Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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ff W v ' W' lk N FEM , J: ,Ju -.LK 3 I . fl. ,bs Q ww A , 'X kj Q L ' ' af ' ' ,ff V, F, fy, AJ J . D , QQ! ff Ziff? gimfillwokdlmff xp MUWTVU ,nf IH , nymffflffffiazvz.wiiAf14fl4mr'a2e71Z'lf'x'1IZ-LWMY f W H W Nu f M.. ll I 1 f f 'X L' E U lll'6'. I Ill QE-Elililg Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill III X f Il UI qu W nl fl""II'-I nu an nu nu a u ll -H IMI RQ Mr!! I Qsgffgg S Ei 7 QE X l lil SX ,X CX Avy X Tx, 3 gl ixfbf I 1411- VIL il. in ll Z K ffl!!! S72 ,H ll . g , , N it A I I lllllllgl 3 E! V ' V f ed gf:-f-V: f .. .. sf f ll ll l f I f Ill na nu uiim I Z 7 .Qf.,9i1x5aff.-,. Ap..-,.-,,.-...........- F wp: ,JET ' Ziff' ff ff fa 7 --i A X Y' I Q47 , ,X 4' 4 bl o The " , oothill -,s Q 'Y' la ,Q 4.- lv- ICT Qui '4 Sb v 9 I HI if ....,, N ' 'x ,..r,.,.---'Ii' "' 3 . 41" """"" B I Q XA,,,,,,.,. M ?.-:,, 9 A 4 1 flap Presented by The Senior Class ALLI:GAIxY CENTRAL SCHOOL Edrtors ..... . Ann Brahaney Anne Scarlato Business Managers. . .Barbara Hayden A Jim Boser FT' I955 DEDICATION 'Nf- 3 MISS MARIE CARUSO To Mlss Caruso we dedlcate the 1955 edmon of THE F 001' HILLS to show her our apprecuauon for her expert dxrecuon and help E Q f ' 3 22' I x FOREWORD The 1933 edmon of THE FCKYIHILI. serves 1 I remr I of the wmlnrful ch wol ,ears spent IU meeung new people learmng new rkumb LOIILIIJLFIIIQ, nex Jufu lugs rhus preparmg ourselves for later hfe In the year to come Lhrs xearboo M111 remam 1 v1ta1 lmk In we Cham fplexsam memomes that bmds us LO our classmneb our Lcachprs md our frxemis CONTENTS I ION 39 IQ N TRL H X LLITAF' I R IL IXIIIL IHLz:I IC IDVEQTI r.N1 X .fr 4' ' 5- 454 1 I V . . V . I ,. Y,Q' Q ,I NV ."xIJIx1F.IS'I'I2.-YI' rg .u:.1uef Jrrqmmf sc II.'T.1LRE: - "S.TxIr-'-,r. P ' psf".-. 'I . 555 ADMINISTRATION 'i' 5 f 1 J I I I f! f 1 X Karlton D. Davis GRADE SUPERVISOR Robert W. O'Donne1l Geraldine McLaughlin BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: G,Schreiber,H. E.SmiLh,K,D. Davis, A. Spring, E. A. Lord, A, Shaffer, A. F. ljucner J, V. Brahaney. ABSENT: R, Edwards, V. Lennon, J, Pierce. MOTTO FLOWER Knowledge Is Power COLORS Carnation Red and While SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Tom Seaton V1ce President B111 Putman Secretary Phylhs J ones Treasurers Mary Jo Blessmg Deanna Swanson QQ Q' IRENE SCHNELL HOWARD OTTO EARL DENTLER I-81111 E081-lSh Industrxal Arts Mathemancs . l O O 0 I I 0 I I 0 I O 0 I I I l C C I I l C O 0 I I 0 I 0 ' - I I I I I I 0 . l O I 0 0 I I I U I . 0 I I q 1 I 0 I I ' Y Q... 1 E . L "fy F .". fr ' 1 z Q--7 . - V . ' ' b ' 'Q f f -x A z : iff.: 'I ff Q MARTIN BALL "Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. " Baseball 3: Intramurals 3. l '1 SENIORS www ' -0' Az? -....a- 'rdf P JUDY BOOTH "I'll do the talking." Library 13 Yearbook Staff. ly ' ,L ' 4 l Chorus 1.25 Newspaper 1,2,3,4Qyy ' x l JAMES BOSER u 1 "Wisdom of many, wit of one.. -. N-MA l 2 X Student Council 3: Newspaper Staf 3.4: Basketball 2, cuss Play 3,43 f X Yearbook Staff. FORREST BELLAMY The strength of twenty men Chorus 2 3 Wrestlmglntramtuals 3 IOSEPH BIZZARO Worry and I have never met Class Play 3 4 Football 1 MARY BLESSING My heart IS frxed Class Presrdent 1 Class Treasurer 2 3 4 Basketballlnuamurals 1 2 3 4 Bowlrng 3 4 Badrrunton Intramurals ROBERT BLINN Each man reaps on h1s own farm Nauonal Honor Socxety Yearbook Sta F F A 1 2 3 Football4 Track 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 as E gn fi af 'Z JOAN BOSER "Just give me a listener and I'll do the talking." Chorus 15 Yearbook Staffg Newspaper Staffl,2,3.4gBasketba1l1ntramurals 1 2 3 4- Badminton Intramurals 2 3 Table tennls 2 3 Cheerleader 4 Iunlor Play Bowlmg 3 ANN BRAHANEY Just a qurer and sweet l1ttle rr Nat1onalHonor SOCICIY 3 4 Student Cotmcrl 3 4 Yearbook Staff Bad mmton 2 JVUJ ' Q fi Q47 WILLIAM BUCHER Argument 15 food for the mrnd Chorus 1 4 Yearbook Staff Basket ball 2 3 Football 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Senror Play Jumor Play THOMAS CARLSON It s the mmd that makes the body YearbookStaff Football 1 2 3 Track 4 Basketball Intramurals 1 2 DONA CARR Laughter 1S a most beautlful exer non Yearbook Staff Senlor Play MAVOUREEN CONNELL Beauty IS 1I'S own excuse for bemg Yearbook sraff Newspaper Staff4 Basketball Imramurals 3 : ' . : : A l Il . . g. 1.1! 1 A . K D . . - ,ff ' v n Mj' 'HAY - n I F ' ,L M A I W '. S-Lf" o 'tv , " I L 'QV' .fu , . I 4 f I . : : . . : I ' 'Q ' ' . . . : tba I V, - : - . 