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Q. X by 1-5.4-Q X if WM, ggi, Q 'Lf' .-1 -' Hn ,p I el svgiih if-' aff? Y-4 if 'ff fi r. M- ,. J. If 4 ,-U' 34 5 ,, ,. ,I . . ,Jai ,rf J . 5, ,W , ,4-xr A 'bf if A 0- ' ,WW -. r'k Q A. ., , f.. ,I ,U l 0 ' WN-vu . xg xw I . 4 . .m ..,f1 , Q I S s s if - k21 Fauna ,Ig 9' 'Q if nw i Q f' -an Q- v-4 1 Q: 1-sb ,., QQ P, 1- o .. 3 M , lf'i ': S' , fl. 4' ' vi? .H. 1. i of H . ' av iv. v v ,.0f'h s .. 32 .. 45' ,1f HVd'9' Q. ..,n..n ,, ECHU ALLEGAN HIGH SCHOOL ALLEGAN, MICHIGAN Editor-in-Chief J. Thomas G Stalj Editors Diana D. Alfred D Gordon Sandra K. Meade Howard R. Nahik ' Manager . Charles Wray VOLUME XIX I957 WITH CONSIDERATION . . . To the importance of thinking and planning for tomorrow we have chosen the phrase in league with the future as our theme for this 1957 ECHO. These words of the great Norwegian literary Figure Henrik Ibsen were quoted by President Eisenhower in his second nomi- nation acceptance speech August 23, 1956, when he said, I hold that man is in the right who is most clearly in league with the future. FACULTY. . . 4 SPORTS ........ . . SENIORS .......... . . I6 SENIOR ACTIVITIES UNDERCLASSMEN. . . . . 34 SENIOR DIRECTORY ACTIVITIES ,..... . . 62 INDEX .......... . 2 IN APPRECIATION 5 'wfigisi it it i ei MARGERY PRINCE FLORENCE HOFFMAN To Mrs. HofTman and Miss Prince, who for thirteen and ten years, respectively, have brightened the halls of Allegan high school with their warm friendly smiles and who have made available to all of us their unselhsh and untiring help, both in the classroom and in outside activities, we are happy to dedicate this book. HIIHIIHISTRHTIUH In league with the future are Allegan high school's faculty and administration. The administra- tion heads and school board are planning and preparing with re- gard to AIlegan's new high school. The faculty's instruction in the classroom and aid in extracur- ricular events helps students to make ready to cope with their planned futures. STUDYING PLANS for the new school are Mr. Peckham, Mr. Mul- ready and Mr. White. Mmm ww 'wx H wxwwzw My X r ll' A ww+'WWfSW::W-1 ,, , Wwww v N v W M Nw wqgp. XM, -X---W.. X.. XM,,wgw,v W, Wx w N , Q wwww v w 'WWXQQQWQX x cymwx' WWWX A wtfxywQWSEWSQQF jflwx My 5 A 1 SU PERINTENDENT LAWERENCE E. WHITE 'Y SCHOOL BOARD. Melborne Button, Chester Ray OUR ADMINISTRATORS LOOK AHEAD Facing overcrowded conditions in our present high school. Superintendent Lawrence E. VVhite worked closely with the board of education to plan Allegaifs new high school. to be completed by the fall of 1957. Construction of the school is progress- ing rapidly toward completion. hir. 1Vhite became superintendent of the Allegan schools in 195-'lf and has done an excellent job as the head of our school achninistration. He holds an A.B. degree from XVestern Michigan college and an M.A. SECRETARIES. joan Madalinski and Hazel Bishton degree from the University of Michigan. Hazel Bishton assists Mr. Wfhite in many duties. Sho is the secretary to our superintendent, and is beginning her seventeenth year of service to Allegan high school. Joan Madalinski is the clerk in the main ofhce. She is an alumna of Allegan's class of 1954. Miss Maclalinski began working for the school in the fall of 1954. SECRETARY Mrs. Banks with student ofhee helper, Mary Meyers Q KR . , Xi. 17' nu 6 Kathryn Wincht-stt-r, john Kathcrlcr, Tovio Malila PRINCIPAL JOSEPH MULREADY Mr. PECKHAM IS A NEW ADMINISTRATOR M1'. -Iosvpli Nltilrvacly ably holds thc position Of This your Z1 new sniilv is showing in tht- ofhct' ot' svnior high school principal and has clone so for thc' aclministrzitivc .lssisttint and junior high principal, last nim' wzlrs. Ht- varnvtl 21 BS. clcgrcc from WCStCrH for this is Mr. Rolmvrt POClill2lIlllS lirst yvzir at this lvlirliiguni collvggr' :incl an M.A. clcgrvc from the Uni- position. Mr. Pvckhzun has Cliargc- of stuclvnt zittvntl- Wt,-my of Michigan, arlcc, among his othvr dutics, Ht' holcls BS. :incl MA. Assisting Mt'. Mulrcticly in thc many clutiCS io- clcgrcvs front XVc'stt-rn Mirhigzin vollvgc' :incl tht- volvt-cl in tht- principalls oFfiC0 is Mrs. B2lTlkS, University of Micliigan, rc-spcctivt-ly, lN1r. Pvrklitmi Sl'K'l'l'till'y to tht- principal. Sho is a gI'Z1ClllZllC of Par- fornit-rly taught biology and English ll livrt' at Al- son's Businvss collcgc in Kalauiazoo. lvgan high school. IUN1oR moi! PRINCIPAL RoBER'1' PECK- Mr. PECKIIAM and Uftifv livlvvfs- Dilmll fN 1i'1 ilA,xM trout and Put Carroll it f ,4 1, lit ALLEGAN TEACHERS INSTRLICT STUDENTS IN THEIR ABILITIES TO COPE 'F A 'ft If fl I .' ill, E . fi. - I 'l ':.:f Q A Wg . If . 1, 1 , A K-' 7 'Z . , , 4. I 6.03-if :' It I '., '. T fs .ff A . Ref ' -wwf -as jr 59,3 it f -I... - iss ' :w.'i-I--el ' .. . 251,19 , Lyyd . as a t S - Q , e A 43?-14' DOUGLAS G. ANDREWS MARGARET ALLEN . KL? ELIZABETH ANDREWS PATRICIA ANKNEY saws., Mrg. Allen teaches high school algebra and eighth grade arithmetic classes. She possesses both B.A. and M.A. degrees in education from the University of Michigan. Besides being on the Salary-Schedule committee of the Teachers' club, she serves as Eighth grade advisor. Mr. Andrews conducts classes in seventh grade reading, eighth and tenth grade Eng- lish, and speech. He attended the University of Michigan and Western Michigan college, receiving a B.A. degree in literature and lan- guage from the latter. He directs the Junior and Senior plays. Mrs. Andrews instructs seventh and eighth grade English classes. She holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from Western Michigan college. She is now doing graduate work at Michigan State University. Miss Ankney directs the Mens' glee club, Girls' glee club, Robed choir, seventh and eighth grade general music classes, and Junior high choir. She received a B.M. degree in music education from Western Michigan col- lege. She is now doing graduate work at Michigan State university. She is vice-prcsi- dent of the Teachers, club and chairman of its program committee. She advises the Var- sity choir, the ECHO, and the Pep club. WITH THEIR FUTURE DESTINIES, WHETHER ACADEMIC OR VOCATIONAL Mrs. Brosier instructs Girls' physical edu- cation classes. She received a B.S. degree at Western Michigan college. She has charge of the Intramural basketball program and the Girls' tennis team. She serves on the Monitor Judicial board and is a member of the Pro- gram-Planning committee of the Teachers' club. She is a junior class advisor, the GAA sponsor and is co-advisor of the Cheerleaders. Mr. Brosier conducts morning art classes for high school and junior high students, while teaching art in the afternoons to ele- mentary students. He received his B.A. de- gree from Western Michigan college. He also attcnclcd Cranbrook Art Academy. He ad- vises the newly formed Art club. Mr. Buist teaches U.S. history. He holds a B.S. degree and an MA. degree from Wes- tern Michigan college, where he has also done graduate work. He coaches the Varsity foot- ball backfield, Reserve basketball, and Var- sity baseball. He is president of the Teachers' club and co-advisor to the A club. Mr. Clinger teaches seventh grade Mich- igan history, seventh grade geography and eighth grade U. S. history. He obtained a B.S. degree at Western Michigan college, where he is now carrying out his graduate work.He coaches cross country and is assistant track coach. He is a member of the Program-Plan- ning committee of the Teachers' club, and advisor to the Seventh grade. Mrs. Cronenwett serves as our school li- brarian. She holds a B.S. degree in librarian- ship and art from Western Michigan college. She is a member of the Curriculum committee of the Teachers' club. She advises the student librarians and is co-advisor of the Future Teachers of America. Mr. De Mull, who specializes in mathe- matics, teaches algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, solid geometry and trigonometry. He received his B.S. degree from Hope college, and is doing graduate work at Western Mich- igan college. He holds the post of athletic director and coaches the Varsity football line. track, and Seventh grade basketball, He is co-advisor of the A club and Sophomore class. Pictures at left: THE JUNIOR HIGH WEL- COME PARTY with Mr. Peckham and Mr. Brosier assisting. Mr. MOFFETT ENJOY- ING CHAPERONING the Freshman-Senior Hobo-Dance. f r BETTY BROS I E R I 1 JACK D. BUIST RICHARD L. HROSIER WILLIAM L. CLINGER MIRIAM CRONENWETT CLAIR DE MULL K OUR TEACHERS LEAD BUSY LIVES AS THEY WORK AND TRAVEL GUY E. ELDER LAWVRENCE W. FRANK VIRGINIA FREDERICK MARY GILLIGAN WALTER GQDLEWSKI FLQRENCE HOFFMAN Mr. Elder teaches agriculture, farm me- chanics, and general shop. He has obtained a B.S. degree in vocational agriculture from Michigan State university, where he is now doing graduate work. He is a member of the Salary-Schedule committee of the Teachers' club and serves as a Freshman class advisor. Mr. Frank divides his time between direct- ing the senior and junior high bands, and instructing instrumental music in the grade schools. He holds a B.A. degree from Albion college and an M.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Michigan. He has also done gradu- ate work at Western Michigan college and the University of Michigan. Mrs. Frederick instructs seventh and eighth grade arithmetic, and eighth grade reading classes. She was graduated from Eastern Michigan college with a B.A. degree in mathematics, Besides being a member of the Curriculum committee of the Teachers' club, she serves as an Eighth grade advisor. Mrs. Gilligan instructs classes in typing, shorthand, and general business. She obtained her B.S. degree in business education from Western Michigan college and is now earning her master's degree at the University of Michigan. She is a member of the Merit committee of the Teachers' club, co-advisor of the cheerleaders, and is an advisor of the Sophomore class. Mr. Godlewski teaches classes in seventh grade reading, seventh grade Michigan his- tory, seventh grade geography, and eighth grade U.S. history. He holds an A.B. degree and an M.A. degree from the University of Michigan. He is the school's audio-visual director and serves as advisor for the Seventh grade class. Mrs. Hoffman instructs freshmen in Eng- lish I. She earned her A.B. and M.A. degrees from the University of Michigan. She is a member of the Salary-Schedule committee of the Teachers' club. She also serves as advisor to the Future Teachers of America. WITH US ON OUR EVERYDAY JOURNEY TOWARD GRADUATION Mrs. Jones instructs classes in general business. She has obtained an A.B. degree in English and Latin at Western Michigan col- lege. She has also attended the University of Michigan, where she is now doing graduate work. She is a Freshman class advisor. Mrs. Kenworthy has classes in Latin and. Spanish. She received her M.A. degree at the University of Rome, Italy. She assists on the Curriculum committee of the Teachers' club, and the Monitor Judicial board. She advises the Latin club and the Senior class. Mrs. Lewis instructs pupils in shorthand, bookkeeping, typewriting, oflice practice, and general mathematics classes. She obtained a B.S. degree at Western Michigan college and an M.A. degree at the University of Mich- igan. She also attended the University of California at Los Angeles. She is an advisor to the Freshman class. Mr. Moffett teaches senior English and Effective Living. He holds a B.D. degree from Kenyon college and an M.A. degree in education from the University of Michigan. He also attended Northern Michigan college. He is active in the Merit committee of the Teachers' club and is a Senior class advisor. Mrs. Morley conducts classes in home- making. She obtained her B.S. degree from Michigan State University. She attended Western Michigan college and the University of Michigan. She advises the Future Home- makers of America and is an advisor of the Freshman class. Mrs. Nichols teaches English I and II. She has obtained a B.A. degree in English from Asbury college. She is presently doing gradu- ate work at Western Michigan college. She is secretary of the Teachers' club, advisor of the Junior Red Cross, and an advisor of the Senior class. OLIVIA JONES CATERINA KENWORTHY -dl VIVIAN LEWIS STANLEY H. MOFFETT ii iii . li: A was '- IRMA MORLEY DORTHY NICHOLS THE FACULTY ARE PLANNING TO FURTHER FACILITATE THEIR GUIDANCE Xxx .J MARGERY PRINCE ELMER A- REWALT L-4 DP Z rn CD U1 'FU O r 'Tl rn rn :- r' U3 2 O W FU I-l I U1 '-I 3' W E Z C3 'Wan--aiu MICHAEL J. STRAZANAC EMIL J. TOMANEK I2 Wir Miss Prince trains students in eighth grade reading and in seventh and eighth grade Eng- lish. She has a B.A. degree from Hope college and also attended Michigan State University. She holds the oflice of treasurer in the Teachers' club. She acts as advisor to the Tri-Hi-Y and Eighth grade class. Mr. Rewalt instructs classes in Mechanical drawing, blue print reading and drivers' edu- cation. He received his B.S. degree at Wes- tern Michigan college and also attended Alma and Central Michigan colleges. He is secre- tary of the Michigan Driver and Safety Education association. Mr. Rolfe teaches civics, economics, and social science classes. He is a graduate of Wester Michigan college, holding both B.S. and M.A. degrees. He has also attended Muskegon Community college and Michigan State Uni- versity. He coaches tennis and assists in coaching Freshman football. He advises the Student council, the Model U.N. delegation, and the Senior class. Mr. Starring teaches biology and world history. His B.S. degree was earned at Wes- tern Michigan college. Advising the Pep club and the Freshman class are among his activi- ties. Mr. Strazanac teaches general shop, me- chanical drawing, blue print reading, and print shop. He has B.S. and M.A. degrees from Western Michigan college and has done graduate work at the University of Michigan. In addition to being on the Salary-Schedule committee of the Teachers' club, he is an ad- visor to the Senior class. Mr. Tomanek directs students in seventh and eighth grade reading, eighth grade sci- ence and seventh grade Michigan history. He is a graduate of Western Michigan college with a B.S. and an M.A. degree. He has studied at the University of Illinois. Besides coaching the Reserve football and wrestling teams, he also advises the Seventh grade class. Pictures at right: Mr. ROLFE OVER- SEEING a group of the civics classes' mock national election staff. PARENTS' DAY Ends Mrs. Wise conferring with Brent Lor- back's mother. AND ASSISTANCE FOR THE STUDENTS IN THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Van Wagoner teaches world history and physical education classes. He attended Highland Park junior college, later receiving his B.S. and M.A. degrees from Western Michigan college. He coaches Varsity basket- ball, Freshman baseball, and Freshman foot- ball. The Intramural and Grade school basketball programs are under his direction. He holds positions on the Monitor Judicial hoard and the Teachers' club Program-P1an- ning committee. He acts as as advisor to the Sophomore class. Mr. Winter teaches chemistry, physics, conservation and eighth grade general science. He earned his A.B. and A.M. from Hope col- lege. He has done additional work at the University of Michigan, Ferris Institute, and Northwestern and Michigan State Univer- sities. He is chairman of the Legislative com- mittee of Region Nine of the Michigan Education association. He directs the school Camping activities. Mrs. Wise teaches junior English, American, and world literature. She holds an A.B. degree in English from Kalamazoo col- lege. Advancing her education, she studied at Columbia university. She is an advisor of the Sophomore class. Mr. Zimmer has charge of general mathe- matics, algebra, and plane geometry classes. He obtained a B.S. degree at Western Mich- igan college and an M.A. degree at the University of Michigan. He also attended Ferris Institute. .Ss fe-, .I ffl ,If GEORGE VAN WAGONER HARTGER E. WINTEIX 3 its ay, LUCY WISE BERT ZIMMER 2 ,hw M ., V, BUS DRIVERS: William Keedle, Edwin Emmons, Elgin Gaubatz, Charles Hobaugh, Clyde Ely, Frank Shagonaby. MANY RURAL STUDENTS ARRIVE BY BUS CGOKS PREPARE DELICIOUS MEAL5 PREPARINC LUNCH ARE: Betty Edgin, Mrs. Hiscock and Mrs. Hanson. '51 At the crack of dawn and many times before dawn in the winter, six school busses set out to collect rural students, some of whom lived as far as fifteen miles from Allegan. The students were picked up again after school for their bus rides home. Other activities involving busses included band and Field trips and the transporting of students to out-of-town games. This year the bus drivers attended classes in driver safety and the psychology of handling a bus load of students. The classes were held at the High school for all Collrlty bus drivers. The High school cafeteria, with Mrs. Hiscock in charge, was engaged in constant activity, pre- paring daily lunches. Mrs. Hiscock was aided by fourteen helpers, most of whom were home eco- nomics students. Mrs. Hiscock's features included special menus on Parents, Day, Junior Career Day and the days preceeding Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. I4 I CUSTODIANS: Ruben Bensinger, Charles Hobough, Leon Counterman, Pzxul, Kuehl, Tona Dannenburg, Adrain Lipp, John Shagonaby. Cecilia Shagonaby. CUSTDDIANS KEEP SCHGOL IN CONDITION CAMPUS AND ATHLETIC FIELD GIVEN CARE Keeping the classrooms and halls in tip-top shapc arc among the dutics of our custodians. Thcy cart- for thc lawn. shrubs, trees and walks surrounding the school. The athletic field is given special attention by some ol' thc custodians when the outdoor sports are in season. After basketball games and parties in the gym, the custodians move in and restore it to its usual neat condition. Boing thc hrst to arrive, the custodians turn on thc steam, so the building will be comfortable when the teachers and students come to school: locking thc school after the nightly activities clirnaxes the custodians' day. I5 ADRIAN LIPP at an autumn job The seniors are busily planning for tomorrow. College bound seniors are applying for admission to colleges and universities and taking various entrance and scholarship examinations. Sen- iors planning to enter a vocation after graduation study courses related to their anticipated field of work as well as investigate available work opportunities in these fields. These are a few of the impor- tant reasons showing that Alle- gan's are in league with the future. Mr. MULREADY DISCUSSING COLLEGE with a group of seniors who have just completed a National Merit Scholarship Test. .1 I, I T PRESIDENT JACK HAYES VICE-PRESIDENT SANDY MEADE SECRETARY JEAN CARLSON TREASURER DEE BYRON STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT TED TUCKER YEARBOOK EDITOR TOM GATTEN 'T' NANCY A. ARNDT SANDRA QIEAN AUSTIN I9 Q IJARLENE CAROL BYRON EDWARD H. CALHOUN CHLOE ALICE ARLINGTON DIANA DAWN ARMIN'I'ROU'l' 'Phd' BEVERLY CLAIRE BERGMAN CONSTANCE LOUISE BROWN 43 PATRICIA ELLEN CARROLL CHARLES O. CHESTNUT KEITH COFFEY CARROLL L. COMMANS MARY ELLEN CALLOWAY JEAN E. CARLSON ROGER L. CLASON SHIRLEY CLAWSON 5555, , E. ' HX .. H2 ' , Aw w ' E fi i E,.A 7 TES f if ALFRED CROWELL JACK L. DANGREMOND WILLIAM DOMBROWSKI DONALD OWEN DYER I ALICE DELL PAUL DOMBROWSKI 1 50 - 'I-:-- Nm PATRICIA M. FI.LIO'I I' KENNETH D. ELSTON NANCY ELAINE ENDERS GORDON M. FALES JANET E. GARRETT JOHN THOMAS GATTEN NANCY JANIVER FOSTER LOREN G. FULLER GEORGE GIBSON JAMES N. GILLETTE ROYAL GREWE JEAN ANN HALE ,rw gr .IACK S. HAYES BARBARA ANN HEISTER MARY ALICE GODLEWSKI MARY JEAN GRANGER DONNA KAY HAMMER LU ANN HAMMER ifiij - - -. QSM- . 