Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Allegany Central High School - Foothills Yearbook (Allegany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1? fx Q. 'Q gi 'H' 'J W . V4 f. ' V 'ki x 7 .ji-JL! K u- ' , N5-if Y 4 'Y 114,- i ' A ' , , er J 1. "7,f"' if ' 1 " N my . .XF L . . V ' i ' J ' ,Q ' , A L.--"U .f f ,A . J! EAW , 4' " V w,,.. M ww ' 1 . 7 -f . , 1, - " -. 4 1 ' A' N, k., Q, , -X l N- .. A Q xx f ff! . ' if , Ml ' uw KN 1 f, ,ff 4 4 ft ' 2 '01 I ' ' ' x h A. V ,4 ,' ui ' , 2 .4-"'! xi t .' --" v , w- X 1 " , . , M If gf Q! ' . . N' B . ! 1 , X I, B, A, V , 1 Y M +-.v V1 I , X 4 I- . 3 5 , 1 3 ' ,L 1 Q H., " . 'N A -,nf ' 1 ' J ' 3 x M H A, f I. 1 A , I 1 N J JJ E E fn 5 1 as -Q-1 The 1953 Presented by The Senior Class oothills V Ax 11 ,,i.,,.k.4,m,?g. , 1 1 f f N fine- ....,1,. uv v , wa' of M Allegany Central School Everyone tells u.s that school days are the happrest days of our lrves In thrs annual we have recorded actrvules and events whrch rn the furnre wrll brmg us laughter and rears rn rherr remembrance ADMINISTRATION SENIORS IUNTORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ELEMENTARY A CT IVITIES A TH LETIC S ADVERTISING 111 A HIGH SCHOOL YFARBOOK IS ALWAYS DEDICATED TO A SPECIAL PERSON FOR CONTRIBUTIONS AND LOYAL SERVICE THUS IN SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR HER CAPABLE LEADERSHIP AND GUIDANCE OF OUR CLASS, WE ARE VERY PROUD TO DEDICATE THE 1953 FOOTHILLS TO MRS CLAIRE BRANCH 1 If lf" J ff ' aff' If-7 . . J J "f 1 I Q ff JW! I I , 5 ff! n ll' ll N . . KARLTON D DAVIS Pnncipal GERALDINE McLAUGHLIN Elementary Supervisor fl ROBERT O 'DONNELL Vice-Principal Amhony Aldere Anthony Bucolo William Christie Mary Lou Cole M' Helen Cxuxe Burton Eckhardt F GV Allie Hess f pall., Mane Caruso Esther Cram Mary Ellen Gilbert James Johnson S ij A ' if , :F Ph 5 siu a J,-9 5 , . ,ix Q Y Q- r V! X Dorothy Karl Evelyn Karl Hubert Klein Rhea Krampf nan Mm-uf Lynn Momk Howard Otto Joseph Shea Robert Kaupelis Andre Lepme Peter Ninos Irene Schnell X Z 5 W Q r ' ! X 1 gh . xr fs. -rn B . . 4 ff , he K f ' A Ehzabeth Blankeshrp Eleanor Lord School Nurse Libranan ZZ. ,Wav fv1..v-sfv-4-'.A.,1 Nancy Jmes Secretary 'VW VY' 'ITEM' FT ,gn T-:R 11 Nxt AMN Left to Right ROW I Howardli Smith Vice president JarnesV Brahaney Bema.rdG Karl ROW II- Alben F Bucher Karlton D Davis Principal Grace Lord CSubstitute Clerkj Alvah Spur? President, IN ABSENTIA Vincent D Lennon N V.V F. Munson George Schreiber Everett Lord Clerk Szniwn , I9 ' Joyce Wilkins President Helen Giardini Vice President Mary Lou Obermiller Co-Treasurers Betty Zink Class Motto The higher we rise the broader our view Class Flower Red Rose Class Colors Green and White Teresaslavinsldf . . . .Secretary GLORIA A, AMORE A magic ofa face. " Chorus 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 4 lntra. 1, 2, 3, 4 Sewing Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 LOIS E. AUSTIN lndustrrous pauent Band Presrdent 4 Ban 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 S Yearbook Staff Senror Play Class Treas fffwe ,M GERALD BOSER DONALD A BARTON Let every man mmd hrs own busrness Chorus 1 2 3 4 Senior Play Sports Manager Newspaper Staff 4 Track 3 4 BETTY LOU BEATTY 'The greatest pleasure of hfe rs love Chorus 1 2 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Home Ec Club 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff Many loves have I Football 1 4 F F A Secretary 4 Ag Club 3 CA ROL BRAHANEY Great thoughts come from the heart Chorus 2 3 4 of 69" Lrbrary Club 3 gl Muslc Club 3 Dancrng Club 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff A4 MA RGIE BRENA N A gul w1th a smtle can be happy all MARILYN CHAMBERS Better late than never CAROL A COONS Parting 15 such sweet sorrow Chorus 4 Yearbook Staff Table Tenms 4 the whtle Yearbook Staff Newspaper staff Dancm Club 3 Art Cl 3 Industrial Arts 1 DA VID CARLS Argument ts food for the mmd Band 4 Chorus 3 4 Yearbook Co edxtor Senior Play Boys State .5 GAIL CURRY "The pleasure oflove is in the IA MES C. DORSEY 'Eyes of unholy blue, " J, V, Basketball 1,2 Intta, l,2,3,4 making gulf' X44-VG' by, iff.-vf,4Vf4,,, s x I A MES ELLING Hrs bark rs worse than hrs brte Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 Semor Play lntra 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 ROBERT EVERHART 'I have trodden the wme press alone ROSE MARIE GERRINGER 'I shall laugh myself to death Intra 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff Semor Play Yearbook Staff HELEN GIA RDINI It matters not how long you l1ve u how well Newspaper Staff Yearbook Staff Class Treas. 