Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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THE FOCDTHILL l959 Allegany Central School Allegany, New York C0-Ediforl Business Managers Ann Geary Sylvia Tyler Gerard Smith Mary Jo O'Meara ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS LINDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS TABLE of CGNTENTS The Foathllls Staff has attempted In thus edltlon of the Allegany Central annual to school lufe and to guve them permanence so that nn these pages we may fund our memories fresh and unchanged by the passage of time FOREWO RD capture the fleeting moments of our high PPRECIATIC Mr Robert Stowell Senior Adviser Xl To Mr Stowell goes our smcerest gratitude for oll the work he drd for us H Q 3 Nw ff N ADMINISTR TIG ROBERT W. 0'DONNELL Principal OARD of EDUCATIO Seated: Julio Pierce, Albert Bucher, President: Alvoh Spring, Principoi Robert O'DonneII. Stand ing: Sumner Cloverie, Enos Sage, Ken Keim, Clerk Everett Lord. A Wwe Q film. 5 uv K NWN- , ,E Qigrr -E3 ' ' v , ,X .I FRED GRACE Vuce Prmcnpol GERALDIN E McLAUGH LIN Grade Supervisor SECRET RIE 'YU Evelyn Smuth Grace Lord .. 4 . 4 Q-3' u if KJ J 3 Z. 3 'I 74 5 I E n , Q, , 5 , ., E .ff My A ' E g ,Q ' ANTHONY ALTIERE Spanlsh Engllsh FACULTY GRACE ANDRE Librarian FRANK BILOTTA ELIZABETH BLANKENSHIP Socual Studles img, ESTHER CRAM Sclence Health LEONARD FONTANA Instrumental Muslc Nurse Qihiii 165 ,six ,X PATRICIA DALUISO Commerclal If A PETER GLOFKA Biology Guidance A-55? JAMES ANDRE Englnsh Chemistry of? ADELAIDE BUCH Ar LOUIS DI GIROLAMO Physical Educatnon LOIS HAWKINS Math i "'1ll1' ALLIE BALL Englnsh Social Studies MARJORIE CRAINER French Engllsh MILDRED EATON Home Economlcs L' I x V iiig ,223 fjff Qfffff' ylefff-' 1' ' '. I xl I t H I h A Q ,I " . ' 99 ' L x I s. 3 9 . v . . ' . ' t A 4 .I 2' -f - I ,Q N , 41 4, M ' V yv1ffQ ,y,ga,ff?wQf , 'K A I 5 y, f JOHN HESSE Social Studies EDWARD KUSTRA Socnol Studies 3 My - fx '4- HOWARD OTTO lndustrlol Arts FACULTY DOROTHY KARL Moth 'F FERNE MAYS Art "C-'f' RICHARD KINNEY Moth Physncs if RHEA KRAMPF English an an i""0', IRENE McRAE Lotm Engllsh fp.- GEORGE PIERCE IIQSEPH SHEA PIWYSICOI EdUCOIlOl'1 Dflyef Training MA Cl' .qw NON TAY'-OR MARY WEINMAN Vocol Music Grade 7 DORIS MORRIS Physical Educoflon ETHEL SMITH English .qrv 'Nm RUTH YOUNG Scnence 3. fr ' r"'g5 yi Y i iw 5 KOH I SE IOR CLASS OFFICER Presldent Joel Andres Vuce Presndent Edward Farness Secretary Joyce Keum Treasurer Gerald Collms Assnstant Treasurer Wayne Rhodes MOTTO: "He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much " COLORS: Red and Whute FLOWER: Red rose THOMAS AUGUSTINE A hatch potch of talk Treasurer l 2 NewsP0 el' l Yearbook JOEL ANDRES "lt's the mind that makes the body rich" Class President 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper l, 2, Yearbook, N.H.S., Basketball All-Star 3, Football All- Star 4, Boys' State, All-County Music Festi- val 2, 3, Student Council l. JOSEPH ARNOLD "He is always laughing for he has an infi- nite deal of wit" Basketball Intramurals l, 2, Volleyball ln- tramurals l, 2, Dramatic Club l, Yearbook, Junior Play, Senior Play. THOMAS BARBOUR Some come for play Tom comes to sleep all day MARK BARNEY Dresses for Winter Spring Summer and a Student Council 3 4 Student Council Treas urer 4 Chorus l 2 Band 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Intramurals I 2 Newspaper l 2 Junior Play Senior Play Yearbook Dramatic Club l All County 2 Fredonia College Preview 3 'gdb-. YB ,gif-r-f Cv" ti? Ugg Sl: I' DAVID BARTON "Happy and Hapless" Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager 2 Library Club I 2 Art Club 2 Safety Patrol Yearbook THOMAS BAXTER Love IS better than fame but her and love forever JAY BELLAMY Soy Buddne how do you get thus car out of second gear Chorus I 2 Orchestra I Art Club I 2 Safety Patroll 2 3 JUDITH BENTON PATRICIA BECKER Greater thmgs are belneved of those who are absent B n l 2 3 4 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Yearbook All work ns noble Yearbook 2' 'Zi BRIAN BOSER Let us seek bread wlth the plough Intramurals l Art Club 2 3 FFA l 2 3 4 FFA Treasurer ROBERT BLAKESLEE Tall an henght short In speech Chorus l Football l 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball l Track l Art Club l FFA l SHIRLEY BLINN today ramurals l 2 3 4 Ar Club GAA Treasurer VICTOR BRUNER Quuet people are welcome everywhere WILLIAM CAPOZZI Snlence us the one great art of conversatuon" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, lntra muralsl 2 ,, . . . H , I I 1 I I 1 we 6 I 1 I I I F ' "She gives no heed of tomorrow but fun H 1 Int , , , 5 t l, 2, ll s II I I I -- - , , , 5 .. . . A I' , wi 'L , I GERALD COLLINS "Character is measured in ability and Ieadership" Class Treasurer 3, 4, Student Council 25 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper I, 2, 4, Yearbook, N.H.S.5 All-County Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Chorus Librarian 3: Basket- ball Manager I, Boys' State Alternate. SANDRA CORNELL "Quietness is best" Chorus I, Intramurals I, Art Club I, 2. BARBARA EDWARDS A fair girl sat under a tree sewing as long as her eyes could see Secretary I Chorus I 2 3 4 Intramurals Newspaper I 2 4 F H A President 4 Glee Club 2 4 Glee Club Pres: dent 4 McCaIIs Teen Fashion Board 4 Dramatncs Club l Yearbook Music IS nothing else but wild sounds clvll ized into time and tune Chorusl 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Trackl Intramurals l 2 3 4 Art Club l Yearbook ROBERT DONAHEY What is the use of speech ll - ,, . . . ,, I , , 1 I V 2, 45 , , 5 . . . Vice- ' 1 , 1 '- I . I ' . , , 5 . HAROLD J. ELLIS 11 - - . . Q u - . - - - 11 ' ' , 5 , , , 1 1 ' , 1 1 I I - A . cz igj 3 ANN GEARY W M N S I36O on your dual Vnce Presudent I Band 3 4 Chorus I 2 Orchestra 2 3 Intramurals 2 Newspaperl 2 3 4 News Edutor 3 Yearbook Co Edutor All County Mussc Festlval 2 3 Dramatic Club I Fre donna College Prevnew 3 THOMAS FINN "ls this that gallant gay Lothario?" Chorus I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Yearbook, Intramurals I, 2, 4. EDWARD FORNESS "I know what pathway leads to popularity' Chorus I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook, F.F.A. I, 2, Vice-President 3, 4. 