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Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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:Ll f 1 A . , .5 1 " ld' , Hin- ,Q ,. ,Q Vi? 1' 'fi , 1 .. fx, x4V??I 11 ', 3' ff :yv .vff L' , , '.'l:, w . 1,1 an , ,' , 5 V .Q if-r-Nm' I , fy MJ, '.l .wif 1 J' fi ' n'-T. ' ,Y ' v ,.. , . , 1 X x , U5-q., X , , 1 Mft- u ' my flgiisqf -51- - VN -. f W 4 a X. ,, ,Inmualuminmsmnnmfm 1znnl.anxa1..4.f.n..,r'xr1,.,.1les1.v., ..., .,, .. M ..m.i-U, u. mmx 2--511 Ml-wk :BW ako g'S,9f"og x . S M Z MM! ff f W f M yv,am.,gWw6bvwJ B HL 2 V 'QQ' v A -way 4uy.f' Y 39' 1 r 'The aqffeqewi 44 .Studia-:nth S-cnalp Book 1 W T4 ff bvgt XX mf X W at X AI if f g M!! ff 5 f f N Flag: - XXX Q7 W if ' JH ffvvwlsi 14 W n W 'W W IN w ex I Hfmmf pgs Hlwzml W f uf X'fQ':eJmJ'4gf11. W wx 22 duaqab 'thUm the allflflegfanmff High SCHOUQ SCTLCLIP boo k 'fha 1939 Qflfleqewi Com1piQecQ lay, the Sz-:nlon CQQM of aqflflaqfanmff High .SQHUOQ Cuml7anQcmc9, www, onawond A student's scrapbook--a book that belongs to you because you helped to make it. The pictures oi your fellow-students, the souvenirs, the scribblings will recall your school days at Allegany. Guard your Scrapbook well, lest the memories ot these treasured moments be lost. I Qotitilita ff' ' -A V "L 'A gr' U' 3 X? M " ,, l X X, , fl Administration I , Classmates Activities Athletics School Lite ff hula a ,Jk,fv- Q!" ,MJ Jinx fpQL,,tf-f. swf E1 q7'Q' Q TO MISS EADER who through her faithful assistance to Allegany students has helped them to gain a greater appre- ciation ot our English heritage who by her capability and initiative has earned the admiration and respect of all who by her dynamic and energetic personality has won a place ot her own in the hearts of each and every Alleganian, We, the class ot 1939, with sincere admiration dedicate this "ALLEGEWl". 5 ' KJX ' . 'gg ny -V ' fi. gf' K Nw I V 'lik ,JN-', L M, m- , Z , .5 , O 15... is ak ww, .. tx gX A . ,4,, . Q' ' A , X' f f A fx thy lb,-f' '.,l"""'x X ,f C CI. x ' HX , .'-x..,,"' PRBCLIZAM 6 1, XJ J X V fmfv SFVCNTLEIJETMEETING Q' X f iff MIIINUIND STATE XHYJXJ-,., K, MN 4 - ,ZZ , : ' , -' ., x EAEHER5 AUOCIATION 5 X-J X 'IQ 0, E k - BAmmomz . , Q bd.. 1-J J, A 1 . f kjxw,-J f J -f' K X VN If rnnmv AND sArunoAY X K Q' . k , 'i 1938 W, 1:,, , L pf X R 1 ' 'K ll ,Af, 1- e xits L,f0'A"'2' 4 , ?f"'f! .am ffffff Xl f XR T? 3 X X 1 . f mom' w9EGuT10N' gf-Q CQ N NE E, ' 'V 1 fr 4 , i-f y - A V . Z .1 ,- , ,yn -- fjffi 241 FA-2 Adminmtnqtign l V Z,!4QfV,,i? , J ,ff ,pf , J i Y ' ,Z uv cz ,5 g, ,, BGNRD 1142 M ff p r or gl:DUcA'rloN , Amamv couww ,gf G so- s 412 MW f fff" f Wffffffffff W ff ff ' lf' Jiffy ll N' 7, H o tic Clilocmcll of education Ot JlQQECJC1Y1l3 Count? Dr. Charles L. Kopp, Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of the Board Mr. William A. Gunter, President Mr. W. Russell Brewer, Vice-president Mr. Horace P. Whitworth, Associate ,,,,'. 1, 'ff ,, ff, . , , ,ff !.,,- Alf , n sur: I Cf ls' 'mon J I trust that as you scan the pages of your 1939 ALLEGEWI, now and in future years, many happy incidents will be recalled, the sparks of old friend- ships rekindled, and your years at Allegany pass in review as being among the most pleasant ones in your memory. GQQQUJLI UQ. clllfelnlitan, GDMQQPQQ ,MW MW snr Wx a in 5' Q w Dt W ggi ' it NN ,VXI "' Q 05 S i .eq -fs ses X . , it - 5 9315 u In the upper picture seated around the table from left to X right are: Pearl A. Eader, English: Ieanette A. Holzshu, En lish' - si -1 . . . , 9 ' Virginia W. Dixon, English: Mrs. Sarabelle Blackwell Steele, English: Mrs. Anna B. Higgins, English: Rose Schmutz, mathe- matics: Mary I. Murphy, librarian: Blanche Snyder, librarian' 1 Margaret E. Witherup, English. Standing left to right are: MarY I. Sowerby, English: Eleanor R. Welsh, mathematics' Helena Palmer, art: Margaret R. Durst, English: Gilbert Glimel mathematics: E. William Noland, mathematics: H. Georgannd Kraus, secretary: I. Leo Delaney, mathematics: Foy A. Curry, mathematics. "' f G s N ' HG! xx' .Fl Ur l Xf 1 If fx 2 'C ' 1 , , ff 42? fl! fngff 0 .Uffravfflff I In the center picture, seated from left to right are: Theresa B. Nicht, science: lane A. Hesse, physical education: Helen E. Mc- Cvvl-E Yr-.17 an A Ferran, home economics: Marie A. Richmond, home economics: Dorothy Campbell, home economics: Mrs. Kate Grimm Curry, physical education: Mrs. Ellen T. McKenzie, science: Eleanor Ut the B. Henderson, science. Standing left to right are: Harold C. Wickard, science: Ralph R. Webster, principal: I. Hubert Rad- cliffe, science: Iohn A. McCullough, industrial arts: Eugene l. Hopkins, physical education: Adrian Pollock, industrial arts: Walter L. Bowers, physical education: Roy E. Knight, industrial arts: Albert K. Loper, industrial arts. William S. Leyhe, indus- trial arts: was absent when the picture was taken. qaculltg In the lower picture seated at this end of the table is Levvyn C. Davis, assistant principal. To the extreme left is Olive P. Simpson, social science. Reading around the table left to right are: lack E. Platt, music: Dora Richards, social science: Nell Hawkins, social science: Ianet Anderson, social science: Mrs. Florence G. Warfield, vice principal: Mary L. Rice, social science: Hilda K. Willison, typing: M. Dorothy Willison, music. I Q MQW Standing left to right are: R. Herman Ball, social science: Marie f if VZ 'ffy 1 Lapin, commercial: Irene Lapp, commercial: Mrs. Vivian , V Wright Kline, commercial: Ivan D. Neidermyer, language: kay V Mary E. Murray, social science: Anna Nicht, social science. ' by Anna M. T. Webster, language: was absent. 1. ff r 7, if fl W was I JW, ffl' ...1 1... l l FERMAN G. PUGH all Ffnihuta On November 29, 1938, Ferman G. Pugh, our friend and leader, passed away. As president of the Board of Education for twenty years, his name became as well known in educa- tional circles as it was in civic and religious. Many lives have been touched by his generosity, and his spirit will continue to live in the fruits of his magnanimity. We are proud to have been thought worthy to share in his beneficences. Through his sponsorship of annual interscho- lastic debate many hundreds of high school students have re- ceived invaluable training in logical and analytical thinking. We are better for his having lived. ...l2... , nd 7 WZ, A WV' ff AW' V' , ,f f ,' 1 V, 'C ,M,,,!,7Z' f W wwf , ' 5 M? x Q J A , 7, Gd Q A f I 1 -' , 154 1 ' ' A ,WL ,,,. X X f 46,0 f f 'J ' , ff 5553 21 Q 1 f UW ' ,UM 'M YJ f A ,,, V ' I -L.,.v lf! I X , L ,A M N r ' V Qjlwaf' ffff, ,f , , , 22"-eaH"1 ' 5 ,ff 5 Eg - M 1- Q T f f 7 ,fff5W AL , ff w 1 , . 7 f f ,W WH f ' ' issoon 'f 7 4 ' 7 W ' f f of ma a 'f" ' f ? Ag, jf , ,f ,rf , , gy, , W ll' 4 " ' f " '- :Q 5'-fi'-Z? il-X: PQ,.g?EggiQ f 5 fs ff 1 L Z f fl!4f I 'f , ,W v a ,Z 0, ' "9 4 A 4 4' ,ltr ff W 3 9 0' I Q Xu f 1 1 Q M 4 E f J . 1 If ' 'v lm 5 - .f ff? ' 21 4 J 5-1 2 f J ' J , 1 1 31 If X , dent. Behind him are Lawrence Shaner, vice presi- f dent, lane Chandlee, treasurer: and Alice Louise Bead, secretary. L3 g fl JJ 55" :vw-fJlf'DA'f' ffl!! I 4. alla f 'A' fs 1 1 Z Jw , ff! f f 1f,f ,at 1,3475-g Qfk'7wF:l CS-anion Cfalm Ctticena Seated in foreground is William Oswald, presi- Jfflf YQWQXVJIG tj' ' ' T 6.0 GZ .Santan Ramambana Z . , 7,,,,f Aviv, .9-1 36 I 11-f' As approaching spring sobers us by the thought of our coming graduation, let's look back over those four glorious, eventful years. ?'o"""'J' W 1935-36 We, the infants of Our Allegany . . . proud to be called such . . . determined to make the most of our great adventure . . . ever-popular class- mate, lames Sullivan, chosen president . . . one of our first friends, Mr. Leo Delaney, our adviser . . . though we sponsored no social event, we thrilled to the Girls' League Dance. 1936-37 Full fledged underclass-men now . . . confident of our prowess . . . animated and aggressive . . . as class president, William Spangler supervised our endeavors . . . much needed leadership supplied by Miss Theresa Nicht, adviser . . . some called us supercilious . . . we knew we were just striving to qualify . . .successfull 1937-38 In the midst of things now . . . lames Sullivan at our helm again . . . Miss Margaret Witherup, adviser . . . standardized a new class ring . . . future Alleganians will be proud to wear it . . . just when spring fever was catching up with us, came the Iunior-Senior Prom . . . resolved: to carry on as seniors, Allegany's traditions. 1938-39 The secret ambition of our high school days has been realized- we're seniors . . . William Oswald, our president . . . Mr. William Noland and Mr. Lewyn Davis, social advisers . . . Miss Mary Sowerby, "AllegeWi" adviser . . . Mr. Harold Wickard, dramatic adviser . . . William Rohrer won permanent possession of the Tasker D. Loundes declamation banner . . . senior dramatists presented "Strangers at Home" . . . busy with class night, senior assembly, sermon, prom . . . commencement! These four years have passed too swiftly. Four years crowded full of "Allegany"-that speaks for itself. 1 5... w., Ng - A f'SQNQ"f lf, No V A3 as 'gi ll I oofbi aft of ,Q Q13 f yr gk? ave you 'tonqotten Ao Avon. . . C-fhat qfflonloua cflalff in June, M. 1' xximv-'www X QNX 7.5 YQNXVWQYX 13 Xu midi?-X-o mga 'z.Hwa9p,w ...18... Row One Row Two MEYER H. ABRAHAM EDWARD LORRAINE ATHEY Ame TMS r. Boys' League: Alco It e 'rr.or- Boys' League: Basketball Mana- Buskelbulh Hi-Yi S6CC TT 'C Fire Marshal. ger. GEORGE W.'wA RD . ll'i1r1ple t Y r RUTH ROSETTA ABRAHAM BOYS' Le ue: I '- on Rae Cheerleader: Football lee b: Hi-Y: Swimming Club Girls' League: Declarnation. C KATHLEEN ELIZABETH BARNAHD I ' Bettie 60 Girls' League: Choral Club: D I R ALLAN' TR French Club. zc BETTY BARNES A. D. K.: B s' L , Barney Club: Mixed Chorus, Girls' League: Hi-Y: A. D. K.: Alcohi Mirror. BETTY IO BARTON X Row Three ' RLETON R. BECKMAN Tex Boys' League' Band' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus Octet Orchestra, Li- brarian All Maryland High School jl,,'Orchestra: Alco Swing Band. CHARLES THOMAS BECKWITI-I Becky Boys' League. ROBERT BLAKE BILLMYER Boys' League: Alcohi Mirror. MARY ELLEN BISCHOFF Peggie Girls' League, Treasurer: Hi-Y: A. D. K.: A. K. O.: Treasurer: Alle- gewi, Snapshot Editor: Choral Club, Vice President: Track. IOHN ROY BLACKWELL Johnnie Boys' League: A. D. K., Presi- KATHERINE ALSIP jo JO , , , Y - , dent: Alcohi Mirror, Business Mana- Kay Girls Legg'-19' SGCYQUITYI Cho 1 ger, Business Staff: Archery: Band: Club: A. D. K.: r imminq Club. Girls' League: Dance Club. ' THOMAS BA " A EVELYN BocH Tom A Lovey BOYS ' GlI'lS, League: Alla,-fy VIRGINIA YBEAL IUANITA BOGGS ' Ginmf Nita Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror. Girls' League: Orchestra. Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror. gun gnacluatian l7aQQ...Canc:ent1...x in the flbonlngtima and Row Four HAROLD BROOKS S ha gge r Boys' League: Band: Basketball, Assistant Manager, Manager: Or- chestra: Fire Marshal. BETTY BROWN Daisy Girls' League: Choral Club, Swimming Club. IAMES ALOYSIUS BROWN Jim Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y, Student Congrms: Alcohi Mirror. WILLE . EW y N: . Q Le ', Hi-Y: A. D. K. 3?7 Zisegeilvi: Archery, Presi- DSX fi oglljd 1, reggae Club. GLENN BURKETT Butch Boys' League. IANE CHANDLEE Girls' League, Vice President: A. D. K., Vice President: Allegewi, Choral Club, Secretary: Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Secretary-Treasurer, Track: Treasurer of Senior Class. DOROTHY MAXINE CHENOWITH Chennie Girls' League. Row Five IUNE CLAUSON Girls' League. BETTIE CLOWER Bets Girls' League: A. D. K.: Basket- ball, Assistant Manager, Manager: Choral Club: Hi-Y: Track. VERA IOSEPHINE COMPTON Jo Girls' League: A. D. K.: A. K. O.. Treasurer, President: Allegewi, Club Editor: Dance Club: French Club, Vice President, President: Hi-Y: Swimming Club: Tumbling Club. MARY LOUISE CONROY Connie Girls' League: French Club: Choral Club. EDGAR CORNELIUS Ed l Boys League. IOHN COWHERD Jack Boys' League: Baseball: Basket- ball: Football. MARY E. CRITCHFIELD Mae Liz Girls' League: Band: Choral Club: Mixed Chorus: Musettes: Or- chestra: All-Maryland High School Orchestra. ...l7... Row Six IOSEPH CUNNINGHAM Joe Boys' League: Baseball: Football: Soccer. WILLIAM DAHL Boys' League: Football: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Fire Marshal. ANNA ELIZABETH DICK Ann Girls' League: Student Congress: Dance Club. WALTER DIETRICH ll 'al t Boys' League: Football. MARY DOLPHIN Dolphin Girls' League: A. D. K. Row One RUTH DONALDS Girls' League. VIRGINIA LEE DREYER Ginnie Choral Club: Girls' League: Hi- Y: Mixed Chorus: Musettes. R. SHIRLEY DRISCOLL Shirl Girls' League: A. D. Kx le- gewi, Assistant Class Edit , al Club, Libraria Hi- : . Chorus, Librarian: ' tt ' T IAMES DRUM immie ' Boys' 6? S U A S ' oys' I gue: . K. O.: Swim- mi C bg Fire Marshal. M MMA ELBIN 'irzklvs G ls' League: Alcohi Mirror: Swimming Club. Row Two ULA REBECCA EVANS ' Bunny Girls' League. IOHN FARRELL Mack Boys' League. ANNA FELDSTEIN Girls' League: Basketball: Alcohi Mirror. IEANNE ELIZABETH FISHER Girls' League: Choral Club: French Club: Hi-Y. CHARLES EDWARD F O O Chuck Bs'eg,an' J' 045032. .- 1 .. I DOROTHY FULLER Dottie Girls' League. S C' IULIAN GOGGIN Little Bill Demon Boys' League: Band: Glee Club: Iunior Glee Club: Orchestra: Soccer. Row Three IAIVIES GLOVER J im Boys' League: French Club. MARY ELIZABETH GREENYA Betty Girls' League: Choral Club: Hi- Y. I l J KENNETH R. ' fd Kenny IQ fa Boys' e: a , ' Orchestr , Tre . I NORMA E. OVE Girls' League. MARGARET I UN E GUN TER R111 rgie Girls' League: A. D. K.: A. K. O. ootbcrllll gamma in tall jffligniwgg ' CLE we Absent in detention Row Four PHYLLIS HABIG Phoebe Girls' League: Hi-Y: Alcohi Mir- ror. IOHN HARBAUGH Nig Boys' League: Allegewi: Base- ball: Hi-Y: Soccer: Swimming Club: Track: Fire Marshal. RUSSELL CHARLES HARPER Russ Boys' League: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Octet: Track. DAYTON G. HAROLD Boys' League. WILLIAM HARRISON Bill Boys' League: Hi-Y: Fire Marshal. ANN HAUSMAN Hausie Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror: Al- legewi, Assistant Editor: Choral Club, Treasurer: French Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer: Glee Club, Accom- panist: Hi-Y, Chaplain, President: Iunior Glee Club, Accompanist: Mixed Chorus: Accompanist: Mu- settes: Octet, Accompanist: Orches- tra, President. SMQW HENRY HERRON ' . . em V Big Bzll Demon Boys' League: lee , 1 ed Chorus. Row Five WILLIAM RAYMOND HEWITT Bill Band, President: Boys' League: Glee Club: Orchestra, Vice Presi- dent. GLENN HOCKMAN Curly Boys' League: A. K. O.: Soccer: Track. NANCY HOLLAND Nance Girls' League: Choral Club: French Club: Hi-Y, Treasurer: Mixed Chorus: Orchestra. MARGIE HOLLEN illarge Girls' League. WILLIAM HOLT Bill Boys' League: A. D. K.: Alcohi Mirror: Declarnation: Student Con- gress, President. ...l8... WILLIAM HOFF Bill Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y: Student Congress. IRMA HOUNSHELL Irmie Girls' League. X IOHN HUGHES Row Six Boys' League. Q IACK HYDE Slug Boys' League. MARY IACKSON Billie Girls' League: Allegewi, Assis- tant Club Editor: Choral Club, Sec- retary, President: French Club: Hi- Y, Vice President: Mixed Chorus, President: Musettes: Octet: Orches- tra, Librarian: Vice President of Sophomore Class. EVA LUCRETIA IANKEY Girls' League. IUDITH IONES Judy Girls' League: Dance Club: A. D. K.: A. K. O., Vice President, Secre- tary: Tumbling Club. W f 'Yu Yee. Wk ' 'L G 3 Gamer.. 