4 ala ,lyt A " ' ' L' , :AQI , rich." .A ,,.V 25,11 ,li 'T 'ff' : - - H I A 3.4. i 3 . I . ' l 1 " A, n ' ' ' n : : JEANETTE FOSTER It rs not good that man should be alone Band 1 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Year book Staff Newspaper Staff 4 EUGENE GERRINGER He s a sure card NANCY GERRINGER Her ways are ways of frxendlmess Yearbook Staff Newspaper Staff 3 C lass Plays 3 4 Basketball lntra murals 1 2 4 GERALDINE GIARDINI I awaxt my star Secretary 2 Yearbook staff leadmg 2 4 Badmlnton Intramurals 2 3 4 Basketball lntramurals 4 MICHAEL CRISAFULLI "I wish I had never learned to read and write " n 1 2 3 4 2 Football 2 4 Basketball lntramurals 2 3 4 CAROL DAVIS The grea test pleasure of lrfe 1S ove Cheerleadrng 2 4 Yearbook Staff Badmrnton Intramurals 2 3 4 Basketball Intramurals 4 JAMES GLEASON "Silence is the one great art of conversa tion . " Chorus 1.2.45 Yearbook Staffg Basketball1,2,3g Football 1,2,3.4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 3 4 Boys State 3 JAMES GRANDUSKY I awoke one mornrng and found myself famous A X WE 'YF -1 :Gt DOUGLAS GREEN A closed mouth catches no H165 C lass Presrdent 3 Natlonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Student Counc1l4 Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 4 DONALD HA KES Sxlence one of the hardest argu ments to refute Basketball Intramurals 3 4 BARBARA HAYDEN Determrned to Succeed Yearbook Staff Newspaper staff 1 2 3 4 Iuruor Play Badmrnton Lntra murals 2 'vu ELIZABETH HELMERT K Her heart IS lrke the moon always a man rn rt Chorus 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 3 Natxonal Honor Socrety 3 4 News paper Staff 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff Class Play 3 4 . : ' Q ' , ' - I' ' 4' f" , J , I Sgli 'Q I 5' 0 Q 0. , 1 'A urs" an ' X Q - 'MC f A-2 7M ,f. T E29 - ll ' ll V . . ' I I I 1 3 U 3 ' E I I I ,v '- , Q , . . 'MW K W . ' ,, , ' " fffifa -A M' :NV tzwll fgw f r ff if S n A . . : ' : ' - I V3 '11 4 A O ll ' ' . l 4, - ' ' 2 ' ' ' r flfiij' - - . - iiiivz ' ' -, iffy 'A n u F I l , if " -ff, 1 Q NINA HUGHES A b ea u I1 ful eye makes sxlence eloquent LESLIE HUNT Let every man look before he leaps Football 4 WILLIAM IENNER Tall mhe1ght butshortrn speech Yearbook Staff Tra ck Basketball 4 Baseball RUTH JOHNSON Laughter of grrls a dellghtful sound Cheerleader 4 F H A 4 JAMES HESS "N e v e r mention that stupid na me again. " Chorus 33 Safety Patrol 1.2,3: Library Club. LOIS HUGHES have learned nothlng and for gotten nothmg Chorusl 2 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 H A 5 PHYLLIS JONES "Common sense to the genius." N e wspa per Staff 41 Senior Playg Class assistant treasurer 4gYearbook Staff. ANNE KARL Lrfe ts not lrfe at all wrthout men Bandl 2 3 4, Band Ueasurer News paper Staffl 2 3 4 Intramurals Cheerleaclrng 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club 1,Iun1or Play Yearbook Staff Natronal Honor Socrery L rf 2,31 ,rflif-5' 'Y' BETTY KARL I am gorng to keep that man rn my eye Chorusl 2 3 YearbookStaff News paper Staffl 2 3 4 Basketball and Badmrnton Intramurals, Juruor Play, Lrbrary Club CAROL KLICE A blush rs beautrful Newspaper Staff 2 4 Basketball Intramurals 1 2 4 Lrbrary Club 1 f Senror Play Table tennrs 3 Scrence Club 1 Yearbook Staff DONNA KROTT An rnnocent face but you can never tell Chorus 1 Class Secretary 3 Nauon al Honor Socrety Student Councrl 4 Newspaper Staff4 Class Plays 4 Yearbook Staff RICHARD LA USER Thrnkrng rs but an rdle waste of thought Football Baseball Track Basket ball 1 2 JANE MALONE I shall laugh myself to death Basketball Intramurals 3 4 Softball Intramurals 3 RUTH MILES Her vorce was soft and low asset to woman Chorus 1 2 Intramurals 1 JOHN MINDERLER Don't say anythxng you won t have to repeat 1t Chorusl 2,F F A 1 2 3 4,Safe Patrol 1 MARGARET O'MEARA As merry as the day 13 long Yearbook Staffg Newspaper Staff 43 Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3.4g Class Play 3.4. JOHN LEMON Be swxft to hear slow to speak Chorm 1, F F A 2 3 4 Wresthng and Volley Ball Intramurals 3 JAMES LIPPERT It is easier not to speak a word than to speak one to many A efflux F.F..1.2. L 'vwlf . ,u ' ' CQ 0 ff, " ' ,an I N .'...,,,' EY GAIL PEPPERDINE "Eyes of unholy blue." Cheerleading 2,3.4g Chorus 1,3g Yearbook Staffg Newspaper staff 1, 4gClass Plays 3,4:Basketba1l Intra- murals 1,2,3g Badminton Intra- murals 1 2 3 4. WILLIAM PFEIFFER "Life is short and sweet but oh the girls are sweeter Football 3 4 Track 4 4 l-IAZEL PHEARSDORF Short but sweet Chorusl F H A 4 Basketball lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Baseball Intra murals 1 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club 1 JAMES PHEARSDORF The Qulet man A 1 2 WILLIAM PITTMAN For he's a Jolly good fellow Football 3 4 Baseball 3 Vrce Presrdent 4 BARBARA PROSSER Though she be l1ttle she rs flerce Yearbook staff Llbrary Club THOMAS SCACCHI L1fB1SSW8EI, gO1l.S are sweeter ANN SCARLATO A good name IS better than rtches X Natronal Honor Soclety Student Counc1l3 Yearbook Staff Basket ball Intramurals 1 Badm1nton Intra murals 2 MARY LOU SCHULTZ A penny for your thoughts Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Llbrary Club 3 Intramurals 2 3 THOMAS SEATON Good to be meme and wlse Chorus 1 2 3 4 Class Presldent 2 4 Yearbook Staff Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Basketball2 3 4 Jur11orPlay la DOISSNA REHLER "Kindness is a golden chain." Qgnd 1.2.33 Chorus 43 Class Vice- President 1g Yearbook Staff4g Basketball Imzramurals 1, 2: Junior Play. PEGGY ROS KILLY Nrce thmgs come 1n small pack a es Bandl 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff Newspaper Staff3 4 F H A 1. Cheerleadrng 4 if 'T 'i JOYCE SILVIS I have never let my schooling interfere with my education PHILLIP SMITH His bark is worse than his bite Basketball 1 2 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 3 4 pl! 