1 I CHARLES GERRINGER O true opothecary' Chorus I Football 3 4 Track I 3 HK Intramuralsl 2 3 Jumor Play ELMA GERRINGER Blessed are they who have luttle to say Yearbook Badmlnton 2 3 4 Volleyball 2 3 4 Speed a Way 4 GERALD GIARDINI "lt is easier not to speak a word than to speak one too many" JUDITH GRAHAM "l have that glib and oily art, to speak and purpose not" Band 3, 45 Chorus l, 25 Orchestra l5 lntra- murals l, 35 Newspaper 2, 35 Art Club l, 2, 35 Yearbook. REBEKKAH HAHN Becky luke all good women has a temper all her own Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestral Intramurals 2 3 4 Newspaper2 3 Lnbrary Club 2 Yearbook Junnor Play Cheerleadnng l 3 4 Prom Attendant 3 Dramatlc Club JANICE HEBNER An nnnocent face but you never can tell C orus l 2 F H A l KAY GRANDUSKY A begonia is a rather interesting flower Treasurer 2 3 Chorusl 2 3 Sensor Pay EDWARD HITCHCOCK The secret of life is in art Art Club 3 5 " .zu . -1-'ff '- 2'4- 5? . 415 1 its xx 3, tj 5 STANLEY HEDDEN Our own golden grocer s boy Art Club 2 Safety Patrol l 2 Yearbook DAVID HERRON Life is short and sweet but oh the girls are sweeter Intramurolsl 2 3 4 FFA 3 Basketball Manager3 4 THOMAS HUGH ES "My one claim to originality among Irish- men is that I don't make speeches" Student Council 3, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, News- paper 2, 3, Yearbook. GARRY JONES "Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones" Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2. LINDA JONES "l shall laugh myself to death" Volleyball 25 Library Ig F.H.A. 45 F.H.A President 4g Yearbook. JOYCE KEIM "Though she be little, she is fierce" Secretory 45 Student Council 3g Student Council Treasurer 35 Chorus lg Newspaper lg Art Club lj Senior Playg Junior Playg Yearbook. DONALD LAYTON Do bold things in a quiet way President4 Football I 2 3 4 Intramurals I 2 3 Newspaper4 Art Club I 2 Year book Boys State 3 KENB. ETH LOUSER And if his name be George lll call h Peter ack I 2 lntr murals I 2 A I WILLIAM KEIM The height of greatness Vice President 2 Chorusl 2 3 4 F otball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 Baseball I 2 3 4 Track I 4 Intramurals I 2 3 4 Ne paper I 2 4 All County Music Fes tiva 2 3 4 11 1 11 0 1 1 1 I 1 314: 1 1 1 2 12 31 1 1 1 1 1 ws 1 1 I ' I l , , . 11 . 1 . 11 Student Council 45 Student Council Vice- ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I ' , 1 , . I 11 . 1 I 1 im 11 Tr 113141 0 11314: F.F. . ,2. LAWRENCE T MALONE A quiet soul and good Library Club l Art Club l Year book Knapp Creek Teen Age Center President 3 4 EDWARD LYON "Science is . . . like virtue, its own exceed- ing great reward" Newspaper 35 Library Club 25 Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club President l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook, "Report to the Nation" Explorer. FRANCIS MALLERY "Nice things come in small packages" Student Council l, 25 Chorus 4, Baseball 2, F.F.A. 3, Yearbook, Junior Play, Senior Play. DAVID MATTYS Patience and deal Yearbook RAYMOND McCOY Music is the universal language of mankind Bandl 2 3 4 Chorus4 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Newspaper l Art Club l Yearbook All State Music Festival 4 All County Music Festival 4 ROBERT MCDONALD "But oh! He dances such a way" Chorus l 2 DAVID MOHR "An actor is a sculptor who carves in snow" F.F.A. l, 2, 3g Yearbookg Junior Playg Sen- ior Play. KATHERINE NORTON Wnthout muslc lute would be mnstake Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 tramuralsl 2 3 4 Newspaperl 2 3 4 Lnbrary Club 2 Art Club I 2 3 Yearbook Jumor Play AllCounty 3 AllArea 4 Dramatucs Club l Safety Patrol I 2 3 GAA Secre tary 3 Presvdent 4 Fredorua College Prevnew ANTHONY NUDD Worry and I have never met Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Intramurals FFA MARY JO OMEARA Nothmg great was ever achleved without enthusiasm lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Yearbook JAMES OUTMAN Just give me a listener and Ill do the talking Chorus l Basketball l 2 Intramurals JUANITA PECK "Just a quiet and sweet little girI" DONALD RATZEL Man does not live by bread alone Track l Library Club l 2 FFA WAYNE RHODES Often that which has come latest on the scene seems to have accomplished the whole matter Assistant Treasurer 4 Football 4 All Star Football 4 FAYE ROSKELLY Ban I 2 3 4 Chorusl Basketball 3 Track 3 Speedaway 4 Cheerleader 3 4 All County 3 4 All State Band 4 Fredonia College Preview FTA 2 Yearbook 11" ll ' 11 , ' , g . . . l, 2. ll - ,. 'Q 5 ' J J - A ,-.1 A 5 A fp "As full of spirit as the month of May" d , , , 1 2 1 , 2, 1 J , 2 2, A - , J - 1 ' '31 , . . . , . K SANDRA ROUSE Hard questions must have hard answers Chorus I JOSEPH SCARLATO A prodigy in learning Basketball I Boys State Alternate CAROLINE SILVIS "Her golden hair is her beauty" Student Council 45 Chorus I5 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Newspaper I, 25 Cheerleader I, 3, 45 Dramatic Club I5 Yearbook. GERARD SMITH "Men get opinions as boys learn to spell" President I5 Student Council 3, 45 Student Council President 3, 45 Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus Secretary 35 Chorus-President 45 Basketball I, 25 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals 2, 3, 45 Co-Chairman Christmas Formal 35 All-County Music Festival I, 2, 3, 45 All-Area 45 Co-Editor Yearbook. PHYLLIS SHIPMAN As the sun colors flowers so art colors life Intramurals 2 Art Club 2 DANAN STOECKEL Gentlemen prefer blondes Chorusl 4 lntramuralsl 2 Gans Glee Club 4 Yearbook JOHN STAYER "Pleasure is far sweeter as a recreation than business" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2. RUSSEL STEVENSON "Earnest in work, friendly to all" Chorus l, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, Art Club l, 2, 3 Yearbook. CHARLES STRAUB Each man reaps on hrs own farm A 2 3 4 Intram ralsl PAUL SWARTS Education be a sort of amusement Football 2 3 Art Clubl 2 3 Yearbook A1 LWB, . . ' I I I I I I I , . ,. X ,, . ,, F.F..l,,,, u .,2,3,4. .xflufv . if- 'f'f'f, f. "-Q .' 