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2 Q 3 ! 5 s E i i 5 a 5 2 - i.1-.1i111.--..m .-. ..-....-11...-.--....1.... ..... - ...-. .. ......... . ..1. .ii ....-.1---1-.1i . ,--.- ...... T.. ..-..... . ,.. ...mi--- - . .-,- . i .QA KH war X X Yqpnarua Tnvwl Q ls. nf' . 'Mr ' Q., If f - I 'Av' I. i l 6? I in '5 fl F- ai saw Nz -V af .2 Nz mwgig AQ: W,-M... W -N mr, f u-n-qua .f.g..M- :Q vu-mm spawn- fm, 15? ef A Tl-IIE mmquwm - IDQEQHITIQID BI- THE QLWQQ MAKE ,AL-IIE foreword Ga! X69 F in yeats to COINS: turning from G. al, the strlfe and toll of hte you Q, chance upon this volume, and in reading through it, recall the l ' . 53.1-, sweet 111611101168 of our Alma sg al - Mater, the most cherished hope of the editor will have been fully real- ized. The Editor. 438' Dedication i M I-Ili class of l927 deems it an honor and a privilege to dedicate this, the sixth volume bf' 'TEX of the Alligevvi, to our new Allegany High lQmQN School, as the embodiment of our ideals, 5, and as the symbol of learning and culture. ' The school marks one more step forward in the development of education. The class of '27 wishes to take this opportunity to express its ap- preciation of the golden opportunities aFforded us, in our new school, made possible only by the efforts of the Board of liducation, the citizens of Cumber- land, and our Principal and teachers. The class of '27 has endeavored to raise high the beacon light of learning that it may be a guiding star to those who follow after us. Qffppreciation 1 C, E of the class of 1927 are duly appreciative Q'A'p -of all that has been done to make us Coin- Ji- fortahle and happy during our sojourn at .VX.lleg'any. XYe ar-e deeply indebted to our 6.353 kind and thonghtlul teachers who lovingly 'Q 'U requested ns to remain after school so that . . H . ,, x ruld not he the recipient ol the coveted lu. we vi e NYC Sincerely appreciate the personal care and oh- ' - . V . . . ' -' ' I servation extended to us by oui xxatchtul pimcipa , Mr. Kopp, and we appreciate our new and lxeautitul school, which has proved such a hlessing to us on our road to lcnowledge, faine, and glory. The Editor. M mm u G. Ii1..xw.xN RIIORRISON DICKEY Crum:-is I.lis'1'1QR jonx W1-2N'rz XYILLIA A1 I IANLY XYIr,1,m1xr XVARFIIQLD EDITH C1iRrs'1'0P11x2R Page 9 1.-.4 N '-I 2' U1 E- 5111 Q my 5- 1-1 -I A M ICS IX L FRF I 1I1rsi11v.v.s' Jlallugvr DONALD Sunnis .4ISXfJl'Itlfl' lfrI1'f01'.v .X'I'IIl.If'IIIC WI' XVI' 4 4 , . ,rx vi .Xlx I 5 IIXF19 Hlf.YI'lII'X.N' .IIIIIILIUUI I. BIISRWIN SIQLF ,'IlIl'Z't'l'fl'SIlIfl Stuff .-XL's'r1x FLIEMING HUIXIOROUS DIfP.XRTMEN'I' SOCIAL STAFF .1 .-Xvm If'I L V-fi 1 sk! .,,.Sf45-':r""7- ' QQ:-il5fCI4'3 2 it M' 'E F533- I v - Q T Q 2 Z' 7 Q i 7' F' PM LIIN Ip IIli'rz11 RVTII KIATIIICNIIX XXfxLT0N IILVNII Lmvn XYIIITI2 II.xxrILTuN DICKEX' xI,l'RII'fL CARIJICR W 4 . 1 I Q 4 Pl-of cs. L. Kopp P: incipuf ,1.,1.,1Ji..1.1u1n10 A .1 U H H Ei n E U n II li U !! u H E! II i II li u B !I 'P U Q u W 2 u Q u Q Q! u ! ll 10, .---..-. ----b--4--1 I do ' 4 .B ,fa if fe. agfi 2 -ai - 21: .it .. .1 -""f:55"'i1'3 I iii ' .IZ Th 2 WWE in I ' . .ff 1 as t it as I ll -- To the Graduating Class ?gw:,4,,,,:gl S you leave our high school and go into larger helds of interest, I I2Iif ,i5j,' want to recommend that you carry with you your school spirit. f M The words, "School Spirit," always connote a commendable, i f or constructive school attitude. when not qualified bv other adjec- -f" tives, and it is in that desirable sense that I use the term. , School spirit is rather difficult to define, but very easy to detect when present in an institution. It is best, therefore, to judge school spirit by the way in which it manifests itself in the acts of individuals and of groups. During the XVorld XYar there were many who shouted "long and loud" proclaiming to all who had ears to hear how patriotic they were. But when the call for active service came through demands for money or personal enlist- ment, these same "shouting patriots" crept under cover of every conceivable kind of excuse to avoid active SERVICE for their country. Patriotism consists of more than boasting and loud shouting. It requires also DOING. And so also with school spirit. The test of school spirit is not how much lung-power one possesses, but how much doing-power. VVe cannot think of school spirit apart from the aims of high school edu- cation, for it is only to serve the ends of education that we are interested in school spirit. Broadly stated, the aim of education is to develop in boys and girls knowl- edge, interests, attitudes. habits and ideals which will make them happy, use- ful and worthy members of a community. All the activities of school which contribute to that end ought to be encouraged and actively and enthus- iastically supported by all students and teachersg and any interest, act or activity which does not so contribute ought to be denounced and rightiheartily condemned. An ATTITUDE of mind which compels an individual to respond encouragingly or denouncingly, as the case may require, by his acts and actions, HAS the right kind of school spirit, for he is in harmony with the IDEALS that the best minds of all times have set as valid standards. And one whose ATTITUDE of mind does not compel him so to encourage and condemn, as the case may require, HAS NOT the right kind of school spirit, and is out of harmony with the IDEALS that the best minds of all time have set as valid standards. The former has vision which commends him as a prospective citizen of fine character and rich promise. The latter has not such vision and gives no such promise. It is thus seen that school spirit is nothing more than a right ATTI- TUDE of MIND in ACTION. Attitude of mind is important, very impor- tant. But attitude alone is not sufficient. Attitude must be followed by action. Attitude must COMPEI, action. Then school spirit will be present and strong. It is our hope that the members of the class of 1927 may have caught this broader vision of school spirit. and that that spirit may serve as an inspira- tion and example in the SCHOOL of LIFE. C. I.. KOPP. Page I 3 ., aff .rgorq fi of it 1 K FACULTY, 1926-1927 . .,1.- ,PA-.1 .- ,. 1 "-Q '-M' A 1 ig"'E Faculty CII.-XRLICS T.. Komf, .1X.B. U' vb -P ' Mus. 1'xI,URI'fNC .-XGNIQS IIARPIAZR .XT141 ' 5 mlt- s mg Qwllcgcy 1X. KI. 1 txj I 1'1'm'if111l C11l11111lmiz1 I.vl1iX'Cl'Si ' 15 11. XX'.x1uf11iI.11, ,X. li. QGUUCIICI' Cullugcj I " ' NSUN, XX. L. ImllXX'l-'IN X I .X. M. ETLI-:EN F. Ihumcrq l'11bv.v1'1'11l .1X.l Fm' .-X. C'1'R1:x', X11:u1N 1 '. 1f.l"I I'I.lll'ff'tII , , 9 X. lr. lXXL'SfCI'1l Klilfylllllil L'11'Ile-gc-J lfinlogy 'H lf1r'1r1'11f1'011 3. C Lvl1iX'Cl'Si F1'1'114'l1 'X. B. f.f1C11t'X'1l Cullcgcy .'lIf,l4'I?I'1I . fLvlliX'0l'Sitf' uf Nlz11'ylz111clj ty of HiSl1lllD.S Cullcgcj IX XX IJIXIIN, X. U. QXZUIICIXCI' Culln-guy lfzzlzjfislz PEAR1. .'XL111i11T1x Iflxlwlile, .X. li. QXX'estc1'11 Rl2lI'X'lIlllfl Coll-11'-' OL1N lflzylixlz C. Timm' CC11l11111I1i:1 L'lliVC1'S l11d11xf1'1'111 .Ir!, llilfzfm ni - j .1f1111-111-.1 EDN,-X 11. Glmsoxs, XB. fNI:11'yl:1111l Qtm 'X Page I 5 Hmm' 1 1 - .'11r111:1I, Lvll' l5l'0IIOIlII.l'.V CL1i1,L1x M. fzllflflllll X XI KXXI u Y Q 111 111-lf 1 ' ' ,SfNIllI..V1I mm' 1ft'0lIUlIIl.1'.X' KA'1'111x1e1N Q ' 1 H1 s'11-.11, .X. IK. fQUllllH L I1 15111 K ' ' 1 ' i1'v1'sit1' 111.111 151 11 ity. 3111111111-1' Scssiu11sX 1X'CI'SitX' uf KI:11'yl:1111lj hmm L llIX't'l'SiIX'J 1 .ng . 711 . - 2: 52. " , .jgfss , ,Q -if :fi 555. ' T . . v B . IREN13 LAVP Qlfrosthurg State Normalj Acrountiug GENICVIEVE l40W'THliR, A. B Qwest Virginia Univcrsityj History ELIZABETH MCKENNA, A. B. CSL Josephs Collegej, A. M. Clfuiversity of Penusylvanial English NIARY I. XIURPHY, A. B. CMount St. Agues Collegej, Graduate xvllfk Columbia Unizfarsity Librarian O. GILBERT CPSBORN, B. A. QMarietta Collcgej Commercial MABEL E. PAPE lHarvard School of Physical Eclucationj Physiral Education H. L. REMBERT, A. B. fUniverSity of South Caroliuaj Ceometry HUNTER ROBINETTE, B. A. QMaryville Collegej , History and Democracy ROBERT M. ROWELL, B. S. A. fUniversity of Tenncsseej C1lC711i.YfI'kV and Biology HILDA SIRBAUGH, A. B. fGoucher Collegej. Graduate NVork fCoruell Universityj, Cjohns Hopkins Universityj History ff Page I6 sllgiqglfr I l l MISS Mjlilil. E. l'.Xl'lf lllf Class of '27 is proud to have as its faculty aclvisor Miss Mabel li. Pape. D who has worked with us for the year for the good of the class. Miss l'ape is also the girls' physical education teacher and coach of athletics. She comes from Baltimore, Where she has been connectecl with the P. .X. l.. in recent years, ancl has refereed the girls' basketball games in this county. ller earnest work in planning and carrying out successfully the gymnasium exhibition shows her real ability. She is well liltecl by all those with whom she comes in gcontact, for she has a sunny disposition. strong personality .and is a jolly good sport. NVQ are glad to have her with us and the Class of '27 wishes to express its appreciation to Miss Pape for assisting us so well during the year. o.u"o..-I N ' X'Y"xo.Q,,u-Q LT9 Page I 8 S U 1 n:"' fi' L i ' ,. Ct 1 -1- ' 5: 3, A ' il' '.' '-7 '- T, 53:5 . ,V., .ff , A .Siu L :um ,S O 6 , . ...K . U. gy. W b . i t Q , l I .,., 1927 Senior Class OFFICICRS Pl'4'SilfL'llf ........ ..... J onx l'1'1'z1i1z I'irc-I'1'v.r1'117r11I ...........,...... fVlRACl2 l,11N111s .S'cw'1'f11l'-1' .... ..... h Iuois :'NI,FRlfD .-Xv11z12'1"1' 7l1'l't7SlH'l'l' ........... P.x1'LIN1C lhirziii, I1l..Yfl7I'f1Ill . ..... ...... R lllvlxxhl li1,Mv,xN C'I11.vx -'llI"Z'l.SOI ..... Mlss PAPIC 7 O n 1' he Semor Class Hzstory U R high school days are now past and goneg but i11 our hearts lie 14 1:p1"'-51.51 ' the sweet memories ot the Glorious moments s ment at :Nlle-ranv. .l--ghlrwfi . P' . l . .. U .- 1 ln her nndst we have formed cherished and lasting' triendships tl1at will ever l'6llllllCl 11s of our dear Alma Mater. lt seems llllt a short time ago that we entered the portals of Allegany-basl1f11l, shy, and wondering. Amid the laughs a11d jeers of the upper classmen we were ushered dow11 i11to the cellar. Many of us thought we could 11ever survive such insults. so we banded together Zlllll declared that as free-born citizens of the United States we would show o11r tr11e worth. Our spirits were dampened a bit by the terrible "drubbing" given our boys by some overbearing Sophomores. but we were again happy when those same overbearing young ladies and gentlemen entertained us with a most enjoyable dance. After that we cheered up and began to take an interest i11 tl1e affairs of Ulll' IICXY abode. Wie soon became her true and active boosters and were filled with a spirit of love Zlllll esteem for Allegany. The l1lCl'6 1nentio11 of her name thrilled IIS Zlllll when we sang that "Dear old high school" we sang' it with as much fervor Llllfl sincerity as any of our upper classmen, for we had become a part of ."Xllegany. Many of the class of '27 aided in the production of tl1e musical comedy "The Gipsy Rover," and also helped to make up the atl1letic teams of our school. VVe attended two more social functions-a Kiddie party Hllfl a dance-and then our Freshman year was just a memory. Page I 9 I .1 " .--"4." "--'. ' 1i:'1:::l1ii5"i'-ig igmiil 'ii' I - I - ill if -fl? ii S. 225 "fs: ,,,A,.,A l .AHA I., lvlvl, v,.- A 6:44 is W ,iq V A A . :qi-1.-.S-1i.::. 1. ,Q .,..4.,. .51 . . 3455: w .gpg yung E5 r 'fl Q .V ,egg Q5 i 1 vu B .I no , .- . We came back in September with a new and different feeling. VVe were no longer "rats," but respected Sophomores! Wie settled down to work hard and established a good reputation, but we also had plenty of good times. Early in the year officers were elected who were as follows: President, Benja- min Meeksg Vice-President, Carroll Scanlong Secretary-Treasurer, XVilliam XYarlieldg Class Historian, Marion Claserg Class Advisor, Miss Lucille Brown. A new dramatic club was organized known as the Sigma Phi Delta. This club selected many of our class as members and gave them training along dramatic lines. Several parties were held and soon, before we knew it, exams were upon us. lt was a case of the "survival of the fittestf' and we passed on as Juniors. XVhen we came back to Allegany the next year we immediately plunged into work. A class meeting was held at which the following Junior class officers were elected: President, Donald Shiresg Vice-President. Elwood Mitchellg Secretary, Ifdith Christopherg Treasurer, Harry Malcolmg Class Advisor, Miss Dorothy XX'illison. As it had been the custom for the junior Class to have class rings, we set about to make a selection. Our choice pleased everyone and the rings were said to be the prettiest ever seen. A bright and artistic Junior-Senior Halloween party was staged, followed by the A. D. K. dance, Pen and Pencil Club frolic, and the Junior-Senior prom. Our girls and boys succeeded in aiding Allegany to win laurels in both ath- letic and literary contests. Many of our fair young damsels were in the famous "Strutters" chorus which made its debut in the production of "Sweet- heartsf' Our Junior year came to an endg we felt sorry it was over but looked forward to our becoming Seniors-the leaders of Allegany. However, the class of '27 entered Allegany in September feeling as if it were composed of Freshmen and not Seniors. Our old Allegany was no more, for we were in a new and magnificent building. Everything was odd- Allegany didn't seem the same. Wle longed for the old rooms, the assembly, the library and those good old school steps. Vile missed the Allegany where we had spent those three pleasant years. But we began to forget our sorrows in the marvels of our new schoolfthe auditorium, the lockers, the gymna- sium-everything was so bright and new that we felt ashamed to he down- cast-it was up to us to be the leaders of Allegany, to instill in this new school the standards, ideals. and the spirit of the old Allegany. And so we began to like it, XYe were the leaders and we tried to do our best. Early in the year we held a Halloween dance to which everyone was invited. Soon after a committee was chosen who selected us a class pin that matched our ring. Numerous clubs were organized and the Seniors had a part in their work. Many Seniors were in the cast of "Mary," In fact, in Page Z O I . io U I A -5 . 7 ,.,,. 4. 1 . ,. fi. in f 'I . 'I Q I Q ' A 4 . 1,2 ggi I I .. , A 5: .Et n Vi fi 2? :FQ all activities the class of '27 was at the heacl. "Smiling Thru" was given as our class play. lt was pruclaimecl une uf the prettiest plays ever given by the students of .Nlelgany High Schoul. Days, weeks, ancl months Hcw by ancl then came the Senior Prmn, our last social aiifair at .Xllegany. Now we are at the end of our high sclinul clays. XXX- are luath In leave- - but we must go! ,"Xllegany. we shall nut forget yon. lYe have trierl tu hulcl your stanclarcls high. XYQ helieve we have succeeclccl. XYC leave with lmnl ineinnries. XYe can say hut littlefwnly .'Xlleg'any, Farewell! Wm X Ugejxva 5554 will X li 5 ,L iffr L N 'li 'ff "-iicbam 'I .21-'LZ .2 "Ml 'I "' ' ifl.. ii 459,533 Page 21 WWW? x V. I rr I K 1,010 I ' jk. JW' , V IJ . x D f 1 I f" THELNMA GREEN WOOD ALDERTON "Johnny" lm F4-rcle Francais 121: Alla-guny Gregg Art- ists Club C433 Arts and Crafts Club HJ: Girls' liezigm- HJ. Thelma has been with her dear Alma Mater for four long, yet short years, and has reached her goal of becoming a digni- fied senior, and she is truly dignified. She is one of the most studious pupils in the commercial department. She always gets her bookkeeping finished on time-a rare thing! Thelma is always interested in see- ing A. H. S. get ahead in anything it under- takes and enjoys a victory for the school as well as any of us. Now, Class of '27, here is something to think about! I wonder why they call her Johnny! THOMAS ANDERSON l4T0,nv1! Chemistry Club 4-lj. The young gentleman pictured here came to us this fall from Central. He immedi- ately got the old Allegany spirit, and be- came one of her active boosters. Tom seldom misses one of our games, for he's always there with his husky voice to cheer our men on to victory. Since his short stay at Allegany, Tom has made a host of friends. This fact, we believe, is due to that ever-ready smile of his. No matter what the weather, Tom has a cheery greet- ing for his friends. We do not know what Tom expects to do after he leaves Allegany, but we wish him the best of luck in all his undertakings. HELENE ELIZABETH ANDREWS "Lew" Junior Drumzxtic Club 12. Il. VH: film- Club 113, 'll Ilil l'l b VU Fin xtiu Chl tub' l'uh- .1 sury u . 5 '- 1.1 . lic Speaking Q-lj. "Her pwesevzfe drives dull 1-are away." The smiling countenance pictured here is none other than Helene Andrews. Helene is a charming blonde-a real blonde, too. She needs no detailed description because every one knows her, and to know is to admire. She is cheerful as the day is long. She's kind and helpful, too. Helene is quite a talented act1'ess. You will probably re- member her in "Rooms To Let." I don't know what she has scheduled for the fu- ture, but one with such a sunny disposition couldn't help but succeed. Three cheers for Helene! Page 2 2 GLA DYS MARGARET APPLE "Peaches" Spanish Club 126, 2711 A. D. K. 125, 210: Q:ll'l' l'lub 1214, 271. "Her hair was not more sunny than her heart." 'tPeaches" is one of the charming blondes of the class of ,27. She has one of those sweet lovable dispositions that everyone ad- mires and enjoys "Peaches" is a re ulai . . g' ' booster of Allegany, and is always present at basketball and football games. Although we know she has true school spirit we still feel that there is something else that urges her on to support school athletics. It doesn't take long for one who is acquainted with the "lover's lane" of Allegany to know what, or perhaps, we had better say who, that something is. We really don't know what she will do, but we hope that "Peaches" will be a great success in the path of life upon which the class of '27 will soon be treading. ESTHER SPEAR ASKEY "Essen "A kind and gentle heart she had to com- fort friends and foes." Junior Dramatic Club 12, 22, -lb: Gloo Club 133: Crt-g'1,: Artists Club 1413 Girls' League 113. Always frowning but never sadg never angry but always glad-that's Esther who is pictured here. The most charming fea- ture about her is that she is ever ready to be of assistance whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is why she has many friends, who love her for her Happy, affec- tionate! disposition. We all know that Esther's ambition is to be a private secre- tary and if she is determined, that is what will happen-so Esther, here's to your fu- ture happiness and success in life! VIRGINIA IRENE ATHEY Hllllllgfbn I"l'1'l1L'll Club 123: Klrvgg' Artists Club -ll: Crafts Club bw-rship 1-tj. Virginia who never good time occupation 1 1435 Ortlvr of Gregg' Artists, Atom- is one of those carefree girls worry. 'She is always in for a and usually has it. Her main is chattering with her class- mates. Virginia is one of the very indus- trious members of our class and has been with us for four years. Her best subjects are shorthand and bookkeeping. She has received her certificate for typing and is a member of the O. G. A. She will never be without friends and her magnetic person- ality and strong character will hold us for- ever true to our old pal-Virginia. Page 23 . we .M ..,.,, xui- '. ' i A t , fl--g '1 "'-' ' s Ui' ' . f I xi-kk yn K, ..H Q, 1 A ' 'K.- 'L f QL 'X P V- I I JAMES ALFRED AVIRETT "Jimmy" "Honor, high honor, and renown." Alligcwi Staff Editor-in-Chief: Mirror Staff I-Up Declamation HJ: County Debate HJ: Truck 13, 45: Poetry Club 1-lj: Latin Club CSM Frciich Club 43:1 Tmbating Club rx, 41: Hi-Y ui. The typical 'Seniorl The Orator! The Sportsman! The Editor! The Alleganian! These are the attributes that have made Jimmie so invaluable to his class. Those rare qualities of leadership, good sports- manship, and fellowship-that we find in our nation's men, we perceive in this boy. Jimmie would rather roam around in the woods with his dog and gun than go to all the dances in existence-which doesn't mean that Jimmie is of a silent, lonely nature. Goodness, no! He was endowed with a gift of humor and ready wit that has en- deared him to his classmates. Jimmy is going to study law at Harvard. Hats off to the barrister! CHARLES BEAMER Soccc-1' Cl, -ll: Track 11, Il, -lj: Viet--I'1'r-siclelit lllulc Chorus KU: Hi-Y 141. Charlie is a hard working, industrious young fellow, and he was very faithful dur- ing soccer season. However, he managed, what seemed the impossible and kept his studies up to par at the same time. Charlie is a quiet fellow, and yet he can be plenty of fun when he loosens up. He is the type that Allegany is proud to claim for her own. He takes an active part in other school ac- tivities and is quite necessary to the Boy's Multiple Quartette. Charlie intends to be- come a dentist. The class of '27 wishes him the best of luck. RUSSELL D. BEERY Gregg Artists 141. "A still tongue-a wise head." Russell, one of the most sincere and earn- est students in our class, entered A. H. S. in his sophomore year. Despite the fact that his commercial work has demanded a great deal of time, he has also held a job. He can drive any kind of a car from a Ford to a Rolls-Royce. Ask the girls about that! His career in Allegany has been character- ized by a perseverance which knows no ob- stacles, and this determination will help him achieve a place in the front ranks of his chosen profession. Page 2 4 ..,.. ..,... .,., ,...--...-- --.--- 7.7, ..,.Y.- .. ., . .. 1 -W -e LYNN BEIGHTOL President of History Club 143: Hi-Y Club HJ: A. D. K. 443. Lynn can be termed as one of Allegany's prize students for he frequently ranks near the top of the honor role. He is not only a good student but he is also a true Allegan- ian for he attends. all the games in which Allegany participates. He surprised us all last fall when he took the role of an Indian in "What Happened to Jones?" Stepping out in his Senior year, he was elected Presi- dent of the History Club and through him that organization has been kept moving throughout the year. Lynn is a go-getter, and he is bound to make good in whatever occupation he pursues. MILLARD ANTHONY BEIGHTOL llistory Club 141: Science Club Q-13. "A good sport and a true friend." Beep! Beep! here comes Beightol in his "Study" or is it the Hudson. Millard has a big heart and is always ready to help some- one. He has been with us for four years. Although he did not participate in many athletics, he was always on the side lines- even in Catonsville and Frederick. When Millard Anthony graduates from A. H. S., one of her best students will be gone, but not forgotten. It has been fore-ordained that he will be successful in the future. Here's to your success and the best of luck, Millard. HARRY WALTON BLUME "Irish" "His plans were those of mirth and mischief." French Club 12, 373 Pen and Pencil 12, 3, 413 25. R. K. C-lj, Art Editor of Alligvwig Trzick When you want some drawing done well and attractively, call on Walton. He is a real artist and can be depended upon to do his best at any task he attempts. Walton is a quiet, easy going person and we haven't heard much of him other than through his splendid posters and drawings that he has made for different occasions. We find that he possesses the virtues of consistency and M-fx ff--1 J' fi'-fl.5. 7753 54-4fL.4,f WWE pil - uf -1 ff"'.ff4 , e 'id f , 1 1 fl 74704 ., A -Ml nfr!'V,1'4 V,-If-nav x.g..y9g W 254 .w 1 'ijt Hifi: , .. ,img 741 4 on fzitirm UKEQLZ. steadiness which are sure to make him as great a success in later life as he has been f. in Allegany. X M1 Page 25 f , ' Q, X XJ KJ K K fix. if :QQ .AFD f :W ,U K.. 4 'HJ sf MU. I "' X ,M "pry fn J' I . , My U15 Q f'!A9,fV . ,. , l r'-' ff' fa' ka' vp Q 2.19 +- x Q' vt" .-"5 , ' s sp ,I ,vi Q" F4 I Y " I 4' ' . .Q LJJM' M V Lu A 6 'F' I I 5, 5 21 J i A 5 ' i V M 1 A GERVILLE CORNELIA BRANT "To know her is to love her." Gerville is one of those very quiet Seniors and is seldom heard from except in class where she makes her presence known by her fine recitations. Silence is her watchword. Some months ago Gerville confided to us that the ambition of her life was to become a nurse, but we can't help wondering whether the fact that a certain neighbor of hers, who intends to become a doctor, influenced her in arriving at this decision. Gerville is a combination of all that is good, and we ot the class of '27 consider ourselves "plenty lucky" to have her as one of us. IRENE BROWN Pen and Pencil Club 13, 41: Glu- Club CID: Physical Culture Club HJ: Dramatic Club 121. "This is why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Who is this? Do you know? This is Brownie, that cheerful little commercial student, one of the old gang. She is well known around school and well liked. 'She has devoted four years of her busy life to being a student and loyal supporter of Old Allegany High. Brownie always has a smile for every one and is a very good friend. We have never heard Brownie ex- press her life desire, but we wish her suc- cess in anything she may attempt. SARAH BUCY Latin Club V2-I, '25, '26, ':ZTJg History Vluh 121193 1:11-Q Club 625, '2u, '2!TJ. "A Blossomed Rose." A rose that has blushed unseen for its first three years of high school life, has in it's senior year blossomed in all its glory. This description fits Sarah from head to toe. During the years of her sojourn at Allegany High, Sarah has been one of the most loyal supporters of the school's activi- ties and her scholastic ability speaks for itself. The Senior 'Class of '27 is proud to say that Sarah is one of its members and, in whatever she attempts in the future years, it wishes her the greatest of success. Page 2 6 MURIEL CARDER Junior Dramatic Club 13, 43: Creative Club Q-D3 Athletic Club 4413 Alcohi Mirror Staff, Alligewi Staff. "A darling miss," you'll say as you look at the photograph, but if you happen to know Muriel personally, you won't stop at that mild complimentg you will go on sing- ing her praises until doomsday. She seems very small to have so much personality, in- dividuality, and talent. She writes clever plays, beautiful stories, and exquisite poe- try. Muriel, we hope that your gift of ex- pression may be the medium that will con- vey to those who will not have the privi- lege of knowing you, your sweetness and wholesomeness of character. VICTORIA CHAPPELL UVic!! UVic" is the explanation of "Why boys leave home." This petite little Senior is one of the most popular and entertaining girls of our class. She always has a cheery smile for everyone and if you are lucky enough to be at a dance, you put yourself under the spell of her personality and wish H50-11" more waltzes. But "Vic" is not all fun because her marks are above average. She has good looks, popularity and intelligence-a happy com- bination. We predict a bright future for you, "Vic!" RUTH CHASE "Ruthie" Lv Cvrclv Francais 133, "The shadows of dusk are in her hair." We have here "Ruthie" one of the little girls who has crossed the river from our neighboring state to be a student at Alle- gany. We are all glad that she decided to take this journey every morning because we all love her for her cheery smile and words of encouragement. Some people think "Ruthie" is timid, this may be so but she surely is a real friend and pal. Ruthie has never said what she expects to do when she leaves our school, but we all join in with a good-bye and good luck cheer for our Ruthie. Page 2 7 1 I. a V" , rv ,F a ,L J' 'V' 'X K L J rf f "i 1 lf Y 'H ya l , - u 'e. r,J' QW 5' 1 f ig' ix' W if , ii gl tit' JV X 5 ft N, V by D w P1-. p 1 l s I ' if J k J" 'Qxf . 'ui EDITH GQEGG CHRISTOPHER - ' t"Edee" 4 'And so ofwry za beaziteous mid lovely youth." . Junior Dr'?imatic,i'lub 12, 35: A. D. K. 13, -ll: Jiilcohi Mirror Steiff: Social I-Editor of Alligewig Secretary of Junior Class: "Once in :i filin- Mo0n"g "SVV1'0tiltf!ll'tSHI 'M:u'y": "W'l':it llup- pened to Jones": "Smilin' I'hru": S1-cu-t:u'y of Creative Club C-lj: Declaniation Q49 IN Slender, graceful, with blue eyes, fair hair and a lovely smile-how's that for a combination? The name of this maiden is "Edee." Usually 'fEdee" is very dignified, but did you ever see her at a basketball game? This is the most popular girl in A. H. S. If you don't believe it, hold an election and see! She is one of the school's best dancers, one of its best actresses, and possesses literary ability too. "Edee," we say "Good-bye" and "Good luck" to you. RITA J UDITH CLQEM ENT "Frenc'hy" Creative Club HJ: Girls' Ls-:iguc ily. "She nzixes fmz and work together in sur-lz way Us fo make both. enjoyable." Rita is one of the bright, inspiring stu- dents in our Commercial Department. Dur- ing the four years she has been with us she has made many friends. Rita is an ideal high school girl, a mixture of perversity and sweetness. One can readily see and under- stand why she is so well liked when one sees the cha1'1n of her smile-the smile that has won its way into our hearts. Rita's greatest desire is to become a pri- vate secretary, and the class of '27 wishes her success and happiness. Good-bye, Rita. MERLE COBLER "Cobb" ,, ,y Q- lb 2 1 f-if ivci 2 fngomil- ' tr-5.181215 HSv5eit.l1tazii'tg"i:i sgiauliiigliicjlnb ts, Multiple Quartet Q-ij: iunior ramatic 333. X "Yofdo- o-des-do!" ' ' Merle isdthetbnly saxophonist of the class, hank. gdb ness! No, we donjt mhan that, bhis playing really pleases us. 'Merle is o e of the'orchestra's best uixits and he p ya, well enough to draw L1 good deal of ment. We' mean favorable comment. Salxcgitonixits usually. receive the other kind. He-U ' es, eatsfftihrows an gesticulates with that ,oldlleft hand of his, but that doesn't mak 'the least difference. He is the kind of a ellow' who is always interested in what he i doing, and so he accomplishes things. When Merle retulrns to Cumberland on the Hunt Concert Course the old class will be occupying the first ten rows in the gallery. Page 2 8 MAE IRENE COLLINS "None knew her but to love her." Girls' l.1-ziguo 1413 Gregg Artists Club 10: Arts and Crafts Club HJ: Latin Club 1475 Mum- bvr of Order of Grew.: Artists HJ. Mae is one of those girls whom one might say is happy-go-lucky. When the days are dark and gloomy and nearly every- one is frowning or discouraged she is al- ways jolly and optimistic. Besides being a merry-maker this attractive brunette has had the distinction of becoming a member of the Order of Gregg Artists. Mae's greatest desire is to become a stenographer. The class of '27 wishes you heaps of luck in everything you undertake. WILSON COOK Huw-pig: Artists: Track Team ill. Who said we don't have good boys in the class of '2.7'I If you think we haven't just take a look at Cookie's picture and this will change your mind. Cookie is a commercial student and a good one, too. He speeds so on a typewriter that he would make a speed cop's hair turn gray. Wilson can always be depended upon to back up his Alma Mater, and aids greatly when it comes to cheering a team to victory. He is bashful but willing. We don't know what Cookie wishes to do when he leaves us, but we wish him all the success in the world. DORCAS ELLEN 'COPELAND "Small in stature but large in the eyes of men." A. IJ. K. 141: Glee Club 137: Junior Debat- ing Club: "Gypsy Rover": "Once in at Blum- lKIoon": "Sweethearts": "M:xry." This fair damsel is finishing her course in three and a half years. She is one of the hest dancers in the school and no social function is complete unless Dorcas is there. Dorcas has been an active member in dramatics and has taken part in all the musical comedies. When Dorcas leaves school she is thinking of training for a nurse. Won't a lot of people get sick just to have Nurse Copeland take care of them? The class of '27 surely hates to say good- bye to Dorcas and we all join in on wish- ing her all kinds of good luck. Page Z 9 wb' Afrv' I 1 ,.,,. , . J. 0: Vv'. AJ ' '-LN 4- A L- .k f -7 , Ill, 1 L.,- -r . 5, ' .. . 1' 'f' f1' 1' I , ,,l-'IX sfqfty' 4 I , . f' 5-,L l".L!f L! r f 1 ,.,..-ff . 1 zffff N ff ffbidhff A. 41f,fj"" ' I , 'I lx Y 'll 4 X' I ff ' I ,x l g r L 4 I1 u l l N x N if N I 1 M ,niilijy j. NQ' n Q I X E. GEORGE COUGHENOUR "Crikey" Track ffl. 41: Soc-cel' I-U3 Pen and Pencil C-U: t'rl-:itive Club 131. "Cokey" came to us from the wilds of Pennsylvania about a year and a half ago, and proceeded to make himself a part of the Class of '2'7. George hasn't missed a dance since he came here. That speaks for itself. In a crowd, you are sure to find him somewhere near the center. But aside from his love of good times, George has a good share of deeper stuff. "Cokey" has a combination of good qualities which makes him well liked by his classmates. The Class of '27 wishes for him the best of happiness and success. RUTH NAOMI COUTER Girls' Lezigue fell: Gregg Artists Club CHL Arts :mil L'i'z,ifts Club Hy. "Happy am I, fro-m. care I am free, Why aren't they all contented like me!" Ruth is just a happy Commercial stu- dcnt. She has a pleasing disposition and a smile for everyone. In the first two years she was seen, and not heard, but now she is heard before seen. One of her automatic questions that can always be expected on an early morn is, "Have you your book- keeping?" We all realize that Allegany is losing an adorable girl, but she has an ambition to be a nurse and here's hoping she will carry it out successfully and con- tinue her popularity throughout life. LEWIS CRABTREE "Chi11lc" "Bright as a button." "Chink" has completed his high school course in three and a half years with a great deal more success than some of us who have studied for four. Mr. Crabtree is one of the most diminutive members of the class. Of course, he is larger than either of the Tommies but not very much, and when he is sitting down he is well nigh invisible. But his deficiency in stature is made up by a prodigious amount of energy. Lewis is a cheery and fun-loving fellow and interested in everything. We are glad he is going out with us. Page 30 W-,nv-H-A-n-.v---1--1 an---""'1 - -f-' '-'-'-"P"-' ' MARIAN EARNESTINE CROWE "Marnie" "Though on. pleasures shc was bent she had a. frugal mind." Junior Dramatic Club ll, 2, 37: A. D. K. CU: Latin Club 1213 Glen Flub HJ. Marian is one of the most quiet girls in A. H. S. She never gives the teachers any trouble-what's that? We're all off the track! As she goes from one class to an- other, laughter reigns supreme among all who a1'e around her, for she is a jolly good sport. She wants to be a nurse, but no matter what she does, or where she goes, success will be her's, for nothing else could come to one that has the smile of "Mernie." HELEN JANE DAUGHTREY Lntin Club 43, 43: History Club 1373 Glec Club KID: Girls' In.-ag:'L1e HJ. "Thy 'modesty is a candle to thy merit." This fair maid possesses a marvelous crown of Titian hair. She also has an en- gaging smile which reveals beautiful pearly teeth. Helen is completing her course in th1'ee and a half years. Last semester she worked in Schwarzenbach's-of course we know why the fellows all rushed there to do their buying. This semester she was back in school laboring at her studies and she came through with Hying colors. About Helen's future I cannot say, but it might be safe to predict a rose-covered cottage for two. LENA ELIZABETH DELBROOK "To the steadfast soon Come wealth, and honor, and renown." This young lady is known around A. H. S. chiefiy for her scholastic ability. If you want to know anything, ask Lena! .Especi- ally what the attraction is in Ellerslie- there's something there! But studying and making friends are not all Lena's abilities, for she also drives a car. We hear that she is going to be a teacher and we admit that she has all the character- istics to make a successful one. Good luck to you in the future, Lena! Page 3 I WN, ...wg 44, 41 Q y . .,,ia..v.. 'NAQM -v-al.14:.!l-u..9l-J-za"' ....,1..,,n.a W.. n g lug 1041 . b..1.......1.u... cite . . lllliih' 1 L . for-,,. ' , r""f4"fV 'll ' l a ,s , . - Hoff, an , , eta .f. .. .1 . r ' 4 23,111 . f J P i 5 N - f . -W1 9 , 11" v - -san- - GRACE OLIVE DENEEN "G1'ucie'l Spanish Club Ui, -ll: A. ll, K. 12, Jil: G11-e Club 13, -lj. "A good stzrdeizt, always happy, and a true friend." Gracie is one ot our bobbed haired charm- ers with a roving disposition, as may be seen by her actions in the hall at noon time. At such periods she is looking for a certain black-haired t'boy" who is a mem- ber of the "A1ligewi" staff. She has ever merry eyes and is noted for her constant good humor, and especially for the smile with which she welcomes everyone. Gracie is a sincere friend, a typical Alcohi girl, and a booster of all school activities at all times. So here goes, let's give her the good old 2-4-6-8! CHARLES HAMILTON DICKEY "Ham" "The best part of ci Img." Track fl, 2, 3, 41: Soccer ll, 2, Ii. -IT: t':ipt:iin of Soccer Tl-am C252 14"-m-ing Cluh QU: Gyn: Ulub 1-0: Glass Basketball Cl, 41: Fuyvtziin C431 Spanish Flub 43, 41: Junior Ilrzuuritic Club 625: .xlligf-wi staff 445. 'tHam" is one of the celebrated Dickey brothers. They go around together and really like each other. "Ham" is one of the best athletes in the class. He can speed on the cinder path and has been a mile re- lay man for two years. "Ham's" agility and lightness of foot is remarkable, and to see him manage a soccer ball is a real plea- sure. "Ham" was very considerate in pick- ing out a girl. He took one named Helen to make the Dickey-Helen quartet complete. Here's luck and a million years. THOMAS MORRISON DICKEY Soccer 12, 3, 473 Track il, 2, 3. 43: Alcohi Mirror CIS, 43: Alligewi Staff: lntor-Class Bus- ketball 12, 3, -U. "Many a genius has been slow of growth." You have before you a picture of one of the Dickeys-the one with literary Q??J attainments. 'Morrison has already become atliliated with one of our local papers and, by his work on the Alcohi Mirror, we are convinced that he has talent with the pen. His accomplishments, however, are more diverse than just writing. He is a star soccer player having played with our team for three years, and he has taken active interest in track. Morrison has a magnetic personality, an amiable disposition, and a strong character. We are sure that Mor- rison will come out on the top of everything -so here's good luck to you! Page 32 ROY DOUTY "A dlgllliflfll old gent." It is said that practice makes perfect. This evidently is the reason Roy is one of the best typists in Allegany High School. Because of his efficiency along this line he was a participant in the modern typing demonstration in the Pageant. He belongs to the Allegany Gregg Artist Clubg and altogether will make a very promising sec- retary and accountant for some lucky em- ployer. Another of Roy's good points is the fact that he has not missed a day from school in his four years' career. Some rec- ord, Hurrah for Roy! ALICE VIRGINIA DURRETT ulpertyu or ushorfyvs Junior Druniatic Ulub 12, IU: A. D. K. H51 French Club 141: Latin Club 121: "M:1ry": Girls' League 143. Alice is another of our Academic Girls and one of the most conscientious students in the class. She never says much, but she thinks a great deal, judging from the grades she gets. Berty is a loyal sup- porter of all activities of the schoolg while she has never gone out for athletics, her smiling face is always seen along the side- lines. Her chief ambition is to teach little tots in a little red school house. Berty has a charming personality. We wish her the best of luck all through life. FRANCES ALTA EARL Junior l'h':uu:itic Ulub 125: Girls' Ulm- Club flag fin-ls' Atlilf-tic' Club 441. "ll'orl.' ll little, sing at Iittlc, whistle an-:I be glad." Frances entered A. H. S. in 1923 and has been with us for the four years. She has taken part in athletics and always attends every game. Frances is a member of the Girls' Glee Club, taking an active part. She is a true and loyal supporter of Allegany. She intends to enter a school of physical culture in order to become a teacher. We wish her much success in her future un- dertakings and hope that some day she may teach at dear old A. H. S. Page 33 I LLEWELLYN ENLOW "Toots" Glee Club 145: Art Club 126, -D. "A spirit that is indeed amiable and willing." "Toots" is one of the prominent members of the Class of '27. She is the possessor of a sweet and charming personality that endears her to the hearts of all her friends. She is an enthusiastic member of the Art Club, a zealous worker in the Glee Club, and a faithful booster of Allegany sports and other activities. We feel sure that in whatever field of work "Toots" is inter- ested, she will surely succeed. The Class of '27 extends to her all best wishes for success in everything. MASON D. EVICK Multiple Quartet 143: Junior Dramtic Club LIU. Tall and slim. That's Mason! This lad -or we had better say-young gentleman, is one of the tallest in Allegany. He has become during his senior year a regular sheik. In fact, some say he is a fashion plate for the men's fashion world. Mason is well liked by allg he is not very talkative, but he's always ready to have a good time. He is frequently present at Allegany's ac- tivities, for he is classed as one of her true boasters. We are glad to have him in the ranks of the class of '27, and we wish him the best of luck. JUNE FARRIN ".l1u1ey" Public' Speaking Club HJ: Creative Club 1435 .xml--tie Club 141. Friends, Romans, and Countryrnen, this is June-the blue-eyed girl from the Com- mercial Department. She really needs no introduction because her sweet smile has won for her many friends. If one would like to have a good definition of school spirit, just consider June. She is one of our loyal boosters who followed the basket- ball team to victory. She is always seen on the side line cheering for her dear Old High School. June is also a good student. Allegany is proud to turn out girls like June, and the Class of '27 wishes her suc- cess. Page 34 JOSEPH FELDSTEIN lltloie!! Un-livstiwi 12. 