'Q v MICHAEL HGDGE THERON N. HOPKINS ROBERT S. IRWIN ALICE M. JAMES SHARRY ANN HILESKI PATRICIA ANN HISCOCK LARRY L. HUGHES JOHN J. ILMBERGER RONALD E. JENSEN 'L+ E T' LINDA SUE JOHNSON LORRAINE EVELYN KACZMAREK DEAN P. KASTEN MAXINE L. JONES ROSE MARIE JONES GENE D. KASTEN RUDOLPH H. KASTEN PHYLLIS KEELEY VIRGINIA CORA KELLY RONALD W. KRUITHOFF GRETCHEN L. LANGE JAMES R. KENT KENNETH KINGSBURY ELLEN ANN LAUSKA THOMAS H. LOCATIS ROSE ANN MADALINSKI SANDRA KAY MEADE ff RICHARD D. MILHIEM GERALD P. MILLER VICKI MACK LEONA E. L. MADALINSKI MARJORIE WILCOX MEALEY JAMES LEE MILBOCKER FREDERICK P. MORLEY ALMA JEANNE MORRIS HOWARD R. NAHIKIAN GALE F. NAVIS DONALD L. MINER JOHN W. MOORED RONALD E. MORRIS MARSHA ANN MYERS ROBERT L. NOBLE ELLEN L. OISTEN HAROLD E. PEGG ALLEN D. PETERS MARJORIE ANNE OISTEN DAVID L. OLSEN ELDON W. PHILLEY STANLEY J. PIERCE ELMA JANE REDDER BETTY L. REGNIER JAMES E. RICHARDSON EDNA SCHANZ JANET F. RICHARDS JANICE E. RICHARDS JOHN P. SMITH ANDREW STANKEY W3 inf' WAYNE L, SWITZER FRANK TEDBALL BARBARA LOUISE TODD THEODORE J. TUCKER MARLENE ANN STANTON LUCY STEVENS CAROLYN LEE THOMPSON SANDRA JOAN THOMPSON MARY HAINES VAN ORDER JAMES VEENKANT STUART W. WERNER PURLIN JAY WESSELING THOMAS A. TUFFELMIRE NANCY GAIL UNDERWOOD EDWARD E. WALTERS WILMA IRENE WATTS PATSY GENE WILKINSON CHARLES WRAY W xu-atv BY MONOPOLIZING THE BAS- KETBALL CONCESSION the seniors were able to add extra needed money to their treasury. The seniors' major expenses arose from the week-long senior camping trip held in April, and the May commencement exercises, While Fred Morley leisurely pours him- self a Coke, jack Hayes, Jim Milbocker, Barbara Heister, and Dee Byron make ready to receive the confluence of hung- ry baskctball fans. 3 3 PATRICIA ANNE WUIS HELEN M. ZUGEI, UHDEHCLHSSHIEII The juniors lead the under- classmen in their drive to be in lfeague with the future. The work involved in planning and producing the prom and the new vocational view points gained from Junior Career day have made the juniors realize the im- portance of working with respect to the future. The sophomores taking field trips, the freshmen deciding on different courses, and the junior high students surpassing their magazine sales quotas, are facts which display their eagemess to ensue the juniors. THE PROM CHAIRMEN meet with two class advisors, Mrs. Hoff- man and Mr. Winter, to discuss the prom decorating. 35 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AS WOULD-BE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS AT THE SITE OF THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL: Mary White, Secretaryg Jerry Nanna, Vice- Presidentg Judy Elliott, Trcasurerg John Kelsey, President. JLINIORS 36 l EARNINGS FROM THE CAN- DY SALES held at noons and after school helped the juniors to carry out the annual Junior-Sem ior prom. Babs Osmun and Sue Robson are doing their part as sellers. - U lm, MW N Wlltliilglwwl fi -B ,,iFaW ,.MW . v ME-Jle ni y ta .., CLASS OF l958 WILL BE FIRST TO GRADUATE FROM NEW HIGH SCHOOL Nancy Adriance Chuck Allum Norman Arndt Marvin Arwood Norman Bailey Barbara Belden Gordon Bellingar Bob Bennett Jim Berry Kay Bloom Mary Ellen Bloom jim Burdick Lyle Bush jerry Campbell Barbara Carlson Wendell Chandler Wanda Clark Lavern Ulawson Nancy Clawson Norma Clawson junior Cook Mike Cook Shirley Cram James Damber Bob Daugherty Joyce Dell Doris Dc Ver Ville Fred Douglas Donna Dyer Loye Eddy Betty Edgin Judy Elliott Eileen Ellis Leah Ellis Bill Falk JUNIORS .L E I B ,Q A I as A 12 ig A , ,:-- ilk' .V I 'f.f13k-...1,,,,5. I fa., . s.i. - JS. S 1 wh, if W In . yysl I is I 3' If E, .I I - I fig 3 s'Se 'rre ls i B i.- It I S I ' .. sss M , ' I ff ' ,Q fs. iii -I N y I as 1- E , 'I ,, ' 3, is I ' fl .r ignflw A l V I: . an -5. x .V 3 'f ' A. .A ' 'V wi-if ' if is i -all I .fill A , ,,.1 A ,,'. A I I it ,.,' E 'i - . . B S E t I Q, H I ,v 2 , fl i ' - - M :Z LVkV,,l L . A W V V if AA X ,. VV I . A2 it . .. W K . R I I M 'ff I L 1, s I 1 -We ,ff i-a 4 A iz f --is 31:3 1 ' 0 1. i I . 37 'S 'ir 1 I I sn , K 1- s A Km .5 . I ' jip 4 :m,. 3' fer W 1, 5 ,Y 5 ri av ' 5 I. lf' ,K If 42 38 JUNIORS DISPLAY THEIR TALENTS IN THE CURIOUS SAVAGE ry E , aw is Q K, f iq X, , Q gba' E Q I 1 Q' X l x 'I K We if R I ,MF Nl M 2. , za- I A A N W ' Q- 7-'hi m J J ima.--:E K im J 1 any r ,,I,, . I Q as +L , It figs iv s - iq.. 12 A' w w ., , A w . X Wes A was MQ?- Michel Frampton Ruth Germain Sue Gibson Terry Godfrey Pat Godlewski Frank Goodwin Tom Goodwin Gurlene Granger Larry Grewe Bob Haner David Hanson Judy Hatfield Roger Henrickson Gertrude Herpst Ron Herpst Gary Hileski Seacrett Hilaski Phil Himmelein Delores Hinlcle Rick Hunter Irvin Immink Judy Isenhart Joyce Johnson Janis Jones Jim Jones Tim Jorgenson Norman Jurries John Kelsey Dick Kincaid Tom Kollar Betty LaF ond Caroline Lemley Shirley Lemley John Lewis Brent Lorback JUNIORS JUNIORS' THOUGHTS FOR FUTURE SUPPLEMENTED BY CAREER DAY Carl Meunier Mary Louise Meyer Gene Milbocker Ralph Mitchell Carlton Mollitor Gayle Morrie Jerry N anna Jerome Nickrent Sandra Noble Bob Novotny Bob O'Connell janet Oetman Babs Osmun Ed Overmyer Pat Perog Karl Person joan Pickens Carl Pierson Judy Plotts Bill Pritchett Kay Reed Naomi Reed Sue Robson Nancy Roozenburg Linda Ross Sue Saunders Dale Schaffer Mike Schelhas Kay Setter Linda Shafer Darlene Sherwood Torecn Sherwood Roger Smalla Barbara Smith Eugene Snyder JUNIORS in , .3 'l , ,T ,. as W ii ' I IC: ,ii h S x. . E ' fee www f V , ., K , .' i AVF , ,I ' F ' ese, - ii we R iy iii C CS 1-1 4 1 ,. , A S i n ' 5 yy o 'i ': S Z MLh A -f' in ICC' l , fui Z it Q it 1 E E 'iiie lat Q7 S R+ J' A 1 i..eeb 'T Q 4 T T Q ' i f it Q A .4 We It kv.. X 2 gm Kg., .A A Q... V. ' is 'N K L4 ? g 1- X: A S. A AV S i2'-eee'e'1 Q 1 T . -T FSL 4 R t My K 3 Rx T an 1- T C A MHS' se- E 39 JUNIORS DILIGENTLY PREPARE FCDR ANNUAL JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM john Stroud Linda Summers Robert Tagg Mary Lou Teusink Lawrence E. Thompson 'F' ,L ' 45' - A , Y ,,, 1: : in W is ..kV Ji ' -' 'Wf ir is V, Ti . i,:.x HN,,i , sw - Joe Zugel YM, V Barbara Thorpe Connie Thorpe Richard Turner Bonnie Van Laan Darlene Veenkant Marvin Voss Kay Wallis Ann Werner Mary White Mike Wilcox DOM Wiley Linda Wiley Ron Williams jim Wise 'i l,--,' David Wray mt, 5. Aw fi - NOT PICTURED.' Ronald Ochampaugh, Joan Shoemaker, Marie Southard, Jerry Van Order. l LABORING OVER A U.s. His- TORY TEST are Darlene Veenkant, Larry Grewe and Jerry Campbell. 40 SOPHOMORE GLASS OFl ILIHRS TAKING I'l' RASS Dmk N hllxllll Stiftllfy Iom Patton, Prcsidc-nt1 Churk Gmngvr, Trvxxsurm-rg Ed IAITSOII. Y lu PIKSILQII INCREASING TIIE SOPHO- MURE TREASURY arc Paula .'xI'IlliIllI'0lll, Kon Andrews and Shf-rry MI'Nllll :ls thcy svll an ice' rrmrn but to Bvvcrly Bergman during Ll noon interval. SOPHOMORES SOPHS AGAIN TRIUMPH OVER FROSH IN FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GAMES eg w ' ii I I al. I Larry Allen I 53' I., ' T I Ken Andrews A ,JNQ A W Afx, Lf' I .:. Q Q 1.3 X .43 in -.51 j. , A ,nw E m' IQQM X I Ben Arlington iii I 1. I - 57W ' Paula Armintrout ' iw - A ALVII Q -I Marla Arndt rs l ln I e I J V A nllnllln ff g lll N 5. , X I , I 'I , Wn 22 I Leonard Balgoyen . i I ,gj fi , V Lance Bartz Q - , if E F II i J Bruce Beetley A I ie g LLLL I Rodney Belden K I f l-.L If I':' , Maynard Belt K 9 7 I ., i. xi . I - ' .. -Q Q I . gg - .:,. Q I V A I' XA I ' ' ' . li at Judy Bender mv I I II GUY Bennet' 1+ V N iff if YI' if Jerry Billman 'Vw gl Q Susan Blakeslee , Q Lawrence Bleeker : X 5 Q- Pat Bloss Herschel Boerman Jim Booher Rolland Boysen .,:5.J I in I I A I . ' , : -1 f ,,Ak A Q W gf Mary Ann Boysen Z - ,,,, -1 Ig ., ' krkr J 5' an H .. .ils . le, ,.,,..i.e,, , ,.,. ,535 . , Donna Bradley Elaine Bright Wayne Brower Bill Brown Karole Brown Sharon Cady Ron Callender Roger Campbell Alice Carns Peggy Carroll Donald Case jim Cassada Martha Cheever Jim Chestnut Pat Clark 42 SOPHOMORES TENTH GRADERS LEARN INTERESTING FACTS OF NATURE ON FIELD TRIPS Mary Clason Joyce Clemens Jim Cochran Arthur Coffey Dena Coffey Dawn Cole Diane Cole jim Conor Colleen Cook Gary Cook Cal Curlin Phil Currie Arlene Dangremond Ron Davis Judy Dunford Dave Dykstra Dick Emmons Gaylord Emmons Glenn Emmons jim Fenn Nancy F enn Barbara Flynn Mike Foster Larry Funk Ron Garlock Alan Gates Ted Groby Ed Graham john Graham Bernard Graves Robert Green Bill Gunn Kathy Hale Ed Hansen Jim Hartman SOPHOMORES as S ,F A W . SX ,iw 4.4 l I :ff ' l I sm, I Al fi 43 SOPHS REALIZE VALUE OF PRESENT ACTIVITIES WHICH WILL ADVANCE , MM. N fat ,Q 'Easy 7' :-p , k-' ,:5.: 1 .II S.: 1 I P 'I 'Q' I X L E 74' 1 Q I-' . 7. - I I' A ZE. I . 1- 4 I. I is QQ-1 f 1 2 Wi' IALL I I.I . I Aikr ,i 4 5 I .53 3 A 7 1 bw i i f: ii I V, W Ieyvg ,,4..k: i? , . ,'k' . gk Q if it gf. sf I 'I 'a V . . V . I I' .I A A V A , IEfEA I .IEI , x ik 3. -u kkiil . I .QQ I 'fIf 1E'I I ,.f1. se W i M L 8 I ..::,. L. I I7-CD I -3 . . if fi' Q I -Q-W-A ' I .I ICEI I I J s ffm EQ I TAE -I4 Marvin Haven Sally Heckman Nancy Henrickson Sue Hicks Shirley Hinkle Bill Hiscock Bill Irwin Jim Jacobs Rinda Jones Rodger Jones Judy Jordan Judy Jorgens Bob Kaarlie Walter Kibby Larry Kingsbury Peter Knoblock Ron LaFond jim Lampros Kathy Lange Ed Larson Linda Little Carolyn Lugtigheid Richard Lutz jack Madalinski Carol Marsteiner Susan McBride Mickie McGeath Frank Michaels Dawn Miller Duwayne Misner Clyde Moored George Moose Dick Nahikian Judy Nanna Diana Nash SOPHOMORES THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF IMPENDING MEASURES OF EDUCATION Margaret Newman Carol Nyhuis Carol Oisten David Oisten Mary Ann Opas Norman Page Tom Patten Lester Peak Anne Perog Naomi Peters Pete Price Chuck Pullen Tom Radtke David Rasmussen Chip Ray Dick Riksen Dick Ringewold Naven Rininger Roger Rininger Karen Roberts Marge Rowe Robert Sanders Lenore Sartini Gordon Schulz Judy Sebright Legal Sharron Roger Sieving Sandy Slater Allen Slotman Sharon Slotman George Smith Linda Snow Sharon Sorenson Leroy Steffens Martha Steffens SOPHOMORES 'QQ or I I I ,,z, 2 I. a S S eo - e 'K is hi s -III' .41 I Q' 2 A I T E Tn 'yi ei' t'x . I , E Q in T l a. .M .A Ixf,, mu iyggfgf Ak If I A 9 1 I V ,. A I I T It - Q A U 1 rx M vi A I 1 .,,,.I , ta S , E i r A rr I A In . q - di ,t...,ws:f t fit I in . A K l dj i .X A A J V y I N. 5 K l A I .fgf 1 A A ,fr 45 N +5 ,. , n Q SOPHOMORES LOOK FORWARD TO ORDERING THEIR OWN CLASS RINGS H.. -ff- V9 1 1 ffk fe Z H li- , 5' 1 F f if 8 MSW , ., .sv . Mary Lou Stewart Robert Stube Algis Switzenburg Karla Switzer Carol Ten Brink ' Pat Ten Brink Larry Ter Avest V Rachel Teusink 'I'Li j g Mary Ann Travis H 1 I RN if ' it 3 L- f - w 1 .. gg Elaine Underwood R 1 .ffr . . awp 852. x We . , A a y sift Pat VanOrder 2:51 Jerry Vaughn E Jeanie Walker ' Betty Walsh f i S Dick wvm i 11 'Quai I Ii fn- Q e 1 , 2 ff it E' I U .. . Mk A. .st su if ,. Vin- 3 ff Bob Yoakam Roger Young Gary Zcran ,xx gg ' Kay Wedge K Diane Whisler ,:. A ' Donna Gay' INiIber 'W if X 3 kztt I . 'tr -w I li .,-. M I Pat WVyatt 'I Edwin VVynne NOT PICTURED: Joyce Decker, Charles Granger, Sherry McNutt, Blake Perrigo. THE 3:50 DISMISSAL BELL RINGS ending the school day and the Hood of students pours through the doorway to set out for their diversified destinations. 46 I 'lx FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PAUSING FOR A MOMENI OF CIONIX ERSA'I ION jim Mahan, Vice-Presidentg Doug Pvtc-rson. S0c'1't-tziryg Rox mm Cibson -Ircwsurtr Allvn White, President. VENDING CUPCAKES to Rick lluntcr and Vicki Mack are Su- san Follett and Ann White as tht-y perform their role in obtain- ing money for thc freshman class trcnsury. FRESHMEN . r. AK N T if V. W . Carolyn Anglemyer Q Y Q B 1 mt so 'Sw H SCHOOL LIFE BECOMES MORE INTERESTING AS FRESHMEN CHOOSE 'L ' I ' Bernard Ackerman ,IV,i , Tom Adams ' A M 1 55: Donna Arndt V IIII I ' Arthur Arwood F: ,: 'I l Marcella Ash V. . David Axe 4 j ft IS' W M, Leatha Babbitt - Sharon Bailey A 4 Q 5 John Barber F.. E G A D X l If 2 I I' H - III .. : ' I -like 1- I V I ui. . mi H I Vkvyl 5 N H jf 7 I :,, ,d.I,: , I IIS to y ISII at Alan Belden K I.. I t' 1s Linda Belden 73 1 , I ' K .: I xi, 2 Ronald Belden n ,I ,' NMCY Belles 'I ., I I Illeell I J0SePhine Bellinsar qi gm fx 4 4 I I ' 5 Pat Berzley ' A Kathleen Bishop , I, :-' W 1 3 fggg James Blackman 1 I W Ervin Bolks Wlr'4: Julie Boll iil'f ' I . Y 'K '11 K .K Q Marlene Bomber :t Ron Boone I il 1 -I - - bb,, Judy Bos I 'S 'WE-HQ garage Q l gl? George Boylan ' my ,AI if , W 1 tx F af , 'fer I ' I Iii :' - I Roger Brandeberry . I its I Karolyn Brosz Louise Budrus Steven Budrus Phyllis Burdick Terry Burke Dale Bush Betty Butler Rose Zella Butler Gary Button Mickey Carroll FRESHMEN BETWEEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY AND VCCATIONAL COURSES Louise Chipman Mary Jo Coffey Helen Conley Tom Cook Chuck Cooley Atha Jean Crowder Corlotta Crowell Anna Cyrus Gail Dalton Tom Damber Ruth Ellis Larry Emmons Sally F arnum Wayne Farnum Barbara Ferris Walter Flahout Susan Follett Farrell Foster David Franz Peggy Freiwald Walter Furjanic Margie Gable Jackie Garlock Rojean Garlock Sharon Gates Barbara Gemxain Linda Germain Bruce Gibson Roxann Gibson Tom Godfrey Barbara Goodwin Fred Gordon Elizabeth Green Kenneth Green Bob Grinell FRESHMEN 1 . L 5, 1 ir r Wi! I I . ., ., eu. 1 fi- , if :4:V..i:v , , 1 -1-I ,, wi gt ,, I -.le a-ygff,v, yi, A . ,ir M , K is at gf 9 ,y ,ily M awk 4 in .. 1 4 in 1 , g w,s Lggg M Q 5 U C , ,. .V ' E F ff.. ,Wg 'Q , A i , limi! , 2, pa' 49 ALLEGAN HIGH STRLIGGLES WITH INCREASING PGPULATION AS ALL Dorothy Guritz Susan Hale Darlene Harris Jerald Harris Karol Harris Billy Heckman Janice Henrickson Terry Hileski Marilyn Hillsburg Carolyn Huff Mary Huitt June Hunter Penny Jacobs Charles Johnson Sharon Johnson William Johnson Aileene Jones Barbara Jones Chet Jones Philip Jones Debby Kasten Magdalene Kasten Silvia Katherler Everett Kaylor Linda Kaylor Jerry Kruithoff John LaFond Letty Lampros Jeff Larsen Janette Leonard Judy Liechti Julie Luttrell Sandra Luttrell Jim Mahan Tim Marshall FRESHMEN ENROLLMENT RECORDS ARE TOPPED BY CLASS OF I96O NUMBERING I96 Jim Maschke Dan McClellan Betty Jo McCullough S Nr P' V Sharon McGuire Joseph Meade Beatrice Mennega Evelyn Meunier Bill Miller Janet Miller Linda Miller Mary Ann Miller Joseph Minegar Ruth Ann Moored Dennis Morris Pat Morris Susan Morris Gordon Navis Judy Nesky Diane Oakleaf Norma Oisten Janice Olcott Evelyn Olsen Alfred Opas Marlene Overmyer Bob Palmer Bobbie Parker Sondra Person Carl Peterson Don Peterson Doug Peterson Dorothy Phillip Gary Plotts Sheila Ramey Patricia Richards Karl Rowe FRESHMEN Q N ' n L M f I 'u 4 Q .L A' ,,,, A L L QL A .tg : 4. 2' P W I ' X . ' 55,1 .W : 1 f fi '- ml Q it Q!! K ii' Vu., 'b J y,..,x V I N y, Q 1 ii' I 1 H to H E 'wx A W. 2' - Y ' L ig. A J L' it 5 ' D w I t'-' kkk LV E' f , ,V -XE K .I i y 'W 4 g.a-,N if V used .1 A A .fe A y r V quixq M w N ,,, rv sf - it - ' . . K-Q ' Q ,X L' L L e' if 1 ww f ' -is V ' git ' 'z f up f, 11 ' 'ii-U 5 , ' fi , , . .W . 1 V 4 54 -V ' f Q ff. M' J:-'Pl 5 1' I 533' , ,,., ,vi A -- K K . J . . f it :F , N at 5 ' m i N we . . L. ,,.. as F 5 Q 51 J, , , sk 1 4191'- . if 3 4 'N FRCSH WELCOMED TO HIGH SCHOOL BY SENIOR-SPONSORED HOBO DANCE 1 4 1 ww tx 3 s ss te X at R f . r 2 Nl K w a Z Wwfs 21, 1+ N ' avr S exam l 2 Q 135 new X . 3, .1 Nazi. w,m: K 'K ,Y 1: 15529 'Wife W ' LL-L N' Q A 1 .... 1 ,,1'1- Lh vu , ,, , 3 z i t if ll . I Susie Simmons Kay Smith Robert Smith David Snyder Mary Sobieralski John Southard Ernest Stankey Larry St. John Dawn Stough Linda Stough Fred Strand Betty Strickfaden Penny Surprise Karol Sweet Ed Swope James Tagg Nancy Thayer Carolyn Thompson Marilyn Thompson Steve Thompson Betty Schneider Lyle Sebright Richard Sharron Leonard Sheaffer Mildred Simmons Kathryn Thrash Elbert Tuffelmire Gordon Tyler Kenneth Unger Mary Lou Vote Carol Wakeman Roger Wall Carol Warner Phillip Weeks Jim Wendt FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS COMPOSES BULK OF SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS Barbara Werner Carolyn Wesseling Larry Wesseling Allan White Ann White Grace Wilcox james Wilson Carl Wood Verlie Woolf jerry Wray Mary Ellen Wray Ruth Yerden Wayne Zimmerman Andrew Zugel Ruth Zugel NOT PICTURED: Robert Gavan Bruce Glrke Neil Girke, Marcia Klein Ronald Shafer Lowena Simmons. RIGHT: l'AlR TIME and a typical midway scene. BELOW SERIOUS FRESHMEN Peggy Freiwald Bruce G1bS0n and Elizabeth Green taking notes in English class EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS AS PRETENDING BICYCLISTS: Mary Kay Krupp, Treasurer: Mike Elliott, President: Churk Bentley, Vice-President: Nan Hunter, Sec- retary. www W. EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADERS showing classroom attention are Pat Van- Order, Vernon McCormick and Carlie Hayes. CONSTITUTIONAL COMMITTEE PLANS NEXT YEAR'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Peggy Arndt Harry Beekman jackie Bennett David Benson Charlcs Bentley Harold Bright Don Brown Nancy Brownell Sandy Cady Mary Lou Carroll Martin Cheever Joyce Christman Wilford Christman Eddie Clark Bonnie Clemens Carolyn Collins Bonnie Cooper Wayne Douglas Pat Earl Paul Earl Dean Eichler Larry Fales Mike Elliott Judy Fargo David Folkersma Jack Follett George Fox Jim Frederick Diane Frost Woodie Gibson James Green Chris Hale Carolyn Hammer Richard Hammer Hugh Hanson EIGHTH GRADE fi I Y fri in ,:f..fg. ., y T to .,ryto ,K W5 E LK M tt f , E T A i S i i - ' fr up 4 'VPAP' Q S + Y E we Ax. A ii Iv y . Vg 9? ' A ' P , i KK if A no Q H if 5 r sa iiii ,ka J' if gl S 1 is ,V 9 if Q 5. g y A ex Sa EIGHTH GRADE EXCEEDS ALL OTHER CLASSES IN MAGAZINE SALES Q Q A twig .Sw i all C' I S. I if r . f f . 1 .Q 56 Charlene Harig Ronald Harris Shirley Haskins Corlxe Hayes Maredith Hazelrigg Darryl Herpst Margaret Hiscock , Norma Jean Hudson Barbara Huitt Nan Hunter Karen Huntley Roger Iehl Hazel Johnson Ron Johnson Ed Jones Donald Kaylor Richard King Mike Kollar Mary Kay Krupp Douglas La Grange Mary Lou Lange Sheldon Lauderdale John McBride Vernon McCormick Pat McGeath joan Milhiem Jim Miller Jackie Morris Beatrice Novotny William Novotny Pat O'Connell Marilyn Oisten Russ Ontis Mary Jane Patton Eloise Philley EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADERS ENJOY ANNUAL WEEK-LONG APRIL CAMPING TRIP Carol Pike Ron Rambadt Dora Reed Peg Sage Pat Scanlon Peter Schelhas jo Ellen Schlaack Jack Schroeder Allen Schwennesen John Sebasta Lynn Simons jack Smith Jim Smith Susan Smith Connie Sprague Ron Stanton Bill Satler Carolyn Stough Den Strand Ray Taylor Dawn Thayer Julian Thompson Victoria Thurston Priscilla Travis Nancy Tripp Ron Tyo Stewart Vander Vere Marcia Vander Vliet Patricia Van Order Raymond Van Order Robert Walters Rodger Watson Gary Werner Sue Whitacre Carol Wilcox NOT PICTUREDI Mary Iohnson, Dale Parker. EIGHTH GRADE in I Q ,Pe L. it . A -rd 57 fa. Y- SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS POSING FOR THE CAMERA: Bud Granger, Presidentg John Simons, Treasurerg Buz Luttrull, Vice-Presidentg Sandy Nyberg, Secretary. SEVENTH GRADE DILIGENTLY PREPARING THEIR ASSIGNMENTS are seventh graders Marilyn Haven, Alton Brownell, Janice Bollinger, Lu Ann Pehlke and Sandy Ny- berg. X ii WELCOME PARTY SPARKS BEGINNING OF ACTIVITIES FOR SEVENTH GRADE Gary Austin Mike Bender Janice Bollinger Alton Brownell Albert Cartright George Clock Danney Coffey Gary Conklin Larry Conklin Tom Curlin Laura Cyrus Donna Davis Susan Dreachslin James Earl Robert Earl Betty Eichler Roy Ellis David Emmons Bob Fox Skip Fulton jerry Cant Don Gilchrist Joan Goodwin Irene Gordon David Gowens Fredrick Graham Bud Granger Robert Green Donna Gren Sanda Guiliani Sharon Hagger Bob Hale Barry Harris Bernard Harris Ray Harris 61 2 ii' Z 5 I 4. X in I 5 tv- is t E -fr ,, 6 K8 I if ,E 5 , X 6 X ,V ,Ji 1' fy K' ' if, - or EN- f --as I if Im' in I 5 tyy, I IV in -FFR: Q1 . ,. Kit: .. 'K . 4 . if la I 'H 1 E 'R i H rx ' .. ZAIIQQI jx W E at , if - yyt ar I E 1l Ego . 