2,1 H . H , . , , 1 , , 1 - 1' , ,tj 15,4 fi:-1--'21 iz.: 133121 ,. - ..- f' .'.I'.Z' -gg SYLVIA TYLER Behlnd every great man there IS a woman Secretary 2 3 Student Council I Chorus I Intramurals l 2 3 4 National Honor Society Cheerleading 2 3 4 Yearbook JOHN WARREN But when he speaks what elocutlon flows orus I 2 4 In amurals I 2 Newspaper 2 3 4 Junior Play Senior Play Basketball Manager 2 .lunror Class Award 3 All County Music Festival 2 4 RICHARD WARTERS The mad merry music that set us a dancing Football 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Base ball 2 3 4 Track2 3 4 Volley ball Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Art Club I 2' Yearbook. KAROLYN WEBSTER "Her heart is like a moon, there's always a man in it" Student Council I5 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Newspaper 2, 3, 45 News- paper Editor 45 Library I, 2, 3, 45 Art Club I5 National Honor Society5 Senior Ploy5 All- County Music Festival l, 2, 3. JOSEPH WEINMAN "Thinking is but an idle waste of time and thought" Basketball I, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Track 45 Basketball Intramurals 2. DAVID WILSON "ln quietness shall be your strength" Basketball l, 25 lntramurals 3, 45 F.F.A. 3. RONALD WOLF "Tools were made, and born were hands every farmer understands" chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Nu- tional Honor Societyg Yearbook. JOAN ZINK Quiet as a plough land at the furrows end Band l 2 3 4 Band Presldent 4 F H A LINDA ZINK Her ways are ways of frlendllness Chorus l 2 3 4 Girls Glee Club 4 lntra murals l 2 3 4 Newspa er Yearbook 1 NAME Joe Andres Joe Arnold Tom Augustlne Tom Barbour Mary Barney Davud Barton Tom Baxter Pat Becker Jay Bellamy Judy Benton Bob Blakeslee Shlrley Bllnn Brlan Boser VIC Bruner Bull Capozzl Jerry Colllns Sandra Cornell Bob Donahey Barb Edwards Jack Ellls Tom Flnn Pete Forness Ann Geary Chuck Gerrnnger Elma Gerrunger Jerry Glardlnl Judy Graham Becky Hahn Knrk Havers Janlce Hebner Stan Hedden Dave Herron Ed Hntchcock Tom Hughes Gary Jones Lunda Jones Joyce Keum Bull Keum Don Layton Pete Louser Ed Lyon Fran Mallery Tom Malone Dave Mattys Ray McCoy Bob McDonald Dave Mohr Kay Norton Tony Nudd Mary Jo O Meara Jum Outman SENIOR HDRQSCCDPE LIKES Sylvia Glr S Blondes Drlvlng Pete Who knows? Cars lm Drlvnng Boys Flying Sports Farming Law Football Certam Refreshments Boys s Bo Trouble Sports Mudge W M N S Allegany A Marine Food Eating Garry Basketball Good Tnmes Working Humonng teachers Hunting Studying Becky Homemaknng English Joanne Football Andrea Scouting Baking Skunk Cabbage Sleepmg Mary Dancnng Cars Pnzza American Hustory Sports Barb NOTED FOR Sports Abulnty Beung Late Wlsecracks Bemg Shy Her Clothes Chewung Gum Being Quiet Her Long Haur Has Nash Sklppnng School Benng Friendly Corny Humor Qunetness Benng Qulet Art Ablllty Undone Homework Her Glasses Has Hotrod Her Fngure Low Pants Basketball Hrs Happy Wnt Her Bralns Personaluty Talking Qunetness Her Tuba Gettlng Red Not Speaknng Orally Sweet Dlsposntuon A Good Worker Basketball Manager Everything Brauns Has Woman Glgglrng Her Henght Cuteness Muscles Has Sleepy Look Scuence Hrs Actnng Low Vance Card Hands Singing Hls Charm Unflmshed English Her Mad Drwnng Belng Bashful Good Humor Nice Personallty PROBABLY WILL B Mr Success Lady Klller A Nuusance A Mattress Tester A Ballet Dancer Casanova Mnlkman Presldent of U S Women Hell Drrver Truant Offlcer Pnlot A Jokester Square Dance Caller Who Knows? Happy Husband Bartender Fashlon Desugner Polnceman Home Economlst A Polyglot Teacher A Wealthy Farmer A Success A Drugglst Talknng Champ A Bachelor A Man Knller A Blushing Bride Publlc Speaker Professlonal School Sklpper A Professxonal Hobo Man Aboutwown Doc s Rnght hand Man Rock Cnty Park Guide Grease Monkey Professnonal Gnggler Anybody s Guess False Mldget A C S Jamtor Psychlatrlst World Traveler A Harem Owner A Glrls Gym Teacher Bookle Prison Guard A Muser Zoolognst Lady Wrestler U N Gulde Mayor of Chupmonk A Chef t E Ksly G"Of1dUSkY B0y.S l Being Unregous A Nun I NAME Juanita Peck Don Ratzel Way ne Rhodes Sandy Rouse Faye Roskclly Joe Scarlato Phyllis Shipman Caroline Silvis Jerry Smith John Staycr Russ Stevenson Chuck Straub Paul Swarts Sylvia Tyler John Warren Dick Warters Karolyn Webster Joe Weinman Dave Wilson Ron Wolf Joan Zink Linda Zink SENICJR LIKES School Skipping Everyone Limestone Arguing Peace and Quiet Drawing Tom Rosie Driving Dancing Agriculture Getting Out of Class Joe Talking Maggie Boys Pixie That Girl Farming Band Driving HCDRGSCCDPE NOTED FOR Being Quiet Being Lazy His Smile 9 Jokes Arguing Shyness Jolliness Being Unpredictable Chewing Gum His Laugh Wavy Hair Pestering His Driving Being Cute God s Gift of Gab His Rhythm Boys Flirting Being Tall Being Quiet Dnmples Being Quiet Dark Hair PROBABLY WILL Sweet Girl Lost in the Clouds A C S Dictator Mrs 7 Track Coach Philosopher Cover Girl Dietitian Bubblegum Champ General Bachelor You Guess Driver Ed Teacher Penmanship Expert Social Worker Well Known Spinster Beverage Tester Detective Wirewolker Farmerette E B l Agent o 9 BE . . . f ,5 Danan Stoeckel Riding Around Her Hair Farmer's Wife . I , . ii i MARJORIE MARTIN President Frank Austin Daniel Barr Ronald Beckman Thomas Bnzzaro William Boser Michael Brink Donald Brown Allen Bucher Jean Bucher Carol Capozzi Bonnie Carls Paul Carls Barbara Charles Herbert Clark Charles Cook Ellen Cornish Bruce Ellis William Ensell David Farr David Finch Sandra 'Fitzmaurce William Flickenger Richard Freeman Ronald Fries JU CRS I BARBARA CHARLES Vice President John Furner Bruce Geary James Gerry Francis Giese Karen Grandusky 5 M CAROL KANE KAREN STADY Secretary Treasurer Mary Jane Greenwood Mike Hadbaveny Audrey Hall Boyd Herdendorf Dennis Hogan Carol Holtz Bob Jackman Carol Kane Duane Karl Joe Karl Judy Karl William Karl Merle Kyser Stephen Lauser Ronald Lemmon George Lewis Raymond Lord Marjorie Martin Dave Maclnroy Barbara Mattern Lois McCullough Richard McDonald Nancy McKenny Gail Outerkirk Ed Putt Richard Rambuski Jack Roskllly Laura St Clair Francis Sanderson Penny Slmm Marvin Smith Ronald Smith Dennis Spring Karen Stady Connie Stenevson Doug Sue James Sue Thomas Thierman Arlene Ursoy John Walsh Marilyn Zalewski 'X 1 ,, wa- .. T3 9, 06 ww' 'K QQ A6 D1 22 in if-Hi Y 41' div' vw -1- P5 f sur R Y -ii.