'il- f, , '01 RONALD SMITH While there's life there's hope Chorus12FFA 1234 JAMES SPRING Quiet people are welcome every where Chorus 1. DEANNA SWANSON 'A girl with a smile can be happy all the while." Band 1.2.35 Chorus 4: Class Sec- retary 1.43 Yearbook Staff. News- paper Staff 2.4: Basketball Intra- murals 1,2g Baseball Intramurals 3. FRANCIS WEINAUG 'Blessed are they who have nothing to say. " Class Play 4: Football 43 Basketball 2. .vig WV! Q of 4 x if i Ur, X Ether Cram Joseph Shea Home Economics Driver Training ROBERT WHZRLEIN "The combined qualities of a man and an athelete." Chorus 2.33 National Honor Society 3.43 Student Council 3.43 Yearbook Staff3 Boys' Stateg Class Pla y 3.42 Football. Track 2.3.42 Intramurals 1.2,3.4. EVELYN WILBER "Good Humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." Library Club 1.2: F.H.A. 43 Intra- murals 3.4. MARY WOODS "A friend to mankind." Band 1.2.33 Yearbook Staffg News- paper staff 43 Basketball Intramurals 33 Cheerleading 43 Senior Play. CAMERA SHY ROBERT BUCHEIT JOSEPH MALONE RONALD ZINK s' A , Carol Anderson Art Dionis Owens Ar if' i .f Vv . ,- s X x 'X I X. , 1 G P3599 DICK PFEIFFER PAT HAYDEN 4'Q54,94 4 6 X560 Vice-President S6CrCIal'Y Trees DOA, 0989 Yee wer 4,79 1' IUNIORS fm 1 ROW ONE: S. Stomierowski, J. Wilber, P. O'Nei11, D. Sue, E. Zink, B. Quattrone, S. Parsell. ROW TWO: D. Hinton, D. Mendell, D. Noll, F. Ratzell, J. McDonald, D. Pierce,J. Schemerhorn, M. Taylor. ROW THREE: J. Mostacato, J. Rado, J. Finn, D. Rado, J. Stoeckel, T. Birmingham, K, Kiffer, E. Strotman, N. Wymer, J. Wolf. ROW FOUR: L. Baxter, L. Gifford, K. Geise, E. Bruner, E. Clark, J. Capozzi, D. Pfeiffer, R. Peace, T. Forness, G. Forness. 3 T ROW ONE: B. Farr, P. Hayden, R. Cat-ls, I. Higley, D. Karroach, M. Klice, S, Rado. ROW TWO: M, Mc Caffery, K. Martin, J. Joyce, D. Bruner, A. Fortuna, P. Layton. ROW THREE: B. Donahey, D. Hunt, M. Cram, S. Kelley, M, Moore, E. Hitchcock, J. Ackerman. ROW FOUR: J. Giardini, M. Connell, S. Chambers, C. Hitchcock, J. Mc- Kenney. s -F- K P ,- . V I .ig1,?5' TOM FLYNN VIRGINIA MONROE JCX' , - . V if E Q33 XN 60. Vice President Secretar, ees DSO 39 QYQSV5 U1-et Af SOPHOMORE S ROW ONE: R. Silvis, P. Hitchcock, S. Hall, V. Monroe, F. Hilliard. ROW TWO: K. Birminghamul. Frisina, P. Peasley, D. Barney, R. Kyser, D. Martin,J. Foster, K. Walsh. ROW THREE: K. Gould, P. Kelley, P. Ryan, P. Bruner, D. Sandburg, K. O'Donnel1, A. Bergreen, K. Karl, G. Boser. ROW FOUR: T, Collins, T. FIYTIII. J. Butzow, J. Eaton, J. Smith, B. Munson, M. VanDixon. P-'VI' id tfurnnq "lulllQ I ROW ONE: I. Mallery, E. Foster, T. Ratzell, S. Crisafulli, K. Stady, R. ff, Roskilly, L. Kelley, K. Geise. ROW TWO: G. Mott, E. O'Meara, D. O'Dell, 5573 B. Finch,B.Jones, B. Prima, J. Sandburg, 1. Hirsch, s. Mcxmney, A. Firm, A 1-Z A K. Walsh. ROW TrHiEEg J. Simmons, G. Krott, J. Mattern, E. Burgess, P, 1' Carter, R. Herron, K. Wilson, L. Shaffer, J. Layton, M. Hitchcodk. I, ,f X ' MARYE . GIL W A c . BE BUS117eSS RT - TIS' 'S T Sqn A 2-.Y gif' x 5 .-1 Y fi Judy Kiffer Marilyn Silvis Q VICE -PRESIDENT SECRETARY 1-a we FRE SHME N nuw UNE: M. Williams. J. Layton, S. Smith, T. Pierce, M. Allen, B. Mohr, N. Weller, N. Brown, J. Kiffer, J. Grover, ROW TWO: B. Tyler, R. Collins, J. Scarlato, M. Stephen, C. Gianforte, S. Kahm, M. Willibey, E. Reitz, H, St. Clair, R. Malone. ROW THREE: L. Quattrone, L. Slocum, J . Pfeiffer, C. Trank, J. Grandusky, N. Munson, R. Cornell, C. Kyser, S. Rich. 3 T - "- , 'Q ?' V 1 Q 5 T' f , , VV K. i f L 1 I 9 M :ff L . 23 I: ' IQQYKLEVI 1 FRED GRACE MARGARET SWEENEY EDWARD KUSTRA Business English Social Studies FRESHMEN ",j-'ip 2' mx'fL, ,E -sfwf J .J--gf W -lr Q.-af 1' 'ts 5-my 6, --r-1. ,J . Ei A . Q ,E .JZ A is ' r 'l""'i" A A N. - ,, . Y gas- Q J, f? Q 7' A '99 , .:, X fly". Ag f, If qc," U in i Sc " 'C ' 4----.Az-V 5 42 v' 'gas l 9 -4 J' 4.3 B gf x 'I . ' , if 1 -yu-, -W., 73 v-4 4 x . ,z, l K ...4- ff ,, , ,ir 5 ' .1 1- , 4r""7' ,'f 'nw Q Y fe f, 5' gl - I ev .Q 'Q ' X is ,E '4i+? 'I-re ' 4 3' 3:5 75" , TZ . U 71.2. -- f 1,44 .4 -9 Q ' X K 1 Pin. ' 5. ' KMWQ 1 ,I ' . 1, v E 'QM r 1 Y v , , r . ,, 1 1 .im 'RQ'-" Eff , Q 0 W 1. , ' n Vet ' .1 In EE Y 'bi 'J 5 v J 1 'nu ' 0 n 'I n , fs! O. ll G R ,MDE THREE - Hrs. Romaiue fX1CI,8'I'lhllI1 GRADE THREE - MIS. Florence Srayer 1 1 2 2 3 'YA 'Q 'W 's Q" .sq GRADE TWO - M155 Dons Brown 3 Q I - LAQA Q0 P CRDI1XO r fQTT!L!l'ff14C ce Du C ADL T NO lam We IYS' 'nl nv. -v ff f "" z 1 ' Q 1 an Q. ' 12" m, Q 3, my ' I i iVs,g, A ' . yi F f,,. 1. , f, n A gy , if , , M , 4 lb! A if A . ,fy J g ,Q M M . 2w W2f g ' wvfwaf 45 .Q gp ' ' Y ' .J 01345 gg NA-, aw 4 L f S If lift! Q .