1 i K A I if iii. SEVENTH GRADE NEWCOMERS BEGIN TO EXPLORE AND EXPERIENCE NEW STUDY TOPICS Is Q 4 I at N wi' X wx 5' S35 S:f?f:gEig?'gq:ib3x11fi.i my , ' :fe lg EV I E W' I 9' nvgg? I ' Q f x - ffij, Roger Harris Marilyn Haven Aurora Hazelrigg janet Heister Tom Hunter Mary Beth lsenhart Diane Katherler Helen Lauderdale Mary Lou Love Albert Luttrell Carl Luttrell Walter Luttrell Ruth Malila Sue Martin Margaret Meade Joey Merrill David Middleton Judith Miller Steve Miller Butch Mowrey Bill Nahikian Sandra Nyberg Linda O'Connell joan Oisten Garnett Owen Milford Peabody Barbara Peckham Lu Ann Pehlke Roger Peters Jim Pullen jo Ann Reed Rodger Sager Ruth Schneider Phillip Senkus Bob Simmons ,,,, SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADERS ENCOUNTER THEIR FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS john Simons Dirk Smith Dennis Sturgis Frank Tafil Donna Thompson Eddie Thompson Karen Thompson Robert Tueek Frances Tyler Mike Vahue Raymond Veenkant Donald Walter Rebecca Warner Claudette Wesseling Don White Errol Whitney Glenda Wilber Marion Wilkinson Adeline Woolf Suzanne Zoll NOT PICTURED: Larry Belden, George Locke. .Q it U ,S . K kyy uy he If' h' A fam., ii? I Q is rw ' me we sllsse +. ri T' '. he-V I if ' s any 7 ,w B ai? , 5.1453 S f in 5 gif' Ae E HAPPY SEVENTH GRADERS: Gary Austin, Donna Gren, Dan Cof- fey and Sue Martin. ,. HCTIVITIES The clubs' and activities' ex- tensive committee work involved in preparing future events and projects is a sign of their realiza- tion of being in league with the future. Participation in these events teaches one a sense of responsi- bility, develops his knowledge of democracy, and enables him to develop into a conscientious, leading citizen of tomorrow. THE STUDENT COUNCIL oi- cers and its recreation planning com- mittee meet to work out ideas for an Allegan youth canteen. Q 4, 4,1579 .v Q QiipwefL.QEZik,k fr q i MQQQY ill! ECHO BUSINESS AND PICTURE STAFFS. Teusink. BACK ROW: Coleen Cook, Sandra Thompson, FRONT ROW: Pat Carroll, Lenore Sartini, Judy Nan- Donna Wilber, Mary Ann Bovsen, Margaret Newman, na, Lorraine Kaczmarek, Miss Ankney, Diana Armin- Donna Bradley, Rinda Jones. Chuck Wray, Tom Good- trout. Alfred Crowell, Barbara Heister, Mary Lou win. Fred Douglas, STAFF DEVOTES MUCH TIME IN PREPARING AN IN LEAGUE WITH THE FUTURE CHOSEN AS THEME LOOKING OVER PICTURES at a night work ses- sion. SEATED: Judy Nanna, Lenore Sartini, Margaret Newman. STANDING: Diana Armintrout, Donna Wilber. Early in September, the yearbook editorial staff and the advisor, Miss Ankney, started the busy operation rolling, They began preparing schedules and making assignments. Staff members worked hard throughout the year to prepare an accurate and interesting account of the many cherished and unforgettable moments of our school year. In league with the future, the theme of the 1957 Echo, was developed by portraying major events of each phase of school life which per- tained to the future. The 1957 edition is eight pages larger than be- fore and is the First Allegan yearbook to have a three-color cover. Since the cost of a yearbook is more than the selling price, the Echo business staff, scrambled off to an early start. In the fall they sold listings to local businesses to supplement the Echo in- come, , -my gs IKIIIO TYPINC. SPORTS AND LITERARY S'l'.Xl l S. l l?0N7' RUH': Joliii KClSCy. Biilu' Fostvr, 'fhmk P11111-11. Slllliiy Chilly. Lynn Simons. Tom 15.111 '--' S'vmli'.x M1-male-. lfuwnrd Nzihikizm. Cordon X l im 'H 3 Q ig in S si -S R l SN E W E , S,x A A Sm -S' 'ix - E -' .9 . 'T l'iil1L'S. 13.-ifflx' Ifllllf' Mxirlvm' Slzlnlrmn. Juni Ifzilr. Nfziry XYliilr'. Siu' Szxiimlws. Lindai Johnscm, Niikm- Svhvllisxs, J.u'k D.lIlLIl'K'Il1lJIlCi. B011 Irwin. Dick Nfilliivm. -lim Kvnl, D iillli Dcuiiiwrowski, NUT PlC'TI'lflfD.' Dain' Ilamson. APPEALING YEARBOOK TO PRESERVE MEMORIES I957 ECHO IS LARGEST EVER WITH I36 PAGES KIONIVICRRING on tlic produvtion svhcdulc :irc Tom WRITING RECIRIPTS for Erlm sailvs, pxirt of thc fignllvu .md lluhn K1-lsvy as -Irwin Halls IYDCS. lifggf businvss sliifl' is c'onfronlt'cl by 1-ngvr lmuyvrs. ,. , C K M' 66 SCIIIOL.-XRGRAM. FRONT ROW: B. Regnier, P. sen. S. Werner. P. Doinbrowksi. Miller. BACK ROW: Clarroll, P. Elliott, J. Hale. M. Granger. Mr, MoITett, D. Miner. T. Gatten. R. Kruithoff. E. Calhoun. B. ll, Carlson. B. Ileister, N. Foster. A. Morris. E. Lauska. Irwin. J. Hayes. T. Tucker. R. Crewe. F. Morley, H. IIIIDDLH NUIV: IV. Swiwer. E. Wialters. T. Hopkins, Nahikian. Kent. E. Philley. CI. Lange. D. Arniintrout, Meade. G, Fales. D. Ol- SENIOR ENGLISH CLASSES EDIT PAPER SCHOOL JOURNAL PROVIDES COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE PREPARINC COPY for the Srlzolnrgram are Barbara IIeister. IIowarcI Naliikizin. Fred Morley, Gordon Fales, INI1: IXIUIII-tt. Lind Paul Donibrowski. 'Q Tk - .. . t X X I tl I 1 I' A M X T, - QS .te I . '- QI' 't , . - .1 .- sw, . is-u'gt'f ',.'ft t ...,. fr -'I ' H CQ - W zi- ' . I ,. MJ The newspaper edited by the Senior English classes, the Srlznlrzrgmm, has provided a Complete Coverage of news. editorials and sports information for the students of A,H.S, After being written and proofread, the material is taken to the Allfgan Newt-Cr1:f'Hc. where publication is performed. Editors for this year. advised by Mr. Stanely Moffett, were: rnanaginei editor. Gordon Falesz news editor, Diana Arrnintroutg feature editor, David Olsen: sports editor. Howard Nahikian: Clubs editor. Torn Gattenl typing editors. Ellen Lauska and Alma Morris: ex- change editor, Connie Brown: copy reader, Fred Morleyg and proofreader. Paul Dornbrowski. The reporters gathered feature and personaI items whieh made the issuanee of the paper a welcomed event every two weeks, LIBRARIANS. FRONT ROW: D Dyvr, G. Unclvrwoocl, J. Garrett, M. Arnclt. C. Lugtighcid, BACK ROW: Mrs. Cronvnwvtt, B. McCullough, D. Turner. D. Miller, S. Slater. OFFICE IIELPERS. FRONT ROW: P. Carroll, D. Arlnintrout, Carlson, N. Enclvrs. BACK ROW: K. Setter, E. Lztuskzi, L. Knvzmarck, A. Morris, D. Byron, K. Rvccl, S, Crain, N. Clnwson. I NOT PICTURED: P. Wuis. I STUDENTS AID IN DEPARTMENTAL DUTIES OFFICE HELPERS, LIBRARIANS AND PROJECTIONISTS ASSIST Assisting Mr, Pvckhaun in his oflicc are thc student offirc lu-lpvrs. Thrir clutivs inrlutlv filing, rollvrting alm- sc-ntvv slips :intl running vrrancls. The' stuclvnt Iilarurinns I7f'l'fOI'Ul many importztnt duties for Mrs. Croncnwctt. lvaving her more timr to work closely with stutlc-nts, Thvy shclvvd and dutcd books and rc- minclml llolclc-rs of ox'1'r-clur pulmlicwitions. Mr. Cucllvwski zltlvisvs ilu' sluclrnt lll'0jl't'llUIlISlS, wllo zxlnly furry out thc-ir functions of showing films to vairious vlsissffs. This Cll'IJllI'lIlIt'Ill luis 4-xpumlvcl raipiclly, provicling Il bcttt-r visual zlicls progrziin for A.Il.S. PROKIECTIONISTS. FRONT ROW: G. Tyler, P. NVCL-ks, K. Elston, C. Pctcrson, A. Opas. BACK ROW: L. Thompson, G. Gibson, T. Tuflclmirc, C. Pierson. STUDENT COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: K. Lange M. YN'ilcox, L. Eddy, M. Cheever, L. TerAvest, B Arlington. J, Hayes, B. Perrigo. C. Pullen, Hale. MIDDLE ROW: Kelsey, G. W'ilcox, L. Lampros, L, Stough, M. White, A. Carns, B. Bergman. BACK ROW: D, Armintrout, G. Zeran, T. Gatten, L. Grewe, R. Crewe, Nanna, R. Hunter, T. Tucker, Mr. Rolfe, D. Peterson. COUNCIL ENCOLINTERS MANY PROBLEMS HoMERooM REPRESENTATIVES ENACT A. H. S. LEGISLATION Plunging into activities early, the Student Council began planning for the annual Horne- coming event. Following this, the council sponsored a maga- zine drive netting the school S1,181.00. At Christmas time, the group staged the annual semi-formal Winter Whirl dance. Hall neatness, purchasing a television set and organizing an Allegan youth canteen were other items of business on the councilis agenda. Regulating school functions, the council grants or refuses permission to hold various activities. Structure of the council is based upon nine- teen elected homeroom representatives who each have an alternate who may vote in his absence. Advised by Mr. Rolfe, the group was headed by these officers: president, Ted Tucker, vice- president, Jerry Nanna, secretary, Jean Hale, and treasurer, Blake Perrigo. PARTICIPATING in a council meeting are Diana Armintrout, Mike Wilcox, Chuck Chestnut and Ted Tucker. MONITORS' l,'lilf2.N'7' ROW: Ionps' R, Kruimfj P. Domlmrowski, G, MiII1ot'kt'r. S. INIt'Nutt. Iinifflx' ROI! m tx I. I'IIIiot. D. .-Xriuintrout. INImcIo. B. Irwin, YY, Swit- lfvig- G- I'I?II 5- L' l'3flfIx'- L' GlS1'W - IIUYV5- II 1.-1. 41111111.15 1c1mr R. IILIIILVY. D, olsf-N. M. Wilvox. Clfwlffvy- J- ISf'11I1111't- MONITORS DISPLAY LEADERSHIP ABILITY STUDENTS LEARN RESPONSIBILITY IN CONDUCTING STLIDY HALL 'I'Iu- stuclvnt monitors and altt-rnatvs, choscn for IIlt'II' It'z1dt-rsliip. ability and lvsponsibility, 21C- cvptt-cl tI1c- many dutics of conducting the study I1z1IIs. TIN-sv dutif-s include' taking roII, maintain- ing ordc-r, :md ht-Iping studvnts, thus rclicving thc' tt-z1c'I1c-rs oli IIIIICII IIIIIK'-t'UIlSIIIIlII'lg work. Studvnts tI1z1t do not Co-opcratt' with thc study Imll rulvs arc givvri monitor rvports. Upon r0- ct-ivlng zi rt-port. tht- studvnt must appear before IIIC' St.1cIt'nt-Fitrttlty -Iudirizll board to rcccivc' Z1 pc-nnlty. 'I'I1v Izlrulty iuvrubers of the board are Mrs. Kvnworthy. Mrs. Brosivr and Klr. Van YV21- gont-r. Fivt- studt-nts assisted tht- tcncI1Qrs in the fuurtions of tht- bosird. CIIIIKIKINU 41tlt'11tI:1nr'4' ut monitors Ron KI'IlIlI1tUII .tmlIli.m.t.Xrmiutrou1. LILFB. l I3ONT ROW: Mr, DcMull. R. Hunter, Dungrcinond, L. Eddy. L. Grcwc, Nanna, J. NVisc, li. Knztrlic, D. Wilcy, C. Ililcski, II. Stroud, D, YNarc, T. Tucker. C. Chestnut, Jones. BACK ROW: R. NI. XVilt'ux, D, Milhicin. D. Olscn. M11 Buist. MIDDLE Lutz, R. xvllli2lI1lS, Bcrry, R. Jensen, WV. Switzcr. H. ICUIIY P. Pricc, D. Rings-wold, Km-lscy, R. Mitchcll, Nahikinn, M. Schclhas, B. Irwin, E. Qvermycr. SCQREBQARD IS PRIMARY YEAR'S PRCJJECT MANAGEMENT IN JUNIOR LEAGUE DRAWS ENTHUSIASM t ? 5 hx! ' R VtRAi'yg 35:1 t I , 3 F X ' 9.'v.'i ix, , A L x Q - 'lyk 1 E Among thc numcrous notcworthy projccts spon- sorcd by thc Aw club, thc scorcboztrd crcction ccntralizcd this yczu s diligcnt p1'0g1'cssix'cncsS. TllI'f1ll4Q'll tht- nmnagctncnt of the club mcmbcrs, thc inidgct and junior lcaguc tournzuncnts drcw much cnthusiaetn and intcrcst in thc youngct' sct. Club financcs wcrc suhstantiatcd by holding a cm' wash and sclling Z1ClYC1'liSCIIN'I'lIS tlirough which thc printing of baskctball pmgrztiits was nmdc possiblta Faculty advisors, who aided in cnacting thc purposc of thc organization, which is to p1'0mOtc bcttci' ztthlctici and rclzttimtsliips bctwccn stuclcntS and connnunity. won' hir. l'DcNIull and X412 Buist. Officcrs includc: prcsidcnt, lcd Tuckcrg vice- prcsiclcnt. Larry Grcwc: sccrctary, John Stmudg and lI'lxLlSllI'l'l'. Daxc Olscn. WA CLUB mcnibcrs cnjoying lunch bcforc it wcckly inccting :irc 'l'm-d Tuclacr. Howard Nahikinn, Lztrry Crt-wc und Mikc Schclhus. llx x'xxx'ix'ixxH' tlxx' lilx- of xlxc Roxxxzxxxi, xlxx' I,1xlixx clxxlx xmxxxlxxxs xml xx I xlxxxcxxxlxfxlx X lvxxlxllxxll cfxxx xlxxclx pxcxxxclxcl x soxxxcf ol Ixxmlx In xxxlxsxxxxllxlx lxxxxlxxx clxxlm xfxxx s xx xllxxxslxxxxs xxxlx xxxxx lm lmxmx I lllll clxxlx xxxxxxxlxxxx xxlxrx xxx xxxxsxxxxlx xxxxxxllxrl xx x cxxllx x xxx x xxxxlxvx! '. ' 1 ' 'S Q ' ' xxxx lxx'x'sxclx'xxl. Kzxx' lN'x'clQx'1 9l'l'Il'lllVf'. llllllx' Sl'- lxxx lxx: :xml lxxuxxxxxx-x'. l,imlxx Sxxrxxx: . Xclx'isrxx'slxx11 my Sl l'l'UR'l'INfi llxxxir tx-xxxxxs. Sxxmlrzx 'lllxcxxxx1xsmx. Kzxrvrx LATIN CII,I'H. l Hl7NY' IEOIV: R. Gwxxxxxixx, K. P, illzxxk. S. fl.x1lx'. Ilaxlv. Ilfllflx' ICUIVZ R. 'l'z'xxsi Wlvclux-, li. Rx-x-cl, il. lxisxx. I.. Smxw. Svlxxxglxt, P. S. Blxxlwslx'x', li. lxzxlxlx, D. ,Xx'xxxxxxIrxxx1t. B, Irwixx. K xxcllx-wski. ,'llIDDl,l'f lllillf' l'. .-Xx'xxxixxxx'U1xt, NI. Mvyvr. flllI'llIl.K..XIHll'L'NVh,I'l.I,UllQl1lS. IS. llx-xsIvx'. S. Rrxlxsuxx. Mrs, Kvrxwortlxy, M. clIlPl'Yl'I'. LATIN CLUB REVIVES ROMAN CUSTOMS COLORFUL BANOUET ROUNDS OUT YEAR'S FESTIVITIES slr. lxlxx xxx. :xml 1x'l'r-sxixx' lxrxxxxaxxx lxxxxxclxxvt to Clixxxzxx xlxx xx xx s xxxxxxxmlxxx N lxxxx xxcxxml xml lxxxxxxlx Xxxclmsclxx ul xxclx xmxxxllx slxlxxl xlxx xxxm lm llxx xmxxxxxxs xt xxlmlx xlxx xxxx-xxxlxx-xx x'ix-xxx-xl x'xlxx4'.x1icxxxxxl Illxxxx :xml plaxxul lxxxlx xlxxxs P xx'x'x'slxxx'Ilxixxx':xx'xxx'x'1-1 IJl'1'Nlil1'llI.K2Tl' Ixx-ml: xx xx lxxxmllx-cl Ixx' Klxs. Kx'xxxx'fxxxxlxx'. ,,-,- xx'x'ls, Kllxxx TVN' .xml fxlzxxx' fxIx'x'x'r vxxjoy zx Lixlln Clxxlx ll lil'RE PXRMERS. l lCOiY'l' RUIV: hir. Elclvr. L. BACK ROIV: R. Ovhuiiipziugh. J. Nfouwd, N. Jui'ri1'S. L. lhmiipsuri. I14'Wi5- D- hfiUf'I'. I, Imiiliuk, C, NLIVIS. l'sL1UL'1'. ll. Pa-gs. L, Hugh:-s, 'If I,',w:11is. 'If YIillfUK'IlliI'4'. HIIIIJIJQ' HUIIY -I, Smith. M, Voss, K. Elslohi P. Him- D, Dyf-1-AN0'l' P1C1'l'RlfD,- J, Ilmlyf-1-gi-1-, mill-iii, .X. l'vlc1's, Mi1lJm'ki'r. C. Lfmiiniuiis, C. Chvstuut, FUTURE FARMERS OBSERVE NEW PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE AND FARM FORUM 11'fl'xY': XYITH PRESIDENT Dun Miiivi' in c'h:1i'gv :incl I,.iwi'r'mi- 'lhuiiipsmi im-c'oi'ciiiiQ. Jim Clhvstiiiil. Ink Hiw-s iiml Gish- Nzivis i'i-port git Ll 1111-vtiiiu. LI7I1'lflC I.Iil 'I': SHOYYING his uiumcl vlixiiiiivimi Hol- slviii :ii thr- Iliir is Ciliuvk Lflivsliiul. filfI,OI!': l .Xlli TINIE finds IJ2lXA,'I'f'I1l'l' Tlioiiipsoii with his mriimi clmiii- pinm lIvi'1'fm'cl. I-1 ll R111 I-XlQfg1If,R5, l-IXUAXI 1,UI1 g CIN-glmll. P, It llltbllllwtlll. R. BU1'I'lI1JlIl. lf. Bl'llIIlQJ!l'. U. IUIIHIIUIIS, .X Kxnllmll. I., lil!-1-lx'-11 l,. vl'L'l'.XX'i'il. Iiillmzm. L. Kings flrllllvy. 1f.ll,'K Ifflllv: ll. Nlumm. P, fllll'I'll', L, lfunli, R In-I-ly. IQ. II.mm11, ,HllJDI,lg' ICUIIU Xv.lllL1llIl, P. l7I'1t'l'. Svivings, IJ. Rikwn. .X. Sltilllhlll. .X S'Ylll!'Ill1K'I'M,, TECHNICAL METHCDS OF FARMING CONTESTS sTlMuLATE CLuB's PURPOSE l,l'lIl'IllIlQ ln clu clming In lm-:lm 1'2lI'IllIlQ to lixv l.l'LlI'lIlIlQ' lmy olmwlwirlg nwu' l4'k'llIlllllll'N. ilu' IIIVIII living In wrxvf' ilu' lllflllil ul' 1114- FFA. vll'c'c'lix'vly lwre lmwlc-cl to l'll1l'll1l'l'N. xwvlx Lll Xiiclliugm Sum clixplgnywll11-vllnlh1n11'lww. l1x1lx'v1'wil31 lgllvl' lxwlxv I't'lJI'4'Nt'Ill1l1lXl'9 nxllvmlrml lllf 'ilu' llmxlllilll l'4'l'l'l'Nl1Ill4'Ill l'UIll'k'NNlllIl plrwxiclvcl Illr' lllIl'lXIl1lllHIlill l.ixmwlm'l4 l'Yllll3lllUIl in Clllirglgu gxmxpxxilll Il4'1'llK'lllAllllClN. .Xalxixm-ml lvy XIV, lilmlvr. llll' vllgulrlm' '3l.ll1lJl'I lflf lnlpfnlgllll llrubjwlx ul' llll' vllllm lllvllulml staging' Wm lJI't'Nlill'll mm' lry llml Xlimlz mx llIl'Nllll'lll1 l1'x'i11 ll pw-xl vmllwl IJVUQIXIIII. lwlllin-1 llll' .lllmml Fl .-X lllllllllllx. Xlfl'-llIl'Nlll4'Ill: Hull' Xmix Nl'C'l1'l1ll'X'I lllll Q.lI!Ir' ml:p1'l'. :xml r'mr1ln-11113 in .mv pz11'll11111v11l411'y .Icmlm llulllwmvng IIl'LlQlll'l'I'. 'mm-fllm-.lml lv.lIIlll,HI'l1lI1l'1lI!ll'xlN. I'l'll'Rl-I l .XKfX1lfR5. l7fx'17.Y'l' 1n'Hli'.' SUlllll.ll'll. W, ZlIIllll4'IIl1ilI1. 12 Nmix. l . Sll'Z1INl. N, flirlu-. L. Sv- SlIl'.lll4'I' .I Wilson. IS. Clirkn-. li,ll.'K lfllllf' l,. Sl tluhn lniulll, R, Slllllll. .X, Vlllllll1'lIlll'1'. ,HIDDLIS Ifllllf' li, lllYYl.l!l. lxtlll1'Q1'l'. X. Iif-hl--11, YY, l'111'jg1x1lr. I.. R111- Nlf-.ull-, li, Nilmix, l'. Wm-u-lv. 'If Mkuwlmll. Cf. Rmw. I,. Hlilllilj.lxl1'Llll'lllll1. I1'l. I'l'RE IIOMEMAKERS. FIRST ROIV: M. SouII1.1rII, E. Rvddcr. B. Thorpe, V. Kfflly, S. MCNutI. M. Opals. TNI. Tvusirlk, R. Gvrmnin. SECOND ROIV: Mrs. Morlcy. D. Hinklv. D. Yccnkzml. B. Edgin, B IN'z1Iu-umm. OI-Imnn. C. Whkvnlzxn. M. Bomhvr. J. Leonard. THIRD ROW: C. Thompson, M. Thomp- son, C. Oisten, G. Dalton, M, Klien, E. Green, P. Wuis. P. Bvrzlcy. BACK ROW: Luttrcll. B. Butler, S. Person. K. Smith. Pickens, S. Hcrkman. L. YNiICy. S. Furnum. B. Gcrmzxin, L. Cvrllmin. ASPECTS OF HOMEMAKINC5 ARE STUDIED CLUB CO-OPERATES WITH F. F. A. IN HOLDING EVENTS 'Ulu TIN' primary purposv of the Future HOIITLI- Iuzxkcrs ol' .AIIIPVICZI is Io promotc Il growinsg zapprcfiation of IIN: jog :md satisfactions of homo- making. Early in IIN' yc-511' IIIP ITIC'lIII5Cl'S Chow Virginia Kelly Io INF p1'f'sNIv11I: Elma IQMILIM' x'ic'0-prvsiclz-r1IZ INIz11'y Ann Opus sc'C1'1'In1'y: IIITCI IYIZITII' SOIIIIIIIIII I.l'0Z1Sl1l'P1'. Fi1NuN'I'cI Ivy IINI potato Chip Concvssion. IIN: Club Co-opvmtc-CI with IIN' FFA Io hoIII 21 CINIISI- mas CZIVOIIITIIQ party. TIN' FHA ulso ussietcd IIN' FFA in px'vscnIing IIN- mmual nutlmm gmnv SIIIJIXT, I,1lII'l' in IIN- your. IIN' group SIQIQIIII 21 sock hop. Acrompzmim-II by IXIVS. Klorlvy. III? CINh's ZICIYIKUII. IINI IFIIIIIYI' IIOII1l'IlIZlIiK'I'S jom'nc'y0cI Io Grand RapNI2 for IIN- Slutc FHA Couvm-nlion. FUTURE IIOMEINIAKERS disvuss PILIIIITCICI projcrts LII ll noon IITUPIITIQ. 1I1ix y4'2lI'. wi1I1 N11-s. XYLIYIIK' Root z111cI IXUS. Hurt XIIII1-1' w1'x111g nw 11cIx'1w1's. II11' lII1lIIl c1lJk11'c'11w'S ml II11' 1'I11I1 XYVII' lu 11II1'1' lllIIllI'I' 111Ic11'11111l1o11 In l11111x 1111 lint 11141 1111cl l11'g1lll1 XN'0I'li. Ylllll' I11I111'1' 11111N1-Q xp1111w11-Il :1 llI'I'IIlllCllI clL1111'1' Ill 1I11' SIJIIIIQ. lIIl'lltlK'll ll NILIII'-XYILII' 1-111111-11111111 ill CI1':1111I Ilnpicls III II11- lX1Il. LIIILI 111111'1'1I IlII'1bIIQlI llll' I51'o11so11 hos- Illllll LIIIII lllllfbllll 1-111111141111 III KLIIZIIIILIYIWKJ. I I I'I'RIi NERSIQS. l 18U.'Y'1' 1COI1'.' B. BFIKICII, I.. INI. UX'1'1'1114-y1'1', D, U.1kI1-.1I. S. SIIIIPII liflfffx' 11'Hll XY1I1'5'. I', Clnrrrmll, II.1I1'. INI. GQNIIPWQIQI, IN11'11:I0, S. A. flYI'IlS. B. Rl'g1IlII'l', K. 51-111-r. U, IXIIIIU11 ISI. VI'l'I15Illlx Illrks. Ii. Ifllls. N. .'XKlI'I41IlI'1'. R. Ellis. P. Gocllrwslsi. S. I c1II1'l1. S. fNI1'N11ll. IF. flIll'IIl. NI. Clulllvv. NIJ 11111121.15 16UIi': R. G1-1'111:1111. CI. .'XI'lIIIQ'IOl'I, R. Zugvl. P1f.'1'1'IflfD.' I.. S11-xx-11s, li. Ii1'11w11, X IC. f:I'l'4'II, Ii, IViI1'11x. S. P1-11011. B. IN':1ISI1. NI. Arnrlt. F. N. A. IS NEWLY ORGANIZED CLUB MEMBERS RECEIVE INFORMATION AND TRAINING llllll' l'llIIIII'I' N111'w1's' c'I11lm was IIIWVIY c11'gz1111fs'fl 11lx 111l1'1'1-R11-ml III ll 11111'si11g c'111'1-111' :111cI Io gin' Wifi- Illl Ill 111 ll 111 1l I1 1111111 III IIIIN I11 Icl S11111l1'11 N11-1111-I wzu 1'l1'1'l1'cl L15 lb1'c'S1clv11l1 S111' 1'-'-Fxwixf 45' , XX IIi1-Iw. x'11-1--1111-xialm-1111 Marx' Gmllm-wski. svc'1'0t:11'x'g V X X W1-1-kly 1111-1111113 w1'1'1- l11'Icl. I111x'111g' clm'1111111s11'z1- YI' 'I'III'Z IIUSIII'I'.XI, Lucy SI1'x'1'm. 5111111111 Mczlrlr' Illll M.11'y fiudlf-wski gain 111111'tir'11I c'x1w1'1c-11c'c' IIS 1 l L l'L'RE TR.iXC1llERS. I IfU.YT IfOl1'.' Mrs. lloffmun, lvl. Boyson. E. Lnuskzi. M. Soulli- xrml L l'l.1I11!Ilf'I'. .X YYvr'rivi'. Nl. Uistvn, Nlrs. Cronvriwctl. BACK RUIVJ NI. Opns. C. Lirowln-, B. xv2lliI'IllllIl. C. xV.lli1'II1llIl, fl, llcrpst. L. Kzicvnmrck. A. Ivforris. STUDENTS INVESTIGATE TEACHING FUTURE TEACHERS ATTEND EDUCATIONAL MEETS 2 J., Sliiclvnls iiitvivstml in ll-ucliing linux a clmncc lo irix'1's1ig'ulv tl1iS lim-ld IllI'Ollf.fll FTA pilrtifipzi- lion. lhiriiig' ilu- 1il'msc'iic'm- of gm Pll'1Ill'l'll.LlI'y lc'uc'lw1'. ll club IllCIIllX'1' iiiziy gain cixpwiviicc by filling liis position. liv p1'z1c'liCv iiistriictioii. tlic' 11i1'11ilJc1's .111 .Tblv to Elm-in-1'1i1iiiv wliicli lypc- ol' tvucliiiig llivy lJI'l'lil'l'. 'l'l1is yvzu' lliv Club took wx'r'i'nl trips to XVcstv1'n Mifliigzm tolls-gc to tom' ilu' cmupiis and atlvucl tlii' clislricl FTA IIll'l'llIlQS. Tlic' group also ni- tvmlvcl assi-iiilulin-Q ol' ilu- lxllflligllll Ecliicatioii ns- sociation at llultlv Civ:-la. Lu An Huumivi' was in cliargo of tliv orgamimiion with Klglrii- Soiiilinrcl ns x'icc'-pi'i-si- clvm mul ixllll XY4-iiici' ax svfivlzi1'y-l1'vaSi11'v1'. lXli's. Holliiizm Lmcl KITS. fTi'onm-iiwvtt sviwvcl as Co- ziclvisoix. DISCUSSING lhvii' pi'ogi'zTiiT of vxfnts. FTA IHCIIllJi'1'F riivvl. IRI-III-Y. l lCUN'l' ICOIVJ NI, CII'I1Ilgl'l'. N, II1'n1'i1'Ii- trout. MIII1-r Ci, Nyhuis. S. Ir Ix 4 1 gun, M. SILIITIOII, M. II11ilt, INI1':1cI1'. D. W'iIhvr, S, Ri1IIll'j', li,'If,'lx' ICIJIV: N. B1 ns II 11 IIIOIIS, IInI1-, K. IIz1I1'. P. CIIIITOII. MIDDI.E ROIVJ W'I1it1'. 