nn1ng streak was broken when a great Keyser outfit downed the Campers for the first tlme slnce 1935 B111 Broome v1s1t1ng fullback scored the hrst touchdown and in the th1rd quarter lack Dorsey mtercepted a pass to romp e1ghty yards for the second score The Bowers men dldnt start clicking untll the final perlod when they accounted for four hrst downs and a touchdown in n1ne plays Kellough go1ng over from the one yard line ALLEGANY 47 RIDGELEY 6 The Campers gave an exh1b1t1on of power in defeating the boys from across the pond Coach Bowers used thirty nine players 1n the rout with Kellough Kemp K11ne Baker Rank McCo1ley and Dav1s scorlng touchdowns Dav1s also kicked five extra points Ridgeley after picking up but twenty e1ght yards in the first three quarters came back in the last perlod to score for 1lS only counter of the contest t o tt C dle e o oach B a a er amo o e K p Sta y Kello gh Rank Cald ell De Hart Third R a pe E le mth rs n e 0 a er F urth Rox D orri ers C h le p on 1521 of Til w 2 ml I, . . . ,.- , 3 , W g 1 .- 1 P 5 . . . . .. ,... ,K Q Z A E: . x "2.,z?, ' ' 1 if 1 , I I ' 1 ' . I I . A I K V , my h . t 1 it -' , . , ' . . . . . I l 7 - I I . I I I I I - . . . 1 - i -Firs R w-Bartle , Hull, H. Armstrong, han 6, Carros, Darrow, Klin . Second R w--C owers, Assistant M n g Di nd, C x, Bak r, Hines, Davis, em , nle , u , '. W , . ' ow-H r r, ar . S i . Anvil, Ancle 0 , Nichol, Twigg, I. Armstrong, Str ett, Y der. 1:22, Bachman, man g . 0 V- urst, Kerr, M 's, Iohnson, Rowe. Strout, Hast, Ritter, My , ms y, Shir y Thom s , R CHEERLEADFRS B tty I V q 1 'I' R H nych Vl ALLEGANY 0 HAGERSTOWN 7 Allegany opened 1ts defense of the C V A L lrtle by losmg to Hagerstown on a muddy held nn the Hub C1ty The game was well played by both teams and on several occas1ons the Campers threatened but lost the ball each trme on downs Hagerstown started 1ts touchdown dr1ve from Alco s thrrty seven yard l1ne and Martln the Maroon and Gray halfback put the ball over rn SIX plays ALLEGANY Z7 HANDLEY 25 Wardxng off a l9I'I'lflC passlng attack by the V1r g1n1ans the Campers squeezed through to a two po1nt vrctory w1th Walt Davrs educated toe be1ng the mar g1n of w1nn1ng Kemp scored two touchdowns and Hlnes and Davrs one each ALLEGANY 34 CHARLESTOWN 7 Wlth a sparkhng offense the Campers marched to an lrnpresswe 34 7 vxctory over Charlestown Baker w1th two touchdowns and Kemp Hmes and Davrs wxth one each made the malor scores Dav1s krcked four extra po1nts Every member of the squad saw actxon ln lh1S game t53l WILBUR HULL Captam of 44 Team lA7.L gh H llt pp ALLEGANY 0 LA SALLE 9 Maklng few garns and farlrng to reglster two successrve hrst downs 1n the Irrst halt the Campers couldnt come back rn Darrow the second halt and suttered a deteat at the hands of the ktght mg Ir1sh E1ect1ng to run xnstead of k1ck1ng out of danger Pony Kemp was tackled beh1nd the goal l1ne on an at tempted end run early 1n the hrst quarter tor the Explorers tempted end run early rn the hrst quarter for the Explorers hrst score La Salle struck aga1n 1n the th1rd quarter on a pass to clrnch the vlctory ALLEGANY 6 MARTINSBURG 12 A deterrnmed last half bld on the part of the Campers to overcome cr 12 0 halftrme score tell short by Just 6 pomts and twelve yards After scormg rn the hrst play of the last quarter trme kept the Bowers men from addrtronal tallres Kellough H Armstrong Bartlett Hmes t54l i Q , - cf' ' is ,' . n , A . Y- . V -j .Q X. Kemp is brou t down on an end run as Hmes blocks a i o rr . . . 1 1 . I I. , - ' 1 tt .1 . . 1 1 - I I ' I , , . . . - I - , I, mzwm Klme Ccnros Stanley Kemp DQVIS Chcmdlee immy Hines knocks down pass intended for Squires C557 THRU GH Regalmng the W M I League Champtor-1sh1p wh1ch was lost to Central H1gh of Lonaconmg last year was the h1gh spot for th1s year s basket ball team Walter L B1ll Bowers Cagers had an umblemlshed record tn league cornpet1t1on wxth ten v1ctor1es and no defeats A dual loss to LaSalle gave the Explorers the1r thlrd strcught c1ty champ1onsh1p but the Blue and Wh1te team made 1t a close race A defeat by the Keyser Hlgh School team was the only other deteat on the record Coach Bowers loses Baker Fradlska He1nr1ch Mac farlane and Baker through gradualxon Macfarlane and Cox antlcxpate a re covery of the ball as Hanna and Cosgrove of Beall and Fradlska of Allegany, struggle for tts possesston Sl ROXX lull 1 urs asslstant manaqtr rv n ox dm it xv r' NPVNJS hi lf-'llllsli N m mmas llaqmr marnqrr SECOND ROVN loath Boxur X lllxam bt m vlrvv xl11rv rm trong Rlthard Dollar! Robert Prnr' 'l 'HRD ROVK VK QI h ll ut m 1 1 rv 1 A VN allacc Harper Nxnllxam Thompson olfn Dlamoml t56l . A . 1 L I A, 1 . 1 1 1 ' , . . . ' - 1 FIR" '-,P w.1-, A-3 lh 43,1 x1.'f.-IM., Ra.--t .1 1' . cnrlft 1' ,, 'I'l ' k ', .1 . ,Q ,V '- ' ' 'r N, l anlrv. Kllwln Xxll zfvv. Y l f ' arrl Ch. rllvv, 'ml- A a . ' ' , ' '. 'l' '- Vs z'l au XN'llnm Hn Intl, lJ.uu-l If-rw :mf-lu, ll.-nv Stvu, ' " , v ' ' , I I . THE HUUP Macfarlane Spfmglef COX December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Sorner er Ferncla e Qorner et Kev e 1 7 dgeley P1edrnont Barton Central Bruce Beall Fort H111 THE RECORD February February February February February February February February February March 3 March 10 Fradlska Pledmont La Salle Keyser Barton Central Bruce Beall Fort H111 Rldgeley La Salle Ferndale iririr Maclarlane Baker Spangler and Stanley walt for a follov up as Coxs shot falls short 1571 F A , 17 s 2U 1 36 ' 1 2 16 4 26 3 .. 26 8 18 5 .,' " Z1 11 36 7 gi- 27 15 45 Icmuury 3 3 Dqvig 20 February 17 36 Rowe1sburg 1U 32 ' 24 18 48 14 47 25 22 55 18 33 26 24 44 A 21 36 13 28 51 ' A 25 24 22 27 28 41 ' 16 40 ' N I I SEVENTH GRADE I I 0 . ' BOYS' TENTH GRADE li' L rn min Nmmmxc uh r X 1 n ur Hmm So that more 1nd1v1duals m1ght expenence the thrlll ot actual part1c1pa t1on ln an athletlc contest, and because of the good der1ved from a co opera t1ve effort the school sponsors numerous athlet1c contests among home room groups and classes At the conc1us1on of each of these tournaments, the w1n n1ng team IS announced and su1tab1e recogn1t1on IS gxven to the wmners X I k 1 C585 BASKETBALL Can f lt, umm Bw h . Fm-.4 N R .t-: N' ll. Hn: .m M -- s. Glenn Q ,R , 1 In . . I - ' in - A5 1 -1 , 5' M " .. .-' fr' 1, - K it '.. f J Q i 1 1 DUI 1.1 SALI, b'I'ANl3INHfN1.wtm-- IM:-:.q.t - Iv-rm Nxt hols-we .'l.- A1.u-uh' H.-vu Ruln'r!s.m P,nrrmr1.1 Zu- KNIC f ,lNl2Hl1..I.t1--s Roh--rv-. yr ',-v tif--'wv'.1u'1v Rm 1.0-w Norm .1 Bvrrv -Jfj 'z EH MPIIQI SOFTBALL SEVENTH GRADE LEFT TO RIGHT-lrra-rw' Roan- XK'avne Orme Glen Rvfxn. Iaclv Tor- lwcr. XYeNrlv Alhramx. Clrarlc- Bum: Eddxe Landcfcld. Back Ro-.x-Bolwlw Ich:-won, Bxllv Ruehl, Rnlwrr Krefc, Iohn Tull Donald Dalian. Earl Bruu-, BADKILTBAI I NINTH GRADE mx l'rn:- n aur rx v q Rn cr R4 ql Back Row XX cl lr Hardman Dull owcr C ne 1 Tommx arm B rw Pr: c SOI TB -XI I EIGHTH GRADE Dfw al rabrrcr a'ne fncraeqff an Nrmtl' 4 n lmv. a L Dnna c N ron V rr:-l Q arrl Robert on ark aql 'K crux Cc pp Fr al Bamar cr '1 Beal 1 w , , 1 I.ffF'I' T0 RlGllT!I:rw1r R -v 1 Er Sworn Bl Lvl.. lw 9 Y' 'I'X, ' 1 I x -V Cl , QQ Shu, ,- I vm. 0' f , l '1 1 ,Y V 4 A 4 . l.lfI7'l' TO RIGHT-Frun: Rov- r' nf C D K R . Dxg fl., I+ l'l-D Dcmll Srwdcr. ll flu r Bask Ro - Da 3. mn l YN l HC A rv. .1 1 v . 