14. H: Prcsinlcnt of Urelu-stra Hi: .Junior Drunisntic Club LU: Crc:itivc Club QCD: Gu-gg Artists HJ. "Far dborv thc blowing wind, ls the masterful soul of the violin." Did you ever walk into the assembly on Tuesday morning and see a dark-haired boy playing a violin or leading the orchestra! That's "Joie". the backbone of the famous Allegany High Orchestra. "Joie" is a ca- pable and promising musician and has re- peatedly delighted us with his splendid vi- olin solos. Everybody knows and admires him for his wit and personality. Besides all of these admirable traits, he is very ambitious, has initiative, can assume re- sponsibility and stands high in scholarship. The Class of '27 wishes him success. WILBUR FLAKE "Slim" All of us have heard of Ichabod Crane. We have one in our class, and this happens to he Wilbur Flake. Wilbur, or "Slim," as we call him, is very quiet and retiring, but his bright smile and sunny disposition has endeared him to his classmates. After he graduates he intends to become a doctor. All of us will miss such a Quiet ounil and so will our good teachers. The Class of '27 wishes him success in future life. A USTIN FRANCIS FLEMING "Rattle" Fmmibzill til, U: H:iskotb:lll fl, 2. 15: A. D, K. 131: Spanish Club 135, 45: I'ri-siilont of Boys' Multiple Quartet til. 45: 1'r1-simlvnt of the Hi-Y Club Hi: Yi!'t'-I,1'l'Sllit'Ilt of Spanish Club kill: Alligx-wi Staff. It is hardly possible to write down all the good qualities of Austin. He's one who is always ready to further the interests of Alleganyg willing to aid his fellow class- matesg always the same jolly Austin, ready to have a good time, and yet knowing when it's time to stop and begin to work-a real, honest-to-goodness leader-that's Austin!! The class of '27 is proud to claim him and we hope that he will go through life as great a success as he has become in the portals of Dear Allegany! Page 3 5 5 :NY I o-.f I fs. Y 1 ., - 9' Y Nw , v ,f ...vYp"w I ' M .4 ,.y'Y ' .Z Q. we il IIE' K li N 1 K .1 A' F 5 QJVA ' . if . A' N sub! ga Wall l of .f ff f ' 7 4144. og ' JAMES BENJAMIN FLEMING "Jim" .luniur l7r:uu:ltir' Club 1253 A. D. K. CR, -ll: "Swl-4-ilu-z11'ts": "0m1- in an Blue- Moon"3 Junior liuskn-tbull: Fl'llt'lY'l3.l' Club I-H3 lloys' Athletic Club Hy. "One of high unlbifimls and true aims." "A mighty nice fellow"-thatls what everybody says about "Jimf' He wants to know who said, "Gentlemen prefer blondes." for he has a preference for brown eyes and brown hair. "Jim" is one of those digni- fied seniors who is employed in Schwarzen- bach B1'others. He has become a valued salesman there, for he is always ready to please his customers. "Jim" is not only industrious out of school but spends much time and energy preparing his lessons. We predict a bright future for this conscien- tious young man and wish him the best suc- cess in the world. ALETH EA FLOTO "Shorty" Latin 1'luh 1123: Lllwgrg Artists Flub HJ: Girls' l.n-:1g'lu- HJ. "All tIlll'l'S swccl and true, Always smiling, never blue." This is the correct description of that cute "little" girl-Alethea-the pride of the Commercial Department. Alethea has said, that she has no special accomplishment in view for the future, but you know, and I know, that this industrious young lady has some desire, which is tucked away and quite hidden from the curiosity of her affection- ate friends. We believe that some day Alethea will blossom forth into a surpris- ing' young house-wife, We all wish her the most of success that can come to a house- wife as charming as she. AIRTHUR HERMAN FLURSHUTZ .Flys ,'l'n-:nrli ll, 2, DH: Som-ci-r ll, 21: fllw-ef: Artists 4 1. "He docs his stuff And thrzfs enough." The picture here is that of Arthur Flur- shutz-"Fly" to those who know him. "Fly" is a member of our Commercial De- partment who has a spirit that cannot he depressed by setbacks and discouragements. "Fly" makes a typewriter talk and is a whizz at shorthand. Besides this, he is one of the best track men in A. H. S. "Fly," we hope you "carry on" in after life as you have done in high school, and in closing, we wish you the best of luck. Pade 3 6 ALICE BOOTH FOOTER U ll. K. 174, -ll: l'cn and Pencil Club CI, 2, T'he Senior Class may count itself "plenty lucky" to have Alice as one of its mem- bers. Did anyone ever see her angry? Of course not. Alice has one of those pleasant dispositions that is admired by everyone. She has been an active member of the Pen and Pencil Club during her four years in school and the club will surely miss her. Alice doesn't know what she'll do in the future but whatever she undertakes she'll be a success and the Class of '27 wishes her the best of luck. FRANK FORD "FI1'vncr" ln-butimsq Club ll, fll ll1'n-mg Artists Club KU. We have here one of the most silent boys in Allegany, and also one of the best liked ones. For two years he was so quiet you hardly ever noticed him, but in his Junior and Senior years, he took on that upper classman attitude, and stepped into the limelight of the Commercial Department. He is never too busy to be polite or kind, he seems to delight in helping others. Frank, don't forget your friends in the Class of '27. We wish you good cheer, luck, and success. HELEN BERTHA FOX tllm- Club Ci, -IJ: History Club fill: l'r4-:alive lb-lla 1221. Club fill: "Svvcm-tln-arts": "Mary"g Slfllllil Phi "Gcnflc in 'llIIl7l7I6'l'?Sfl'0Ng in 1Jl'I'f0l'lII-l'lIIt'f'.U Helen is a quiet and sedate maiden of thc Class of '27, She has a sweet manner that seems to attract all her classmates, She is good natured, obliging, a good sport, and a true friend. Helen has been in our musi- cal comedies, and has taken an active part in the Glee Club. She is well liked by all, and we feel sure that all kinds of success will come her way when she enters the highway of life. Paqe 1 7 .V -fig. P 9 15, P- N3 on 1 . ', ,I A V 5 ' 5 - I A ll , " -un.. ,s va If'-Q". , ' f ' Ju. 7 1 I f 71. 1-U1 fb-"ffl af ' ' 47410 " If ' Xl! I, .. f. fs - lff,1r.. 4 .1 I Q 1 I I x WW .cowl 0- 'hm X' L"tD ' l v G nf? J My XT. mlftfhgjl 6 Jksyxbi -xii l, ' lv .X-IQ in 5, V of .5 w ,ku xo lu' XR sfgltve :Q xojlxyfy ,vs ' 058' N .Qyfifvjf ff9,xt'Qxy 5352 u IL .-,l' '- Q 4 ,X xy X v fvyff, rr , .1 rf 7 by 36, JAMES PAUL FRASE A. D. lx. C453 Malo Chorus C-U: HSXVl'4'l.lll'Jll'iS" fill: 'Wvllat Happened to Jon:-s'."' HJ. In September, 1924, this lad entered A. H. S. as a member of the dignified UD Senior Class. In fact, the class would he dignified if all were like Paul. Incidentally, there must be a good excuse for this dig- nity, so here it is-Paul is a real scholar. He is of the rare type that hears much and says little. This year, although habit- ually on the honor roll, he found enough time to take part in dramatics and to use his voice so well that we predict that he will rival the great tenors. VIRGINIA MAE FREE "l'iryi:" ".l::s.' nv Nd fdsIz'o:u':I ,yfrl ln fl neu' fapfliiowcl ugcf This old fashioned girl seems to be El little out of place in this rushing, dashing: sie, but never the less she is a good sport and a steady friend. We all have learned to depend upon Virgie for help in time oi' YFOUDIG, and she is always ready to aid us. Her sweet, unchangeable disposition has made us all love and respect her. Virg e, when you go out in the world don't forget the class of '27 because they won't forget you. EVELYN FRESH .X. 'T li. ffl, -H: Sigrniri l'lli lla-ll' 1231 l'vl1 ' W I ln . 1 .' v - -n . -A ., ' . 3 ., .ind Ii-nail tlub Q-, --. 41, lnu in .1": "i4YVl'1'till'ill'lS'-I fl rls' lnauprili- ill: 1-rm-ni-h Vlubz Ill'b2llill,1-ffilllij fill. "Oh, size is fl! p, ff'f'i:f,.'.' Who doesn't know 'tFreshie"? There are a very few who don't, for this young! lady is the possessor of a most charming per- sonality and is endowed with a sweet dis- position. besides Inese qualities she is one of the most attractive students in Allegany. and is classed as one of its best dancers. We don't know just what t'FresEiie" intends to do for her life work, but we are su.c that with her blonde hair and sunny smile she will be a sure sue:-ess in the world. Page 3 8 LOIS GANK "Swevtl11-:u'ts": IN-n and Pencil 13, 45: Cup- tziin Ball. "Heart 071 hcl' lips-and soul ivifhin hm' eyes." Lois is like the above quotation. She has auburn hair, a sign of temper, but this is not so in her case: for those who are ac- quainted with her, know that she has a kind and affectionate disposition, with a smile for everyone. She has always sup- ported activities, and at almost any game you can see Lois on the sidelines. Lois says she is going to Normal, but we all have our doubts. Here's hoping you make a success at whatever you undertake, Lois, and come out on "top" of the world! TEVIS GERARD Debating Club HJ: Physical limlucation Club HJ: Library Club HJ: Junior llrzmmatic-s 1245: "The Mun YVl1o ltlurrim-ul a Dumb XVifm"' LID: Soccer CD3 Truck HJ. Tevis, whose handsome photograph you see, belongs to that certain group of young men commonly known as sheiks. But don't get the idea that this is his only attain- ment, he is interested in debating and all athletics. His grades are the pride of his teachers. Tevis knows all there is, was, and is going to be about current events, and just between us, if you want to borrow a pen or a pencil, just ask Tevis. With hope for success, the Class of '27 bids you farewell. CLYDE C. GURLEY Junior lirumntic Club 12, 3, 41: Mirror Stuff HJ: Ili-Y K-U2 Crvat,ive Club fit, 45: Orelu-stra Ci, 43: USVVL'1'tll02lI'tS" 135: "Smiling: Thru" CID. Clyde is a boy who does any number of things well. A glance at his list of activi- ties establishes that fact. And while he has a certain dignity that keeps him from being classed with the frivolous, he, never- theless, ably played the part of the villain in the class play and he has been known to work havoc with feminine hearts more than once. We look to him to become at least a bank president or a figure on Wall Street. k ow Sf, C ,, , life N X M 1-If ff afaaw - ff I ft 3' V' i ML a .QZ4-UV-ry.. 'rlvvaa--l-w.n,,. ' I-1 "A , o- s gALfl4-0 If ,,l 47 -K 5, -X 11 Cb J I 1 ' -4 fvfrizvn ,ff 76130. -a . "A 'NK 'Q X 5 5, x s .. f x N -- J v .Ns -4 , J I li K bf o if G GEORGIA FRENCH HARDY "Golden hair, like sunlight strenmi11g." um- Club 11, 3, 413 French Club 12, -nz Art Appruciutimi C-lj. Tall and stately-that's Georgia. Georgia has been with us all four years and al- though she doesn't look it, she is known as one of our champion gigglers, especially in Democracy class. For three years Georgia has blended her voice with the rest of the beautiful ones in the Glee Club. She is one of the few who are taking three years of French and judging by her middle name, she must be quite Frenchy by this time. We are sorry to be separated from Georgia, and all join in wishing her "bon voyage." ELIZABETH LEE HEINTZ "Heintzic" In-hating Ulub 1341: A. IJ. K. 13. 45: Sigma l'I1i IM-Ita 1233 Pa-n :xml Pencil Ulub 12, Ii, U: I"rm-nch Flub C333 "Once in zi Blur- AIINHIHI "Smiling Thru": "lVhut Hzippm-nr-ll to Jones." "Her eyes were deeper than. the depth of 'loaitev' st-illed ut e'ven'." It seems that words are always cold and inadequate to picture a personality. We found ourselves in this dilemma when we attempted Heintzie's write-up. Yet, some- how, words-gay, laughing, sparkling words come tumbling into our brains at the mere thought of her. Warm pulsative life has found expression in her dancing feet, the dream of smiles in her eyes, and the spon- taneous friendliness of her manner. What- ever course Heintzie may pursue she has our heartiest wishes for success. BARBARA VIRGINIA HERON "Ginny" "She mixes work and play together so as fo make both enjoyable." firm-p:f: .Xrtisis 0273: Girls' Illlllgllt' C'2li, '2TJ: ul.-.I Club q'::s, 249. Happy, carefree, and smiling,--that's Vir- ginia. A girl with personality written upon her face. Virginia is always talking, ever in her class room. She must be talking about her lessons, of course, judging by her marks l?J. But, when she speaks, you can expect to hear some brilliant, witty remark and learn something new. Virginia has a host of friends in and out of school be- cause of her winning smile and sweet dis- position. She has never told us of her plans for the future, but we know she will suc- ceed. Farewell, Virginia, we wish you luck. Page 4 0 l 'V 'I , 'Q ' X' ,. ' . 4' PAULINE HEIZEL V , PS' Y J s4H6,tZrv .' lhnskr-tbveill iii, U: Yollvy-lmll 12, 41: Fivlli- ' 'IFS--I ' hull 131: Cuptuiri of llrnskf-tbnll TL'5llll HI: .luniur , U x Drmnntic Club t2J: l.:1tin Club 1125: Sflcxw-t,ul'A' ez. A. U. um: x'it-1--in-.Asi.l.-nr .unit-up Assn- 1 'fl-KJ' ciationg Truck ll, LZ, 21, -H3 l'n-11 :mil Pr-nm-il Ulub U13 "Sw:-1-ilu-:u'ts": l'Ind-bull. "True Blue." "Hetz" is the type that looks well IU a shirt and bow tie. Quiet to a certain extent, Pauline has the most adorable pout we have ever seen. She can get along with anybody and is popular with everyone who knows her, and there are a a great many who do. To those who come to the basketball games "Hetz" is a familiar figure. She's always ready to help anybody out and thinks more of the team than of her individual playing. Bless you, "Hetz." EUGENE HILTON uf:f'lIf',' "Sf0ndy Us The clock." lli Y K-H Gene is a quiet fellow who is usually en- gaged in doing something different from the average high school senior. He works hard at everything and accomplishes a great deal. Gene is one of the Park Heights residents and in spite of living so far away he has a reputation for getting to school before anybody else in Room 2. If Gene only continues in the rest of his life the way he has done in high school he should have no trouble at all in becoming a big man in the world. ALBERTA HINEBA UGH Art Club CR, -ll: Science Club HJ: Girls' GI.-v l'lub 13, -U. t'S'hc lives at pence with all the world, In frimzdship she was trac." Alberta is another one of those rare girls who never says much-that is very much. You know she's there just the same. Al- berta has a fine artistic sense. She has been an active member of the Art Club since it came into existence last year. We're sure Alberta is going' to have a wonderful future. Not being fortune tellers we don't know just what to predict, but we are sure it spells success. Page 41 J i l i . 4 a l . I 1. L 3 1 Q-3. Q l' 4 .L 1 .Jwlxg 5.1- wif!- N15 J xi 4 .Y 1 4 H s yt' 'S 'X f f 1 J X fx vi. ,N V 4. J' ffxr s 1 X- . gl vs VD xc .1 K, , 1 i QI .. X Jlm . My WWW rw' 1' vii' 'W' IJ 4-D x r , x .4 3 Es cali D N Y 3 RU SSELIL LOWELL HOEiLZER "Daft" Junior Dramatic Club 12, 3, 47: Junior Debat- ing 123: Orchestra 443: Track tl, 23, Soccer 433. Russell is one of those quiet unassuming boys who is gifted with such an amiable disposition that his popularity is assured. Not only has Russell given evidence of his versatility in the dramatic club, the de- bating club, the orchestra and athletics, but has proved himself to be a good student as well. We do not know what Russell is planning to do after school, but whatever it may be the class of '27 wishes him 'tBon Voya.e"! ELIZABETH HOOVER "Hoover" "Lim" Vice-President Girls' Athletic Ulub H11 Latin Club CBJ: Sigma Phi Delta 123: Basketball CI, 41: End-ball till: Captain, Touchdown Pass Ball 633: Captain Valley-ball 12, 41: Fin-lml-bull 1335 Captain Captain Ball QU: Track fl, 2, 3, 43. Here is one of A. H. S.'s loyal supporters. Whenever there is anything going on you will always see "Lizz" there. Besides be- ing a supporter she is a star athlete taking part in basketball, volleyball and fieldball. "Hoover" is a good sport and a truer friend could not be found. Her ambition is to be- come a physical culture teacher and you may be sure she will succeed. The class of '27 wishes you the best of luck, "Hoover"! WILLIAM HULL Boys' Athletic Ulub: Buys' Fencing Club: Uns- ketball 13, 41: Track U, 21. William has been a student at Allegany for four and one-half years. Now don't think that he spent the extra half in study because he failed for he didn't. He liked Allegany too well to leave. Although new this year at Allegany, fencing has become very popular with many of the boys, and whenever we think of the Fencing Club we think of 'iBill", for he is one of its foremost members. Whatever you take up in after life, Bill, Allegany feels sure that you will make good and here's wishing you luck. Page 42 RICHARD MAREAN JoHNsoN -'Dwi-" "A good sport." Basketball CS, 412 Soccer 13, 431 lluys' Mulli- pla- Qum'te-I, 145: lli-Y K-H: Tram-k LI, 2. Il. 41. Behold, the noble Dick! Dick is the star center of that championship basketball team. We'll never forget him! He also held the position of goalkeeper on the soc- cer team. Besides being an athlete. Dick is a loyal supporter of all other activities of the school. He has a winning smile and a laugh all his own. A better sport could not be found. Dick is going away to be an electrical engineer. and the class of '27 wishes you the best of luck, "Dick." M ARJORIE GOODM AN JONES "Marg" Sigrmzi Phi Delta Cl. 23: Latin Club C232 French Club ISD: Art Club 1275 IH-n :intl IR-neil Plub 13, -lj: A. TJ. K. fit, 41: "Svvi-1-tl1vu1'ts"Z "Once in :i Blue Moonn: "M:rry." "A true friend, the best of sports." Here we have the "pep" of old Allegany all in one petite girl. 'iMarge" entered at mid-year with the class that made "It Must Be Love" famous. She is an all-around good sport, always in for a good time, but ever ready to help anyone at anytime. Marge is one of the most popular girls in the school with both girls and boys. We all know that she is a world-famous "heart- breaker," although she doesn't try to be, but she is also a true friend. Marge, we wish you every success. EDNA LOUISE KENN EDY "Eddie" "Deep blue eyes and blond hair, Wlzen. 'it comes fo a 'IU'l'I1.S0'IIlU smile she's there."' Edna has been with us for four years, and during her stay has been one of the most industrious members of our class. Everyone can tell when Edna is around because of her sunny smile and good dis- position. Edna wants to be a nurse, but it will be "good-night nurse" if the owner of a certain blue "Nash" comes around and steals her. Her nickname Eddie happens to apply to someone else too-Edna knows whom. So heres to you, Edna, with our best wishes for all the success in the world! Page 43 I .,3' f f' Q. 5 NX X V -af fl I ., -. I Q - ifll I vf -' IIV i! ,. if ,f if Xp ' 1- fl 1 f I f f' " xtlx .I i ' I QA-as-vf'a do-ui 1 '-- Q 43-I-r 1 " n' f' f 1 ." 1 4' 2 M ,'-lst' the gff Of '- Puw A NU 404' J' ." ,I 0 I J x O ls O el' ARNOLD KIGHT Nuys' Physical ldilucatinn Flub HH: Plvsiclvllt ol' Iioys' Physical Education Club Hb. Hail to another adorner of the fair halls of Allegany-our sheik, Arnold! Can't you see by gazing at that picture that he was "lt"? That Smile! And the way he combs his hair! The snap and dash with which he wears the latest in men's styles from Paris! Arnold always presents to us our idea of what the well-dressed man will wear. But what we like about him is that he is a real fellow. We don't know what Arnold wants to be, but we wish him the best of luck in his chosen profession. ABRAHAM KISHTER KlAbie!! Mirror Staff HJ: Football 41, 25: Track fl, Ill: Spanish Club Ci, -H3 Latin Club CD: A. D. U. 43: Orclu-stra QU: Sf-nior Debating Club "The soul of the 'vioIin." Behold! A master violinist! When our "Abie" draws his bow across the strings the entire audience knows that they are hearing something good. For he can cer- tainly draw music from that old fiddle of his. Ever since we can remember, "Abie" has been playing for us and the happiness he has given us cannot be measured in words. "Abie" has always been engaged and interested in everything. He is always ready to help a fellow and laughs quite a lot, very often at himself, which accounts in a great measure for his popularity. MIRIAM GERTRUDE KLAWAN "Mini" Sigma Phi Ds-Ita. i213 Prosiilvnt. of Sigrnia. Phi Im.-Ira 423: A. 19. K. 11, ::, 41: llistory Plub fm: Alvulii lVIil'l'0l' Staff 13, -U2 f'l'USl1l1'l1t of Girls' I.:-aguv 443: President of A. D. K. 143: "Once- in il Blue Moon": 'SW0l3tl10?ll'tS"I "Smiling 'l'hru": Declaniation Contest 13. 43: Studi-nt Council 133: Assistant Editor of Alligvwi. .Miriam Gertrude Klawan-such a long name for so small a girl. And yet it would seem that her name has been an asset rather than a liability, for under it this young lady has carried to success more en- terprises than one would deem possible of so petite and unassuming an individual. Miriam, like Alexander the Great, has left few worlds unconquered. Her power of leadership is one of her outstanding charac- teristics. Here's hoping that she'll carry into the big .world the qualities and characteristics thdt made her high-school days, days of glorious achievements. Page 44 KATHRYN KNIERIEM "Kfife"' "A clillar, ll dollar, A ten o'f'locl.' sclzolur, Wlwt -nzalfes you come so soon!" Another of our Commercial students is Kathryn. Kathryn is one of these quiet, sweet of disposition, and wise young ladies. Her motto seems to be, "A still tongue makes a wise head," but even when talk- ing she radiates her loveliness. Kathryn has never definitely stated just what she will do when she leaves us, but we do know that she will make some business man a nice, efficient, and steady stenographer. Farewell, Kathryn, we shall miss you. EDNA KNIPPENBERG Girls' Athletic Club HJ: Sci:-m-v Uluh UI- "A dillrlr, a dollar, A ten o'clock scholar, lVhat makes you come so often!" Edna makes it a point never to be absent more than four days a week, but when she does come she makes up for lost time-in talking! 'As a Freshman she used to be Uscairt stiff", but she has greatly changed. We cannot account for this change unless it is the pet topic of her daily conversation, "Harold", who, in her estimation, is a per- fect dear. She is a great outdoor girl and is never happier than when in knickers, tramping along a country 1'oad. Edna has chosen teaching as her career in life. So here's wishing you great sue- cess and happiness in the future. Edna. HENRY KUHN 'l'r:u-k QU: Football Hb: llnsketbzill KD: 171-114-- ing Club HJ: Librziry Club fell. "His voice is ever soft, gentle and lou'.' Ladies and gentlemen, you are now intro- duced to one of the best members of the class of '27, namely Henry, as expressed by-well, you know, Obscurity seemed to be Henry's aim for the first three years in A. H. S., but look at him now. From his athletic activities Henry has received a bit of publicity. He was a member of the basketball team that won the state cham- pionship. We hope some day to see Henry's name in glowing headlines not only as an athlete, but one of our country's greatest men. Good-bye and lots of luck be with you. Paqe 45 K .yo ,f ,ff ,di 'r' . Vwfd f M ii?-ff. '1 'J' diff rf VIRGINIA FRANCES LAM Glue Club 41, 3, 41: Art Club CD3 Domestic Art Clllb 141. "A merry heart goeth all the day." Virginia is one of our quiet, demure las- sies. It is no unusual sight to see Virginia laughing and giggling. With such a sunny and sweet disposition she has cultivated a host of friends. Everyone who has come in contact with her is impressed by her loving personality. She is always happy, taking life as it comes, and aiding her fel- low classmates in anyway she is able. The class of '27 is glad to claim her, and hopes that, while treading the high-way of life, her thoughts may sometimes wonder back to those happy school days spent at Alle- gany. MARIE MAMIE LA MANCA Spanish Club KID: History Club QU. "Silence is more musical than any song." The above quotations seems to be Maric's motto. The damsel seldom speaks, she's very quiet and demure, never boisterous, but always takes her time calmly and slowly to do her work. Marie never hurries nor runs around, like most of us do, in this busy world. However, in her own way, she gets her work done just as quickly and as well as any of us. With such a carefree way and sweet manner, 'Marie possesses many friends. We know that she will make a success of her life, and we hope that all the luck in the world comes to her. J. GRACE LANDIS Junior Drmnzitic Club il, 2, IH: A. Tl. li. K-ll: "Tomy" Pen :mul Pm-neil Cl? HJ: Glue Club QCD: Ill-i-gg Artists K-U: Vice- re deux. E Svnkr Class: "Svvevtln-arts": "lXl'ar' 1 int-1' ' iru." "A 'wee ' lg nz P, Some ng I' az '." B ven as Grac ' spi ith po ' ', st re mber ose act lllu it es whic he i d. ra neat- ness, gl ualit an .1 rec' n pers tie . r no ook are e l ht ei art rds are ning 1- r ' de- . :gh I '. to us st entsj. ', s ra ' two of our m i l Qdm ' s, en one of them e d ee h w in o r hearts. We kn t t da Cl g art ill never die whil race ll i s. I ay s e always go danci g thr ug fe, ut ill infusing her existence with th same ss and prac- ticability that is so amili r to us. Page 4 6 fi X . .Z ..-v-----M - ----W ------- - --- W--------Q-v-v-.Y ----W . i- . . Y . . . ... .. ,. ,, . ,,,,, ,..,.,,,, V BEULQH LAWSMLK LARGENT m1.gri80Q1mf'q2, 3792 Arr qmim 12, 3, nz mee f U ., ' j"BLu'shing A924011-s74s41'lzr'lf, brown luzirg Qf'Sh'inin7fe'yesf!1l2fa 'magic girdle." ' ' Beulah! s oryfof the mosgngharming gas- sies of our iiasskgger win ' g pers ity has surr ed, with, a host of iends througholiijtln e ,four years withfbs. Dur- ,the gear site hasinbegn-'an active 1' mber ff the Glee Club jowing both er ab?lity as a singer, d as an able secretary. She can always find time to take an active part in the school activities. Her greatest desire is to become an effi- cient school teacher. Here's wishing you the greatest of success. CHARLES H. LESTER "Butch" 01' "Charlie" "Better Iate than ne1'vi'." llnys' Gln-v Ulllb HJ: Trzwk 122. Ii, -IJ: SOC'f'1'l' 42, 3, 43. Charlie is a star soccer player and does equally as well in the Male Chorus. He holds the record for being tardy the great- est number of times. Of course it was all on account of the railroad trains, because he always got up at eight o'clock QU. We have never known Charlie to be in a. other mood but a happy one. His clean cut personality won him a host of friends at Allegany. He is going to work for the Bal- timore and Ohio Railroad after he leaves "Dear Old High School." ' ,H ' f 5ifrAT'rI1grr,Ev1N :linux-nvli ,V tix In-btuim: Club Ct, lj: j JV emi P I l l lube . 4'Fire ip her freyscs, zuiwys in her toesg she sbrtcl lznrc Music wh refver she goes." Qyery CWS must fha its Titian haired Las le, a . he Cla slof '27 is no exce tion . . P - .lv.Ours is n,the,,fpg .onage of a petite mis- tress'known to -al as Ha ia'i'e.' Hattie is a, slid, earnest worker, t YK scholastic c les ants' in extra-cu f ar activities. e is zu ependa la fort of person-ask tie,t9ldo somet 'P g and you may be sure it .y 'llfbe done. e are glad to have her e of the Class of '27 and we hope that stlelyyill have all the comforts and pleasures o 1 e. Page 4 7 2' 1-t: -'i ,ft lv a H QW-Q it 'J 'E wi 0944 tzjiaimliv-flflv all 01 LM 1 xy ,. i lx divx iff: , u p 5 .V ,, ll' A 1 L' ,J 1 4.1 4 J fu! MJ f . , . If A, V N ,7. eg 44 ,y CV if , 0 I , x r" I I if ' A ' lv o.v . w ' 1 f CARL THADDEUS LINDELL "Thad" "HU towcrcrl hcud and slzoulflcis rfcr thc' Wai." Spanish Club Cl, 41. 'tThad" is famed as the biggest boy in Allegany. Besides standing well over six feet, he is proportionately broad, and we wouldn't like to hazard a guess at what he weighs. This boy just adores anything with figures in it. He can add up a column faster than anybody we know, and get the right answer too. He invariably rates an "A" in solid geometry. "Thad" is a fine fellow. He is nice to everybody, always cheerful and never refuses to help anybody. "Thad," may both you and your Ford have continued prosperity, for the Ford certainly needs it. CLYDE LUCAS "Silence is the sign of ambition." Junior Dramatic' 42, 3, H: .lunior' 'IH-:im tl, 215 History Club HJ. "Ladies and gentlemen, as an orator I am non est." So Clyde starts his orations both in class and club meetings. Clyde is very quiet and ambitious. Seldom do you catch him without his lessons prepared for he is always ready to recite. Besides be- ing' an orator of note, he could have sub- stituted for Shakespeare, had he lived in that former century. Clyde was not an athlete but could al- ways be seen at these contests. Goodbye, Clyde, and may you have a lifetime of suc- cess. HARRY J. MacDONAI.D, JR. "filflf"' llrc-In-s -Q J, - : l'- : 1 H- " Club 3 lla li U mn ml l mil HJ Spanish Club KCI, lb: Junior Inumatic Club CD3 Ili-Y Club 145. "Short -in sff1t1u'c-but so was lv1l1JOI6'fIlI.,' Harry came to Allegany from Washing- ton in the bleak month of February, 1926. He soon won his way into the hearts of all who knew him and one little miss in par- ticular. The fact that Harry plays in the school orchestra shows that he has consid- erable musical talent. He has ability in the art line, too. This year he made his entrance into the Pen and Pencil Club. He sure is a "wow" at printing. Harry's auto is just about as popular as he is. It is at the service of every one. Let's give Harry a big send off. Hurray! Page 4 8 LOUISA ADELINE MacKENZIE French Club. Mere words cannot reveal the kind of a girl Adeline is. One has to know her, be under the influence of her charming per- sonaliiy, to reallv appreciate her qualities. Once you are Adeline's friend you are al- ways her friend. She is so modest and shy. just the qualities We all admire even in thfs flanper age, and yet she is not the least bit old-fashioned. Adeline does her wcrk well, but she doesn't believe in be- coming a bookworm and missing all the fun. She aspires to be a teacher. Judging by the qualities that high school students admire, she ought to be a good one. Fare- well, Adeline. May you have a success- ful career and a happy life! GRACE ETHLYN MacM URDO "Mac" A. D. K. 11, 23: Spanish Club fl, 23: Presi- dent of Suphoninro Ulslssi "Once in si Blum- Moon": "Swctheurts": Captain Ball CBJ. "A true and loyal friend." You will now have the pleasure of being introduced to one of the neppiest girls in our class. She is a "jolly good fellow and has a smile and a good word for every- body. She not only has heaps of girls as friends but plenty of the boys too. "Mac" seems to be interested in biology, and she makes a special study of "wood" and we think maybe she means to some day make a life study of it. We wish her happiness and success forver. "Hasta Lluegof' ELIZABETH MARTIN "Lizzy" "She's a jolly good sport." Track fl, 2, 35: Basketball iii, 45: Volley- ball 141: Fri-nch Club 12, lil: lirnmzitic Club 42, 341: Treasurer of Art Club fill: IR-n :md Pen- fil Club HJ: Girls' Athletic Club HJ: "Svvn-ct- iczirtsf' Behold! We have pictured above the one and only "Lizz Martin." "Lizz" is a good sport and always ready to join in the fun. She has taken an active part in athletics during her four years. She is often seen with a dark-haired Sophomore, but there is no need mentioning his name. "Lizz's" ambition is to become a nurse, and we wish her great success. Good-bye and good luck, "Lizz"! Page 4 9 JN J Y DPWQ W i X W' iw VICTOR SHANNON MARTIN UVic!! "His quietness and studiousness can be taken fofr u, model." Ilistory Club 13, 43: Track 1-lj. Victor is one of the small, studious, and quiet boys of the class of '27, He has made the 'best of every opportunity that presented itself to him during his stay here and has made good in all he attempted. He never cared much for athletics, but did his best in representing the school in his Senior year in the county track meet. He has worked very hard and deserves much credit for the good he has accomplished. Keep up the good Work, Victor! RUTH VIRGINIA MATHENEY "Roughneck" Basketball 13, 413 Manager of Basketball 'Fw-am 141: Vollcy Ball 441: Field Ball 131: Mir- ror Staff 441: Alligewi Staff 143: Creative Clul: I-H: Treasurer of G. A. C. 145: Latin Club 433: 'I'rm-k 13, 433 Girls' League I-U. Tiwo years ago Ruth came from Mt. Savage to enter the ranks of Allegany. During her first year she succeeed in win- ning a host of friends. Last fall when she returned to school she played volleyball. She was one of the best forwards in the league and played splendid 'basketball all season. Everybody will be sorry to miss the chatter of he! tongue and her satiric laugh when the "baby of the class ffor she is only fifteen years oldj is forced upon the long suffering and much enduring world. MAE MATLICK I,:utin Pluh 1295 0. G. A. Club um. "Worth her weight in gold." This is Mae, one of the noted 'brunettes of the Commercial Department. She is a faithful supporter of all .Allegany activi- ties and followed the basketball team of '27 from town to town, cheering them to victory. Mae is friendly and loving. She has many friends in all high-school classes. Mae wishes to be a nurse and we are sure she will make a successful one. Good luck, Mae! Page 5 0 WILLOVV McCABE "Bill" Spanish Club HJ. "Lcm"mfd and fair and good is she." One of our former students returned to Allegany just in time to graduate with the class of '27, Willow came into our ranks from Toledo, Ohio, about the middle of the second semester. However, in that short time, she has made many friends. Her cheery smile is always ready to greet every- one. and because of this characteristic she has made herself known in Allegany. Wil- low is studiously inclined fAlonzo had bet- ter watch his stepzj and has succeeded in ranking high in her studies. We do not know of her ambitions for future life, but we feel sure that she will be a success in whatever she undertakes. CA RROLL McCRACKEN "Furs" "A litflf' pair of frouscrs covers Il muffi- tudc of flesh." Ili-Y Club 649: Spanish Club 155, IJ: F1-nc-ini.:' Club HJ: History Club HJ: Athletic Club Hb. Carroll is one of the many big boys of the class, who comes to us from South Cumberland. Carroll is not only big, but industrious. During the summer vacation you will End him wringing out shirts at the Union Laundry, where he holds a good position. Carroll has a ready wit, and a pleasing personality. The class of '27 wishes "Fats" all the success in the world. MARGUERITE MELLINGER "Nagy" lin-gg Artists Club 443: Athletic Club HJ. "Thy modesty is ll cmzdlc to thy credit." Marguerite is one of the few girls who are seen and not heard. She has a very quiet and amiable disposition. And a big, warm heart. If there is a show in town one will likely find Marguerite jn a certain "seems to be" reserved seat, accompanied by her closest and dearest friend-Virginia. Now, like her friend, she wants to be a nurse. 'Marguerite will be what she wants to be, so we know that success will be hers. We wish you lots of luck, Marguerite. Page 5 I I 'i 4.1- I ave, I-, l 1 l NJ 8-I L' :aff MJ-, K ..-nav'-""', :JI J ' .A , -.f,,'s- 4' ,.. .Jar "" V.,- 0 0 I 5 9 x s I 4 a -4 Q . J..- JAMES MESSICK "Jimmy" Spanish Ulub: Junior liiwxmzitic Plub: Multiple fguuru-ti 'I'i'a1u'k. James is better known to the students as "Jimmy." Jimmy is another one of these bright students, finishing his high-school course in three and a half years. But don't think that Jimmy is so studious that he cloesn't have time for other activities. Jim- my is a wonderful dancer, and you always see him at the dances with a little black- liuired, b1'own-eyed girl. Although Jimmy doesnt play basketball and football, we know what a good track man he is. "Fare- well, Jimmy." NELLIE ELIZABETH MIDDLETON KKNFIIHY Spanish Club C311 Ilistory Plub 1-U3 Girls' 1,4-1-miie HJ. "Where Did You Get Those Eyes?" An- swer us, Nellie! Big, hazel orbs are they, with long. black lashes that turn back in a vast entrancing and disconcerting' man- ner. How many young men have fallen be- fore the dreamy glance of those "eyes"? Oh, Nellie has stopped counting! But in addition to the beautiful eyes thus de- scribed, she has a sweet, subdued person- ality that has won for her a host of friends among her schoolmates. About the only things that can ruffle Nellie's calm ex- terior are basketball and a mouse. What- ever your ambition may be, Nellie, we ex- tend to you our heartiest wishes for suc- cess! KATHLEEN MOBUS "Kate" Sigiim l'hi Delta 12, E512 l-'i'vi1cl1 Flub 121: Glow Ulub 12. -H: Gregg Artists HJ: Girls' .Xthln-tic Vlub I-lj. Sweet as a linnet-Kathleen. And Kath- leen is a beautiful name, suiting in every Way this small, slim, dark-haired Senior. She happens to be a Commercial student, but one doesn't like to think of business when talking to her. Kathleen possesses that indefinable "Something" called person- ality, one of the best aids to success. May we suggest that before long, lxathleen will be taking dictation from someone-but not in shorthand! e Page 52 I s WILLIAM MORRIS lfrvncli Club: Clivmiswy Club. Wiliam is another one of Al1egany's best bets. He liked the old school so well that he just had to stay in an extra half year and keep the rest of us company. He is always ready to help a good cause and whenever you want something done just ask Bill. Bill has proved that he knows something' about French as he is an active member of the French Club. He is also quite a chemist and it is a certain fact that the Chemistry Club could not have gotten along without him. We are sure Bill will make good when he leaves school. , M, GERY IWLj.U,l'j MUNCASTER Z, -3, .ln-91" ' 1 ,Y ' 1 l .x. 1 . K. is -im! Pi-n :incl mm-i1 qgirffcz, gi, im: ' Nw -V+vl"l'i-11 :mul 1'1W'lim til. lj: Svc- ' . A . - Y' . .' , , - I' p - ' , 7 :ivy-'t1y 'ot' frills . Fllglllzl-Al xii lliw lim l'2ll'l5 , ff in . I P- l-l. uypsy i lla, th ' l'lul Nliegpfz "Ninja, 3 Fri-nc 1 l li ll ' Ch 133. ' ' Zutiripii A 9 'Throughout the r krf Al gany, we y know of n one s endeare ersew' - if WL to the heQri's'16f" er frie s s h as Margery. When she,is r fri d she is yours forewyr. Her s acknowle tlllou ou gyfsc ol and we often won r 1 it more than he ch 1 at es ""tthat Won for her,.iQt5 r'iAy co uest, the "most attractiyefgirlf' e thi it is her personality and dispgptn' 'o that mage her beautl more. th n ju , in e sf E1 feel cert' n thatihiwill be h ' A ough- out her4 e Class of 7 wis es her success? f JOHN ALBERT NAVE "Johnny" Sii.:'ui:i l'lii lil-ltzu ll, 23: Junior IM-bzltiufl' Vlllb 125: X'i1'm--l'i'1-shin-nt of Soplunnuln- Class QQ!! Sm-s-vi' Hi, -ll: 'l'1':wk fl, 2, Il, H: llismry Club UH: Art, Club UU: Ilzitin Club 12, Il, ll: Spun- isli Club 13, U: l'i'vsiilvnt of Spanish Club IH: .L ll. lx. t-1. -ll. llt'ZlSlll'l'l' ut A. ll. lx, 1-UI "Al:1ry": "SWVk'l'l.ilC!ll'lSU1 "Hi-Y Club CU: "Once in :I llluv ltloonf' John is one of our bright "A" students. He is a perfect wizard at books, for he can tell you something about anything from Socrates to Darwin! With such a keen mind and conscientious attitude, John is a favorite with the teachers. However, he is Just as popular with his fellow classmates. John has taken an interest in both dramatic clubs since he has come to Alleganyg be- sides, he IS one of our star runners of the track season. The Class of '27 wlshes him the best of luck in his future life. - -I . rw. ' ' Page 53 J W J if 'I I J U .I M. gh.,- ,JA 4-no-'L ' ' - 4 :Je f 'f"" I If I .A4l-?,g'- I' I fi, 4, ,AJ-2 r.f1.!l 2' 'ggpaiqi '1, Qfililigr tl if are .ff 4 Q1-1 ' ffm PAUL CONRAD NICEWARNER "N1'cl."' l,ibi':nr'y Club 1-ll: l'n-n and Pencil Ulub Hb. Paul is the delight of his English teacher and the despair of the librarian. He passes his time eventfully and delightfully, clean- ing' out his locker or inveigling strange dogs into our stately halls of learning. Paul is a great pal of Thaddeus Lin- dell. They both drive the same make of car. Recently they had an argument as to whose wreck was the older. Thad won, but Paul succeeded in running over a state police- man and having his license revoked. So he doesn't drive any more. Our red haired- pardon me-auburn haired lad will always keep, we hope, his born gifts of luck and laughter. SARAH FRANCES PENNINGTON "Bobby" Public Spvzikiiig' HJ: flirls' Athletic Club HJ. "Haste thee, nymph and bring with thee Jcst and youthful jollityf' "Bobby" is the girl with the wicked eyes. Boys, beware! She likes to tell the boys how much she loves them, but they know she is only kidding, for in reality she loves everyone. She is so jolly and good-natured that one cannot long be in her presence without feeling her wonderful influence. She is straightforward in all that she says and does, and when she choose you for her friend you know that you have a true one. Adieu, "Bobby," and may you always re- member dear Alcohi. JOHN WEBSTER PITZER nsgusvy "What he starts he finishes." Football C2, il, -LJ: l-hiskvtbzill 12, 3, -U: Truck 11, 413 Boys' G11-c Club HJ: Drzunutic Club till: Fri-ncli Uluh QQ, ZH: Hi-Y C-UZ 1'I'4'Sllll'Ylt of Senior Class. "Bus", besides being elected class presi- dent, was also elected the most popular boy in school. He is a real man. "Bus" always has tried his best to do everything and any- thing anybody ever asked him to do. He has perseverence and personality. John is a fine athlete, toog he has played two years of varsity football and basketball, and par- ticipated two years in track. We hope that "Bus" joins as good an aggregation in life as he joined on the basketball Hoor and may again be on a championship team. Page 5 4 4-ev -WJmt1'v"?'f'. . ' - l GERA LDINE ELIZABETH POLING urlcrryvr "Go forth in silence, quiet as fl dare." Gln- Club HJ: Art Club HJ: History Club 13, b . "Jerry" is a perfectly quiet girl, who goes about without saying a word. Anyone who knows her will grant this. She has the most adorable long blonde hair you ever saw, besides being blessed with shy blue eyes. Putting these together, and adding a touch of gentleness, you'll have an un- usual Alcohi girl. Her chief ambition is to become a school teacher, and if she enters this vocation or not, she has the sincere good wishes of all her friends at A. H. S. EMMETT C. PORTER "Porter" - I Ormgvr ,of Gregg Artists C26, YTD: f:l'l'f.I'1l' Art- sts '1.T. Happy, carefree, boisterous, and laugh- ing-that's Emmett. He has the kind of laughter that is contagiousg his dominant characteristic is his fun-loving disposition. He always has a good time! Emmett is one of the Commercial students and is one of the stars of Miss Lapp's bookkeeping class. He has had quite a bit of bad luck this year, but still he keeps smiling. Emmett believes in smiling, no matter how tense the situ- ation, so the class of '27 only wishes to say "Keep it up, Emmett, a smile will go a long, long way." - PHYLLIS LAIRD RICKEY Pon and Pencil Club fl, 2, 3, 41: Junior Urn- matic Club ll, 21: Glen Club 11, 2, 37: Girls' l.m-:mile 1-U: "Mary"g "Once in a Blue Moun"g "SVVt't'tll0llI'lS"Q "Gypsy Rover." Phyllis is one of the most attractive girls in Allegany-she's a blond with a Ucom- , plexion like a rose with the morning dew on it" ffrom 'iMary"J. She is always happy and gay, and when she smiles, she not only displays her pearly teeth, but her face seems to just simply gleam all over. Phyllis is not only attractive, but useful as well. She is an active member of the Pen and Pencil Club, and has taken part in numerous dra- matic entertainments. Au revoir, Phyllis, and may the fondest of your h p be 1-ealized ov Qvv. . .. ' , l I NcbgiQQn"" SGA Z 3- .a,f,"' M l- ,MSM PM 55 ' ' , 4- ' O QJX, LU! D jidrkjwl JI CMS! 0 .L iii vu -flank' . WP x 0 Wgfzgrff wi l 4-QM, -46 W 141. UL! x M' ' l 1 r 4 v ,E.,vf:gU 1 -- sf ,-ft. 7' if -lt ELEANOR K. RIZER "Rizer" "She's little but she's wise, And Cl terror for her size." Junior Dramatic Club fl. 2, Ill: Girls' Atli- letic Club Q-lj: Pon anal Pencil Club HJ: Class Basketball Team 131: Track 43, lj: Captain Captain Ball Team LID: Volloy llall Squad HJ: Girls' Leagiie KU. Those who know Eleanor know that the above quotation fits her to a MT". Eleanor is quite famous for her "sayings"-if you don't believe me just stick around her for about one minute and forty-nine seconds. Eleanor has gone out for athletics. This seems to be one of her chief interests. We hear that her ambition is to be a second M1ssiPape or to own a girls' baseball team. We do hope that she will be a "howling" success in whatever she undertakes. LOIS LaVONNE ROBERTSON 'iSlim" Slmrtlianrl Club Q-lj. "A creature not foo bright or good For human 1zat1u'e's daily food." Now what can we say about "Slim"? She is one of our classmates who came to A. H. S. in September, 1924, and stayed with us throughout the whole four years. LaVonne always looks on the sunny side of life, irrespective of the consequences. She takes everything as it comes, and worries little. LaVonne is one of the wide-awake students of our Commercial Class. She is a true friend and a good sport and we feel certain that a person with such character- istics will win many friends. LaVonne be- longs to the happy trio-Wagner, lMcGee, and Robertson. Here's wishing you great success and happiness in the future, La- Vonne. HENRIETTA ROBINETTE "Hen" "Live to laugh, fo love, and then learn." Cheer Leader f'2Tl: De-claniation Cunt:-st 1'2TJ: Field Hall t'25l: Valli-y Hall 0210: Presi- dent Girls' Athletic Club f'2Tl: Ilublic Speak- ing: Club f'.:Tl: Junior Dramatic Club f'25J: Track 025, '2liJ: Tag' Day XVinner l'2Tl. 