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Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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W gun' W fw- fqiil f1f,ff9f.,9'ffM:,, ,? yjf ,f Vfiuwafwy mf Q! Q C90 Jlwf X Y ' F fyfiliw XXQEW figwxwy gwqgsw 1 M WW , wi ,+ 5 We I M 37 an I I 'I-qo W7' QL., + 'Q'bk ,ef A. H A x Hu, -QM I lm 5 , e vfngjg x,s1 ,J ,v rx 1 PSV -.f -l , Wu, ,VL R xx K if 4 ,Q ,FQ v i,.',, i had .14-5 KU . c Q L. , , -4. ,, X i1E?'4 my 1 ,E . ,L , 1 ,. J 11 , , 4 Kam ' , 1 Lk e? f f'. 9 f vii' 1 1 MA ,m . .1 1 -y . ,, 7 '41 I5,,, ,ff-55 31534, , , ? Nj , 5-x yu, 'i?'T1?fRffm y vi 3 f v- vm ' ' ,g 1 vt' T' EY' mfs ff' ' r-W .'9 2liFI. 11 .1-, J U ,L . 55 , 1- ,j 1' ,W if. ' T -5 G' 1 r A . k Y,A, , A R , .La gy 1 ax H 4 f FSF I 3 If f ' g, ' an fa' , VME if rf f -.-M4- . Y EH., ., Y .4 fix, v' v' A , X 3 ,-Y 14 P A 4 W., , ,..4 Y.: :hy gl fr. - :V . af. Q W F2 , is -1 --sf y ' T2 'f y.+vr.,:1 . 3 A i 4 ,,. A w -D4 , I . ,K '4 .4-275. ,- 'f' wh V. , N , 11 . 1 H, , b PfllYB 'LI S H,ED IQN 1f l.lN E 1 9f4ll SE N iI0 R CLASS UF A1L I.E G A Y H l G H S GHUUL my., . . ' , J,- r f Qwyvvfifffu ms! Sw Wm 94 O Lauri XOJZQA Wf m my s1m'kx'5'iJ'f5ffi7 Q if 3 Q dffjgffffwk W r , Rv Nw 325. Y 5 . Wax WN f I if ' r - i A ,,, A 1 1, I k 5 ,4,fv f if g N 4- f - 1 , J- V D X fl f' 1 'f z V x 'Vf ' ' M 1 g if 1117 ' 5 ' ' ff J H A,-I rx . f V , .fs J I I 5' I i tix 4 5 f' rf AEG, Qu ' ' 0 ,f K , ,J 'ZA ,fr J Vx 11. 64? 7776.!Z!Zf f 'f 5 W- ,.. , X, V, .cf W , 'V' X C fi M... J 50 .. 2,225 4? , f Nga if , ZJQJQ ty '61 2 Z 1 wif , gf-gf-'ziff ,. ' f f li ' P ,, ,,,,, P , .- 1 f f f' dfhff X Xff VM ,f i 4 4 , 1, f 140' ' 41 4, M Q LIFE UN THE ALLEGANY mom PAGE TRUPHY LAKERS. Mlinners of the 19410 City football championship. the squad gained the first leg on the new Chamber of l Commerce trophy. by nosing out both Fort Hill and La Salle. The spirit of friendly, but keen competition among local high schools. makes this a coveted award. One Chamber of Commerce trophy is in permanent possession of the Allegany eleven having been won two consecutive years. w. C.S,P,A, I'1ve school journalists with Miss Mary Murray, adviser, attended the C. S. P. A. convention in New York City April 141 to 16. The Alcohi Mirror, the school paper, won Hrst place honors in the school publication competi- tion. Representing the staff were Helena Aronson, Mary Turnley, editor, Evelyn VVil- liams and Lois Byer Cwho is not in the picturej. MUSIC MASTERS, The County Music Festival was held April 18, in the Fort Hill auditorium. A capacity audience heard combined student groups from the high schools of Fort Hill, Cen- tral, Mount Savage, Beall, Bruce and Allegany present choral, band and orchestral numbers. Conducting the various groups were Victor Bauman, band, Blary Drum, Beall High School Triple Triog Jack Platt, orchestra, Dorothy Sebree, A Cappella Chorus, Annetta Yates, Girls' Glee Club, Doris Boal, Boys' Glee Clubg Dorothy Yvillison fchairmanj Combined Glee Club, and Mary Robb. HUD BLESS AMERICA. The -lmericrnz Ulzy, a modern cavalcade of America from 1896 to 1938 was presented on April 25 and 26 as the initial per- formance in the new Allegany auditorium. John Beckman as Martin Gunther, the German im- migrant, and Alice Keller as his wife in the leading roles were sup- ported by a cast of more than two hundred stu- dents c l1 o s e n from grades seven to twelve. Blusical background was provided by the orches- tra while the band ap- peared as a part of the show. This is only the second time The Jmeri- can Why has been shown outside New York City where it ran for nine consecutive months on the world's largest stage. was directed by Harod C. Svickard. The Allegany show AT LAST! Rising out of a confusion of mortar, scaffolding and bricks, our new building now stands completed. Impatiently we watched it grow, enduring with a long view to the future, the din of the steam shovel and the drill. Now an auditorium complete with air conditioning, electric organ and projection boothg an ob- servatory, retail selling laboratory, new print shop, and twelve additional class rooms are a part of Allegany. Ph 'E N K., X 7 - '3 v?i75da3 31i:2T'85t?iS1??355i It ik 1 1,1 J J? ?? if ' Mil Hr! S xl, 1 1 1 ,,1,1', u :fu ff , I 'I' '1 i si 1 1 f . N, 1' :KX We wmv, JN 4 . zmmzvfwmini onewond In our 19410 Allegewi, we have attempted to capture by word and picture every phase of our school life. Believing that our classwork merits record- ing, we have opened the doors to reveal our more studious selves at work during the school year. Those happenings, activities, friends, teachers, familiar scenes pass in happy review as you turn these pages and encounter LIFE at Allegany. ADMINTSTRATION CLASSES .......... v Seniors Juniors . Sophomores Freshman ..,.... Eighth ...... Seventh ,eeee ACTIVITIES ee.. ATHLETICS ee,... Football ....... Basketball ..... lllinor Sports sss, EVENTS ,vee....SeA .....Ye As We See It .,ss,ss... ltlark lwakers .......... Those Registered ADVERTISEMENTS ...... Co nto nth Page 11 17 19 40 4:2 44 4:6 418 51 71 '72 '76 '79 88 90 92 95 It is with pride and respect that We, the senior class of 1940, dedicate our Allegewi to the person who has been a contributing factor in making our 'glifen at Allegany a pleasant memory, MRS. FLURENGE G. WARFIELD. 1 R.. 1 1L Yg2'i 1 1 gif 1-'1 X11 1, 11111 1 Ji, QQ!! 1 E, 1 ,-1 , N.,'11 1111 '1.. 1 11 1 1 i'1 '1 1 'ff -411 .. 1 1--' 11 Q1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 X111 WJ 1 1' ,r Q, 1 X , 1111 11 1 111 1 'X 11 1 1, 111 1 111 11 1 1 , 1 -j .J 1.JL.J. . 1 T, F1 1nA1 111 71 '1 fi 1f '1 WT 5 1, ' 11,1 11 ., -A. F 1 1x1 1131X! 1!,11 f1j1 1 1 X 1 111111 1!L! Y 11 11 1 1 1 'N W. 11 1 lf 1111 Y 1 1 1 1111 1' K 1 JJ 1 1 1 11 11111 11 11,-1 1 1 ,,, 11 1 1' 1 1 1 1 51k' 11111111 1 1111111111 1 111111 '1 1 11 1 11111 ,1,,111111 111' ' 111111111 1111111111 1-1 1 ,1 1,11,11 1 1.X.1' 1, ,11 1 111 XJ' 1 J .J U 1.1 1.J gf A ...f 1.-J .J ., ,J ,1 x.,1' .4 ,, activities revealed in the 1940 Allegewi are symbolic of happy school days and a good preparation for later life. Re- IIl6lIlbC1' always that such a pro- gram is not possible in any other country in the world. As you leave Allegany, pledge yourself to give all the assistance that you possibly can for a continuance of this way of life- The Ameri- can Why. UQaQph UQ clllfebaten, dgnlnclpall Page 1,3 Page 13 To these three people, we wish to express our appreciation for their efficiency and pa- tience in performing their respective duties: lNIr. Lewyn Davis, assistant principalg llliss Geoiggeaiina Kraus, secretaryg and lllrs. Florence G. Warfield, vice principal. W X ff il ,J l.lllf3l'l3llSf seated, Mary I. Murphy, AB., 5-tcmding, Blanche Snyder, assist- ant librarian. 1 2 Ea s .H SCl9l1CBI Harold C. Wickard, BS., A.M.g John Comer, B.S.g Elea- l.ill'lgll3gEI Anne M. T, Wlebster, A.B., A.M.g nor B. Henderson, A.B.g J. Hubert Radcliffe, A.B., A.M.g Ellen T. Florence G. lVarHeld, A,B.g I. D. Neidermyer, 1NIcKenzie, A.B. Theresa B. Nicht, BS., is not in the picture. A.B., Ed.M. Industrial Arts: JOIN. A. Arr-cullough. Bs., Joseph 1-2. Downey, Bs., Commercial: Marie H. Lapin, B.S.g Irene Lapp, 1'z1ulHorn, B.S,g Albert Loper. BS., Janet Anderson, A.B.g Hilda Vllillison, AB. Page 14 te f 'FF' . Q 4? XCJ af aflppm-:elution The staff wishes to take this opportunity to express its apprecia- tion to those who helped in tl1e publication of the 19410 Allegewi. Those to whom we are particularly indebted are: Miss Mary J. Sowerby, without whom we feel that the compila- tion of this book would not have been possibleg Mr. Albert K. Loper for his supervision of the business activities, Carol Goldberg, Vir- ginia Cage, Jean Yeager, Marie Thompson, Sylvia Gerson. Rita Korn, Richard Carlson, Betty Bell, Martha Hershberger, Marie Nixon, and Alston Robinette for their work in the soliciting of advertisements, Mr. Ralph R. Webster' and the faculty for assistance and cooperation, John Zimmerman for outstanding photographic work, Billy Raupach, Anna Mary Logsdon, Geraldine VVolfc, and Myles Snyder for preparation of campaign posters. We also wish to thank Mr, Charles F. Sprankle of the Robert Rawsthornc Engraving Company for his service and cooperation in photo engraving, Mr, Robert Goldfine of the Goldfine Studios for his careful work and advice in the taking of photographs, Mr. Louis Curl and John Harbaugh for their sports action pictures, and Mr. L. N. VVilson of the Beriln Press for precision of work and consul- tation concerning printing. Page 10 fx, w M iq 0 f ' V N w , W g, Q X W , , , 1 1 w N ' N W 1 1 N 3 lf ' , 1 ' li ' ' L X-,W KJ X'x., Q Y X3 W fi ' 4' fjf f 1 x RQ! X ' x..1 XX. 5, It 'w,,.. 5 ri - KK 'Y 'fi L2 N W 4.1 f w Q N ff' l,M Vw L,-.X '- L., X V1 E 1 , X I X X W W w M H XJ W wa fp? UFFICERS Marion Buckle ........... 'vice-president Thomas Mont . .. ..... president Douglas Boden . . . . . .secretary Rena Stanley . . . . . .treasurer MW i ' eniona Speak Ft 1 ears a 'e made a lot of changes in our class. You must look far below the L t disnoxei thc fleshman of 1937 in the grown up senioi of 1940 In 1937, as frcshmmn, we first became a part of Alleganv For two seals we to Fort Hill High School, which had just been completed, we now returned to the regular full day schedule. had been attending school only a half day, but as the surplus population had moved As sophomores of 1938 we elected James Gaffney president and chose Miss Mar- garet Durst as our adviser. We became active in the clubs of Allegany for which we were at last considered eligible. The most important thing we did was to assist in the choosing of the standard school ring. Juniors in 1939, we found in our midst capable athletes, talented actors, and industrious scholars. Thomas Mont took over the direction of the class as president and Mr. .lack Platt became our adviser. When we remember our unior year We will always think of the Beaux Arts Ball which we gave for the seniors. Seniors of 1940, we have found our senior year to be the happiest, most difHcult, and even the saddest of all our school life. Again Thomas Mont was elected presi- dent and this year Mr. Herman Ball was chosen as our adviser, Miss Margaret Durst as class night adviser, and Miss Mary Sowerby as yearbook adviser. Soon welll be having class night, senior assembly, senior sermon, and last of all, commencement-things to look forward to impatiently and remember always. We realize we've made many mistakes during the last four years and while we regret making them we know that our mistakes as well as the rest of our school ex- periences have helped to make us what we are. Our hope is that as we take our places in the adult world we can be a credit to Allegany. Page 18 Page 19 Cuntaln Cuff ton the .Sz-Lnlona VVe seniors made our last appearance in an Allegany show when we presented our class play, Spring Dance. The play, which is a clever combination of romance and comedy, was written by Philip Barry. There were thirteen in the cast, six boys and seven girls. All the action of the play takes place at a New England girls' school during the two days before the annual spring dance. Alex Benson, one of the students, 'is very much in love with Sam Thatcher whom she has invited to the dance. On the day before the dance, however, Sam tells her he can't come to the dance because he has withdrawn from school and is going to Russia. VVhen Alexgs friends see how unhappy she is and discover the reason, they immediately decide to do something about it. However, they meet with opposition in the form of the Lippincotf, Sam's best friend. He is go- ing to Russia with Sam and naturally does not want their plans ruined and so tries to hurry Sam's departure. When all other methods fail, the girls see to it that Sam and Hthe Lippincotn are arrested. During several hours of solitude, Sam discovers that he really loves Alex and they elope to Eppsville to the delight of everyone except the Lippincotf' Alex Benson was played by Meredith Kelley and Sam Thatcher by Thomas Duncanson. Others in the cast were: June Ort, Robert Mosser, Genevieve Wolfe, Jack Sharrett, David Sloan, Andrew Kompanek, John Heltzel, Helena Aronson, Martha Keffer, Dorothy Thrush, and George Anna Diehl. Spring Dance was directed by Miss ltlarie Lapin. Sass aaazszt X ff N AJ' W' I MARGARET AiimAMs JOHN PAUL ALDAY Peggy Jack Academic Course Academic Course ELEANOR Lois ALBRIGHT Fifi Academic Course .,,f k fiAVll,',,,y?'fi fl ,I milf J gf ff . RUTH IDELL ALEXANDER JANI? Agnirfwsf niflf Ruthie If WI All, A MU' ff J Commercial Course jgigemmerdialyypmseflf 2 ieief 1 MARY JANE Aixfiircri 4,,' , 5 , ,5 F I Janie ll General Course I whit fl K' J lah lassies Donit they look professional? You musn't be fooleclg theylrc two of our enthusiastic chemists, Janet Oliver and Martha Keffer, distilling the element that sustains life- oxygcn. Is chemistry interesting? You bet! IIELENA EDNA ARONSON ALLIEDA BAGLEY Pete Academic Course Commercial Course DOR1s D. ATKINSON Dottie Commercial Course RAYBIOND BAKER JOHN HELLER BECKMAN Ray Jack Commercial Course Academic Course JACK D. BARKINS Commercial Course ANNA CLARA BEIER BETTY BELL Annie Be Be Commercial Course Academic Course RICHARD ALLEN BEIGHTOL Jimmy Commercial Course Page Q0 I ,, 'WA . M if Il . fn. ,rr JY' ' ,X 'sl .J K ,A Q of I I G. n hi K. 5 9 ' IQWII . ' J-1 xxx E Q WR. 1 . Y I W Y I D if XXV 1 .EI A kV W I- YR. I , j XM XIV jjmip HQIAUIUIQIXLVI. F, ' , pf . , ' ,- -I W J 4. ft yy iff! . L 'V If ' .Va 0 ,V - fgflqf jr I I 4 yvu II 9 1 ff. . I +I ...R I if ' X kd , My ,I IM fljfxm' R I dy E , i ll X ' l JW Aff fm' ff If. n - ' qjjjw. ,1,'fJ JJ ll 1 J Lgvbff' A I A If fv,,4f,J .J .U L Y , Irby Q 'f' V XJ X ,ff ll! OLIS XY ILSON BELL BIAURICE BERNSTEIN VIRGINIA MARIE BLAIIYH - f Nj! X yviy fp ,iw I sk F MI Ding Dong Ish Ginger V K 1' Xl? ' J' I lik! . . , AV ' , ' f'l- V I ' ' vi, Commercial Course Academic Course Academic Course ZW V' flyfy VM 'J rf. wg' X N 'Inf A ' O- I ' SJ' . - A V-Jl fl A f L 'lllllajI,2Q4l'UJy,4Qf! ',J, ,Ivl I l Lew ITIIII if A DOUGLAS M. B DEN If-IBORERT BOXVERS ALBERT CHARLES BRANT Joe FQmeh0M No, this isnlt a new kind of jigsaw puzzle. Betty Jane Gunter is explaining a complicat- ed theorem to her fellow students in solid geometry class. .Al Doug Q Bob Commercial Course REGINA K. BRANT Kitty Academic Course LIARION L. BUCKLE 5 g Shoebuckle ffl ,- F v 0 Lf V f Commercial Course I 'flwff lt I I 'I ff Z IV N. ,W , f,4v , ,Lp , Academic Course JAMES W. BROXVN .lim Academic Course DOROTHY' MAY BUCY Dottie Commercial Course Commercial Course VIRGINIA E. BROWNE Jinny Academic Course GUI' PAUL BURKETT Chet Commercial Course Elia V iii ll K K , Y K J A j u 5 lf ' U1 7 J n 1 5 'f bi I L , M I I - If I li ' IA ! , J ' ' s ' A I ' I ' 1 , , Of 'J l ' .1 Li , ' A J , . , 'V A . A' JEAN BURKETI' L MAE Brin x BIARY ELLEN CAGE 1 y if if 1 V Honey Academic Course ,Academic Course Commercial Course I of I re Wage Earners I r. Hall, i ytructor of economics, is tell- Ro t 'I igg and Kenneth Taylor that th ' have to be bringing home the ' U a c j one way of paying for the ing soc bac msti ction work. Auclrev Clerihue Q 3 1-us ' Q is thc ot fi' QR ctator. X X H P A I N VIRGINIA DARE CAGE MERLE L. CABIPBELL JARIES DRACI' CARLTON Ginnie Academic Course General Course Academic Course BEVERLY BANE COMES Bev BIILTON R. COCHRAN JANE L. COLLINS Cocky Academic Course Commercial Course Commercial Course JOAN V. COOPER 'VIRGINIA L. COPELAND DORTI-IA L. COPELAND Jo I ,ww X Peanut Dotty Coiiimerciakffbeggr U Qoprse Commercial Course ihghjhh -,vt RTP In-ix mfg Lf pl afafx TI -1 5' Fi K I DOROTHX' ALICE CRABTREE FRANCIS SUSAN CRANOR Dutch Fan Academic Course Academic Course VIRGINIA CRAMER Ginny Commercial Course DIARY LAVERNE CREIGHTON GEORGE F. CUNNINGHAM Topper Commercial C urse General Course 'LDRED A. CROBIXVELL . Jack GN XV , Academic Course f Printer s Ink f, A ,If i to e l i To 573 f Remember ,your football game! programff It was print 'c in our own prfiit ghop wlgjere f, school necessities Stlilh as Stationg-zry, iffiket , J and office forms arlpuffihted,,!7HereVffiiclfifrl Graim shows how ,tcfset up tyfllelff jfd ll, my 'li V Z ' :ll 'Q 1 . ,fy fl li lt ll gf si f' ti X 1 A J ll fl ll xljji ll 'll l if E -1 eviit f ' fl l ll J l Nj ' 'ffl ' will 5 lar! f of i aff' Vs if if l IN 'il l 1 t f H 1 , l J ' j ,- 'iff 'ef E' 'lf ii V it il I f 1 3 ,Wi -7 fy , 'R f f X! , 7, lf al, Wil ' ,V 'l fl' tg Z fd I ill V f l ,, I X wr ,J 1 V W Q: I ' ll Y ,MW 'A at R ,E i f ' i f I Y le' H lx f, f l , xv ' PEGGY DAILEY' l, XvII.4fLIA1NI DE SOTA N4 2 i 1 . li' Peg lk Bill . l . Academic Course l Commercial Course . l NOIKBIA JEAN DANNER Jeannie if 4 . Commercial Course ly?-5 if A1?RY H. DEVIIIES JOHN XYXLTQER DILFER F' eezy I B N, AQAQ ' :ffbilll Omm l Course Yr! N' Commercial Course J 'x rl ll , 1 'JA ' at Xl '1 R, W jd ,f .XJR , NNA DIEWIXQ . ,fu I , U N KX o ,is ' Y ' 1 QF-,i fi? 5345351 it X JMX! li l' ll fc'll f it VX 1' 'n'7f l Q' iw 7 R ,ff aff Z OX C ll fbo5lc':i:S -' Twins DUNCANSON gl Phil X 2 Tlldd li Academic C urse 1 'fAcademic Course LEE DOBIAN ' Academic Course Page f I A , IW M, fm ,MW if ri., 4 444 . rv if RALPH PAUL PRS? '. JOHN S. EDRIISTON 'S K ,l ,, ' ' , Dusty Johnnze li R Academic Course lf' f' Commercial Coarse X BETTY LEE EADY ' Betts ' , Commercial Course N ROBERT BELIXIONT EDIXIISTON OXVANDA BARNES FELTZ Bob Von Commercial Course Commercial Course MARX' JANE FARINASH Mary Commercial Course Bookkeeping students study Upersonall' bookkeeping as well as that of corporations and partnerships. Budget browsing reveals that 2-l-2 just dOesn'tjequal 5. U5 iw v n ix If 0 , ,J '-Alf' I A A ff lf ,- l W .ask-'V DV' 'if ami-f K I f l 21 j o ' 'Ur ff ZA! .J 5? In Y - . x , - .J x, . .Ji A, If X ' ,Y , bww K'-X X jl A px Q, Q , G who qi! Num? lfdlfzi ri f l' 1 fro l V fx I J H, JJHEIJEH F ERGUSQQN CAIUVIEL FRENO 'A Curlyp lllillie General Course Commercial Course MARINE VIRGINIA FLEEGLE Illaz Academic Course GLORIA ALLISON GABLE VVARREN MOCOMAS GEORGE Dlac ' Academic Course General Coursf: 530 'Ji h fa - Q? ,-1 ,A 1 I JAINIES VITHOBIAS GAFFNEY JM I 4 1 Jzm E gy LJ' fe A - . . Ilfff fp f lfpgj C Academic Course X- WJ I9 fb J f . 4 ,, I . V I a u ,A VV df' WJ cl fi,.u 'fl ff' Q' I, 4 'l 'Q -,,f f , xiii' ll 54 I fl is f ' 5 .Wg ,J W ,f A gf f K SYLNZIA GERSON if CKKOEJFANNYTGOLDBEX I p, A 5 W Goldie J . . . 4 ' w , 'J A COk11lUCI'Cl2ll Course 'W Y,fjAcademlc Course j I N' lf' A , - . V- JARIES A. GLOVER 'U' JL 'fi' . . V ' ' Jzm . , ,J l General Course ,ze ss I .2 ,,,,fif,:.,'2 l sg . . Page 24 A ' nv u HELEN V. GOLDSXVORTHY RICHARD GRAIBI JUDITH GRANT Little One Dick Judy Commercial Course Academic Course Academic Course Students--The Answah! The age old question Uwhyn is answered Over and Over again in the study of physics. Leonard Schwab and Henry Herron are help- ing us find the weight lost by a body in water. Here it is-professah! JACK R. GROVE Jake General Course JOSEPH M. GULBRONSON J oe Academic Course ELNORA M. HADLEY N onie Academic Course SENIORS PAULINE E. GROXVE Polly Ann Commercial Course BETTY J. GUNTER B. J. Academic Course WILLIAM H. GROVE Bill Academic Course LENA GURSON Lee Academic Course ROLAND W. HAINIILTON ROBERT L. HARTSOCK Duby Commercial Course Hardy Commercial Course BIAXINE HAUSER JOHN HELTZEL HELEN MYRTLE HENRY fllaav Johnie General Course Academic Course Academic Course I y May I Help You Please? VVhen you notice fhe Allegany High School class ring on the salesgirl thatls helping you '-eremembcr-she received excellent selling practice right hcrc at clear old Alco. Jean Tyler, Arbutus Pactow and Mary DeVries are seen in retail selling class. L. R. HERBOLDSHIIXIER Dick General Course JAIXIES B. IJERSHBERGER Academic Course JUNE I. HIlN'11NII.ER Commercial Course WILLIAM A. HERSH Bill General Course MARTHA HERSHBERGER .5 BEVERLY HERSHBERGER Bev Academic Course GEORGE W. HICKLE ty Hickie Aca 1 C 'se Commercial Course I. fl iixiiil 5, 'e ,'-,. . 1 JI' 3 Rx i RD 4. illv nfii 4 ' wil-IRNICE Horwoon I 'N xi J f Y by 'el W, f Happy . 'V l . , whim cial ' I-, - Commercial Course R A K x X A N1 M it . tv y -1 i-..?, W l ! 1 1 1 l l 77 kr'-he A .. 3 Q? M t:sW?l M ' ' if V' lv N Conn cial nes, Jmnm raalia rse W wi EAYFNILIEIV W 10 , Q 691 ey I cs Gen w ' . WEE KELLER 09' Cpwic W, V BMAcademic Course G 0, N Ml ART AeaE2ZABETH EFFER ! T 01' V' E K X' cademic Course ' Q 5 K fu' Q,'Y'qrf'Ci5'v55L! 'J . if V WC! American llhserve s Reading all about Popeye? No si Alleganians keep up with the news with our .lmerican Obse1'Ue1'newspaperl Allan Wllite, Alston Robinette and other English students are busily involved in some foreig or domes- , tic tidbit, no dbubt: L Wow MW fm V .fkwm rf' 0, MEREDITH IQELLEY LOU Cm ' Blerrlie ' ' Academic Course Academic Course ORVILLE ICENDALL, JR. Bud Commercial Course JABIES KIRKPATRI K JOHN JVESLEY KNOWLTON Jim J Academic u i .demic Course ,I X Jonx B R IRKPATRICK, JR. A irk A C0 mercial Course X ANDREW J. ZKOAIPANEK DOROTHY' KRNAYA Andy Dot Academic Course Commercial Course RXTA CECELIA KORN Reet Page Academic Couise Y CLEINIENT A. LANCASTER EARL LANVRENCE LEXVIS Soupy Lew Academic Course Commercial Course LIARY LAVERN AXV .5 V rz' k. U Ar, MAS' ommercial Course s xx - ' c Swine EDWARD BRADLEY LEXVIS PI-IYLLIS LOUISE LIPPOLD Eddie Ted General Course Academic Course PEARL LEXVIS Jo Commercial Course God Bless America -of the people, by the people, and for the people- and so democracy goes. We study the U. S. government, and here are Robert Bowers and Barbara Jane Smith tell- ing you to be thankful you're On this map, not Over there. ROBERT LITZENBURG IXNNA MARX' LOOSDON Litzie rllurry Commercial Course Academic Course GEORGE CLIFTON J. LOAR Tip Commercial Course ALDA MARIE LONG DORIS JEAN MCCOY Shorty Dorie Commercial Course Academic Course WILLIAM LONG Bill General Course X . fo' RE I WALD ROBERT IQENNETH MCLUCAS I ac 6 B0 Nu, Iercl Ir O e Commercial CourSe BETT1 INTIRI: S 1, N X ci - i i A em c Course X Page 28 A Ol I ,4 56, 0 fM,f34C,.,,,,. W5 sfmons f.