--wg, ' 13 Pg, f . i , Q' -f . lip' "fry - f 1 va ' U s' ' ' ' I I -.if 4 V 4 ' 4 1. ' 1 4 9 , 'r K' 'V Q fag' ' 1 j U 'ul " "f ' 9 N If 1 'sf , if mV Q1 15- -?'!'. in iv ,. g , at 3 LII' ' ' 5.3 r- N 'I K -4 " EQ-. I3 f 1' Q AJ: ' 4 , 1 -4 J 1 ll lf UQ .-5 5 s .7 T' y Q, "fs- 'ef 301 X, 35 4- fm 55 JE' fi 1' ff' KI ins Qc' 'X , 5 . sf Q? if 1 W U z M gf 1 r i,C .f- 7 KNAPP CREEK .Ml I-lilwm GRADES FIVE and SIX GRADES THREE and FOUR GRADES ONE and TWO KINDERGARTEN GRADES FIVE an SIX - Mrs. Lucille Lindgren 'N "' Q 4,45 4 GRADES THREE and FOUR - Mrs. Leona Scott GRADES ONE and TWO - Mrs. Janice MacArthur SX 1 -, v VWYV .. 1 1 I 'W Q . 4, x ,- B: 5 O 'x KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Margaret Anderson MHE 1, 'vw 114 J, K . ' af Ns! . ' f X f ' 3 Q, Q., 5 .51 5 X X- f , ' xx Q , 1, N tx 2 I, yr 4. of N1 U .3 Q TERIA CAFE WORKERS BUS DRIVE Y ,Vw ,, AWD , w,,,,.- ffrr' f Jn I . ,., - - im -4 gf 9. we ' 5 ggi 2 25? 1 Vs H 5 5 X V li if , Vg,m,g, Awm' .www ,f 'Q' 'A"""' l , is ii- M ' gfv Va f 4' .A . 1 'Q 1 p ' f if Q' X 4-+ is Q V3 V. s 1 O f W, B, "'353f- 1,,,, , -V . MW 1' ,V fm, , W. ., ,, ff, W' "wh, V! ' "ff ,inf r . , . f, , , , . , , .f . N, il, m,:a,W',, V 1 1 hc 21 r ' Vg., 1.7: Vmgqy any ,VfMVy,4V7a '5 Q f, 'Q ,V ' 9' 41" M Q 51"-aa " Y Q, 4 4 2 A A ,Q - ' z.V 5 " 'fff V ,- a- K... 4. Y: Q47 - HQ, V g i.: V7ff : igsf gf-fi Q V32 g , ffm 'J wwf -Af ' 1- V rf 5' V 'L Ui M ug, 4.1: VJ f, iv? ,Af V 5,51 .iv M -xgwf 'aes Mr ,, . .V .V .. . . V , qv. -,P K , , W- 9 'gg-gm N, - - "' , .. , Vu . f L., J: e-, f 'N , 'f-:W r-,. . .,. ..-., si ,. Via ff , - A. V fi ' HW NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bob Werrlein, Bob Blinn, Bill Bucher, Doug oreen, Gary F orness, Jim Grandusky, Mary Ann Cram, Donna Krott, Anne Scarlato, Ann Brahaney, Donna Sue, Barbara Hayden, Phyllis Jones, Margaret Mc- Caffery, Anne Karl, Donna Rehler, Mary Woods, Elizabeth Helmert. EDITORS Ann Brahaney, Anne Scarlato. BUSINESS MANAGERS Barbara Hayden, Jim Boser. PRODUCTION Donna Krott, Phyllis Jones, Barbara Prosser, Elizabeth Helmert. THE FOOTHILLS STAFF ' abil Q ,, 1 Eya af KAVV "fw A s Anthony Altiere SPANISH-ENGLISH ADVERTISING AND SALES: Carol Klice, Betty Karl, Deanna Swanson, Dona Carr, Jeanette Foster, Fra ncis Weinaug, Bill Jenner, Bill Bucher, To m Seaton, Bob Blinn, Mary Woods, Geraldine Giardini, Donna Rehler, Joan Boser, Bob Werrlein, Jim Gleason, Gail P e p p e r d i n e, Ruth Johnson, Nancy Gerringer, Doug Green, Ed Becker. A D I i I Tl-IE SCHOOL CITIZEN STAFF EDITOR . . CO-EDITOR. . NEWS EDITOR . . REPORTERS D. Sue K. Martin P. Roskilly M. Woods J. Foster G. Pepperdine C. Klice G. Boser P. Hayden R. Collins K. Walsh M. L. Martiny D. Martin P. Jones D. Swanson B. Hayden B. Karl K. Gould D. Krott J. Butzow K. Walsh J. Boser K. Norton T. Seaton J. Boser Elizabeth Helmert Kathleen O'Donnell Jo Krampf SENIOR PLAY Willoughby Adams Chuck Martin . . . Harvey Downs . . Coach Lloyd . . Sally Bishop . . . THE CAST . . Bob Blinn . . . . . Bill Bucher . . . Francis Weinaug . . . . . . .JimBoser . . . Gail Pepperdine AuntO1ga...... ......DonnaK1-on Marybelle Turner . . . . . . Nancy Gerringer Anna...... ....DonaCarr Dorothy . . . . Mary Wood Directed By Inner Willy . . Johnny Newton Ralph Jones . Hank Johnson , . . . Aunt Louise . . Aunt Hester . . . . . Lottie...... Marion... Kay... Mrs. Helen Cruse . . . Bob Werrlein . . . Ed Becker . . . . Joe Bizzaro . . . . Jim Gleason , . Peggy O'Meara . Jeannette Foster Elizabeth Helrnert . . . . Carol Klice . . . Phyllis Jones 3,52 ii iffifg FT -if 1 f i FHA ROW ONE M Moore F Hxllard L Hughes H Phearsdorf ROW TWO- D Hunt J McKer1ney E H1IChCOCk M Taylor if ,Mes ROW THREE ,T Ackerman E W11ber B Donahey Advxsor PS Mrs Eaton . wife :Wa 03 W -XAZQXCQX' 56 lYOA7EM11d'Gd FFA 2'1- COA Gro 41108 ...Hx ,fi ROW ONE: J. Minderler, J. Phearsdorf..T.SprinS.J. Hosmer I. Foster, R. Putt. ROW TWO: C. Kyser, E. O'Meara, M Crisafulli, T. Scacchi, R. Zink, D. O'De1l. ROW THREE: I. Lemon, M, VanDixor1, J. Riehle, T. Tyler, L. Wilber, P. Carter. ROW FOUR: G. Forness, T. Forness, B. Pfeiffer, D, Pfeiffer, J. Stoeckel, J. Wilber. JUNIOR PLAY Senora Gonzoga Moreno fflrst nightl Mary Ann Cram fsecond mghtl Janice Ackerman Fehpe . . , Gary Forness Ramona Kfirst nightj Janice Wilber fsecond mghtj Margaret McCaffery Old Marda fftrst nightj Janet Schemerhorn Qsecond nightj Kay Martin Margarita Cfirst nightj Anna Fortuna Csecond nightj Donna Sue . . . Larry Gifford . . . . . Ellen Zink . Richard Pfeiffer , . , . Jack Capozzi . Eugene Strotman , . , . , Karl Kiffer . . . . . Dave Rado Sandra Stomerisky . . . . Doug Hinton v- fy P' I7 1 F S 1,54 V -nl' ROW ONE: B. Farr, Accompanistg K. Stady, T. Pierce, L. St. Clair, L. Kelley M. Klice, R. Carr, M. Allen. ROW TWQ L. Taylor, S. Kelley, V. Monroe, P Hitchcock, M. McCaffery, R. Johnson, E. Helrnert, K,O'Donne11. ROW THREE M. Martiny, R. Collins, J. Giardini. J. Schemerhorn, M. Connell, M. Warren D. Hunt, P. Ryan. ROW FOUR: K. Birmingham, R. Jones, G. Sandburg, J Wolf, F. Ratzel, T. Ryan, J. Smith, W. Bucher. QXOBVKN ' O .CSIS