'tHen" is the 'tspice" of the class ot '27 and when it comes to having a bright, happy-go-lucky disposition, "Hen's" a win- ner. Her enthusiastic spirit was conveyed to the student body this year. in form of cheer leader. But, besides this, "Henf' IS an acknowledged leader in other things around school. Her declamatlon was worthy of great praise, and as a member of the Junior Dramatic Club, and a player on the Field Ball team, she was always ap- preciated. But how could Henrietta have done other than just what has been said of her, because she's one that's always willing to give 'ier time and energy for the better- ment of Allegany? 'X fi 4 P' s.f J SQ yvldwvu Page 5 6 GRACE CHISHOLN RODRUCK "Gracie" A, li. K, CR, 43: Junior Drnmzxtic fl,,12i: ltutin Pluh fl. 212 Spanish Ulub fl ll: "Once in :i Blue Moon": uSXV4'l'tlll'2ll'lSHI "M:iry' : Girls Ili-:igiie H5- "A merry heart goeth all the clay." "Gracie" is one of the leaders of the Class of '2T. But what else could one expect of such a promising prima donna? She has a smile for everyone at any time, and everyone has a smile for her. When one wants to have a good time they always call on Grace because nothing could he a suc- cess without her, "Gracie's" work in "Mary," as the leading lady, is beyond de- scription and her place in dramatics will be hard to fill next year: The Class of '27 hates to bid you good-bye, Grace, but we wish you success in your future work. MARION ROSENMERKE-L "Rosie" "To lruou' her is io lore her." Marion? Ah me, what shall I say? She is one of the pupils in the Commercial Class who helps make it outstanding in the af- fairs of the school. "Rosie" has a very sweet disposition, and is courteous always. One thing that we like about Marion is that she is always to be seen yelling from the sidelines of the games. Marion has never told us what she will do when she leaves, but we all know that no matter what it may be she will be successful. Farewell, Marion, here's wishing you love and happi- ness. MARIE FRANCIS SALYARDS "Light Izrozvn hair and hazel eyes, You ncrcr sow a girl as wise." 1li'4-gg' .Xrtists HJ: Order of G11-gg Artists Hi: ilirls' Ili-:ug.:11v tell. When you want some work done well, just call on Marie. She is the type of a girl that seems to tit into our commercial class as a permanent fixture. Please don't think that she is as demure and aloof as the picture indicates, for Marie is as happy and carefree as any member of the Senior Class. There is a rumor that she has ac- cepted a position, but whatever she does we know that her life work will be just a continuation of her labor done in dear Al- legany. Page 5 7 ,Um Alu: A- kfwllfffffff ,f!lf?ty2,H.1t 6 ' I Chula ff . C.-Q.-Q W' 'df' "" 'Gnu-112' 5i,.:L,4,,...i-1' '21 U6Q.w.L1. , Y- 'i .V VA! u , l 'L' yi' .K I M. ELOISE sANoBowE.u., ' "Sandy" , r 1114-o Uluh CHQ .XM Plub fit, 'Uh' hi "A lvvaltfh df 1v'if5'lz,c'ry lwizmth rr mild - f'.rtf'ri0i'." ' I ij glwso is onevtdf the best liked ,?:i'1'ls of kdm' class. ,She is !1lwA's the Fentei' of live- ly, Conversation, ,and is noted for herlispar ling'.h'1.1mor. -,Whenex'e1' you feel -,,5ad or looniy just hLrXf.for Eloise and she'll causeny u to burst i to pealsdof laughter. mHer'frien.ds,nTe very loyal ones, for Eloise herselfx is ,a 'true comrade. VV9 are glad sheds a 'rrgember of the of '27, and hope thqj n all hetif' uhdbiftakings she will be sqclessfulf MARIE HETZEL SCHAFER "May your troubles be as small us you mv." A. ll. K, 13. -H: Art Club 135: Girls' Twnngiis- CID: Frm-neli Club CR, 47' "Swan-tl1v:ni'ts": "Once in zu film- lxltllllluf "Gy v Row-r": "XY 1 ll:1p- ?AYl'gl4'4l to Joni-s" :ind ' !'y": Siem: hi ll'-ltu Marie is on ose small smiling bru- nettes who ne fa.ils,t pl . She may be ll, m age nd handle 1 duti . S as 6 red n ny hearts Qt he poi e ile the nun ber of I i s she ds ' nnot be n ered. M,a has s n her tal 'in t amatics e her smili is alce n s be seen the --guy c ng e best, at all athle 0. the Class of '27 feel t at s e ne o he students who can be nted on to b the class, and to accom- p her aim the world when she leaves All any. HELEN A. SCI-IAIDT IH-n :md IH-neil Club 11, 2, 3, -U: A. D. K. 13, 43: Sigma I"hi Delta 121: Junior In-hutim: Vlub 123: Frvncli Club 123 g,Alcohi Mirrox' Staff: "Once in :L Blue lN1oon": "Sw:-4-thi-:1i'ts"g "llJll'X-H "Once ri f"'aHOQi-alzuhys fl-'fI'll'lId.'H Helen-.Sc J t as been r lo5the tra- ditions o 'la cestors. s kept kt the ba e that h -e whie br BS?Xraisedi H i' stic tal S. ve ost ablfxdisp yed. H so is plendikl da wud an a ,nt .u porter aa? ' irigf i h ' - ' Ce n V." lf Y d from i a Bile o Nl' ,Sh '- th f any tr n Heyy' faitlllgwlen callsdfilmo o giiesergilggabpy F y. Herw oping thats Willa-fs as outs ' g a chzirxffiy in life as she has, n old A. Q . -, . If ' 4' T. . 'sgtf X. ,gv 265' Q," f 'ix' Pag.e78 i gs , D - , A u ! fx 1' - W 1 . s. .MX Q. Q P ,AJ C P., ELIZABETH SCHILLING "Hefty" "Queen rose of our garden of roses," Girls' l4l'1lf-Ylll' ill: Girls' .Xthli-tim' Club ill: film- Club Q-lb. Who ever saw Elizabeth that she wasn't smiling?-nobody, because she has a smile for everyone. Elizabeth has a very sunny dispositon that nothing seems to cloud. She is a. favorite of all who know her. Nobody could ever dislike one so charming and sweet. Elizabeth always makes good grades. Nothing seems too difficult for her. Let's hope that her path through life is happy and free from worry. MERWIN SELF "Shorty" lin-i,:g' Artists Club HJ: Junior ln-:imntic Club CBJ: Nilypsy lillV1'l"' QU: .Xll.ig:owi Stuff HJ: .Xl- colu lilirror :stuff 4.4, 43: H1-X lib. "They soy ll friend in need is ll friend in deed." "But he is fl"1'!'1Id in deed if ll friend you need." You now gaze upon the bright counte- nance of "Shorty", the famous Commercial student. "Shorty" spent four years with us and in that time won many friends and no enemies. Yes! Shorty is the champion Typist of the Class of '27. Shorty is the kind of a friend to have. He is never to busy to give a helping hand in any matter on which you may question him. He al- ways has a smile and a hello for everyone. He is what we call a teacher's delight. "Shorty", we were glad to have you, sorry to loose you and are proud of you. so we send you off with our sincere wishes for a happy and prosperous future. HARRY HIGH SELLERS Frm-nel: Club 12. H: Trm-asurer of lfxwricli Club 1-U: Multiple- Quartet HJ: Truck 125. Harry is a quiet, unassuming boy, who is generally liked by his fellow students. Not only did he serve as a member of the French Club, but was elected Treasurer of the Club in his Senior year, and was a member of the multiple quartet as well. Harry's ready smile and amiable dispo- sition have won for him a host of friends, and the class of '27 wishes him the best of luck. Page 5 9 CM.- W H-'ffaa if CTM! 5, 'V i X A D f j I. VUL! il ,I 4, X u u u J l my yi ' X0 'LL .0 Y ,fix I JA! fx Xxx?-A 'CN N J RUTH SHEAKLEY WINE :md Pencil Club 12, 3, U3 Spanish Club A lace mantilla and an orange skirt united with her natural endowments, grey eyes, black hair and a lithesome, slender figure, would transform this very quiet, very mod- ern American girl into the "Belle of Barce- lona." Ruth is just that type. She is an artist of great ability, and she certainly can dance! It is impossible to puzzle her on, any step and she's one of the Strutters, which is enough to get anyone into "Who's Who". Of course, we've omitted a great deal of praise, for Ruth, who is rather un- assuming, and we're going to conclude by merely bidding her "Adieu". GLENNIE SHIPLEY Frm-nel: Ulub 137: Art Ulub 13, ll: llistory Club fill, -lj. "Silence is more nzusicfrl flmu any song" Glennie is best known for her brilliant red hair. You never hear much from her, but she's quite a necessary member of the class of '27. She always makes good grades and she never fails to prepare her lessons. In fact, she is thoroughly dependable. She is one of those persons whom you cannot do without. What would we do without Glennie? We Wish her the best of luck in whatever she undertakes! RUTH E. SHIPLEY "Ru.tl1y" French Club 42, IU: Art Ulub fill: History Club Q-lj: Glee Club K-UI U0l1U'5tiC Arts U?- "T0 know her 'is to love her, And love but hm' forever." "Ruthy" is one of the industrious mem- bers of the class of "2'7". She is well liked by all who know her. After one becomes acquainted with her it is not easy to forget her winning smile and charming personal- ity. "Ruthy" is a loyal supporter of all activities of the schoolg while she has never gone out for athletics, she is generally seen along the sidelines cheering "Allegany" on to victory. The class of '27 wishes you the best of luck, "Ruthy". Page 6 0 DONALD SHIRES KIDOMU l'r4-si-ln-nt of Class 11413 llusinn-ss Rl:ir1:1g1-r of Alligvwi 1-ll: Ile-clmnzition H15 A. li. K. 124, ll: Junior Iirzunutic Club 623: Mirror Stuff ill: Si-crvtaury of History Ululm ell: lli-Y Q-IJ: "Smil- ing" 'i"lll'll" C-lj. "Don" has been one of our leaders ever since he came to high school. Last year he proved a very popular and competent class president. He has materially contributed to the success of the Alligewi as business manager and many are the hours he spent in the office of that publication laboring hard and long. He has never gone out for athletics, but he seldom misses a game of any sort. "Don" surely is a fine fellow, and we wish him "loads" of success, GRANVILLE SHIRLEY "Sleepy" Spanish Pluh 43, ll: In-hate HJ. "Our Lifflc Gl'lllI'l'iIIt'.,, Although not heard of as much as some of the other members of the class, Granville will fill a niche in the annals of the class of 1927. You could always depend upon Granville to do the best he was able in any of his undertakings. "Sleepy" was an active member of the Spanish Club, and also of the Debating team of 1927. The class of 1927 wishes Granville the best of luck in all his undertakings. CLARICE MARIE SHORE "Blo11dcy" l-'1'om'l1 Fluh till: Domestic Art Uluh ill, "Once rx friend, always rr friend." Clarice is a wistful and quiet maiden of the Class of '27. She has a sweet and charming personality that attracts all her friends to her. She has an entrancing smile with which she greets everyone. Seldom, if any, is there a day when Clarice is really downcast. She is always willing to aid any of her friends, and because of this char- acteristic, she has a host of them. Clarice has taken an interest in our extra-curricular activities, and is seen at many of our ath- letic games. The Class of '27 wishes you the best of luck and success, Claricel Page 61 ggfoi MZ. nu ff 4, . M f. bf, ,jr 1 f JYX Z I ly vp-'X I MERLE SHUMAKER "Sh.oey" "lf Smiles were gold, hc'd own thc 1f'o1'1d." Soccer 13, -ll: French Club 12, 34, ell: Varsity llnskn-thzall HJ. Merle, a bashful, smiling, academic stu- dent, from South End, is one who can al- ways be relied upon to attend the athletic contests of Allegany. He was slow in arousing interest enough to participate in athletics but when he did he received many compliments on his playing both in soccer and interclass basketball. Merle was never known to be angry but always smiled at every difficulty and trouble. His person- ality and cheerfulness won him many friends at Allegany and will certainly win him many more after he leaves Alcohi. DOROTHY ELIZABETH SIEBERT "Dot" "A 'merry heart goes ull dau." fil'4'f.'I1L'f Artists HJ: Junior Dranmtic lil, ID. Dorothy has been a faithful student for four long years, in that time making many friends. "Dot" is one of the commercial students of our class, but we wonder if she will long click the typewriter keys after leaving the portals of old A. H. S. Maybe she will have a greater interest than that of a 'business career. No matter where or when you meet Dorothy she greets you with her winning smile. This and .her very sweet disposition is the reason why all the com- mercial class and others outside of it are going to miss her when she leaves us. Here's wishing you success, "Dot"! DAVID SIGEL "Dave" "IJ11vcy" A. ll. K. HJ: Sigma Phi D:-ltu lil: Public Sm-:ukimr Club C-U: Dwclzuuation HJ: Rziskt-t.bull tl, 13, 24, -U: Captain of Ilasketball Tl-am CU: 'Frrlck tlb: Football 12, il, 41: Hsllllllllkl' 'flllllau "See, the CO7l.Qll6'I'f'lfl hero conzcsf' Dave was a sharer of everyone's sorrows. When obstacles arose before him or his mates he was always ready to aid in the clearing of the way. It was Dave's delight to forge ahead of others, and he always worked his hardest to mount a higher plane. David, although little in stature, was great in his abilities, both in dramatics and ath- letics. He captained the Maryland State Basketball Champions of Allegany High School, and played end on the football team. Besides being active in athletics, he participated in the Declamation Contest. With his ideas and his aggressiveness we are sure he will be a success in the world. Page 62 MASON SISK SlMaCelY Soccer' 1-tj: History Club 13, -lj: X'lL'0-Pl'1'Sl- 4 K s 0 Plib if Class Risk:-tbzill C413 lent lli.try L 1-JZ H.. 1,- Tranuk QI, 27: Boys' Athletic Club HJ. "Tac1't1n"n" "Mace" has only recently "stepped out" and made himself known. He has earned his letter in soccer and has been one of the mainstays of the Senior basketball team. "Mace" comes from South Cumberland and rides up on the 8:20 car with Merle Shu- maker and Harold Brown. Sometimes he drives a Ford coupe. "1Mace's" disposition is the best thing about him. He's never downhearted and there's always a smile on his lean, freckled face. We wish him the best of luck! ALON Z0 SLIDER "A praying for Iea.r1zi11g." Latin Club 12, 3, 453 French Plub 421: Spun- ish Club 13, 47: Junior 1Jr:im:xtic Ulub 131: Uro- zttivv Club 1433 Hi-Y 4433 Multiple Quartet, KU: l'i't-sich-nt Latin Club HH. Words are inadequate to express the knowledge of this brilliant gentleman. Alonzo is the pride and joy of Miss Web- ster. When it comes to marks, Alonzo must be very fond of the first letter of his name- all he gets is "A", Talk about your three- letter athletics, Alonzo has them skinned a mile. He is a six A letter scholar. With Alonzo's marks as a measure of his ability, he cannot help but succeed in life and the class of '27 wishes you the best of success. LEONA l'. SLOAN Slim." 1il't'f.!'2.Z' Artist Club HJ: Kllrls Athletic l'lub til: Junior Dl'2lHl2illl' Club Hi: History Club fill: "Smilim.:' Thru." "A dauglzter of the gods, divinely tall." They call her "Slim" because she is, but there's nothing slim about her heart-it's big enough to hold some friendliness for everyone. She reminds us so much of the month of May that we expect her to disap- pear when June comes, but, lo-June comes and "Slim" has the sheen of the June sun in her hairy the blue of the June sky in her eyesg the 'bloom of the June rose in her cheeks, and, best of all, the warmth and gayness of June in her disposition. Slim has winning ways, so here's to the day when the world drops at her feet. Page 63 4-1-alicia "5 ' ' K 1 ,, . Q f id-tru,v1.z: 77 H-' .14 .fi , HAIL V-:itll ff ft-4-4-. ff' VA! .f 5 ' by f., gl flu 1 K4 1 ,ECl44lU4AAf -nu-2.600 'LV SL 1 ,114-v., ' x '5 v 4 ,ff Q , I W 19-39' M any K L uoy '57 ff? JQC' .fl fu KY,-E X Tb "' 5 :' 7 at S+ ,,f 53:7 J' .Fi -"L .f-E 5' g't7 ALICE SMITH Physical lifluz-ation Club HJ: 4'l'l'2lllV4' Club 141: French Club CD3 Junior 1Ji':un:itic Club 12, 3, -lj. Here she comes swinging down the hall, full of pep and fun, our popular Alice. That attractive smile is well known throughout the school. Whenever you're in need of a friend, just find Alice. She takes an active interest in athletics, and supports all our teams loyally. Alice is a good sport, al- ways out for a good time. Her main am- bition is to be an authoress, and, judging from what she has already written, we would say she is certain to attain her goal. ELVA SMITH French Club CI, 151: llistory Cluh U53 Domes- tic Arts HJ "Time, place and action may with pains be wrought, Hut genius must be born and ucrcr can In' taught." Elva is one of these carefree girls who never worry. She is always in for a good time and generally has it. Her main occu- pation is chattering with her schoolmates. Elva is a loyal supporter of all activities of the schoolg while she has never gone out for athletics, she is always seen along the side-lines cheering the team to victory. Here's hoping that Elva will gain as many friends in the next school she enters as she has at Allegany. GRACE E. SMITH A. D. K. 423, 45: Dm-bntim: Club 133: From-h Club CD: History Club UH: IH-n :mul P4-nm-il Club 13, U: Mirror Stuff Ill: Girls' IA-:1f.ri1v'll52 "Once in :L Blue Moon": "Swe-utlu-:i1'ts"3 Hlloilig' llIJ"Q "NVliat lluppn-nul to Jones." Grace was one of our mid-year students, but she found Allegany so attractive that she decided to stay on for another semester. She has always been a live wire and in her senior year she Hstrutted her stuff" and made ,us all feel proud that she was in our class. She is an actress of no mean ability and has on several occasions helped make up the snappy musical comedy choruses. She is an active member of A. D. K., which in itself is quite a recommendation. Here's good luck to you, Grace! Page 64 HAROLD SMITH N Hsllllfllju ,I V V144 4' 47 .luuior lit-butimz' Club ill: Ss-it-zu-o Club fll: 5 .luuior lll'JIIllIllll' Club 12, JI. ll: lll'4'lIl'4ll'!l til. ll: 4li'vg'g:' Artists Club fly: "Smiling 'l'lll'llU lll. Do you know Smity? Why surely you do. Smity has been with us for four long but happy years, and for two of these has been one of the chief fiddlers of our Alle- gany Orchestra. He always seems happy and tries to make others happy. He is al- ways in for a good time. "Smity" is one of those 'iBrilliant" Commercials. He seems very much attached to his typing machine because he is near it so much of his time. "Smity", when you are a business man out in the big world, think of the class of '27. Good luck! HOMER GARLAND SUNIERLOTT Clu-uiistry Club HJC llistory Club til. "Not always does action show flu' man." One of the boys of the Academic class of '27 is here printed in the personage of Garland. Garland is liked by all who know him because he can see the sunny side of all things. Although Garland has not taken part in many extra curricular activities, he always gives the school his loyal support. XVe can't say just what vocation Garland has in mind, but we are sure he will suc- ceed in his chosen undertaking. Good luck from the class of '27, Garland. PAUL MELVIN SPIDELL "Speed" Flu-m'li Club C212 l'i's-simlviil ul' 'Fl'1llk'll Club ill: Sefciw-t.:ui'y :mtl 'l'iw-:islilw-i' l'lll'llll4il'X Club til My kingdom for a car-he has them. but they do not belong to him. 'Paul has a very sunny disposition and can get along any- where he goes. Paul has never participated in athletics, but he has taken an active interest in the French and Chemistry Clubs. Much could be said about Paul, but with the success he is going to attain in the life to come we will leave the writing to the future historians and writers of the lives of great men. 'Au Revoir et Bon Voyage," Paul. Page 6 5 P " V4 Killa. P I ' ' 1 ,,-.,,.:. ' -I v N. Ah, iv if V ffl, ' vs S I ' ll 5,1 ,f , 4 V - x 4. f N m .YJ K 1 . My f 4 V4 l X, . 1 V 'J AfVL'. WA . Zi-at -5, 'Y A 4 7 ,I if bi , it Jil' ,f . v V 5' if' J iii? y W iv IL! V .:'! Y p s I .V i5 ' L.. . H4 A4-Y ,Lay , MJ! fzw.. fly j,f.i,if.... 4 12 ar' j 6 to ll qfgwyig M- Vitiwmggjgl H . A We QW REATUS SPIKER "Spike" "A lurppy, smiling 1-o1n1tm1u11cr'." A.lJ.K.H1. i'Spike" did not enter Allegany until the beginning of the last semester, but it is surprising how well known he has made himself in that short time. He began by selling more tickets for the musical comedy than anybody else in the school. "Spike" is a born salesman. The thing which aston- ishes us most is his extreme infatuation for the "divine Sarah." Her last name is not Bernhardt either. We are very sorry that "Spike" hasnt been with us longer, but we wish him the best: of luck in his future life. GEORGE J. STIFFM AN "Rabbi" IN-n and Pt-neil Club fl. 2, 3, -ij: Junior Dru- mzitic Ulub 431: Soplnmiorv IM-h:itim.': 1233 His- tory Club CID: Librzxry Club C-D. When you see a certain young man walking through the hall or talking to a crowd of young ladies, you know it must be George. George has been with us for four years and has proved himself worthy of the name he now holds "A Senior." He is a loyal supporter of all sports and when it comes to social affairs George is always to be counted on. Well, here's to George, may he be successful in whatever his future may hold for him! LOUISE BERTHA STIFFMAN Glu- Club CR, 43: "Sww-tlw:srts"3 "M:1ry": History Club CH: Spanish Vlub 13, U: Junior llrznnatic Club tl, 221. "Of such a merry, humble, stirring spirit." This wandering girl has at last returned to us. Early in the year the Class of '27 was sorry to hear that it had lost one of its members, who had decided, quite sud- denly, to depart to the city of New York. However, Louise soon came back and we felt glad to have her with us again. Louise has just "loads" of friends who are at- tracted to her by her charming grace and manner. We know that she will be a sure success in life, and we hope that she will always remain the same Louise she has been during her stay at Allegany. Page 66 ROBBIE MARIE TENNEY "Bobbin" Orc-livslrzi il, 2, 21, 451 Junior l5r:im:itic' Ulub 12. 22, -ll: Vollvy Iiull HH: llnskw-tlmll Cl, 'll- Seated at her traps with the orchestra playing our High School March as the students file to their respective seats in the assembly, "Robbie', is at her best. The height of her ambitions is to be a trap drummer in a famous women's jazz band. "Bobbie" made the volleyball team and was a steady player, and was a success in this sport. She is a pleasant young lady, a hard worker, very industrious, and never com- plaining. Allegany High will be minus a prominent member when "Bobbie" departs this June. Good-bye and Good Luck! ANNA THOMAS "Ann" Art Appn-ei:ition Club QU: l4'l'!'IH'll Club 121, -U: In-hating Club QKJQ Latin Club 125. Dark brown hair. an olive complexion, and big blue eyes-that's Ann. This petite young lady is very demure and sweet. She's seldom heard but always seen at all activi- ties of Allegany. Ann has many friends, and is noted for her pleasing manner and lovely disposition. She is always on hand when she is able to aid her fellow class- mates, and is ever ready to greet her friends with a cheery smile. The Class of '27 wishes her the best of luck in her future life, and when she is climbing the ladder of success may shxe not forget those glorious days spent at dear Allegany. JAMES EDWIN TORBET ".lin1." 'I'r:1c-k 11, 25: Multiple Quzirtet HJ. Jim completes the trio of Arnold Kight and Le Roy Sheakley. These three are al- ways together both in and out of school. Jim is well liked by all his classmates be- cause of his frankness and his ideas of good sportsmanship. He is a valued member of the Multiple Quartet. fWe didn't know he had a "singing voice" until he joined that organizationj. Jim and his two buddies are regular boosters of Allegany and are al- ways present at all of our activities. Jim, we wish you the best of luck and success when you leave Allegany and start tread- ing the highway of life. Lit Mfr? ,ba-Q., -4-Qbj 040 Page 67 ' ' A ' ll M nab ,Lan 4 r 1t,,k a ,v.,, .A -t,- wav. Va 1 IAA. PANSY LE ANNA TROUTMAN History Club 431: Latin Club Gil: Public Spvakim.: 145. "Her 'voice was erm' lou' and slower." This demure lass pictured above is known as one of the most silent members of our class. She has a charming disposition and is as sweet as her name suggests-Pansy! She has kept her unshorn locks since she was a tiny girl and let's hope she keeps them a while longer Pansy is very studi- ous, but still she has time to enjoy herself, too. When anyone asks you something you don't know just say, "Ask Pansy, she knows." We wish you the best of luck in the future. CLA REN CE ORVILLE UTTERBACH sxzwou "Still water 'mails deep." 'rn-ack 143. Clarence is one of the quiet boys of the class of '27. He is often seen but seldom heard. We do not believe, however, that this characteristic is harmfulg on the con- trary we think it will aid him in the years to come. It is the man who thinks a lot and says little that is admired and respected by his fellowmen. Clarence is a booster of Allegany sports, and he has taken part in Track. The Class of '27 hopes that he will have success in all his undertakings. GEORGE WALBURN Frcncli Flub HJ. George Walburn is one of Allegany's lit- tle boys. That is, George is small in size but mighty in knowledge, for it has often been said that George was a "walking dic- tionary." He is the kind of a fellow we all like, and we are sure next year the students will miss him. He hasn't much to say, but when he says something there is usually a deep meaning behind it. We believe that George will be a "howling success" when he gets out into life and "27" is wishing him the best of luck. Page 63 PHILIP W. WALKER, JR. "Ph1'l', lli-Y 1-ll: Multiple f,Jll1l1'll'l HJ: A Club ill: '1'l'!ll'k um. Philip is one of the reasons why the Mul- tiple Quartet is such a "howling" success. He sings tenor and makes us like it. And since it takes a very likeable and well- meaning boy to sing anything and make us like it, you can well see that Phil is no slouch. In his spare time he practices yodeling-much to the distress of his neigh- bors. But, then, some people have no ap- preciation of real art. Phil is one of those rare beings who rate their intelligence with much modesty. Although lots of people do think that yodeling leads to Sing Sing, we look to higher fields of conquest for Phil. ELSIE GILL WARFIELIJ A. IT. K. QSC, 47: Sigma Phi Dc-lt:1 126: Svc-rw l:1ry ut' A. Il. li. Hb: I'r1-sinh-nt nf Girls' l.v:1y:11.- ill. "Syn-vtln-:i1'ts": "Mary": "Um-v in :1 Ulu.- BIuou": French Club KRD: In-lmtirig' Club Lil, IU: .Xrt Club CH: Pon :mil Pencil Club CU. Elsie is a hard, earnest worker. She is a true leader, and has aided much in or- ganizing the girls of Allegany into a Girls' League. Elsie has a wonderful personality. She is ever ready to lend a helping hand to all who need it, and is always interested in everything for the good of Allegany. She has a host of friends who are attracted to her by her humor, her frankness, and her ability. She is liked by all, and we feel that she is one of the girls of the Class of "27" of whom we can be truly proud. WILLIAM CAMPBELL WARFIELD KKHNI!! y lfhlitni' uf Mirror fllj Mirrm' Stuff 12, 71, -ll: Soccer 13, -U: Man:u:,'i-1' of Soccer T1-:im Ur: l'm-try Club 1-U: Cr:-:itivv Club HJ: Dvclamn- tion 445: T1-ack fl, 41: .xlligl-wi Staff um: Hi-Y HJ: l'l'1-sith-nt of Class ill: Si'C'l'1'I2lI'Y uf Class 125: Debating Club QCD: Junior Dramatic Club 421. Important? One glance at the stupen- dous list of activities above would convince you what an important personage Bill War- field is. Bill is one of the leaders of our class. He is always on the spot, ready to do his bit for Allegany. This year's "Mir- ror'l under his editorship is the best in the school's history. 'tBill" has great promises in the literary field, and the class of '27 wishes him good luck! K, Page 69 4 , -.. . P f f . HJ - "QV L--fl I . , .fy J.:-twvfi .. J Mi- . ,, 7 YA 4 J., J w x 'd x . bm' 9 i I' I X4 ,pJJ'.s n JV 1 ,Jdf div J yslknw If V9 1 J lp if . N Jyvq- F. 5 I Il Yxx j 1,14- I 0 V 'S as I , J y., MARGERY ASHLAND WEBB "Marge" A. D. K. 124, 43: Sigma Phi Delta til: Debut- ing Ulub 12, JD: Latin Flub 13, -U3 French Ulub LIS, -U5 "Sweethc:irts": "Gypsy Row-1"': "Once in zi Blum- Moonu: "M:nl'y"g "Smilim: 'l'hi'u." "High created thoughts smfcd in Il hear! of c01n'fcsy." "Marge' is one of our conscientious students. It seems to us as if her mind is overflowing with knowledge. She has just "heaps" of friendsg everyone likes "Marge" and we've never heard an unkind word said about her. She is always willing to help in all activities. and thus has become a true, earnest worker for Allegany. She is a staunch and true friend-the kind that everyone admires and loves. One with all these characteristics can be nothing but a "ripping" success in all fields of life. MARY VIRGINIA WEBER A. ll. K. 13, 411 Siprnm D1-lla C213 Fl'-ncll Club HJ: "Ma1'y." "The smiling COIl7lft"'HG7'1I'P is thc illdfll' Of the mind." Behold! You have before you the pic- ture of one of the best girls of the 'Class of '2'7. She loves to have fun and is always bright and cheerful. She laughs and gig- gles the whole day long, and, according to Mary, we would say the old axiom should be "Laugh and grow lean". She's just a good sport that everyone loves to be around -always happy and gay, ready to go any- where, any old time. We like to be near her, for her sunny face seems to make us feel that we ought to be happy and gay, too. HARMON C. WELCH "Coclcy" Junior Iirnmritic Club 112, :Hz Junior IM-bntim: Club 1129: Physiczil ldducntion Club I-ll: Ihiys' Glen- Club HJ. Harmon Crane Welch, who is better known to us as "Cocky". is one of our Aca- demic students. Harmon is quite regular in attendance and earned some grades which many of us might have been proud to possess. He is a boy of a rather quiet disposition, but at times he lets us know that he is full of fun and mirth. Harmon is rather bashful and not very talkative, but when among friends these traits can rarely be detected. His greatest ambition is to become another Steinmetz. Harmon intends to take up Electrical Engineering at College and we are sure that in this he will be very successful. Here's wishing you good luck, Harmon! Page 70 ELSIE WELLER "Elsie" "Her voice was ever sweet and Ion' and gentle." One word would describe Elsie's person- ality-demure. She reminds one of a spring zephyr-if one is poetically inclined, and Elsie, because she is so small and sweet and angelic looking, causes one to stray in the realm of spring fancies. But then one must come down to earth and remember that Elsie is one of our Allegany students -conscientious and all that. She has al- ways been so quiet and retiring that we have never discovered what she desires to do when she leaves high school, but we are sure that she will continue to be the unassuming. sweet Elsie that we have known. JOHN RAWLINGS WENTZ ".I0lm111y" IH-n :ind Vi-nm-il Club fill: l'i'1-sill:-nt of IH-n :mil IH-neil Slub HH: Junior Drzumutir' Fluh 133. 41: Publicity t'lmirm:in of .luniur llrzmmtic' Club 143: Frt-nt-li Club 12, Ii, -ll: Svcrs-tary uf Frm-m-li Ulub UU: Assistant Art IC-litor uf Alligt-wi: De-- butinp.: Club CU. "Manly, generous and sizzr-ere, The only one of his kind here." This picture, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than our artist friend Johnny. Johnny has been with us for four years and during his stay here we have found him to be a great help in many of our enterprises. John has an exceptional ability in express- ing his emotions on canvas as well as on paper. He has taken part in many extra activities, and is always ready with a help- ing hand. Here's wishing you a barrel of luck and success in your vocation, John! PAULINE WHEELER lliwrgr Artists Ulub. Pauline, who is a member of the "Tiny Trio" of Room 11, is much beloved because of her sunny disposition and winning ways. Through storm and strife Pauline may be found smiling cheerfully and lending a helping hand to each and all who ask for it. Pauline's most cherished ambition is to be an especially good private secretary. We feel sure that, although Pauline is but a wee mite, she will make a huge success of whatever she undertakes-still we are at a loss to decide just where "Ben" will make his appearanceon the stage which Pauline is setting. Page 71 ,msn -an 1-p ,, ,.-,.,.1 7 'Q 7 MLM! 20440 ' 'FKA 6-v1,4.l.-.14 ?'6l'?'-.mi my Hs Jw Wie av ,JW it xottpffmji 1' A QM . , I J' ,V I 'Jyvvk ,HL 1 ...iff-'X fn? ,LJ "V xr -Wifi Q -8 -s ' X ...fuel fad 3-I JN J JJ 1 K ll buf! fl lt B 1 if J J' lj' ry' fy s Q ' sf .a f" 3 ia' fi ,my .J V 1' fl' in JJ' up I EMORY LLOYD WHITE "VVlzitie" Track 11, 2, 3, 43: Soccer f2, Sl, -43: Captain Soccer Team HD: Junior Drmnatic' Club Ci, 43: Pen and Pl-neil Club Ci, 43: Multiple Quurtl-I HJ: "lIZll'Y-" "He does his stuff, And 1'hat's enouglzf' "Whitie" seems always cheerful. He's witty, too. He's a real man, all right. He has been doing good track work during his stay at Allegany, and he led the fellows very successfully as Captain of the Soccer Team this year. "Whitie" adds his musical voice to the Multiple Quartette and he is quite' a necessary addition. He's also a valuable member of the Pen and Pencil Club. You may be sure "Whitie's" going to make the grade. Let's go, "Whitie"! JACK WILKINSON "Fast travels the rays of the sun, Faster still, does our Jael: ru1z." Track fl. 2, Il, 43: Football ffl, 43: Iluys' 1111-it Club Q-ll: Hi-Y I-D3 Ulzuss lflaskvtbzlll T1-:im CS, -IJ: Captain of Track HJ, Jack was one of the outstanding figures of Allegany's track team. When it came to running, "Jack" surely could cover ground. He has won the 100-yard dash on two occasions and has also won consider- able honor while playing "end" on the foot- ball team. He starred on the Senior 'Class Basketball team, the champions of the Inter-Class League. We all hope Jack will go through his whole life with flying colors as he did at Dear Old High School. FREDRICK WILLIAMS llFVediY Orcliest,1'a. 11, 2, 3, 45: Junior Dramatic- 113, Ii, 43: Creative Club 433. Fred is one of the talkative members of our class. Het is very studious and spends most of his time studying? with a piece of chewing gum in his mouth, which he says makes him concentrate. The places we usually see "Fred" are playing in the or- chestra, attending a picture at the Strand. or standing in the hall. "Fred" is one of the many members who will graduate in the Academic Course. Page 72 Km. M.D.,y-iwrrrxlcraf I F Y Y - 1 Y -vw,-,, ,, ,,.,.,. . W-1-7.-.--..--.,.....-..-..,,, W IM ff . R0EE T ....lf'flJiW42fzi5f "Bob" Football 13, 4l:'R:lski-tbzlll 1315 Track CZ, All: 1'rvsiili-nt of Clu-mistry Club I-U. The handsome face pictured here can be no other than 'Bob's. When chosen by the fastidious students of Allegany as the handsomest boy in the high school you may be sure he's good looking. Bob entered the Junior Class at Allegany from La Salle. He at once became popular with his classmates. He has literally fought his way into our hearts on the foot- ball team. There's no doubt Bob's going to be a big success in whatever he undertakes. Let's wish him the best of luck! VIRGINIA WOLFE "Ginny" "One, two, fhrcv for Ginny." "Ginny who?" "Ginny Wolfe, who do you thinl.'?', Creative Club C333 fl1t'I.Tf.2' Artists Club CID: Athletic Club 143. This dashing blond is a member of the Commercial Class. Ginny always has a smile for everyone. She is well liked and a special friend of the teachers of the Com- mercial department. Ginny would make an excellent stenographer, but a little bird whispers that she wants to be a nurse. We can all easily picture her in a neat white cap and apron passing between the long lines of hospital beds, curing or helping the patients with a sunny smile and word of cheer. Good-by-Good Luck! HELEN ELIZABETH WOLFORD Art Club 13, -lip Pm-siili-nt of Art Club HJ: Ilistory Club CR, -H: French Club CSI: Class Historian GU. "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her 'mind the wisest looks." Elizabeth is one of the shining star-lights of our class. She is faithfully running a race with Alonzo for scholastic achieve- ments. It is needless to search very long for Elizabeth's name on the Honor Roll, for it is always hovering at the top. We feel sure that this maiden will make a success of anything she undertakes, and we hope that the fond memories of her school days at Dear Allegany will remain forever in her heart. Page 7 3 leaf 1' F . I , l l 4 l i Y 0 - .I l . 1 , f in .. .1 , fx, .if , zz'-::,sig...n,!g . . A,,i I ' .--.. ' LOUIS P. WRIGHT "Kid" "Lew" "At peace with the world." Latin Club 12, 151: History Club C571 O. H, A. Club 143: Tl'2li'k rip. Louis is one of the best liked fellows in school, being noted for his never-ceasing arguments and his inexhaustible supply of wit. Although he is good at solving prob- lems, his one great unsolved problem is how to shorten the distance between Alle- gany and the Green Street Junior High School. We understand that he has an in- terest there other than just "Dear Old Alle- ganyf' Louis is a bookkeeping star, and so we know he will succeed in the business world. ' MARGARET FRANCES YOUNGBLOOD Greg'g Artists C413 Latin Club 123. One of the best dispositions imaginable and one of those ever-ready smiles has made .Margaret one of the favorites of the Commercial Department. "She sows not, neither does she reap", which means that Margaret possesses a steady, reliable na- ture, that scorns the giddy frivolities of sophisticated youth. We find that the steady grind of activity in the Commercial Department affects not her good humor, nor does it chase away the smile. Mar- garet has not as yet revealed any particular ambition to us, but if she plans to be "some- bodyls stenog", we are wishing her the best of success. 