0 - d- X' '10, . l59l fatty' HAPPN HOOl l PN FIRST ROVN Br-rn h urrax Nancx ar qs-nl 'Vlarnan MtKrnlx can Snxder Dnlnrr omrrxllli' uth laxnc VK annla lnehrr Marx ' nn If-xxx SFCOND RUXN M fnnltrrlx xr Dora rm Paxm v halhsrlm Amlnvx ran oar 01 Bnlmr ur ma ur x ran l ru I A ma Hardman Iacluc B rn lr 'IHIRD R KN nrlrx e Pr Patrun C. xxqull Marqarc-I Bmw mwrlxl nr! hir man Delnrr ipmerra Marx Bruce' Qu anur r 'Vlahcl Mrurrax Swlng your partner round you go One could hear such words as these upon entermg the g1rls gymnasxum, any Fr1day afternoon, as the Folk Danc1ng Club beg1ns another meet1ng These weekly sess1ons are used to learn the many folk dances of thxs and torelgn countnes as taught by the competent aclvlsor of the club Mxss M1ldred Cookerly The group exhxblted 1ts talents ln one of the better assernbhes of the year Swlng your ma, swlng your pa, and dance ' Dancmg a Norweg1an Folk Dance Fzrst Row Dons Mess man, Nancy Largent Wanda Loeber Second Row Mary Ann Lewls Ruth Layne Ioan Snyder Thxrd Row Ianet Wal lace Betty Sue Murray Su.. anne Ford C603 6 Q I R a I 1 ., 1 sw '4 V, ' - I. b A , I ' I x V 1 s , R . V , 7 1. W ' A V . ' . 1 - rss , ' - V , qv ad mr, I . V' 2 ' . . , ,. I - 1. , 1, N -. N . B ' '. I . 'l g. 1 . 8 .v ' o '- Sh ' I. sr . . 'ln , , . - . D N .. Lou L . I. : liurd. . ' I ' F . Pt RAMID BUILDILRS Alma Hardman ldornq the bagkhendl Pauline urnnl dulnq wp: Cuokerlw edxlsor Bill IOM ROVV ed true Manslneld een Loaf Lenure La aru Betty 1 thell um' Gardner Plame Simons erm Bur ell blurm Duron duet Walleye and Sanola Rob ln on ldolnq another bark lxrndr SECOND ROV! Maryune Barnard Donna Rae Garland Mabel urray Be ty mxre and Wanetta Blank lend and Carol Marhexx It s fun to be able to turn a somersault wlthout breaktng one s neck Members of the Tumbl1ng Club can truthfully say thls after a few weeks of practrce w1th1n the club under the capable d1rect1on of MISS Cookerly The group meets each Thursday afternoon 1n the grrls gymnasrum where they learn such antlcs as cart wheels Esklmo rolls aer1a1 walkovers elephant walks, and backflops The arm of the organ1zat1on IS the development of the body and rts mem bers are character1zed by gracefulness and polse gamed through partrcrpa txon rn the club s program Three Htgh wrth Sue M111 holland on top Sanoxa RObln son Mabel Murray m the second row and Betty Flshell Iune Gardner and Elame S1 mons on the bottom C611 D e 1 Q Q, . ltr. MN b f, . M B ,Q gs .Q 1' 'V , . W T . 1 V - t A - 1 3 yr Nl , I V Io Du- UN' TOP-sue Millholi , I - jf '96 Q, ovtxl DOOR TO RECREATION l , V h Pausmg m the mxdst of rehearsal the cast poses lor our photographer IUNIOR MISS Wrth Sara Lancaster Alma Dc Bouch Edward Martrn George Stem W1ll1am Thayer Dorothy Doollttle Beverly Beckman W1ll1am Streett Charles Caldwell Robert McDowell Wllllam Etsenberger lean Torbet Rosemary Ferrone Cha es McColley Ray Ice Iames Hmes The Senxor Clas presented Iumor Mrss as the annual class play on Frxday March lU The play drrected by Mrss Orpha Bonrta Prxtchard proved to be a major attalnment of the class of 44 Thts heart warmrng comedy about four teen year old Iudy Graves captrvated the audrence as the herome and her churn Fufty Adams romped through three acts ot adolescent antrcs The scene was lard tn a m1ddle class apartment rn New York durtng the early twentres Each of the nmeteen mem bers of the cast drd hrs share and as a result achteved suc cess and added another mrlestone rn 44 s march to glory C643 As Mother Dad and Fully Adams watch Iudy practrces bemg a yogl I T f,g at El 3 wi J T B I , L l t !"'53!T'1! 'grunt at -ltr 5 in 42 ffl Eff 35 -2 N '22 E5 lf 'af l I -E Ei all HJ in ik El. 'J' z-1 ' '51 'fl r 5 1 fi . .3 ,V ff -- .Q . . fi President ........,.. ,.,, .,,,.A LORRAINE KOMPANEK Vice-President ,...,, ,,, ,,,,,...A.,.,,,,, IOHN SPROW Secretary .,.A.,,....,..,Y,,,,,,..,.,,..,, ANN REYNOLDS Treasurer ,,,,,,...,.A,..,,,,,,, . ELVA MAE NESBITT Curtain! This year l943-44 is history, and S. I. D. is pleased with its contributions to that history. Regular club periods were used in the study of stage techniques, make-up problems, voice development, and play production. Two assembly programs, of one-act plays, were pre- sented during the yearg one, in Ianuary, and the other, in March. Miss Orpha-Bonita Pritchard was director of Alle- gany's only dramatic organization. ilthell nn IN artxn Lorrame om n aut drqon .1 .fm en att 1 eatetll ompltlt ina Q 11 reparation turinq Q hub uh x a xx totem L Plas? H OUIHI-UL l'Hl'SPlANb ST ROW Ioan bmnh Della I-11 on ran Snyder o ephxnt Konipdntlt H14 IVIM- N1 h1tt lxdtherine Hit! SECO VN 'Yann Ldrqent or-in Tol on bhexla Doxlt Catherine ennm Lorraine Kompanek ark Nlartm VN1ll1am Ewing ohn Sprov. Loi Hex hm.-in IWHIRD ROXY N11 rntthard adn or can lxlo Kerman Ann Martin Andrew Fuller Ann Rewnolds Kalhuine Ma Manms Barbara Bright B tx Lou ulick l'lnor4 'lroxell Marv Ellen Platt Exer tme lklitthell FOURTH ROYN an Ann Lexus ut drrell or Constante ou K an Lou Bm e Donal Ort Iames Ruhl Donald Largent David Margoli 1659 lfxvr-1111s Nl ' A r 1" K pi, .1 D 1 M , 1-, nd M g lill Pl , N 1 -' lv- p p s l A th h nl 1-xtm-ntent 1h1fh 'l av- p lr the all " K 5' E'lll'll"l'l" lllllullll lllllll-l'l'Il'lllllUltl my 1 1 - ll . 1 .. ' . i. r - J Y L ' . n'Mm'f' 1 FIR "'- 1 ' . K '11 . 1 5 , . I s - -, 3 , 'V - , ' ND RU :Q - 1. , 1 , , . A, R . I , 1 A . , " 1 , 1 ' Q ', , et I ' , I ' . . A' , t , . ' N1 g 12 h F- . El -K Knott 3 C 1 .1 A 1 , , 'gun l'Ir!a"CW 9 SEE THE STARS cz 'oo Qs 95 75 Nia ff-'mm !'.E.3"' EH' 0 Qgag 00815 2559, Sakai ,, H bfbrgg ,. DW ig 4 4 U! mai 032 aug 5255 mn 'D cn., .- 5-359 cngmgl QMCMQ 9, 'on 'E QE :. :Q -4 o. NIAR GA7l'R5 Sl ROXN l qx P an oro v mt r 0 cw af ull mer arqaret Rtehl .aruar t Qld tx tn tt l R trqmta Oq e mx x ron YN 'lt Mn t xt or are .1 nrt r t uttt N llt R J N A 1 1 r .1 tt et m Alma DeBmt ean Hess has progressed raptdly stnce the 1n1t1al meetmg tn 1942 The club has met at homes of the members and last December for the hrst ttme ventured 1nto Alle ganys observatory where they conhdently com menced therr star gaztn through a real telescope located 1I'1 our Harry Footer Observatory Wlth Mtss Betty Meyers as advtsor and Presr dent Dale Fuller at the helm Astronomy Club delves 1nto the mysterles of the solar system and stellar constellatrons Nancy Dodge ftlls the pos1t1on of vrce presrdent W1ll1am Howsare secretary and Charlotte Exley acts as treasurer Dale Fuller locates a planet through the telescope rn the observatory and Dorothy Doo ltttle records the data as to tts locatton C661 :lust t WE SEE THE VIIJVIES Here are the pro1ect1on1sts the group of boys and grrls who show our movles Once each month they screen a feature p1cture for us rn the aud1tor1urn KIOXII NlAlxl'Rx NI ROXN h N I :Fi S NDINL l'd H ff d K1 Almost every perrod of the day We hnd two or three of them behrnd proyectors