-1. il' I JU IDRS SDPHOMDRES CLASS OFFICERS DALE ACKERMAN EDWARD DORAN MARY FINAN ROBERT KEPHART Pf0Sld2f1f Vice President 52C"9f0"Y Treasurer Dale Ackerman Ruth Allen Mane Allwood Linda Amore Ann Beard Alice Bearfield Lois Berry Kathryn Bizzaro James Bockmier Mary Ann Boser Thomas Boser Dale Carlson Joanne Carter John Carter Richard Collins Robert Culligan Sue Cummins Paul Dieteman Andrea Donahey Edward Doran Robert Dutton Jon Eaton Carrie Farraro Mary Finan Herman Fischer Dawson Flinchbaugh Mary Forness Edna Foster Thomas Gamble William Geary Harold Geise Joan Gunter Cora Goodliff Karen Green Jamce Haight Andrew Hamm Donna Henneman Sandra Higley Darwin Hilliard Delores Hitchcock James Hitchcock Rosemary Hitchcock Jaquelyn Hosmer Ralph Hughes Sheila Hughes Eugene Johnson Mary Allen Joyce Marjorie Karl Donna Keim Kenneth Kelly Robert Kephart Sandra Kolosinski Carol Layton Bonnie Lynch Sandra McLaughlin Joanne Murphy Thomas Murrin Edward Obermiller Anthony Outman Kenneth Outman David Pitcher Amy Quattrone John Ratzel James Riehle Shirley Rhodes Ruth Roskelly Clare Schuman Gerald Sharpe John Simpson William Sllger Mary Alice Smith JoAnne Straub Susan Steiger Enis Strotman Nancy Strotman John Sue Peggy Thorpe Edith Ward Richard Westlake Lana Zink Larry Babb Robert Mills Richard White IIA --. 3' xifyi -E- 4d 35 ? Q? all "Y-97' 0 :lx 96 'Q' ag- Q-3 'G-I -, qt 'Q 'v-Q J' , A .,,.. a Q , i , I d 5 rg.. ar Vi' 5 56 new C' :V Q6 SCJPHOMORES FRESHME Pfe5'denf Vlce Presldent Secretary T'e05U"9" Eloyce Augustme Frances Barney Carol Beckman Duane Beczkalo Peggy Bockmser Gary Boser Charles Bucher Ernest Chase Ann Clauerue Sharon Cooney Charles Cormsh Jack Crowley Ann Dole Robert Davls Myrtle Decker Nancy Deuterman Sandra DeRemer Thomas Eaton Shlrley Farraro James Fmch Carol Fath Daniel Fltzmaurlce Ronald Fortuna Kay Foster Linda Gerrlnger Susan Gerringer Robart Giardini Harold Giles Mary Gross Paul Gunsolus Richard Hadbavny Janet Hutchcock Shelna Hntchcock Patrlcua Horton Katherune Hughes Kay Hunt Karen Isamon Donna Karl George Kranock Gerald Karroach Barbara Klnce Carol Kolun Wllllam Long Mary Ann Martlny Rose McKinney Juduth Monroe Prlcnlla Mott Charles Murrm Gary Ouderklrk Clare Outman Robert Outman Ronald Outman Bradley Palmqulst Mary Peavy Barbara Peck Horace Peck Rebecca Prosser Norman Reed Nlchlos Rehler Bull Relnman Lee Reusner Jan Reltz Dale Sharp Mona Shupman Jeffrey Snmms Juduth Steiger John Stevenson Ruth Stoeckel James Swartz John Tupper Merle Ullman Joan VanBusknrk Nancy Webster Glen Wnlllard Dawn Wlltse Lmda Wnltse Sandra Wolf Stephen Yehl James Yurek Wulluam Farleo Larry Goss Thomas McDonald CHAR'-ES MURRIN susAN naman sions: xamocx LARRY 6055 Edwin BON Ted Hall Susan Rehler A 5 .a "W0"9 P Q 4' E' ff- Q 2 Q 9 2 HF: A HV' 5 'N as Q 9253 QQEA im Q Q Mer' FRESHMEN , , . , 1 A v D - '-C " 1 Q .. , K , If 4 Vg, 5 R T ' A ' ' .. .K Q . AVAh N . ,s f , ,.mgh ggi, A ,P ul Qrrk Z S. Q 'A xi xA gr., ' 3 'Q '. ' Y vi' ki M ' . I in 'g 1 -uf' ' - so A - i 7- .L '5 .3 Q, ,. Q, 3- Y A7 f L -.ff ' fr . " -5, ' al . I V' ' ,,, '.- L -1 av ' " -n 5. 1. K eb - 9 1 K x,.,,,, . 3 fr- 1' A , y I f -1 l ...,, .,.W....., Q 4- if .- 1 T' as-' . d Q , ' f -' ' 1 'A S 1 ' J, x D A ' ' A '- W Q-. 9 - A A S' A .TJ V T ,N ' J F , ,Q ' fs 2, .V ,U Irzu '-: y ' I . fx 4 f f ' f' f ,M ,, I , 'Q nu., v-.9 f. . - M.. N- y y, 1. - L -. Q V if in . f. j A 1 1 ' , 5 f . . . - W 5? . - A ' 4- Nw 7 -K - .-- - " '-:fy Y , It st qv vu' up 3 , f f fl . f ' N L "' ! . ' , 5, 1: -1 f- .5 fl.. W Q -m 2 v 8 ' '- , ' -WL " i L Z :W . v . 'V gh r Val , 4' ANN I if . , ., W. A Q 3' x , QQ ::. A L i X 1 I '1 ,s.- ,.f THOMAS KARROACH Vice President fb Nr is-af GLORIA DE CAPUA Secretory BRADLEY FLINCHBAUGH Treasurer LJ '15 GR DE -rs' L 'V x xii' an at 9- S-I 'va L ii' A 8 "bi QQ i be ian. .fn ir.. '31 L, B' -its r T" 1 ,M J I xl h, 'fi 5 vc. 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A ' , ,,- Q -. r x - r, V , In '35 f- -r .. 1 IZ 'Qrv ff 1- Ml? 43-is 'E' s I ? Q- Q 3 ai uv AH Q9-9-91 ,Lian .. GRADE . a 'X-, A I 4 an qf ,D Q 5 :L . S., " Q' '- 4. , :L .. nz, Q ' v X -' AL in li 1 ' r Q. -1 - If I ' 'SIL il "" sa ... fu' ' Z- "' . A 3' N: , Y wx ,. X , ' 4 4 . f 1 A WJ? " 'g,i',, i '2 ix " . " ' ' C' N - ,... 1 V L ? L -- , 24:9 -3, - , --.2 ,,, , 153- A , vw . X w h h 4 1, L s - ag .0 .5 n 28.2. 'sl' T3 Q F- " -1 'I' ' -F , I' I ' ' 1 , 1, h 4- au.. A , L as 'H ' N: "' 'E' l 01 K 9 ' : V w K' E- N g 9 J, 9 , ,af 2, f' , gy! fl 'W K. -. f - -- ' E' ' , I W: 1. J S by sp bf ff' an Rh 'I :W W, if f 6 N :lf X-sf if W Pl" f " I uw N Wg..-' 'V kan ,C 5 tl K f , X y 4 if f.. -3 0 f A 9 W 'L I- gi N' ' ' I 1 lf.. Y- A as .3 1' " " M lx . - q F t ff,gNNX 5 k ff W, iff- L ' .ff ,W 'W f Q "' as Q , 1 if 4 .7 sv.. - 431' . 4 , -f V- Q 'Wd 5. A , v -,px ' . z : .zu!'...s - A 4. y my , ,, ' - N , 5 K ,Hrs s q. . V I .5 "' E' J- zz- My -- D C J 2 -ls K Ai L A 'K Q sr In ' , . A ,X MRS LEONA HICKEY MRS BLANCH E SMITH S Mg . 's MRS. DEMARIS BU RLINGAME fi IM MRS IVA MARTINY HR. 'HSE- Q22 GR DE ,. KVLL xg 'W I! 461f'L' I , ' was Q...-n V ir A Q ,749 H V '74, it ' I Q V Aw ,SS E ,-1.2 I Sm-I " 1 'IM ' MRS. MILDRED BELDING M , lg C25 ,., - .3 A. . A, X W , ,3 ,s f Miss GLENNA COLEMAN ' ' ':'W i 1 K Qlnxx A5 'f . - PM '. n 38 5 sf H sf' - fl Si Mas. mm. Acxemm G D E Q? 32333 Eiiii L5!,93?Q 229 953353 , H uff 3 , Q3h 1 jf, i. 3... 3 6 Q fx 1' . ,,.5,ggf MISS MARGARET LYNCH vf 4 'U :QP 'f",'.-' fiexg 13? :si-.-5:"'fsg A 8 MRS. KATHERINE KARL fx ' 1 R 1 hw 5 .Al 1 i f- , iz: kk K A - A an JL Q it . ' V Q A .JA F 1 6' 7 4 if if " ,1 -H - E, MRS. MARGARET CARLS P1 fi MRS. LILLIAN PAYNE SP , v ' a GRADE 4 nl Hugh, If V Nmkyil I, , I .,,, 5,3 :-: ' ,I v , sf 4 4 'f-4: 3 j ,, Z,i , sf,7,f i ."' a,f 4 "-1 ,, + .f 3 I 55 f 1 2 -- ' S -J ,Q ga Q S, S U ' in ums. noMAlNs MCLAUGHLIN ., .jg ,S lj ' "" M-3' ,Q J ":, 1 gs way ' qui 2-vi Y -' lun 1. I x. .M 3-wg? ... , , ' Y A I MRS. BERN ICE DONOVAN ,ZA MISS MADELINE MeAULlFFE O ' I w fini .3 rm ' y fi , , U' S 1 S ' I W4 , - V ' ,. .ef 5 W I . v GR DE 3 q"Q AAA + 3 Mmmggg TRUD 9 9?