'xl X ' is, Z' X gqggr-51: A I 'x ,Cy 'l' Page 7 4 . ', I' li 'n I IV g -, V A I I. ' 4 I .5 I. ', ' ' "'.g! lil' ,ll 'fi ii' 1.0 'fini :V 1 - 3' 5" if ii. ' E'fi .' 3215: ul 5 2,3 5, Q V, 1? - .,113g'.5g.1g-14 fi ' fit: Q WE 'l 5 za f f V jf ' ,.. 7' ' - r, " ' -"' 1 hi? v he I I .- ,-:Fil u.-c l. We Nominate For the Hall of Fame-. James Alfred .Nvirett because he was Editor-in-chief of the ":Xlligewi," and stood as a leader of his class. Austin Fleming because he was the founder and first president uf the Hi-Y. ' lvlllllllll Hanly because of his winning personality and because of his work as student manager of all athletics. ' Pauline Hetzel because she was the captain of the girls' basketball team and an all-around girl athlete. Miriam Klawan because of her interest and work in all branches of school activity. and her diligent work nn the ".-Xlligewif' and president ol' the A. D. K. John l'itzer because he was the president of the Senior Class and star guard nn the basketball team. Merwin Self because he is the fastest typist in the entire sclicml. David Sigel because he captained the 10.27 State championship basketball team. Donald Shires because he so ably handled the business end nf the 1927 ",Xlligewi," and was class president in 1925-1026. Alonzo Slider because nf his scholastic record and the winning of the State Chemistry Essay prize. lvllllillll XYarf1eld because he edited the ".Xlcohi Mirror" and was a lCflLlC1f in his class. as well as taking part in athletics and the declamation contest. John XYentz because he made many drawings fur the year book, and because he was president of the Pen and Pencil Club. -lack XVilkinson because he captained the 1927 track team a11d ran so well for Allegany. Henrietta Robinnette because she represented Allegany in the cleclama- tion contest, as well as taking part in athletics. Elsie VVariield because nf her school spirit, her general interest in all fields of school activity, and particularly because she was president of the Girls League. Page 75 Jin Cmemurizlm ROY gX1.'1,,L1': llnrn August 1-1, 1002 Jicrl llcccmber 31, 19--1 XYll.Ll.XM IQMIQRTCIX Lhfru 11L'101JC1' 26, 1001 XCIIIIJLI 1-1 WH IJicf1Nu'- " , ... .XNXIC M. LUKLXN llurn May 5, 1852 Uiccl .-Xpril 25, 11726 gzg I fn? 'E ti' 1 L ' in ' '31 1: 5, is ,af -151 gg ff. 6 - . ,. 13? 1.1 L4 , J' 72' -Q" Q 2 we 11 f 1 1 if' 1 . U ' Page 7 7 f,.,-, 1-ff ,Warm 1-1 5 -...., -.-...-....v-....,..., , . nn, 1 Youth 11111111 'Ix'I11I 11x 1'111'1'j1'1'1' f11111,', Y1111111 71'1111 -1-Il1111i11!l ,711-151.011 f111fu1'1'.v,' 111121111 111111 11171'11,x'.v j't'tl1'II.Y 10 511111, 1v0If11I, 1'.1'11111'.vi11' 11x 'Ill' .'1f1'1'1 .v1111z1'1'1'.v. Y1111111, 'zkyilfi 'Zn'l'f1I j11-V1111x 111111, 1.1'i'1'1111 11111.x' 111 1111' .1:1I11' 10t1lIj',' Y'11!11I 7L'1111 l1,Yl'.Y 111111 1111111111 .1013 Y1111111 111111 l'l11111l11 .v111y. Y1111111 11'if1s 115' 1111 1'111'1'11'.vx f1'1'1 .'110IIfl fl f7lIf11 of l1Pl11!l-110 f11171'1'1's, T11 j'0l!f1I, Life is 17111.10 1'o111f11r11', 171'7'11111'11f 11111111111' s111111'1'1'.s'. 011, .RIKYLV I C11-6' 'z1'11f11' I Iota' 1111111111613 N111 71111111 1 11111 s1111' 171111 01115 11111 11'1 1111' !j1'1'1'1 1111' 1111111 H111'o11f11'1' 111'-f111'1' 1111' f!l1111l, of 311111111 g1'11f1's 10111. Roads 1-111 16011115 1111111 111 .1IfIII'.V T0l7l0I'1'0'Zi', 111111151 Ro1111's .vf11'11 11111111111 .Y0l'I'07.U, A11 IQINIUYX roll 111 1111111 1111' Sj11'i11g, S111111' R0fIl1.Y 711111, 11111.91 1f0I7l1.Y sing, O11 l"Z'l'1'3' R111111 s111111'o111' 1111151 11'o11, 5111111111111 11111.v1 1.1111 -111 s11f1 1111111 God: 511111101111 111111 171'1'1'1 11 1'111111'1111'1? 1:11111 II .s'111i11', S11111111111' 71111 111111.10 411111 111111 !l'Zd'1l11!'. .1111v ,vo111' ROIII1 171' tl SIUIII-X' 0116, 171111 of jo-v 1111 1111' 111119 1111-Vvx 1111111' J .-11111 1111'11 111 1111 E1111 of L1f1".v 1.111111 T1'1ri1, 1111151 511111 11111111 111 111.11 io j'0Il1' Holy Grail. R1iT'rx' DAI'GH'l'RIfY .wc . .'.'f'1'1 "Z ' A ' 1 it 1 ' - 1 ' -- I 1 is -1 :, - .- . ,3- - . . . - v if ' f u V . fel ,- '- .5 P- :ff-' In g 1 ' 13, 5 1 s I I 1' -u li' 'f 3' I -ik ,'," I y! '--.y3:::5::g51gf,::f' liar: .'l'i."'E" 72" x i s 3? v if Prophecy AM still selling pencils on the corner of Baltimore and Liberty Streets. My million is safely stored in the old, big, strong bank. lofgpll-5259, But being as alwavs a great lover of hard work, l still like to fo . - ta is and tem it trade with in' little tincu x. XYell, life is like that. Yi, l 3 l Flames will call for me in the big car in ten minutes. "Help the blind, Mister ?" Une of those bloated aristocrats, but the two-bit piece surely sounded good. Then l thought of what Shakespeare said-but never mind what he said. l have an idea-think of that. Tomorrow. yes, tomorrow is Mr. Kopp's birthday. Twenty years ago he was my principal. l'll have a big party and invite the class of '27'ethose old pals of mine. Yes sir, l'll do that thing. Home, james. Thelma :Nlderton is assistant secretary to the president. Thomas Anderson returned to Lonaconing last Home-Coming XYeek, leaving his bottling works in charge of his son. Helene .Xndrews is president of the .-X. X lj. Tea Company. Gladys Apple owns a prosperous orchard of them near Hagerstown. listher Asl-:ey is at the main desk in the Congressional Library. Virginia Athey is chief stewardess on board the "Leviathan ll." blames Avirett is one of lXlaryland's ablest barristers and is an active mem- ber ol the famous "Duck Busters Club." Russell Beery is keeping the books of the Cumberland Macaroni Com- pany. Lynn Beightol is manager of I-larrisons "where price and quality meet." Millard Beifrhtol is ca mtain of the Lfnited States riile team in the cominff B l 6 Olympic Gaines. Charles Beamer has the job with a pull. He is practicing dentistry in the old Medical Building. XYalton Blume has recently bought out the old Y. X H. foot house and installed an entirely new lunch counter. Gerville Brant is part owner of the l"otomac Edison. She purchased two shares of stock. Page 7 8 . . ...rgfifz-:':"'."f:-A ' ti' ' i s ' "" ' , 6 , ,. .651 3, an ez: :J 5' . I-Q. . ' , H il' -2' if ii. 'A lf.: ' 211 :ff .. .ff e-iz-:wire-it '.,..-i,,5:3g.,.-Q5 gy,-,L-5 -5 l 15. :jig L :M 'ni 5, , it :.-, " ,N 1 L HE ,vi Q - U- - 5 1 . . V B :,l:3:'g'. R fi Harold Brown was expelled from Congress for iilibusteri 1 2, ng. lrene lirown was visiting out of town. Probably she will stay this time. Sarah liucy scuttlcs the eleven young ones off to school on the 8.30 car every morning. Muriel Carter is writing" thrillers for the N. li. .-X. Service. Her new novel S . . . , ,. IS IIUXX' l'lll'lllll1g' Ill tllC l IIIICS. Yictoria Chappell is matron at the Y. Rl. C. .-X. lfdith Christopher has risen high in th 1 li c terarv lield. 'llhis vear she was Fe , . the recipient of the l'ulitzer prize. Ruth Chase has recently organized a Ridgely Better Babies Club. Rita Clement is giving linglish lessons to the newly arrived lirench immis grants. Merle Cobler ai id his music are the attraction for which the Strand charg'es an extra tifteen cents. Mae Collins is president ofthe l.adie sale. s' Aid and is operating another bake XYilson Cook is engineer of illumination at the Kelly. He switches the lights on and oiif Dorcas Copeland is a regular attendant of boxing matches. Ruth Couter is teaching at Catherman's. Marian Crowe is principal at the new l'ark Heights High School. Lewis Crabtree is the present clerk of the Circuit Court. George Coughenour is writing testimonials for Fleischman yeast adver- tisements. Helen Daugherty Lena Dclbrook is Grace lleneen is Hamilton Ilickev Morrison Dickey. the .- Xllegany-La Salle is managing the boys' department at Swartbenbacks owner of the Corrigansville bus line. making a fortune pruning Glady's apple trees. is selling listerine up in XVest Virginia. the sporting editor of the New York Times, will cover game in person: Roy llouty is chief clerk at the Cellulose Plant. Page 7 9 ii' 317: it- V,.?. M J, ,rs 5... .4 . , gf:f ,Wi Wg., -'Q -'Z . .4 ' Q9 -7,5 1' '-L 5.2215 .fs -f' 513 , . -,.:::a:2:s:s:i:1a:5 ffz- :' I .la :vu . 2, -'I 1-2:11 V ,W 5 ff ii: i . B , ' .tml ' f '.,:' ' ' " ' V 5. ,. it ' s, ' .Xliee llurrett is Grand XYorthy Matron of the Most Exalted Rulers ol the L'nix'erse. liranees lfarl is playing" the stronw' woman in tl ' l l. ' "M Powerful liatrinkaf' , Z, . ie neu p iotop 'my Ihe .lune liarrin has lmeen made matron of the new Almshouse. joseph lieldstein is conducting' the Boston Symphony Orchestra. .lessie lilake is the city health nurse. XYilliur lil ake has patented his hltieth invention, a doulvle clisch rv' l ll watch. a heco ar Austin Fleming is the national director of the Y. M. C. A. james Fleming has secured the contract for the third addition to old ,eXlleg'any. .Xlthea liloto is private secretary to l"'ren1ier Mussolini. .Xrthur Iilurshutz is married and taking dictation when he is at home. .Xliee lfooter gave away forty million dollars last year. Frank liord was lmequeathed the family plant hy his Uncle Henry. llelen lfox has achieved the same notoriety as Ruth St. Dennis. l'aul lfrase is professor of math at "lJeah ole Hahvahdf' Yirginia Free is managing the City Bakery. livelyn Fresh is a hosiery model for the Rayon Company. Lois flank is owner of the Metropolitan Opera. 'llevis tlerard's advertising agency has succeeded in inonopolizing the l'ittslnn'gh husiness. Clyde Curley. the prominent elulnnan. has started a fad for pinl purple spotted spats. Q and XX'illiani llanly graduated from Allegany in 1942. For Iifteen years he was known as the grand old man of high school. Georgia llardy is head of the telephone exchange. Her anti-guni chew- ing' policy is lmeing opposed hy the "Hello" girls. Yirginia Heron is heading' the ,-Xnieriean Federation of Labor. lilizahetli Heintz has invented a new dance step which has hecome more popular than the uhlack hottomf' Page 80 ea- ff: 2'-ff-7 - . 1 ..-WA . . ,lil 5' if V' "" :'lf'f-fi ' 1. ff. if ' 516 'ali il' 'A .fiffs2fQi9i52??5:'E.'.: W L L "E '? ' if tr v if :2:2:f:E1:fi-:lf ff' 1 6 fi' . ,.,.-iff Llf 'ik 3.,-Q: 131. ty- ,f'f . 4122: .515 1..:'.3.:r1r:rii5gg. V7 , ' A xii, I 1 Pauline lletzel is playing basketball with the .-Xmerican National Girls' Team. lfugene Hilton is superintendent of the "Shops" Alberta Hinebaugh is Cumberland's only woman dentist. Russell Hoelzer is president of the Rotary Club. Elizabeth Hoover is the new l'. .-X. L. referee-the one with the Striped stockings. Xvlllllllll Hull is the present county attorney. Richard johnson is colonel of a regiment of "Devil Dogs." Iidna Kennedy is president of the American Red Cross. Abraham Kishter. the violinist, is visiting his family in Cumberland after an extended European tour. Kathryn Knieriem is managing the local Chevrolet agency. Edna Knippenberg is in the employment office at the Kelly. Arnold Kight is welterweight champion of the world. Miriam Klawan is at work on her books, "Logical Conclusions on the Diversity of the Ifthnological Divisions of Aanainalibipeclsf' Virginia Lam is principal of the Lam School of Business lnstruction. Grace Landis is starring in "Rose Marie" as it enters its twenty-fifth season. Beulah Largent is an interior decorator, or rather a dietician. Henry Kuhn has accepted a partnership in the plumbing business. Charles Lester is president of the C. K P. Hattie Levin enlarged Rosenbaum's so that it now covers an entire block. Thaddeus Lindell is the lumber baron o'f liastern Minnesota. Clyde Lucas presented a petition that Cash Valley be consolidated into the city limits. Harry lllacllonald is offering 3100.000 to the tirst child under ten years to swim the Atlantic. Adeline Maclienzie has invented a new cash register with three "no sales." Grace Macllurdo made her fifteenth unsuccessful attempt to swim the Atlantic last week. Page 8 I 11' :-:" :-:,.r- ' , W 5' 4 nv : 'me -5 ' ,:. i i ,, ,Q.,.1-xjzgagfrfgffa-:If-Ei fin: lf' ff: I i i' ' 2 . 1.,'A:3-:,.- - 1-45:5 rg, ,, ,- up , :gg V- .--1.5-:. . H 5, 1 U, :.' ,-J no ,A :.' wg -.f 2 I pn, 5' va ,' . .g. .1 515' 54.-:I 91, 'G 1. .11 ' 'L - if 315' 51:1 -:Q - '--:-f'ff1 f.,:f', fi? A' if L fi QQ "f1:f:Q:2:1:Lg:QQ.:- 2 Q.-::..y:1:5:,:5Q.1::3 V '- 1-P-:i-' .,.2.gZ il' l 5.4 -ruin '11 V - ' ""' " .'-:P ::-: .1 Ii gig 5 Q i r I! 1 1: r . 53 hllizaheth Martin is keeping house in a rose-covered cottage in the Dingle. Victor Martin is wielding a cleaver in his huge meat market. Ruth Matheney is teaching talking at the Mary Baldwin Seminary. Mae Matlick is secretary to the State Roads Commission. Carroll McCracken is serving his third term as Governor of Maryland. lXlarguerite Mellinger is private secretary to Governor McCracken. llermina Mcflee is selling tickets down at Crandall's Strand. .lames Messick, as chief of police, waging a desperate hght against slot machines. Nellie Middleton inherited a fortune from her great aunt on her second cousin's side. Of course she gave it all to the poor. Kathleen Mohus is Record Book Inspector for all teachers of English. XYilliam Morris is dissecting frogs at Johns Hopkins. Margery Muncaster has gained a reputation for her perpetual youth. She indorses l'ond's two creams. john Nate has astonished the medical world with the announcement that he will give no liquor prescriptions. Paul Xicewarner has donated "Nick Carter's Five lfoot Shelf" to the l'uhlic Lihrary. Sarah l'ennington has taken her Aunt gXnn's place with the New York I"uhlic. john Vitzer is on the coaching staff at XYest Point. Emmett Ilorter still maintains that "when hetter automohiles are built. Buick will huild them Geraldine Poling is the present principal of -lunior lligh School. Phyllis Rickey is suing the inventor of the famous live-cent drink for illegal use of her name. Eleanor Rizcr's girls' haskethall team had a successful year. Henrietta lQohinette's kindergarten is crowded with applicants for the next four years. La Yonne Robertson supplies Henrietta's tahles with sand. Grace Roderick is waiting for Harold to hegin husiness. Marion Rosenmerkel is teaching elocution at New York University. Page 82 l 7:25555 Vffagimf' 55. 3 2-.t!.T: L, , .VZ 4, 1 Hr' ,Q 1- I. 1' f.: ' ' , .. l .pg 1 df. :V f 'I J ,451 " ,QI ,lu if ,i v -i-1-12111 " 1'-.2-1 :I --r , ' 1. .I ' .' 2"-S. . H: gl IJ, Ni ,. j1:gg:g:.f5 3:15 - 3A,,,5:,:1:,:i.:5ig5 Ui' I i ? inte y he f --2 z. :iff 2 -V 1 ' i.- ff. liloise,Sandbt:wer is president of the Lucy Store League for the suppres- sion of profanity. Marie Salyards holds the world's typewritiug championship, Marie Schafer has returned from her tifth trip to Europe as private sec- retary to ,lohn Rockefeller IY. Helen Schaidt is the proprietor of Schaidt's Coney Island Lunch. lilizabeth Schilling is a famous evangelist. Dorothy Siebert is a partner in the 'llwo Brothers. lleryin Self is leading a big "ball" movement on the New York rubber market. Harry Selle1's is owner of the Cumberland Brewery Company. Ruth Sheakley is the window decorator at 'Rosenbaum's. Ruth Shipley is United States .Xmbassador to Nicaragua. Glennie Shipley is the wife of a millionaire yacht racer and polo star. Donald Shires is the manager of the Associated Press. Granville Shirley is designing a new type of passenger locomotive for the B. X O. Clarice Shobe is the wife of an antique collector. Merle Slnunaker is sticking to his last. David Sigel has recently gone into the jewelry business. Mason Sisk is at the throttle of the "Pinto Unlimited." Alonzo Slider is president of Yale. Leona Sloan is biologist at the Western Maryland Hospital. Alice Smith is working at the Royal Candy Kitchen. 1f:lYIl. Smith is editor of "College Humor." Grace Smith is compiling a directory of Smiths in the United States. Harold Smith is president of the Sodahlerkers Association. Garland Somerlott is the engineer at Lake Gordon. Paul Spidell is owner of a furniture factory with a reputed capital of thirty million. Reatus Spiker is the owner of the shop up on lialtimore Street with the three balls over the door. George Stitfman is in the undertaking business. ln fact. he is undertak- ing all kinds of things. His sister Louise is the successor of the artiste l'aylowa. Page 8 i -f,,.::'...1 P54633 1-1' .fi 9 ' ' W 74 ,. n,- rf, Ea- 5, - '-V-QQ. ' .- , ,r H ,, ,.,n n W N. A- J' -PP. 57 iii ' 55522 :ggfg . iiffi' Iffv! if 512 ly. -1f?f125151:f?3i31i2-' ' '.'a1.::35:sf5:s:Eg:gzz Ii' ' as 5113 3 Quai y 5 f 55 rj " iii l V li I 5.5 . Robbie 'llenny is teaching Advanced linglish somewhere in XYest Yir ginia. ,-Xnna 'llliomas is cashier ol the Liberty Trust. james 'l'orbet is an eye, ear. nose, throat, and what not specialist of South Cumberland. l'ansy Troutman recently underwent an operation of the throat and she is now able to talk. Clarence lftterback is president of the Sargent Lock Company. lilsie XYarlield is leading a movement for the repeal of the six-inch skirt law. Philip lYalker is campaigning for the 1947 Community Chest. George XYalburn is owner of XYalburn's Mammoth Shows, now exhibit- ing in lilintstone. Mary XYeber holds the XYorld's Racing Championship. She has devel- oped a speed of 317 miles an hour in her new super-special. lrlarmon XYelch is Hoy Scout Executive for Cumberland. .lolm XYentz drew the latest cover for the Saturday Evening Post. Pauline XYheeler is operating the cafeteria. Lloyd XX'l1ite is the owner of a nitro-glyceriu plant near Oldtown. lfrederick XYilliarns is still breaking all kinds of records at the music store. .lack XYilkinson is drawing the plans for the Cumberland-Ridgely tubes under the Potomac. lflsie XYeller is a minister's wife, Robert XVolfe's picture is in every street car. He is the model for Arrow collars. Handsome Bute! Yirginia XVolfe has sold the California orange crop to the highest bidder. Louis XYright is owner of an auto laundry. He dries them by running them through a wringer. Margaret Youngblood is secretary to the manager of the Cumberland Tire Company. Mason livick wears Society Brand Clothes. "The Fit is the thing." Llewellyn linlow is a household furnisher of Oshkosh. XYisconsiu. Marjorie blones is still selling Babe Ruths at the Rustic lun. Le Roy Sbeakley is owner of the Pink and Green Taxi Company. 'llwenty-tive cents to the Fair Grounds. Page 84 7 -J-11 l 'A Q' 911 72 :ef Z" life : - 1 ,' .-'Q .3 Z:-:S ' .,:-zfrrfzigrg. 5 " A 'BL lgif H A 'fri 'V , I af "". W xl' F flung ,L E Q f . if U B Page 85 Allegany High School Song Our clvm' old sflmol iw fll'l'l'f llm' .Ind sing om' f7l'LII.Sl' to tllvvf Tlzy loyal .vom mul lltIIlfjlIft'l".T Ill' vf'vr111m'c 'IR'l7Illll lux' .lluy .vfvfvl 41x.mfiufi011.v Fill ull our .wlmnl ll!!-VX 1Il'l'f' .Iml zmrhv fu' ull 1'1I!l1'4I'Z'01' To lmlrl flzvv IIUIIUI' flmzr. Rcfrainzf llmr Olcl High Sl'lI00l Um' l14'a1'tx go mil to tllvv, ll'1'fl1 lmfvv mul glaflmxvs sz'11gfng, Ill' flvzlgf tim' lo-zu' and ln-val!-V. Nay 111r111m'1'v.v of llzvsc sflzool days Go -zvillz us all flzrmrylz lffv, flml lu' an lIISf7I.l'tIll,0ll To ufrl HX in fl.: SlI'1.ff', .-llzzl 'IUIIUII our .wlzfml lffvfv ovcr Jill-V rw f0rv'4'r lm frm' --lml loyal fn llly c'olw'x, Yllll' gloriolrs llvllllr' aim' lilnc. , I , V-.,'5.::I:3:32,g 1.1 : I J cz' f ' J,.11'Q.g:1fjy:. f' " "" " ff 1 if ,Qs .As gf 'bfi h .cl-Q ,' .2 f If ii, f ' QEIZ: j.:.'1 15:53 I fi-iff' ici 555351 ff:ff5i3??5:9233152f ' A'1--V'1 I :ig-5,1 I Q 5 M ra f 11? if .QF 0 I - - V If RIARGIQRY AIIINCASTER .... HELEN SCHAIIYI' ..... BIARIE SCIIAFICR .... GRACE SMITII ....... FRANCIS GROVES ........ RUTH SIIEARLEY ..... GRACE RODRUQR PHYLLIS RICREY ..... HELEN DAIIGHTREY ...... Gifrls and ICLIZABETII CIIEIIVRONTE .... BETTY DAIIGHTREY ........ IQUTH RIATHENIQY ......... H ENRI ETTA ROBIN ICTTE ....... VIRGINIA SCIIULTZ ......... PANSY TRUUTMAN ..... EVELYN FRESH ..... DOIICAS COPELANII .... JANE DUKE ............ ELIZABETH PIEINTZ .... MARION GLASER ..... Songs ......"Ifl1I Old Fo.vl1io11v1l Girl' ..."I'm 1ll'ZUllj'S lfalling -in Lowe' .I 1 1: Half-v Iwzrv Must Bo Low' ....."Prc'tty Littlv Blur' Eyvd Sallie' ..."ln a Littlf' Sfauislz Town' ....."Fizfc Foot Two, Eyrs of Blue" ........ASTl'FFllll'l1l'f of Sigma Chi" ........HGiHI1lll' ll Littlo Kim" ...."Dr'0p in IVA' I-Imirt, Ilvmzrn " .."J1r.vt ll Little Lozw, o Little Kiss" S'ZQ'L'l"l1-1' and Mo" ....UCI'l1l0lilll' Days" ........".S'wcf't Child ..."Prvtty Little Door" Lady' ...Hll"l1!'l'C'll You Got Tlzoso E-WSL' ...................................."'C'ollcgiatc" Page 8 6 v r 1 2: v J v I JU ' 7 .lj ,fffa f 3mWm'i" f ' -.J ,Mem 'LZ X 1926-1927 JUNIOR CLASS, ... .. ...-.- .. , , ,g,,,L.- .2-vs-H-7-,y - . i15'if'?': 1. ' ' r .. -Q .t-ff.--1:f:1:ri:-nfl .- '1 A vi -Ja, . 'I " , .: -:.1 .- 1 ? get f 5 - 1 Junior Class History OFFI CIQRS lDl'U.Vflfl'1If ........ ..... i XLRICRT XYoI.1f1i ' !'irv-P1'f'.s'1'a'vnf ........... -l.xcK 'lhniim-ZR Sr-vrctary ..... liRNicsT l li"rcn lisox Trcasznw' .. ....... HARULD Scimmf Hivtorirzn ....... .... l ilETTY ID.Xl'GII'I'RlCY Clrrsx .'f!f'Z'f.Yl7I' .... ..... 1 lk. Claim' E K, Hlilili short and fleeting years ago a group of outwardly calm lfreshmen entered the dear old Allegany on Green Street to meet, with premeditated stoicisni, the usual hooting and jeering of the lxiv-i"P,' confident and cruel upper classmen. However, the physical and T4 'elif' mental torture intiicted was soon diminished and we easily adjusted ourselves to our new and novel life. L vi-ff ,kc-KV 7' 54 isis L? Q' x Early in the year the class met and elected the following officers: Presi- Clent, Margery -Ionesg Vice-President. Edward Reichg Secretary and Treas- urer, Betty Danghtrey. Early in our careers the Sophomores began to warm their hearts towards the forlorn Freshies and made us feel as though we really belonged to the school when they gave us a masquerade dance, which was our first appear- ance in A. C. H. S. society. The days, weeks, and months passed quickly and soon the awful ordeal was at hand-"Final Exams!" The ordeal passed and we found ourselves in a less ignoininions position than before. XYe were "Sophon1ores." Softly we nnn'innred the word and ecstatically we realized we no longer would bear the despised name of "Rats" NX'e were confident, now, of our prowess in school activities and were quite ready to inflict torture on the new herd of "Rats" who had made their appearance the last of December. A Sophomore meeting was held and the following officers were elected: President, Myron Sinipsong Yice-I'resident, Betty Daughtreyg Secretary, Marion Glaserg and Treasurer, Albert Wvolfe. .-Xs we still had memories of the desolate days when we were "Rats" we gave the mistreated lireshmen a party which the Seniors managed to enjoy immensely. Page 8 9 'B'-'Ig ,-21.1i"1l1r15:?1E3l'fi-:'?ff v 1 g ,I ll' ' 'Cz 'gf' f .. ,,,l 1:51,--1' ' I, r 3' gf, 4 'AA ' ' -:bg ' . "Q.,-jf5E5EgEi5:ff.Q11 . 'f7',Q 12' ll" 5 lj . 9:6 , 'ii W , ,, ' ' "'fi'i'i-rj -' ' 1:2222 .' ,- JW Y ' .5 fl? if ' ' if ,iii r . kr ' i is ' A ' :-:iilfi,:-- Z I I Two years of the History of the Class of '28 has faded into the past and now we must shift scenes. ln September, l926, we entered the new school on the Heights and viewed our new surroundings with admiring yet hostile eyes. XVe longed for the old Green Street Building, the scenes of our childhood joy until we faced circumstances and determined to do our best to imbue A. H. S. with the splendid spirit that had become the very soul of A. C. H. S. At the first class meeting we elected the following officers: President, Albert Vliolfeg Vice-President, jack Treiber: Secretary, lirnest Hutcheson, and Treasurer, Harold Scharf. lNe chose Mr. Foy C. Curry as Faculty Advisor. Our President appointed a Committee of six to select our rings which have become the pride of the Junior Class and have aroused the envy of the entire school. ln March the animal junior-Senior Prom was held, being the first dance given in the beautiful new auditorium which was effectively and artistically decorated in pastel shades. Three full and happy years have passed and have left the Class of '28 with fine experiences and splendid aspirations. Next year we shall take up our new duties with renewed vigor and energy and we pledge our eternal loyalty to the old Allegany and to our new Allegany. Thus you see, Our Past is but a memory, Our Today is shortlived and Our Future stretches before us in golden splendor. H1sToR1AN. Page 90 ..::g:f:'.-: ,rp I' . ' .' ., " 'iff' , ' 'if .l - ii -na ' 2--i' ,"' -:G ff .. - V , Q: '14 V, J -', -'A . W' 2 l L Q I I S Q Page 91 JUNIORS Andrews, Elinor Goldfine, Edith Andrews. Floyd Gurley, Eloise Arnold, Roy Graham, Charles Ashby, Ralph Grimes, Charlotte Athey, Leona Grose, Pearce Bagent, Ruth Hamilton, Allan Barley, Espey Hamilton, Mary Barnard, Deems Hammond, Graham Beck, Mildred Harper, Virginia Bittner, Nevin Harrison, Gerald Beckmeyer, Mildred Hast, Grace Blaul, Richard Henry, Verna Blonskey, Nellie Higgs, Elmer Bloss, Evelyn Hill, James Bockhouse, Charles Hinkle, June Boor, William Hiser, Marguerite Brode, Mary Howe, Edwin Brant, Catherine Howe, Elizabeth Browning, Wayne Hutcheson, Earnest Buskirk, Helen Hutson, Dorothy Byer, Agnes Judy, George Campbell, Raymond Landis, Dorothy Collins, Georgia Lear, Leona Cook, George Leasure, Robert Cupler, Mary Lois Lee, Virginia Daughtrey, Betty Levin, Rebecca Daughterty, Lewis Judy, Ruth Dicken, Margaret Karns. Dorothy Dickey, De-witt Keyser, George Diehl, Bernard Largent, Paul Dodd, Dorothy Lewis, Raymond Efliand, Virginia Liller, Fannie Eisenhower, Fannie Lloyd, Leah Emerick, Marguerite Lloyd, Leon England, Alma Loar, Margaret Ford, Blanche Long, Margaret Ford, Roderick Loy, Helen Fox, David Martz, Harry Fram, Rose Matheney, Robert Gleichman, Robert McCullough, Elizabeth l llla ,r . W to-3 My at gift 'ini ri r' Mc'Millen, Thomas Smith, Hazel Menefee, Katherine Smith, Richard Mickey, William Spear, Charles Miller, Harold Stell, Elizabeth Millholland, Betty Swayne, Marion Mower, Earl Taylor, Marion Murray, Beatrice Trieber, Jack Myers, 'Charles Twigg, Ketzel Neal, Clifford Van den Berg, Norris Nethken, George Von Kaske, Roald Estel Williams, Ruth Anderson, Lloyd Barkman, Chester Babst, William tt, Charlotte Oster, Ostrand, Inez Payne, Nell Penrod, Elizabeth 'Perdew, Elsie Petenbrink, Luther Peterman, William Pirkey, Virginia Porter, Hazel Price, Thelma burn. Paul rd Ray Reich, Edwa Reighard, Virginia Rephan, Helen Rice, Melvin Ritchey, Robert Robertson, Elmer Robertson, Katherine Robinette, Ernest Roe, Mary Roeder, Eleanor Rosamond, Robert Ruehl, Christine Scharf, Harold Shade, Pearl Shaffer, Lawrence Sigel, Elizabeth Simpson, 'Myron Smallwoocl, Katherine Smith, Doris Barne Bishop, Blair ' Kennard Bishop, Brotmarkle, Twila Burke, Maria Cessna, Herbert Elinor 'm Deetz, Dennison, Willai Fisher, Lois Groves, Frances Harvey, Margaret Hellein, Don James, 'Clyde Kight, Natalie Knippenberg, Helen Lee, Brace Martin, Ralph Mattews, Hume Meadows, Clement Miller, Henry Nicklin, James Richard, William Ritche, Ruhlin Roe, Mark Ryan, 'Carl Schultz, Virginia Page 92 ' 4 ' 5. "1 f?-gl a 'ji 'V' 'A' V 1 . 5 Qfif 'J '.'. , ,, .... - I W ,AL S ,iw ,I I V ,...-4..,-:.:..z.g3,:' - by '5'f i "HE . 'fi' El 5,5 , Page 93 Sharer, Janet Stimler, Robert Shlres., Dorothy Teske, Lawrence Slgel, Sarah Tibbett, Eleanor Smith, Alton Wise, 'Stewart Spruill, Robert Wolfe, Morris Yarnall, Alice Wilson, Virginia Zimmerman, George Willison, Lottie Williamson, Thomas Wolford, Ruth Wilson, Aulton Wurschi, Roland Wilson, Gladys Yohn, Lesta 1, , X . I ' 5 EPWQL' TQ" .QS .5 f 455 " ' , f::.- .. ,1 , .j -. .. . ... 1 : l 4 0 ' ' f 15 ,Hn n j ' "1 5. 1. ' ' I .',' -'IQ 1 -: .':4..:.y-,.-:--gg .vgj 15' j " "li "ij 'Y - '- v- 32 gd n H .-JE ' I lp Q 3: ii 'l -I va is The Pageant RIIXXY, October 15, noted a most significant epoch of public edu- 4?QfX cation in Cumberland. On this auspicious day the pageant which marked the formal opening of the new Allegany High School on Campobello took place. The pageant was witnessed by upwards of four thousand people. It was presented upon the knoll, a little to the west of the building. XYith a smiling October sky for a canopy, the mountains with their gorgeous autumnal color for a background, episode after episode of the history of sec- ondary education is the city of Cumberland, was dramatically presented in the natural Ainphitheatre. Every detail of the pageant had been most carefully worked out. Every pupil enrolled in the school participated in it. livery innovation from the opening of the high school as a department in 1887, until the opening of thc new half-million dollar high school in 1926 featured in the pageant, and in this way was the progress of the high school movement in Cumberland pre- sented step by step to the enthusiastic audience. The grand finale was a riot of youth, beauty. music, and color. Miss Pearl A. Eader, head of the English Department, was its sponsor. After the exercises incident to the presentation of the pageant, the build- ing was inspected by the audience, who were most enthusiastic about its beauty and its adaptability to present day needs. The Hospital Fund of Allegany High School .T --,- 5 -' ' 'ffffffs if iiigisdgf HIC Hospital Fund is a fund raised this year for the purpose of compensating pupils for injuries received in athletics at Allegany at Q-Q High School. This fund was begun to take care of a rather expensive injury received by one of the boys on the football team. The money may be raised each year by popular subscription from the students at Allegany, and from the proceeds of a play, game, or bazaar to be designated by the Hospital Fund Committee with the approval of the Principal of the school. The money is to be deposited in a creditable bank drawing three per cent interest or to be invested in a safe bond. A student may become a beneficiary of the fund by receiving the approval of the Hospital Fund Committee. This committee is composed of the director of athletics, the faculty manager of athletics, the student manager of ath- letics, along with the coach of the particular team on which the injured person plays. The principal of the school must then approve the findings of the com- mittee before it becomes valid. The Hospital Fund is a permanent thing at Allegany High School. XYe earnestly hope that in future years the importance and the need of a fund of this kind will be so obvious to some member of the Class of '27 that he will deem it a privilege to endow it. This should be done by getting in touch with the school authorities of that year. . I, llflxl gi C Egge- Page 94 f0P ' Qi' m V L M?!E? W , 927 CLASS, 1926-1 PHOMORE S0 H , " if' H I , -I, It '-v:1ifE1i:g:f'1:-"" ' A ,y 1 -- W- " V -1 .n ff- 12' hi' vu li EJ::4,:::::::::::gE 2. x A l- M 'Em p L T ,, , - ...::. I 1 4 Nr ,1 I I 15 A' 1 A W is V gui! Sophomore Class History 1'rvsidc11f. ............. ..... XY.iv1,TIiR Ihlikci-I I"'1-ff-Pl'C.YfdFIIf ....... ..................... I ,ICSLIE HELMI21: Secretary ............ ...... I fL1zA1s1-3'1'n C11EL'v1zoN'1'l-2 Trmsurrr ..... ...... X V11,L1AM Camimz, ju. 1Fi?,f.Li:LY lllf Class of '29 slowly made its weary way to the great building on Green Street, of which it had heard so much. lts members were a mixture ot green, intermingled with red, when anyone, especially Mr. Kopp, spoke to theln. They soon learned what to expect from the upper classmen, and after a great many embarrassing situations became accustomed to their treatment. The Freshmen officers were: President, John Sapp, Vice-President, Wil- liam Cramerg Secretary, Virginia Hrewerg Treasurer, Ann Wolvertong Class Historian, Sara Schaidtg Class ."Xdvisor, Miss Vogel. After the dreaded final exams, and the wonderful vacation, most of the class returned, firm in the conviction that they were now Sophomores, whom, heretofore, they could only envy. Although they were perfectly delighted with the new school on Campo- bello, they were sorely disappointed when they realized that they, of all people, should be looked down upon as "RATS" for another year! This was because the schools of Cumberland are being conducted on the 6-3-3 plan. But this disappointment wore off, and the upper classmen became aware of the fact that the Sophomores via "RATS" were quite an unusual class. Finally, the class decided to show what they were made of, and settled down to real business. They held a meeting and elected officers as follows: President, Dan Ryan, Vice-President, XYalter Pierce: Secretary, john Rice: Treasurer, Elizabeth Cheuvronte: Faculty .'Xdvisor, Mr. llowcrs. But as Dan Ryan resigned and john Rice "quituated," another meeting was held, at which XYalter Pierce was made Presidentg Leslie Helmer, Vice- l'resiclent3 Tilizabeth Cheuvronte, Secretary: XYilliam Cramer, Treasurer: Thelma Scarlett, Class Historian, Mr. Bowers, Faculty Advisor. The Seniors and Juniors may have achieved the reputation of giving' good parties and dances, but they certainly received a shock when the Sophomores came upon the scene with the hit of the season-THR SOPHUMORE PARTY-.-Xpril the twenty-ninth, at which the Seniors were guests. It was a wonderful success, and will have a permanent place in the minds and hearts of all present. The Class of '20 hopes it has put a star in the crown of .Xllegany that will shine forever! Page 9 7 , 'gf' ,,' . -, ,.A, 3 ,V ., J in N I ,,,. 4 ' N' v ,l 'L i. I :, f' -Sjf - ,QE E 1 ' -' 5' .ii if A-'i -Jr1'1i2fa':'-.. ,QQ ' ,YE Q gmfg ' if " SOPHOMORES joie aldeirsion wilibur askey mary askey beulah athey thelma athey johnnie barker edith barneis evelyn barney frankie barrett tom beale click beckmeyer wade berg loman bennett knelda berkley althea birchard alda Bishop eugene bittner virginia brewer walter burner lois byrd juanita crawford homer borror charlotte bowie alletheia bowa1'd edith brant Willie bricker eugene burns harry campbell arthur carscaden gladys charlton lizzie cheuvronte Wallace coffelt helen cook margaret cook lucille cooley betty cornelius billy cramer billy crowe leo darr georgia boy dennison mildred diehl harriett dodd lizzie doub roy durrett kate effland dick emerick george eyler jeanette eyler johnie farrin bob fink pegg fletcher verna fletcher clarie forcey ruth ford mary franklin bertha freedman izzie freeland rebecca fredlock kate garland jerry gaston ida gerson johnie gleichman elsa goeble paulie gormer anita graham theodore gray glenna guynn thelmie harrison gracie hammond lorena hardinger katty harper lizzie hershiser leslie helmer helen heuer peggie hinkle ginnie hopcraft 1'uthie jamison charlie johnson walter karns maxie keller lv-1 Page 98 , , ,. ., .A , f. ,v - '-: ,w f 1 I . V 2--1 li' 4' '1 :X 51 '. I. I , . '. ,gf 7: V - - K 1, billie kight alphareta king mary kirkpatrick annie kishter joie koegel junie kolb helene kuhn tomie kuhn graeie lashley katty little nelson mars evie marvin lizzie matheney lucartha mathews bob matlick ZIHYTUS lllefllls lloyd miller josie mills forest morris jammy morrison oliver morton lizzie munro frankie myers pearl nave eugene noble sonia ostrand jemmy ott roy taskell arthur paulm walter pierce nellie powers watson pritehard eva pyles mary reynolds johnie rice lizzie robinnette wilbur roclenhauser alannie ryan johnie sapp thelma scarlett Page 9 9 get i"'E v fl Up' .' 1, fi .. 'CQ .4 1' w s U ' 1' Q !.,1!.'.." I ,A I. n n y 4 4 I I 1 4, ...wr sarie schaidt barbara seibert ginnie shafferman helen shaw Clarence shepherd bob shrout paulie shirclifl' charles shontze tomie shryer jemmy sills clot sisler charlie smith merle smith clot stell jenny stevenson Janet steveson charlie swarner nellie sullivan mart tenny florence thompson johnie thompson darl tipton homer trader evangeline twigg lucille tyler elmer uphole hoclie vanhorn ginnie verney nannie walden davie walker annie watchman lizzie Webster peggie weirer tempest welch peggy wenner eleanor wenrick jemmy Williamson vivan willison harrie wilson genie Wiseman . .- fi E claronce Wolfe Sarah Wolfe lee Wolford annie Wolverton mary wright marthie wright louise zilch jakie yankelevitz clif youngblood kate yutzy gilbert zieler helen zink hennie zink johnny albohm henny backman mabel bagent charlie catherman dick christopher johnnie eppler jemmy fatkin raychel feldstein clara belle foster mariana frantz tom gilchrist g-innie glisan merrill golden lawrence grim walter grose jakie jarboe ida kennell I 11:1 " I' ' Hr ,I i Us i, ' ' in 1' if A , .' F ,J 1 . .. l . " I 1? ,I G' 5., -V 5555? ,A :L nf' fl :5:5:2 12.3 -2 1' HL Z' gf gg di ,gh sfzzg , l thomas litzenhergz lillian llewellyn nellie lowery dot leighty fl frankie maxey georgia McLughlin rebecca oliver sylvia ostrand audry peters joy portmess ethel rider francis ridenour bessie robinette IlelSOI'l 1'OS6HE!ITlGl'kQl nellis seitz carmen skidmore kenny Shaffer florence small johnny spitznas harry twigg emory wallis elmer welch elton wenrick jemmy wiant harry williams leah willison madeline wintermyer kate wisegarver vjil jx xllylll I, ,v J"u"L Page I 0 O September October Page 101 I 1 lift: al Y L 1 : " 111. "4 ' ' ' I - .- . , -yu,-''-.-af1ff:1:f'1".f:53g- Hi 'fin if ff .556 'f-rg "ig 53:1 fl' 'f'? 'l' ffl Y 5-If .iii " 55" W iff ,. 'V 3-f4a2aa:e:a:11-1-.4 Lili? if i 4 fi , '11 'F - 1 ,- ' ' " Abmgti 'fi-5? L .. . ' School Calendar of 1926-1927 XYeinspeetthe"lxigsel1iml4n1tlieliillf' 'lllle lirst ,XSSCllll1ly. Class really begins. Hhllllln RlL'fll'Cg'lll' deserts us. liriclay. liirst lnntball practice. Snceer cancliclates eallerl nut. lflirst tarcly' case. Rain. Bliss Xllebster belfl Yirgil Class in builer l'UUlIl. "Rub" Xliulfe begins seliuul. "l'lclee" laments tlie absence of front steps. Senior Class urgfanizes. 5 The Girls' I.ea0'11e is inau0'ui'atefl. rw 5 "Pat" tlainer joins the cuacliing stall, ,'xllCQ'llllj'. 333 llarsmis. 7. Tag clay. Miss Sirbaugli incubated with reference iclea. Seniur Baby llay. "Ham" Dickey in knee breeclies. Miss lQarler gives a test. 'l'l1e new "Mii'i'ui"' makes its lirst public appearance. ilolinstmvu lielcl to 0-O score. "Charley" Lester seen Ctlllllllg' under the rizuluet. Pete XYinters takes up public speaking. lirlitli liancls an article in on time. IXIHIIZIQTI' llanly and ".Xbie" Kisliter mark ull' the l in Gmuncls. Muriel Carcler writes lier Hrst fairy tale. Hagerstmrn at the Fair Grounds. Scureless tie. Meniorial of Mrs. Lunian declieatecl. Mr. Osburn comes to school. November l ' ig..-1 1:s1f.z1f:--1.-"5 jlwili, 5? ' ' .2 . "'A ' w " ii, li' ,il u fi .- 'f bl ,au if ij n' gg . I .5:, ' '1' ' iff' .515 if lil .I 'L "-eq..-as:-.:1fI5"? 2. -2 - " w . . ii ii Q V I .-- - .L . .1 2 we .F my 'l i v is I3 l-l 15 10 17 18 ll? Z0 ll 22 25 .ffm 27 ZS 217 30 2 3 4 5 lu 7 9 10. ll 12 13 l-l 16 17 18 lf? Soccer team defeats Midland, 15-O. Male Chorus organized. 'l'he Pageant. Three thousand people attend. We win from Keyser hy a single held goal, 3-O. Morrison meets Helen. "Ham" meets "Huddy." Reports are out. Reports are still out. "XYhat Happened to -lonesu? lJon't you wish you knew? Thomas game. Rig score. Senior class meeting. Trouble hrewinfr! 1 fi .Xnother class meeting. Great applause. Committee consultation and suppressed excitement. Class meeting numher 3. Boycott lifted. XYe lost to Bruce. 'lihe l'anatrope is thoroughly discussed. St. hlohn's hites the dust. Seniors attend llalloween party after all. Yesterday was Sunday. No school. Teachers must have their little vote "Hill" Hanly's iootlmall lmanquet. La Salle tied with no score, Central holds us to a second scoreless tie. Morgantown is defeated, 7-O. Rustic lnn opens. Volleyball team heats llarton. Soccer score, l-0. The .fXrmistice Day parade. Dickey and Harley leave for the Navy-Michigan .'Xllig'eu'i Statl' selected. Another overwhehning' yjctory over Meyersclale. llickey and Barley return. Girl haskethall candidates called out. "Thad" Lindell huys a new suit. Thaddeus huys new shoes. Pristine glory. game. Page 102 ...W ,ef-Tr, .. . ' sm " ' . 5, 1 gg arg December January Page 103 -: ,I . ' 5, ' U. H 2' H' '.L "- -'Ei . 1 it ,ls 9.3: H -' ' 4 L, I t . 0 1 in 20. NVe win from Bedford, 22-0. No school Saturday. 22. Fleming' is present for the third successive day. 23. "Chuck" Trader returns can of heans to Bedford. 24. "Roy" Sheakley smashes another car. 25-26. Thanksgiving holidays. 27. VVe lost Z1 6-0 game to the .Xlumni-. Oo 30: lfirst basketball practice. The Girls' League donates. 'J 1. Hi-Y is organized. ,, A, ... XVe are surprised by the second row of reports. 3. "Pete" XYinters makes his debut as cheer leader. 6. The Commercial Room is empty at 5 o'cIock for once. 7. Assembly. 8. Vacation only thirteen days off. 9. Vacation only twelve days off. 10. Only eleven days. N 13. Senior pins arrive. 14. Declamation contest. 15. Democracy class trial. 16. "Take My Advice." 17. Saturday. - 20. Frantic last minute collections for teachers' Christmas pres ents. 21. Santy Claus. Goo-goo. XMAS HOLIDAYS Censored 4. Again we come hack to school. XYe love our teachers. February .2f'f.F, 11' .21 1 ' - I, Q' l' I nf. 55, -.5 ,.,Va .Ao .