-5-f - - : i 1- 2--f-A-ee Q ' ' WJ jp' FRANK S. BICLIAHON XYILSON W. MEANS Joi-IN GALEN METZGER , A 2 Boots Illetz O General Course Commercial Course Academic Course JW' , 4, pJ'0! p l J O Mpeg! . DIDNT BETTY LOUISE MOON M Tommy Dloonie gxxdemic ou' General C urse General Course ,,,J'V'Jl If u 1 H I Won t You Come Into My Parlor? I VVhether it's helping Mom and Dad at home or saying HI dow in that age-old cere- mony, home planning comes in handy. Mr. Loper explains the lay-out of a small modern home to his home planning class. I I A+ B R13 Q55 PAUL ORGAN J. P. Academic Course LOUIS MYERS Lou Commercial Course I R R lg Acade ic Course NVILLIABI H. MY'ERS Bill Academic Course IXNNA V. MOUNTAIN Commercial Course ANNA BIARIE NIXON Dee Academic Course f-iii-rf 'R ' .61 ' ' LT A A, 5 SOPHIA JANET OLIVER JUNE E. ORT BIARY XYINIFRED OURS . X11 . vu - Ollze Orfze ll mme Academic Course , Academic Courie Academic Course X1 ' . N Q - . --x A A . R 1 lx f . X L Q xv A . . A , -4 .N f xx X. .. , x k A X x . N Q I A ' T g N . I . , I X5 Hot llff The Press I Red letterfday at Alco is every other lVed- nesday when that much awaited sheet the pfllcolzii Illirror comes out. The journalism class helps to edit the paper and takes charge of the distribution. +, A. BIADELINE A. PAETOXV Bootie Commercial Course ,N ., S 1X Q . XJIVIAN LEE PRICE Viv Commercial Course WILLIAM P, IQOSENINIERKEL B111 General Course DONALD F. Poms Commercial Course lb' JOHN W. RICHARDS Bill Academic Course HEI.EN MAY RUEHL Commercial Course J 51 XJ Ki l . .1 J l-X, rj 3 , 2 'P 'Yi Er' fi PQ HENRY W. PRICE, JR. Jelly Bean Academic Course ALSTON ROBINETTE Alex Commercial Course SUE E. SANDER Susie Academic Course r in PAULINE THERESA SCHOENADEL LEONARD CHARLES SCHWAB, , ' l ,If 1 , 1 Polly X - Commercial Course Academic Course NV' A-N-' 'X - ' I LORETTA PAULINE SCHULTZ f in I 51, .. Schulfzie W S' J: Commercial Course 1 ' A lRl'fA VIRGINIA SEARS FRANKLIN SEE I Rifzy Frankie Commercial Course Commercial Course PEGGY SECRIST BIACKERT Academic CO2 Z ,f Wfwwffew' Are You Ready for the lluestion? Bang! goes the gavel and another student forum meeting is called to order by tlIe chair- man, Arthur Lancaster. These meetings are held by senior English classes to discuss senior problems and obtain practice in par- liamentary procedure. 2 ': ' A41- J, .ffvuf XM ',,f N I -. ' fzfl rj -ff-,AQ 1- ,MN YYA2-,f4f fo- bf, cfif' ' E' , Y A --f ,f-if , A I F O J VM V AJV, .J C, Cf-xg , - ' -ft,-' ,Q V ',,ff.J17 K- I V 4, I fy ,Af , , A-' :C V' ' c..yL -f A - My -H, J-.:, .Lev if MAAQG C. ,QC V N' XVILLIABI SELL NORMA SIINIBIONS J ,SQ Bill General Course Commercial Course JOHN OLIVER SHARRETT Rx l X Jack NA ' Academic Course 5 f ' 'i '49 ll 'N X J lil. HELEN SKELLEY DAW'ID V IB. I , JR. gi tw 1 .V N554 1 ' At 5 X X 55, Commercial Course cade Ours fx xii xt? x j A X DALE SLAVEN ,X Nuts l K W' General Course Q W ' if ff BARBARA JANE SBIITH RENA Jo STANLEY ,ATA B. J. v -,ij Academic Course Commercial foursevl , 59 . .f ff f ' ,ff jg BCIARJORIE LOUISE SINIEIBU' np i' . lllargie '., ,fi XJ ji' , . J f' A fl -f Academic Course QL 0' , V, j' ' 1, gn k, ,J af . I , Y tw .dc it Page 31 KZ: +iA'c AK,b,L,, p,,' A lx Au 1 ' Y 1 5 REM? TH S'1iE I.EE, IP. D a c C0u1H.P,, Aca lic ourse V EN E A H STRAXV . Str erry Cgmpgcial Qourse 3 aj Klmngj' D , RICHARD L. TAYL Tate Commercial Cours X Get Ready Fo Your Timed ting K As those fa ' Wor , the Stacc 0 'lsilenceu 0 'tl , se 'ior mg ss- ew Kompa putti anotlier eet aper 'nt t e ' r, is a to fi out what ' s ee S. A , , , V 5 .I DQQRLSTHY JANE THRUSI-I lxlARY MARGARET TURNLEY ' Dottie 4 Academic Course! Academic Course . - L , . 7' sz, ROBERT RITT X- 2 ' Commercial Course K X. K 'N L 'ef MARGARQT FLORINE TYVIGG CLARENCE W. VANDEGRIFT Q' Twiggie Buster I 1 '.KEOl'HIIlCiyCl2ll Course Academic Course JEAN TYLER Commercial Course JOSEPH XVATHERVVAX ALLAN V. VVHITE Joe Whizzer General Course Commercial Course ROBERT CHARLES WEBSTER Roxie Commercial Course Page 1- of f A DX l T W QKENNETH .TAYLO FR ,n Wu, RT 5. R. l l Q U! I ca emic Cour Com e 1 I wx x l I l J ll H .f-- AA, , ' 1 fray -an fa. W A J, My Ki,aFf ! C SENIORS J, ff' .-1 .xr i f ' Juju V1.5 I mug, L, xQ,9.A..qXb-Ju-xL,,, DOROTHY R. WILLIAMS KENNETH C. XVILLS DELBERT RALPH WILSON Cy. . . Dort Wick Dee I Academic Course Commercial Course Commercial Course O J. Q G 2 .-. - - d1Afo-A-Tr f' I Af Lng ' ' vt s OLIVER R. VVINEBRENNER ELIZABETH V. lvOLFE GENEVIEVE VVOLFE Betty Gennie Commercial Course Academic Course Academic Course Which College? Doctor, lawyer-whatever he may want to V xv 5 X be, you can be Sure Jack Sharrett is Choosing GERALDINE F. VXOLF DANIEL WOOD BETT1 JAN X TRING the right school in which to further his edu- Jerry Dan jf 5 S cation. Catalogs of institutions of higher Academic COUYSG ACade4IQ,BL-901555 Gelleml Course learning are on file in room 216 where educa- ,f tional guidance is available. fi! EILEEN IYWRIGHT DOROTHY J. XYEAGER ALVIN G. YOUNGBLOOD a Duchess Jean AI i Commercial Course urse - !General Course rf! in-v-1 J SENIORS IDA BELLE ZAIS CATHERINE ZEMBOWER ROBERT ZIBIRIERLA ldie Bob Academic Course Academic Course Commercial Course The Best Years of Your life -are your school years, so our elders say. Two seniors, representing the whole senior class, are regretting the fact that now high school days are ovcrg but we'll never forget Allegany and what it has meant to us, the class of 51-Ol Au revoir. ALICE ZIAIBIEIHXIAN Academic Course Joi-IN ZHXIAIERBIAN, JR. Academic Course Page 34 BIARGARET ADAMS Girls' League Q, 3, 4. ELEANOR LOIS ALBRIGHT Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Choral Club Q, Girls' Hi-Y 4. JOHN PAUL .ALDAY Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3. 4. secretary 4, Fire Marshal 4, Football Q, 3. 4, Track 1, Q, Baseball 3, 4, The Arnerieau ll'ay. RLTTH IDELL :ALEXANDER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, hlixed Chorus Q, Choral Club 3, 4. BIARY JANE AAIICK Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. TNIARY JANE ANDREWS Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4, Basketball 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Club 4. HELENA EDNA ARONSON Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Declamation 3, 4, AlcolIi Mirror 3, 4, feature editor 3, Inanaging editor 4, Speech Club 1, Q. 3. treasurer 3, A. D. K. Q, 3, 4, Nlixed Chorus 3, Choral Club 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Black Flamingo, What a Life, The American Way. DORIS D. ATKINSON Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. :ALRIEDA BAGLEY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. RAYBIOND BAKER Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. JACIQ D. BARKINS Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 4, Football Q, Track Q, 3, 4, Baseball 4. JOHN HELLER BECKBIAN Boys' League 3, 4, Declamation 4, A. D. K. 4, Debate 4, The American Way. ANNA CLARA BEIER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Track 1. Q, 3, 4, Fieldball 1. Q, The American W ay. RICHARD ALLEN BEIGHTOL Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. Page 35 SENIOR DOIN'S BETTY BELL Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4, A. D. K. Q 3, Orchestra Q, Hospital Room AtteIId- ant 4. LOUIS T. BELL Boys' League 1, Q. 3, 4, Basketball 3. 4, Football 4, Track 1, Q. 3. 4, Base- ball 3, 4. TXTAURICE BERNSTEIN Boys' League 1, Q. 3, 4, Glee Club 1: Tennis 3, Archery Q, The American lliay. VIRGINIA TNTARIE BLAIR Girls' League 1. Q. 3, 4: A. D. K. 3. 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Hospital Room Attend- ant 4. DOUGLASS MADDUX BODEN Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Student Con- gress 3. 4. president 4, Football Q. 3. 4, Track 3: Secretary of Senior Class, The American Way. ROBERT BOXVERS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. ALBERT CHARLES BRANT Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror 1, Football Q, 3, 4, The American Way. REGINA KATHLEEN BRA NT Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4, Speech Club 1, Mixed Chorus 3. 4, Choral Club Q. 3. 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Basketball Q, Swimming Club 3, 4, Girls' Hi-Y 4. JARIES W. BROXVN Boys' League 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Glee Club 4, Band 3. 4, Orchestra 4, Baseball 3, 4, The American Way. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH BROXVNE Girls' League 1, Q. 3. 4, Alcohi Mirror 4, Choral Club Q, Dance Club 1, Q. 3. 41 Swimming Club 4. BTARION LOUISE BUCKLE Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4, Student Con- gress Q, 3, Alcohi hlirror 4, Vice Presi- dent of Senior Class, Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY BUCY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. GUY PAUL BURKETT Boys' League 1, Q, 3. 4. JEAN BURRETT Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. LOIS TXIAE BYER Girls' League Q, 3, 4, vice president 4, A. D. K. 4, Alcohi Mirror 4, Hi-Y 4, The American Way. NIARY ELLEN CAGE Girls' League 4, A. D. K. 4, Dance Club 4. VIRGINIA DARE CAGE Girls' League 4, Dance Club 4, Tum- bling Club 4. BIERLE LEE CABIPBELL Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Choral Club 1, Q. JAMES DRACY CARLTON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Boys' Hi-Y 3. 4, Student Congress Q, Declamation 3, 4, French Club 4, Fire Marshal 4, What a Life, The American Way. DOROTHY ALICE CRABTREE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. BTILTON RICHARD COCHRAN Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q. 3. 4. JANE LORRAINE COLLINS Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4. BEVERLY BANE COBIBS Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi hiirror 3. 4. JOAN VIRGINIA COOPER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. VIRGINIA LEE COPELAND Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. DORTI-IA LEE COPELAXD Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4. DOROTHY ALICE CRABTREE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. VIRGINIA CRABIER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Track 1, Fieldball 1, Q. FRANCES SUSAN CRANOR Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, Hospital Room Attendant 4. BIARY LATJERNE CREIGHTON Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi hlirror 4, Mixed Chorus 1. ELDRED A. CROBIXVI-ILL Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Fire llarshal 43 llixed Chorus 1, Q3 Glee Club Q, 33 Band 1, Q, 33 Track 1, Q, 4. GEORGE FISHER CUNNIXGHABI Boys' League 43 Fire llarshal 4. PEGGY DAILEY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 A. D. K. 33 A. K. O. 43 Track 1, Q3 Hospital Room Attendant 4. NORMA JEAN DANNER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. WILLIAM DESOTA Boys' League Q, 3, 4. MARY H. DEWVRIES Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Choral Club 43 Track 1, Q3 The American Way. GEORGE ANNA DIEHL Girls' League 1. Q. 3, 43 Speech Club Q. 33 Mixed Chorus Q3 Hi-Y 43 What a Lifeq The American Way. JOHN WALTER IJILFER Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. PHILIP CONRAD IJODGE Boys' League 1, Q. 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Speech Club 13 Fire Marshal 43 A. D. K. 43 A. K. O. Q, 33 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Band 1. Q3 Orches- tra 1. Q. 33 Football 33 Tennis 3, 43 All Diaryland High School Orchestra Q. 33 Debate 43 What a Life. LEE DOMAN Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Alcohi 1VIirrOr 3. 4. THOBIAS DIINCANSON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 A. D. K. 3, 43 Blixed Chorus 43 Glee Club 3. 43 Apron String Revoltg Christmas Play '38Q The American Way. RALPH PAUL DURST Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Track Q, 3, 4. BETTY LEE EADY Girls' League 1, Q, 3,43 Choral Club 4. JOHN S. EDBIISTON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Glee Club 43 Track 1, Q, 3, 43 Soccer Q. 3. ROBERT BELRIONT EDBIISTON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Soccer Q, 3. DIARY JANE FARINASH Girls' League 3, 4. OXVAXDA BARNES FELTZ Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Swimming Club 13 Track 33 Athletic Club 4. HELEN FERGUSON Girls' League Q. 3, 4. BIAXIXE VIRGINIA FLEEGLE Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Alcohi Mirror 3, 4. CARBIEL FRENO Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. GLORIA ALLISON GABLE Girls' League 1,Q, 3,43 Hi-Y 3, 4, sec- retary 43 A. D. K. 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Q, 3. 43 Choral Club Q, 3, 43 Musettes 33 Octet 33 Babes in Toylandg Apron String Revolt. JAMEs THORIAS GAEENEY Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Student Con- gress 13 lvlixed Chorus 13 Basketball 1, Q. 3, 43 Football 1. Q, 3, 43 Track 1, Q, 3, 43 President of Sophomore Class3 Vice President of Junior Class3 The Ameri- can Way. WARREN BTCCORIAS GEORGE Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Fire hlarshal 4. SYLVIA GERSON Girls' League I, Q, 3, 43 Alcohi Mirror 43 A D. K. 43 Track 1. JARIES A. GLOVER Boys' League Q, 3, 43 French Club Q3 Glee Club 4. CAROL FANNY GOLDBERG Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Alcohi lVIirrOr 3, 43 Allegewi 4, advertising manager3 Speech Club Q, 33 A. D. K. Q, 3, 43 Play Apron String Revoltg Christmas '383 What a Lifeg The American Wayg Hospital Room Attendant 4. HELEN VIRGINIA GOLDSXVORTHY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Choral Club 13 Track Q, 3. RICHARD GRAIQXI Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Fire Blarshal 4: A. IX. O. 3. JUDITH GRANT Girls' League Q. 3, 4. JACK R. GROVE Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. PAULINE ELAINE GROVE Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Student Con- gress Q3 Mixed Chorus 43 Choral Club 43 Tumbling Club 1, Q, 3, secretary Q. WILLIAM H. GROVE, JR. Boys' League 1, Q. 3, 43 Fire Blarshal 43 The American llvay. JOsEPH M. GULBRONSON Boys' League Q. 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 4. vice president 43 Fire Blarshal 43 Football 3. 43 Track Q, 33 Baseball 33 The Amerzcan Way. BETTY' JANE GUNTER Girls' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Alcohi lNIirrOr 3, 43 A. D. K. 3, 43 Hi-Y 4. LENA GURSON Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Alcohi Mirror 43 A. D. K. 43 Swimming Club 43 Tum- bling Club Q. ELNORA MAE HADLEY Girls' League 3. 43 Basketball 33 Swimming Club 43 Tumbling Club 4. ROLAND WARREN HAMILTON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Fire 1VIarshal 43 Basketball 3, 43 Swim- ming Club 43 Football 3, 43 Track 1, 3, 4. ROBERT LINVVOOD HARTSOCK Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4. MAXINE HAUsER Girls' League 4. JOHN HELTZEL Boys' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Fire Marshal 43 Football Q3 Track 13 The American Way. HELEN LTYRTLE HENRY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Alcohi Mirror 43 1N4ixed ClIOrus Q3 Choral Club 1. L. RICHARD HERBOLDSHIBIER Boys' League 1, Q, 4. WILLIAM A. HERSH Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Track Q, 3, 43 Soccer Q, 3. BEVERLY HERSHBERGER Girls' League Q, 3, 4. JAMEs BRUCE HERSHBERGER Boys' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Hi-Y 43 Fire Blarshal 43 The American Way. BIARTHA HERSHBERGER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. GEORGE WILLIAM HICKLE Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. Page 36' JUNE ISABELLE HININILER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. RICHARD EARL HOBROCK Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Track 1. Q. VERNICE HOPXVOOD Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Dance Club 1. Q3 Swimming Club 3. 43 Track 1. Q. 3. 43 Tumbling Club 1. Q, 3. 4. LAXVRENCE RUSSELL ICE Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Fire Marshal 43 A. K. O. 43 Track Q. CLARA JEAN IBILER Girls' League 1, Q. 3, 43 A. D. K. 3. 43 Mixed Chorus Q. 3. 43 Choral Club Q. 3, 4: The American Way. HELEN VIRGINIA KARR Girls' League 1, Q. 3, 4. EYELYN BTARIE KEECH Girls' League 1. Q. 3, 43 Alcohi Blirror li A. D. K. 1. Q, 3, 43 llixed Chorus lg Basketball Q. 3. BIARTHA ELIZABETH KEFFER Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Hi-Y Q. 3. 4, president 43 Alcohi Blirror 3. 4, associate editor 43 French Club 3. 43 Speech Club 3. secretaryg fMiXed Chorus 3. 43 Choral Club 3. 43 The American Way. ALICE YYONNE KELLER Girls' League 1, Q. 3. 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Debate 3. 43 French Club 3. 4. president 4g Speech Club 1, Q3 A. D. K. Q. 3, 4. vice president 43 Mixed Chorus Q. 3. 43 Choral Club Q. 3. 43 hiusettes 33 Orches- tra 1, Q3 All hlaryland High School Orchestra 1. Q3 Cheerleader 43 Octet 43 What a Life: The American Way. INIEREDITH KELLEY Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 4. president 43 Student Congress 3, 4. secretary 33 A. D. K. 1. Q. 3, 4. secretary 43 Choral Club 13 Dance Club 1, Q, 3. president Q. 33 Basketball 1. Q3 Swimming Club 1, Q. president 1, Q3 Cheerleader 1. Q. 3. 43 Hi-'Y 43 lVhat a Life, The American lVay. 0RX'ILLE KEXDALL Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 43 School Boy Patrol 3. LOUISE KIGHT Girls' League 1, Q. 3. 43 Alcohi lNIirrOr 3. 43 class editor 43 hlixed Chorus 4: French Club 43 Choral Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 What a Life. JABIES KIRKPATRICK Boys' League 1. Q. 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Alcohi hlirror 3, 43 Soccer Q, 3. Page 37 JOHN ROBERT KIRKPIATRICK, JR. Boys' League 1. Q, 3. 43 Hi-Y 43 Fire hlarshal 43 Glee Club 3. 43 Band 1, Q. 3. 4. secretary 3, president 43 Orchestra 1. Q. 3, 4. treasurer 43 Basketball 3. 43 All Maryland High School Orchestra 43 Alco Revelers Q. JOHN XYESLEY KNOWLTON Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Fire Blarshal 43 A. D. K. 3. 43 Glee Club 13 Apron String R81'0lfQ Christmas Play '38Q The American Way. ANDREW J. KOBIPANEK Boys' League 1. Q, 3. 43 Hi-Y 3. 43 Fire Marshal 43 Football Q. 3, 43 The American Way. RITA CECELIA KORN Girls' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Declamation 33 Speech Club Q. 3. DOROTHY KRNAYA Girls' League Q, 3, 4. CLEBIENT ARTHUR LANCASTER Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Hi-Y 3. 4. chaplain 43 Student Congress Q. 3. vice president 33 Alcohi Mirror 1. Q. 3. 4. sports editor 3. 43 French Club 4: Chief Fire hlarshal 43 Track Q. 3, 4. managerg Vice President of Sophomore Class3 Sec- retary of Junior Class3 What a Lifeg Allegewi 4. sports editor. MARY LA VERNE LAW Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4. EARL LAXVRENCE LEXVIS Boys' League 1, Q. 3. 43 Football 4. EDXVARD BRADLEY IJEXVIS Boys' League Q, 3. 43 Fire Marshal 43 Glee Club 4. PEARL LEYVIS . Girls' League 1, Q. 3. 43 SW'lI1'lI'I'llllg Club 3. PHYLLIS LOUISE LIPPOLD Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 43 A. D. K. 3: Dance Club 43 SW'i1l1IHlI1g Club 43 Archery 4. ROBERT LITZENBURG Boys' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Fire Blarshal 43 Football 3, 4. GEORGE CLIFTON T. LOAR Boys' League 1, Q. 3. 4. ANNA RIARY LOGSDOX Girls' League 1, Q. 3, 4. :XLDA RI.-XRIE LONG Girls! League 3, 4. WILLIANI LONG Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Basketball 43 Football Q. 3, 43 Track 43 Baseball 4. DORIS JEAN MCCOY Girls' League 1, Q. 3, shi Basketball 1. Q. 3. 43 Swimming Club Q. 33 Track 1. Q. 3. 43 Athletic Club 43 The American Way. REGINA BICDONALD Girls' League Q. 3, 43 Alleg'eWi 4. bOokkeeper3 Track 3. BETTY RTCINTYRE Girls' League 1. Q. 3. 43 BaIId 3. 43 Swimming Club 43 Athletic Club 4. ROBERT KENNETH MCLUCAS Boys' League 1. Q. 3, 43 Volleyball Q. 33 Basketball 4. FRANK S. TNICBIAHON Boys' League 4. 'SYILSON WILLIAM MEANS Boys' League 1, Q. 3, 43 Football 4. JOHN GALEN BKTETZGER Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Hi-Y Q, 3. 4. president 43 Allegewi 4. assistant club 6tllt0I'Q Treasurer of Junior Class3 French Club 43 Fire Marshal 43 A. D. K. 3. 4. treasurer 43 Glee Club 33 What a Life3 The American ll'ay. JEAN LOUISE TXTEYERS Girls' League 1. Q. 3. 4, secretary 43 Hi-Y Q. 3. 4. chaplain 33 Alcohi hlirror 3. 43 French Club 3. 4. vice president 43 Speech Club Q. 33 A. D. K. Q. 33 Mixed Chorus Q3 Choral Club Q. 3. 4. vice president 43 The American ll'ay. THOBIAS ALLISON RIONT Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Hi-Y 3. 4: Fire Marshal 43 Basketball Q. 3, 43 Football 1. Q. 3. 43 President of Junior Class3 President of Senior Class3 The American Way. BETTY LOUISE MOON Girls' League Q. 3. 43 Track 1, Q, 3. 43 Hospital Room Attendant 4. PAUL BTORGAX Boys' League 1. Q. 3. 43 Fire Marshal 43 Football 3g The American Way. ROBERT MOSSER Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Fire Marshal 43 Allegewi 4, art editorg A. D. K. 3. 4. president 43 Glee Club 3. 43 Apron String Revoltg Christmas Play '383 What a Life3 The American Way. AXXA XYIOLET BTOUNTAIN Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4. LOUIS BTYERS Boys' League 1, Q. 3. 43 Fire Marshal 4 WILLIAM HUNTER DIY!