showlng class room fllms provlded by the new program of vlsual educat1on Tralned by Mr Wrckard and adept at many skrlls ln the handllng of frlms and prolectors splxc mg reW1nd1ng and preparrng trlms for shrpment thrs group helps to keep the reels rollm effectrvely Wllh sc1ence soc1alstud1es Englrsh art muslc and health frlms flashmg before the eyes of Alleganys students FILM FIXERS W1ll1GI'I1 Wolfe and Franc1s Evans repalr cz broken movle fllm C677 Vr- v X I 'XNININA lu Il DDI PIC I f Af. .1 J 5 BI WEEKLY The New York Ttmes of Allegany gtver ot gosstp proponent of school Splfll and butlder of student morale plays a v1tal role 1n our school hfe Pubhshed more often than any other school newspaper 1n the county lh1S b1 weekly publtcatton won Ftrst Honor Ratmg at the Columbta Scholastlc Press Assoclatlon for the year 1943 and rece1ved the Medaltst award 1n 1942 The annual C S P A conference, held tn New York IS usually attended en masse by the Alcohl Mtrror staff and the delegates trtp IS descrlbed en deta1l each year for the unfortunate 1500 Allegantans who rema1ned at home Margaret Re1d was ed1tor1n chlef for th1s years staff and shouldered many of the respons1b1l1t1es and headaches that accompany the Job Serv1ng as the loyal advtsor Mtss Mary Murray worked to turn out a better newspaper rar: AI Nf-NN N AI IYII I1 unmin It N NDINL mam Marqoll culx and Nun rhara lt n Ilar me manaq r and Donna Matthew BOI IOM PICTLIRI' NI C XX P NI N Q XXI Imam vu am fi 7 H, II qq nrt rvlx wmv .1 I I I68I IEE HI' 'Em' E. Al Inari i temp I npflf WI aw P' IA mem mu' htm -I . -. irq .. mmx KEN! um nm. ... ind ISETQQB3 gwo.::9." s,U:,f:ggoH Hogan: ?OQ"'E'55: rQL39.,.,j HV' ...qy,.4H:Q,.A w9.B Om mo-,,,.'gD3 agmafff. Kin.. 5' ET D"Qg:1g'-1 5.401 con' wferfgkgg 'ro QHQEOQQ -9'g53:1:91 annul- ,...Q n-wsiii QfUC5",-+ CD ULSQSKRD' Q':3g,-, FIT nssragm Sg3dg5?E EOEMESQ gl? glam v1O5'5g34OE, :sm wow CH, Balm D53-J3'O:T"",., 3:1323 5:3- .... QD uzgjm u:-Lfleoff' Ham:-E'wo .-Q-"' Q .-.-"' cn'DE:19.o9' YEARLY E T1 'I ' T1 W' T1 I I wg 5 sprmg Through 'he enlrre year hard work and close coopera Iron of many people are necessary IH order to brrng out a book Wh1ch W1ll be up to and perhaps a httle over the standards set rn prevrous years In provrdmg experrence 1n one type of 1ournal1sm the Allegewr IS a splendld vehrcle I IOR I 'XIIIJDII' PICTUPI' A S01 IATF PDIIOI2 I I NINI NX ANA! I I69I ami Bfltblx BUILDII2 IIRNW ROXK :arc ax orma N our xr 1 ah m Klxraar I' N arx sFCOND ROXX rr' x ara III ROKR r Dx x X1I1rv Ifh Rohn x mx den The Boys' Hi-Y is an organization based on the platform of clean speech, clean scholarship. clean sportsmanship, and clean living. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Iohn Wolford, this spirited group finished the year with a long list of activities to its credit Definitely an asset to the school the Boys Hi Y prepared the programs for the Turkey Day Game voluntarily ushered at many school func tions and again made Loyalty Night a big success Their annual dance is always regarded by the student body as one of the highlights of the social , ,..- ,W 1121 Robert McDowell Robert Spangler fseatedl Murray Allen and Wayne Driver fstandingl are shown designing the Thanksgiving Day football Program 'X ti X It ll X year Several roller skating parties were also fea tured by the club The officers were Walter Davis president Wayne Driver vice president Robert McDowell secretary Ray Ice treasurer and Iohn Cox chaplain C7 i , . . A ,gf , . Uv. ml N'I'I.Ii.1lzYN fillQ5'lT R XX XX,tl'vv lla.-s lmz- llslrt lftl .r'X:" Rt-. ltw llmmi-' K-'ll-mar XX'llli.v-x l7,1:rtw-t X'ilhv.v llizll Alloftpit- l.1:vo- blfL,ClNlJ lr? XX' lbs'-I Rorwrrwtw Mfttvq' bw-in l+X".'-.uti ll-'ll.ert XX':llmn' H.n'lt-tr Itviw Cox tml 5-ygf, lla'-tif-1 I3 :v k'l'a:I-rs lima'-'.: XX'-u ll: -' lit viz L'Hv-FU' 'Xlz IM-P XX'ttHo:: ,t.ti,.,,, 'I' IRD FOX V- fX11:r,4x .X flue.-z' - --ll li. utr.: be 'Q lfx- - H X'-or XX zfltmf bwvlwx llurrr fX1,stl:.4rl.1'i.l Ruin: vw--qlfl XX'f,..-H lla-size lim-X I7 Q.: I ' I 1 Dorothy Doolittle Devota Shober Betty Purmton Mary Lucas and Edlth Doolittle ar ranged the baskets for our White Thanks giving "Sister members of the Girls' Hi-Y, what is our purpose?" So the initial meeting ot the year began with just eighteen girls present. In six weeks, the club had grown to forty in number, and was eager to attack projects. The members participated in varied Red Cross activities such as sewing tlling kit bags and learning to knit one purl two At Thanksgiving and again at Christmas time the club sponsored the customary collections of food for the poor and needy It supplied the ushers for all session, of the Forum and contributed o the succe s of many school activities tfll Dt'N Rlll PRN Rl Q 11.1 'x 13.1111 N M., 1 .,. A Q 1 two term 0.1, e 1 :gli amd In rq N111 lu A 1 11' 1 Y 1 rx hotm art q The activities were not solely contmed to the serious side of lite and as has been the custom in former years the Girls H1 Y sponsored a dance and numerous skating parties The year was brought to a climax in May with the Mother Daughter Banquet f' 1 , . f- - e f . .J V . F . A I I . t Q . if .Q .Q l:lRf1'l' INV-lj-'u1'.1 Stmlwi ltr gx l'i-land V :Fm ft-.meld llrlvzz ,lr 1- tl -.3 -" Rnd lit' ll:-rs? li'-:gm Grorq'r.:i.1 l'rn1-r A11-vid NYY-11:1 Uloim Nlru' Nletx 1-X111 llviritnr, iliki .' '4Y11f:,:,- R lr s 5txrlv'. llrr-l.b rgrx Ydmv U-,rigs lflnxtwtl Holm--s V1 I 11.1 Llqlvlmx Imam Yurncll 51.111 XY1Il111m- llvrttix LDA-If-11 lu-im llus- P.1r.1 L' s '1. Nlq -41111 Rzahl lmls .lt e Slum . K s blvtt-lute htmlvcl lklss lrvt-ms. .utxism 'llllllli l?fDXV--lLlr.1rm1 l'51.1ilt1 d, Do-ittw Uoolittlt- Perrin., Dipzzixv lint- .5-.ld.11. V1-1.12 Itittx. lzttixt lb-mlirrlv Lfl:t11lo1'v li-I--v MQ ' ' 1.- Frmlusl-41 l.1't,r-frm' XY.-ltf H. .mm Kfinzzli-r Snllx l.N'1ll1.1:rs Hvlw l'a:r.:,'w Kl.1r'.11v' R..pV.--tP.,1. tl-,lun Smut. Q 4 . , . , - Q 1 I - f7ll 59' ru 5 n 1 HIIUND HIJME LIXIC KIIND U D NIJINK -J Duane Prrtt pomts out the mam features of the Ioseph Klawan flood control plan t Thomas Rxchards Nancy Dodge and Eleanor Andrews As the lW1g IS bent so IS the tree 1ncl1ned If th1s be true every member of the Hlstory Club W1ll develop 1nto a model c11tzen Choo mg CIVIC problems as therr proyects for the hrst sem ester th1s organlzatlon Went all out for helpmg the communrty Volunteermg for actrve duty the members as slsted the busy l1brar1ans at the Cumberland Free Publrc lrbrary workmg approxrmately twelve hour each week Th1s C1V1CII'l1I'1d6d group has earnestly taken up the study of the many problems confrontrng the people of Cumberland Iudge Elrzabeth Memtee spoke to the club at the begrnmng of the year and rev1ewed some of the typrcal problem cases that have appeared be fore the Iuvenrle Court Sendrng monthly letters to the Allegany grad uates tn the armed forces 1S also one of the or gamzatlons act1v1t1es Mtss Mary Rrce IS the actrve faculty advrsor and Thomas Rlchards fllls the chxef executxve posltron C721 E E1 lf F73 .f lf 97 '3' 5 1- A 'f - .1 11 ,t 2 .1 , 2: E75 4? 