1 Class Sec. 3 - V. Pres. 4 Intra, 2, 3, 4 DORIS FOSTER Sllence rs golden Ban 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 4 In a 1 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Yearbook ROSE MA RIE FRISINA An rnnocent face but you never can te Chorus 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Treasurer I5 19' 43" CAROL L. GREY "Full of fun and mischief too, doing things she shou1dn't do " Chorus 1 2 Band 1 lntra 1 DONNA R. HAKES never met a man I d1dn't like Senior play Yearbook staff In a 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader JDAVID HALL I X A 'Quietineople are welcome everywhere IV Basketball 2 V Football 3 4 Football co capt LEONA RD HA NSEL Each man reaps on his own farm A F F A Reporter F F A Vice Pres DONNA HIGLEY 'The ease of my burdens are the staff of life Band 1 Intramural 1 4 Yearbook Staff Table Tennis 4 WARD HILLIARD Some come for play Ward comes for sleep Yearbook Staff SHIRLEY HITC HC OC K 'I arm to keep that man tn my eye Lrbrary Club 1 DAVID KARL A letter man and a female fan Band 1 2 3 4 Boys State Orchestra 2 3 Semor Play Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 BEVERLY LAYTON Lrfe is not ltfe at all wrthout men Band Newspaper Staff Yearbook LEW LEMON 'Anything for a quret lrfe. " Basketball 3 Football 4 F. F A, Reporter 3 'KRT """"3P' AW' DONNA KELLEY 'The heanng ear and the seemg eye Chorus 1 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff Yearbook Staff HENRY KOLIVOSKI A closed mouth catches no flres Yearbook Staff Baseball 4 '27 DORIS MOORE All m a good trme Chorus 1 Intra 2 Yearbook Staff SARA IA NE MOORE A strll small vorce Intra 4 Sewmg Club 3 JACK MASON 'You wrt makes other wrtty Football 1 2 3 Co Capt 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Intra 1 2 3 4 LORRA INE MENDELL 'lx heart IS fuced Chorus 1 2 3 4 Iwewspaper Staff 3 ONOLEE NUDD "Full of good works Ban 1 2 3 4 Sewmg Club 3 MA RY LOU OBERMILLER In the twmklmg of an eye S Newspaper Staff 4 Class Treas 3 4 Yearbook Co Edrtor lntra 3 4 Dancrng club 3 Musrc club 3 U .A HAROLD PEASLEY Let every man look before he leaps Chorus 4 Basketball 2 Football 1 2 Semor Play Track 1 2 4 NANCY PEA SLEY 'Love me love my horse Basketball Int 1 BARBARA PUTT Though she be lrttle she rs frerce Chorus 1 2 3 4 Christmas Concert Int Basketball 1 2 3 Ltbrary Club 1 2 Danctng Club 1 2 ELEANOR RICHARDS Just we me a lrstener and Ill do the ta mg Newspaper staff Chorus 1, 2, 3 Int. Basketball 1, 2 ROBERT PEPPERDINE Hrs w1t IS as plarn as the nose on hrs RCC Football 3 Agnculture Club 3 A IUDIT H PFEIFFER Good humor only teaches charms to HSI Chorus 1 Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff JOHN RICHARDS LS a world to see Intra 3 A ANN L RIEHLE Love IS better than fame Chorus 1 X X Newspaper 4 GUY SA NDRA REHLER Never the rose without the thom, Chorus 1 2 PAUL A SCHUMAN 'I've done my duty and I've done no IIIOIC Football 1 2 3 4 A MARJORIE SHAFFER seems so near and yet so far Chorus 1 2 Intra 1 2 Class Sec 1 2 Yearbook Staff DONALD SHERWIN A penny for your thoughts F F A Dancing Club 3 TERESA SLAVINSKI ln cheerful godlmess atronal Honor Socxety 3 4 Class Pres 2 Class Sec 4 Yearbook Staff LAWRENCE C STA DY He taketh the wrse rn theu own craf tmess Basketball 1 2 3 4 A A Pres 3 Track 4 19- IOYCE C WILKINS Speak low rf you speak of love Chorus 1 2 Cheerleader 2 Class Pres 1 4 Vrce Pres 2 3 Yearbook Staff IA MES G WILSON Lrfe IS short and sweet but oh the grrls are sweeter Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dancrng Club 3, 4 Class Pres, 3 .,,y4.l1J'v.' JAMES VAN DIXON Who does not love wrne women and song remams a fool h1s whole lrfe lon Football 4 Chorus 4 DIA NA M WENZEL It rs not good that man should be lone lnt Basketball 1 4 f v .frf DOROTHY WOLF 'My way of1ok1r1g1s to tell the truth Its The funmest Joke rn the world Chorus 1 3 4 Chnstmas Concert 3 Int Basketball 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff ELIZABETH L ZINK "lust a quret and sweet httle gul Chorus 3 4 Semor Play ...N lnt, Basketball 4 ZR Onolee Nudd, Betty Zmk, Dorothy Wolf, Makrixe Brenan, Joyce W11k1ns, Lots Ausnn, Mary Lou Oberrmller, Teresa Slavmskx, Beverly Hill, Kay Hrrsch, Joanne a.rt1.ny, Elsie Salmonson, Jerry Buchelt, and Shirley Jones. VM . . . ,, - I I I ' I v I I x 4 Y ' ' -I f Y . . . ' n It , I r - ' L ' V 1' of ,--535513 5 uf , .5 ' 73 A 1 fr I U 5 'i 3 3 Q ' ' 5 3 Hx Q I r 'ff M' K a Q l L Y 3 . s K . Q, . ' - A V ' ,, 1 A' V' of ! . K , 1 3 X N Av , A ' ' - U T ,f I , ' f . W 1 X K Y 4? , A1 s f 4 f 5 . 