-TRS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi hlirror 4, Allegewi 4, editor, French Club 3, 4, secretary 4, Fire hlarshall 4, A. K. O. Q, The American Way. ANNA MARIE NIXON Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, A. D. K. 3, 4, A. K. O. 3, Basketball 3, 4, manager, Hi-Y 4. SOPHIA JANET OLIVER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, treasurer 4, Alcohi Mirror 4, French Club 3, 4, Speech Club Q, 3, A. D. K. Q, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Choral Club Q, 3, 4, president 4, Allegewi 4. feature editor, Apron String Revolt, What a Life, The American Way. JUNE E. ORT Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Declamation 3, Alcohi Mirror 3, 4, Speech Club 3, A. D. K. 3, 4, Choral Club 4, Hi-Y 4, The American Way, Hospital Room Attendant 4. MA1i1' VVINIFRED OURS Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, The American Way. MADELINE ARRUTUS PAETOW Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Dance Club 1. DCJNAIAD FRANKLIN POTTS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. HENRY W. PRICE, JR. Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Archery 1, Sound Technician, A. D. K. 4, Blaclc Flamingo, Christmas Play '38, The Skull, What a Life, The American Way. VIVIAN LEE PRICE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror 4. JOHN VVILLIALI RICHARDS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Band 1, Q, 3, Track 1, Q, 3, 4, What a Life, The American Way. ALSTON ROBINETTE Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. WVILLIALI P. ROSENLIERKEL Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire hlarshal 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Octet 4, Double Quintet 4, Band 1, Q, Orchestra 1, Basketball 3, hlale Quartet 4. HELEN BTAY RUEHL Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Student Congress Q, A. D. K. 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4. SUE ELIZABETH SANDER Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Speech Club 1, What a Life. PAULINE THERESA SCHOENADEL Girls' League 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror 4. LORETTA PAULINE SCHULTZ Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror 4, Allegewi 4, typist, Orchestra 1, Q, 4. LEONARD CHARLES SCHXVAB Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Declamation 3, Debate 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror 1, Q. 3, 4, advertising manager Q. 3, Allegewi 3, 4, business manager 4, Speech Club 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, A. D. K. Q, 3, 4, What a Life, The American Way, The Black Flamingo, Babes In Toyland, Apron String Revolt, The Skull, Christmas Play '38. RITA VIRGINIA SEARS Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 4. PEGGY SECRIST MACRERT Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Dec- lamation 3, Speech Club 1, Q, 3, vice president 3, A. D. K. Q, 3, Choral Club Q, 3, Musettes 3. FRANKLIN SEE Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Basketball 4, Track 4, Baseball 1, Q. 3, 4. WILLIAM SELL Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Track 1, Q, 3, 4, Soccer Q, 3. JOHN OLIVER SHARRETT Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, A. D. K. 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Glee Club 4, Band 1, Q, 3, 4, drum major 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Swimming Club Q, 3, 4, Archery 1, Q, The American Way. NORMA SHNUXIONS Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. HELEN SKELLEY Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. DALE SLAVEN Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. DAVID WILLIAM SLOAN, JR. Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, treasurer 4, A. D. K. 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Apron String Revolt, What a Life, The American Way, Debate 4. BARBARA JANE SMITH Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Choral Club Q, 3, 4, The American Way. BTARJORIE LOUISE SBIITH Girls' League 1, Q. 3, 4, Alcohi lNIirror 4, French Club 3, A. D. K. 3. 4, Dance Club Q, Swimming Club 4, Junior Glee Club 1, The American Way. RENA JO STANLEY Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 4, Alcohi lVIirror 4, Allegewi 4, typist, Cheerleader 4, Treasurer of Senior Class. REBECCA RUTH STERNE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi lX4irror 3, 4, A. D. K. 3, 4, hlixed Cl10I'l1S 3, 4, Choral Club Q, 3, 4, librariaII, Dance Club 1, Q, 3, president 3, Swimming Club 4, Babes in Toyland, What a Life, The American Way. HELEN ELIZABETH STRAXV Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Alcohi hlirror 3. 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 1, Q. EILEEN STUAIP Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4. KENNETH A. TAYLOR Boys' League 4. RICHARD L. TAYLOR Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, Band 1, Orchestra 1. FRED WVILBERT THEIS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Track Q, Baseball 3, 4. DOROTHY JAN E TI-IRUSH Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 4, French Club 4, Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Declamation 3. 4, Alcohi Mirror 3, 4, feature editor 4, Speech Club 1, Q, 3, A. D. K. Q, 3, Mixed Chorus Q, Choral Club Q, 3. 4, Apron String Revolt, Christmas Play, Allegewi 4, class editor, The American lllay. ITOBERT TRITT Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Fire Marshal 4, A. D. K. 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Band 1, Q. 3. 4, treasurer 3, vice president 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, sec- retary 3, president 4, Track Q, Christ- mas Play, '38, The Skull. MARY TVTARGARET TURNLEY Girls' League Q, 3, 4, Alcohi Mirror Q, 3, 4, editor 4, French Club 4, Mixed Chorus Q, 3, 4, secretary 3, accompanist 4, Glee Club 3, accompanist, Choral Club 3, 4, Musettes 3, 4, Male Quartet 3, accompanist, Double Quintet 3, Dou- ble Octet, accompanist 4, Orchestra 4, vice president 4, Hi-Y 4, Babes in Toy- lancl. Page 38 FLORINE TXVIGG Girls' League 1. Q. 3. 4: hlixed Chorus 4. vice president 43 Choral Club 3. 43 Band Q. 3, 4, secretary 4: Orchestra 43 hlusettes 43 Octet 43 The American Way. JEAN TYLER Girls' League 1. Q, 3. 43 Hi-Y 3. 43 Basketball Q. 3. 4: Track 1. Q. CLARENCE W. VANDERGRIFT Boys' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Track 1. JOSEPH XYATHERXVAX Boys' League Q, 3, 43 Fire hlarshal 4. ROBERT CHARLES XYEBSTER Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. ALLAN V. WHITE Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. DOROTHY RUTH WILLIAMS Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Hi-Y Q. 3. 4. vice president 43 Allegewi 4. associate editor: French Club 43 Speech Club 1, Q, 3. president 33 hlixed Chorus 3g Choral Club 33 Orchestra Q, 3. 43 The American Wag. KENNETH C. VVILLS Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. Page 39 DELBERT RALPH XYILSON Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Track 1, Q. OLIVER RAYBIOND XYINEBREXNER Boys' League 3, 43 Hi-Y 3. ELIZABETH VIRGINIA XYOLFE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Speech Club 1: Mixed Chorus 43 Choral Club 3, 4. accompanist 33 Hi-Y 4. GENEVIEVE XYOLFE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 A. D. K. 3. 43 hlixed Chorus 33 Choral Club Q. 43 Musettes 33 The American Way. GERALDINE FRANCIS XVOLFE Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Speech Club 13 Mixed Chorus Q, 3, 43 Choral Club 3. 43 Hi-Y 4. DANIEL WOOD Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Declamation 3. 43 Alcohi Mirror 3, 43 Allegewi 4, club editOr3 Speech Club Q, 33 Fire Marshal 43 A. D. K. Q, 3. 43 Black Flamingog Apron String Revoltg The American Wayg Debate 4. BETTY JANE 'VVOTRING Girls' League Q, 3, 43 Allegewi 4, sports editor3 A. D. K. Q, 33 Basketball Q, 3, 43 Track Q, 3, 43 Athletic Club 4. EILEEN WRIGHT Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Allegewi 43 A. D. K. 4. DOROTIIX' JEAN XJEAGER Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Orchestra 1, Q. 3, 43 All hiaryland High School Or- chestra Q3 Hi-Y 4. ALVIN C. 'YOUNGBLOOD Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Student Con- gress 13 Orchestra 13 Football 3. 43 Baseball 3, 4. IDA BELLE ZAIS Girls' League 1, Q, 3. 43 Alcohi ltlirror 3, 43 A. D. K. 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Choral Club 3, 43 Apron String Revoltg The Slrntlg The American Way. CATHERINE ZEBIBOXVER Girls' League 1. Q, 3, 43 Declamation 33 Speech Club Q, 33 A. D. K. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 43 Glee Club Q3 Choral Club 43 Track lg Apron String Revoltg What a Lifeg The American Way. ROBERT ZIBILIERLA Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 4. ALICE ZIRIINIERRIAN Girls' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Glee Club 1. JOHN FREDERICK ZHXILIERBIAN, JR. Boys' League 1, Q, 3, 43 Allegewi 4, photogTapher3 Fire Marslial 43 A. K. O. 3, 4, president 4. .X 4 ' .J za V , is r 2 , X v ' f X. I X: vox. . . bl xp l ,jf I js- . I ' AA .-if J fi ff' ,Yi iff ff! 'fly' u I M pr rVp,Vl,,.1 ul, R cj p K 'EU .- . 'e if gf? ' Qi ' X ' gg 1 juniors have completed a suc' ess 'ff J C' under the direction of Thomas Rudd as president. . Their principal activity was the Junior-Senior Prom on April 12. The other ofHcers were Vernon 557' .W llliller, vice-presidentg Dorothy Compton, secre- A ,f l 'Q taryg and Jack Powell, treasurer. Jeanne Bower- W 'Q sox became secretary for the second semester be- Y ' cause of the withdrawal of Dorothy Coniptow Ml' yi 1 I 1 . . - ' U! Y l rM1ss Iheresa Nicht was adviser. . it l f H5 ,J It -9 -S , i if 1 ., 1 W V sk A W . W A il . 4- ' - 4 7 J U . is V F f X ' 4 Wi- 4 , i-X! fl W fl ' J lj so ' G21-l i Ylfiwiil it . 61,411 l if l J J .S l lf .4 J lwil 1 f me -. . 4 My f-.1 'i V ' -,XM N - i - f 1 . 1 , - xi - ,X f , . my X J, W N 9+ L 1' . 3 V- , ,,-f X, , 19 kj V13 1 jy,'y?', X J J w,f1,1- X . il dr. -V WY f l J. J isle X gk! . J ,ll .J Nix N ,x X- ' Ji N f X Yi -Nj bi is Q A Q. W Y .KQV 'M Lv, C . kit-fl sl Q. Q. xl Nb lx, S. NJ VX .x L, N, , 1 . , A., - ge ' l ' mi A 1 Qt. Tw - 'Q-ff 'L ' ' Nw 1 . K X. E M Ii v i ff ' IW F124 V is 6. e Q -eff-,if .iff 99 Page 40 C: , ,K , dk Cir' ni 'uf Q 'Shih I , W, X .. 3 In If - If A C, ',-. f !e fiuJ Q. ,,..,-as p' xr 4' - '4'4 affMJv.fAf. .-5 'r,cu,.utJ watch thl lllfllleli In other words keep your eye on the ball, because ' n,4,1,,,l,,,,,gQ,' - ti 'fcr.Q,kfv,1,'l IU bl' 1 that's what the ball's called in tl1e,'game of badminton. Beatrice Broad- , ' ' water is serving Cin a game of ddublesj while Helen Gaitras, her partner, 1 X awaits the 'ne t pla ,. This game is only a part of the eleventh grade ' N girls' physigi-alxaduc'Zioi1 coursefwhich also includes such games as volley I L., J, , ball, duckjpins, basketball, deck tennis and ping-pong. xi PIl2I'Ill1'SPf02I'8SS-Thats what Annabelle Lee and,Leona Perdew are ' tracing as we find them in Nlr. Davis' U. S. history class. From the f beginning to the present chaotic times, the panorama of our countryis history passes in review. X , ' clash! Allllthel' test tlllllll-'Remember chemistry?-a y-ear of valence, ions, broken test tubes, minor explosions. and rather awful odors-but it was great fun! Miriam Douglas immerses a gas bott to collect oxygen, ilrpllxsrirgg that oxygen can be gollec edgx jer Lonifise Dawson l ' ,f 7' , ffl? '39 6' f ,, QUIK 5 -7771-A. u , . . . I .. ,. Lv' lllst the -and thats what students learn in prmtmg class. Wlayne J I , 7 q VVS .fx kr! Sowers is here empl yed in running the press. In the print shop, tickets, 1 jf QT' ffl . . . MMM i ,g . , . L- programs, post rs, ce slips, name cards, stationery are printed for the p,. gtk Jffvgxl 1 . fl School' - ' ,fiaweffi Ml A J F . 'JJ' ' ,f , , Y , 0 ,li :NA El f In the puhllc eye-soon the display which bfi, th , Qggrvthfet-411MPiVI'arthafj jf E Rose Farell are preparing will be ready for t ii'elfscl1ool to seem In V! 5, A ' l their work in literature, junior English students dress 'dolls to re elk Y' Y 'lg V characters they are studying, memorize well-known lines from pla , and V, , in ' J design costumes and jewelry. U ,ff X, , if V ,- ' l l ' ff f ff X 1 3 V g,f-.,f- ,J W .1 g J' , ' , ,-1 f fa., .M f . . f flip Plane geomet:yf4N0,'fS not ,always so pLainL isay Jea,n.rB5fw-fy Ama V ff jf' Bess1l.gfEve1'stlne gfld-Tffaryfiliilll-livan,1th,pee juniors, aftemptigg to prove f f theyrule of Fhythagorasiyone of the, 'rijoref difficult theorems theeyedr. j fl ' 'geometry clasajcjftmexits learn-fto prove theorems suph,,as,,flfl1ose of ' ,id 1 Congruency, sj.mfil'ar1ty, parallels, and perpendicfulars. Xl-'J jf' ' f 1 ,. ,ff J I A 7 , wif JjXij,5L,TfV P , f , g, 1 1 V.. V, jf - -I , ...7,fA!,y r Y, I, J, I. 7 If 2 . J y' r' if ' ' 1 K- s f ,ttf X., , fi' J f, fa, A I u gj ..f' ' Page 41 f f jf . QI' ef gg V ' V V hh' , -f J.. f C. my is, .YV gi ig' K., El f, 'EH x' . iv-mr' . ' if' ii' , fl A L ' J . ,i i , fx, if C 5 Te I W 5 MJ Fr! ,Q Q ,Rf u if if r i X 4 gif year the class of 5192 has shown promise of leadership under the guidance of Ira Stroup as presidentg James Clower, vice-presidentg Jack i Crites, secretaryg and Williain James, treasurer. Mr. Hubert Radcliff was chosen as their adviser. 9 S v rj A+! ' If I gil fd' . .,QJffyV,cy,. gift N , U' 1, I , '47 ' ,V jy. 0- ff? ffl r. .vii , ZW. ,Iyar 7 4 ,f I A W 4 , ,, V 2 I 9 9 . i I f ff? r ,,.-rx 7? Jig gf' f X N fgr Ng M F , 1 'K o Qu. ,Q , wa. , , C X g fffrff,-'Oi 'fi 'A'5?'1 ?'f?'j 4 '5'0?f1D rj it 51 FAC 9+ jst . , , P, V i , Ly, My fl MJ, I 3 Igtiiyii 4 ll,-Qi, LiiyLXc1zgh . . f M J A ,, X ,,,. ly ,E , ff El, i ,hQ'4 , ,- ' X A A '7 .,y , f ,x it 5 R X x ,D Page 4.2 1 A K , ,jjw ,V r 1 Jygms F,Jr1f,p:Q: . L'N 'iL7s V 'Veda nf L' face? f' ' ,QQ ,gg Handy Allliyl-'How to be popular with the folks at homedis deftly illustrated www 'V ff? gf 7 Qa- we see Charles Smith sanding a table leg as part of his industrial arts aglgnlllkti fb , 'V ,JyfvQ.:.!f,,.ff'yL,,j,T ,Y,,1.3,a:Df ali' Kap grade industrial arts course includes a study of metal work, prin '- g, meihanigal lam? Qfff ' drawing, and woodwork. . , LU ' in ' J ' - V17 J' K, L ,gg VYQMMS ,Y :Q :U X i QW Q , ' 512. ,ij MC , r 4 fig C, so ,L if ' ' A' . U 'W ' U 1- J' H ,Vl',VU13 ' iffi ,N eff! PUIJI' llshl'-Remember that old saying, no more privacy than a goldfishfw Qtlell, it !JAi..f y' V ' V goes' for a starfish too! Jack Buckle, Bill Sparks, and Herbert Loyer are examining ' Q1 L the remains of tubefeet on a starfish 'lm ' ' l gy llect' . 'In biology classy a gf,-'7 ft ji I , study is made of plants and animals t ,Flear fs in ' ich they are adapted to ' 'X jf, ff aj live in their particular environment. My I-.fl f ,. BUUKWUTITIS'-Sophomores Dixie Rafter and Ira Stroup enjoy one of their ,E ff . ,Q required novels, Silas lifarnsr. English class opens up to us' the wonders 4' V qt of our literary Heritage. Excellent books, both fiction and non-fiction, are available in the library. N' 9' I lf, L Graphically speaking- Maybe you donlt know what this is all about, but 2 Helen Kelley knows that it's a graph showing a comparison of the per f capita wealth of ten large cities. V Commercial arithmetic is of particular V fl interest to those who plan to enter the clerical field of work. 1 ' ' n f Q U 7 . . . . way to 3 mall S hE3l't'-1s through his stomachf' say Dorothy VVdk1nson, busily sifting flourg Rosemary Atwater, stirringg and Betty Reighnrdp measuring milk, as they prepare some tasty muffins. Sophomore 'home economics students in the advanced foods class learn to prepare savory meals. ,xx 4 W t V J X Q ix, . q i tl .X M. A, a D N P1196 43 it Q i i y 4 , w , Q., 1' L J , X Q. N, Xi X ,p A A ff l 1 ,, f V is v 1-ix lj fl .w,, 'f ,J f I . VC, rx If w VX, . A , yah. X, ,D ., S fax, :N , fix x A. L -,fri fx A r CJK. X 4 ,J Q, 1' V ' ,I ' , X., NRE Kei ,f- . N P V 'Ti Y'A,AKjXL 1 ,gh xx! .' ', 'J x' I, I' ' R45 V' Al 1 ' f ' C the weeks go by, the freshie, as he is uont to be called, has , fill sz grown bolder and more confident of his place in the general V scheme. He greets with a grin all the star athletic upper- W K Auf classmen and blissfully ignores the assumed dignity of the gf!! i V Vliljfl x older girls. His freshie sister, though, treads slowly and pvfflf shyyy about the school trying to acquire a little of the non- A QYL93, It Ji il I lll X M ll il 1 chalanee of the upper class girl. But surely he has learned ll lfkju 4 , ftlg IEP' Y 2 5 the ropes that only last year burned his hands. 1- ' Nl vi NX f Qilllll if Wlli I rw ,,,. I A IA 4 gl ll ,W i Q K it ,AQ lit ,N Y fi n Q Q ,aii if l i do is gi is lg. lr, 3, ,ef ilf, li f if 'tv ,f Page 44 -?-- - , V ,ji-rgyby-J, V7 Q15 L ,gk ,Wg-2 M ay , Ziff' X' Wham 1,-,,yi', .-l,.',1.i7 V2 Q .-mfs: Pfr Q, 'JIJIT VQ!73 :JX:'9 . Hvlllllfvilli, VICIT-Here,s how they conquered! .-fsay fEifa1TEees Qaydf, Phyllis Hlgftlrfef as they demonstrate a model of' a tower used for fightingzw' in the time of Caesar. Ninth grade Latin classes make a study of Roman homes, clothing, and customs while gaining a fundamental knowledge of the language. X f 4 I 'f f ,fl ef- C' fif l.fJ ,ullly to the w0flllH-'Thus does Mr. Platt's music class Serenade us as I ' X - ' ,ff Betty Schlunt plays the piano and Catherine I-Iast, William Reed, PHTKN i T! , Ml 1' Jig Lucas, and Eileen Johnson sing, Ninth grade music classes study instru- if 1 l I if Jyyf Tlwf ments, opera,kthe background of familiar music, and have programs once Q ff Wy ,fy every six wee s. A J ,C X. 'A ff ,!f -'f ,Ji-Z - kj 44jfUf f,,J,,ff J ,- AIIVII l?h0fUS-Metal work is enjoyed by all ninth grade boys. Here we , J A jf, , V , , see Billy Scott engaged in lathe practice, one of the many units included fffl' ,.f -j, Q1 f f ' W 3 A, .1 in this' course. Billy is making a center punchlto be used in the inachine ,K f' 1 ,jjj fxj, J f ' shop. In class, the boys make ash trays, various tools, flower pots, cookie I, , l W' ,wJ gf , cutters, and letter openers. . ' ,X ,ffl f ., 41, 1 jx! c YJ nl' l I 2' .A N HEf9'5 how llUySl1VVe find here Mr. Horn showing Thomas Rahrig, C Junior MacFarland, John Gormer, and Brandon Fuller the steps in pro- ducing a mould for foundry use. In the metal shop, boys learn to work with art metal and bench metal and study forging, foundry work, and lathe practice. f Yr AA 41 Y' R 12, rf? 7 Information, please-Bury Howsare gives a bit of information to PfOf6SQF? is 4 Q Quiz in the person of Catherine Wlolfe. In ninth grade social studies,-V. 'Q . if - pupils also give oral reports every week and have discussion periods. N, 'iq nh ff 4,12 T ev study public utilities, United States government, banks and money. Q, lo wfia 114, th .Q- 1 ,X - gi I sg 4 Page 45 I FlltllI'E FIUTEHCB Nlglltlllgalesiwhether she has any intentiorugbof becoming a nurse or not, every girl who takes ninth grade home economics must learn the fundamentals of home nursing and first aid. Kathleen Gormer and Norma Hamilton are learning the correct way to make a Bed, which is one of the many things included in the course. The girls alsqzstudy home management, family relationships, interior decoration, andachild care. Elie, r 'E-555 Hlwhetweensu and they mourn, but silently of course- these folks who are neither freshmen nor beginners. They may be less active than their fellow students but they are just hiding their time until the older ones are out of the picture. A step further than seventh grade students, they have come back to Allegany to renew old acquaintances and to make new ones. f i .fqvc ig,-- , ,, X v X, i K g K cc ,J f ,,QyffITf.. , U,- ,fv Mt ' M ' Q- - V' Q f , 4 ,fa ,f J 1 f, , . ff f 'Q ' . 4 54 Cf f , ,' in HJnfjjjfA,--,,---'I 112-1 iflizp' fl: -:,.kk W Y X r -I h W t' ' ,iir - fn Q it 4 fijaw I 5 ,iii it cg F P, yy, ,L QAM ,i a ws,m'-,-.g- LL ff , ,XJ ,Q V r-,' lf' i y f' a 7024, jfyyiffad r. ' fwfr ,1 . Page 46' ,f .1 v cal'lJElltBfS of tha flltllfB'John Nlorrissey shows you what he can do in case you ever want a taboret made. Eighth grade boys make other arti- cles such as toys. corner shelves, tie racks, and broomholders. They re- ceive instruction on different kinds of tools, woods, and various types of wood preservatives. .K cllftalll Glllng UIll'Places! and Karel Weiss, smoking a make-believe pipeg Beverly Beckman, Murray Allen and Helen lVIcDuffy dramatize The Grand Chamfsi Diamond. English students have been giving plays in class to help their classmates gain an appreciation of the various types of literature. g HMUSIC, M3EStl'U, PIEHSBH- Only in this case it's Dorothy Doolittle tuning up in preparation for entertaining her music class. Brief programs are often presented in eighth grade music classes so that the participants may perfect their talents and gain poise in appearing before an audience. HUIIIB EC0llUllllStS- In home economics classes. the girls of Allegany learn all the things which will help them become successful homemakers some day. They study cooking. child care, family relationships, home-nursing, interior decoration. and in the eighth grade, sewing. Page 4,7 AI'-tlC'U'l3'fBl'Wo1'cl study was introduced into the curriculum last year because it was found that many students didn't know how to use the dic- tionary. With the help of that book, eighth graders learn correct pro- nunciation. division of words into syllables, and word meanings. Our photographer caught', Herman Cunningham looking up a tongue-twister. 192 BZHBI' Ui1l'Would-be Babe Ruths of Allegany are shown here and you may be sure that they're chalking up a good batting average. Left to right are Karel Yveiss, Allen Hart. Coach Hopkins, Bill Street Cpitchingj , Robert Troxell, Ray Ice, Jimmy Trenton. Jimmy Carriqe. and Gordon Green. Besides learning to play baseball, eighth graders learn in play football and speedball, dodging, running through inazes of long legs and traxnpling feet, these little ones have come through a year at Allegany. Tilnidity was soon succeeded by curios- ity and then by pride, as they realized that they, though sinall, were now a part of Allegany. After much asking of questions, gaping awe and puzzled anxiety, these youngsters are beginning to know their way around. 