'fi - 1' 553 5 , C I ,K is 2 ' 5 n, 7 ' ' 1. .' li sr.A'1'fi 'exam' lJ.alq.- M...qt,..' 12.-1.1 I1.t1.,ft hmntlt Hmm m,...t.,,, lm' ltw- In-,gt P.,l..!t.s v,f,..t.., 4+.,t.+..t tit.-to lutslzlcx ?'l'A,' ,V I-'l'lon..v Rnlmrtls Nxmvu-' RH --ts I.t.l XXtIl!.m- lf'-vlw--It 'ln wll Nlv- lxlnxx Hsu' .ttlxn-or 5 1 E 5: E' E ' F 5 1 2 . ' 35 ,. 1 'l 5 k A H , a E 5 3 it 1 E E Q . . .. V S. 1 . . . ' s . , D l y . I DUW THE HUIIIJ Quren habla dos lenguas vale dos hombres A better knowledge ot the Latm Amerlcan countr1es IS the arm of the Spanrsh Club Meetmgs were held Weekly at the Pubhc L1 brary when Sparush was the only language used The members played games sang songs and transacted busmess rn Spamsh Among the outstandrng act1v1t1es ol the club were the sponsormg of the observance of Pan Amerlcan Day arranglng exhrbrts on Latln Amer rca and the presentahon of an assembly program Leaders of the club were Presldent, Martha Shaner Secretary Sh1rley Matthews and Eleanor Andrews Treasurer Eleanor Andrews Martha Ewmg and Don aldyn Hmze arrange a Naczmrento clrsplay AI SI GIRLS FIRST ROW'-lv.rrr I'Ir-- lil!-4:1-rr .-Xndrmw Shrrlu Nlatrheus. Marrhd Shaner. Nancy' Dodge, Charlotte' Exlev, r Rogers, adxtsor. SECOND ROXY-Dorrxrlm Duwlrrrle, Derma Shober. Marv Xxlxlllams. Slargaret Reid, Martha Ewmg, Helen MtDuffre THIRD ROXV-Alrrm DrBortrI. Yarn., Grow, Vxrginrd Gglebav Bern' Haney Donaldlyn Ilrnze Frances Arthur 1739 WITH PE ANI! PE EIL OFFICERS BEVERLY BECKMAN Prestdent DONALD FULLER V1ce PF9Sld9Uf DOROTHY ELDER Secretary Treasurer KRT I-INVNILH N II LACJIA BOUND If IJ N YN The alm of th1s orgamzatlon under the dxrec t1on of Mrs Bruce IS to gtve to all tnterested puptls an opportun1ty for self growth tn a parncular phase of art Whlch IS selected by the 1nd1v1dual pupll and to part1c1pate ID Natlonal Art Contests Types of art pursued durmg the year mclude drawmg lettermg destgnmg modelmg effect of color and apprecxatlon Club meetmgs were used for sketchlng mo deltng pa1nt1ng and lettertng Contemporary ar llSfS were stud1ed by the club and several local ar ttst spoke at rneettngs ACl1V1l19S for the school rncluded the makmg of posters easonal decoratlons arrangmg exh1b1ts and ln general rnaklng the school a more attracttve place for learmng 1747 ARTISTS AND MODELS Do othy D1CkS and Betty Haney sketch a ltvmg model Mary Sherk IESTH NI ROXN Iame Hme ean Hess Burrow oqell Kar 111.11 14 h D rx :uma 11 dr lwlu 11 Nldrum .str nnr Xkolte ohm KI1 -f SPCOND RO N hleanm r Brddlur 111 1 R1 har 11 Sun: rn or ar er 1 1 mm enner 1 op an 1 mm :rw om an S 1 x nhdrd S111 ondld dupm 1l ard mae 1 d eth o ms hd11 N1 noch! Rupprnthdl o err Martm l' an rr ur une cox P IR nan X 11 u 114 rar 1 mm Hex 1 1 X Frances Arthur Phyllxs Webb Donald Paupe Wxlham Frrey Edward Martm Burton Pogell Dorothy Doohttle w1th Charles McCol ley at the p1ano chspense a llttle harmony I7 Under the d1rect1on of M1ss Dorothy W1ll1son the Allegany Hlgh School Orches tra demonstrated 1ts versat1l1ty through out the year Its th1rty e1ght members have prov1ded the school w1th much hne mus1c In March an assembly program was presented by the group and 1n May lt played an unportant part m the success of the Sprmg Concert The orchestra partlcrpated n the County Mus1c Festlval and prov1ded muslc at all the assembhes The fmal appearance was at Commencement EXGTCISES FRO " ' ' s -, I , . P I , t-- Rn! rdf D v otrlwle Mn ' li ' R h ds l . 1 . ' 1. C' ta ' . I n QQ .' X 'f ' 1 ll lid 'MII R : An. 1 d- li: wr -. I" fl KI' 1 Id lr VV ll - K h B sh , Al VV ll' N M. l. sv .-lt-11 XXX-lst., 'HIIRD ROW'-I' -lx Q111-I R ' Q- . U P ', R h R El :'h H I X C rw Nltlll mdltl ll1.111h1-11s111. . . I ' R b kr' rcs A h I All , FC L TH RUNS'-l?11sv 1 lst-:ru -- VI sr-1, .im-.1111 l'lxll1- XV1fhh Rh- ro-- .11. P ' xr XV Il F . XVIIQ111 Vulti- V 1 . . . 1 GI WITH EEIJLE A Il THREAD OFFICERS KATHRYN MAUK Presrdent CHARLOTTE GARDNER Vrce Presrdent BETTY Io DUMIRE Secretary IEAN ANDREWS Treasurer LL Dbl t-R MC Bch DOLLS AND BOOKS Betty Io Dumlre and lean Andrews study real dolls cmd The Story of My Dolls sF UND ROVN S h Cl t als The makmg and studymg ot a vanety of types of dolls w1th the hope of developlng the des1re to collect dolls as a hobby IS the GIIII of th1s newest extra curr1cu1ar group Study was made of storybook anlmal clothes p1n and fore1gn dressed dolls The creahon of mar tonettes and puppets was also attempted by many ot the members The years hrst act1v1ty was the showmg ot each members own collectlon of dolls Followlng th1s ex h1b1t1or1 the group engaged rn a proyect of maklng stuffed rag dolls Model1ng of heads feet and hands over clay to make masks for dolls was the prtnctpal act1v1ty ol the second semester C757 AND VUICES THU xT ROV 'Vl 1 lx n 4 x rwr crrnn reeman rr no ltr e orr arnard Kat rwn ahada Helen VN el mrfrld l'VIxQl ax Fran rt ur Ian Ro emarx I' rronc larlene Hardman E ranor Andrexx N, romn O xald ar Iran L rrxlrff arqar r fx 1 Nx xra lN lrc Q Plranor X arnqn NPCON O N Ixran udx Dorm x Hpnrx Ixhldrui arrr r x ur nn 14 an arx Immun e tm r I ma ue P r en mnh on unc unc A dax Eleanr racllord 5 ra li rl x rr ar a 0 Ian Nur ma Rcxno L1 an lr' oar Aca Rornarm lxavhrxn Richard u on u arqar r N1 on p fx x an ar e x o lex r xxard r-nlnns Dams' ohn on rank Ntoxx an rx Iam ro fr ar In o n xrcr u rm mn qxxar artm 1 ram haxrr X I nm F1 .a rf- f 4 ar 2 1 rx II Ixrfz-r P1 hard Brotrmarl- f- iran vx Nr cr Vx rllnam Ixa x Th1S year Allegany boasts the largest and best M1xed Chorus the school has ever had Harmonlous VOICES hlled w1th qualzty balance and range surged ahead under the capable d1rect1on of Mrss Dorothy Wllll son l1tt1ng sp1r1ts at the Chrlstmas program and other assemblles Rotary Club Meet rngs County Sprlng Festlval, Sen1or Ser rnon and the Sprlng Concert OCTET The cream of the of select vocahsts rs sent Allegany Thelr crop lh1S small group often chosen to repre clear l1gl'1t vo1ces rrng out at var1ous local club meetmgs church programs and assernblles Under Mxss Dor othy W1ll1son s d1rect1on they have attamed a h1gh musrcal goal Mrss W1ll1son drrectmg the Octet Edward Martm Charles McColley Rosemary Perrone Helen Smrth l.o1s Stme Kathryn Rrchards Leonard Ferrone and Glenn Stewart Eleanor Andrews rs the accompamst 7 FIRI' '-. lss XVI so . al . I . 'rw F . Ed h D I I . D s B . h 4' S . ' sh. xx' - I 'mtv-, - A h , 1- Hess, , I Af 2 , 1 , f, I , ,., , M ., T xcs 5'h . Nl I 6 XY lf' . 'I I h ll. Z Y A ld, .41 .'D R X I-V I h ' '. ' ' ll s. Be 1' Cr-ssna. R h A e R h I-, M - . X Br lr. XVI S 1 l , H I S . I. s S , I I x xr B , Ha 1' cle- Iam' lfha M th lm . gcr .' ' IK I k L , I . - ' , - - ., D I -s T lx. Nl y e . Imre. D s A X-'. Herr' BI lx, THIRD ROW'-Ch I s M'C I V. El ' I ' . I I 5 F .' . Fr L C It. XVIII Sh ul. Rohrr M v , I h Yr I . E g - FI . El CI M . VV II T ' , V111 rc-x' Urxn Ill If sh Ifxhu Sh xhrr Irluxwl Prnt v, Rirh II Rows D x :I Ur xr. Pa I ' . 