-2 S l MRS. BESSIE MELROS X , v T,-,f vl GRADE 2 Q 9 -.- Eg? ,srl xiii 9 .35 5 MRS. CLARABEL PUTT MRS. BEULAH LASKEY MRS. EVA MALIS GR DE I 32 ,ew 54-4... Ubi... MRS. VIRGINIA NOHLBU RG KI DERG RTE iam "Cf"v-. makin . 1-ui Rbfi A4803 H ELEN MARTINY-DORIS BROWN '24 Y - 4 . Q. Cl""'v 1 8111 K-FTB - I1 gl Xa, R NAPP CREEK Grades 5 and 6 MRS L LINDGREN Grades 3 ond 4 MRS L SCOTT I Y? "'x3.'L,5 K APP CREEK QQ! it! Grades I ond 2 MRS J MocARTHUR Kmdergorten MRS MARGARET MESSER Good night, oll, if We re nn the ponlhouse now -AC Stop tacklmg me' Got on IfCh9 That 5 funny Don t shoot Mass AC S Is the sondwnch good Foye7 Just reloxm But Bob Im awfully tired Lazy doys Y Qi Where are we gomg? I 'QU'-11 si", Who s wmnmg9 HW.-si TUDE President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sensor Representative Junior Representatives Sophomore Representatives Freshman Representatives Eighth Grade Representative Seventh Grade Representative Faculty Adviser .... T C0 NCIL Gerry Smith Donald Layton Sandra Fltzmaurnce Mary Barney Caroline Snlvls Thomas Buzzaro Merle Kyser Carol Holtz Ruth Roskelly Joanne Carter Harold Geuse Kay Hunt Thomas Eaton ......... DonaldLord Margie Merriman . . . . . . . Mr. Edward Kustra il .xx V A 'XYQ J-5. ,f W Mm.. A f V zmv., 41 'fag X1 a ff" Q 368 X , 3, ., ,., Q 2 + 9' 2 Q ,., 2. me Q M. . f , 5, . E 1 x Q --1. Q 13 A 'W xx gn it 3 Q , 6 5 11" W 5' . if 'af 1 4 1 ' E 5 I Y Q Q 51 Q 1 'Xzwv 25? ., Z5 ,' Q? , 1 -s 31 'Q X - s ALA gm P - wi.. zz-'Sp--s A: fz"H'f:A .J s , -. 4 .. f - n if ,Q.,QgQ g if: g 3,5 1ffl2!? 'gf5L.A A L L . 4 kwa : .iq Je-4, 2,g,5,2,-:L f, 5 -f Q Vg aj' .5 , F 12 5 V f - 'gil ' iff 1- Q " in 7' J if nf f 9-1 4 -' .-,? -we-, gi Q gg ,- 1- - W ,MQ -,,.- M x , , . My Y ry, ' 4 ' 1 ' A f X , 'f' 2: V 1 x 'J A ' F2 - ' , I gi Q -x H, Q wr V V. 'J In if I " gg, an fa 3 . -, ir . f ,' . iw., ,x ff ,-Q .3 'V"'-. THE FOOTHILLS STAFF Co Edutors Ann Geary Gerry Smnth Business Managers Sylvua Tyler Mary Jo O Meara Business Staff Joel Andres Jerry Collzns Linda Jones Juanita Peck Thomas Fnnn Duck Warters Joe Arnold Davud Barton Paul Swarts David Mohr Raymond McCoy Stanley Hedden Carolune Salvus Judy Graham Patsy Becker Mary Barney Judy Benton Kay Grandusky Barbara Edwards Joyce Keum John Warren Jack Ellus Sally Pepperdune Joe Scarlato Davld Mattys Thomas Augustlne Karolyn Webster Thomas Hughes Francus Mallery Ronald Wolf Thomas Malone Danan Stoeckel Linda Zlnk Production Stuff Kay Norton Edward Lyons Joel Andres John Warren Llnda Jones Faye Roskelly Carolune Sllvls Mary Jo O Meara Ann Geary Gerry Smuth Sylvua Tyler Becky Hahn Phyllns Shlpman Faculty Adviser Mr Anthony Altlere THE SCHOOL ITIZEN STAFF Co Edltors Audre Hall Karolyn Webster Busuness Manager Carole Kane Adviser Mrs Ethel Smlth Forness Mary Fnnan GanlOuderklrk Dnanne Mohr Janrce Halght Joanne Carter Bonnue Lynch Nancy McKlnney Mary Alice Smlth Mary Boser Donna Kenm Carol Holtz Barbara Edwards Nancy Webster Barbara Charles Peggy Thorpe Paul Corls Lunda Zunk Ellen Cormsh Joan Vanbusker Chuck Murrun Edward Lyons John Warren Donald Layton Bull Kevm Reporters . . . Kay Hunt, Kay Norton, Ann Geary, Lana Zink, Mary 47,1 'Ln' uf 3 . fa 'lr .2 Y 1,1 if T ,--M by , In IJBRARY CLUB Nancy Webster, Karolyn Webster, Librarian Mrs. Grace Andre, Sandra Fitzmaurice, Carole Kane Kay Hunt, Becky Hahn, Marilyn Zalewski, Ann Dole, Bonnie Carls, Mary Finan, Sue Cummins RT CLUB Carol Beckman, Karen lsaman, Sheila Hitchcock, Mrs, Ferne Mays, Sandra DeRemer, Elizabeth Reisner, Karen Green. Betty Mascho, Jacquelyn Hosmer, Bill Reinman, John Stevenson, James Swarts, Robert Dutton, Carol Layton, Pat Horton. SAFETY PATRGL Row One: D. Claverie, B. Geise, L, Fries, C. Karl, C. Hatzell, L. Horton, K, l-lerdendorf K, Kephort, S. MacWilliams, J. Kolasinski. Row Two: S. McNall, R, Salmonson, C. Belding L. Mattys, M. Bellamy, J, Sue, C. Swanson, G. DeCapua, R. Colligon, M. Stevenson, M. Ward Row Three: D. Clarke, J. Furner, D. Carlson, T. Boser, D. Gunsolus, M. Hovers, T, Hirsch H. Monroe, M. Fahey, K. Hahn, B. Foster. . A. A. Kay Norton, Mary Forness, Shirley Blinn and Adviser Mrs. Doris Morris. , F' 5 5,1 1,-LL.. F. F. . Row One: Mr. Robert Stowell, Adviser: Jerry Sharp, Sentinel: Peggy Bockmier, Secretary: Ronald Wolf, Treasurer: Charles Straub, President: Don Ratzel, Tom Boser, Dole Carlson, Representative. Row Two: Bill Riordan, Edwin Ball, Richard Westlake, Vice-President: Norman Reed, Jim Bockmier, David Barton, Jon Eaton, Steve Yehl. F. H.A. Row One: Mrs. Eaton, Adviser: Ruth Allen, Secretary: Barbara Edwards, Vice-President: Linda Jones, President: Judy Karl, Treasurer. Row Two: Myrtle Decker, Enice Strotman, Marie Alwood, Sue Steiger, Mona Shipman, Dale Sharp, Rosemary Hitchcock, Ruth Stoeckel. i E T T tv RE DYM DE F MILY Mary Barney . John Warren . Karolyn Webster Joyce Keim . Ann Geary . Gerard Smith . Faye Roskelly . Francis Mallery Kay Grandusky Joseph Arnold SENIOR PLAY CAST Agnes Martyn . Bob Martyn Marilee Martyn Gracie Martyn . Miss Lydia Henry Turner . . Doris Turner Sammie Turner . Nicodemus ""m... Could you moke ut up there agorn? Our own Rhythm Boys Where's Rosie? 'VY' You con you con ihihi m thirsty' The team grew up 13511 M fi? I love to ect jp Q -if xiii Bothlng beauties '.9.n Eg.. 9 1 Q.. Cl 'Y we Hotdogs onyone9 Pure enjoyment H HOOP Contemplohon Jungle Joy Grndlron feom Com on Who's there? Conference Muscles ' Oh, NO! The water s fnne. WTW ..,... . we 1,3 'B fw ffgf i s wa ggi i3ww'f f f f.,.1lr'1:Iix5 e m ,guna spa QIHEQSQ PPI-lxi-:ilu ,e n ar if -uw1v -wwf if 'Mi 1 'irr ill-' ' Km! - Q , QE ?f,,' ' fu- - L E A 4:9 Q3 45' was .. f , Q gi 2 . . .