'If SI11-1'wu111I, B. Xvllll Iplilll D II 11'r1s Ix Rua IIIIIIIPT. INT. IVI1it1'. BI. IN'1'z1y, B. W'1'r11cr, D. Armin- Is1'11I1z1rl. M. ll41l1I1'. N1-sku ,ll GROUP SHOWS DUTIFLILNESS IN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION SPONSORS NLIMEROUS WORTHWHILE PROJECTS This XX'0I'IIly c1rgz111if:1lir111 IIIIKIUI' 1111- LIIJIC Slllll'I'X'ISIUIl of Miss P1'i11f'1- is 111z1cI1' up of II1 r111f' girls who I111x'1- SIIUXYII tI11'i1' llSl'I-IIIITUSS In sc'I1of1I.c1I11114c'I1, :md IIOIIICXH 1I'IV- tI11' 'I'I11'i1' 11111i11 lJl'U,Il'i'IN ws'r1' Il c'z1I1nc'cI goods cIf1nCv to In-111-Ili tI1r- XX'l'II-2lI'l' 1Ivpz1rt111r'11t z111rI fl CI0tI1i11g clriw to :1icI Ill'l'lIf' IL111'opv:111s. Iif-sich-S svncling Ioml und c'Io1I1i11g 111 Il K11I'1'LlU m'pI1z111, XVIIOIII it c'I1r1w to I11-lp, 1I11' clulm IIIQIXOQI 21 pfwt-S1-nsfmrl IJ2lSIil'II7I'IlXN'Iu Qilllll' with II11- A K'IllI7 tm gain 'mlm-vc-cls Im' IIIO E:1st1-1' S1-111 I-IIIIKI. Trips to KIIIIIIIIJIYIJKJ YIYKTQX Im' swi111111i11g l'OllIlCIl'CI tI1v c'I11I1's a1c'lix'i1i1-Q. IIIIII' IIll'lIlIJl'I'S IPIUIICIIX' claim Snndm Mc' 11s IJI'I'SIlI1'ITIQ .Indy Plolts 112 x'ic'f'-p11-QIcI1'11t1 Mz11'I1'111- SIZIIIIOII 1111cI KLIIIIY II:1I11 IIS Sl'l'I'l'I21l'y II'l'llSlII4l'I'. 1'1'Sp1'c'IIx'1'Iy. thc' 0111 111111 :1ncI 1'n d PRISPJXRING wnstv-p11pvr c'on1z1im-rs for hospital patients is the 'I'ri-Ili-Y on Il work night. 1 1. GIRLS' .X'l'III,PI'IXICI ASSOCZIATION. FICONT IEOIV: IIIUIIKI. B. Ijclgin, II, S11111gI1. D. Miller. II111kI1-. Al. S. IIa1iI1-y. II. 11111111-y. S. Ilicks. B, LIilI'ISOII. Ii. Boll. BACK RUIV: F. Olsvu. JOI'Lf1'IIS, fl. NYiI1'ox, II1'11w11. Mrs. Ii1'11s11'1'. S. KI11I111s1111. D. I5I'11lIIt'y, IJ. XYiII11'1'. Olcotl, K. Brosz. I.11-1I11i. M. I'I111tt. L, S,11'ti11i. .X xvl'l'Ill'I'. N, II1'111'11'Ixs1111. MIDDIJS ICUIVS S. SIL1lL'1'. L,Bc'lcI011. A. Cfyrus, I'. Iilwss. INI. 'I'c-11511111 S. S111'1'11so11. .-X. Dz111g1'1:- RELATIONS AMONG AREA GIRLS' CLUB MANAGES ENTIRE GIRLS' INTRAMURAL PRGGRAM 1-Xxi1I1' I-IUIII 11cIx':1111'i11g' lI111i14 xl1111cIp11i111s 011 sports- IIIZIIISIIIIT KIIIKI c'i1if1111xI1ip, II11' IlIl'IIIIll'l'N 111' II111 Girl! AtI1I1'1ic' .1Xw11'iL111c111 I1:1x1' l11'1111111l1'cI IJl'IIl'I' 1'0Ig1ti1111s :11111w11g' lI11'111wlx1w LIIIKI QlI'1'Ll GXX g1'1'111pQ. 'II1 s11p11111'1 lIll' IIILIIIX' XXUI'IIIXN'IlIIl' 1-xc'111'si1111x 111 111I11'1' .NIl1'Q1111 011111111 I11gI1 s1'I11111Is LIIIKI Ic'1Cz1I girls' sporlw 1111-1-tw. 1111- l'IllIJ sp1111w1'11cI II11' IIl'III'IIN'i1l II1111 pI11wc11I11'1' I111z1111'111I 111'111'111'1'1111-111s. I'lll'III1'I'IllKII'1'. IIIK' 111g41111f11111111 1'11Qz1Q1'1I III II111 111- sp1111xil1iIi1y 111' 111111cI111'li11Q III1' 111111111 girls' i11t1'11111111'z1I l111SIwtl111II l11'11g1x1111, Cf1111.1I1l1' :11lx'1wcI Inv NIVQ. II1'osi1'1'. 1I111 gi1'IS 11miL'1'- LIIFIQ' i111'11'g1w1I 1I11'11' i11l1'1'1w1 SIN w1'II us lI11'i1' L1IHIIi1y' III 11111'1i1'i1111li11g' III 1 111111111 1-x 1'111s. XY1-1-Iqlx' XYR'KIIll'NlILlX' 11igl11 I111xi111'sQ 1111'v1111gs XX'1'I'l' 1li1'1-1-11-1I I11' K.11'11l11 II1'1m'11, 111'1'sicI1111Ig I3411'l1111'z1 fT111'I41111 x'11'1'-p111w11I1'11l: II111111.1 I51':11II11y. s1'c'1'1'1111'y1 :1111I I711111111 IX1lI1111'. II'K'llNllIl'I', XI1'1'I111g's 1111111111111-Q XXVIII' I11II11w1-QI lux 1'1'1'1'1-41111111 JIIIKI l'k'IIl'NIIIIll'IIIN. 755 'RE-C.-XMI? I7I'Lll'lIt'l' I1111I5 111I11-1' GAA Ill1'IIIIJl'l'S Ion mv on 11s 511101111 I,l'Il'l'S sI1o11ts. I IRI S XIIIII-21112 ,XSSOIII.X'I'IUN. IVIIIST IFUIIU IIllIl'1', IJ, IJ11kI1'.1I. Lf. Swwl, Ii.-Ilflx' Ifflllf- M, Oxpy- I 1 .11 ll X IH-If-15. NI. .X. I505's4'11. ll. N5'I1111S. fl- INR- Illyl'I', IS:-Ilixxuvr. N, Iif-lls, Ii, NIvr111.1L::x. I.. Millvr, M. ll I1 ul I II1111Ii1k. Ii. flfmclwin. ,WIDDI.lf RUIII: RUWI-Q fx1,31il1py, 1 Ilslln II 3 K.IIII1'ILI4'I'. S4 IfILlIif'SIl'l'. U. Dyvr, HIL'- ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONS EURTHERED BECAUSE OF KNOWLEDGE REGARDING GIRLS' SPORTS RI'II,qXXINfl ilI-Il'I IIII' umm' .uv .xllll xv1'IIl1'l', ISLIVUII IN IIII NN XXI XNI7 ILXNIIS. .xllll NYf'1'111'1'. fwllvvwvcl IU' Iiruwrl. IIIIIEIIZIIII EIAIISUII, I11'llU1'l' S.11'lI11i :l11cI SIl.ll11ll .Iuhn 1 IN 1xInmI LI I mln, gow IIIJ Im .1 I1.lsIu'l. arm. T9 PEI' KILLII. I ICf7N'l' ICUIVZ IW. Stanton. Ummm, Ii. IIIIIISIGI, K. .-Xnclrvws. R. C:1mpIwII. K, Iiiflmp. If lT.u'1'uII. II.1I1-, NI. A, Miller. B. l'llIlJD lI'UIl'.' K. IIQIII-. II. Z1lgf'I. K. IIL1r1'is. IXI. lignrlemm. IT Iimlulick, Ii. Lzwsun. N, Bvllvs. L. Knylor. LZILISUII. N. I'IUSlf'I'. L, KiIl'7IIllII'l'k. R, NIo1'x'is. INI, H. Ilmwclwiu, IC. EIISIVII. II. Clcmlvy. BUII. NIISS AXIEIIIII. L. Snrtini. S. M4'Null, BI. II.1x'c'n. B. XYUZIIQIIIII. .Xrxkrmvy .S'lfl'U.YIJ lI'K?II': N. IIt'Ill'Il'I'iSOI1. S. Slim-r. .X. lhuns. NI. LIISIVII. S. II1IvsI41. 5. SLIIIIIKIUTS. B. N11 Ii.-Ilflx' lI'UIl': IIl1nlCI'. NI. f,jKlIIxf'l', R. 'IIOLISIIIIL -1'wnml. fI.I1'IUK'Ii, D. II.I1'1'is. D. Na1IIiIii.1r1. IJ. NIIIIM, S. IgI.IIiI'SIl'l', U. .xl'IllIl'III'OLII. S. Ifolh-tt. li, l'ncI1 l.II1Ic'. R. fl:l1'Im'I4, S. K1III1I'lEIl'1'. PEP CLUB VOICES SCHOOL SPIRIT MEMBERS PUSH SPORTSMANSH IP IN SCHOOL BODY SIIIIIIQ in :I IvIuc'IX wvlicm .II lNwlImg1II. IILNIWIIHQIII II14- IIIII IIlI'IIlIIl'INIIIII-L'lII'kI LQIIINIIIQ 111:'111IwI-vw xx:-rw' QQIIIIPN Lmcl pl-I1 QINSVIIIIIIIIN. II11' pvpxlvu uwIc'mI IIII-ir I1-cl IW Inu 1wII1u'1x: IIIIWILIVIII. LII I..IISl'IIQ .IIIKI Nl rn'- Npiril Imxcllx. VIIIIVNI' Igunx xx'm'IwcI Irv I-l1I'IIIl'I' IIIUIIIUIL I 1:1I'x'-I1'm'z1N11rm' Imlx N'I1I'l I1l' gnlxl-mv Ilu- n'I11Iw sc'I14mINIIi1'il .HMI Nlm11x111.111NI1ip. XNUIEI' NIV. SILlI'l'III'1LlII4I XII--.Xnlxm-x, .Xl IIN' wn'1'I4Ix' IIll'l'IIIIi1N III1' l11m'111Iw1N uw-uI1u'1'.1I1'f.I with IIIV l'II4'I'lIV1llI1II'N in Imxnllilmsg mqppx nvxx a'I1vv1x 1'I14111lN:111cI yvllx. PIQI' CIIIVB. l lH7N7' ICOIIY Sir. Starring. R. A1..f-ml. ls. Ia.-111--H. s. czmly. .x. ciyl-us, P. CIZl1'Ii, K- Yf'1'fI1'11- E- IlYliS-B-F-'f1'iS-.I-Mi1lf'1'-C-IIvrvS1- N- AMI,-mm-,.! K. yyK.c1u-In xi' 1x,h.Gc.MlL S4 Rumcyl C. Nyhuis. Cl, Luutiqllvicl. NI. A. Iluysvn. B. Irwin. R, Ellis. LZ, L14,.,l.4, S1ff,'0ND ROIIQ L' yyilm-N S, L. Bartz. 13.-MIK HOIV: IW. c,X'l'IAII1f'I'l', Johnson. Bm-yA K. S.-mf. M. xvmy. M. cull-roll, D. onli-af. B- Hif'SH'f- M- Huill- S- MfGUifl'- N- Whilv- M- ' NUNVIIIIXII, D. Br:1cIIcy, B. I,1lI'Iil'1'. Nvskcy, L. L. Snow. Sn'I11'iuI1l. B. Wlllsh. D. Nash, Q NI.11'sIc'lnr'r. THIRD ROIV: L. Stough. P. Morris, A' INIIIIL-11 Iwi. A. Opxxs. C. RIIY. D. 'lIlIl'IlL'1'. .I f R- 'II I I . I JUNIOR PLAY CAST. FRONT RUIV: Mary Louise Meyer, Pat Perog, Janice jones. Connie Thorpe, Ron Williams, Eileen Ellis, Mary White. BACK ROW: Fred Douglas, Tom Goodwin, Phil Himmelein, Norm Jurries. WWW ANNUAL PLAY STAGED BY JUNIOR CLASS INFORMAL WKZO-TV INTERVIEW PRECEDES PERFORMANCE Nlilie Curious Savage, by John Patrich Henry, and direeted hy Mr. Douglas Andrews, was pre- sented by tlie Junior class, November I6 and 17 at the Griswold auditorium. The play regarded events concerning Mi's. Savage, the leading lady, who was committed to a mental institution by her stepeliildreu so they eould aequire her money. After many ridiculous events planned by Mrs. Savage and lier friends. the stepeliildren gave up their cause in complete frustration. An interview of the play east on WKZO-TV preceded the performance. A SCENE FROM THE CUR- IOUS SAVAGE. Pat Perog, Fred Douglas, Mary Louise Meyer, Tom , Goodwin. 81 .XR1 111113. 1 RO,N 1' 130111: N. l111c1S1111, 11. Xvilll LvI1L11'l'NVOOK1. fXI1'111'iL11', Iiflfflf H0115 BIOITTS. INI- f1l'114'l. LI, 11.lyl'S. 111'11111'11, S. Smith, IXI. 111sc'o1'11. C. 112lZl'11'1!Q'. D. '11U1'l1t'l'. L. F211vS, S. X1llIlL1f'1' Xw1'l'l'. B. S111'.1Q1u'. N. v11l'1l7IJ. M13 111'osiv11 AIIDDIJC l3U11': 11. Nox'c1111y. . . A ' w 11.Illl1l'l'C1Ll14'. S. 1,1111111'1'11L111'. S. 1'11'1'1'1'. 11. B1'1u111, ff. W ' WJ 4 141. t 91 1 16 ,k,A STUDY OF CREATIVE ART STRESSED ART SHOWS STAGED TO PROMOTE INTEREST 11l1l'T1l0I'UC1 1111'i1' vx11'11S1w study 011 C1'1'ntix'v l1I'I. Asidc- 1141111 sp1111su1'i11g 11111 Spring A11 slum' 111 1110 Griswolcl z111cl11111'111111. l1l1' 1111111111015 p1'vS1'111cc1 1111 A11 C1ll13 Cl111'is111111S S1110 111. x'z11'ic111s1y 411-sigg'1111c1 j1'w1111'y. 'I'111'c111g11 111c' 111111g111111ix'1' 11'1'11111q111's 111' N112 131'11s11'1'. 111c' c'11111's spc111s01'. l11l' 111t111'vs11'11 II1l'll11H'l'i 111110 21CQIll11'CQ1 21 111-111'1' 1111c11'1's1z111c1111g 111' 11111111111 l1I'11S11l' pc1'Sp1-Ctivv. Cf11111's c1H:1c'1-1'S cr111sis11'11 1114: p1'1'Sic11'11t. Sllillll 311111111 x'iCC-p1'1'sic1c111. h'ILlI'QF1l'l'1 Hiscockg Sl'C'l'l'11ll'y. Co1'111' Huyvs: 111161 lI'l'ZlSl1I'l'I'. Pill XYLIII cJl'C11'1'. ABOVE: Y.'XLEN'I'INE c11'vUrz1tic111s :11'1' 111a1111- 115' .-X11 P11111 Illl'lIl1N'l'S. I.1fl T: .TXRTISTS 111'Si11'11i11g jvwr-113. gsmpv- K EI111DZll'1-i1ITQ' 011 1111- yvnfs 1'1111C1if111s as 3 111'w1y 01'gz111ix1'11 g1'c111p. 11111 A11 c11ll13 11118 dvciclvclly Y.XRSI'I'Y CIIIOIR. l IC1JN'l' ICOIV: S. 11z111y. M. K. W1-11x12 THIRD lffillf' P. Cllxwk. N. Il1'I4'l'S. S XVIYIY, M. 1I111'1'1111. S. IIil1's111. R. I':1I1111-13 Ii. I1ilI'Sl1Il. I 11Il1'11. M. .X. Ii11ys1-11. K. .'X11111'1'ws. IglIl'l111'1R. K1'11 'If I':1111111. 1. II1111k111S. INI, I 11511'1'. S. fLi11s1111. E. Cf. c1I'1lIlQC'l'. D. YY1I1'y. NI. IlUNVl', N. R1111l1'1111111'g. f Ulm-11. S. IIil1's11i. K, I..111u1'. Miss .'X1111111'y. SISCOND W'1l1'11x. L. Snow. Bfilflx' ICUIVZ K. IS1sl11111. I,, S.11'1i111 Iffflif' I'11111s. N. IIl'IlI'I1'1'iS1lIl. S1'11111g111. IS. fklllllll. L. K.11'z111:11'1-11, IJ. RIKSl'II. Ii. Irwin. I,. I111gl11's. I3 L111111wi11, CI. CI111111111111s. Ci. Z1111111 C. NZIIIIIQIZIII. M, 1111111-1. AI11111-4. N. 1911511-1'. D. l'11':111l1-1 R. IIlllll1'l. I I I,ll114'Il. Im lJ1111QI11s. N.11111z1. M. .-X111111. I, S11111g11. VOCALISTS TRY OUT FQR VARSITY CHOIR WEEKLY PRACTICES STRENGTHEN MUSICAL TALENTS XX'1x11lI1'Sl11I1' 11ig1111 1-11lIIll1 1111K Ullglxl' g1'1111p 111 s111'1'1 s111g1'1's x'1g111'1111s1y 111'111'1i1'111Q 111111111 RUSS X1111111'x s 11IIR1'1'IIf1II 111111 MVS. f111l1l'11'S R1111s1111's N1'0lllIJ1lIllIll1'lII 1111' 1'111111' I'IllI1l11'S x1111l1-111s XYIIK1 1'11111x' 81111111111 111 1lIl'l1l1'l 111111 111111111111 11111 111l111111111111 111 1 '111 lIIllNll4 111 11111111111 1111111 III 1111l111111111111 111 I .3 tg ' ,f' IIN' 11111 1111' 111141'x11'111'111'1'11'111z11'z11'1ix'i11'. 5 1.111111111111111 111111 111111-1111111111 g1'111111s. 1111- Y111'si1y 1111111 1881 if 's11'11 111 1111111111'111i11g 1111' Ci111'is111111w C1111- 1111. I11'll11'Il Sl'IkX'IC'1'N. 11111 Spring C'11lN'i'Ix1 111111 1111 81111111 IXv1'Sl1'I'I1 KIi1'11ig1111 NI11Qi1' 111'SlIK'2l1 in Kz1111- 111111. 4110 I 'lf: 'I'I Ili IICNUR sr-11111111 sings L11 21 r1'hC-C1rs11l. -Lb lfl1lll'I'.' 'I'I1Ii GIRLS' SEXIET sings us Mrs. Rob- SUI IXIVVUIIIIJXIII KIliN'S CLEE CLUB. FRONT ROIV: R. Palmer, B. ROW: K, Anclrr-ws. J. Cook. J. Burdick. R. Sicving. Millvr. R. Czunplurll. R. Brfinilmilvcrry. E, Larson, E. D. Rikscn. B. Gunn. lv. Gooclwin, D. Milhivin. B. Wgilu-rs. 'lf llilloii. Miss Ankncy. T. Hopkins. M. Fos- Gibson. L. Bairtz. D. Will-y. BACK ROW: M. Cook, wr. K, Iilston. B. O'Conn0ll. F. Gordon. K. W'edge. D, Nziliikizin. C. Pvgg. B, Beetle-y. L. Hughes. R, .S'I'ff.'U.YI7 lCl7I1': T. llilcski. T. Goodwin, R. Ocharn- Grcwc. E. Calhoun. N. Bailey. J. Moorcd, T. Locotis. p.iugl1. KI. Bgirlic-i'. C. Connnnns. G. Zvran. C. Pullcn. K.lN'11lliS. .X. Bvlalm-ii. D. Morris. T. Burke, G. Tyler. THIRD CLUB SINGS ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS VARIOUS SALES SUPPLEMENT ORG-ANIZATION'S TREASURY Singing zu lliv Pziiviits' clay. Iliff Cfllristuuis C'OIll'l'I'l. l.c'nlvn sm'x'ic'vs. ilu' Spring' C'UIlCl'Ill. ilu' Soutli lYI'SlI'I'Il lklicliigzin lklusic Iicslixxil. Cloni- IIlCI1C'C11l4'IIl I-xr-rcisvs :incl nuina-ious otlivi' cnuzigv- invnls. llin' R14-n's Glu- Clulm p1'ox'iclvcl inucli cnjoynir-ni lor llicii' zuiclic-ncvs. ffolnposcnl of Iio1'ty-flu' IIli'IIIlJl'l'S. tlic' group was aclvisml lay Miss Anknvy :ind 1'l'pi'Cs01ilml on tllv xvilflll lklusic' Iiozxrcl by -lim Burclick. 'llviiy Hopkins, Bcl Lzuson und Dick Nlilliivni. Funcls Iioi' lliv 0l'gi1IllZ11llOIllS iuziuy p1'ojr'Cls. in- cluding ilu- purclinsc ol' colorful now uiiilioriiis. wcrcf rzxisc-cl lay sponsoring' ll lmziks--szilv. sock-liops. and ll sulv of Cliristinus :incl grvctiiig Czuxls. ACCOMPANIED by Miss Ankncy. Dick Milhicni. jim Burclifk. Tvrry Hopkins :incl Ed l'VL1lt0rs give out with mellow tones. ilu- l.s'IIla'II NI-Ixlu-s XYl'I'l' QIIIITIIIQ ilu' lllilllf' sclmcxl IIIII UIIIIIIIIIIIIII' lJt'l'l'lIIIIlLlIll'l'S gixvn lux' ilu' llcwlwcl Il1IIII 'llll4' Yrutll Xfllsic' lrugml QIl'LlllY2llll1'll Nfiw .Nuk- glIllNllIllllHQ lm' Xlisw Alllilllf. XN'lll'Il :III illm-ss IIXRMUNIZING. Rullm lillis, Ruth Xvl'IIll'Il :Incl Eilvvn l lllhLlll'.lKl'UllIlILlllll'll l7ySIl1' llHl7SlYIl. Rfllillll QIIIOIR, l lKU.N l' IQUIV: D. Coffvy. NI. OSIIIIIII. D, Ilinklv. E. Ellis. Cf. Crlvwlv, Cf. Nylllll5- fllxlvnt I Plums, U. N.IQlI. M. If. YX'1'1Iy. P. Burclifk, ByI'wII. N. llmlcrs. Y. Muck. I.. XYIlm'y. li.All,'K ROI! R. N,4'l'lll:II. N. .-XclI'i.IIII'I-, S. CI.Icl5'. C. IvIzIrslic'IIf'1'. R, Ellis. C. 'l.l'Il l5I'iIIk. C. XYgIkvIII.III. S, ilixlvs X- .li 'l 5- If .S'l'.'f.'U,'X'lD Ifllllf' lf. .'XI'llIlQlUXl. DI-ll. NI, A. BOYSCYI, YVLIISII. S. lX1l'flllll'l', N. RI-ml. L. K1lL'LIIl.ll't'k. S. fllllw S. lllllliK'Hll'1', S. llilvski. S. RIIINIII. P. Bloss. S. llilvski, SOIL M. .'X1'mlI. M. cllll'l'Yl'lA. I.. SLlI'llI1l. S. llinklv, Miss Ankm-y. THIRD ROIV: F. OISLCTI, B. PRESENTATIONS ENRICH ASSEMBLIES SELECTED GIRLS COMBINE WITH OTHER SONGSTERS .'xllll'l'll Ill XN'lllll' lmlmwrw :xml clark skirts. llll'Sl' vlwtul mls lJIlN4IIl4Cl lNlIlllI1f Illllllli loll14II 1 U ' X. . IIA . llll Llllll l.vIIm'v SzII'liI1i NI IXI cl IIII lllr lmnml IIIlXlHlIKlll1lllflllllllltkllll llll flII1stII1Is HIIIUII N Sllllllf' llilw-ski. Sm- lllbllitlll Lllllf'Lll'K'UIIlIJ1lIlll'il S 3 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB. FRONT RUIVJ Leonard. D. Slough. U. Dalton. L. Knylor. D. W'illmc'r. C. Lugtig- lu-ill. B, Goodwin. A, Crowclrr. Boll. R. lXIOI'1'PCl. Miss .fXi1knt'y. Slfl,'U.N'D RUIV: D. YYliistlPr. XV. Clark. M. Stn-tll-iis, M. Sinnnons. M, L, Stvwzirt. E. Grccn. M. Bonilwr. E. Olsvn. D. Guritz. THIRD 130112 M. Carroll. S. Follett. M. A, Millcr. P. Morris. Jorgcns. Scluintz. B. Sinith. C. llufll. G. XVilc'Q,'i. Dunforrl. L, A. Hanuncr. BACK ROW: M. Clnson. Pickens. S. Ilcrkinnn. P. Kvcley. C. Brosz. D, llill'l'lS. Rivhzircls. J. Riclinrds. L. Budrcss. C. Wt-sscling. S. Person. S. Luttrvll. GIRLS CO-ENTERTAIN WITH OTHER GROUPS EXPERIENCE GAINED BY CLASS EXPOSITIONS Pr0x'icling' vxpvrit-lift' :incl llI1Lll'I'Sl2lllillf1g in ull phase-s ol vcwzil I1lIlSll' is tlic purposv of tlic Girls' G11-c Cltllu. cl2lI'0lYH l,llQtlQ'l1ClLl. Donna Vlilldcr :incl Susan Folln-tt wvrv cllost-n by tliv group to svrw' on tht- Yocztl Music' lionrcl. Tlic- ziccoiiipmiists wvrv Evvlyn Olsvn :incl Grncv lYilcox. 'flu' glt-L' Club sp:-nt tinw writing original Songs: Small groups olltvn 1'vlivnrs0cl INIIIICYOIIS lorins ol' v1it1'rtnin1nm-nt to pnwc-iit to tliv Clues. Tlic girls Co-opt'1':ttvcl witll tlw fitlivt' clam-nl alv- pnrtnivnts. :incl Qippvzilvcl umlvr tlw clirvctiun ol' E .5 Nliss .Xnkiicy in tln- yvafs innjor IHl1SlCL1l pvrlurni- Q V nlivvs. Singing' witli two tlionsziml mlm' young pvoplt- K ...E ' I. in tln' 2ll1Illl2ll South XXI-stc1'1i Nlicliigan Blusic' .4 EV A festival was tlif-ir niuin cw-nt of tln' year. ii ,NNE ' DIRECTING thc Girls' Glec Club is Sharry Hileski :ts ' V iziii L Eu-lyn Olsvn niztlws niusic' with thc- pizlno, .lI,'NlOR Illfill CIIUIR. l9lfUA'T 1H7Il'g NI. IIism'm'IQ, M. PEIIIOII. C. Collins. S. XvIIII.lI'l'l', K. l.:ing1'. AI, Chin-ull. N. IIIIIIIUIQ CI, lN'il4'rmx. Iwi. K, KVLIIVIH. Iluntlvy. I'.iIl'L1H, Ii.,lI.'Ix' 1x'UIl': INI. XIIIIILIVI' Ylivl, Ii, Srlilxxsili, S. Czuly, N. Brown:-IIA Bliss Ankncy, If Illlrl, IS. Iluitt, lXIilI1iI'ni. In Sininns. I'. Scgniluii. ,'IIlDIJl,lc' ICUIV: S. llglskins, IJ. Ifrosl. S. SIIIIIII. INI, U.II1n'iQQ.I'I-I,I1III1'y.Cl, I'ik1-. JUNIOR CHOIR BUILD S VOICES SINGERS IMPROVE BY WORKING WITH SCALES AND HARMONY l'4ntim'ip.1Iing in ingniy ml lliv zictivilim-Q sucli LIS I':nm'nlK mlzly. Ilic- CIIIISISIIIILIN vrmiicw-i'l. lliv INIIIVII wr- rf-ml iniisiv. Imnilcl svzilm. sing' Iimii'-pgii'l Iiziiiiimiv. Lim xiww. :mal lliv Spring crviiu-i'l. wliifli inc'li1LIc'cI tliv IIIIIJVIIYI'lllI'Il'XOIl'l'S. UIIIVI' c'I1fvi'zil gmiips. www- Ilif' Iwys :incl girls wlin SIUIIIIIIIIIQ' Iinmiii llir' 'Innim' Iligli I-Imir. Iizixi' IH'I'Il mrviiipuwcl IIIl'.IllIlIOI'IIILf'Ill'IlUIII. ql111i'lr'1w. LIIIIIIIVIS. sinml ollim' SIIIIIII IIIIINIVIII QIUIIIN I'ncIs-i' ilu- cIii'1'c'lim1 ul Nliw .-Xlilmvy :incl thi- nf- wliivli Iigiu- Iigul iiiiiiirwniis l'I1gLlQt'IIll'Ills singing Im uiiiipgiiiiiiiz-111 ul' Bl:1c'lQ Frwlln-II. 1111- gmiip I4'zii'n1'cl 111 2lI'l'2lC'IllIJSllIILI CIIIIICVN. .IIINIUR IIICSII LZIIOIR. l lfUN'1' ICUIIII D. Brown VLIIICIPI' XVUIT. R. lvlll. R. Vvillsmi. INI. Iflliuli. IXIISS R. Ilxirris. Sinilli. If. ilmivs, I'.I'I'KlI'l'I1'Ii. M. Cliuwvr. -'X'Ikm'Y' Bfn-'K 130113 I'. RMI. ll. Stzitlvr. Nl. II:m-l- II, Ilzlnswn. lfullvll. XY. llmiglgs, ,IIIDDLE IYOIIY 1'i2Q. L. Iixlvs. ll. Ilgilf-. CI. Ilvnllvy. R. IRQIIIIIMUII. ID. I'iUIIiI'I'SIIl1l, Srlmvvilr-z', XY, flilmsnn. fIl'f'Q'll. S. MiIIl'1'.I'l.CI.1l'Ii. IO IUR IIIKLII BAND. III.-ljlllflflTISS: N. III-111Sir'lasor1. ll. clOXIlI'j'. III1111fII'. THIRD ICOIV: II. ll:1I'1'is. B, xY.Ili1'- I 9II1IIul1. K. Il1'11w11, L, S.lI'lllll, D. XYillv1'r. l7I3C?NT I11zIn. M. fJX't'I'IIlyl'I'. ml. 110111112 G. Ilnlvs. S. .ln1l11TSI111. R. l1UlI', M11 l'lI.lI1li. 'l'.1uu. S. Sc,1I'011sI1I1. D. H2111-, R, KIIIIIUII. M. Iizllrlrx R. Slllll-1.'l'. IXfIIll1'11 B. XNll'l'lN'I'. K 11l1I1'lx. ll. Lf.1I'1'11ll1 N. Rf7KVlI'IllJlIl'XL, K. Svllvr. INI. NYITIII-. Bfifflx' ICOIV: B. GQTIM1. R. SIT.-x'i11g. D. lxIlIIt'l'. 'll I IJ:-IIul.1S. II. Snow. NQIIIII11. .S'lfC.'0.'YD ICUIV: B. 'TllL'lil'I'. I7. IXI01'lI'y. YYISI: Cl. Bllllllll. INI. IIQIIITII. VI. l11IIS. Il. l5III1clI'1'. ll. I1I1tI1'I'll. Ii. Swaps: K. Bisl1n1I1, D. Kilqlwy. RIIIIIISSI-II. TNI, lII1IlI. P. f.lLlI'li, S. KLlllI1xlAl1'1'. N. Bvllvs. FOOTBALL FANS ENJQY MARCHING PARENTS' DAY, TWIN CITIES CONCERT AND OTHERS Sll lNIluI5 .IS S.llll.l C,l.II1S. INII1 Illllllx IlI1I'IIS ilu' l lllll I11 IIII' Lllll'lilIll.lN 2lY44'llllllV. A Iii' - ,A .... 7 fjyQ5?7x.1Q-f . - :,............ 'S l in f lvl1l'Il1CI' playing' in L1 COI'lCl'l'l or 111C1I'cl1i11g LlO'A'Il tl1c' footlxlll liclcl, ilu' SIITIIOI' High lmml gun- llllll- clrvds of pvoplv 21 11I11siC11l 1l11'ill. 'l'l1iS lull lllll band workccl l1z11'cl Io iII1p1'ox'0 their skillx rlllllxll' . PTOIICICIICY was clispluyvcl at tl1c l'z1iI'. at l10I1IU Infot- ball QITIIIIIS. mul III Iinucl clay l'c1I'I11:1tic111s at I I IVvsI01'11 N'Iicl1igz111 collvgc. 'l'l1v first C0I1cn'I'I of Ill? your was glvvn 1111 Pm'I'11ts' clay. At tl10 Lfl11'iSlI11z1s c011CL'1't ilu' Slllilfllli were SllI'IJI'lSL'Cl to sw llll' lmncl lI-cl lay Slllllll fll1lll4 QINIIZ Frzmkl. 'I'l1c cz'111c'v1'I scz1Sc111 Cliumxccl IIIIII thc a1T11IIL1l Spring' COI1Cl'l'l. thc VIlXX'IIl Citic-S coI1cCI'L wl1iClI was l1cld 111 Paw Paw. lXIICllIgl1Il. L111Ll 1vIL'IIl0I'I2ll clay and IToI11111m'11r'I-1111-11I pc1'Io1'111111111-S. Pvp 2lSSt'I1llJlll'S wr-Tv c111livI.'11I'cl lay IlII- Sllllllllf' pvp l111I1cl. vw MAJORETTES. Nancy He-nrickson, Lindam Stough. Karolc Brown. Lcnorc Szxrtini. Donna Cay Wilbvr. i BAND'S FORMATIONS AT GAMES CQMPRISE EXTENT OF CONCERT SEASON'S PRESENTATIONS GIVING LIFE to :1 pvp nssvlnlmiy is 11 svftion of thi' pvp buncl. Shown playing arc Don Miner, Jim Conor. Cordon Fzilvs, Ron Kruilhoff, Kay Svtlvr. Pvg Cgm-ull. Nanvy Roozvnhurg, Mary White T and Frvd Douglas. I 5. Kanly. M. Carroll. L. A. Pvhlkv. N. Hunter, E. Whitney, XV. Douglas. D. IN'l1it0. G, Austin. Nlr. Frank. SECOND AIYNIOR llltlll BAND. .M.flf0RETTE.S': A. Recd, M. Chccvcr. R. Sagvr. Fargo. THIRD ROIV: D. Coflcy, lwl. K. Krupp. FRONT HDTV: T. Huntvr. B. Nahikian, Bollinger. lki. Haven. A. Luttrell, A. Browncll. Fred-- crifk, D, Folkcrsnia, S. Haskins. N. Brownell. E. Svhlnalc, C. Harigg. FOURTH ROW: D, Brown. S. Nyberg. S. Zoll. R, Vlttson. ll, Millvr. B. Mowry, M. Pcabocly. S. Mill:-r. Rtlltf' D. tlrcn. 