1' UPA CONVENTION erm TON' VA. gnu! Ykxnxux 'Efahqa X L Qi K. isiifwffffl Y wut' J, :Sufi ,a5 4 af HaQQ...J'lcwa ou on ottan,.1.:o,l.11 "h.u..J'laoa ou on ottan Ao L5 qi -,JLj-,Qfv, L3 C31 BOOST SOCCER Aufmuv? BEAL1, , rave , ,N CE NTS 0 k0fgd9e15 YXD' R352 ' ...19... 1"F',, Anesmv M B C N 3 .f ? izvyi v mm. WWW 3 r A YQUET fy-Y! J' L, qw' QR , vscmazv. C xs, 4939 ,gh K Nxoc-oA, 5 Y i A gmmonfi xfgoqf' 2 'qW-1 I 25,3 1 A 2 M K if i Aeon . ..cTl1a mann? Qaucglm we Had? in CWM. QDQUM' CQQAM-:A .. ng ANNE!! S Sf if-wk sb 4? 9 U 'Wg if 4 ' 09 v 5 1 F KYXXXSJ-C, Mull-5 'YCAQQAZ I I ! K I I ,1 I! Row One Dx? , DoNA . IORDANO . ' D .J Boys' League: Baseball: Basket- ball: Football: Hi-Y, Chaplain: Student Congress: Fire Marshal. WILIEAM Q illucy ' 1, ' ' Alodhi 'Mirrgy-L,',S'fno12: , Editor, anagin,qLfEditor: Alljgewi, Sports Eritgr: Band: Boys'lL gue: Decla- mation: Debate: Hi-Y: Fire Marshal. PAUL HORACE KEMP Horsie Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y. Secretary: Student Congress: Track. LE NOR AN K FFNER xijzlliieffie Girls' gue: A. D. K.: Basket- vball: e Club: Student Congress: Boys Football: Fire D0 Tr ieldball: Tumbling Club. K Xu LE KISAMORE Q Wg Crip X Marshal. FR D KLEIN if - Beer Boys' League: Baseball: Basket- ball: Football: Orchestra: Track. , HENRY KLEIN Henny Boys' League: Orchestra: Fire Marshal. If 16 Q I Vigil .. CECIL E f se js, N ys'X eague: Glee Clu - Myed horus, Track. KAY IRVEN KLINE Kay Boys' League: Band: Hi-Y. IACK WARREN KONZAL S l I ck Boys' League: A. D. K.: A. K. O.: Band: Declamation: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Orchestra: Swim- ming Club: Track: Speech Club: Fire Marshal. CHARLES WILLIAM KREITZBURG whip Boys' League: Baseball: Basket- ball: Hi-Y: Soccer: Swimming Club: Tennis: Fire Marshal. ZORKA C. KRNAYA Tony Girls' League. ow Three LAZA Boys' League: Archery. HELEN LECHLITER Girls' League. LOIS SLOAN LEE Lo Lo Girls' League: Swimming Club: Track. DORIS VIVIAN LEHMAN V io Girls' League. GENEVA C. LEWIS Genny Girls' League. l' I 691' MARY VIRGINIA LRUTHKE qffyf' U' v 1 . I Girls' League: Orchestrafdl -,P WILLIAM HULL MACY . Bill WL A Boysf League. A, .gf 1 41 '.,,.! vw . aqndl Qamon torn Coach Clllowanzi' Acadian UDQAAELA 3519, , ' if o, Hour I Row Five A Vfldbly ATH s IACOB E. MILLER I ' b" J if pf V a e bij BOYS LT,gue' Boys' League: Double Quartet: IOHN E. MATTINGLY French Club: Glee Club. Jack Boys' League: Glee Club: Stu-- x dent Congress. IUNE VIRGINIA MILLER N COLEEN CHARLOTTE MAXsoN Chewy f Dimple G' '. eague: llegewi: Track. Q Girls' League: Track. QPHYLLIS ELIZABETH MELLINGER W MI R Phil X Q irls' League: Choral Club. OYS' que' and ' EWIS MRTZ 5 Louie A I Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y, 31 ie Treasurer: Track: Fire Marshal. irls' e: Choral Club: Dec- BETTY LEE MILLER Girls' League: A. D. K.: Choral Club: Dance Club: Musettes: Track: Tumbling Club. , IOHN M. MILLER Real Boys' League: Double Quartet: f Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Octet: Soccer: Track: Fire Marshal. lamation: rench Club, Board of Directors: Hi-Y, Secretary. MARY PAULINE MINNICKS Polly Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror: Mixed Chorus. ...21... Row Six RUTH MITCHELL Buzz Girls' League. RUTH MOLINARI Billie Girls' League: A. D. K.: Basket- ball: Dance Club: Fieldball: Swim- ming Club: Track: Tumbling Club. GRANT MORRIS S nap Boys' League. HELEN MAE MOSSER Girls' League: Mixed Chorus: Track. BEVERLY MOWERY Babs Girls' League. Bob Boys' League: Track. 1' EUGENE MUNRO Gene Boys' League: Basketball: Hi-Y: Soccer: Vice President of Iunior Class. A xx ROBERT WESLEY MUMAMS I o it Row One AGNES CECILIA MURPHY Speed Girls' League: Choral Club: Mixed Chorus. WANDA ELIZABETH MCCLUNG Amla Girls' League: Speech Club. FRANKLIN MCELWEE illac Boys' League: Soccer. ARTHUR NAVE Charley Boys' League. MARY LEE NICKLE Nickie 5 Girls' IE ague VIA Alpent in Row Four Fire l: Frenc Club: Foot- ball: Ba 111: Basketball: Student Congress: oys' League. CHARLES WILLIAM ROHRER wi' WY Bill A. K. O., Secretary: Allegewi, ditor-in-Chief: Boys' League: cheerleader: Declamation: Debate: French Club: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. RUTH RUHL Ruthie irls' League. YLLIS LOUISE RUNION Phyl Girls' League: Basketball: Hi-Y: ack' ieldball: Secretary of Fresh- s: Treasurer of Sophomore a AY SCHELL, IR. eedy ' League. QJIAR A SHIPE I Flash Girls' League. DAVID SCOLLICK, IR. Dave Boys' League: Baseball: Soccer: Track: Fire Marshal. Row Two DOROTHY LEE OFTEN Dottie Girls' League. DORIS OGLEBAY Ogle Girls' League. HARRIET IANETTA O'NEAL Jan Dance Club: Girls' League: Girls' Swimming Club: Tumbling Club. WILLIAM HUNTER OSWALD, IR. Bill Boys' League: Cheerleader: Foot- ball: Glee Club: I-Ii-Y, Vice Presi- dent, Chaplain: Student Congress, Vice President: Boys' Swimming Club: Track: President of Senior Class: Fire Marshal. BETTY AGNES PHILLIPPI Flip Girls' League, Vice President, President: Hi-Y: Choral Club: Dec- lamation: Fieldball: A. D. K.: Alcohi Mirror, Girls' Sports Editor: Alle- gewi, Girls' Sports Editor: Basket- ball: Track. ELIZABETH PIERCE 1J'00t.s' A. D. K., Secretary: Girls' League: Hi-Y. BETTIE IEANNE PORTER Bet Girls' League. Row Three CAROLINE A. RADCLIFFE Connie A, D. K.: A. K. O.: Girls' League. IVIARIORIE RAY illarge Alcohi Mirror: Choral Club: Girls' League. ALICE LOUISE READ Ti-to A. D. K.: A. K. O.: Allegewi, Class Editor: Basketball: Choral Club, Historian: French Club, Vice President, Board of Directors: Girls' League: Hi-Y: Track: Secretary of Senior Class. IRENE REALL Renie Girls' League. ROBERT A. REINHARD Bob Boys' League: Hi-Y: Boys' Swim- ming Club: Fire Marshal. LAWRENCE REPHANN Rep Boys' League. ROYCE RICE Coclcy Boys' League: Football: Soccer, Manager: Track: Fire Marshal. ond' log colfaus in gllalnaea.. o Five WIN I SCOTT cott. D. K.: Allegewi, Assistant Busi s Manager: Boys' League: French Club: i-Y. A E ARD Lf, . zzz Archery: ' League: ack: Fire Marshal. ANNA MARIE SHAFFER Rhea Girls' League: Basketball. IOHN LAWRENCE SHANER Larry Alcohi Mirror: Basketball: Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y: Track: Vice President ot Senior Class. LESTER SHERMAN Boys' League. IOHN SHROYER Johnnie Boys' League: Baseball. EDWARD SHUCK Hitler Alcohi Mirror: Boys' League: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. ...22... Row Six WILLIAM SIMPSON Bill Boys' League. ELIZABETH SINDY Sid Allegewi, Artist: Basketball: Dance Club: Girls' League: Track: Fieldball. DOROTHY ELIZABETH SMITH Dottie Girls' League. ROBERT SMITH Smitty Band: Boys' League: Orchestra: Track. WILLIAM E. SMITH Smitty Boys' League: Baseball: Football: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. get ',, XA Q- . 0 :N f 22 , ' 'kxxtl ' 'Xxx Q , ,f,z xx-hx XY N W ' " wa WX K -Y-X x G Sox 5 'WX' 5 of f 16 1 ave Lgou 'tonqotten Ao 1..soon...J'lcwe lgou 'toncgotten Ao boon G' 9 9 QW M Xa TH E CLASS 09 ALLWEGANY man soma CLASS NIGHT -' FROG RRIW " ...23... o 636' oo' I l 39? - SwgU 1-N of MNQL 5 Ye g A A X A 'W ' " W7 y ,Qt ffywf Q 7652 I if 'Sxeul 'dm measxes Fake warg we tlwecfl owl ofmoqfnama Ao an in acfluance. . . 'fha V' ,Xp x V Xnsxhc X N 1, WXp,.,xcA't,,L, SE R NX ON GRnmmr1Na Cmss V of 'ALLLGANY-Wien-Scuoonu 1 Furry Hgsfi'-1 A " GRA DUef?N6ExERC'fff v Z 234001, 1 lx ku 5, Qlomx o YVXC',a.-sz' ...24... X -Ywxebx Ai .Q-Q Row One IOHN SNYDER Johnny Boys' League: Football: Fire Marshal. LOMA SOWERS Girls' League. CHARLES WILLIAM SPANGLER B ill Fire Marshal: Boys' League: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Hi- Y: President of Sophomore Class. BETTY MARIE SPARKS Sparkie Girls' League: A. D. K.: A. K. O.: Alcohi Mirror: Choral Club. EARL STAIR Boys' League. Row Two RUTH STALLINGS Ruthie Girls' Lea ue '-J - QQ!! ROBERT STEIN 4 Bucky rg! e i . g X Boys' League: or: Football: Glee Club, Hi- Nice President: Swimming Club:f ire Marshal. PAUL STEINLA Ernie Boys' League: Basketball: Track. CARL STITCHER Butch Boys' League: Soccer. PAUL STITCHER Stitch Boys' League: Soccer: Track: Secretary of Iunior Class. GLENN STROUP Blinkie Boys' League. RUTH MARIE STURTZ Rufus Girls' League. Row Three IAMES E. SULLIVAN Irish Boys' League: Basketball: Foot- ball: Hi-Y: Track: President of Freshman Class: President ot Iunior Class: Fire Marshal. IUNE SUMMERFIELD Girls' League. MAUDE FRANCES SUTHERLAND .llitzi Girls' League: Hi-Y: A. D. K.: Swimming Club. NADIN E TAYLOR Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror: Choral Club. IEAN TAYLOR Girls' League: Track: A. D. K. WILLIAM TAYLOR Bill Boys' League: Swimming Club: Track. ELEANOR THAYER Girls' League: Hi-Y: A. D. K.: Alcohi Mirror, Editor-in-Chief. gang at Qincllc ,Slnn a tan EUETLLQ cllanca.. aw Row Four MARGARET THOM Tommy Girls' League: Cheerleader: Track: Alcohi Mirror. ANNA VIRGINIA THOMPSON Jenny Girls' League: A. D. K.: Choral Club: Alcohi Mirror. ARTHUR ERNEST THOMPSON Tick Boys' League: Soccer. EDITH MAE THOMPSON Eddie Girls' League. ROBERT TILEY B ol: Boys' League. . 'V' fi bl Row!!-,lwa,,fV phi. w1L'1li'XM'i TORKINGTON - live' T oik 'Ny , R A. D' ic.-ri.. K. ofrrreheq , vice Presidetlit, Milriager: Basketball: Boys' League: Swimming Club: Track. GLENDON TRESSLER Gonlc Boys' League. BETTIE IANE TRIPLETT Trip Girls' League: Choral Club: Hi-Y. MAXWELL TROSTLE Dlax Boys' League: A.D. K.: Allegewi, Business Manager: French Club, President: Hi-Y, President. RUTH ELEANOR TURNLEY Rufus Girls' League: Alcohi Mirror: Dance Club: Hi-Y: Tumbling Club. KENNETH VALENTINE Bill Boys' League. IMOGENE VANMETER Girls' League. ...25... Row Six SAMUEL WAINGOLD Sam Boys' League. ANNIE ALICE WEATHERHOLT Ami Girls' League: Double Quartet: Choral Club: Mixed Chorus: Octet: Allegewi: Alcohi Mirror: Hi-Y. IO ANN WEBER Jo Girls' League: Choral Club: Swimming Club. DAVID WEISS Diddy Boys' League: A. K. O., Co- President, Vice President: Alcohi Mirror: French Club: Student Con- gress: Debate: Declamation: Tennis: Speech Club. SAMUEL IACK WELLER Samba Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y. um Y Vp And sive ww f we W xl ng rfxnfli ,.'-, X.. 7 W ,,,x. er 'R .pk 'pwfff' ,V LDEICQ tax oun teachanli i we got the chance.. MARIAN ELL R P 7L . Gi ' Leagu C ral Club: Alc hr 'ror: ' ed Chorus: Mu- ll. One s ttes, o IR A E W HEIMEH G ls' League: A. D. K.: Alcohi Mirror. MARY IANE WILGAR Jane Girls' League. IOSEPH WILKINSON Joe Boys' League: Football: Hi-Y: Student Congress: Track: Treasurer of Freshman Class. ALICE B. WILLIAMS Girls' League: Dance Club: A. D. K.: Track: Tumbling Club. Row Two MAUD LEE WILSON lilaudie Girls' League: A. D. K.: Choral Club: Cheerleader: Dance Club: French Club: Hi-Y: Musettes: Tum- bling Club. WALLACE WILSON I'Vally Boys' League. PHYLLIS ELIZABETH WINDEMUTH Phil Girls' League. EDITHMAE WINNER Susie Girls' League. HOMER WISE Buddy Boys' League: Glee Club: Hi-Y: Alcohi Mirror: Mixed Chorus: Soc- cer: Track. WARREN WOLFE Buck Boys' League: Alcohi Mirror, Managing Editor: Fire Marshal. VIRGINIA LEE WOLF ORD Gina Girls' League: Track: Swimming Club. ...26... Row Three DALE WRIGHT Ill ilce Boys' League: Swimming Club: Fire Marshal. ARIETTA VIRGINIA WYAND Blondie Girls' League: Hi-Y: A. D. K. ELIZABETH LOUISE YEAGER Betty Girls' League: Track: Allegewi. MILDRED ZARGER Millie Girls' League. SUZANNE C. ZIHLMAN Suzy Foo Girls' League: Hi-Y: A. D. K.: A. K. O., Co-President: Cheerleader. QUE LJULL 1 2 I tugged at my Mama's skirts. I said I had the measles, I vowed that I wouldn't stay. Then a piercing pain in my side. I scowled at the teacher in charge. When these schemes failed to work I cried at school that first day. I just sat down and cried. 3 4 When I left that school I'd hated To go to the junior high, It's funny-now I was leaving- Again, I Wanted to cry. 'tongottcn Ao boon 6 There Were teachers I learned to And teachers I loved to tease, Teachers I tried to exasperate, And teachers I tried to please. It Wasn't long 'till I found I was grudgingly fond of the place. The kids all liked me because I could make the funniest face. 5 Six more years of learning, Six glorious years of fun- There were games and plays dances, CAnd home-Work to be donel. ...goun Acnaplnooh worft Qet gon 'tonget love, 8 Suddenly the dream was ended, And I vvakened with a start. 7 Of course it was Work at times- Those last ten minutes to cram, Burning the mid-night oil Before the final exam. Commencement day was upon me- lVIy friends and I must part. 9 10 CThe friendships I had formed here High school days were over, I'd treasure in memory's store. Desperately I longed to stay, With a tear in my heart I'd remember- With a rising lump in my throat, Wishing there had been morel. I cried at school that last day. and -A '39 Senior I X xy- GV film Adams Vries Kelley Schultz, M. Albright Diehl Kight Schultz, L. Alexander Doman Korn Scott Amick Eady Krnaya Sears Andrews Feltz Lanier Secrist Aronson Ferguson Law Sherman Atkinson Fleegle Lewis Simmons Bagley Farinash Lippold Skelly Beier Freno Logsdon Smith, B. I. Bell Gable Long Smith, B. Bistline Gerson McCoy Smith, M. Blair Goldberg McDonald Snyder Brant Golden McIntyre Stanley Browne Goldsworthy Meyers Sterne Buckle Grant Moon Straw Bucy Grenawalt Mountain Stump Burkett Grove N icklin Teubner Byer Gunter Nies Thrush Campbell Gurson Nixon Turnley Clerihue Hadley Oliver Twigg Collins, D. Henry Ort Tyler Collins, I. Hershberger, B. Ours Williams Combs Hershberger, M. Paetow Wilson K Cooper, I. Himmler Parron Wolfe, B. Copeland, D, Hopwood Powell Wolfe, G. IUNIQR CLASS OFFICERS Copbtjand, V. Imler Price Wolfe, G. F Q - Cr tree Iohnson Roberts Watring Left to right are Mr. lack Platt, adviser: jones Robertson, D, Wright Thomas Mont, president: Galen Metzger, I C u O! Karr ROIUGFTSOII- H- Yeflqef treasurer: Arthur-Lancaster, secretarygxindilf, 4 Oiitgitton 522215 fgglilgir ggsbower Iames Gaffney, vice presldent. ' xx Danner Keller Schoenadel Zimmerman cllinhunntecll gut' ..bgpirIghLng...cQaAA at gag habblle-clla-half, t at "ll . W 5 Aldays Ed gon h Kompanek Sharrett - Baker on "-J Lancaster Sharrock Barkins E Lewis, Earl Slaven Barncord F irall Lewis, E. Sloan Bartlett X E Fgato , 5 Litzenburg Smith Beckman Gaitney Loar Spear Beightol George Long Taylor Bell Graim Macfarlane Theis Bernstein rove, I. McLucos Thomas Boden Grove, W. Means Tritt Bowers Gulbronson Metzger Vandegrift Brant , Hamilton Mont Watherwax Brown Hartsock Morgan Webster Burkett X Heltzel Mosser White Carlton Hersh Myers, L. Williams Cochran ' - Hershberger Myers, B. Wills Cromwell Hickle Potts Wilson Del Signore Hobrock Price Winebrenner DeSoto Ice Richards Wood Dilfer Kendall Rosenmerkel Youngblood Dodge Kirkpatrick, I. Schwab Zembower Duncanson Kirkpatrick, Iohn See Zimmerla Durst Knowlton Sell Zimmerman ...28... ' 1 Q sv x , 51 Q, x, :V ' ' W X 6 ff J N Qgyli .N .Yi s 'J X f XJ Q L f x N' F K " 3 Q v, : m ,gf D' u K 1 4 k S '-X A 3: ., xx V ,J VJ Q W. . , X I X ' Yx ' ' ' U T W XNA V An . tw?