vwex ROW ONE: J. Krampf, Accompanistg E. Gerringer. J. Sue. R. Freeman. J. Peck. J. Peck, C. Kane, S. Pepperdine. ROW TWO: C. Silvis, C. Stevenson, H. Birmingham, B. Charles, N. Cameron. N. Taylor, D. Stoeckel, D. Rouse. ROW THREE: S. Fitzmaurice, G. Rambuski, P. Becker, B. Edwards, B. Mattern, J. Carlson, A. Silvis, J. Peasley. ROW FOUR: S. Jones, E. Cornish, M. Barney, A. Morgan, R. Lemon, P. DeCapua, J. Ellis, E. Giardini. ROW ONE: M. L. Schultz, K. O'Donne11,B.Herdendorf, E. Burgess, J. Graham, K. Stady. ROW TWO: A. Bergreen, G. Boser, J. Amberge, J. Bellamy, K. Geise, B, Work, M. L, Gifford, N. Amberge, W. Boser, M. Amberge. ROW THREE: B. Farr, Miss Moszak, T. Collins, K. Gould, J. Hirsch. HAROLD JOHNS Music . ' "UWC r , ML? 5 ROW ONE: J. Hitchcock, K. Geise, B. Work, M, L. Schultz, E. Reitz, E. Cornish. ROW TWO: K. Gould, G. Lewis, K. Norton, B. Hahn,R. McCoy, P. Brink, R. Herron, E. Reitz. ROW THREE: B. Mattern, M. Brink, T. Collins, J, Amberge, J, Mallery, W, Weichman, D. Sue. ROW FOUR: R. Roskilly, R. Carls, D. Greene, K, Geise, A. Fortuna, M, Kyser, J. Hirsch, D. Sue. ROW FIVE: P. Roskilly, S. Crisafulli, M. A. Cram. 1 Q 7 I J,! KJJJ. J ui' iw 5 I n I if 'Y Q YG K s . I 2 I ,, fy 4 . a -O - 2 1, ali 'H .ala Q 'Z J i Wg: W ......ri-' .. If I f ,ff 'tg gn 3? W Av ff" 3 4 A f . S, f-,fl " Y - W v , v .L f 2 - N.. . D ft! 'gf ' x - 3 7 1 , . b 1 4 ' 3 I 5 Wg gi' Y ara' K. . F. N . . A W' AXE V5 8' ,K ... Y y ,. . .x 5 E31 1' 'N-1 S K Qs 9 mf ne I ' .3-9+-92-.1 if as Q wanna, Fl 52 W , . , 'AI A ,na I ' -4 . 1 ' ' "V,-"4 f -wmv, L ,- ., L. -ak 'm 15 ., .. STUDENT COUNCIL President . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . . . . Bob Werrlein .......DougGreen . . Margaret Mc Caffery . . . . . Anne Bergreen ...--Q yas!! . f 2 9 if ,. Q .Z 1 J c r , - , 1 BURTON ECKHARDT Physical Education Seniors . . Juniors . . Sophomores . Freshmen . . Eighth Grade Seventh Grade . . Advisor . . . . REPRESENTATIVES , , Donna Krott Bob Werrlein Doug Green Ann Braha.ney ........JimFirm J ack Capozzi Margaret McCaffery Janice Wilber . . . . . Diane Barney Anne Bergreen Kevin Walsh . . . Margaret Rose Warren Larry Quartrone , , , Mary Barney . . . . ...Timmysue . . . Burton Eckhardt 1 , ,- l fl' is v l I K l"v14n.Mv ! 5 v ll 4- , yawn, Fi.. M... 1 E N .qu INQQ ff 'B x 3 xgfkg Wm M--R E Q r 3 1 if Q I 1' 1 5 S YQ., COACHES Fred Grace . . . ..... . Football Lou DiGirolamo. Howard Otto. . . . . . . ...... Football Ed Kusga , , , Burton Eckhardt . . . . Basketball and Track i Doris Morris PHYSICAL EDUCATION n '- I X-' ' . Q X. Basketball and Basebal . . . .... Basketbal VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Q I Ni Carol Davis, Geraldine Giardini,Joar1 Boser, Peggy Roskilly, Ruth Johnson, and Gail Pepperdine. FOOTBALL TEAM ROW ONE: T. Birmingham, R. Werelein, R. Peace, R. Lauser, M. Cristafulli, W. Pfeiffer, J. Capozzi J. Barney, N. O'Meara. ROW TWO: R. Frisina, T, Forness, J. Simms, I. Gleason, W. Bucher, F, Weinaug G. Forness, R. Pfeiffer, T. Ryan, ROW THREE: M. Clark, J. Mustacato, R. Zink, E. Brunner, W. Pitt' man, T, Seaton, W. Munson,L. Hunt. ROW FOUR: J. Stoeckel, J. Wilbur, W. Finch. J. Pfeiffer, L. Slocum C. Hakes, V. Weinman, K, Birmingham. ROW FIVE: J. Smith, E. O'Meara. I. Brahaney, T. Flynn, K Walsh, R. Blinn. SCORES WE THEY St. Bernards 26 6 F ranklinville 18 O Salamanca 35 6 Bolivar 6 7 Portville 20 O Canisteo 25 6 Cuba 19 O "i 'n I 1, -. 5 -' ay fx I I X U 4 KW KW! ,,' all hx' J ' W' ,W 'W Q P 'Q f V KX , gk!! K V R 4 ' if 3 z ' I in-lvnn--'af f, Mi, M 32' z Q 52 'N L W x M 1' Xa! 5, , 5 5 gf J mgdrfl .7 I -05 , 5 P. 1 4 5' 11" JUNIOR VARSITY 4 X I I, 1 -K5 5 1:3 ' Bob Jones, Jim Smith, Bob Frisina, Coach DiGira1amo, Tom Ryan, Bill Munson, Kevin Birmingham, ,Tim Wilber, Dave O'De11, Vince Weinman, Carl Hakes, Norm Moore, Jerry Eaton, Manager Bill Finch, Tom Flynn. Lou DiGira1amo PHYSICAL EDUCATION I-V CHEERLEADERS S 1 XR .In Ann Bergreen, Ruth Carr, Gail Boser, Rose Roskilly, Janet Hirsch, Kay Karl, 'Mf..,p:,,f I Nun? . ""322"1 yuan 'vgalifwis , M55 inf 'W-JJ iw V 4' Q Q 6 5 Y '11, ' v A f. sal A 1 'fi 5 r ". Mll m 'QM WHM , W,,, 7 ?QulH5' QHMMW 9 1 liens! 0.9.5 at Wie' 520' 8 fill!! llllll lfflff illiil SIESII 513538 SQHQER S ' -Inf 2 sl. swf .. igffii bi 8 HOU! K Slllllg ggw Sill!! HIRE!! KQHIIS 353332 fmsmaz fhwiea .1 53? sill!!! iii!!! Qlllll ililll valid! QRQBII :maart Mimsn Q kgs! 2 , l v?WQf K, ,ue g... a f rf' Q I rf MQ' I .. , ' Awf- yin Q: Q. . ' ,sun t x T gm , 7? IT F S XX N Karen Stady, Elma Gerringer, Sall Arlene Silvis, Diane Boser. Mary Lou TRACK ROW ONE: R. Lauser. T. Seaton. R. Werrlein,J. Wilbur. ROW TWO: R. Jones, R. Frisina, T. Birm- ingham, J. Smith, I. Gleason, W. Pfeiffer, R. Blinn, E. O'Meara, D. O'Dell. ROW THREE: P. Brunner K. Birmingham, P. Smith, W. Jenner, D. Pfeiffer, M. Clark, R. Peace, W. Munson. BASEBALL l ROW ONE: K. Birmingham, R. Frisina, G. Forness, T. Birmingham, T. Forness, J. Finn, J. Gleason, D Green. ROW TWO: P. Brunner, J. Pfeiffer, R. Lauser, J. Stoeckel, L. Gifford, R. Pfeiffer, M. Clark, J