1. il i V li . ij! '7 Tig! , -P' 'V - 1' ff 9 lt! f ya u Jflf ff? nllfjff I fill? fi ffiw fp it ' 1 ff or M16 TN fi! for ,yr fl fly' 19' V4 ff i l . Ll f ' X Q Page 48 W WCM M0flBl WUl'llBl'S Clay is modeled into interesting shapes by these art students. They'll tell you that art is tun Posters seasonal pictures, modeling. design work, block printing and water coloi painting are oHered in this course. Tllll of all Allleflllall'-Tliis is the way to do it. Here w-e see a seventh grade social studies class enacting a play in which a foreigner becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States. Students taking part are Daniel Johnson. Bill Stanley, taking the oathg Donald Paupe, James Cooke, in robeg and Donald McGill, writing. 3 makes tlll! W0l'lll 20 I'Ullllll7 John Cox and Lila Foster can tell you because in their science class they study the revolutions and rotations of the earth and the effect ot these on the length of day and night and the seasons. In the picture, they are working an experiment in this unit using an electric light for the sun and a revolving caffy Ulll'You may be sure that these football players will carry on the blue and white pigskin honors for years to come. This is only a part of the complete training boys get in physical education classes. These future Gaffneys and Moxits 'are Cwith back to usD Burton Pogell and Jack Stitely, Bill Stanley, with ballg extreme right Don Fresh, Britton Shaffer, Bill Wood. Henry Humpheys and William Capaldi. Boys learn to participate in other sports such as basketball and speedball. MP lid? S ply, . All This is The LIFE. Freedom, fun- Youth in the inbetween This is the age of- Bookologyg And the age of building. This is The Life Of Creation. We are the Seniors. This is the start of a finish Never the end. This is The Life That's just a beginning. This is the start Of a thing T That's brief and We are the Seniors. The work's about done- For a time. The dances and dates, The rehearsals and plays, The sports and the music, The curtain,s now drawn. The varnish and paint, The lockers and darkness, Angles and circles, And thoughts on the loose. lVe're Seniors And now we are through. Page 50 y,, gl., A 'J M ML., if 1 Vw ' 1 .N VX Q , Y xxlfx 1 X ut-' N xx n x X l LW' Y W 1 w 2'-J 'J Lf I A ...X ,. 73 Q M D XC! , - , lj! 'xx , , M VT N 1 ' K , , V-J L -J FX' X KDX X ' I K' X 3 1 W xg X' ff f LJ w 1 N ' ' q I 1 X , 1 1 , X W M HW WJ U + 'Aygmfkm Jklmlx, fp I wwf l N fmw Q influx, sl k X J!! x Rx: W-UL Q LQUQ W 'M' XL L X- .QQ QQ I W' My Arthur Lancaster, chaplaing David Sloan, treasurer: Jack Alday, James Clower, Robert Mosser, presidentg William Jenkins, Harry Yeager, Robert Mosser, Galen Metzger, Bruce Hershber- Scared on floor, left to right: Andrew Kompanek, Dracy ger. Jack Powell enter the MY Carlson, Bruce Hershberger, Harvey Conner. Standing, to attend a Hi-Y meeting. William E. Noland, adviser, Thomas Mont, Vernon flfk 1, M5165 Sl15'd'eI'- James Kirkpatrick and Jack - Alday inspect a Thanksgiving ,Q Day football program. if 'tt 'R Boys' Hi-Y The Boys' Hi-Y club of Allegany High School was registered with state Hi-Y clubs of North America in November 1927. At the time the club was formed, the enrollment consisted of twenty-five members with Albert Wolfe as president. Today the club boasts of thirty-five fellow members. The young men enrolled in this organization are taught the full significance of brotherhood, and that religion is something beautiful which should be encouraged and not repressed. The following lines from the original creed of the Boy's Hi-Y are quoted in order to illustrate the purpose of the club. It reads: Our aim is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf' There are few traditional ceremonies in which the Hi-Y participates but each year its members sponsor the bonHre, swimming meet, Boy's Hi-Y dance, an assembly program, and the sale of programs for the Thanksgiving Day game. This year the group had a new responsibility in the furnishing of the men's faculty lounge. ,. ,H 'F-sf-aff' Page 52 .ir ,LL 6 'E vm. it . gifs' as r c by - 3 QC . f if Q! Q 23,6 V ,Y X MY, Cf! . if 3,21 if -V ' v ' 1 4 Q J X- 'Je' Q cf' xx, Girls' Hi-Y The purpose of the forty-five members of the Girls, Hi-Y is to create, maintain. and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf, The activities of the year began with an outing at Constitution Park. The girls raised funds for the school by selling favors for the Thanksgiving Day game and collected dimes in the halls for the March-of-dimes campaign to raise money to help fight infantile paralysis. They also sponsored the annual dance which was held in April and the Mother-Daughter banquet in May. Hi-Y meetings are held bieweekly at the Y. M. C. A. After the business meeting, the members are entertained by a speaker, musical members, or swimming in NYU l 7 poo . 1 Florence Nevy. hflary Rainalter, Jeanne Bowersox, Miriam Douglas and Ruth XVhipp enter the YH to attend a meeting. Gretchen Williams, Jane Seymour, Jean Teubner, Betty Hershberger, and Alexa MacFarland at a regular Hi-Y meeting in the Y.', ,J ,film ,L 'ff G 'f It QV' r,fivBifyV' f' iyyfp' ir,-'Ji G jr A' thi V ., A ty Y 'll QL 51. f J . J ig ' Left to right: Betty Forster, Anna Bessie Everstine, Peggy Secrist Mackert. Jeanne Bowersox. Ruth Whipp, Mirianr Douglas, Lois Byer, Audrey Clerihue, Mary Turnley, Betty Hershberger, Meredith Kelley, Marie Nixon, Dorothy Compton. Mary Gordon Macfarlane. Shirley MacMillan, Jean Tyler. Alexa McFarland, Marian Buckle, Alice Keller, Reggv lathexvs, Phyllis Cornelius, Miss Helen McFerran, adviser. Seated, beginning at extreme left: ane Seymour. Geraldine XVolfe. June Ort, Marian YVintermyer,,4Jean Meyers, Dorothy XVilliams, vice president: Martha Keffer, presidentg Gloria Gable, secretaryg Janet Oliver, treasurerg Mary Bainalter. Florence Nevy, Sue Sander, Georganna Diehl, Eleanor Albright, Betty Jane Gunter, Jean Yeager, Gretchen Williams, Dorothy Thrush, Bettie Wolfe, Jean Hite. f a an s x gf- Illfziffrgs.-r w Q' ,fs ,, If P. C ,mn ls at to i to ctfa.e. ...W -D U i t 954 Y 0 C p Alpha Delta Kappa For sixteen consecutive years, A. D. K. has sponsored dramatic productions at Allegany. The annual Christmas show is always under the auspices of this organi- zation. Membership is accorded not only to those who actually appear on the stage, but to those who work back stage or sell tickets. Entire membership includes seventy-one students from sophomore, junior, and senior classes. A. D. Kfs initial show of the year was Clifford Goldsmithis PVI1af a Life which was presented January 19 at the Fort Hill Auditorium. A unique feature of the show was that of having members of the faculty to enact teacher roles. 1 Miss Pearl Eader. facing cam- era, and Miss Dorothy Willison attend the party given for What 2 . 8,41 a Life cast. Seated in foreground: Janet Oliver. Alice Keller. vice president. J' Scene from What a Life shows Seated, left to right: Carol Goldberg, Rebecca Sterne. Gloria Gable, Meredith Kelley secretary: Arthur Lancaster. as Henry Ald- Ida. Belle Zais, Robert lVIosser, presidentg Dottie Jayne Twigg, Julie Ort, Leonard Schxyalii and Dan rich: and Albert K. Loper and VVood. Standing: Helena Aronson, Virginia Blair. Genevieve VVolfe, Mrs. Ellen ,jf McKenzie. Lewyn C. Davis who portray adviserg Harry Kompanek, Galen Metzger, treasurer. teacher roles. -Lf ,, Betty Wotring serves Sara Lee Gross Standing in back are Junior Girls' League officers: Gloria Mont, treasurerg Francis Rudd, and Jean Tyler at the Girls' League vice-presidentg Shirley Diedrich, secretaryg mrgincig1kgO,gIelQa2'. president. Seated in front are Tea. Senior League officers: Mrs. Warfield, adviserg Dorothy Twigg, treasurerg hleredith Kelley, presidentg Jean hleyers, secretaryg Lois Byer, vice-president. , hlartha Keller, Meredith Kelley, '. , ,vQ6lfLf99?! f if Evelyn Tvilliams, and Alice Keller aff J f X W0 A , hook a ride to school. A-,f J ' 4 i yi J f ,V ,1 mlb J , -flu K ff' f fvf X X xt N f , l N ,ya-ef' fffyyf I i M11 , ly ,fi l l f l :fD ! ' 'e ew , if kt p , A,7?,fsfe5'p . I yi 3 'V ai ,ei , . , Til.. The Girls League ,UWi,,,.5l. The Girls' League is divided into a unior and a senior group with every girl in K school included in its membership. This year the theme of the year for the senior group was Social Problems, on bn mi- which topic they were addressed by Dr. Joseph Franklin, Mrs. Vilentling, and Mrs. , , - -, DeVVitt. - The junior group concentrated on Self I7IZpT07JC'7Il67ll. One interesting feature was a playlet The Making Over of Sally. A tea dance was also held under the JNL sponsorship of the unior group. The annual Girls, League Dance was held December 1. Under the auspices of the League, the school cooperated to ,make possible a Wlhite Thanksgiving and a VVhite Christmas for needy families. - K fl J ,. l -. e M ilvlolfi eeffygii a ,Il X! er -sf Page 55 Standing, left to right: Harry Yeager, Phil Dodge. Arthur Lancaster, Galen lletzger, Jeanne Bowersox, Ralph Happe, Dracy Carlton. Mary Turnley, Martha Keffer, Diary Sulli- van. Seated in foreground: Georganna Diehl and Sue Sander. Seated around table: Janet Oliver, Miriam Douglas, Marion Wintermyer, Blrs. Florence Warfield, adviserg Jean Meyers, vice president-treasurerg Alice Keller, president: William Myers, secretaryg Dorothy Thrush, Dorothy Thrush is selling candy to Mrs. BIcKenzie, while Saralee Gross and Jean Meyers wait to be served. Harry Yeager and Blary Sullixan Dorothy Williams, Helena Aronson, and Dorothy Com ton. Mr. I. D. Neidermyer, adviser, . I is not in the picture. V I ? A f demonstrate the hnguapp lone. i lffjyiyi ' , X i I Fifi! J IJ! ! K. .1 JU F , . A J J A l ,I - ,ffl .v J M fs if - 5 , J Ju it Les Francophiles X X Les Francophiles, the French Club, whose object is to promote and improve X X spoken and written French, is composed of twenty-five members, who meet at each i other's homes bi-weekly on Tuesdays. The members start the meetings by reciting N-'proverbs in French, then follow reports, entertainment and an occasional play. Con- be X X versational French is improved by reading from the Petit Journal and conducting the F2 Ei? meetings in French. Recently the club purchased a linguaphone for joint use by the it group and the French classes so that French enthusiasts would be able to hear the ix language as spoken by natives. ' - At the beginning of each year, candidates from junior and senior French classes are chosen from names submitted to the membership committee to fill vacancies left by graduated members. 3 gl iii X A J fs iid Page 56' s Y K ' A - - ,, -. ,Afgf ff. ,z-rg ?.,,,:, f , - ., 1 t ig, ,ef xifc, j,,,. -Ju .i ,Cer ., Q 1, Lf, is , .1 J, lx ' s . ,s X lx .. l , , . ar ' 'J' 'ttf e he . , ,7rwt'X in iff X U if to w :JS - ' 'lf' l li S d C V J , a .V -,J tu ent ongress fa ,. Jill sk . . , avi? 'W pupils of Allegany High School are governed by a set of rules drawn up by lQ3,y,f.V V the Student,'Congress. Under the supervision of Lewyn C. Davis, the adviser, the N 'x group has-been guided in the last four years in making new laws and changing old ones in order to make Allegany a better place in which to work and learn. The Student Congress of our school is patterned directly after the Congress of the United States, in as much as it is divided into a Senate composed of delegates from eleventh and twelfth grade home rooms, and a House of Representatives whose delegates are chosen from the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth grade home rooms. During the school term this organization has sponsored pep meetings, boosted attendance at all games, improved the appearance of the school, regulated traffic at congested points and helped to purchase new school equipment. N K, , 1 ' it ' V my 47 gf My ,X fl I K , r' W JQVFJ X, Aj f 'Il X, C9 A l ,,, if X , H Q ,- f ' V X I y PQLQ K, ay .Y ,Q - ,J ftyefyia c. , I p gif-- ' -,,,x. -M Thomas Duncanson and Harry Anderson pass judgment on the new electric score- board purchased by the Student Congress. Jack Price receives the home room at- tendance bauner, presented by the Student Congress each month, from Douglas Boden, president. X Seated around the table and beginning at extreme left: Richard Stroup, Hume Annan, Richard Long, Virginia Oglebay, Loda Zimmerla, Doris Atkinson, Dorothy Fletcher, Margaret Shanholtz, Sophia Powell, Alberta Canfield, Angeline Stanley, Betty Ann West, Eleanor Stitcher, Shirley Humbertson, Gloria Mont, Theoda Kompanek, Ada Stump, Owen Morris. Middle row, standing: Mr. Lewyn C. Davis, adviser, Mary Gordon Macfarlane, treasurerg Audrey Clerihue, vice presidentg Douglas Boden, presi- dentg Helena Aronson, secretary. Back row, left to right: William Stanley, Jack Price, Harry Anderson, William Bender, Edward Robinette, Thomas Duncanson, Robert Wil- kinson, Yvilliam Sell, John Amadeo, Myles Snyder, lVilliam Mathews, Victor Athey, Warner Bagent. me kiliAIls1fU5Cv'Vi' . ' 1 fr V' V-ff F561 get if N C .qu f lb Y it - 4. .- is ji F, tfsfrip jlvrmi? nqzwg P gag? - N V . lvl! ii-,sf 13-1,3-,U 'E le f'5fi,Y.,f 1 , -y .s V ,A fy 1 Qi , 3 ' ., Ayub' 1 5 'Alf l . I ' I f M 4 r . Qwivwl t B -J 5, V I 4' bilibq Y i,s . ,ax by dj, .9 1 cyl if 6 . , il 'Nr' AJ . fp? :V Ayn. glglvfi at Allegewi -.J Advancing steadily from its beginning in 1918, the Allegewi is now an established part of Allegany school life, providing an historical record of the year's events. In 1939, for the first time in ten years, the book was entered in N. S. P. A., and won first class honors 1 This year the stati' has swung wide the covers of the book to in-clude more class- room activities, more action shots, in short, Life at Allegany. By using the format of Life magazine, it was more nearly possible to capture the spirit embodied in the theme. Most of the class shots were taken by the student photographer, who did his own developing, printing, and enlarging. The lay-out of the book was originated entirely by the staff. For the first timc, assistants from the junior class were chosen to permit them to gain experience in editing a book. Left to right: Mr. Albert K. Loper, business adviserg Leonard Schwab, business managerg Carol Goldberg, advertising managerg Eileen Wright, advertising solieitorg Loretta Schultz, Rena Stanley, typistsg Daniel Wood. club editorg Galen Metzger, assistant club editorg Arthur Lancas- ter, sports editorg William hiyers, editorg Janet Oliver, feature editorg Dorothy Williams, asso- ciate editorg Robert Niosser. artistg Dorothy Thrush, class editorg Miss Mary J. Sowerby, adviser. Kneeling in front: John Zimmerman, photographer. Sitting in front: Betty Wotring, sports editor. Regina McDonald, staff book- keeper, makes out a receipt. Dick Carlson and Annabelle Lee, junior assistants, delve into the mysteries ol' publishing a yearbook. , Nlary Turnley, Helena Aron- son, Theodore Ferrato. and Lois Byer, all aspiring journalists, ex- amine some of the Alcohi Mirror cuts. hir. Ivan D. Neidermyer, one of th-e advisers. works on into the afternoon passing judgment on the second page of the hlirror. First row, seated: Ruth lVhipp, Mary Coyle, Sara McFarland, Gloria Molinari, Avonne Eyre, Marion Wintermeyer, Evelyn Williams. Second row, seated: Vivien Price, Helena Aronson, Mary Turnley, Martha Keffer, Dottie Thrush, Loretta Schultz, Marion Buckle, Betty Jane Gunter. Third row, standing: Virginia Browne, Miss Mary Murray, Rebecca Sterne, Janet Oliver. lVIaxine Fleegle. June Ort, Ida Belle Zais, Pauline Schoenadel, Theodore Ferrato, Wlilliam Myers, Arthur Lancaster. Fourth row: Lois Byer, Jean Meyers, Rena Stanley, Leonard Schwab, Diary Creighton. .9 :Jn g G44 J' ,f il Q 4 V - ,,, Q 7 Q ,v ,H ,, M fin? fda U L? ' ff Q hw V, 0 u Up Alcohi Mirror The Alcohi Mirror, the first streamlined school newspaper in VVestern Mary- land, has been awarded honors at the three major scholastic press conventions of the year: the S. I. P. A. Convention, the C. S. P. A. Convention, and the N. S. P. A. Conference. This year the advisory staff of the paper was divided into three departments headed by Miss Mary Murray, Mr. Ivan D. Neiderrneyer, and Miss Virginia Dixon. Mary Turnley served as editor-in-chief, Helena Aronson, managing editor, Arthur Lancaster, sports editor, Harvey Conner, assistant sports editor, Louise Kight, class editor, Dorothy Thrush, feature editor, and Myles Snyder, art editor. Page 59 C 'Zi H i F'3'fSW'Q?li'it il: 'Let Tiki! Tiff fl ' ' PW LL! '-kjmaf som 5.12-ftf lf' af , , 0 i f . V, it , -79 If f . ' ' 7, 4' . , JJ f ' F' ., J - kj- 1 . W 1 fe , L nf A ft ' gc? a 9 1' Left to Tight: Allan White. Granis Schell. Hil- liam Kelly, Sylvia Levinson. Joseph 1ieKechnie, Sara lNIcFarlandd Dorothy Rotruck. William Sell, Peggy'Dailey, John Zimmerman. Alpha Kappa Umicron p i A. K. O., the photography club, which since its beginning in 1934 has been under the direction of Miss Theresa B. Nicht, is now composed of ten members. Students from sophomore, junior and senior classes are eligible for membership. This year the group has concentrated on the technique of enlarging, printing and color photography. VVork is done on the third floor in a dark room which was equipped by the club. Necessary dyes and tints were supplied by the Cumberland Camera Club. I 1, During the year, the club was privi ege to l ar r. L. H. Daugherty and Mr. Robert Slammer, local photography en isi S, - at Declamation I ' Q y..p For the past twenty years. Tasker G. Lowndes ha. T 'ented gold medal to the girl and boy winning the preliminary Decl 4 ' , t st at Allegany High School. This year Allegany was represented in the 'n s at Bruce High School by John Beckman and Dorothy Thrush. Contests are first held within each of the six competing schools, whose winners in turn Vie for county honors. i Seated, left to right: Dorothy Jayne Twigg, Dottie Thrush. Jean Bleyers. llary Sullivan, Helena Aronson. Standing: Bliss hlargaret Durst, adviserg Dan YYood, Leonard Schwab, John Beck- nian. Phil Dodge, William Porter. Bliss llary llurphy, adviser. Page U0 .-Rx. 1 K 1 i TM ' Q Q, , rf' 7, Seated, left to right: x7iT,giQQ Gloria Gable. Mary Turnley. Second row: Betty Stein, Dorisl Brant. Dixie Rafter, lNIiss Dorothy Vlillison, director: Helen Ruehl, Clara Lee lNIoore, Alice Keller, Ruth Harden, Dorcas Lucas, Florine Twigg. Jean Imler, accompanist, is not in the picture. ,, fi wed? ML, W W ll Vs3lfNV'F'V5N!JM U if ' f , aff i. t ., t' l te s Q Musettes T J The members of the Musettes include four different types of voices: first soprano At! ,- A second soprano, alto and second alto. Besides the practice at regular rehearsals, E My most of the group receive musical instruction in either the Mixed Chorus or the if X x' Choral Club. D Yf' Xl , Under the direction of Miss Dorothy VVillison, his group sang at the Allegany 1 fill! ' Spring Concert, Commencement, and at several local c-hurches. , fp V .. H, K, 4 b V , ' M X l 'A v T . i ' ,fl Y, I Y .. X. l M 1 I 1 .. M x ff 0 ' fc.. - . E e- 't i f - e W f Male Iluartette 5 l The male quartette, which is an outgrowth of the Boys' Glee Club, is directed by Mr. Jack Platt. They sing comic numbers, negro spirituals, and selections such as If I Had Ztly Way and Zllarching Along Together. The quartette entertains at small affairs, parties, dances, and. school musicales. l U Harry Kompanelc, first tenorg Robert Rice, ,sec- ond tenorg VYilliam Rosenmerkel, haritoneg Mar- cellus Barncord, second bassg Mr. Platt is at the piano. Page 01 v Row one: Louise Kight. Barbara Jane Smith. Betty Eady, Florine Twigg, Ruth Alexan- der, Ida Belle Zais, Janet Oliver, presidentg hlary Turnley, Alice Keller, Virginia Blair, and June Ort. Row two: Ann Troxell, Ruth Paper, Jeanne Bowersox, treasurer, Dorothy Jane Twigg. Greta Dilfer, Betty Ashworth, Dorcas Lucas. Pauline Grove, Betty Ann West, Lorraine Liller, Josephine Blume, Ruth Harden, Betty Wolf-e and Geraldine Wolfe. Row three: Gloria Gable, Martha Keffer, sec-retaryg Rebecca Sterne, Regina Judy, Virginia Reid, Myra Lee Houck, Clara Lee Moore. Virginia Robinette. Margaret Dashiell, Dixie Rafter, Virginia Lee Robinson, Betty Stein, and Helen Martin. Row four: Florence Nevy, Ruth Whipp, Doris Brant, Jean Meyers, vice presidentg Genevieve Wolfe, Helen Ruehl, Gretchen Williams, and Marjorie Wvhite. Miss Dorothy Willison, director, is on the right. , . . 1 - f Janet Oliver, our pres,,' gives . Jeanne Bowersox, treasurer, her dues. Betty Wolfe and Rebecca Sterne, coming early for rehearsal, meet Mr. Radcliffe and Mr. Hopkins. Q 'iliac 'qw X- XYAI,-Q ' Senior Choral Bluh Under the guidance of Miss Dorothy VVillison, sixty members from the sopho- more, unior, and senior classes formed the Girls' Choral Club, in October, 1939. The club participated in musical programs for various Parent-Teachers Meet- ings, school assemblies, the Allegany High School Spring Concert, and the Allegany County Concert. The concert songs were: The Green Cathedral, Katlzcrinefs Wed- Q ESX ,N U Xding and .1 Robin In the Rain. For the Christmas program, they sang rldeste ' Fidel Q and SilentfNig7zt. 'Li-st the Clzerulbic ' was chosen for the Senior Sermon. SFA ill lil . J G L 3 'W cllibz-1 Clgoun Drop hnaclm Page 62 Y A f i . , , , . if ll '. ,lg M Q , 1 V ,, 7 , i 1 Jp- M, fix, Jew Ss My 5- P, fix, W V-5 Q, . - :N -'J ,V . , .1 Uyflafl L U' Lvl, -f , Q.