4' 'I , , I ' ,I II , ' ' Q- I . I l 1 I77I Rosemary Ferrone, Helen Smith, Virginia Oswald, Kathryn Richards, Sara Berkley, Iackie Loar, Earlene Hardman, Vivian Iudy, Lois Stine, and Ada Romaine appear in a scene from the Thanksgiving Day Program PHIJM G L5 "Sound your do, re, mi, girls." Similar re- marks from Miss Dorothy Willison greeted the Choral Club every Tuesday afternoon. Some eighty girls gathered around the piano to spend an enjoyable hour singing-an hour away from books, classes, and assignments, when all could pour forth sweet, harmonic strains of music. During the year, the club took an active part in many school functions, and presented both a Christmas and an Easter assembly. The group also appeared in the Spring Festival at Fort Hill in the annual Spring Concert and before numerous civic organizations The final appearances of the group were at the Senior Sermon and Commencement I ATN fd ll' af xr x it .1 r lmr arqar dn X 1 1 .1 r. T1 ut Nl- UND ROXX N X i 41.1 l'xrrxriN.1 r 1 K i r iM Num rr 'K in 11'-iir tr ri mil xxra rh D x rr fr rn dy rqt 1 1 FIRST Rt NY-Rusfrxieirx lit-r:wxv lcdzi lit-M Yfiz' .1 Y.-r1.1 l .nil--w li.4rt1'1.1' l .r Azxrrrxx- M F mf. gk ,mg illzu' Sh lmr X' -I "I-1 iles. l i l:r Nic- A '. Nix". x ll-wiqv Nl,-r",1 l'-tx vu: lil -r-"u 1 XX . -'rs Nl at Puri Al K' ll nv - Til 'di i'UNNuf1"' -Q lc .U Yfii-wr: iiiixzswr livnfy 5:'1'f lm s EW'-' l:iv.11wr XY rj--lti 'ah ' Qth ti. 4 mari vlic 5'l.CrlI.w11gr Xxflrtia Swell' . lfii vi: llfirris lfiv.1"rwr Hrmff-tri Nbr" .. l,i1':,:': ll-rr:-. lfhvr: , . . Bc ' I,-v ,1, fill K . M lnmg ' Do s l.amas'r-r lain' lfiwr' lburzs .-'Xpsvx K.1rf'r'." IQi.:.,r.1s llf.--' Xl - .J llmzs HA ,.r t S I him i vii lllllpl l-UFXX'--llr-r-wrl'x' llvnrx ll Sl XY.if'w:' l.',.--w'.- l:rr-':v'.i:' lftivi' IJ iitr :1"f-- l4..'r :'X::' R.-liurtts KV: mn lutiv Sin' Kia wmv- XX':m cd Klrllln-lex latin- l,-mr Cl.1wl.t Allvra Shri l,+-iz:-v li--"Arr ll-"'x His- - l'.i'iu r.: .-'X-ttits Nu in Run-vltls A . Rum.n:1 luv 1' B.-.r..,,t lx ltlcltx flvssfm llr-11' lui Kin It r-'Y Ki-ml-' .V it .fltrinx i78l PHUM li Y5 The Glee Club is a musical organization composed of boys from the upper three grades. There were thirty members in the club this year. The purpose of this organization is two- fold: first, to direct and acquaint the members with good vocal musicg and secondly, to pro- vide an opportunity for the group to spend in- formal periods When the gang can group itself around a piano and "simply sing." During the year, the Glee Club appeared in several school assemblies and participated in the Spring Concert. The boys, with the help of Miss Willison, have completed a year of achievement in music and also added to their own personal enyoyment 1 H4 Edward Martin, Charles McColley Leonard Ferrone, and Edward Iene kins practice a number with Miss Willison at the Hammond organ. SI ROW N11 X 1 1 x L1 ttdrtw 1 XX1 1.11 s 1- ur 41 N UND ROKR ru 1l1 ex 1tt'.1r1 x 1 ox r ox mlb 11 1 :ali TH XX X1 r 1l1am l't'ax r at Ar 1rr1 c ir ri 411 FIR." A '-. s- X' llrvz' XY Qi,a11r1 l"la1I-ul: R11 hard Broil-nznrnlc UQ 1a "roxy Xhvel-P Liam loin C11 ' ll nt .nh 11 . St' 1lex B1-hor Burt-x 51. fr. . tiff .A '-Etiuttrtl lv. ns XVI C1111 Ka-1 R , 1 Ro xc bnvilcx M llir, Fl .1 P nr R ' C' 1 N pa .' K1-ith-r li rr' Ymzcr lfngirzv f'i:nr Hnrtwlti Fr vnu Do: l Frost' IRD RU '-X ' ll1.1111 F: Cx XY l ' . 'C E 1 11 BL rt Daniel lvhzvwz l:ra:1Rl.:t Coit. lirmzi Stone All rt ltr I, Cha 'Cs 511-C-'cs lxurtnrti flcrrnttr f79l I! ST ROXN Patrxua Dunmxre can 0 Hartles cnmr wrnqnlz nr a ur nnt 1 aunt' um In lunar umm nr tx 1 mson cola r om am uma Stu-I arqartr NK I If um nu an Nu tr NPCOND ROVN 4 I n r onalm Smathln trnar a 0 lurqtanna earn x 1 4 tw t mx I n Imt or q I s an urn A tx an butt x R VN Frame Arthur Donald Humturl on It ard out umrhtnt cv and 1 almlh Io mf- FOU ROVN r 1 Itord marthmq director brcqorw IK llllr a hrrme Ion c arx ux Q nn 1 t tC.1IIu 1 ndrd Martm F ank Kun Dona L aupx Glen Stuxarr lrnarn lur n anm or 0 rrt uland xt ard 4 In rr RO Stan ex IN: tr Ixcnncth I op N1 ram xmw 'Ihoma utnha on Ilaxlrx unter ummm t are r trt artm ann mxrr Vtulllam Xko N 4 x 'ik-., T 1 Fxfty f1ve blue and wh1te clad mus1C1ans plus a drum mayor mne flag swmgers and four tw1rIers made up the Allegany I-hgh School Band Basketball games, football games and all the other sports events would lack a great deal of color and spmt wmthout the muslc and pageantry presented by the band The band has played at bond ralhes 1n CIVIC parades at the Allegany County Honor Roll dedlcatlon and numer ous other occas1ons Durlng the year the band presented a concert as an assembly program and contr1buted to the success of the annual Sprmg Concert The school proudly boasts that many of the former band members are now members of musfcal orgamzatlons m the armed forces V ,A .4 .f I4 ,I . FIRf '- r ', I 1- n EI. XY. A I. R tw I. I1 Im - S1:vr. CII-rm Mmt, M III k s. I,- tl If' '. SI' Ir' VN' Ik , Th I lm K p 'IM VVI f - -. M - ' Iv r. Rr-g ' F Iuka. NI ' Imn ,Vw . ff ' '-In I lcv. R I Q r - . Br d BI It . G' g P Ph 'IIs VV-hh. R I-cr D '. Iuh Klum' I. -- I' In., Iirtt' BI lr. D s ps-x "ki ' ' 'Ig 'I'I'II D RO '- s , ' K , R -I1 R -. D ' - P I . EI : ' I I N, R'I'II '-N . VKW . ' A r . R R j I m C t ' I s . M A' Lo s Be I'r, Ct1.1rI-- INIHK EI ' ' , r ' I , Il P '. R f Q r . FII"I'H ROVV-B- I Sr '. S : r F d. R Iv P , R 'hz S I1 dl . SIXTH VV- I V' 'IlI'. ' I3 sh ,. Y ' II I: rr ', ' N H ' 's ' H , Sa I:.wr4I. Rrh I St-II R uh' M I 'X Ilf . ' ' Ifr, if 'Q - Q X . -. . . . S, ' I . . . . iff .K ' I 4 X , x l . . ' " ' xx I ' 41 X is -:X - U .H YH. h R t V UU ,N X ' P it ' 'fr x M - ' uw' vL ' lg. I . A 5 k Q ' II X I A . ,fu 4 Q t8UJ Mrss Donorr-uf W1L1.1soN Ma lor-IN Wouonn Muszcal Director Marchzng Director B FLAT Corwrr AND TRUMPET Frances Arthur Robert Floyd Iames German Catherme House Thomas Hutcheson Voncrlle Lohof Robert Martm Charles McColley Charles Pzper Edward Reynard Margaret Ruppenthal R1chard Sell Bernard Sltter Ronald Sheathen B-FLAT Tnomsouss Wllllam Flrey Donald Humbertson Georgeana Pearce Rlchard Rowe Phyllls Webb SOPRANO SAXOPHONL lack Wrlhams TENOR SAxoPHoNr Robert Poland ALTO SAXOPHONE Kenneth B1shop Dorothene Polan 1 Helen Welsh FRENCH HoRNs Ernest Screen Iames Snyder Fwrss Ellzabeth Holmes Donald Paupe FLAG SWINGERS Margaret Wolfe lean Srzer Reglna Fradlska Ruth Labor Palrlcla Dumlre Mary Iane Scott W1lma Lee Steele Marcla Hardman B FLAT CLARINETS Mary Lou1se Bender Robert Doty Saumle Ford Susanne Ford Dolores Hamllton Iohn Klme R1chard Loudermllk Neale Nesbltt Edward Martm Arnold Polmt Sh1rley Shaffer lack Stltely Catherme Wolfe E FLAT CLARINETS Betty Blank TwmL1:Rs Maxme Hawklns Theoda Lee Kompanek Glorla Mont Sh1rley Wrlkmson Q--4 4-Q --4 IAQ NXKlNf N ROLL Nlarqint XX If rqx rrl ar 1 n Plcanr VN am q ld BOTTOlNl ROLL R wh lahmr Vkxlma c lf Parrxcla Dnmlrx H l Pl RS nq xt f Iona f nard ermn xr mx 1 ln vl'll1Pxala lxnmp nel lsr- V.. . ' ,' 11 , . . . , g V . A - . l j P ' x ,W .W , . + se. +.f 141, ' 'V' . l' V . . . - . WF' ' . , . . . . V1 LL I Q I ' +1 at ng' 'Q skin, , ' . 'row '- , V .- I2 u M Ifm' El?Cm0f Wflmgold lima. lean swf, SECOND Roxx'-iw..-.yn lla mv. M X- 1-.. sum. 3 .f ' - ' -rx . V- u . f . ' Sr r , K v. ,mo 9 rm 1. .1 tm. t.. rll ,-, MW, r1ar.r.n., I..