-gf:f,N KVIFM H: L ?, Ly, fx? wg Bj ,ix . J .5449 X Q K1 -, - QQ-:5JQete with atl1QeteA...cQaAA 0 mama "'f5lnAtA"...tQlMJanta Q v - ' I J, v 4 k J FL Q 9 W , 0, -W 9 'Liv ' ., h . Q Z- l 5 U!-4? .1 New y N X' ' ' V, A My 'L .Qyw ,Q,1-QDv f:f1,g,:ff.,z-- XX' f L M LW' 1--. 1 XM 1LVwiN2DfSX3, if 0 Q. X5 V1 Q 0, J N1 X ' , xi I X JJ9 WNY X - ., 'X 2 K Q Q W9 wg x Y? X xi x E s X s S migfij xx .2 1, 1: 1 if - W 1 l Qs W .So P1 ,P 7. w 1 f ff V, ,. ,, I' .' , 1 ' ,M . ,f fn! 1 ff, 1 ' , f J X W r uf nf JM! X ff! 1 WU J Q' x , vf .N ,- ,Lv gan nl.: of . . . no nqh Q dfc, Zag Ea 7- A' Cl C1Y1t I5 " 'ff r'q 17 4 55 f n,E f' Z' -r-A-I Q ky If N 'N A ,V-Q , N' KQQ X x I wp fx . f 3 f 51N . 5j2E?A22f2f ?g 72L5!i2L2'1gi2i'g"! 01 i22i3 if 5, f, , 12Qf:l1:j25' ,.,z 11, ,0if5 1 2, 1 ,f if 1 5 s x I J 'ax W. , W MQ 1, 'i3sou. F , x Abbott Edenhart Knepper Schipe Anthony Emerick Kolb See Ash, D. Everstine Lauterbach Shapiro Ash, H. Eyre Lee Sharrock Ash, M. Fleegle Liller, B. Sherman Barton Fossett Liller, L. Simmons Basilio Frost Lowery, I. Skelly Beal Giatras Lowery, C. Smith Beckman Goodrich Markwood Snyder, B. Bennett Gormer Mathews Snyder, H. Blume Gross McFarland, A. Spencer Bobo Harden McFarland, S. Stallings Bogler Harper McKenzie Strong Bowersox Helman Millar Sullivan Bowser Hershberger Miller Taylor Boyer Hilleary Murray Teter Brant Hillegass Naugle Thompson, F . Brechbiel Himmler Nelson Thompson, M. Broadwater Hosier Nevy Twigg Brown, D. Houck Noel Wagner, D. Brown, E. Hull Norris Wagner, I.. Burke Imler O3Neal Webb Compton Iohnson Payne Weller Corle lones, E. Peacock West Cox Iones, M. Perdew Whipp Coyle ludy Portmess White 3 Damm Kennell Powers Williams l Davey Kibler Rainalter Williamson Dawson Killander Read Wills SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Dick Kllfolf R?n0t0S Wif1tefmY9f Seated: Iames Wilson, secretary: and gilifjsf Eglnggon Quartz? lmfgfht Thomas Rudd, president. Standing: Vernon Dreyer Klmgler Rotruck Zimmerman Miller, vice president: and William Chand- Drumm Klosterman Schell lee, treasurer. meAOJonLtLl7Qa...wanmLng up.Naauntantng...anticipating dev'-gthlng db Os , Amadeo Eyler Koontz Sears Mo Anderson Felton Kompanek Seiler Anthony Files Landis Seri Armstrong Fisher Lashley Sherman - Bagley Forster Lewis Shroyer Basilio Franchi Llewellyn Shuck f . 1 fx , W Blueridge Freno Lucas Simpsonndg -' 4, ll AVOA' if-Q' ' fj'.A '- 'V It V Binnix George Mactarlane Snyder ' ' f Bittinger Grimes Martin Sowerlsff 'J I l yl4VV""" . Blauch Happe Martz Stimle -- 1, 1 E m Boggs Hardman Mathews Stiner dick' Bowman Hartung McCarty Studenic If A 'MQ Brady Hershberger McKechnie Sutherlan ,W 4 Brotemarkle Higgs Mellotte Taylor ' ' 1 b Burger Hill Miner Thom W 1'-"""'5"""' Carder Hillock Moody Tiley ' Carlson, D. Himmelright Morrissey Todd '5 . NK., .f, Carlson, T. Hinkle Murphy Traynor - Carter Hixenbaugh Nose Turner Castle Hoblitzell Oglebay Twigg Chandlee Hollis Ogilvie Wallace Childress Horn, H. Orndortf Watkins Clark Horn, R. Parker Wheeler Clayton Hounshell Platt Wilson . Combs Huff Porter Windemuth Conner Hutter Powell Winebrenner Cresap lames Price Winters, I. Crowe laurnot Rice Winters, W. Dantzic lenkins Robertson Wright Daum Kalbaugh Bobinette Yeager Dawson Kallmyer Rudd Yoder, N. Demarest Karns Ruhl Yoder, W. Dermer Kisamore Schell ...31... Y Abbott Dennison Athey, M. Deremer Athey, V. Dick Atwater Dicken Avery Diehl Barnard Dietz Bender Edmiston Bowers Edmunds Brill Emmart Brode Felton Buchanan Files Buckle Glover Burkett Goetz, H. Canfield Goetz, P. Carter Golden Clites Gormer Clower Grabenstein Collins Green Combs, A. Guynn Combs, W. Hacker Cook Hadra Crites Hahn Dayton Hess, F. Dean Hess, I. Dell Himmler cl.flYlb0'JUl.QE.CQ 'tflib lllsib Alsip Brode Anderson Brown Ashworth Burkett Athey Burns Atwater Carnes Babst Chedester Beals Chenowith Beckman Clinedinst Bell Cooper, C. Boch Cooper, H. Booth Cornelius Bowman Crabtree, M. Bowser Crabtree, W. Boyer Cresap Boyden Dashiell Brant Daugherty ,f ALOOQLUY Q f LU 2 , ' sf . -iff, Qi 1. ff f, 1' 4 6f Q. iff +7 f X W5 'EZ' f -, kia:-43.3 Hite Mawhinney Reichert Sullivan. P. Hobrock MacCoy Renochlein Hockman McCray Roby Thomas Hott McCullough Rose Thompson Horn, H. McDaniels Rosenbaum Tressler Horn, I. Mclntyre Ruppert Troutman Hutt McKenzie Scaletta Turner Hull McLean Schell Twigg, G. lohnston Messmer Schoenadel Twigg, R. lohnson Miller Schwab Walters lones Moody Shrout Wetzel Kelley Mothersole Simmons Whitman, E. Kenney Muma Sizer Whitman, I. Kington Myers Skidmore Whitman, R. Klinger Naughton Smith, C. Winebrenner Konzal O'Braden Smith, I. Winner Lancaster Osbourne Smith, M. Wolfe Lapp Ott Smith, O, Wright, F. Lashorn Pealer Smith, W. Wright, K. Leasure Piquette Snyder Wright, O. Lechliter Potter Somerville Yost Loeber Powers Sparks Youngblood Loyer Price Strett Martin Rechley Stroup Mathews Reed Sullivan, F. CJ7'LOlDl.YlCbl l,l6J...CjlC2Cd,QlYlCi Ctfldl l,UUl"lCQETLl.YlCj . . Dauson Hite Moody Runion Dawson Holmes Moore Ruppert Diehl Holt Morehead Seymour Diller Humbertson Mosser, M. Simmons Drew Iudy Mosser, R. Slaven Everett Kellar Myers, A. Smith, B. Faulkner Kelley Myers, B. Smith, K. Ferguson Kenney Nee Smith, M. Firle Klavuhn Nickle Snow Forster Knoche Nine Snyder Fossett Kolb O' Baker Stahlman Fradiska Leonard Ogilvie Stanley Frankfort Leydig Page Stein Frantz Light Peskin Stuby Froelich Love Phillips Taylor Gardner Low Pitzer Troxell Getson MacMannis Poland Viquesney Goetz Marple, H. Poole Waingold Goff Marple, M. Powell 'Webster Golden Martin Ratter Wells Green Matthews Reighard White Grimes Mathews Reinhard Wilkinson Grimm Mclntosh Reinke Williams Habig McMillan Rinker Wilson Hansil Mickles Robinette Wineland Heimlich Miller, E. Robertson, F. Wolfe Helm Miller, Emily Robertson, I. Wyand Herboldsheimer Mills Robertson, M. Young Hill Milwcry Robinson Zembower, H Himmler Mitchel Rubright Zembower, L. ...32... U M-Y,, - 1 ' 4.1 . 4 , , ,, J ., ,- J ., xi iii' QXWQ 'gg Yi- is' J,Qr-' . , K unAo5JHiQflcatacQ...QoacQeg,Q dlqwn with lvoolfzLx...nalua...l7eQle0ln , HH ' A' ,,,w ' wifi ff' iw ,ff ff ff' H X -ff' ' U, -5 L, V ff m C2 ...33... ,f , A' K P X I I A' rf' YU W A xx K 1' in iw 1 " L! x -T' -.Juv A P A X H+ .X 5 ! f F ,- ,f Ny M I . A L - rf ' 'A-A .fl . . ,,xA , M V . 1 v glE QW JF E : . 1 if ' 1' 11 1 A 5 gf ' N 3,1 -, if il V, W ,N W as "ff Jr, -. ,E A , ,L K -. IF H tw. . pg fx N .-'X L r rf' I F ' N N I A fl 1 ,4'9,Q,, -,.. :LQ I ,JJ EH! f Qgwjffyg kj, Q' J WM . . 0 ' N -N: U XIV ' . . E Qyw ffm-CL1EU7LHCd, gflqcgflena - W0 ,fl C - J . . W' ' f'V'f N9 V0 K. A jx 'Fixx ,f-f Xi" KES. 0 'J ""N ,,,,,U ILA W Nix , X , w ' , ' 5 , JL 1 f ' f iiif ., S2- .E. " C vu-f Y.-5-N N' Ur f ' , NIV J , v XG J ,W 5 , , , cg V , I , f , Kg ' ' " 11 44:1---ff f A 'x XJ ff jo 004-If d""c""" C ov rEs Amick Everett Iones, L. Moore, I. 'b " fn Ammons Eyler Karn Myers M ' , Qs ,Gf 1 , ' Annan Ford Kreger Ogilvie if I X 4 .-gr 9 Baughman Frantz Kreiling Parrish I Q 3 ? giillrgitgn Zgrlick Landis lliletirson 455315 mer ane 1 1 s QT 'B -3., Bestwick Gormer Leedy Piperp ' , f V, -' Breese, W. Hamilton, P. Lewis Richards 1 S Brubaker Hartman Bucy Hartsock, M. Love Burkett Hartsock, D. - Robinette, C. Carithers Harvey Marks Robinette, R. Carpenter Hast Martin Shinholt Walker Chapman Helker McCarty, R. dingy Shober Wallace Conrad Hendrickson McCarty, V. Ruehl Smith, L. Waltman Cook Henry McCrea Sagle Smith, M. Watherwax Cory Herath Mclntosh b Stein Weaver Crabtree Hillebrecht Messman Schrarnm Stouffer Webb Crowe Hirsh Middleton Screen Sutton Williams, lane Dailey Ice Millenson Swanson Davis, D. Ienkins, D. Miller, B. See, L. Taylor, M. Williams, R Davis, I. Ienkins, B. Miller, M. E. See, O. Taylor, N. Wilson Diedrich Iohnson, B. Moore, Doris Shanholtz Thayer Wise Erling Iohnson, E. Moore, D. Shanholtzer - Zirnerld Evans Iones, G. Moore, lean Shapiro Viguesney naatllam, na nel.xl'Ling...tumuQtuou1.N...Qoalelng al1eac.Q...mgenLouA Adams Cooper Goldsworthy Kellough Parker Snyder, M. Allan Cowden Gorman Kolb Poorbaugh Sowers Andrews Coyle Gormer Laing Potts Speelman Annan Cunningham Grahame Lakin Powell Stallings Apesey Daum Griffith Largent Printy Stein Bagent DeHart Grash Ratter Stump Bagley Demarest Hacker Lewis Rahrig Sturtz Baker, I. DeVore Hadley Linaburg Raupach Sullivan Baker, B. Dickerhoot, H. Hager Lindsay Reed SWC1IlZWelClGf Bane Dickerhoot, L. Hamilton Long Reynolds Sykes Bartlett Doman Hammersmith, C. Loper Robinette, I. SyCkeS Basilio Doolittle Hammersmith, E. Robinette, L. Teier . Beal Douglas Happe Maravelis Robinette, V. Thayer Boch Dowlan Harrison Martin Robinson Tl'1eiS Boden Driver Henry Mathews Rotruck, A. ThO1'1'1PSO1'l Boggs Eaton, P. Herboldsheimer McFarland Rotruck, H. TYOXGU Brackey, H. Eaton, B. Hill Metty Ruehl Twiqq Brackey, P. Edmunds Hoffman Miller Scott Vmldeqfift Brooks Everline Howsare Morgan Shaner Watkins Browne Fast Hughes Mull Sloan Wilk Byran Fossett Iackson Naill Smith, G. Wilkinson , , , Williams Buchanan I-'reno lenkrns Niland Smith, I. Wilson Burkett 1 Karns Norwood Smith, W. Windemuth Clayton Karr Oswald Snyder, D. Wolford . . . o VW- M4 1-'F '-N 9015+ 4:9 Aldridge Dicks Andrews Dodge Arthur Doolittle Bane Dreyer Bartlett DuVall Beckman Euston Beier Edenhart Bowman Exley Brown, G. Ewing Brown, M. I-'errone Brown, M. A. Files Bucy Fisher Carithers Fletcher Clayton Flora Clise Gentry Collins Glass Combs Grabenstein Conner Grahame Cornwell Grayson Cowden Grove Crable Hadley Crites Hater Daum Hamilton Deneen Hammond warmth gnaclle Africa Cunningham Albrutis Dailey Aldridge Darrow Allen Davis Anderson Dawson Baken Dean Baumer Diken Beegle Driver Bone DuVall Bowman Edmiston Bragg Eisenberger Boyer Emerson Bucy Engle Burton Evans Caldwell Fetters Carros Fradiska Carter Franciosi Clark Fuller Combs Giatras, I. Crabtree Giatras, L. WWW, ff! T y ff 4 f Z 1 N XM Sf' ww It-t. iv I f a t t sl w ill 5, 4 At Q.. 'll'. 4410. ' , 1.3. p iggy ., 4, ,' 'W' 2' - vL lit- 1 L' 'AW sv I T .,' of , . i. Haney Lancaster Oakman Shroyer Hansel Lasky Oglebay, D. Shryock Harden Leatherman Oglebay, M. Simpson Hardman Leidinger Oglebay, V. Smith, G. Haselberger Lewis Oswald Smith, M. Helker Lilya Ott Sowers Herboldsheimer Logue Ours , Spooler Hershberger Loyer Parish Stonebraker Hess, I. Lucas Pennington Stotler Hess, I. Marks Pitcher Swauger Hilleary Maravelis Poorbaugh Thorn Hillock Mawhinney Powers Torbet House May Quantz Valentine Hoy McDuffie Reid Vogel Humbertson McKee Reynard Walbert Hutcheson Mellotte Riehl Ward Isaacs Messman Roberts Williams, F. lzzat Miller Saville Williams, M. Iankey Mont Schramm Williams, S. Iohnson Moon Schry Wills Iones, C. Mortzfeldt Shaffer Wilson V N ls n Shaner Wlnebrenner Jones' ' e 0 Yarnall Kifer Nickel Shober, B. young, B. Korn Nies Shober, D. Young, M. ua-zxedl with Qoclfaan tnaulvllali . . . l5a'f3tQacf Gibbs Lewis O,Neal Stewart Giles Lippold Painter, E. Stitcher Goff Long, L. Painter, H. Stottlemyer Green Long, R. Poole Streett Gross Lowery Portmess Swauger Grove, H. Lucas Price, D. Taylor Grove, L. Macfarlane Price, I. Thompson, V. Grubb Mackert Pritt Thompson, W. Hart Manning Pueschel Toothman Himmelwright Marple Rank Trenton Himmler Martin Rice Troxell Hines May Richards Tyler Hinze McCormick Robinette Valentine, C. Hoban McDowell Rotruck Valentine, D. Hoffman Mclntyre Schaeffer Wadsworth Hull Middleton Shaffer Walker Hunter Miller, I. Shober Wallizer Ice Miller, R. Simmons Walters Ienkins Milway Smelser Weiss Iewell Morehead Smith, Charles Welsh, Iames Iohnson Morgan, T. Smith, C. Welsh, I. Iones Morgan, V. Smith, M. White Kane Morrissey Smith, R. Whitehead Kellough Mosser Smith, T. Wiley Klosterman Mothersole Spangler Wilson Koelker Murphy Stalnaker Wineland Krampf Naughton Stein Wolfe Lambert Neff Steinla Wyand Lease Nickelson Sterne Yeager ...36... cjnszanlaa Aqsulnminq cfluatanh ot itching czunlolaltgf ...37... ilu aflpzpnaciatian In the compiling and editing the 1939 "AllegeWi," the staff has found that Without the aid of many others, the publication of this book would have been impossible. We, therefore, take this oppor- tunity to thank specifically the following persons: Miss Mary Sowerby and Mrs. Sarabelle Blackwell Steele for their invaluable and tireless effort: Mr. William Leyhe and Mr. Leo Delaney for their spon- sorship of the business activities: Eleanor Thayer who has given so freely of her time and talent: William Holt for his excellent Work in the adver- tising campaign: Mr. Ralph Webster and the facul- ty for their splendid cooperation in all branches of the work. We wish also to thank the Robert Bawsthorne En- graving Company Which has been so obliging in service and so careful in Work, and in particular Mr. C. F. Sprankle for his personal supervision in mounting of pictures, Mr. L. N. Wilson of the Berlin Press who has made frequent trips to Allegany for consultation concerning printing details: Mr. Goldfine of the Goldfine Studios for his excellent cooperation and advice in photographic Work: Mr. Louis Curl, who spent many evenings taking action pictures, and the advertisers for their patronage ln general, We are indebted to the following stu- dents: Maude Lee Wilsonp Leonard Schwab: and Betty Miller. For any omissions, if there be any, the staff asks pardon. The editor wishes also to take this opportunity to thank the staff for its continued cooperative effort. ...38... 4 f ff f f? z V 4729? QW - f , '-N' X ff' lqwohl ,"N1f -I , N 47 I I Z Q ' X X , f Z , 1, 7 4 f 'N ff 'P fogmffx ! f mnqmhfiqf 28 295555 .V 'bxjl fgf 1' -X ' 403- f 6:1 Glen 9?-J 40 A fj V XV! Ch, so N 'lr f I Y 4 X ff X ,f X 5' X Z f ff? Q10 I 7 f g Z 7 if-: Z -.5 , 22 12124 I o o o - , if Www, if ? Z ff ,ff CtLl?LtLEb X, J,,,,o Of 3 M f WMA? f ,4,dl0 'l " XV, V WL L f 22,1 U31ulQt lvontina to BOOM tho Q-'lolA7'LkQ QDQL3 qamQ...1.soQcQ 'tootliaw 1 Z' . High ic,QQuQA, High manlgw nQc6uiAitQA...c9ancQ in Unatnloticthama ...4o... 5 El 1pnognamA....St. U3at'A 'Dag dance ...con mance at qont Hill BOYS' Hl-Y Standing from left to right are: Mr. Noland, adviser: William Harrison: Roland Hamilton: Ioseph Gulbronson: Kay Kline: lack Weller: Thomas Mont: lohn Harbaugh: lack Alday: Wil- liam Burger: Galen Metzger: William Keller. Seated from left to right are: Eugene Munro: William Hoff: Ioseph Wilkinson: lames Sullivan: Lewis Metz, treasurer: Robert Stein, vice presi- dent: Maxwell Trostle, president: Paul Kemp, secretary: Law- rence Shaner: lames Scott: Iames Brown. Seated in front of the table from left to right are: Edward Athey: Oliver Wine- brenner: William Oswald: George Barnard: Charles Kreitzburg: f , William Spangler: Donald lordano: and Robert Reinhard. ' M' ' I .I ,, F x X X H 'WZ X x , C , X - l' , ' if x X W V ' ff ,,,,, Ra ' ,ll 9. J ' f as 5' if , ,:,:, W Xi Zfj' , ff , Q 'v, r Wfvf I V!! I if' , - -ff . v X. lf ' " , 1 -' A Q 1 W - , ff 1 'J 3: X , gf f M1 M. ' ' . 4. V ' j I if fff G l' ff Vp f xj 174, , X, , , . 