-Q. New ,W-7 .3 'Q:- I i r,:l-D-'Mx L iv fb -,' ,' X . Y fd ,fi J H ' gall! V A, E ' ,Vit if t' AM 1'-af L, , My - f ' i 'ij Vi V , 1 . mf' :ff . NJ ff' T 'T' 9 ff ' i , 'Sully -fi - ff ld L ' 2l.'j'f - , 'elf' . fr -' K, , X ,ffl If 'l :JJ M y ,I f , :ff Kr The Iunior Choral Club Under thedirection of Miss Dorothy VVillison, the girls of the Junior Choral Club receive training in both voice production and part singing. Their voices, which are clear and light, are trained to bring out their best qualities and to harmonize properly and efficiently with other voices. During the year, they sang at the Christmas Assembly, at Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation meetings, at several elementary schools and in the Spring Vocal Concert. By singing for public occasions and school assemblies, the club has furthered its aim of creating and maintaining an interest in music which it will carry forward to Allegany's senior department. Doris Moore is president, Margaret Reid, secretary, and Ella Louise Richards, accompanist. - fl Tj -ff , 1 7 J 7, i' -' ,--fr A: J V .QQ Y 'I J gi . . g y fr g J if f wi 1 . D 4, JT' I Row one, left to right: Mary Margaret Langer, Dorothy iienry, Mgry .Elizabeth Knox v s My-.,,,uu I Ella Louise Richards, Joyce Bestwick. and Freda Thompson rehearse solo parts for their par- ticipation in the junior high Christmas assembly. Rita Millenson Cin the fore- groundj, Mary Katherine Vogel, Margaret Reid, and Doris Moore choose their favorites from the classical record library. Marv Catherine Vogel. vice presidentg Louise Bender, Jeanne Shaffer, Wldr-na Lee Steele Alberta Perdew, Louise Reckley. Donna Mathews, Lois Stine, Doris Lancaster, Theoda Kom- panek, Rita Millenson. treasurerg Doris Jean Barnard. Row two, left to right: Dorothy Ebert. Ethel Damm, Jane Ebert, Margaret Ruppenthal, Helen lNIcDuf'iie, Dorothy May Mildred VVard, Patricia Dumire, Jean Torbet, Paula Williams, Mary Williams, Freda Thomp- son, Dorothy Doolittle, Marv Ann Pitcher. Rofw three, left to right: Martha Lee Langer Sara Berkley, Sara Lee Stottler, Sara Jane Long, Jo Ann Moore, Jane Williams, Earlene Hard- man, Betty Miller, Helen Louise Smith, Regina Fradiska. Lorraine Sowers, Gail Porter Row four, left to right: Doris Moore. Jean Moore, Ella Louise Richards, Joyce Bestwick Geraldine Hoy, Betty Lou Hillock, Margaret Reid, Edna Herath. Miss Dorothy Willison adviser, facing group. x X IR, L fy: it-,F - rs , ill' ii i ff My Ti ' H iT'if'TifAi A ,A 7 Q ,A ,J ,kt A . .K ix -il-'lg .Q T- 1-5 ' tw , A J, 0 , , c , Y W 1 ,xt A R , i - r, X. by , airs L MV' X ,R V' W fl fi 1 rfb! . X' I' 3 , IF if ' V f f if We X ,fi ' f , ' xr X r M ,, X QSM . l lj ' K Xi f yn j W - Boys' Glee Club tt Xl . 'ill N' The Boys, Glee Club is one of the few all male music groups in the school. Under N R the direction of Mr. Jack Platt, the group has entertained the student body with variogs recitals throughout the year. These senior high vocalists comprise a well balanced olibrus whose tones range from deep bass to high tenor, giving them a wide variety of songs from which to choose. ' Tlte'-group meets twice a week at 3:20 p. m., at which time classical music for perforrnances is rehearsed and arrangements of popular songs are originated. This A f fulfi ls the twofold ur ose of develo Jinv' the voices of the bo s and Jroducinff better M P P l ei y l ea music for appreciative audiences. il, , The officers are: Robert Rice, president, Marcellus Barncord, vice presidentg and 1 f ' Frank Jaumot, secretary-treasurer. I '. is Y X ll f J I S tri' p . Y' 1 T . it , , ' i, Md' ' . 5 1 ff ,yo l . ' gp J fjl M' 'fi li 4 Vi . ' J X A E ' X tl Q Hjv:Jw.5' V tx I ,ij ' ' 1 lgjiililf' 4 H My A, yi M . Q if ff t X 5 , V J f ' , A -' fy fi 'N vt jluaiij W' Fl X' ' i il, 'lib Members of the Boys' Glee First row, left to right: Jack Guynn, Robert Tritt, Clifton Loar, Eugene Myers, John Edmis- Club in a typical rehearsal ses- ton, Theodore Ferrato, lVIarshall Sowers, William Thayer. Second row, left to right: Marcellus sion. Barncord, Brandon Fuller, Homer Hull, Frank Wright, Lloyd Files, Robert Apsey, Robert Mos- ser, Clarence Tressler. Third row, left to right: Robert Lashley, Phil Dodge, Ralph Happe, Clifton Loar, Stanley Golden Robert Rice, William Rosenmerkel, Robert Youngblood, Harry Kompanek. Mr. Jack Platt, and John Amadeo give an enthu- adviser, faces the group. siastic rendition of Aura Leef' lm:aa.r'fvx1gt-L, uDV ' -ami 1939-1940, a banner year for the Allegany Band. Banner car- riers, Meredith, Alice, and Rena strike the bandls color note. Bob Apsey, Robert Rice, and Lloyd Files are playing trom- bones. During their spare time these serious musicians rehearse Jack Sharrett, drum major. Twirlers, left to right: Anna Bessie Everstine, Kay Anderson, Betty Mclntyre, Mary Lou Barton. At the bell lyre is Florine Twigg. Beginning front to back, row one: Robert Rice, Robert Cunningham, Robert Tritt, Robert Konzal, Paul Buchanan, Betty Smith, Glen VVebb, James Grosh, Alma Lee Phillips, and John Kirkpatrick. Row two: Lloyd Files, Charles Glover, Marshall Sowers, Wilbert Theis, Robert Klinger, Dan Mathews, Faith W-qbb, Edith Webb, Sylvia Levinson, and James Brown. Row three: VVilliam Sherman, Dave Brown, Richard Bittinger,'f Jeanne Davey, Bruce Douglas, Charles Dietz, Frank Wright, Clarence Valentine Richard Thom sons- and Jack Lechliter. Row four: Robert Apsey, Frank Jaumot, Howard Tay or, u en mith, X Wlilliam Bender, Bob Young od, Guy Freno, Vincent Thompson, and Ralph Happe. their band numbers. Q A 'XV , I t x s -Vt! li p A my ' QM' 8 My D-L N W Q , fx f Ngyfelf - I J .jgAL,fPi, H Vtkk - N feffyrfc ,sr +wi 9 M 5 J' ,ffl 'rg -ff 2 A A , K O V.-343' I, A QU' ll ,Q B d Lv-If-7' V eh V 9 by ' fwf Qgjgg-1 K, ,j-J, gil, E 'R MV 1 . l A K5 W' fl 1 I ' l 'lj fs . . fvf 5' 'Ji 194Q'!Jsayv thg1a1gev:ejand tpjafellxresent Allegany High School since 1928. Be- ll If I Y side iefyfdr' mgifliajor-N A fo rfmajorettes, they numbered forty-one. Under the , direc ' lrgltlr. llaiglrl Platt any new formations have been perfected. During the year, t by 'pl'ay9d at albllilome games and traveled to Martinsburg and Hagerstown -X with football teaggz Ajgistedyby the orchestra, they gave a recital at the spring -N concert.r?' M' V, yff If ' 9? I if Q i Aviifflie Boksylull the Qbwic had its first view of the bandls new royal blue aid ii, ornjjfy T major in cream and gold with high plume hat added - '. Ele rig Vfiidte 2,15 U I f 5 Q I V '11 , ',,- I 6 ' - J' , ,f A , 1 mi 'Y ll, fd - ,, fry .Iva A L 'fvbiz' , . L .1 f fa? t ' V Z7 D C' N -Q 'X 'HL ' gf' Y I-7 ,, rx N i 6 ev wwf, ff 'Mv1'A!ffL' If 7 kg? i?9 ef4fL J P ' X N , JV, A U47 A F A - Q Wt 10 in mgffewfff if .Xp ., 'J if ,V A A N . X VV A X 5 .Jj 'T J, 2 4, , I f, gd . 4' e 1 - if f is e if we , ' CY V, Az J, nf, ,Z r Lf 1 7 ' Q V X J I and 'X st of 9 we 11 J 'N N nfs Qfi anal fyfrwro ff X -J T 'XX ,. ,X W X, n, Ni its 'f Tj fm, ,, ,riff 'ii fl ,A J rf' 'X 'ff 5' ll if i. ' SL' A l la f- f 'fi if ,fe OL N je my ,J el U tell N FJ te, Page 65 r, 1 X., v I, 1 X' 3 MX. 'X fl X,:lgs:,5l Nei i' Q X 45 N - I Mr. Jack Platt. director Cfacing orchestrab. Seated in first row, left to right: Marshall Sowers, Robert Klinger, James Grosh, Charles Steiner. librariang Charles Oglebay, Jean Yeager, librariang NVanda Weller, Josephine NVil- Frank Jaumot,-and Robert Tritt liams, Dorothy Wlilliams, Helen Kreiling, and Loretta Schultz, Second row: VVilliam Dowlan, Fred get their instruments? 'fiom the Griflith, Leonard Happe, Sylvia Levinson, John Kirkpatrick, treasurerg Howard Taylor, Florine cabinet in the hallway. Twigg, vice presidentg Mary Turnley, Glenn Webb, Jack Sharrett, Charles Deetz. Third row: N6, Robert Konzal, Wiilber Theis, Jeanne Davey, Robert Tritt, presidentg Vance Potter, Frank lvright, Robert Rice, secrelaryg Lloyd Files, William Sherman, Robert Apsey, Robert Youngblood, Ralph Happe, and Dan lVIathews. Back is Robert Cunniilgliamra '- 1 . , A . , . lf , ll . if 7 it 5 f in ll' ,ei,.ri't-4-M wJ 1 f ja fir J ,U ll Q Q i J I T' WV K lffQ9 5ev Cla ft' if R5 ii-fii , y'The Urllhestra fi' 'onli' Wi Vim' ' I- ,fkzf ,ij-' CQ, ,ii J , ' o . 'fir' ,M 2 5' 11 ,fof 5' 'I-Viv V -J Under the direction of Mr. Jack Platt, the orchestra plgyeidffor school assem- J. blies, dramatic productions, the annual Allegany County lilusic Festival, held on April 18, 19410, and the Convention of the State Federation of Music in Fredericlgf y April 20. J 4, ff , i , Thirteen members were sent to Baltimore to participate in the All-Marylandi and 'M J 'ij Orchestra. This ,group Was the second largest representation from any one school, if N the combined Baltimore city music groups being first with seventeen. i K N J f s , V , . - I X X ifX,f,Qil if ' X' X X Q Q, v , XJR R? X R 3 Q N W iii if it li Qi Q Yx BS Q5 A X , p . Xen A NJ ,Q q p fi fl l 4 Y t it ' ' A A ' W5 at 'T' r Xi C In C inaylxix l JN it lflff vi W Fc: wi Ffff it V'1lQYEff ii' ci! ,ujiw ,,ywx,,,,, 5,5 ,by ,dy 3,1 ,,,-um, fr tl lv 'X ' li C hw Page 667 '1 Q- . 'F ' '.-7 ,, X7 .. , ,,.,,...... ,U -H-. ,ey wp dx Q-ips ,J :MV1 . V ' ii, K C Il 'J 1 J- .,. J , 1 3 F .V 1 is ii 1 i+?Q1 V, It J., :4-.,-af ,wry-, I Q ,Q asf ' ,..-4 Ny' ,ef Y U ,xgf Junior Band and Urchestra The Junior Band and Orchestra is comprised of three distinct groups, the Junior Orchestra, the Junior Band and an instruction class for string instruments. ' W 'The Junior Orchestra includes in its membership seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students and often plays orchestra selections. They provided the musical back- ground for the junior high school assemblies and took part in the Spring Instrumen- tal Concert. The Junior Band consists of pupils who are beginning the study of brass and A woodwind instruments under the supervision of Miss Marie Lapin and Mr. Jack Platt. The competency of this group was proved at tl1e Spring Instrumental Con- cert. This organization provides a training ground for future school band members. For the first time at Allegany, a beginning class for string instruments has been 1 started. This group is under tl1e direction of Miss Dorothy VVillison who is assisted by YVilton Sykes, Marshall Sowers, and Robert Cunningham, members of the Senior Orchestra, and by Joyce Bestwick, accompanist. They also performed at the spring instrumental concert. These groups expect to be a part of the Junior Orchestra next year. . ' yfp .7 ,ffl f' 1 r il ja l , y ., f ,X g My r, yy 1 , r eff 1 J X fMiss lNIarie Lapin instructs Robert Kolb in the playing of the Hute. School instruments are available for these students and group instruction provided. UK Seated: Billy VVolfe, Robert Troxell, Earlene Hardman, Louise Burton, Norma Reynolds, Donna lVIathews. Rita Nlillenson, Joyce Bestwick, Jimmy Hines, Jean H-ess, Nancy Dodge, Dorothy Doo- little, Buton Pogell. 1 Standing, second row: Jack Stitcher, Clarence Doolittle, Ada Short, Catherine Hast, Betty Miller, Eileen Shapiro, Frances Arthur. Florence JVilliams, Bill Firey, Phyllis Webb. Last row: Mr. Jack Platt, J. R. Wineland, John Rafter, D. J. Driver, Robert Kolb, VVilliam Green, Clement Boyer. Donald Paupe, Miss Dorothy Wiillison, adviser. , fag gwaevhfwvfnmwz ,,, , 4 ff .,,..- f f ,,,, f A, , H , , V A .f .mmm gfl' AA' ab qi, J 4' i 1' ,L L, z f ,L F ff Yfg fe My L, In the foregroznzd are: Virginia Robinson Dixie Rafter. Ruth Harden. Clara Lee lloore cas Lucas. and accompanist. llary Turnley In the background: Jack Guynn. Harry Kom panek. Robert Rice. William Rosennierkel cord, and Homer Hull. Double Octet The Double Octet is an outgrowth of the Mixed Chorus. Yvhen it became advis- able to have a small music group. a select group under the direction of Miss Dorothy Vvillison was formed. They sang at several churches, the Senior Sermon. and at Commencement. Sweet 111111 Lore, Ole .l1'lf'.s' a Jloverin, UI' Ilan River, and Jlafrnia, Lovely :lIIllfIf'lZ were some of their selections. Officers of the mixed chorus were: VVilliam Rosenmerkcl, presidentg Florine Twigg, vice prcsidcntg and Geraldine XVolfc. secretarv-treasurer. Modern Dance Club Several years ago. the Modern Dance Club was started hy a group of girls inter- ested in the phase of dancing which deals with interpretive expressions of rhythm. Coached by lliss Alice Haas, the club has devoted most of its time to exercising for strength, flexibility, and balance, and practicing their repertoire of original inter- pretations of different musical themes which includes: The fnlga Ifnafnzzni, 1111 lV11.S' a Good Jlan, Hut-, and an unusual number I7l'ZJOCIlff0Il 10 the Sun God, In cooperation with the music groups, the Modern Dance club gave an exhibition of its accomplishments at the annual Spring Concert. First row: Laverne Vineland. Helen Welsh, Virginia Browne, grand leaderg Eva Chedester, June Goff. Second row: Caroline Rinker, Emily lliller, Jane Emerick, Virginia Cage. Page Cb' Doris Brant, Alice Keller, Florine Twigg. Dor- Phil Dodge. Robert Lashley, Ilarcellus Barn- new 'J Back row, left to right: Lorna lblessman, Donna hlathews, Nancy Kiefer, Mary Jane Pitcher, Jean Lashorn, Jane Ebert, Eleanor Lewis. Third row: Betty Cramer, Faith Webb, treasurerg Alina Lee Phillips, Eva Mae Che- dester. Kathleen Shober. Betty Crable, Vernice Hopwood, president. Stooping: Devota Sho- ber, Martha Lee Langer, hlary Elizabeth Zais, Helen lVIcDuflie, Betty Conner, Angela Wilson, Regina Fradiska, Jane Goetz, Helena Hadley, Dorothy Ebert, Ada Ford, Theoda Kompanek, LaVerne bvineland. Kneeling: Virginia Brant, secretary, Jane Morehead, Dorothy Fletcher, Jean Schry, Catherine House, Wanda Lee Nel- son, Lois Stine, bblilma Damm, vice presidentg Betty Miller, Betty Shober, J-ean Moore. Elnora Hadley. Betty Frame. Betty Shober. Tumbling Club The Girls' Tumbling Club under the guidance of Miss Alice Haas is composed of girls who wish to develop a lithe and agile body. Throughout the year, there were twenty-two meetings which lasted approximately one hour each. The programs included individual stunts, group stunts and differently arranged pyramids. The girls demonstrated some of these acrobatics in an exhibi- tion for the benefit of the Community Chest. Girls' Athletic Club The Girls' Athletic Club, under the! direction of Miss Alice Haas, was organized this year. Of the hundred ,girls vvhotriedfout, a group of twenty were chosen on the basis of their athletic ability. The purpose of the club is to educate the members in various games that they can enjoy after graduation, namely: bowling, basketball, badminton, swimming, skating, tennis and hiking. Several social. affairs were planned bfisides the athletic activities, fi The Bazaar held inyeiutnection with the physical education department was spon- 'l sored by this groupf N , l J 9 J ' 'b l 0 ,T-' I 2 u - 8 Q' , ' ' - Na .1 'ie 1 .Y , . ,V A, I 1 V ' X u it K ,, . ll First row, left to right: Audrey Clerihue, hilary lVIacFarland, Betty hliller, Jean Tyler, president, Ruth Alexander, Faith 'Webb, Leona Perdew, Second row: hlarjorie Kennell, hilar- ion bblintermeyer, Doris Peacock, lblary Jane Andrews. Doris Jean hIcCoy, Fan Cranor, Betty bvotring. Third row: Betty lblclntyre, Owanda Feltz. treasurer: llary Lauterbach, secretary, Helen Harper, Elnora Hadley. Page 69 First row: Doris Phillips, Viva Goodrich, LaVerne VVineland, Jane Morehead7B Betty Cramer, Dorothy Fletcher, Peggy Shaffer, Doris Jankey, Eleanor Rey- nard, Charlotte Exley, Martha Langer, Jean Torbet, Mary Anne Pitcher, Sara Lee Statler. Nancy Kifer. Second row: Eileen Shapiro, Peggy Fleckenstein, Q26 Edna. Herath, Ella Louise Richards. Betty Miller, Alma Lee Phillips, Jean Moore, Doris Moore, Rita Millenson. Third row: Caroline Rinker, Jacqueline Stahlman, Mary Louise Flec-kenstein, Catherine Hast, Ada Ford, Freda Thomp- son, Mona Hillebrecht, Margaret Shanholtz. Josephine Yvilliams, Helen Zem- bower, Willa Jane Lowery, Miss Alice Haas, adviser. Fourth row: Faith Webb, Betty Ann West, Marjori-e Smith, Eva Chedester, Jane Rinker, Virginia Robin- . ette, Betty Miller, secretary, Lois Piper, Anna Fleckenstein, Phyllis Lippold, ' Lorraine Liller. yvyvlwead, ar Edna ber the girls' swimming club, take ad- UJ, antage of a spring day. e-INK -4-rx A f' J lVIille1', Jane More- outstanding mem- KMLZQ .MW f iv' The Girls' Swimming Club The Girls' Swimming Club, under the direction of Miss Alice Haas, was organ- ized for recreational purposes. There are one hundred and fourteen registered members, fifty of whom take an active part in the club meetings. Miss Haas has divided the group into two divisions. The first division is a class for beginners who are taught the fundamentals of the aquatic sport, the second divi- sion includes advanced swimmers who are coached in fancy diving and the finer points of swimming. ' After the first few meetings, a committee of four girs was organized to plan pro- grams, in which all of the members participated. They play follow-the-leader, water volley-ball, and water baseball. x P L W! Y X ish ' Hkjv n x ' J., ' s. aflcbiilabellfea 9. VK ij ' Page '70 W v 42 xg.ff fn I yo! R r I 1 fir' X , L, K-.2 T U NN 3, ix INW: W-2 5:1 lx!! ,N MH l , J ' QL. .N I Z W6 y,..i 4. f H w , V M I , w L.,-,. lllillll Front row: DouglXap,,Boden, Donald Hillock, VVilliam Yoder, Bud VVoll'ord, Jack Alday, N hm Long,f Vernon Miller. Back row: Roland , Hamilton, Thbmas Mont, ,t1YllFtS Gaffney, Louis Bell, Joseph Gulbronson. V sl' l. 'W li A ' , ':- 'Q .5 l ln... .xr 5.-'X 3:12 'sry i -li: l L-ri Q . ' 5 ...A ' . 1,7 f V '7'l.,.., , ilff J l'.-,,. freso new users, tftua i l fl .,'k ' X i X tiff-. wr' 1' vii -is .s is - we Lrg 1-3 ral ll XA .fri H. .1 ,,,t,T,. ' ff 4 lf. J 3 .J 2 3 .1 N eg, N Squad Firstiirowz Douglas Baden, Donald Hillock, William Yoder, 'KBufr' L , VVolford, Jack Alday, lvilliam Long, Vernon Miller. Second row: Roland 2 Hamilton, James Gaffney, Thomas Mont, Joseph Gulbronson. T hirdmow: T Coach Herman Ball, Albert Brant, Louis Bell, Earl Lewis, Fred Sullivan, ' ' John Heltzel, Alvin Youngblood, Edward Robertson, Thomas Rudd, VVilliam Chandlee, Robert Twigg. Fourth frow: Charles Oglebay, Jack Powell, VVilson Means, Wayne Sowers, John Gormer, Kenneth Kisamore, Andrew Kom- panek, William Jenkins, Harry Yeager, Jack Forster. P Y l , FUUTBALL 1939 VVESTMONT-Game played at Johnstown ...Campers led throughout contest by a touchdown but lost in the waning minutes of the game when Upper Yoder boys scored on a forty yard pass and a conver- sion . . . outplayed the hosts in every de- partment. . .Final score 7-6, VVestmont. ROMNEY DEAF'COHtCSt played on a wet field and with a water soaked ball . . . Blue and White completed nine out of nine passes . . . Score 29-6, A. H. S. i f yrfww Boswiam.-On his first play of the sea- son, Louis Bell kept from previous games with an injured leg, galloped 68 yards, with excellent downfield blocking, for a touchdown . . . Ballmen made greatest number of yards for a single game, 321 . . Gaffney tallied nineteen points . . . Score 39-0, A. H. S. HAGERST0WVN1AlC0 gridders struck twice in the Hrst quarter . . . held big Semler men to one touchdown . . . Hillock played the most outstanding part defen- sively . . . final score 12-7, A: H. S. HANDLEY-Played at home . . Gaffney, Hamilton, and Rudd scored touchdowns . . Rudd, sub-back, intercepted a pass to score second C. V. A. L. win . . . Score 19-6, A. H. Page '72 LA SALLIC-Game was played in rain . . Blue and Vilhite offense clicked unerringly . . . Gaffney ran '71 yards for score . . . Mont intercepted a Center Streeterls pass on his own QM and went across into pay dirt territory . . substitutes given a chance to prove their ability . . Q performed ex- cellently under fire . . . 30-0 A. H. S. CHARLES '1lOXVN1SCCO1'1d defeat of sea- son . . . first and only team to hold Ball- men scoreless . . . Campers fumbled every time they reached pay dirt . . 7-0 Visitors. MARTINSBURG-Played on beautiful fall football day at the West Virginia town . . lNIont proved himself as an open field run- ner in scoring the Hrst touchdown . . . sub- stitutes played meritorious ball . . . 20-0 A. H. S. x .V ,W , ' dj' 'rid KEYSER-A100 scored fitfpfiotgtlidowndin J f last game before Fort Hillkcflfasli . .lQGaff- typ WJ' nev and Mont each wen across t ' X yardw'3'f . , IA? yy lr stripe twice, while JN, Gulbrotrirson tallxieglyll on a 57 yard igpn a reveglse . . . lwdnt X i, place kick fftt1f 'ext1'6lfio:ii1ts . .fjfinal jf score 34-6 .- . S. fr ,, M ,,,,' -fy fl' i ly if I 1' ff i mioiy Q lf, ipod W i ee l 'fr if 9 ,ff r- . 12' lv! ,XJ 11' A Q, ff lm X F 1irf'i'ffIrLr,-jl'Aftle1' going into fjfddntesxtfii lylytsw --ei rated tliel-i,uvlde1'dogs the Campeds 'doamelgn ' W V r N Iffx. through tyith a harglfffouglit victoty 'ily-J . Lou Bell talliedghda spectacular cbgil of an almost intfeiicfepted pass . . . Jimi? aff- ney plunged latcross from the four yard line for the last six pointer . . . Allegany line held the fleet Sentinels who were expected to run roughshod over them . . . the win gave Alco possession of City, and C. V. A. League Championship. . .13-0, A. H. S. Page 73 Behind perfect interference, gnnepinf Jiin Geiiney gets eff to along run. Mont, number 32. and Alday CQU form the blocking. Across the goal line, Genney fights his way. He is starting e power dive to add to the Campers' 34-6 victory. Surrounded by heir of Boswell's team, Gaffney C311 plunges through for a five yard gain. Albert Brant, stalwart guard is down-to the right of Boswell's 53. Keyserutacklers i-eee ieweni Kornpanek of Allegany. Enii Lewis CID is seen over Andy's left shoulder. Uoiqfakln qootena 5... 'Ill-IOMAS MONT-Quarterback VERNON BIILLER-E7ld. .Hard L o U 1 s B E L L-Halfback. . . . . 