'lf Llurlin. Mcrrill. D. Pxtrkvr, E. Phillvy. 1. Gordon. R. Ranihaclt. M. J. Patton, K. Huntley, C. Pike, S. Martin. BACK ROW: M. Vahuc, W. Gibson. M. Elliott. E, Clark. S. Fulton, H. Hanson. MEMBERS PRESENT TWO CONCERTS JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS PREPARE FOR SENIOR BAND lklvinlwrs of tho .Iunior High School band. C0111- pvtcntly clirctctccl hy Mr. Lawrvncv Frank. liavt- innncasurably Shown their L-nthusiasni toward im- proving disciplinary pvrcvption as wc-ll as Illllilflil talvnts. Thr- young organivation scrx's's as a lahma- tory for futurcr Scnior hand playvrs. By appcaring in tliv lialf-time pcrliorinancv at the South Haven-Allvgan gains, playing at thv annual Parents clay Oxvnt. and taking part in tht' Spring Concert. tho bandsnicn artistically alis- playvtl thc-ir skills. both as Z1 inurching unit and il Conccrt band. PRACTICINC is thc Clarinvt quartet: R. Rainbaclt. K. Huntlvy, Svhlaak, E. Philloy, III H 1 HOMECOMING COURT. FRONT: Sue Robsong Queen, Sandra Mcadcg Nancy Hcnrick- son, Linda Stough. BACK: Don Pctvrson, Gene Milbockcrq King, Dick Milhicmg Wayne Brower. HOMECOMING HONCDRS KING AND QUEEN SANDRA THOMPSON REIGNS OVER WINTER WHIRL WINTER WHIRL COURT. Sharon Bailey, Sharon Cndyg Queen, Sandra Thompsong Diana Armintrout, Seacrctt Hileski. -wc, DOOR OF DREAMS CHOSEN AS NEARLY 300 PERSONS ATTEND GALA Promenaders swayed to the music of Ken Mor- garfs hand on the night of April 2l, 1956. Nearly three hundred persons attended the gala event sponsored hy this years graduating class. Carrying out the theme of Door of Dreamsf, the high school gym was effectively decorated with two- tone tinsel, colored lights, and a revolving crystal ball. Heading the committees were the following chairmen: general chairman, Sandra Meadeg ser- vers, Bob Irwing entertainment, Sharry Hileskig decorations, Diana Armiritroutg food, Sandra Thomspong theme, Howard Nahihiang advertis- ing, Nancy Foster: and tables and chairs, Ron Kruithoff. Tom Gatten served as master of ceremonies. A PANORAMIC VIEW of the prom setting shows the happy faces of the participants. N ,E 1 4 LEFT: ENJOYING the turkey dinner, diners feast under the tinsel dcvorations. I X 'S-S111 3 39' ' lx ' Jw. Y' ,f 1 55 yr- ' v H s 7' T?Qflf5?T:7?:1. E RIGHT: ANTICIPATING a V pleasant evening are Mary Jean 7 V ,, bv- A klan Granger, Jerry Nanna, Lynn Zlk IVV A ThomPSOn and Howard Nahi- 'A' . ,gg y A ' THEME FOR JUNIQR-SENIOR PROM EVENT WHICH ENDED YEAR'S PLANNING VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Sharry Hileski, Mary Jean Granger, Pat Elliott. CHEERLEADERS LEAD PEP ASSSEMBLIES DEVOTION TO INTERSCHOLASTIC SPORTS MAINTAINED The cheerleaders trained vigorously under Mrs. A special responsibility of the cheerleaders was Brosier's direction. Their devotion to Alleganls suc- the Friday afternoon pep assemblies. They cess in interscholastic sports events set an example practiced new cheers and set the mood for victory for the entire student body. Radiant new uniforms in the evening's games. were acquired by the girls this year. RESERVE CHERLEADERS. FRONT: Janice Jones, Linda Ross, Kathy Lange, Sue Gibson. BACK: Judy Nanna, Rinda jones. Willie ALLEGAN'S FAIR ROYALTY. FIRST PAIR: Sharry Hileski, Rinda Jones. SECOND PAIR: Vicki Mack, Sandra Tafil. THIRD PAIR: Janice Jones, Sandra Meade. Queen: Mary jean Granger. MANY EVENTS WILL BE REMEMBERED . . A PlcToRlAL REVIEW OF THE YEAR... pared to 766 last year. Sept. 9: The 104th Alle-gan County fair opened for a week of agriculture exhibits and fair fun. Total attendance: 96,000. Sept. 20: First class meetings and election of officers. Sept. 27: Sophomores defeated freshmen in an- nual Freshman-Sophomore games. Sept. 28: Junior class sponsored the first dance of the year. Oct. 2: junior High welcome party. Oct. 11: Charles E. King lead song assembly. Oct. 12: Homecoming activities. Oct. 16: Magazine sales campaign began. Oct. 17: Freshman-Sophomore games party. Oct. 18: Michigan Education Association confer- ence at Grand Rapids. UPPER LEFT: SMILING DON Miner working in the 4-H refreshment booth at the fair. LEFT: POSING for the miniature picture photographer is Mary Ann Boysen. 95 Sept. 6: School opened with 814 enrolled as com- THROUGHOUT THE YEAR OUR LIVES RUN ON A SCHEDULE, VARIED OFTEN 96 Nov. 16 K 17: Juniors presented their play, Wfhe Curious Savage. Nov. 20: Awards assembly for football, cross coun- try. and magazine sales. Nov. 20: FFAfFHA game supper. Nov. 27: Elks' Football banquet featured .Tack Tighe. Tiger manager. as speaker. Nov. 29: Twelve 111CIHl7Cl'S of the FFA and ad- visor. Mr. Elder. journeyed to Chicago for a three day stay at the International Livestock exhibition. Nov. 5: Civics classes sponsored mock national election in high school. Nov. 9: Seniors' welcome party for freshmen. Nov. 15: Parents came to school to confer with teachers. UPPER RIGHT: CLOWNING SENIORS out for fresh air in Don Miner's Tornado LEFT CENTER: TUGGING FRESHMEN in the Frosh-Soph games. RIGHT CENTER: NECK AND NECK in the bicycle relay race of the Frosh-Soph games are three teams of peddlers. LEFT: ENTERTAINING the assembly is Charles E. King with Sharry Hileski and Howard Nahikian. BY HAPPY SLIRPRISES AND CLIMAXES OF EFFQRT AND Ur-cz 1: Thv C.l1cu':1l clr-pzutliicnt with Bliss Ank- nvy lxuxvlm-cl to Elkhart liiclizmzi Lo witness Fred Waring and his orclicstm perform. llcw. 6: chlllllly juniors Coiivcnrcl at A.H.S. to lu-111' 1-xpvxi talks on vocations. lbw. 18: liznmlpzirty. lim-cz 19: 'l'hc- clioral L11-pa1't1x1c'11t IJCl'liOI'IIl1'C1 the Cllirisllxlas c'o1ic'c'1't at thc' Griswold aiiditoriuiii. llnfc. 20: C0111-gc fI'L'S11l11CI1 rvportcd to seniors on ctollvgv lifv. ll:-cz 211 c111l'1S1IIlLlS assviubly. lim-C, 22 Stuck-lit Couiicfil spoiisoivcl zumllal svmi- 1-OI'lll2ll 1X'i111c11' Xxvllifl dzilicv. D4-cz 28: 11111111 Club party. rt N,1,::a.g ' A 6f'.FffC CNf 1111111 ' minus: if FOP PIC7'l'lflf.' EN'l'l'1R'l'AlNlNC1 :ll 1114- jun- ior high party zm' Sanncly Nylwrq :md Alton Browm-ll, I'I'I'1flf I,l:'l T: QTQFEN, Szlmlru Nlrzulv Amd KING, Dirk hfilllvilll. in lllr- 1lUlIl4'- C'UIll1I'lLf pzxiulclv. AIKUVIQ P.-XR.-XDING ll'lll'1lIl1llI1 Don 1Yil0y in thc hUIlN'i'OlIl1IlH pvp .xssa-rimhly. . LEIVT: DISPLAYING thc' school flag nt :in assvmhly are Chuck Cha-slmit :mil Tr-d 'I'UK'l'U'I'. EDUCATIONAL ASSEMBLIES AND CLINICS HAVE DECIDEDLY INCREASED fl -Ian. -Ian. -Ian. Feb. H Feb. Feb. 16-17: Semestt-r examinations, 18: Choral clepartment sponsored sock-hop. 2-I: Cheerleader clinic at Portage. jan. 30: Erlm group pictures taken. 8:'l'I1e FFA sponsored a party after thc olland Cliristian game. -, 8: Allegan County Teaeliers institute. 15: An assembly was presented, featuring John D. Sliiraef. UPPER LEFT: CONGRATULATING Lar- ry Grcwe in the fall awards assembly is Ivir. Buist, UPPER RIGHT: TYPICAL of most rural students. Irv Irumink and Purlin Wes- scling board the bus for the ride home. ABOVE: TOP SALESMAN Ed Calhoun displays the wateh awarded to him by Jaek Hayes, magazine sales Chairman. LEFT: IN A SMILING mood at the football banquet are Mr. Buist. ,lark Tighe, Tiger Baseball manager. and Mr. DeMull. STUDENTS' SCHOLASTIC EXPERIENCES WHICH PROVIDE FUTURE AID VPPISR I,If1 T: IIOBOES Mini-r. Fule-s 1 :ind EILIIICII guise- I1c'Io1'1' Bob Irwin, Jean Hale, f1Illll'I'i IV1':1y 111111 AIi111 Kvnt :xt the Senior- I'1'r'sI1111:111 IIoI1o cIi111m'1', f'PPlfIf RICIIITJ I H.'XS'I'INU all thi- Quinn' suppcr are FFA .ind I II.'X IIIl'lIlIN'l'S. .'IBl?VI:': DJXNCIING LIIICI' il I111sIu'lI1:1II jlilllll' 1111- Corclon I z1If's :xml his 111111111-1' z111cI CI:11'oIy11 I.uutiuI1icd and Tvrry Iloplxins, Rlf.'l1'l': S'I'L'DENTS gaining in- Ior111z1tio11 on 1-11Qi11c'1-ring git Junior Career clay. if Q51 -1, 5' 1 I I -,. , -,ff , Q.. 5, if' N , n -. N1 ,, Q VI 1:1 M8l'CIl 6: Senior Gov01'11111c'r1t clay was I1cIcI in AIIc'g'z1n with SIIICICIIIS I-I'OIll .AIIOQIIII co1111ty schools pz11'ticip:1tir1g, March '22-23: Eight LIUIUQLIIUS 111111111011 Modn-I L'11itc-cl Nations zxssf-111bly at Hillsdalcx March 27: The FFA sponsorvni 1I10 11111111111 Ilon- kcy Iaaskctball gz1111m'. Ma1'cI1 30: Paw PLUS'-.'xIIl'g21I'l Inancl COIlCCl'I. April 6: Tho 4-H sponsorc-LI fl sqilarc dance. U9 MUSICAL DEPARTMENTS PARTICIPATE IN PRESENTING CGNCERTS VPPER I.lil T: ENJOYING thi' Winter W'hirl .lI'!' Lincl.i Johnson. Tom Gzittvn. Mairlcncr Stim- lun, Dl1'li llillrivm, Bob Irwin, Ron Jvnsvn and lfri-cl Morlvy, VPPHR IBIUHT: BROADCAST- ING an local Ixiskf-thrill garner is part of the WKMI smflf ABOVE: HAPPY pzirtivipnnts in th? lIr'.1rIIwaI hop arf' Jim XVisf'. Sharon Cady. Alulin Stroud and Judy Nzinnzi. RIGHT: JUDG- INU che-rry pivs is Cc-orgc Nzmnzi, as Marcia Klc-iii, l'lliz:1IJf-th Grew-ri :incl Pat YVuis look On. , x M April 8 l2: 'l'hc svniors attvuclcml svnior Camp. April I5 IQ: -luniorliigli Camp. April I9-22: EaQtcw1'x'aCati0n. April 24 FIlCIIllJCl'Z1llf'0HSSCIDIJIY. April 27 .limior-Sc-riior prom April 27 Lvnivcrsity clay at thi' Univ:-rsity of Michigan. hlay l: Ferris institute- choir prcsciitccl assi-mhlxx SCHOOL ATHLETES RECEIVE HONORS FOR SUCCESSFUL COMPETITION Nfgry Mary May I-13 Mary IXILIB' Huy KI415 KIM M413 I 1 2.1. I w XIII- rn Irrml c'rrr1c'1'rl. N. . Immwr IIIQII pnrlx' I I 1'NIIx'11I UI IXIl ' I'I'I'NIIIIILlIIlJ11I'IX IUI' SUIIII ' Spring spurls grwxrrcla nssm-1uIJIy, 'VI' Sm-11InrrIII1.1I vxnrrrirlgrlicuxls. PIIILII vxglxnirlzrtions. I UlIIIIll'Ill'I'IIlI'III i'Yl'I'I'1Sl'S. gl Ircml 4-Irrwl. I I W Mu 'dy 'milf' ,M ., F 1-iivnqg ,,,,, ,- ga...- l i -,M-4 5 vs 1' ,....-- vw I'I'l'IflC l,Ifl 'l'.' .X II.XI.I -'I'IfXIIf Lmrm- Ir:-www-rr sc-:mar Imys .1mI fl.X,X IIIl'II1IH'IY lmrxirlr-rl I-:1Ir-1l.uil1- xm'nt, l'l'I'l'fII' lI'llf'll'l'.' SPRING Irrinus vm:- xw-1'liIrIm' tolls mlrrwn :xml .Ivrry iI.x11rlrIrr-II .xml 'IPI' ry Nunn.: :rut Im zur, .-IIIUI lt: .ll NIOR IIIt,II 5IlliIL'IlIS gllsn vrrjuy XIII' IIUUII-IIIIII' IIl'4'HIl LLIIE pm'- riml. I,l:'If l'- IDISCIINSINKI irlrnxs on Svlmn' fILJX'4'I'IIIIll'III .rrv IJ. II.rl1- IIr:rIw, I'rm-sulm-nt ni lI1v x1I1'IllQllIl IIISIIIIIII' ui I.m.rI umm-rurru-nt .1mI Iivn IAIIIIILIII, SNIA- I'I'IDI't'Sl'III.lIIXl' .xml Ruvznl Urn-wr' .rml Ixm'1II1CIwIIr-y. Only through constant practice are the athletic teams of Allegan high school able to achieve their goals. This phase of being in league with the future is regarded as being one of the most impor- tant steps to athletic success. The local participants must also be in league with the future by maintaining a required ac- ademic average so they may be eligible for competition in future sports events. Because the success of subse- quent athletic meets depends on these and other factors, the Al- legan high school athletic depart- ment is constantly working with respect to the future. COACHING Loye Eddy, Rick Hunter, Larry Grewe and Jim Bur- dick about a basketball play is Mr. Van Wagoner. I C Q H, i 1015 DISPLAYING a football play diagram are Mr. DeMull and Mr. Buist. VARSITY TEAM'S RECORD LAUDED DICK MILHIEM, LoYE EDDY coP HIGH POINTAGE STANDINGS Alla-gan's varsity enjoyed a most successful season, winning six out of eight games and finishing in third place in the conference. Head coach, Clair De Mull, and back coach, Jack Buist, coached the team to success. The Tigers split their first two games and then won live out of the next six. Conquering Plainwell on Parents' night 26-0 provided the biggest hi-light of the season, to make up for the Homecoming loss to State High. Dick Milhiem received the Outstanding Senior Player award at the Elks' Football banquet. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: M. VVilt-ox. G. Milbocker, D. Wiley, G. Hileski, Burdick, R, Hunter. J. Kelsey. D. Milhiem, T. Tucker, R. Kruit- hoff. J. Stroud. MIDDLE ROW: L. Eddy, W. Chand- ler. J. Miller, M. Schelhas, E. Overmyer, R. Jensen, H. .-,... . ,.- ..-1Q.-..- VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Allegan 26 .............. Grand Rapids Lee 21 Allegan 18 . . . .......... Portage 32 Allegan 27 . . . . . . South Haven 14 Allegan 19 . . . . . . Dowagiac 12 Allegan 6 . . . . . . State High 21 Allegan 18 . . . ..... Otsego 12 Allegan 26 . . . . . . Plainwell 0 Allegan 13 . . . . . . Vicksburg 7 Nahikian, J. Milbocker, R. Irwin, Dangremond, M. Cook, K Wallace. Coach Buist. BACK ROW: Coach DeMull, C. Allum, R. Grcwe, Wise, D. Kincaid. N. Arndt, L. Grewe, Nanna, R. Herpst, B. Dombrowski, T. Locatis, B. Clawson, F. Morley, F, Goodwin. 10-1 PIGSKIN PARADE TWENTY-TWO PLAYERS RECEIVE VARSITY LETTERS I X ., W 1- -f . J, .,q K I .. if, Tw, ,TFT I W1 , 0 A K W ' r my E , ' E, 'N Norm Arndt, tackle jack Dangrumond, End Loyc- Eddy, end 1? - . f F PLUNGING ovvr for 11 tourhdown against Portage DRIVING around 21 would-be Portage tackler is Dick Milhivm. Jerry Miller. N- T T E F T l Tbick Kincaid, gmaf g X X , .. N Q ,:.. . P 3 if K- ,k,, K ' Q I I - - A 'i ,, Lzlrrv Crewe, end Ron Hcrpst. Lfllllrfl as fo 5 I Q 9 I l' s lxxmx . U : . A X 2:3 O, X X he E .E E , I E 9 K S A 2 'M ff 1 - 'Y . 45,151 , , , ,, ,i I . - X rffgsff . ' ,si A A I ' --., ral I-J., Q I 1. O , k E if t x 32 A fs x gl, tl' ,Q .,., : . wh L - l 35,21 1 A v Gary Hileski. halfback Bob Irwin, center Ron Jensen, guard I956-57 SEASON fz' 2 FOUR AND TWO LEAGUE RECORD , I W , . ., , A E i John Kelsey, center g R m I R 'b PURSUING a Portage ball carrier are Ron Jensen, Ted Tom Locatis. tackle Tucker, and Jerry Miller as Jack Dangremond, also in pur- R 51 ll 151 ml s! X E, l-'S Gene Milbockcr. guard jim Milbocker, tackle Dick Milhiem, fullback 106 ' 1 I I I it S iv W nga A i I III gzjsfglleil 9 lf X., lx I -1 gl 1' I I I 4 A 5 aj L. Q K Howard Nahikian, tackle TOPS IN RECENT YEARS GOOD FOR THIRD SPOT IN LEAGUE. suit, :incl followed by Tom Loratis, leaps over Dick Mil- Jerry Nanna. quarterback hiem, .S X ' 3 . - K x ' g I I, ' ,A. --1 f lx X 'X l X ' ,Z .,., Q 4 E I A I S f , 'I I Mike W'ilCox. halfback Don Wiley. halfback Ed Overmyer. tackle ss . wx . 'Ie af E2 Ziff I r John Stroud. halfback il. afft f , 1 tr 143 5 Ted Tucker. quarterback ft , jim Wise. center ' 107 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: T. RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW.' Lampros. T. Corby, R. Young, E. Larson, M. Foster, Connor. B. Kaarlie. G, Cook, T. Patton. MIDDLE ROW: C. Curlin, G. Zeran, B. Arlington, B, Yoakam, F. Mich- aels, Booher. Vaughn, W. Brower, L. Bartz, Hart- man, K. Andrews, L. TerAvest, Billman, H. Hanson. BACK ROW: Coach Tomanek, G. Schulz, D. Nahikian, C. Granger, M. Belt, D, Ware. B. Sanders, B, Irwin, R. Calender. C. Pullen. P. Knoblock, R. Sieving, P Currie, C. Ray. FRESHMAN PLAYERS OBTAIN 2-2-I RECORD AN UNUSUALLY HEAVY LINE BOASTED BY THIS YEAR'S TEAM. RESERVE SCORES Allegan 12 ......... ...... P ortage 19 Allegan O . . . . . . South Haven 6 Allcgan 6 . . . . . . State High 20 Allegan I2 . . . ..... Otsego 7 Allegan 18 . . . . . . Plainwell 21 Allegan 7 . . . . . . Vicksburg 20 Hunter, B. Miller. Larsen. C. Peterson, R. Shafer, G. Tyler, Tagg, G Navis, R. Brandeberry, S. Thomp- son. IIHDDLE ROW: A. Opas, K. Rowe. Blackman A. Arwood. Minegzir, Mahan. G. Button, E. Kaylor, FRESHMAN SCORES Allegan 7 ........... Fennville 19 Allegan 12 . . . Fennville 12 Allegan 12 . . . Hopkins 19 Allegan 12 . . . .... Otsego 0 Allegan 13 . . . Plainwell 7 G. Plotts. T. Cook. Kruithoff. BACK ROW: Coach Vanwagoner, B, Hackman. B. Gibson, D. Peterson, D. Snyder, B. Grinnell. A, White. D. Peterson. VV. Furjanic, E Swope. L. Wesseling. Coach Rolfe. mm-.-mfg-mm. my a.a.,N.ugmn-m1m CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. FRONT ROW: C. Cooley, C. Chestnut, R. Lutz, W. Switzer, D. Axe. BACK ROW: D Ringewold, M. Arwood, Mr. Clinger, A. Gates, P. Price. NOT PICTURED: E. Grahm. ,pq-or SWITZER CONFERENCE MEDAL WINNER CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ANTICIPATES BETTER SEASON This was coach C1inger's freshman year as the Tigers' Cross country coach. The harriers had a very tough season, failing to win a single meet and placing Fifth in the Conference meet at South Haven, aheadbof State High and Plainwell. ln the Conference meet, Allegan had only one medal winner, Wayne Switzer. Other runners plac- ing in the first forty were: Peter Price, Dick Lutz, Dick Ringewold, and Allen Gates. Mr. Clinger is looking forward to a much better season in as much as he is losing only two lettermen, Wayne Switzer and Chuck Chestnut. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Allegan 32 ....... . ........ Allegan 43 ............,... . . Allcgan 31 .................. . . . Allegan 31 .... Vicksburg 30 ..... .. . . . . . Otsego . . . . Portage South Haven . . . Plninwell Allegan 41 .... South Haven 23 . .. .... State Iligh LEAGUE MEET Portage ......... South Haven . . . Vicksburg . . . Allegan . . . State High . . Plainwell . . 27 I6 24 69 56 45 53 104 114 132 182 JOGGING around the fairgrouncls are Chuck Chest- nut and Wayne Switzer: Dick Ringewold and Ed Grahm. When the l956-57 season began in NOX'fxl1IlJl'I', Mr. Van YVagoner, faced the problem of build- ing 21 team. consisting of twelve juniors and one senior, with only two letternien returning from last yt-ar's quintet. The Tigers lacked any great height, but made up for it with speed and preci- sion ball handling. During the Hrst seven contests, Allegttn played like a Championship team. winning six games while losing only to Holland Cllristizin. Neur the end of the season. thc Tigers seemed to Cool off, and ended the regular season on the short end of their last two games, one of which was a. heart-breziking live point loss to Plainwell that deeided the league ehnnipionship. Allt-gan played in the Plziinwell District tour- nament and dt-I'eatecI Battle Creek and Otsego to gztin another district title. At the Holland re- gionals. the Tigers lost to Ilollund CllII'lSll1lII 48-45. Losing' only one player. hir. Van IV:1goner is looking forward to n great season next year. INEXPERIENCED SQUAD WINS DISTRICT: ALLEGAN Loses GAME SHARE OF WOLVERINE CONFERENCE ABOVE: FIGHTING for the hall against Dowagiac are Larry Grewc and Gary Hilcski, LEFT: SHOOTING over Cliff Hinklc of Plziinwell is Jerry Nanna. RIGHT: TRYING for a tip-in against Plainwell is Larry Grewe. EQ N 'I 451 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: M. Ilavc-n, M. Wilcox, J. Stroud G. Hileski, Burdick, T. Tucker, Wise, R lluntvr. F. Morley. BACK ROW: Mr Vunwzigoncr-, M. Svhc-lhzxs, W. Pritchett, L. Eddy, Nztnnzt, L. Crewv, N. Bailey. REACHES REGIONAL SEMI-FINALS TITLE IN THRILL PACKED CONTEST AT PLAINWELL, eo-65 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Alla-gun Allvgzm Allvgan Allcgan Allvgun Allc-gan Allcgan Allcgun Allt-can Allvgan Allcgzin Allcgan Alle-gun Allvgan Allcgan Allegnn DISTRI L Allt-grin All:-gun REGION Alla-gun lll 55 51 56 59 43 63 54 40 64 60 51 53 69 53 6U 54 ,T 57 58 .-Xl 415 . . .. . . . Holland Christian 58 Vicksburg 31 .... .... South ITllYC'l l 32 . . . ..,... Portage 42 . . . . .. . Plztinwvll 52 .... .,... Stats' High 88 ...........Otsvgu 44 . . . . . . . Holland Christian 46 . . . ........ Virkshurg 34 .... .... South llavcn 56 . . . ..... Plainwc-ll 65 Dowugiac 56 'l'Ol.'RNAMENT Battle CrcckLakc:vicw 46 46 . TOURNAMENT ....................HollandChristi:1n 4-B . . . . Diiwflgllill' 51 Stutc lligh 42 ........ Otsc-go 53 ........ Pilflllgl' -ll 'Wm .5 A: ,, ,V O 'dn 'E 'lm TOP RO W.' Rick Hunter, guard g Ted Tuck- er guardg' Loye Eddy, foreward, guard? BOTTOM RO W: Larry Grewe, foreward Q' Jerry Nanna, fore- wardg' Gary Hileski, guard. RIGHT: Norm Bail- ey,forwa.rd. has WL NQ SEVEN EARN VARSITY LETTERS 'X P ,lx COACHES Vim W'z1gom-r and Buist clisruss strzltvgy during thc Al- . lvgilll-Billlll' Crm-k l.:ilu'vis-w garnv. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Pritchett, ccntcrg' Mike Wil- vox. forward: Mike Svhvlhxxs, Ccmerg Jim Burdick, guard. RIGHT: John Stroud. guard. UPPER LEFT: jim lNisv. forward. xi i '. if . K 'V . J fgjf , W . fi E gf al? lun'- 154' sl, mf! at N49 y i A Ya h ,,E, fir.: Xa XX T E hm RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: D. Peterson, A. White. G. Cook. T. Patton. T. Hileski, D. Peterson. E. Swope. BACK ROW: Buist. B. Irwin. G, Plotts. W. Brower, C. Pullen, C. Granger. C. Peterson. NOT PICTURED: G. Zeran KITS COMPILE 9 WIN-3 LQSS RECORD CRACK BALL HANDLING ovERcoMEs DISADVANTAGE HEIGHT This year! reserve team. competently coached hy Mr. Hoist. had to Cornhirie speed and Crack ball lizmdlmg to overeomt- their disadvantage in height. The Kits verv Capzlhlv reprc'sentt'cl Alleftan Compil- T 1 1 K A 7 ing' a 9-3 record. good lor an un-official second place in the league standings and an overall 10 win and 6 loss record. Allegan started the season off in championship form by whipping State High and proceeded to win hve straight before Portage stopped them. The onlv other conference B teams that could halt the Kits were South Haven and Plainwell. YVayne Brower eopped scoring honors with 151 RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Allegan -11 Allegun -15 ............... Allegan 58 . . . Allcgan 49 . . . Allegan 28 . . . Allegan 38 . . . Allegan -19 . . . Allegan 28 . . . Allegan -13 . . . Allegan 40 . . . Allegan 53 . . . Allegan 64- . . . Allegan 39 . . . Allegan 23 . . . Allegan -15 . . . markers. followed by Gary Zeran with 137 tallies. .. Dowagiac . State High . . . . Otsego .. Portage . . . Holland . Vieltshurg South Haven . . . Portage .. Plainwell State High . . . . Otsego . . . Holland .. Vicksburg South Haven . . . . . Plainwell Allegan 47 ....... ..... ............ D 0 wagiac 64 ABOVE: TAKING a jump shot against Dowagiae is Gary Zeran. LEFT: VVAYNE Brower shooting against Dowagiae, EIGHTH GRADE TEAM. FRONT ROW: P. Schel- J. FOHCII. R. If'hl- R Watson. C- BCIIIICY- C- Half: has, W. Gibson. Frederick, M. Elliott, B. Beekman, R. Rambadt. Smith, E. Jones, R. llzlrris. NOT PIC- T. Douglas, P. Mt'Geath, Mr. DeMull. BACK ROIV: TURED: R. Tyo. EIGHTH GRADE SUSTAINS HIGH SCORING RECORD SEVENTH GRADE TEAM ATTAINS 6 WIN-4 Loss RECORD EIGHTH GRADE SCORES Allcgan 31 ..,............ ..... O tsego 25 Allegan 46 . . . ........ ...... M artin 14 Allegan 40 . . . . . . South Haven 5 Allegan 35 . . . ..... Wayland 29 Allegan 38 . . . . . . Plainwell 29 Allegan 46 . . . ..... Otsego 29 Allcgan 40 . . . ....... Wayland 33 Allcgan 42 . . . . . . South Haven 21 Allegan 46 . . . . . . Plainwell 15 Allegan 44 . . . . . . Martin 26 SEVENTH GRADE TEAM. FRONT ROW: Mr Peckham. R. Sager, D. Middleton. A. Brownell, S Fulton, D. Smith, M. Peabody. B. Hale. Pullcn BACK ROW: T. Hunter. B. Nahikian, R. Ellis, D SEVENTH GRADE SCORES Allegan 27 ..................... Otsego 17 Allegan 25 ..................... Martin 27 Allegan 26 .... .... S outh Haven 24- Allegan 16 . . . ...... Wayland 27 Allegan 27 . . . .... Plainwell 15 Allcgan 36 .... ...... O tsego 28 Allegan 37 .... ........ 1 Vaylancl 34 Allegan 29 .... .... S outh Haven 15 Allcgan 16 .... .... P lainwcll 24 Allegan 28 .... .... lN Iartin 29 Sturgis, A, Luttrell. Simons, B. Granger, T. Curlin, M. Bender, B. Harris. R. Veenkant, D. White. NOT PICTIVRHD: QW. 1 WRESTLING TEAM. FRONT ROW: S. Thornp- W'iley, D. Axe. G. Tyler, D. McClellan. C. Cooley. son, B. Kaarlie, D. W'are, R. Herpst, M. Arwood, D. BACK ROW: Booher, K. Andrews. YV. Switzer. Kinraicl, E. Overniyer. J. Dainber. MIDDLE ROW: B. Button, B. Irwin, Minegar, G, Boylan. Coach Toinanek. Larsen, L. Allen, G. Wadell, D NEW WRESTLERS MAKE GOOD SHOWING EXPERIENCE GAINED FROM ATTENDING REGIONAL MATCHES L'nder the Capable Coaching of Coach Emil To- inaneli. the Allegan wrestlers completed their second season ol' wrestling with a inueh more impressive record than in the previous year. ln non-c'onl'ereiire dual meets. Allegan lost close niatrhes to Battle Creek, East Grand Rapids. Kalama- zoo Central. and Sturgis. As a season windup the grapplers attended the South INR-stern Michigan regional match at Battle Creek. Although Allegan lost several close decisions, Don X'Yil1'y attained a third place medal and the pririlege to attend the state tournament. WREST Allegan Allegan Allcgan Allegan Allegan Allegan Allegan Allegan Alle-gan Allegan ED OYERMYER has the advantage over his Kalamazoo Central LING SCORES 32 .......... . ............... Portage 10 .. . .... Battle Creek Central 0 . . . .............. Sturgis 21 . . . . . East Grand Rapids 20 . . . . . Kalamazoo Central 21 ... ... East Grand Rapids 11 . . . . . Kalamazoo Central 13 , . . . Battle Creek Central 14 . . ............. Sturgis 27 , . . , . Portage ABOUT to pin his Kalamazoo opponent. nent is Bob Irwin. 110 +2 52 153 132 Ill 37 38 34 21 oppo- .WMI M ' -qfw. R 9:2 v . uf TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: R. Mitchell, J. E., Snyder, R. Henrickson. BACK ROW: Mr. Jones, T. Goodwin, T. Gatten, R. Tagg. MIDDLE Rolfe, R. Garlock, J. Hartman, K. Wallace, J. ROW: B. Creech, J, Axe, D. Olsen, B. Perrigo, Berry, B. Franz, S. Pierce, R. Hunter, B. Clawson. NETMEN ENCOUNTER STIFF COMPETITION CONSISTENT DOUBLES TEAM DOWNS MOST OPPONENTS TENNIS SCORES Competing in the singles positions were John Axe, Allegan O ...... Muskegon Heights 7 Dave Olsen, Jim jones, and Roger Henrickson. They Alla-gan 2 ........... Otsego had a fairly good record and showed improvement Allegan 3 . . . ........ Wayland through the season. Alle-gan 5 .... Vicksburg Bob Perrigo and Rick Hunter were the most Allegan 0 .... Plainwell consistent tandem on the team winning more than Allegan 0 . . . . . South Haven half Of their matches. Allcgan 1 ...... Portage ln the regional tournament at Holland, the dou- Allegan 2 ..... Otsego bles team of Ralph Mitchell and Ben Creech Allegan 0 State High smashed their way into the quarterfinals and placed Allegan fifth by outmaneuvering Holland Christian. Most of the third doubles competition was encoun- tered by Jim Berry. Tom Catten, and Tom Goodwin. TENNIS PLAYERS AT PRACTICE: Dave Olsen Roger Henrickson Ralph Mitchell fl.- t if K. . K . K - f' , 1 , , lr - 4, f ,.-M.. A. , ff, -if , A- 4 5. K 1' . . 4 r 1 .f L ky- . V. , 4 r 1, V - , r' jif.!f.!ic,fL,f. if rs, Y ., fr AL In Y hy K 4 -'M--...K 1956 TRACK TEAM. FRONT ROW: D. Nahikian, C. Curlin, R. Young. G. Zeran, D. Ware, B. Kaarlie, K. Andrews, C. Pullen, R. Lutz, M, Otis, L. Peak, L. Steffen, T. TerAvest, B. Arlington. MIDDLE ROW: Rich- ardson, L. Grewe, R. Jensen. T. Tucker. J. Milbocker. J. Dangremond. D. Milhiem, G. Pegg, E. Gillette, H. Trutch, T. Hunter, Gehl. D. Lillie, Kyes, VV. Portrum. C. Chestnut. BACK ROPV: Mr. Otis, Zugel, Bur- dick, W. Switzer, C. Commons, C. Bush, B. Irwin, J. Wise, Nanna, F. Goodwin, M. Schelhas, L. Hughes, L. Eddy, Stroud. W. Chandler, G. Milbocker, F. Morley, J. Kent, Mr. DeMull. BENGALS TRUIMPH IN AREA MEETS TWO IMPRESSIVE VICTCRIES SPARK BEGINNING OF SEASON The 1956 track team, under the coaching of Mr. Otis, came through with another impressive season. The Tigers initiated their season with two big vic- tories in rapid succession. The first triumph over Grand Haven was followed by defeating Portage. After two weeks of training, the Bengals romped over ace rival Otsego on the Bulldogs home field. The Allegan track and field men, keyed up by vic- tory, tallied victories over Holland Christian, Plain- well, and South Haven in following weeks to com- plete their dual meets undefeated. 5 In an invitational quadrangular meet at Allegan, in which Muskegon Heights, Kalamazoo, Holland, and Allegan participated, Allegan tied for second place with Muskegon Heights. In the annual Wfolverine conference meet, the Tigers gained a second place victory over Otsego, Portage, Plainwell, South Haven, and Vicksburg. The thinclads then journeyed to Kalamozods Angel field where they obtained a sixth place victory in the South Western Michigan Regional meet. 118 -1- S s it S LEFT: BROAD JUMP- ING is Loye Eddy, as Tom Hunter watch. and Dick Ware 2. ABOVE: HIGH UMPING is Jerry Nanna. RIGHT: POLE VAULTING J is jack Dangremond. DUAL COMPETITION SCORES Allegan 84 ........... Grand Haven Allegan 58W .... ........ P ortage Allegan 69M5. . . ........... Otsego Allegan 78 . . .... Holland Christian Allegan 63 ................ Plainwell Allegan 75 ............. QUADRANGLER MEET Allegan, tied for second .. PROTAGE RELAYS Allegan, fifth place ..... CONFERENCE MEET Allegan, second place . .. REGIONAL MEET Allegan, sixth place .... South Haven 25 501m 39W 31 46 34 42y2 22 sen 15 LEFT: LEADING thc race is Chuck Chestnut with Wayne Swit- zer in third place. ABOVE: RON JENSEN pole vaulting. 119 1956 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: D. Schreur, B. Young, B. Inglesbee, D. Wilcox, R. Clair, B Pullen. Smith. BACK ROW: Coach Peckham, T. Tucker, D. Milhiem, L. Grewe, M. Wilcox, P. Wesseling. G. Hileski, D Wiley, J, Kelsey. PECKHAM ENDS CAREER AS COACH PITCHERS STAR IN ONE AND TWO-HITTER AS SEASON ENDS Alleganls varsity baseball team ended the season dwelling in fourth position in the Wolverine league standings. The Tigers experienced a hot and cold season finishing with a won 5-lost 7 record. The team started the season out by winning their first two games and then ran into some difficulty, losing six out of their next seven games. The lone bright note during this slump was when Dick Mil- hiem pitched a six-hitter, handing Wayland their first loss in two years. Having recovered from their absence from the win columnfi the Tigers wound up the season by defeating two of the last three opponents. WARMING U P: VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Allegan 11 .............,....... Allegan 4 ................... . Allegan 2 . . . - - - Allegan 2 . . Allegan 5 . . . Allegan l . . Allegan 3 . . Allegan 3 . . . - - - Allegan 0 . . Allegan 7 . . Allegan 1 . . Allegan 3 . . . . . . Otsego .. Vicksburg . State High . . . Plainwell . . . Wayland South Haven South Haven . . . . Portage . . . . Portage . . Vicksburg . State High . . . Plainwell Ted Tucker Mike Wilcox Dick Milhiem FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: C. Pullen, B. Yoakam, M. Foster, N. Rininger, T. Gorby, D. Ringewold, J. Lampros, C. Granger. BACK ROW: Mr. Van Wa- goner, M. Haven, A. Gates, P. Knoblock, B. Irwin, J Billman, W. Brower, M. Belt,G Cook, D. Nahikian, T. Patton. INITIAL FRESHMAN SEASON SUCCESSFUL FRESHMAN TEAM PREPARES PLAYERS FOR VARSITY FRESHMAN BASEBALL SCORES In 1956, freshman baseball was initiated at Al- legan by Mr. VanWagoner. Considering that the team had to practice under very adverse conditions and had to play all of their games away, Mr. Van- Wagoner believes the season was not only successful but will help to provide even better players for Mr. Buist's varsity team. Allegan ............ 2 Otsego ...... . . 3 Allegan ............ 10 Bloomingdale . . . . 5 Allegan . . 7 Vicksburg . . . . . 5 Very few of the area schools have freshman teams and so the frosh team had only three games, winning two and dropping one. Pitching chores were shared by Mike Foster and Jim Lampros. Batting honors went to Chuck Pul- len, .444 and Chuck Granger, AT PRACTICE: Pete Knoblock, Chuck Pullen. Jim Lampros pitching Pete Knoblock, Chuck Granger 99 -L BOYS' INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Won Lost Noresmen . . . . 6 3 Irish .... . . 6 3 Finns . . . 5 4 Scots . . . . 5 4 Yanks . . . . . 4 5 Canadians . . . 4 5 Swedes . . . . 4 5 Danes . . . . 2 7 LEFT: RON JENSEN going up for a basket. BELOW: BILL DOMBROW- SKI and opponent jumping. BOYS', GIRLS' INTRAMURAL PROGRAMS GOVERNING RULES MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ALL PLAYERS This year, as last, Mr. VanWagoner organized the noon hour basketball league for boys. The league gave every high school boy an opportunity to participate. The league was eornprized of eight teams the Yanks, Canadians, Scots, Irish, Danes, Finns, Swedes and Norsemen. At the season's end, Dick Milhie1n's Irish and Howard Nahikian's Norse- men were deadlocked in First place with 6-3 records. The girls' intraimlral league, under M1's. Bl'OSIl'I'IS clirvetion, provided noon hour activity for all interested girls. Mrs. lirosier held training sessions for rvfc-revs, in an attempt to have Iac-ttvr ofhciating at these contests. As the result. rule infractions were much easier to detect. The balanced league provided many tlirill-packed battles, PROVIDE NOON HOUR RECREATION U K TO HAVE A CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN BASKETBALL GAMES GIRLS' INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Won Lost SChanz's team .......... 5 0 Hale's team .... . . 4 1 Hileski's team .. 3 2 Bergman's team . . . 3 2 Carlson's team .... . . . 2 3 Granger's team . .. 1 4 Brown's team . .. .. . 1 4 Meade's team .... . . 1 4 ABOVE: HELEN JUGEL and Sharon Cady struggle for possession of the ball. LEFT: LEAPING in front of Letty Lam- pros is Janis Jones. 123 E SENIOR ACTIVITIES ARLINGTON, CHLOE: Girls' Glee Club 1,2,43 FNA 43 FHA 3,4 3 Intramural 23 Robed Choir 2,4. ARMINTROUT, DIANA: Top Ten 43 Class Sec- retary 33 Model U.N. Assembly 43 Monitor 43 Stu- dent Council 2,43 Echo StafT 3,4, Picture Editor 43 Scholargram News Editor 43 Girls, Glee Club 13 Robed Choir 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 33 Student Personnel Helper 3,43 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 3,43 Winter Whirl Court 4. ARNDT, NANCY: Scholargram 33 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,33 Robed Choir 2,33 Varsity Choir 33 French Club 23 GAA 1,23 Pep Club 33 Prom Cornmittee3 Intramural 2. AUSTIN, SANDRA: FHA 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 13 GAA 1 3 Prom Committee. BERGMAN, BEVERLY: Model U.N. Assembly 43 Monitor 3,43 Student Council 1,43 FHA 2,3, Sec- retary 33 Robed Choir 43 Prom Committee 3 Home- coming Court 13 Intramural 3,45 Winter Whirl Court 33 Senior Camp Representative 3. BROWN, CONNIE: Monitor 43 Student Council 43 Scholargram 3,43 Varsity Choir 3,49 Robed Choir 1,2,33 Girls, Glee Club 1,2,33 FNA 43 FTA 43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 43 Intramural l,2,3,4. BYRON, DEE: Class Treasurer 43 Drivers Educa- tion Conference 33 Monitor 33 Student Council 33 Scholargram 3,43 Robed Choir 43 Student Per- sonnel Helper 43 Pep Club 3 3 Homecoming Court 3. CALHOUN, ED: Top Magazine Salesman 43 Menls Glee Club 3,43 Track 3. CALLOWAY, MARY: FHA 1,2,3. 124 CARLSON, JEAN: Class Secretary 43 Echo Staff 33 Scholargram 3,4 3 Tri-Hi-Y 33 GAA 13 Prom Com- mittee3 Student Personnel Helper 3,43 Pep Club 3. CARROLL, PAT: Student Council 23 Echo Staff 43 Scholargram 3,43 Robed Choir 33 FNC 43 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,43 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 3,45 Stu- dent Personnel Helper 2. CHESTNUT, CHUCK: Jr. Rotarian 3s Student Council 1,233,43 Echo Staff 33 Scholargmm 33 FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 33 A Club 43 Jr. Play Cast3 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 33 Cross Country 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4 3 Intramural 1,2,3,4. CLASON, ROGER: No School Activities. CLAWSON, SHIRLEY: Scholargram 33 Robed Choir 43 FHA 13 French Club 23 GAA 13 Jr. Play Cast3 Pep Club 33 Intramural 1,3. COFFEY, KEITH: Scholargram 33 Men's Glee Club 33 FFA 1,2,3. COMMANS, CARROLL: Student Council 13 Var- sity Choir 43 Men's Glee Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,43 Track 1,3,43 Intramural 1,2. CROWELL, ALFRED: Student Council 13 Echo Staff 2,3,43 Scholargram 3. DANGREMOND, JACK: Junior Rotarian 33 Moni- tor 33 Echo Staff 3,43 Scholargram 33 A Club 2,3, 43 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 33 Football l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,33 Track 1,2,3,4. DELL, ALICE: Scholargram 33 Girls' Glee Club 334. DOMBROWSKI, PAUL: Junior Rotarian 33 Moni- tor 43 Student Council 1,43 Echo Staff 43 Scholar- gram 4. DOMBROWSKI, WILLIAM: Football 3,45 Intra- mural 1,2,3,4. DYER, DON: FFA 1,2,3,45 Intramural 4. ELLIOTT, PAT: Monitor 3,45 Scholargmm 3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Band Majorette 1,2,35 Junior Play Cast5 Intramural 1,25 Monitor Judicial Board 3,4. ELSTON, KEN: Men's Glee Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,3, 45 Pep Club 3,45 Projectionist 45 Intramural 4. ENDERS, NANCY: Robed Choir 45 Scholargram 35 Drivers' Education Conference 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 3. FALES, GORDON: Top Ten 45 Junior Rotarian 35 Model U.N. Assembly 3,45 Monitor 3,45 Student Council 1 5 Echo Staff 3,4, Literary Editor 45 Scholar- gram 3,4, Managing Editor 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y Treasurer 35 Prom Committeeg Tennis 1,2. FOSTER, NANCIE: Scholargram 3,45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Robcd Choir 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 French Club 2,3, 45 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 3,4. FULLER, LOREN: FFA l,2,3,4. GARRETT, JANET: Scholargram 35 Band 1,2,35 Prom Committeeg Librarian 4. GATTEN, TOM: Top Ten 45 Class Secretary 1,2, President 35 Rotary Leadership Camp 35 Model U.N. Assembly 3,45 Student Council 45 Echo- Staff 2,3,4, Editor-in-Chief 45 Sclzolargram 4, Clubs Editor 45 Varsity Choir 35 Men's Glee Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Prom Committecg Football 1,25 Track 15 Tennis 2,35 Intramural 1,2,3,4. GIBSON, GEORGE: FFA 1,25 Projectionist 3,45 Track 25 Intramural 2,3,4. GILLETTE, TONY: FFA 1,2,35 A Club 25 Cross Country l,2,35 Track 1,2. GODLEWSKI, MARY ALICE: Echo Staff 2,35 Varsity Choir 35 Robed Choir 35 FNA Secretary 45 Latin Club 2,35 French Club 2,35 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 3. GRANGER, MARY JEAN: Class President 15 Stu- dent Council 1,25 Scholargram 45 Varsity Choir 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Latin Club 15 GAA 15 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committeeg Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Winter Whirl Court 15 Intra- mural 1,2,3,4. GREWE, ROYAL: Student Council 3,45 Scholar- gram 45 Men's Glee Club 3,4. HALE, JEAN: Student Council Secretary 45 Echo Staff 3,45 Scholargram 3,45 Typing Editor 35 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 FNC 45 Latin Club 2,3,45 Band 2,35 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 45 Intra- mural 4. HAMMER, DONNA: Robed Choir 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 GAA 2,3, Secretary 35 Junior Play Cast5 Intra- mural 2,3,4. HAMMER, LU AN: Scholargram 35 Girls, Glee Club 45 FTA 3,4, President 4. HAYES, JACK: Class President 4: Student Council 2,3,45 Mionitor 45 Sclzolargram 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 3. HEISTER, BARBARA: Top Ten 4: Echo Staff 3,45 Scholargram 45 FTA 35 Latin Club 3,45 Prom Committee: Librarian 2,35 Pep Club 4. HILESKI, SHARRY: Echo Stall' 1,25 Scholargram 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Robcd Choir 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Latin Club 1,25 GAA 15 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committee: Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Homecoming Court 25 Intramural 2,3,4. HISCOCK, PAT: Scholargram 35 Band 1,25 Tri- Hi-Y 25 Prom Committee. HODGE, MIKE: No school activities. 125 HOPKINS, TERRY: Class Treasurer 35 Student Council 1,35 Sclzolargram 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Men's Glee Club 3,4, Board 3,45 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 3,45 Football 1,2,4. HUGHES, LARRY: Otsego High School 1,25 Band 25 Varsity Choir 3,45 Men's Glee Club 3,45 FFA 3,45 Pep Club 35 Football 15 Cross Country 152,35 Baseball 1,2,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Intramural 1,2,3,4. ILMBERGER, JOHN: Monitor 35 Men's Glee Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4. IRWIN, BOB: Boy's State 35 Junior Rotarian 35 Monitor 45 Echo Staff 45 Sclzolargram 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Men's Glee Club 35 A Club 45 Junior Play Cast: Prom Committee5 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrest- ling 3,45 Track 1,2,35 Intramural 1,2,3. JAMES, ALICE: El Paso, Texas 1,2,3. JENSEN, RON: A Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Intramural 1,2,3,4. JOHNSON, LINDA: Echo StaH' 45 Scholargram 35 Band 152.31 FHA 1,2, Treasurer 25 Prom Committee. JONES, MAXINE: No School Activities. JONES, ROSE: Sclzolargram 3. KACZMAREK, LORRIE: Echo Staff 45 Scholar- gram 35 Varsity Choir 4: Robed Choir 45 FTA 45 Prom Committee: Student Personnel Helper 3,45 Pep Club 3,4: Jr. Play Committee. KASTEN, DEAN: No School Activities. KASTEN, GENE: No School Activities. KASTEN. RIIDY: No School Activities. KEELEY, PHYLLIS: Girlsls Glee Club 4. 