31' v' ,L ,jf I Lf , " Seated at the table reading the footballkprogram is Horner Wise. To his left is William Harrison and to his right is lack Alday. A W Enjoying a Coca-Cola after school are Anne Hausrnan and lean Milne to the left, leanne Fisher on the inside to the right, Mifj and Eleanor Thayer. SN- w , Q Q Qluvil 'Sw-Q 54. ...A nav-' 14 ' QAAJ.. 0-dl ' Ll,-1 , QP GIBLs?,h1-Y 56,6 JH' M Seated on the piano from left to right are leanne Fisher, Lois f M Byer, and Gloria Gable. Seated at the extreme left is Florence Nevy. Standing behind her is Maude Lee Wilson. Seated around the table, we see Iosephine Compton: Nancy Holland: Martha Keffer: Dorothy Thrush: Dorothy Williams: Phyllis Run- ion: Bettie Clower: Suzanne Zihlman: Betty Phillippi: Peggie of Bischoff: Alice Louise Read: Agatha Roberts: lean Myers, Chaplain: lean Teubner: Elizabeth Pierce: Eleanor Thayer: Mary Iackson, vice president: Arietta Wyand: and lean Milne, secretary. Standing, from left to right are: Ieanne Bowersox: Mary Rainalter: Ruth Turnley: Marion Wintermyer: Anne Weatherholt: Peggy Mathews: Virginia Dreyer: Betty Barnes: Bettie lane Triplett: lean Tyler: Anna Bessie Everstine: Miss Margaret Witherup, co-adviser: Mary Macfarlane: Shirley Driscoll: lane Chandlee: Betty Greenya: and Miss Helen McFerran, adviser. Seated at the head of the table is Ann Hausman, president. 'D .Lo-Q ' . 1 ,, . M W M' cohen Lnffllidfid t ...hanc6uat ton mothana Q 0 Q. 4917 "WV fn-4921-4'p ' fri-4.Q.., -f fire Q WMD ?7Q1Lf'i'7 nnuall fczaguc tag cllancQ...c, thnm hobbtolx white Chni1.itma4,x...nompQdI with CD CZ A at tQa cllanca GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS From left to right are: lane Chandlee, vice president: Betty Io Barton, secretary: Mrs. Warfield, adviser: Peggie Bischoff, treasurer: and Betty Phillippi, president. Saralee Gross eats a candy bar while she and Marie Nixon examine a scrap book. lean Bowersox checks up on an as- signment, and Betty Brown struggles with a locker combina- tion. A. D. K. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated around the table from left to right are: Mr. Harold Wickard, adviser: lane Chandlee, vice president: William Bur- ger, treasurer: Meredith Kelley: Peggy Secrist: Betty Phillippi: Elizabeth Pierce, secretary: and Iohn Blackwell, president. Standing in back is Iames Scott. K ki will in W X, ff E wx C4 I I Q ' . fix? 4 , 57552, I Vx f 1, 'ff 12. zgw A We, , , ,, WJ, f ,LX z .fw yll X W I 48 V f ,if li , , r , yf A fx ff ,, UQ Q , .4 7 i , Z A. D. K. STAGE CREW Seated at the left we see Betty Io Barton. Kneeling in front of her are Carol Goldberg and William Torkington. Andrew Kompanek is using a paint sprayer, and holding the board for him is Richard Allen. Wielding the broom is Daniel Wood. In the back from left to right are Iohn Macfarlane, lack Konzal, Idabelle Zais, Iune Ort, Genevieve Wolfe, Leonard Schwab, Betty Barnes, Thomas Duncanson, and lean Taylor. Shirley Driscoll is painting the fireplace. To her right, we see Alice Louise Read, Bettie Clower, Suzanne Zihlman, Maud Lee Wil- son, Mr. Wickard, and Iohn Knowlton. Seated is Ianet Oliver "making up" Gloria Gable. ...42... 0 QFD f , N.. I9 f124f, NW 906 ,f ,fx f 'W Off E ? 5 E 7 , I Z Q 2 4 ,SQA Zpanflent Qc qnancalA...mee:t at homea... un in the quench V 1 1545 Q ,VOUSE E 1 QU AV W 'B Qfffj .fanmarmx cuftioutona . . . Atudliedl lvnoacflcaatlnczf . .. ofowncflels madlafl ...44... If I 1 1 marina-Ln--jo f f ff .W '1 W! Z' fl f ff 5 T Q-' f- 6 a?e' F?-'-F""' Q y Lil! '4 X ,f X xg,-a.,,,.,,5i 'X 1' , , . . 'Z f - V K hall, gamel.1,Aong1.1, pllalyll. ..'lU3.1z-Laucoupn 'tan ton alll LES FBANCOPHILES Seated around the table from right front to left are: Nancy Hol- land: Marjorie Smith: Marie Nixon: Maud Lee Wilson: Louise Conroy: Peggie Bischoff: lean Milne: Bruce Mcl-lardyi Agatha Roberts: Martha Keffer: William Myers: leanne Fisher: Mary Iackson: Dorothy Compton: Iosephine Compton, president: Mrs. Florence Warfield, adviser. Seated at the far left is Kath- leen Barnard, and standing behind her is William Bohrer. Standing in the back are Alice Louise Read, vice president: David Weiss: and lames Scott. Seated on the piano are Alice Keller, and Ann Hausman, secretary-treasurer. Standing by the piano is Mr. Ivan Neidermyer, adviser. Nancy Holland, James Scott, and Kathleen Barnard, members of Les F rancophiles, were snapped walking down the hall. i Martha Keffer, Peggy Secrist, and Ianet Oliver are "telling the world" about the Speech Club. I ll 15 ' WW, SPEECH CLUB Reading from right front to left and around the table are: Dor- othy Thrush: Martha Keffer, secretary: Dorothy Williams, presi- dent: Rita Korn: Virginia Read: Iune Ort: Georgianna Diehl: lack Konzal: Carol Goldberg: Mary Rainalter: Leonard Schwab: Catherine Zernbower: Daniel Wood: Ruth Whipp: Lorraine Brechbiel: Marion Wintermyer: Miss Margaret Durst, adviser. To the left of Miss Durst is Wanda McClung. Stand- ing in the back from left to right are: lean Bovversox: Miriam Douglas: Mary Louise Dawson: Melville Sharrock: and Flor- ence Nevy. Seated on the piano are Ianet Oliver and Evelyn Williams. Standing behind the piano is lean Myers. Not in the picture are Peggy Secrist, vice president: and Helena Aronson, treasurer. All, J' X N wontblg 5QQrLLAt...nead7 Acniptuna in almamblliell . ..dlali1atenA C777 ...45... Gm-in top in Aulmcniptlon cQnioe...publliAhecll '39 Jllwagcwl ALLEGEWI Seated at the table from left to right are: Ann Hausman, assist- ant editor: Iohn Harbaugh, photographer: Shirley Driscoll, as- sistant class editor: Betty Phillippi, sports editor: William Roh- rer, editor: Maxwell Trostle, business manager: Iune Miller, business staff: Ann Weatherholt, typist: Betty Yeager, typist. Standing from left to right are: Peggie Bischoff, photographer: Mrs. Steele, co-adviser: Elizabeth Sindy, artist: lane Chandlee, artist: Mary Iackson, assistant club editor: William Burger, artist: Alice Louise Read, class editor: Iosephine Compton, club editor: Iames Scott, business staff: William Keller, sports editor: Myles Snyder, artist: David Weiss, business staff: Miss Mary Sowerby, adviser. Not in the picture are Mr. William Leyhe, business adviser, and Mr. Leo Delaney, his assistant. X. x sr: W A Els? ' NW V ,' iff! E-,Vg 4 -,AVL ff W 1' V' Hat 4 'licks' f 4 Miss Sowerby explains the intricacies of the logarithmic scale to Ann Weatherholt, while Iosephine Compton and Mary Iack- son plow through some last minute work. la I ' N I u all Seated around the table from left to right are Miss Murray, MN inf - ' Eleanor Thayer, Harvey Conners, Arthur Lancaster, and Mary 9 W Turnley. Standing are Iuanita Boggs and Marion Weller. W WM llrwb if L f 't ALCOHI MIRROR wfmblfwt WW ,MTX ' If j ni! Q! f X f fr in , fd, 1 . Ml wr, W f uf by 0 , jf? Y - li' Sitting at the desk are Eleanor Thayer, edito -in-chief: and War- ren Wolfe, managing editor. Standing behind them are Mary Turnley, news editor: and Miss Ieannette Holzshu, adviser. Standing at the table are Betty Phillippi, girls' sports editor: and Lawrence Shaner, sports reporter. Sitting on the table is Betty Barnes, news reporter. Then on around the table are Arthur Lancaster, sports editor: William Holt, business manager: Martha Arnold, reporter: Margaret Thom, reporter: Edward Shuck, sports reporter: Miss Mary Murray, adviser: Ann Weatherholt, business staff assistant. Seated at the typewriter to the right is Ann Thompson, circulation manager: at the type- writer to the left is Marion Weller. Seated in front of Miss Murray is Leonard Schwab, advertising manager. Seated at the far end of the table is Edward Athey, reporter. The girl seated in the front is Mary Bistline, class editor, and with her back to us is Betty Sparks, reporter. "lieth go to pnaM"...1.itatt attandlb CP. CQ. convention ...46... IW novafl, ln'tonmaQ...tnantic nubh CLA CQ:-3ac9Qlm-1 naanedl... gg f M M Milf 'QW I I 1 4 " J " :iff 3 6 1 , l W Q4 1' Q ,Q f 1 al KW 6 SOX KD 97 Ji AtnaamQlnadZ...o.5JooeanecQ lvl-weelfzfhj ...tlnat at S. 09. CQ. 4.. QM , H d -4Al ' Qwsawe ff! E -21 'Q ' H"gB:'5 U my 01 Bgaagms JB. E Oggum m 3- EQ-E83 -2 'Eg ' 5-l"':qJ U25 our-gm , Cr-G UW"-P-'U UA lb Claw-15 05.-C1'r7z' 5 4ff'H.5ga.: ui mmmg . H fogonifm Nbgp., KC CSGEUIFQQ ?" E 2 '-OEM Q ...Q pq 'digiwzx an 'Uv cn CIHQUEL. 5-1 UCDF, 5-4 8 gf E -PMQSQ m cu-E ' 9' LEDJEBGJ w ma E'3'E56 0 QD I 4 O -5" O 2012 00509 "' Q5 DJ ,SUD Qrr. "' Q. fo-. E EE Bnvgase ,,., FSU :fb ..-1.-UH .. r1.-- :E 9 ESQ ow H and ,Q E E5 Ugsuwg 'g 9,2 wwggg rs :tm 45.-Ct o 'Q EMU? cvgO.c:gf1 m,.un. rn,..Omm'frI . Q ff' 171' ' "1 , f' 7' ffW7f2?QQQ f' ' f Z Q fi .f fm f A .41 1 . A k L- . XXX X Sgmfla " X, W ' S X' ,,,,."'WuIH lip! 1 i R .L ...Ay E XW ' 1 gg., f 4 'M ,W I . v . X 1 W1 y ,Fm X1 rxxxff 1 X X' Xx A ' QQ Vs N - QEQQSN no-in ln I -. . Eszgggsza. LSQEQQ -1 q,,gE 3 EUHEE . qg H 52225352 .M ..1 .5501 .cz .cswu U Evgen o -abd, E 3"cs'5,,..,c: H54 -V1 -H -5 0-H dying . DE mzgeqa w.aU19,.2' - -Q ' 3 is 5 55225 -o-I 'U "' O OWS o V1 QM4: 5 UIEE' fi, 2EUJ?: Q :Pi I LIJ OWU FQ'-U U, 3512 U H sr: .mg 'U wg .G z 3282 CI UQU "' DJ .. Z,-5 :s rv 5 Ag U2 ,cg .az 4: 3 33-gg L-1 UBMEE -0-I 5-4 Q gui . ,gmc-QE o TI -2 U' 5509 H HUG E C5825 3 Q35 3 QEEQJ 5,6 w Us wanting 25555 2 T an - . ibgwg E 35362 2 egg 5 8533: M UBQ O cr:-...mug ...49... 2575-Z' 'ff ,QQH-'FCI 905' '5'-Ing fogggwg f'25v'6PQ2 "" O 602'-an xwmgm Ubi.,-15 .EFQQO 52593 '-gil-'OU2Q, c:-Q 3,4 f'12'3qSf4O "C5'E:'2'-'H 5 C2750 go og mi Sm 5. E 5.2g':E 50,5 2 cxnny Fish right are berger, . cmd Rob are: Willi n, D the rsh eiss ble retc S2539 rt Dean Lewy hm iser. hen s adv 5' U UD X I FS 3 E S2 Sy 5 E X, MODERN DANCE CLUB First row: Mary Coyle, Harriet O'Neal, Virginia Browne, Maude ley, Patti Iayne Rickey, lean Viquesney. as Lee Wilson. Second row: Iune Goff, Leona Perdew, Ruth Turn- SWIMMING CLUB 0 X- M , u Seated: Doris Peacock, Virginia Robinette, Katharine Smith Madeline Greene, Margaret Grimm, Mary Hannah Kolb, Caro line Binker, Georgia Waingold, Margie Kennell, Virginia Brant, Harriet O'Neal. Standing: lane Binker, Lois Lee, Ruth Fradiska Virginia Wolford, Mildred Abbott, Rita Bock, Helen Kelley, Kathleen Brant, Betty Brown, Io Ann Weber, Phyllis Peskin. n 'ia ' "1 V' 1 .., 'J ' ff' 'J '1 'fl I 0 'Il . " U A nv L I If t - , ! .K I' - I TUMBLING CLUB It , . . J ' l To the extreme left is Vernice Hopvvood supporting Iris Wine- K f ' brenner. Seated, left to right are: Erma Mclntosh, Io Ann Moore, 'A Maxine Shapiro, Faith Webb, lean Moore. On the right is I Patti Iayne Rickey supporting Peggy Mathews. Kneeling: Vir- ginia Brant, Catharine House, Patricia Nelson, Lorraine Sowers, Betty Grable, and Wilma Damm. Standing: Beatrice Broad- water, Kathleen Shober, Alma Lee Phillips. Left to right in pyramid formation We see Eileen Shapiro, Betty Shober, Betty Stonebraker, Devota Shober, and Rosemary Ferrone. mmm at " "...Qita:-having cQaM...J'laaA AMCCQAAOTL to Hobbs ...50... CVVUM Jfhzlme, c,Qlnacton...cJnacQ in the modlann mcmmm 37 N S if X 1 ,:- yx fa., ,HFQL f-,, ,f- if , fx, K-Iolmelff tumlvfle antlAtic:aQQ15...CVVlnA. Eqldigtacf J' .Santan Clam CPQCLLQ Days of indecision over the choice of a class play A.., final choice, "Strangers At Home"... suspense of try-outs .... Hausman and Blackwell chosen as leadsi., weeks of rehearsal .,,, Mr. Wickard directs ..,"talk to the clock!" ..,, excited dress rehearsal . ."Barney's" dire predictions ,..t at last-the big night, May 5, Strand Theater .. tense moments waiting for the curtain to go up ,..t hearing the lines... amazed that these experienced players really are our own classmates ..., the curtain falls... applause ,... flowers t,., scurrying away afterward ,.,. and our big dramatic event and "Barney's" hundredth show is over. Mrs. Crosby ..t..., Russ Crosby ., Mr. Crosby .... Aunt Phoebe . lean Crosby Kay Crosby , Mrs. Humiston Stuart Mason Tom Gibbs . ,..,A . Mr. Humiston Mrs. Fowler Mr. Fowler ....t.,,.t.. Mr. Whittaker Helen Scott . .. Ethel Yates .. . Mrs. Newton , loe Stafford .. . Stage Manager ........ 4-fha Cam ...Alice Louise Bead ..William Oswald ,...William Holt Eleanor Thayer ,Betty Io Barton Ann Hausman ,. Betty Phillippi William Bohrer . Iohn Blackwell . George Barnard ..,.,,...Alice Williams ,. David Weiss Charles Beckwith ....,....,......El1zabeth Pierce , Betty Barnes ,. .,.. 1 . Mary Elizabeth Critchfield 4-fha .Staff .. lack Konzal H. .,.,,.,...... , James Scott Bookholder ...,..... .... , , ...., ,.,, , .. H .... Betty Miller Properties ..........,.... ,. Maude Lee Wilson, Nancy Holland Technician .,.,. ,,,,.., ........,,.,..,..,,..........,,.,,,... M a xwell Trostle Wardrobe Mistress ..,,... .. ..... , ,,.....,, Shirley Driscoll Press Representatives .. .,........ William Keller, Cecil Kline .gmanapbibt Chosen because it was such a directly appealing play, this year's production ranks as one of the most enjoyable ever presented. A story of a family' that lives behind the "Tourists Accommodatedu sign, this brightly amusing play presents a typical American family-the Crosbys-whose life is greatly com- plicated when Mrs. Crosby decides to take in tourists. The play was quite effective because it was neither overdrawn tragedy nor farce comedy, but a natural blending of pathos and humor which went straight to the hearts of all. ...52... vt 4' pf Row one: William Holt: Harold C. Wickard, director: Alice Louise Read. Row two: Eleanor B tt I Barton Ann Hausman Iohn Blackwell Row three' George Barnard, Alice Wil- Thayer, e y o , , . . liams William Oswald, Betty Phillippi. Row four: William Rohrer, Elizabeth Pierce, Charles Beck- with, 'Elizabeth Barnes. Row five: David Weiss, Mary Elizabeth Critchiield, lack Konzal. ...53... l X., f 3VgfW92,7 ' 'ffff ff 1 " f Ny . , X ff N W XXX . 3 ,f J f f X X' f OCLJYUCCLQ QaAAiQA...muAQttQA chown tnom Chonafl Cfluliv mlcQ1.ut...canoQQcQ at CHniAtmaA...aAAQml7Q13 bonocgnam... ...54... .