- if -.9 1, :si - . in ." :" .a 151' A V' .Qs V. j-.,:g:-1-1-323:-,'-f - ,fi-fr W Veg 5 gang r j 6 3 , .Q gr at S v as " r'1' I -H- Test l Test l Test l XYe defeat last year's county champs, llarton. -lo-ll. Leads for musical comedy chosen. La Salle turns ns inside out. lXliss liader gives a test. liooli reports due tomorrow. llemocracy notebooks due. The llemocracy class snhscrihes to the Literary Digest. .lnnior rings arrive. llemocracy notehooks hrought in. Hagerstown makes its lirst appearance. Senior hoys decide what the girls shall "commence" in. Senior girls made sensational comeback. The Hi-Y attends the Strand in a hody. lioothall team appears in the new sweaters. Hill XYarheld gets his hair cut. Scores pass ont. The school has recuperated. l'en and l'encil Clulm gives a hig party. The hill comes from the Societv Ranihlers. The lirst day of lfehrnary. XYork hegun on Alligewi. Groundhog day. XYork on .-Xlligewi to hegin next week. False alarm. IUU per cent attendance in Room 4. lfehruary 6. Tnesdayf-.Xssemhly. XYe win a great extra-period game from Keyser, 28-27. High hopes of heating La Salle. We continue with Central, winning in last quarter, 29-22. School spirit is present again. , Chances for the pennant. -lohn XYentz is reniarcelled. The ticket sale for "Mary" starts. La Salle again. The old gym packed. Nine-point lead in Page 104 P March Page 105 4' 0 ll , f 1, if it ty' .f'l If ' -V: ff ,,' 1,54 l ln - a F lg f .N '.4'o , ff' ff, .1 . Lqiliui ff V. t xg: gl :O fig, .fl 1.-:, , I H A ig 'L ,. -,111 J, ff- , ,gg lgifl Q 4. - G.: ,Ja if sexi 1'-f.-.wif-it 1 P - . . - V . , ...., 1:-:3 " f frm! ' il :QE ' , ,Avv ' . tinal quarter saves them. Celehrity contest lmegins. Celebrity contest continues. l'rice on live-eent cigars rises Room 8 hard pressed hy Room l-l. Room l-l and Room fm draw closer. 'I'ielcet contestg Room 6 ahead. l4ernard's and Mr. XYlCliZ'll'fliS car is still hehind. Clyde llnrley snccumhs. Mr. 'llaylor decides to sing the 'ASoldiers' Chorus." Merwin Sell' gets his gold medal. Mr. XX'oodcock works on his first editorial. 'lunior Senior l'rom. lYar declared on chewing guin. Truce is signed. Park your guin here. Ifxcitement at the Rustic Inn. Nine pups arrive at the Inn. Central defeats ns. flloom. "Mary" Same with a ditlerent audience. l'anl Nieewarner applies for a license and runs over a cop. License application shelved. We heat Bruce and win the right to play Central. Nothing' hut haslcethall. 'l'he county championship. Davy Sigel hero in Central game "XYhat I Saw" and "XVhat I Heard." Getting ready for Hagerstown. .1 XYe turn the tahle on l-lagerstown at the Gym. lfxcitement. State championship in sight. Big migration to Catonsville. XVe kill Annapolis, I3-7. Chaos. XYe meet them at the train. .AXssemhly, chaos and oh, that team l H A ' il F. , 5' 1 -'fri 0' . I. ,. ' 1 5 :ag ,ff fi: , ' --,.,:5:,.1-zfgjl. xi 535 ggi' , 71, 91: 'au 'I , . V. . ,... .-.rp . f ,l J '1 L Q' E O 1 :gf 'E i kr v a April May -Yi: 1,1 1' State champions. XX'e defeat I-lyattsville at Return and go to the Girls' League Bazaar. The Big Parade. The County Debate. 'vVe still rejoice in spite of losing the debate. More rejoicing. At last we swing' into the old routine. lirederick. "jimmy" Avirett is visited by a State policeman. H e is exonerated. Marian Rosenmerkle knocks off six hundred words a minute on the typewriter. The track squad objects to feminine intrusions. "Bill" XYarfield again gets his hair cut. "Scliatlf" and "Les" llelmer rejuvenate the old tennis court. Mr. Osborn and Mr. Robinette play tennis. "Abie" treats the school to banana splits. "Abie" is soundly thrashed. Elsie ilunked by Mrs. VVE1I'f:1ClCl. The track team is sent over the hurdles. The price of mercurochrome goes up. "Daddy Bills' " gang gets in wrong with the jelly beans brought as bribes. Sedgwick Street track meet. Frenzied last-minute work on the Alligewi. police. "jimmy" Avirett takes the Alligewi to press. Page 106 ,l., :,,,.v. ,, , , VYYYY - - 5 Em! 'N C 1 W 3 Vl,Z 'UN5l fi I ,wg ,,,4.fL V .- 'yiaxq f I ' '!' , 1 . f!,.J 1 . gc, 121 1'-1" v- ! I ,,-1 xl. 14 ni, ,, -B .H ,. gnfkj r L.-'- -I I svlr -1 lf.'5-JL-' l .1 I A. D. K. Members NYalton lihnnc Lynn Beightul Agnes Byers Dorcas Copeland Stanley Buckley liclith Christopher Betty Dang'htrey Alice Footer Pierce Gross lilizalueth l-leintz Margery jones Richard Jolinsun George Keyser ,fXhraham Kishter Miriam Klawan Evelyn Fresh Grace Landis Margery Mnncaster Grace Rmlrnck Grace lXlacMurchi John Nave Phyllis Rickey Marie Schafer Donald Shires Helen Schaiclt Grace Smith Bernard Roecler David Sigel Robert Sprnill Lawrence Schaffer lilsie Vtfarfielcl Margery XVebh Mary XYeber .Nlice Uurrett .Xlice Yarnall Page 108 ,....n, .en--.111-1 4. ,. - I, Q .vf 1 ,1 N Q. LJ: H ff' , ' 1 :gif A f L is '11 'f' tif '-f fif' J,,.M,.:.:.:.1.::EE3 ri.: ig. I V., :EL L :H ,px gi th .A ,.,... 1 1111, Q' I The Alpha Delta Kappa Prfsiflvtzt ........... ........ B Imm x1 IQLAWAN l'1'1'v-P1'rsitt1'11t ...... .....,. I 'ZDITII C HR1s'1'oP111iR ff1'1'1'vta1'v ......... . ......... ELSIE XVARFIIQLD Trfasnrrr. .... ............... h IUIIN NAVIQ ltirvrtor ..... .. .. .. ..... IIARo1.1m C. XYICKARD Page 109 ll'hi1'l1 Cllll7 in our school is 1'o11sirl1'1'1'1l tht' lwrst, Thr' 0110 that tofurrs alvoiw' all tho rvst.' lt fI'0CStI'f taht' long to lctzofu what j'0ll'll say, For it's tht' Sll0f7fP.Y and f't'f'f".X' J. D. K. Some ycars ago this club -was begun By students who liked to work and have fun .' Ana' down to this day has lnwr carried its namc, .lust fillcd with sztrrrss and all sorts of fUl'llff'. Now through tho past yvar it has stood at tht' lzvadq All kinds of school fZlllt'fI.0lI.Y this jim' rlulv has lrd. In tht' Pagfaut its 1nc'n1l1c'rs workvcl hard and with To makz' it thc' hind that to all would appeal. :cal In rostzfitms so vivid and ll!'fl0ll so rare' Thvir srmli' was 1't1a1'tc'd Tlllfllflltf any flarv. Tho rrowd was amasca' at .vzfrh bright array .-'Ind 11110711 right 117111151 'tzuas tht' grand A. D. K. .-Ind along in Ortolwor tltry gain' a- grvat play lVhirh lmramf' in our srhool "tho hit of tht' day." "ll'hat Htzfvjrmzrtl to J0tIt'.Y.lH was tha Manu' of thr show- Yozt heard thosv words ztzmtioztra' 7vl11'1'1't'v1' yozfd go. .-Ina' than at the Christmas timf of the year, ll'hz'u rw1"vo1zc"s happy and full of good rhvvr, They f1rr'sm1tcd a program so bright and so mm' That t'7'f't'j'0110 'zcfondcrod what :tart thvy 'would do! ' ' I , . 1 g , ,A , N, 1 I la ...-f I: ' I '. 4 fo 22 I., I' rx l' , ? M ffm : ' . .rl 314643, .J I? an , J' -f" , 4 . . ' ' 1' A 5. A' 1 1 J... . V In flu' fI'0tl'l!l'fl0lI of "lllary" was lu'la' af flu' Sfftlllll +l11d wax rlf1.v.vvzl by many as just' ".vi111fl-V !l"UWl- 'Tlu' .S'fl'Ilfft'I'.YH in all tlu'ir glory anal fanu' lrlrlrd Ju'-zu laurvls to llIt'll',f-111110115 IHIIIIF. flu' .fI. lf, K. alaauv was a gala affair: Tlu' a'a1u'r1'.v, flu' lllIl.YI'l' lrnf a fruv fF.YlI'T'l' air. 137't'l'vV0lll' was .va lIllf'f7'X' and fvvliauf sa gay llllllff flu'-x' .s'lumu'1'azl tlu'i1' f7l'tII'Xf'X 011 flu' frmul .l. ll. lx. lqllfll "S111il1'1uf Tlzruf' a t'lltIl'I1lI-Ilfj fvlay, ll'a.s' girwz in flu' Hlflllvlll af May. lf was jv'fu'lainu'1l lvvv fluisv fulun 'ZUFIY' flu'1'v Is flu' luxvf vlass play flzfy'a' .wuz llll.v':k'!ll'l'l'. Now nuvxf af flu' frvalff for flzix vlulv ix a'uv la a fu'1'.s'011 lvurfull 'wall Ivy vafll mu' af you. If lx Harolal C, ll'u'ka1'a' af flu' fl. ll. lf. ll'l1a will lu' l'4'lll4'llll7c'I'l'tl for uzan-v a day. Yo as af ala' may vnu af today S'fill rarrvv an flu' fl. 17. K. 'Way you -zvarl' ana' .Vll'I-'ZW' fa krvfv luv' zuuru' Ulu' of 'zvnrfll alul 'Ulm alul fa111:'. Iaul fluvz uw lzafu' youll lufar all .va-V, CIM, 'zur lilw flu' .AI. 17. lx'.."' Page 110 3, N, Y WWV- v , v.-,,,,..,,. .1 Arts and Crafts Club l'1't'.N'li1fl'llf ...................... ......,.... ................... ............ l Q I "rn fUl"l'l-IR T1't'tIXI!1'1'l' ........... ...... I Qvrn Snn'1.l-ix' Club ,'llfT'l'A'0l' ................................................................ Miss SXYISIIICR 'llhe .Xrts ancl Crafts Clnh was organized with thirty-three members from the various classes. 'llhis eluh has for its aims: Bettering home conditions anrl clecorationg inlproving' taste in clress and manner. The Clulm membership consists ol: lilizaheth Sigel Ruth Couter lflizaheth Cawe Yirginia Athey Milclrecl lieek Klilclrecl lleekmeyer Ruth XYllllZlIl1S Marion Taylor Virginia Sliallerinan lilizaheth iXlCCllllUllgIll Dorothy liarns Natalie liight Ruth liorcl Katherine Nenefee Margaret XYeires Virginia Lamb Tenepest XYelch Ruth Shipley lfva Pyles lilva Smith Fannie M. Iiisenhonser june Hinkle Nell Payne Leona Lear Margaret Song Thelma Alclerton Clariee Shohe lflizaheth l'enrorl Leona ,-Xthev Glaclvs XVilson Dorothy Doclcl Georgia llarrly Mae Collins Page Ill we J u . 1 1 : ' , 9 5' 9 l rx.. ,. . 1 .-l..-. , , , si i:ll'ii.iif fi ' Q 29 wi v J 1 if 'Q ff' MF L 7 Suv ,ss ,l r 'Q .V I 2,1 .- nl .4 H 5 X 5 . f' it fix' .Jr jj .x rx w - I ,N . .. 5 Q Members of the Pen and Pencil Club 'D lflovcl .Xmlrews Harry Mzicllonulcl f . 5 , L, Vvilltflll Blume Betty Klillhollaml 1 fx Homer Horror Margery Muncaster 'lr ' Virginia Brewer Elizabeth Martin 5 N V an Irene Brown Henry Miller W .1 50 If O N LT ' f .YK x George Coughenour XVilliam Cramer Paul Nicewarner XVatson Prichard res YF- Robert Fink Phyllis Rickey Ji' ,. .lu tff Alice Footer lileanor Rizer N-7 N 5' Paul Frase lflizzlheth Sehaiclt J s Aff Nj' Evelyn Fresh Helen Schaiclt K-QU gy' P Lois Gank Paul Schobe Q' A , 'I ' gn Marian Glaser Grace Smith XJ? hy. John Gleichman George Stiffman Y, KLA . Pauline Hetzel Marian Swayne T XX Elizabeth Heintz livangeline Twigg L' F Mildred Hughes lflsie XYartielcl Margery Jones john XYentz -UVU1 E1 George Keyser Lloyd XYhite V Robert Leasure Alhert Xl'olfe Margaret Long Morris VX'olfe ,Wd fc, Page 114 .rfwffgfafg ,MJ r I: ,I 5 ' i in ":-I , ,A " ' ii? -' i" 'iisii ffrf-:QQ 4 ' 5" 351 .. ff 'fi C ..., V-Q15rg5.,g::i:5? f ' A XE L gang 'ai A S f. "' ' ,bg , ... " 4 I ,f - r' 'S i 652' v ze ' Pen and Pencil Club lfate has smiled kindly on the l'eu and l'eucil Club to make this year a very successful one under the leadership of its able officers: President, John XYentzg Secretary, Margery Muncasterg Treasurer, George Keyseij and Faculty ,-Xclyisor. Miss Husted. ' 1 This is one of the most active clubs in the school. It does the drawing and printing for all activities. Last September it was kept busy making posters for the Pageant, but it handled the work competently. There are about forty members in the Club, many of whom have real talent. 'When any one asks the Pen and Pencil Club to do work for him you may be sure it is done well. The Club Dance this year kept up the reputation of being a "swell" affair. The dancers swayed to the strains of music made by the Society Ramblers, and the evening was pronounced a decided success. The Pen and Pencil Club regrets the loss of many of its capable mem- bers through graduation and wishes them the best of luck in the coming years. Q, 1 s Page 113 EE' ,ima I'rr.wrr'r11f ............... Sc'z'l'4'fzI1'j' ,... ........ Debating Club Ul"l"lClCR S iiis .eXI.ifi:1in .'XVlRlC'l"l' l'hw'-I'n'.r1flv11f ......... ...................................... . Ricimim IELAUL ..............l':DI'l'H Gu1.uFINlt T1'm.v1m'1' ........ ...................... . .. .................. XYILLIAIXI Ricremims l7fXCULTY .NUYISORS Miss llearl A. Eader and Mr. Remliert blames Alfred .Xvirc-tt 'l'helma Athey Richard Blaul lfdith Barnes Norris Van den Berg lilsa Gable Tevis Gerard ,lane Glaser Edith Goldfine Grace Hammond Hattie Levin lNlElN'll3 ERS Raymond Lewis Mary Kirkpatrick Harry Martz NValter Pierce Wlilliams Richards Mark Roe Robert Rosamuncl Rarlwara Siebert Molly Stern lflizalueth Stell Anna .lean XN'atchman Sarah VVolfe Page II4 H: 12,15 , L . VVIA t - -+ , A Q , t Debating Club The opinion that the public sclnml slnmlcl equip its lIlCllllJCI'S for intelh gent llllfl etlicient citizenship is tlzxily beemning' more generzxl. XYith this iclt 1 the Debating Club this year has eonmlttetetl formal clebutes. lilllllllilflllllg' ineinbers with literature, nrt. science, and current eventsg training' the me bers to think lugieztlly :nnl tw express their thtvnghts clearly and lureefn llllll giving' them Il I5I'Z1CllC1ll knuxx'leclg'eul'p:1rliz1n1ent:1ry law. , . , lhe Llnb has been gftncleml by ilznnes .Xltrerl .XYll'R'IT, Vresiflent. :mil Kliw l',.1cle1 .mtl Ml. RCll10l'l, l'ZlClIllj' tXtlyisurs. was guing' on tt' ' h y- f' A x-u- . - -Ii ' Xu, 'tncl getting' stnm-thin-" instructive and entertaining' frnm 1 ll,t1t .lny llltlllllg ul tht tlnbcltningtl1t,yt.11,um b.ul xx lll ell inttl P4 7 he wunlcl have seen every ineinber intently listening' tn :ni zirgtnnent thlt tl L I1lCCllllg'. The Club in the Sclnmul N 5 very prmnl nl the fact that three of its members have be l5Ql7IllC. 'llhnse whu sneeeecletl in taking' part in the euntest were lfclith tlulflline, james .-Xllrecl .Xvirett, and Rieluml lllanl. The Vresiclent nnfl the members have always emvperzttecl hezlrtily. The Club has ably nmintziinecl the established fnnetitm ut trnininff hiffh scl m buys and girls in the nrt of debate. Page 115 . Q' lly, g g nt 'l n. all we Sf Nviyfrgl NJ' Q T y Public Speaking Club OFFICERS President ............... ...... ......... ....... 1X I x 'RON 1.1212 S1M1'soN lf'ifC-PVC.Yililll11f ....................... . ....... RAYMOND CAMPBELL Secretary and Trmszwm' ........ ....... .......... N A TAL112 TNIIGHT Faculty Aclziisor ................... ...... ...... I 'TUNTER A. R0B1NiiTTi'2 The l'ublic Speaking Club, the "old reliable" of Allegany High School, has had a most interesting, instructive and inspirational year under the leader- ship and direction oi Mr. Hunter A. Robinette. The Club has studied the essentials of public speaking, declamation, debate and conversation, and have become quite proiicient in their use. Various types of interesting and instruc- tive programs have been given by the members at different times during the year. The club meetings are lively, interesting and beneficial. The Public Speaking Club assembly on April Sth was voted by the stu- dents as the best yet. The stage setting was unique, the lighting effects unusually good and the acting superb. The entire program was of such a calibre as to live up to the fine reputation established by this club. "Hats off" to the Public Speaking Club of 1926-1927 and "All Hail" to the Public Speaking Club of 1927-1928. Page 116 mm- mm- ...W Y l I History Club oifificisies I'rv.s'fflt'1rl ........... ....... l .YNN lhfu:'1i'i'o1. l'1'n'-l'1'c.v1'11'v11f .... .... l Jiikwoon XYol.1folm ,gt'l'l't'ffIl'j' ........... ........... D ONALU Sunnis 7'rrfi.v1m-1' .... ...... 1 ilCRAl.llI N it l 'om NG Septelnher founcl the History Cluh with many of its iueinhers missing' :ts they were lllCllll5CI'S of the Class of 'ltr The cluh met and took into its folcls zlhout thirty applicants, which hrought the ineinhership up to forty per sons. 'llhese new people, along with the olcl, inzule Z1 line group and the clulw soon heczune one of the most outstztncling ones :tt .-Xllegany. Miss Simpson, the founder of the cluh, left in lfehruary to enter Coluni hia Cniversity. 'llhis left the History Cluh without :tn zulvisor for Z1 time, hut Mr. 'llowers :ilmly lillecl her place. Une of the purposes of the clulm is to estzlhlish :1 museum in .-Xllegztny :nn no opportunities to collect articles have heen let slip hy. Consequently thc museum has lmcl a good beginning. The ineinhers of the cluh have cooperaterl with the officers on :ill occa- SIUIIS 211 ul have worlcecl diligently to assure the success of the cluh. The cluh regrets that it inust lose many of its ineinhers hy graduzltion howeye next ye Page I 17 r there will he enough of the oltl nleinhers left to forni nucleus foi ar's activities. The Girls' League FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER t . V OFFICERS President, Miriam lxlawan President Elsie Xvmfleld ViC6-PI'CSiflCU'f, GTHCC Landis Vice-President, Grace Landis Secretary, Margery Muncaster Secretary, Margery Muncaster The Girls' League, as a distinct organization, just made its appearance in Allegany High this year. Several plans have been tried for the organization of tl1e girls as a power in our school, but the League has turned out to be the very best. VVe have only begun. X'Ve do not claim to have accomplished much. There is so much we hope to do in order to improve our conduct, build up character, encourage the right kind of school spirit, that the work of the League should move on by virtue of its own momentum. Good fellow- ship, high standards and school spirit are naturally created by the united ettorts of the girls. At first we were anxious to include all the girls in the organization, but we realized that only voluntary service would count in the club. VVe there- fore have confined the membership to those girls who wish to help raise the standards of Allegany and to aid in social work for our school. The little we have done is not all we are thinking aboutg we are thinking of what we can and hope to do in the near future. Follow us, Allegany pupils and teachers, for with your interest, with your cooperation, and with your encouragement we will move forward. The League song, written by Miriam Klawan, tells best what the girls are anxious to do for Allegany. Page II8 : I -il ,ti 3 ,A H.,.,,1,.11,,,:-j,,j jjf'!f,', 13 1 I A ,1 ' L1 -11. 51 1, ,' 5.' 12111 if-1--ff ,,.:-:Lb -'ff'I.T 19: ff? ig 'PL f, fig? , A w 7 'iq I w Ag ,W ,.A1.:1.-.:,:..f-:.:E. ' .1 ' v "E ' 1 fs 'W ' U H -f::5f , ' " ' Page 119 Girls ' League Song 111111111 1,11f'1'.v 0111 .S4'1k'l't'1 51011111 11'1' '1111'1.v of .'111t'fjl11Ij' fry 111 1111 11111' .Y11tI1'l' To 11111k1' f111x .v1'1111111 1111' f1111'.v1 11'1' 1'111.v1' 11x .vl111111111'11s 11111 l .'11ll1 'zv111'11 l1I11.V r1111.v 'rw' 11l1Yf,1' 1111 .v1111'1', S0 7i'111'11 0111' M1111111 11f1' ix 117'1'1' 111111 fwzxi May 1111' Girlx' 1.f11f1111' 1't11'1' 111.s'1. R1i1fRA1N Olll' 111'111' .vr1111111 fur low yon, 111 110111 .X'01H' Sfl111l1lI1'l1.Y 1l11l1I,' Yillf' 111l'111f11'il'.v nf 0I11'.Yf1I001 f1tI.X'.Y 11'111 111'z'1'1'. 1Il'T'f'1' 1110, f1IH' .'1111'111111y 1111111 .S'1'11n111, To you fm' f11T'l' 11111' 111.'xt ,' 311111 111113' ,V1111 lI1'IUl1j'.Y j11'11sj101' 111 1111 4H1'111.v of Il1lI'.Yf,1 111 1111 -601115 of 1j111'.vf. 11111111 fmrud 1111-VIL' fl 111 f"Z'I'1'-X' f11'111 of funrk .W-z .All- lf' Wm ,WJ-Z Creative Club . A',lJ,a!f,. Thu lirst Cl'L'llllVC Cluli in .Xllcgzuiy lligh Sclwul was orgauizecl October 27, 1920. llctty I'7:1ugl1t1'cy wus ulcctccl prcsiclcut amd lfdith Clu'istupl1ei', secretary. This nrgzuiizzttimi is lm' thc lit-uelit of those students who are interested in creative writing. Thu sulmjects fm' discussion during the yezu' were: The lissuy, Poetry, The Short Story, lliogfzlpliy, the lfclitorizil :md the Novel. .VX study of each of these with thc pimiiiiiiciit cuuti'ihutm's in unch lield, were made. Mt-lnlmers of the club who cu1it1'ilu11tc wurth while lll'lg'lllZl.l lnzltcrizil to any of these lields have their works pulllishcd iu the .-Ilmlzi .llI'I'l'0l'. Thi- Cluli urlxlltlllglll lluulxu will serve :ls :1 permanent l'L'k'Ul'1l uf thc Clulfs zwlxicvciiiciits frmu time tu ti IUC. llu- 1m'i11l1t-1'sli1p ul the Clulm is as fwllows: lfdith Cluistuplici' Muriel Cardcr .Xlice Smith Ruth Klzltlit-nay Rita Clement XYillizuu XY:u'lield llccms llcruard Clyde Curley Hcttv DZll1ffllU'l'X' . P0 v lletty XYL'l7StCl' lictty Cm-uclius Sonia Ostinml Luis llyrd lfvclyil llzu'u0y XX':1ltt-i' li:u'us Page 120 .- gg cg' 1 ' -A 1 1 1 .- 12,1 ia 11:1 Q' 11 ba:-1.1 -1 11 1- 11 ., ' .".-35:11-:":.l: ' iff, 'Z -1" A 111 'JS S '55 X 1 ' .1 Q. , 1 14:-:V A1 M! 14.1 E g!l'IE 11 r H EF ' " 'l 11:1 1 v is Tl IC f11ll11w111g' :1111 sumo 111 tllc Clulm N 1111111 ' 'il111ti1111s2 Dawn .SU-111.X' .11'1'11111111 11'1'1' 1111' 111'11-z'1'11.1, 1'1'111'f1'11t11111 111111111111 1111' 1111111r11, clhlfly 111 1'f111'1'1'111 .1f111'1111111', 1?11z11111'11' 11 f11'1'f1'1'1 111131 I-II .1111112 ,ll1.l111rl111f 1111111 fl1'1'.,-111111' of 1'11.11'.1, 11111111111 111 111":1', 'z111111'11 lx,--v.Q1ll11 1PI'l'111I1, 1.111 41 f111111.1111111 1111111.11111 11111111.111111.1 .S1f71I1'k1l'l1 111111 111111111111 1111111. A ,lllh 11111, 11 1111111111 111111 of f11'1', Page 121 S11-11'11.1'1'11 1111' 1'111'l11 I-II 111.v.l',1.l- 1l'111If. .Y11l111'1' 111111 111111 11-11111.11 1111' t'1'11 T1111t 11111 1111' 11'11'zv1111111, f1'11111 1111' 1I1111I1. .Xl.IL'l'f S1111 The Stars 111111' 11111111'11 1'11111111'.1 111 11 111111111 111 111111' ,Y1111111111 111171111111 1111' 111.11111 1111 11 111111111 111 11'1'1u,' c1A170III1l11 .1111'1'1' 1111111111121 111 11 111111111 .111 1111111111- 1 Yl- 51111111111 .1111111.1 of 1111! '1 1111, 1111111 1'1'1'.11'1'11l 111111111 111 1111' l11'l17'l'11.l. 11111111. ft .1 1111 11 !1lI1f11f1-1111, llffllfllvll 11l11' 71,1111 111111'1'.1 1111' 111' 11' ' ' l'1111 1111111 11 1111 1111 1111111 f1111'Z'll1l 111111 1111 ,1111 1'111'111 111' 111111.: l11'1' ,1111 111111111 of 1111' 1Y11111I, 011. .flIII'1l.II11 1111.1 111' 1111111 ' '11'1-x' I1l!f'X' 111 ffllflillff 1111' 11K,l1f'll11.N' .1111111. l',I1I'1'lI Qllllflglllflllllll - -. Jun- Girls' Athletic Club The Girls' Athletic Club, although newly organized, has been very active and has one of the largest memberships of any club in the school. Much success is due to Miss Mabel E. Pape, our able faculty advisor. At the beginning of the year when the first meeting was held the following ofhcers were elected: President, Henrietta Robinette: Vice-President. Elizabeth Hoover: Secretary, Pauline Hetzel: Treasurer, Ruth Matheney. The club strives to uphold the qualities of clean sportsmanship, good conduct in school and 'out, and high standards of health. The activities are the teaching of first aid, good posture and all kinds of hygiene. Besides this we have games and track events which are good practice for the interscholastic meets held every year. VVe are planning to take hikes as soon as the weather permits. VVe have had several parties which were quite enjoyable. One was a Hal- lowe'en Masquerade and the other a Valentine Party. We feel that our club has accomplished its purpose and has been a success. Page 122 Page 123 Gregg Artists ' Club OFFICERS 1'n-szllmzt ............. ...................... ......... I , HONA SLOAN I 'ire-1'1'vx1'iz'rnf ....... ...... X XIRGINIA XVOLFIS Svrrrfary ............. GRACE l4ANDlS 'I'n'a.wn'w' ...... ............................... ........, K X L12'r1112,x FLoTo listher Askey 'llhelma Alderton Virginia Athey Russell Berry Mae Collins Vllilson Cook Ruth Couter Alethea Floto Blanche Ford Frank Ford joseph lfeldstein Virginia Free Virginia Heron Edna Kennedy Dorothy Landis MIQMIKIQRSHII' Grace Landis May Matlick Marguerite Mellinger Kathleen Mobus limmett Porter Pearl Schade Leona Sloan Pauline VVheeler Gladys VVilson Virginia Vllolfe Margaret Youngblood Marie Salyards Harold Smith Dorothy Siebert "'E V , .N-I , , . , i 4 t . ,5::453:34.i.:.',- lL'i':?L:I C3 5 ' ' V ' --:5 -.f ii, :.- 1 -,f -, 55,1 ,Y ,ff if IZ, ' 12:22 'ffl 1211 5 ,I1 " sp in -gt-1 :-,,-,-:-:-.-g:g'-2'.- ' , . H 1,5 ,"f U 'K I I ,-:3.- ,j,..15:5:5:,:QQ35gg ix? E Q ij ffl g -' 4 1 ,-312' , . . . B Gregg Artists ' Club The Gregg Artists Clnlm of Alleganv High School Qponsorecl luv Xliss llll ua XVillison, is composed entirely of Commercial Seniors and hluniors. 'llhe purpose of the Club is to attain greater efficiency in the Stenogrziphie lielclg innnecliate aim-greater etlieieney in shorthancl writing. This Clnh through its goal of etlieieney has erezttetl eonsiclerzilmle interest in the two upper classes. The meetings are held every two weeks. in room eleven. The nienilners have had inzmy interesting meetings, zirrzingerl h yu progrznn committee. relative to lmnsiness principles. 'llhe Gregg' Nrtisti Clulm re1fretQ the loss of ni in ' ' , , , . , g e ,. 2 y ot its nienihers hy gradua- tion, ztnfl. it is hoped that new nieinhers will he taken into the Clnlm next year who will not only keep the Clulm np to its former stunrlzircl. lint will ilo nineh to enlarge its scope. "'llXN'O-'lillllQlJS Nl" l'RUMO'l'lHN IS RlC,J'l'lUN."-l,lnmrl Zh Page 124 Dirrrfor ........... .-lrconzpanist ..... I,I'l7.YidC1lf ........... l"irc-Pwsidcfzf ..... Svrrvtary .... . Treasurer Gladys Apple Mary Asky Charlotte Bowie Catherine Brant Sarah liucy lflizabeth .-Xnn Cheuvronte Betty Cornelius Marion Crowe Grace Deneen jane Duke liathaleen liflland Fannie May liisenhower Alma England Llewellyn linlow Dorothy liyerlnan Verna Fletcher Helen Fox Mary Franklin Page 125 Girls ' Glee ROLL Catherine Fritch Geraldine Gaston Mary Hamilton Georgia Hardy Verna Henry Alberta Hinebaugh Margurite Hiser Anna liishter Catherine Knit-riem Dorothy Karns Mary Kirkpatrick Virginia Lani Beulah Large-nt Hattie Levin Margaret Libby Margaret Marret Agnes Means Beatrice Murray Club Miss Donornx' VV1I,L1soN ............CIiRALDINE POLING .........GEORGlA HARDY ......lELoxs12 SANDBOWI-:R ........l3EU1.A11 l,ARGIiNT ......MA1zv l'iAMILTON Kathaleen Mobus Geraldine Poling Mary Reynolds Marion Rosenmarkle Christine Ruehl Louise Rhodes liloise Sandbower Barbara Seibert Ruth Shipley Louise' Stiliman Catherine Smallwood Hazel Smith lfdith Brant livangeline 'llwigg Ruth Vtfilliams Gladys VVilson Ann VVolverton 3 5, ' . 5- iz 5'- .4 NE i t . if ' 4 If ,J ' Q, ' 'O Q 1 " , l I , v if ar :Q 1 ,. .... ,f , , Li, ,. if . U . . " nv-r Girls ' Glee Club The Glee Club for the girls was l'C01'g'Z'l.lllZCfl this year under the tlireetion of Miss Dorothy XYillisun. During the year the elnb gave several public perfurinanees. ll' mol: part in the pageant which was given in September nn the campus of .Ule- gany High School. ancl gave several numbers in the Christmas assembly progrrnn. The prugrain in the assembly uf April l9. l927, was a sueeess clue to the elheieney nf Miss XVillisnn. ln May the club gave Fl euneert in the aucliturinin. jointly with the llnys' Multiple Quartet and the Orchestra. 'llhis was the first euneert of that type given by the clubs anal we hope to make it an annual atlair. 'llhe elnb pat'- lieipznecl in the liiaeealanreate ancl Coinmeneeinent exercises. 1 K fl, tzlhsislsisnlif milf :U ?::2'2-th W3 lf'-'- I 2552 7lQgxQ-L' IN K J ,z v n lv Page I 2 6 The Latin Club 'l'hc l.:1tin Cluh of .X. H. S. held its Hrst meeting on October thc sixth in Room two. lt was decided hy the Club to retain the former name of ".'X11i1nz1s Ronlzu-" q'l'he Spirit of Romey :uid "Vita sine litteris mors est" was again selected as an appropriate motto tor the Lluh s nuns. A new Qonstitutton was drawn up and unanimously approved lay the members of the Cluh. The Club presented an assembly program on November the thirtieth. linter- taining. as well :ls instructive. slides of Roman life were shown and were greatly appreciated and enjoved hy the student hody. Since the pictures received much favorable comment it was decided to buy for the school another set of slides. 'llhis was accomplished through the zeal and encouragement of Miss VVeluster and the enthusiastic co-operation of the Club. The annual llllllllllttl will hc hold ut the end of the school term and is antici- pated with great pleasure hy the members. The prospects of the club are excellent and we hope to make it one of the outstanding' organizzxtions of the school. Q3 ff: . Nwaigotiskrfrszd s my, -1+ .'5ser,v 5 31 my 111 'gil 0 3 7 Y Page I2 7 Q : A 5 r l I i l s l 1 il lx The Allegany High School Orchestra 'l'he .Xllegany lligh School Orchestra, llI1ilCI' the successful and ahle direction of Miss Dorothy XYillison, has established a reputation that is a real credit to dear wld Allegany. This ye-ar's orchestra, numbering twenty-tive. has proven itself on a par with ur hetter than any orchestra that has ever represented a schuul in this section. .-Xltlirmgli the orchestra will lose joseph Feldstein. Clyde Gurley and Harold Smith, viulinists: liredericlc XYilliams and Merle Cohler, saxuphonists: Harry Mac- Donald, trumpet, and Rohhie 'l'e-nney, drums, it is sure to repeat its success next year. as the remaining units constitute a strung nucleus fur a grind orchestra. Of the ahove mentioned, .luseph lfeldstein and Frederick XYillianis will receive letters for their services in the school orchestra. The orchestra has recently joined the .Xmerican lfederatiun nl Music. Hy Joining the lfederatimi the urchestra will receive more training in advanced music and instrumentation, and become a national organization. This lfederatinn aims to promote music in the home, scliuul, and state. That the nrchestra has heen a huge success, under the excellent direction of Miss XYillison, is an acknowledged fact as their appearances in pnhlic have been numerous and pleasing. Page 128 i ,, . it A if 5 QHWE 'ij f 4 1 .,.., of W 'li - v is " :ig Members of Allegany High Orchestra Miss llouoruy XYILLISON ....... ......... I Jirvufor -lUSlfI'll l:lfLDS'1'lilN ............... .,..... I 'rvxzlivzzt PAUL fiLEICHMAX ........ Srrrvfm'-x' Iylfllll-A'f.Y Balzfoists lilizabeth Chevronte Sub. Mary Franklin Vi0Ii11isf.v Deems liarnarml Blair Bishop XVilliam Boor George Eyler joseph Feldstein David Fox Clyde Gurley Helen Loy Janet Sharer Harold Smith Florence Thompson Roland VVurschi Emory VVallace CiIfII'ilIt'fI'.Yf Henry Zink Russell Hoelzer james Morrison Edward Reich Drums Robert T enney Tl'lH1lf76fS Brace Lee Harry MacDonald John Tlioinpson Smvojvlzonists Merle Cobler Paul Gleiclnnan Mary Hamilton Harold Miller Frederick VVilliams .-Xmong the recitals arc: The Pageant .Xssembly Concert junior Dramatic Play Senior Dramatic Play "Skyriders" Play Declaniation Contest Debating Contest Kiwanis Banquet Rotary Banquet Page I2 9 Y. M. C. .-X. Concert loint Musicale with Glee Club Senior Music and .-Xrts Club Public Speaking Assembly Virginia .-Xvenue School Senior Sermon Commencement Basketball Banquet ,nn-It .n The Allegany Hi-Y "Clean Speech, Clean Living. Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship" OFFICERS Premdmzf ................. .......................................... A L's'r1N FLEM ING Vice-President Secretary .............. 7 rc'asurc'r ...... james Alfred Avirett William Babst Charles Beamer Blair Bishop Kenard Bishop Lynn Beightol Richard Blaul Raymond Campbell Frank Carter Morrison Dickey Austin Fleming Merrill Golden Clyde Gurley JAM ALFRED EXVIRETT XYILLIAM XVARFIELD ........XVILLIAM l-IANLY MEMBERS Xvllllillll Hanly Eugene Hilton Leslie Helmer Ernest Hutcheson Richard johnson Henry Kuhn Harry MacDonald Hume Matthews John Nave Cliliford Neal lValter Pierce -Tohn Pitzer Melvin Rice Elmer Robertson Mark Roe Harold Scharf Donald Shires Mervin Self Lawrence Shaffer Alonzo Slider Myron Simpson Authur Siebert Philip Walker Vliilliam VVarfield jack Wilkinson Albert Wolfe Page 130 ' 0 Y ., .,4. , i,,,,g 5 1 . l The Allegany Hi-Y The .Xllegany Hi-Y was organized early in December through the efforts of Mr, Ray XV. Saxon, boys' secretary of the Central Y. M. C. A. Mr. Saxon placed the proposition before a general meeting of boys and his idea of forming a Hi-Y was generally approved. Nearly every boy in the school made out an application, but it was decided that for expediency and general principles the club should be limited to forty members. The favored forty were chosen by a committee of boys upon the individual qualifications of capacity, leadership, devel- opment and influence. ' The work of the Hi-Y has only been a beginning of what is hoped to be accomplished. The Club meets every Monday evening at the Central Y. M. C. A. At these meetings a speaker, usually a prominent local man is often present, and addresses the boys on some phase of life. Mr. Ralph Rizer, Mr. Stanford H. Buley, Mr. Somerville Nicholson and a number of others have spoken at the Monday night meetings. Messrs. Kopp, Curry and Bowers are Honorary Mem- bers, while Mr. Taylor, "Uncle Bill" Lewis, Mr. Saxon and "Herb" Hardy are always welcome guests at the meetings. The greatest Hi-Y event of the year was "The Banquet", which was held on March 2 at the HY". The banquet wasserved by the Ladies' Auxiliary, to whom the Club is deeply indebted. Dr. Hughes, one of the leading clergymen of Balti- more, was the principal speaker. He was pronounced the best and most worth while man the boys had ever listened to. Mr. Kopp gave an enjoyable address and Mr. Taylor led the boys in a number of songs. The ideals of the Hi-Y are nobly expressed in their slogan: "Clean Speech, Clean Living. Clean Athletics. Clean Scholarship." They are exemplined in the pin-a red triangle symbolizing the mental, physical, and spiritual, with a cross for the Savior in the center. An organization with such ideals cannot help but be a great power for lasting good. Page 131 'WLM llili QM- we-ve! A1'sT1N FLEMING Multiple Ouartette OFFICERS CHARLES B EA M ICR ....... 'irc-President PAUL FRASE .............. Sf'r'1'cIary-T1'r'a.vurer lismfv BARLIQY ........ ....................... ....................... I . ibrariau MEMBERS First Tenor.: Philip Walker James Torbet Darl Tipton Bernard Roeder Ernest Robinette Cilhert Zieler Raymond VVinters George Zimmerman Deems Bernard John Gleichman Merle Cohler blames Stevenson Harold Scharf Second Tcnors Robert Spruill Paul F rase Merle Smith Richard Smith Elton VVenrick Harry Sellers .lohn Rice lack VVilkinson Alonzo Slider llohn Rhodes Harmon Welcli Stanley Buckley NVatson Prichard First Bassas Austin Fleming John Pitzer Henry Miller Frank Myres Richard Johnson Charles l.este1' Howard Yan Horn Ralph Ashby Espey Barley Dan Ryan Lloyd VVhite Paul Largent Sl'l'0lllf Bassas liennard Bishop Charles Beamer VValter Burner Lester Seihert Elmer Upole John Ducharme Blair Bishop Loman Bennett Richard Blaul Page 112 4 0 ,gl ,, - 1, H ' .,'f- .. . , -:.. g 3, tg ' :ffl 1 ,' - ll 55- Q M r 4. ! gi- I R g I I .-. Allegany High School Multiple Ouartette The Allegzuu' lliqh School Multi 111 U t 1 L huartette, which was orgzmizerl in Sep- tember hy Mr. .Xrthur XY. ,llZlylU1', is having great success. The original plan was to organize :1 lumps illlZlI'lCtlC. XYllCI1 the first meeting was helcl, there were far ton many qualified applicants for Z1 rpmrtette, so Z1 multiple quartette was ur- gzinizefl. The first pulmlie nppezlrzlnee of this eluh caused Cuusiclerztlmle eelat. 'llhe eumnuiuity clicl not lxnuw it S" ' ll' l ' ' ' 'X ' ' ' ' s uuur :gi brliuul possessed suth talent. llhe clif reetur is trving out Y'll'lUll' " A ' ' ' the ll V fl . s groups in mmler tu tnrni n gmail quurtette to represent igh Selunul. 'llhe Multiple f'llllll'lCllC has given several concerts. lt is lJl'Z1CllClllg for :1 Spring Concert which. it is hnpecl. will he one of the li 's Q ' X " ' ' un t uent. ul the yax .xt the lligh belmul. fluurl luck to the Multiple Quurtette! Page 133 xv- fgt-' 2 5 1 6 -1,3 .qs VMZQJ The Boys' Science Club 225 MEMBERS 'l'uoMAs Kunx .... ........................ ................ P 1 'csidcut CHARLES SMITH ..,.... l'ire-Prfsideizt l.Lovo lVTII.LIfR ......... ........... S erretary CLARENCE Slllifoizn .... ....... 7 'rcrlszuwr ROBERT lVlATLICK ...... ..... .......... . . . ......... Critic The Boys' Science Club of Allegany High School is one of the most inter- esting and instructive organizations in the school. Although only two years old, the club is so popular that it was necessary to limit the membership. The pur- pose of this club is to make a study of Science and the men who have devel- oped it. The club has an interesting program, such as the one given in the Assembly April 1-l, at each of its meetings. Some of the most interesting programs were about the life and work of Thomas Edison. Luther Burbank, joseph Priestly, and Louis Pasteur. Other entertainments take the form of debates, jokes, and reports on the latest scientific development. A great rleal of the success of The Boys' Science Club is clue to the service of Mr. Rowell, its sponsor. Page 134 The Girls' Science Club 25 1 OFFICERS President ........... ........................ ...... M I LDRED Diem. '28 I"iFC-P7'FSI-fiC7l4 ..... ............ 1 .ESTA YOHN '26 SI'l'l'l'ffIl"V ........... ..... ................ I ,EARL NAVIQ '26 TI'I'lISlU'I71' ........................................... ...... I QATHERINE LITTLE '26 f'l!llil'Il1lIll of Program C071lHll'fff'f' ...... ..... 1 SEATRICE BIURRAY '29 The Girls' Science Club is still in its infancy as it was just organized last year, but it is a much alive club. As worthy members of this club we pledged ourselves to specialize in the study of science, nature and inventions. As one of the first ventures the girls went on a hike. Everyone is busy making collections of the biological specimens to contribute to the Biology Department. During' the year the members enjoyedmany interesting programs arranged by a program committee. lVe wish to thank Miss .-Xtkinson for the success of this club, Page 135 The Junior Dramatic Club OIFFICICRS Prcsideizi ............. .......................... ...... D I ARION HAMMOND I'ict--l'1-vxiiivizt ...,.. .......... R urn lJATTl'2RS0N Secretary ......... ........ l SLIZABIQTH Scnixmr TI'CtI.f1U'l'V ....., Curifoko VVILLISON Nineteen twenty-seven lind the Junior Dramatic Club rapidly pressing to the front as one of the most popular organizations of A. H. S. This has been proved by the success of the three-act play, "Take My Advice," which was given instead of the three one-act plays usually presented. The acting ability shown by the members of the cast insures still greater success in future productions. The junior Dramatic Club was very fortunate in having such a capable fac- ulty advisor as Mr. Eddy and the members wish to thank him for helping us to make this a successful year. The club entertained this year with a dance which won the approval of all who attended. Also, the club had an assembly program, May 10, and presented the one-act play "Rooms to Let." The Senior members of the junior Dramatic Club, who drop from the ranks of Allegany dramatics this year. extend to the members who are to carry on the work their best wishes for future success. Page 136 4-snr e Q X ' if t 2 A , sx , I l L sat- ' 1-w 1sQfw,.g, ,. W as . . . f -- Q . . -sss'- - The Spanish Club President ....... ............ ....................... ............... ....... j 1 m 1 IN NAVI-I lf"ic'c-Praviclvnl .. ......... liS'I'liL USTER Secretary ....... ...... I QVTH SHIQAKLEY '1'rca.vzm-1' .... ...... 1 iLAlJY5 gXPPLE l.a Sociedad de Cervantes is just two years old and it is one of the best clubs in the school. 'l'he meetings are held bi-weekly and a program is given each time by the various members of the club. At one of the meetings several of the junior members gave a short play that was enjoyed by all. Another time Profes- sor La Manca and three of his pupils entertained the club with a musical program. The purpose of the club is to promote the study of Spanish. One of the aims of the club is to take a trip each year for a more extensive study of this language. The club attributes its success to the careful supervision of Miss Ciftord, in- structor in Spanish. Page 137 7- "YY f rf 1.-...rf .. Boys' Athletic Club ARNOLD KIGHT ..,.. .......................... P rfnvidmit QIOHN GOLDEN ....... ................... I 'irr-Prrsidmzt l,I2RoY SHEAKLIQY .... ....., S' l'C'I'FfliI'j' and 7'l'l'IIV"l'FI' MR. BOWERS ............. ................ I farulfy Advisor' This school year saw the birth of a new club. This association was the brain child of three Seniors who realized the need of arousing interest among the stu- dents for school athletics. After gaining the permission and enthusiastic support of Mr. Kopp, these three students called a meeting of the boys and from this meeting grew the "Boys' Athletic Club." VVe here take the lib-erty to thank the originators of this club. The club has for its ideals the desire to increase active interest in school ac- tivities, to maintain a high degree of honor and health among our boys, and to create such a keen rivalry between the individual persons for participation in school activities, that our school will be ever a leader among the other schools of the county and state. Besides the regular school athletics we offer the following to all members: boxing, fencing, wrestling and specialized forms of calisthenics. VVe hope to interest the state school commission in recognizing boxing and wrestling as major sports between the High Schools of the various counties. May we all join together in wishing this club a bright future and the happy fulfillment of its ideals. Page 138 rr 5--ef 1-.fu V---qw -5.1- -,M-.,7q1'1gr'i-fjjf--gf:-1 -- ' l t at ,W The Poetry Club VVe members of the Poetry Club are idealists. We are inspired by the light of one goal. VVe work within its rays, and allow it to govern our decisions and plans concerning our organization. This is our aim. VVe do not pretend to con- tradict the statement that most poets, like heroes, are born, not made, but we do hold this truth to be self-evident that the taste for good poetry can be cultivated, and individual ability developed. It is our aim to teach individuals to appreciate poetry, enjoy it, and learn to love it, as we do the members of the club. In the year 1926, the Poetry Club came into being, under the management of Miss Vogel, faculty advisor, and Betty Daugherty as President. The club seemed to sail right into public view. At the beginning of thc semester starting in September, new ofiicers were elected, Miss Dixon became faculty advisor, Betty Millholland, president: Ray- mond Lewis, vice-president: Edith Goldfine, secretary, and Inez Ustrand. treas- urer. An assembly program was given in which classic poetry featured. Meet- ings were held and it was resolved that we would study the poets of different na- Page 139 ,O we 'gift 'R 1 I - ' A f'n':' " ' ' pr 5, 0 l ' ,iv ,.. g z '- -5, 2-5 7' "' 4525 ..,.',-::rg::::T:5:QQ iii' l Q4 L ami: ,iq Q A .Z.:g.1,.::i:.4l:l , tions, their compositions, and in some instances their lives. .