Capozzi, R. Peace, R. Blinn. ROW THREE: W. Pittman, T. Flynn, P. Smith, W, Bucher, W, Jenner, W Pfeiffer. TH E HORRORSCOPE NAME Martln Ball James Bamey Edwin Becker Forrest Bellamy Joseph Brzzaro Mary Blessmg Robert Blrnn Judy Booth Iam Boser Ioan Boser Ann Brahaney Robert Buchert Wrllram Bucher Thomas Carlson Dona Carr Mavoureen Connell Mrchael Cnsafullr Carol Davxs Jeanette Fmter Eugene Gerrmger Nancy Gernnger Geraldme Glardlm James Gleason James Grandusky Douglas Green Donald Hakes Barbara Hayden Elrzabeth Helmert James Hess Lors Hughes Nma Hughes Leslre Hunt Ruth Johnson Phyllrs Jones Anne Karl Betty Karl Carol Kllce Donna Krott Rrchard Lauser John Lemon James Lrppert Jane Malone Joseph Malone Ruth Miles John Mmderler Margaret O Meara Gail Pepperdme Wrllram Pferffer Hazel Phearsdorf James Phearsdorf Wrllram Prttman Barbara Prosser Donna Rehler Peggy Roskrlly Thomas Scacchr Ann Scarlato Mary Lou Schultz Thomas Seaton Joyce Silvis Phrllrp Smrth Ronald Smrth James Sprmg Deamma Swanson Francrs Wemaug Robert Werrlern Evelyn Wrlber Mary Woods Ronald Zrnk NOTED FOR he ght sports abrlrty talking over BIIIDIUOII7 that sleepy look collecting money acting abrlrty talking wise cracks personalrty sweetness abrlrty bemg a pest rntellrgence 81881138 sweet d1spos1t1on green DeSoto her frgure flrrtrng studrousness trymg cheermg nrght rrdrng brarns his sayrng quretness passrng the buck clothes hrs laugh her Jokes quret voice levxs pretty face dependabrlrty stubborness temper red harr being srlly has affectrons quallues lus car talkmg drivrng abrlrty friendlmess meekness lmprshness blonde harr mad drrving shormess few words hrs humor unpredxctable effrcrency snare drum flxrtlng neamess her clarmet red harr domesticrty bnllrant questxons lame excuses wavy han her legs hrs brrghtnessv capabrlrtres good sport co-operauon honesty LIKBS hu car good times walking to school Dolly sleeping ack to act In laugh Kathleen r Ronnre Trr to srng cars Zane Grey people the Reserves Mrke Don bear hunung sports Dick English IV math tunafrsh women debating cakes Lrmestone ch wrng gum model arrplanes Tom lemon pre Larry ar spa ghetu Gerry movie grggl people hunting laughmg Tom grrls fanyj Rusty farming om crty men tnple sundaes music women Brown ludrans ACS Band Rosle bass frddle females rocket shrps ev athlete to be foolrsh to dance homemakrng Bu who knows PROBABLY WILL BE tall drrver drrnkrng prof farmer mechanrc sleep walker Mrs Mason actor secretary millionaire teacher F B I a ent detectrve doctor jockey M5 'Q Miss Amerrca a bachelor cover grrl a housewife dog catcher boolue U N guide educated brun sciennst engineer fireman polrucran TV star clown WAC secretary male nurse socralrte army nurse Krndergarten teacher housewife Mrs Jackman aerialist P09 orator cowboy columnist policeman nurse middlewerght reporter teacher zoologrst e gag d a taxr drrver president gorng places nurse band leader casanova dental assistant WAVE Jet prlot clerk mayor salesman pnson guard soda jerk gambler a succss Mus F H A social worker Mr Amerrca i . , ' I . ' B'll U ' A D ' . . .D g . . . 5' . . boys . . . e , William Jenner agility of mind short women mad chemist Bud ' ' t . . , . t . . . gms ' to ' e . . . TV . n e . . . . I . . . B . ' d Mrs Orrlla Snyder Mxss Dorothy Karl Mrs F Stayer Carl Obermrller Dr 8: Mrs S Eaton Mrs VincentE Karl Mr 8:Mrs G MacArthur Mr B W Eckhardt Mr 8: Mrs C Smith Don Johnson Mrs R. McLaughlin Mr 8: Mrs J Boser Buddy O Meara 8: Mrs A Johnson 8: Mrs J Prosser 8: Mrs R Bllnn James Brahaney 8: Mrs R Hakes 8:Mrs L Willrams 8: Mrs Wintermantel Mrss F Grimes Raymond Giardiru Bob Lrlly Jo Rocky Mr 8: Mrs Edwards James Gleason Gertrude K Masoner Mr 8: Mrs F Soplop Mr 8: Mrs Loren Krott 5555555 Mrs W S Swertzer Mr Julra Ayers Oscar Wtlber Mrs Robert Marvtn Margaret Anderson Mrs M H Lamb Mr 8:Mrs C Schultz Mr 8: Mrs H Schultz Mr 8: Mrs R Swanson Mlss E Greene Mr 8: Mrs E Booth Mr Michael Scanlato Mr 8: Mrs J Helmert Shrrley Cook Leona Scott J Ellmg8:M Klice Mr 8: Mrs R Green Mr 8: Mrs C Seaton Mrs Pearl Carr Mr Nellre F Hunt Mr 8:Mrs E Baxter Mrs Lrlltan Payne Mrs James Brahaney Larry 8:Betty Mr Don Fomess R. G 8: G Frres BO0S'l'ER 8: Mrs E ord 8: Mrs I lbuse 8: Mrs J Karl 8: Mrs K Davis Glen Willard 8: Mrs E M French Gerry Ptxley Mr 8: Mrs Allen French Dr 8: Mrs D Weegar Mabel M Carls Jeanette Foster Peggy O Meara Mr 8: Mrs Reedy Mr 8: Mrs A Carlson Doris Brown Robert Blmn Jr Mr 8: Mrs E Cruse Mrs Mane Forness Tom Brrmrngham Mr 8: Mrs Fassnacht Mrs C M Walsh Helen Grardun D1ck Lauser Margaret Lynch Mr 8: Mrs Lauser Madelrne McAuI1ffe 8: Mrs E Rehler Robert Werrlern 8: Mrs Blessrng 8: Mrs N O Meara 8: Mrs F Toothman Mrss Evelyn Wrlber Mr 8:Mrs W Ltppert Mr 8: Mrs R Hughes Mr 8: Mrs F Goerss Mlss Frances Colt Mr Oscar Wilber Mr 8: Mrs J Gould Mrs T J Ward Mr Gus Rogers Mr 8: Mrs T McCaffery Lors 8: Nrna Hughes Anna Greeley Mr 8: Mrs J Grlbert Mr 8: Mrs E Mallery Tom Blessrng Mr 8: Mrs R Boser Miss Dons Hunt 'Mr 8: Mrs F Grace Mr 8: Mrs R Pepperdme Mr 8: Mrs E Hemqutst Miss Brace Bell