4 lv if t 'i v- , . I .3 or Q Robert Smlth Presldent Leo Nenno V1ce Pres1dent Donna Freeman Secretary Francxs H111 Treasurer "Ima FIRST ROW Mr Chnst1efAdv1sorJ M Vmcent R. Bose: I Ryan N Robmson H Fox R. But1nsk1 M Barr B H111 H Lemon V Walsh E Lyman F W11son SECOND ROW M O'Donne11 D Freeman E Salmonson R. Carter K Ryan S Co111ns J Martiny S Stayer S Gerrmger S Jones S Ryan THIRD ROW S Walsh E McCabe K H11'SC.h A Shaffer E Chesebro I Marvm W McK1nney P Fnsma I Walsh R Steverson D Bergreen FOURTH ROW F H111 W Anderson L Nenno R Fomess R,Metz R. Smuh F Graham T Lauser W Fnsma I Gould L Co111ns FIFTH ROW T W11tse R Jones T Schuman and R Ioshmck . Q I I O I . . ' I O I 0 - - 4 - o 1 e o a n 1 K 122, f . ,Q . F , Q I , I N X 4 - ,f -A . X V 4 1 I 4 M- -If +4 . . . . . . . . 2 u I o 9 I U I a U 0 n r c . , . , - , . , - . I . , . , , 5 o g n o s n 1 n - 1 o u n . - 1 n 1 1 0 1 1 v n u - 0 0 a v 1 I I - v 0 c : o 1 u I - I v I 1 9 - 9 o s v 0 0 0 s 2 o 0 - s o r o 4 Tom Seaton Tom Scacchr Geraldrne Grardrnx Mary I0 B1eSS1ng V1ce Presrdent Presrdent Secretary Treasurer FIRST ROW I Mmderler E Becker B Prosser D Swanson, M O'Meara R. Iohnson S Green I Booth C Khce B Karl M Blessxn H Phearsdorf Mr A1t1erefAdv1sorJ SECOND ROW D Carr I Grandusky E Gemnger G Glaldllll C avrs D Rrclgards I Malggne LA Hsngheis I JGeC1Exim er NI Cgfoster I ISE1vigsh1I'HIRID ROW I H an R, Zrnk I Lemon I pnn D ott car ato ar ernnger c utz Bellamy I alone G Sm1th FOURTH RO F Wemaui-nD Green A Brahaney N Hu hes P Jones D Rehler B Werrlern P Smrth D Hakes I LIIJXIT E He err J Grey FIFTH ROW W ucher I Gleason B Blmn I Boser R Mlles I Wrlber A Karl M Connell B Hayden W Pmman J Hess L Hunt SIXTH ROW N Llpperr T Seaton I Boser M Ball E and! Phearsdorf I amce W11ber Presldent Deanna Brunner Vrce Presrdent Donna Sue Secretary Barbara Donahey Treasurer FIRST ROW M1ss Caruso fAdVl.SOIJ B Farr R, Carls F Record, B Quattrone E, Zrnk D Karroach I Hrgley M Joyce D Sue P Layton A Fortuna I Wolf SECOND ROW M Khce S Rado, D Prerce N Wymer S Foster I McDonald M Mrsler R. Johnson, T Holtz J Mostacato W Smxth R. Noll THIRD ROW I Fmn F Ratzel T Fomess G Fomess T Anderson T McCabe D Mendell E Strotmen G Ball J Wnght S Peasley D Bruner FOURTH ROW I W11ber M Cram M Moore B Donahey D Hunt I Rado D Rado I Capozzi T Brrmingham M Weatherly E Hrtchcock I Ackerman FIFTH ROW K Gerse D Hmton I Schemerhorn A Whitmer M Connell I McKenney M McCaffery S Stomerosky S Kelley K Martm D Rhodes I Stoeckel SIXTH ROW G Packer N O'Meara R Pfexffer E Brunner L Baxter L Stoeckel R, Peace I Layton .7 ,195 - "Yr I v' lf A , ' W, 5 'X V , I Y ' V 1 +A I ' . I I I I 0 n , I I I 0 ' I o . I a n c I I . . o I . 3 I u . .I - , : I l - l . 1 Z o I o I : ' 0 . - I ' ' . I I ' . I I ' . I - ' I ,f ' I . I Z I I ' . I I ' U I ' I ' f U ' U , I FIRST ROW: I. Hirsch, K, Stady, G. Boser, K. Geise, R. Jones, E. Foster, T, Ratzel. SECOND ROW: V, Vaughn, R. Silvis, 1. Clor, J. Hiller, D. Rusnak, K, Karl, I. Hitchcock, Mrs, Krampf, THIRD ROW: I. Wilber, I, Smith, R. Varney, H. Hitchcock, T. Mott, R. Kyser, J. Layton, K. O'Donnell A. Bergreen, W. Munson. FOURTH ROW: I, Matter, T, Collins, W. Finch, E, Burgess, M. VanDixon, I, Eaton, I. Simmons, K. Gould FIRST ROW: M, Patterson, V, Monroe, J. Whitney, M, Rusnak, B. McGavish, J, Foster, I, Hosmer, SECOND ROW- P Ryan K Wilson L Shaffer P Hitchcock G Mott A Wenzel P Peasle - - , . . . . . . - . - 1 - Y- THIRD ROW: Mr. Ninos, C. Hakes, D, Sandburg, P. Carter, R, Wilber, R, Fahy, L, Wilber, L. Burgess, D, Hudson, R, Fox, x Q1 . I, .05 QQ: GRADE 'IA FIRST ROW: W, Gleason. I. Spring, R. Williams, E. Reitz, S, Smith, B, Steiger, M. Rehler, SECOND ROW: P, Ouderkirk, W. Peck. I. Fisher, V. Weinman, M, Silvis, R. Can, J. Kiffer, D. Hughes. THIRD ROW: L, Slocum, L. Quatnrone, N, Moore, D, Grey, N, Munson, I, Krampf, J. DeCapua, P, Brink, FOURTH ROW: B, Hughes, F. Rader, M, Warren, C. Frank, L, Karl, N. Brown, S. Kahm, GRADE 7B FIRST ROW: L, Mendell, B, Mohr, E. Rader, D, Gerringer, D, Milne, R, Putt, T. Pierce. SECOND ROW: B. Fox, H. Fye, M. Davies, B, Work, M. Willibey, M. Allen, C. Kyser, R. Reynolds, Miss D, Karl. THIRD ROW: T, Tyler, H. Gross, D. Kyser, H. Fox, G. Morgan, R. Moore, D, Allwood, , , , 2 I 3 5 Q 55 ' if.: ' ff 5 2 V' IJ L? f ff '44, wh GRADE 3A ' "'-'X Miss McAuliffe .XX- GRADE as - Mrs. McLaughlin N N. x X. X x 1 94 1 , s 1' ak.:- Nm. 4 KINDERGARTEN - Mn. wing KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Mminy KINDERGA RTEN - Miss Wiggins .4-'-Ir 19-4, WW S4 Q 15 2 3, fx Fm QW 1 . 