-Xt the beginning of l927 again new o-flicers were elected. Still nnder the inspiring leadership of Miss Dixon, Leon Lloyd became our President: Tlioinas VVilliamson, our Yice-President: Raymond Lewis, Secretzirv, and Inez Ustrznnl 'lireasnrer. NYC began planning our programs with renewed vigor. This is the history ul- the Poetry Clnlm from the land to the opening of thc iluwer. llnt we who have begun this organization will not he in ,Xllcqanr alwavs. XVlio will take care of the full blown rose? NVe urge that those who fill our places will not let it die. so that we may watch it grow with delight. Perhaps we have not accomplished miracles but considering that the clulu is as yet in its in- fancy, and with the ideals, enthusiasm, and zeal of its nienilmers set towards :1 worthy goal, how can we do else but succeed? BETTY KlILl.ll0l.l,.XNll. 0 S A eb . s . :ggi E-:gg A .- 'E--:E fig 1 'fag Er? 1 : " l I '1n H' 'xml .iq i .... r 45 0 ,. .. Page 140 3151 Le Cercle Francais Several years ago a group of students, interested in the study of French, were inspired to organize a French Club. "Le Cercle Francais" has become one of the active clubs of our school. One of our primary aims is to have the club continue to grow as it has in the past, until it is found that the school will be unable to do without it. live have a membership of over twenty people and have elected President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers serve for a term of six weeks, at the end of that time new officers are elected. The club meets every other VYednesday during the extra-curricular period. Two members of Le Cercle are appointed at each meeting to serve on the program committee for the following week. "Le Cercle Francais" is opened each week by the members responding to roll-call with a French idiom. The minutes are written and read in French, while Page 141 f:1a:QL'g' 1: 5 n a s ' , ' , 2.3 .",r U. , I fo V V .9 .vu 1, 4, ,- ,. ,1 -,A N I.. I -' -:-Ji.--ti' I. Fi' if ' , I-' . :-:-:-'-1.,1:g. A ' A 9. . gi ,J 1:1 4 4 ,1 1 9 . B- "I A fi 53 5 5 11. ' i ' . , - I nearly ull of the Conversation during the entire meeting is carried on in lireneh. One of the most important works of "Le Cerelev this yezn' was in the pre- sentation of 11 French play. 'llhis play was one of the most successful ever given by the eluh and We hope that each year "l,e Cereles' play will he luolqed fmwwzxrcl tn as one of the most interesting events of the season. The object uf "Le Cerele Francais" is to develop eonverszltiunal nhility and to create Z1 keener interest in the study of the lireneh language and people: tu nmlce the study seein easier hy presenting it in an attractive way. Bonne chance au Cerele Francais! Yive ton joursl lf' l f lf 35' ,i l ' lv if'-9: .ll Sh- E521 sz- ' HQ, ,ni e 1 Ul.,, Z ia.: " f ai gi Page 142 Art Club OFFICERS I'n'.s'r'zlv11f .......... .... l fL1z.-xls1c'1'II XX'oLl-'okp I'ffl'-1jI't'SI'Il't'llf ...... ....... l ilIRAI.lJlNli l'ol.1Ni: Sl't'l't'flIl'.V ...... ...... C ZLIQNNIE SHIPLEY '1'rvasurvr ..... ..... l CLSIIC VVIQLLER The Art Club of Allegany High School celebrated its second birthday last September. when it reorganized for the current school year. The aim of the Club is to become familiar with some of the masterpieces of art and to develop appreciation of the fine arts. Much credit is due Miss Eader and Miss Lowther. faculty advisors, and the Club's capable president, lflizabeth VVolford. During the year the Club has studied the pictures that decorate our own beau- tiful building, paintings of French, English, German. and American artists. Greek and Roman architecture, and some sculpture. lt has varied its programmes by introducing the study of some great musicians. The Club presented an art appreciation programme in one of our high school assemblies. Though many of the members will be graduated from Allegany this year. it is hoped that those who remain will carry on the interesting work. Page 14 3 ful I . if If VY! ' Az- f Nl rfflllllivflvlj l lla i 4 4 2 J 'ff , 'S--"1 A I fy The Alcohi Mirror The .Nlcohi Mirror entered its third year of existence under the capable direc- tion of Wlilliam XVarfield. Editor-in-Chief. and Miss Hilda Sirbaugh, Faculty Advisor. The Mirror is published bi-weekly and contains the news of past, pres- ent, and future events of Allegany. Through this publication any creative writing of a student, that is worthy of note, is printed. Opinions ot the students on differ- ent phases of activity in Allegany are often published. Those who are interested in journalism obtain excellent training in the Alcohi Mirror. This year the school paper was of great interest to the entire student body. The staff was increased and through their efforts the Alcohi Mirror was deemed a success by all. Although the Mirror was in constant need of money, it got some relief by candy sales and through the generous cooperation of the Girls' League, which so kindly gave a worthy contribution to the paper. The Christmas issue of the Alcohi Mirror received favorable comment. It contained the picture of our football team. and was one of the most interesting issues ever published. The Alcohi Mirror staff wishes to thank all for their cooperation in the pub- lication of the school paper and wish for those who will take charge of the paper next year the best of success both financially and materially. Page 144 H V lv H h .iglgigizrffftgiig 12, T Q ,IA Q'-:'.f5-fl, ,IZ 'ff '75, + 25355 TI, ,gi A , Ji..-5: 15 gf 'eg I 1 FZ' JI:I-:'.1:I1:-gbxlzisz -5-fff' I .4 332, I I.: 'fi 'V , V I "" "'A 1'f"f i1:4':I " ,, 1" ' 1 IE -1 I ,L I i ' Eff: ' 1513 I 32' 'G Ee ' The Alcohi Mirror 1iDI'I'UR I A I, STAFF INIISS I-IILDA SIRBALTGH .............................................. Faculty Advisor VVILLIAM IIVARFIELD ....... ..................... I idifm RICHARD F. BL.-IUL ........ ........ - 'IXXOfifIft' Editor NEIYS DEI'rXR'FBII':N'II AIIRIAIXI IQLAWAN, Editor .LIIIES AVIRETT '27 IQLSIIQ VVARFIIQLD ,27 GRACE SMITH '27 B1-1'I"l'Y DAUIQIITIIICY '28 ATH l,Ii'I'IC Dlil'AR'I'MIiN'l' MORRISON DICKEY '27 RUTH NIATHENEY '27 DONALD SHIRES '27 SOCIAL DEPARTMENT EDITH CHRISTOPHER '27 IMARGICRY NIUNCASTER '27 ALUMNI AND PERSONALS EVELYN BLOSS '28 EXCHANGE DEPARTMI1ZN'1' ELIZABETH SCHAIDT '28 HUMOR DEPARTMENT HELEN SCHAIDT '27 Page 145 LCOHI IRROR HF rom The Queen City of The Yoochihomenyw Two hits February 37 1777, Pinto, Md. Published weakly INSURGENTS GAIN IN CHEWING GUM WAR Radicals Approached With- in Twenty Feet Of Li- hraryg Rumors of Treaty According to dispatches received early this morning forty-five persons lost their lives and ninety-seven were wounded as the radical chewing-gum army ad- vanced to within twenty feet of the library. The battle was fought at close quarters until darkness closed in, when the Con- servative forces fell back and made a barrage pre- venting a. further advance. The ground was gained when the Conservatives con- terecl under Major General John Webster Pitzer ad- vanced too far and was outdanked by Generals Warfield and Wilkinson. Pitzer and five hundred men were taken prisoners. The most heroic deed of the day was when Colonel John A. Nave held the lower stair- case with a single com- pany and prevented a flank movement by the opposing forces. The Radical Artil- lery wielding bean shooters and rubber bands, was brought into play, but the Brave Nave stood firm. He was decorated with the Or- der of the 'Modern Priscilla. The captured territory extended along the lower hall from six inches past the oiiice to within twenty feet of the library. It has been placed under the gov- ernorship of Brigadier Richard Johnson. Among the spoils of war were a magnificent statue of Heibe, and two bulletin boards. Marshal Avirett of the fTo Be Continuedj SEVENTEEN IMPLI- CATED IN POSTAGE STAMP ROBBERY Office Safe Blown Up A daring daylight rob- bery which culminated in the larceny of seven cents worth of stamps and the dynamiting of the office safe was the subject of the last grand jury session at the Allegany faculty meet- ing of May 29. The rob- bery took place on May 5 at about 5 P. iM. Miss Georgianna Kraus, secre- tary to Prof. C. L. Kopp, discovered the crime and sent in the alarm, which was answered by the volun- teering of eleven private detectives. The posse im- mediately adopted the slo- gan of Hchercez la femme". Working upon a single grain of lipstick as the only clue the upholders of the law at length came upon one two-cent stamp at the bottom of the coal pile in the boiler room. Two more were found in the im- mediate vicinity. At about three in the morning Ofiicer J. Robert Wolfe discovered the lone one-cent stamp hidden in the floor. An hour later a woman who gave her name as Henrietta Robinette con- fessed her share in the plot to the authorities. Miss Robinette was subjected to the third degree. Her con- fession is said to implicate certain well-known charac- ters, Paul Nicewarmer and Thaddeus Lindell, who were suspended from the first. Seventeen pupils are under arrest awaiting trial at the next faculty meeting. SENIOR DEMOCRACY CLASSEIS STRIKE Walkout Declared At Midnight Under the leadership of Miriam Klawan, whose ex- tremely radical policies have been vigorously condemned by the faculty, the Senior classes in Democracy held a caucus last night at 7.39-it and unanimously de- cided in favor of an imme- diate walkout. This was posted and took effect at midnight. The strike will very prob- ably tie up the second group of notebooks which are clue next Monday. Miss I-Iilda O. Sirbaugh, instruct- or and chief of the classes, has repeatedly demanded that the seniors return to work, but has been time and again answered with jeers and even threats. The reasons for the strike are given as follows: First, overassignmentsg second, inforced subscription to fContinued on Page 10911 PUPIL RUNS AMUCK AND WOUNDS FIVE Eleven Injured in Sedgwick Street Blaze Amid a roaring inferno of flames which totally de- molished an entire block on Sedgwick Street, Campo- bello, David Sloan, Jr., age five, ran amuck and with his tiny hands grasping an empty bottle, wounded five persons. The injuredw are: his two playmates, Tommy and Earnest, William Hanly, tContinued Next Weekl Page 146 MH www -f I M I ' wa s 'Em i , ' CARU50 Vfr, I ' - i 7 I , XX x ,I-:la -FORM f avg A' 4 "" I N V ,Q'ff"rf 5, Y, Zag? ,-, A. ,ff HI! PIAJE5 Tj? 5 4 t: 'XM ,' I4 1 S 6, f .31,,'?. EEE -Xl, .1 - - ,rv JN '.7!!"' 2- HIM --"' , ,,,,, A , ,,,,,. I is mow ,fb Q9 ,W1w,,,,g COLLARS f , 9 ,N i Z! ,.,,,f1u:1 1 I f. .. f Rfff?KNE A .. . X ff I Vfff , 0 ff 3 M GKCVBXQ f J , 1 1 1 ' 4' ,n U. a I nf A 11 9 fn ,.. ii., , .E x gk W A .: -- X - - 1-Y ..1 , 5.3, if ' , ali 1 L rin 1' - -1'k1-1+'41-t-:1.- 5'- 1: "E if v as The Declamation Contest f,-qfr.-tg N the lOth of December tl1e animal Lowndes Declamation Contest Sixfgil parents and friends were present, and manifested a keen interest in WQMWQJJ the excellent selections re11dered by the participants. Preliminary re- 1' """"1'g" marks, as to the nature and sponsors of the contest were given by Mr. Kopp, who acted as the presiding ofhcer. was held in the Auditorium of Allegany High School. Scores of 1' i T i I .1 .f f , The judges were'Dr. Owen, Mr. Victor D. Heisey, Mr. George Legge. The selections were favorably received by the audience. The winner among the girls was Miss Henrietta Robinette, who in a most creditable fashion rendered "In Defiance of the Kaiser." XVilliam Wlarheld, the recipient of the boy's medal. gave "The Shooting of Dan McGrew." Miss lfdith Christopher lived llp to our expectations in the presentation of "The Queen's Robe". Miss Jane Duke caused her audience to break into peals of laughter as she cleverly rendered a selection from "Seventeen", by Booth Tarkington. Donald Shires gave a highly dramatic interpretation of "The NVhite Hands of Telham". Miss Inez Ostrand's reading "Boy VVanted" was well given. John Nave captivated his HLIQHCIICC with his highly eloquent rendering of "The Friend". Miss Miriam Iilawan brought tears to the eyes of her spectators as she viv- idly presented "Rosa", David Sigel thrilled his audience with his splendid declamation, "The Man- sion", given in a most creditable and noteworthy manner. James Avirett, in a highly oratorical manner, delivered "The Coming Strug- gIe". Much of the success of the Declamation Contest was due to the excellent training received by the participants from their COll11JCtCl1t coaches, Miss Mary I. Murphy, Mr. Hunter Robinette, and Miss Agnes Atkinson. Paae 148 5:5,5:q5.3.i35i il! if 1 I F .-I-,.. Q lv V ii if -zz' :-' -:Q Jsilf ..'. ' f' -2':-S' Sli' il 'ff sf: H' .1 5: U - Elf? . Y- fii .-s.' " iff' 1" ' lf Ri, . L is . l :Ei . My , V ivrqf F ,L 1 e :Ii 3 Debate This year Allegany was represented in the Countv Debate bv two strong' teams. Unfortunately, neither of these teams was able to win avietory, but the school was proud to acknowledge each eontestant as a member and loyal supporter of Allegany. The question for debate was, Resolved, 'llhat the Philippine lslands should be granted absolute independence. .'Xllegauy's affirmative team debated the ques- tion with Central at A. ll. S.. while the negative team met the affirmative of Har- tou High School at Barton. .AX great deal of credit should be given to Bliss liader and Nlr. Robinette, who worked so faithfully with the teams. THIC TEAMS .A1jfir111ufi1'a' lfdith Goldhne Richard Blaul lVilliam Hanley Xlfilliam XYarheld falternatej 11VUgl1fl"2'l' james Alfred .Xvirett Myron Simpson Granville Shirley .lohn Nave falternatej Page I4 9 wff: '1 " I H -,:'gg-'nw .""1gjf,j3j" 12 x -' 'r"'7f'11, ,. A-. , V -. . mv.-v F 1 , 1 , 1. 1 : N W w n x .. '.!k'fi-' .- Y-z"'fFff?mE-i.Z'g:' .sihqn kyiltfliw. . .. 'wfv ww- " . , ',gJ,'W" ' lil I 4 I6 l ' 'fr 'ig -f - - 1 . ,i 'I - VV: .-3.3:wi:-1.'.:lif.::! .. ..,. 'V , .2 'A ,Q--5 :V ':.f:1'i ' 119, if-jj is "' i 1' , - 1-gffill 211' ',' ..'5:g:3:g:Qj:?E? Qi: I Bi gg: gf' .. ... ff " 'Q .H "L . 0 I ' 4 I Y If :H ggi ,QQ my . al .-: ,. I 3 7 The Celebrity Contest lllosf Pllflllfll' Girl Most Pofvular Hoy Hrxvf Boy Klilzlvlt' Best Cir! .flflzlrlr Rvxt Sport Nest Line fllnsf SfHtIlf01t.T Kllosf Dmwfva' Couple fllnst Uzrzmlal Most C'0llSl'l'Cllf1.0ll.S' Tmzzbny Most Talkatitfe Most tiffl'f71FfZi'Z'f' Most Clzecrful Jllosf Radical tl lost Pofmlar 'lrarllef' Haudso 111 est Boy Jlfost FIi1'taff0u.v 13'esf Leader M nsl' P0l'.V0llL1Ilfj' Tyfvical Senior Nuisance First Clzoice Ifdith Christopher ,lohn Pitzer Albert 'Wolfe Elizabeth Hoover lYillia1n Hanly XYilliam Hanly Alonzo Slider Harold Miller and Grace Rodruck Marion Glaser Miriam Klawan Ruth Matheney Sarah Pennington Margery Muncaster Edith Christopher lYilliam VVarHeld Arthur VV. Taylor Robert lVolfe Evelyn Fresh Albert VVolfe Elizabeth Heintz and Henrietta Robinette James Alfred Avirett Charles Johnson Second Clmirc Henrietta Robinette Austin Fleming john Pitzer Ruth Matheney XYilliam Wlarfield Margery Jones John Nave Vfilliam Cramer, Ir. and Grace Smith Henry Kuhn john Nave Jeanette Eyler VVilliam Hanly Pauline Hetzel Thaddeus Lindell XVilliam Hanly Mable IC. Pape Clifford Neal Elizabeth Cheuvronte Austin Fleming Margery lX'll1l1CLlSl61' Austin Fleming Paul N icewarner Page 152 Gm J 5:-g,55:5.g1,.-:Q .f:f':?.f'7 51' , ' ' a H . V I . -:if l l' if ' ' ' 1 fi? . , ,' of. 'L' P u . . ,I-,,, J.. .0 ,., -c . . ' 1 - .- if V n t 0 ... -' 11: iv rw .Q :Iii ..... .ffl-E .Z-:'liiE?355ri:Q:iL 3" 125' A V 4 9.2 'iii 'li' . :'i5-2?1i25fE?i2:21.' -:iw af tg 4551 5 gmvg 3 f 5 5 gi - -- Qf S 1 EEE' v B , The Hallowe 'en Dance "Move over two seats. please. NVe're reporters for the ALLIGIQWI. Ah-l" WVitches, devils, pirates, fairies, gypsies,-still they come! A crash of music, a tinkle of laughter and the dance has begun. These will he fine head lines: "Halloween Dance First Social Function to he Held in the New High School Building." "Entire School Participates" 44 1 . - l rv bponsored hy Semois Over there is Miss Pape in a pirate costume leading the games. Good idea. those games. They help those who do not dance to enjoy themselves. This "gym" is a dandy place to hold dances. Bl-a-a-hl that fairy threw a handful of confetti in my mouth. I see We are not having an orchestra tonight-experinienting with a pana- trope. Not much of a success, do you think? The noise made hy the dancers' feet drowns out the music. Uh no, don't go yet, it's time to eat. Oh you ginger lmreadl Yum-m. 'llhey're playing "Home Sweet Horne." VVe'll have to go. Nite Allegany! Sophomore-Senior Dance lfor the lirst time since we can rememher, the Sophomores have given the Seniors a dance. llave they set a precedent? XYhether they have or not remains to he seen, hut, never the less, on the 20th of April in the high school auditorium they entertained the ultixaltecl Ones" in quite the royal fashion. "The Broadway Serenaders." those dusky "exponents of jazz", furnished the music for dancing. lYe made merry from eight until eleven, at which time the dance ended and we needs pursued our homeward way, wishing with a mighty wish that the Sopho- more-Senior dance would hecome an annual affair. The voice of '27 floats hack, '29 "XN'e thank you. sophomores." Page 154 i'f':?,'i ' fi' hi ' ' 1 . , ' " ' 'Er 9' n 1 ' 1 f: " , 1: ', L -5' .HA ,Q I . 4' ' ., ,, 5. 4, .5 , ,, .- , 'SQ-r' '-jfj 9? 'f' ',v iii ' lil i-. gli.. Y , - ' pl gf' 1 H 1? ,Si '2-I.,:4.1-.g.g.:1A-:ZE'1i :1:f:1:fi-si. G '2 A i- Bti L , 'ai V , . ' -'s -""- f""f-r 5. L. W . ilfl? 5 'fl 1 xi s I The Junior and Senior Prom There was great rejoicing in the Senior Class when they received an invita- tion from the juniors to attend the prom. The auditorium, which was decorated with pink and girls in their brightly colored frocks. reminded one of There was an enclosure in the center of the room made 1 ribbons, from which refreshments were served. green, together with the a gay summer garden. rf pink and green paper The Premier Syncopaters furnished the music for the dancing. With laughter and music the dance , , the inevitable strains of the "Home Sweet H " ' 1 ' 1 ' closing hour had come. went merrily on until ll o'clock when , t ome warned the rufeltrs that the Somewhere in our memory books there is a little note, ",lunior-Senior prom 19.27. Tliank you, juniors." Junior Dramatic Club Dance 'llo the junior Dramatic Club goes the credit for giving one of the peppiest and one of the most novel dances of the season. It was a rather exclusive affair, since the club admitted only its members, although each one was given the privi- lege of inviting a guest. As one walked into the auditorium on that nirfht of April , . . 6 the bth one thought with a sluver that it surelv must be Christmas time and expected Santa Claus to appear any minute. It was snowing in the auditorium- or at least it appeared so. but we found that it was only tiny balls of cotton sus- pended from the ceiling. The orchestra, the liroadway Serenaders. were in the middle of the snowfall playing away on the latest dance selections. .Xt intermission the dancers enjoyed a program composed of several selections sting by the Varsity Quartet and a dance number executed by a member of the orchestra. And then there were the refreshments. Dancing was then continued until ll rfeloclc, when the dancers wended their way homeward. lmgt- 155 I f l r'T':' 4 ' . -.-rriaf :N wb. rw .tn io 5:f:'. . Q' ."- in 2 ' . ,- ,. . ,., 5.1-33 1.1 'gil 11, "f ..f:fi:- ,jr " ai 1 , " 5 ' .lf 4321 . ,, 'In '51, . .. gn 1 n 'IE Y v r 5 9.1.5 r-- if .1 .A a , a . I B 1 Y - .h.s : Y 'if 7 loatlsl tlootl-nigllt . Cast-A. D. K. Dance lllaee: Allegany High School-ln Room 2-l Cwhieh has heen serving as a dressing room for the tair onesj. lnne: .Nhont 8.30-March lSth. Three "sweet young things have clashed in, taken ont their coats and are now lnnsily engagetl in repairing their eoniplexions antl making eonversatitan-much Conversation. lfirst Sweet Young: l.isten to those heavenly strains of musiel l simply ean't keep nw leet still. XX hat? My flear, it TUIIHIII he the Society ,Ra1nlmle1'sl 1 H 1 Y I X . Q -K - ' A ' Y i - . S. S. Y. l.. .-Xnfl such tleeoiations. Yes, a marvelous Combination of green antl golrl. So etteetivel Honey hunch. where did you get this powder? lt goes on like a mlreanll T. S. Y. T.: of course yon know that it's going to he ealmaret style tonight! t Ph, yes, anil they're having spot lights. Siniply thrilling, isn't it? lf. S. Y. T.: .-Xml clifl you know that Marg .Iones and jerry Shontze are to clo a Spanish clanee clnring intermission? Uh, yes. They look simply too darling log'etl1el'. S. S. Y. T.: Sweetness, tlo hurry. lloh will simply have spasms if he niisses any ul. these tlaneesl T. S. Y. 'liz My clear, never let your hair growl lt is simply aw fnl when it's this length. tllusiness of a frantic application of conih antl hair pins.l llu wait just a seeoncl. li. S. Y. T.: Do I look all right? S. S. Y. T.: You look exquisite! Do I look all right? T. S. Y. T.: My clear, you look absolutely precious. All reaclvi In ehorus: At last! Three young nien sigh with rehet 1 they have only heen waiting halt an hour. Act II The Dance Act IV Three sweet young things walk into the dressing rooni, tirecl hut happy. They repair their eoniplexions and make conversation. F. S. Y. T.: l've hacl sueh a glorious time, hut l'ni nearly tleacl. S. S. Y. T.: So ani l. But such a dance! T. S. Y. T.: That color wheel was the entest iclea! just leave it to the A. IJ. li. to give the tlanee. I". S. Y. 'liz XYell, l niust he totlclling along. ls this vonr eonih? Thanks x 5 . v S. S. Y. T. and T. S. Y. T. in chorus: Good-night! Page I 5 6 was H, 7 , , we , t , , 'Wi'-iii dir f' '.. ' ' E:-:' l to sf: 5, ,Q :f it l 31.1-1-' :av 7, s' " ,v -1- ,, ..., sf' 4 :yr ,F i t, ngig, , i eq lr , 4-f1141ff2f"fg-' ! get N f iff? K fl ? 3 ' i ' lull' The Girls' League Bazaar ,-Xlthough the Girls' League is a new organization in the school this year, it has proved itself to be one of the most energetic and most popular activities of A. ll. S. The bazaar given by the League on April .Z-the day after we April- fooled Hyattsville in basketball and came home with the "bacon"-was one of the reasons for the success of this organization. It was a rainy night, but a jubilant crowd of Alleganians and townspeople were there making merry with the food, "pop," and dancing. The cake, tonic and ice-cream booths, resplendent in green and gold crepe paper, did a rushing business during the evening, while the space roped ofl' for dancing was quite crowded from eight o'clock until eleven with the Broadway Serenaders furnishing the music. The freak and fortune telling tents must also come in for their share of attention, as they afforded a diversion other than eating and dancing for those who attended the bazaar. All in all, the bazaar was quite the unqualified success, and we're "listening in" with a loud speaker on any future broadcasting of G. l..-Allegany High School. The Senior Prom Climaxing the social season, the Senior Prom may well be called the biggest and most brilliant function of the year. Alumni, Seniors, and Faculty renewed old friendships and made of the Prom a gay, congenial and happy occasion. Still there was just that delightful back to us. Marvelous June weather, music in the air, soft lights, animated faces, lovely frocks in all the filmy, lacy stuiifs of sum- mer, swaying forms, and an atmosphere pervaded with the feeling of good-fellow- ship is the combination that describes the Prom. VVhen we Seniors are reminis- cing over our high school days, one of our most vivid and happy memories will be the Senior Prom of 1927. Page 157 E' p if f L' f Q.:g:4g,gE'g.'I,.f-.i ,Zf':?.2i Q' 1:1 f.'.7,.,. ' a . ,gf , H .. ' -5571 1' li 5' 'K l'- 5- ' ':2:'. -5' "5 "I HQ W' U . :-:' - "1 - g. I f '41, , ig, ,A . 3, -J' - pf, '4 ,ij ' " g 1: ..5.j- .gzngz v ,5.5:Ag.::f'2: ' ,.::I.. 'I if 1 1,, I- -' -'-'z-p::::,:-1-Hzgfgzgg '11':g.-i':-:.:.f?Egg5 ,239 I ' I if :HQ 1 E 2 E gp' xy 3 - .Q W5 pg: . M for 'Q lg P' I 1 S, P '- i . . is ,I . , nw' Pen and Pencil Club Dance It was thc night ut .lIlI1l1Zll'f' thc 29th. Lights shone iu guhlun sipizircs frmn the lligh School .XucIitm'ium. ,X Scuim' :md his pzlrtm-1' strullcrl In-isiircly up thy sclimil stcps :mel into the sclwul. Music was he-:ml from zlhuvc. 'l'hn-y quick Qncml thcir pace. The .xllllilllfilllli was l'0IlCill'li. 'lihcy stcppccl insirlc. 'l'hci'c was ll gasp of ziclmimtimi. Sziicl thc Scuiur: "This clzuicc surely is l'1'igi1lZllfllll clf:cm':1tim1s." The yming' hlfly to wlimn this 11-11lz1i'k was :1chh'cssc-rl sighcfl we-zlrily. "Of cuiirsv, it's origiilul. It's :1 Von :md Pencil filth Dzmccf' Then hc Iuukcfl to ssc whence the strains of inc-lorly wcre issuing zuicil fuuml that thc Sucicty Rniuhhfrs were the cause uf thc musical uuthurst. "l.ct's Dance Y" he said with an ecstatic smile. The-1'c was :1 fair i'ep1'cscnt:1tion of Suphmnurcs, 'll1llil11'S. :mil Scninrs. :mil Il Lfumlh' mimhcr uf thc fzwiihy thc-1'v. h mrulv :1 cimgcnizll urmvrl. :mal thv :1iTz1ii' hccnmc poppy imlccfl when thv tag rlzlnfcs stzlrtc-rl. lim :lt prmnptly clcvcii mfcloclq thc music st -l ' ' " ' A' ' oppu and thi. uuwcl clispcisc-cl. In other xx'u1'mls-tlu' IIZIIICC wus :wc-i'. "XYliQ1'c chi wc go frrmi licrc-F" nskecl thc Sviiiur. "Ummm to thc hm," uiiswcu-cl thc "In-ttcr hz1h"' uf thc p:1i1'. i Y i 4 Page 158 lil.. livin ffF'-f"f!'?'!!""'- f""' ' Q " ' ' fl!" 5 1l""',. ie' L , ' . . ,I If ,ff V. 1.5 ' 1,0 if -1 .1 - f H, 'f '.g H- ' ,if V :125-1 . , , ' ,- .3 .3 ::. . 1'.,g1jg:.5:,:,3 - .- QE' A QQ V V ,iq lg F . 1'-:J-1-211-1:j:. -:Fi -.ff '54 ' SWT 5 ' :Q ' tj P ' ff f' 5 fsf' V F3 T D i .it Interclass Cribbage League Completes F irst Round SENIORS YlCTORlUL'S IN FIRST PART UI" 'l'OL'RN.'XMlCN'l' The lnterclass Crilmhage League completed the iirst half of the season with the Seniors holding the upper hancl. The Sophomores failecl to win a game clur- ing' the entire season. hut Coacli Uslmorn has made some changes in the lineup which he refuses to divulge lint which he states will prove the undoing of the upperclasslnen. The Seniors have won six games and lost none: the juniors have won three and' lost three. and the Sophs lost all six. The new erihlmalfe rulinlf mrevents a great cleal of the olfectionahle rouffhness rw 5 1 5 which has characterized the games in former years. .Xcciclents now are rare and coniinecl only to those which cannot he helpecl, such as lmrolaen linger nails and water on the brain. Coach Taylor's crew, the Seniors. consists of Merle Slnunaker, right peggeit ,lack XYilkinson, center lic2'Q'er: ancl "Pete" XYinters. left! ,loe Felclstein is helrl in reserve. The juniors. trainecl hy a secret coach, have Rflylllllllll Lewis, rightg Law- rence Shaffer. center. and "Burl" Neal. left. The Sophs' lineup is: Right pegger. Ryan: center. l'ritcharml, and left, Gil- christ: .lohn Sapp is iirst suh. Puge 159 P- D5 'fl E In O P' U1 41 U 5, H - z T649 m X J H51 gr Lf me 33,3 3 1 fgxsw ,Q -Stag ga? kd, f EDF kfijba ,L 'TX ,gif 6v3TD"Layi "ixCh1Ni'L.'. 2 .7 9 0 1 in 'rf Q4 A ,::,5:::I.,1'g,:l,.::i -'53 TCL., 1' I V , A "" '. "5 A,.l- -2.-if pf' .fi-2 ii 'ii' 5" aff? ff:-1:15-Q if QQ! i'.,:?f il Y, 151 1? -iii' ",', rjszjsggsizfl-il - ' ' l.,' - A if , :MW iz: - 3 . .... .. . 6 l I On March fourteenth and fifteenth the Allegany High School presented its fourth annual musical comedy, 'fMary." The elaborate scenery, the bright army of costumes, and the splendid work of both principals and choruses made "Mary" the best production ever given by students of Allegany. Under the able direction of Harold C. VVickard the show went over without a flaw. and was the recipient of many compliments from all who attended. "Mary" was given by arrangement with the 'l'ams-XVitmark l'roduction Com- pany. 'llhe book and lyrics were compiled by Utto Harbach and Frank Mandel, and the music by Louis A. Hirsch. Costumes were secured from the Hooker- Howe Company. Haverhill, Massachusetts: scenery, from Amelia Grain. Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania: lighting effects, from Kleigh Brothers, New York City: and furniture supplied by L. Bernstein Furniture Company. The executive staff consisted of the following: State Manager. Mr. Olin VV. Eddyg Master of Proper- ties, Pierce Grose: Director of Publicity, Donald Shires. . Miss Grace Rodruck skillfully interpreted the character of Mary. while Stan- ley Buckley, as jack Keene. the leading man, brought forth more laurels for him- self. 'llhe other players were: Mrs. Keene. Edith Brant: Madeline, Elizabeth Cheuvronte: Tom Boyd. Robert Spruill: Gaston Marceau, Bernard Roeder: Mr. Goddard, Robert Rosamond: Huggins, john Nave. Ladies of the Ensemble: Elizabeth Heintz, Edith Christopher. Grace Smith, Virginia XVilson, Miriam Klawan, Margery Muncaster, Marjorie NVebb. Evelyn Fresh, Marie Schafer, Grace Landis, Alice Yarnell. Margery Jones. Phyllis Rickey, Elsie VVarf1eld, Helen Schaidt, Hazel Smith, Marion Glaser, Mary VVeber, Bar- bara Siebert, Evelyn Bloss, Helen Buskirk, Thelma Athey, Lois Cupler, Betty Daughtrey, Margaret Sibly, Elsie Coebl. Grace Hammond, Verna Wagner, Louise Stitfman, Evangeline Twigg. Lesta Yohn, Betty Cornelius, Jane Duke, Charlotte Bowie,- Frances Groves, Helen Fox, Sonia Ostrand. Edith Barnes. Sara Schaidt, Maxine Keller, Virginia Glisan, Alice Durrett, Ruth Sheakley, Mabel Bagent. Gentlemen of the Ensemble: Lloyd VVhite, Vifatson Pritchard, Mark Roe. James Messick, Charles Shontze. Paul Largent. Blair Bishop, Robert Leasure, William Boor. Robert Gleichman, Derwood XYolford. KValter Pierce. George Key- ser. XYilliam Cramer, Jr. Page 161 1 ' .' ' U V. nnnn I Z I, In . N .-up I , ..5:1:w-:f'i.. ,Iv , I' " 73, A, QI: Ia' 1,51 , lil ly: 1 ' - 'Eff 2' iii? . ' -3:3:f:'.-:t-,:- .4 ,gf vi ' -' - ' H I 1 A Va' ef ,ry li 1 1, 1' ll' If Z. - -, -I :LL 2 ,ii if W I ,,-13...-:L.3:5::iv Z. ,.,.-., 5 img Q I F . , . Musical Numbers: Act 1-"Overture," Orchestra: 2. "The lawe Nest." jack: 3. "'1'hat May Have Satisfied Grandma," Jack, Tom, Madeline. Old-Fashioned Lassies and Modern Flappers: 4. "That Farm Out in Kansas," -lack, Mary, and Farnierettes: 5. "Anything You XN'ant To Do, Dear," Toni and Madeline: 6. "Every Time 1 Meet a Lady," Marceau and The Flirtsg 7. ''Tom-Toni-Toddle. Goddard and The Strutlers, introducing the "High Stepping Clowns" 3 8. Reprise- "The l.ove Nest," jack and Mary: 9. Reprise-Anything You XYant To Do, Dear," Marceau and Mrs. Keeney 10. Finale, Ensemble. Act II--11. Opening Chorus, Ensemble: 12. "Mary," Mary and Suitorsg 13. "VVhen The Vampire Exits Langh- ingf' Toni and Madeline: 14. Reprise-"The Love Nest." Jack: 15. "Deeper," Jack and Boys, 16. "VVasn't It Nice," Tom and Girlsg 17. "XVaiting,' Mary, danced by Edith Barnesg 18, "Money," Toni, jack, Marceau, and Goddard: 19. "VVe'll Have a NVonderful Party," Tom and The Strutters, introducing "Our Specialty Dancersg 20. Finals, entire company. Music by the "Strand Orchestra," Rebecca Dantzic, conducting. cqlqtf- -ii-V1 , ug 'vqfiiqid Page 162 7 A 4- A .-,. AM..- 0-M.,-, ,,.,,.Y,,, uw. ..:,,,:.r,,.,-L -,..f,..-4.. ,. ,.,- vi---.-. ,,,?,.. ,.-.s ,aa-, Hi 'f 1 I T' P . .51 . .I- gif fig , ' iisgi 'Q 3 V1 1 .1 . ' 1.5 in -'ge . . V ,. ' -' AP' 4 E4 Ui ., 'si 7 ' " 4 at L I . .h -.1 - W A 5 T I . S vu if t i V 'mi "What Happened to Jones?" On Friday and Saturday evening, October Z2 and 23. the A. D. K. presented its first performance of the year 19.26-27. This dramatic entertainment excelled all others given by the prominent club and much favorable comment was made about the A. D. K. 'WVhat Happened to Jones?" a mystifying and charming farce in three acts, gripped the audience from the first act to the third by its fun and laughter and the splendid acting. The success was largely due to the efforts of Harold C. VVickard, our capable and efficient dramatic director, who has more than once through his splendid pro- ductions brought forth praises for Allegany. Two weeks before the play tags were given to the students. having the maddening question. "VYhat Happened to jones F" Everyone made futile attempts to solve the puzzle but failed utterly, as the cast was sworn to secrecy concerning the fate of Jones, the hero. So with their requests unsatisfied they came to find out for themselves-which was exactly what the A. D. li. wanted them to do. The part of Jones was strikingly portrayed by Robert Spruill, while Edith Christopher very effectively enacted the role of Cissy, the winsome and attractive heroine. Other members of the cast were Donald Shires, Grace Smith. Elizabeth Heintz, Marie Schafer, john Nave. Stanley Buckley, Lynn lieightol. Bernard Roeder, and Paul Fraze. "Take My Advice " The junior Dramatic Club presented its first three-act play in the school audi- torium Thursday night. December 16, at 8.15. The play was "Take My Advice, a dramatic comedy by Eugene C. Hafer. It was under the direction of Mr. Eddy. the director of the junior Dramatic Club. This play was Mr. Eddy's first pro- duction and it certainly did show competent direction. The cast was one of excep- tional ability, with Derwood VVolford in the leading role. Deenis Barnard and Dorothy Shires were the loving couple, while Clifford VVillison, one of the best actors ever developed in high school, played the part of the villain. The entire east is as follows: liob Mannion. Deems Barnard: jimmy Sanipon, Derwood iN'ol- fordg Jud Fenton, Robert Rosamondg john VVargrim, Clifford VVillisong Peggy Action, Dorothy Shiresg Virsy Mannion, Elizabeth Chevronteg Mrs. Nelson-Dodd, Marguerite H iserg Marcia Wargrim, Geraldine Gaston. Synopsis: Place-Eureka. Time-The present. Scene-Office of the Eureka Times. Page 163 Q I S K , ni , V- 1, -1,1 ' ". V. 1, - 1 I. fl-if X' if lin ,w 15' 1111- Q"-f A L 9 il In if Q ad A .-ip -- - -- Y A 1 ' B THE CLASS OF '27 of THE ALLEGANY HIGH SCHOOI. Presents USMILIN' THROUGH" fl R0lllt1lIflC Collzvrly by Allan Langdon lllartin Staged by Harold C. Wickard 7 STRAND THEATRE, MONDAY, MAY 16, 1927, 8.15 l'. M. CAST OF CHARACTERS Prologue U Sarah VVay11e Helen Schaidt Mary Clare Elizabeth Heintz Tlzc Play John Carfcrof .................. ........................... ..................... D 0 nald Shires Dr. Owen Harding ........ .................... .......................l A 1 istin Fleming Eillcn ................................ .............................. L eona Sloan Ka-tlrlccu Dzmgamzon ........ ......... E dith Gregg Cl1ristopl1er lfVillie Ainlcy .................. .............................. j Ollll Nave Kmmctli ll'r1y11.v ................. ........................... C lyde Gurley ,lloonyvcn Clare ...............,.... ................................. l idith Gregg Cl1I'lSIO1Jl1Cl' Guests at tlzv ll'cdcli11g .......... ................................................................................ Grace Landis Richard Johnson Grace Smith David Sigel Miriam Klawan Robert Wolfe Grace Rodruck Iohn Pitzer Harold Smith Synopsis Prologue-Outside the Gate. Act I--The Carteret Garden, 1914. Act II-The same, fifty years before. ' Act III-The same. 1919 Page 164 , , ,.- , ff1'a'L" f r , V r - . ,. .. f. ,i, .. , . -v , - F -A I by Ig., an 9 3 . L, ,Z A, I, ,".! 3 , 'A ., X , . , - F! :,' I ' ' lr 5 . , ju ., ,. , .: 2--zE,11f'E11-115. . l j.--'.:1:r:f'?1.i::. .31 5 :lg 'V I X -' 4 I l s ' I ol 1:-. .gf A n ki: L Q ' I A-'I' l " S MILI N' THROUGH" "Smilin' Through," a romantic comedy, in a prologue and three acts. by Allan Langdon Martin, was presented by the Class of '27 at the Strand Theatre on Monday, May 16, as the annual class play. In offering this piece we believe that we have taken a decisive step forward in the advancement of dramatics in Allegany High. "Smilin' ,.lll1l'0llgl1ul was originally produced with jane Cowl in the leading role. After enjoying a season's run on Broadway, the company toured for over three years. The play is a romantic comedy. Kathleen Dungamion is in love with Ken- neth Hlayne, but her aging and stubborn uncle, .lohn Carteret, having taken oath that no one of his line should ever wed a Wayne, forbids their marriage. Pressed for an explanation of his apparently unreasonable prejudice, he begins the story of something that happened fifty years before. At this moment in the production there is a splendidly executed "flash-back" to the period in which Carteret and one Jeremiah XVayne were i11 love with Moonyeen Claire. She chose Carteret, and Wayne, becoming wildly jealous and quite drunk, forced his way into the house the night of the wedding, and shooting at Carteret accidentally killed Moonyeen as she jumped in front of her lover. Remembering this, Carteret continues tirm in his opposition to the 1noder11 romance until the spirits of Moonyeen and Sarah Wayne, mother of Kenneth, send a message across from the other world soften- ing his stubborn heart. Then he dies and we see his spirit join his spirit-bride "at the end of the road." Donald Shires, in the role of john Carteret, skillfully portrayed that charac- ter, and succeeded in gaining for himself a high place in the dramatics of Allegany. Miss Edith Christopher with all her charm and beauty was a lovely liathleen. She played that part so well that she was the object of favorable comment from all. Austin Fleming, as Dr. Owen Harding, was conspicuous in his portrayal of that character. Every one cooperated in making l'Smilin' 'l'hrough" one of the best class plays ever presented by the students of Allegany High. .SQ fl - 212. . 0 IFQXX iw' 'QR if" 'U llgk 510 QQ qs--.vff Q , - " 1 1, ff welleyfg .,ns,...-exv:f,e11:.,,,.,, siezglzf 0QxQ2iQ69Efvnv Page 165 V 1 If va' 5 in ii' 0 nl I 'lL f ' ist 'f. if L Q we Tl Yi if r f . V E? ' ' Weflrers offbe VVolfe Xlhert ' Fleming Austin Frank Barrett llns Pitzer Boots Sapp Bob VVolfe Henry Kuhn Siebert Lester . XYayne Bron -lack Trieher Ernest llutch John Colden ,lack WlllilIlSOl1 VVilliam Hanly Dan Ryan lfspy Barley Lawrence Shaffer lilmer Robinson Carl Ryan Charles Lester llflorrison Dickey Hamilton Dickey Merle Shnmalcer Charles Reamer Mason Sisk VVilliam Vllarfielcl ning eson B 7 lyron Simpson Dick Bittner Neal Clifford - Leasnre Roheit Richard .lohnson Lloyrl XYhite Dave I Harold Bron John Nave plumes 'l'orbitt :Xrthur Flur Melvin Rice 'Iohn Rice lflizaheth ' Hetzel ' te l,3lll1l1C tw Rolnnet lenriet . heney Sigel 'n shutz over Ho l.. Ruth Mat Nellie lilonsky lcla Gerson Qigel Sarah . ,leanette Eyler Mildred Hughes ' Tenny Rohlue Leah Lloycl Ruth Bagent Helen Knipl 7 enherg Pag e 166 f W A ,V AILILIECANY HUGH IFUUTBNLIL SSUCCCIER VUIULIEYBAILIL BASKETBALL TW-XCIK ,f ' I- I ll Q M M NX ,until ATUL :cg I' CN! C5 v- 1D N U7 v-v E 4 W F OTBALL F0 v ,, , 1+ .i-is-,,.v,', ,ww -f g'ffga,": 13' 7:2 ' ' I , r f"i'-'EIL H' G! 1' '-' ' ' 1,1 ' -' ,I r U 5 . l,,o aio 1. .V Q . ,a' 5. :7- .1 " 1, ', , '-'.5':1:-avi." - rf " -.1 J- it , V ,fi ' .lf fit: : we 'il f -' : sv- fiQ. fffii li 1 lg? V Football Review ,-Xllegany's foothall season H9265 is considered the most successful one in the, history of Allegany High School. The team was under the direction of Coach XYilliam Bowers, of the University of Maryland, and his assistant, "l'atsy" Cainer, of XYestern lllaryland. XYith a half lnmdred hoys to select from they formed a record-setting team. 'l'he team was good hecause, first, there were enough men from which to pick good material: second, hecause of their lighting spirit and ohedience to the coach. FZlCl1lly Manager Olin NY. liddy arranged one of the hardest schedules ever played hy a lilue and Xyhite team. 'llhe team amassed a total of ZI3 points against their opponents' 19. The schedule consisted of ten games, six of which were played at home. ln seven of the contests A. ll. S. was victorious. defeated in hut two and one resulted in a scoreless tie. THE LMUIES Al.l,l'IG.-XNY, 533 IFARSUNS, 7 In the opening game, which was played at the Mid-City, .Xllegany defeated l'arsons High School, 53-7. llarsons suffered their only defeat of the season at the hands of the lilue and llihite team ALLEGANY, O: jUllNS'l't JXYN, o ln one of the hest played games of the season Allegany lost to johustown High hy a single touchdown. ln the third quarter Allegany tumhled the hall and allowed -lohnstown to make the only score of the game. 'l'he Campohello team gained the most yardage in the game, hut failed in several attempts to score. .-Xl..l4liGANY, Og llAGliRSTOXYN, 0 Our third opponent was Hagerstown, our rival for the Championsliip of Western Maryland. This game ended in a scoreless tie and this was the only game in which our hoys were ontplayed. The game was played at the Fair lirounds and was attended hy a record crowd of students. Al.l.1iGANY, 3g IQIQYSER, U 4Xlleg'any's fourth opponent was her most hitter and ancient rival, Keyser lligh. This game was decided hy a drop kick hy Captain Alhert Welle in the sec- ond quarter of the game. There was no sensational playing in this game, no strategy was used, nothing hut straight foothall was witnessed. Page 1 6 9 , , Q:f.,' fff' ,.A:- , gn' A Q 'up -I ,V .