4ble siff al caller. . .discipline charger and instrumental in stop- Tricky ball carrier and blocker B gene l. . .number one pass- ping many end runs. . .excellent ...made a 75 yard touchdown . I on defense. . .one of the fastest run on his first play of the season , Camper gridmen. ...caught the touchdown pass in x yr the Fort Hill game. JACK ALDAYTGUUTd .... Starred on ROLAND HAM1L'roN-Halfback .... the secondary in defensive formation Lightest man on squad and one of the . . .fast on the offensive as blocker. hardest tacklers. . .swift and elusive X runner. 'ABILII' LONG-1Tackle .... Ex- A L B E R T BRANT-GUdTd .... JOE GL'LBRONSON HdlfbdC,C cellent linesman. . .could be relied Hard to get throu . playedfli . . . Rugged and fast runner. . . . upon to open holes at any time good part of 2 v - e. jfble ,, hard blocker .... provided tea . . .excellent in breakin ' up inter- sub. . .one f mg pl Krsaryfid with winning spirit. ference. A line. 4 xy!-A yy K 1 f JAMES GAFE 'YkFllllIJILCL7. . fyflrd ' ILLU YODER-Guard. . .Fleet jun ' year man on v ' was higl 6 e fo ' ior, . .light but scrappy. . .due to star - , team- - -hCaViG5 and 'feS 5'rQ V Senior Year. . .Plugged the holes Ll squad. . .made a C. V. . . rs am. A Jft 'A top many an enemy thrust. . -lr Blum VVo1,I+'oRn-Cle' lr. . . 1AN Lr: alfbacfc FRED SULLIVAN-Ifnd. . .Play- Frcshman who made the arsit' ...lQnl2r ck w io saw plenty ed meritorious ball in many con- in first year out .... ran arid of se1 ice. . .will be g id mate Pal ests .... hard tackler on defense gfmfl in lmockinil fl0WTl ' ext Year's ele 'eng' ncl a sure shot blocker on offen- ' sive blocking. o p, As Bom-. If 1. . nistent ONAI.D HII.IiOCKLL7v!lC1Clf'. . .One of 13 e. . .I is star in thc 'I I8 the hardest line chargers. . .outstanding Q: ' il game. W in Hagerstown game. i ,... . - A, 995 . ii ,S 4 fi 2 Joe H V....,,.A ' H dv Row one: Donald Snyder, Eddie Robinette, Harry Schwartzwelder, Melvin Huff, Jack Smith, Nickie Nicholson. Row two: William James, Edwin Hockman, Norman Hoffman, Milnor Oswald, Linwood Robinette, Dearl Hofff Ralph Bowers. Jack Coretes. Row three: -Coach Walter Bowers, Robert Fuller, Ray Norwood, Wayne McMahon, Robert lVIcCoy, Marshall Hahn, Wayne Abbott, Richard Rupert, Charles Kellough, Ernie Duckworth, manager. Row four: Wesley Kelley. Forest Hite, Jack Sullivan, Robert Wilkinson. Earl Edmunds. hlilton Athey, Marvin Smith. IUNIUR VARSITY For the Hrst time in the history of intra-city high school competition, junior var- sity football was inaugurated by the formation of a league composed of Allegany, La Salle and Fort Hill elevens. By means of this league, more students were given a chance in scholastic com- petition, and could have playing experience and knowledge of the rudiments of foot- ball. This is seen as an important source for varsity material. The Blue and White junior gridmen were coached by Walter L. Bowers. Cap- tained by William James, the Campers went through a four game schedule unde- feated, defeating La Salle twice and Fort Hill twice. In the Hrst contest, La Salle was stopped 34-6, the game was featured by long touchdown runs by Captain James, Wayne Abbptt, and Edward Robinette. Marvin Smith and Abbott scored on line plunges. ,D Fort Hill was Alco's second victim, dropping a 13-0 decision. James and Robi- nette did the scoring for the Campers. La Salle was stopped for the second time with James and Ruppert starring in the backfield. Hoffman, Bowers, and Oswald were outstanding linesmen. Allegany's invasion of Fort Hill on the Sentinels' gridiron brought the Campers a 20-0 victory. Norman Hoffman, guard, set up the first Alco touchdown by recov- ering a fumble on the Scarlet and White eleven. Abbott carried the pigskin across for the six-pointer. Kellough produced the extra point. The other scores were produced by Robinette's 16 yard run, and a sixty yard gallop by Kellough after re- ceiving an aerial from Abbott. JWK o S T C blog, Clfaea Page '75 rf it .ff ,H Till! Sllllali, 1-ow one, left to right: Franklin See, Louis Bell, James Gaffney, Thomas Mont, Kenneth Sherman, Jack Sharrett. Row two, left to right: Wayne Sowers. assistant managerg Harvey Conner, George Greenya, James Wilson, Robert Mc-Lucas, William Winters, Milton Athey, Roland Hamilton, manager, Mr. Walter L. Bow-ers, coach. Row three, left to right: Thomas Rudd. John Gorman, John Kirkpatrick, Donald Mclntyre, James Hess, William James. 'HIE Team, to left of blafclrlzoard are: lNIr. Walter L. Bowers, coaehg Louis' Bell Cstandillgl, Kenneth Sherman Qkneelingj, Franklin See and William Winters Qseated on the floorj . To the right of blackboard are: James Gaiiney Qstand- ingj, Thomas lXIont, Robert lNIcLueas, and Jack Sharrett Ckn-eelingj. BUYS' BASKETBALL 1999-1949 Paced by such scoring stars as Louis Bell, Tom Mont, and James Gaffney, and the team work of Kenneth Sherman and Franklin See, Allegany won the VVestern Maryland Inter- scholastic League, City, and the unofheial state champion- ships. Mentor VValter L. Bow- ers' boys went through a twenty-six game schedule, win- ning twenty-three and drop- ping three. The Aleo team won the W. M. I. League title with a total of nine victories and one loss, that loss being 28-26 to Cen- tral High. Louis Rell, Tom Mont and James Gai-fney plac- ed one, two, three in league scoring. Gaffney had the high- est average in foul shooting for the schedule. The Campobello hoopstcrs took the city title with four consecutive victories. January 29, at Fort Hill, the Campers stopped the Scarlet and VVhite fL914-33. On February 2, at Saints Peter and Paul School gym, La Salle was the next victim by a 311-27 score. On their home court, the Bowers- men downed Fort Hill, Febru- ary 20, by the score of 38-25. The deciding contest with La Salle proved to be a record breaker. Allegany eagers tal- lied 60 points, the highest score made in scholastic circles for the season and the highest score recorded in intra-city competition since its beginning. Page 76' Page 77 For the unofficial state cham- pionship, the Alco cage quint defeated Cambridge High, the liastern Shore champion live, at Cambridge in a post-sched- ule contest. The Camper five played fast ball. featuring excellent pass- work and accurate shooting. By these merits, the Bowers- men trounced Massanutten Military Academy, 40-31. As a winning combination, the Blue and Wliite crew amassed a total of 1104 points, while holding their opponents to 795. This made Allegany's average per game 412.5 tallies, while their opponents' average was 30.6 points per contest. Allegany set the season's record by scoring the most points tallied in local scholas- tic circles, 60, and making the most goals in one contest, 27. The Campers also made the best foul average for one game, sinking nine of eleven tries. Seniors on this yearys squad were Thomas Mont, James Gaffney, Louis Hell, Jack Sharrett, John Kirkpatrick, Franklin See and Robert Mc- Lucas. Hnmlll Hslillllliustfllwll suits, Allegany cagers are shown in the middle of a play . . . See CNO. SD is jumping with his Bruce High opponent . . . Gaffney CNO. 10D is seen on the far side of the foul circle . . . Sherman CNG. 7D has his back to the camera and hiont is the Alco hoopster nearest the basket. Fort Hill-Allegany game at Allegany. Win ters shoots, while Athey directly under the basket, and McLucas to the left. are ready to act as retrievers if the shot misses Sllefmall helps Allegany cagers on to a victory by sho t ing a. short one . . . guarding him like a ballet dancer is D1 Ubaldo of Bruce. . . Mont KNO. 59 is showing true basket ball playing by getting ready to follow up Shermans shot , I A1 .- '- , . JACK SiIA1mm'r'r-Substitute guard .... ,Z -wr saw service in practically every game ,VVJVLQAM-4 10 0'-1 f ...scrappy player.. .displayer of good Q f ,Q y form. p Q - it I j'L,f I Louis BELL'ZhIOSt 'versatile of the ff' ' y starting five. . .excellent shot with either K N ball handler and deceptive dribbler. . .high score man for city. , THOMAS lh'IONTmTIlT66 year squad man .i ' . . .one of five alternating captains for , if V season. . .most consistent floor player, of- A 1 X fensive and defensive. . .winner of Francis 'lludei' McMullen sportsmanship award. High scorer in VV. M. I. League. VVILLIAM VVINTICRSLJUYZHIT forward substitute .... proved himself in many a tight game. . .turned in excellent perform- ' ances in La Salle and Piedmont contests- FRANKLIN SEE-One of fastest men ou team. . .capable and reliable ball handler ...carried through great percentage of time. . .Hrst year out for squad. JAMES GiXFFNEYLHd7'd playing center . . . .excellent in retrieving shots off bank- ing board. . .a scrapper. . .one of team's most valuable players. Roneivr RICTLI'CAS1SItb.9ftfZtf6 center ...lanky and erratic ball handler. . .ex- cellent guard. ' N V KIENNE'FII SHICRMAN-Lone junior on ff? ' first team. . .accurate set shot. . .fast. . . classy ball player. Page 78' QC.. Under the tutelege of Coach Foy A. Curry, Alle- gany's 1939 track and field athletes captured two firsts and two second places in four meets. In the annual conclave sponsored by the Uni- versity of Maryand May 6, the Campers came in second. Shaner was high point man of the meet, while Gaffney broke the shot-put record and won iirst place in the open meet in the javelin toss. For the second consecutive year, the representa- tives of Allegany won the county track meet by gathering 230 points and breakbng seven existing records. -rf'fJ,.f'i.3- W . I lf., C2564 ! ' ff '- SP ALJ P4 ,x ,P my ,f K,-QE' ' F 'iw Y' ' ff 4' Q u,R1?'Fl Q Y , ABN, , XJ- L '51 JSKNT YJ .J Q' ct A f Cl , fl-rv. 1. 'fy J if 4.141 if BASEBALL The 1939 Allegany High baseball squad, headed for tl1e first time by J. Hubert Radcliffe, ended the schedule with seven victories to its credit. The Camper tossers defeated La Salle twice and Fort Hill once to take the city championship. Franklin See led in batting with a .450 average, closely followed by Louis ,Bell with .448 and Q , Charles Kreitzburg with .408. , Harvey Conner and YVilliam Spangler 'topped the pitchers with three wins each. . , M , jfidlqk . M27 'Q 'Nik f as W M 1 if lt ,lt 'ft e if . ty gr' M 1 1 if M ' li my lay ill Y ull! ii 'T ' ' r-J1, my iltllu J g M 'eg SWIMMING Coach Eugene Hopkins' 1939 swimming team won six out of eight events, totaling 36 points from a possible 40 in the annual meet held on April 5, at the Y. Alco winners were: Robert McCoy, 40 yard freestyle, VVilliam Taylor, diving fnew recordQg Robert Reinhart, 40 yard backstrokeg Jack Shar- rett, plunge, XVilliam Brady, 40 yard breaststroke Qnew recordj 3 VVilliam Oswald, 100 yard freestyle. Taylor captured the diving event for Allegany for the first time since 1929. Page '79 Seated, left to right: Jimmy Macfarlane, Joseph Hoban, Vernon Price, VValter Basilio. Kneeling, left to right: Ver- non Miller, Thomas Rudd, Robert Serf, Myles Snyder, Joe Gulbranson. Standing, left to right: Mr. Foy A. Curry, coachg Chester Moody, Jim Gaffney, Paul Durst, Roland Hamilton, Louis' Bell, Lawrence Shaner, Jack Barkins, Bill Richards, Clifford Demarest. Kneeling: Alvin Youngblood, Franklin See, James YVilson Milton Cochran, Jack Crites, Kenneth Sherman. Standing? Francis Deremer, Donald Roby, Fred Theis, James Brown, Robert Hartsock, John Wolfe, Donald Lee, Louis Bell, Mr J. Hubert Radcliffe, coach. Left to right: Mr. Eugene Hopkins, coach, Jack Sharrett VVilliam Brady, Sol Northcraft, Jack Guynn, Milnor Os wald, ivilliam ivilson. Tlll? Sllllall first row: Owunrla Feltz, Doris Jean McCoy, Mary Jane Andrews Jean Tyler, Marion Winlermeyer, Betty Vllotring, Ruth Fradiska. Secoml vowzl Miss Alice Plans, Virginia Cage, Wanda VVeller, Shirley MacMillan, Betty For- ster. Mary Laut-erbarli, Evelyn Simmons, Helen Kelley, Anna Bessie Everstine Third row: Joan Billing, Alma Lee Pillips, Mary Lee Winebrenner, June Rilling, Shirley Dielric-ll. Elaine Hirsh. The TBBIH Blary Jane Andrews ,,,,,,,,,,...,,... Guard Marion Wintermeyer .....,,.,,,, Forward Ruth Fradiska ,............7.,,,.... Forward Doris Jean McCoy ......,.r,e,e.e,eee, Guard Jean Tyler .....,..,.. B ....... Forward Betty Wotring oe,,........ e.,,,,, F orward Owanda Feltz ,..,, ........, G uard nd i A i pf , if X - .-- ', L J f :Q K .j lf' A ill I l .lf ,' ll f .'.ff f i X u elly X is -5 B A jif l I lr Ll X. l gl , f 0 1? l V, 5 Y, 11' , 1 l ls B W if X in l lg ,l Q , .jg s Q 'x,. W x'5. iw A YH llbai Q E Page 80 4 ,40 I battled to a wwfgymf 'f' A ff 1 GlRlS' BASKETBALL My Ui A X !! Alice Haas' Blue and VVhite sextet rang All-Star teams. Doris Jean McCoy, guard, was A down the curtain on their 1939-40 basketball sea- placed on the first team, Jean Tyler and Betty son with 10 victories, 2 ties, and 2 losses. They Wot1'ing, forwards and Mary Jane Andrews, guard, received posi- deadlock with t e a m s repre- senting College A l u m n i and B r u c e High School. T h e only team that proved it s elf too much for the Camper six was the strong Central sextet of Lonaconing, who were re- sponsible f o r the Allega- nians' two de- feats. Although the team did not win the W. BI. I. Champion- ship, w h i c h t h e y set as their goal at t h e beginning of the current season, they re- ceived the run- A tEl1SE lll0lllBllt in the Allegany-Fort Hill game as Referee Morton calls a jump ball between Wotring and Mease. VVintermyer and Breakiron are in the back ground waiting to receive the ball. Tyler closely guarded by Wilson is also in receiving position. tions on t h e s e c o n d team. Owanda Feltz. g u a r d , was awarded honor- able mention. I n fourteen games, the Alco forwards amas- sed a total of 370 points with opposing teams g a i n i n g 232 tallies. Betty W 0 t - ring was high scorer for the Campers w i t h 1 1 5 markers, while Jean Ty- ler placed sec- ond with 97. Regulars who ended t h e i r basketball c a - reer at Alle- gany this sea- son were Jean Tyler, B e t t y ner-up honors by beating the Barton lassies in a Wotring, Doris J. McCoy, Mary J. Andrews, and game that was decisive. Owanda Feltz. Four players gained position on the W. M. I. V K, .RA Q . .4 ' 4 H X , - r A V, ' ,. Y V, ff' f ' ff I v ' xl ii, Page 81 41, ' ,'g,. sz it 1 , Y Nl! gf af .acl J s 1' X GIRLS' INTRA-MURAL TUURNAMENTS To enable the girls who like to participate in athletic games to have some part in the sports program at Allegany, intra- mural tournaments have been in progress since early Septem- ber. Heretofore, each team represented a home roomg now any group of girls may enter a team under a chosen name. This system seems to be more of an incentive and has proved itself to be of social value. The participants in these games learn the rules of sportsmanship and the values of team work which are essential to any good team. At the close of each tournament, certificates are given to the members of winning teams who have taken part in every game. Each game counts a definite number of points which accumulate during the year. Girls having 500 points at the end of the year are awarded the intra-mural or small HA.,' Tournaments held in grades 9-10411 and 12 under the direction of Miss Alice Haas are: soft-ball, volley-ball, badminton, ping pong, basket-ball, bowl- ing, track and field practice. Under the direction of Mrs, Curry, the seventh and eighth grades have tournaments in dodge ball, run and catch, obstacle club relay, touchdown pass, basket-ball, bowling, Indian-club relay, volley-ball, and deck tennis. Page V82 iw Q FE X J W LYNQ 7 xx. lx ll I! w XJ! LJ , 4.1-4.1 'ml T E K iw Nl!! X Q-,F ., ff'x 1 n!J x -wx -. , . October 18 S September 7-1619 prospective students Clargest en- rollmentlj proceed toward the familiar entrance at Allegany. stopping to investigate the construction work on the annex. September 17-Miss Diary Blurray appoints Mary Turnley chief of Alcohi Mirror. September 18-CD Is it a four-leaf clover. ltr. Yveb- ster, or a wayward shoe lace? September Q1-Band and orchestra organize under Bob Tritt and Johnny Kirkpatrick. Congratulations! September Q2-Seniors battle through budgets and dues. Whew! September Q3-C21 We lost! Westmont 7-Alco 6, in our first pigskin battle. September Q5-t'Soupy Lancaster appointed chief Fire Nlarshall . . . tvhere th-ere's smoke there's Soupy. September Q6-Senior Choral Club elects Janet Oliver president of warblers. September 27-Tom Rudd becomes Junior class prexy. September 29-Enthusiastic, but drippy, Alleganians hail', victory October Q--C31 First girder goes up in new anna. ' over Romney 29-6. lam. October 3-Mr. Xvickard says, I won't.,, fl October 7-Dark victory . . . night game,-Allegany - ,,, , 30-Boswell 0. X. ,R October 14-Alco eleven tops il-Iagerstowfn' in griryduel . P 12-7. October 15- .S ,l 44.5 Room 220 dovlgexbafl champs. October 17-Twas the :lay before repQrt cards I Andall through the School 1 Not one'single student Wai breaking a rule. , ,- f, o -Didnt do a bit of good! It October 18--Sophs elect Ira Strong, carrotftop, class , x presidegt. , '11 u Us 5 ' , L 14' D 0f't0ll619f21-11.35 getting to be a habit Alco 19-H Handley , a , October 22-Ten initiated Boys' Hi-Y members live to tell the tale. October Q3-The Irish bite the du. 'Alco 30 I ll Salle 0. i ,fy w',l October , 1 , , 1 my ,,- f ,f iff ,f J 1 Q7-Q22 ' -o teac rs atptfoi state conven- ln tl o'e 1 e th at'sjawa57. . . . r V ' ,. 3 -C55 Dickie Cars nfframpled under stam- '-J pede as Allegewi dollars roll iii. j A October 31-Another rainy Hallowe'enl November 1-C65 Dr. DuMez gives talk on goof- buttsf, November Q-Alcohi Mir1'or 'ctotesu home first place honors from 'way down South. November 7-C75 Faculty holds Circus blow-out at Shrine Club. November 11- Q85 Twirlers step out for Allegany in trim new uniforms. November 12-Our student government organizes, Doug Boden, president. Page 84 M November 15-Mr. Ball and Rena Stanley begin to worry. One senior has paid her class dues. Guess who? November 17-Mrs. E. hIcKenzie says, 'KI willf, so A. D. K. has a new adviser. - November Q0-Alco's Jay Vees lrounce Fort Hill's Q0-0, November Q0-Invading Charlestown eleven defeats Allegany 7-0. November QQ-CFU Boys' lli-Y sponsors bonfire and pep dance . . . Dig Dig Dig -'Wvell All Rightfl November Q3-Girl telephoned Big Jim at Q a. m. to see il' he was in bed . . . P. S. He was. November Q3-C105 Turkey Day Game . . . Allegany 13-Fort Hill 0. Campers become C. V. A. L. and city champs. December I-Jitterbugs and Anti-jitlerbugs cavort at Girls League Dance. December Q-Diary Ann Pitcher breaks Junior High honor roll record with 32 points. December 6-Girls' League welcomes seventh grade girls at tea. December S-C115 hir. Webster congratulates John Beckman, winner of boys declamationg Dorothy Thrush winner of girlsf December 8-Mrs. Robert King selected to supervise cafeteria Cif and whenj. December Q0-Allegany upset home alumni 37-34 in first basketball game of season. December QQ-Christmas Play, uwhy The Chimes Raugv over P. A. system. December Q9-Quintet set back by College Alumni 4:4-21. December Q9-112D Alumni Dance . . . In the Moodf, January 1-Comes 1940 and New Year's Resolutions. January Q-Ferndale basketeers down Alco 413-39 in close game. January 5-Campers defeat Golden Tornados -M-14-. January 6-Victory is ours! Alco boys 492-Piedmont boys 27. Girls 44-8. January 8-CMD Long awaited cafeteria chairs are unloaded. January 9-Cagers defeat Massanutten quiut 40-31 in spite ol' military brawn. January 12-Bob Mosser becomes new A. D. K. presi- dent when Peggy Secrist resigns. W 1 January 13-It is a habit! Alco Hi 3. January 15-fllfj Snapst-ers aide indphoto phy by Dr. Daugherty at Public Lilufigjy. 7 NYM January 17-Allegany sttljdeiits pr5d4i'?Q'tl1ircl teyyf for F. D. R. via Alcohi Mikydr poll. .. anuary C 95 YI a 16 V M, ia jiglawmbx J- V 19- ir arm Lf ri . 1.31 January 23-C165 Tod Duncanfoii p vs caw Cola forfeit to M'r. lvebster who said it y nit rain. Tod said it would. January 25-French Club uses its new linguaphone . . Oui, nous parlons francais. Page 85 Ya January Q6-QQO students. HW of total enrollment absent from school due to epidemics of flu. colds. and grippe. Kachoo! January Q6- Windy scores winning goal over Beall in last minute of play to win basketball game 15-13. January Q7-Alco Aeronauts organize with Bruce Hershberger president . . . Happy landings! January 29-Bowersmen defeat Sentinels 41-33. February Q-U71 Carl Low tells future dramatists the ups and downs of acting. February Q-Blue and 1Vhites 11ose out Blue and Golds . . . Alco 34--La Salle QT. February 9-C181 First Junior Girls' League Tea Dance. Can those infants jitterbugll February 11-Bruce Hershberger records model air- plane flight of 19.53 seconds. No crack-ups. February 12-Alco honors Abraham Lincoln with P. A. Program under direction of Mr. Davis. February 14-Basketettes fgirls to youb chalk up another victory, Q4-8, over Beallg Boys win 51-32. February 15-C195 Junior Thespians organize and elect Gray Williams, treasurerg Frances Rudd, seeretaryg Beverly Beckman, assistant treasurer. Joyce Bestwick, vice-presidentg and Tommy Richards, president. Miss Anna Nicht chosen adviser. February 15-Senior class conclave-battle of dues roars on. February 16-M09 Faculty takes down hair and de- feats students at Loyalty Night game . . . S9115 profit. C213 Allegany 51-Beall 3Q. February 15-Evie Yvilliams had a skirt But ptft-and it was no more For after spilling acid on it Sh-e ran for the nearest door. February 17-We lose to 1Vest, Virginia University freslnnen. February 17-Confucius invades Allegany. Confucius say ..... February Q0-Mr. Ball discovers that number ol' nights out a week and grades at school are biggest source of family disagreements, after collecting data for economic students. February Q0-Dr. 1Valter Johnson sticks, 250 stu- dents for tuberculin test. February 20-Allegany downs Sentinels to win 1'V.1Vl. I. championship 38-25 in fast game . . Alco lassies swamp Fort Hill 32-10. February Q1-lVIovie on optometry shown at occupa- tional conference. February QQ-C225 M1'. Davis congratulates winners, Alma De Bouck. Arthur Lancaster. hlildred 1Yard and Jean Nleyers after Yvashington quiz contest. February Q3-After a debate, United States history students decide that United States was justified in de- claring war against Nlexico in 18-1-6 . . . At this late date! February Q3-10 minute talks for seniors begin . . Bliss Eader keeps smelling salts handy. Ijllgl' 8,6 February Q5-4255 Footer observatory moved to top of new auditorium. Do you believe in stars? February 29-Leap year day . . . 