'D bi E J!! . ,Q Ax 'K fan .fr , A. 1' '22 A 4 .A v, X - . 1 , I s K . Q ' ' X ' urs fum iLf Q A' ,,,. ' fY'TY7'3H,,:w mf E32 if ' viii! lb fe, TY GRADES 5 8a 6 - Mrs, Lmdgren I Q ,- Q E 1 v V ' ' ' h 5 ai -1 I fi 'EP v, A '-lv GRADES 3 8: 4 - MIS. Payne .7fuap,p, GMS 1 M 5 b t 0 f - Mrs. Scott 9 3-ng is 3 A ,H-f I 1 0 3 T v n ' . . 1 Whig- ' . 1 1 5 Z 2 H, Cuotadiano, 9 x 3 af f '7 eapefwu X a ,. ff 4' I- , ,W .73cw, Qlfziuew v .1 A isa., 5910 . Sw' Co Editors Busmess Managers Busmess staff Producnon Staff X Mary Lou Oberm11ler Dav1d Carls Lols Austxn Joyce Wxlkms Betty Zmk Henry Kohvoskl James Van Dlxon Teresa Slavmskx Carol Brahaney Dons Foster Donna Hakes Bonnie Putt Helen Gxarduu Marlone Shaffer Gloria Amore Rose Gemn?er Donna Hlg ey Don Barton lie P41022 Feature Staff Jeff Co Eduors Bever y Margle Brenan n Manager Joanne Martmy 1 Layton Productlo Producuon Staff Jack Walsh Betty Karl Anne Karl Kay Husch Lo1s Austm Lou Obermlller Carol Brahaney Shrrley I ones Helen Gxardxm Rose Gernnger Mary Socxal Staff Donna Hakes Judy Pfeiffer Dons Foster Beverly Hill Joyce Wilkens Barbara Hayden Don Barton Tom Seaton Davxd Carls s XR Alan . . Iris . . Cynthia. . Phil . . Cathy , , Arlene . , Sandy . . . Miss Lewis . . Lan' Mr. Baldwin Mrs. Baldwin CAST ng.. Directed Miss Irene J, Schnell P' David Karl . 'lvfarilynn Chambers Rose Gerringer Donald Barton . Donna Hakes . . Gail Curry Sandra Rehler . . Betty Zink , David Carls Harold Peasley . . Lois Austin u a X ii I I mv . nil" 5 3 'SA Q. - gy' K gltgffg ,ag A. -, L'5"' E' v A -Rn W A Q i 4 X. lfxk xx M-qi 4'1'T.".: 1 w , ,-4 f FIRST ROW: J. Elling, I, Salmonson, S, Dodd, R. Johnson, D, Foster, R, Carter, L. Austin, S. Jones, K, Hirsch, F.Hi11, SECOND ROW: K, Gould, R. Horron, K. Geise, D, Swanson, T. Collins, J. Krampf, R. Carls, A, Fortuna, M. Schultz, D, Rehler, A. Karl, THIRD ROW: E. Reitz, P, Brink, M, Silvas, J. Foster, P. Frisina, B, Layton, I. Hitchcock, D. Sue, L, Karl, K. Geise, J. McDonald. FOURTH ROW: R, Smith, D, Greene, O. Nudd, J. Hirsch, S, Kahn, D. Brunner, M. Cram. J. Schirnehorn, D, Carl, M, Crisafulli, D. Karl. MI, A, Bucolo - Conductor FIRST ROW: J. Ellinlg, E, Salmonson, K, Gould, R. Herron, E. Reitz, M. Silvas, P. Brink, SECOND ROW: ,O Nudd, I. Hirsch, S. ahn, K. Geise, T. Collins, I. Krampf. THIRD ROW: R. Smith, D. Greene. UQ h .....i......., FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: E, Rietz, P, Brink, M, Silvia, K, Norton, R. McCoy, T. Barbour. I. Hitchcock, K. Geise, D, Sue, L. Karl. R. Hahn, P. Becker, K. Giese, D. Stoekel, W. Weichman, C. Silvis, B. Work, B. Mohr, S. Hedden. I. McDonald. M. Brink, G. Lewis, T. Nudd, D. Sue, K. Lauser, P. Carls, G. Rambusky, C. Stevenson, J. Bucher, B. Carls. D. Greene, E. Giardini, S. Kahn, M. Kyser, D. Mohr, S. Chapin, D. Ratzel, D. Barton, D. Rhodes, D. McDonald, A. Rambusky. J. Wright, M. Schultz, E. Burgess, I. Graham, K. Stady, and Miss Lynn Moszak. I, Sm th, M. Warren, A. Bergreen, K. O'Donnell, D. Weatherly, R. Stevenson, W. Boser, I Bellamy. B. Farr, J. Krampf, T. Collins, G. Boser, I. Ackerman, K. Gould, J. Hirsch. B si 1 . --iiwdir-sv.V FIRST ROW: B. Karl, F, Record, O. Vamey. I. Schemerhom, E, Lyman, I, Wilber, D. Brunner, B. Hill, D. Richards, H. Lemon, K. Boon, M, Joyce, Miss Lynn Moszak, SECOND ROW: A. Whitrner, M. Connell, D, Wolf, E, Helrnert, I . Martiny, C. Brahaney, C. Hitchcock, C, Coons, L. Mendell, S. Collins, E, Chesboro, C. Moshier. THIRD ROW: M, O'Donnel1, R. Frisina. I. Giardini, D. Barton, F. Hill, B. Frisina, D, Karl, I, Elliag, T. Birmingham, D. Kelley, D. Foster, B, Putt, FOURTH ROW: W, O'Dell, F. Ratzel, F. Bellamy, R, errlein, T, Seaton, D, Carls, M, Crisafulli, E. Becker, J. Wolf, R. Noll, D. Mendell, Accompanist, B, Farr. Miss L, Moszak - Conductor FIRST ROW: M, Williams, L, Gerringer, T. Pierce. I. Taylor, S. Smith, K, Stady, R. Jones, R, Kyser, K. Geise, J. Fischer, D. Hughes. I. Layton, M. Rehler, R. Steiger. SECOND ROW: I, Spring, E. Rader. J. Kiffer, R. Carr, M, Allen, R. illiams, L. Mendell. I. Hirsch. I. Hiller, M. Williby, G. Boser, D. O'Del1, K, Karl, Miss Moszak. THIRD ROW: N. Munson, M. Rusnak, B, Work, B. Fox, L, Karl, C, Nenno, I. Smith, N. Brown, I, Krampf, A, Bergreen, FOURTH ROW: R, Silvis, G. Mott, V, Monroe, D, Rusnak, M. Hitchcock, P. Hitch- cock, R, Herron, K. O'Dor1nell, K. Wilson, T. Collins, I. Simmons, K. Gould, I. Layton, H, Fye, Accom- panlst: Beverly Farr. I .zu .. lm., ,V A , A. -, f' 1' mf "', t ,V in A ,I A N , f, y , Q Q l 3 s 5 k ' Q x , , i . I 5 , , . PPP? 0 N Jax' . I :sc vc-9 Tat' 1 . ,I I . ss, V 4- U , Q' Ln, li. I ffkf 5 .W align A. ,.