-, F Sh ltr' xx lk NU., ,ut r A ' .. N1 '1 11111 11 1 111 N 111 111 111 .-111111 111111 Hr1q111 1111 H1111 N 1 NIJ li 11 1 1 11111 A 111 111111141 111111 1nn11 1 1 1 11 and 11111 11 1 a 1 11111111 .1111 N 1 .111 1 11 1 13111111 1 1 11111 411111111 1111.11 1 1 7 X 1 a ar 01111 .1111r .1111 11 a mn 1111 1 1r 11 1111 11111 11 1' 111 1 11 1111 111 111a 1 1111 P11111 1 11 1q 1 V 11111111 au 1 11111 1 ra 1 nan 11 11111111 1 a 11111111 1 1111111 L11 101111111 1? V1 11 1 an 11' 1 11 1 A1 wr A1111 11111111 1a11 ar 111 ran XX 1111 111. r1 p 1 Phan Crra111r 11 111 111 11 1 1 1'1 11 A11 1 11 11111 1' 111 11 111 1 11111 Nm Barbee Sue Mansheld Barbara Brlght Cwen S,-muh Shlela Doyle Elame D1amond and Everstme M11 chell appear 1n a scene from Hands Clasped Round the World The lumor Choral Club deserves much prarse for 11S excellent performances throughout the year VOICES har monrzmg perfectly have added a sp1r1t of en1oyment to many school programs w1th a var1ety of songs Exghty talented VOICGS spread Chrlstmas cheer at the Balt1more and Oh1o Statxon th1s year when the g1rls sang carols for the soldlers passmg through Cumberland Colorful plans for a most unusual assembly program Hands Clasped Round the World were carrred out by the group w1th most e11ect1ve scenery contrlbuted by Mrs Bruce and her art students The songsters were also :nded IH th1s program by the folk dancers As they s1ng the1r way through llfe Allegany real1zes what an at 1r1bute thrs club KS to the school 1821 17lR."' RUN '-Ka 11 ' 11111, l.111s A -1-1, 1311111 D. 11s M4 -- .'l11-11 M. - 15111-n PIA11, 1311.1 M.111 N.-+111 111- 1,1111 11111111 .711 M' , Ha . . , , 1' 1 ' 1 1-. .HC L' 11 111'-D11 1 'l'11-1111111, 1211111 l1'l1'1l11'111111. M " 1 M 111. 151- ' 5111- K.111 111 R' 1. Phjll 1 M llh ll N. I.. q11111. D111 F11I11111, H1-11 - 111 D -. P- ' 11-11111-. N 1 - I.: g -111, 1 1 1511-1 111-1, B1-11' KI ', K 1' - Sell. M. 4 -1' R1-svll. 'l'1llRl RO 1'-111-1-11111111-11 F 11111-, C11 I I s, 111111111 D111111, M' 1.111 VX' 1 , Ina 1 S11 1- ', D 1 S h, Na Ill' M'C ll gh, 11 1' VV11 111-. A R ' lls. B111 - K l 11, 1, . 11 s 1'.1n B 1 g-1, Sa Ian- l.1'11. 1- S1111-1: M: - S 11 de. E11-rs111111 M ' - , M ss XVI 1 . al 1111, 7 " O '- 1fl1-a1111r Tl11'. Su D 111, 111-l1-11 XY1lI, H1- 1-1-11' XX' 1 , Herr- T '11 . Fl - 131. 11, 1- M q 1 1 '- 11, Ol 1 'I' -ssl1-1 ,711 11. rs. 1.1 '11 11. 1-L. 111. 1111- 1111111.11 Ha 11 - 5111- l11.1s11.-111 I1-an 111-111 151. M. K 1111 Br - 111 r a11 S111-I1 IM-1lv 12 - Q ith, 1 1 EI UNIIJH HIGH The provmg grounds for asp1rants In Instrumental mus1c the Iunlor H1gh Orchestra and Band under the dlrectron of MISS Dorothy Wllllson have made notable contr1but1ons to the musIcal actIvItIes ot the year The orchestra although comparatxvely small pre sented a coord1nat1on of Instruments whlch produced ex cellent mus1c tor the Iumor H1gh Assembhes and the Iunlor H1gh Concerts Made up of begmners, who are Interested In learn Ing to play var1ous Instruments the Iumor Band made raprd progress and capably performed In the Iumor H1gh Concerts Proneers In mus1c, these young people deserve the praxse and encouragement of all other mus1cal organ1zat1ons Ill llllIlI XII ,s ,-.f"-X Y: fs xxx Nl Ina 1 IC Ir rn an I a Ilh Pl an In are aura rnun tx IIIrax nrt I I omw I In Is rhh B1-tvx can lN4C,arrx NF O D ROW Marqarvr RII rll Alpha Phan l vhqr Ma h xx IIII amz' II Inq I-rnarn ah xnn roxc It arc on f'rmI arls' a h 5 R I 'K t II l'll n II ouqh on mI I I Ison dIrcntnr WIllIam rs-vland oruvn I 1m I rr all. lxrrl In t83l ,F 1 I. U ul 1 . I, Q X I I - X J - - - - . 1 w - N . . . . , .M-if X f ,.....i. . . . . 1, Q, Q M I 7 ' 5 . . . . ,A ll K . . L , , , " l I ll I ' ' ltllll' llll I 5 A' n A' I 1 Ill IIIRJ' RUXN'eR. ll 5. . I. , M - lil: I.- B M R -I. I., L B . H.. M - V. Hr . II..-. Th ,. II...I.- ...... NI- w , V I If -. 5 .C N '- . ss H - I.-...V s ...... D. .I.I 0... I X P I , B I Bl -. L. G . R -I. I I. .I II., CI. . N IIIIIQI .1lir.v.., Na i .- M.C ll l . D N 5 II., M VV'll . I - . ' F . G 1 MICIHII. l'r A I MII ,I I ' I Q. . 9' Q, 0929 DQOR T0 VICTORY Fur lctnr Once agaxn our teachers were called upon to 1ssue ratron books As usual they gladly answered the call because they realtzed that th1 was but another step down the road to vlctory Drgl Drgl D1gl well all rrght Who says Vlctory Garden dont grow? Arnb1t1ous Alleganlans ol Mrs McKenz1es sclence classes brought rn samples of the1r produce provrng that they have been suc cessful gardeners P1ctured below are Donald L1lya who won hrst prlze for attractrve dlsplay Betty blue rrbbon Wrnner who the best vegetables and Webster one of the 1udges the harvc the most Hrnzman exhrbrted Ralph R adrnrrrng I fl , ' 's . . .1 , . . S , , . . A , , , , . 1 I .. -,- .1 if if ',, 'z yy -' in af' Bellevmg that ma1nta1n1ng morale of the F1ght1ng Men IS a Sp9C1Gl 1ob here on the Home Front the teachers act1vely part1c1pated m and supported the Nat1ona1 War Fund Commumty Chest Campargn The school was awarded a gold star for exceed1ng 1ts goal and the schools of the crty went over the top m atta1n1ng the goal 1nd1cated tn the above ptcture at the open mg d1nner of the campa1gn W1th the manpower shortage lass1es have bravely as urned posmons as pro1ect1on1sts n the v1sua1 educatxon program These dauntless mov1e showers Sara Lancaster Max1ne Hawklns Mary Catherme Vogel and Edna Huff battle great odds to keep those t1lms roll1n H1 evident in the schools, Allegany ' s . . . . . 5 , , , Another busy Ob1eCl1Ve of the schools wartlme program IS the effort to make the greatest pos s1ble number of pupxls physrcally f1t to carry on as members of the armed forces or as effrcrent work er To the rrght IS a class n phystcal educatlon under the dr rectron of Coach Bowers U5 THE TU Wlllllllll Grubb Horace Stall mgs Charles Axresman Wrlham Keller Robert Br1dges are boys from the student body who are enhsted rn the Mmute Men organ1zat1on constxtuted for home defense The members are structed m m1l1tary prachce close order drrll rest and held man euvers The school offers a course aeronautrcs dealmg w1th the con structron and pre fllght manxpu latlon of all types of Amerrcan burlt planes ln the plcture M Wolford the mstructor pomts out to a group from the class the de slgn the locatlon ana use of the xnstrument panel NI . A I . A' . . ' N ' . ' . ll flu . . . I Cm li f t f y Nl ,I . ' ' y IC A N P l H Y, S , . A ' . I n C . . . Ak ' I. s. . ' A , ' i4 F , ' I 1 T N E S S x- ' f A li . R , y t If N . . U M t A l A I ,f C . S px l 2 fi s f88l W LL UU THE B The school has seen that the present emergency demands that every effort be made to mcrease the supply of personnel framed tn the apphcatlons of physlcal sc1 ence Our graduates wlll be called upon to put physxc to work 1n the defense xnclustrles 1n the c1v1l servxce and tn the armed forces To the rxght Iames O Neal Robert Troxell and Allen Hart study the X Ray tube whlle Lawrence Grove computes the reslstance of a w1re by means of the Wheatstone Brxdge Wtth hopes of future enhstment m the an corps Lawrence Grove Elmer Shank Frank Burton Iames Cook and Charles Axresman study navlgatlon meteorology code practlce hlstory of avxat1on and plane constructlon as cadets m the C1v1l Au Patrol iza- inf For v1ctory the school trams boys ID the fundamentals of me chanxcs reahzmg the lmportfmce of thls phase of phYS1CS 1n the ul ttmate success f the armed forces To the left Wllllam How sare and Tom R1chards study the mechan1cs of the mclmed plane DUI 'UUH HIT S C. R .