-:.-- :-'-:-:+g.-.s1.5.-:-,- .2 .,.,......1giE . . M5 H 'WE .,,' gf, Q A V s .3 - .1 V 51,3 7 ALLISGANY, 48, MEYERSDALE, 0 Meyersdale was the next team to bow to the dashing and plunging Blue and XYhite team. The game was a listless affair and the whole student body was dis- appointed that it was such a one-sided match. The game had promised to be one of the hardest games on the schedule. ALLEGANY, 485 ST. jCJHN'S, 0 The Blue and NVhite team again showed their superiority over the West Vir- ginia teams by defeating St. john's Academy of Petersburg, VVest Virginia, by a score of 48 to 0. ALLEGANY, 7, MARTINSBURG, O One of the most interesting games of the season was when Allegany was deemed the victor of a 7-to-0 contest. The game was played in Martinsburg and was said to be one ot the cleanest played. ALLBGANY, 22g BEDFORD, O The much dreaded game with Bedford High School was next. This was the last game of the regular season, and was played at Bedford. Bedford had been conhdent of winning this game, but Allegany changed their minds by giving them ail undisputed 22-0 drubbing. ALLBGANY, 553 THQMAS, O Allegany next played Thomas High and the game resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Blue and W'hite team. Al.,l.litSANY, Og ALUMNI, 6 ln a post-season game the Allegany Alumni defeated the Allegany Varsity by a single touchdown. ln the last live minutes of play Johnny Long, of Catholic University, intercepted a pass which resulted in the o11ly score of the game. The teams were evenly matched and fought on even terms throughout the game. CQACH NVALTER "BILL" BOVVERS Mr. Bowers, a graduate of the University of Maryland, came to Allegany in September from Seaford High School, Delaware, where he coached football and basketball. On September 15th he issued a call for football candidates and was answered by half a hundred strong, healthy boys who reported for the prelim- inary drills. Wltlllll two weeks he had developed a team that defeated all its opponents with the exception of one, that game being lost by a single touchdown. Page 170 l , J.--:f:3:':f,ii:1l I lf., ln' L 1 Km ,iq 7' Q ' . if" g1'."f QQ- 9 t ,Q ' s , , S f-ff v ls 1 His good nature won him the admiration of every boy a11d his earnestness inspired them to do their best. He never failed to keep the gridmen hard at work folr fully two hours every evening. Although there were hard teams to be played, when the games were over the boys always said it was easier than the practice games. Coach "Bill" will be at the helm next fall and with the promising material will have another championship team. .-XSSlS'l'.iXNT CUACII "P.tYI'SY" G.XlNliR "Patsy," a member of the Class of '25 and of the Western Maryland College football team, came to Allegany after he had met with an accident in a game at college to help Coach Bowers develop a real football team. "Patsy" played three years on Alcohi's team, and with some of the fellows that played this year, before going to college. VVith the one year of college coaching, he learned many new tricks and plays which he made use of. WILLIAM HANLEY, STUDENT MANAGER . "Bill," a post graduate, did all in his power to help Allegany to have a real football team. He was always ready to aid the coaches or men whenever aid was needed. He announced the games in the assemblies, distributed posters advertising the games, and did everything else possible to arouse the interest of the students and the town's people. "Billl' is a dependable chap and will always be welcomed at Alcohi. CAPTAIN ALBERT VVOLFE Albert, a junior, was captain, quarterback, and high scorer of the New Alle- gany Championship Ifootball Team. He led his team as well as any coach could expect a11d proved to be a real held general. Albert was re-elected captain for the coming 1927 season. His end runs and line bucks afforded the newspaper much to talk about and often resulted in a touchdown. Albert did most of the punting and kicking for the extra point after a touchdown. Here is hoping that Albert leads as good a team next fall as he did during the past season. JOHN --Bus" 1'1'rzER qHALFBAcKp Bus played halfback and often acted as quarter, in the absence of the captain. I-le proved a real aid to the team, both on the offense and defense, and gave the boys real encouragement. Bus earned the varsity letter in both his junior and Senior years in football. AUSTIN FLEM l NG QFULLBACKJ Austin is a strapping big fellow and was the best line plunger and punter on the team. "Rattle," as he was known by his teammates, was fullback and was the Page 171 ' 1 gf. 4 ., M 1'f"'r"fe1g1 ti' 1' .gi 'ns 51- ' fi " if " "' .e'- if in f' ififi ',:j.i1:f-1 QUIT' gil ,',' -'H 1? g-.,y:--::1g::gg!f11"- - I .1 ff ' 1 WEE. . 'il ?1 f -35: .--Eff ., '-f . h Tl ' 'L ' 5 ,. .Tig df 5 a U B Q 'HE' if? ' 1595545 man who put the ball in play at the beginning of the game. He booted the pig- skin back to the opponent's goal on most of his kick offs. Austin played on the varsity team as fullback through two seasons and received the varsity letter both years. A LESTER snzaaar CCENTERD Lester was one of the heaviest men on the team and played one of the most important positions. He was a real fighter and always did his best for Allegany. "Si" was better on the offense than he was on the defense. Had it not been for his coolness and accuracy in passing the ball back to the receiver, there would not have been so many points after touchdown as there were. "Si" has been out for football since he was a freshman, and has won his letter two years. JACK TREIBER CGUARDJ "jawn," a two-hundred pounder, was a fellow that could be counted on to do his share and a little more, It was jack who tore big holes in the opponent's defense and who aided considerably on the defense for Alcohi. He is a junior and has been on the football squad every year, and on the varsity in his Sophomore and junior years. JACK XVILKINSON QLEFT ENDJ jack, the fastest man on the team, was slow about going out for football, but when he did he was soon playing one of the wing positions. NYhen he caught a pass with but few players after him, it was almost a sure touchdown. jack was awarded the varsity letter in his Senior year, but broke in quite a few games the first year he was out. jack is a member of the graduating class. His absence will be greatly felt next year. ERNEST HUTCHESON AND JOHN GOLDEN QTACKLESJ "Hutch," the biggest fellow on the team, always had a smile on his face, and when it was necessary to "hold that line,', he held. Wlhen on the offense. he always made a hole big enough for the entire team to go through. AiHlltCl1,' will be a big help next year for the Alcohi football team. john is a big fellow and a hard, earnest player. He played left tackle a11d made a good showing in every game. john has another season to look forward to before he graduates at mid-year. He won his varsity letter last season. HENRY KUHN QRIGHT GUARDJ "Henny" never was in a game that he did not fight as hard as he could-- whether the opposition was strong or weak. He was only out for football i11 his Senior year and in one season he earned more friends and praises from the fans than other boys who have played two and three years. Page 172 ,,.' ,,,. f .p:2f:'lE'f1-'iffy I' i 1' ' . , A., ,,.. :EZ air, W 1 alta f . ROBERT XYOLFE CRIGHT TACKLED "Bob" was one of the most energetic members of the team. VVhen it was necessary to brace up and iight, he fought hard and made openings in the opposi- tion's line for the backfield players to go through. "Bob" went out for football to take his brother's place. He was on the varsity but one year, but played in many of the games in 1925. JOHN SAPP CRIGHT ENDJ "Boots," a Sophomore, was the smallest and one of the fastest members of the team. He and Bob were a hard pair for any team to run around. ,He was out for the team i11 his Freshman year but did not make it. Last year he was regular end and played in nearly all of the games. FRANK BARRETT QHALFBACRJ -m l.. "lfmankie" was the eleventh member of the Blue and White gridiron machine, and altlibugh he did not play in all the games he won the varsity letter. "Frankie" played one of the halfback positions and was a hard man for the opponents to get by. He still has another year to iight for Allegany. 5UBSTl'l'U'l'ES XYithout the Subs, there can be no first team. True enough, the regular team won the praise and honor of the spectators, but who was it that aflforded the oppo- sition in practice, who was it that went to the Mid-City Stadium for two hours every day and did not get any of the "outside" praise at all? It was "lip" Barley, "Gene" Burns, "Guzz,' Lloyd, "Rod" Ford, "Jerry" Shontze, Melvin Rice, Merle Golden, Howard Vanhorn, Watson Pritchard, Elmer Robinson, Wayne Brown- ing, Frank Carter, Ralph Ashby and Robert Stimler, who spent their evenings and energy and received the bumps in order that .Xlcohi might have a championship team. Page 173 A. H. S. 33 .. 0 .. 0 .. 3 .. 55 .. 48 .. 48 .. 7 .. 22 .. 0 .... John Sapp ............ Robert VVolfe.. Henry Kuhn ........... Lester Siebert ........ Jack Trieber ........ John Golden .... Jack XVilkinson ........ gwzieff:-:ag--gg Q, ge ,, V ' M , ' . li THE SUMMARY Parsons Johnstown Hagerstown Keyser Thomas Meyersdale Johns....... Martinsburg Bedford Alumni THE Ll NEUI' f :rs if Frm rf Opponents 6 O O O 0 0 O O 6 .............l.eft End .....,..l.eft Tackle .........Left Guard ..............Center .......Right Guard ..........Right Tackle ...........Right End John Pitzer ....................... ..,............ Quarterback Captain Albert XVolfe .....,... ......... l iight Halfback Leon Lloyd ..................... ...,.... I aeft Halfback Austin Fleming ...... .............. l fullback SUBSTITUTES liuds-Lawrence Schalfer, Melvin Rice, Jerry Shontze. 'l'ackles-james Hutcheson, Merle Golden, Ralph Ashby, Rodruck Ford. Guards-VVatson Pritchard, Wayrie Browning, VVillia1n Hanley. Backs-Espy Barley, Eugene Byrnes, Carl Ryan, Frank Carter, David Sigel, Frank Barrett. Page 174 3 3 3 G G 5 0 3 0 0 0 3 3 0 Q 3 0 0 0 3 0 G G 3 3 G G G G G G Q B Q 3 G E G ii: -J G G 2 Q G E E G QQ 0 ij U an 'YP Q: "-3' Lu 2 Q: .1 0 3 Soccer 3 '31 fa GQQG 3360 3338088 3300666 G G QQVHQ 6060 E3 G G G G G Q3 QP il EB CN 5? U 3 CD db db db CD QD C1 3 ld 3 Cb C5 43 Cl QD il Q3 3 MJ 3 db C3 QD 53 E? il 3 QD Eh Ol fs me 'x qx Z A 5 'a J.. 'M 4 25 ' '13 , X -Q , x V K 1 A , 1 . N, ,. nf F qi I Q1 x iv in 'iw E Rx s N 3 0 1 ,eg A ' Tl ,ix -X2 -' xx it 33 I1 'S " 5' .Q-X my X , .?, AN 'bn x 51 - 3 x ' A17 XD 5 5 N .. ,, Arg, '1 - SOCCER TEAM, 1926-1927 'ii' V in 'fl 'I "'r " --,V 5 if ii' 2 es ei 1 L f T .. f K I .wrt Soccer Review On the 15th of September, Arthur Taylor, veteran Soccer Coach, announced the first soccer practice to be held on the lot adjoining the school. A half himdred candidates responded to the call. Among those who responded to the call were Captain Lloyd White, Charles Lester, Eugene Bittner, Harold Brown, Hamilton and Morrison Dickey of last year's team. The squad was divided into groups, with the veteran players as assistant instructors. During the first week the ,funda- mentals of the game were taught to the new candidates. ln the following week the squad was put through strenuous practices. The five regulars of last year's team retained their positons and with the addition of six new members. who were Richard johnson, Clifford Neal, Robert Leasure, Merle Shumaker and Charles Beamer, composed the best soccer team that has ever represented Allegany. Our season opened with an easy victory over Midland High School. The team took the field with the following line-up: "Dick" Johnson, goal: "Dick" Bitt- ner and "Bud" Neal, fullbacksg 'fButch" Lester, Brown and Captain Wliite, half- backsg "Bob" Leasure, Merle Shumaker. Hamilton, Morrison, and DeVVitt Dickey, fo1'wards. Each member of the forward line tallied a field goal. Captain VVhite scored a penalty kick. The Dickey brothers tallied ten of the total fifteen points. "Dick" johnson. goalkeeper, failed to get a single kick at the ball. The following week we lost a hard-fought game to Beall High by the score of 6-0. This was the worst defeat A. H. S. suffered throughout the season. The third game was played with l'ennsylvania Avenue High School. and was an easy victory for Alcohi. The game was played minus the service of "Ham" Dickey, star forward. Dan Ryan. who substituted, played a good game and scored two field goals. The final score was lO-0. The hardest game of the season was played with Bruce High. ln this game the Blue and XVhite team showed the best form of the season. On two occasions Allegany tied the score, but the Tri-town Boys scored once more just as the final whistle sounded. ln this game Allegany won the title of the fastest and cleanest team in the VV. M. I. Soccer League. The final score was 0--l. Our next game was with La Salle. our bitterest opponent for the City Cham- pionship, which resulted in a scoreless tie. This game forced La Salle outof the race for the league leadership. lt also left the city title to be decided by the future teams. Our next and final game of the season was played with Barton, State Champs, who were successful in scoring a 1-to-O victory over our team. Allegany outplayed the Barton representatives throughout the game, but in a close play near our goal the referee called a penalty against us. This one break in the game gave Barton a victory and also enabled them to win the County Championship for the sixth time. Page 177 H31 -.. V-w4uuuL.,... Y . , .'.-s2rL2Efg-:f.Gff-' f i' . "" it 'Z .,f:r ' '- Z" A 4 fag .1355 . igsf' 21' at 1 li 25 gg? " ' .- ti 4 '-" f:5Q:3:1-3, 3.3. -V, 1, v 13 if 'A 22 " is? 'u , 1 lf' i' .Z5i1i.5i1i:3:5:2g,f,' iii Q QKIQ AI if JZ q i'-:l if v if ' ' Allegany secured four places on the All-Star selection of the county this year. Captain XVhite secured a place on the first team, while "Butch" Lester, "Ham" Dickey and Harold Brown secured positions on the second selection. This is the largest aggregation that has ever represented Allegany on the All-Star teams. This year's team consisted of the following players and their positions: Hamilton Dickey ...... Merle Shnniaker ....... Charles Beamer ...... Morrison Dickey ....... Robert Leasure ........... ....... ....................Left Halfhack Captain Lloyd NVhite ....... Harold Brown ............ Charles Lester ............ Eugene Bittner ...... Cliiiord Neal .......... Richard Johnson ....... THE LINE-UP ......Outside Left Forward .......lns1de Lett Forward ........,......Center Forward ........Inside Right Forward Qutside Right Forward ........Center Halflmack .......Right Halthack ..........l.eft Fullhack ........Right Fullhack Substitutes-DeVVitt Dickey, Daniel Ryan, and Mason Sisk. Page 178 'a J ' L 1' 1311 ,F 1 1 8' x W 111. r-,U . S . T- J '--1 f I -a NK .a . YH -H I il! 5' 1 1 1 W1 ' I 1 I T 1 1 11 1 11: 4 . I I 'rv 1. '- 1 ' I 1 I -. l 1 ,Q 1 1 1 1 1 if 1 4 11 1 . 1 , r 11 I' s S 1 I F' l 1. 11 M l -. .Q 1 Jn- A -.l-J . . - .1 1 -1 w. -1. - v 5' askeiball 1.927 4 +++4.. .'n++++.:1+++v++++++++++++'++ 4 - v . , . 4 5 'X 4 T 4 r' .g. + . , v . .g. .fr .1. .1 5 g ' l . 4. .g. 4. 4.1.1. .. ..g. .g. q. .51 4. 4. Vg. . .. -1. 4. ,.g. .A I 5 A, z - 1 926-1927 l ANIPIONS, Cl-I STATE HASKETHALI., O lf, . . 1 -4 I . . ff ' 11. lag fu 252.5 ' .. " .'-:j. ' ' .fllx H1 fi lzfif .iff , " .v Jr ff. , It " f"gigi1E1:332.E1.' ..v."'3E?f5:75fEgi2l :M A vc' may n 2, L V ' ' '- , 'il bi' v lc :1."I2 ' . .M fi V ' 5 5:4 ,Jag sd if" -Qi xg 5' ' 9 Q. Basketball Review Allegany's only winter sport and best supported game is basketball. Under the able training of Coach Bowers, the Blue and lYhite team was able to accom- plish a feat which has never been accomplished before by an Alcohi basketball team: that was to win the lllaryland State High School Basketball Championship and to win nineteen games out of thirty-one. A squad of hfty boys reported to Coach Bowers on the first day of practice, and from them was selected a real championship team. VVith Captain Sigel, llitzer. and Vl'olfe as a nucleus he developed a praiseworthy team. Besides the twelve league contests, nineteen other games were arranged. seven at home and twelve abroad. Of the regular league games Allegany won nine and lost three, and finished second place in the VY. M. I. League. Five games were played before the League season opened. The opening game was with Salisbury High, which Allegany wong the second game was with the Alumni. who defeated our boys, 35 to 30. During the Christmas holidays the team journeyed up into XN'est Virginia for three games. The Blue and Vl'hite team won the opening league contest from Barton, 40 to ll, but lost the next two to l.a Salle and Beall High Schools. Our boys redeemed themselves when they defeated l'ennsylvania Avenue School, 48 to 12. Hagerstown was the next opponent on our court and we lost to them, 34 to 15. Next we battled Keyser High School and lost. 34 to 22, but the return game was 28-27 in our favor. Central, Bruce and Barton were then defeated. Wie played Hagerstown in Hagerstown next and made a much better showing, but lost, 32 to 22. "All roads led to Allegany High School" on February 17, because on that date La Salle won a hard-fought game from Aleohi. 29 to 22. XYestmont and Pennsylvania next fell before the Blue and VYhite machine. In Johnstown, Allegany lost two games to XYestmont and -Central High Schools of Page 181 -....l:1:.:sg:::-Qs:,i .2i'!?.,3' , ,.,.g-S,-1'+i.,fg: .fo fag! P .. :1.:f- an 1 A 1253- V '- .wf.11r:a-1vf'5.11 ' Rf Q "'4 ""ii1ii2 "3 Q. ' .if 4' "I I Q5 ,. . ., at f - '-'- -Q'-'Q-- . gi- gf 'Q 5 I 4 . V B f k D UQ ggi- ' 7 that place. Alcohi then won the decision over Piedmont and Beall on our court. A very important game was lost to Central by the close score of 23 to 21. Beaver- dale and Bruce then bowed to A. H. S. Dave Sigel, "BusU Pitzer, Dick Johnson, Henry Kuhn, Albert XVolfe, and Espey Barley represented both Allegany High School and the county in the State tournament and won five straight games to gain the State Championship. Cen- tral High was the first to be eliminated by Allegany. Then Hagerstown, after winning two previous games from Allegany, was defeated on the Y. lvl. C. A. floor, 2-1 to 21, in one of the fastest games of the season. Next Oakland was overwhelm- ingly defeated by Alcohi, 76 to 14. Annapolis High, champion team of 1926, was the next to fall prey to Allegany. The game was played in Catonsville before a large number of "rooters.', Besides the team over three hundred fans went to Frederick to see Allegany win the last game of the season and the State Cham- pionship by the score of 25 to 17. Coach Bowers had a squad of fifteen which he worked throughout the sea- son. Every member broke into some of the games. It was through the stiff oppo- sition offered by the substitutes that the regular team was able to make such a splendid record. CAPTAIN DAVE SIGEL Dave Sigel is a born basketball player or he never would have captained and played with a championship team. His team did not accomplish much in the early part of the season, but after a few games no team was too strong for his boys. Dave played forward on the team and was second highest scorer on the team. He is one of the fastest players ever to play on a Blue and XYhite team and his basketball career is sure not to end with his graduation. ALBERT NVOLFE QTEDJ Albert is about the best on a basketball floor in this section. On numerous occasions, with the score close, he looped a field goal that put more Fight and con- fidence in his teammates. He always played a clean game. He, like Sigel, played forward and led his teammates in scoring. He was second highest scorer in the XV. M. 1. League. He was chosen for the county All-Star team. RICHARD JOHNSON QDICKJ Dick is a tall blonde boy who played center and around whom most plays were Page 182 i g51r,,-'f:f,-'ff ,Ig i Q, Q' 'V 'A Q. . ,ff In L-1 '52 5. QQ5, 5' ' , 55' .I in :iq ' iw -,q::.-111' ..f.'f':513ffrfff-151 ' .L " "1 3+ 552, , 'V , ' ' " AVV, aff directed. It was his hrst year for basketball and he showed improvement iqn every game. Wie only wish Dick had played previous seasons. as he would have been an asset to any team. y JOHN PITZER CBUSJ "Bus" played running guard and was, without a doubt. one of the ovlnstand- ing players in the league. This was proved when he was selected for the County All-Star team. "Bus', was the coolest player on the team, and did remarkably well in scoring 89 points while playing guard position. HENRY KUHN QHENNYJ "Hennyi' proved to be a real fighter on the Blue and XVhite team with his "never die" spirit. He could always be counted on to break the pass work of the opposing team and many times to add a few extra points to our score. He would often fool the opposition by his clever way of delivering the ball. He always played a fast, clean game. ' All of the glory does not belong to the regulars, for it must be remembered that had it not been for practice games there would not have been such a good var- sity team. There will be four vacancies to be filled next year and only two subs will be missing, and considering the one lirst string man left for next season, the prospects for a good team are bright. Those who deserve much praise are: Espy Barley, '29g Eugene Bittner, ,Z9g Clifford Neal, H285 Daniel Ryan, 'Z9g Harold Brown, '27, Frank Barrett, '29, Lawrence Schaffer, '28, john Sapp. '29, and Austin Fleming, '27. GAMES PLAYED AT HOME Allegany Score Visitors Score " 50 ...... ....... S alisbury 20 ' 30 ...... ........ . Alumni ..... ...... ...... 3 5 40 ...... ....... B arton ........................... ...... Il 1 48 ...... ........ l 'ennsylvania Avenue ...... ...... 1 2 15 ...... ....... H agerstown ............... ...... 3 4 29 ...... ........ C entral .......... ...... 2 Z Z8 ...... ....... 1 ieyser ....... ...... 2 7 Z2 ...... ........ I .a Salle ...... ...... 2 9 38 ...... ....... X Vestmont .... ...... l 5 40 ...... ........ I 'iedmont ...... ...... 3 2 5.3 ...... ........ B eall ............. ...... 1 7 45 ...... ........ B eaverdale ...... ...... 3 2 45 ...... ........ B ruce ............ ...... 2 3 Page 183 gtluulllug I Q ,,.l.1..I:,. 'ffm , ig In I. :Z-.U --5.15: Ip. i .L ' n .. ...j5f5i' fl.-ff 11' 1-5 32 " f- l:1E55f51f.51:13 -, '4:1:fff5'.3'1A55"-'V A lr Wi 'ii ll' ' ' J ' ... gif H g W 'E 2 Q4 f-If . . U Ei ,:" -3 .- GA 1.1123 .'Xl5RU.-X13 Allegany Score " 42 18 ...... 19 ...... 4 ...... 9 ...... 22 ...... 24 ..... 29 ...... 21 ...... Opponents Parsons Elkins ......... Mill Creek ...... La Salle ........ Beall ...... Keyser ..... . Hagerstown .. Vtlesternport ..... Central ........ STA'l'lf1 TUCRNABl1iN'l' GAMES Allegany Score " 19 76 ..... . 2-l ..... ....... 13 ..... ....... 1- Opponents Central, at Frostlmrgu.. Oakland. at Frostlmrg '.... Hagerstown, at Y. N. C. 3.1 Score -l 1 27 25 17 3-l 32 23 23 Score 17 14 A ....... ...... 2 l Annapolis, at Catonsville ........ .. 7 Hyattsville, at Frederick .................... 17 Total sum of points--Allegany, 8995 Opponents, 707. Points excess. 292. Allegany won 19 and lost 12. Page 6666666663 06865666 'P+ 3666666 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 Q1 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 QP Girls' Baskelball 1927 :za :za in cz: 1:31 an fa 0 Q 1.4 ff: an fn in 12, an is Q fa :J cg: in :Q In fx: 0 If: 1:34 in Q? an :J :tn Lf: :fu 131 cz: cm ff: :J In in in fr: an fra 121 :ga as an acaiaizfvaaelii 666666 66 CQH6 666 6666 36 N x I s W I X 'x N fl ,ff xx s y 4 I ,K ' Y sb U 4 ! J x M " Y 4 J 1- J X 26-1927 19 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM, v v- .,., ..- gg.. ---- .-,IIU1 -- -0- .. - , - if-F 1 """"' """' ,F "' - , .Im ,.1'v.-.anrggwvg--, V K " .1 as .. f ,ew f :1 +-'-fl-as - i . I .I ,I . . .- .2 ' ' - . .- V' t ic ,V F rf. V ,ill 0 gi " A yi, figs eff aff .gi "- 5 ,.,.qf,:5153,:r'fQQf5g p ff if , rg, pig ' till ,J 1 Izzvgfi. . ,A . , N 'egg H'Q x 4 , I -ii W U I-I K Girls ' Basketball Review The girls' basketball team of Allegany High School had a fairly successful season this year. Although they did not win the championship, they worked hard during the season and deserve a great deal of praise. The girls had one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest team in the league and proved themselves the best of sports. Every player on the team is to mended on the fine spirit shown. At the close of the season last year Pauline Hetzel was elected captain. llfhen the season opened about fifty candidates were present. Ruth Matheney was chosen manager. NVe were fortunate in having such a coach as Miss Mabel Pape with us this year. She is to be commended for her steady work in shaping the team. At the first part of the season the team started with the following line-up: Millie Hughes and Ruth Matheney, forwardsg Nellie Blonsky, center, Sarah Sigel, side centerg Ida Gerson and Pauline Hetzel, guards. The line-up was later changed to Jeanette Eyler forward in place of Millie Hughes, and Nellie Blonsky, Elizabeth Hoover, and Sarah Sigel alternating in the center. Ruth Matheney made a flashy little forward and was a star of the first rate. Jeanette Eyler was a speedy player also, and because of her shortness she managed to dodge her guard and drop the ball in the basket many times. Elizabeth Hoover made her' appearance in the final half of the season and was a great aid to the team with her unusually good floor work at center and side center. Hoover certainly can jump. Nellie Blonsky proved to be quite a find. She held down the center position in a line manner and was chosen on the second XV. M. I. team. Page 187 I ,A 5 au :Q .. , ,,3,,j '- I 24 if 13, v' S5555 ' 1 gig ., 1:5 ,'L::1gt:a:-g?2I,Q1.',1 -Q'l'P J .' ' f 'fx ff. ' ff A '- fi. br ' v. if Sarah Sigel was one of the quickest side centers in the league. She always fought hard and played a clean game. Ida Gerson, who played guard, was a great asset to the team. Her fighting spirit never failed. Captain Pauline Hetzel comes in for her share of the bacon playing guard and acting as very able leader of the team. The subs are not to be forgotten, for their faithful work helped to make our girls' team a success. They are: Ruth Bagent, Helen Knippenburg, Fannie Liller. Virginia Harper, Elizabeth Munro, Elizabeth Martin, Robbie Tenny, Virginia Shultz, Eleanor Dietz, and Francis Earl. , Three of the girls who will be lost by graduation are Captain Hetzel, Elizabeth Hoover, and Ruth Matheney. Next yearys team will be formed around Ruth Bagent, captain-electg Nellie Blonsky, Sarah Sigel, Jeanette Eyker, and Ida Gerson. The girls won from Keyser and Pennsylvania Avenue School twice, from Piedmont, Bruce, Hagerstown, the Business Girls of the HY" and the Alumni once. They lost to Beall, Barton, and Centralg and once to Hagerstown, Bruce and the HY" Business Girls. Page 188 Q 0 0 3 0 3 3 3 0 W 0 0 Q G G G 3 G G 0 0 G U 0 U 0 G G G 3 G G G C G B G G G G G 5 G C G G G G G G G G 003UGUGGGGGDGGGGGQBGGGGGDGGQGGG 63000935 3 E G B G Q5 db 3 G 111 3 Cb Q3 F-,Ph 3 C5 Cb :QQ NF' 3 QD G3Q.a9-'FIS 1 Ugg r-4 fl.. 3 C2 L95 00 Q3 QD N X3 4 U5 E31 3 QD QD QD ii CD Q? ii QB QD 3 EEGGGGGSQGQGGQGGGGQQGGG QGGGBQQSGUQGQQGGU , : Ifi l l2 1f1' 'lj' in 'z f , 0 25 H :. .. ..., .,.- ,. gs: ,qi ,ff ,wt ,1 1 ' " -' T rack Prospects for 1927 Track candidates were called out on March 23, 1927, for the tirst practice. Although the wind was blowing and the air cold, a large number of boys reported. Each boy who has had any interest at all in track has reported every day, in order to be in condition for the County Meet to be held in Frostburg, June 3, 1927. Coach Curry had entered John Nave, Hamilton Dickey, Albert NVolfe, Jack Nlilkinson, Espey Barley. and several others in the Southern lntwscliolastir' .ner-t at the University of Maryland, Hancock Meet and in a dual meet with Keyser. Allegany has high hopes for the senior events in the County Meet, but the lack of material for the junior classes is a big handicap. Several of the boys probably will win first place in the County Meet and will go to Baltimore to take part in the State Meet sponsored by the Playground Athletic League. Allegany is glad to have Mr. Curry return as track coach. and is confident that he will repeat his success of former years in training the boys in track and field events. 35-. - s7ffE1W5-'11,3-.wits if --J F river -'ffmffk-P1 qs X ' 9 15.155 -U2.,:?Sf 'y,12.w1..s- .nw , gpg-gn-gg Pi?-11 Wiifffizfg, gm.. - 'IL-Aff-mf-,. ' ' rw ' ESMF' -, ieifa ii a.f,.5,: 6 .lg M122 WMS" -K' :Z U 'M Page 100 if v 'ix 7 I if EIT" ,,,' v . . -,'::'.::5:E:::t,::g gin A x , gnu ,iq ly F fig. , . Q. , I I I '1 ' " 1 "xi, .. 'SQ' I gut? I F v 5 I I I E . B I ' 'I i- 52555 1926 Results ws-vouxu CL.-iss 440 Relay-'lf McKlillion: D. Dickey: K. lllakneyl C mwrw k, third. Baseball Throw--Henry Howe, third. ll5-lb. Class-Broad jump, H. Brown, second. 660 Relay-VV. Dennison: H. Traderg G. Dennison, H. Brown, third. , JUNIOR UNLIMITED 80-Yard Dash-Daniel Ryan, second: Lester Sielnert, third: XVatson Pritchard fourth. 220-Yard Dash-john Nave, first. 27 sec. High Jump-Melvin Rice, first. 5 ft. M in. 8-Pound Shot Put-L. Schaffer, first Q44 ft.jg E. Hutcheson, sccondg E Robinson, third. SENIOR UNLIMITED 100-Yard Dash-john Scliaidt, first 110.2 sec.j3 Jack XVilkinson, secondg Randolph Millholland, fourth. 880-Yard Run-George Coughenour. second. Broad Jump-Chester Everline, first. 19 ft. HM in. High Jump-R. Millholland, fourth. Mile Relay-E. Barleyg H. Dickeyg tl. McGregorg I. Sapp, second. Total points, 77. Page 191 g 27 1926-19 I, OLLEY BALL TEAIV V I - . . .V V . ':l1:1i:if5'7-"iv:": 'fl ,l 4 Ii I - vi:-2'- --. 5' , iii iii 5" ii-:Fil .a -rf fs .1 as T Q Q Volley Ball Review Yolley-ball was elected by the VV. M. I. League as the fall sport for the girls, to take the place of field-ball. The team decided to retain as its leaders those who had been chosen by the team the year before for field-ball. They were: Miss Elizabeth Hoover, Captain, and Miss Henrietta Robinette, Manager. By the time the league opened Miss Mabel Pape, our coach, had whipped into shape a very good team, which threatened to win a championship and caused more than a little worry among the up-creek players. The season opened with Midland High, at Midland. The opponents proved to be an easy match for our lassies and Allegany won by a score of 25-6. . The next week the Blue and Yifhite suffered their hrst defeat at the hands of Beall by a score of 18-4. T The Alco girls came back strong with two victories, one a 10-5 victory over Penn Avenue and the other a 17-5 victory over Bruce. T Then for a thrilling half our girls played a wonderful game. and led Central, State champs for three years. by a score of 6-3. Then our team fell down in the last half and lost, 14-6. The next game was put in the "win" column as victory over Barton, l9-11. The score at half time was 9-9, but the Alco girls stepped out in the last half and displayed a snappy brand of volley-ball which won decisively. This game closed the season. The games played during the season were very thrilling and all against strong teams. Our team was well balanced and had the best teamwork in the league. VVith the valuable experience gained this fall the girls are looking forward to spring, for they have hopes of defeating Central and bringing a State champion- ship home to Allegany. The team this year turned in the best record probably ever made by a local volley-ball team. It may be said that their success was well deserved. for they certainly did work hard to rank third in the league. Page 19 3 luutlw .. . 11,7 4, ,',,3:-:,:i::.g',-'-i .ffl Q' 'A I ' k." 'I' " .- " 2.342 1 1, I , 1 . I ,. ' ,A-. - . . 2 F' .5 7 Elizabeth Munro was a "big gun,', at all times playing a splendid game at was a star in every game in which she played. Elizabeth Martin, who played at left end, was a great aid to the team. '4l,izz" was always there when it came her turn. Ruth Bagent played a brilliant game throughout the season. Nellie Blonskey deserves praise for the commendable games she played at right end. Ruth Matheney was on the jump and always ready to return the ball over the net. Robbie Tenny played many noteworthy games as second linesman. Elizabeth Munro was a "big gun." at all times playing a splendidgame at second line center. Jeanette Eyler was a valuable player on the back line. Pauline Hetzel, at first playing right end and then changed to center net, played a splendid game in either position. Through graduation the following players will be lost: Elizabeth Hoover fCapt.j, Elizabeth Martin, Pauline Hetzel, Ruth Matheney, and Robbie Tenny. VVl1ile there is still some valuable material to start with next year in Nellie lilons- key, Jeanette Eyler, Ruth Bagent and Elizabeth Munro. Page 194 . - ' -'11 f'i'.'57!7' .-1 1.1--'.', -1 5-: ' ' , . W' 21 ff: ,-Z' 50' ff- 1-7: 534' .34 ,nt af in v" 5555 -.15 1 -2 .- '.:s uf ,' ,421 If N if ga , F.. cg., g:.f:..2:zf5:s:1i5Q V: 5351 5 img 15 i ,ii f la? v li I'ag+: 197 'Tis Allegany Q'I'uue: It's XYest X'i1'g'i11iz1,5 'Tlx .Alll1'g1111-V, 'Tlx ,Alllvg1111y, Tlu' f'l'l-dl' of t"Z'L'l'-X' .s'f1ul1'11f lIl'l'1',' Come on .va olzl C:l'tItI'.Y, glllll j.0I'l1 ux ylillllfj lculs. For .'llll'gtIll3' now 'Iva 1'lu'cr. Roll .' 161111 .' 161111 .' No-zu fx flu' f1'11u', lmys. To llltlkt' ll lvly 11o1'.v1', No 1lIl1lfL'l' tuluzf flu' fwofvlv xay, For flzcrf fx 1111-11gl1f fo fvar, Tlu' !jUllfj'.V all lu'1'u, So lu11'l fo -'lll1'y1111,v-Ha1'l. School Songs NYHIQN A. H. S. HITS THE I.INIi llvllfll old , l, ll. S. lIl.lA' flu' l1'1u'. llvfvft' out fo 7v1'11 flfltlllll tIll0ll!t'l' fI'lIlc', glllll flIL'II 1zu1"lly1'll, -vvll, yull, yvll-yell, yvll, yvll .Al111lfo1' our 1l1'111' olrl .fvlzool m'1'l'll ycll, yell, yvll, yell :lllfl flu'11 'zn'c'll jighf, fighf, fight, for cI'o1'y yard, zllltl ':m"ll l1lf 'U111 lo-rv mul lll-l '1'111 luml .fllltll flu'11 will zuffu' off flu' llltlp. yas' lv-v l'l'tlf7 l 'll'-lfll'-V DOXYN ACROSS THE l"lliI.IJTH11IY COMIC llofvu 1u'1'os.v flu' flL'lfl fluj' 1'o11u', Ylllojl' lvoys lil! l?l1u' and lVl11'fa ll'1"llf111f o111'f11lfl1 111 fl. ll. S. For lu'r we all will fglzf To ylvlrl lzvforv fluzf E- llzu' lx ll flllillg 2c'c"'ll 1u'1'4'1' do, Q Vvllj Hip Hljv Hooray tllltll I-2-5 llvt"ll rush flu' lulll rlyllf fl11'o11gl1. 4 ' '5 .- . "2-W1 M ' ' 'fa f 5 :- I H. ,r .H 5. -4 ,, .f:-ujffl, 'A ,Q ' .lil I f Q, v' - fi-E' -2' 17: -'51 ' -:-:'.--rT-Q:- ' 92" A V Lv, ,I ' my .g.:-:gf A QM li.: 5 g W , ti , .4 ' " il kr . 14 .-X-L-L-If-G-A-N-Y A- L-L-li-I 1-A-N-Y .VX-L-L-li-G-A-N-Y Team, Team, Team lfigllt, .'Xlleg1my, Ifigllt lfight, Allegally, Fight XYQ ask you, Allegally - X H l'lf.l"l1 Holrl 'cm, llolcl 'em Hold 'em tight l7uu't let 'em gain ilu the Blue :md XYl1i Score, Scurc, Scure Yea-Blue! Yea-XYl1itcl Yea+Allegzmy ! Lct's light. te! Yel ls Ale-ge-nee-ga-nak-ga-nak Ale- '6-1l6C-'TZ1-I1Z1li- fa-nak b Hooralm l Hoorahl I X I W V N leam, leam, leam ,-Xlco-Alco-Alco-Hi Alco-Alco-Alco-Hi Al-le-ga-nee meu of might .Figlxtl Figlmtl lfight! A. H. S. Rah! Rah! .-X. ll. 5. Rah! Rah! Huumlu-Hooralll .X. H. S. Rall! Rah! Blue, Blue, Blue zmcl XYl1ite Blue, Blue. Blue and XVl1ite .IXll6Q'Zl.11y men of might 4- 4. .. 1' lgllll l'1gl1t l 1' lghtl 27-lffmfs XYLm do we upprecizlte? CNz1me of plzrycrl Page 198 L+: if :ff 55. , ".if.f::. '. :L 2"Zi - , ix fr ,I 1- 1, ff. v- -., - ' i I , ,'f ,Q 3. ,.,l N A, :-, -. - '-: .iv-'fi J' .us if ff. 'I' Ti '.f.'f iiiiil I-al 'fi' -'I' , :lf " "ff-g:1:5:g:5::1:ff1-1I F' I .lf sri, , ,, vi Yi f -Q V-2 :EE l .. . Senior Fkstz'w'tz'e.r Holiday, May 16 Presentation of the Senior Class Play, "Smilin' 'l'hrough." at the Strancl Theatre. Klonclay, May 23 Presentation of "Sn1ilin' Thronghu at the Vieclniont Opera House. Tuesday, hlune 7 The Senior Farewell ,Nsseinlmly in the High School anclitorinni under the clireetion of Miss Mabel Pape. june 13-l5 linclnsivej Senior final examinations. Sunday, June 19 Baccalaureate Sermon at the Stranfl Theatre: Reverend Uwcn of the Presby- terian Church officiating. Monday, il une 20 Open. Tuesday, .Iune 21 Senior l'roni, eight o'eloek. Allegany High School auclitorinin. Peek lXlill's Orchestra. Xleclncsclay, June 22 Class Night exercises, seven-thirty, .Xllegany lligh School aumlitoriinn, unfler the flireetion of llarolrl C. XYiel4arcl, Tlnirsday. june 25 Senior Reception for the Parents at two-thirty o'cloeli. liriclay. .I unc Z-l Connnenceinent, two cfeloek, Strand 'llllCIlll'C. Class Uration clelivcreml hy I att Page 190 alnes .Nlfrecl Avir' . , t - 'H I lhcl l I :H fi fi I' a .- 'I 1.-r-:V I i Iv ' 1' if 5if5H"'e'1t fa mm- . . U is iw.: n 1 I ,. 1, . . ' "1" 'la . '- "0 41, 4 . - PQ V' I l J fl . The Assemblies Ili assemblies held every 'lluesday morning in the spacious audi- L, I Cxfzi. .Agni Some very prominent men have been brought to the school erm .77 ' .AL C,-1513A jx, 'f torium have been unusually interesting and prohtable tlus year. .,.,,-,, 'fre ' 'jfs 562 J through the efforts of several of the clubs and outside patrons of ,Xllegany. 'llhe club programs have been unique and entertaining. Because of the large stage, the lighting effects and the curtain, the assembly programs have been more elaborate, entertaining and attractive. Un Friday, October 22, Governor .Xlbert C. Ritchie, of Maryland, ad- dressed the student body at a special assembly. lt was indeed an honor to have the chief executive of the State at school and to listen to his short address. The beautiful statue. given to the school by a group of about thirty 1'll'CSlllllCll, Civic students, led by Miss Sirbaugh, was formally presented to Allegany at a fitting assembly. The statuefrepresents Hebe. the Greek God- dess of Youth. In this masterpiece she is portrayed as the cupbearer of the Gods and is one of the most beautiful figures in Greek Mythology. The presentation of this statue entailed not only true school spirit, but great per- sonal sacrihce on the part of this group of lfreshmen students. 'llhey worked hard and faithfully to earn the money with which the statue was purchased. and they deserve much credit and praise. On lfriday, October l5. 1926, Donato Colafemina, the famous tenor of the lioston linfrlislt Uwera. sane' at Allefranv. He was accom manied by Edna as as 5 . l . Coates. a young violinist of great talent, and lfmily Harris, a finished soloist as well as accompanist. 'llhe numbers rendered by these splendid artists were greatly appreciated and enjoyed. .-X speaker who created a great deal of enthusiasm was lJr. XYetzel, the secretary of the Nlfest Pennsylvania Humane Society. Dr. NYetzel is a plat- form lecturer of great ability. Mr. Kopp stated that he had been so impressed with Dr. XVetzel's address seven years ago that he desired all of the student Page Z U U 1 ,, 4-zilfjrzi.-'.ff-' ffwidfn ' 1 ' 1. V ' 7:55 27' ln, .I nhl 1 ,V t . , 51, ' 3' -5" gf 11. i -iff H E11 3 5,5 "1 05 .. .17 iii . 1-g'11e1E"." ' ' . ' 5" All A llf l:'!, L , in f A f ,ia :"5 Q iff: i i ' ,!-. if 49- p. ,WWE ,Ny 14, ,A l U B ji , g- I ' nw! l bodv to hear him. His speech was indeed noteworthy, and his vivid incidents told of inhumane treatment of animals brought tears to the eyes of many. On November 23, the students of Allegany were given the oppoftunity of hearing one of the most prominent men in dramatic circles, Mr. Nathaniel Ii. Reid, of the Longman Greene Company, and a member of the Board of the National Drama League. Mr. Reid presented a talk which contained both valuable and interesting information. He stated that he was very much in favor of a clean type of theatrical production and also seemed very enthusi- astic over amateur dramatics. Mr. Reid was obtained through the efforts of some of the members of the A. D. li. and through its faculty advisor. Mr. XVickard. Dr. Chester Sanford, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, spoke before the stu- dents of Allegany the latter part of january. Dr. Sanford is a nationally known vocational expert and those who heard him considered themselves quite fortunate in having such a fine opportunity. Perhaps one of the most highly enjoyed and artistically given assembly programs of the year was that presented by the A. D. K., at Christmas time, A spectacular dance munber was rendered by a group of A. D. K. girls, while Santa Claus appeared distributing various gifts to members of the audience. The Scriptures were read with a beautiful tableau as a background and the sweet strains of a Christmas carol as an accompaniment. The program was a great success. The Public Speaking Club also presented an interesting program in April. lt consisted of two plays. The latter was called "April Fools" and its cast of characters was as follows: David Sigel, "Bill" Hanly, and Myron Simpson. The program, under the direction of Hunter B. Robinette, was considered one of the best ever given. lt was both amusing and clever, and was quite lengthy, nmch to the sorrow of the students. Interesting programs were given by the Poetry Club, Latin Club, the Girls' League. the Boys' Multiple Quartet, the Junior Dramatic Club. the Orchestra, the Girls' Glee Club. the Faculty, and the Girls' .Xthletic Club. Page 201 l ,lj T V' ln' .V 'I Hu ,,. , ,ffff if gl, 33 ff, 1' ij-.