-A1 A-'LII llfloueftg Aonga . . . modlann annangamentb BOYS' GLEE CLUB In the front row we see William Rohrer, president: Marcellus Barncord: Verne Higgs: Iohn Rose: Cecil Kline: William Hewitt: Richard Allen, secretary-treasurer: Brandon Fuller: Marshal Sowers. In the second row are: Homer Wise: Edward Shuck, vice president: Theodore Ferrato: Paul Buchannan: George Barnard: Robert Stein: lack Guynn: Charles Glover: Iohn Miller. In the third row are: William Rosenmerkel: Robert Mosser: Dearl Huff: Ellsworth Henry: lack Mattingly: lack Konzal: Stan- ley Golden: Harry Swartzwelder: Howard Reighard: William Dahl: and Wayne Miller. In the fourth row are: Henry Herron: Phillip Dodge: Thomas Duncanson: David Sloan: Galen Metz- ger: lohn Kirkpatrick: Iulian Goggin: Kenneth Grose: Robert Tritt: Victor Athey: Franklin McElwee. Mary Turnley is the accompanist and Mr. lack Platt, director. H II Wvln. datum lmtrmfi MUSETTES ln row one are Marion Weller, Ann Hausman, and Alice Kel- ler. In row two we see Gloria Gable, Mary Iackson, and Mary Turnley. In row three are Ann Weatherholt, Peggy Secrist, Betty Wolfe, Shirley Driscoll, and Peggie Bischoff. CHORAL CLUB In the front row are: Shirley Driscoll: Mary Iackson, president: Ann Hausman, treasurer: Mary Elizabeth Critchfield: Gloria Gable: Mary Turnley: Ann Weatherholt: Marion Weller: Betty Wolfe, accompanist: and Rebecca Sterne. In the second row are: Miss Dorothy Willison, director: Io Ann Weber: Betty Brown: Virginia Dreyer: Agnes Murphy: lean Milne: Peggie Bischoff, vice president: Alice Louise Read: and Betty Greenya. Third row: Florine Twigg: Ianet Oliver: Ruth Alexander: Martha Keffer: Alice Keller: Dorothy Williams: Nancy Holland: Maud Lee Wilson: and Betty Io Barton. In the back row are: Barbara lane Smith: Louise Kight: Peggy Secrist: Genevieve Wolfe: lean Imler: Virginia Read: and Virginia Blair. ...55... i y f-1,4,,L7L' 2 9' . Jf' V . Qty CQ DJ!! I 1, Lay! Inu A li -,WMV LL , ,A J JY , 40 -iff IUNIOB CHORAL CLUB Front row: Phyllis Holmes, Mildred Heimlich, Claire Cooper, Anne Troxell, Dixie Rafter, Virginia Oglevie, Hazel Cooper, Lois Zembower, Betty Stein. Second row: Miss Dorothy Willi- son, director: Mary Williams: Elsie Bowman: Margaret Reid: -Ella Louise Richards, accompanist: Betty Lee Hillock: Virginia Robinson: Virginia Robinette: Georgia Waingold: Devota Shober: Mary Ann Pitcher: lean lmler. Third row: Sara Betty Lasky, Earlene Hardman, Saralee Stotler, Wanda Lee Nelson, lean Hess, Charlotte Hardman, lo Anna Moore, Lorraine Nickel, Sally Williams, Betty Bucy, Louise Ogilvie. Fourth row: Nancy Taylor, secretary: Camilla Athey: Phyllis Daugherty: Annette Fossett: Doris Brant, president: Clara Lee Moore: Gretchen Williams: Mary lane Brubaker: Greta Dilfer: Beatrice Ashworth, treasurer: Margaret lane Dashiell: and Margery White. DOUBLE QUINTET 7 At the piano is Ann Hausman. To Ann's left and on the inner circle we see Gloria Gable and Mary Turnley. ln the outer circle from left to right are: Marion Weller, Mary lackson, Wil- liam Rosenmerkel, Mary Elizabeth Critchfield, Ann Weather- holt, Marshall Sovvers, and lohn Miller. Miss Dorothy Willison is the director. MIXED CHORUS Front row, left to right: Marion Weller: Martha Keffer: Dorothy Williams: Alice Keller: Gloria Gable: Betty Nicklin: Geraldine Wofe: Josephine Blume: Ruth Harden. Row two, left to right: Marshall Sovvers: William Dahl: Edward Shuck: Melville Shar- rock: William Rosenmerkel: Iulian Goggin: Charles Floto: Wayne Miller: lack Konzal: William Rohrer: lohn Miller. Third row: Ann Hausman: Ann Weatherholt: Mary Turnley: Patti layne Rickey: Genevieve Wolfe: Miss Dorothy Willison, direc- tor: Mary Elizabeth Critchfield: Mary lackson, president: Shir- ley Dirscoll, librarian: Rebecca Sterne: and Mildred Abbott. Not in the picture are William Oswald, vice president: and lane Chandlee, secretary-treasurer. at Clfaatad Chnizatmab chatn...mu1lic on cltunch Aanoicea ...56... CJQQCQ QQIYL Ain Qnls-.-T, 8, 9'QnA mukc u Qnaonnofl... 91 93 91 IP bb' antentainedl Aanoica cQul3A...QiQtlnc5, tunf,A...L1c1nmovj,l3 7 f' Q W !!f'f wif, nf wx if . ' Q f N Z . X f EA M VWTK Q ' ff FQ kk! 5 Q .4 1 ...57... Q1l...qQl1lULflLamQri3li :Bill ta52pQn1i...0DQatt dll Qcton Lx MU B lack Sharrett, Drum Major. Twirlers standing in front, reading l ' W from left to right ar A e: nna Bessie Everstine, Kay Anderson, Betty Mclntyre, and Mary Lou Bart on. Florine Twigg is play- ' ing the bell l re. F ro r , left to right, are: Lloyd F iles, drum: Mary Eliz bg Crjyalel rombone: Robert Apsey, trombone: Rob t ' , tro on . econd ' ' ' ,f , 'j ' wt ' -,""k ' wb ' . D lj! IH' K. f JV , V M' p row. Iohn Kirkpatrick, trumpet: Ke et ro" , of Th' ' ' ' , Richard Bittinger, alto horn: Carleton ' B an I mb Third row' Ralph Ha W . ppe, trumpet' Robert an 'tr pet' argaret Mar l t .y p e, rumpet: lack. Lechliter, trum- WW f Q t. F rth rd : Robert Youngblood, saxophone: Frank Wright, A I fs hon eanqe Davey, clarinet: Robert Smith, trumpet. f . A9 K My ZF .ro K obert 't, clarinet: 'Robert Konzal, clarinet: Lydia Y A if ,clarine 'll' ' l ' 1 1am Hew clarinet Sixth row William FM JM, M r drum a r M . ' : ' ' . ' X . Qx t B ld , um: Iohn Amadeo, drum: Iay ' 1 if . . . ' 3 X c Ar, rug . a e nth row: William Richards, drum: Dan my fp Nl t Ws,Eyl1jum: Charles Deetz, drum: Frank Iaumot, sousa- N gghfone. 'X ighth, row: Virginia Blair, clarinet: Iulian Goggin, ft ftrumpet: Robert Kl' ofsg- 'P ' O' ' ' 01 XMQV Mr. Platt in background and Carleton Beckman th h sl wi is back P4 . . to us were snapped during orchestra practice. wg 9' 'Kg lx v-3 JJ Qxyu-10 inger, cymbal. - - , 'puby 'f,j, fr ri- it will , by ' M ,M sfw' ,1- Robert Rice and Iohn Kirkpatrick in the foreground, and Frank , fp . ' W if .4 M - Iaumot in th rear, try out each other's instruments. Z4 A ' all M 1 796 QWWWW SENIOR ORCHESTRA o the extreme left: Frank Iaumot, sousaphone: then Mary W ' U Elizabeth Critchfield, bass viol: lohn Kirkpatrick, trumpet: H010- ' 1' p, ert Rice, trombone: Ralph Happe, alto horn: Robert Young- X' blood, saxophone: Robert Smith, trumpet: Frank Wright, saxo- Q 'XJ-2 phone: Kenneth Grose, alto horn: Iulian Goggin, 'irumpeltf lack Q J Lechliter, trumpet: Marshall Sovvers, violin: Wiliam ewitt, A1 B?hi:CLw"'e clarinet: Iack Sharrett, trumpet: Henry Klein, violin: Wanda 'ly' ,D 4- QQ! 5- Weller, violin: Robert Tritt, clarinet: Mary lackson, v1ol1n: 'Eg S45 39 'gt'-?Charles Stiner, violin: Robert Konzal, clarinet: Charles Ogle- f 1 75 I L9-Ibbay, violin: Dorothy Williams, violin: Wilton Syckes, violin: ' 'Lg-, V6, 40,:'Q Iosephine Williams, violin: Mary Luethke, Violin: Carleton M2 X 3 13 Beckman, viola: lean Yeager, violin: Charles Deetz, drum: ,em 4. 'Z-Phillip Dodge, violin: Dan Mathews, drums: Ann Hausman, ac- companist: Mr.I k Pl ' ac att, director. mambenzi in All-Wangland UnchaAtna....Spning Concent Director Miss W'l ilison: accompanist Rit Ml r , a ilenson. Row one, left to right Leonard Happe, violin: Marshall Sowers, violin: William Dowlan, violin Robert Troxell, bell lyre. Row two: Charlotte Exley, cello: Dorothy Doolittle, violin: Betty Lou Hil- lock violin: Helen Kreiling, violin: lean Hess, violin: William Wolfe, drurn. Row three: Harry Swartzwelder, clarinet: Bruce Douglas, clarinet: David Taylor, clarinet: Wilbert Theis, clarinet: Paul May, clarinet. Row four: Clarence Doolittle, comet: Addison Marple, comet: Earnest Pueschel, comet: Mullen Smith, Cornet: Robert Cunningham, bass viol. Row five: Clement Boyer, saxophone: Florence Williams, trumpet: Clarence Valentine, cornet: Raymond Piquette, baritone. Row six: Edith Webb, trumpet: Margaret Marple, Cornet: Clarence Vande- gritt, trumpet: Vincent Thompson, trumpet. Standing behind the piano is Mr. lack Platt. Craig Thompson who l ' p ays the flute is not in the picture. COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL The Spring Music Festiv - 1 Auditorium, was the first county-Wide music festival ever held in Allegany County. All numbers were played or sung by combined groups of selected pupils from Allegany, Fort Hill, Central, Bruce, Beall, and Mount Savage High Schools. The program was planned by the high school music teachers of Allegany County, with Miss Willison as their chairman. The only complete rehearsal of each group was held the day of the festival, but previous preparation in each school re- sulted in a delightful concert. It provided an opportunity for the students to produce something fine and Worthwhile by their combined efforts, and at the same time, it showed to our patrons the high quality of Work done in our high schools. The band, under the direction of Victor Baumann, opened the con- cert by playing three numbers Next o th . n e program Was the orchestra con- ducted by Dorothy Willison Then in d . , or er of their appearance, Was heard the A Cappella Chorus directed b Do h y rot y Schaidt, the Girls' Glee Club led by Mary Drum, Boys' Glee Club b lack Pl y att, then a combined chorus accom- panied by the orchestra and conduct d e by Annetta Yates. Miss Doris Boal and Miss Louise Nickel also assisted with the music. al, given April 21 at Fort H'll ...60... union dflancl ancll Gnchelatna I. If 1 J 'X f 1 . ,f 'N U VJ' r . 3 i 050 ' J 1 " in J y f V' , -, J ,f .J xx mf ' K x f AN fy ' If " gem! Q f p A f Ult hQatLc1.4 2 Z M f X , QEFP- -gf --,-.-.-12-- af l O ll Wfffilr wth, 01 1: ,f GW- l ALQ Ns, ,,.. " " lr y 1 , Z A If I 6: X will ff? 1 yggufk J' 4 5 49 Z ,ff Q, y g X Y! ,, Front row: C. Oglebay, D. Oglevie, Iarnes, Ienkins, Dodge, Robertson, M. Hoff, Mclntyre, and D. Hoff. Second row: Assistant Manager Litzenburg, Wilkinson, W. Hoff, Robinson, Oswald, Klein, I. Sullivan, Stein, Spangler, Gaffney, Kemp, Mont, and Manager Cunningham. Third row: Substitute Coach Maphis, Dietrich, Alday, Barnard, Long, Brown, Hetzel, F. Sullivan, Metz, Burger, Weller, Dahl, Brant, Ham- ilton, and Coach Herman Ball. Back row: Hill, Boggs, Mawhinney, Carder, Chandlee, Hillock, Boden, Youngblood, Kompanek, Gulbron- son, Turner, I. Snyder, M. Snyder, Twigg, and Hite. Iordano and Kisamore were absent when this picture was taken. ...62... 4 qootballll Herman Ball's third season as football coach produced one of the school's finest teams ,Hcopped eight games out of ten ..,A won , two championships.. in Cumberland Valley Athletic League X play, Campers established an enviable record .... won all four of l gy ' X ir contests ., their goal line was uncrossed in league compe- ,IXK s W ., Iames Gaffney won C. V. A. L. scoring championship IWW h 48 points .. Allegany also won the city championshipr., 'Q defeated LaSalle 52-6 and Fort Hill 14-0 .,., Gaffney gained the 1 city scoring title with 109 points in ten contests ..,. Captain Iames ullivan, William Spangler, William Oswald, Fred Klein, Paul K Avi Kemp, and Iames Gaffney placed on city all-star team ...posi- ,JQQ LVD! tions on the All-C. V. A. L. team were won by Sulliv n, Spang- Lptzo' y ' , I ler, Klein, Kemp, and Gaffney. ' af ,iv Cf- lg-Uilwj ' il Bipvtcw 1 T214 UL VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD lack Alday, Iames Gaffney, William Long, Donald Iordano, - I Thomas Mont, George Barnard, Leo Kisamore, William Spang- ler, William Robinson, lames Sullivan, Robert Stein, Fred Klein, K ww - In the picture to the upper left are: Paul Kemp, Louis Metz, ?,!!rf Ioseph Wilkinson, William Oswald, and William Hoff. Y FOOTBALL STARTING LINEUP Reading from left to right are: lames Sullivan, right end: Wil- liam Robinson, right tackle: William Hoff, right guard: Fred Klein, center: Robert Stein, left guard: William Oswald, left tackle: William Spanger, left end: Ioseph Wilkinson, right half- back: Paul Kemp, left halfback: Donald lordano, quarterback: and Iames Gaffney, fullback. C. V. A. L. TROPHY The C. V. A. L. trophy, a challenge trophy, was won by Alle- gany as the result of a very successful season. If Allegany produces a championship team for the next two seasons, the trophy becomes a permanent possession of the school. Coach Herman Ball is snapped on the steps of Allegany. ...63... .ww L I 11,4 K x 1 S X, XJ faaao ootballll Resend , f, 1 af, , Q A L vi . q , X X X - eganyg. . .. A,.. .....A, 7 Westmont ......,l3 .ll 5, .r ut N NS Allegany ....,, .....,. , ..,... 2 0 Davis ......... ,..... . 6 XX 3 Allegany ..... ........ 2 0 Keyser .....e.,. ...,... 6 W, j Allegany . M , e,,.... 0 Saint Francis ........ .,.. . .. 6 . k Allegany ...... ,....t 2 6 Hagerstown ......4 0 , Allegany ,..... . ...t, 6 Handley ...,. ,....., 0 Allegany ....t .,....,.. 3 9 Boswell ....,. .,...., l 2 Allegany,, .t..t..., 5 2 LaSalle ...,.., ....A.. 6 Allegany ..t,,. ....,., l 9 Martinsburg ,..,. .,.,... 0 ,, ., Allegany ...... .,,.t,, l 4 Fort Hill t....... .,.4.,. 0 .X K x .. N2 r 1 li -4 X A "'The upper picture on the next page shows lim Gaffney C315 stopped on Fort Hill's one yard line in the annual football clas- sic between Fort Hill and Allegany. Stein fl3D and Wilkinson 215 can be seen in the foreground. it S 1 A1legany's cheerleaders spur the team on as they pursue a X sustained march in the Fort Hill-Allegany clash. Left to right, is n the cheerleaders are Iames Clower, Margaret Thom, William X J Bohrer, Meredith Kelley, and Suzanne Zihlman. Theodore Fer- rato was absent when this picture was taken. Alco's goat mas- cot and its master are at the extreme right. lim Gaffney is brought down on an attempted line plunge in the Martinsburg game. Oswald 1203, Sullivan C30l, Mont f32D, Hoff C24l. and Robinson C355 are all seen in the picture. Some . . . M "'Sf"ff7 are blocking, while others have taken out a man and are going f"' .fi iff, 2 46 ' ' if after another. A n 434,337-, A fi ,, ' f f 1 1 ff ' 'j ' fi 'f P 1 ...64... qlifeathen man cQeQcu3af,Q cTl,U'LkEl3 Duma c3c1ma...18 benlonb Qeaua nanlm in '39...03.lc1QQ Muahab at Acfjuacl? lvunqjuat ...65... ' ...66... H I bf 4 v J 4 L. 1 39 38 lg QQ lm et lik CL I Utah Basketball at Allegany this year was good , .team tively .... Gaffney made 127 points .,.. Bell, 1191 ."Ed" won 19 of 23 contests, . four losses sustained at hands Athey, the fifth regular, scored 86 points to take fifth Qf Stygng Alumni Qgqfegqtionl Mqggqnuiten Military plCIC9 .. fOU1'l99I1 Ollflel' A1CO pl.CIY91'S lD1'Ok9 111110 the ACqdemY'S CIQSSY Cqgefgl and F911 ffflz if SCOI11'1q CIS the Blue CII1Cl While I'I1CI1'ked up pO11'1lS team finished second in both W. M. I. League and 9, MMM? as against their opponents 638 in 23 contests. City title play . ."Bill" Spangler, senior and captain, 57 W If Spangler and Athey wered rinamlidf on thlet 11311-Stag was leading scorer with 174 points in 21 games A, W- M- l. first team selecte y e erees o y an Laurence Shaner, senior forward, was next in line gf? Fearer. Shaner and Gaffney Were placed on the with 165 markers in 22 contests, "Iim' Gaffney and second team, While Louis Bell received honorable Louis Bell, both juniors, were third and fourth respec- Z 2 me11ti0I1- W if 4 1, :Q 'if ' f BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD LONG SHOT In the upper left hand picture the players are: Front BoW-Ed- A Orlebgnded bgok Srror bY Sbgrrgrer during third Periofiu of Ward Athey, William Robinson, William Spangler, Laurence rrrsr Aueggr1Y'LgSgue ggrrref brings the P1gYerS lb-to Posrbon Shaner, Iames Gaffney, Eugene Munro, and Charles Krietz- shown. Gaffney KBD and Shaner are under the basket ready to burg. Second Row-Coach Bowers, Paul Steinla, Louis Bell, grgb rbe rebound for Second rrY rr bgu does not gg through Fred Klein, Donald Iordano, Iames Sullivan, Thomas Mont, r100P- Ngrgrl 141' Cbgpmgrlf grrd BOY1ef Wgrr ro Put the bgrr into Louis Metz, and Co-Manager Harold Brooks. Back Rovv-Co- PrgY rrorrr our or bounds- ...67... .1-5 U E cs Q. A4 .H bd cz .a o Dlx uf F-I E? .E is .Q E E e 4: cs F-4 rn KC 5-I GJ 1Vley nager Ma As- ndlee, and c sa U E as ..-1 .-c 5 ai cz 'cs Tl e 'S 5 s sc. o D11 122 o :. 'S lb C CD t-1 Dil milton. Ha Q nager Rolan nt Ma U -o-I U1 .p-4 U2 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD lU1VlP Eggs 5056 nr-4 :Zeb-' .I-c ggi-'-13 G -Ill Emma git-'QU .515 bison U we H U1- U-Soo 'WEE V1 .. 238232 we cn 296-' cuss! car? tD,.1-UD-4 mg-"'..: s::.2.F- 48 3 51.52111 I-Q ll-1 Zeng BUGS.-1 HEE .S 0 'U B,-:Eg e-an U- 56135, 'CJCIGJQJDR 88.9555 aczmmifrtso L.m. swat 'LZ-'H nigga '5,fgQ4E3 L-..,l.x -Hmwrg omis- S2392 Emerg' awe UJPQOE 34-.522 'QL-1.-CIP seg. Pang Sq.,-I was P-480 9:19545 GUI.-Q'-C: o- ofbmr' :,FE1:'3.E 'f'3c:.E'e -I-1 G 15'-QQ: H929 2.9405 o1e,e,,, sauna 65733 D..""mm U26 dl W. L 0-r-1 EQEQQ an e :QUWE l. Robinson C95 of Allegany waiting to get rebound in case the long shot to La Salle basket misses. Boyle C75 of La Salle is waiting to follow up. 2. Snider of Fort Hill seems to have a slight advantage over Louis Bell ot Alle- gany as the two jump ball in the contest on the Blue and White's home floor. Laurence Shaner C165 and Edward Athey C325 are ready to retrieve the ball. 3. Shaner C165 of Allegany gained tip over Smith of Fort Hill in the third quarter of the Fort Hill return game. Spangler of Allegany is guarding Orndorff Cl45, and Bell C185 of Allegany is guarding Snider C65. 