- -vii 'ff W' -' f-gi 93 ,M W Q3 'sf ae' W 1 SCIENCE CLUB President . . . Edward Lyon Vice-President . . John Furner Secretary . . Thomas Murrin Treasurer . . . William Sliger Assistant Treasurer ....... William Long Advisers ......... Mrs. Ruth Young, Mr. Richard Kinney Dale Carlson, Donald Lord, Charles Murrin, Richard Collins, Thomas Gamble, Joan Von Buskirk, Robert Mills, Carol Kolin, Harold Giles, John Carter, Dawson Flinchbough, John Simpson. JR. CHQRUS Row One: K. Sakala, S. Greene, K. Kephort, J. Crater, D. Carlson, R. Culligan, M. Pierce. Row Two: K. Steiger, M. O'Connor, G. Sheppard, R. Augustine, M. Merriman, J. Stowell M. Polmquist, S. Munson, B. Geise, P. McGraw, W. Wehost. Raw Three: K. Stomierosky, M. Stevenson, D. Hitchcock, M. Bellamy, N, Shay, C. Karl, B, Long, T. Sherwood, M. Clark D. Cloverie, L. Staley. Row Four: M. Ward, D. Walsh, K. Fox, B, St. Clair, K. Mattern, S. Bump L. Mottys, G. Stork, M. Ginter, S. MacWilliams, K. Herdendorf. Row Five: C. Hatzell S. Amore, J. Sue, R. Sue, T. Giordini, R. Smith, C. Swanson, A. Ginter, B. Kerr. 1 1 1 1 SENI R B Lynch, F. Barney, B. Brunner, D. Keim, F. Roskelly, J. Zink, S. Kellogg, E. Ward, E. Cornish, Haight, B. Carls, S. Forness, P. Horton, S. Rehler, L. Fries, T. Trevett, J. Cornell, H. Giles, Becker, D. Flinchbaugh, R. Hahn, K. Norton, B. Mattern, M. Brink, J. Carter, E. Foster, Flinchbaugh, Al. Claverie, D. Karl, M. Boser, K. Hahn, G. DeCapua, A. Geary, M. Barney, Graham, J. Sue, R. McCoy, G. Lewis, T. Murrin, J. Carter, M. Kyser, D. Pitcher. Len Fontana, Director. JU IDR BA Pisark, L. Horton, J. Claverie, B. Putt, D. Dornow, C. Lynch, K. Worters, C. Sandburg Rich, R. Slocum, N. Hitchcock, B. Foster, S. Outman, W. Rhodes, C. Belding, K. Johnson Carlson, P. Pixley, P. Johnson, T. Zink, J. Holtz, J. Carr, T. Edel, A. Witcher, L, Claverie, Salmonson, R. Johnson, C. Giardini, R. Hendy, L. Havers, R. Kronock, D. Moshier, Reisner, T. Sendla, B. Rouse, W. Kerr, B. Rambuski. I I BCOSTERS and Mrs F J Coll ns and Mrs A J Scarlato and Mrs L Stoeckel and Mrs R L Johnson and Mrs J G Layton and Mrs J C Bysarovnch Mrs Ferne Mays Marquerlte Overton Mr and Mrs John Hedden Rhea and Joseph Krampf Marilyn Davis and Mrs Lloyd Ackley and Mrs Clalr Edwards and Mrs Herman Cralner Mr and Mrs Roy Morris Dr and Mrs F G Webster Rev and Mrs Clyde Hahn Mrs Esther Cram Betty lrwln Ann Scarlato Jon Eaton Bob Mllls Lloyd Karl Kay and Peg Bob and Barb Wayne Rhodes Josephlne McCabe Duane Karl Mildred Eaton Carol Holtz Carol Capozzn Evelyn Wells WllllamJ Malone Mrs C Putt Faye Roskelly Mr and Mrs R B Lyon Sally and Vxnce Welnman John Furner Melvln Anita and Chrnstnne Hamnlton Mr and Mrs Frank Glardlnl Margaret McCaffery Dorothy Karl Mr and Mrs F Jones Mr and Mrs Jxm Andre Malone Brothers Mary E VanOrder Rlchard Knnney lln Memorlaml Mr. . . 4 i Mr, . . . ' Mr. . . Mr, . . . ' Mr, . . . Mr. . , . ' ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. E. L, Mattern Mr. , . , . . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr, , ' THLETICS COACHES P Robert Stowell, Edward Kustra, Fred Grace, Lou DiGiroIamo, George Pierce. Edward Kustra, FOOTBALL COACHES Fred Grace, Robert Stowell ,M , ,4 1 . ,. 'Q tv' A .125 ' H s , 1 "5 FOCDTB LL N, 55.1 ' 'J uf ly el L , I , Q if Q ly 'i f,L: I I -I I 1 I Q? Q 1 Mg? 'LL Q ev? P orl 4 11 .set Z.. 26? Row One Left to Rnght Coach Kustra Donald Layton Rnchard Waters Russell Stevenson Charles Gerrlnger Wayne Rhodes Joel Andres Bob Blakeslee John Stayer Tom Hughes Jerry Colllns Coach Grace Row Two Coach Stowell Pete Forness Bull Capozzn Ed Reed Bull Kenm Donald Brown Pete DeCapua Doug Sue Bob Jackman Bull Karl Tom Bnzzaro Tony Nudd Row Three Dave Flnch Herman Fnsher Bull Ensell Gene Johnson Mnke Hadbavny John Furner Jerry Croche Bull Flnckenger John Eaton Jlm Sue Row Four Charles Cornish Jack Herd Bob Gardnnn John Stevenson Glen Wlllard Ed Doran Dale Ackerman Dave Pitcher Ronald Fortuna Norman Reed SCORES Allegcny Opponent Canlsteo . . . . 22 . 27 . 6 O St.Bernard's . 7 Wellsville . 28 7 Cuba . . . 27 Franklinville . I4 Portville . . 6 . 7 Bolivar . . l4 "'Z9f's5?70s44a4 Q 2 5,57 WLK i AQ ALA ARSITY BASKETBALL TE M Row One: Mike Brink, Marvin Smith, Jerry Collins, Bob Stomierosky, Manager Ed Reed. Row Two: David Mclnroy, Coach DiGirolamo, Jack Ellis, James Geary, Joseph Weinman, Bob Blakeslee, Bill Keim, if af Alu 3 fx 2 3 Ha. lQ Q xnfgf ig' xx. fi g""Xf Y BASEB LL TEAM Row One: T. Hirsch, W. Long, N. Reed, Managers. Row Two: R. Warters, T. Finn, D. Finch, M. Smith, T. Nudd, J, Eaton, G. Collins, Row Three: B. Keim, J, Andres, M. Brink, B. Ellis, R. Mills, D. Ackerman, D. Mclnroy, J. Weinman, Coach Pierce. TRACK TEAM Row One: D. Sue, T. Bizarro, G. Collins, B. Flickinger, R. Preise, P, Louser, Row Two: Coach Di Girolamo, R. Warters, J. Andres, W. Keim, C. Gerringer, J. Stayer, T. Hughes, J. Weinman, G. Smith, E. Forness. W-6 4. -1. ' .Tj sf ,,-ff ' A lies f Qi-5 iw- ij K' I TRA LIRALS Y. l Speed-Gswoy Champs Volleyball Champs ,-ll, , up f V ff 1 ww' -W I 5 swf g f. .. Mg, , . Qiefff vs X1 5, , . ' K . c 9 , , f " - X1 A I ' E1 Mx Standing Brood Jump Champ pmgpong Champs . '45 my .P -f' V Jil if Va A- M X N f S f X S 2 5 V SOffbOll Cl'10mD5 Badminton Champs Basketball Champs . f ,ai 1 , E F EDWARDS 8g SCDNS A Olean New York KING FEATURES GANNETT NEWS SERVICE UNITED PRESS NEW YORK NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE STATE WIRE ASSOCIATION UNITED PRESS PENNA WIRE UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO Owns 4 erzrlh EDITED FOR THE FAMILIES OF SOUTHWESTERN NEW YORK AND NORTH WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WE THE WOMEN How do OTHER people handle prob lems of everyday l1v1ng l1ke YOU have? How do OTHER people have a charmmg personallty even wxth seem mgly 1nsurmountable obstacles 1n the way? Ruth Mlllett has the answers to MANY th1ngs 1n her da1ly column WE THE WOMEN wh1ch appears each day 1n your Famlly Newspaper the TIMES HERALD GENERALLY SPEAKING Theres a man 1n town who reports human mterest storles facts fan tasles THINGS to come events of the past Somehow he packs PAGES of 1nformat1on 1nto a smgle column' Hes everybodys fr1end GIL STINGER' He calls 1t Generally Speaklng but he comes to the pomt of the top1c sw1ftly Be sure to read h1s column DAILY VOICE OF BROADWAY Goss1p on the party lme or across the p1cket fence has NOT gone out of date It probably never w1ll Its all a part of our way of lxfe And there are cholce b1ts of 1nformat1on c1ass1f1ed as