126 KELLY, VIRGINIA: Top ten 45 Senior Camp Rep- resentative 3: Monitor 35 Student Council 1,25 FHA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 3,4, Prom Com- mittee. KENT, JIM: Student Council 35 Echo Stag 45 Scltolargram 45 Varsity Choir 3,41 Men's Glee Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Football 2,35 Track 2,3,45 Intra- mural 1,2,3,4. KINGSBURY, KEN: FFA 1,2,3: Intramural 1,2. KRUITHOFF, RON: Monitor 45 Sclzolargram 45 Band 2,3,45 FFA 1, Senior Camp Representative 35 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 35 Football 1,45 Intra- mural 1,2,3,4. LANGE, GRETCHEN: Class Treasurer 25 Student' Council 45 Echo Staff 35 Sclzolargmm 3,45 Varsity Choir 3: Robed Choir 3, Board 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committee5 Pep Club 3. LAUSKA, ELLEN: Scholargmm 3,45 Exchange Ed- itor 3, Typing Editor 4: FHA 15 FTA 2,3,4, Vice- President 35 Pep Club 45 Student Personnel Helper 3,45 Librarian 2,3. LOCATIS, TOM: Men's Glee Club 3,45 FFA 1, 253,45 Prom Committee5 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 25 Intramural 2. MACK, VICKI: Scholargram 3,45 Varsity Choir 45 Robed Choir 45 GAA 15 Junior Play Cast5 Winter Whirl Court 1 5 Intramural 2,3. MADALINSKI, LEONA: Student Personnel Helper 35 Robed Choir 45 Pep Club 45 Intramural 35 Junior Play Castg Scholargram 3. MADALINSKI, ROSE: Sclzolargram 3. MEADE, SANDY: Class Vice-President 45 Girls' State 35 Monitor 3,4-5 Ifclzo Stall' 3,4, Typing Ed- itor 45 Sclzolargram 45 Band Majorette 15 FNC 4, President 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 45 DAR Good Citizenship Award 45 Prom Committee5 Homecoming Queen 45 Intramural 4. MEALEY, MARGIE: Top Ten 45 Sclzolargram 35 Band l,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Latin Club 152,35 French Club 2,35 GAA 1,2,35 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Com- mittee5 Intramural 1,2,3,4. MILBOCKER, JIM: Class Vice-President 15 Stu- dent Council 25 Scholargram 35 FFA 1,2,45 Pep Club 35 Homecoming Court 1,2535 Football l,2,45 Track l,2,3,4. MILHIEM, DICK: Echo Staff 45 Scholargram 35 Men's Glee Club 3,45 A Club 3,45 Prom Commit- tee 35 Pep Club 3,45 Homecoming King 45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Intramural 25354. MILLER, JERRY: Scholargram 45 A Club 45 Monitor Judicial Board 5 Latin Club 15 Football 1, 2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Intramural l,2,3,4. MINER, DON: Sclzolargram 45 Band 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4, President 45 Football 1. MOORED, JOHN: Mews Glee Club 3,4, FFA 1, 2,3,4. MORLEY, FRED: Top Ten 45. Boys, State 35 Jun- ior Rotarian 35 Sclzolargram 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee5 Football 1,45 Basketball 1, Manager 45 Track 1,3,45 Tennis 25 Intramural 2,3,4, MORRIS, ALMA: Sclzolargramg Typing Editor 45 FHA 15 FTA 45 Pep Club5 Office Worker 3,4. MORRIS, RON: Menls Glee Club 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4- Pep Club 3: Intramural 1. I MYERS, MARSHA: Scholargmm 45 FTA 2,3,4- French Club 2. 9 NAHIKIAN, HOWARD: Class Vice-President 15 Class President 25 Boys, State 35 Junior Rotarian 35 Student Council Treasurer 35 Echo Staff 3,4, Sports Editor 45 Scholarlgram Sports Editor 45 Band 1,2,35 A Club 3,45 Junior Play Cast5 Prom Committee5 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Intramural l,2,3,4. NAVIS, GALE: Men's Glee Club 45 FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Football 1,25 Intramural 2,3. NOBLE, BOB: Sclzolargram 35 FFA 1,25 Football 1 5 Track 2,3,4. OISTEN, ELLEN: Robed Choir 45 Pep Club 4. OISTEN, MARJORIE: Scholargram 35 Robed Choir 45 FHA 15 FTA 3,45 GAA 15 Pep Club 3.4. OSEN, DAVID: Junior Rotarian 35 Monitor 45 Sclzolargram 45 Feature Editor 45 Band 15 A Club 354, Treasurer 45 Football 25 Basketball 15 Tennis 2,35 Intramural 2,3,4. PEGG, HAROLD: Sclzolargram 35 Band 15 Men's Glee Club 45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Intramural 2,3. PETERS, ALLEN: Student Council l,2,35 FFA 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 25 Prom Committee5 Football 1. PHILLEY, ELDON: Scholargram 4. PIERCE, STANLEY: Tennis 2,3545 Intramural 1,2, 3,45 Hi-Y 4. REDDER, ELMA: Top Ten 45 Scholargram 35 FHA 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Pep Club 3. REGNIER, BETTY: Sclzolargram 3,45 FNC 45 Pep Club 4. RICHARDS, JANET: Girls' Glee Club 4. RICHARDS, JANICE: Girls' Glee Club 4. 127 RICHARDSON, JIM: Sclzolargram 33 Men's Glee Club 33 A Club 33 Hi-Y Secretary 33 Junior Play Castg Cross Country 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Intramural 1,2,3,4. SCHANZ, EDNA: Otsego 1,2,33 Girls' Glee Club 43 Intramural 4. SMITH, JOHN: FFA 4. STANKEY, ANDREW: No School Activities. STANTON, MARLENE: 1Hastings, Michigan 13 Echo Staff 43 FHA 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 43 Prom Committee: Pep Club 3,4. STEVENS, LUCY: FNC 43 GAA 43 Intramural 4. SWITZER, WAYNE: Monitor 43 Scholargram 43 FFA 1,23 A Club 3,43 Prorn Committee3 Pep Club 33 Football 23 Cross Country 3,43 Wrestling 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Intramural 1,2,3,4. TEDBALL, FRANK: Coopersville, Michigan 1,2,3 3 Art Club 4. THOMPSON, CAROLYN: Top Ten 4. THOMPSON, SANDRA: Monitor 33 Echo Stal? 3,43 Sclzolargram 3,4, Club Editor 3, Exchange Ed- itor 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Varsity Choir 3,43 Robed Choir 33 FTA 3,43 Latin Club 3,43 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 43 Winter Whirl Queen 4. TODD, BARBARA: Scholargram 33 Girls, Glee Club 23 FHA 1,2,33 Junior Play Cas,t3 Prom Commit- tee. TUCKER, TED: Class Vice-President 33 Junior Rotarian 33 Monitor 33 Student Council President 128 43 Sclzolargmm 43 Band 1,2,3,43 UA' 'Club 3,4, Pres- ident 4 3 Latin Club Treasurer 13 Prom Committee 3 Football 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,4. TUFFELMIRE, TOM: FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 33 Prom Committee3 Intramural 1,2,3,4. UNDERWOOD, GAIL: GAA 1,2,33 Art Club 43 Librarian 43 Intramural 1,2. VAN ORDER, MARY HAINES: No School Activ- ities. VEENKANT, JIM: No School Activities. WALTERS, ED: Junior Rotarian 33 Student Coun- cil 1,2,33 Srlzolargram 43 Menls Glee Club 3,4, Board 3,43 Prom Committee, Pep Club 33 Football 1,23 Intramural 1,2,3. WATTS, WILMA: No School Activities. WERNER, STUART: Scholargram 4. WESSELING, PURLIN: Men's Glee Club 33 FFA 1,2,33 Baseball 2,3,43 Intramural 2.3.4. WILKINSON, PATSY: Top Ten 43 Girls, State 33 Scholargmm 33 Librarian 1,2,3. WRAY, CHUCK: Student Council 43 Echo Staff 4, Business Manager3 Varsity Choir 3,43 Men's Glee Club 33 Junior Play Cast3 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 33 Football 1 3 Wrestling 4. WUIS, PAT: Sclzolargmm 33 FHA 2,3,4, Treasurer 33 Latin Club 1. ZUGEL, HELEN: FTA 23 Prom Committee3 Pep Club 3,43 Intramural 4. SENIOR DIRECTORY Arlington, Chloe-R4, Allegan Armintrout, Diana-Rl, Allegan Arndt, Nancy-R4-, Allegan Austin, Sandra-220 Russell St. Bergman, Beverly-Rl, Hopkins Brown, Constance-Rl, Allegan Byron, Darlene-R4-, Allegan Calhoun, Ed-342 Cutler St. Calloway, Mary-R5, Allegan Carlson, jean--R2, Allegan Carroll, Patricia-154 North St. Chestnut, Charles-Rl, Allegan Clawson. Shirley-213 North St. Coffey, Keith--Rl, Hamilton Commons, Carroll-R2, Allegan Crowell, Alfred-Rl, Allegan Dangremond, Jack-678 Ely St, Dell, Alice--R3, Allegan Dombrowski, Paul-Rl, Pullman Dombrowski, William-Rl, Pullman Dyer, Donald-R3, Allegan Elliott, Patricia--234 Ida St. Elston, Kenneth-R2, Gobles Enders, Nancy-R4, Allegan Fales, Gordon-240 Monroe St. Foster, Nancy-554 Ely St. Fuller, Loren-R2, Allegan Garrett, Janet-547 Ely St. Gatten, Thomas-516 Trowbridge St Gibson, George-R4, Allegan Gillette, James K.-101 Front St. Godlewski, Mary A.-679 Ely St. Granger, Mary jean-434 Monroe St. Grewe, Royal--139 Cora St, Hale, Jean-210 Ely St. Hammer, Donna-267 North St. Hammer, Lu Ann-R4, Allegan Hayes, Jack-Rl, Allegan Heister, Barbara-218 S. Cedar St. Hileski, Sharry-320 Monroe St. Hiscock, Patricia-235 Cresent St. Hodge, Michael-Rl, Allegan Hopkins, Terry-Rl, Allegan Hughes, Larry-Rl, Allegan Ilmbergcr, John-R5, Allegan Irwin, Robert-216 Cutler St. James, Alice-225 Russell St. Jensen, Ronald-580 Linn St. Johnson, Linda-R5, Allegan Jones, Maxine-Rl, Allegan jones, Rosie-R4-, Allegan Kaczmarek, Lorraine-R4, Allegan Kasten, Dean-Rl, Hopkins Kasten, Gene-Rl, Hopkins Kasten, Rudolph--R2, Allegan Keeley, Phyllis-R2, Gobles Kelly, Virginia-R2, Gobles Kent, James-R3, Allegan Kingsbury, Kenneth-R2, Allegan Kruithoff, Ronald-R4-, Allegan Lange, Gretchen-127 Park Dr. Lauska, Ellen-R1, Allegan Locatis, Thomas-R4, Allegan Mack, Vicki--R1, Allegan Madalinski, Leona-R4, Allegan Meade, Sandra-204 Race Court Mealy, Marjorie-879 Allegan St. Milbocker, James-R4, Allegan Milheim, Richard-Jenner Drive Miller, Jerry--R4-, Allegan Miner, Donald-R2, Allegan Moored, John-R5, Allegan Morley, Fred-R3, Allegan Morris, Alma-R4, Allegan Morris, Ronald-R4-, Allegan Myers, Marsha-R4, Allegan Nahikian, Howard-Riverside Park Navis, Gale-Rl, Hopkins Noble, Robert-Rl, Allegan Oisten, Ellen-R4, Allegan Oisten, Marjorie-R4, Allegan Olsen, David--465 Main St. Pegg, Harold-R3, Allegan Peters, Allen-R5, Allegan Philley, Eldon-233 James St. Pierce, Stanley-108 River St. Redder, Elma-Rl, Hopkins Regnier, Betty-Rl, Allegan Richards, Janet-R4, Allegan Richards, Janice-R4, Allegan Richardson, James-120 Bridge Rd. Schanz, Edna-Rl, Allegan Smith, John-R2, Allegan Stankey, Andrew-R1, Hamilton Stanton, Marlene-R2, Allegan Stevens, Lucy-Rl, Hopkins Switzer, Wayne-Rl, Otsego Tedball, Frank--R2, Allegan Thompson, Carolyn-R4-, Allegan Thompson, Sandra-169 Thomas St. Tucker, Theodore-360 Monroe St. Tuflelmire, Thomas-R4, Allegan Underwood, Gail-R3, Allegan Veenkant, James-513 Monroe St. Walters, Ed-224 River St. Watts, Wilma-R4, Allegan Werner, Stuart-204 Cutler St. Wesseling, Purlin-Rl, Hamilton Wilkinson, Patsy-R4, Allegan Wray, Charles-R2, Otsego Wuis, Patricia-R5, Allegan Zugel, Helen-R4, Allegan I 29 Wwe ABOVE: A SCENIC view of a rural snow setting. .ga-at 'ah ABOVE: A VIEW of the new high school progressing. BlfI.Ol1': A LOCK at the Kala- mazoo river which reminds all Alleganites of Allegan. A SUMMARIZATION OF THE As this year fell in the hands of history, many events took place in our community, state, nation, and all around the globe. In our own community...Thirteen new teachers were added to the faculty roll for Allegan schools. . .The city re- paved the streets and installed new street lights in the busi- ness district. . .A new off-street parking lot was completed... The citizens of Allegan twice turned down proposals for a new county infirmary and a fire hall. . .The city hall was moved to a new location on Locust street...Our new high school neared completion. . .Six high school students conspired to em- blazon 4'Class of '57, on the water tower. . . State-wide events included Governor Williams' victory for his fifth term in office. . .The Mackinac bridge neared com- pletion. . .The Detroit Tigers were sold to a new syndicate... Nationally and internationally. . .A Venezuelan airliner crashed into the Atlantic off the coast of New Jersey, claiming the lives of all its passengers. . .President Eisenhower under- went a major operation. . .The Poznan riots were staged by Polish workers, who announced their new Gomulka govern- ment. . .Shortly afterwards the Communists brutally crushed the revolution. . .The worst disaster in the history of airlines took place over Grand Canyon in Arizona. . .The Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus, Big Top, was closed forever... The Italian liner Andrea Daria sank after colliding with the Swedish liner St0ckltolm...Egyptian President Nasser seized full control of the Suez canal...The last Civil war veteran the Union army dies. . .The Democratic National convention nominated Stevenson and Kefauver for presidential and vice- presidential candidates. , . Eisenhower and Nixon were rcnominated for their offices by the Republican convention. . .A navy airman was shot down by bullets fired from his own guns. . .Segregation disputes be- 'EAR'S IMPORTANT EVENTS gan in southern schools...From Colombia, South America, came the oldest living human. . .President Eisenhower joined chief executives from twenty Latin American countries at the Panama conference. . .Babe Zaharias. world famous athlete, died of cancer. . ,The Brink's robbery was solved. . .The Yanks' Don Larson pitched the hrst perfect game in IVorld series history, with the Yank's going on to take the pennant. . .Hungarian revolutions began in Budapest, which were also smashed by the Soviet. . .Israeli forces moved into the Sinai peninsula... British and French forces also invaded Egypt. . .President Eisen- hower was elected to his second term by a landslide. . .The highest ascension for manned balloons was attained...U.N. police forces entered Egypt under command of Canada's E.L.M. Burns...Three B-52 Strato-Fortresses fiew non-stop around the world in Il record forty five hours and ninteen minutes... Matthew McKeon was court martialcd for his part in the Parris Island denth-march . . .Anthony Eden resigned his posi- tion as Britain's Prime Minister. . .Russia swept the Olympics ...President Eisenhower signed the Eisenhower Mid-East doc- trine after Senate approval. . .For entertainment we listened to the following top song hits. . . l7on't Be Cruel by Elvis Pres- ley. . .4'Standing On The Corner by the Four Lads. . .'cSing- ing the Blues' by Guy Mitchell. . . Green Doorv by Jim Lowe ... Blueberry Hill by Fats I7omino... Gonna Get Along Without Ya Nowu by Patience and Prudence... Canadian Sunset by Eddie Heywood. . . Young Love by Tab Hunter ... True Love' by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. . .'4Moon- glowv by Morris StolofI'...Favorite television programs that we watched included See It Nowu. . .S'Alfred Hitchcock Pre- sentsw. . . 'l'he Phil Silvers Show . . . Person to Person . . . The Ed Sullivan Show . . .'iCeasar's Hour . . f'Omnibusi'. . f'Disney land . . .'1The Perry Como Show . . .and Life Is Worth Liv- ingv. . '46 ,Z ABOVE: A PICTURE of the memorable County courthouse. fs. 'f' N +I ABOVE: TIIE PAINTED water tower which received international attention. LOIVER LEFT: TIIE NEW parking lot completed in 1956. BELOW: A VIEW facing north on Locust street. !KhA ACKERMAN, BERNARD K. 48 Adams, Tommy 48 Adriance, Nancy Jane 37,75,80,85 Allen, Larry 42,116 Allen, Margaret Mrs. 8 Allum, Charles 37,104 Andrew, Douglas Mr. 8 Andrews, Elizabeth Mrs. 8 Andrews, Kenneth 4l,42,7l,8O,83,84, 108,1 16,1 18 Anglemyer, Carolyn 48 Ankney, Patricia Miss 8,64,80,83,84, 85,86,87 Arlington, Benjamin 42,68,108,1 18 Arlington, Chloe 19,75,85 Armintrout, Diana 7,19,64,66,67, 68,69,71,77,80,91 Armintrout, Paula 41,42,71 Arndt, Donna 48 Arndt, Marla 42,67,75,80,83,85 Arndt, Nancy 19 Arndt, Norman 37,104,105 Amdt, Peggy 55 Arwood, Arthur 48,108 Arwood, Marvin 37,l09,l16,122 Ash, Marcella 4-8 Austin, Gary 59,6l,90 Austin, Sandra 19 Axe, David 48,109,116 BABBIT, LEATHA 48 Bailey, Norman 37,84,l11,112,113 Bailey, Sharon 48,78,80,91 Balgoyen, Leonard 42 Banks, Joyce Mrs. 6 Barber, John 48,84 Bartz, Lance 42,80,84,108 Beekman, Harry 55,115 Beetley, Bruce 42,84 Belden, Allen 48,73,84 Belden, Barbara 37,75,80 Belden, Larry Not pictured Belden, Linda 48,78 Belden, Rodney 42 Belden, Ronnie 48 Belles, Nancy 48,7 7,79,80,88 Bellingar, Gordon 37,73 Bellingar, Josephine 48,79 Belt, Maynard 42,108,121 Bender, Judith 42,88 Bender, Mike 59,115 Bennett, Garold 42 Bennett, Jacqueline 55,82 Bennett, Robert 37 Bensinger, Ruben Mr. 15 Benson, David 55 Bentley, Charles 54,55,87,115 Bergman, Beverly l9,4l,68 Berry, George E. 37,7O,117 Berzley, Patricia 48,74 Billman, Jerry 42,73,96,108,121 Bishop, Kathleen 48,80,83,88 Bishton, Hazel Miss 6 Blackman, James 48,108 Blakeslee. Sue 42,71,79,80,85 Bleeker, Lawrence 42,73 Bloom, Kay 37 Bloon, Mary Ellen 37 Bloss, Patricia 42,78,85,123 Boerman, Herschel 42,73 Bolks. Ervin 48 Boll, Julie 48,78,80,86 Bollinger, Janice 58,59,90 Bomber, Marlene 48,74,86 Booher, James M. 42,108,116 Boone, Ronald 48 Bos, Judith 48 Boylan, George 48,73,116 132 INDEX Boysen. Mary Ann 42,64,76,79,80, 83,85,95 Boysen, Roland A. 42 Bradley, Donna Jean 42,64,78,80,83 Brandebery, Roger 48,84,l08 Bright, Elain 42 Bright, Harold 55,82 Brosier, Betty Mrs. 9 Brosier, Richard Mr. 8,9,78,82 Brosz, Karolyn 48,78,86 Brower, Wayne 42,91,108,113,l14,121 Brown, Constance 19 Brown, Donald 55,87,90 Brown, Karole 42,78,79,88,89 Brown, William 42 Brownell, Alton 58,59,90,97,1 15 Brownell, Nancy 55,87,90 Budrus, Louise 48,56 Budrus, Stephen 48 Buist, Jack Mr. 9,70,98,104,1 13,114 Burdick. James 37,83,84,103,104,111, 1 13,1 18 Burdick, Phyllis 48,79,80,85,123 Burke, Terry 48,84 Bush, Dale 48 Bush, Lyle 37,118 Butler, Betty 48,74 Butler, Rosezella 48 Button, Gary 48,88,l16,108 Byron, Darlene 18,19,33,85,67 CADY, SANDRA 55,65,a7,9o Cady, sharon 42,71,80,83,85,91,100, 123 Calhoun, Edward 19,66,84,98 Callender, Ronald 42,108 Calloway, Mary 20 Campbell, Jerry 37,40,65,l01 Campbell, Roger 42,84,80 Carlson, Barbara 37,78.79,80,101 Carlson, Jean 8,18,20,66,67 Carns, Alice 42,68,80 Carroll, Michael 48,80,83,86 Carroll, Mary 55,87,90 Carroll, Michae 48,80,83,86 Carroll, Patricia 7,20,64,66,67,75,77 Cartwright, Albert 59 Case, Donald 42 Cassada, James 42 Chandler, Wendell 37,104,118 Cheever, Martha 42,68,7l,85 Cheever, Martin 55,87,90 Chestnut, Charles 20,63,68,70,72, 97,109,ll8,1l9 Chestnut, James 42,7 2,73,99 Chipman, Louise 49 Christman, Joyce 55 Christman, Wilfred 55 Clark, Edward 55,87,90 Clark, Patricia 42,71,80,83,88 Clark, Wanda 37,86 Clason, Mary 43,80,86 Clason, Roger 20,46 Clawson, Lavern 37,104,117,122 Clawson, Nancy 37 Clawson, Norma 37,67 Clawson, Shirley 20,85 Clemens, Joyce 43 Clemens, Bonnie 55 Clinger, William Mr. 9, 109 Clock, George 59 Cochran, James 43 Coffey, Arthur 43,73 Coffey, Daniel 59,6l,90 Coffey, Dena 43,85 Coffey, Keith 20,101 Coffey, Mary Jo 49,75,8O Cole, Dawn 43 Cole, Dian 43 Collins, Carolyn 55,82,87 Commons, Carroll 20,72,83,84,118 Conklin, Gary 59 Conklin, Larry 59 Conley, Helen 49,78,80,88 Conor, James 43,88,89,108 Cook, Colleen 43,64,80 Cook, Gary 43,108,114,121 Cook, Junior 37,84 Cook, Michael 37,83,84,104 Cook, Thomas 49,96,108 Cooley, Charles 49,109,116 Cooper, Bonnie 55 Counterman, Leon Mr. 15 Couglas, Arthur Not Pictured Cram, Shirley 37,67 Cronenwett, Miriam Mrs. 9,67,76 Crowder, Athajean 49,86 Crowell, Alfred l7,2l,64,76 Crowell. Corlotta 49,76,85 Curlin, Calvert 43,71,108,1 18 Curlin, Thomas 59,90,1 15 Currie, Phillip 43,73,l08 Cyrus, Anna 49,75,80 Cyrus, Laura 59 DALTON, GALE 49,74,79,86 Damber, James 37,99,116 Damber, Tom 49 Dangremond, Arlene 43,78 Dangremond, Jack 2l,65,70,104,105, 107,1 18,1 19 Dannenberg. Tona Mr. 15 Daugherty, Robert 37,122 Davis, Donna 59 Davis, Ronald 43 Decker, Joyce Not Pictured Dell, Alice 21 Dell, Joyce 37,85 DeMull. Clare Nlr. 9,70,98,104,115, 1 18 De VerVille, Doris 37 Dombrowski, Paul l3,2l,65,66,69 Dombrowski, William 13,21,104,l22 Douglas, Fred 35,37,64,65,71,81,83,88 89,115 Douglas, Wayne 55,87,90 Dreachslin, Susan 59 Dunford, Judith ,43,86 Dyer, Donna 37.67,79 Dyer, Donald 21,72 Dykstra, David 43 EARL. JAMES 59 Ear, Patricia 55,87 Earl. Paul 55,87,101 Earl. Robert 59 Eddy. Loye 37,68.69.70,l03,104,105, 110,1l1.112,118 Edgin, Betty Louise