4. Shaner of Allegany shoots the first of two foul shots in the Fort Hill-Allegany return game. The players of both teams take advantage of these few seconds to catch their breath. Eight of the ten players can be seen. 5. "Bill" Spangler gets a foul shot in the last minute ot the Fort Hill game. Rob- ' inson C285 and Kreitzburg C125 of Allegany are tense as they await the rebound. ...68... SOCCER SQUAD In the front row are: Arthur Thompson, Iohn Edmiston, Carl Stitcher, Edward Athey, Glen Hockman, and Paul Stitcher. In the second row are: Franklin M El ' ' c wee, Wayne Sowers, Iulian Goqgin, William Sell, Iames Kirkpatrick, Wil- liam Winters, and C h oac Walter L. Bowers. ln the back row are: Iames Clower, Manager Royce Rice, Robert Edmonsto n, William Hersh, and Harry Yeager. BOYS' SWIMMING CLUB lfron t row: lack Konzal, lack Sharrett, Robert Reinhard Iames Duncanso 1 -I nl Iohn I-larbaurjh, William Oswald, Homer Wise. Back row: Richard Carlson, Iohn Sloan, Glenn Twigg William Chandlee, R b M , o ert cCoy, William Bender, M'l ' ' 1 nor Oswald, Mr. Eugene Hopkins, coach. ...69... ' XL. .i ,lf J 4' ,C g 4 Z GJ .S 'I 2' .2 E .-5-J 'U si S oi-5 T5 we S :Ut 35 H 21. as V03 345. I OT. 253 Hrs O-. if .Sr w -E 5.9 ,Z asf nz' C52 2 to un X S fe 'o 2:3 C 52 1:3 DE uv. SZ! TEHJ 'Z of fb' 335-' mg S-L-.CS 'filg -QS 32 52,6 V2.8 'JI .Sf-0 :cg 2.5 EQ mira uJ an NSQ EE CS E5 .95 U... C-4-J 3 :C as oil Q.. Cl. 5 5 2 .5 the UP alls is tossing Referee Band . 1-1 .v-1 e at Fort Hill gam -o-I H O LL. orward: r,f Ye In 'lel' forward: Marion Win 1-T ID r11 IP-1 E-4 C2 U CD P? F2 O I-' U1 O D-. CD 5 s: O at I T. o Q H-4 O ca o .2 'U ct U bi CI U C71 2 KC 'O-I O -.1 U .E 'E' 2 P-I O '4-4 III U .-Q .E U1 .E fa cz E rn Wotring, forward. Betty F6 B-I cs 3 F-1 o '4-1 bl. -o .E cn 45 CD ,Q cs N : nn ri: cu Q: O U on cv 3-4 U :If 'E o lla '-o-c O Stitcher egany and n of All left, Runio 'o l-4 c Q D1 Q .2 cl as 1-'I GJ :: rs lv guard: oris McCoy, e:D a-. U 3 O A-4 4172. H CCI as ug. U2 .v-1 bw ct U U1 cv Ill IT! 'CC f ffner o .2 M E U1 ': cn E c: o 2 LE B ol E pectrng the ju olinarr, Ruth lVl ward: for Pi' 8' LE Q. E' E on ard: QU is Runlon, '52 ,c: Q. E T. o Q. 'I-I o Q4 U .Q U2 Po cs o M D9 cw rdin gua sely 2 0 in ID CD ard. qu Read, as U2 ul'l :1 o HJ aa O nl-I Ill KC ard: gu Kieffner, I'101' rd: Elea U Z5 UW s: 2 CD I 'B lf-4 rs 3 li-1 o if-I 5 U 35' cn ager: Helen C111 Clower, m ettie ID E 9 V 1 t N yy' 5 rvx .ir X. A lf Li 3. GWR K QQ. 'Scum ,Q : :Sw C553 1-'Ir-.U bwzn"C 2-we sig 'EE-E5 oar- 5:15 craig, 525 E22 EHQ msg? SUE .-12g 55.2 EE.. 5335 Q l-4 cbfii ,EEE .929 516: GJD-40 265 CD50 Malo 'U CI O ...70... N x I X ex 'B x-. U 53 UW ui 3 GJ 3-I Fo ca 'CC G2 ca cs P-A b. 5-Q ts 2 forward: S. 2 'cs U III ICI d: Elno 'B 3 'E :s rr. x . orward. f 6 .M U2 -v-4 "U U L-1 l'-I-4 Forester, forward: M' Betty ' i, At .. Q ff ,, Jw. .U , 4 I JUMP BALL Vt 17 Z VARSITY SQUAD The lower left action shot was snapped during the "Coney" Zgitting position left to right are: Eleanor Kieffner, guard and game at Lonaconing. Iumping for the ball are Tyler of Alle- . E1iZC1b9'fh Sindy, forward. ca? .E b S Z' 45 rn 'cs cz as '15 H U 3 3-4 o '4-4 ..: OJ rr- E 5-4 52 c: Wi O1'1 Mari CITE dw .E CD CD ct M 'U Ct U S o O rn rf cu I"'l E as b be cu cv .Q If-4 o E' rson of Central. and Ande P-1 CI C5 CW 'ci 1-. U 3 L-. O '-C-I rl. P3 .E 3 an LE B rm Q Q. recerve the ti t0 ng tral are war .r-I ...- of Cen 2 77. U O an Q U IT '25 H U :S U1 :E .9 sz: :S III .2 '52 FQ. '1"o P2523 H5 Uaw 5,5 Qc .,:.5. CVB Q. 52 LES D453 .2-'Ti 'ETS 'DE ..: crow .Eg 'Um ga .dc cn..1 "9-4 o 'Ei .Er LE Q. E cw .EA mo -5.42 Om 3 EES wo 659. F12 3:1 455.9 Q321' -Q3 29" EVE U3 STU 5.2 fa' Oo How 3.2 E42 ai Q-. E .2 D-. as E is not 1n ler, regular forward, A ean Ty l .CURRL3 YIEUDQCLCEJA HEAAE no :S UI' ci so CL Us 5 5 .s as Q5 LYI AEZCOYICQ had .ff .S tb TRACK Allegany's track team made a fine showing in 1938 placing first in City, County, and Western Maryland meets .,.. fourth in University of Maryland meet .. team's success due in no small extent to excellent work of three boys: lames Gaffney, Lawrence Shaner, and Captain Robert Perdew ..,, at College Park in University of Maryland meet, Shaner copped broad jump with leap of 20 feet 5 inches ...tied for high scorer award... Gaffney placed third in javelin throw .... Perdew third in 880 ..,. Shaner, Gaffney scored only points made by Allegany in C. V. A. L. meet held at Fort Hill ,,,. Gaffney took first in javelin throw tt.. Shaner second in 440 yard run ...Coach Foy Curry's boys amassed 72.3 points in City meet to take first place ..., Gaffney led team in scor- ing with 17 points compiled on firsts in 100 and 220 yard dashes .. first in javelin ..,, third in discus throw ,,.. also a member of Alco's winning sprint relay team.. .Perdew, Blue and White distance man, placed first in mile and half runs... in winning javelin throw Gaffney broke City and school records with toss of 166 ft. 8 in. ..., in Western Maryland meet Allegany placed first with 41 points .. Perdew led team to victory with eight points ...Allegany captured Annual County meet with 219 points for first time since 1931 ..,. Gaffney awarded Alumni award for most points scored during season... second sophomore to Win award, VIWIHFHM f ,. WW IQ f -- 'u , Z 'if' ,V Z Z , :KL-T, 1, 'r ' ,f -2 -,' :L- Zt' 2 5 W ' I frrf f,, lf! ' fl M 5 ,, I I .1 Q s f V 'Xmy f 7 ' 7 f t 9 f . in Lawrence Shaner having previously won it in 1937 as sophomore. f Q fi . 'J' J J! ein 14 if 'X f lfpffffff! I 1 I 'u v Z is f f X . -- 4 ,ffl if X Z?g.-,d.L' V 7 W .:, f ,zf,yiEi, , , G' Q' -' Af L' 22,7642 7 , ' 9 ' BASEBALL Coach Walter Bowers' 1938 baseball team ended the season with a record of 4 Wins and 8 losses .Campobello nine handed Hyndman and Beall single defeats trounced La Salle twice .. single losses sus- tained at hands of Hyndman, Mercersburg Reserves, Paw Paw and Beall . double setbacks administered by Keyser and Fort Hill ...season opened April 28 with B-4 loss to Hyndman .. closed May 30 at Com- munity Park when double-header was played against Fort Hill .. in first contest Fort Hill swamped Alco 8-2 ...second game finally won by Fort Hill 5-4 after masterful pitching by lohn Shroyer had kept them in a hole throughout the battle .. lineup for majority of contests was: pitchers, Marvin Bell, William Spangler, and William Robinson: catchers, Robert Durst, Fred Klein, and lack Lewis: first base, Franklin See: second base, Charles Krietzburg: shortstop, Frank Williams: third base, Iohn Shroyer: left field, William Meeks: centerfield, Milton Coch- rane: and right field, lack Cowherd. ...72... S ff! 1 ff' 11 'fig' A? ,M "'l,, f kf 'KV If f x I 1 7v A ff C I , Q fff, f x fn X y 1 Z vWmcH'M 7 L f f M fn X1 f ff ,H x 'F ww 5724 36 Nw ' iU My! . r A a 2 ff S V'M' W? WR xg 7 W : ,V , ,V ' qQRJ PJ4C3E2Qy X,w Qgj PROGRAM ff N Q M fW f Vw 'Q x 'W X I YV!! f QHUUQ .fthe f September 8-flj "Greetings gates!" ..,. 1595 students enter the halls of learning to begin Allegany's fifty-first year. September 17-Football heroes bow to Westmont .... Score 13-7. September 23-Seniors battle their way through first class meeting. September 26-Aspiring journalists chosen to edit the "Allegewi" .... Miss Eader, dedicatee. September Z9-Miss McFerran and Miss Witherup undertake the job of keeping an eye on the Girls' Hi-Y. October 1-Were we happy! .... Allegany 20-Keyser 6. October 7-QZJ Bam! Sock! Zowie! Soccerites play Beall at North End Playground. October 8-We tearfully return from Morgantown ..,, They won, 6-0. October 13-Allegany girls suddenly develop a love of symphony .... Could it be the blond violinist with Kryl's Orchestra? October 15-It's our turn to crow .... Allegany 26-Hagerstown 0. October 20 Revolt". and 21-Allegany thespians get all tied up in "Apron String October 22-f3j Hail the conquering heroes .... home from Winchester with a score of 6-0. October 23-Q45 Weather station erected. October 28 All Maryland -Q55 Would-be musicians leave for Baltimore to play in the Orchestra at the State Teachers' Meeting. Wilton Syckes "saws" his way to fame in the solo contest. October 28-Rain drenched spectators watch Allegany defeat Boswell. October 29 16D-Allegany jitterbugs swing out at the first Pep Dance. November 3-Q71 Off to Lexington! Alcohi Mirror delegates head for the "Sunny South" and the Press Conference-All-Southern honors are won. November 4-Q81 La Salle bites the dust. November 12-f9j The football team proves that the Martinsburg "Bull- dogs' " bark was worse than their bite. November 23-UO! Loyal rooters stand knee-deep in mud around the blazing bonfire. November 25-fllj We 'itripped the light fantastic" at the Girls' League Dance. November 29 f12j Cheer leaders pep up the crowd at the Fort Hill game as our football team slides its way to victory on an ice covered field. December 8-"Peggie" Secrist and William Rohrer win preliminary Tasker G. Lowndes declamation contest. December 16-fl3j Basketeers inaugurate the season by defeating Thomas, 52-19. U 77 December 16-CMJ Peggie Secrist and William Rohrer bring much-sought victory to Allegany by winning in the finals of the Tasker G. Lowndes decla- mation contest. December 20-Double Quintet carols for the Rotary Club at their annual Christmas party. December Z1-1151 Time rolls back as A. D. K. presents its llth annual Christmas show, "The First Christmas." December 21-Heigh ho! Heigh ho! We're off for the Christmas vacation. December 29-U61 Alumni lose their dignity and join students at the annual Christmas dance. Ianuary 2-We all swing 'n sway to lay Van's Orchestra at the New Year's Tea Dance. Ianuary 5-Whols afraid of the mob! Students spend extended lunch period watching the William Galloway defeat the stagecoach. Some forgot to come back .... detention blues. Ianuary lUfWe kept our fingers crossed, and it worked! Allegany wins from Beall. Ianuary ll-C171 Future Pavlovas display their talent in assembly. ...74... 5'N 6 QB!! Ianuary 14-Basketeers bring home the "bacon" from Iohnstown. lanuary 18-After a tough fight Central lassies succeed in downing Alle- gany girls. Ianuary 20-Upperclassmen frolic at the first Friday afternoon dance sponsored by the seniors. Ianuary 24-Napoleon met his Waterloo and so did Allegany .... Score Fort Hill 39-Allegany 31. Ianuary 25-U85 Miss Dixonis home room presents a radio play com- memorating the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe .... Nice work! Ianuary 27-Uleepers Creepers"!-did we have a swell time at the Girls' League Tea Dance! Ianuary 27-Allegany defeats Davis 42-39. February 3-"Bye, Bye Blues!" We down LaSalle 26-41. February 6-"Laugh? I though I'd die!" How basketball should not be played is the outstanding feature of Loyalty night. February 8-1195 Work on the yearbook progresses .... We study, puzzle and snip far into the night. February 9 and 10-The student body shakes in its shoes as A. D. K. presents "The Skull". February ll-There's something about a uniform! Allegany's daughters -and basketball players-fall prey to the Massanutten crew. February 17-f20j "Hail, hail the gang's all here!" Booster night! Spe- cialty acts! We win from Barton. February 20-QZU f'Who that is great has not suffered defeat?" We lose to Fort Hill. February 22-CZZJ Work begins on the new addition. Straight jackets ordered for ten distraught teachers. February 22-Room 115 pays honor to Washington by means of the P. A. system. February 24-C235 Many toes stepped on at the Girls' Hi-Y Dance. March 1-Allegany basketball players take over Keyser. March 3-Alco cagers bring the basketball season to a close by defeating LaSalle, 30-39. March 6-Successful debaters breathe a sigh of relief as Miss Murphy posts results of debate tryouts. March 8-A. D. K. presents a mystifying assembly program. Who was the culprit? March 9, 10, and ll-Oh for the life of a journalist! Lucky Alcohi Mirror- ites attend conference in New York .... First place honors won. March 15-Room 212 entertainingly present "Elmer" at assembly. March 22-"Choral Clubbersw warble a tune or two for upperclass as- sembly. March Z4-Miss Murphy's expert coaching tells again. Negative team wins the Tasker G. Lowndes preliminary debate. March 30-"There's Music in the Air." Music clubs present their annual spring concert. April 14-Was it a Baby Night? Of course I mean the A. D. K. Dance. April 21-"Music hath charmsf' Allegany County schools unite and present music festival at Fort Hill. lune 11-Seniors grow serious at the senior sermon. Iune 13-Gaiety, tinged with sadness, prevails at Class Night. Iune 14-We're "Dancing with Tears in our Eyes" as We bid Allegany good-bye at the Senior Prom. Iune 15-"May memories of these school days go with us all through life"-Graduation. Iune 15-Alumni entertain graduates at Alumni Dance. ...75... 12294 -o . haw, 5,v..::LJL, r-x D V X K5 ,mf mg: QW., ,Q W .. Q . 1 of 1 , .,N,X.zL., f.,bc,f'.:.g2i5-Yfi- 1, A X -.1 xiii THE QM UNF, V 1 HOLL QGOING - UPPISI-P EGQNY o NJV I SHA Dow 1' 000 'OPIMG OUT TEST M X ...77... CQMPLIMENTS OF Lear Sr Cliver ICE CREAM Established 1851 Incorporated 1902 The S. T. Little jewelry Company 1 13 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Buy Yom' jewelry from cz Jeweler Ruth Abraham-Small package with a de- termined air ,.., dainty and demure .... wants to be a social worker .... Luck to you, Ruth .... Meyer Abraham-Ruthis big brother .... cur- rent-evently wise .... managed the basketball team with gusto .... Richard Allen-Blond .... likes to wear a green sweater ,... Allegany's gift to Duke .... has d r a m a t i c leanings .... "Black Flamingo" .... "Babes in Toyland" .... "Apron-String Revolt" ....Christmas play '38.... Katherine Alsip-Diminutive .... one of Wrig- ley's best customers .... outwardly reserved .... Martha Arnold-Modest .... dependable .... an efficient secretary .... spontaneous giggle .... ac- commodating .... Edward Athey-Garrulous garcon .... every- bocly's pal .... lopes lazily from class to class .... snaps into action on the basketball court .... George Barnard-Alleganyls Beau Brum- mel .... infectious smile .... smooth dancer .... im- pish look in his eye .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Kathleen Barnard-Great capacity for friendship .... hates tragedy and loves pink .... light hair, light dancer .... Betty Barnes-Historically informed .... sensi- tive and conscientious .... determined .... prefers Parker's ink .... Betty Io Barton-Sympathetic confidante .... interested in "trucking" .... in our coffee-cream and Betty Io .... "Apron-String Revolt" .... Christ- mas play '38 .... Tom Barton-"Buick's the buy" .... collects corners .... not what he says-the way he says it .... knows the right answers .... alert for the bell .... Virginia Beall-Unassuming brownette .... excels in bookkeeping .... potential C. P. A ..... plays the piano with ease .... Carleton Beckman-Swings a mean trom- bone .... band cut-up .... talented violinist .... junk jeweller .