Goss1p under the headxng of VOICE OF BROADWAY da1ly 1n the TIMES HERALD Dorothy Kllgallen IS your Goss1p Reporter and she always has some cholce toplcs to f1ll you 1n on LOCAL NOTES M1ke Abdo sports ed1tor St Bonaventure sports 8Ct1VlIl6S the New York Pennsylvan1a baseball league golf actlon at varlous clubs 1n a f1ve county area bowlmg and complete coverage of all hxgh school sportmg events are handled under the guldance of the Tlmes Heralds sports ed1tor A column Local Notes keeps readers posted on what s do1ng 1n th1s area YOUR HEALTH AND YOU D1d you know that lack of teeth can cause stomach trouble? You ga1n v1tal1ty by losmg we1ght" A youth 1n good physlcal cond1t1on IS far less llkely to try harmful st1mulants" Read about these and many other 1n terestmg health facts 1n Doctor Brady s da1ly newspaper column YOUR HEALTH AND YOU Youll fmd t well worth your t1me JIM BISHOP REPORTER JIM BISHOP REPORTER has the ab1l1ty to attract the scannmg eye and hold you to h1s story to the end' He has a way of tellmg the facts that IS so human you w1ll have the very real feelmg that you are actually THERE' Check the facts of JIM BISHOP REPORTER appearmg THREE TIMES WEEKLY on the Edx torlal page AROUND THE WORLD The column AROUND THE WORLD appears three txmes a week m the Tlmes Herald and IS devoted to d1s cuss1on of tlmely 1nternat1onal sxtua tlons 1n wh1ch the Umted States flnds 1tse1f often concerned It does not treat of domestlc matters at any t1me The author of the column has been a lec turer on 1nternat1onal affalrs for many years and IS a former professor of po lxtlcal sc1ence 1n a umversxty DEAR ABBY People are ravlng about Dear Abby Shes one of the most colorful col 1860 ESTABLISHED I860 umn1sts ln the papers today She has a br1ll1ant slant on everyday problems and readers have come to th1nk of Ab1ga1l Van Buren as a confldante on whom they may rely INSIDE LABOR How are thmgs gomg for labor move ments and for labor leaders? Vlctor R1esel reports the INSIDE STORY da1ly 1n the TIMES HERALD' Vlctor R1esel almost certa1nly has a s1xth sense ID dlgglng out and brlnglng to llght the lnnermost thoughts and move ments of labor good or bad Let lt be to your OWN Judgment WILLIAM EWALD Ewalds day to day cr1t1c1sms of the telev1s1on programs you watched the n1ght before are sure to mterest you and the chances are youll dlsagree w1th h1m But you w1ll read h1m and talk about h1m And probably th1nk harsh thlngs about h1m for p1ck1ng on your favorlte performer But you w1ll read what he has to say And talk about h1s da1ly rev1ews w1th your frlends and your ne ghbors Break away from the grmd of rou tme read the cartoons that appear da1ly 1n the Tlmes Herald Jlmmy Hat los They ll Do It Every Txme panel lS famous for keepmg people 1n a good mood and Blondle can always put a smlle 1nto your day Theres the very popular Beetle Balley Buz Sawyer Joe Palooka Nancy and Our Boardmg House to keep you well enterta1ned each day Then follow Walt Dlsneys beautxful lllustrated True Llfe Adven tures for a tr1p 1nto the unusual yet factual fantasxes To make your day complete read the funnles IH your famlly newspaper the Times Herald' 1 O - , - . . I . . . , 1 1 , . . . - ' ' ' ' . . . . H YY ' . . . . . . 1 1 " . . . . ' ' . . . . ' In 11 1 - - Y I . . , . . H . . H ,, . . . . . 1, 1 11 - - - - 1 ' . I ' . . . , ' - . ' . . ' . . I 1 1 - . . . . D , . . . at . . . , . . . ' 11 . . . u ' 11 ' - ' ' ' . . . ' . . , . , . . . , . . . . , - - I . ' 1 1 - n 1 , ' . 11 - - I , , . ' ' ' . . ' 1 ' . . . . . 1 lr 1 - 11 I 1 - ' - u - 11 . . , 1 1 . . - y , 1 ' ' ' . 1 I ' 7 - ' W , ' 1 , . ' 1 1 1 ' - , I . . . D 1 . Compliments of THE PANTRY Bakery Restaurant Mann Street Allegany New York Best Wushes from the Staff and Management of WMNS Radio Station WMNS 1958 59 Allegany l 3 6 O On Your Radio Dual The Toast of the Tzer Almanac Disk Jockey" LEGS MARKET INC f Il I Congratulations to the Closs of I959 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK "The Bank o Friendly Servicew Complzrnents THE STANDARD EQUIPMENT CO Olean New York Complzments o FRANK O CONNOR Complete lnne of Athletic equipment School 81 team outfutters 499 Washington Street Buffalo New York Phone MA 7266 For A Career an Protesslonal Nursing Apply to The Dnrector of Nursing DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Rlley Street Buffalo 8 N SU 4400 Corzgratulatzons to the Class of 1959 DALUISO S LIOUOR STORE 128 West Mom Street Phone 23 Allegany New York , . f . of I I . I ' ,.Y. I I SULLIVAN AND MURRAY CLARK BROTHERS Stote ond 6th Phone Compliments of N B f 1959 S BLUMENTHAL SHOE CO SCH U LTZ TEXACO SERVICE l38N thU Y HIRSCH S Spo t g Goods Q BAXTER S DAIRY 10711, ZUIEIZS 0 PATRONIZE ICKY S COOKIES OUR N I5th Stree t Oleon, New York ADVERTISERS I The ef! of Luck Corzgratzzlatiorzs to tlze Class 0, I I or nion Street Oleon, New ork Allegony, New Y lc Compliments of I Compliments of U 1 I' In Mom Street phone 281 Five Mile Rood, Allegony Pho Alle any C pl' t f I f 959 CARNAHAN S HARDWARE TYLER ELECTRIC CO, INC DAVE R STAYER 6 West Mom Street Allegany, New Yor Compliments of B' , Wishes to the Class 0 I I Stores for Men, Women cmd Boy ' O N . I Complzments of Compliments of PARSELL PAPER CO Oleon New York Phone 6546 Wzslzzng Each and Ezery Wember 0 the Clam 0 39 I full and Happy Future Complzmentb of ST FRANCIS HOSPITAL Compllmenla 0 THE CAMERA CENTER Umon Street Olecm New York Complzmenta 0 SYLVAIN S 102 West Mom Street Allegany New York I BLUMENTHAL S SPORTING GOODS Olean s Spo ts Store M E REX BARBER SHOP 234 N U Un on Ba be shop AMERICAN LEGION LENNQN FUNERAL SERVICE Look you best at MARTY VAILS U der New Ma agement of Rose Pe SCARLATO S BARBER SHOP CO G 81 Joe MOQO Sth R COHG F e Foods 81 Legal Beverages I t BETTYS FLOWER SHOP 210 w Sf f Sf Ol N Yk 1 DR WEEGAR 1 Compliments of I r . . , i r r . mon Street Olean, New York Compliments of Compliments of Allegany New York Compliments of 1 r n n ' r r i in 4 Mi es Wes of Allegany on Route I7 Compliments of Comp iments of 1 . a e . ean, ew or MOUNTAIN CLINIC HOSPITAL Joseph L Mo nto BS M D Ruth M Mounto B S D D S Robe'rE Mo nton AB MD WII Mounton LLB GOULD S 9 SANDBURG BROTHERS Pet oleum D sf b tors 4444 CARL MON KHOUSE JR 9 t W th f 1959 Ruth 81 Jlm BIRCH RUN COUNTRY CLUB KLICE DAIRY Om UTICTLS 0 MODEL FOOD MARKET Phone 795 IO7 West M AIIegony, New York es Wis PQ o the ass of 959 BOSER'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of . u in, .., . . 