-1 Crgfp "5 I hy 4' 3 J 'Yiw- W1 - A ,A ' - gg- ff . ' . ' M, Q Q45 gg :ii .4 , ' K' t, 55 wifi 1 E 54: sv X " f 14 29 f 'Lf K I UT My v?:4,'E' Qepnv' , ,g we ,gi 'xi ,f if ! I Q f fn 1, Q ,Q. -1 'i, w- - , 4,'Q' 5 Us-'JN A -A E35 :Q-o, ll t' ffl" -sj Y A ' . -n Q 'fix QF' l 'Q :I ' 4 N 1 :M xx A ,K 2, ' ' O ' x - ' rx .. "sw FIRST ROW: M, Vincent, H. Fox, I. Phearsdorf, H, Hansel, D. Sherwin, J. Finn. I. Minderler. SECOND ROW: J. Lemon, R, Zink, M. Crisafulli, T. Scacchi. I. Malone, G. Forness, L, Stady, M. Lepine fAdvisorJ. THIRD ROW: I. Hogan, W, Pfeiffer, W. Smith, K, Sherwin, T. Tyler, E, Williams, W. McKenney. FOURTH ROW: B, Blinn, J. Stockel, R. Forness, R. Pfeiffer. I. Mason, FIFTH ROW: G. Boser, J. Lippert, I. VanDixon, R, Pepperdine, T. Wiltse, G, Tyler, T. Forness, FIRST ROW: J. McDonald, L. Mendell, R. Putt, T. Scacchi, D, Rhodes, B. Peck, R. Kyser. SECOND ROW: Mr. LepinefChiefJ, R. Blakeslee, C. Plummer, N, Munson, J. Simmons, E. Strotman, D Hinton, R. Werrlein, I. Hess, THIRD ROW: L, Baxter, L. Stoeckel, R, Biinn, L. Hunt, N, Lippert, W, Bucher. 1-my rx! 4 QQ X ilk .4 4 m X xx Y I I...-I .l s C R Q P, Q Eg' 3, 7 1 WI' 7 'af 4. 1 gnu 'Vw h ,Q 3.4 . E l Y 4 !., -Q!! L!! -f l 15 U I V V nn l - P James B Johnson Track Howard W Otto Football Burton K Eckhardt Basketball Fred Grace Football 'Uwwzty .4 qi ur v-' N i Mr. . Mx. . Mr. . Mr. I 1 ls J Y 1 ' W f X K -Q F E5 O X l K. A F Q V , f :V .' L 1 nt- FIRST ROW B Anderson J Gould D Karl I Blrmxngham J VHHDIXOH D Hall B P1ttman B Fr1s1na L Nenno I Buchert I Ryan I Mason SECOND RON H Otto fCoachJ B Werrlem I Gleason D Barton I Capozzl L Lemon I Marvm T Seaton W McK1nney I Walsh N Robmson F Grace fCoachJ THIRD ROW F Wemaug J Rado E Brunner R Peace B Pfexffer N O'Meara D Rado I Mostacato andJ Fmn They PORTVILLE ST BERNA RD S FRANKLINVILLE CUBA 7 BOLIVA R CA NISTEO RA NDOLPH " B ' . O T71 . , 5 s I g Q , p Q 4 D X : ' D 1 s ' , u y o , - D 'p 9 4 , - , u D 1 I 1 0 9 n .Q 2 n 1 We 0 14 6 , ' 0 0 0 20 7 27 0 14 14 G 4. 'S g , 5 1 M 3 4' fgmjffi' '. wg szwwm , V. Ap- u. Mr x D V4 'AJ'-U 5 A ,wiv ' '40, . . in : 2,7 A A uw-iq -.uf pf. ',"'Q. ' bk -. x XX S j .., Hr, Z "A 4 X 4 1 ""5 ,m,, A W, -,J Q, X . '4' sf xiii - N:+' ,fa 'V i - ' , . . I Q 99:53 l V v" VF -. 'N-4 ' M U 3 I , 4' K rc? -Q 5 t. 'K NY... ,. rn . . 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NBITIC Glona Amore Lots Aust1n Don Barton Betty Lou Beatty Gerry Boser Carol Brahaney Marg1e Brenan Dave Carls Mar1lyn Chambers Carol Coons Ga1l Curry ILITI Dorsey hm Elhng Bob Everhart Dor1s Foster Ros1e Fr1s1na Rose Gerr1n er Helen Grar 1n1 Carol Grey Donna Hakes Bugs Hall Leonard Hansel Donna H1 ley W1lly H11 1ard Sh1rley Hrtchcock Dave Karl Hank Kol1va k1 Bev Layton Lew Lemon Jack Mason LOIIHLHC Mendell Dor1s Moore Sally Moore Onolee Nudd Mary Lou Obermrller Harold Peasley Nancy Peasley Bob Pepperdrne Judy Pfe1ffer BOl'lI'l1C Putt Eleanor R1chards John Rrchards Ann Rlehle Sandy Rehler Paul Schuman Marjone Shaffer Don Sherw1n Teresa S13VlIlSk1 Larry Stady hm Van Drxon Joyce WIIRIHS Itm W1lson D1ana Wenzel Dorothy Wolf Betty Z1nk L1kes M1ke Homework Beverly Sonny D1ana Art fmodemj Skunk Cabbage Bombs Hoppy Good T1mes Zrnky School Mar1on New Year's Eve Bemg Herself Wrrung Letters Drrvrng Jokes Men' Mercs Football Cows Solltude Women ack Sports Gurls Tall People Agrtculture Mary Jo Matty Men 8: Boys oe rt Shtrley Horses Carol Runnmg Tlungs Prercmg Ears Eleanor Babblrng Edd1e Tom Hard to Tell Freddre F1ddl1ng Theater Work Basketball Prank? G1rls Jem' Sports Span1sh wipe Noted for Long Ha1r Bram Scoutlnc Lau hrng Dancrng He1ghth Red Han WLSC Cracks Sk1pp1ng Berng Late Tempe Red Ch3.1'l0I S1 eppmg Hotroddtng Alertness B1g E5 es Recklessness Clothes Cuddlrn Cheerrng Blushrng Shortness Qutetness Pug lwose Berng