150 boys absent from school. hlarch 1-Basketeers outshine Vilestmont 49-51. 1NIarch Q-Ferndale stopped by quintet 34-27. March 4- Pot of Copper quiz contest. hlarch S-Bowersmen break season points record by defeating La Sallie 60-30. hlarch 11-A. H. S. all-star trio, Bell, Mont, and Gaff- ney. take leading honors in city inter-scholastic point competition. March 15-12.55 With downcast eyes Alco's affirma- tives return from Central. Home team lost too. S'1t's A Blue World. March 15-C255 All-egewi staff visits new annex . . in open mouthed wonder. h1arch 1-1--16-C. S. P. A ..,. New York, here we come . . . four aspiring journalists and Miss Murray bring home first place honors for Alcohi Mirror. 1NIarch 18-C305 hir. Platt and Sam Gallu. tenor . . . Jeanie With the Light Brown Hairf' 1Ve listen and like it. hlarch Q1-C263 ive still use the gym as a gathering place-no auditorium yet-we despair! 1 ! 1N1arch Q6-Glenn Morris demonst1'ates wonders of electricity, April 3-Caps and gowns for '40. April IQ-C275 Florine Twigg perusing a funny book? Tsk. tsk, naughty. naughty, April 12-Seniors R. S. V. P. to Junior Koh so formalv invitations to Prom. April 13-Allegany's musically inclined demonstrate talents for National Federation ol' Nlusie Clubs contest. April 15-C285 Ill the spring a young mans fancy lightly turns to-baseball. April 18-The concert that comes in the spring. tra la. April 19-Regional teachers' meeting . . . another day off! April 20-C295 Lunch time . . . when will that cafe- teria be finished? April Q5-Q6-Allegany does things. K'The American Way. Blay 1-CJD Future tracksters try out. May 4-1Vestern hlaryland Press Conference at Frost- burg and our journalists go off on another jaunt. June 1-C325 Track day at Fort Hill. Track on down. June 9-Solemn seniors attend senior sermon. June 11-Senior class night brings tears of laughtei mingled with tears of sadness. June 14-Our dear old school we leave thee. To go our separate ways hlay we remember in the future These 1940 days. Pa ge ST f f r WM,'9!ji4YllExWHNXx' fx 'w'.'f L1 H 1 'mm' J M MM' 1 1 w 1 l MU I mrs, V W, ij V '... Q Aram U F V, 5' yllproqfal-vagal'-217 I S Ngw WHAT does 5.1-and V Our Eclnfor- 3 P'!r11rf-mmm 5 ' fo? Pufomic idison fum-f, 240811 Grad A ' 3 rnutmqon Ki -'L' fgackffclnl GHESE-vihk f-Q S ' W fn ff Q QQ X :J ' ' X - X M , ,K xg' 5 , JAX , 4, wxasi, fa ,A . MJ Hero Ll I W , also Campcr-,s POW fog Hill Susffnzls ' Novunbu- 43, 1737 MMA Jqw-JWJ Gp-U-Af zdz,'Z, ,jf gym?-ff ,C 'H ' . ,LTA bk Q A AU ,V !1,f A f' - L X, ' A-,A 2 J? ' 6 A wi 11. e' A Lfdhoopy ! I I 'K ' ' W ' ' ,I ' - ..... . ..,. ' ww W , 14? f' OH.: X B'Td'5'LgL naw of llwfydf X fs 4 f ' A 1 N nc E, X X mel:lAfeM1i5 Kgllgiafr-'-nn? ful ld ,nv orduf if LQW x-,J V 'i Q- 'Z UZACIJU f 1' F ff ffug, - . - I 9?gL1P - V3 ' ,-YI P7 N ln 9 r N O f m , , - 1- K N ff X ,Q 6- Ep, 79 Jfiv J 5 73 : 5 'Za QE Y .J ' -v- N1 ,fr .J .. C -1 S, ZF' ,U J fm wugozvyw- M htm ,EJM T 25 , 7 , 7 :Hg Q- .1 ML - P -, Q :Nz 'H 5 SKK J X wh Ll g ,M 'qudfr ' hi Ovwmb Lqmp mm, 40,,,, Ln Q H9 In N 3, L, Z? QWXN Cross Slcflurx of Mr Wzhsiu-'5 brann , X ff KJ rg X 1 Aflcqzwu xl'-ri! vp Plxoflusirgxplqlr- 95-1-5 'Q dn ldnallu shui' I if WH NLP- 5, V I XDA. f -7. g TL if f' .LZ--ff! ' KH r- Or X, 'I N fs fp FC? f , 11' 1. M K . KW - .XX vi f - X If H 'ffXD 'L'- ': I Phzwf lvlr 1 I kAJnLI4ard,I , Th1'nl4 I :Ind Sornnihinq L-ITUNH. Axf' f 2 ff 5-1...L'f-Q-i Xxxlkgj 1 0004.0-4 ,gfvfkx I I m.q'IxT havg V 'I Known a sage Ll wouldn'1'f,1' Page 88 ff? J! EE gt - 2 if J . . . . f 7 . xg fpf R5 Q' Z Zz2Q9'5 fx N 15, td - f 952iiff3 3i , 1 Eff' A fj ' ' QM fur - H qw 'l - M '. ' N YNLA 11. N W8flY-boqlii fqwfggp 1 ,141 Um f rf m 'EIw3:3-AIA fi.' QQ , g fjjjLZUu?!w f ff' Mwik ' K -71u.5Wu0511,.m 'x g::: yw 1 WMM. f wef- WwfVlgi 2 ,fQff5FVVw' , , 4'4 ? M., V . QiQiW,v,N A . ,, -Ay, , Risk H ' Alun H1 Snowgd vndu- 'x 'fha VlfnTe.r of '40 if-A Say Umm!!! ' J - Q! , 1575 Q, . , L pg 19? W ' f X' 5 'QA X A ,R Ex-ms. 4 ' - ,.KA 3 W - Xw ,Q s' Xwf Q 11 , ' 'jjj' if ,Q YN Owl Oh W, if 4, , - gl fault V Q ww Q , ' , V4 R S T GQiiaLr?B'Lf f g -.Q s 'w mfinwimf N nxgmw N D rr -QEQUJNSVQR VIZTQSJ, A, pf T - ., ww ff Nd'-z Jatgfwa Y 'ISFA 7 An, ' ' .f xi' - x If 5- Q ,, ,l F?A ffm' Qjfxsg 391 WQFfdwA Evzr'-f 1,1 Vzffyvf X 4 ' I BNA Gnu, f f K-7 .L f ' 4Il,l 6 fp, , Ass , Page 89 gf fHP First Report Period Seniors Helena Aronson Maurice Bernstein Kathleen Brant Dracy Carlton George Anna Diehl Phil Dodge Mary Farinash Robert Hartsock hlartha Kefier Alice Keller Bleredith Kelley James Kirkpatrick Anna Mary Logsdon Doris Jean McCoy Robert Mt-Lucas Jean Meyers William Myers Janet Oliver June Ort Peggy Sec-rist Mackert Evelyn Simmons Barbara Jane Smith Rebecca Sterile Mary Turnley Geraldine tVolfe Dorothy SVilliams John Zimmerman Iuniors Dorothy Ash Jeanne Bowcrsox Elizabeth Brown Dorothy Compton Jean Cox Jeanne Davey Miriam Douglas Anna Bessie Everstine Ralph Happe Catherine Hilleary Frank Jaumot Robert, Lashley Annabelle Lee Elizabeth McKenzie Bettie Nicklin Virginia Read Luedell Sherman Mary Sullivan .James Wilson hlariou tvintermeyer Sophomores hlarian Boch Jack Buckle Phyllis Cornelius Francis Deremer Mary Louise Fleckenstein Jean Hite Phyllis Holmes James Horn Betty Jane Humbertson Elizabeth Low Herbert Loyer Helen lhlartin Chester Moody lra Stroup Ann Troxell Jack Wietzel Freshmen llume Annan Joyce Bestwick Shirley Dicdrich Brandon Fuller tlainilla Gomer Leonard llappe Betty Lewis Rita Millenson Betty Miller Jean Moore Ella Louise Richards Joan Rilling Linwood Robinette Francis Rudd Phyllis' Seder Freda Thompson Gray Williams Eighth Grade Alma Deliouek Nancy Dodge Dorothy Doolittle Betty Hammond Dorothy Loyer Dorothy May Betty Jane Ours Mary Ann Pitcher Margaret Reid lVIartha Shaner Robert Troxelt Seventh Grade Doris Barnard Ellaine Clayton Patricia Dumire Eleanor Glove Theoda Kompanek Doris Lancaster Germaine ltflargolis Donna Mathews Donald lNIeGill Burton Pogell Richard Schindler Britton Shaffer John Stitely Phyllis Wiebb Helen Welsh Paula Williams Second Report Period Seniors John Beckman Lois Byer Dracy Carlton George Anna Diehl Phil Dodge Bruce Hershberger Alice Keller Meredith Kelley James Kirkpatrick Arthur Lancaster Robert Mathews' Doris Jean McCoy William Myers Janet Oliver June Ort Leonard Schwab Rebecca Sterne Mary Turnley Dorothy Williams Geraldine Wolfe Iuniors Helen Ash Betty Bogler Jeanne Bowersox Dorothy Compton Jean Cox Jeanne Davey Miriam Douglas Ann Eleckenstein Ralph Happe Ruth Harden Catherine Hilleary Frank Jaumot Robert Lashley Annabelle Lee Sara lVIc-Farland Elizabeth McKenzie Gloria Molinari Virginia Read Dorothy Rotruek Maxine Shapiro Luedell Sherman Mary Sullivan lttary Lois Wills ltlarion Wintermeyer Sophomores hlarion Boch Homer Brill Jack Buckle Phyllis Cornelius Francis Deremer ltlary Fleckenstein William Green Jean Hite Phyllis Holmes Robert Johnston Elizabeth Low CVVtanla students who have attained Helen Martin Leannah ltdathews tvilliam Mathews Shirley McMillan Chester Moody Dixie Rafter Mary Louise Robertson Richard Schwab Jack Wetzel Freshmen Hume Annan Shirley Diedrich Margaret Fleckenstein Brandon Fuller Catherine llast llelen Kreiling Martha Moffett Jean Moore Lois Piper Ella Louise Richards Frances Rudd Phyllis Seder Blair Stump tVilton Sykes Martha Taylor Gray Williams Eighth Grade Alma De Bouclc Dorothy Doolittle Kathleen Grabenstein Dorothy May Virginia Oglebay Betty Jane Ours Mary Aim Pitcher Duane Pritt hlartha Slfaner ltlildred Ward Seventh Grade Doris Jean Barnard Ellaine Clayton Patricia Dumire Theoda Kompanek Jacquelyn Lamm Germaine Margolis Donna lVIathcws Georgeanna Pearce Burton Pogell Gail Porter Phyllis Webb Paula Williams IJ age UU 'Wta kata honor roll standing Third Report Period Seniors Eleanor Albright Helena Aronson Dorothy Bucy Lois Byer Dracy Carlton George Anna Diehl Phil Dodge Robert Hartsock Bruce Hershberger Martlia Keffer Alice Keller Rita Korn James Kirkpatrick Robert Mathews Doris Jean lVIcCoy Wvilliam hlyers Janet Oliver Julie Ort Wiinifred Ours Leonard Schwab Helen Skelley Barbara Jane Smith Rebecca Sterne Mary Turnley Bettie Wolfe Geraldine hVolfe Dan Wood Iuniors Betty Bogler Jeanne Bowersox Elizabeth Brown Richard Carlson Jean Cox Mary Coyle Jean Davey Miriam Douglas Anna Bessie Everstine Ralph Happe Robert Lashley Annabelle Lee Elizabeth McKenzie Gloria Molinari Virginia Read Dorothy Rotruck Luedell Sherman Mary Sullivan Page 91 Jean Teubner Marion Wintermeyer Harry Yeager Sophomores Marion Boch Jack Buckle Phyllis Cornelius Mar Louise Fleckenstein .Y William Green Margaret Grimm Jean Hite Phyllis Holmes Betty Jane Humbertson Herbert Loyer Helen Martin Leannah Mathews 'William Mathews Shirley McMillan William Schoenadel Richard Schwab Ira Stroup Ann Troxell Jack Wetzel Freshmen Hume Annan Angela Davis Shirley Diedrich James Farrell Brandon Fuller Camilla Garner Catherine Hast Mary Elizabeth Ice Eileen Johnson Robert Kolb Betty Lewis Jean Moore Ella Louise Richards Ruth Ann Robinette Frances Rudd Tom Stallings Blair Stump Martha Taylor Gray W'illiams Eighth Grade John Davis Alma De Bouck Nancy Dodge Dorothy Doolittle Charlotte Exley Dorothy May Mary Ann Pitcher Duane Pritt Martha Shaner Mildred VVard Seventh Grade Doris Jean Barnard Shirley Brode Elaine Clayton Eleanor Cunningham Patricia Dumire Donald Fresch Eleanor Grove Elizabeth Holmes Barbara Jane Kitzmiller Theoda Kompanek Jacquelyn Lamm Germaine Margolis Donna Mathews Georgeanna Pearce Burton Pogell Gail Porter Bill Stanley Phyllis Webb Helen VVelsh Paula Williams Fourth Report Period Seniors Eleanor Albright Helena Aronson Marion Buckle Jean Burkett Lois Byer Dracy Carlton Phil Dodge George Anna Diehl Hel-en Henry Bruce Hershberger Martha Hershberger Martha Kefiier Alice Keller Meredith Kelley James Kirkpatrick Rita Korn Doris Jean Mc-Coy William Myers June Ort Barbara Jane Smith Rebecca Sterne Dorothy Williams Geraldine Wolfe Iuniors ' Helen Ash Betty Bogler Jeanne Bowersox Elizabeth Brown Howard Carder Jean Cox Mary Coyle Jeanne Davey Miriam Douglas Marv Louise Fleckenstein Ralph Happe Ruth Harden Frank .Jaumot Harry Landis Robert Lashley Elizabeth McKenzie Vernon Miller Gloria 1VIolinari Virginia Read Dorothy Rotruck Luedell Sherman Mary Sullivan Norine Teter Robert Winebrenner Marion Wintermeyer Jack Ziegler Sophomores Jack Buckle Frank Burkett Phyllis Cornelius Francis Dermer Evelyn Frankfort hVilliam Green Jean Hite Phyllis Holmes Betty Jane Humbertson Robert Johnson Elizabeth Low Herbert Loyer Helen Martin Leannah Mathews hVilliam Mathews Mary Page Sophia Powell Richard Schwab William Schoenadel Mary Elizabeth Smith Ann Troxell Jack Wetzel Helen Zembower Freshmen Hume Annan Louise Beckman Shirley Diedrich Lewis Everline Margaret Fleckenstein Brandon Fuller Kathleen Gormer Mary Hartsock Eva Henry Elaine Hirsh Mary Elizabeth Ice Jean Moore Lois Piper Ella Louise Richards Betty Robinson Frances Rudd Phyllis Seder Blair Stump Eighth Grade John Davis Alma De Bouck Nancy Dodge Dorothy Doolittle Charlotte Exley Shirlie Grindle Betty Hammond Jean Hess Dorothy Loyer Dorothy May Virginia Oglebay Mary Ann Pitcher Duane Pritt Martha Shaner Mary Steigeswald Robert Troxell Mildred hvard Seventh Grade Iva iVIae Bell Shirley Brode Ursula Bucki Eddie Chandlee Ellaine Clayton Kathleen Copp John Cox Elinor Cunningham Maryland Dorsey Lila Foster Donald Fresch Eleanor Grove John Hart Betty Lou Kellar Barbara Kitzmiller Theoda Kompanek Doris Lancaster Germaine Margolis Donna Nlathews Donald Paupe G-eorgeanna Pearce Burton Pogell Gail Porter Paul Robertson Margaret Ruppenthal Earl Smith Helen Louise Smith Wilma Lee Steele Eleanor Stine Phyllis H2-bb Helen Welsh Billy hVood Nlary Elizabeth Zais Abbott, Kenneth Adams, Jolm Aburtis. Jolm Aldridge, George Airesman, Charles Barbe, lhlarshall Bennet, James Blank, Thomas Bohn, Frank Bowers, Price Brogg, Paul Brown. James Capaldi, William Chandlee, Edward Cochenour, Curtis Conrad, Thomas Cook, James Corle, Kenneth Cox. John Craddock, Joseph Davis, Lester De Hart, Richard Dennison, Paul Diamond, John Dieken, Donne Diehl, Richard Drew. Charles Durst, Ronald Earlc, Wlilliam Edcnhart, Harry Eror, Peter Fircy, William Ford, Robert Addis, Patricia Albright, Lillie Allen, Carola Atkins, Betty Barnard, Doris Barnes. Marcella Bell. Iva Bender, Mary Berkley, Sara Bird. Barbara Boyd, lVIary Jane Brant. Betty Brode, Shirley Brotemarkle, Nora Burton, Mary Louise Clayton, Ellaine Conner, Betty Copp, Kathaleen Coyle, Betty Cramer, Mildrefl Cunningham. Eleanor Damm, Ethel Davis, Elizabeth Dawson, hilary Adams, James Africa, Robert Allen, hlurray Anderson, Richard Bagent, Warner Bagley, Maynard Baker, James Baker, Louis Seventh Grade--Boys Frame, Roy Preno, Rudolph Fresch, Donald Frost, John Gibbs. William Gladden. hVilliam Goetz. George Goldsworthy, Paul Gross, Abraham Hansel, Raymond Harper, Yhiallace Hast. John Henrich, Wiilliam Henry, Ellwood Hess, Benjamin Hoffman. Wayne Hopwood. Hugh Hughes, VValter Humphreys, Henry Hunter, Bailey Indolphie, John Jackson. William James, Edward Johnson, Daniel Jones, James Kane, William Kave. Randolph Kotfman. Glenn Keifer, Paul Klosterman, Francis Kramp, Robert Kuhns, Junior Lambert, Harry Largent, Jack Lee. Richard Lewis, Earl Liller. Burtis Livengood, Donald Long, Richard Lowery, Clarence Mace. John lylackert, Robert hlartin, Conrad Martin. Gene Martin, Robert lVlcCoy. Harry lVIcFarland, Peter NIcGill, Donald lhlclntyre. Robert Miller. Robert hfloody, George bloody, Olin lVIorgan, Thomas Morris, Owen Blower, Lee Roy Mower. Theodore Naill, William Nave, Robert Nickle. John Norris, Urner Owens, Curtis Owens, Gerard Paetow, Irvin Paupe, Donald Payne, James Pitts, Jolm Seventh Grade--Girls Dean, Betty Delawder, Catherine Digman, Virginia Doman, Shirley Dorsey. lVIaryland Dumire. Patricia Ann Durst, Ruth Lee Ebert, Dorothy Ebert, Emma Everline, Joyce Foster, Lela Fradiska, Regina Frame, Betty Lou Gaither, Shirley Gardner, Virginia Goetz, Jane Greaver, Barbara Grove, Eleanor Hager, Betty Hardman, Alma Harris, Mildred Hartman. Betty Hawkins, Maxine Henry. Dorothy Hill, Carol Holmes, Elizabeth Huff, Shirley Isaacs, Vera Jenkins, Eva Jenkins, Florence Johnson, Roma Keil'er, Charlotte Keller, Betty Lee Kitzmiller, Barbara Knott, Mary Koelker, Betty Lou Kompanek, Theoda Lamm, Jacquelyn Lancaster, Doris Langer, Martha Lee Langer, Mary Margaret Lashley, Ev-elyn Lashorn, Jean Lease. Helen Lee, Bernetta Lewis. Wilma Loar, Jacqueline Eighth Grade--Boys Baumer. Ronald Beegle. Emmett Bowman, Richard Boyer. Clement Brooks. Paul Bucy, Russell Burton. James Caldwell, Charles Carros, Thomas Clark. Robert Clayton, Royce Combs, Richard Cowden, Robert Crabtree. Charles Dailey. James Darrow, William Flphoae Pogell, Burton Purdham. Joseph Raines, Paul Rank. Paul Renotas, Donald Rice, Ralph Roberson, Paul Robinson. James Rose, Homer Rosley, Albert Ruehl, Fred Scarlett, Charles Schaeffer, Richard Schindler, Richard Scott, John Shaffer, Britton Shirley, Jolm Shober, James Shrout, Yvilliam Simpson, Norman Logsdon, Helen Nlathews, Donna McCloskey, hVinil'red Messman, Dorothy Moore. Marilyn Mull, Betty Nesbitt, Lorcne 0'Braden, lVIargaret Orris, Anna Pearce. Georgcanna Perdew, Alberta Peterson, Pauline Porter, Gail Portmess. Charmaine Powell, Carrie Pueschel, Evelyn Rank, Miriam Reckley, Louise Reynolds, Norma Robinette, Helen Rogers, Yvonne Ruppenthal, Margaret Sanner, Mary Lou Sears, Ruthelda Davis, Jolm Davis. Walter Dawson, Cleon Deetz, Leroy Dicken, Wiilliam Drew, Charles Driver, Wayne Easton, James , Page 9:2 Reqtatenad Eisenberger, William Emerson, George Evans. James Fleischhauer. Walter Fradislia. Charles Fuller, Dale Geatz, George Giatras. James Giatras. Louis Glass. Richard Goldberg, Theodore Green. Gondon Gross. John Grove, Harold Groves, Lawrence Grubb, Wlilliani Himinler. Robert Hines. James Hoban. Joseph Hull. Wlilbur Ice. Raymond Amick. Frances Andrews. Eleanor Arthur. ltlarion Bartlett, Ruth Lee Beckman, Beverly Beier. Eleanor Bollinger, Juanita Bowman, Elsie Brown, Mary Alice Bucy. Betty Carith-ers. Betty Clayton, Peggy Clise. Lois Clites. Anna Jean Collins, Hilda Combs, Helen Conner. Betty Cornwell, Betty Cowden. Katherine Crable. Betty Dauni. Ann De-Bouck, Alma Dicks. Dorothy Didawick, Evelyn Dilling, Martha Dodge, Nancy Doolittle. Dorothy Dreyer, Ruth Dusic. Agnes Easton. Janice Emerick. Emily Exley. Charlotte Ewing. Martha Files. Betty Fisher, Catherine Fletcher, Dorothy Flora, Nettie Glass. Betty age 93 Jenkins, William Jewell, Glenn Johnson. Floyd Jones, Allen Karns. James Kellough, Ronald Kife. Donald Klosterman, James Koelker, Robert Lease, William Lucas, Robert lVIacfarlane, James Nlarple, Addison Martin, Thomas Mathews, Charles lVlay, Paul lVIcCormick, Charles lVlcDowell, Robert Middleton, Earl Miller. James Nlonahan, Vvilliam Eighth Grade- Grabenstein. Katherine Grahame, Virginia Grayson, Evelyn Grove, Verna Grindle, Shirlie Hadley, Helena Hater. ltlaxine Hamilton, Fay Hammond, Betty Hansel, Beverley Harden. Ruth Hardman, Earlene Hart. Allen Haselberger, Mary Helker, Katherline H-erboldsheimer, Nancy Hershberger, June Hess. Isabelle Hess. Jean Hilleary, Betty Hillock, Betty Hinkle. Donaldlyn Hixenbaugh, Anna Hoey. Geraldine House, Catherine Humbertson, Mary Hutcheson, Marion Imler. lzola Jankey. Virginia Johnson, Gertrude Jones, Catherine Jones, Shirley Jones, Virginia Kifer, Nancy Korn. Ruth Lancaster, Sara Lasky. Sara Betty EIGHTH GRADE-- lworehead, W'illiam Morrissey, John Mothersole, George Murphy, Richard Naughton, John Neff, Walter Nichols. Robert Nicholson, Nickie Gften. James 0'Neal. James Paetow, Bruce Painter, Earnest Painter, Harold Poole, Benjamin Portness, Philip Price, Danny Printy, Paul- Printy, Richard Pueschel, Ernest Rice, Ramon Richards, Thomas Robinette, Paul Rotruck, Neil Ruehl, Paul Rush, Arthur Schaeffer, Charles Schaffer, Girdwood See, Richard Sherman. Carl Shober, Richard Simmons, Charles Simmons, James Smith, Curtis -Girls Leatherman. Betty Leidinger, Dorothy Lewis. Eleanore Lilya. Ruth Long. Lorin Loyer. Dorothy Lucas, lwary lVIaravelis. Sadie ltflarlcs. Helen Martin, Margaret ltlawhinney, Ruth May, Dorothy McCarty, Viola McDuFfie, Helen Mc-Kee, Jean Nlellotte, Doris Messman, Betty BIIESSIHHII. Lorna Miller. Barbara ltliller, Lois Miller. Mildred Mont, Gloria lVloon, Peggy Mortzleldt, Doris Mower, Mary Nelson, Wlandalee Nickel. Lorraine Nies. Norma Oakman. Gloria Oglebay. Dorothy Oglebay, Margaret Oglebay, Virginia Oswald, Virginia Ott. Anna Ours, Betty Parish. Drucilla Penningoth, Josephine BUYS tlluncludedj Smith. Harry Spangler, Robert Stalnaker, Thomas Stein. George Steinla, Joseph Sterne, Otis Stewart, Harold Stitcher, Louis Stottlemyer, Francis Streett. William Thomson, Vincent Toothmon. Brentford Trenton, James Troxell, Robert Tyler, Randolph Valentine. Clarence Valentine, Donald Wadsworth, George Walker, James Wallizer, Robert Walters, Harold Weiss, Karel Whetstone, Bradford Wlhite, Marshall Wliley, Olin Wilk, Joe Wilson, Robert Wilson, Roy tVilson, Vtlilliam Wlineland. J. R. Wyand. Fred Wolfe, William Yeager, Richard Pitcher. Maryanne Powers. Dorothy Price, Jackie Reid, Margaret Reynood, Eleanor Riehl, Margaret Saville, Dorthea Schroyer, Violet Schry. Jean Shaner. Martha Shaffer, Mary Shober, Betty Shober, Devota Shryock. Norma Smith. Geneva Smith, ltlarie Sowers. Lorraine Spooler. Colleen Steigerwald, lVIary Stonebraker, Betty Stotler, Sarah Lee Swanger, Ella Thom. lVlarion Thompson, Wlillred Torbet. Jean Valentine, Virginia Vogel, Betty Walbert, Wanda Ward, ltlildred Williams. Florence Williams. ltlary Williams. Sally Wills. Geraldine Wilson. Angela Winebrenner, Iris Yarnall. Jean Young. Betty Young, Mary Shinholt, Georgeanna Ammons, Violet Beals, Zelma Beckman, Louise Bestwick, Joyce Bowman, Betty Bruse, Audrey Bruse, iVilavene Brubaker, Mary Jane Bucy, Katherine Burkett, Betty Carithers, Clara Belle Chapman, Helen Conrad, Betty Cook, Jessie Crabtree. Betty Crosby, Mildred Crowe, Clara Dailey, Phyllis Davis, Angelia Davis, Dorothy Davis, Josephine Dermer, Betty Diedrich, Shirley Erling, Helen Evans, Bertha Eyler, Theresa L. Flanagan, Helen Fleckenstein, Margaret Ford, Ada L. Frantz, Helen Garliek, Almcda Goetz, Virginia Lee Gomer, Camilla Gormer. Kathleen Hager, Rose Marie Hamilton, Norma Andrews, Joseph Annan, Hume Apsey, Robert Badley, Jack Baker, Wilton Baker, VVilliam Bartlett, Floyd Basilio. Donald Beal, Joseph Bender, William Bock, Edward Boden, Lester Bowers, Ralph Brockey, Paul Browne, David Bryan, James Buchanan, Paul Burkett, Robert Carpenter, Lee Clited, Earl Combs, Addison Combs, VVeldon Coyle, Jack Crosten, Edwin Cunningham, Robert Daum, Charles Demarest, Clifford D. De Vare, Paul Dickerhoof, Harris Doman, Ray Doolittle, Clarence Douglas, Bruce Dowlan, Wlilliam Driver, D. J. Easton, William Eaton, Paul Edmunds, Earle Edmunds, Jack Emerick, Floyd Esposito, Ralph Ninth Grade--Girls Hamilton, Pearl Hartman, Charlotte Hartsock, Doris