-X Betty Lou Vogel proudly pomts to a portton of an elaborate and dxsttnctlve honor roll erected 1n the rotunda of the Crty Hall t commemorate the names of the men and women 1n the armed forces ID World War ll Thls honor roll was made poss1ble by contnbuttons from the fourteen thousand pup1ls Allegany Countys schools in To further aid the war effort, and with the hopes of Dlinging "Truth or Consequences" to Cum- berland the school engaged in a mammoth scrap paper collec t1on To the left rs shown a group of Senlor g1r1s actxvely engaged ln the drlve To our sorrow a small school rn MISSOUTI won f1rst Dlace tn the Natlonal Contest We were happy to t1e Plttsfxeld Mass achusetts for second place To a1d 1n keepmg the morale of forces on a hxgh plane the Hts tory Club sponsored a le r league for the purpose of sendmg monthly letters deahng w1th the news and act1v1t1es of the school to graduates ln the servtce The success of the project ts proven by numerous replies tn wh1ch the men and women of the servlces express thexr appreclatron ln the pxcture IS the whole club wxth ad vlsor Mlss Mary RICG composmg addressmg and stampmg another lssue f the rr nthly VICTOTY letter ll . A F . IJ ' I ' I. I . X' . IC H A ' 0 . . , I . N ' . O U . ll 4' g 'C R ' in ' , I. l, Ii tj . . . gf s ' 1 1 Allegany's members of the armed 'I' ' tte H 1 . . Ii Pk .I I. ' L F ,v .4 E E ' 1-3 g y y y A 1: ' , U' t ,y l t lv ' c., to ' If ' . KQUJ PUB VIIITUHY A new art technique is in the experimental stage at Allegany as members of the art club make menu covers t b sent to th Navy for use on Chrlstmas and other holrday menus Dorothy El der rs feedmg the paper whrle Beverly Beckman club presrdent IS pulltng the squeegee and Vrvlan Iudy arranges coptes for drymg The greatest ard of all for the ultrmate vrctory 1S actual partxct patlon ln the conflrct that wrll brmg that vt tory Eleven mem bers of the class of 44 because ot the-rr ages were rnducted mto the servlce on February l l944 T ey are f m left to rrght the plcture Wayne Drlver V1n cent Thompson Wrllram Howsare Stdney Goodman Merle Klme Frank Burton Ru sell Bucy W1l bur Hull and Arthur Rush rence Grove and George Wads worth are not prcturedl May they help m wrnmng the vrctory and return to emoy the peace' NI A K I In the machrne shop formerly o erated by the N Y A e Board of Educatron offered an extensrve course IH machme shop practlce ln the prcture are shown Fred Beeman Ward Iamlson R1chard Long Iohn Mertens Fran cts Beck and Leon England t work at varxous types of metal workmg machtnes up o e e N 4 y 1 cs y g t NI . , '. H A N lf 5 NI .-X C y 1 II p , . ., th I , f . li U . ' f s F ' V G H A A t U P . f ' , ,, an N 4. N 1 . ' t Y ll h , ro 'I , in 'kj lv - ' - A t Ll y ', T , Q , 'f eg A, I f t j A 0 ' . A N C913 UPF THE HEEUHD '- Y Jabra Plate lunches looked good ln the cateterla where L cr:-am sandwrches were as rare a yewel It looks about to get our glamour happy? Why? snowball 15 best of one of Is Dorothene nxght J-Q Ah' To pass out when such nurses PNG Clfb F L F0 The nxght before the the student flnds a seme work a lrttle too much for The sun d1al has Preparatlons fxnlshed student hmshed N w f a lrttle qood clean relaxatron glven up rn th 'natter of Colle tlng I dues f9Zl The Fountam ot Yruth' Bubbllnq fve-r wrth enth qrader X " . f 4, ' . s . s' l l l , , t 5 l l l l l l l " " ' ' ' . o or I' ' L -W4 sw. l t l fi ,,., N pf ' f' I ' f, . ,P v' .V 'lf' I at Nw, ,. .1 ' YH X as in th, hrspital urn - A gg Q l I V SEV' THAT WE BUILT THE BO0K Th1s IS the book that we bull! :QI GQWI A 1 s K- nf-xbj M' These are pages ' 1' That came from the ' ' book that We bullt 1 H kr 1 A Axel! falgkfk' hese are the photographers That made the p1ctures That Went on the pages Nm: lc ts 16 the engraver, That turmshed the cuts, That came from the photographer s pxctures. That Went on the pages, That came from the book that We buxlt C943 ,-'B - '1x'z'j.,: , ff . ' 23-- x ' - I " Y.,-J -112.5 . x 'J-,E-In ' 34 53 xi T , Aw-'F x- . :.i51jf?e5: .5 - .Z "agL,1fL-5, '4',-'La'-,Q-yy 5"1,', ., ,, z -,ab 544: 1,5 Af .-Q if ' Q -.g.f.,,.-, ,e w ...-f-1, ?k.v,.y ., 4 ,ui ,I .,,rfN,.fS A '- 2- ' 4' A-5'f3'i,25? 2 . , '--1-"' -1 -1'Q.f'.1P4'.f? . T ' QQ, ' 251' 1 tfvw- J' Zi. - , K1 ' ' I :Bite , NIL? +1 f 5-3 , s HL, -f ' ft' .,, in Q ., 5 'F ".,3."' 55.3" . L fx f 5 y I'.I3?.,g::! ' l'f,',f.:'1'.' A .QQ ..-, 944 -.vt ., T. -'-.,fn-Q,-186511, . 1 f' ' fi' 6-'L"1f"f"r1' ff' A S719 fg. AJEIQH' 'SK Lan -AAL ' S1 ' A .ri T , , , UR' K ' IV'N"f 7" Ih ls...1.tmi Wt. I N That came from the book that We bu11t , Mr., This is the printer, That printed the cuts, That came from the photographers pictures, That went on the pages That came trorn the book that we built. These are the people who sold the ads That That That That That That made possible the money paid the printer printed the cuts came frorn the photographer s pictures went on the pages came from the book that we built. S 'll-D N1 N ANDINC X Uq INNDIN1 These are the people who sold the book That That That That That That lilo was made possible by selling the ads paid the prlnter printed the cuts came from the photographer s pictures Went on the pages came from the book that we built Yer, thus is mf nook that vm ozrii A rf-cord of H10 school 'fm lovf And The Clcwsfls wf- 11101, Oi pcoplri knfi-W, And fun ww had ,-5 .:Aw1r, j kf'w.1wQLX3xN Thls IS l I ,QW FIU, vs f AI XQF Ill' LLEBEWI nf 191111 QU HELEN MCDUFFIE Edmoz PEGGY POLAND Assoczcfe Editor HAROLD C WICKARD Adv sox DUANE PRITT, Business Manager vwwhnzzqm, UPEN DUIQIH ffieniq and llfne Pwmmf of Jfafzfzurewi .A r If AHVEY S EWELHY .-MXN-, lI1sl11l111l111s 1 X I XSS Rl 1104 ll 1s1l0s to 1111 1 us 0 191 WTBO 1-150 ON YOUR DIAI 1111111111 11 311111111111 111111111111s!111 111 Nlflltlll Compl ments of e George F Hazelwood Companv l Offlgc and Y ard H vxaxd St Luml Lrl and Md 1 1 1 'I 11f -ULIC HN ' HIGH SCIIUHI, 11 .1 NLS M. i :11.-.- f 1 .1 Th Y ww 111-lleml lIo11Ir11'i1nw ' 1 A 2 1' f 1. 1 .'.U, V2-0".'. v . . . 1 71 3 1 ' 'ULD COMPLIMENTS OF Georges Creek Coal Company MURPHY BROS QUALITY FOODS f0SllllllfI II ll ll I ITIIITYII 107 LeFevre Street 0' 2011 PHONES 2017 PAULS FLOWER SHOP 60 N rth Ce tre Str Telephone 791 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND 1 nnzplunf nts 0 'IHE TRI STATE MINE AND MILL SUPPLY C O 510 COMMII CI STR! T CUMBI RI XNID MARYLAND 3285 HO 1 9 000 . A' -L j --i V . l 'S 000 , .. , Q -1 ,vi 9 0 n Pet .. W K J 0 000 I 412 Qi ' ' ili I f 2 .f P, 32S-i-Rl1ones- ff 11 flllf' I oCf1t1011 01111 B 0 P P S Flower Store 75 Baltnmore Street Cumberland Maryland lll s Toy Shop I10Ilf1llllf1l'f0I s 51101 llll I owls PARTY FAVORS 5-1 N Centre Street CONGRATULATIONS Ward N Hauger 11110101 ll S Centre St Phone 4387 Lxberty Trust Bldg Cumberland Md COMPLIMENTS HABEEB S Flower Shop 26 N MECHANIC STREET Phone 2765 BURTON S Fon fllotlle That loo food ml 129 Baltxmore Street Cumberland Md 1111711101 land s Fastest flllltlllg, S1010 Dxreetly Aeross from Clty Hall lVl1ke Your Shoe Dollars Do Thexr Dutv BV Alu ms Gomg to W E B B ' S FOR YOUR SHOES Out of the Hzgh HentD1str1ct BENEMAN S estern llm ylaml 1 lllllll 1'111111tu10 Starr Shaffer s Dalry coNFEc:T1oNERY For Your Mxlk Shakes and Sundaes 2 30 Pear Street 11021 ' H' ' 9 for .' " g I .' 