Moody Poltteness Personaltty Lame Excuses Speech F11rt1ng Glrdlng LlU1Cl'l8SS Bashfullness Betng Sweet Rollmg Eves Borrowrng Strut Prevarrcattng SIZE Shortness L1brary Browstn round Blushlng B1g Tales Tallness 5188 U8 Qu1etness Beautlful Harr Drrbbltng Tackle Good Marks H15 Approach Sheer Blouses Stealmg Bases Shyness Probably w11l be Mrs Puetter lst W Pres1dent Scout Master Mrs Amore Truck Dr1ver lwurse Surprlse Mad Sc1ent1st Truant Offrcer Stud1ous QHaJ Mrs Zlflk Lady Krller A C S Ian1tor Grease Monkey Conductress You Guess Stock Car Drrver Wave Someth1n Iwrce Cover G1r School Teacher Square dancer Secretary Comedtan Career G1rl Coach Real N1ce Spmster Farmer Papa Mase Mrs Kmnard Mrs P Mrs Sprtng Tug Teacher Pretty Her Husband Jockey Casanova D1ctator Shorty Blushmg Brrde ln Servrce Mrs FIIIZ G1rl About Town M B1 Mrs oore Rrdge Runner Blond1e Pro Basketballer Bar Tender A Success Mattress Tester Lady Wrestler Horse School Marm ' ' s .' . ' I sf L - . ' ' H r . ' . 1 g .5 . - I . ' Donna Kelly Rambling on Fourth Grade Something Silly I I. ' A . ' It? ' ' , r. ' . . , . .D H I .Ng . ' W 'U CGH1 05 I' .Bwoww 8: Mrs Calvln Kruff 8: Mrs J Mark Moyer Clack 8: Dr Cluck Frank A Carls 8: Mrs Blalr Ph11l1ps 8: Mrs Harry Kamler M1ss Wllma Ann Carls Folks Market Mr 8: Mrs Fred Z1nk Mr 8: Mrs Robert Karl Mr Peter Nmos M1ss Geraldlne McLaughl1n Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs McLaugh11n Stayer M Carls M McAul1.ffe Mr Karlton DaV1S M1ss Mary Lou Cole Mrs Helen Cruse Mrs Wlng Mrs MacArthur Mr 8: Mrs S1d Palmer Mr 8: Mrs Robert O Donnell M1ss Dor1s Brown M1ss Joyce S11V1S Mr 8: Mrs W1ll1am R Hxtchcock Mr 8: Mrs Douglas Shaffer James B Lauser Geraldlne G1ard1n1 Mr 8: Mrs Herman Shaffer Mr 8: Mrs Malcolm Foster Mr 8: Mrs Fred Atcheson Tr1x1e Brenan Jerry Brenan Mr 8: Mrs Norr1s Brenan Marg1e Brenan Mr 8: Mrs Edward Wmtermantel James Ellmg Mar1on Khce Mr 8: Mrs Joseph Decker M1ss Allene Shaw Ronme Metz Mrs Edward Geary Mr R1chard L Mason Jean W1lbur Mr 8: Mrs Lawrence Nudd Bonme Z1nk r r r r r Mr 8: Mrs James V Brahaney 8: rs Charles G1ard1n1 Henry Kol1vosk1 8: Mrs G C Spr1ngstead 8: Mrs Eugene Perry 8: Mrs George Bryant 8: Mrs W P Wh1e1don Chr1stopher Haymond Mr 8: Mrs Dav1d Watters Mr 8: Mrs Bert Ensworth I Mr. . ' , . , Mr. . . ' , ' Dr. . ' , Mr. . . . ' M . . ' ' ' . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . , , ' , ' M . . Mr 8: Mrs Harold C Carls Forest Wlng Supervlsor Archle N Hatch Mr Anthony J Alt1ere Clarene S Norton Rev 8: Mrs W1ll1am Young Nancy Stayer 8: Betty Burnham Mr 8: Mrs Mayo G1ard1n1 Mr Edward Z1nk Mrs Paul Branch Mr Hubert Kl1en Mrs Mary Gllbert Mr 8: Mrs Bernard Karl Mr Joseph Shea M1ss Dorothy Karl Mrs Dor1s Morrls Mrs Laskey Mr James B Johnson M1ss M Lynch Mrs Masoner Rhea H Krampf Mr 8: Mrs R E Hakes Mr 8: Mrs James M1lne Mr 8: Mrs Andrew Shaffer Mr 8: Mrs James Lockwood MarJor1e Shaffer Georg1anna Bockhoven M1ss Sh1rley Ryan Mr 8: Mrs Carl Obermlller Hansel s Weldmg Mr 8: Mrs Fredlee McNa11 Mr 8: Mrs Leo Fassnacht Mr 8: Mrs Freder1ck Austm MISS Ruth W1gg1ns M1ss Mar1e Caruso M1ss Irene Schnell Mr 8: Mrs R W Ell1ng Ronald 8: Lmda Fr1es Mr W1ll1am Hawk Mrs Ceclle Beatty Mr 8: Mrs J W Bucher Jacob Karl Mr 8: Mrs John Mason Mr Jack D Mason Ruth Carter 8: Esther Chesebro Betty Z1nk Sh1rley Dodd Ray Bob L11 Jo1e Mr Frank Rounds M1ss Amta Wh1tmer Mr 8: Mrs Fred Grace M1ss Barbara Prosser Maude Roat Mr 8: Mrs De Forrest Hayden Mr 8: Mrs Homer Palmer Madora Brown Mr 8: Mrs Howard Bozard Mrs Cor1lla Snyder Mr Sn Mrs Robert J Wenzel Ruth Cook Mr St Mrs M1lton Jordan Mr Sv. Mrs Cla1r R1chard Mr 8: Mrs Lloyd Moore M1ss Jeannle Eaton Sara Jane Moore M1ss Betty Lou Beatty Mr 8: Mrs Damel Ryan Mr Gr. Mrs R1chard Hendy Mr 81. Mrs Paul Mart1ny Dorothy Wolf Mr Sv. Mrs L O Mendell Matthew L Kennalrd Sm Mrs Dana Slocum r Sv. Mrs Clyde Nenno St Mrs Earl W1lk1ns A 2 c Jack Peters Jr Mr Sf. Mrs Gertrude Johnson Mrs Mar1e Coons Mr 81. Mrs J Pfelffer Bob Werrle1n Judy Pfelffer L1ll1an Payne Leona Scott Mr Sf. Mrs Pascarella Mr Sf. Mrs Robert Gerrmger M1ss Donna Hlgley Mr Sn Mrs W1ll1am L Smlth Mr 8: Mrs Harold Putt Bonn1e Putt Mr 8: Mrs Jacob J Karl Mr Sr. Mrs James F Crawley Mr Km Mrs Thomas E Kelley A 3 c Raymond E McKenney M1ss Beverly Layton Mr Sv. Mrs W L Peterson Mr John A Wolf Mr Sn Mrs Leon Swe1tzer Mrs Anges Nevmger Mr 8m Mrs Eugene R1ehle Teresa Slav1nsk1 Mrs Irene G1ea.rd1n1 M1ss Ethlyn Moszak Mr 81. Mrs Don