l4,37,74,78 Eichlcr Betty 59 Eichler, Dean 55 Elder, Guy Mr. 10,72 Elliott, Judy 36,37 Elliott, Michael 54,55.87,90,115 Elliott, Patricia 21.66.69,94 Ellis, Eileen 37,75,80,8l,85 Ellis, Leah 37 Ellis, Roy 59,115 Ellis, Ruth 49.75,80.85 Elston, Kenneth 21,67,72,84 Ely Clyde, Mr. 14 Emmons. David 59 Emmons, Ed Mr. 14 Emmons, Gaylord 43 Emmons, Glen 43 Emmons, Larry 49,73 Jordan, Emmons, Richard 43,73 Enders, Nancy 8,22,67,85 FALES, GORDON 13,17,22,65,66, 69,88,89,96,99 Fales, Lawrence 55,82,87 Falk, William 37 Fargo, Judy 55,87,90 Farnum, Sally 49,74 F arnum, Wayne 49 Fenn, James 43 Fenn, Nancy 43 Ferris, Barbara 49,80,88 Flahaut, Walter 49,96 Flynn, Barbara 43 Folkersma, David 55,87,90 Follett, Jack 55,87,1 15 Follett, Susan 47,49,75,77,80,83,86 Foster, Farrell 49 Foster, Michael 43,65,83,84,108,121 Foster, Nancy 22,80,83 Fox, George 55 Fox, Robert 59,118 Frampton, Michael 38 Frank, Larry Mr. l0,88,90 Franz, David 49 Frederick, James 55,87,90,115 Frederick, Vriginia Mrs. 10 Freiwald, Peggy 49,53 Frost, Diane 55,87 Fuller, Loren 22,72 Fulton, Arthur 59,90,l15 Funk, Larry 43,73 Furganic, Walter 49,73,l08 GABLE, MARJORIE 49,77,88,80 Cant, Jerry 59 Garlock, Jacqueline 49,77,80 Garlock, Rojean 49,80 Garlock, Ronald 43,88,1l7 Garrett, Janet 22,69 Gates, Alan 43,109,121 Gates, Sharon 49,85 Gatten, Thomas 18,22,65,66,68,99, 100,117 Green, Elizabeth 49,53,74,75,se,1oo Gren, Donna 59,61,90 Green, James 55,87 Green Kenneth 49 Green, Robert 43 Grennell, Robert 49,915,108 Grewe, Larry 38,40,68,69,70,98,103, 104,l05,l10,1l1,112,l18,120 Grewe, Royal 23,66,68,84,l0l,l04 Guiliani, Sandy 59 Gunn, William 43,84 Guritz, Dorothy 50,75,86 HAGGER, SHARON 59 Hale, Cathy 43,7730 Hale, Chris 55,87,115 Hale, Jean 23,63,65,66,68,71,75,77 80,99 Hale, Robert 59,115 Hale, Susan 50 Hammer, Carolyn Sue 55 Hammer, Donna 23,76 Hammer, LuAnn 23,76,86 Hammer, Richard 55 Haner, Robert 38 Hanson, David 38 Hanson, Ed 43,73 Hanson, Hugh 55,87,90,l08 Harigg, Charlene 56,87,90 Harris, Barry 59 Harris, Harris, Bernard 59 Darlene 50,77,80,86 Harris, Gerald 50 Harris, Karol 5O,8O,88 Harris, Ray 59 Harris, Roger 60 Harris, Ronald 56,87,l15 Hartman, James 43,108,117 Hatfield, Judy 38 Haskins, Shirley 56,87 Haven, Marilyn 58,60,90 Haven, Marvin 44,80,88,111,121 Hayes, Hayes, Corlee 54,56,82 Jack 17,18,23,33,63,66,68,69, 72,96,98 Hum, Mary 50,77,78,80,88,96 Hunter, June 5o,77,ao,ss Hunter, Nan 54,56,87,90 Hunter, Rick 38,47,68,69,70,83,103, 104,111,1l2,117 Hunter, Tom 60,90,108,115 Huntley, Janice Not Pictured Huntley, Karen 56,82,87,90 IEHL, ROGER 56,87,115 Ilmbe rg er, John 24 Immink, Irving 38,72,98 Irwin, Robert l7,24,65,66,69,70,83, 96, 99,100,104,106,116,118,121 Irwin, William 44,71,80,83,108,ll4 Isenhart, Judith 38,69,77 Isenhart, Mary 60 JACOBS, JAMES 44 Jacobs, Penny 50 James, Alice 24,85 Jense, Ronald 25,70,100,l04,106,118 119,122 Johnson, Charles 50 Johnson, Hazel 56 Johnson, Jay Not Pictured Johnson, Joyce 38 Johnson, Linda 25,65,100 Johnson Mary Not Pictured Johnson, Ron 56 Johnson, Sharon 50,78,79,80,88,89 Johnson, William 50 Jones, Aileene 50 Jones, Barbara 50 Jones, Chester 50 Jones, Edward 56,87,115 Jones, James Lee 38,69,70,117 Jones, Janis 38,81,83,94,95,l23 Jones, Maxine 25 Jones, Olivia Mrs. ll Jones, P hiup so Jones, Rinda 44,64,94,95 Jones, Roger 44 Jones, Rosie 25 Judith 44 Gaubatz, Elgin Mr. 14 Gavan, Robert 88 Gemrain, Barbara 49,74 Germain, Linda 49,74 Germain, Ruth 38,7l,74,75 Gibson, Bruce 49,53,a4,1oa Gibson, George 22,67 Hazelrigg, Aurora 60 Hazelrigg, Meredith 56,82,87 Heckman, Sally 44,74,86 Heckman, William 50,108 Heisteg, Barbara 13,23,33,64,66.7l, 8 Heister, Janet 60 Jorgens, Judith 44,78,86 Jorgenson, Timothy 38 Jurries, Norman 38,72,81,122 KAARLIE, ROBERT 44,7O,l08,l16 1 18 Kaczmarek, Lorraine 25,64,67,76,80, Gibson, Roxanne 47,49 Gibson, Sue 38,83,94 Gibson, Woodrow 55,87,90,97,l15 Gilchrist, Donald 59 Gillette, Tony 22 Gilligna, Mary Mrs. 10 Girke, Bruce 73 Girke, Neil 73 Godfrey, Terry 38,65,69, Godfrey, Tom 49 Godlewski, Mary Alice 23,75 Godlewski, Patricia 38,7l,75 Godlewski, Walter Mr. 10 Goodwin, Barbara 49,79,80,86 Goodwin, Frank 38,83,84,98,104,ll8 Goodwin, Joan 59 Goodwin, Thomas 35,38,64,65,81,83, 84,1 17 Gorby, Ted 43,108,121 Gordon, Fred 49,84 Henrickson, Janice 50 Henrickson, Nancy 44,77,78,80,83,88, 89 ,9l Henrickson, Roger 38,117 Herpst, Darryl 56 Herpst, Gertrude 38,76,80 Herpst, Ron 38,104,105,116,l22 Hicks, Sue 44,75,78 Hileski, Gary 70,104,106,107,110, ll 1,112,120 Hileski, Seacrett 35,38,83,85,9l Hileski, Sharry 24,80,83,85,86,94,95, ,97 96 Hileski, Terry 50,84,114 Hillsbu rg, Marilyn 50 Himmelein, Phillip 38,72,81 Hinme, Delores 38,78,85 Hinkle, Shirley 44,78,85 Hiscock, Margaret 55,82,87 Hiscock, Lyle Mrs. 14 83,85 Kasten, Dean 25 Kasten, Deborah 50 Kasten, Gene 25 Kasten, Magdalene 50 Kasten, Rudy 25 Katherler, Diane 60 Katherler, Sylvia 50,77,79,80,88 Kaylor, Kaylor, Donald 56 Everett 50,108 Kaylor, Linda 50,80,86 Keedle, William Mr. 14 Keeley, Phyllis 26,86 Kelly irginia 26 74 , V' , Kelsey, gohn 3e,3s,e5,6a,7o,1o4,1os, 12 Kent. James 17,26,65,66,83,99,l18, 122 Kenworthy, Caterina Mrs. 11,71 Kibby, Walter 44,46,88 Gordon, Gowens, Graham, Graham Irene 59,90 David 59 Edward 43,109 Fred 59 Grahamj John Not Pictured Granger, Granger, Granger, 97 Bud 58,59,115 Charles 41,108.l14,l21 Mary Jean 23,66,77,94,95, Graves, Bemard 43 Hiscock, Patricia 24 Hitchcock, William 44 Hobaugh, Charles L. Mr. 14,15 Hodbe, Michael 24 Hoffman, Florence Mrs. 3,10,35,76 Hopkins, Terry 24-,66,83,84,99 Hudson, Norma 56,82 Huff, Carolyn 50,86 Hughes, Larry 24,72,83,84,118 Huitt, Barbara 56,87 Kincaid, Richard 38.99,104,l16 King. Richard 56,101 Kingsbury, Kenneth 26,73,96 Kingsbury, Larry 44 Klein, Marcia 46,74,100 Knoblock, Peter 44.73,108,121 Kollar, Gary Not Pictured Kollar, Mike 56 Kollar, Thomas 38 Kruithoff, Jerry 50,101,108 Kruithoff, Ronald 26,66,69,88,89,96, 104 Krupp, Mary 54,56,87,90 Kuehl, Paul Mr. 15 LaFOND. ELIZABETH 38 LaFond, John 50 LaFond, Ronald 44 LaGrange, Douglas 56 Lahndorf. Fred Not Pictured Lampros, James 44,108,121 Lampros, Paulette J. 50,68 Lange, Kathleen 44,68,83,99 Lange. Kthleen 44-,68,83,99 Lange, Mary Jo 56,87 Larson, Edward 4l,44,8O,83,84,96, 108 Larson. Jeffrey 50,108 Lauderdale, Helen 60,82 Lauderdale, Sheldon 56,82,87,101 Lauska, Ellen 26,-66,67,76,80 Lemley, Caroline 38 Lemley, Shirley 38 Leonard, Janette 50,74,86 Lewis, John 38,69,72 Lewis, Vivian Mrs. 11 Liechti, Judy 50,78 Little, Linda 44 Lipp. Adrian Mr. 15 Locatis, Thomas 26,72,84,99,l04,105, 106,107 Locke, George Not Pictured Lorback, Brent 38 Love, Mary 60 Lugtigheid, Carolyn 44,67,79,80,86, 99 Luttrell, Albert 60,90,1 15 Luttrell, Carlton 60 Luttrell, Julia 50,74,88 Luttrell, Sandra 50,86 Luttrell, Walter 58,60 Lutz, Richard 44,77,109 MACK, VICKI 27,46,47,85,95 Madalinski, Jack 44 Madalinski, Joan Miss 6 Madalinski, Leona 27 Madalinski, Rose 27 Mahan, James 47,50,108 Malila, Ruth 60 Marshall, Thomas 50,73 Marsteiner, Carol 8,44,80,85 Martin, Sue 60,6l,90 Maschke, James 51 McBride, Susan 44 McBride, John 56,82 McClellan, Daniel 51,73,l 16 McCormick, Vernon 54,56 McCullough, Betty 51,67 McGeath, John Not Pictured McGeath, Mikel 44,80 McGeath, Pat 56,115 McGuire, Sharon 51,70,80,85 McNutt, Sherry 4l,69,74,75,80 Meade, Joseph 51,73 Mcade, Margaret 60 Meade, Sandra l8,27,65,66,69,75,77, 9l,95,97 Mealey, Margie Wilcox 27 Mennega, Beatrice 5l,79,123 Merrill, Joseph 60,90 Meunier, Carl 39 Meunier, Evelyn 51 Meyer, Mary Louise 6,39,7l,8l Michaels, Frank 44,108 Middleton, David 60,115 Milbocker, Gene 39,91,104,l06,l18 Milbogkenl James 27,33,72,104,105, 1 6,1 8 134 Milhiem, Joan 56,87 Milhiem, Richard 27,65,70,84,91,97, l00,104,105,106,107,118,120 Miner, Miner, Miller Miller 2 s Bill 51,84,10l,108 Dawn 44,67,75,78,80 Grover Not Pictured James 56,87,90 Miller, Janet 5l,77,80,88 Miller, Jerry 27,66,l04,l05,106 Miller, Judith 60 Miller, Linda 51,79,80 Miller, Mary Ann 5l,79,80,86 Miller Steve 60 90 Mineghr, Josepli 51,73,1oa,116 Miner, Donald 28,66,72,88,89,95,96 99 Misner, DuWayne 44 Mitchell, Ralph 39,70,117 Moffett, Stanley Mr. 8,11,66 Mollitor, Carlton 39 Moored, Clyde 44 Moored, John 28,72,84 Moored, Ruth 51,80,86 Moose, George 44,73 Morley, Fredrick 17,28,33,66,88,104, 111,1l3,ll8,119 Morley, Irma Mrs. 11,74 Morrie, Gayle 39 Morris, Alma 28,66,67,76 Morris, Dennis 51,73,84 Morris, Jacqueline 56,82 Morris, Patricia 5l,80,86 Morris, Ronald 28,80 Morris, Susan 51 Mowry, Butch 60,90 Mulready, Joseph Mr. 17,57 Myers, Marsha 28 NAHIKIAN, DICKRAN 41,44,8o, 83,a4,1os,118,121 9 Nahikian, Howard 17,28,65,66,70, 96,104,107 Nahikian, William 60,90,115 Nanna, Jerry 36,39,63,65,68,70,98, 101,1o4,1o7,110,111,112,118,119 Nanna, Judy 44,64,83,88,94,100 Nash, Diane 44,80,85 Navis, Gale 28,72,73 Navis, Gordon 51,72.99,108 Nesky, Judith 51,77,80 Newman, Margaret 45,63,64,80 Nichols, Dorothy Mrs. ll Mickrent, Jerome 39 Noble, Robert 29 Noble, Sandra 39 Novotny, Beatrice 56 Novotny, Robert 39,82 Novotny, William 56 Nyberg, Sandra 58,60,90,97 Nyhuis, Carol 45,77,79,80,85 OAKLEAF, DIANE 5l,75.79,80 Ochampaugh, Ronald 72,84 OlConnell, Linda 60 O'Connell, Patricia 8,56 O'Connell, Robert 39,84 Oetman, Janet 39,74 Oisten, Carol 45,74 Oisten, David 45 Oisten, Ellen 29,80,85 Oisten, Joan 60 Oisten, Marjorie 29,76,80,85 Oisten, Marilyn 56 Oisten, Norma 51 Olcott, Janice 51,78 Olsen, David 17,29,66,69,70,96,1 17 Olsen, Evelyn 51,7s,ss,a6 Ontis, Russell 56 Opas, Alfred 51,67,l08 Opas, Mary Ann 45,74,76,80, Osmun, Babetta 36,39,63,8O,83,85 Overmyer, Edwin 39,70,104,107,116, 122 Overmyer, Marlene 51,75,79,80,88 Owen, Garnett 60 PAGE, NORMAN 45 Palmer, Robert 51,83,84 Parker, Dale 90 Parker, Roberta 51,77,80 Patton, Mary Jane 56,87,90 Patton, Thomas 4l,45,83,84,97,108, 1 14,121 Peabody, Melford 60,90,115 Peak, Lester 45,118 Peckham, Barbara 60,82 Peckham, Robert Mr. 5,7,8,1 15,120 Pegg, Harold 29,72,84 Pehlke, LuAnn 58,60,90 Perog, Anne 45 Perog, Patricia 39,81 Perrigo, Blake 63,68 Person, Karl 39 Person, Sondra 5l,74,75,86 Peters, Allen 29,72 Peters, Naomi 45,78,79,83 Peters, Rodger 60 Peterson, Carl 51,67,108,1 14 Peterson, Douglas 47,51,68,108,114 Peterson, Douglas 47,51,68,08,4 Philley, Eldon 29,66,96 Philley, Eloise 56,87,90 Phillip, Dorothy 51 Pickens, Joan 39,74,86 Pierce, Stanley 29,82,87,l17 Pierson, Carl 39,67 Pike, Carol 57,87,90 Plotts, Gary 51,108,114 Plotts, Judy 35,39,77,83,85 Price, Peter 45,70,73,109 Prince, Margery Miss 3,l2,77 Pritchett, William 39,111,113 Pullen, Charles 45,63,65,68,83,84,118 12 1 Pullen, James 60,108,114,115 RADTKE, FREDERICK Not Pic- tured Radtke, Thomas 45 Rambadt, Ronald 57,87,90,115 Ramey, Sheila 51,77,80 Rasmussen, David 45,88 Ray, Chester 45,80 Redder, Elma 30,74 Reed, Dora 57 Reed, JoAnn 90 Reed, Kay 39,67,7l,77 Reed, Naomi 39,85 Regnier, Betty 30,66,75 Rewalt, Elmer Mr. 12 Richards, Janet 30,86 Richards, Janice 30,86 Richards, Patricia 51 Richardson, James 30,118 Riksen, Richard 45,73,83,84 Ringewold, Richard 45,70,l09,121 Rininger, Neven 45,121 Rininger, Roger 45 Roberts, Karen 45,71,83 Robson, Sue 36,39,46,7l,85,91 Rolfe, James Mr. 12,13,68,108,117 Roozenburg Nancy 39,83,88,89 Ross, Linda 39,94,97 Rowe, Kare 51,73,l08 Rowe, Marge 45,79,83 SAGE, PEGGY 57 Sager, Roger 90,115 Sanders, Robert 45,108 Sartini, Lenore 45,78,79,80,83,85,88, 89 Saunders, Susan 35,39,65,80 Scanlon, Patricia 57,87 Schafer, Dale 39 Schanz, Edna 30,86,123 Schelhas, Michael 39,65,70,104,1l1, 1 13,1 18,122 Schelhas, Peter 57,115 Schlaack, Jo Ellen 57,87,90 Schneider, Betty 52 Schneider, Ruth 66 Schroeder, Jack 57,87 Schulz, Gordon 45,108 Schwennesen, Allen 57 Sebasta, John 57 Sebright, Judy 45,71,83 Sebright, Lyle 52,73,80 Senkus, Phillip 60 Setter, Kay 39,67,75,80,88,89 Shagonaby, Cecelia Miss 15 Shagonably, Frank Mr. 14 Shagonaby, John Mr. 15 Shafer, Linda 39 Shafer, Ronald 88,89,l08 Sharron, Legal 45 Sharron, Richard 52 Sheaffer, Leonard 52,73 Sherwood, Darlene 39' Sherwood, Toreen 39,77 Shoemaker, Joan Not Pictured Sieving, Roger 45,73,84,88,l08 Simmons, Lowena 87 Simmons, Mildred 52 Strazanac, Michael Mr. 12 Strickfaden, Betty 52 Stroud, John 40,70,l00,104,107,11l. 113,11 8 Stube, Robert 46 Sturgis, Dennis 6,15 Summers, Linda 40 Surprise, Penelope 52 Sweet, Carol 52,79 Switzenberg, Algis 46,73 Switzer, Karla 46 Switzer, Wayne 31,66,69,70,96,109, 116,11 8,119 Swope, Edward 52,88,108,114 TAFIL, FRANK 61 Tagg, James 52,88,108 Tagg, Robert 40,117 Taylor, Raymond 57 Tedball, Frank 31 Ten Brink, Ten Brink, Carol 46,85 Patti 46 TerAvest, Larry 46,68,73,108,118 Teusink, Mary Lou 40,64-,74,78 Teusink, Rachel 46,71,80 Thayer, Dawn 57 Thayer, Nancy 52 Thompson, Carolyn 31 Thompson, Carolyn 52,74 Thompson, Donna 61 Thompson, Eddie 61 Thompson, Julie 57 Thompson, Karen 61 Thompson, Lawrence E. 40,46,67,72 Simmons, Robert 60 Simmons, Susie 52 Simons, John 58,61,115 Simons, Lynn 57,65,87 Slater, Sandra 45,67,75,78,80 Slotman, Allen 45,73 Slotman, Sharron 45 Smalla, Roger 39 Smith, Barbara 39,86 Smith, Dick 61,115 Smith, George 45 Smith, Howard Not Pictured Smith, Jack 57 Smith, James 57,87,115,12O Smith, John 30,72 Smith, Kay 74 Smith, Robert 52,73 Smith 7 Snow, Susan 8,57,82,87 Linda 45,71,80,83,88 Thompson, Marlyn 52,74 Thompson, Sandra 31,64,7l,76,91 Thompson, Stephen 52,108,116 Thorpe, Barbara 40,74 Thorpe, Connie 40,81 Thurston, Victoria 57 Thrash, Kathryn 52 Todd, Barbara 31 Tomanek, Emil Mr. 12,108,116 Travis, Mary Ann 46 Travis, Priscilla 57 Tripp, Nancy 57,82 Tucek, Robert 61 Tucker, Theodore 18,31,63,66,68,70, 88,97,104,106,l07,110,111,112, 1 18,120 Tuffelmire, Albert 52,73,96 Tuffelmire, Tom 32,67,72 Turner, Richard 40,67,80,82 Tyler, Frances 61 Snyder, David 52,108,122 Snyder, Eugene 39,117 Sobieralski, Mary 52 Sorenson, Sharon 45,78,88 Southard, John 52,73 Southard, Marie 35,74,76 Sprague, Connie 57,82 Stanke, Andrew 30 Stanke, Ernest Albert 52 Stanton, Marlene 3l,65,71,77,8O,l00 Stanton, Ronald 57,101 Starring. Ellsworth Mr. 12,80 Statler, Bill 57,87 Statler, James Not Pictured Steffen, Leroy 45,118 Steffen, Martha 45,86 Stevens, Lucy 31,75 Stewart, Mary Lou 46,86 St. John, Larry 52,73 Stough, Carolyn 57 Stough, Dawn 50,86 Stough, Linda 52,68,78,80,83,88,89, 91 Strand, Dennis 57 Strand, Fred 52,73 Tyler, Gordon 52,67,84,96,108,116 Tyo, Ronald 57,101 UNDERWOOD, GAIL 32,s7,a2 Unger, Kenneth 52 VAHUE, MICHAEL 61,90 Vander Vere, Stewart 57,82,87 Vander Vliet, Marsha 57,87 Van Laan, Bonnie 40,77 Van Order, Forrest M. Not Pictured Van Order, Jerry Not Pictured Van Order, Mary Haines 32 Van Order, Patricia 8,54,57,82 Van Order, Raymond 57 Van Wagoner, George Mr. 13,103, 108,11 3,121 Vaughn, Jerry 46,73,108 Veenkant, Darlene 40,74 Veenkant, James 32 Veenkant, Raymond 61,115 Voss, Marvin 40,72 Vote, Mary Lou 52 WADELL, GARY 116 Wakeman, Barbara 74,76,88 Wakeman, Carol 52,74,76,85 Walker, Jeanie 46 Wall, Roger Not pictured Wallis, Kay 40,84,104,117 Walsh, Elizabeth 46,71,75,80,85,l23 Walter, Donald 61 Walter, Ed 32,66,84 Walter, Robert Not Pictured Walters, Ronald 57 Ware, Richard Dee 46,70,88,108,116, 1 18 Warner, Carol 52 Warner, Rebecca 61 Watson, Roger 57,87,90,114 Watts, Wilma 32 Wedge, Kay 46,7l,80,83,84 Weeks, Phillip 52,67,73 Wendt, James 52 Werner, Ann 40,46,76,78,79,l23 Werner, Barbara 52,77,88 Werner, Gary 57 Werner, Stuart 32,66,96 Wesseling, Carol 53,86 Wesseling, Larry 53,108,122 Wesseling, Purlin 32,98,l20 Whitacre, Sue 57,87 Whisler, Diane 46,86 White, Allan 47,53,108,114 White, Ann 47,53,77,80 White, Donald 61,90,115 W'hite. Mary 35,36,4O,65,68,77,8l, 88,89 YVhite, L. E. Mr. 5,6 Whitney, Errol 61,90,101 Wilber, Donna 46,64,77,78,86,88,89 Wilber, Glenda 61,86 Wilcox, Carol 57,87 Wilcox, Grace Ann 53,68,75,78,83 Wilcox Michael 40,68,69,70,l04,107, 111,113,120 Wilkinson, Marian 61 Wilkinson, Patsy 33 Wiley, Donn 40,70,83,84,97,104,lO7, 116,120 Wiley, Linda 40,74,75,80,85 Williams, Ronald 40.70,8l,99,l22 Wilson, James 53,73 Winter, Harger, Mr. 13,35 Wise, James 40,70,7l,88,100,104,l07, 111,113,118 Wise, Lucy Mrs. 13 Wood, Carl Allen 53 Woolf, Verlie 53 Woolf, Adeline 61 Wray, Charles 17,33,46,64,65,96,99, 108 Wray, David 40 Wray, Gerald 53 Wray, Mary Ellen 53,77,80,83,85 Wuis, Patricia 33,74,100 Wyatt, Patricia 46 Wynne, Edwin 46 YEARDEN, RUTH 53,80,85 Yoakam, Robert Eugene 46,80,108, 121 Young, Roger 46,108,118 ZERAN, GARY 46,63,68,83,84,108, 1 14,118 Zimmer, Bert Mr. 13 Zimmerman, Wayne 53,73 Zoll, Suzanne 61,90 Zugel, Andrew 53 Zugel, Helen 33,80,l23 Zugel, Joseph 40,118 Zugel, Ruth 53,75 5 Allegan Bakery Allegan Dairy Allegan Dairy Bar Allegan Hardware and Supply Allegan Heating, Stanley, Saunders Allegan News-Gazette Allegan Lumber Company Allegan State Bank Al's Service Garage Armintrout's Evergreen Nursery Arrnintrout and Sons-Market Russell L., Baker, D.D.S. Ball's Ely Street Grocery Bill's Cut Rate Guido A. Binda, Architect and Associates, Battle Creek Bob's Service Station Bollingerls Motors, Mercury Sales Stanley Brokus Agency Burgess Furniture Store Clare's Standard Service Colvin Motor Sales Cook Oil Company Crescent Machine and Nipple Company Culligan Soft Water Service Dclano's Service Inc. John A. David, O.D. Earl's Restaurant Farmers Co-op Association Fieldvicw Roller Rink Flashes Publishers Franz Radio Shop George T. Gatten, Chiropractor Gorden's Funeral Residence Goodwin and Sonls The Grange Store ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Gray Dale Restaurant The Grill Nell Hall Dress Shop Handy Electric Mill Hartman and Morgan Heatube Corporation Henderson Oil Company Hiatt's Ready To Wear Holland Furnace Company Charles Holland, Life Insurance Homer Hayden's Ready To Wear Huitt Motor Sales Hunter's Jewelry Irwin Tractor Sales Johnson and Collier Equipment Company E. B. Johnson, M.D. Ken's Tire Service , Koestner Pontiac Sales ' William A. Kopprash, M.D. Lange Plumbing and Heating Lawson Drug Company Earl F. Lewis, Heating Contractor Linsner's Modern Dry Cleaners Log Cabin Restaurant Lovett's Hardware James E. Mahan, M.D. Marie's Coffee Shop Martin's Gulf Station J. E. Mosicr, D.D.S. Motel Allegan McClelland's Shoe Store McGowan's Men's Store Lawrence Nyberg O 8a R Leather Goods Mr. and Mrs. Rex W. Orton Harry and Myra Pell i Portraits and Large Groups Van Melle Studio Allegan, Michigan Underclass Pictures Alston Studios Weymouth, Mass. l 36 J. C. Penney Company L. Perrigo Company Phillips Brothers Hardware Harry Pickett Contractor Red's Motor Parts Reynolds' Auto Sales Robson's Pharmacy Harry E. Schneiter, M.D. Charles P. Schuler Coal Company Andrew Schumann Insurance Sears Roebuck and Company ShefIer's Food Market Silver and Morgan Trailer Park and Sales Gus Slotman Unico Service Smith Fruit Exchange Smith and Ross Implement Company The Snack In, Dudley Smith Sunset Lanes Superior Dairy ' Surprise Sign Service Tanskey Motor Sales Max Tooker Sinclair Service Tripp Trucking Company Updyke Agency, General Insurance Valley Fruit Market Van Melle Studio Jack Van Order, Plumbing and Heating Webber Buick Company Wedge Brothers Used Auto Parts Wedge's Standard Service Western Auto Store Bertha Chase Wiseman, M.D. Howard Workman, D.D.S. Wuis' Grocery Additional Photography Mrs. Donald Wood Allegan, Mich. Offset Printing and Binding American Yearbook Company Hannibal, Mo. x 5550 ev 146. if 1 Q a Q ' 1. ' nz: 3 1 F Q5 x9 A 5589- My QQ fyww CZ! ! W vgojgwfp 7UfQ72 'MrL wil? f 7 f f f 2.29 , F an Mwsgufff Sigy ifffjmw QfQZ'f55QfW Jaffa iffm MU? ig, iK lLf A x A N, wwf Q ,.....f-f- 'A'WWJ'q ,..f-- d'0 NS S la Q A dw? LEGAN HIGH 5 ff' CHE Zi f vrwmvwl VAAA . - 1' w K if iv! .',L Q gg bell. ,556 .4 1g V 4, ' Q .. V I 'QW- , ,ff lnfwww , - ywzlixg' . H ' A ,. L! ff' 'gAL .-f ,'v L E G A N t M E H ' Ealeiggvibchanve,

Suggestions in the Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) collection:

Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 142

1957, pg 142

Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 127

1957, pg 127

Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 109

1957, pg 109

Allegan High School - Echo Yearbook (Allegan, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 99

1957, pg 99

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