Gene 8: Jan lbrtz Mr 8: Mrs J Pferffer Mr Willlam Hauk I Mr 8: Mrs J Decker Mr 8: Mrs C Attweell Mr Peter Nrnos Lucrle Lrndgren Mrs Glen Wrllard Mrs O J Rlehler Mrs Harold Gernnger R Carr8:B Burke Mr 8: Mrs F Jones The Hahns Mr 8: Mrs Beldrng Skip O Meara Alan 8: Kathy Lauser Willlam Jenner Donald Burlmgame Mr 8: Mrs H Smlth Mr 8: Mrs C Mohr Ken 8: Margaret Carls Gerald Fmlan Mrs E Querton Danrel Lyan Rose Gerrrnger Mr 8: Mrs Bergreen Martin Gleason Mr 8: Mrs J Fortuna John R. Davrs Mrs E Blankenship Paul Martmy Mr 8: Mrs Berry Mark Blessrng Mr 8: Mrs A Scarlato Mr 8: Mrs Maue James Lrppert Mr 8: Mrs R l-lxgby Miss M L Schultz Mr Joseph Shea Mr 8: Mrs Phearsdorf Mrss E Hogan Mr 8: Mrs Gleason Mtss Donna Kelley Mr 8: Mrs F Cook Mr 8: Mrs C Hughes Mr 8: Mrs L Anderson MissG McLaughlLn Tom 8: Rosme Mr 8: Mrs D Hayden Leslte Hunt Mr H J Arnberge Mr Floyd Karl Carol Brahaney Mr 8: Mrs I Krampf Mr Roy Mann Mr Jerry Fmlan Varsity Cheerleaders ' Mr. . . ' ' . . . Mr. . ' . . Mr. . . . . . . ' . . . Mr. . . . . . . Mr. ' ' . . . ' Mr. . ' . . s. ' Mr. . . ' ' Mrs. ' Mr. . . . . . ACTIVITIES 1 J L- X, , IOC 'S uae s Q 1 cg , og, 5 IPI ra 4 pg 4? X "U A I. gvqv,-7: C. K. N. G. ,, y W.B. 8.14. , W IM. R,W. A W ' ' . Q. :YS , - 8: .. 4 H 'Q' c. D. ,J , I ,f 4 i J. an. B. A' S. L. H. N. H. NLS. r .1 s ,I , J E. H. M. C. J. G. N. SLM. O'M. T. C' 4 en . 5 4 N 3 i -f l: , .- W Q . , , .,,,, 'll " Q f y .KM ' ff.- "-- in ..-fa ' N an 1. ' K f ' P., y . . . ., G. G. 1. M. J. F. mr' " 0LEA COAL CUMPAY 1507 East State Street Olean New York Phone 4403 Sp9C13I1Z1l'1g 1n 100'-70 deep mlned anthraclte Sz bltumlnous coal D1rect from mme to you Save S 4 O0 per ton Best Wlshes From THE OLEAN TIMES HERALD Ed1ted for the f8.I'I11I16S Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvama WHDL Th1s program from the presses of AM 1450 On Your D1a1 PRINTING COMPANY INC FM 95 7 Megacycles or Channel 239 Prmters of the Better Klnd at no extra cost The Programs of the West State Road Olean N Y I Amerlcan Broadcastmg Company Phone 2 1114 I of M M Ml I ,. CONGRATU LATIONS SE NIORS CROSBY ICE CREAM AT LEO S AND HIRSCH'S Olean New York Phone 5400 BEST WISHES THE SE NIORS FROM EATO DAIRY C0. De11ver1es ln Allegany Olean Weston M1115 L15 Portvllle and Vanda11a ALLEGANY FIRE DEPARTMENT and ENGINE CNMPANY THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK 0i ALLEGANY of Congratulations To The Class Of 1955 The Bank Of Friendly Service THE ALLEGA Y CITIZE COMPLETELY EQUIPPED TO DO ALL KINDS OF JOB PRINTING One of the largest prlntmg plants 1n Southwestern New York 99 West Mam St Allegany Compllments LEO'S S PER MARKET Phone 117 of HALL MANUFACTURING C0 0l.EAN WHOLESALE GRUCERY C0-0? BAKERY DlVlSl0N OOD PRODUCT Delicious Bread SULLIVAN and MURRAY ST. RUNAVENTURE UNIVERSITY GENERAL TIRES AFT SYSTEM T F D Phone 661M1 CHA E D GIAR ll EDWARD BRDW and EDWARDS GENERAL HARDWARE DEALER IN SECOND HAND PIPE Phone 25 and SCRAP IRON A AFTER GRADUATION VISIT BEST WISHES ALLEGANY s FINEST DAIRY MEADDWDRDDK MARY VIN WE INMAN MILK SHAKES ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS v l L L A N Olean Allegany Road Phone 21812 R. . . A41 9 DL . Allegany New York Allegany N- Y- I I ALLEGA Y U DERWRITER J Ray McAu11ffe Pres COMPLIMEN TS MC CAFFERY and RAKER H M Krampf Vwe Pres LADIES SPECIALTY SHOPPE INSURANCE and BONDS SERVICE BEYOND THE CONTRACT 45 W Mam St 79 West Mam St Telephone 140 Phon Allegany N Y e 248 PARSELL Class of 1955 D0 ADAM ATRMRTIVE PART W State at F1fth Olean New York Phone Olean 2 2133 PAPER PRRDUCT Olean New York Phone 6546 W1Sh1Dg each and every Member of the Class of 55 A full and happy future OF 9 I C. Allegany, N. Y. A C0. Q ALITY CLOTHE or MEN AND BOYS DAVIS CLOTHING COMPANY Olean New York I 1 Q G BAL A CUMPA Y Attleboro Massachusetts Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS MEDALS CLUB INSIGNLA Represented by ROBERT T TURNBULL 14 Waldemere Way Lakewood New York Cornpllrnents FRA K 0CONNOR PORTl G 600D Complete 11ne of sportmg goods Mam Street a 7266 Buffalo 3 New York Compllments R J FITZMA RICE House mover and r1gger 70 North Flfth Street Allegany New York DAVI L. . FOR I I WILLIAM J. LIPPERT Washed sand and gravel We dellver FIVE Mlle Rd Allegany New York Phone Allegany 118 Compllments of ALLEG Y HARDWARE 100 West Maln Allegany Phone 46 J W LUCIE JEWELER 305 West State St Olean New York Comphments BURTON HOTEL Compllments of DORSEY S GENERAL STORE Knapp Creek Cornphments POTTER LUMBER CO Allegany N Y of of N. Y. ' ' ' Compliments SALLY 8: MARY REED Allegany New York KAMLER BROS Men' S Wear West State at Second Olean N Y JOHN J ASH Merchant Taxlor Dry Cleane r 316 West State Street Cornplunents of ROCK CITY SERVICE STATION AI.. JOHNSON MOTORS Allegany N Y Cornphments of HIRSCH S Sportmg Goods Mam Street Allegany Phone 2 81 Best Wlshes Semor Class of 1955 THE RADIANT DINER Cornphments ALLEGNXNIY SHOE REPAIR Allegany New York N of ' Oleanf N- Y- Phone 4686 Rock City to of K l l Compliments of Compliments of WILLARD MUSIC HOUSE KLICE BROS. DAIRY 229 N' Union