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I A I Compliments of Compliments of r i ri u ' ' PIWOVIS Alle ony New York Oleon New York Bes ishes to e Class o Compliments of C pl' t f B .t 'h . z Cl 1 I Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 Compliments of OPPENHEIM - FLORISTS STAMBAUGHS Cty DORSEYS GENERAL STORE ROCK CITY SERVICE STATION 4686 C W BURTON HOTEL A Q CLARK S DRIVEWAY SERVICE D ALLEGANY DRY CLEANERS WtM l WILLARD MUSIC HOUSE 229 N th U OIGGVI New York Rock I New YO k Compliments of Compliments of I I Phone ROCIC Compliments of Compliments of 1 Il y New Yo I4 Five Mile Rood Allegany, New York Pick ups oily Comp iments of 63 es oin Street Allegony, New York Ph 20 or nion Street Oleon, New York one Compliments 0 Best Wzshes to the Class of 1959 MC CAFFERY 8' BAKER JoNEs AuToMoTlvE Ladnes Specualty Shoppe SERVICE 45 West Mann Street Allegany New York lO5 24th Street Olean New York Phone 248 BENDER 81 RIGGS Compllmffnfs 0 LESTERS SHOE General Electruc Appluances COMPANY TV 81 Furnrture 228 North Union Street Olean New York Phor1e2 6792 phone 2 6615 JOHNSONS DINER H C DEL Home Cooked Meals FIVE Mlle Road phone 2931 Buuldung Contractor J B Johnson cmd Ethel Johnson Owners Allegany New York Phone 525 F l2 Hlnsdale New York COVUPIIUISVIKS of Complzments 0 THE DUTCH MILL REED'S JEWELERS Route l7 State Road Olean New York . 1 . I I I 1 - If I ' I I I . . sz as . . , 1 I - - I PHARMACY ALLEGANY CITIZEN THM BOYS SEALTEST RHY ICE CREAM Complzments of Compliments of NORTON'S I 8 N U ' O O Bu W' h h S C liments of WDRK AND SILVIS CO INC General Trucking and Contracting Office: Phone Allegany 238 Gravel Plant: Phone Steamburg 2355 lleii.. QQ 9 W A Clean Modern Danry and Danry Bar On Route l7 just West of Olean New York Where The Wagon Is We Welcome Droolers Schoolers and All Old Grads' Good Luck from MEADOWBROOK DAIRY Stop Afte school Gomes fo Supe s eSodos su does shokes o ds ocks HYDROX DAIRY STORES GLEASON 81 MC CAFFERY ATLANTIC SERVICE t 9 POTTER LUMBER COMPANY Lu be Tmbers Doo s Sosh M Ilwork ee to T ode ot o e proft g Th f 959 BERKS FABRIC CENTER I36N thU Y W th f 1959 ALLEGANY TELEPHONE OPERATORS z W h HO STA GEH 1 ALLEGANY SHOE REPAIR Ph 2600 W D SAM LA JOHN S LIQUOR STORE W tSft Sf Q g t in r r r Compliments of iz , rm , , n n Eos Moin Street ond Seventh Eost Stote Rood ond 314 W. Stote Street Alle any Compliments of Con ratulations to e Class o I 1 m r, i , r , I I or nion Street Oleon, New o Il ' ll Tr r - n I Allegony New York Best ishes to e Class 0 ' Bes is es from I 1 one - 4 e eliv Comp imentx of H " ' 722 es o e reet Oleon, New Yo k All I . . e any New York I Free su ges ions for Parties and Social Affairs ' h th j 1959 AL JOHNSON MOTORS NUNZIOS RESTAURANT Q EDWARDS BROWN AND EDWARDS Geneffll HOfdWGe DR J A WINTERMANTEL A g Y JAYNE S GEARY 5 Home Appl onces 81 Furn sh l2 N thU Eve yth g Electr col HOL KROME COMPANY RALINGS GARAGE lndustr ol Chrome Plot ng g d I Complzments of Best WLS es to e Class 0 1 Alle ony New York Compliments of r I C I Ile ony, New ork Phone 25 Compliments of C ongratultztiom 1 1 l i i ings Oleon, New York l or mon Street r in i , Compliments of i i Alle ony, New York Route 17 Von ol ALLEGANY UNDERWRITERS J Ray McAuliffe Presldent H M Krampf Vice Presndenf Selzzfe Bewond The Contract 79 West Ma n Street Phone l4O Allegany Het Wzshee to the Class of 1959 Complzments 0 STAYER FUNERAL HOME Complzments of E F LIPPERT 8g C0 Sand and Crushed Gravel Allegany New York l mum!-Bonds caLLlNs BROTHERS DAVIS CLOTHING G WILLARD ELECTRIC Electrucal Contracting F M d B or en an oys And Constructlon Davns Clothlng Store IIO6 West State Street Olean New York Olean New York Mobile Mnllnng Servlce All n greduents avanlable Feed Seed Bulk Feed Delivered Fertulrzers Lame Spreadnng Dlstrubutors Farm Supplies Dalry Poultry HEART S DELIGHT 5peC'0"Sf FOGD PRGDUCTS ALLEGANY sERylcE Scovrlle Brown and Company Phone T89 Unuon Street Allegany N ' CC. . . . . 1 I - Compliments of -. - I . . 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Y 1 MAYO 8a GILIO GIRDINI KIWTER COMPANY DON S FRIENDLY SERVICE it WTS1' t d PEPSI COLA MAN OF OLEAN SMITH S DEPARTMENT Dry Goods M s Fu sh ngs Boots 81 Shoes Po ts 84 Wollpope WtM WILSON S GROCERY LAKETOWN AUTO SALES RAYS MARKET Sp ,Q d WtSt Comp iments of Compliments of Compliments of Best Wishes to rt Won erful School I 'Where your car gets t e attention it needs" I52I es ote S reet Oleon, New York I I Compliments of 1 en' mi i in r South Vondolio 120 es oin Street Allegany, New York Phone 60 Compliments of I The or 'ar Center of the Southern Ti Von alio 1618 es ate Street Oleon, New Yo k I Compliments of MARTIN VAIL AUTO SALES BAMBY BREAD nd youu feel .fwezz I f you don? feel well, eat Bnmby Bread d I ln Oleon, it's PICKU PS For Good Food Compliments of GRANDUSKYS FEED MILL RAWLING S OREENHOUSES F R BROTHERS AND CO I9 N f OLEAN PHARMACY ADAM S SPORTING GOODS JOHN ASH CLEANERS Mercho t To lo D y Cleo er WESTON LUMBER CO E e ytlw ng Bu Ide s S ppl es 316W tSt Y fsff I Compliments of Compliments of I . . l or h Union Street Ole I Compliments of Congratulations from 1 T33 North Union Street Oleon Oleon New Yo V1 l F - I' V1 W v r i in l r' u i GS Off? Sffeef Ol90"L New Ofls Wes o e Street Oleon, New Yo HALL MANUFACTURING Best Wzshes Class of 1959 Buslders of Fnne Wood Products Modern Burch Kitchens Oleon New York South Seventh Street Phone 17 Allegony New York Best Wzshes to the Class Change 'to Oleon S Best Shoe Store HANNIFAN C0 S 147 North umm sneer oleon New York of 1959 I I CO. . ll I ll I . I N R COLLEG ATE P FAKIURY MOM JFFIU Kansas Cnty Q V .xii If - -lm! ' L, TE - I P,b"e?v-ew KJ-EVMO"1J'Gl'J"'X Bow B d V E L

Suggestions in the Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY) collection:

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