-5,2 . if 53 If ii? .,g1i2fff2f1l2" '.,.,,f:gE5E5:f:QQlQQ ljij I V25 N21 5 :mfg f g, S ,, ,ip gf , is R , Each program was varied and unique, and was received very enthusiastically by the e11tire student body. But we must not forget the special assemblies given i11 honor of our Champion Basketball Team, who have become, through vigorous training, "Champions" in another field-oratory. From the Central game to that of lirederick we held assemblies, we should say "rallies," for our boys. Each one was called on to make a speech and we believe we are correct when we say a "fellow" can't play basketball and make a speech, too-but "Bill" Hanly, student manager, certainly can talk! He emphatically declared that our team is now known from Annapolis to Pinto. Davey Sigel, our star forward and captain will always be remembered for his eloquent speech delivered on the historic City Hall Plaza when he presented the "bacon" to Mayor Koon. Next in line comes Albert NVolfe, who, we will have to admit, can play basketball twice as well as he can make a speech, Albert always said some- thing-usually the same thing every time-and then sat down where he looked and felt more comfortable. "Bus" Pitzer delivered his speeches with poise and confidence, and we felt that after a little more experience he might rival any of our great public speakers. "Henny" Kuhn and "Dick" Johnson spoke about the same-the only difference was "Henny" usually had a "companion"Echewing gum. Everyone enjoyed these "rallies" and we feel that they helped our boys come through victorious. Much of the success of the assembly programs this year was due to tli splendid work of Miss Mary I. Murphy, who arranged the dates for club programs and supplied special entertainments for our benefit. The orchestra also deserves special mention in that it was faithfully on hand at every assembly, and contributed largely to the success of those Tuesday morning gatherings which everyone eagerly anticipated. The memories of those periods will ever remain in our hearts, when we are reminiscing over those glorious days spent at Allegany. Page 2 OZ D-I . . fp -"L , ' I, , gQ:':'Z,'g Q" N ' 2 if-if 1--'zgfg' ., , .Eel 37' 54. '55 121 -' 5 QI!-12251: . 'iff' 'I'.l' 51:15 "If "' f" '? " ''T"-r2:af2:1:s:1E1f-11"I fi' sl' 1 ll 25451 . F.. 'fi Ya f iw " V.::3..::J:f.E::ac::,f:2.f::,n:E..,E:::...,:::::1:::: ll ll Acknowledgments ll " The cclitoi' wishes tu take this oppo1't11nity tu il L-Xpress his zippicciziticiii of thc rliligcliit :md helpful glllClZll1CCAglVQll llllllt hy the "All1gewi's" lfac- H 1, ulty 1lilVlS0l'ilXllSS lxzltlizirme Hustecl. HL' wishes ' ll alsii tw thank Mr. lliiiitci' A. Rohinettc for his cu- l operation in llllllllllllg' the business end of this pull- liczltiun. 'llo the cuiiiiiicwizll stucleuts of thc sclliml, ll Il g'1'cz1t clezll uf credit is clue, fm' it is they whu have f i' typcwrittcii our zirticlcs. ,Xml last of all hc wishes lj i tu cxtm-iid tlililll who in :my wily assistcrl in thc piilmliczitunm nl thc zmiiuzll, his must sinccrc zlpprc- i ciritnm ul thou' wiwk. il ll ll II ll 12:11::1::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :f::: .: zuzni Paar 2 03 'I ll, I I L I 13' I 'f "I fl . . .,.1gq,,,5,33.,j1gg1i - P1 .Q 3:1 ' , rigifu - -1.11 Qs J- ,- y,. 1j'5'1:j:5:2:5:1S515p2115 Jil .' 21151 . ,, 'fi EH 1 '11 --1 I F M L gag E g 'Q tx , Q . ki . . V B 7 In and About Allegany URING the 11111111 11131114 the greater part 111' the SCIll1ll' class may he 6? iyfgiyx, seen ltnililllg' 1111 with delight, at the 11er1111'n1anee 111 "lla1111y Hill" Ilanly a111l 11is e11h111'ts. Un SUIIIC 11ays y1111 will 1in11 "l'Da1111y ,q'f,,J Bill" 11n111i1'i11g 11ne 111- the lllUSt thrilling 11ase11all games eyer staged. The way he calls halls Llllll strikes XYU1l1C1 class llllll as Il lm,1'L.ssi1111:11. Un Zlllll1llCl' 11ceasi11n you will 131111 "11an1y's" L'1l11U'l'tS, illblllg the llllll11l't'K1 tleetvl in te11 llat, .Xlter t11e game, "Hill" will pay lllill his teaxn with jelly heans 111' el1111'111ate. llllfl as he leaves yllll will hear 11is 1'11h11rts call- ing' "Bye, '17a111ly Bill' Bye." Lxlllilllg' the 1-llllllllill' lli'l'Sllllilg'CS seen i11 211111 Ill'Ullllt1 .Xllegany is "Chief" XY1111111'111'k. He is the Scllfllll engineer, ,X11 the lell11ws are 1111111 111 llllll. 11 yllll 1-yer want anything 111111e just ask "Chief," Illlfl he'1l 1111 it. ,X1111 1111 y1111 1illU1Y that Chief is a literary genius? Besides being' the s1'h1,1111 engineer, he takes time 1111. 1111' his literary w11rk, which c11nsists niainly 111' writing articles for the ,1l'z'rr11r. ln the celehrity contest he111 earlier in the year. "Chief" 1'e1'eiy1-11 the y11te 1111' 1lIl.YlllQ' the hest line,-an1l he 11eserye11 it. XYe11 "C11i1-1" the class 111 21 IS SUl'l'f' t11 leave yllll, Zlllil wishes y1111 all k1111ls 111 luck. ,-111111 we must lllbt 1'11rg'et t11 n1enti11n the 1'11r1'i11111' "sentine1s" wl111 haye s11 11i1ig'e11t1y 'ASllUUC1lu pupils llllt 111' the halls i11 the twenty niinutes peri1111 i11 the llllJl'IllllQ', t11at Ulll' halls have 1lCCUlllC s11 silent that 11ne Illlgllt al1n11st hear a pin 111'1111, llllly, 1111 13116 w11u111 l1eintereste1l i11 llCll.l'lllg' t11e pin, 111' 1'11urse. Since Spring' l1as 1'11n1e 11ee1'e11it ,l"11r11s a111l 11the1' vehicles Ill uneertaiii age llllll Ul'l:Lflll have put i11 their a1111eara11ee 11ef111'e Ulll' 11111'tals. XYe ask yung what next i11 the 1i11e11f"1'a1'1'y :1l1s"? 'llhe 1111ste1's lmying' t11 1111 with s1'h1111l pri11e, that are 1111ste11 1111 the 11111- 11-tin are a g'1'11111 thing. They serve to make us think 111 those lIllp1ll'1Zlllt things we are s11 very apt to forget. Jxllltbllg' 1ltll6l' things a1111ut .Xllegany we 1'an't help hut think 111 the girls an11 1111ys as they 'tllftlllg' 111 t11e lnn f11r t11e pr11yerl1ial soup an11 "Hut lJ1'1g." Page Z 04 l LXR? Qiiiiffbfs ' ' I ,Ll ,S xx, grvk It reminds nie of the rush into Noah's gXrk-always two by two rush in, but with 'l ' otsteps do they leisi school. Qui' grounds are being improved too. Grass has been sown and shrub bery put out. It all promises to be very beautiful. So we have just one in reason to be proud of our new Xll . .ore .A egany. .Xnd s " ' ' proud of pealtinv of thinffs at Allegany ue ,, hi to be K , ' must mention the I ' ' was wr ' ' meautiful statue of Hebe that 1 esented to the school by the Civic class sponsored by Miss Sirbaugh. The statue is particularly appropriate as it represents the Code less of Nvtllllll Notice-lfaculty IJ 2 'l ct ares XYarl However there has been no bloodshed although the two forces have inet in conflict upon several occasions. Yes XYar l-XYar upon chewing gum! The strife has been long and violent, but as yet it is impossible to declare an absolute victory for either faction. li ., ius-and so it goes at Allegany! Dear Old High School. lt's a wonderful place after all. and in the days to come the nieinorx' of our school days within its halls will swell our hearts w ut it was ever tl itll joy. Page 205 , ' , yes-they xx iat reluctant fo irely stroll back to - e - . - . ...,....-..-.,. Q------e -nr, 7 f.""7,'A ' . 22. 1- 15.5 an ff- f', 1: -:la 'jj' -'--- '- : .-if . li is , 'il 'Ft - ' "A"'Q """' 23222 1' 'A . ? u"'i if '11 ' 1 52? ' ' l z.. v ' ' Receipts and Disbursements we To show that we are not so crooked as we seem to be. hut are a darn siffht worse. we suhmil the following report on the iinances of this volume: RICCICI PTS National Advertising ............................. ...... S 3,800.00 Local Advertising ...... 6.79 Brihes from Seniors ....................................... 50.00 Adding eight degrees to Faculty write-ups: Three .-X. l5.'s at 351.50 ............................ 4.50 Four M. :X.'5 at 551.00 ....... 4.00 One Ph. D. at 25165.03 ........ 165.08 Sale of hooks to students ......... 5.00 Sale of space to XX. D. K ....... 20.00 Publishing faculty picture ........................... 9.70 For using two jokes from fllmlzi .llirrw ...... .26 Contribution from the Sophoinores ........... 1.01 Grzuid Total ....... ...... S 1067.3-l as Page 206 ,.4,,..,,,,,,,,,,..,..., W.,,p-I-y',..-4:5,-In . I-s - , His: .,.I'.. 'ln T Y! -1' ' , A , ..,,,.,4, . - v W K ii 'Q Page 207 Disbursements Printing Volume ................ Fountain Pen for lfditor .................. Ink for fountain pen for Ifditor ....... Car-fare to Frostliurg .... ............ Central Game ............ Care-fare back ....... Salaries of Staff ......... General lixpenses ......... Slirulibery and grass ...... Staff party at Circus .....................,............... Gasoline used in trips to Xosset's Studio. Life Insurance for llumorous Editor ....... Flowers for Editor .............................. Refreshments for stat? ................... Cost of collecting advertisements ....... Grand Total ...... Receipts ............. ...... S 4,067.3-l lbislmnrsements ..... ...... -l 067.32 Prolit ...................... .02 Postage for sending' to printers ..... Net Prolit .................................. I 21 I :gi M ., 11 fig F4 A A I 'v te 4 I ......SZ,-I-25.00 4.00 .047 .ZS l.00 .23 13.9-L 500.00 . 003.03 150.38 31.75 20.98 5.12 7.57 200.00 N - ........5b-l,06l.3.Z 150,000.03 0.00000 '- ' L n o tg .. gil: ,ii 17 . ... . V B I3 '31 F3 '31 31 G1 131 '31 0 FZ! E 121 I3 I3 '31 0 E 5 121 121 131 6 G1 IE? C31 G1 13' E C31 '21 F31 F3 '31 131 121 G' 9 IJ I3 121 rfb IRI 131 '31 'Sl 3 'P 13121 E To Him Who Comes After- Q F31 13' I To him who follows after may we wish the best of luck. '3' 1 llis path is hard and stony, no rest may he receive. For he is 3 1 but the slave of others, he works for them alone. Then who is - 13: he, this poor, unfortunate fellow, who struggles vainly on to greater glory? He is lint the Editor of the ALLIGEWI. I3 Don't take this hard, ye who follow after. It is hut despair, Ig 32 it was written when the Editor was deep in woe and care, and he 9 3 was hut a pessimist, who saw no light. But cheer np, the worst 3 G' is yet to come, and my many thoughts are best expressed in the I 3 few lines below: 1- I3 ISI -I- + -i- i . . 3 3 Greetings to the Next Editor 3 'F' 13 S llvllfll your printer ix howling for fopy, 3 And your Board all down wth flu, '31 E The fvlzotogrnfvlzer fries, "Suu or no f7fl'l1lil'l'SH, E 3 ,-lnd the ruin simply won? take the rue. 3 e . , , . . . 3 E tl lien nobody .r paid lzvr Slll7SCl'lf7ll0I1, G, 3 And the printer wmzts caslz in adzfanre, Ig .flnd your rontraft :foods "Forty-sir lzundrcrl", 231 And your l?z1.vi11esx Board says "Not 11 r11u11u"'. 3 lVln'n the seniors find grinds are 0. 1lIllStlllt't' 3 E And deridc not to write any 1nore,- 3 E Our advice is,--pray donft be down-lieurted, 3 E, just rc'nzv1nber its lzfzpprizrd before. 3 3 3 So rlvnmnd all your rofvy by August, 3 And all of your pictures by fall, Q31 3 Azul if you don't get them until ApriI,- 3 3 ll"l1y, ln' tlzanlcfzfl you got them at all. 3' ei 3 G e E3632363132131QQGEDGJGBGGBGQBIBQGGQBQEUCEIGB3121313313336SGIGBGGGWDCSIGIGGGQBSCZIIBI Page Z 0 8 I I 1 I I I I F24 . rA5fj'l:'P31 " giiii xzilil 4, N I 3. 3936131633555 3121333533 YS!130521E33333333330333333321C31313330333333QQUSGGGQGQGQGQQGGQQQQS W'hat Would Happen lf ig. ' luclcu Illl'lSIUl3l1Cl' liacl an article in on tune? E "l lcintzicu Came to sclioul before one minute of nine? 3 "Pansy" 'llrouunan Llicln't prepare Ilcr lessons? 3 lg ,XII tllc Svniors camo to a class meeting? I3 3 "Hill" XYarliclfl ccasccl to argue? 3 Miss liacler failed to give an assignment? 3 3 Grace lllcklurclo curlcml licr hair? Eg E Dick hluhnmn liccanw attentive to girls? 131 5 ' lun1Imy Klathency hecaine CllQ'l1lI1CClf 3 3 Mr. ,Kopp coulcln't answcr your question? " 3 n.llIl'll'llyU .Xvirett was sccn. on llaltimurc Struct at 1.50 nfcluclc tg, in the morning? Q, rg . ,. . . . , 13, Kllss S11'IWI1l1Qll gavv an assignincnt without rclcrcncv wurlif 3 3 I'auIinc llctzcl clicIn'f wvar a new "paraplicrnaIia" ovary Wm-li? 3 3 "I lcnny" Kuhn forgot where Decatur Stu-ct was Iucalvcl? L3 B1 'Vliaclclcus made a nustakc in arlcling Iigurcs? 3 E Ilan Ryan never gut into any trouble? 3 Nr. XYlCli1l1'l'l clicln't "fuss" at rclicarsalw? 3 Kll1'l!Ul'l anrl Davy cli1ln't quarrel every wcck? cg: .Nlonzo gut a "RHP rg, 3 l'fugcnc Hilton was latc for school? 'E ig I . CT 59505: Ia nz: an an is :J ff: fa :za in cz: as an 15: -so fn fs fa as nz: rf: an Q: an an cm an in 421 cz: 1:31 :Ea an cm ra ca: cz: 4:1 rr: 5 if: :Ea as in 12: ra:- an 5 231699 Page Z 0 9 -1- -fe .1 1 1 r Q: ,I 1 ' 4 H " ' -:TI .-v.v- I : I E 5 'ii 2 Q e ...Q .,.A.. q.,..: W ' 3. 53 3133I3396330303I333335121G511313CZGQPEIGGEDGGQQPQGGGBGBBGGGCDQGGGGGGQQE + '31 ISI an E Farewell Q 3 F11re:1'1'Il, l71'11r SCIIUUI,-fllllllffll we must fart, 3 111111' Il'tIT'L' f11v.v1' lmllx of 1CtU'1'li711j fair ,' 3 3' H'r'1I hold II1V1'.v12 l1lC'l1lf0l'l-PX in our lzuorfs 3 3 :ls s11c'r1'1l flzingx witlziu like fvrrzyvr. 3 3 Honor you 1l1I'Z'l' and flu' pride of 'l1LIlllt?, E Glory, 11111j1xvfy, 1111d .v111'1'1's.v- So flzc bvsf 'we 11111 wish you is your flaim 3 To P1'11gf1'1'.v.v, Gfory, and Hazfrpilzess. E G1 , . . . . 0 Q fo l111fz'e s1111r1'11' 111 your 5f1'1'1111tl1, your Sf7ll'lf, your Izfv- 3 131 To feel tw Izozw 11 friend upon wlzifh fo rely- E Tlwxv ore flu' f11i11g.v flzot brings fwafe from strife, Q And are H10 f,IOZlfgIIfS that are zviflz 'us as we say, "Good-Ilya." 3 13 3 . . . . 0 M IEIIITII fxRl1.K,4, L lxulmluvxlmz. 3 ' cm 12161063603339Q313216033G31313131GIGGEGSBGGIEUBQGBGQPGSGGSGBQBGQQIZISBGEBS Page 210 11LlWMf'X . . 1 if QMMM N! 4 ff va If f V I I g fjjlll , fmfl lx 4 1 xx y, lu x W7 ,flu M 1 dl'sJnl0WWQN?1 0 w X Xe -jvg-'il u ,ff X 7 ' x T " I! i X N '. ' f I. lx X lfiofflz "Q If TQW7 A, ' fZ,gl, vw, . ' fd Q 'AlJL1.1. MS '. KV ,ZW J7 1 f , ,, W7 'JMX I WIN ff , ff M ,'!ff,V .ff :J fwfr! r iff. JWZQ- 221 W", '.!'f ' - N 'fix J -A411 X 1 . M, , y 'MM ' W' A W la Fviiwis 'Y , xx -G ,I fin rx, X XX XX 5 J 'f' f ' .f , X A M 4Lf4f:l'7lT:?7' H" " " 14,5 u 1-' ' 3 " ' 1 Q, ' f K X ,ff-'Ef 1 gg ' .awx-fx, 22 ' i g'ix' ..Y ' ,Ng N X gg,, i-,,Y, Nli ' gipilx- 'S f UN R3 wr- 'I' 't'. . hx- figs. . Q. -iff- Ei? OUR ADVERTISERS On the following pages are the announcements of many of the mer- chants of Cumberland who have contributed materially to the success of this volume. All the firms who do business with the school have been given an opportunity to advertise in these pages. The following pages show those who are ready and willing to cooperate with us at all times. We wish to thank them for assisting us in this way and hope that you will patronize them. AUSTIN FLEMINQ Advertising Manager. GENE CELEBRATES WITH ICE CREAM Some of Gene Tunney's friends crowded into his rooms when he arrived there after being proclaimed world's champion heavyweight Hghter and tried to "throw a partyi' for him. "What'll you have, Gene?" asked one of the merry makers. "lf you don't mind," he said, "l'd like to have a little ice cream." liiiiiifial, The Cream ofAl1 Ice Creams- fXSTAR.ACTOR Must Wear STAR.CLOTHES Get Them From The SHUISTORE 160 BALTIMORE STREET William A. Spruill, Mgr. Our Store Is HPHlll1IllII'ff'I'S for Your Gr'adIzmIti04n Toys SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY KAPLON'S YOUNG MEN'S SHOP II5 BALTIMORE STREET Ouffifrvrs to gzndzmfvs SIAIICI' 1906 5 .h l85I I927 ... 1' lDH---- I2 JI'Il'l'Jf'I'.w SfZl'IIIfI'fIl'f' Years -519XQi 4 Graduation cms 51.00 to 01,000.00 for Boy of cm S. T. LITTLE JEWELRY CO. COLORFUL SUITS Our suits are alive with the new color effects. Richly blended or smartly contrasted-brilliant or more sedate-but colorful and dressy. Society Brand, Hickey-Freeman, Fashion Park, Charter House and S. Gr S. Suits. Double Breasted - - Single Breastccl Tlzvo-button - - - Three-button 5525.00 Up To 350.00 SCHWARZENBACH 62-9 SON Compliments of BOPP'S FLQWER SHOP Try our wonderful Roses "We Strizfe to Please" Phone 2582 Blggitlj "We have if" Zilsxlolkliigsd Wm-Cked for all fmrrlces Bought- Sold- Automobiles Exchanged Automobile Parts-New or Used Largest Auto Wreckers in Western Maryland Auto Parts Company GEO. L. CARNEY, Prop. Phone 2441-Res., I397-M. 222 N. Mechanic St. 1 R Humor Alice Durrett: "l spent eight hours on my French last night." Ruth Sheakley: "What! Eight hours?" Alice Durrett: "Yeh, l had my book under the mattress." I "Bus" Pitzer fwho never shaves hirnselfjz "Hey, barber, give me a glass of water." Barber: "What's the matter? Hair in your mouth?" "Bus": "No, l want to see if my neck leaks." Friend of the Family: "And how do you like school, my little man?" Kid Brother: "l like it closed, sir." Father: "Yes, l'm sure my son will be a great scientist. l'm sure you've noticed his way of going to the bottom of things." Teacher: "Yes, l've noticed it about his classes." Mr. Taylor: "Can anybody tell me where has my polygon?" Voice from the Rear: "Up the geometree, lVlr. Taylor." "Set the alarm for two, will you?" Roomie: "You, and who else?" "l'm afraid l'll never see you in Heaven." "Good gosh, what have you clone now?" Louis Stein, Inc. Funeral Home II7 FREDERICK STREET Cumberland, Md. WE GO ANYWHERE Curtis Confectionery FOR THE BEST HOME-MADE CANDIES, ICE CREAM AND SODAS 72 Baltimore St. HUDSON ESSEX The Largest Selling Six in the World Maryland Garage, Inc. 429 NORTH MECHANIC STREET CUMBERLAND, MD. PHONE 2423 Compliments of The Evening Times The Sunday Times CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND The Times Papers are read by more people than any p p published in Maryland, outside of Baltimore City. . FIB The Two Brothers CUMBERLAND HART SCHAFFNER and MARX CLOTHES HARIRY KAMENS RICI-IXARDPA. EIGGS resi ent ice- resi ent The Buchanan Lumber Co. Curtis Woodwork WHY TEACHERS GO CRAZY l clidn't get that far." What was the question?" Have you an extra pencil?" "Write on both sides of the paper?" May l borrow an eraser?" What will the test cover?" But that's what it said in the book." "The library was closed." "I left my gym shoes at home." nn 1. n an u H It always makes me laugh So wonderful a treat, To see a track man run a mile And only move two feet. Miss Lapp: "What's that terrible noise clown below?" "Joe" Felclstein: "That's the French Club singing the mayonnaise. King: "Ho, blackamoor. What is this in my plate?" Cook: U 'Tis but a crack, your majesty." King: "Thou liest, knave, who ever heard of a crack wriggling? vu Visitor at the "YH: 'iHow much does a bath cost?" "Peaches" Robinnette: "Ten cents. Twelve tickets for a dollar." Visitor: "Twelvel l'm not asking to be a life subscriber." ..- , One Teacher: "How were your exams?" Another Teacher: "A complete success. Everybody flunkeclf' Eckerd Cut Rate Store Co. 38 BALTIMORE ST. Cut Prices on All Toilet Articles FULL LINE OF GRADUATION GIFTS Matheney's West Side Pharmacy Ez'Fryth.z'ng in Drug Stvre Goods HPENSLARH AGENCY GREEN AND WATER STREETS. PHONE 4l7 WHITMAN'S CANDIES l , It Pays to Look Well J. S. McGeady 'Specialists in ladies' bobsf' "Your hair cut as you like if." 265 WILLIAMS STREET Cumberland, Maryland High School Q Confectionery Compliments of C. E. B. W THE PLACE TO GET GOOD THINGS TO EAT Compliments of Firman Gilbert Pugh I START TI-IAT ACCOUNT TODAY and when you Think of a Bank, think of our Bank-then come in and get acquainted I The man with live dollars treated with as much courtesy as the man with thousands. YOU NEED US WE NEED YOU I As business friends we are both made stronger. l Commerclal Savmgs Bank W CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Ii I rl I Watches, Diamonds and Rings I Joseph Klawan 4l BALTIMORE STREET I I Cumberland, Maryland l p Cumberland Tire Company Kelly-Springfield Tires Cost No More Than Others KELLY SOLICITS YOUR BUSINESS PHONE 300 p Drive-in service Station SOUTH MECHANIC STREET Our New Building ROBERT E. KING, Proprietor BILL CRAMER, Manager Make Electricity Your Willing Servant I l 0 4 The Potomac Ed1son Company I . W ,Y , Y ,,Y,1,,Y. , Y fn: ,L, WL- -L---1,4-,f---H Ts I 71 Y, ml-m , , f, , , Y "Ham" Dickey's little sister just loves to tell on her big brother. One day she ran to mother: "Oh, ma," she cried, "Ham ate all the raisins off that real sticky paper out in the kitchen." ik vi: af wk We'd like to tell you the story about the crude oil but it's unrefined. :r an ar Pk On a certain basketball trip: Waiter: "Tea or coffee?" "Henny" Kuhn: "Coffee without cream." Waiter: "You'll have to take it without milk, we're out of cream." as an ar 4: Late to bed Early to rise Keeps your kid brother From wearing your ties. ik sw ar if Two little worms were digging away. They were digging in dead earnest. Poor Ernest! ak ak ik :if Virginia E.fHand: "Say, Jack, who is the fastest man in the world?" Jack Wilkinson: "The one who turned out the light, undressed and got into bed before it got dark." vp af ak wk "Bob" Wolfe: ul could live on limburger cheese alone." "Ted": "You'd have to." Wonderful W.. Entertainment In your own home! Think of it! Never a dull moment-never a time when the talent of the worldis foremost artists and com- posers is not at your finger-tips! illustrated here is the Orthophonic Victrola Radiola. It not only re- produces music as never before, but it is a beautiful piece of fur- niture that will add to any deco- rative scheme. , l l I THE MUSIC CENTRE , I45-I47 BALTIMORE 1 OF CUMBERLAND S STREET 1 When your washing machine and wife are worn out-send your LAUNDRY TO Us -We Satisfy- The Cumberland Laundry C. H. Holtzman 86 Baltimore Street Pharmacists Phone 943. Get it at Holtzman's. L. F. SHAF F ER Paints, Varnishes, Brushes, Oils and PAINT SUPPLIES I8 PERSHING STREET PHONE 2042 Compliments of Community Bakery Company Old Home Potato Bread Sno-Flake Bread Maryland Maid Cakes SOLD EVERYWHERE H ---3 I 1 Co where the crowd goesg There is always a season for: Delicious Cancliesfour Famous Ice Cream, and our Palatable Lunches The Royal Confectionery The Largest and Most Modern in Western Maryland I00 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND n ' T ,.f. H1 ' l 1 md ,,.., Q O G H Send It L li lv I 0 P ,4 : The Crystal Laundry Company PHONE 936 The Commercial Press y Printing, Engraving and Embossing I4 FREDERICK STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Conn Band and Orchestra Instruments are sold exclusively by W. F. Frederick Piano Co. Home of the Knabe, Harclman, and Frances Bacon Pianos, and Ortllophonic Victrolas and Electrolas 47-49 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND " T T 1 1 T' T l 'Vu 1 T- is u nu ' Q 1: as The First National Bank l OF CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND The Oldest Bank in Western Maryland" I A business that has been continuous since I8l I. I I . Total Resources Over S4,400,000.00 No depositor has ever lost a dollar which has been intrustecl to our care From the Very Beginning I This store has featured quality. Our policy will be the same During the years to come. .' Q ' F1 "STYLE" "VALUE" osENBAUM'S Quality Headquarters l. . el "Had a date to take Jane to church last night, but her mother went along." "Tough break. What did you do?" "Went to church." Pk af Pk wk Kid Brother fto new manlz "Can't you talk mister, really?" "Why certainly, why?" "Oh, why sister said you were too dumb for Words." sf wk as PF S. P. C. A.: "Oh, you cruel boy. Why, oh, why did you cut that worm in two?" Brutal ujimmyn Avirett: "Aw, he seemed so lonesome there by himself." :k sr as Pk ul wish that sign were put on mail boxes." "What sign?" "Post no bills." wr ae wk ae Doctor: "Have you any temperature this morning?" Patient: "No sir, the nurse just took it." wk as ae wr Mr. Towers: "Washington was first in war, first in peace and- Stude: "First in the American League." ar an if wk He: "What would you say if l threw you a kiss?" She: "That you were the laziest man l know." Compliments of PAUL'S FLOWER SHOP For Economical Transportation CHEVROLET THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHEVROLET IN CHEVROLET HISTORY HODSON CHEVROLET SALES COMPANY IZ3 S. Liberty St. Cumberland, Maryland I A L . . , 1 Gurley's Grocery Store 54 North Centre Street Where You Get All Good Things To Eat Western Maryland College VVESTIVIINSTER, MARYLAND Albert Norman Ward, D. D., LL. D., President FOR YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG VVOIVIEN Unexcellecl Location, Nfoclern Curriculum. Complete Equlpment, Moderate Rates. Cracluates from approved l-liglm Sclmools admitted without conditions CATALOGUE UPON APPLICATION Gold B L, 4iF?Q'l?'T' f - 6?fB2fosgvw 3 EQSEQS Y .f -' 'f ilri-2252 ff Y, ' . . ',,, 11 , -,, t Qgalij L - -it P Q ld , .V Mfg' jf X V ,M '--' ' , 4 - L ,J ,- . -.-rg., N Bar I fl!! 'li El f cm.: ro RNIA ff The Kenneweg Company Distributors "Fats" Robertson fgrandiloquentlylz "I go forth to take a shower." "Yit" Dickey: "Well, then, I guess l'll have to go fifth." wk ae ak at Mrs. Noah: "Noah ought to throw those hyenas overboard. Why they're the laughing stock of the Ark." 214 fr if se Shine: "Ah wants to buy a razoh." Clerk: "Well, we have some fine new safety ones." Shine: "Say, Ah don't want to shave. Ah want dis razoh foh social purposes." wk wk PF wk "Pete" Winters: "Did you ever hear the story of the golden fleece?" Dorcas Copeland: "No, do they bite?" 4- as bk 4: It is rumored that Johnny Weisenmiller, the world's champion swimmer, enjoys himself immensely in the pool room. wk Ik an 4: He was a black negro on trial for making liquor. "What's your name?" asked the judge? "Joshua" A "Are you the Jashua that made the sun shine?" No, suh, youah Honoh. lse de Joshua dat made de moonshine." sf ar an wk Hello, is this the weather bureau? How about a shower this after- noon?" "l don't know. lf you need one take it." , 4: if lk wr Customer: "How do you tell the imitation pearls from the real ones?" Clerk: "Madam, you don't tell, you keep it to yourself." -v 4- as wk "I knew him in college. We used to sleep together." "Oh l see, room mates." "No, we were in the same classes." if wk as we Some Sophomore wrote on his office schedule card: "Parent's names- Papa and Mamma." wk sr if if "Did you hear about the awful fright "Bud" Neal had last night?" "Well, I saw her at the dance." -r 4: if ar judge: "You are guilty of reckless driving. What do you want, ten dollars or ten days?" "Stan" Buckley: "I guess l'll take the money." :cf lk ar as "Marg" Muncaster: "I saw something last night l'll never get over." june Bowie: "What was it?" "Marg": "The moon." wk as 41 ar Lives of football men remind us 'Tis for glory that we slug And departing leave behind us Handprints on some other's mug. an 1: an wk Mary Roe fwatching the pole vaultlz "Oh, think how much higher he could go if he didn't have to carry that big stick." F Curnberland's Music Centre, Inc. ! "E1'm'ytl1ing in Music Sheet Music, Records, Accesso 50-52 NORTH CENTRE STREET William Porter Robert McMurdo The National Highway HOTEL and RESTAURANT I8 and 20 N. Mechanic St. Phone 2585 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND G. Emory Wilson Company Tools, Cutlery, Sporting Goods 36 BALTIMORE, STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND BURTON and SITTER'S TOGGER Y The Place to Buy Menls Clothes 141 BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND 1 "' - l ' '1' iw' "Ji Y 777' V T ' Cub: "ls the editor very particular?" Star: "I'll say! He raves if he finds a period upside down." HF 4: Pk 4: "I think these finishing school girls must smoke pipes." "Why?" "They're always talking about Sweet Briar." 4: 4: 4: 4: Sophomore fpointing to a French word on the menu, : "I'll have some of that please." Waiter: "Sorry, sir, but the orchestra is playing that now." IF 4: lk FF "Does he know many girls?" "Why the twentieth name on his phone list is Alice Adams." HF if 4: 4: Hat Check Girl: "A,ren't you going to give me a tip? Why the cham- pion tight wad of the town gives me a dime." Old Gentleman: "He does? Well, gaze upon the new champion." 4: ik IF 4: Definition of a new Easter tie: A zebra walking through an aurora borealis down where the vest begins. lk Ik 4: Ill Rookie: "Give me a uniform." Supply Sergeant: "How'll you have it, too large or too small?" HF Ik 4: 4: "The furnace is out." "Why, it can't be, the cellar door's locked." You like to deal with a store that's glad to get your trade. You like to feel that every dollar you spend there is really appreciated. You like to know they are anxious to have you delighted with even the smallest purchase. You like to feel that their rules are Rules of Accommo- dation instead of rules of Restriction. ,away i f' Q,:4:"sfg3v . McMullen Brothers Company Compliments of The New Young Men's Christian Association Cumberland, Maryland Roger W. Babson says "There is more wealth in a single Y. M. C. A. Building than in the biggest factory ever built." The Wilson Hardware Co. Complete Line Of -. SPORTING GOODS L 30 NORTH MECHANIC STREET Graduation Cards and Gifts School Day Memory Books The Post Card Shop 25 NORTH CENTRE STREET Cumberland, Maryland Prof. Antonio La Manca Violinist and Teacher f F. Mazas Progressive and Special I8 Artist Studies, H. E. Krayer, Hans Sitt, H y Schraclieck, O. Seveik, R. Kreutzer, Fiorillo, Rode and Caaorte Methods. Graduate f Vincenzo Paolieelo of Saint Pietro M'aiello School of Naples, Specially Qualified to mine Violins of any maker, especially of the Old Masters. I6 LIBERTY TRUST CO. BLDG. PHONE 2967 "I wish to tax your memory," said the assembly speaker. - "Has it come to that?" wailed the audience! if 'F Pk ak Son: "About how many people work in your office, dad?" Father: "Oh, about half." IF wk HF BF "Edee" Christopher: "Oh, Dick, may I wear your red sweater this morning?" they seen Brother: "Sure, but why all the "E.dee": "Oh, I can't find it." formality? " lk ak Ik if New Pupil: "Yes, I took things easy at the last school I attended." Wal Blume: "Well, we have lockers around here." HF if sr an Pierce: "Why do you always date up over the telephone?" Cramer: "Oh you know, it has such a good line." ak if Ik Ik Visitor fwatching football practicel: "Look at that mud! How will ever get clean?" Manager Hanley: "Well, what do you think the scrub team's for?" at li' If Ill Mother Dear: "Do your new shoes hurt?" Daughter Dear: "No, it's my feet." wk :r 4: ar Miss Willison: "What do you call a man who plays the saxophone?" Johnnie Rice: "I'd rather not tell you." ar if ar at Proud Father: "My daughter is . . . i Dlttoz 'So is mine. How old P. F.: "Two, and yours?" Coughenour. 'What's the best just learning to toddlef' s yours?" color for a bride?" Ditto: "Nineteen. ar an 4: lk w MacDonald: "Well, I prefer a hite one." lk Sk lk Ik First Irate One: "When I hit a Second Irate One: "When I hit man he remembers it, understand?" a man he doesn't-understand?" lk if wr 4' "Staying up for the Centennial?" "No, but I'll be up for the next one, though." I 8 If 8 all Jack Trieber: "May I raise my Miss Sirbaugh: "What for?" hand?" Jack: "I want to ask a question." a: a: if at They named the kid Flannel because he shrank so much from washing. bk sf if as "Rod" Ford: "I hit a guy in t him run." "Ep" Barley: "That so?" "Rod": "Yep, but he didn't ca he nose yesterday and you should have tch me." '--- Q--vw --- --- - -- 'n- v-.-v-.-- -.- V Stage Struck Maiden ftearfullyjz "Don't you think l'll ever be able to do anything with my voice?" Director: "Well, it might come in handy in case of fire." . if ar It is The corporal of the guard had come around. "How come," he said, "l thought I left a colored fellow here?" "C-c-corporal, sah," replied the sentry, "Ah-Ah-Ah was a colored fel- low befo' that happen'." I arms Tony: "Huh, my brother, he brave man, Hy twent' tousand feet and jump in parachute." Abie: "Suppose one of these days he jump and the parachute don't work-huh? " Tony: "Hy, my brother, he come down anyway." at an if -me "Dick" Blaul: "Hey, don't shoot, your gun isn't loaded." "Shorty" Self: "Can't help it, that bird won't wait." ak rr Ik lk "Wha't is so rare as a clay in june?" Why a beard on the face of the man in the moon? A safety razor concealed on a coon. Aluminum spots on a pink babboon. It it as 4: Mark Antony: "Where'd you get dat chicken, niggah?" Julius Caesar: "Nebeh you mind. Tain't youahsf' Mark Antony: "How you know tain't." Julie: "Kase it came outah youah coop." B Y Compliments uy our Graduation Footwear Fred. B. Driscoll AT 7 Sanitary VOGEL S Special I0 per cent Diacountxfor All the Graduates. All Leading Styles and Colors. All Sizes to Select From. Your Feet are Sure to Graduate with L High Honors If You Wear Vogel'a Shoes Henry Vogel E6 I4 S. JOHNSON ST. "lt Pays to Look Well" Member A. M. B. of A. 143 BALTIMORE ST. The Home of Good Shoes Compliments of The Elite Confectionery Your Patronage is Highly Appreciated IZI N. CENTRE STREET PHONE I O95 The Leading journal of Western Maryland The Cumberland Daily News AN EARLY MORNING PAPER Associated Press Service by Direct Wire. Members of Audit Bureau of Circulation Carries the largest amount of fresh read- ing matter. its circulation embraces Weat- ern Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and the edition reaches the Georges Creek and West Virginia mining districts five hours before the Baltimore and Pittsburgh dailies. ,dread St. George Motor Company Q Cumberland 19 Ford Dealer STAR DYE WORKS GEORGE SWACH, Prop. Garment Dyers and Cleaners NECESSITY STREET PHONE I 3 I 5 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND -an-we---' - , .,.,,1 . YE.-1 . . r-rmv. .f-ff -' ' HUMOR HI' lk lk lk Son: "F'awther, l cawn't eat this soup." Father: "Waiter, bring the boy some other soup." Son: "Fawther, l cawn't eat this soup." Father: "Well, why in the dickens can't you." Son: "I have no spoon." if Ili PF lk "What shall I write my theme on?" "Why, paper, of course." The Nosset Studios, Inc. "Portraits Of Distinction" Commercial Photographers AND Finishing for Amateurs Phone 2692-J l3l Baltimore St Photographs Lifve Fore-ver TASKER A. LOWNDES D. F. KUYKENDALL President Caslzietr W. BLADEN LOWNDES Vice-President CHARLES E.. METZ ALLAN B. SPIER Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier JAMES CLARK Chaiwnan Boa-rd of Directors The Second National Bank OF CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND "The Old-Big Strong Bank " Solicits Your Account James Clark Tasker G. Lowndes W. Blaclen Lowndes John Schwarzenbach R. Annan M. L. Fesenmier Some girls ought to wear speedometers instead of wrist watches. Miriam: "Some day l'm going to give you a piece of my mind." Davy: "Oh you're foolish to divide a little thing like that." Doctor: "Did you open both your windows last night?" Patient: "No, but l opened one of them twice." First Culle'ed Lady: "Dat baby of yourn is sho' a puffick image of his daddy." Second Culle'ed Lady: "Yes, a reglar carbon copy, yo might say." Senior: "You want to keep your eyes open around here." Soph: "What for?" Senior: "Why, if you go around with them shut, people will think you're crazy." "l hope that fellow kisses me tonight." "Why?" "Because then l'll be one ahead of Mary." Old Lady: "What is the score?" Rooter: "Nothing to nothing." O. L.: "Well, thank goodness, l haven't missed anything." "l'leintzie": "He's wandering in his mind." Helen S.: "That's all right, he won't go far." HEARD IN THE. BLEACHERS "Oh, l think it's real mean for all those big, strong men to jump on that poor little boy. I heard a man say he only had a quarter-back. l don't see how he can play." "See the man holding his hand up--does that mean he wants to ask a question?" "Yes, l guess so, but our team has the cutest stockings." "Which one is umpire? Why doesn't he wear a mask? How many quarters in this game?" Quality Printing and Office Equipment TYPEXIVRITERS AND SUPPLIES Loose-Leaf Outfits ----- Filing Systems SIECTIONAL BOOKCASES The Cumberland Office Supply C0 I7 NORTH LIBERTY STREET Cumberland, Md. Appreciation We wish to thank you for your valued patronage in the past Our hope is to be privileged to continue to serve you and to rend r our very best service on "All that's best" in Athletic Equ pment STATIONERY AND BOOKS WHITE and ANKENEY New Location, 27 N. Centre Street Phone I I What Successful Men Say of Business Eduoatzon "A business training became a most valuable asset in my life I th nk lt offers more and greater opportunities for young people than any other tr in n Frank A Vanderlip. 'il am always ready to to advancement. It gives 0 the inside."-Edward Bok. emphasize the importance of a business tr ming as a means ne a close and intimate opportunity to lea n a business from Catherman's Business School I7I BALTIMORE STREET CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Your Graduation Suits, Shoes, Furnishzngs Are Ext Here Ahead of You THE GLGBE Head to Foot Outfitters I35 BALTIMORE STREET ra-Special Reductions for Graduate - W A si 1 ll 1-1l The Best Commencement F or Life- I is to start a Savings Account when young., A small sacrifice of present pleasure will become the sound basis of future happi- ness. We especially covet the opportunity of co-operating with young men and women to make their banking easy and pleasant. ' The L1berty Trust Compan , . Wgggiw. . , . f aff" 'Nm C Bilefglgl ae sliifwe wg' 2934 ag. v ewjfi' "ss ,uf f' , w iw a'.?ilKiiQ 'a TY J U 'eff xfx' ' '3 3 N T Hugh A. McMullen, Chairman Executive Committee. VVilliam Brewer, President Charles G. Holzshu, Vice President Thomas B. Finan, Secretary William L. Morgan, Treasurer Z. M. Hewitt, Assistant Treasurer and Trust Officer l f 1 li 1 I m m 1 1 1 1 Suffrage Voter: "Now, can any of you tell me happy without a woman." Voice: "Yes'm. The Old Soldiers' Home." "Say, is that the moon rising over there?" "l don't know. l'm a stranger around here." I want some winter underclothesf' How long?" I don't want to rent them, l want to buy them." of a single home that is He: "You didn't know who l was at the game yesterday, did you?" She: "No. Who were you?" "Say, porter, did you find ten dollars on the floor?" "Yas, suh, thank yr' sah." john Wentz: "I have a number of things preying on my mind." Some Girl: "They must be pretty hungry." Mr. Taylor: "Now, have l ever told the class this one before?" Class Qin chorus? "Yesl" Mr. Taylor fproceedingl: "Well, you will probably understand n now. Davie: "Do you notice any change in me since last night?" Miriam: "No. Why?i' Davie: "l swallowed a dime." "What kind of a cigar is that?" "lt's called the "Soldier Boy." "Yeh, I noticed it belonged to the ranks." Kid: "Hey, paw, what makes the moonshine?" Mountaineer: "Looky heah, son: don't you get disrespectful." it by .. A' ' 4 ' 1 V- M - ' ,,...L...., --4, ' gf",-A -f"',' Q 3'-. ,NY H f A-if 4- m""V-1-.... . a-1, NAv 11 ' ' M I1 H q 5 . W 'N U n 1 f 1 iw 1: WY L Q 1 4 r 3 Q 5 1 Q l I J Q Q 6 , A ENGRAVING PRINTING BINNNG W Q I x l N W' BYMU' 'W T I Ghaf-les A 7gZiZdZ2-eqPEz?d Wgfgjggd 5ecy'77pas H 1 ' ' ' ' i Z Q The ZIQQQE1' llmjfov gompon 5 ,tau-. O .9Drl'c'c' + Q'uab'ly + '5'01'ul'c'0 I W H rmteys cmd Wubluslzers 3 15 "Je e ' ' ef TEE Lombard and Sbuth ,Sqreets E 'Il 0 W Laltzmorv Cjjggr 5 Repvesenfatives with Goffege Annuaf experience in FiHeen Gifies 'soo QF Amee ee in J Remember The Producers of 'This Publicalion f . ,E Ii I HW Trojfzif Jifoyi 74760 Gferws Bef!" I -Anonymous Unaiviaea nespnnsibimy We are the largest producers oi student Y E A R B 0 0 K S on the Complete Contract Basis on entire ' Atlantic Coast ou' 92 gif:iQiff.E gladly mulled Our Production this Years: H9011 feeellll 71 Annuals 25 Publications Bmdhas' :na COMPLETE- ol Engraving, Print! nd C F N i. e.-ENGRAVING, PRINTING, AND BINDING ON EVERY ONE., ' Contrary to all belief, the Boxer rebellion was not a strike of the pugllists When anything happens in ltaly Mussolini apologizes to himself fThe above are the logical deductions of a certain democracy class Kid Brother: "Say, mister, have you had your house Hxed yet?' Mister: "Why?" K. B.: "Why, l heard Sis say there was something wrong with your upper story. Sam: "Ah clone heard they fine' Columbus' bones." Henry: "Lawdl Ah never knew he was a gambin man." Officer: "Have you moppecl the floor?" Private: UNO." Oflicer: "No what?" Private: "No mop." "l always wanted to be a writer," said the forget, as he was led away "and now l can begin my first sentence." Agnes Byers: "Say, this sure is a racy story." Betty D.: "What is it?" Agnes: "Ben Hur." "Mr. Robinnette has lost his job." "He has?" "Yes, he isn't my history teacher anymore." -1 xg, wr fi'-r 6 Qwnwfarhs .11 . ' Q 15, .f,'..h , I, ' a 1- , A A71 of Ewa- 6' ' r I Zf !?1-41-7? fmqfe ,J'7L,z0.,4fv!aZ2M hfi-QAPA .f M Affffmfc LJC5X7'!"77 5 QJW f ? GP a jc'f- o 4 1"-G! Fogxj mfmflf 7' 4216 Wwfgyf rz,.u.Q v.w.C..., fm 421 aa QILWKM, in . ffm"-' ,wow ?-Wvfv ,- fy 34 ALMA, vm., Q44 - ' V x -4'9" ,u, Ewhwvlw 7 LZXWLWZOM M625 M om! mx 1w MLM ,ufwtzl JVLWAW Q . 1 , 4wo. aMM KNAW Wiliam L,1QELWUAffvJU-LgfJLfjflx,.,,,7 7Hw1A-0WYlAb,wm,o6u'ML-.-M., Jdwfmwgf ' V 1 Mvswvhf -L., -.1 Q ,, 5' -e,-ra-i 1' ,pk 251, 1-A....g-If ll.-ff... ?z' fi nw-if -576,53-1-5 ,-HQ ,ff -.,.g. .2'Q,Jjf1-.Th'.'9f.fgJFf'3. '.,..'-fl f .Agn -f:'5f..., g-112,-'vf,..A , .ffm . 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Suggestions in the Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) collection:

Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Allegany High School - Alleganac Yearbook (Cumberland, MD) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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