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Charles Beckwith-Look for him behind the bow tie .... snappy dresser .... stickler for detail f economics class not exceptedj .... Blake Billmyre-Tall, easy going, and friendly .... inveterate notewriter .... Peggie Bischoff-Gracious and poised .... taffy top .... candid camera enthusiast .... no va- cancies in the date book .... Cosgrove Cycle 86 Tire Co. 25 2 N. Centre Street Indian Motorcycles Sport Police Commercial Iver Johnson Bicycles Evin Rude-Elto Outboard Motors Thompson-Mullen Boats Hillcrest Burial Park CPerpetual Care? 4 A- MONUMENTAL 81 BRONZE TABLET SECTIONS Phone 3223 78... Paul's Flower Shop Flowers for all CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS lt is our hope that we may serve you in the future as we have in the past ..... occasions K PLON'S Free DCHVCYY Young Meffs Sbop PHONE 291 115 Baltimore Street Iohn Blackwell-A spoontul ot Barrymore ,ma dash of jitterbug....add girls alternately... mix well and you have "Iohnny"-"Page Miss Glory" .... "Christmas Carol" .... "The Copper- head" .... "The Wizard of Oz" .... "The Black Flamingo" ,... "Dust of the Road" .... "Babes in Toyland" .... "Apron-String Revolt" .... "The First Christmas" .... "The Skull" .,,. Rita Boch-Tall, refreshingly unsophisticat- ed .... a reserve that is most becoming .... lunanita Boggs-Budding beautician ..,, rides her hobby .... equestrienne .... casual artist .... love- ly handwriting .... Harold Brooks-Full of laughter ..,. full of fun ,,.. never gets a day's work done .... that's "Brooksie" .... Betty Brown-Wacky .... good natured .... lots to say .... always gay .... a swinging walk .... a worker .... Iames Brown-Aloysius to you .... Hollywood smile ..,. regular fellow and a one-girl man .... hates to have his bow tie untied .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Bill Burger-Serious minded .... whiz at wood carving and painting .... subtle humor .... Rock of Gibralter .... 'fPage Miss Glory" .... "Babes in Toyland" .... "The Skull" .... Christmas play '36 .... Glenn Burkett-Long like Lindbergh .... "Deep In A Dream" .... major subject-Ogle- bay .... lane Chandlee-Vivacious .... at ease at the easel .... personality plus .... determined, drama- tic, and decorative ,.., "Black Flamingo" .... UBabes in Toyland" .... Maxine Chenowith-Cheerful "Chennie" .... working for a M. R. S. degree .... willing work- er .... rabid rooter .... Iune Clauson-Erudite .... linguistic aptitude ....par1e francais and dicit latin....quietly charming .... sincere .... lack Cowherd-Self assured .... fun loving .... serious when the occasion demands .... athletic prowess .... Bettie Clower-Flirtatious ..., frolicsome .... fas- cinating .,.. carrot-top ..., bestest manager our team could have .... Iosephine Compton-Mathematical and me- ticulous .,,. conscientiousness persontied .... as a pal she's perfect .... Louise Conroy-Fiery .... perpetual giggle .... jolly disposition .... main occupation: chattering with classmates .... Edgar Cornelius-Slight, silent, steady .... dryly humorous .... deep ..., quiet and unassum- ing of manner .... 'Ufappy eflffotoring DINGLE ESSO STATION Fayette and Green Streets Cumberland, Md. Phone 2 568 The Commercial Savings Bank OF CUMBERLAND, MD. We Welcome Small Deposils Member of Federal lnsurance Corporation ...79... FOR THE TOWN TIRE COMFORT AND STYLE K ll - ' li ld Tires Qenuino e Y Spring e Tczlm mob Suits the Manhattan 67 Baltimore Street PHONE 300 See Bill or Ed Tleczsed to serve you Ioseph Cunningham-H a p p y-go-lucky ,... honored at the annual football "shower" .... Miss Simpson's problem child ..,, "Babes in Toyland" ,... Mary Critchfield-Suave sophistication cov- ers a genuine sincerity .... outstanding musical ability .... "Babes in Toyland" .... William Dahl-Music enthusiast .... willing worker .... interested in present day affairs .... Anna Dick-A quietness and reserve that make for a quaint charm .... tooth paste smile .Wloves to roller skate.... Walter Dietrich-Super-smooth ex-cadet .... unusual sense of humor ..., "The Mad Russian" .,..tickled pink when football season comes 'round .... Mary Dolphin-Makes scrapbooks .... likes to sew .... wants to be a nurse .... easy to get along with .... Ruth Donalds-Fastidious dresser .... fashion firsts in hair do's ..,. expert typist .... Virginia Dreyer-Lyrical, laughing, loyal ,... good sport .... "A Little Bit Independent" .... likes "the one-girl man" .... "Babes in Toylandn ,... Shirley Driscoll-Lovable .... jolly .... not a care in a carload .... genuine warmth of feeling for everyone .... "Babes in Toyland" ...l "Apron- String Revolt" .... Iames Drumm-Cherchez la femme .... terpsi- chorean artist .... slow speaker .... good na- tured .... Iames Duncanson-Our blond Highlander ....lean and quiet....dependable as Kelley's,,,. enterprising business man .... Mary Elbin-Laughing, likeable, loqua- cious .,,. horseback rider .,,. a helping hand when one is needed .... Ula Evans-Quiet and unruffled .... particu- lar about things in general ..., unassuming ..,. lovely smile .... Max Farell-A boy's boy .... fun-loving .... genuine .,,, service with a smile .... plunging in the social circled... Anna Feldstein-Short and plump .... com- mercially competent .... amiable .... mirthful .... Ieanne Fisher-One sees her, one knows her, one likes her .... intelligent .... courageous .... knows her sports, particularly football .... WAGNER'S Esso Servicenter MECHANIC AT MARKET STREETS Phone 2938 24 Hour Service ATLAS Tires Batteries and Accessories Lubrication and Car Washing C6116 Quchanan Lumber CDU. LUMBER AND MILLWORK PAINT AND HARDWARE Phones 1270-1271 80... Mme. Q e if CE F. W. Woolworth Co. E -r y QL E 150 Baltimore Street M m Cumberland, Md. Sl MYRON S. LANDIS TYFEWRITERS-SERVICE-SUPPLIES 108 Frederick Street Phone 1900 Charles Floto-Rich bass voice .... philathe- list .... strong silent type .... billiard shark .... self- avowed woman hater .... Dorothy Fuller-Knows her rnincl and speaks it .... self-possessed .... easy-going .... Iulian Goggin-Booming bass .... interested in music .... hard worker .... unique personality .... Iames Glover-Reticent .... pleasing manner ....agreeable., a fried egg-sunny side up .... Betty Greenya--Quaint accent .... gracious and graceful "Lovel to look at deli htful Y I Q to know" ,... Kenneth Grose-Clever, carefree, conversa- tional .... the bane of Mr. Platt's existence .... why work when play is waiting? .... N o r m a Grove-Attractive .,.. coquettish .... r o l l e r skating enthusiast .... "Simple and Sweet" .... Margaret Gunter-Petite .... flirtatious .... gig- glesome .... trips the light fantastic .... Phyllis Habig-Appetizing combination .... reminiscant .... "There's That Faraway Look In Your Eye" .... Iohn Harbaugh-HFirst in the hearts of his countrywomenn .... enthusiastic amateur pho- tographer .... well-dressed .... good dancer .... Russel Harper-Serious .... sincere .... straight- forward .... "On their own merits modest people are silent" ,... Dayton Harold-Better than average typist ....studious....mild and modest....affable..,. William Harrison-Keen sense of humor .... calm, cool, and collected .... laconic grin .... Ann Hausman-"Simple and Sweet" .... agi- tates the ivories with dexterous syncopation .... has trouble with her "Bills" .... expressive eyes .... "Babes in Toyland" ..,. Henry Herron-Radical .... spasmodic as an epileptic fit .... howlingly humorous .... "Have You Forgotten So Soon?" .... William Hewitt-Swing addict .... temper- mental .... trills a wicked clarinet .... fancy figure skater .... 'he illtrat ttitnnal Earth uf Glumhrrltmh " The Oldest National Bank in the Fifty Federal Reserve District ' Member of the Federal Reserve System ' Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 81... Glenn Hockman-Obliging .... fools with "fotos" .... sociable .... collects stamps ,... William Hoff-A true species of the mascu- line gender .... "I disagree" .... gridiron power- house .... disputeful .... Nancy Holland-Welcome refreshment for exhausted teachers ..., sweet, studious, and striking ,... varied interests .... "Babes in Toy- land" .... Margie Hollen-A natural wit .... conscien- tious .... eventempered .... Need ink? Ask Mar- gie .... William Holt-Globe trotter .... resourceful .... where there's "Will" there's a way .... scho- lastically versatile .... "The Skull" .... Irma Hounshell-Types with ease .... she aims to please .... casual .... moderate .... Iohn Hughes-Short in stature but long in shorthand .... "All that we save in noise, we gain in power" .... Iack Hyde-Cynical fellow .... fetching smile ....quiet....intense modern dance records .... C570 The Graduate Of 1939 You're going to hear enough about the serious things in life if we know our Com- mencement Day programs. So We'll add just one thought in extending our good wishes to every Graduate. For years Welve offered a post graduate course in good appearance, and if we may remind you of your Shakespeare, "apparel oft proclaims the man." Good clothes, properly worn and cared for can help carve a most enviable spot for a man in business or the professions. So, whether your first step after gradua- tion is the approach to a job, or a pleasant vacation-then college, let us help you se- lect your clothes in perfect taste! SCHWARZENBACI-I 6- SON ESTABLISHED 1869 McCrory's Sr 100 Store "TI-IE PLACE WHERE BUSINESS IS APPRECIATEDU BOPP' For Flowers Mary Iackson-Competent .... "Music, Mae- stro, Please" .... finesse for friendship .... trumpets are trump with her .... 'ABabes in Toyland" .... Eva Iankey--Calmly enjoys living .... re- served, reasonable, responsible .... "Words are few but thoughts are many" .... Iudy Iones-A study in jocularity .... pert and piquant....does the adagio .... cuts a nice figure .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Donald Iordano-Mobbed by maidens .... brain of the backfield .... sincere .... "The Real McCoy" .... William Keller-Beware-the Spy .... He knows it, he tells it .... master at Math .... sports scribbler .... Paul Kemp-Red-head .... "Handle With Care" .... sincere and serious mixture flavored with a streak of humor .... "Touchdown Twin" .... Eleanor Kieffner-A dose of vivaciousness ....famous for her parties....saucy....impul- sive .... Leo Kisamore-Deliberate, distinctive drawl ....individualist....tenacious tackler....e x p e r t wood Worker .... ...82... Fred Klein-HKnot-a-tie" expert .... a twin .... a ready smile .... all-city gridiron center .... a consistent basketball scorer .... Henry Klein-The bigger half of the Klein twins .,,. jovial disposition .... adept fiddler .... quiet placidity .... Cecil Kline-Cheerful, cherubic counte- nance .... boyish exuberance .... jocund .... addict- ed to much talking .... amateur boxer .... Kay Kline-He of the dancing feet .... bub- bling over with mischieviousness .... buoyant personality .... Iack Konzal-The reason why Allegany girls go to the movies .... likes bow ties .... "Laugh and the world laughs with you" .... still blushes .... "Apron-String Revolt" ..,. Christ- mas play '38 ,,.. "The Skull" .... Charles Kreitzburg-"Rodney, the Rock" ,.,. does more than his share .... cababa artist .... suspenderized and pre-shrunk .,,. raqueteer .... Zorka Krnaya-"Still water runs deep" .... unusual coiffures .... tall ..., fair complexion ..,. brown eyes .... C omplimentr of The LIBERTY H RDWARE COMPANY FOR BETTER MEATS AND GROCERIES Carl Mclntyre Phone 3480 3481 3482 436 Cumberland Street Cumberland, Md. What's Your Favorite Sport? Archery Tennis Badminton Baseball Bicycling Fishing Boating Hunting Croquet Golf Camping Horseshoes SEARS HAS THE EQUIPMENT FOR IT -and Sears prices make it easy to have good equipment to improve your game -and add to the fun! SEARS, RQEBUCK at co. 145 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. Mark Lazarus-Immaculate in dress .... si- monized with Vitalis .... swank, suave, sophisti- cated .,.. Helen Lechliter-Our future Florence Night- ingale ..., a prize-winning 4-H'er ..,, domestically competent .... Lois Lee-As sweet as her name implies .... attractive .,.. when she smiles, even more so ,,., first rate .... Vivian Lehman-Il Penseroso .... timid .... "Silence is the bearer of fruits" .... nice, neat, naive .... Geneva Lewis-A good word for all .... self- accomplished pianist .... conscientious commer- cial student .... friendly air .... Mary Luethke-Patient .... an aquatic en- thusiast .... acme of equanimity .... "Play, fiddle, play" .... "Women In White" .... William Macy-Genial .... witty .... carefree .... confident .... interested in boats and hiking ..,. hail fellow well met ,... Robert Mathews-Calm, quiet, crimson-top ...."M.D."....promising appearance,...s lo W , bashful grin .... ...83... lack Mattingly-"The Great Waltzer" .... iastidious, flirtatious, and funny .... mincing gait .... Colleen Maxon-Tidy ,... trim .,.. doll-like dim- ples ..,. our West Virginia commuter .... she has a "riding" habit .... Phyllis Mellinger-Deep blue eyes ,... fair skin ..., quiet and unruffled disposition ..,. willing and gracious helper .... Lewis Metz--Capable commercial student ....energetic......talkative......courteous......recent athletic find ..,. Betty Miller-Likes to have a good time .... "flutterby" .... gleesome .... ebony locks .,,. a bal- leteer .... "Babes in Toyland" ..,. Iohn Miller-Buster Brown .... russet crown ,... tuneful tenor .... merry madcap .,.. freckles .... Iacob Miller-Petticoat fever ..,. sleepyhead ....perennial student....sandy hair....intricate stepper .... Iune Miller-As dependable as night and day .... sharp wit .... well-wrought .... cute clothes ....a budding efficient secretary.... Wayne Miller-Rare sense of humor .... sel- dom serious .... artistic aspirations .... flashy dresser .... Iean Milne-Symphony in sophistication .... genial, generous, good-natured .... cosmopolitan dependable as 7:59. . Pauline Minnicks--Unsophisticated and lov- able .... easy going smile .... conscientious and loves a good time .... Ruth Mitchell-Fragile looking .... prospective woman politician .... determined .... coquettish .... Ruth Molinari-Self-confident .... amiable .... competent basketeer .... likes horseback riding ....keen sense of humor.... Grant Morris-His brother's rival for bas- ketball honors .... slim, serious, shy .... Helen Mosser-Intense eyes .... a touch of brittle aloofness .... "Sophisticated Lady" .... ar- tistic temperament .