St- - Olean New York BEGGS JEWELERS Cornpllments of Famous MODEL FOOD MARKET for D1aIDOHdS Phone 124 234N Umon St Olean N Y 107W Mam St Allegany MARTY VAILS Allegany N Y Phone 15 0 Congr'atu1at1onS Senlors 1955 RIVERVIEW MANOR HOTEL Congratulatlons GILES TYPEWRITER CO tOpSO11 landscapmg Dlstrlbutors of all makes of bulldozlng typewrlters and addlng machlnes Vandalla Xllegany New York 260 N Lnlon St Olean 'N Y Phone 9533 MAYO 8: GILIO GIARDINI LOU S PASTRY SHOPPE Compllments of Quallty Baked Goods CUNNINGHAM PLUMBING Specxallzmg ID Decorated Cakes and HEATING Phone 4225 253 N Umon St Olean N WORK 8L SILVIS Congratulatlons Contractors from Excavatmg Dumptruck Servlce Sewe rs Dltchmg WILLIAM S SERVICE STATION Au' Compressor Servlce 4 M11e Rd Allegany Compllments of OLEAN SALES CO THE PANTRY Dupont and Moors Palnt Bakery Fountam For Au Uses Restaurant 606 W State St Olean N Mam St Allegany N Y Phone 6030 Compllmems of BOSER S SINICLAIR SERVICE Slnclalr Gas Sz O11 LANG S HARDWARE Armstrong T1res Olean New YOI'k Phone Allegany 77 . ' . , . Y. , Compliments of , . . , . Y. I I SAND BURG BROS D1str1butors of AMOCO Petroleum Products Olean 4444 For a Career 1n Professlonal Nursmg Apply to The D1rector of Nurses DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Rlley St Buffalo 8 N Compllments RAWLING GRE ENHOUSE Compllments of AMERICAN LE GION Allegany Phone Olean HIBBARD S DINER For Fme Food Home cooked meals James Sc Ethel Johnson Propmetors Next to Crosby Da1ry Hlnsdale New York C omphm ents BAXTER S VALLEY FARMS DAIRIES Phone 8701 697M1 Congratulauons To the 1955 Graduatmg Class SHULTZ S TEXACO SERVICE Phone 271 Allegany New York Comphm ents CARL MONKHOUSE ' ' of N. Y. ' . , . Y. Hinsdale 821 Hinsdale Rd. a of , of Best Wlshes In Olean 1t's From S BLUMENTH XL SHOE CO PICKUP S Lad1es Quahty Footwear Excluslvely For Good Food 138 'N Uruon St O1ean Compllments gf Congratulatlons BERK S FABRIC CENTER JAYNE5 136 North Umon St 213 17 N Umon St Olean Olean HANIFAN SL CO GLEASON 8L MCCAFFERY Olean s F1rst Shoe Store Aflaflflfl S9I'V1Ce Slnce 1900 East Mam St Seventh Street 147 N Umon st o1ean N Allegany N Y BENTON S RED AND WHITE Phone 74 Super Market GEARY S 68 W Ma1n St Allegany Furmture Rugs Apphances Lane Cedar Chests Complete Lme Grocemes Meats 51 53 W Ma1n St Allegany N Y Produce Frosted Foods Tom Geary N. ' . ' N. Y. N. Y. Compliments of C0mP1im9ntS Of Compliments of Best Wishes JACK WALSH To The Barber Shop Class of 1955 COLLl BRO MEMORlAL Allegany Cornplmments of LESTER SHOE STORE 228 North Umon St Olean Ne W Phone 6615 York Best Wtshes to you Graduates HARTFIE LD HEALY SUPPLY COMPANY BLUMENTHAL S Olean s Sport Store 234N Un1or1234 Olean N Y FIVE Mlle Road HEINRY C EDEL Bulldlng Contractor Phone 318.1 Xllegany New York Best XR lshes From HO STX GEH Rock Clty lN Y O Buffalo, New York ' ' ' THE WESTON LUMBER ALLEGANY DRY CLEANERS COMPANY One Day Service Everything in Pick UP Builders' Supplies and Delivery West State Street Dally Oleafl New York Phone 20 Allegany, New York Compllments LIBERTY CLOTHING COMPANY PATRONIZE OUR XDVERTISERS Congratulatlons The Semor Class from X FRIEND Best of Luck tothe Class of 50 from XLLEG NYY TELEPHONE OPER XTOHS of D NVID FISCHER 233 N Lmon Street XLLEX SHOE STORE 221 'N Lmon Street Olean X xYork Olean New York l 1 - of to ' ' L . l ,LY 1 ' it 3 . ,Vi Compliments Compliments of Av?-,KY Av ' L ALCOVE CASTLE RESTAURANT Where good food reigns Olean Allegany Road Phone 9369 Buy Your School Supplles GOULDS O5 to S 1 O0 Store The Store Where you Compliments DOMINIC P SALVATORI Comphments DORNOW S Rexall Drug Store 76 W Mam St Phone Allegany ALLEGANY SUPPLY EQUIPMENT COMPANY Rene L Yehl Prop Plumblng Heatlnd Alr Condltlomng Oml and Gas Burners Allegany New York Compllments GRANDUSKY S FEED MILL Complunents of CARNAHANS Stores for Men Women and Boys North Unlon Olean N Y LORETTO FOODS Congratulates The Class of 55 of DR. , . ' of At , Get Your Money's Worth 59 N Y SL . . ' T, fo of Compliments SMITH'S GENERAL STORE of Groceries Dry Goods WHELAN'S DRUGS Men's Furnishing Boots and Shoes OLEAN PHARMACY Paints and Wallpaper 120 W. Main St. Allegany, N. Y N Union Street Olean Phone 60 GIARDINI S GROCERY STORE The Best of Everything R J Giardini 8: Son from your South Vandalia PEPSI COLA MAN Phone 66lJ1 A SENIORS FAREWELL William Jenner Farewell to Allegany s hallowed halls Where I once drew pictures on the walls Farewell to the desk where I used to sit Farewell to the hurry and bustle and yell To reach the next class before the bell Farewell to the teachers we tormented so I bet they re glad to see us go Farewell to the carefree youthful days Of picnics parties proms and plays Farewell to the friends I rn glad I met you And you can bet I 11 not forget you by And the names of friends I carved on i,t, I A I 1 4, N I Y . I ' ' fl' - , 1 A H NPI, V 2 . 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Suggestions in the Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY) collection:

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