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I .'lAll CREETINC CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES POST CARD SHGP 25 N CENTRE STREET VN len Semin lie Suze It SPEELMAN S ICE CREAM Ffuuv freatzons or All Ufrasmns QUAIITY AND SERVICE SINCE 1818 148 Bedford Street Telephone 1690 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND EARE EVERSTIN ENFRA I INSURANCE LIBERTY TRUST BUILDING PHONE 2709 COMPLIMENTS OF' EATWELL GRILL 11 N MECHANIC STREET Slmpson Company HARBAUGH S Bllllk Wholesale l0lllP4ll0llS Elm N14 anne Suhsc IIIIIIOIIN Cumbedand Mawland 18 BALTIMORE STREET PARISIAN BEAUTY SHOP MABEL GROSS HELENE CURTIS Zotos Speclal Sklll ln Cold Wave 72 PERSHING STREET PHONE 1467 HOD . .vl , . . . . g. , A 9 Y Y I If n J . L J 1 L J Y - A J 1 , 9 . 's l12il'4lS fr vg L . U . w 1 5 I ' g' '. , . Q -' .' -0--Ivy --+- Y I ' ' ll Y, I J GEORGE S CONFECTIONERY HOME MADE CANDY AND ICE CREAM FRESH MADE DAILY Corner of Bedford and Decatur Streets Cumberland Md WE WRITE EVERY FORM OF PROTECTION CONLON INSURANCE AGENCY THOMAS F CONLON 305 L berty Trust Bldq Phones 807 Ol 4llIl IURNITI Rl IOI IJSNIITII IT PAYS TO BUY AND SAVE AT THF 'O' Smart l'lllllIIlllPIlf Smart Play FURNITURE COMPANY 'O' THE WILSON HARDWARE 38 N Mechanlc Street OO? CUMBERLAND MD 30 N Mechamc Street Many Allegany Students Are Also Members of THE BIG FRIENDLY Y MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Y M C A D R KITZMILLER MEMORIALS Formerly the A A Roeder Co CEMETERY MEMORIALS OF DISTINCTION Frederick and George Streets Phone 379 l106l i - A. H . -472 " f 7 9' I , ' SPORTS EQIIPMENT I I ' for I SCHWARZENBACH Sz SON 128 Baltlmore Street CUMBERLAND MARYLAND fumberlfuul s lrfulltmnal Quality Store SINC I' 1869 COMPLIMENTS H E3 S HEATING PLUMBING AND WELDING COMPANY GRADUATION GIFTS Reallzstate lnsurame M D Remhart E W E L R y 5 T 0 R E LIBERTY TRUST BUILDING 62 BALTIMORE ST Phone 1896 LOUS AUTO STORES 6 10 Baltlmore Street Cumberland Md E r W B d d P rr r W Joseph F Squlllace Monarch Pfllltlllg Company Luncheb Cxgaretteb and Grocerxeb Phone 1436 753 Kelly Boulevard 116 Fredernck Street Cumberland Maryland Cumberland Maryland 41011 . . , Y . . . . . . , . f 9 , , I i l I l - NN, Y Auto Accessories-Tires-Sporting Goods - I , 'ros burg, Md. Keyser, . Va. e for , a. Evere , Pa, Piedmon , . Va. O O O O M CRYSTAL LAUNDRY CO PHONE 9 36 2Ol Zll S MECHANIC ST CUMBERLAND MD COMPLIMENTS Crt-!S2lpl20Wn Pharmacy Stegmaler Market FOUNTAIN DRUGS 431 N Ce te St eet Pho e 4008 F 2 McMulle H ghway Pho e 3299 CRESAPTOWN MD C D KENNY DIVISION SPRAGUE WARNER KENNY CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF THE HUB STORE Army and Navy Goods W B SCI-IINDLER P p l9NCeteSteet C beladMd I E WOODYARD I8 Ha St eet FOMPLIMENTS umlnn mal Ilfd 111 Telephone 2599 A FRIEND STEAM AND HOT WATER HEATING MORE MILES FOR YOUR MONEY W. H GROVE SERVICE STATION Corner Henderson Avenue and Glenn Street Phone 3458 H087 6 . A ' .Q , OF R . n r r n ' ' n i n COMPLIMENTS OF . . , ro , . n r r um r n , . Q O U I rrison r OF ' . , ,, ' U. Pl g . I Z. YOU KNOVv 15 dld vour IVIother5 and Cwrandmothers xx hen 1t comeb to shoppmg xx hen lt comes to x wlue n6umA4f1Zaml ITS HUSE HHUIVI COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH END MARKET N Centre Street MEAT AND GROCERIES Phone 3275 LOUIS STEIN, Inc 111 flllllllfllllllll 1111011111111 1 S11 1 ll 1 ll7 Frederlek Street Telephone 27 CUMBERLAND MARYLAND NEW YURK SHOE REBUILDERS PATSY IDONI Prop WORK DONE WHILE YOU WAIT Opposnte Y M C A Cumberland Md 11097 I 7 9 1 517 . l"l3Nl'lH.'Xl, IIUNIIC BE WISE SHOP AT KLINE S We Sell It for Less Outflts for the Whole Famxly KLINE S WORKINGMAN S STORE 23 Baltlmore St CUMBERLAND MD Phone 1440 COMPLIMENTS Klght s Funeral Home CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 44 Funeral and Ambulance Wolford Funeral Service Home Phone 1454 309 311 Decatur Street Cumberland Md Cumberland Maryland KNEPPER S A PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY GOOD FOUNTAIN SERVICE Green Street At Water Street Phone 417 COMPLIMENTS GEO W MARTIN MEATS an GROCERIES +O+ 417 421 Maryland Avenue CHEVROLET LONIPI ILTIE XUTONIOTIW S11 RX If I+ 90+ EILER CHEVROLET Inc 219 N Mechannc Street PHONE 143 144 ll 9 9 9 9 9 OF . . . W , Y W .SALES 19 .SILRIIILE dr L 1 A J f IU? RICH WHOLE MILK There IS no doubt about our m1lk bemg r1ch whole mxlk Its cream whlps Qtxff' Thats dally proof aa to 1ts rxchness Phone your order today for thrs qood rlch m1 k +00 Human lt Ila1r,Inl:. H113 2 ' Q 'l. l I MARYLAND NUT SHOP Ice Cream Candles Nuts COMPLIMENTS VIRGINIA LARRY S BEAUTY SALON 'VIUSIC SHOP, Inc d I t e s X P a os Pho g aphs Sheet M s c Reco ds 55 L berty Street CUMBERLAND HOWELL COAL CO AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR MOUNTAINEER STOKER COAL LEO E LEASURE Photographer or ALCOHI MIRROR E111 TIMES Frantz Home Bakery CAKES PIES BREAD 510 N Ce tre St Ph e 3623 CUMBERLAND MD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 44 Pe0ple's Hardware CUMBERLAND, MD Ed Pauqh Ed Keatlnq PHOTOGRAPHERS Boulevard Studio Boulevard Apts CUMBERLAND MD. C1121 A O Ban ns rum nt f E i n - no r A x I ' ' f ui - r li' i 0 OF 9 , . f d . n . on , . BIIY WAR BONDS I-XYENII IILARI HARBOR QUEEN CITY BREWING CO COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE HAINES OPTICAL CO CHAN EY S CIGAR STORE RETAILER OF IINL LII XRS PIPLS XRD TUBM I Us 40+ LEAR and OLIVER ICE CREAM Ce t a dF ede ck Sts IT S HETTFR CUMBERLAND MD THE WOODPECKER 20 N LIBERTY STREET mul in Poltflrx 0 Ju xlllll :ture Nm eltlf-s Lmnplznrcnts of A FRIEND 11133 , I J J O O 9 BIC SIRIC l'l"S ' L Q. QC? Cor. n re n r ri . , , , A 1 Y Q We Ca ' 'ings , ' I1 stumv fvvlry . ' 'z "S T Y ' Q 1 1 W COMPLIMENTS OF D E V O R E ' S ELLERSLIE MARYLAND TEEN AGE ILINIOR EASHIONS MODEL DRESS SHOP CUMBERLAND 243 Vxrgmna Avenue MARYLAND WE INVITE YOU TO USE THE SERVICE OF THIS MODERN BANK LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY 40+ Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Company CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 The South Cumberland Planmg Mlll +o+ CUMBERLAND MD SENIORS YE? G Kaplon s Young Men s Shop 115 Baltlmore Street .I LLOYD WOLFE C I TNI RAL MI RQHANDISL PHONE 287 I -1 ELLERSLIE CII4I O O , . 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Suggestions in the Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) collection:

Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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