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Beverly Mowery-Tall and willowy .... defer- ential, dependable, warm-hearted .... believes in getting things done on time .... p L. BERNSTEIN FURNITURE co. 1f'l ' costumers ' milliners ' furriers lingerie ' accessories 9 N- CENTRE STREET PHONE 1436 Complimenlf of MONARCH PRINTING CO. 116 Frederick Street Cumberland, Md. LIBERTY Cleaners and Dyers, Inc. 5 N. Liberty Street 255 N, Centre Phone 5254 Phone 2009 ...84... THE STERLING ELECTRIC CO. Will be Pleased to Take Care of Your ELECTRICAL NEEDS of any nature Located at 100 N. Center Street Get your lunch and rperzd Your free time at the Mountain View Inn Conveniently Located at School and Tilghman Streets THE Wilson Hardware Co. 30 N. Mechanic Street GOLDSMITI-l ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Smart equipment for maart play Cumberland TIMES NEWS Leading Newspapers of the Tri-State Area Robert Muma-Iitterbug deluxe .... very pun- ny ..,, deceivingly studious looking .,.. nautical minded .... Eugene Munro-Masculinity fused with gentlernanliness .... basketeer ..,. ice cream-his specialty ..., Agnes Murphy-An Irish wit .... beautiful wavy hair .... "Easy On The Eyes" .... fun-lov- ing .,,. hates to leave home .... Wanda McClung--Wistful and Winsome ,... raven tresses .... "Dark Eyes" .... dainty, demure, domestic .... Franklin McElwee-A soccerite .... restive .... a passive nature .... curly hair .... supreme indif- ference to the fairer sex .... Arthur Nave-A typist in the making .... a picture enthusiast .... moody .... "says little but misses little" .,.. Mary Lee Nickle-Sprightly .... credulous .... convivial .... tries anything once providing it's worthwhile .... Dorothy Often-"Does good by stealth and blushes to find it fame" .... a "designing" woman .... "Sweet As A Song" .... D oris Oglebay-Ambitious ..., majors in friends: minors in activities ..., a helping hand when one is needed .... an aspiring typist .... Harriet O'Neal-Graceful .... a comely blonde .... frisky ..., alive .... cute, carefree, and clever .... William Oswald-"Pres" .... Football physi- que .... heterogeneous activities ..., witty ..., Hi, pal ..,."My friends.......................,...Thank you".... "Babes in Toyland" .... Betty Phillippi-My pal and yours .... hobby -blonds ..,. great little basketball star .,.. witty, lively, conversant .... "The Black Flamingo" .... "Apron-String Revolt" .,.. Elizabeth Pierce-Sleek, suave. sophisti- cated .... underneath she's a clever and charm- ing companion .... repertoire ol records .... "Apron-String Revolt" .... "Page Miss Glory" .... Christmas Show '36 and '37 .... HThe Copper- head" .... K'Black Flamingo"..., Betty lean Porter-Imperturbable .... laissez- faire .... an aspiring commercial student ..,, soft voice..,. Caroline Radcliffe-Winning ways .... busy. bonny, blithe ..., saucy .... jaunty .... magnetic .... Marjorie Ray .... Rolicsome and mirthful .... a sensitive nature .... a sparkling sense of hu- IIIOI' .... .85... MEET YOUR CLASSIVIATES AT CIRCLE INN PHONE 1165-M S. LOUIS CURL Cameras Photo Finishing Films 309 Pulaski Street Cumberland, Maryland Keep alive there Jcbool day memorier with maprboir Complimenlf of THE Cumberland Cut Rate Drug Co. S7 Baltimore Street We are Cumberland Owned and Operated R. R. HENLEY, Prop. Peter Pan Cleaners For S67"'UZ'C6 PHONE 19 158 N. Centre Street S36 N. Centre Street Alice Louise Read-Stunning and sophisti- cated .... girlish giggle .... expressive hands .... distinctive dresser .... Irene Reall-Beautiful wavy locks .... capti- vating smile .... engaging .... apt to be independ- ent ..,. Bob Reinhard-Independent, individual, in- tensive ..., every man is a volume it you know how to read him ,... contributor of practical ideas .... Laurence Hephann-Uncertain and unpre- dictable as the weather .... Whimsical .... incom- parable ,... happy-go-lucky .... "Two gun KRSPY 77---- Royce Rice-Impetuous ..,. in tune with the world .... sport-soccer .... friendly, ttun-loving, faithful .... William Robinson-Makes his own laws and lives up to them .... ideas, interests, intel- lect .... participant in many sports ,... Christmas Show '37 .... William Rohrer-Disarrning grin .... leader of cheers .... one of true ambitions and high aims and you shall succeed... Ruth Ruhl-Dark hair .... quiet smile .... good- natured, neat, and determined .... lover of quiet fun ..,. Phyllis Runion-An alert and active athlete ....a loyal friend....powerful pleasin'....con- scientious in her work and serene in her manner .... Dayton Schell-Inert intelligence .... bespec- tacled .... argumentative faculties .,,. a broad grin .... Martha Shipe-A consistent and agreeable disposition .... a drawling talker .... free and easy attitude toward all things .... red curls ..., David Scollick-An interclass basketball star .... connoisseur of clothes .... gentleman of leisure .... lots of friends .... Iames Scott-Blond, buoyant, breezy ..., sar- torial perfection .... yellow eyes .... enthusiastic A, D. K.-er .... "Copperhead" .... Christmas play '36 .... "Black Flamingo" ,,,. "Apron-String Re- volt" .... "Babes in Toylandw .... Beamer Sewell-Proud of his curls .... self- reliant .... generally informed .... auto amoret .... Anna Marie Shaffer-She's reserved, but friendly when you know her .... scholastically earnest .... as constant as the northern star .... ...86... Laurence Shaner-Runs fast and "shoots" straight .... concise in speech .... rambling frame hung loosely together .... Lester Sherman-Tall .... quite a bookkeeper .maquatic expert....a personality that attracts ....that clean-cut look.... Iohn Shroyer-Quiet, pensive .... unassuming in conversation or in the classroom R... third- baser ,,,. Edward Shuck-Enjoys close harmony both in music and in life .... pens sports lingo ,... eager participant in any kind of fun .... William Simpson-Short with curly black hair .... a jaunty air .... likes to study, but not too much .... Elizabeth Sindy-Short and stocky ..., speedy floor player ..., an artist without the tempera- ment .... eloquent elocutionist .... D o r o t h y Smith-Bashful .... tall ,.., giggling sense of humor .... you can count on her ,... Robert Smith-Tall, blond .... has a sense of humor .... terse and tuneful .... an ace on the trumpet .... "there's something about a band uniform" ,,,. William Smith-Wavy hair .... football play- er's physique .... ready smile .... pleasing per- sonality ,,,. Iohn Snyder-Unobtrusive .... thinks thrice before he speaks .... aims to carry out direc- tions .... Loma Sowers-Fair complected .... blushes easily .... "she has a cupboardful of clothes" .... tall, terse, and impulsive .... a "Mrs" now .... William Spangler-Blond fire .... majors in sports .... well built, energetic, and attractive .... slim .... sardonic .... Betty Sparks-Enjoys the aesthetic things in life .... agile dancer .... as magnetic as her name .... entertains in the Maxwell fashion .... "Babes in Toyland" .,.. Veone Spencer-Tall, silent, and rugged ..,. easy-going, hard to rile .... thoughtful ..r. unruly hair ..., likes life plain and simple ..,. Earl Stair-Blond and amiable .... a good HSkate" ..., a pseudo-complacent exterior cov- ering traits of deep significance .... Ruth Stallings-Quaint and Winsome man- ner .... ardent and enthusiastic worker in the 4- H Club .... a ready smile .... Robert Stein-"Bucky" .... altruistic .... main- tains a happy parity between studies and so- cial activities .... 'fundertakesu anything .... SERXHTQCQXKDLlAlQIDXKDlYFPIFCH bUMKRLY'AtCEDTTlHIY osenhaum 5 umhefrlandk Qwn Store 1848 1939 ...87... Cumberland CLOAK AND SUIT STORE 48-S 8 Baltimore Street GRADUATION DRESSES AND FORMALS Grczcizmzbon Q95 HAMILTON, ELGIN, BULOVA GRUEN, BENRUS WATCHES V, E L R Y S T O R E 62 BALTIMORE ST AGENTS FOR STIEFF SILVER Paul Steinla-Smooth dancer, smooth dres- ser .... a "smoothie" .... likes variety in automo- biles ,... blond .... Carl Stitcher-A "Stitch" in time saves nine fplus 25 .... pleasant dispositioned .... boy- ish manner revealed in a quick blush .... Paul Stitcher-Sociable .... congenial .... loves to tease .... jokes, works, and plays with the same intensity .... unhurried .... Glenn Stroup-Enjoys the ludicrous in life ....talks with his hands....full of good fellow- ship and determination .... Ruth Sturtz-Favorite sport+basketball .... a personality that is instinctively charming .... modest ,,,. Iames Sullivan-A hearty Irishman .,.. equally at home on the dance floor and on the gridiron .... humorous and entertaining .... Iune Summerfield-Diffident .... surprises one with the fervor and confidence with which she plays the piano .,., religious ,,.. Mitzi Sutherland-Took the plunge into mat- rimony .... amply armored with striking good looks .... sees the sunny side .... "Babes in Toy- landl' .... Christmas Show '37 .... Bill Taylor-Rhythm on the rink .... compe- tence on the court .... ace in aquatics .... likes sports shirts .... as frank as a dash of cold water .... lean Taylor-Propensity toward ingenious chatter .... piquant prettiness ,,,, has a will of her own .... friendly enthusiasm .,,. Nadine Taylor-Full of "Let's go" ..., spirited ....auburn waves...."The smile of beauty".... 'tlove me, love my dog" .... Eleanor Thayer-Original .... a flair for verse writing .... deep capacity for friendship .... has a "nose for news" .... reparteeist .... "Apron-String Revolt" .... Margaret Thom-A grave charm .... attitude of detached aloofness .... brunette, brusque, be- guiling .... she leads cheers .... Ann Thompson-"Gift of gab" .... congenial ....she aims to please....teachers' typist.... "Page Miss Glory" .... Christmas Show '38 .... Arthur Thompson-Enigmatic individual .... candid and impartial .... ready, willing, and able .... takes life easy and enjoys it .... LOUIS STEI I ncorporrzleri Funeral Directors PHONE 27 117 FREDERICK STREET ...88... Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Fred G. Holloway, D.D., LL.D., Preridenzf A co-educational school situated in the beautiful high- lands of Maryland. A 90 acre campus of unexcelled beauty. A school with limited enrollment and an emphasis on student guidance. Excellent departments of education, music, and business administration. THE SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR OPENS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1939. Edith Thompson-Gray eyes .... brown hair ....neat....thoughttul ot others... dependable... Robert Tiley-Latent possibilities ,... soothing to nerve-wracked teachers .... humorsome .... tar- diloquent .... William Torkington-Silent and non-com- mittal ,... blond thatched .... profound in his think- ing .... "Cheerio, old chap" ,... Glendon Tressler-Blond .,.. good-looking .... raises "hare's" frabbits to youj .... jolly and cheerful .,.. Bettie lane Tripplett-lt's a dull day indeed when Trippie doesn't have something funny to say .... a student but not a grind .... Maxwell Trostle-Ofticious .... a collector of information .... many irons in the tire .... selt-con- iident ..., Ruth Turnley-Classic profile ..,, curly black hair .... charming lisp .... "strike up the music" .... "Babes in Toyland" .... Kenneth Valentine-Likes to read .... more serious than some .... keeps his ideas well guarded .... an honest-to-goodness blond .... Imogene VanMeter-Full of vitality .... fair and different looking .... another senior using her ring finger tor its purpose .... Sammy Waingold-"Better late than never" ....a tirm believer in day dreaming....lots oi leisure time .... overlooks the girls .... Ann Weatherholt-Never in a hurry .... quiet manner, and how efficient! .... "With a Smile and a Song" .... never too busy to help .... Io Ann Weber-Pert, peppy, and pleasant ....we like her sense ot humor....nice to know enthusiastic swimmeru.. David Weiss-Burns the midnight oil .... as- pires to be a second Einstein .... serious and scholarly demeanor .... little, with black curly hair .... lack Weller-Always having a good time ...recognizable by his swinging walk....rugged ....always teasin'.... Marion Weller-Her meticulousness im- presses .... a model study hall student .... takes lite seriously .... sings alto .... small and de- mure .... no 89... H RBAUGH'S Books Magazines Stationery Circulating Phone 494-W . Subscriptions Greeting Cards Library . . 18 Baltimore Street Rosalie Wertheimer-A fashionable lass .... knows all the answers .... dusky beauty .... a sense oi humor marked by a distinctive gig- gle ..., Ioe Wilkinson-Undecided about "the" girl ...pleasant smile....deep set blue eyes....soft voice .... gridiron great .... Mary lane Wilgar-Ardent jazz pianist .,.. reserved .... chubby .... studious .... Alice Williams-A statuesque blond .... fair complexion that everyone envies .... soft-spoken ....fastidious..,. Maud Lee Wilson-Lots of fun .... a clever dancer .... amusing friend ,,,, genuine good sport ....capable of clever witticisms....Christmas Show '36 and '37 .,.. NPage Miss Glory" .... "The Black Flamingo" .... "Babes in Toyland" .,..'LApron-String Revolt".... Wallace Wilson-Loquacious yet studious ...,thoughtful,... diminutive in size but massive in mind .... Phyllis Windemuth-A shy grin .... simplici- ty of manner .... serious on all occasions ,,.. sin- cere ..,. a hard worker .... Edithmae Winner-Soft-voiced but firm- mannered .... a "Winner" in certain commercial fields .... Koontz Market We Deliver FULL LINE OE GREEN GOUDS MEATS GROCERIES PHONE 3275 517 N. Centre Street Real Estate 81 Insurance l'Our Specialty" We have buyers for properties in all parts of the city. List your property with us now! ! ! We write every known class of ln- surance in none but the best Capital Stock Imzmmce Companier. Your inzfererlr will be conserved by comalling Mir office. M. D. Reinhart Liberty Trust Building Phone 1896 90... Homer Wise-Small of stature .... earnest soccer participant .... mild, unconcerned dispo- sition .... bookkeeping specialist .... Warren Wolfe-A quick wit .... jolly and good-natured ..., practical joker .... always on the go .... his worries are a missing quality .... Virginia Wolford-Lovely in every sense of the word ,,., quiet but furnishes fun in her own circle .... complaisant ,... Dale Wright-Clean-cut looking .... wavy brown hair .... likes dancing .... always in a holi- day mood .... Arietta Wyand-A lovely picture in a gold- en frame .... such a little girl to do so much ,,.. charmingly undignified .... Betty Yeager-"Miss Efficiency" .... mistress of any situation .... clear-cut features .... even tempered with a hidden spark .... Mildred Zarger-Dirninutive and demure .... talkative but aloof .... methodical .... olive com- plexion ..., Suzanne Zihlman-Klever, keen, and klassy ....vivacious cheer leader....plenty of pep, vim, a n d vig o r .... liked by all .... "Page Miss Glory" .... Look not mournfully to the past-it comes not back again: wisely improve the present-it is thine: go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear, and with a manly heart. -Longfellow HOOD COLLEGE HENRY I. STAHR, A.M., D.D., LL.D. Pieriiienr Accredited college for women. A.B. and BS. in Home Economics. Teach- er-training. Twelve modern well- equipped buildings. 125 acres. F or eizlizlogne izdcirery REGISTRAR Dependable Banking Facilities Elihrrtg I rust Glnmtmng Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp HOOD COLLEGE Frederick, Md. Cor. S. Center and Baltimore Sts. ...9 1 UW W4-Zia WM WMM 6 W I AMX Qjicial Thotogmphers for the cflllegewi in ,, W 'Vhotozg raphers 7 an 1 Vw' ,Qi V VN' W N ' 4 IVV, rn , x. I ,Fir I VA. 2, I -,. . . ., I mir. in' -EV V lb V i s NV g'- V-,,,1Vf'V"' V- K , I ' ,V ww 1 I -E., 4 'Qu V .V V K Y. W gf K K i . . , I . I l . V V! V. v N V if A , Vs ' 'gl V ' ' V -V V V V V ' N ., 3, Y . ' - , Axim -, V3 x V 1 I t , ' V -N, N 3 Q -t 1 0 . V V , V V wx Q ' V, V, V V 'VY f V ' , Yi V' V ,V V 1 . V J V V 1 V V V 1 V, .' iv 'LN G V Y. X V AL V ' I b V ,xf I ,' V H - - . x ',V4 ,A ,V 1' ' V' ' V '-I , I V V V . : V' ' I Q t 5 4 , , V 1- , I 1 y , ' 3 V ,' V V s , V -A V 'A Vt V . V , I X V . 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Suggestions in the Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) collection:

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