Nohlburg Mrs C H K1em Mr St Mrs Burton Altenburg M1ss Franc1s Cole Fr1ends Molly Ann Peasley Pvt Gr Mrs Bruce T1ller Mr 8: Mrs Fred Cook 81 Sh1rley Eleanor R1chard John Rlchard D1ane R1chards Rhea R1chards M1ss M1ll1e Phearsdorf 8m Mrs Lenms McCaffery 8: Mrs G1l1o G1eard1n1 8: Mrs E J L1ppert 8: Mrs B W Eckhardt A 2 c Harold Foster Lorralne Mendell Mrs Margaret Stahley M1ss Joyce W1lk1ns Joanne Mart1ny Mrs Dor1s H1tchcock Mrs Veva Romama Mr Gr. Mrs Bud Johnson Mr Howard Johnson Dor1s Hunt Tom Scacch1 Luc11le Lmdgren Anna Greeley Ruth Hughes Mr Howard Hltchcocx I' I' Mr 81. Mrs Franc1s Culllhen 81. fa.m1ly M1ss Patr1c1a Dodd Mr 8: Mrs Irw1n Noll Rev 8: Mrs C R Hahn Cpl W A Sharp Mr 81. Mrs Mr 8: Mrs Mr St Mrs M1ss Carol r r r r Mr Sn Mrs 8: Mrs GL Mrs St Mrs Robert Anthony J Scarlato Joseph Helrnert Franc1s Co1l1ns Coons Larry Mmderler Everett Lord Otto Wolf Alvm Barton H1gley Jane H1rsch Donna Kelley Sh1rley H1tchcock M1ss Evelyn Karl Mr W Chr1st1e Mr Sr. Mrs Dean Arnold Mr Sa Mrs Arthur Wenzel Mrs Jul1a Ayers Mrs Edward L1ppert Sr "Shev, Sh1m, Shom, Ann, Arch ' M . ' . ' . . ' Mr. . . . ' . f . Pvt. ' . ' ' . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' . ' ' 1 . . - Margaret Anderson . ' 1 . M . . - ' M . . . . . . M . . . . M . . ' THE ALLEGA Y CITIZE Completely Equipped to do All Kinds of JOB PRINTING Phone 117 99 West Ma1n St Allegany BUILDERS of FINE WOOD PRODUCTS Cablnets Desks Spec1al Items South Seventh Street Phone 17 Allegany New York HALL MA UFACTURING C0. SULLIVA and MURRAY GENERAL TIRES KRAFT SYSTEM TIRE RECAPPING West State 8: Slxth streets Phone 7423 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 OF ALLEGANY The Bank of Fmendly Serv1ce THE FIR T ATIO AL BA K CROSBY ICE CREAM ST. RIINAIIENTURE UNIVERSITY NGR ATULATIONS SE NIORS BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS FROM EATUN DAIRY C0 Five Mile Road Phone 516 F11 THE EMBLEM OF QUALITY This Program Is a Product of the T H PRINTING COMPANY For the Finest in Printing PHONE 2 1114 West State Road Olean New York QNext to WHDL Towery '90 Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania PHONE 3 1 2 1 Radio Station W H D L A B C Affiliate Serving Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania A M 1450 on your dial F M 95 7 or channel 239 PHONE 4149 O TI 13 Edited for the families of CHAP AIRY DAIR Y PR ODUCTS TASTE TELLS Olean s Foremost Department Store AFTER GR ADUATION VISIT BNJGENEBTQDEIRY DA RY M1lk Shakes ce Ole an Allegany Road Phone 2 1812 ALLEGA Y U DERWRITER Cream IC. Insurance 8: Bonds 79 West Mam Street Allegany N Y ' 1 "VALLEY FARMS" DAIRY PRODUCTS 9 VILLAGE INN MV S ALLEGANY HARDWARE CLDTHING CDMPANY EDWARDS RRDWN and EDWARDS OF and BOYS Y Olean ...... ........... N . Y CONGR ATULATI 9 HE SENIORS ARE CHARE B GIARDI I ALLEGA Y Dealefln DRIYEI THE TER Second Hand P1pe an The F1ne st 1 Outdoor Theatre Scrap ron Allegany New York CUMPA Y Attleboro Masschusetts Known where ever there are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS Represented by Robert T Turnbull In the Country COM PLIME N TS 0R'I'0 ' PHARMACY 14 Waldemefe Way Phone 5600 Olean, N. Y Lakewood, New York L . of L. G. BALFO R CHIAVETTA BRUS LEM GRGCERY RULAND STUDl0S FRANK UCUNNER SPURTING GO0DS ARM MACH - ARDWARE O L Phone 51 Team Outfitter O 691 Main St. Buffalo 2 New Yor BEST WISHES LEAN AUTO CLASS OF 1953 Com hrnents now ADAMS AUTTMATTTT PARTS 0LEANDEAAll"Q?AhQ0B'LE ASSOClATl0N INC PARSEIAII MARKET BASKET PAPER PRDDUCTS co STORES AN p . of W. State at Fifth Q . Olean New York Phone Olean 2-213 GROCEHIES MEA FRUITS 81 Olean, New York ABLES ne 6546 HING EACH AND EVERY D . ' MEMBER OF THE S CLASS OF '53 F LL D HAPPY Comphments POTTER LUMBER CO F1ve M11e Road Phone 507 Comp11ments BERK S FABRIC CENTER 6 North Unlon Olean N Y Comphments BOWLE AN ALLE YS AND RESTAURANT Olean Compllments of OLEAN PHARMACY Olean N Y NY F1ve Mlle R oad HENRY C EDEL Bulldlng Contractor Phone 525 F 12 Allegany N Y Best Wlshes from S BLUMENTHAL C0 Laches Excluswely 138 N Unlon St Olean Cornphrnents BAXTER S DAIRY Compllments T HE PAN TR Y Bakery R estaurant Fountaln Maln St Allegany N Y of of 13 - St' "Quality Footwear" of I , of of Comphments ROCK CITY SERVICE STATION Phone 4686 Rock Clty Compl1ments MODEL FOOD MARKET Phone 124 107 W Ma1n St Allegany GABRIEL S Shoes and Wear1ng Apparel For All The Farmly M1chae1 Gabrxel 97 W Ma1n St Prop 81 Owner Compl1ments of BUFFINGTON RADIO 8: T V Allegany New York Cornpllrnents DORSEY S GENERAL STORE Knapp Creek N Y Cornphrnents MIKE SCARLOTO Barber Shop Allegany N Y Cornphrnents STAMBOUGHS ROCK CITY N Y Compllments LESTER SHOE STORE 228 North Umon St Olean New York Phone 66 15 of W of o-f Ouf Phone. 