Hartsock, Nlary E, Harvey, Dorothy J. Hast, Catherine Healy, Ann Helker, Lucy Henry, Eva Herath, Edna Hess, Maxiene Betty Higinbotham, Eva Lee Hillebrecht, Mona Hirsh, Elaine Howell, Leona Ice, Mary E. Jenkins, Bertha Jenkins, Dorothy Johnson, Betty Lee Jolmson, Eileen Jones, Gloria Jones, Louise Korn, Lorrain Kuger, Betty Kreiling, Helen Landis, Dorothy Lapp, Beatrice Leasure, Virginia Lee, Betty Jane Lewis, Betty Long, Sara Jane Moran , lVIaria m 1VlcCarty, Ruth G. Mc-Crea, Virginia Mc-lntosh. Erma Middleton, Verona hlillenson, Rita lliller, Betty lN'Iiller, Betty llolfett, Martha Monshan, Dorothy lVIontgomery, Annabelle Bloore, Doris hloore, Dorothy hloore, Jean Nloore, Jo Anna Often, Betty Ogilvie, Louise Parrish, Virginia Peterson, Phyllis Phillips, Alma Lee Piper, Lois Price, Viola Quantz, Mae Reinhart, Mary D. Richards, Ella Louise Rilling, Joan Rilling, June Robinette, M. Catherine Robinette, Ruth Ann Robinson, Louise B. Rudd, Francis Sagle, Cora Lee Schlunt, Betty Schramm, Eleanor Screen, Velma See, Lillian See, June 0. Seder, Phyllis Shanholtz, Dolly Mae Shanholtz. Margaret Shapiro, Eileen Ninth Grade--Boys Everline, Lewis Farrell, James Fast, Pierce Faupel, Paul Fleegle, Lyle ossett, Jack reno, Guy Fuller, Brandon K. Fuller, Brandon Fuller, Robert W. Goldsworthy, Vance Gorman, John Gormer, Robert Griffith, Fred Grosh. James Guynn. Jack Hadley, Edward Happe, Leonard Hager. Richard Hamilton, YVilliam Hammersmith, Carl Harden, William Harrison, Lloyd Hill, Frederick Horn. Harold Hornick. Stephen Hotchkiss, Benjamin Howsare, William Hutt, Dearl Jackson, Ralph Jenkins. John Kellough, Charles Kiler, Virgil Kline. William Klingler. Robert Kolb. Robert E. Korns, Luther Laing. Ralph Lakin, Jack 14' F Largent. Blake Lee, Donald Lewis, James Linaburg, Jack Lindsay. Edward Long, Bruce Loper, Keye Lucas, Phil Maravelis, Harry Martiri, Edward Martin, Francis Martz, Frank Mathews, Jack Mc-Farland, John Mc:II1tyre, Donald Nietty, Howard Miller, Randall Morgan, Albert lwull, John lluma, Harold Naill, George Nies, John Norwood, Ray O,Braden, William Oswald, Milnor Parker, Donald Poorbaugh, Earl Potts, David Powell, Lear Rafter. John Rahrig, Thomas Raupach, William Read, William J. Reynolds, Junior Robinette, Edward Robinette, John Robinette, Lester L. Robinette Vernon Robinson, Jennings Robinson, XValter Those Shober. Kathleen Smith, Lowdena L. Smith, lVIaxine Stein, Nlargaret Stouffer, Virginia Sud-er. Genevieve Sutton, Alice Taylor, Martha Taylor, Nancy Thayer, Ethel Thompson, Freda Walker, Betty iValtman, Kathryn Watherwax. Ora XVeaver, Shirley Webb, Edith Williams, Jane NVilliams, Josephine iVilliams. Rose Lee Wilson. Peggy YVinebrenner, lVIary Lee XVise, Mary VVoolard, Mary Lou Zimmerla, Loda Mae Roby, Donald Rotruck, Allen Rotruck, Herman Sc-ott, William Shaner, Alex Shaner, F. Harold Sherman, William Sloan, John Smith, Elmer Smith, George Smith, Jack Smith, WVilliam Snyder, Donald Snyder, Melvan Sowers, Marsliall Speelman, Junior Stallings, Thomas Starkey, Herman Stein, James Strong, Charles Stump, Blair Sturtz, Edward Sullivan, Jack Swartzwelder, Harry Syckes, Wilton Taylor, Harold Teter, Van Thayer, William Thompson, Craig Twigg, Lorimer Vandegrift, Frank Wlatkins, Robert Wlilkinson. Robert Wlilliams. Gray WVindemuth, Arthur VVolfe, Jolm XVolford, Robert Xvoolard, John YVright, Kenneth Yanakis, James Page 94 e Listen 02 cg' ecll Abbott, NVayne Anderson, Harry Armstrong, Glen Athey, Milton Athey. Victor Barnard, Robert Bittinger, Richard Blough, William Bowman, Gorden Brill, Homer Brode. Francis Buchanan, Leroy Buckle, Jack Burkett, Franklin Castle, Kenneth Clites, Paul Clower, Jimmy Collins, Robert Cook, James Cresap, George Coretes, Jack Dayton, Richard Dell, Donald Dennison, John Deremer, Francis Dicken, Glenn Dicks, Charles Dich, Earl Diehl, Bruce Dietz, Charles Edmiston, John Alsip, Mary Louise Anderson, Kay Armstrong, Brownlee Ash, Virginia Ashworth, Beatrice Athey, Camilla Atwater, Rosemary Babst, Evelyn Bell, Dolores Bennett, Betty Bludworth, Anne D. Boch, Marion Bowman, Phyllis Bowser, Marie Boyden, Mary Boyer, Martha Brant, Doris Breedlove, Ethelda Brown, Jeanne Burno, Evelyn Canfield, Alberta Carns, Margaret Chedester, Eva Chenowith, Mary Jane Cleinedinst, Margaret Combs, Bernadine Cooper, Hazel Cornelius, Phyllis Crabtree, Madeline Crabtree, YVanda Page 95 Felten, Charles Files, Dale Fisher, Daniel Glover, Charles Glover, Charles NI. Goetz, Homer Goetz, Paul Golden, Stanley Gormer, Sam Grabenstein, Leroy Green, William Greenya, George Grindle, Gerald Hadra, Elman Hahn, Marshall Hess, Francis Hess, James Himmler, Walter Hite, Forrest Hobrock, Robert Hockman, Edwin Horn, James Hounshell, James Huff, Melvin Hull, Homer James, VVilliam Johnson, Robert Jones, Earl Kalbaugh, Donald Kelley, Wesley Kenney, Eugene Tenth Grade--Boys Konzal, Robert Lapp, Charles Lashorn, Robert Leasure, VVilliam Lechliter, Jack Lober, George Loyer, Herbert Martin, William Mathews, William Mawhinney, Alvin BIcCoy, Robert McCullaugh, Calvin McDaniels, Harold NIcGann, Bernard McKenzie, Joseph McLean, Robert McMahon, Wayne Mellotte, Hazelle Messmer, Edward Miller, Leroy Moody, Chester lVIorrissey, Kenneth Mothersole, VVilliam Myers, Eugene Naughton, Joseph O'Haver, Howard Ott, Joseph Pealer, Laurence Piquette, Raymond Potter, Vance Powers, Regis Price, Jack Reed, Fred Reichert, James Reuschlein, Richard Rose, John Rosenbaum, Stuart Ruppert, Richard Scaletta, Robert Schell, Joseph Schoenadel, William Schwab, Richard Shrout, James Shuck, Ralph Tenth Grade--Girls Craft, Blarcheta Lee Cresap, Louise Dashiell, Margaret Daugherty, Phyllis Dawson, Dorothy Dawson. Lydia Diehl, Bettie Delfer, Greta Drew, Vera Lee Emmart, Marian Faulkner, Naomi Firle, Elaine Fisher, Alice Fleckenstein, Mary Forster, Betty Fossett, Annette Fradiska, Ruth Frankfort, Evelyn Frantz, Doris Gardner, Irene Goff, June Golden, Phyllis Green, Madeline Grimes, Mary Katherine Grimm, Margaret Habig, Jeanne Helm, June Herboldsheimer, Betty Hill, Patsy Anne Himmler, Lillian Himmler, Loretta Hite, Jean Holmes, Phyllis Humbertson, Betty Imler, Nellie Jewell, hlabel Jones, Sue Judy, Mary Lee Judy, Regina Kane, Mary Katherine Keefauver, Charlotte Kelley, Helen Kenney, Annalea Kington, Frances Klavuhn, Dorothy Knoche. Nova Kolb. Marjorie Larison, Jean Lease, Lucille Lease, Virginia Leonard, Dorothy Lewis, Alice Lewis, Dorcas Leydig. Mary Ellen Liller. Bessie Lee Llewellyn. Ruth Love, Louise Low. Elizabeth MacMannis, Jane Marple. Helen Sizer, Charles Skidmore, Robert Smith, Charles Smith, James Smith, Owen Smith, William Snyder, Raymond Somerville, John Sparks, William Stoutfer, Delbert Stouder, Glenn Streett, Jack Stroup, Ira Sullivan, Fred Sullivan, Paul Teter, Richard Thomas, Evers Thomas, Karl Thompson, Allan Thorpe, William Tiley, William Todd, William Tressler, Clarence Troutman, Kenneth Turner, Edward Twigg, Glenn Twigg, Ralph Van Meter, George Wagner, William Walters, Guy Ware, Calvin WVarner, Fred VVebb, Glen Wetzel, Jack Whitman, John VVhitman, Ray VVilson, Clyde Winebrenner, Leonard Winn-er, Russel Wolfe, Reggie VVright, Frank Yost, Garnett Youngblood, Robert Ziegler, Jack Marple, Margaret Martin, Helen Mathews, Phyllis Mathexvs, Le Annah McIntosh, Jean McMillan, Shirley Miller, Eleanor Miller, Emily lVIills, Betty Mitchell, Floriene Moody, Glenna Moore, Clara Lee Morehead, Jane Myers, Anna Lee Myers, Betty Nee, Betty Nickel, lVIary Nickle, Margaret Northcralt. Gail 0'Baker, Phoebe Ogihre, Virginia Page, Mary Paper. Ruth Parks. Alice Peskin, Phyllis Phillips, Doris Pitzer. Anna Lee Poland, Betty Poole, Ruth Powell, Sophia Rafter. Dixie Reighard, Betty Reinhard, Jean Reinke, Karmyn Rinker, Caroline Rinker, Jane Robertson, Frances Robertson, Jean Robertson, Mary Louise Robinette, Virginia Robinson, Shirley Robinson, Virginia Lee Rubright, Betty Runion, Jane Ruppert, Nova Seymour, Jane Shepherd, Lucy Amadeo, John Anthony, Gus Armstrong, James Bagley, Ross Barncord, Marcellus Bartlett, VVilliam Basilio, Walter Beveridge, William Blauch, Kenneth Boggs, Graham Brady. William Broteniarkle, Allen Carder, Howard Carlson, Richard Carlson. Theodore Carter, Robert Chandlee, William Clark, Theodore Combs, Carl Conner, Harvey Crabtree, Francis Crowe, George Abbott, lVIildred Anderson, Anna Anthony, Helen Ash, Dorothy Ash, Helen Ash, Marjorie Barton, Mary Lou Basilio, W'anda Beal, Marjorie Blume, Josephine Bobo. Jean Bogler. Betty Bowersox, Jeanne Bowser, Dorothy Boyer, LaVerne Brant, Virginia Broadwater. Beatrice Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Dorothy Clerihue, Audrey Collins. Dorothy Compton, Dorothy Corle, Marion Cox, Jean Coyle. Mary Damrn, Wilma Ffhoae CRecjtatenecll TENTH GRADE--GIRLS Uluncludedl Shuck, Ann Simmons, YVilhilmina Simmons, Virginia Lee Slaven, Ruth Lee Smith, Betty Smith. Katharine Smith, Marion Smith, Mary E. Snow, Mary Snyder, Betty Stahlman, Jacqueline Stanley, Angeline Stein, Betty Eleventh Grade--Boys Daum, John Dawson, Herbert Demarest. Harry Eyler, Warren Eyre, Charles Ferrato, Theodore Files. Lloyd Forester, Jack Freno, Robert Gerdeman, Richard Goldberg, Sol Grimes, Charles Happe, Ralph Hardman, Richard Ilartung, John Hershberger, Le Roy Hill, William Hillock, Donald Hinkle, Wlilliam Horn, Henry Horn, Robert Huff, Clay Hunter, William Jaumot, Frank Jenkins, Wlilliam Kallmyer, Lee Karns. Terry Kelly, YVilliam Kisamore, Kenneth Kompanek, Harry Koontz, Eugene Landis, Harry Lashley, Robert Lewis. Elroy Llewellyn, Daniel Lucas. W'illiam Mathews, James lVIcKechnie, Joseph Miller. Vernon lN'loody, John Nose, Daniel Oglebay, Charles Eleventh Grade--Girls Davey, Jeanne Dawson, Mary Louise Douglas, hliriam Drumm, Mary Edenhart, Virginia Emerick, Mary Everstine. Anna Bessie Eyre, Avonne Farell, Martha Fleegle. Kathleen Fleckenstein, Ann Fossett, Betty Frost. Effie Giatras, Helen Goodrich, Viva Gross, Saralee Harden, Ruth Harper, Helen Helman. Betty Lou Hershberger, Bettie Hilleary, Catherine Jane Hosier. June Houck. Myra Hull, Margaret Johnson, Mary Louise Jones, Edith Kennell, Marjorie Kibler, Jane Killander, Helen Kilroy, Ruth Kington, June Kline, Audrey Klingler, Florence Klosterman, Loyala Knepper, Getty Jane Lauterbach, Mary Lee, Annabelle Levinson, Sylvia Liller, Lorrain Lowery, Caroline Lowery. June Macfarlane, Mary hflarkwood, Helen Mathews, Peggy McFarland, Alexa hIcFarland. Sara NIcGann. Anastasia lVIcKenzie, Elizabeth fMillar. Sarah hliller, Betty Jane Stitcher, Eleanore Stuby, Alice Taylor. Betty Thompson, Eleanor Thompson, Eva Tower, Betty Ogilvie. David Parker, George Platt, Donald Porter, VVilliam Powell, Jack Price, Vernon Quynn, Lloyd Rice. Robert Robertson, Edward Rudd, Thomas Ruhl, George Schell, Emory Sears, Jolm Seiler, Yvilliam Serf, Robert Sherman, Kenneth Shroyer, Irvin Simpson. Charles Snyder, Myles Sowers, Wayne Stimler, Walter Molinari, Gloria Monahan, Mary Murray, Mary Ann Naugle, Geraldine Nelson, Patricia Nevy, Florence Nicklin, Bettie Norris, Alma 0'Neal, Betty Payne, Doris Peacock, Doris Perdew. Leona Portmess, Mary Powell, Geraldine Powers, Kathryn Rainalter, Mary Read, Virginia Robertson, Dorothy Rotruck. Dorothy Ruppenthal, Ruth Schell, Granis Schipe, Dorothy See, Doris Shapiro, Maxine Sherman, Lucy Troxell, Ann Wagner, Jean Vfebster, hlary Jane Weller, Wanda Wells. Margaret Wenrich. Cleo White, Alice White, Margaret Ann Wiilkinson. Dorothy Williams. Gretchen Wilson, Nancy Wlineland, LaVerne YVright, Gertrude Wyand, Mary Young. Valda Zembower, Helen Zembower, Lois Stiner, Charles Studerick, David Sutherland, William Taylor, Charles Thom, Robert Thomas. Gipson Traynor. Joseph Twigg, Robert Turner. William Volk, Lloyd Watkins, Eugene Wheeler, James Williams, Robert Wilson. James Windemuth, Kenneth Winebrenner, Robert YVinters, John VVinters, Wlilliam Wright. Hubert Yeager. Harry Yoder, Norman Yoder, William Sherman, Luedell Simmons. Evelyn Smith. Virginia Snyder, Betty Snyder, Gladys' Snyder, Hilda Spencer, Virginia Stallings. Ruth Sullivan, Mary Taylor, Phyllis Teter, Norine Teubner, Jean Thompson, Marie Twigg, Dorothy Jayne Wagner, Doris Webb, Faith XVest. 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SCHWIIRZENBI-lCH'S 'A Good Store in a Good Town HDLLAN ID FU IQNACES Make Warm Friends WARM AIR HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 449 N. Centre Street Phone 1 104-J Compliments of the AIQMUIQY IQULLEIQ DI N li PHONE OSCAR GURLEY 1852 OSCAR GURLEY GARAGE OW George and Harrison Streets CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND DISTRIBUTORS OF PLYMOUTH AND CHRYSLER MOTOR CARS Jlalplpli cvvlotonlngi COMPLIMENTS Owl Esso Station OF Corner Charles Street and Henderson Boulevard A FRIEND PHONE 1083 Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND FRED GARRIGUS HOLLOWAY, DD., LLD., President For Young Men und Young Women Unexcelled Location, Modern Curriculum, Complete Equipment, Moderate Rates Cutulogue upon Alblblicution Page 100 Page 101 CAD L MCI NTYIQ If For Better Groceries and Meats 436 Cumberland Street PHONES: 5480, 5481 and 5482 Established 1851 Incorporated 1902 The S. T. Little Iewelry Company 1 15 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND I-QU IS STE' N, Inc. AUTO ACCESSORIES Funeral Directors Replacement Parts, Equipment Accessories and Machine Shop 117 Frederick Street 139 Ff'2dBfiCk Street Cumberland, Maryland AMBULANcE SERVICE Phone 27 Phones 501 and 502 Try Cosgrove Cycle Co. BU RTON'S I . Dzstrzozttors of First Young Men's Clothing At Popular Prices Indian Motorcycles Iver johnson and Columbia Bicycles Elto-Evinrude Outboard Motors jabson Power Lawn Mowers I-IARBAUGI-VS CIRCULATING LIBRARY I8 Baltimore Street Meet your friends at the ara IEATWELL GDI LL 11 N- Mechanic Street COMPLIMENTS OF Maurice's Department Store Always Reliable 42-44-46 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MD. Ll BEIQTY TAVEIQN, INC. EXCELLENT DINING SERVICE 42 N. Liberty Street Cumberland, Md. CONGRATULATIONS . SENIQRS L. Bernstein It is our hope that we may serve Furniture CO. you in future, as we have in the past ..... KAPLON'S Young Men'5 Shop 115 Baltimore 9 N. Centre Street EORD'S DRUG STORES, Inc. Cflto UQQXCLQQ gtonob You Can Afford It At Eord's CUMBERLAND and FROSTBURG MARYLAND U Page 1 03 AFTER ALL . . . W O L F 9 I is the best place to buy furniture and appliances WOLF FURNITURE CO. 38 N. MECHANIC STREET 1 5 l 9 United States City-County-State Depository I hp Svrrnnh aiinnal Bank Corner Baltimore and Liberty Streets CUMBERLAND, MD. Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOOD COLLEGE HENRY I. STAHR, AM., DD., LLD. President Accredited college for women. A.B. and BS, in Home Econom- ics. Teacher-training. Twelve modern well-equipped build- ings. 125 acres. For eatalogne acltlrefs REGISTRAR HOOD COLLEGE Frederick, Md Farmer's Dairy Properly Pasteurized Milk, Cream Dari-Rich Chocolate Drink Phone 3 l 1 E. A. DASHIELL, Nlanager I.AlQliIN'S GIQOCEIQY Groceries SL Meats 409 Bedford Street Phone 2183 PHONE 1446-M CARS WASHED SISIVS GULF SEIQVICE GULELEX Registered Lubrication 1601 BEDFORD STREET CUMBERLAND, MD. F. W. Woolworth Co. Compliment! of Ehmurh 31. iligan 150 Baltimore Street CUMBERLAND, MD. ATTORNEY t 'fha Qeonqa: J'la3eQwoocQ Co mlpanlg GENERAL CONTRACTORS Howard Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND With best wishes for your succesful use of the new auditorium Page 104, TRI-STATE MINE 81 MILL SUPPLY COMPANY 3 10 Commerce Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Phones 3284-3285 PLUMBING and I-IEATING SUPPLIES MINE and MILL SUPPLIES CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES SDcm't J'Ia-:Altate to CQQQ on CIAA JIQQ Eatimatea CI1eentuQIIl3 Qlven OWEN E. HITCHINS ., I ,,., Prefiden JOHN STEWART , .. .,,.. Secretary S Z M g J. E. CALLAHAN ,,.II.,..A. ..I., . . LZ ef mm er COMPLIMENTS OF FORT CUMBERLAND HOTEL F. B. TAYLOR zvlmmger Cumberland Cloak and Suit Store GRADUATION DRESSES AND FORMALS Complimenzf of Compliment! of ' ' II' ' ' . william .I. mdann, Mr. Lear and Glwer Ice Cream Co. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Cgfarfuejs efwelry Store DISTRIBUTORS OF ALLEGANY HIGH CLASS RINGS Page 106' gl' Uhr Eliirat Nutinnal Bank nf Gluznherlanh ' The Oldest National Bank in the Fifty Federal Reserve District ' Member of the Federal Reserve System ' Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation What's Your Favorite Sport? I ARCHERY TENNIS BADMINTON BASEBALL BOATING FISHING BICYCLING HUNTING CROQUET GOLF CAMPING HoRsEsHoEs SEARS HAS THE EQUIPMENT FUR IT -and Sears prices make it easy to have good equipment to improve your game -and add to the fun! SEARS, ROEBUCK SL C0. 179 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. MCCRURYS 5'2?gi5C Congratulations to the Class of '40 The Modern Shopping Center of Cumberland For All That Is New-Shop McCrory's First Real Estate 81 Insurance Our Specialty We have buyers for properties in all parts of the city. List your property with us now! I ! We write every known class of Insur- ance in none but the best Capital Stock Inrzmmce Companies. Your I12le1' Will Be Cofzremfeci By Conmlting Tbir Office M. D. Reinhart Liberty Trust Building Phone 1896 cuao e iygw ORIGINALS Fon Jursuolzs 53.93 55.50 57.93 There is a style for every day-time occasion-school and sports, shopping, lunching, afternoon calling, and tea. Each dress is individual, and each in its way expresses youth and the many character- istics of youth as it is lived today. Lazarus - Cumberland Like Allegany? Athletes N E it ,fD S- Abi 'A' .,' KELLYS Q 5 ARE ' TUUGH sack By the A 0- Home Team . . Score Higher Mileage ..... Y o u ' r e Safe On Kenya X X j rr t l tk? 5 ,,:l Q gd xi 9' we 1 r- at X IX Kelly-Springfield RETAIL STORE 119 S. Mechanic Street BILL CRAMER EDDIE COSTELLO Easy Budget Terms Page 103 I I I E S LAM PS I I u Q K ARE EASY ON THE EYES . . . SPEED UP HOME WORK ' I Q THE POTUMAC EDISON 00 GRADUATIGN GIFTS 62 QBALTIMORE ST. -v w QUEEN CITY DAIRY, Inc. WESTERN MARYLAND'S LEADING DAIRY f Compliments of illinrgan QI. Barrie STATE ATTORNEY 21 c . A . For COMFORT AN genuine K Talfn Beach its The Manh tt 67 Baltimore Str t Complimenlf of IYOONTZ MAIQIKET Phone 3275 517 N. Centre Street Bon Voyage anal Good k to the Clan of 1940 H ' 1? Merlin Iiuhliahing Gln. ' BERLIN, PA. N ar E College of ACCOUNTANCY DEGREES in Commerce, B.C.S. and M.C.S., are conferred. Graduates meet educational requirements for admission to C.P.A. exami- nations in the District of Columbia, and 47 states. YOUNG MEN, Strayer trained, have made splendid records in recent C.P.A. examina- tions. STRAYER teaches nationally-known ac- counting systems based on texts used by over 200 colleges and universities. New Classes: SEPTEMBER 81 FEBRUARY College of SECRETARIAL TRAINING GRADUATION from an accredited high school is required for admission. Courses are planned for academic, general, and com- mercial graduates, and for college students. A diploma from Strayer means recom- mended for employment. REVIEW and speed building classes in Short- hand and Typewriting for those who have attended commercial schools. DAY and Evening Sessions. New Classes: EVERY MONTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICE secures Positions for Graduates Over 1500 calls for offire employees rereived annually Secretarial or Acrounting Catalog on Request HOMER BUILDING 013th and F Streets 0 Washington, D. C. Page 110 Page 111 I X A MIKE, the movie-cameraman Flashes Greetings from the 1940 SABRE Staff of Fort Hill 'fha J. I-I. I-lolzshu Co. Insuwmce - Real Estate Bonding 21 South Centre Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND ROSENBAUM' Extends Sincerest Best Wishes to 'che Class of 'Aol Yes . . . in our ranks are many, many graduates from your classrooms. Rosenbaum's is proud of their serviceg welcomes the opportunity of wishing the class of '40 success in every venture. As a matter of course, our alumni behind-the- counter understands your problems every step of the way from high school, to college, into business . . . we know all the ways and means of stretching shoestring allowances . . . we insist on the best in style and quality at prices you want to pay. Spend wiselyg shop at Rosenbaum's. , ..1 i.. -wil ...QQ Qjicial Thotcfgraphers for the cyflllegewi ' fl 'Vhotozg raphers 'sim 111511 x,1.:,A 'IX1 , 1 5 -14 za. Vx-1:1 9 , A V 3 Y -V , mf Mi. - .. 'f is 'G . , ix' i -'tyvlvg 5.-1 A, affix. w Q' 1. H. ' X . 4 w -' 'V , W fxgsi. 'Y in . ' 9' S. ,LJW Q -1, x. C1 HE KN, u 2 - f .gl ,VV , , 1 A ,Fw Q ' ,s 4 x 5 '- B, 1 25 Nl ,1 ,fl 'B ' ivwi :LLL I s. w. , -1- w-,E , liwfi, ,SX .V , lrx I Q? , ll! 'rxg 1 . f sf 41 ' x 'Af L-7-, A fling VH' 1' ' 1 f 6- :'. 2.2 fl ..X ' . u. ., , ' Q , J .V Q - - '41 3- ' , ,y , 1 , ' -1? g x,u.',-. 7 yu' T11 4 fn ' , ' Xu 'wg M-,iw ' 5-, TQ ,, 'J , . N N , -1 I 1 .,M-wr !', 1 i'i', ' fi? 'B ' 5. , ty 1 -f' 1' N' z 1, A 'E, ' , i ,H 5 -J 17-V' '- . 3 -1, 34 4 ,MJ ,EL ., N 1 ' 'L ' 5 , , .. 5 sq 1, f K w' E ,5 r' iff f ,I-,I - f-?J:If1 '1' 3 'L 5 5-5 - 1 5 ..n V H- I, 1 S, C? nun -Aw mn, '. um .1 4: xx. wr, laura: ' ,,,. ' J. 341714, f , , ,. . N, xp 3.5 , km-fm r 44 1 1. ,. -. I 1 3 w. ,. Q, 4 bw 11 .,., , 9,n' , ' M 'Q 4' EH Lp, Q' I '. ' QQ .K A f! - . . . i- 'L , V' .. . 'L A ,, 11 4, ' .- A' I' -fi, W' . va-f'n- ffl ' i' . Q .ff ,Y , gr-411,43 an aw V ,h -.V A f.'.,.Q ,wx-4. X v.' ak. ! .f- ': , , fx 1 x ., , I ,, 5 ji? v. If H, fuk? HA! ,.,1 ,mf , .. amia- L ,W v H ,9fMfwM'J'wP ' 55,5 wMfgf3ZfZW Ju WM' , mfifjffu Wffwyiffgw W fm.,- , j u 4,!,uA!4dV..! ' ' Mi . fir !g jjZ QMWIW '-r W IWW 17511 AAMMV4., A,.,.,9avv4 ,WN WW KMMMWI? WW 7771fL0 !ffSv!fL W. Sf? J M xv Maw' mb 1 ff' . S 1 rgjfv 5

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