93-R . D , t I . ' I of G A Of Compllrnents Olean Comphments HANAFAN Sn CO Olean s F1rst Shoe Store Slnce 1900 Complun ent s HAYES GR OCER Y Vandalla Allegany 1 Cornphrnents GEARY ELECTRIC Home Appleances 81 234 N BEGGS JEWELERS Famous or D1amonds Umon St Olean N Y Cornpllments CAR NAHANS Stores For Men Women and Boys N Y North Un1on Olean N Y 77 W2 C ompllments WILLIAR D MUSIC HOUSE 229 N Umon St Olean New York Congratulatlons The Class of 1953 DALUSIO S LIQUOR STORE F ufH1Sh1f1gS 128 w Mam street Everythmg Electlcal Phone 23 Allegany N Y of L U f - I A S . Of of 147 N. Union St. Olean, . . ' , , , of of of to Best Wlshes from HO STA GEH Rock Clty Compllments SAM S BAR BER SHOP Compllrnents PEZZIME NTI Shoe R epa1r Compllments JACK WALSH Barber Shop Allegany N Y Allegany N Y Mam Stre Compllments HIRSCH S et Phone 2 81 Best Wlshes from Compllments Auegany DR R N FORBES ALLEGANY DRY CLEANERS Plck up One Day Serv1ce and cooK s DINER Deliver Da11y 102 W Maw St Allegany Phone 20 Allegany New York of of of of ' ' of ALLEGANY SUPPLY EQUIPMENT COMPANY Rene L Yehl Prop Plumblng Heatlng A1r Cond1t1on1ng O11 and Gas Burners Allegany New York Complunents CUNNINGHAM PLUMBING and HEATING CONGR ATULATIONS J AYNES Compllments of DORNOW' S R exall Drug Store 76 W. Ma1n St. Phone 59 Allegany, N. Y. SMITH S GENERAL STORE 120 W Grocerles Dry Goods Men s Furmshlngs Boots and Shoes Pamts and Wallpaper Ma1n St Allegany Phone 60 Compllrnents SALLY 8: MARY REED Formerly Mlller s Cornphments LANG S HARDWARE Olean New York In Olean 1t's PICKUP'S FOR GOOD FOOD NY G I 114 West Main Sl. Phone 29-M A f of 1 O of KAMLER BROS Men s Ware West State at Second Olean N Y Cornphments GLEASON 8: MCCAFFERY At1ant1c Serv1ce Comphrnents GRANDUSKY S FEED MILL LOU S PASTERY SHOPPE Quallty Baked Goods Sp6C18.1lZ1I'1g 1n Decorated Cakes Phone 4225 of of ' 253 N. Union St. Olean, N Y Allegany, N. Y. ' ' ' 10 , East Ma1n 8: Seventh Street JOHN J ASH MERCHANT TAILOR DRY CLEANER 316 West State Street Olean N Y ALLEGANY G L F Umon Street Phone 189 Phone WM HALL 8. SON Coal Lumber Concrete Blocks Bu11ders Supp11es Allegany BLUMENTHAL S OLEAN S SPORT STORE 234 N Umon 234 Allegany, N. Y Olean, N Y N Congratulations To the 1953 Graduating Class SCHULTZ S TEXACO SERVICE Congratulations from KARL S SERVICE STATION Phone 271 Allegany N Y Allegany N Y Congratulations from Compliments WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION DR DOMINIC P SALVATORI VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT Knapp Creek New York Compllments of OLEAN THEATER Compliments R AW LING GREE NHOUSE For a Career in Professional Nursing Apply to The Dlrector of Nurses DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Riley St Buffalo 8 N Y of Compliments of ' of CROSBY COLD STORAGE CO INC The Coldest Spot in Town 420 N Union St Olean Phone 2 1686 PASTORE FURNITURE CO Where You Save When You Buy 441 N Union St Olean N Y Best Wishes from the SE NIOR C LASS WORK 81 SILVIS Contractors Excavating Dumptruck Servlce Sewers Ditching Air Compressor Service 4 Mile Rd Allgany Congratulations Seniors E LMS SOUTHSIDE SE RVICE 436 S Union Olean, N Y Phone 5544 For Happy Motoring See Mart and Ed Compliments BUR TON HOTE L For Universal Milking Machme Equipment Coolers and Hot Water Heaters Phone WESLEY DUNHAM Allegany 513 12 Compliments of GEORGE S GROCERY 803 Reed St Olean New York The Store Where You Get Friendly Serv1ce and Quality I I 1 i William Pastore, Prop. Comphrnents OLEAN SALES CO Dupont and Moo s Palnt For All Uses Phone 6030 Best W1shes The Class of 53 From the TE LE PHONE OPER ATORS ALLEGANY E W STIEFVATER Plumbmg and Heatlng Portvllle N Y Phone 352 1 COLLINS BROS. MEMOR IALS 15 E. Maln St. Phone 82 Allegany, N. Y. Congratulatwns SANDBURG BROS 1502 W State St Olean Phone 4444 Dxstrlbutors AMOCO Products O1 Fuel O1ls Buy Your School Supplles GOULDS 05 to S1 00 Store The Store Where You Get Your Money s Worth Comphments of KLICE BROS DAIR Y PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS of 0 . . , N. Y. 606 W. State St. Olean, N. Y. Gasoline Lubrication .1 . t O At heb

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